July’s the worst damn part of the year in Mississippi, ain’t it? It’s hotter than hell here in the courthouse, and I’ve been waiting for my turn to come up over an hour. It’ll be a while, so I figure I’ll fill y’all in, since you seem new to these parts, to how it works around here. It’s been a full year since they passed the “Protecting Our Society” Act up in Jackson, and after all the bullshit and bad press in the national media, it looks like the Slut Courts are here to say.

Sorry, I guess if you ain’t from around here, you might still call ‘em “Family and Morality Tribunals.” Folks that know better call ‘em what they are: Slut Court. It’s where all the sexual degenerates go to have their case heard. If you don’t know about it, let me tell you: the State of Mississippi’s got some new ideas about sexual deviants that are a little different from New York City and San Francisco. I’ve made a business outta offering my legal expertise to some of the girls caught up by the law, and let me tell you, business is good.

For those of y’all ain’t heard, the POS law was Mississippi’s answer to all the teen pregnancy and what they called “sexual degeneracy.” They’d already shut down all the abortion clinics and gone abstinence-only in the schools. They’ll cut ya off welfare and Medicaid for the slightest infraction, too. They couldn’t really get birth control out, but they damn sure tried. The politicians up in Jackson got hold of an idea to criminalize a bunch of, let’s call ‘em, lascivious behaviors–whatever Washington would let ‘em get away with–and then set up some new courts to hold all the extra cases.

You try to get them cheap bastards to pay for a court, though, and you’ll see how quick it almost shut down. So, as far as I see it, the Slut Courts got the runts of the litter all around: worst judges, worst DAs, and the worst public defenders. Believe me, that’s sayin’ a lot.

Me, I got into it for the same reason that most of them bunch stuck around: the pussy. I mean, I’m defending a bunch of girls brought up on charges for criminal sluttery. Why not have ‘em pay me with ass? My law degree is barely worth the paper it’s printed on in a real court, but hell, in Slut Court I’m Clarence Fuckin’ Darrow.

Let me tell you about the best–and worst–case I ever took. So anyways, ’bout six months before, I had a girl from Pascagoula, brought up on charges for anal sex with a couple of boys from the high school. She was facing a $5000 fine and some community service time, and the girl was losing her goddamn mind over it. See, it turns out, her daddy was a preacher, and if word got out about what she was up to, his name wouldn’t be worth shit all over town.

The little slut’s name was Mary Sue. I shit you not. Brunette, teenage, even a damn cheerleader–she’d make your dick damn near bust out the front of your britches. She was a little thing, too, “petite,” they call ‘em: just a hair over 5 feet tall, with a tight little ass and perky tits you just want to suck on ’til she gets nice and wet. Her momma was like that too, and her daddy the preacher wasn’t no big man, neither. She got her momma’s looks, thank the Lord. I could see how her little freckles and cherry lips would really set the boys off. Her long, brown hair, usually up in a pony tail, would make a nice handle to hold her up when you’re fucking her doggie, that’s for damn sure.

She came to me about in tears and begged me to take her case. My practice was barely holdin’ on, money wise: there ain’t even a receptionist at my office to this day. I took her back into my office and told her to fill me in on all the details and not to leave nothing out might be relevant to the case.

“Well, sir,” she said, “I known Cody all my life. We started foolin’ around when I was sixteen, but nothin’ much ’til the past few months.”

I just had to interrupt her. I like to get as much of the facts as I can from these little tramps. “Knowledge is power,” like the man says.

“Now, did you violate the law at all during this time?”

She wrinkled her forehead. Shit, she sure made thinking look hard.

“Sir, I’m not real sure about the law. Are you asking about any…’sexual relations’ ‘tween me and Cody?”

I told her that’s what I meant, and she spilled. Evidently, the boy never did much for her pleasure, but she’d been sucking his dick for a few years off and on before they started “dating.” Around here, “dating” usually meant it was time for a girl to start spreadin’ her legs, and I figured that was next. I wasn’t ready to move on from my questions, though.

“I’m sorry, honey,” I asked her, trying to keep it real professional soundin’, “but I gotta ask. The law’s got different punishments for different levels of sexual degeneracy. I need to know: during these ‘oral incidents’ were you clothed, partially nude, or fully nude?”

She turned redder than a stop sign.

“At first I was…partially clothed, but after some spills, I was mostly nude after that.”

I continued.

“In addition to oral sex on the penis, did you also engage in oral activities with the young man’s testicles?”

You could tell she was really starting to sweat.

“You mean his balls? I reckon I did, sir. Is that bad?,” she asked.

“All the way in, or just your tongue?,” I asked.

She looked like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“All the way, sir,” was all she could manage.

“Is it bad? To be honest, some people might take that as evidence of a history of sexual deviancy,” I informed her.

She looked ashamed. I can’t lie–I get off a bit on humiliating these whores that come into my office.

“Now, you said there was no vaginal contact in these prior incidents. Did you ever have any oral contact on Cody’s anal area?”

I threw that one in just to fuck with her. Her eyes went wide, and she squirmed a bit in her seat.

“No, sir, I wouldn’t do that kind of thing.”

“Well, I had to ask once I learned of your habit of inserting testicles into your mouth. Alright, Mary Sue, one last question on this subject. Did you ever commit the unlawful act of swallowing the boy’s semen? This one is pretty serious.”

She went from grossed out to a little scared. I’d definitely caught her on this one.

“Well, sir,” she said slowly, “I got some in my eye one time and it hurt like…heck. After that, I figured it was simpler to just let him do it in my mouth.”

I shot her a concerned look, real worried.

“That kind of sexual deviancy and moral degeneration might make the case a little tougher. It shows a pattern of immoral and anti-social behavior. Don’t you worry, though, I’ll make sure to spin it with the judge the best I can.”

Mary Sue started to tell me the details of what happened the night she got fucked in the ass, since that’s really what the case was about. She had gone over to Cody’s house thinking a bunch of their friends would be there. When she arrived, there was just Cody and a boy named Dontrell. She started to freeze up after she said his name.

“What happened next, honey?”

She was breathing heavy and wouldn’t keep her head up to look at me. I could tell she was nervous and embarrassed, so I gave her a minute to get her shit straight.

“Cody told me that he owed Dontrell some money for something. He wouldn’t say what. Dontrell didn’t say nothing, just sat there smilin’, like he knew what was gonna happen. Cody asked me if I loved him, and I told him I did. Then he told me that Dontrell said he’d let Cody’s debts slide for a chance to do it with me.”

At that moment I thanked the lord for the privacy panel on my desk. I couldn’t have the little bitch see my hard-on while I was listening to her sob story. With a little encouragement from me, she continued.

“I was real scared. I didn’t know Dontrell, but I didn’t want him to hurt Cody. I hoped that maybe I could just give him a blowjob. I didn’t want him…I mean, Mr. Whalley–I’m still a virgin.”

I’ve been taking these cases for a year now, and I’ve never met an actual virgin. At first I thought she was lying, but the story she told convinced me.

“Dontrell took me into Cody’s bedroom and took his clothes off. His thing was pretty big–bigger than Cody’s at least–and he told me to strip off my shirt and start…he called it ‘slobbin’ his knob.’ I was glad, ’cause I thought that if he got off that way, he’d leave me and Cody alone. It didn’t go like that, though. After five or six minutes of sucking, he pushed my head away and told me to take off my bottoms.”

I wanted to ask her to describe herself sucking a fat cock, but I couldn’t think up a flimsy legal justification at the moment.

“I told Dontrell I was a virgin and begged him to let me finish him with just my mouth. He wasn’t rough or nothing; actually, he was pretty laid back. He told me he had an idea, and then he went rummagin’ around in the bathroom for sumthin’. When he came back, he brought some, like, baby oil. Then he told me I could stay a virgin if I let him put it in my butt.”

“Now, Miss Cummings,” I interrupted, “am I correct in saying that Mr. Wilkins propositioned you for an act of anal fornication?”

“Yes, Mr. Whalley, he said he was gonna fornicate my anus.”

“Proceed, Miss Cummings…”

“Well, I was real scared, but he told me he did it all the time, and that he would go real slow and stretch my hole out first.”

I asked her what she said in response, and she said that she agreed to go along with the boy’s plans. Damn, I wanted to switch place with that son of a bitch. Mary Sue, prodded along by yours truly, described a handful of household implements that found themselves, one after enough, lodged in her asshole: a magic marker, a hairbrush handle, and finally, a little tapered lotion bottle. To be honest, I’da probably blown my load just seein’ that happen. Hey, boy’s got stamina.

Anyway, once he’d stretched her out, he evidently filled her her asshole with that baby oil and started drilling her anally from behind. Mary Sue told me it hurt, even after all the stretching, but that she didn’t ever tell him to stop. Listening to her describe her own ass fucking gave me time to devise some more legal inquiries.

“You’re doing great here, Mary Sue,” I encouraged her, “now I just need to know how this incident escalated to include Cody’s involvement.”

“Well, sir, after Dontrell…finished–”

I cut her off.

“Miss Cummings, what was the nature of this climax?”

“He came,” she said, wincing in humiliation, “inside my butt.”

“So you’re saying that Mr. Wilkins ejaculated his semen into your rectum?”

“Yes, sir, he did. By that time, Cody was watching, and when Dontrell left, he said it was his turn.”

“Did you express any opposition to Cody engaging you in further anal intercourse?”

“Well, by then I was little…discombobulated. I didn’t really say much of nothin’, and Cody just started right where Dontrell left off.”

“And Cody’s semen, Miss Cummings? Where did that end up?”

“Same place as Dontrell’s, Mr. Whalley. Same place.”

“Well, honey,” I told her in my best reassuring voice, “it seems like you’ve admittedly violated a number of Mississippi laws against sodomy and against the acceptance of multiple men’s semen into your bodily cavities. On top of that, you’ve committed countless acts of unlawful ingestion of male reproductive fluids. How’d the police catch wind of this little incident?”

“Sir, I think Dontrell told people around town. Only way I can figure.”

I assured Mary Sue that I had a good relationship with the judge, and that I could help her. Then I hit her with the likely price tag and she nearly pissed herself.

“I can’t afford that, Mr. Whalley. That’ll cost as much as the fine! What’m I supposed to do?”

“Well, now, that might seem like a lot, but a case like yours is all kinds of complicated, what with your admitted participation in a degenerate act of anal sex with multiple young men. Why don’t you ask your momma and daddy for the cash?”

“They don’t know nothing ’bout any of this. It’d kill them!”


“Well, missy, I’m sure we can work something out. I’ll find a way to put you to work, maybe, and you won’t have to pay the sticker price. I could use you around the office–I haven’t had time to hire me an assistant with all these cases I’m handling down at the courthouse. How’s that sound?”

She promised to pay me or work for me, if we could figure something out. I know what you’re thinking: I shoulda just fucked her then and there. Trust me: these girls can be unpredictable. I knew a better way to make sure she didn’t cause no trouble.

That week, I took her on a little road trip. She told her parents she was going to volunteer rebuilding a church that burnt down a few hours up the road. I knew she couldn’t be seen in a Slut Court around here, so we drove up north a ways to sit in on a session. There was no real legal reason to do it, but I told her it was important to see how the things work in case she does end up giving “secret testimony” in the judge’s chambers. Mostly, I just wanted to scare the living shit out of her and make her do what I say.

Once we arrived, there was already a crowd of men standing around outside the court. All the old lechers and horndogs attend these things–gives ‘em something to go home and beat off to, I say. We got a seat inside and watched a couple of cases proceed.

Slut Court was nothing if not efficient. Old Judge Radbourn got ‘em in and got ‘em out. The first girl was there for unlawful seduction of an authority figure. Turns out she was caught in the parking lot of the local high school, riding her math teacher’s dick in the driver’s seat of his Chrysler. He got fired, but she caught the charge.

I mighta gotten myself fired for her, though–one of them big-titted sluts who’ll probably grow up to be a land whale. At eighteen years old, though, she’s just built to fuck: full lips, nice hourglass, with a big ‘ol round ass. I love a redhead, too.

This one, unfortunately, was just pleadin’ out, so there wasn’t no testimony. That’s the best part, usually–some fella telling the whole court how he fucked a girl, him walkin’ out a stud, and her pickin’ up litter for bein’ a dumb slut. That gave the men a whole lotta “leverage” for keepin’ women in their place. You think them legislature boys thought about that before passin’ the law?

I watched Mary Sue’s heart sink when the judge announced that the girl would have to pick up garbage outside the high school for a month after school. They liked to put all the girls they punish in slut court together for these things, so that if a guy knows one girl’s a slut, then he knows the whole crew was caught for some kind of fornicatin’.

The next girl was facing a pretty steep penalty: multiple counts of reproductive fluid ingestion and a count of contributing to the dissolution of a marriage, one of the worst crimes. Turns out she was a babysitter for a couple, and the husband took to comin’ home earlier than expected, just to catch some time alone with her. Anyway, the little bitch told his wife, and she up and left him. Let’s say that he was an enthusiastic witness for the prosecution.

“Sir, on the night in question, can you describe the acts performed by the defendant, Miss Carter?”

“Yes, sir. Miss Carter removed her clothing, and then my trousers, and began to suck my cock.”

The judge interrupted, and I took my chance to hold on to Mary Sue’s hand and guide my own hand to her thigh. I was especially happy that the girl looked similar enough to Mary Sue herself–brunette, a bit scrawny, but cute as hell when she’s all made up for court. What made it even better was how beat to hell the fucker up on the stand was. It made me chuckle to think of a fugly son of a bitch gettin’ head from such a cute little pole smoker.

“Sir, please use proper language. This is a court of law, not some locker room.”

“Apologies, judge. Ummm… the young lady in question performed oral fornications on my penis,” he said.

“And this was not the first time that the defendant performed fellatio on you, Mr. Conroy?,” the prosecutor asked.

“No, sir. She regularly seduced me into letting her perform fellatio on me.”

The girl’s defense counsel was ol’ Roy Haskins, one of central Mississippi’s shittiest known lawyers, a man who couldn’t win a case if his life depended on it. He sat there, slack-jawed while the prosecution ran all over his girl.

“One last question for the court, sir. In any of these oral copulations, did Ms. Carter ever swallow your ejaculate?”

“Yes, sir. After I told her not to make a mess on my carpet, she always swallowed my sperm.”

The prosecutor was done, and you know the defense didn’t have any questions. I was lucky to walk into this one. This snippy bitch was about to get bent over by Judge Radbourn, right in front of my mark, little Mary Sue.

“Well, I’ve heard enough. Can the defendant rise?”

The girl stood up, her knees wobblin’. She could tell she was about to get bushwhacked as much as the rest of us.

“Miss Carter, your lascivious, immoral efforts to entrap a married man by repeated acts of fellatio are an affront to the morals and values of the good people of Mississippi. The court levies a $5,000 fine and orders you to obtain a letter of satisfaction from Mr. Conroy, that you have undone the damage caused to his marriage through your actions. Do you understand, girl?”

Even from the side, you could see her face just on fire, probably from shame and anger all at the same time.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry for what I done.”

I figured it couldn’t get much better than that, so I took Mary Sue by the hand and helped steady her as she stood up.

“Is it always like this?,” she asked me, clearly fighting back tears.

“No, sweetie,” I told her, “they went really easy on these two.”

Her face went white as a ghost. I waited for that Carter girl to walk out before following her. I knew what was coming.

Once we opened the door, we stepped into a crowd of people, mostly middle-aged men, but some teenage boys and even a few older women. They were whoopin’ and hollerin’ calling the girl a “slut” and threatenin’ to take care of her themselves. Mary Sue was terrified, and I knew then and there she’d do anything to avoid that kind of scene. A young guy, maybe 18, came up and asked me if Mary Sue was my sweetheart or if I was her lawyer. She could tell she’d be in for the same treatment if I told the truth, but I pulled her in close and squeezed her tight ass a bit.

“She’s my little honey bunny, ain’t ya, Mary Sue?”

She smiled weakly, and then strained upwards to give me a little peck on the cheek.

“That’s right, big daddy.”

I decided right then that she was gonna call me that later tonight. I smirked a bit watchin’ that Carter girl go up to talk to Mr. Conroy. I had a feeling that the only way she was gonna get that letter signed was to suck his dick and a whole lot more. Good for him.

As I drove Mary Sue home, I figured I’d use the time to put her in the right frame of mind.

“I want to set you straight on what’s gonna happen in your case. If we were to go to trial, both the boys would be called to the stand. The state likes to immunize the boys to get them to tell the whole story. That means they’d describe all the sexual incidents in graphic detail.”

“And everyone could hear?,” she asked in horror.

“Everyone in town who can fit in that courtroom, and that means everyone from church. At a hearing like that, you’d almost certainly be found guilty, even if you stood up there and lied. Now we could plead guilty, and avoid anybody testifyin’, but you’d still have to go into court to plead. The judge would still read out the charges publicly, and you’d sure as hell end up in the paper.”

Mary Sue slumped in her seat.

“So it’s hopeless, then?”

I made my move.

“Now, hold on. You saw ol’ Roy Haskins slumped over in his chair like dead weight? Well I’m a lot better than him. If I was your lawyer, I could go to the judge and try to work something out to keep this all sealed. Me and Judge Clay back home go way back, and I bet we could find a way for you to face a minor punishment as a first-time sexual degenerate and not have anything go public.”

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Britney loved the Harley-Davidson Electra-glide; loved kicking it into life, feeling the powerful motor rumble to life, loved feeling the motor vibrate between her legs. She loved taking the motorcycle down to the pockmarked Highway 171; each bump and jolt driving the leather seat into her crotch.

She’d bought the motorcycle as a late twenty first birthday present for herself, along with a bar in Holly Bridge, Mississippi. She renamed the Magnolia Lounge the Fleur De Lis and spread the word that there was a new Lesbian bar near the Mississippi State College campus.

Britney looked up at the kitchen window of the small home that she and Chin Li shared. For a moment, she saw Chin Li’s face in the window, and then the small face disappeared.

She double-checked her helmet chin strap, stomped her foot down on the gear peg and surged forward. Twenty minutes later, she pulled up to the bar and smiled. There were nine trucks and four cars in the parking lot, and six other motorcycles.

Britney frowned as she spotted Sandy’s Kawasaki 900, the garish green crotch rocket almost an insult to the other chrome monsters around it.

“Fucking bitch better not give me shit tonight; I just ain’t in the fucking mood,” Britney muttered.

Britney took off her helmet and pulled her purse out of the small storage compartment. She rummaged around in the purse and found her hairbrush.

She brushed her short blonde hair and shook her head as Mickey, the burley bouncer, whistled at her.

“You’re fucking gorgeous, Wertmuller; just get in there, huh?” Mickey playfully teased her boss.

Lesbian or not, motorcycle or not, Britney was feminine, liked looking pretty, liked looking her best. She used to have long blonde hair, but a motorcycle helmet made long hair impractical, and sometimes unsafe. But, her short hair was styled in a manner that framed her beautiful face.

“What’s up?” Britney asked casually, making sure that her lace blouse was still tucked into the red leather shorts.

“Nothing, couple of football players from that high school drove by, screaming all kind of shit, but that’s about it,” Mickey said, giving Britney an appraising glance.

Britney had found out, within a month of opening, that college town or not, some people weren’t exactly open-minded about an openly gay bar in their midst. After a few cars had been vandalized, Britney took to hiring off-duty police and ex-military women to act as bouncers slash parking lot security.

“And of course, you scared the shit out of them,” Britney said, glancing at the gun strapped to mickey’s hip.

“Naw, fucking know how expensive bullets are?” Mickey laughed. “I pull this, somebody’s going to get hit, that’s all I got to say.”

Britney gave the burly woman a quick, friendly kiss, and sauntered into the dark club.

A few people called out to her; she greeted some with waves, others she gave quick hugs, and two of them she completely ignored.

“Hey,” she said to Marge, the old woman behind the bar, leaned over and gave the woman a quick kiss.

She laughed as Marge tried to force her tongue into her mouth.

“About six stools down, red hat,” Marge hissed, putting a shot glass in front of Britney.

Marge smirked as Britney gave an almost imperceptible nod.

Marge knew Britney’s tastes; Britney liked them small, liked them young, and liked them scared, defenseless. Britney liked victims, damaged women. The more insecure, the better.

And the girl with the red baseball cap was right up Britney’s alley. Barely five feet tall, with long brown hair, slim figure, and scared out of her mind.

According to Mickey, the girl had sat in her car for nearly fifteen minutes before finally getting the courage to open her car door. From her car, the girl nearly ran for the door of the bar.

From the door, Marge had watched the girl’s skittish travel to the long, tall bar. Once the girl finally decided on a stool, she’d barely whispered her request for a rum and coke.

“You old enough, Sweetie?” Marge had asked, not unkindly.

“Yes ma’am,” the girl had whispered and pulled out an obviously fake ID.

Marge didn’t care; the police had not once raided the place and most likely wouldn’t raid it now. They were too afraid of the negative press that raiding an openly gay bar would bring them. Even if people hated the homosexual lifestyle, they didn’t want to be branded as bigots, so they would throw their support behind the Fleur De Lis bar.

Britney tossed back the whiskey shot and casually looked around, finally looking at the girl that hunkered down on the stool two stools to her right.

“Hey,” she said to the girl, and then continued her surveillance of the bar.

“Hi,” Megan whispered. “Um, are you, you wouldn’t be Denise, um KittyKat, huh?”

“Sorry, what?” Britney asked.

“Um, I’m uh, I’m supposed to be meeting KittyKat, um, said her name’s Denise; she said to wear something red and this was all I could find an…” Megan stammered, tugging on the visor of her cap.

“Sorry, Babe,” Britney smiled easily. “Why? I look like her?”

“Um, no, um, but she said she’d wear something red and I’d wear something red and we’d…” Megan stammered, about to cry.

Britney looked down at her red leather shorts and smiled at Megan. Megan, despite her fear, smiled back.

“Nope, I’m not Denise; whoever that is. “I’m Britney,” Britney said and held out a hand.

“I’m Megan,” Megan said, then almost groaned.

The name on her doctored ID card was Collette, not Megan. And Denise knew her as Collette, not Megan.

“Oh well, too late now,” she thought to herself.

“What you drinking?” Britney asked, gesturing to Marge.

“Rum and coke,” Megan whispered.

“Ready for another one, Sweetie?” Marge asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Megan nodded.

“Hit me,” Britney said and Marge nodded.

Megan quickly finished her first drink and smiled as Marge put the second drink down for her.

Britney raised her shot glass in a silent toast, smiling at Megan.

A song played in the background but the small dance floor only had two couples on it; most of the clientele were crowded around the three billiard tables and five video game consoles.

“Want to dance?” Britney asked, nodding with her head toward the dance floor.

Given a choice, Britney would have rather steered Megan toward the video games, letting a little friendly competition lower Megan’s inhibitions and fears, but the crowd that was on that side of the bar was a rough group; loud, brash.

“Um, okay, um sure,” Megan said and slid herself off of the stool.

Britney looked around at her bar in satisfaction.

She’d bought two scratch-off lottery tickets at a gas station just outside of Mumphrey, Louisiana. Chin Li had rolled her eyes at Britney when Britney had asked if she wanted any.

“Gambling is for fools,” Chin Li had declared. “You’ll never win; the odds are stacked against you.”

“Uh huh,” Britney had laughed. “But for what? Ten bucks? I just bought two dreams.”

“Two dreams?” Chin Li had asked, wrinkling her face in confusion.

“Uh huh. ‘Ooh, I wonder what I’ll do with all that money’ and then when you don’t win on the first one, you move on to the next one and start the dreaming all over again,” Britney had laughed. “See, I got a ‘King Float’ Mardi gras scratch-off and when that one turns out to be a dud, I’ve got this ‘Louisiana Gumbo’ scratch off.”

“And I still have my ten dollars,” Chin Li had said smugly.

“Speaking of which, bitch, cough it up; gas ain’t free,” Britney had smiled and dug a quarter out of her purse.

Britney scratched the film off of the play area and blinked.

To win, the player needed to get three King Floats in a row. Either up and down, or across, or diagonally. There were nine squares on the play area. Britney could see two floats under the removed film and unless it was a trick, there was a third one in view.

(The printer had printed up a test ticket, to make sure the art work was legible and that each thumbnail sketch was distinctive, clearly discernable, one from another. He was supposed to shred the test ticket after the ticket had passed his visual inspection, but accidentally shredded the second test ticket, letting the first ticket pass through the overlay process.)

“Holy fucking shit,” Britney gasped, stunned as she looked at nine King Floats on her ticket.

“What?” Chin Li had asked, looking at her friend and dorm roommate.

“Chin Li, I got all nine floats; you get three in a row, it’s a million dollars,” Britney had whispered urgently.

“You’re making that up,” Chin Li had said dismissively.

The Louisiana Lottery office tried to get out of paying; it was obviously a forgery, or a mistake. Thankfully, Sophia Coutre, a lawyer that lived next door to the Wertnullers in DeGarde, Louisiana, took the case. According to the rules printed on the back of the lottery ticket, Britney was due eight million; she had three matches across, three down, and two diagonal. The printer and the Louisiana Lottery office settled and Britney was awarded five million dollars.

The Harley-Davidson was one of the gifts Britney gave herself. The bar was another gift. The small house she and Chin Li shared, along with four other small homes she rented to college students, preferably gay students was yet another gift.)

“Millionaire or not,” Allison Wertnuller, Britney’s mother had sternly said, “You’re finishing college, you hear?”

Now, taking the sweating hand of Megan and pulling the small girl onto the floor, Britney was pleased with her investment.

Marge smiled as Britney became slightly aggressive; pulling a still quite frightened Megan into an intimate pose. Marge let the song finish, then hit the disc carousel.

“Marge, I fucking hate you!” Britney screamed as ‘Vertigo’ by U2 started.

Marge laughed and turned the volume up.

“Damn it, Marge, you know what that song does to me!” Britney complained.

“Dance, bitch, dance,” Marge demanded.

Megan felt someone grab the collar of her silk blouse and pull her backward off the small dance area.

“Watch this,” a friendly voice laughed.

Britney launched herself into the dance routine she and the DeGarde High School cheerleaders used to perform to the song.

“Oh my God,” Megan gasped as Britney flipped backward, seemingly effortlessly.

“See why I pulled you out of there, Honey?” the woman laughed as more and more of the customers crowded around the dance floor.

The song ended and the crowd applauded as Britney pulled herself out of her leg split.

“Bitch, I’ll get you for that,” Britney yelled at Marge.

“Ooh, I’m so scared,” Marge laughed and hit the carousel again.

“Come on Marge!” Britney yelled as Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ came booming out.

“Come on, just one more, huh?” Marge called back.

“Wow, she’s good,” Megan said to her new friend as Britney did the moonwalk across the small tiled area.

“Uh huh, yeah she is,” the older woman agreed, clapping in time to the music.

“How about…” Marge called as the crowd applauded Britney’s performance.

“No, Marge, no, put on anything else,” Britney complained as Kylie Minogue’s ‘Fever’ came booming out.

“Fine, fine, you’re the boss,” Marge laughed and put on a Taylor Swift song.

“Wow, you’re amazing,” Megan gasped as Britney again pulled her into a very close embrace.

“Thanks,” Britney laughed and chanced a quick little kiss on Megan’s lips.

Megan gasped and pulled herself slightly away, then reminded herself why she was there.

The nineteen year old girl and her twenty year old boyfriend had smoked a few joints, drank a pint of rum, and then shared their deepest sexual fantasies with each other.

“Me too!” Megan had blurted out when Conrad had said that he fantasized about making love with her and another woman.

The moment she sobered up, she regretted admitting to Conrad that she had bisexual feelings; he simply would not let the matter drop. He pressured her and pressured her until she agreed to follow through on the fantasy.

Together, they had logged onto his computer and found a few dating sites that had ‘Alternate’ sections.

KittyKat4U30341 had intrigued them, they made contact, and KittyKat4U30341 had agreed to meeting with Megan at the Fleur De Lis, to see if they were a match. If they did, then of course their next meeting would include Conrad.

She smiled nervously at Britney, and then leaned her head against Britney’s shoulder as they swayed to the music.

(In a dirty dormitory room, KittyKat4U30341, a twenty four year old Teacher’s Assistant cursed herself for again chickening out of going to the Fleur De Lis and meeting with a girl; Collette had sounded so promising. Toni unzipped the red blue jeans and wiggled out of them and dropped them onto the floor. The fact that Collette knew her as Denise and not Toni was of little comfort.)


Megan smiled as Britney pulled her into the small house.

Britney looked around; no sign of Chin Li.

“So, um, you want to sit; get to know one another?” Britney asked, tracing a hand up and down Megan’s arm. “Or, you want to play?”

“Um, I don’t know,” Megan let out a breathy whisper.

“Come on,” Britney said, taking the girl’s hand.

Without the silly baseball cap, Megan was cute. Her face was small, small brown eyes, small nose, and small mouth. Her chest, while not flat, was not very large either. Her waist was tiny; Megan had admitted to Britney that finding jeans was somewhat of a struggle.

“I find ones that don’t just fall off, they’re too tight in the butt,” Megan had complained.

“It is a nice butt,” Britney had said, chancing a quick pat on Megan’s buttock.

“Really? I think it’s too big; I mean look at me! I’m too short! Then you slap a big old butt on top of that?” Megan had said.

“Nah, it’s perfect,” Britney had assured the girl.

Inside her bedroom, Britney turned on her bedside lamp, casting a soft glow in the room.

Megan stood at the foot of the bed, uncertain of what to do.

“Don’t worry, Mary,” Britney whispered, softly touching Megan’s arms, dragging her hands down to Megan’s small hands.

“Um, it’s Megan,” Megan corrected Britney.

“We’ll go as slow as you want to,” Britney assured the girl, kissing her lightly.

Megan closed her eyes and returned Britney’s kiss.

“As slow as you want,” Britney assured the girl and traced the tip of her tongue around Megan’s small lips.

“Oh,” Megan moaned with the intimate gesture.

“I love you, Mary,” Britney whispered into Megan’s ear.

“It’s…” Megan said then moaned again as Britney gently nipped on Megan’s ear lobe.

Britney undid the first button on Megan’s silk blouse and gently kissed Megan’s throat.

“When did you start wearing perfume?” Britney asked, tasting Megan’s perfume on Megan’s skin.

“I’ve always, it’s my favor…” Megan said, confused.

“Smells nice,” Britney assured her and undid another button.

“Oh, Megan moaned as Britney softly kissed the newly exposed flesh.

“Like that?” Britney asked and again kissed Megan’s mouth.

“Yeah,” Megan admitted.

“How about this?” Britney asked and gently raked her fingernails along Megan’s throat.

Megan couldn’t help but giggle.

“I forgot; you’re ticklish,” Britney whispered and undid another button of Megan’s blouse.

Megan was puzzled at Britney’s comment, but another soft kiss distracted her.

“Oh, I like that,” Britney groaned as Megan’s black lace bra was exposed. “Oh, Mary, that looks amazing on you.”

“Thank you,” Megan whispered as Britney’s feather light touches were driving her crazy.

She tensed up for a moment when she felt Britney’s fingers at the snap of her jeans, then relaxed and let Britney undo her jeans.

“Let me…” Megan asked and reached out to unbutton Britney’s blouse.

“”Yes,” Britney hissed.

Underneath, Britney wore no bra; her 32 B breasts and their pale pink nipples rarely saw a bra.

Megan reached out a trembling hand and hefted small breast.

Britney unzipped her leather boots and kicked them off, pushing them under her king sized bed. She let her white lace blouse slide off of her shoulders and stood, posing in her red leather shorts.

In high school, Britney and her twin sister Tiffany had sported thirty four C Breasts, twenty eight inch waists, and thirty two inch hips. Their legs were their best feature, long, tan, muscular, and both twins wore clothing that highlighted their best feature.

Then, when news of Tiffany’s death reached her, Britney spiraled into deep depression and she quit eating. She dwindled down to nearly ninety three pounds, could not be bothered to shower, or brush her teeth.

Chin Li’s sharp slap shocked her and Britney stared in disbelief at her dorm roommate.

“You in a hurry to see your sister again?” Chin Li screamed at her best friend, her only friend.

“What?” Britney stammered.

“Here, eat this,” Chin Li ordered, slapping a slice of pizza in front of Britney.

“I’m not…” Britney protested.

“Eat it!” Chin Li screamed, after delivering another slap to Britney’s face. “I didn’t ask if you were hungry! Just eat it!”

Nearly nine months later, Britney was back to looking healthy and loved showing off her body to her lovers.

She unzipped the leather shorts and slid them down her legs, showing Megan the thick blonde bush. She then turned, in an exaggerated movement to pick up blouse and shorts, displaying her round ass to Megan’s view.

“Here,” Britney said, and knelt down to unlace Megan’s tennis shoes.

Megan stepped out of the shoes and smiled down as Britney unzipped her jeans, and playfully inched them down slowly over her hips. Britney smiled appreciatively as Megan’s skimpy black lace thong came into view.

“Beautiful; I really like that; they look great on you,” Britney praised and planted a kiss right on Megan’s slightly pudgy belly.

Megan let Britney pull the jeans all the way off of her short, pudgy legs. And smiled as Britney made quick work of pulling off the sports socks.

“Okay?” Britney queried and Megan nodded in agreement.

“Good,” Britney breathed and took Megan into her arms again.

Megan’s head actually buzzed with the excitement that threatened to overwhelm her.

Conrad’s kisses were clumsy at best, too forceful. Britney’s kisses were feathered light, yet passionate. And Conrad’s breath always tasted foul, foul from the marijuana he smoked constantly. Only when he drank did she get any reprieve from the sickly sweet and burnt taste of his tongue.

Britney’s tongue entered Megan’s mouth and danced on Megan’s tongue, then quickly pulled out so that Britney could again press a feather soft kiss to Megan’s throat. The tongue tasted of peppermint and whiskey. It was a pleasant taste, an exciting taste.

“May I?” Britney asked softly, tugging on the clasp of Megan’s bra.

“Uh huh,” Megan agreed and became slightly aggressive, taking a kiss from Britney as the slightly taller Britney unhooked the bra.

“Oh, God, they’re beautiful,” Britney sighed as Megan’s little buds came into view.

“They’re too small,” Megan whispered.

“They’re perfect,” Britney corrected and softly placed her hands over Megan’s pale flesh.

“Not like yours,” Megan protested and put her small hands over Britney’s slightly larger breasts, mirroring Britney’s movements.

“Perfect,” Britney insisted and again kissed Megan.

Megan shivered as Britney’s fingers left her breasts and began to travel up and down along her sides, reaching down to her hips, to the straps of her thong, then back up again. The whole while, Britney’s lips kissed her lips, her throat, her earlobes, her eyelids, and her small nose.

She again mirrored Britney’s movements, not really knowing what else to do.

“May Me” Britney asked, hooking a thumb underneath the thin elastic band of Megan’s panties.

“Oh God,” Megan pleaded and Britney slowly eased Megan’s panties over the gentle swell of Megan’s hips.

“Oh good,” Britney sighed as Megan’s hairless mound came into view.

The last Mary that had come to her bedroom had sported a thick bush of dark hair. Britney had become enraged when she saw the profuse growth and had dragged the protesting girl into her bathroom, pulling savagely on the girl’s pubic hair.

Britney had shoved the girl onto her commode, spread the girl’s legs wide, and none too gently removed much of the girl’s bush.

“Fucking think I want all that fucking hair in the way?” Britney had screamed at the girl.

The girl had dared point out that Britney herself sported a dense growth of blonde hair. For that, that Mary had received a stinging slap and a dismissal.

Now, whenever that Mary saw Britney on campus, she turned and ran in the opposite direction.

“Why don’t we…?” Britney sighed and eased Megan onto the bed.

“Oh, this is one of those…” Megan sighed as the mattress gave a low sigh and gave easily.

“Yeah, I love my Temperpedic mattress,” Britney agreed, sitting next to the girl and easing her backward until they reclined, feet still on the soft carpet.

The two women kissed softly. Megan’s hands were at her sides; she still didn’t know how to proceed. Her head was still buzzing with the excitement, the sensations that Britney was producing within her.

Britney gently rand her hands over Megan’s face and neck, shoulders, arms. She then skipped over Megan’s mound and brought her hands down to Megan’s knees and lightly ran her hands up and down Megan’s thighs.

“Oh,” Megan sighed.

Conrad rarely did any of these things. Yes he touched her, but it was usually to grab, not stroke.

After several minutes of light kisses and touches, Britney pulled Megan closer to the center of the large bed.

Here,” she whispered and lay Megan on her left side.

She then pulled Megan’s feet until the small girl’s feet were facing the bottom left corner. Megan lifted her head and watched as Britney lay down on her right side, her feet shoved under the pillows at the top right corner of the bed.

Britney’s face was right in front of Megan, although upside down in Megan’s field of vision.

“I love doing sixty nine like this,” Britney whispered. “Everybody’s always in such a hurry; I like to take it slow.”

They kissed a few times, upside down lips to upside down lips. Then Britney shifted slightly and her lips were now pressing against Megan’s throat.

“Don’t leave no hickeys, all right?” Britney softly cautioned as Megan pressed her own lips to Britney’s throat. “That is so tacky; I don’t know why people do that kind of shit.”

“I know! That is, like what? So high school, right?” Megan agreed with Britney.

She again mirrored Britney’s actions, lightly touching Britney’s face as her lips touched and stroked along Britney’s slender throat.

Britney pulled herself forward slightly and smiled as Megan did the same.

Britney softly, slowly pressed her lips to Megan’s chest, just above where the flesh began to push forward, just above where Megan’s breasts began.

She gently licked a pattern along the top of Megan’s left breasts, and then blew warm air over her saliva trail.

“Oh!” Megan gasped.

Britney repeated the gentle tease to Megan’s right breast, having to raise her head slightly to do so and again was rewarded by Megan’s gasp.

She did this twice more to each breast, and then craned her head forward to actually trace Megan’s breasts to just above Megan’s small pale pink nipple.

“Oh, Britney moaned as Megan copied her motions, gently licking along Britney’s left breast, then blowing warm air over the wet flesh.

Whenever Conrad did suck Megan’s nipples, he did so quickly and roughly. Britney reached out with her tongue, lapped at just the very tip of Megan’s hard nipple, and then laid the tongue over the nipple before again licking at just the tip. Then she blew warm breath over the wet flesh.

“Damn!” Megan groaned loudly as she orgasmed.

Britney then began to gently suck the small nipple, lapping the tip of her tongue around, then slowly increased suction.

“Oh,” Megan moaned just as Britney’s suction became painful.

When Megan moaned, Britney released the small nipple, and then switched to the other nipple.

Megan tried to mimic Britney’s ministrations and was rewarded by a pleased sigh from Britney.

“Harder,” Britney sighed as Megan began to suck at Britney’s nipple.

Megan did as Britney asked and was again rewarded with a soft sigh.

“Megan wanted to thrust a hand down to her crotch; she was so close to another orgasm as Britney alternated from one breast to the other. But she kept her hands on Britney’s face, just as Britney kept giving her face soft gentle touches.

Britney again shifted forward and Megan found out that the underside of her small breasts were as sensitive to gentle licks and warm breath as the tops of her breasts had been.

She relinquished her hold on Britney’s nipple and began to lick along the underside of Britney’s left breast.

Britney pulled her hands from Megan’s face and began to give the upper portion of Megan’s breasts slow, lazy strokes, alternation between finger tips and finger nails. Megan followed suit until Britney shifted forward again and began licking and kissing Megan’s belly.

“Oh damn, I’m so ticklish,” Megan complained lightly.

“Tough,” Britney said and continued to slowly, softly torture Megan’s sensitive belly.

Megan tensed up, fighting the urge to squeal, to giggle, to push Britney away.

She tried to distract herself by licking and kissing Britney’s belly. It did not help, especially hen Britney scooted forward and delved her tongue into Megan’s navel.

“Don’t,” Megan giggled and tried to push Britney’s head away.

Britney grabbed Megan’s hand in a fierce grip and aggressively jammed her tongue into Megan’s navel, making Megan squirm mightily.

“Fine,” Britney spat and again scooted forward.

Megan lay still, excitement giving away to fear. That grip that Britney had clutched her hand in was overwhelming, nearly crushing. Megan’s hand actually hurt from the savagery of the grip. Megan began to tremble slightly.

Britney kissed and licked along Megan’s lower belly until her tongue reached the top of Megan’s pubic mound. Britney then noticed that Megan had stopped kissing and licking her own belly and reached down to force Megan’s face to her belly.

Megan began to frantically kiss and lick at Britney’s warm flesh, hoping to please Britney.

Any enjoyment was now gone; she was truly frightened. Even as Britney’s tongue teased along the very top of Megan’s slit, Megan felt no pleasure from it.

She raised her right thigh up as Britney’s hand gently forced it up, bending at the knee.

“Oh,” Megan moaned as Britney’s tongue licked along her slit.

Frightened or not, she could feel what Britney’s mouth was doing and could not help but respond physically.

She noticed that Britney had raised her own left thigh in an obvious invitation to Megan.

“Slow,” Britney urged, forcing Megan to slow her frantic movements.

She concentrated on licking up and down Britney’s drooling slit, trying to force her tongue into Britney’s folds, trying to stiffen her tongue into a ‘cock’ of sorts.

Britney’s taste was musky, sweaty, and a little stronger than her own flavor. (She had tasted her own flavor on her fingers after masturbation and on Conrad’s cock after sex.)

Britney was enjoying Megan’s flavor; a clean flavor, but not overly clean. The last girl she had tasted had cleaned her pussy so thoroughly that there was hardly any flavor at all, until Britney had coaxed an orgasm from the girl. Only then was there any real womanly taste at all. But there was a clean womanly taste leaking from this girl. She delved her tongue into the folds of wet flesh and tasted the nectar inside.

Megan gasped as Britney again shifted forward and lapped slowly at Megan’s puckered anus.

No one had ever touched her there; she found the sensation very odd, and oddly pleasant.

She began to question herself; why was she filled with fear? Obviously she had somehow upset Britney when she didn’t want her belly button licked, but Britney had apparently forgiven her; she was making such soft, gentle love to her now.

Megan shuddered as Britney’s tongue forced its way into her rectum.

Then Britney shifted again and returned to teasing and licking Megan’s slit. Britney insinuated a finger into Megan’s rectum, slowly pushing in, and then gently, slowly rotating.

“Oh,” Megan sighed as Britney’s tongue entered her slit and worked up and down.

Britney found Megan’s clitoris and teased all around it.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Megan began to hunch her pussy against Britney’s face.

“You need to…” Britney said and pushed a hand to the back of Megan’s head, forcing Megan’s mouth onto her blonde muff.

Megan found Britney’s clitoris and sucked it into her mouth.

“Maybe,” she thought to herself, “If I give this bitch a good orgasm, she’ll quit teasing me and give me one too.”

Britney felt her insides begin to tense and sucked Megan’s small clitoris into her mouth, while also thrusting a second finger into Megan’s tight anus.

“Ooh!” Megan screamed as a powerful orgasm pulsed through her body.

Again Britney shoved Megan’s head back into her blonde muff.

Megan lapped earnestly at Britney’s slit, then located Britney’s throbbing clitoris and sucked on it as if it were Conrad’s cock.

She squirmed, uncomfortable with the three fingers that Britney now thrust into her anus. But Britney again pressed down on Megan’s head and began to hunch her bristly pubic hair on Megan’s face.

“There, there, bite,” Britney ordered as Megan sucked on Britney’s clitoris. “Damn it, come on Mary, you know how I like it, fuck!”


Megan cried silently as Britney pumped her fist in and out of her sore, stretched rectum. Britney’s other hand was thrusting in and out of Megan’s splayed pussy.

Megan squirmed and gritted her teeth; she could feel both fists inside of her, could feel them painfully filling her up.

Britney had worked one, two, and then three fingers into her rectum while licking her pussy, but as soon as Britney had orgasmed, she pushed Megan onto her back and began insinuating fingers into Megan’s pussy.

Three, then four fingers jammed themselves into Megan’s pussy. Megan didn’t know if this was how lesbian’s made love or not and was too afraid to admit that it hurt, especially when Britney balled both hands up into fists and jammed them deeply into her.

The previously beautiful face of Britney Wertmuller was now a splotchy, angry face.

“Really?” Britney hissed hatefully. “You really thought I wouldn’t notice? Huh? All that fucking talk about God and sin and shit?”

Megan now silently prayed to God that He somehow rescue her from this insane woman. Of course, years and years of religious upbringing, years and years of social mores and standards, and guilt over her bisexuality made her feel that God would not rescue her.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry!” Megan called out as yet another unwanted orgasm welled up inside of her.

Suddenly Britney gasped out loud and roughly pulled both fists from Megan. The angry fog had melted away; she could see the raw pain in Mary’s face. Angry or not, Britney never wanted to hurt Mary.

Megan screamed in pain and flopped helplessly on the bed as another orgasm pounded her insides.

“I’m sorry,” Britney gasped as she scrambled off the bed.

Megan gasped and groaned, unable to move.

“Here, here, oh God, Mary, I’m sorry,” Britney babbled as she applied a cool damp cloth to Megan’s sweating face.

Megan was grateful for the damp rag; her face felt overheated. As Britney dabbed at her face, she kept babbling her apologies.

“I’m sorry,” Britney said again as she pulled the comforter over Megan, then crawled under the sheet and placed a gentle kiss on Megan’s forehead.

Megan lay still, listening to Britney’s mumbling, and then slowed breathing, and finally, light snores.

Inch by inch, Megan moved to the edge of the large bed, and finally chanced getting out of the bed.

Quickly, she gathered her clothes and scrambled out of the bedroom.

Megan looked around in the darkness and bustled to where she thought the living room of the small house would be. She sighed in relief as she did find the living room; there was a small lamp on.

She opened the front door and stepped outside, letting out her breath as she closed the door behind her.

Megan dressed quickly, hoping that no one could see her in the darkness but more afraid of staying inside Britney Wertmuller’s house than being embarrassed.

She did not lace her tennis shoes, just slip them on and sprinted for her car.

“Thank you, Jesus,” Megan sobbed out as she hit the door locks, safely emtp,locking herself in the car, safe from Britney or whomever else may be lurking around.

Megan dove to the college dormitory and parked next to Conrad’s battered car. Seeing his beat up old car usually gave her a sense of contentment and made her smile. This early morning, it did neither. If anything, it made her slightly angry.

“If you hadn’t kept pushing and pushing and pushing, I wouldn’t have gone to that fucking bar, fucking asshole,” she snarled at his car.

A sudden cramp in her belly made her groan, then the unthinkable happened. Megan loosed her bowels.

The dorm monitor did not even look up from the television as Megan waddled in, just kept her eyes glued to the horribly unfocused television. Most of the students thought that Melanie was actually blind behind those thick horn-rimmed glasses and couldn’t tell how out of focus the television was.

Megan prayed that her roommate was out on yet another one of her dates; how Theresa managed to keep a three point eight GPA when the cute red head never studied, never did homework, never stayed in, was a mystery to Megan.

(Conrad had actually suggested to Megan that they might approach Theresa about Megan’s curiosity, but Megan had refused.)

Megan was fortunate; Theresa’s bed was empty. She grabbed her pajamas off the bed, grabbed her shower kit, and waddled down the hall to the bathroom.

“Hey!” Theresa called out as Megan entered the bathroom. “Just getting rid of the evidence!”

Theresa giggled as she slipped into her flannel pajama bottoms. If she noticed Megan’s silence, she didn’t acknowledge it.

“Where were you? That Connie guy came looking for you about twenty minutes ago,” Theresa continued as she gathered up her shower accessories.

Theresa then smelled Megan and frowned.

“Don’t. All right? Don’t say a fucking word,” Megan spat as she stepped into a shower stall, fully dressed.

“Ew!” Theresa whispered as Megan started the shower.


Britney Came to and looked around her bedroom. The early morning sunlight showed her that the bedroom was empty.

“Fine, Mary, what the fuck ever,” Britney mumbled, and then forced herself out of bed.

It would have been nice to wake up and make love, then go for a run, but sometimes the loving was so good, Britney neglected her run.

She put on her shoes and left her bedroom.

Chin Li was in the kitchen, making their breakfast.

“Going for my run,” Britney called out.

Chin Li did not answer, but Britney was used to that. For the few years they’d been friends, Chin Li went from not speaking to not shutting up. Chin Li cycled between fits of withdrawn silence to overly effusive affection.

Britney loved the five foot tall Korean girl, but had to admit, she didn’t know much about the girl, or understand much about the girl.

From her driveway to Highway 171 and back was roughly five miles. Britney stretched, much to the delight of Mr. Patterson, the seventy nine year old man that lived across the street. With an adjustment to her sports bra, Britney took off at a leisurely pace, and then increased her speed.

For Christmas last year, Chin Li had bought her an IPod to wear when she ran, but Britney found the music to be a distraction, and had almost been hit by a truck when she blindly ran across Highway 171. Since that day, Britney preferred the silence when she ran. The only sound would be her soles slapping against the pocked blacktop and the occasional car; there were few people up at this time of the day.

The run itself was uneventful but Britney was covered in sweat when she staggered back to her door.

“Hurry up; it’s ready,” Chin Li snapped as Britney walked through the small living room.

“Shower,” Britney gasped.

“Fine, whatever, doesn’t blame me that your eggs are cold,” Chin Li said as she sat in the small breakfast nook between the living room and the kitchen.

“Microwave’s right there,” Britney said and walked to her bedroom.

Britney stripped off her sweaty shorts and sports bra, entered her small shower, and adjusted the needle sharp spray to as cold as she could stand it.

Even in the cold spray, she could not resist a quick masturbation. She remembered last night’s Mary; she had been a cute, even sexy little girl, especially in her black bra and panties.

Britney jerked the shower head off its hook and pressed it directly to her crotch, letting the needle sharp spray batter her clitoris.

“Fuck yeah!” Britney groaned in orgasm.

She pulled her short silk robe on, another Christmas gift from Chin Li, and leisurely made her way to the small breakfast nook. Chin Li was already gone, but Britney’s plate was sitting at the head of the small table.

As usual, the plate was a work of art, bright vibrant colors, and everything meticulously in place.

Coffee, with just the right amount of cream, fresh pink grapefruit juice, eggs sunny side up, whole wheat toast with orange marmalade spread from edge to edge, white grits with a pat of yellow butter melting, and brown bacon strips.

“Thanks, Chin Li; I love you,” Britney called out.

There was no response, but Britney had not expected one.


Megan used the computer in the library to check her e-mail and found an apology from KittyKat4U30341; an emergency at work had kept her from their meeting.

Megan rapidly typed out a scathing reply, thought about it, then smiled maliciously.

She instead typed out a reply that she was glad that Denise hadn’t been there; as it was there had been so many women buying her drinks and asking her to dance, she would have had little time for Denise.

“Fucking bitch,” she muttered to herself as she sent the e-mail on its way.

She looked around furtively, then scooted close to the monitor and logged onto the alternative dating web site.

There were several profiles listed within a five mile radius of the campus, most of them she had already read. The new addition made her shudder; the woman looked positively frightening in her photograph and her profile was less than reassuring.

“Hey,” Conrad said, sliding into the chair next to her.

“Busy, Conrad,” she snapped, quickly shutting down the computer.

“So? How’d it go last night? Huh?” Conrad smirked, ignoring her earlier response.

“Busy, Conrad, what part of ‘I’m busy’ don’t you get?” Megan snapped, raising her voice.

“Oh, um, okay, I’ll talk with you later,” Conrad said and got to his feet.

Conrad stumbled out the doors and walked to his car. He drove to a nearby park and looked around before pulling out a joint.

“Man, wonder what crawled up her ass,” he pondered for the thousandth time since stumbling out of the library.


Chin Li stayed in her room, only coming out to fix herself lunch, then again to fix supper for herself and for Britney. Even then, though, she did not stay and eat dinner with Britney. She served herself a plate of the steaming red beans and rice, and then disappeared into her bedroom, firmly shutting the door.

Britney did not think anything of Chin Li’s behavior. Chin Li was finishing up her last semester of college and often studied for hours on end.

Also, after suffering a miscarriage, Chin Li was prone to long periods of moping and mourning the loss of her child.

Britney did wish Chin Li would talk with her about her pain. She had even asked the girl to talk with her, but Chin Li refused to even speak; just shook her head resolutely.

“Then see a fucking doctor about it,” Britney yelled. “Fuck, I didn’t even know you were pregnant until you lost the baby. Chin Li, that’s just not right!”

After eating a second helping of the red beans and rice, but making sure to leave some of the sausage in case Chin Li wanted a second helping of the meal, Britney debated whether or not to go to Fleur De Lis to see if Mary was there.

“Fuck!” she spat, remembering she still had a Graphic Arts assignment that was due in three days.

“Remind me again why I signed up for this fucking class?” Britney grumbled at herself as she labored over the assignment.


“So?” Conrad asked, pushing his way into Megan’s dorm room. “How’d it go last night, huh? You two you know?”

“Nothing happened; never showed up,” Megan yelled, looking over at a very interested Theresa.

“Aw, you’re fucking kidding me; you mean Denise was a no-show after all that…” Conrad whined then noticed that Theresa was in the room. “Oh hey Theresa, sup?”

“You tell me,” Theresa smiled knowingly.

“So um, Megan, I talk to you…?” Conrad mumbled, gesturing with his head toward the hallway.

“Look Connie, I’m busy, all right,” Megan yelled again.

“Yeah, Connie, she’s busy,” a male student mocked from the hallway.

“Fine, fine, talk with you later,” Conrad mumbled, faces dark with anger.

“So?” Theresa asked, knowing little smirk on her face. “What was that all about?”

“Nothing, all right?” Megan yelled at Theresa. “Just tired of his bull shit; is that all right with you?”

“Yeah, it’s about time, you ask me,” Theresa agreed, and returned to reading her Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the hallway, a few more male students taunted Conrad with the hated ‘Connie’ moniker. Conrad stumbled down the stairs and out to his car.

He glanced at Megan’s car and thought about keying the car, gouging it deeply but some students walking across the parking lot discouraged him doing this.

Conrad got into his own car, checked the glove box and cursed himself for not having enough marijuana to tide him over until the next time he could get some money from his mother.

He looked again at her dark green car and grimaced.


Britney worked on her assignment until it grew to be too boring for her to continue. She looked at her clock; 10:24; there was time to go to Fleur de Lis and see if there was any Mary hanging around.

She stretched, opened her closet and debated with herself on what to wear.

A sudden rumble of thunder quelled the idea of going out, so Britney strolled out of her room to the living room.

There was no television in her room; Britney saw that as the ultimate in laziness. If she wanted to watch television, she could get out of bed and go to the living room. Lying in bed to watch television was a total waste of time.

She found Chin Li in the living room, watching yet another documentary on Ancient Culture. Although the shows, in Britney’s opinion, were somewhat boring, it was good to see Chin Li out of her bedroom.

“I’ll watch this in my room,” Chin Li offered, reaching for the remote control.

“Why?” Britney asked, settling on the opposite end of the couch

“Well,” Chin Li hesitated. “I know this stuff kind of bores you.”

“So?” Britney asked and brought her feet up on the cushion between them. “You like it.”

She reached out with a bare foot and playfully pinched Chin Li’s forearm between her big toe and first toe.

“Quit it!” Chin Li giggled, pushing Britney’s foot away.

“Oh, hey, this is on that Mayan calendar?” Britney asked.

“Yeah; it’s pretty amazing, the stuff they predicted,” Chin Li said, settling down to watch the program.

“Want some popcorn?” Britney offered.

“I’ll make it; you always burn it,” Chin Li said, getting to her feet.

Britney hit the ‘Record’ button on the satellite dvr and listened as Chin Li bustled in the kitchen.

Moments later, Chin Li brought a large tub of steaming popcorn and pushed Britney’s feet off the middle cushion.

“Damn, Chin Li; your popcorn is the best,” Britney said and hit the ‘Play’ button.

“Butter, salt, garlic, oh, I use that peanut oil, not that nasty vegetable oil you always use. That’s probably why your popcorn burns,” Chin Li said, shoving a handful of the white kernels into her mouth.


Megan looked again at the newest profile with interest. The twenty three year old woman’s very first line really intrigued her.

“Don’t hurt me,” was what ‘Sassy52989′ wrote.

Megan looked around the library; no one was paying any attention to her at all.

She pulled up the word processing program and typed out a reply to Sassy52989, describing herself as best she could and stating that she didn’t want to hurt Sassy52989; she wanted a friend.

“If we become more, then great. If we don’t, you can never have too many friends,” Megan typed.

She did Spell Check, then copied her document, switched back to the web site (after checking that she was still being ignored) and posted her reply to Sassy52989.

Sassy52989 must have been on her computer; Megan was checking her e-mail when a new message from the web site popped up.

A loud clap of thunder boomed and the library was plunged into darkness. There was a chorus of sighs and even a few shrieks.

“Damn it!” Megan complained.

A moment later, the lights flickered on and Megan rapidly re-opened her e-mail.

Sassy52989 confided that she too was bi-curious, had actually gone to a lesbian bar and was picked up by a very attractive blonde. At first, Britney had been very loving, very gentle, and very seductive. But as the night wore on, Britney seemed to become a monster.

Her second attempt had been on a different web site with even more disastrous results; the woman had been drunk and physically abusive.

Megan read it again, certain that the ‘Britney’ that Sassy52989 had met with was the same Britney she had stumbled upon.

She typed out a quick reply and waited.

“Hey, you over your time of the month yet?” Conrad grumbled, plopping down in the seat next to her.

“I’m not having my time of the month; thank you very little,” she hissed.

“Then why you got PMS, huh?” he demanded.

“Look, Connie, maybe I just don’t feel like hanging around some fucking loser that’s always stoned and stupid, huh? That means I’m on my period? Huh?” Megan said loudly, causing a few people to look up in annoyance.

“Fine, fine, fucking dyke,” he muttered, loudly scraping his chair back and getting to his feet.

“Loser,” she hissed at his back and tried to remember what she had been working on a moment ago.

The ‘ding’ of her e-mail let her know a new message had popped up.

Sassy52989 had replied and Megan read it and re-read it, but decided, while she was still angry with Conrad, to forego answering.


Chin Li was slightly more talkative and even joined Britney at the breakfast table.

“What time you going in?” Britney asked, swallowing her bacon after only a few chews of the meat.

“Ten; then I’ve got European History at 12:00,” Chin Li answered.

“Mmm, Got Lab at nine then nothing until one,” Britney mused aloud.

“Oh well, guess I’ll see you tonight, then,” Chin Li said and got up.

“Yeah,” Britney said and looked out the window again. “Damn; still raining.”

“Please don’t ride your motorcycle; I hate it when you ride that thing in the rain,” Chin Li begged from the kitchen, looking over the counter at Britney.

“Why I wanted to know what time you had to go in; taking the beamer since it’s raining,” Britney mumbled around her mouthful of grits.

“I’ll be ready in ten minutes,” Chin Li said, putting her dishes into the dishwasher.

“But if you don’t have to go in until…” Britney said and shook her head as Chin Li scurried to her bedroom.


Megan stared, horrified, as clumps of dark green pain fell off of her car door.

“Dike” was now visible as the paint fell, baring the metal underneath.

More paint peeled from her hood, displaying the word “Bitch.”

Campus Security filled out the report, gave her a copy of the report for her insurance claim, and agreed to check with her number one suspect.

The dormitory monitor banged on Conrad’s door, then opened the door and let the two Campus Security officers into the filthy room.

There, on his over-crowded desk, was a can of paint remover and a nylon bristle brush.

Conrad did not deny having the can of paint remover, but did deny the damage to Megan’s car.

“Why the fuck would I write ‘Bitch’ or any of that other stuff on her car?” he asked.

“And how’d you know what was written on her car?” the younger, less experienced Campus Security officer asked.

“Had to be Connie,” Theresa agreed, looking at Megan’s car. “Dumb ass misspelled ‘Dyke.’”

She looked at the now angry Megan.

“Something you’re not telling me?” she teased.

“No!” Megan denied hotly, and then stomped back to the dormitory building. “I’m going inside; I’m getting wet standing out here.”

After a few hours of sitting on her bed and studying, she grew bored and again pulled on her boots and rain coat.

“Going to the library; need to use the computers,” she explained to Theresa.

“Can use mine if you want; I’m not using it,” Theresa offered.

“Kind of personal,” Megan blushed hotly.

“I’m sure it is,” Theresa said, staring intently at Megan.

Megan didn’t answer, just left the room.


Britney decided, even if it was raining too hard to take her bike, she could still dress like a biker. Her leather pants fit like a second skin so she sprinkled some baby powder into the legs first.

She debated for a few minutes on whether or not to wear a sports bra underneath the short leather jacket, and finally decided against it.

Just as she had done with the pants, she sprinkled some baby powder into the sleeves and pulled it on.

Chin Li smiled as Britney entered the living room, and then her face fell as Britney continued to the door.

“Going out,” Britney cheerfully called out.

“I won’t be here when you get back,” Chin Li said, getting up from the couch.

“Oh, okay, have fun,” Britney said, grabbing her purse.

“I doubt it,” Chin Li spat, striding purposefully toward her door. “Been great; have a nice life.”

“Wait, what?” Britney said, looking at Chin Li just before Chin Li slammed her bedroom door shut.

She put her purse down and walked to Chin Li’s door.

“Chin Li” Britney called out, knocking on the door.

“Go away!” Chin Li screamed.

“Chin Li, open this door,” Britney demanded.

She could hear a drawer being jerked open and heard the drawer fall to the floor.

“Chin Li, open this door. Now,” Britney demanded.

“Fuck you! Just go, all right? Just…” Chin Li screamed through the door.


Megan smiled; Sassy52989 was obviously on her computer; the response to the e-mails was coming almost as quickly as she was sending them.

“How are you so fast?” she finally asked.

“Using my I-Pad,” the response came.

Megan admitted to being soaked through to the bone; she had to walk to the library to use their computers.

“Wish I could take a bath; no bathtub in dorm, though.” Megan typed.

“Got a tub you can use,” Sassy52989 replied.

“Are you hitting on me?” Megan smiled as she replied.

“Big enough for two,” Sassy52989 responded.

Megan again looked around the room. Again, she was being ignored.

My name’s Megan,” she responded. “And my phone number is…”

There was no response but then she felt her cell phone vibrate.

“Hello?” she whispered into her phone.

“Hi, it’s um, I’m Bonnie; Bonita actually but I kind of hate Bonita,” a thin voice said.

Megan shut down the computer, grabbed her purse and scurried out of the library, clutching the cell phone tightly.

“You there?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah, yeah; I was in the library. I hate those ass holes, carry on a conversation on their phone like no one can hear them,” Megan whispered as she pushed open the glass door.

“Oh I know! I was at the Pizza Hut? This guy in the booth next to me? He’s just going on and on like he’s the only one there!” Bonnie shrilled.

“So, um, uh, um what’s up?” Megan asked, her heart hammering in her chest.

“I um, well, I’m just um, you know, just sitting around, not doing nothing and…” Bonnie replied.

“Are you…” Megan asked then giggled nervously. “You sound um, are you as nervous as me?”

“Ten times more,” Bonnie declared.

Megan looked around; there were a few people huddled under the canopy, waiting for a break in the rain to chance a run for it.

“So, um, were you serious; I can use your tub?” Megan whispered, turning away from the other students.

“Yeah; I um, I got these salts? My mom gave them to me? Oh they smell awesome! Oh, and she also got me some bubble bath? You like bubble baths? I love them; loved them as a kid, guess I never grew out of them?” Bonnie excitedly agreed.

Megan noticed that Bonnie ended every sentence with a question mark. Right now, she wasn’t sure if it was cute or annoying.

So text me your address?” she asked.

A moment later, her phone vibrated.

“Wow, how’d you do that?” she giggled as Bonnie’s address popped up on her screen.

“These I-Pads are awesome!” Bonnie exclaimed.

“Oh, them’s those apartments, right there on One seventy one?” Megan asked.

“Yeah,” Bonnie agreed, suddenly sounding unsure.

“Something, what’s wrong?” Megan asked.

“Look, I uh, look, you’re not going to go all crazy and beat me up or nothing, right?” Bonnie asked.

“You read my profile?” Megan laughed. “Fuck, I’m only five feet!”

“So?” Bonnie said. “Remember? I’m only four foot nine?”

Megan assured Bonnie that she wasn’t psychotic, wasn’t dangerous. She hung up, looked around and decided that the rain wasn’t going to let up, and made a dash for her dormitory.

Theresa looked up as a now giggling Megan ran in, tennis shoes sloshing and squeaking.

Megan grabbed a change of clothes, thought about it for a second and grabbed a pair of pajamas. She then grabbed the school books she would need for the following day and jammed it all into her back pack.

Megan then dashed back out of the room without saying a word to Theresa.

“Have fun,” Theresa said to the closed door.


Britney decided she had enough of yelling through the door and stomped into the kitchen. She retrieved a butter knife and strode back to the door.

Chin Li screamed in outrage as Britney entered her bedroom.

“Get out; you have no right to…” she screamed.

“What is wrong with you?” Britney screamed right back. “Why are you leaving…”

“Am I that God damned ugly?” Chin Li suddenly screamed, bursting into angry tears.

“What?” Britney asked, not comprehending.

“I disgust you that much that you have to drag those, those WHORES in here?” Chin Li screamed.

“Chin Li, what the fuck are you talking about?” Britney asked, tired of screaming.

“I wait here, night after night, I tell you I love you, and yet you bring strangers here? Why? Is it because I’m Korean?” Chin Li asked, sobbing in earnest.

“No, Chin Li, no, that has nothing to do with it,” Britney tried to assure the girl.

“Then what is it? Why do you have to go get others?” Chin Li begged.

“Chin Li, you’re straight, right?” Britney asked, face twisted in confusion.

“What? How many boys you see me with, Britney?” Chin Li asked, becoming angry again.

“Well, none, but…” Britney conceded.

“I cook for you, I clean for you, I tell you I love you, I even buy you little gifts; what more do I have to do?” Chin Li asked, fists clenched in anger.

“That mis… When you were pregnant; what happened there, huh? Britney defended. “I mean, you didn’t get pregnant on your own, huh?”

“You mea when my father and brother raped me?” Chin Li screamed, more tears bursting out.

“Oh my God! O Chin Li!” Britney gasped, horrified.

She grabbed Chin Li and pulled the diminutive girl to her.

“Oh my God, oh Chin Li, oh baby, why? Why didn’t you tell me?” Britney asked, rubbing the struggling girl’s back.

“I didn’t, I didn’t know how to,” Chin Li sobbed.


Megan parked in the designated visitors’ parking spot and looked around. She gave a quick look around but saw no one waiting to laugh at her, or call her derogatory names. She saw no one that would be standing in judgment of her for visiting another girl’s apartment for the sole purpose of having sex.

Megan almost slipped on the wet concrete steps and clutched the handrail tightly as she made her way to the third floor.

“Who is it?” she heard the thin voice screech out after she rang the bell.

“Megan, the non-psycho,” she called out.

She heard a dragging sound, then saw the peephole darken. She waved to the unseen eye.

She heard the dragging sound again, then heard the door lock being slid back.

“Hi!” a tiny woman smiled nervously.

“Hi; it’s coming down in buckets out here,” Megan complained, smiling widely.

“It’s a real frog choker, that’s what my dad would say,” Bonnie agreed, swinging the door wide open.

“My clothes are soaked; I’m dripping all over the place,” Megan apologized.

“Well, that’s what they make tubs for,” Bonnie agreed, pointing to the closed bathroom door.

“You um, you don’t…” Megan asked, suddenly very nervous.

Bonnie was a small wisp of a woman, dark hair cut in a very unflattering style, bangs hanging over her dark eyes.

She was wearing a terry cloth robe, displaying slender legs, but the bulkiness of the robe gave little indication of her form.

When Bonnie smiled, her left check dimpled slightly and displayed small white teeth.

“Oh God, I’m like, getting all nervous again,” Bonnie admitted and giggled.

“Hi, I’m Megan,” Megan said, holding out her hand.

“I’m Bonnie, hi, welcome to my apartment, it’s not much but it’s what I can afford?” Bonnie said, putting her tiny hand out and giving Megan’s hand a quick shake.

“Hi Bonnie; love your place, mind if I use your tub?” Megan smiled.

“No, not at all; I’m warming it up right now,” Bonnie giggled again.

“Don’t really want to get your carpet all wet,” Megan said worriedly.

“Oh, don’t worry about that; I got this vacuum cleaner? Sucks water right up, oh God! It came in sooo handy when Isaac hit?” Bonnie assured Megan.

Okay, if you say so,” Megan said, but did slip her tennis shoes off her sodden feet, leaving them by the door.

“Come on; like I said, I’m warming it up; my mom got me this space heater? It’s only about this big (holding up her hands) but it works so great,” Bonnie prattled, walking in front of Megan to the bathroom door.

Bonnie opened the door and Megan could feel the warmth seep out of the small room.

Oh, that feels great,” she agreed.

“You like hot chocolate? I got some; my mom went to Germany; I’m German on my mom’s side of the family? My dad’s Mexican but my Mom’s German and she went to Germany and brought me back a whole bunch of this chocolate mix?” Bonnie rattled out as Megan struggled with her dripping clothing.

“I LOVE hot chocolate,” Megan enthused.

“Oh great; I’ll make us some right now; it’s so great, you just heat it up in the microwave?” Bonnie enthused, scurrying out of the bathroom.

Megan finally got her sopping wet jeans off and bent to start filling the tub.

“It’ll be ready in just a minute; you like bubble baths? I just love a nice hot bubble…” Bonnie said in her rapid-fire delivery as she scurried into the bathroom again.

“I love bubble baths,” Megan agreed.

“God, you are sooo pretty,” Bonnie said suddenly. “Um, why you don’t already have a girlfriend?”

“Why don’t you? I mean, you are so pretty and sweet?” Megan asked.

“Really? You think I’m pretty?” Bonnie asked, smiling happily.

“Yeah,” Megan agreed.

“You’re going to love this stuff,” Bonnie said, blushing hotly as she bent down to retrieve a bottle from underneath her sink.

The tub filled rapidly with the scented bubbles.

“Oh, that’s our hot chocolate; go ahead, get in, I’ll go get it,” Bonnie said and scurried out of the bathroom again.

Bonnie reappeared, clutching two steaming mugs. She carefully put the cups on the rim of the tub then closed the door to the bathroom.

“I uh, I’m kind of…” Bonnie said, loosening the sash of her robe.

Megan wiggled a few times, luxuriating in the hot water of the tub.

Bonnie’s breasts were barely nubs on her thin chest. Her nipples were small, dark bumps. Her hips were thin, her pubic hair was little more than a dark ‘vee’ of hair.

Her belly, however, did stick out a bit.

“Four months,” she explained, rubbing her bulge.

“Oh my God, really?” Megan squealed.

“Yeah, of course, the baby daddy? Minute he finds out I’m PG, he’s out of there, you understand that? Like I’m okay to fuck but not no mommy and daddy stuff?” Bonnie squealed.

She picked up one of the mugs of cocoa and handed it to Megan.

“Scoot over, huh?” Trying to hog the whole tub?” she playfully complained.

“So sorry!” Megan teased back.

“Wow, like it hot, huh?” Bonnie squealed as she climbed over the rim.

They sat in silence for a long moment, unsure of what to say next. Megan sipped the too hot cocoa and made a face. The drink was extremely bitter.

“I just love this stuff,” Bonnie said, sipping her own cocoa. “See, it’s not as sweet as that other stuff?”

She looked over at Megan and giggled.

“You got a mustache,” she said.

“Mm hmm, you too,” Megan laughed.

“I like you; I feel really good with you here,” Bonnie admitted suddenly.

“I like you too,” Megan admitted.

“Here, let me get that mustache off?” Bonnie asked and leaned close to Megan.

She reached out with a thin tongue and licked around Megan’s mouth.

“Oh, you got a piercing,” Megan said, noticing the ball on the end of Bonnie’s tongue.

“Yeah, hurt too!” Bonnie agreed.


“Chin Li, I’m so sorry; I just never knew,” Britney admitted, holding the small girl tightly.

“I tried telling you,” Chin Li admitted.

“And I never even once thought about it,” Britney admitted.

She combed her fingers through Chin Li’s long black hair.

“So, um, what do we do now?” Chin Li quietly asked.

Britney pulled back and looked into Chin Li’s dark eyes, made slightly larger by Chin Li’s thick glasses.

“Chin Li, I um, I’m kind of into some um, some kind of messed up stuff, you know?” Britney admitted, blush coming over her pale face.

“Like what?” Chin Li asked, unconcerned.

“I uh, I kind of like hurting girls,” Britney admitted, turning her head away from Chin Li’s unblinking stare.

“Like watching you with others never hurt me?” Chin Li asked, resting her hands on Britney’s arms. “Britney, there’s nothing you could do that would hurt me more than that.”

“No, I kind of…” Britney stammered.

“Britney,” Chin Li commanded.

“Yeah?” Britney said, finally turning to face Chin Li.

“Hurt me,” Chin Li said. “If you truly love me, then I want you to hurt me.”

“Suppose I want to slap you?” Britney asked, a tear beginning to trickle down her cheek.

In answer, Chin Li took off her eye glasses and tilted her head up, waiting.

“Or pull your hair out?” Britney weakly offered.

Chin Li reached up and took a handful of her own hair and presented it to Britney.

“How about if I want to pee on you? Make you drink it?” Britney said forcefully.

Chin Li silently knelt down and opened her mouth wide, head tilted back as far as she could tilt it.

Britney knelt down and hugged Chin Li.

“Chin Li, I don’t want to hurt you,” Britney sobbed.

“Is it because you’re a sinful bitch?” Chin Li sneered.

“Wait, what?” Britney stammered, uncomprehending.

“The Bible says you stupid dykes are all going to Hell, is that what you’re worried about?” Chin Li asked, smug little smile on her face.

“Chin Li, what are you talking about?” Britney asked, thoroughly confused.

“Chin Li? Really? Are you that stupid? I’m Mary,” Chin Li spat, laughing cruelly.

(Chin Li had heard more than one girl complain to Britney that their names weren’t ‘Mary;’ she knew what Britney wanted to hear.)

Without her glasses on, Chin Li didn’t see the slap and it nearly knocked her over.

“Wow, you must be a sinful lesbian; that didn’t hurt at all,” Chin Li Mocked.

She got to her feet and pulled her tee shirt off, baring her small breasts.

“Here, go ahead, suck my tits; you know you want to, you whore,” Chin Li continued.

Britney got to her feet and grabbed a handful of Chin Li’s hair.

“Or how about…?” Chin Li asked, shoving her shorts down, baring her boyish hips, flat belly and sparse pubic hair.

“Oh, no, that’s going to have to go,” Britney complained and jerked at Chin Li’s pubic hair.

“Oh? And what are you going to do?” Chin Li sneered.

Britney did not answer, simply used Chin Li’s long hair to march her down the hall to her own bedroom.

Roughly, she pushed Chin Li onto her bed and unzipped her jacket.

“So, I can hurt you, huh?” she spat.

“You can try,” Chin Li sneered.

Britney slipped her boots off, then pulled the leather pants down and off.

“But I don’t think you…” Chin Li went on, then gasped as Britney pulled her to her feet by her hair.

“You are going to regret this,” Britney promised and kissed Chin Li’s mouth.

“Oh,” Chin Li marveled.

“I mean it,” Britney threatened.

She sat down on the edge of her bed and pulled Chin Li across her lap. She stared at the bony rear end and smiled.

Britney had agreed, once, to go to Sandy’s house, even though she was in no way attracted to the mannish looking Sandy. Once there, Sandy had showed Britney several black and white photographs of lesbian S&M. Some had made Britney physically ill; the more violent ones were too graphic for Britney’s taste. But there were several of lesbian spankings that excited Britney.

“You up for a little…” Sandy asked, tracing a finger over Britney’s nipple and preparing to pinch down.

“You even try, I’ll kick in your fucking teeth,” Britney calmly said.

Now, though, she was going to live out one fantasy she’d had ever since seeing Sandy’s photograph collection.

“Oh!” Chin Li gasped as the hairbrush landed on her rear end.

“Your safe word is peanut butter. You want me to stop, you just say ‘peanut butter’ and I’ll stop,” Britney said and delivered another stinging blow to Chin Li’s small buttock.

“You want me to say it, you’ll have to do better than that,” Chin Li gasped out.

Britney actually laughed out loud and gave each of Chin Li’s buttocks another slap each.

“That’s it?” Chin Li choked out. “That’s the best you can do?”

Britney gave each buttock one harder slap with the brush, then reached between Chin Li’s thin legs and felt along Chin Li’s slit. The sparse hair was wet and Chin Li’s lips were slick with her excitement.

“Yes,” Chin Li hissed as Britney slid two fingers into Chin Li’s pussy.

Britney found Chin Li’s small clitoris and stroked her thumb over the sensitive nub while thrusting two, then three fingers in and out of Chin Li’s tight pussy.

Chin Li’s jerking and thrusting told Britney she was close. Britney continued for just another moment, then quickly pulled her fingers out of Chin Li’s pussy and grabbed the hair brush.

She lashed down with all her might and watched as Chin Li screamed and jerked, writhing in pain.

One more slap and the cheap plastic brush broke.

“You like that?” she screamed, pulling Chin Li to kneel in front of her.

“Love it; I love you Britney,” Chin Li admitted, tears rolling down her face.

“Here, show me,” Britney demanded, thrusting Chin Li’s face between her splayed thighs.

Chin Li scrambled to shove her face into Britney’s drooling pussy.

“Fuck!” Britney cried out as an unexpected orgasm rippled through her.

Chin Li licked and slobbered all over Britney’s pussy until Britney had another orgasm.

Come on,” Britney said, hoisting Chin Li into the bed.

She laid Chin Li on her left side, combing Chin Li’s long black hair out of the way.

What’s the safe worde?” Britney asked as she positioned herself on her right side, facing Chin Li.

“Peanut butter,” Chin Li said, squinting at Britney’s odd position.

“Right, remember that,” Britney threatened.

“I’m not going to say it,” Chin Li promised.

“Uh huh,” Britney said and softly kissed Chin Li’s thin lips.

Love you,” she whispered into Chin Li’s ear.

“Oh,” Chin Li groaned.

“You better say it, better say it now before I really hurt you,” Britney promised.

“No,” Chin Li groaned as Britney lightly licked Chin Li’s ear lobe.

Britney reached down and ran her fingernail around Chin Li’s right breast.

“What’s the word?” Britney asked as she lightly pinched Chin Li’s nipple.

“I love you,” Chin Li whispered and nibbled on Britney’s lower lip.

“What’s the word?” Britney teased, increasing her pressure.

“With all my heart and soul,” Chin Li said.

“What’s the word?” Britney asked and squeezed with all her strength.

“”Oh,” Chin Li moaned, eyes tightly shut against the pain.

Britney scooted forward and replaced her thumb and index finger with her teeth.

“Fuck!” Chin Li barked as Britney drew blood.

She shuddered as Britney softly, gently sucked the other nipple into her mouth.

“Oh,” Britney gasped as Chin Li lapped at one, then the other nipple, then sucked one into her mouth.

She increased the pressure on Chin Li’s nipple stopping only when Chin Li let out a shuddering breath.

She slid herself forward and nibbled at the underside of Chin Li’s small breast. Chin Li’s small hands cupped Britney’s breasts as Chin Li’s small mouth nipped and nibbled and sucked at the underside of Britney’s breasts.

Britney wanted to bite down savagely on Chin Li’s flesh; it wasn’t supposed to be like this. She wanted to hurt the girl, hurt her, and make her scream out. But Chin Li kept making love to her.

She reached Chin Li’s soft belly and did give the tender flesh a few hard bites. Chin Li continued to knead and massage Britney’s breasts, continued to kiss and suck at Britney’s flesh.

She reached the few strands of black pubic hair that framed Chin Li’s small slit. Chin Li’s small hands reached in between her thighs and pushed Britney’s legs apart.

Britney pulled had at Chin Li’s pubic hair.

Chin Li had never eaten a woman’s pussy before. She had heard the jokes about ‘smelling like fish’ and had expected Britney’s pussy to have a fishy smell and taste. It did not; she had a musky, salty smell and taste.

Chin Li suddenly worried that her own pussy would not be clean enough for Britney’s liking and tried to clamp her legs together to save herself the embarrassment. Britney, however, did not let her; Britney jammed her head between Chin Li’s thighs and stuck a meaty tongue into Chin Li’s tight slit.

Britney loved the way Chin Li tasted. Musky, almost sweet. And when she had sucked an orgasm out of Chin Li, the muskiness increased.

Chin Li gasped out loud when Britney’s tongue traced from her pussy to her anus.

She groaned when Britney’s tongue jammed into her anus.

She bent her head and imitated Britney’s actions, found Britney’s tight little anus, and licked and sucked at it, until she was able to worm her own tongue into Britney.

“Son of a… Oh shit!” Britney cried out as an orgasm welled up, then spilled over.


“What’s your favorite movie? I got a bunch of them; that’s my favorite thing to do, you know? Just plop down and watch a movie; it’s raining and there’s nothing else to do?” Bonnie rattled as she and Megan dried themselves off after a long soak in the large tub.

“I love that movie, ‘The Help’ seen it like a hundred times,” Megan said.

“Ah!” Bonnie gasped then ran, nude, out of the small bathroom.

Megan shivered as Bonnie left the door wide open, letting the chill air into the damp room.

“I haven’t even opened it yet!” Bonnie shrilled, dashing back into the bathroom, holding the disc container out for Megan’s inspection.

“Oh too cool!” Megan laughed.

“Come on, you want to?” Bonnie asked, again dashing out of the room.

I’ll make us some popcorn, you like popcorn? It’s like one of my favorites?” Bonnie shrilled from the kitchen.

Megan walked out, hugging herself against the chill.

“Here,” Bonnie said, pulling a heavy blanket onto the dilapidated couch. “And as soon as the popcorn…”

Megan gratefully pulled the heavy blanket around herself.

“And this pillow is the best, don’t you just love it? Leopard print, I love leopard print, if I could afford it, I’d do my whole apartment in it?” Bonnie continued, putting a pillow on the end of the couch.

She struggled manically with the shrink wrap around the disc’s container.

“God, why they got to make this so damned hard?” Bonnie complained.

“Yeah, my dad says if they made condoms that strong, my brother and I wouldn’t be here,” Megan giggled.

“Oh my God, I’m going to remember that one!” Bonnie laughed.

“Here, I’ll get it,” Megan offered when the microwave oven dinged, signaling an end to the popping cycle.

“Great, see if you can do any better,” Bonnie said, slapping the container down on the coffee table and scurrying into the kitchen.

Megan made very quick work of the shrink wrap; using her fingernails to slice through.

Wow; how’d you do it so quick?” Bonnie asked, carrying a large bowl of popcorn. “What you want to drink? I got coke; I’m not supposed to have caffeine but one’s not going to kill me and I got beer; they tell me that’s not good for the baby so I haven’t had any since I found out I’m PG, oh! And I got Dr. Pepper; yeah, I know, it’s got caffeine too, but I just love Dr. Pepper, nothing burps as good as Dr. Pepper, or I got Tang, you like Tang? I mean, it’s really for breakfast, but if you want, I can make you some; you want me to?”

“Tell you what, since you can’t have the beer, I’ll have it,” Megan decided.

“Okay!” Bonnie agreed happily and scampered back into the kitchen.

“What am I doing?” she laughed, returned with the large bowl of popcorn and put it down on the coffee table. I swear! Bringing the popcorn back into the kitchen!”

Megan put the disc into the player and settled back on the couch. Bonnie returned, carrying a can of Miller Lite beer and a can of Dr. Pepper. She sat next to Megan, and wiggled her way under the heavy blanket, her nude thigh pressed against Megan’s nude thigh.

“Hope you don’t mind but I took a sip of yours; you don’t think a sip’s going to hurt, do you?” Bonnie admitted.

“Oh, probably not,” Megan said and took a sip of Bonnie’s soft drink.

“Hey!” Bonnie exclaimed. “That’s mine!”

“Fair’s fair,” Megan smiled.

“I really like you,” Bonnie declared and snuggled even closer to Megan.

They kissed softly at first but Bonnie very quickly became aggressive, jamming her tongue into Megan’s mouth.

While they had bathed together, they had kissed, and touched each other, but there had been suds and sloshing water between them. Now there was nothing between them.

Bonnie cupped one of Megan’s breasts in a tiny hand.

“God, yours are so much bigger than mine; I’m hoping being knocked up will make them grow but…” Bonnie shrilled.

“Fuck, shut up,” Megan wanted to scream; instead, she jammed her tongue into Bonnie’s open mouth.

“See why I love this pillow?” Bonnie asked, pulling Megan to lie down beside her on the couch.

Megan pulled the blanket completely over them, covering them in warm darkness.

Lying face to face, they hugged each other tightly, then began to kiss each other again.

“I love how soft; how’d you get it so smooth? I was thinking about shaving my pussy, what you think?” Bonnie asked, running her small fingers over Megan’s hairless mound.

“Waxed it; hurt hurt hurt especially the first time I did it; damn! Swore up and down I’d never do that again! But when it starts growing back? Oh my God, like to drive me crazy!” Megan admitted.

“I don’t have a whole bunch of hair but,” Bonnie said and thrust one of Megan’s hands in between her own thighs.

“It’s perfect,” Megan said, tracing a finger up and down Bonnie’s wet slit. “Just like it is.”

They traced up and down each others’ slits until Bonnie again grew impatient and began to worm a finger into Megan’s pussy. Megan smiled and lifted her leg slightly to give Bonnie easier access.

“Oh!” Bonnie shuddered as Megan’s finger slipped inside of her pussy.

“Like that?” Megan teased and fucked the finger in and out of Bonnie’s tight passage.

“Oh yeah,” Bonnie sighed, then kissed Megan again.

After kissing for a few minutes, Megan bends her head down and took one of Bonnie’s tight nipples into her mouth. She was grateful that Bonnie wasn’t talking, just gasping and moaning.

Then she slowly kissed her way down to Bonnie’s slightly swelling belly.

“Oh,” Bonnie sighed happily as Megan made love to her belly.


Chin Li sat up in Britney’s bed, knees up under her armpits.

Britney drove her fists in and out of Chin Li’s pussy and anus.

“Oh, ah, oh shit Britney!” Chin Li screamed as another orgasm crashed into her consciousness, edging out the immense pain in her bowls and pussy.

Britney ceased her thrusting and watched as Chin Li’s sweaty face clenched tightly, then smiled as Chin Li’s entire body sagged.

“What’s the safe word?” Britney teased, then suddenly pulled both fists from Chin Li.

“Ah! Damn, oh God, oh Britney!” Chin Li screamed and fell over, rolling herself into a fetal position, clutching her belly tightly in her small hands.

Britney got out of the bed and walked into her small bathroom. She ran hot water over a washcloth and wrung it out.

She carried it back into the bedroom and lay down and began to dab Chin Li’s sweat and tear streaked face.

“Oh,” Chin Li moaned, slowly, painfully uncoiling.

“You okay?” Britney asked softly.

“I don’t know,” Chin Li admitted.

Britney gently wiped Chin Li’s small breasts, paling slightly as she saw the vicious teeth marks she’d left on Chin Li’s flesh.

Chin Li’s belly also had a series of bite marks; none that drew blood, though.

Chin Li’s pubic mound looked quite puffy and red in the areas where Britney had succeeded in yanking the offensive pubic hair away. A small trickle of blood seeped out of the still splayed inner lips.

“Be right back, Britney whispered, shocked at what she had done to her friend.

She ran more hot water over the washcloth and crawled back into the bed with Chin Li.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered to Chin Li.

“About what?” Chin Li asked softly. “About making love with me? About…”

“About hurting you,” Britney admitted.

“Britney, you told me you were going to,” Chin Li smiled. Remember?”

Britney dabbed at Chin Li’s splayed pussy and anus, then got out of bed again.

“Be right back,” Chin Li said and weakly got out of the bed.

She wobbled out of the bedroom and went into her bedroom.

Searching through the pile of clothing she had been packing, she found a pair of ‘granny’ panties and pulled them on. She then found her glasses and put them on.

She found Britney bent over, pulling down the heavy comforter.

“Mmph!” Britney yelped as Chin Li bent forward and lapped her tongue up and down Britney’s ass crack.

“Hey!” she straightened up as Chin Li used her small hands to pull Britney’s buttocks apart as Chin Li’s thin tongue located Britney’s tightly puckered anus.

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