mild pain

Synopsis: A young 28 year old Japanese wife previously discovered hidden fantasies when she reluctantly agreed to the humiliation of being rented out to a group of men to pay off their debts while her husband watched. Now she admits that she wants to go back for more.


Haru still had clear vivid images in his head of the night he had watched his wife being used by Takahiro and his friends for their pleasure.

Takahiro had been good to his word and given Haru the money before they had both left his apartment.

Haru and Naoko had not spoken about the evening at all since returning home.

Although he was very grateful for a way out of his financial problems, Haru had felt guilty ever since because of how incredibly aroused he felt every time the image of his wife Naoko; used, naked and dripping with semen, entered his head.

Unknown to Haru, Naoko had always been a little curious to experience something like that but, up until that evening, she had been happy to keep these thoughts as secret hidden fantasies.

Even now, three months later, she could remember vividly how nervous she had felt as Takahiro had ordered her to strip naked in front of all his friends. She could still feel the shame and humiliation as all the men had used her for their pleasure and then ejaculated both inside her and all over her.

As Naoko lay next to her husband, secretly re-living every detail of that night in her head, she felt her self becoming more and more aroused. She reached over to Haru and let her hand rest on his penis. She was pleased to find him fully erect.

Haru was a little surprised. Naoko never usually made the first move and since that eventful evening they had rarely made love.

Naoko surprised him again as she moved closer, gripped his erection and said, fuck me Haru; I need you to fuck me right now.

He moved his hand between her legs and could feel the hot wetness of her vagina. She pulled him to her, opening her thighs as he climbed on top. He felt her hand grab his erection again and then guide him into her. As his stiff penis slid into her hot wetness she wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him closer and deeper. In her mind and unknown to Haru she was reliving that eventful evening. As Haru brought her closer and closer to her orgasm she could almost taste the semen in her mouth from that evening and feel the lust of all those men waiting their turn to use her and ejaculate.

Haru had never known her to be so aroused and they were soon fornicating like wild animals. He could feel her hot breath in his ear as he pounded urgently inside her and listened to her sighs and moans of pleasure building rapidly into a final crescendo.

She screamed and bucked her hips as her body lost control. She shouted, “Fuck me Haru, fuck me harder, harder!”

Haru had his hands under her buttocks and gripped them tightly as he made his own final, urgent thrusts before flooding her with his semen.

They collapsed into a sweaty heap; both of them panting for breath.

Naoko unwrapped her legs from behind his back but she and Haru remained joined together. They were both silent for a long while. Naoko was trying to find the courage to tell him about her new found desires and how she wanted to experience something similar again. The silence was only broken when Haru finally said, “So what turned you on so much just now?”

She hesitated for a moment and giggled nervously before replying, “I feel embarrassed to tell you.”

“Surely,” he replied, “after what you did for us both on that Saturday evening three months ago you can’t feel embarrassed about telling me if something has turned you on. It should be me that feels embarrassed for firstly suggesting it and then watching you be used by all those men.”

There was a further silence until Naoko said, “I’m embarrassed because the reason for me feeling so horny is that I was thinking about that Saturday. Every time I think back to that evening it turns me on!”

Haru was not sure what to say. Even now he did not want to admit how much he enjoyed watching her being used by all those men.

Finally she found the courage and said, “Haru, I want to experience something similar again.”

He turned to his wife and said, “But afterwards you said how humiliated you felt. How you felt as though you were just being used and forced to do any degrading act that they wished.”

Naoko blushed as she replied, “I know I said those things and they are all true but it made me discover a side of me that I can no longer ignore and want to experience again.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

Naoko was still blushing as she replied, “I want you to call Takahiro.”

“And tell him what; that you want him and his friends to fuck, humiliate and use you again while I watch?”

Naoko was silent for a while and then, avoiding his eyes she said very quietly, “yes.”

Haru tried to hide his excitement as he replied, “OK, if that is what you really want I’ll call him tomorrow. He tried to suppress the conflict in his mind and the never ending feelings of guilt. He could not understand why watching Naoko being used by these men excited him so much. Maybe it was his feelings of inadequacy or weakness. All he knew for certain was that it aroused him more than anything else.

The next day Haru looked out Takahiro’s business card. He realised he was trembling as he dialled the number.

Takahiro answered after a few rings.

“Hello, this is Haru.”


“It’s Haru. I brought my wife Naoko to meet you and your friends about three months ago.”

“Ah yes, Naoko. We all enjoyed her very much. So how can I help you; what’s your name again? Haru?”

Haru felt like a fool as he mumbled into the phone, “we would like to visit you and your friends again.”

“I see, but what do you want from me this time?”


“Let me get this straight Haru, you want to bring your wife to us again and watch as we all humiliate and use her again for our pleasure but you want nothing in return?”

“Yes, that’s it, nothing”

As Takahiro listened to Haru he was already making plans in his mind which were probably not quite what Haru had in mind.

“OK, Haru, I still have your email address. It would give me great pleasure to see you both again and to fuck your lovely wife. I will talk to some suitable friends and then email you with the time and date.”

A few days later Haru felt excited as he opened an email from Takahiro.

It read:

“Dear Haru, I was very pleased that you wish to bring Naoko to visit me again. Having discussed this with my friends we thought you might want to take a more active role. Of course during the evening Naoko will be for the sole use of me and my friends but we wondered if she might enjoy watching you having some fun with two of my friend’s wives. If you are interested then let me know and I will make the necessary arrangements.”

Haru felt excited as he read the email. It sounded like an incredible proposition. In his mind he could already imagine a scene where his wife Naoko was being stripped naked and used by a group of men while he watched and played with two women.

Haru replied excitedly to Takahiro’s email saying he would definitely like to have some fun with the two women.

He debated whether he should tell Naoko but decided to keep quiet.

The following day Haru felt a wave of excitement as he checked his emails and found a reply from Takahiro.

It read:

“Dear Haru, I have set a date for the last Saturday of this month. You will both arrive at my apartment at 8pm and Naoko, you must comply with the following:-

1.Your body is to be completely hair free. I want you to have all of your body hair, especially your pubic hair, waxed off so that both your pubis and labia are baby smooth. I have arranged for your treatment to be done at the hair and beauty saloon next to your own apartment. Just mention my name when you arrive, they have full instructions regarding your treatment. Your appointment is at 7pm on the Thursday beforehand.

2.When you arrive at my apartment on the Saturday you will wear a similar outfit to last time and again, strictly no underwear but this time I have provided the skirt and blouse for you and will leave them at the beauty saloon for you to try on after your hair removal. All you will need in addition is some high heeled shoes.

We are all looking forward to our get together.

See you both soon


Haru showed the email to Naoko and tried to hide his mounting excitement as he anticipated the horny spectacle that was to come in just two weeks time.


Naoko felt nervous as she prepared to leave the apartment to visit the beauty saloon for her waxing appointment. She had never experienced waxing before, only read about once in a magazine.

As she opened the door to leave she shouted out to Haru, “I won’t be long, I’m just going to the beauty saloon.”

Before he could reply she had closed the door and gone.

The beauty saloon was in the same block as their apartment and only took a few minutes to walk there. When she arrived Naoko felt self conscious as she walked over to the receptionist and said, “I have an appointment that has been arranged by Mr Takahiro.”

“Ah, yes, you must be Naoko, please take a seat. Takumi will be with you shortly.”

Naoko suddenly panicked. Takumi, surely that is a man’s name?

She turned back to the receptionist and said, “Is there not a lady beautician available?”

The receptionist looked back at her and smiled, saying, “Mr Takahiro left strict instructions that Takumi and no one else should take care of you.”

Naoko said no more, she just walked back to her seat and waited.

Her mind was wandering as to what sexual ordeal might be waiting for her on Saturday when her thoughts were interrupted by a deep male voice saying, “Naoko?”

Naoko looked up and saw an imposing older man. He was smiling warmly as she unconsciously checked out the tall well built man of around fifty that stood in front of her.

“Yes,” she mumbled, “I’m Naoko.”

“Ah, good, you must be my next client. Please follow me to the treatment room.”

Naoko stood and nervously followed him knowing that this man would soon be gazing at the most intimate parts of her body.

They entered a room which had a sign saying ‘Treatment Room’ and as Takumi closed the door her heart jumped as she heard him lock it.

The room had various cupboards and work surfaces around the sides and a simple wooden chair but what dominated the room and Naoko’s vision was what looked like a gynaecological examination table complete with ankle supports.

“OK, Naoko, please try to relax and don’t be nervous. Mr Takahiro has given me instructions regarding your treatment so to start with please strip down to your bra and panties so that I can asses which areas need to be treated.”

Naoko was very conscious of Takumi gazing at her as she slowly unfastened her blouse. She took it off, carefully folded it and placed it on the chair, very aware of Takumi gazing at her small firm breasts which were accentuated nicely by the dark blue lace fabric of her bra.

“And now the skirt please, Naoko.”

She nervously reached for the zip fastener of her skirt and pulled it down, unfastened the single clip on the waistband and pushed the skirt down over her slim but shapely thighs to reveal her matching panties to Takumi.

She then quickly took of her shoes followed by the skirt. She folded the skirt and placed it with her blouse on the chair and then stood in just her bra and panties in front of Takumi.

She could see a lustful look in his eyes as he moved closer and said, “Very nice Naoko, I can immediately appreciate why Takahiro is so attracted by you.

Now just try to relax as I examine you. Please raise your arms and clasp your hands together behind your head.”

Naoko, in common with many Asian women did not shave her armpits and as she did as he asked felt self conscious by exposing her armpits in such a way to this man. She was also very aware that with her hands behind her head like that her breasts were thrust forward.

She tensed her body as Takumi reached toward her and ran his hands over the light growth of hair in her armpits.

He stroked under each one gently as he said, “Mmmmm, we’ll soon have you very smooth under here.

Mr Takahiro has instructed me to check every part of you to ensure you are completely hair free so I need to check your nipples”

Naoko started to lower her arms but quickly clasped her hands behind her head again as Takumi said quite firmly, “keep your hands behind your head.”

She tensed again as his hands moved to the lower parts of each bra cup. She felt his fingers slide beneath the wired cups and then, with one swift movement he pulled out and lifted each cup up to reveal her breasts.

She could almost feel his gaze caressing her nipples as he moved his head closer to examine her. She felt her face flush as he lightly touched each nipple causing them to stiffen.

“I can see a few light hairs here Naoko but I’ll soon have them removed. Now let’s check further down.”

Of course there were no hairs on or around her nipples other than very fine body hair but Takumi was already enjoying his session with Naoko and felt a surge of arousal as he imagined applying the hot wax to her tender nipples before applying the gauze strips, allowing the wax to set and then ripping off the strips.

Naoko felt his hands roaming down over her belly. She tensed as she felt his fingers slip under the waistband of her panties and then gasped as he swiftly slid his hand inside her panties and said, “move your feet apart Naoko.”

She obediently moved her feet and as her thighs parted she felt Takumi’s hand move further down inside her panties and cup the flesh of her labia in his hand.

She felt his fingers move around a little and then further back until the tip of one finger brushed over her anus.

“Quite a little bush you have here Naoko,” he said, “but I will soon have you baby smooth.

With that, he slipped his hand out from her panties and said, “Take off your bra Naoko and then get on the examination couch.”

He watched her closely, feeling his erection growing beneath his trousers as she did as he asked.

He fetched the treatment trolley which had the hot wax in a bowl above a heater, a wooden spatula to apply the wax and strips of gauze.

“Ok, Naoko, lay back flat and raise your arms above your head.”

He reached forward and placed a hand on her left breast. He gently eased her small but perfectly shaped breast away from her armpit.

With the other hand he picked up the wooden spatula and dipped it into the hot wax. The wax was much hotter than normal but he liked it like that because he wanted to hear her yelp.

He expertly twisted the spatula in the wax to collect sufficient for her armpit. In one swift move he spread the hot soft wax onto the delicate skin under her arm. As the hot wax touched her skin she yelped, “Ahhhh!” and made to move her arm down.

“Keep them above your head!” Takumi said firmly as he quickly spread the hot wax to cover all of her under arm hair.

She kept her arms above her head as he pressed a length of gauze into the wax. As he waited for the wax to set he concentrated on the wonderful feeling of holding her breast in the other hand.

He checked the gauze after a few minutes and, satisfied that the wax had set; he gripped one end and then suddenly ripped the gauze and the hairs from her armpit.

Naoko gasped and tensed at the sudden pain but it was soon passed and then she felt the soft touch of Takumi’s finger tips as he checked the silky smooth hairless skin.

Takumi moved round to the other side of her and held her right breast. He could not resist brushing her nipple with the palm of his hand as he shifted the side of her breast away from her armpit.

He repeated the same hot wax treatment to her right armpit and as he ripped off the gauze and the under arm hair he gently caressed her nipple giving her a wonderful contrast of pain and pleasure as he tried to conceal his eagerness to wax her nipples.

“You can place your arms by your side now Naoko and then I’ll do your nipples.”

Naoko wanted to protest. She wondered how much it might hurt but somehow felt resigned to submitting to this treatment.

Takumi gently teased and pinched her right nipple, feeling it respond to his touch. He reached for the spatula again and collected some more of the hot wax. The hair on her nipples was only very fine downy hair but he knew it would be sufficient to stick to the wax.

Naoko squealed, “Arrrg!” as Takumi spread the hot wax onto her tender nipple. He spread it all over her areola and partially onto the silk like flesh of her breast.

He then pressed a gauze strip into the wax, rubbing it with his fingers to both tease her sensitive nipple but also to ensure good adhesion of the wax to the gauze. As he waited for the wax to set he teased her other nipple with his fingers. Pinching and pulling it gently, preparing it for the next lot of wax.

Satisfied that the wax was now set he slowly moved his hand to grip one end of the gauze. He could sense that Naoko was slowly tensing her body, uncertain as to when the sudden pain would come. He paused for longer than necessary, prolonging her anticipation and then without any warning he ripped off the gauze.

This time she almost screamed, “ARRrrrGg!” as the wax and fine hair was torn from her nipple. Takumi quickly lowered his head and licked her reddened nipple which again gave her the stark contrast between pain and pleasure.

He moved his trolley round to the other side of her, all the time gazing at her perfect small pointy breasts and noting how both of her large nipples were now standing firmly erect.

He collected some more hot wax on the spatula as he pinched and teased her left nipple. He watched her expression as he slowly moved the spatula toward her nipple. He could see the anticipation of the pain in her eyes. He hesitated for a few seconds, teasing her and then touched the wax onto her nipple. She clenched her teeth and made an “MMmffff,” sound as he spread the hot wax like before and then pressed the gauze into place.

While he was waiting for the wax to set he squeezed and caressed her right breast marvelling at the wonderful softness of her flesh and the stiffness of her nipple.

Naoko’s mind was focussed on the wonderful sensations he was causing by his touch and was completely unprepared when he suddenly ripped the gauze from her left breast. The pain was excruciating but thankfully short lived. Like last time, with her nipple still stinging he lowered his head down and gently licked and sucked her.

Takumi lifted his head from Naoko’s breast, stood back a little and ran his gaze over the almost naked woman lying on his examination table. Some years ago now his old friend Takahiro had rented the room at the beauty saloon for their sole use. The monthly retainer he paid to the owner was very generous and Takumi never ceased to be amazed by the submissive beauty of the young attractive women his friend sent along to him. Naoko was no exception and as his gaze slowly moved down from her erect nipples over her beautifully smooth belly to her panties he felt the familiar, almost uncontrollable arousal knowing that he was about to reveal her completely.

With his erection still throbbing beneath his trousers he said, “Naoko, I’m going to pull down your panties now.” As he spoke he leaned over her and reached for the waist band. He hooked his fingers in either side saying, “Lift your bottom.”

He smiled inwardly as she immediately and obediently lifted her buttocks off of the table allowing him to swiftly slide her panties down over her thighs and then off.

He paused for a moment to take in the beautiful image of her naked form.

Naoko suddenly felt shy and vulnerable. The waxing treatment had already been much more intimate than she had been expecting. When Takumi had started to caress her breasts she initially thought she should protest but didn’t.

She felt as though it was a minor rehearsal for Saturday night when she knew Takahiro would make her surrender completely to his and his friend’s lustful desires.

She looked at Takumi and could see the lust in his eyes as he said, “Now just try to relax your legs.”

He placed his hand under her left knee and lifted it. With her knee now raised he pushed it back and at the same time lifted her ankle up high and placed it into one of the supports.

The supports were padded with soft leather and each had a securing strap to hold the ankle firmly in place. He quickly secured her ankle with the strap.

He moved round to the other side of Naoko and repeated the same with her right leg.

Naoko felt helpless and exposed as Takumi then moved both ankle supports apart and back until her knees were almost brushing the sides of her breasts.

Finally he reached beneath the table and she heard a click as he released a catch that allowed the section that had been supporting her legs to fold down and away leaving only her back supported and her rudely exposed genitals fully and easily accessible.

Takumi moved closer and she gasped as she felt the tips of his fingers brushing over her labia and anus as if to remind her how completely she was exposed to him.

She watched as he lowered his head to examine her more closely and felt his fingers brushing through her pubic hair.

She felt ashamed as she realised how being exposed so rudely and explicitly was turning her on.

She tried to ignore it as Takumi removed his hand and said, “Naoko, I’m going to apply the wax between your legs now. I have examined you quite closely and noticed you have some hair very close to your anus.”

Naoko felt her face flush as she listened.

As he spoke Naoko watched him dip a finger into a jar of Vaseline and then he continued, “I need to prevent the hot wax sticking to the delicate opening of your anus so I will spread some Vaseline onto you to prevent this.”

She watched him lower his hand down between her legs and then her whole body tensed as she felt the tip of the Vaseline covered finger touch her anus.

“Just relax Naoko.”

Naoko took a few deep breaths and, as Takumi sensed the right moment, she gasped as the tip his greasy finger pushed into her rectum about an inch.

“Well done Naoko,” he said as he moved the tip of his finger around for a few moments. He fought the urge to push it completely inside her and pulled it out, knowing he would have that pleasure later.

She then watched him between her open thighs as he picked up another wooden spatula and twisted it in the hot wax.

She watched him lift the spatula from the wax and felt her whole body tense as he lowered it between her legs.

She bit her lip to suppress a gasp, “Mmmf!” as he applied the hot wax to the delicate and sensitive flesh between her legs.

Takumi carefully spread the wax onto the skin to one side of her labia and anus and then all the way up to one side of her main pubic bush.

He quickly applied a strip of gauze using his fingers to press it firmly into the wax.

As he waited for the wax to set he very tenderly toyed with her outer labia saying, “I just need to ensure that your tender lips are free from the wax.”

Naoko just nodded and tried to ignore the fact that she could feel her self getting aroused and wet; something that had not been unnoticed by Takumi.

He tested the bond between the wax and the gauze by gently pulling the gauze and watching her flesh rise with each pull. Satisfied that the wax was now fully set he gripped the end of the gauze nearest to her belly. He sensed her body tensing with anticipation and then, with no warning ripped the gauze from her body.

She shouted, “ARRrrgh!” as a clean hair free strip appeared as the gauze was ripped from her skin. Takumi noticed with some satisfaction a brief flash of pink flesh as his action momentarily pulled her labia open.

As Naoko recovered he dipped the spatula back into the hot wax and then spread more hot wax on the other side of her labia and anus and again up onto her main bush. He applied the gauze and as he pressed the gauze into the soft wax he again gently repositioned her labia a little and ‘accidentally’ brushed over her clitoris a few times. Each time he brushed her clitoris he felt her whole body respond and twitch.

When the wax had set he decided to pull it off differently. He gripped the end of the gauze nearest her anus and started to tease her by pulling it to the point where her hairs were still attached and her flesh was being pulled. He did this a few times, enjoying the wonderful view of her labia being parted with each pull to reveal the wet pink flesh within. After a while he sensed she was getting used to his teasing and had almost relaxed. With a sudden quick pull he ripped the gauze from her body, enjoying her loud shriek as another hair free strip was revealed.

He gazed between her open thighs noting that the only hair left was a narrow strip through the centre of her pubis and down to her vulva and a few stray hairs in the centre between her vulva and anus.

He prepared the spatula once more, loading it with hot wax. He spread it quickly over the remaining centre strip pf her pubic hair and then carefully added some more in the small gap between the bottom of her vulva and her anus.

He pressed a strip of gauze over the soft wax and then ran his fingers up and down the whole length, lingering over the area covering her vulva.

He looked up and into her eyes as he felt for the end of the gauze near her anus. The wax was set and as there eyes locked he ripped the last strip and the last of her pubic hairs from her body.

He shifted his gaze back down between her legs revelling in the view of her completely hairless but reddened vulva.

He reached between her legs and stroked her smooth flesh as he said, “I just need to check for any stray hairs.”

Naoko felt him pulling her labia open and running the tips of his fingers over her wet flesh. She could feel his fingers tracing a line around her puffy lips and then she let out an involuntary squeal as he touched the tip of her clitoris with a wet finger.

He kept his finger very lightly pressing against her bud, gently moving it from side to side. She felt momentarily disappointed as he moved his finger away but then felt his finger slide into her wet vagina and then his thumb returning to tease her bud.

Encouraged by her moans Takumi slid an additional finger inside her as he said, “its OK, Naoko, just let your self go.”

She started to move her pelvis to meet his thrusts as Takumi added one more finger and started to finger fuck her. He was very pleased with her response and watched her vaginal juices oozing out around his fingers as he gradually increased the rate and depth of his fingering.

He listed to her moans becoming more frequent and matched his finger thrusts to her pelvic thrusts. He sensed she was about to have an orgasm and could not resist slipping his last remaining finger into her rectum. With four fingers inside her, three in her vagina, one up her rectum and his thumb pressing against her clitoris, Naoko writhed and screamed as her orgasm shook her whole body.

Takumi kept his fingers deep inside her until her orgasm finally subsided and she was just making soft sobbing sounds with her eyes closed.

He felt as though his throbbing erection would burst if he resisted his urges for much longer but knew it would be worth the wait.

He slowly pulled his fingers from her and watched her face. As his fingers finally slipped from her vagina and anus there was a knock on the door and a female voice calling from outside.

“Takumi, have you finished yet? Its Cho, I’d like to fit and adjust Naoko’s blouse and skirt for her to wear on Saturday.”

Takumi called, “just a second, I’ll unlock the door.”

Naoko watched Takumi go over to the door and heard the click of the lock being unfastened. She instinctively placed her hands between her open thighs to cover herself as Cho entered the room.

Both Cho and Takumi stood by Naoko’s feet, both of them openly gazing at her naked body.

“You must be Naoko,” said Cho, “I’m pleased to meet you.”

Naoko looked at Cho and was fascinated by her striking appearance. She was very similar in build to Naoko and about the same age. Her hair was cut very short and spiky and she was obviously not wearing a bra under her tight fitting sheer black and semi-transparent blouse because the outline of her pointy breasts and nipples could be seen clearly. The most striking detail of her clothing however was the skirt she was wearing. It was more like a wide black silk belt. As she stood at the foot of the examination table with her feet slightly apart Naoko could see that it only just covered her pubis.

Cho smiled at Naoko seeing that she was fascinated by her outfit and slowly turned around so that Naoko could see the effect from all angles. Cho looked at Naoko and said, “Do you like the blouse and skirt I’m wearing?”

Naoko checked her out again as she slowly tuned noticing how the blouse only had fasteners up to Cho’s naval leaving the rest to gape open with the fine fabric barely covering each nipple. She could see that with the slightest movement her breasts could easily become uncovered completely. As Cho turned her back toward Naoko she could see that the skirt was so short as to leave the crease where her buttocks swelled out from the tops of her thighs just visible. With her back still toward Naoko and her feet still slightly apart, Cho leaned forward a little knowing that she would give Naoko a glimpse of her baby smooth labia.

Naoko wondered how any woman could wear such a short skirt but politely replied, “It’s very revealing, but it does show off your body very well,” said Naoko.

“Exactly,” said Cho, “this is actually your outfit for Saturday evening. Takahiro likes his ladies to be fully accessible for his guests to touch from the moment they enter the room. I can see that you are a very similar size to me so there should be no need to make any adjustments.”

Naoko looked on in amazement because s soon as Cho finished speaking she quickly took off the blouse and skirt, folded them neatly, placed them into a small bag and then said, “Takumi, has Naoko paid the bill yet?”

Naoko said in a surprised voice, “I thought that Takahiro had arranged everything?”

“Yes he did,” said Takumi, “he pays for the room and equipment but Cho and I need paying as well.”

“Oh, OK then, how much do I owe you?”

“You don’t owe us any money,” said Takumi with a grin, “Takahiro’s ladies always pay for their preparation with their bodies.”

Naoko glanced from Takumi to Cho and back again. The room was completely silent as Naoko watched Cho start to undress Takumi.

She watched as Cho removed his shirt and then his trousers to reveal his underpants which were struggling to contain the huge bulge of his erect penis.

As Cho prepared to pull down his underpants she glanced across to Naoko and smiled saying, “you’ll have to do something with this very shortly.”

All three remained silent as Cho pulled down Takumi’s underwear and his large erect penis sprang out in all its glory.

Naoko could not move her gaze away from Takumi’s big penis. To her it looked like what she referred to as ‘western size’ much longer and thicker than her husband Haru’s penis and with a fat bulbous head.

She watched as Cho gave it a quick playful rub.

Naoko looked at the two of them, now both completely naked and looking lustfully at her as Cho said, “Don’t be shy Naoko, move your hands away and let me see what kind of job Takumi has done between your legs.”

Slowly, and very self consciously, Naoko moved her hands away to reveal everything to Cho.

“Mmmm, very nice Naoko; You look wet, has Takumi here been playing with you?”

Naoko just quietly mumbled yes and then suddenly tensed as Cho reached forward and ran her fingers between her smooth and moist labia. Naoko’s clitoris was still very sensitive after her recent orgasm and Cho seemed to take great delight in flicking it with her fingers and watching Naoko twitch each time.

Naoko lay passively as Cho boldly eased a finger into her vagina, turned to Takumi and said, “Shall we do the usual; I’ll have her mouth while you have her anus or vagina?”

Naoko felt shocked and wondered what Cho meant by having her mouth as Takumi said, “Yes that sounds good, I had already promised myself her anus.”

As she listened to the two of them discussing her as though she was a giant sex toy Cho interrupted her thoughts by saying, “Naoko, have you ever licked another woman’s labia and tongued her vagina?”

“No, I’m not like that.”

“Like what exactly?”

“A lesbian.”

“You don’t have to be a lesbian Naoko you just have to do as we ask!”

Cho continued to idly toy with Naoko’s labia, pulling and teasing her wet lips as she turned to Takumi saying, “I think its time to collect our payment!”

Naoko tried to protest as Cho climbed up onto the examination table. The table was quite wide which gave enough room for Cho to squat astride Naoko’s head and face Takumi who was now standing between Naoko’s open thighs.

Cho then lowered her self so that her labia were only about a foot or so from Naoko’s face. Naoko’s only field of vision was Cho’s completely hairless and baby smooth labia and anus.

“I’m going to lower myself down onto your face now Naoko. I want you to lick and tongue me until I cum.

Naoko braced her self for this new experience as Cho lowered her self down onto her face. She could smell Cho’s musty arousal as she rubbed her self across Naoko’s nose and mouth. She felt unsure what to do but pushed out her tongue as Cho finally settled with her already moist labia, open and ready against Naoko’s lips.

Naoko had been uncertain what to expect but the taste of Cho’s moistness was not at all unpleasant.

She set about using her tongue, tentatively at first, running her tongue between Cho’s moist lips.

“She heard Cho saying, “very good Naoko, now try to push your tongue inside me.”

Naoko did as she asked, pushing her tongue into Cho’s wet vagina as Cho gently rocked to and fro on her face rubbing her anus over her nose.

Takumi watched the horny spectacle in front of him, reached for the Vaseline and applied a generous blob to his fingers. He then reached between Naoko’s legs and spread the grease around her small puckered hole.

His touch had obviously startled Naoko as Cho, shouted, “Keep licking and don’t stop until I’m finished!”

Takumi grinned and started to push the tip of his finger into Naoko’s anus once more. This time though he didn’t stop. He looked down and watched as he slowly pushed his finger inside her.

He saw and felt her tense and said sternly, “Naoko, just try to relax, I know it is not the first time you have been used in such a way.”

He pushed a little harder, feeling the vice like grip of her sphincter around his finger as it started to penetrate her.

He paused for a moment, waiting for her to become accustomed to her anus being invaded. He felt her sphincter slowly reducing its grip and then pushed again enjoying the tight hot feeling of her rectum gripping his finger and imagining how very shortly it would be gripping the whole length of his erect penis.

He pumped his finger back and forth a few times and then withdrew it almost completely leaving just the tip inside. He then positioned a second finger together with the first and pushed them forward until the tips of both fingers were stretching her puckered anus.

Like before, he patiently waited until each time he felt her relax a little and then pushed a little further inside.

Slowly but surely both his fingers were soon completely inside her. She felt wonderfully tight and hot as he moved his fingers around, preparing her for his erect penis.

He then withdrew his fingers, gazed down and noted with pleasure how her anus had remained partially dilated and ready for him.

He took another blob of Vaseline and smeared it over the large bulbous head of his painfully erect penis before moving forward and positioning it just in the entrance of her partially dilated hole.

He stood still for a moment savouring the scene of Cho riding Naoko’s face. He knew how much Cho enjoyed doing this and knew it would arouse her even more when he entered Naoko’s anus and fucked her.

He took another glance down across Naoko’s smooth labia to his stiff penis nestling in the entrance of her anus.

He kept looking, aroused as he always was by watching his thick penis disappearing into such a tight hole. He pushed forward with a long slow but powerful thrust and watched her puckered hole stretch around him as he entered her completely.

He felt her sphincter desperately trying to close around this intruder and heard Cho shout, “Keep licking!”

The efforts of Naoko’s sphincter instinctive reaction were in vain. He felt her grip gradually relax a little as he started to thrust his erection back and forth knowing he would soon get the relief he wanted so much and fill her with his semen.

Both Cho and Takumi knew what each other liked having been in this similar situation many times before when preparing women for Takahiro.

Takumi grinned and felt his lust rise as he watched Cho reach down and grip Naoko’s breasts. He could see her fingers painfully squeezing into the soft flesh as she rode Naoko’s face.

He knew what Cho wanted now and, still driving his penis hard into Naoko’s rectum, he leaned forward, grabbed Cho’s breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard. He dug his fingers into her soft flesh like she had with Naoko’s and, now and again, pinched her nipples hard and painfully between his fingers.

Her eyes were now closed. She looked as though she was concentrating hard. Much to his delight he could feel Naoko starting to rock her hips back and forth and could hear muffled moans from her mouth that was being so eagerly used by Cho.

Cho was also starting to moan loudly and he could see her pressing herself down harder onto Naoko’s face.

He pulled hard on Cho’s breasts, digging his fingers in painfully deep as he felt the unstoppable rise of his semen. He gripped Cho’s breasts even harder and pulled them as hard as he could. He closed his eyes, listening to Cho’s screams of pleasure and the muffled screams of Naoko as he pounded into Naoko’s backside, his penis finally erupting with a hugely satisfying relief as his hot semen flooded into her rectum.

He slowly released his grip on Cho’s breasts, noticing the red marks his grip had left.

Cho slowly opened her eyes and released her grip on Naoko’s breasts.

Takumi looked at both women noting the red finger marks on their breasts but also how erect and large their nipples had become.

Cho raised her self from Naoko’s face and climbed down. She chuckled as she passed Naoko a tissue and said, “That was great Naoko, you might need this, your face is covered with my juices!”

Naoko started to clean her face as Takumi slipped his softening penis out from her rectum and watched as his semen started to trickle from her.

She then watched in amazement as Cho walked round to Takumi, knelt in front of him and licked the last of the semen from his penis.

Takumi did not really understood Cho’s sexuality but just accepted that she liked to be wild and dirty.

He watched her as she finished cleaning him, stood up, turned around, stooped down and started to lick the dripping semen from Naoko’s anus.

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