Happy Halloween everyone. I normally write good versus evil stories in the nonhuman section, but I really wanted to write a fun and entertaining one for a change. This story contains characters from ‘Secrets of the Forest Nymph’ and ‘They Walk Among Us’. Two separate worlds, coming together for one sex and fun filled night. For the nonhuman readers, I have a — special — trick or treat for you during the party. This is a submission for the Halloween contest so don’t forget to vote. I’d like to dedicate this to the — ladies — who made it possible. JC, TJ, MT, DP, you four know who you are.

Large colonial style home, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

It was three days before Halloween, and Chad Franklin was lounging around his beachfront property. As he read the daily newspaper, he saw an ad for the annual costume party at September’s. His wife, Susan, worked there on some nights as a blackjack dealer.

He laughed to himself as he thought of the irony of the idea. Every time she worked at the table, they were having a costume party of sorts. Finding out the truth about his Forest Nymph Princess was an eye opening experience, to say the least.

Chad put the paper down and leaned back in his recliner. He thought back to the journey to rescue his lovely wife from the evil ogre Marrow. Never in his wildest imagination would he have believed a mystical world existed in parallel with the human world.

“The club manager would freak if he ever found out one of his dealers is a one hundred and seventy five year old Princess, whose real name was Shea,” Chad thought.

While Chad was thinking about his wife, he caught a glimpse of a bright flash of light that exploded in the other room. He jumped up thinking that a light bulb shattered, but immediately stopped when Susan’s friend, Feather, strode into the living room.

“Hi there you handsome devil.”

Chad glared at the petite woman, whose beauty equaled her abnormal thirst for sex. As Feather walked forward, her long blond hair flowed around her like a mist. Chad wondered if there was a man alive that would be able to resist her charms, human or forest dweller.

“Can’t you knock or something before you pop into someone’s home?”

“You know the Tulok root doesn’t work like that you silly human,” Feather said, as she wrapped her slender arms around his neck and hugged him.

He knew all too well how the Tulok root worked. The strange root was the only way to travel between the forest and the human world. He smiled at the memory of when Susan and Feather first took to the forest, then using him sexually while in a drugged state.

Chad wrapped his arms around her shapely waist and picked her up off the floor. As he squeezed her back, he knew that no matter how annoyed he got with her, it didn’t last long.

“It’s good to see you again Feather. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about you and the others.”

“Mmmmm, I like it when you think about me.”

Chad put her down. “Christ you horny elf, can’t you ever stop thinking about sex? Besides, I think my wife might get the wrong idea if she found us together.”

“Speaking of which, where is Shea?”

“She’s still at work and you know she goes by the name Susan when she’s in the human world.”

Feather walked over to the couch and sat down. “You’re not going to start lecturing me on human world rules again are you?”

“Would it do any good?”

“Never has yet,” she said, as she placed the small piece of Tulok root on the coffee table.

“To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?” Chad asked as he sat back down.

“I came to check on my adorable little nephew. Where is the little prince?”

Feather was really just a close family friend, but she grew up with Princess Shea in the forest. They were now closer than any sisters were, in either world. During the battle to regain control of the forest from Marrow and rescue Shea, they created a special bond with each other that was unbreakable.

“John’s upstairs sleeping. He went to bed about an hour ago.”

Chad suddenly remembered the vision of Artemis, the Goddess of the forest, as she told Susan she was pregnant. True to her word, Susan Franklin gave birth to a healthy boy, who would one day take his place as the ruling king of the forest.

“Would you mind if I just went upstairs and checked on him? I really miss him, and it’s been so long.”

“You just saw him last month Feather, but go ahead. Try not to wake him up while I fix us some drinks.”

The small framed elf jumped up and gathered the hem of her long white gown. As she darted for the stairs, Chad saw the bright gleaming smile that always made his cock jump in his pants.

Once Feather had returned from tucking John in, the two of them sat and talked about the forest. Chad had grown fond of the world that he visited with the use of the Tulok root. As Susan’s husband, he always received royal courtesy. He never grew tired of meeting the forest creatures, and they accepted him as one of their own.

Feather brought him up to date on all the happenings in her world. She told him about his mother-in-law, Bolara. How she took care of her subjects with a soft hand, and large heart. Chad asked how the mermaids were getting along. Feather informed him that Larry was doing a great job keeping their sex drive under control.

At the mention of his friend’s name, Chad became a little sad. He had not seen Larry for some time. On every visit that Chad and Susan made, he was never around. He had not seen the winged Tengu since the large celebration, in honor of the brave creatures that saved the forest from total darkness.

“I have to get the family back there and stay for a few weeks. I really need to catch up with Larry. That is if I can get those horny mermaids away from him.”

Chad saw that Feather’s drink needed freshened up, so he walked over to take her glass. As he did, Feather reached up with her free hand and pressed it firmly against Chad’s noticeable bulge.

“Now what would my wife say if she walked in and saw you groping my crotch?”

“She’d tell that horny husband of mine to behave himself.” Susan walked into the living room and put her purse down on the coffee table

Feather got up and ran over to her long time friend, hugging her tightly. Chad could only watch in amazement at the affection the two had for each other.

“Honey, I can explain everything. I wasn’t doing anything that…”

“Oh Chad darling, I was just giving you a hard time. It’s so nice to see you Feather, what brings you to the human world?”

“I missed my precious little nephew, along with you two of course.”

“I could see that when I walked in. You weren’t trying to seduce my husband while I was at work by any chance, were you?”

“Maybe, but now that you’re here I guess I’ll have to get permission first,” Feather said with a laugh.

“Um, I’ll just go get some drinks for everyone while you two catch up,” Chad said, as he made a quick exit from the room.

He fixed Susan a strong salty dog and poured Feather another rum and coke. When he walked back into the living room, he found only Feather sitting on the couch.

“Where did Susan run off to?”

“She went upstairs to change into something more comfortable. Should I go and check on her?”

“Oh no, you stay right down here. The last time you two went upstairs together, you came back down and lit that damn Tulok root on fire, and drugged me.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining when we were in the forest that night.”

“You two took advantage of me and I…”

“Loved every minute of it Chad,” Susan said as she descended the stairs.

Susan changed into a shimmering blue floor length robe. Her large breasts accented the clinging satin material. As Chad stared at his wife, he couldn’t help but think.

“Even in the human world, she still carries herself as a princess.”

“Can it be possible that you get more beautiful everyday — Princess Shea?” Chad said.

“Why thank you your majesty. I think I’m aging gracefully,” Susan said with a slight bow.

She took her drink and sat down next to Feather. “Honey I was wondering, you know the club is having a costume contest for Halloween.”

“Yeah, I was reading about it in tonight’s paper. Man if they knew you were actually a Forest Nymph Princess.”

“What if they did, just for one night?”

Feather broke into the conversation. “Shea — I mean Susan — are you getting sick or something? No one in the human world can ever know about us. You didn’t see how shocked Chad was, when I told him who you really were. Humans just aren’t ready to find out that a parallel world lives within their own.”

“I know that Feather, but there is a way to do it without giving away our secret.”

“I feel a headache coming on,” Chad said, as he rubbed his head.

“Just hear me out for a moment before you get all human on me,” Susan said sarcastically.

“I can’t help it — Shea — I am human.”

“How many times do you see a ghost, or a vampire, maybe even a werewolf running around?”

“Uh — never, because they don’t exist.”

“They do on Halloween Chad. Everyone dresses up and heads out for trick or treating. Clubs have costume contests and families even put on haunted houses.”

“Susan I understand you hate not being able to tell anyone about your real self, but those are just costumes and everyone knows it not real.”

“Chad, I think I know where Shea’s going with this,” Feather cut in as she used her friend’s real name.

“You and I could dress up as an elf archer and princess. Everyone would think it’s a costume and I could use your real name all night long in front of everyone. It’s a brilliant idea Shea.”

“Ok honey, I don’t see the problem with that. I think the two of you could pull it off.”

“Um — actually I wanted to know if it’s ok if Mother joins us.”

“Come on Susan. Let’s be realistic here for a moment. She’s never been to the human world before. She won’t know what’s going on, someone might think she’s weird or insane. We can’t take that chance.”

Susan lowered her eyes, as the frown spread across her face. Chad knew his dear wife missed her mother, and she often used the Tulok root to visit her in the other world. The first time Chad and Susan used the root to take John there, he was nervous. His fears subsided, when his young son laughed and squirmed for another ride through the portal.

“Ok, let’s give it a try, but you have to promise me that it won’t get out of control. If anyone starts to think badly of her, we have to bring her back to the house right away.”

Susan and Feather both jumped up and darted towards Chad, as he saw the large smiles. Knowing he was about to be molested by the happy women, Chad placed his drink down just before they slammed their beautiful bodies against him.

“Thank you so much Chad! I know Mother will be so excited!”

“How can I ever deny you anything when you give me that little pout face Susan?”

“I think my loving husband needs a special treat for being so understanding.”

“I think he does too Susan. Would you mind if I stay awhile and help out?”

“It wouldn’t be a special treat if you didn’t, my dear friend,” the Forest Nymph Princess said.

Susan stood up and untied her majestic robe. As it fell free from her body, Chad moaned softly in approval. After John was born, she worked hard on her body to get back her shapely form. The sight of her naked body always made him hard.

While Chad devoured her body with his eyes, Feather removed his pants and freed his pulsing cock. She wasted no time in taking it in her warm mouth and swallowing it to the base.

“Jesus Feather, I forgot how talented you are at that,” Chad moaned, as he tossed his head back.

Susan leaned in, running her wet tongue across Chad’s sensitive nipple. She knew it drove him wild with lust, as Chad reached down and pressed her mouth harder on to the budding nub.

Feather removed her mouth and started jacking the slick meat slowly. “It’s been awhile since the three of us have played together Chad. I was starting to think you forgot what it was like with two hot women.”

“It’s not that I forgot — oh fuck that feels good — it’s just a matter of survival. I don’t want you two to kill me. Hell it’s — yeah a little faster — hard enough when it’s just one of you alone.”

Susan pulled her mouth off his nipple and looked down at Feather. “Speaking of hard enough, is he ready yet?”

“Oh I think he’s more than ready.”

Feather straddled Chad’s hips, as Susan kissed her husband hard. As she lowered herself down, Chad felt the tightness engulf him. Grabbing the back of Susan’s head, he moaned deeply as their tongues fought with each other.

“Jesus Chad, it’s been awhile since I’ve had this monster inside me,” Feather said as she pulled herself off but left the head inside , then slammed her body down.

Susan pulled her mouth away and looked at her loving husband. The look on his face told her everything. He enjoyed having two willing women at his disposal who loved sex as much as he did.

“How does she feel baby?” Susan asked him.

“You two are going to kill me.”

“I just thought since it’s been awhile since the three of us had sex, fucking her instead of me would be a nice present.”

Feather picked up speed as she began rocking her hips back and forth. She had one hand on Susan’s shoulder, and the other was rubbing her clit with experienced dexterity.

Susan leaned in and pressed her lips against Chad’s ear. She knew what her husband liked and he really did deserve a special night. She nibbled his ear, as Feather moaned loudly.

“Sounds like she’s having a fun ride sweetheart, how does your big cock feel inside another woman? You know I enjoy watching you fuck her.”

“Oh please don’t start saying things in my ear. You know what that does to me damn it,” Chad said pleadingly.

“Then maybe you want to watch me with Feather. Would that be more to your liking? If you want, I’ll suck her firm tits while she rides your thick piece of meat.”

Feather was well aware of Chad’s fetishes. She overheard Susan’s comments and leaned forward to join her in teasing the human.

“I really enjoy fucking another woman’s husband, but what’s even better is when she does me too.”

Chad was holding her hips as she ground her clit against his pelvis. The nasty talk was driving him closer to the point of no return. The sex fiends were pushing his buttons with a great deal of pleasure, as Susan placed her own hand between her legs and pleasured herself.

“I want to suck your cock Chad. I want to suck — oh damn my fingers feel good,” Susan moaned into his ear.

“Do it Susan! Suck me off the rest — oh fuck I’m…”

Feather quickly lifted herself up and placed her drenched pussy against his mouth. As she held the back of Chad’s head, his lovely wife plunged the entire length of the slick cock down her throat. When Chad felt it slip in, he moaned loudly against feather’s clit.

“Oh yesssssssssss!” Feather screamed as she began to cum hard.

With Feather’s juice streaming into his mouth, and Susan bobbing her head quickly, Chad released his pent up load. The first blast of hot cum went straight into Susan’s stomach. A naughty thought flashed in her mind, and she pulled her lips up to encircle the throbbing head.

It took just a few seconds to fill her mouth to overflowing. She pulled off Chad’s dripping cock, as Feather slumped down in his lap. Susan grabbed her friend by the hair and pulled her head back, as she kissed the elf deeply.

Chad watched as Susan fed his cum into Feathers mouth. Through the whole ordeal, she never stopped fingering herself. Sharing Chad’s cum with Feather pushed her over the edge, as she felt the juice run down her shapely thighs.

Susan was always the forceful one when it came to girl on girl sex. When she broke the steamy kiss, she replaced her tongue with the dripping fingers of her hand. As she finger fucked Feather’s mouth, she looked at her panting husband.

“Thank you for agreeing to let my mother come to the human world. Now as soon as you get your second wind, we’re going to drag you upstairs and abuse you my dear.”

Chad could only nod his head in approval. The only reason he did, was he knew he had no real choice in the matter. When his wife got like this, it was best to just shut up and go along with it.

Naval Special Warfare Group Two, Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia.

Electricians Mate Second Class (EM2) Kevin Dvorska looked through the SEALs spotter scope, as Alpha’s sharpshooter took aim. At eight hundred meters, the playing cards looked like miniature replicas. He wondered how in the hell V-man could see them.

Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class (AO2) Dan Vasquez let his breath out slowly, and squeezed the hair trigger of the .50 caliber rifle. It bucked against his shoulder, but V-man kept his eye to the scope.

“Ace of Spades, nice shot V-man,” Kevin said.

“That makes three Aces and a King Wolfie. Don’t let the pressure get to you rookie,” Vasquez told Mark Wolfhorst.

Gunners Mate Third Class (GM3) Mark Wolfhorst was new to SEAL Team two. After assignment as a sniper to the new Bravo squad, he was constantly proving his worthiness to the team. The original Bravo fire team died in action during a mission on the outskirts of Predjama Slovenia.

Wolfie took careful aim. He knew of V-man’s skill with a weapon back at Coronado when he received his orders to SEAL Team Two. Trying to top him in a marksmanship contest, was like trying to climb Mount Everest in your underwear.

As the report of the rifle sounded, Kevin looked down range. “Ten of Diamonds, he’s working on a flush V-man.”

Dan Vasquez took his time. There was only one more Ace up on the side of the hill. If he could get that one with a King kicker, he’d have the kid over a barrel. As the round left the barrel, V-man felt a small breeze kick up. When he looked through the high-powered scope, he saw the corner of the Ace of Clubs explode.

“Bingo baby! Four Aces and a King kicker!”

“Last shot Wolfie. Remember, this is just practice for you. During training its ok to screw up, not in real life when it counts,” Kevin told the rookie shooter.

A small breeze kicked up again slightly and Wolfie held his shot. When he thought it calmed down enough, he let the .50 caliber weapon settle the score. After refocusing on the far hill, he saw his targets for the day.

“Not bad, another Diamond,” Wolfie chuckled.

“Sorry rookie, my four Aces rule the roost.”

Kevin continued to peer through his scope. “I think you better put your four Aces back on the eggs V-man. That last Diamond was the King, which gives the newbie a Royal Flush. It looks as if we have a new rooster in the yard.”

V-man was about to make a smart comment when Adam Dawson pulled up in a Jeep. Adam was the Lieutenant in charge of Alpha squad. It was his job to check up on his team’s post deployment training. Even though they were state side, SEALs trained constantly to keep their skills honed to the highest level.

“Are you done showing off Vasquez?”

“Hey L-tee, actually we just finished up.”

“Sorry Wolfhorst, you know the rules. Look on the bright side, it’s only three miles back to the compound,” Adam told Bravo’s sharpshooter.

“That does make me feel better Lieutenant. I wouldn’t want V-man to get a blister on his way back. You want me to check your weapon in for you, Petty Officer Vasquez?” Mark Wolfhorst asked with a smile.

“You’re shitting me! V-man, you haven’t had to walk back since joining the teams. You’re not getting a little rusty in your old age are you?” Adam asked.

Dan Vasquez stood up and handed his rifle to Kevin Dvorska, then turned towards Adam Dawson. While looking his team leader in the eyes, he raised his hand and flipped him off quickly. As he started to walk away, Wolfie stopped him.

“Here Kevin, take mine too. I think I’ll head back with Dan,” Wolfie said as he stood up. His six foot three inch frame towered over the smaller SEAL.

“Whoa wait a minute sailor. He knows the SEAL code in the shooting range. You lose, you walk home,” Adam said.

“I know Lieutenant, but another code is SEALs don’t do anything alone.”

Kevin climbed in the Jeep, and set the two sniper rifles in the back. As Adam headed towards the compound, he wondered how his point man was getting along with his new girlfriend, Laura. She was quite upset when she first learned what Kevin really was. Then again, finding out that the person who saved your life is a werewolf, can be terrifying.

Because of the werewolf code, Kevin could only tell his true love what he really was. The only reason Adam and his new wife Kristine knew, was Kevin tried to show them what the killer of Bravo squad truly was. His attempt at getting them to leave and save themselves failed. Now, other than Kevin’s mother, there were three people that new his secret.

“So how’s Laura getting along with the whole werewolf thing Kev?”

“She’s getting used to the idea.”

“And you?” Adam asked, because he knew his friend had trouble accepting his — gift — sometimes.

“Actually Boss, it seems to bring us closer. Almost every night, I change and she lies on my chest as we watch TV. It’s either that, or the fact that I’m naked when I change. Give that girl a little sex, she tries to kill you for hours.”

Adam had to laugh at the comment. He knew all too well, what happens to a woman when she has great sex. His new wife Kristine was always after him when he was home. What started as friends with benefits, ended up with the two of them getting married and her leaving the CIA.

“I know exactly how you feel little buddy. Hell, I though it was bad enough when Kristine and I lived together in Aviano. It’s become an obsession for her ever since the wedding.”

“You don’t have to tell me Adam. You know I can smell her on you every morning,” Kevin said with a laugh.

“Eat shit Dvorska. Learn how to dial that scent gland down.”

“Aye, aye Lieutenant.”

“Have you and Laura got plans for the weekend?”

“She’s going back to Michigan to get some things. I have to drop her off at the airport in the morning. I was planning on just hanging around the apartment, pass out candy to the kids, why?”

“Kristine saw an ad in the paper for a costume party at a club called September’s. She’s going as a witch and I’m going as a cowboy. You should see her in that emerald green dress. Why don’t you join us, it should be a fun time.”

“I don’t know, let me think about it,” Kevin said, as they reached the armory of the compound.

Kevin got out and picked up the two sniper rifles. As he entered the building, he wondered why people would dress up like scary creatures and go out. He laughed to himself as he thought of the irony of a real werewolf mingling among the witches, ghosts, and vampires.

“I wonder how many people would run in fear, if I walked in as a large brown werewolf?” Kevin thought with amusement.


Kevin Dvorska walked into the apartment that he shared with Laura. His father told him that he would find true love, but he didn’t believe him. Werewolves didn’t mate with normal humans, and he could only reveal himself to his true love. Kevin knew he got lucky.

“Hey Laura, I’m home,” he said, as he tossed his keys on a small table.

Suddenly a small framed blond girl came running out of the hallway. When she reached Kevin, she launched herself onto his muscular body. Kevin caught her with ease and rocked her from side to side, as she hugged him tightly.

“I missed you so much today sweetheart,” Laura said, as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“It’s only been eight hours Laura. What the hell are you going to do when I deploy overseas?”

“Cry myself to sleep every night and buy stock in Duracell batteries,” she replied as she kissed him deeply.

Kevin felt so alive with her. The passion she put into their relationship was beyond explanation. When they first met in Aviano Italy, she was a shy person most of the time. The fact that she had burn scars for life from a car accident, made her self-conscious about her appearance.

Kevin broke the kiss. “How many times do I have to tell you, you don’t have to wear that wig when were in the apartment. You know your scars don’t bother me.”

“Old habits are hard to break dear, but I really like my new habits.”

“Yeah, like trying to fuck me to death. As a werewolf, I can’t really be hurt too much, but as a human, I can. It would be hard to explain to Adam Dawson how you killed his point man.”

“It’ll start to slow down soon enough, but right now, I’m trying to catch up for lost time,” she said as she began to grind her pelvis against his growing cock.

“Play catch up later, I gotta take a shower,” Kevin said, and then helped her down.

“Ok, I’ll get dinner started. Don’t use all the hot water because I need a shower before my flight in the morning.”

Kevin headed for the bathroom and pulled his shirt off as he walked. The wolf whistles he heard told him that Laura was still standing there watching him. After closing the door, he started the shower and stripped off his UDT shorts.

When he stepped into the warm stream of water, he leaned his head back and let the water wash the day’s sweat off him. He was thinking how peaceful it was going to be this weekend, not having her pestering him for sex.

“Jesus, I might be able to wake up without actually being attacked in the morning.”

As he was lost in his thoughts, a cold can slid across his back. When he turned around, he saw Laura’s lustrous arm sticking through the shower curtain. She was holding a cold Budweiser just out of the stream of water.

“Um — I thought you could use a beer after a stressful day.”

“Thanks honey, just set it on the sink and I’ll get it when I’m finished.”

The beer disappeared and then Laura pulled the blue shower curtain to the side. She was a stunning young woman, even more so when she was naked. Her brown eyes shimmered, as she hungrily looked at him. The burn scars on her scalp, and the sparse patch of hair did nothing to diminish his love for her.

“I wanted to save time and just get my shower now. Need me to — do — your back?”

“Why do I get the feeling you’re not going to stop at my back?”

“Oh come on Kevin, I’ll be gone for five whole days. I’m just trying to make sure I get enough of your big cock to see me through.”

“Well we wouldn’t want you admitted to the hospital for cock withdrawal.”

Kevin wrapped his large muscular arms around her, and held her close. Her pert breasts smashed against his chest while they kissed. Since Kevin was six foot tall, she had to tilt her head back, which always allowed him access to her tender neck.

With one arm wrapped around his powerful neck, she reached down and stroked his abnormally large cock. Since she was a petite woman, her delicate hand barely wrapped all the way around it. As she manipulated the pulsing cock, Kevin moaned into her mouth, as she tried to swallow his tongue.

When the two lovers came up for air, Laura turned around and placed one foot on the side of the tub. She leaned forward, and then literally pulled Kevin by his cock towards her. This wasn’t the first time she’d done this, and Kevin instinctively grabbed her hips and fed the tip of his cock into her moist pussy.

“Oh Jesus, where has that cock been all my life?”

“To the best of my knowledge — between my legs,” Kevin said, as he slowly pushed forward.

Laura really didn’t have a sex life before she met Kevin, so she was tight. She wasn’t a virgin when they first made love, but given his girth, she might just as well have been.

As Kevin’s cock pushed deeper, her raised leg began shaking. It was her way of indicating that the level of pain versus pleasure was near a meeting point. He paused for a moment to allow her pussy muscles to adjust to his size.

“Oh my God Kevin, it gets bigger every day.”

Kevin moved one hand from her hips. Placing a finger on her tingling clit, he slowly moved it in circles across the sensitive nub. When he noticed her leg stop shaking, he pushed deeper inside her.

Kevin knew she was only able to handle three quarters of his cock. When he reached that point he pulled out slightly, then began fucking her slowly. Laura moaned her approval, and bent over further to accommodate him.

“I know I won’t last five days without this. I never thought it would feel this good. Please don’t ever stop fucking me,” she pleaded with him.

“You can always — damn you’re tight — bring a dildo with you.”

“No I — fuck me, fuck me Kevin — can’t.”

“Why not sweetheart?”

“I can’t find them this big, I’ve tried. Now fuck me like you mean it, you gorgeous stud!”

Kevin picked up speed, as she braced herself against the back of the shower. Water pelted his taut ass cheeks, as he held the lower half of her small body. He never lasted very long during their first session, but if Laura was leaving in the morning, he knew they’d be at it again soon.

Kevin’s legs were beginning to shake as his orgasm neared. He wanted to hold out until she got off, so he moved his finger faster on her screaming clit. By the sounds of her grunts, she wasn’t far off either.

“She must have been saving this one all day.”

“Come on Laura. I want to feel that cum on my legs, so cum for me — my lover.” Kevin knew the words ‘my lover’ would push her buttons.

“Oh God, oh God, I’m — oh — I’m…”

“My lover,” Kevin said with pure honesty.


As her pussy muscles squeezed his cock, Kevin lost the battle of control. His large cock shot pulse after pulse of scalding hot cum into her body. When he pulled his cock free, she slipped a little. With lightning speed, he grabbed her and pulled her close to his chest. She was panting quickly, as Kevin stroked her slick body.

“The water’s starting to get cold Laura. We better finish the shower before we shrivel up.”

“Can we — oh wow — can we — order out?”

“Only if you promise not to attack me tonight,” Kevin said jokingly.

“Not a chance honey, I’ll go start dinner.”

As Laura stepped out of the shower, she grabbed the only towel in the bathroom and began drying her lithe body. Stepping away from the shower, she wrapped the towel around her head, covering her burn scares.

“Honey, it’s just you and me here. You don’t have to hide yourself like I do.”

“I know Kevin, but you’re going to have to give me time. I’ve worn a wig since I was a little girl. Being a werewolf, you should know about the difficulties of changing one’s habit.”

Kevin looked at his lover as she checked herself in the mirror. With a sly smile on his face, he transformed quickly into his true self, a large brown werewolf. The huge fur covered form filled the medium sized bathroom to overflowing proportions. Out of the corner of Laura’s vision, she caught sight of the dangerous beast.

“God damn it Kevin! Stop doing that so suddenly, you scared me half to death!” she screamed at the drooling wolf.

Kevin took a step forward towards the glaring young woman. She had to learn that being yourself is the only thing a person can be. He let out a low growl, as he extended a large heavy paw towards her. Laura stared at the razor sharp talons that could rip her tender flesh to shreds.

“Oh my, you look soooo scary Kevin Dvorska. Is this your way of discussing things with your girlfriend? Here’s a news flash for you buddy, you can’t talk as a werewolf. Since I’m the only one who can, I win the argument, ha, ha,” Laura said with a laugh and a smile.

Knowing he’d just stepped out of the shower, he put his front paw down and shook his body violently. Beads of water starting flying around in the confined space, Laura had to quickly remove her towel and shield her body from the spray.

“Ok stop, you win damn it!”

Kevin stopped shaking and was about to nudge his muzzle against her in affection. Laura quickly grabbed the lower portion of the towel and snapped it at the monster she loved.

“Take this you bad dog,” she yelled, as she snapped the towel toward his powerful chest.

Kevin laughed inside, as he grabbed the flicking cloth in his sharp teeth. His quick reflexes were no match for whatever she wanted to try. When he pulled the towel away from her, he let it fall harmlessly to the now soaked floor. He knew playtime was over, so he quickly changed back to his human form of a muscular Kevin Dvorska.

“You don’t play fair Kevin.”

“Just trying to be me honey, it’s ok if we order out tonight.”

“Oh thanks baby, that gives you more time to do things for me,” she said, as she picked up the towel and tossed it to him.

“You can start by cleaning up this mess you made, my gorgeous werewolf.”

8:00 a.m. at Chad Franklin’s house, morning of October 31st.

Chad Franklin gingerly rolled out of bed. His body was sore from last night’s sex marathon with Susan and her friend Feather. He silently wished he hadn’t agreed to have her stay for the week.

Slipping on his terry cloth robe, he made his way down to the kitchen. As he passed his son John’s room, he peeked in to check on him. His bed was tidy, but John was nowhere to in sight. Chad continued to the kitchen and found the house empty.

A fresh pot of coffee was ready for him, and he poured a cup of the life giving fluid. As he took a sip, he noticed a note from Susan just off to the side of the coffee pot.

“Morning my wonderful husband,

I decided to let you sleep in. Hope we didn’t hurt you last night. Feather and I took John to the forest for the day. Feather’s mom is going to babysit for us while we go to the party tonight. Thanks again for agreeing to let Mother come visit us in the human world. I promise you won’t regret it. I’ll be back soon.

Love, Susan

P.S. If it makes you feel any better, Feather said she’s sore too.”

“I’m amazed, finally some peace and quiet on a Saturday morning,” he said, as he grabbed his mug and walked out to the back porch.

Chad sat down in the beach chair and looked out at the Atlantic Ocean. The crisp salt air filled his senses, as he watched Dolphins play out in the distance. After a rough week at work, and even rougher nights, he was beat.

“I could sit out here all morning. No one but some joggers on the beach. Damn, now this is the way to spend a Saturday.”

Chad let his sore body slump in the chair, as he sipped his coffee. He thought of Susan’s note, and wondered how John would get along with Feather’s mom, Leonia. She would probably run him around all day with the other forest creatures. He was sure John would be lights out by eight.

Since Chad was outside watching the world go by, he failed to notice the extreme bright light that flashed in the living room. After a few moments, the sliding glass door opened, and Susan walked out on the porch.

“Good morning my love,” Susan said as she kissed her husband.

“Mmmmm, I was wondering when you’d get back. Is Bolara here?”

“She’s in the kitchen. Come on in and say hi.”

Chad got up and followed his lovely wife inside. He felt a little out of sorts greeting Queen Bolara naked underneath his bathrobe. When Susan stepped to the side, he saw Bolara staring at the microwave.

“Your majesty,” Chad said as he bowed politely.

“Oh Chad, I’m your mother-in-law, you don’t have to be so formal with me. Besides I’m in the human world now, so it might be safer to just call me Bolara.”

He was impressed with her choice of gowns. White flowing satin with gold trim along the plunging neckline. The gold trim matched the ones that graced her long sleeves. Even with her hair in slight disarray, she was a vision of true royalty. She was wearing the Crystal of Physis. Artemis gave it to the ruling family so they could communicate with other creatures in the forest.

“I will have many questions while I’m here, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all Bolara, ask away.”

“What’s this white box for?”

“It’s called a microwave oven. Humans use them to cook food, or heat things up.”

“So you light a fire inside it?”

“Um — Susan, maybe you better take over. I think you’re better suited for this and I should change into something more appropriate.”

Chad walked into the living room, suddenly stopping when he saw the group that roamed around looking at objects on the shelves and walls. He knew Susan had some explaining to do as to why a tengu, a mermaid, and four sprites were running around his living room.

As he approached the tall white winged tengu, he softened a bit. Even though it wasn’t part of the agreement, it was good to see his friend Larry who helped rescue his wife.

“I’m sure the mermaids are pissed off that you came here,” Chad said, as he extended his hand.

“Chad! It’s good to see you again. It’s been a long time my friend, and yes, they were upset. That’s why Susan decided to take Xena with us,” Larry said as he shook the human’s hand.

The lovely mermaid with strawberry blond hair came up to Chad and dropped to one knee. She understood his stature in the forest as Princess Shea’s husband.

“Your majesty, it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

“Hi Xena, please stop with all the royalty stuff. You know I don’t require it,” Chad said as he helped her up.

“Thank you your majesty,” she replied, as she kissed him deeply.

Chad pulled back and looked around quickly. “Xena, my wife is in the other room. Remember her — Princess Shea?”

“The princess said I could give you a long kiss hello. She said you’ve been horny to see me.”

“She did, did she? Now why doesn’t that surprise me? By the way, while you’re in the human world, you must use Chad and Susan when talking to us. I don’t want any problems this evening. No one can take a chance on finding out about your world. It’s too dangerous.”

Susan walked in, followed by Bolara. She had a look on her face like that of a small child with her hand in the cookie jar. When she touched Chad’s arm, he turned around with a glaring look.

“Um — I can explain everything honey.”

“This should be extremely interesting.”

“Ok, I don’t have an explanation.”

“One of those, it’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission huh? I just have one question for you Mrs. Franklin. What’s with the sprites?” Chad asked, as the four topless winged sprites floated around the room.

“Well someone has to do our hair tonight.” She smiled sheepishly at her husband.

“Honey, I love you, but how are we going to explain Larry? I’m almost positive humans have never seen a six foot tall man with white wings and a red beak.”

“It’s easy. Prosthetics and spirit gum go a long way, and I’ve seen stranger costumes there over the years.”

“Um — Xena, how long can you keep your human legs before you need to get to some water?” Chad asked her.

“I can go for about twelve hours or so. I was just in the lake before we came here, so I’m fine until we head out I guess. Shea — I mean Susan — said you two live near an ocean. She said I could take a swim there. I wouldn’t mind seeing what kind of seafood I can catch for dinner.”

Chad looked at his wife who had her hands clasped together and was swaying playfully back and forth.

“Still love me?”

Bolara walked up to Chad and placed a hand on his shoulder. The moment she touched him, the stress floated away from his body. No matter what the circumstances, Queen Bolara always had a way to defuse any conflict.

“Chad, this is your home and your world. If you are uncomfortable in any way, then we will return to the forest. I don’t want to cause you and my daughter any grief.”

“I’m sorry your majesty, it’s just that I don’t want anyone to know about you. Then there’s the question of your safety.”

“No one will know Chad, and I have Larry and yourself to ensure my safety. This is the human world, it’s not like you have monsters here.”

“Ok Bolara. Since it seems you have this all figured out Susan, what’s everyone going as tonight?”

“You can go as a baseball player. I think Xena could fit into my naughty nurse outfit from last year…”

“Oh I like that idea a lot! Can I have sex with a human?”

“No,” Chad and Susan said at the same time.

“Mother and I can go as the royal family, since we are. Feather wants to be an archer, and Larry, well Larry can go as a tengu.”

“Sounds like a plan baby. Now if you all don’t mind, I need to go put some clothes on instead of my bathrobe.”

“You don’t have to go to any trouble on my account handsome,” Xena said, as she brushed the palm of her hand against the side of her large breast.

Chad turned towards the stairs. “I hope this doesn’t turn out to be some kind of weird orgy before we leave, or even worse, later tonight.”

September’s nightclub, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Adam Dawson led the small group over to a corner table and sat down. Seated next to him, was his lovely wife, Kristine. Her shoulder length auburn hair flowed nicely out of the emerald green witch’s hat. Right behind them were Kevin Dvorska and Carl Werner, who pulled their chairs out and sat down.

“Kevin you really should have dressed up tonight, it would have been fun,” Kristine told her friend.

“Oh come on Kristine, we went through this over the phone. I’m not much of a Halloween guy, the only reason I am here is because Laura’s out of town.”

“I’m glad I did Kev, its fun to be someone else for a night,” Carl Werner told him.

Carl was dressed as a vampire. It was a little difficult to understand him as he tried to talk with fake fangs in. He had a large afro wig on with a black cape. Kevin wondered if Carl knew how ridiculous he looked. The movie, Blackula, was so old that probably no one had ever heard of it.

While Kevin tried not to laugh at Carl, the server came over to take everyone’s drink order. He stared hard at the lovely woman. She had slender hips and average sized breasts, but the thing that struck him the most was her brilliant white teeth and glossy red lipstick. It made a complete package of the Snow White costume.

“Hi, welcome to September’s. What’s your poison tonight?” Kevin noticed her accent immediately.

Adam looked at her outfit and knew just what to say. “Nothing with apples in it, that’s for sure.”

“Got it, no apples for table seven,” she mumbled as she pretended to write it down.

“Um — I’m gonna have a gin and tonic,” Kristine said.

“Budweiser for the rest of us,” Adam added.

Carl turned in his chair, looking at Snow White. “So where are the dwarves tonight?”

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

Kevin helped him out. “He has a minor problem with his teeth. He asked where the dwarfs were tonight.”

“Oh the dwarfs, well I wore the little devils down today before work. They’re trying to get their strength back for when I get off,” she said with a devilish smile.

“That’s a wonderful accent you have. Where are you from?” Kevin asked.

“Belgium actually, my husband runs an import/export business here in Virginia Beach.”

“I love the sound of it. Say something a girl would say from Belgium.”

“Ge kunt maar beter een goede tip achterlaten, luizebal,” she said to Kevin with a smile.

“Wow, you didn’t just try to hit on me did you?” Kevin laughed.

“Not really, it’s Dutch. Translated, it means you’d better tip me well — you flea ball.”

The whole group laughed at Kevin, as he turned three shades of red.

Kristine leaned over to Kevin and whispered in his ear. “Do you think she knows you’re a werewolf? Oops, there goes one now,” she said, as she playfully plucked an imaginary flea out of Kevin’s hair.

“That was — that was great! What’s your — name lady?” Adam said through his gasps for air.

“It’s Mokkelke, and I hope your friend knows I was just kidding. It was the first thing that popped into my mind. I’ll be right back with your drinks.”

“I think we just found a new hang out Boss,” Carl said, as he wiped the tears off his face.

“Adam, I’m gonna head over to the raw bar and get us a snack. Try not to get into trouble while I’m gone,” Kristine said, and then kissed his cheek.

“All good witches need an escort. I’ll go with you Kristine,” Carl said.

“Who said anything about being a good witch?” Kristine winked at Adam and blew her lover a kiss.

Kevin looked around at the people in the club. Most of the patrons were dressed in some sort of Halloween costume. He found it odd that in a beach community, there would be six John Wayne cowboys, including Adam.

When his eyes traveled to the entrance, Kevin saw a few more women walk in, but the one that caught his attention was a dark haired petite woman, who seemed to glide through the door. As she looked for a seat, Kevin saw her eyes. They were dark brown, and seemed to shine brightly with brightly with her makeup.

The black dress she wore went down just below her shapely ass. The large purple stripe that ran down the side flowed perfectly to her toned legs. The jet-black wings she had on stretched down to the floor. Kevin wondered how she was going to sit down without crushing them. The only things keeping them off the floor now were the deep purple ‘come fuck me’ pumps.

Her eyes stopped at a table next to the SEALs. As she slowly made her way over, every man in the large open area stopped what he was doing — and stared at her. Even Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off her movements. When she reached the empty chairs, she looked at the two men.

“Pardon me love, is this table taken?” the vision of beauty asked. Her accent only added to the overall splendor they were taking in.

It took a moment for the SEALs to recognize that she was speaking to them. Adam blinked a few times, and then cleared his throat.

“No not at all, feel free to sit down.”

The woman spread her fake wings out to the side and gracefully sat down and crossed her legs. Just as she was about to say something, Kristine and Carl returned with a large plate of oysters and shrimp.

“Oh honey, you should see the raw bar, it’s huge.”

“I love your costume. Blackula was a uniquely different take on the vampire world,” the dark angel said.

As Carl looked into her eyes, he almost choked on his shrimp while trying to swallow. At first, she thought he didn’t hear her.

“I said, I love your costume,” she said a little louder this time.

“Oh — um — thanks, my buddy Kevin over here didn’t think it would look good. He has a thing about mystical beings.”

The comment about mystical beings caught her attention, as she turned towards Kevin Dvorska. With a quizzical look, she cocked her head to one side and studied his face. The way she stared at him started to make him nervous as hell.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but a few months ago, did you go through the London Heathrow airport at night?”

“Yes, I was on my way home for — no, it can’t be!”

“I thought I recognized your face, although it’s pretty hard to forget someone who gave me such great advice. That, and the fact you turned me down that night,” the woman said.

Adam stared at his friend as if he’d lost his mind. “That was before he met Laura, and he turned — her — down? How in the hell did he become a SEAL with only half a brain?”

“Um — Kevin, you want to tell us what’s going on?” Kristine asked quietly.

“Oh sorry Kristine, everyone, this is Jaz Cullen. She’s going to be the next Stephen King. Nice to see you Jaz. I’m glad you took my advice about giving your vamp a soul, so to speak.”

“Actually because of what you said to me that night in the bar, my friend mailed my story to a publisher here in Virginia Beach. The company sent me a letter to meet with them. The editor was out, but left me a message to meet her here. She said something about — issues.”

“I’d love to read it when it comes out Miss Cullen, what’s the name of the book?” Kristine asked.

“It’s called ‘Fighting the Inevitable’, but I’m not quite sure if it’s going to be published. I don’t know what kind of problems the editor has with it, so this may be just an expensive waste of time. I mean really, who would want to read a book that was written in an airport bar?”

“If she gets too harsh with you, you’re in good company. These three gentlemen love to come to a woman’s aid,” Kristine said and then winked at her husband.

Adam reached over and grabbed Kristine’s hand. As he squeezed it gently, he looked out at the different characters that were coming in. There were some pirates, a few fairies, and sure enough a ghost.

“Wonder how long it took that guy to think of a bed sheet with holes.”

When the next group came in, Adam knew he wasn’t going to enter and try to compete against those costumes. A large white male with a red beak, who had wings even bigger than Jaz’s strolled in. A naughty nurse and two elegant looking women with flowers and baby’s breath trimming in their hair followed him. A female archer and a baseball player escorted them. Adam figured the winged male would win.

Just behind them, an extremely stunning female in an Elvira dress entered. With a skintight black dress cut down the front to just above her navel, she’d give both Jaz and Kristine some competition in the attention department. She stepped out of the way of the incoming guests, and looked around as if trying to find someone. When she spotted Jaz’s black wings, she slowly walked toward the group.

Watching Jaz strut her way over was a remarkable sight, but this mature woman was putting on a show. She had deep blue eyes that would rival any ocean on earth. It was like looking into someone’s soul, and Adam found himself captivated by their sheer brilliance.

He blinked a few times to clear his thoughts, and then continued to watch her sultry movements. Adam hoped the vibrant woman didn’t walk like that past a moving vehicle — someone could get hurt.

Adam could see the sides of her tanned breasts and wondered how in the hell she was keeping the dress closed. As the woman moved, he could see the six-inch stilettos she wore. Adam’s mind flashed to a vision of Jaz and this woman trying to escape the grasps of every man in the club, possibly some of the women as well.

Kristine looked over to her husband as Jaz and Kevin chatted with each other. When she noticed whom he was ogling, she pushed her elbow into his rib cage. Adam cleared his throat and looked at his wife.

“What? I can still look at the menu, I’m just not allowed to order off it,” Adam said as he rubbed his side.

Just before Elvira reached the table, Mokkelke arrived with the drinks. She almost made the gorgeous cougar trip as she cut in front of her.

“Jesus lady, watch where you’re going! You think it’s easy to strut around in spikes, you Snow White wanna be!” Elvira thought.

“Sorry about that everyone. There was a mad rush at the bar for drinks, and one of our bartenders is running late,” Mokkelke said, as she quickly placed the drinks down.

“Hey Mokkelke, if it’s ok with you I’d like to put another round on order. Jaz, what can I get you, a Guinness?” Kevin asked.

“This is my first time in America, so I think maybe something elegant to match my dress. I feel like showing off a bit,” Jaz purred.

“Very well then, Mokkelke would you add a bottle of champagne to the list please,” Kevin said as he slightly bowed to Jaz.

“Got it, be back as soon as I can, lover boy.”

“No you have it all wrong she’s not my…”

“What ever, you keep running with that cover story. I’ve been doing this for a few years and I know how men look at women like it’s their last meal,” Mokkelke said and then ran off.

As Mokkelke moved out of the way, Kevin saw the mature woman dressed as Elvira standing right behind Jaz. His breath caught in his throat at the vision of the dazzling woman with one hand on her hip and staring at Jaz Cullen.

“Excuse me everyone. You wouldn’t be Miss Cullen by any chance, would you? You’re the only dark angel in the club,” the woman asked.

Jaz turned her body as far as she could without damaging her wings. “Yes I am. You must be Miss T.”

“May I join your group? I’d like to talk to you about your story, and I love your dress. That purple stripe really makes it pop.”

Jaz turned to look at the three SEALs and Kristine. “Is it alright with everyone if Elvira joins us?” Jaz said with a giggle.

The SEALs just nodded with their mouths open slightly. Miss T slid next to Jaz and placed her clutch purse on the table. After checking her long black wig, she turned to the new author and wondered how she was going to take the news.

“I really want to start partying, so is it ok if we go over your story first Miss Cullen?”

“Oh please call me Jaz, Miss T.”

“Actually it’s pronounced MizT, with a z at the end. For some reason I just like the sound of it.”

“So how bad is it? I had a lot of my friends read it and they thought it was pretty well written.”

“First off, I think you’re extremely talented Jaz. ‘Fighting the Inevitable’ has an intriguing story line. I have to be honest when I say it was sometimes difficult to follow. Your use of saidisms in the dialogue can distract the reader.”

“Um — my what?”

“It’s called saidisms in the literary world. Some chapters have them when only two people have a dialog. I brought a few pages of the transcript to show you what I mean.”

As the copyright editor reached into her purse, she pulled the pages out. They had yellow highlights on them, and MizT had rewritten some of the lines in red ink.

“Things like — he said, she told him, he replied and so on. This is a common thing to new writers. Just between you and I sweetie, you should have read some of the stuff I did when I first started. My editors had to beat it out of me and I still find myself doing it from time to time. I still have the scars from them if you want to see.”

“Oh I see, I guess I have some growing to do.”

MizT placed her delicate hand on top of Jaz’s. “It took me a long time and some sage advice from fellow authors. We all start somewhere and no matter how many stories you write, you strive to grow with every one of them,” she said with a tender smile.

As the group listened to the critique from MizT, Kevin thought about his journey as a United States Navy SEAL.

“I wonder if Jaz would be interested in writing a story about a werewolf who becomes a SEAL.”

“Now about your characters. I think a little more character structure would enhance an already wonderful story. Readers want to fall in love with the hero or heroine. You’ll know when you have it correct, because your readers will start to believe that the character actually exists in the real world.”

“I tried really hard to make Caleb enjoyable,” Jaz said eagerly.

“No not Caleb, you have him written so well, that a few of us editors had to retire to the bathroom. We needed to um — pause for the cause — if you know what I mean,” MizT said as she closed her eyes and licked her lips wantonly.

Jaz Cullen blushed at the comment, and then looked into the editor’s eyes. She realized the lovely woman was truly trying to help her. Jaz only wished she could have told her this advice when she first started writing ‘Fighting the Inevitable’.

“Well it was worth a shot. I guess I’ll go back home in the morning and start going through it again. I do appreciate you taking the time to read it and giving me some feedback. Will it be possible to resubmit it to you when I’m finished?”

“Whoa, I don’t think you understand Miss Cullen. Maybe this will make it a little clearer for you. I gave you that advice to help on your next book, not this one silly. The president of the company loved it and he can’t stop talking about it. I’m going to make a few minor changes and I’ll send the transcript back to you for approval.”

“I don’t understand, you said…”

The editor pulled out a thick envelope and handed it to her. Jaz glanced down at the packet, then back up at MizT who was smiling back at her. When Jaz opened it, she pulled out some type of formal document.

“That, Miss Cullen, is your contract. It gives our publishing company exclusive rights to all your books for five years. The company will receive the first twenty percent of all book sales, with the remaining profits going to a bank account of your choosing.”

“Oh my dear Lord! I’m going to be…”

“A published writer Miss Cullen, and if I’m correct, a very popular one at that,” MizT said.

Kevin looked at his new friend who was starting to tear up. He saw MizT reach over to her purse again and take another envelope out of her purse. She handed it to Jaz, who looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“Another contract?”

“No Jaz, that’s your retainer check. It’s not a large sum, but you have to realize that you’re just starting. You’ll receive another one when it goes to print.”

She opened it, and her heart stopped when she saw the check. It was to Jaz Cullen in the amount of seven thousand dollars. Jaz knew the tears that flowed down her beautiful face were ruining her makeup.

Mokkelke arrived just in time to see Jaz openly crying. When she set the champagne and drinks down on the table, she glared at Kevin.

“Why did you make your girlfriend cry? This is a Halloween party and people are supposed to have fun.” Kevin shook his head in vain.

“I think she’s crying because I just made her weekend. By the way, I could use a glass as well for the champagne, and don’t ever cut a woman off when she makes an entrance. Thank you, you can go now,” MizT said to Mokkelke with a wave of her hand.

Kevin poured Jaz a glass of the cold, golden liquid, and then raised his beer up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, a toast. To the great Jaz Cullen, may — ‘Fighting the Inevitable’ — reach number one on the New York Times best selling list.” The group raised their drinks and toasted the brand new author as Jaz wiped her face.

“If you’ll excuse us everyone, I think I’m going to take Miss Cullen here to the powder room and see if we can’t fix her make up a bit. Then I’m going to find a husband for the night,” MizT said as she stood up and lead Jaz away.

Kevin set his beer down and looked out into the crowd. Suddenly, his werewolf senses went crazy inside him, as he searched the room franticly. Kristine knew something was wrong, and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“I know that look Kevin, what’s wrong?”

“It’s weird Kristine, I sense the presence of another animal,” he whispered.

“Is it another werewolf?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe someone brought in a service dog or something,” Kevin said as he stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“Just going to walk around a bit and check out the costumes,” he lied to her.


Chad Franklin sipped his rum and coke. He was still nervous about the idea of having real forest creatures running around in the human world. It just wasn’t worth the risk if someone realized what his wife and friends really were. He looked over at Susan, as she tried to explain everything to her curious mother.

Feather on the other hand, was looking at every male that went by with a hungry look in her eyes. Chad was always astounded at her lack of delicacy when it came to sex. Be it male or female, she was blunt in letting a partner know what she wanted.

“Feather, will you please stop looking at everyone like a tiger who hasn’t eaten in days. I really don’t want to draw any attention to the group tonight.”

“For the last time Chad, calm down. No one is going to know about us, trust me.”

Susan leaned closer to Bolara and whispered in her ear. “That over there Mother is the raw bar. It has little servings of seafood and next to it is the veggie bar if you’d like some carrots and such.”

“Do you think Chad would get nervous if Xena and I went over there for a bite to eat?”

“Probably, but you let me handle my nervous wreck of a husband,” Susan said as she tapped Xena on the arm.

Susan whispered to the lovely mermaid what Bolara wanted to do. Xena’s eyes shot open wider at the mention of seafood. The two women stood up and headed toward the other side of the club. True to Susan’s prediction, Chad looked at his wife in astonishment as Bolara and Xena walked away.

Bolara walked by the drinking customers with a style and grace that rivaled any woman in the club. She noticed how the humans were interacting with each other and wondered why her son in law was so nervous. Everyone was having a good time and laughing. It rather reminded her of the parties in the forest.

Just before they reached the raw bar, Bolara bumped into a muscular young man who was busy searching for someone. As she was jolted to the side, the young man grabbed her arm to keep her from falling.

“I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t watching where I was going. I hope you’re not hurt,” Kevin Dvorska said.

The Crystal of Physis began to glow softly as Kevin held Bolara’s elegant arm. She looked into his eyes with confusion. Did her daughter know that a werewolf was in the club?

“I seem to be uninjured young man. It’s a pleasant surprise to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you as well, but I better get back to my friends before I run someone else over,” Kevin replied, then walked quickly back to his table.

Xena watched the encounter and was cautious about the human. No matter how much she wanted to have fun in the human world, the queen’s safety was still paramount.

“Are you alright your majesty?”

“Yes Xena I’m fine. Shall we get something to eat now? It should be quite a change for you, eating seafood that you didn’t have to catch first,” Bolara said with a laugh.


Kevin reached the group and took his seat, but was still scanning the room.

“Did you find something?” Kristine asked.

“No nothing. It’s really strange, I could have sworn someone else was here,” he replied.

“Excuse me love, were you expecting someone,” Jaz asked.

“Um — no Jaz I was looking to see if the crowd had anymore vampires in it. From what I can see, the costume contest is going to be a good show.”

“I don’t think they’ll think too much of me. My makeup is still a bit smudged, but it’s turning out to be a good night anyway.”

“Hey Jaz, what’s a dark angel anyway?” Carl asked.

“Oh my Carl, you don’t get out much do you love. I was kicked out of heaven for having sex,” Jaz said with a sly smile.

“I thought you could do anything in heaven and get away with it. Must have been something bad,” Adam told her.

“As a matter of fact Adam, it was. It seems giving a hummer to Saint Peter is against the rules,” Jaz told him, and then sipped her drink.

Kristine was taking a drink when Jaz said that, and started coughing. Adam quickly patted her on the back, as he thought about her comment. They were all going to have to watch what they said from now on. With her happy attitude, she was likely to have more comments like that on the way.

Kevin was chuckling along with the rest of the group. Suddenly, he heard something like a faint whisper.

“Are you from the forest as well, or do you live in the human world?”

Kevin looked at MizT since she was the closest to him. “I’m sorry, what did you say MizT?”

“I didn’t say anything Kevin.”

Kevin picked up his beer and took a long drink. He hoped that Mokkelke would be around soon, they were running low on drinks.

“Pardon me young man. I was wondering if you are from the human world. Werewolves are rare and I’ve never met one.”

Kevin looked at everyone at the table. They were all busy with small talk, so he quickly searched the crowd. When Kristine saw his dilemma, she leaned closer.

“Kevin you’re acting very strange. What’s the problem?”

“Someone keeps talking to me.”

“Of course I’m talking to you. I mean you no harm, I assure you. My name is Queen Bolara and I am visiting the human world with my daughter for the evening.”

“There it was again. Did you hear it Kristine?” Kevin said in a whisper.

“Don’t tell me you’re hearing voices Kev.”

Jaz looked at Kevin who was searching the crowd wildly. “Kevin you look a fright, I hope everything is alright.”

“Huh — oh, I’m fine it’s just some ringing in my ears.”

“Have you been a werewolf long young man?”

“I must be losing my mind.”

“You’re not losing your mind. I’m trying to have a conversation with you. My name is Bolara, and I can hear the thoughts of all animals, just as I am hearing yours.”

“What do you want from me lady, and how do you know about me?”

“With the help of the Crystal of Physis, I can converse with creatures like you. I’ve never met a werewolf before, but I do know they exist. The question is — do you mean harm to the humans?”

“If this is some kind of a joke lady, I’m not fucking laughing.”

“Manners young man. I understand this is your first time at this, but I do not like to be offended.”

“Where are you?”

“I am on the other side of the room. You may join us for a moment if you wish, but only if you behave yourself. My Tengu friend would be displeased if you wished to do harm to the Queen.”

“How do I find out which one you are?”

“I am the woman you almost knocked down. I am seated with an archer, and something called a naughty nurse.”

“Um excuse me everyone, nature calls,” Kevin said as he stood up.

As he moved past Jaz and MizT, he bumped into Mark Wolfhorst. Given the women in the club, he chose a fitting costume for the evening, a Chippendale dancer.

“Hey Wolfie, I’ll be back in a minute. You can take my seat if you want,” Kevin said.

Mark had on the customary tight black pants with a bow tie and matching cuffs. Since he was a SEAL, his trim body and six pack abs accented the outfit exceptionally well. His gel laden dark brown hair and tanned flesh made it look as if he just stepped out of a calendar photo shoot.

“Hey everybody, sorry I’m late. I had some trouble figuring out what to wear.”

“Wolfie, what the hell are you supposed to be and how did the bouncer let you in without a shirt?” Adam asked.

“What L-tee? I got a collar and cuffs.”

“Oh Adam, let the young boy be. I’m sure you did crazy things when you were young,” Kristine said, and then kissed his cheek.

Both Jaz and MizT were scrutinizing his chiseled abs closely, as they devoured his model-like appearance with sighs of approval.

“I’m not sure of anyone else, but I think your costume is truly brilliant!” Jaz said.

“That’s kind of a nice touch Wolfie, putting dollar bills in your pants. Is that how you’re carrying your wallet these days?” Carl asked.

“Hell, I got this just coming in the damn door. The women groped me so much on the way in, I know now what it’s like to be molested.”

“Not yet you don’t, but give me ten minutes and you will,” MizT said under her breath.

“I think I’d like to make a contribution to charity,” Jaz said, as she pulled a five-dollar bill out.

“How long do I get for this?”

Mark turned to look at the dark angel. “Whoa, um — I um — it’s just a costume.”

“Pity, I leave for Scotland in the morning, and we don’t have — men — like you there.”

“Oh, well in that case.” The young SEAL began doing a bump and grind in front of Jaz.


Kevin looked around for an archer and a nurse. He had no idea what a tengu was supposed to look like. As he came around the bar, he saw a large table with a group of people. One of them was the lovely woman he bumped into by the raw bar.

“I see you found us. Please sit down, we mean you no harm.” She was holding some kind of necklace in her hand, which made Kevin nervous.

As he got nearer, a strange looking person with a red beak glared defensively. Then he turned his head towards the older woman and nodded. The man dressed as a baseball player sat up in his seat a little straighter as Kevin reached the table.

“Thank you for coming over. My name is Bolara,” the queen said, as she extended her hand.

“Mother, what are you doing? We don’t want any attention,” Susan said quietly.

“Calm yourself my dear child. I do not believe he will tell a soul about us.”

Out of politeness, Kevin shook her hand, as he gazed at the crystal around her neck. He then turned his attention to the red-beaked man. He knew now why his senses had gone off — he wasn’t human. The naughty nurse smelled different, but she sure looked like a human.

“I’m Kevin. How did you…”

“Are you going to stand there and chat with us, or would you like a seat, Kevin?”

Kevin pulled up a chair and looked at Bolara. “How did you know who I am?”

“Bolara, can I speak to you for a moment — alone please,” Chad interrupted.

“Calm down Chad, I think you might find this enlightening.”

Bolara leaned forward and looked at the crowd around them. She knew the sounds of the music and conversations would keep their conversation private.

“It’s very interesting to find a werewolf here.”

Everyone at the table jumped a bit at the revelation about Kevin Dvorska’s secret. Bolara settled them down, and reminded Larry that she was in no danger. Feather, on the other hand, had that hungry look in her eyes again as she studied the SEAL.

“I’m sorry if this comes out wrong, but what are you supposed to be?” Kevin asked the winged creature.

Larry looked at Bolara for guidance, and she nodded her approval. When he turned to Chad, he had a look of caution on his face.

“I’m a tengu. We are masters of the martial arts and known for our fighting skills.”

“What do they call you?”

“My name is Larry.”

“How the hell did you get a name…”

“Um — Kevin, take my advice and let it drop there, trust me on this one. My name is Chad and this is my wife Susan.”

“If you all live in some forest, what are you doing here?” Kevin asked him.

“Not all of us. God, I can’t believe I’m about to reveal our secret to a werewolf. My wife is a Forest Nymph Princess. She and I live in the human world but…”

“So what kind of forest creature are you Chad?” Kevin interrupted.

“I’m a hundred percent human. I didn’t find out about the others until — well that’s another story. Queen Bolara is her mother, and she wanted to bring some of our friends here for just one night.”

Kevin wondered if he looked stupid, as he listened to the unbelievable tale this man was telling him. He studied the others as they like wise studied him.

“This lovely woman dressed as an archer, is really an elf, and next to her is — now don’t freak out — a mermaid.”

Kevin’s mouth gaped open, and he quickly looked under the table. Xena saw his head disappear, and with a sly smile, spread her legs and exposed her white panties to him. Kevin saw the human legs, but then caught site of her covered pussy. He got up so quick, that he bumped his head on the edge of the table, almost spilling the drinks.

“Kevin, are you ok?” Bolara asked, but then saw the look on Xena’s face.

“Xena, if you can’t behave yourself while away from Chad’s house, then you can return to the forest.”

She looked down apologetically. “I’m sorry your majesty, it won’t happen again.”

“I don’t get it, why do you have legs if you’re a mermaid? I’m a sailor and I know what a mermaid is supposed to look like.”

“We can go out of the water for brief periods of time, and it helps to walk around if you have legs. You’re a werewolf, so where’s your fur?”

“It wouldn’t be wise to change right here, people would freak.”

“Then you have answered your own question, haven’t you.”

Kevin stared at the group as he tried to take in what they all said, a parallel forest world in existence with the human world. If he hadn’t been talking to them personally, he would have never believed it.

“If there is another world, how do you travel back and forth between them? Is there like a secret entrance in a big tree or something?” Kevin asked Bolara.

“Susan, go ahead and show him dear.”

“Mother, maybe that’s enough information about us, what if…”

Kevin stopped her for a moment. “Susan, since you live in the human world — wow that sounds weird saying that — you should know that I’m a Navy SEAL. I know how to keep secrets. I could say the same thing about me. Except for my mother and two other people, no one knows about me, so what happens to me if you let my secret out.”

“Point taken,” she replied as she reached into her purse.

Kevin watched as she pulled something out that looked like an eight-inch stick. At first, he thought she was going to do the, go fetch doggie joke. When she handed it to him, he studied the strange wood. He could smell something strange, and inhaled deeply.

“Smells like it has dirt on it.”

“It’s called Tulok root. It only grows in the forest of our world. The reason humans don’t have centaurs and other creatures in your world, is that the only ones that can find it are the Elves,” Susan said.

“Kevin, may I see the root please,” Bolara said.

The Forest Queen broke a small piece of the root off, and handed the smaller section to Kevin. Everyone stared in disbelieve, but they knew better than to argue with her.

“If you would ever like to visit my world, hold this tightly in your hand and close your eyes…”

“Trust me Kevin, you really want to close your eyes,” Chad said.

“Clear your mind of all thoughts except of that of a forest, or maybe Mermaid Lake. The root will transport you there instantly. In addition, I trust that as I will keep your secret, you will in return keep ours. If that root should fall into the hands of someone who would do us harm, we would not be pleased.”

“I guess I better get back to my friends. Don’t worry your majesty, you have my word,” Kevin said as he bowed slightly to her.

When he was gone, Susan leaned over to her husband. “Now you can add a werewolf to the list of creatures you’ve met. Weird couple of worlds huh.”

“Life just keeps getting stranger and stranger when I’m around your family.”


Kevin reached the table, but found that only Adam and Kristine were present.

“Hey, where’d everyone go, I didn’t miss anything did I?”

“Nope, Carl is in the bathroom and Wolfie is — well — busy,” Adam said, as he pointed to the dance floor.

Kevin turned and laughed to himself. Mark Wolfhorst was in the middle of the dance floor with Jaz behind him. She was grinding her hips into his firm ass and had her arms wrapped around his waist. MizT on the other hand, had her arms around his powerful neck and one leg raised up. She had it resting on top of Jaz’s arm, while she crushed her pelvis against his cock mound.

Kevin sat down and took a long drink of his beer. He had no idea how he was going to deal with the idea of another world. As he palmed the strange root in his pocket, he thought about what Bolara had said. He was debating if he should take her up on the offer. Laura wasn’t due back for a few days and he could use the time to visit another world. His last thought made him shiver slightly.

Jaz, Wolfie, and MizT returned to the table, interrupting his thoughts. Without sitting down, they all grabbed their drinks and downed them. Jaz and MizT looked as if it was effortless to sandwich his brawny form between them, because Wolfie was the only one sweating.

“Wolfie I was just wondering, why are you sweating so much?” Adam asked.

“Damn L-Tee, it’s hot out there on the dance floor.”

“That’s strange, I don’t see these two lovely women sweating,” Kevin said.

Jaz leaned over, placed her hands on the table, and brought her face up to Kevin’s. The seductive pose made his cock twitch and he had to remind himself that he was with Laura.

“Women like us don’t sweat, we glow.”

“Oh — um — thanks for setting me straight — um — um…”

“Jaz, Jaz Cullen — remember?”

“Oh Kevin you should see your face. Jaz you better leave the poor boy alone, before he has a misfire in his shorts,” MizT told her.

Kristine was giggling softly. MizT had beaten her to the very same comment she was going to say. She was enjoying how they tortured the young SEAL.

“I think I need to go powder my nose,” MizT announced as she quickly glanced over at Wolfie.

“Hey Adam, order us another round whenever Mokkelke gets back. I’m gonna hit the head for a minute,” Mark said, as he used the Navy slang for the bathroom.

Wolfie tossed some money on the table and then followed the glowing MizT to the restrooms. He passed Carl Werner coming back, and his large black friend put a hand on his chest to stop him.

“You might be there a while, there’s a line to the men’s toilets.”

“Oh — um — thanks Carl.”

Carl walked back to the table and sat down. While he was adjusting his cape, the DJ came over the speakers in the club.

“Ok everyone, the moment we’ve all dressed up for. If you want to be judged for the costume contest, then head out to the dance floor and line up.”

“It’s about damn time. Kristine, are you going up?” Jaz asked.

“I’m right behind you dark angel.”

As the two women headed for the floor, Kevin saw the large winged tengu head out to the floor also. “This ought to be interesting.”

Within moments, the floor became crowded with different costumes of all shapes and sizes. Larry stood next to Jaz and Kristine, and the size difference was immediately noticeable. Jaz tilted her head up and stared at the strange beak on the front of Larry’s face.

“What kind of creature are you supposed to be?”

Larry turned to the dark angel and studied her. He knew she was human, but looked very much like a female tengu, without a beak. In her own right, she was quite breathtaking, as he felt his enormous cock start to fill with blood.

“I’m a tengu. I really like your wings,” he told her, as he peered at Jaz’s back.

Jaz was feeling a little giddy from the champagne. “Oh, I thought you were looking at my little bum.”

“Jaz, the contest is starting, pay attention,” Kristine told her.

The DJ went around and placed his hand in front of the contestants. Soon he had the field narrowed to just five people, and the ones who didn’t make the cut left the floor.

“Ok everyone, round two of the judging. Now remember, your applause decides who gets first place and three hundred dollars. Ok, who has the clown coming in first?”

The crowd clapped loudly and then the DJ moved to Carl, he had his fake teeth in and was posing dramatically for the crowd.

“How about — what kind of vampire are you?”


“Ok, give it up for — Blackula.”

The crowd was not as impressed with Carl as they were the clown. Then he moved on to Kristine who twirled in her emerald green gown. A large amount of applause came roaring towards the dance floor.

“Sorry there Count. Looks like you may not make the cut.”

He then moved in front of Jaz. “Now for our own, extremely lovely, dark angel of the night.” The crowd erupted in a roar for Jaz Cullen, as the DJ nodded his approval.

“What’s your name there dark angel?”

“Jaz Cullen, I’m Scottish.”

“Holy cow lady, I knew we had a following for this contest, but first place won’t even cover your plane ticket.”

Jaz laughed with the crowd as he moved to the last contestant. He looked Larry up and down, then back at the crowd.

“I’ve been doing this for a number of years. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a costume like that. What’s your name?”

“Larry, I’m a tengu.”

“Nope, never heard of those, ok everyone — Larry the Tengu.”

Kevin’s sensitive ears started to ring at the level of applause Larry got. It then went to ear shattering levels, as Larry began flapping his large white wings. Jaz looked at the crowd and wondered why he was showing off like that. She was not about to be upstaged by a large birdman, so she slowly strutted out to the front of the contestants.

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