mental powers

Chapter One: The Wish

It was Adam’s 26th birthday. Twenty-six was his favorite number (one of his favorite basketball players, Kyle Korver, wore that jersey number), so he looked forward to this birthday. He had no reason to believe it wouldn’t be exceptional. His mom made a cake and put novelty “2″ and “6″ candles on it.

When the cake was brought out, with the candles lit, and the traditional singing of “Happy Birthday,” it seemed like every other birthday. And then he made the wish.

“I wish that, under any and all circumstances, I had the ability to control, change, and manipulate people and things, or anything I wanted with my mind.”

It was a very specific wish, one that he had contemplated the wording of for several days. He didn’t know if it would work, because birthday wishes are a sort of superstitious thing; but decided his favorite numbered birthday would be a great time to make that wish. He took a sigh, and sliced the first peace of cake, and wondered if his wish would come true.


Adam woke up the next morning and wished he didn’t have to get dressed. Being a closet nudist, he slept in the nude, and this morning he was wishing it was legal to be nude wherever he liked. But he got up, got dressed, and went downstairs to have breakfast and get ready for his day. There wasn’t much on the agenda, but he did have some errands to run at the mall later on.

As he looked out the front window, checking out the day’s weather, he saw a couple jogging, out for their morning run, go by his house; but the unusual part was that, apart from their tennis shows, he was nude and she only had her running shorts on. This didn’t bother Adam in the slightest, other than finding it strange. He watched them run down the street, paying much more attention to her slender figure and bare back, glistening with sweat from the workout.

I wonder what she would look like without her shorts, he thought.

And just as he was thinking this, they stopped for a breather, she pulled her shorts down and off so she was just as naked as he was, and then continued running on, out of sight now, leaving her shorts where she had dropped them.

Adam stood there with his jaw dropped, shocked by what had happened. Then he remembered his birthday wish. Had it actually come true? He would have to find out.

So he said aloud, “I have the house to myself right now, and no one is coming back until later tonight.” He hadn’t seen anybody yet, but when we walked around a bit now, he saw a note on the counter, saying that the rest of his family had gone to a nearby theme park for the day, and that he shouldn’t expect them back until 11 that night. This could’ve been a coincidence, so he would continue trying other things.

Man, I wish that naked lady would come back and stop by, he thought, as he undressed himself. Don’t need clothes if no one else is home. Then the doorbell rang. Looking over at the windowed doors, he saw that is was the naked lady from earlier.


Melissa Markham and her husband, John, had seen the front page headline this morning: US Congress Amends Law, Nudity Allowed Anywhere. It was good news for them and their two daughters, Hannah and Liz. They all enjoyed nudity while in their home, and now they could take that enjoyment wherever they pleased. Melissa suggested to John that their morning jog should be nude today, simply because they could (he of course agreed to this).

So John put on tennis shoes, and Melissa decided last second to leave her shorts on last second with her shoes. And off they went. They jogged their regular rout through the neighborhood and made chit-chat along the way. They were a very happy couple, having been married 16 years.

After some time, Melissa had the desire to remove her shorts; but not just a whimsical desire; this was a strong urgent need to be completely nude. So she took discarded her shorts and began running again, not even bother to pick her shorts back up.

Melissa and John continued their run, and enjoyed the new freedom of being nude while they did so. It was a normal and uneventful run, and as they were heading home, Melissa felt a strange need. There was a house they passed on their run everyday, and she didn’t know who lived there, but today, she felt the strong, urgent need to go there, to meet who lived there, and to introduce herself. She told her John to go on home, that she would be back in a little while and then went up to the door and rang the door bell. She could see inside, and inside was a young man in his 20′s, who she could tell was nude as she was.


Adam opened the door to greet the naked lady whose name he did not know. He was still unsure of his power, if he even had any at all. He still needed to test things out, but figured this lady would be as good a test subject as any.

“Hi, I’m Melissa, I live down the street with my family,” she said as she held out her hand. “I realized today that we had never met, so I stopped by to introduce myself and get to know you.”

“I’m Adam. It’s nice to meet you. I’ve seen you out running before; what made you decide to run naked today?”

“Oh, didn’t you see? It was in the paper today, front page. Public nudity is allowed anywhere now.”

Adam was slightly stunned at this. Upon hearing her words he remembered some of his first thoughts waking up this morning, wishing it were legal to be nude anywhere. However, he hadn’t read the paper, and therefore had not realized this wish had come true as well. He decided it was time to start testing out his powers.

Melissa was about 5’6″ and had a very slender figure. Her breasts were only about B cup, but they were perfect for her body. Her hair was a dirty blonde, and went down to her shoulders while in a pony-tail, as it was now. She had a full bush of pubic hair, but her legs and ass were just as exquisite as they come, plump and juicy, but not overly so.

Adam looked at Melissa, and told her, “Melissa, you will answer my questions and do as I say.”

Melissa appeared to space out for a second before she came back to her senses and agreed.

“How old are you?”

“I am 38 years old.”

“How long have you been married?”

“16 years.”

“Do you have any kids?”

“John and I have two daughters.”

“Are you happy in your marriage?”

“I am very happy, I love John and my girls very much and I feel quite appreciated.”

“Why did you run nude today?”

“We practice nudism while at home, so thought it would be fun to get out when we saw that we could.”

“Your whole family is nudists?”

“We wear clothing when necessary, and aren’t part of a group or anything, we just enjoy the freedom of non-clothing while at home.”

“Are you an exhibitionist too? Does being nude and having other people see you nude turn you on sexually?”

“Being nude only makes me feel free, and being free allows me to be myself. I did feel some excitement this morning while out running, but I think it was more from the first time experience of being nude in public, not being seen.”

Adam contemplated his next questions, wondering what kind of influence his new ability really could have. “Can I finger your vagina?”

Melissa was appeared slightly shocked by this blunt question, but then her face calmed, and she replied, “Sure, of course you can.”

Adam put his fingers into her pussy, which slipped in easily because she was apparently already wet. He wondered if this was because she was actually aroused or if he had manipulated her body without knowing it. This will take a lot of experimentation and testing to understand this new ability. So after having his way with Melissa that afternoon, he started putting his powers to practice.

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