Part 2 — Michelle is Set Up — and has Another Experience

“Oh my God Robert, that was over the top! I’m so horny now I could pull a train!”

Robert just smiled.

Robert had several smiles and Michelle knew this one. This one was his “I’ve got something in mind.” smile. Michelle knew better than to ask what he was thinking. She’d done so before and the answer was so off the wall she hadn’t believed him. Then, a few days later, when she was on her knees after sucking him off at the beach and she wound up with two men pissing on her she realized he had created exactly what he said was going to happen. So now, knowing that smile and that he had something in mind, and that something was going to be again stretching her sexual limits, she just smiled to herself.

“Hungry Sugarplum?” he asked.

“Actually, yes, but I think I should probably freshen up a bit. I smell like a urinal!”

“No problem, we’ll take care of that.” And with that, Robert took Michelle’s hand and led her down Main Street past the staring bikers and their old ladies. Michelle’s blouse transparent other than where the black oily hand that had groped her tit when the bouncers were helping her up at Boot Hill, and her hair soaked both with water and Rocky’s piss, she looked every bit the woman who had just been had.

“Awwwoooooo…” one of the bikers announced loudly as the two were passing him. “Nice tits. Love the look.”

“That’s all you’ll get.” Michelle responded snidely, “A look.”

Robert stopped, stopping Michelle with him. “You know the rules now don’t you, Michelle?”

“Oh, crap” she thought, and Michelle didn’t even like the word ‘crap’, I’m in for it now.

One of her rules was to be respectful of men, all men, all the time, and she’d just violated that rule.

“Now what are you going to do to clean it up?” Robert asked.

“Apologize.” she responded meekly, her eyes downcast and her shoulders dipped ever so slightly.

“Good. So go apologize. But don’t droop your shoulders.”

Michelle straightened her back pushing her breasts forward, taking in a deep breath and holding her head up. She turned around and started to walk back to the obnoxious biker.

“I apologize… Mr. … I don’t know your name.”

“Curtis, Dave Curtis.”

“I apologize Mr. Curtis. That was rude of me. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

This took Dave a bit off guard. Here was a beautiful, soaked redhead, coming back to him to apologize after he’d been rude to her and probably had offended her boyfriend, her boyfriend was standing a few feet away and she was asking what she could do to make up for being rude to him? It just didn’t fit.

“Well sure sugarpot. Let me take a look at those melons of yours. I think I’d like that.”

With only a little hesitation Michelle raised her hands to the edges of her blouse and pulled it outward bearing her breasts to this obese, obnoxious biker.

“Looks like someone else has had a grab, let’s have a feel.” He said with a bit of a cock to his head wondering how far he could take this.

Michelle moved forward and Dave reached out and grabbed her nipples and pulled them straight out toward him. “Ooowww…” Michelle hadn’t expected this reaction. Dave shook her nipples up and down her breasts following afterward like the sound follows the mouths of Japanese actors in a dubbed movie. He pulled them outward, upward, shook and pinched them before grabbing them roughly and squeezing. He kneaded her breasts roughly right there in the middle of Main Street and she was allowing him to do it.

“I’m so sorry to have offended you.” Michelle gasped. “Can I do anything else to …” she stopped in mid sentence as Dave was again pinching her nipples and pulling her breasts out. He let go of them and then said “Yeah, there is something else, but it’s going to take a moment. You wait here while I have a chat with your boyfriend.”

Michelle stood there as Dave turned toward Robert and walked over to where he stood.

“That good enough?” he asked Robert in a whisper.

“Yeah, you did great. Now tell her you’ll see her around and when you do you’ll let her know what else she can do to make it up to you.”

Turns out Dave and Robert had met a long time ago and had kept up an acquaintance. Knowing Dave was uncut — Robert had noticed one time when they were both letting loose torrents of used beer into the urinals at a party long ago, he’d arranged to meet up with him here in Daytona to create an opportunity for Michelle to experience her first uncut cock. The sequence at the Boot Hill Saloon was a lucky addition to what he’d had in mind for Michelle. Dave knew that Michelle and Robert were going to be on Main Street at this time and that Robert was going to walk her down the road which was his sign to start the obnoxious act. Michelle’s response to his ‘Awwwoooooo….’ was similarly a lucky happenstance but it worked out perfectly.

Dave turned around and walked back to Michelle who had tucked her breasts back into her top and was absentmindedly combing her wet hair with her fingers.

“Tell you what girl, that will do it for now, but I’ll see you again and when I do I’ll let you know what else you can do to make it up to me. Ok?”

“Yes… sir.”

And with that Michelle walked back to Robert “I’m so sorry Robert. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Her nipples still hurt from the abuse that Dave had given them and they stood straight out poking the cloth of her shirt which was now beginning to dry and was translucent rather than transparent.

“It’s alright Michelle. You apologized and that’s good enough for me for now.”

“Now?” she thought. “For now?”

Michelle walked absentmindedly now next to Robert, holding his hand and enjoying the way he curbed her, led her almost as a professional tango dancer leads his lady with only a touch, a slight movement of his head or body. She reacted much like an obedient, well trained Irish setter, moving when he moved, stopping when he stopped, looking up at him for any sign that he might emit and looking gorgeous just being next to him. She forgot how she was dressed, that her hair was a complete mess, and that her nipples hurt.

For his part Robert scanned the street as they walked looking for anything that might be interesting to do, to experience, as they strode toward their hotel. There were bikes and parties everywhere. Bikers in blue jeans and denim jackets with the arms cut off making vests, their old ladies not far away, bleach blonde seemed to be the style for the occasion. Music flowed through the air bars competing with one another for the loudest version of Led Zeppelin, Dave Mason, or The Band. Old time rock and roll was the hit of Main Street this particular night.

Robert saw ‘Dirty Harry’s’ on the other side of the street and crossed. “We can grab some BBQ here.”

Michelle asked “What about my hair?”

“You can wash it in the restroom.”

“In the restroom? You are kidding me.”

“Nope, it’s a good 15 minute walk to the hotel and I’m hungry now. You can leave it as it is, or wash it in the restroom as I suggest.”

Seeing a line 20 women long going into the ladies room Michelle asked “Will you take me into the men’s room to do it?”


So the went to the back of Dirty Harry’s and went through the double doors of the men’s room where Michelle saw that rather than urinals, there was a metal trough that the bikers were using to empty their bladders. There must have been 7 of them lined up almost shoulder to shoulder. “Wow.. She thought… Wow.”

“But how am I going to wash my hair?” She knew she’d wash it again as soon as they got to the hotel and then she’d infuse it with her personal favorite conditioner, but for now it was going to be liquid soap that was there for washing hands. She strode to one of the sinks that lined the wall and, looking at the bikers on either side of her asked “You don’t mind if I wash my hair here do you?”

“No m’aam. You go right ahead. Don’t let us bother you.”

Michelle leaned over the sink and turned on the water. Cold water only. Damn. And she couldn’t get her head into the sink and under the tap. Looking around she saw Robert now standing in front of the trough taking his turn. She also saw a large plastic beer cup sitting on one of the sinks.

“Does someone belong to this beer?” she queried.

“That’s mine young lady.” An older biker who was shaking his dick after finishing his urination answered.

“May I use the cup to wash my hair?”

“Well now, it’s just about half full isn’t it?”


“That would be a waste to throw it away now wouldn’t it? And, that’s my $20 free refill cup. You got $20?”


“So how do you suppose you could pay me?”

Michelle walked over to him and knelt down in front of his dick, the last drops of piss still wetting the tip. She kissed it and then took the entire thing in her mouth. “Will this do?”

“Yes m’aam, that’ll do just fine.”

Michelle went to work pulling his limp dick into her mouth and sucking on it and then pulling back. The first three or four times she did this she allowed his dick to drop completely out and down before leaning down and sucking it up in her mouth again. By the fifth time she pulled back his dick was no longer limp but was fully erect.

The biker just to her left started stroking his cock and looking at Michelle who was now stroking the older biker with one hand and sucking on him her other hand on his balls teasing them to let loose their treasure. She wanted this over with and to get her hair washed.

It didn’t take long before she felt his balls tighten and his cock to begin to pulse. She took the first stream in her mouth and then pulled back shooting his cum on her nose, forehead and cheeks. Stroking him vigorously and sucking him back into her mouth she made sure he was done and then waited until his dick went soft in her mouth before pulling back again. She sucked the last drops of his semen from the tip of his cock before saying “Thank you.”

Just then the other biker, the one on her left grabbed her head and turned it toward himself. Spurt after spurt of cum shot out like wet cannon balls splatting on her face and drooling down to her lips and chin.

Michelle took hold of his cock and rubbed it on her face smoothing his fluids and those of the older biker over her entire face, her eyes, cheeks, forehead and lips. She pulled this biker’s dick into her mouth as well and cleaned him off before letting his dick drop out of her mouth.

The other bikers clapped “Yeah… yeah!” And a couple started to aim in Michelle’s direction.

“I’m sorry boys… I think this was a mistake.”

Just then Robert took her hand in his and lifted her. “Let’s go honey.”

“C’mon man… just one more!” one of the bikers pleaded.

“No, but thank you for offering.” was the response. Robert had enough of a demeanor that even this group was impressed with his stature and the two of them left the men’s room together.

Michelle, covered with cum, rubbed her hands on her face and through her hair hoping that act would make her almost presentable. But the truth was that nobody noticed. They were all so into whatever party was happening directly in front of them that they never noticed the cum and urine covered redhead leaving the bar.

“So honey, still want to get your hair washed?”

“No. I think I’ll just wait until we’re back at the hotel if you don’t mind.”

“Good idea.”

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