mind reading

Chapter 9 — La Scommessa

You might think that an attractive man, who appears to be in his early twenties with a body of an athlete, but the mind, wisdom, and experience of a man almost double that age, would be enjoying himself more than I was. But despite the thousand dollars seed cash and the ability to alter reality itself and read people’s minds, I was having absolutely horrible luck when it came to gambling.

I carried around the stack of chips I had left, and felt pretty miserable. I thought that somehow, my magical abilities would give me an edge in gambling. But the fact is that the only games I really knew how to play were blackjack and poker, and in both of those cases the dealer never looked at his cards before I had to make decisions on my own betting. I’d been playing fairly decent, that is to say in the few hours I had been in the Casino, I was only down half my chips. Some people would call that a huge win.

The casino had no windows or clocks, but I knew it was early evening. There was a certain aura in the air. A feeling of people filing in on a friday night, flush with cash from their paychecks and hoping to win big. The casino wasn’t a big roller outfit. There was a room with private tables, but I didn’t even bother approaching. Since I didn’t know what the stakes were, I’m sure I would have been laughed away for even asking. Besides, the one table that was full in that room was filled with asian looking men who were chain smoking and not speaking or looking at each other.

No, I’d rather lose my money out on the floor with the rest of the hoi polloi. I took a seat at blackjack table that looked rather empty. I changed over my more expensive $25 and $50 chips which had dwindled quite rapidly, for $5 and $10 chips. I was thinking about giving up on my career as a gambler, using my mind reading to my benefit. Maybe if I left here with a couple hundred bucks, I could pay Adam back for what I’d charged to the brothel’s credit card.

I groaned and rubbed my hand over my face as I realized I was going to get it for that move. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time and now I remembered how angry and vindictive Adam could be.

“Bad night so far?” The dealer asked me. I looked up and smiled. She was a cute woman, maybe in her early thirties. She had a lovely smile and a no-nonsense short spikey hair cut. I normally hated short hair on a woman, but something about this one just said ‘fun’ and I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“Just learning that I’m not as good a gambler as I thought I was,” I said as she dealt me two cards. Blackjack was a fun game. I wasn’t especially good at it, but I enjoyed it. I looked down at the seventeen in front of me and shrugged, not great, but not horrible. I waved my hand over the cards to show that I would stand.

“Well,” said the guy two chairs to my left, “maybe you’re ready to hit a hot streak then.” He looked about my age, well, my real age, thirty nine. But it was hard to tell, he was wearing a worn t-shirt and faded jeans, and it looked like he hadn’t shaved in about four days. He was slouched over and looked tired even though he had a decent sized stack of chips in front of him. I noticed that many of his chips were $25 and $50 chips, mixed in with the lower value ones. It was interesting because since this was a lower stakes table, and it meant that he’d been winning pretty steadily all afternoon and had just been trading up chips to keep his pile from getting out of control..

“Yeah,” the dealer said with a smile and a wink to me, “You never know what’s going to happen. Handsome young man like you, I’m sure you’ll get lucky.” She grinned and dealt the cards to the others at the table as I wondered what the wink was all about..

I ignored the other two, a pair of old women who were more interested in gossiping then paying attention to the table. But I wondered what the woman could have meant by what she said. Could she be flirting with me? Was she suggesting that I’d get lucky with her? I put my brain into ‘autopilot’ mode for a minute or two, playing very conservatively, even standing on a soft seventeen, which I’m sure made me look like a neophyte.

But while I wasn’t paying attention to the table, I decided I’d take a peek inside her mind and see what she had thought about me. I could tell that she was happy I had sat at her table. I cracked open the ‘door’ in my mind and let more of her thoughts flow into me. I lost another hand as I sifted through the various thoughts and emotions she had. I managed to avoid a smile as the mental image came to me and I realized that her underwear had been riding up her ass for over an hour, but she didn’t want to adjust it in front of customers.

I won a hand and decided I’d explore that thought. It would be good training for me at least to practice trying to focus on a single thought and explore it. I lost another hand. What type of panties were they? A g-string eh? Black, with a little white flower stitched on the front piece. Lost another hand by busting. Why was she wearing them if they rode up? Because her boyfriend and she got really hot when she wore them for her whole shift and he won money. When she got ‘home’ she’d stuff the g-string in his mouth and then ride him. Lost another hand when she got a blackjack. Now, what did that mean, her boyfriend won money? This was interesting, and I pushed deeper, the sounds of the casino fading out in my ears to a dull background roar. Her boyfriend was the man sitting near me. He was an out of work brick layer and he had a massive cock. I smiled and examined that, well, it turns out it wasn’t massive, just a decent size, but it was far and away the largest she’d ever seen. It was the only reason she let a scumbag like him live with her and talk her into this stuff.

“What stuff?” I asked out loud, so engrossed in the mental drama of sifting through this woman’s thoughts and memories, I didn’t restrain myself from talking out loud.

All four people at the table looked over at me, the dealer, her boyfriend and the two old ladies. The dealer spoke first, “I’m sorry sir, what was that?”

I waved her off and shook my head, “Sorry I was just remembering something, thinking out loud. Hit me.” Busted with a 24, ouch.

I delved back into her mind and tried to figure out what ‘stuff’ her boyfriend was talking her into. It took me a minute to find the thread of thought I had been following, but I had the chips to lose to play poorly while I did so. Good thing too because I got beat with a sixteen and an eighteen back to back before busting again.

I managed to avoid gasping out loud when I figured out what the boyfriend was talking her into. They were cheating! I looked over at his chip stack and noticed that one ‘stack’ of his chips he was careful to never touch. It wasn’t a real stack of chips. It was a ‘sleeve’ of sorts. She’d brought home a stack of $5 chips one night and he’d fashioned this ‘sleeve’ to look just like a stack of five chips. He would bet with it and she would accept it as if he’d just bet $25. Then when she had the sleeve, she’d slide it over a stack of four chips that were $25 or $50 in value a piece. She made sure she was leaning forwards when she did it so that her breasts blocked the camera that was over the table. Then with four chips hidden inside the sleeve, she just had to wait for him to win a $25 bet, then she’d slide him back the sleeve, but the value of the chips inside the sleeve were worth $100 or $200. Then when he got the sleeve back, he’d just wait till he was re-stacking his chips, and he’d slide the sleeve off and set it down, and wait a while before playing with the sleeve again.

It was, quite honestly, ingenious. Even now that I knew exactly what they were doing, I was fascinated and I watched for a good twenty minutes trying to catch them at it. Even scanning both of their minds and watching I almost missed it when he passed the sleeve to her. It was a few minutes later when I saw her slide the sleeve over $200 in chips.

Both of their emotions spiked, they knew that if there was ever a point when they were going to get caught, it was then, when she was ‘loading’ the sleeve. But they tried to keep the amount they stole to a smaller amount, under $1,000 in a shift, never any more. She knew that little amount wouldn’t be obviously missing, as long as they were safe.

She also liked that I was losing a fair amount of chips, because the more she brought in, the less likely it was that she’d get noticed. She also liked the ‘blue hairs’ or the old ladies, because they were more interested in chatting then paying attention to her or the game. She knew that there was a big time reward to anyone who blew in cheaters to the pit bosses.

Now that drew my interest. I looked down at my stack of chips. I was down to only a few hundred left. Catching a cheater in the casino, and having it lead to a conviction could be worth a thousand bucks. But catching an employee… oooh, they paid out quite well to anyone who caught something the pit bosses and cameras didn’t.

I waited a few more hands and lost all of them on purpose. Then disgusted I slid a $25 chip to the dealer and said, “That’s it for me, I’m going to go get some dinner, at least that way I have something to show for the money I’m throwing away.”

The two old ladies laughed and wished me a good night. I picked up my stack of chips and walked away from the table. I went to the cage and deposited the chips back onto the account that was linked to my room. Then I asked the woman in the cage to speak with one of the bosses, and mentioned that it was quite urgent.

I only had to wait a minute before a large man with a shaved head came out and introduced himself. I whispered to him that I thought I had caught someone cheating and I could prove it. He quickly and quietly asked me if I’d step into his office, which I did. As soon as the door to his office was closed he asked me for the details. I held up a hand and asked about the reward. He explained that if the tip I gave led to a conviction, the casino paid a stipend for honest customers like me. Then he pulled out a form and began filling it out. But he again asked me what I’d seen.

I looked into his mind quickly to see if he was planning on stiffing me out of my reward, but it seemed that he was more interested in catching the cheats than anything else. So I began to explain what I saw with the chip sleeve.

His face went pale white and he asked which dealer it was. As soon as I said it, he punched some numbers into his computer and I saw an overhead view of the table I’d been sitting at appear. The two old ladies were still there along with the dealer and her boyfriend, who’s chip pile was quite substantial. He picked up a radio and spoke into it, “Table 48. Shut it down, escort the dealer and the man with the large pile of chips to holding. Comp the two women playing for a dinner and a ticket to the comedian tonight. Collect ALL the chips at the table after giving the ladies a voucher.”

He looked over at me and shook my hand, “You’re going to have to stay here and fill out some paper work.” I nodded and he handed me a pen and several forms. I scanned him again and I realized that the forms were more to keep me busy while he checked this out. He shut off his computer and left the office. I knew that it was locked, trapping me in this windowless room. If my story hadn’t checked out, I’d be the one going to jail. But thankfully I knew that I was being honest, and had nothing to hide.

The forms took a little while, and when I was done I stood up and walked around the small office. It was pretty basic, but there were photos of the boss with people I didn’t know. I guessed by the fact that the pictures were signed, that they must be someone important, but I didn’t recognize any.

About a half hour later he returned, his smile wide on his face, “Mr. Naughton, on behalf of Casino Royale Hotel & Casino as well as myself, I’d like to thank you very much for your help catching these two criminals. I have no doubt that they will both be convicted, and we will be sending you a check, as well we will be comping all your expenses for your visit this trip.”

He looked at a small notebook he was holding, “As well as … Miss Ruby?” He raised an eyebrow as he looked at me, “Just Ruby? She actually has identification that only has that as her name?”

I shrugged, “She’s the madam at Ruby’s Hideaway.”

“Ah,” he said, a light of recognition told me that he recognized the name of Adam’s brothel if nothing else. “There’s one last thing Mr. Naughton,” he said as he took all the forms from me and made sure they had been filled out, “My boss would like to meet with you and thank you personally. She doesn’t usually meet with the public, so it’s kind of a big deal. If you don’t want too, we wouldn’t want to keep you from enjoying the casino floor of course. But it’d look good on me if you went up and met with her.”

I hesitated and scanned his thoughts while pretending I was thinking. He was both scared of his boss, and confused by this. Apparently it was a big deal to be sent to her office. But I wasn’t sensing any real danger, so I agreed.

A few minutes later I was in a private elevator. By myself riding up to the top floor of the hotel. I was let out into a rather pleasant looking lobby. There was an older secretary typing something and she looked up at me. “Hello Mr. Naugton, you can go right in, miss Whitefeld will see you.” She gestured at a set of double doors on the other side of the lobby. I looked around at the lobby and saw a hallway with glass walled offices leading away. I figured this must be the business section of the Casino, but I really had no clue.

Ignoring the rest, I pushed through one of the double doors unsure what to expect. I couldn’t help but notice the plaque on the door which read “Mz Whitefeld,” odd, you didn’t see that archaic version of ‘miss’ very often anymore. The door slid shut slowly behind me as I looked around the office. It was plush and comfortable without being overly ostentatious. The high backed leather chair behind the desk was turned away from me, facing the windows, but I could see a woman’s hand resting on one of the arm rests. Once the door behind me shut fully, I heard a slight click as it latched. Then the leather chair turned, spinning to face me.

I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but it wasn’t this. Miss Whitefeld was a very attractive woman whose age was hard to pin down. My first reaction was this was a joke, she was far too young looking to be in any real position of authority. Her smooth unlined face, free of any obvious blemishes and wrinkles had the appearance of youth. Her body too, tight and young, and I could see she had pert compact breasts, even inside the dark suit she wore. But then I saw her eyes. It’s hard to explain how eyes can be ‘old’ but these were old eyes. Some might call them wise or experienced, but I saw age and anger in them, smoldering beneath perfectly tapered delicate eyelashes.

She was a brunette, but the kind that you knew would become blonde if she spent enough time in the sun. Her face was a mask of calm and showed no emotion. I was struck by her triangular jaw and thin noble nose. As I was sizing her up though, I knew she was doing the same for me.

Finally she broke the silence and gestured to a chair in front of the desk she sat at. “Please have a seat Mr. Naughton.” I did so before I even realized I was moving. I hadn’t felt that kind of a commanding voice tell me what to do since the last time Adam had used his powers on me. I sniffed the air with my sixth sense and knew, without a doubt, that she was a little more than human. I didn’t know what that meant, not yet at least.

Between her fingers she rolled a casino chip. It balanced on the backs of her knuckles and she rolled it from thumb to pinkie before reversing it and rolling it back flawlessly. “So, you’re hear with Ruby eh? That must mean you’re connected to Mr. Saks. So, are you a student of his or just a flunky?”

I decided that I didn’t want to tip my hand too quickly with her, so I played dumb, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

She smiled, half of a second, then it was gone. She held out the chip and showed it to me. One side was a standard Casino token, but the other side had been mispronounced. Somehow a series of grid lines had been burned into the chip during the clay baking process. The result was that it almost looked like a W burned into that side of the chip. “Heads,” she said showing me the W marked side, then turning it to the blank side she said, “Tails. Now, if I flip this chip, what are the odds that it lands heads up?”

I raised an eyebrow and said, “Um, 50 / 50?”

She laughed and shook her head, “No, close enough to 50% that it’s what most people think. But it’s not quite, do you know why?”

I shrugged, I really had no idea, nor did I know where this was going. She answered, “Because there’s a very minute chance that it might land on it’s edge instead of a side. Plus in addition to that the scorch marks on the chip create a slight imbalance in the clay, leading one side to be slightly heavier than the other. We’re talking about fractions of a fractions of a fractions of a gram of course, but it’s there. So no, it’s not a perfect fifty fifty chance, but close enough, right?”

I nodded and she flipped the chip into the air. I watched as it rotated and came down to her desk. It landed and bounced and then rolled, standing up on it’s edge. It rolled to a stop when it hit her blotter and then stood there, sanding on it’s side and unmoving. I’d never seen that before. She gestured to the chip and said, “That’s where we are Mr. Naughton, we are the fraction of the percent. We are the outlier, we are the miniscule number that fucks up the perfect harmony of the universe. Do you understand?”

I nodded, “You’re a mage too?”

She shrugged, “I can’t do much that’s too flashy,” she picked up the chip again and flipped it in the air. I watched as it came down and landed on it’s edge again. My jaw dropped, the odds on that happening twice in a row were so high that they were practically impossible. “The one talent I have is that I can affect random chance. Dice land how I want, coins toss how I desire, and so on.”

I laughed, “Seems like a pretty useful ability in this town.”

She grinned and nodded, “Yes, it certainly was back in the day. But these days I just manage my casino and enjoy my life.”

I sensed now that she was like me, refreshed in body while retaining her memories. Of course a gentleman never asked a lady her age, but I did say, “and back in the day was….”

She grinned, “Now now Mike, if you’re trying to ask my age, you’re too young for me to answer that. Suffice it to say that there might exist a picture of me with the rat pack hanging on my wall that most people assume is my grand mother.” She chuckled and I couldn’t help but wonder exactly how old that made her.

“So what can I do for you then Miss Whitefeld?” I asked, wondering why she’d brought me here.

“Tell you what, you can call me Emily if I can call you Mike, ok?” She asked. I nodded and she continued. “I assume that if you’re a student of Mr. Saks, that you’ve likely got powers similar to him?” She tapped her forehead telling me that she knew of Adam’s mental powers. “Which would explain why you caught two casino cheats when my camera systems and staff, which is quite well paid mind you, didn’t.”

I shrugged, “It seems as if you know pretty much everything Emily, and I know very little. But still, you haven’t told me why you brought me here.” I was starting to get annoyed. It seemed like everywhere I went lately, people knew more than me, were more powerful than me, were more in the loop then I was. It was getting frustrating.

“Because Mr. Naugthon… Mike… if you’re an eromancer with mental abilities like Adam, I need your help.” She said as she reached forwards and picked up the poker chip, twirling it between her fingers. “I can manipulate chance and random events, but I’m also well known as a shark at every casino and private player in town. I can only change my appearance every so often, and it only takes a few big wins before my new face gets out there and gets me black listed from every big game in town.”

She flipped the chip in the air and caught it as she continued, “Now if I could set up a player to play for me while I watched, I could help them win, but I can’t even get into the rooms anymore where the cards are being played. Major players won’t come to my casino because the rumor is that my games are rigged among the elite players. That’s why my casino is thought of as a ‘low stakes’ casino.”

She pointed a finger at me, “Don’t get me wrong, I do just fine and we turn a profit every quarter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some scores to settle and I wouldn’t mind an influx of some extra cash every now and then. Now, next weekend there’s a very private, very very high stakes poker tournament being run by one of my competitors. He’s been crowing in certain circles about his new facial recognition software that can tell when a person is bluffing, and he’s putting on this elite tournament for people who can afford the buyin. The catch is that he gets to keep this little box next to him that has a single LED light. Apparently the computer system in his casino is going to be set up to watch the faces of the people he plays. If he checks the box and the LED is lit, his software thinks that the player is bluffing. Part of the deal in participating in the tournament is that you agree to let this software be used against you, by him.”

I nodded, I was following along so far. Casino owner was running a very rigged game. But instead of asking her questions I let her continue. “Now, it’s a straight up no limit texas hold em style poker tournament, limited to twenty five players, but the buy in is a half a mil.”

I stuttered and leaned forwards, “Half a mil, as in half of a million dollars?” I was shocked, I’d never heard of such a thing before. I enjoyed watching poker on ESPN, and I knew that the previous year the world series of poker had almost seven thousand entrants and the top winner had taken home a pot of over nine million. But twenty five players at half a mil a pop… that was a prize pool of twelve and a half million dollars. I had to ask, “What’s the payout look like?”

“First place takes home seven point five mil,” she said nonchalantly. She went on to explain to me how the tournament was set up, and how the casino owner, a man named DiMarco, had set up the payouts for the tournaments. Further how he would be in the tournament himself, and if his facial recognition software worked worth a damn, it would be enough to give him an almost unbeatable advantage. How he was actually putting up two and a half million of his own money to ‘sweeten’ the pot, it was probably one of the only things that coaxed twenty five other players to pony up half a million when they knew he’d have an artificial advantage.

She grinned, and it was almost predatory, like a shark, when she said, “But that’s where you come in. I had originally planned on using a body shaper to change my features and enter the tournament myself. My skills don’t give much of an hand, as most of poker is skill, not luck. But instead, you could get your face sculpted and sit in on the tournament in the chair I’ve already paid for. They’ll underestimate you since you’re not a pro, and with your advantage,” she tapped the side of her head, “You’ll be unbeatable, facial recognition software be damned, it won’t matter if he knows you’re bluffing, you’ll know what he has on every hand.”

I stammered for a moment, “I… I….I’m not that good yet. I can read people, but not that well, and not that quickly.”

She leaned back in her chair and pressed her fingers together. Emily sized me up like a piece of beef and then said, “Would a week be long enough to practice in order to do it?”

I shrugged, I usually only practiced my magic for a few hours a day. “Maybe,” I said hesitatingly, “If I had nothing else to do other than practice, if I had someone to practice against who knew how to play, and…” I trailed off, I was almost embarrassed to say the last.

“And what?” Emily said leaning forwards, “now is not the time to hedge our bets.”

I shifted in my seat, “…and if I had enough help refreshing my mana, to make sure I could continue to train nearly constantly.” Now was the trick. She knew that Adam was an eromancer, and so she’d probably understand what I meant.

Her lips moved as if she was chewing something over and she nodded, “I won’t be the one to help you with that. I’m too busy and I put too high a price on my own… ah… lets say leisure activities. However I’m sure we can find you plenty of help in that department. So you’ll do it?”

“Whoa Emily,” I said, “I never agreed to this. This is a big favor you’re asking of me, and so far I haven’t heard what’s in it for me at all.”

Emily nodded, “Fair enough, how’s ten percent of the winnings sound, minus my stake of course?”

I pretended to consider it for a moment, but really I was trying to get a read on her thoughts. It was tough, she was a card shark and her poker face went to her mental barriers as well. I stood and walked around her office for a moment, prying at her barriers. It wasn’t easy, but I finally managed to tease out a single thought. She knew that 10% was insultingly low, and would go as high as 25 %. She had me pegged for a chump though and didn’t think I’d realize the danger I’d be putting myself in. She was hoping I’d just think about 10% of six million. Six hundred thousand is a nice pay day for someone who was as poor as me.

I turned and said, “There’s no way I’m risking my life and putting this much on the line for you for any less than a third of the take home. You know I’m worth it, and you know that if I play in your spot, you have a much better chance of taking first, of humiliating your opponent, and I’m guessing discredit his software?”

Emily acted as if she were outraged by my offer of a third, but the truth is she actually considered it for a moment or two before shaking it off. “A third, you’ve got to be insane. I’m putting up half a million in stake and you think you’re worth a third? You even admitted you don’t know if you can do it!” She stood and looked away from me, walking towards a window and looking out over the strip. “Twenty percent, and that’s far too generous.”

I grinned, since her back was turned she wouldn’t see the facial expression. “I’ll agree to twenty five percent, plus you have to square it away with Adam Saks to keep me for the next eight days. Plus I want a better room, a suite. Full room service and some new clothes. Oh, and you know you’ll have to get a fairly steady stream of working girls up to my room on a regular basis, at least two a day. I’ll need them that regularly if I’m going to keep my mana up. Plus, you have to tell me the real reason you want this so bad.”

She turned around and strode to me, extending her hand. We shook and she said, “Deal. The real reason is that Salvatore DiMarco is an asshole. He’s constantly taken business away from me, he’s one of the reasons Casino Royale is good and not great. He’s edged me out for the world series of poker over eight times now by bidding just a bit better than me each time. But the worst is how he’s been crowing in certain circles about how this new software is going to make his casinos foolproof. The facial recognition software will do more than tell when someone’s bluffing. It should also be able to read things like anger or regret, and if he can cut back on casino floor violence, or the occasional suicide that happens, his business will easily double. I don’t want him to have a single cent more than he already has.”

She opened her mouth and closed it, I knew there was more. “And?” I asked.

Emily glowered at me and I’m sure she was wondering if I was reading her mind. But she said, “And most importantly of all, is the brass ring he’s dangling in front of everyone to get people to pony up half a mil even knowing that he’s going to be openly cheating and skipping to the last table. Stupid bastard is calling it his ‘golden ticket.’ The winner of the tournament, which he expects to be himself, will receive an automatic invite to any tournament or event he holds in the future.”

It all made sense for me now, “and if I win that ticket for you, then he can’t keep you out of his casino any more?”

She grinned, “Not without losing face.”

“Well then,” I said, “I think I’d better go enjoy a little more time in the casino while you make some calls. You’ve got a suite to prepare for Ruby and myself, as well as what I imagine will be an unpleasant call to Mr. Saks.” I smiled and turned towards the elevator whistling a happy tune. Now I really was feeling lucky.

- – -

I didn’t have much in my old room, but I stopped there to pick up the new items I’d received earlier that day; my new clothing, cell, etc. I could sense the smell of sex in the room and was glad that Michelle and Tina had left, as I really didn’t feel like dealing with the aftermath of their emotional get together. Ruby still hadn’t returned, so I scrawled out a quick note, telling her how we’d been moved to one of the deluxe suites, leaving the room number and the spare key card for her to find.

Then I went up to the suite myself. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect, but I was impressed. The walls were decorated with tasteful art, and I got the impression, though it was probably wrong, that it was actual art, not just prints that hung in every room. The suite was decorated in tasteful beige and earth tones, and the furniture was all leather or solidly built hard wood.

As I entered there was a full kitchen to the left, and the hallway led into a living room with a huge TV on the wall. There was a bedroom with queen sized bed off the living room with it’s own full bathroom. Then on the other side of the living room was the master bedroom suite. Separated by another set of those double doors, the master bedroom suite was almost a mirror of the other half of the suite with a few small exceptions. The biggest being that there was no wall separating the ‘living room’ area on this side from the king sized bed. Also the kitchen area wasn’t separated from the rest of the suite, and the whole area felt very open and flowing. The other thing was that the bathroom had a large hot tub in addition to the regular shower / tub combo.

The most impressive thing of all was the huge plate glass windows that looked out on the Vegas strip. From this high up, we had quite the view. Everything about the entire suite was very high quality, I could list all the things that made it so nice, but suffice it to say, I was fully impressed. It was bigger than the first apartment I’d had after college. I opened all the doors inside the suite, and checked to make sure that the two doors leading out to the hall, one on either side of the suite, were locked but not chained. Then I lay down on the gigantic king sized bed and let myself drift off to take a nap.

- – -

I woke a little while later to hear Ruby entering the suite. “Mike? Hellooooo?” She called out, and I roused myself from the cloud like comfort of the huge bed. Rubbing my eyes I went out to meet her in the living room of the other side of the suite. I closed the door behind me, subtly claiming the other larger half of the suite with the king sized bed as my own. She whistled as she looked around, “Mike, I don’t know what you did, but this is a bit out of your pay grade isn’t it?”

I whistled myself as I looked at her. I was so used to seeing ruby naked, or dressed like a slutty prostitute, that somehow, the way she looked now made her even hotter. Her ink black hair was piled a top her head expertly and held up in a bun with ornate chopsticks. She was dressed in a classic business suit. The skirt was down right puritanical for her, reaching all the way to her knees, beneath which were her black stockinged legs ending gracefully in classy black high heeled shoes. The jacket she wore was short sleeved, and cut so that it hugged her hourglass body. The tapered waist flared out to her hips in a two button style with wide lapels that showed off her cream colored shirt beneath. Amazingly the shirt, a button down, was buttoned almost all the way up, only the top being undone, giving a hint of her pale white neck. I had never seen Ruby look so professional or covered up before, and somehow, that was even sexier.

Ruby must have known the way I was looking at her, because she grinned taking in my attention. She did a little spin in place, slapping her butt as she did so. “You like?” I nodded and she pulled the hem of her very tight skirt up her thighs to show the top edge of her black stockings. There at the outside edge, I caught sight of the snap for a garter belt. The silken garter traveling further up her leg, but she smoothed her skirt back into place with a wink. I found myself wondering if she was wearing underwear other than the garter. She explained, “The professional outfit makes our brothel seem that much more legit. Once or twice we’ve had vice squad come in and pretend they were going to go through with the application process, only to make sure we weren’t conducting any illegal activities under the guise of legitimate business. It’s been several years since we’ve had a problem with them, but the suit also makes the girls feel more… motivated… to come work for us. Shows that we’re a professional outfit.” She grinned, “You don’t look half bad yourself.” I smiled and remembered that I’d fallen asleep in my suit and should probably change into the other, which wasn’t as wrinkled, before any girls got there.

“Well, I have to say that this room is much nicer than the one we vacated. I think it’s going to reflect really well on the hideaway to have girls trying out here.” She gestured to the bags of stuff she’d brought, “Let me store this stuff over on your side, I don’t want any of the girls walking off with any of it, then you can help me set up the tripod and camera.”

“Huh?” I asked as she started handing me bags. “Camera?”

She nodded, “Yes, we’re going to interview girls, and while we are only going to take one or two back to the hideaway, that doesn’t mean we don’t remember the ones we liked. See, sometimes a girl just doesn’t work out for whatever reason, and we still have positions to fill, so we go to our backups. The girls that we liked but didn’t pick for some reason. With tape, we can review the candidates at our leisure.”

I helped Ruby put her purchases, mostly clothing and a large variety of sex toys, into the other half of the suite, then again closed the door to that side. We set up the camera in the room with the queen bed and prepared the area for interviews and filming. She was bending over the bed, straightening out the comforter as I was setting up the small round table in the room with two chairs for us to sit at. She practically purred and I looked over and she was kneeling on the bed, shaking her skirt covered ass at me, “Want to go for a quickie before anyone gets here?” she asked looking over at me with a sultry smile.

“Well, how long until…” I started to ask the question, but Ruby was hiking her skirt up her legs, up past the top of her garters, till it was bunched up around her ass. As her creamy white buttocks were exposed and her hairless slit, already moist and aroused, came into view. I realized that she was indeed not wearing any undergarments save the garter and stockings. My words caught in my throat as I gazed hungrily upon her succulent slit.

I licked my lips and she nodded her head, “Yes, that would be excellent.” Then with that she crawled up onto the bed, pulling her skirt up so that it was fully about her hips. Kneeling on the bed on her hands and knees she shot me a wink, “I’ll try not to muss up that suit of yours, but if you don’t hurry I may leap over there and rip it off you.”

I shrugged, what could you say to that? I knew she needed sexual gratification and wondered if she’d gone since last night since her last orgasm. I knelt by the edge of the bed and pressed my face into her already aroused sex. My nose was filled with the overwhelming musk of her pussy as it began to flow at first touch of my lips and tongue.

It was with great pleasure and practiced ease that my tongue began it’s subtle dance up and down her labia, licking the slick cream she produced, my body knowing its way around her body due to hours of practice.

Ruby moaned and her hand came back across her ass cheeks to grip the top of my head. Far stronger than her slight and skinny frame would ever allow you to imagine, she held my head as she ground her hips backwards, literally riding my face and tongue as I licked her slit and suckled her eagerly.

She gasped out and cried in sheer delight when I tipped my head back and let my tongue explore the tight bud of her ass. I slathered it with my tongue, coating it with my saliva and her own juices, savoring the slightly spicy taste of her skin. Then back down I went to again focus on her sex. Just long enough did I spend there before returning to her tight nether hole, then back lower again. Over and over I switched between her cunny and her ass, orally assaulting both of them.

Finally Ruby screeched in pleasure and came, shuddering and her pussy literally gushing a dripping torrent of her juices down her thighs and splattering across my face. Of course this attention had caused my dick to grow to a painfully rock hard state, but I knew that Ruby wouldn’t mind.

I stood up and unzipped the suit, letting the pants fall to the floor and shrugging out of the suit coat, dropping that behind me as well. She had just begun to turn to look at me when I stopped her. Slapping her pale white ass, I commanded, “Oh no, you just stay right there.”

Sliding my boxers down I kicked those away and aimed my turgid shaft at the succubus’s hot and dripping honey hole. I grabbed her hips and yanked her backwards towards me as I shoved my hips forwards. In one smooth thrust my large cock buried itself to the hilt in her. She again cried out and I could feel the trembling vibrations of her body all the way through my body.

This was no time for slow gentleness though. Ruby was a demoness of lust, and she had awoken my need. Holding her hips I slammed into her over and over. Relentless, brutal, hungry, my cock speared her pussy and worked the juices there into a creamy froth that coated my thick cock. I felt her cum again, and bury her face into the comforter to moan.

I could feel my own orgasm building, but I was feeling greedy. So I withdrew from her and aimed my fat cock head at her asshole. Pressing the glans against her tight bud, she didn’t even flinch. But as she felt my head rest there for a moment, she lowered her chest to the bed, resting her weight on her shoulders and chest. Then reaching back she gripped her ass cheeks and spread them wide.

I wasted no time and invaded her tight rectum. My cock was plenty lubricated from her slick juices, and I found the passage easy as I pressed into her. I again grabbed her hips and began fucking her brutally. Her tight asshole clenched at me well, coaxing my own orgasm, and she moaned and panted as if the pleasure was even greater.

Then just as I felt myself growing very close, I reached down and slapped her bald pussy once. Her juices splattered my hand and it drove her to another orgasm. Her ass clenched and quivered around my prick, driving me to my own peak. I sprayed my hot spunk deep inside her bum, thrusting over and over again as I did so. I would not withdraw until every last ounce of my jizz was deposited in her backside. Only then would I pull back, and watch as her hole slammed shut, as if eager to keep my deposit inside of her.

This is the fourth chapter of the Music of the Mind series. If you just picking up the series here, I would recommend you read the first three chapters to gain an understanding of the characters, and the forces at work. For those of you who have been reading the series and waiting for the sex, this chapter is the first payoff for you. I hope you enjoy, and as always feedback is welcome. Thanks to LadyCibelle for her editing. S.T.

The Music of the Mind Chapter 4: A Symphony of Two

Freshly showered, shaved, and wearing my favorite hat I walked the twenty feet from my front door to Jill’s. I had not even knocked when the door opened and there was Jill smiling with a pose of being put out.

“God Mike, I said 7:00, not 7:03!” she affected her best valley girl accent while twisting her hair before busting into laughter.

I laughed and walked in, she gave me a quick hug and I felt it ring in her note, but I let her keep her thoughts and emotions to herself. I heard laughter, and walked inside to find Jill’s three best girlfriends sitting around her dining table already sipping wine and laughing. Suzan, the beautiful red head, Ellen the blond athlete, and Tuyen (pronounced Twin) with her beautiful black hair and Asian skin. Suzan and Ellen smiled, but Tuyen just scowled as usual, she had never liked me and I didn’t know why.

“Good evening ladies!” They called out there hellos and I sat and took a glass of wine from Jill. She disappeared into the kitchen and shortly after that Tuyen followed her to “help”. How annoying I thought, and then I realized I didn’t have to be annoyed, I could find out what was up with her, and maybe change my behavior or reconcile with her.

Since the genie had enhanced my gift, I found it easy to talk and use it at the same time. I let Tuyen’s note come into my mind, and I felt her annoyance that I was there. I chatted pleasantly with Suzan and Ellen, telling them about my hospital stay, answering their questions, but mainly I was elsewhere. I dug into her mind, it seemed easier to sort the notes and tones and chords now. I looked for the source of her dislike for me, and it was there not far from the surface.

She had a lousy boyfriend in high school who had hurt her badly, and looked a striking resemblance to yours truly. It only took me a matter of moments to find that memory and soothe it. It wasn’t as powerful as Cynthia’s negative memory, but it still felt easy to me to calm it, and let it fade in her. I also understood how to do it without dragging it to the forefront of her mind. It disappeared quietly in the background without her notice.

As I pulled to her more surface thoughts I dropped a soft, very gentle note, ‘Maybe Mike is not a bad guy, I shouldn’t be so harsh on him. He has always been nice to me and my friends after all…’ I didn’t want to control her, but I would like her to give me a fair shake. I figured that was okay. God trying to be ethical with this gift was like walking a tightrope.

I pushed her note back and talked animatedly with Ellen and Suzan. Tuyen and Jill came back in with trays loaded with dinner. Jill had made her wonderful Eggplant Parmesan, with homemade rolls and Italian salad. I was seated between Jill and Tuyen, and when I passed the salad to Tuyen she smiled at me and thanked me.

Even though I had just taken my walk in her head I nearly fell out of my chair. I could swear that everyone at the table did a double take at Tuyen with the kind of look that said, ‘What have you done with the real Tuyen.’ If she noticed she ignored it. We all talked through dinner, I think everyone was a little surprised that Tuyen was being nice to me, well not nice maybe, but polite.

Suzan was a doctor, and talked about work and how hard it was to find time for fun and dating with the pressure of the hospital. I looked inside her high-singing note in my mind, and found her thoughts and emotions to be very organized. With a few probes and pushes I loosened up her fears about dating so that hopefully she would have an easier time. Again I found the policeman in my head questioning this.

Ellen was a therapist, and talked about a patient she had seen that afternoon that she was concerned was dangerous. It was interesting, but I didn’t see any reason to go roaming around in her head. Though I did take a peak to find she was a truly caring person, and that she thought I had a cute butt. Who knew?

After dinner we sat in Jill’s living room, Jill on my left on her couch, and Tuyen on my right. This also caused a raised eyebrow or two. We were on our third or fourth bottle of wine. I had cut myself off at my second glass saying it gave me a headache after my “accident”, but the ladies were all to that place where they were feeling pretty loose and happy.

“Hey, let’s play strip poker.” It was Ellen, the first to always want to talk about sex, and things of the like. My ears perked up, I would love to see any of these beauties naked.

“No way! Besides there is only one guy here!” said Suzan, always the voice of reason, though she was smiling and blushing.

“I’m in.” was all Tuyen said with a smirk. Jill burst out laughing.

“Hey, if Mike will, I will, but I’m not doing it unless our token male is..um..up for it…” Jill let out another burst of laughter as she said this.

“Hey, count me in; I think the odds are in my favor.” They had no idea how much they were in my favor.

Suzan caved in and we started to play. I made one very interesting discovery during the early part of the game. I could hold more then one mind open in my head at a time. Two wasn’t too difficult, but to have all four I had to stay with their pretty basic surface thoughts. Still, it was enough to read their hands. Disappointment at a bad hand, or happiness at a good one. Was it cheating, sure, but hey what guy wouldn’t cheat at strip poker with four pretty women? I figured it was their idea anyway, I was just tweaking the odds a little.

Clothes started coming off quickly. I made sure to loose my shoes and socks and shirt in the mix, but stopped there. Ellen was the first to go topless. She had small B size cups, and her breasts were very perky. Her body was in incredible shape as she ran triathlons as a hobby. I whistled appreciatively and she raised her arms above her head and shook her small breasts for me. There was stunned silence then the over loud laughter of four woman who had been drinking rather a lot.

More wine flowed, and Jill lost her top next. I had to try hard to control myself when I saw her perfect C cups. Her nipples were large, and perfectly accented her short curvy frame. I realized just how attracted I was to her, and thanked myself that I had not had more to drink.

Suzan was next with her large DD cups. She had a little more weight on her then the others, but it was a beautiful contrast in womanly shapes. She was beautiful, and those breasts were amazing.

Tuyen was last of the girls to loose her bra, she had the creamiest skin I had ever seen, and her small nipples on her smallish C sized breasts were just lovely.

I now had four drunk, beautiful girls sitting topless with me and I swear I hadn’t even suggested it in anyway. I was the luckiest guy in the world. I smiled a shit eating grin as the cards were dealt again and tried not to look at Jill more then the others.

Suzan lost the hand and was the first to lose her last article of clothing. She stood and pulled off a pretty pair of black undies to reveal a flaming red bush of hair. Instead of being embarrassed she struck several poses which caused all of us to laugh. I was rather hard at this point, and it felt strange for some reason. I shrugged it off, and dealt the next hand.

Ellen lost, and her cute white panties went flying at me as she revealed a nice trimmed bush of blond hair. I made a joke about her being a natural blond and there was more laughter as she sat down. Another bottle of wine was opened and I realized the ladies were getting to the dangerous stage of drinking where anything could happen, and I should be careful. I made a mental note not to let things get awkward or out of hand.

Jill lost hers next to reveal a trimmed bush of brown hair, and again I had to try not to stare at her next to me. She had the most prominent labia of the other girls, and it made my mouth water with wanting to suck them. She smiled shyly at me when she sat down.

Suzan lost the next hand, and everyone decided she should do a little dance since she was out of clothes, and she did a surprising little bump and grind that caused the laughter to stop rather quickly. I could feel that all the ladies were getting quite aroused, but especially Ellen; she apparently had a taste for girl fun as well as boys. Watching her shake her large breasts hadn’t hurt my arousal either.

Finally Tuyen lost her panties. She stood slowly and faced me as I sat Indian style on the floor with the others. She pulled down her lacey black underwear to reveal a smooth shaven pussy with beautiful prominent lips. It glistened slightly from the moisture already collected there. She spread her legs lewdly and turned to let everyone have a good look. Her labia were swollen, and she was clearly wet. There was no laughing this time. She sat down with a satisfied smile on her face. I could feel Ellen’s hunger go up a couple notches. Better be careful Tuyen I thought to myself.

“Well it looks like I win!” I started to get up and was assaulted by a series of loud yells and protests.

“No way buddy boy, strip. You have seen all of us; we get to see that thing tenting your pants!” Ellen said, and there was a series of agreements and assertions of the same from the others, all except Tuyen who just watched me quietly. I thought for a minute and thought what the hell. It would be kind of hot to show off in front of all these ladies. I was in good shape, and not badly endowed. I could feel how aroused they all were, and it was turning me on too.

I shrugged and started to undo my belt to loud cheers and cat calls. I dropped my pants and kicked them off, my boner tenting my boxers in front of me. It was then I had a strange sensation. I could feel the anticipation from each of them, and each hoped for something different. Suzan was hoping for a huge cock, while Ellen wanted something more manageable. Jill wanted a little on the large size, and Tuyen, well she was with Suzan. I could feel it, clear as day from them. It was the strangest sensation as I pulled my boxers off.

I looked down and stood stunned. I could see my cock through each of there minds. It appeared exactly as each of them desired. It looked the same six and a half inches it always had to me, but though their minds I could see I matched their desires.

The room was suddenly very quiet, and a little soft laugh rang through my mind. I guess I had just found my “new” gift. Oh well I shrugged mentally and decided to give them a little show. I reached down and stroked myself a few times for them and turned so they could see me from every angle.

God I was horny and turned on. I knew I could have any of them if I wanted, or hell all of them if I wanted, but I was too sober to let myself get carried away. These were good friends, and it would be way too weird tomorrow if we did. I posed a few more times to silent stares then reached down and pulled my boxers back up. At that the room erupted with cheering from the girls and the spell was broken.

Everyone started to feel self conscious and clothes went on much faster then they had come off. I made a point to give each girl a bit of empowered reinforcement that what we did was fun, amongst friends, and in no way embarrassing. The mood lightened back up quickly after that. Maybe I could use this gift in small ways that didn’t hurt anyone.

There was a half hour of good buys, and I got some very good hugs from all the girls, Ellen even squeezed my butt. Finally though it was just me and Jill. I focused on the note in her mind, and could feel the jangle of the notes there from the wine. She wasn’t thinking or feeling clearly. She wanted me to stay, she was really horny, but she was conflicted too. I reached out and calmed her notes, eased her libido back down. Tonight wasn’t the night; I needed more time to think on her, on us. She seemed to let out a great sigh of relief as I hugged her and said my goodnights. God I thought, too many good deeds like this and my balls will explode.

I walked back over to my apartment door, and walked in. I felt a note in my mind then. I never locked my door when I was right next door, and Tuyen must have let herself in. Well, maybe I wasn’t in for a lonely night after all.

I kicked off my shoes and walked back to my bedroom and I could see the flicker of candle light. I pushed the door open slowly. She was lying on the bed stroking her very wet shaved pussy.

“I haven’t been very nice to you Mike; I thought we could kiss and make up.” She said in a husky voice. I let her note fill my mind. She was scared, she was trying to be confident, but this was a big stretch for her. She felt good though, without a tension that had bothered her for years, and she realized tonight she had always been a little judgmental, and critical of the men around her. I wondered how much that had to do with that one memory I had eased for her.

She wanted me; she wanted to do something to dispel that in her, to be free of her own guilt and shame, and self deprecation. She wanted to be daring and follow her instincts for a change. She didn’t want me as a boyfriend, but she needed to do this. My resistance melted away…

“Well I would be happy to kiss and make up Tuyen, I can’t imagine a nicer surprise then this. This is just for tonight I take it?” she nodded and bit her lip in apprehension, thoughts of slut and whore surfacing in her mind. I smoothed them, replaced them with feelings of empowerment, and self fulfillment and smiled at her. I justified this since I was just helping her to enjoy the course of action she had chosen herself. She smiled back and I felt her lust almost explode in her, now unshackled from stupid societal double standards.

I walked in pulling off my shirt, and dropping my pants. She watched me with growing excitement; I could feel it in my mind. She was very horny already; there wouldn’t be much preliminary warm up tonight. I slid my boxers down and looked at my cock and almost jumped with surprise.

Before all the ladies had seen what they wanted to see, now alone with just one, it had become what she wanted it to be. My erection was a rock hard eight and a half inches with substantial girth. It bobbed in front of me with the beat of my heart. I must have looked ridiculous standing there staring at my own erection with a big grin on my face. Then Tuyen let out a soft moan and I came back to the present.

I could feel her hunger, she wanted to leap out of the bed and devour me, to suck my cock down in one slurp. I crossed to the bed and slid slowly up her legs kissing her silky smooth skin on each leg. She jumped with each kiss, and I could feel the response in the notes in her mind. I decided to go for broke and began to softly blow on the notes of her arousal, both those of her mind, and those of her body. I tickled the note of her nipples, and her clit, of her lips, and the sensitive skin of her sides all while I kissed my way toward her beautiful pussy. She moaned and writhed on the bed, struggling to hold herself in control.

“God just fuck me already, I can’t stand it!” she almost wailed. ‘Whoops’ I thought, too much I guess.

I crawled the rest of the way up her, stopping long enough to lick her sweet juicy pussy a few times. She tasted wonderful, and the skin was so smooth I could hardly believe it. I slid up her, stopping to nibble briefly on each nipple, as I continued my gentle ministrations on her mind. She was almost frantic now, both in the notes in her mind, and in her body as she clutched at me trying to get me into her.

I kissed her deeply and long and she stilled for a time lost in the sensation. I slid my new enormous cock up and down her wet pussy lips and she moaned, clutching at me, pulling on my hips. I slid the head of my cock into the opening of her pussy, and eased it in a little. She gasped and stopped pulling me, her eyes widening.

“Slow, go slow, you’re so big…” I nodded and slowly started to work my cock into her. It was then that I felt it shrink, and I knew, somehow I knew why. She was most turned on by the sight of an eight and a half inch cock, but a smaller one would give her more pleasure. Once it was in, the difference between huge and big would be hard to tell.

She moaned biting my lower lip gently and kissing me as I pushed into her. I could tell I was still much bigger then usual, though how much I couldn’t tell. When I was halfway in I push hard and slid the rest of the way into her hot pussy. It made my balls twitch and Tuyen moaned in pleasure and clutched me too her hard.

I stayed still, twitching in her for a moment until her grip relaxed. I looked down into her beautiful brown eyes, and slowly, oh so slowly began to fuck her. I built speed as I felt her need increase in my mind, and I continued to stroke all her pleasure notes, including two new ones that had appeared as I entered her. I assumed they were sensations that had come from the feeling of me being in her.

I could feel her orgasm coming. It was like all the notes singing together in a tremendous harmony, one single beautiful sound. I knew when it reached a point they would all shatter back into individual notes, and she would crash into orgasm, so I held them together, and stroked them to a higher louder tone.

Tuyen’s eyes rolled back in her head as I released them and her whole body shuttered under me, her pussy clamping down on my cock as I pistoned into her. The feeling of her release in my mind and on my cock was so intense I began pumping my seed into her. Her orgasm must have lasted a full five minutes before she slipped into a state of semi-consciousness. I lay on her for a moment before rolling off of her and snuggling up to her side.

My cock had deflated with my orgasm, my body and mind spent. ‘God that was great!’ I thought. I wish I could do it again right now I thought.

‘You can….” The warm voice rippled through my mind and I shuddered. God was the genie always ridding shotgun with me?

Suddenly I knew. I knew if I willed it I could be hard again in an instant. I wanted to laugh out loud. I thought hard, “Thank you genie, god what a gift!’ There was the soft warm laughter in my mind again.

‘You’re welcome human, it is the least I could do. Use you gifts wisely. You will also find that no woman you sleep with will make you ill, or bear you a child without your willing it. There are a few more surprises in store for you too, but I will let you discover those in time.’ Then before I could respond the feeling of it was gone from my mind. It was going to be interesting with the genie looking over my shoulder all the time. I wondered if it would take away the gift if I displeased it, even as it had enhanced it when pleased with my actions.

Tuyen seemed to be recovering somewhat now. I willed myself hard and instantly my cock sprung to attention. I rolled back onto her and we made slow unhurried love for over an hour until we both spent ourselves in earth shattering orgasms. It was nearly two in the morning by this time, and I was so tired I thought I would never get out of bed again.

“I have to go.” Tuyen said suddenly getting out of the warm, and now very messy bed.

“Why, it is very late, you’re more then welcome to stay here.” Tuyen gave me one of those looks a woman gives a man when he is being dense.

“Look Mike, this was wonderful, but it needs to be our secret. If you don’t already know it Jill has a thing for you. The last thing I want is her finding me here in the morning looking very well fucked I might add.” She finished the last statement with a grin.

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