The three grown men were laughing while sitting outside on the steps of the beach house. They recalled that evening of Jared catching Vince and Diante’.

Diante’ combed his dreads, shaking them out while staring into Jared’s face. He leaned forward, stealing a smooch from his husband. “I thought you’d kill us that day.”

“Yeah well, I would have but…I knew I couldn’t. Who else would I have to move in with me if I did that?” Jared chuckled, reaching back to take Diante’s hand.

Vince sat in between them, breaking the handshake, taking both their palms, kissing the back of them. “I’m so happy you understood, man. I was afraid of losing your friendship. Diante’ and I had been close for years so I was sure that he wouldn’t go anywhere but…” Vince bit his lip. “You became just as important.”

Jared grinned, “I’m glad man. I don’t think I ever would’ve got through the rest of high school without you dudes. You know, being a fifth year senior wasn’t that cool.”

Diante’ stared at Jared’s face. He pulled Jared’s chin. “Hey! You were the hottest fifth year senior in school, man. Every girl wanted to get in your pants.”

Jared laughed, “Yeah, but I wasn’t interested in babies. I was more into women at that time.”

Diante’s eyes caught Vince’s. “Yes we remember,” they said in unison.

The younger Diante’ nodded in Jared’s direction. He really appreciated that Jared did accept the relationship between he and Vince. Besides, after the two of them had their secret “friendship,” most things got better in Diante’s life, except for things at home, until…

* * * * *

After the talk with Jared and Vince, Diante’ made up his mind he would begin to stand up against his dad. The union with Vince made Diante’ gain confidence too especially since Vince started teaching Diante’ how to fight. Diante’ started to feel like there might be hope in his life after all. So many times he’d thought about ending it all, but now, he felt differently.

Once he got through the gang members hanging on the corner, he arrived home, hearing screams and yells from his mother. “Mi Madre…” he mouthed before running in, watching his father, pin her in the corner.

His eyes widened while clenching his fists after dropping his book bag! “Stop,” he yelled. “Get off of her!” He saw red before running right to his dad, pushing him into a nearby wall. He was amazed by his sudden burst of strength.

“Faggot, get the fuck off me. I’m your father!” His dad shoved him to the floor. Diante’ heard his mother praying in Spanish before his dad’s feet came into view. Within seconds, Juan kicked him hard in the gut. Diante’ began choking as his dad stomped his foot right on his chest. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

The pain flowed through his body as the bigger man continued his assault; his mom screaming and crying in the background. “No…Juan please, mi hijo!”

Juan laughed heartily, looking into Diante’s eyes that were full of tears. “No, he thought he could beat me so…” he stopped. Diante’ felt himself lose consciousness, everything was a blur.

“Please, dad…” he coughed, “Please, I got so much to…live for.” He placed his hands around the man’s ankle.

“Heh, no you don’t. Fags don’t make it in this world, hijo. No one loves a homo!”

Diante’ turned his head away before hearing extra footsteps. When he shifted again, the weight from his father’s foot was lifted. He watched the big man fall right next to him, bleeding from the head.

He coughed harder, feeling someone’s hands on his face and then, everything went black.

Jared proceeded back to their San Diego apartment still with many questions roaming his head. “Can I do this?” He pulled into the parking space then sprinted upstairs to their 2 bedroom, shaking his head. He never even thought about having sex with other men besides his roommates. How would he handle this?

When he got in, he saw his favorite and his lover on the couch making out. So he wouldn’t cause trouble, he immediately went to his room and shut the door.

* * * *

“Mhmm…Ooohhh…” Diante’ was on top with Vince underneath. The two were involved in such a hot embrace, they didn’t pay attention to their roommates entry.

The blond tangled his fingers within Diante’s hair while pushing his body upwards. Both were only half clothed on this hot day, wearing shorts and nothing more. The two of them had just gotten in and immediately stripped down to almost nothing. Diante’ had just returned from school and Vince from work at his new job at the local gay massage parlor and spa.

Vince found the job by actually attending a rainbow career fair with Diante’ before last Christmas. He applied and right away the owner said he had to have him there to help other young men with their weight training and personal exercise. He’d been hired as the assistant. Vince wasn’t happy about taking orders from someone else but figured he’d be okay to do it for now.

Diante’ had been doing great in school, making the Dean’s list and settling on his major in social work with a minor in political science. His goal was to be a community advisor for gay and abused teens. All his instructors loved him and said he was well on his way to becoming a scholar. He also began to write short stories and columns for the school newspaper. This drew the attention of some national magazines that wanted to publish his work. He’d even been approached by a major publisher to begin writing full time. He thanked them for the offer and told him he’d consider it down the road. Even with his boyfriend and school, he still managed to hold the job at the bookstore, only working 20 hours a week but Jared and Vince’s pay completely covered the rent, leaving Diante’s paycheck for food and other things if needed.

Now, the boys were eighteen, enjoying their lives as two out gay men in love. There had been no issues like there were in the old neighborhood, still stares when they went out in public but that was to be expected everywhere. When they went out together, some of those ogles were positive with people stopping them to tell them what a handsome couple they were. Even at eighteen, Vince was completely bulked, making many a man jealous and all the women sour when they found out he was gay. Diante’ had bulked as well and was quite a catch with gorgeous tanned skin and curly brown hair that Vince wouldn’t allow him to cut. They were followed and whistled at whether apart or together, even approached by some modeling agencies to do a couple of photoshoots which they both declined. Seemingly nothing could stand in the way of the bliss between them and they hoped since Jared was locked into his career that would continue.

“Jeezus…” Vince mused, gripping his man’s sides.

“I been thinkin’ of you all day, lover. You wanna go into our room and enjoy some hot sex?” He nuzzled Diante’s neck.

“Aye, dios mio, mi amor. Es mucho calor. Why don’t we enjoy it in the shower, then, hmm? You know, the water running down our bodies makes for a very hot experience.” He rubbed himself against Vince’s crotch.

If Vince wasn’t already hard, this made him stiff. “Ooh.” Vince’s eyes met Jared’s. “Even better baby.” Vince covered Diante’s lips, roughly kissing him. He thrust his tongue deeply inside and gripped his partner’s buttocks, smacking them lightly. There was nothing he wanted more than to be with Diante’ right now.

“Good, so…let’s move!” Diante’ kissed him quickly and tried to get up but Vince pulled him in, not allowing him to go. “Damn, baby…c’mon, we have to get up to shower, eh?”

“Yeah, but…” he bit his lip. “Just a little more lovin’ before we move huh? I can’t get enough of you, sweet baby.” Vince grasped his lover tightly, wrapping his legs around his waist. His ankles hit the back of Diante’s calves. Vince nuzzled Diante’s neck, smelling the Obsession cologne he’d bought him just last week. “Ooh God, Diante’, I want you so bad…”

“Yeah? Then let’s go, mi amor, to the shower.”

“Yeah but…I wanna do somethin’ a lil different, baby.” He began panting a little. Vince pushed Diante’s shorts down from his waist, gripping his hips. Vince kissed him again. “I want you, inside of me, Diante’.” He struggled with his own clothing.

Diante’ cocked an eyebrow and flashed a wry smile. He got up from his position. “Mi amor, I…I always thought you wanted to be the top in this relationship.” He gripped his leaking cock.

“Nope.” He spread his legs wide. “I’m ready for you to be there, babe.”

Diante’ glanced at his lover. “Oh God Vince, I really do love you. I…I been thinkin’ about doin’ this but I didn’t want to bring it up. I thought you’d be offended.” Diante’ grabbed the latex from his back pocket.

“No, no, not at all. No power trips, here babe.” And he meant it. Although he considered himself to be the “man” in their union, he had no problem switching. He’d wanted this to happen for quite a while now and since they were about to embark on their first full year together, this seemed like as good of a time as any.

“No way in hell!” My room mate Allison said as she headed for the door to the garage.

“I am not sticking around to watch you and your entourage watch dirty movies and eat fattening food. I am going to go out and try to find someone to make a dirty movie with.” Alli said as she went into the garage and got into her car.

Once inside, she rolled the window down to offer her final goodbye. “Oh by the way, think about what we talked about, you never know until you try.” Her words drifted away as she pulled out of the garage.

The conversation we had while she was getting dressed bounced around my head as I made my way back inside. My secret fantasy and most scary thought combined. I wanted more than friendship with my two best friends, but if I went there I was afraid I would lose their friendship and that thought terrified me.

Tony, Andy and I have been friends since pretty much kindergarten. Our mom’s were all friends so we had grown up together. Sure we had our puppy love crushes on each other when we were kids but by high school, we had decided to just be best friends. No problem right?

Wrong at least now, because the last few months I had been having some very steamy dreams about a lot more than just hanging out. I had woke up more than one morning so hot and horny that me and my “Bob” had been real busy.

I had made the mistake of telling Alli about the dreams and she was of the opinion that I should just come clean with the guys and have as she put it, “Major hot banging, scratch the paint off the walls sex.”

I was beginning to think she was right. Time to get ready for our movie night.

I had just put a bowl of chips on the table when I heard the single tap and door open. Tony came strutting into the living room and when he saw me a great big grin crossed his face. He came over and gave me a big bear hug and as he pulled away he pushed the strays hairs out of my eyes.

“Hey sexy, how ya doing?” He asked as he reached down to steal a couple chips.

I made a goofy face at him as I went back into the kitchen. I walked to the refrigerator and reached into grab some dip and a 6 pack of beer that would be the first of many.

” I’m doing great. Alli opted out of our porno night, so it’s just us and Andy tonight. Ready for some raunchy good fun?” I asked as I headed back to the living room.

I heard him scrounging through the cabinets as he said “Cool that means we can get comfortable and just be us instead of acting like gentlemen” He laughed as he came out of the kitchen.

” Oh yeah! I get to spend the night with Caveman Tony, going around scratching himself in weird places and belching.” I said sarcastically.

“What’s this about cavemen?” I heard from the front door as Andy came inside.

“We have Sexy girl here all to ourselves tonight. Room mate bugged out on us.” Tony said as he went over and hugged Andy.

I stood and watched as the two most important people in my life greeted each other. They were so alike in everything but looks. It still amazed me that I was attracted to 2 guys who looked so different.

Tony is your typical “surfer dude”, blonde hair streaked by the sun, killer green eyes. More comfortable in board shorts and flip flops than the suits he wore while at work. He stood 6’4″ and was tanned and toned.

Andy has black hair and blue eyes, he stood 5’8″ and was sturdy built, There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. I always thought he kinda looked like a bull. He was most comfortable in faded blue jeans and a t-shirt with a button down shirt hanging open. Which is how he always dressed even at work.

Andy broke away from Tony and came over and gave me my hug and kiss. ” Hey stud about time you decided to show up, we were missing you.” I told him as I went over to the entertainment center. After I grabbed a stack of DVD’s, I brought them over for the guys to choose what they wanted to watch.

As they made their choices, I went to grab the tray of nachos I had warming in the oven.

When I came back into the living room, I saw that the boys had already gotten comfortable and had the movie ready to go. I set the nachos down and then plopped down between my gorgeous friends ans told Tony to let it roll.

Now you have to understand when we watch porn, we do so to make fun of it. I mean do you really believe what happens in these movies is not funny.

We like finding the scenes where they put in what we call the “stunt cock”, where you can tell it is a totally different person than the one that started the scene, stuff like that.

I have to admit watching porn gets me hot. And here I sat in between two guys that I was fantasizing about. So it didn’t take long for me to get a little hot and bothered.

The scene that was beginning was a male,male,female scene and I couldn’t help but imagine it was me and the guys. We had been making our usual when Andy asked kinda offhand if I would ever consider doing two guys at the same time.

I acted like I was thinking about it and decided it was now or never. “Yeah, I actually have dreamed about it but you are going to think this is funny, it is only with you guys that I think about when I do.”

I watched the guys as they exchanged looks and then Tony shocked the shit out of me when he said that they both had discussed it, and thought that the only way they could feel comfortable thinking of me is if they shared.

Andy reached over and pushed my chin up and looked at Tony and grinned . “I think we have finally left her speechless. Who knew that was all it took.”

As I slapped Andy playfully on the arm, they told me how they each were attracted to me but felt funny making me decide between the two and they were scared of losing my friendship for sex.

“So what do you say Sexy, you want to get naked with me and my bud?” Tony asked.

I just shook my head yes with a big grin on my face. As Tony stood up I squeezed my legs together to calm the throb of my clit at the thought of having these two just for me.

I watched as Tony got up and took off his shirt and felt Andy remove his beside me. He turned the movie down but left it playing.

Tony came back over and sat down as I looked over at him he took my face in his hands and gently kissed me. “Thank you for making our dreams come true.” He whispered as he pulled away from the kiss.

Andy then touched my shoulder so that I turned toward him. He also kissed me but with a little more wildness to it. His tongue pushed at my lips and as I opened to him, I heard him moan. Our tongues wrestled together for a moment before he broke the kiss.

Tony’s hands slid up under my shirt and then Andy joined and together pushed my shirt up my body. Once they revealed my bra my shirt was gone in a flash. Andy pushed me back against the pillows of the couch so I leaned back. Tony was kissing my neck, and tickling my ear with his tongue. I felt his fingers playing with the front clasp on my bra.

Andy came in for another kiss as his hands massaged my breast. My nipples hardened under his expert touch. A small whimper escaped my lips when Tony pulled away. I felt air as he released the clasp on my bra.

Both guys pulled back as my tits were exposed, Andy grinned at Tony as they looked. “See I told you she had some pretty titties.” I looked at him with confusion.

“We have had many conversations about your attributes, let me say. But I lucked out and got a glimpse of your tits once when we were swimming and your top slipped up.” I just shook my head as Andy explained.

I looked at them both and said that my tits were getting cold from lack of attention and I preferred my nipples be hard from excitement and not the cold.

They took no time in warming me up. I took my bra the rest of the way off and lay back again.

Tony returned to my neck and collar bone. His hand squeezing my tit gently, every once in awhile he would pinch the nipple before going back to massaging.

Andy was more adventuresome, I felt his mouth settle over my nipple and he started to nibble on it. I loved the feeling of a man sucking on my nipples, he chuckled as he felt it harden under his tongue.

Tony slowly kissed his way down to my tit. As he took my nipple into his mouth, I couldn’t help the moan the feeling of two different mouths on my tits felt. It was strange and exciting at the same time.

Both guys hands were rubbing up and down my thigh or rubbing on my stomach, playing with the charm on my naval piercing.

My hands were itching to return the favor and I reached for each one of their crotches, exploring the size of their cocks through their pants.

Tony’s hand slid up to the button on my jeans, I felt as he released it and slid the zipper down. He slid a finger in and found my bare pussy, he slid deeper into my pants and pulled back from my tit long enough to exclaim to Andy” Man she is so wet, Can’t wait to have my tongue on her.”

I lifted my hips so they could slide my jeans off. Andy slid his finger down my slit and teased around my hole. “You are so beautiful and so wet. I’m so happy you are giving us this gift.” He said as he slipped his finger inside me.

“You forget I have wanted this too. I can’t wait to taste you both.” I said as I spread my legs.

Tony chuckled and stood up. “Well let me be the first to give you a taste.” And played with the button fly on his jeans. About that time I felt Andy spread the lips of my pussy. “Go for it dude. I’m going to do my own tasting.” And as I watched his head dip down to my pussy. I gasped as I felt his tongue trace the path his finger just had.

I looked up to see Tony doing a slow gyrating dance as he unbuttoned each of those tiny silver buttons. My mouth went dry as the final button popped loose and he slid his jeans down his hips. Got to say I was kinda surprised he actually wore underwear.

When he saw my look he laughed “Yes, I do own them. I don’t always go commando.”

Andy took that moment to suck my clit into his mouth. He looked up as he continued to suck, then he raked his teeth over it and I felt so close to cumming. “You keep that up and I will be drowning you in cum.” I told him as I tried to keep my bearings.

I felt a touch on my head and looked up to find a very hard cock in my face. Winking up at him, I stuck my tongue out for a lick.

Tony grinned as he slid closer to me, so I could take him fully into my mouth. As Andy continued to suck my clit. I started licking Tony’s cock like he was a big ice cream cone.

The salty taste of Tony’s cock combined with his natural scent made me want to bury my face in his crotch. I licked down to his balls then backup, swirling my tongue around.

Once I reached the top, I took him into my mouth while my tongue flicked him, I sucked him all the way to the base. It was a little difficult to take him the way I wanted because of his length. So I slowly licked up to the tip. Taking him out of my mouth I told him I needed to rearrange to do him right.

Andy stopped licking and looked up at me. ” Where do you want to be, we want you to enjoy this as much as us. So just tell us what you need.”

I thought about it and decided it might be best if we went into the bedroom, more space plus other stuff that might be useful. I told the guys and they quickly helped me up and we went into the bedroom.

I got to admit my legs were a little wobbly from the excitement not to mention my being so close to cumming. My clit was so swollen that it made walking difficult. I was just that close. Not to mention my thighs were wet from my juices.

Once we got into my room I know it sounds funny because both guys had been in my room several times, but this time I was nervous. It made what we were doing all the more real.

Both guys looked at me at the same time. They saw my hesitation and Tony walked over to me “Sexy if you don’t want to go any further we understand. It is up to you. “

I looked at Andy standing at the foot of my bed, his chest bare and the snap on his jeans undone. Then up at Tony in all his tanned glory and knew that this was exactly what I wanted, No! What I needed.

I reached up and placed my hand on Tony’s cheek. ” You and Andy are all I have ever wanted. And yes I want to do this.”

Tony grinned and turned to kiss my palm. “Ok! then let’s get this party started.” He laughed as he grabbed my hand and led me over to Andy.

I grabbed Andy’s hand and sat down on the bed. He smiled as he pushed me down onto the mattress. Once I was laying down he stood up and unzipped his jeans and pushed them off. I laughed when I saw his Mickey Mouse boxers. ” Hey they were a gift.” He laughed.

Now I had seen both of the guys naked and all I can say is damn, I was one lucky girl. Tony was about ten inches and like him- slender. Andy on the other hand was eight inches but bigger around.

I motioned Tony over to the side of the bed and Andy put his hands on the inside of my thighs to spread my legs for him. ” Damn, Babe you really are into this.” he said as he licked one of my thighs. He then nibbled his way back to my pussy.

I leaned my head back and grabbed Tony’s nice juicy cock, I kissed the tip and then sucked him into my mouth. My hand came up between his legs so that I could massage his ball sack. He made a small whimpering sound as I reached the base of his cock, then still holding suction drew back up towards the tip.

I began to move up and down on his cock, flicking my tongue all over it. After a few times I stopped sucking and just licked and nibbled my way down to his balls. I then took one then the other ball into my mouth and kinda rolled them together. My fingers was rubbing right behind his ball sac in the in between place that seems to drive all guys crazy. I didn’t think Tony could have gotten any harder, but I was wrong.

As I was making Tony weak in the knees, Andy was busy driving me insane with his mouth and tongue. He had spread the lips of my pussy wide open. And was sucking on my clit, every-time I thought I was going to cum, he would let up and run his tongue down to my hole and tongue fuck me. As good as that was feeling I was getting to that point where his tongue was not enough.

Andy seemed to read what I was feeling but he took my clit into his mouth and just as he bit down lightly on it, he inserted a couple fingers as far as they would go.

I had to let Tony out of my mouth as my first climax hit me. My body jerked up into Andy’s hot mouth as what felt like lightening bolt slammed through me.

Tony was pinching on my nipples and Andy had just returned to just sucking lightly on my clit as he drove his fingers deep into my hungry pussy. I could feel him chuckling to himself and when I looked down at him, he looked up at me and winked.

Once I felt it safe to take Tony back into my mouth. I started back to what I had been doing. I drew his balls back into my mouth as I stroked his cock with my hand. Once I felt him start to tremble I took his cock back into my mouth.

Tony looked at Andy and said”Dude, I don’t know about you but I ‘m going to cum if she keeps sucking me like this. I really want to be inside that hot little box when I do.”

By this time Andy had gotten a third finger to join the other two and as good as it felt I was with Tony, I was needing a cock to fill me. I looked at Andy and smiling told him I wanted to taste his cock anyway and that I needed to be fucked at the same time.

It didn’t take him long to withdraw those talented fingers and as he licked them he said ” All right but if I remember you like to be ass fucked too and I claim dibs. Besides I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock.”

As the guys changed their position I moved around until my head was hanging off the side of the bed and Tony positioned a pillow under my hips. He reached down and put a finger inside me and pumped a couple times before withdrawing it and putting it in his mouth.

“MMM, you taste sweet and feel so tight. I can’t wait to be inside you.” He knelt in between my thighs and positioned himself to enter me.

“Give me what you got Babe. My pussy feels so empty. It needs you deep inside.” I told him as I arched up toward him.

With a chuckle he entered me in one strong thrust. A moan escaped as he seated his cock all the way to the balls. It felt so good. To put it one way he was satisfying a very persistent ache. His hands grabbed me under the ass as he pulled me more securely against him. Then he began to pump deep inside me. He started thrusting deep but then he changed it up and it was short strokes. Pulling all the way out before driving back in.

As Tony found his rhythm, I returned my attention to the cock currently resting next to my head. I reached out and took a hold of Andy’s cock. As I looked up into his beloved face, I took just the tip into my mouth and licked it ,then pulled it out and gave it a kiss. Smiling I said to him ” A kiss and a lick.”

Andy laughed at the saying because it had been my tease in high school, that it was all I would do to a guy when we went out. ” I hope you intend to do a lot of licking and kissing because I need it bad ” he said with a groan.

To answer his question, I started licking and kissing his cock to the base, I did this a little until he grabbed my head and put the tip to my lips and told me to open. When I opened my mouth he pushed his cock into my hungry mouth. The groan of satisfaction made me smile around his thrusting cock.

As I sucked on Andy, Tony had returned to his deep strokes and he reached down to flick my clit with each out thrust. I could feel another orgasm building and when Andy reached to take one of my tits in his hand. I knew it wouldn’t be long.

Just as I thought about it, he pinched my nipple hard. As he thrust deep into my throat and Tony drove into me deep. The lights went out in my head as my orgasm slammed through my body.

Andy pulled out of my mouth so I could catch my breath, while Tony continued to fuck me. It felt so good and I told them to not stop, I needed more.

After a few minutes Tony pulled out of me and as I stopped sucking on Andy’s balls, I looked at him with a question in my eyes. “As much as I’m enjoying you in this position, I want you from behind.” He said as he stepped away. I got up and took position on my hands and knees.

Andy sat against the headboard and I grabbed his cock and began sucking on him again.

Tony knelt behind me and told me I had a sweet ass. then I felt him enter me, I moaned around Andy’s cock as he started to move.

” Don’t forget that sweet ass is mine.” Andy told him just before he growled as I took him all the way down and licked his balls with his cock buried in my throat.

Andy grabbed my head and pulled me back up, telling me if I kept doing that he wouldn’t last long enough to fuck my ass. I smiled around his cock before I took him back down my throat.

I continued to give Andy head, and Tony was slamming into me every once in awhile slapping me on the ass. Andy had started tweaking my nipples and I didn’t know what felt the best. I was in sensory overload.

He must have felt my muscles tensing because just as I was about to cum again. Tony pulled out and slapped my ass, as he looked up at Andy and told him to get ready for some pussy and ass. That he wanted to feel my mouth again.

I took Andy down to his balls, then gave him one long suck before letting him out of my mouth. As I tried to pull away, he grabbed my head and lifted my face up to give me a deep hot kiss.

Our tongues dueled together and I almost came at the taste of his pre-cum and the taste of my juices that were still on his lips and tongue. The flavor of us together was so good. I hated to break the kiss, but I wanted to feel his cock in my ass. Our eyes met as I pulled away. As usual he gave me his naughty boy smile and a wink.

While the guys switched places I took a moment to catch my breath. My body was strumming from all the endorphin’s bouncing around in my blood.

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