Two days had passed since his wife had him bent over her knees to administer the spanking, and the embarrassment of the whole situation still resonated deeply within him.

He was deeply embarrassed by the whole thing, but at the same time his heart raced with excitement every time he thought about it. It was such a surreal situation for him that he didn’t know what to make of it. On one hand he was so embarrassed by it all that he wanted to tell his wife that he had enough, but on the other hand he was turned-on by it all that every time he attempted to say something to her he couldn’t bring himself to spit out the words.

His wife’s words to him constantly running through his mind:

“Your cock is speaking for you.”

“Was she right?” “Do I really want this?” He thought to himself

Suddenly, the text message alert sounded on his cell phone. He took the phone out of its holster and looked at the message. It was a message from his wife and it read:

“Thinking about the other night and my panties are getting moist.”

His cock immediately stiffened as he read the message. His wife had never sent him a text message of this nature before, so it came as quite a shock to him.

“Should I reply? What do I say?” his mind raced

“Do I say I enjoyed it? Do I say I didn’t? Do I not reply?” He was going insane.

All he kept thinking about were the words that his wife whispered to him:

“Your cock is speaking for you.”

His hands shaking from the excitement, he managed to type back:

“My cock is hard thinking about it.”

He pressed send and waited for a response. A good twenty minutes passed and nothing, no response. Slowly, the feelings of excitement were being replaced by feelings of embarrassment.

“What did I do? She is going to think I am a pussy!” he thought to himself feverishly.

“I can’t believe I sent that reply!”

Several minutes later a response arrived from his wife. She had replied back with a smiley face and a message that read, “Sorry didn’t get back to you sooner… is busy. Can’t wait for tonight!”

He felt a feeling of relief as he read the

message, and the feelings of excitement started to flood back into his body. He hadn’t seen his wife last night because she had to work a double shift, so tonight would be the first night he had seen her since she spanked him. He was both nervous and excited to see her!

He pulled into his driveway and his heart started to beat with excitement when he saw that his wife was home already. He waited a few minutes in the car so that he could calm his nerves, and then made his way into the house.

When he walked in she was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine.

He was just about to greet her when she held up her index finger to her lips, indicating that she wanted him to remain silent. Once her message was understood, she removed her index finger from her lips and used it to motion him over to her.

He quickly made his way over to her and stood in front of her. She looked up at him and they locked eyes. She gave him a big, but devious looking smile and without saying a word, she slowly began to pull up the material of the skirt that she was wearing. Slowly, he watched as the material rose from just below her knees, to her thighs, and then her groin. As usual, she wasn’t wearing any panties, so her beautiful pussy was now exposed to him.

He immediately knew what she wanted and quickly dropped to his knees so that he could begin to service her pussy. As soon as his tongue made contact with her pussy, she let out a soft moan as she tilted her head back and began to savor the feelings she was experiencing.

After a thorough licking of her lips and clit, he began to tongue fuck her pussy. This usually drew the biggest reactions from her, and it didn’t take long before she was bucking her hips and moaning loudly as her pussy contracted in orgasm. He continued to lap up her juices as she slowly recovered.

“I needed that!” She announced once she had recovered.

“Glad you enjoyed it.”

“I definitely enjoyed it! Nothing like a good, powerful orgasm to calm you down after a long day.” She replied

Still kneeling in-front of her, she grabbed his head and bent down to whisper in his ear.

“Remember how good that feels?” she teased

His cock immediately stiffened.

She reached down and traced his swollen member through his pants.

“Remember how intense it feels when cum shoots from your cock?” She continued to tease as she rubbed his swollen member.

“Yeah…….Yeahhhhh………..I remember!” he muttered

“Gooooooood……….I want you to remember that feeling, because soon it will be a reward that you will have to earn.” She continued to whisper in his ear.

After a few more minutes of rubbing his cock, she abruptly stopped and stood up.

“I’m going to go upstairs and get ready for bed.” She announced

“You can join me if you want.” She smiled and said to him as she left the room.

He stayed in-place for a few minutes to collect his thoughts about what she had just said, and then made his way upstairs to the bedroom. His wife was in the bathroom when he got upstairs. He paced nervously back and forth trying to calm his nerves as he waited for his wife to emerge.

Finally, after a few minutes she emerged in her silk bathrobe. Her robe wasn’t tied in the front and he could see that she was completely nude underneath.

“Honey, I didn’t quite understand what you said before in the kitchen.” He questioned

Without saying a word, she walked up to him and put her finger over his lips. As they locked eyes, she began to slowly undress him. His heart raced and he began to tremble slightly as his wife unbuttoned and removed his shirt.

Next, she began to undue his belt and un-button his pants. Their eyes remained locked the entire time and not a word was spoken. It was one of the most erotic things he had experienced in a long time, and the anticipation was almost too much to bear.

“Thump.” The sound of the keys in his pants hitting the ground echoing through the room.

He was now standing in-front of his wife in just his underwear with his cock at full attention, yearning to be exposed. She dropped her robe and positioned herself behind him. Slowly, she began to pull down his underwear until they were at his ankles.

He took in a deep breath as he felt his wife’s tits scrunch up on his back as she embraced him from behind. Her soft flesh felt so good on his bare back, and it made his cock even harder than he ever thought it could have been. He could smell her sweet scent and he could feel her hot breath on the back of his neck. Goose-bumps began to appear on his skin as their erotic embrace continued.

She began to kiss his neck and slowly drag her fingers across his naked flesh, slowly teasing him. The soft touch of her fingers and her warm, wet kisses on his neck were driving him insane. The anticipation was almost too much to bear!

Slowly, she made her way to his swollen member and gripped it in her right hand. She then took her left hand, gripped his forehead, and pulled his head back slightly towards her. She began to slowly stroke his cock with her right hand and kept a light, but firm grip on his head.

She began to whisper in his ear the plans she had for him as she continued to slowly stroke his cock.

“I want to control your cum.”

“I want you to cum only when I say so.”

“I have been fantasizing about it for years, and now I want to act on it.”

Stunned, but turned-on at the same time, he was at a loss of words once again.

She increased the strokes on his cock and his body quickly responded by tensing up slightly.

“I know you want me to control it.” She continued to whisper in his ear.

“Your cock has been speaking for you this entire time. You crave my control don’t you?”

He didn’t respond, so she pulled back on his head a little more as if to state her authority.

“I asked you a question?”

“Yeeee…sssssssss……….I crave it.” He finally managed to stutter

“I crave your control. I need it! I want it!”

It felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He finally got over the feelings of embarrassment over the whole situation and told her his true feelings.

“I know you need it. Your cock craves it!”

By now she had been stroking his cock for several minutes and he was on the edge of exploding. She could feel wetness at the tip of cock as pre-cum began to ooze out. She stopped stroking, but continued to hold his head back towards her.

“Remember your cum belongs to me. If you disobey me and cum without my permission I will have to spank you like I did the other night. Understand?”

“Yesssssss……I understand.” He replied in-between breaths.

Without saying another word, she put her robe back on and got into bed. There he stood completely nude in the middle of the room with his cock throbbing. His mind was filled with euphoria. His whole relationship with his wife was basically new and completely different, and he couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

The next few days his wife acted completely normal. She went about her daily routine as if nothing had changed. The anticipation was driving him crazy. Finally, on the fourth night, she brought it up while they were having dinner.

“So, I have come up with a schedule for you today while I was at work.”

“Schedule?” he questioned

“Yeah, I call it a cum schedule.”

She took out a pocket sized calendar that had dates circled on it and handed it to him.

“I figured I would be easy on you for a little while.” She smirked

“Every date that is circled is a day you get to cum.”

He was silent as he flipped through the pages.

“But……There is only one day circled every two weeks for the next six months!” he said as he swallowed nervously

“Yup. I figure you can handle that pretty easily.”

“Buuuuu……….it’s already been almost two weeks since I got to cum last time. My balls are


“You’re right. As you can see by the calendar, there is a date circled for tomorrow night. Then your two week cycle starts.”

“Don’t worry honey; I’m going to take care of your aching balls tomorrow night. I’m going to let you cum.”

“Do you have a problem with the schedule?” she questioned

“No, I don’t.”


The next day he could hardly wait to get home from work. He couldn’t wait to shoot his load. His balls had really begun to ache the past few days and he really had to fight the urge to jerk-off.

He arrived home that night and went straight upstairs to the bedroom. He was so excited that he didn’t even stop in the kitchen to get a bite to eat for dinner. When he got upstairs he could hear the water running in the shower, so he sat on the edge of the bed and waited. He noticed a note on the nightstand that was addressed to him. He opened the note and began to read it.

“Tonight you get to pick how you get to cum. You have two choices. Your first choice is a handjob like you got the other night, or you can pick choice number two, which will be a method of my choosing.”

He quickly thought back to the handjob she had given him the other night. It wasn’t exactly pleasurable since she abruptly stopped when he was about to cum and basically ruined his orgasm.

“Fuck that.” He thought to himself

“Choice two has to be better than that.”

He heard the water turn off in the shower and quickly made up his mind to take choice two.

After a few minutes, she emerged from the bathroom wearing her usual silk robe with nothing on underneath.

“I see you got my note huh?”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“And have you chosen?”

“Yes. I am going to go with choice two. I didn’t really like choice one.”

A smirk came across her face. “I’m glad you chose choice number two.”

“Well, I’m sure you can’t wait to cum, so let’s get started.”

“Sounds good to me! I’m horny as hell!” he announced as he began to undress.

“Go take a shower while I get things ready. Make sure you wash up real good.”


He emerged from the bathroom to see his wife waiting on the bed for him. The lights were off and the only source of light was from the candles she had lit.

“Come her baby.” She motioned over to him

“Take off your underwear and Lie down on the bed.” She instructed

Once he was on the bed, she climbed on top of him and began to kiss him passionately as she began to grind her crotch into his swollen member.

“Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” he took in a sharp breath as her wet pussy came into contact with his swollen cock.

She reached down and spread her wet pussy lips with her fingers, and positioned herself over his swollen cock that was lying on his stomach. Once her pussy was positioned over his cock, she began to slowly slide her pussy up and down on the underside of his shaft.

“Can you feel that?” she whispered in his ear

“Can you feel how wet my pussy is?”

“Oh………thaaa…….thaaaaaaaaat…..feels so fucking good.” He moaned as the sound of her wet pussy sliding on his cock filled his ears.

“Look at how your cock is glistening from all my pussy juice.” She teased.

He raised his head and looked at the beautiful site of his wife’s pussy sliding up and down his swollen shaft. The dim light of the room glinting off his now wet cock. It was almost too much for him to take and he began to plead to his wife.

“Ohhhhhhhh…….honey, my balls are aching. Please let me cum.”


“What’s the matter………..?” she teased


“I can’t take it anymore……….I need to cum so bad……please!”

He was now pleading and begging, almost on the verge of tears.

“You know how wet it makes me to hear you beg to cum?” she whispered in his ear

“I love to hear you plead for relief!”

“Tell me again how bad you need to cum.”

“Pleaaase make me cum!”

“Thaaaaat’s what I wanted to hear.” She moaned in his ear

“You want me to MAKE you cum?” she emphasized

“Yessssssssss……..please……..make me cum.”

“Do you want me to drain your balls of all that cum?” she teased as she continued to slide her pussy up and down his shaft.

“Yes………Please……….drain my cum baby. I need it so bad!”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yessssssssssss……..” he replied in a state of bliss.

“Put your hands above your head.” She whispered in his ear as she kissed his neck

He wasn’t in any state of mind to object and quickly complied. Still grinding her wet pussy into his crotch, she removed two towels that she had stashed under the pillows and tied his hands to the bed post. She tied them tightly, but loose enough where he could escape if he really wanted to. She wanted to test him to see how willing he really was.

“I’m going to take good care of you.” She whispered in his ear right before she dismounted him.

Still in a state of euphoria, he hadn’t noticed right away that his wife had left the room. After a few minutes, she returned carrying a small wooden box and set it on the nightstand.

“What’s that?” he questioned

“This is your milking box.”

“My what?”

“Don’t worry, I will explain it to you later.”

She grabbed a pillow and tucked it under his back.

She removed a device with what looked like electrical leads on it and a tube of lubricant. He started to get a little nervous as she began to attach the leads to his balls.

“Whaaaaaaaat are you doing?” he questioned feverishly

“This is called a TENS unit honey. We use these at work. It is an electrical nerve stimulator that we use to relieve arthritis pain on some of our elderly patients.”

“Why are you putting it on my balls?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt.” She replied as she switched the unit on to its lowest setting.

Slow, steady pulses began to resonate through his balls. She watched intently as his cock and balls slowly twitched.

“See, it’s not too bad right?”

“No……..buuuuuuuut why did you put it on me?” he continued to question.

“Just a little something different that’s all.”

“You said you trusted me remember?”


She quickly interrupted him. “Then just relax and let me take care of you. I’m going to help you with those painful balls.”

Reluctantly, he tried to relax and put his head back down on the pillow.

She grabbed the tube of lubrication, and generously coated her right index finger with it. Then, she took a glob of it and lubricated his cock until it was nice and slick. Slowly, she began to stroke his rigid cock with her left hand and he quickly responded by letting out a soft moan. The lubrication was making every stroke much more intense.

“How does that feel baby?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh…….that feels soooooooo good. I have been waiting so long for this.” He moaned in ecstasy.

“I know you have, and I am going to make it sooooooooo good for you.”

“You want me to make it good for you?”

“Ohhhhhhh…..Yeahh……I want it!” he moaned

As his mind filled with orgasmic bliss, she slowly began to rub the underside of his balls, and slowly began to massage the area between his balls and asshole with her already lubricated index finger. This seemed to be driving him nuts, began his body tensed slightly, and his mouth opened as he began to breathe heavier.

She increased the strokes on his cock as she slowly made her way down and began to rub his asshole with the pad of her index finger. His mind was so overwhelmed with the thought of cumming that he didn’t even notice what was happening.

Slowly, she increased the pressure on her index finger as she rubbed his asshole, and it slowly began to penetrate him. She could tell by his facial expressions that he was realizing what was happening, so she increased the strokes on his cock even more and the sensations seemed to distract him.

Ever so slowly, she applied more and more pressure until about half of her finger was inside him. As more of her finger slipped inside of him, she slowly decreased the intensity of the strokes on his cock.

He inhaled sharply as her finger penetrated him fully.

“Just relax baby.” She coached

“Just close your eyes and concentrate on those pulses that are going through your balls. That’s all I want you to think about right now. Just focus on those hypnotic pulses.”

“Thaaaaaaat’s it…….” She encouraged as she felt his asshole relax a little as his mind focused on the pulses.

She gave him a minute or two to get used to the sensation of her finger in his ass and then quickly located his prostate and began to run her finger slowly over it.

She had all but stopped stroking his cock now with the exception of some slow strokes every few minutes.

Slowly, she increased the pressure on his prostate and he was now breathing heavily.

“Yeaaaaaaaa……….How’s that feel baby! Tell me what you’re feeling.”

“It feels like I have to pee.” He responded as he started to squirm around on the bed.

“That’s good……That means all of that cum is going to come out soon.” She encouraged.

“Please, no more.”

“Yes more………..Don’t you want that cum out?” she teased


“Shhhhhhhhhhhhh………..” she interrupted

“Just relax and try and concentrate on the pulses.” She said in a soothing voice

By now she had completely stopped stroking his cock. His cock was now lying on his stomach in a semi-flaccid state. She rubbed his balls and the underside of his cock as she continued his prostate massage. She didn’t want him to cum from anything else except the prostate massage.

After a good ten minutes of rubbing his prostate, he started to let out deep, guttural moans as the first drops of cum emerged from his cock.

“Thaaaaaaat’s it baby……….Give me that cum…….” She encouraged

He was gritting his teeth and moving his head from side-to-side on the pillow as the cum began to ooze out of his cock against his will.

The brakes of his old truck squealed, drawing him out of his trance. He’d be thinking about what could happen when he found the house he was looking for. It belong to a woman he’d met online through a website specifically for those interested in BDSM. Initially they’d connected on their mutual love of writing. She had some of her stories available online, they were steamy female domination tales that contained feelings he had never confessed to another soul but were laid bare in in front of him in black and white by a complete stranger. Needless to say he found the material compelling and after initiating a dialogue with the author found that not only was she beautiful but also lived in the same general area as he did.

After exchanging a few initial pleasantries, they shared some pictures and the messages became more and more explicit. His instincts had been correct, not only did she share his feelings about warm, benevolent female domination but also many of his specific fetishes. They both greatly enjoyed the idea of a nude male in the presence of one or more clothed females, possibly performing some service such as cleaning or serving drinks. Finally he’d managed to bring up the idea of a meeting and after some more talk she’d agreed. The basic idea was that he would do some light chores in the nude while she watched, although he certainly hoped it would progress beyond that.

Finally he found the house. It was a well kept Craftsman near the end of a quiet street. He parked nearby and paused. Shifting in his seat he felt a slight difference due to the trimming he’d done around his pubic area. He was not particularly dense, but he wanted to present himself as best he could to her and hoped the recent efforts would make him appear more well endowed. True, he was not lacking in that area but every little bit counts he thought to himself. His mind raced through the various scenarios he’d been envisioning for the past few weeks. What she’d say, what he’d say, what her touch would feel like. He came back to reality realizing he’d been sitting on the street parked for several minutes now.

He got out of the truck and shut the door, walking confidently towards the stone walkway and up the front steps, wondering if she was watching him and if so, what she was thinking. He wanted very badly for her to be attracted to him, to make her happy and for her to enjoy herself. His heart pounded as he reached the door, his usual official sounding knock sounded like a lie to him as he felt heat rising through his chest and up his neck into his cheeks. He sensed movement in the house and his trepidation doubled as the sound of light footsteps became louder. The door opened and he immediately forgot everything he’d practiced.

She looked beautiful in a light, form fitting sun dress with a pair of heels. She was tall and lean, with well proportioned hips and breasts that would be the envy of a younger woman. Her auburn hair was cut stylishly, her skin had a healthy glow and her eyes were hazel. He stood there, stunned by her beauty, as she stuck out her hand.

“Hi,” she said with a shy smile.

“H-hello,” he replied, his voice cracking. She gracefully pretended not to notice and moved aside as he entered. “You have a beautiful home”.

“Oh well thank you, I try to keep this old place up. Trust me it’s more fun to visit than it is to work on,” she said with a knowing laugh. “Would you like a drink?”

“Water please,” he replied, finally remembering his manners.

She moved into the kitchen and returned shortly with two tall glasses of cool water. They walked through the yard as she pointed out the various landscaping she had done as well as an ornate brick patio shaded by a grove of eucylyptus trees. The more she talked the better he felt, even going so far as to ask some questions about her garden.

“Why don’t you follow me inside and have a seat on the sofa,” she said after a brief pause.

He did as he was told, sitting carefully on the large, yellow and white stripped couch. She sat on the other end, one leg curled up under her and still holding her glass. His rested on a coaster on the side table.

“You are to address me as Miss. You are to speak only when spoken to and only enough to fully reply to me,” she said in a slightly lower voice. “You are to obey my orders without question. Any deviation from these orders will result in punishment. Is that clear?”

“Y-yes Miss” he croaked.

“Stand up” she said firmly. “First of all I do not tolerate modesty. I think you’re an attractive young man and I will not have you hiding anything from me. Remove your shirt”.

He quickly obeyed, wincing at his less than perfect physique but not wanting to disappoint her.

“Now take off your shoes, pants and socks.”

His heart thudded in his chest as he felt that familiar heat rising up his face. He set his shoes neatly beside the couch. His pants slid down revealing boxer briefs with a small bulge in the front. He folded his pants and set them next to his shoes. He was extremely aware of his underwear outlining his genitals and fought the urge to cover himself. This is why he was here.

“Good boy. Hands on behind your head and feet apart. Let’s have a look at you.”

The heat turned to cold as he felt her gaze on him.

“Turn around. Legs farther apart. Now bend over and touch the floor.”

He felt his leg muscles tighten as he bent over, keenly away of her view.

“My water is a bit low, please refill it for me.”

He stood up, turned around and walked over to her. Taking the cup in the kitchen he refilled it carefully and brought it back to her.

“Thank you. Stay where you are, same position as before and look straight ahead.”

He clasped his hands behind his head stood with his legs apart. He saw her take a long drink and set the glass on the table. Her hand moved up and cupped the moderate bulge in his underwear, squeezing gently. Because of the prolonged build up it felt like an electrical shock.

“Mmm what a nice big penis you have. Have you been playing with it a lot lately?”

He stood, unable to speak. Her gripped tighten around his testicles.

“I asked you a question.”

“Yes Miss”

“Yes Miss what?”

“Yes Miss I have been playing with it a lot lately”

“What do you think about?”


She smiled despite the situation. Such a charmer. She massaged him through his underwear, feeling him grow.

“You think about me when you masturbate?

“Yes Miss”

She stood in front of him, her hand sliding past the waistband, through his newly trimmed pubic hand and onto her new toys. His heartbeat was deafening in his ears. She stroked him with a practiced touch, enjoying the feeling of his foreskin retracting over the tightening skin of his member. Her hand traveled farther down, cupping his testicles and moving each one around in her fingers. Her finely manicured nails gently scratched the skin around his scrotum, sending shivers up his spine and making him weak in the knees. Just as he was beginning to relax and enjoy the touching, she pulled her hand out of his boxer briefs.

“I think it’s time for you to get to work” she said coolly as she sat down. An awkward silence followed. “Surely you haven’t forgotten our agreement?”

“Miss?” he managed, his throat tight with embarassment and desire.

“Slip your underwear off sweetie” she said, her warmth returning.

This was it. This was what he’d be waiting for, dreaming about and masturbating to since he began talking to her. He hooked his thumbs in his waistband, drawing them down slightly. As his pubic hair became visible he felt a sudden stab of modesty. He was standing in front of a beautiful woman, his heart practically jumping out of his chest, with the sole purpose of being seen naked by her. His thoughts suddenly flashed to what her life might be like outside of this encounter. Surely a woman like her was popular, with many friends and social engagements. Did they have any idea what she was capable of? Did he? She cleared her throat, raising her eyebrows and smiling as he came out of his trance. This was it. He pulled his underwear all the way down his legs, stepped out of them, folded them and set them on his pants. Her gaze rested on his genitals as she sipped her water.

“What a cute little penis you have! And it looks like you’ve trimmed. Was that for me?” she cooed. Her use of the word penis excited him tremendously, but he couldn’t put his finger on why. It seemed so clinical, yet felt so personal. Perhaps it was because it took away all the defense the other words for it held. He had never felt more exposed. He had hoped when he was naked he would someone become more aroused, but now he felt smaller if anything.

“I take it you’re a grower?” she asked pointedly.

His headed pounded as he struggled to form a sentence.

“What did I tell you?” Without waiting for answer she uncrossed her leg and pointed to her lap. “Lay across my legs.”

He moved woodenly towards her, his penis and testicles bobbing and swaying lewdly as he clumsily manuevered into position. She pulled the hem of her sundress up, exposing her tanned, parted thighs. His genitals fit nicely between her warm legs. He couldn’t be sure but he thought he felt her close around him. She ran her hand over his buttocks, down between his legs and even traced a finger between his cheeks.

“Sweetie this is called discipline. You need to learn your place and when I’m done with you here you will know it well.”

With that she began spanking him. Moderately at first but with increased strength. Although not a large woman she seemed to know just how to do it and he found himself squirming under her hand. At the same time however he felt a strange tingling between his legs. He penis was slowly hardening and as he tried to twist away from the blows the friction from her thighs felt wonderful. He was nearly overcome by his need to make this woman happy as well as his attraction to her. Finally she stopped and indicated he should stand. He did, his erection obvious.

“Silly horny boy… do you think I didn’t notice? Thrusting your little penis in between my legs, trying to get some pleasure out your spanking? Now you get to learn the difference between discipline and punishment. Stand in front of me with your legs spread and your hands behind your head.”

She took his penis in her hand, stroking it slowly up and down as it came to a full erection.

“Is this what you want? You want to get some cheap thrill and cum all over my legs?”

She held his penis in one hand, palm up. He didn’t even seen her other hand come down swiftly on top of it and when he felt the intense sting he nearly doubled over.

“Oh that’s just the first of five honey.”

Four more blows rained down and by the end he was reduced to a soft, bright red penis. She led him across the living room and for the next hour directed his meager cleaning efforts, enjoying the sigh of his naked body struggling to impress her. She watched as he bent on all fours, wiping the dust off of her coffee table, his testicles hanging down, tempting her, thinking of what she would soon be doing to them. She led him into the kitchen.

“Get up on the island. All fours. Knees far apart,” she ordered.

His heard began thudding again. He’d gotten somewhat comfortable in her presense, but the implications of this began washing over him as he climbed up on on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

“Arch your back and stick your bottom up in the air as far as you can. That’s a good boy.”

He felt his anus become exposed as he did as he was told. He had no idea what to think but wanted to please her very badly.

“Are you enjoying yourself sweetie?” she asked.

“Yes Miss, very much.” he replied quickly.

“Good, I’m glad. You’re doing great, but you’re not as focused as you could be and I think I know why.”

She reached underneath him and fondled him intimately.

“Do you need release?”

“Y-yes miss,” he could barely get the words out.

“Oh you poor thing, getting teased all day. I bet your little balls are tight and full,” she said, squeezing them with her other hand.

He felt a warm, spreading sensation around his balls followed by the tickle of her delicate finger making it’s way into his cheeks. He jumped as she touched his anus, massaging it in circular motions. It felt amazing combined with her slow, methodical stroking of his penis. Finally he felt an uncomfortable pressure which quickly subsided and was replacing by a feeling he’d never experienced before. It was almost a good burning. He felt as if he were about to urinate but was so lost in the moment the thought passed through him quickly. He leaned his head down between his arms, trying to make sense of this situation and, looking back, noticed a thin but steady stream of semen coming from this penis and puddling on the countertop. His mind was screaming for release, for the thundering orgasm he knew was building, but somehow she seemed to keep him at the peak of his arousal as she expertly manipulated his body. Finally she stopped and removed her finger, letting go of his penis and letting it swing between his legs.

“I’m sure that’s better honey. Now I’m afraid it’s time for you to learn a difficult lesson. You’ve been less than obedient today and that is not acceptable. Roll over on your back, I’ll be right back.”

She returned with a pair of handcuffs and a length of rope. She cuffed his hands above his head and secured them to an unseen point on the island and ordered him to spread his knees apart and put the soles of his feet together. She tied his legs and as he tested his bonds he found he couldn’t protect himself. He was truly at her mercy.

“I’m going to paddle your balls. It’s going to hurt, but you’ll take this pain for me because not only will it make you better, it will please me.”

She produced a small, padded wooden paddle as she encircled the base of his scrotum with her other hand, drawing it up tightly. He was aware of everything from his own nudity to her cool hands on his most intimate parts. Without emotion she delivered the first blow. It was not hard but more than enough to send that familiar wave of pain through his vulnerable body. Just as the peaked, the second blow came, then the third. By the seventh and eight he was a basket case. His whole world was his balls and that paddle. In that moment he was totally devoted to her, he would’ve done anything satisfy her. He cried out and it visibly affected her, as if his cries of pain were actually arousing to her. He felt her bring the paddle down harder and harder, each one bringing a more intense reaction from him and in turn from her. Finally the blow stopped.

“Shh it’s over now sweetie. You did great, I’m very proud of you,” she said softly as she leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. She picked up his limp penis, pulling the foreskin back carefully. It responded slightly to her touch in spite of the situation. She stroked it with two fingers, nursing his faint erection until it stood on it’s own and pulsated strongly. She stopped briefly, unzipping the back of her dress and revealing her breasts to him. They were small but still high and firm, her pink nipples taut as she pinched and pulled them sensually. Finally she applied more oil to her hands and grasped his penis with both hands, going up and down and twisting. He writhed uncontrollably at her touch, finally not holding back.

“Cum for me sweetie. I want to see you cum for me. Thrust that big penis up into my hands. Do you like my tits? Hmm? That’s a good boy.”

He didn’t last long and it felt as if his whole world was being squeezed through his penis and shot out the end. Truthfully she had milked him nearly dry earlier but he still managed a bit. Her breasts bounced up and down with the motion of her arms as he finally subsided.

“Mmm good boy.”

She untied him and helped him to a sitting position, then down on the floor. She dropped her dress to reveal a flat stomach and white cotton panties. She drew them down over her hips, stepped out of them and smiled, taking his hand and leading him upstairs to the shower.

(This is a continuation of the Acacia story, which readers might want to read first, but that is not essential. Thanks to readers for the useful feedback and for your scoring at the end…)

“Kneel, Five.” As he folded himself awkwardly to his knees next to the sofa, Acacia place the dog dish of wine in front of him, settling back into the sofa with her arm around Diana, sipping the wine and watching him with an arched eyebrow. He took his cue, and spread his legs more to bend lower, hands and cock still restrained, to bring his face into the bowl. He took in the oaky aroma of the wine as he lapped it, getting it in his chin and face. As he bent low, the toe of her shoe nudged his ass, reminding him of her proprietary role. He flashed back to the paintings from earlier in the evening, and the inversion of a warm domestic scene- a woman in charge, a woman in her arms, and him on his knees like the dog symbolizing established roles.

“Diana, take care of Five, and then let’s go upstairs. It really is quite late.” Acacia stood, gathering her robe, and went through the hall and up the staircase. He rocked back on his knees, face dripping, head up. Diana was standing, slipping back into her discarded blouse, turning off the table lamp. With a quick step, she moved closer to unsnap the lead from his collar, signaling him to stand up. She efficiently unwound the chain; clipping the leash back to his collar ring and leading him back out through the kitchen. In the dark yard, she shivered as she walked ahead of him, to the edge of the lawn, then stopped and crossed her arms, waiting impatiently.

She poked his back with a sharp finger. “Piss break, Five, quickly.” Half aroused still, hands behind him, he found it hard to start, and then felt the flow coming. His urine spattered the ivy as he had to let it go uncontrolled, unable to direct himself. With a tug on the leash, and a disgusted look, she pulled him away, back toward the light of the kitchen, then stopped and turned.

“Kneel now.” Surprised, he turned and slipped again to his knees, taking the new position he had learned, waiting. Diana stepped closer and roughly pulled the leash to tilt his head up, lifting her own skirt and pushing his head between her legs. “Eat me, slut, quickly. She has me do her but won’t let me cum.” Mouth wide, tongue working, he licked her wetness and tasted her arousal as she forced him closer, riding his face with her clit, pubic bone against him. He licked faster, until she suddenly pulled away, gasping. A sharp tug on the leash got him to his feet again, as she smoothed her skirt. His cock was hard again, still in the ring, as he stumbled after her hands cuffed.

In the kitchen, she pointed him to a mat on the floor, and clipped the leash to a hook on the wall with the snap of a lock. “Beta sluts sleep here. Acacia doesn’t want you to touch that cock; it’s not yours to play with now.” She tossed an old quilt over him, as she flipped off the light and headed for the stairs. He was left to curl up, trying to find comfort on his side, hands cuffed behind, using his teeth to drag the quilt over his shoulder. The mat was thin, stuffed with cedar shavings, their smell faint now, but the kitchen was warm. His mind was full of the new contradictions, of his rapid change from his old self to a new loss of self, from his feelings of always being self-contained to the new feeling of giving, of having offered himself and having received control. Sleep came slowly.


Morning sunlight on the stone floor of the kitchen woke him, and he remembered his new role as the ache of his arms and the restraint of the cuffs came back quickly. He lay as the shadows moved with the sun, and the warming house tapped with rising heat, until he looked up to see Diana standing over him. In low shoes and a long white cotton nightgown, her hair newly brushed, she smiled lightly with her own thoughts as she unlocked the leash and waited while he creaked to his feet. She led him again out into the yard, naked and cuffed, and watched as he pissed in the landscaped border. Taking him to the brick patio, she removed his cuffs but kept the nylon collar and leash, as she tossed him a small rough cloth and turned the coiled garden hose on him without a word. The spray was harsh and very cold, making him shiver as he scrubbed his body all over, working his shoulders and aching wrists as he did. She leaned to twist off the faucet, and to throw him a small towel; as he dried himself he saw the sunlight shadowing her body through the thin cotton, her breasts curving against it softly. The cock ring kept him hard as he became aroused again, making her laugh for the first time this morning. “Five, you are such a slut.” She led him naked into the kitchen, where Acacia in her more elaborate nightgown was pouring coffee and setting out two breakfast places with orange juice in cut glass tumblers and warm croissants and butter. Diana seated herself at the table, as Acacia unclipped the leash and handed him a small bundle.

“You have a lot to do today, Five, we will have some guests this afternoon. Wear these, for now.” He unfolded the clothing and held it up- a white apron that went over his neck, and small shorts in a floral pattern, along with thong sandals. “The girls call these panties ‘boy-cut shorts’, which is rather ironic in your case, don’t you think? Put them on, now.” He reached to balance himself on the granite counter as he tugged on the shorts and slipped the apron over them and his feet into the sandals.

“Ah, just right for you. You can start in the kitchen, cleaning up here; there are a lot of pans and dishes from dinner last night, before you got here. Then of course we have some housecleaning, and a little yard work to get things looking nice. No cuffs today, but I don’t want you to be distracted, so you need this too.” Acacia brought out a small plastic sleeve, folded and hinged. “They call this the Humbler, a very appropriate name. Come here; hold your apron out of the way.” As he stepped closer, she tugged down his boy shorts, and opened the device to place it around his cock, snapping it closed and fitting a small lock to it. “This will keep your hands off your cock- which is of course now mine- and you see, if you get hard it makes it painful, which causes you to soften, sort of a conditioning device for you.”

He felt the slight weight of it, giving his cock more sway, and the firm enclosure. She slipped the shorts back up, and he dropped the apron over them. Acacia walked to the breakfast table, where Diana sipped juice, and casually stepped behind her chair to untie Diana’s nightgown and slip it down off her shoulders, below her breasts. Acacia caressed the soft globes, as Diana paused and looked straight ahead, fingering Diana’s nipples. He watched, felt himself harden, and immediately felt the constriction of being enfolded in the casing and not being able to rise, and the pain caused by his automatic arousal.

“Haha, Five, you see what I mean? I want you to understand that that cock is not getting anything except some pain here, that the rest of your body is what will serve me- and maybe the guests, too.” She slipped the gown back over Diana’s shoulders, and sat sipping her coffee. He saw his meal on the counter by the stove, dry toast and water in an old cup. The two of them finished their breakfast as he worked, leaving the table for him to clear. His kitchen chores, otherwise routine, took on a new erotic tone, as he was half dressed and wearing collar and cock enclosure. He realized this was part of the conditioning, building anticipation and seeking release he could get only in giving himself to someone else, to Acacia.

For more than two hours he was busy with the dishes, cleaning them and returning them to the cabinets. He was finishing the counter cleaning and floor mopping, when the wall phone buzzed. Looking around, he paused and answered. “Hello? Umm, Kitchen.”

It was Acacia, calling from upstairs. “Five, I have another task for you. Come up to my bedroom, now.” She hung up abruptly.

Wiping his hands, he headed for the stairs, not sure if this was something to look forward to, but putting his mind in neutral to accept and obey. At the top of the stairs, in the hall, he found the master bedroom door open and sunlight streaming into the sitting room beyond. Acacia rose from the bed, in her robe again, and Diana sat on the edge of the large bed with the sheets tangled from apparent lovemaking. “Five, we are having guests for lunch. I want you to help Diana get herself ready, then you can get ready yourself. She needs a bath, and I will lay out her clothing for you in her room. Tend to her, carefully now.”

Diana ignored him, walking ahead of him into the large bathroom with its window over a deep tub, and a view to the garden. “Draw a bath for me, slut, and them you will clean and shampoo me. Not too hot, be careful.” He kept his eyes down, as he adjusted the taps and filled the tub, adding bath salts from the ledge next to it, checking the temperature. As she slipped off her gown and stepped into the tub, she smiled at his obvious discomfort as the cock enclosure made his arousal painful. She sunk into the water, as he took a bath sponge and scrubbed her soft skin with it. Touching her skin, smoothing all of her body, put him in an agony of pleasure and pain, which she clearly enjoyed, as he cleaned her breasts and between her legs. As he used the spray hose to shampoo and condition her hair, she lightly stroked her own skin and then tapped hard on the cock enclosure to bring him back to attention.

Stepping out of the tub, she stood while he patted her dry with a large thick towel, so much unlike the rough outdoor cleaning he had been given earlier. With the towel around her, she led him to the second bedroom, with new clothing laid out by Acacia. “Five, dress me now; we will make you a proper ladies’ maid, among your other tasks.”

Kneeling, he had to hold her satin and lace panties as she stepped into them then roll the stockings up her legs and slip on her heels for her. He stood to cup her breasts in the small lace bra, fasten it, and help her on with the dress over her head, fitting it to her body and buttoning it up the back. His cock was throbbing without release as he was forced to touch her body and be so close to her. He reached to smooth one final curve, and she slapped away his hand. “Nothing for you, slut, not yet at least. Don’t touch me now.” She stepped away, to spray on flowery cologne and to brush her short hair. Acacia left your outfit, too,-there on the chair. Put it on now.”

He saw what looked like a tangle of belts, and then realized it was one object, a harness of some sort. “It is a slave harness, just the thing for a more formal occasion, Five. Take off the apron and panties, slip this on. It goes over the cock cage of course.”

He untied the apron and laid it aside, then slipped off the tight boy shorts to be naked except his collar in her room. She laughed as he sorted out the harness, then stepped into it and found the buckles. When he was done, she tilted the tall mirror towards him. Black leather straps with metal D rings and buckles wrapped his chest and hips, with straps over his shoulders and between his legs, on both sides of his encased cock. The effect was to be functionally naked but lewdly decorated.

“You see the point, slut? This way you are not just some guy who left his clothes in the hall, you are marked as something owned and controlled and available, which is exactly what you are now. Here, put the wrist and ankle cuffs on now, too.”


An hour later, he had helped Acacia and Diana to set out a casual lunch, on a glass table on the garden terrace, with drinks on a bar table. They wore summer dresses in bright colors, Diana’s very low cut to show most of her breasts. When he looked at her, he was washed with the sharp memory of dressing her, of the feel of her body and the layers under the dress, and then the sting of the cock enclosure reminding him of his place now. Naked except for his black leather items, he looked like an out of place character from a bad movie, wearing a nighttime fantasy outfit on a spring Saturday outdoors.

Acacia called him over to her chair, at the edge of the brick terrace. “Today some of my friends will be joining us, and I want you to do your best. I often have a male slave here, so they will not be surprised, but they may be…demanding. They will see Diana as an individual, though a submissive, but you will be more of an object.” She reached to a table nearby and handed him a half hood, which she slipped over his head. Looking out, he realized that it left his mouth free while masking his eyes and his appearance, leaving him an anonymous submissive. She slipped off his cock enclosure, leaving him exposed in his harness, then handed him a black thong to step into and pull up, barely encasing his half hard cock. She sent him off to the kitchen, to wait and prepare drinks.

After a while, Diana came into the room and located the silver serving tray, arranging glasses and ice in a crystal bowl. She laid out the tray, with a selection of wine and juices, and handed it to him, linking the rings on his wrist cuffs to its handles, so he could not put it down. She took his leash from its hook in the kitchen hall and clipped it to his collar. She turned back to him, her low cut summer dress framing her small sloping breasts neatly.

“Five, just follow me, serve politely by dipping your knees, say nothing, and do anything you are told. If you embarrass her by bad training, Acacia will be flogging you later much more seriously, not for fun.”

She led him out onto the patio, in the warm sunlight, glasses and ice clinking on the tray he held as he walked carefully. He looked around to see almost a dozen women standing and sitting in groups, most in summer dresses and fashionable casual clothes, laughing and chatting like old friends. Among them, he saw several women, both younger and surprisingly older, who were clearly also submissives, judging by their dress. Two wore very short skirts with minimal halter tops and high heel boots which looked very much like a costume, and out of place at the casual party. The third, an older woman, wore both a leather collar and a long dress with an unusual paneled skirt.

As Diana led him from group to group, he silently offered his tray, as they selected from it, bowing and dipping to them as they did so. The second group stopped chatting as he was led up to them, smiling and laughing.

“Diana, who is the new one? Has he been trained yet, I wonder? He certainly is not in very good shape; Acacia must see other potential in him then.”

An older blonde in a strapless sun dress leaned closer, taking two ice cubes from the bowl on the tray, and then surprised him by reaching out to slip them into his thong, watching his eyes as she laughed. He felt the cold shock of ice on his cock, while he braced to hold the tray level and still. Diana smirked, as the women chuckled, then led him onward as one slapped his ass when he passed.

Diana held his leash, as they got to Acacia and another friend, moving to stand together at one side.

“Sarah, can you tell us more about the new sub costume you were mentioning?”

The thin, laughing woman Acacia was sitting with called over the older submissive in the long dress.

“This is slut Miranda- I got her a classic “O” dress, from the book, you know, Story of O; there is a web site offering this great reproduction of it. Miranda, show us now.”

Miranda was a fortyish woman, looking more like a librarian or a teacher, and the long dress was an unusual and not very summery slate blue satin. Her face flushed, as she stood before them and adjusted her dress. She released two snaps at the shoulders, showing how the bodice of the dress folded down easily to expose her breasts completely, with her nipples heavily rouged. She slid the long skirt panels on a concealed belt, like draperies at a window, to the sides to expose her legs and pussy completely in front, and her ass in the rear.

“You see, Acacia, the point of the dress is the contrast- covered up and plain, yet all of her assets are fully accessible when someone wants them. Miranda, show us your tag, too.”

The woman’s face went as red as her nipples, as she raised one foot to place it on a chair. Her pubic hair had been closely shaved, and her labia rouged a deep red also. Hanging between her legs was a silver tag on several metal links, like a dog tag. He realized with a sudden shiver, as his cock hardened, that the rings were secured where her labia had been pierced with a metal ring.

“Ahh, interesting, I love the effect. Five, this may be something you can earn, in the future,” Acacia said as Diana grinned as he flushed and tensed at the idea, imaging himself pierced and tagged like missing property. “Kneel, take a closer look.”

He stepped forward to the woman and sank to his knees, careful to take the position, legs apart, chest out. She shifted closer to him, one leg still bent on the chair, so that her shaved skin was close to his hooded face, and the shining silver ornament was almost at his eye level. She tried to ignore him, but he sensed her humiliation and red face as he read the tag: ‘Property of Sarah. Reward if found’, with a registration number. Her rouged lips framed it, an oval tag with three silver links and a ring piercing her. He could see her wetness now, and his face was close to her musky heat.

“Five, be polite, kiss the tag to show your respect for Ms. Sarah. Would you like him to lick her too, Sarah?”

“No, she has not earned that yet, she still needs a lot of training. Miranda, move your legs wider for him.”

He leaned forward, his hooded head between her bent legs, his lips finding the metal tag, kissing it and feeling its warmth, and the heat from her body. He held the kiss, then back up and knelt. At a signal, the woman stepped away and put her leg down, then arranged her skirt panels to cover her body again, leaving the bodice down, with her rouged nipples hard now.

“You do have him well trained for a new one, Acacia. May I see him for a moment?”

Diana led him closer on the leash, smiling now at Sarah; He stood for inspection, eyes down, and caught his breath as Sarah slapped his thigh hard and loud. She reached out and took hold of his harness, pulling him closer, turning him to the side. Her long nails rolled his nipple, squeezing it hard, and then slid down his chest to cup his thong. She laughed at his increased hardness then, and smiled at Diana and Acacia. Miranda watched from the side, without a smile, as his body was explored. Sarah reached out to pull his wrists behind him and snap the cuffs together there.

He looked up, and saw that most of the other women had drawn closer, watching Sarah and Acacia, drinks in their hands and their voices suddenly quieter.

“Diana, hand me the basket from the table please,” Acacia said in a sharper voice. She took the small basket he had not noticed earlier and sifted its contents. When she took out a gel dildo, the group laughed. He saw it for the first time; he was surprised by its translucent pink color, and its appearance as an oversize cock, flexible as Acacia toyed with it.

“Five, this is where you get to show us how much you want to please my friends and how you are dedicated to me. Fetch!” She tossed the soft dildo across the terrace, where it bounced a little on the bricks.

He watched it in slow motion, realizing what he had to do. As the women laughed, he trotted across the patio, knelt next to it, and struggled to fit it sideways in his lips, finding it slippery and so thick it was hard to hold. Carefully, he got to his feet and scrambled back with it, kneeling to drop it at Acacia’s feet, his face next to her high heeled sandals. He watched as she picked it up, to repeat the process, and slapped his ass as he turned to chase it again. He was sweating after half a dozen efforts, holding it in his teeth as he returned it again.

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