Third and final part of the triplets tale. Sorry it took so long but I ran out of idea’s for a while. May (but only MAY) try to write this from the girl’s POV at some stage. Hope you like!


We were about two-thirds of the way through our parentless summer and for the three of us the days had settled into a rhythm. Every morning we did our designated chores for the day before spending some time doing our own thing; meeting friends, doing some personal shopping, maybe some reading, just stuff to give the outside world the idea that nothing else was happening between us. We got together for one or two meals a day, generally prepared by Pam. I offered to cook sometimes, but the general feeling I got from my dear sisters was that they’d rather starve. After the evening meal had been cleared away we’d talk; sometimes for just a short while, sometimes for longer. But we’d always end up in the same place; our parents double bed. Even then we didn’t always make love. On occasion we just lay with our arms around each other, enjoying the presence of our sibling’s naked bodies.

It was during one of those quiet nights that Pamela sparked off our next erotic experiment.

“I wonder how it feels to have two cocks inside you.” She said out of the darkness beside me.

I looked around into her eyes, bright in the night; she meant it.

“I don’t think I can help you there Pammy, I’ve only got the one, sorry.” I grinned.

“I think it sounds cool.” Pippa piped up from my other side. “Hey! Maybe we could get another guy?” The question hung in the air while we all thought about it.

“Nah!!” All three of us said at the same time.

“How about the vibrator?” I asked.

“I don’t think that would be quite how I meant.” Pam said dubiously.

“I know!” Pip sat up. “What about one of those harness things with a dildo that girls use?” She said brightly.

“You mean a strap-on?” I asked in puzzlement. Surely Pip knew what they were called? I had the feeling I was being set up again some how.

“You’re the porn expert.” Pip smirked.

“That will so work Pipsqueak.” Pam sat up too with a grin on her face, reaching across me to kiss her sister. Now I knew they had planned this earlier.

“Where are you going to get one of them?” I said as they kissed above me, deliberately teasing.

They broke the kiss.

“Well, I heard about this new adult store opening somewhere in town. Maybe I can find it tomorrow.” Pip said.

“Then I’m coming with you. I don’t think you should go into one of those sort of shops on your own.” I said firmly, trying to ignore the fact that Pips hand had now slid down to my dick and was slowly pumping it.

“I’m coming with you.” Pam said, her hand joining Pip’s.

“Are you sure Pammy? You might get embarrassed at the stuff in there.” I said, trying to ignore what Pip was doing. I was a little worried, I always knew Pamela was more sensitive than the outgoing Pippa. The way their hands were moving on my dick was making me sensitive in a different way. Much more of their digital manipulation of my cock was going to bring me off. I told them that and a little reluctantly they stopped but left their hands in place.

Pam spoke again, obviously having considered my worries.

“No. I’m not letting you two loose in a place like that; who knows what you’ll buy.”

“Pam! I’m shocked that you think so little of us.” I said in mock astonishment.

“She has a point though.” Pip laughed.

“Fat lot of help you are Pippa!” I laughed too, so did Pammy. “Okay then: Tomorrow the three of us will go and find this place.” The girls murmured their agreement and then went back to massaging my dick.

I had been ready to fall asleep but the feeling of the two hands on my cock pushed all thought of that aside. I lay back and let them do what they wanted. I sighed as the hands disappeared, thinking they had got bored, but sat back up as I felt two sets of lips replace them. I looked down and saw a pair of smiling faces at work around my rigid tool. Between them my sisters licked every part of it, from the tip leaking pre-cum to below my ball sack and every part in between. It soon became too much and I shot several strings of cum over both their faces.

“You both wear it well.” I smirked.

“Let’s clean each other off.” Pip said, licking at Pam’s face.

“After you little sis.” Pam replied. That was the last thing I heard as I finally got to fall asleep.

When I awoke my sisters were already up and about as usual, I could hear them moving around downstairs. I rolled out of the bed and showered before venturing down to join them. The pair of them were sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee when I came in. They were obviously waiting for me for some reason. Pam got up and made me a mug of the hot brown coffee, pushing it across the table to me as I sat down. I sighed as the drink finished waking me up. They were both looking at me expectantly.

“Ready then?” Pip asked as I finished the drink.

“For what?” I replied.

“Our shopping trip to the sex shop dopey. You are slow in the morning sometimes.”

“You meant that last night?”

“Of course we did.” Pam joined in. “Pipsqueak and I have done a little research and found out where it is. We can be there and back in an hour.”

“As long as you don’t get carried away.” Pip added cheekily.

“Me!? Whose idea was this anyway?” I rejoined with a grin.

“All right, all right. Just hurry up with that mug and we can get going.”

“Eager aren’t we?”

“YES!!” They chorused.

With a sigh I got up and swilled out the coffee mug.

“Come on then.” I said, picking up our car keys.

I suppose I was expecting a seedy looking back street shop. Instead it was a small unit in an industrial estate. Inside it was an airy warehouse with wide aisles and high shelving with the adult goods on display. Even though I was having sex with my siblings it felt strange taking them to a place like this: Hell, it felt strange just BEING in a place like this. The girls soon saw the sort of thing they were looking for and began to compare several different strap-on’s. I wandered off by myself to explore the rest of the place. I came up to the bondage equipment and stopped. As I looked at some of the more serious implements I found myself hoping that Pip had been kidding about going further than just having her hands cuffed. These things looked painful and I knew I could never hurt her or Pam even if they asked me. I moved away quickly in case they saw and came over to look. I found the ‘fantasy costumes’, short, plasticky versions of uniforms. They looked nowhere near as sexy as my sisters’ old school uniforms did. I walked away and wandered further down the aisles, wondering if there was anything at all here that interested me. I circled the warehouse and had made my way back to the entrance. It was then that I saw there was: My two beautiful sisters at the checkout with a bag each. I caught up to them and we left for home.

When we got back home my two sisters disappeared upstairs, clutching their carrier bags and giggling. It was obvious to me that they had bought more than just the strap-on we’d gone for but they were not going to tell me what. As I parked the car I had seen that it was about time the lawn was mown. I sighed to myself; that was one of my chores. I went to get the mower from the garage.

Trimming the grass didn’t actually take that long, but as I returned the mower the garage door got stuck. It took me well over an hour to fix it. Consequently I wasn’t in the best of moods as I entered the kitchen to clean off. In spite of being back for nearly two hours there was no sign of my sexy siblings so I grabbed a cola and went into the lounge to wait and see what the devils were up to. I had barely sat down when one of them appeared in the doorway, throwing a sexy pose before giving me a sultry look. For the first time in many years I was unsure whether it was Pam or Pip. The pose and the outfit, silky black lingerie and stockings, were pure Pippa, but it didn’t seem as effortless as usual. Just this once I was unsure which sister was standing in front of me. Whichever one of them it was, they sashayed their way over to where I was sat on the sofa and draped themselves over the arm at the other end to me. As I stared into the face I could tell that it was Pammy; her eyes told me. A further look told me she was nervous too.

“You look absolutely gorgeous in those Pam.” I said in a voice just above a whisper. “Truly stunning. Did you get them at the shop?”

“Yes.” She said a little breathlessly. “Pip said it was about time I got something a little sexier than my usual undies.”

“You look sexy whatever you wear.” I assured her. “And I suspect Miss Pippa wanted you to buy those wispy garments so that she had an excuse to get herself something as well.”

“So, do you like my new underwear?” Pam looked at me almost fearfully.

“Of course I like it silly. But you don’t have to impress me. I think Pip plays us both at times, so that she can get what she wants.” I paused, realising I was being a bit nasty about Pip without meaning to. “What did she get?” I asked to cover myself.

“I don’t know.” Pam replied. “Whatever it was, it was quite small, it went into the same carrier as the….you know?” She blushed in that delightfully simple way she had sometimes.

“No doubt we’ll find out later.” I sighed. “Now come here and sit on my lap in all your fine lingerie.” I smiled. “I need to investigate fully.”

Pam smiled as she slid across to me and threw her arms around my neck. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and our tongues danced momentarily.

“You don’t love Pip more than me then?” Pam asked as we pulled back a little.

“I told you before; I don’t love either of you more than the other.” I admonished her. “I love you both the same, but probably for different things. Things that I’m not going into detail about because I don’t want the two of you jealous of each other about anything.”

Smiling, Pamela lowered her lips to mine again, our tongues entwining as they met.

“You are a wonderful brother you know?”

“And you and Pip are very special, very sexy sisters.” I said, kissing her softly.

“HEY! No starting without me.” Pippa called out as she entered the room, naked except for the strap-on jutting strangely from her groin.

“Well hurry up then slowcoach.” Pammy grinned. “How long does it take to do up a couple of buckles anyway?”

“Wasn’t just the buckles.” Pip muttered, reddening at the same time. Pam and I waited. “What?” Pip said.

“If it wasn’t the buckles what was it then?” Pam sighed. Then with a sudden insight: “Was it the extra things you bought then?” As she asked that I noticed the two small battery packs clip to the strap-on harness. There was a lead from each one disappearing under the device, one towards her cunt, the other her ass.

“What did you buy Pippa?” I asked.

She looked down at the carpet.

“Two vibrating eggs.” She said quietly.

“Why?” Pam asked, genuinely puzzled.

“Cos I don’t think I’ll be able to cum just from using the strap-on to fuck you Pammy.”

“We could swap later on?” Pam offered.

“No, it’s fine sis.” Pip looked a little sulky.

I laughed.

“Just switch your new friends on Pip and we’ll try this. Who do you want where Pammy?”

Pam gave us a thoughtful look.

“Well, I really like your dick in my bum Petey….”

“Looks like you’ll be needing one of these.” Pip grinned, her sulk forgotten, as she tossed me a tube of lube. “I bought a couple of them too.”

“How are we going to set up for this?” Pam asked.

“It’s your fantasy sis,” I said, “how do you want us?”

She paused for a moment.

“I think,” she said slowly, “that Pip should lie down and I’ll lower myself onto the thingy, then Pete can get behind me.” Pip and I nodded. “But I’m going to take off my lovely new undies first.”

While she did that Pip and I cracked open the lube; neither of us wanted to hurt Pammy. Pippa lay on her back, the strap-on pointing towards the ceiling. When she was settled Pamela straddled her stomach and then, reaching between her own legs, she took hold of the plastic phallus and guided it carefully towards her pussy. She gave a little grunt as it entered her, parting her cunt lips. I watched in fascination as the thing sank all the way into her.

“Ooo! It’s cold.” She said. “But not as big as it looked.”

Pip reached up and began to fondle her sister’s breasts. I knelt behind Pam and gently pushed her down toward Pip so I could lube up her ass hole. The two girls kissed.

“This feels odd.” Pip said.

“What does?” Pam asked, jumping a little as I slipped my fingers into her butt.

“The way our nipples brush against each other.”

“I kinda like it.”

“Oh, me too. It’s not a bad ‘odd’, just a different ‘odd’.” They wrapped their arms around each other as they spoke.

“Ready Pam?” I asked quietly.

“What? Oh yes. Go on Petey.”

With infinite care I put my knob against her rear entrance and eased it in with a gentle pressure. Pam gave a low moan as she felt my balls brush against the backs of her legs.

“You two okay so far?” I asked, leaning forward.

“Fine lover.” Pip said, stretching her neck to give me a peck on the cheek.

“Just give me a sec.” Pam panted. “I feel so full of cock.”

“Just tell us when you’re ready for us to do more sweetie.” Pip said encouragingly.

“S’okay.” Pam breathed. “Hey, if we roll onto one side then you can both fuck me properly, yes?” Pip and I exchanged glances and then carefully the three of us followed Pam’s suggestion. “All right, I’m ready.” Pammy almost whispered.

Pip pulled her hips back a little with me following suit and then we began to fuck our big sister.

“Oh Pip.” Pam said. “Your vibrating egg thing, it’s making the strap-on vibrate too.”

Pip grunted in acknowledgement, concentrating on thrusting her hips back and forth. I couldn’t feel any vibration, but I could feel the fake cock occasionally rubbing against mine through Pam’s inner walls as my and Pips strokes coincided.

“Oh god! This feels incredible.” Pammy cried out. “I’m gonna cum so quickly.” Her body clenched and spasmed as her orgasm took her. Pip and I slowed our thrusts and then stopped. “NO! Keep. Going.” Pam managed to pant. “I want. You two. To cum. As well.” It was all the encouragement I needed and I began to pump her beautiful ass once more. Pip managed to find a slow rhythm fucking the dildo into Pam’s pussy. I realised it was odd for her to actually find a rhythm rather than respond to one but being Pip she found a way.

“Pam, Pammy, I’m not gonna last long.” I panted out.

“Just. A. Bit. More.” She gasped out.

Pip was strangely quiet. I could see the determination in her eyes; she wanted to do this for our sister, but wasn’t getting much out of it. Pam saw it too and began to suckle on Pip’s left tit. I leant forward a little more and managed to lick at her right tit. A light came on in her eyes and within moments our attention had increased her pleasure.

“Pam, here it comes.” I wheezed, feeling my nuts tighten.

“Me too.” She said, her ass gripping my dick as she orgasmed. That set me off completely, my spunk invading her butt-hole. I stopped my thrusting and let Pam get her breath back, lowering my head once more to Pip’s nipple. She too had stopped moving, but I could tell she wasn’t going to cum.

“Pammy, we need to get Pip off too.” I whispered in her ear.

I slipped out of her ass and she moved aside. Pip lay back looking at us, disappointment written over her face.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“Why?” I said, kissing away the tear that was forming in her eye.

“I couldn’t get off with the two of you.”

“We’ll finish you off sis.” Pam said, undoing the strap-on and pulling it away from Pip. She lowered her face between Pip’s legs and plunged her tongue into the wet slit. I stayed with her tits, playing with her nipples with my tongue, my teeth, and my fingers. Pam pulled the vibrating egg out of Pip’s cunt and thrust her tongue in instead.

“Maybe I should have turned it fully up?” Pip said as the egg came out still buzzing.

I kissed her.

“Shut up Pip. Let us do this for you. I think you just need to get used to it.” I paused. “That’s if you want to try again.” She suddenly stiffened as our joint ministrations took her over the edge.

Pip looked at us lovingly as she got her breath back.

“I think I do. I don’t like being beaten by you two.” She grinned.

“I know I want to try again.” Pam said from between Pip’s legs. “We can do it the other way round if you like. I’ll wear the harness and you can feel two dicks in you.”

With only three or so weeks left of our summer idyll I suddenly realised that some of the jobs that I had promised Mom and Dad that I’d do were still not done so I set a few mornings aside to work through the short list. Soon I was down to the last item; repainting the back door. It was a bright morning when I started, gradually getting warmer until I was sweating in my overall. By midday I had almost finished.

And then the girls, my sweet sisters who had been out all morning thus far, decided they were going to sunbathe in the rear garden. If that was all they had done I would have finished so much quicker. It was distracting enough having the two of them reclining nearly naked only a few feet away, but then Pip made up her mind that I was ripe for some teasing. She kept brushing past me, much closer than was necessary, on the pretext of getting a drink from the kitchen. Pam watched in amusement a couple of times and then decided to join in with the tease. Every time one of them squeezed past they made sure their ass or their breasts rubbed against me. My work got slower and slower. It wasn’t as if the scraps of material masquerading as bikinis covered up much anyway. Despite their not entirely unwelcome attention I finally managed to finish the door and went into the garage to take off my overall and get the paint from my hands.

As I looked out at my two gorgeous sisters giggling on their sun beds I felt a tinge of regret. Not over what we had done, but more a feeling that this would be the last time the three of us spent an extended period of time in each others company. I was due to go and work for my father when he got back; Pam was going to take a business degree; and Pip, well even Pip wasn’t sure what she was going to do, other than it would be an exciting adventure. I sighed and determined that we would make the most of the rest of our time alone. But first was the matter of revenge for the mornings teasing.

I got the garden hose out.

“Hey ladies!” I called out and opened the tap, spraying cold water over my two tormentors. They both squealed at their unexpected drenching but quickly recovered and dived on me, trying to wrench the hose from me. By the time Pippa had managed to pin me down helped by the fact I was laughing so much we were all thoroughly soaked. She sent Pam to turn the hose off and lay on top of me. Her nipples, made hard by the cold water, poked through the material of her swimsuit into my chest. I gazed lovingly into her face and saw the ‘naughty idea’ grin begin to cross her features.

“What? Out here?” I said.

Her grin just grew wider and she began to grind her pelvis down on my cock through my now soaked shorts. She bent her head forward and kissed me.

“Why not? We’ve done it practically everywhere else?”

“People will see.” I said, trying to ignore the raging boner she had caused to rise.

“I doubt it very much. The fence is too high.” Pippa said, reaching behind her and releasing her bikini top. She dropped it to one side and wiggled her perfect breasts in my face. With a roar I rolled over on top and kissed her hard, our tongues dancing around each other. Her hands went to the top of my shorts and undid them, pushing them and my boxers down and releasing my straining cock. At the same time my mouth was exploring her breasts once again; I would never tire of the feeling of sucking on her or Pam’s tits. Her hands came up to my head and gently pushed me lower. My tongue trailed across her damp belly, stopping at her belly-button for a moment before continuing down to the scrap of material covering her pussy. I teased the string ties of the bikini undone and revealed Pip’s exquisitely trimmed pussy. I stopped for a moment and then lowered my face between her legs. Pip was still, waiting for me to plunge my tongue into the folds of flesh of her pussy.

Author’s Note: This is the third installment of this series. Please read chapters one and two before continuing as this chapter does not include detailed descriptions of the characters.

It had been six months since Brett, Miranda and Jesse had shared a game of truth or dare it Brett’s hot tub that ended in his bedroom. They never spoke of that night. They had made an agreement not to. At the time it happened only Brett had been single.

In the time that had passed, Miranda had left her boyfriend and was now fucking Brett on a regular basis. They weren’t officially dating, but they were together all the time. On rare occasions Jesse would watch. She didn’t join in, but she let Brett cum on her body and had him and Miranda clean her off with their mouths.

Jesse had also spent a lot more time sleeping over at Miranda’s apartment. They shared her bed and never wore any clothing. Always they kissed and cuddled with their breasts pressed against each other. Some nights they would fall asleep touching each other. They brought each other to orgasm after orgasm with their fingers until they passed out.

One night while Brett was with Miranda they got a text message from Jesse.

“Can I come over? I need you badly,” it read.

“Whats wrong babe?” Miranda texted back.

“I need you. Something’s happened and I need to talk about it.”

“Brett is over here. Is that okay?”


“Then we’ll see you when you get here.”

Almost an hour went by until they heard a knock at the door. Miranda let Jesse inside. She had been crying. Immediately she collapsed into Miranda’s arms. Brett walked behind her and they shared a hug.

“Alex broke up with me,” Jesse said through her sobs. They stood there for what felt like hours as Jesse cried into Miranda’s shoulder. Finally she calmed down and they were able to talk about it.

“So what happened?” Miranda asked.

“I don’t know,” Jesse said. “He just texted me and said it was over.”

“Did you guys have a fight?”

“A couple weeks ago when he visited me we got in a couple of fights. He wanted sex and I said no.”

“Well that was stupid of him,” Brett said. “A girl as wonderful as you is worth waiting for.”

“Thank you Brett,” Jesse said.

“Hey what about me?” Miranda said.

“When was the last time someone had to wait for you?” Brett said.

Miranda couldn’t say anything to that. She just stuck her tongue out at him.

“Be careful or I’ll make you put that tongue to use,” Brett threatened. “Jesse, don’t worry about Alex. He’s not worth it. He was always pressuring you to do things you didn’t want.”

“I know. I’m realizing what a jerk he was, but it still hurts.”

“Well you know we can take your mind off of it,” Miranda said.

“Thanks, but tonight I just want you guys to hold me.”

Miranda and Brett did as she asked. The three of them sat on Miranda’s couch watching movies and talking about things until the sun finally came up. Jesse switched back and forth between the two, but ultimately fell asleep in Brett’s arms.

A few weeks went by and slowly life returned to a somewhat normal state. Miranda and Brett tried to get Jesse out of her funk. She became a regular part of their sex life, almost always watching them. They tried to get her more involved, but nothing seemed to be working.

One day the girls were out shopping when Miranda coaxed the solution out of Jesse. They were in the changing room admiring their new clothes when she brought up the hot tub. Jesse smiled and blushed.

“So I wanted to ask you that day, what is your dirtiest fantasy?” Jesse said.

“Well I got to live it out that night, but I have a new one.” Miranda said.

“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

“Well, I really want to have two guys and you at the same time,” Miranda said.

“Wow, that’s it?”

“That’s the basics. I’ll tell you more tonight. I promise.”

“Okay, we’ll don’t hate me when I tell you mine.”

“You want to fuck Brett, don’t you?”

Jesse blushed and turned away. She couldn’t deny how much she wanted him inside her. Ever since that night in the hot tub when he had his fingers inside of her something made her want him.

“I’ll let you do it if you help me get him to go through with my fantasy first,” Miranda said.

That night they talked Brett into another game of truth or dare in the hot tub. The dares moved slower than last time, but truths heated up quickly. It was only about the fourth round when Jesse asked Miranda to tell about her dirtiest fantasy.

“I want to have a foursome,” Miranda said. “And I want one of the guys to be tied up and forced to suck the other one off, then take it up the ass.”

The more and more Miranda talked about it, the more everyone got excited. Everyone started touching themselves and it took Miranda’s realization it was her turn to snap them back.

“Brett, truth or dare?”


“Would you participate in my fantasy with me?”

“I don’t know. I’m not really interested in guys. I would have to have an incentive. So truth or dare Miranda?”

“Truth, because I already know the question.”

“What’s my incentive?”

“Well, Jesse would like you to take her cherry. Is that incentive enough? If not I will gladly give you my first blowjob.”

“I’ll take both.”

The game didn’t last much longer. They lost patience and gave in to lust. Miranda and Jesse kissed and touched each other. Brett saw Miranda’s ass sticking up in the air and decided to go for it. He pressed himself into her tight asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Miranda said.

“Does it hurt? I’ll stop if it does,” Brett said.

“No, it actually feels good. I just wasn’t expecting it.”

Brett waited until she got back into a rhythm with her fingers inside Jesse and Jesse’s inside her. He started slow to make sure she was used to it. As he got moe and more into it, Miranda removed her fingers from Jesse’s pussy.

Jesse was sad at first, then became shocked when one of the fingers that was just in her cunt found its way into her ass. She didn’t fight it, though, just started to fuck Miranda even harder, matching the thrusts of her fingers to alternate with Brett’s thrusting behind Miranda.

Miranda’s thumb rubbed Jesse’s clit while her middle finger stayed inside Jesse’s ass. It was sensory overload. Jesse exploded in her first mind-blowing orgasm since the last hot tub adventure.

Watching Jesse cum sent Brett over the edge as well. His cock spasmed and released his sperm into Miranda’s ass. It sent her into her own orgasm and the three collapsed back into the hot water.

For My Master Who I Love:

Jessica and I sit on the loveseat across from you. After some small talk that could not compete with the sexual tension in the room, you smile your half smile and give us the slightest of nods. We instantly take the cue and lean into one another for a kiss. It is soft and deep and sensual and so much sweeter with you watching. Jessica’s lips feel so plump and taste so delicious. I am at once lost in her kisses but completely aware of your gaze.

I want more of her but look to you for guidance. You tell us to stand and strip for you. We help each other out of our clothes and stand side by side presenting our naked bodies to you. You regard the contrasts of our forms, Jessica’s ripe breasts and full hips next to my smaller breasts and narrow waist. You know every curve and angle will be yours tonight.

Jessica and I share another kiss and my hands caress her breasts, tracing the hardened nipples and gently squeezing the soft globes. I feel my cunt soak and know that hers too must be drenched. As if intuiting this, you instruct Jessica to sit on the coach and spread her legs wide. She opens her pretty cunt for you and you see it glisten. At your guidance, Jessica inserts her fingers into her wet cunt and she and I both greedily lick the juices from her fingers. You ask if I like what I taste and I tell you yes. You ask if I would like to put my tongue inside her and I tell you yes. You make me beg and plead before you allow me to get on my knees before her spread cunt and lick it. She is dripping and my tongue eagerly explores every crevice of her warm pink pussy. With two fingers inside of her and my tongue feverishly lapping at her clit, she is soon ready to explode but you have me take her to the edge and back several times before you permit her to gush her cum in my mouth.

My face covered in her juices, I turn to you to find you stroking your hard cock and smiling. I crawl to you on all fours and you reward me with a kiss. You taste Jessica’s cunt on my mouth and take my bottom lip between your teeth. I could cum just from that but you whisper encouragement in my ear and I take your big cock into my mouth. Jessica watches and dreamily rubs her swollen cunt as I worship your cock, lovingly tracing circles around it before I take it down my throat. You hold the back of my hair tightly in your hand as I gag and choke on your beautiful cock. I love it so much that I can barely breath but soon I feel Jessica’s face next to mine and know that I must share you. I guide your cock into her mouth and push her head down until she has swallowed it all. I do my best to help Jessica be a good little cocksucker for you but I am a greedy girl and need some too. We take turns feeding your cock to each other and covering it with licks and kisses together.

You tell us you’d like to compare our cunts and have us lean over the back of the couch with our asses in the air. You move us close together so our asses our touching and Jessica and I smile at one another in anticipation of what’s coming. Jessica moans first and although I can’t see what’s behind me, I know you are inside of her. I hold her hand as you fuck her and I know how good she must feel. You pull out of her cunt and enter me hard from behind. There is no feeling I love more than being filled by your cock and I gasp and moan with pleasure with you inside me.. You move between us pounding our cunts until we are both ready to explode. You let Jessica cum on your cock first but save a special surprise for me and let me cum with your cock in my ass. Jessica holds me in her arms as your big cock pushes into my tight asshole. I take the sweet pain of your cock ramming into my tiny hole and a scream out a orgasm that leaves my whole body shaking.

I collapse against Jessica and you pull out of my ass to unload your cum on both of our faces. We kiss the cum off each other’s faces and you kiss the tops of our heads tenderly, telling us what good girls we’ve been for you. I am messy and sore and blissfully happy. Thank you Master. I love you so much.

Chapter 4 – Marie and Chet –

Author’s Note: This story contains group sex, and both female and male bisexual sex.

I’d like to thank my editor, 69writer, for his expert editing and advice.

This chapter can be read on its own, but you will have a much better understanding of the story and characters if you first read chapters 1, 2, & 3.

Jen Ripens -

Jen’s slut card was getting filled rather nicely she thought. She had only been at college a few weeks and she already had her first threesome with two men, and another threesome with two women. Jen was wondering lustfully what would be next. She had never done anything anal she thought to herself, as her rectum tingled just thinking of it. An orgy would be nice, she imagined.

Jen saw Steve a lot, and sometimes for a fuck; and if John had come in the room, they would have let him join too, but John hadn’t timed it right again, as of yet.

Steve mentioned to Jen, he had made John into a suck buddy. Jen’s eyes went wide and she said, “Tell me how you managed that.” Steve told her about that first night and how conflicted John was about it after.

Steve told Jen he didn’t want to push John into anything, then added, laughing, “But John keeps coming over to my bed with this hard on in his hand whenever he is horny. He has done it a couple a times now since that first night. I don’t have to initiate anything.”

Jen lost in thought for a few minutes, then says, “We almost have enough people for an orgy.”

“How do figure that?” Steve asked.

“We have John, Trish, Ellen, you and me,” Jen replied.

“Five barely makes an orgy. You’ll need a few more for a proper orgy,” Steve said.

“Besides, where would we have this orgy, in a dorm room? Yeah that would work,” Steve added sarcastically, but with a smile.

Steve thought for a few moments and then said, “Hey, there is this older guy in my theater class, a trust fund baby, he’s a perpetual student. I heard he and his wife are swingers.”

“How old?” said Jen, looking at Steve questioningly?

Steve answered, “Oh, not that old, just like, late twenties, maybe thirty. He helps out in the theater department, but he is not a professor or anything, not even a student teacher, I’m not sure he even works for the school. He is kind of hot, you might like him, and I heard his wife is hot too. His name is Chet, I guess that’s short for Chester, but I never asked him.”

Jen said “Why haven’t you tried to get into their bed?”

“I don’t think he swings that way, from what I heard he likes to bring other women home. Rumor has it he has gotten a few female students to their love nest. Maybe you could seduce him Jen? He has a house near campus, you could convince him to have your orgy at his house,” Steve laughed.

“You don’t think I could seduce him?” Jen questioned with a smile and poked Steve in the ribs.

“Oh, I’m sure you’d have no problems,” Steve replied. “Come by the theater tomorrow at 4:00, I’ll introduce you.”

The next day Jen showed up at the theater at 4:00 P.M. as Steve had suggested, and the last class was still in session. The professor was working with some students on stage. Steve, off stage, saw Jen come in and motioned for her to come around back stage. It was a casual environment, the professor didn’t care if other students popped in and out as long as they didn’t disrupt the class. He encouraged a broader campus participation in the theater group; he always needed bit actors for the plays the theater arts class put on. Jen came around back stage and stood next to Steve; they watched the action on stage.

“That’s Chet,” Steve motioned with his hand at a man on a ladder working on some lights.

“Yeah, he’s cute,” Jen whispered.

Chet soon came down off his ladder and was just standing back stage surveying the entire theater, wondering what else needed his skillful hands. Steve led Jen over near Chet and decided to make a little noise to get his attention. He started giggling and chatting with Jen, he knew that would engage Chet.

Sure enough, Chet came over and whispered, “Hey, keep your voice down or take it outside.”

“Sorry,” Steve whispered and then left Jen’s side smiling. Jen stood there next to Chet as they both looked on stage.

“What play are they working on?” Jen whispered to Chet.

“‘Cat On a Hot Tin Roof’,” Chet answered.

Jen chatted with Chet quietly in the back stage corner about the play, the actors, and the theater; anything to keep Chet engaged.

It was a Friday, and after class on Fridays the theater class usually met at a local pub just off campus for a few drinks. Steve invited Jen to join them. At the pub, Jen flirted with Chet a little, but didn’t want to seem too obvious, so she split her time with Steve and the others.

Jen thought she needed to do something to get chet’s attention; so she moved back close to Chet and purposely spilled some of her drink next to him. “Oops,” she uttered.

Chet, got some napkins and helped her clean up the spill. While kneeling next to Jen wiping the floor, Chet said to Jen, “Your boyfriend Steve is a nice guy, everyone in class likes him.”

“Oh, he is not my boyfriend,” Jen replied. “He’s just a friend; we’re sort of fuck buddies.”

Chet thought to himself (This could get interesting) and said to Jen, “How is it you are sort of fuck buddies? You either are or you’re not.”

Jen replied, “Well we are, but we’re not exclusive or anything. We’ll hookup whenever we’re not otherwise entangled with others,” She said smiling wryly at Chet. “A lady likes to keep her options open,” Jen added coyly.

To which Chet inquired, “How open are your options these days?”

Jen smiled and said, “I’m always open to new experiences, my motto is: try it all.”

Chet felt his penis stiffen at Jen’s last comment . He thought Jen would make a nice addition to his bed; he was sure his wife Marie would like Jen too. Chet looked at Jen seriously and said, “My wife and I like to experience new things also, I’m sure she would love to meet you.” He raised one eyebrow and cocked his head a little with a gesture of, “You following me?”

Jen moved her hand to Chet’s leg and let her fingers lightly stroke his leg above the knee as she just smiled; Chet got his answer.

“Tell you what, give me your number, I’ll talk to Marie and set up a time we can meet for a drink and get to know one another.” Jen gave Chet her number and soon the group broke up and everyone went their separate ways.

A few days went by and Chet called Jen. “Hi, Marie would like to meet you. What are you doing Friday evening?” Jen told Chet she had no plans and she agreed to meet at the pub for a drink. Chet mentioned, “If things went well they might go out for some sushi.” Jen didn’t know if sushi was a code word for sex or actually dinner?

Friday came and Jen wanted to look sexy. It was a warm autumn day and it was supposed to stay warm throughout the night. Jen dressed in a skimpy summer dress; the dress she had gotten from Lisa as a going away present. The top of the dress was plunge cut and made of a shear fabric. Her breasts were really out there on display. The dress was a short mini cut, coming to just below her pussy, and her legs looked long and luscious. She thought about going without panties, but with that short a dress, she thought better about it and put on a thong. She didn’t want to seem too slutty, even though she was hoping things would get slutty.

When Jen arrived at the pub, Chet and his wife were already sitting at the bar talking to the bartender. Jen walked up to Chet and said, “Hi, I hope I’m not late, I couldn’t find this place at first. I asked a man on the street for directions.”

Chet said, “No not at all, you’re right on time.” Chet then introduced his wife, “Jen this is Marie, and this is Jen.”

Marie extended her hand to Jen and smiled as Jen took her hand. Chet moved over one bar stool and made room for Jen between Marie and him. Jen sat down and Chet ordered her a drink. Marie had black hair and chalk white skin with blue eyes. She was not heavy, but soft and feminine, with ample breast and ass.

Marie made Jen feel welcome right away and complimented her on her dress. They made small talk; Marie inquired about Jen’s classes and such. Marie told Jen about her own days at the college and how she had met Chet, and so on. Chet could see things were going well. If Marie didn’t like a girl Chet brought around, she was cold and looked uninterested; this was clearly not the case with Jen. In fact Chet was taken aback by just how quickly Marie warmed up to Jen, they were going on like they were old friends. After a few drinks, Marie announced she was hungry and asked Jen if she would like to join them for some sushi. Jen still wasn’t sure if she was being invited to dine or if sushi was a euphemism for pussy; either way Jen was hungry for it and followed the couple out the bar and down the street. A few doors down was a sushi restaurant and they walked inside and got an L-shaped booth in the back corner away from the other diners. Marie slid in and motioned for Jen to sit at the L next to her. Chet sat next to Jen so the three were close to one another with Jen in the middle.

They ordered hot sake and some sushi and continued to chat. Marie giggled and touched Jen’s arm openly, she stroked Jen’s arm lightly as she drank her sake and ate. Jen pushed her knee over to Marie’s knee and reached a hand under the table to stroke Marie’s leg. Chet was telling them of the play he was helping to produce with the theater group, all the gossip about the students, and which female students he thought was hot.

The three of them all knew why they were there, there was no need for pretense. If they all liked each other, they would wind up back at Chet and Marie’s house in their bed. They finished their sushi and ordered another round of hot sake. Marie didn’t like to rush things, she enjoyed savoring the moment, and they had all night. Marie found Jen’s hand under the table on her thigh and she took her hand and interlocked her fingers with Jen’s; their fingers played and danced with each other under the table. Chet moved his hand under the table to Jen’s other leg and started stroking her thigh.

Marie let go of Jen’s hand and reached for Jen’s thigh. Both Chet and Marie were working their hand up opposite thighs toward Jen’s snatch. When Marie’s fingers started dipping into Jen’s thong, she found her husband’s fingers were already in Jen’s pussy from the other side. Marie smiled at Chet, then leaned over and kissed Jen, not caring they were in a public place. Chet got a little excited over that kiss and said, “We better get out of here.” Chet paid the bill and the trio left for the couples’ house.

Once inside the house, Marie took Jen’s hand and led her to their bedroom, while Chet went to make some drinks. Marie sat on her bed, then pulled Jen onto her, the both of them fell back to lay on the bed in an embrace. They kissed passionately, and Marie ran her hands down Jen’s back and over her bum. Jen’s short dress hiked up as she lay down, the cheeks of ass were exposed, her thong not covering them. Marie loved ass and massaged and kneaded Jen’s ass cheeks, occasionally dipping a finger into her thong and making contact with her anus. Jen had never had an anal experience and she was wondering if she would like it, “I might find out tonight,” she thought as she kissed Marie. Jen’s hands were busy massaging Marie’s breasts through her blouse. She unbuttoned Marie’s blouse slowly as the two continued to explore each others mouth with their tongues.

Chet had come into the room with drinks. Seeing the action on the bed he put the drinks on the night table next to the bed and took a seat in the dressing chair facing the bed. He pulled out his cock and began stroking it lightly as he watched the show unfold in front of him. Chet loved to watch women have sex with one another, it was his favorite, both in porn and real life.

Marie had pulled Jen’s thong aside and now had a finger encircling her little brown hole. Marie’s other hand slipped into the front of Jen’s thong and found her clit. Jen had completely unbuttoned Marie’s blouse and was pulling it open exposing Marie’s bra. Marie’s bra was shear and barely there, Jen reached around and unclasped it, then pushed her bra up and out of the way. Marie’s breasts now exposed to Jen’s hands, she kneaded them and played with her nipples. The two girls never broke their kiss while their hands got to know one another. Finally Marie broke the kiss and sat up to remove her open blouse and bra. She was wearing pants, so she lifted her hips and slipped her pants off; she wasn’t wearing panties. Marie helped Jen out of her dress and thong, both girls were now naked. Chet removed his clothing and returned to the chair to continue stroking his cock.

Marie pushed Jen down on the bed, spread her legs and dove into her pussy. As she lapped at her pussy, she stuck her middle finger into Jen’s vagina getting it nice and wet. Marie then moved her wet finger back to Jen’s anus and started ever so slowly inserting her finger. Jen tightened up at first, she had never had anything up there before. Marie lifted her mouth out of Jen’s pussy and told her to relax her ass hole, she’ll enjoy it. Jen relaxed her rectum and Marie’s finger went in a little farther. Chet and Marie loved anal sex and Chet was aware of what Marie was up to. This excited him all the more and soon he climbed on the bed and dove his tongue between his wife’s ass cheeks. Marie, feeling Chet back there, lifted herself onto her knees exposing her ass and pussy to her husband. Chet licked first her ass hole, then her pussy from behind. Chet then settled on Marie’s ass hole with his tongue while he finger fucked his wife from behind.

Jen started to cum as a result of Marie’s expert tongue on her pussy and a finger up her ass. Jen was building into her wave, bucking her pussy into Marie’s mouth. At Marie’s other end, Chet spit on Marie’s exposed asshole and reached for the night tables drawer. He pulled out a condom and started to open it. Even though Marie kept herself clean, and she had an enema earlier as she got ready for tonight, Chet liked to use a condom whenever he had anal sex, it kept things clean so he could just pull off the condom and stick his dick somewhere else without worrying about anything. Chet lubed his condom covered cock up and began working it into Marie’s back door. From Jen’s position she couldn’t tell if Chet was in Marie’s ass or pussy? He looked a little high up for pussy, she was thinking. Marie moaned and turned her head back toward her husband and said, “Fuck my ass you bastard, fuck it hard.” Jen knew then what Marie was getting.

This new situation sent Jen into orbit, she was riding her orgasmic wave now, one after another, her head flailing side to side with each new pulsation. Marie was unrelenting with her tongue, and had worked two fingers into Jen’s virgin ass. She had also reached her other hand to her own clit and began working her clit and pussy while her husband pounded her ass. This was Marie’s favorite position, to be fucked up her ass while eating pussy and playing with her clit. She exploded into an intense orgasm. She needed to move her mouth away from Jen’s crotch while letting out a series of moans and whimpers as her climax played out. Chet pulled out of her ass, pulled off the condom and stuck his cock into his wife’s pussy from behind. He stroked his cock in and out of Marie’s pussy long and hard, he wanted to cum soon. Jen turned herself around and slipped under Marie, into a 69 position; she licked Marie’s clit while Chet fucked her from behind. Marie tried to lick Jen’s pussy some, but was too wrapped up in another orgasm. All of a sudden, Marie bucked wildly with passion as her climax reached a crescendo. As his wife came hard, Chet also blew his load. He let loose in her spurt after spurt of cum deep into Marie’s pussy. As he pulled out of Marie’s pussy, some of his cum dribbled out of her cunt and into Jen’s mouth. Jen lapped at Marie’s cunt cleaning up Chet’s juices. Chet rolled over on the bed spent. Marie, also spent, collapsed and rolled off Jen.

Jen lay there fingering herself, she had several orgasms while Marie was eating her, but she was nowhere satiated yet. Marie got up to go to the bathroom, and Chet moved between Jen’s legs and began eating her. Soon Marie returned to the room, she was wearing a strap on dildo. The dildo was a trainer size, a little smaller in circumference than the girth of Chet’s cock. Marie motioned to Jen to get up on her hands and knees. Jen knew what was coming and she was both excited for it and a little apprehensive at the same time. Marie lubed up the strap on and positioned the head of the dildo at Jen’s rear hole. Chet got under Jen to lick and play with her clit. Marie pushed slowly, but steadily; she met resistance from the virgin hole, but she persisted. She told Jen to relax her anus, make it big. Jen did her best to open her hole, and soon the head of the dildo slipped in past her rim. It hurt at first, but the pain soon subsided into pleasure as Marie slowly worked her cock into Jen’s ass. Chet’s tongue was lapping Jen’s clit, and he reached up and worked a few fingers into her pussy. Marie pulled out and lubed up the strap on again, then returned it to Jen’s ass. Marie was an expert at breaking in virgin asses with a strap on, she had conquered about a dozen holes, and had perfected the process. She would start slow and gentle, then, when she sensed pleasure building in her subject, she would become more forceful. She pulled out often to re-lube and re-enter, this kept things from drying up, but also broke the virgin ass into the penetration part, which was the hardest part to get past for newbies. Jen was loving this new sensation, she began to ride another wave. These orgasms were different, she was being stimulated by so many new sensations as the dildo moved in and out of her ass. Her clit was on fire and Chet kept his tongue on it; bathing, lapping, licking, and tweaking it with his tongue. Chet slipped a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy and found her G-spot while he continued to tongue her clit. Jen’s waves became deeper and longer, she rode the wave up, orgasm after orgasm, until she climaxed in one big long quaking orgasm that shook her uncontrollably to her core. She collapsed on top of Chet, screaming, “No more, I can’t take it.”

Marie pulled the strap on out of Jen. The plan was to have Chet fuck Jen’s ass with his cock next, but both Marie and Chet realized Jen was spent, better to wait for next time, and there would be a next time.

Marie took a fancy to Jen, and Chet was happy with that; they invited her back every weekend for a threesome. A few weeks had gone by and during their time together they asked Jen about her other lovers, they knew she wasn’t exclusive with them, Chet knew of at least Steve. Jen told them her stories of Trish and the nude model Ellen, and the threesome with Steve and John. These stories excited Chet and Marie, and usually led to someone getting horny and the three of them would wind up in bed again. One night, Jen mentioned she would really like Marie and Chet to meet her other special friends for a get together. Jen said she would really like to experience an orgy, and she asked Marie and Chet if they had ever been to an orgy. They had, and the two of them told her of their orgy experiences. Chet and Marie had been to two orgies previously; however, they’ve never hosted one themselves.

Marie thought about it for few minutes then pulled Chet aside and asked if he would be up for hosting an orgy with Jen and her other lovers. Chet thought it was a great idea. Marie then said to Jen, “You know Jen, we could make that wish of yours come true. Why don’t we host an orgy here at our house? You can invite your other lovers and Chet and I might even invite a few of our special friends.”

Waking up was very difficult, as though I was coming out of a drug-induced slumber—which, in fact, I was. I tried opening my eyes, but they were completely covered by a blindfold. All I could see was black. Next, I tried moving my arms and legs. Unfortunately, my wrists and ankles were securely bound by some type of stiff, non metal clamps (maybe leather?). As consciousness began slowly returning, I realized that I was lying horizontally upon a soft vinyl surface, completely naked.

Where the hell was I and why was I tied up like this? Although my first inclination was to call out, it seemed smarter to first think the situation through and try to figure out what was going on. So I began thinking about where I was last doing when I was conscious and unbound.

I had just finished teaching a late evening class in biology at the local community college. The topic being discussed was the scientific method, and the various parameters and considerations involved designing a study to test a hypothesis. Being an engaging fellow with a good sense of humor, I’m reasonably popular with students since I do my best to make whatever topic we’re study as interesting as possible. I’ve also been told that, despite the fact I’ve 50 years old, my good looks and friendly personality also makes me a teacher of choice when young ladies are choosing whose science class they wish to attend at the start of each semester.

In fact, its commonplace of young ladies in my classes to flirt with me, although I’ve never responded to their flirting or sexual innuendo in any way that would suggest a lack of professional propriety on my part. Over the years, I’ve even had a few direct offers by some very attractive coeds, but I’ve always declined graciously on the basis of being a happily married man, which is true.

During the biology class I had just finished teaching, two particular girls went out of their way to tease and flirt. Karen, a short blond with a killer figure and sweet little ass asked, “Dr. Russo, what type of parameters would be important to include in study designed to test the sexual reaction of a male subject?” That got a general laugh from the students, and I smiled patiently.

“Well that all depends upon the hypothesis you want to test,” I relied, trying to steer the conversation back into a safe scientific framework.

“The hypothesis would be that a middle-age man would be able to ‘rise to the occasion’ repeatedly within a short period of time given sufficient stimulation,” responded Valerie, a strikingly beautiful black girl with a lean, athletic build, and especially nice tits.

The class roared with laughter, and there were even a few cat calls. I glanced at my watch at said, “On that note, its time to wrap it up for today.”

As the class began to file out, Karen and Valerie turned and winked at me. I smiled back at them, and silently wished that I could be young and single again—at least for one night. I sighed, packed up my brief case and left the class too, walking to the faculty parking lot which was fairly empty at just after 9:00 pm. Just as I took out my keys to open my car door, I felt a hand reach around from behind and put a rag over my face. The sweet odor emanating from the rag told me that the rag had been dipped in chloroform. Before I could put up much of a struggle, I drifted into unconsciousness.

Now, fully awake, I realized what must be happening. Karen and Valerie were going to take their flirting and sexual innuendo to the next level, and use me as some sort of sexual experiment of the type they described in class. At least, I rather hoped that that was the situation. I’d hate to find out that I was wrong and that some deranged serial killer had me.

“Karen? Valerie?” I called out. No response. I tried again. Nothing. Then I heard some soft footsteps approaching. I started getting very nervous.

“Who is it? What do you want?” In answer to my questions, the footsteps stopped beside me, and four soft hands began caressing my chest, running their fingers through my chest hair, and gently circling my nipples with their fingernails.

Well that answered my question. It was Karen and Valerie. I decided right then and there that I wasn’t going to fight them. I wasn’t stupid after all. I may be married, but since I was bound and unable leave of my on volition, I figured I may as well relax and do my best to enjoy whatever these two young vixens had in store for me. That’s when I heard Karen’s voice. From the relative position of her voices in conjunction with their hands on my chest, it seemed that the surface I was lying on must be about waist high.

“This is the first stage of the experiment. We’re going to see if we can get you to achieve a full erection using tactile stimulation, but without the benefit of touching your cock—oh, excuse me—I mean your penis. We’re all scientific professionals here,” she said in an exaggerated, pseudo-professorial voice. I couldn’t help but smile, which caused Karen (at least I think it was Karen) to giggle.

Then I heard Valerie’s voice, “The first stage of the experiment is complete. Running fingers over chest and nipples is causing a slight engorgement and elongation of the penis. But full erection has not been attainted.” Indeed, my cock had definitely started to wake up.

“Now its time for stage two: using oral stimulation to promote an erection, but still without direct contact with the penis.” Then, one of the two hot ladies bent over and began kissing my right earlobe, and moving down to my neck. I heard some movement, and the other sweet girl moved over to my left side, bent over and began licking my left nipple, grazing it gently with her teeth. I started breathing heavily. I was definitely getting hot, and my erection was continuing to grow. The abruptly, both sets of lips and tongues left my body, causing me to groan. I heard another giggle. This time I thought it was Valerie.

“The second stage of the experiment is complete, and the subject’s penis appears to be fully erect,” stated Karen. “Now it’s time for the third stage.”

“What’s the third stage?” I asked eagerly.

“Shhh,” responded Valerie. “Subjects are not allowed to talk in this experiment.”

“The third stage of the experiment will determine if the subject will be able to maintain the erection and begin the leaking of preseminal fluid from the penis without any direct tactile or oral stimulation of any part of his body,” explained Karen.

“But how…?” I began to ask, and was again shushed by Valerie.

Karen continued, saying, “Subject will instead perform cunnilingus upon the research scientists, which hypothetically will result in the aforementioned erectile leakage of preseminal fluid.”

Subject will perform cunnilingus…? That sounded absolutely lovely. My hard cock throbbed in anticipation of the fun my tongue was about to have. I heard one of the girls move around toward my head. Then, I felt a warm, naked inner thigh touch my right as she presumably swung her other leg over my head. All at once I felt short, soft, kinky pubic hairs tickling my nose, and I breathed in the distinct and slightly musky female aroma of delicious pussy. I immediately opened my mouth and used my tongue to take a long slow lick from ‘taint to clitoris. She made a little noise that sounded something like a contented sigh. I know I was sure contented. She was already slightly wet and tasted fantastic. Apparently nights activities were exciting the girls as well as me. Then I heard Karen’s voice to my right.

Sounding a little husky, she said, “Subject will proceed with lingual ministrations until he brings first scientist to an orgasm.” So it was Valerie’s pussy I was eating! Although I had always wanted to, I had never eaten a black girl’s pussy before. The realization that I was doing so sent a jolt of sexual excitement through me. I could just imagine the look of the pretty dark pussy lips and sweet pink center. I begin eating pussy in earnest. I began by running my tongue along the sides of her left outer pussy lip, continuing above her clitoris but purposely avoiding touching it again as I ran my tongue down the side of her right outer pussy lip. The texture of her pussy against my tongue was heavenly. The outer lips were quite full, and the soft membrane making up the valley between outer and inner pussy lips was smooth as silk. The inner pussy lips were wide and meaty with a tender, scalloped texture.

I repeated this teasing routine a few more times, and then I unexpectedly thrust my tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go. I was rewarded with a groan from Valerie. I continued to kiss and tongue her puss for another minute or so, before I finally let my tongue graze the side of her clitoris. “Yesss”, she hissed, and pressed her pussy down a little harder onto my face.

Now one thing I’m really good at is eating pussy. Besides the fact that I really enjoy it, I want the women receiving my talented tongue to really enjoy it as well. Consequently I have spent a lot of time studying clitoral anatomy and physiology, and testing out theories on my wife about how best to stimulate this sweet little bud in such a way as to generate maximum sensation, taking advantage of my knowledge of the nervous system. As a result, I’ve learned how to bring a woman to orgasm in only about three minutes using my own unique tongue techniques.

My tongue bathed Valerie’s clitoris using my special patented pattern of pulsing and flicking, finally focusing all attention right on the tip. Her clitoris was slightly larger than average, and was fully distended from her clitoral hood. She had begun a fairly constant moan about one minute ago, and it grew in intensity. Ultimately, her body began to shake and I knew her orgasm was starting to hit full force.

I then took my tongue directly off the tip of her clitoris, and moved it just slightly north so that I could continue my lingual massage as she came without excessively stimulating the tip of her clitoris which would soon become oversensitive. The result was that she experienced a mind-blowing, extended multiple orgasm, as evidenced by her screaming, “Oh God, oh God,” occasionally punctuated by some very sexy moaning and groaning. Finally, her shaking body stilled, and she swung her leg over my head, dismounting my face.

“That was the most fucking fantastic orgasm I ever had,” Valerie sighed. “Dr. Russo really knows how to eat pussy. I just knew he would.”

“And look,” Karen said, “his cock is hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum.” Apparently, all attempts at scientific talk had disappeared in the sexual excitement. “You have to try him Karen,” Valerie encouraged. Yes, I thought, move that sweet little blond pussy right on top of my mouth. I was ready. I heard Karen move toward me, then she stopped and I heard a metallic click. A whirring sound began, and I felt the table I was attached to start to lower. Of course, I realized, Karen was shorter than Valerie. If she was going to stand over me, I would need to be lower.

The table stopped moving, and then I felt Karen’s soft inner thigh touch my cheek. As she was swinging her other leg over my head to straddle my face, I quickly began thinking about how best to please this delicious young thing. Many times watching Karen walk around campus or into my class, I noticed that she took ever opportunity to wiggle her ass in a tantalizing way. I’m not just talking about regular appealing shake of a woman’s ass as she walked; I’m talking about her taking extra effort to draw attention to her delightful derriere. Furthermore, she always wore clothing that emphasized her beautiful buns, all of which lead me to thinking that she might have a bit of an ass fetish.

Just then, Karen’s pussy came into contact with my nose and mouth. The texture of her pubic hair was slightly different from Valerie’s—a bit more silky. Her sweet aroma was also somewhat different, with a very light fragrance of peach body wash. This is not to say that her smell was better than Valerie’s, but it was certainly equally as good. In any case, I enjoyed the difference.

Rather than begin with a long lick as I had done with Valerie, I decided to start with a series of firm, wet kisses all around her pussy, starting with her clitoris, and then working my way down. Her outer and inner pussy lips were well formed, but smaller and finer then Valerie’s. She tasted wonderful.

As my lips and tongue started to move down past her ‘taint, she began to tremble. That’s when I knew I had pegged her correctly. When my lips met her anus, I kissed it softly and extended my tongue to circle it. A mewling noise escaped Karen’s lips, and I knew that I had her. Then, I started thrusting my tongue inside her anus, and she gasped and started to tremble slightly.

Slowly I let my tongue move back north toward her pussy proper, and gave her some of the same treatment I had given Valerie. The only difference is that every ten to fifteen seconds, I would let my tongue trail back down to her anus, circle it, thrust inside, and then go back north for a repeat performance. When I noticed her that her little clitoris was fully engorged and distended from its hood, I realized that she was close. I then stopped my anal ministrations and focused fully on pleasuring her clit, pulsing and flicking my educated tongue. When her body began to shake and her sounds coming from her throat increased in pitch, her orgasm was evident—and let me tell you she came like a freight train. She was one of those women who produced a great deal of pussy juice when she came, and I was happy to lap it up as her orgasm subsided. I then to one more trip south, planting soft kisses along the way, then flicking her anus with my tongue and kissing it passionately before stopping.

As Karen dismounted from my mouth, she bent over and placed a passionate kiss upon my lips. I kissed her back hungrily, our tongues intertwining in a sensual little dance. Then Valerie whispered, “Me too,” and I felt her full soft lips kissing the left side of mine. When her tongue entered my mouth along side of Karen’s the sensual little dance increased in intensity. Combined with my inability to see or touch them, the sensations I was experiencing was unlike anything I had ever known. My arousal was extreme. I was moaning unrestrained and was about ready to come just from kissing these two incredible ladies.

One or both of them must have sensed my impending orgasm, because they both pulled away from me, giving me a chance to recover. My breathing was heavy, and my I immediately missed the sweet, soft, moist pressure of their lips and tongue. Then Valerie said, “You know, he made us feel really good. I think it’s time to return the favor.”

“Ladies,” I said in heavy, panting voice, “I just want you to know that I’m already on the edge. Whatever you do next, I’m not going to last long.”

“That’s okay sweetie,” replied Karen, “just relax, enjoy, and do whatever comes naturally.” The familiar whirring sound followed, and the table I was on rose up a bit higher. Then, there was a noise that sounded like a level being pulled, and the next thing I knew a soft vinyl panel from about mid-butt to mid-calf swung out from below me. There was movement under me, and the next moment I felt a sweet, feminine tongue lapping at my testicles, and then gently taking one of my balls fully into her mouth and swirl her tongue around it. I gasped, and before I could even process this new, delicious sensation, a set sweet feminine lips began kissing up the side of my cock, with liberal use of her tongue. The feeling was indescribably wonderful, sending a current of pure pleasure throughout my body. “Ummm…nice thick cock,” said Valerie—which meant that it was sweet little Karen down below sucking on my balls.

Then Valerie took the head of my cock into her mouth and did something to me that I never thought I would experience. She deep-throated me, swallowing my cock whole, all the way up to the hilt. The shock of ecstasy put me that much closer to my climax. Then she began bobbing up and down, circling her moist tongue around the head of my cock as it would reach the front of her mouth. At the same time, I felt the other side of my testicles being bathed by Karen’s tender, loving tongue, and the totality of sensations finally reached the breaking point. I screamed out, “Yesss…,” as my orgasm exploded like the grand finale on the Fourth of July. I pumped what felt like a gallon of semen down Valerie’s lovely and willing throat, as she continued to bob up and down, taking everything I had to give.

Unfortunately, my magnificent blow-job only lasted about forty seconds since I had been far too excited to hold on for any long. Now I sorely wished that I had had more staying power. It would have been nice to continue feeling that sort of pleasure for a longer period of time. Still, the experience was incredible. Karen moved from her position below me, but did not replace the panel, leaving my ass hanging halfway in open space.

“Karen and Valerie,” I said, “that was easily the most incredible sexual experience of my life. I’m more than happy to have been your sexual guinea-pig. But why don’t you release me now, and then we can talk about how we can avoid having this…adventure…affect our academic life moving forward.”

“Oh but Dr. Russo,” replied Valerie sweetly, “you forgot our hypothesis.”

“Your hypothesis?” I asked, sounding confused, but nervously and excitedly thinking that I did know what she was talking about.

“Of course. Our hypothesis was that we could get a middle-age man to ‘rise to the occasion’ repeatedly within a short period of time given sufficient stimulation. Remember now?” she asked with a smile in her voice.

“Well, uh, yeah. But listen, I’m fifty not twenty. I’m not at all sure that I’ll be able to recover quickly enough to…to…” To do what? I wasn’t sure what the plan was.

“Sufficiently to fuck both of us,” answered Karen, with a note of humor in her voice. Despite the fact that my fifty-year old cock had just a complete and thorough—albeit brief—workout, it twitched slightly at Karen’s words.

“Look,” said Valerie triumphantly, “did you see that? His cock started coming back to life when you talked about fucking us.” As though it had a mind of its own, and totally independent of any conscience thought on my part, my cock twitched again.

“Yep,” agreed Karen, “we can make him hard again. And we can do it without touching his cock.” I heard some brief whispering, and then they both headed in different directions. First, I sensed someone back down below me, and I was expecting to feel a tongue tickling my testicles again. This time, however, I heard the sound of another lever shift, and feet began to rise as my knees moved forward so that I was now in a kind of horizontal crouching position. The net effect was to leave my ass cheeks spread wide open. The lever moved again, locking me into this new position. That’s when I heard Karen’s voice at level with my ass, “Dr. Russo, make sure to let me know if you like this.” And then she started tonguing my anus. Oh…my…God. She’s rimming me…and it feels good. A very unmanly squeak escaped my mouth, and Valerie said, “I think he likes it.”

Karen then used her incredible tongue to alternately circle and flick my anus and then thrust it inside. Not surprisingly, my cock began to rise. “Now,” said Karen in a voice muffled by my ass in her mouth.

“Are you sure?” relied Valerie.

Pulling her face away from my ass for a moment, Karen responded, “Trust me, you’re going to love it, and so will he.” Then she buried her tongue back into me anus and I sighed in pleasure.

Valerie moved toward the front, and again straddled my face. But this time she shifted her position and spread her cheeks slightly, giving me access to her anus. In my mind’s eye, I could picture her sexy black ass, and her dark little anus. Yum, I thought, and extended my tongue. As it came into contact with her anus, she jumped slightly, and then relaxed. I started to circle and flick at her sweet sphincter with my tongue, and the sensation of having the same thing being done to me at the same time was amazing. As I stiffened my tongue and thrust it inside her anus, she began to relax, allow my tongue to penetrate further. “Ooooo…that’s so nice. I never knew it would feel like that.”

Night 1

This Story is actually a continuation of my first-labeled part 1. You don’t need to read part one first to enjoy this one, so give this a read and if you like it (or if you just haven’t come yet) then try reading part one as well to get a little more backstory. Thanks and enjoy!

I woke sometime in the middle of the night. I was somewhat disorientated, still intoxicated and in surroundings that were different than what I was accustomed to. A rush of adrenaline shot through me, heightening my sense of awareness. Was it all just a dream? Were my memories of the night before just some recollection of a wet dream my mind had yet to forget as I further woke?

As I struggled to find coherency in the entropy of my clouded, inebriated thoughts, I sensed someone to my right. I turned, quickly and anxiously to find Chantel lying there. I felt the warmth of my own breath escape past my swollen lips as an unintended sigh of relief escaped me. Chantel lay on my right while Elysia lay on hers. Both served as proof that the surrealism of the evening before was not simply a dream.

Both were naked and sensually picturesque. Chantel’s tall, athletic body, with her plump breasts and beautiful legs silhouetted below the white silken sheet that was barely covering the three of us. Her dark skin a lovely contrast to it, highlighting the nape of her neck as it gave way. Elysia’s perfect ass so invitingly faced upward through it as she lay on her stomach, with her blond hair tousled across her lover’s body.

The sight settled my wondering mind and a proud, mischievous grin quickly claimed my confused expression. My cock began to swell at the sight of them, and the memory of the night before. As it continued to grow, lifting the sheet slightly, I looked at Chantel. Her beautiful hair was matted from the night’s efforts and she looked so peaceful and yet so sensual at the same time.

I adjusted my position so as to gain some comfort by allowing my dick to be less confined. This caused Elysia to stir, and in doing so, unintentionally pulled the pale silken sheet from her lover’s mocha/caramel colored skin. The silk covered only Chantel’s right leg now and most of her pussy as she lay on her back. The sight caused my partial hard on to become fully engorged, stiffening to its full potential and bulging the veins along its shaft from the outward pressure.

Chantel laid there, her left arm above her head, pulling her left breast into the perfect supple round shape. The slightly cool night air coming in from the open porch door grazed her now exposed nipple causing it to harden slightly in response. Her toned, muscular stomach, stretched tighter from her position, was also now bared, revealing the enticing “v” shape where her torso gives way to her perfect silky smooth thighs and her waiting pussy.

Her clit had begun to recover from its workout the night before and was barely noticeable hiding just above the silken sheet. I had not had the pleasure of paying a great deal of attention to her pussy the night before with anything but my cock and now I was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to do so.

I grabbed the sheet and pulled it a couple of inches further down, ever so slowly as if to tease myself with the anticipation. When it finally revealed her beautiful pussy I was in awe. For the first time I got to admire it, in the pale glow of the moonlight creeping past the linen curtains that hung, casting shadows with its modest illumination.

Her pussy was beautifully clean shaven. Her dark pussy lips were open slightly, perhaps from the stimulation of the cool night air, perhaps from pleasant dreams of the night before, or the day to come….. The insides of her labia were a luscious pink, in a beautiful contrast to the caramel tones of the skin surrounding them. I wanted so badly to taste them, to taste her, not second hand from Elysia’s mouth as I did the night before, but directly instead.

I wanted so badly to enjoy the experience of grazing her clit with my tongue, slow and feather light at first to fatten her clit and make it more sensitive. Using only the tip of my tongue to pinpoint sensation at this most sensitive stage, then after her arousal takes hold and she begins to moan, changing my short fluttering strokes into longer deeper ones using the breadth of my tongue to lave the entirety of her pussy lips and clit.

As she sinks deeper into the sensations, relinquishing her body to me, grabbing and tugging at her own nipples and breasts to enhance the sensations, I would swiften my pace. I would plunge my tongue into her pussy, penetrating her with it as far as possible, pushing her legs back into her lovely chest, allowing better access.

Eventually lust would turn to need; she would force her legs back to the bed, feet firmly planted in the sheets so that she could direct the action with a tight grip of my hair, shoving me into her until her needs were fulfilled. Faster and faster id continue, sucking and humming on her now fully stiffened clit, making her crazy with desire and begging me for more.

I love the way different women feel and taste. When you slide your tongue inside of them, some are smooth, some are rough, some squeal with delight, and some moan deeply as if you have found some secret spot unknown to them before. Some grab the back of your head and push you deeper, where others can’t stand the sensation. I couldn’t help but wonder which she would be and I knew that I had to find out.

I pulled the sheet down even farther, and Chantel now stirred, pulling one foot up to her other knee as if to grant me access. I couldn’t resist anymore, and I slowly and quietly took position between her legs with my hungry mouth inches from her perfect pussy. I inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of our sex from the night before and it turned me on even more.

As I took a deep breath I exhaled deeply and slowly, my hot breath a sudden change to the cool air in the room. Her pussy reacted and her lips begin to swell slightly in response. I looked upward to her and she remained asleep, but stirred once more from the stimulation.

I love waking a lover up through pleasure, especially when she is soundly asleep. As you began to please her, her body reacts before her mind does. She reacts instinctively and uninhibited as if very drunk without the loss of physical sensation. Unaware of whether she is in a pleasurable dream, slight blissful confusion prolongs the pleasure prior to her waking. Once she does, her animalistic instincts kick in far before her reason does and by the time the latter kicks in she is in such ecstasy, inhibitions are never a factor.

Chantel was no exception. Her pussy lips began to further pout, exposing her clit to me and I could begin to see her pussy glisten slightly. I leaned in and placed the breadth of my tongue onto her clit. I kept it still, allowing her to feel the warmth and wetness of it. It made her moan slightly, a subtle low pitched approving moan and I could tell she was beginning to enter a phase of lucid dreaming. Her body reacted again and she spread her legs instinctively, further turning me on. My touch caused her to open her legs for more, and more was my intent.

I began to drag the flat, bumpy, wet part of my tongue across her clit, slowly, almost imperceptively and it made her clit continue to perk up, swelling almost like a cock ready for action. I took my time teasing her clit and rousing her from her sleep. By the time my tongue was on its way back down, with the delicate, smoother underside now caressing her increasingly sensitive clit, she woke, and lowered her hands to the back of my head.

She pushed my head deep into her crotch and every time I took a breath I inhaled her musky, sweet sex. I too unable to resist the stimulation began rocking my hips slightly stroking my super hard cock into the silk bed sheet underneath me. Go how I wanted a hot luscious pussy surrounding my cock to be thrusting into right then…

Since she wasn’t about to allow me to pull away at that point, I found her pussy opening with the tip of my tongue and slipped it just barely inside. Her hips rocked with approval and Elysia stirred as we disturbed the otherwise still bed. I wiggled my tongue around, just inside her pussy for a moment, exploring the bumpy delicious folds of the inside of it, and she was getting into it. I pushed my tongue as far in as it would go and began fucking her with it. In and out like a cock, curling its tip every time it was buried as deep in as I could get.

She was getting off on the sensation and began thrusting downward gently onto my tongue with each stroke. Elysia began to stir more, but Chantel didn’t seem to care. I felt a rush of juices come from her pussy, not an orgasm but a rush of delicious lubrication that she too seemed to notice. She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her mouth, whispering “let me taste it, let me taste my pussy” My god I thought I would blow my load right then.

She began to kiss me feverishly, licking and sucking her juices from my mouth and tongue. And as abruptly as she began she again grabbed my hair and pulled her mouth to my ear. “Eat my pussy now, make me cum and cum hard or I will see to it you don’t cum all weekend. Make me cum good and I’ll be sure you don’t regret it.” The forcefulness of her words was a stark disparity from her submissive tone the evening before and I loved it.

I immediately went to work, laving her pussy and clit with my tongue, fast then slow, hard then soft. up then down, left then right, roughly then lightly. Finally as she began to pant faster and faster, I pulled her clit into my mouth, and began to suck it and hum to add a slight vibration to her feminine blowjob. I looked up at her as I love a woman to do to me when she is going down on me and saw those beautiful pale green eyes staring at me with wanton abandon.

I never stopped and locked in on a pace she responded to and kept it going. Licking, sucking, and humming. She rocked her hips faster and faster as if trying to fuck my tongue against her clit. Not getting the pressure she desired she wrapped her knees and legs around my head and clamped down hard. I could barely breathe, but I didn’t care.

Her feet encircled each other and rested in the center of my back and as she got closer to her release she used them to push downward, lifting her hips form the bed as if it would somehow push my tongue deeper into her. I kept sucking her clit and penetrating her with my tongue as her movements lifted my head up and down from the bed, until she came…hard.

My ears began to ring as she clamped so hard onto me I almost blacked out. She thrust her hips so far into the air, it looked as if she was in some gymnastics class. And I could feel her muscles tighten with orgasm. When she came, she gushed onto my chin and moaned loudly enough to wake the neighbors. Now I had my answer, a moaner, not a squealer, and damn was she sexy.

When her tension was released by the powerful orgasm, she slammed her hips (and my head) back to the mattress, releasing me from her grasp and groaned for almost a minute with post orgasm pleasure. She cupped her well worshipped pussy with her hand, now trying to dull the sensation as it became too much for her as her orgasm subsided. She curled up into an almost fetal position, twitching slightly in pleasure as the final tiny ripples of orgasm undulated through her, giggling and moaning with each.

She finally leaned over to me and whispered “It’s a good thing Elysia drank a lot last night, or that would have definitely woken her up. Get some sleep, you will need it for tomorrow.” I slowly pulled from her, and took my place back beside her on the bed. My cock was still rock hard, now twitching from my raging lust as I began to lick the remains of her orgasm from my lips. Hoping for some reciprocation, I was slightly disappointed by her words, but the anticipation of what was evidently to come gave me patience.

Sensing my desires, she leaned over and took my rock solid cock deep into her mouth, and swallowed it’s length. One perfectly wet, warm stroke. She gagged slightly at the base, and swallowed to stave off the response. The head of my cock was in her throat as she did, and the sensations of the muscles rippling around it, trying to pull me into her were almost more than I could stand. She sucked it only once and released it.

She then rolled over to face Elysia’s still salacious naked frame, turned her head back to me and whispered “we will pick up where we left off tomorrow, for now, sweet dreams.”

There I was, more sexually frustrated and more sexually gratified than I have ever been, both at the same time, my cock slowly softening as it stood straight in the air. The taste of her orgasm still fresh in my mouth and the smell of her sex penetrating my nostrils with each breath from her juices covering my face. The sounds of the ocean replaced her moans of ecstasy, and the night air replaced the sensation of her warmth on my lips. I could tell I was going to have a great weekend.

The Abbey of Records

At the top of the rocky path, which had actually been occasionally augmented by actual steps cut into the stone of the mountainside, the little troop found something of an expansive, broad shelf. A stream fell tumbling down the mountain, and formed a rushing brook that cut across the shelf in front of them, running right to left, on its way to join in the wide lake that dominated the level area. For the most part, the place looked like a well-tended park or picnic ground. On the other side of the brook was the other distinctive feature of the green shelf: a stone building, or a tight complex of buildings, from which sprouted a tall tower of pinkish stone. Tascha thought the building, or buildings around the base of the tower resembled a monastery more than anything else. As for the tower itself, with its coloration, and the way the upper storeys swelled out to accommodate a larger space at the top, it was rather obviously phallic. That’s a bit heavy handed, she thought to herself.

Although, after their sweaty climb, which had taken several hours, the sight of that beautiful lake, and the thought of a swim, was quite appealing, Don and Tascha led the little troop straight for the bridge that spanned the brook and carried the path they were on toward the tower. As they approached, Tascha was surprised to see that there was a large, very dark-skinned man standing there, barring the way onto the bridge. She was pretty sure he hadn’t been there a moment before. He had thick muscles, stood at least two meters tall, and was leaning on a very large and shiny sword. Of course, he also had a prodigious cock and a pair of heavy balls hanging between his legs.

None of them had had any kind of play since they had convened by the pool that morning, prior to leaving the Resort by way of the now rather cooperative gate, so Tascha wasn’t at all surprised that she found herself thinking she would like to see if this big, black fellow was as good a fuck as she imagined he must be. He didn’t look like he was there to offer sex, though.

When they got close enough, the big man held up his hand and said, “Halt.” Naturally enough, Tascha thought, he had a deep, sexy bass voice.

“Hello,” Don offered. “We would like to visit the tower.”

“The tower is not open to all,” the man said impassively.

“To whom is it open?” Tascha asked.

“To members of the Order and to eligible pilgrims.” Tascha got the sense that making these pronouncements was the whole point of this man’s existence. He intoned his lines as if he was an actor with a small cameo part that he would nevertheless act the hell out of.

Don frowned a moment before saying, “We’re pilgrims. We need to speak with the Sage of the Tower.”

The big, black man said nothing for a long moment as he looked the party over carefully. He fixed each of them with his inscrutable dark eyes as if he was examining their souls, or at least reading their minds. Finally, he said, “Three of you may pass.”

Don asked, “Do you mean the three of us?” as he indicated himself, Tascha and Nicole.

The impassive guard nodded once.

“Good guess,” Tascha whispered.

“It just seemed to make sense,” Don muttered.

“What are our friends supposed to do?” Tascha asked, but the man didn’t even bother to shrug.

“We could wait by the lake,” Shelonda suggested.

Tascha was about to say that was a good idea, but Amy chimed in, asking, “How long will you be?”

“That’s a very good question,” Don nodded.

Shelonda frowned and then offered, “Why don’t we go for a swim, and if you’re not back when we’re done, we’ll just go back down to the Resort and you can come meet us there?”

“I like that idea,” Amy grinned. Tascha suspected Amy would be quite happy to give up their little quest and stay at the Resort indefinitely.

“The Resort’s a big place,” Victor observed quietly.

“That’s right,” Don nodded. “Why don’t we try checking in with the Sheriff? You guys stop in and tell her where you’re going, and we’ll ask her where you are.”

“I’m not sure the sheriff will appreciate that,” Tascha thought, but nobody else had any better ideas, so the sextet split into two groups – Amy, Shelonda and Victor heading off to swim in the lake, as Don, Nicole and Tascha slipped past the muscular guard and crossed the wooden bridge.

There was no sign or any other indication of where they should go, but they could only see one door: a heavy, wooden thing of dark brown, with a large metal knocker set in the middle of it. It struck Tascha just then that there was nothing at all sexual about this door, the wall it was set into, or the building attached to the wall – unless you counted the gigantic phallus sticking out of it, of course. Tascha reached out and lifted the clapper and let it fall. There was a very loud bang on their side of the door. After a long moment, she banged again.

“Maybe nobody’s home,” Nicole offered.

Don opened his mouth to respond to this, but before he could speak, the door swung open. A young man with blond, disheveled hair and striking blue eyes peered around the door at them. He was wearing a brown robe, like what Tascha imagined monks wore, only this one looked like it had been thrown on in a great hurry; the belt around his waist was only loosely tied, and the brown hood fell around his shoulders in obvious disarray.

“Um, hello,” the young man said, “welcome to the Abbey. Please come in.”

“Thank you,” Don nodded, as he led the way through the doorway.

They were admitted into a comfortable but simple foyer, where half a dozen other brown-robed young adults assembled hastily to greet them. They were a mix of men and women, but they were all in the same state of muss as the fellow who had opened the door. Tascha could well imagine what they had been up to before she’d banged on their front door.

“We’re looking for the Sage,” Don announced.

“Yes, of course,” said a voice from behind the small crowd of young people, who quickly parted to let the speaker come forward. This was a tall Asian gentleman who definitely looked more like a monk than the others. He was older for one thing, and seemed to have a more serene and unruffled demeanor. He smiled at Tascha and the others and said, “Welcome to the Abbey of Records, we will be happy to conduct you to the Sage. However, we have something of a ritual we would ask you to follow.”

“What sort of ritual?” Tascha asked, remembering the rite they had participated in the night after they had left the Manor. She couldn’t decide at the moment if she was more titillated or leery of such a prospect.

The tall man smiled and said, “Nothing alarming, I assure you. First we would offer to refresh you after your climb – a bath and some food and water. Then it is our custom to interview you in some detail about your experiences here in Eros.”

Don and Tascha conferred silently by means of a quickly shared glance and barely visible shrugs. They both seemed to think that Nicole would go along with whatever they decided. Tascha smiled back at the tall man and said, “Some refreshment would be very nice, thank you.”

The man bowed a bit, and said, “Alan, please attend to our guests. I will prepare the scribes.”

The young man who had opened the door bowed lower and said, “Yes, sir.” He then turned to Tascha and her friends and said, “If you’ll follow me…”

They followed Alan as he led them into the Abbey and down a series of corridors, all as simple, even rustic, as the foyer. The half dozen brown-robed … Tascha wasn’t sure what to call them … followed along in a hushed but clearly excited train. Finally, they came to a wide, open sunlit courtyard with an array of big stone basins cut into the floor. Each basin was filled with clear water (of the XYZ variety, of course) that sparkled in the midday sun. There was a profusion of flowers all around the courtyard, filling the area with bright colors and pleasant scents.

A young woman with dark red hair and freckles smiled almost shyly at Tascha as she took her by the arm and gently led her toward a water-filled tub to the left. Tascha noticed that Don and Nicole were each being taken to nearby, but separate, tubs.

“May I help you out of your clothes?” the little redhead asked.

“Certainly,” Tascha smiled. It only took a moment before her sandals and dress were discarded and Tascha was slipping into the warm bathwater. The redhead quickly tossed her brown robe off over her head and joined her, bringing along some soap and a big sponge. Tascha just relaxed and enjoyed the attention as the girl began scrubbing at her skin. She only smiled as the pretty blond Alan stripped down and joined them, helping by washing Tascha’s hair. Tascha hadn’t been so well cleaned or so pampered since leaving the Manor, and there was no question that it felt very good indeed.

Of course, the combination of being immersed in XYZ, the presence of the two sexy, naked bodies, and the way her body was being touched and stroked, soon had Tascha thinking mischievously. Her hands began to move up along the strong legs of her bathers. She slipped her hands up and around to give each of their bottoms a squeeze. The redhead’s breast was in Tascha’s face then, and she went ahead and gave the ruddy little nipple a kiss. At about the same time, her hand managed to find Alan’s half erect cock, so she began to squeeze and pull on that.

The two young people laughed happily and began to caress Tascha’s body more playfully. Soon the girl was squatting down in the water next to Tascha, with her sponge moving purposefully between Tascha’s legs; Alan was standing in front of Tascha with his now quite hard cock standing out in front of him as he carefully, but thoroughly rinsed Tascha’s hair; and, Tascha, meanwhile, busied herself kissing and sucking on the purple head of that sex organ as she worked her left hand up between the redhead’s legs to stroke her lips and clit under the water. The girl leaned in to help Tascha with Alan’s cock, kissing along the shaft, and reaching up to fondle his balls with her free hand. The sponge was doing wonderful work under the water as the redhead rubbed it back and forth over Tascha’s pussy and clit, and Tascha had to concentrate to move her own fingers productively. She shifted a bit so that she could slip two of her fingers up inside the redhead’s pussy, letting her palm take care of keeping pressure and friction on the girl’s clit. This left her freer to concentrate on Alan’s cock.

Tascha took hold of the base of Alan’s cock with her right hand and began to suck on his broad head more deliberately. She enjoyed the sensation of having it fill her mouth, moving over her lips and tongue. As she felt her body responding to the sponge between her legs and the oral stimulation of sucking Alan’s cock, she began to suck him harder and faster, her hand pumping the base of his shaft as the redhead continued to kiss his balls and groaned now and then as Tascha’s fingers fucked in and out of her.

As it turned out, the redhead was the first to come, gasping and whimpering as she clung to Tascha’s shoulder and Alan’s leg. Alan followed soon after, his fingers tangled in Tascha’s hair and the redhead’s, his body shuddering, and his cock spewing hot cum into Tascha’s mouth and down her throat. Tascha was still swallowing hungrily, when she felt her own orgasm ripping through her body in waves of bright ecstasy. She held onto Alan’s cock and kept sucking on it until she could open her eyes and catch her breath. Then, with a smile and a kiss, she let it go and took a moment to look around.

In the tub closest to hers, Tascha saw that Don had slid down in the water so that his head was resting on a towel on the lip of his tub, and a naked woman was – somewhat precariously – kneeling over his mouth, enjoying the oral treatment Tascha now knew so well. At the same time, a very generously buxom young woman was riding up and down on Don’s lap; while smiling happily and squeezing her own big tits tightly. A bit further away, Nicole was bent over the edge of her own tub as a particularly well-muscled young man fucked in and out of her from behind. Tascha could clearly see that Nicole had cum splattered over her face – no doubt contributed by the gentleman who was now running a sponge over Nicole’s back.

Just then Tascha’s attention was drawn closer to home, as a robed woman with dark brown hair and a warm smile knelt down next to her with a platter bearing a selection of fruit and a tall glass of water.

“Ah, thank you,” Tascha smiled, as she took an apple and the glass. By the time Tascha had eaten half her apple, Nicole was being served fruit and water. By the time she was done with the apple and finishing off her water, Don was coming up for air and being offered refreshment. As Tascha finished her drink, the girl who had helped bathe her and more took the apple core and glass from her. Alan helped her out of the tub and proceeded to dry her with a nicely soft towel. She looked around then for her clothes, but was being presented with a grey robe, which was more like a bathrobe than the monkish ones the others were wearing.

“We thought you wouldn’t mind if we washed your clothes for you while you’re here,” said the smiling woman who had brought Tascha fruit.

In short order, all three of them had been fed and watered, and were wearing comfortable grey robes. Apparently sex time was over for now, and they were led back into the Abbey, where they were met again by the tall Asian man.

He offered them a friendly smile and said, “In the interest of a more accurate report, we would ask that you each be interviewed separately. We have three scribes ready to begin, if you don’t mind.”

Tascha was conducted into a comfortable room that she thought could best be described as a study. There was a plain, but nice, wooden desk, a window high up on the wall facing the door that let in warm afternoon sunshine, a couch, and what looked like a comfortable easy chair. Sitting on the other side of the desk, at an old fashioned typewriter, was a man with a darkish Mediterranean complexion, and warm brown eyes. His head was shaved, but he had a dark black mustache and goatee. He rose as Tascha entered, showing that he was rather tall. Like the others he was wearing a brown robe. He leaned forward over the desk and extended his hand, saying, “Good afternoon. My name is Esteban.”

“Pleased to meet you, Esteban,” she smiled as she shook his hand, a little amused at the sudden manners after just having engaged in a little orgy with complete strangers. “I’m Tascha.”

“That’s a very pretty name,” Esteban smiled. “Is it short for… No? Very good. Please make yourself comfortable.”

As Tascha considered her options, her escort retired back into the hallway without a word, and without closing the door behind him. She supposed this was intended to reassure her and her friends. Smiling a little to herself, Tascha decided to sit in the easy chair. When she took her seat, Esteban likewise sat down in front of his typewriter, and raised his hands over it, laying his fingers lightly on the keys.

“We have some basic questions to ask to begin,” he said with another charming smile. “First, though, how do you spell your name?”

After Tascha told him, he asked, “What is the last thing you remember before waking up in Eros?”

Tascha was a little surprised at this question, but said, “Going to bed with my girlfriend, Sarah.”

Esteban’s fingers flew over the keyboard quickly.

“Was that at night?”


“Was there anything special or distinctive about that evening?” His English was perfectly clear, though he had a noticeable Hispanic accent.

“Not that I can recall.”

“Did you have sex that night?”

“Um, why do you ask?”

Esteban shrugged and offered her another sympathetic smile, “These are just the questions we’re supposed to ask.”

“Who says you’re supposed to ask?”

“The Sage,” he answered as if he expected that to deal with any and all objections.

“What was the last thing you remember before waking up in Eros?” she tried.

“I’m afraid I don’t remember anything,” he said, for the first time not smiling as he looked at her. “I only found out that people sometimes remember such things after I had been here quite some time.”

“Does that bother you?”

He paused thoughtfully before saying, “It makes me curious.”

“No,” Tascha said after a moment. Then she added, “We did not have sex.”

“How long had it been since you had sex before that night?”

“I’m not sure. A couple of weeks, I think.” Tascha frowned. At the time she hadn’t been particularly aware of how long it had been, but now, after the last couple of weeks in Eros, “a couple of weeks without sex” sounded like a very long time indeed.

“Thank you,” Esteban said. “Now, please tell me about your experience when you first woke up here.”

Tascha proceeded to tell the story of how she and Don woke up together in the Manor. Esteban prompted her to explain her pre-Eros relationship with Don: Had they ever had sex? How would she characterize her feelings for him? How long had it been since they had seen each other? He seemed genuinely interested, and his fingers typed at an amazing rate without any hint of getting tired. Tascha explained how they had started exploring that bedroom and about the Nymphets dropping out of the ceiling. Esteban encouraged her to describe the girls as well as she was able, and then asked for details about her first sexual encounter in Eros. Tascha found herself smiling a bit as she recalled the orgasm Virginia had cheerfully given her, as well as the sight of Don playing with all three of the girls. She eventually got to tell how she had slipped away and found the secret door.

As she got the hang of the level of detail and narrative Esteban was looking for, Tascha was able to move along a bit more quickly, without being stopped for additional detail. She gradually began to feel free to include the occasional aside and observation. While she was telling the story about the dodge ball game Tascha realized she was enjoying herself. By the time she got to the Ball, and her first little orgy, in that little side room with Lilith, Tascha realized she was getting rather wet. She pressed her thighs together under her robe, and tried to concentrate on telling the story.

When she got to the point in her story in which she was alone with the Lord in his room, Esteban began to press her for more details, about her mental and emotional state – “What were you feeling and thinking when you were watching Don through the mirror?”; “What was it like to have such intense one-on-one sex with a man you’d only just met?” – and Tascha found herself extremely horny. She couldn’t tell which thing was arousing her more: the XYZ in her system, reliving her first day in Eros in such detail, or Esteban’s friendly but, almost professionally, detached interest. Also, perhaps thanks to remembering the Player and his companions, Tascha found herself in a particularly mischievous mood. So, rather than simply throw off her robe and throw herself at Esteban, which struck her as a particularly good idea at the moment, Tascha leaned back in her chair and put one of her feet up on the edge of the desk in front of her, letting her robe fall open around her naked leg. She began to idly run her fingers up and down along her thigh as she continued answering Esteban’s questions.

As she told how the Lord had first entered her and began to fuck her with his big cock, Tascha parted her legs further and let her fingers lightly play over her pussy, which was now exposed to Esteban’s view. By the time she got to the part where she asked the Lord to cum in her mouth, Tascha’s fingers had slipped between her labia, to smear her wetness over her eager little clit. She kept telling the story as her fingers alternated between stroking her clit and pushing further and further up into her very moist vagina. By the time she told how she had the Lord lie on his back and then mounted his cock, Tascha was fucking herself with three fingers and frantically stroking at her clit with the other hand. Esteban was watching her intently, without for a moment pausing in his typing. She had definitely come to enjoy showing off almost as much as she enjoyed watching others.

I was lucky with my flight back home. The plane took off on time and we picked up a powerful tailwind. We arrived in northern California a half an hour early. I had used my flight miles to bump myself up to first class. Luckily my seat mate was another business woman who had an early meeting. She slept the whole flight. I was able to get some work done on my next client meeting on my laptop but not all of it. My mind kept wandering back to all the beautiful hard cocks and lovely pussies I had enjoyed in Miami. I was glad I had gotten numbers from everyone. I was looking forward to meeting them again.

I got home around midnight. My husband wasn’t home; he was still away on his latest trip. I was exhausted. I had been up since six, fucking and sucking all day long and now it was three am to me. I dropped my bags at the door and stripped myself naked. I love being naked so I usually don’t wear clothes at home. I climbed into bed and fell right asleep.

I woke up around nine the next morning. I had a lot of domestic chores to attend to before flying to San Diego Tuesday morning to see my client. I was really looking forward to my trip. I was going to meet up with Vanessa, my best friend from my days at the strip club.

I got up and went downstairs to our home gym. I was almost glad that my personal trainer was away this week. My pussy and ass needed a rest. They were still sore from all the fucking I did on Monday at the hotel and Roxanne’s house. I had myself a vigorous work-out in the gym and a half an hour of relaxing in our sauna before I went back upstairs for a shower. I did my household chores and the laundry, went through the mail and paid some bills before I got dressed to go out.

My first stop was the dry cleaners, hopefully they could clean the cum stains out of the back of the dress I wore my first night in Miami when I fucked Tony, Angie and Luis. I had a couple of other stops, the bank and the drug store before I stopped at the food store to pick up dinner on the way home.

After dinner I finished pre-planning my meetings with my client and went to bed early. I had an early flight and two full days of meetings and events scheduled. I didn’t know if I would have time to get away for any adventures on those two days but knew I was in for a wild time with Vanessa over the weekend. I booked a suite in San Diego. Vanessa was going to stay with me on Friday night and I would go stay at her house on Saturday and Sunday.

I arrived in San Diego early on Wednesday morning and went right to the client’s office. As I figured, Wednesday and Thursday were spent working and going to dinner meetings with my client. Both nights I didn’t get back to my hotel until late and I just fell into bed, exhausted and unfortunately alone. I was starting to get antsy; it had been three days without getting any cock.

I woke up around eight on Friday, I didn’t know what Vanessa had planned but I knew it would involve some cock. I headed to the health club in the hotel for a quick work out. While I was there, Vanessa sent me a text. She was on the way over. I texted her the room number and headed back there for a shower.

I had just dried off and didn’t have a chance to get dressed when I heard a knock on the door. I figured “what the hell, Vanessa’s seen me naked a million times, one more won’t hurt” and I opened the door.

I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the handsome young man standing there.

“Oh, oh my god, I’m sorry, you’re not Vanessa. I’m sorry I was expecting my friend Vanessa.” I exclaimed. I didn’t bother covering up. He had seen already seen me naked and he was a very handsome guy.

“Lucky Vanessa, do you always greet your friends like this?” he quickly shot back as he smiled.

It was a very confident and suggestive smile. He was wearing dark blue shorts and a white shirt with the hotel logo on one side of his chest. It took a second for me to recognize him. He worked at the health club. I believe he said his name was Jeff. He was about twenty years old, six foot tall with a very nice muscular build. He had longish brown hair and eyes.

“Only the good ones,” I replied with a suggestive smile of own. “Can I help you, it’s Jeff, right?”

“Yes, Ms. Taylor. This, it must have fallen out of your bag,” he said as he held out my phone and smiled again.

“Oh my god, I didn’t even know I lost it. Thank you, Jeff. I’d be lost without this. Thank you so much,” I said as I took the phone from him.

“You’re welcome Ms. Taylor,” Jeff said.

“Oh please call me Brandi. Ms. Taylor sounds so formal…especially now that you’ve seen me naked. I consider you a good friend. Please, there must be something I can do to thank you,” I said.

“You already did something for me, you just made my day” Jeff said as I watched his eyes roam all over my body.

At that very moment Vanessa stepped into view of the doorway. She looked at Jeff in front of the door and then at me, naked just inside the room and said, “Oh my god Brandi, when you texted that you were working out I thought you meant in a gym. I didn’t know you were doing a handsome young stud. I’m glad to see you haven’t changed your slutty way.”

She dropped her overnight bag, pushed her way past Jeff and threw her arms around me. She gave me a big sloppy wet kiss on the lips as she reached around and squeezed my naked ass.

I should take a second to tell you about Vanessa. She is petite, only 5’1″, about 95 pounds with a smoking hot 36C-22-32 body. I know it exactly; we’ve been naked together enough times. She has long wavy brown hair, beautiful green eyes and big fat kissable lips. What she lacks in size she makes up in boundless energy, a lust for life and sex and a huge heart of gold. She’s my best friend. The one I call whenever I need advice, a shoulder to cry on or just a friend to talk to. She helped me get through all the rough patches in my marriage. Like me, she met her husband while we were working at the strip club. He was a bouncer. She and her husband, Tommy now own a club of their own. They are still happily married and still active swingers.

“Oh my god, it’s so fucking great to see you Brandi, who’s the stud,” She asked when we broke our kiss.

“Oh Vanessa, it’s not what you think. I left my cell at the gym. Jeff was just bringing it back to me” I said.

“Oh and you just happen to be naked,” Vanessa said with a laugh.

“Well I can explain that,” I started to say.

Jeff interrupted me, “It was, really nice to meet you two ladies but I have to get going. If there anything else I can do for you Ms. Taylor please let me know.”

“Wait a minute,” Vanessa quickly said. “My friend Brandi here, she wanted to thank you. I think you should give her a chance.”

Vanessa stepped back out in the hallway. She picked up her bag with one hand, grabbed Jeff’s hand with the other and pulled him into the suite.

“What do you say Brandi, he’s pretty cute. How about we both thank him?” She said with a laugh.

I decided to follow her lead; it’s usually dangerous but almost always ends in some great sex. I grabbed Jeff’s other hand and we pulled him over by the couch in the sitting area of the suite. Vanessa quickly shed her clothes, just a tee shirt, shorts and sandals.

Jeff started to protest. “You don’t have to do this,” He said but we could tell his heart wasn’t into the protest. He didn’t fight us when I pulled down his shorts or when Vanessa pulled off his shirt.

We pushed Jeff down on the couch and knelt down on either side of his legs. Our tits pressed into his thighs as we leaned over his crotch. Vanessa reached out and stroked her hand along his cock. It was hard in an instant. It was a nice cock, a little longer than average, about seven or eight inches long. His crotch area was clean shaven, not unusual with my younger partners.

“Jeff, you got a nice cock here. Think it can handle a couple of older broads,” Vanessa said with a laugh.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t call you two older broads, you’re definitely the two hottest babes I’ve seen in long time,” Jeff said.

“Why thank you Jeff. That was very nice, don’t you think so Vanessa?” I asked her.

“Yeah, we’ll have to be especially nice to Jeff,” she replied.

With that Vanessa stroked her hand up to the head of Jeff’s cock. She squeezed the head and a few drops of precum leaked from the opening. I leaned forward and scooped it up with my tongue. Vanessa and I leaned together and we kissed, sharing the tasty morsel. We broke the kiss and I went back to licking and sucking the head of Jeff’s cock. He leaned his head back, eyes closed, softly moaning as I worked on his cock. I took my mouth off his cock and held it up so Vanessa could have a taste. She leaned in and licked the head before swallowing most of it. I moved down to his balls, kissing and sucking the big hairless sacks. Back and forth we traded, one licking and sucking his cock while the other took care of his balls.

Jeff’s moans grew louder as his breathing became more labored. I knew he was close to cumming. I was sucking his cock and Vanessa his balls when he cried out that he was cumming. Vanessa pulled away from his balls. He held his hands on the back of my head and lifted his hips. This forced his cock deeper into my mouth as the first spurts of cum flew out of his cock. I swallowed as fast as I could but was unable to keep up with the massive amount of his cum. It leaked out the side of my mouth and dribbled onto his balls. I forced my head off his cock and Vanessa grabbed hold of it. She squeezed it and the last of his cum oozed from the opening. She dropped her head down on his crotch and sucked up all the cum from his cock and balls.

Vanessa and I both went back to licking Jeff’s cock and balls clean. Good thing he was young, his cock stayed hard as a rock.

“What do you say Jeff? Are you ready to fuck?” Vanessa asked.

“Fuck yeah,” He replied.

“You go first Brandi,” Vanessa told me.

I stepped up on the couch and straddled Jeff’s legs facing away from him. As I squatted down, Vanessa reached between our legs and held Jeff’s cock up strait. She lined it up with my pussy and used her fingers to push the lips of my pussy apart.

“Oh my god Brandi, your fucking pussy is soaking wet already. You really are a horny slut,” she said with a laugh.

“I can’t help it, sucking cock always gets me wet,” I said laughing.

As I squatted down, Jeff’s cock slid into my pussy. It felt so fucking great to get a cock back inside me. I started sliding up and down on his cock as Vanessa moved between our legs. She began kissing and licking his cock and balls and my pussy. Jeff reached around me and began playing with my nipples. He pinched and pulled the sensitive nubs. Each touch sent jolts of pleasure coursing throughout my body. Over and over Jeff slid his cock in and out of my pussy driving me closer and closer to a powerful orgasm. Vanessa sucked his balls and rubbed her hand against my clit. The extra stimulation pushed me over the edge. My body tensed up and shuddered and I cried out as a wave of pleasure overtook my senses. I fell back against Jeff drained, panting and moaning.

Vanessa stood up and took hold of my hands.

“Come on Brandi, don’t be greedy, let me get some of that cock,” she said jokingly as she pulled me up off of Jeff’s cock.

I moved to the floor in front of Jeff to catch my breath. Vanessa had grabbed Jeff’s hands and pulled him up and away from the couch. She dropped down to her hands and knees and shook her ass at Jeff.

“Come on Jeff get back there and fuck me. Watching you and Brandi’s got me hot,” she groaned.

Jeff dropped to his knees behind her. Vanessa lowered her head and rested her elbows on the floor pushing her ass higher in the air. Jeff held his cock with one hand and lined it up with her pussy. He shoved his hips and about half of it slid into her pussy. He grabbed her hips and began stroking his cock in and out of her pussy. Vanessa began pushing back at Jeff and soon they were slamming their bodies into each other again and again.

“Come on stud, fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am,” Vanessa cried out as they both gasped and groaned.

While I lay there on floor watching their lascivious carnal coupling I became overwhelmed. My hand slid down to my pussy and I absently began fondling myself. Jeff and Vanessa did last long before they were both on the verge of cumming. I watched Vanessa’s face, I can always tell when she going to cum. She closes her eyes, her lips form a perfect circle, and she breathes, heavily, through her mouth as she moans. I’ve seen her do it a million times. Jeff was moaning and his breathing was labored, just like the first time he came.

Vanessa came first. She trembled and shook as she cried out. Jeff came a minute later. He slammed into Vanessa one last, hard time and held himself still. His body shook as he cried out that he was cumming. They stayed together, attached at the groin, for a few minutes until Jeff’s cock went soft and he pulled out of Vanessa. He rolled over onto his back and his cock fell back against his stomach, all covered with their combined cum. Vanessa rolled over on her back and laid down next to him as they waited for their breathing returned to normal.

I moved over to them. While they recovered I had two lovely cum covered organs that I could clean. I started with Vanessa. I crawled between her legs and ran my tongue through the furrows of her pussy. Then I pulled her lips apart and sucked up all of Jeff’s cum that I could find. Not wanting to be considered a greedy bitch, I moved up her body and shared my tasty treat with her. That seemed to revive her. She joined me when I went over to Jeff to clean his cock and balls.

Vanessa and I ganged up on Jeff. We licked and sucked his cock and balls clean. He started to get hard again and we were looking forward to fucking him again but he stopped us.

“Oh shit, you know ladies, I’d love to stay here and fuck you two all day long but I got to get back to work,” Jeff said.

“Are you sure you can’t stay a little while longer,” I asked.

“This sucks, you don’t know how bad I want to stay, but I told my boss I’d only be ten minutes returning your phone,” He said as he pushed himself up and started to get dressed.

“Hey Jeff, can we trust you to be discreet?” I asked.

“Of course, beside who would believe me? Two beautiful women jumping me for no reason,” he said.

“There are a couple of reasons, you returned Brandi’s phone, you’re a cute guy and we’re a couple of horny sluts. There, three good reasons,” Vanessa said with a laugh.

“A couple of beautiful horny sluts,” Jeff said.

“What a nice thing to say,” I said as I got up on my knees.

“Yeah it was, maybe we’ll see you around before we check out,” Vanessa added as she also pushed herself up to her knees.

“That’d be nice, I’d love that,” Jeff said.

Jeff leaned over and gave each of us a hug and a kiss good bye. He went over to the door and let himself out. I looked over at Vanessa for a few seconds before we both started laughing.

“What a fucking slut you are,” she said as she continued to laugh.

“Me? You started it. You’re the one who pulled him into the room,” I said as I was also still laughing.

“Well, you, you were naked when I got here. I thought you wanted to fuck him. I just helped you along,” Vanessa said.

“Hey, I didn’t know he’d be there, I thought that was you at the door,” I pleaded in defense of myself.

“So you were naked for me?” Vanessa asked coyly.

“Of course,” I answered with a naughty smile.

I threw my arms around Vanessa and pulled her close. Our lips met in warm passionate kiss.

“Oh god, it’s great to see you again,” I gasped when we broke our kiss.

“Me too lover, I’ve really missed you,” Vanessa replied. “Let’s get comfortable and you can tell what you’ve been up to.”

We both got up. Vanessa picked up her bag and we walked into the bedroom area. Vanessa was in front of me and I couldn’t resist fondling her ass as she walked. She let out a soft moan in response. Vanessa dropped her bag near the bed. We climbed up on the bed and embraced. We lay there for a while, kissing and caressing each other. It felt wonderful to back in Vanessa’s arms again. Just the feel of her naked body intertwined in mine was pleasing.

“So tell me, what you been up to,” she asked after a while.

I told her about my recent trip to Miami over the weekend especially about the offer from Tom to set up something “special” in Vegas and my gangbangs with the life guards and with Roxanne, Eric and the young studs. Vanessa was intrigued about Tom’s “special offer” and encouraged me to make plans to go to Vegas soon. She even offered to accompany me if i wanted.

I also told her about my trip to New York City the week before. I only had two extra days in New York. The first night I ran into a retired pro football quarterback that Vanessa and I had met with back when we were dancing. A group of players came into the club one night after a game. Vanessa and I winded up going back to his hotel and fucking his brains out. He had remembered us and was disappointed Vanessa wasn’t there in New York. We went back to his hotel and I fucked his brains out again. Vanessa was surprised he remembered us; it was over fifteen years ago. He had told me that he would never forget the night he spent with Vanessa and me. He had the best game of his career and then the best sex of his life that night.

The second night I went to a private sex club that I had gone to with my husband back when he still was into swinging. I spent the first part of the night hooking up different guys or groups of guys. Later in the night I hooked up an attractive couple. I had seen the woman with a couple of different guys that night but I didn’t see the man until his wife introduced him. They invited me back to their apartment. We were having a drink and the wife and I we were kissing when the doorbell rang. The husband came back with five young black studs. The rest of the night was spent with the wife and me repeatedly getting fucked in all our holes while the husband sat there and masturbated. I left their apartment at six in the morning with my pussy, ass and belly full of cum.

When I finished it was Vanessa’s turn to bring me up to date on her life. The club she and her husband owned was doing great. Vanessa didn’t dance anymore. Dancing in six inch high heels is rough on your back, legs and feet. It’s a younger woman’s game. They were still sending their dancers to other cities. Vanessa and her husband set some of them up as escorts. They received a cut for setting up the dates.

Vanessa and her husband were still swinging with a large group of friends and several of the dancers from the club. She told me that they had a party planned of Saturday night. After hearing my story about New York she was sure I’d like their guests but she refused to go into detail. Vanessa and Tommy had gone on a few sex vacations to the islands and South America. She said they had a lot of great times and parties together. I felt a twinge of jealousy and sadness at that. I wished my husband was still interested in me and our sex life. That was the one thing I had always wanted, for someone special to share my love of sex.

Vanessa must have noticed my disappointment. She was always good at reading me. She pulled me tight, kissed me and told me she loved me. I felt better immediately. I kissed her back. Soon we kissing together, slipping our tongues into each other mouths. Our hands roamed all over each other’s bodies. I pushed Vanessa onto her back and kissed my way down her body. I stopped at her breasts and worked my mouth all over the soft globes. Soon her nipples became hard pointy nubs. I was straddling one of her legs and she began sliding her leg between mine, rubbing her thigh against my wet pussy sending pulses of pleasure through my body.

The events in this story are completely fictional and the names are all made up.

My name is Joshua Gutierrez, 5’8, Hispanic, short dark hair and light hazel eyes, and I have an unusual power.

Just by saying ‘Time Freeze Now’ I can freeze all of time around me, which allows me to do whatever I want with any woman I see. Not only that, but in this state, I can make the woman do whatever I say, as well as answer all my questions with complete honesty. Best of all, I can make them forget everything so no one will ever know what I did once I unfreeze time.

I recently obtained this power due this guy named Rob. He had this ability and told me it would run out after using it 10 times. On the 10th time, he has to pass it to someone else, and for whatever reason he chose me. He showed me how all of this works by fucking this hot college girl we’d run into on her way home. Not only did he get to fuck her, but so did I, and I was able to confirm everything he told me.

After having my way with Lorena, I went home and was called in to work the next morning. I was going to work with Tamara, this hot co-worker I’ve been lusting after. Naughty thoughts of fucking the hot southern babe right up her big round ass filled my head as I went to sleep. Soon the next morning arrived and I was getting a quick breakfast before heading off to work. Normally I hate waking up this early, but I was looking forward to nailing this babe. I put on my blue jeans and my red short-sleeved uniform shirt, and a loose black shirt over it.

As I rode the bus to my retail store, I was starting to have second thoughts on using this power on Tamara. The college girl was one thing, she was a total stranger before the events of last night, but Tamara was someone I saw every day. We didn’t speak as much, but when we did it was nice and we were kinda sorta friends. Was I able to taking advantage of her this way? I shook my head. She’d never give me the time of day past friendship, and she was the one every male co-worker wanted to nail. I had to have her.

I soon hopped off the bus and was on my way to work, which was still 2 blocks away. As I was getting closer to my store, I was wondering if all of this was real and if I didn’t just dream the events of the day before. Me, being able to stop time just by uttering a phrase? And what if it didn’t work with Tamara? I would look stupid saying ‘Time Freeze Now’ out loud in front of her if nothing really happened. I decided to test this out.

As I walked to work, I looked around for any suitable women that caught my attention. It was still rather early and not many people were walking around, and many stores were still closed. Just then I noticed two girls crossing the street over to where I was. I saw that they were rather cute and decided to slow my pace so that they would be walking in front of me.

The first girl had short black hair, a little below the neck, but the sides covered her ears. She was wearing a blue jean type vest and a white shirt underneath and tight black pants. I liked those kinds of slacks, the hug the female figure perfectly and there no back pockets in the way. And this girl did have a sweet round ass which had a little bounce with each step she took.

Her friend had curly blonde hair reaching down her back. She wore a loose purple top and some tight grey jeans, but her backpack covered most of her rear. I could assume she had a nice ass too since she had a nice slender figure and some hips, but her damn backpack was in the way.

They looked like college girls as well, and I remember my work place was on the way down to another college. I never been there but I would assume it was somewhere past my store since in the afternoon I would see many teenagers walk past the store. They were both pretty hot, and I was already imagining myself all over the one with the tight black pants.

I wanted to try out my powers on them, but if I wasted a turn on them, I would have to do this again with Tamara. I decided to follow them and see if they were really going to walk past my store. If they were close to my store, I could freeze time, have my way with them AND Tamara afterwards.

My heart pounded faster as the girls continued walking, giggling and gossiping as they drew closer and closer to my store. It seemed they really were going to walk right past it, which was perfect. I kept a steady distance from them so they wouldn’t notice me. I could feel myself getting nervous as they were a few steps away from the store’s main shopping center. “That seems close enough… it’s just a few steps away to get into my store from here… and at this time Tamara should already be inside…”

I turned my gaze away from the girls and took a look at my store. Tamara was already in front of the store, using her keys to unlock the door and start her morning shift. I looked in front of me, and the girls were still several feet away from me. This was the best time if any. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said “Time… Freeze… NOW!” Then there was complete silence.

I opened my eyes and noticed that everything stopped around me. The cars passing by were stuck in the middle of the street. The girls in front of me were stuck in mid-step. Tamara was holding the open door in her hand and was just standing there. Holy shit, it worked! Just the way Rob told me it would! I looked around for a few more seconds and saw that nothing was moving at all. It was time to test things out with the girls.

I could already feel my cock harden in my pants as I approached the girl in the tight black pants. I couldn’t resist and reached out to grab her ass. It was so nice and tight, I couldn’t stop squeezing her cheeks. I just wanted to yank down her pants, bend her over and go at it, but it wouldn’t be fun like that. I wanted them to participate. I tried to remember the way Rob talked to Lorena and put it the way he did.

“Alright you girls… you’re going to act the way you usually act, but you will focus your attention to me. You won’t notice or care that time is frozen all around you. And… um.. oh yeah.. you’ll do everything that I say and will answer all my questions with the honest truth. And um…. You’ll forget everything that happens after I unfreeze time. Um.. do you both understand me?”

Both girls said “Yes.” at the same time, which almost knocked me back in surprise. It was so weird having them reply while still stuck in mid-step. “Um.. alright… so start doing all the stuff I said… now!”

The girls started walking again and continued gossiping about whatever. I was surprised they were walking away from me, but they were indeed busy in their own conversation to notice everything around them was frozen in place. I walked up to them and decided to see if everything I said would happen, “Um hey ladies.”

The girls turned to look at me but continued to walk, though they slowed their pace. The dark haired one asked, “Um… yes?” while her friend just stared.

As they turned to face me, I notice that both of them were as lovely as their figures. The one with dark hair had bright hazel eyes and cute round face and little button nose. Her friend was a bit thinner so she had a slightly longer face and sky blue eyes, though her face showed more of an innocence that her friend lacked.

“I noticed you two walking uphill… are you on your way to college?”

The girl would say, “Yeah.” While her friend looked a bit nervous.

“What are your names, and how old are you two?”

The dark haired girl responded, “I’m Kylie, I’m 21.” Her friend would say “My name is Jessica and I’m 20.”

I smiled and decided that this was it, “Real cute names. I couldn’t help but noticed Kylie, but you got a real sweet ass. Do you work out?”

Jessica was speechless but Kylie soon frowned, “What the hell??? Why would you even ask something like that? What the hell… get away you perv.”

“No, instead how bout both of you turn around and let me check out those nice tight asses of yours.”

Confused and angry, Kylie still turned around and leaned over slightly, letting me see her nice round ass stretch her pants tightly. Jessica would do the same and drop her backpack to make it easier to see.

Though my main focus was on Kylie, I’d have to admit, her friend wasn’t so bad either. Her ass was a little smaller, but still something I’d tap. I reached out and grabbed them, my right hand on Kylie’s ass, my left on Jessica.

Kylie was the first to snap, “Get your fuckin hands off my ass!!!” Jessica would say, “Stop it!!” But both of them wouldn’t understand why they couldn’t simply walk away. They had to do whatever I said without realizing it.

As my hands caressed them, I asked, “So do you girls have boyfriends? Are you virgins?”

Kylie replied angrily, “Yes I do have a boyfriend. And no, I ain’t no virgin.”

Jessica answered with a more frightened tone in her voice, “I don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m not a virgin.”

I smiled, “It’s harder to find virgins nowadays. Do you suck your boyfriend’s cock, Kylie?”

Kylie would reply, “Yes I do… but that’s none of your business! How are you making me say all of this stuff anyway?”

“Don’t worry about that. How bout you get on your knees and suck my cock now. The way you do to your boyfriend.”

Kylie snapped, “What the fuck? Hell no!!!” but she would still turn to face me and then get on her knees in front of me.

Jessica would ask, “What are you doing???” as she turned to see her friend.

Kylie was confused, “I don’t know!! How are you making me do all of this?”

I looked at her friend, “You too Jessica. I want you both to check out my cock.”

Jessica would soon join her friend. The sight of these two hot girls on their knees and waiting to see my hard throbbing cock just made it even harder.

“Tell me what you both think of this.”

I unzipped my pants and felt them drop to my shoes. My boxers soon followed as my hard thick 8 inch shaft raised itself in front of both their faces, making them gasp. Due to my commands, they stopped arguing with me and just stared at it, admiring the hard rod that sprung before them.

Kylie was the first to respond, “Wow… you remind me of my last boyfriend… he was fuckin hung just like that…”

Jessica blushed and said, “He was? Well this guy is bigger than Chris was, that’s for sure. Wow…”

“Alright Kylie, start sucking my cock. Show me how good you are at giving head.”

Kylie didn’t hesitate to act. She took a firm grasp of my cock and slipped in her mouth. Taking nice slow slurps, she’d swallow half my length and suck hard as she pulled back. Her hand grasped tightly onto my shaft and rolled along with her motions as she pumped my cock with her mouth. Her warm slick mouth was incredible and I wanted to let her continue until I’d cum in her mouth, but I wanted Jessica to have a taste.

“Oh baby… that’s so good… I bet your boyfriend really loves you if you suck his cock like that all the time… alright Jessica, it’s your turn. I want to suck my cock too.”

Kylie pulled out and gave me a lustful look now, letting me know she was more than eager to continue. Jessica took hold of my cock nervously and slowly put it in her mouth. She tried to take as much of it as she could and started to slowly bob her head up and down on me. I held onto her long blonde hair and enjoyed how she worked my cock.

Kylie would then snap out of her daze, “What the hell… how did you make me suck your cock? I don’t even know you! And you’re making Jessica do it too!”

I looked down at her as her friend continued to suck me off, “Never mind that Kylie. Didn’t you like sucking my cock? Don’t you want to keep going? Don’t you want this thick hard cock inside your tight pussy?”

Kylie blushed, “Yeah… I really do… I’ve been busy with finals… I haven’t had time to just relax and have a good fuck.. it’s been a week…”

“I’ll fix that. You girls can call me Josh. Think of me as your loving boyfriend that you both share, and are eager to have sex with.” As I said that, Jessica changed her pace, working my cock more lovingly and without nervous hesitation anymore. Kylie also stopped looking at me defiantly and gave me a tender smile.

“Alright Kylie… Jessica is good, but I REALLY liked how you were doing it. Start sucking my cock again. Jessica stand up in front of me.”

Kylie took me back in her mouth and started sucking as masterfully as she did before, now rolling her tongue around my head. Jessica stood up and looked at me, as if awaiting her next command. “Take off that loose shirt there Jess. Let’s see what you have for me.”

Jessica took off her shirt and let it hit the floor. She had on a tight red bra, hugging a lovely set of 30Cs, round and perky and delicious to the eyes. I pulled her close and kissed her sweet lips, and she would wrap her arms around me, kissing back with equal desire. I breathed hard into her mouth as I felt Kylie continue to work on me.

I started feeling my cock rubbing the back of her throat, and the feeling was intense. Most women I had before would never try to deep throat me so the feeling was unfamiliar but still so good. I had to break the kiss with Jessica to look down and see Kylie completely devouring my cock like a hungry little slut. “Oh god… you’re incredible Kylie…. You’re driving me crazy…”

Jessica would now pull me back to her lips, “Don’t forget me.. you’re driving me crazy too..” She drove her tongue into her mouth as I tried to kiss back, still feeling myself being controlled by Kylie’s hungry mouth. I reached behind Jessica and soon unclipped her bra, letting me see her sweet breasts.

I soon broke free from her lips to go down and start sucking on her sweet nipples. I felt her hands on the back of my head push me into her tits as she gasped sweetly. It was weird, but between Jessica demanding I taste her breasts and Kylie deep throating me like a madwoman, it seemed the women were in control now.

I gasped as I felt myself getting close, “That’s good enough for now Kylie…” However, the girl had a mind of her own and shook her head at me as she started to stroke my cock vigorously.

“Not yet Josh… I want you to cum in my mouth… I always spit and never swallow, but I really wanna taste it this time!” I groaned as I felt my shaft hit the back of her throat again, her lips sucking hard along my length. Kylie was living out her deepest fantasies using me as her personal experiment. Before I could gasp, I felt Jessica’s tits cover my mouth, as the blonde was also eager for me to continue sucking on her sensitive nipples.

Kylie started to squeeze my cock just below the head as she continued to fuck her throat. I gasped and groaned as I never felt such an intense and furious blowjob. It was like she wanted to just squeeze the cum out of her, taking her own pleasure over my own. I wrapped my arms around Jessica and held her close as I finally found myself squirt a violent thick stream into her friend’s mouth.

“AGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!! FUCK!!!!” I couldn’t fight that back, it was the hardest I ever came. Jessica looked down to see her friend still working my cock as a second smaller shot filled her mouth. I could feel her continue to suck on me, and felt how she was swallowing everything I gave her. I panted hard as she finally released my cock, a bit of cum still on her bottom lip as her eyes locked onto mine.

“Oh fuck… that was hot… it’s the first time I ever swallowed… and I liked it… So gonna do that next time I blow my man…” Kylie said, though she was saying it more to herself than to either of us.

I grabbed my pants and started to zip them back up as Kylie got back up to her feet and looked at me.

“So what should I do now?” Jessica looked at me, also awaiting what was happening next. I wanted to fuck them both, but needed a place to do so. I looked back at my store, Tamara still frozen in place, holding the door open. Maybe I could use the break room for this.

“Follow me you two. Have you girls ever been to Low Price Deals?” Both of them would shake their heads. “Well you’re gonna get a special backstage tour of the place. I’m gonna take you to the back room and I’m gonna fuck you both.”

Jessica blushed a little, giving me a naughty smile, while Kylie’s face seemed a lot more lustful and anxious. The dark haired college girl reached for the crotch of my pants, rubbing the tired cock underneath. “Think you can handle the two of us after having cum so hard, Josh?”

I smiled as I started to lead the way, “We’ll soon see, won’t we? Though I think I’m gonna have to eat you out first Kylie. Both of you.”

Jessica squeeled, “Oh yes! I love that….my last boyfriend would never go down on me…”

“Then you’ll go first Jessica. Follow me.” I headed towards the store, and the girls followed me, not bothering to pick up their backpacks, or in Jessica’s case, put her shirt or bra back on. It was interesting as we walked past Tamara, since the girls made nothing of this redhead frozen in place, still holding the door open. I took a second to look into her lovely eyes, still staring off into space. I didn’t talk to her since I didn’t want to awaken her just yet. I wanted to deal with her by myself without her reacting to Kylie and Jessica.

We both walked past the empty aisles of the store, since it was technically still closed. I opened up the door to the break room, which had a table, some chairs, a TV and a fridge for the employees to relax. It felt strange to be doing this at my work place, but it was better than just being out in the street and who knows where these two lived.

The girls stepped inside and looked around as I closed the door behind them. “Alright ladies, take off your pants and your panties, both of you.”

Both girls did as told without protest and I could feel a stirring in my pants as I studied what they had between their legs. Kylie was nicely trimmed and Jessica had a bit of blonde on hers, and both of them just looked scrumptious.

With their pants off I could also appreciate how nice their long firm legs looked and how flat and toned their stomachs were. Seeing them with their pants off and staring at me, waiting for me to fuck them hard was like living a dream.

I moved in towards Kylie and finally took off her shirt to check out her luscious rack. She smiled as I started to squeeze them. They were a big bigger than Jessica’s but still nice and perky and tight. Jessica quickly cut in, “Hey, you said I was going to be first.”

“Yes of course sweetheart. Carefully sit on the edge of the table and spread your legs.” I let go of Kylie and turned to see the blonde doing exactly as told.

“You too Kylie. I want to see both of those sweet pussies… nice and wet and eager to be licked…” She soon followed suit and I had both girls side by side.

As promised, I went down on Jessica first, letting my tongue savour her tight wet snatch. She instantly gasped as I drove my tongue deep inside her, “Oh gawd!!! Your tongue feels so nice and warm….” Her hands quickly seized me and pushed me in as I started to lash my tongue deep inside her warm confines.

“You’re so nice and wet, Jessica… you’re eager to have me fuck you, aren’t you?” I’d say as I started to lick and tease her clit.

Jessica would grip tightly onto the table as she felt waves of pleasure rock her hard, “oh fuck… yes… I’m eager to have you fuck me good…. I want you fucking hard cock inside me… just fucking me good…”

I sucked hard on her little clit, making her moan and whimper in pleasure. I soon pulled back, and moved over to Kylie. She would quickly spread her legs and thrust her cunt outwards, eager to feel my tongue inside her. “Mmmm… c’mon big guy.. you know you wanna eat this pussy….”

Chapter 10 – Amber’s Evolving Relationship with Diana and Paul

She was met by a young paralegal who guided her back to a conference room.

They sat down and the paralegal introduced herself as they shook hands.

“I’m Stephanie Matthews. Mr. Grogan had another appointment, but was sure you would want to get your settlement as soon as possible,” the young paralegal explained.

She handed Amber a thick stapled document of legal sized paper.

Amber started reading through it but was quickly bewildered by the legalese.

“I’ll go over it with you,” the young woman said, and proceeded to go over it paragraph by paragraph, reading it out loud.

Amber struggled to stay awake and pay attention, as Stephanie read the legalese line by line, but after only five minutes, she fought to keep her eyes from rolling into the back of her head.

She stood up a couple of times and sat down again, trying to pay attention to all the details.

Stephanie was a very bland person and spoke in a monotone, which is why Grogan had chosen her for this task, but of course Amber had no way of knowing this.

Finally, Stephanie got to the end of the document. By this time, Amber had long since lost track of it and really had no idea what was in the contract, but when she heard $150,000–she perked up and came alert.

“Did you say $150,000?” she squeaked.

“Yes, that’s the total settlement,” Stephanie replied. “You realize that Duncan, Born & Grogan gets 40% for our fee, and then there will be taxes also.”

Amber nodded, and Stephanie had her initial that clause. It was still a lot more money than Amber had dreamed of. This would allow her some time to figure out what she would do with her life. She could move out and get her own place instead of relying on the charity of her best friend.

“Okay, where do I sign?” she asked.

“You understand that this is a binding and enforceable contract?”

“Yes yes,” Amber gushed as she grabbed the pen and looked for where to sign.

Stephanie handed her a pen and pointed out places she had to initial and where she had to sign.

So Amber left the office feeling good. What she didn’t realize is that her carelessness and Johnson’s cunning had just decided her fate. Grogan was an uncle of Johnson’s, and Amber had just signed a contract where she agreed to perform in six adult features per year for the next three years, for a total of 18 feature films in which she would perform in a sexual manner similar to other Sunshine Communication actresses, including participating in a specified number of photographic layouts, “loops” and promotional events.

Amber’s settlement included payment for these, plus all past films in which she starred. The total amount seemed like a lot to Amber, but it was far less than what Amber should have been able to get considering she was already a significant rising star in the porn industry.

The fact that Amber had just contracted to star in more pornographic films escaped her notice. “Not the sharpest knife in the kitchen” you might say? Well maybe, but Amber’s innate carelessness, naiveté, financial desperation, her excitement over the money, and the vast pages of legalese read out loud in monotone by the dullest woman in the office which lulled her into impatience, all contributed, and Amber is not the first person to be tricked, manipulated and coerced by the likes of Johnson McKenzie and slimy lawyers like Grogan.

Stephanie had promised that she would have a cashier’s check sent by messenger the following day, and Amber was up by 6 a.m. and stayed close to the door for hours until the messenger came by around noon with a large cardboard envelope.

Amber ripped it open and held the cashier’s check with trembling hands. It was a lot less than $150,000 due to the lawyer’s fees and taxes, but still in the tens of thousands. Within the hour, she deposited in her account and she was no longer poor. She quickly got her cell phone paid in full and her service restored. She spent the rest of the day shopping, buying new clothes for herself and lavish Christmas gifts for Paul and Diana which she wrapped and piled on the coffee table. Having lived with them for several months, she knew exactly what they needed. She also took out a cashier’s check to cover several months of rent and paid their power and utility bills over the phone.

As she walked down “The Ave” coming home from shopping, she passed the small porn shop where she had been accosted by the young man wanting her autograph on her DVD–when she first found out what Johnson had done to her. She felt seized by a sudden impulse. She was wearing sunglasses in the hopes she wouldn’t be recognized, as well as a beanie to keep her ears warm. She went inside, hoping no one would recognize her.

Inside the porn shop, she quickly realized she was the only woman. Two men looked at her from behind the counter, and she had to check her shopping bags with them. She wandered quickly through the aisles before she found what she was looking for.

She saw the title on the DVD cover: “Amber Butterfly Comes Out”. She glanced at her picture on the cover, on her knees about to give head, looking over her shoulder. Her vivid tattoo on display from her shoulder down to her bare ass. Then she saw another title next to it–another picture of her on the cover, her bare tits displayed, the pendant of the amber covered butterfly hanging between them. She found two others and then hurried up to the counter to make her purchase.

She was anxious to leave, but the cashier was in no hurry. He rang up the videos one by one, taking his time while Amber fidgeted nervously.

Finally he handed her a brown paper bag.

“I’m surprised the producer didn’t give you complimentary copies. When are you going to make another?” he asked.

“I–I don’t know yet,” she stammered, somewhat nonplussed.

“I’m the manager here. If you would be willing to come down for a promotion, I’d be willing to pay you, depending on what you’re willing to do. Your movies are doing good–but promotion can make a huge difference. Have your agent call us–okay?” he asked.

“I’ll do that,” she said, clutching the bag and heading out the door.

“Wait–don’t forget your shopping bags!” he called out to her–just in time.

That night she watched the videos in Paul and Diana’s room. Her hands shook as she removed the plastic wrap and the tape holding the DVD case shut. She pushed the button “open/close” button and the DVD receptacle slid slowly out. She carefully put the disc in and closed it, and turned the TV on. When the image flickered on the screen she let her breathe out–she didn’t even realize she had been holding it. Then she laid down on the bed and watched.

She was shocked, though not surprised to find that the series was a pseudo-documentary. What she hadn’t realized is how much of her life was caught on video–even non-sex scenes. The start of the movie showed her as a prude, unwilling to have sex. She was repressed, even frigid. The movie had been cleverly edited to exaggerate this, although she had to admit there was some truth to it. The movie portrayed Johnson as opening her up to a healthy level of sexuality.

The big change in the first movie came when she got the tattoo. Johnson had made it appear as if she had begged to get the tattoo, and that he had paid for it–the exact opposite of the truth. There was a time-lapse segment of the tattoo being created over the days.

After she received the tattoo, the movie portrayed her as becoming a total slut. The clothes she chose–this was portrayed as her idea, not Johnson’s. On screen, she was portrayed as increasingly obsessed with sex, begging Johnson for his cock, unable to get enough. He acted overwhelmed, like he could barely keep up. His own infidelities were omitted.

She was shown sucking him off and begging for his cum, never getting enough. Her recorded words had been edited to this effect, and this was also shown by dialogue between Johnson and other actors.

The time she had been working out and doing the splits naked–that was in the second video. The threesome with Kyle was portrayed as her idea, with Johnson only reluctantly going along with it, and begging her not to.

In the third video she got more and more slutty, arranging for and begging for the threesome with Kathleen who was unaccredited and whose face had been mostly edited out. It also showed her blowing Johnson’s friends–again, their faces could not be clearly seen. Again, she was portrayed as an out-of-control slut, and poor Johnson was the cuckold–watching helplessly as Amber went after his friends. The movies had additional footage of Johnson narrating much of this.

The fourth video showed scenes of her at the party, and the gangbang with Cinnabar. Amber was portrayed as an insistent and enthusiastic participant rather than drugged and seduced. Johnson, again, was shown as the cuckold, weeping and bewildered, and trying to come to terms with her transformation into a complete slut, but unwilling to leave Amber because of his love for her. Anything that would show otherwise was edited out, and the remainder edited together, including her own words.

She was angry at the twisted portrayal, but after she got over the anger, she became increasingly turned on watching the sex scenes. Much of it she remembered, and also had seen on the Internet, but it was a fresh perspective watching the whole story strong together. Eventually, she couldn’t help herself and masturbated as she watched them, first using her hands, and then her dildo, cumming over and over.

After she had masturbated, and as she watched the rest of the movie, she became more thoughtful. Although the movie had twisted the truth, she had to admit there was a fundamental truth portrayed–she had indeed changed a lot. She HAD become a slut. She realized that now. She loved sex and needed lots of it. Furthermore, she was discovering that she enjoyed watching and being watched also. Maybe she should accept herself for who she was.

For the next two days, she watched the Amber Butterfly series over and over until Paul came home.

She picked up Paul at the airport in the evening. Excitedly, she told him about her settlement and ordered out Chinese food.

As they ate, Amber was bubbling with happiness and couldn’t keep her mouth shut, but Paul felt a small bit of doubt gnawing at him. As a law student, he wished he had been in town when Amber had been offered the settlement.

“You should have a copy of the settlement agreement? I’d like to take a look at it.”

“Oh it’s around somewhere,” she chirped.

“Can you get it and let me take a look at it?”

Amber struggled to talk with a mouthful of rice.

“Mmmmfff, Paul, it’s okay. It was a lawyer who was representing me. Let’s just celebrate,” she pleaded.

Amber, like Paul, suddenly felt a as if dark butterflies were fluttering around in the back of her head. She felt that something might be dreadfully wrong–but what could be wrong? Her money problems were over–at least for the time being. At least she had gotten paid for her accidental career choice. Now she wanted to put it behind her once and for all.

Paul smiled as she handed him a glass of wine.

“To the future, whatever it may hold,” she said, raising her glass in toast.

Paul tapped her goblet with his own and they drank together.

He got a fire going, and over the next couple of hours, the two talked and finished the bottle of wine together.

For Amber, it felt very warm in the apartment. She looked at Paul, he looked tired but so handsome. She suddenly felt self-conscious. She was wearing a low-cut blouse and a skirt with a slit on the side, and stockings held up by garter belts, and pumps on her feet–typical clothes for her. At one time, she would not have been caught dead in such blatantly sexual clothes, but in the years since she had met Johnson, all her clothes had been gradually replaced with ones he had chosen, to the point where all of it showed off her figure, or a lot of skin, or was sexy, or all of the above. She had gotten used to dressing like this, taken it for granted even.

Now she looked down at her lap, conscious of the fact that the slit of her skirt had ridden up and was exposing the top of her stocking the strap of her garter. She was afraid to pull her skirt down, because it might call attention to it.

She looked over at Paul, but he was watching the television. The love seat was old and tended to sink in the middle, causing two people sitting in it to come together, and she became hyper-aware of the feel of his thigh against hers. She felt the heat rising between her legs, and couldn’t help but squirm in her seat. Her thong underwear was getting wet, making her uncomfortable. It was pulled up tight against her clit, making her horny.

Paul noticed her stare and looked over at her. She looked at him with those big brown eyes. Her golden hair was pulled up in a pony tail, although wisps of it were loose and framed her beautiful face. Her chest was heaving up and down, and her face was slightly flushed. Her nipples were erect, and pushed out against her lace bra and blouse. Her mouth was open, and she unconsciously ran her tongue along her lips.

He bent forward, hesitating slightly, but her lips quickly found his and they were kissing. They continued making out for a while, Paul’s hands found her swollen breasts and massaged them as they kissed, swirling their tongues together.

Amber stopped and pulled away.

“Paul–I’m sorry,” she panted. “I can’t believe I almost did this. You belong to Diana!” she sobbed, a tear rolling down her cheek.

She stood up to get away from him, before she was tempted any more than she already was.

“Amber!” he said sharply.

She looked at him.

“It’s okay. Diana and I discussed this. I already know about you and her, we’ve agreed that it’s okay for both of us, only with you.”

He reached up and pulled her arm, and she fell forward into his arms, straddling his lap.

Paul felt his stiff cock and swollen balls pressed down hard as she sat on his lap and ground her loins in his lap, kissing him the entire time. She stopped and rolled her head back, and he kissed and sucked on her neck, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. Her full breasts appeared as if they were ready to burst out of her low-cut blouse, and Paul bent his head down to kiss them, running his lips back and forth.

Amber moaned, and then stood up again.

Paul looked up at her, a question on his face. He started to stand up, but she pushed him back down.

Amber slowly unbuttoned her blouse, as Paul watched, eyes wide. She started slowly swaying, doing a striptease for him. Soon the buttons were all undone, and her blouse hung open. She continued swaying, and moved her hands up to squeeze and massage her breasts, the whole time watching him.

The blouse came off completely, and she threw it in his lap. She spun around, and reached down, undoing the buttons on the side of her skirt, and as she completed the spin, her skirt was gone. Now she was dressed only in her black lace bra, g-string, garters and stockings, as well as the pumps on her feet.

She continued swaying, as if there was music to dance to, and moving closer to him, turned around, her curvy ass swaying before his face. She leaned forward, causing her g-string to slip further up her crack, and accentuating the heart-shaped curve of her haunches. In the meantime, while he was watching her swaying ass, she reached behind her to undo her bra.

She stood up and spun back around to face him, and bent over low. Her bra fell away, and she felt her heavy breasts swing free and settle in front of his face, nipples erect. She continued moving around, swaying back and forth, rubbing her hands up and down her body.

Then she came up close to him again, her full breasts once more swinging right in front of his face, hard nipples an inch away from his lips.

Paul gasped and grabbed her tits in his hands, bring one nipple up to his lips, and Amber fell forward again, straddling his lap again, grinding up and down, her heavy tits smacked the sides of Paul’s head as she gyrated in his lap.

He reached around grabbing her ass cheeks as she rocked in his lap, her tits bouncing and slapping against his face as he gamely tried to latch his lips onto one of her nipples.

She laughed and stood up again, making him moan in frustration, and turned around, exposing her backside to him. She resumed her swaying dance, undulating close to him.

Paul could see the highly detailed tattoo work on her back. All the fairies seemed to be smiling seductively at him–all of them appeared to be aroused. Although part of the tattoo was covered up with the garter belt, most of the tattoo was visible. The largest fairy on her ass in particular fascinated him–kneeling naked on its hands and knees, it’s bare ass high in the air, a seductive smile on its lips.

Suddenly Amber stopped swaying, and she reached to the sides of her hips and slowly started pulling the straps to the g-string down over her hips, which she had worn on top of the garter belts. The strings came down slowly, and came out of the crack of her ass slowly. Soon, her wet cunt made it’s first appearance. Paul was close enough to see her engorged clit and her swollen labia. She was so hot, her lips appeared to glisten.

Then the g-string dropped to the floor, and she stepped out of it carefully with her feet still in sandals. Then she picked it up and threw it into his face. He clutched it and held it up to his nose, breathing in the musky odor of her arousal. She smiled at him, and slowly walked into the master bedroom.

Paul shook himself out of his daze, and came after her. As he entered the room, Amber closed the door behind him and pressed up against him, kissing him. Then she started unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his chest as she did so. She pulled it off and over his shoulders, then dropped to her knees.

Amber was overwhelmed by lust. The striptease she had performed had turned her on even more than it had aroused Paul. She felt a strong sense of urgency, as she undid his trousers and pulled them down, whipping his underwear down.

His cock bounced a little as she pulled his underwear down, and she moaned with pleasure as she saw his cock, so stiff it arched slightly upwards, veins bulging along the sides of his shaft. She also noticed that his balls were huge. She gasped and gently massaged them through his scrotum, fascinated by their size and weight. With her other hand, she stroked his stiff prick.

Amber stuck her tongue out and licked the gleaming oily precum oozing out of the tip of the head of his cock. She liked the taste of it, but couldn’t stop herself from taking his cock deep in her mouth. She did so with a moan of lust, and started bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock.

Amber was a skilled enough fellatrix to tell when Paul was close to ejaculating, and she wanted him inside herself. She stood and kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he did so.

Paul’s arms were wrapped around her waist, caressing her as they kissed, and he moved them down to her round firm ass cheeks. With her gymnast’s flexibility, she swung her legs up and wrapped them around Paul’s waist. She felt Paul’s cock-head poke up against her pussy opening for a moment, and with a slight jerk she aligned herself better and slid down on to him.

With her 120 lbs held by her arms around his shoulders and legs around his waist, and his grip on her ass, her weight also pushed down on his cock, mashing her clit against his rock-hard erection. Her extreme lubrication helped him to slide his cock in and out readily.

Paul gasped with pleasure, gripping her ass hard, he fucked her hard on his feet. He was almost overcome by the overwhelming physical sensation of her hot wet pussy gripping his cock, but managed to keep on his feet. He spun around, carrying Amber with him as she whimpered and pushed her up against the wall, pounding her hard, her back banging against the wall repeatedly as he pounded in and out of her. Her breasts pressed up against his chest.

Amber was cumming hard, whimpering as they continued to kiss, and Paul felt a rush of hot lubricant run out of her pussy and around his testicles, which were slapping up against the bottoms of her ass cheeks. Her cries of passion pushed him over the edge and he started cumming as well, as hard as he had in a long time. He ejaculated so much, the cum ran out of her pussy, and Amber could feel streams of cum run down out of her cunt into the crack of her ass.

As their orgasms subsided, Paul’s cock lost its erection, and Amber’s feet found the floor. She sighed as her feet touched the ground, and beads of Paul’s semen ran down her thighs.

“That’s was so good,” she sighed, tilting her head up for another kiss.

Later that night, Amber couldn’t sleep. Her eyes opened up. The room was still lit by the lamp light. Paul lay beside her snoring, naked lying on top of the covers. She saw the webcam by the computer staring at her, and remembered how Johnson had used hers to film her having sex with him. That sent a chill down her at first.

But she continued thinking about it, and slipped out of bed back into her room. She opened her laptop and Googled her name, and watched a few clips of herself getting fucked. Some of the latest clips included scenes of her at the party she could barely remember.

Amber was still dressed only in stockings and garter belts, and she felt her nipples tighten up and her pussy begin to lubricate again. She pulled her legs up and started stroking her pussy.

Suddenly she was seized by a perverse desire. Her chest heaved up and down as she breathed hard, and crept back into Paul and Diana’s room and up on to the bed. She felt her tits swing underneath her as she crawled up on her hands and knees.

She looked over at the web cam. She knew it wasn’t on, but imagined in her mind that it was, and that she was being filmed and recorded.

Her face felt hot and flushed. She was trembling with lust, her genitals were swollen and throbbing as she imagined herself being filmed. She turned on her hands and knees so that her pussy was pointing straight at the camera, and then slowly spread her knees far apart. She heard a wet sound as her swollen labia opened up. Amber arched her back and lifted her ass high in the air. She rocked back and forth, sighing, imaging she was getting fucked for the camera.

Underneath her, Paul’s legs stirred. She turned so that she could kiss him.

Paul woke up, seeing Amber’s large brown eyes and lush lips. They kissed for a few minutes, and then Amber started kissing her way down his chest, dragging her stiff nipples along his chest and then his belly as she kissed her way down to his groin. She ran her mouth up and down his cock a few times, ensuring that it was good and hard, but there was really no need. Paul had a serious case of what men often call “morning wood”. Amber paused and pulled his on hands, drawing him up to a sitting position.

Paul sat up, and took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking it, and then moved to the other. Amber threw her head back and moaned with pleasure, but she wanted something else. She pulled his head off of her nipple and looked him in the eyes.

“I want you to fuck me,” she asked solemnly.

Paul’s cock flexed again. There was something so sexy about the way she looked at him with those big brown eyes. She had thick curvy lips and an angelic face, topped off with a thick head of golden blonde hair.

He nodded, and she crawled up on the bed ahead of him. He was stunned by her well-shaped ass, with the sexy tattoo, her cunt was dripping wet, and she spread her knees wide and reached underneath with one hand and parted her pink pussy lips. Paul could see right up her cunt. It was so wet it looked gooey, and her labia was glistening, pink, and swollen. Paul felt his cock stiffen even more, and he crawled up behind her, and ran his fingers up and down her slit. She whimpered with lust, moving her pussy up and down along his fingers. His fingers slipped inside her hot pussy easily. Amber moaned, moving her haunches up and down, rubbing her slit along his fingers.

Paul’s cock was rock hard once again. What man could possibly resist this? Paul moved up and guided his cock into her wet slit. Her cunt seemed to be dripping lubrication. The head of his cock pushed past the outer lips and slipped easily inside like a hot knife into butter. Amber moaned and pushed back against him, and he started fucking her. He picked up speed as she pushed back and forth against him.

Amber rocked back and forth as he fucked her. How did she ever become such a slut she wondered briefly, allowing herself to be fucked good and hard by her best friend’s boyfriend? The thought was only brief, and was quickly overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling. She pushed back hard with her haunches, enjoying the sensations. She turned her head to her side, and saw the webcam by the computer on the desk beside the bed.

Amber turned and angled herself so that if the cam were actually operating, it could catch the sight of her pussy being penetrated by Paul’s cock. Then she imagined that they were being filmed and felt a huge rush of pleasure at the thought.

Paul couldn’t believe it. Amber’s cunt was so hot and so slick, he was hard pressed to keep his cock from slipping out. He was able to keep it in though because she was tight and he had a good sized cock. He could feel the cum churning in his balls.

Amber was whimpering as he fucked her, and dropped her head and shoulders down to the blankets below her. She clutched the blanket and stuffed it in her mouth to try to muffle her cries of pleasure. She could feel the fabric rubbing against her stiff nipples as her tits pressed down against the blankets.

Within minutes, she exploded in a huge orgasm. Paul struggled to hold on to her as she thrashed, moaning, muttering incoherently, pushing her haunches back and forth rapidly, pounding her ass hard up against his groin as his cock fucked into her. He felt a rush of heat from her juices and struggled to hold back himself.

After a few minutes, she started slowing down with a sigh, and collapsed down on the bed, breathing hard, luxuriating in the warm afterglow of her orgasm. She suddenly realized that Paul had not cum yet. He moved up around, his still-hard cock next to her mouth.

Amber sat up, grasped his cock and stroked it.

“Why don’t you come over here by the side of the bed,” she suggested.

Paul walked over by the desk and Amber dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked over at the webcam, wanting to be positioned so that if the webcam were filming them, it would catch the action close up.

Amber examined his cock and balls, stroking him, and mouthing his shaft up and down along the side. Poor baby! He was so stiff and hard!

She flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue, tasting her own juices on the leathery skin of his cock. She licked around the spongy head, and then licked the underside of his cock. She pulled his swollen balls into her mouth, one at a time. She was careful though, it was obvious they were swollen and aching. She liked to prolong her blowjobs, but she knew he needed relief quickly. His cock was so hard and swollen it was purple, and she could tell his balls were swollen and sensitive.

Grasping his cock hard around the base, she licked back up to the tip of his cock, looking up to watch his reaction, then opened her mouth wide and plunged down on his cock, bobbing her head back and forth, stroking his cock up and down with her hand as she did so.

Paul gasped. Although he loved Diana and enjoyed her blowjobs, he was forced to admit that Amber had an extraordinary talent in this area. He stared down at her head as she ran her lips up and down his shaft. She was such an eager and enthusiastic fellatrix! He could feel his balls start to tighten up and knew he was going to blow within seconds.

Amber continued bobbing her head, taking his cock deep each time, nearly to the root with ease. She stroked his ball sack as she plunged her head up and down.

Paul’s knees nearly buckled as he started feeling dizzy from the overwhelming power of his orgasm. His balls were swollen and sore from the need to ejaculate. Amber knew he was close, and she knew exactly how to get a cock to cum. She changed her stroke, increasing the speed, and then when she felt his first convulsion, she slowed down and stroked his cock at the base, urging the cock-juice out.

Paul’s breathing was ragged and irregular. His balls felt as if they were filled with molten lead and they were aching as they slapped up against Amber’s chin. He could barely suppress a moan as he started thrusting his hips forward, shoving his cock into Amber’s mouth. She reached up and gripped him a hard grasp around the root of his cock though to control the pace. He felt the cum surging up his stalk–forcing it’s way.

He couldn’t have held back if he wanted to–not with an expert cocksucker like Amber blowing him. He came so hard his cock and balls almost hurt. He felt his prostate convulse uncontrollably and fire out into Amber’s mouth, over and over again. Amber stopped moving her head, and just continued gently stroking him, milking out every last drop of his cum.

Amber felt the tip of his dick spray against her tongue. She let his cum accumulate in her mouth as he ejaculated, tasting it before she swallowed. Amber grinned up at Paul as she swallowed his cum and his cock slipped from her lips, leaving a thin trail of jism which ran down her chin.

Paul had fallen back against the door, gasping with pleasure.

Amber ran her lips up and down on his cock a few more times.

“Your cock is so beautiful!,” she gushed, smiling up at him. “Such a stud!”

She licked his cock some more, playing with it, slapping it against her face, running her tongue around the well-lubricated head. It was deflating though, and Amber knew it would take hours to recover.

They needed to clean up. It was already after 9 a.m. in the morning, and in a few hours they had to pick up Diana at the airport.

They showered, and Amber fixed them both a breakfast. Afterwards, they cleaned up the bedroom, and Amber changed all the blankets and sheets and took them to the laundry room.

They picked Diana up that afternoon, finding her in the baggage claim area of the airport. After hugs and kisses Paul grabbed her suitcase from the carousel and they went to the car.

Amber offered to take them to Red Lobster for dinner, since she had money from her settlement. They were seated in a circular booth, and Amber found herself squeezed between Paul on one side and Diana on the other. Paul and Diana each talked about their vacations, and Amber talked about her settlement.

They ordered Nachos as appetizers and as they chatted, Amber was shocked to feel Diana’s hand on her thigh! Amber, as was her habit, was wearing a short skirt with stockings and garters. As Paul talked and they ate, Diana started stroking Amber’s thigh, running her fingers along the strap of her garter, and ran her fingers up and down the inside of Ambers’ thigh, pushing her skirt up as she did so.

Amber was embarrassed and afraid someone would see, but her pussy was dripping wet. In fact, she was afraid some of her juices would get on the vinyl seat of the booth. She tried to keep her legs closed, but Diana’s fingers insistently pushed down between her thighs.

“Open them up,” Diana whispered in her ear.

Amber’s face grew red.

“Open them up!” she whispered louder.

Amber reluctantly spread her thighs, and Diana’s fingers started stroking her wet cunt through her soaking silk panties.

Amber whimpered and continued pretending to listen to Paul talking about his family, the whole time, Diana was rubbing her pussy closer to orgasm. Diana slipped her fingers under the elastic band of Amber’s panties and started stroking her pussy directly, her fingers slipping into the folds of Amber’s sopping cunt.

Diana continued her covert masturbation of her best friend, bringing Amber closer and closer to an orgasm. By this time, Amber’s pussy juices were running copiously. Diana tugged at Amber’s wet panties, pulling them down her thighs. Amber lifted her ass for a second and Diana pulled them down, and slipped them over Amber’s knees, and they fell to the floor.

As Amber wondered how she could gracefully retrieve her panties, she felt Diana’s hand pulling her thigh open again, and as she complied she felt Diana’s hand return to her wet slit and resume it’s stroking of her clit. She felt her bare ass on the vinyl seat and was embarrassed to feel her wet juices pooling on the seat also, but she was soon panting hard and trying not to moan.Paul meanwhile, was far away, talking about his family, as the two girls pretended to be playing close attention.

The waitress came up to take their order, and Paul gave his, but as she looked at Amber she paused.

“Are you okay? You look like you’re having a…” the waitress paused, turning red. “…a hot flash.”

Amber’s face was red. Diana’s hand was stroking her clit in lazy circles. She managed to keep her composure and just asked for an iced tea.

Diana ordered a salad and the waitress left. Diana asked Paul some questions, the whole time, her fingers continued their assault on Amber’s pussy. Amber’s hands gripped the table as she fought to keep her composure. She struggled to keep from crying out and moving her hips. The whole time, Diana had her finger up inside Amber’s cunt, rubbing her g-spot insistently, without any concern for Amber’s plight.

Amber could smell her own wet pussy juices, and hear the squishing noises Diana’s fingers were making, and she was terrified someone else would

Paul excused himself to go to the bathroom.

“Go ahead and cum now,” Diana said softly to Amber, as she worked her fingers against Amber’s g-spot .

Amber moaned softly, gripping the table hard, as she allowed herself to let go. She closed her eyes and came hard, spraying some juices against Diana’s fingers. She gave a soft gasp as the orgasm shook her body, then panted softly as she started coming down.

Diana took her fingers out of Amber’s pussy and looking Amber in the eyes, she slipped her fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. Amber trembled with pleasure as she felt her body relaxing.

“Are you okay?” a man asked, looking over from the next booth.

“Um–yeah, I just had a Charlie Horse in my leg,” she improvised.

“Try standing up and walking it out,” the man advised.

“Good idea!” she replied and slid around the booth, pulling her skirt back down her thighs, then she got up and walked to the bathroom, meeting Paul on the way back. He smiled and nodded at her as she passed. Amber looked over her shoulder to see Diana smiling slyly at Paul as he sat back down.

“Amber, would you come in here a minute?” Diana asked her, sticking her head in the door.

It was the night following Diana’s return, and Amber was in bed wearing one of her thin filmy teddys, but something in Diana’s tone brooked no delay, so she didn’t stop to put on a robe.

Diana motioned with her finger for her to come in to their room, and Amber nervously followed.

“Were you using our DVD player?” she asked, pointing to the TV.

Amber turned and looked and gasped with horror. She had left one of the DVD’s in their player!

“Oh my God!” she gasped.

“I’m so sorry–I was curious,” she ran up, looking for the button to eject it.

Diana grabbed her arm.

“It’s okay,” she said softly. “Actually, we’re curious too.”

Amber turned and looked at her, breathing hard, face red.

“Do you mind if we watch it? In fact, why don’t you watch it with us?” Diana asked calmly.

Amber hesitated, uncertain.

Diana took her hand, pulling her toward the bed.

Amber allowed herself to be pulled up on to the bed with them, and found herself lying between them. Paul was wearing just his boxer shorts, and Diana a thin filmy nightie that Amber had given her as a Christmas gift. Amber swallowed. Even in the dim light, she could see Diana’s nipples through the translucent fabric, and she became acutely aware that her own were also visible to both Diana and Paul.

She turned nervously and looked at the TV screen, Paul moved over to give her room on one side as Diana pulled her down on to the bed with Paul between them. Amber sat up with her back and shoulders supported by pillows. The room was lit only by the glow of light from the TV monitor.

The movie was “Amber Butterfly Does ‘Em All”.

At first she was self-conscious, but after 15 or 20 minutes, she relaxed and almost forgot Diana and Paul were even lying on the bed with her.

On the TV screen she was watching herself and Amber at the party–the party that had turned into an orgy–the whole party had been filed and edited down to a 2 hour movie. It had been cut and edited in such a way, that it appeared that it was all Amber’s idea to go, with Johnson being the reluctant one.

On the screen, Amber and Cinnabar were examining Ron’s cock in awe.

“This cock deserves the best blowjob we can give it,” Cinnabar declared. “Join me?”

Amber watched herself on screen. The camera must have been close–she had barely noticed it at the time. She watched herself run her tongue from bottom of Ron’s shaft up to the tip of the head, and then down again. Cinnabar did the same on the other side. As she watched, Amber felt her breathing getting deeper. Her cheeks were flushed.

Paul and Diana were also watching the double blowjob on the TV screen. They watched as the two girls on the screen ran their tongue’s up and down either side of the stiff cock in front of them, each time one ran their lips up to the top, the other was working their way down, and whoever was at the tip took a turn swallowing him, swooping their lips over the helmet of his thick cock, and then down again, running their lips along his aching shaft. As they watched, Diana had been rubbing her hand up and down Paul’s torso. She slipped her hand under his boxer shorts and took his hard cock in hand and started gently stroking it.

Amber started massaging her breasts with one hand, and covertly put her other hand between her legs, hoping Paul and Diana wouldn’t notice. She watched the screen, and saw Cinnabar running her mouth down to the base of Ron’s erection. Amber meanwhile went up to the top and down, taking him deep inside, and then she came back up and ran her mouth down just as Cinnabar came up to dive down on him. Back and forth they went, timing it perfectly.

“Amber,” Diana’s voice broke through her reverie.

Amber started, pulling her fingers out of her sopping wet pussy–embarrassed. She looked over at Diana, and saw her friend was bent over Paul.

She was astonished to see Diana’s lips wrapped tight around Paul’s hard cock, her head bobbing up and down. Diana pulled her mouth off the head of Paul’s stiff member with a pop, and motioned for Amber to get closer.

“I want to do what you’re doing there,” she nodded her head at the TV screen.

Amber sat up, and pulled her Teddy off. Then she bent over until her face was right up against her friend’s face, as it bobbed up and down on Paul’s cock. At this close distance, she could hear the sound of Diana’s lips running along the veined surface of Paul’s leather prick.

Diana pulled her mouth off of her boyfriend’s cock, and pointed it toward Amber’s open mouth. Amber hesitated, looking into Diana’s eyes. Diana smiled encouragement and nodded, and Amber slowly lowered her mouth over the head of Paul’s cock.

Pausing only briefly to look in Diana’s eyes, Amber began to slide her mouth up and down Paul’s engorged cock. Amber moved her lips up and down, never losing eye contact with Diana. After a minute, she pulled her lips off, slowly, and licking the head of Paul’s cock, passed it over to Diana’s open mouth, and pushed it in.

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