Mel stood, back to the door she’d just come through, smirking lustfully at Sophie and I, where we lay. I was naked, lying on top of Sophie, my softening dick buried in her ass as she ground back against me. My cock twitched as Mel began to walk forwards, looking as sexy as the first time I’d laid eyes on her. She was built like Sophie, with bulbous tits and a big, bouncy ass, but she was thinner, a truly hourglass figure as her waist narrowed from her slender torso, before her hips flared out. She had obviously gone out partying the night before, still wearing a scandalously tight strapless dress which reached only a few inches down beneath the curve of her ass, and surely no more than an inch above the pink flesh of her areolae. The dress was black, and made from a thin, sleek material which made it obvious that she had no bra on, as she reached up and cupped a breast in one hand, squeezing gently, and watching the look on my face.

“What do we have here?” She asked.

Sophie answered, “you remember our friend David, don’t you? Well he came around last night to keep me company and … you could say he came this morning, too.”

Walking out of sight, behind me, Mel placed her fingers on my hips and gently pulled me back, Sophie following with her ass, unwilling to let me go, as I knelt, upright, her ass sticking up in the air before me.

Mel’s fingers slid slowly up my body, giving me goosebumps, as she pressed her body against mine. My dick twitched again. Sophie began to grind back against me more enthusiastically, as I began to grow hard again, slowly.

I felt Mel’s breath on my ear as she peered over my shoulder, “mmm, did you fuck her ass already? God, you look like such a slut, stretched around his cock, Soph. Now I know why you were in the bathroom for so long last night, I wouldn’t have gone out if I had realised you were inviting dick over!”

Sophie tittered self-consciously as Mel wrapped one hand around my torso and the placed the other on Sophie’s ass and she slowly pried us apart. Now Sophie groaned in protest as she felt me slide out of her, my dick shiny with my jizz.

Mel moaned ever so gently, as her lips caressed my neck, “looks like I got here just in time.”

Pulling me back further, she stood me up, turned me around, and sat me on the edge of the bed, sinking to her knees before me as she spread my legs and slid closer, extending her tongue to tease me, licking the tip of my semi-erect dick where it slowly throbbed in front of her face. “Mmm,” she sighed, “I had nearly forgotten how good your cum tasted!” With that she sucked the head into her mouth. She was keeling now, on her hands and knees before me, her back arched so I could see her beautiful ass swaying, her dress hugging every curve, as she began to bob her head up and down, moaning as I felt her tongue slurping my cum off my penis.

The bed shifted as I felt Sophie get up from behind me, walking across her room slowly, her ass swaying with each step, dressed only in her thigh high stockings and a tight miniskirt which was bunched up around her waist like a big belt. As she reached her dresser on the other side of the room she bent over slowly, regarding me in her mirror as I stared. She pressed play on her stereo and bassy, sexual music began to play as she slowly straightened up.

Mel was still bobbing up and down on my dick and, remembering the last time we’d met, I placed a hand on the back of her head, easing her further down, as she moaned all around me, until her mouth enveloped me completely, her tongue somehow snaking its way out to tease my scrotum. She looked up at me with big eyes as I eased her back, leaving her mouth wrapped around the head, a cheeky grin turning up the corners of her lips before I slid her back down, my cock filling her mouth and her throat as she moaned again, the vibrations buzzing through my body.

“Do you like us?” Sophie asked, with a pout, as she began to dance, standing behind Mel, her hands running over her exposed body.

“You have no idea,” I replied.

“Oh, I think we do,” she answered with a smirk, as Mel’s mouth once again slid from the tip of my dick down to the base. Sophie saw me lift my hips gently, “do you like sliding your cock into her slutty mouth?” Mel moaned again. Not waiting for an answer, Sophie continued, one hand rubbing her breast and the other sliding over her hip as she danced, “I loved feeling your dick in my mouth, it felt so smooth and so hard..” She paused and closed her eyes as her hand found its way to her pussy, enjoying the memory as her tongue snaked out, between her lips.

Mel now lifted herself off of my member, lifting a hand to wrap around it, sliding it up and down my slimy dick. “Mmm, I love the taste of your cum, and I love knowing you fucked Soph’s ass, it makes me feel like such a naughty slut to suck your dick.”

“Oh, he fucked everything, babe,” Sophie said, slowly turning on the spot as she continued dancing, “he came all over my tits last night, god it was sexy!”

Mel moaned her interest, her mouth now busy pampering my balls as she continued to stroke my dick. “I hope there’s more where that came from!”

Sophie bent over, leaning her hands on her dresser, still swinging her hips. My dick jumped in Mel’s grip as I saw my cum, leaking out of her ass, smeared around her bald pussy and between her thighs as it trickled down over the dark tops of her stockings. She saw the look on my face as she stared into her mirror.

“Hey Mel,” she called, over her shoulder. “Yehh?” Mel replied as she ran her tongue from the bottom of my cock all the way up to the top, looking me in the eyes, before sucking the head back into her mouth. “I have a present for you,” Sophie continued.

Mel’s eyes betrayed her disappointment as she took her mouth off my prick and turned around, but in the reflection of the mirror I saw her face lit up by lust when she saw Sophie’s ass on offer and she crawled over, planting her lips on Sophie’s thighs and smooching them, audibly enjoying cleaning my jizz off her friend.

I also crossed the floor, and knelt behind Mel, reaching down and sliding my now rock-hard and spit-lubed cock between her thighs, under the hem of her dress, as she wiggled her ass invitingly. She let out a cute squeak as I spanked her ass and pulled her dress up over her hips, her lack of underwear causing my dick to squirm between her legs. Aiming my member I slid slowly into her pussy, taking my time as I enjoyed the sensation of her hot sex welcoming me. I gave her a sharp spank and she squealed in pleasure as I began to slide in and out faster and faster. Sophie’s thighs now shone with Mel’s saliva instead of my cum as Mel’s lips made their way higher and higher, until Sophie gasped out loud, “oh yes, suck that cum out of my ass!” I fucked Mel hard and fast, her face buried in Sophie’s ass, as Sophie’s body rocked with the force of our sex.

I spanked Mel again, and I heard her moan her delight. We kept this up for a while, before Mel lifted her head and Sophie spun, crouching down in front of her. Mel knelt up, and I reached around to fondle her tits as Sophie leaned closer, kissing her deeply. After what seemed like an eternity the kiss ended and Sophie sat back, fingering herself, alternating between looking Mel and I in the eyes as her lips parted and my cum dribbled down her chin and fell onto her breasts. Mel dropped back to her hands and knees and slurped hungrily at Sophie’s boobs, sucking up my cum once more as Sophie moaned loudly, gyrating her hips. That was it for me and, slapping Mel’s ass once more, I announced I was going to cum. She jumped off my dick and spun around, sliding my length all the way into her throat as she moaned lewdly.

“Ohh, she doesn’t want to share any more,” Sophie said, “but that’s ok, I know how she feels.” Sophie slapped Mel’s ass as she bobbed her head up and took a breath before encasing me once again in her soft wet throat, moaning as she did so.

“Make her your cum slut, too,” Sophie encouraged, “shoot your sperm right into her belly.” Mel moaned louder and the sensations set me off, spurt after spurt exploding straight down Mel’s throat, my hands clasped in her hair as Sophie spanked her again and she moaned around me, one of her hands reached up to gently cup my balls as they emptied into her.

When my dick stopped twitching I released my hold and she sat up, wiping away the strand of saliva between her lips and my dick as Sophie crawled forwards and took me into her mouth, looking up at me lovingly as she sucked my softening dick.

“Oh god, that was so hot!” Mel said. “I hope you don’t have to go any time soon?”

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