He saw her shadow through the front door waiting for him. He quietly unlocked the door and let her slip in. With her shoes in her hand, they tiptoed down the hall, through the kitchen to the stairs to the basement. They went down the stairs careful not to be heard. He led her to the guest bedroom at the end of the hall.

As they entered the room, he spun her around and wrapped his right arm low on her waist. She dropped her shoes. He pulled her towards him. Their bodies pressed together at the hips. They had been this close before and both of them felt a charge being that close again.

She looked at him with her head tilted slightly down. Looking up at him, her eyes were sexy and inviting. He moved close to her lips. She smelled like freshly washed laundry. It made him think about her clothes and what she was wearing underneath. He remembered the last time he took her clothes off she wore tiny black panties and a black bra that unlatched in the front. He liked how she grinned when he tried to get it off of her.

He was taking so long to kiss her she couldn’t bear it any longer. She hated losing this game, but she was so eager to be kissed, she reached her arms over his shoulders and pulled him against her lips. They were both good kissers, but were not used to kissing other people. The new sensations and new movements excited them and they kissed more deeply.

He felt her nose on his face. He admired her nose and couldn’t image her without it. He loved feeling her nose burrow into his neck. He kissed her jaw-line up to her soft ear. He kissed her earlobe and put it in his mouth. She moaned and tilted her head so he could have better access.

He spun her around wrapping his arms around her slim waist. He liked how tall she was. Her body aligned perfectly with his. She pressed back into him. Her shapely ass rubbing into his crotch. She could feel that he was fully aroused.

She tossed her long hair to the side. It brushed his face. He reached up her body and cupped her breasts. She threw her head back against his shoulder and let him gently squeeze her. He grabbed the front of her tight, v-neck sweater and pulled down. She had beautiful, smooth white skin. Her breast bulged from her bra, almost exposing her nipples. He wanted to plant his face between them.

Next, he slid his hands down, pulled up her shirt to expose her bellybutton. Her jeans were slung low on her hips and just the top of her underwear was showing. It was dark red. She danced slowly, side to side, rubbing against him.

He moved his hands over her tight stomach. At her hip bone he hooked his little finger under the edge of her panties. He slid his hand back to the middle and down. Her skin was smooth and hairless. Her jeans were tight and only allowed him to slide his hand an inch or two past the waist line. He removed his hand and slid it down the fly of her jeans. He rubbed and gripped her crotch. He could feel that she was warm and a little moist.

She arched her back and raised her arms, wrapping them behind his head. He popped open the button on her jeans and unzipped the ridiculous, tiny zipper. Now unobstructed, he slide his hand down her panties. He was thrilled to feel a patch of short manicured hair. He was afraid that she had everything lasered off years ago, but was relieved and excited to feel it between his fingers now.

He moved his hand further down. She shifted so he could have better access. He slid his middle finger between her lips, down to her opening. She was already dripping wet. He felt her panties soaked. Her wetness turned him on even more. He wet his finger and explored her folds. She breathed harder and he slid a finger inside of her. She was soft and warm and tight around his finger. He couldn’t wait to be inside her.

He removed his hand from her jeans and grabbed her hips. He pulled down as she shimmied and her tight jeans slid off. She stepped out of the jeans and spun around. They kissed again, her hands on his face. She could feel his hot cheeks.

She pushed him back a few steps. The edge of the bed caught the back of his knees and he lost his balance. He fell back on the bed. She was standing between his legs smiling. She flopped on top of him, splashing her long hair on his face. She kissed his lips, his chin, his neck. She bit at his nipple through his T-shirt. As she moved down, she lifted his shirt exposing his stomach. She pressed her lips to his skin and slid further down licking and kissing as she went.

She flipped open his belt and with one strong pull undid all of the buttons on his fly. He lifted up off the bed and she pulled off his pants. He was wearing tight black boxer briefs and she could see a long, thick bulge extending upwards and to the right. She leaned forward and dug her teeth into the bulge. Playfully she nuzzled his crotch, eager to see and taste what was under the soft black fabric. She grabbed the sides of his underwear and pulled down, exposing his hard cock. She tucked the band under his balls to make it stay in place. His package was just as she remembered, thick and nicely shaped. She placed her tongue on the base of the shaft near the balls and licked upward. He pulsed as she went up making it flex and relax as she reached the top. She licked his shaft a few more times and then moved to his balls. They were smooth and hairless and felt good on her tongue. She gently sucked on them one at a time.

His cock softening a little bit, she grabbed it with her right hand and pulled it toward her. She could feel the blood rush back in under her grasp. She slid her hand down low to the base and again licked the shaft from the base to the tip. She flicked her tongue around the sides of the head feeling the soft smooth curve. She imagined the feeling of the ridge sliding in and out of her pussy and felt herself pulse down below. She licked her lips and put the tip into her small mouth. It filled her mouth. He could feel her tongue licking him. She let out a sexy groan and he almost came. He remembered the noises she made while going down on him in the past. Sounds that let him know that she was enjoying it as much as he was.

She moved up and down on his cock. At first she had difficulty with the thickness, fitting only part of the shaft into her mouth. As she relaxed, she was able to fit more in. She could feel his excitement as she went deeper. He held her hair off of her face so he could see her work. As she pumped, her hair fell on his bare skin making it tingle. She pulled out and stroked his cock with her hand. She wrapped her mouth around the side of his dick and licked. She looked up at him. He gave her a little nod. She stopped what she was doing and looked at him. Her told her to stand up.

She got to her feet and stood between his legs. She was still wearing her sweater and panties. He sat up and grabbed her hips. Her sweater was tight and there was skin exposed between he sweater and panties. He grabbed her ass and buried his face into her bare stomach. She was warm and firm. He kissed the skin just above the band of her panties. He slid his hands up the sides of her sweater. Taking the hint she lifted her arms and let his hands pull the sweater up her sides and over her head. Her hair swung down on her shoulders softly. Reaching up her back, he felt for the latch on her bra. She grinned and laughed when he realized there wasn’t one. She anticipated him fumbling with the front of her bra for a few minutes before getting it open. She stood with her hands on her hips smirking, determined to let him deal with it himself.

He grabbed her and pulled her toward him. He planted his face between her breasts and bit at the clip. It popped open with ease. She was shocked and impressed, expecting him to take much longer. With the bra unlatched her breasts separated exposing a strip of smooth skin between them. He kissed her chest and the inside of each breast. Moving his head side to side, he freed the bra. Flicking the straps off her shoulders, the bra fell to the floor. She had beautiful breasts, full and perky. Her nipples were small and perfectly round. The dark pink colour matched the colour of her lips. The sudden exposure had made them stiff and hard. He could see some goosebumps forming.

She raised her arms, grabbed her hair and looked down at him. Lines cut from the front of her shoulders past her armpits and around her breasts in perfect circles. He couldn’t resist her beautiful shape and dug his face into the side of her right breast. It was so soft. He kissed the side and worked his way along the bottom of the curve and then up to the nipple. He wrapped his tongue around it, then cupped his mouth around her breast. He gently sucked, teasing the nipple. He put his hands on her, lifting and squeezing her breasts. She grabbed his hands pressing them harder against her. He slid his hands down and she continued to touch herself, pulling on her nipples.

With a swift move, he grabbed her and spun her off her feet, flinging her onto the bed. She lay on her back, hair sprawling. He slithered between her legs onto her body. They kissed hard, grabbing at each other.

He pushed up and hovered above her. Pushing back, he popped back onto his feet. She was lying with her legs apart and bent at the knee. Her lower legs were dangling off the bed. He leaned over her, admiring her body. She had sexy hips and legs. Her panties were tiny and made everything fit together nicely. He brought her legs together lifting them up, leaning them both on his left shoulder. He reached for the panties. He pulled them towards him and then up, off of her ass and over her legs. He caught a glimpse of her pussy. Squeezed between her legs it was just a tight pink line. He held her tiny panties and thought of all of the other things she wears under her clothes.

Grabbing below her knees, he spread her legs. Again, he looked at her naked body. With her legs spread he could see her pussy. A small triangle of hair was placed precisely above her soft lips. Her lips were small. The inner lips tucked nicely inside the outer ones. She writhed a bit, not used to the attention.

He knelt and pressed his face against her inner leg, kissing his way down. The tendons of her adductor muscles were tight, making a line from her inner thigh to the patch of hair. He kissed and licked his way along the line. Holding her legs apart, he placed his tongue on the skin below her opening. She was wet and the taste exhilarated him. He slowly licked upward, across the opening and up between her lips. He made them wet with his tongue. The inner bright pink glistened. He ran his tongue up and down her folds. Her clit was hot and swollen. He flicked it with his tongue and he felt her legs close slightly on him. Her hands came down and tussled his hair. He loved being between her legs; he could stay there for hours. It turned him on immensely. As he was eating her, he reached down and pulled off his underwear. They were both fully naked now. He was hard as a rock and couldn’t wait to be inside her. He continued to lick and kiss her. He dragged his tongue up and down the length of her vulva. She moaned and pulled at his hair. He formed his tongue into a hard tip and rolled it around her clit. She squirmed and pushed into his face. She helped him find the right spot and he followed her lead. He could feel her building. Moving down to the opening, he pushed his tongue inside her. He flicked the soft sides repeatedly. Bucking, she ground her pussy into his face. He felt her shudder and flex. His mouth was filled with warm fluid. Again, she contracted and moisture was pushed out, into his mouth. He supported her as she shook. After a few moments she was still, breathing hard and moaning softly. He could tell she was smiling, although hair was covering most of her face.

He continued to softly kiss her legs. She pulled on his shoulder wanting him to come to her. He slid his body on to her. As he moved up between her legs, his hard cock caught her wet opening and slid inside. She was thrilled at this unexpected sensation. His thick shaft pressed against the sides of her tight pussy. As he lay on top of her, he moved in and out of her, going deeper each time. She had no problem making every inch of him wet and slippery. He could feel the ridges inside of her. She felt the rim around the head of his cock rub the sensitive part near her opening. She felt his balls slapping against her ass. They grabbed at each other and kissed. He pumped in and out of her. She wrapped her long legs around him, angling her pelvis for maximum penetration and pulled him close. She breathed hard groaning with pleasure. The bed rocked silently. She told him she was going to come again. He felt her pussy clamp down on him. It instantly set him off. He flexed and let go, releasing a huge amount of built up sexual energy. He filled her with wet heat. They could feel a new texture between them. She felt his cock continuing to pulse inside her. They looked at each other and tried to catch their breath. As their heart rates returned to normal they held each other. He was still deep inside her.

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