From the dark corner where I was standing my corner, she looked like a ‘Plain Jane’. She had long mousy looking hair that almost hid the furtive look on her pale face. She was wearing a dark, long skirt (to her ankles) and a camel colored knit top. She and he (couple) had entered one of the small porn theater rooms and had stopped to talk to a man who was a co-owner.

After they had finished talking, the mousy haired female went to couch nearby, slouched down on it, spread her slim legs, and raised her skirt to her waist. The co-owner (bald, early 60′s, dressed like a handy man with an attitude) who followed her, leaned over her, unzipped, pulled out his black, flaccid cock, and began jerking it.

When his cock began to harden, he lifted her legs up and folded them tight to her chest. She turned her head toward me as she slid her thong to the side.

The co-owner attempted to mount her, but had to disengage. Apparently, there was a problem with that position. They reversed positions – her on top. That worked. She was able to lower herself onto his erect cock until her small, loose, ass cheeks rested on his balls.

After a few moments of shifting and adjusting her weight and pussy around her impalement, she bent over, put her little hands on his chest, and slowly began to ride him. I began to stroke my cock as I watched her ass cheeks rock back and forth. Being an ass man, I imagined grabbing those sweet cheeks and pulling her ass up and down the length of my hard cock.

As I was about to step forward, a customer came out of nowhere and pulled out a large cock. Its length was extensive. He looked at the hubby and received a head nod. I was instantly jealous, but not for long.

At first, the customer acted like a little gentleman. He gently guided her head to the tip of his cockhead. That act lasted all of 5 seconds.

She gagged when he suddenly pushed it in too far. Tears instantly spring into her eyes and begin running down her face. Her little mouth was stretched open as wide as possible. All I could think was that the customer was going to choke her to death with his big cock if he pushed it in any further! When the woman’s man said something, the customer quickly backed off.

I immediately stepped forward and offered her my hard cock as her man watched. She took hold of it and slowly licked around the cockhead. It seemed she licked every inch of my cock before coming back to the top. She then parted her lips and began taking it into her mouth at an agonizingly slow pace.

When my cockhead was in her mouth, she began working her tongue and cheeks around it. She kept this up until the co-owner’s cock faded. For whatever reason, he abruptly disengaged and walked away.

The customer, who had backed off, eagerly took his place. He reclined on his back on the couch and she climbed onboard, after handing her skirt to her man. All was forgiven. I stepped back to watch.

Her pussy was better equipped for the large cock than her little mouth. In no time, the big cock was ¾ of the way in her – thanks to the co-owner who had helped open her up.

She obviously loved the feeling of the big cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Her head was jerking back and forth. Her little tits were bouncing up and down.

Clearly, the customer was very excited, too. The back of the couch was hitting the wall each time he slammed his cock into her pussy. Several times, he grunted really loud as if he was going to blow his load, but he just kept pumping. This went on for a few minutes, until he abruptly pulled out, too. The customer thanked her man and left. That was good news for me. It was my turn, again.

She was standing, naked form the waist down, as I walked up to her. She looked puzzled. She was probably wondering why two men had not completed the ‘deed’ with her. I was not concerned about that. I knew I would.

I looked directly into her wondering eyes, smiled, turned her around, and had her bend completely over the couch armrest. She placed her forehead rested against one the couch’s pillowy cushions, as I placed one hand on each butt cheek and pulled them apart.

My heart raced when I saw her exposed, puckered, pink anus. (Everyone else could see it, too.) It looked wonderfully inviting. That was the main reason I was there. I wasn’t so sure about her, though. I could tell she was fighting the impulse to get up and run. Her grip on the couch seats had turned her knuckles white. However, she continued to allow me complete access to her vulnerable anus.

I took immediate advantage of her bravery. Despite feeling everyone’s eyes on me, I swept my lips over her smooth bottom a few times, before probing between her soft butt cheeks. She smelled very clean and sexy. I had to taste her ass.

As my tongue lapped over her sphincter, it puckered even more even as she spread herself wider, wanting more. I obliged by pushing the tip of my tongue into her sphincter. My balls tingled with excitement.

When my tongue penetrated her, I didn’t stop there. I methodically tongue fucked her asshole, until my tongue couldn’t move.

She sighed heavily when I slid my weary tongue out, but then jerked as I pushed one finger, coated in spit, slowly into her warm, ass. Feeling her ring firmly gripping my finger was erotic. I hoped I would feel that sensation on my cock.

She jerked again when I decided to push another finger in. This time she moved her ass backward to meet it.

I twirled my fingers around in their new playground. Her warm responsive body added to my arousal and lust. I eased my thumb into her wet pussy.

When my fingers in her anal cavity met my thumb at her g-spot, both her ass and pussy began to spasm. I wondered what two cocks would feel like – rubbing against each other. Would she like that? My latter question was quickly answered when I noticed some type of fluid started to flow out her pussy. Something had turned her faucet on!

We easily could have played like this for a very long time; however, extended foreplay was not an option in this environment. We were here to fuck, cum, and move on.

Trying not to sound too eager, I told her to spread her cheeks when I removed my fingers. She did. She used both her hands to open herself up to me as her man anointed my cock with lube.

I gripped my wet, slippery cock at the base and pushed my swollen cockhead against her small anus. I watched with fascination as her anus slowly spread to accept the head of my cock.

I held myself still in her for a few seconds before slowly easing back out of her. After only a brief pause, I pressed my cockhead back into her and held still, again. When I didn’t move for several seconds, she told me, “That felt good…you moving your cock like that…keep going…”

That was all I needed to hear. I gladly began sliding my oiled cock back and forth through the tight ring of her anus. She caught onto my easy rhythm and began wantonly pushing her little ass against me, forcing my hard cock deeper into her bowels.

The sight of her expanded asshole, clenched around the base of my cock, was awesome. The feeling of her warm ass engulfing my cock was heavenly.

It was obvious that she knew how to take a cock up the ass. She automatically knew how to relax without having to be coaxed. It made me wonder just how many men had plowed her pretty, little, pink asshole. I corrected myself. It wasn’t little any more. My cock had stretched her asshole out good.

Suddenly, her man joined the fray. When he sat down on the couch, she stood up, and scooted over on top of him. He easily slid his cock into her wet pussy.

I stood there, with my throbbing erection, wondering if that was it, but not for long. She leaned her chest against her man’s chest, allowing me to access her ass. I grabbed those wonderful soft cheeks, easily spread them, and walked my cock into her loosened anus. In no time, I was again banging her poop chute.

I had heard and read about this kind of thing – that one guy can feel the other’s cock through the wall between the anus and vagina. I had always thought this was an exaggeration. It wasn’t. It felt amazing.

Although I certainly couldn’t see anything, as my view consisted almost entirely of her slender back, I could hear wet sucking sounds as his cock slide in and out of her pussy and hear her moans.

Even more sensual, I could feel my cock rubbing up and down the length of his cock shaft as he moved it in and out of her pussy. On top of this, I could feel him fucking her through from the shocks his thrusts sent through her body and the clenching and relaxing of her muscles around me. The hot friction turned me on. It was incredible.

At some point, her man spoke to me. “Hey man…you feel my cock in her? We got her full of cock…” Then he said, “When I push you pull out!”

We set up a seesaw motion fucking her. When I pushed all the way into her ass, he pulled all the way out of her pussy. We did this repeatedly. The woman bounced like a rag doll between us.

When her orgasm started, I felt her ass and pussy start clamp down on our cocks. My cock felt like it was gripped in a hot, fleshy vise. Moments later, as her climax peaked, her head flew back.

I saw every tendon in her neck stretched out. After allowing her to enjoy her orgasm, we both slammed our cocks into her simultaneously. The sensation of his cock in her pussy, underneath my cock, caused my own orgasm to be stronger and longer than any I’d had in a long time.

Apparently, her man felt the same. I felt his cock swell and harden in her pussy right before he came. She moaned loudly when our cum erupted into her warm, wet holes.

As our orgasms subsided, she took turns squeezing our cocks, milking out our cum, using her pussy and ass. The ‘Plain Jane’ had real talent!

When we pulled out of her, she lay there motionless with a satisfied smile on her face. Cum leaked out her gaping anus and pussy. No one would question whether she had just been dp’ed.

Her man let a couple of trolls kneel between her worn out legs and eat her out. The trolls noisily felched our sperm out of her holes.

After a few minutes of comic relief – watching the trolls slobber over her juicy holes, my long day caught up with me. I left for home.

Welcome to the second part of this story. Sorry for the delay…Thanks so much for all of the great feedback on the first part! I’m glad it’s been enjoyed so much. I’m truly inspired to put some more of my stories on this site.


All the way back to Bobby and Sherry’s apartment, my mind was in a blur. I had just had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life at the hand of (or mouth, rather) another man, and on top of that, I had helped bring him to orgasm as well. Never before had I experienced this, but now I wanted more. Funny, I thought to myself, I hadn’t really even been interested in bisexual porn (except for bisexual females, of course), and now I was incredibly turned on. As we walked, Sherry’s hand kept roaming to my still-hard cock and teasing it, or telling me what she was going to do to me when we got back to their place.

“I so loved watching you two suck each other’s cocks,” she said in a husky, sexy voice. “I’ve been wet since we got to the pub thinking about what we were going to do, but fuck! I’ve been gushing since I saw you with Bobby’s cock in your mouth, Joe!”

“I can’t believe how much you made me cum,” Bobby chimed in. “It’s like it was never gonna stop!” I knew exactly how he felt. I told him how strong my own reaction had been.

We finally reached their doorstep, Sherry showering us both yet again with kisses. We were trying to be ever so quiet as we had a group grope on the front walk up to the building. It was pretty late, but there were still lights on in some of the windows.

The interior of their apartment felt nice and cool in comparison with the way the weather had been trending. Once we were in and had the door closed, it was like Sherry had been let out of a cage. She immediately stripped off her top and bra again, and was all over Bobby. I stood just enjoying the sight of the horny couple kissing, caressing, teasing each other. As their tongues explored each other’s mouths, Bobby’s left hand cupped one of her breasts, then began pinching her diamond-hard nipples. She squealed in pleasure. Bobby’s other hand reached down under the hem of Sherry’s skirt and began stroking her pussy. She gasped in surprise as he fitted two, and then three fingers inside her, really frigging her. He pulled upward, his fingers still inside her, as though he were trying to lift her up off the floor by her cunt. This just drove her more insane, and she let out a moaning, screeching howl and kissed Bobby even more intensely. I couldn’t contain my arousal any more – the sight in front of me was more than I could handle, so I pulled out my cock and began stroking it slowly as I enjoyed the show.

“Bring that gorgeous cock over here,” Sherry growled. She kissed me as I sidled up to her. Her free hand grabbed the base of my cock in a death grip and she threw her head back and succumbed to the feeling of an orgasm racing through her body. Bobby finally broke the kiss and said, “Mmmmm…baby, hold that thought. Let’s get some wine and put on some music — we’re gonna be here all night.”

In a few minutes’ time, the lights were dimmed, dozens of candles where glowing around the room, and we were all cozied up on the couch sipping wine. I sat between Sherry and Bobby, as we all mutually fondled each other. Sherry was obviously perfectly comfortable sitting topless while we all talked.

“I wanna watch the two of you play with each other while I masturbate. Put on a show for me while I finger myself,” Sherry said. She got up from the couch and went looking for a bottle of lube, then brought a chair to sit across from us so she could watch. She was really getting into this, and spread her legs wide as she sat in the chair. I was getting rock hard again, and watched while she pulled the crotch of her panties aside to diddle her clit. Damn, how I love watching a woman masturbate.

After a few minutes I stood up and removed my clothing, and Bobby did the same. Sitting half-facing Bobby on the couch, I drizzled some lube on his cock, and then did the same for my own. Soon, I was enjoying the feeling of his warm hands on my cock and balls, just as I hoped he was enjoying my touch. At times, he would circle both his hands on my shaft and stroke slowly up and down, and at other times, he would massage my balls until I thought I would explode. I’m a multiple cummer, so I wasn’t too worried about cumming too quickly. I tried out a number of hand techniques on his rod, lightly twisting toward the head at times, or giving the head a series of rapid little mini-strokes. The effectiveness of this was obvious as he moaned and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

“Want me to make you cum?” I asked him.

“Mmm…not yet,” he said. “I’m enjoying this too fucking much.” I immediately slowed down my stroke and lessened the pressure. I looked over, and Sherry’s eyes were glued to the activity on the couch. Excited beyond belief, she had three fingers buried inside that hot little hole of hers.

“Have you ever been fisted?” I asked her. She just smiled and nodded her head yes. Then I watched as she spread herself even wider, and the remainder of her hand disappeared up to the wrist inside her. Instantly, she was writhing in another series of orgasms, one trailing behind the other.

I decided I wanted to taste that cock of Bobby’s again, so I moved down onto the floor in front of him. Gripping his cock with my hand, I sucked his weighty balls into my mouth – first, one at a time, and then both together.

“Ooooh, I’m getting so close,” was all he could manage.

“Good. I want you to cum all over me,” I said grinning at him. I took Bobby’s shaft into my mouth as deep as I dared, and then I felt the incredible sensation of Sherry’s warm, wet tongue exploring the crack of my ass before it settled on my puckered asshole. The feeling could only be described as a bolt of lightning up my spine. While I licked and fingered her boyfriend’s huge erection, Sherry’s tongue dove ever deeper into me. A hand reached under me and milked my dangling cock, stroking it from root to tip and back again.

“Holy shit, that feels fucking amazing!” I cried out.

“You’ve never been rimmed before?” Sherry chuckled.”I love eating ass, as well as having mine eaten.”

“I guess this is a night of firsts,” I grinned back at her. I circled the head of Bobby’s cock with my tongue, while I got my own dose of pleasure. Before I knew it, Bobby moaned, his hips bucked up, and several huge jets of cum exploded from him. I opened my mouth, receiving the first one, while the next ones hit my chin, cheek, and then draped over my hand as I continued to stroke him. I increased my speed, jerking him frantically and massaging his balls. I wanted every drop of his cum. When I was satisfied that he was temporarily empty, I put my mouth back over the head of his cock, sucking lightly and tasting the bitter-sweet-salty results of his orgasm. I felt Sherry’s hand in the back of my hair, grasping me lightly, and she came around to my side. She kissed me crazily, licking and slurping the rest of Bobby’s cum off my face. For the finale, she sucked each of my fingers into her mouth in turn, making sure they were completely clean of his spunk.

“Think you have a few more cumshots in you?” she asked me.

“Oh, definitely,” I told her. “I can cum at least three or four more times tonight”

“Yum…we’re gonna hold you to that,” she said, obviously excited at the prospect. “I want you to fuck me, but first, I want you to cum on Bobby. I wanna give you a reach-around and see you blow your load all over him and in his mouth. Then you won’t cum too fast while you’re inside me.” We stood up in front of Bobby. She crushed her hot little frame into my back and side. One hand cupped the underside of my ass, and the other took a firm hold on my tool. It wouldn’t be too long before I came, I was so turned on. She started off with deep, long strokes, working my entire length, and momentarily, I felt the added excitement of her middle finger slipping inside my ass. I’ve always loved anal play and the amazing feeling it gives while being stroked or sucked. It couldn’t have been but about three or four minutes before I felt my load of cum welling up inside me again. I told Bobby to get ready, and as Sherry jammed her finger deep inside my ass, I let loose with a long ropy stream of cum that landed right in Bobby’s mouth and down his chin. He leaned further forward and sucked me into his mouth while Sherry continued stroking me.

“I want you to fuck me, Joe,” said Sherry. “My pussy is aching to be filled with that big cock.” With that, she shimmied out of her skirt and her thong dropped to the floor. Sherry sat down on the sofa, delving a finger into the folds of her pussy. I was so turned on at the sight of her gorgeous body in the golden candlelight. Her nipples were the size of pencil erasers with her excitement, and her pussy was making a wet sloshing sound with her frenzied fingering. Those beautiful, muscular legs were spread out in front of me, beckoning me.

“First, I want to taste you,” I told Sherry as I knelt down to eat her out. She was sweet and tangy, and I loved the sights and sounds of her ecstasy. Her breathing got heavier, her chest heaved as she moaned in pleasure, and her hips began bucking against my face the closer she got toward orgasm.

I circled her clit with my tongue, and she started whimpering in her next major orgasm of the evening. I kept up the pressure to the little nub, while I inserted two fingers into her, searching for the g-spot in the top of her pussy. Apparently I hit it, because her whole body started spasming all over the couch. At the same time, my balls were now being sucked into Bobby’s mouth. I like them being treated somewhat roughly, and he was doing a good job of using his tongue.

“Come here,” Sherry said, pulling me up to her and kissing her pussy juices off my face. I felt a hand — I don’t know whether it was his or hers (I was still busy kissing Sherry), wrap itself around my cock and guide it to her waiting warmth. Like a velvet glove, she encased the length of my straining cock. I felt both her hands grab my ass and pull me deep into her. I sat still while I was buried balls-deep in her, savoring the feeling of her clinging to me. I started a deep, slow rhythm, pulling almost entirely out with each stroke, and sliding back in ever so slowly. “Fuck…me…now,” she growled. Her passion had turned animal, and those sexy damn legs locked themselves around my waist. I love the feel of a strong, feminine woman. At this sign of sexual abandon from her, I again pulled my shaft out all the way to the very tip. Slowly, slowly, slowly, until I heard a low growl from her throat again. I then slammed the length of my cock deep into her with force. It took her by surprise and she yelped. “Oh, fuck yesss! That’s what I need!” I repeated the whole process again, pulling out slowly, and plunging in ever deeper. I was bottoming out in her tight little cunt. After maybe 10 or 12 times of this treatment, she was practically begging me, so we developed a steady rhythm that was driving her wild. From time to time I felt Bobby’s hot breath on my ass and his tongue or his hands on my balls while I fucked his girlfriend mercilessly.

“I want Bobby to fuck you while you’re inside me,” she finally managed to say. “Think you can handle that?”

“I’ve never taken a cock before, but sounds like fun to me. Just go slowly please. The most I’ve ever had was my girlfriend’s toy in me.”

“Don’t worry — I’m not trying to hurt you. I want to do this more than just tonight.” I felt Bobby easing up behind me. He had gotten the bottle of lube and was putting a generous amount on my tight asshole. I felt a finger, and then two, working my sphincter as I sat still, my cock soaking in the wetness of Sherry’s depths. It felt damn good to have him manipulating me like this, and I was really excited to have him try this. I definitely enjoyed it when my ex-girlfriend had used her small dildo on me.

“Maybe you can fuck me sometime with a strapon,” I told Sherry on a whim.

“Mmm…Bobby loves when I do that to him. It’s such a turn-on to put him on his back and slide that big rubber fuck-toy into his ass while I stroke him.

“Damn! I’d love to see that!” I told her. If possible, I felt my cock getting harder at the attentions I was receiving from Bobby.

“You ready?” he asked. I nodded in reply, and felt the head of his cock poking gently at my back door. “It might be a little tight at first, but I’ll sit still and let you get used to it.” I felt a sharp stabbing pain for the briefest of seconds that made me suck in my breath. Then, true to his word, he sat still, allowing me to get used to the intrusion. I moved around a little bit, and told him it was okay to try a little more. I was definitely warming up to the sensation quickly. It was awesome to feel his slippery cock slide an inch at a time to fill me up, just as I was filling Sherry. Chalk another one up to new experiences.

After a bit of adjusting to the angles and the new feelings, the three of us began rocking, a little faster and deeper each time. Fucking-A, I was hooked with this! My mind was melting with the idea that I was doing this, and loving it. Words don’t describe the intensity of what I was feeling. I think we were all moaning and groaning at once. After a time, I don’t even know which one of us guys came first. Sherry must have had at least four or five orgasms, each one gripping my cock ever tighter. All I know is that I enjoyed the feeling of having Bobby’s hot cum pumped deep inside me. Who would have known?

We all moved upstairs to their bathroom, enjoying the break from the pumping and pounding. The shower was rejuvenating, and then we all collapsed onto their king-sized bed in a squeaky-clean tangle of limbs. This was definitely the start of a new era in my sexuality.

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Also, if you have suggestions for stories, I’d love to hear about those as well. Thanks…

Author’s note: This is a fantasy. Well, so far… My thanks to the young woman who inspired it.


The train was late. Sandy fidgeted nervously before the announcement board, impatient in his lust. He reached Platform 15 as the train sighed to a halt, searching faces. Then she was before him, breathless and trepidatious. Maybe scared. But that was as it should be. He grabbed her roughly, pulled her into a harsh kiss. No love, just lust, and their mutual needs. His fingers slipped under her slutskirt, found wet cunt:

- Good girl. Did you have fun on the train?

A whimper:

- Sorry master, I couldn’t find anyone to fuck. Just flashed a couple of guys.

- Aye weel Rachael, you’ll be punished for that. You had your instructions.


In the taxi she was shaking as she fastened her collar. He locked it, reached into her top to maul her tits. God she was perfect, his new slavegirl. Soaking cunt, fear and lust in her eyes. He fumbled the driver a twenty, attached the leash to her collar, and dragged her into his home:

- Lose your clothes.

Her eyes fell. He took photographs whilst she stripped, his cock rising as her young body was revealed. He’d had her once before, just for a weekend, under very different circumstances. This time there was no cause for equivocation on his part: she was his to do with as he wished. She wanted that; had travelled three hundred miles to get it. And in using and abusing her without restraint, he knew he’d be punishing the lover who had recently abandoned him. God he was turned on that a woman so young was his slave. But there was a problem:

- I told you to get waxed slavegirl.

A whimper. Tears. She shivered:

- Sorry master. I… I couldn’t get time off from work.

- Uhuh. So two infractions; no wax and no fuck on the train. You need serious punishment, slave. But first, your cunt must be naked.

He grabbed the leash and yanked her into the bathroom. Pointed to his electric beard-trimmer and wet-shave gear:

- Get on with it.

She sat on the edge of the bath and switched on the trimmer. He watched engrossed, taking photographs as she applied it above and over her cunt. The brown silky hair fell away. Soon all was reduced to stubble, notably damp around her labia and below. She turned off the machine, glanced shyly at him:

- Is that better master?

He moved to her, stroked her wetness, kissed her mouth gently:

- A good start slut. Now the wet-shave. Here, let me help you.

He filled the basin with steaming water, put razor and brush in it to heat, and removed the cap from his shaving-stick:

- All yours slut. Want me to soap you?

She nodded. She’d never used a shaving brush before. He knelt to inhale and lick her wet cunt before he started. Tangy and dirty, completely unlike the sweet fruitiness of his former lover. He liked it. Licked more. Was tempted to continue as she began to moan, but resisted. For now. He brushed a rich lather all over the stubble, gave her the razor:

- Completely naked for master.

She stroked inexpertly till his frustration required him to intervene:

- Your master needs to do that.

Within minutes she was shaved, rinsed, and baby-smooth. He was unable to resist, knelt to suckle her tangy sex:

- Jesus girlslave, this is beautiful.

- It’s yours master. Your cunt, to use as you wish. You own it, I promised you.

- Open your legs wide, I need to examine it.

He peered and licked, then slapped it hard:

- I know you need to be used. You will have your needs fulfilled. And you’ll get your first proper orgasm, I promise you. Now, bedroom.

During the previous scene they’d shared, she had said she’d never had a full orgasm. With anyone, in any way. He’d been frustrated that he hadn’t been able to give her one then. Was determined that this time he would.

She stood in his room, her young body trembling. Delicious small tits with puffy nipples, quite unlike the proud hard ones of his former lover. He shivered at the memory. But this girl was his now:

- What does master want?

- Slave has earned punishment for her infractions. On the bed, on your back.

- Yes master.

God she was so deliciously biddable. His cock jerked as she lay on the bed, legs spread, cunt glistening with need, waiting to be secured. He stripped quickly, padlocked the cuffs on her wrists to the headboard:

- Lift your legs. Ankles beside your hands.

Her cunt and arse gaped invitingly. Fuck he was going to enjoy her. Use and abuse her, but in doing so pleasure her. Fingers trembling with excitement, he secured her ankles to the bedhead. She was all his. She wanted this as much as he did. She was bright and intelligent, though he knew her life was troubled. He might want to help her in other ways if he could, but for now all he could give her was the abuse and sex she craved.

He knelt between her spread thighs, smelling her delicious need. Licked there, cunt and anus. But before he fucked her, she needed pain.

Opening his intricately-carved Chinese chest, he selected the flogger and nipple-clamps ordered specially for this girl. Both were too evil to have been used on his former lover; but he’d discussed them with Rachael, shown her them online, and she’d been eager to try them.

The flogger had steel tips to the falls. The clamps were crocodile clips. He moved to the bed with them. Applied a clamp to a puffy nipple. She screamed, so loudly that he considered gagging her. He had neighbours:

- Too much? Want the other one slave?

She gasped, tears running down her face. God he loved that…

- I’m collared for you master. I haven’t called my safeword.

- Jesus you’re gorgeous…

He was panting as, watching her writhe in agony, he applied the other clamp. His prick had never been so hard. He showed her the cruel flogger:

- Want this too slave?

She flinched through her tears:

- As master requires. Slave has earned it.

He ran the steel tips across her face. Over the soles of her feet; down the backs of her splayed legs. Dangled it over her cunt so the tips just feathered her. She squirmed in anticipation. Sandy was trembling with excitement. He raised his arm and the device flailed her gaping vulva. Not too hard the first time.

- More?

She nodded.

The next time wasn’t play. She shrieked as the cruel tips assaulted her nerve-endings. He heard no safeword. Started beating her seriously, but knew his excitement was getting out of order. Nearly beyond his careful self-control. Had to stop… His cock was dripping. Needing to spend in her. He ate her first, relishing this sharp new taste, and slid into her inflamed cunt:

- This what my slave needs?

- Ohgod master yes. Take your Rachael. And master?

- Aye?

- That was wickedly good. I’m so close…

Unbelievably beautiful. He fucked her with care at first, ensuring that his cockhead struck her gspot on every thrust. Fingered her clit, watched as she squirmed and moaned, knew she was rising. Wanted her to achieve orgasm, his strange needy girl. But he couldn’t hold out much longer as he took this sexgirl forty years younger than him… such a tight cunt…

She tensed. Convulsed and screamed, her eyes rolling up. And his spunk surged in her. Jesus, what a gorgeous fuckslave.

He sank on her groaning form, sweat pouring from both of them. Licked her everywhere he could:

- That was so beautiful Rachael. Thank you.

She smiled shyly at him:

- You made me cum master. For the first time in my life, you made me orgasm. Please, undo the cuffs. I need to hug you.

Tenderly, he unfastened her. She moaned as he removed the clamps and sucked her inflamed nipples. She hugged him tight, and he licked and kissed all over her face:

- God that was wonderful, my sexgirl. A most beautiful scene. And the fuck… your cunt is heaven. Thank you for allowing me bareback.

- That was the best scene I’ve ever enjoyed master. And to think, we’ve several days together now… your girl wants everything you wish to do to her.

- You’ll get it all, sexgirl. But before we get dinner, I think you need leather.

- God I want that. But please master, can I pee first?

- Only if I watch.

- Oh, I remember last time, you made me pee in front of you. I’d never done that before. It… um… it was exciting. And humiliating.

- Come to the toilet. You don’t know what humiliation is yet.

He grabbed her hair and dragged her to the room, clutching his camera.

- Crouch over it, seat up. I need to see and photograph everything.

She crouched. Her face was anguish:

- Please master, I need to but I just can’t…

He moved closer, kissed her mouth as he stroked her inflamed cunt, teasing the clit, easing his finger between her swollen folds, rubbing the urethra:

- Piss for master, slave. Piss now…

There was a trickle on his fingers. He put his hand to her mouth so that she could lick it off. Then the camera clicked as the urine gushed from her. The most delightful humiliation shone on her anguished face.

- Now stay there slut. Master needs to piss too.

Camera still in hand, he crouched close to her, kissed her mouth, and pointed his cock at her cunt. This was new for her; last time she’d begged him not to do it. This time there was no protest. The camera clicked as his yellow liquid sprayed her sex. He wiped her dry and instructed her to suck the last dribbles from his cock.

- Good girl. Now back to bed. Hands and knees. You need leathered for failing to seduce anyone on the train.

God he knew how much she needed pain. Relished the heavy belt as he hefted it:

- Just leather slave, or the buckle too?

- A… as master wishes.

Fuck. She’d get it then. He started with the leather, edging it as he swung so it bit hard into her presented arse. When she was glowing and marked, he knelt behind her. Her cunt was streaming. He lapped the sexfluid, pulled her arsecheeks wide, and licked into her anus. He’d have that later… But she’d asked for buckle, and she would get it.

He swung only twice. Drew blood on the second strike.

Left her whimpering on the bed, donned his dressing gown, and went to fix dinner. Called to her half an hour later when all was ready:

- Come and get it. Use the red dressing gown on the back of the door. No other clothes.


The dinner was simple: grilled salmon steaks, boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli, fresh tomatoes. A bottle of fresh light French white.

She ate hungrily:

- I didn’t know you could cook master?

- Nothing fancy, but I’ve learned to look after myself.

Once they were done, he ordered her:

- Master cooked. Slave washes up.

- Yes master.

She’d just finished, was drying her hands, when he moved into the kitchen behind her. Reached round into the dressing gown for her cunt. Good and wet:

- Come here slave.

He dragged her into the living room, fingers hooked in her vagina:

- You told me you’ve never squirted, girl.

- No master, I don’t think so.

- You’d know if you had. That means you haven’t. Let’s see now…

He took her into his arms, kissing her with a passion that surprised her. Tweaked and played with her nipples, then drew the clamps from his pocket and applied them. Not the vicious ones: this pair had soft covers where they bit her buds. But they still hurt: her tits were recovering from their previous encounter.

She gasped into his kiss. His hand went to her cunt again: drenched. God he loved how she got off on pain. His fingers curled into her, found the spongy patch. She groaned in his mouth as he began rubbing:

- Master’s going to make slave squirt.

Her arms wound round his neck, mouth against his, slack with desire. As the rubbing intensified, she began to tremble, her cunt squirming in need against his busy hand:

- Yes master. Slave so wants that.

- Just let go my little whore. It’ll feel like you need to pee, just let go, let it happen…

She shuddered against him:

- Ohfuckohfuckohfuck…

Her entire being convulsed, and his hand and wrist were soaked. He knelt and drank the last few squirts, then carefully wiped the rest of the liquid with the dressing gown she wore. And removed it:

- Now bend over the table. Master’s going to have his slave’s arse.

She obeyed, smelling he flowers he’d bought for her arrival. She didn’t much enjoy it in her arse, but she had collared herself. He didn’t go to the bedroom for lube, fetched olive oil from the kitchen instead. God her arse was beautiful, bruised and blooded, young and inexperienced. He’d never before needed to fuck as he did at that moment:

- Pull your cheeks wide for master.

She complied, trembling. The fact that she didn’t like it in her arse made it more exciting for him. He thrust his dripping cock in her. Oh jesus, so tight, so exhilarating. This was all for him, and he used her hard, didn’t give a fuck about her this time. Reached to pull and maul her tits as he fucked her… knew he wouldn’t last long. Balls tightening, ohfuck, the terrible beauty was born… and he filled her with spunk. Delicious pure dirtyfuck. She was a delight. When eventually his prick softened and withdrew, there was shit on it:

- Up slave. On your knees. Clean your master.

He stroked her face tenderly as she took his limp cock in her mouth.

Before they went to bed he ordered her to remove the chain his former lover had fastened round his neck two years previously.


There was much to do the next day. He’d promised to buy her clothes for promotional photos for her website. There would be social fun afterwards.

She was scantily clad, so he slipped a light raincoat over her form before they left the flat. It gave him satisfaction to parade her through his city, collared and leashed. He bought her clothes. But he was really looking forward to the shoe shop. She wore a short slut-skirt, thigh-highs, and no panties. No bra under her translucent top. It was hard to find a shop with male attendants, but eventually they managed. She was scared witless, and had to be dragged in.

- Can I help you?

The attendant was about forty, reasonably good-looking, with the unctuous manner of salespersons everywhere. He was even rubbing his hands. His brows rose when he noted the collar and leash.

- These black boots in the window. Do you have them in her size?

- I’m sure we do sir. Perhaps I should measure you madame? Please take a seat here.

She sighed with relief, removed the coat, and sat. At least it was in a corner, and didn’t face the window.

The man brought the measuring device and knelt before her:

- If you could just raise your left foot madame, please?

She remembered her master’s instructions and parted her legs a little. Raised her left foot. The assistant concentrated on the measuring device. Eventually raised his head to look at her. His eyes widened in surprise. Excitement coursed through her and she flooded. He must have seen it. Fuck, she could smell herself.

He was a professional; he’d seen it before. His recovery was instant:

- Thank you. Now the right please, madame.

She parted her legs wider. Fiddled at her collar, and unfastened the top buttons of her blouse. She leaned forward, close to the assistant’s ear. Whispered:

- Sorry, I’m a bit deaf. What did you say?

The man’s head was reeling. This was beyond his training or experience:

- Err, your right one now, please madame…

She leaned closer:

- My right what?

- Um, foot, madame. Please.

Rachael sat back and placed her right foot on the measuring device. God she was enjoying this poor man’s discomfiture. The tops of her thigh-highs were soaked.

Master touched her wet cunt whilst the man left to search for the boots:

- Is slave enjoying herself?

- I was terrified at first master. But now, yes, you know I’m very excited.

- I’ll tell him to cop a feel then…

The assistant returned, smiling nervously, and knelt before her:

- I think you’ll find these are the right size madame.

- Please put them on for me? My back’s sore.

Her legs parted as the assistant began to slip the first boot on. She raised the leg so he could access the zip at the back. Her pungent aroma filled the air and her cunt gaped before his eyes.

Sandy leaned down to the man:

- Like what you see?

The assistant’s voice was hoarse:

- Fuck. Err, sorry sir. Aye, of course I do…

- Want to feel and taste?

- Shit. Is the Pope a Catholic?

- Go ahead then.

The man looked nervously at Rachael.

- You don’t need to ask her. I own her. I give you permission to touch and taste what you can see.

The assistant zipped the boot up. Nervously looked round, then at Sandy, a question in his eyes.

- Go ahead. Slide your fingers up her thigh. She wants it. She wants you to touch her cunt. You can see and smell how wet it is.

The hand was shaking. It moved slowly up the thigh. Rachael quivered in excitement, and the movement of hand and thigh stimulated her further:

- Go on. Touch me. Touch my cunt.

The assistant’s palpitating fingernail caught in her thigh-high, and a slutty rip appeared.

- For fuck’s sake, touch me. Get me off.

His hand moved up the last few inches of fleshy thigh quickly, slithering on her juice. She moaned as he reached her sex:

- Slide them in. Get me off.

He knew what he was doing. Twisted his hand so it was palm-up to her sex, and his two middle fingers entered her. Sandy tweaked her nipples through her blouse and she wailed softly:

- I need it hard man. Wank me hard. Thumb on my clit.

Sandy watched in fascination when Rachael’s hips rose from the seat, her face a grimace of sexual anguish as the assistant grunted to serve her. But she couldn’t cum, and the man sat back, defeated. Sandy kissed her mouth:

- You did well, slave. Thank you.


They ate in a wee Lebanese restaurant in the West End. Sandy was ebullient; Rachael a bit subdued after her experience in the shoe shop. The restaurant staff had looked askance as they entered; they’d only ever previously seen him with his ex-partner. But both the service and the food were, as always, impeccable. Once they’d finished and paid, he stroked her sex-sticky thigh under the table:

- If we find someone suitable, do you want your DP, slave?

She shivered, looked down. Then up in his eyes, a glow there he hadn’t seen before:

- I… I think so master. I’d like… to know what it feels like to have two cocks in me. Yes. Please.

He smiled, delighted at the final assurance in her voice. He and his ex-partner had discussed MFM threesomes at length, had three times tried and failed to arrange one. It was an experience he’d wanted for years, and with this biddable new slave he knew he’d have it. He drew her from the restaurant and hailed a cab.

The munch was in an elevated corner of the pub as usual, not in a private room. None of the attendees were friends, just acquaintances, and he’d fucked none of the subs. He’d removed Rachael’s leash, but not her collar, before they entered: it was etiquette not to be too overt here. He introduced her round, noting which of the doms seemed interested in her. Left her to her own devices and chatted to a couple of subs he fancied, whilst watching who was talking to her. One of the subs was very friendly. Strange how women sometimes appeared more interested in an attached than a single man.

Rachael had been chatting to Gavin for some time. Sandy liked the guy: he was reserved and intelligent, unlike some of the self-important fools who style themselves doms. He made a date with the sub for the following week, and joined Rachael. He sent her to the bar to order drinks:

- Hi Gavin. D’ye like her?

- She’s a bit quiet, but she’s in a strange city I suppose. Aye, she’s nice.

- Fancy her?

- Oh fuck aye, she’s red hot. She’s been flashing me; I could smell her.

Michelle was feeling a little drunk, but nothing too serious as we walked up the street looking for a bar.

I had a piece of paper with a time & nearby address written on it which was given to me by a lady masseuse who had earlier that day given Michelle a massage at our hotel. I happened to secretly walk into the room at the moment this hot little Asian woman gave my even hotter blonde wife a happy ending.

Afterwards, while Michelle was in the shower, Sandy the masseuse took me aside and told me to be at this address at 8pm sharp if I wanted to see more. I have no idea why I decided to go through with it, but seeing Michelle who is normally so conservative and for a better word, frigid… This was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“This town looks dead.” Michelle said as we walked along the main street. “I don’t think we’ll find a bar here.”

“Lets try up here.” I said as I gently, as I pulled her arm and turned right up a laneway. “Maybe there’s a jazz club or something up here.”

Unbeknownst to her, I had led Michelle towards the address on the paper. The laneway was long & well lit at the start where there we a couple small restaurants, but the lights started to dim as we proceeded farther in.

“That looks like a bar on the corner down there.” I said reassuring her “Maybe they’re open still.”

“Geeze I hope so!” Michelle mocked in an exhausted voice. “My feet hurt & I really want a cocktail.”

We approached the red brick stairs & walked up to this large antique looking oak door with a huge brass dragon-head knocker. I knocked once on the door as a loud bang echoed down the laneway. There was no answer so I reluctantly knocked again, but a bit quieter this time.

“Come on honey, they’re closed” Michelle said as she started to turn. “I’m sure we’ll find another place.”

Disappointed, I reached for the knocker and went to give it one more hit. Just as my hand touched it, the door opened and an eery dull red light shone through. It opened all the way and a large man stepped out wearing a white mask similar to the one used in The Phantom of the Opera.

“We’ve been expecting you” he said in a deep monotone voice, as we stepped into the foyer. “Please wait here and someone will be right with you”

The weight of the door caused it to slam shut in a dramatic style, which made us both jump a little.

“What the fuck?” Michelle mouthed at me silently looking confused. “Expecting us… What is this place?”

“I have no idea” I said. “I thought it was a jazz club.”

“If this is a jazz club then I’m drunker than I thought”. Michelle whispered at me laughing. “I just wanted a drink.”

A woman entered the foyer now & held out two masks and a small card with the number sixty-three written on it.

“You must wear these before you may enter.” She spoke in a clear & proper tone. “I’ll take your coats to the cloakroom. Hand your card to the attendant to collect them when you’re ready to leave”

I looked at Michelle with her mask on. It was a half-face black mask which covered her eyes & nose. There were several feathers standing about 30cm high and the outer rim was lined with gold glitter & fake crystals.

My mask was the exact same white mask our greeter was wearing, which was slightly less interesting but much more intriguing.

The woman returned with a drink for us both. Large martini style glass with red margarita mix which tasted like berries.

“Now we’re talking.” Michelle said as we followed the woman into the main room. “What is this place?”

The room was large like a hotel lobby. The dark polished floor boards reflected the light coming from the crystal chandelier hanging from the high cathedral style roof. Directly under it in the middle of the room was a large table filled with a range of desserts & fruits.

There was a rather large bar in the back right corner & the entire back wall was one big mirror, making the room look even bigger. The music playing was an operatic drum/base mix, but nothing too over the top or loud.

Above us, a few people stood looking down from the mezzanine which circled the entire room. They were all in masks so I don’t know for sure, but it felt like they were staring at us.

The room had a couple large red antique couches & bar had several stools, but aside from that there were no other chairs. This was surprising because there were about nine smaller glass dining tables, scattered throughout the room.

Above the entrance was a big clock which read 8:13pm. The huge double doors at the entrance looked thick & heavy. It took three guys in white masks to close them.

The guests all appeared to be well dressed. There was about 30 men in suits & all wearing the same white mask as me. The women were dressed up in summer & cocktail dresses, but I could only see about nine including Michelle.

There was a dance floor on the left side of the room where one of the women was dancing with four men. “I’m going to dance!” Michelle said smiling as she finished her drink and skipped towards the dance floor.

I found myself a nice cosy spot in the back corner and watched her as five more guys walked onto the dance floor. Of course they went straight to my wife and started dancing close to her.

Michelle doesn’t mind the attention. She is a good dancer and loves to do it, but rarely gets the opportunity because I hate dancing, so when she gets the chance to let go & shake her ass she jumps at it.

It was weird seeing two women surrounded by so many guys on the dance floor, but I guess that’s what happens in this place. One of the guys had now moved directly behind Michelle and put his arm around here waist. He was pressing his groin into her ass as they both danced in time with the music. Another guy approached from the front and as they danced he managed to work his right leg between hers.

Michelle’s dress had ridden up with the dancing and I could see the tops of her black thigh-high stockings & garter straps. With the movement of the dance and the pushing from the guy behind, Michelle was now grinding her crotch into his leg.

The front guy put his hand on her cheek and started to move in to kiss her, but she turned away. He tried again about 30 second later, but this time she pushed him away looking very annoyed and said something which I couldn’t hear. When he tried a third time she just walked off the dance floor and came over to me.

“I need another drink.” She said obviously still irritated that her dance had been ruined. “I’ll go back when there are less assholes around.”

We got to the bar and ordered some drinks. I got my usual bourbon and Michelle was presented with the most ridiculously large green cocktail.

“What the fuck is that?” I asked

“It’s a Five Island Extacy!” Michelle said with a huge smile on her face. “I didn’t know it was going to be this big though.”

We both laughed as she took a sip from her dessert bowl size round glass. “Mmmmmm! This is good.” She said offering me a sip. “You have to try it.”

I took the glass and we found a stool at the end of the bar near the back wall. There was only one free so Michelle sat down & I stood next to her as we talked about the strange room & continued to drink for a while.

“I’ve got to go to the bathroom.” I said, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I headed to the back of the room & walked up a dark corridor to the bathrooms to relieve myself.

When I came out there was a masked lady standing in the corridor. “You like to watch?” She asked blocking my path as I just stood there with a confused look on my face. “You like to watch her yes?”

“Sandy” I questioned “Is that you?”

“Yes.” She answered. “But you can’t use names here.”

“What is this place?” I spoke quietly so no one would hear, but sandy just motioned for me to follow her.

We walked through a large red curtain about halfway down the corridor. Then through another door into a room with a single line of chairs facing a wall.

“You sit down the other end.” Sandy was pointing. “In the last chair.”

I was confused, but I still sat down as she told me. “What is this?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” Sandy had a big smile on her face as she picked up a white remote control & pressed a button.

The wall started to slide way to the right and I could now see the main room. “It’s a two way mirror.” Sandy sounded pleased. “You see & hear them, but they can’t see or hear you.”

“Really?” I said amazed. “That’s awesome!”

“Look, look!” Sandy was pointing again. “There’s your sexy blondy.”

She was right. I was two meters away from Michelle sitting at the bar finishing her drink & she had no idea.

“Beautiful lady like her won’t be left alone for long in this place.” Sandy said proudly. “You stay here & watch. They will come soon.”

Sandy was right. No sooner had she stopped talking, the two men she was dancing with earlier approached Michelle and handed her a fresh cocktail. They looked like they were apologizing & pretty soon she was giggling as she talked, which happens when she has a bit too much to drink.

“I told you” Sandy said proudly. “Pretty blonde lady like attention from strange men.”

The guy on Michelle’s right was now leaning on the bar talking to her & taking sneaky looks at her cleavage. He was the one dancing behind her & he seemed to now have her complete attention as they were locked in conversation.

The other guy had moved around & was now standing behind her. He gradually moved a bit closer and rested his hand on her left shoulder and softly rubbed his thumb on the back of her neck. She didn’t seem to mind or notice his hand as she continued talking to the other one. He began to work his way to her shoulder now, as he quickly slipped two fingers under the spaghetti strap of her black cocktail dress & cleverly flicked it off her shoulder.

Michelle had no idea, but the left side of her dress had now fallen down and was resting just above her nipple. The guy in front was trying hard to keep his eyes off her nearly exposed breast as they spoke. He looked up & smiled at his mate who was now rubbing Michelle’s neck harder with his thumb & index finger. The gentle movement of her body caused the dress to slip off her nipple and fall softly to one side, but she just kept chatting & sipping her drink.

My wife was now sitting in front of two complete strangers with one of her perky A cup breasts on display. Both guys were in a temporary state of shock when they realized she had no idea, they looked at each other and continued to glance down at every opportunity.

Michelle’s breasts are perfectly shaped with small coin size pink nipples so I don’t blame these guys for staring… I would!

“Pretty blondy knows her boob is out.” Sandy looked at me as she spoke. “She teases them because it makes her feel good. But they know she will do what they want.”

“What?” I said disagreeing with her “She doesn’t know about her dress because she’s drunk.”

“Oh, she knows” said Sandy confidently. “She will let them do what they want, you’ll see. She likes to play dumb & slutty”

“I know my wife & she is not the exhibitionist type.” I said. “Besides, I know…how…”

Just then, Michelle looked down & noticed her exposed breast. Turning beet red with embarrassment, she adjusted her dress & apologized. The guys looked disappointed as she fixed her dress and were reassuring her as she went to get down from the stool still embarrassed. They somehow managed to convince her to sit again, as they guided her back onto the stool and handed her back the drink.

Michelle looked around with her arms over her chest shaking her head and laughing. The guys started laughing too while they talked more, telling her how hot & sexy she looked. Michelle nervously started to drink a bit faster than usual.

She looked shocked at first, then embarrassed and then put her face in her hands and rested her elbows on the bar. She was clearly drunk, but still smiling & still a little embarrassed as she was now again listening to the guy on her right talk.

The guy behind her had his hands on her hips and was now massaging her lower back with his thumbs. Michelle reached behind with her left hand grabbed his wrist to stop him, but he just continued rubbing & after a short time her grip had loosened until she gave up and rested her left arm back on the bar for support.

“You see, she is not resisting touch.” Sandy smiled. “Blondy want to be touched. She likes it.”

Michelle sipped her drink and chatted as the guy behind her was slowly pulling her to the edge of the stool with every movement of him thumbs. He was pulling on her cocktail dress with his fingers and I was surprised to see Michelle lean forward & raise her butt a little so he could slip it out easier.

He began to gradually bunch the back of her dress up, exposing her perfect ass & black thong to the entire room. With his left hand he quickly unzipped his pants & a 9 inch cock sprang out hard as a rock as he reached into his left pocket.

Still holding her dress up with his right hand, his left hand emerged from his pocket with a small tube. Her flicked open the lid and squeezed a small amount of transparent liquid on the head of his cock. He shoved the tube back in his pocket & rubbed the liquid over the head & shaft until it was glistening.

Moving close behind her, he moved her thong aside and pressed the head of his penis onto her puckered assbud. Michelle stared straight ahead in shock, her jaw dropped & her eye’s opened wide as this guy pushed forward, gently forcing her asshole to respond.

Michelle sat stiff trying to comprehend in her drunken state what was happening. The sneaky fuck slowly pushed forward & slipped the head of his cock past her main gate, then he waited for her reaction. Michelle did nothing but continue to look forward in shock with her eyes darting from left to right to see if anyone had noticed this blatant violation. Her lack of response both verbally & physically was all he needed as the guy took that as a green light to proceed.

Again he pushed forward, knowing that the lube would eventually do its job, but still waiting patiently for her sphincter to release completely. It wasn’t long before Michelle’s eyes closed and her mouth opened as she submitted her ass to this stranger. He began to grin as his shaft slowly started to slide in more and more until it was completely gone.

Michelle put her elbows on the bar resting her face in her hands, as wisps of her loosened hair fell forward. Her body was betraying her now, as she pushed back while the guy started to move his cock in & out, fucking her ass.

The guy next to her took the opportunity to feel one of her amazing little A cup tits as he slipped his hand down the front of her dress and began massaging her left breast.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This was my normal suburban wife being fucked up the ass by two strangers right in front of me in public and all I could do was sit and watch, completely engrossed in her adventure.

The guy pulled her back toward him so she was sitting upright & he could get more tension. Her now again exposed left breast bounced with each thrust and she grabbed the guy at the bars head and pulled it toward her nipple. He sucked, licked and tongued her nipple like it was the last piece of candy on the planet, as his right hand worked its way under her dress towards her secret place.

Behind her, the guy was gliding into her ass with perfect rhythm & Michelle was loving it. She looked up to the people watching her from the mezzanine & started to bite her bottom lip. Then she turned to the mirrored window I was sitting behind, unknowingly staring directly at me with her glazed eyes.

“She not see you” Sandy said, “She likes to see herself being slut.”

Michelle was looked down at the guy sucking her breasts. She was grabbing the back of his head and pulling him closer to her chest. He took her perky little breast & nipple in his mouth as he sucked & licked like a rabid dog.

She was in heaven now with all her senses being well & truly heightened. I’m sure she had forgotten that I was even in the same building as her body began to gyrate Uncontrollably.

The guy behind started to groan & move erratically before tensing up, gripping her waist tight and blowing his load into my wife’s ass. Her eyes again opened wide as she felt his slimy cum sprayed into her, I couldn’t tell if she was in shock or extacy as she just sat there taking short breaths & gasping for air.

There were no complaints forthcoming from the guy either who now had his head resting on her shoulder. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket as slowly his cock slid out of my wife’s ass followed by a stream of cum which dripped to the floor. He grabbed his cock with the handkerchief and wiped it as she pushed the guy in front away gently and rested on the bar exhausted. Both guys were smiling as they kissed her cheek, gave each other a high five & walked away.

Michelle just sat there confused in her state of extacy. A couple minutes passed & she rose from her stool, adjusted her dress & walked calmly to the bathroom.

I got up and started to leave the room. “No you don’t want to leave yet! ” Sandy said standing in front of me, “This is where it gets fun.”

“What are you talking about?” I Asked.

“She will come back soon and more will want to play with her.” Sandy led me through to another room on the opposite side of the dance floor. “You wait here & I’ll show you.”

To be continued…

In UK English. Just over 11k words (4 pages), containing BDSM, exhibitionism and anal acts with a Domme and two men who should’ve known better than to disobey her. It’s a slow starter but really does get going later on.

This is a Valentine’s Day 2014 Contest submission so please, please, please, please vote and comment. It’s the first time I’ve entered a contest, and the first time I’ve written BDSM. I hope you enjoy and be…ummm, gentle with me. *winky* I don’t have an editor so any Eros (hah!) are all mine. xxx


“I hate Valentine’s Day and I hate Friday night games,” grumbled Lindsay. “Whose bloody stupid idea was this? She stood, well wrapped up, pint in hand, staring out at the pouring rain and the late arrivals dashing to the shelter of the stand. “All this false bonhomie, and everyone desperately trying to enjoy themselves in too little time.”

“Are you talking about Fridays or Valentine’s?” grinned Sian.

“Both. What’s wrong with Saturday at two o’clock and keeping your smug coupley-ness to yourselves instead of infesting all the restaurants and decent pubs, and now even Harford Rugby Club?” Lindsay’s Scottish accent strengthened when she was on a rant.

Sian sniggered at her ire, “The club thought they’d do something special. It’s primarily the idea of that new social media bloke, Roman, he hasn’t realised the importance of rugby on Saturdays.”

“All hail rugby on Saturdays! Seriously now, kick off wasn’t until half seven, you’re not going to be eating your ‘Luscious Late Love Lunch’ until ten.”

“Or later, by the time Rob’s got off the pitch, showered and tarted himself up. For a manly prop, he takes longer than me to shower and get ready. Oh, and have physio treatment, have a beer with his buddies, all the rest.” Sian looked down at her generous curves, “I’m hardly going to starve, but I won’t be able to drink much without getting squiffy.”

“We’ll share a burger at half time.”

“You’re on. Where are you off later?”

Lindsay smiled, “Flames is having an anti-Valentine’s night for singletons. Which will probably turn into the usual meat market with perhaps fewer of the cheating arseholes than normal.”

“Awww, I love Flames. It’s so bloody cheesy, it’s brilliantly dreadful. Who are you going with?”

“Some of the women players. They decided on the fancy dress theme: ‘leather or lace’.” Lindsay wriggled, smirking.

Sian stared at Lindsay, “You’re dressed up, under your coat? G’wan, give us a flash.”

“Later, it’s buried under jumpers.” At Sian’s faked wobbling lower lip, she pulled open her long coat to show her long, black leather boots and skin-tight leather trousers, pulling up her layers to show her pierced midriff and the bottom of her corset. “I’m a dominatrix. My whip is back at the club.”

“Wow, you have the body for it too, you’re so toned. Red lips to clash with your bright red hair?”

“The full works, plus a black eye mask. I’ll add the dramatic touches later, I don’t think the Harford clubhouse is up for Mistress Ell.”

“You’d give the old boys a collective heart attack. I’m not sure if Flames is even up for Mistress Ell.” Sian shook her head, “I have to say, apart from having Rob’s company, I’m rather jealous.”

“Oi!” came a voice from the row below. “You’re on the same table as us and our husbands, it can’t be that bad.” Her brunette friend, a heavily-pregnant Sarah was coming to join them. Like most around them, she was wrapped up in a heavy winter coat, hat, gloves and ascarf.

Sarah shook her brolly out, “It’s bloody tipping down and freezing. Whose idea was this again?”

“The new social media bloke,” chorused Sian and Lindsay.

“Roman? The one who’s just walked out?” asked Sarah.

“Really?” Lindsay rolled her eyes.

A low, male Scottish-accented voice came from a massive hunk behind them, “Yes, and he’s dropped the club well-and-truly in the brown stuff. Nothing’s ready for tonight. Lindsay, I may have to call on your organisational and diplomatic skills to help us out of shit creek. I wouldn’t ask if we weren’t desperate.”

“Yes, boss.” Lindsay was Tom’s second-in-command in his City offices, and had got to know the rest of the girls through his wife, Sarah.

“Looks like I won’t be seeing much more of the match, I’ll see you in the bar later.” Lindsay waved goodbye to the girls, and returned to the clubhouse.

When she got there, the whole place was in turmoil. Some pink, red and silver decorations lay scattered about the function room on random tables, some still in their boxes. The bar staff had set up, but were short of staff and coming into conflict with the caterers who were also in chaos.

It took five minutes to soothe the irate chef worried about his food getting spoiled, and placate the bar manager concerned about several bottles of wine ready to be placed on the tables that had already gone missing.

One mousy young girl was attempting to lay all of the tables by herself. Lindsay approached her, “Hi, do you know where the rest of the waiting staff for tonight are please?”

The girl blushed and didn’t look at her, “Ummm, they’re here…”

“But where?”

“Ummm, I think they’re getting ready in the ladies?”

Lindsay helped the girl, whose name was Becca, for a few minutes, “So, how long have you been here?”

“Since seven, that’s when Roman said he’d pay us from.”

“And the other girls, how long have they been here.”

“Ummm.” Becca blushed, “Around the same time, we were on the same bus.”

It was approaching eight o’clock. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

Lindsay went in search of the missing staff. It didn’t take long; the clubhouse was nearly empty apart from the staff and she could hear giggling from the loos. She pushed the door open, to be met by a cloud of hairspray, perfume, cigarette and alcohol fumes. Three girls in short, tight white blouses with black miniskirts were propped up around the sinks, drinking the pilfered wine, gossiping and fussing with their make-up. One further girl was smoking out of an opened window. They gave Lindsay dismissive glances and carried on their conversations. Lindsay went into a stall and listened.

“Did you see the size of that girl who goes out with Rob, the prop? She’s massive, must be a fourteen at least. What an elephant!”

“Fat cow, what the hell does he see in her?”

“I’m going to flirt with him tonight, I don’t care if he’s single or not.”

All the other girls agreed and discussed which of the men they fancied, each adding a malicious slur about the player’s wife or girlfriend.

Lindsay had heard enough and exited the cubicle, spuriously washing her hands and striding out of the door.

Seconds later, she returned with backup in the form of a couple of bar staff and a doorman, “You four, you’re sacked. Don’t expect to be paid a penny for tonight, and don’t expect to ever work here again. Now, pay up for that stolen wine and piss off.”

With much bitching, the girls left.

Which was nice, but left them short of staff. She spotted Tom coming in to check progress, “I need at least four bodies to act as waiters or waitresses plus a couple of bar staff who won’t drink the profits. Any ideas?”

Tom thought for a second, “I’ll send some of the squad who aren’t playing over. Maybe some of the under-20 boys. Don’t let them give you any shit.”

“Good, I won’t. How are things on the pitch?”

“It’s only halftime and we’re winning by miles. So much for a close-fought local derby; they haven’t even turned up.”

Lindsay returned to the function room and was relieved to see Becca had finished laying the cutlery. Some bar staff had taken pity on her and started polishing the glasses to be placed on the tables.

“Lindsay? Ummm, would you mind if I tidied myself up a bit? I haven’t stopped since I got here and I need the loo.”

“No problem, apparently there’s more help on its way.” Lindsay cast an eye over the room, assessing what was left to be done. Napkins with hearts on and other related table and wall decorations, more chairs. There wasn’t even any table plan to check. She could strangle that Roman.

The heating had been bumped up, and after walking back and forth a few times, she was far too warm in her long coat and layers. She hung the coat up, putting her whip with it also, and stripped off a couple of jumpers leaving only a translucent, figure-hugging black silk blouse over the corset.

Where was the help? Becca had returned in short order, and was placing the glasses out. Her brown hair had been pulled back neatly into a high ponytail which suited her better. Lindsay hadn’t noticed before, but Becca was naturally pretty, a quiet beauty rather than in-your-face-and-caked-with-makeup, and under the baggy clothes was a good, athletic figure. Her eyes had nearly popped out of her head when she’d seen Lindsay’s skin-tight outfit.

The ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ banner Lindsay was holding was intended to be suspended on permanent hooks above the bar. Even kneeling on a bar stool wasn’t enough. She dragged a small table over, and retrieved her whip. In her insanely high heels with the use of the whip, she could just about reach, and the decoration looked great once up.

With hands on hips, she surveyed the room. It was slowly coming together.

Sniggering came from her left. Six of the players kitted out in hoodies and jeans were slouching in the doorway, watching her in her outfit.

“You two!” she barked and pointed her whip at the two closest, “Help me down from here.”

Their tittering shut off abruptly and the two players uneasily approached her. She recognised them as younger players, in fact four of them looked to be younger and the remaining two, Gavin and Adam were senior players in their mid-twenties.

“Arms up!” she snapped, and with their help, gracefully stepped down. The top of her head barely reached their shoulders. She squared her shoulders, tapped the whip against her boots and fixed them all with a gimlet stare.

Their expressions were combined terror and awe, and some sexual heat from the older two. Hmmm, maybe she was onto something here; despite their size, they weren’t arguing.

She circled them, taking in their jeans and general scruffy appearance, “You! Name and what other clothes do you have with you?”

“D-Damian,” her victim stuttered. “Us younger players have smarter clothes for later.”

“You! Name and what kind of smarter clothes?” she directed her question to another youth player.

“Ricky. Sss-shirts and ties, trousers and shoes.”

She pointed at the youthful players, “You’re now waiters for the night. You will be paid. You four have ten minutes to change and return here. Go now.”

She flicked the whip towards the door and the four scuttled away, leaving Gavin and Adam.

She had to hide the tremors of anticipation running through her. Hell, they were tall. And fit. She took her time to slowly look over them, tapping her whip against her opposite palm, “You two. Clothes?”

Gavin answered, his redhead complexion blushing, “Just a change of shirt.” The dark-haired Adam echoed him in his soft Kiwi accent. Neither of them could look away from the whip in her hands.

“Have either of you ever served behind a bar?” They both nodded. “Ok that’ll be your main job for tonight. You have five minutes to change.”

They both nodded, but didn’t move. She looked them up and down again scornfully. Tall. More than filling out the front of their jeans. At her glare, they both shuffled. Were they aroused? They seemed to be breathing heavily.

She stepped closer, meeting their widening eyes and whispered, “Go. Now.”

Gavin gulped, “O-Our kit bags are below the coat stands behind you.”

Lindsay permitted herself a smug smile, “Good, then you can change here and help me with the rest of the decorations.”

She strode off to where Becca was watching open-mouthed, “Everything ok with you, Becca?”

“Oh my god, you’re, like, my heroine. The way they went from cockiness to cowering in front of you in seconds.” Becca was grinning and had forgotten to be shy, “I’ve never seen anything so epic.

“How old are you, Becca?”

“I’m eighteen. Just.”

“Are you still at school?”

“Ummm, I’m just finishing my A levels but…ummm, I want to be a cyclist,” she rushed out.

“Ooh, I cycle too. Only social club runs though.”

“I thought so; you have the legs of a cyclist…” Whatever Becca was about to say next, she completely forgot, distracted by something behind Lindsay. “Wow!” she breathed.

Lindsay suspected she knew what had distracted the goggle-eyed waitress, and before turning around, carefully blanked her expression. Wow indeed.

Two half-naked professional sportsmen, firm slabs of muscles and ridged abdomens on show, they rummaged in their bags for shirts. Gavin started pulling his shirt on. Looking up and seeing Lindsay and Becca watching, he slowed his movements down, smirking as he slowly buttoned the garish, silky fabric from bottom to top. He said something to Adam who looked their way too.

Lindsay could feel herself losing control of the situation, “Follow me, and stop staring!” she hissed at Becca.

Sauntering towards the troublesome two, she slowly unbuttoned the thin shirt she wore over the leather corset. Gavin and Adam’s eyes darted to her chest, the smooth black leather and bare midriff she was revealing. She let the shirt slip off her shoulders, “It’s rather…warm in here, don’t you think?” she asked Adam.

His eyes were glued to the breast shelf barely covered by leather. With a deep breath, she nearly popped out.

She tittered, and shrugged the shirt back on, slowly rebuttoning it, “Silly me, I need to run to the cold office, and I’m afraid I’ll have to find you other shirts to wear, those just won’t do.” She shook her head in mock disappointment. “Please be getting on with decorating and placing the wine glasses on the tables, tell the youths to help you when they return.” She strolled out of the room, swinging her hips confidently, Becca trotting behind her.

“Ok, Becca. First things first, we need table plans and a list of names. Secondly, we both need to keep those boys and everyone else under control all night. Part of that is appearance, most of it is attitude. I’m going to give you a makeover and ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’ lessons.”

Becca almost skipped in happiness and clapped her hands together with glee.

Lindsay laughed, “I’m afraid the first lesson is be happy inside but don’t be too happy on the outside when you’re in a position of power. Second is, don’t overdo it and be a hard bitch, there’s always room for a smile and compliment if someone’s done well.”


Twenty minutes later, Lindsay had the paperwork sorted and a transformed assistant. She’d borrowed a skirt and shoes from one of the women players who’d brought them to change into after watching the match, and a red v-neck T-shirt with the Harford logo, from a youth tournament. There were more T-shirts for the waiters and bar staff. One other problem sorted.

She’d also enhanced her make-up and applied a bit to Becca to bring out her natural beauty. The improved appearance and lessons had dramatically boosted Becca’s confidence. Her shoulders had gone back and she could already sashay like Lindsay in the unfamiliar heels. Giving her a clipboard and clear tasks had also improved her assurance.

Lindsay checked her watch, the match was due to end in ten minutes.The muted buzz of voices and laughter came from the function room. Well, at least that meant they hadn’t walked out on her, yet.

The doors creaked as they walked in and the boys looked around from blowing up balloons. All of them did a double take at Becca’s appearance, and she responded by coolly meeting their eyes. Good.

The tables were almost finished too. Also good. Lindsay allowed herself a quick smile of relief while no one was watching her, before clearing her throat, “You waiters, Becca will be giving you a brief rundown on service, and T-shirts we’ve managed to procure. No more worrying about getting tomato sauce on your best pulling shirt, hey?”

She allowed time for the four to finish their current balloons, and to follow Becca to the catering outlet and congregate around her. A brief moment of worry was placated by Becca’s serene smile.

Gavin and Adam were left, and she could just tell that they were feeling belligerent. “Here.” She threw T-shirts at them, “They may be a bit small though.”

Adam glanced at the label, “I usually wear a large. This is a medium.”

“There aren’t any large so tough luck. It’ll stretch.”

Gavin had already started unbuttoning his shirt; he wasn’t going to argue. It took seconds for him to pull the top on, he looked resplendent in the formfitting fabric. Lindsay gave an approving nod, for some reason, it looked wonderful against his redhead colouring; his hair verged towards auburn rather than ginger. She returned her gaze to Adam who was grumpily pulling at the snug garment.

Wow! What a knockout! If Gavin looked wonderful, Adam looked superb.

She had to stop herself gaping, giving the same approving nod, “Both of you look great, and well done on the decorations. Now, go to Nick, he’ll give you a run down on the bar, it’s bottles only in here. If anyone wants anything different, send them to the main bar. We have about ten minutes before the hordes descend.”

Those ten minutes she spent correcting cock-ups on the table plans and keeping an ear out for Becca, noting that she was spare in awarding compliments but the boys were preening when she did. The caterers came to her with some minor problems but they were all resolved in no time. Far from being a disaster thanks to the disappearing Roman, there was a chance they may, just, get away with it.


The main course of the ‘Luscious Late Love Lunch’ was served at ten o’clock on the dot and Lindsay breathed a sigh of relief. Becca had come through for her, the boys behaved, the decorations, while utterly naff, seemed to lift everyone’s spirits, especially the pink, red and silver packets of balloons she hadn’t had time to inflate so had just placed on the tables as DIY decorations. Blowing up and popping balloons entertained even the most churlish.

Tom offered his help once he had finished his coaching duties. Lindsay had waved him back to his wife until pudding was served, when she escaped to join the rugby girls in the bar for a drink, just in time to delay their imminent departure for Flames. They were very impressed with her outfit, and she didn’t have the courage to tell them either how much it had cost or that she’d had it a few years. They agreed to hang on for a short while longer, and she bought them a bottle of champagne to keep them entertained while she finished up.

“What an evening.” Tom came up behind her as she surveyed the function room for any more problems. “I think you deserve another pay rise.”

“I wouldn’t have done it without your boys and Becca.”

Tom laughed, “I heard how you terrified them into submission. Well, apart from Becca, who has turned into a little dominatrix herself. Ricky’s just asked her out.”

Lindsay gasped and laughed, “What did she say?”

“She’s outlined a list of demands to which he happily conceded. I’ve paid them all, given her double, and as soon as they clear the last plate, they’re all dismissed. Is that ok with you?”

“Perfect. What about Gavin and Adam?”

“I’ll let them go in a bit. Were the tight T-shirts your idea? They’ve been complaining of fighting off housewives all night. That was evil.” Tom grinned.

“Serves them right for giving me shit earlier. Has Sarah enjoyed herself?”

Tom grinned even more, he was so besotted with his pregnant wife, “Brilliantly, thanks to that comfy chair you organised. I’m off to take her home.” There was a ripple of applause from the room and a triumphant masculine whoop, “Awww, sounds like Rob proposed to Sian. He said he would if the night went well. Another pat on the back for you.”

Lindsay smiled in contentment, “Away wi’ ye now. I’ll also be off with the girls to go clubbing all night. Tidy, as Sarah would say.”


“I thought it was supposed to be an anti-Valentine’s Day theme?”

They’d just piled out of the taxi after leaving the saccharine-sweet atmosphere of the rugby club not expecting to have to run another gauntlet of hearts and flowers. All the girls gawped at the heart-shaped balloons floating everywhere, the pink and red streamers, the silver banners with cute pictures of chubby cherubs.

“That Cupid there looks like that social media prick, Roman,” said one girl.

Another sniggered, “He’s probably got a baby-sized prick too. But I was looking forward to not having this twee shit shoved down my throat,” she added acidly.

The woman on the door with the clipboard shrugged with embarrassment, “The event planner got the wrong idea. By the time I arrived this evening, it was too late to change it.”

There were some grumbles, “At least the alcohol will taste the same.”

“Err, about that…” The woman nodded towards a couple of topless winged Cupids approaching them with trays of plastic shot glasses filled with pink or red liquid. “Enjoy your free drinks! Next!”


An hour later, Lindsay had danced as much as she was able and was taking the weight off her feet, sipping a thankfully-normal-coloured drink. She had been idly watching the Harford boys’ escapades since their arrival at the nightclub shortly after the girls had been dropped off. It was clear that some of them had imbibed more than a skinful that night, and were encouraging the others in Valentine’s-themed dares.

So far she’d counted three different dares which involved pairs of lads in a head-to-head battle over who could snog the most girls in a minute, two boat races with five purloined pink drinks to down each, and now this, whatever it was.

In a more upmarket venue, they wouldn’t get away with it, but Flames was known for being a touch relaxed and the management were turning a blind eye, even helping to find the chair in the corner on which Adam was sprawled.

The biggest surprise to her was that Adam was taking part in this debacle. From what she had seen of him earlier, the dark-haired Kiwi was quite reserved. Obviously, the shots he had been encouraged to knock back since arriving at the nightclub had given him a confidence boost.

She gathered from the teasing that he wasn’t really a ‘player’ in the sense of going out with many women, hence the bet. Two women had been flirting with him, and Gavin, the dare ringleader, had decided that a tipsy Adam wouldn’t be able to control himself if one of them kissed him. The reality was far from it; the first kiss had ended early and the second had turned into an awkward lip lock. Sensing failure, Gavin had scouted the crowd and spotted Lindsay.

He’d frozen in place when he’d recognised her despite the mask she had donned, a brief flash of panic in his eyes. It was a battle between him ignoring her and winning the challenge. The drink must have given him more confidence too, as he’d eventually approached her.

What was in it for her? Well, she hadn’t snogged anyone for some time, she was feeling a little jaded with Flames, and her girlfriends had their own dare, promising to take her out for a nice non-heart-themed meal if she succeeded. Plus if she was honest, she thought Adam rather attractive, and she’d seen his body was superb.

She ignored the jeering from his friends as she sashayed towards him. Adam sat sprawled across the chair at the front of the shallow step, an arrogant sneer besmirching his handsome visage.

She circled his chair, trailing her whip up his thigh, his chest, flicking it under his chin and lifted his head.

“All this for just one kiss?” she asked, looking him directly in the eye.

“Yep.” He grinned smugly. The crowd around him tittered. She slashed the whip through the air and they fell silent.

Lindsay lifted her eyes to the chortlers, a handful of his teammates. One by one, she challenged each curious gaze until they lowered their eyes. “Why should I?”

“Because you want this?” He gestured arrogantly towards his body, his broad shoulders, thick jean-clad thighs and his bulging crotch.

“Why would I, since you obviously spread it around so much?” she countered.

A sore note was obviously hit as his swaggering demeanour faltered for a millisecond, enough for her to take note. He recovered quickly, “Jealous?”

She restrained a snigger and laid on her wayward Scottish accent, “Nae at all, ma wee darling.” She bent over and whispered in his ear, “Ye cannae ken the trouble ye’re in.”

This time the flush on his cheeks was unmissable. All around them had gone silent, straining to hear as they watched her straighten up and lock eyes with him. Although he was sitting down and she was wearing suicidal heels, her lack of height and the elevated chair meant she didn’t tower over him. Her eye level was barely above his, but it was clear the diminutive redhead in the black leather was the one in control.

She let her left hand drift up his shoulder, the light pressure almost tickling him. At the nape of his neck, she drew circles, “So, the deal is you’re not allowed to move your hands? If you do, I win.”

“That’s correct.” He didn’t sound quite so certain.

“Good.” Her fingers began ruffling the short hair at the nape of his neck, randomly tugging on the short, soft strands, adding in a quick gentle tug of his earlobe before returning to the nape.

Pleasure flashed across his face, his eyelashes fluttered, pupils dilated and his breath began to shorten. Bingo! She had him. Or rather, she had found one of his weak points. Game on.

As his soulful brown eyes watched her every move, slowly she licked her lips and bit the lush lower curve as if in pensive thought, “I can touch you, but I’m not allowed to touch your…” She leant forward to whisper again in his ear, “Your…cock.”

She saw him swallow, “That’s correct.” Some hoarseness had crept into his voice.

“From now on, you must address me as ‘Mistress’, do you understand?” she instructed.

His chest heaved and his eyes began to glaze with submission, “Yes.”

She scowled and tugged his hair, “Yeesssss, Mistress.”

“Good, slave. However, I can touch you in…other places?” She tugged harder on his hair, forcing his head back slightly. Her rough treatment had him completely under her spell, her fingers soothed and massaged the back of his head, controlling his movement.

“Mmmmm, yes, Mistress,” he hissed.

She bent over slightly, bringing her face near the crook of his neck and inhaled deeply, “You smell good, I’m looking forward to how you taste,” she whispered. “All over. When I tie you up.”

He shuddered slightly.

“Does licking count as kissing?”


“Or nibbling, does nibbling count? Answer me!” she commanded.

“Ummm…I don’t…think so, Mistress.”

“What about sucking? Does sucking count?” she smirked slightly when he visibly gulped and shook his head. “Are you certain?” She had to keep him off-balance, “Repeat after me, ‘licking and nibbling and sucking don’t count’?”

“Yes, licking and nibbling and…sucking don’t count, Mistress.” He swallowed nervously.

“Not good enough, you’ve won a whipping for that, slave. ‘Licking and nibbling and sucking don’t count when I’m tied up and my cock is hard’?”

“Licking and nibbling and sucking don’t count when I’m tied up and my cock is hard and weeping for you, Mistress.”

“That’s good, slave.” She nipped at his earlobe and soothing it with a flick of her tongue before facing him again. One hand kept his head under her control as she stood between his sprawled legs. They locked eyes again. The thumb from her free hand ran along his jaw line, to his lips and flicked at his bottom lip, slowly running back and forth before pressing slightly inside. She could feel his breath quickening, but bolts of arousal were beginning to run through her too.

Unexpectedly, he sucked at her thumb, laving it roughly with his tongue. Her knees gave slightly and he noticed her weakness, breaking the spell. He grinned back at her, his cocky attitude from earlier re-emerging, “Still think you can beat me? Third girl lucky, Mistress?”

“Perhaps that was the problem, they were girls, not women.” She dipped her head, nipped at the lower lip and soothed it with a swipe of her tongue. He tried to follow her mouth, to begin the kiss, but her controlling hand stopped him with a tug of his hair. “So, that’s how you’re going to play it?” she mused, as he groaned slightly. “The others were a bit …obvious. And too fast. I wonder how you deal with…slow?”

Her slightly-damp thumb painted a line down his neck, down the middle of his chest, briefly over one of his firm pectorals. Her fingers came into play on his six-pack, running down to the outside of his hip where her hand remained, brushing the side of his butt cheeks.

Still holding his eyes, she noted his reactions to where her hand was: nothing for the chest, a flinch when her thumb glanced over his hip crease. Interesting. She tried it again and his hips actually jolted slightly. She continued running the thumb back and forth along the crease, lightly touching him but not going near his groin, alternating with a barely-there touch to the inside of his knee

His shifting in his seat, his dilated pupils and gusting breath confirmed that she’d found another couple of weak points. Unfortunately, she could also feel the crotch of her trousers dampening, and her nipples drilling through her corset.

She asked quietly, “So, one kiss is it? Why me?”

“Gavin and I haven’t talked about…earlier. The boys know I like natural redheads, and you were the only one they could find in the club. Is that right, are you a natural, Mistress?” He continued as she had, sotto voce.

She opened her eyes innocently at him, “Are you asking if the collar matches the cuffs? That would be telling and had earned you another whipping. You’ll find out when you go down on me.” She felt him jolt slightly at her saucy tone, “Oh yes, this is turning me on too. I really need you; I’m wet and empty between my legs. My breasts need your hands and mouth, they feel all hot and swollen, they need sucking and squeezing. Then I’ll sit on your face.”

His eyes left hers briefly and flickered to the cleavage displayed by her corset, disguised by the mesh of the shirt, “I want to see more.”

A quick check ensured no one else could see anything, so she slowly leant closer so the shirt gaped and let him gaze down to her corset, “That better? Can you almost see my nipples begging for you to take them in your mouth and suck them?”

“Almosssst,” he hissed as she yanked his head back up.

“Naughty slave, they’ll need squeezing first, nice and firmly.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw his fingers flex. It was time to turn the heat up; she nipped and licked at his lower lip again, avoiding his seeking lips. His eyes were unfocussed, the combination of sexual tension and alcohol kicking in.

“Just one kiss?” she hovered her lips millimetres from his, brushing his nose lightly with hers as they shared the same breath.

He licked his own dry lips, his tongue touching her slightly as he groaned again, “Please, Mistress?”

“Just one?”

He tried to nod his head, she let him this time, loosening her grasp.

“If you insist.” She traced the back of his neck, the inside of his groin with her hands, her cheek turned slightly so that their cheeks brushed. “You smell delicious,” she murmured. “Let’s see how you taste.”

His breath stopped for a second as she moved her lips back towards his, time froze as the millimetres separating them slowly decreased.

Her lips finally brushed against his. And pressed.

They both gasped and she teasingly lightened the contact. His mouth followed hers, not letting the kiss end. He groaned in frustration as her hand tightened on his nape, preventing him from delving deeper.

His arms shot up, his hands pulling her slight body closer, not letting her escape. They barely heard the cheering from his friends as his control broke spectacularly. His lips ate at her, his hot tongue tangling with hers.

He tasted like the whisky he’d been drinking, a mellower, smokier blend than she expected, or was that him? She could feel him so hard against her, only propriety stopped her rubbing herself on him. She settled for subtly and rhythmically pressing her chest closer, her hard nipples stabbing into the leather.

Their lips broke apart and he gulped for breath, “I can feel the corset and your breasts, through my shirt. I want to squeeze them. I can’t do it here. Please let’s go.”

She glared at him.

“Please can we go, Mistress?”

Lindsay grinned smugly and nodded her acquiescence, “Right wi’ ye.”

He stood and snagged his jacket from the back of the chair to cover his bulging groin.

One of her friends stopped them, “What on earth did you say to him? No one could hear a thing.”

Lindsay giggled and winked, “Nothing much, I just made sure I wasn’t breaking any of the rugby boys’ rules. Will update you tomorrow night when you take me for that meal. Have a great night! I will.”

They made their way quickly through the curious crowd, collecting her coat as they moved towards the exit. She resisted the urge to command him; she didn’t want to out him to his friends.

As they left, a light hand on her arm stopped her.

Gavin. She looked at him.

“I…I overheard some of what you were saying, no one else was as close.” He appeared to be summoning his courage.

“Go on.” She waited patiently.

“No one knows I’ve followed you, I said I was making the moves on another girl I’d seen downstairs.”


He swallowed, his eyes wild, “Can I…can I come too? We don’t have to do anything. Just tie me up. Let me watch you. Please. I’ve never felt anything like when you command me…”

She placed a finger across Gavin’s his lips and glanced at Adam. He didn’t look horrified, just neutral, so she smiled her agreement, “Both of you. Find a taxi with a woman driver. Get her to pick us up outside that supermarket, in five minutes.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, ‘Mistress’,” she corrected.

Gavin nearly moaned, “Thank you, Mistress.”

She needed to buy some supplies. The night was turning out to be quite promising.

She’d played power games with some ex-boyfriends in university and discovered she loved to dominate but hadn’t often had the time, opportunity or right partner since. Not many men were truly willing to submit. Now she was going to have not one but two young, fit men under her control. Just the thought made her wet as fuck and her nipples rock hard against the leather.

Luckily, the supermarket was open for a few more minutes, and she picked up the items quickly. The orange plastic bag was so incongruous with the rest of her outfit, it made her smirk.

A taxi was parked right outside the exit and the two boys were waiting by it. The butch-looking female driver gave her a nod of approval at the outfit visible under her unfastened coat.

She gave the driver an address and Gavin and Adam helped her into the back of the cab, reminding her of earlier that evening. They went to sit either side of her but she hissed, “Opposite me, boys. You don’t get to sit with me.”

They both looked at the fold-down seats and glanced back at her. Their bodies already filled the cab.

“On your knees!”

Gavin almost fell onto his knees, and Adam wasn’t far behind.

“Hands behind your back, face me, and hold onto whatever you can to brace yourself.”

With a nod to the bemused driver, the cab moved slowly off. Sporadic streetlight intruded into the cab, and she took her time looking over her men for the night.

“You are not permitted to speak or move without my permission, except for acknowledging my orders with ‘Yes, Mistress’,” she started. She trailed her whip up Gavin’s thigh, stroking it lightly across his crotch, then whipped him up between the legs.

He bit his lip and stared at her feet. The hump in his jeans actually twitched and grew.

She moved his attention to Adam, “I’m going to punish you both for all of your disobedience tonight.” She didn’t think he was as submissive as Gavin, in fact she suspected he was a switch. Which gave her a nice frisson of excitement. What a challenge. She lifted one boot and brushed his crotch with the pointed toe.

He rubbed himself against her, leaning forward. She pressed harder, and harder. He tried to escape her boot and she kicked him away. He gasped, but did not speak.

“Did you not hear me? You are here to give me pleasure, I don’t care about yours. You will both do everything I ask of you. From now on you will be Boy A, and…” She pointed back at Gavin, “You will be Boy G. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” they chorused.

A frisson of power ran through her. She was so wet, she felt like she was gushing. Stripping the trousers off in the cab wasn’t a goer, and would be a mood killer. However, her corset could be slackened enough for her breasts to come out.

She bent forward and untied the ribbon at the back, then placed her bags and coat behind her for support. The leather carapace loosened around her as she slouched down.

“For the rest of this journey, you are going to suck my breasts. You are permitted the use of one hand and your mouth. The other hand will be used to stabilise, not touch yourself.”

They moved slowly towards her. Adam was the first to gently pull the leather down and scoop one breast out, Gavin ran an admiring hand up the leather first.

They both squeezed her, and she had to hold back a gasp. Their heads came down and two hot, wet mouths attacked her mounds.

Oh fuck!

She couldn’t see much in the darkness of the cab, except the heads bobbing up and down on her, one slightly lighter than the other. She could feel their mouths, Gavin was sucking her, his hand stroking her side. Adam was alternating nibbling and biting around her nipple with lashes of the tongue. Her breath was escaping in gasps, she was so close to coming.

One hand snaked between her legs and she pulled on the ribbon securing the trousers, able to squeeze a slim hand to her swollen, soaking horniness. The other hand ran fingers through the hair of her slaves, pulling them towards her, tugging the strands.

Oh fuck!

Her back arched, she rubbed faster and forced them closer.

Oh fuuuuuuuuck!

She came with a half-scream, they sucked faster and waves of pleasure washed over her.

Their suckling slowed as her breathing did. She took a moment to compose herself.

“Thank you, boys,” she purred. “Back to your knees.”

They took a moment to return to their positions, and both stared at the hand between her legs, hidden by the leather.

She smiled evilly, “You’re curious, are you?”

She fed the other hand down there, feeling herself, moaning as aftershocks ran through her. She was so glad she’d had a Brazilian; her lips were so sensitive without hair.

“Mmmm, you’ll see that later, but for now you’ll have a taste.” Bringing her hands out, she leant forward and fed her slippery fingers into their mouths. “Suck them clean,” she ordered.

Both their tongues set to work, licking the juices from her digits. She felt the cab slow and streetlight highlighted their faces. Gavin’s eyes were closed as he sucked, however Adam’s were watching her face. She stared at him, and he stared back.

“We’re here,” announced the driver.

Lindsay smiled and drew her hands out of their mouths. She slowly closed the front of her trousers, and repositioned and tightened her corset, drawing her coat closed around her. “Time to get out, boys.”

They shuffled out, and helped her to gracefully step down.

“How much?” she asked, rummaging in her handbag for her purse as the front window wound down.

“Twenty quid, and a taste of you please?”

Lindsay lifted her head, grinned with surprise at the surprisingly-attractive driver; she’d thought she was butch-looking earlier. “It’s usually forty.”

“That was one of the most beautifully horny things I’ve ever seen and heard,” the woman praised with a smile.

Lindsay pulled her lower coat open, again untying the laces on her trousers and sent a hand between her legs, scooping up all she could, shuddering slightly at the renewed contact. When she brought her hand out, the fluids glistened in the streetlight.

The driver’s agile tongue licked her fingers cleaner than the boys had, her eyes closed in pleasure. “Thank you,” she breathed. “I’m Suki, I hope to drive you again.”

Lindsay smiled again, “Thank you, Suki. And here’s eighty quid. Have a good night.”

“I will, I don’t care about fares for the rest of it; I’m so horny, I’m going home to fuck my girlfriend. She’ll love this story. Happy Valentine’s!”

The cab drew away with a wave, and Lindsay turned back to the two men who had been silently watching. “Follow me.”


She lived in a luxurious apartment block overlooking the river; her job rewarded her dedication well. She’d purchased the penthouse off Tom when he’d married Sarah and moved out of Central London. Lindsay wasn’t sure if she liked it, she rattled around in it most of the time apart from when it was used for corporate functions.

However, it was useful tonight for installing awe in her men.

They’d gaped when they followed her out of the lift and into the hall. She took them to the kitchen first, pouring pint glasses of water out and sprinkled in a recovery powder from a big tub.

“Drink,” she commanded.

There was no way she could do what she wanted if they were still tipsy. That wouldn’t be right. Alcohol would dull their senses, perhaps as much as to hide when they were hurt.

They were still looking at the glasses, and suspiciously at the tub.

She sighed, “Fair play, you have to worry about drugs and stuff. It’s the same one as Tom uses. Here.” She passed over the container and saw their shoulders relax as they recognised the brand.

“Just to make it clear, we are not going to have full intercourse tonight, no matter how much any of us want it.”

Both boys looked disappointed.

“However there will be oral sex, although I am not going to ask you to do any sexual acts on each other, unless you really want to?”

They both looked relieved and shook their heads.

“What do you say?” she asked menacingly.

“No, Mistress. Thank you Mistress,” they chorused.

She nodded, “Still too late to escape punishment for that one. It’s adding up. Now, I need your safe words. Boy A?”

Adam stared at her, uncomprehending.

“A safe word is a way to tell me you’ve had enough. Submissives say ‘no’, ‘yes’ and ‘stop’ too readily. However, if you use your safe word, it is the end of tonight, and any other night with me.”

“Kiwi….just kiwi. Mistress,” he tacked on.

She smirked and added another black mark to Adam’s mounting tally, “Boy G? It has to be something you’d remember and say easily, perhaps something from tonight?”


“Good boy. Ok, so that’s ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Balloon’. There is also a traffic light system, green means go, amber is slow or it’s getting too much, red means stop. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“What colour are you now?”

Gavin was the first to answer, “Green!” followed by Adam’s slower reiteration.

“Good, now come with me.”

They followed her, gulping from their glasses.

She took them into the room with her small gym. It was only a gym for the sake of appearances, the equipment having been carefully purchased by her as dual use. She ordered them to move some seemingly random pieces of equipment and mats, the glee building inside her as they puffed and panted their way to their joint doom.

“Now, showers,” she barked. “Clean yourselves, front and back, and pull just your boxers back on. End of the corridor there’s a door to a guest room.”

While they were out, she opened the locked wall cupboards and folded back the doors. She had acquired the equipment a while ago but it had never had a proper workout; the last so-called ‘submissive’ to enter had chickened out at the last minute. There were enough implements to give any visitor pause for thought, and she added more items from the supermarket to the shelves. A few straps, ropes and chains attached to the benches and frames, and she nodded in satisfaction.

She used her bathroom briefly too. Her boots she quickly zipped off, replaced her soggy trousers with a pair of skimpy leather knickers, and pulled the boots back on. The mask was disposed with; she preferred for them to see her full face. Once ready, she lit candles around the room and extinguished the overhead lights.

All done. What once was a gym had been turned into a torture chamber.


Adam was, surprisingly, the first back. She was examining her whips to decide which ones to use that night when she heard a light knock at the door.

“Come in.”

He walked into the room, faltering when he saw the equipment set up how it should be.

She approached him. Hell, his body was gorgeous. The candlelight highlighted the ridges of muscle, the smooth lines, the absolute masculine power. She circled him, once, returning to gaze at his face.

“Shorts off.”

This was the first test, to see if he would do what she said without objecting. She closely watched his face for a response, to see if he would fight the brusque order and how much he felt the desire to submit. He looked unsure for a moment, then his hands moved and she heard the fabric drop to the floor.

“Good boy.” He smirked slightly at that. Interesting.

She circled him again, trailing a hand across his solid buttocks, and then had her first glimpse of his cock. Like the rest of his body, it was gracefully shaped, a semi-erect curve rising from his body. It twitched as she considered what to do with it.

She walked over towards a bench and beckoned him to follow her. He froze in place for a moment. It was a simple weights bench on a padded mat. She thought he would feel at home. Well, apart from the cuffs attached to its base.

“Come here. Now.” She inserted some iron into her voice and it had the desired effect.

“Kneel so your upper body is supported by the bench.” This time, he followed her orders. She cuffed him, then checked the height was right for her next plan. It was. “Open your knees as far as you can.”

A spreader bar was attached to stop him closing his legs. She added some further straps to immobilise him further, to leave his genitals dangling free, before hearing another soft knock at the door.

Gavin looked like he’d been kicked in the gut when he saw Adam. His eyes glittered, his breathing was fast, and he stripped off his shorts as soon as Lindsay gestured at them. Unlike Adam, he was already fully erect, a good size with a stubby head and a well-trimmed base.

She ran a hand down his chest and he wordlessly shivered with pleasure. She reached his cock and stroked it lightly, it flexed towards her, growing even harder. “Boy G, this is your first experience of bondage and submission?”

He nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”

She walked to her shelves, glanced at him, and picked up some leather pieces. On returning, she held the cock ring device in front of his face, “I’ll show you how to put this on, but you must decide how tight you want it.”

His shaking hands buckled the bands around his balls tighter than she expected, than she would have herself. It seemed Gavin was into it completely. She took him to a frame, attached his arms to cuffs above his head and his legs spread. The boys could see each other, were only yards away.

She took a moment to admire his body, and strapped cock and balls, and returned to the cupboard behind him for more tools.

“These are going to be some of your instruments of torture tonight.” She laid out several whips on a bench in front of him. “Others will be a surprise. I’ll leave you there to think about that.” She kissed him lightly, and fondled his cock for a few seconds so it hardened even more as he groaned.

“What colour are you?”

“Green. Very green, Mistress”

“Good boy.”

She returned to the cupboard and picked up some items for Adam. He had watched Gavin’s imprisonment with wide eyes, but his erection hadn’t hardened any further. Which was what Lindsay wanted.

She measured him with her fingers, and he began to swell at the contact. Lindsay tutted, and wrapped his cock in an icy cloth. He gasped, but went down. Seconds later, she pushed a large ring over his cock and fed his balls through too. She added a few more rings along his length, and stroked him a few times so he swelled and the rings began to dig in. He gasped.

“This is a type of cock cage, for naughty boys. You can’t have a full erection, you can’t come until I take it off. It should teach you the control that you’re lacking. Now, what colour are you?”

Adam was quiet for a moment. “Green, Mistress,” he eventually answered.

She ran a hand over his buttocks, and picked up a bottle of lube, “I’m going to do this slowly so as to not hurt you. I permit you to speak for this time.” She squeezed the bottle between his cheeks, and pressed a finger into his hole.

“Oh, fuck,” he gasped. He tried to close his legs but the spreader stopped him, tried to wriggle away but the ropes stymied his movement.

She worked the finger in and out for a while, and after he relaxed, adding another to stretch the ring of muscle. Instead of pulling away from her, this time he tried to thrust towards her. Three fingers had him panting, especially when she hit one particular spot inside him.

“Oh, fuck; I can’t get hard. The rings…” His cock was reddening and twitching.

He was ready for more. She picked up a butt plug, added more lube and began to push it into him, “There will be a pinching feeling as the wider part passes your ring, then it will stay in.”

He nodded to agree. Taking pity on him, she took the smallest ring off his cock so he could swell slightly, and she fondled him lightly, pushing the plug inside and watching his face. He winced as the plug lodged inside him, but it went in easier than she thought.

The penny dropped, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

Adam tried to writhe to no avail, clenching his buttocks, his hands grasping at thin air, “Only playing with my arse, Mistress.”

“Well, I’ll give you some time to get used to it while I deal with G. Oh, and I almost forgot the nasty surprise.” She flicked a switch on the plug and it started vibrating. She watched Adam fight his bindings for several seconds, “Too much? What colour?”

“Green!” he yelled. “It hurts so good, Mistress.”

She laughed as she walked away from him, cleaning her hands off on some wipes. The rings would stop him hardening and coming, the vibrating would stop him going down completely. Plus he would be watching her with Gavin. It was only the start of the torture she had planned.

Gavin was watching her and whimpering.

“Did you like watching that?”

“Yes, Mistress. I wanted to be him, Mistress. I’m so hard.”

She checked his eyes, he was already looking dazed so she made him drink some juice. She undid the buckles around his ultra-engorged cock, checking and squeezed him lightly.

He gasped, “Please put it back on, otherwise I’ll come, I’m so sensitive.”

She murmured, “I should’ve put the cock cage on you, you need to learn restraint. Another time, maybe.” She refastened the buckles and he breathed a sigh of relief.

From the shelves, she picked up another couple of items.

“Seeing as you asked so nicely, I have a little something for you too.”She squirted some lube inside him, inserting her fingers carefully as she did with Adam. He was tighter, he didn’t know how to bear down, to relax, so she cajoled him until she could fit three slim fingers.

“It’s so…different,” he gasped, “but I like it. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Good boy.” She saw his eyes flutter and she kissed him lightly on the shoulder she held up a small piece of glass in front of him, “This is a butt plug. It has a wider part which needs to go past your ring of muscle. I’ll help as much as much as I can, but you have to bear down then relax.”

She covered it in lube and began pressing it inside him. He moaned, his fists clenched. When it came to the wider part, he took a deep breath, and thrust himself back onto the plug. It slipped inside easily and he yelped.

Whack! Whack! She slapped him hard on his buttocks, “Did I tell you to do that? You could’ve hurt yourself!”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

She turned the base, thinking as he huffed. “I’m going to pull it out now.” It slipped out well too. She put it to one side, and picked up a bigger plug. “Ok, we’ll try again.”

He panted as she placed it at his hole, his eyes widening as he realised it was a different, bigger plug.

Gradually, she worked it inside him, until the wider part was left, “Bear down now, and relax.” As he relaxed, she cupped and squeezed his cock with her other hand.

“Arrrgggggghhhh!” The plug slipped inside him and she removed her hands, leaving his hips jerking spasmodically. “Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod…”

She stood in front of him and wiped down her hands, “What colour are you?”

He couldn’t look at her.

She lifted his chin, “What colour are you?”

“Greengreengreengreengreen,” he breathed.

She left him a few moments and checked him again, giving him a sip of juice. Then, she picked up a paddle, “I still need to punish you. You will count every stroke. Do you understand?”

With his positive response, she laid into his buttocks, and he began to count. She worked in a figure of eight, covering his buttocks until they flushed red. He was twisting and turning within the frame, but his body was meeting her blows, not pulling away from her. He was the most naturally submissive man she’d ever come across, and a real pain slut.

At twenty, she stopped and he whined. She waited until he lifted his head and his eyes cleared, “I wasn’t going to push you that far, but you’re taking it well. Do you want to go up a level?”

He nodded frantically, “Yesyesyesyesyes please, Mistress.”

She smiled, “Good boy.” And returned to the shelves for a few more objects.

He looked surprised as she pressed a metal bell into one of his hands.

“Hold that tight, if you want to stop, drop the bell. I’ll then remove this.” She buckled a ball gag around his face. “Nod for green, shake for amber, drop the bell for red. Lastly, do you know what these are?”

She held up some nipple clamps on a connecting chain and he nodded. “Great.”

His back arched as she screwed them onto his chest, yelling into the gag. She stood back and watched him writhe again; he was a Domme’s idea of submissive perfection.

“What colour are you?” He nodded frantically.

The feelings of power running through her were incredible. Her juices had overflowed her knickers and were running down her legs into her boots. Her breasts were so swollen, the corset felt like it was restricting her, so she pulled the laces undone and let it slip off her. She rubbed her breasts, gazing at her helpless guests.

Gavin wouldn’t be able to take much, without coming, she concluded, which was a shame as he wasn’t far from subspace. Perhaps another time she would teach him some restraint, if he returned. Maybe let him come first. She didn’t know how much more she could take that night either, she would come too without much help. Which left the third in the room.

She checked on Adam, his eyes were dazed and he was whimpering but still watching her and Gavin. She made him drink some fluids, and waited while he swallowed. “Want more juice?”

He shook his head.

“That’s a shame, as you’re getting some.” She stuck her hands down her knickers then smeared her juices all over his face.

He licked at his face, trying to take her inside.

“Good boy.” For the first time, she saw him accept her approval. “Very good boy. That means I can release your cock.”

She used some of her fluids as lube to pull the metal rings off him. His cock swelled up instantly, but he didn’t try to rub against her. He was learning.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mistress.” No mockery in his tone this time, just panting.

She fed her fingers into his mouth and allowed him to suck at them one more time before returning to her other victim.

A whip in one hand, a flogger in the other, she circled him. She hit him with the flogger across his buttocks, and around his thighs, decorating them in shades of red and catching the end of the plug. He yelled and nodded before she stopped to check him. She whipped him on his chest a few times, on the clamps and his hips started jerking. Pre-come was oozing down his cock.

Five more fast strikes to his buttocks, a couple to his balls and she knelt down, enclosing his cock in her mouth and sucking him brutally while ripping the leather straps off and yanking off the clamps.

He screamed into the gag as he came into her mouth. As he continued coming, she twisted the plug in his arse, pulling it brutally out and plunging it back in, milking his prostate and forcing more semen out of him. Finally she eased it out and let it drop as his legs gave way.

His head dropped down. She thought he’d passed out, but he was still blinking and murmuring into the gag. She unbuckled it, “Are you ok?”


She guessed that was a yes. Releasing his legs, she wiped him down briefly, wrapped a blanket around his shoulders and released his wrists. He staggered into her arms, leaning on her. She led him over to the mat near Adam’s bench, and let him collapse with her on top.

She hugged him, he needed the contact, then freed herself. She grabbed cake from the shelves and more recovery drink. He still looked confused so she held him a little more, forcing him to eat some cake. “How are you?”

He grinned beatifically, “Green, so very, incredibly, wonderfully green.”

She kissed him gently and let him go; someone else needed her. And she needed him

Adam’s cock was bright red and he was desperately trying to get free to hump against the bench.

She laughed, bent over and turned the vibrating butt plug up and back down. He yelped. She watched him as she stripped off her knickers and boots. “As soon as you make me come, you can come.

He stilled and looked up at her, “Yes, Mistress. I want to make you come. Please?”

“I’m going to sit on your face, do not move unless I tell you.” She unstrapped him from the bench, rubbing at any marks, and flipped him down on the mat. “Colour?”

“Green, Mistress.” His cock was an angry red, verging on purple.

Without further ado, she straddled his head, facing his cock, and mashed herself into his face. He licked furiously at her, sucking her clitoris inside his mouth and lashing it with his tongue. He thrust fingers inside her.

As a reward, she tapped on his cock with her whip and turned up the plug again. He just sucked faster, his concentration on her absolute. She closed her eyes as a massive orgasm built up within, but flicked them back open when she felt a mouth and hand on her breasts.

A blissfully happy Gavin sucked at her, squeezing her other breast. Adam took that moment to gently bite her and thrust at her g spot. Lindsay threw her head back and screamed as waves of pleasure pounded through her. As Gavin rolled away, she subsided onto Adam, licking at his cock.

She saw Adam’s hands go to between his legs, he turned the vibrating plug up to the highest setting and began yanking and twisting it within himself. His other hand squeezed his cock brutally, and he came, splattering her face, groaning in pleasure.

Lying on our big bed I watched my girlfriend’s face closely. A few strands of her blonde hair had fallen out of the bunch she was wearing it in and had drifted across her face. Sweat had smudged her mascara slightly and left a sheen on her delicate face. The painted fingernails of her right hand were bunched in the sheet like she was afraid of falling away from the bed.

I moved in closer as she bit her bottom lip and exhaled hard through her nose; her small shoulders and her fine neck were tense. Looking down her back I could follow the gentle curve of her spine and the play of the muscles under her skin. A pillow positioned under her belly lifted her lovely backside up a little. She was a divine sight. Candace glowed with health. When we were out I sometimes caught sight of the jealous looks men and youths sent my way and I enjoyed the knowledge that this lovely creature chose to be with me.

The hand curled in the sheet tightened again and as I looked past the rise of buttocks I could see that Nick had finished burying his cock in her arsehole. Going up onto my elbow I watched as he pulled his shaft slowly out of her; the greedy ring of her hole dragged out of shape as his hard flesh was withdrawn.

Her eyes were fixed on mine. She wasn’t going to beg. She’d asked for this. Or more precisely what she’d said was…

“I want another man to fuck me in our bed with you watching.” As Saturday morning conversations go it was a bit of an eye-opener. I’d brought her warm croissants and coffee in bed and been rewarded with a tit wank and a blowjob. I’d finished in her mouth not two minutes before. At that point a pet velociraptor would have been fine with me.

My half-hard cock stirred and she gave my balls a gentle squeeze. As deliberate ploys went her timing was impeccable. She started to wank me hard again knowing that this was going to throw my thought process even further off. Biting my left nipple just addled my mind more.

“You want to fuck another bloke in our bed and you want me to watch?” “Mm hmm” came the reply, she didn’t bother to break the hold her mouth had on my hardened tit; just hummed her response into me. Her hand, of course, continued to play with my stiffening flesh. Releasing my nipple she wriggled down the bed again, her nails dragged across my stomach.

“Why?” “It’s been so long since I had another man and I want you to see me getting fucked.” My glans disappeared into her mouth as she went to work on my cock.

“Oh it’s so unfair you asking for this now. Why couldn’t you have just asked for a necklace or a cat or something?”

She released my cock from her mouth and finished rolling my balls around with her left hand.

“Would you have agreed to buy me a cat?” She almost purred the question out as she sat down on my fresh erection. She was hot and wet inside and I slid into perfection. She watched my eyes flicker across her superb body and began to play with her nipples, she knew how much I liked it when she did that.

“Oh christ, yes.” I said and she squeezed me with her cunt and lent in to kiss me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I grew harder as she rubbed her clit against my pubic bone and rolled her hips around.

In this position I knew she wanted a long slow ride and since she’d already sucked a load out of me that was exactly what she would get. The light through the thin curtains dappled her shoulders and as she sat up again, breaking the french kiss, that muted sunshine played across the fading suntan she wore across her whole body. Not a tanline anywhere. Candace sat down hard on my cock and ground it into her.

“So, that’s a yes then?” How could I refuse? But as this perfect creature humped her way to her first orgasm I had an idea, an idea that made my cock swell a little more and made her smile of victory a little wider.

She was going to get another cock. Thing was; she hadn’t specified where.

…I caught Nick’s eye, he had been staring at the point where his cock was merged into her flesh, and he smiled at me before switching his attention back to Candace’s lovely backside.

He’d had to concentrate quite hard on getting his well-sized dick into her; Candace was no anal virgin, that would have been going too far and if she hadn’t had a man there before we’d met it was a job I would have wanted for myself, if I’m honest. With a snap he flipped the top off the lube and applied another blob of gel. Candace hissed very quietly.

“Still cold?” I asked her. The hiss lengthened into a sibilant “yesss” and she closed her eyes again and concentrated. I could see Nick was getting his cock into her a bit quicker now, he’d needed the extra lube to ease his action.

“You can never have enough, can you mate?” I said, and he grinned again. Like me he was an occasional gym rat and a squash player. He had been the boyfriend of a pal of hers. That’s probably why she said…

“Nick Green. I want Nick Green’s cock.” She was sitting on me in that kind of reverse cowgirl thing where you’re leaning against the wall and she’s folded in tight in front of you. Her warm, slightly sweaty body was pressed into mine and she was rubbing her hand over her vulva (I like that word but she’s not too keen) and the bit of my cock that wasn’t jammed up into her. I was watching her in the mirror as she did that and we were chatting about her proposal. My hands roamed over the body I’d come to know so well in the last three years and occasionally I’d flex my cock inside her which always made her jump.

“Didn’t he go out with…” “With Nicky? Yeah he did.” That name thing had always confused me. “She’d wanted more commitment and, well you know.”

I slid down the bed a bit and opened up the position for her and she started to slide up and down my cock again. I can be properly idle when I want to be and since she was trying to sell me on this mad scheme I reckoned she could do the work. The whole thing had her almost panting with excitement; she’d already cum twice.

She stopped and wriggled round to face me without lifting off my erection so she could look me in the face, smiled and said “I’m going to tell you a secret, okay?”

I nodded, her squirming around was delicious. “Nicky showed me a picture of his cock on her phone when we were out last week.” She looked apprehensively at me but kept up the slow wriggle.

“And that’s when you decided you wanted to see it in the flesh, you dirty girl.” I grinned at her. That Nicky was a naughty little thing. Before Candace and I were an item I’d tried, and failed, to get her into bed on several occasions.

She nodded and looked relieved. “What did you show her in return, Candace?” I put a hard note in my voice and swung my legs around to the edge of the bed. Better leverage that way.

She looked shyly away, quite what she had to be coy about at that moment I couldn’t say, I had my feet on the floor and she’d wrapped her legs around my waist.

“She was complaining about not having a boyfriend at the minute and said she was thinking about inviting Nick over. They’ve done it a couple of times. He’s her…”

“Fuck buddy” I said, lifting her off the bed, turning around and depositing her on the mattress. She released my waist and I put her legs up to my right shoulder and leaned in.

Her answering yes was squeezed out of her as I started to move inside her. Candace had her eyes closed and she was savouring the feeling of being filled up.

“After two more glasses of wine I asked her, ‘Why him?’” She giggled and went on, “She whipped out her phone and showed me why. She took the picture during a blowjob. His cock’s all lovely and shiny and hard. I made her describe it to me and had a proper look at her hand so I could get an idea of how big he is.”

I let go of her legs and she spread herself wide. The impacts of my groin and hers made a thudding noise. You could hear my balls squishing against her arse. She was very wet.

“Did you show her me after that?” She could see the whole thing had me massively turned on and smiled widely, her eyes alight. I slowed down. I wanted answers before I came. I wanted to picture pretty little Nicky looking at my cock and being told about what she’d missed out on.

“I did.” “And?” “I told her how thick, ung, you were and how big your helmet gets, ung, when you come.” Her sentence was broken by me thumping my pole into her. Despite having already cum that morning in that beautiful face in that lovely room that now stank of fucking and croissants and coffee I knew this load was going to be explosive.

“And?” She was watching my face very closely and chose her words with care. “She got very, flustered. She texted Nick from the table. Oh fuck.” I kept thrusting through her orgasm, my balls getting even wetter with her cum.

Her eyes fluttered open. “I watched what she sent to him. She’s a very expressive girl when she wants something.” This time I groaned and she ran her hand over my stomach muscles and grabbed the root of my cock. “He came to the restaurant to pick us up and drive her home to his. She had her hand on his thigh the whole way. By the time they dropped me here she had her hand in his pants.”

Her fingers were like a cockring. The pressure in my dick was immense.

“On my face.” I pulled out and she leant on her side on a pillow. A step to the left and she was eye to eye with my cock. She pulled me in with a hand on my thigh and opened her mouth. My hand was a blur. I groaned again.

“I think she sucked him off in the car after I got out.” My spunk went everywhere. The first spurt struck her with an audible slap. The second went over her cheek. Then her mouth clamped on me and sucked the rest out. She wiped the worst off her face with a flick of her hand and quickly stood up into me. I was shuddering with the force of the orgasm I’d just had.

My seed smelt astringent on her skin as she buried her cum-covered tongue in my mouth, marking me with our mixed smells.

“You’ll have to ask him,” she said as she broke the kiss, “Okay?”


…”Candy, be a sweetheart and roll over would you?” I think Nick was being polite because I was there. Candace (she hated being called ‘Candy’; “I’m not a flaming porn star” she’d hiss) made a moue of distaste at his use of the reviled name but complied after narrowing her eyes at me.

Nick groaned as he pulled his cock out of her. He rearranged things so he could penetrate her as he stood at the end of the bed. The pillow went under the small of her back to help lift her arsehole into a better position. Ever the gent he rubbed more of the lube into her and she hissed again at the cold gel that he was anointing her with.

I took a swallow of wine and looked on. It was a thoroughly enjoyable set of sights and sounds. The squish of her hole being violated, the way her breath sometimes caught in her throat, the small noises Nick made as he stopped himself from plunging his dick into my girlfriend with wild abandon. Her slender, tanned legs hooked around him just above the waist. I’ll be honest; he looked fine as he fucked her and was doing a sterling job.

Time to up the tempo, I thought. Reaching into a bedside drawer I found the vibrator that’d been stashed there.

“Candy?” Her gaze flicked away from Nick getting his straining cock back inside her and she saw the toy in my hand, “I want to hear you cumming. Get yourself off for me, sweetheart.”

I kept my tone casual, knowing she’d hate me for this. She gave the base of the neon coloured vibe a twist and started to manoeuvre it into her vagina. She must have been very wet. It slipped into her as easy as anything.

With one hand she twisted and waggled it around inside her. I wasn’t sure which way up she had it. If she had the nose pointing down it was because she wanted to get Nick off that bit quicker. If it was pointed up it indicated she wanted to get herself off first. Problem was, there was no real way to tell.

As she slid the toy in it must have made everything just a bit tighter. “Oh!” was all we got from Nick for a few moments; he could obviously feel the fine German action of the thing. Her favoured setting alternated fast buzzes with slower pulses. I wondered which it was.

I moved round to kneel just to her left. Her tits were squashed together, the nipples poking through the narrow vee her arms made as she used both hands to play with herself. The position she was in meant it was complicated down there. She was having to concentrate very hard on getting the job done but you could see the effort was paying off; she was crimson with the heat of what she was doing to herself. She’s a very sexual woman.

…”She’s a very sexual woman, I suppose.” Was how I answered Nick’s first question. The real answer; ‘Nicky shows her girlfriends pictures of your cock at the drop of a hat’ could have buggered their relationship or swollen his head even further. He got a version of the truth. A version I’d decided to shape.

Catching up with Nick hadn’t been that difficult. He wasn’t on any of the ladders at the squash club so I started in at the gym again and a few days later there he was, large as life, doing circuits. I say large as life, by now Candace had wheedled a copy of the infamous BJ photo from Nicky to show me. Know the enemy I suppose.

He and I were roughly the same size and, at 28, the same age. His dick was a little longer than mine (if Candace was any judge) but mine was thicker so it evened out. She’d chosen well. He was good company unless he was tying impress a girl when he could be a bit of a tit. Some guys never grow out of that.

Cornering him and suggesting a coffee had been easy enough so there we sat across two Americanos with me saying “I’ve got something weird to ask you.”

“Go for it.” He said, I shot a look around the cafe to check there were no greedy ears to drink in what I had to say.

“Candace has asked me to ask you for a rather unusual…favour.” His eyebrows crunched together and then lifted but he said nothing and I went on, “She’s decided she’d like,” I took a sip of coffee and so did he, “to have sex with you.” He almost snorted the stuff out of his nose at that.

Nick coughed again. He looked rather startled. “Well, that’s a first.”

“Yeah, it surprised me. She’d just finished sucking me off when she asked for it. Candace can be very tactical like that.” There was no point being coy; I had, after all, just asked him to fuck my girlfriend, “She wants me to watch while you screw her.”

“She just wants you to watch?” He put a stress on the ‘watch’ in the sentence, “It’s not a threesome?”

“I don’t think so, why? Would you prefer a threesome?” I’d deliberately asked him after the gym, not made an arrangement to go down the pub. I wanted him to know this was serious and sober. The fact that he was flushed with testosterone and caffeine from the coffee and exercise made the whole thing that bit easier.

That gave him pause; “I mucked about with two girls in the same bed once. It was on holiday in Greece a couple of years ago. Don’t get me wrong it was fun, they were very hot, but it wasn’t quite a threesome. It was like they wanted to watch each other get fucked. At one point they held hands while I nailed one of them but that was it.”

“Germans?” He coughed a laugh into his cup, “Nearly. Danes.”

“Lucky boy.” I said and smiled. He grinned back. Like I said earlier, when he wasn’t trying to impress he could be good company. “You’re up for it then?”

“Oh yeah. If you don’t mind. Definitely. Candace is a stunner.” He wasn’t wrong, she was.

“There’s just one thing. You’ll be doing her,” I looked around again and moved in closer to the table so I could drop my voice. “Up the arse. Her choice you see.”

His eyebrows leapt about and he looked alternately shocked and delighted. He slipped his hand into the pocket of his jeans and was craftily re-arranging himself.

“You alright there? Shall I give you a moment?” The thought had staggered him a bit and it looked like the trouser snake Candace had been lusting over was taking a good deal of management. “Shall I get you a glass of water? We could throw it into your lap just in case.”

“In case what?” He asked, looking straight at me. I replied, “Your balls catch fire of course.” We both laughed.

“She wants me…up the shitter?” He was incredulous.

“It’s not the easy pink for you, Mr Wells, it’s the difficult brown.”

He stuck his hand out across the table, thankfully it wasn’t the one he’d been wrangling his dick with, “I’m your man, Mr Michaels. Now when do you…”

…”It’s very hard. I can feel every bump of his cock as it goes in and comes out.” I had my ear almost pressed to Candace’s mouth and she was describing what was happening to her to me.

“Tell me what he’s doing to you. Whisper it.” I told her as I’d gone back up the bed. It’d been exciting, watching Nick work his cock in and out of her and watching Candace give herself the second orgasm of the night. Her first had come courtesy of me earlier. But having him there, so close I could feel the radiated warmth coming off his skin, was weird. I could smell his sweat over a hint of cologne.

Candace had moaned out her second cumming and the vibrator had just been allowed to slip from her. Nick grabbed it and chucked it back to me to deal with. It stank of her sex. I switched it off and dropped it on the pillow for later. There was definitely going to be a later. Nick put the soles of Candace’s feet on his chest and, bending her knees, had pulled her up and into him. I guessed her orgasm had added a lot more wetness into the mix and she’d probably relaxed quite a lot. He was taking advantage of that and was thrusting his way to his own condom-clad orgasm.

“Oh god, it’s so quick now. All there is is cock in me.” She was rambling a bit as she lolled there. I gave a nipple a hard squeeze and her eyes snapped open.

“Get him off. Now. You’ve got until I count to twenty. Work that arse-hole on him. Squeeze the spunk out of him you dirty, dirty girl.”

She licked her full, flushed lips, “Or what?” There was still a challenge in her eyes. I grabbed her left hand and put into my shorts, they were all that I was wearing, so she could feel my turgid cock. I pushed her hand lower ’til the tips of her fingers found the thick gel of the Oxballs Screwball cockring I had on.

“Or the next thing up inside you will be this. And you know how thick it gets with that around it.” The grippy, rubbery stuff the ring was made out of looped around the base of my cock and behind my balls. It pushed the whole lot up and out a bit but the real trick was the way it trapped the blood in my erection making a thick dick even thicker. If she hadn’t sucked me off before Nick had arrived I would’ve already have a raging hard-on. As it was I was just about staying in control.

“One, two…” As my count started Nick groaned. Candace worked the hot mouth of her anus on him. I could imagine the way she was squeezing his dick with her arse; trying to pull the spunk out of him. By the time I got to ten I knew he wasn’t far off. Candace had her eyes squeezed tight shut and I could see by the way her body was tensing that she really was working that arsehole hard.

…”So he said yes. When do you want him over. To, to,” “Fuck me?” There was a hard, bright, excited light in Candace’s eyes and I could tell that she wasn’t going to be dissuaded from this. Better to roll with the punches.

“Yes, to fuck you.” I met her gaze full on. We’d just finished dinner and it’d only been a handful of hours since I’d had the conversation with Nick.

“Well, not a school night. We’ll need to have an afternoon and an evening to ourselves; do something nice beforehand.” She slipped out of her chair and fetched her diary out of her bag. “What about Saturday after next?”

Perfect, I thought. Plenty of time for me to get in a few surprises for her. Do a bit of preparatory work.

My girl had always gone out and got off with other men, she was over-sexed, for me, at least!

My girlfriend, myself and a few others came back to ours after a night out. We had been clubbing with friends and whilst out she was teasing me by saying she fancied this other guy who was in our group. My girl had already been flirting and dancing with this fit black guy all night, I didnt really take much notice at the time as we were in a crowded club. But, shock horror, he ends up being a friend of a friend and ends up back at ours. After everyone had left it was the three of us and when he left the the room for a moment she asked me straight out if she could fuck him, we had discussed her fucking other black men and the idea of me taking part but until then I thought it would remain a fantasy. How wrong I was.

He came back in the room while we were kissing and asked if he should leave, she said no and he just sat back down, flicking through our music collection. We carried on making out in front of him and I noticed he had his hand in his jeans and was masturbating, to be honest this shocked me at first but its only natural- he was almost ten years younger than us and incredibly fit(earlier in the club I said to another friend that I thought he might be gay, as he was so buff, and my girl later told me that right from the start of the night she thought the same and had decided that one of us was going to have him that night!).

I started to eat out her pussy in front of this guy, knowing he was masturbating on the sofa behind me and every time I looked up at my girl she was looking straight over me, at him!

Then she simply asked him to fuck her and he looked at me not really knowing what to do and my girl simply told him that she fucks who she wants, and with that she kicked me to the side and offered up her pussy to him. Well, with that he unbuckled his jeans and pulled off his t-shirt and while I was mesmerised by the definition of his chest and upper arms she stood up and started to kiss the guy, it felt weird at first because I had never seen her with another man before, especially when she started telling him that she needed a big man inside her and that I was Mr.Average cock and that I should wank myself off while I watch them make out.

She was trying to free his dick from his boxers when she started asking the guy if I could take out his cock and guide it into her, at this point I was worried that the guy would freak out! He was okay with it he said, as long as he could fuck her in front of me. I couldnt believe what I was hearing, my head was spinning in anticipation and slight fear of what lay ahead. But, I was SO turned on after listening to her tell him that I was a useless fuck and a clittyboy. Wow!

This was only my second experience of a man and at first my hands were shaking but she took my hand and placed it on his cock, it felt huge through the fabric and was bursting to be let out and at that moment I felt a stirring in my loins as I tugged down his boxers to release a ten incher!, shit mine was six inches at best! At that point I knew she was going to get the fucking of her life, and I had mixed up feelings of inadequacy, shame and pure lust for this cock that by now was being wanked by my girl just inches from my face. My girlfriend then sluttily announced that I was to suck him and make him wet before he could fuck her, telling him that I had a small dick and she needed to be ready for him. She took great pleasure in putting his cock first in my face, and then in my now wide-open mouth I loved the musky scent of him as he was wanked in my mouth and could taste his salty pre-cum, I took this monster cock in both hands and licked it all over while my girl had now taken off her top and bra and was playing with her nipples while she watched me with this guy, (amazingly sensitive nipples, she could make herself cum by croosing her legs and pulling on them!). As she did, I was looking out of the corner of my eye at my girl who is now naked and masturbating furiously as I am preparing her man.

Then she tells me to lead him by his cock to her and to guide him into her, this is the bit I had been fearing the most, what would it mean for us as a couple? When we are by ourselves again? I took this guy to her and then she says “Enjoy sucking that big black cock for me? Now, ask him to fuck me for you!”. I confess I felt really turned on at this and said “Please will you fuck my woman, she needs a cock like yours, mine is not as big as yours” With that she told me to get undressed and guide him on in, can you imagine my humiliation-being even shirtless in front of this guy is going to make me look like a wimp, let alone being naked!

I am naked now and they both laugh at me, him more out of nervousness I think, but who knows? Compared to him physically I was a joke. I took his smooth ebony cock into my mouth again, this time with no encouragement needed and cupped his balls in my hands and just enjoyed the last precious moments before my woman would never be the same again, albiet with his dick in my mouth, which to be honest I loved. Then I did it, I put his cock between her cuntlips and slid it in so slowly, watching her expressions change and then she pushed me away with her foot. He then proceeded to bang the hell out of her while she barked orders at me to lick her feet while she was being fucked(we always loved that, but now here I am holding one of my girls feet while she is getting it from someone else!). I was wanking myself with my free hand, and loving every second of this encounter so much I just had to cum, she saw it it me and told me not to cum on or near her I was to lie on the ground and be a footstool for her, I could cum on her feet and lick it off after. So I did, real quick, I was wanting to orgasm again! She denied me this saying a real man like her new lover shouldnt have to see small dicked wimps getting off when he fucked her. He totally fucked her out of this world, literally, as now she lives with him in the states. We are still friends now me and her, every so often she sends me pictures of them sucking and fucking along with a smuuty email.

Thanks I get eh? Still we both enjoyed it, just a shame that she ended up with him and not me!

Author note: This story contains group sex, wife-sharing and no condoms. If that offends you then this story isn’t for you.


“What’s his name again?” Mick asked as they got out of the car.

“Lance. Same as it was the previous ten times you asked,” Violet replied.

As they unloaded their bags from the boot, Violet looked at the cottage that belonged to her friend Dawn. They had known each other in university and it irked Violet that Dawn was one of those people who was naturally successful. She had attained a first with seemingly little effort. Then she had gone straight into a well-paid position at a chemical firm. That’s where she had met Lance and after marrying they had begun to plan their own little empire. The visit to their idyllic country cottage was to celebrate the successful launch of their consultancy company.

“It’s nice, isn’t it,” Violet said.

“Thought you said it’d be massive.”

“I thought it would be. They do own all the land around here though,” she replied as they walked past the brand new Mercedes.

The cottage was small but had a beautiful thatched roof and ivy growing up the walls. It looked so pretty in the frosty winter air and Violet looked forwards to getting into the warm and cracking open the bottle of wine they brought.

The door opened before they even knocked. Dawn greeted them with a smile and a hug.

“It’s so good to see you!” she cried as she wrapped her arms around Dawn.


Mick stood awkwardly holding the bags but Dawn didn’t let him escape a hug.

“You’re looking well, Mick.”

“Thanks,” he mumbled.

Violet noticed that Dawn stayed close to her husband. Even though she was in jogging bottoms and a wool sweater she still looked good. Her chestnut hair contrasted the light wool and her ample breasts were still visible under the thick fabric.

“Come on then,” Dawn said and bounded into the cottage.

Violet let Mick go first and could have sworn he stared at Dawn’s arse as he followed her in. She wasn’t normally bothered by Mick glancing at other women but she always felt intimidated by Dawn’s natural beauty. She had been amazed that Mick had approached her and not Dawn when they had first met.

They reached the living room which Violet could only describe as cosy. It was a tiny room with wooden beams visible above them. There was a soft sheepskin rug in front of the unlit fire. An armchair was against one wall and the small sofa sat facing the huge TV on the opposite wall.

Sat in the armchair was Lance. He was older than them by about ten years but entering his forties only made him more distinguished. He stood to greet them and towered over Violet as he warmly embraced her.

“Lovely to see you again,” he said.

“And you,” Violet replied from his muscular grip. She had only met him at the wedding but her heart fluttered and she remembered how great he had looked in his suit. Even in jeans and a shirt he looked good. There was a faint hint of grey in his well manicured beard.

Lance turned to Mick, who looked scruffy in comparison. His hair was ruffled and he had a few days of stubble on his face. He was also a good six inches shorter than Lance, who held out his hand. Mick dropped the bags and held up the wine instead of shaking Lance’s hand. It was an awkward moment which made everyone laugh. Lance patted him on the shoulder.

“Come on, we’ll put that in the wine cellar.”

“You have a wine cellar?” Mick asked.

“He has a wine rack,” Dawn corrected.

“This is probably a bit less expensive than what you already have,” Mick told Lance.

“I doubt it. Not got a bottle in there over £10. That’s the key to business — don’t spend more than you need to. Besides, neither of us can tell the difference between fine wine and cheap plonk!”

Mick smiled and followed Lance into the kitchen.

Violet turned to Dawn and smiled.

“It’s a lovely place you have.”

“Thanks. It’s small but we like it. We can do the tour later. Your hair looks great by the way,” she said as she reached out and touched Violet’s short blonde cut.

“I need my roots doing,” Violet replied.

“Nonsense, it looks great. Nothing wrong with a dirty blonde,” Dawn winked and they both burst out laughing. The guys soon returned from the kitchen with an open bottle and some wine glasses and they settled down to chat.

As the evening wore on, everyone got on really well. Violet’s inferiority complex with regards to Dawn evaporated as her old friend’s charm reminded her of why they got on so well at university. They had eaten a delicious pasta bake as they watched the first of the night’s DVDs. All of them had been more interested in the wine and chat than in the film. As the credits scrolled up the screen, Lance got up from his place on the sofa.

“I’ll go get us another bottle,” he said as he went to the kitchen.

Violet leaned back on the sofa and tried to work out how much they had already had. This was going to be either the fourth or fifth bottle between them so she was surprised that they were going to open another.

“Any preference over the next movie?” Dawn asked as she headed over to retrieve the DVD from the player.

“I don’t mind,” Violet answered as she caught sight of Mick staring at Dawn’s arse once again.

“Something exciting?” Mick asked.

“I’ve got a few exciting films if that’s what you’re after,” Lance said as he wandered in with a bottle of red.

“No you don’t,” Dawn snapped as she put the DVD back on the shelf.

Violet and Mick looked quizzically at their hosts.

“He’s on about porn,” Dawn said dismissively.

“It’s not porn, it’s erotica. Anyway, don’t say you don’t enjoy them,” Lance teased.

Dawn simply rolled her eyes and sighed. “He’s like a child sometimes.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Violet said.

Mick squeezed her slender waist to make her squirm.

“Want me to help you with that?” Dawn asked Lance who was struggling with the corkscrew.

“I can manage. It’s just a bit stuck.”

“Oh clearly. Come on, give it here.”

Dawn took the bottle from him and pulled at the corkscrew.

“It’s moving,” Dawn said. Then the cork popped out of the bottle. Red wine went everywhere, mostly over her cream jumper.


“You could always wring it out over a glass,” Lance teased.

“I’ll put it in to soak and get changed for bed. You can pick the next film. Oh, and light the fire, I don’t want to be freezing all night.”

“Yes, Miss,” Lance joked and Dawn cracked a smile.

“You can come and get changed too if you like Violet.”

“Yeah ok,” Violet said as she grabbed her bag.

“Sorry about the room,” Dawn said as they reached her bedroom. “I’m so pissed off that he cancelled at such late notice.”

“That’s fine, we don’t mind,” Violet lied. They were supposed to be in the spare room but the guy coming to polish the floorboards hadn’t shown up and so the bed and furniture were still piled in the hallway or the corner of Dawn’s bedroom.

As they got changed, Violet couldn’t help but feel the jealousy bubbling away as she watched her friend. Dawn was about the same height as her but had womanly curves as compared to Violet’s slender frame. Dawn had slipped on a strappy top and shorts but she still managed to look great.

“I see you were counting on that room,” Dawn said.

Violet self-consciously drew her hands up, even though Dawn had seen it all before. She had on a purple and black lace camisole with matching knickers. It was supposed to be a treat for Mick and now it was going to be a near-public display.

“Have you got a robe I can borrow please?”

“Hold on,” Dawn said as she went to the radiator. She touched up the robe that was stretched across it. “It’s still wet, sorry. You’ll be fine. Lance won’t mind and it’ll be dark in there anyway.”

Reluctantly, Violet followed Dawn back to the living room. Lance was on his knees, stoking the fire and encouraging it to burn brighter. He glanced up at Dawn.

“Nearly got it going.”

Violet looked to Mick who had barely noticed her. He was staring at Dawn as she leaned down to look at the fire. Violet then saw why. As she leant forwards, her top hung down exposing the sides of her breasts. Violet then realised that Mick had changed into the T-shirt and shorts he usually slept in. Mick shifted uncomfortably and pulled at his shorts. Was he getting hard?

Violet dropped her bag to the floor and tried to get onto the sofa unnoticed.

“Wow,” Mick said too loudly for Violet’s liking.

Lance turned around and Violet saw his eyes widen as he looked her up and down. She felt embarrassed and yet at the same time her heart raced with excitement as these two men clearly found her attractive.

“You look great,” Lance muttered. “Both of you, obviously. I’ll go get changed. Wouldn’t want to be the odd one out.”

He slipped past Violet, his hand brushing against her thigh and sending shocks tingling through her body.

Dawn sat on the sofa on the far side from Mick. “Has he chosen something then?”

“Yeah, it’s all ready to go.”

There was a paused image on the screen of a lavish Italian villa in the moonlight. Dawn searched for a glass of wine and took a sip. “You can sit down if you like. If I were you I’d get a good seat near the fire.”

Violet realised she was still standing and went past Dawn to sit on the floor between Mick’s legs. She stretched her own legs out across the rug and allowed the heat to warm her.

Before long, Lance returned wearing only a pair of tight-fitting boxers. Even in the dim light Violet could make out the outline of his cock. It seemed long and slender and she caught herself wondering what it would be like hard. She realised she was staring and looked up only to see that his eyes were once again fixated on her body. Her instinct was to cover up but she stopped herself, wondering if he would keep looking. His eyes barely left her as he sat on the sofa between Dawn and Mick.

“Where’s the remote?” he asked in a hushed tone.

“It’s on the TV stand,” Dawn said quietly.

Without thinking, Violet crawled forwards and reached for it. It was only as her hand lifted it that she realised the position she was in. Her camisole had risen up and she knew that her knickers would be on clear display. Instead of sitting down, something inside of her wanted to know if Lance was looking. She glanced back, holding out the remote towards him. He pulled his gaze from her arse just long enough to take the remote from her.

The film began to play and almost immediately there was a disapproving sigh from Dawn. It was quickly shushed by Lance. As Violet leaned back against the sofa, her husband’s fingers began to trace along the skin of her neck and shoulders. It was always nice when he did that, calming, relaxing…arousing.

The scene they were watching involved a glamorous woman going to plead with a mafia don to save her husband’s life. Her pleas fell on deaf ears until the woman admitted she would do anything. Violet’s breathing intensified as she watched the woman bend over the desk and expose her lingerie-covered arse. No one said anything as they all watched her get spanked before the mafia don slowly and sensually slipped his dick into her.

Mick’s fingers continually stroked Violet’s neck and she felt her nipples harden against the fabric of her camisole. She wondered if they could be seen in the dim light. She hoped that Lance could see them. She leaned her head back, hoping to see where he was looking but she couldn’t quite see.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage that her husband performed on her neck. His hands were exploring further, reaching down her back and even caressing the top of her chest.

When she opened her eyes the next scene was already in progress. A bride on her way to the church had broken down. Her chauffeur had enlisted a passer-by to help but he wanted payment up front. The desperate bride was persuaded to kneel before him and suck his cock while the chauffeur watched on. Violet hated to admit it to herself but she was getting turned on by the movie. She shifted slightly and brushed her fingers over her knickers. They were soaked through. As she pushed her head back it nudged against Mick’s crotch and she felt how hard he was. Her hands slowly went up and down his legs. She wanted to touch him, she wanted to be touched, but she didn’t know how to do it without her friends seeing.

She watched the screen as the bride leaned across the bonnet of the limousine. She was being fucked by the passer-by as she sucked the chauffeur’s hard dick. It was then she became aware of the sounds behind her. There was a regular but soft moan coming from Lance. As subtly as she could, she turned away from the screen to look behind her.

Dawn’s hand was gripped around Lance’s hard cock which had been pulled free from his boxers. Lance’s right hand was in Dawn’s shorts but Violet was far more interested in Lance’s cock. It was slim but long, very long. As Dawn’s hand glided up the shaft there was a glint as a drop of precum slipped out.

Violet turned further so that she sat facing Mick. Her hands ran up his legs until they reached his thighs. There was a huge bulge where his erection was straining at his shorts. She paused, conflicting emotions raced through her body. She needed him so badly and yet she was still hesitant because of Dawn and Lance despite their openness. She looked up to Mick who stared back at her. He didn’t nod or shake his head. He just looked into her eyes with pure lust.

Her fingers slipped over the waistband of his shorts and boxers and she slowly pulled towards her. Mick’s cock stood to attention in front of her. She had never seen it so hard. She reached out and her hand slipped around the warm shaft. She rose on her knees, leaning forwards. Her mouth opened, her tongue protruded slightly as she guided it towards the head of her husband’s cock. Just before she made contact she paused. Her eyes looked up to the left, to Lance. She saw him staring back, he moaned gently and his head nodded forwards once. It was all the encouragement she needed. She tasted Mick’s cock for the first time that night and it had never tasted so good. Her tongue swirled around the head as she closed her mouth around it. All the while her eyes never left Lance’s. It made her feel so sexy, so animalistic. She had the attention of him, not the erotic film, not even his own wife as she continued to stroke his cock.

Violet made her movements exaggerated, making sure Lance could see in the faint light. Her tongue licked slowly up and down his shaft flicking his balls before she returned to the head. Dawn shifted in her seat. Violet paused, wondering if losing Lance’s attention had caused her friend to become jealous. Dawn raised her hips and pushed her shorts to the floor. She lifted herself up and turned so that she sat on the arm rest and put her left leg high up onto the back of the sofa. Violet saw Dawn’s pussy glistening in the dark. So did Lance. He finally tore his gaze away from Violet and pushed his head into his wife’s pussy. The sound of him lapping at her juices was louder than the noise from the DVD.

Violet watched for a few moments before she resumed sucking Mick’s cock. As she began to speed up she felt his hand on her hair. She knew what it meant and so was unsurprised as he gently pulled her head away. He didn’t want to cum yet but Violet didn’t want to stop sucking. She stared at Lance’s cock. It was barely a few inches away, hard, untouched, begging to be sucked. She looked to Mick, who was torn between watching the screen and watching Dawn’s pussy being licked.

Her hand slowly moved out, and across Lance’s leg. He made no attempt to remove it. Neither did Mick. Violet’s right hand gently squeezed Mick’s cock rhythmically and that seemed to satisfy him enough not to stop her as her left hand finally reached Lance’s dick. It had been so long since she had felt another man’s cock. She shifted her weight, leaning away from Mick and taking her closer to Lance. Her mouth open, she leant forwards again. As soon as her mouth touched his cock it twitched and she tasted the sweet precum that had teased her earlier. All thoughts of embarrassment had gone and she was focussed on the dick in her mouth. She took as long as possible to lick her way down the length, over his shaved balls then back up to engulf the head.

Dawn’s moans to her left became heavier. There was a growl in them as she was licked into the first orgasm of the group. Her climax subsided and Violet felt her own pussy throbbing as it begged for attention. Mick eased his way off the sofa and knelt behind Violet. She felt her knickers being pulled to the side and her breathing became rapid in anticipation. After what seemed like an eternity she finally felt his tongue slip into her wet pussy. It felt so good, so sensual. He was normally good but at that moment he felt incredible. Every subtle movement sent sparks of electricity through her body. It made her crave Lance’s cock even more. Her sucking gathered pace as she felt her own climax building within her. When Mick’s tongue flicked at her clit she moaned heavily onto Lance’s cock as waves of ecstasy flowed through her body.

She sat back, pushing Mick away, as she tried to recover from her intense orgasm. She made no effort to stop him as he lifted her camisole from her body. Her small breasts were on display but she wanted them to see, she wanted Mick to see how hard her nipples were on her perky little tits. Lance stared at them for a few seconds as Dawn moved once more. She turned to face them as she straddled Lance’s cock. Violet watched as Dawn slowly impaled herself on his dick as it disappeared within her. As she began slowly rising up and down on it, Violet felt herself being pulled down onto the rug. Mick lay on his side behind her and she was manoeuvred so that he was spooning her. As she lay on her right side, she watched Lance’s hands reach around Dawn and cup her breasts. With each squeeze her top was pushed further and further towards her cleavage. The low cut sides revealed more and more of her flesh until finally her breasts were fully exposed. Violet had to admire them. Whilst her own were small and firm, Dawn’s were large and pushed between Lance’s fingers as he squeezed them.

Violet felt Mick’s hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. She moaned as he eased his hips forwards and slid easily inside her. His thrusts were slow and steady as they watched Dawn increase her pace on Lance’s cock. This time Dawn’s climax was even more vocal. She moaned louder and louder as she began fucking the cock beneath her as hard as she could. Suddenly she pushed herself down as far as she could and held herself there as the full force of her climax hit her. Violet could see Dawn’s pussy spasm on the long dick inside it. Once she had regained her composure, Dawn lifted herself from Lance’s cock and collapsed on the sofa next to him. She lay almost motionless, staring at Violet and Mick as they continued to fuck before her.

It was clear that Dawn had had all she could and so Lance turned his attention to Violet and Mick. Violet watched in an almost dreamlike state as Lance knelt on the floor and made his way towards them. She saw his hard cock bobbing as he closed in and her mouth opened without her even thinking. Instead of offering it to her, Lance moved to her pussy. She heard herself moan as his fingers softly searched for her clit and found it. It was such an intense feeling that Violet was lost in the moment. Her husband’s cock slipped in and out of her as her friend’s husband rubbed her clit. Then the feeling changed. Her pussy became fuller. She looked down and saw Lance’s fingers disappearing inside her. It was only brief as he pulled them out. She wasn’t sure what was happening. No one spoke but Mick’s strokes had stopped. The two men seemed to communicate without a word.


Author’s note

This brief installment concludes Part Eight. Part Nine will finish the portion set in Spring. Part Ten will bring us, at last, to Winter.

This is primarily an incest story, but it is also sci-fi/fantasy, and supernatural elements are not incidental to the plot. Additionally, many chapters will feature elements of other categories, particularly group sex and anal.

All sexual acts are consensual and involve parties who are at least eighteen years of age.

As ever, if you have questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. Either way, I’ll try to respond in a timely manner.


After his daily training session with his grandmother, Cahill relieved Uncle Seamus and Aunt Fiona from babysitting duty. They had a little one of their own on the way, so it was good practice for them to watch over Ty and Niall, but he still felt bad about imposing on them as often as he had since they’d returned to the Dreaming.

“Slow day?” he asked his mother when he got to their magick shop.

The place was as good as empty, aside from a few college students sitting by the windows. That lot spent just enough money on tea to cover the cost of the wifi service Walk the Ways provided, but rarely bought much else. Occasionally they’d express some interest in love potions, occult texts, or some of the various talismans and trinkets Cahill and Caronwyn had endowed with minor glamours, but they mostly just wanted a place to sit and work. Or waste time on Facebook and Twitter while pretending to work. Something like that.

When they’d first come up with the idea, Cahill had thought that they’d be filled to the rafters day and night. Queen Titania had woven Faerie more prevalently into the Dreaming, altering the very fabric of the mortal world.

Which, of course, wasn’t really the mortal world at all, but a fey construct. A simulacrum. He was still getting used to that idea.

At any rate, the world he’d once thought of as real no longer sat adjacent to Faerie, like two neighboring countries sharing a border, but overlapped with it like the circles in a Venn diagram. The degree of overlap varied from place to place and with the position of sun and the moon, but the existence of the supernatural was no longer a secret. One might have expected that to change things. For the most part, though, it really hadn’t.

He wasn’t sure if it was just that most people still didn’t believe or what. That was hard to believe, given the growing fey presence in certain industries. Maybe humanity had just lost its interest in the mystical. Or maybe it was just a matter of time before interest in the supernatural grew. Like any fashion trend, it wouldn’t really take off until the right type of people embraced it, and the wrong people went out of their way to criticize it.

Whatever the reason, most mortals went about their lives more or less as they had before.

His brother’s theory was that it all had to do with the fact that one of the first industries the fey had taken over was pornography. People were plenty fascinated with seeing fairies fuck, Seamus mused, but they weren’t especially interested in discovering what else the mystical beings had to offer. That struck Cahill as just cynical enough to be plausible.

“You guessed it,” Caronwyn replied from behind the counter.

“And how’s our little girl?” he asked, leaning over the bassinet to pinch his daughter’s big toe through her pink booties. She smiled at him, circling her little feet and hands through the air. “She give you any trouble?”

He didn’t really need to ask, of course. She never did. Wynne was a quiet, happy child. She hardly ever cried, and when she did, it hardly took any effort to quiet her.

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” Ty yelled, running past Cahill as fast as he could. He held up his drawing of Fiona, which sort of almost kinda looked like her, and waved it about like a flag. “Lookie what I made!”

The loud noise his son made led some of the college students to slip their headphones off their ears and gaze over at the newcomers. As ever, the unwanted attention from total strangers caused little Niall to throw himself against his father’s leg.

“It’s okay,” he told Niall, tousling his hair.

His son held his hands out in a silent bid to be picked up. Cahill happily obliged.

“Is that your Auntie Fi?” Caronwyn asked.

“Yup! See her green hair? See?” Ty said, smacking the paper repeatedly with his finger.

“Looks just like her,” his mother told their son. “You better be careful. Keep that up, you just might trap someone in a piece of paper.”

“Nuh-uh!” Ty protested. “Dad, tell Mom she’s being silly.”

“Quarter moon tonight,” Cahill said to her instead.

Ty gave him a dirty look, huffed, turned on a heel, and raced to the back of the store. He claimed one of the armchairs tucked in between the bookcases, and pulled out his handheld game console, forgetting all about the stupid grownups.

“What can I tell you,” Caronwyn replied, her eyes on their son.

The overlap between Faerie and the Dreaming grew even thicker when the moon was between phases, just as it did every day at dusk and dawn. Full moons might have meant something to werewolves, if such existed, but his kind thrived on states of inbetweenness.

“One girl came in looking for some help forgetting her ex-boyfriend,” his mother continued, “and an older gentleman almost bought one of your fiddles, but other than that, it’s been teas and tonics all day.”

There were a handful of mortals who were more attuned to the supernatural. Who appreciated other aspects of the fey besides the physical. They tended to show up on days like this more often than at other times during the lunar cycle. But there were only so many of them, and Savannah wasn’t Boston or New York.

“How was…your training session?” she asked, reaching over to take Niall from him.

Cahill almost hadn’t caught the hesitation. Almost.

“Fine,” Cahill said.

Better than fine, actually. His grandmother was pushing him harder than his mother ever had, and it was paying dividends. He grew stronger by the day. And his mother was excited for him, more or less. But he understood that she didn’t love how much time he spent with Aeife, even though very little of that time was spent having sex. She probably knew that, but she probably also spent a lot of time pretending that she didn’t.

She raised her eyebrows at him in a silent question.

“I think I might be able to untie the knots soon,” he said, referring to the mess his aunt had made of his mind. He’d refused to ask his father to do it. One day, he’d be glad his father owed him a boon, even if Arawn was no longer the Prince of the Emerald Court. No sense wasting that just to spare himself hearing a few songs now and then. They were getting easier to tune out, anyway. “At least, your mother thinks so.”

“That’s good,” Caronwyn replied with all the enthusiasm of a dead possum.

“Fiona wants to know if you’ll help her pick out colors for the nursery,” he said.

Her brown eyes regarded him coolly for a time. He could almost feel her weighing the pros and cons of letting the topic of his grandmother go. Eventually, she asked, “Does that mean she’s finally settled on a name?”

Cahill shrugged.

Of late, every time he saw his sister, she asked him whether he liked “Aila” better than “Aileen.” She must have finally found a favorite, because the topic hadn’t come up.

Brittany, on the other hand, had known that she’d name her and Finnegan’s son “Padraig” even before they’d known for sure that they were having a son. His kid sister couldn’t be better prepared to become a mommy. It was strange. And sweet. And sexy as all hell.

Not that Fiona wasn’t. She was just overthinking everything. He’d never seen anyone change their mind so many times about so many things. Once her baby girl arrived though, her maternal instincts would take over and she’d make a wonderful mom. Cahill was sure of it. His sister had struck him as motherly, in the best possible way, ever since he’d met her.

“I like `Aileen’ better,” his mother said, not for the first time.

“Me too,” Cahill said. And he meant it. But he didn’t doubt that he’d share his mother’s preference for “Aila” if she felt differently. He never found any fault in any of her decisions, no matter how big or small. “And the one can be used as a nickname for the other.”

“Exactly,” Caronwyn agreed.

Just then, the bell above the front door dinged, announcing the possibility that they might sell something more than tea and special brownies today after all. They turned as one to greet the customer, but found none.

It was only Kearney, with yet another pretty young th–with Teagan on his arm.

His cousin was always smiling. She was a happy, carefree creature, precisely the sort of fey mortals expected all of them to be. But the soft smile on her face now was different. The low thrum in her Libido confirmed it.

And it wasn’t just because she was in love, he realized. She wasn’t showing yet, but Cahill had come to recognize the way pregnancy subtly altered a woman’s Libido.

All the college kids turned and stared, then started whispering to one another, wondering if they were really seeing the Teagan Dreamsmyth. In the past few months, she’d become as famous as one could be when one only did children’s movies.

Like any good starlet, she paid them no mind whatsoever.

“Hey,” his uncle said simply.

Teagan let go of Kearney’s arm and gave Cahill a hug. She didn’t throw herself at him as she might have in the past, but expectant mothers rarely did. It was strange, but not in a bad way, to see the girl walk when she could have jumped or skipped or danced instead.

“Good to see you, Kay,” she said.

“And you,” he replied, kissing the top of her head.

“Caron,” Kearney said to Cahill’s mother.

If she replied, she didn’t do so verbally. Cahill didn’t sense any real change in her Libido though. That was good. His mother held the Dreamsmyths in even lower regard these days than she once had. He wasn’t sure how much of that had to do with what the queen had done to Aeife and Oona as opposed to the hatred she’d developed for Liadan after he finally came clean about everything, but it definitely extended to the whole clan. She refused to even admit to herself that her mother was falling in love with Oberon, let alone acknowledge that the former prince was as good to her as a woman’s own son would be.

Still, he didn’t huge Teagan too tight or too long. A hint of disappointment spread across her face when he pushed her away, but better her than his mother.

“To what do we owe the pleasure?” Cahill asked his uncle.

Kearney shrugged. “Hollywood can be so tedious. Need to escape every now and then.”

Teagan slapped his arm and said, “Dad,” with a combination of affection and displeasure.

Dad? He’d never come around to thinking of her as a sister, but he’d thought Arawn was her father. She’d thought as much herself, at one point.

“What he means is, he wants to thank you for helping him,” Teagan explained. “If not for you, we’d never have met.”

His cousin was probably mistaken about that. He couldn’t imagine that his father would keep Kearney in the dark even after their mother dissolved the courts. What would he have to fear from his brother now? But Cahill saw no need to argue the point.

“Yeah, that,” Kearney said.

“It was our pleasure,” Caronwyn said.

There must’ve been some truth to it, or the words wouldn’t have passed through her lips.

“And what’s this little guy’s name?” Teagan asked, her cute voice getting cuter still as she fawned over Niall. Almost sickeningly so. “Hi there! Can you say hi?”

Their son looked away, glanced back, then looked away again. Only with his second look at the pretty face smiling so enthusiastically at him did he crack a smile of his own.

“This is Niall,” Caronwyn said. “The one in the back, pretending not to stare at you, is Ty. And the little princess is Wynne.”

“How do you keep up with three of them?” Kearney asked, earning dirty looks from both Teagan and Caronwyn. Not that he noticed.

“We’re planning on having more,” Cahill said proudly. He felt his mother’s Libido warm a bit as he did. “You’ll change your mind after your first one arrives.”

“He better,” Teagan said, eyeing her father askance.

Kearney held up his hands in submission.

“I love this place,” his cousin said, taking in their humble little shop. Her blue eyes moved slowly, taking the time to absorb every detail. “What a great idea.”

“Thank you,” Caronwyn said warmly.

“It’s neat,” Kearney allowed. “Anyway, we should really get going.”

Teagan shot him a disapproving look.

“You know how your mother gets when we keep her waiting,” he explained.

“It was great seeing you again,” Teagan told Cahill. “We’ll stop by again soon. I promise.” She gave her father a meaningful look before offering him her hand.


Shortly after Uaid was born, Cahill ended his lessons with his grandmother altogether. They’d become more and more intermittent as it was, his priorities had changed. He simply couldn’t ask Fi or Brit to babysit anymore now that they each had two kids of their own, and his mother spent most of the day at their increasingly busy shop. She often took Wynne and Uaid with her, but Ty and Niall needed supervision.

Besides, he’d recently hit a plateau. He couldn’t say that Aeife had taught him everything she could, but he’d definitely learned a lot from her. And grown a lot stronger in the process.

He wasn’t just needed at home, actually. He wanted to spend as much time with his sons as he could. Ty had calmed down a lot while Niall hadn’t gotten the memo about how terrible the twos and threes were supposed to be. They loved the outdoors as much as young fey should, but were perfectly content to sit and color or watch TV when the weather forced them indoors. Sometimes, they even helped him with his instruments. Niall had a surprisingly deft touch for a toddler and Ty loved reminding Cahill that he was better at everything than his brother. And he had a lot more fun cheating at Hide and Seek, disappearing into a pocket of nothingness while poor Ty frantically searched every nook and cranny of their house, than befit a man of his age.

That he’d reached the flat part of the learning curve allowed him to spend the entire day with his kids without feeling guilty, but he’d have made the same decision even if he’d still been growing more powerful by the day. Even if he hadn’t long since undone the glamour his aunt had made him forget inflicting upon himself.

He did, however, sometimes miss Faerie. The wonder and mystery of it. The sights and smells. The way everything felt truer. So too did he miss wielding glamour. Bending the world to his will just because he could. The mortal world hardly blinked an eye at the supernatural these days, but he spent all his time with his sons, and they wouldn’t be old enough to learn how to use their own talents for many years. It seemed unfair to throw glamour around in front of them. He couldn’t resist doing so from time to time, but he still had to restrain himself epically on a daily basis.

So it was that he reacted exactly the wrong way when Liadan showed up at his door.

His mother had forgiven him more readily than he’d feared, but any mention of the the woman, by name or by any of her titles, soured her mood. For that reason alone, Cahill should have shut the door on his aunt’s face before she could finish saying hi. To say nothing of the fact that she’d never done anything but manipulate him for her own benefit. That she’d only succeeded in doing so because he’d been fool enough to ignore everything he knew about the Puck hardly made any difference.

He just couldn’t help himself. He knew it would lead to trouble, but it would be wrapped in layers of excitement and drama and a reminder of what it was to be fey.

“Is now a bad time?” his aunt asked.

Cahill’s eyes traveled up and down her body. She looked even better than he remembered. He’d always thought her beautiful, but that beauty had grown.

And she was with child.

Because of course she was. Everyone was, these days. It was only a matter of time before he started sporting a swollen belly of his own.

Damn, that just wasn’t fair. Everything about motherhood drove Cahill insane with lust. Doubly so if it involved his mother, but there wasn’t a woman alive he wouldn’t find at least somewhat more attractive when pregnant. And he’d found his aunt plenty attractive before.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to tell you its yours,” she said.

Cahill snorted. Of course it wasn’t. He hadn’t coupled with her in a long time.

Too long.

She reached up and knocked on his forehead, making popping sounds with her mouth as she did. “As I feared. Completely hollow.”

“Come in,” he said at last.

Niall was taking his nap and Ty was playing in the back yard. They were all alone. That was go–no, bad. Bad. It was definitely bad.

“Can I offer you something to drink?” he asked as he led her into the kitchen.

“Have you got any whiskey?” she asked.

He gave her a quizzical look.

“Don’t be a git. Ye can see for yerself I’ve got a wee one on the way,” she said, running a hand over her as yet flat abdomen. “I’ll take a water, yeah?”

“A brother of mine?” he asked as he grabbed a glass from the cupboard.

“Aye, no fecking thanks to you,” she said. “Right selfish to fix that problem on your own after I went to the trouble of spellin’ it all out for ye. But as luck would have it, it didna take much convincin’ to get me brother to plant his seed in me garden.”

“Glad to hear it,” Cahill said. He put her drink on the counter and sat on one of the stools, gesturing for her to do the same. “How is dear old Dad? Handling retirement well?”

Liadan snickered. “You’d think he had some chance of holding on to the Emerald Court, the way he mopes about. If anyone should be upset, it’s Macha.” She took a sip of her water before sitting down. “But he’ll get over tha’ in time. What’s got him right craite is that our ma wants nuttin to do wit him. Hasn’t let him touch her in forever. Macha neither, though with her it’s more about her addiction to her son than anything.”

Cahill rubbed his forehead. He’d forgotten how bewildering her speech patterns were. Bewildering, but also charming. Not that he should let himself think such things.

“Anyway,” she said, “you don’t wanna hear about your da or our children.”

Cahill couldn’t help but note the plural. He wondered how many new brothers and sisters he now had and whether his father was helping her raise them. That seemed doubtful.

“So why are you here?” he asked.

Liadan recoiled. “Forgot how charmin’ ye can be.”

He almost apologized, but stopped himself.

His aunt sighed. “I feel bad about what I done to ya, believe it or not.”

“So you came by to give me a useless warning?” he asked. “Like when you said that your mother would try to take my children away from me?”

“I never said that,” she replied.

True, she hadn’t. But she’d damn sure implied that the queen would not abide him and his mother having purebred children. Only now she was encouraging everyone to have as many children as they pleased. Purebred or no, Walker or no.

“No warnings,” she said. “Just a gift.”

Which was even worse.

She reached inside her pocket and produced a silver acorn charm.

“And what does this do?” he asked, picking it up.

“Protects you from unwelcome glamours.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Aye,” she said. That and no more.

He studied it for a few moments. It was beautiful. But he wasn’t sure he wanted to accept a gift from her.

“That’s very kind of you,” he said. “But I can’t accept this.”

“I’m not trying to get you to owe me anything,” she said, without the least bit of foreign idiom or accent. “Just trying to ease my guilt.”

He pondered that for a moment.

“Does that actually mean I won’t owe you-” he began.

“Just fucking take it, will you?” she said, sounding hurt.

“Well, you only said-”

“No boon, Kay. No tricks. I’m done with that,” Liadan said. “My mother can find herself a new Puck if she still has need of one at this point.”


“She’s given up,” Liadan said. “Not the throne, of course, but she might as well have. You don’t understand how much it hurt her to lose Oberon.”

“Has she tried to get him to come back?” he asked, almost instinctively.

As if he actually cared. He hoped she was miserable, petty as that was. The flowers forming Oona’s grave and the blood staining Aeife’s dress still came to mind all too quickly.

His aunt snickered. “She’s too proud for that. But I think she’s hoping he’ll see the changes she’s made and decide to come back on his own.”

“Not working so well, is it?” Cahill asked.

All he had to go on was what his grandmother told him, and she was hardly a disinterested party. But everything he’d heard from Aeife made it sound like Oberon was as deeply in love with her as she was with him. A woman of her age and experience wasn’t likely to be fooled too easily. She might blush like a schoolgirl whenever she talked about him, but Cahill felt sure that she was seeing things as clearly as anyone who was in love ever did.

“So that’s really it? Titania’s reformed?”

“Beings as old as me ma don’t change easily,” she said. “But I think she gets that it was her hatred of you Walkers that cost her her son.”

It was hard to believe. But then, he’d never expected the queen to strip her sons and daughters of their titles, or to let every clan walk the Dreaming as freely as her own kin. And if she was trying to lull them into a false sense of security, allowing them as many purebred children as they wished was a strange way of doing it. His mother and sisters were growing stronger and stronger, empowered by the link with their children. And the children hadn’t even come of age yet. In time, Caronwyn’s strength would rival her mother’s. Why would Titania allow that to happen unless she truly had given up?

Was this how knights of legend felt after slaying their dragons? Did they live in constant fear of the hatchling they’d overlooked, refusing to believe that they’d truly brought peace and happiness to their lands?

After a long time, he nodded and held the acorn up in salute. “Thank you.”

She smiled. Then leaned across the counter and kissed him softly. “I should be going,” she said after their lips parted.

Cahill nodded. He wanted her to stay, but also didn’t. A kiss, his mother would forgive.

“Take care of yourself,” she said before vanishing into thin air.


Someone was kissing him. Someone very, very good at it. Someone who smelled like strawberries and had lips as soft as down feather pillows.

Cahill’s eyes blinked open.

“Hey you,” his mother said before giving him one last kiss.

He smiled. “Shouldn’t you be at the shop?”

“I got Fi to cover me.”

Which meant Seamus would have Kegan and Aileen all to himself, making Fiona jealous. The two of them were too damned perfect like that. Instead of negotiating over who would get stuck with the kids like most couples, they argued over who got to spend more time with them. He and Caronwyn had worked things out pretty well, but Cahill still envied his brother sometimes. For that, and for being the best dad in the world. Cahill sometimes felt like he should surrender the coffee mug Ty had given him for Christmas that one year.

“Morning, handsome,” his grandmother called from the foot of the bed. She sat there cross-legged, staring at them with innocent eyes, looking for all the world like a little girl rather than a beautiful woman. “Sleep well?”

A threesome? His birthday wasn’t for a few weeks.

Had he done something to earn such a wonderful reward without even realizing it? Ty had finished the year with better grades than they’d feared. Was that it?

“Mom’s gonna watch the kids,” Caronwyn said. “You and I are bound for Faerie.”

“All five of ‘em,” her mother said.

Oh. So much for that.

If there was a hint of passive-aggressiveness in his grandmother’s voice, that was only fair. Neither he nor Caronwyn ever looked after all five of them on their own. Ty, Niall, and Wynne spent most of the day in school, and his mother usually took Regan to the shop with her. But school had just let out, so Aeife would really have her hands full.

“And why is that?” he asked.

“Because I’ve been feeling really horny lately,” she replied with a naughty grin.

“Well,” Cahill said.

Her Libido threw off heat like a bed of glowing coals and her brown eyes glowed.

She didn’t have to say it aloud for him to know what that meant. His mother didn’t just want him to chase her through the woods. She wanted him and Gallech to fight over her. Reilly too, as long as they were at it. The two of them had become something of a package deal ever since Queen Titania broke them.

He couldn’t blame her. It had been more than a year since she’d seen her firstborn, by the reckoning of this world. Gallech and Reilly rarely left their grandmother’s side, and Aeife rarely left Faerie. As much time as they had to give up just to spend an hour there, neither of them had been back in a while. He’d figured they wouldn’t until their kids were older.

And he’d have been lying if he said the idea appealed to him any less than it did to her, if for different reasons. He loved seeing his mother let it all out, which she couldn’t do here. He even enjoyed seeing her with other men, though it burned him up inside to watch. Plus it would be good to change shape into something other than a cute wittle doggie for a change. To run with other beasts and fight over a mate. Neither Gallech nor Reilly would offer much competition, of course. The queen had taken the fire out of them, and Aeife hadn’t been able to do for them what she’d done for Cahill. But even so.

“How’s that sound?” she asked, reaching down to take hold of his cock.

“That look like `no’ to you?”

Her smile broadened.

She hadn’t called her mother to the Dreaming for that reason, but he sort his threesome after all. A little one, anyway, before his mother got impatient.

“Thanks for that,” Cahill told his grandmother as he kissed her goodbye.

“Thank you,” she said, tapping his cock and making it vibrate like a tuning fork.

“Don’t let the kids argue with you about bedti-” he began, but a very excited Caronwyn pulled him across to Faerie before he could finish.


“So. Are you all up for that?” Caronwyn asked the three of them, a twinkle in her eye.

Gallech and Reilly simply nodded. Neither had spoken more than a few words since they’d arrived. The way they carried out an entire conversation with one another through silent glances almost made Cahill think they’d become lovers.

Not that it was any of his business if they had, for that matter. That was between them and maybe Aeife, who he doubted would be heartbroken if they were to announce that they were no longer interested in women. There weren’t many gay men among the fey, but there were a few. And many more who were as flexible about their sexuality as fey women tended to be. Some of the clans strongly encouraged pansexuality.

“Are you still here?” Cahill asked as his mother.

She smiled, turned into a red doe, and bounced off into the woods.

Without a word, Gallech and Reilly changed. His brother became a gigantic wolf with shaggy black fur. His shoulders brushed the lowest boughs of the great Faerie trees. For his part, Reilly became a massive boar with tusks as long as swords and coppery fur. The beast stood a foot shorter than his brother’s wolf, but probably weighed twice as much. Either one would have inspired great legends if glimpsed by mortals.

He had to admit that he was impressed. He’d not thought either powerful enough to achieve such a dramatic transformation.

That left him with but one option. Drawing on all the strength his grandmother had helped him unlock, Cahill turned into an oillipheist. Where a man once stood, there was now a great blue wyrm with scales hard as diamonds and claws sharper than razors. His horns alone were as long as a man was tall. From snout to tail, he was more than a mile long. At least, that was what he saw in his mind’s eye, and he saw nothing to contradict it. The wolf and boar standing to either side of him suddenly looked like kittens.

And they ran from him in much the same way.

Cahill let out a roar that made the trees tremble as he took off after them. He didn’t so much fly as swim through the air, undulating like the waves of the sea.

The two of them moved through trees as effortlessly as ghosts would. They hadn’t gone spectral, though. The ground shook and they left deep tracks behind them. That was a neat trick. He wondered whether it was Aeife or Titania who’d taught them to do that.

He toyed with them for a while, swooping down and passing overhead before climbing back into the sky. His tail and underbelly skimmed their backs and shoulders a few times, but he didn’t so much as swipe his claws at them.

Until they closed in in Caronwyn.

Every time one of them got close to her, they paid for it in blood. Reilly’s hide was thick and tough, almost like the armor he’d worn when serving the queen. But Cahill’s claws wouldn’t have had much trouble with steel either. And poor Gallech was lucky to survive the first swipe, even though he’d intentionally avoided all his internal organs. It took his brother several minutes to repair the bloody ruin Cahill had made of his left haunch.

The bastards were nothing if not persistent though. They chased his mother all through Faerie. Through swamps and up hills, into deep valleys and along the shores of lakes. And they’d nearly caught her a few times. Cahill could have ended it at any time, of course. Either by claiming his prize of dealing them blows from which they’d not soon recover. He didn’t though. His mother was enjoying herself too much. And sooner or later, the strain of healing countless injuries would catch up to them.

Sooner became later. Then later became much later. Still they gave chase. Though his mother yet awaited the best part, Cahill began to worry about how long they’d been gone.

On his next approach, Gallech succeeded in crippling their mother. Cahill timed his blow to send the wolf flying almost the very instant that Caronwyn went down. If he was lucky, both his brother and his mother would believe that was an accident.

When his mother shifted back into her true form, she was free of injuries. The same did not hold for his brother. Not at first. But after a minute or so, the blood stopped flowing.

Cahill touched down on the ground and reverted to his true shape. Reilly crested the hill a moment later, saw the hunt was at an end, and changed back from boar to man.

“Well,” Caronwyn said. “That was fun.”

“Almost stopped you,” Cahill told his brother, who grinned back at him.

“So. He’s first,” their mother said, untying her brown robe.

Cahill made what he hoped came across as a disgruntled sound.

For a while, he and Reilly watched in silence as Gallech furiously pumped his fat cock into Caronwyn’s hungry pussy. The sounds their mother made sounded like fingernails on a chalk board to Cahill, though not because she was suffering. Because she wasn’t. Her orgasm made the forest itself sigh in relief, the way Fiona’s always had.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” she moaned afterwards, her nails leaving one last set of red trails on his brother’s back. “That was amazing.”

Gallech’s only response was to kiss her.

“Okay. Now you get to join in,” she told Reilly, brown eyes glowing. “You, though,” she said to Cahill, “have to wait until they’re done.”

Naturally. He’d been the least successful at hunting her, seeing as he’d made no attempt to actually catch her. That was fine with him. He’d wanted her all to himself anyway.

The two studs showed remarkable stamina. Cahill realized he’d barely worn them down at all. Granted, he hadn’t tried his hardest, but that still surprised him. Had Seamus taken that kind of beating, he’d have been bedridden for hours. And Seamus wasn’t weak.

His mother was too crazed with lust to notice, no doubt. They used her mouth, her cunt, and her ass, feeding her all the cum she craved without ever needing a moment to recover. For her part, Caronwyn shuddered her way through modest orgasms, screamed as violent ones overtook her, and ejaculated wildly. Climax by climax, she inched towards satiety.

Just as Cahill had begun to wonder whether the two of them would outlast his mother or not, Gallech tapped out. Reilly kept going for another minute or so, depositing one last load in his aunt’s box before pulling out.

“Finish up at home?” he asked his mother.

She gave a faint nod in response. That was good enough for him.

With no more farewell than they’d likely have offered him back, Cahill took his leave of Gallech and Reilly. Holding his mother in his arms like a man carrying his bride across the threshold, he stepped directly from Faerie into the Dreaming.

It was almost dawn. Not as bad as he’d feared. He’d thought they might have left the kids with Aeife for two full days. Not only would that be unfair to her, but the kids as well.

It was going to take some effort to both please his mother and make sure that didn’t end up happening after all. He took his mother to a hotel room and wrapped it in glamour. He couldn’t roll back time, but he cordon off a little space where its passing would be slower.

“You let your brother catch me, didn’t you?” his mother asked after he laid her down on the bed, a knowing smile on her lips.

“Why would I do that?” he asked.

“Because you realized how long we’d been gone but you didn’t want to spoil my fun.”

“Hmm. Sounds like a good reason.”

“Good enough,” she said. With a flick of her finger, his clothes vanished. “Since you just bought us some extra time, I think I’ll forgive you.”

“Noticed that too, huh?”

“I might’ve gotten a little caught up in the moment,” she confessed, rolling onto her side. “But your mother’s a smart cookie.”

The brown robes she’d worn when they passed into this world became a red silk chemise. Sheer black thigh highs appeared, as did a pair of red heels to go with them.

“I love when you dress up,” he said.

“I know,” his mother replied.

He climbed into bed beside her. “So am I alone in thinking the queen never really sent Gallech or Reilly back to us? That they might as well be different people altogether?”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” she said, draping a luscious thigh over his legs.

“But they do seem off?”

“Different,” she said.

Cahill frowned as he stroked her thigh. He had to fight, and fight hard, to numb his awareness of her sex appeal to a level that made coherent thoughts possible. She was as perfect as a woman could be and her desire for him was palpable.

“Please don’t say better.”

“Maybe in some ways,” his mother replied.

He tried not to be disappointed with that response. It turned out to be rather easy, since his mother soon climbed atop him and guided his hands around to her glorious ass. With her beautiful eyes staring into his, her Libido humming, and her soft body welcoming his touch, there wasn’t much room for disappointment.

Though his once huge cock had become enormous due to all the power he’d gained over the past few years, his mother’s lips parted easily, welcoming him back home. She closed her eyes, buried her teeth in her lower lip, and began her slow descent. A soft sigh escaped her lips, which soon becoming a whimper. As inch after inch disappeared inside her, she gave voice to her ecstasy. She paused several times to let a miniature climax play out. By the time he reached her cervix, causing her to stop though a few inches remained, she was sweating profusely and breathing heavy.

“Kay,” she panted.

“I love you,” he said. It was not, perhaps, the most apt time to say it. But those were the best times. “More and more each day.”

His mother smiled. Her hips climbed and fell, generating sweet friction. Inside, she lightly massaged his member. “I love you too, sweetie.”

It almost sounded perfunctory. An automatic response. Yet it still gave him chills. He’d never tire of hearing her say that.

The hands on her ass then took hold of her hips and he rolled her onto her back. Her legs got propped up on his shoulders, her butt raised up in the air, and he re-entered her at an angle that ensured his every stroke would stimulate her G-spot.

“Mmmm, mmmmph,” his mother whimpered. “Oh, that’s sooo good. Don’t stop.”

And he didn’t. Not for a long time.

His first few strokes were lazy. Glaciers moved faster. His pace gradually accelerated, but he took his sweet time working up to maximum speed. By the time he got around to fucking his mother as hard as he could, which was no harder than she needed, she’d already gotten off several times.

After guiding her through a few more orgasms, he reached a climax of his own. Cahill filled his mother’s womb to overflowing, pulled out, and shot the rest of his considerable load on her stomach. The lingerie she still wore got ruined, but he didn’t think she minded.

“You’re so strong,” she said. “Mommy’s powerless before you.”

He bent down and kissed her.

The chemise evaporated and his mother rolled over onto her stomach. Her hips rose up just a bit, causing her cute butt to jut out delightfully. She wanted lazy doggy, and she’d get it soon enough. But first he had to taste her.

Cahill gripped his mother’s soft cheeks in his hands and made love to both her beautiful holes. Her sweet strawberry juices made it hard to stop after she’d cum. He’d gladly eat her pussy for days at a time without ever coming up for air. But she wanted something harder inside her just then, and he could only deny her for so long.

He teased her mercilessly, first, though. Ran his cock along her slit, tapped it against her clitoris repeatedly, and slid the tip in only to take it right back out again.

“Please, baby,” she begged, “Mommy can only take so much.”

One might almost think she hadn’t already been thoroughly fucked by not one but three virile young studs. That she hadn’t cum several dozen times.

“Sorry,” he said as he pulled out once again. “It’s just so slippery.”

“That’s because I’m so wet for you,” Caronwyn replied.

In then out, in then out, he tortured her, giving her no more than the head each time. Her Libido became a thunderstorm. Each time he popped out of her warm hole, a bolt of lightning crackled. The air in the hotel room grew charged and his small hairs stood up.

That was when Cahill decided he’d pushed things far enough. The next time his helmet slid inside her, his foreskin followed. Then as much of his shaft as she could take.

Her body shook as a modest orgasm overcame her.

Cahill leaned down, swept her hair away from her neck, and planted a few soft kisses there. “More?” he asked, as if he didn’t know the answer.

“MMmmmmm,” she moaned. Which was apparently a response.

He kissed her again. “Or maybe we should sleep?”

“NO!” she said. “Not yet.”

He smiled to himself and started pumping again.

Her pussy didn’t dance for him the way it usually did. She was too far gone into the land of euphoria. But she didn’t need to work her muscles. The feel of her warm embrace was nothing short of magical anyway. And watching the storm inside her Libido die, leaving a still pond, gave him a thrill. A moment ago, he had hurting with need like no woman had ever hurt. Now that he was inside her, she was at peace. Perfectly happy.

We laid on the bed as my lovers rubbed their limp cocks on my face and tits and smeared their last drops of sperm on my face and tits. The phone rang. It was Varun. I lay between two men, my tits were in their hands, their dicks were slathering the sperm on my boobs and cheeks and I was talking with my dear hubby. What an irony. Varun told me that he brought lunch for all of us. While I was talking to Varun, Ahmed brought his dripping tube to my lips and I licked it while the phone was still on.

“Tell him to wait for half an hour,” Sharma instructed and poked his dick on my cheek.

I licked it also and informed Varun to wait and hang up the phone. I took both cocks in each hand and sucked them alternately. The dicks exhausted because of the intense sex they had in quick succession. They were slack and did not get ready even after stimulation.

“I never have come thrice in a row within two hours like this,” said Ahmed in a palatable tone.

“Me too, what a sexperience!” Sharma exclaimed, tweaking my nipples.

“It will take at least one hour even with virgins to get ready again. With hags, in my office it will take two hours.” Ahmed informed.

“This dainty sexy siren squirted our conduits with her divine holes,” Sharma flattered.

“Sanju, you are exaggerating,” I continued, “It’s my privilege to have champion fuckers with magnificent tools.”

“It’s not exaggeration, my darling,” said Ahmed.

“We never fucked such tight holes even when we fucked virgins,” Sharma flattered.

“We never quarrel for first fuck of any chick. Your divine beauty dominated us and I could not leave you to Sharma even for five minutes.” Ahmed adulated, “The obsession is eternal.”

Their dicks erected for the fourth time due to my oral manipulations. While I was on all fours and was sucking Sharma’s lollipop, was having my back in a slanting position with my rump as pinnacle. Ahmed took position in the rear to fulfill his desire of fucking my virgin ass and spanked my butt cheeks.

He rubbed his piston on my keister hole, “Sharma, is this hole still virgin after you fucked once,” asked lewdly.

“Yes, my boss, for the whole of this day the hole is called virgin. You are deflowering her virgin bum-hole now.” Sharma replied, “This dame will remember us both as her ass-openers.”

My head was bobbing between the thighs of Sharma. Ahmed banged in to my rear hole but it went only half. He tried slowly to push the remaining rod by separating my haunches with his hands. He impaled into my hind hole in slow long strokes, closing the gap between us firmly. He had pushed in and rolled his hips before pulling back out again. He did this while constantly either massaging my tits, squeezing my ass, or sensually running his hands somewhere along my body. They continued their unified assault, my entire body was tingling and they just kept on pumping away at either end of me.

Sharma inclined and firmly gripped my boobs and squeezing them. Both my fuckers were at a zealous pace slammed into me and held, I felt cum splashing inside my hind-hole and in my throat simultaneously. Ahmed was writhing his hips as he splashed his orgasm inside my hind hole and smacked with both hands on either side of my keister. I tried desperately to swallow Sharma’s load that he was shooting into my throat and I felt fluid gush and spurt down my thighs and onto the bed. They fell on bed like logs.

“Go and bring lunch in here for us three, our slut queen.” Ahmed ordered. I got down the bed, took a nightgown from my wardrobe and tried to wear it. Sharma jumped from bed and obstructed.

“Let me wear it, I have to go to hall and Varun is there so allow me to wear the gown and I’ll remove it as soon as I come back.” I assured him.

Ahmed, sitting at the edge of the bed, gestured to come to him. I stood near him with my breasts dangling on his face.

“As long as these lions are here, our slutty lioness must be naked.”

“But,” I muttered. “Your fear is that your hubby will see how you are being used and you are scared to go to him with our sperm smeared on your body,” inquired Sharma from my behind.

“Your husband should know we are best in using our slut and I will brand you so that he will know how things are going on in here.” said so Ahmed took my right breast in his mouth and bit it harshly and I cried aloud in pain. As soon as he left, Sharma took my left breast and bit it very harshly. My eyes are filled with tears. I rubbed my boobs as they left them. There was a deep tooth mark round my aureole on each titty.

“Now go and show him your bosom. He will understand everything,” commanded Ahmed caressing on the round dent created by his teeth. Sharma followed suit and said, “The blemish will show that this slut is owned by us.”

I came out of the room and closed door behind me. Since Varun left in the morning, these two swains never have permitted my tits to be un-occupied even for five minutes. Both of them had their hands or mouth on them always. The continuous chafing of my tits turned them scarlet from milky white. There was a lot of pain as my breasts were sour. The ass cheeks were also sour with scarlet hand prints through spanking. The only consolation is that their dicks are not large and I enjoyed the double penetration of relatively smaller dicks compared to Varun’s dick. I would have to run away of home, if the wands of officers were equal size of Varun’s dick. Above all, of this pain and humiliation, I was happy that I had almost accomplished the task. I made them to believe that my ass is virgin, my puss is very tight and my knockers are not used much. This may be enough to win them over and the contract. I checked the scars formed by the teeth of my screwers on my tits. The dents are black in contrast to the reddened melons. The incisors of these beasts were very sharp. I worried whether the wounds would septic. I cursed the corrupted officers for corrupting my breasts. As I was in my thoughts, I heard the main door creaked.

I trembled to see who was entering in to the hall. It was bizarre to see my tormentor in the morning was emerging from the front door of my home. Perhaps, Varun might have called him to take his lunch. The peccant driver saw me nude and smirked at me and reached where I stand and greeted me, “Hello, Madam, you are looking gorgeous like an angel, thank you very much for showing me your nude avatar.”

I scowled at him and turned my face away. His hands landed on my sticky boobs and I slapped his hands away and started walking to dining room, where Varun was sitting. He followed me closely feeling my butts with both his hands. Varun was astonished to see me stark naked and opened his mouth wide and tried to say something.

“See, this bastard is annoying me.” I showed him the driver who is behind me.

Varun stood “What are you doing here. Go out, I’ll call you later,” shouted acrimoniously.

“No, no, Sir, please sit down, I am not going to fuck this Angel,” the bastard assured and continued, “I know that my bosses are screwing your slut wife to give you the contract. If you make any noise they would know what’s happening here.” He further warned, “If you don’t keep quite and let me grope her I’ll let the media persons know this.” The lecherous driver was blackmailing us in rude tone.

When depravity stalks, the prey has to succumb and bow down.

Varun sat down disgustedly. “Don’t make it a mess or I would kick your loins,” he stammered in anger.

“Good,” said the driver and followed me to the fridge. I opened the fridge and took chilled water bottles and other things. The nasty fellow is behind me and scrabbling on my rump and grabbling my naked back with his rough hands. My naked back must be a scene of his life.

I leaned forward to arrange the water bottles and food items in two bags. I would be looking like a horse on its four legs to the driver, who stood behind me. My croup is high in the air as I bent forward. The silence of Varun provoked this obnoxious little brat to be brave enough. He stopped groping my buttocks and unzipped his pants, took his cock out and rubbed it on my croup. He aimed his small, but hot and hard rod to my hind orifice and attempted to poke it in. Even though tiny, it did not go in as I flinched my rear muscles. He tried thrice and Lo!!!! He ejaculated all over my back. He daubed liquid all over my back.

He felt relieved and hold my boobs from rear when I stand again.

I turned to go in to the room where his bosses are awaiting and craving for me with appetite. The libidinous driver followed my feet kneading my tits with both his hands from rear. I had a basket each in my hands and stopped near the door. I turned back and gestured him to open the door. He is flaunting his limp tool, oozing the cum, thorough his trousers. His head is just up-to my tits. He licked my nipples and lashed his tongue all my boobs, greedily. In the process, he tasted and cleaned the sperm of his bosses from my chest.

“My angel’s tits taste like honey in the morning and why are they salty now?” He wondered, “May be because of perspiration occurred through intense fucking! ” answered to himself and I kept quite.

He ordered me to kneel down and I obeyed, as there is no other go. I guess I was not quick enough, as he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my knees in front of him and pushed his groin into my face.The lecherous driver smeared his oozing dick all over my boobs and asked me to lick his dick. I dislike the hostile urine and musky aroma emitted from this unkempt man’s tiny dick.

I tried to pull back and he just pulled my hair harder, as I did so he forced his cock into my mouth. It tasted unclean and nasty, yet I licked his dick all over. He left out with satisfied look in his face. I am sure it is the most exultant day of his life.

I opened the door and went in to feed and please the lascivious bosses, with the booze of their trusted driver smeared all over my front and back. Both the bosses and I completed lunch. The mashers munched my mangoes along with food and did not leave them at all. In the process, they licked the sperm of their driver from my tits.

The drunken kingpins did not recognize it because they themselves smeared their juices on my knockers. We took another shower after lunch and cleaned ourselves. My fuckers were thoroughly exhausted due to the sexual activity and liquor they consumed and slept with me in the middle. They did not leave my boobs even while sleeping. They made my mounds as pillows, rested their heads on them and slept until the evening.

When I woke up groggy, it was 7PM. The officers were still snoring on my chest. The triumph of depravity started at roughly at 10AM in the morning and continued until it was 1 PM. These predators had their prey four times and gulped full bottle of scotch. They poured at least half bottle on my body and licked and I gulped three pegs. Their dicks were still in wilting state. They look very small when limp.

As I moved, they woke up. After freshened ourselves we sat on the couch, as usual, naked. Ahmed yanked my shoulders and laid me on his lap, Sharma dragged my legs onto his lap. I lapped my thighs on his thighs. He immediately started twisting and massaging my thighs while Ahmed was kneading my boobs and massaging my belly.

Ahmed gave me mobile and said, “Ring phone to your hubby and tell him to bring the suit case in.”

“No, please, do not let him in. I will go and bring,” I suggested to avoid humiliation.

“No, do what I say.” Ahmed insisted.

It was extreme humiliation to see ones wife in such obscene and vulgar position for any man. Nevertheless, Varun deserved it.

((“Why should I only bear all the humiliation and insult to achieve his goals? He also should know how painful it to bear the degradation is! How pinching it would be to face the insults!” ))…… I thought to myself and called Varun to bring suitcase in.

((Imagine, how humiliating and degrading to see ones beloved wife lying on the thighs of two brats!!! That too for a person who is not a cuckold and who is strong in body and mind!!!))

Varun entered into the room with suitcase and kept it by the side of the couch. Our eyes met. I could see the sorrow, humiliation, degradation and excitement to see me in the awkward position I was. He was careful not to express his feelings and stood there before them with innocent face.

Sharma infused his thumb into my puss and index finger into my derriere hole and moving lewdly while Ahmed was nibbling my tits and poking my belly button with his finger. The scene is lewd and awkward for any husband to face.

Money makes many things to happen.

The incident that was happening was possible just for greed of money. Otherwise, it is impossible in any happy home where husband and wife are healthy physically and mentally.

“Are you enjoying the stay at my home, sir?” Varun posed a stupid question, which should not be asked. That ignited some degrading remarks from the bosses.

“Yes, Varun, we are having the fuck of our life. Your wife is extra ordinary slut.” Sharma remarked thwacking my thighs to make a scarlet hand mark.

Ahmed laid me back on his lap leaving my nipple with a slurping sound and said, “Your wife is a trophy. I bet one can sacrifice anything in lieu of her holes.” He crushed my mounds, “It seems that you didn’t use her properly, see, there is no sag in tits, see, how tight they are!”

“Her holes down here are also not used much; anyways they are kept for us to use them fully!” Sharma exclaimed.

Ahmed turned me to him so that I was facing his dick now and my back and ass turned to Varun. He guided his dick to my mouth, “This floozy soozy is a quick learner and she is best blow job queen, now.”

Sharma spanked and separated my heinie cheeks “See this, we deflowered this virgin hole and the front hole is also very tight like a virgin cunt.”

In spite of the profanity and insult, the conversation was hilarious to me and I couldn’t control the laughter and so I stuffed my mouth with Ahmed’s cock and started gyrating it’s circumcised bulbous with my tongue. I had also been feeling really turned on.

((These brats are boasting that they deflowered my ass hole to a person who was banging it, black and blue, every day at least twice. Varun’s innocent expression on hearing this was more amusing. Was it cachinnating? Was it irony? I found no words to describe the situation.))

To control the cackles coming out I took whole of Ahmed’s cock in and bobbed on it.

“OK, Varun, our Soozy floozy earned the contract with her tight holes. We wish to keep this slut for us. We screw these holes every month and award as many contracts as possible.” Ahmed assured, “Now take the contract sanction papers and agreement out of the suitcase.”

Varun obeyed and took out the sanction papers and agreement from suitcase.

“Sit,” commanded Sharma by whacking on my butt cheeks.

I left the dick with slurping sound and sat between them. Sharma gestured me to sit on his dick, which is fully erect now.

I stood and lowered my back on his dick and with few wiggles; I adjusted his dick in my vulva and sat on it with my back to him and facing Varun. The innocent expression on Varun’s face ignited giggle that I controlled with much difficulty. I forgot to constrict the pussy muscles and Sharma’s cock went in full.

“Ooohhh,” Sharma moaned, “My dick dug in full of your furrow.”

I leaned to rest my back on his chest and turned my head to him, “mmmch, your rods are stretching my holes a lot, my dear fucker.” I whispered in his ear.

“HEE-HAW,” he laughed out loud, “Anyways its comfortable now for my junior in your pussy.”

Ahmed stood before me with his tool now fully erect and I looked at him. He yanked my head by my hair and guided my mouth to his dick. I gave a surreptitious lick followed by a quick suck of the head my back was in a slanting position and my both ends are stuffed with erectile rods.

Sharma took the sanction papers from Varun and kept them on my slanting back and started signing on each paper as I was convulsing my pussy muscles on Sharma’s dick, held the base of Ahmed’s cock in my hand and licking around the circumcised bulbous with my tongue. I took care not to move my back because of my activity on either end. After completion of his signatures, both my paramours traded their places. Ahmed sat at the end of couch and stuffed his tool in my ass and Sharma stood before me to have his rod in my mouth. Ahmed kept the papers on my back and signed while I was pleasing his cock with my duff muscles.

No contract in the world might have been sanctioned like this…The contractor’s orifices were stuffed with the officers’ dicks and they signed on the naked back of the contractor.

“This is the time for Soozy floozy to sign on agreement,” Ahmed said.

My lovers carried me to the bed. Sharma lay on his back and his pole was looking at the ceiling. I climbed up the bed and saddled him and guide his dick to my pussy and bent forward. He started biting the nipples hovering over his face. Varun kept the agreement papers next to the head of Sharma to get my signatures. Ahmed impaled his spear in to my back nether opening, bent forward a little and took hold of the base of my boobs.

“The backdoor is stretched now!” exclaimed Ahmed. I turned back and kissed him, “Your tools are so big that they are elongating my holes, dear.”

I saw into the eyes of Varun directly but his face was blank without any expression and it was sure that his tool would be fully erect and swelled to full extent.I controlled myself from opening his zip and take his huge monster into my mouth and suck it to my satisfaction. As I know the consequences I constrained a lot.

Ahmed banged down, Sharma crammed up in my holes, and I signed on one paper. Between the biting and crushing of tits and banging up and down of my holes, I signed on the agreement papers. As I completed to sign on twenty papers, both my holes were filled with their spunk. Varun took the papers and went out.

What an innovative way to sign on an agreement!

My fucker officers left me on the Sunday evening. As they drank more and more the wear and tear of my holes was lessened. My buns up and down swelled a lot and became scarlet because of their spanking, whacking and crushing. It took two days for the boobs and butts to come to normal. Varun brought medicines and ointments and treated them carefully.

That was how my happy home was turned into debauchery house. We earned a lot after that but chastity is not a thing to buy. Once lost its lost forever. Both the officers could not visit my home again because of the inquiries going on against them but they awarded two more contracts in my name and added my name in A1 contractors list.

This is my story but many of such incidents are happening though out India because of corruptive officers and leaders. Because of the ever-growing corruption and ever-growing greediness among the middle class people, to earn easy money, hundreds of incidents of this kind are happening throughout India in every city. Once stepped on the stone of depravity one has no control on sliding.

I earned the promotion of my husband with my holes. I will narrate in next episode.

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