[This story involves adult family members of age 18 years or more. To enhance your reading pleasure, it is suggested but not required that you read Part 1 through 7 of this series. Thanks to LarryInSeattle for his tremendous help with editing]


Carter woke up on Saturday morning with his usual hard-on. Ever since his break started, he really enjoyed every moment of it. He was thankful to God that he saw his mom and the neighbor, Matt, in the act earlier that week. That naughty peeking led to him scoring on his sister Carolyn. The brother-sister special camaraderie got Carter to fuck his mom in the sister’s room the very next day. He has truly enjoyed the two special females in his life since then.

He was really looking forward to an extended “fucking” awesome break with family and friends. He knew that after dad was back from his business trip in the afternoon, everyone would spend some quality “family time” together.

He climbed down the stairs passed the hallway and reached the kitchen. His mom, Cathy, was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Cathy is always in great mood when she cooks for the family. Cathy’s mom always taught her that cooking was the token of affection as you service the family. She thought to herself that her mom had never taught her about “other service” to the family that she was expert at as well. She smiled imagining her in a sex scene with her parents. It was just a matter of time before she would suck her mother and fuck her father. She was totally unaware of her son, Carter, standing within a few feet stroking his raging hard on silently.

Cathy had the red robe on that made her look like a cute and sexy housewife. She had her back towards Carter while he silently approached her with some naughty idea in his head. He tiptoed behind her and lifted her robe carefully, only to notice that his mom wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Well, that only makes is easily accessible,” he thought to himself.

Holding his cock in his hand like weapon, he guided it into his mom’s pussy. He ensured that he pushed his cock head on her pussy lips at the same time as his lips touched the open area of the shoulders on her back. His hands went to both of Cathy’s sizeable boobs.

Cathy, startled for a moment, made an “ooooo…” sound, but quickly got hold of the proceedings.

“So, that’s how they teach you marines – approach the target silently and make a quick strike when in range?” She asked.

“Hell yeah! I am known for my great skills and reflexes among my co-workers,” Carter replied.

“What a good morning greeting!” Cathy responded.

She pushed her buttocks into his crotch to allow his entire cock into her. Carter saw his cock going in without much effort.

“Mom, looks like that Matt fellow has lubricated you well this morning. I am balls deep into you, while you are still standing and making your breakfast.”

“Well, son… you are just half right!”

“What do you mean by half right? Did you mean this is half your own juices? That would be little bit of nit-picking.”

Carter continued using Cathy’s behind slow and deep.

“Not that son! The lubrication was offered jointly by Matt and your dad.”

“You mean dad is back from his trip? Wasn’t he supposed to return today in the afternoon?”

“He finished early and returned. He didn’t want me to tell you, as he wanted to witness what was going on in the house behind his back.”

Cathy laughed as she enjoyed her son starting to fuck her harder.

“You mean …he is…”

“Good morning Carter!”

Carter heard his dad’s familiar voice as he appeared from behind the living room curtains. This was staged.

Although he knew this would happen, he felt little weird meeting his dad after 18 months with his cock embedded into mom.

John realized Carter was a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry Carter. We always wanted to do this. I am so glad that things fell in place for us in time.” Cathy assured.

John nodded his head in approval. Cathy bent over on the kitchen counter to offer Carter more “leg room.”

John got hard with this mother-son action. So he really needed someone to relieve him. He came near those two “fucking birds” and took a spot on the kitchen counter near Cathy’s mouth. Cathy took his cock in her mouth and started sucking on it while she enjoyed the smacking of Carter’s thighs on her round ass.

It was a special moment in Cathy’s life. She had her husband’s throbbing dick in her mouth spilling pre-cum and her son was banging her randy cunt from behind. She wondered about the day when she would feel the three generations loving her at the same time.

Carter loved the way his mom was licking and sucking dad’s cock. Based on his personal experience, he knew both his sister and mom were expert cock suckers. He wondered where his sister Carolyn was.

“Hi guys.”

Name the devil and the devil is there. Carolyn greeted everyone. She was back from her boyfriend’s drop-off to the airport.

“The family that plays together stays together,” Carolyn almost sang rhythmically.

Once she was closer to the action, she moved from side to side as she slowly took off her shirt, leaving her only wearing a black lace bra and a pair of boxers. She went on with her striptease show and removed her bra, revealing her perfectly beautiful 38C tits.

She caressed her tits then moved her hands down her stomach and began to remove her pink boxer shorts. Carolyn turned away from them as she pulled her shorts down, giving them a perfect view of her ass. She kept her ass high in the air as she pulled her shorts down around her ankles. Still bending down, she began to tease her clit, smiling at John from between her legs. She began to moan as she inserted one of her fingers into her pussy while still teasing her clit.

“Are you going to keep me waiting… huh?” She said.

“Of course not! It’s a cardinal sin to keep a young naked woman waiting,” John said.

John pulled his cock from Cathy’s mouth, stood up, and walked over to Carolyn. He replaced her daughter’s finger in her pussy with two of his own fingers. He slowly pushed them deep inside her then pulled them out. Then he repeated the action. He dragged his tongue along her ass cheeks, slowly getting closer to her asshole until he finally drove his whole tongue into her ass. Carolyn moaned as he twirled his tongue all around inside of her ass while still fingering her pussy.

John stood up and placed the tip of his cock on her pussy, teasing her before plunging all of his cock into her. She let out a sharp gasp. He took his entire cock out of her pussy before shoving it all back in again. It seemed John was demonstrating his experience of so many years. Their bodies smacked together as he completely removed and reinserted his cock in and out of her cunt several times. Carolyn gasped on each thrust. And so did the mom, Cathy, with her son fucking her with full energy.

At this point, Cathy asked Carter to move closer to the daughter-dad action. Carter pulled his cock out of Cathy’s pussy and walked towards the maroon couch in the living room. He sat on the edge of the couch and waited for his mom to resume what has been a wonderful morning so far. Cathy, on her way from the kitchen to the living room, swapped one hot and wet kiss with John.

Cathy came to Carter and moved her fingers seductively to his face. She then impaled herself on Carter’s cock facing Carolyn. Both mother and daughter explored each other’s mouth while getting fucked by family meat in their pussies.

Carolyn’s gasps turned into louder moans, as John continued to pound into her hard. Just when it appeared that she couldn’t take it anymore, she raised her ass up even higher by grabbing onto her ankles. Dad ferociously fucked her cunt.

Carter began to feel that he was about to cum.

“I’m going to cum!” Carter said.

“Do it in my ass! Fuck me as hard as you can and cum in my ass son!” Cathy begged.

Carter took his cock out of her pussy and placed the tip on the rim of her ass. Giving himself a little time so he wouldn’t instantly cum in her, he slowly pushed the head of his cock into her ass and left it there for a moment. He soon started thrusting his cock deep into his mom’s ass. He tightly grabbed onto her tits and groped them furiously as he pummeled her ass. She let out a howl as his son’s cock drove deep into and out of her bum hole. Their bodies slammed against each other with each and every thrust as his balls loudly slapped against her cunt.

Carolyn managed to get a few of her fingers into her mom’s pussy and began to finger-fuck her.

Dad kept violently fucking Carolyn. Her legs started to shake. Her knees began to buckle. John knew she was about to cum, which was good because he knew I wasn’t going to last much longer myself.

“I- I- I- I’m going to cum!” Carolyn barely managed to get out.

She was heavily gasping and moaning.

“Me too….” Mom declared.

About to climax and tired to the point of exhaustion, Carter nestled his cock deep inside his mom’s ass. Cum exploded out of his cock and drained deep into Cathy’s anal cavity. His mom’s body shivered and she came very hard.

Carolyn had her orgasm next. Her legs gave out and she collapsed onto the floor, which caused dad to fall on top of her. Dad got up and jacked himself off to spray his cum over the two girls. All of us were piled on the carpet in the living room, exhausted, sweaty, and out of breath.

Once they recovered, they headed to the breakfast table. The workout all of them had made them extra-hungry. Cathy felt like a great mom who took care of both the physical and the sexual hunger of her family. She really was a provider.

A heavy workout followed by a heavy breakfast caused exhaustion for the family. Carter realized he got to sleep late the previous night, John drove most of the night, and Carolyn had to get up early for the airport drop off. So these three guys needed a nap badly. They decided to go for a power nap. Carolyn went to Carter’s room. There seemed to be a tacit agreement between them about living together for the time Carter was around.

Cathy changed into something tight and sexy and left for her grocery shopping.

After about an hour, Carter woke up pretty fresh. It seemed a good workout and a good sleep gives the level of relaxation the body needs. “Sex every day would help to get up all fresh every morning,” Carter thought to himself and smiled.

He got out of his bed and put his boxers on. He was about to wake his sister up but he was captivated by her naked body. He found his cock getting hard again. It was even harder than before. He wanted to wake her up so they could fuck again, so he ripped off his boxers and climbed to the foot of the bed and began to lick around Carolyn’s pussy.

He flicked her clit with his tongue before he started sucking on it. Carolyn began to stir around, but she didn’t wake up. He slipped his tongue into her pussy and began to slowly eat her out. He sped up his tongue-fucking and her moans got louder but she still didn’t wake up.

“Oh man! You must REALLY be worn out,” Carter thought.

He drove as much tongue as he could into her cunt and ate her faster. He reached up to her breasts and began teasing her nipples. Her pussy got wetter. Her moans got louder. While still asleep, she writhed more and more in pleasure. She soon came in her sleep.

“Brother’s and sister’s score should be same,” he thought to himself as he climbed up on top of her and lined his cock up to her pussy.

He gently slid it in. He began working it in and out of her wet twat as she slept. He slowly and rhythmically fucked her with slow and steady strokes. In the mornings, he had started fucking mom when she didn’t know he was even near her. Here he was fucking another girl who was sleeping. He was proud to be sneaky, especially when it means sneaking his dick into some tight and wet cunt. He sucked and nibbled on Carolyn’s nipples. Suddenly he noticed she had both of her hands on his ass, squeezing tight. “Thank God you woke up. I had to start without you,” Carter said.

“Starting without me is all cool Bro. But finishing without me is criminal,” Carolyn chimed in huskily.

Carolyn pulled his ass down with her hands onto her, forcing his cock deep into her pussy. He picked up speed and his thrusts got harder as he kept sucking on her tits. He was grinding into her cunt, completely impaling her with his cock. Their bodies smacked each other.

Carolyn’s panting and groaning became louder the more he drove his cock inside her. He felt himself about to cum, so he pulled out of her and aimed for her face. A burst of cum hit her in the eye. It dripped down her cheek and onto her lips. She used her tongue to lick up the cum around her mouth. He continued to stroke his cock to empty his balls. The next two bursts of cum splashed onto her tits and stomach.

“That looks like fun.” Both of them heard a voice from the doorway.

“Mom… dad…. I thought you guys ….”

“I can follow the smell of sex. I am a sex kitten,” mom said laughingly.

“I hope the fun is not concluded yet,” dad checked.

Carter stared at his mom as she quickly ripped off her pajama shirt, revealing her DD breasts. She walked over to Carolyn who was still lying on the bed. She leaned down to lick her daughter’s stomach. She started at her belly button, dragging her tongue along Carolyn’s flat stomach. Mom dragged her tongue to the pools of cum. Her tongue then made it to Carolyn’s tits. Mom licked up all the cum on her daughter’s tits, making sure to run her tongue along the nipples and flicking the tips of them. Mom brought her face closer to Carolyn’s. They shared a deep passionate kiss. Strands of cum dribbled down off mom’s lips. Both Cathy and Carolyn looked like cum sluts.

Cathy moved her head back down her daughter’s glistening body, right to her pussy. She kissed and licked Carolyn’s thighs before driving her tongue in her cunt. Carolyn moaned and began to fondle her own breasts. Carolyn moaned louder as Cathy played with her clit, running her tongue up and down it, sucking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue all around it.

As Cathy ate out her daughter’s pussy, John walked over next to Carolyn with his fully erect cock. He waved his massive cock in front of Carolyn’s face until she opened her mouth wide to take it in. Carolyn mumbled as she closed her lips around her dad’s shaft, grabbing hold of his balls as her mom continued eating out her cunt.

Carter stood in awe as he stared at his mom’s ass wiggle back and forth as she kept tongue fucking his sister. His mom’s cunt occasionally made an appearance. Her pussy glistened as she got wetter. His sister moaned louder, though they are muffled because dad was mouth-fucking her. Carter’s cock felt as hard and it started to hurt. He had to fuck something, and his mom’s pussy was just taunting him too much.

He walked right up behind his mom and glided his cock into her pussy. He was right, she was already very wet. He eased his cock into her. Cathy was nowhere near as tight as Carolyn, most likely thanks to her husband’s monstrous cock. Carter began to grope Cathy’s tits hard as he fucked her. Cathy let out a groan as her son grinded into her cunt. John could no longer hold his load. He pulled out of his daughter’s mouth. Carolyn opened her mouth wide as dad stroked his cock a few times. He grunted and filled his daughter’s mouth with cum. Without swallowing, Carolyn went back to sucking on her dad’s cock. She glided her mouth up and down his dick. Cum oozed off of his cock and started to drip down to Carolyn’s lips.

Carter picked up his pace, furiously driving his cock into his mom’s cunt. He felt his mom’s cunt twitching on his cock and mumbled, moaning. He knew that his mom had cum so he pulled out his cock and rested his cock-head at the entrance to mom’s butt-hole. With a gentle push, he got the head right in. Cathy let out a husky cry to welcome her son into her ass.

“Oh, you just couldn’t wait to fuck your own mom in the ass could you?” She said.

“Sorry, mom, I just couldn’t help it.”

“Go for it. Fuck your momma good… make her cum”

Cathy’s ass gripped Carter’s cock so tight. Carter started thrusting hard into her. He liked the sight of the ass rim flipping with the cock coming out and going in. Mom grunted and bucked her hips in sync with his rhythm. He began to pick up speed, thrusting harder and harder into her ass. His balls slapped against her pussy. Cathy moaned louder into Carolyn’s pussy as she continued to tongue-fuck her daughter. Carter kept ravishing his mom hard in the ass. His attention was divided between his mom eating out his sister’s pussy that he just fucked and his mom’s large tits bouncing and swinging wildly in the air.

Carolyn moved her hands to the top of mom’s head as her breathing got heavier and her panting got louder. Carolyn’s body began to shake and she let out a few screams as she had another powerful orgasm. Carolyn crawled out from under mom and walked over to a nearby chair and sat down to catch her breath. Carolyn and dad watched as I continued to fuck mom. Carolyn began to finger herself and dad started to jack himself off.

“Come on dad! Don’t let them have all the fun. With this beautiful cock of my father inches away from me, why the heck would I bother with my fingers?” Carolyn demanded.

She pulled her finger out of her twat.

“You sure have a point,” John agreed.

He stroked his cock looking at the proceedings.

John walked over to Carolyn as she spreads her legs wide. That gave him a clearer view of her pussy.

Carter couldn’t help but stare at his sister as she fondled her tits with one hand and her clit with the other. His dad stroked his cock a few times then slapped it against her pussy lips. He buried the head of his cock in her. Carolyn moaned as her father’s cock slowly pushed into her.

Carter slowed down his own thrusts to match his dad’s pace. Carolyn’s and mom’s moans began to synchronize. This looked like the hot and wet porn movies that Carter watched. Both the boys picked up the pace on their “close relatives.” The girls had their tits jiggle and bounce around as their bodies devoured John’s and Carter’s cocks.

Carter tried not to cum before dad, but he could no longer hold it. So he broke away from dad’s rhythm and pounded Cathy’s ass as hard and fast as he could.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me harder! Keep fucking your mom in the ass!”

Mom’s words and her screams took away the rest of his stamina and Carter came in her ass. He fell on his mom’s back. His cock became limp as of Cathy’s ass pushed it out with a slight plop sound. Cathy felt her son’s cum seeping out of her asshole and running down toward her cunt.

“Mmmm, that was real good.”

Mom turned and knelt down and sucked his cock clean.

Carter heard his sister screaming louder so he turned to watch the rest of the dad-daughter fucking as mom continued to lick his dick clean.

John gripped both of daughter’s ankles and spread her legs apart as far as possible. It looked like that he was going to split her into two halves. He pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. With one hand, he played with her tits, and with the other, he toyed with her clit. After pounding his daughter’s cunt some more, he pulled his cock out and came all over her stomach and tits.

Cathy and Carolyn hugged each other. Their cum-coated bodies made slurping sounds and they looked like perfect cum whores.


John walked over to his son, stroking his cock to get it hard again.

“I see that you like to fuck people in the ass.”

“Yeah, that’s right.” Carter replied.

“Well then…”

John walked up right behind him and cupped his son’s ass.

“We’ll see if you can take it as good as you can give it.” John winked.

“We’ll see.” Carter repeated in agreement and winked back.

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