“Aren’t you even going to ask why?” the woman asked. She was slim, her skin pale, flesh firm and young. The blonde of her hair and blue of her eyes were an uncommon sight in the border city of the brown- and red-skinned, and had gotten her in danger a few times in her life. Sometimes she got through them through wits or guts or whatever else she had to offer. Sometimes she failed. She was here, now, because of one of those failures.

The two of them sat in the penthouse suite in one of the fancier mid-line hotels in Punto de Lobos, wrapped in shadows too high up to be swept away by the glare of the neon-filled streets of the red light district. The air conditioning was off, but she shivered in the silk negligee she wore. The silk and the suite had cost all two years of her salary.

Valerian merely stared at her through steel gray eyes half-hidden in the long platinum hair that draped over his features. His massive frame slouched in a cushioned chair that seemed two sizes too small to accommodate him.

After a long, silent moment, Valerian drained the last of his scotch from what seemed to be a shotglass in his freakishly huge hands. He stood up. Walked to her, silently, like a tiger stalking prey.

Involuntarily, the woman bit her lip and closed her eyes as Valerian’s hand came up to brush a lock of her blonde hair away her face while his other hand rested on her shoulder. A single finger, wide as her eye, traced the gentle contours of her cheek and her nose before resting against her lips.

She opened her eyes in surprise at the first time she heard his voice. It was soft, but heavy; a steel mace in a velvet glove. “Lick it,” he said. An order.

Tentatively, the woman stuck out the tip of her tongue to flick at his forefinger. It seemed, though, that Valerian had other ideas, and pushed the finger into her mouth all the way to the second knuckle. She gagged a bit as it hit the back of her throat, then recovering, began to suck and lick at it as best she knew. She “mmmphed” in surprise as she felt his other hand—the one on her shoulder—clamp around her neck while the other one pulled out from her mouth to grip her waist. She was lifted up like a rag doll. In a few seconds, she felt her back rest against solid wall as Valerian loosened his grip and let her soles touch the floor once again.

There was no warmth when he came in closer to her, none when he buried his face in the crook of her neck to breathe in her scent. She felt the hand on her waist slide down over the silk, to her thigh, playing on the edge of her negligee. His finger traced a trail of her own spit as it moved up her inner thigh, pushing the silk upwards to bare her pussy.

Her heart hammered as she felt Valerian’s finger rub against her clit. Surprised at his gentleness, she found herself getting wet as he played her expertly. She began to move against his hand, and found herself gasping at his manipulations. When his finger left her clit an involuntary, ragged “No!” escaped her lips, but when she felt it part her pussy lips, it gained another meaning. She never realized how big his finger was.

The woman’s hands flew to his chest, pushing, slapping. “Wait, I…” but the next word was swallowed in a pained gasp as his finger pushed all the way in and his knuckles ground against her. “God!” she said to gritted teeth as he pulled back. He stopped, leaving just his first knuckle inside her, before slowly pushing in all the way again.

Her eyes teared up at the first few moments as Valerian worked his finger in and out of her tight hole, each time faster, harder. But as she grew accustomed to it, she began to feel the first sparks of warmth center on her belly. She hissed in both pleasure and pain as his hand changed angles so that every time he thrust, his palm ground against her clit.

Her whole body was shaking now, rocking with every thrust of his single finger. Her inner thighs quivered. Her hands gripped tightly on the arm that still held her in place. “God!” she gasped. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” The fire inside her exploded and she, growling, shuddered with release, every muscle in her body spasming.

Valerian released the woman then, let her fall limp and gasping against him, and he carried her to the bed where he laid her face down. He let her lie there for a moment as he licked her juices from his finger. The silence was filled only with her labored breathing, and momentarily, a ripping sound as he unzipped his jeans and freed his rock hard cock.

She felt the bed dip with his weight, felt him part her legs slightly after he lifted the edge of the silk up and over her ass. The warm air felt cool to her moist, exposed privates. She felt his hair against her thighs before his lips and his tongue, kissing and licking, brushed against them. Even the deathly chill of his touch did nothing to quench the fires of arousal that her earlier orgasm had lit within her.

Valerian dragged his teeth against the feverish skin of her inner thighs before lightly biting the cheek of her ass, before pulling her hips up to gain more access to her pussy. Delving in, he ran his tongue across her moist pussy lips before pushing his long tongue in and she moaned hungrily. Her hips pumped urgently as his tongue thrust in and out of her pussy. The hand on her hip parted the cheeks of her ass, and his tongue flicking at that forbidden hole drew a surprised “Oh!” from her that drifted into contented purring as a finger from his other hand pushed, teasing, into her pussy instead.

The woman turned her head to look at him when she felt him shift, his mouth and finger ceasing their exploration of her. She gasped, in shock, this time, at the first glimpse of his erection—it must have been a foot long, at least, and nearly as thick as her wrist. “No… Wait… I can’t…” she said in alarm as she felt the thick head of it nose between the cheeks of her ass.

She began to push up on the bed but Valerian placed a heavy hand on the small of her back, which was enough to keep her down. He rose over her and leaned in to whisper into her ear, “Relax. This will hurt less if you do.”

She began to sob, hands gripping clumps of bedsheet. “Please…” she begged as she felt him rub his thick cock against her sopping pussy, coating it with her juices. “Please don’t…” He stopped.

“Are you sure?” Valerian said, enunciating every word. “Do you really want me to stop?”

The woman closed her eyes and bit her lip, tears freely falling. Angry, desperate, she blurted out, “No. Don’t. Don’t stop.” She braced herself as he leaned in, as his weight pressed against her.

“FUCK!!!” she wailed into the pillow as she felt him push against the natural resistance of her ass. Her muscles seized up, her body broke into a cold sweat and her hands clamped down on the handfuls of cloth she had.

She shuddered as the first few inches entered her, stretching her more than she ever had been. He was going to rip her apart. She felt his chest heaving now against her back, his heart racing through the thick knotted muscle. “This is the price of vengeance,” Valerian said. “Meat for meat.” She keened in pain as he slowly began to pull out, up to the head of his cock.

“Oh, God! God!” she whined as he began to push in again, deeper this time. Her whole body inched forward with the weight of his thrust. She felt him shift again, felt him steady her even as he held her down. “Argh! Argh!” she moaned as he began to pump into her ass in a slow, steady pace, ever deeper.

She didn’t know it at the time, but he was already a bit over half inside her ass when he shifted yet again and she felt his thick finger once again playing against her clit. Her pussy was drenched, her senses overloaded by the pain that was now starting to spark a kind of pleasure she’d never known before. Her moans shifted in color even as Valerian began to move faster against her.

The woman moaned as Valerian’s finger pushed inside her pussy, moving in concert with the hard cock inside her ass. “Ohhh… Ohhh, fuck… Fuck me…” she said, surprising even herself. “Fuck me…” She was even more surprised when she realized that his hips were now grinding against the soft mounds of her ass—he was buried to the hilt inside her.

He was growling now, quickening his pace, and the woman hurt a bit because of that, but the coil of pleasure was winding even more tighter inside her, overpowering the pain. “Uhhh… Uhhhh…” she grunted loudly, her body shuddering as she moved against him. “Yes… Yes… Please,” she moaned. “Cum… Cum in my ass.”

“GOD! FUCK!!!” she screamed as he pushed in hard, roughly, against her. Her hips lifted off the bed as he held one last time inside her, cumming. He grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand and yanked hard, pulling her completely up to kneeling position, and hissed into her ear, “Take it!” as he spurted his seed into her ass. It was the first time his voice had been tinged with emotion. His finger, pistoning inside her clenching pussy, did its work as well, and with a primal scream she came herself—a mind-numbing orgasm that shook her to the very core. He let her go and she fell limp onto the sweat-stained satin sheets. The little muscles of her inner thigh twitched involuntarily even as the sensual overload drained her. The woman moaned in discomfort as Valerian slowly pulled his softening cock out of her abused ass.

Valerian went to the washroom to clean up while the woman gathered what strength in her remained. Still lying prone, she supported herself with a pillow and turned her face towards his direction. When he came back she saw his skin marked by a faint tracery of glowing red lines, and his eyes burned with the same crimson energy. “Is this what the sex is all about?” she wondered. “A way to charge whatever it is that fuels him?”

“I’m gonna be sore for a week,” the woman said with a wry smile.

“No, not really,” he said. “A day. Two, at most. You got a bit of me in you. That will help you heal.”


For a while the only sound in the room was the zip of Valerian’s boot laces as he tied his boots on.

“You’ll kill all of them, right?” the woman said finally as she watched Valerian open the door to leave. “Every single one?”

Valerian paused outlined between the room’s shadows and the harsh fluorescent light of the hallway. He turned back to her, fixing his red glowing gaze on her pretty face. “No one survives me when I’m red.”

***** *** *****

Colmillo Cuenca, One hour later…

The Beast roared through the desert road, trailing a column of dust that made it easier for the pursuit choppers to follow. One of the stealth helicopters swung in low in front of the Beast, machine guns spitting a hail of bullets that followed closely in the hypercycle’s path. The glossy black motorcycle’s canopy gleamed, catching the searchlight’s glare for a few seconds as it skidded into a turn. A hiss, rendered inaudible in the scream of gunfire, signaled the burst of the Beast’s hydraulic jets. The Beast, caught in the momentum of its turn, lifted off into the air, spinning towards the helicopter. Slamming into the main body of the aircraft, the hypercycle’s heavy frame tore through the chopper like a mallet through a paper wall.

The Beast hit the ground wreathed in the flames of the fallen chopper, facing the aircraft’s twin. The hypercycle’s engine let out a roar of challenge, and the remaining stealth helicopter bolted. The Beast gave chase.

Inside the hypercycle, Valerian keyed a command. *PULSE CANNON ENGAGED,* the console answered. *INITIATING DENSITY LOCK.*

“Gevaudan, track and pursue,” Valerian ordered. He drew one of his handcannons from his side holsters and checked the charge.


The Beast’s roar switched to a whine as the hypercycle drew power from its microfusion engine, becoming a black blur hunting down the helicopter through open country.

*TARGET STRUCTURE IS LOCKED,* the console reported.

“Fire at intervals of fifteen seconds,” Valerian replied as he checked and loaded his other firearm. He returned the gun to his holster and disengaged the autopilot, leaning into the command array. Through the viewscreen he watched the world slip by as the Beast surged relentlessly forward, the pulse cannon pew-pewing its barrage against the fleeing enemy. On the edge of the horizon, the lit edges of the desert citadel was visible.

Under Valerian’s guidance, the Beast made lazy zigzags along its path, losing a bit of speed, but making the trajectory of the pulse cannon’s bursts more unpredictable. In a few minutes, one of the Beast’s pulse shells —a solid lump of hyperdense steel synthesized within the microfusion core and charged with electricity— ripped through the helicopter’s tail and fuselage. *TARGET ELIMINATED.*

Valerian shifted the Beast’s active engine to the normal one, roaring towards the citadel that was his main target.

***** *** *****

Valle Halcon, Simultaneously…

The room was filled with the sound of Sula’s moans and the electric hum of a vibrator. “Fuck… Birdie… No more…” Sula protested weakly, her platinum hair a halo around her face, spread on the water bed’s silver sheets. Birdie was Sula’s assistant, an android to mimic human form—Birdie was actually designed to mirror her owner’s physique save for her face, and the fact that her body was covered with the super-hard ceramic that all androids had. It was still illegal to make a completely lifelike android.

Sula’s hands teased and pinched her nipples and she bit her lip as Birdie gave a particularly hard thrust of her appendage into her mistress’ sopping sex.

*Do you really want me to stop?* Birdie asked with a teasing smile, letting her vibrating fingers dial down.

Sula threw a silver pillow at the android’s perfectly designed face. “No, you damned tease,” she retorted. “I want you to… ARGH!” Sula gasped as Birdie’s fingers sped up once again, and the android began to pump into her mistress’ clenching folds. Birdie grinned wickedly.

“Gods, yes!” Sula moaned. “More… I’m…”

On a table a few feet away, her palmtop chirped an alert. *SCAN HAS DETECTED AN ENERGY SIGNATURE ALONG THE WAVELENGTH BEING MONITORED.*

Sula snapped out of her sexual reverie and raised herself up. “Birdie,” she gasped. “Let’s… save this for later.”

Birdie rolled her eyes. Pulling out of Sula’s pussy, she let herself be content with merely licking her mistress’ juices off her fingers .

Sula slipped out of the bed and, still naked, walked over to the table. “Give me a visual, Sorontar.”

The palmtop displayed a holographic projection of Ninovan, closed in to the provincial map, and zoomed in even further to a local relief map that showed a desert area labeled “Colmillo Cuenca.” Somewhere closer to the northeastern borders of the desert was a blink sending pulses of red that rippled to fade across the hologram.

“Disengage to standby, Sorontar,” Sula commanded, and the hologram winked out. Sula’s face was set in determination. She closed her eyes and slammed a fist on the table. “I’ve got you, Valerian,” she whispered. “I’ve got you.”

“Bring me my gear, Birdie. Sorontar and I have got to ride,” Sula said as she swept up the palmtop. Her perfectly sculpted physique was outlined in glowing circuit lines that matched the blue glow of her eyes. “If we’re not back in three hours, alert the Council.”


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