mini skirt

I stood before the mirror completely satisfied at myself I looked hotter then hell. It was my first time going this far, body fully shaved fake eyelashes professional make up long blonde barbie wig brushed to perfection.

Even all my jewelry went perfect with my slutty little outfit I’d bought for the special occasion.

Both my matching white lace bra and panties showed off sexily underneath my tiny shoulder less pink and blue halter top big enough to cover my small fake boobs and not much else.

A black micro mini with white trim about 4 inches long covered less then half of my goodies my small but plump round butt jiggled sexily as I strutted like a stripper in my 7″ clear platform stilletos with ankle straps wrapping around my pink and black zebra striped thigh highs held on by a white garter.

Swaying my hips side to side walking like a total slut looking totally passable as a girl so exited finally my wildest fantasy was happening dressed up like a complete slut soon to be surrounded by a room full of men treating me as their little slut letting me service their big tasty cocks and feeding me their yummy loads.

Music playing I drank and got high dancing around like a stripper hidden cameras recording my every move as I waited for my guests to arrive, I placed an ad on craigslist week earlier 32 guys had confirmed to partake in my first gangbang and bukkake,

I couldn’t believe what I was doing I was crazy I thought to myself 32 men all for myself I was a little nervous but seeing the slut on TV getting her mouth filled with cum took the feeling away I would soon be enjoying the same

I was a freak for the taste of semen though in my life id only had the pleasure of 8 different men I sometimes satisfied my craving with my own cum.

I was nice and buzzed when the first knock came I opened the door and let inside a tall white older man that looked at me with the same hunger I felt for him very very nice baby he looked me up and down.

Thank you I said twirling slowly around for him. leaving the door propped open I got on my hands and knees cat walking sexily towards the couch looking back to make sure I was being followed 2 more guys entered and wasted no time in assuming their role as I did mine.

Climbing onto the couch my lips wrapping around a big beautiful limp white cock that appeared. Mmmm I said softly as it slowly pushed inside my mouth it tasted so good and I easily took it all in about nine inches of cock filled my mouth balls slapping my chin I was loving myself for being such a cock slut.

Hands caressed and smacked my ass and one big cock after another slid in my mouth feeling my thong pushed aside I looked back to see a huge black cock shining from the lubricant that I was glad to have put on table.

It was the biggest cock I’d ever seen looked about 12 inches long and equally big around oh yes fuck my ass daddy I begged as it slowly pushed between my legs inside of me.

I felt so so good and my moans of pleasure showed just how much, ai ai ai yeeeeah feels so good I cried by now the room was filling up with more guys and I sucked cock after beautiful cock as my ass got pounded harder then ever before by the same big black cock that I wished would never stop.

Yes fuck my ass daddy please dont stop I was able to let out in between cocks ohhhhh yesss I greedily deepthroated a black cock that I somehow was able to fit it all in my mouth.

I felt like the the one in my ass poked the one in my mouth as was sandwiched like a slut between two black studs and with no warning hot salty cum pumped out of the cock directly down my throat generously, holding my head roughly until he was empty yeah swallow it like a good little slut.

Slowly pulling out when was satisfied good girl he said slapping my lips and tongue with the huge beautiful cock thank you I smiled naughtily looked around there seemed to be way more then 30 guys in the room and my greedy mouth opened for another cock.

I loved hearing them telling me how hot I looked and how good a cocksucker I was. What a little slut I was my ass was on fire and I felt I would faint when cum erupted from the huge cock deep inside me dripping down my legs when it finally stopped and pulled out of me my mouth.

Rewarded with a second load from a fat guy stroking himself aiming for my open mouth tongue sticking out catching the delicious cream that squirted out of his cock, it tasted so so good so yummy, so unnatural to love another mans sperm the way I did but I couldn’t help it.

I loved being a slut. I was picked up and taken to the bed on my back my legs spread apart in pointing at the ceiling another big cock slid inside my ass and began fucking me like a reg doll as my lips parted and my tongue savoring another cock was soon feeding me jizz and just as that one finished another began then 3 at once my mouth quickly filled up with man cream and I gulped it down as more and more cocks began ejaculating.

Some thick some runny some creamy, all delicious and yummy blending together in my mouth and my tummy. I swallowed over 30 loads of semen by the end of the night and I was afterwards lucky to have 2 guys, they were friends before I learned, to stay the night. I fell asleep with a cock in my mouth and another snuggled between my butt cheeks.

July 2018
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