mild sub/dom

Welcome home handsome.

I’m just finishing up in the shower when I hear your keys in the door. I smile.

My handsome is home.

I step out of the shower, and quickly dry my hair, but not too much. I know you like it when it’s wet. I put on the robe you gave me, the really short one, but nothing else. I take a deep breath, and give the butterflies in my stomach a minute to settle, before I walk into the bedroom.

‘Hello mister.’

You smile at me. I can see you’re tired from work, but I can also see that glint in your eye. The one that tells me you’re not too tired to remind me that, shortly, I’m going to have to be a very good girl for you.

‘Hello missy. Come here.’

I walk over to you, slowly, nervously, feeling myself starting to tingle. Already, I’m getting wet for you.

‘Kiss me.’

I lean forward and kiss you, softly at first, knowing that the smell of my shampoo and the fact that you can see the swell of my breast against the robe you chose so carefully for me is having the right sort of effect on you. I press against you, feeling your cock pressing against my thighs.

I kiss you harder, and moan a little.

You push me back. ‘What about dinner?’

‘I’ve got your dinner ready, handsome. I’m a good missy, remember?’

‘I remember.’ You kiss my neck. ‘Prove it.’

‘Yes handsome.’

I step back from you, and untie my robe. My hair has fallen down around my shoulders. I slide my robe down, slowly revealing one breast at a time, before letting it fall to the ground.

I feel your eyes on me. I look up to meet your gaze, hungry and demanding, but tortuously patient.

You love to tease me. You smile. In that moment, I lose myself. You drop your gaze and slowly move your eyes down my body. You can see that I’m cold from my shower, but you like that. The heat of your stare begins to warm me as I blush. You like that I’m shy. It reminds you of just how much power you can have over me. Your eyes move back to my breasts, before again meeting my eyes.

‘Touch them.’ ‘Yes handsome.’

‘Good girl.’

There it is. Just those two words and I moan a little, helpless because of how much I want to please you.

I slide my hands up and cup my breasts. I can hardly cup them, even individually, but I push them together and hold them with one hand, leaving the other hand free, because I know what’s coming next. Or at least, I hope I do.

‘Uh uh uh. Both hands.’

Your wicked smile. I do exactly as you say.

‘Squeeze them. Pinch them.’ ‘Yes handsome.’

Your gaze slips lower, down to my pussy. I’m smooth all over, just the way you like me to be. I take the moment to look back at your body. I can see you’re getting harder, that you’re pressing against the pants of your suit. That makes me want you all the more.

‘Now you can move your hand.’

I do. I squeeze my breasts together again, and move my free hand down my body, along my stomach, down to my pussy.

‘Good girl.’


‘One finger. Just your clit.’

I do as you say, and slip my finger into the top of my pussy, finding my clit. I begin to stroke gently, my knees weakening slightly at the sensation and the knowledge that my handsome is watching me.

You watch for a moment, you yourself biting your lip, before saying, ‘On the floor.’

I lower myself to my knees, still stroking with one finger, and sit on the ground with my legs slightly apart.

‘Open them more.’

I do as I’m told. You can see me beginning to open, can see that I’m wet for you. You know what you’re doing to me.

‘Good girl.’

I close my eyes. In that moment, I know nothing but ecstasy.

‘Come here.’

I crawl over to you, and kneel between your parted legs. I look at you pleadingly, and lean in to kiss you, running my slightly wet finger across your lips. You take it into your mouth and stare into my eyes.

I know I’m allowed to touch you now.

My hands go to your waistband, yours to each of my breasts. I undo your belt, your button, your zip. I squeeze your cock through the fabric of your pants before I ultimately pull you free. Your touch on my breasts is amazing; it leaves me helpless. I look back at you, wanting to taste you. You nod.

I take the tip of your cock in my mouth.


I take you entirely into my mouth, and feel you press against the back of my throat. I gag slightly, and hear you gasp. I pull you out again slightly, my hand cupping, tickling, squeezing and stroking your balls, before yet again taking you in as deeply as I can.

Oh, that first taste of you after so long without you. I feel you get harder in my mouth. God, handsome, you do such things to me.

You take your hand from my breast and cup my chin. I pull you out slightly, keeping my tongue swirling around the tip of your cock while I look into your eyes to see how best I can please you.

‘On the bed missy.’

You take off your jacket and tie, and undo your shirt.

‘Lie down. Open your legs.’

Oh God.

You stand at the foot of the bed, looking down on me. You can see that I’m starting to drip. Jesus, handsome, I can’t wait.

You lean forward, and kiss the front of my pussy, just before the slit. It’s enough to make me sigh and press up into you. You press back, kissing all the harder, and slip your tongue just inside the opening of my pussy, pushing against my clit. You press, knowing it hurts me a little, before easing off, and flicking your tongue across it, so gently.

I dip my hips, moving away from your touch, because I don’t want to be so close to cumming just yet. Not until I feel you deep inside me. You dig your fingers into my hips, telling me you’re not pleased, so I push back against your tongue.

You bury your face in my pussy, and I can’t contain myself. I cry out.

You back off. I know I’ve pleased you. You love making me helpless. Around you, I’m never anything but.

You lean back on your haunches, and look down at me. ‘You’re mine. You’re my good girl.’

I blush again. ‘Yes I am handsome.’

‘Turn over.’

I do as I’m told.

I’m crouching on all fours on your bed. You slip one of your fingers into my pussy. I feel your weight on the bed.

You push against me, your hard cock finding my opening pussy. I’m still so tight. It hurts slightly at first, when you first slip in, then you push all the way in. You press your weight against my back, and put your hands on top of mine, holding me down. You put my hands together, and hold them with one hand, leaving the other hand free.

You slowly move to my breasts, squeezing and cupping them, flicking my nipple with your thumb. I can feel you breathing against my neck, licking me gently, occasionally biting. You swirl your tongue in circles on my neck and slide your hand down, letting your fingers find my clit.

‘Good girl.’

I can’t help it. I buck against you, and cry out.

You growl in my ear. ‘Do it again. Good girl.’

I push my hips back into you, pushing you further into me, slowly at first, then faster, and harder. I can feel you tremble slightly, and you groan again.

I love when I make you groan. You’re pushing into me, harder, faster, squeezing my tits, licking my neck, biting me. I’m panting, desperate, helpless, wanting nothing more than to cum, but knowing that I’m not allowed to. Not just yet.

I have to ask you first.

I moan, on the edge of ecstasy.

‘Beg,’ you groan. ‘Beg me like a good girl would.’

‘Handsome? Please. Let me cum handsome. You’re making me cum. I want to cum for you. Please, handsome.’

‘Good girl.’

That pushes me over the edge. My hips buck, I push against you, wanting you as deep inside me as I can have you, and I let out a long, slow moan. The pleasure of having you inside me, of being fucked by you, of being yours, is too much. I scream, and squeeze around your cock, as tight as I can. I can feel you building inside me, and I know you’re close too.

‘Fill me up, handsome. I want your cum to fill me up.’

You let out a final groan, and your whole body shudders. We collapse onto the bed, your weight on top of me, your cock still deep inside me. I feel your heavy breathing against my shoulder. I never want to be anywhere else.

I love being yours.

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