Lightning ignites the sky with a majestic crash. Below the surface of the stormy seas, a few merpeople watch the lights reflected in the shifting water. One of the mermen there, Derrick, charges upward and jumps into the air just as the thunder echoes throughout the dark sky. Another lightning bolt rains down, illuminating his dark brown hair. Derrick’s emerald green eyes light up in the excitement. As soon as he falls back into the safety of the water, one of the other mermen takes a turn.

A mermaid swims up to Derrick. “That was an amazing jump, Derrick!”

“Thanks, Jill. Why don’t you give it a go?”

“I don’t think I could jump as well as the rest of you guys.” Jill looks up to the surface, running a few fingers through her milky brown hair. Derrick glances at it from the top of her head down to its soft, silky tips.

“Aw, c’mon, Jill.” Derrick grabs her by the shoulders and brushes his ruby-red tail against her shimmering orange one. “We both know you have a pretty talented tail.”

A mischievous wink brings a reddish tinge to her gorgeous face. “I- I’ll go next.”

As soon as the next mermaid finishes her jump into the flickering sky, Jill dashes upward with all her might. The alien feeling of air against her bare skin sends tingles throughout, but the view of crackling lightning makes the experience worth it. She comes back down into the water and floats into Derrick’s open arms.

“Not too shabby,” he says. “One more time?”

“Two more times!”

Derrick, Jill, and their friends continue for a few more jumps until one of them decides to go back to the village. Jill looks wistfully up at the sky as the clouds disperse to reveal the setting sun. Soon enough, only Derrick and her are left. She moves to go after her friends but she feels Derrick tug her back by the wrist. He gives Jill a lascivious smile that sets her heart bouncing about in her chest.

Jill’s gaze drifts along the handsome merman’s slim form until her eyes pause at his growing manhood. “Derrick… are you…”

One of his naughty hands wraps around to her back, pulling Jill close until her soft bosom rubs up against the rippling skin of his stomach. Derrick smiles at her smile while curling his tail about hers. For a while now, he had been lusting after Jill. Every chance he got, Derrick took a good look at her bountiful form. She caught him looking once in a while, but would only blush and swim away.

Derrick presses his stiff rod firmly against Jill’s belly. “Hey, Jill. How about you and I ha-”

Jill presses her fingers against his lips. As she slides down against his body, Derrick’s hardened rod finds itself snugly nestled between Jill’s achingly soft mounds, prompting a steady groan from the merman. The mermaid pauses for a second, giving Derrick a second longer in heaven. Jill continues shifting down until his proud manhood throbs in front of her face.

The look she gives Derrick at this point is almost enough to make him explode in ecstasy. He clenches his fists, trying to hold it in. Jill’s pouty pink lips move agonizingly close to the exposed underside of his shaft. Her tongue pokes out and slowly rides up his full length. Before Derrick realizes what is going on, Jill has taken all of him into her masterful mouth.

She feels like magic with her tongue feeling every part of him. Derrick thrusts his hips gently back and forth, steadily matching her rhythm. He continues until the pressure becomes too much for him to handle.

“Jill! Oh gods!” Derrick explodes with a beastly roar.

Volley after volley of heat erupts from the merman, but Jill does not let a glistening pearl escape. Derrick’s hips buck with each emptying, slowly dying down until it is over.

“You… are… amazing…” Derrick pants for breath while sliding his softening manhood out of his lover’s mouth.

“And you’re delicious, Derrick.” Jill caresses the back of his head and guides his mouth to one of her cute stiff nipples. “I hope you’re hungry…”

Before he can begin to feast on what her bountiful flesh has to offer, Derrick feels his hips convulse once more. A cloud of white appears between him and Jill, causing the mermaid to back away.

“Oh, Derrick… way to ruin the moment…” She frowns, but ends it with a wink. “I’ll see you later. You can taste me for real next time.” With a second wink, Jill swims off towards the village.

“Jill, I- ugh…” A headache quickly strikes Derrick. “Dammit…. Sahara was right… I really don’t have enough blood for both ends of my body…”

Derrick sinks down to the sandy sea floor waiting for his strength to return. Up above, he watches his cloud of seed move and shift at the mercy of the currents. The feel of Jill’s nipple is still imprinted upon the merman’s lips. His stomach growls at the thought of suckling on her tender mounds. Even his manhood comes back to life just reminiscing about the past few moments. It rises up into the water, pulsing and throbbing as energetically as before.

Before he can wrap his hand around his throbbing flesh, movement in the corner of Derrick’s eye catches his attention. A shadow to his left flickers and disappears. The movement of the current that flows over Derrick sends a chill down his bony spine to the tip of his muscular tail.

Derrick looks around to see if Jill is playing a prank on him. “Jill? That you?”

The shadow appears again on his right, against a boulder, but it slips away before Derrick can get a closer look. Suddenly, he hears a giggle coming from behind him. A mermaid’s voice, possibly. All goes silent when the merman sits up in the sand and turns around.

“I’m behind you this time, silly child.”

Derrick freezes up as the water around him goes black. “Who… what is this? Octopus ink?”

Within the cloud of black, the shadow grows to full-size. To Derrick, it looks like a mermaid, but with several pudgy sea snakes wrapped about her tail. It is only when the ink cloud fades that the merman realizes who he is up against.

A female with tangled, black tresses comes forth from the ink cloud. Eyes of a shade of purple gaze upon Derrick’s frozen form disdainfully. Moving forward out of hiding, she reveals more of her delightfully pale skin, a common trait of those who never leave the abyss.

“Hmph, you mermen are so shameless… And yet… I cannot help but savor the show…”

“Wha- what?” Derrick feels a few snake-like things slither around his tail. “Hey! Get these nasty sea snakes off! Wait… These are tentacles!” All Derrick gets from that outburst is a simple, unnerving smile. He follows the length of the purple octopus-like appendages until he sees them all connect at her spindly waist. “A cecaelia…”

“Hm? I’m surprised you know what I am…” The cecaelia pulls the merman closer and closer. ” If you’re going to talk to me, you should address me by my name, Natasha… But do you know what it is that I want?”

Slowly, her tentacles creep up his form. They slither along his scales, but hesitate mere hair’s breadths away from his manhood. Derrick tries to shield himself with his hands, but a couple of Natasha’s remaining tentacles have seized him by the wrists.

“Ah. Ah. Ah.” Natasha waves another tentacle in his face scoldingly. “What are you doing with those hands of yours? You look like you want me to touch you…”

Derrick’s manhood reaches out to full extension, warming the water between them. His struggles only make it move side-to-side for Natasha’ amusement. A tentacle curls about his pouch, which seethes with his pearly heat, while its sister spirals up Derrick’s upstanding flesh.

Another shiver rattles the merman’s tail. “I’ll do… what you want… Just don’t kill… kill me…”

“Kill you?” Natasha lifts Derricks off the sand and holds him suspended before her face. “I wouldn’t dream of wasting such a darling specimen as yourself.”

“Then what do you want from me!?”

Natasha flinches back from his screaming, but approaches Derrick as strongly as ever. “I want to make you mine, my nameless merman. In fact…” She takes his stiff length in her hand. “… I can give you everything you want.”

The cecaelia’s cold hand sets off another shudder throughout Derrick’s form. He can feel her chill drawing away the heat from his manhood. “What do you mean you will make me yours?”

Natasha’s smile reveals an uncomfortable pair of fangs. “Surrender your body to me… Do that… And I promise not to lay a tentacle on your life.”

Derrick struggles against her hold, but Natasha keeps a firm grip on his tail, arms, and virile flesh. “And what if I refuse?”

A tentacle creeps up behind the merman and curls precariously about his neck.”I will lay a tentacle on your life.”

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