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Author’s Note: First, this isn’t meant to be disrespectful to Miss King or her “supposed” actions. I’m not saying it was a bad life choice, or even a dumb one; it was just one she made at the time that she felt was necessary as a means to an end. Could she have made another choice that was better? Yeah, maybe. I don’t know anything about her life or the circumstances leading up to her decision, so I can’t make that call, nor can many other people. Just got to try and live with the choices you’ve made. In all honesty, though, I do hope she’s able to move on from this and regain whatever passes for normal in her life.

On another note, I haven’t seen the full movie, just edited clips. It’s all right, not great, in my opinion. But in any case, I’ve just extrapolated what I could from what I saw into this story, so I hope it’s not too far off-base from what qualities we saw of her in the actual movie.

In short, this story really just came out of an idea I had after hearing the news about it. From what I’ve read of her online, she seems like a well-adjusted young woman who just decided to shoot a porn for her own reasons. So I figured, why not run with that?

Leave your feedback, it’s much appreciated.


It seemed strange for Melissa King to think that only a week ago her life was on the up-and-up: she had made her state proud by being crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA, thus qualifying her for a chance to be Miss Teen USA, she was going to a good college in pursuit of a career she desired with a partial scholarship, and she was set on accomplishing everything she wanted to in life.

But then someone had found the movie she’d done. And then someone had told TMZ about it. And after that the house of cards had started coming down around her.

To be credit, Melissa had always known that other people would see her movie; she’d signed the release authorizing it for public consumption, after all. What she didn’t count on was someone recognizing and outing her to the entire country about it. After all, she hadn’t used her name or labeled her hometown or state during the shoot. Yes, she had let it slip that she’d been in beauty pageants before, but how many porn girls (amateur or otherwise) had claimed to do the same thing? Hell, a lot of them probably said that to gain more appeal (which, actually, she had also done for that reason—but at least she had been truthful about it).

So Melissa tried her best to do damage control, having to deny, deny, deny that the girl in the movie was indeed her, not even in the slightest, even though she and everyone could see the truth. And in the end she had had to resign her crown, accepting that she’d gone from famous to infamous in a matter of days. Fortunately, though she had a number of detractors, she also had a good number of supporters, defending her choices and standing on her side in the whole debacle, as well as wishing her luck in future endeavors.

Though she was still trying valiantly to get her life back on track and would by no means call this part of it a high point, some small, hidden part of her sighed in relief: at least they hadn’t found the other movie she’d done…


Melissa sat up straight on the couch, trying to quell her feelings of apprehension as she watched the production crew setting up in front of her, the cameras, lights, and microphones being turned on and adjusted while the director spoke quietly to their respective tech hands, giving them instructions. To one side she could see her “castmates”: four large men, each of them relatively handsome, their bodies built and toned to some degree. One was white, another Hispanic, and the remaining two black. All of them were chatting casually with each other, while occasionally giving her looks of appraisal—clearly Melissa was at least one topic of conversation. They seemed to approve, as one of the black men flashed her a white-toothed smile and a wink.

Blushing, Melissa looked down at her hands folded in her lap. In some part of her mind she still couldn’t believe she was doing this again. Hell, she still couldn’t believe she was doing this at all. If someone had come up to her a year or even six months ago and told her she’d be doing porn shoots in the near future, she would have laughed or slapped them across the face. Maybe both. She wasn’t a prude by any means, having lost her virginity years before and engaged in some similar activity since with other boyfriends, but something like doing porn…that was entirely out of her head as a future option.

But that had been then, before the bills for competing in the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant had begun piling up in her mailbox, amounts that ran into the hundreds for her dresses, hair, makeup, and other necessities. Not to mention having to pay for her pageant coach, her hair stylist, her makeup artist, plus the fees to participate in the pageant itself—in short, Melissa owed quite a bit of money, money she didn’t have readily available when it came time to collect.

So Melissa thought long and hard about what she had to do. Then she went online, searched around until she found a suitable website, searched a bit more, then picked up the phone and dialed the number listed.

Her first shoot hadn’t been as intimidating as she’d expected; the crew involved had been small (not even half a dozen people, her male co-star included) due to it being part of an “amateur” website, there’d been a brief interview with some basic questions that weren’t too probing (though she’d told the site frontrunners about her participation in the pageant while initially applying to make her sound more appealing, they’d been kind enough to only allude to it while on-camera), and she had sex with a reasonably attractive guy not that much older than her who had agreed to wear a condom. Though she was no stranger to it, the facial at the end had only been a little uncomfortable, but she was able to wash it off as soon as the cameras cut. Everyone there had been pleasant to her for the time she’d been there, and she’d walked away with a few hundred, enough to start paying back what she owed.

But she was still far short of the full amount, and the website didn’t make a habit of shooting with repeat girls, claiming it took away from the “amateur” feel. Plus, the amount they paid out would be about the same she’d received the first time, meaning she would have had to keep going back and shooting for more.

Fortunately the website owners knew other people in the skin-flick business who could pay more for a shoot, though it would also require more of Melissa as well. They put her in touch with another production company, who also did shoots of a similar nature and feel, but went a lot further with the girls who participated. Melissa had sat down with them a week ago and, after hearing of her money concerns, laid it out honestly what she would have to do to get the payday she needed. They were blunt but not unkind about it, and told Melissa that, while she didn’t have to agree to do any of the things they mentioned, doing them would ensure a higher pay and a debt cleared out sooner rather than later.

Melissa was an intelligent young woman, who normally could tell when people were trying to pull one on her, and it seemed like this production team was being professional and truthful with her. This was again to her surprise, as they were not like the sleazy porn companies she’d read about in her research. Melissa told them she’d sleep on it and promised to contact them in a couple of days.

She’d ended up calling back the next day, as she realized that she really did need the money sooner rather than later. And…truth be told…Melissa had actually kind of enjoyed her previous porn shooting experience. The sex had been good, of course, but it was also the kinky thrill of being filmed that got to her, one that she hadn’t imagined she would have. There was something about the naughtiness of it that made her loins wet for days after it had been over. She’d wondered briefly if it was the implicit idea that while she was getting naked and fucking a complete stranger on camera, millions of other strangers would be watching this online and jerking off to it—or rather, to her. That thought made her pussy tingle even more, and she wasted no more time in calling to set up her next shoot.

Now, dressed in a simple yet stylish-looking blouse and jeans, she tried to focus on how good she had felt during and after her first shoot, as well as the amount of money she’d be getting after this shoot was done. This helped ease her tension a bit, and she looked back at her male co-stars. They definitely weren’t unattractive to her, and as a couple of them glanced over at her again she offered a smile and brushed her hair back behind one ear. That got her some smiles in return, which lessened her nervousness further still. What she was expected to do during the shoot was not unfamiliar to her, as one of her previous boyfriends had convinced her bit by bit to be more daring in their sexual escapades, and she had found that she’d enjoyed herself when doing so. All her boyfriends had been white, though, so the interracial angle of the shoot was going to be new for her. She wondered if what they said about black men’s cocks were true…

As she mused on this, the crew finished setting up and the director clapped his hands for quiet. “Okay, guys, we’re all good to go!” He looked over at Melissa. “Ready?”

Beating down the last of her anxiety, Melissa took a moment to steel herself before nodding.

The director motioned for a camera to start recording and the shoot began, the director starting to interview her as Melissa had been expecting.

“Hello there, beautiful.”

Melissa smiled at his words. “Hi.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name’s…” Melissa hesitated for a half-second. “Beth.” She kicked herself mentally for not choosing a different name beforehand, even though she’d been told to. She didn’t want to give her real name, obviously, and the only name she could think of on the fly was her hometown, Bethany Beach.

“Beth.” The director had a slight smile on his face; obviously he had caught her pause but let it slide. “That’s a beautiful name. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

“Thank you.” Melissa blushed again.

“So what brings you by today, Beth?”

“I’m here to shoot some porn.” Melissa replied.

“Nice. You ever shoot porn before?”

“Only once, a few weeks ago.”

“And how did it go? Was it good?”

“It was great. I loved it,” Melissa said honestly.

“Yeah? What’d you do, play with yourself, oral, anal…?”

“Just oral, no anal.” Melissa giggled a bit. “And sex, obviously. I didn’t play with myself, there was a guy there.”

“Just one guy? Did he cum in your mouth or give you a facial?”

“He gave me a facial.”

“You didn’t want it in your mouth?” Melissa shook her head. “Not a fan of cum?”

“Umm…I like it…I mean, I’ve gotten it in my mouth before, but I didn’t feel like taking it this time.” Melissa said, hesitating only a little bit in her response.

“But you tasted cum before, right?” Melissa paused before nodding her head. “From who, your boyfriends?”

“Yeah,” Melissa said. “They were okay.”

“Okay? But not great?”

“Well…” Melissa hesitated again.

“It’s okay.” The director made a motion with his hands, signaling that he’d been continuing on with the interview, and Melissa allowed herself to laugh in relief. “So you did an adult film only once before, a few weeks ago, and you said you loved it. Is that why you’re doing another one?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Melissa nodded. “Also, I needed the money, and this seems to pay well, so…”

“I understand. I hear that reason a lot.” The director rolls his eyes a bit dramatically at that statement, and Melissa laughs again. “So what kind of things are you doing for the shoot today?”

“Umm…well, I’m doing oral, and straight sex, and anal sex, and…maybe some double penetration.” Melissa had thrown in this last part of her response at the last moment; though they had told her she’d get more money if she agreed to do it, she had wavered on the idea, and they hadn’t pushed her. Now, though, the impulse to try and push her boundaries had come to the forefront of her mind, and she decided to run with it. She could already tell her response was having a major effect, as her male co-stars who had only been paying half-attention to the interview, were now fully listening to her. The director was also reacting to this news, sitting up straighter in his chair with a smile spreading across his face.

“Could you say that last part again? You’re going to do oral, straight and anal sex, and…?”

“Double penetration,” Melissa repeated, smiling. “I’m gonna take a dick in my pussy and my ass at the same time.”

The room was silent for a long moment, letting her words sink in before the director could collect himself to continue.

“So let me make this clear to the folks at home: before we started shooting we talked about the possibility of you doing a DP, and you said you weren’t sure, which was fine by us. But now, now you’re saying you want to do it.”

Melissa nodded.

“You want to do it, and you’re choosing to do it today, right here on camera.”

Melissa nodded again. “I am doing a double penetration with two dicks, and I’m doing it on my own choosing and free will,” she declares with a laugh.

“How old are you, Beth?”

“I’m 18,” Melissa said. “I had my birthday back in March.”

“Only a few months into 18. And have you ever done anal or a DP before?”

“I’ve had anal sex, but never a double penetration.” Melissa replied.

“So you’re barely legal and you’re already doing, or wanting to do, what most women either never do or try doing later on in their life. You’re one hell of a dirty girl.”

Melissa took a long moment to really think about that statement, about how her original predicament had led to her first time with shooting porn, and about how, even with other options she could have taken that were perhaps more public-friendly, she had decided to keep going with this path out of a newly-discovered sense of enjoyment. “Yeah,” she said finally. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Well, hey, more power to you. I like that.”

“I like it, too.” Melissa giggled.

The director signaled the four men to join her on the couch, which they do, and Melissa smiled at them in greeting. “Have you ever had sex with a black man before?”


“What about a Hispanic man?”

“No.” Melissa shook her head.

“Well, today’s just a whole bunch of firsts for you.” The guys chuckled at that statement, with Melissa joining them. The Hispanic man, whose name was Alex, and one of the black men, Shane, were sitting on either side of her, and they started running their hands up and down her body, feeling her slender form through her clothes. Their touch was strong but gentle, and Melissa enjoyed the pleasurable sensations she was getting from them. Alex leaned in for a kiss and Melissa met him halfway, kissing him passionately while slipping her tongue a bit into his mouth. They made out for about a minute, with his hands sliding up her blouse to feel her braless tits, before she pulled away and turned her head to French kiss Shane.

The other two men, Brian (the other black male) and James (who was white) started to strip down, putting their clothes to the side, and within a couple of minutes both of them were naked. Alex grasped the hem of her blouse and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it over the back of the couch. Brian and James stroked their cocks to hardness as they stared at Melissa’s chest. “Nice tits, honey,” said James.

“Thanks,” Melissa said with a giggle, reaching for his stiffening cock. Brian moved over so she could take hold of his dick as well, and she slid off the couch onto her knees on the carpeted floor, jacking their cocks while smiling up at them. Melissa then leaned in and started swirling her tongue around Brian’s large cock, running saliva all over the head and shaft before wrapping her lips around it and sucking. Inwardly she marveled at his size; apparently the stories about black men were true after all

Both hands were jerking James’s cock on her right while she was preoccupied with sucking, using only her mouth and bobbing head movements to pleasure Brian’s ebony shaft. The black man took a gentle, yet firm hold of her head and started helping her ease further down his cock, putting more of his length in her mouth. Melissa tried her best to accommodate his girth, her saliva glands working hard to muster enough spit as more cockmeat passed her lips. Nevertheless, she could only manage about half of it before there was serious resistance, and Brian stopped pushing, choosing instead to guide her head up and down the length she could take so that he was facefucking her at an slow, even pace.

After a few minutes he released her head and Melissa popped his cock from her mouth, gasping for breath. Spit dripped and hung from her lips and she wiped it up with her hand before slathering it over James’s dick. She then took his cock in her mouth, enjoying the fact that she could take more of him inside since he wasn’t as thick (but still pretty long). Precum was already oozing out of the head onto her tongue, and she licked it up, delighting in how James’s cock twitched every time her tongue ran over the sensitive piss slit and underside.

James started fucking her mouth as well, using a little more speed and force than Brian did, and Melissa tried to relax her oral muscles to both their benefit. Every so often his cock would hit the back of her throat and she would gag a bit, getting a little teary-eyed as she it happened, and it caused the slight amount of mascara she was wearing to start running. She blinked hard a few times to clear her eyes, still continuing to get her mouth fucked as she placed her hands on James’s hips to ease his pace, which he did after a few moments.

James pulled his spit-soaked cock from her mouth, and he and Brian (who had been rubbing his own cock on Melissa’s shoulder to keep it hard) moved aside so that Shane and Alex could take their turns under Melissa’s oral treatment. Melissa had a lot of saliva going in her mouth, and as she held both new cocks by their bases, she started spitting large globs onto each of them, alternating between one to the other and back again. In between spitting she rubbed the saliva into their cocks with her hands, turning them wet and somewhat slimy.

Trying something new, Melissa held the two dicks close together and, taking a deep breath, she leaned in while opening her mouth as wide as she could and tried putting both in her mouth at once. It worked, mostly, as she was only able to fit the heads and about half an inch into her mouth, but it was enough, and she ran her tongue all over both shafts, her lips stretched and her mouth crammed with dickmeat. Both Shane and Alex were groaning in pleasure at the sight and feeling of Melissa taking their cocks in at the same time; they were used to doing something like this with other girls they’d worked with, but seeing this pretty, barely-legal pageant star act like a total cockhound in only her second porn shoot ever added a whole new level of thrill to it.

After a couple of minutes Melissa let their dicks slip from her mouth, working her somewhat sore jaw to loosen it up before she did a quick suck of each of them separately. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the director motion for her to continue to the next part of the scene, and she stood up, unzipped her jeans, and turned around before pushing them slowly down her legs, bending over so that her tight ass was shown off. She shifted a bit to get her jeans off her legs, her ass wiggling as she did so, before kicking them to the side. Now fully naked, Melissa straightened up, cupping her asscheeks in her hands and showing off how firm she was. Her hands slid up her body as she turned around slowly, running over her tits and playing with them for a few moments before going back down towards her crotch. She was shaved bare, just like her first shoot, and her pink pussy stood out in gloriously wet detail, the puffy lips of her labia showing her arousal, and as she rubbed her clit with one hand she let out an audible sigh of pleasure.

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