She hated seeing this look on his face. Nothing pained her more. All she knew how to do was hold him and state the fucking obvious with the well worn words like ‘You are the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me.’, ‘You’re so beautiful.’ and other such things. But today she was filled with wanting to the point where she couldn’t imagine not wanting, and somehow convinced herself that he would feel the same: given a chance to want, how could anybody not? Well, this is how she felt, anyway.

“How are you, my love?” she asked, forbidding the fear she felt for the answer from clouding her voice.

“Horrible.” He said, but without hiding his face as he often did when this was the case.

She couldn’t deal with this fact, and her impulses took over. She grabbed his shirt-front and pulled him towards her with sudden force. While he was settling from the shock, (an obvious act that she disregarded with feigned oblivion) she growled “You’re not ALOWED to feel horrible.” She patted his chest subconsciously, but caught herself and pretended to be eradicating the creases she’d made. She placed her face in the crook of his neck and breathed warmly into his ear:

“Only I am allowed to be horrid to you…”

His breath told her he almost smiled at that, so she kissed him just to make certain this situation was alright with him. His lips welcomed hers in a way that could almost be called kissing her in return, which she knew to consider as enthusiasm given his mood. Reassured by this, she let herself undress him. She did so quickly and intentionally looking as though his body did not affect her, and she was not paying attention to his beautiful soft skin, every inch of which — in reality — she savoured the renewed sight of.

She decided to suck him, which she did without thinking of her own experience of the act, and merely enjoying the concept of his cock in her mouth, in her hands, feeling his heartbeat on her tongue. She continued until he was quite clearly enjoying it, then stopped. She felt this followed well to her actions thus far, and knew she didn’t have the neck/arm strength to make him come anyway. “Now you’ll lick me back.” She didn’t doubt her authority to say this in his mind, and lay back to enjoy it. She felt a little guilty for teasing him so, but she fully intended to reward him for as long as he wanted, in an hour or so. She struggled not to feel awkward about what she was commanding him to do, it really was rather nice. He was so good to her, so gentle, she felt blessed that he would lick her out with no complaint. “Use your hands, too.” He obliged, and she shivered. He’d occasionally look up at her with his tongue still engaged and she couldn’t help but smile at him with eyes full of love. She tried to be quiet, and she thanked him as evenly as she could — trying to be his mistress and not his charge, even though her body felt indebted to him.

She knelt over his waist and bent to kiss him, which she did deeply with him actually responding to it this time. She ever so gently nibbled on his lower lip as she teased by slipping onto him less than an inch and rising again, then she pulled away to look at him when she took him all in at once and he looked at her thankfully. After a while he thrust at her slightly and she stopped completely, and told him he had to ask to do that, before resuming just slightly slower. He completely took that on board, of course, he was so very well behaved.

“Please can I move too, mistress? Please, I’ll do a—” Part of her was embarrassed that he was willing to beg, but another part thought it was simply incredibly hot. He was cut off by her agreeing and pulling at his hips. He smiled. “You’ve been such a good boy. Would you like a reward? Do you want to fuck me? Or perhaps I could drink you?” He looked at her and she felt like holding him forever and perhaps baking him some muffins.

“Would you drink me, mistress?” he whispered, it really was a question, but to anybody else that was not important — one could not refuse such sweet, big eyes anything.

“You deserve rewarding, my perfect pet.” She could not think of anything she could say with as much honesty.

“I — I’m ready, mis-mistress.” His shyness and his pleasure at both her comment and the sensations he felt stopped his speaking being perfectly smooth, momentarily. She smiled, she was happy and had no reason to hide that. Once again, she distracted herself from her own sensation and forced herself to enjoy going down on him. It was exciting and intriguing to feel him come, as the nuances of movement are as individual as fingerprints. She swallowed slowly, analysing his flavour, and licked him completely clean.

“You’re such a good boy.” She pulled a blanket over them and held his face and the back of his neck, casually wrapping her body around his “You did very well indeed. Thank you.” She whispered, to show it was important that he knew. “I love you.”

“Thank you mistress, I love you too.” He actually smiled as she kissed him on the nose.

“You’re perfect. You make me feel wonderful. And you taste good too.” She teased.

“Thank you so much for that, I didn’t de—”

“You did. You deserve to be rewarded forever.” She kissed him again, very gently on the lips.

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