And the next day, Thursday was no different. Rosa called Dutch at the hospital. “Honey I’m sorry to bother you at work, but I have to see you.”

“What’s wrong? Are you all right?” He asked as he tensed up sensing bad news.

“No, no, I’m fine. Well, no, I’m not fine. I’m so horny I can’t stand it. I need you and I need you bad. Can you meet me someplace?”

“Baby I can’t leave here. Can you come here; I can manage some time with you if you come over in the next thirty minutes or so.”

“Do you know where I’m calling from?”

“Where, are you close by?”

“No, I’m in the ladies room using Cynthia’s dildo. I’m gushing, literally gushing. Jesus I’m in heat!”

“Get your ass over here ASAP. I’ll try to find a place for us where we won’t be disturbed for a while.”

“Oh honey you won’t regret it. I love you!” And Dutch heard a click and then a dial tone. She was on her way.

***”Better raise your skirt, baby.”

Rosa’s hands went to her hem and tugged it up. Dutch stepped back and while staring at her marvelous butt, slowly started to work on undoing his zipper. Rosa’s skirt was hung up around her waist and he took in the taunt muscles of her ass.

Rosa loved this kind of sex play. She was so hot she couldn’t believe it. Her pussy was positively drooling, but she’d hung an out of order sign on it mentally and meant to keep it that way.

(Some pictures available on request. Email me) Her nipples were painful, swollen and in need of attention. She heard his slacks rustle as they fell to the floor.

“Kneel down, please,” his voice sounded gruff and she quickly bent her knees and sank down. Her face was now level with his thick member. She wanted to reach out and pull his cock closer, she wanted more than anything at the moment to suck the life out of him. She could smell his arousal and found herself very close to coming just from his proximity.

Dutch began rubbing his hardon against her cheeks and lips and forehead. She was shaking, trying to capture him in her mouth. And when he pushed his cock against her lips, she gulped him in her mouth and choked from his swollen size. Rosa pulled her face away and coughed a few times, holding her hand up as if calling for a temporary halt to the proceedings. Dutch waited patiently.

When she indicated she was ready to continue he held himself out to her mouth and said, “No hands, just suck it for a while.” “I’m so sorry about this afternoon,” she whispered, I just want the chance to make it up to you.” “Uh-huh,” he nodded slowly as she pressed her lips to his come-streaked head. Rosa closed her mouth around the head, massaging the shaft with her fingers to pump out the first vestiges of precum. These she quickly slurped up and then kissed her way down the shaft. “You know I love this cock of yours,” she said, her voice slurred with desire then swathed it with her saliva. “Ummm, yeah, tastes so sweet and when I do this . . .” her tongue laved around the lower portion of his cock’s crown. “AHHH!” He groaned with pleasure. “Oh, yeah,” (suck — suck) “tastes sooo good.” And she meant it, too, he sensed she was incredibly hot, and debated whether to come in her mouth or put it up her rear-end as she’d asked. His hands went to her hair, massaging her scalp as she sucked. His prick was coated with her saliva and he gloried in the heat of her mouth on him. He visualized her tongue as a snake, laving the knob of his dick. For her part, Rosa hoped she wasn’t slobbering too much on him as she slid back and forth without using her hands. She was at the point where his thick member was thrusting against the very back of her throat. And his hands in her hair pulled her mouth faster along his slick prick. “Oh yeah, baby! Lick my balls,” he moaned passionately as his cock quivered under Rosa’s talented tongue as she licked his twin sacks. For variety sake she grabbed some of his pubic hair with her lips and pulled. Dutch couldn’t take any more of the teasing and grabbing his member rubbed it back and forth against her face. Rosa’s face was slick with the saliva from his cock when he guided her lips back to it and she swallowed him whole. Gradually she eased him out until her lips were only sealed halfway down his length. Rosa made eye contact with him again. Dutch could swear she was smiling, wickedly, as she slowly drew her lips back along the length of his prick. Once her lips came to the crown of his dick, she opened them wide again and thrust her head forward, taking him deeper. Dutch lolled his head back and groaned as she sucked back along his length again.

When Rosa pulled back again, she let his entire saliva-coated prick spring free of her grasping lips. She kissed the tip of his penis and then began planting kisses down the entire length of the underside. Then her head was bobbing back and forth in earnest, concentrating on making him come. Rosa’s eyes were closed as she sucked back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth, then her lips parted ever so slightly and she thrust her head forward until he was more than halfway in her mouth. When she stopped moving forward she would clamp her lips about his shaft and repeat the motion. As she rocked back and forth, sucking his cock, her generous breasts swayed from side to side in time with the rhythmic motion of her mouth.

Suddenly Rosa tilted her head to the side and ran her tongue along the underside of his massive prick. Dutch was compelled to draw in air through his clenched teeth as she deftly nipped at the underside of the crown and then quickly wrapped her lips around the tip.

He felt himself erupting; put his hands on the top of her head. He sensed her gag reflex kick in as she deep throated him he willed himself to be still. As he flexed his cock in her throat he felt her throat flex back. Her lips remained tightly sealed around the base of his cock as they both sank to the floor. For the first time in his life Dutch lost track of time during sex. When he was aware of his surroundings again, Rosa was sitting alongside him, running a hand through his hair and murmuring sweet nothings into his ear. He skirt was still bunched up around her waist and her hair was mussed.

“My turn,” she said and laughed wickedly. He laughed raunchily with her and she was pleased to see he was still hard.

“Lean over your desk, with your ass facing me,” he said his voice strained.

Rosa moved cat-like, her skirt still caught up around her waist. He moved behind her and sank to his knees. Rosa groaned in anticipation as he spread her knees apart. Dutch let a groan slip from his throat as he looked at the forest of black pubic hair covering her lower cunt right up between her ass and around her asshole. Visible only to a very discerning eye was the string of her Tampax.

Slowly he spread her cheeks apart and tongued her until he had a furrow of hair on either side of his tongue. Her cunt was slick with her juices, there was also musty, iodine like odor hanging in the air which he found he was partial too. And he dug his tongue into her until he touched the inserted tube.

Rosa couldn’t help but tense up and when he inserted a thick finger up her ass she lost control and panted, “I’m lubed up already. I wanted you in my ass since I left the ladies room at the hospital.”

“Nice trick,” he whispered in her ear. “I kind of like it.” And then bit her on the ass.

Already highly excited, she let loose with a high pitched scream of shock and pain. Then she was swept away in the throes of a powerful orgasm as his tongue licked her asshole for the first time. Spreading her cheeks apart with his thumbs, he thrust his tongue in and then out of her ass causing Rosa to whimper quietly as she came again.

Fighting to maintain her composure she tried to speak forcefully, but failed as the orgasm proved too strong to resist. She let it run its course and then pleaded with him to fuck her.

“Where?” He asked.

“My ass, Christ I need it in my ass!”

Dutch wasted no time burying his cock in her. The initial penetration wasn’t much and he pulled it out and slapped her ass with his cock.

“Open it for me Rosa,” he said softly and she couldn’t get her hands back there fast enough; he placed his prick at her opening and she clenched her asshole trying to capture him. Seeing this, Dutch didn’t hesitate, but forced the head into her.

There was a soft sucking sound and she moaned, “Oh yeah, fuck my ass!”

Rosa went wild. The excitement in craving his meaty cock in her rectum nearly overwhelmed her.

“More! Gimme more of that salami!” she wailed, already impatient for another powerful release.

It was not his intention to tease her, but he withdrew and was met with a series of curses from Rosa who needed his cock desperately. Her entire being was throbbing with need. She wanted more, had to have more — and then he was inside her once again — moving powerfully into her, meeting little resistance. She quivered with excitement.

He backed up, then plunged into her and felt her sphincter tightened against the very base of his prick and he was off, fucking her like a man gone crazy.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

She woofed with each vigorous shove of his cock.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck MEEEEE!”

Rosa was coming and screaming as he continued pounding into her. He ignored the impending cramps in his legs and kept fucking her. His legs gave out, but he was unrelenting in his repeated lunging as he was forced to lie on top of her; her legs stretched out over the desk’s edge and when he felt her ass cheeks clench, they came together, rolling off the desk in their maddening lust for one another.

After reassuring one another they were all right, Rosa kissed him and after finding her voice, said “Now that was fucking good.”

“It sure was good. Let’s get the hell out of here, I need a drink.”

And as they drove to the National Sports Grill on Orangethorpe Avenue, he realized she had taught him something about women he hadn’t thought of before. He had always been puzzled by those times when a woman said “no.” Now he realized that women prefer the man to be assertive; and then if they said no, it really meant no, and that if they said yes, or nothing he was free to try or suggest anything, anything at all. If he were not assertive then a series of mixed signals about proceeding or stopping would ensue.


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