Almost two years ago now, I met this girl named Claudia, in an online game called RLC. We constantly spent time together whenever we were online at the same time. Both living in different states, but at least both in Australia, it was awesome to meet someone so intune with me. Well over time our relationship quickly developed into a D/s arrangement. So now I always call her Mistress. More recently we have progressed to SecondLife instead of RLC.

Just over a year ago, Mistress was about to go away on holiday with a boyfriend of hers. Leading up to that, we would often talk about things that might happen if she were to take me with them as well. So that’s how this “Holiday” story started. In the weeks leading up to her real life holiday, I wrote the chapters of this story for her to read. Just days before she left for her holiday with her boyfriend, she told me she had re-read the whole story to put wild ideas in her head for a sexy week away.

So this is where the fiction starts about a “holiday with Mistress and her boyfriend”. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it…


I get a phone call from Miss and she’s telling me about her boyfriend Max, he wants to take her away for a holiday. She’s real keen on the idea and I said she should totally go and have so much fun.

She says “I just hope I can keep up with him.”

From what Miss told me about Max, he’s a horny bugger, so I said to her “take me take me!”

I think she kind of liked that idea because she said “well that’s always an option.”

After talking a little more and fantasising about it, Miss said I could come too, as long as I be a good girl and wear her collar the whole week, no matter where we go.

I agreed, so she made arrangements and I spent the next 2 weeks getting more and more excited about it and getting ready to pack! We going to the Sunshine Coast for a week, so Miss told me to pack plenty of shorts and skirts and breezy summer tops, oh and the hotel were staying at has a pool too, so Miss said to pack my bikini and she’d think about letting me wear it.

Miss also told me “don’t bother packing any panties or underwear at all, slaves aren’t allowed to wear underwear.”

Of course the only reply to that was “Yes Miss.”

Day One!!!


Miss and Max had to change planes at Sydney airport so they arranged a taxi to pick me up and I met them at the airport. As soon as I saw Miss I raced to her and basically jumped into her arms, YAY it was so good to see Miss. We kissed, while Max was watching, then Miss introduced me to Max, and he kissed me on the cheek haha. I blushed, he’s pretty damn cute and I told Miss that. After greeting each other, Miss turned me around and told me to lift my hair up, so I grabbed my hair up like I was going put it in a ponytail. While I did that, Miss went behind me and put a collar around my neck, buckling it up at the back.. Its a leather collar, that kind of looks like a cute choker, but it has a gorgeous little pendant on the front, that says in very fancy writing “Claudia’s Bitch”. The pendant is attached to the collar by a thick round loop of silver. I can guess what that’s for. Anyways, Miss buckles the collar up pretty tight around my neck, not tight that I can’t breathe, but tight enough that I’ll never forget I’m wearing it. Still behind me, Miss hooks a finger under the back of the collar and yanks me backwards until my head is resting on her shoulder and her lips are at my ear.

She says to me “This doesn’t come off all week, got it slave? If you ever try to take it off, you know what will happen baby.”

Then she slaps my bum with her other hand making me jump a little while she still has hold of the collar. She lets go and turns me round and kisses me again, mmmm I love my Miss’s kisses Miss asks Max what does he think of her collar round my neck. He says it looks cute and he’ll ask about it later, but right now we have a plane to catch.

The plane was boarding, so we find our seats on the plane, its mid morning and there’s lots of business types on the plane, a few other holiday makers, and an old couple. The old couple are in the seats right in front of us. I sit between Miss and Max, Miss is to my right, by the window, and Max is on my left, by the isle. I keep looking over at Max, checking him out, he catches me out a few times and my face goes red.

Miss notices too and says “so you like my boyfriend do you baby?”

That’s putting me on the spot, I didn’t know what to say, so I just said “he’s cute Miss.” Max heard of course and I could see he had a huge grin on his face, which just made him even hotter.

Miss said, “well why don’t we give you a real reason for your face going red huh.”

She grabs a little blanket out of her carry bag and drapes it over my lap. She leans over to my ear and while winking at Max, she whispers to me, “take your shorts off slave.”

I say “yes Miss” and delicately slide my shorts down under the blanket so nobody notices, and leaving them at my ankles. Miss slides a sandal off and I feel her foot reach between my ankles and firmly hold my shorts to the floor, pinning my feet to the floor so I cant move much. Next I feel her hand slide under the blanket, between my thighs, touching me and rubbing softly.

She bites my ear lobe softly and then whispers to me, “try not to make too much noise baby, if you disturb anyone, you will be punished for it.”

In a shaky voice, I say “yes Miss.”

Now I feel Miss’s hand pushing my thighs apart, I spread them are far as I can in my seat, with my feet pinned to the floor by Miss. I feel her fingers rubbing my kitty lips as I start to get quite excited, then she starts rubbing my clit and I leaning back into my seat letting out soft but very quiet moans.

Miss looks over to Max, who is watching me get so excited by Miss’s hand under the blanket, she says to him “feel free to join in honey.”

Wow he didn’t need much encouragement, I feel his hand slide under the blanket and down my left thigh. OMG feeling Miss rubbing my clit and Max caressing my thigh, god I can feel myself getting so wet. The poor cleaning staff with have a little wet patch to explain haha. Not that I care, with Miss rubbing my clit, and I feel Max pressing a finger between my pussy lips. I look over at him, my mouth half open and I try to stifle my whimpers and moans, enticing him with my eyes to just do it. I think he got the hint, I feel his finger push inside me, mmmm yes that’s what I was waiting for. Now he starts pushing his finger in and out of my now very wet pussy, mmmm, he’s finger fucking me while Miss is rubbing and rolling my clit around with her fingers oh god. I know it wont be long. Suddenly Miss pinches my clitti, quite hard, I cant help but let out a short sharp moan OH! My eyes widen, I know what I’ve done already, as the old lady sitting in front of me sits up and looks back at me.

“Ss-s-sorry, I just hit my elbow” I say and she turns back forward and sits down.

I feel Miss biting my neck and then I feel her lips at my ear, “you’ll be punished for that slave.”

I just nod my head and accept it, I don’t dare speak because then people will know what’s really going on under the blanket. Miss accepts my nod and starts rubbing and squeezing my clit more, while Max is really pushing his finger in and out of me fast. my hands grip the arm rests as I clench my teeth and shut my eyes. Leaning back hard into my seat I give in to the orgasm as I feel Max wriggling his finger in my pussy as it contracts, Miss still rubbing my clit and pinching it a little. I don’t know how long it lasts, but it seemed like forever, my hands got sweaty and sore from gripping the arm rests so tight, my bum came off the seat, but not too far because Miss has my feet pinned to the floor. As I finally slump back in my seat and pant a little, Miss brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them off, smiling at me. I gasp quietly as Max pulls his finger from my pussy and he brings it to my mouth and rubs his finger on my lips. I grab his hand and greedily lick his finger clean.

Miss says quietly, “that’s a good girl, cleaning up your mess.”

I finish by sucking his finger into my mouth and rubbing my tongue all over it. He’s staring at my lips and mouth as I do it. I finish cleaning his finger and let go of his hand.

I lean over and kiss him on the cheek and say “thank you Max,” with a big grin. Then I nuzzle Miss’s neck and say “thank you Miss.”

She gives me a quick kiss on the lips and says “your welcome baby.”

She moves her foot from my shorts and allows me to pull them back up again. Miss folds the blanket a little and slides it under my bum so the wet patch I left doesn’t ruin my shorts. The plane lands and we get a cab to the hotel. We go straight to reception to get our room, Max talks to the reception guy and he books us in on the computer and asks what bedding arrangement we need.

Miss steps in and says “oh just one king size bed will be fine,” the reception guy smirks, while Max blushes a little.

I notice the reception guy eyeing me off, he’s kind of cute too, about 25 I’d say.

Miss turns to me and looking down with her eyes she says “what are you doing slave?”

“Sorry Miss,” I say and slowly fall to my knees on the floor, with my hands behind my back.

“Cute pet,” the reception guy laughs.

Miss leans in and says quietly, “she is isn’t she, but she’s not a pet, she’s my slave.”

I hear the reception guy giggle a little and seems he doesn’t know what to think really. So he gives Max the key and we head up to our room.

Max is busting for a pee so he races into the toilet, I take my opportunity and fall to my knees at Miss’s feet and say “sorry Miss, for not kneeling before.”

She leans down, and with her hand under my chin, urges me to rise. “That’s OK baby, I was just testing you, from now on I will tell you when to kneel while we are here.”

Max comes back from the toilet to find Miss and me kissing passionately. We break the kiss before too long and then Miss wraps her arms round Max and kisses him and tells him its so awesome to be away with him. Miss suggests I go check out the pool, while she and Max “catch up.” I take the hint and go put my bikini on, I kiss Miss on the lips and then kiss Max on the cheek and say I’ll be back in a while. Miss slaps my bum as I head out to go to the pool.

I go down to the pool and have a swim, its so warm and the pool is crystal clear and refreshing. I met a few of the other holidayers there and some boys from a football team, they’re on their end of season trip. After a bit more than an hour I head back up to the room, I wander in quietly and sneak into the shower to have a rinse, while Miss and Max are still in bed “catching up”. I finish rinsing off and hang my bikini up on the hooks on the bathroom door to dry off. I wrap myself in a towel and come out.

Miss is cuddling with Max, resting her head on his chest, she says “how was your swim baby.”

I tell her it was great and I met some fun people and that there’s some footy team on their end of season trip here too.

She goes “oh that could be fun!”

Miss says she’s just been telling Max a bit about me.

Max says “yes I’m wondering about this whole Miss and slave thing.”

Miss says “well, Sara is my slave, she does anything I tell her to, isn’t that right slave?”

I reply “yes Miss that’s right.”

She says “as my slave, she belongs to me and I can do whatever I want with her, isn’t that right slave?”

I reply “yes Miss, I completely belong to You.”

Max seems to think it’s interesting, so Miss says “how about a demonstration then.” She sits up in the bed and tells me “baby, drop your towel, come over here.”

“Yes Miss” I say as I let the towel fall off me, leaving me completely naked (except for Miss’s collar of course) and go over to the bed, near Miss. I stand there for a minute as both Miss and Max look me up and down.

Miss reaches behind me and slaps my butt and then says “time for inspection, turn around and bend over slave.”

I do as she says, bending over exposing myself to them both, resting my hands on the floor.

“See I told you she does what she’s told,” Miss tells Max.

I feel her hands spreading my bum cheeks apart and pulling my kitty lips open, then I feel Max running his fingers over my pussy and butt. Suddenly, Miss pushes 2 fingers into my pussy and then presses her thumb into my butt, pushing until it goes in. Gripping me by both my pussy and ass, she pulls me back towards the bed, until my legs hit the side of the bed and I nearly fall over.

She says “see honey, I own her completely, don’t I slave?”

“Yes absolutely Miss,” I reply. Miss tells Max not to be shy and I feel his hands wandering all over my legs and thighs, while Miss is still gripping me with her fingers in my pussy and her thumb in my butt. She pulls her thumb and fingers out and slaps my kitty softly and tells me to come on the bed with them.

Miss says “oww Sara, look what you’ve done, you made Max get all horny again,” and I notice the bulge under the sheet too. “That’s your fault slave, so you’d better take care of it for him,” Miss says.

I reply “yes Miss of course.”

I lean over Miss, with my knees on one side of her, I slide the sheets down until it reveals Max’s bulge. mmmmm, wow he has a really good sized cock He’s staring at me as I grab it and start stroking slowly, leaning down to lick his balls. I let go of his cock and rest my hand on his thigh as I start licking it up and down, rubbing my piercing all over his shaft. I can see he’s getting even harder and more excited and I feel his hand exploring my boobies, caressing them and squeezing them, while I lick at his cock.

I feel Miss’s hand slide up the backs of my legs and slap my bum “put that mouth to good use Sara.”

I start sucking the head of Max’s cock into my mouth. Just as I do that, Miss pushes her thumb into my butt again and this time 3 fingers into my pussy. I moan onto Max’s cock as I suck more of it into my mouth, wrapping my lips tight around it, which is difficult because his cock is really thick. Miss starts fucking both my holes with her 3 fingers in my pussy and her thumb in my butt. I slide my mouth up and down on Max’s cock as I feel one of his hands on the back of my head gently pushing me down further on it. I feel Miss’s other hand rubbing my clit while she finger fucks both my holes. Max’s hand gets a little more forceful now and pushes my mouth down much further on his cock until I gag a little, but I keep sucking and rubbing my tongue all over his cock. I can taste his precum now as I rub my tongue stud up and down his shaft as I suck him. Miss’s fingers and thumb are making me moan onto his cock which must be exciting him, because I feel his fingers pinching my nipples and squeezing my little boobs. Then I feel his strong hand push my head down hard, making me take his whole cock in my mouth as it pushes down my throat and makes me gag hard. I know there’s no point resisting, so I keep sucking and massaging his cock with my tongue until he lets my mouth up a bit and I gasp for some air and go back to sucking up and down on his thick hard cock. Miss starts squeezing my clit and twisting it as she finger fucks both my holes. Max is getting close as he pushes my head down all the way again, but this time bringing it up again and then back down, fucking my mouth with his big thick cock. He pushes my mouth down all the way everytime now, I gag a bit but keep sucking and tonguing his cock. Miss starts pushing her fingers and thumb into my holes faster and harder now as Max pushes my head down hard, forcing his cock into my throat as he start erupting. I can’t breathe as the first spurt of hot thick cum shoots down my throat, still pushing my head up and down on his cock as he explodes, he lets my mouth come up a little bit more every thrust, so I feel his hot thick cum filling every part of my mouth as he moans and grunts. He never lets me mouth off his cock until he stops cumming. God my mouth is so full with his warm sticky cum, I’m just about to gulp it all down when Miss starts rubbing my clit so hard and pushing her fingers and thumb into my pussy and butt so hard that I start cumming. I’m moaning loud, with Max’s cum dripping out of my mouth, as Miss fucks my pussy and ass with her fingers and thumb while rubbing and twisting my clitti until I nearly collapse. I orgasm so hard! As I settle down I gulp down Max’s cum, what’s left in my mouth, and then lick up all the cum I dribbled out of my mouth as I came. I suck and lick his cock clean and as Miss removes her fingers from me, I sit up and wipe my chin clean and lick my fingers.

“Good girl baby” Miss says.

I say thank you for letting me please Max and for making me cum.

We all freshen up and head out to the cafes and bars. We find a nice bar on the beach and sit and have some drinks. Its still nice and warm in the evening, but I feel a cool breeze on my kitty, because I’m wearing a little skirt and of course no panties, because as per Miss’s instructions I didn’t pack any underwear for the trip. Miss tells Max a little about some of our adventures together, like a few months ago when Miss flew me over to her city and I stayed with her for 2 weeks, as her slave. I giggle a little remembering it and Max seems intrigued. He says he enjoyed the demonstration and I lick my lips remembering the demonstration.

Miss tells Max, “don’t worry hun, you’ll get to enjoy more of her slavery,” and she winks at him.

We have some more drinks and a light salad for dinner, at one point the waiter drops a fork and Miss quickly says “don’t worry, Sara get that for him will you.”

I know exactly why Miss did that, so I get out of my chair and bend over right in front of the waiter, wiggling my naked butt at him as I pick up the fork and hand it to him and quickly sit back down. The waiter stands there red faced for a second and then suddenly says “I’ll get you a new fork Ma’am.” We all laugh as he runs off to get a clean fork for Miss.

After dinner we return to the room and Miss says its time for another demonstration. She orders me to strip and kneel at her feet. I do so very quickly, and keep my hands behind my back as I stare at Her feet, occasionally looking up at Her. While Max sits on the bed, and me kneeling just by the bed, Miss goes behind me and ties my wrists together with rope, then wrapping the rope round and round my arms, half way up so my elbows are pulled together behind me. She wraps the rope round and round again making it really tight and ties it off.

Then she grabs my hair and pulls my ear to her lips, “time for your punishment for disturbing that nice old lady on the plane, but don’t worry I wont be too harsh on you since all you did was cum for us.”

Then she pushes my head onto the bed, so I’m leaning forward, on my knees. She picks my feet up one by one and ties my ankles together, then holding my feet up in the air, she wraps the rope round and round my lower legs, all the way to my knees and back and then she ties it off. Before pulling me back down to the kneeling position, she grabs a vibe and pushes it between my thighs so its pressing on my pussy lips and teasing my clit. She turns it on and pulls me back down to a kneeling-up position. Miss jumps on the bed now and Her and Max start ripping each others clothes off. They keep looking over at me watching them,

Miss says “she’s a cute little slave isn’t she,” Max agrees and all I can do is pant a little as I feel the vibrations running through my body and I cant do anything about it.

I watch as Max fucks Miss, first with Her on Her back. Miss looks over at me as she has an orgasm while Max is still pounding her. I lose control of myself and orgasm too, leaning against the bed a little to keep my balance. When I start calming down, somehow, even with the vibe still going, Miss leans over and kisses me. Then I watch as she plays with Max’s cock, getting him hard again. I watch her suck him for a while until he gets really horny and wants to fuck Her again. This time she gets on all fours, but sideways across the bed, so her face is just inches from mine. I can see between her legs as Max wastes no time and starts fucking Miss from behind. Wow, its such a sight, I keep reaching forward to kiss Miss every now and then as she pants and moans and tells Max “harder”. Max starts fucking Her good as his excitement builds up, and I can feel myself cumming again and again as I watch. I vaguely here Miss moaning loud as she has another orgasm and I nearly pass out because the vibe just keeps making me cum. My clit is so sensitive now but I cant move or even spread my legs to drop the vibe. I cant stop it. I must’ve been in a daze, because the next thing I know, Miss is sitting on the bed in front of me with her legs apart and she has me by my hair pushing my face into her pussy.

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