meg ryan

“Oh, my God!” Meg Ryan uttered as she and Marisa Tomei watched in stunned disbelief while John Weston, Patricia Heaton’s personal assistant for the past two years, assiduously stroked his huge cock in front of a stack of recently produced color photos of his boss, which showcased the red-headed beauty in an assortment of sexy dresses and which now lay in pell-mell fashion across the conference table. The two women, who had been sent by their friend to retrieve some extra photos to supplement her book-signing event, stood just outside the partially opened door of the conference room, captivated by the lewd sight.

“You’d better get Patty over here, fast!” Meg advised Marisa, without taking her eyes off the scene.

“She’s going to flip,” Marisa remarked dourly as she hurriedly rushed away.

John Weston was a tall, handsome young man of twenty-four, who had been highly recommend by one of Patricia’s dearest friends as a hard-working and diligent college grad anxious to make his mark in the world. He had graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration from California State University only a few years earlier, and had proven to be of invaluable help to the often beleaguered star who sometimes had difficulty juggling her acting career and other pursuits with the demands of caring for her husband and four sons. John was an extremely charming and likeable guy. Notwithstanding his good looks, he was as unaffected and self-effacing as most Hollywood celebrities could never hope to be, and this was the quality that attracted Patricia to him most of all. Out of a sea of over two hundred potential candidates for the job, John’s simple and honest charm had won the day.

For this reason, Meg had found it difficult to comprehend what she was seeing. Yet she had to admire the guy’s extreme bravado. The book-signing brought hundreds of people to the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, and performing such a sexually outrageous act where the chances of being discovered were high could spell the end of his employment with his beloved star, not to mention arrest and incarceration. Having known John for the past two years made her realize that his cordial, deferential attitude was nothing more than a brilliant cover; a shield from behind which he could act out his lustful fascination for the beautiful star with impunity. It was a sobering realization.

Meg adjusted her skin-tight black dress and felt an unexpected twinge of desire as she watched John tug away on his enormous appendage, completely unaware that he was being observed. His long, wavy brown hair fell down in front of his face as he looked down at his busy hand and then at the array of enticing pictures before him. It was fortunate for him that this particular area of the room had been cordoned off by the hotel staff, allowing Patricia and her friends some modicum of privacy in between dealing with the incessant crowds that never seemed to relent in their pursuit of accosting their revered celebrity. She had to admit to herself that whatever moral rectitude she might feel regarding John’s untoward action, she also felt extremely turned on at the sight of a handsome man masturbating and completely out of control. And the fact that he was jerking off to Patty’s image made his actions even more lascivious. What she couldn’t understand was why John had failed to lock the door. Unless he subconsciously wanted to be discovered, this oversight was not in keeping with his usual pragmatic nature.

From the corner of her eye she saw Marisa quickly approaching with a remonstrating Patty close behind. Meg raised her finger to her lips in a gesture of silence.

“Keep it down, will you?” she said.

“What the hell is going on here?” Patricia asked as she tried to get a glimpse beyond the door. “I’ve got tons of people waiting for the damn photos. What’s the…”

For a moment the seductive beauty stood open-mouthed, frozen in her tracks.

“Jesus Christ!” she swore. “Is that John in there?”

“Of course it’s John,” Meg replied.

“But he’s…he’s…”

“Masturbating,” Meg said flatly.

Patricia continued to look at the ridiculous but erotic sight and hardly knew what to do. “I don’t believe this!” she said, unable to contain both her disgust and amusement. “I’m totally shocked.”

“So am I,” Meg said, her obvious enjoyment of the scene belying her admission.

“You’re getting off on this aren’t you, Meg?” Marisa chuckled, equally absorbed by the ribald actions of the oblivious young man.

“Come on, Marisa,” Meg replied. “You have to admit that this is something you don’t see every day.”

“I’m surrounded by perverts!” said Patty, annoyed, her eyes glued to John’s penis. “What are we going to do?”

“I think we should just let him do his thing,” Meg answered.

“You mean…while we watch?”

“Why not? I mean, you have an absolutely gorgeous man with an absolutely gorgeous—and huge—cock ready to explode, and you’re telling me you don’t want to see this?”

“But he shouldn’t be doing it!” Patricia replied. “It’s not like we’re in the dungeon with our subs you know? And don’t you think that maybe we’re crazy watching him do it?”

“I personally love a good cum shot,” Marisa chuckled.

“As do I,” Meg confessed. “And so do you Patty. Admit it. You enjoy watching your subs shoot their spunk and you and David love watching those Japanese adult films because of the big loads those guys produce. You always said that.”

Patty had to admit that this was true. She and her husband were big fans of tekoki movies and she had never hid this fact from her friends. “Okay. Okay. I enjoy watching those films. But this is something entirely different. We’re in public for heaven’s sake. And that’s John in there—my friend and personal assistant.”

“That’s why we should just let him finish,” Meg insisted. “Then he can clean up his mess and no one will be the wiser.”

“What do you think, Marisa?” Patty asked.

“I agree. You don’t want a scandal on your hands do you?”

“Of course she doesn’t,” Meg replied. “And besides, it looks like he’s getting ready to shoot his cock snot any second now.”

“Shoot it where?” Patty asked.

“All over your pictures,” Meg giggled.

Patty’s former disenchantment suddenly reasserted itself. “My pictures?” she squealed. “You mean those are my brand new photos he’s jerking off to?”

“Will you please keep your voice down!” Meg rasped. “He’ll hear you!”

“I don’t give a shit!” Patty replied angrily. “Do you know how much money I spent on that photo session? It took four hours with Mario Testino to get me looking that good. And I’m not going to have those photos ruined by some jerk off jerking off all over them!”

With that pronouncement Patricia strode into the room to the horror of both John and her amazed friends.

“Just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” the disgruntled star shouted as she approached the startled young man.

John, taken completely by surprise, was struck mute by both Patricia’s sudden intervention and the powerful orgasm that was now imminent and beyond the point of no return. Instead, it was his nether mouth that expostulated for him, and it did so in an astoundingly robust expulsion of creamy white spunk that flew across the room and splashed into the wall ten feet away. Meg and Marisa, who had quickly followed their angry friend into the room, stared in astonishment as a good portion of John’s ejaculate found its way onto Patty’s precious photos.

“You’re ruining my pictures you son of a bitch!” Patricia exclaimed, as another long and stringy rope of hot sperm sailed high up into the air in front of her and her shocked friends.

John was too overcome with lust to respond in any coherent fashion. His hand moved mechanically over the slick, ten-inch terrain of his penis, unable to stop its purposeful journey from base to tip; unwilling to stop now that he finally had the undivided attention of the woman he had long desired. The presence of Meg and Marisa provided an unexpected bonus, one for which he was grateful as the three women watched him shoot off rope after rope of his thick, creamy seed in all directions, most of it finding its way onto the conference table.

The young man felt both irrepressible lust and trepidation as he continued to masturbate himself. Having the fifty-four-year-old, five-feet, two-inch Irishwoman, dressed in a sexy red dress with matching pumps, observe the mess he was making, and with her standing only a few feet away, was more than he could have ever hoped for. At first he thought she was going to strike him or maybe even call the police, but she did neither. The fact that she simply stood next to him along with her two amused friends drove him to greater heights of lustful abandon. There was no doubt that she, Meg, and Marisa were enjoying the show he was putting on for them. And more than anything, John loved pleasing women. What Patricia would do to him afterwards was something he could not yet contemplate.

“Look at what you’ve done, John!” Patty cried, as the final few spurts of semen struck the tops of her photos, leaving the bulk of them soiled and useless.

“Oh, don’t be too hard on the poor boy,” Meg laughed. “Consider it a loving tribute.”

Marisa examined the top of the table and shook her head. “Wow! What a fucking load!”

There was sperm everywhere. The opposite wall was dripping with it, as well as several chairs that had gotten in the way. But the bulk of John’s sticky deposit now remained glued to the wonderful color photographs of the alluring Ms. Heaton—a testament to heroine worship carried to the utmost degree.

“I’m sorry, Patricia,” John said, his breath coming in short gasps. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Well I do,” she replied, seething with anger. “You sir, are fired! Get your things and get the hell out of my sight before I call the police!”

She looked down at the photos searching for any that might have escaped the onslaught and found only two that were salvageable. “Two photos! Two photos out of almost two hundred! And I’ve got all those people out there waiting for autographs!”

“I’m really sorry,” John apologized again, this time more ardently. “I’ll pay for whatever damage I’ve caused.”

Patty looked up at him and then at his now flaccid cock still dripping with sperm. The look of a wounded puppy dog with his soulful blue eyes was incompatible with the sight of his exposed genitals, causing the frown to disappear on her face only to be replaced by a broad grin followed by hearty, uncontrollable laughter.

“You sick fuck!” she cried. “I really should kill you!”

Her laughter was contagious. Within moments both Meg and Marisa were laughing along with her.

“He loves you, Patty!” Meg squealed. “What else could it be?”

“I don’t care how much he loves me,” Patricia replied, as she continued to laugh at her predicament. “He’s still fired. Do you hear me, John? You’re out of a job!”

John hung his head down in shame as the full realization of what he had done came home to him.

“Yes, miss,” he said forlornly. “Whatever you say.”

Marisa picked up one of the sullied photos and watched with bemusement as a trail of ejaculate found its way toward the edge of the paper and rolled off onto the table top. “I can’t believe how much spunk there is. Look at it all.”

“Well he’s going to clean up every slimy, disgusting bit of it!” Patty said. She turned to John. “You have a half hour to get this place looking presentable again. And I want you to put all the ruined photos in a bag and leave them for me.”

“Yes miss,” John replied feebly.

“And for Christ’s sake, get yourself cleaned up!”

“Yes miss,” he said again. “Are you going to report me to the cops?”

“No, John. And the only reason I’m not going to prosecute you is because it would hurt Bea too much. But I am going to tell her about this. Of that you can be sure.”

After the book-signing event had ended, and a few hours later when all three women were enjoying dinner together at a local organic restaurant, Patty thanked her friends for helping her through her latest crisis.

“I appreciate your not telling anyone about this except the girls in our network,” she said to them. “If David and the kids knew about it I think they’d hunt John down and kill him.”

“Don’t worry,” Marisa said. “Our lips are sealed.”

“But what about Bea?” Meg asked Patty. “You told John that you were going to tell her all about it.”

“Bea’s one of us. I can trust her to keep her mouth shut. But she needs to know about this because I can’t have her going around recommending a guy who can’t control his dick.”

“He’s probably one of those chronic masturbators,” Marisa reflected. “You know…the kind who’s perpetually horny and will get off whenever and however he can.”

“Yeah, but on my god-damn pictures? Come on!”

“Well, anyway, it’s too bad you had to let him go. He was a great assistant.”

“Yes, he was,” Patty conceded. “He was the best I ever had. And I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in him. To pull off such a stunt like that was sheer lunacy. Can you image if the press got wind of it? I’d be the laughing stock of Hollywood.”

Meg sipped her drink slowly, seemingly preoccupied.

“I have an idea,” the blonde beauty said. “Is Bea still a practicing dominatrix?”

“The last I heard she had her husband eating out of a dog dish if that’s what you mean,” Patty replied with amusement.

“Well what if you don’t fire John but maybe punish him instead?”

“Punish him?”

“Yeah, punish him. You say he’s the best personal assistant you ever had, right?”


“Well, what if we put the boy on a course of rehabilitation? Bea is good at training guys like John. She has an experienced hand, if you know what I mean.”

“That’s a great idea!” Marisa said. “Why get rid of him? Other than the fact that he’s a pervert, he’s done a great job for you, Patty. And you always liked him.”

Patricia considered the proposal for a few moments and seemed to approve of the idea.

“If Bea is willing to whip him into shape,” she said, “then I’ll give him a second chance. But only if she is willing.”

“I think she will be,” Marisa said with a smile. “You know how much she loves dominating younger men.”


When John got a call from Patty a few days later telling him that his future employment with her was contingent upon a period of training in social etiquette with Bea Arthur, he was both elated and nervous. He had heard Patty tell tales of the tall, stern woman; a woman who had once been a “Golden Girl” but who had nonetheless always possessed the heart of a powerful dominatrix. He had found it hard to believe that she, who had always been a close personal friend of his mother, could really be a true sadist at heart. Despite his doubts, he would either comply with Patty’s demands or he would be out of work, and the latter proposition did not appeal to him in the least. And so, having made formal arrangements through Patty to meet with his mother’s best friend, he duly reported to Bea’s house the following week curious as to what form this training in social etiquette would take.

Bea lived in a lavish old house on Woodrow Wilson Drive in Hollywood, and John had visited there with his mother frequently when he was a kid. He hadn’t been to the house in a few years and was pleasantly surprised when he was solemnly escorted into the parlor by a cute young woman who told him to wait there until Bea arrived. As it was, it was a good twenty minutes before the matron appeared, dressed casually in a blue blazer and pants, and with her was a girl whom John recognized as Eden Sher, the 20-year-old brown-haired actress from the TV show, “The Middle”. She was dressed in a plain white tee shirt and a pair of tight khaki shorts that hugged her buttocks beautifully.

“So good to see you, John,” Bea said warmly, extending her hand to him which he took quickly and shook vigorously.

“You look wonderful, Bea,” he said deferentially, bowing slightly as he did so.

Bea smiled. “I must say Patricia has an eye for beauty and it seems talent too. I heard about your escapade at the Sheraton Hotel last week young man. What the fuck was going through your mind?”

“I guess nothing,” he replied with a shrug.

“No, because you were thinking with your other head—the one between your legs.”

This comment drew a loud giggle from Eden.

“John, this is Eden Sher. You know, the girl who stars in the TV show ‘The Middle’. Eden, this is John—the dickhead.”

This was said in such a perfunctory way that both John and Eden couldn’t stop themselves from laughing.

“I suppose I did act like a dickhead,” John admitted as he shook the young girl’s hand.

“That’s why you’re here today—so that we can cure you of your dick-headed-ness.”

“We?” John inquired.

“Yes, we,” Bea replied. “Eden is undergoing some training of her own so she’ll be observing and sometimes participating in your rehabilitation.”

“Don’t worry, John,” Eden said, still laughing. “I’ll try to go easy on you.”

John looked at Bea inquisitively, but she merely offered him a wan smile. “Let’s all go out on the patio and get started.”

John dutifully followed Bea and Eden outside and to his surprise he saw Meg sitting by the pool wearing a pale yellow sundress. Sitting next to her were several other women—all famous actresses—drinking and laughing gaily. To Meg’s right sat Julia Roberts, looking as radiantly beautiful as ever in a one-piece, black bathing suit. Stretched out lazily on a chaise lounge next to her was Christina Ricci, attired in a pastel-blue bikini, her pert, suntanned body glistening with suntan lotion. And sitting to Christina’s right was none other than Raquel Welch who, at 71 years of age, had lost none of her legendary sex appeal. She wore a pair of cut-off jeans and a black halter top, revealing her ample cleavage. She smiled seductively at John as he approached, observing him intently before pausing to wrap her lips around a large straw that protruded from her wine cooler.

“Well, well, well,” Meg commented as her eyes surveyed the young man. “You certainly look good in those jeans John, I must say.”

“Hi Meg,” John replied, feeling a bit uncomfortable after what she had seen him do at the Sheraton.

Meg continued to stare at him with a decidedly coy expression that hinted of familiarity, but she said nothing further.

Bea then introduced John to Julia, Christina, and Raquel in turn, and all three of them seemed to possess the same air of familiarity that Meg had displayed toward him. It was something in their eyes; a shared knowledge that only they were privy to, and it made him feel most uncomfortable.

“You may as well know, John,” Bea began. “They know about you.”

John’s heart fluttered for a moment when he heard those words. He knew there was something strange about the way these women were looking at him; as if he were already naked, both figuratively and literally, with every tiny crack in his psychological armor exposed and vulnerable. In light of this, even the esteemed presence of these Hollywood goddesses did nothing to assuage his guilt and shame for his prior actions.

“They know?” he asked, despairingly. “How do they know? Who told them?”

“Patricia told them of course,” Bea replied, as if there could be no other explanation. “We’re all in this together, John—me, Eden, Meg, all of us. I guess the simplest way to explain it is that we are part of a Hollywood clique composed of actresses, writers, musicians, and others who have an interest in dominating men. And sometimes, when those men misbehave, we have to take matters into our own hands. That’s why you’re here today—because you fucked up.”

“Is this part of the social etiquette training that Patty was talking about?”

“And so it is,” Bea replied with a sardonic grin. “See? You understand already. Smart boy!”

John still had no real understanding of what he was to soon undergo and he looked warily at Bea and Eden. The other women laughed at his discomfiture and kept quiet, happy to let Bea take the lead.

“You see, John, my dear boy,” she continued. “Your mother, my dearest friend in the entire world, knows absolutely nothing about this part of my life. But that can change. Not that I want it to. But if you, for any reason, decline to undergo the training, I will have no choice but to tell her and your father about your recent faux pas at Patty’s book-signing event last week. Do I make myself clear?”

John looked down at his feet and sighed loudly. “Very clear.”

“Good. I’m glad you understand. Now take off all your clothes and lay your body across my knees with your lovely little ass in the air.”

“What?” John replied with a startled look. “What do you want me to do?”

“You heard her,” Eden said. “Take off your clothes and lay across her knees.”

“You’re kidding, right?” he asked, his voice quavering.

“No, I’m not kidding,” Bea replied. “Now come on. Stop wasting time and do as I say or I go to your family.”

At first John seemed hesitant to obey, but his precious job was at stake. Even worse, to have Bea tell the awful truth about his behavior to his parents was more than he could bear. He would be frowned upon as some perverse monster who could never look his parents in the eye again. Reluctantly, he stood up and slowly began to shed his clothes to the delight and amusement of the women.

“Think of it this way, John,” Bea said, as she eagerly watched him remove his black Jockey briefs. “The sooner you take your medicine, the sooner you’ll get well.”

“You’d think I’d had a disease.”

“Well, in a way you do. I think you know that it’s socially unacceptable to masturbate in public, don’t you?”


“And such behavior needs to be punished. After we’re done with you, you will be far more discreet the next time you pull out your little monkey. In fact, until this chronic masturbation issue is resolved, you will be completely under our control.”

“For how long?” he asked, looking extremely worried.

“That only Patty can decide. Now get those damn briefs off.”

Her words offered him no comfort. Begrudgingly, he pulled down his underwear and flung them to one side.

“Nothing like a handsome young man with a nice big pecker!” Raquel laughed, staring longingly at his ample equipment.

“Yeah, baby!” Julia agreed, smiling broadly. “Very nice package!”

Christina rose her lithe body up into a sitting position to get a better view. “You have a great body, John,” she said in her sexy little voice. “So nice of you to show it to us.”

Meg, who had already seen him in the flesh, merely sat back in her chair enjoying the scenery. Bea seemed the least impressed of the group, remarking that it was hard to view him as a sexual object when she had once changed his diapers. As for Eden, she didn’t waste a minute checking out his impressive package, even to the point of grabbing his cock and balls for a closer inspection.

“Now, now, Eden,” Bea warned. “Let’s not be hasty.”

“I’m sorry, Bea,” the girl replied. “I just had to touch it.”

The brief and unexpected sensation of the young girl’s hand on John’s crotch made him jump. He had never had a strange woman touch him so intimately and with such audacity. For some reason he found her brazenness alluring.

Obeying Bea’s command, he laid his body face down across her knees. And then, in front of everyone, she proceeded to give him an old-fashioned spanking.

“And that’s for being such a dirty, wicked little boy!” Bea exclaimed, as she delivered the first few slaps to his buttocks. “Imagine jerking yourself off all over your boss’s photographs and getting all that mucky white cock snot all over them! You miserable little man pig!”

John couldn’t believe how hard she was hitting him. So hard, in fact, that his eyes were beginning to well up with tears. “Please!” he wailed after the first dozen hits. “I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again!”

“You’re damn right you won’t!” Bea cried. “From now on you will do as we tell you to do! Do you understand me young man?”

This was followed by a round of blows with her clenched fist that fell upon him every second with increasing ferocity. It felt to him that the pain grew exponentially with each successive hit, and being abused this way in front of total strangers made him feel a sense of shame that he had never experienced before. After the second dozen strokes he could no longer contain himself. He began to sob openly.

“That’s it!” his tormentor boasted with satisfaction. “Cry little boy! Show us what a big fucking sissy you really are!”

Several more hard slaps were delivered with great gusto and then Bea pushed him off her lap and onto the ground. “You are a worthless little piece of shit!” she said glaring down at him with all the fury she could muster. “Now get on your feet and stop crying before I give you a dozen more!”

The women exploded with laughter. John stood up and wiped the dirt from his backside, his face streaming with tears and his ass red and bruised. He was chided mercilessly by all the women, and in particular, Eden.

“You pervert!” the young ingénue said to him with disdain. “You got what you deserved!”

“That’s enough, Eden,” Bea told the girl. “He’s had his punishment for today.”

“That’s it?” she asked, disappointed.

“What more do you want?”

“Well, what about…you know…”

Bea looked perplexed.

“You know,” Eden said in an attempt to jog her memory. “You told me that you were going to teach me how to…”

“Oh,” Bea said, smiling. “Of course. Let’s do it now.”

Bea ordered John to sit in a chair facing the women. With some help from Eden she performed a splendid handjob on John, forcing his cock to get fully erect within less than a minute.

“You know, John,” Bea began, as her hands played over the fleshy terrain of his penis, “I never thought I’d be doing this. How does it feel?”

“Great!” he replied, luxuriating in the sublime sensation of being jerked off by a mature woman.

“This is wonderful!” Raquel laughed as the young boy’s huge penis expanded to its impressive ten-inch length. “You certainly haven’t lost your touch, Bea!”

“Years of giving handjobs makes one quite adept,” Bea replied. “But you know that already don’t you, Raquel?”

Raquel laughed. “Yes, darling, I do!”

“This is one big penis!” Eden remarked as she fondled John’s swollen testicles. “I’ll bet you have quite a lot of sperm in there.”

John was afraid to reply lest he say something to offend the young girl, who already viewed him as nothing more than a sexual toy. He sat and said nothing, knowing full well that this further abasement of his pride was nothing more than a continuation of the humiliation he had just suffered at Bea’s hands. Yet the control they had over him had a distinctly sexual element to it. It was a strange yet overpowering feeling of pleasure being at the mercy of these clothed women, while he remained totally naked and subject to their every whim. He was at a loss to explain it.

“I hope you’re going to give us another one of your great big cum shots like you did at the hotel,” Meg said, teasingly.

“You’re a fan of big cum shots too?” Christina said to Meg. “That fucking rocks!”

“I love them too!” Julia confessed, as she watched Bea’s expert hands force John’s prick to swell to its fullest dimensions.

“Okay,” Bea said to Eden. “Now keep tickling the frenulum like I showed you the other day.”

Eden did as she was told. With just the tip of her finger, Eden brought John to the edge of climax. But Bea would have none of it.

“No, no, no!” she admonished the young girl as she clamped her fist firmly around John’s erection, forestalling his orgasm. “You have to be mindful of the balls!”

“What do you mean, Bea?” she asked, withdrawing her hand.

“What she means,” Meg laughed, “is that when you see his nuts rising up into his body he’s going to shoot off!”

“Precisely!” Bea said. “Balls up, sperm out!”

“That’s one way to put it!” Raquel remarked cheerily.

Eden’s hesitant yet insistent machinations on John’s cock had everyone laughing hysterically by this time. And even Christina, who was usually the least emotional of all of them, couldn’t help but be totally amused at the ridiculousness of the scenario being played out before her eyes.

“Hey Eden!” she said. “Grab onto his stick shift really hard. That will stop him from coming!”

“That’s right!” Bea agreed. “Never let them have their way. Remember, Eden, you are the one in control—always!”

“Words of wisdom, Eden!” Julia said. “Listen to Bea. She knows what she’s talking about.”

“Thank you, Julia,” Bea replied. “If you want to be a professional dominatrix like the rest of us,” she said to her protégé, “then you must learn the ropes. That’s why I took you under my wing—because I saw promise in you. Now let’s let this boy empty his nuts for us and that will conclude our lesson for today.”

“You don’t expect me to jerk off in front of you and these women, do you?” John asked, with a look of trepidation.

“I certainly do,” Bea replied without hesitation. “It’s all part of your punishment, just as Patricia ordered.”

“But it’s so degrading.”

“That’s the idea. Humiliation, physical and mental abuse, sexual manipulation…it’s all stock in trade for a dominatrix. Now do as you’re told and not another word.”

With all the women’s eyes firmly fixed upon him, John stood up and gripped his still rigid penis in his right hand and began to jerk himself off, slowly at first, but increasing in tempo as the women offered him encouragement.

“Come on, handsome,” Julia giggled. “Show us what you’ve got.”

John could only wonder at the irony of it all. It was one thing to masturbate in private with pictures of your favorite star in front of you, but quite another to jerk off in front of these beautiful and famous celebrities, all of whom were taking an inordinate delight in watching him masturbate for their viewing pleasure. But whatever inhibitions he may have harbored soon wore off as he came closer to orgasm, fueled by the tempestuous and vulgar ravings of his captivated audience.

“That’s it Johnny boy!” Meg exclaimed. “Get that pre-cum flowing baby!”

“Give us a nice big load of spunk you fucking wanker!” Eden cried as she watched his balls rise up to cling to the base of his shaft.

At then it hit him—the unbelievable pleasure of feeling his seed escape through the tip of his penis like a boiling geyser of seething white foam under tremendous pressure struggling desperately for release and having nowhere to go but up. And up and out the furious flow of semen went, shooting six feet high into the air in front of the laughing celebrities, a resplendent exorcism of all the pent-up frustration he had felt since he had betrayed his boss now manifesting itself as glowing, whitish ropes of pearly cream, spurting up high and far into the early evening sky.

“Fucking beautiful!” Raquel cried, her eyes following each successive arc of semen as it sailed effortlessly up into the air in front of her.

Bea and Eden were grinning from ear to ear, immensely satisfied that they had driven the boy to such extreme behavior.

“I knew he had ton of sperm in there,” the girl said to the crowd, pleased that her forecast had proven correct.

Bea just kept looking on and smiling.

Julia, too, was wearing a wide grin. The famous smile that had brought her such fame and fortune was now bestowed upon John and his exemplary performance with the utmost appreciation. She sat back in her chair and laughed each time another volley of spunk was fired into the air, commenting favorably on his incredible orgasm.

But it was the gorgeous Christina who really drove John crazy. It wasn’t anything she had said to him, but rather her casual and coy demeanor coupled with her perfect little spinner body that made his blood boil. And then of course there was Meg. She had seen John shoot off at the hotel and it had impressed her greatly. But this display of seminal acrobatics was even more spectacular, causing her to hurl every sexual innuendo in the book at him during the entire time he was ejaculating. He had never heard, nor did he expect to hear, such vulgarity from any woman, let alone the blonde beauty who presented such an unassuming persona to the world. But her sexual insults only heightened his desire to impress her even more, and he did so for at least one full minute—that was how long his orgasm lasted before he fell down on his knees utterly spent.

“Now that was a hit!” Bea beamed. “No out of town tryouts! Straight to Broadway!”

Everyone agreed.

For the next month John would be trained by Bea and Eden to do some of the most outrageous things—usually before an audience of entire strangers. Sometimes Patricia attended, but mostly she left matters in Bea’s capable hands. It was all part of her plan to get him into line for the big event she had been planning: an event in which John would be the featured player, and which would also teach him a valuable lesson.


When famous stars threw parties they had to be circumspect in their choice of venue. And Patricia Heaton was no different in this regard, especially since all of her affairs were highly prurient in nature, involving all kinds of kinky sex and male subjugation. With her husband and four sons off visiting relatives in Ireland for the next two weeks, she had plenty of time to make arrangements for the “punishment party”—as she liked to call it—for her wayward employee, John Weston. On Bea’s advice she finally agreed that the best place to hold her party would be at the Barrymore house in Beverly Hills, which once belonged to John and Ethel Barrymore but was now an historic landmark rented out only to the rich and famous for their private use.

All during the time of John’s month-long training sessions with Bea and Eden, Patricia had put together a list of all those Hollywood actresses who, like her, were professional dominatrices or were aspiring to be one. The list had started with over one hundred potential guests, but it was narrowed down to just under fifty by the time these stars’ other commitments had made attendance impossible. After thinking about it for awhile, Patricia decided it might be best to start off with a smaller group, and if this party were a success then she would arrange for a more lavish production in the future. In addition to John, there would be a few other male subs to attend to the needs of her guests in whatever fashion they determined.

The final guest list was drawn up in due time and an impressive list it was. There were twenty women in all and they ran the gamut of age, experience, and level of fame, with some of the lesser known luminaries making their first sojourn into the world BDSM and kinky female domination. As she read off the list of names, Patricia smiled to herself, knowing that John would undergo a level of punishment he could have never imagined. Meg Ryan and Marisa Tomei topped off the list followed by Bea Arthur, Eden Sher, Raquel Welch, Christina Ricci, Julia Roberts, Rene Russo, Diane Lane, Sandra Bullock, Alyssa Milano, Kaley Cuoco, Hayden Panettiere, Kate Beckinsale, Kim Cattrall, Lindsay Lohan, Susan Sarandon, Lucy Lawless, Mira Sorvino, and last but certainly not least, Monica Bellucci.

Patricia chuckled at the thought that the greater portion of humanity was totally incognizant as to the true nature of her celebrity friends; that underneath the vanilla coating of social civility imposed upon them by a hypocritical and graceless culture, there lurked the souls of dominant and powerful females who truly enjoyed using men as their playthings—and she was one of them! If the world only knew, she mused.

A few weeks before the party, Patricia made arrangements to rent the Barrymore house for the weekend. It was a wonderfully preserved remnant of Victorian elegance from a time long past, and as soon as she walked through the front door she knew that it would suit the refined sensibilities of her guests perfectly. Marisa had accompanied her on her visit and the brunette beauty had been equally enthralled with the antiquarian structure. With all the guests now confirmed attendees and John having been taken well in hand by Bea, all Patricia had to do was sit back and relax.

The party started at 10:00 p.m., and most of the guests arrived on time or even earlier. Without exception, every woman had brought with her the infamous black and/or red leather dominatrix uniform, which was the mark of her trade. Once they arrived they changed into these outfits and settled down to drink and make conversation with friends. By 10:30 p.m. everyone had arrived. Some of the women brought their subs along to serve the guests drinks and hors d’oeuvres and to provide other ancillary services as required. There were six men in total, and all of them performed their functions completely naked. John had arrived with Bea and Eden, and as soon as he walked into the house Patricia greeted him and ordered him to remove all his clothing. At first he objected, but when he saw the other six men in a similar state of undress, he shrugged and did as he was told.

“Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to,” Patty warned him. “And don’t ask anybody any questions. Come to me or Bea if you have a problem; otherwise keep your mouth shut.”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked her as he stripped off his clothing.

“I want you to go and see that tall blonde gentleman standing by the bar and he’ll give you instructions. That’s all you need to know for now.”

As soon as he had removed his clothes Bea took them in her hands and walked off with Eden and Patricia toward the parlor. Already the women were starting to get rowdy and the night hadn’t even begun. About ten minutes later John saw Bea re-enter the bar area where he was stationed, wearing her intimidating red leather dominatrix outfit, and it surprised him that she looked quite attractive in it. Eden had also put on a similar-looking uniform, but in her case it was all black and sported a plunging neckline. He had to admit that she looked quite beautiful and seductive.

During the course of the evening he found out that the other six men’s names were Stu, the one in charge of the subs, Edward, Jake, Bill, Timmy, and Alan. All the men were invariably tall, muscular, and handsome, and all of them were absolutely devoted to their mistresses. Though John himself was not a submissive man, nor remotely masochistic, he could understand how easy it would be to fall hopelessly in love with these Hollywood goddesses; divine beings that walked the earth for a brief space of time so that mortal man could benefit from their grace and beauty. He had felt as much toward Patricia herself, so he understood on an emotional level how these men could devote themselves body and soul to the object of their affection.

“Here,” Stu said to John as he placed a tray of drinks in his hands. “Take this over to mistress Rene. She gets the white wine spritzer and mistress Lucy gets the vodka martini.”

The first time John walked into the parlor he was amazed at how large it was. But beyond that, he was even more astounded by the sheer opulence of the Victorian-style furnishings, many of which were priceless antiques. Even the furniture seemed almost too pristine to sit on. However, the caretakers of the house insisted that every chair, sofa, table, and even the carpet be covered with a special type of sheer, non-porous plastic to protect the valuable items from being stained or damaged. It was a wise precaution since many of the women were already on their way to becoming fully inebriated.

By the time midnight arrived, the drinks were no longer being served and the subs were ordered by Patricia to remain standing at one end of the room with John, who wondered what his beautiful boss was up to. He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“My dear friends,” Patricia said, raising her glass to them just as the clock struck midnight. “Welcome to Patty’s Punishing Party!”

The women raised their glasses to her in return and cheered wildly.

“Love it! Love it!” Diane Lane shouted over the din. “Who are we punishing today, Patty?”

“That little son of a bitch over there!” Patty replied, pointing directly at John.

The young man was greeted by a chorus of boos and jeers but he remained as stolid as his naked companions.

“Come over here, John,” Patty commanded. “Come over here and let everyone see you.”

With great hesitation John slowly walked to where Patricia stood and held his head erect, not wanting to show any visible sign of weakness to her or the other lovely sadists.

“He’s fucking handsome Patty, I’ll give you that,” Susan Sarandon said as she stared at him lustfully. “I wonder how he got by me.”

“You can blame me, Sue,” Bea said. “I did a friend a favor, so he never got on the auction block.”

“Pity. I could’ve used him the other day.”

She said this in such a blatantly sexual way that everyone started laughing.

“You mean instead of your dildo?” Bea asked, half in jest.

“Well, he’s not for sale—or trade,” Patty said, looking straight at Susan. “He’s my boy and he’s here tonight because he’s undergone a period of training under Bea and tonight he is going to face his punishment. Isn’t that right, John?”

“Yes, Patty,” he replied softly. “I mean, mistress Patricia.”

“Much better,” Patty said, smiling.

“What did this poor bloke do anyway?” Kate asked.

“Tell them John,” Patty ordered. “Tell them everything.”

John swallowed hard and tried not to look into the multitude of eyes staring intently at him.

“During Ms. Heaton’s book-signing event last month I lost control of myself and masturbated…all over her pictures.”

At first the women reacted with stunned silence, which was followed moments later by a giant outburst of collective laughter.

The exuberance of the women’s reaction caught John by surprise. He stood there looking like a helpless little lamb caught in a circle of wolves, expecting at any moment to be torn to pieces for his betrayal of his boss’s trust. But his fears were allayed by the sheer absurdity of his offense. As the laughter died down he realized that the women were more amused than appalled.

“Are you telling us,” Lucy Lawless asked, “that you pulled out your sausage and started wanking in public?”

“Not exactly in public,” John replied. “I was alone in the conference room.”

“Yeah, but you had the door partially open!” Meg reminded him.

John frowned. “I thought I had locked it.”

“Your mind was obviously on other things!” Mira Sorvino said, looking straight at his flaccid cock.

“And we know what that means, don’t we girls?” Raquel laughed maliciously.

“Semen on the brain!” Marisa sang loudly. “Once again too much sperm causing a fatal error in judgment!”

“He had to satisfy himself,” Bea concluded. “And he chose to do it there at the hotel. A stupid thing to do but then sperm has no sense at all.”

This drew a laugh from Kaley Cuoco. “Well what are we going to do with him, Patty? Do you have something special in store for our vicious masturbator?”

“Indeed I do have something special planned,” Patricia replied. “But that’s coming later. For now let’s get these subs in motion. I need to get my motor running!”

John had no idea what she meant by that last remark, but judging from the lewd response she got from the crowd he could only assume that it had some sexual connotation.

“I want you to take this pill,” Patty said to him. “It won’t harm you. Trust me.”

“What is it?”

“It’s the reactive agent to the male fertility drug EJAX-472. Have you ever heard of it?”

“Sure I have. Most guys would love to get their hands on it.”

“Well, for the past month Bea has been feeding you the precursor to the drug in your food. Once you take the pill your body will begin replicating sperm at or near the 1,000 percent level.”

“One thousand percent?” he asked incredulously. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because it is part of your punishment, John. Now do as I say and swallow the pill.”

She handed him a glass of water and he obeyed. The pill went down effortlessly.

“In about an hour you’re going to be very, very horny,” Patty said with a grin. “That’s when the fun starts. Now go make yourself useful.”

John watched as she disappeared into the crowd, her ass moving in such a way as to make him wish his face had been buried underneath it.

The crowd, many of whom were now drunk and randy, began to use the six naked men in various ways—all of which were meant to satisfy their various sexual appetites, which were many. The perversities John witnessed that evening dispelled forever the image of the naïve ingénue, the noble and stalwart character actress, or even the cute and wholesome superstar who commanded stellar salaries and overwhelming public adoration that were both unquantifiable and, in the final analysis, unjustified in light of their clandestine and sordid natures. These were the faces of women he had seen in film and television for years, and he had come to form certain opinions about each of them—mostly positive—that now had to be completely revised in view of this newfound knowledge. In view of his recent sexual blunder, the depraved acts he was now witnessing made his randy prank look like an innocent foible.

Within the course of the next few hours he and his naked companions were used and abused in sundry ways, such as being forced to lick and suck the women’s feet and assholes, spit on, slapped, ridden like horses, whipped with thin leather straps, and in general treated like nothing more than human props for their amusement. In John’s case, the final outrage he suffered was for his open mouth to be used as a urinal by a shitfaced Lindsay Lohan, who forced him to swallow a good portion of her steaming piss.

After the women had had their fun in this way, Patty announced that it was time to get down to business.

“My pussy is aching for some serious cock!” she told the crowd. “How about you girls?”

“Well I don’t know about anyone else,” Rene said, “but I’m fucking horny as hell!”

The women shrieked with laughter.

Rene followed up this statement by taking Bill’s huge schlong in her mouth and began sucking on it avidly as the others cheered her on. Soon everyone was engaged in some form of sex or another. John thought he was safe for the moment but he had caught Raquel’s eye, and for him that meant no escape.

“Get over here you bastard!” she said to him.

The ageing yet still beautiful screen luminary was on her knees being fucked in the ass by Stu, his prick driving in and out of her rectum with gusto.

“Yes, Ms. Welch?” he asked.

“Get underneath me and suck my clit!” she ordered.

John obediently got on his back and crawled under the woman. She had to raise her body up slightly so that he could get beyond her massive tits, whose nipples he took the opportunity to suck on as he fondled her natural, and still firm, breasts. He positioned his head directly under her hairy bush and ran his tongue up and down her moist slit. The wanton bitch reacted with joy when she felt John’s hot breath on her snatch and reached out and grabbed his prick, now half erect, with both hands.

“I want to see another one of those big cum shots you delivered at Bea’s,” she said to him with short, gasping breaths. “But wait until I get off first.”

Dutifully, he obeyed. He soon found her hand skills so wonderfully inventive that it took all his stamina to keep from ejaculating. Moments later she came loud and hard with Stu’s stiff prick buried deep within her.

“Get out of me!” she told the sub. “I want to jerk this fucker off now.”

With Diane, Meg, and Lucy watching, Raquel sat down on John’s chest and jerked him off with both hands.

“Patty told me that you’ve got that EJAX shit inside you now,” Raquel said. “Let’s see if she’s right.”

The more she tugged on his cock the bigger it grew, as did his scrotum. In fact, John cried out in alarm when he saw the tremendous increase in both the length and girth of his penis due to the influence of the drug. His actions alerted many of the other guests, most of who were already engaged in some form of sexual games with the other subs. But when they saw his ten-inch penis suddenly expand another three inches they howled with delight and wonder.

“What’s happening to me?” John exclaimed, as Raquel mercilessly masturbated him.

“It’s the EJAX drug doing its thing, John,” Patty said, appearing suddenly through the leering crowd. “Just relax. It’s only temporary.”

“I feel as if my balls are going to explode!”

“Oh, they will baby!” Raquel laughed. “They will, my handsome little man!”

Within seconds the entire group of twenty women had surrounded him and Raquel. No one, it seemed, wanted to miss his first experience with the EJAX drug, and certainly not with Raquel at the helm.

“Oh, shit! Fuck!” he screamed suddenly, totally unprepared for the overwhelming feeling of lust that now swept through his lower body.

A huge jet of thick, white cream shot out of his cock and flew high up into the air, splashing into the chandelier fifteen feet about his head. Another slick salvo followed quickly and sailed out over the heads of Bea and Eden to land twenty feet away in a pot of ferns. With each upward pull of her hands Raquel coaxed out yet another monstrous load of boy cream, her face lighting up each time another volley was fired.

“Isn’t this just fucking beautiful?” the elder actress laughed as she kept tugging away at John’s incredibly long prick.

The room was in an uproar. Jets of cum were being fired off at a prodigious rate in almost every direction. No one was spared the young man’s wayward offerings and no one seemed to mind—except John.

“What the fuck is happening to me?” he cried, unable to do anything except watch and marvel at the insane amount of cum he was ejaculating. “When is it going to stop?”

At that point he couldn’t say much more because his balls were refueling themselves with yet another major load of cock snot, and there was no place for it to go except up and out. And up and out it came, with such tremendous force that he thought he was going to have a heart attack.

“Fuck!” Hayden Panettiere exclaimed as Raquel’s constantly pumping fist provoked a seemingly unending series of multiple climaxes that spurted with joyous abandon high up into the air for everyone to see.

Even throughout his prolonged and immensely powerful orgasm, John was aware of the beautiful yet maleficent faces of the women staring at him, looking down upon him like some kind of sexual freak; a deviant who was only there for their amusement and nothing more. As he continued to climax the women berated him, and a few even kicked him in his pulsating, sperm-laden scrotum, belittling him and calling him all sorts of terrible names.

“You perverted little worm!” he heard Monica Bellucci say as she stuck her bare foot into his gasping mouth.

“Wanker!” Sandra Bullock added, giving a vicious slap to his ejaculating prick.

And then there was the oversexed and lovely Kim Cattrall who actually got down on her knees to take a bite of his testicles, causing him great pain. Lindsay Lohan repeated Kim’s action, laughing at the way John’s cock twitched under her controlling, mischievous tongue. As if this wasn’t enough, Alyssa Milano, who stood a few feet from John’s head, took it upon herself to lower her ass onto his face, ordering him to eat her out.

“Shove your fucking tongue all the way up inside me you fuck!” she cried.

Christina Ricci, Rene Russo, and Julia Roberts offered her words of encouragement as she was soon brought to a massive orgasm by John’s arduous tongue lashing. He had always thought Alyssa was beautiful, and even during his orgasm he found delight in savoring her creamy pussy juices. After her orgasm she kissed John on the mouth and viciously bit his lip.

“I could suck you dry!” the beautiful brunette said with a sneer.

Finally, after almost five minutes of continuous ejaculation, John’s prick gave up the ghost and Raquel climbed off his chest. The room was a mess.

“I want you subs—yes even you Stu”—Patty said, “to clean up this shit and start servicing your mistresses. Let’s go!”

John scrambled to his feet but not without some difficulty. He was breathing hard and covered in sweat.

“Go in the bathroom and get washed up,” Patty advised him. “I want you ready to go in ten minutes.”

He made a move to protest but she pointed her finger in his face menacingly.

“Go!” she said again.

By the time John returned to the parlor the heady aroma of sex had filled the room. People were sucking and fucking each other with complete abandon and he had a hard time distinguishing exactly what was being done to whom by whom. Alyssa and Christina were at each other’s cunts sucking and licking as if their lives depended on it. He found Raquel being fucked up the ass yet again by Stu, but this time she was giving an intense blowjob to Allan, her mouth absorbing his nine-inch appendage until her nose touched the base of his shaft, rising up again seconds later to make yet another journey down the enormous pole.

Rene was sucking on Kate’s huge tits and both were fingering each other’s cunts while Eden was being eaten out by Timmy, who seemed to savor every drop of her sweet nectar. In one corner of the room he saw Patty gently lowering herself down onto Edward’s immense shaft, which was soon engulfed in her hairy snatch. Mira and Lucy were kissing passionately on the sofa not far from where he was standing, while Sandra and Kaley were being fucked by Jake and Bill, respectively. Everyone else, including Bea, sat and watched while not otherwise engaged, smiling contentedly as the moans of lust filled the air.

“So why aren’t you getting a piece of the action?” John asked Bea as he sat down beside her.

She laughed as she took a sip of wine from her glass. “I’m an old-fashioned girl, John. And I do have a husband you know.”

“That doesn’t seem to bother anybody—certainly not Patricia.”

“To each his own. I prefer to remain loyal to Gene.” She looked down at his swollen testicles. “How are you doing down there?”

“It’s a weird feeling, hard to describe. I guess it’s kind of like having pairs of woman’s hands tickling you all over, you know. The desire to ejaculate is really hard to control.”

“I know,” she agreed. “You’re not the first guy to describe it that way. EJAX-472 is a very powerful drug.”

“So how long is it going to last?”

“The drug or the party?”

“The drug.”

“EJAX is usually rendered inert in the bloodstream within several days. But there have been exceptions.”


“Nothing to worry about, John,” she said reassuringly. “Within a week at most you’ll be entirely free of it.”

“This drug really saps your energy. I feel like a washed up old man.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Bea chuckled. “You’ll get your energy back soon enough, trust me. They ain’t through with you yet?”

“They’re not?” he said warily. “Well how much more can I be punished?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see. If it’s any comfort to you, the physical abuse is over. Patty and the girls got their anger out now, so they’re all settling down to have some good old-fashioned fucking. From here on in it’s going to be fun. You’ll see.”

“Then all this abuse I’ve been suffering…they don’t hate me?”

“Of course not. It’s all part of the game, John. Part of the game.”

She laughed a wicked little laugh that was difficult to interpret. Even so, she was still a remarkable person, John thought. Yes, she could be grumpy at times, even devastatingly sarcastic, but she never lost her sense of humor or her integrity. She had always played fair, even when she was forced to assume the role of disciplinarian.

Soon people were staring to climax one after the other, and John didn’t know where to look first. It was Bea who directed his attention to the corner of the room where Patty was now furiously masturbating Edward’s huge meat stick.

“Looks like she’s got a handle on things, I’d say,” Bea quipped.

John eyes widened when he saw the crazed expression on Patty’s face. She seemed to be possessed by some inner demon as she stroked the man’s huge cock.

“Hey everybody!” the sexy redhead cried. “Watch me make Edmund shoot his cream!”

No sooner had she spoken than Edward reared his head back and howled as her little hands forced his cock to explode with a giant wad of spunk that spurted halfway across the room. She laughed as she jerked him off, watching with infinite delight as the young man came over and over again to the hearty approval of the other women looking on. Rope after rope shot out of the man’s dick head, saturating everything in its way with his creamy ablution.

And just as his orgasm was subsiding, Stu pulled out of Raquel’s rectum and shot his hot seed all over her sumptuous ass. Alan, meanwhile, could take no more of Raquel’s intense blowjob and pulled out of her mouth to lacquer her face with his substantial load of hot sauce.

Then it was Jake and Bill’s turn. Sandra and Kaley had forced both men onto the floor and were masturbating their hard cocks with reckless abandon. In almost perfect synchronicity, both pricks jettisoned their payloads within seconds of each other—a volcanic explosion of white steamy sperm that shot up several feet into the air. The suddenness of it made both Sandra and Kaley roar with laughter as their hands continued to manipulate their respective cocks, determined to milk each one completely dry.

Eden, who was finally brought to a shrieking orgasm by Timmy’s hot tongue, which itself was buried halfway up her cunt, rolled onto the floor like a rag doll, completely wasted. Meg and Marisa, seeing that Timmy’s cock was still rock hard, gave him a double blowjob, attacking his swollen shaft with a ravenous appetite, using both their tongues to bring him to a mind-blowing orgasm. Rich cream exploded from the man’s cockhead, splashing into both women’s open mouths. There was so much of it that it dripped down onto their tits, coating them with his slick residue. Both women shared the cum load, spitting it back and forth into each other’s mouths several times before finally swallowing the entire sticky mass down their throats.

Eventually, everyone got to get off in one way or another. Even Bea, who refused to engage in sex with anyone, felt obliged to finger her clit as John looked on, giving in at last to the overpowering sensation of lust that was fueled by all the fucking and sucking going on around her.

For a short while afterward the revelers fell quiet. Here and there someone would moan or make some vague remark, but there was no hint as to what was going to happen next. In fact, when Patty suggested everyone relax and have a drink, he thought he was home free. How wrong he was! As Bea had promised, they weren’t done with him quite yet.

As soon as the women had sufficient time to refresh themselves, Patty had the subs move the sofas and chairs in a semicircle formation around John. Patty then ordered him to sit on a chair at the open end of the semicircle so that the women could have an unimpeded view of the proceedings. The subs were then dismissed for the evening and the women now sat around him waiting for Patricia to bring the night’s entertainment to its logical conclusion, which meant both the beginning and end of John’s punishment.

“Ladies,” Patty began as she stood behind John with her hands on his shoulders, “we are going to have ourselves a good old-fashioned suck-off!”

The crowd cheered wildly.

“Oh goody! I love watching guys suck their own dicks!” Susan exclaimed.

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