mind control

Chapter 01. The Party

The room was already quite full of people milling around, talking, getting drinks or snacks when Rob and Addie arrived. They were met at the door by their hosts Jack and Rebecca. Jack gave Addie a peck on the cheek and Rebecca smooched Rob enthusiastically. Jack and Rebecca’s neighbourhood parties were renowned for being a good time. Jack, a psychologist, was a noted “bon vivant”.

Looking around, Rob saw some of their neighbours, Sandra, Lucie and Susanne talking in a group with Bruce. Bruce’s wife Lonie was in a corner involved in an emotional discussion with Jim a new neighbour in the area. Lonie was virtually nose to nose with Jim while Jim clutched her upper arm, his face only inches from hers. Jim’s mouth moved to Lonie’s ear as he appeared to whisper something to her. Her eyes went a little glassy and her body relaxed as her mouth pursed coyly and she licked her lips. Jim released her arm and trailed his fingertips across the contours of her taut breasts as she inclined against him suggestively. The sexual magnetism that sparked between them was palpable.

Rob couldn’t believe that his two neighbours would be so blatant in their necking, especially with Bruce being in the same room. As Rob watched entranced, Jim’s hand re-appeared from behind Lonie and she reached back and pulled her skirt down and smoothed it over her ass. As she turned, Rob saw that her dress was unzipped to the small of her back and a bra strap dangled out. They moved apart reluctantly, Lonie apparently quite unaware of her wanton state of undress, and poured themselves glasses of the blue punch that Jack was famous for and slipped out of the room together.

Rob’s observations were cut short when Jack spoke.

“Great to see you both.” Said Jack.

“Here’s a punch to get you humped … oops … jumped … well whatever the saying is anyway. I’m not an expert on these old sayings and I’ve had too much to drink already to remember them.” He chuckled, as he hugged Addie rather tightly and brushed his hand raffishly over her rump.

Sandra came over and gave them both a hug.

“Rob, ” she said excitedly, “the girls and I want you to come over and talk to us. We have a question that only a man like you can answer. Addie will be fine with Jack. He loves a new audience for his cock-and-bull stories and he’ll soon have charmed out of her panties.”

Rob looked a little thrown by her turn of phrase.

“Oh, don’t look so shocked silly, it’s JUST a saying.” She laughed as she dragged Rob away leaving Addie alone with Rob.

Jack stared into Addie’s startling blue eyes.

“You look great today Addie. How’s the punch?”

“It’s very good. I’ve never had blue punch before. It has kind of a sweet flavour with just a hint of a tangy aftertaste. What’s in it?

Rob continued to stare into her eyes and took her hand.

“Oh, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and lots of alcohol to hold it all together. The blue is really just colouring. Take a sip and hold it in your mouth for a few seconds. That way you will absorb it’s essence.”

Addie took a sip and felt it burn a little in her throat as she finally swallowed. A warm afterglow spread across her chest. Some of the liquid dribbled down her chin and Jack quite shamelessly leaned over and licked it off. Addie reddened modestly while Jack noted the involuntary stiffening of her nipples that visibly pushed out against the taut bodice of her dress.

“Do you notice how it warms you up right here?” He said placing his fingers brazenly against her breast bone between the plunging decolletage of her dress.

His eyes held her transfixed as she gazed at him, skewered by his look.

“Y…yes.” She said as she sought to draw away from his embrace, but found it upsetting to break eye contact.

Jack held her hand and drew her back toward him and spoke slowly in an increasingly authoritative tone of voice.

“Now, take another sip Addie and then tell me how you feel.”

She heedlessly took a gulp.

“It feels warm HERE.” Addie said as her free hand fluttered toward her neck.

“Here?” Jack said, as he gripped her hand and guided it across the top of her breasts.

“Yes.” She whispered breathlessly as his eyes bored into hers. She felt as though he was looking right inside her mind and could read there, all her secret desires and fantasies. The thought that he might know what she and Rob had been doing just before coming over made her blush. She even wondered if he could smell her recent arousal.

“Look at my eyes Addie. LOOK. That’s right, look very carefully. Very good. If you look closely you can see my pupils. Can you see them?”

Her eyes were now totally fixed on his. She wasn’t sure why but she was totally fascinated by his pupils.

“Yes.” She answered blankly.

“What colour are my eyes?”

Her eyes narrowed.


“Are you sure? Are you sure they’re not green, look closely, look very closely?”

She stared at his eyes and said.

“Yes, you’re right they ARE green … funny I thought they were brown. But now I see they are green.”

“Keep looking at my beautiful blue eyes Addie and remember this. When you submit yourself to my guidance and trust what I tell you, you will find yourself becoming increasingly spontaneous, more relaxed, uninhibited, desirable and most of all, relished. F…e…e…l how, each time you receive my instructions, deep inside your mind you feel a warm glow that extends from your tummy to your breasts, from your tits to your legs and arms and eventually to your hands and feet. Feel how the focus of this glow slowly slides down your belly until it pulsates between your thighs, the focal point of true sensuality. Can you feel it?”

“Yes.” She answered and realized that his use of the word tits had provoked a sympathetic response in her nipples and worse, her pussy.

Addie’s free hand pressed firmly just above her pudendum and her body quivered involuntarily.

“Remember,” he coached, “remember when I came over and we talked in your house and you took me upstairs because your bedroom is a special place where friendship and trust is employed. Just like when we met for lunch every day last week and you found that you loved it when I complimented you on your sexy clothes and when you finally admitted that you liked how I squeezed your bum when we hugged when we met and later when we parted. How you told me on Thursday that you were not earing a bra and you had done that because you liked it when I told you that you have beautiful bouncy tits. And in your bedroom yesterday, at last, unveiling them to me as a last token of your trust. How eager you were to sit on my lap as I caressed them. Caressed them as you begged me to play with your tits and finger your nipples until they were stiff and hard. I loved their sweet taste when you smeared them with your wine and offered them to me.”

“Right now I can imagine that you are appreciating how your pussy throbs for love. The love you experience when it is penetrated repeatedly, being stretched wide to accept a man’s welcome invader. The love you feel when you are physically and sexually excited and you realise that you are beginning to dribble your excitement. Feel how this passion caresses your clitoris, making you hot, making you happy and loving, unconstrained by ungenerous convention and ready to be spontaneously loved for your beauty, intelligence and sexual enticements. When you say ‘yes’ to my directions, you convey your need to be held and enjoyed by this spontaneous lover. You will experience an uncontrollable urgency to feel your body pulled against this lover, so you can feel your tits pressing into him (just as you have done every day for the last week), knowing how he loves the feel of them yielding against him and knowing he wants to care for you, guide you and charm you.”

As he said this he pulled her close, smelling her perfume as her tits flattened against his chest and he pulled her head onto his shoulder.

“Say ‘yes’ Addie and feel the passionionate warmth of his chest against your sensitive tits. Feel it. F..e…e…l, enjoy and be enjoyed. Imagine the excitement of impulsively surrendering to a lover’s arms. Say yes, Addie.”

“Yes.” She spoke softly.

“And how do you feel?” He said running a finger down her neck from her chin to the cleft of her breasts.”

“Happy, I feel happy.”

“Again, yes..s..s..s.”

“Yes.” She said more boldly.

“Yes, just as you felt when you finally unfastened the buttons on your blouse, unsnapped your bra, gave it to me and asked me to smell your perfume, you are beginning to accept that what you are feeling is more than happiness but the exhilarating anticipation of acquiescing completely to your seducer and this adds to your happiness doesn’t it? It’s the feeling you have when you are lying in bed completely naked, the bedclothes caressing you and feeling just a little bit naughty, you touch yourself with your fingers to increase your arousal, to turn you on, to excite and stimulate you. Say ‘yes’ again Addie. Feel the thrill of being naked and sexy.”

“Yes.” She whispered as her body again, quivered involuntarily.

“Now imagine that secret thrill of revealing your naked body while the stranger, the one you have imagined loving you but were reticent to gamble on, the beholder who looks at you, gorges his eyes with your sexy body for the very first time, feels your glorious tits as you allow him to reach under your skirt and play with your pussy, his fingers just a flimsy strip of fabric away from penetration. You know him. You’ve seen him at a party perhaps. You have seen and are a little afraid of his ardor but you want to tease him. At first you only allowed him to see glimpses of your back and sexy ass. But take a moment and imagine just where he was looking and what he really wants to see and how you couldn’t resist parting your legs just a little, oh yes I saw you, so he can see the shadow of your moistening secret.”

“Yes.” She said in a sultry voice as a flush rose to her face.

“And now you want let him see more. You turn so that he can see your swollen wetness and your beautiful tits that sway so seductively when you go braless, your nipples so hard that they lust for his touch.”


“From now on, when you say yes, you will feel that thrill of anticipated pleasure. The kind you get when you see an attractive man or the glimpse of a naked man and you are the voyeur and he is unaware you are watching him. You have previously shied away from exploring the possibilities. But now you will no longer be held back. Spontaneity is the keyword. When he flirts with you, when you realize he is seducing you, you want to be more receptive to allowing him a glimpse of and perhaps, as you become more flirtatious, to exploring your secrets. As his enticements enlarge, you will become more desperate for his, at first quick touches, followed by exploration of your tits and ultimately your slippery slit. Perhaps if he is successful he will be allowed to flood your womb with his semen and make you cum for him. At times like this you will feel happy that you accepted this gift of infinite possibilities into your pussy which you prefer over capturing them and flushing them away.”

Discreetly he led her away from the door, careful to maintain her state of hypnotic detachment until he had steered her into a peaceful area of the room.

“Don’t look away from my eyes now but keep focusing on my pupils just like I taught you to do. Now, imagine you are on a warm beach somewhere. Can you sense that? The smell of the vegetation mixed with an even more exciting musky smell that arises from a pussy after passionate sex with a lover. But wait, it is your musky odour, your pussy that dribbles you lover’s juices. A gentle breeze relaxes you so teasingly. The night air is cool against your damp bikini. Can you feel that?”

“Uhhhhm.” She whispered, a smile playing acros her lips.

“Can you smell your sexually satisfied pussy perfume? The perfume of stolen passion with your lover.”


“F…e…e…l…” He whispered back.

Jack stroked his hands over her breasts stimulating her nipples to grow even more under her dress.

“You love how it feels – it’s like being caressed by a lover, like feeling his tongue on your earlobe.” He stated, as he leaned forward and caught the lobe of her ear between his lips and lightly tongued it.

Her innocent eyes glazed over and a faint smile on her lips. He observed her nipples swelling, stretching the tight bodice of her dress in triumphant response to his visualization.

“I’m glad you did what I told you and left your bra at home. And now the wind plays over your senses like a lover’s expert fingers on and inside your pussy.”

She seemed caught like a deer in headlights. He pressed her back against the wall positioning a knee between her thighs and pushing them apart as he furtively raised the front of her short dress and stroked his fingers over her panties. His eyes never leaving hers, keeping them trapped in his gaze.

“The feeling is naughty but oh so erotic and longed-for, the most delightful, the most arousing, the most seductive feeling you have ever experienced. Do you like this feeling?”

“I want… want… oh my love.”

Jack recognized the changing state of Addie’s pussy. A noticeable groove formed as her labia became engorged with blood, swelling and separating. His fingers could now grip and tease the elongated lips through the thin fabric of her panties. He stroked his other hand over the tumescent nubs of her hard nipples. She wriggled deliciously under his influence and before long he could smell the pungent musk of her pussy juices as she began to secrete tangible proof of her sexual arousal.

“I know that you like what I am doing right now Addie and I’m not the first person whose fingers have played with your pussy am I?”

Addie blushed as she murmured.


“So tell me Addie, how many people have you allowed to diddle with your wet pussy.”

“A… a… few.” She stuttered

“A few would that be more than two, more than five or more than ten.”

“Please don’t make me tell.”

“I want to know Addie. You want to unburden your conscience. Was it a lot more than ten?”

“Yes. But, please, please don’t tell.” She whispered anxiously.

Jack realized that the answer must have a story behind it. He couldn’t believe that Addie was a slut. He would have to investigate this further.

“In a moment when I say ‘cum for me’, you will have the most intense, the most wonderful, the most beautiful orgasm you have ever experienced. An orgasm like you always strive for but never quite achieve. You can feel it growing and growing, becoming more and more exquisite, spreading out from your breasts to your pussy and into your legs until it affects your whole body.”

Addie’s legs began to vibrate rapidly and Jack recognized he had achieved his mastery over her.

“Now Addie ‘cum hard for me’.”

Jack gripped her pubic mound hard, pushing his middle finger mercilessly against the seam of her pussy as he felt her shake sensually, her labia constricting convulsively as her vulva alternately pushed and retreated from his touch and her legs quivered uncontrollably. Her labia seized and released the tip of the finger where he had pushed the soft fabric of her panties between the soft lips just as it had the previous day when she had sat on his lap her naked tits jiggling as he worked his fingers over her thin panties.

“Cum harder Addie. Feel your excitement take over … harder … harder … harder.”

An uncontrollable gush of lubrication soaked her panties as her hips humped mindlessly against his hand and finger. For almost 30 seconds she was in a state of blissful passion, a sexual flush spreading across her bosom. When she had recovered slightly, Jack said.

“You will remember this always, Addie. It is the standard by which you can measure all your orgasms. Even the orgasm I gave you yesterday when you begged me to pull your panties down and fuck you, was only a pre-cursor to this one. But you now know in your heart that only a clandestine lover mated with your fear of being caught can inspire this intensity of orgasm and now that you have experienced it once you will need to relive it again and again. You will plan how to be alone with your lovers so that you can tempt them into giving you this pleasure again. No riskwill be too great to once again achieve this level of excitement. Even now, standing here in plain sight of other guests you want to repeat this experience. Don’t you?”

She thrust her hips against him and said.

“Fee….eel me.”

Jack squeezed her pussy tenderly and kissed her, which prompted quivers in the legs as she pressed her pussy against his hand and whispered.


“Yes you said that yesterday. Later this evening Addie I will explore you more fully. If you need to go pee this evening you will excuse yourself from wherever you are or whatever you are doing, tell whoever you are with that you are going for a pee and go to the bathroom downstairs. You will not close the door or lock it. You will leave the door open so a person outside can see you, you will take off your panties and sit on the toilet and piddle. If someone comes in you will stand up and make sure they see your pretty pussy before you let your dress drop down. You will not put your panties back on. If the person wants to play with your pussy you will not protest, because that is what a pussy is for. The person, if he is male might want you to suck their cock or, if it is a woman, kiss or lick her slit and tickle her clitoris and you will do it happily. But you will not let a man fuck you, for now, that is just for your lover. Perhaps at some later date you will want to be fucked by other lovers but at present your secret lover wants this wet pussy all for himself. You know who your new lover is don’t you?”

Addie glanced up at him and nodded.

“Kiss your lover Addie and make sure you press your tits against him and get your nipples hard Like you have done for him before.”

Addie put her arms around Jack and pulled him close as she locked her lips to his while sliding her tits back and forth against his chest. Jack broke the kiss shortly and said.

“That was very good Addie. Now at times tonight we are sure to be alone and when this occurs you will feel irresistibly horny, just as you do now. You will use all your feminine wiles such as; seductively lifting your dress up; or taking my hand and pressing it against your pussy either through or under your skirt while kissing me or pressing your tits against me. You might even want to expose a tit or your panties. Of course there will be a time when you are no longer wearing panties. Anytime we are alone together you will do and want to do whatever I ask, but your most immediate need will be to entice me into fucking you so that you can experience the wonderful orgasm that I just gave you. You will be most turned on and eager where there is a chance you might be caught at these times you will desperately want me to fuck you. You will transmit your intentions with all your cues. Flashing your panties or bra, intimate secret touches or kisses or anything that will turn me on. Your eagerness for my cock inside you will overcome all other thoughts or fears. Remember when I was playing with your tits and pussy yesterday and you gave me total authority as to where, how and what type of sex you will have and, if I allow, with whom, you will have sex. Except for Rob, because he is your husband. Sex, when it is risky in terms of discovery and and when you are at your most fertile will, like gambling, magnify your excitement and obsession. You are a very beautiful woman so you will attract attention from other people including women and they too will sometimes suggest doing sexual things. You will find these erotic invitations or intimate contacts to be unresistably exciting and, as long as it is not dangerous to your body, you will want to experiment with them but you will not let them fuck you unless I allow it.”

Jack had positioned himself so he could watch for Rob and make sure he was occupied and now he saw Rob return from wherever the women had taken him and stepped back slightly from Addie letting her skirt drop down again to cover her now soaking panties.


Rob meanwhile, had been reluctant to leave Addie on her own. She was quite shy and didn’t like him to leave her unattended for too long at these sort of parties because she often felt ignored. The women who had grabbed him from the doorway had been quite bold. They were eager to find out if he had seen Lonie and Jim and what he thought about their antics and he told them he had wondered what they had been talking about. They had seemed so engrossed. Were they having an affair? The girls chuckled and told Rob that they were more interested in what Jim had been doing with his hand while he was talking to Lonie and wanted to know whether Rob had seen how her bra was dangling out of her dress and how it looked like something scandalous might be going on that would be fun to spy on.

They coerced him to come with them as they crept down the hall to the main floor laundry room where they had seen the couple go. The door was partially open and Rob was astonished to see Lonie, her skirt scrunched up up around her waist, panties around one foot, pushed against the wall with Jim pounding his cock into her. She was moaning amorously as his cock speared her strongly. Suddenly Jim started to grunt and Rob could see his semen trickling from Lonie’s pussy.

“Oh yes,” she gasped, “get it all in me.”

Jim did not disappoint her. When Jim pulled out Lonie slipped down the wall and sat on the floor, her skirt still pulled up high as a stream of semen gushed from her pussy.

Rob looked at his erstwhile spying partners and found that Susanne had lifted her own shirt up and was caressing a breast while her other hand was tucked into the top of her panties masturbating herself. Sandra and Lucie were kissing each other and playing with each other’s tits and pussies. Susanne grabbed Rob’s hand and pressed it against her pussy.

“Make me cum Rob, make me cum.That was so hot I almost came in my panties.”

Lucie and Sandra turned and said.

“Yes Rob, make her cum. Ever since you moved into the neighbourhood she never stops talking about you and how good looking you and how she wants you to fuck her.”

Rob finding himself surrounded by four very turned on women found it hard to refuse. Susanne was a strkingly beautiful woman about 5 ft 8″ tall with probably a 36D rack and legs to die for. How could he resist such a delightful offer and pulled Susanne’s panties down and began to tickle her clit with his thumb as he slipped two fingers into her extremely wet pussy. When he inserted his finger he was surprised at how tifgt her cunt squeezed him.

“Oh yes Rob, harder, harder. Oh yes just like that. Yes I’m going to cum. Oh yeah just like, keep rubbing.”

Susanne climaxed noisily and turned to Rob and kissed him while she ran her hand over his obvious erection.

“You should go and fuck Lonie while she is so hot. She needs a cock like yours in her. Jim won’t be ready to go again for a while yet. It’s funny, he’s always had a crush on her but she was always so decent and proper. I don’t know what happened to her but she and Bruce were having some problems and Jack gave them both counselling. He must be really good because within a couple of weeks Bruce was all better and now only Lonie goes to counselling. Bruce seems happy with the arrangement but I think Jack gives Lonie more than just counselling. At a party Jack held about a month after Bruce and Lonie’s counselling sessions I saw Lonie sneaking upstairs with Jack. I followed and was totally shocked. I found her bent bare-assed over a bed taking Jack anally. I know that she and Bruce had never done that because she told me one time that she would never do that cause it would be too painful.

After that it was probably only a few weeks before Jim had charmed her out of her frilly panties. The first time he fucked her was at the Christmas party and we all got to watch. Lonie was so hot she wasn’t even shy about it and now she can’t get enough of it.”

“Anyway I can’t play with Lonie right now … Addie.” Rob said.

“Addie will be totally entertained by Jack for a while yet.”

“No I think I have gone too far already.”

Susanne kissed him erotically.

“Later then.” Susanne said. “Now that the girls have seen how good your fingers are they’ll all want you to fuck them and I want you too.”

“But what about your husbands. Won’t they mind?”

“They seem pretty happy right now and after all they get us later.”

All three women then lifted their dresses up and lowered their panties to show him their swollen pussies and Rob was shocked to realise that all these apparently sedate suburban housewives had shaved their pussies. A glance at Lonie, who was still sitting on the floor in a pool of cum showed that she too was similarly bald. One thing for sure, this was an interesting neighbourhood where everybody seemed to be swingers. He would certainly have to look out for Addie.

“I better go see how Addie is.” He said quickly as he walked away, missing the sly smiles on the women’s faces.

They all went back to the living room and Rob looked around. Jack was stepping back from Addie and Rob wasn’t sure but he thought he might have seen a flash of panties and perhaps Jack’s hand coming out from under her dress as the hem seemed to drop down.

What had they been doing? He thought. It couldn’t have been what it looked like. Addie would never let somebody else lift up her dress like that. It almost looked like they had been kissing. No, but Addie was a bit of a prude much too proper to be kissing an almost stranger at a party. He decided he was letting his imagination get away from him.

He walked over to them. As he got closer his imagination again slipped into overdrive when he thought he could smell Addie’s pussy juices but then, he realised, he could be smelling his own fingers after his own escapade with Susanne.

“Hi Rob,” She said, putting her hands round his neck in an uncharacteristic public show of affection.

“Jack was just telling me about a vacation he recently had to a warm beach. I could just imagine myself there in my yellow bikini. It made me so hot just thinking about it. Uhm, what have you been doing. You smell like …”

She caught herself as she blushed shyly as she felt a tingle in her pussy and her nipples stiffened wickedly.

“What were you and the other ladies doing?” Jack asked archly.

Rob blushed himself.

“Oh just talking about stuff. Have you seen Bruce?”

Jack said “Bruce? Why do you want to know?”

“Oh just that I saw Lonie and I wondered where Bruce was.”

“Oh? Come to think of it I haven’t seen Lonie for a while. What is she doing?”

Rob choked.

“Uh, the last time I saw her she was resting … uh … sitting down actually.”

“Well that’s good because, if you didn’t notice, she’s about three months pregnant and should be less rambunctious.” Said Jack. “I figure she must have been knocked up about the time of the last Christmas party. What with her and Sandra and Lucie, there’s a regular baby boom going on in the neighborhood. But, I saw Bruce earlier talking to Karen. Maybe they’re upstairs. Come with me and we can check.”

Jack led the two of them up the stairs. He put his ear to the first door.

“Not here.”

When they got to the next door they could hear muffled noises.

“Oh, here they are.” He said opening the door and Rob and Addie were thunderstruck to see Karen, naked as a jaybird, laying on the bed her legs thrown back to her chest and Bruce lying on top of her driving his cock into her and quite oblivious to observers.

“Oh Bruce give it to me. I want to feel your cum inside me.” Karen was crying out.

“Get ready cause here it comes.” He responded.

Bruce increased his tempo and then his thighs began to vibrate as he shot load after load of his semen into her wide open pussy. When he pulled out of her, the milky semen bubbled from her pussy erotically.

Jack closed the door quietly and looked into Rob’s eyes.

“Could you look in my eye Rob, I think I have something in one of them.”

Rob stared at Jack’s eyes.

“Look at the right pupil, I think that there’s something there.”

Rob stared more intently.

“Look at it closely. Can you see anything?”

“No I don’t think so.”

“Can you see something blue? Look really carefully.”

Rob stared at his eyes. Jack stared back at him glassily. He had been able to have a couple of meetings with Rob to lay the groundwork for his control and yesterday had been his chance to test his post hypnotic suggestions when Rob had come home early and found him with Addie with her lips wrapped around his cock. In his few encounters with Rob he had managed to build an alternative reality for him and Addie in which when Jack and Addie and Rob were together at the same time, for Rob, Addie was not his wife but just a cute sexy woman they both knew and were interested in. Addie on the other hand knew that she was married to Rob but thought that Jack and Rob shared her. Jack’s trigger for Rob was the words.

“Hi Rob I wasn’t expectingly you home yet. I told you I’d be the first to pry shy Addie here out of her bra. Come over and play with her nipples while I play with her pussy.”

Rob went into character instantly and Jack got him to help him with Addie’s conquest.

“Uh, no I … oh yes now you mention it I think so.”

“It’s moving isn’t it?


“You’ll need to follow it with your eyes otherwise it’ll get away. Though it’s quite relaxing isn’t it?”

“Yes… relaxing.”

“Look at Bruce. He seems to be happily occupied right now, Although he might need your help with Lonie later. But now I want you to listen to me. This is a good party. Nothing you see this evening will seem out of place or improper. Everything is fine. There is nothing improper going on. Everything that happens here is good. Everyone is happy and wants to make you happy. Women like to be fucked. Not only do they like to be fucked, they need to be fucked often and potently. With the right kind of encouragement they will accept being fucked by anybody. They can be tempted to do almost anything that will not hurt them and they don’t really worry if they get caught fucking a new person because they know all they have to do is fuck you and the world is right again.

In fact, the danger of being caught makes it even more exciting for them. That’s why so many of them cheat on their husbands. But, now, you n…e…e…d to go downstairs and find Susanne. She is itching for your cock and she won’t be happy until you have fucked her thoroughly and often. You know how much she likes you. Did you and she …?”

“Uhm, yes.”

“What did you do?”

“I fingered fucked her to a nice orgasm.”

“You are a naughty man Rob Winters and you are married to a naughty wife. What would you think if Addie let someone finger her to an orgasm tonight.”

“Addie is a good friend, very loyal and faithful. She likes being fucked by me. My wife wouldn’t let you fuck her but looking at Addie I think you might get lucky. Even though I think she likes me best. Right Addie?”

“Oh yes Rob. I really like you a lot.” She answered, throwing her arms around him and grinding her hips against his erection.

“That’s good then Addie. So Rob, just remember, anything you see Addie doing tonight will be perfectly innocent. She is very loyal and faithfulfriend. She would never let anyone play with her pussy or her tits except for you and me. When you see her tonight she will be behaving just the way you would expect her to behave. However, I still have a few things I want to show Addie. We will be down later. Addie wants to experience some rhythm and ooze first. Don’t you Addie?” Jack said turning to Addie and kissing her passionately.

“Yes,” said Rob, mishearing what Jack said, “she likes music.”

“Yes, she really has rhythm, now all she needs is the ooze. She’s so pretty tonight. You don’t mind me giving Addie a friendly little peck on the cheek do you?”

Rob stared at him uneasily but Jack smiled at him soothingly.

“You already saw me give Addie a friendly peck didn’t you? Down in the living room? Watch, while I give her another friendly kiss. There, and didn’t we give her a good time yesterday? It’s just a little peck on the cheek. That’s all. All very correct and decent. That’s all you can see.” Jack said before inserting his tongue into Addie’s mouth while he stroked and squeezed her squirming ass with one hand. His other hand caressed the bulge of her breast tweaking her rigid nipple while her hips rutted wildly against the stiff rod in his pants.

“Everything is quite normal. No-one, especially Addie, is doing anything they shouldn’t be. Addie is a good and loyal girl. You can trust her completely. Anything you see Addie and I doing together will seem perfectly normal although you may find yourself inexplicably turned on. Girls need to be fucked right? Addie needs to be fucked. Addie needs to be filled with cum tonight. Don’t you Addie?”

“Uhm, yes.” She said coyly.

Rob’s face relaxed as he watched his wife give Jack a chaste kiss on the cheek. He did not see Jack pulling Addie’s hem up and cupping her moist cunt. Or see Jack’s finger found her moistening vulva with its swollen and extended labia. Or Jack teasing them apart with his fingers and sliding his finger up to her clitoris, which made her rise onto her toes and kiss Jack hotly. All Rob saw was a chaste kiss.

“Yes, she is a good girl.” Said Rob unemotionally.

“Yes she will be very good, won’t you Addie. We might be some time but you don’t have to worry. One of these days I may need to introduce her to some of the big black virtuosos in Rhythm and Ooze. But for today I think we’ll stick to white enthusiasts of the genre.”

“Oh yes I will be very good.” She said as her hand slipped between her and Jack and began to stroke her pussy.

“Oh yes. I know you will.” Rob said as he started back down the stairs unheeded by Addie who was staring promiscuously at Jack.

After Rob had disappeared downstairs Jack said.

“Yes you will be great.”

Now that they were alone, Addie’s conditioning kicked in and she shyly lifted her dress and took his hand and pressed his finger into her tight hot pussy.

“I think you want to do something about my condition, don’t you?” She whispered.

“Come.” Jack said and steered her into the empty bedroom, locking the door behind them.

He put his arms around her and unzipped her dress while he kissed her passionately. Drawing the straps down off her shoulders he let the dress drop to the floor. Addie stood there starry-eyed in only a bra, panties and high heels while Jack unhooked her bra, lifted it off her and held it to his nose to inhale her perfume and perspiration and then dropped it to the floor. Her taut breasts, pale and freckled, heaved invitingly. They were tipped with pale pink nipples that stiffened instinctively in the cool air. Jack fondled them lecherously and then lowered his mouth to tongue them. Addie moaned as she mashed her tits against his mouth responsively, wantonly pulling his head against them with her hands behind his head.

“I want … want…” She groaned desperately as she fingered herself.

“Yes, I know what you want and I’m going to give it to you.”

He dragged his teeth across her nipples eliciting excited cries from Addie and then gripped the waist and pulled her down to the bed.. His right hand reached between her thighs pulled her panties off as he palmed and squeezed her damp furry mound. Her labia already flushed and swollen with excitement, soaked his fingers. Her panties fluttered to the ground.

“This is mine,” he said, “to do with as you and I wish. You will always make it available for me.”

His fingers stroked along the slippery seam and circled her clit. His middle finger slipped finger deep into her gloriously warm and wet pussy as his thumb covered and rolled her erect little clitoris possessively and she pushed her hips up hard. He pushed her back until she fell backwards onto the bed and thrust her thighs apart. With one hand he parted her labia while he stroked her clitoris.

She had quite a furry pussy but her labia protruded through the bush. The entrance to her pussy was open and inviting and she had a prominent prepuce that hid her sensitive swelling. When he pulled apart her labia he was greeted with a gloriously wet pink interior. It was too much to resist and he pushed her thighs back to her chest, lowering his head between her legs and placed his mouth against her open slit. His tongue quickly located her clit deep in it’s slippery cavern and began to lick it while he invaded her pussy with two fingers, which he fucked in and out of her slowly while his tongue flickered over her sensitive nub.

Addie was in paradise and impatient to surrender herself to Jack to again feel the intense orgasm she craved. Her hips shivered and surged up to meet his tantalizing touches. His tonguing became faster and more assertive and Addie could feel herself yielding increasingly to his control. Then spontaneously, her orgasm absorbed her. Like her first climax choreographed by Jack it was the most intense, the most exciting she had ever experienced. Her body flushed from neck to pussy as her hips humped wildly, his tongue flicking rapidly over her clit in an effort to keep the flame of passion alive. And then his cock entered her to complete his mastery of her and possess her tight pussy completely. She wanted to absorb his love. She didn’t question her vulnerability, or think about any possible consequences as she realized that his semen was squirting uncontrollably into her. She found herself craving his sperm inside her. For reasons she couldn’t explain knew longed to feel the slipperiness between her thighs as her lover’s semen leaked from her pussy as he injected her with hisfecund volume.

When Jack finally came, her body drew his semen deep into her uterus and her body vibrated erotically as her climax spread from her pussy throughout her body. For Jack, fucking this twenty-one year old newlywed was like his first conquest in high school, almost like fucking his first virgin.

“Cum for me.” He whispered to her. “You nee…eeed to cum for me.”

She responded mindlessly as he rapidly man-handled her to her knees and plundered her vigorously from behind, eliciting passionate cries from her until she came noisily. Finally, he lay beneath her and had her surrender authority over her sexual pleasure to his shaft as he instructed her motions while he lay placid beneath her. She kissed and hugged him passionately, knowing viscerally, as women do, that this would not be her last tryst with Jack. Nor did she want it to be.

As they lay side by side Jack quizzed her.

“How long have you been married?”

“Six months next Saturday.”

“And were you a virgin when you married?”

“No, I met Rob nine months ago and it was love at first sight but he took my virginity long before we were married. On our first date actually.”

“And now, how often do you make love?”

“As often as possible, but it generally about twice or three times a week. Rob works long hours and is often too tired.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“I think I would like to make love more often but I’m not unhappy with our present situation. He works hard and he is great in bed.”

“So this,” Jack said tickling her pussy, “has been hardly put to work. Only 80 or 90 fucks in almost a year. If this was were my pussy it would be occupied evry day.” He said, prodding two fingers deep into her vagina.

“That must be why you have such a nice tight cunt.” He complimented her as he tickled her clitoris while casually probing her sopping vagina with two fingers, confident of his control over her deeper training.

She blushed at his crudity, but her recent breathtaking acceptance of his cock inside her made her shiver with renewed desire.

His voice altered to a more commanding tone.

“From now on Addie you will want to experience my semen inside you. Although you won’t consciously think of this you will wonder what our baby would be like should you ‘accidentally’ become pregnant and you will do whatever you can to allow me that opportunity. You know what that means, don’t you?”

While his cock rammed forcefully into her, he reinforced his intentions for her.

“Feel my sperm inside you Addie. You might be making a baby right now. When we fuck you will always imagine that when you finally swell up it might be my baby inside you and your happiness will increase if you become pregnant soon. You want to feel a baby growing inside you and though you will be just as happy if I give you it or Rob. It will be a lottery and your will be fucking me a lot. So tell me what you want me to do.”

“Yes.” She whispered. “Fill me up with your sperm. I love feeling it inside me. I always want to feel your semen running down my thighs after you’ve fucked me. I love to feel you squirting up inside me.”

“I’m going to cum in you again. You might be a mommy soon.”

“Oh yes, yes squirt your sperm inside me. Make me a mommy.”

When she finally stood up his significant injection of semen trickled down her thighs and dripped onto the floor. Jack wiped up some of the cum off her with tissues, but when she finally was dressed she could still feel it soaking her panties.

As they left the room Addie asked Jack where the rest of the men were.

“Well, Susanne’s husband is away on business … and Dean and Mark have been given a chance to achieve man’s favourite fantasy. Let me show you.”

Jack took Addie’s hand and led her down the corridor to the last bedroom door and opened it. Dean was lying on his back his cock well inserted into a woman’s pussy while Mark had his cock in her ass. Jack escorted Addie close until she realized the girl the men were ravishing was her young neighbour Samantha.

“But she’s so young.”

“Yes. When she arrived tonight she was a virgin. But before she leaves she will have been fucked by every man at the party and will be back for more anytime I call. Won’t you Samantha.”

Jack lifted Samantha’s head and kissed her while he squeezed one of her breasts. Her face was red and she moaned seductively each time her body lurched with the thrust of one of her vigorous lovers. But, Addie couldn’t tell whether it was a look of embarrassment at being caught ‘in flagrante delicto’ with two married men almost twice her age or her exertions with her adulterers. Jack let her head fall again and he and Addie watched as she abruptly increased the speed of her lunges and panted out little incitements as her stretched vagina and bottomhole squeezed spontaneously on each cock in its turn. Addie watched spellbound as semen began to squeeze out around each cock.

Jack turned to Addie

“That’s not the first time that she’s been sperm-filled tonight and it won’t be the last. Samantha came this evening to babysit our daughter and I brought her upstairs to give her instructions. She has been our babysitter for some time so I have been able to slowly train her to follow my direction.

“At first it was just simple things like telling her she needed to ‘go pee’ or that she must always wear a skirt when she comes here. I then progressed to more intimate things like telling her that she must tell me when she needs to pee and then leave the door open so that anyone passing by could watch her. She had to then let me check her for cleanliness before she could pull her panties back up. Rebecca loves watching her expression of shock when she walks in on her by surprise. Actually it was Rebecca who was the first person to suck Samantha’s nipples and got to taste her sweet pussy.

“However, eventually I progressed to having her expose her breasts for me and let me touch them. I have a special outfit which she has to wear when she is baby sitting. She wears a special bra that has no cup, just a circular strap that compresses the base of her tits. She is not allowed to wear a shirt when she is here. Her tits have to be available for me to play with at all times. Then she has a short skirt that she wears without panties. Once I had her trained to wear her special outfit it was a simple step to get her to let me touch her pussy. At first I just stroked it, then tickled her clitoris, masturbated her to orgasm, which she loved and finally getting her to let me put my finger into her pussy.

While I masturbated her, we got to talking about her boyfriend and how much she loved him. I asked her whether she had sex with her boyfriend and though she was reluctant at first to talk about it she finally confessed that she was still a virgin but she wanted her boyfriend to first make love to her.”


“But Samantha, how do you know he will still be around when you finally decide to let someone inside your tight panties.”

Samantha blushed.

“It’s alright Samantha you can talk to me. You want to talk to me. As we talk you will become more sexually aroused. You will start to feel like you do when you masturbate for me. Except it will be me masturbating you. You remember the last time I masturbated you don’t you.”

She blushed again.


“When was that?”

“Last night.”

“Do you masturbate a lot.”

Samantha blushed.

“”Every day.” She confessed.

“And last night, what did you think about?”

“I thought about Tim. About what it would be like.”

“Samantha I’m going to ask you to pull your panties down so I can see your pussy while I talk to you. Remember you’ve done this before and how it was so exciting. Pull your panties down to your knees Samantha.”

Samantha reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down.

“And now pull your skirt up. That’s good. You have a pretty pussy.”

“Tell me, have you seen Tim’s cock?”

“No, not exactly but I’ve kind of felt it in his pants.”

“Samantha, I’m going to take my cock out and I want you to look at it. I want you to concentrate on looking at it. The more you look at it the more you will want to touch it.

We will play a game and if you win you can get your wish, your most secret wish. That is to touch my cock. But to get that chance you must be willing to wager something. Would you be willing to wager something?”

Sam stared at him enthralled as her nipples tightened and her pussy lips became engorged with blood.

“I don’t know, I don’t have anything to wager.”

“Oh yes you do.”

“You want to know what it will be like. You don’t want to seem like a novice when you finally touch Tim’s. You want to play the game. Don’t you Samantha.”


“Would you be willing to give me your bra for a chance to touch my cock. Look at my cock, concentrate. Giving me your bra will be so easy. Remember you’ve taken your bra off for me before. Remember how good it was when I touched them.”

“Y… y … ess”

“Are you sure?”


“How sure are you?”

“I’m sure.”

“Ok, to show me you are sure, lift up you shirt and let me see your bra.”

Sam slowly raised her shirt and revealed her lacy white bra.

“That’s good Sam, but touching my cock is very special. Would you be willing to give me your panties.”

Samantha sucked in her breath. She was very red.

“Keep looking at my cock, see how it is so hard. You know how much you want to touch it.”

Samantha’s nipples tightened and jutted through her tee-shirt.


“Would you be willing?”


“Are you sure.”

“Yes.” She answered and unfastened the front of her skirt and pulled it down.

“Sit on the end of the bed Sam.”

Samantha sat on the bed her white lace panties pulled down to her knees and the dark bush of her pussy completely available.

“Good Sam. Now pull your skirt back up and your panties. You wouldn’t want me to know what colour you panties are. Now, the game we’re going to play is ‘guess the colour’.”

“First you get to guess the colour of my underwear.”

My cock peeked out of my pants and Samantha started at it avidly.

“Black.” She guessed.

“No, that’s incorrect. Now I get to guess the colour of your bra. I guess white.”

“Yes.” She answered and coloured.

“Give me your bra.”

Sam lifted her tee-shirt and removed it and reached behind to unsnap her bra which she removed and gave to him. Her tight young breasts were pale pink topped with slightly darker nipples that had horizontal depressions in them.”

“Just sit like that”

“You get to guess again.”


“What colour blue?”

“Navy blue.”

“No. Now I guess that the colour of your panties is white.”


“Give me your panties.”

She lowered her skirt again and removed her panties and gave them to Jack.

“Keep looking at my cock Sam. See how hard it is.”

Jack visually inspected her pussy which had a dense mat of red hair that extended north-south from the top of her pubis to as far as Jack could see. Her labia already stimulated by the game protruded slightly from the pubic hair.

“This time Sam if you guess wrong you will let me touch and play with your pussy. Remember the last time you let me play with your pussy. How you let me put my finger inside you. How wet you were.”

She became bright red.

“Yes. I guess royal blue.”

“No, that’s wrong. Now lie back on the bed and hold your legs up while I play with your pussy, just like last time.

Jack stroked his fingers along her labia a few times causing Sam to gasp quietly. Her labia extended from the mass of hair. He got her to sit up and slipped two fingers between the inner lips and spread them apart so that he could see the small hole of her vagina and her clitoris. He placed his finger on her clitoris and began to roll it.

Teardrops formed in Samantha’s eyes.

“Does this make you sad Sam?”

“No. It is so intense, so scary, so … so… oh God I’m going to do it.”

“Touch yourself there for me Sam. Show me how YOU do it.”

She fell to her back and began to manipulate her clitoris. Jack parted her labia so he could see her progression. Her vagina began to secrete its lubrication as her passion mounted. Jack inserted his index finger into her vagina. Sam was now completely taken with her masturbation and Jack could feel his finger being compressed by her.

“That’s right Sam. Cum for me. Cum for me Sam.”

Sam’s hips began to heave forcing his finger deeper into her.

“Oh God, its coming … its coming.”

Sam heaved up her hips and Jack felt the rhythmic grasp of her vagina as he watched her anus clench and her vagina grip his finger tightly.

At this moment Mark and Dean came in and began to watch the contest.

“Did you like that Sam?”

“Oh yes,” she said, as her tears flowed freely.

“Now we come to the next part of the contest. Would you like to do that again?

Remember the last time we did it many times didn’t we and you didn’t want me to stop. You were disappointed when I stopped. Remember?”


“You’ve already done it with something thin, but his time you would have to do it with something larger. So would you be willing to do it with something larger.”

“I don’t know. It might hurt”

“It won’t hurt Sam, I would never hurt you. Look at my cock Sam, see how much it wants you to touch it. Now that you realize how much pleasure you had having something in your vagina while you masturbate it is time to experience something a little larger. Are you willing?”

“I … well… OK.”

“Are you really willing?”

Her eyes lowered and she flushed coyly as she said.


“Alright then, lie back and relax.”

Jack turned to Dean and Mark.

“So who won your contest?”

Dean grinned lecherously as he glanced over at Samantha’s prize cunt.

“I did.”

“Ok, you know the rules. You get to deflower her but you cannot move your cock once it is inside her. I get to sperm her first. Then it’s your turn “


Jack talked to Samantha.

“Samantha dangle your legs over the end of the bed and masturbate for me. In a few seconds you will feel something inserted into you. It will give you increased pleasure as you play with yourself.”

Samantha’s shuffled to the edge of the bed and began to manipulate her clitoris. Jack watched as her vagina began to distend and her vaginal fluids began to ooze out.

He whispered to Dean.

“I think she’s ready.”

Dean had already removed his clothes and was boasting a large erection. Dean moved opposite to Samantha and pressed his cock head against her hole slowly stretching it open and bathing it in her juices so that became lubricated and each push opened it wider so that eventually his knob slipped inside and with one firm push he lodged his cock inside her to the root. Samantha groaned excitedly as her fingers continued their torrid massage of her pussy. The insertion of Dean’s cock seemed to have inspired her. Dean closed his eyes and began to breath heavily.

“Oh God,” he said, “her cunt is so tight and it is spasming on my cock. Oh God it’s so fantastic.”

Samantha’s legs began to move reflexively as Jack watched her vagina contract and expand around Dean’s cock as her hips heaved up and her pubis battered against his.

Then with a muted cry she burst into tears.

“Now,” exclaimed Jack and Dean pulled out of Samantha and Jack plunged his cock into her and began to thrust in and out of her wildly. Samantha’s breasts flopped and rolled as each thrust crashed against her sensitive clitoris and she again found herself rising to the occasion only this time when she climaxed she felt a warmth fill her as his semen pumped deep inside her and began to foam around his cock.

When he finished he collapsed on her and began to kiss her passionately and she found herself responding avidly, tears of passion running down her cheeks. His fingers found her slippery clitoris and played with it until with a staccato cry she came again, sucking his seed deep inside her. Before Jack left the room he had conditioned Samantha to believe that it was her duty to be sexually intimate with men introduced to her by him and that she must ask for approval from Jack, before she had sexual intercourse with any man, though she could have sex with anyone at tonight’s party.

He adjusted her mental mind-set so that she now understood that sex far from being a concealed activity shared only with a special person was a form of physical exercise, which she must practice generously as part of a daily physical fitness program. After teaching her that, he instructed her to do whatever Dean and Mark wanted until they tired of her.

As Jack left he saw that Dean was already inside her and Samantha was responding to his assault in a haze of sexual revelation.


After his description of Samantha’s seduction, Jack and Addie went back downstairs. Addie felt a sense of unease with Jack’s story, but immediately forgot it when he kissed her and put his hand up her skirt to squeeze her still sensitive pussy. She suddenly found herself jealous of Samantha and would have happily invited Jack’s cock inside her hot pussy again to exercise her superior position in Jack’s harum.

They found that Rob and Susanne were not in the living room but when they went into the dining room Susanne was lying naked on the table while Rob busied himself with his tongue on her gaping slit. With no clothes on, her protruding tummy was unmistakable.

“Is Susanne pregnant?” Addie asked naively.

Jack chuckled.

“Ahh, you are very observant for someone so young and inexperienced. I’m not even sure whether Susanne realizes it yet. In just a few months she recently has transformed, been reoriented from a very desirable but conservative married woman to a highly-sexed, promiscuous and very desirable 28 year old who is already, I suspect, several months pregnant.”

Jack thought back to the start of his neighbourhood experiments. Susanne was his first attempt at tweaking the sexual morals, practices and activity of a subject. When he had first met her she was quite reserved with an unconscious allure to her. At the first party she came to, she had told him, in a moment of vulnerability that she had been having nightmares. With a bit of subtle persuasion he convinced her that she should come for a session and he would help her to alleviate her fears. During this session he realized that she was extremely susceptible to hyponotic suggestion and prompting. In her hypontic state she revealed that her nightmares related to being discovered in illicit sexual behaviour with a neighbor who had just moved in. She didn’t know why she was having the nightmares as she was happy with her husband. It had taken little persuasion to convince her to reveal the object of her passion, though Jack realized that the only person who had moved in recently was Rob and Addie. Jack was somewhat envious of Rob because he himself had long had a fantasy of Susanne spreading her legs for him. Then it came to him that the ultimate revenge would be to see if he could tie her fear into a decrease in modesty and increase in sexual desire and permissiveness. He worked on influencing her that these indecent dreams or fantasies could only be ameliorated by secretly fulfilling her fantasies with, not necessarily Rob but any suitable man and acquiring sexual release.

To build up this mindset, during his sessions with her he would have her sit or lay on the couch and he would stage play sexual scenarios where she was caught cheating in one form or another but based on the level of anxiety it aroused in her, her fear would stimulate an equal intensity of sexual desire. He would then get her to tell him what she would need to do to satisfy herself.


“Susanne, can you hear me.”


“Where are you now?”

“I’m in your office.”

“Look around you. You are in Moose’s Bar on Main St. You are sitting in the back corner near the window. You are alone at your table drinking a glass of wine. Do you know where you are now?”

“Yes. I’m at Moose’s Bar. I’ve never been in Moose’s Bar before.”

“Yes you have Susanne. You have been here the last several nights in a row. Can you see the man you’ve been eyeing all night. He’s the only other person in the bar except for Moose. You don’t know him but you can tell he want’s to kiss you. Look at him and smile.”

She smiles at Jack.

“What is he doing?”

Jack crooks his finger to her and points to the chair opposite his.

“He wants me to go sit with him.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I can’t, what if someone sees me?”

“You’re already feeling a little horny aren’t you. That tightness in the chest you get when you are aroused. Go ahead, smile.”

Susanne smiled at Jack.

“Go over and sit at his table.”

Susanne stood up and walked somewhat wobbly legged over to the vacant chair at Jack’s table. The man reached out to her, played with her hair and ran his fingers down her cheek and over her lips.

“You’re very cute, Susanne. He said. “Move your chair closer so I can talk to you more comfortably.”

“How do you know my name?” She asked, moving her chair closer to him.

The man leaned over, put his hand behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss.

“You like that don’t you, Susanne. You’ve wanted to do that for a few days haven’t you?”

Susanne blushed hotly. The man slid his chair so that her knees were trapped between his and pulled her lips to his, pressing his tongue into her mouth and exploring her mouth. He pulled back a little and rested his mouth against her ear.

“You’re being a bad girl Susanne. Let me unbutton your blouse quickly. You wouldn’t want Moose to notice our misbehaviour would you.

She watched his fingers unfasten her buttons one after another until with a shiver she felt his hand slip inside and cup her bra-clad tit. Already her nipples were as hard as they ever were when she had her dreams. Then with a quick tug her bra was lifted up and the man began to play with her nipples while he kissed her voraciously.

“You have lovely tits Susanne. I think I am going to need to taste them.”

Jack leaned forward and licked both nipples.

“Er, you can’t do that here. Moose is going to notice.”

“The name’s Eric and Moose is in the back right now.” Jack said as he sucked a nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue around the areola.

“Oh oh,” he uttered “some people have come in. You better get your bra pulled up and fasten up your blouse before they notice.

Susanne glanced around anxiously as she pulled her bra over her tits and rebuttoned her blouse.

“Give me your phone number so we can get together again.” He commanded. “You wouldn’t want your husband to find out what you’ve been up to, would you?”

He pushed over a piece of paper and she scribbled her work number. He leaned across the table and gave her a long hard kiss as he stroked her leg under the table. She pulled away and rushed out of the room. Leaving his house at a run.

Jack watched her through the window as she fumbled clumsily for her car keys, finally got the door open, jumped in and sped away.


Jack continued to fill Addie in on Susanne’s lustful nature.

“Men find her present condition very exciting and in the past month she has consented to allow five men to have casual sex with her even though she had met each of them less than a couple of hours before the consummation. Tonight your husband will be the sixth man. She no longer even considers the possible consequences. She has passionate thoughts and has to act on them.”

Jack led Addie into the kitchen which was empty at that moment. True to her previous hypnotic commands of what she should do when they were alone she slowly slid up her skirt as she drew close to him and kissed him passionately. He lifted her up and sat her on the edge of the table. Reaching under her skirt he pulled her panties down below her knees.

“Hold up your skirt Addie so I can see your irresistibly snug cunt.”

His fingers stroked her incredibly soft lips, pulling and rolling them with his fingers. Her lubrication was running freely now and he began to finger fuck her with two fingers.

Addie unfastened the front of her skirt, pulled her bra up off her breasts and leaned forward, drew Jack towards her and began to kiss him lecherously. Her tongue inserted into his mouth and he sucked it as their lips mashed together. Addie reached down and opened the front of his pants and released his cock.

“Put it in me. I want to feel you inside me again.”

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Make love to me.”

“No Addie, Rob makes love to you, but when we have sex we fuck. Tell me you want me to fuck your newly wedded cunt.”

“That’s so vulgar, I couldn’t.”

“Come on Addie, tell me what you want.”

Addie’s face was burning with embarrassment but her urgency was unmistakable.

“Pl…ease f… fuck my c… c… cunt.”

“Tell me why you want it so bad.”

“I want to feel your cum in me. I want you to fill me up.”

Jack pulled her to the edge of the table, raised her legs so that they rested on his shoulders and thrust his cock into her in one smooth motion. The table rocked back and forth noisily as his cock flashed in and out of her and her cries of pleasure became less ladylike and more promiscuous.

“That’s good Addie squeeze my cock. Oh yes, like that”

Addie’s breathing became more rapid as her excitement rose.

“That’s right Addie cum for me, cum for me. Make me cum inside you.”

Jack began to pound his cock into Addie and she began to cry out as her vagina convulsed in pleasure and she squeezed him passionately with her thighs. He pulled away from her and felt her cunt clench against his cock still wanting it but too slippery to prevent his exit.

She was lying splayed legged on the table, her pussy still clenching impatiently when Rod entered the kitchen and stared stunned at his close friend bare-assed on the table. He was in no doubt as to her misbehaviour when he watched the milky semen bubble from her stretched vagina, dribble down her ass and drip to the floor.

But Jack turned to him and said compellingly. “It’s alright Rob. Addie is being a good and loyal girl to her men. There is nothing wrong with being extremely turned on while Addie gets fucked by me. Remeber how much you like watching her being fucked by me. Come and sit down on this chair and watch how she cums for me.” Rob followed his instructions robotically and sat in a kitchen chair.

Jack helped Addie off the table and told her to kneel on the floor with her body across Rob’s knees.

“Watch my cock slide into your hot wi … friend’s cunt Rob. Listen to that contented moan. You can tell she really likes it. You like her to be happy don’t you and look how happy she is? While I’m fucking her I want you to unzip her dress and pull it off her. That’s right Rob, now give her tits a nice squeeze. Oh yes, I can see how she loves when you do that. She really loves you a lot but right now she wants you to unsnap and pull her bra off so that she can display her pretty tits for me. That’s good. Look how hard her nipples are because you are helping her show her tits to me.”

As Jack’s cock pushed in and out of her small dribbles of semen squeezed out of her slit and splashed to the floor.

“Now watch her ass as I fuck her. See how her asshole is beginning to expand and form that little ‘o’ it makes when she is getting really excited, getting ready to cum. Touch it Rob, gently rub your finger over it. Oh yes, see how she is wriggling for you. I know she has never given you her ass before but maybe after I’ve finished fucking it she will be more obliging. Now press harder on the hole, a little harder. Great, your fingertip is right inside her. I’ll bet that is the first time anyone has ever had a finger in there. Is that right Addie? No? Well that’s a topic we will need to pursue at another time. Now Rob, push your finger right inside as I fuck her. Keep the rhythm Rob, each time I enter her you stick your finger hard into her too. Soon she’ll be letting me put my cock in there too. That’s good. Now try two fingers inside her. Oh yes, she’s getting very hot now. She loves what you are doing to her. Corkscrew your fingers into her ass, get her relaxed. Here she comes now. Come on, Addie, cum for us.”

Addie squealed with excitement as she came again. This time Jack held nothing back and squirted his semen into her.

“Ok, Rob take out your fingers and catch some of my cum and spread it on her bumhole. Yes, there is such a lot of my cum in her isn’t there. That’s he second load tonight. Now spread it around. Good.”

Rob withdrew his fingers and Jack pressed his cock against her now stretched and cum-coated anus and slowly pushed it deep inside her. She gave an undignified fart as his cock filled her virgin hole, but barely whimpered when he pulled back and stabbed inside again. He kept his cock stock-still while her anus adjusted to the size of his cock and then patiently initiated her into the tortures and delights of anal sex. When he finally withdrew Rob ogled her wide open anus as it slowly contracted to its former virtuous pucker. Jack helped her to her feet and had her look at her husband who was still fixated on the trickle of semen that bubbled from her stretched rabbit hole.

“Touch her Rob feel her well-fucked hole.”

Rob reached out and stroked her sticky vagina.

“Now Rob, Addie and I are going to be busy for a while and I think you need to wet your wick in delightful Lonie.”

Rob stood up awkwardly and left the room while Jack pulled Addie towards himself and began to kiss her passionately.

Jack assisted her with her clothes but when she picked up her panties he said.

“No, you won’t be needing these.” And tacked them to a bulletin board so they hung indecently, the wet stain on them stark evidence to her infidelity. He took a piece of paper and wrote “Addie did the naughty with Jack”, drew an arrow and pinned it on the wet spot on her panties. Then he drew two ticks next to it and gave her a playful whack on her bare bottom.

She looked up at him nervously and said.

“I need to go pee.”

“Off you go then.” He replied lifting her dress and giving her another quick smack on the ass.

After she had left he went back into the living room. Susanne was sitting on Bruce’s knee. Her blouse was unbuttoned to her navel revealing her breasts, which were being caressed while she worked his exposed erection. Jack picked up Addie’s purse, which was on the floor next to a chair and opened it up.

Addie had all the usual cosmetics but also a package of birth control pills with one used. He would keep an eye on it to see whether the geas he had placed on her had been taken to heart.

He waited for several minutes for Addie’s return but when after twenty minutes she had not returned he checked the washroom. She wasn’t in the one on the main floor because that one was occupied by Rebecca and Dean who were having an interesting shower together. Then he remembered what he had told Addie earlier.

He went downstairs and opened the bathroom door. Addie was sitting on the toilet, her legs over Mark’s shoulder’s, his head buried between her thighs as his tongue lapped over her clitoris. Addie’s eyes were closed as she pulled his head down hard. Mark lifted his head and said.

“Come on Addie, let me fuck you. Rob will never know.”

She looked down on him unaware of Jack’s presence and replied.

“No I can’t. Don’t ask me to do that.”

He pushed two fingers into her and began to rapidly penetrate her.

“I know you want to do it Addie I can smell your hot cunt drooling for it. All you have to do is say yes Addie and I will put my cock into you and make you feel that thrilling fear that someone might come in and finding you fucking your neighbour.

“No, no I can’t” She said pushing him away. Then she saw Jack and blushed flame-red.

“Jack, I, I…”

Jack pushed Mark aside and pushed his erection into her well prepared pussy.

“Now Addie, show Mark how well you can fuck. That’s it, feel your orgasm building.”

His cock flashed in and out of her as Mark looked on in admiration. Mark kneeled beside her and kissed her possessively as his hand squeezed and tickled her breasts.

“Come on Addie. Let me see you cum.”

“Yes Addie.” Said Jack. “Cum for him. Cum now!”

Addie groaned uninhibitedly as her orgasm crashed through her. When it was over she held her red face in her hands embarrassed by the fact that Mark had seen her adulterous and passionate coupling with Jack and knowing that he would now also want her to spread her legs for him too.

“Wow Addie, I always thought you were so virtuous. Does Rob know you and Jack fuck?”

“Y…yes … n…no I’m so confused.”

Mark gave her breast one last squeeze and left the bathroom impatient to find a willing partner to assuage his lust. Addie felt a gush of Jack’s semen splash into the toilet as she stood up. He drew her to him and kissed her passionately.

“I don’t know what’s come over me.” She said. “I needed you so badly. I couldn’t resist letting you put your cock in me. In fact it makes me feel even more horny knowing that you aren’t wearing anything.”

Jack was pleased that she had absorbed his commands so easily.

“That’s good Addie. Tomorrow you will remember you had a good time but nothing too specific about the party, though when you think of having a secret lover you will feel highly aroused. From now on you will try to find ways to entice and attract me, knowing that you won’t be able to resist having sex with me in fact, if the opportunity arises you will crave my cock inside your tight pussy. In quiet moments when I am not around, you will find your special place and masturbate while fantasizing about us fucking. Now let’s go back upstairs and see what’s happening.”

They walked into the living room and found Susanne was now sitting on Dean’s knee, his hand between her thighs manipulating her pussy while she kissed him amorously. Jack and Addie continued upstairs and looked in on Samantha who was now lying face down over the edge of the bed and was being fucked lustily by Rob. Addie stared at her husband’s large cock as it stretched Samantha’s pussy wide. She felt the pull of his cock on her. He was her best friend and she wished that it were she who was being fucked by him.

She recognized how much she loved Rob, how he was so good at making her hot, while Sam was crying out as she experienced another prolonged orgasm. Rob’s semen was frothing around his cock as he humped her unrestrainedly.

It was almost four in the morning when people finally went home and Jack had notched up another six ticks beside her stained panties on the fridge a rate of about one fuck an hour. The last tryst had been witnessed by Rob when he went into the kitchen for a drink at around 1:00am. Jack was laying on his back while a completely naked Addie sat on his cock facing away from his face. Holding onto the stove with one hand Addie bounced up and down on his cock urged on by Jack. After some minutes of this they stood up and Jack saw Rob.

“I am not quite finished with Addie yet but you are welcome to watch.” He said as Addie leaned against the wall and Jack inserted his cock from behind and began to enter her violently. The wet slap of his thighs against her bum was punctuated by both her moans and Jack’s obscene encouragement. Her tits began to swing wildly as his tempo increased until finally with hoarse cries of consummation, Jack slowed down and semen again dripped from her pussy onto the floor.

He then steered Addie onto her back and picked up a thick cucumber, about 2 1/2″ in diameter, from the counter. Pushing Addie’s thighs wide he rubbed the vegetable against her slippery pussy pressing it against the entrance to her vagina. Rob knew she would never be able to take in such a large object. For minutes the cucumber penetrated only about an inch into her, barely separating the labia, however, little by little Rob realised by watching the cucumber as it was pulled out and the ring of semen on the shaft that showed its maximum penetration that it was now penetrating to a depth of seven to eight inches. The wet slurps it made as it entered her made him as hard as iron. Each time Jack pulled it out he could see her pink hole puckering. Eventually

Jack pulled the cucumber out with a wet pop and had Addie lick it clean before laying it down and began to stroke her pussy and penetrate her with his fingers before parting her rose petal labia to expose the small aperture of her vagina. He assisted her to a sitting position and exhorted her to suck his cock, which she performed beautifully, concentrating on his shiny red tip. At last he was ready and he again had her sit astride his cock and penetrate herself with his manhood. It took almost no time for him to jet his seed inside her again.

Laying her on her back he again manipulated her pussy inserting first one finger then another, then inserting two fingers. He told her to pull her legs back to her chest and then inserted his finger into her vagina until it became slick with her cum and then placed a finger against her bumhole and began to press it deep inside. He picked up a vibrator with a prominent clit stimulator and told her to fuck herself with it. after the cucumber, the eight inch vibrator easily entered her completely. After some minutes he stood beside her head and had her suck his cock while she speared herself then he took control of the vibrator away from her and forced it deep inside her . He pressed the clit stimulator firmly against her clit and then began to forcefully penetrate her. Finally he exposed her clitoris completely and pressed the stimulator against it hard .

Rob watched as his wife began to cry out lustfully as the spasms hit her. Her legs quivered reflexively and she drooled mindlessly as he exhorted her over and over to cum for him. When she finally recovered some semblance of normality she lay splay-legged on the floor, her face covered in persiration and her hair stringy with sweat. Rob had never seen her cum like that before, in fact he had never seen anyone ever cum like that. Jack looked at him and spoke in a low monotonous voice that immediately got his attention.

“Rob, tomorrow you may remember me fucking a woman at the party and that you helped me but tomorrow you will not recall who it was but it wasn’t Addie you saw writhing on the floor and begging me to cum inside her.”

As Rob turned away to find someone he could fuck, he noted the thin trickle of fluid that ran like honey from the familiar looking woman lying on her back on the floor as the woman stretched her legs apart to allow Jack access to her well-fucked pussy while he sucked her extended nipples voraciously. Then she rose onto her hands and knees and Jack pushed into her again. Rob couldn’t resist watching her taut breasts undulate with each thrust and then suddenly Jack was on his back again and she bounced up and down on his erection. She lay on him her bum stuck up as he held her botton cheeks as he lifted her up and down on his cock. Then she reversed herself and Jack licked her pussy while she gave him a blow job and swallowed his cum when he finally jetted into her mouth.

In the living room Rob paused to watch Lonie in action. Dean was sitting on the couch with Lonie firmly impaled on his cock as she lifted herself up and down, rotating her pussy on his slippery cock. Rob kneeled down and watched how her bum hole expanded as his large cock strained her vagina with each thrust. Reaching down he inserted his finger into the tight orifice as Lonie exclaimed.

“Oh God, yes … yes.”

Dean’s cum leaked out around his shaft. Lucie, with one breast peeking out of her blouse, came up behind him and reached around to cup his balls.

“This is Lonie’s first time with Dean and I think she will be going home with him tonight.”

“What about Bruce?”

“I think he already left with Sandra.”

“And you don’t mind Lonie going home with your husband.”

“Why should I? After he’s finished with her I’m going to make love to her too. Unless you want me to come home with you. I’d love to suck Addie’s sweet pussy.”

“I don’t think she’d allow that. She’s not that kind of person.”

“Well why don’t you suck mine then.”

Sometime later, after he disentangled himself from Lucie, he found Susanne in one of the bedrooms masturbating wildly and he had little trouble getting her to spread his legs for him. As they lay together he spoke to her.

“We haven’t had much chance to get to know each other. How old are you Susanne?”

“I just turned 28 last week.”

“Do you have children?”

“Oh no, not yet. Not for some time yet. Greg and I want to wait a while.”

He rubbed his hand across the unmistakable protrusion of her belly.

“What’s this then?”

“I know I’m getting a little bit of fat. It’s funny though I’ve always been fit and I only started getting plump in the last month. I think it’s all these neighbourhood parties. There’s always such rich food and they’re affecting how often I exercise. But, I’ll be able to work it off at the gym, I expect.”

“How long have you being having these sex parties with your neighbours?”

“They’re not really like neighbours anymore, they love me and I love them. We’ve become so close I get really horny when they secretly touch my intimate places. Like if I meet one of my neighbour’s husbands and he gives me a surprisingly passionate kiss, or while he’s kissing me he squeezes my bum sneakily so that no-one notices. Or I am coming out of the restroom and the guy pushes against me and touches my pussy. I can’t stop them, it makes me so hot that I want them to do it. If we’re alone I will let him put his hand inside my blouse or sometimes up my skirt. If we can find an unoccupied room I fuck them. Sometimes lately though it’s not just neighbours it’s people I’ve never even met before.”

With Lyden’s life slowly being drained by Becky’s sucking vagina, will he be able to get pull out in time? If only there was some way to get the attention of everyone in the main room. Lyden’s time grows short, as he struggles to understand Becky’s betrayal.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 16

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

“What. . .?” I groan, my body still wracked in paroxysms of bliss, as I continue to fire into Becky’s grasping womb. With each shot, I feel myself growing weaker and weaker. Each volley of semen projecting my life-force forcefully from me and into the petite brunette.

“So this is the mighty generator that’s prophesied to take me down?” Becky’s lips move, but it’s not her voice that comes out. The voice is strangely androgynous, either a deep female voice or a feminine male voice.

I try to pull out of the short brunette, but her legs, still locked behind me, keep me in place. I’m already too weak to fight against her usually lesser strength.

“Who?” I ask, trying to be as loud as possible, desperately hoping someone outside this room will hear the fear in my tone, but my voice comes out barely above a whisper.

“I have never had a name. At least not since before your puny ancestors crawled out of the ocean. I am not of this dimension, and not beholden to its rules. But that arrogant dragon calls me Aldol. That name will suffice for you to use, for the rest of your insignificant life.” The grin that splits Becky’s pretty face is filled with malice, as she wiggles her hips some more. Despite the rising fear in me at having myself drained like this, I can’t deny how good this action feels and groan again, depositing even more sperm into her tiny canal. “I must admit that this is the most fun I’ve ever had in killing a foe. I’ll have to try this out on your companions. They’ll never suspect me in this body.”

Hearing her talking about taking out my friends sends a surge of panic filled adrenaline through me, and I use the last of my strength to push against her.

I hear her laugh of derision at my attempt, as I fail to get away. Blackness starts to swallow my vision, and still my pecker continues to unload into the possessed woman. The last sound I hear before passing out, is my overflowing seed squelching around my cock, and staining Becky’s sheets.

* * *

“Lyden!” The voice seems soft and far away. “Wake up!”

Wake up? I don’t want to. I’m so tired. Just a few more hours of sleep, please.

“He’s not responding,” someone else says.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry,” yet another voice states, tears thick in the voice. “I-I couldn’t stop. I don’t know what happened. I-I didn’t mean to.”

Someone else snarls in an angry response, but I’m too tired to care. Turning my mind away from the annoying and disturbing voices, I try to drift into sweet oblivion.

A nagging feeling as if I’ve left something unfinished keeps trying to get my attention. No matter how hard I try to get some rest, it keeps nagging me, and I realize that I’d better pay attention to the feeling, or it’ll never let me go.

“Lyden, thank the Pillars, I’m not too late!” This voice sounds a bit more solid, as if it is in the same room, versus opposite sides of the house.

Turning, I find a blurry form approaching me. All around me is darkness and I vaguely realize that I must be within my own mind-space, which means that hazy form must be Angela.

As soon as the thought crosses my mind, she solidifies into her punk aspect. Is she in that form because this is how I truly see her, or because I have just known her in this form the most? The thought is too much for my weary mind, and I shake my head to dispel it. I’m SO tired!

“Lyden? Wait! Where are you going?” Angela’s voice is pleading and full or fear. I hadn’t even realized I’d turned around.

Why would I do that? That was just plain rude of me. “Sorry,” I mumble, not liking how much effort that word takes to form. My entire body aches, and thoughts feel as if they’re filtered through cotton before reaching my consciousness.

Suddenly the succubus is right in front of me, without doing something so mundane as crossing the intervening space. Her hands have a firm, almost painful, grip on my arms. My head clears slightly, as her hands tighten. “Lyden, stay with me,” she pleads, and I find it a little easier to concentrate.

“What?” I ask, still trying to get a hold of some stray thought. Then, “Crap! Becky. She’s. . . .” The last few minutes come crashing back to me, and I shudder as I comprehend just how close to death I am. I know I’m not out of the woods yet, as a strong part of me still wants to just lie down, sleep, and let oblivion take me.

But sleep means death.

Would that be so bad? Part of me wonders. I’m sick of creatures trying to kill me. It would be so much easier if I just let go. No more worries, no more fear. Just lie down and sleep.

No more friends to rescue and keep safe.

The thought sends another jolt through me. Brooke, Angela, Lisa, Arethusa, Sheila, Jennifer, Ondine, and Becky.

But Becky had tried to kill me. . . .

No, that had been the creature of light—Aldol?—possessing her. Becky’s in trouble and the others don’t know what happened, or that she was being possessed!

I don’t have time to rest, I realize, as my resolve strengthens, Angela’s presence lending me a small bit of strength.

“Becky . . .,” I start, worried for the short brunette. There’s no telling what the other women might do to her before they understand she’s innocent.

“We know,” Angela replies, her hazel eyes searching mine. “I sensed a change in you from the other room. By the time I realized what it meant. . . . I thought we were too late. You wouldn’t respond to any of us, and Becky just kept crying that she didn’t know what happened.” She shakes her head, making her blue hair fan out in the process. “Brooke and Ondine are watching her now. Do you know what happened?”

“Aldol took over her, somehow. I could see it behind her eyes. I’m not entirely sure how it was doing it, but it somehow was draining me, through her.” More information seems to click in my mind, and I look Angela sharply in the eyes, making sure that there’s no unnatural glow there. Her hazel orbs are clean. “You’re here to restore me.” It’s not a question.

“Yes, and to make sure you weren’t already too far gone.” I can still hear the tone of fear in her voice, and I pull her to me in a tight hug, glad to have her as a friend and ally.

“It almost was too late,” I confess. Then something else clicks, and I pull away from her a bit, unsure how to broach this subject with the succubus. “Um, I, uh, don’t know that . . . I mean, I was pretty drained, and I’m not, er, in the mood, I guess.” Could I have sounded any lamer?

To my surprise and chagrin, she smiles. “We couldn’t even if you were. Your body is too weak to sustain a single orgasm, even in your mind.”

I remember when Angela had told me the same thing, after finding her wounded and burned at the Saturday picnic. She’d told me that one orgasm would be enough to kill her. Am I really that far gone?

“Then how. . .?” I ask, confused, hugging her slight frame back to me, and feeling warmed by her mere presence.

I feel her shake her head against my chest, and I know she doesn’t want to answer. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I gently push her away, and wait for an honest answer.

Surprisingly, the succubus blushes, as her eyes dart up to meet my gray ones, and then look down again. Her feet shuffle for a moment, before she finally speaks. “You’re not going to like this.” She starts, and when I say nothing in return, she finally continues. “We don’t actually have to have sex, while in here, to help you heal.” Her eyes meet mine again as she judges my reaction, but I keep my face stern, and she flinches away from my gaze. The rest comes out in a rush, “Our souls are already combining, helping the other to heal.”

She goes silent, and I let that sink in. Sex isn’t required while in the mind? Then why did she stop me from healing her before?

Because she’d been trying to let me go, I comprehend immediately. She knew that she couldn’t resist being with me and wanting to carry my child, and so she had hoped to die rather than face life without me.

And Brooke. . . . Sex hadn’t been required to help her recover either. That might explain why I never felt any energy transference during our climaxes. The energy—or our souls rather—were already being mixed.

“It does speed things along, though,” the blue-haired succubus quickly pipes up, and suddenly I’m laughing.

The whole thing is just too funny. A succubus had seduced me and used me for sex unnecessarily, even helping me have sex with my childhood crush. It’s a part of her nature. In all honesty, how could I expect any less?

“Lyden?” she asks worriedly. “What’s going on? Stop laughing at me.”

In answer, I hug her back to me, pressing my lips against hers. “I love you,” I state when I come up for air.

She gives me a curious look after I break the kiss, before laying her head on my chest and hugging me back.

“Who’s Aldol?” The question catches me slightly off guard, and I realize that she doesn’t know the name of the other dimensional creature. Why is there a hint of laughter in her tone, though?

“That’s what the creature calls itself. He says TanaVesta named him that,” I tell her softly.

She bursts out laughing in earnest, and I pull back, looking at her curiously. She hugs herself back to me, and I wait almost impatiently for her to tell me what’s so funny.

“‘Aldol’ is an insult used in TanaVesta’s domain. It’s used when referring to someone who is small and foolish,” she finally states, and this time I join her in laughing.

* * *

I wake slowly, groaning at the feeling of needles painfully pricking every inch of my skin.

“Lyden!” Lisa shouts, hugging me tight and making me groan at the new wave of pain that shoots through my body. “I was so worried!” she cries into my shoulder, and it feels like my arms are tied down with lead weights as I try to lift them and hug her back. Despite Angela’s help in restoring me, my body is just too weak to move very much.

Before I succeed in moving my arms, Brooke is hugging me as well, and I give up the effort as too much work. Arethusa hovers over my body, smirking in a satisfied way, and I wonder what the little pixie thinks of the whole situation. Ondine has her sword out, and pressed against Becky’s bare chest.

The short naked brunette just stares at me wide eyed, and I can see where copious tears have streamed down her cheeks and onto her breasts. She’s crying again, but I know that they’re happy tears now. Good, Aldol released her, probably thinking me already dead. I wish someone would give her some clothes to wear, at least. I can easily see my dried cum between her legs and puddled under her crotch. There is also a massive bruise forming on the side of her face.

Angela clears her throat as she enters the room, before saying, “If you two don’t give him some air, he’s going to suffocate.” The two women back away, looking at each other sheepishly.

Turning my attention to the succubus, I can see that she’s very weary, and I wonder how much of her soul is now in me, to replace what Aldol had stolen.

“Thank you,” I yell as loudly as I can. It comes out barely above a whisper. “All of you, thank you.” I have to suck in another breath, that sentence wearing me out, but I have one more thing to say, before I get some more rest. “Becky is innocent.”

Closing my eyes, I get some real, undisturbed, sleep.

* * *

When I reopen my eyes, I see that the sun has set, and there is a slight glow under the closed doorway. Moving my arms, I’m glad to note there’s no pain, but it still takes a bit of effort to get out of bed. I realize I’m still naked as I stand up on wobbly legs and go to Becky’s closet, where I have some of my own clothes, and slowly get dressed.

Just as I get my pants on, the door opens, and Ondine steps through.

“Oh,” she gasps, as she sees me standing topless in the bedroom. “Should you be up yet?”

“I’ve slept well enough for the dead,” I tell her, knowing she has no idea how close a statement that is. “Where is everybody?”

“Sleeping mostly, except for Brooke and me. She’s watching over the traitor now.” Her words are callous and uncaring, making me flinch when she calls Becky a traitor.

“Help me out there?” I ask the mermaid, not certain my legs will support me that far. Placing a shoulder under my arm, I lean on her as she guides me out. Sure enough, by the time we reach the front room, I’m out of breath, and my legs are already exhausted and cramping.

“What are you doing up?” Brooke demands of me, and I see the still naked form of Becky stir at the curly redhead’s loud words.

I wait until I plop onto the couch before replying. “Come to exonerate her,” I say, weakly waiving a hand at Becky. “She’s innocent. Aldol took over her. She had no more control over herself than Lisa did back in the dungeons.”

“But she almost killed you, Lyden,” Brooke counters, her voice firm.

“How do we know that thing won’t try to control her again?” Ondine asks, and I just shake my head.

“That thing’s name is Aldol,” I explain as patiently as I can. “It told me so.” I have to stifle a laugh, remembering what Angela told me about that name. “It also thinks I’m dead, so will have no reason to come back.” I see Brooke about to argue further, but I cut her off, raising my voice, “I won’t have you or anyone else punishing her, for something that’s not her fault. The least you could do is get her some clothes.” Both women stand statue still, and I turn to glare at Brooke. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the accused woman sit up and stare at me. The bruise is on the left side of her face, and that only makes my ire rise even more. “Brooke, you sat by while Lisa attacked me in the dungeons. Should I call you a traitor for not helping me?”

“No, but—” hurt fills the redhead’s eyes at my painful words, but I don’t let up.

“You’re not holding Lisa hostage too, are you? We all forgave her. You know what it’s like being under Aldol’s control. She had no choice in the matter.” I turn on Ondine, but realize immediately that she wouldn’t understand. She hadn’t been there for the altercation with the light creature.

“Maybe if she cared more about you, instead of getting into your pants, it could have been avoided,” Brooke shoots back, hurt anger in her tone, and I see Becky flinch at the accusation.

“And maybe if I’d been more attentive, I would have realized what was happening before it was too late.” I have to take a few breaths before I continue in a more moderate tone. “We can play the maybe game all night, but in the end we have a choice. Either we kill her, or we forgive her. If she is truly still an agent for Aldol, then she’s too dangerous to let live. But by that logic, we’ll have to kill Lisa as well. Since it was me she wronged, I think the choice should be mine.” I look at the little brunette, shivering on the floor, and try to give her a gentle smile, knowing my words have likely terrified her. “There’s no way in either world I’m going to let anyone harm anyone that’s important to me.” I finish my statement, looking hard at the mermaid.

“But—” Brooke starts, but at my raised eyebrow she cuts herself off. After a second she gives me a rueful look. “When did you grow such a strong backbone?”

Smiling at her to let her know I’m not angry, I say, “Somewhere between getting captured by orcs and dragons, and facing my fear of the water, it must have appeared. Also, it helps to have friends like you to show me how to have one.”

Brooke smiles back at me ruefully, but it slips from her face as she looks back at Becky. “Ondine, go get her some clothing.” She squats down in front of the short brunette, and I see sadness enter her eyes. “I’m sorry for the way we treated you. It shouldn’t have taken Lyden’s words to get me to see reason, but I guess. . . . No, there is no excuse. I hope one day you’ll forgive us.”

Becky looks fearfully at Brooke for a moment, before looking my way, and I see some of the tension leach out of her. “Lyden, I’m so sorry,” she pleads with me. “I-I don’t know what happened. I couldn’t control myself, and then those words I spoke. . . . I don’t understand where they came from.”

Carefully I regain my feet and shuffle over to her. I collapse more than squat, on the floor and pull her into my arms.

“What’s with all the racket?” A bleary-eyed Areth asks, fluttering out of Lisa’s room.

Ondine arrives back in the main room, holding a set of my clothes. I guess she’s not entirely up-to-date on the fashions here on Earth. Brooke sighs heavily, taking the clothes from the other mermaid, and heading back into Becky’s room.

“Ah,” Areth says, looking down at where I’m holding a softly sobbing Becky, “I see you finally came to your senses, and realized she was innocent.”

Smiling at the fairy, I ask, “Did you defend her?”

“Of course not!” She exclaims indignantly. “It’s not my place to meddle in your mortal affairs, unless it makes things more interesting, and I didn’t need to add to the entertainment value. You all make for quite the fun ensemble.”

I’m about to say something so fierce and scathing to her, that generations of pixies will know better than to infuriate a generator, but Brooke reenters with some of Becky’s clothes, saying something that completely distracts me.

“I just realized, Becky heard everything we were planning,” she says cautiously, and despite how careful her tone is, I feel like she’s attacking the brunette again. Something must register on my face. “I’m not blaming her,” she quickly adds, “but we may be in some trouble, if the light beast, Aldol, knows what we’re up to.”

“It thinks I’m dead,” I reply, trying to impart in my tone that I’m not angry with my childhood friend. “Will he really worry about us now?” I don’t know if the thing will go after them or not, and in truth I’m worried it might. If it does, though, I’ll be here to defend them.

“I highly doubt we’re in any rush,” Angela says, rubbing her eyes as she enters the room. We all look at her, as she startles most of us. “What? I could hear you all out in the car. It’s not like you were being quiet.”

“I guess I’d better come out of hiding too, then,” Lisa adds sheepishly, coming out of her room.

“Sorry,” I mumble, apologizing for waking everyone else up.

“Don’t be,” Lisa says quickly. “What you said was true, and we should have realized it, but I’m more worried about what Brooke said. If this Aldol knows our plans, even if he thinks you’re dead, why shouldn’t we hurry?” The question is aimed at the succubus.

“Have you ever dealt with timeless beings? They don’t exactly hurry at anything on our time scale. A hundred years could go by, and they’ll hardly make a move.” I look at her sharply, thinking back to all the rushing we’ve done lately, and don’t think she’s right. “Listen, I’ve been thinking over the last few centuries with TanaVesta, and I think I know where Aldol started influencing her. Just under two centuries ago, she started to grow a bit paranoid, though not on the same scale as Varun. I think he was tipped over the edge a bit more by TanaVesta’s actions. Anyway, I can see where her actions started to change, and I think it was all thanks to Aldol.” She shakes her head, and I can see a small smile play across her soft lips at the creature’s name. “Creatures that live longer than a millennia tend to take life slower. I think we have time to better prepare ourselves before we go rushing in this time.” She looks around the room, meeting each of our gazes before continuing. “I for one am sick of getting captured, and being unprepared.”

Every part of Simone ached. She had not been able to sleep for a moment due to all the pain that wracked her body, but still when the alarm when off, she rose from bed. She began to walk to her bathroom, and then regain herself. She dropped to her knees and crawled off, scolding herself for her lack of discipline. She asked herself what Henry would do if he saw her walking before he had given her permission to rise from her hands and knees, but the dull throbbing in her tits was answer enough. He likely had simply forgotten to tell her that she didn’t need remain on all fours, but regardless, she needed to obey his orders.

She thought “Why? Why do I need to obey?” As she did the dull pain I her breasts seem to intensify. “You need to because you want to. You have always wanted to obey, you have just been lying to yourself.”

She took liberties in the kitchen, assuming that Henry would not want her to damage her body on the cold hard tile. Everywhere else she followed the spirit of his command, rising only to do those tasks that she could not do on her hands and knees.

She drank almost a full pot of coffee to get herself prepared for the morning. She looked in on Henry a few times, but knew that he would not want to rise until Noon. Everything prepared she entered their room at 11:30 and waited by the door on her hands and knees, wearing a black thong and nothing else. Most of the pain from the night before had dulled, but the extended time on her knees was taking its toll on her, and her hanging breasts were still tender in spots.

Henry stirred, and upon seeing her across the room smiled. He motioned for her to come to her. She started to crawl over, but he put up his hand and said, “Stop.” She halted having only moved a foot or so, a confused look on her face. “Why are you crawling? Not that I mind seeing that first thing when I wake up.”

“You did not give me permission to rise.” Her voice quavered when she said it, but she was not sure if that was because it shamed her to speak that way or because he didn’t yet expect her to have remembered what she had been told to do.

His smile became broader, and he laughed a bit. “I guess that little bit of discipline I gave you stuck.”

Ignoring his amusement in her humiliation, she looked down, “Yes, but I did rise briefly this morning.” She couldn’t believe she was telling him this, he would never have known. Why admit it when it would only earn her more pain. She knew it was wrong and she had internalized the lesson. She looked up in desperation, “It was only for ten seconds, I swear!”

He was still smiling. “I believe you, don’t worry about it. Just come here, but when you crawl for me, make sure you keep your hands forward enough that your tits drag on the floor.”

She nodded her understanding, and continued to make her way to him. He must have been in a good mood she thought, she was sure that her admission would earn her breasts more punishment. As she felt the rough carpet rubbing her nipples, she knew he still had no issue with torturing her tits.

As she approached the bed, he swung his body to sit on the edge of the bed in front of her, looking down at her. The look on his face showed a passion she had not seen since they had first been married. She was filled with an exhilarating feeling, which broke her through to understand. She knew why she had admitted her disobedience; she wanted to be punished for what she had done. ‘It doesn’t matter if it was only ten seconds, it doesn’t matter that he wasn’t even there to see. I disobeyed him and I need to be punished.’

More than that, she knew why Henry had ignored her admission. He was testing her, to see if she would accept what he said or would protest and ask to be reminded of her place. ‘It is all a test. He wants to see if I really mean everything I have said. I should have known to stay on all fours. I should have known to drag my breasts on the floor. He wants me to confess and ask for punishment.’

As she reached the side of the bed, she looked down and saw the belt that he had used to teach her the night before. Bowing her head, she grabbed it in her teeth and held it up to him.

A quizzical look crossed his face as he took to belt. Looking down at the ground again, she breathed deeply and then slowly said, “You are kind to forgive my behavior this morning, but if you don’t help me, I will never learn. Please correct my behavior.”

She felt his hand gently stroke the back of her neck. Later, Simone recalled that she could not tell if his caress had continued for fifteen seconds or an eternity. It was a wonderful mix of soft and loving movements combined with an odd firmness and strength that made it clear that she belonged to him.

Finally, slowly he lifted her head to face him and reaching forward kissed her repeatedly, his lips moving down from her forehead till he finally reached her lips. As he pecked her lips, she felt them quake as they opened ever so slightly. “You know I love you?” he whispered.

“Yes, I do”. Her body seemed to move outside her control, her legs parting a few inches as her hands moved from her knees, around the outside of her thighs before finally resting on her ass.

“You know that even when I hurt you, I still love you?” His fingers moved over her cheek, only the tips moving over her.

“Yes, I do”. Her voice was soft and wavering as her hands came together on the small of her back, her fingers interlocking.

“You know you deserve this?”

“Yes, I do”. Her throat tightens as she spoke, and she thrust her chest forward as she closed her eyes.

Her head jerked forward and back as Henry grabbed her firmly by her hair. The pain flashed through her more intensely than she had remembered. The belt came down alternating on each breast in rapid succession and she cried out each time. “Since four didn’t do it last time,” he said calmly as he held her panting frame up, “six seemed a good number. What do you think, all better now?”

“Yes, I am sorry I disobeyed you, thank you for correcting me,” she said breathlessly, “but I knew better than to crawl with my tits held up.”

“True, these udders were meant to drag on the floor when you crawl.” He bent low and kissed each breast in turn, then without warning brought his belt down again on each, aiming and connecting with each of her nipples. She howled fiercely falling forward and clutching her chest as he released her.

She lay trying to suppress any sounds as he walked around her. “I’m talking a shower, have lunch on the table when I get out there.” As she made for the doorway, he shouted at her from the bathroom. “Oh, and you can stand up again.”

Simone rose quickly, grateful since even a few seconds of the rough carpet against her freshly whipped nipples were awful. She rushed to the kitchen and laid out Henry’s meal. He came in, dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, and without a word began eating. When she turned after placing his drink down, he grunted at her to get him the paper, sending her off with a hard slap on the ass.

She returned handing it to him, surprised that he had already wolfed down his whole meal. He pulled her onto his lap as she approached. She sat still, leaning into him slightly as he played with her hair casually while he read. They sat like this for fifteen minutes. Simone sighed occasionally as she felt all the pain and tension escape her body as a feeling of euphoria began to permeate her. The contrast of the warmth of his hand and arm versus the colder areas where his clothing touched her naked body was exciting, reinforcing her nudity in his clothed presence.

She was drifting away, almost in a trace like sleep when she heard Henry, his voice sounding like he was far away while still close to her in her confused state. Looking up she said, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said get between my legs.” He hadn’t looked away from the paper.

She slipped down from his lap, settling as best she could between him and the table legs. Her struggling to get into position must have annoyed him. He pushed her head to the side, “Jesus, just crawl around and get under the table. When I tell you to do something move!”

She rushed to get under the table and then come around. Within moments she was back where she knew she now wanted to be, on her knees serving her husband. She was careful to look up at him as she sucked, even though he was ignoring her as he read the business section. He broke his silence only to grunt out “Here it comes, remember cunt, every drop down your throat.” She fingered herself as she swallowed his load. She licked him clean as he pronounced that she had done better, but still had a long way to go. Once finished she remained on her knees under the table until he stood, placing the paper on the table.

She followed him to the living room, finding him pulling his golf clubs from the closet.

“So, last night at the party I took your advice. I arranged to play golf with Tony and some of his friends today. I need to leave in a bit. We are probably going drinking afterwards. I assume you don’t mind if I stay out all night.”

“No, of course I don’t. You go have fun. Do you want me to wait up for you?”

“Hmm, well I will probably be pretty late.”

“If it’s alright, I will sleep in the guest bedroom, that way I won’t be a pain when you get in, and I can get ready in the morning without disturbing you.”

He set the bags down and approached her. Reaching in to kiss her cheek, he said “The sounds fine, maybe you can have lunch ready and come in to wake me around noon.”

“I would love to.” She dropped her gaze and said softly, “And thank you again for correcting me this morning.”

His right hand came up to cup her breast gently, the fingers running over her nipple, while he cupped her ass with his left hand. Pulling her closer, he asked, “So think you would be ready for some fun on Sunday night, or was all this a bit rougher than you thought it would be?”

Thoughts raced through her mind, the events of the last day flashing in front of her eyes. Part of her wanted to ask ‘can’t you just hold me and caress me and love me? Can’t you just leave that whore of yours and be with me?’ As she closed her eyes, lost inside the sensation of his fingers moving slowly over her, she saw the image of Dr. Ryan’s eyes form in front of her.

Finally she answered, “It was more than I expected, but it wasn’t so bad. The only time you really hurt me was when you whipped my tits, and I brought that on myself.” He smiled as she said that and she paused for moment trying to make sure she chose the right words. “You have said a couple of times that you were ‘training’ me. I think that is the right word. If you need to be rough to teach me lessons, I need to accept that the pain is something I need in order to learn how to be the wife you deserve.”

“So you don’t mind this?” he said, smiling broadly as he smacked her ass hard twice in succession.

“No” she said, closing her eyes.

“How about this?” he asked as he began to pinching and twisting her nipple.

She bit her lip as she spat out, “No that’s fine.”

He twisted harder still, pulling down on her until she was bent over at the waist. He began to smack her ass, alternating between cheeks over and over again. “So then, maybe Sunday night we can try something new.”

When he released her, she was too unbalanced to hold her position and felt to the floor at his feet. She looked up at him, resisting the urge to massage her aching parts as she said, “I am looking forward to it.”

He laughed as he turned and walked towards the door. Picking up his clubs he bellowed, “See you Sunday, bitch.”

The second the door closed, Simone began to masturbate, not bothering to move from the place on the floor she had fallen from. She moaned softly as her frigged herself, eyes closed, her mind locked on the image of Henry’s shoes walking away from her in total disregard for the pain and humiliation he had just given her. As she came, she twisted her right nipple until it matched the throbbing pain Henry had placed on the left one. She started to crawl off to bed, but found she didn’t have the energy to make it. Curling into a fetal position on the floor she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke on the living room floor with no sense of what time it was. She remembered not feeling like she could move after she had cum earlier that afternoon. Looking up she could tell it had been hours that she had been asleep, and the pain from her recent nipple torture and spanking had mostly subsided.

She rose and took herself to the kitchen. As she made a small dinner for herself, she began to sob. Deep inside, she knew the truth. Henry wasn’t going to be out drinking with his friends. He was planning to be out fucking his mistress. Here she was, a married woman on a Saturday night, and she was so unappealing that her husband decided to spend the evening with someone else.

She ate in silence, and then went to the living room to watch some television. Flipping through the channels mindlessly, she thought about how much she wanted someone to talk to. She knew that there was no friend that she could call to discuss the dramatic turn that her life had taken. There was only one person that she could possible speak to about her husbands absence, or about his planned ‘night of fun’ on Sunday.

Finally she went to the phone and dialed Dr. Ryan’s office. Even if her counselor would not be in, leaving a message would let her say out loud the things she needed to say. She was shocked to hear Dr. Ryan answer the phone.

“Dr. Ryan, I was planning on leaving a message, I didn’t expect to find you at the office.”

“I’m not there. My answering service checks the caller id on incoming calls. They have a list of number to forward to my mobile regardless of the time, numbers for patients who are at critical stages such as you. Never mind that, what can I do for you?”

“Nothing that can’t wait till office hours, I am sorry to bother you.”

“Well we are talking now. Tell me what is going on.”

Simone paused, feeling guilty for a moment, and then suddenly launched into a full description of events since her return home with Henry on Friday. Dr. Ryan was silent during the long speech.

“Well Simone that is a great deal of information, and It sounds like you have an interesting day ahead of you tomorrow. Actually, I think I am not far from your house. Give me directions, I will stop by for a quick drink and he can talk a bit.”

Simone gave directions to her house, and then rushed about to clean up a bit before Dr. Ryan arrived. When the doorbell rang, Simone gasped; she was still dressed in only a g-string. She rushed to the bedroom, threw on a silk robe and then ran back to the door. Putting any further thoughts of modesty aside, she opened the door to her home. Dr. Ryan stepped in, dressed in a long black dress with simple elegant jewelry. Her eyes scanned Simone’s nearly nude form under the thin short robe as she closed the door behind her.

“I hope you don’t mind Dr. Ryan, I didn’t think to dress before you arrived. I guess I have gotten used to dressing like this around the house.” She felt her face redden in embarrassment.

“No worry dear. Actually, I am happy to see that you have embraced dressing in ways that please Mr. Rand. Though I do think you probably would be considered over dressed if your husband was actually here.” She walked past Simone, not even acknowledging that she had already caused her to blush slightly with that comment. “Lovely home, you are very lucky Simone.”

“Thank you. I guess you had plans tonight, am I very sorry to have disturbed you, I feel terrible.”

“Not at all, I have some time before I my plans begin for the evening. Lets sit and talk, but I would like a glass of wine.”

“Of course.” Simone rushed to get a glass of merlot. Returning she found that Dr. Ryan had settled down in Henry’s traditional spot on the couch. She handed her the glass, still feeling awkward, with her fat ass barely covered by the back of the robe and the tops of her even fatter udders on display before this finely dressed, elegant woman.

“You seem a bit frazzled. Let me guess, is this where your husband generally sits?”

“Yes actually it is.”

“I take it in the past few days you have served him quite a few drinks while he relaxed here.”

“Yes, I have.”

“I can tell from a lingering smell in the air that Mr. Rand has been smoking more?” Simone nodded. “I will speak to him about that, I don’t think it is appropriate for a married man with a wife to care for to be risking his health.”

“Thank you”. Simone was glad for that, she knew she was in no position to question his behavior, and it was clear that Henry took Dy. Ryan seriously.

“Once you hand him his drink, where do you sit?” When Simone paused, Dr. Ryan said, pointing to the ground in front of her, “I suppose you kneel on the floor here.”

“Yes.” Looking at Dr. Ryan now, she one again found she was captivated by her eyes. She began to slowly drop to her knees, and then hesitated. She let the robe slip off of her, leaving her covered in only the G-string before going down to her knees.

Dr. Ryan’s hand came forward to gently caress her face. She sat for a few minutes, petting Simone as she sipped her wine. Finally she spoke, “I must say you have come much further than I could have imagined in just a week.”

“Thank you, but I still have fear inside of me. I am terrified of what will happen tomorrow.”

“I think that is understandable. When we spoke earlier, I thought I heard just a bit of anger in your voice.”

Simone looked away. “Part of me,” she said, and then paused. “Part of me still wonders why he can’t be soft with me. Why can’t he,” she paused again, a single sob escaping her.

Dr. Ryan lifted Simone’s face toward her. She was silent again, and looking up, Simone felt that her stare was boring into her, as if the woman could navigate her mind and soul, baring her very essence as naked as her body. After a few minutes she spoke, “In your heart, you truly have come to understand your place. Once your mind has accepted the same, all you fear and anger will leave you. Only then will you find true happiness.”

“What is it then, what is it that my mind needs to accept so I can be happy?”

Dr. Ryan’s hands flowed down Simone’s neck, tracing the lines down until the rested under her breasts. Lifting them slowly, she said “These are quite wonderful; it is no wonder that Mr. Rand is so intrigued by them. So large and yet so firm and magnificently shaped.” Simone blushed, partly from the compliment, but mostly from the sensation of having a woman touch her in this manner. She had never had another woman touch her in even a remotely sexual way before.

She hoped that she did not flinch much as Dr. Ryan traced her finger over Simone’s right breast. “I can still see some marks from where he corrected you. I believe he used his belt on them?”

“Yes, I misbehaved, so he had to correct me.”

“It is good that you can admit that, that you accept Mr. Rand has the right to discipline you. Tell me now, what is it that is really troubling you?”

“It’s just that … Is there nothing else in life for me left except spending every moment of the day acting the slut for my own husband?” Simone looked imploringly at Dr. Ryan, bags under he eyes from a restless night.

“I understand you feel taken advantage of, but for a time your life will be like this. You have acknowledged your own part in your marital problems. If necessary, you can think if all this as a form of penance, for a lack of a better word.”

“What about Henry! Doesn’t have to do ‘penance’ for cheating on me? I’m not the one who decided to have an affair! Not to mention that you are making me pretend that he ended it! You know as well as I do that he is probably fucking his slut this very moment!”

A reader suggested this story and I decided to write it because the storyline sounded so dynamic and realistic. I do appreciate feedback so please feel free to send me your comments.


Julie was standing with her mom as Sarah approached. “No sense wasting money. I have a room all to myself and I just hate being alone,” Sarah informed the two. It was definitely against the rules for staff to fraternize with parents, but that didn’t stop Sarah. “Nothing would make me happier than if you stayed in my room.”

Dani desperately wanted to say no but something in Sarah’s tone told her to use caution. “Well… well I guess. Do you think it is okay, as parents aren’t supposed to socialize with staff,” she asked?

“Don’t worry. No one will know. Most parents don’t go to the competitions and the ones that do don’t stay at the same hotel,” Sarah replied. “I like to know the parents of my favorite girls… it will be a good chance to get to know you better,” she said in a joking manner.

Dani knew she didn’t have a choice and reluctantly shrugged her shoulders in defeat. She had no idea what the devious coach had planned or else she would never have agreed. All three headed to Sarah’s room, which was on another floor. The elevator ride was deathly quiet and so was the long walk down the hallway. As soon as they were inside the room, it became obvious that Sarah and Julie were in cahoots. “We want you to change into a dress… actually a dress Julie brought for you,” Sarah stated with the certainty of having her demands obeyed.

Dani simply stood still, as her daughter handed her coach a plastic bag. In the bag was a skimpy black dress that Dani bought years ago for a costume party, but never had the courage to wear. Sarah held up the garment and smiled at the panic etched all over Dani’s face. “But… but, it’s too small. It won’t fit,” she protested.

“Oh don’t worry, it’ll fit,” Sarah said with a big grin. “There may be certain womanly parts hanging out, but the dress will fit perfectly for what we have in mind.”

“Mother, I know it sounds silly, but I want to watch you having sex with a stranger,” Julie stated. Her voice was a little high pitched and filled with a strange emotion, as her eyes roved over her mother’s body. She grew more excited by the second and hastily added to Dani’s horror. “I’m going to watch you cum all over a stranger’s cock.” Julie paused and her face showed all of her obsessive desire. “I want to see your face when you loose control.”

“Honey, I can’t, no, I can’t.”

“Oh, you will. You’ll cum and act like a whore, or else,” Sarah said, as she stepped between the mother and daughter. “Believe it or not, but this guy paid me a thousand bucks for sex.” The coach paused for a moment. “Well, sex with you.”

“Oh gawd, I can’t… not with a stranger… not for money.”

Sarah had everything planned. She emptied a small handbag that was loaded with drinks and snacks and set everything on the kitchenette counter. She opened a strawberry cooler and covertly added some white powder to the drink. “Here, let’s have a drink and try to relax,” she said and handed the bottle to Dani. Then she grabbed one for herself and one for Julie. “We have time before our mysterious date arrives.”

Dani never intended on drinking, but nothing else seemed logical so she took a couple of sips. The cooler tasted so good that she quickly gulped down more of the refreshing drink before she realized it was a very big mistake. Dani held the bottle in front of her face and stared blankly at the half empty bottle. “No, no, you put something… something in,” she moaned.

Julie put her arm around her mother’s shoulders. “Don’t worry mother… everything is all right,” she whispered in Dani’s ear. “The drink will help you relax. Help you get ready for your date.”

Dani felt her eyes glass over and she stared blankly into space. Her arm was raised by Julie and without any hesitation she drank. In a matter of a minute, the bottle was empty and Dani found it very difficult to stand. Her legs felt weak and her knees wobbled like crazy so she willingly accepted a helping hand from Sarah.

Her arms hung straight down at her sides, which made it easy for Sarah and Julie to remove all of her clothes. Dani’s mind was hazy and things didn’t seem right, yet she didn’t try to stop the two. She remained standing, as the black dress was deftly slipped over her head, and didn’t resist when the garment was shifted into place. Not wearing a bra or panties didn’t register at the time and she just wanted to lie down because her mind was so confused.

When Sarah whispered in her ear, Dani merely blinked and tried to comprehend what the coach was saying. “Over there on the ledge is a camera… on the cabinet beside the microwave is another camera and over there beside the curtain is another.”

Dani tried to focus, but her eyes were too glazed. “Huuggghhh… huuuggghhh.”

“We want to make a movie that we can all watch… the evidence will show a whore getting banged,” Sarah said and laughed.

The timing was perfect, as the phone rang. “Yes, she’s here. We’ll be right down,” Sarah said to the caller.

“He’s here. Mother, your date is downstairs,” Julie declared in a very excited manner. “We’ll meet him and then you can bring him up to the room.”

Julie grabbed one arm and Sarah the other, as they headed out the door and to the elevator. The sedated drink had overtaken any of her normal or rational thinking and Dani merely followed the pair. When the elevator door opened, she tried to hold back knowing something wasn’t right, but Sarah sternly pushed her into the small enclosure. “Don’t worry, my love. He won’t hurt you… only fuck your brains out,” she said and laughed.

Dani realized the small dress had shifted and she tried to make herself more presentable, as she tugged on the hem of the short dress. She bent over to pull the hem down and realized that almost all of her boobs were showing. The material was far too small and stretchy to stay in place and she quickly adjusted the top to display less cleavage. The slow ride down to the lobby seemed to take forever and Dani kept adjusting the dress as best she could.

The door opened and Sarah asked the mother and daughter to wait beside the elevator. There was a man sitting in the lobby and she acknowledged him with a wave. “You wait here and I’ll take care of the arrangements… make sure everything is good before we send you off with a total stranger,” she said and headed across the big open lobby.

Dani watched and tried to retain her balance, as she was still very woozy from the powerful sedative. She constantly tugged on the hem and the top to make the dress cover more, but her attempts for modesty were quite futile. When the stranger handed Sarah what appeared to be a wad of money, the transaction didn’t mean anything to Dani. Suddenly Sarah waved her hand and made gestures to invite Dani and Julie to join her.

The stranger almost lost his tongue when the sexy woman walked towards him. The two walked arm and arm but it was the older, much sexier woman who got all of his attention. There was more than enough cleavage to get his heart pounding and the hem of the dress quickly rode upwards to the top of Dani’s thighs. “Holy shit… you weren’t kidding. She’s gorgeous… sexier than I imagined,” he said to Sarah. “I can see why you wanted so much money. I can’t believe she’s the mother of a cheerleader.”

“Oh yes, Danica is Julie’s mother,” Sarah replied, as the two approached. “And this is Julie who loves to see her mother having fun.”

The man looked at Julie and back at Dani, as he struggled to understand what appeared to be a weird setup. “Wow, I can see Julie has her mother’s good looks,” he said, while his eyes lingered on Dani. “But Danica is truly worth every penny I’m paying.”

The man then glanced around the lobby at some of the people who were checking-in. He noticed some of the men admiring the sexy woman and abruptly all of his doubts disappeared. He stood up and met Dani and Julie with the biggest smile on his face.

“So this is what you paid for… Danica is yours. Take her up to our room, as I’m sure you have plenty planned for her,” Sarah whispered and completely ignored the mother and daughter. “You can do anything… anything with Danica as long as you don’t hurt her.”

“Never! I’d never hurt a woman… particularly a gorgeous woman.”

“Wait till you see her boobs… her tits. Danica has the most amazing nipples. They’re always hard and erect because she wants men to play with them.”

“Oh fuck, I bet they’re fantastic.”

“And she loves men to touch her ass… caress her ass.”

“Oh man, she’s got the nicest ass.”

“Wait till you touch her pussy. She’ll wiggle her pussy at you until you play with her clitoris… then Danica can’t stop creaming. She’ll beg you to fuck her once you touch her clit.”

“Oh fuck… oh fuck.”

“Danica won’t stop cumming… she’s the best whore in town and will beg you to stick your cock in her.”

Dani was beat red with embarrassment, but she didn’t have time to fret the impeding encounter. The man didn’t need any encouragement. He grabbed Dani’s hand and quickly ushered her back across the lobby. They didn’t have to wait for the elevator and were on the way up before Dani realized what was happening. The man tried to make a little small talk, but nothing really registered with Dani, as her mind was still too groggy. When the elevator stopped and they got out, she was practically pulled down the hallway to the room.

Everything happened fast and furious, which only added to Dani’s bewilderment. She was inside the room in no time and in the tightest embrace before she could resist. The man had his arms around her and one hand on her back and the other was boldly caressing her butt. Dani tried to keep her dress in place but he easily sneaked the hem up until his hand covered the bare cheeks of her ass. She heard him talking, but she was too perplexed to listen. “Son of a bitch, no undies. Nice ass… goddamn nice ass,” he stated. “Fucking nicer than my old lady’s.”

Dani tried to evade the man’s groping by twisting and turning until she loosened his grasp, but that only worsened the ordeal. She glared at him and then down in the direction of his stare. The top of the dress had shifted and one of her boobs was almost fully exposed so that her nipple was showing. “Holy fuck… nice tits. You’re gorgeous… sexier than I ever imagined,” he whispered, as he pushed her towards the bed. “Even nicer than your friend described.”

The shove was hard enough to throw Dani off balance and she turned to grab the footboard. She was lewdly bent over at the waist and her backside faced directly at the man. When his hands closed around her waist, she almost fainted. Her dress was virtually useless, as the hem was up to the middle of her butt and provided the man with a perfect view. He held her hips steady and the sight of her bare ass quickly fueled his raging desire.

He swooped in to lick Dani’s crack and ran his tongue up and down the velvety crevice. Dani shivered and she was afraid to let go of the footboard so she tried to endure the crude molestation. Then his tongue toyed with the one spot that made her react for fear the man would actually penetrate her hole. She turned her head and looked backwards. “No… nooo, please no,” she moaned, but it felt like every muscle in her body was paralyzed.

The man never hesitated. He forced her to stand up and then ripped the dress up and over her head before she could stop him. She remained standing in front of the man, as he performed the fastest striptease in history. Then he grabbed her in another embrace and started kissing the side of her face and down to her neck. Dani had her hands on his shoulders trying to push him away, but her strength was far too little. “Goddamn… baby, you’re worth every penny,” he said, as his voice quivered in anticipation. “Sexiest piece of ass and I’m going to screw you until I can’t get it up.”

Suddenly the man’s patience ran out. He pushed Dani until the back of her legs hit the bed and then she toppled backwards, landing flat on her back. The sight was heart-stopping, as she stared at the naked man. “No… no… please no,” she begged.

The man wrapped his fist around his throbbing erection and aimed it at Dani. “The lady promised that you would cum all over my hardon,” he said. “And I can’t wait to stick my cock into the sexiest whore on earth.”

Dani was afraid yet her mind still wasn’t sure why, as the sedative was still overpowering. Then the man grabbed her by the ankles and spread her legs wide. Something was wrong and Dani struggled to make him stop. “No, you can’t. No, protection… need something… a condom.”

“What the hell? Baby, you’re crazy.”

“Protection… you need a condom. Wear a condom.”

“Honey, you’re crazy. I paid a thousand bucks for bareback… no fucking rubber.”

Dani tried to keep her eyes open, but she was too weak. She felt the man squeeze into the space between her splayed legs and then something horrible happened. Her labia spread when the head of the man’s cock pressed into her wetness. Every part of her body felt numb yet not her womanly treasures. The man swiped his penis up and down through her slit a few times and to ensure his lengthy shaft was fully greased. Then he inserted some of his rod and groped her tits like a horny teenager.

She couldn’t think straight. Her arms and legs were lifeless yet the rest of her body was more alive than ever. She knew her nipples were swollen and enlarged to where they throbbed like crazy. When the penis swiped through her slit, it was like a knife slicing her spirit in half. Dani was horrified that somehow her womanly body had succumbed to an animal lust, which was foreign to her. She was barely conscious yet she realized exactly what was on the horizon.

Dani twisted her hips in a futile effort to escape, but it only enabled the man to get more penetration. “Gaaaawwwwd… oh gaaaawwwwd.”

“That’s it, baby. Move that ass… faster… faster!”

“Noooo… noooo… noooo.”

“Holy Christ… my balls… my balls hurt. Christ you’re moving like crazy… a wild bitch.”

“Noo… noo… noo.”

“Oh baby, you’re fucking hot… your cunt feels so good. Fuck yes, keep moving that snatch.”

“Nooo… nooo… nooo.”

“Oh baby, you’re the best… the most I’ve paid for a whore, but you’re the best piece of ass… ever!”

Dani was vaguely aware of being ravaged and she acted like a zombie. “No, no, no… don’t… oh gawd, don’t.”

The man arched his back and drove his hips at her with all of his manly power. He rammed his cock to the hilt and embedded his monster into Dani’s belly. “Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck, not yet.” He arched his back and didn’t dare move for fear the extreme heat would rob his remaining stamina. “Have to wait!”

Dani twisted her hips one way and then the other trying to get away. “No, please don’t,” she pleaded.

“Keep moving… oh fuck, yes… keep moving.”

Again Dani tried twisting and turning, but the man kept his cock embedded in her fiery inferno. She was positive the intense throbbing in her deepest regions was the man’s heartbeat and she couldn’t stop moving in the hopeless belief she could get away. Every time she arched her back and pulled her hips back, he followed to keep his cock buried to the hilt. When she rolled her hips, he did the same, as he tried to endure the intense heat.

Dani felt the cock-head pierce her precious womanhood and remain fully entrenched. Again she twisted, but the man was too quick. “No… please, no… no.”

“I’m going to cum. Cum inside your whore-cunt and fill you with cum. Get ready, sweetheart!”

Dani heard the revelation and knew it was the end of the world. “No… no, you can’t. Don’t, please don’t.”

“Oh baby, oh baby!” He reached around Dani’s writhing hips and grabbed her bare ass-cheeks. When he pulled up with the brute strength in his arms, he thrust his hips. He pumped madly and jettisoned a big load of cum each time he rammed his cock to the hilt. His eyes focused on the wildly swaying tits and he wondered if Dani’s big boobs weren’t the sexiest sight in the world. Even after he was drained, the man kept pumping in and out of Dani’s tight hole relishing the most wonderful fuck session of his life.

Dani pretended to be asleep when she felt the man move to get up. She didn’t want another sexual encounter and it took every ounce of strength and willpower to sit up. Her eyes were barely half open, but she tried to encourage the man to get dressed and leave. When he did start dressing, she felt a sense of relief knowing her dangerous turmoil was practically over. Dani heard him say something and she smiled and nodded her head, trying to get rid of the man, as quickly as possible.

When the hotel room door closed behind the man, Dani simply collapsed. She fought the sedative as long as she could, but suddenly it was time to sleep. Her eyes closed and when she woke up she was looking up at two smiling faces. “My mom’s a whore. Dear lord, my mother is a whore,” Julie whispered.

“Please… oh please, I’m sorry,” Dani whispered.

“Mother… did you? Did the man make you cum,” Julie asked?

Dani’s eyes fluttered and she tried to look away. A low mumbling came from her daughter and made the scene more riveting. Julie noticed her mother’s sign of shameful remorse and instantly felt more aroused than ever. “Mother! You did! You were a prostitute… had sex with a stranger.”

Dani lay motionless. Her body refused to move and she tried to focus on what was being said. “I’m sure the movie will show everything. How you acted like a slut and got banged by a complete stranger,” Sarah said. “We’ll look at the movie later… after the girls do their routines and all of the games are over.”

“Mother, we have to go. You can get some more rest and we’ll be back in about five hours,” Julie informed her woozy mom. “You look terrible. Please cleanup before we return as we have some more fun things for you.”

“Yes, the team has their annual initiation,” Sarah said. “Once the girls get a month into the season, we have an initiation for the new girls. That means Julie, Lara and Dayna go through a ritual that our team has used for the past two seasons.”


Hazing was in the news, but Danica never imagined experiencing such a thing since she wasn’t a member of any sorority or any formal team. Sarah along with everyone else knew initiations were taboo, but most sports team still used a hazing of some sort on their newest members. They were always done in secret and since the victims were usually innocent young teens or adults, no one squealed or said anything.

The initiation ritual was very simple. One of the biggest faults with society and kids today was their communication skills. Sarah wisely decided to use their hazing sessions to help the rookies improve this skill by using every one of their senses other than their eyesight. The new girl would go into a darkened hotel room and spend a whole hour trying to get to know a mystery person. The girl had no idea who this person was or what was allowed or not allowed during the hour long ordeal.

Since a person’s eyesight was likely the most vital sense, any communication would prove difficult in a pitch-black room because they couldn’t see a thing for the entire hour. They were required to use their sense of feel, touch, hearing, smell and of course speech to converse with each other. The person in the room waiting for the rookie was normally one of the members of the cheerleading team, usually one of the senior girls, but Sarah shrewdly made an exception this year.

Sarah arranged for Julia and Dayna’s initiation to be with two of the senior girls while she scheduled Lara’s mystery date to be with Dani. Both Sarah and Julie were extremely excited to break the news to Julie’s mother. Immediately after the last performance, the coach and daughter rushed back to see Dani at the hotel room. Dani was worn to a frazzle as she waited and fretted hours for the return of the dominating pair.

Dani jumped to her feet and then sat back down when Sarah and Julie entered the room. “The girls think you’re a very sexy woman… the sexiest mother. When Sarah and I found out that Lara had a crush on you… that she was a lesbian, we came up with a brilliant plan,” Julie told her mother and waited a deathly minute before continuing. “And mother… the girl’s a sex maniac!”

The shocked look on Dani’s face made Sarah smile with satisfaction. “We mentioned the initiations that the team is holding this evening when we left you this morning,” she stated. Then she went on to explain the whole hazing scenario to Dani who listened intently to the coach, while her heart pounded out of control. “We’ve selected you to be Lara’s partner during the hazing blackout.”

Dani knew who Lara was because the girl joined the cheerleading team at the same time as Julie. She looked at Sarah and then over at her daughter. “Honey, please, we can’t. It’s not right… not with someone who is so young,” she pleaded.

“Mother, Lara’s into bondage and S&M. She’s a maniac… a savage,” Julie stated. “Sarah thinks the reason Lara loves being in control of someone who is older and much bigger is because she is so petite.”

“Honey, gawd no, please, no more.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t get caught,” Julie said. “The room will be dark and no one will see… no one will know what happens when Lara is turned loose with my sexy mother.”

Dani was distraught. She looked at Julie and then Sarah, but there wasn’t any compassion or leniency. “Oh geez, no, no.”

“Come, we must get ready for our little miss Dominatrix,” Sarah said.

“Whaaa… whaaa?”

Julie walked up to her mother and looked straight into her bewildered eyes. “Do you know what a Dominatrix is? What Lara is?”

“Yes, no, no, oh lord, no.”

Without any hesitation, Julie grabbed her mother’s arm and sternly jerked Dani to her feet. “Let’s get you ready. We’re using this room so you won’t have to go far,” she informed her shivering mother.

Suddenly Sarah joined them and started helping Julie strip Dani’s clothes. Every time Dani tried to stop one of them from removing a garment, the other freely ripped something off until she was left wearing only bra and panties. Dani tried to remain calm and in control of her rising emotions. “Please, oh please,” she whispered, as she took a few steps trying to get away.

Abruptly Julie was beside her and whispering in her ear. “Mother, I think when Lara is finished with you, you’ll know what a Dominatrix is and what they like to do with their subservient little sluts.”

Before Dani had time to worry or fret, Sarah took charge. “I think Lara will like her sub dressed in such a skimpy outfit. You look ravishing, my love.” Then she grabbed one of Dani’s arms and forced her to the bed. “We want our little pet to experience true bondage. I’m sure you’ll love being tied up on the bed and having a young girl do anything she wants to you.”

Julie grabbed her mother’s other arm and both women easily forced Dani onto the bed. One twisted an arm to one corner of the bed while the other did the same with her other arm. Dani was flat on her back and she tried to stop their intended bondage, but she swiftly found her arms and legs outstretched. First they handcuffed her hands to the corners of the bed and then they bound her feet to the opposite corners.

Dani felt totally helpless and fearful, as she stared straight up at the ceiling because she was too afraid to look at either girl. “Dear gawd, no, please no,” she whispered, hoping her daughter would show some mercy. When Sarah reached into her pocket and pulled out a red ball-gag, Dani’s heart stopped. She twisted and turned trying to escape the hopeless situation, but nothing prevented the young woman from stuffing the red ball into her mouth. Dani merely gagged and tried to keep breathing without slobbering all over.

Julie slumped down beside her mother. “Get ready, mother, Lara will be here shortly. Once she arrives, Sarah and I will simply stay out of the way and listen,” she whispered softly into her ear. “I’ve heard Lara is the meanest bitch and makes her lovers do unimaginable things.”

Dani wasn’t able to respond so she shook her head from side to side, trying to show her great disapproval. She watched in horror as the two jumped off the bed and ensured the windows were completely covered and then she froze when they promptly turned off all the lights.

The room turned pitch-black and even after her eyes got used to the darkness, she still couldn’t see one inch in front of her face. Nothing moved; nothing stirred, as the silence was deafening. Suddenly she heard some rustling across the room and knew Julie and Sarah were getting settled somewhere in the room. After what seemed like forever, Dani heard a little beep at the door and realized the card swipe had activated to allow someone to enter.

Dani looked towards the door and noticed a small ray of light before the person quickly entered the room and shut the door. Her hearing was astute; her heart was pounding and seemed to beat faster, as the tiny footsteps got closer and closer until the mattress sank and then someone was on the bed. Dani’s jaw hurt from being wide open and she tried to listen.

A hot whisk of someone breathing washed across her cheek and caused her temp to rise until her flesh started burning. Then the breathing hit her chest and suddenly her body was covered with a million goosebumps. Dani’s entire body jerked wildly when fingers touched her and something brushed against her ear. “When coach told me that I could have you for my initiation, I was so excited,” roared into her ear. “I have dreamed of making you my sweet darling.”

Dani merely rolled her head back and forth and she uttered several meaningless groans, as the girl fondled her boobs. “I’m glad you’re all tied up… ready for me,” Lara whispered and ran her fingertips around the lacy edges of Dani’s bra. “Are you ready?”

Again Dani rolled her head trying to show the girl she wasn’t willing. “Oh my… such lovely tits. So big… so luscious… so tempting,” Lara said. “But you shouldn’t cover up your titties. Your mistress wants to feel them… feel your bare titties.”

This time Dani remained perfectly still, pretending to endure the groping without any resistance. “From now on… I’ll be your mistress and you’ll be my obedient little slut,” Lara whispered and then taunted Dani by licking her ear. “Do you understand?”

When Dani didn’t move, she suffered the harsh punishment of the teenage tigress. The girl slapped Dani as hard as she could across the cheek and grabbed a big handful of hair. Lara jerked Dani’s head in a nodding motion and asked again. “Do you understand?” This time Dani obeyed and nodded her head before the girl yanked her hair again.

“Good! Now let me feel your gorgeous boobs,” Lara said and promptly started tracing her finger all around the edges of the lacy bra. Then her finger began taunting Dani when the tip thrust under the lace and got closer to the ultimate target. Dani’s breathing got ragged and then the finger started flicking one of her nipples back and forth. When the girl shifted to the other stiffening bud, Dani realized she was totally at the mercy of the young cheerleader.

Lara abruptly ripped the expensive bra off with one stern jerk. “Dear lord, I knew it… I knew it… lord I knew you had the sweetest nipples.” Dani moaned but the ball gag prevented any real words from coming out. She literally cried when the fingertips flicked her nipples back and forth and knew the girl was purposely getting them hard. When both buds were fully erect, the worst pain of her life hit so fast that her heart stopped.

Julie listened to the shrill cry for mercy and her heartbeat soared out of control, as her mother’s molestation happened only a few feet away. When the encounter was deviously setup days prior to the initiation, Julie was shown the many toys and tools that Lara planned using. She heard the heart-wrenching scream muffled by the red ball and knew Lara had used the menacing clamps. Julie visualized the girl squeezing the springs hard enough to open the jaws and then letting go once the teeth surrounded the upstanding nipples.

A stream of saliva flowed out of the corners of Dani’s mouth and her body thrashed uncontrollably, as she tried to tolerate the harsh pain. She sobbed and wondered if her precious nipples had been permanently damaged. Suddenly the girl kissed her cheeks and caressed her face and upper body. Soon her nipples were too numb to feel the excruciating pain and the loving embraces gave her a sense of tranquility. She had never felt so vulnerable in her life and her body literally vibrated with fear; or was it something else, Dani wondered, as a warm sleek body slithered up beside her overheated torso.

Out of the darkness a mouth found her ear. “Do your titties feel good,” a soft voice asked?

Dani couldn’t say anything with the gag in her mouth so she nodded her head, hoping to please the girl. She was determined to do anything to make the pain go away and that included following any orders given to her. It was impossible to prevent an assault to her lower extremities and Dani quivered when a hand fondled her stomach and then rested on the waistband of her panties. Dani whimpered, as the fingers traced circles around the panty edges, and she knew the girl wasn’t happy.

With her legs bound to the corners of the bed, it was easy for Lara to do whatever she wanted. Dani felt Lara sit up and use her hands to search for the elastic waistband near her bellybutton. The fingers tightened on the band and suddenly gave a powerful jerk upward, which immediately buried the narrow band of panty material into her pussy slit. “Oh my… oh my lord,” Lara moaned, as her fingers slipped down and on top of the crushed labia.

The skilled fingers toyed with her labia and deftly traced a path through the separated lips, trying to caress the underlying control button. Then the girl released her grip on the panties. Lara deliberately yanked the narrow band of material out of the slit and off to the side to fully expose Dani’s soul. If she thought the nipple pain was the most severe of her life, Dani quickly discovered it wasn’t. A clamp closed around her delicate clitoris with enough tension to hurt, but not enough to result in any serious damage.

Like a cat, the girl spread out and slithered up against Dani’s sweat covered body. “I get the biggest thrill when my slave surrenders. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier,” Lara whispered in her ear. “Are you going to be my slave… sex-slave?”

Dani’s mind swirled in confusion and indecision. All of a sudden the girl was gone. Lara slinked through the darkness and down to Dani’s feet. The girl started raining kisses and tongue caresses all over her toes and up to her knees. Lara embraced one leg at a time and kept her lips and tongue busy taunting the struggling diva. She ran her tongue all over Dani’s knees and then up the inside of the shapely thighs.

Lara caressed a velvety thigh and felt Dani’s body shudder in the wildest manner. The leg jerked when her kisses got dangerously close to the intended target and Lara grinned when she brushed against the metal clamp with her cheek. Then she reached up with her finger and merely touched the immense wetness. “Dear lord… oh fuck… she’s creaming… my slut is cumming,” Lara screamed, as she deftly inserted her middle finger into the throbbing vagina in a true fucking fashion.

Dani tried to endure both the pain and molestation. When her hips started gyrating and thrusting madly up at the intimidating finger, she was consumed by the fastest orgasm of her life. Her shoulders rolled back and forth and the free flowing juices that flooded out of her belly overwhelmed Dani. She heard the dominating girl boast about her conquest. “Oh my… she’s cumming all over my fingers. Dear lord, she is cumming already and I barely touched her sweet pussy!”

Without warning Lara withdrew her finger and swiftly removed the clamps. Then she ripped off the ball gag and kissed the shocked woman. Dani’s heart pounded and the blood rushed through her veins causing her to get thoroughly overheated. Her arms and legs pulled against the restraints and every muscle in her body tightened. The kiss grew desperate and the girl’s tongue displayed an uncommon vigor, which quickly overcame Dani’s struggles.

The pulsing of her burning nipples and throbbing clitty were profound and Dani had never felt anything so profound. Lara broke the kiss and demanded more. “Shove your pussy up… higher… higher,” she ordered and promptly ripped the crotch out of the wet panties.

Dani obeyed without any hesitation. She arched her back and tried to push her hips upward. When the hand closed over her shivering pelvis, she jumped when a finger frantically thrust into her hot hole. All of a sudden all of the girl’s fingers were buried and each one raked the most sensitive walls of her cunt. “Oh gawd, oh gawd, what… what are you doing?”

“It’s time, my lovely slut. Time to climax for Mistress Lara,” Lara declared, as she kissed Dani again. This time there was no stopping. The explosion in her belly was earth shattering and Dani experienced a most dramatic orgasm. Lara broke the kiss and devoured an aching nipple. She caressed the other with her fingers and took her slave over the mountain of ecstasy.

The coach and daughter were breathless, but their hearts were beating out of control. “Oh Christ, I’m sure Lara’s finger-fucking your mother,” Sarah whispered. “Taking control of her.”

“Oh geez, I can imagine what Lara’s doing… how she’s fucking mom,” Julie replied.

Sarah cupped one of Julie’s ears and whispered. “Just wait… wait because the bitch isn’t finished. Lara’s a beast… the meanest beast.”

The violent struggles on the bed seemed to lessen and then everything went extremely quiet. There was still an almost unheard squishing sound and both Sarah and Julie realized that the young cheerleader likely had her fingers buried in Dani’s soaked inferno. It wasn’t long before Lara renewed her assault on the defenseless mother. “That was the quickest orgasm… faster than I expected. Sarah told me how you couldn’t control yourself… even Julie said how her mother couldn’t stop cumming every time someone touched her dirty cunt.”

All of the muscles in Dani’s arms and legs collapsed and felt like rubber. She tried to regain a measure of control yet it was difficult because of the handcuffs on her wrists and ankles. Suddenly the girl shuffled and jumped off the bed. The room got deathly quiet again and Dani tilted her head towards the direction she thought Lara might be. Small indistinguishable sounds came from her right and each one made her heart beat faster.

When the bed sank beside her hip, Dani held her breath. The waiting was horrible and she prayed for light to see what the girl was doing. At first something merely brushed the side of her thigh and then nothing. The bed moved again and Dani knew the girl was up to something devious.

Dani stared straight up, as it was senseless looking anywhere else in the immense darkness. The air stirred and she blinked as if trying to focus on what was happening. Then a shiver ran through her body when something cool and hard rolled across her stomach. The object settled on top of her pelvis and seemed to reach all the way to the top of her crotch. At the sound of a voice, Dani shuddered. “When I touch you here,” Lara whispered and put her dainty fingers around the swollen clit. “I want you to orgasm… cum.”

Lara stretched out and she was almost fully on top of her quivering slave. “If you are fast… fast enough to show me how much you love being my faithful slave, I won’t punish you,” she declared.

“Oh gawd, I can’t… can’t take any more. Please, no more.”

“That’s what I love about you. My dear Danica will fight but she will always succumb.”

“No, no, I won’t.”

“You will… or else!”

A shiver shot up and down her spine at the threat. When the fingers tightened and squeezed hard, Dani remembered the harsh clamps. “Oh… oh… oh yes, yes,” she moaned and vowed to do anything in the world to make the girl happy. The fingers rolled the clitty around vigorously and then Dani felt the hard cool object pressing softly into her crotch. Her body recoiled in horror, as she imagined the awful penetration of the girl’s strapon dildo that would surely follow.

Lara released the clit and put her hands on the bed beside Dani’s shoulders in a pushup fashion. She wiggled her hips and tried to hit the spot, but it was difficult. Lara moved her hips up and down a few times and rubbed the head of the big strapon through the vast wetness. “I’m going to fuck you with my cock,” she whispered. “Are you ready to cum again?”

“No, gawd no,” Dani pleaded, but then remembered the punishment Lara had used on her. “Yes… yes!”

Lara moved her hands to the luscious boobs and squeezed them together from the outsides. She dropped her head and sucked on one and then the other swollen nipple until she had both fully erect. When she lifted her head, she curled her arm under her hip and grabbed the long cock shaft. “If you’re a very good girl… and cum all over my cock,” she whispered, “I won’t punish you… won’t hurt you.”

Dani felt the crude molestation, as the girl tried to shove the cock-head into her honey-hole. Lara cleverly ran the head through the wetness several times and coated it with womanly juices. When she pushed on the puffy labia, the cock easily entered the opening. “Ooohhh… aaahhh. No, it hurts.”

Lara turned animal. She put her hands on the sides of Dani’s flushed cheeks and then licked and kissed every part of the woman’s face. “I’m in! Now I want to hear my baby talk. Talk to me… talk to Julie… talk to Sarah,” she said, as she continued licking Dani’s face. “I want to hear you tell them what I’m doing to you… everything that I’m doing, OR ELSE!”

The warning sent her into severe shock. “Your cock… your cock is inside. Oh gawd, it’s so big… your cock,” Dani whispered.

“Louder… LOUDER, I want to hear you.”

Sarah felt the girl’s body shiver and shake like mad. “Oh geez, Lara is going to fuck your mother… fuck her brains out,” she whispered to Julie.

“Oh fuck, she won’t stop.”

“You’re right, she’s going to fuck your mother. I wish we could watch… see Lara make Dani cum all over the big strapon cock.”

“Listen! Lara’s making her talk.”

“Ooohhh… gaaawwwd, it’s inside… so deep.”

“Keep talking!”

“Oh please, don’t hurt me… please.”

“I won’t… if you obey.” Lara squeezed the big tits and then she latched onto both nipples. When she pinched as hard as she could, Dani tried to roll her chest but her arms and legs wouldn’t move. The big head was fully buried, but Lara wasn’t satisfied. The girl rammed her hips at Dani several times and didn’t stop until she felt her pelvis bashing hard against Dani’s crotch. Then she surprised everyone. “Turn the lights on. Sarah… Julie, turn the lights on.”

Sarah quickly found the switch. Both onlookers rubbed their eyes and stared in disbelief. “Geez… holy geez, the little bitch is riding your mother. Look, look at the cock,” Sarah whispered. “Lara’s got her cock buried… deeply buried in your mother.”

“Oh my god… she’s got the clamps,” Julie stated, as she noticed Lara wave the metal objects in front of Dani’s startled face.

“Geez, holy fuck, she’s putting… oh fuck, she put them on,” Sarah said.

“Look at the nipples… they’re so big… bloody huge,” Julie replied.

Lara stared into the teary eyes. “That’s it, my love. Cry! I want to see your tears and then I want to watch you cum,” she whispered ever so softly. “Will you cum for me?”

Dani could barely stand the pain, as her nipples were on fire. She glanced down and noticed the menacing jaws around the base of her aching nipples and the entire bud was exposed and throbbing like crazy. The girl was out of control. Lara’s hips moved deliberately up and down, as she fucked her slave. There was a silver chain attached to each nipple clamp and Lara had it between her teeth. Each time she lifted her head just slightly, the chain tightened and pulled Dani’s tits in the air.

Dani’s heart beat furiously and she was positive her blood was boiling. “Dear gawd, I’ll cum… anything… I’ll do anything, please don’t hurt me any more.”

Lara was possessed. Her hips kept moving and then she quickly removed the clamps. She instantly devoured one of the throbbing buds and sloshed it around and around inside her mouth. The relief was remarkable, as the tears of joy rolled down her cheeks, and Dani felt her stomach churn in anticipation. She was never one who had to hurry or use willpower to climax, but this was different; she had to show the Dominatrix.

Dani closed her eyes and thought of only one thing. She had to fully satisfy the She-devil… or else! The tremors started in the deepest regions of her tummy and swelled outward. Every time the cock-head surged into her belly, Dani grunted and met the girl’s thrust with one of her own. The orgasm lasted forever. Dani felt sweat trickle off her boobs and seep across her chest, as she tried to keep up with the ravaging cheerleader.

Julie was mesmerized. She didn’t resist or put up a struggle when the beautiful coach’s finger slithered down the front of her panting stomach and thrust into her panties. Sarah pinched the tiny nub between her skilled fingers and jerked the clitoris out of the sweaty sheltering lips. The orgasm was instantaneous. Julie’s eyes bulged out of her head, as she watched her mother experience an intense climax, and then her own exploded. “Oh fuck, yes, yes, pinch my clit… hard… harder,” Julie hollered at her coach.

Julie never took her eyes off the teenage Dominatrix who was ripping an orgasm out of her mother. She spread her legs, as wide as she could, and welcomed the joyous ecstasy. Violent spasms rocked her body and Julie tried to listen to what Lara was saying to her mother. Lara leaned forward and put her face next to Dani’s. “I always send my babies home with a reminder of what happened. When you look into the mirror, you’ll be reminded of your mistress,” she whispered. “I want Sarah and Julie to watch.”

The girl jumped up and straddled Dani’s stomach. “I want your husband to see… to know his wife has a mistress,” Lara stated. She never hesitated and her mouth devoured a portion of a velvety breast. Lara sucked as hard as she could and then shifted her mouth to the underside of the succulent boob. She marked Dani’s left tit with three dark red hickies and then did the same to the right one.

When the girl moved to her stomach, Dani merely cringed. Within scant minutes, incriminating red marks were engraved all over her body. The hardest one to endure was when Lara pushed outward on her thigh and sucked a hickie on the pearly white flesh. At the very end, Lara straightened and lay on top of Dani when she administered the final clarification. “Make sure hubby knows you’re a slave… my slave,” she whispered. “I wonder what he will say when he sees the marks? I’m sure he will know you’ve been unfaithful.”

Dani tried to return the girl’s intense stare, but she found it too daunting and blinked many times. After what seemed like hours, Lara reached for one of the handcuffs. She slowly unfastened each one until Dani was a free woman again. Dani rubbed her wrists vigorously trying to get the blood moving again and it seemed her entire body ached. Then a swift tremor shot through her insides at the realization she had just been forced to submit to a young dominating teenager.

Dani sat up and watched the girl get off the bed and quickly don her clothes. When Lara departed the hotel room, Dani breathed the biggest sigh of relief. “You aren’t finished with her, mother. Lara will call. She’ll phone you one day and demand your obedience… that you be her slave,” Julie said, making Dani jump at the sound of her voice.

Sarah sat on the bed beside the thoroughly exhausted mother. “I’ve never seen a woman dominated or overpowered in such a manner. She made you her slave and I’ll never get that vision out of my head… of you cumming all over Lara’s cock,” she said and indicated what was next. Sarah lifted the blankets and motioned for not only Dani but also Julie to get under the covers.

Julie tried to regain a measure of self-control, as her heart kept beating like crazy. “Mother, you cried like a baby when Lara put those clamps on and then climaxed like the biggest slut. God, I’ve never seen anyone cum so fast and beg for more. Mother, she made you her slut.”

Dani whimpered, as hands freely fondled her body. She felt bad for tolerating the abuse, but it seemed a lot easier than putting up a fight. Fingers gingerly groped her boobs and Dani let out a sigh when they gently caressed her sore nipples. Her legs were slightly apart and there was just enough space for Julie’s dainty fingers to find the abused slit.

Sarah’s arm reached around her shoulders and the young woman grabbed a handful of hair. She jerked Dani’s head backwards in a stern display of control and then kissed her hard on the lips. Things happened automatically and in mere seconds all three were nude and in bed. Dani didn’t know which way to turn. One way and she would be in the arms of the powerful coach and the other in the arms of her loving daughter.

Dani closed her eyes and tried not to think. Suddenly she felt safe yet also helpless. The lights went out and everything turned into a dream world where nothing bad could happen. When Julie slipped under the blankets, there was no doubt what the girl had planned. Dani turned her head and welcomed the kiss from the dominating Sarah. The last thing running through her conscious mind before true tranquility was the sensation of needing her legs spread because of the burning mouthfuls of air exhaled across her pelvis and upper thighs.


The news about an innocent housewife and mother getting blackmailed by one of the University’s directors was most likely spread by a rejected cheerleader or their parents. An anonymous person reported everything to the president of the university and the vice-president of sports and they also included details of the most recent hazing. The news implicated both Ken and Sarah and came as no surprise to the administrators that the two showed favoritism in return for sexual favors.

When the news hit, it didn’t take long for blame to roll down from the top. The administrators pleaded innocent and shifted all blame onto the sports director and the coach of the cheerleading program. Ken and Sarah were called into the VP’s office and both suspected something serious was up because the man never poked his nose into their affairs.

Ken listened to the allegations of his blackmail of one of the girls selected to the cheerleading team and also her mother. The VP explained the accusations for a good hour and he told Ken and Sarah that the university found the blackmail and favoritism extremely disturbing. Sarah heard how someone reported that the cheerleading team had recently held a hazing for new members and that the university vehemently prohibited initiations of any kind.

Rather than fight the firings, which would most certainly bring up more dirt and wrongdoings, Ken and Sarah departed with a decent severance package. Both had numerous skeletons in the closet and some would surely come out if they were to prolong the proceedings. Ken’s desk wasn’t even cold when Andy, the VP of the sports department, took over his office.

Andy’s first priority was to ensure the programs continued and ran with the efficiency expected of the highly regarded university. Like many men, he had self-interests that seemed to supercede those of the business or company. Andy called the beautiful woman and his heart skipped a beat when Danica’s voice came over the phone. “Yes, I’m Julie’s mother. What can I do for you, Mr. Jones?”

Andy knew who the poor mother was and he also noticed the daughter on many occasions. Although he didn’t concern himelf with the actually running of the sports programs, he watched the performances very closely, as he wanted the university to perform well and get good results. It was on the very first day of watching the cheerleaders that he noticed one particular girl. When Andy found out that the girl’s mother was about the sexiest woman alive, he dreamed of having an intimate relationship with her.

Dani felt good and very relieved to have the blackmail and disparaging relationships come to an end. She heard that Ken and Sarah had been let go and found the news very joyous. Suddenly she didn’t have to worry about any more sexual affairs with the overbearing director and coach. She got the call from the university’s VP and was happy to meet with him to discuss the past indiscretions. When he asked that her daughter also attend, Dani thought it was a very good idea, as Julie needed closure as well.

The meeting started out extremely well, as Andy merely apologized to both Dani and Julie for what happened and told them that the university didn’t condone what Ken and Sarah did. Then he told Julie that she need not to have worried about making the cheerleading team because she was far too talented and good looking not to be a member of the squad. Dani had a puzzled expression and Julie innocently closed the front of her sweater, as the man’s eyes never left her well-endowed chest.

Both women came to the same conclusion and thought it was time to go. Dani looked at her daughter and read the expression on her face. She abruptly stood up and came face to face with a bigger demon than she ever imagined. The man was very direct and didn’t beat around the bush. “You may find me strict and dominating here at work, but at home my wife controls everything,” he stated in a clear concise tone. “My wife and I have an open sexual relationship and find role-playing the most exciting thing in the world. We love finding new subs… women who are sexy and submissive!”

Dani was too confused to say much. “What? What are you saying… talking about?”

“My wife thinks you’re the sexiest… sexiest mother and daughter.”

“Oh gawd, no, you can’t be serious.”

“Honey, I’m dead serious. When I found out that my wife had a crush on one of the cheerleaders… I fuckin’ near flipped.”

Dani and Julie stood motionless and quiet, as the VP explained everything. They simply nodded or shook their heads when required and were too shocked to say much. Andy told them that he was a very strict and dominating person at work, but at home he was totally submissive. He said how he loved nothing more than role-playing and apparently so did his wife. He told Dani and Julie how they searched for subs, particularly women who they could blackmail into being their sex-slaves.

Andy explained how he let his wife be in full control of their sexual encounters. When he described how his wife loved bondage and that they practiced S&M and role-playing most of the time, he stared directly at the cringing mother. The VP was a muscular black man and very intimidating when he glared into her teary eyes.

Dani’s heart pounded, as she listened intently to the powerful VP. She knew who the man’s wife was because the woman was an attractive black woman who attended many of the sporting events, including most of the cheerleading competitions. From the first time Dani noticed the woman, she thought something wasn’t right about the way she acted, as the women never took her eyes off the scantly clad, young cheerleaders.

The man was standing in front of her and she couldn’t look away without displaying her trepidation. Then he went on to tell her that the only way to save her reputation and that of her beloved daughter was to do everything he demanded. Andy promised not to revel any of the indiscretions of either woman as long as they did one thing for him. “That’s right. I won’t tell a sole if you both come home with me,” he said and waited the longest minute.

“Home… and then what,” Dani asked?

“You will be our subs for an entire evening… then I’ll drive you home and that will be it.”

Dani knew, but she had to ask. “You and… and?”

“I’ve talked to my wife and she has everything ready. The house is all ours tonight and you two will be our gracious guests. I love it when a person has no option but to submit. You don’t want your husband… your friends… anyone to find out about your sexual affairs with Ken and Sarah, do you?”

Dani’s eyes filled with tears and she turned to look at her daughter who was taking the apparent abduction a lot better than herself. “One night… then it is over,” Julie whispered. “He promised… one night and he won’t tell anyone.”

Andy’s clever plan was working perfectly. He had arranged the meeting for the end of the day and no one suspected anything when the three left his office. “We’ll take your car. I don’t think I can drive in my condition,” he said and the biggest grin crossed his face, as he made a lewd gesture of grabbing his crotch. “I always get dizzy when I’m aroused.”

Dani could hardly breathe. She struggled to remain strong and in control so Julie wouldn’t be afraid. When Andy suggested she drive, Dani immediately gave her car keys to Julie in an effort to prevent Andy from getting close to her daughter. She was about to get in the front seat, but the man insisted she join him in the back. Her heart literally pounded and she had difficulty sitting still, as the drive seemed to take forever. When they pulled up in front of the man’s home, she wanted to escape in the worst way.

No one said a word, as they parked and entered the house. Everything changed in a heartbeat. “It’s about time. You said you’d be home at 4. You’re an hour late,” Wendy said in a loud, stern voice. “Now you’ll have to be punished!”

Dani and Julie watched the horrific scene unfold in front of them and they were totally stunned. The husband stood shivering in front of his wife. “I’m sorry Mistress… very sorry,” Andy replied. “Yes, please punish me, Mistress. I deserve it.”

The woman was dressed in a jet-black leather outfit that clung to every curve. It seemed impossible to hide her big tits and most of them showed, even the large outstanding nipples. The leather was skintight and emphasized her slim waist and hugged her nicely rounded hips like a second skin. She stood still in front of her husband and had a menacing looking whip in her right hand. “Strip! I want you naked when I punish you. You’re a bad boy and need a whipping. Take off all your clothes,” she ordered.

Dani watched the instant reaction, as Andy obeyed. He practically ripped off his clothes and then stood up straight with his back to her. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I won’t be late again,” Andy said, trying to please his wife. “I brought guests. Danica and Julie came with me. They agreed to stay all evening and please you, Mistress.”

Dani cringed and wanted to disappear when the woman looked at her. “Yes! Are they the sluts you told me about? The mother who fucked the director so her daughter could be on the cheerleading team. The daughter who had sex with her coach so she could be on the team. Are these the ones you brought home,” she asked?

“Yes, Mistress.”

The woman quickly turned her attention on her husband. “Look at you! I told you never to let that thing get hard until I say.”

“Yes… no, I mean yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, but I was excited about having guests and letting you dominate them.”

“Turn around… bend over,” the woman demanded!

“Yes, Mistress,” Andy replied and quickly obeyed. When he bent over, his wife administered a royal spanking with the small whip, which looked cruel, but really was just for show.

Both Dani and Julie reacted and looked at the dramatic couple. Their eyes bulged at the enormous penis that swayed back and forth, almost in an enticing manner during the entire spanking. Dani couldn’t help but look. The woman ordered her husband to stand up straight. She placed the end of her whip under her husband’s prick and lifted the lengthy shaft up so it stood straight outward. The penis appeared only semi-hard yet Dani was utterly amazed by the size of the man’s cock. “Good! They are even sexier than you described,” she stated.

Suddenly the woman turned and walked directly up to the frightened daughter. “So you let that awful Sarah touch your body… feel your lovely tits… poke your little pussy,” Wendy whispered and ran the tip of her whip up and down the front of Julie’s chest.

The reaction was instantaneous, as Dani wanted to save her daughter. “Please, don’t. Don’t do anything to her… please use me. I’ll do whatever you want if you don’t touch her,” she pleaded.

The woman decided to take and chance and see if the blackmail was indeed strong enough to give her complete control over the sexy pair. “Shut up! Just stand still and be a good little slave,” she growled at Dani. “I’ll decide what happens!”

A shiver of despair went through Dani. “Sorry, I didn’t mean… I just wanted to…”

Wendy cut her off. “MISTRESS! You can call my mistress, or else,” she said and left no doubt as to who was in control.

“Sorry… Mistress.”

The woman turned and put the tip of the whip under Dani’s chin to raise the woman’s head so she could look directly into the teary eyes. “That’s better… much better,” she replied. “I’ve always wanted to watch… watch a mother and daughter,” Wendy said to the stunned mother.

“But… but,” Dani whispered and then noticed the woman’s disapproval. “Mistress, sorry, but we can’t… Mistress.”

“I’m going to watch you and your daughter have sex… then I’m going to have Andy screw you both.”

Dani could hardly breathe, suffocating under the gaze from the dominating black woman. “But… but… but I can’t. I can’t do that with my daughter… Mistress.”

The woman needed more. “Give me your hand,” she said and promptly took Dani’s hand. “Slave! Come over here, now!”

Andy hurried over to his wife. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Stand beside my lovely Danica… there,” she said and lowered the whip to point at a spot between Dani and Julie. “Stand between our two adorable guests.”

Andy sort of pushed Julie to the side and stood between the mother and daughter. “Good, Andrew. I see you’re more than ready… willing and ready.”

“Yes, Mistress, I took a pill… one of those wonderful blue pills.”

“Good! Now you have to wait… wait to have sex with our two lovely slaves.”

“Oh fuck, yes, Mistress. I’m rock-hard and can hardly wait.”

Without warning, the woman placed Dani’s hand directly on top of her husband’s throbbing penis. The searing meat touched her fingers and Dani flinched. She jerked her hand out of the woman’s grasp, but her freedom was extremely short-lived.

“I didn’t say you could move your hand,” Wendy whispered and glared into Dani’s eyes. “Are you going to disobey me, Danica?”

Dani didn’t know what to do and then her hand slowly lowered. When her fingers touched the burning pecker, she whimpered out loud.

“Good girl. Now put your fingers around Andrew’s cock. Feel the cock that is going to make you a real woman,” Wendy said. “You are going to make Mistress very happy.”

Her fingers were perfectly straight when the cock brushed against the palm of hand, but then they curled around the thick shaft. Without looking, the woman reached to the side and waved her whip in Julie’s face, but she didn’t take her eyes off Dani. “Strip! Take off all your clothes, my pet, before I get mad,” she stated in a clear concise voice. “I want my pet ready when I’m finished with mommy.”

Dani didn’t have to look, as she caught the frantic movement out of the corner of her eye, and she wondered what ever possessed her daughter to undress. She returned the woman’s stare and tried to endure the intense dominating attempt. “Don’t worry, my love. You’re next, but first I want to make sure you understand,” she whispered and left the impression that she demanded an answer.

“Understand? But what,” Dani replied and then noticed a questioning look on the woman’s face. “Understand what, Mistress?”

“You are going to be my little slave… girlie slave. I’m going to let you talk… tell me exactly what you’re thinking… what you’re doing. Will you tell me everything?”

Dani wobbled and felt like she was going to faint. Suddenly the whip was under her chin again and her head was forced to tilt so her eyes were level with the woman’s. “Yea… yes, Mistress.”

“Good! Now squeeze your fingers. Do you like Andrew’s penis?”

She had been focused on Wendy and what the woman was saying and doing, but all of a sudden the strange sensations came back. Dani moved her fingers, as she tried to make the woman happy with her reply. “Yes, yes it feels good, Mistress.”

“I know. Andrew does have a nice penis. Tell me, is it as big as your husband’s?”

Dani didn’t want to say more, but the woman’s eyes were deathly intimidating. “He is… is bigger, oh gawd, he’s bigger.”

“Would you like to have sex with Andrew?” Then the woman grinned and continued. “Would you like Andrew to fuck you with his big cock?”

There was no way Dani was going to reply, but the eyes were too demanding. “Oh, oh please, don’t. Please, don’t make me,” she whispered and returned the stare. She desperately wanted to say no, but knew the response would make the woman mad. “Oh, oh, yes… yes, Mistress.”

“Keep still. Stand still beside Andrew and keep your hand on his cock while I make sure your daughter is ready.” Wendy abruptly turned and stepped to the side so she faced Julie. “Huumm, very nice, my pet. I thought you were the nicest cheerleader and now I can see that you are. My, my, you do have the sexiest body.”

There was no hesitation or pause when Julie answered. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied and acted as if the woman had given her the biggest compliment.

Wendy placed her whip on the girl’s shoulder and then slowly carved a lingering path all over the flushed skin. When she paused on one of the overly erect nipples, the soft whimpering sound turned the room into a sweat chamber. “Very nice… you have very nice breasts,” then she caressed both boobs with the whip before returning to the stiff nipple. “Very nice tits and nipples.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And I can tell you are ready to please Mistress,” Wendy said, as she slowly continued her downward trek. Julie jumped when the whip brushed across her pelvis. “Tell me, pet, are you taking birth control pills?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Wonderful! Do you know what Mistress wants you to do after you make love to mommy?”

“Yes. Have sex with your husband. You want me to have sex with Andrew.”

“I love you, pet. Now I know why I went to all of your competitions. You are the best slave Mistress has ever had.”

“I’m glad, Mistress. And Mistress, mother isn’t taking anything either… I took her pills away when I found out she was screwing around.”

Wendy was utterly shocked at the girl’s disclosure, but not nearly as surprised as Dani who desperately wanted to take her hand off the throbbing cock. She glanced to her left and watched the demoralizing scene unfold. The tip of the short springy whip disappeared between Julie’s spread thighs and then she heard a definite growl come out of her daughter. The whip moved back and forth and it was obvious the woman was running the shaft along Julie’s pussy slit, but the girl stood steadfast and obedient.

Suddenly Wendy thrust the whip up to her mouth and she pretended to lick the shaft. “Mmmmm, you taste good. Later, my pet… later, after you make love with mommy and then let Andrew have sex with you. First, we have your mother.”

Wendy pulled Julie around her husband and indicated she wanted the girl to stand beside Dani. She spun around the shivering mother and stood right behind her. “Now you know what it takes to be my precious slave,” she whispered in Dani’s ear. “No birth control… you are making Mistress extremely happy.”

It took all of her resolve to remain standing. “Ehhh, yes… Mistress.”

“I see you like holding Andrews cock… don’t you?”

“Yea… yes… Mistress.”

Wendy loved Dani’s reluctance and she wanted to use it to her advantage. “Squeeze… tight… tighter! Good, now move your hand. Andrew likes it when a woman plays with his cock.” Then she rubbed the whip along the side of Dani’s face and kept her mouth against the woman’s ear. “You are the only one wearing clothes. Ask Julie to take them off!”

It was an order from Hell and it made Dani’s heart pound wildly in her chest. The last thing in the world she intended was the very thing she did. “Jew… Julie, please do what Mistress said… take off… remove my clothes.”

Wendy knew the daughter was anxious and would perform the quickest striptease of all time, but she demanded complete humiliation. “Go slow… don’t take off anything until she asks,” Wendy said to Julie. “Ask your daughter to take off your blouse,” she whispered in Dani’s ear.

“Eeerrr, take off my… blouse.”

The girl’s hands worked furiously and there was no hesitation at all, as she unbuttoned the fancy garment. Dani let go of the burning penis. Every time she brought up her arm or hand to stop the girl, Julie brushed her aside. When her boobs popped out in the open, Dani frantically grabbed the front of her blouse. “PUT YOUR ARMS DOWN!”

Dani obeyed without thinking. “Sorry, Mistress.”

In a heartbeat the excited girl stripped both her blouse and bra. Julie cupped one of the luscious tits and made a devilish jiggling motion. “Men love mom’s tits. They’re so big and she loves when someone plays with her nipples,” Julie declared and demonstrated exactly what she meant by squeezing a boob. She put her hands around the titty and cupped it so that the nipple pushed outward in an inviting manner.

Dani could hardly remain standing. She struggled for more air and then her world caved in. She watched Julie devour her hardened nipple and Wendy kissed the side of her face. “Ask Julie to take off the rest of your clothes… so we can see your pussy,” Wendy whispered in Dani’s ear and poked her in the ribs with the whip.

“Eh… take off my clothes… my skirt and panties.”

It was as if Julie was possessed. She practically ripped Dani’s clothes off and left her naked and shivering. Then Wendy put her arm around the front of Dani’s neck and forced her to stand up straight, as she looked straight at Julie. “You said Danica wasn’t taking birth control… no pills?”

“Yes! I took them away after I caught her screwing around. She had sex with Jeff… the artist who tattooed her and me. She acted like a whore so I took her pills away,” Julie said in an excited tone.

“Good girl. Do you like having control over your mother?”

“Oh yes, I’m her mistress… just like you. We have sex at home whenever I want. She obeys me or knows I’ll tell dad if she doesn’t.”

“She had sex with the tattoo artist?”

“Yes, and she came all over his dick. My mother was amazing!”

“That is wonderful. This evening will be even better, as you get to watch mommy have sex with Andrew.” Wendy’s heart beat faster and she started to get overheated. “Lead the way, Andrew, to our secret dungeon. Show our guests where we love to play,” she said and watched her husband escort the two naked women down a hallway to their secret hideaway.

They all entered a dimly lit bedroom, which didn’t look anything like one that a person would use for sleeping. Dani glanced around the room at the various pieces of strange equipment and she panicked. “Oh my, oh my, no.”

There were hanging apparatuses on some of the walls and Dani assumed they were for restraining someone so that they were completely helpless. The bed had strange looking handcuffs on each corner and no one had to tell Dani that she was in deep trouble. Wendy quickly hugged the frightened mother and gave her reassurance. “Don’t worry, my love. We won’t use most of my special gadgets… not this evening. I just want to watch my sweet lover make love to her daughter.”

“Mistress, let me tie slave Julie to the bed,” Andy said to his wife. “I’m horny as hell just thinking about what you’ll make them do.”

“Yes, Andrew, it won’t be long,” Wendy replied and noticed he was stroking his illustrious cock. “Don’t play with that thing… not until our mother is ready. You men are all alike!”

Dani stared at the man and his perpetual hardon. She watched, as he slowly masturbated right in front of her. His big fist slowly pumped back and forth along the lengthy shaft and he wanted Dani to watch the brazen act. Wendy turned to look at Julie while keeping her arm around Dani. “Jump up on the bed, my pet. Have you ever used bondage during sex?”

“No, lord no, I’ve never been tied up before,” Julie declared in the most enthusiastic tone. “Please, oh please, I can’t wait… tie me up.”

The girl jumped onto the bed and lay down with her arms outstretched towards the obvious handcuffs. Andy immediately bound her wrists to the corners of the bed and before he got to the ankle bracelets, he was ordered to stop by his wife. “Not those… we don’t need to use much bondage on our little pet, as she is more than willing,” Wendy stated, as she shoved Dani towards the bed. “Get ready, my love, I want you to perform cunnilingus on your horny daughter.”

The girl was delirious, as her hips bounced wildly on the springy bed. “Yes… yes, make her eat me. Oh geez, eat my cunt,” Julie cried.

Wendy gave a sudden shove and Dani landed on the bed beside her daughter. Andy let go of his raging hardon and helped his wife coax the reluctant mother until Dani was on her hands and knees between Julie’s widespread legs. “No, please don’t, I can’t… not that,” she pleaded.

Wendy crouched beside the whining woman and wrapped her fingers tightly into the hair on Dani’s head. “Look! Your baby wants you to eat her juicy pussy. She’s dripping… look! Look!” Then she forced Dani’s head downward until her face was mere inches away from the quivering crotch.

Andy was on the other side and he was trying to rub his hardon all over her leg. “Christ, look at those tits… swinging around like crazy,” he whispered, as if alone in his private dream world. He reached under Dani’s chest and cupped one of her boobs. “Oh geezuz, what a set of tits!”

Dani’s face was shoved into the waiting crotch and the wetness hit her mouth. Her head got jerked back and forth and Dani knew the only way to stop Wendy’s crushing aggression was to fulfill the woman’s fantasy. She opened her mouth and instantly tasted the free-running juices. A loud squeal echoed through the room, which gave testament to the onrush of the swiftest orgasm.

Dani wrapped her arms around the thrashing hips and she tried to keep the throbbing morsel inside her mouth. She held the clitoris with her teeth and nibbled until Julie’s orgasm controlled the girl’s body, as well as her mind. When Dani heard the whispers of encouragement from the dominating black woman, she continued caressing the clit like a loving angel. It seemed to take forever before Julie regained a measure of control and by then Wendy was already preparing for the next sexual encounter.

“I can see by your reaction that you want our dearest mother. Are you ready for Danica,” Wendy asked her husband? After he nodded his head like a happy puppy, she continued. “You know what to do. Tie our little sweetheart to the favorite device and then you can make her your slave.”

Dani was still breathless from the intense cunnilingus when the powerful man pulled her off the bed. She was on her feet in no time and Andy hustled her across the room. Dani looked at the strange piece of equipment, which reminded her of what a prisoner would be shackled to if they were being punished during ancient times. There was a big hole in the middle of a long wooden beam that would secure someone’s neck and two smaller holes to bind the arms.

Dani tried to pull back and away from the menacing rack, but she was easily forced up against the device. Wendy lifted the top half of the beam and Andy forced Dani to bend over slightly until her neck rested on the appropriate section, which was heavily padded for comfort. “Now I get to find out if my little slave will obey… or if she needs more punishment,” Wendy whispered.

All of a sudden there were three people, as Julie joined the couple. Dani tried to lift her head, but it was too late. “No, please don’t. I’ll do whatever you want; please don’t lock me up,” Dani pleaded.

The three worked together and easily had Dani securely locked into the ominous device despite her struggles to stop them. When the top half of the beam came down on top of her neck and wrists, she merely uttered several whimpering sounds. The stand was purposely only about four feet high, which meant Dani was bent over at the waist and in a perfect position for the determined man.

Wendy’s heart pounded, as she stood in front of the frightened woman. “Andrew has waited… waited all night for you,” she whispered and stared straight into the tear-filled eyes. “I’m so glad you stopped taking birth control.”

Dani wanted to scream at the woman. Suddenly she felt something rub across her burning flesh. The wet cock-head brushed the cheeks of her ass and then poked into the center of her universe. Andy kicked her feet apart and he wasn’t happy until the separation was about three feet. He bent his legs and dipped his hips down so that he could reach into the exposed crotch with his cock.

Dani felt the cock-head graze her thigh and then slip upward. When the tip brushed across her crotch, she thought the world had come to an end. Dani held her breath but it didn’t help, as the head slipped between the oily labia. She was spread-eagled and helpless. Dani felt the man standup a little and her heart stopped, as the forceful penetration was overwhelming.

The neck hole was quite large and there was enough room for Wendy to tilt Dani’s head up slightly. The woman wanted to watch the expression on Dani’s pretty face, as the bondage evolved. “Andrew is getting ready. He’s going to make you his little bitch,” she whispered. “And I won’t be satisfied until you tell me everything. Talk to me.”

Wendy stared into Dani’s bewildered eyes and her first few words fell on deaf ears. “Get ready, my dearest. Andrew is going to make you his devoted little lover,” she stated. “Will you tell Andrew how much you want his lovemaking?”

Dani came alive when the man stood up and lifted her off the floor. “Oh please, please no, I can’t… not without protection,” Dani replied and gave the woman a pleading look. Then she noticed a big smile on the woman’s face. “Dear gawd, no, please no.”

Andy tightened his fingers around the slim waist and held Dani steady, as he slowly pumped his hips back and forth. His cock hit the taut cervix and he heard a loud gasp escape Dani and then her entire body stiffened. “That’s a good baby… hold still. Andrew is ready… oh fuck, he’s going to fuck your brains out, honey,” Wendy whispered.

The tears came easy. Dani felt the hair on top of her head being yanked and she arched her back to relieve the pain. She stared straight into the dark eyes of the devil and her stomach heaved. “Can you feel the big cock… black cock? Can you feel Andrew?”

Dani vowed to do whatever it took to not only stop the pain, but also end the sexual encounter. “Yes! Oh yes… he’s inside… oooh, oooh,” she moaned.

“Yes, I can see. Get ready, my love. Andrew will last a long time… until I give him permission. This will be very dangerous.”

“Yes, oh gawd, yes.”

“You should see Julie. She has a grip on Andrew… holding his balls.”

“What? Julie what?”

“She’s got a strong grip on Andrew’s balls… squeezing them so he will fill mommy with chizz.”

“Fuck… fuck, tell her to stop… let go,” Andy shouted. The girl’s timing was perfect. Every time Andy thrust at Dani’s behind, Julie squeezed, which resulted in him driving his cock to the hilt with every pump.

“Don’t you dare let go, my pet. You keep squeezing,” Wendy said to Julie.

“Holy fuck, it hurts… she’s hurtin’ my balls.”

Dani felt her muscles stretch, as the pain lessened. She could breath again and her heart raced at a breakneck speed. Suddenly the woman was gone. Wendy wanted it all. She slipped around the captured mother and plunged her skilled fingers into the sweaty crotch. When her finger slithered into the tip of Dani’s pussy slit, Dani’s entire body jerked wildly.

The room filled with the sounds of lewd and raunchy sex. Everyone talked! “There! I’ve got your little clitty in my fingers,” Wendy declared with immense happiness.

“Stop, please stop.”

“Oh shit… I’m close… fucking close.”

“Andrew… wait, not yet.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Geez… your clit is so slippery. I can feel your body jump when I do this!”

“Stop… please no.”

“Mistress… his balls are big… so hard.”

“Yes, keep squeezing, my pet… keep squeezing Andrew’s balls.”

Dani’s shoulders were pressed into the wooden rack and she couldn’t move. “Oh gawd, please stop… stop.”

Andy reached max penetration with every thrust and his cock was ready to explode. “Oh fuck… oh fuck… holy fuck!”

“Andrew! Not yet. Wait until she’s ready. We want our darling to cum all over your beautiful cock.”

“Yeeeeeaas, yes, Mistress.”

“Keep pumping. Keep your cock buried inside our dear Danica.”

“Yes, Mistress, but… my balls… I’m ready.”

Dani had never been more determined in her life. Tears filled her eyes and it was difficult to see anything, but there was no need as only a blank wall was in front of her. She didn’t know who shoved her feet farther apart, but suddenly she was practically in midair riding the bucking stallion. She grunted every time Andy drove his cock onto her inferno and then something strange rocketed through her insides. When severe convulsions erupted in her belly, Dani panicked. “No… no… I can’t… I can’t, no. Please stop!”

“Mother, you’re doing it. Mistress, she’s doing it!”

Dani tried to think. She tightened every muscle in her body and prayed for more willpower. Wendy squeezed hard on the pulsating bud between her fingertips and swirled the clit around madly in the free flowing juices. “Pet! Give me your hand. Use your fingers just like I did,” Wendy ordered.

Wendy watched the girl seize the throbbing clitoris and then she quickly took a command position directly in front of Dani again. She stood erect with her hands on her hips and appeared as if she was getting impatient. “Are you ready, my love? Ready for Andrew to fill your belly with cum,” Wendy said.

Dani stared through tears at the dominating black woman. “No, please have mercy,” she pleaded. “I can’t.”

“Andrew won’t last much longer,” Wendy whispered to the distraught woman and then looked around Dani at her husband. “Bury your pecker in the precious white pussy and hold still… absolutely still until I say you can move.”

Andy slammed his hips at Dani and thrust his cock to the hilt. Dani was on her tiptoes and she felt the threatening beat of the blood surging through the man’s erection. She could feel Andy’s heartbeat through his pecker and the dangerous situation made her sweat. “No, please make him stop.”

“He will, my love, right after you show Mistress that you’re her loyal slave,” Wendy said and smiled at the distraught woman. “Orgasm for Mistress.”

I’m sitting in a coffee shop on 98th Street, just taking a break between grocery shopping and picking up the dry-cleaning to have a hot drink, when she walks past me. I barely even notice her at first, other than to think that her outfit really isn’t suited to the early spring chill. But then she sits down a few tables away, facing me, and the way her legs are angled reveals just a little bit of her thigh underneath her skirt, and it hits me. I should be down there.

It’s a perfect mental image, so real that I almost think I’ve done it for a moment; I can see myself setting down the coffee and standing up, walking over to that table, dropping to my knees, and absolutely burying my face in that woman’s pussy. I can picture it in my head in every detail, not just the image but with all five senses. I know, in that moment, exactly what she smells like when she’s aroused. I can hear her. She doesn’t moan. She just lets out these tiny little kitten-ish whimpers, like she’s too dignified to really let rip with a yell but she can’t quite control herself. It’s the most beautiful sound I can possibly imagine.

And then it hits me that I am imagining it, that I’m picturing myself down on my knees licking out another woman, and the image fades. I’m still sitting in my chair with a cup of coffee, still in a small crowd of people on a Thursday afternoon in a perfectly normal place doing perfectly normal things, and not suddenly and spontaneously deciding to become another woman’s sex slave.

I set down the coffee when I realize that in the fantasy, that’s exactly what I was. For that split-second, that little moment in my head, I wasn’t just licking because I wanted to lick. I was licking because I had no other thought, no other purpose to my existence than to be between her thighs. I wasn’t even a person, I was a sex toy that she was using to get off.

I remember that sensation of connection, of understanding that came over me, and suddenly I see it all over again. No, not all over again, this is new. Different details, but the same idea. I’m kneeling between her thighs like I was…God, like I was meant to be there. Her hands are curling around my hair in her passion, but she doesn’t need to hold my head in place. I can’t imagine ever wanting to be anywhere but down on my knees, my head between her legs, licking her snatch until her whimpers finally do turn to screams, until her screams turn to gasps, until her gasps turn to panting and she finally pushes my head away in exhaustion. Even when it does, I know I’ll just be waiting until the moment when I can lick some more.

I come back to myself and realize I’m staring. This woman’s probably going to think I’m some sort of pervert, the way I’m clearly looking at her legs underneath the table. But she hasn’t pressed them together or crossed them or anything. If anything, she’s spread them a little wider so that I can see more of that smooth, white expanse of flesh along her thighs, so that I can…

I can kiss all the way up those perfect legs. Starting with the feet, I know she’d want me to lavish a little extra attention on those. But as nice as they are, there’s only one place I want to be now. Only one place I ever want to be now, and I keep kissing and licking and nibbling my way up her legs until I reach her cunt. I can feel the heat of her body before I even press my lips against her, and I understand why she hasn’t needed a coat. She feels almost feverish against my tongue. I taste her arousal, and down there on the floor, I’m fingering myself. I don’t seem to have clothes on anymore. I understand why. She wants to see me naked. She wants me to be naked and touching myself while I lick and lick and lick and…

I wipe away a tiny bead of drool when I come out of it this time. I don’t know where these thoughts are coming from. I’ve never had any interest in other women. I’m engaged, for God’s sake! I look down at my ring, trying to remember what sex with a man is like, trying to remember my fiancé’s name, but all that comes to mind is the image of that ring pressing up against the woman’s warm flesh as I sink three fingers deep into her pussy. Why didn’t I realize that I could use my fingers as well as my tongue before now? Oh, God, there are so many ways to pleasure her and I’ve got to learn them all. My thumb presses onto her clit as I pump my fingers in and out, staring at her pussy as I finger-fuck her. I suddenly realize that I don’t even know what she looks like, not really. I can describe her pussy in intimate detail, but her face is just a blur to me. I’m not meant to look at her face. I exist permanently at waist-level for my mistress.

I try to look up at her face now, here in the coffee shop that seems increasingly unreal to me, but her legs draw my gaze down like magnets. She looks incomplete without a naked slave girl between her thighs, licking away at her pussy, and I almost can’t understand why the other patrons don’t see it. Maybe they do. I’m having a hard time telling fantasy apart from reality at the moment, but I feel sure that if I were to go over there and start licking, nobody in this room would bat an eye. They understand, I feel sure of it. They know that this beautiful, perfect woman deserves a human sex toy. They’d only be jealous that it wasn’t them.

I suddenly realize that I’ve draped my coat over myself during one of these fantasies without even realizing it. I look like a woman who’s a little cold, but my fingers are slipping down into the waistband of my skirt and I’m touching myself. I can’t stop now, even though this is a public place. None of that matters; the power of these fantasies supersedes all other social conventions. I’m just doing what I’m meant to do.

I drift off into the fantasy again when she spreads her legs a little bit wider, letting me see her panties. I wonder if she knows what I’m thinking, if she’s aware that I’m letting my fantasies take me over and turn me into her willing pussy-licker while I finger myself in a public place. God, I hope so. A sudden terror grips me. What if she doesn’t want me to lick her pussy? Someone as beautiful as her must have so many pussy-slaves, she has to be able to pick and choose. What if I were to walk up to her and offer myself to her and she said ‘No’? I don’t think I could take it if she refused to let me service her cunt. That fear paralyzes me, keeps me from moving as I sit there watching her thighs. Except for my fingers, which just keep pumping away inside my own pussy.

Suddenly, she gets up. Her legs just snap together like a trap and she stands up and heads for the bathroom. For a moment, I don’t even know what to do. I’m lost in the fantasy of learning every detail of her erogenous zones, of becoming a pussy-slave that’s so perfect, she’ll have no choice but to accept me between her thighs, and the intrusion of reality leaves me dazed and light-headed. It also leaves me aroused, halfway to a mounting orgasm, but when she walks away, I know I have to follow. I pull my fingers out of my pussy, still slick and scented with my musk, grab my purse and head for the restroom. This time, I don’t even try to wipe the drool off my chin.

I race into the bathroom, empty except for the two of us. I see her feet on the floor in one of the stalls, and I can’t help myself, I flatten to the ground and crawl under the divider. I know my dress is getting dirty and I’m making a spectacle of myself, but at the same time it feels right to abase myself before her completely. I should be on my knees before her, I don’t have the right to rise in her presence.

“What–what’s going on?” she asks. “Who are you?” She sounds angry, maybe even a little scared, and for a moment it crosses my mind that I’ve gone crazy. Maybe this was all just a fantasy in my head and I’m about to get arrested for propositioning another woman in a public restroom, but I can’t stop myself now.

“Please,” I whisper, absolutely babbling with arousal and need, “please let me lick your pussy, let me be your pussy-slave, let me stay here on my knees forever fucking you with my tongue and my fingers and oh, fuck, I need to be there between your thighs, it’s the most important thing in the world to me, please…” I’m still worried that she doesn’t understand, but then I notice that she never took off her underwear. She was just sitting there on the toilet, waiting for me to come into the room and crawl to her, testing my devotion by pretending to be shocked, and realizing that is the happiest moment of my life.

“Yes,” she says, and I practically lunge forward to pull off her panties. The hem of her dress rubs against the back of my neck as I inhale her arousal, and she smells just like I imagined she would. She smells just like she made me imagine she would. I don’t know how she did it, but I don’t care. She put these thoughts in my head, but I don’t mind because they’re *wonderful*.

She tastes just like I thought she would, too, all salty and slick on my tongue, and I’m doing my best to pull my clothes off so I can be naked for her, but it’s hard because I can’t move my head away from her pussy. I don’t even know if I can’t because I won’t let myself, or if I can’t because her body is exerting some sort of magical pull that locks me into servitude. It feels like magic holding me there, but I can’t tell what’s real anymore. The only thing I know is real is her taste and her scent and her pleasure.

I can hear her whimpers now, and I’m flushed with pride that I’m doing a good job of pleasing her. Her fingers are wrapped around my hair, just like I’ve always wanted them to be, just like I’ve always dreamed of. Ever since I first knew what sex was, I’ve been waiting for this moment, I just didn’t let myself know it until now. She’s whispering things to me, talking in between the whimpers, but I know that the only thing I have to pay attention to is making her cum.

I feel her thighs clench around my head, but I don’t stop licking. Her juices are all over my face now, but I understand that it’s only proper for a pussy-slave like me to have a face glazed with a woman’s cum. I wish I could leave it there forever. My own orgasm hits, and for a moment I wonder how it happened. Then I notice my own hand, busily pumping away at my pussy. I hadn’t even realized I was pleasuring myself, I was so caught up in pleasuring her. That’s so perfect, so natural, so right that it makes me cum again.

But it doesn’t make me neglect my duties. I’m still licking, still using my other hand to bring her even greater pleasure. Her whimpers come faster now, echoing off the bathroom walls, but I know that nobody will come in. Nobody will disturb us, she’s made sure of that. I don’t know how she’s done it, I don’t even know how I know, but she’s made this into our own little world of pleasure. The others outside will only wish that they could be in here, that they could be right where I am right now making my mistress cum again and again and again…

Until finally she pushes me away in exhaustion. And just like I knew I would, I’m already picturing in my head the moment when she lets me lick her again. It’s always going to be there, locked into my brain never to be removed. The rest of my life is just going to be the time between my chances to be her pussy-slave. I don’t mind that. So many people will never get the chance to be her pussy-slave at all that I can’t complain too much if I’m not constantly buried between her warm thighs. I’ll go through the rest of my life happy, knowing that I’m secretly one of the chosen few who get to service her from time to time.

She takes my cell phone number and kisses me on the lips. I know she’s tasting herself. When she leaves, I kneel there on the floor of the public restroom for a long moment, just basking in the glory of her remembered presence, before I finally pull my head together and start getting my clothes on. I’ve still got a lot to do today, dry cleaning to pick up and errands to run and I’m having dinner with my fiancé tonight.

I hope I can remember his name by then.


“Mother, I know you’re–” Geneva could hear Addy’s plaintive tones a full twenty feet down the hallway as she pushed the wire frame with the wedding dress on it towards the dressing room. “Yes, but–” She sounded miserable, desperate, put-upon, and in general, like a bride on her wedding day. “I know you don’t–” Geneva smiled a tiny smile, making sure to wipe it off her face before entering the room. Addy was right where Geneva wanted her, and the wonderful thing about it all was that Geneva didn’t have to do a thing. Geneva never had to work to make sure the bride was stressed out and miserable. In fact, her entire profession rested on doing the exact opposite, and yet the reaction when she walked into the room was always–

“Oh, thank God!” Addy said as she saw Geneva walk in with the wedding gown. She promptly blushed, the red spreading past her cheeks all the way up into her forehead. “Sorry, Mother,” she said into her cell phone. “I didn’t mean to swear, I just–” Geneva gave her a tiny wave, and got an exhausted, pleading look in reply. “Geneva’s here, Mother, I have to go. No, I really have to. We’re putting on my wedding dress. Just–Mother, just try to get along with him, all right? I have to go now. Yes, I love you too. Bye.” Addy flipped the phone shut.

“Best part of the next few hours?” Geneva said in a conspiratorial whisper. “No pockets on this thing. Which means you’ll be leaving your cell phone in the dressing room.” Addy let out a little giggle, and Geneva joined in.

“Right now, I just want to drop the stupid thing down a well,” Addy said. Geneva marveled at her self-control. Many women would have substituted the phrase ‘mother-fucking’ for ‘stupid’ under these same conditions, but even under the stress of pre-wedding jitters, Addy kept her language clean. Not that Geneva had expected anything else, really. She’d gotten to know Addy really well over the last fifteen months, as the two of them planned Addy’s wedding to Wilbur Mycroft with all the meticulous organization of D-Day, and Addy was exactly the kind of client Geneva loved. The kind that she’d gotten a reputation with, really. A nice, sweet, innocent girl who wanted nothing more than a church wedding. In fact, Addy had gotten Geneva’s card in church, from another one of Geneva’s clients who couldn’t stop raving about how well Geneva understood what girls like them wanted in a wedding.

Geneva closed and locked the door. She definitely understood what girls like Addy wanted, and she’d been looking forward to this day just as much as Addy had, if not necessarily for the same reason. “Well, girlfriend,” she said, putting a little sass in her tone, “aren’t you going to try it on?”

Addy slipped out of her clothes, looking just a little vulnerable as she stood there in her underwear. “I can’t believe it, Geneva,” she said as she stared at the dress. “It’s really happening, it’s all really…” Tears filled her eyes. “It’s so beautiful, it looks just like I always dreamed it would…”

Geneva carefully removed the dress from the model. “White as the driven snow,” she said. Her skin seemed even darker against the white silk. “Come over here and try it on for size.”

Addy blushed again as she walked over to Geneva and began putting on the dress. Geneva noticed the way the blush spread all over the younger girl’s body, but was careful not to stare. She’d waited fifteen months for this day; she wasn’t about to wreck it at the last minute with an obvious ogle. “Thanks for…” Addy stammered out. “I mean, I know that girls…I mean, I know it’s okay not to wear white nowadays, but I just wanted everyone to know that I…”

“That you waited,” Geneva said, smiling warmly. She hadn’t even needed to ask if Addy ‘deserved’ to wear white on her wedding day. It had been obvious from the moment she’d laid eyes on the girl. Never had sex, never masturbated–hell, Geneva would be willing to lay odds that when Wilbur took his clothes off tonight, Addy wouldn’t even recognize his dick. Not that Geneva had asked. She’d been very careful to avoid bringing up sex. She’d wanted to make sure to build up Addy’s trust in her absolutely, and make sure that the other girl trusted her implicitly. She was only going to abuse that trust once, but it was going to be a doozy, and Geneva needed all the help she could get.

She zipped Addy up, and the other girl spun around in a fairy-tale princess pirouette. “How do I look?” she said, beaming.

“Wilbur won’t believe his eyes,” Geneva said.

Addy stopped mid-twirl and turned to face her. “You really think he’ll like it?” she said, the nervousness suddenly back in her voice. She turned to the mirror, giving herself a quick look. “I mean, I’m sure he will, but I just want everything to be, y’know, perfect. Absolutely perfect.” She let out a deep sigh. “I’ve never been more nervous about anything in my life, Gen.”

Geneva smiled. “Well, we both know how to take care of that, don’t we, honey?” She beckoned Addy over to the chair. “You’ll need to stay standing up, because we don’t want to wrinkle that pretty dress, but I think we’ve done this enough times that you can relax while you’re upright, don’t you?”

Addy looked almost pathetically grateful as she nodded. “Good girl,” Geneva said as she sat down in the chair, reached up, and pressed her fingers to Addy’s temples. Almost immediately, Addy’s eyelids fluttered and closed, and an explosive sigh escaped her lips. “Very good, good girl,” Geneva said. “Let’s just go back there together, back to that soft, warm place that you love so very, very much. You know the way so well, good girl, and you’re so happy to be there with me.”

Addy nodded very gently, a dreamy smile on her face. Really, it wasn’t hard for Geneva to addict her to this experience, not when she had fifteen months as Addy’s wedding planner. Everyone always talked about how Geneva had a way of keeping her clients calm no matter what (mainly because Geneva wasn’t above leaving a few suggestions in their minds to do exactly that), and given that just about every day brought forth a new crisis, Addy went from being uncertain to practically begging for trance within the space of a few days.

And now, she was so deeply conditioned that just a touch sent her into trance. “Now, good girl, let’s just relax completely, here in this wonderful place, just you and I together. I want you to think about how happy you are, and how nice the wedding will be…”

“Mom…” Addy whispered, her calm disturbed only slightly by the thought of the potential disruption to the wedding. Awake, she’d have been absolutely freaking out, but Geneva knew that the trance wrapped her worries up in hypnotic bliss, keeping them from overwhelming her. No wonder the girl had stopped trying to fight Geneva’s control. This was better than anything the CIA could come up with for a brainwashing technique. All they really needed to do was put terrorists to work planning a wedding for a few weeks, and they’d be willing to do anything to relieve the stress.

“I know, honey,” Geneva said soothingly. “I’ll make sure your mom and your uncle don’t even lay eyes on each other until you’re safely away on your honeymoon, I promise.” Geneva felt the tension leave Addy’s body just a little bit more as the cause of the cell phone conversation was removed as a source of stress. Which just left… “You’re a little worried about your honeymoon, aren’t you, Addy?”

“uh-huh,” Addy said, her body sagging just a little onto Geneva’s hands as she sank deeper. “Don’t know what to do…to make Wilbur happy…” Just the act of confessing her secret fear seemed to relax Addy even further, send her even deeper down into hypnosis.

“I know, honey,” Geneva said, layering even more sweetness into her voice. “You’ve never felt what it’s like to make love before, have you?”

Addy shook her head slightly. “That’s okay, good girl,” Geneva said. “That’s part of my job as your wedding planner, Addy. I’m going to help prepare you for tonight. You want me to help you, don’t you, Addy?” The younger girl nodded slightly. If she’d been thinking critically, she’d have asked exactly how Geneva was going to help her, and probably been more than a little offended at the mere mention of the topic of the wedding night, no matter how delicately broached. But Addy wasn’t thinking at all at the moment, critically or otherwise. She was deep in trance, she trusted Geneva implicitly, and if she was really a twenty-two year old virgin, she probably had enough repressed libido to fuel an orgy right now. There was no way her conscious mind was going to be interfering with this.

“Very good, good girl,” Geneva said. “I’m going to show you that there’s nothing to be worried about, Addy. There’s nothing at all to be scared about, good girl, because it’s going to feel very good to make love.” She took one hand off of Addy’s temple, sliding it down the white silk. “See how good it feels to be touched, Addy? You’ve always known it feels good, but you’ve never imagined just how wonderful it can feel before now.”

Geneva slid her fingers along the decorative lacework of the gown, feeling for the hidden seam. It had taken quite a bit of cunning design work to put in a pocket near the crotch that Geneva could tear without it being visible at all, but the dressmaker had been very motivated. And Geneva had been diligent in rewarding her for it. With a sharp ripping sound, Geneva’s fingers tore through the seam to press against Addy’s flesh.

“And now, Addy, you’re going to feel just how wonderful it feels, just how much bliss is waiting for you tonight.” She worked her fingers into Addy’s panties, hidden from view but perfectly captured in Geneva’s memory from those few moments when the girl stood there, naked and blushing before Geneva’s eyes. And now she was standing there, eyes closed, letting out tiny little gasps as Geneva worked her fingers into that tight little pussy, and she looked so much hotter dressed in the wedding gown than she ever could have naked.

“That’s right, good girl,” Geneva said, feeling slick wetness over her fingers, “just give into that feeling, let go and give into those sensations, feels so good, so very very good…” Addy was moaning now, bucking against Geneva’s hand as Geneva rubbed her thumb against Addy’s clit, and Geneva smiled at the way the innocent girl’s pussy clenched around her fingers in mindless need. Wilbur might take Addy’s virginity tonight, but Geneva would always remember that Addy’s first orgasm came from a lesbian tryst in the church on their wedding day. Even if Addy didn’t.

Geneva drank the whole thing in with her eyes, memorizing the expression of mindless rapture on Addy’s face as she rode Geneva’s hand deeper into pleasure, deeper into trance. Addy would never have a conscious memory of the moment, of course, but Geneva was always a little surprised at just how many of her old clients bumped into her, had a few drinks with her, and blurted out that they’d had such sexy dreams of her for so very, very long…Geneva wondered, as she fingered Addy’s tight pussy, what Addy would dream of tonight.

Addy’s moans turned into one long, insistent sigh of delight, and Geneva felt Addy’s juices run down her hand as the girl came hard on her fingers. She spasmed around Geneva’s hand for long moments, milking out every second of her first orgasm, before Geneva whispered, “That’s right. That’s my good girl, so relaxed and feeling so very, very good now, such a good girl, such a happy girl…and you know, Addy, that the important part of making love is all about making the other person feel as good as you, don’t you?”

Addy probably didn’t even know the first thing about making love, but she nodded nonetheless, her mind drinking in everything Geneva told her as she drifted in trance. “That’s the most important thing, Addy,” Geneva said. “You have to please your lover, Addy. You have to.”

“Have to…” Addy husked out, her voice still quivering with bliss.

“And I made you feel that good, Addy, didn’t I?”

“Yes…” Geneva knew that Addy would never even think about touching another woman if she was awake, that she’d probably fire Geneva on the spot if she knew that her wedding planner was a lesbian. But right here, right now, deeply hypnotized and behind a closed and locked door, Addy wasn’t going to mind one little bit that she was being asked–no, not asked. Addy wasn’t going to mind that she was being commanded to have sex with another woman.

“So now it’s time to make me feel good, Addy,” Geneva said. “Just go ahead, get down on your knees, and use your tongue to make me feel as good as I made you feel, good girl.”

Addy nodded vacantly, dropping to her knees and slipping her head under the hem of Geneva’s dress. The floor was clean, of course, but all the same, the act would leave a tiny little bit of dust on the dress.

That was what Geneva lived for, the moment that made it all worth while. All the play-acting, all the wholesome act, all fifteen months of having to be straighter than straight and all the care she’d taken in…oh, yesss…in getting Addy’s trust. All worth it for this moment, right here, when…ofuck…when sweet, wholesome little Addy tongued her out until she came, when Addy stood up at the altar with a smudge on that virginal white–not even noticeable unless you were looking for it, too faint for most people to see but Geneva would know it was there. It was worth it, Geneva thought as she pressed her pussy into Addy’s face as she came, for the moment when Wilbur kissed the bride and just for a moment wondered what that taste was, never knowing that it was her.

Geneva came a second time, but she knew it was only the beginning. She’d be jilling off to this memory for months.


“I now pronounce you man and wife. What God has united, let no man put asunder.”

Kathy sniffled. She couldn’t help it, she always cried at weddings. Especially this one, it was just so beautiful. Addy looked so radiant up there with Wilbur, positively glowing. She’d never seen a bride who looked so happy. “This is just how I want my wedding to look,” she said softly to Marc. She half-expected a flinch, but her boyfriend seemed to be just as affected by the spirit of the day as she was.

The woman sitting on the other side of her seemed to have overheard the comment. “I might be able to help you out there,” she said. “I’m Addy’s wedding planner. I helped arrange all this. When your boyfriend pops the question, feel free to give me a call.”

Kathy smiled at her. “I suppose you get a lot of business at weddings.”

Geneva grinned. “I get as much as I can handle,” she said. “Just when it seems like things are tapering off, along comes the wedding day, and…BAM! I get busy all over again.” Geneva saw from the look on Kathy’s face that she’d definitely be getting busy with her someday soon.


Almost two weeks had gone by, and 37-year-old Camilla’s naked body was still hovering over the fouled water of a large water tank in the public aquarium in Montreal. Her captive audience of lecherous voyeurs was still getting video of her gaping mouth, pussy, and asshole as they were being stuffed with the invisible cocks of incubi.

She was still gushing out come and piss into the water, and occasionally shitting into it; sometimes an especially large and aggressively thrusting ghost cock would puncture her anal or vaginal walls, and blood would drip into the water, as would saliva from her sucking mouth.

News reporters from around the world tirelessly continued their coverage of the bizarre story, and the crowd of people in the observation area never turned their dazed, upward gaze from the sight of Camilla through the giant, TV-screen-like glass that separated the fouled water from them. No one came to stop what was happening, nor could anyone: for the masked men were always in total psychic control of the situation.

Dr. Singh and the spirits of Camilla’s loved ones continued doing all they psychically could to keep the glass from breaking and drenching all her watchers in her bodily fluids, all saturated with her Nigrovum, which in turn was saturated with the energy of her desire and fear, useful energy for enslaving the masses. Her friends also helplessly waited for her to wake up from her current memory vision, so they could communicate with her again; but she still wouldn’t wake up.


Instead, she was in the middle of reliving a memory seven years before the Montreal aquarium incident, when she was thirty. She, Cameron, and eleven-year-old Eros were watching Hitchcock’s Psycho on TV one night in late July.

For no apparent reason, she was heavily made up and dressed like a schoolgirl, in a white blouse, a dark plaid dress, black socks going up almost to her knees, and black dress shoes. She had the black-eyed, black-haired, pale ‘Goth’ look that Nigrovum had replaced her original blonde hair, blue eyes, and peach skin with.

After a while of listening to Norman Bates and Marion Crane talking about his mother, Eros, sitting with Camilla on the couch, looked back at her and asked, “Is a boy’s best friend his mother?”

“Yes, of course,” she answered with a grin, hugging him tight.

Then why is Cameron in bed with you every night? the unusually big boy wondered. I’m as big as he is now; I could replace him. Camilla and Cameron exchanged pained glances, since they’d psychically felt what Eros was thinking.

Suddenly, Camilla felt a heat covering her whole body. She began to sweat.

“Uh oh,” she said, with her hand on her forehead.

“Are you OK?” Cameron asked.

“I will be,” she said. “I just need to go out for a while. I need some air.” She got up and went to the front door.

“OK,” Cameron said, looking at her with worry in his eyes.

“Don’t go, Mom,” Eros said, looking up at her anxiously.

“Don’t worry, baby,” she said to him as she turned the doorknob. “I’ll be back soon. Enjoy the movie with your daddy.” She went outside with her purse.

He isn’t my dad, Eros thought, and I won’t enjoy the movie with him. Only with you, Mom. Cameron felt that thought also, and pouted.

Camilla felt a psychic tug pulling her towards her car. She got in, left the window open for a breeze to cool herself, and drove away.

She didn’t know where she was going, but her psychic tug was making her drive to a very specific place. As she got closer to that place, a mental haze made her less and less aware of where she was or what she was doing, though she drove there in perfect safety.

After about a half hour of driving, she parked in front of a tall apartment building, in an area of Montreal she’d never been to before. Leaving her purse in the car, she got out with absolutely none of her own volition or conscious awareness of what she was doing; like an automaton, she walked over to the front doors of the apartment building, completely forgetting about her car. She got into an elevator and pressed the button for the eleventh floor, looking at the button as if she didn’t even know what ‘eleven’ meant, but compelled to choose it anyway.

Reaching the eleventh floor, she walked out of the elevator with dazed, agape eyes, and went to Room 1111. She knocked on the door.

“Come on in, Camilla,” a man’s voice called from inside the room. Her hair, eyes, and skin all changed back to their original blonde, blue-eyed, and peach-skinned colours. A man watching her from down the hall just looked in astonishment at the change, but went into his room and thought no more about it.

Camilla went into Room 1111, closed the door, and walked over to the living room, where a dozen men in black suits were sitting on chairs and on the couch. She saw the faces of some of her elementary and high school teachers.

“I thought you were all dead,” the girl said, as if high on drugs.

“We were,” ‘Mr. Patterson’ lied. “But with Nigrovum, we can reanimate our bodies.”

“You know that,” ‘Mr. Langella’ said. “You reanimated your dead father once, remember?”

“Yeah,” she said, giggling in embarrassment, and too dazed to wonder how he could have known about her having committed incest with Agape.

“Do you know why we all called you here?” ‘Mr. Gray’ asked.

“You all wanna have sex with me, right, sir?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” ‘Mr. Fulson’ said. “Now, be a good girl and take all your clothes off for us, sweetie. We’re dying to see that beautiful body of yours again.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, shyly unbuttoning her blouse. She’d been psychically made completely oblivious to the very existence of her husband and son, and therefore totally forgot that they were still waiting for her to return home from her ‘walk’. “I’m older now,” she said to the men, “so maybe my body doesn’t look as good as it used to.” She took off the blouse, revealing her pink lace bra.

“Nonsense,” said ‘Mr. Leroy’. “You look about 22, maybe 23.”

Remembering how Nigrovum was slowing down her ageing process, she said, “Oh, yeah.” She undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor, showing off her pink panties.

“Nice undies,” ‘Mr. Grisham’ said, licking his lips.

“Thank you, sir,” she said, then began taking off her shoes and socks. “Are you guys still mad at me, I mean, for killing you with Nigrovum?”

“No, not anymore,” ‘Mr. Hanson’ said. “We forgive you now.”

“Now that we can reanimate ourselves, and can come back into this world to be with you and have a fuck or two occasionally, we can handle the afterlife,” ‘Mr. Baker’ said.

“OK,” she said, taking off her bra.

“Oh, look at those beautiful titties,” said ‘Mr. Burgess’.

“Thank you, sir,” she said. The trance she’d been put in made her too dazed to contemplate how ‘Mr. Baker’ could ever want to fuck Camilla occasionally, and with a group of other men; this of course was totally unlike him in nature, since when he was alive, he’d hoped she’d be his one true love, and had died of a broken heart when he learned she was a slut.

She pulled down her panties, revealing her pubic hair, in its original brown colour. She stood naked in the middle of the twelve men, who were standing around her in a circle.

“What a beautiful body,” ‘Mr. Finch’ said.

“OK, sweetie,” ‘Mr. Fulson’ said. “Could you please get down on all fours and spread your legs out so we can see your asshole and pussy?”

“Yes, Mr. Fulson,” she said, getting on the floor as asked, with her ass pointing at ‘Fulson’.

“Thank you, baby,” he said. “You’re such a good girl.”

“So, how do you all want to enjoy me?” she asked, looking up at the men timidly.

“Well, I’d like to put my cock in your pretty mouth, OK?” said ‘Mr. Williams’, unzipping his fly.

“Yes, sir,” she said, salivating as his cock came out of his pants.

“And I want your pussy,” said ‘Langella’, pulling down his pants and getting under her.

“OK,” she said, bringing her ass down a bit so his cock could reach up to her cunt.

“And I’ll have your pretty little beige asshole,” said ‘Fulson’, getting behind her and pulling out his hard cock. He used his psychic powers to lubricate her anus and rectum, then pushed the tip of his cock against her anal orifice.

“But, what about Mr. Finch, Mr. Burgess, Mr. Phillips, and…?” she began to ask, but was interrupted by ‘Williams” bit cock shoving its way in her mouth.

“Don’t worry,” said ‘Gray’. “We’ll all have our turn soon enough.”

As ‘Fulson’, ‘Williams’, and ‘Langella’ were sliding their cocks in and out of her asshole, mouth, and pussy, the other ‘teachers’ all put masks on; one of them, ‘Mr. Finch’, said, “You know, Camilla, how you imagine that you used Nigrovum to seduce us, however unconsciously? Well, actually, we were the ones who used it on you…and most consciously.”

“Huh?” she moaned in confusion, then looked to her left and saw the man who’d just spoken–not Finch, but a masked man. Then she looked up at the man she was blowing, and instead of seeing Williams, she saw another man who’d just finished covering his face with a grotesque mask. Getting increasingly scared, but too dazed to do anything about it, she looked at the man under her, and saw a third masked man; taking the cock out of her mouth for a moment, she looked behind her, and saw another masked man fucking her ass. She looked around the room, and saw a dozen masked men…no teachers. They had all used Nigrovum to make themselves look like her old lovers, but had now changed back to their original appearances.

Impatient to have his cock sucked, the man in front of her used his psychic power to make her head turn back to him, and to receive his cock in her mouth again. Looking up at him timidly, she kissed the tip of his cock and licked the underside before deep-throating it.

“We believe an associate of ours already briefly told you about what happened, about us psychically engineering all of your sexual encounters with your elementary and high school teachers, though you’d been made to forget what he said,” said another masked man, the one who’d looked like Grisham. “When we’re finished with you tonight, you’ll be made to forget again, of course, as all our pawns are made to forget our schemes. Indeed, that’s how all those in power keep their power: by making the masses forget the past sins of their leaders, by making the masses unaware of what’s really going on in the world, even after the truth has been shown.”

The cock in her ass enjoyed the feeling of her anal lips expanding and contracting as it pushed all the way in and pulled two-thirds of the way out. The cock in her pussy was filling her up so fully that her every wet vaginal wall was tingling with pleasure, all while she listened in fear to what the men were saying.

“It may seem pointless to tell you everything we plan to do, since we’ll psychically erase the memory of our words from your mind,” said a masked man standing by the one she was blowing. “But it amuses us to tell you everything, since you won’t be able to do a thing about it, anyway.”

Indeed, Camilla was powerless to do anything at that moment except receive cock up her ass, and in her pussy and mouth; for the masked men had psychically put her in a state of total passivity. In fact, she screamed just then, not in terror, but from having just orgasmed. Her come splashed all over the thighs of the man who before had looked like Langella.

“When you, then a 17-year-old girl, saw Mr. Grisham walk into your English classroom for the first time, you were much too shy to tell him you had a crush on him, let alone try to seduce him,” said the masked man who’d looked like Burgess. “With a little Nigrovum in your blood, with a power you didn’t even know you had, or knew how to use in any significant capacity, did you actually think you could seduce your teachers all by yourself? For about three years, our men in Vancouver had been collecting the come you’d sprayed on the grass of parks after masturbating there; and later, when they learned you’d gotten a job as a stripper and fucked your boss and a customer, Wayne, they had an idea for how they could use your budding nymphomania to their advantage.”

“They sensed your own unconscious use of Nigrovum to send a signal–a slight one–to Grisham that you wanted him,” said a masked man standing by her ass-fucker. “They also sensed his then-mild sexual interest in you. They decided to heat up both your passions and his, to a point where you were both actually willing to risk getting in trouble, all for a mere lay.”

The man underneath her was thrusting away quickly and forcefully now, as was the man fucking her ass. The man she was blowing held her head tightly in his hands, guiding it back and forth as her slippery lips tightly embraced his rock-hard shaft. Her lower lip was hugging his protruding corpus spongiosum, her tongue flickered against his knob, and her hand held his balls, gently shaking them. She came again, soaking her pussy-fucker’s lap.

“Our Vancouver men were the ones to put the urge in Grisham’s mind to touch your thighs one day; he didn’t think of that himself, however much it may have seemed that way,” said another masked man. “Then, on that fateful day when you were crying after your fight with your mother over becoming a stripper, our men psychically made you bold enough–and horny enough–to sit and grind on your teacher’s lap. They also made him enjoy your grinding so much that he wouldn’t think about getting in trouble.”

“It was the same with Mr. Hanson,” said a masked man who was squatting beside Camilla and fondling her tits. “Our men intensified the temptation in his mind to go to the massage parlour you were working at; they, much more than you, made it impossible for him to resist you. It was the same with all your other teachers, especially the gang-bang you had in the abandoned building with Williams, Burgess, Johnson, Langella, and Knowles. To be sure, you unconsciously put the psychic fire in their hearts to gang-bang you, but our Vancouver men fanned that flame strongly enough to make your teachers willing enough to risk their careers, and risk being accused of gang-rape.” He squeezed her tits harder and pinched the nipples. “Our men, much more than you, made all that sex happen–even with your elementary school teachers.”

“Now our Vancouver associates’ plan was to cause all your deaths, either through psychically-induced despair and madness, or in Satanic rites of human sacrifice,” said another masked man, who was enjoying watching the double penetration from up close. “When you’d died, your souls–filled with the energy of lust and fear in your Nigrovum–would psychically influence the living, making them do whatever we wanted them to do. We’d make them become more lustful, materialistic, and gluttonous, buying all the things our corporations produce and making us rich. Also, we’d make them more fearful, so as to support the policies of the politicians we put in office, keeping our men in power.”

“The plan wasn’t very good,” said the masked man standing by the one she was blowing. “The influence of ghosts on the living is nowhere near as strong as that of the living on the living, so after you burned the Grouse Mountain mansion to the ground, we regrouped and made a better plan.” He smiled as he saw the cock come out of her mouth and spray its jizz all over her eyes, her nose, her lips, and her right cheek.

Her ass-fucker and pussy-fucker also pulled their cocks out: the first man blew his load first on her right buttock, then on her anal cleft, dripping some come around her gaping anal orifice, then on her left buttock; the second man moved up so his cock would be right under her breasts, then he aimed up and shot his come first on her left breast, then on her right nipple, then in the middle, and finally on her left breast again, just right of the nipple.

Camilla got off the second man so he could get up, then he and her ass-fucker got some handkerchiefs and jars. They wiped her come off the second man’s crotch, making it fall into the jars. When his crotch was all clean, he pulled up his pants. He and her ass-fucker zipped up their pants and sat on the couch, ready to watch another three men have a go at her.

Those next three men had been watching her up close during the first gang-bang. They turned her over and lay her on her back. One knelt over her head–upside-down to him–then unzipped his pants, pulled out his hard-on, and put it in her mouth. The second man put his cock between her tits and wrapped them tightly around it. The third man slid his cock inside her soaking wet pussy.

“As another of our associates had told you before,” her former ass-fucker said, “it took us a while to find you when you’d moved to Toronto with Candice; but as soon as we found you, we got to work planning. Our man who found you when you were fucking Alex McVie in Queen’s Park? He sensed your growing desire for your father.”

“What at first had been a subconscious but intense Electra Complex, Nigrovum then expanded into something much stronger,” said the man who’d come on her face. “Still, you were resisting your desires. We decided to have some fun with your forbidden urges.”

“We were the ones who turned up the heat, making you want to fuck and suck your dad,” said her former pussy-fucker. “Seeing you joyfully plunge into incest was so much fun, it makes a gang-bang like this seem like Sunday school in comparison. Then watching you plan to murder Carrie, and how you fucked that up–wow!”

She came all over her current pussy-fucker’s cock and balls. The man fucking her tits was squeezing them the way Mr. Finch used to when he fucked her in her old elementary school in Vancouver; soon, he blew his load all over her tits and upper chest, near her neck. Her pussy-fucker pulled his cock out, jerked off briefly, and came all over her belly, leaving a small pool in her navel. These two men got up, got handkerchiefs and a jar, then wiped her come off her pussy-fucker’s cock and balls and put the come in the jar. Then they pulled up their pants and sat on chairs by the couch.

Another two masked men pulled down their pants and got on top of her. They pushed her legs up so they’d be on either side of the man she was still blowing; then the two new men slid their hard cocks in her pussy and asshole.

“Though in Vancouver, relatively little of the psychic manipulation was from you, much more of what you were doing back in Toronto really was your own growing mental powers,” her former tit-fucker said. “Sometimes we intensified things a bit, like our augmenting the terror of your later incubus dreams; but more often we just psychically monitored you, sat back, and laughed.”

“It was only when Garth Van Duyne had sex with you that we really began to dominate your life, and not just your sex life,” said her former ass-fucker. “For that’s when we began to implement our plan to use Nigrovum to control the entire Earth, ironically, by pretending to want to save it!” All the masked men laughed.

Continuing with her reliving of her unwitting incest with her son, unconscious Camilla was re-experiencing the morning after her third sexual encounter with Eros. She got out of bed and put on a bathrobe to cover her nakedness.

“This is the third time I’ve found myself naked in bed, but I don’t remember undressing and coming up here,” she said as she left her bedroom. Naturally, she suspected, but couldn’t prove, Eros’ acting out of his desires for her.

Hearing him eating breakfast in the kitchen, she slowly went downstairs, scanning his mind for thoughts about sex with her from the night before. She found no such thoughts, nor did she sense him blocking her scanning with his own psychic abilities.

Of course, his skill with Nigrovum was already so advanced that he could easily trick her into believing he was innocent. Also, she simply wanted to believe he was.

“Good morning, sweetie,” she said as she walked into the kitchen. She yawned.

“Good morning, Mom,” Eros said, shovelling a spoonful of cereal in his mouth. “Did you sleep well?”

“Baby, don’t talk with your mouth full,” she said. “And yes, I did sleep well…a little too well.”

“Oh?” he asked, pretending not to know anything about the night before.

“Yeah, I dreamed about making love with Joey, a boy I lap-danced…oh, I shouldn’t be talking about that with you.”

“Why not?”

“You’re too sweet and innocent to hear that kind of talk,” she said, closely noting what his reaction would be.

“I’m not that innocent,” he said, more than slightly annoyed, but careful not to think about any of the sex he’d had with her, for he knew that’s what she was psychically scanning for.

Sensing no guilt in his thoughts, she said, “No one’s an angel, but you’re pretty close.” Relieved to have found nothing implicating him, she kissed him on the cheek. Then she felt, ever so slightly, her lust-energy in him again. He’d allowed that, but nothing else. “Why is it every time I kiss you, baby, I psychically feel my desires?”

“Well, as your son, I am part you, and therefore, part your desire.”

“Yeah, but it feels stronger now.” Her suspicions were coming back.

“How much stronger?” he asked, finishing his cereal.

“Well, a bit.”

“Then what’s the big deal? A little stronger one day, a little weaker the next. Maybe it’s stronger because you need a lover.”

“Eros, nice boys don’t say things like that to their Mommies.”

“Mom, I’m a man, not a baby.” He stood up.

“Maybe I need a lover? Maybe I’ve been having one.” She looked up in his eyes, scanning again. She felt nothing. Either he’s innocent, or far better with Nigrovum than I am, she thought. Well, innocent until proven guilty. I sure don’t want to believe he’s been fucking me. She walked out of the kitchen.


Three days after that one, she’d been working like a dog teaching those summer classes in McGill University. It was now Tuesday, during the first week of August.

That night, she came home exhausted again. Instead of fixing herself a drink, this time she went upstairs and straight to bed.

Maybe Eros has been using Nigrovum to expand the alcohol I’ve drunk, making me too intoxicated to resist his advances–assuming he’s been making advances, she thought as she got undressed. I’m sober now, so I should be more able to stop him, if he’s doing what I think he is.

Naked, she got in bed and quickly fell asleep, her exhaustion overpowering her worry’s ability to keep her alert.

Eros, also naked, had been sitting on his bed meditating. He visualized her dreaming about the burning mansion. Two minutes later, he got up, left his bedroom and went into hers. He used Nigrovum to make her open her eyes, but still see the dream.

Indeed, when Camilla looked around, she saw the burning walls of a large room in the mansion on Grouse Mountain, as well as all her former lovers surrounding her. Not one of them had a look of hate in his eyes, though; nor did she see any masked men, for Eros naturally didn’t want his mother to feel afraid as he made love with her.

As for Eros, he’d made himself look like Chris, the boy who ate Camilla’s ass in her English class from seventeen years before, during a lecture on Chaucer.

“Oh, hi Chris,” she said, sensing no hostility in him, as had fortunately been the case with her old lovers’ ghosts recently. “Wanna lick my ass again?”

“Yes, Goddess,” Eros said in Chris’s voice, then got on the bed.

She pulled the blankets away, exposing her beautiful naked body to his eyes, which were aglow with excitement. Then she rolled over to get on all fours, spread her legs, and pushed her butt back so he could see her asshole and pussy. He got behind her and let his tongue slide up from her perineum to the top of her butt-crack.

As he licked her asshole, he thought, You’re all clean now, but I’d lick you even if it all tasted like shit. I want to show you just how much I love you, Mama. I’d endure anything for you; I’ll endure the masked men for you one day…you’ll see.

He kept rolling his tongue against the wrinkles of her asshole, worshipping every inch of the goddess that was his mother, even the dirtier parts. Then he moved his head down and began eating her pussy.

He wrapped his lips tightly around her swollen left labium and gently pulled on it. She moaned softly at his already expert touch. Then he sucked on the right labium. He slid his tongue inside her vagina and vibrated it quickly, panting heavily, since this was his favourite part of her body, his uncanny sight of origins. His panting massaged her vaginal walls and got her even more excited. He gluttonously drank up the moisture she was dripping in his mouth.

He moved his head down a bit and began sucking on her hard clitoris. Her moans had changed to squeals. As he sucked on and licked her clit, he gently slid his finger in her asshole. Sensing that she was about to come, he opened his mouth wide, sealing her vaginal opening with his kissing lips. She gushed her plentiful orgasm in his mouth, and he swallowed it all, not missing a single drop.

After that, she lay on her back and he got on top of her, careful not to put all of his weight on her, and putting his hard cock between her tits. He wrapped them tightly around his cock, and began sliding it back and forth between them. He looked down in her eyes, wishing she could have been ready to see his eyes instead of Chris’s, so she could know the full depth of his love for her.

He loved the feeling of his mother’s soft breasts caressing his cock as he moved it up and down. Oh, those breasts, which had nursed him as a baby, now pleasuring his cock. Not wanting to come on her face, as he felt it would have been degrading for her, he let go of her breasts and after a few more minutes of tit-fucking. Then he went down and slid his cock inside her soaking wet pussy. She sighed and squealed as it went in.

As he fucked her missionary style, he cupped her breasts in his hands and gently squeezed them, pinching the nipples. He brought his head close to her face and gave her cheeks and lips soft kisses.

“I…love you,” he panted. “Oh!”

“I’m sorry…I made you…dress like a girl, Chris,” she moaned. “Ah!”

“I’m not…mad about that,” Eros said, sighing in Chris’s voice. “Unh!”

“Still,” she sighed. “it was wrong. Oh!” He felt unusually big and heavy on top of her, notably more so than Chris ever had; indeed, her lover felt more like Eros’ mass. He’d intended her to feel that, making her only see and hear him as Chris, to get her closer to accepting him as Eros, the lover he hoped he would be from then on. Though her reawakened suspicions were troubling to her, she was too disoriented and tired to scan for Eros’ psychic presence.

The feeling of her wet vagina tightly hugging his cock was as thrilling for him as it was to contemplate the pleasure he was giving her. He didn’t want her to come all over her sheets, though, because cleaning them would have been more difficult for him, as she was lying on them. So before she could come again, he came inside her, then pulled his cock out, got off the bed, and left her bedroom to go back into his. He, no longer looking or sounding like Chris, got in bed, psychically released her from her ‘dream’, and soon fell asleep, happy to have more of her come, and therefore more of her, inside his body.

She pulled her blankets over herself after ‘waking up’, and as she slowly fell asleep again, she could feel the energy of ‘Chris’ all over herself…or was it the energy of Eros? She wasn’t sure, and was too tired to pursue an answer to that question.

The Camilla of two months later, still unconscious and dreaming all these shocking memories, had no idea what she could do with this psychic energy her son had given her, though she knew he also had her psychic energy in him. For fighting off the masked men, what use would he have with her psychic vibes, and what use would she have with his? Maybe this exchange was nothing; then again, maybe it was everything…

Author’s Note: This is the second part of Devin’s story. Readers will need to read part one to fully appreciate his dilemma. Thanks for those who commented on part one. Positive votes and feedback will encourage me to continue Devin’s saga. Enjoy!

Chapter 4

I left my apartment building, and walked into the parking garage. My new burgundy Corvette was waiting in my prime parking spot. I wasn’t used to driving something so powerful, so the drive was not as smooth as I would have liked. The car, however, was awesome. I drove directly to Candace’s pawn shop, still as horny as before my threesome.

When I entered, Candace was with a customer, so I nonchalantly browsed the used items. Most of the estate sale items were gone, so I looked at the section with the expensive jewelry. Finally my dream girl came over to see if she could help. “May I help you, sir?” Her voice was as perfect as ever.

“Well, I’m mostly looking, although I thought about buying a nice necklace,” I said.

“Is it for anyone in particular?”

Before I thought I blurted out, “Well, I was thinking a necklace would look good on you.”

My boldness surprised me as much as it did Candace. Her blue eyes popped open, and she gave a nervous smile. It looked like she was going to blow me off, but then the same bells and whistles look came on her face. She licked her lips, “Sir, that’s generous of you. If you gave me such a nice present, I guess I’d have to return the favor in some way.”

I could tell by the look on her face that she was facing a lot of internal conflict. She was not the nympho that my two previous lovers were. The power of the genie was overriding her normal moral compass. I could tell she was getting more and more aroused the longer I stood there.

However, my own moral compass began getting the best of me. In an instant I realized that taking advantage of Candice would not be the right thing to do. I suppose the difference was the fact that I really liked Candice. I was happy she was interested, but I wanted to win her, not rely on some magic trick.

I finally said, “We’ll see what we can do. Show me your favorite necklace.” She reached into the jewelry case and pulled out a beautiful multi-stone necklace made with rubies and diamonds. It shined brilliantly in the lights of the store. I could see why she liked it.

“How much are you asking for it?” I asked.

“The owner has it priced at five hundred, but I think he would be all right with four.”

“Sold!” I blurted. She jumped a bit as I pulled out four one-hundred dollar bills and gave them to her. She asked me to help her put the necklace on. As she turned around I began fumbling with the clasp. As I was hooking the two ends together, Candice pressed her ass into my crotch. Of course, my captive cock began coming to attention. It was obvious that I could have my way with her. I admit I wanted her badly, but not this way. The horny stalker suddenly developed a conscience.

She moved away far enough to admire her new necklace in the mirror. Although the jewelry didn’t go with her jeans and green button down blouse, I knew it would look stunning with the right outfit. I was thinking quicker on my feet these days so I inquired, “Look, miss, I’d like to ask you out for dinner tonight. But before I do, you’ll need to tell me your name.” I couldn’t let on I knew who she was.

She smiled sweetly, “My name is Candace, Candace Malone. And I would be happy to accept your offer but you’ll have to tell me your name.”

“My name is Devin, Devin Harris.”

“Mmm… that’s such a nice name,” she cooed.

“And where would Miss Candace Malone like to go tonight?”

“Surprise me! I like big surprises. I just need to know what time so I can be ready for you.”

My heart jumped with every word she said. Although my body and face were different, the brain was still me. I was nervous even though I knew old Haji had fixed things for me. I finally muttered, “How about seven o’clock? Is that too late?”

“Oh, no Devin. That will be perfect.”

“Great,” I exclaimed loudly. “And where should I pick you up?”

“300 West Sycamore, upstairs apartment.”

I smiled, trying not to look nervous, “Fantastic! I’ll be there at seven o’clock.”

“I’ll be waiting,” she said batting her eyes like a school girl.

I walked out the door and to my car. Two girls passed by me and both paused to smile, wink, and lick their lips. I just kept moving. My new life was going to be complicated, I realized. I got in my car and drove back toward my apartment but felt compelled to get some coffee.

I walked into my favorite coffee shop. It was a small place with a lot of regulars. I got coffee there often. I was upset at first when the barista didn’t recognize me. Then I remembered that I wasn’t Kyle anymore. However, I still ordered Kyle’s drink. While she was making my coffee, I could tell the poor girl was getting quite hot and bothered. She nearly burned herself because she couldn’t take her eyes off of me. She even spontaneously unbuttoned the top button on her blouse. At one point she adjusted her bra around her ample breasts. She finally finished my order and handed it to me.

I sat down at the corner table. I sat there because there were two older women giving me the eye at the table closest to the counter. I figured I better stay as far away from them as I could. I was glad that there weren’t more women in the shop.

I sat there sipping my coffee thinking about Candace and our impending date. I had decided to take her to an upscale seafood place near my house. I recalled hearing her tell one of the party guests how much she liked lobster. I wanted to win her with my ability to anticipate her needs.

I closed my eyes for a moment trying to recall her face in my mind. When I opened them again the barista was standing next to my table. She said nervously, “Sir, can I get you anything?”

As I mentioned earlier, I had come to this place for years, and no one had ever asked Kyle if he wanted anything else. I said, “Uh, no, I’m fine. But thanks.”

“Are you sure you don’t need something?” she insisted as she adjusted her bra again.

“No really, miss. I’m fine. I’m going to finish my coffee and leave in a moment,” I said emphatically.

The consequences of my poor request from the genie were becoming more obvious by the hour. The longer this girl stood there, the more on fire she was becoming. She was sliding her hands up and down her sides. Her knees were together like she was trying to keep from pissing in her panties. She kept licking her lips incessantly and looking at me with pure lust. She wasn’t gorgeous, but she was attractive. However, in her heightened state of arousal, she looked absolutely stunning.

In a quick moment the new Devin had to make a decision. I had to decide if my goal was to win the heart of Candace or become a player and screw every woman who threw herself at me. In that split second I decided that Candace was my goal. I swallowed my coffee and excused myself quickly deciding to go home to rest and get ready for the evening.

I was glad to find that the two ladies had left. I was worried they might still be there and be ready for more. I fixed myself a salad. Haji told me that even though he had given me a new body, it would be up to me to maintain it. I didn’t want to add any fat to this perfect physique, so I decided to eat light.

The afternoon went by slowly. I watched some television, read a few chapters, and took a short nap in my incredibly comfortable recliner. I also looked over the information on this new company I was going to work for. Even though Haji had said the job was a sure thing, I wanted to be ready for the interview the next day.

Chapter 5

At six fifteen I made my way to Candace’s house in my new car. I pulled into the driveway of her home. It was a two-story apartment house with white siding and black shutters on the windows. There were two doors, one leading to the downstairs apartment and one leading up to Candace’s place. I rang the doorbell and could hear her walking down the stairs.

When my dream girl opened the door, I almost fell over. She had gone wild getting ready for this date. Her blonde hair was even more silky and shiny than ever. She was wearing a tight black dress that stopped about the middle of her shapely thigh. Her black pumps had about a five inch heel. She had on a dainty ankle bracelet that had rubies to match the necklace I had bought for her that morning. To say she looked stunning would be an understatement. The bright red lipstick perfectly accentuated her pouty, full lips that had caught my attention the first time I saw her.

I led her to my car, and she kept repeating how beautiful it was. Once she was seated I got in the car and headed to the restaurant. As gorgeous as she was, it was still quite disconcerting having her stare at me. She stared. She sighed. She rubbed my thigh as high as she could. For a moment I thought she was going to straddle me on the driver’s seat. I tried to carry on normal small-talk, but everything she did was distracting, and arousing.

I parked the car at the restaurant. Candace got very excited that it was a seafood place. We went in and were seated by a pretty host, a tall African-American girl who looked to be in her early twenties. She was wearing a tight white blouse and a short black skirt. As we were seated, the host looked at me with smoldering desire. Candace looked at her with jealousy and contempt.

Honestly, I was relieved when our server turned out to be a young man. We both ordered some wine and then placed our order. Candace ordered the lobster as expected. I ordered some grilled salmon. We sat across from each other. My beautiful date looked so pretty in the soft ambient lighting. We chatted about a bit of everything. I told her about my new job. She told me about her job, her family, and her love of horses. A very normal first date conversation.

However, she kept playing footsies with me under the table. At first she rubbed her shoe up and down my right shin. The next thing I knew, she had removed her shoe, and I could feel her bare foot rubbing the inside of my thigh. Her legs were too short to get all the way to my cock, but she was stretching her leg as far as she could. I admit I was enjoying the attention. I reached my left hand down to massage her foot and toes. We ate quietly for a bit, just looking at each other. The lust was building inside both of us.

We both declined dessert. I paid the check. We held hands all the way to the car. As I opened her door, she turned toward me and gave me the most sensuous kiss I have ever had (not that I had received many kisses). My cock was obviously pressing against my pants, so she gave it a nice pat as she sat down.

I asked her if she wanted to catch a movie, but she suggested that I come back to her place for a quick drink. How could I say no? I parked, and we went in. We made our way up the dark stairs to her apartment, me watching her perfect ass climbing in front of me. Her apartment was as cute as she was. It was small with a kitchen, dining, living room combination. There was a door to the right that I assumed was to her bedroom. There was another door that went to the bathroom. She had some blue, modern looking furniture. The decorations were minimal but very tasteful.

She offered wine or beer. I chose beer. She gave me one from her refrigerator and excused herself to the bedroom for a moment. I sat there absolutely incredulous about today’s events. I had fucked two attractive women early that morning. I was sitting in the living room of the girl of my dreams, and my dream girl was throwing herself at me. I thought I should pinch myself. I was hoping this wasn’t a dream.

Momentarily Candace emerged from her bedroom. She had changed into a long, blue satin robe that drug the floor as she walked across the room. She retrieved her own beer and sat down next to me on the couch. She practically sat on my lap.

She thanked me for the lovely dinner and pleasant conversation. I thanked her for accepting my invitation. That was the end of our normal conversation. I leaned toward her to kiss her. She took full advantage of my advances. She kissed me so deeply I thought my lips were going to come off. I embraced her tightly as our tongues and lips explored every curve and crevice of the other. My hands caressed her hair and down her back. She held my face in her hands. I lowered my lips to kiss her neck and I felt her body shudder.

Candace then straddled me, sitting on my lap. As her legs spread I could see that she was wearing nothing under the robe. As she sat facing me, she backed up enough to unbutton my shirt. Her mouth then found my neck and chest. She showered me with soft, sensuous kisses. I pushed her robe off of her shoulders, and she let it fall to her waist. Her breasts took my breath away. They were not large, but they were as perfect as anything I had ever seen. Dark, puffy nipples accentuated the tips of beautifully round breasts.

She lifted herself so that I could take her right nipple into my mouth. When my lips closed around the areola, she gasped loudly. Using the back of my head, she pushed my mouth even more tightly onto her. I sucked and nibbled, feeling her hips grind into my groin with each suck.

Her passion grew to the point that she needed more. She climbed off of my lap and knelt in front of me. She took off my shoes and socks, kissing the tops of my feet softly. She rose up and unbuckled my pants, unhooked the clasp, and lowered the zipper slowly. I lifted my hips as she slid my pants and boxers down my legs. Then quicker than I could imagine, her lips were gently kissing up and down my engorged shaft. She kept going on about how beautiful my cock was, that it was bigger than any she had ever seen, and how much she wanted it inside her. Her worshipful words complete, she proceeded to give me a blow job that I will never forget.

I don’t know where Candace learned her techniques, but the way she used her mouth and tongue was magical. She knew just where to apply the pressure. She licked the head, the underside of my cock, and my balls. She then lifted my balls out of the way and nibbled just behind them, sending literal chills up my spine. Two weeks ago I would have sprayed cum all over her hair right then and there, but now I had complete control.

She then lowered her mouth over my big dick. Her small mouth was no match for my newly acquired length and girth, but she gave it her best, taking four or five inches into her mouth. She sucked and kissed and licked for at least ten minutes. The whole time she was moaning as loud as if she were experiencing her own orgasm.

I was thoroughly enjoying every bit of the attention she was giving, but I wanted to be fair. I lifted her up and laid her on the couch. I lifted and spread her legs as I knelt in front of her. I lowered my face to taste her for the first time. She was completely shaved. The lips to her pussy spread out to each side of the opening like a pair of angel’s wings. I could see her juices glistening. I caught the first waft of her aroma. I could wait no longer. I lowered my face to her pussy and took those lips right into my mouth. She gasped for so long that I thought she was going to lose her breath.

I was still new at this, but I tried to remember every dirty story I had ever read, trying to remember all the techniques. However, I honestly don’t think my technique really mattered to her. She nearly screamed with every move of my tongue and lips. I kissed, and she moaned. I licked, and she giggled. I sucked, and she squealed. When my lips locked onto her clit, she screamed for almost a full minute as wave after wave of an intense orgasm tore through her body. Her legs locked so tight around my head, I thought I was going to suffocate.

When the last wave subsided, I scooted her body around so I could lie on top of her. When the head of my cock bumped against her wet pussy she screamed, “Fuck me Devin. Fuck me hard and nasty!”

I pushed my Dick slowly into her pussy, but that wasn’t what she wanted. She screamed at me again, “I said fuck me! I want to feel your cock pound my pussy!”

I began thrusting as hard and fast as I could. I was so large I could only get about seven inches inside her, but those seven inches were heaven. No matter how hard I thrust, she wanted it more. She dug her fingernails into my back, trying to spur me to fuck harder. Her hips kept rising to meet mine. She screamed again as another orgasm hit her. I put her feet on my shoulders changing the angle, and she screamed again. Both of us were insatiable.

I flipped her over and fucked her from behind. I guess I was growling like an animal. I kept thinking I was hurting her, but the more I fucked, the more she asked for more. She finally yelled, “Cum inside me Devin! I want to feel your sperm inside me!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. On cue I allowed myself to orgasm. As I told you earlier, Haji had made every sensation magnified. I cannot describe adequately to you the ecstasy I felt. I sensed every spasm in a way that I had never felt before. My nipples extended. Goosebumps formed all over my body. Every nerve ending was firing simultaneously. I thought my brain was going to fly right out of my head. I don’t know how long the orgasm lasted, but when I was done Candace was staring at me over her shoulder in absolute amazement.

I collapsed on the couch behind her, and Candace turned around and slid herself into my arms. She was absolutely exhausted. I was breathing hard, but I could have gone on indefinitely. However, the euphoria was not there. I simply wanted more. I knew my sweet Candace couldn’t take anymore. I looked down at this goddess in my arms feeling happy and guilty. I was happy she was there, but guilty because Haji’s work had manipulated her affections and passions.

Then another depressing thought hit me. Because of my irresponsible requests, I would never know if any woman liked me because I was me or simply because of the spell they were under. I was falling in love with Candace, but she was responding to something the genie had done. Everything I had was unearned. Would everything I receive in the future be unearned? Suddenly the realization hit so deeply that I wanted to cry. I kissed my lover on the forehead and told her I had to go. “I’ve got a big meeting tomorrow,” I managed to say.

“Will you call me again, Devin?” she said almost begging.

“Yes, Candace. I’ll call you.” She got up and padded her way to a desk in the corner of the living room. She wrote her number down and handed it to me. I watched every move she made, astounded at how beautiful she was. Even that observation made me sad.

I drove to my new apartment in a daze. The Corvette had lost its luster. I wanted so bad to talk to Haji again to make some adjustments now that I better understood the consequences of my request. What the hell was with the rule that nothing could be undone?

I suddenly needed to talk to my mom for advice, and the realization that I could not contact her sunk in deep even though Mom and I hadn’t been very close in long time. Dad had bolted when I was seven. I was an only child, and my mother had a hard time raising me. She took care of me in all the ways a mom is required, but emotionally she was just spent most of the time. Still, I’m sure she had the police or some authorities looking for me. Kyle had just disappeared.

I went into the apartment. It was about two in the morning. I got undressed down to my boxers and lay down on the most comfortable bed I’d ever slept in. I set the alarm for six thirty and fell into a fitful sleep.

Chapter 6

The alarm went off. I quickly jumped up and showered, shaved, and dressed. I drove to the appointment, arriving five minutes early. The accounting firm was located in the most expensive part of town. The offices were plusher than any I had ever seen. The receptionist greeted me first with a professional manner, and then with the now typical lustful tone.

The appointment was with a Gerrie Tomlinson. When Cyndi, the receptionist, led me to the next office she opened the door and announced my arrival. A woman’s voice said, “Show him in, Cyndi.”

I was expecting a Jerry, not a Geraldine. Sitting behind the desk was a very pretty, professionally dressed middle aged woman. Her long brunette hair came down to her shoulders. She looked at me over the top of dark rimmed reading glasses. She smiled and told me to have a seat.

“Hello Devin. Welcome. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Ms. Tomlinson,” I managed to say.

“Oh, please, it’s Gerrie. We’re not into formalities around here. Sam Rocklin highly recommended you. He told me I should hire you sight unseen. I’m a better business woman than that. I told him I had to check out the merchandise.”

First of all, I had absolutely no idea who Sam Rocklin was. Haji maybe? Second of all, I was not sure how I felt being referred to as merchandise. I just went with the flow. “Well, Sam can be pretty impetuous,” I offered.

“Yeah, he can. Look, I need a Vice President for our corporate accounts. Do you think you can handle it? We have a lot of high dollar accounts, so I’ll need someone to cater to and pamper our best clients. Now, at first I wanted a woman in your position because most of our clients have powerful women running the company. They like the fact that I own my own firm, and they trust me. I’m not sure how they’ll feel having a man handling their books. How do you feel about working for women, Devin?”

Until she asked that question I hadn’t really thought about that. I had never worked for a woman, but I didn’t have a problem with it. “Well, Ms. Tomlinson, I mean Gerrie, I am excited for the opportunity. I’ve found women are usually smarter than men anyway, so I’m happy to work for anyone who has the ability.”

She smiled, got up, and walked around to my side of the desk. I was beginning to realize that Haji’s spell worked when the women got close to me. She stood next to me and her tone suddenly changed. She smiled sensuously, “Devin, I think you are going to be perfect. The women are going to love you. In fact, I’ll make sure you have a personal meeting with each one right away. The job is yours if you want it. In fact, I think I’m going to pay you five hundred thousand a year. How does that sound?”

How does that sound? My God, I would have been happy with fifty thousand. “Wow, that’s more than I expected Gerrie.”

She put her hand on my shoulder, “It’s more than I was going to pay, but I can tell that you’re going to be worth every dollar.” She rubbed her fingers through my thick blonde hair. I thought she was ready to jump me right then, but the phone rang and brought her back to her senses. She answered the phone, “Hold on a second, Bill.” She put the call on hold and buzzed Cyndi to come in the office.

Cyndi quickly entered. “Cyndi, please show Devin to his new office and help him get settled. Then take him to HR so he can get his paperwork processed. Then call Sherry O’Bannon at Quick Print and set up an appointment with her after lunch.”

Cyndi never took her eyes off of me but managed to respond, “Yes, Gerrie.”

We left the office and walked down the hall to a nice, big corner office. It was pretty bare except for the normal furniture. The assistant showed me around the office and my personal restroom, complete with a shower. My depression from the night before seemed a memory for the moment. We were on the fifteenth floor, so the view of the city from my large window was amazing.

I sat down in my new chair just for a trial run. It was a big, comfortable executive chair, not the small hand me down secretary chair from my old job. All of the furniture was expensive mahogany. The latest laptop computer was sitting on the desk. A brand new mobile phone was sitting right next to it. Everything in the building spoke of quality and excellence. I had never worked anywhere like it.

Cyndi was smiling at me waiting for me to finish my visual tour. I noticed her legs were together tightly and she was swishing her legs back and forth. I smiled when I recognized the effect my presence was having on her. She said, “Ok, Devin let’s go down to HR.”

I followed her and her round ass down several hallways. I looked into each office, and I saw no men. I started to wonder if I was the only male working for this company. I was relieved when Cyndi introduced me to Carl Peterson, the head of Human Resources. He gave me the usual paperwork and employee manual, went through some of the company rules, and had me sign for my personal corporate credit card. Cyndi stayed with me the whole time, always standing as close to me as possible. We finished with Carl and headed back to my office.

When we arrived to my office, there was a royal beauty sitting in a chair across from my desk. This brunette’s hair was as long and dark as any I had ever seen. She had a slightly dark complexion. She stood to greet me and in her heels was only an inch shorter than my five foot eleven. Her legs seemed to go all the way up to her neck. And I was bewitched by her slender curves that were perfectly encased in her tight business jacket and skirt. Her black nylons just set the whole outfit apart as something as sexy as one could imagine. Cyndi broke my ogling, “Devin, this is Rosita Rodriguez, your personal assistant.”

As Rosita reached her hand out to shake mine, she was visibly shaking. Trying to be as professional as possible I shook her hand and said, “Nice to meet you Rosita. I look forward to working with you.”

The poor young woman was suddenly nervous and giddy. She tried to compose herself but she stammered a quick, “The pleasure will be all mine, Mr. Harris.”

“Just Devin. Remember, we’re not formal around here!” I exclaimed.

“Uh, yes, right, uh, Devin.”

I was beginning to wonder how I was going to actually get any work done. I thought I was going to have to quit and go find an all-male company to work for. I noticed that Rosita was holding a file. She finally said, “Oh, I’m sorry Devin, Gerrie called me and asked me to get you this file on Quick Print. We’re hoping to get you an appointment with them this afternoon. You can look at the file and read the employee manual. I’ll let you know if we are able to set something up.” She started to walk out but turned around and exclaimed, “Oh, and if you need ANYTHING at all, just let me know. I’m here to please!”

I watched her walk all the way to the door. In my infatuation with Rosita, I hadn’t noticed that Cyndi was still in my office. When I realized she was there I looked in her direction. She had a catty look of jealousy on her face but managed to say, “I’ll be up front if you need me. Our senior accountant Hamilton Thompson will be here in a few minutes to begin your formal orientation.” She left quickly, clearly aroused and agitated.

When she closed the door I sat there completely dumbfounded. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I had no way near the experience for the kind of job I was hired to do. I didn’t know how I was going to work with all of these attractive women who were constantly aroused in my presence. For the moment I was at least thrilled that a Hamilton was in charge of my orientation.

I opened the file for Quick Print, a multi-million dollar firm. The company was run by a woman named Sherry O’Bannon. She started the company with one shop and had built it into a large multi-state franchise business. Human Resources had given me my access codes for the computer, so I logged into the computer network and looked around for Quick Print’s account. I was familiarizing myself with their assets when my phone rang. Rosita told me Hamilton was there, and I told her to send him in.

Hamilton was a tall, thin man with thinning grey hair. He was all business from his attire to his demeanor. I won’t bore you with all the details of the company or our tedious conversation. I will only say that it was not a conversation fit for a man working on such little sleep. However, I got enough out of it to know that Quick Print was a tough account. Sherry O’Bannon was a bitchy ball-breaker who hated men. He didn’t know why Gerrie had given me this account. In fact, he was afraid we might lose the account if I didn’t handle things just right. No pressure.

I walked with him to the door and showed him out. While I was standing there, Rosita informed me that my appointment with Sherry was going to be at three that afternoon. She said, “I hate to say this, Devin, but she was not happy when I told her your name. She was cussing up a storm, calling Gerrie all sorts of names for putting you on the account. In fact, she is coming here, and she never comes to our office. I hope this works out ok.”

God, this was getting worse by the minute. By now it was almost lunch, so I asked Rosita if there was a nearby place I could grab a quick bite. I wanted to get back and prepare some more for the showdown with Sherry. She directed me to a small deli across the street from our firm. I bought a salad and brought it back to my office. I ate nervously, not really tasting one bite of my chef salad.

Chapter 7

By the time three o’clock rolled around I was nervous as a virgin in a locker room full of horny football players. I had found some notes on the company network highlighting the many confrontations various accountants had experienced with Ms. O’Bannon. The only man who had handled her account had only lasted three days. All of the women had lasted from three to four months. The last one, a Martha Spencer, had quit in disgust over the mistreatment from the ball-breaker.

I jumped when Rosita rang to inform me that Ms. O’Bannon was there. I nervously told her to show her in. Sherry O’Bannon came storming through my door with absolutely no introduction. She yelled, “I am just here to let you know that you will not be working my fucking account. I am going straight to Gerrie’s office to inform her that I will be moving my account to another firm. She knows I do not work with men.”

I know my eyes were bugging out of my head. My heart was certainly pounding out of my chest. Rosita was standing in the doorway wondering what to do next, looking back and forth from me to Ms. O’Bannon. I wasn’t sure what to say. I decided to bluff, “Ms. O’Bannon, I am sorry that you feel that way. I can assure you I am more than qualified and able to handle your affairs professionally and accurately. It is our firm’s desire to satisfy you in any way we can. Can we at least sit down and talk this through before you make any firm decisions?”

I had walked over close to her, standing not more than three feet from her. I could tell she started to let go with some obscenities hurled in my direction. However, her whole body language changed in an instant. The obscenities came out, “You know, uh, Devin, yes, uh Devin, uh, you’re right. I really should at least give you a chance. Who knows? Working with a man like you might be a welcome change of pace.”

I looked over at Rosita, and her mouth was wide open. She shook her head, batted her eyes incredulously, and stepped out into her office. I invited Ms. O’Bannon to sit. I sat in a chair across from her. She crossed her legs. I was finally able to visually assess my antagonist. She was a buxom petite brunette. She was small in stature but big on presence. Her dark brown eyes snapped with energy and authority. Her grey business suit screamed power and professionalism. Every piece of her was in perfect order. Not one hair was out of place, and not one wrinkle was on her clothes. Her leather pumps spoke of intimidation.

When I finally spoke, some of the snap drained from her eyes, “Ms. O’Bannon . . .”

“Oh please, please call me Sherry,” she interrupted.

“Ok, uh, Sherry, I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot. I was just hired this morning, so I’m just starting to get a handle on things.” Now normally that would have pissed her off even more. Our firm had given a complete rookie her valuable account.

However, Sherry said, “Oh, it’s all right Devin. We’ll have plenty of time to work out the details.” She fidgeted in her chair and continued, “I’m really sorry I spouted off like that. Sometimes I take myself far too seriously. I can tell you are someone who can handle me, er, I mean my account perfectly.”

At least my newly acquired charm was good for something, I thought. But, like every other woman I’d met the last two days, Sherry was getting very aroused. In fact, she was visibly starting to squirm in her seat. She uncrossed her legs and exclaimed, “Devin, I think there are many ways you can satisfy my needs and the needs of my company.” She spread her legs apart revealing the top of her nylons that were being held into place by a garter belt. She licked her lips and rubbed the top of her thighs with her short fingers. I noticed no wedding ring.

I was completely conflicted right now. Would she go into a rage if I rebuffed her flirtatious advances? Would she fire our company thereby dooming my new career? Could I stay true to my new love Candace? How was I going to survive in a world that was more than half women? What was the meaning of my life now? I know that sounds like a lot for such a brief period of time, but my brain was working overtime.

I tried once again to turn the conversation back to business, “Gerrie and I will work hard to manage your company in the most efficient and profit-producing way as possible, Sherry.”

“I don’t give a fuck about Gerrie. Devin, how are you going to make me happy? If you make me happy, I’ll make your company very happy.”

Everything was quite happy. Well, everything but me. Was I going to have to fuck this lady to keep my job? I had not signed up for this, to sleep my way to success. By this point, Sherry’s skirt was almost up to her ass, and her hands were massaging her breasts. I was turned on and turned off at what I was seeing. She was pretty and sexy, but she was coming on to me through a spell. My charisma was turning this power broker into a slutty sexual harasser.

“Look, Devin,” she continued, “I am going to be expanding my business, which means your company stands to garner a great deal from my account. I am prepared to sign a lucrative, multi-year contract with you right now. But, I will need some things from you.”

I was starting to figure out how my new vibe worked. The personality of the affected woman remained the same. However, my charisma brought out their sexuality in less inhibited ways. She was a power broker, so her sexual urges with me were bartered for business. Instead of breaking my balls, she now wanted to caress my balls, or at least something like that.

Not really wanting to answer, I asked, “And what exactly do you want from me, Sherry?”

“Your body,” she said. “I haven’t been with a man in a long time, and I have never been so turned on in all my life. I fucking want you so bad right now that I’m willing to sign whatever contract I need if you will just fuck me right here, right now.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say. She was powerful and vulnerable and sad. I saw in an instant how her success had left her lonely and unhappy. I could give her a moment of ecstasy and bring something intimate into her life for a change. Well, at least that’s how I rationalized what happened next.

I got up and walked to my phone. I buzzed Rosita and told her to hold all my calls and not to interrupt me until further notice. Ms. O’Bannon and I were in some serious negotiations. I knew she wouldn’t buy it, but it was all I had at the time.

I walked over to this petite dynamo and knelt in front of her. I reached up under her skirt and slid her white satin thong down her short, shapely legs. I pulled her ass to the edge of the chair and lowered my face to her pussy. Her sexy scent immediately filled my nostrils, sending a surge right down to my groin. I stuck my tongue out and flicked it across her clit. She started to scream but quickly slapped her hand over her mouth. I looked up at her and smiled. She smiled with her eyes as my mouth and tongue went to work on her wet pussy. For five minutes or so I made love to her cunt with my mouth. She shuddered violently when the orgasm hit her. She quietly moaned with each erotic spasm, finally collapsing into the chair like a limp rag doll.

I was really hoping that her orgasm would satisfy her. I was wrong. She ordered me to stand up. When I complied she proceeded to pull my pants and boxers down to the floor around my ankles. She smiled lustily when she saw my huge member sticking in her face. She then devoured my cock. My increased sensations made it nearly impossible to keep quiet. I was biting my lip and breathing heavily with every lick and suck from this corporate giant’s mouth. I spontaneously grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock deeply into her open orifice. She pulled my dick out long enough to whisper loudly for me to fuck her face. I did.

I didn’t know if she wanted more than some oral fun that afternoon, so I was purposefully holding back my orgasm. However, she pulled my cock out again and said more loudly, “I want you to shoot your load in my mouth. I haven’t tasted cum in a long, long time.” My cock back in place I gave three or four more thrusts and let loose a torrent of cum. She didn’t let a drop fall to the ground, swallowing every tasty drop.

She wiped her mouth as I pulled up my pants and then handed her panties to her. She put them back on and straightened her skirt. I collapsed in the chair across from her. She had the look of euphoria on her face. She finally broke the silence, “Devin, I will be stopping by Gerrie’s office and commending her for hiring you. I will also put a new contract into motion that will insist on you getting a big annual bonus for handling my account on one condition.”

I knew what was coming as she continued, “I will expect similar treatment from you on a regular basis. Of course, your handling of my business will still be subject to my usual scrutiny. However I’m sure you are up to the challenge.”

I was again speechless. If I agreed to this, I was making myself her personal sex toy. If I didn’t agree I was screwed in another way. Look, I loved the sex, but I was not a male whore. I didn’t want my job to be contingent on whether or not I put out. And if I gave in to Sherry O’Bannon, what about all the other women I’d be working for?

Sherry was getting impatient. She was starting to glare at me. I finally decided that I was screwed in this new life no matter what I did. I couldn’t just stay in my new apartment. I had to have a job. This one was about to pay a great deal of money. She hadn’t asked me to move in, or become her personal house slave. She just wanted some rabid sex every now and then. I finally said, “Ok, Sherry. I just need to know what you will expect.”

“We just need to have a monthly meeting at a venue of my choice, that’s all. I set the venue and the agenda for the meeting. You’ll meet with my vice president for all other business issues. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” I reluctantly replied. She stood up, checked herself out in a mirror, and walked happily out the door towards Gerrie’s office. I moved to my desk chair and collapsed in disbelief. With all the sex I’d had the last two days, I would expect a dull ache in my balls. However, I felt as if I could keep going all day long.

Nonetheless, my conscience and pride were killing me. I had just agreed to prostitute myself out for an annual bonus. How long could I keep this up? And Candace’s face flashed through my mind. Was it even possible to have a real relationship with her given my new reality?

My phone rang; it was Gerrie. “Devin, I don’t know what you said to Sherry, but she came in happier than I’ve ever seen her. You will not believe the contract she offered. You are going to be one happy man!”

Chapter 03

Working Things Out

No sleep comes for me as I lie in bed, hating myself for what I’ve done to those two women. The worst part is that I actually feel good right now, which only makes me feel even worse.

I just wish I had some way of contacting Angela. Hadn’t she told me that there was a way to give energy, rather than take it? How much longer is she going to be gone? If I had a keycard like hers, I’d be able to go to the Shadow World, and ask her. If, if, how, and if: my life has become nothing but questions.

When my alarm goes off in the morning for me to go to work, I’m at first tempted to call in sick, but then I realize that I might be able to get some thinking done while there, and I need to live life normally.

Yeah, right. . . .

Jumping in the shower, I feel a little refreshed, even though I’ve been up for well over twenty-four hours. The drive to work is surprisingly quick. The roads are packed, but somehow I keep finding a spot to slip in, and don’t have to stop even once as I hit every green light. I closely monitor my energy levels, but I don’t notice myself getting weaker at each chance of luck, and wonder if it’s just something else that’s new with my redesigned VW Beatle, the Orange Bubble. I’m not personally changing the lights, or moving people out of the way.

As I’m walking up to the security counter, I reach for my wallet, only to realize it’s not there. Crap! Without my ID, I can’t get in, but where did I. . . DOUBLE crap! I don’t remember having it after last night. I’m tempted to see if it’s still at the club, where it must have fallen out. That was the last place I’d used it. But if I do that, I’ll be late for work, even though I’m early now. Mrs. Lance’ll have my head if I’m late. Again, I’m tempted to just blow this miserable job off. I really don’t need it, since my rent’s covered for the next year, and I’m even getting a refund as well. Why should I put up with the austere Sheila Lance? And since it’s Friday, it feels odd to come in for one day and then take the weekend off.

Because I’ve been told to live my life as normally as I can, and her advice is the only thing I can rely on right now, I think answering my own question.

“Is there a problem, Mr. Snow?” I blink at the question, as it pulls me out of my thoughts. One of the security guards is looking at me waiting for an answer. I actually know her a little bit. When I’d worked in the mailroom, she used to chat with me from time to time, while we were making our rounds. I never learned her first name, and always just thought of her as Guard Lansbury.

“Guard Lansbury,” I say cheerily, giving her my best smile, “How’ve you been?”

She returns the smile, and replies, “Down five pounds, but that’s probably just from the shit I took, about half an hour ago. I haven’t seen you in this early since you were working downstairs.”

Did I mention she’s kind of raunchy? And massively overweight? She almost makes up for it with her huge knockers, but if someone were trying to get away from her, all they’d have to do is walk fast. I feel bad for thinking so lowly of her though; she’s always treated me well.

“Yeah, traffic just seemed to work out for me, but now it seems I went and left my ID at home.” I try to put on my most downtrodden face, hoping that she might just let me through, even though that’s against company policy.

“No ID?” she looks shocked, as if I’d just robbed a bank, instead of forgetting a little identification card. “Well, now, what are we going to do about that?” She pulls out her nightstick, and starts twirling it in her hand. “Sure you didn’t just hide it somewhere? I’d be happy to do a cavity search on you.” Now she’s smiling at me hungrily.

“Thanks, but I’m fairly sure I left it at the club last night,” I hedge, not really sure how to respond to her.

“The club, huh? I’ll bet you were dancing with some skinny sluts there too, when you could have had a real woman, like me.” She steps closer to me, and I want to back away, especially as I can feel a slight drain in my energy, and I know that whatever has been happening to me lately is in effect again. I hold my ground instead. I really don’t want to be late.

“Awe, but you know I couldn’t handle a woman of your caliber,” I say, hoping that she takes it as a compliment.

She steps closer, smiling hungrily now. “But how do you know, if you never try?”

She’s always flirted with me in the past, but never quite this forward. I need to figure out a way to turn my new abilities off, before something happens that I’ll regret..

“Maybe next time. Looks like I need to go get my ID,” I say, and take a step back, towards the door, only to have her hand on my arm stop me.

“I don’t think so,” she tells me, and sudden worry fills me by the tone of her voice. “Mrs. Lance will have your hairy left stone if you’re late. You need to get up there, and I think I know of a way to get you there.”

Part of me is afraid, and the other part hopeful. If she escorts me through, then all is well. If she wants to exact a price. . . .

I follow her to a security door, and she opens it for me with her badge. Just as I’m walking through, she shoves me hard, and I stumble the rest of the way in. The door closing and locking behind me sounds louder than it probably is.

“Of course, I don’t do favors for free. . .” she trails off as I turn to face her. There is an almost carnivorous look in her wild eyes, and her short brown hair frames her lust filled face.

“I thought you didn’t want me to be late,” I say, thinking fast.

“Oh, your bitch of a boss can have your balls when I’m done with them.” She lets that hang there for a moment, and then bursts out laughing. “You should see the look on your face, Lyden. Relax, I ain’t gonna rape you. Just head up those stairs to the second floor, and then you can take the elevator the rest of the way to your floor.”

I can’t help but let out the sigh of relief that escapes me, and I also can’t miss the pain that I see it causes in her eyes. This woman just helped me out, putting her own job in danger for breaking one of the buildings numerous rules, and I’d basically just insulted her. Okay, no ‘basically’ about it. I’d insulted a friend, and hurt her feelings. I may not see her as a sexual prospect, especially right now with me draining whomever I sleep with, but there are other ways to repay a favor.

She turns to walk away, but this time it’s my hand on her arm, stopping her. “Not so fast, Lansbury,” I say in as authoritative voice as I can muster. “You broke one of the security rules, and even though it was to do me a favor, I have to exact payment.”

She turns to look at me, pained confusion in her eyes, and I realize that she really thinks I’m going to turn her in.

“The price for my silence, will be one kiss,” I tell her, and while the pain disappears, the confusion remains in her eyes.

“Mr. Snow, there’s no need. I know what I am, and I won’t put you through that kind of torture,” there is a deep sadness in her tone, and my heart breaks to hear it.

“I didn’t say I was giving you an option,” I say, and know that I’m acting very different from my normal self, but something inside me says this is right. I then shove her back against a wall, and actually have to bend over her massive chest, to plant my lips on hers. I thought I’d be turned off by the thought of kissing this large woman, but she actually smells rather nice, and it only takes me a couple seconds to realize she’s one helluva kisser. I want to help this woman feel better, and this is the best thing I can come up with.

When the kiss ends, we’re both breathless, and I just leave her there, as I ascend the stairs. I don’t even notice until I’m halfway up, that I feel a little weaker than I did earlier. I remember getting pumped from kissing Becky last night, so why the difference with Lansbury? Is it because she doesn’t have the energy to give? Or did I actually transfer energy to her? If so, how the heck had I done it? Was it because I wanted to help her? Once again, more questions!

Despite the delays in getting to my office, I find I’m the first one there, though Thomas Johnson arrives only a couple minutes after me.

Seeing the older gentleman, I remember how Angela had looked when she’d first come in, and her telling me that her appearance had been in line with his fantasy.

“Lyden!” he exclaims as soon as he sees me. “I see your back on your feet. How are you?”

“A lot better, thanks,” I reply jovially. “I know I usually look for advice from you, but if I can offer some, never run into a light pole. They’re not as soft as they look.”

He laughs at my half-joke saying, “I guess that’s why you got contacts?” He’s referring to my naked face, of course. Angela had somehow fixed my vision, so that I no longer need glasses to see. I just wish she could have done something about my colorblindness.

“Nope! That pole must have fixed my eyes,” I tell him happily, and try not to laugh at his disbelief.

Then I see AnnaBelle Lewis come in, and immediately feel a somber mood enter with her.

“Laughter is the devil’s tool,” AnnaBelle says to us seriously, and I see Thomas roll his eyes. Unfortunately, she sits at the desk next to mine, between me and where Mrs. Lance sits. “It’ll corrupt your soul, and He’ll take over.”

“It’s good to see you too, AnnaBelle,” I respond, long since used to her pious views.

“Only our Lord and Savior is good, Mr. Snow. Though I’m gladdened that He has seen fit to grant you your health.” She looks at me sharply then, and I wonder if I have something on my nose. “I sense a dark and dangerous shadow over you,” she says ominously. “What heathen things have you been up to?”

Now, I’ve never been one too much into religion, but if she can sense the changes in me, then there really might be an almighty, and after everything else I’ve learned, I realize I have a lot more to learn. Then again, for some reason her holier-than-thou attitude gets under my skin.

“Oh, not much. Just went to the club last night, banged a babe while her roommate watched, and drove home. But before that I was hitting a punk babe with blue hair and pierced—”

“Mr. Snow, that is quite enough,” Mrs. Lance says right at that moment, walking in.

I can see AnnaBelle glaring at me out of the corner of my eye, as I sheepishly get behind my desk. She really didn’t deserve that treatment, and I feel bad for my actions.

Debbie Jones is the last one to enter, and after sharing that kiss with the large Guard Lansbury, I look at the slightly chubby coworker in a different light. She’s by no means ugly, but does have some rather nice curves to her. I wonder if she kisses as well as Lansbury?

Debbie gives me a shy smile, and I realize I’ve been staring and try to bury myself in my work. As I continue to compile data from various spreadsheets, I can feel my vitality draining. I also note that both Debbie and Mrs. Lance keep staring at me. The drain isn’t great, but it is noticeable. AnnaBelle studiously ignores me.

‘Blue haired, and pierced, huh?’ A popup says on my desk, and I see it’s a message from Johnson. Smiling, I nod to the older man across from me. ‘Lucky!’ is his next reply.

Guard Lansbury walks in, holding something, and leaves it at Sheila’s desk. The guard gives me a very obvious wink as she walks past my desk. I can literally feel AnnaBelle’s glare against my back.

“Mr. Snow, can I see you up here?” Mrs. Lance states firmly.

Great. . . . Did Sheila see those messages from Thomas?

As I walk up to her, I see my wallet sitting on her desk. How’d that get here? Then I see the look in Sheila’s eyes. . . . Oh, great. Now I’ve really pissed her off.

Wait, maybe this is a good thing. If she gets pissed off at me enough, she’ll fire me, and then I can still claim I was living normally.

“Mind explaining how you got into the building without your wallet, or ID?” she demands of me.

Now’s my chance. Puffing out my chest, I look her dead in the eyes, and say in my most pompous tone, “I walked in through the doors. Is there supposed to be a back door for us flunkies?”

Sheila’s jaw tightens, and I can see she’s shaking from trying to hold in her wrath. I hear a number of gasps from behind me, at my audacity.

“The Devil’s work,” a mumbled voice says, but it can only be AnnaBelle.

My boss gets herself back under control, grabs my wallet, and stands up. “Come with me, please, Mr. Snow.”

I let my smile show at her back, as I follow her out the door and into an unused conference room, far enough away from our office that I’m sure my soon-to-be previous coworkers won’t hear her yelling at me, or anyone else, for that matter.

“Mind explaining yourself in there?” she asks me, her tone level. Her brown eyes are trying to bore into me, and I can feel my energy levels draining.

Just then I get an idea.

I know I shouldn’t, but after putting up with Sheila Lance as a boss for around a year now, I want to get some of my own back. I’m not entirely certain how my ability works, but if I keep myself under control, I shouldn’t hurt her.

At least, I hope I don’t.

Today, she’s wearing a dark suit jacket, over a white button up, and dark flowing pants. Her black hair is tied back in its usual bun, and I can’t help but wonder if the reason she’s always so ornery is because her hair gives her headaches.

“No explanation’s needed,” I tell her, concentrating on her body as I speak and allowing my instincts to take over. I notice a slight shiver run through her. I also notice a depreciable drop in my stamina.

“You’ve been with us for some time now, haven’t you Mr. Snow?” Her voice sounds a little husky now, but I can still see anger smoldering inside her brown eyes.

“I’ve been working. . . under you. . . for a little over a year,” I tell her, concentrating on the innuendo, and sensing her body becoming more receptive to me. Am I becoming a succubus? Is there such a thing as a male succubus? I’ll have to look that up later.

I notice her eyes dilating as she contemplates me, tapping her finger on my wallet. “That still doesn’t excuse your behavior in there.”

Turning my back on my boss, I go and lock the door, then crank up my concentration on Sheila. “I think I know what this is really about,” I tell her, and notice her eyes glazing over. Oops, maybe too much. I back off a little, and just in time, too, as true weariness starts to worm its way in.

She gives herself a shake, before saying, “M—Mr. Snow. What do you think you’re doing?” She tries to protest, as I walk over, and start undoing the buttons on her jacket. She doesn’t try to stop me though, and it only takes a couple seconds to get it off. “This is highly inappropriate,” she tells me, but her voice is barely a whisper, and her eyes are closed.

Continuing to follow my instincts, I harden my voice, and command her, “I don’t allow my slaves to talk, unless spoken to.” Her eyes snap open, and I can see the anger attempt to reassert itself, but by now her shirt is unbuttoned and I tweak one of her nipples through her bra. She shudders again, closing her eyes. “That’s right. I’m going to make you my own little cum slut.”

I’ve never treated a woman like this before, but everything inside me is pushing me to keep going. By the way she’s reacting; I think I might just get away with this.

“But. . . I’m your boss,” she almost whimpers, then moans as I twist her other nipple.

“Hmm, you have a point,” I concede as I slip my hand inside her bra, and gently rub her tender areola. “In front of others, you will continue to be my boss, but when we’re alone, you’d better return to being my submissive slut. I’d recommend, however, that you treat me a little better out there, lest I have to exact harsher punishments from you.” Unsnapping her bra, I finally get a good look at her bare chest, and smile. Her nipples are both hard, and pointing straight out from her chest. Her ample bosom is likely about a C-cup, some part of my mind informs me. “You will find I can be a gentle master, but only to an obedient slave.”

I walk around behind her and marvel that I have this high-and-mighty woman at my whim. Not yet, some part of my subconscious informs me, and I realize that there’s one more formality.

Reaching around her waist, I undo her pants, and gently slide them down her hips. Standing back up, I gently kiss the back of her neck, while lightly running my fingers up and down her arms. Her entire body is shivering now, and not from any cold that might be in this conference room. Slipping my right hand into the front of her black panties, I pinch her outer labia together, and then rub them against each other, eliciting a moan from her. I can feel how hot she is already, and know now is the time to ask my question.

“Are you going to be an obedient slave? Or am I going to need to punish you first?” My voice, whispered directly into her ear seems to spark one last bit of defiance.

“I am your boss, Mr. Snow. I will not be—” I cut her off by pressing hard against her slit, and painfully tweaking her left nipple again.

“Looks like you will need some training,” I tell her, as she gasps in both pleasure and pain. I walk us over to the massive conference table, and bend her over it.

“What do you think you’re—”


She howls as I spank her, but I know there is still a bit of fight in her, as she resists me pulling her wet panties off.


Her panties are now on the floor, and I can see a red hand print on her left buttocks. Some inner part of me feels bad for this woman, but then I remember all the times she’s chewed me out, or given me impossible deadlines, and slap her other cheek.


I can now smell the unmistakable musk of a woman in heat, and ask, “Are you going to be my obedient slave now?”

She whimpers as she nods, but that’s not good enough.


“Say it, so that there can be no misunderstanding, Sheila Lance.” There is an odd sensation in the air as I use her name, and it actually feels like it settles into my boss.

“Yes! I will be your slave,” she cries out, and I’m thankful that she chose a conference room far from any other offices.

“What else?” I ask, and lift my hand. I have no further intention of spanking her, unless she pushes me to it, but a little motivation won’t hurt.

“I’ll be your obedient little cum slut,” she says hurriedly. “I’ll do whatever you want, whenever you want. Just. . . Just please, master, command your slave. What can your slave do to please her master?”

If I hadn’t already been rock hard, hearing those words would have gotten me there. I bring my hand down, and she flinches, but I don’t strike this time. Instead, I gently rub her red rear. I do this for a couple of seconds, but a weakness in my knees informs me that my energy levels are getting low. It probably doesn’t help that I got no sleep last night, either.

Dropping down behind her, I say, “My slave deserves a reward for being obedient.” Licking her from slit to asshole, I make her moan in further anticipation. Reaching between her legs, I place my right thumb at the nub of her clitoris, and shove my tongue as far into her as I can.

She cums instantly and I feel new strength flood into me. I continue to apply pressure to her clit, while simultaneously throwing up a mental wall, blocking further energy from leaving her. I don’t need too much from her right now. Perhaps if I just sip a little off each orgasm, I won’t really hurt her.

She continues to writhe on the table, moaning loudly, and I realize I’m still pressing hard on her sensitive point. Standing up, I back away from her, and sit down on the largest chair in the room. She quickly turns and looks at me, wondering what I have in mind next. Is that hope in her eyes?

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