She wasn’t scared. But she was running. Trees whizzing passed her in this dense, military forest. Her heart was pounding in her ears and her stomach started to cramp. “This is it.” She thought to herself. Her breath was spiking in time with her aching feet.

This. Was. It.

This is what she had been training for and she was hell bent on proving herself. Bombs were exploding around her. She could hear the cries of the injured and violence in the distance, Commanders barking orders at their troops. If she gets captured, at least she knew in her heart she had stood up for what she believed in. She was proud to be the rebel she was.


Kat had had a tough time in training. She was the only female rebel and so she had a lot to prove. Her commanders did not take it easy on her and informed her that she would have to keep up with the men if she wanted to survive. Initially when she approached the rebel group she was met with laughter. This angered her because she knew what an asset she could be. They eventually accepted her owing to the valuable information she possessed. She didn’t expect special treatment because of her gender, nor did she receive it. This is how she liked it and she knew she was tougher than any man she had ever met. And she was.

Although feminine, with a voluptuous build, she was fierce.

During her training as a rebel, she had learned many things but mostly to take down an enemy double her size. Many of the men she had fought in training had laughed at her and patronized her.

“Aw! What are you going to do, Little Bird? Bitch slap me to the ground?”

“Careful, you might break a nail, Darling!”

“Oooh, a woman, I’m so scared I’m shaking!”

This gave her just the right amount of anger to drive her to get them on their asses before they even knew what hit them.

Of course there were times when she was the one on her ass. Or her face. Sometimes even on her pride. But over time, the men had almost forgotten she was a woman and respected her as one of them.

She wasn’t always a rebel though. In fact, she used to be rather the opposite. A patriot, if you will. She was even part of the opposing force a few years back until she found out information and secrets about the government and associated powers that be that led her down this rebellious path. In her mind, they were now all corrupt pigs with whom she wanted no association. They had to be stopped.

And so here she was. Running. Not scared. Just running.

Her boots were hurting and her overly large green and brown uniform felt like it weighed a ton. She had been separated from the rest of her troop and was completely out of ammo. All she had on her was her trusty pocket knife.

“This will have to do.” She was ever optimistic.

The ambush on one of the military bases had gone according to plan. Well, mostly according to plan. She was happy that the mission had been accomplished.

However, the further she ran, the more she knew she was lost. She knew this was still military territory and so she had to keep going.

She could no longer hear the sound of violence. Just quiet. Almost too quiet, something she was not used to but missed dearly.

Sweat was dripping down her spine and her chest. Her feet subconsciously started to drag on the leafy floor. She slowed down to a jog and after some time she was walking.

It was getting dark now and she knew she would have to stop before she faints or lands up walking into a trap in the dark. This whole area was riddled with traps that she had been carefully avoiding. It was easy for her to do this in the day light.

She stumbled around and leaned herself against a tree for support. She was going to collapse. She fell to her feet, closed her eyes and drifted away.


“ON YOUR FEET, NOW!” Kat woke with a fright, dazed and confused and not knowing where she was until she looked up and saw the barrel of a gun pointing straight at her. Fuck, she’d been caught.

She slowly stood up and lifted her hands where this soldier could see them.

He was tall, much taller than her and he was only half in uniform, wearing a grey t-shirt and the camouflaged cap and pants. And he was alone.

“This is weird” she thought “But this should be easy”.

She could see by this soldier’s posture that he was not going to shoot her. He would not have it in him.

This was another thing her training had taught her to do: to read people.

His stance indicated that he was anxious. “Amateur” she thought.

“Who are you and who do you work for?” the soldier asked.

She kept her cap low so he could not see her face and was silently scanning her environment for tactical purposes.

The soldier was getting impatient and he moved closer to her.

“I’ll ask you again, who do you work for?” his face reddened and she sensed the aggression in his voice.

Within a second she was able to grab the gun from his outstretched hand and aimed it towards him, cocking it as a warning.

She didn’t want to shoot this guy. She noticed he was young, almost as young as she was. “Very young actually”, she thought. She wasn’t a killer but if he forced her hand…

She also noticed he was handsome. “Very handsome actually”.

He had a buzz cut, naturally, a strong jawline with some stubble starting to sprout, piercing green eyes and a strong, muscular build. But he had kindness in his eyes. Killing him would go against everything she now stood for.

“Still”, she thought, “Brains over brawn.”

She aimed the gun at him in a confident manner. She just wanted him to leave so she could find her way back to her base and now she was getting irritated that he was wasting her time. The soldier looked surprised but unafraid. She was impressed by his bravery.

Not taking her eyes off him, Kat dissembled the gun, dropping all the pieces to the ground as she did.

“I don’t have time for this.” She said in the deepest voice she could pass and started to walk away with her back turned to him.

As she had predicted, the soldier came running towards her in an attempt to tackle her to the ground. She had out-maneuvered him and landed up pinning him to the ground. They battled it out for a few moments and she realized her body was exhausted. She was feeling slow and something wasn’t right. By now they were back on their feet and she started to regret losing the gun. She reached for her trusty pocket knife: also gone. “Where the fuck..?” she whispered.

She took a look at her opponent, trying to assess the damage.

She had definitely got in a few great shots as the soldier’s nose was bleeding and he winced every time she made her move but he was also getting in some decent shots, especially to her abdominal area. Every time he hit her she thought she would vomit. She could taste blood in her mouth and the earth began to feel like it was moving beneath her feet. She couldn’t remember the last time she slept in a bed or the last meal or sip of water she had. She needed water. The soldier looked at her with triumph as she collapsed to the ground with a thud.

He wiped his face with the back of his hand and approached her as if he was the hunter and Kat, his prey.

“Tell me now, who do you work for?” he hovered over her. She didn’t like this. She felt vulnerable and sick, like she was going to throw up.

The soldier had a new-found confidence after wrangling this rebel to the ground.

Kat would rather die than give away any information.

This soldier wanted to get a better look at his fading opponent and so he slowly removed the cap off of her head, freeing her long, thick, wavy, brunette hair and exposing her feminine yet dirty face.

“Oh fuck! What have I done?” This was the last thing Kat heard before she blacked out completely.

Kat woke up in a strange room, her limbs aching and her head spinning. She was in a bed in what looked like an army base built for one. She was still in her dirty clothes but there was a glass of water on the wooden table next to her. She grabbed the water and gulped it down, not nearly quenching her parched throat. But where was she? How long was she out for? What happened to that soldier?

The room was small, just containing the bed, wooden table and a small cupboard. The walls were white and clinical but she definitely wasn’t in prison but still, it gave her the creeps. She got out of bed and made her way out the door to find a tiny bathroom adjacent to a tiny kitchen. The door in the kitchen was the way to the outside world.

The soldier was nowhere to be found and she took this opportunity to refuel. There wasn’t much in the fridge besides pickles, eggs and bread.

She guzzled down the food and drank so much water that she landed up feeling even more ill than she did when she was dehydrated and starving. She reflected upon her mission: how many hours she had to lie still, how many days she had to stay awake for, how she severely underestimated the amount of rations and sustenance she would require. The mission took much longer than she had anticipated, but at least she did what she had set out to do. In her mind, what happened to her now was insignificant.

“Good morning…” she heard a voice behind her, awakening her from her daydream. She turned around to see the soldier standing in the doorway. Fuck. What did he want with her? Why didn’t he just kill her when he had the chance? Did he save her so he can torture information out of her?

He had obviously been working out or something, because he was wearing shorts and a white t-shirt and he was sweating profusely, something that made her insides twitch.

She didn’t move nor did she say anything.

“Please, help yourself” he said sardonically, noticing the pickles and eggs she was devouring.

After a few moments of staring at each other, Kat was able to blurt out an almost inaudible “What do you want?”

After staring at her for a while he replied “I don’t know…”

“Then why did you bring me here? Where am I anyway? How long was I out for?” she was so confused and just wanted answers.

“I brought you here because you would have died out there if I left you. You are currently in my kitchen and you were out for about 26 hours, give or take.” He replied matter-of-factly.

“Does anyone else know I’m here? Why do you live here?” she asked.

“I live here because it’s my job. I guard the outer fences of this particular military facility. Nobody else knows you are here… if they did you and I would probably both be hanging from our toes.”

“Oh” was all she could whisper out. She didn’t appreciate his smirk.

Fuck, she thought. She had made it right to the fence and then gave up and now she is stuck here with this guy.

“May I enquire your name?” he asked her with apprehension

Kat kept quiet. She wasn’t going to give him any information that she didn’t want to.

“Ok then. Well my name is Jake. Can I get you anything?”

What is he playing at? She was so confused. Just hours ago they were beating the shit out of each other and now he’s acting like they are friends.

Maybe in some alternate universe Kat could see herself and Jake being friends; after all they were roughly the same age. But this wasn’t an alternate universe.

“I just need to get out of here.” Kat whispered. This was the most uncomfortable position she had ever been in. She would rather have him tie her up and torture her than have to listen to his smart-ass sarcasm.

“I’m sorry… but I can’t just let you walk out of here. Not after what I know you did. But I can’t turn you in either. You are just going to have to stay here until I figure out what to do with you.” Jake replied.

“Why?” she looked at him skeptically.

“Why what?”

“Why don’t you just turn me in? It will make our lives so much easier. Besides, we are bound to get caught and I know a few people who are out there looking for me. If they find you, you are a dead man. So just let me go.” She reasoned. She knew the rest of her troop would be looking for her, and unfortunately for Jake, they would not be as forgiving as she was.

“I can’t turn you in because I know what they will do to you. I think it would be a crime to destroy such a beautiful creature.”

Kat blushed and turned away from him. She was so used to being “one of the guys” that when he said she was beautiful, she felt her inner goddess awaken from what felt like a life-long slumber. But Kat was beautiful; after all, she just didn’t see it.

But she immediately squashed this feeling down. She came here to do one thing and get the fuck out. She would have to wait for the opportune moment to make her move and run out of there as fast as she could. She was in no physical condition to do this as yet and so her plans would have to wait.

Kat was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she didn’t even notice that Jake was standing right behind her. She could feel his sweet, warm breath on the back of her neck and this gave her shivers down her spine. She could smell his sweat which once again made her insides squirm.

“Seriously though, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. There is something about you… I can’t believe I almost destroyed you. Please forgive me?”

“You’re apologizing?” she whispered.

He laughed. He knew he obviously sounded crazy.

Jake looked down at Kat’s arms. She seemed to have bruises and cuts, rather bad ones in fact, something he hadn’t noticed before and neither had she. They both wondered what the rest of her body must look like.

“If you want to freshen up you are more than welcome to take a shower and borrow some clean clothes” he offered.

She might as well, right?

She turned around and his green eyes were staring straight through hers. She felt vulnerable again and she didn’t like it. He was standing a little too close for comfort.

She could feel the heat radiating off of his tan skin and she had an urge to reach out and touch his strong, muscular chest. She stopped herself. She couldn’t do this.

“Thanks” she said with a weak smile and pushed past him, heading for the bathroom.

As she walked away Jake grabbed her by the arm, spun her around and pulled her body right up against his, pinning her arm behind her back.

Kat’s heart was racing and her breath had halted.

His mouth then came down on hers and he kissed her with so much passion, her knees went weak. Had he not been holding her up she would have fallen to the ground.

But she didn’t kiss him back. She didn’t want to do this and something was telling her that this was a bad idea.

She started to push him away but he just tightened his grip on her.

She pulled away from his kiss, “Please, you are hurting me.”

His tight grip on her arm was pressing on one of her black bruises. He loosened his grip but did not let her go completely.

“Kiss me back.” He commanded and pressed his lips against hers once more.

She opened her mouth and let his tongue explore hers for a while. But she wasn’t exactly kissing him back.

He started to tighten his grip on her arm and she took this as a warning. She started kissing him back and found herself getting lost in his expert mouth. His tongue teasing hers, his breath so sweet and delicious. He started to loosen his grip.

His hands moved from her arm and travelled to her hips, her waist, her neck. He ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her even deeper into the kiss.

Kat let out an uncontrollable, deep moan.


Places she hadn’t thought about in months were starting to come back to life.

Jake ran his hands down her neck, and caressed her voluptuous breasts through the material of her shirt.

He slowly slid his hands under her shirt, passed her bra and found one of her hard, pink nipples. He started pulling and squeezing it but this was a bit too sudden for Kat.

“Please, let’s just slow down for a bit. At least let me shower first.” She begged.

Jake looked at Kat and with a naughty smile said “Good idea.”

Jake grabbed Kat by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

“Arms up!” He commanded.

Kat lifted her arms up and Jake removed her baggy shirt.

What he saw disturbed him. Kat had so many bruises and he knew some of them were from him. He felt a slight pang in his heart and slowly started to kiss each bruise, willing them to disappear.

Kat was slightly taken aback by his gentleness and was reluctantly starting to enjoy his touch on her aching skin.

Besides the bruising, her body was beautiful; soft, curvy and feminine. Her skin was milky white and she had a few freckles here and there.

When Jake had successfully kissed and caressed every bruise on her skin, his hands moved up to remove her bra, freeing her large, round breasts.

“Wow. You are magnificent.” He praised and started gently massaging her breasts with his large, strong hands. Jolts of pleasure shot through Kat’s body and she could feel the muscles in her pussy start to relax. She was getting wet for him.

His fingers moved to her nipples and he pulled and twisted them, getting harder each time as he did.

“Ouch!” Kat yelped. He had pulled a bit too hard.

“Shh Baby, just relax.” He said as he hovered his mouth over her hardening nipple.

She could feel his warm breath on her nipple, causing it to pucker even more.

Jake then sucked the nipple into his mouth, teasing and caressing it with his tongue, occasionally giving it a gentle nibble with his teeth.

“Mmmmm…” Kat couldn’t help but moan, losing herself in his talented mouth.

He alternated between sucking each nipple and playing with the other in his fingers. Squeezing it, pulling it, making her moan.

Kat had given up all resistance. She knew where he was going with this.

Jake pulled away from her and she felt slightly disappointed.

He lifted his arms above his head, motioning for her to remove his shirt the way he had done to her. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and started to lift it up, needing a bit of his help to get it over his head as she was too short to reach.

“Whoa”, she thought “The army has done him well.”

He had a strong chest, defined and broad. She had that same urge to reach out and touch it.

His stomach and arms were toned and strong, much stronger than she was.

She realized she must have been gawking at him as he gave her a wicked, naughty grin when their eyes met.

“Baby”, he looked at her seriously, “Are you wet for me?”

Kat couldn’t move. She couldn’t breathe either. What a bizarre situation this was.

She knew the kind of man she was dealing with; the kind that wouldn’t ask questions that he didn’t already know the answer to. Still, she remained quiet and motionless while his hands began caressing her sides.

“Jesus woman, breathe!” Jake exclaimed.

Kat sucked in a deep breath into her lungs, unaware that she had been holding her breath for a while.

Jake leaned into the shower and turned the warm water on. This sound was comforting to her and she really was in need of a decent shower.

His hands dropped down to undo her trousers, his eyes never leaving hers.

He tucked his thumbs into her pants and slowly pulled them down, caressing her soft, silky legs as he did so.

Jake motioned for Kat to step out of her pants and reluctantly she did. As aroused as she was, Kat couldn’t help but be apprehensive about the situation. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this.

Kat was so self-conscious about her body that she unknowingly had folded her arms over her chest, trying to hide as much of herself as possible, all the while looking down at the floor, embarrassed.

“Hey. Look at me”, he commanded, “You are so beautiful. Please just try and enjoy this, you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Jake once again took Kat’s head in his hands and kissed her passionately. Her heart was racing and this time, she didn’t have to be told to kiss him back.

Mohammad was as straight as any man can be. He never even had any attraction to another man. He loved his wife very much and he considered their sex life to be adequate after many years of marriage and a son that they both loved.

Mohammad wasn’t also a weak man. He was strongly built for a doctor with a mustache on his face. When he was assigned by the black general to conduct the tests on the five lieutenants, Mohammad did not know that this experience was about to awaken emotions and desires deep inside him.

The first day of the test, Mohammad arrived at the barracks and entered into the medical facility to find the five men waiting for him.

The five men were led by Lieutenant Fawzi, a huge man. About 6’4″ in height, towering over Salim’s father, Fawzi was a blond man with piercing blue eyes. Still wearing a light beard and a five O’clock shadow accentuated his masculinity.

The five men were in their military boxers and their wife beaters. The straight father couldn’t fail to notice the huge muscular bodies of these army men.

Their biceps were veiny and rippling with muscles and their pecs were barely contained inside their white wife beaters. Their hairy thighs were as big as tree trunks from the intense military training.

Mohammad asked them who wants to begin the exam while looking at the chart that the nurse left him on his desk.

The five men laughed and told the father that in the military they don’t waste time they all have their exams together.

A second Lieutenant, Habib, smugly told the straight doctor that their physical health is impeccable and they don’t need the usual tests. All they need is a test for their baby batter.

All the lieutenants laughed at this comment as they took off their boxers.

Huge flaccid red salami cocks flung and waved between the hairy thighs of the five virile men who shook their cocks and scratched their balls while sharing small talk.

Fawzi noticed the burning gaze that Salim’s father swiftly gave to their sexual organs. He knew that this poor man was in awe at the size of their fuckin cocks. No man can have a 10″ flaccid cock as thick as theirs.

Fawzi smirked as he asked Mohammad to handle them the five cups where they needed to fill their sperm.

Mohammad turned around, adjusted his necktie to breathe better from the shock of the manly blond cocks and gave each man a big container to fill.

The five men were only in their wife beaters as they began to beat their meats into solid erections.

“Aren’t you going to do it inside the rooms?” asked the poor father

“And why should we do that doctor? After all we’re all men and we all have cocks. Don’t you?” replied Fawzi, winking and laughing with his buddies at the humiliating comment to the straight father.

Mohammad lost his train of thought and sat on his chair glaring at the fuckin cocks being stroked and the huge cum-filled white balls shaking with the shaking of every huge muscle in the bodies of the five hunks.

Soon enough, the beasts bellowed as they began to shoot wad after wad of hot baby making juice into the containers. Mohammad watched in amazement as the five men filled the containers with thick dense white fluid. He wondered how many women this amount sperm could impregnate. Probably a whole country, he thought. Then an idea dawned on him. How could these men have such big muscles, big cocks, big balls and a huge amount of sperm? This process was not natural. He must find the reason behind this hyper masculinity.

As he was finishing his thought, he was surprised by the five men aiming their cocks high after they finished filling the containers and kept jerking their baby makers.

Huge wads of sperm began to rain from across the room staining the father’s clothes and even some of Lieutenant’s Fawzi’s cum splattered on Salim’s father’s lips, eyeglasses and over his hair.

Mohammad didn’t know what to do. He hurried into the bathroom and locked himself in as he heard the five studs laughing and making dirty jokes about how gay he is.

That day Mohammad tasted the sperm of Fawzi for the first time. He tried to take a shower, but the sperm on his clothes and face and hair became stringy. Fawzi’s thick cum made the father more and more filthy under the water…

This was one year ago…

Salim and Khaled arrived at the headquarters of Lieutenant Fawzi.

Entering through the back door, Khaled did not expect to see his friend’s father on his knees in front of the blond stud. Fawzi was totally naked, a bottle of beer in his hand drinking from it, while the doctor and straight father was devouring the huge cock in his mustached mouth.

Khaled watched as Salim’s father grabbed his bull’s balls and massaged them with the hand where his marriage ring was and then kissed them and licked them feverishly.

Khaled and Salim waited until the lieutenant emptied his balls and huge red cock inside the father’s throat, and then they entered.

Salim told his friend how after his first encounter with the lieutenants, his father kept testing them, and time after time he began to masturbate their cocks in his office until one time he swallowed their five cocks and their filthy cum.

From then on, lieutenant Fawzi knew that he could use the straight doctor, father and husband for his own objectives. And the main one is to overthrow the black general and rule the city himself.

Salim told Khaled that his father no longer lives with his mother. His father is now considered the wife of Lieutenant Fawzi in secret of course while his mother has already given birth to a black baby, General Raji’s baby, but that story has a lot more details as Khaled will soon discover.

Salim has now accepted the fact that his mother has become a de-facto whore for the black general especially that his black half-brother is already three months old.

What bothered the young man so much is how both his father and his mother descended the path of sexual depravity at the same time. He later got to know the details of how his mother got pregnant from the black general from his father, with the details that his mother revealed to his father.

And the ironic thing is that Mohammad has tried for months to knock up Souraya with their first and only child while General Raji needed only one time to impregnate Salim’s mother with his bastard baby.

That fateful night was the second time the General was invited to Mohammad’s house for dinner. This time he came alone without his blond officers.

Chatting for a little while with the family, Raji then was invited to the table to have dinner. Mohammad was tired all day from the work at the barracks and his mind was clearly absent at the table. His wife and son had no idea that the image stuck in the father’s head was the giant thick cocks of the five muscular officers spewing cum high in the clinic of the barracks.

What Mohammad didn’t even imagine that in addition to the shaking of his manhood by the homosexual images filling his mind, he was about to get cuckolded in his house by none other than the nigger bull sitting at his table and eating from his food. This night will be the precursor to the destruction of the poor father’s wife.

If only Salim knew how similar the events happening with his father and mother were to the events leading to the fall of Khaled’s father and the impregnation of his mother by the stud Mansoor.

Salim recalls that night that he had to leave after dinner to meet his girlfriend for a night on the town leaving his defenseless parents with the black predator.

After Salim left, Mohammad excused himself to remind his son outside of a few things he needed from the town. As the father left the room, the sexual tension was about to explode between the mother and the black stud.

Standing from his seat, the general took a small flask from his pocket and emptied it right into the whiskey glass of the father. This happened under the sight of the mother but surprisingly, Souraya didn’t move or even try to warn her husband when he came back. As she saw Mohammad sipping from his cup, she felt her pussy and clit tingling in anticipation for what was about to happen.

Souraya felt deep inside her that this night will be the night she will feel the huge black cock inside her. She hasn’t forgotten its shape or smell from the last two times she saw it in her room and her neighbor’s house.

A few minutes later, Mohammad dozed off and lied on the table and began to snore. A wide smile appeared on the general’s face as he saw that the house was empty for him to satisfy his sexual lust.

“What did you do to my husband?” asked the mother naively as the general approached her chair while taking off his uniform.

Flexing his huge biceps and his muscular hairy chest, the black giant ignored the obvious question and took the shivering mother by her hand.

Souraya knew what she wanted. She knew what her cunt wanted. She wanted to resist but couldn’t. Standing up in front of the black general, she was taken into his arms as his lowered his lips into hers. His thick black lips engulfed her mouth as he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth.

Souraya tasted the thick tongue probing where she shared her first intimate kiss with Mohammad, the love of her life.

Souraya couldn’t keep her hands off the General’s biceps. As a woman, she couldn’t resist the musculature of a man, especially that her husband didn’t possess this apparent strength.

Brushing and squeezing the biceps and forearms of the black man with her manicured hands, she felt his big nigger hands on her breasts. Moaning softly, she swiftly looked from the sides of her eyes to her husband, still dozing off in his artificial sleep.

She couldn’t believe the thrill of what was happening. A black man was molesting and touching her in her dinner room in her house with her poor husband in the room. She didn’t know why, but as she looked at the faithful father of her only child, she thought she saw two corns growing from the top of his head.

This humiliating thought of her husband becoming a cuckold wasn’t enough to stop the married mother from doing the nasty with the strange black bull.

“Please, not here,” objected Souraya as general Raji began unbuttoning her dress exposing her huge breasts inside the bra.

“Oh Bitch; I saw how you were devouring my fuckin cock more than once when you saw me in my naked glory. I want to taste your fucking big breasts right here in front of your idiot hubby.”

As the mother moaned, the black general skillfully unclasped the hooks of the bra freeing the wiggly breasts. The black man didn’t waste any time as he began mauling the two D-size white globes in his hands, much to the pain and discomfort of the mother. Raji grinned as Souraya tried to push away to save her poor melons from the mauling of the black monster.

Raji easily lifted the braless white mother and made her sit on the dinner table, laying her feet on the ground and then made her lay down on her back jutting her breasts high in the air.

Raji stepped between the mother’s legs, her skirt going up revealing her white panties, as he lowered his mouth to take one rosy nipple in his mouth.

Souraya sighed and moaned as a shiver traveled from the tip of her engorged nipple to her fuckin slutty cunt. She watched the general as if he was possessed with lust. He was munching and sucking on her nipple as if he wanted to suck the non-existing milk from her jug. She knew that tomorrow she wouldn’t be able to touch her breasts from the bruises that will be on them. What didn’t pass her mind were the love bites that will cover her white breasts.

In more than twenty years of marriage, her husband has never treated her so roughly. Maybe he kissed her breasts a few times but never even squeezed them. While another man was showing her how a slut should be treated on her dinner table, a few meters farther, and her husband was unconscious the sight of the blond cocks going in replay in his drugged mind. After that night,

Souraya and Mohammad would never ever be husband and wife again. They would never sleep together as married man and woman.

The black general took the other nipple in his mouth as the first breast began showing marks of bites and sucking. As the mother surrendered her breasts to the mouth of the muscular black man, she felt a hardened poking at her soaking underpants.

She didn’t need to look. She knew that the only thing this big and hard is the general’s black cock.

“Take off your underwear, whore. Leave your skirt on.”

Souraya shamelessly took off her wet panties as the general stood in front of her still squeezing and mauling her saliva wet breasts.

“Now take off my military pants.”

The shaking mother didn’t have a choice anymore. Pushing the zipper down, she felt as if a dam was about to break inside the huge man’s pants.

Putting her hands on the slim waist of the general, Salim’s mother pushed the pants down.

As soon as the pants reached past the general’s hips, the huge black torpedo sprung heavily and hit the unaware mother in her belly.

Souraya screamed in surprise then put her hand on her mouth in fear of waking her sleeping husband.

As the general saw how the mother licked her lips and devoured his black baby maker with her eyes, he knew that he had her in his grip.

Souraya didn’t wait for the orders. She took the thick black cock in her hand. The general’s cock was a s hard as a brick, more than 12 inches long, curved upward in the middle and nearly touching the mother’s left breast with its red apple-sized, pre cum-stained head.

Moving her left hand all over the veiny, beer can-thick shaft, Souraya felt the hair on the shaft under her manicured hand. The more humiliating fact is that she was touching the filthy black organ with the hand where she wore her wedding ring.

This was the hundredth time or more when the black general saw this exact same scene: A white faithful woman touching his huge veiny hairy shaft with her wedding ring-cladded hand.

And the result nine months later was always the same: the white father going crazy in the hospital, hitting his head with his hands, tears filling his eyes at the sight of the people pointing at him and the black bastard in the nurse’s arms.

A few of the fathers even tried to kill the baby right there to reclaim their honor, but fatefully none were successful.

The general was pretty sure that the same was going to happen with Dr. Mohammad, Salim’s strong father. Even the black evil man didn’t know that in nine months, the once-strong father would have his mouth filled with a hard blond meat and he won’t be able to object to his wife delivering a bastard baby.

“Mmmmmm,” the mother bit her lower lip as she felt the heavy black meat touching her sensitive pussy lips.

Raji smiled smugly as he saw the mother’s cunt lips opening and closing slowly in anticipation for his penetration. The lust grew more in him with the father in the same room where his wife was getting fucked.

Souraya couldn’t wait anymore. Her pussy juices were flowing abundantly as she arched her back and put her small arms on the black man’s back.

“What do you want Madam? Do you want me to wake your husband to satisfy your horny cunt?” asked the general as he slapped her cunt sending shivers through her white body.

Lost in lust, Salim’s mother responded in a husky urgent voice “He has never satisfied me. I need a real man. I saw how you satisfied Afifa and the women that day. I want you to satisfy me too.”

“How do you want me to satisfy you?” as he circled his huge cockhead on her flaming clitoris.

“Ohhhhhhhh please I want that huge nigger dong inside my fuckin married cunt. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssse, penetrate me, HURT me with your fuckin black spear. I BEG you… MOUNT meeeeeeeee.”

“You asked nicely whore so you’ll get your reward.”

Saying that, the general speared his huge curved cock inside the fleshy tight mounds of the horny mother. Raji saw the mother’s face in shock going blank for a moment then a low guttural scream escaped her mouth as he reached with his schlong depths her poor husband never dreamed of reaching.

As she awakened from her three consecutive orgasms, her skirt on her hips, Souraya looked between her legs to see the general’s trimmed pubic hair smashing her fucking pussy lips, his balls hot against her ass and the cock throbbing violently in her unprotected vagina.

Before she got the time to say anything, the general held the table with his huge muscular hands as he mounted her and began fucking her forth and back. Souraya felt the black cock knocking at her heart every time he reached her cervix. Her pussy took more than five minutes to dilate in order to accommodate the big invader.

“Please. Your cock is killing me. I feel like I’m giving birth. I never thought a cock would hurt this much.”

“That is because this is the first time a real cock has skewered you, whore. Do you really think that your punk of a husband is a man? He is not. I am a man.”

Hammering her like a mad man fucks a slut on the street; the mother couldn’t hold her screams anymore as she began moaning in heat and passion feeling the black cock inside her knocking down the defenses of her cervix.

Her juices kept flowing and lubricating the shaft which became shining black as the general kept his animalistic ritual on the dinner table of the family.

Holding the mother’s legs with his arms, he pushed them back until they squashed her breasts to be able to perform maximum penetration in the white cunt.

Taking off his cunt, Souraya felt she would cry from the emptiness she felt. But the general was an expert in fucking married white women. He rapidly took the cunt lips in his mouth and began fucking her with his tongue and then biting her clit with his white teeth.

Souraya was on her tenth orgasm when Raji got up again to let her rest a little.

Walking towards the sleeping father, Raji took his hard cock, which hasn’t gone soft in more than an hour and slapped him as hard as he could with it on the back of his head.

“I’m sure he’ll feel it in the morning,” joked the evil black man as he saw the mother looking lustfully at him putting his cock on the head of her dear husband.

She was rubbing her pussy to stimulate the black giant. Salim’s mother wanted this black stranger to mount her again. She knew that she was addicted to his cock form then on, until she dies.

The strong macho general couldn’t keep the white mother waiting. Taking her in his arms, they went to the master bedroom and began their second fucking session on Salim’s parents’ marital bed.

This time, the black general fucked Souraya in the doggy position. She loved it the most and knew what her neighbor Afifa, her sister and daughter felt when the black bull fucked them the other day.

After another hour of continuous raw fucking, Souraya was sore in her pussy,

Her body covered in sweat. She felt she lost a couple kgs from the intense fucking she received at the end of the black general’s breeding member.

Suddenly, she felt the black piston stopping inside her cunt and beginning to spasm and dilate. Souraya surrendered to her breeder knowing that she was in her most fertile day of the month.

Basking in the glory of the moment, the white mother felt her insides being filled with the sticky thick white fluid spewing from the huge nuts of the general and spewed from his giant veiny shaft right into her waiting womb.

As soon as he finished dumping his baby batter inside the submissive wife, the general took out his cock from her pussy and slapped her on her face with it splattering her with the remainder of his cum. Then leaving her exhausted on the bed she shared with her husband, He went to the dinner room to wear his pants and leave the house he has just destroyed.

“This would be the night my mom got pregnant with general Raji’s baby,” Salim told Khaled as they waited for Mohammad to finish washing from the lieutenant’s cum and come back with them.

“So Khaled, Salim told me what happened with you and your family. I’m sure you want your revenge on Mansoor. I have a proposition for you. If you join my war against the black general, I promise you Mansoor will pay for what he did to your father.”

Salim was struck with surprise as how the shirtless blond muscleman knew all these details. He looked da this friend in mistrust for a while but he knew that this man was his only hope for avenging his father Youssef.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Khaled determined to fulfill his role…

Khaled sat with Salim, his father and the father’s new husband for many hours that day talking about their plan to reclaim what was lost to them.

Lieutenant Fawzi lighted a cigar as he sat on the couch next to Dr. Mohammad. He began telling Khaled that General Raji had a mission of impregnating as many white women as he can with his black babies in the town of Wimpmen to make it as an example for the rest of the country. Lieutenant Fawzi has heard recently from other cities in the country that the same thing was happening. One black military man would take over a city and begin his sexual domination of the white mothers and humiliation of key white fathers.

“How will I be able to help you?” asked Khaled.

“You know that as a white man I can’t let General Raji escape with what he’s been doing. I defacted form under his command with the other four officers and we’re staging a coup against him soon. This town needs a real white stud to reclaim it.”

Salim saw the shameful look on his father’s face as the lieutenant said these words. He knew deep inside that his dad wasn’t man enough especially after the videos of him and lieutenant Fawzi in the barracks medical facility.

Fawzi flexed his huge blond veiny biceps and took a puff of his cigar before continuing.

“Khaled, you need to summon your dad here to Wimpmen town. This is the only way we can win the war against the black monster.”

“My dad? What does he have to do with all of this?”

“I will give you more details as soon as he is here. If you want to reclaim the honor your dad lost to your ex-friend Mansoor, you have to make him come to this town. Tell him that you need him urgently but don’t tell him why.”

Khaled told the Lieutenant that he’ll think about his offer and get back to him the next day. It was late and Salim decided that Khaled should stay for the night and leave tomorrow to the dorms of the university.

Khaled and Salim shared a room while the father and the lieutenant slept in the master bedroom.

A few minutes after he slept, Khaled began to remember his mother. Images began to flash in his head where his mother was naked her big fleshy breasts being mauled by Mansoor’s big hands, her rosy nipples being pinched, and a look of slutty ecstasy on her face as the young big schlong was stuffed inside her cunt. Khaled couldn’t avoid associating Mansour’s cock with the place where he was born: his mother’s pussy. Rage filled him as he decided to accept the lieutenant’s offer to take revenge on the man who made his mother a baby making machine for his seed.

Khaled was awakened abruptly from his sleep by the low sounds of a man moaning and a headboard slamming against the bedroom wall.

Tiptoeing outside the room, Khaled went towards his friend’s father’s master room. In there, he found the black stud on top of the strong doctor. The hairy father was on his back, his legs spread next to his head like a common whore, his hands on the lieutenant’s hairy blond ass.

Fawzi was slamming his fat salami in the father’s poor red ass as the mustached doctor moaned and bit his lips in lust.

Salim saw his friend watching his dad getting the fuck of his life and he told him he needed to show him something.

“You must be wondering how my straight father has become a gay whore for this blond handsome stud. Well I have a suspicion that Fawzi has given dad some kind of a drug that made him gay.”

“I don’t think that’s possible man. You can’t turn a married father gay unless he is already gay.”

“Then why is this happening with the most powerful and influential men in our town? The five lieutenants have nailed more than 20 straight fathers and fed them their thick cocks in the last year. Is it coincidence? I don’t think so.”

“Let me show something on the internet. There is a rumor that Raji, Fawzi, Mansoor and the other studs are somewhat genetically engineered.”

“What do you mean?” asked a stupefied Khaled.

“Look. This webpage talks about experiments the military has been conducting on the male bodies. You saw the genitals of these men. Do you think it is normal? All of them are extremely muscular and very much hung with big thick cocks and heavy balls. Mom told me about the amount of sperm Raji cums in her cunt every time. She thinks it also has to do with medical manipulation of these men’s genes.”

Salim showed Khaled experiments where soldiers are given shots and in a few weeks their cocks and balls got three times bigger and their muscles became rock solid.

“I think that the stud that fucked your mother, Mansour, has joined these experiments here in our town when he came to study in his first year of university.”

“So what should we do? It seems that Raji and Fawzi are both evil. We can’t trust them.”

“We should deal with them one by one. First we’ll take out the black man and then we’ll take care of Fawzi. You should talk to your dad as soon as possible. He should come here very soon.”

Khaled decided to follow on with his friend’s plan. Next day he called his father, Youssef, and told him he needed him urgently. As Khaled closed the phone with his dad, he didn’t know that this trip would cost his dad more than he has endured with Mansoor, his wife, and the bastard babies that shamed him… It was indeed the bad fortune of a poor father.

The scene was getting set for the big confrontation between Khaled, Youssef, Mansoor, Mohammad, Salim, Fawzi and Raji. The fate of all the mothers were about to decided base on who wins the upcoming battle…

Salim hasn’t visited his parents’ house for many months. After the black general took over as the man of the house and got his mother pregnant, Salim’s visits to the house became scarce.

But after joining the war against the black general, a visit to his mother was necessary by the commands of his father’s fucker. Salim had already coordinated with his mother a plan where she will tape all of the general’s secret phone calls because the blond lieutenant suspected that the black stud was acting against the other black generals in the other towns.

Salim went to see his mother in the middle of the day thinking that he would find her alone. But as soon as he approached his house he saw a couple of people standing in front of the two-story house laughing and smirking at the sounds coming from inside.

“He sure is feeding her his big fuckin snake,” one man said to another.

“That idiot cuckold doctor Mohammad sure couldn’t satisfy that hot whore like this black stud does,” replied his neighbor.

Salim was ashamed at the comments given by these men about his parents but he could also hear the moans and whorish screams of his mother. He had no doubt that the black general was fucking the shit out of her pussy.

Going inside the house from the back door, he went straight to the library where his mother said she would keep the tapes. After grabbing the ten tapes he couldn’t resist the feeling of wanting to see what was the stud doing to his mother.

As he went up the stairs, he could hear his blood pumping in his veins, his heart beating in his ears and his cock swelling at the thought of what he was going to see.

His parents’ bedroom door and windows on the road were wide open. It’s like the general wanted anyone coming in or passing by on the road to hear him fucking this white woman and showing them she belongs to him although she is married with children.

As with all the women he fucks, Souraya was topless, panty-less but her skirt was raised to her hips showing her shaved pussy. The black general had a fetish of fucking women under their skirts.

Salim saw the black giant sitting on his father’s bed stark naked, spreading his beefy long legs, his head between his white mother’s big firm breasts.

Salim saw his mother impaled on the black man’s giant baby maker, her cunt overflowing with juices, her head thrown back, her hair wet from perspiration due to the long fucking session. She was muttering some words begging for more of the black pole inside her at the same time writhing in pain at the expanding member inside of her. As general Raji was licking and kissing Souraya’s breasts, she had her hands wrapped around his neck as she rhythmically lowered and raised herself from his cock.

Raji smiled smugly at the son of the mother he was fucking on his father’s bed as he continued his fucking session. Salim couldn’t take his eyes off his mother’s dilated cunt filled with the black hot baby maker.

Twenty minutes later, Salim saw the black general’s balls growing in size as he began spewing his hot cum inside Souraya’s waiting womb. As he finished, Salim was taken by surprise as he saw that his mother’s belly had grown since the last time he saw her.

Rising naked from the bed, his fat schlong dangling and swaying like a pendulum between his legs, the general patted the young son on his back telling him: “You will have another brother or sister in a few months.”

Showing his pregnant cum-filled mother the tapes he acquired, Salim heard the black general calling for Souraya. It seemed that he needed his black dong to be sucked.

Shamed, Souraya knew she wanted that black dirty piece of meat in her mouth more than the black general wanted it sucked. As he had instructed her before, the mother went on all fours to the bathroom like a bitch in heat in front of her son.

Salim was aroused but also furious at the sight of his mother degrading herself for a fuckin black cock. Salim left the house as his mother was moaning as she savored the piece of cock that has destroyed her family.

Returning to Fawzi’s lair, Salim found that his friend’s father Youssef has already arrived. Delivering the tapes to Fawzi, the gang was ready for the second phase of the plan: luring the black general long enough for Fawzi to diffuse the tapes online and to all the black generals in the other towns. And this is where Youssef, Khaled’s father, came into play. The next phase would be a continuation of the bad events in our main character’s bad turn events: the bad fortune of the poor father Youssef…

Youssef, the strong father, whose life has been destroyed by the arrogant big-cocked young man Mansoor, was in Wimpmen town. He was promised revenge by his son and the blond stud general Fawzi.

All he had to do was take the gun and go to Mansour’s house in town and shoot him to regain his honor. While on his way, the upstanding honorable man had all sorts of ideas running through his head. Sweat began to flow from his forehead as he thought about the murder he was about to commit.

A few feet away from the house of the stud that impregnated his wife many times, Khaled’s father was ambushed by five strong military men, beaten and taken to the prison.

As he awakened in his cell, the poor handsome mature father heard a deep laugh from outside the bars. As he looked through groggy eyes, he saw the black general seated on a comfortable chair looking at him in arrogance.

“Well, I finally meet the only white man in these cities that has eluded our elixir.”

Youssef was in rage. He knew he was betrayed by the blond man. Could his son also be on this evil game? “What do you want from me you nigger son of a bitch?”

As he heard the white man call him nigger, the black stud’s face became contorted in a way that frightened the white father a little making him back from the prison bars.

“Your punishment will be severe you white pig. I planned to do this in private but now I will broadcast it live across the nation.”

“What do you mean?” asked the trembling white father.

“You see, all the leading white men in the country have been subjugated by making them take an elixir our black scientists have made. But you are one of the rare men who didn’t respond as wanted after our spy Mansoor put the elixir in your food. You didn’t fall prey to the pheromones expelled by our genetically engineered huge cocks. Other white fathers are now slaves to the big cocks, sucking them and getting fucked by them. Ask your son’s friend about his father Mohammad. He has become the wife of the traitor Lieutenant Fawzi. But I will deal with them later. Now I will show the whole country what a real slut you are inside.”

As he was telling the father what he was about to do to him, Youssef’s estranged wife Najibi came in. Youssef couldn’t suppress his tears as he saw his wife who became a breeding machine for Mansour’s big cock. His mind directly realized the horror that was going to happen to them.

“In addition, you and your wife are going to have a great time.” Said the evil general as his laugh filled the prison.

The poor father saw two tall hugely black muscular men enter his cell and began taking off his clothes. Screaming in fear, the 55 year old white father cowered in the corner of his cell realizing what was going to happen to him.

The two huge black men were ugly as apes but they had cocks as big as anyone could ever imagine. As they approached the white father, he began to fight back and repel his violators.

Najibi watched in despair as Youssef got slapped around, his face reddening from the beating, his lips bruised and his clothes torn away from his hairy body. As he became naked with the two black studs in the cell, Youssef watched in horror as their huge poles stiffened and rose toward the ceiling. Their girth made him shiver in horror as his dazed mind began realizing that he was going to get opened for the first time in his life.

It was not easy for this respectable husband and father and macho man to accept this humiliation. The impregnation of his wife and his degradation as a beta male in front of Mansoor didn’t compare to what was happening to him now.

Youssef felt one of the big black fingers at the opening of his hairy virgin hole and a sharp shriek escaped his throat as one of the black soldiers inserted his finger to the knuckle inside his ass.

The second man came in front of the defenseless father and smooched him on the lips like a stud does to a common street whore. Youssef was horrified at the homosexual acts being done to him and he coughed in disgust after he got his first mouth-to-mouth kiss from a muscular black man.

“It is time boys,” said the black general to his soldiers.

They both laughed and grabbed the white father by his hair as they obliged him to kneel on all fours.

Youssef couldn’t resist fast enough. All he knew was that one second he was fighting back for the last shred of his manhood, and the next a blinding white light filled his eyes as he began flailing like a fish being speared and taken out of water.

Youssef heard his wife cry and the black general laugh as he realized that the pain crossing his body had its source in his hairy ass.

One of the black studs had penetrated him and as the other soldier said they carved him a new pussy. The mature father screamed in agony as the black pole filled his bowels and dilated his tight virgin sphincter. He felt he was about to die when the second soldier stuffed his mouth with his enlarged organ.

Nothing more humiliating could have happened to Youssef as he was gangbanged by two black dirty studs, his wife and the whole country watching his breeding on television.

Youssef must have fainted a few times during his ordeal before he saw a familiar face next to his wife inside the cell. A blinding rage filled him as he saw Mansoor standing next to Najibi, both naked. Najibi was caressing her stud’s big balls as Mansoor played with her engorged nipples.

“I’m sorry. He made me do it,” said the wife to her dick-filled husband.

Mansoor smirked evilly at the father as he saw him sucking the saliva-covered black dick and taking another one in his dilated hairy red ass. Mansoor liked how the once-straight father looked at him with the cocks spearing inside his mature white hairy body.

“Back where you belong, you fuckin pig, under the cocks of mighty men,” said Mansoor in sarcasm as he opened Najibi’s legs and with one fast thrust inserted his huge phallus to the balls.

The black general was delighted by the scene of Khaled’s father and mother getting fucked next to each other in the same cell. But what he didn’t know is that this diversion gave the blond Lieutenant and his defected comrades time to spread the videos of the black general’s treason to his fellow black studs.

Inside the prison, the white father was broken after this ordeal. It was the final nail in his coffin. As he remembered what happened to him in the last few years, he was riding a big black cock while his wife was riding the giant cock of her breeder.

Tending his hairy arm toward the love of his life, he held her hand as they both moaned from the pleasure given to them by the superior men. Finally, the poor father knew that his bad fortune couldn’t be escaped. He had to submit to the men wanting his destruction.

As he looked his wife in her eyes, she understood that her husband was now like her, a slave to the big genetically engineered men and their huge delicious cocks. Youssef’s mature ass and Najibi’s cunt milked the two studs from their virile milk as they both orgasmed together for the first time in a long time. The poor father’s sacrifice destroyed him as a man but was an important stepping stone for the war to be won against the black general.

As the men and Najibi rested inside the cell, and the studs had their cocks cleaned by Khaled’s father and mother, the black general was furious and caught off guard by the live events on the TV. The channel stopped the broadcast of Youssef and Najibi’s rapes to transmit directly the tapes showing general Raji doing deals on the phone with enemies to take over towns from the other black generals.

As general Raji’s head was reeling from the disaster, he got a phone call from Lieutenant Fawzi telling him that his role was over and that he lost the war. Shouting and screaming, Raji ordered his men to take all the belongings and secret dossiers of their troops and evacuate the city.

“Take the slut and the gay father with you too,” barked the general.

As they were fleeing the town under the wing of the night, Najibi screamed after seeing Mansoor collapsing on the ground. Blood covered his chest as the army saw Khaled holding a gun in his hand, still hot from the shot that pierced his former friend’s chest.

“How could you do that son? He was the father of your brothers,” cried the slut mother.

“Is that how you feel about him, mom? I never expected you to be this much of a slut and to betray dad so openly. You are no longer my mother. You can go with the niggers and let them fuck you and impregnate you as much as they want. Your other kids are already under the supervision of Lieutenant Fawzi’s men. I doubt you will see them again.”

As he heard his unfaithful mother crying over the body of the young stud that impregnated her and destroyed the life of her husband and son, Khaled was shocked as he saw his father looking humbly to the ground and confessing that his life is with the black men from now on. Moreover, he still loved his wife after all that happened.

Hearing that, Khaled knew he had no parents anymore and he left hurriedly, leaving his parents with the black general and his henchmen as they fled to hiding. He lost his parents and his wife to strong big cocks and now he was alone and bent on revenge from all the genetically engineered men with big muscles, huge cocks and gigantic virile testicles.

Hello my lovely readers,

Well, in case you didn’t read my collaboration with Gweall (and you should) this is going to be my last post for a while. Though it’s short, I think it will be satisfying.




Brady kissed Ezra’s forehead, but let his love stay asleep as he slid out of the bed and went to start breakfast. He turned on the TV for background noise as he started to break eggs into a bowl. He whisked them with a fork and tried to decide if there was enough cheese for omelets. He glanced over at the television. The headline scrolling beneath the reporter gave him pause.

He hadn’t thought about the Army in a while, knowing that Ezra needed him. But then again, they hadn’t discussed it in a while and he’d almost stopped thinking about it. Occasionally, he saw the ROTC guys on campus and he’d start to wonder if he was on the wrong path, but he’d just chalked that up to his growing dislike for exams and classrooms.

Brady listened to the reporter give the details about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He couldn’t help but think about enlisting again, but it seemed like such a large decision to make. Mentally, he started to make one of the pro-con lists that he liked to playfully tease Ezra about.

On one hand, he really didn’t like school. It wasn’t that his grades were bad, he had a solid B average. He just didn’t like being in the classroom. He didn’t feel like he was going anywhere. He still had no goals in mind. He had no motivation to return for a second semester, beyond having no other ideas.

On the other hand, Brady had always had no problem imagining himself in the military. He felt like he could really succeed in that environment. Beyond that, he now saw it as an opportunity. Perhaps he could change some perceptions of homosexuality if he served openly.

Deep down, he knew that his decision was clear. He just didn’t know how he was going to tell Ezra.

“Happy anniversary,” Ezra said sleepily, shuffling into the kitchen and rubbing his eyes.

Brady cocked an eyebrow. He’d known that the date was fast approaching and had been sure to remind himself every day. “Baby, that’s not for a few more days.”

Ezra shook his head. “This is the day that you first talked to me. It’s the anniversary of the day that I started healing.” He blushed a bit at the emotional statement.

Brady pulled Ezra against his bare chest, kissing the top of his head. He felt a jolt deep down. How was he going to tell Ezra? He decided to put it off for a while, a choice that was aided as Ezra started to kiss Brady softly.

He could feel his boyfriend growing aroused and Brady didn’t want things to escalate when he knew the serious and possibly painful conversation was coming. “Can we talk?”

Ezra nodded and sat in one of the mismatching chairs at the kitchen table. Brady remained standing. Ezra gasped when Brady told him what it was he had in mind, but listened to Brady’s entire reasoning before responding. “Brady, when you asked me before I wasn’t strong enough to be without you. I don’t know if I am now but I think that I could learn to be.”

“Angel, you are strong,” Brady said. “You have no idea.”

Ezra smiled and sniffed a bit, looking up at the ceiling as he always did when he was trying not to cry. “I’m scared,” he admitted.

“I am too,” Brady replied. “But this is the only thing I’ve ever really felt so strongly about when it comes to careers.”

Ezra nodded. “You’ll look funny with that hair cut though.”

Brady laughed and took Ezra’s hand. “Do you realize how many times a day you make me want to kiss you?” He pressed his lips against Ezra’s. “I swear. You amaze me.”

Ezra was blushing and laughing, smoothing out the bit of hair still sticking up from where he’d slept on it. “If you’re trying to flatter me into not changing my mind, it’s not working.”

“That wasn’t flattery, that was me trying to get your pants off you,” Brady joked. “I wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t tie that drawstring so complicated.”

“You’re so mean,” Ezra said, kissing Brady’s lips, standing on his tip toes to do so as he untied the knot and Brady’s hand dove into his boxers. Warmth from the bed clung to Ezra’s skin still and Brady sighed in appreciation of the way Ezra’s erection grew in his hand.

“Happy?” Brady asked. There was much more meaning to the question, beyond wondering if Ezra was enjoying Brady’s touch. That much was obvious by the pre-cum that had started to leak onto Brady’s palm. Instead, Brady was reaffirming that Ezra would stand beside him in his decision to become a soldier.

“Say you love me,” Ezra replied.

“I love you,” Brady obeyed with a smile.

“As long as you say that and mean it, I’m happy.”

Brady lifted Ezra easily and spun him around once as they kissed. He set Ezra down on the table, peeling off the oversized T-shirt that Brady was beginning to suspect he’d never get back. He kissed Ezra’s neck and ran his tongue in a trail down to one pink nipple. He smiled when Ezra moaned and continued to tease with his tongue and teeth.

“Do you realize how beautiful you are to me? I don’t know if you ever will.”

Ezra sighed and arched his back, supporting his weight on his palms as he watched Brady through brown eyes fringed by dark lashes. He reached out and put a hand on Brady’s cheek. They paused for a moment, just to look at each other. Brady knelt down, pulling Ezra’s pants down and dropping them to the floor. He gripped Ezra’s legs behind the knee and slowly spread them apart, kissing the insides of Ezra’s thighs all the way to the twitching pink hole.

Ezra moaned and sighed as Brady started to lick and tease his hole. Every time felt like the first time. It was the beginning of such an intimate act, opening himself to Brady, trusting and knowing that he wouldn’t get hurt. Brady, in turn, taking care to be gentle and kind, enjoying every moment of the vulnerability and intimacy.

Brady stood, sliding off his boxers and lining himself up in preparation to be united with his love. He brushed a bit of brown hair away from Ezra’s forehead as he pressed in. Once he was buried inside, he leaned forward to create as much skin on skin contact as possible. He started the thrust slowly, knowing exactly how to make Ezra moan with pleasure. He whispered in Ezra’s ear, “I love you.” He nibbled gently at the young man’s earlobe, wishing there were more he could do. Just saying it didn’t seem enough. He wanted to scream it, to announce it to the world.

Ezra moaned and replied, “I love you too.” He gasped and dug his fingers into Brady’s shoulders, gasping and biting his lip. “Oh…Brady, just like that. Please…yes…”

Brady smiled, knowing how close his angel was and growing closer himself. He sped the rate of his thrusting and Ezra moaned in appreciation. “Together, okay?” Brady whispered.

Ezra gasped, gripping Brady’s shoulder even harder as he moaned to indicate how close he was. Brady swooped down and kissed Ezra. Together, they came. Ezra moaned into the kiss as he was filled. They continued kissing as Brady’s now soft cock slipped out of Ezra.


Myles hadn’t really expected Derek to stay overnight, but he did. Myles bolted off of the couch, irrationally determined to brush his teeth before Derek caught a whiff of his monster breath. Unfortunately, Derek caught him and found it very entertaining.

Myles blushed as he finished rinsing his mouth out, trying to think of something witty to say, but he was much to preoccupied to do that. His mind was racing, wondering what it all meant. He felt great, secure in his identity as a homosexual male. For the moment at least, he didn’t feel any shame about it. What he wasn’t sure of what just exactly how much Derek ‘liked’ him.

It was obvious which was the better catch. Derek’s skin was the color of mocha and his muscles were honestly breathtaking. He had such a charming, perfect smile and sexy voice. Then there was Myles, skinny, pale, and blond with a less than remarkable physique. No one would believe the two of them would ever be a couple. Myles could hardly believe what they’d done the day before.

Instead of saying something clever, Myles stood uncomfortably, looking down at the floor. Derek approached him and lifted his chin using one finger. “What’s wrong?”

Myles blushed. “I just…I don’t know.” He paused and then every thought came rushing out in what he could only hope was something resembling coherent. “I just can’t believe we did what we did. Because look at me and look at you. Just…have you seen yourself. You’re so fucking hot and I’m just me. How are you even into me? I don’t see it. You’re just so…damn.”

Derek cocked his eyebrow. “You don’t have much confidence, do you?”

“It’s that obvious?” Myles joked with a sigh.

“I actually find you very attractive. Maybe you don’t see it, but look…” Derek spun Myles around to face the mirror. “See you’ve got this blond hair and I’m definitely in to that. You’ve got pretty eyes. And I have to say your mouth is both pretty and functional. So there’s a few things and that’s just from the neck up. I also like how your little nipples are so sensitive.” Derek gave one a pinch to prove his point. Myles laughed and leaned back on Derek a bit. “I also like that you’re so smooth and soft. Definitely good for many things.” Derek rubbed a at speck of dried cum still on Myles’s stomach. “Definitely great… I think you’ve got a pretty cock and a damn good ass for a white boy. How’s that?”

Myles turned to face Derek. “You really like me?”

“I say what I mean. I’m not the kind to play around. I told you I like you and I mean it. I was intending to ask you on a date tonight, but I want you to stop it with the lack of confidence because there’s nothing wrong with you.”

Myles blushed and laughed. “I think I can agree to those terms.”


Brady and Ezra spent their last evening together working out their plans for the future and just holding each other. Brady got as much information from his recruiter as he could, determining that during the summer he should be at a permanent duty station. Once they knew where that was, Brady would find an apartment and Ezra would transfer to a school in the area. Grace, who they had just found out was in labor, had jumped on the chance to take over their apartment’s lease when the time came for the move.

The two young lovers were nervous, having never spent such a vast amount of time apart. It seemed almost insurmountable, but Brady knew that Ezra would wait for him.

The Succubus Experiment. – The Continuation

This is a continuation of two story lines.

The Teenage Succubus series that I really wanted to finish as a stand alone, and The Lexon Experiment.

Teenage Succubus is a two parter that I left hanging. Some of the unanswered questions are in here.

The Lexon Experiment was an introduction to this story.

I wholly advise reading those three shirt stories before reading this.

This story can be read by itself, but was written with it in mind that readers would have already have some background into the Succubus tales.

Enjoy the Erotica!



“What? What are you… How, why?” My broken speech was occasionally interrupted by Jessica’s sputtering and shock.

“Relax Lieutenant, a fling in the bathroom doesn’t concern me.” She leaned her slim, official clad form against the door. “I think you know what does concern me though.”

“Look here,” Jessica stammered out as she hurriedly buttoned up her blouse, quite blatantly forgetting that her legs were still spread wide in the air. “I don’t know…”

“No I’d rather not look thank you very much. And yes, you don’t know.”

Jessica practically fell off of the toilet reaching for her purse. She hurriedly pulled out the missing pair of panties and slid them on. Krauss kept the door blocked and I had nowhere to go. Jessica and I kept bumping together in our pathetic attempts to cover ourselves.

I wanted to get hard so bad, to freeze time and just disappear. But Bob the Builder of mighty orgasms was just too tired to stand up anymore. Even when Jessica half pushed past me and ended up squeezing next to me, her panty clad hips grinding into my groin, I couldn’t get it up.

Jessica tried to speak again.

Krauss just lazily pointed at her.

Jessica put more pressure on me, sliding a hand down my finally buttoned jeans. Her other hand went to her face. Talented fingers softly stroked me in silence, more fingers removed her glasses and licked the glob of semen from the lenses.

Krauss was locked in her position, never moving even when Jessica planted a cum soaked kiss on her lips.

Jessica lightly pushed Krauss’ hand away, then jumped back against my chest.

“Don’t worry,” Krauss said, “I can only manipulate others like that.” She licked her lips in some sort of perverse gratification.

“What the fuck!” Jessica yelled.

“Didn’t I just shut you up? Do you want me to gag you?”

Jessica’s eyes were wide with fear. She clung to me, hiding as best she could.

“When do we leave Krauss? I assume you’re reactivating my commission?”

“Correct. You have fifteen minutes.” With that she turned on her heels, and walked away leaving a terrified Jessica shaking next to me. I did my best to hide my own fears by standing tall and slipping back into my old military persona.

“I’d better go.”

“They’re going to kill me aren’t they?”

“What? Jessica no. They wouldn’t do that.”

“They do in the movies and books I read.”


We finished dressing and cleaning up with the bathroom sinks.

I left Jessica back outside of Audry’s room and searched out Krauss.

In the light of day outside of the hospital I found her. She hadn’t aged a day.


Secret Service slacks, blazer, and a white button up shirt. No wrinkles on her face, her ‘red boned’ features as southerners would call her mixed heritage still showed not a single sign of times slow crawl towards death.

She nodded towards her pointed finger at her side. A finger pointed at me.

“Thank you for noticing. My age that is.”


“Not here.”


- Here – I heard in my head.

Catching on I thought back

- Explain. -

- Do you remember the black room? -

- Off limits, and magnetically sealed. Yea I remember. -

- Thirteen years ago we caught something. We store it there. -

- And? -

- You’ll receive a full briefing back at Core 37 -

- Fine. What about Jessica? -

- Nothing. What’s she going to say that anyone will believe. You know how this works, she talks and our credibility goes up just from the ridiculous claim. -

A black Tahoe pulled up as if by command. Krauss got in.

Maybe I shouldn’t have followed.

But I did.


Firearms are cold. I knew that, but the glock felt warm in my hands.


All six targets fell within seconds.

“Even better than before when you were practicing.”

“Where is my explanation?”

“Just one more test.”

Krauss led me through the halls of Core 37 to a large underground maze.

“You have one minute to make it to the other side.”

“Starting when?”

“Twelve seconds ago.”


I jumped off of the raised platform overlooking the maze. Sprinting down hallways until I inevitably got stuck and lost. I leapt at a wall, taking a few steps on it to grab a video camera attached at the apex of a corner.

Twisting my now uniformed body up to the top of the wall was way too easy.

It was going to be one interesting explanation I thought to myself.

I instinctively dodged a bean bag fired from atop an overlook.

One hell of an explanation.

I ran headlong towards the finish line. Dodging bean bag after bean bag. Leaping over the last wall I found six men waiting for me armed with night sticks.


I took the first one out when I hit the floor. Palming his face and using my momentum to slam him down to the concrete floor.

Another fell when I grabbed a night stick from a charging soldier and rammed it into the throat of his compatriot.

The stolen night stick quickly alternated from a throat to its former owners skull and then flung through the air i heard it crush another’s nose.

Leaping easily I crushed a windpipe between my knees. I rolled forward over his body and flung him at the last guy.

I was over the line.

I wasn’t even sweating.

Groans of plastered soldiers had me scared of myself. Where had that come from?


She entered and I cut her off.

“You’ve got some splainin to do Lucy.”

“Forty three seconds. Why not just jump over them?”

“I can do that?”

“You’re seriously going to ask me that after flinging a guy with your knees?”

“Good point.”

“Follow me Lieutenant.”


More black hallways and endless turns.

“This part of Core 37, I’ve never seen it.”

“You’re in the black room. It’s a whole division dedicated to the retention of Lilith. A maze of hallways and magnetic hotspots.”


“Yes Marks, Lilith. Surprised?”

“After flinging a guy with my knees?”

“You should be.” She opened a door, a plain door identical to the others.

Inside was a mahogany rectangular table. Bare of any chairs or papers it was the only thing inside. One of the walls however, was lined with soldiers peering through what was probably a one way mirror.

Each and every soldier was female.

“What’s with the girls?”

“Every one of those girls is as capable as you.” Krauss replied. “In fact, your the only male to survive the process.”

“What process? It was six years ago and all I remember was signing a document I wasn’t allowed to read and then boom, gassed. Well, I remember the other guys that never came out. You’re telling me they all died?”

“That’s as it was for us all. You however, took far longer to react to her blood.”

“What? Who’s blood?” I knew the answer before she answered.



“Your actually quite accurate with that statement Marks.”

“You didn’t.”

“No, but fucking was involved. It always is with Lilith’s powers. The original and only surviving Succubus.”

“Okay I saw some freaky stuff back in the day, but you’re not going to convince me that fiction is suddenly reality.”

“Even after tossing a guy with your knees? Marks, go to the mirror.”

I obeyed.

I shouldn’t have.

What I saw was incredible even as it was horrible.

A woman, floated in the center of a vast room. A room flooded by shriveled corpses.

I wanted to puke. I also wanted so badly to walk in there. A foreign force pulled at me to just walk right in there.

“Let me in.”

“What! No!” One of the soldiers shouted at me.

“You go in there and you’re dead.”

“Let me in.”

Krauss did something unexpected.

She nodded and a section of one of the walls rolled back.

“You’re of her blood. She can’t steal from you. Only give. She can however, rip you limb to limb. In there we’ve saturated the room with magnetic forces. You won’t have any powers, and hers are only minimized. But please, go right ahead and step through there.” Krauss motioned at the door.

I walked through, feeling every gaping mouth glued to my back.

The wall resealed behind me and another opened ahead of me.

The smell practically knocked me out.

I think it did knock me out.

When I woke some time later, the demon woman stood over me. I was in the middle of room on what appeared to be the wooden table from the observing room.

“I sent the bodies away.”

I dared not speak, her voice was like a melody.

“It took quite a bit of power to transport that many bodies. But you’re worth it my child.”

“Child?” I couldn’t believe I had actually spoken.

“Not of my loins, but of my blood. I can smell it. You know I’ve never had a boy? What do boys like? Do you want to play catch?”

“I’m a grown man lady, and I have parents already.”

“Had parents, I see they passed a few years ago.”

“Twenty years ago is more than a few.”

“When you’ve been around as long as I have it doesn’t seem that way.” She seemed truly genuine in her dotty words.

“I’m human, how long have you been around exactly?”

“Ha! Before there was writing my child. Do you expect me to really keep track of that?”

“I guess not. The bodies, where are they?”

“Teleporting takes power, and in here I’m limited. I got them up to that observatory room.” she smiled, sensing my next question. “I can’t teleport myself out of here. Manipulating other things is simple compared to teleporting myself. The difference in power needed is massive. Even at full strength I notice the difference.”


“I called you in here.”

“Is that what it was?”

“Yes, I need you to find your sisters. And not those fakes out there buried in rotting corpses. They stole their powers, unlike you who had no idea. Do not believe it when they tell you different.”


I sat up and let my feet dangle off of the tall table.

“I will tell you this to aid you, sex is your power. As you are at the moment the more of it you have the stronger you will get, and the longer you live. You’re not immortal like my true daughters, but sickness and age will not tarnish you.”

“Krauss said you were the only one of your kind.”

“Untrue.” she whispered into my ear, leaning against my side. Her head resting on my shoulder.

“There are, an undisclosed amount.” I could feel her smile beaming a hairs breadth from my ear. “You’ll know soon enough.”

She was so seductive. Even the way she sat spelled sex. Her sheer white toga revealing skin in all the right places, even some wrong places too. Her hair almost burned it was so red.

Her eyes though, the blackest things I’ve ever seen, had me scared shitless. It was like looking into a vortex of sin and strife.

I kept my gaze away from them. Focusing instead on the way her breasts could fill valleys, and the way her torso dipped down to the most versatile hips man had ever known. Hips that both begged to be dominated and probably invented domination.

Legs crept on forever, toned by what I only knew by instinct to be millennia of dance.


The spell wasn’t broken until my back had hit the table, our clothing gone in a whisp of black.

She had wings. Black wings enveloped by black flames. Sprouting from her shoulder blades.

I was mounted like some animal put out to breed.

She rode me, every muscle in her demonic body flexing with power.

“I’m going to do something I’ve never done,” she whispered into my ear, “I’m going to give you a power I’ve never bestowed before.”

I didn’t speak, I just let this happen. It wasn’t like regular sex. This was like being enveloped in a singularity. Emptiness my only companion as I was completely filled by an unearthly pleasure. I couldn’t even concentrate on how it felt to be inside of her. It was more like she was inside of me, corrupting every cell of my body.

Her wings flapped once, sending plumes of black smoke swirling around us.

Then she kissed me.

My throat screamed pain at me as jets of that black fire poured into my body.

Power replaced the emptiness and without notice my hands gripped her sides.

She was cold.

She was so very hot.

She was unearthly.

I surged forward and she fell back.

Her arms and wings wrapped around my body. I felt her legs caressing my hips and I thrust home.

Her head arched back with her back. Mounds of breast pushed against my chest. Hardened nipples begged for pressure.

We moved together, our hips playing an unnatural tune. Nails scraped over skin and palms hungrily grabbed at each other.

She humped at me like a rutting school girl just getting her first taste of real sex, hips never touching the table.

This entity below me fought for her orgasm, claiming it even as her body betrayed her to kicks and spasms. One of her wings twisted the same way a whore would do her body when over doing a faked orgasm. I lost any semblance of control, my body so torn by pain and pleasure it released.

Our juices mixed in a torrent of flesh fighting flesh, each of us beating pleasure out of the other.

I passed out like the women I had violated earlier. Crumpled over on this most definitely dangerous woman who coo’d in my ear. I was over stimulated in every way.

The table felt different when I slowly woke. It felt softer. The room’s aroma had lost its overbearing stench of death as well.

I smelled… layers and layers of perfumes?

God I had no idea it was even possible to fuck like that I thought to myself.

“That’s because it isn’t!” Lilith’s perky voice seemed distant.

“What do you mean?” The table was different. It was covered in fatigues. I picked up a thickly padded bra next to my head. Basic black, no frills.

“Well its not possible for me to exist is it? By conventional wisdom that is.”

I turned onto my side to look at Lilith. My head was resting on a swath of panties, some many colors, some naughty, some not. Lilith was dancing, her rhythms not affecting her ability to speak at all.

“Had to make my baby boy comfortable now didn’t I?” She motioned to the clothes, not breaking her mystical motions in the least.

“Oh, um thanks. Maybe you shouldn’t call me that.”

“My baby boy? Now that is just bad parenting!”

“How an I going to find your daughters?”

“Your sisters?”

“Um yeah.”

“I kissed you.”

“Yes, yes you did.”

“Once you leave this room, you’ll know where the closest one is at all times. I blessed you, freed your powers from their boring little latent state. You’ll no longer require stimulation to use them. Rather you’ll fuel your powers through sex.” She had the most innocent expression I’d ever seen. Was this even the same woman?


“I also gave you something.” She giggled happily as she twirled to a seated position beside me on the table.

She slid a finger under her dress, pulling it back out into my vision with a glob of my partially dried semen.

Her eyes gleamed black as she suckled on that finger, enjoying our combined tastes. I could see her cheeks contract sharply when she sucked, and her tongue swishing it around when she gave me a naughty show of it.

She swallowed slowly. Tracing a different finger over my chest she whispered. “I gave you hellfire. My one and only non sexually based power.”

“Hellfire. Like brimstone and such?”

She giggled again. “Yes, and such. Once I was damned, my first lover after Adam was um, how should I put this.”

“I’m sure I’d believe anything at this point.”

“Don’t.” Her eyes were still black. “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

“Yes ma’am.” Freaky.

Several seconds passed after her outburst.

“Lucifer.” She mumbled.


“Lucifer silly! He was my first lover after Adam.”


“Well the poor little fallen angel of light thought I wasn’t a big girl and thought I needed protection. Me being so” her voice did that teenager thing when they thing something is awesome, ” saweeet in bed and all!.”

“So he gave me hellfire. It’s so cool! Like you can totally incinerate anything, sending them to hell in a super cool blast of this back awesome fire.”

Gee thanks I thought.

“How do I control it then?”

“Oh it’s will power based. Just want it.” She shrugged her shoulders like it was nothing.

I tested it on a pair of the cutest little baby blue panties.

I just barely got the thought off in my head when they erupted in black fire.

“You’re going to make some saucy little demoness down there a very happy girl if you keep that up.”

I chuckled, this could be useful, and also very dangerous. What if I just got mad at something and sent them to hell?

“Well silly, you’d have to concentrate. If you don’t specifically want them gone off to hell they aren’t going.”

“Side note. The clothes, where’d you get them?”

“The guards up there.” She pointed to the blacked out glass.

Shit. I had forgotten about them. When I got out of here they were going to fuck me up.

“Oh fuzzy bunny, you can’t die! You weren’t immortal, but I blessed you. They can hurt you, even disintegrate you. But you’ll reform eventually. Sex is in the air, you’ll naturally feed on it. Besides, you just had some” plenty of emphasis was put on the upcoming words, “earth shattering sex.”

“And that keeps me free of bullets how?”

“I wear off a good bit of my appeal on those I fuck. For the next while everyone is going to want to either have inside of them or be inside of you. Whatever their generics allow for.”


“Oh fluffy bunny, just freeze time and move past the guys.”

“I am not getting hard around guys.”

“Will powah!” Man she was a strange one. “Unlocked, your time power is also will power based. That is unless you get wicked low on juice. You’ll just go nuts and start fucking without a shred of control.”

“So stay well fucked. Got it.”


I got up to leave, already missing her presence.

“Oh cuddle bunny! Once you leave, look up Jasmine first. She’s my youngest daughter and the least likely to annihilate you before you have a chance to explain.”


“She’s a platinum blonde, natural of course. Tiny little waist, quite breakable looking. Betting she’s gotten a bunch of experience in the last thirteen years though so watch out! I blessed her when she was just a wee high school teeny so she’s not going to be waltzing around as a mid wife.”

The hidden door opened and I slipped through. It’s companion door swayed open.

I could feel a new power rising in me as soon as I was free of the magnetic forces in Lilith’s room. Freezing time would be cake now.

The smell of decay had me gagging my way through the door. The room was piled high with corpses.

Getting past the horde of nude soldier women turned on by Lilith’s trick was so very easy.

They rushed towards the door.


Time froze with ease.

I darted around them, and exited to the maze of halls.

Once alone out there I both unlocked time to conserve energy and bolted down the hall.


Krauss, unlike at any time I had ever seen her before, tackled me into a doorless room.

“I can’t let you go, have to follow you to the daughters. Have GOT to have this cock inside of me.”

Fingers skillfully wrapped around my worked up cock through my jeans. She buried her tongue in my mouth, swirling it around, begging for attention.

Fuck it. I’m supposed to fuel my new powers with sex right?

I kissed back, fumbling with her blazer. It came loose just as she got my pants undone.

The little bitch was so taken she tried to fuck me with her slacks still on.

It freaking hurt when she just about bent me cockeyed.

I shoved her off, and hurriedly undid her pants. Laid flat in her stomach I pinned her down.

“Yea, fuck me like your raping me.”

I did.

Her pants weren’t even all the way off when I ripped her panties off.

It must have hurt because she yelped and I’m sure I saw a tear.

I plunged in.

She was soaked with fluids. Her body needing it in a way that she probably never had before.

I pounded from above, violating her cunt rapidly. Mashing her body to the slick floor with every grunt mangled thrust. Her legs tried and failed to spread far enough for her preference, restrained by her bunched up slacks.

I wasn’t caring about her pleasure. Just get a hit of power off of her and move on.

She had other ideas. Wedging a hand under her body she worked on herself. Spreading her lips and rubbing furiously.

She came first, creating a small puddle of ooze on the floor between her legs.

She came a second time, far too soon than I would have thought. Harder than her first orgasm, her back arched strongly enough to raise up even with my weight on her.

Her muscled groin pulled against my cock, rubbing it as I stayed buried in her to enjoy her climax.

“Fuck! Just… Just… Just stay there! Fuck me up to my fucking soul!”

She had no idea.

My tip mashed against her inner flesh. I couldn’t have been more inside of her if I had tried. She kept bucking, grinding her buttocks against me.

I fucking love you Lilith.

Every time she started to come down, she erupted again, spewing more liquid around me.

She was just mumbling incoherently now, her mind as fucked up as her body.

Eventually she just ran out of gas, subsiding to the occasional spasm.

Her pussy kept fluttering though, working me like a machine. She had lost control of her bodily functions, reduced to a perpetual orgasm fueled by some aura on me via the mistress of sex.

I didn’t even want to thrust or put any effort into this. Her body worked me excellently just buried inside. She was drooling and leaking fluids.

If I hadn’t snapped back to the reality of me needing to leave, I’d have stayed like that forever.

I started thrusting again, begging myself for my own release.

Krauss whimpered incoherently the harder and faster I pumped.

I was so close, so very close to release when I heard footsteps down the hallway accompanied by a blaring alarm.

“Shit.” I checked my watch, twenty seven minutes had passed. I had wasted far too much time.


I grinned.

Five minutes later by my reckoning, I spilled inside a time locked Krauss and sped out of the door. It had been different though, this climax. I had felt Krauss’ life force being drawn into me. The new wrinkles and creases around her eyes would probably be haunting me for a while.

Leaving the complex was simple when one is completely off the radar like I was. Outside however, once I released time I felt a massive power drain. I had locked time for too long.

Now I was weak, exhausted by my exertions. Even with Krauss’ energy, I felt tired.

When we had arrived, the blacked out Tahoe had entered through a garage. It had been that way six years ago as well. I had no idea where I was.

The area reminded me of Texas, but it was cold. Montana maybe? We had been in the vehicle for only hours, but we had sat in what I was told was a plane’s cargo bay.

Pre-Core days, my marine days, I had been a scout sniper. Combat survival and hiding were my specialties. The sparse, dry landscape provided few options for cover for most people, but not me.

I went headlong into a mud hole, covering myself from head to toe. Some bushes provided the rest of my rapidly developed cover.

I wasn’t eating long before the exit I had taken opened and freshly clothed women rushed out. The same women from the observatory room.

I counted seven, plus one haggard looking Agent Krauss.

“He’s not far, use your senses, feel him out. And hope to god that whatever that bitch in lock did to him has worn off.”

They spread out, each of them with their palms at their sides. One of them, a woman of some sort of mixed descent knelt by the mud hole.

A mere ten feet away from me.

“He went in here!” She called out to the others.

“Wait!” Another shouted. “Do you feel that?”

They all centered themselves, eyes closed as they searched for whatever the first woman had felt.

This was freaking strange. Two days ago I had just been another honorably discharged soldier working at a company that had its biggest concern being its falling stock prices. Now strange women were “feeling” for me?

“Someone’s coming.”

“No.” Krauss said. “There are two. Possibly daughters.”

“We can’t fight them! They’re blessed!”

“You’ll stand your ground and acquire Marks for the Core. Who knows, maybe mommy dearest exaggerated about them.” From my line of sight I could tell Krauss didn’t really think that from her worried expression.

One of the women who had spread out looking for me came running over a large pile of dislocated gravel and sands. “Hey I think he’s over here!”

Krauss motioned and the one standing closest to me started jogging over to the returnee with another.

As soon as they were out of sight bolts of flame scorched the earth.

A redhead walked silently towards the remaining soldiers.

Krauss pointed at the woman, attempting to control her.

All she managed was to make the redhead miss her target. That target being Krauss. Flames billowed around her.

A black woman who had up to this point, stayed close to Krauss leapt away from the fire. Rolling to her feet she threw her own fire.

Her fire met the strangers.

The stranger won with ease, cooking the poor woman to a squirming mess.

“You can’t win Mary!”The stranger yelled. ” I know about the bomb, don’t bother with threats. Just crawl back into your little hole and hide!”

“Figures it’d be you Jade. Where is Marks. Give him to me and we’re done here.”

“Is that who I sense over there in the bushes? Why do you want him?”


Krauss ran where that Jade person had pointed. She ran straight at me.

I tried to freeze time. Nothing happened except for everything kept happening. Obviously I hadn’t even slowed time.

I wasn’t to tired to fight though.

She got close, I spun in my side and tried to trip her. I ended up with her falling on me, giving me a sweet elbow to the jaw.

Yeah I reacted, jabbing my fingers pointed straight directly between her third and fourth right ribs.

“Just give it up! We need you!”

“Fuck you Krauss you ended my career and then drag me right back in?”

“It’s for everyone!”

I was afraid of what might happen if I panicked earlier and had been right t do so.

I lit her on fire. Black flames burst around her. She gave up her struggle and bolted for Core 37′s entrance.

She got there just as her left leg fell off of her body, burned to dust. She managed to slap the walls surrounding the door.

The flames left her, leaving a screaming woman to be dragged through the doors by her remaining soldiers.

Over that same dirt pile one last soldier stilled up.

She and Jade met over me. They stared for a moment.

“He’s filthy.” Krauss’ soldier said.

“Mary wants him, therefore so do I.”

I croaked out an interruption. “Aren’t you one of Krauss’ girls?” I weakly pointed at the brunette.


“No, she’s not.” Jade smiled down at me. “We’re sisters.”

“Oh, Lillith?”

“You met her?”

“Strange woman? Red hair and a penchant for floating?”

“Whaaaaat?”The soldier squealed. “Bub here met ole mommy dearest?”

“Apparently. Look, she told me to find someone named Jasmine. Said she’s my sister, sort of.”

“Well hey that’s you babe!” Jade punched the soldier in the arm.


“No it’s not her, Lillith said Jasmine is a teenager. Tiny with blonde hair.”

“Damn it, yea that’s me.” She morphed. Her body flowing like a pond’s surface broken by a pebbles splash.

When she solidified, I’m sure I was gaping at her open mouthed. Mud and all.

She was like an angel.




Her hair wasn’t just blonde, it was almost white and fell straight down her back to her waist. Her body was pixie like. Maybe breaking a hundred pounds however doubtful the estimate seemed. Short but firm, her body truly hadn’t aged a day if she was turned as a late teenager.

The uniform was long gone, combat boots replaced by white four inch party heels. The kind you’d see at a really formal event. Her fatigues had faded to a pleated white mini-skirt, matching her tank top and hair perfectly.

“Call me Jaz, no one really calls me Jasmine.”

While Jade’s skin was alabaster, Jaz’s was a dark copper. Caucasian, but supremely tanned.

Her eyes were mesmerizing, she had to have someone of eastern descent in her bloodline. Sharp features outlined them, making her look cocky.

Her playful grin didn’t help on the cockiness impression.

“You enjoy doing that way too much.” Joy shook her head and offered me the other. “Help me get him up Jaz.”

“Fuck no,” I managed to sputter out. “I’ll manage.” The whole time I couldn’t break my stare no matter how hard I tried.

I admit I didn’t try very hard.

“I hate you.” Jade jealously and playfully said to Jaz.

“Woah there broad. You’re the one with the hooters, Didn’t we just have this same exact convo like two hours ago at the airport when you had the whole damn place in a trance?”

“Yea but that’s different.”

“How so ho?”

“I was using my powers.” She shrugged and the two of them started walking away, apparently taking my words to heart. Jaz had her head thrown back, continuing her cute whining about her lack of conventional sex appeal while Jade berated her on the fact that Jaz could just shape shift into anyone.


“We had to lock you back there. It was for your own good!” Jade hollered at me the instant the trunk had popped open.

No amount of time freezing had gotten me out of the confinement.

It had only weakened me.

Jaz was nowhere to be seen.

I didn’t even really walk into the shabby motel room. Jade more or less had to hold me all the while keeping a hand lit with flames.

“First of all, you’re filthy, and that’s a 69 charger. No one dirties my baby. Secondly, Jaz might have enthralled you by accident.”

I wasn’t really in any shape to comment or resist. I just let Jade lead me into the bathroom. The place was rundown, reminiscent of the 50′s era.

I caught a glimpse of my greyed out eyes in the old mirror.

“What’s wrong with my eyes?”

“Enthrallment. It’s what happens when a Succubus wants a man, and turns him on. It removes practically all of their inhibitions and focuses them solely on one objective. Sex.” It was obvious Jade was avoiding my field of vision.

“If um, the Succubus back out though, the victim of Enthrallment can go a little bonkers. It can also transfer focus to another sexual target, in this instance, me. So get your butt into that shower and set it to wicked cold.”

“I’m hungry.” I wasn’t actually hungry, I’m not sure why I even said that. There was a large… emptiness growing inside me though.

“Yea no kidding, I could sense that from a mile off. Jaz is out getting dinner for you. Just get in the shower and cool off.”

“Who’s Mary? You called Krauss that back at Core 37.”

“So that’s what they’re calling that place? We just call it the big scary.”

“You’re dodging the question.”

“Your not showering.”"

Fine. I thought. I peeled off my shirt, muddy abs flexing with every hard breath. Pants came off next. As much intercourse as I had done in the past 48 hours, is it really any surprise I had lost my boxers somewhere along the way?

I caught the pleasing gasp from Jade behind me anyways.

“I thought I was supposed to cool off. Sexily breathing isn’t going to help this.” I turned to face her, hands pointed downwards.

She ducked out of the room so fast I barely even saw a flash of red.

Setting the shower to full blast, and as cold as it would go I got in. There’s a theory out there among women that getting boner to go away is really quite simple.

Guys know that no two personal erections are the same. This was a good one.

One of those erections that make you want to run around singing, “This is my cock, my cock is amazing!”

Cold water, jacking off, thumping it painfully, none of it worked. I ended up having to wait it out. Thirty minutes later I was finally free and clean.

As clean as one can get in a rusty shower, using already unwrapped hotel soaps and shampoos.

The mirror confirmed my eyes were back to their normal blue.

I knew I was back to normal before I even checked. My mind was so much clearer. Thinking wasn’t nearly as much of a chore.

I could hear through the door a couple of muffled voices.

“How can we trust him? I don’t care if he’s been blessed. Have you forgotten what happened to Jen? Those demons sucked her dry, we don’t do that.”

“We don’t know he’s going to turn that way.”

“Did you see your old friend? He sure as hell took a lot from her. Her face was so sunken it was gross!”

“Mary won’t stay that way for long. She never does, and she’ll leave a trail of bodies to rejuvenate.”

“And if he’s done the same already?”

“I don’t think he was able to drain before he was blessed. We would have noticed the body counts.”

“Yea right.”

I knocked on the door. Locked as it was I didn’t really want to go around smashing it.

“He’s done, I’ll make sure he’s not still caught up in your fuck up.”

Jade opened the door a little. I was leaning against the sink, pointing at my eyes.

“So, explain this Enthrallment thing again.”

“Come into the room. We’ve got questions of our own.” She swung the door open and let me through. I noticed she never gave her back to me.

There was an open chair by the AC. I didn’t take it, rather choosing to stand next to it.

“Oh god put a shirt on!” Jaz was feigning covering her eyes.

I definitely caught her peeking.

Looking down I remembered my clothing situation.

I spoke, “Kinda don’t have any replacements for those.” motioning towards the muddy clothes in the trash.

“Help him out Jaz.”

“Whaaaat? Are you serious Jay-Jay?” Jaz whined.

“Yea, you don’t want anymore accidental enthrallments do you?”

“I’ll prolly enthrall him again doing this.” she muttered.

Jaz shape shifted again, morphing to a hideously obese Asian woman.

“No funny ideas jack wagon.” She pointed at me.

“Yea, whatever you say.”

As soon as she kissed me, my thoughts swelled to baseball. No matter how ugly her current appearance, I knew she was really a smoking hot woman.

It was rough. Her kiss grated my lips. Her lips were chafed.


When she stepped back and resumed her petite figure, I noticed the change.

I was now decked out in a slick suit.

Black and modern cut, it came complete with a black shirt and tie. Buffed out dress shoes and a black leather belt completed it.

“Holy shit that’s some trick.”

Jaz looked pleased. “I’m good, I know it.”

Jade rolled her eyes. “Okay, spill it. What’s your connection to Mary?”

“Mary, you mean Krauss?”

“Yea, whatever she’s going by these days.”

“How can I trust you?”

“Really Bub? Really?” Jaz plopped down on the sole bed. Legs crossed she just about had be begging her for another kiss on my knees.

“Fine, I guess I owe some answers. Krauss recruited me out of scout sniper school. Once my first tour was up, she had me transferred to Core 37. U was under the impression I was going to be a test subject. I was right. Before you ask, I signed a non disclosure act. No one outside of Core 37 can verify my story.”

“Either way, we all thought it failed. Out of the twenty four test subjects, I was the only one to survive. The others shriveled up, each one dying a horrific death. I barely pulled through.”

“And they just let you go?” Jade prodded.

“Hah! We all thought it failed. Until two days ago nothingness different about me. Then suddenly, I was in the office and got a boner. Time froze and yea. Set things in motion.”

“So you screwed a bunch of girls and got back on the radar.”

“Something like that.”

“Yea see, you’re not too bright.”

“I had no idea what was going on. I couldn’t even get time to unfreeze until I was… done.”

“Sheesh so sorry. How do you think those girls feel?” Jaz spouted off.

“Pretty damned good I’d say”

“Cocky son of a bitch.”

I swear if I had a drop of power left I would had shut down time and given that girl the orgasm of a lifetime.

“Calm it down Jaz. Remember your blessing!” Jade chided.

“Um yea, fresh on my mind babe.”

“Okay, so I’ve answered you,” I was starting to breathe really hard. “how about you answer some of mine?”

“Fair is fair, but your getting low on juice bud. Jaz, you did get him sustenance right?” Jade was leaning against the far wall, eying Jasmine.

“Yea yea I got it. Why me again?”

“You’re younger.”


“I said so.”

“Bah! Alrighty soldier boy, over here on the bed.” Jasmine patted the bed.

“Thought you said food.”

“Nope, ‘sustenance’ was the word. We don’t have to eat if we’re juiced up.”

“What’s involved with this?”

“Look here, do I have to make you?” Jaz was leaning back. Hands bracing herself and chest pushed out.

That cute little chest.

God her legs begged me to come over as they traveled all the way down through the world. Her petite torso swelled in faked desire.

Her lips gleamed at me, moist from her little licking tongue.

Maybe it wasn’t as faked as I thought?

Either way I stood next to her. Over her more like it.

One of those crossed, slender legs pushed between my legs, grinding slowly to part mine.

I had to concentrate to stop myself from rolling my head in pleasure.

She stood up, tenderly threading her fingers through the lapel of my suit jacket. She pulled me to her, bodies pressed tightly together.

Those precious little glossed pink lips met mine, and parted.

I cupped the nape of her neck, doing my damnedest to not swallow her whole.

Energy flowed to me, passed from her kiss. It was like sex in a kiss. The two of our souls intertwined in exchange.

She broke the kiss abruptly, pushing me away with a strength I wouldn’t have thought possible from such a tiny woman.

Yea I definitely considered her a woman. Despite her teenage appearance there was something mature and experienced in her kiss. Something that screamed sexual capability.

Her mother hadn’t kissed like that. Her mothers kiss had been passionate and searing. This had been compassionate, a thing of beauty surpassed by nothing.

“Okay! Now that that is all done and finished up back to reality.” Jade said for her place on the other side of the small hotel room. She fanned herself in sarcastic wanton-ness.

“Yea, back to business.” Jaz and I muttered at the same time.

“Um, what do you want from me?” I choked out, swelling with humiliation at my reaction to Jaz’s kiss.

“We want Lilith. Mom doesn’t exactly come around often, but hey, she’s what we’ve got. And I want Mary served up on a platter.” Jade got deadly serious with the last remark.

“I take it you and Krauss have history.”

“Mary, was my only attempt at a blessing.”

Jade’s left hand lit in flames. “Thus fire us the fire of passion. Those it kills die in a blaze of pleasure so intense it’s fatal.”

The blaze turned azure. “It can also imbue power. I met Mary in London back in 1882. She was so innocent, so pure. I fell in love. I just didn’t want her to age and die. So against Lilith’s advice, I blessed her with a kiss tainted by a combination of this blue fire and my own selfishness. She’s been a power hungry bitch ever since.”

Daniel pounded the bag like those demons from the fires of hell he had tried to outrun. His body needed to release the frustrations and doubts that his mind refused to admit.

The past four days had been fucking amazing. After his little fight with Samuel on Monday and his surprising afternoon romp in bed with his wife, that word still stuck in his throat sometimes, all should be right with the world. Except…

“Give the damned thing a break man. What has it ever done to you?” asked the voice of his conscious and best friend.

Daniel stepped back from pounding the leather surface of the punching bag. Walking to the side of the gym, he picked up his towel and wiped sweat from his brow.

“Want to talk about it?”

“Gees, man, is that all you and that witch you married to ever do? Talk about us and our lives?” Daniel accused as he lifted the bottle of water and downed most of it in a single gulp. If only he could quench other thirsts as easily. But even after four days of the most spectacular sex of his life, he still could not let it go.

“I keep telling you, she’s a white witch,” Samuel said as he wiped his own forehead. “And she doesn’t mean any harm, man.”

Daniel sighed, “Is nothing sacred with that woman?”

Samuel laughed, “Not much, buddy. And we just want to help. Be there for you both.”

Daniel shook his head at his friends words.

“Is it what we talked about the other day? I mean it’s going to take some time and patience.”

Daniel laughed this time. “Not as much as you think, old man.”

Samuel arched his brow and waited as they picked up their gym bags and headed out out the door and across the parking lot.

Daniel toyed with things in his mind. True enough, Samuel and Simone had been his friends for almost fifteen years. They were among the few people, who knew the dirty details of his first marriage. Simone more even than his best friend. But somehow this felt different. Raw.

But the truth was if not for his conversation with Samuel on Monday, he might still be cooling his heels and stewing in his own insecurities instead of enjoying his wife’s charms. Well, most of the time anyway.

“Things are good. I mean really good. Really,” he finally said in a low voice.

Samuel wrinkled his forehead, “Then I’d hate to see that poor dead cow if they weren’t.”

“No, I mean the sex is great. More than great.”

Samuel smiled, “For the rest of us too, thanks for the short days. But what’s the problem?”

Daniel leaned against his Explorer. “She’s still sleeping in the nursery with Britney and Ashley,” he almost whispered.

Daniel just shook his head at the chuckle from his friend. “You have a really bad sense of humor, my friend. Unless you’re looking to replace that bag, I’d recommend you stop laughing.”

His friend rubbed the side of his head and smiled. “No, thanks. I’m still having headaches from the other day.”

Daniel shook his head as he opened the back door and threw his bag onto the floor board.

“Have you tried talking to her about it? Asking her.”

Daniel slammed the car door. “Fuck, man, you don’t invite your wife to sleep in your bed.”

“Maybe,” Samuel paused, a knowing grin cut across his dark face. “But then again most marriages aren’t arranged sight unseen on the Internet by meddling friends and mothers either.”

Daniel fought the urge to knock that smile from his friend’s face. But he grudgingly acknowledged that what he said made sense.

“I’m getting tired of asking this fucking question, but now what, smart ass?”

“Find a delicate way to bring the subject up with the missus. I don’t know. Maybe ask how the babies are sleeping. See if perhaps she is worried about them. Hell, Jess has been begging and pleading for her own room so damned long. Why don’t we all paint the basement for the kid? You could use the excuse that she needs the bed for her new room, maybe?”

Daniel frowned in thought. Samuel did have a point. Jess had been asking him to do just that for over two years. She hated pink and Barbie’s almost as much as she disliked being forced to share her space with her younger sister. It had been another of Rachel’s little points about why he should quit the Navy and go to work for the Dodd’s. So they could afford a bigger house and give all the girls their own rooms.

“How about you bring the truck and meet me at the bus stop then? We can take the girls and make a quick run to the hardware store for drywall and some paint before dinner. Get started first thing tomorrow,” he smiled.

“Sure you don’t want to head there now,” his friend teased.

Daniel laughed, “Hell, no. You ain’t the only one whose sexy wife is waiting at home for a nooner.”

Samuel slapped him on the back. “That’s the way to think, my friend. See you after a bit of…sky rockets in flight…after noon delight,” his deep baritone attempted a falsetto. The two parted laughing, smiling and humming the old hit.


Jill had just set the bowls of diced ham, cheese, carrots and cherrios in front of Brit and Ash when the door bell rung. Leaving the girls securely fastened in their high chairs she turned towards the living room and the front door. Singing out, “I’m coming.”

When she opened the door, she was expecting to find Simone, Trisha or one of the other wives. But instead a tall and stocky blond man filled the door way. She was not certain what it was but something about the man threw her, made her decidedly uncomfortable. Her arms spread between the doorway, her body blocking his view of the house beyond.

“Yes, may I help you?” she asked the stranger.

The hand held out his hand, “I’m sorry. I forgot we didn’t meet at your wedding reception. You were holed up inside with Simone I think.” The man smiled, but it only sent a shiver down her spine. Something about it was anything but genuine. “I’m Clay. Clay Dodd. I was in your husband’s unit a couple years back.”

Jill relaxed her stance a bit. She tried to quiet the irrational voices in her mind. If this man served under Daniel then he must be all right. Right? But somehow the sentiment did not translate from her logical brain to the knots in her gut that screamed for her to beware.

“Mister Dodd, I’m afraid Daniel isn’t in right now, but we expect him shortly,” she said stiffly.

“Mind if I wait inside,” he smiled.

Jill wanted to scream, yes, yes I mind. But without some logical reason she could not afford to be rude to one of Daniel’s men. Things had been going so well for them this week. Well, almost anyway, she thought.

“I suppose it will be fine. I was just feeding the little ones.”

“I don’t mind. I haven’t seen my girls in a long time until the other night,” he added another of those smiles that Jill supposed would charm most women.

She stepped back to allow the man entry. A shiver ran down her spine as he brushed a little too close against her. His smile broadened.

Jill closed the door and turned towards the kitchen. “I really need to check on the girls. Have a seat in here. I’m sure Daniel won’t be long,” she knew she was stammering but there was little she could do to control this irrational reaction to the man.

“If it’s O.K., I’d like to hang out with you and the twins in the kitchen. Like I said, I haven’t seen much of my girls since…” his words hung in the air. “Rachel was a dear friend. And I was quite fond of the little angels before…Well, before their mother’s untimely death.”

Jill nodded. The man’s affection for the toddlers should have allayed some of her concerns but for some reason it did not.

Walking into the kitchen, she smiled at the mess about her. Britney and Ashley had managed in only the couple of moments she had been gone to throw as much of their food on the floor as they had eaten. Maybe even more. Jill knew that playing with their food was as important at this age as eating it. Picking up the little pieces allowed them to develop their fine motor and hand-eye coordination. So after four boys, she really did not mind the mess.

The man was another matter as he obviously looked around the small kitchen. “They have grown so much. I remember when Rachel was pregnant with them. She always complained about how active they were. Their kicking kept her up half the night.”

Jill tried to focus, gain whatever information she could about her mysterious predecessor. But she could not seem to fight off this feeling. It was one that she had felt only twice before. She hoped with all her heart that this did not end as badly those other times.

“You said you were friends with Rachel?” she probed as she grabbed a dishcloth from the kitchen sink. She began to clean Britney’s hand as she snuck a quick glance at the clock on the wall. She just hoped like hell that Daniel would be back early as he had this past week. If he tarried the way that he had before…Well, it simply did not bear thinking about.

That smile was back again. It reminded Jill of another man’s, the tiny hairs on her arms stood on end once more.

“Yes,” he boasted. “Our fathers run in the same business circles in New York and Washington. Although we had never met until I joined Daniel’s team, we shared many of the same friends.”

Jill nodded as she finished washing Britney’s hands and face. Removing the soiled bib, she turned her efforts to Ashley. The men came to stand right behind her, once again brushing against her until she moved away.

“It was refreshing having someone more…” He bent to pick up Britney as Jill fought back the desire to push him away from her charge. “Someone more worldly in these god forsaken backwaters.”

Jill frowned at his words. “I don’t understand, Mister Dodd. If you don’t like this place and no longer serve under Daniel, why would you say?”

“Unfinished business,” he replied with a smile that made Jill’s blood freeze and her heart skip several beats. She wanted to vomit. She wanted to grab the girls, run and hide.

Jill willed herself to breath through the fear. Her mind kicked into the cognitive behavioral therapy that she had undergone after. After the other. It was just fear. Her mind was playing tricks on her. Her body was responding with the irrational fight or flight syndrome.

Jill chose fight. She picked Ashley up and reached out for Britney. The man brushed his hand against the side of her breast in the exchange. She immediately recoiled at his touch.

“Sorry,” he mumbled with that snake oil smile. Jill ignored his comment. “I don’t know what is keeping Daniel. He has been getting home earlier this week.”

“Oh yes, the boys preparing for a deployment. Making sure the little ladies on the home front have something to think about while they’re gone. Tide them over.”

If she had been uncomfortable before, the man’s brazen words made her more so. Her cheeks flushed scarlet. Perhaps she was just over-reacting. This was America. Perhaps her years of British reserve had just tainted her views of polite conversation.

“Rachel always hated these times,” he crooned.

The fact that this man knew something so intimate about Daniel’s first wife sent the alarm bells clanging even louder in her head.

“I can imagine. It is never easy knowing what is ahead. The uncertainty that the people you love face. The danger. I’m sure she would be very concerned for her husband.”

His laugh at her words reminded Jill of the villain in some bad nineteen-fifties horror movie. “Oh that was not what worried the Ice Princess. She could not care less about what happened over there. It was her wifely duties before that she hated.”

The man stared at her. His gaze travelled over her curves. For the first time, Jill felt exposed in the long sun dress. She was aware of the way its halter top hugged and lifted her full breasts. And when the man’s gaze lingered there, she wished she had chosen something else. Something that had a bra with it for certain. But she had not dressed for uninvited company. She had dressed for him. Her husband.

“I bet that isn’t a problem for you,” he winked. “Heard that you really heated up that damned tradition.” He took a step closer to her and Jill tightened her grip on the babies drawing them from where they rested on her hip closer to her heart. Offering her a bit of protection from his bold stares at her cleavage.

“Just remember, if you get lonesome while the ‘hero’ is away, I’m always around.”

If Jill’s hands had not been filled with the babies she might have well slapped his arrogant face. But as it was she simply made her excuses.

“Yes, well, it is time for the babies to get their afternoon nap. I don’t know what is keeping Daniel. But I’ll let him know you stopped by.” Her head tilted towards the door, “Let me see you out.”

The man chuckled. “Maybe I was wrong. Another Ice Princess. Poor Commander.”

Jill moved towards the door with both girls in her arms and was thankful to run into the broad chest of her husband. For a moment it felt as if she could actually breath again. Until she saw the hard, cold expression on his face.

“Dodd,” he said just the single word.

The man smiled. “Hello, Commander. I just thought I would stop by for a bit. Meet your new wife properly. I did not get the chance to stick around the reception you remember,” the men held one another’s stares as the tensions increased.

Looking at Jill, he continued. “Have to say she is not what I expected. Nothing like Rachel in fact.”

Jill blushed at his words, a vicious reminder of other’s words. She was thankful when Daniel stepped forward and took Britney from her arms, draping his other arm about her shoulder.

“Yes, well, it’s time for the girls’ nap. So I’m afraid, I’ll have to cut this visit short, buddy,” Jill could hear the chill in her husband’s voice at that last word.

“Well, there is one more thing actually. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that my father’s offer still stands. In fact, I could probably get him to add another ten grand or so,” he smiled at Jill once more. “A wedding present, of sorts.”

“The answer is still no.”

“Come on, man. At least say you’ll think about it. I know that the Navy isn’t paying you peanuts but our offer is almost triple what you make now. I’m sure that the new wife wouldn’t mind a nice diamond wedding ring or a new car. You got to treat’em right to keep’em.”

It was Jill that stepped forward this time. “Actually, Mister Dodd, I support my husband’s decision one-hundred percent. This world needs more honorable men like him and his team. I would think that you of all people would understand that,” she smiled.

The man shook his head, “Honor does not pay the bills or provide those girls with the best private education available,” he said as he reached out to tweak Ashley’s nose. The baby screamed immediately.

“My daughters, my family is none of your concern, Dodd,” Jill felt Daniel’s arm tighten about her shoulders as he spoke.

“Do you think Rachel would see it that way? You’ve virtually kicked her family out of their lives. Heather says you still have not said a word to them about your new marriage. And now you want to kick Rachel’s only real friend around here out too. What you got to hide, my friend?”

Jill watched the muscles flex in Daniel’s jaw. She could feel the pent up energy course through him. She slipped her free arm about his waist to offer what measly comfort she might.

“Trust me, buddy. Whatever I have to hide is nothing compared to some people. Excuse me if I don’t feel the need to share the intimate details of my life with the woman that tried to take my daughters from me.”

Turning to Jill, he handed Britney back to her. He brushed a kiss across his daughters’ forehead and a brief one across her lips. “You go ahead and put the girls down for their nap, sweetheart. I’ll see Mister Dodd out.”

Jill thought about protesting. She wondered exactly how her husband would see the man out. She smiled at the image of his boot to the man’s ass. Not that their guest did not deserve it.

As if sensing her concerns, he swatted her bottom and smiled. “Go ahead. This will be quick.”

Clay smiled, “I’m sure it will be, Commander.”

Jill saw the stares exchanged between the men and decided that a hasty retreat might be a good idea. The babies did not need to see or hear what was about to transpire. And honestly, she did not want to be around for these fireworks either.


Daniel watched the sway of his wife’s backside beneath the thin knit material. She shushed and shooed the babies as she walked. When she finally disappeared down the hall, he turned his attention to Dodd, only to find the man still staring after his wife’s ass with a big grin on his face. It was not what he needed at that moment.

“Stay the fuck away from my wife and kids, Dodd,” he growled through gritted teeth.

Dodd just shrugged, “Like I said, I just stopped by to let you know that our offer still stands and to check up on things for Heather.”

Daniel moved towards him then, standing inches from his face, “I mean it. My personal life is none of the Thomas’s business. So don’t think you can come around here when I’m not around, checking up on things for them or any other god damned reason.”

“Hey, buddy, the little lady let me in the front door same as Rachel always did. So if you have a problem, maybe it is with your wives, not me,” he smiled.

“Jill is not Rachel. And I mean it, stay the fuck away. Or I,” he paused.

“Or you’ll what? You and Samuel think it matters shit to me what you say now? You think my daddy will fire me over something that little cunt says. It was never anything more than her word against mine anyway.”

Clay met his gaze squarely. “Not after you two arranged her little transfer back here so she could take care of her little problem.”

Daniel kept his expression neutral, it was something he was trained to do with the enemy. And he suddenly realized that was exactly what Clay Dodd was. The enemy and a very dangerous one at that.

“Oh, that’s right I know. I know all about how she killed my kid. And I hold the two of you responsible for it. How would you feel if something happened to yours?”

Turning to look down the hall once more, he added, “Or maybe that new wifey of yours? You might care a bit more than when poor old long-suffering Rachel offed herself? It wasn’t like you ever really loved her anyway. But this one? This one is different. She’s gotten under your skin. Not the cool, calculating bastard so easily with her.”

Dodd shoved past him, “You just remember, Commander, pay back is a bitch. You took what was mine…my kid, my flesh and blood. And I haven’t forgotten it.”

Opening the front door, he turned, “So is this one a better fuck than the Ice Princess? Does she do more than just lay there like you’re doing nothing more than push-ups to an orgasm? She sure is better at taking care of those cute little babies of ours, isn’t she?”

He smiled and saluted, “I’ll see myself out, Commander. Don’t let me ruin your little fun before those other two brats of yours get home.” He said as he pulled the door closed behind him.

Daniel stood in the living room clenching and unclenching his fists at his side. They itched to hit something and not the damned punching bag either. When he saw the red Ferrari parked in front of the house, he knew things were not going to be good. Clay Dodd always was trouble and today was no different.

It was not that anything Clay Dodd said was really all that surprising. He had long suspected that Rachel was involved with another man. At least those last couple of years for sure. It made sense too that it would even be someone like Dodd. His casual taunts just confirmed things.

But what bothered Daniel most was the man’s tone when he talked about owing him and Samuel. It sent warning bells clanging. The need to protect what was his rode Daniel.

A soft smile touched his lips. The image of his wife stepping up to defend his choices to the man soothed his soul like cool water in the desert. Oh, Jill was most definitely not Rachel. But then again he knew that from the beginning. He had a feeling he was just scratching the surface of his wife’s depths.

Looking at the package wrapped in pink paper and ribbons that he had cast on the couch as he raced through it to the voices he heard in the kitchen, Clay’s parting words rang in his head. Was he going to let the man’s accusations ruin the rest of this day? Or was he going to clear some things up with his wife?

He picked up the package and tossed it in the air. “The man was right about one thing, buddy.” He caught the box and headed down the hall towards the nursery.


Britney and Ashley were fussier than usual. It always amazed Jill how sensitive little people were to their environment. The girls had felt the tensions between the big people in their world and it had taken a touch more love and attention to reassure them that all was right in their world this day.

Britney was just falling asleep to the soft sound of her horrible singing when she felt his strong arms about her waist.

“You are too damned good at sneaking around, commander,” she whispered.

He chuckled against the pounding pulse in her neck. His tongue already heading for the fading green and yellow mark where it meet her shoulders. “Part of the job,” he whispered.

She smiled, “Oh, no, I think that it is more part of the man that makes him right for that job than the other way around,” she whispered as she turned in his embrace to face him. Her arms wrapped about his neck. She stared at the floor as she spoke again, “I’m sorry. Something told me I shouldn’t let that man in. But he said he was one of yours and I didn’t want to be rude.”

Daniel placed his fingers under her chin and forced her to look into those ocean pools, “It wasn’t your fault. You had no way of knowing.” He brushed a brief kiss across her lips. Jill was glad that he did not take it further. She knew exactly how quickly the fires could ignite between them.

She nodded her head and she took his hand and led him from the nursery. She paused in the hallway. Uncertainty still taunted her mind. Her role in his life the one area that still remained a question mark in her mind. The closed door to his bedroom was a reminder of that.

“How about I make you something to eat?” she tried for casual this day. Turning and walking down the hall towards the kitchen before he could even respond.

At the moment, she wanted nothing but solitude actually. The man’s words echoed like a prosecutor’s accusations. ‘Nothing like Rachel.’ His meaning was clear enough. A petite blonde beauty she was not.

She did not even look back to see if he followed her as she pulled things from the refrigerator. She fought back tears again as she began to assemble sandwiches on the counter top. She would fix him something to eat and then make an excuse about a headache or something. Escape to lick her freshly opened wounds alone while the babies napped. If she was lucky, by the time, they woke up she would have her insecurities back under control.

The pink package that appeared on the counter top was her first warning of his presence. She jumped startled from what she knew logically was another of her pity parties. “I told you, you have to stop doing that to me. Sneaking up on me like that.”

His hands ran up and down her bare arms sending sparks of desire coiling through her body. Her nipples strained against the tight material of the halter top. Wet, heat flooded her groin like a tropical storm dumping its power on the shore.

Her mind was as turbulent as that storm, but then again his touch always did that to her. It brought her body relief like the rain from that storm, but its powerful winds blew through her mind making her wish for things that would never be. Making her crave more than just this man’s body. Making her want his heart just as he already held hers.

But Clay Dodd’s words today were a clear reminder of how futile those girlish dreams would be. It was not so bad, she reminded herself. She loved the girls. She had real friends that she had missed for years. Hell, she even had that magnificent body just about any time she wanted. So why the fuck was it not enough?

Staring out the kitchen window, she fought back tears that threatened to spill over. “Let me finish your sandwich. I have a bit of a head ache so I thought I’d lay down while Brit and Ash napped.”

She felt him stiffen behind her at the words. “Oh, all right,” he said as he dropped his hands from her arms and walked over to the table, taking a seat while she finished. Her body screamed at her in protest, begged her to follow him. But she forced herself to finish her task in the hollow silence.

She smiled weakly as she sat the plate in front of him. “How was your day?” the words seemed so hallow as they echoed around the room.

He shrugged, “All right,” was his only response as he bit into the food.

Jill went back to the sink, despite her earlier words about laying down, after the past few days, she could not seem to make herself leave, to abandon all hope of another chance to hold and be held by him. So instead she made herself busy in the silence.

She washed what few dishes the girls had made with their lunch. She cleaned up the messy high chairs and around them. Around him was the truth, she thought as she fought back to urge just to brush against him. Craving any type of contact like a kitten meowing for its mother.

When she returned and began to wipe down the counter tops, she noticed the box again. “What’s this?” she asked.

He shrugged, “Nothing much. Just a little present I picked up for you, but it doesn’t matter now.”

Her fingers caressed the ribbon. “Can I open it? Or do you want me to save it for later?”

“Whatever,” he replied as he finished the food and brought his plate to the sink.

Jill’s heart tried very hard not to leap at the thought he had gone to the trouble of buying her a gift. It seemed futile as her fingers ripped the bow and paper from the box, but when she saw the present inside it immediately fell.

“Baby monitors?” she questioned.

He shrugged, “It was a bad idea, I suppose. I just thought you might worry less about Britney and Ashley if we had those. I don’t know maybe…” he trailed off as he washed up the plate and put it in the rack to dry.

“Maybe what?” Jill replied, confused.

He turned to face her, “I don’t know maybe move your ass into my bed to sleep like a ‘real’ wife as you said at the reception.”

It was not exactly the way that she hoped to begin this particular conversation, but she had to admit that it was the subject that had been bothering her most of the week. She tried to be light as she teased, “Is this your way of asking, commander?”

Daniel stepped forward and took her hand in his, he lifted them to those soft pink lips that felt so perfect against hers. “Actually, even if you don’t count the very clear one I made that night in the laundry room, this was the only one you should have needed, sweetheart,” he said as he pressed a kiss to the gold band that twinkled in the sun light.

His eyes held her gaze for a moment as her heart raced once more from his touch. “So what’s your answer, Missus Monroe? You want to put the question of how ‘real’ this marriage is to bed and move into the one that you belong in?”

Relief washed over her. Jill sighed as she nodded her. “Yes, please,” she reached up and wrapped her arms about his broad shoulders. She drew him closer until his lips were just a fraction of an inch from hers, “Sorry, I just wasn’t sure if you wanted me there.”

The power of his kiss did more to answer her question than the gift or his words had. His lips captured and overpowered her as he pushed her back against the cabinets. She was trembling by the time he pulled back slightly.

“I think this may be my favorite of those god damned dresses you wear that hide everything and reveal even more.”

His hands made quick work of the tie at the back of her neck. His hands brushed the triangles of material back to reveal her breasts. His thumbs brushed back and forth across their peaks as he squeezed and lifted them.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the morning I asked you to marry me. I wasn’t sure if I should kiss Britney or smack her little hand when she splashed water all over it,” he smiled. “So are we clear, Missus Monroe? Clear about where my wife should sleep? Clear about this too?”

His hand reached up and took her right hand from where it rested on his shoulders. He drew it to the front of his jeans. Her heart pounded so loudly in her ears that she could barely hear his next words as her fingers toyed and danced across the hard ridge there. “I thought the past four days would make it crystal clear to you just how real our marriage is.”

She nodded her head as she fumbled with the button at his waist. It was not giving as easily as she wanted, needed. She fell to the floor on her knees, tugging more firmly at it until she felt it spring free. The zipper was easier to manage as she pushed the rough material back and down his thighs. She made certain that the softer cotton of his boxers went with it until she had exactly what she wanted. His hard cock in her hands. She toyed with it, running her hands up and down its hard length as she moved her head closer. She smiled up at him as she ran its softness across her cheeks and face. Taking her time to enjoy the feel of its steely heat against her skin.

It was only when her lover growled and began thrusting against her that she finally gave into his pleas suckling softly upon the tip, running her tongue back and forth against the hard ridge. She flicked her tongue along the soft, sensitive underside. She felt him tremble in her hands and drew its length deeper into her mouth. Her hands matched the tempo of her mouth, drawing him deeper, taking more of him into her mouth, her heart, her very soul.

She wallowed in the feminine power she felt as she knelt on the cold, hard floor. His moans, the white knuckles she could see gripping the counter top out of the corners of her eyes, the faster and more erratic pace his hips thrust against her face. They all pushed back the doubts that had consumed her earlier. In his arms, she found the confidence and power that she had once known as woman. She wanted to show him just how much this all meant to her. How much he meant to her.

She hummed softly in her throat as her fingers moved lower still, brushing over the rougher surface of his balls, rolling and tugging gently as she continued sucking his hard cock.

“Fuck,” he spat as he trembled in her palms. His hips moved faster, feeding her more of his cock until it hit the back of her throat. She swallowed hard and tried to breath through her nose but her hands and mouth were pushing buttons in her husband that she had not seen before. The pain barely registered as the back of her head hit the drawer handle.

She supposed she should have slowed things, tried to get him and this back under control, but the only control she wanted at that moment was his utter and complete command of her body. So instead of backing off, she fanned the flames that already threatened to consume them both. Her fingers tugged softly at his sac as she looked straight up into those blue pools.

“Damn it, Jill,” he breathed as he watched her draw her mouth up his full length until just the tip remained within her mouth. Her tongue drew a slow circle around the head before allowing it to slip with a loud pop from its warm, wet home.

“What? Do you want me to stop, commander?” she teased as she began to lick slowly down the underside. She could feel each strong beat of his pulse in the large blue vein that ran its lengths.

His growl that bore little resemblance to any human sound could have meant anything, but she took it as a ‘no’ as she continued her journey until her tongue licked and laved across the wrinkled surface of his ball sac. The guttural sound vibrated through his body causing them to twitch and tremble under her tongue. Her hands moved around to his tight butt, her short nails raked across them as she pulled him forward. Her mouth opened and she gently sucked one inside her mouth. Her mouth was too full to smile this time when her efforts were rewarded with another loud expletive.

She slowly released it and gave it a final tender swipe of her tongue before seeking out its twin and repeating the process. This time though her hands released his buns of steel and instead found her other favorite toy of solid metal encased in soft silk. Her hands danced up and down the length of his hard cock as her tongue wrapped around the firm surface of his testicle drawing it deeper into her mouth. She felt it tighten and attempt to draw up towards his body. She recognized it as a sign of how badly her husband needed to come, but she would not allow it, not yet anyway. Not like this.

“God damn it,” he roared as she tugged firmly with her mouth. Her hands moved more slowly on his cock as she released his firm flesh, licking it and blowing across the heated surface.

Jill smiled up at him once more, her hands moving more surely on his cock as she found the rhythm that she had already learned would drive him to the very edge of sanity. “No, no, not yet, suga. Not like this,” she purred as her tongue began to trace his rapid pulse once more back up the length of his cock. She paused when she reached the soft tip, licking her wet lips she whispered across its surface, “I want to taste you. All of you,” she swallowed him once more, moving her head up and down him, trying to take more of him with each stroke. Trying to swallow all of him, to fulfill the promise she had made.

“Fuck yes,” he cursed again as his fingers laced through her hair. He used them to guide her head even as he thrust his hips faster and harder against her face. “Suck my cock!”

His words raced along every nerve ending in her body igniting a fury that she had never imagined. She knew she was playing a dangerous game. More than once she gagged as she tried with all her might to take all of him. She found herself light headed, but she was not certain if it was from forgetting to breath through her nose as she sucked him harder and faster or if it was the heady power she knew as she felt him tremble and shake beneath her efforts. Either way it did not matter, she was not going to stop. Not until she had what she wanted or died trying.

For a moment that seemed a very real possibility as Daniel’s hips surged forward, his fingers in her hair tugging her head even more. She feared that she would gag again except this time as she did the head of his cock pushed past the back of her throat, sliding further than it had before. Her mind overpowered her body’s natural reflex as she swallowed him deeper. She was rewarded a heart beat later with another string of curses, his hips flexing and moving against her face as his come burst forth into the back of her throat. She reminded herself to breath as she gulped again and again. Her fingers scratched at his firm thighs not for release but in triumph of her accomplishment as she swallowed the last of his precious offering down.


Daniel chuckled. He was not sure what he had ever done to deserve this but damned he wanted, needed, to find out. So he could keep doing it. Not only was his wife the loving mother that his daughters needed, she could cook even the most experienced chef under the kitchen table, and she was every bit his equal in commanding the troop of wives and girlfriends. To top it off, she could give a god damned porn star lesson in how to give a blow job.

Jill looked up at him, questions danced in those green depths. “It wasn’t supposed to be funny.”

By way of answer, he lifted his wife from the floor. He sat that amazing round ass of hers on the edge of the counter top and bent to brush a kiss across those lips that knew exactly what to do to him.

“It wasn’t that. I was just thinking what a lucky man I am,” he said as he kissed her up-turned nose.

Her answer was to wrap her arms about his neck and draw him in for another kiss. Before he realized what happened the waves of need pounded him again. His tongue breeched her lips, plundered her depths. It hit him then, his own taste lingered. But rather than turn him off it only agitated the waters, making the waves bigger and stronger, threatening to knock him to his knees. He smiled against her lips as his hands came up to toy with those fabulous twin mounds. His fingers pulled and tweaked the turgid peaks.

God, how he wished that the twins were hers. How he would have loved to explore the soft roundness of her body as if brimmed with life, life he had given her. But just as much, he wanted to taste the sweet gift of life that would flow from these soft lush globes. Rachel had refused to consider breastfeeding any of the girls, but he knew that would not be the case with Jill. Her nurturing would easily extend to this most natural of motherly acts. But would she allow him to taste the sweet milk that flowed from her body to nourish their child. Fuck, he was getting hard again just at the thought.

He pulled back from her drugging kisses that threatened to wipe every sane thought from his mind. His lips trailed along the soft skin of her jaw and down her neck. His tongue wiped at the bruise he had left on her shoulder that first time. He should feel regret at the pain it must have caused her, but he did not. It was a stark reminder of one thing…possession, ownership. Like the stupid hickies in high school, it announced to the world that she was his. Body and…his mind stuttered over the word. This thing was too new, too intense. It transcended anything he had ever felt, but now was not the time to think of the other.

Now was for enjoying what he did possess, his wife’s lush, ripe body. His tongue blazed a trail lower still across the swell of those spectacular tits. He smiled against the heat of her skin as he felt her breath catch at his touch. After the other, it felt so remarkable each time he felt his wife’s body respond so naturally to his caress, his kiss. And when she came apart in his arms, when her body clenched around his, well, heaven could not be as sweet, he thought.

His tongue trailed across the hard peak of her nipple and she shifted on the counter top. He drew it into his mouth and tugged on it gently. His hand moved from around her waist to cup its fullness, weighing and squeezing its softness as his tongue wrapped around it just as hers had wrapped around the head of his cock earlier. He felt her moan move through her chest even before he heard it. The sound made him want to fly through some fucking jungle, beating on his chest and roaring ‘I am man.’

At the moment though, there was another hot, wet place on his mind as his other hand slipped lower to encircle her ankle. He slid it slowly up her leg, feeling her soft skin as he pushed that damned perfect dress up higher and higher until it reached her upper thigh. Her hands moved over his head, tangling in his hair and holding him in place against her chest as he suckled. He drew back slowly, releasing the nipple that glistened in the sun light from his kisses. He tugged softly at the other one, twisting it just a bit until he watched her eyes fly open with surprise and a hint of something more.

“I’ll come back to here,” he whispered as he knelt on the floor this time. Both hands wrapped around her full hips and drew her to the very edge of the counter top. He pushed the dress higher until the soft curls of her mound peaked from beneath the edge. His hands caressed slowly lower down her legs, spreading them wider.

“Daniel,” she whispered as her fingers clutched desperately at the edge of the Formica surface.

He winked up at her. “It’s called turn about is fair play, my lovely wife,” he whispered as he lowered his head kissing the inside of her thighs and trailing his tongue along her softness. He took his time, avoiding the obvious even as he felt her twitch and move her hips. Still he teased.

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