mind change

Memory can be a funny thing and can be extremely misleading. I couldn’t be certain of what events happened in reality, or whether what I was living was an extremely elaborate dream. Every moment seemed to whirl and blur together leaving me in a cascade of bright pinks or vivid blues. The sensual color of bare flesh and the sound of high moans and giggling seemed to reverberate in my ears, or dance in my vision. The smells of sexual release soon lifted into my nose and I felt my head spin as the intense sexual overdrive began to take me over. It was a couple of seconds before I realized I had backed up into the couch that sat near the center of the room. The couch that I had once sat on pondering what I had seen, or at least thought I had seen.

The words spun in my mind as I tried to think about the book I had once gazed upon. Confusion seemed to control my mind. I used to be sharper and more reasonable at understanding, but this was far more than I could have ever dreamed of understanding. I was now a girl, but not a girl, who was far more defenseless than before and someone else was making their way up the stairs that sounded stronger than me. That was an odd sensation. I looked down at my hands and realized how fragile I had become. I was weak and there was no way I could stand up to anyone in a fight. Why would we fight though? I made a simple mistake. I wasn’t told about any of this. Hell I wasn’t even told about the transformations they wanted me to undergo. They were fun though. I reached my hand up to my breast and gave it a squeeze between my now dainty fingers. It felt incredible and I soon realized I hadn’t given myself a chance to release the pent up sexual need. I looked up to the stairwell and dropped my hand away from my body.

The footsteps echoed off the empty staircase, and the figure soon emerged into the room. It straightened from its stooped state of climbing the steep steps and turned to face me. I felt my eyes go wide I saw the face that stared back at my own. There was a powerful woman with strong white blue eyes. Her skin was smooth and almost ageless. I could tell she was older than me, but if you were to see her walking down the street she could pass for a young woman in her mid-twenties. Her smooth cheeks were such a smooth toned color it gave off a luminescent feeling as if the light danced around the room. Her hair fell in thick black curls that framed her thin neck giving her the overall grace and beauty you could only see in a surreal world. She wore an extremely low cut dress that dipped between her mounding cleavage. The point of the incline nearly touched where I assumed her belly button would be. Somehow the cloth clung to her thin luscious body, leaving nothing to the imagination of what lies underneath. Her arms were bent holding up a black veil like cloth that wrapped around behind her. Her feet were entirely covered by the cloth that swirled around her feet. It gave off the appearance that she glided rather than walked. The dress she wore had a slit up the left leg that stopped near her waist. The contrasting flesh tone against the black only made my eyes dart away in disbelief that I was admiring such a perfect woman. I wish I could be as perfect as her someday. I felt my cheeks turn red and I felt the need to apologize to this wonderful woman.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.” I said in my weak thin voice. The high tone contrasted the heavy air and made me wince out of disbelief. How could I speak to her? I should probably be on the ground kissing her feet. I felt my cheeks turn an even brighter red as I thought about how I could probably kiss her feet and never amount to anything in her eyes than an intruder who broke the rules of the house. The house! I forgot that she said I wasn’t supposed to go into the attic. I wasn’t supposed to be up here, “The girls of the house never warned me that I shouldn’t go places here.”

“Silence.” Her voice rumbled and yet glided at the same time. I could feel it in my chest and my arms rippled goose bumps along the exposed surfaces. I turned my nose to the ground and shut my mouth tightly, “Why do you sit before me? You should either stand or kneel daughter.” She said strongly. I looked and realized I was on the edge of the couch, my knees were shaking and I felt warmth of sweat bead along the small of my back. I quickly darted from the edge of the chair and dropped my hands to the floor. I attempted to flatten myself against the ground with my hands out in front of me, but my newly grown breasts held me back from being as limber as I had hoped. I didn’t want to offend this goddess, or whatever she was. I didn’t want to be outcast or destroyed because I was foolish and didn’t perform as she had requested. I felt her presence shadow me as she moved closer to where I lay on the ground.

“That is much better child. You are a newcomer to the Futa guild I see. I promised the women who reside here that if any would wander and read from the sacred tome stored here in the attic without my permission would need to pay a rather interesting price. I can’t make an exception for someone like you. Based on your appearance, clothing, and attitude I would say you haven’t been here for more than five or maybe even six days. How amusing this will be then.” I heard her footsteps come closer to me. My eyes were focused on the hardwood that was warped and dusty. Her voice was intoxicating. The deep unearthly rumble of a voice that penetrated my bones and echoed in my skull wrapped with a sweet angelic sound made me dizzy. Each syllable sounded smooth and rough, it was as if I were dancing in the clouds while a thunderstorm echoed below on earth. She must have been a goddess.

“I can tell by your willingness to serve me that Payton has given you proper treatment. She is a good little girl and you will have to reward her later for her teachings she gave you.” I felt her looming over top of me. I felt my heart jump into my throat. At least she wasn’t going to kill me, but that didn’t mean that she wouldn’t do anything else to me. As if by command I felt her shift and the black dress began to fill my vision. I watched with my mouth still pinched shut. I felt my body begin to shake with fear as she huddled around me. To my shock I watched as her hands drifted into my vision grabbing a hold of my chin gently. She gingerly moved my head up to look at her. Her piercing eyes had a gentle smile touching them at the corners. Her black thick makeup was extremely enticing and beyond what I would consider sexy. She blinked at me all the while maintaining her sensual gaze. I felt my heart begin to beat rapidly as I watched her intently. Her other hand found its way under my left arm and she guided me to my feet gently.

Each motion she made was smooth and effortless. I felt like a small child when it came to grace and beauty as powerful and divine as hers. The more I stared into her eyes, though, the more I realized that she wasn’t a goddess. She was more like a goddess among humans, but nothing more than that. She was perfect in every aspect, but not omnipotent claiming the souls of any who were fool enough to enter her presence. I was unlucky and had made the idiotic decision to climb into a place that I didn’t belong. She didn’t seem to mind though, and by how gentle she had become I soon began to realize what it was that she probably wanted from me. I felt my heart race faster and I looked away for a split second before I felt her fingers pull my chin forward forcing me to look into her eyes. She smiled down at me with an understanding care.

“Child, you are more than worthy to be with me. I am nothing more than the founder of this sorority. We are all of the same family. You could consider me the mother of all that you know and desire. I am the one that created Payton, and in turn Payton created you. You are no longer the boy that you once were, but are now a sensual beautiful Futa who deserves what you will get with me.” She said. Her voice continued its slow rumble and soothing tone. The sound washed over me and I felt my vision blur as the need for sexual release grew more apparent. I could feel my head drift into a lulled state. Everything in my vision turned white. I could no longer see the gentle placid smile that touched the corners of the woman’s eyes that held my chin. I could no longer admire how piercing her eyes were. I could no longer see anything but white. Slowly the white churned and pink began to blossom at the edges of my vision. It flowered and spun as I tried to look left and right. Each motion made the color deepen and swirl. It waved in my vision inviting me to its wonder.

“How much do you love Cock my new little one?” Mother asked as she held my chin. Her fingers were so strong and yet so gentle. It mimicked the strange way her voice sounded. I felt my forehead wrinkle as I began to try and place a finger on what her voice reminded me of. Then it hit me, it was as if she had a deep throaty voice of a man, mixed with a sexual womanly voice played over top. It was soothing and gentle, almost coddling me into a sleep.

“More than I understood before Mother.” I said back. The flatness to my voice was surprising, but not enough to make me want to look away from the spinning colors in my vision. Pink was such a wonderful color. I knew exactly why we women loved it so much. I wonder if Payton would let me copy her room and fashion. I actually wonder if we could just share the room together. My mind drifted over what she was wearing today. Probably something black with pink that made the eyes flirt with her most sexually desirable parts. I wonder if I could suck her cock today or if Mother would allow me to.

“I can feel it in your mind that you have given up all inhibitions to me. You are free of what was once holding you back. You are free from your past life and shall reside within your own desires. I can sense that you desire only that of a sexual nature, and it is good.” Her voice continued to dig into my heart. It made my breath short each time she spoke as if I couldn’t take in enough air at once. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. Warmth blossomed along my skin and I felt goose bumps ripple down over my breasts. My nipples pressed roughly against the tight clothing that held them back.

“I want nothing more than to feel sexual pleasure mother.” I said in a monotone voice. I felt my breath draw more ragged as I thought about the nights of my fantasies. I pictured myself being trapped in a sea of the Sorority sisters. I could see their breasts, and cocks, bouncing as we fucked and sucked in a massive orgy. The sweet smells that erupted from the women tugged at my nose, and I soon could smell the scent of vanilla. I was vanilla. Payton told me I would be vanilla. I hope that she enjoyed it just as much as I did. She was perfect and I wanted to only please her. That wasn’t true, I wanted to please mother too.

“You are a slave to your inner desires child. You are no longer a man, but a sexually addicted Futa sister. You are a woman, and have been since birth. You are Danny of the Kappa Futa Sorority house. You belong here and nowhere else. You are one of us forever.” She said running her finger along my forehead. My mind blanked and my vision blackened. The world seemed to shift and everything I thought I knew faded into the darkness. I was alone. The world no longer was. I no longer was.

“I am a Sister of the Kappa Futa Sorority. I always have been and forever will be.” The voice that rang out in the darkness was so familiar. I could have sworn I had said those words. But why did I say I was a sister? Wasn’t I a man at some point? As I thought those words the world turned white.


I continued to gaze forward, and mother held my chin in her hands. Her finger was warm as it ran across the smooth skin on my forehead. I looked up at her eyes as she let my chin go gently. I smiled up at her and she smiled back at me.

“Welcome home daughter.” With the flow of everything she dropped the sash she had been supporting loosely with her arms. She stepped back and slipped her arms behind her back. My eyes widened when I realized what was going to happen. Like Mom was totally going to strip for me! Maybe I could actually get to get fucked by her and stuff. I smiled and felt my cock stiffen against my tight shorts. The overwhelming pressure soon began to send me into overdrive. I felt my hands begin to shake. I gently reached my hand down to release my body from its tight prison. I giggled as I let my cock stand up against my stomach and gently released the waistband to my shorts. The tip of my staff began to drool precum and in its wake it left a sticky trail of sweet smelling nectar. Mother smiled as she stared down at my awakened body.

“It appears you know exactly what your payment will be be…” She dropped the black clothing to the floor revealing her shapely body. My eyes trailed along her smooth skin and I giggled with excitement. Mother was going to like let me fuck her and stuff. I want to be her bitch! My eyes settled on the thick cock that was nestled between her legs. It stiffened slightly to the sudden exposure I felt my mouth begin to water. It looks so juicy and full. My own cock twitched against the band that was forcing it to stand erect against my tummy. I felt my face grow warm as the intense impulse of my sexual desire began to overtake me. My hands shook as I watched the naked woman lift a hand to gesture me forward, “Come show your master what you can really do with that adorable mouth of yours.”

I couldn’t resist. I wanted this more than anything else in the world. My body moved by its own volition, but I wasn’t opposed to what I was doing. I scooted forward on my knees and felt the tip of my cock rub back and forth along my stomach excitedly, like a dogs tail wagging. I reached my hand forward and looked up at mother waiting for her to give me some form of approval. She nodded and I slid forward until I could feel my breath bouncing off her stiffened flesh back up against my face. Perfection. Every inch of this woman rang with it. There was nothing wrong about the flesh that was hovering slightly under my face. I reached a hand up and latched my fingers gently onto the base of the thick member. I opened my mouth gently and felt a smile kick itself across my lips. I am about to suck on the most wonderful fuck stick ever. How could I ask for anything else in my life? I closed my mouth gently around her cock and with force began to suck on the tool.

The woman let out a startled grunt at my sudden aggression, but soon it ebbed into a soft moan. Her breathing grew ragged as I continued to lap her loose skin with my tongue. The bead of flesh below the head wobbled gently against my tongue and a drop of sweet precum dribbled out gently into my mouth. It reminded me of some form of chocolate. The taste made my head spin and I reached my other hand up to the base of this intense monumental sexual fuck stick. I bobbed my head forward and gently slid back licking along the base. Drool dribbled out along her cock and a little got on my chin. I coughed a bit and slid my mouth off her body. Dragging my right hand along her flesh I stroked the mixture of my saliva and her precum along the shaft. It seemed so perfect to pleasure a cock orally. I loved how easy it came to me. After a couple of strokes with my hand I bobbed my head forward again and slid more of her thick cock into my mouth. The tip touched the back of my throat and I gagged for a second on the tool. It is so thick I am going to have to like get more ready than that. I pulled back and firmed my grip with my left hand tilting her body up a little more. I opened my mouth wide and let my throat relax. I pushed forward and felt her cock slide into my once tight throat. Soon my nose was pressed against her smooth flesh at the base of her cock. My hands instinctively grabbed hold onto her thick juicy ass. Once her thick cock was fully hilted in my throat she began to roughly buck her hips forward.

I was able to catch a glimpse of air only occasionally. She slammed furiously against my face, her cock riding down my throat with ease. Her hands gripped my hair as if she were riding a bicycle. She jerked me forward and she thrust in and pushed me back as she slid her cock free of my throat. I coughed or gagged each time, but I didn’t want her to stop. I could feel a tear well up in the corner of my eye, but that was no concern to me. I was too entranced by the feeling of her thick warm meat filling my mouth. I gripped onto her thick ass cheeks with my hands excitedly as she fucked my face forcefully. I am totally her bitch. She is perfect and I am nothing more than her little dick slave. I want her to make me her little cum dumpster. I moaned out as I felt precum drool along my cock. The quick gasp of air I was allowed pushed me into ecstasy. The woman rocked and bucked against my face roughly and I closed my eyes enjoying the scent that her sweat gave off. It really was like chocolate. A warm hot milky chocolate. I opened my eyes again and looked up at the woman who roughly fucked against my willing mouth. Her jaw stood open and her chest, her large overly beautiful mounds, began to heave as her breath drew in quicker.

Her hands were shaking and the pleasure of fucking my mouth was extremely apparent on her soft features. Her moans were like the sea crashing on a rough rocky shore. The sound echoed in the attic off of every small piece of furniture. Bucking wildly against my face her sexual sounds soon grew into aggressive screams of pleasure. My fingers dug deep into flesh. Each thrust she made against my malleable body only invited her load. Please cum for me. I want to be your slut, and whore. I am a bad little bitch and I deserve to choke on your yummy cock! She thrust heavily against my face and pulled my hair forward. I could smell the intoxicating scent of flesh and chocolate as my nose was buried against her soft stomach. Her cock twitched against my tongue and bubbled thicker as a rope of cum lurched from the thick tip. I felt the warm sludge slosh out roughly down my open throat. I choked against her thick member as it throbbed out another load into my stomach. Unable to breath I felt dizzy and white began to dance across my vision. Small spots speckled forward and I felt my muscles begin to shake.

She continued to moan as another thick rope of her cock juice lurched forward into my stomach. Each time it drooled its sweet seed into my body; the cock would thicken and push my jaw open further. After what felt like an eternity she let go of the grip on my hair and slowly pulled out. Small pulses from her cock dribbled cum on my tongue and my head began to spin. There was no way that she could produce something as amazing as what I just tasted. I quickly closed my lips around her receding cock head and sucked trying to get more of her seed in my mouth. She let out a soft moan and I let her cock head free from my mouth. A string of my saliva stuck to the tip and I quickly broke it with my hand as I wiped my chin trying to clean up from the mess that she made on my face. I panted a few times watching her cock idly as it throbbed gently against her thigh. It still hung long and proud against her body and I smiled at it.

“Like you totally taste so good. I wish I could drink from your cock every day!” I giggled around my hand as I licked up the remaining cum from between my fingers.

“Thank you little one.” She said between soft sighs, “You were perfect.”

I felt my heart leap into my throat out of excitement. She really appreciates me for my ability to suck her! I am a good little cum slut. I gently dropped my hand from holding onto her ass. My hand hit my thigh and I felt heat radiating from my crotch. I looked down and saw a thick trail of cum stringing along my tummy. The tip of my cock was a deep red nearing purple and an ache began to grow in my stomach. I bent forward in pain and my cock throbbed visibly. Why does it hurt so badly? I felt my head spin and the pain continued to burn in my body.

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