Tina and Suzy sat on the side porch on a fine summer sunset, wine in hand, conversing easily about the events of the day, the weather and, of course, the two strapping lads inside fastened to their milking stands.

“How long has it been for Kevin?” Tina asked, watching the sunset, crossing her sexy GILF legs as she sat in a coverup over her tiny white bathing suit; she and Suzy had spent the afternoon at the beach while the boys were strapped inside, waiting.

“Two weeks, same as Bobby, your son, honey,” Suzy sighed, crossing her own sexy legs in her tiny lacy coverup over a tiny yellow bikini.

Both women were 60, blonde, possessed of lean, muscular, sinewy bodies that were the envy of the beach, and worthy of being on bodies of women half their age. Their boys, both 22, were their milking slaves, available to the women whenever they felt the urge to milk them. They’d often keep the boys in chastity devices for weeks, building up ample loads. The women, though beautiful and well preserved, had the usual wrinkles and sags of women their age and used their sons’ jism as a youth cream.

“Well, sun’s going down, honey,” Tina sighed, standing to stretch her lithe, tanned body and slipping off her cover up as did Suzy, both standing in their tiny bikinis that did little to cover their strong, sinewy bodies, a patch of pussy hair exploding from the tiny covering between their lusty, tawny thighs. “Long night ahead of milking.”

They walked into the living room where the boys, naked, were strapped upright to boards, straps holding their chests and bellies into place, straps around their hands, feet and legs, rendering them immobile. Their cocks hung free, limp. The women stood before their sons, Tina before Bobby, Suzy before Kevin, eyeing their soft meat as the boys moaned in their straps.

“Have to pee, boys?” Suzy laughed, flicking the end of Kevin’s soft cock.

“Yes, Mom, please!” he begged.

The women picked up containers and fit them around their boys’ dicks, holding the soft meat in their hands and letting them relieve themselves, then going to empty and clean them. They returned to stand before each boy, switching places and getting each other’s sons in clear view.

“We want 10 loads this evening, studs,” Tina growled, bending at the waist, showing Kevin the firm, sinewy planks of the backs of her muscled thighs, and the bulging bubbles of her calves as Suzy did the same before Bobby. “This should get you started, the site of our wrinkled, sexy legs and asses!”

It worked. The boys didn’t want it to, but sure enough in seconds of seeing the 60-year-old legs and exposed asses of the GILFS before them, their cocks stuck straight out, each eight inches long, dripping pre-cum. Not cumming for two weeks wasn’t easy for young men, the women knew, and they smiled as they turned around to walk up to the struggling youths.

“First one should take long,” Tina sighed, wrapping a skinny, bony hand around Kevin’s enormous cock and jerking it slowly, making him moan, and with her other hand, lifting a wrinkled tit from her tiny top to feed him the nipple, his mouth wrapping around it.

“You get neck,” Suzy growled, doing the same to Bobby and turning her head to offer the boy her turkey waddle, rich and deeply tanned, thick folds of sexy flesh which the boy eagerly suckled and lapped.

The boys sucking moans filled the air as did the slowly increasing pace of the jerk off, and soon both groaned as a signal.

“Mrs. B….gonna blow…” Kevin groaned, his mouth popping off her tit.

“Mrs. O…cummmming!” Bobby wailed, his mouth off the soaked flesh of Suzy’s neck flaps.

The women quickly came around front and knelt, using both hands to complete the milking, aiming the jetting loads onto their faces, a thick blanket of cum coating them from forehead to chin, and then aiming it to their necks, jerking madly and moaning loudly. Seconds later, the released the boys’ wet cocks and stood facing each other, kissing madly, sharing the loads. They licked each others’ faces, swapping cum between them and used their fingers to rub the thick cream into each others’ necks and upper chest, working the hot sperm into the deep wrinkles in their sexy old flesh.

“Mmmmm, that’s so hot!” Tina gushed, lifting her neck to let Suzy work the cum into the folds there, doing the same to Suzy. “God, they shot SO much this time!”

“Yeah, and so tasty, guess we’ve been feeding them well,” Suzy giggled, leaning into Tina’s neck to lick the cream and swallow it down with great relish. “God, I never get tired of their cum!”

Moments later, with cum dangling in obscene strings from their pretty old faces, the women knelt, each blowing their own son, using both hands to madly stroke the thick wet dicks into their wrinkled mouths, a gentle pucker of folds around their bulging lips. It took a bit longer this time, but soon, both lads were emptying their balls again, this time into the sucking mouths of their own mothers, who when done, stood, cheeks bulging with seed, a smile on their faces, trickles of cum escaping the corners of their lips.

Again they stood, making out, shooting cum between their moaning mouths and then scooping it up in their hands to work it into each others’ shoulders, biceps and forearms, working the gooey cream in deeply until their aging luscious bodies gleamed with cum. Nearby, the boys watched, their cocks drooping.

“Can’t have that,” Tina sighed, breaking the kiss with Suzy, a bridge of goo hanging between their lips which Suzy eagerly gobbled down and swallowed.

The women stood face to face with their sons now, eye to eye, their faces full of shiny cum, their boys’ faces full of fear and shame. They held onto the milking frames and snuggled closer, scissoring their softening cocks high in their muscular old thighs, the tops of their dicks brushing the brush of their bushy cunts. Suzy and Tina locked on tightly and started humping back and forth, using their thighs to coax their boys’ dicks back to life and then increased the tempo, slamming onto their dicks, which were helplessly trapped in the meaty wrinkled muscles of their mothers’ clutching legs.

“Nothing like a thigh fuck,” Tina cooed, grabbing Bobby’s head and twisting it down, burying his face in her wrinkled neck flesh full of cum. “Suckle that neck, boy, lick cum!”

“Mmmm, my Kevin’s cock feels so hot against my cunt!” Suzy hissed, thigh fucking her boy madly, her wrinkled thighs quivering on the trapped stem. “This is gonna be so hot for our hamstrings, thighs and calves!!”

They thigh fucked them for 30 solid minutes, the pre-cum they oozed coating their mothers’ scissoring thighs, lubing them up and making the sweet crunch of their legs feel like moist velvet. The tips of their dicks barely cleared the thighs squeezing them and when they came, they did so not as hard as before, but instead almost gently, thick gobs of young-man spunk bubbling out of their mammoth cock heads and washing down the backs of their mothers’ strong thighs, in a slimy trail down over their muscular calves.

“Not bad for the third load in about an hour!” Tina laughed. “Let’s work it in…”

They stood, side by side, bending at the waist to reach behind each other and use their strong hands to knead each other’s powerful hamstrings and calves, working their sons’ loads into the deeply tanned, wrinkled flesh, massaging the backs of their meaty thighs, making them shine and bending further to do the same to their bulging calves. When they were finished, the entire length of the backs of their 60-year-old legs shone with boy goo. They straightened up and faced their sons, whose cocks were drooping badly.

“Uh-oh, can’t have this!” Suzy barked.

The milking stands were on pivots, so the women tilted them back, making them into more of a table, the boys heads at crotch level. Tina stepped over Kevin’s face and enmeshed it in her thick, sweaty bush and the boy ate eagerly of her cunt, as Suzy did the same to Bobby, both women standing, squeezing their victims’ heads between their powerful thighs, hands on hips and smiling at one another as they watched their thighs bulge and ripple in the crush they unleashed, thick drips of remaining cum coating the boys’ sucking faces.

“That’s working,” Suzy moaned, cumming on Bobby’s face and squeezing so hard with her thighs as she did, devouring his screaming face into her wrinkled butt cheeks and smothering him in her saggy hamstrings that the boy bellowed in agony.

Sure enough, as the women came, their boys’ cocks bobbed into full erection. The women laughed and slipped down to ride those cocks, taking them into their hairy, hungry cunts, facing away, straddling the boys’ waists and letting them watch the sight of their wrinkled, sagging asses flex madly as their pussies milked their cocks.

It took much longer but soon the boys shot their fourth loads of the long night, the women popping the spurting heads out with their hands and jerking the sperm onto the flexing, twitching orbs of their milky white, saggy asses, coating the creamy smooth flesh, then used both their own hands to massage all that goo into their sweet rump mounds.

By now the boys were largely spent, but unable to do anything about it. Suzy mounted her son’s cock, facing him, straddling him and taking his soft meat into her spongy cunt and using her muscles there to milk him to hardness as Tina did the same to Bobby. They leaned forward, forcing the smothering flesh of their wrinkled tits over their faces, robbing them of sight and breath, making them suckle the warm saggy meat of their boobs and the thick brown nipples on them. They grunted as they fucked their sons, pounding up and down, their cum-stained butts jiggling on each downstroke until many minutes later, they forced the fifth loads from their cocks. They sat up on the squirming boys who looked up in sheer terror.

“Mom, stop, it tickles!!” Bobby cried, twisting against his bonds.

“Then you’ll hate this!” Tina laughed.

Moments later, the women were 69ing their sons again, sitting on their faces, force feeding them their own cummy loads, pushing out with their powerful cuntal muscles and unleashing a flow of their cum and their mothers into their gagging mouths, as they leaned forward and attached their slim hands to the failing peckers, jerking madly. The boys screamed into the cummy, hairy wells of their mothers’ cunts at the horrendous tickling sensation.

“C’mon, stud, gimme more hot cum!” Tina hissed, leaning forward and suckling her son’s sensitive dick tip as she tortured him further by twisting her bony hand around the slimy head and the super-sensitive flesh behind it. “We want load number six!”

“Give it up, boy, give it up,” Suzy growled, fisting Kevin’s nuts purple in one hand and washing the other madly over his sensitive tip, twisting it back and forth, using her palm to brutally rub the head, making him scream into her hairy, cummy cunt that gave up even more of his spunk that he was forced to gobble down.

It took nearly 30 minutes, but the boys came again, a pathetic, weak load each, the tips bubbling out hot white cream which coated their moms’ bony fingers. The women sighed, sat up and dismounted their sons’ cum-streaked faces, taking each others’ arms and hands to work in the sixth load of the night.

For the next extraction, Tina sat on Kevin’s face, taking it deep into her supple, moist flesh, as Suzy did the same to Bobby, both women stretching out their long, tanned legs to capture the boys’ flagging meat in their rock-solid, deeply tanned and commanding calves, scissoring the soft flesh in the meaty muscle and flexing them, milking the cocks hard and then ramming their locked legs up and down on their dicks.

“Little shin cream would be nice, good for the skin,” Tina hissed, pumping Kevin’s aching cock in her bony yet muscular calves, the big tip barely visible in the fierce clamp of calf.

This load took forever, it seemed, but the women never stopped, never tired, but the boys under them were fading badly, barely able to breathe with their noses captured deep in the hairy puckers of the women’s smother asses, their mouths buried in hairy quim as Tina and Suzy rode those faces to endless orgasm as the shin-fucked their sons. Almost an hour later, weak loads bubbled from the calf-trapped cocks of each lad, coating the women’s shiny, freckled shins. They laughed as they looked at the tiny load each boy had given them, running down the sides of their shins.

“Well, it IS seven loads, that’s quite a bit,” Tina sighed, stepping off the stand and Kevin inhaling fresh air madly as Suzy did the same.

“Better put the rings on to keep those peckers up,” Suzy said.

The women snapped leather dick rings into place around the barely stiff cocks of their sons, which forced the meat to stand somewhat erect. They stood and watched the boys moan in their straps, the women’s bodies taut and hard and coated with cum on nearly every GILF inch.

“What are you thinking for the last three loads, Tina?” Suzy asked, walking over and smacking her son’s aching nuts with the tip of one finger, enjoying making him jump.

“Well, we haven’t taken them in the ass, yet,” Tina pondered. “Could get the eighth load up our butts, I’m aching for a good ass fucking.”

“Sounds good to me,” Suzy said, straddling her son’s face and spreading her wrinkled ass hams in her hands, aiming the hairy pucker at Kevin’s mouth. “You heard Mrs. B, get mom’s asshole ready to fuck!”

The women force fed their boys their tight, hairy sphincters, letting them lap deeply and wetly between the white mounds of ass still flecked with gobs of cum until they were ready, then switching places, rode those cocks deep in their gripping assholes. It took a long time, with Tina pounding up and down on Kevin’s dick and Suzy on Bobby’s, as they leaned over and let the boys suckle at their wrinkled tits, eager mouths pulling on thick brown nipples.

“Admit it, stud,” Tina hissed down at Kevin, “you LOVE me and your hot mom milking your cocks, don’t you?”

“Oh, fuck, YES, Mrs. B….so fucking hot up your ass!”

“That’s a boy,” Tina giggled, cupping her strong arms around his head and mashing him deep into the cummy cleavage of her wrinkled tits.

After a long time, the boys groaned they were going to cum, so the women reached down to unsnap the cock rings, freeing the flow of remaining cum from their anguished nuts, each jetting a weak load into the twitching bowels of the madly milking women. They climbed off, snapping the rings back on to keep those cocks hard.

“Not much to work with here,” Tina sighed as she and Suzy stood, making out, fingering each others’ cummy assholes to work out the small loads they used to rub the buttocks in them and also their lower and upper backs, working the cream into their wrinkled flesh as they kissed.

“No, not really, last two will be tough,” Suzy moaned, kissing her friend’s neck and shoulders as she worked cum into her back and butt.

“Non-stop JO?” Tina asked.

“Fuck yes!” Suzy laughed.

They pushed the stands back up vertical and standing to the side, started madly jerking the sore cocks of their sons, each woman taking her own, Tina’s bony hand flying up and down Bobby’s tender shaft while Suzy did the same to Kevin, both women’s long, sinewy forearms rippling, the brown skin dancing as their hands worked their sons’ cocks.

“Get it over with boys, you got two more loads and we are NOT stopping until you give it up!” Tina hissed, twisting her face to Bobby’s and forcing her hot tongue into his mouth.

“Cum, cum for Mommy, cum for Mommy’s hot hand job, baby, cum for Mommy, you know you want to…” Suzy hissed, biting her son’s nipples.

“Yes, Mommy, I want to cum for you!!!” he screamed, writhing in pain and pleasure.

They quickly unsnapped the rings and the boys gave up two very weak, very small loads, the nearly clear fluid coating their gnarled fingers, an obscene squishing sound filling the air as the women never stopped, just kept jerking the flesh in their hands that was trying so hard to go soft. The boys screamed in pain as the women palmed the knobs and sensitive backsides of their dicks, laughing heartily at their sons’ agonized yelps.

“Cum again, bitch, you’re Mommy’s bitch, you know you are, so cum again for Mommy!” Tina teased darkly, madly jerking Bobby’s softening meat, the cum there flying everywhere. “Cum for Mommy’s hand and you get some rest, CUM BABY CUM!!!!”

The women stood in the dimly lit room, their muscular old forearms rippling with sinewy steel as their powerful old bony hands jacked their sons’ dick with renewed force, harder and harder, working them into full stiffness and spitting down on their hands to lube those glistening shafts as the old women jerked them closer to completion. Soon, their young asses knotted as they thrust into their mothers’ pumping fists, sweat pouring off their faces, eyes wide and staring down at the tender red meat being abused in those clutching fingers.

“FUCK!” Kevin screamed. “Gonna blow, mom!”

“ME TOOO!” Bobby yelled.

Tina and Suzy looked at each other and winked. Just as the boys’ nuts twisted and were about to spew, they suddenly stopped, taking their hands off their dicks, watching and laughing as the two cocks dribbled out a single drop of cum each, the boys screaming in frustration, bodies tight and coiled against the straps that had held them from noon this day until midnight at the moment, 12 hours of endless bondage, milking and now tease and denial.

“MOM NO!!!!” Kevin wailed. “Finish me, please!”

“MOMMY JERK ME!!” Bobby cried, thrusting into air. “Please…jerk me off!!!”

“We lied,” Suzy sighed, picking up her clothes and hugging Tina.

“Yeah, nine loads was enough,” Tina giggled. “Tomorrow morning, we’ll get number 10. You boys get some rest, Suzy and I are going to bed.”

The boys begged to the forms of their mothers walking away, hands on each other’s hard asses as they went upstairs for a good night’s sleep, leaving them drooping, frustrated, in their bonds, hoping morning would cum soon..

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