How she hated to have to go back to work, all she could get was permission to arrive a couple of hours later. He was so mad, asked her to quit it, but still sent her away all fluttery after some making out in the shower. Meantime James was going to pick some of his equipment with his friends, to start conditioning his room.

All day Kristen felt like floating in the air, smiling to herself, forgetting everything in everywhere, taking twice the required time to do her things. People in the office couldn’t keep from picking at her, for it was too obvious that she was in bliss.

When she came back late afternoon she was already having strong impulses to rush at his side. But as soon as she stepped out of her car loud music and laughs welcomed her. So there was a party at home…

The kitchen bar was full of empty beer bottles, and inside there were like 20 guys. She greeted familiar faces, and even those who were unknown to her, while “Satan’s fall” rumbled from some new installed speakers, making her worry about the neighbors. She finally found James, in the middle of the living room. He was sitting on one of the kitchen’s high stools, head banging passionately to the music, electric guitar hanging on his back by the strap, and clutching an odd kind of black ball, as if it was a baby.

Some guy’s voice raised above the several conversations taking place, to yell at him: “Throw it here, man!”

James took the thing in one hand and threw it in a short pass, and as it traveled the air he yelled: “Uuhhh, this one flies!” She couldn’t make out what the thing was, but got distracted by James’ greeting: “The lady of the house!” As he extended his arms to welcome her, with the silliest drunken grin she’d ever seen.

She gave all a shy smile and rushed for him, giving him a tight hug and a passionate kiss, that almost made him fall. God knows she’d been craving for it all the fucking day, even if it tasted like alcohol.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuh!” Several voices began to mock them, she turned and gave them an annoyed look, but then couldn’t help a sheepish smile feeling warmed up by the closeness of her love.

“Oh, shut up and hand me a beer!” She snapped, her arms still circled round his neck, being kept close to him by his firm hand on her waist.

The party kept going, as she kept snugged to James, unable to resist kissing him or stroking his hair from time to time, even though she was aware of his current state, knowing she was probably the only thing that kept him up that chair…

He was feeling so good, loved the company, the music, the booze, and felt quite full of himself having his girl all mellow over him. Although, drinking the thirtieth beer of the day, his senses were getting numb, and his voice was coming in a slow tempo. But the closeness of Kristen still stirred his desire, as he was now staring shamelessly at her breasts, somehow strong enough to exercise some control over his actions to keep his hands in a decency permitted range.

She leaned to his ear and told him: “Send them home, let’s start our private party”. That sounded just as good to him, who slowly nodded, loosing balance a bit.

Suddenly he heard his friend Jim’s voice who called: “Het! Think fast!” And threw to him the strange artifact, but before he was able to react, Kristen’s hands catch it in the air. Then she looked at it in disbelief, feeling the charred texture in her hands, noticed the wings and legs of it …they’d been playing with her burnt dinner all the time!

Loud laughs exploded at the moment of her realization, and a weave of embarrassment ran over her… She shot James a murderous side look.

“You are so dead!” That sentence wiped his smile immediately, then she shoved the chicken to his stomach, making him almost fall.

“Thank you, Fatso!” He snapped to his friend, and turned to her in a pleading tone: “Oh, c’mon, you oughtta admit it pretty funny”. He ended with one of his wide full of teeth smile. Actually she couldn’t help to smile back, but grabbed him roughly from his neck with one arm and whispered lowly to his ear:

“I had such sweet plans for you and little Jamie, see? But now, you can forget about it”. His face turned sad.

Slowly the place was emptied in the next half hour. Kristen found herself with a house full of empty bottles, and a huge boyfriend to carry to bed. Slowly she removed the guitar off his back by the strap, carefully placing it in the floor, not to bruise it at all.

Then ducked and placed her head under his arm, to motion him to walk. He stood up and backed out: “Wait! I still can walk by myself! No need to carry me, just take my hand.” He shot her a sexy smile. She couldn’t help to give him the same smile, and reached his hand to pull him to her way. He followed slowly, but balanced quite well. She took him to the bed and as she tried to make him lay, he took her with him, to fall over him. Still, he laid flat, out of energy.

She leaned over him, to watch him stare to the roof, totally relaxed. She sat and reached for his feet to remove both tennis shoes. Then tried to help him out of his pants, she carefully unbuttoned and then unzipped them, and as she placed her fingers over the bones of his hips, he gave a loud laugh and double up, taking his arms to his chest instinctively. So cute she felt like melting, but her evil vein felt an enormous pleasure at his helplessness. She looked at him greedily.

“Oh, I think I found and tickle spot!” She bent down to him and bit him on one of his hip bones, as he laughed hard again and pushed her away.

She straighten up and studied him with an evil grin. Where would she find another weak point. He looked at her and curled in front of her to protect his torso, but she rather went for his ass, giving it a lustful light caress down up with one hand. That made him twist again and turn on his back again, but she fell on him reaching for his ribs tickling him some more, still he easily took her hands off, and placed them behind her back with one firm grip, then placed one long leg over hers, Forcing her to lay on her side facing him, nested to his chest, as he accommodated his chin over her head. She was trapped.

Fuck! He wasn’t so helpless as I thought. She acknowledged bitterly.

“You are a wicked little one. I’ve never taken advantage of you when you’d been in this state…” He said calmly, and then couldn’t help a smile and continued: “or well, at least not the first time.” He shook a bit with laugh.

She felt herself blushing in embarrassment, she was still pretty sensitive about that memory. Talking of first impressions!

“I’ve said I’m sorry so many times, it wasn’t my fault you wanted to help me.” She said apologetically.

“I wanted to, you were hot and helpless…” He cleared his voice. “Anyway, you were going to be taken by the police or be predated by someone, so I couldn’t let you there past out drunk to sleep in your car with a strip club at the other side of the street, could I?”

She granted him that in her mind. She’d been so irresponsible.

*** It was the beginning of the year, she had gone to this Spastick Children venue on Broadway Avenue with a friend, she wanted desperately to get near to him, and came to find he already had a girlfriend. She was so down, ended up having this stupid contest of tequila shots with some random guys, and when she still felt she couldn’t stand on her feet, had a moment of clarity and decided to sneak out of trouble and get to rest in to her car.

Late that night, after unplugging and carried all their equipment in to the truck, James with his friends ‘the Martin’s’ and Fred Cotton, spotted this chick asleep in the driving seat of her battered 60′s bug. Voluptuous lips parted, dark mane resting on the back of the seat and her shoulders, rounded breasts showing by a little cleavage, and full formed legs barely covered by her mini skirt. No he couldn’t leave her there.

Still he hesitated a bit, and told the guys they should help her. He tapped on her window, no response, then reached for the door and it opened. He felt suddenly wrong doing so and looked around in guilt, but then poked her shoulder an talked loudly to her: “Hey! Are you okay?” She woke surprised, but couldn’t stay focused long.

“Fuck! You’re James” She spluttered.

“Yeah, are you okay? Can I drive you to your home’”

She slowly nodded.

“Wait a minute”. He walked to his friends. “I’m driving her home, follow me and then we leave, ok?” The other guys consented.

“Hand me your keys, and move over to the other seat.” He ordered, but she only opened her hand to drop her keys in her lap, not even opening her eyes. He gulped as he got them, walked around her car and opened the other door, lurked inside and lifted her up from her back and behind the knees, to place her in the co-pilot seat. As he did so he felt how she nestled her head to his neck and breathed deeply in.

He walked back and sat on the driver’s seat, barely fitting inside, and asked her address. Fortunately It came out of her mouth automatically.

James drove her there, followed by the truck and his friends laughing at him shrunken in the car. He parked in front of her house, and tried to wake her again, not being able to resist checking her out again.

“We’re here, can you walk?” He asked, and she would not respond. He took her face in his hand and spoke to her closer: “Hey, you okay? Can you walk to your door?” She slightly opened her eyes, looked at him lovingly, and closed them again smiling. He fell on his seat in desperation, then stepped out of the car with difficulty. James walked around, and took her out carrying in her his arms. His friends kept laughing harder from inside the truck he just sneered at them.

He took her down the path through the garden, she tried to straighten her head, and looked at him, then smiled and said: “You’re carrying me in your arms, like a princess.” That made him smile. Then she took urgently one hand to her mouth and he released her. She puked in to her mothers daisies. Suddenly he noticed a light went on her house. Felt the urge of running away, but couldn’t let her go because she still couldn’t stand on her feet.

With horror he saw a tall middle age man coming out the door, rushing to confront him. Fuck, the dad! He thought, desperately. Think, think!

“Good night, Sr!” He greeted, wondering where that came from. “Excuse me for bringing your daughter like this… she… she…”

“Dad!” She suddenly sobered a bit up.

“What the hell is happening here! Have you look what time is it?” The man spatted angrily at both. The turned to James: “And who are you?”

“Just a friend, Sr. Just wanted to bring her safe home, she couldn’t drive, y’know?” He just signaled her.

The man seemed to understand at least, and softened his tone to him.

“Thank you, young man, your name is?”

“James, Sr, James Hetfield”.

“Alright, James. Thank you for bringing Kristen home, and good night.” And he took her daughter from her shoulders and turned to go back inside, she just shot an embarrassed look at him, before facing her father’s preaching on her.

He came back to the truck to be the laughing stock of his friends,.

*** He laughed to himself, and she felt it, being still trapped by him in bed.

“What do you laugh about?” She asked.

“You told me you felt like a princess when I carried you to your door that night.” He laughed harder.

She felt herself blush intensely. “I did what?” She was horrified.

“And then you puked over your mom’s garden.”

She tried to free herself to poke him for mocking her. “Why did you never tell me that?” His grip was too strong, even when he seemed so relaxed now.

“I didn’t wanted to embarrass you more then”. He replied.

“Just then?” She asked miserably.

He just nodded.

“Hey, James, can I ask you something?”

He just nodded again.

“Why did you left Theresa, ha?” She asked shyly.

“You had asked me that before…” He babbled lazily.

“Did I?” She didn’t remember that either. “When?”

“On the second time you got drunk… with… me…” He could barely end the sentence.

“And what did you tell me?”

“I let her go, cuz I better tour single”.

She got struck by his words. “James, you dump your girlfriends before going on tour?” She asked urgently.

“Mhm” He groaned.

She didn’t understand what that ‘mhm’ meant. “What? James!” She tried to shook him. He wouldn’t reply.

“James! James! Answer me! And move please, I’m beginning to hurt… James… James!”

A low snore came from his throat, and she realized he just passed out, and she’d deal with her doubts and his dead weight over her through this night”.


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