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Chapter 10: Housewarming

Charlotte almost danced to the small waterfall the next morning. She felt much better than the day earlier; she wanted to meet Brendon and wanted to fetch Romeo later. The weather was still not stable after the night’s rain, but a watery sunshine was slipping through the clouds that lingered between the mountain tops nearby. It would probably rain again later today.

She saw Brendon already in the water and wanted to surprise him. She left her clothes on a place out of his direct sight and sneaked up on him from higher up the valley while he looked to the other side for her. She did not mind making sounds; they would be drowned out with the overall noise of the water around.

He yelped when she grabbed him. With her planning this meeting, she wanted to have him right away, he was acting so cute.

“Hello, Brendon, come here, I want you close.” She hugged him and moved her body against him making him aroused in no time. Still wanting to play with him, she squatted down and took his now hard penis in her mouth, the cool water moved past her bottom and hot genitals. This was such a good start to her day. She wanted to feel him react to her. She had enjoyed Eveline’s dances so much, she tried to get him to move his body the same way. The sucking worked fine on his young body.

Then she wanted to try his reaction to something else. If all men were obsessed with breasts, it would be nice to know what would happen if she put that phallus between them. She rose up a bit to her knees and moved it between her breasts. “I know another snug place for that toy.” It almost was out of sight, but she felt it throbbing on her skin. She moved herself down again and the tip of his penis became visible. “Look, there it is again, hello toy.”

Next to his reaction to it, it did not feel special, but Brendon almost fell backwards from the stimulation. That was fun but probably not handy if she wanted more from him than only this. She moved her breasts up and down for a few strokes while Brendon tried to keep his balance. It was a bit difficult for him as he had his gaze locked on her breasts.

He started throbbing so much that she found it wise to first perform the washing. “Come on, don’t get too excited Brendon. I have other plans for you, so you need to be in perfect shape. Let me clean your body for you, and then you can clean me. Sound like a plan?”

“I will clean every spot on your heavenly body as long and as often as you like. I can’t wait to make sure those breasts and that ass are cleaned completely.”

The washing excited him but not to the point where he would lose his load quickly. After the soaping and scrubbing, she steered him under the small waterfall and pushed his penis inside her, hugging him close. “Now, you can try to undo your work again, move that body of yours, I want action.”

They kissed a lot under the shower of water, and their bodies danced together. The water made them cool off enough that it extended their dance longer. Her breasts stroked the soft hairs on his chest as it tingled her nipples.

Before Jason could cum, she wanted to test another thing. He was cute but had a smaller phallus than Bryan had, she didn’t mind but thought of their experiment yesterday. She pushed him back softly making him leave her. Then she bent down away from him with her bottom still under the fall. He inserted himself almost directly again, but she pushed at him to stop. “Try that hot thing of yours a bit higher this time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just move closer slowly, I’ll guide you. Yes, that is perfect, ugh.” His phallus was entering her anus, she quickly relaxed herself as much as possible, the protection spell hardly was necessary, but a nice safeguard to have. Brandon had his hands on her breasts, and Charlotte was rubbing her clitoris, the combined effect made her enjoy it well enough.

“Is it all right for me to move? You made a noise like you were in pain.”

“Thanks, for the concern, start slowly.” The warmth started to build almost as soon as he moved through her. That made up for any discomfort she had felt, she might try this more in the future. Brendon was such a handy man to have around for such experiments. She had noticed that standing against him had not awakened her womb, but it had been very pleasant. He started to move quicker making her forget everything else. The pleasure was building quickly. She rubbed herself and Brendon kept squeezing and fondling her breasts.

“That feels good; your ass is squeezing me so fine. I want to continue longer. Please, slow down.”

Without realizing it, she had moved her hips against him hard; she tried to calm her movements. But a bit later, she climaxed and had moved so much she felt him pulsing inside her. Soon it would be over. Not in a hurry to stop, she let him shrink inside of her then she turned around and kissed him. “That was a success. I don’t know about the next few days, but I hope to be here often.”

They ran around to get warm and dry in the not yet perfect sunlight. When dry enough, they dressed and went their separate ways again. Charlotte thought about the potion that was applied to her anus yesterday. Would it heighten her reactions to anal sex? It had been very pleasant twice now. Would she feel strong urges to continue with it in the future?

There were a couple of men gathering at her house when she came home. They were armed with axes and other woodcutting tools. Bryan was between them hailing her with some relief. “Hi, Charlotte. I was worried you would not be home today.” Of the other men, she only knew the farm hand from Paul, but she welcomed them all. They clearly reacted anxiously to her at first.

“Have a look at the well up here. With some tree trunks, we could lead water over them and down beside my house. Each tree should have a carved out area along the side and one under it so it can catch the water that the previous one brings to it. With a bit of luck, we’ll only need two trees for this.”

Bryan had already some notion of what she wanted, and send the group to work. “We will get bigger trees than these small pines here for it. Then we can get the water to the house easier. There are larger trees higher up the valley. Let’s get those down here.”

After some time, they came back with a tree that they’d tugged as a group with a rope attached to it. After getting the next one, they cut the branches, which were big enough to provide for weeks of extra firewood. Some thick branches were spared to help fasten the trees in place and then they started carving. The carved areas turned out to be bigger than Charlotte had imagined she needed. It now would hold all the water from the well, giving her as much water as she could possibly need.

She made a lot of soup for them to eat asking them inside because it was raining by then. Because of the hard work, most of them had their shirts off even during the rain. She had her home filled with damp and hot male bodies. She filled everything that she could with soup, and passed the dishes to them. There were more men than cups at her home.

After lunch, she walked to town, feeling almost sad to leave all those nice bodies at her home. They still had work to finish, and she wanted to finally get her cat home. She was also interested if the bargaining of the last day had lived up to Louise’s standards. In addition, she wanted to get the big female cat from the house the merchant borrowed, as a replacement for Romeo the tomcat.

She walked to the late widow’s house and saw no one around. After visiting the carpenter shop yesterday, they could be visiting the smith by now. There were already some things around the house she remembered from the shop. She scanned the bushes with her eyes but could not find the cat easily. It could be anywhere but was probably not far. She walked between the bushes circling the house but did not find her. When she moved out of them, she faced yesterday’s helper again. “Still lurking around here? Did you come back for more loving?”

“No, I am looking for a cat, have you seen it here somewhere?”

“When I say, I don’t believe you; will you enjoy my handsome body again?”

Charlotte let out a sigh, “I really came for the cat, is she inside perhaps?”

“You are welcome to look around, it’s dry and snug inside.”

Oh well, it was not that she was afraid of this man. Charlotte entered the house and found the cat balancing itself high up on a small cupboard. She reached for it and lifted it gently in her arms.

“Darn, I hoped you wanted my embrace and not that musty cat. I have strict orders to never bother actual customers, but, if you need some warmth, you are always welcome in my arms.”

“I will remember your generous proposal sir, but I have an urgent appointment right now. I hope we will meet again when the timing is better.” She left the house, and walked towards the shop walking out of sight of her eager admirer. It was a nice game to play with him even when she didn’’t want to perform a service.

She didn’’t see Louise outside the shop. It was probably not the best weather to be fabricating ropes. After knocking on the door, it was quickly opened by her. “Welcome, Charlotte. I am busy rearranging the shop. We traded quite some goods yesterday and I have to sort out the last of them, and find a good place for everything again. Ah, you found a cat, or is that a small pig you are carrying? Can it still catch mice?”

“What do you want, a tiger to fight with you or a more humble female? This cat is still heavy after her old owner died, it has been able to find food easily.” Romeo was walking closer. He wanted to inspect the other cat from up close. As an example, Charlotte lowered the cat to the ground. She immediately growled at Romeo with such authority that the black cat fled to a high shelf. Then she began to walk dignified around the place as if she was making a normal evenings outing.

“Well, that cat has an attitude I can appreciate. I like her! You have brought me a grand dame. Thank you very much. It will pain my heart to let Romeo go, but I think that he has to leave. Felicia will have the floor now.”

“Did Dan strike a good deal yesterday?”

“Oh, I think so. I would have tried for more myself, but he has an eye for things that farmers will need in the coming months. We will have a steady stream of customers for sure. Moreover, most of the things that are sold are produced here in the valley. Right now, the deal is roughly even, but it will pay off greatly in the long run. Do you need me yet for some nefarious plan of yours, or do I have to wait longer?”

“Are you that eager to come to my aid? I hope you don’t die of boredom soon.”

“I have found new ways to entertain myself lately, but still, ask me any time.”

“Then I will leave you to your demanding job then. I hope Romeo is willing to come with me.”

It took a little time to get the young cat from the shelf again. It trembled in Charlotte’s arms, the poor beast. “See you soon, Louise.”

The outside was damp enough to make Romeo even more miserable. That suited Charlotte’s plan. She did not want him to try to reach the shop again, even if that would be highly unlikely with the stream and the rope bridge between the two spots. She walked quickly to her home seeing that the men there had fastened the trees in place. Water was flowing in them.

“You guys have done a fine job. It works so well. Thank you all.” She moved past them to place Romeo inside her home. “I cannot thank you guys enough. I would have tried to make it myself, but would not have had such a good working system in place for weeks.”

The men gathered their belongings and wanted to leave. “Bryan, do not forget the extra equipment I borrowed from Dan. Also greet him and Elsa for me.”

“It was nice to help you with your home again. Enjoy it, bye.” A line of men walked towards the town. Charlotte waved at them and then went to look if Romeo would settle down in her house.

The young cat had just started to move from the place she left him. “Go on, look around the place, you are the man in this house now.” He was still young enough to be curious of anything. Romeo was soon trying to reach every spot that would possibly hold him. She had lived in a home with a whole bunch of cats around, so this new house-mate was more than welcome.

Suddenly, she felt a familiar aura near. Charlotte jumped up and ran outside. There she saw her Mother Bianca, with hands set on her hips looking at her house. She almost jumped into her arms. Her last visit to Isabel had been months ago.

“Oh, mother, welcome to my home. I had hoped for you to come.” She kissed her proud mother, and then pulled her with her. “Please come inside, this house is so nice.”

“Hold still, you little thunderstorm. Let me have a look at you first. It looks like time still has no effect on you. Will you be young forever?”

“Stop that mom. You are the one that looks exactly like when I left our house together with Isabel. I have grown a lot since then.”

“Not so much in length though. I still seem to be taller than you, but you have bested me in curves. Have you met that handsome father of yours, and thanked him for his part of the bargain.”

“I met him yes, and even promised that I would bring him here to meet you. However, that can wait for tomorrow. Come inside, do you want anything to eat? I have lots of fresh fruit.”

“Yes, Dan built a separate room for shoes and wet clothes. It will probably even help with keeping the house warmer in the winter. I do not yet have sandals, but you have seen the water works. I can practically fill a pot with water standing here inside my house.”

“That looks nice yes. Will my little girl become lazy the moment she leaves her tutor?”

“I might, yes. There is much more. Look at this a couch with a carpet underneath it, and a box bed behind those doors. I could sleep through the winter in its warmth. You can sleep in the bed tonight, and I still will be more than comfortable on the couch.”

“What will they think of next, using iron to catch sparks? Things have changed for the better around here, when they think iron is so cheap that they can use it in such a way. This is not a home, it’s a palace made of wood.”

“Here have some fruit. I have apples and some early berries. I have saved a cow in labor in town already, now they want to provide me with free food.”

“Saved a cow? That should have been a tough job for you, was it wounded?”

“It was, and it had bled almost to death the moment I arrived. I could only save it by using an awful lot of energy.”

“So, you have not gone lazy yet. I don’t know if I could have done better. Have you healed a large animal before?”

“Only some scratches on Isabel. She had hurt herself when she misstepped in the mountains.”

“That is almost no practice. How did you manage this feat? Could you completely close the wound?”

“Yes, I’m certain of that. The cow wanted to lie down on her belly and she wouldn’t have done that if she still was hurt.”

Bianca looked at her daughter with different, slightly piercing eyes. “You haven’t lost your fighting spirit. Make good use of it, but don’t let it turn against you, that can easily go wrong.”

“Am I so special in that regard? I don’t recall any use of force during my youth.”

“I recall it. You almost knocked me out when I told you to go live with Isabel. Oh, I could keep my composure then, but that was only due to experience. I could not break down in front of my own dear child on such an important occasion.”

“Oh, mother. I am sorry I did that. I can still feel the agony of the moment. Why did it have to be Isabel?”

“Why Isabel? That is rash child. She is a fine tutor and a good woman. You know that very well. Don’t whine to me about getting you under her care.”

“But she is so reclusive. There were almost no visits of other witches, and none of others.”

“That is hardly special for a witch. I am blessed to be visited by so many myself. Isabel has much more knowledge of nature than my average visitor. You could probably teach me about things I do not know for years. Be grateful for it, child.”

Charlotte threw her arms around the stern looking woman. “I am really grateful for that. It took a long time, but I never had a problem with learning of all the plants and animals around us. The walks through the mountains were always fantastic, if it was with her or alone later, I still like them.”

That moment Romeo chose to inspect the new visitor. All kind of new smells had been brought inside by her. “Ah, you have a cat already, good.”

“James told me that he had saved you before. How did that happen? I cannot imagine you walking into a snare trap like that.”

“That was also my feeling. One moment, I was walking through the forest, the next I was hauled up by a strange man with a broken leg and a splitting headache. Everything around me was blurry and spinning. It was a deer trap but no ordinary one. A fairy had used a couple of different types of spells on it to hide it and steer my path to it. That was far more than a simple trap.”

Charlotte could not keep her temper in check. “That was mean! More than that, it was meant to kill you. Is that fairy still here somewhere, I will give it something to remember.”

“It was quite some time ago Charlotte. I know it’ll be not much time for a fairy. It was immediately punished for it afterwards, even though I had my own part in creating that scene.”

“Oh, no. Could it be that she was called Lilah?”

“Yes, that was her name. Have you met her? It is quite possible she has not left that place at all. Fairies live a different life than we do.”

“I met her alright. And I probably lifted her punishment from her too. Had I known this, I would have thought twice about that.”

“You keep surprising me. That was a punishment from the local queen. That kind of spell does not waver with time; it should be as powerful as the moment it was first placed on her. I think it is my blood in you that allowed you to lift it, but it is still remarkable.”

“What had driven her to create such an elaborate trap? She probably needed to lure a hunter with skill first, that would take time and even for a fairy that is quite a feat.”

“Oh, she is not a common fairy. Lilah has considerable skills. She had almost managed to repel me twice before. First, she tried to mimic a witch to reason with me, the next time she took the form of a hideous monster with multiple great jaws to fend me off. It was only after my third visit that she succeeded, though it was too late by then.”

“How did you manage all that? She was clearly quite desperate to keep you away. The witch form should have been quite effective.”

“I had a fairy with me too, in Raven form, but still effective to derail another fairy during a tough act. She had almost made me believe her, I would not have bothered another witch living there.”

“Again the raven, was it a male fairy? They are uncommon but still….”

“Yes, it had acted as a lover for Isabel earlier. And, almost succeeded there too. Your aunt never told me the specifics, but I think he could not hold a human form during his act. Isabel must have had some scary experiences. She is still not over it; you must have noticed her aversion of the other gender. I hope she will put that history behind her some day.

The fairy was punished to serve witches as a raven before he could be himself again. Isabel still did not want him around. I got his service from that moment on. He saved my life and that has freed him in return.”

“That scary form of Lilah, I presume that she could not make it very convincing when you didn’t get along with it, and feed her your own fantasies of scary monsters.”

The day was laborious and hot, but that didn’t bother me, I was used to working hard for my lord. His title required so very much of his time, as well as his spirit, all of him seemed to evolve around war time. It wasn’t surprising, a number of occasions I had been asked to leave my lord to the meeting of captains and generals. While I was happy he was held in as much esteemed as I had held him, I couldn’t help but be jealous of their time around him. Ironic seen as I am his squire and thus he has spent an enormous amount more time with me than any of the peasants.

All the heat made the bugs pollinate and the birds sing to the blue skies above. It smelt of wild flowers, but that was hard to smell over the large quantities of ales being consumed by the soldiers. I was mocked many times for spending my time in the fields, being a man and a squire to a worthy lord just opened up the both of us for a cruel mocking. Though they rarely dared to speak such words when Dean was around, it was a sight that always brought a smile to my rosy lips. I recalled a time when he defended my honour, busting the nose of a drunken soldier, his friends of course chimed in before that, but their chiming ceased when they saw their felled friend. Ever since that day I had only looked at him with adoration, admiration, and love. I envied to be with him, but he was a lord, I was a squire, and we were men. I could never hope for him to return my love as the way I had wanted to be for so very long.

My lord was currently busy with doing his daily training routine, not just for himself, but for his men as well, he was proud to have the best fighters in the land, as well as the most disciplined. It wasn’t that he was hard and cruel, he was firm but fair, as well as carrying a special aura around him, it made people humble and astounded, his determination was amazing.

However while he was training, I was left with the cleaning and polishing of his armour as well as cleaning his warhorse as well as his leather, scabbard, and other assortments as well as getting his food ready. Strangely, it made me feel closer to him as I cleaned his weaponry, feeling the worn handle, the smell of his armour, it was sweeter than the flowers in the field, but my senses were probably fooled by my obvious infatuation with the man. However it didn’t matter, as I polished everything with a smile. After everything was done, his food was the last to be prepared, after it was ready I brought it to his tent where he liked to eat in privacy.

Right on time as he always was I smiled, he was dressed in his full battle gear, chainmail, plate mail, and all the assortments it required to keep it from loosening, it took me a fair time putting it all on him, but naturally I enjoyed it. Bowing courteously I began heading for the tent exit before he raised a stopping hand. His face firm, his skin glistened with sweet, I could smell the remains of the workout, musky and so very tantalising, it made me want to strip his armour off and see his muscular body once more. His face was serious, an obvious remnant of the hard training regime, “Is the food not good enough my lord?” I blurted out with a worried tone. His reply was a shake of the head before grunting out in that alluring deep tone “No. I wish for you to join me tonight.” I was taken aback, my lord had never requested I stay by his side during his meal. I had always had whatever the men were having, bread and soup usually. But Dean was actually offering me a meal with him? I assumed it was a test, as he couldn’t possibly be serious. “I am very well my lord thank you for generosity. But I will have my meal outside as usual.” I bowed once more, but his look stopped me once more, his eyebrows lowered fiercely, I gulped instinctively, it looked like he was about to slay me. “I did not ask you if you wished to join me. I requested you join me.” His hand motioned to the seat opposite his own. I gulped again, relief washed over me, I wasn’t to be punished.

We ate in silence, my thoughts constantly wondering why he had requested I eat with him tonight. When we were finished, he stood up, I was ready to take the bowls to wash, but again, he stopped me by placing a hand on my shoulder, it was naturally rough from the work and training, but it had a civility to it, a gentleness that I couldn’t begin to truly comprehend, only if I were Dean himself could I understand such a touch and it’s complicated meaning, nevertheless I enjoyed the feeling of his hand on me. But it was short lived, just as I was becoming lured in by his hand it was gone, leaving with it a lasting impression, he turned to walk to his bedside, where his evening clothes sat. My hand rose to the place he had recently touched, I pictured his hand still there, quickly I was brought back to the realm of the living as he requested my assistance with stripping off his heavy armour.

I summed the courage as well as mental fortitude it would need to get through this once more, it was increasingly hard for me not to give in to my temptations. I stood, turned to face him, he was staring at me with that same half smile, my eyes averted his own, I was his subordinate, nothing more, I should not look him in the eyes for too long. Besides, if I did, I’d probably be lost within those blue orbs he possessed. As soon as I had stripped off the top plate mail, the smell hit me, all that toughness burst forth like the opening of a wine case, it was an instant smell I adored. Secondly I removed the chainmail sleeves, his strong arms looked harder than the steel themselves, his scars whipped across him like the lashing that held his armour in place. His torso chainmail was then removed, I stood there like a fool briefly as I hesitated to take his simple top off, but then I was again surprised when he took it off himself, he even offered me a smile which I was only able to briefly see as my eyes darted down to his muscle filled body. Scars that made me want to trace them with my finger, a body so tough and tense it made me want to ease it with kisses.

However now came the time for his lower half, which made me secretly tingle with excitement. I put his armour across his bed space as I lowered myself in front of him, it was a strange sensation whenever I did this. I had knelt in front of Dean plenty of times before, showing my loyalty, but whenever we were alone and I was so close to him, it excited me beyond words. I took his leg guards off, then his leg garments needed removed, I pulsed between my legs, becoming hard. As my face was mere inches from his manhood, I looked up to him, he tilted his head ever so slightly to the side inquisitively, seeming to ask, “why have you stopped?” So I continued, gripping the binding at the top of his garments I pulled them down, freeing his legs to the air, my head was low as so were my eyes, he lifted his legs one at a time for me to get his garment free. I then was about to get up as temptation was taking over before something truly unexpected happened. His hand once again placed upon my shoulder as I looked up, this time I thought I understand that look he had given me earlier, he wanted me. But that couldn’t be, he was a lord and I was his servant, not to mention we were men! But his touch kept me next to his manhood, that’s when I looked and saw, his member was erect too. My heart leaped into my throat, he wanted me.

I then just did what my body wanted to do for so long, my hands reached round to grip his back as my lips kissed his prick, tracing up and down to the tip, before my mouth took his cock into my mouth. I suckled on it gently, slowly I bobbed my head up and down, his body felt so different now, so much more relaxed, but tense from the pleasure residing in him now, a part of him I had never felt before. His groans excited me further, spurring me to continue further as I quickened my pace, a hand even moved to the front to play with his balls then to pump him a little. I felt his cock drool and I enjoyed the taste, it made me take a breath and swallow his essence. Soon I was motioned to stand with that same tender but firm hand, I smiled to him and him to me as we kissed deeply and passionately, his hand tracing the edges of my clothes, wishing them to be off, and my body free like his. I practically ripped them off in anticipation, a fiery side of me was ignited and it was far from being quelled. Is this how he felt in battle? So alive and full of vigour? I could then understand his love for battle, but somehow I felt as though I would follow him into battle because I had loved him and not the wars, I would want to protect him. Perhaps it is why I loved making sure his attire and weapons were so heavily protected and cared for. His kiss on my lips banished the thoughts and I was left a wanting man, they were perfect, had the softness that his body lacked, but retained the firmness and readiness of a man at war, a perfect longing kiss. I was now naked and free, our cocks bounced against each other and I wanted him.

I stopped kissing him and pushed his armour off the bed and I bent myself over the edge of it, raising my back to the air, wanting, needing him to go deep into me. I was happy that he obliged, and his cock entered me slow and gentle, it was a painful experience, it was large and thick, but I wanted it, I turned to thanking the lord for the sweet embrace, “Ah oh God!” I gripped the bed sheets tightly shutting my eyes tightly as he slowly had entered me fully. Then slowly he pumped himself inside me, I was groaning as was he, I turned to see the face of my lord, my lover, it was that of love as well, but not the love I had seen so many times before in him, it was love for me. A feeling I had longed for, I then only wanted to give myself up to him. He continued thrusting into me and I groaned, whined, like I was now begging him for me, we both began sweating, I so badly was throbbing, he seemed to have read my body language or perhaps even my mind? Because his hand reached under me and took a firm grip of my prick and pumped it like he had been pumping inside me, the two together was making me crazy, I wanted to burst.

I don’t know how long had passed, but it wasn’t long enough before I felt him grunt, convulse and grip me tightly as his member throbbed and twitched wildly as it released his seed into me. I moaned loudly at the feeling, before laying there as he laid above me, we both panted and then he pulled himself free of me, a feeling that felt just as good as when he entered me. I then realised I hadn’t released my seed, he smiled as he saw my cock still erect, turning me to sit on the edge of the bed he lowered himself before me. Naturally I would never allow Dean to do this, but tonight was special, he took me in his mouth and it was a sensation that made me almost erupt instantly, but I wanted it to last so I tried holding it. But it was a futile attempt, Dean made me crazy with desire and I soon was at the mercy of my body, soon I burst forth with my seed with a cry of pleasure as my body shook with arousal as his mouth was filled with my seed. He happily swallowed it and then he laid beside me and we kissed and just enjoyed how bright the night seemed tonight. But for me, everything seemed brighter.

I’ve added a few notes in between parts to clarify things, hope it helps ^-^ hope y’all like it.


I could feel his hard on pressing against me in his sleep and it bugged the shit out of me. Every time I tried to scoot away he held me closer and pressed it against me, grinding.

“Virgil, unh,” He moaned, my eyes widened and I pushed him away. “What the fuck!?!” I said nearly shouting, he woke up looking at me, his eyes nearly black with lust.

“You’re not sleeping with me again,” I said getting up, somewhat horrified about Thistle pressing his dick against my ass and moaning my name.

“What did I do?” He asked panting, the need to get off clear in his eyes.

“You were moaning my name in your sleep, and grinding against my ass.”

“Shit, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to, I guess I’m just horny”

“And?!? That doesn’t explain why you were moaning my name I’m not a girl. You know I’m not a girl right?” I said feeling somewhat hysterical for some reason, maybe it was the possible insanity getting to me, and he looked at me with an unreadable expression. Growing red when I realized I was somewhat turned on. I turned around facing the wall quickly.

“Yes, I know you’re not a girl now the question is do you know I’m not?” He said with amusement in his voice.

“Shut up, I… I… um… shit, just shut up,” I said stuttering growing beet red. Why am I turned on? And how long has it been since I’ve gotten off with something other than my hand? Ugh what’s wrong with me why am I turned on by him, I’m not gay, I’m not a homophobe either though, hell Jett liked guys as much as girls and I was fine with it.

“Having problems?” Thistle whispered. I gasped when he shifted to press against my back. The vampire in me was pushing me to kiss him and submit while the demon said to dominate; the humanish part was just there unsure what to do. I felt my fangs descend somewhat, the vampire was winning.

“I shouldn’t…. I’m not…” I moaned gently, I heard him chuckle “That’s what they all say.” He whispered in my ear. I could feel the demon’s rage pulsing through me, it was a very dominate creature, the vampire on the other hand was split, it didn’t care if it was dominate or submissive, it just wanted sex and blood.

“There’s nothing wrong with it you know, I’m gay and I’m just fine.” He said wrapping his arms around me rubbing my chest. Just as I was about to give into the vampire’s wants we heard the footsteps of a guard approaching.


I knew he was turned on when he turned away from me, I couldn’t really see if he had an erection or not but he was acting like he might. Taking a chance I leaned against him and cuddled him, rubbing his bare chest. I wish I could see the look on his face but it was too dark for me to see more than his general form.

“Get off,” He said snapping out of it when we heard the footsteps, internally I groaned knowing it wouldn’t be so easy getting him hot and bothered like this again.

The door opened with two large, burly guards, one holding a small sack.

“‘Ere ya lil’ creeps, an’ stop makin’ so much noise,” The one holding the sack said throwing it at us. Virgil caught it. Looking at him I could see the redness still in his face. Internally I gushed at how cute he was in the light, face red with a mix of embarrassment and arousal. His cock, I suddenly thought and looked down at it, ugh why can’t he be hard? I thought when I couldn’t see any form of a bulge.

The guards shut the door and locked it behind them plunging us back into darkness.

“Don’t do that again,” I heard Virgil say.

“Why? You liked it, you were about to kiss me, I could feel it.” I whispered.

“Just… just drop it ok?”

“Ok, I’m sorry,” I said feeling a small bit hurt, it sounded like he was upset so I decided not to push it, wondering if he was going to tell me anytime soon. He handed me the bag saying that he didn’t need food just blood. “It doesn’t do anything for me just dulls the hunger for a minute,” he said looking at me.

I nodded in agreement and took out the stale loaf of bread and ate a small bit of it. “So what do you do during the day here?” I asked

“I used to try to keep fit but I gave that up after about a month or so. Now I sorta just sit here and think. But I’m starting to think I’m going insane.” He said.

“Well now, at least you have someone to talk to.” I said.

“Ya…. whatever.” he muttered, “Hey, don’t sleep with me again ok?”

“Yea, sorry, I won’t do it again.” I said looking down. It remained silent for a few minutes until I heard the low rumble of Virgil’s belly “Are you hungry?” I asked him.

“I can last longer till I need to feed.” he said.

“Just take it, it’s ok to feed from me, I regenerate my blood faster than humans.” I said standing walking over to the area of his voice.

I heard him chuckle “Fine stand still your about to walk into a wall.” I felt his hand on my arm turning me to face him. I stepped forward and pressed against his body, I heard him gasp gently. He tipped my head up and felt his breath on my neck. His tongue ran over my throat and I moaned.

“Oh god, please.” I moan pressing against him. I felt him wrap his mouth around my neck and bite down, the utter pleasure coursed through me, I couldn’t help myself, I came in my pants.

“Oh fucck.” I groaned grounding against his body. He moaned and I realize he came with me. He licked my wound after having fed, closing it.

“That didn’t just happen ok?” He said His body warm as he stepped away from me.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, I loved it you know.” I said going quieter when I told him I loved it.

“But I’m not…I.. I shouldn’t feed from you unless I need to.” He said stepping away from me. Internally I groaned at losing him, I’d pushed too hard and it would be a while before he would get close no doubt.

“Ok… Could you hand me the bag of food then?” I asked sitting on the ground. I felt the bag land in my lap. As I ate I used the bag as a rag to try and clean the cum off of me. I could hear Virgil doing the same with his hands. After I finished eating I lay down, I figured, there’s nothing else to do anyway.

I noticed Virgil doesn’t make sounds when he moved, not when he walked over to give me the bag or to go get it, not when he moved to go to where he was sitting. I wonder if it’s a vampire thing?

“It is in a way.” He said, causing me to jump. “Sorry, when I’m bored my mind wanders and picks up others thoughts. I find a slight source of entertainment in talking to the other prisoners. The ones that aren’t quite sane are the fun ones.”

“Why would you do that?” I asked.

“It’s what keeps me sane, at first I tried to see about making an escape but the prisoners nearest me aren’t that smart to be honest. Most started screaming when I tried talking to them in their heads.”

“Oh.” I said softly. Using my powers I tried to slip into his mind and he growled.


“Sorry.” Some people didn’t want others in their mind, I guess he was one. From the moment I had been tapping his mind I found a very strong wall that I couldn’t have broken if I wanted. “Who taught you how to put up a wall so strong?” I asked, staring into the darkness, I think the guards had put out the lights outside.

“My great grandfather taught me. He’s one of the strongest vampires as well as the oldest.” He said. “For some reason my powers don’t work past nearby things. I can’t teleport right; I think it’s something in the walls.”

“It is.” I said getting up pressing the side of my face to the wall; I could feel old dried leaves in the brick work. I recognized it. “Demon’s Bane, I feel it, I don’t know how I didn’t notice it before, but the bricks have it in them. It there’s a lot of it all around us.” I said rubbing the walls.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Really?” He said standing much closer to me.

—–Random note——

Virgil is a rare mix of a vampire and a special type of demon I call a Reaper. A Reaper is basically the Grim reaper with skin, claws, strange eyes and a thin black tail in their full form. They can summon a scythe that changes form depending on the user. His type of vampire is considered a day-walker, sunlight doesn’t bother his type, in full form they have large, black, bat like wings, the typical fangs, and slightly pointed ears.

I should also note that Reapers are resistant to most poisons and have the unique ability to bring others back from the dead if the body can sustain the soul and the soul is still around. Reapers also tend to be born in sets of twins, one light, and one dark. Virgil is a dark twin. (The light twins tend to have an angelic style and look; their scythe tends to be a curved sword instead.)

Both vampires and Reapers are very lusty, sex oriented creatures, making Virgil have a weakness for sex. Both have a tendency to lose their tempers.


When Thistle told me about the bane it all made sense, why I couldn’t form my scythe, why the demon and vampire seemed so unhappy, why I couldn’t see everything as well as I normally could in the dark.

The way Demon’s Bane worked is if it was near my kind it slowly drained us, it worked quickly at first then after a few hours of exposure it had drained you all most completely, anytime your body tried to replace the power it sapped was away by the bane.

Demon’s Bane was common for cults to use, especially if they were sacrificing a demon or to a demon. The only other people I know would have it are priests, churches, alchemists, warlocks, and maybe healers. This was bad, either they knew what I was or there were darker demons here, ones who don’t care who they kill, just as long as they kill.

“Well now a lot of things make sense, except why? Why would they go through the trouble of getting all that?” I said tapping on the wall.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t affect me really. I might be able to take out some of it but it will take time” He said accidentally brushing my hand. I pulled away and heard him sigh very softly.

I knew he wanted me to flirt with him to hold him. It wasn’t that I didn’t like gays it’s just been so long since I’ve been with anyone and I wasn’t ready for it to be with a guy and it shocked me just a little.

I knew he wanted more than just sex I had seen it in his mind. I wasn’t sure how I felt yet I needed to think it over before I let myself give into him.

“How long?” I asked

“I don’t know, it seems to be in every brick, but it’s like someone cut a piece out of the bricks and stuffed them with it.”

“Shit. Well I guess we’ve got all the time in the world.”

“Ya but, there’s a downside, to do it I have to bring them back and then rekill them. And even then they’ll still have a little effect.” He said


“Well because they’re dried so they don’t need to be replaced they hold onto a lot of their power, but bringing them back then killing them again it gets rid of the power. I’m gonna try a few bricks.” He said putting his hands on the bricks.

I felt a wave of nausea hit me as the bane was brought to life, it passed somewhat after he killed it. He started doing others in the same way.


I pressed my hand to the wall letting the energy that flows through my body go to the plant, reviving it. It was somewhat difficult given their age, how some were broken, and how there was no light to assist me.

I could tell it hurt Virgil when I brought the plant to life, I could hear him gagging as I worked so I did it as fast as I could.

“Hey, do think it would be a good idea to work on the area you sleep instead of randomly?” I asked him.

“Ya I think that would be best, what exactly did you say you were?” He asked.

“I’m mostly fairy but there’s a little bit of elf in me as well. I’m a natural healer and theurgist because of that.” I said

“I used to know of a fairy but he was pure blooded I think.” Virgil said putting his hand on my shoulder leading me to the corner where he sleeps. “Um.. Thanks for doing this. I’m sorry about over reacting when we woke up, I was just in shock I guess.” He said, bumping into me when I stopped.

“It’s ok, I had a feeling that’s what it was.” I said looking down. “I’m gonna work on the bricks now”

After I took out a good number of bricks I told him I needed to rest for a while.

“Ok, good, I was starting to feel sick after those last few.” He said sitting in his corner.

I went and laid down a little bit away, curling up, I could feel the cold air quickly seeping into my bones. I couldn’t help it I started shivering.

“Hey, Thistle, you can sleep with me if you don’t do what you did last time, ok?” He said gently putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks.” I said smiling up at his voice, sitting up I followed him to the area I cleared out. We fell asleep his chest to my back.


I don’t know why I asked him to sleep with me again so soon, I guess I felt bad, he seemed so cold. I don’t remember putting my arm around him, but I woke up that way, spooning him. It felt good; I couldn’t help gently licking his neck, stopping when I heard footsteps outside the door. I sat up quickly scooting back into the corner.

The door opened and I saw my favorite guard, a small, quiet guy. He didn’t say much but he was nice to me in his own way. Meaning he didn’t yell, kick, spit on me or do anything cruel to me.

“Hello… umm.. here.” He said holding out the bag of food to me, he liked to give the prisoners more food than most guards.

“Thanks.” I said walking over to him gently taking the bag.

“Um I heard yelling a few nights ago, was that you?” He asked looking at me nervously.

“Oh ya, it was nothing, don’t worry about it.”

“Oh ok, um is he ok? He’s not moving.” He said pointing at Thistle as he slept.

“He’s ok, I think he’s a heavy sleeper.” I said walking to him nudging him waking him up. He grumbled something and slumped against me. “Come on get up.”

“Nooo… lemme sleep.” Thistle groaned, nuzzling into my leg.

“Well, I guess he’s not gonna wake up.” I said.

“I should get going.” The guard said grabbing the door handle. I nodded, watching the door close. I sighed as much as I would’ve loved to run out the door I knew it was useless, I would’ve been attacked by the other guards the moment I stepped out the door.

Thistle stirred a bit and finally sat up strait looking around bleary eyed. I kneeled down grinning as I said “You missed a chance to see some light you know.”

“Aw, I could’ve seen you for once?” He said smiling softly. I chuckled. The overwhelming urge to kiss him came over me, I quickly pushed it away.

“We got a little more food while you were asleep, try not to eat it all in one go this time, I forgot to mention that we don’t get fed every day.” I said sitting in front of him. “I can feel the difference in the air now that you’ve taken some of the Demon Bane out.”

“Good, I should be able to take out some more this go around.” He said as he munched on a piece of the bread, then putting the rest away. “Led me to the wall next to you, I’m gonna work on that one.”

I lead him to the wall, I quickly walk to a different area of the room to get away from the bane that was about to be live.

As Thistle worked I picked at a loose string on my pants, at the very least I had many string to pick from given the age and wear of the pants, it was amazing they were in one piece really. After several more bricks I could feel parts of my power return, still not enough to bring out my scythe and teleport us out of here though.

—–Note about characters—–

1.Yay for random notes :D … sorry… um ok

I hear Vincent as the singer of Breaking Benjamin in their song What Lies Beneath, Nightmare is Land of Confusion by Disturbed, and Jett is a little like Five Finger Death Punch’s song Coming Down. And in case there is any confusion Jett is Nightmare’s son, Virgil is Jett’s grandson, Vincent’s oldest son’s daughter (now dead) is Virgil’s mother, sorry for any possible confusion, I’ve thought of these characters and even the people I explain it to get lost in their huge families. I’ll try making a sort of family tree on my bio sooner or later. Btw the brother Nightmare mentions in a moment is Jett’s twin. K back to story.

—–Outside of the prison as Vincent—–

“Do you feel him?” Nightmare asked.

“Yes, I don’t know why but all of a sudden I do.” I said turning to my old friend, we were, of course, talking about our great grandson of my granddaughter and his grandson.

“I think we should let him fix whatever it is that got him in trouble on his own don’t you think?” Nightmare muttered, “That’s what we had to do at his age is it not?”

“You’re right. Are you going to tell Jett that? He’s not going to be pleased.”

“I know. My son is probably going to fight us for the right to help Virgil. I think I’ll tell him now and get it over with.” He said standing, it was clear he was calling out to Jett with telepathy, it wasn’t even a minute later when Jett’s portal appeared in a flash of black and red.

“Yes master?” Jett said looking to his father. I personally found it amusing Nightmare had his children call him master; more amusing is that my children started doing the same with me with the exception of my oldest.

“Have you noticed Virgil’s energy is back?” Nightmare asked.

“Yes, may I go to him?”

“No, let him get himself out of trouble unless he asks us.”

“But father… We can’t just leave him on his own after this long; it’s been months since I’ve heard from him.” Jett said glaring at Nightmare now.

“No, think of this as his right of passage, we can’t baby him, I didn’t with you or your brother.” Nightmare said in a tone that meant this was the last thing Jett was to say on the matter.

Jett grumbled something under his breath but didn’t pursue the issue surprisingly.

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