Sex robot M3 end of day two.

I waited outside the pie shop for an hour and my bruised feet ached and pulsed. I was relieved not to be getting honks and abuse from passing cars. But plenty of tourists coming in and out of the Powerhouse museum Sydney took my picture and laughed at me in my pink with purple trim fairy costume. Finally I got a text:

Go to an internet café and open yahoo msngr.

I walked around darling harbor looking for an internet café with no luck. I headed back up toward the city and found a convenience store with a few PCs. The Arabic looking man behind the counter just starred at me and did not answer when I asked to use the computers. After a minute or so I gave up and walked up one block to the next convenience store. The Indian looking woman was very friendly and helpful and I got online.

Genie connected straight away but did not say anything. After ten minutes of my sitting in the window, tutu in the air looking at the computer the shop assistant came over to ask if I was OK. I said I was just waiting for yahoo to connect and she smiled and patted my head.

Genie finally sends a message:


I waited… and after I don’t know how long Genie wrote:

Where are you M3?

I wrote just off Sussex street near China town.

A long pause before:

Go back to the library and collect your things. You have 30minuets, if you are late they will close and you won’t be able to get your clothes, wallet and keys.

I logged off and ran out of the store. I ran in the wrong direction for a minute before looking at the time on the phone. 4.55pm I guess it must close at 5.30pm. I took a breath and got my bearings. I up to Pitt street, left and all the way up to the mall and then up along Macquarie to the library.

I looked again at the time as I walked up the stairs 5.08pm. Out of breath I pushed the door but it did not open. Some people in the Library started looking at me. I gestured that I want to come in. They just kept looking. After I tried the other door a woman inside made a point at her watch motion and I made one back thinking that the closing time was 5.30pm. I looked on the door and it said –Saturdays, Sundays and Pub. Hol. 5pm.

I was now stuck in the city with no money, train ticket, wallet or house keys wearing a pink fairy costume and tights with a lace mask glued to my face hand clasped zip-tied around a fairy wand I could not release.

I got a text:

Are you there yet?

I typed:

Yes — it’s closed.

Genie the med student’s reply:

Take a picture of yourself waiting outside the closed library door, make sure I can see your face and the opening times. Then I’ll tell you how to collect your things from the locker.

I took the picture and waited for a response.

The Library Guard moved me on and I walked down to martin place to sit on the bench.

I got a text:

There are three ways:

1.Wait outside the library like a garden fairy until it opens in the morning.

2.Walk home, break into your house and come back tomorrow.

3.Break the glass on the door and run in to get your things and try to run away before you get arrested.

Text part two

Personally I’m happy to let you decide which. This has been fun for me today and I think we got some good data. The Pictures and video of you running around the city in that fairy costume really help illustrate the written section of my report.

Text part three

In future you can think about what happened today. Maybe you will think about obeying my exact instructions, not going outside set test criteria or thinking for yourself too much. You are my sex robot. You do what I want.

I walked home, about four hours I think, my pink slippers worn through. In the fading light I got some honks and whistles, but as soon as it was dark I was anonymous. I climbed in through the back balcony and sliding doors — they are easier to open that I expected — I will need to get a better lock… I fell asleep in costume, over the covers.

End of Day two.

Sex robot M3 experiment day 3

I woke up before 6am Sunday morning. After a night of waking suddenly every few hours still full of adrenaline from the stress of day before then drifting off again. Already I had a message from Genie reminding me to write a journal of my experience in her tests.

I trolled through our emails before our meeting and my “volunteering” to be her robot slave and the emails texts and videos I had with me and started writing.

It was difficult to keep the events of Friday night separate from the shock of watching the videos on Saturday morning. The memory loss from the Codeine / Scopolamine combination was making the order of events very difficult to keep straight. I hoped I was imagining some parts and checked the brands on my balls — no, that part was real. I just wrote what I thought and hoped that honesty over exact detail was as important as she said.

I typed away for about three hours and sent off Friday to now, Sunday morning and made some breakfast. I got a knock at the door and it was a Currier — She asked for “Robot M3″ and I said I was. She gave me a stylus and a digital pad to sign. Before handing me a big box with a wink. I had answered the door in the fairy costume.

I put the box on the table and finished breakfast. I was curious about it’s contents, but sure it was not going to be good for me.

I caved to the curiosity and ripped open the box. A new WiFi router / modem 1000m range.

That was a pleasant surprise.

Under it a box of four wireless servo pan and tilt web cams and I felt like I knew where this was going. Under that were some power boards and extension cords and the “Human control harness” from Friday night complete with butt plug and cock ring electrodes and a “Postal Instructions” note:


You are performing well as my test subject. Install this new hardware as follows: Place one camera on the bookshelf to the left of your desk, one on top of your sink in the bathroom, one facing out your front window and one at facing out your glass back door. Do not put the harness on until instructed, the locks will only release via commands from my terminal. You will not be able to remove it without my authorization.

I finished installing the cameras and took a shower and dressed to go into Sydney to collect my wallet keys and clothes from the library locker. Just as I was about to go I heard Genies voice:

“Stop! M3, come to your computer. I want to test your new cameras… …other than the footage I just got of you in the shower… –[low giggle]- Go into the kitchen.”

I walked into the kitchen.

“Good, I can see you from camera 2″

I didn’t even see it turn on.

“You better be off to collect your things from the Library locker, they throw away unclaimed items you know. Just leave your front door unlocked, I will watch to make sure no one robs you. If your keys are gone you will need to get a new set from the land lord tomorrow.”

As instructed I left the place unlocked and went into Sydney to collect my things. The Locker was just how I left it and I got in and out without a fuss. When I came home I found my bedroom door open and a footlocker with a digital lock in the hall opposite a camera.

I heard Genie’s voice much louder now coming through my stereo:

“M3 Welcome home, I don’t think you will need so many clothing choices. All your clothes are in that locker. Left side lid for fancy dress right for normal. I threw away the things I didn’t like and plugged your PC into the stereo. Tonight you will be doing a job for me at the university. Instructions are on your phone. “

The text popped up on my phone:

At 5.30pm you will go to my university, veterinary science lab 2.

You will wear the Lab coat in the locker and nothing under it except your shoes. You will clean all the glass wear with the following method:

Scrub them with the brush and cold soapy water until the gunk is gone. Use the smaller brush to scrub them with hot clean water. Rinse them with weak acid solution then water then weak base solution then water again. Finally rise each piece with Methanol. Stack the glass as per wall chart.

As I was reading I got another text:

Stand on one foot and take off your shirt.

I did. I heard the web cam pan around.

A few moments went by… Before I heard:

“Good M3 we have an interested party. I was tempted to keep you all to myself, especially considering what happened with other test subjects… Hmm, well, that shouldn’t concern you… You have the day free, but be on time at the university this evening.”

I arrived at the university and checked the map on the sign in the carpark. I was surprised to see the medical science lab open and no one around but I guess on a Sunday afternoon — who would be?

I started cleaning the glass wear; there were 8 or 10 sets of 5 pieces and some metal odds and ends. I was cleaning for about 15minutes when I heard someone come into the lab. The sink I was using was at the back where all the solvents and cleaning stuff is stored. I heard young women talking in low voices but could not catch what they were saying. I cleaned quieter and listened harder:

“…he’s doing all your prep work?”

…something else too soft to hear…

“I told you you’d enjoy it…”

…more things unheard…

“…no, no, ow – well do it then.”

I got a text message:

Don’t turn around.

There was giggling when my phone beeped and:

“shhh, sh-sh…”

Another text:

Lose the coat.

I put the phone down and undid the snaps on the lab coat. I could hear more muffled gigging. I dropped the coat to the floor and continued cleaning naked in sneakers. I could feel this going to end badly.

I heard a camera phone noise along with some loud whispers I couldn’t make out and I got another text:

Put your coat back on, go to the next room. Get up on the exam table on all fours and close your eyes.

I put on the coat and got up on the metal table. I heard someone walk in behind me. They pulled the coat over my head and fastened my wrists and ankles to the straps at the side of the examination table. I heard sticky tape and felt the coat being tapped over my head.

I heard Genie’s voice say:

“OK, come in now.”

I heard two new voices.

Woman one: “Hmm nice rump.”

Woman two: “Yes a proud hind quarter indeed.”

Woman one: “It’s hard to believe you actually got him to get into that harness, Can we see it now?”

Genie replied,

“No, the harness isn’t with me, would you like to see a prostate erection instead?”

I heard no answer. I heard the rustle of plastic wrap and rubber gloves going on and I yelped as the cold gel was squirted in my ass.

To be continued…

Still a bit sleepy I sit on the couch. It’s Thursday morning and today I don’t have to go to work. For yet another time my thoughts wander to that amazing night that has been over two weeks ago now. I think I can say that that night changed our relation and maybe even our lives. After we’d taken a shower we fell asleep in each other’s arms and the next morning we’ve talked for hours. Eric apologized again for his behavior but I had already forgiven him. The most important thing is that we both enjoyed it and we decided to take on these rolls more often. We also made a few very important rules. In our daily lives we are equal to each other but I can decide at any given moment that Eric is my slave. I do this by taking off my wedding ring. I have total control and we only stop if I want to or when Eric says ‘mercy’. In case Eric is unable to speak he has to shake his head and hum three times to stop the play.

I realized the spark is back in our relation. The ‘normal’ sex that we also still have is a lot more intense. We enjoy sex so much now that we did it every day over the last two weeks. When I see Eric naked I see red marks all over his body because we certainly didn’t forget about the BDSM. I noticed however that he can’t take much more; therefore I plan on using Eric in a different way tonight. The preparations for this plan will start now.

I go upstairs to our bedroom. We added a new piece of furniture last week. We had a small cabinet standing in the attic that you can lock with a key. This cabinet is now in our bedroom and the key is in my possession. I open the cabinet and see all the stuff we use in our games. My hand strokes the cold latex dress and I almost automatically reach for the riding crop. It still gives me a feeling of power just to hold the crop. However I came to the room for another reason; to get my shopping list. When I found it I head outside to take the bus to the shopping district.

I go to another sex store than before; this one is much closer by and also specifically for woman. The address I found online leads me to a grand estate; at first I think I got the wrong address but a discrete sign tells me I’ve got the right place. I am excited as I walk in the store; the store breaths class but the products on the shelves make it very clear that this is a sex shop. There are a number of female customers walking around and the shop assistant is of course a woman also. A bit more relaxed I search for the things on my list. The shop has a huge collection of SM articles and I take my time to look around. A bit down the aisle stands a woman a bit younger than me. I peak in her shopping basket but can’t figure out what the stuff in her basked is for. She looks at me and with a big blush of shame I say hi. She politely greats me back and I continue searching for the items on my list.

I have come to the last and hardest part of my shopping list. After two weeks I am tired of my outfit. I walk to the clothing department of the shop and look around a bit. All of a sudden I realize that I am standing next to the women with the mysterious articles in her basket. I still can’t figure out what they would be used for. All of a sudden she catches me again while I check out the contents of her shopping basked.

“Can I help you with something?” she asks kindly.

With a big red head I decide that it’s best to be honest;

“I was wondering what the items in your basket are for?”

The woman smiles friendly and explains she has some sort of clinic at home where she plays with people who have a medical fetish. They get turned on by medical role play. She shows all the hospital supplies in her basked, even needles and syringes.

“I know the owner of this shop and she can get this stuff for me for cheap.” She explains

“But do you perform also surgery?”I ask.

Patiently she explains that she doesn’t do anything dangerous and that she also does not have sex with her clients.

We talk for a while and I find out her name is Tess and her clinic is only a few blocks away from my house.

“Why don’t you drop by later this day? Then I can show you everything” she asks.

I like that idea and we agree for me to meet within a few hours. We say goodbye for now and I continue my search for my outfit while Tess heads for the pay desk.

It doesn’t take long for me to spot a beautiful dark purple bustier with matching thong and stockings. I head for the fitting rooms and try my outfit on. It looks amazing. I know I have some long black boots with high heels at home that fit perfectly with this outfit. I change back to my own clothes and when I have paid I go home.

When I get at home I lock my newly bought items away in my cabinet. I haven’t got anything else to do so I decide to go to Tess. Sine it’s only a few blocks away I decide to walk to her place.

Soon I stand in front of Tess’ house. It’s a large corner house with a very big garage. I ring the bell and Tess opens the door. She welcomes me and invites me for some coffee in her living room. Although Tess is three years younger than me she has way more experience in sex than I have. I find her listening to my adventures with Eric from the last weeks. After a good conversation we stand up to take a look at the clinic. We walk to what I thought was the garage and I see it is way bigger that I expected. At first we enter the waiting room. It looks just like any other waiting room at any other doctor. Tess explains that it is all part of the game she plays with her clients. We head on to the examination room, Tess explains:

“Usually a client comes here first and we have an intake consultation. In this consultation the patients tells his fantasy. Then the client goes back to the waiting room while me and my assistant, who is not here at the moment, prepare for the treatment. Then the client returns and the play begins.”

I nod in understanding.

“Shall we now take a look at the operating room?”

I agree with the idea and follow Tess to a door. Behind the door is a little cubicle.

“I would like to keep the operating room as clean as possible so we have to change first.” Tess throws a package to me that contain blue pants and a blue shirt.

“Would you put this on please?”

I look around searching a dressing room but when I see Tess in only underwear I conclude there is none. I change in the outfit while peaking at Tess her beautiful body as much as I can. I have my ‘scrubs’, as Tess calls them, on very quickly. I have to put on a green hat where I tug my hair underneath and when I’ve done that I take a look in the mirror and think I look quite funny.

“Doctor Suzanna to operating room number two please.” I giggle

“If you want you can also put these on” says Tess while she hands me a face mask and a pair of latex gloves. These items complete the whole outfit and when I have put them on I see Tess has followed my example. The last thing we do is place covers over our shoes and then we step in the operating room.

In the middle of the room stand a large table with brackets to place your legs in. there is also a vast variety of medical equipment which you also find in a normal hospital. Tess explains that this equipment is used to monitor the clients’ vital functions and also adds to the realism of the experience. Intrigued I wander through the room and ask question about all the stuff lying around. I realize I get excited by the idea of lying on that table while Tess gives me a ‘treatment’.

“If you want to you can lay down on the table.” Says Tess from behind her mask.

I doubt for a second but then I lay down on the table; I place my legs in the brackets and look up to the large adjustable lamp hanging above the table. Next to the lamp is a mirror so I can see what happens between my legs.

“The client obviously wants to see what happens.” Is Tess’ explanation for the mirror.

I understand and quickly jump off the table. I feel my excitement grown and I don’t feel like giving Tess a first class view at a growing wet spot between my legs. After we made one last round through the operating room it is time to go. Tess has a client coming in and I have to make some preparations for tonight. When we are back in the cubicle I realize it is hard to keep my wet panties hidden from Tess. I decide to apply the same trick as in the lingerie store a few weeks ago.

“Can I keep these clothes Tess?” I ask kindly “I think I know a nice addition to tonight’s program.”

“Sure.” Tess replies “you can keep your scrubs and you can throw the rest away, I will make a bag for you with new accessories.” While Tess packs a bag I quickly change back to my normal clothes. When I get the back I tug in the scrubs. Before I leave Tess invites me to come play here with Eric one day. I will absolutely use this invitation and tonight I will give Eric a small introduction. I thank Tess for her hospitality and with a head full of new ideas I walk back home.

All the preparations are done and I’m only on the couch for five minutes when Eric comes home. When he sees that I decorated the living room all romantically he looks at my ring finger fearfully. The ring is however safely around it and after a warm kiss we have a drink together on the couch. After a while we take a seat at the table. When we finished our dinner I decide to start the game. Tauntingly slow I take off my ring; I see lust in his eyes and I know he is looking forward to whatever he gets.

“Clean up the table, do the dishes and then wait until I call you.” Are my orders.

“Yes mistress.” Is Eric’s reply and it sounds like music to my ears.

When Eric starts his task I head upstairs to change my outfit.

I open the cabinet in the bedroom and grab the bag I got from Tess. I lay everything down on the bed in a tidy fashion. I noticed Tess also included a plastic apron; this will come in handy. I undress until I only wear my underwear and put on the scrubs. I put on the cap and tug my hair underneath it. I am wearing my socks so I don’t think it’s necessary to put on the shoe covers. As a finishing touch I tie on the face mask. When I look in the mirror I think it is kind of hot to look like this. I hear Eric is finished with the dishes downstairs. I puss my face mask down and call Eric to come upstairs. A final look in the mirror makes me decide to leave my mask hanging around my neck and I shock when I notice I forgot my gloves; they will have to come later.

When Eric enters the room he can’t hide his surprise about my outfit; he looks at me from top to bottom as I start my explanation.

“Alright my little slave. It seems sensible to look at the damage after two weeks of my use. Undress yourself for me.”

Eric quickly takes off his clothes and when he is done I calmly walk around him looking at the marks I’ve caused. I am proud of Eric that he wants to endure all this for me and the look of the marks on his back even turn me on a bit,

“Walk along slave so I can be nice to you for one time.”

I walk to the bathroom and Eric follows me nervously, he has no idea that I will actually be nice to him. In the bathroom I lay Eric down in the empty bath and tell him to wait a moment. I quickly walk back to the bedroom and tie the apron on, place my face mask over my mouth and put some latex gloves on. When I get back in the bathroom I noticed my outfit did not leave Eric unaffected. His cock is standing up proudly. I put on the shower and the water makes Eric startle.

“Shit, it takes a while for the shower to reach a comfortable temperature.” Is my thought.

“Hang in there slave.” I c say from behind my mask attempting to hide my mistake. Luckily for Eric the shower reaches temperature fairy quick and with a big sponge I start to wash his body. During the conversation we have while washing him Eric tells me he wouldn’t mind if I wore these clothes more often. It is hard for me to repress my excitement and I can’t wait to call Tess. When I am done washing Eric I dry him off and I finish with rubbing him in moisturizing oil.

“You are done slave but now I have takes care of you, you have to take care of me. Go downstairs and kneel down next to the couch.”

Erick quickly stands up but before he leaves he gives me a quick kiss on my face mask and tells me:

“Yes nurse.”

With a blush on my face I decide to forgive him this disobedience.

Back to the original plan. The spoiling of Eric was only an excuse to try out surgery outfit. I undress completely and get my newly bought set. First I put on the thong, then the bustier and then I put on some stockings which are held in place with a suspender belt. To finish it off I put on my long black leather boots with a two inch heel. I grab the riding crop for security. I look in the mirror and I see a hot mistress from which two weeks ago I did not know she was in me. Self-assured I walk downstairs and when I enter the living room I see Eric obediently sitting next to the couch. As I walk in front of him I see feel his eyes going all over my body and a quick peek between his legs tells me he likes what he sees. It is nice and warm in the living room which is good for both me and Eric. I stand in front of Eric and look him in the eyes.

“This is your place for tonight and unless I tell you differently you sit on your knees with your hands on your thighs; you got that?”

“Yes mistress.” He answers obedient.

I sit down on the leather couch and call Eric.

“Take off my shoes and bring me a glass of wine.” Obligingly Eric takes off my boots and brings me the wine. I make myself comfortable on the couch and put on a movie I placed in the DVD player earlier. It is a romantic movie and I follow the story with great interest.

After one and a half hour the movie is finished. I call Eric.

“Make me some bread and also fill up my glass again.”

I notice Eric is feel uncomfortable as a servant but I also realize I don’t care about it. Eric returns with the bread and the wine. I eat it with taste and I see Eric also wants some.

“Are you hungry my slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” He answers hopeful.

“Let me see if I can find anything.”

I walk to the kitchen and look in the fridge for some food for Eric. I spot a leftover piece of cheese cake, this will be just fine. I take the piece of cake inside and just when Eric looks at it I throw it on the stone floor.

“Enjoy your meal slave.”

“No mistress, I am not going to eat this.”

Eric’s reaction makes me freeze; he has never been disobedient. All of a sudden I realize I do not know how to react. I decide to do the first thing that springs my mind. I grab my crop and walk up to him brandishing with the crop. Even before I can say something again he starts.

“No Suzanna; I will not do it.”

This is the first time he says my name during play. Just when I am about to panic I think of a solution.

“Are you not doing it or are you asking for mercy?” is my question.

It seems to take forever for Eric’s answer to come. The tension can be felt in the living room.

“I will not do it.” Is his answer.

My reaction to this is furious; all the panic and tension that has been built up during these past minutes comes out. I hit him with the crop and push his face in the cake. When our eyes meet I see the same fear as when I first dominated him. This fear is however combined with a gaze of pure pleasure. When Eric has finished eating the cake from the floor I decide to push it a bit further. With acted anger now I ask him if he wants something to drink. He is too scared to say no so when he confirms my question I drag him over the floor and make him drink out of the toilet while screaming and swearing at him nonstop.

When I think it is enough I send him to the living room while I go upstairs to the bedroom for the final part of the night.

Still a bit pumped up I stand in front of the mirror. I amaze myself yet again. In the mirror I see a mistress eager for sex. The contrast with a picture of me standing next to the mirror can’t be bigger. On that picture is a shy and inconspicuous Suzanna that is now nowhere to be found. I grab the box I was looking for from my cabinet and head back down.

Eric already back in his place next to the couch. I see he has enjoyed his punishment. Curiously he looks at the box in my hands. I place it on the table and grab a set of handcuffs out of it. I use the cuffs to secure Eric’s hands behind his back and after that I put on the second movie. This movie is of a more erotic nature but when I look at the box for a second time I have to admit it is just porn. It is however not your standard porn movie; it has a bit more of a story line and a bit more of an artistic approach. I put on the movie and just when Eric realizes the kind of movie I am about to watch I reach in the box and grab a blindfold to take away his sight. I make myself comfortable on the couch and watch the movie.

I am watching now for about half an hour and all of a sudden I realize I have my hand in my thong; I play with myself gently until I get a better idea. I take off my thong and walk up to Eric; I grab his hair and drag him over to the couch. He still can’t see so he has no idea of what is going on.

“Lick you slut!” I yell at him while pushing his face between my legs.

He licks my pussy eager and while moaning softly I try to watch the movie. The excitement of the past few hours quickly becomes too much for me and I cum loudly moaning within five minutes. Out of the blue Eric starts to lick my pussy dry witch I can only approve by moaning.

I see Eric is about to burst and after all the efforts of the last hours I decide to end it. I undo Eric’s handcuffs with a little key and take away his blindfold. I do order him to keep his eyes shut for a while. I take off the remaining clothes on my body and lay down naked. I take one last look at the movie before giving the last order of the night.

“Open your eyes and fuck me!” Eric dives right in; I feel his penetration and he starts to fuck me hard. It soon is too much for Eric and also for me. With the sound of the movie in the background we reach a common orgasm.

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