Authors note: This chapter was easier to write than the previous one, ’cause the stage was already set. So the story flowed like a river, and almost wrote it self.

Enjoy it.


Part One (The threat)

He was on cloud nine, and could stay there for ever, but reality came knocking.

“PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!” he threw her a white cotton bathrobe.

While he regained his breath, he heard someone shouting, looked up, and saw the casino’s big boss, and the two big goons.

“What’s going on here?” he demanded an answer.

“I’m a woman now.” she blurted out, regretting it the second the words came out of her mouth. “Sorry…I was drunk…” she tried to make up an excuse.

“Ooohh, you’ll be sorry alright. Just wait until I tell Mr. Della Morte.” he threatened.

“No please, don´t. I beg you.” she kneeled before him crying.

“It’s not her fault, I took advantage of her.” That name rung a bell, but he saw a damsel in distress, and came to the rescue.

“I’ll deal with you later.” he gesture to one goon.

She was drying her face on the soft sleeve, when she felt a hand pulling her, and before she knew it, one of the goons was carrying her on his back.

She started to kick and scream, “Put me down! Put me down! I can walk you…” she yelled as the goon walked out of the room.

“Spill it out, now!” his voice was angry.

“She tried to fight, but I overpowered her and took her cherry.” he said proudly, unaware of the consequences, “Because she crashed my party and threw my guests out. So, I needed to show her a lesson.” he pouted, then the other goon knocked him out with a right hook, and he dropped unconscious on the bed.

He took him to the bathroom, sat him on the toilet, and poured an ice bucket over his head.

He shivered, and slowly opened his eyes, looking down.

The goon set the ice bucket on the marble floor, then stepped forward and started slapping him left and right.

He woke up with a hard slap, which shot a lightning of pain to his brain, and another blow on his sore jaw.

He lifted his hands to protect his face from another slap, when he heard, “Stop! He’s awake!” looked up, and saw the big bearded man, behind of the big black goon.

He looked back down at his lap, and saw an ice cube, scooped it and rubbed it on its punished left jaw.

Sitting on the toilet, he saw the owner walk to him, grab his hair, and slam his head on the wall behind him, sending another flash of pain shooting through his brain.

He had enough of this abuse and yelled, ” Ahhhhh! What the fuck!” he tried to scrub his head, but the owner’s other hand stopped him.

He fought back, and saw the goon approaching, the owner let go off his hand, and turned his head back and said, “Back off! He’s all mine!” then looked back at the young man’s scared face with a smirk.

“Look, I’m sorry…”, he cried.

“Shut up, or I’ll smack you again!” he wiped the smirk off his face and raised an angry voice.

“Now, you listen to me, and listen good!” he eyeballed the brat, pulling his head up, to bring their faces only a strand of hair away, and stuck his finger between the kid’s eyes, “Don’t you even dream of pulling off a stunt like that again, or the one who’s gonna repay me, is your going to be…your…dear…mother. GOT IT SCUMBAG!!!” his eyes were bloodshot.

The young man curled up like a wood louse, and the owner let go, to continue, “I hope, for your mothers sake, that you got that, through that thick skull of yours!” he said while pointing to the guy’s head.

“Now dress yourself, and go get the next girl on the list.” he commanded before he left.


Part two

(Think twice)

He managed to compose himself, before the next girl came knocking at his door.

He opened the door, and saw a lovely girl, dressed in a pink dress, and matching shoes, she was only about 5ft tall, had a Goldilocks look, and was chewing a gum.

“Hello dear, are you lost?” he asked the little girl.

“Hi there mister. No, no. My mum told me to wait for her right here. She’s just down the hall.” she said in a very relaxed way.

“Oh, okay. But you knocked on my door, right?” he was confused.

“Yeah. I wanted to know, who answered.” she said amused.

“Ahhh, ok then. Well let’s wait for your mother then.” he said trying not to look to annoyed, by the fact that he had to babysit that brat, and worried because the next hook up, could show up at any time.

Fortunately, the girl’s mother was coming down the hall, and he relaxed.

He was just wearing a bathrobe, so he was just peaking, sticking his head out.

The woman approached, and had a stern look on her face. “Brittany!”

She looked at him, and said, “I’m sorry, did she disturb you mister?”

“Yeah. But it’s okay. No harm done.” he responded with a soft smile.

“Let’s go. I’m sorry for the trouble.” she pulled her daughter’s arm, and walked to the elevator.

“No, problem. Now you behave girl.” he pointed at her and shook his head, “Kids.” he sighed.

The elevator door opened, and a peculiar figure came out. It was a really tall woman, she stood at about 6’9”ft, and was dressed in a tight black leather outfit, had shoulder length bloody red hair, a shoulder strap black bag, and black jackboots.

She walked straight forward, and almost rammed the girl, going the other way.

Her mother pulled her away from her path, and shouted, “Hey, watch it.” but she didn’t even pause her stride, until she reached the penthouse door, and asked him.

“Zach Thompson?” her voice was deep and manly.

“Yes!” he answered still a bit astounded.

She kicked his balls, pushed him inside, and kicked the door shut behind them. Then grabbed his collar, and dragged him to the bed.

He was surprised by her actions, and was trying to mumble some words.

“Get ready to be punished.” she cautioned.

“Even more???” he grunted in pain.

“Assume the position.” she demanded, as she reached to get something from the bag.

“Who are you?” he asked, trying to make some sense of this weird scene.

“I’m your worst nightmare, and you’re my bitch.” she looked down on him with bloody eyes enhanced by the black mist makeup.

“NO! NO! NO!” he punched the mattress.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she hissed.

“Why???” he looked up to the mirror on the ceiling, raising his arms.

“Because you asked for it.” she was blunt, “Now, you are going to gimme what I want, and I won’t stop until I get it.” she tied him to bed face down, in an inverted spread eagle.

He tried to fight her, but he had already been beaten that night, and couldn’t get away from her grip, she was really strong for a woman, in fact she didn’t look like one, but more like a fantasy figure.

“What do you want from me?” he cried in despair.

“I want your asshole.” she grinned.

“Oh! No, please not again. This must be another nightmare.” he cried.

“Yes, a nightmare, you wished for.” she added.

“I wished for?” he was even more confused.

“Yes, your actions have consequences, and I’m here to deliver them to you as you asked.” she explained.

“I never wished for any of this, I’m sure.” he tried to reason with his mistress.

“Yes you did. By the way you acted around the girls around you, looking at them like prizes, you had to win. Well today is the day of reckoning, and now your karma came to bite you in the ass.” she giggled as she went to hook up her iPod to the stereo, and set the sound of his punishment.

Then she took something from her bag. It was a small whip, which had several strips of leather, and flogged his bare ass, at the sound of – Smack my bitch up.

Pounding his ass at the rhythm of the beat, and caressing it in the off beat.

She turned it into piece a peace of red meat, ready for barbecue, while he cried, and shouted for her to stop that torture.

She eventually did when the music ended, and then took his punishment to the next level, pulling a big black dildo from her bag, and a bottle of lube.

He was in pain, but relieved that she had stopped the whipping. Although he knew she wasn’t done with him yet, and was dreading her next move.

He was pleasantly surprised when he felt the cool lube being rubbed in his sore ass, but when he realized what it was he started to quiver.

She remained undeterred, and violently sunk the black snake down the hole.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh.” he shouted, and squirmed in pain.

“Now, now. That was just the head.” she mocked him.

“Please stop, I beg you. I’ll do anything. Pleeeease!” he surrendered.

“Well, it’s too late for that now, next time think twice before using some girl like a toy.” she advised.

“I will, I promise. Now please stop.” he was ashamed.

“Its almost over, just for the final touch.” she mounted the other end of the rubber toy, and jumped up and down on her knees, “Oooh, yeah, that’s it, hmmm…” she panted.

His humiliation was total, he just wished that his fiancee, had passed the chance to see him in that way. But it would still be on tape, and he realized that was even worse, ’cause that could be leaked to the internet, and he would never have peace again, because he would always be haunted by that.

His misery was complete, and so was his torture, as his mistress started to squirt cum over his ass.

She moaned, and groaned for a while, until she rested impaled over his ass, catching her breath.

She eventually released him from the leather straps, that were tying him down, and pulled him to her lap. Then lifted him of the bed, and carried him, like a mother with a baby in her arms. She stopped in the balcony, and the cool night air, woke him from his trance, but before he realized where he was, she asked him, “Are you ready to be reborn?”

He couldn’t comprehend her question, but she insisted.

“Just say Yes, or No, and I will act accordingly.” she explained.

He thought, he should go with Yes, or else is ordeal, might not end there, so he answered, “Yes, I do.”

She looked at him with a smile, and said, “Good choice.” then swung her arms, and threw him flying out the balcony, saying, “I baptize you.” and walked away.

The penthouse stood only three stories high, above the pool, like what you would expect in a small town hotel and casino, so the nose dive, only lasted a few seconds, but before hitting the body of water, he still had the reflex of bringing the hands to cover his face, but otherwise the whole body hit flat on the surface, making a huge splash.

Fortunately it was so late at night, that it was almost early, so no one was in the pool, but the few around it got a cold shower.

As he hit the water, he fell unconscious, and just laid there in the middle of the blue rectangle, for a couple of seconds, until he recovered, as he started to drown, he coughed, gasped, and then swam to the edge.

A black goon fished him from the water, wrapped him in a towel, and took him back to the penthouse, where he laid him on the bed.

He fell on the bed, looked the black men in the eyes, and said. “Thank you.”

“Thank him.” he pointed at Mr. Turbull, at the end of the bed.

“Yeah, I told him to fish your sorry ass, from my pool, before you started to grow gills.” he joked.

“Thank you, again.” he said looking at him.

“Well, no need to thank me. I was just safeguarding my own interests. So you can repay your debt. Just stick to your end of the deal, that I’ll stick with mine. And by the way, I liked the number, the last one did on you.” he laughed, and then left him to rest. He relaxed for awhile, and then looked at the bed side table. There was a pile of chips with a note under it.

He rolled over to the side to pick up the paper. It was written in red letters – I hope you liked my gift, and remember, I’m watching you.

“That bastard!” he punched the bed.

Then stood up, and went to relax in the tub’s jacuzzis, where he soon fell asleep.


Part Three


He woke up with the night breeze coming from the open door in the balcony.

So he picked himself up, and dragged his sore ass to the balcony to shut the door, then went to lay in the bed, where he stayed until the cleaning lady woke him up.

“Cleaning service.” she said entering the room.

“Huh, hmmm…” he was still drowsy, “Waaa…what time…is it?” he asked, lifting is head from the pillow.

“It’s half past ten, mister.” she answered, walking to the bathroom.

“Hmmm…really, okay.” he mumbled with passivity.

“So, should I come back later?” she was standing at the end of the bed holding a trash bag.

“Yeah, I’ll get out in a while. Thank you.” he waved.

She left, and he started to get up.

He went to take a quick shower, before dressing up and heading down for breakfast.


His ass was still sore, so he couldn’t sit. He went to the cocktail bar, and ordered coffee and a toast.

He picked up the phone, and dialed. Then gave a bite on the toast, and sipped his cup while he waited for someone to answer.

“Hello? Hi Annabelle, I’m sorry about that mess last night. So if you agree, we’ll reschedule for tonight, I’ll buy you dinner, what do you say?” he took another sip, “It´s a date, then. See you later.” he hang up, with a smile on his face. He thanked God for giving him a chance to taste that honey pot again.

He finished his coffee, and went to cash the chips, receiving a credit note of 1000$.

Then headed home to take a much need rest, before that night’s date.

He took a pillow from the bedroom, and sat on it, on the drive home, to ease the pain.


He slept like a baby, to recover from the beating and splashing, and woke up with a familiar sound.

“Knock, knock! Its almost diner time, son!” his mother said, just sticking her head in the bedroom.

“Oh shit!” he said, hitting the pillow.

“Young man!” she frowned.

“Sorry Mom! I’m going out to diner” he said, getting up.

“Again!” she said with frustration on her face, then with a concerned voice continued, “Look, Zach! We really need to talk!”

“Mom, it’s getting late and I have a date!”, he said, walking to the door.

“NO! Not today!” she yelled, planting herself, right in front of him, blocking his way.

Her attitude stunned him and stopped him in his tracks, but then he insisted.

“Mom! I don’t have time for this right now!” he said ushering her away.

“Don’t you remember what day it is today?” she asked, with an inquisitive face.

“I think its April 5th, right?” he said, while scratching his head.

“And that means…” she waited, for him to finish the sentence.

“I don’t know Mom, I really don’t know.” he said with frustration, but then charged again to the door, “And I don’t have time for this game, right now.”

“It’s my birthday. Don’t you even remember my birthday!” she started to cry.

“Oh, Mom, I’m so sorry!” he said, as he gave her a hug. “I’ll make it up to you.” he whispered to her.

“I’m going to call off the date and then I’ll take you out to dinner,” he backed off, and then hold her hands, looked her in the eyes and said, “You’ll be my date tonight!”

Her face lit up, and a smile started to emerge. He cleaned her tears, rubbing his thumbs under her eyes, then leaned her head and gave her a soft loving kiss in the forehead.

“Now, go get ready because its getting late, I still have to get something from the street, but I’ll be back in a flash.” he let her go and rushed into the bathroom.

Then with supersonic speed, like Clark Kent changed into Superman, he dressed a black cotton shirt, blue denim jeans, brown suede jacket and matching shoes.

He passed by his mother’s room knocked on the closed white door, and then said hastily, “I’m going out, be ready when I come back, it shouldn’t take long. Love you!” and rushed downstairs.

Behind the closed door his mother, a middle aged woman, standing at 5’7″ft, was wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head while going around the closet picking potential outfits.

She displayed the clothes on the bed, then slipped out of the robe hanging it on the bathroom door.

She was wearing a black lace bra and matching panties, which contrasted with her pale skin.

Her well proportioned body, had been a little neglected, since she never felt the need to impress another man, so there were a few more curves due to the extra pounds, making her chubby but not fat.


He sat comfortably on the pillow, and drove off.

He tried to figure out how hold was she, and then realized it was a milestone birthday, the big Four-O. No wonder she was pissed.

So he had to buy her something worthy of that date. He went to the mall, and cruised through a couple of shops before stopping at a jewelry, and looking at a sparkling silver butterfly necklace with incrusted crystals.

He asked the lady how much it was, since he was strapped for cash, and was happy to ear that it was just 50 bucks. So he bought it, but before he left, he bought a long nightshirt.

When he arrived back at the house, his mother was ready to go. She wore a black velvet dress that hugged all the right places.

“Wow, Mom. You look hot.” he said staring at the sight.

“Thank you, Zack. I tried my best to impress you.” she teased.

“Well, you sure did. So let’s go.” he said still gazing at her.

“I’m ready, if you are.” she answered, promptly.

“Let’s start our date then.” he sheepishly smiled.

“Can’t wait to see what you have prepared.” she giggled.

They sat on the car, and she was surprised to see him sitting on a pillow.

“What is that for, honey.” she asked, with a puzzled face.

“I had a first degree encounter with my in-law, again.” he answered, with contempt.

“And, he kicked your ass, again, I suppose?” she felt sorry for him.

“Yeah. I guess he thought, I didn’t get the message the first time.” he said with sarcasm.

“Looks like, he has a way with words.” she grinned ironically.

“I’m glad you’re on his side.” he replied.

“Well, I can’t help to say, I told you so.” she frowned.

“Let’s get this over with then.” he sighed.

He backed up out the driveway, and drove off to the Casino.


They remained silent during the whole trip, trying to forget the way their conversation ended, and getting in the mood for the birthday dinner.

She felt good, feeling the night breeze blowing through her black locks. Her nipples hardened with the chill, but she didn’t care about that, since she thought her son wouldn’t notice them.

But he did, and started to feel a little horny, forgetting about the annoyance with his mother.

They arrived at the casino, and he parked the car on the underground park.

Then opened the door to his mother, pick up the shopping bag, and accompanied her to the elevator.

They exited in front of the restaurant, and walked in.

Fortunately, the chairs were very puffy so he would be alright.

They sat comfortably, at the clothed table, and waited for the waiter.

“Good night. Feeling good this evening?” he asked with a cheery smile.

“Yeah. It’s my birthday.” his mother answered pleased.

“Ooh, special day, huh.” he said with a cheerful look.

“Yep, the big 4D.” she quipped.

“The fourth dimension?” he joked.

“The fourth decade.” he curbed their enthusiasm.

“Well, I’ll get some cake out for you. What’s your name?”

“Zoe.” she happily replied.

“Ok, I’ll be right back to take your orders” and handed them the menus.

He was trying to pick his dinner, when his phone started ringing. He took it from his jacket pocket, and saw who was calling. It was Annabelle. “Shit.” he cursed.

“Zach, watch your manners.” she warned.

“Sorry, ’bout that Mom.” he apologized, “I’ve to take this. It’s my date.” he said getting up.

“I thought you canceled it.” she frowned.

“Look’s like I forgot.” he said with embarrassment, “I’ll be right back.” he said hastily, and left.

“Where are you?” he asked disoriented, “Ok, I’ll be right there.” he hang up angry with himself.

He met them on the hall at the entrance of the restaurant.

They both looked stunning, in matching gowns, but in different sizes and colors, black and white. They were knee-length, made of a shinny fabric, probably satin, and were sleeveless, with a V neck, with roses around the cleavage.

“I thought we had an agreement?” she asked, with a stern face.

“Sorry, but it’s my mom’s 40th birthday, and I promised her I would take her out on a birthday dinner date.” he explained.

“Well, looks like you’re in a bit of trouble, since you promised us a dinner also.” she pouted.

“Then I guess, we’ll have to make it a party of four then.” he shrugged his shoulders.

“Are you sure?” she looked unconvinced.

“Sure it will be fine, its a party after all, and the more the merrier.” he said trying to convince himself, that his mother would agree, “Follow me.” he gestured.

They followed him to the table, where his mother was.

She was worried, about where he was, so she looked back to look for him, and was surprised to see him come back with company.

He arrived at the table, and introduced his guests. “Mom, this is Annabelle, and her daughter Candace.” he gestured.

She felt a little awkward, but complimented them, “Hi, nice to meet you.”

“They’ll be joining us for dinner, mom. Is that ok?” he asked, with a puppy face.

She didn’t to get angry with him in such a special day, so she looked at his face and agreed.

“Thank you mom. I promise, you won’t regret it.” he said with relief.

The waiter approached, and asked, “So I see the party, just got bigger.”

“Yes, my son had this little surprise for me.” she said with irony.

“Then I’ll give you a little longer to decide.” he smiled.

“Thank you.” she smiled back.

They settled down, and chose their meals. Then the waiter came back and took their orders.

At first the mood was a bit weird, because nobody knew what they should say. So he decided to break the ice by giving her the gifts he bought.

He grabbed the bag and took out a medium size package, with a heart motif wrapping paper.

“Hmmm, cute.” she smiled.

“C’mon, open it.” he encouraged.

“Ok, lets see what the cat dragged in.” she joked, ripping the paper.

She opened the plastic bag inside, and stood up to unfold the long nightshirt. It said – World’s Best Mom.

“Thank you honey.” she was moved, and walked towards him to give him a kiss in the cheek.

“I love you.” he whispered.

“I love you too.” she murmured, and stepped back.

“Wait, there’s more.” he said holding her hand, as she was leaving.

“Ooh.” she stopped, with surprise.

“Here, I hope you like it.” he handed her the velvet box.

She opened it, and her eyes lit up. “Oh my…” she said taking her hand to her chest.

She was a bit shaky, so he hold her around the waist, and asked a stupid question. “Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful. Oh honey, you shouldn’t have…” she lied.

“Well, you deserve the best.” he said proudly. “Let me make it, even better looking.” he stood up, picked the lace from the box, placed it on her neck and closed it. “There. Now it looks stunning.” he praised.

The two guests at the table were also appreciating how beautiful it looked on her.

She was so happy that she turned around, and gave him a deep kiss on the lips.

He was taken by surprise, but didn’t hold back. Then he said, catching his breath. “Wow, mom. That was the best thank I’ve ever got.”

“That’s what you get, for treating a woman, like she deserves.” she pouted, and sat back, showing off that gleaming masterpiece.

After that moment the mood was cheerful, and the wine started flowing, except for his soda, and the rest of the dinner was just like a family reunion.


The waiter took out the empty plates, and asked. “Do you want any desserts, or should I bring out the cake?”

Everyone was satisfied, and making room for the cake, but he had plans for dessert, so he ordered. “I want strawberries with whipped cream, but you can already bring the cake.”

“Ok, mister. Coming right up.” he took a mental note.

A few moments later, while everyone was chatting he rolled in the cart, with the cake, and dessert, then picked it from under the cart, and placed it on the table. “Excuse me.” he politely asked, setting the bowl of strawberries in the table.”Should I?” he asked holding the whipped cream can.

“No. I’ll do it myself, thank you.” he refused.

“Ok then.” he nodded, and cleared the table, to make room for the cake.

Everyone stood up, and glanced to see how it looked. It was a medium size square, with pink icing, a couple of white and pink roses, and ten lit candles on each side, she had her work cut out for her.

He placed it on the table, and it had written in chocolate syrup – Happy Birthday Zoe.

Then placed four champagne glasses around the table, and picked up the ice bucket from under the cart, and started to unscrew the contraption over the cork. There wasn’t much time to perform that operation, due to the pressure inside the bottle, so he looked up, and said, “Are you ready? 1,2,3.” he cheered them on, and everyone sang along.

“Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday Dear Zoe,

Happy Birthday to You.

From good friends and true,

From old friends and new,

May good luck go with you,

And happiness too.

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday Dear Zoe,

Happy Birthday to You.”

She made a wish, and then went around the table to blow out the candles.

“Yay!” everyone clapped, as she caught her breath.

Then the cork popped, and went flying across the room. The waiter filled the glasses, and Zach, lift it up to make a toast. “May we share many more to come, healthy and wealthy. Cheers.” everyone raised their glasses, and the waiter joined them with the bottle, then everyone took a sip except him, and offered his glass to the waiter. “No alcohol for me.” he explained.

“Can you bring me a couple of doggy bags, please?” he politely asked.

“Yes, sir. Right away.” he answered hastily.

“But you can finish your drink first.” he calmed him down, ” Have some cake too.” he offered.

“Thank you, again. I appreciate it.” he answered with satisfaction.

They all had cake, which was delicious, and then the waiter went to get the order.

“Here it is sir. Anything else.” he asked diligently.

“No that’s it. Put it on my tab, and make a good tip for you, okay.” he winked.

“Yes, sir. Will do. Come again, anytime.” he smiled from ear to ear, and walked away.

“Don’t worry you’ll hear from me again.” he smirked, and waved.

“We’re going to ladies room, Zach.” his mother shouted behind him.

“I’ll be right there.” he said turning around.

Then he picked up the can, put it in one of the bags, the strawberries in another, and the remaining cake on the other, and went to look for ladies.


He had to wait a little bit outside the restrooms, until they finished freshen up. And that gave him time to think how could he ditch the old ladies, to score with the teenager.

But that would prove to be unnecessary, because the giggles they were sharing when they came out, were from teasing the young girl, about that same subject.

“I see you’re all in good mood.” he jested.

“It’s the wine son. It’s just the wine.” she continued to giggle.

“Well, mom, I’m sorry but…” she cut him off.

“We know son, go on. Show her a good time.” she winked, then leaned over to give him another deep kiss on the lips.

Again, he was caught off guard, but went along, and was surprised when her tongue, came out to play, but he didn’t say no. “Wow, mom. That was intense.” he panted.

“Don’t worry Candy, I was just warming him up for you.” she teased.

“Zoe and I, are going to check out the tables. So you too lovebirds, go do what birds, and bees do.” she joked.

“Well, in that case, let’s go Candy. We have some unfinished business to attend to.” he grinned.

She was embarrassed by their nonsense, and was happy to see them go. So she held his left hand, and pulled him in the direction of the elevator.

The doors closed, and he turned to her saying, “Alone at last.” he smirked, then pulled the back of her neck to him, and wrapped his lips around hers in a tender wet kiss, which only stopped when the doors opened, and they rushed to the penthouse.


He looked up and wondered if she was there. But this time no one was there. His fiancee, was forbidden by her father, and Angie was forbidden by the owner. Which was playing a high stakes game, in the same room that his misery started.

She felt him absent, and brought him back to earth with a sequel of their last kiss.

He happily obliged, and wrapped his arms around her, making it a deep, and passionate kiss.

His hands drifted down, caressing her butt. She wiggled it responding to his touch, and rubbed her thigh on his crotch.

He squeezed her buttock, and then moved his hands back up, to pull the strap of the zipper, whispering in her ear. “Let´s unwrap my gift.” She turned around, and in a blink there was a pool of white satin on the floor.

Her sculptural body was now uncovered, and his blood started to stir. His nostrils filled with her scent, like a ripe fruit taken from the tree. It was fresh, floral, and sweet.

His mouth started watering up as he remembered her taste, and he licked his lips. He couldn’t wait much longer. He had to drink her honey again.

He picked her up, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and he dove between her mounds, licking and kissing frantically. Then pushed her white satin push up bra, out of the way, to uncover her light pink nipples, who were at attention.

He sucked on them, like a baby, and she started to moan with pleasure.”Hmmm, that’s it, hmmm, I love it, hmmm…”

She started rocking her hips, and that was the signal, she was ready to go, to the next level.

He laid her on the bed, and following through his motion, pulled her white satin and lace thong, down and out.

The secret cave was now visible, and was only covered by a light golden bush. His blood started to boil. That was the holly grail, and he wanted to drink from it.

He threw away his jacket, pulled out his shirt, and jumped on the bed, like a tiger to catch his prey. But this one didn’t put up a fight, in fact she spread her legs wider, to welcome him.

And his dream came true, as he touched her swollen lips, already wet with her juice, and it tasted like a nectar of the gods.

He was feeling like a kid at a candy store, and wanted to have some more of that candy.

So he swirled his tongue around her pink rosebud, sending shivers up her spine. He licked and kissed, up and down her virgin alto flute mouth, hitting high pitch notes out the other end, in the key of G major.

That was music to his ears, and he was achieving the result he was after, her pussy lips got wetter, and he knew the hot spring was just waiting to be released, so he drilled her mound, with his tongue going deeper and deeper until a geyser hit him in the eye.

He had found the fountain of youth again, the honey gushed out of her, and he drank it eagerly, like a camel returning from a journey through the desert.

He delighted on her juice, and thought that should have been the the drink that he could get drunk, without sending him into a coma, but if he died at that moment, he would die a happy man.

His mind was so far high up in the sky, that he floated between the clouds, and felt the warmth of the sun on his heating his limb.”That’s strange, just my dick. Why?” he wondered.

He came crashing down when he looked at his crotch, and saw it was as wet as his face.

He came at same time she did, and now his boxers, and pants were soiled.

“Oh well, they have to came off anyway.” he thought, and got up to do just that.

She was laying spent on the bed, arms and legs spread, like a fallen angel.


He threw them in a bundle on the tub, then sprayed some water over it, and left it soaking to avoid stains.

When he returned to the bedroom, she was sitting in bed like a puppy, awaiting the arrival of her owner.

They exchanged smiles, as he picked up the doggy bags, from the corner table, and walked up to her.

“It’s time for dessert.” he announced, shaking the bags.

“Hmmm, good idea. I need something to eat after that.” she agreed.

“Then lay back, and let me set the table.” he set the bags on the bed, and opened them, as she did as he told.

He pulled out the can of whipped cream, and shook it. Then made small circles over each nipple, and two more across her chest, another one on her navel, and the last one on her tongue.

Then placed a strawberry on each of them. The table was set, and it was a sight for sore eyes.

He didn’t waste any time to start mouthing them, from the belly, and moving up.

He chewed the juicy fruits, and licked the cream off her silky skin, quickly arriving at her breasts, where he took his time. First licking around them, then the edge of nipples, and finally scooping the red hearts, from their pedestal, gently biting her tender nipples, as he wiped them clean.

When he reached her mouth, he found it empty, but he didn’t mind. He just continued as if it was there and twirled his tongue around hers, and they sunk on the bed, in a deep wet kiss.

After awhile they parted, catching their breath.

She leaned over him, and said, “It’s not fair, you ate all the strawberries, and I only had one.” she protested.

“Don’t worry I’ve saved the last one for you.” he turned to get it out of the bag, “Here, come and get it.” he hold it between is teeth.

“It’s mine.” she claimed, jumping on him, and snatching it from his grip. Then fell in another wet kiss.

He pulled back moments later, and reached the last bag. It had a piece of his mother’s birthday cake, which he grabbed, and fucked right through, until it rested on his lap.

“Time to make a wish.” he declared.

“Huh, but the cake is for me, right?” she was confused.

“Yes. It’s your time to make a wish, before blowing the candle. Then you can eat the cake.” he clarified, “But don’t eat to much, ’cause I need it to put your cherry on top.” he teased.

“Wow, nice candle. But how are you going to lit it.” she joked.

“Its already on fire, can’t you feel the heat.” he pulled her hand, and hold it as she rubbed it up and down his hard candy stick.

“Yeah, now I see.” she giggled.

“Well, what are you waiting for, blow it.” he urged.

“OK, ok, hold your horses. I haven’t made my wish yet.” she hit back.

“Go on then. The candle is getting smaller.” he pressed.

“You should be cheering me on. Not forcing me, ’cause that way you make me feel uncomfortable.” she complained.

“I’m sorry, you’re right. Okay, here it goes. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You…” he sang.

“Now, that’s much better.” she smiled, and hummed.

“Happy Birthday Dear Candy, Happy Birthday to You.” he finished.

She kissed the tip off his ice cream cone, and he said, “Yeaaah.” and clapped above her head, as she licked, the strawberry topping.

She started to lick down the side of his rod, and he pushed her head down, burying it in the cake, and making a mess.

She was caught off guard, but then fought back, and lifted her face, showing the new makeup.

“What was that for?” she pouted.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it, it was stronger than me. But it was worth it. Look at you.” he pointed, and laughed.

“Oh really. Ok then. If you want war, that’s what you’ll get.” she grabbed a handful of cake, and smashed it on his face.

“Ough, Ough…” he coughed, to expel the cake that she had shoved down his mouth.

“You’re right, it was worth it.” she mocked him.

“War, it is.” he grabbed a piece of cake from his lap, and threw it right in the middle of her chest.

She answered in kind, and they engaged in a food fight, rolling back and forth on the bed.

He managed to get on top of her, and claimed victory, “I won.”

“Not so fast.” she wouldn’t settle for second best, and gave him a knee in the balls, to take his place.

“Uuuughhh.” he screamed.

“All is fair in love, and war.” she replied.

He was curling in pain, and didn’t ear her remark, “What’s wrong with women nowadays!” he blurted out.

“I guess men don’t like to loose the war.” she reacted.

“I’m more a, make love not war, kind of guy, you know.” he responded.

“Well, in that case, looks like I’m going to have to put you back into shape, to do that.” she smirked.

“Now, you’re talking my language.” he grinned.

She kneeled between his legs, and over his cock. Then started caressing his limp limb, to restore its strength.

Like a licensed masseuse, she took away his pain, and replaced it with pleasure, making his shaft rise again from the ashes, like a reborn phoenix.

She used her saliva, as massaging oil, to help her hand slide around the muscles of his cock, licking it from time to time.

His blood was now starting to boil, and although he was enjoying the feel of her tongue on his skin, he needed to feel the inside of her vagina. So he pulled her head back, and said, “It’s time.”

She shuddered, with the sound of his words. That was the moment. It all had been a walk up to that point, and now their were standing in front of the rollercoaster, awaiting their turn.

Her puppy eyes said it all, she was afraid, but excited at the same time. It was a mix of emotions that paralyzed her, and made her lose touch with reality.

He was now getting accustomed with dealing with virgins, so he fondled her golden hair, then her cheeks, and pulled her to him for a loving kiss.

She started crying nervously, “It’s okay, its okay.” he gave her a hug, and held her for a while, until her sobbing stopped.

He leaned back, looked in the eyes, and said, “It’s alright to be scared, but you don’t have to worry, I’ll take it slow, and I’ll stop if you feel uncomfortable. You call the shots ok. This is your moment, so I don’t want to ruin it for you. Are we cool?” he tranquilized her.

“Yes, I’m ready.” she whispered.

“Gimme a kiss then. Let’s seal the deal.” he said to ease the mood.

“Yes…” she leaned in, and their mouths approached in slow motion, then joined in a soft and tender kiss.

It was just like if he was gearing up to lose its own cherry, the way that girl made him feel so full of love. It was surely her honey that made him drunk of love.

Their lips parted, and it was like when a woman gives birth, she knew her life was about to change for ever.

They started to take their positions to start that sexual dance, but they need a tune to dance to, so he shuffled through his iPod, hooked it on the sound system, adjusted it so it played just as a background track, and they were ready to rock.

He took the remote to the bed, and then placed it beside her spread left leg, within his reach, just waiting for the right time to invite Aguilera to join them with her Candyman.

But before the show started, he had to taste her again. He just couldn’t get enough of her juice. He was turning into a honeyholic.

So he licked her lips, and she shivered. His tongue traveled all over her vulva, sending lots of flashes coursing through her body, and increasing her wetness, until he felt she was ready to receive his gift, but he couldn’t afford to be sloppy, so he wrapped it in a white latex cover with a smiley face on the tip.

Sue reluctantly sat down beside him & they watched on the monitors as Kristy sat on her bed, sipping her shake. The final corset really did accentuate her curves beautifully and the deep golden tone of her skin & sun bleached hair contrasted beautifully with the black leather. The clarity of the monitors was such that her rouged aureoles & pussy lips were clearly visible.

“Hmm, nice job with her appearance,” David commented. “She truly is a stunning sub! I like the contrast of subtle make-up with the red lips – it leaves little doubt about what she is to be used for!”

“Actually, with regards to the make-up, it was all her own work,” Sue replied. “I didn’t have to direct her once!”

“Impressive!” David remarked.

Unaware of their scrutiny, Kristy quietly sipped her protein shake. She felt exhausted after that sudden tidal wave of feelings but she also felt as if a huge weight had lifted, both from her shoulders & her heart. There was a lightness of spirit suffusing her body and she knew that from now on she would place her life completely into the hands of her Master & Mistress, trusting them to act in her best interests. She was surprised at how good it felt to have all responsibilities removed from her, to know that others would now be in charge of making the decisions that would affect her life! A genuine smile of pleasure crossed her lips & lit her face to radiance. She thought about the two people that had completely ripped her life apart. Their methods had been harsh in the extreme, but she was forced to admit that anything less severe would probably have failed. Her emotional barricades had been built so high & so thick that it had taken the equivalent of an atom bomb to break through them! With her acceptance of who & what she was, a tension had left her body and with its departure she suddenly realised what a toll it had taken on her to constantly hold herself away from others day after day, denying even to herself that what she truly needed was to hand over responsibility to another.

She sat up straight on the bed, determination entering her body.

“To the Master who I admire & respect & to the Mistress that I love, I hereby devote my wholehearted service for as long as they want me,” Kristy vowed out loud. “I will obey their every order without hesitation or complaint, knowing that whatever is done is to help me to grow as a person. I will submit to whatever use they deem appropriate & will gain pleasure from serving to the best of my abilities.

She was fairly sure that she was being monitored, but the words were not really meant for her Master & Mistress. Instead they were an affirmation to herself of her decision to embrace her new role of submissive.

David & Sue, however, were stunned. The words Kristy had spoken were very close to something a sub would say during a collaring ceremony, something that Kristy at this point in time, had no way of knowing could happen. Sue was even more affected that David, having heard Kristy proclaim her love!

“Let’s not give her any more time to dwell on things,” David said briskly. “I don’t want her to become overwhelmed with emotion again! Sue, why don’t you bring her to the dance studio & give her a good deportment work out. Don’t give her time to think, keep things moving so that she only has time to react. I want to see if our training really has taken root.”

Sue nodded her agreement & left the room, making her way back to Kristy but retrieving a cane along the way.

Hearing the footsteps of her Mistress echo down the hallway, Kristy slipped off the bed and was kneeling in place when Sue entered. He knees were spread wide, her hands behind her head & her eyes meekly lowered to the floor.

Steeling herself to allow no trace of softness in her voice, Sue commanded Kristy to rise & follow her. “And there will be no more speaking until you’re given permission to do so!” she admonished.

Kristy nodded her understanding & rose in one graceful movement. Still clad in the corset & heels, her body swayed enticingly as she followed her Mistress down the passage and into to the dance studio. She halted in surprise at the sight that greeted her. Her Master, dressed in that same warm golden robe from earlier, was sitting in a comfortable chair placed near the wall opposite the door. There was a swish, then a sharp stinging pain burned across the backs of her thighs. The pain recalled her to her senses & she continued into the room.

“Kneel in front of your Master,” Sue commanded.

Kristy complied, sinking slowly to her knees in front of David. She made sure her knees were spread then placed her hands behind her head. By now her breasts were throbbing painfully & the skin was starting to discolour. David reached forward & with a swift movement released the cables that had so tightly confined them. Kristy bit her lip to keep from crying out as sensation suddenly flooded back to her swollen breasts. David ran a light thumb over her nipples & they immediately stiffened in reaction.

“Before you start this afternoon’s session,” David told her, “you will demonstrate how much you have learned about pleasing your Master & Mistress. You will use every technique you know”

He slipped off his robe, allowing it to pool around his feet. His cock was already hot & hard from the teasing play he & Sue had indulged in earlier.

Kristy reached out & gently took his cock in her hands, softly stroking up & down its length with one hand as she cupped & massaged his balls with the other. She bent her head & with her tongue, traced slow, teasing paths up his shaft, followed by her fingers lightly brushing along in its path. David sucked in a breath. Kristy had become accomplished indeed & he was going to have to exert himself to resist her attentions for a sufficiently long time. Kristy dipped her head lower, opened her mouth & sucked at his balls, taking each completely inside her mouth, one after the other. David stifled a groan. His eyes met Sue’s above Kristy’s head, capturing them & holding them as Kristy proceeded to drive him wild.

Her hand encircled his shaft completely, closing around it until she had a firm but gentle grip. She used her tongue to completely lubricate the shaft, flicking & teasing as she did so. When she reached the head, she could taste the pre-cum that beaded in response. She flicked her tongue around the tip of his cock, teasing it, all the while moving her hand up & down the shaft with ever increasing pressure. Then she bent her head & engulfed him in her hot mouth, plunging down onto him & taking his cock deep into her throat. Again & again she went down on his shaft, each time trying to take him a little deeper until finally she felt his balls on her lips & the girth of his cock pressing against the collar encircling her throat. With a groan that he couldn’t contain, David gripped her head, holding it still as he thrust into her powerfully. She kept her hands in use, massaging his balls as they slapped against her face & before too long she was rewarded with David’s hot seed spilling down her throat. Without waiting for instructions, Kristy gently cleaned his cock, making sure she licked every last trace of cum from his shaft. Regaining his composure, David picked up his robe & drew it on before once more taking a seat.

“Very well done, my little sub,” he said in an approving tone. “You have indeed learned well and will be a credit to me. Now it is time to please your Mistress!”

Whilst Kristy had been attending to David, Sue had done her own teasing, performing a slow striptease for his benefit behind Kristy’s back. There was a second armchair placed next to David’s and Sue now walked over & seated herself in it. She arranged herself comfortably, her long legs draped over the arms of the chair & beckoned Kristy to approach.

“Remember,” she cautioned, “do not disappoint me!”

Kristy prowled forwards on hands & knees until her face was directly in front of Sue’s open pussy. Again she took note of & admired the jewelled bar that pierced Sue’s clitoral hood. Using her tongue, she swept a long stroke up between Sue’s pussy lips. No longer did she consider this action distasteful. Instead, she relished the sweet, musky taste of her Mistress. At the end of the stroke, she flicked her tongue against the piercing, causing Sue to squirm slightly. Encouraged, Kristy sucked the hood into her mouth & let her tongue play with the piercing, flicking it quickly before slipping underneath to tease her clit. Sue caught her breath. When Kristy made up her mind to do something, she threw herself into it, body & soul. She was now concentrating all her effort on pleasuring her Mistress, not just because her Master commanded it, but because she wanted to show how very much she cared about her! Her tongue continued its teasing of Sue’s clit as Kristy started to stroke her fingers between Sue’s pussy lips. She could tell that she was succeeding in pleasing her Mistress as the musky scent grew stronger & Sue’s pussy grew hot & moist. Kristy continued to stimulate Sue’s clit and stroked her fingers through her slit until they were slick with Sue’s pussy juices.

Shifting slightly, she fastened her mouth over Sue’s clit, sucking hard & nipping at it with careful teeth. As she did this, she moved a well lubricated finger backwards until she found Sue’s puckered asshole. She massaged its entrance for a few moments before slowly inserting a finger inside. Sue gasped at the unexpectedness of Kristy’s actions but had little time to process the realisation of what she had done. Taking the gasp as encouragement, Kristy eased a second finger into Sue’s ass & started to slowly thrust them in & out of the hot, tight passage. Sue could not prevent the groan that escaped her lips. Kristy’s actions on her clit & in her ass were succeeding in very effectively working her towards a strong climax. Then her whole body tensed as she felt the fingers of Kristy’s other hands work their way into her pussy, stroking & penetrating ever deeper. Then, instinctively, Kristy crooked her fingers & located the rough patch inside Sue pussy that indicated she had found her G spot.

Sue let out a long, guttural groan as Kristy proceeded to stimulate it. It took her a few moment to co-ordinate her efforts & then suddenly everything clicked into place & her mouth, tongue & fingers worked in unison, driving Sue over the edge into a powerful orgasm. Her pussy contracted violently, squirting her juices all over Kristy’s face. Kristy paused for a moment to shake Sue’s cum out of her eyes then continued, determined that her Mistress would not just experience 1 orgasm at her hands! She increased the rhythm of her thrusts in Sue’s ass & at the same time feverishly worked her clit & G-spot. By now Sue was completely helpless in the chair, hands grasping the arms for support, head thrown back, her body rocking automatically as Kristy expertly worked her up to her second orgasm in quick succession.

David was amused. He hadn’t thought that Kristy would take the initiative in that way but he was secretly pleased that she was giving Sue so much pleasure! Sue had given him so much & he was glad that she was now receiving some of the benefits that her strict training had engendered. He knew how difficult it had been (and still was) for Sue to keep from identifying with Kristy once the defiance & arrogance had disappeared! Kristy was turning out to be a real credit – absorbing her training to such an extent that she could now rival Sue when it came to pleasing him!

When it appeared that Kristy was fully intent on continuing, David called a halt to proceedings.

“Enough” he commanded.

Kristy eased away from Sue’s pussy & knelt with her hands behind her head. Her face glistened with Sue’s juices but she made no move to wipe it as the liquid trickled down her cheeks. In spite of himself, David was impressed by her control. Just a few days ago she would have been desperate to remove any trace of evidence that she had serviced a woman. Now she just waited patiently for her next instructions!

“Assume position 2!” David barked, rising from his chair.

Kristy dutifully leant forward, placed her head on the floor & spread her ass cheeks.

David grinned at Sue over Kristy’s head. “Well,” he drawled as he watched his fiancé try to regain her breath & her composure. “Would you say that Kristy will be ready to graduate her training at the end of this week?”

Sue swallowed & moistened her lips before replying.

“If she can repeat what she just did, then I have no doubt that she will pass,” she said in a low, throaty voice that was tinged with the aftermath of her climax.

By now David’s cock was hard once more. The sight of Sue in the throes of such intense pleasure had stoked his desires. He commanded Kristy to stand & place her hands on the arms of his chair. She rose gracefully to her feet & obeyed, making sure to keep her legs spread as she did so. David ran a hand between her legs and, as he had expected, found that her pussy was soaking wet. He slid his fingers through her slit several times, until they were liberally coated, then proceeded to lubricate her ass, working his fingers around & inside her asshole. Then taking firm hold of her hips, he drove his cock into her with one, powerful & sustained thrust. Kristy gasped at the sudden invasion & lack of warning but knew that she must perform as expected. She concentrated on relaxing her ass & accepting the full length of his cock inside her. She was rewarded with a decrease in pain as her passage accommodated his cock & soon she was actually trying to push back onto him. David slapped her ass hard then gripped her even more firmly, holding her immobile as he pumped into her hard & fast. This made it very clear to Kristy that on this occasion, her Master was using her purely for his own pleasure – she knew she would not be allowed to cum. With a surge of dismay, she realised that this was going to be very difficult to avoid. In relaxing her anal passage, she had allowed David full access & his cock was now stimulating her intensely. She had never before realised that she could orgasm from being fucked anally, but she was in danger of doing just that!

She gripped tightly onto the arms of the chair & desperately tried to stave off the impending orgasm.

“Don’t you dare cum!” David said warningly.

Kristy held on, using every scrap of her willpower to resist the surge of desire screaming through her body. David increased the speed & force of his thrusts, ramming his cock deep inside Kristy’s now receptive ass. Finally his cock pulsed & he grabbed hold of Kristy’s hips tightly. He pulled her back hard against his body, embedding himself even deeper inside her & shot his hot seed into her, pulling out at the last minute to spill the last of his cum over her ass. Kristy held as still as her trembling body could manage as she felt his cum start to slide down her ass. She remained in position until David finally told her she could stand. As she did so, she felt the rest of his semen start to escape her passage & soon her thighs were quivering as trickles of his cum & her pussy juices slid down towards the floor.

David left her in place for several minutes to test her obedience. Finally he relented.

“Go to the bathroom & clean yourself up!” he ordered. “And make sure you do a thorough job!”

Kristy nodded & obediently turned to obey his instructions.

“You did very well, Kristy,” David said before she could make any further move. “I am pleased with you and think you will be ready to graduate your training at the end of this week. Now go & clean up.”

Kristy walked gracefully out of the studio to the bathroom, her high heeled shoes clicking on the floor. Her exit gave David & Sue time to compose themselves. David resumed his seat next to Sue & gently stroked her face. She leaned into his caress, still breathing heavily from the aftermath of her orgasms but also, if she were honest, from the desire that watching David drilling into Kristy had aroused in her. Her toned body glistened with perspiration from her earlier exertions & David relished the sight of her. There was a feeling of completion when he looked at her, something he had not felt with anyone else. It was one of the reasons why he did not have a permanent submissive, preferring instead to train & match them to the appropriate Masters or Mistresses. He had been watching Kristy carefully all day and there was no doubt that she had formed an intensely strong & deep bond with Sue, one he was sure Sue returned in kind but he was secure in the knowledge that Sue’s first loyalty & love was for him.

David held Sue’s eyes with his own. “You are aware Kristy has formed a deep attachment to you,” he said quietly.

Sue nodded. “I am,” she said seriously.

“Are you prepared to guide & protect her once she has graduated training?” he asked.

“B-but what about you?” she asked.

“Sue,” he chided gently. “You are the first submissive that I have kept by my side, that I have trained to become a Mistress to work at my side. Do you not think I have enough faith in you to know that you can love Kristy as your sub and yet give your heart to me.”

Sue bowed her head, realising the truth of his words. Then she looked up & met his eyes.

“I am prepared to do this on one condition,” she told David soberly, “that you are always there to provide me with your support & guidance in turn. After all, Kristy is the first sub I have trained & I need to be sure I don’t ruin what we have achieved!”

“Sue, you will always have my support,” David chided gently. “Even if I am not physically around, you can always call me at any time for advice or reassurance!”

Sue leaned into his hand once more & then straightened in her seat.

“Then I will accept responsibility for her with a clear conscience and an open heart.” She said. “If she should ask to become my submissive.”

“Oh I think there’s little doubt of that!” David assured her, pride showing through in his face.

This woman he had chosen to be his wife was going to make a fine & honourable Mistress!

While David & Sue were discussing her, Kristy was taking great care to clean herself, as her Master had instructed. She cleaned her face and filled the enema bag with warm water before inserting the nozzle into her ass. She hissed as the water distended her belly but gritting her teeth she persevered until she could feel there was no more liquid flowing. She stayed with her ass raised until she could no longer bear the discomfort, then squatted & released, letting the water flow out of her.

As she dried herself off, she noticed her reflection in the mirror. The bright red lipstick had smeared & she resolved to ask her Mistress if it was possible to find some lip sealant that would prevent this happening again. Her eye make-up had also run as a consequence of being drenched with Sue’s pussy juices followed by Kristy cleaning her face. Moving back to the bedroom, Kristy sat at the dressing table and carefully reapplied her make-up, taking care that once again the effect was subtle, with the exception of the red lips. When she was finally satisfied that she presented a flawless image, she serenely rose from the stool & walked gracefully back to the dance studio where her Master & Mistress awaited her.

By now, both were re-clothed & Sue was standing once more with the cane in her hand.

“Assume Position 3!” she ordered as Kristy entered the room. Kristy immediately obeyed. Sue gripped her breasts one by one & attached clamps & weights to each nipple. Over the next hour, she drilled Kristy mercilessly, walking her backwards & forwards, making her kneel & rise. When satisfied with Kristy’s performance in a real collar, Sue exchanged it for a high, stiff posture collar & once again drilled her. Despite her nipples throbbing from the pain caused by the weights swinging, Kristy maintained her concentration & kept to those graceful movements that were becoming second nature to her. Sue then commanded Kristy to once again assume Position 3. She removed the constricting corset, rolled the stockings down & unbuckled the shoes. Kristy stood obediently throughout but when Sue removed the 6″ heels she cried out as cramps invaded her calves as her heels descended to the floor. She would have fallen but Sue was there to support her & massage her calves until the cramps died down. The she ran Kristy through all the exercises once again. This time she did have to use the cane once or twice across the back of Kristy’s calves as she stumbled a couple of times but as soon as the stiffness wore off, the grace returned. Once again David was impressed with the improvement Kristy had made in such a short space of time. By the end of the session, he had made a decision.

About two weeks passed after the night I spent with Lisa at her apartment, and I was finally starting to feel normal again. I had taken a few days to adjust to the fact that I’d just done something I never imagined myself doing, but once I got past the uncertainty, I realized I was still a normal person.

It did not make me any less of a man. It just meant I was open to certain forms of pleasure that other men were not.

After waking up the following morning, Lisa and I had another quick round before we both got up and took a shower. Then I made my way back home. I had not been to the club, but I had spoken with her on the phone a few times since that night.

I knew enough to know that she had spread the word to Holly, who as I figured, was very excited and also a little jealous that I had chosen Lisa over her and that she hadn’t even been there as a witness.

I also went ahead and told Rob that we had gone through with it. After all, Rob was the one who talked me into it and helped me to get enough courage to bring it up to Lisa in the first place.

That next Thursday night, I had just finished work and was driving back to my apartment. As I pulled up outside the building, I noticed Holly sitting out front on the steps, looking quite bored. I wasn’t sure what the hell she was doing here, but I was happy to see a friendly face. Shutting the engine off, I got out and started walking over to her slowly, waiting for her to notice me.

“What brings you here,” I asked.

Snapping her head up to look at me, Holly laughed as she stood up and quickly wrapped her arms around me for a hug.

“I didn’t even see you arrive, Jay,” she said, “You startled me.”

“Sorry about that.”

“That’s okay… I hope you don’t mind. I was thinking… maybe if you’re up for it, we could hang out for a few hours?”

“Sure,” I said, “What’d you have in mind?”

“I don’t know,” her voice suddenly turned a bit seductive, running one hand down my left leg, she started rubbing my cock through my pants, smiling at me the whole time, “Maybe… we could go inside and you could let me have my way with you. Might be nice to get a piece of that ass now that you finally gave it up to Lisa.”

I laughed as she pulled me closer to her, kissing me on the lips and smacking my ass. As we stood there making out, right in front of my apartment complex, I could feel myself becoming quite aroused. There was no way of refusing… she had me right where she wanted me.

“Okay,” I said, finally breaking our kiss, “Let’s go inside.”

I took her by the hand and led her into my apartment building, then upstairs to my apartment. Once inside I locked the door and turned around, only to be met with another passionate kiss. I groaned, our tongues began dueling as we stumbled through the living room and into my bedroom. Once we got past the door, she shoved me onto the mattress of my bed.

I sat on the edge as Holly now towered over me, and started doing a sexy little dance for me, swaying her hips from side to side… slowly beginning to strip. She started by removing her tank top, and after swinging it around above her head for a moment, tossed it across the floor.

After running both hands through her silky hot pink hair and blowing me a kiss, I found myself, more than anything, wanting to just throw her onto the bed and tear her clothes off. Now left in only her bra and mini-skirt, she slowly began working her way out of the skirt until she had nothing left but her panties and bra. She impatiently moved towards me, pushing me back some on the bed.

I leaned on my hands, as she sat on my lap draping her arms around my neck. She then started giving me a lap dance, and damned if that wasn’t quite an enjoyable experience, in and of itself.

She smelled great, and feeling her soft skin, I pulled her in for another kiss.

“I want you to suck my cock, Jay,” she said.

I wasn’t going to protest! She slid off of my lap and began slipping her silk panties down her smooth legs and stepped out of them. While holding them in front of my face, Holly was reaching down with her other hand to take hold of her cock.

She started stroking herself until she was fully erect, at which point she placed one foot on the bed beside me and kept the other one planted firmly on the hardwood floor. I slid by body forward, hanging off the edge of the mattress as she took a firm hold of my head to guide her erect member into my open mouth.

I sucked nice and slow, bobbing my head, taking my time and enjoying things while making sure she enjoyed it as well. As Holly pushed to the back of my throat she was moaning, then suddenly giggled, as she noticed that I wasn’t choking or gagging.

“You must be getting use to this, huh?”

“Mmhm,” I muttered, my voice muffled.

“You’re a naughty little cock sucker now, aren’t you? We’ve turned you into such a little cocksucker.”

In a way, she was right. Going down on girls such as Holly or Lisa was not something that was beyond me anymore. I almost enjoyed it as much as they did, and it was fairly obvious that I had become a bit of a cocksucker.

I moved from her shaft, down to her balls, licking and sucking on them while reaching around to her back to unclip her bra. She moaned as I continued pleasuring her balls and also removed the bra. I let it fall to the floor, and then taking her beautiful breasts in my hands, I started massaging them.

“I was already horny to begin with Jay,” she whispered, “But now you’re making me want you so much more then I already did.”

I backed away from her lower region, and smiled up at her before burying my face in her cleavage. She laughed and pushed her breasts together, as if to smother me with them… she could have done that, and I would have died a happy man.

“That’s enough for now,” she said pulling away, “Now get undressed for me Jay… I want to see that beautiful body of yours without any clothes.”

I stood up, removed my shirt, followed by my pants and my boxers until I was standing completely undressed before her. She pushed me onto the bed again, and this time instead of landing in a sitting position, I went all the way down onto my back.

“Turn over,” she ordered.

I rolled over onto my stomach, and she smacked my ass. Then, as she spread my cheeks, I heard her sigh behind me.

“I can’t wait,” she said happily, “Do you have any lube?”

“Yeah, it’s in the top drawer over there,” I said pointing towards my dresser.

She walked across the room, pulling out a large bottle of Astroglide from the drawer that I had buried under a few pairs of boxers.

She walked back over to the bed, and climbed onto the mattress on her knees. I heard her pop open the cap on the bottle, and squirt some of the lube onto her fingers, before slipping them into my tight hole. I groaned as she pushed her fingers in until they were up to the knuckles.

“You know,” she started to speak, “Lisa told me all about your first time together a few weeks ago. That was quite a story and it really got me turned on. She knew it too. I only wish I could have been there, to have been a part of your first time Jay. It’s okay though, I’m not angry. I’m getting my chance right now, aren’t I?”

She applied an extra amount of lube, and then I heard her squirting some onto her cock. She stroked herself for a second or two, rubbing it in real good before climbing over top of me. My heart was racing, just as it had been with Lisa. But this time though, it wasn’t because I was nervous.

It was because I was so turned on! I really just wanted her to get to the point. I got my wish, as I felt the head of her cock pressing against my hole, and then she shoved it into me.

Holly slid in fairly easy, thanks to the large amount of lube she had applied and before I knew it, she was grabbing me by the hips and pounding my ass with long hard strokes. I moaned, biting my lip and pushing myself up onto my knees underneath of her. She slammed in and out of me, and I started pushing my ass back against her, to meet her thrusts.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she laughed, “You’re really into this, aren’t you?”

“Oh… can’t help it,” I said. “It really… feels good.”

“Lisa was right, you are a bad boy Jay.”

“You know you both like me this way,” I laughed.

“That’s true, your ass is so tight. It feels great baby,”

She continued pounding me, and then reached around and took hold of my cock, stroking it in perfect rhythm with her thrusts. I continued pushing myself back to meet with her thrusting, and it seemed to make her more satisfied, as she really liked how into it I was.

I felt that old familiar pressure building up, and I cried out in pleasure as I exploded, shooting my load all over the mattress and her hand. She released her grip on my cock, and then licked my cum off of her fingers.

“Mmmm… you taste so good baby. After this, I want you to fuck me.”

Her breathing started getting heavier, and I knew she was almost there…it wouldn’t be long now. I started squeezing my anal muscles, tightening them around her erection to help push her in the right direction. It quickly worked, as I shoved myself back against her and she cried out in ecstasy.

“Fuck,” she yelled, slamming all the way into me and slumping forward.

I felt her throbbing inside of me, spewing her load, filling me up with it until she had emptied her balls completely.

“Holy shit,” she sighed, pulling out and collapsing next to me.

As I lay down next to her, she had this goofy grin on her face that made me laugh just looking at her.

“That… was awesome,” she said happily, “It’s been so long since the last time I had a guy with an ass as tight as yours.”

“That’s a good thing, I guess, right?”

“Fuck yeah it’s a good thing!”

“Holly, you really are one crazy girl, you know that?”

She slapped me playfully and kissed me on the arm.

“I’m your crazy girl though… now, how about you bend me over and show me no mercy.”

I jumped at the suggestion, grabbing the lube and getting myself ready. Once we were both set to go, she mounted me, pushing herself down over my cock and started riding me. I reached up, once again to massage her breasts, gently pinching her nipples.

Then, I pulled her close, biting and licking her neck. I felt her cock harden against me as she continued grinding on me.

“Jay, I’m close,” she whimpered. I could feel her starting to shake, indicating that she was probably right in assuming her orgasm was near.

I sucked harder at her neck, leaving a hickey as I thrust upwards in and out of her hot little ass. Finally, she shuddered, screaming out my name as her dick spewed cum all over my stomach and chest.

Seconds later, I wrapped my arms around her, clinging to her as my own orgasm overcame me and I emptied my balls inside of her.

Once again, we were laying side by side, both of us recovering from our orgasms. Once we had caught our breath, she rolled over onto her side and smirked at me while rubbing my chest.

“It’s good to see that you can still give a good pounding, even though you’re no longer just a top, you know how to give… and take now.”

“Well, I’m glad I could please you.”

“Oh you did, and you left a mark,” she pointed to the hickey I had left on her neck and I laughed… so did she. We stayed in the bed for a few minutes just laughing and goofing off with each other, before she finally got up to go use my bathroom.

From the toilet, she called out to me, and started a fresh conversation about someone I had been trying hard not to think about at all.

“So what’s up with you and Kendra… did she fuck you yet?”

I sat up in my bed, rubbing my head, as I didn’t want to think of Kendra. I was just getting used to being the one getting fucked, and I definitely enjoyed being on the receiving end… but I was still not sure if I was ready for anyone as large as she was.

“Not yet, no…” I said.

“Damn,” she said, coming out of the bathroom and walking back to the bed, her flaccid cock swaying between her legs, “What’s the hold up?”

“I don’t know,” I answered. “I guess just because she’s supposedly so damn big, and I’m not so sure if I can handle that yet, you know?”

“True… but, do you want to hook up with her?”

I laughed, and turned my back on her. She put a hand on my shoulder and shook me, then started tickling me.

“Stop,” I shouted, laughing at the same time.

“I’ll stop when you answer the question, do you want Kendra?”

“Yes, okay!” I exclaimed.

I practically shouted it, half just to get her to stop and half because well… it was true. I did want Kendra, the sexual tension was intense with her and I guess everybody could tell it was there. Hell, even Kendra herself knew it was there, she had hinted at it the last time we spoke.

“I do want Kendra, okay? Just… I’m trying to get some experience first. When the time is right I’ll go and talk with her about it.”

“I heard she thought the time was right three weeks ago.”

“Fuck you,” I said, grabbing my pillow and attacking her with it. She fell back onto the bed, laughing as I repeatedly hit her with the pillow before backing off after a few moments.

“Ya already did,” she said, answering my insult from a few moments before. I was done talking about Kendra, I was having fun goofing off with Holly, and Kendra was not on my list of things to talk about.

“So, are you going to explore with any of the other girls at the club?”

“I suppose so,” I said.

I actually hadn’t thought about it, but why not I figured. There were a lot of beautiful girls at The Raven… might as well get to know a few more and have some more fun.

“I’ll probably go this weekend and hang out or something.”

“You have to get together with Jen,” said Holly.

“She would love to have fun with you… I think you two would get along really well actually.”

I decided I probably would be going to The Raven that Friday night, and if she was there, I’d end up hanging with Jen. She seemed like a nice enough girl when we had met before, and Holly seemed pretty insistent that she was just as interested in me as Lisa and she were.

After about an hour of just laying around with Holly in bed, we both got up, cleaned up and I walked her to my door. She gave me a kiss before heading home, and then I made my way back to the bedroom, for a good night’s rest. I most certainly did sleep well, too.

After finishing up work, I made my way home, showered up and then put on some clean clothes. I now made my way out the door, and as I’d decided earlier that Friday to pay a visit to The Raven. I was hoping Lisa or Holly might be there, but if they weren’t, maybe I would look around for Jen.

When I arrived, I could not seem to find Lisa or Holly anywhere and I was a little disappointed by that. So, I took a deep breath and looked over towards the dance floor, where sure enough, I found Jen.

I approached the beautiful blonde from behind, and for just a moment, I thought perhaps I could sneak up on her. But she seemed to have some intuition I was there and turned around, spotting me at the last second.

“Hey Jay, nice to see you here.”

“Hey Jen, what’s up?”

“You come to have some fun with Lisa and Holly?”

“Yeah, originally,” I admitted, “But I don’t think they’re here tonight.”

“Aw, what a shame,” she grinned. “I could keep you company,” she said, pulling me to her and making me dance with her along to the pounding club music.

“I wouldn’t mind that,” I replied, breathing in her scent.

She was wearing some type of perfume that I was not quite sure of, but it smelled so damn good. I sank in as we started grinding against one another, and I noted just how willing she was to get a feel of me.

She kept rubbing my cock through my pants, and squeezing my ass and groping my whole body.

Needless to say, I was starting to feel really turned on from how close our bodies were… why not, I figured.

After all, I came here with the assumption early on that I would possibly be hooking up with Jen. So I gave in, leaned in close and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back of course, our tongues began to wrestle and she became more aggressive with the touching.

Eventually, she took my hand and led me towards the bar, where we sat down and started to just talk with each other. Jen had never really talked to me for more than a few minutes on a few separate occasions. So it turned out that she did not know a whole lot about me.

I didn’t know much about her either, so we at least had that much in common. I told her about myself, and she asked where I worked. I asked her a few of the same questions; turned out she worked at a retail store in a mall that sold women’s clothes.

She started cross-dressing in her teens, and started living full-time as a woman, when she was in her early twenties.

She asked me about the “relationship” I had between myself, Holly and Lisa. Then she asked whether or not there were romantic feelings. I wasn’t sure to be honest… I loved Lisa and Holly both equally, they were two of my best friends not just two girls that I had sex with a lot.

I just did not know if there were romantic feelings between the three of us.

“So, you enjoy being a sub,” she asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah, it’s nice, not as bad as I feared it would be honestly.”

“That’s good, do you like to be a top or a bottom more?”

“I like being on bottom… but I don’t think I could be strictly bottom,” I admitted. “I think after a while, I would start to miss being in control. It’s nice with Lisa and Holly, because they’re kind of the same, and they like to switch it up a lot so I get both choices.”

Jen laughed, “Well that’s good, so are you open to being with other girls, or are you strictly dedicated to Lisa and Holly?”

I knew where this was going… hell, Holly had suggested it to me, so why not.

“I’ve been with others, they don’t mind. Not possessive of me really.”

“That’s good, because you’re really cute. Honestly, I’ve wanted a chance to see what all the hype is about.”

Just as I was about to say something else, Jen’s phone started to ring. She told me she would only be a few seconds, answering the call and I waited patiently. About a minute into her call, I noticed she suddenly appeared to be disappointed for some reason.

Whoever was on the phone, seemed to have ruined her significantly good mood. She finally hung up, sighed, sat the phone down and finished her beer before turning to look at me sadly.

“My roommate just called, her mother’s really sick. I need to get home, she really needs me there.”

I was disappointed, but actually admired how eager she was to be there for her roommate before anything else, and it was nice to see she cared so much.

“That’s okay,” I said, reaching over to give her a hug. She embraced me back, then gave me a kiss on the cheek. “There’s always next time.”

“Indeed there is,” she winked at me, then grabbed a napkin and pulled a pen from her purse. She scribbled down her phone number and slipped the napkin into my jacket pocket.

“Give me a call, and we’ll hook up,”

She gave me another hug, before gathering her belongings and then I walked her out to her car and the night came to an end. I saw her off, before making my way to my own vehicle and heading home. I was tired anyway, so perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing that things had ended the way they had tonight.

I would give Jen a call later in the week, and we could set something up then, no big deal.


The next day, I got called in to work. It was supposed to be my day off, and I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I could definitely use the extra cash. So I agreed, got out of bed, showered and made my way there. Luckily, the day went by pretty fast, and before I knew it, I was done and making my way back home again. On my way to the car though, my phone started to ring and I pulled it out of my pocket to find the caller ID read: Lisa.


“Hey you,” she said excited, “I heard you had some fun with Jen last night?”

“Yeah… well, almost… we didn’t have sex. We danced for a while, and talked and then she had to head home for an emergency. I got her number though.”

“That’s good, you should call her. She’s a lot of fun, if you catch my drift.”

“Yeah, I do,” I laughed, “Holly already told me.”

“That’s something she would know,” Lisa joked, “Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to come over and hang out with me here tonight and have a few beers, Rob and Annie will be here.”

I knew Rob was going to want to talk to me about everything that had happened in the last few weeks. Last we talked was right before I told Lisa I was ready to submit to her at the party she had at her place. Since then, I’d even been with Holly.

There was almost a guarantee that he was going to want the details, to know whether or not I had enjoyed being dominated… and of course, I had!

“Sure, I’ll be there.”

“Great, be here around 7:30… sound good?”

“You got it,” I said.

We hung up as I got in my car to drive home and take another quick shower. She texted me while I was washing up and told me not to eat before I came over, they were ordering out for food. I got my stuff together, before heading out the door again and making my way over to Lisa’s apartment.

When I got there, I found Rob and Annie had already beat me there, and were seated at the kitchen table, sipping back a couple of beers. Rob stood up when I entered the apartment, walking over to give me a bear hug and a pat on the back.

“There he is,” he yelled, laughing as he patted my back. “How’s it going buddy?”

“Pretty good, I guess. Annie, how are you,” I said smiling at her.

“I’m better now that you’re here,” she winked at me. I blushed, recalling the night of the party when me, her and Rob all hooked up together.

I sat down next to Lisa after she handed me a beer from the fridge, and we started talking about dinner. We wound up ordering a pizza, and sitting around just bullshitting while we waited for it to get there.

When Lisa and Annie went to Lisa’s room so she could show Annie a new dress she had recently bought, Rob scooted closer to me and popped the question I knew he was probably going to ask at some point.

“So… how has it been,” he asked, emphasis on the “has” part of his question. I knew what he meant, and I laughed shaking my head.

“It’s been… good. I guess I’m one of those guys who enjoys it.”

“Yeah? That’s awesome dude,” he said smiling, “I told you it’s not so bad.”

“Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be the bitch all the time, but I’m willing to bend over for the right girl if she wants me to.”

We both started laughing, as Lisa and Annie came back into the kitchen.

“What’s so funny boys,” Lisa asked, with a grin.

“Oh nothing,” Rob said trying not to laugh. “Jay was just telling me how he likes his hole stuffed,” he said, losing his control and cracking up.

“Fuck you dude,” I yelled, laughing with him.

Annie sat down across from us, and leaned over the table, giving Rob a playful shove on the arm.

“That’s okay Jay,” she said. “Rob enjoys his hole stuffed from time to time too.”

“Oooh,” Lisa teased, giggling. She glanced over at me and smiled, and I smiled back at her. The food arrived, and we ate, continuing to joke around and drink beer for a few more hours.

Around 10:00 that night, I was starting to feel pretty drunk and Lisa suggested that I stay at her place for the night, not really wanting me to drive in my condition. She had given the same offer to Rob and Annie, since they were both intoxicated as well. I decided to accept.

Not that I had much of a choice, I knew there was no way in hell she would let me drive home drunk. We both settled down on the couch, and she turned on the TV while Rob stepped out onto the balcony and lit up a cigarette. Annie sat down on the recliner across from Lisa and me.

I couldn’t help but notice she seemed to keep staring at me from across the room. I just shrugged it off as Rob walked back into the apartment and sat down on the smaller couch next to the sliding glass door.

Eventually, I stood up to walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and noticed that Annie seemed to be checking me out as I walked past her.

I laughed silently, as I entered the kitchen. Opening the cabinet, I grabbed a cup and started to pour some water, when I heard footsteps from behind me. Turning around, I saw it was none other than Annie, standing right behind me with a big sexy grin on her face.

“Hey Jay,” she said, as though it were the first time she had seen me tonight.

“Hey Annie.”

She leaned against the counter, in a rather seductive manner.

“So, I was thinking about the fun that you, me and Rob had last time we were all together… did you have fun too Jay? I know I did.”

“I did have fun,” I answered, taking a sip of water.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she replied.

She pushed herself away from the counter, stepping towards me and grabbed me by the shirt, now pulling me towards her. I was shocked as she looked deep into my eyes, that sexy look on her face fueling a fire in my groin.

“I was hoping maybe… we could have some more fun together tonight. If you’re willing that is.”

“I don’t know, what about Rob?”

We both glanced back out to the living room to see he was still awake, but looked quite drunk and ready to pass out soon. Lisa sat across from him, hardly noticing what was happening in the kitchen.

“Let’s go ask. I’m sure he won’t mind though.”

She tugged at my arm, pulling me out of the kitchen and standing in front of Rob, still holding me by the arm. Rob and Lisa both looked up at us, and Annie cleared her throat.

“Rob,” she slurred. “I was thinking…I could maybe have some fun with Jay again, like last time. If you want to join in again, we could all have fun. Maybe even Lisa could be a part of it too this time.”

“I don’t know babe,” Rob said.

He really was drunk, you could hear it in his voice. Possibly a little worse off than Annie, and definitely much more gone then Lisa and I were.

“I’m not really in the mood,” he said, lying down across the couch. “You guys you go ahead though.”

“Are you sure baby? I don’t want to do it if you’re not okay with it.”

Annie pulled away from me now, and knelt down at his side. I could see that she really did want to know if he was going to be all right with this. She gave him a kiss on the lips, then stood and turned back towards me grabbing me by the arm again.

“It’s cool,” she said winking. “Let’s go have some fun… Lisa, you coming?”

Looking amused, Lisa pushed herself off of the couch, and followed us down the hallway towards the guest bedroom. When we entered the bedroom, Annie shoved me onto the bed and jumped on top of me, crushing her lips against mine.

Her tongue slithered into my mouth, and I wrapped my arms around her. It felt strange that my best friend was cool with me hooking up with his significant other. But I knew it was okay, so I went along. Lisa sat down in a chair in the corner of the room and simply watched as Annie and I got more and more aggressive with each other.

She pulled off her shirt and removed her bra as her magnificent breasts popped free. Annie leaned forward so they were right in my face. I took my time, licking and sucking her nipples while she let out a satisfied moan. She pulled away and started fumbling with my belt, sliding down with my pants until my cock was right in her face.

Now she innocently smiled up at me, before wrapping her lips around my shaft. I threw my head back, moaning as she started bobbing up and down, sucking and stroking. I ran a hand through her hair and leaned back on the bed, pushing myself deeper down her throat.

She kept that up for about two minutes, when she finally came back up for air and to kiss me. I could taste myself on her breath, and it turned me on even more.

I decided to take control, pushing her off of me, onto her back and started pulling off her pants and panties, tossing them to the floor.

Immediately after they were removed, my mouth went straight for her raging hard cock, swallowing her whole. Up and down my head bobbed, my tongue flicking the head of her shaft, my hands moving up to massage her breasts.

“So eager,” she whispered, moaning, “You’ve gotten better at this.”

I gave no reply, simply continued sucking her cock for a few minutes longer. Then she pulled me away from her, and shoved me face first onto the mattress again. I felt her move behind me, and she gave my ass a hard smack that echoed through the bedroom.

“I heard you’re no longer just a top, is that right?”

“It’s true,” Lisa chimed in, “You should try it… his ass feels so good!”

She slapped my ass again, and gave it a firm squeeze before leaning over me and kissing me on the back of my neck. I could feel her cock poking at my asshole, as she kissed down my neck and down my back.

“I think I will do just that,” she said. “Lisa, do you have any lube?”

“In the drawer.”

She reached over the side of the bed, opened the drawer, and pulled out a bottle of KY Jelly. She poured some of it all over her cock and started stroking it nice and slow. She stopped stroking and slid down to the foot of the bed, grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them apart.

She buried her face between them, her tongue darting out of her mouth and licking up and down my ass crack. I shivered as she eagerly ate out my ass, lubing me up with her saliva to start, then she grabbed the lube and poured some onto my ass crack, smearing it all over.

Annie climbed over me again, resuming her earlier position, kissing and biting my neck while probing my hole with her erection.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll love it,” she whispered in my ear.

Her hot breath against my neck sent chills up and down my spine and I found myself gripping the sheets, and she hadn’t even pushed into me yet.

I bit my lip as I felt the edge of her cock push into my tight hole, spreading me wide. She seemed to be teasing me. Inching herself into me, little by little, trying to fuel my excitement. About halfway into me, she stopped and then in one smooth thrust, she rammed her entire length all the way in and started thrusting in and out.

The bed shook underneath of us and I moaned, every time she slammed into me she hit exactly the right spot. My own dick stiffened underneath of me, leaking a bit of pre-cum onto the sheets.

Lying flat on my stomach, I was facing the corner of the room where Lisa had taken a seat to watch. I lifted my head slightly, and noticed that Lisa was still sitting in the chair, only at some point, she had discarded her pants and undergarments, and was now stroking her own cock.

I watched her hand glide up and down the shaft of her dick, pleasuring herself to the sight of Annie relentlessly pounding my ass.

She grabbed me by the hair, pulling my head back and yelled, “Tell me you love it!”

“I do,” I said, out of breath. “I fucking love it.”

“Such a little slut,” she said breathlessly, pushing my face back into the pillow and fucking me harder.

Eventually, she pulled out and dropped onto her back motioning for me to get on top of her. I did just that, climbing on top of her and lowering my ass down onto her stiff member. I eased my way down onto her, my ass swallowing every inch until once again she was all the way inside.

She grabbed my hips and pushed up into me until her ass was all the way up off of the bed. This allowed her to go really deep, going well past the sweet spot and I moaned louder then I had ever moaned in my life.

My eyes started watering as she began slamming up into me, bouncing me up and down on her cock, my own dick flopping around with every thrust she delivered.

“Holy fuck,” I shouted, “I’m going to cum.”

“Cum for me baby,” she said between breaths. “Cum for me now!”

As if on command, my body went into a fit of spasms, my cock twitched and I cried out in pleasure as semen began to spew from the tip of my member.

I came so hard, and I kept calling out, nearly squealing in pleasure the whole time… I suddenly felt very much like a girl, and I certainly was being much louder than most men were during orgasm.

As my orgasm began to fade, Annie pushed me off of her and sat down on my chest, stroking her cock right in front of my face. At that same moment, the bedroom door opened and Rob stumbled in, leaning against the wall.

“Having fun in here?” he asked, sounding amused.

“You missed the fireworks,” I heard Lisa say, jokingly.

“Not a bad sight,” he muttered. Annie continued jerking off vigorously in front of my face, until finally she gasped and cried out as she started shooting her load all over my face.

There was so much cum, and though I didn’t mind her coating my face, I really wanted it in my mouth too. I wrapped my lips around her before she finished, and she let out three or four more shots for me to taste and swallow.

When she finished, she slid off of my chest and smiled over at Lisa and Rob.

“You were right Lisa,” she said, sounding exhausted. “His ass is incredible.”

“I wonder if it would still have the same effect now that you’re done with him though,” Rob said joking with her, “How you feeling buddy?”

“Hah,” I laughed, laying my head back on the pillow, “I’m fucking spent.”

“I really stretched him out,” Annie said.

“Let’s see that asshole,” Lisa chimed in.

I laughed as the room was starting to spin with the effect of the alcohol wearing off. I turned over onto my stomach, and Annie spread my cheeks for them to see my hole, which I could tell was pretty much gaping right now.

“Wow,” Lisa laughed, “I think you may just be ready for Kendra now.”

“Oh, Kendra would still split him in half,” Rob said, “That is a nice view though.”

I didn’t quite expect to hear anything like that from Rob… I was pretty sure he didn’t like men unless they had tits too. I turned back over onto my back and Annie stood up, walking over and giving him a kiss on the lips.

“You know,” Rob said, “I wouldn’t mind having some fun too buddy… but only if your okay with it. Nothing you don’t want to do.”

Was he really suggesting that we hook up?

“Maybe another time,” he added, noticing my uncertainty. Annie took him by the hand and led him out of the bedroom, still naked, her dick swinging between her legs.

Lisa walked over and sat down on the bed next to me, leaning over at me and kissing me on the lips.

“You look beat.”

“I’m pretty tired,” I admitted.

“Get some rest then, okay? I’ll be in soon, we can sleep in the same bed together since you’re going to be staying over tonight.”

“I would like that,” I whispered. She stood up and walked out of the room, leaving me to myself.

I lay there in the silence for a few minutes staring up at the ceiling, before slowly drifting off into a deep coma like slumber.

I left early that Sunday morning… in fact, I think it was only about 9:00 or something. Annie and Rob were still asleep in the living room, but Lisa got up with me and walked me outside to my car.

We exchanged a hug and a kiss, and I promised I would call her before getting into the car and starting up the engine. She waved goodbye, and turned to walk back inside.

“Hey Lisa,” I called from the car window before pulling off. She turned around and looked back at me, waiting for me to speak.

“Did you enjoy the show,” I asked, referring to how I knew she had jacked off while watching Annie fuck the shit out of me.

“It was nice,” she laughed, “But I would have rather been the one fucking you, than the one sitting there watching. I don’t mind a bit of voyeurism from time to time though.”

With that said, she walked back into the apartment complex, and smiling to myself, I started driving home. On the way home, I thought about how intense my orgasm had been the night before while having sex with Annie.

Lisa and Holly had both gotten me off pretty good the few times I had been on the receiving end with them, but holy shit, I don’t think I’d had an orgasm that strong at all until last night.

I also wondered about what Rob had suggested, and whether or not he was being serious when he said it, probably just the booze. I shrugged it off, as I didn’t think I would really be up for that anyway.

I was okay with being with a t-girl, but an actual man… that really wasn’t my thing… then again, that’s how I felt before I became submissive with Lisa. Now look at me… so who knows whether or not I would enjoy something like that.

One thing was for sure, my ass was pretty sore at this point, and I was going to take the week off from hooking up with anyone else. Unless they were okay with me not being the one getting fucked for a few days, then that would be a different story. I needed time to let my anus recover from the assault I had taken from Annie.


Almost a week later on Thursday, I was driving home from the local grocery store, having just picked up a few small items. Once I got home, I was planning on just putting away those few items and sitting down to play a game or two on my Playstation for a little while.

I’d gotten off work early, and wanted to simply enjoy the remainder of my day.

I was about halfway home, when I turned a corner to find myself behind a car that was not moving despite the fact that the light was green. The car seemed to look familiar to me for some reason, though I wasn’t entirely sure where I had seen it before, or whom it belonged to for that matter.

A little irritated, I waited a few seconds, before sounding the horn to try and get who-ever this was moving. When there was no response, I sighed heavily, and leaned on the horn letting the person know I was not happy to be stuck behind them.

That’s when the driver side door opened, and out stepped the last person I expected to see here: Kendra.

She walked towards my car, and I leaned back in my seat, suddenly regretting honking my horn so angrily. I hoped to god she wouldn’t pull me out of the car and try to beat the hell out of me, or something like that. I rolled down the window, and she leaned in close smiling at me.

“Jay,” she said sweetly, “It’s nice to see you! Honestly, I was going to beat the fuck out of whoever was beeping their horn at me, until I realized it was you.”

“Oh,” I said, nervously, “Well uh… I guess I’m pretty happy to be me.”

“You should be honey,” she joked.

“What’s the problem,” I asked, motioning towards her car. She sighed, looking quite annoyed and shook her head.

“The fucking thing died on me,” she said straightening her back, “I’ve been stuck here for thirty minutes now. I tried to fix it, but I think its shot.”

“Have you called a tow truck?”

“I tried, but triple A said it will be a while… no worries though. I’ll be okay.”

I really wanted to get home, and being around Kendra made me uneasy even though she had not yet tried to make any sort of move on me, or suggestion that we hook up any time soon.

I just wanted to get home, and relax for a while.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said trying to ease my way out of the conversation, so I could carry on, “I hope everything works out.”

“Thanks Jay, it was good to see you.” She backed away from the car, and I rolled up the window getting ready to pull over and go around her vehicle.

She waved at me and smiled as I drove off, and I sighed, relieved that I had gotten myself out of there so easily. Then, about halfway down the block, I suddenly started to feel… yep… guilty. I felt bad for leaving her back there, it was hot outside.

She looked tired, she had been sweating her ass off… what kind of a jerk was I to just leave her behind like that? I contemplated what might happen if I turned around and went back for her… would she want to just get a ride back to her place? Or would it turn into her trying to seduce me again. I sighed, deciding that either way it was wrong of me to just leave her on her own in the heat with a stalled car.

I was thrilled to have Mistress Polly visit my class, especially since the topic was female reproductive system and sexuality. I had introduced her to the class as Polly – a visitor, observer, and friend. Believing that all was going well – that I was sharing my depth of knowledge on the subject with my class of four lovely females, I was surprised when my lecturing was suddenly interrupted.

“Molly,” my Mistress interjected – “your delivery is too fucking clinical! You are not feeling the subject at all!” I was startled by her language, and began to protest, but then she used the Voice on me. “Be Quiet!” She commanded. “Why use Powerpoint, and dull textbook images, when you have the real thing so handy? Remove your clothing! NOW!”

Almost of their own volition.. my hands flew to my blouse buttons, and started undoing them as my Mistress locked eyes with me – compelling me to obey, as I also kicked off my shoes. The students’ eyes widened as they saw it how quickly I complied. I heard gasps as I tossed my blouse away, revealing such a sexy bra, that I am certain my students never dreamed I would wear. There were murmurs as my hand went to my skirt zipper, and pulled it down, dropping my skirt, revealing the near wisp of nothing that covered my pussy. It certainly did not cover my mass of pubic hair – my bush protruded from both sides of it.

Amanda, the most remarkable of the four students, and the one that I had been secretly lusting after during this term, spoke to a classmate “Would you dare to call those panties?”

I paused in my underwear… scarcely believing what I just done. Mistress saw my hesitation , and grasped my hair at the back of my head and inquired “Did I tell you to stop?” Again, the Voice activated me.

My mouth dried to a cottony feel as I reached behind my back, unsnapped my bra, and let it tumble off my breasts. The classroom exploded in sotto voce conversations, the shocked student voices interacting. The noise intensified as they saw me grasp my panties, yank them down, and step free of them!

And as I realized I was completely naked, my face flushed red with embarassment. One of my arms threw itself across my chest, covering my areolae…. the other slapped over my cunt protectively.

Again my Mistress’ Voice rang out: “Uncover yourself at once. Do you want these young ladies to think the female body is something of which they should be ashamed?”

“No” I stammered in reply.

“No? Just no?”

“No, Mistress” I blurted out. As the class heard that word from my lips, they fell into stunned silence. Their eyes had gotten so big that as I glanced at them, I could imagine four owls had taken their place.

“Beauty stand, girl!” commanded my Mistress. Without thinking, I immediately straightened up and placed both hands at the back of my head, fully revealing my body to everyone in the room.

“Much better, my pet. You have a lovely body, and you should be proud to display it. Now, you were discussing female anatomy. Here we have two perfect examples of the female breast.” And saying this, she lifted my right tit in her hand as if presenting it to the class. My blush deepened, my breath quickened, as I felt her hand take possession of my breast. To add to my chagrin, my nipple immediately began to respond, starting its engorgement – stiffening under the close scrutiny of my students. “Now, my girl, explain about this portion of female anatomy, both with words and with physical action.”

Trying to regain my composure, I began explaining about the main structures of the breast – the nipple, the areola, the axillary tail, the internal alveoli and ducts, and the suspensory ligaments.

At this point, my Mistress spanked my naked ass with her open palm, saying “Not just words – I told you to add physical action.”

Ass smarting, face burning with shame, I went back over the explanation, this time grasping my nipple as I discussed it, tracing my fingers around my areola as I reached that part of the explanation, sweeping my hand over my breast tissue up into its axillary tail (leaving a trail of goosebumps behind my hand as I did so) to illustrate its location, and finally kneading my tender flesh as I described the internal structures.

“What do you think class?” my Mistress addressed them. “Was that a better explanation?”

Heads nodded very vigorously – their eyes still betraying disbelief at the way the situation was unfolding. “I think I should review with you”, my Mistress said with a twinkle in her eyes. “As I understand it, this structure is the nipple” – and saying this, she grasped mine very firmly in her fingers. “With arousal, it begins to engorge with blood” – saying this, she began rolling my nipple back and forth between her fingers. I tried, but failed, to hold back a moan as she did this.

“Besides being a source of erotic pleasure, due to its many sensitive nerve endings, the nipple also provides nourishment to offspring when they suckle it.” And then, to my amazement, she placed her lips to my nipple and began suckling. Even though she was doing this in public, I could not deny the pleasure that shot through my body at this moment. My moans became louder and my hands came up to gently cradling her face to my breast.

After a minute or two of stimulation, she removed her lips and began tracing my areola, which was all bumpy and crinkled due to my arousal. And she went on to repeat the rest of the lesson, kneading and squeezing my breast tissue very thoroughly as she did so. She even placed both hands to encircle the base of my tit, and squeezed and held the flesh firmly, allowing blood to enter my breast, but preventing it from leaving. This caused the entire breast to not only swell, but to begin to turn to a delicate shade of purple.

She explained to the class that sometimes the breasts were tied in this fashion during playful bondage to make them even more sensitive. Seeing how intently Amanda was staring at this demonstration, she called her forward to assist.

“Your name is Amanda?”

Amanda, a little awestruck, could only nod.

“All right Amanda – first run your fingertip lightly over the nipple on her other breast, the one I am not holding, and observe the reaction.”

Amanda did as she was told, obviously enjoying herself. With a big grin, she ran her fingertip back and forth over my normal nipple. I merely smiled, nervously.

“Now do the same to this highly engorged nipple.”

As Amanda ran her fingertip over this nipple, my body erupted in sensation, and I arched as I moaned loudly. “See the difference, class?” my Mistress inquired. All four heads nodded.

“Good – we can now proceed to the next part of the lesson – the genitals.” I felt my knees weaken. Surely my Mistress was not going to tear away the last shred of my dignity, I thought. On the other hand, I had never seen my students so focused on their learning.

“I think you should climb up on your desk, to give them a better view.” I looked at my Mistress with pleading eyes wanting to shake my head side to side, but not daring to. She merely extended a hand to me, assisting me on my awkward, naked scramble up onto my desk. I stood up there atop my desk, blinking, momentarily at a loss as to what to do.

Mistress, seeing this, placed her hands on her hips and said, “Show them your cunt, girl.” There were several sharp intakes of breath as the students heard the word ‘cunt’. Swallowing hard, I spread my thighs apart slightly, and reached between them to grasp my labia and open myself to view.

“No. I’m afraid that won’t work. You are up much too high. Sit down on the desktop, and spread your thighs wide apart.” Feeling very embarrassed, I obeyed, sitting down and then closing my eyes so I would not meet the eyes of my students as I placed each of my feet at a front desk corner, fully exposing my private area.

When I failed to do anything else, my Mistress commented, “Well slut – are you just going to sit there, or are you going to continue the lesson?”

I heard a whisper go through the class as they repeated the word ‘slut’ to each other in very quiet voices. Remembering my Mistress’ earlier command to add actions, I began touching various parts of my anatomy as I explained their name and function.

My hand slid over my mound and then down along my labia majora, gliding through the fuzzy curls there. Bracing myself with one hand behind me, I use the other to delicately part the labia majora, revealing the smooth, hairless inner lips. Of course by now these lips were glistening with my leaking juices. The earlier playing with my breasts had certainly turned on my waterworks.

I then parted the inner lips, spreading them as wide as possible, revealing not only the opening to my vagina, but also the tiny, sensitive urethral orifice just above it. And the pressure of my fingers spreading my labia apart even caused the hood which covers my clitoris to retract slightly, letting the head peek out.

I could swear I heard subtle ‘OOOs’ and ‘AHHs’ as I displayed my intimate region.

Mistress said, “It seems a little dark here, do you have a flashlight?”

“In my desk drawer Mistress,” I replied.

She retrieved it, turned it on, and focused it on my display. I felt like my pussy was now in a spotlight. She also had me tilt my hips back even farther so that the students could get a better look at my perineum, and even the pucker of my anus.

I thought perhaps the lesson was complete at this point, when my Mistress said, “Surely you are forgetting something.”

“What is that, Mistress?”

“Why – your cervix of course. They must see that.”

“But – but I have no speculum here.”

“That’s okay, I’m sure you can use your fingers.”

“My –” I paused – I swallowed – “my….. fingers?”

“Yes, my slut – one finger on each side and pull yourself wide open – do it.”

My face crimsoning, I slid each of my index fingers deep into my vaginal tunnel, and pulled sideways, trying to relax my muscles to let myself dilate, as my Mistress shone the light up into my cunt. The students gathered close staring up inside me.

“A little wider, my pet” my Mistress instructed. I pulled even more, and apparently succeeded in bringing my cervix into view.

“Awwwwww,” Amanda crowed – “how cute!” There were general murmurs of consent.

Relieved that my ordeal might be finally drawing to a close, I slipped my fingers back out of myself. But my breath caught when my Mistress said – “So that’s the anatomy – now, about the sexuality. Pet, you’ll have to lean back on your hands to keep giving them a good view, so I think I will have to do this part of the demonstration.”

With that, her hands began caressing me. She really enjoys running her fingers through the soft curls of my outer lips, so she spent a good deal of time doing that, explaining to the class the erotic pleasures that this can generate. And then she parted my outer lips again and began stroking along my moist inner lips, making my body shudder and tremble. She pointed out to the class how this stimulation draws even more blood to the area, making the labia swell, redden, and become extremely warm to the touch. Of course, she had each student touch me there, to confirm the temperature change.

My heart was thumping so hard and fast, I thought it might try to leap out of my chest. She then opened my inner lips, revealing my vestibule once again. Moistening her fingers in my copious fluids, she began carefully rubbing the tiny knob surrounding my urethral orifice, explaining how sensitive this area is to touch. Indeed, my pelvis started shaking as she rubbed me there. I was glad that my bladder was relatively empty, because such stimulation otherwise might have made me pee all over myself.

Continuing, she took more vaginal fluid and rubbed it across my perineum, demonstrating the sensitivity of this area. When her fingertip made contact with my anal ring, the muscles there reacted by involuntary cycles of clenching and unclenching – something that made all the students giggle. This made her realize something.

Turning to the class, she said, “I don’t want you to think that all of the eroticism of our bodies is concentrated in our tits and cunts. You there – what is your name?”

“Susan, Miss.” she answered.

“Good – Susan I want you to try sucking on Molly’s big toe. You can also try licking between her toes.” Susan looked a little shocked, but she raised my foot to her face, sniffed carefully (I am so glad my feet were clean) and then began sucking. Within moments, the sensations she was producing raced up my leg, and targeted my groin.

Closing my eyes, letting my head fall back, I opened my mouth with a loud moan towards the ceiling. I was not pretending – this really got to me.

“See?” my Mistress asked. “Almost any part of your body can be highly erogenous, if approached the right way. Of course, the labia, the vestibule – this general area is awash with sensory neurons, all begging to be touched. I will demonstrate.”

With that, she began stroking up and down my inner labia. Still full of shame to be on display before my students in this manner, I clamped my lips shut tightly. My Mistress, noticing this, reminded me: “You are the teacher here – it is your duty to let your students know what feels good as I demonstrate. Therefore, you had better articulate your pleasure, the louder the better.”

I don’t know if my face could have gotten any brighter red than it already was, but I think it tried. As her stroking continued, soft moans began to escape my lips. My Mistress went on to say, “I think students learn better when there is a kinesthetic aspect to the teaching. You other two girls – what are your names?

“Linda, Miss.”

“Judy, Miss.”

“Very well. Linda, you come to this side, and Judy, you go to that side. Now I want you two girls to take hold of both her inner and outer labia, and pull them to the side – out of my way.” Giggling nervously, the two slender hands reached between my thighs, and I felt their cold fingertips, which seemed to be gently shaking, grasp my tender flesh. I could not stop myself – I had to look down and watch as my students pulled me open in this manner. Once again, the cooler air of the classroom entered my vestibule.

But the coolness did not last long, because my Mistress now inserted one finger into my vagina. She described for the students the temperature, the wetness, and the textures of my vaginal passage as her finger cruised deeper and deeper. By turning her wrist, she made it clear exactly where her fingertip was at each description.

When she swiveled her wrist to make her finger press against the front wall of my tunnel, she described how the tissue felt softer and squishier here – my G spot. As she pressed and rubbed, to my great embarrassment, my pussy rewarded each press with a gentle spurt of fluid. Mistress asked if anyone wished to taste this fluid.

Judy and Linda both immediately shook their heads, but Amanda said “I do.”

Mistress smiled at her. “Go ahead, my dear, help yourself.”

And Amanda glided her finger through my fluid and then popped it into her mouth, sucking vigorously, her lips curling into a smile around her finger. All during this, my moans were increasing in frequency and volume.

“Hmmm, it looks as if my pet is getting close,” my Mistress stated as she slipped a second finger into my cunt, fucking me faster and harder now. “Perhaps it is time for you to demonstrate what orgasm looks like. Do you want to cum, my little slut?”

I moaned, “Yes Mistress – oh yes!”

“Beg for it, you nasty little slut!”

My need was now so great that at this moment I was beyond shame. I cried out loud, “Please Mistress! Please let me cum! Your cunt girl is begging you!”

At this open display of my submission, my Mistress smiled and said, “Amanda, stroke her clit.” As Amanda began to do so, my Mistress commanded me, “Now give us all a good cum, my little slut!”

And I did.

I arched my back, shook like a leaf, and released a gush of fluid from my cunt that spread over the surface of my desk, some dripping onto the floor. As I began my release, my Mistress pulled her fingers out of my cunt, to give all the students a good look at it, as it spewed.

I was still quivering with aftershocks when she commanded me to lick up my mess. Dazed, I obeyed, lapping up the fluids from my desk surface, and even the floor.

“I feel that every good teaching lesson requires a recap of what has been learned – I’m sure you all agree,” opined my Mistress. I quickly glanced around the room to see four smiling faces nodding their agreement. “Who wishes to volunteer for this assignment?” Amanda was very quick to raise her hand. “I thought it might be you,” chuckled my Mistress. “Very well – begin.”

To my astonishment, Amanda then shimmied out of her skirt. She went on to remove her panties as well, and proceeded to walk, bottomless, to the farthest point of the room. I could not help but admire the movements of her lush, naked buttocks as she walked away from us.

Turning, she faced me and said, “Get down on your hands and knees.”

Internally, I rebelled, standing firm with my fists clenched – after all, she was my student.

And then she used the Voice, as she had witnessed my Mistress use it. “I said – get down on your hands and knees, you worthless slut!” The tone struck me to my core, and my knees buckled, and I found myself down on all fours, looking across the room at her. She smiled, and said, “You are learning, pet. Now crawl slowly to me.”

As I started to shuffle forward, she cried out using the Voice, “No! No! I want your tits to scrape the floor as you crawl!” Blushing, I put my hands farther in front of me, lowering my shoulders, until I felt my breasts make contact with the floor.

Again I started to move forward. Again she interrupted me. “Shouldn’t you still be teaching us? After all, we are paying you to learn.”

Like some automaton, I began babbling about female hormonal cycles, the next topic. As I look back on this moment, it seems so surreal – me crawling naked through my classroom toward a half dressed student, scraping my tits on the floor, lecturing about hormones.

After an eternity, I reached her feet.

“Look up here now, you silly girl.”

As my face swiveled up, Amanda parted her thighs and ran her fingers delicately over her sex, stating, “These are my labia.” She parted her labia, and holding herself open, slowly peeled back her clitoral hood and said, “This is my clitoris. Stick out your tongue, I will use that as my pointer.”

Sinking once again into my submissive state, I did as I was told. Amanda then grasped the hair at the back of my head, and pulled my tongue to her clit, moving my head up and down and side to side to make my tongue flick against it.

Tilting her pelvis backwards, keeping herself spread wide, she then lowered my head slightly to make my tongue tap at her urethra. “This is my urethra, where my piss emerges.” And, to my surprise and horror, she began peeing onto my tongue and into my open mouth!

Seeing this, my Mistress laughed and applauded. The other three class members stood in shocked silence. Her piss had filled my mouth, it was beginning to spill over my chin. “Swallow, you slut! Don’t waste it!” My throat began to work reflexively, clearing my mouth. When the last drops finally emerged from her tiny opening, she lowered my face a bit further, and said, “And this is my vagina – stick your tongue out further.”

Beginning to moan with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement, I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go. She pulled my head hard against her crotch, plunging my tongue deep inside her. “Now slut, work that tongue and those lips – eat my cunt. I want to feel the tip of your tongue lapping against my cervix – we all know where that is now.”

Chapter 7 — Samantha gets hers

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

I have not seen Samantha since we were at Claudette’s but she has phoned me. It seems as if Claudette was leaving her out of her plan for revenge.

Boy, I was wrong.

Samantha is walking home from the subway. It is about 9 pm and she’s feeling very good. She has won a case and been given a very nice raise. She also has plans to see me later in the week. As she starts to walk up the steps to the brownstone she lives in, two men approach her asking for directions.

As Samantha starts to talk, a third man comes up behind her. Grabbing her, the man stabs her in the neck with a syringe. She slumps down.

When she is awakened, she is on a dirty mattress in a room with blacked out windows. Samantha is naked and cold.

A tall black man walks into the room. He has an iPad with him. Without saying a word, he presses on the iPad and Samantha sees Claudette’s face. “Betrayal is something I will not tolerate. Enjoy your evening. You will wake up in your own bed after a very long night.” Claudette smiles sweetly and then disappears.

The black man strips in front of her and Samantha lets out a gasp as she sees the biggest cock she has ever seen it is about 13 inches long and thick. The man grins at her and then opens the door.

Ten men step in, all naked, all black. Samantha groans. It is going to be a very long night.

The men all take turns with Samantha using every part of her body. The first man, with the big dicks fucks her three times more in her pussy, her ass and her mouth. He chokes her into unconsciousness with his big dick. He opens her pussy again even after all the other men have deposited their semen inside her she feels him.

When he takes her ass, she passes out again from the pain. Once more, he uses her ass. Samantha is weak. She has cum repeatedly and has to admit that she has enjoyed herself.

The first man takes her into the center of the room and all the other men stand around her. They all piss on her. “You are one dirty white bitch.” Says the first man who until now hasn’t spoken a word.

From the open door another man, a white man comes into the room dragging a hose with him. All the men step away as this man turns on the hose. A blast of water knocks Samantha backward as she is cleaned.

The first man goes behind her and again stabs her with a needle he has hidden under the pillow she was lying on.

She passes out. The men all leave the room as the big black man puts on his clothes, wraps Samantha in a blanket and carries her to the van where they place her inside.

Samantha wakes up the next afternoon in her own bed. She is sore. Reaching down to feel her pussy she finds fresh sperm, someone fucked her while she was unconscious.

She lies in bed for a while, tears falling from her face. I phone her about our date and she tells me she can’t make it. Something in her voice makes me know that something is wrong.

“Sam, what happened?”

She falls apart on the phone, crying and talking incoherently. “Sam, I’ll be right over.”

I have keys to Sam’s apartment and let myself in. She is still lying in bed, weeping. Gathering her in my arms, I hold her. She cries for quite some time. Finally she stops, her chest still moving up and down as she tries to calm. After an hour, she starts to speak…

I am horrified. How could Claudette do this? What did she do to Morgan? Finally my thought shifts to, what does she have planned for me?”

It is now more imperative than ever for me to meet with Monica and Ashley to find a way to get through to Claudette and stop her before this all gets out of hand.

I lay Samantha back down in the bed and run her a bath. I also fix her some food and feed her. Lifting her out of bed I take her into the bathroom set her down on the commode and undress her. She has bruises on her body and bite marks from where the men nipped her neck and breasts.

She starts to tremble and I can see the tears beginning again. Bending down I kiss her hands. She speaks but it is more to herself than to me, “Mitch, the fact is I enjoyed it. I enjoyed these men taking me. I enjoyed them raping my ass and my mouth. There was one with the biggest dick. After everyone else had fucked me, he fucked me and his dick felt like an iron bar inside me.”

She looked into my eyes and then lowered her eyes to stare at her fingers, “I loved that dick, especially when he took my ass. I passed out, but when I came too I could feel it almost splitting me in half and he plowed on as if he owned me. My body was like a puppet and his dick was the puppeteer. I believe it was he that fucked me when I was unconscious. I’m sore.”

Picking her up, I placed her into the hot tub. She winced as her sore pussy hit the water. She rested her head on the back of the tub. Her hair getting wet. I had forgotten to put it up so I stood and went into her bedroom where I found a hair tie.

When I returned tears were slowly rolling down her eyes, “the only part which really hurt me was when they all pissed on me, I felt like a cheap whore. Claudette got what she wanted. She always does.” Her eyes widen and she looks at me, “Mitch, please be careful because your next. She already has gotten her revenge on Morgan. I heard through the grapevine that she went to his office and his assistant was in on the act. She will do whatever to hurt you.”

“Stay away from her Sam. I’ll deal with Claudette.” I say and really mean it.

Samantha shakes her head, “I can’t. When she calls, I have to come. She knows that. I owe her for all that I am. She is angry with me, but she will get over it. It’s you, I bet she has feelings for you and that makes her double dangerous. You made her submit. She does not do that. She’s real dangerous.”

I nod. I plan to be on my guard with Claudette. I do not want this to turn into a war.

I spend the rest of the day and most of the night with Samantha. I take care of her. I manage to get her to laugh at a movie and I know she is going to be all right. I make her promise to go to the doctor and get checked out.

I am sure that Claudette wouldn’t want her to be infected with anything. She doesn’t hate Samantha just wanted to get even, but I will ask her.

I go home that night with my thoughts on Claudette and the revenge she has planned for me. I am going to do everything possible to change her mind.

Claudette has the DVD of Samantha’s rape and watches it with James. “The little slut enjoyed the entire thing. What a whore! I should pimp her out. Look at how she’s licking that dick; it’s as if she’s worshiping it. Look at her face. She’s in heaven.”

James isn’t looking at the DVD, he is looking at Claudette and the joy she is having from watching it. Sliding off the couch where he is sitting he begins kissing her feet. Claudette opens her legs and he slides between them. She has on panties today and he presses his nose to them sniffing her scent.

“Get on with it. This is making me hot! Look at the bitch moving her ass on that big dick as the other one fucks her pussy. Her face is in heaven.”

Sliding down Claudette’s panties, James hungrily begins to munch and eat her snatch. He is in heaven here. This is where he always wants to be between Claudette’s thighs.

She holds his head and chuckles, “You really are very hungry dear James. Go at it and then again. You will stay here until I’m satisfied which might be a while because seeing Samantha like this is making my juices flow.”

James munched on Claudette’s pussy as he thought about the revenge she was starting to plan for Mitch. ‘This should get rid of him.’ James thought as he licked and sucked her pussy. He had been on contract with Monica and they had decided that it was in their best interest to get Mitch out of Claudette’s life as swiftly as possible Monica had a plan and just told him it involved Ashley.

Monica Casey was getting a massage from a strapping 6’3 masseuse whose penis was almost as long as he was. As he massaged her back, Monica messaged his dick while Desiree ate his ass. The young man had really only come up to do his job, but when he saw Monica Casey his dick got hard.

Monica saw it tenting up and she knew it was a monster. She just had to see it. With very little persuasion the young man whose name was, Alex unleashed the monster. Monica yelled for Desiree whose eyes grew wide at the sight. They decided to have some fun.

Not all of the young man would fit into Monica’s pussy, but Desiree took it all down to the base. Alex took in a deep breath as Desiree took him inch by inch. It was the first time a woman had taken all of him. She had fucked him to exhaustion while the beautiful Monica case watched.

Monica had opened her beautiful shaved pussy and Alex dived in to eat her out. He was not great, but his eagerness overcame his lack of skill and soon Monica was cumming as was Alex. For Desiree it felt as if a river had overflowed into her pussy. He came so hard as if it had been stored up for years.

Desiree had chuckled at the thought; it probably had since he hadn’t been able to put it all the way into anyone.

They were all lying on the bed in the spare bedroom. Desiree sent Alex to shower while she opened her legs. Monica licked her lips as Desiree motioned for her to come closer. When Alex returned, Monica was eagerly eating his cum from Desiree’s pussy.

Alex’s dick started to rise again, but Monica was through. She lifted her head up from her pussy meal to hand him an envelope. Alex grinned as he saw the huge tip, “If you need me, call anytime.” He said as he went out the door.

It wasn’t often that Monica ate her out so Desiree was enjoying every bit. When she finally came, she felt it from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head.

Lying back on the bed exhausted she took Monica into her arms. “I think it’s time we talk about your little problem with Ashley, Claudette and James.” Desiree said kissing Monica’s forehead.

Monica pouted, “Do we have to?” She nipped Desiree’s nipple.

“Ouch, and yes we have to. If Claudette finds out that you’re helping her daughter become this guy’s submissive there will be hell to pay. From what I’ve seen I think your sister has feelings for this guy.” Desiree said as she kissed Monica on the lips.

Monica deepened the kiss, “its James we really should watch out for. He has his own agenda. Remember what he did to the last guy Claudette was interested in?”

Desiree shuddered, “I don’t want to think about that. Poor guy still hasn’t recovered from the beat down. He won’t even come into the state of New York he’s so afraid of what James would do to him.”

“We have to work this all out. In the meantime, baby, I want your cock in my pussy. Get it out of the closet.” Monica said.

Desiree smiled, got up and got Monica’s favorite 8-inch strap-on.

I have a lunch meeting with Monica Casey and Ashley. I can’t wait until they come into the office. I can’t wait to see the look on my boss face. Robert is going to have a coronary and then David. He and I haven’t had a guy’s night out. I would have to make up for that. He’ll need one after he sees Monica, but it is Marvin’s face that I cannot wait to see. He has a ‘thing’ about Monica Casey. He has her photo on his desk and says that she is going to be his first wife. I have kept my mouth shut and said nothing.

The receptionist can hardly speak as she tells me that the Monica Casey is on her way to my office. I chuckle and open my door. I stand just outside so I can see the reactions.

It is priceless. She is with not only Ashley but also a strikingly beautiful statuesque Latina. Every woman in the office is holding her breath, while the men are crossing their legs to hide their growing erections. David glares at me and mouths, “Why didn’t you tell me she was coming.”

I look smug and just grin and mouths back, “Because I wanted to see your expression. Look here comes Marvin. He hasn’t seen her yet.”

Marvin looks up from the papers he is reading on his way to bring me the report he’s been working on all day. He sees her and stops dead in his tracks.

Monica sees me and waves. Marvin looks from her to me. He is speechless, a first. He just stares, but I can see the tent in his pants.

I decide to meet my guest half way and go up to Monica. She kisses my cheeks and I redden. “Marvin over there is your biggest fan.” I whisper so that only she can hear. “He has your picture on his desk and says you are going to be his first wife.”

Monica whispers back, “Can I have a little fun?”

“Just a little, don’t get the boy fired or worse yet, cum in his pants in front of everyone.” I admonish.

Monica smiles sweetly, “Just leave it to me.” She walks over to Marvin. She is wearing a dress, a very low cut short red dress with white Christian Louboutin heels and she’s carrying a white clutch. I gather her coat is in reception.

“Hello, my husband to be. Is this going to be an arranged marriage or do we get to know each other a little before you take me to our marital bed?” She says in his ear.

Marvin’s ears turn red. He stammers, “It’s nice to meet you Miss Casey.”

“Hand me your phone.” She says softly. He reaches into his pocket and hands her his iPhone. She winks at me and crooks her finger to the Latina who rushes over. Monica stands in front of Marvin and I realize exactly what she is doing…She is grinding her ass on his very erect cock. Marvin is trying very hard to concentrate on something, anything.

The Latina who Ashley tells me is Monica’s assistant named Desiree takes her time taking the photo. “Shall we take another just in case?” She says and winks at Monica.

Monica takes Marvin’s face in hers and plants a big kiss with tongue on him. Everyone including our boss, Robert is staring. The kiss seems like it is going on forever even after Desiree has taken the photo.

“Thank you my future husband.” Monica says and she walks back over to me. Desiree hands him back his phone.

I can see the wet stain on Marvin’s trousers. He’s cum. Looking down his ears turn pink again and he moves the folder down in front of him covering the stain until he can get back to his office.

Just before he turns to go, Monica says to him, “I heard you have a picture of me on your desk. Desiree will tell you where to email the photos of us and I will sign them for you.” He nods too stunned to speak. The four of us go into my office and without looking back, I close the door.

Sitting down at my desk, I allow myself a laugh as Monica, Desiree and Ashley join in and soon we are all laughing so loud that tears are rolling down our faces.

Finally, we stop and the silence is a bit awkward. It is Ashley who breaks it. “Over lunch we really need to talk about how we are going to stop my mother from her revenge. I heard what she did to Samantha and that was so messed up.”

Monica nods and looks sympathetic. “Yes, my sister doesn’t like to be upped. I heard what you did to her. Bravo!” Monica says applauding. “Every once in a while Claudette needs to know that she’s not all that.”

“Monica, I love your sister.” I say softly. “She’s angry with me, but she really shouldn’t be. I want to take her out to dinner, the theater, anything and really get to know her, but she refuses to talk to me. She refuses to see me. It’s making me crazy. I think about her all the time.”

Ashley looks at Monica who looks at Desiree. Monica smiles sweetly, “You’ve got it bad. You are not the first who has fallen for her, but you are different Mitch. I think she likes you too. Let’s see how we can get you two love birds together without world war 3 happening.”

Ashley looks down at the floor, but says nothing. Inside her heart is breaking. She wants Mitch so bad that just the sight of him has her moist. Surreptitiously, Monica squeezes her hand.

“Shall we do lunch ladies?” I ask rising.

“Absolutely.” Says Desiree who also stands. ‘I’m famished.”

I offer my arm and am slightly surprised when Ashley takes it. Monica shakes her head and Ashley releases me. Monica takes her place. “Let’s see how your office takes this?” She says, but she looks at Ashley who nods slightly.

I am confused, what does Ashley have to do with all of this. Desiree who asks me where we are having lunch distracts me.

“The Palm.” I say and open the door.

All eyes are on us as we exit my office with Monica Casey holding onto me. Marvin who has changed his pants is staring. Monica blows him a kiss. I can see the tent rising in his pants again.

My boss, Robert comes up to us and introduces himself. Monica releases me to shake his hand and tells him sweetly, “I want Mitchell to handle my accounts and I will make an appointment with him to discuss what’s best.”

Robert beams at me. First Claudette, now Monica Casey, he’s in heaven.

All eyes watch us as we get on the elevator. I am sure the gossip will be flowing as soon as we leave.

At the Palm, again all eyes are on Monica. We are seated quickly and the waiter fawns over her as we quickly order. Ashley is sitting next to me. I can feel the heat coming from her. I can see her with her eyes lowered not looking at me.

“Ashley, are you all right?” I say.

Still not looking at me she says, “Yes Sir, I’m fine.”

Monica interrupts, “We are here to talk about Claudette and what we can do to help you be with her and talk her out of all this revenge nonsense.”

“Do you have any ideas?” I ask, “Because I’m stumped.”

Monica grins, “I have the perfect idea!”

Claudette has received a dossier about my life. She knows everything about me and is still trying to figure out how to get back at me. She thinks back to that night. Claudette finds herself getting moist and her fingers find her sex. She thinks about being over my knee. She thinks about my hand slapping her butt. She thinks about my dick in her pussy and she cums.

“Damn, Damn, Damn, what the hell are you doing to me Mitch? God I want you to fuck me.” Then she smiles, she knows how to get her revenge…

Our lunch is successful and I agree with Monica’s idea. I can’t wait to see Claudette and this plan is fool proof.

Samantha answer’s her cell phone immediately. It is Claudette and after what she has been through, she knows where her loyalty lies. “Mistress, thank you for forgiving me.”

“I see that your punishment has taught you who you need to respect.” Claudette says her voice commanding.

“Yes mistress. I’ve learned my lesson.” Samantha feels her pussy getting wet at the thought of what happened with all those men.

“Good my sweet pet. Remember you owe me and you belong only to me. I have already called Morgan and we will meet in his office. I have a plan that I want to implement and I will need both of you to work with me. Do I have your cooperation Samantha?” Claudette says already knowing the answer.

“Yes Mistress, but…” Samantha stops talking.

“But what?” Claudette snaps back.

Samantha sighs but her voice is forceful when she says, “I don’t want Mitch hurt badly. I don’t want him to lose his job or be in too much pain. Please Mistress; he’s a really good guy…” Samantha stops again.

“I’m really getting pissed off. Spit it out Sam.” Claudette orders.

Samantha squeezes her eyes together and says in a rush, “I think he’s in love with you.”

The words hit Claudette like a sledgehammer and she stops breathing, “What did you say?”

“Mitch is in love with you. It’s his first time being in love and it’s with you. He wants you like he’s never wanted anyone. I have known him quite a while and I have never seen him like this. So please Mistress, don’t punish him too badly. He was just being Mitch.” Samantha says into the phone.

Claudette takes a breath, “He has a funny way of showing his love, but no matter. I will deal with Mitchell my way. So I will see you in Morgan’s office in two days. We will discuss what I plan to do with Mr. Mitchell Murphy.


I woke up.

Even after having taken over the House of Lesslie weeks ago, each morning was still the same, and came with the same feeling of disorientation, in need of a few moments to adjust to the realities around me, as new as they were.

The bedroom around me was still darkened by heavy, burgundy curtains that allowed only a sliver of the early morning’s light into these old halls, waiting for the mansion’s thick walls to be woken up by it, a caress much softer than what I would have preferred.

Still, I woke up.

Stretching myself around the latex sheeting that had replaced mother’s choice for beddings, which had been mostly satin and silk. She had always been such a traditionalist about certain things, I thought to myself in that moment, letting the warmth of the red rubber wash over me, showering my own naked body with its slick wetness. It moved around me like waves of blood, birthing me to the new day.

I preferred things that were industrial in their nature, as far removed from the natural order of things as possible. It was a preference gathered in my years of travel, and said preference was now slowly seeping into my immediate surroundings, little by little, day by day, transforming my family’s home into my own and forcing the very fabric of the mansion to bow down to my force, bend to my will.

True dominance takes time and effort, and submission – whether it was by people or environments – would always and forever be a work in progress, never quite finished but always somewhat imperfect, thus waiting to be pushed beyond their natural boundaries.

The master bedroom was the first thing I had taken control of. While manners and methods of conducting your daily affairs in the mansion were of utmost importance in establishing your dominance over servants as well as over clients and business contacts, it was here in the bedroom that true decadence had to be asserted, where deviousness was born like a perpetually wet flower that took root in the very heart of the mansion itself, and then spread through the floors, grew on its walls and pushed its thorns of pain into the bodies of those living here.

It had taken me ten years to transform myself, but the time that it had taken for the first changes to take place in the Lesslie mansion had only been weeks. Perhaps not the busiest weeks of my life so far, but most certainly the most challenging.

The master bed had been reworked with great care by some of London’s best industrial artists, and where once had been a wooden 17th century monstrosity of pillows, satin sheets and silk cushions was now a complex construct of hardened iron that had been drilled into the marble floor, penetrating mother’s memory with cruel intentions and full intent to overpower her workings.

It was not that I didn’t cherish those memories that had been forged here, in the decades she had ruled the House of Lesslie with her smooth touch and unforgiving cruelty.

I did cherish them, far too much, and in these moments, in the drift between sleep and waking, I feared I would drown in them and not return, if I let them come too close to my conscious mind.

After all, this was the room that birthed me.

Both as a boy named Sebastian, and then later again as what I would become, the shemale I had chosen to be, no longer held back by the confines of my natural body, no longer caged by how others saw me.

I allowed myself to fall into that feeling.

I allowed myself to slip back into sleep.

There was still so much to do, so many things to prepare.


“Do you like your position here, darling?

I made it sound casual, not too much like an order while I placed my cigar between the teeth of the sculpted ashtray mouth on mother’s desk, imagining it to feel the burn dripping down into a slave’s throat, its sparks hissing as they went down.

I had drunk most of Caroline’s cunt wine, with only a thin coating of it sloshing against the insides of my wine glass. It taste lingered in my mouth, its warmth filling my belly.

“I have no right – “

Caroline stopped herself, fearing to offend me.

“I am not my mother, Caroline.”

“No, Mistress.”

“Do you love me, Caroline?”

The gorgeous Irish girl trembled a little. It was not often that a slave, be it whore or maid, was asked this question. Most of them, they entered service willingly, and loved their shame and humiliation, never expecting, never daring to dream to be treated in any other way than filth.

“I love you, Mistress,” came the whispered reply.

“Did you love my mother?”

Caroline hesitated.

It was clear mother had not ever shown her this kind of intimacy, such care for her thoughts or emotions. I could see the Irish girl’s thoughts racing, wondering what would be the proper etiquette, what might be the answer that would please her new goddess.

“I loved serving her needs, Mistress,” she finally said.

“You are one of the mansion’s piss whores, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“How many of you do I own?”

“Your mother bought me at an auction, Mistress, together with five others.”

“A collector’s item, then, are you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Is it what you desired to be, darling?”

“I desired to find my place, Mistress.”

“Don’t we all, darling?” I thought about it for a moment, on this first day of my new duties, all of which would come crashing down on me soon enough and would not leave time for any kind of conversation, not until I had established myself in the ranks of those who had worshipped mother. I repeated, slightly more quiet and more to myself, “don’t we all?”

There was a beautiful innocence in that girl in front of me.

Don’t get me wrong, my darlings. Slaves are a dime a dozen, and those who entered the services of my family had often many reasons other than subservience to do so. If you wanted to disappear, from debt, from a scorned lover, from the world, the House of Lesslie was more than happy to provide you with that opportunity.

At a price, of course.

If you gave yourself to us, you would be cared for, would be given an opportunity of a life time, but for that, you would also have to be enslaved for a minimum contract of five years. There would be no questions asked, only orders given.

And so, this may have been the first time dear Caroline had been asked anything since she had entered the household. She reminded me of those I had lifted up in the years that now were behind me.

“Present yourself to me,” I said.

Without objection, without shame, Caroline began to let her body flow out of the maid’s uniform, a ghostly white form of perfection given flesh, curved and strong and shuddering a little as the air touched and caressed it.

I took in that image, with an eye sharpened through experience, looking for the soul underneath the skin, trying to find any blemishes, and imperfection, for this would be my raw material, the canvas I’d use to build her, to make her a piece of art.

I walked over to Caroline, felt her skin underneath my fingertips, the smallest, simplest touches. She inhaled sharply, her mouth slightly opened, the inhale quickly becoming a hiss, then a low, guttural moan.

She could be useful, I thought to myself. I blew smoke on her hardened nipples, warming them to my touch that followed, slow and gentle, watching her whitened cunt lips becoming engorged by it, that simple display to her mistress, her piss slowly drying on the inside of her thighs as it was replaced by thicker, creamier juice that started to pour from inside her, enough of it to have my fingers scoop it up.

I brought it to my mouth and tasted it. It was flavored with salt, syrupy and mingled well with my saliva. Yes, she definitely could be useful.

“And what is the place you wish to be, darling?” I whispered into her ear as streams of smoke escaped my body and washed over our faces, a fog of lust that engulfed my little darling whore’s eyes and mouth.

“Any place my mistress wishes me to be,” Caroline replied.

I cupped her breasts from behind, my gloved fingers lifting them up, weighing them, as if my hands were a scale. It caused another small whimper that came out of the Irish girl’s mouth, and despite her rigid posture, her training so far, she couldn’t resist arching her head back and closing her eyes, just a little, her waterfall of hair falling into my face.

Without warning, I took one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and twisted it around. The guttural moan rose to a high pitched scream that started in her chest, lungs of air and lust, expelled through the pain.

I laughed quietly.

She still tried to maintain her posture, even as my other hand reached down from behind, found her ass and parted those cheeks, not once relenting, not once stopping to turn and twist that nipple, adding to her pain.

Sweat began to pour out of her, and with it, a smell of desire and deviance, running down her naked body and gathering in those holes and crevices that were my property.

I slid my fingers into her, slickening the rubber with her flowing cunt juices that quickly became white and frothy around the latexed black. Tears followed the sweat, single, quiet little rivers of pain that streamed down her cheek as her nipple remained locked in that cage of pain, sending signals through all of her nerves and telling her to move, to get away from me, to run, to escape.

And she didn’t flinch.

She didn’t speak.

What wonderful raw material to work from, I thought.

I could have chosen anyone, I knew. It was the randomness of this choice that surged through my own body, the knowledge of such power, to lift somebody up from their destined station in life or to drop them into the darkest depths of despair.

Between my fingers, Caroline’s filthy, sweaty shithole opened up, allowing me to enter her through her ring of flesh that otherwise would be a barrier, never meant to be broken or defiled, but now a willing ring of muscles and nerves.

There was barely any resistance as she opened up, opening her gates to her back and allowing me to discover her insides, a wet and delightful mess that had been stored there, full of rich, earthy flavor and wonderfully soft. My fingers buried themselves into her guts to dig it up, to feel it swirl around, to scoop it up.

Caroline moaned. Those yelps of pain, replaced by a deep, humming rhythm of gasps as she understood and found her own pleasure from it.

“Show me,” I whispered to her as I added a second, a third digit into the depth of her guts, playing with the soft shit that met them, tried to drown them, wet and moist and ready to come out and play.

I withdrew from her, little soft specks of shit clinging to my latex fingers that were brown, chocolate smears of perfect quality.

I walked around her, leaving her gasping shithole open from my touches, from that wicked invasion that would be merely the first of many to follow. I wanted her to see this. To understand. And worship it.

Standing in front of her gasping, ghostly body, I presented Caroline with what I had found inside her, three fingers of soft, smelly shit.

“Please, Mistress,” she whispered, ah, yes. Fear, for the first time.

“There is nothing here to be afraid of,” I said in a calm voice, soothing her angst, “because there is nothing here that doesn’t deserve worship, Caroline. Do you understand?”

“Mistress, I don’t,” she whimpered.

“Let me show you, darling,” I said.

I took a single, deep drag from my cigar and kept it, caged it deep inside my own body, before presenting the shit-covered fingers to myself, sliding them between my lips and letting my tongue meet up with what Caroline had gifted me.

It was soft, brown and tasted salty, with just a little hint of nuts as it burned itself into my taste buds, enticing and exciting me in anticipation.

“Mmmh,” I whispered, releasing the smoke from within myself as my mouth swallowed up the brown smear, my fingers spreading it on my lips, mingling the taste with that of my lipstick.

Caroline’s eyes were bulging. She had known, of course, that there were toilet whores in the mansion, trained, willing and lusting after those tastes, but to find her mistress to accept and willingly devour the waste of one of her lowest slaves – a slave whose name she had not even known hours earlier- made her already raw nerves send out a powerful signal of pleasure that exploded between her cunt lips, blinding her to everything else in the room, including me.

Clear and thick girl cum rushed past her cunt lips as she watched me delight in the taste of her shit, flaking on my lips as I slid my cigar past the brown stains and let the tip of it burn brightly, in deep orange and red, a glow that only seemed to be surpassed by the hellish spark she could see in my eyes.

“Oh.. god,” she whimpered as the floods of her own hellish lust rushed through her to overwhelm any kind of decency that may have been still there, holding it all back, but no more. Her body expelled it, with such force that it gushed through her cunt and out of her body, squirts of depravity that made her legs tremble.

“All of you tastes good,” I told her.

I leaned in and brought my lips to hers, looking for a sign of revulsion. But there was only acceptance, with our lips locking around gaping moths and tongues licking each other. And Caroline’s body shuddered under the newfound sensation, newfound tastes, just as I had hoped, greedily lapping up that warm goo from my lips that had come from deep within herself.

Between us was now filth, shared.

I left it in her mouth, allowing a string of spit to connect us for a moment longer as I withdrew, like a shiny temporary chain that had been wrapped around her soul, before I wiped it off from my lips.

“Do you want to become?” I asked her.

“Like you, Mistress?” she whispered back, shivering at the thought.

“Is that something you aspired to, darling?”

I laughed.

“Is there cruelty in you, dear Caroline?”

“I don’t…” she began. “I don’t know, Mistress.”

“Would you like for me to find out?” I lifted her chin and forced her to stare up at me, her goddess, her lover. The answer was a pain-filled, lustful hiss.


“Then squat for me.”

There was a moment of hesitation, quickly remedied by a kick against the inside of the Irish girl’s calves, forcing her legs to re-adjust to a new stance, making her squat on the carpet in mother’s former office.

I knew how I wanted to mark it as my territory, I thought. And knew I had found the right plaything to do so. There was always one, hidden amongst the ones flashier and bigger and louder, always one who had the potential to become a piece of art, if given the chance.

And here was hers. Let us see what she was made of, shall we?

“Do it,” I said.

I let her squat there for a good minute or two, allowing her muscles to burn, that muscle burn to spread throughout her whole body as she strained, still unsure what exactly it was her new mistress wanted from her.

Then I clapped my hands, calling for James.

The mansion’s major domus had been waiting outside, on the other side of the door, always close enough to hear my voice or respond to a command. And he entered quietly, that hulking man in his uniform, with barely a raised eyebrow at the display that was unfolding in front of him.

Being mother’s lover and favorite, he thought that he had seen it all, had partaken in most things that had happened in this office.

And that is why I wished for him to be here.

I wanted that particular audience.

To show how wrong he was.

“Fetch me a whip, James,” I ordered. He nodded slightly and opened one of the office’s cabinets.

I knew, of course, where mother had stored her toys, but not only did I not wish to divide my attention between sweet, sweet Caroline and such a mundane task, I wished to show James what exactly had become of that 20-year old boy he had known prior to my wander years.

“The cat,” I ordered him.

With another nod, his large hands took out one of the heaviest whips, a bushel of tight leather strips that hang down from a long grip shaped like an ebony, uncut cock. It looked small in those mighty hands, was not made for somebody his size to handle.

It was perfect for me.

I stared at the squatting Irish girl. Sweat had formed on that beautiful, ghostly skin of her, dripping down her body, gathering between her legs before falling down, droplet by droplet, onto the office’s carpet.

It was some kind of Persian monstrosity, likely to have been in the family for generations and worth more on the open market than most slaves I had ever bought or sold through my underground network of clubs that I had established in the past five years, catering to the filthy and decadent.

It had been one of mother’s favorites, and just like James, it would soon find out what place it had in the new order of things.

My lips, stained from sweet Caroline’s filth, brown and purple, lipstick and shit, curled up to a cruel sneer.

Three minutes now, maybe four, and the cramps started to happen. The muscle burn had grown throughout her entire body, had set it alight, was burning it down to fiery ashes as the calves and thighs began to cramp out, releasing more pain into my sweet new whore’s nervous system.

Caroline grunted. I reveled in that sound.

I opened my palm to James, not looking at him, demanding in silence. The ebony cock, made from wood and leather and other fine, fine things slid into the open palm, my fingers slowly closing around it as I felt my hand’s power, its might, only moments away from my demonstration.

“Will that be all, Mistress?” James asked beside me.

“No, James,” I said. “I wish for you to witness this.”

The weight of the whip’s handle was confirmation of my own position in this room, an affirmation of my violence, threatened and soon to be realized.

With merely a flick of my wrist, the cat lashed out, whooshed through the air, its leather strings picking up speed to find their target, sweet Caroline’s breasts, already shaking from the strain I had put her under.

The leather connected with a harsh sound, a violent caress that created a blinding ball of fire spreading outwards from those points on Caroline’s body it had touched, leaving behind reddening flesh.

“Owwww!” Caroline screamed.

The leather returned to me, cutting once again through the air as I listened to the symphony of pain I had caused.

“Did mother ever treat you like this, darling?”

Another flick of the wrist, followed by the almost penetrating sound of flesh accepting punishment. Caroline, for all that pain, did not leave her position, still squatting.

But she screamed. Oh dear god, yes, how she wonderfully she screamed.

And each scream ended in a sob, and each sob in a whimper and a guttural moan.

“Ngh!” Caroline sobbed as the whip hit her body a third time, leaving strips of reddened flesh across her chest and belly, her breath ragged and in shortened gasps.

My voice rose up from inside me, hardened and cutting through the air with just as much viciousness as the whip prior.

“Did mother ever give you that much attention?” I asked.

“Ngh!” Caroline sobbed, before that moan formed a single, strained word, flowing out from her lips, not only affirmation but a depraved kind of glee that she found in my treatment of her. Yes, she was going to be worthy of my attention, all right.


Another whoosh of leather pain stripped the truth from Caroline’s body, lash by lash, coming in gasps between painful breaths.

“But you believe you deserved it, didn’t you?”


“Say it, darling.”

“Yes!” Caroline shouted, that anger released into that one shout, exposing now not only her body, her cunt and ass to me, but baring her soul. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Watch this, James,” I whispered to the major domus at my side.

“Show how much my mother is worth to you,” I snapped at Caroline. “How much more you love me for giving you what you crave! What you need! Show me that you are worthy of that attention!”

I stepped over to the squatting Irish girl, still not changing her position, although her thighs and calves had to be killing her by now, all of her body aching for that release, that pain turning to pleasure, surging through her insides and making her lose control, finally. This is what I wanted James to see. What I wanted him to hear.

“Defile her for me, darling,” I said to Caroline.

And there it happened. That loss of control culminating in her cunt releasing it first, a gushing, honey colored stream of piss that squirted with full force on the expensive rug as she pissed on those who had never seen her as anything but a piss whore, as somebody worthy only to give glasses full of herself, but never worthy of more.

Good! I smiled to myself.

“Piss on her, Caroline,” I said and lifted her chin up with my gloved hand, made her gaze into my eyes, filled with loving cruelty I was willing to share, to teach, to give and receive. “Piss on that filthy whore who has stopped you from becoming!”

“Mistress!” gasped James behind us, shocked by such a display of dishonoring the past and its legacy. I laughed. I laughed louder and harder than ever before. This was mine now, and Caroline’s hot, gushing stream of golden piss washed away those memories of the past, flooding it with the depravities of the future.

“Shit!” Caroline screamed as the rest of her body felt the loss of control, and there I saw it, the same spark I had seen every now and then in other women’s faces, that cruelty, now no longer buried and locked deep inside their souls, but free to roam. She became worthy of being a companion to me, more than a pet, but a bitch in her own right.

“Shit!” she shouted. “Oh god! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Don’t hold back!” I said, my eyes gleaming, my face beaming with joy.

And from her already filthy shit hole, it emerged, proper and slowly, with each new grunt.

A darkened thing, hard and like a thick black cock that slowly snaked its way out of her inside, out of her guts and forming a long turd that slowly dripped out of her.

It hung there, with Caroline’s ass muscles clamping down on it, not quite ready to release it, her anal cunt squeezing it with all of its might as a long, violent cum started to shake her body, as her belly and pussy were burning with its might.

An obscene cock of shit that was briefly sucked back into her already shaking and shivering body, the scream now completely turned into an outburst of cruel pleasure, a display given for her and me. I smeared some of her earlier shit across her face and kissed it from her white flesh.

“Shit! Shit! Shit” she screamed and released her tight grip on the shit cock that dropped onto the carpet, her final throes of her orgasm making her lose control of her calves and thighs.

Panting, she dropped on her knees in front of me.

Her ass touching the brown, beautiful mess she had made on mother’s carpet, squashing it with her squirming butt cunt, reveling in its warmth as she purposefully spread its stain on the rug.

“Thank you,” she panted. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“It was nothing, my sweet Caroline,” I whispered to her.

I lied, of course. It was everything. I lifted her up, gently, and pulled her close, the aftershocks of such a violent cum still holding her body in its grip, one wave after another, each one a little less intense than the one prior.

Until she cried in my arms, tears of joy and exhaustion. I knelt down in front of her and held her tight, my hands running through that red waterfall of hair, now matted and sweaty, little curls that fell into her face as she cried on my shoulder.

I lifted her up with my, made her rise.

Made her my companion.

The soft flakes of her rich, warm and earthy shit dropped from her thighs down to the ground, further soiling my own past and giving way to a new beginning.

This is what I had wanted James to see.

The black mass of muscles that stood behind us was quiet, marveling at such a display, but knowing that he had seen nothing yet. Oh, yes, I wanted to prove it to him. That I not only was an heir to his lover and mistress, that not only this mansion and all of its deviance was my birthright, but that I would lead it to a darker future than thought possible.

That would be my legacy, then, I thought, amused.

“Clean it up, James,” I told him as I led a very naked and very satisfied Caroline past him, briefly giving my attention to his hardened cock that strained against the insides of his uniform’s pants.

“You can use the male toilet slaves to do it,” I told him as we stopped at his side, my smile ever crueler than before while I stroked Caroline’s cheek.

“Unless, of course,” I whispered to him, “you would like to do the duties yourself.”

My laughter followed me out of the office, only looking back once to see James kneeling on the rug, his body on all fours, sniffing at the gooey goodness Caroline and I had left on mother’s Persian monstrosity, a heap of cum spray, piss and shit that was evidence of the fact that a new monster had taken hold of all things here.

And that monster was me.

James began to scoop it up. And smeared it on his black, fleshy face, trying to worship me in the only way I allowed him for the time being. I laughed at him. His lips parted, his tongue slipped out to catch that taste, to swallow it up and digest it.

I laughed. And so did Caroline.

I would change her.

I would transform her.

And I looked forward to it.


It had not taken too long, that change.

Some require months of training, some will never outgrow their station in life, but Caroline had been a quick study. A student of such wicked delights that it surprised even me. There had been others before her, of course, and there surely would be others after, but in all of my travels, only one had come even close to the levels of debauchery sweet, sweet Caroline seemed to be capable of.

And I tried to not think about that one too much.


I woke up again. Still sleepy and content, but now also more fully aware of my surroundings. Had it only been weeks? It felt longer, that time, and each new day, although filled with depravity and decadence, also had given me more than my fair share of work as I had begun to tighten the reigns in and outside the mansion.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to do it alone.

She was the end of the bed, curled up like a sleeping cat, that companion I had chosen to change, to transform. And how much she had changed! How beautifully filthy she had become! Around her neck was a steel collar, spiked metal that would prick her delicate throat at the slightest touch, that would signal my desire for her at the slightest tug on the steel that led from her collar to my hand, chain links wrapped around my fingers, even in sleep, never letting her go.

The darkened bedroom made her shape a shadow among others, but knowing that she was there filled my mind and heart with perverted pleasure.

Oh, yes. How much she had changed!


It had begun with a shopping trip, as all women know. What else?

It is shopping that fashions us, makes us, allows us to be who were are, deep inside, giving an expression to our souls, shaped in clothes and ornaments and accessories.

And so, with a trip down to London I began the transformation of Caroline.

It was on my second day with her when I had told her. What we would do that day. And the day after that. And the day after that. Her skin was a canvas, her soul a diamond in the rough, waiting for me to be shaped and given form.

“Am I not pleasing enough for you, Mistress?” Caroline asked.

“You are a pleasure, my darling,” I said. “But not pleasing. Not as much as you can be. And not nearly as much as you will be.”

Caroline raised an eyebrow, not quite following.

But she would know, soon enough.

“Besides,” I told her. “You have outgrown that maid uniform now, haven’t you?”

She beamed, proudly.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“See?” I said. “And that means you will need new clothes. And, oh well, a new everything, really.”

“Will you change me, Mistress?”

“I will, my darling.”

“Change me into what?”

I laughed softly.

“Anything I wish you to be, my darling.”

I called up James to arrange for everything. He knew the right places, had dealt with the right people. Experience was a commodity not easily traded, I thought. One of those days, and soon, I would have to express my gratitude, for oh so many things, but that day I wanted to celebrate and cherish.

And so I left it there, alone, in some darkened future, for me to arrive later.

It also pleased me to make him wait. And suffer. And anger him every now and then, for that would make that day so much better, perhaps even painfully so.

After an hour, numerous phone calls and some threats to the lives and wellbeing of various business partners’ families, all had been put into motion, he informed me with his dark, somewhat disappointed sounding timbre.

“I have booked you and… your pet the penthouse suite at the Carlton,” he said. “All things you have asked for have been delivered, Mistress.”

“Thanks, dear,” I said, giving him just enough of my attention to make him feel that it would never be enough, that he would never be to me what he had been to mother.

Outside, the Rolls was waiting for us, and in it, the driver who had picked me up from the airport yesterday. Andrew, his name was. Andrew Stanton. Andy, to his friends, he would later tell me.

He was waiting at the side of the car, its doors already opened, a warm, moving cage for an early winter’s journey, and most appreciated.

It had gotten colder. Had yesterday been covered with frost but still remembering the days of summer’s glory, dying far too slowly, this morning was a promise for a harshness that would soon take a hold in all of England. It was a strict mistress, England’s weather was, and I greeted it as my sister, kissing the air with my breath, gifting it my body’s warmth as sacrifice, in exchange for a biting cold that filled me and my soul.

“Did I anger Master James, Mistress?” Caroline asked behind me.

“He is not your master, darling,” I told her, without turning around. “None of those here in the mansion will have any kind of control over you anymore. None but me and only me.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“But yes,” I said. “You have angered him.”

“Why, Mistress?”

“You are a sign of things to come, darling.”

“A sign?”

“It’s why I chose you. Now, hush. Get in the car.”

Andrew helped her into the back of the Rolls, nodding and bowing down to her after having listened intently to our conversation. I followed, not needing any help of his and releasing him from that particular duty by a nod of my own.

Inside, Caroline had spread her body onto the back of the couch-like seats, a child of joy, exploring the surroundings, the little bar and its crystal glasses, having never partaken in this kind of luxury before.

“Do you like?” I asked her.

“Oh, Mistress,” she beamed. “I love!”

“Good. After all, you’ll be here with me for the next three hours, until we reach London. Could have taken the helicopter, of course, us. But here is lesson one. If it is worth doing, darling, then it is worth doing in style.”

Caroline nodded, slowly.

“And being holed up for half an hour in the back of a helicopter,” I added, “is hardly a proper means of transportation for a bitch goddess, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And I am sure we will find ways to pass the time, you and me.”

I winked and turned my attention to Andrew.

“Drive,” I said.

Three hours. That was a good, long drive.

And plenty of things to do to pass the time.

“As for James,” I said, loudly enough to ensure the driver would be able to follow, “he is angered and jealous, yes, but I am sure he will find somebody else to take it out on. Isn’t that right, Andrew?”

“Mistress?” came the reply from the front of the car.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday, Andrew?” I laughed. “That I would want to hear all about it? We have three hours, her and me. And I am sure you have a delightful story to tell how you became a faggot whore for nigger cock.”

Caroline’s eyes widened as she heard this.

“Oh, come now, darling,” I said. “You must have known that James loves to fuck filthy ass cunts, and that he likes to indulge himself almost as much as I do.”

I let my hand slide into the cigar box next to the bar in the Rolls’ back, crushing the tobacco leafs slowly between my fingers as I rolled it back and between them.

“Entertain us, Andrew,” I said, finding the lighter and letting its flame flicker around the cigar’s tip, greedily sucking in the first fresh wave of smoke.

“Yes!” Caroline exclaimed excitedly. “Entertain us!”

I had dressed appropriately, of course, and by that I mean that I had dressed in such a fashion that would allow me and Caroline to have easy access to the most precious of her and my belongings. I had chosen a strict pencil skirt that hugged my thighs tightly, with a black leather corset, thickened and tightened by an array of metal buckles that made breathing delightfully hard to do, with my breasts spilling over its trim and into a simple white blouse.

On my head, carefully positioned, a fur hat with a lace veil that covered my eyes and let me see the world in front of me through a dozen beautifully structured bars, immediately reminding myself of the fact that we all – in our own little ways – were prisoners of some sort, and that thought made my girl cock harden with joy.

I slid up my pencil skirt to reveal it to the others in the luxurious car, just as we passed through the main gates and left for the motorway.

It rose up from the darkened hole between my legs, a white snake searching for something to play with, only to be met by the strong grip of my own hand, pulling it forward further and revealing its head, a monstrous shape that crept from its protective skin and blindly surveyed the world around it, its fangs my steel piercing that tingled as the skin left it free and open.

It wasn’t hard. Not yet.

“There is nobody in this car,” I said between drags off my cigar, a dragon’s smelly, filthy breath coming from deep within me, “who doesn’t love cocks. Isn’t that right, Andrew?”

“Yes, Mistress,” came his reply.

“And if you entertain us well enough,” I said, “you might even get a raise out of it.”

That laughter, cruel and confident, now came from Caroline. Yes! It was of her own depravity, of her own making, that cruelty that would humiliate others now.

“A raise out of your Mistress’s cock,” she said. “What could be an incentive better than that, for a faggot whore like you?”

I had dressed her as well, in more simple clothes, not yet ready to accept the glamour I soon would gift her. She did adhere to the dress code of my liking, though, her hands covered by short leather gloves, a shirt of the deepest black, with a black tie and matching black pants. I had ordered her to slick back her hair, which was now shaped in a 1930s style, still too long for my tastes, but giving her a more androgynous look.

Her hands reached out to my cock and were wrapped around my own, working it with slow, easy strokes that made me moan as my lips clamped down on the cigar between my lips.

“Was this what you did to him?” she asked cruelly. “Did you have your hands around his fat nigger cock?”

In the front of the Rolls, watching our lewd display through the car’s rearview, Andrew squirmed and blushed slightly, although it was not clear whether it was from being embarrassed or aroused. Whatever it was, it sure made him uncomfortable, I thought giddily.

“Answer her!” I snarled at him.

“Or did you do this?” Caroline asked, before she leaned down and slipped the mouth between her stroking fingers, sliding it across the piercing that divided my piss slit, wetting it with the tip of her longue. I hadn’t cleaned it. It stank of filth and raunch and my morning piss.

“Mmmmh”, moaned Caroline. “Cocks are best when they’re filthy, aren’t they? Wouldn’t want to suck a dick that has been cleaned, myself.”

“Answer her, faggot!” I snarled at Andrew again.

“Yes –” whispered Andrew. “He made me suck his filthy cock, Mistress.”

“Tell us,” I demanded.

I myself had been witness to James’ animalistic appetites, once having him watched with mother, but I had never seen how he treated the male filth. Something, I thought as Caroline’s tongue started to drip fat globs of spit on my hardened girl cock, I would have to put on my bucket list.

Each of my moans made me clamp down harder on my cigar, each breath took in more smoke that burned down in my body.

“Tell us exactly how you have become a nigger cock worshipping faggot, bitch.”


“I was unemployed, Mistress,” Andrew said, swallowing his pride as he began his story. “Half a year, nothing in sight. You know how it is, these days.”

I laughed harshly.

“Can’t say I do, whore,” I snarled. “Continue.”

Sweet Caroline took it as a sign that her cock sucking was pleasing to me, and it was, it was experienced and possessed the right level of harshness, alternating between slow tongue-washing and allowing herself to have my thickened clit disappear deeply into her throat. I pushed her head down further on my engorged, pierced shaft, a throaty sound escaping my own throat that rattled through my teeth.

But the order was given to Andrew, who spoke in hushed, embarrassed tones.

“I had no choice,” he said.

“We all have a choice, whore,” I said, before adding to Caroline, “Isn’t that right, my darling bitch?”

“Mmmh,” mumbled Caroline, my cock in her mouth allowing nothing more, but the vigor of her sucking increased.

“Good bitch,” I told her. “Good bitch, yes, bathe my cock in your fucking mouth, bite down on it, you filthy whore, yes, give your mistress some fucking pain!”

Caroline moved her head back, let my cock slide out of her throat, cupped by her tongue and grasped the pierced crown with her teeth, biting down on hard metal and slowly moving back her head, stretching my piss hole. Electric shocks of decadent pain shot through my shaft.

“Yessss!” I hissed. “Give it to me, bitch! Show that you understand fucking cruelty! Fuck, yes! Harder! Pull on it harder!”

In the front of the car, Andrew swallowed.

“You wish you were here, don’t you, faggot? To worship a cock with your mouth, that’s why you came into my employ! To feel it fill your worthless cunt mouth, fill it with my spray of piss and cum, right?”

“Yes,” came a whispered reply.

“I knew it!” I snarled. “Once you’ve had cock, you want it all the fucking time! Especially if your first taste of it was big and black, and packs a gallon of cock milk, right? Did he flood your mouth, my darling James, did he make you choke on his thick black cock milk?”

We had in the meantime reached the motorway, and Andrew, somewhat preoccupied with what was going on behind his back, still managed to drive the Rolls at a leisurely pace, I had to give him that. Seeing his eyes in the rearview glazing over with lust, I wasn’t sure I would have been able to do that.

“Did he stretch your filthy shit cunt, whore?” I demanded to know. “Did he make it loose and filled it up with himself, so deep that you thought your bowels would burst?”

“Yes… Mistress,” Andrew replied.

“Must be hard,” I said, knowing that the mere memory of this experience had made him exactly that, “to come back to the wife after that?”

In my lap, Caroline stopped worshipping my cock, opening her mouth in disbelief, little strings of my cock juice and her saliva pouring down from her lips.

Chapter 02

A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere a reality.


I enter Sir Richard’s room and am surprised. Marco has been shackled to a piece of wood that is a square. It is open so that the person can be turned to the front and back. Right now Marco is facing front looking at the bed. He is naked, his hands and feet bound. He is spread. A flogger, whip and paddle are on the table near him. I had almost forgotten his punishment.

The room is bright and airy and the bed huge. It is two King sized beds together with several pairs of cuffs at the top and bottom.

Sir Richard licks his lips. “may I undress you?” He asks, I look at him and I have a feeling about what he is up to. “No I tell him. Let us each undress and I will meet you in the bed.” He agrees and gets undressed. He gets in the bed. I take off my clothes but leave on my garter and hose. He sucks in his breath. “your husband is one lucky man.”

“Shall we have company or do you just want it to be the two of us.” He smirks.

I plan to wipe that smirk off his face, “We can have company and I will give Marco his punishment to warm you up.”

He picks up the phone and presses a button. “Send the four of them in here.”

Two beautiful woman, one blond, one brunette and two handsome men, also blond and brunette enter. He does not tell me their names. They stand waiting. I pick up the flogger. My instrument of choice. “You were rude to me.” I say to Marco. “Yes Mistress.” He says, “I am sorry.”

“How many times should I flog you Marco?” I ask as Sir Richard strokes his cock. The other’s stand and watch.

“As many times as you wish Mistress.” He says.

“You have a beautiful cock. I think I’ll start there.” I swing and hit him on the tip of his cock. He groans. “Mistress do you

want him to count?” Says Sir Richard.

“No. I want him to remember.” I say and strike him in the chest just hitting his nipple. He moans. I go to him and kiss his lips. He kisses me back. “Again please” He moans.

I strike him on the side of the hip, then one more time on his cock and he cries out. I am done.

I stroke his cock soothing him. Tears run down his face. “You will watch what happens.”

Sir Richard watches me as I get on top of his cock. He has a smile on his face. He likes this. He thinks I am going to just fuck him, but I am not. I motion to one of the men, the brown haired one and whisper in his ear as I slowly ease my pussy down on Sir Richard’s cock. I kiss Sir Richard’s lips and take his hands and put them above his head bringing my breasts to his lips. He licks me and the man locks his hands in the cuffs. Sir Richard smiles, but looks a little uneasy.

I motion to the other man and he knows what I want and he cuffs Sir Richard’s ankles. Sir Richard tries to stop him, but I am on him and hold him down. He is my prisoner. I start riding his cock. He is trying to move but can’t. I ask for a blindfold and one of the women hand it to me. I put it on Sir Richard. I ask for earplugs and as I whisper in his ear I put one in, “You will know that I am your Mistress. The only one who controls me is my husband. You wanted me now you will have the full experience. If you yell, I will gag you. Obey me You are not to come until I tell you.”

He is trembling but nods and I ride his cock. I motion to one of the women, the blonde. I like blondes and I climb off Sir Richard’s cock. She takes my place and I sit my full Nubian body on his face. His tongue immediately comes out and he licks me. I play with the blondes tits she has nice one’s. I lick her and she squirms. I tell her to talk to me. “Mistress, you make me feel so good.”

“Release Marco.” I say to the men, they go and release him. He comes to me. “Do what I say and you will be rewarded tomorrow night.” He agrees without hesitation. I tell the girl to get off Sir Richard’s cock. Sir Richard is still hard and very frustrated. I order her to lick his cock as I tell the other two men to uncuff him. They uncuff his legs and lift his legs up. I look at Marco, he looks at me and he grins a face splitting grin.

He grabs Sir Richards butt and shoves his dick in his ass. Sir Richard screams and I tell the other girl to sit on his face. His scream is silenced. Marco goes to town thrusting in and out of Sir Richard. I bring the blonde to my pussy and she eats me. I bring the blond man to her pussy and he starts fucking her. The other man is waiting. I tell him to come to me. Since he did what I asked he will have the privilege of my mouth on his cock.

I suck him and watch Marco fucking Sir relentlessly. His hands are tied. He has a pussy on his lips and a dick in his ass. When Marco comes and pulls out, I take the dick out of my mouth and point to Sir Richard’s ass. This man is larger than Marco and he too smiles and takes his place. Marco has gone to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed.

The woman Sir is eating out is coming and I pinch her nipples. I am close, but not ready. The blond eating my pussy is good. When the brunette woman comes on his face,I tell the blond man to stop fucking the blond woman and put his dick down Sir Richard’s throat. He starts to fuck Sir Richard’s throat hard. The brunette has joined the blonde and they both are eating my pussy.

The man fucking Sir Richard comes thrusting hard into his Master’s ass. Sir Richard still hasn’t come. When the blond man pulls back, he begs, “Please Mistress, please, oh god, let me come.”

I tell the blond man to take his ass and Sir Richard is once again being fucked. I get over his face. His tongue comes out and he licks me. I stroke his cock and tweaked the nipples of the blond man who groans. I order him to come. Finally, he does and I send everyone out of the room except Marco. I kiss him and tell him to take out the ear plugs from Sir Richard’s ears and undo the blindfold, but not to untie him. I also have him reattach his legs cuffs.

He obeys and I start fucking Sir Richard as he first hears my voice, “you wanted to fuck me, well I’ve fucked you. You are my bitch Richard and you will come only when I tell your worthless ass you can come.” I ride his cock and he blinks up at me as the blindfold is taken off.

My breasts are ate his lips and he licks the nipples tears streaming down his face. He is begging and pleading and praising me. “my Mistress, oh I’ve never felt anything like this. You have tamed me, you have taken me. Let me serve you.”

I kiss him to shut him up and then whisper in his ear. ‘you may now come.” He yells and comes inside of me, screaming my name. I still have not come. I will not come on Sir Richard’s dick he does not deserve my come and I let him know it. I also know that he will want me and will do whatever I want him to do. I climb off his dick and climb over his face. I know he doesn’t like to eat his own come, but he does sucking it out of me. I am close and want to come, but I will not let him be the one.

I climb off his face and tell Marco to come. I lie next to Sir Richard, Marco puts his leg over Sir Richards face and Marco starts to eat me. Marco has his pants on but unbuttons his fly and takes his cock out he feeds Sir Richard his cock. Marco bends down and begins to eat my pussy. He eats me with gratitude and I come. I come so hard I pull his face into me and hold him there.

Sir Richard sucks his cock. I tell Marco, “Come in his mouth and do not untie him for a half an hour.” And I walk naked into the bedroom I shared with Anna. I fall into a deep sleep and sleep well.

In the morning I am surprised when the naked Anna comes bringing breakfast with her. She figured out where I was since everyone including my husband was looking for me. She looks even more beautiful. I ask her how her training is going. She looks at me with her long lashes and says, “I can’t wait to come be with you Mistress. The training is going well.”

“Have you been cold being naked all the time? If you are, you have my permission to put on a robe, I will tell Sir Richard.”

“No Madam, Sir and Mistress Diana keep the house very warm, but thank you for thinking of my well being.” She says lowering her eyes.

“You may always look at me unless I say otherwise. I like looking at your face.” I say and she looks up and smiles. She licks her lips. I laugh. “You may get between my legs in a little while, but I need you to tell my husband where I am then I want you to come shopping with Mistress Diana and my other two slaves today.”

There is a knock on the door, I hear Sir Richard’s voice, “Are you in there Mistress. Please, I want to be on my knees for you, I want to talk to you.”

“Anna, tell Sir Richard I will speak to him later and that he is not to disturb me until I find him.”

Anna gets up and cracks open the door. She relays my message and Sir Richard moans and says, “I will obey her. Please tell her I await her command.” Anna closes the door and puts her hand over her mouth, she is trying not to laugh.

“You may laugh.” She does. I like her laugh. I squeeze her nipples and tell her, “Find my husband.”

She leaves. My husband comes into the room. He is amused. “what did you do to Sir Richard? He is like a lost puppy dog. Mistress Diana finds him so funny. She said that he ripped up my check and is giving us Anna free and clear.”

I chuckle and my husband kisses me. “I knew you were smart when I married you, but I didn’t realize just how smart.”

We rub noses. “Did you have a good night?” I ask him, squeezing his cock.

“Very good, but I would have had a better night watching you torment Sir Richard.” He kisses my lips.

“Anna is coming back, do you want to fuck your wife and eat her pussy?” I ask giving him a salacious smile.

He undresses and gets into bed as Anna comes back in. She kneels on the floor. “Anna, my husband is going to fuck me. I want to lick you and you can lick my clit as he fucks me. She beams and gets on my face. I lick her slowly. I like this girl and am glad she will be with us permanently. My husband eases into me and fucks me. I wrap my legs around him. He plays with Anna’s breasts as she licks me. He comes first, thrusting inside me then I come . As he pulls out, Anna plunges her head into my pussy eating him out of me. I pull her into me and we roll over. I am now on top eating her. My husband brings his dick to my mouth and I start licking him. When he gets hard he looks at me I shake my head, he cannot fuck her. He leaves and goes to find a pussy to stick his dick into.

I bring Anna to climax and she yells, “Mistress, thank you for my orgasm, thank you so much.” She climbs off of me and gets down into my pussy, sucking and licking and eating until I come again.

We lie for an hour when Mistress Diana knocks on the door. “Hello you two. Mistress what the hell have you done to my husband?” I gaze up at her, she is smiling.

“I taught him a lesson.” I say.

“And that is?” She asks raising an eyebrow.

“Never ask to fuck another man’s wife before you know what she’s about.” I say

Diana says, “And don’t think you can dominate another man’s wife until you know her.”

“Amen sister.” We laugh, so does Anna.

“Will you be ready in an hour for shopping and lunch.” She asks. “yes and we are taking Anna. I’d like her sooner, say in fifteen days. Anything she needs to learn she can learn in that time. The rest I will teach her.”

“Whatever you wish my dear. I’ll let sir Richard know and see you in an hour.” She leaves.

Anna is beside herself with joy. She hugs me and I take her breast in my mouth and lick it.

“Little one, we have to wash and dress. Do you have clothes?” I asked remembering I asked her to be nude.

“Yes and if I don’t, Mistress Diana will give me some. What do you wish me to wear?”

“Something that you can take off easily to try on clothes and that I can feel you.”

She blushes, “yes mistress.” She hesitates. “Anna speak.”

“Mistress may I shower with you?” She asks expectant. “yes you may.”

She almost knocks me over with her hug and I laugh and grab her and pull her into a kiss.

She kisses me back and I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She wraps her arms around me and holds me tight. I pull her into me and she is sitting on my lap. I release the kiss and we are both breathless, “Let’s shower.” I tell her and she lays her head on my chest.

“Thank you Mistress.” She says softly.

“For the shower?” I ask.

She shakes her head, “For wanting me.”

I hug her and hold her to me. “My sweet girl. Let’s shower.” I kiss her forehead.

She turns on the water and makes sure it is perfect before she takes my hand and helps me in. She washes me paying attention to my breasts. “Please turn around Mistress.” I do and she washes my back. She bends down and opens my ass. I feel her tongue sliding up my crack as she cleans me first with her tongue then with the soap. She washes the back of my legs. “Please turn Mistress.” I look at her on her knees as she washes my legs. I open my legs and she licks my slit. I hold her head. She continues to lick. “this will get out of hand. Stop Anna let’s get out or I will have to spank you.” She stops and washes me between my legs.

She gets out first and holds the towel for me. She dries me and knees and dries my ass with her tongue, then to my front she licks me for a few minutes and stands up. I blow dry my hair as I watch her drying herself. I hand her the dryer and get ready to dress and realize my clothes are in the other room. I start to get them, but she stops me. “Mistress I will get your clothes and my own and I will dress you. Please wait.” I agree.

She gets my clothes and a dress from Diana for herself. She comes into the room. “What is my husband doing I ask?”

“He is with Mistress Diana and Rebecca. He is giving Rebecca a spanking while Mistress Diana is sucking him. He looks happy. Mistress Diana says she will be ready in about half an hour. Rachel and Marlene are ready and waiting for your inspection.”

“Dress me first, then yourself and I will come out to see them.” I order.

She dresses me in a black bra and panties with garter belt and hose. She runs her hands up my legs smoothing the stockings. She is good at dressing me. She slides the dress over my head and asks if she can brush my hair.

I tell her yes and that I plan to wear it in a ponytail. She does it in a high pony and When she is done I am nearly ready. “Mistress may I do your makeup?” She asks. I agree, “not too much, just light blush and my lipstick.” She does and I am ready. While she is getting dressed I walk out to the living room. Sir Richard is there with my two slaves.

As I walk closer he sees me and gets to his knees. I ignore him. “Marlene, Rachel stand so that I may inspect my property and make sure you are dressed to my approval.”

They stand on the stage and I walk around them. Marlene is wearing a dress that is easy to unzip. “Marlene lift your dress.” She does and shows me she is naked except for garter belt and hose. She looks fine except for her shoes. She is wearing flats. “Marlene put on some heels, black ones.” She leaves and returns a few moments later in black heels. “yes much better.” I take her face into my hands and kiss her gently, “From now on unless you are exercising I want you to wear heels.”

“yes mistress.” She looks into my eyes. This is my husband’s choice and I frown. There is something about her, a haughtiness, I can’t place. When we get to NY I will pay closer attention to her.

Rachel is perfect in a wrap dress and black heels. I plan to make this shopping experience fun for her. Her long blond hair is in a ponytail. I go to her and kiss her lips. She wraps her arm around me and I squeeze her nipple through her dress, “Take out your hair.” She does. “Much better.” We are ready.

Sir Richard is still on his knees. I go to him, “Thank you for your generosity to my husband. We want Anna in 15 days. I will complete her training in NY.”

“You are very welcome.” He whispers, “Would you do me the honor of spending tonight with me.” His head is bowed, eyes lowered.

“No. I will be with Mistress Diana and Rebecca.” I say smiling at him.

“When can I have you again.” He looks up at me.

“Never.” I say to him, “Until you learn some manners and then I shall see.”

Mistress Diana comes in she is amused by her husband’s behavior. “give me a break Richard. Leave Mistress alone. Are you ready?”

My husband comes to me and kisses me hard on the lips. He whispers in my ears, “While you’re gone I’ll talk to him. You really put the whammy on him. You must tell me what you did in detail my dear.”

“I will on the plane back to New York. Darling I want you to watch Miss Marlene. Something about her. She’s too full of herself.” I say.

He looks at her, “Hmm, Why don’t I give her some punishment tonight just to make sure she is what we want? If she is not then we have two others to choose from that we didn’t.”

“But she’s your redhead? I want you to be happy too.”

“I’m happy as long as you are, but if she doesn’t work, she won’t. We shall see. I’ll put her through her passes tonight.” He kisses me, “Have fun shopping.

Anna comes into the room. She looks stunning in her borrowed dress which is red and does well with her skin tone. She is mine. The six of us leave and get into a limousine and drive to Beverly Hills for our shopping trip.

Copyright 2010 Christopher D. B.

Lana’s was packed tonight. A large club that sometimes hosted nationally known bands, Jake had been concerned that despite a strong following, his band wouldn’t be able to fill the place. He was also pleased at the number of hot ladies on the dance floor, dressed to impress showing lots of cleavage, and legs nicely displayed with short skirts and high heels.

Jake was winding down a dazzling guitar solo, taking a little longer than usual for added effect as this was the last song of their second set. He turned to one side, made eye contact with Matt the drummer, who then brought the song to a pounding conclusion.

Although the crowd was screaming for more, they would have to wait for the band to take a short break. This would usually mean just enough time to use the restroom and grab another beer after standing in line for both, but Jake could tell this break was going to be something more special.

A busty brunette, who was practically spilling out of her skimpy white tank top, had been dancing in front of him for the past few songs, eyeing him seductively. She boldly stepped up onto the low stage in her leather mini skirt and sexy stiletto heeled ankle boots as Jake was putting his Stratocaster on its stand and switching his amp to stand-by mode.

“How long is your break?” she asked him over loud dance music that the club’s deejay was now playing on the high-powered sound system.

“About twenty minutes,” he replied. “That should be enough time if there is something on your mind.”

Jake gave a sly grin and the young lady reached down to lightly brush her hand against the crotch of his tight jeans and slowly licked her glossy red lips. She then gave a brief nod of her head towards one end of the stage, and they walked off together in that direction.

Being a large venue, Lana’s had a backstage dressing room, which was something rare for those used to playing the local bar circuit. Although the band had brought a small relish tray and some drinks to set the room up like they were big time rock stars, they decided it best to mingle with the crowd instead of hiding out in the dressing room during breaks. Jake knew this would give him some privacy for a satisfying blowjob or a quick romp on the oversized leather sofa that had undoubtedly seen some action before.

The couple walked down the dim corridor beside the stage and entered the brightly lit dressing room. Jake was stunned when he saw that his ex-girlfriend Mindy was sitting in the high swivel chair in front of the lighted mirror. Kicking a spike heeled boot against the counter below the mirror, she spun the chair quickly around to face him.

“Hello, Jake. It’s good to see you.” The tone of her voice was menacing and Jake turned to leave the room, but as he did so the door was closed and locked by another woman who must have been hiding off to one side.

Raven, or Mistress Raven as she had insisted Jake call her in the past, now blocked his only exit. She was wearing a dark blue business suit, the skirt a little higher above the knee than the average lady executive might wear, and under the suit jacket was a white satin blouse unbuttoned just enough to be seductive. She stood imposingly in shiny black pumps with tall dangerous heels.

As sexy as she looked, Jake was intimidated. Raven had her mane of long flowing dark hair pulled back in a thick ponytail, as was her fashion when she punished him, and she was holding her leather riding crop, which had stung Jake’s backside many times in the past.

He quickly turned to the sexy lady who had lured him back to the dressing room. Her demeanor had suddenly cooled and she now stood close to Raven.

“Good work, Julia,” Raven said as she momentarily turned to the mysterious brunette. “Despite having had some training, Jake is still a little slut boy. I knew it would be easy for you to lure him back here.”

“As for you,” Raven said, thrusting the tip of her riding crop at the center of Jake’s chest. “I’ve called you several times last month and you’ve turned down every invitation to come over to my house to be punished by one of your ex-girlfriends that you videotaped in your bedroom. You’ve forced me to take my show on the road, so to speak, and now you’re the guest of honor at our little backstage party. Take off your clothes!” Raven commanded.

Jake hesitated for a few seconds and Raven quickly flicked her riding crop up between Jake’s legs. His jeans were only minimal protection against the leather tip as it slapped the base of his balls and he doubled over clutching his groin.

“Now that I have your attention, take off your clothes. You will be naked when you are punished,” Raven ordered.

“We have about fifteen minutes,” Julia said calmly, glancing at her slim gold wristwatch.

“That should be more than enough time for something quick and painful,” Raven said dramatically to her companions as Jake hastily removed his clothes and then instinctively knelt down in front of Raven.

Although Raven was pleased that Jake had humbled himself to her, she grabbed him by the shoulders and roughly spun him around so he could see Mindy sitting high above him in the hairstylist’s chair.

“Before we get started, why don’t you lick Mindy’s boots and beg for forgiveness, or at least plead for her to take it easy on you,” Raven suggested.

Mindy only responded by hooking the tall heels of her knee high black patent leather boots on the rail of the chair’s footrest. Looking up at her from the floor, in her boots and a bright cocktail dress, she was every bit as beautiful as Jake had remembered. However, the stern look on her face made her just as intimidating as Raven.

He immediately got to work, licking and kissing the pointed toes and tall heels of her shiny black boots, and then paused.

“Please, Mindy, it was years ago,” he groveled. “I know I was unfaithful to you and didn’t erase that video like I promised. I’m nothing but a slut like Raven says, but please don’t whip me or spank me or whatever else you have in mind.”

“Get back to work,” was Mindy’s cold response as she nudged the toe of one boot towards Jakes mouth. All he could do was worship her boots some more, and when he tried to beg and plead again, Raven said,

“We’ve heard enough from you. It’s time for your punishment.” Mindy got out of her chair, and Raven ordered Jake to stand up.

He was ordered to bend forward slightly so that his forearms rested on the arms of the stylist chair. It was then that Raven and Julia each started securing his wrists to the chair’s arms with wraps of silver duct tape.

Although he was extremely worried about what punishment there was to come, Jake noticed that Raven briefly examined Julia’s bondage job, which was just as secure but the wraps of tape were not as neat as her own. Checking her watch again, Julia said they had ten minutes before Jake was due back on stage. Was she just Raven’s friend, or perhaps a dominatrix in training?

“I’m the opening act,” Raven announced, emphasizing the point with a loud crack of her riding crop on the back of Jake’s right thigh. He stifled a yelp of pain, assuming that crying out would only get him a wide strip of duct tape across his mouth.

The following blows of Raven’s crop on his buttocks were not as severe, as if she were simply warming him up.

“My flogger, please,” Raven politely asked. In the reflection of the dressing room’s mirror Jake saw Julia reach into an oversized black leather purse and pull out a whip he had never seen before, one with an elaborately carved wooden handle and numerous tails of wide black leather strips.

The whip found its mark squarely on Jake’s bare ass, and across his shoulder blades. Painful as it was, having been flogged by Raven before, Jake sensed she was holding back. When Julia said they had only five minutes left, Raven paused.

“Its now time for the headline attraction, Jake. Your former girlfriend was delighted that I contacted her and gave her the opportunity to punish you,” Raven said as she handed her flogger to Mindy.

The tails of the flogger stung terribly as they landed squarely on Jake’s upper back. He couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

“Please silence our guest,” he heard Raven request. Through tearful eyes Jake saw Julia approaching to his left and heard the distinctive sound of duct tape being pulled and torn from the roll. With his mouth now sealed, Mindy continued, this time flogging his buttocks.

As before, not one stroke of the whip glanced off or landed with a weak blow. Despite the fact that his body and mind were overcome with pain, he still managed to wonder if Mindy hadn’t been taught in advance how to properly use the flogger.

He could picture Raven giving her proper instructions down in her basement playroom. Assuming Mindy had practiced on another man, Jake wondered if it was someone else gullible enough to be lured in by their beauty, only to realize too late what they had in mind.

“You cheating son of a bitch,” Mindy said, her voice somewhat winded as she continued to flog Jake. “You walked in here like some stud about to get laid and now you’re just a sniveling weasel.”

When Jake was sure that his backside must be shredded raw, Julia said they only had two minutes left. Mercifully, the whipping stopped.

“Since you were so rude and declined all my invitations to come over and play, I’m going to leave you something to remember me by,” Raven said in a threatening tone and began rummaging through the large purse. Jake’s eyes widened as he saw Raven holding a butt plug in one hand, greasing it up with some kind of lubricant. The plug was not very long, but it flared out extremely wide just before tapering to the base.

“I can tell from your reaction that you know what this is, but you’ve never had one of these up your ass before,” Raven mocked. “This will teach you not to decline my invitations from now on.”

She ordered Jake to spread his legs, kicking his feet apart with her high heels. He felt the greasy tip of the plug as Raven lined it up with his anus and then slowly inserted it. Raven said something about the butt plug being an encore number, but Jake couldn’t hear her clearly. He was too preoccupied with pain as his sphincter was stretched to the point that he felt he would be split in half.

With the plug fully inserted, Jake was moaning and felt as if he was going to pass out. Mindy gave a low evil laugh, and then someone knocked on the door.

“Jake! You in there? We’re on!” He recognized the muffled voice behind the door as Christopher, the band’s keyboard player. Raven was making sure all of her things were packed away. It was clear to Jake that they intended to leave him bound, naked, and plugged. Then Mindy had a list minute idea.

“I’m going to take a little souvenir,” she told Jake. Mindy picked his jeans up off the floor and emptied the contents of the pockets onto the counter below the lighted mirror.

“Let’s go!” called John, the bass player, as he pounded on the door.

Jake heard the lock being released and then booming dance music as the door was opened.

“We were just leaving,” Raven said calmly, and Jake heard three pairs of high heels clicking off down the passageway.

“Jake! What the hell?” One of his band mates called out. Their looks of concern however quickly turned to snickering, and then rolling laughter.

They had recognized Mindy as the three ladies made their exit and quickly realized that what had taken place was some sort of revenge. Knowing what a cocksman Jake was, just made the situation more amusing. One guy said it reminded him of a bachelor party prank from years ago.

Christopher, resourceful as usual, produced a pocketknife and cut Jake loose. When Jake quickly explained that his jeans had been stolen, a band member who had worked out at a gym earlier that night went out to his car to retrieve an old pair of sweat pants.

Jake was squatting on the floor, gritting his teeth and trying to extract the greasy plug from his ass, much to the amusement of his band mates, when the club’s manager stepped in the door.

“I don’t know what the hell kind of freaky shit you boys got goin’ on back here but you was s’posed to be on stage ten minutes ago,” he exclaimed. “Now git out there and play some music or I’m docking your pay!”

Later that night when Jake was able to mindlessly chug through the power chords of songs he had played hundreds of times before, his guitar strap chaffing one shoulder still raw from the earlier flogging, the rest of his backside aching, and his butthole sore and uncomfortably greasy, he was able to consider his position. He had no doubt that Raven would be calling him in the near future with an invitation to come over to her house to be punished by one of his ex-girlfriends.

While he had endured a few such punishment sessions to date, until tonight none had been so devious and humiliating, baiting him into a trap, and then abandoning him when it was over so that he would be discovered by his friends. Knowing his band mates, and the sometimes small world of local musicians, people would be having laughs at his expense for many years. Bad as that reality was, Jake was certain that Raven would arrange something much worse if he declined her next invitation. The only thing he could do was to wait for Raven’s inevitable phone call.

Alexandria paced to and fro across her bedroom floor. She had a lot on her mind and had been finding it hard to preoccupy herself with any one task. It was her second week back from her visit to the Baron which her husband had arranged without her knowledge. During her time there she had learnt a lot about men, about sex, about how to comport herself in the presence of one who had complete control over her body. While the Baron was treating her like the plaything she knew she had become, Alexandria had dreamed of the revenge she would exact on her husband when she returned, imagining jumping out of her carriage and tearing into him with her nails, of grabbing a guard’s sword and thrusting it into his chest. But when she did return to him, stepping nimbly, as she was in quite some pain, out of her carriage, the violence gathered up inside her suddenly dissipated and she looked shyly to the ground. The prince had escorted her back to her quarters and afterwards departed without so much as a word over what he had put her through. His behaviour in the next couple of days was not uncharacteristic of him; aloof and short of words, if anything had changed it was the lack of physical camaraderie they no longer enjoyed. She almost missed the smack of his guiding hand on her backside, signifying it was time for her to skip into their bed. As it was he had taken to sleeping in a different chamber from her.

Alexandria was not sure how she felt about this, on the one hand she was still furious about how she had been treated, like a bargaining token in a game of craps, she angrily thought, but then she dearly missed his touch and would stay awake late at night thinking of him, stretching out in the king-sized bed they used to toss and turn in together; her hand straying, against her better judgment, down to her spread legs and the lips of her pussy. Unbeknownst to her husband though, she had not given up her hopes to achieve some measure of revenge upon him, and as she strode, nervously yet with a certain icy resolve, across her floor, she constantly glanced to an hourglass on top of her nightstand. The sand in the upper bulb had almost completely drained into the lower. The time to act was nigh! Alexandria waited a few more moments, stroking the pleats out of her short nightgown; taking a big breath she picked up a candle stick and a small velvet bag and walked out into the hall. Going down the passages that were poorly lit, she flitted like a shadow, intent upon fulfilling what she had set out to accomplish. Her bare feet lightly padded against the stone, as she strained her ears to hear if anyone was up ahead. The castle was asleep though, and she reached her husband’s door without trouble. Entering it, she put the candle and the bag down and looked towards the bed. Her husband’s head could be seen topping the duvet he was under. Sidling up to the bedside, Alexandria yanked the covers off him. He didn’t stir. She looked at his muscular body splayed out upon the sheets, his firm thighs, and the hair upon his chest. He looked less imposing while fast asleep. The object of her desire and woe curiously impotent as it too lay helpless under her strict gaze.

She stood over him and drawing back her hand slapped his cheek hard. His eyes shot open and he made as if to move, but instead of bolting upright, or at the very least, attempting to shield his face from further blows, his hands lifted off the bed and, as if they were overcome by an exertion of some sort, fell down again. Alexandria who had been holding her breath let out a sigh of relief as her eyes shone and a flickering smile replaced her anxious demeanour. She had been expecting this reaction from her husband. Testing if her plan was entirely successful her hand coquettishly slipped down to her husband’s cock, and cupping it gingerly in her hand, began to pump up and down on it; seeing it get hard so quickly made her turn her smiling face to her husband, whose pallor was, conversely, decidingly white, perhaps realizing now what sort of situation he was in.

“It’s time for you, my dear, to experience a little bit of what I had to endure when you so casually put me in the captivity of another.” She waited for a response. The prince moved his lips but no sound came out. His frightened expression though was easy enough to read.

Alexandria was overjoyed that her plan had worked so well; caught between excitement over what was to befall them and a sense of anger that it had taken so long to arrive, she seesawed between the two emotions. A few days ago she had stolen away in the dead of night to an old lady who was rumoured to be a witch. This lady, her maid had told her, could brew wondrous potions of various effects and if one would grace her hand with silver they could be bought for a price. She had met up with this lady at her cottage in the woods and asked for a magical potion that would render a man immobile; one that would still allow him to feel and to be aroused, but prevent him from actively engaging with the sensation. The witch had vowed that there was nothing magical about her concoctions, and seemed also for some reason to be offended at being labelled a witch, she said they were simply herbs from her garden, but that she could mix up something to fulfil the princesses wishes anyway. When Alexandria had got what she wanted from the witch it was a simple matter of coercing her maid into spiking her husband’s evening tipple of whisky to complete her designs.

Enjoying seeing her husband so defenceless, she rolled him onto his front, where he laid tensing his muscles and wriggling ever so slightly. Slapping his upturned buttocks, Alexandria was reminded; firstly, of all the times he had done so to her, but more vividly of the Baron’s treatment of her, which had been far more inventive and cruel. She shuddered to think about it now, but instead of banishing it from her thoughts, used it instead as fuel to stoke the fire of her vengeance. She traced her nails across her husband’s back relishing the imprint they left. Jumping onto the bed alongside him, she bent over his prone body and whispered into his ear:

“I want you tonight to feel what I feel every time you hold me down and fuck me.” She couldn’t believe she was uttering these words; considering how she had been raised, until a short time ago she had not even known what the word “fuck” had meant, let alone said it. But after having been forced to beg for it repeatedly, forced to crawl along the floor and entreat her master to fuck her, she had become quite accustomed to the language. Jumping off the bed again, Alexandria couldn’t help repress a giggle at what she was about to do. Reaching into the velvet bag she had brought along she withdrew a contraption, which after she had slid it up her hips and stood in profile, her husband, with mounting fear, realized was a strap-on.

“A little memento from your friend’s wife, I hope you like it.” While she was imprisoned the Baron had enjoyed watching, at his leisure, the sight of his wife screwing Alexandria. There had been an elaborate ritual of foreplay, mostly involving ropes and paddles, but it always ended with the Baron’s wife slipping inside Alexandria’s pussy and fucking her gently with the strap-on. Before she left the princess had been given it as a gift, something to remind her of her time spent there. She thought it thoroughly ironic that she was now going to use it on her husband.

His eyes were wide open and they didn’t budge once from the strap-on, peeking out from under her nightie, as she sauntered back over to the bed.

“I see I have your attention now.”

Standing at the head of the bed, she reached for her husband’s hair and pulled him to her so he was face to face with the object of his gaze.

“Like it, do you?” With her hand still firmly gripping his hair, she made him nod, like a puppet on a string. Alexandria grinned, exactly the sort of grin that you would expect from a princess who for too long had not been getting her own way. She inched his mouth closer to the strap-on, with a finger easily prying his mouth open, she nudged the head of it into his mouth.

“Now I know you have just enough energy to suck on it… Now come on, if you don’t I’ll only prolong this game.” He hesitated for a moment, and then he ran his lips across her prosthetic cock, ashamedly sucking her off. “That’s it, baby. Who’s my little bitch now?” She applied pressure to the back of his head. He was taking it all in his mouth now, going up and down on it like he did this every day.

“That’s it. Get it all wet for me. Don’t forget where this is going. You’re doing this for your own sake too remember.”

Eventually Alexandria tired of watching him suck her off, so she popped the strap-on out of his mouth and went around the bed. He couldn’t see where she was, but she knew he could feel the bed sag as she crawled on all fours up behind him. She started stroking his thighs with her hands and then with her tongue, getting gradually closer to his ass. She flicked her tongue around the corners of his asshole, savouring his minute trembling, whether of pleasure or the apprehension of what was to come, she couldn’t quite tell. It didn’t stop her though from slipping a finger inside him; he spasmodically bucked as it drove in, and as she tickled his prostrate, she was certain she could hear him whimper into the pillow.

“You think this is painful? Trust me it’s possible to fit quite a lot up someone’s ass if you want to, as you allowed me to find out.” She said bitterly as she cast her mind back to the Baron’s sadistic pleasure at seeing her squirm beneath him, his cock shoved deep within her.

Quickly drawing her finger out, she lined up the strap-on with his ass, spitting on the head of the cock for lubrication, she took her time pressing into him, knowing full well there was no way for him to escape it. At first his sphincter proved adamant in rejecting her advances, but with perseverance she broke through and sank into him, inch by inch reclaiming, or so she thought, all the dignity and pride she had lost since the beginning of their marriage. She slid into him until the fake balls of the strap-on rested on his own. She took a deep breath and looked down at him, struck right through like a boar on a spit, moving his head back and forth, futilely tried to lift himself off the sheets. She leant down and again whispered in his ear:

“Now who’s in charge? You think you’re the big man of the castle still? Ha, can you imagine the gossip if they knew you were being ridden by your dainty, O’ so submissive wife. Perhaps I should get one of the grooms in here, if I get tired. Order him to have a turn on you, would you like that?” The princess began to rock her hips slowly, the strap-on gliding back and forth within her husband. “Hmmm, you seem to be liking this… I’ll take that as a yes, shall I? Alexandria maliciously laughed as she increased the pace, pounding into her husband’s ass, venting all her frustration and rage into fucking him. She came all the way out, once or twice, letting him think it was over for a moment, before plunged right back in, thrusting even more vehemently. She saw that he was hard and wanting with all her heart for him to cum in this position, she reached underneath and tugged at his manhood, jerking him off as she fucked him. He came in her hand and she felt his sperm trickle through her fingers. Exhausted, she slowly retreated out of him and rolled to one side. To her astonishment her husband rolled on top of her and pinned her down. She struggled but to no avail, the potion should have lasted much longer, what went wrong, she thought to herself. Her husband with a slight smile spoke:

“I’m sure you’re wondering how I’ve suddenly gained control over all my faculties so suddenly? The truth of the matter is… Well it was all a fraud. The witch, the potion, even you maid was in league with me. I wished you to take control; to exercise some of that power which you have seen me, not to mention the Baron, wield. You could only do so if you were confident that you had some advantage over me, hence the whole intricate get-up. Only with it did I believe you’d have the courage to take the reins. And you did so splendidly, I must say. I’ve wanted our relationship to be on an even footing from day one, but I didn’t want our marriage to descend into an elderly slumber of stale sex and routine motions. And from tonight I get the impression you’re of the same mind…”

He tapered off waiting for some sign of agreement, of acknowledgement. Alexandria was speechless as he told her of his plans. She realized that she had been unwittingly guided by him all this time, but hadn’t she learnt something about herself during the whole process? Had it not made her a different person, a more well-rounded, adventurous individual? She looked up into her husband’s eyes that were seeking her confirmation and not speaking raised her head and locked lips with him… giving him the sign that he had been hoping for.

The End

As your mistress I owe you no explanation. I owe you no confession. I am, however, so very proud of you and how far you have come, I feel as though you have earned a bit of relief.

I read your confession over repeatedly. I was so very pleased. You truly have given yourself to me. You have come to understand that giving me your complete trust and compliance has allowed you to express a side of your personality that you might not have discovered otherwise. I am proud to have been able to give you that freedom. I am so very pleased that you have discovered that your complete obedience has allowed you to find that your boundaries are not quite where you thought they were.

Last night after your service I lied beside you. I heard your tears in the dark. I know precisely how you are feeling today. You had set a firm boundary in your mind and your heart and I pressed you across it. I feared all evening you would end this with a simple word and yet you took all I had to give you. This morning you are feeling regret and sadness. You are feeling these things only because I am allowing you. Because I am taking you further.

Everything last night had a purpose. I had to break you loose. I had to drive you past where you thought you would ever go. First with instructions you felt you could not cross, then by rewarding you, you came to accept.

Last weekend, after you read me your confession and then serviced me too splendidly, I instructed you I needed a weekend. You expressed the difficulty it would be arranging it but you complied. You did everything that needed to be done in the face of so many obstacles, real and imaginary. You gave me yourself for the weekend. You arrived last night as instructed. Clean, shaved, prepared, and naked beneath the coat I had sent you home in that first night. You entered the room without a word and did as you were told.

You gave me your pussy. I love to eat your pussy and hear your cries as you come. My slave deserves her rewards. You took my fingers and came for me again. Finally, bent over, you took my strap on dick. You took it in your pussy and then spread wide and gave me your ass. Do you remember how difficult that had been at first? You have come so very far.

You had been so compliant I considered foregoing the restraints. I thought they might not be necessary. I also thought about how much you love them. How you love to be subjected to my every whim when you have no escape. I restrained you for your own pleasure. Your mistress is always thinking of you.

I felt in your confession your trust. I believe you do trust that I am always thinking of you. I believe you try to trust me completely. I know you lay beside me questioning that trust. My sweet, sweet slut, I will prove myself to you shortly and your trust will be total.

You had experienced the table only once. I had only let you experience it once. I wanted you to be comfortable in it but not completely aware of it. I did not blindfold you while I bound you. I wanted you to be able to see the cuffs locked in place. I wanted to watch your face and that is why I had my slave do it for me.

I know when you are excited. I watched the anticipation in your eyes. You try to do as you are told and hide it from me but I know. I am your mistress; I am supposed to know these things. You rested your knees on the supports and laid your belly upon the table. Your breasts hang deliciously through the cutouts. My slave strapped your ankles in place. He strapped your wrists in place and then adjusted the braces so that your arms were extended just where they should be. I wanted you restrained but comfortable. He pulled the lever and you lurched forward as the table laid flat. He adjusted the leg rests and stirrups until your legs were spread wide for me.

You love to be spread wide for me. You love to be my slut. I love to see it open like that for me and I will admit it was hard even for me to resist your delicious lips and clitty. I contented myself with your tits. I teased and pinched your tits until I knew you wanted it. I love the way you get excited when I tease your nipples. I love to put you on the edge. It was time.

I kneeled in front of you. I kissed your red lips. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Your eyes expressed the truth of those words.


“Yes, Mistress.”

“You have been such a good slut. You have been so completely obedient.”

“Thank you, mistress.” You knew you had spoken unnecessarily and the crop fell on your ass with a delicious slap. I nearly licked my lips looking at you bent over, strapped down, spread open. It was time.

“So you like it when I teach you new things?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You eat a good pussy. Do you like to eat my pussy, slut?”

“Yes Mistress.” My pussy was dripping just thinking about it.

“You like my tongue in your cunt, too, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress.”

“You are such a good little dyke. Are you a dyke now slut?”

“Yes, mistress. I am a good dyke.” I delighted at getting to spank your beautiful round ass. I let the crop fall twice.


“No mistress. I am your dyke.”

Again, I slapped your ass. “You lie. I know it. You want dick.”

“No mistress. I want your pussy.”

“Don’t lie to your mistress.” Slap! “I know you leave me and run home and suck cock. I know you let him fuck that pussy of yours.”

“Yes mistress. I let him fuck me. You tell me to fuck him. I fuck him like you say. I suck him like you say.” Oh, the confusion in your voice. You were questioning me. I was pressing your last boundary. You make me so hot, you sweet little slut.

“So you still want dick?”

“Yes mistress. I still want my husband’s dick.” Sadness in your confession. The last boundary. You didn’t want to take a dick. You confessed to cheating on him but it wasn’t cheating, was it? You had never taken a dick.

“Are you my slut?”

“Yes mistress, I am your slut.”

“Do you trust your mistress?”

“Yes mistress, I trust you.” Your neck was tired and your head hung loose from your shoulders. Your arms were stretched above your head and you gripped the leather straps that held you in place. Your pussy was spread wide open. You had to trust me, and yet I was about to betray you.

“I really didn’t expect to have to take another slave on so soon. I had planned to take things slowly with you. You have come so far so quickly though.” I walked around you, stroking your arms and back. You are such a beautiful slut. I am lucky. I pulled on the blindfold. “Let me introduce you to, Cock.” You heard and felt him standing beside me. I could tell because you turned your head.

“I really have no need for a male slave. They are a bit of a bore.” I kept walking around you. You couldn’t tell because you were blind but I had Cock on a lead. He was naked except the cock ring I used to keep his dick ready, the ball gag I used to keep him quiet, and the collar I used to attach the leash. I was reasonably pleased at how he looked and how he behaved, but like I said, I had no use for him. Cock is for you. “I don’t even really think of him as a slave. He is more of a tool, like my strap on, something to be used. Grunt for the lady, will you please, Cock?” I slapped his ass and he grunted. Your body tightened. You knew it was for real.

“Do you want to try my Cock, Slut?”

“No mistress.” I expected that. You were spanked anyway.


“Mistress, please.” Another slap.

“You said you trusted your mistress.” I slapped your ass again, just for fun.

“I do trust you.”

This time the crop swung from my ankle upwards, under the table, and fell upon your lusciously large and natural tit. You jumped a little, it was unexpected.

“But you don’t want my cock?”

“No mistress.” And you knew it was coming. Again the crop sung up and struck your tit. Balls out now. I had to break you. I took a fistful of your hair and pulled your face up. You felt my breath on your ear.

“Do you trust me?” I whispered.

“Yes, Mistress.” I thought you were crying.

“Do you want my cock?”

“No mistress.” The crop fell again on your hard nipple. I slapped it again for good measure.

It went on longer. Three times, maybe four. I looked under the table to see the light pink stripes across your tits.

“My sweet little slut, I guess it is time that I release you. I will be sad but I will find another slut. She probably won’t have these sweet tits though.” I paused.

“No Mistress…” Yes! “I will be your slut.”

“And you will take my Cock?”

“Yes Mistress, I will take your cock.”

“Go ahead Cock.” He was hard as a fucking rock. I have to admit, I was impressed. “Fuck the shit out of my little slut.”

You took it so well. He fucked you forever. I barked orders and pinched your nipples. I wanted to unbind your eyes so you could watch how I fingered myself but that can be next time. You were quiet far too long and I had to coax you out of your little pout. “Come for me Slut! Take that cock and come hard for your mistress.” I was so pleased when you complied.

I have to admit I have my kinks. Some are a little too hard for me to resist. When Cock pulled out of you I ate the cum out of your sweet little pussy. Your mistress has her weaknesses too, and this is just such a dirty little slut thing to do. My Mistress made me do it. It was my boundary. I still eat a cream pie any time I can. You, my sweet little slut, are going to give me a cream pie a lot.

You just walked in and told me we have to talk. I expected this all day. I told you I need 30 minutes. You are going to tell me I went too far and that you have to go home and you have to admit everything to your little husband and that it is over. You had your boundary and it was too much for you to cross.

Change of plan. I am going to let you read this while I go get Cock. He’s been waiting for us locked naked in the other room. He is just too easy a mark. Men are such boring submissives. They will do anything to get laid.

I’m not going to let you go. You will insist and I resist. You will insist further and I will let you go. You gave yourself to me. I have dressed in my full on uniform. I have pulled my hair back. I am going to lie here in bed while you try to leave. I will touch myself casually. In the end you will want me. In the end you will give yourself to me.

Later I will show you your trust was not misplaced. Later though. You will have to be punished first for trying to leave me. You will have to take Cock again just for good measure.

Fuck, I am horny again. Are you going to be a good slut for me?

All my love,

Your Mistress.

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