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“Be quite. Do not make a scene here, or we will leave.”


“Then get up and walk out that door without making another sound.”

We had left the restaurant early due to our argument and my loud mouth. I knew I was in trouble.

We walked in silence to his car which really gave me a moment (I didn’t want) to think about what I had just done. I felt guilty, and sad for hurting him like that.

He followed me to my door, and at the time I didn’t think anything of it because he always opens my door but unexpectedly, he turns me around pinning my body against his car. I instantly feel his hard cock pressing between my ass.

“I did not like the way you behaved in there Jessica, and you will be punished for it.”

Then he smacked my ass with enough force to cause me to whimper.

“Understand?” Smack.

“Yes Devon.”

“Don’t you mean Yes Sir?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Good.” Smack.

Then he let me go, and opened the car door for me.

The car ride was just as silent as the walk through the parking lot, and I knew he must be disappointed in me. I don’t know what came over me. One second it was a great evening, then I just lashed out on him for almost no reason.

When we got home, he opened my door, and I walked very slowly into the house. He told me to go to our room, take off all my clothes, and wait for him.

It felt like I waited for hours, but once he arrived in our bedroom, I wished he would leave again. The look on his face seemed angry and disappointed, but also full of sexual desire. Which scared me, but excited me even more.

Devon wasn’t always this dominant. Bossing me around or telling me to call him Sir, but he knows how much I like it. How it makes my pussy drip and ache for him. Lately I couldn’t stop craving such attention from him.

“Get on all fours with your knees at the end of the bed.”

I instantly complied with his command.

“Jessica, what you did at the restaurant tonight was completely unacceptable. Lately you’ve been such a good girl, what happened?” The sad look on his face killed me.

“I’m so sorry Sir. Please forgive me. I just don’t know what came over me. But I’ll be your good girl from now on, I promise.”

“Nice try, but you should know your begging can’t get you out of this punishment. Now, I’m going to spank you untill I think you’ve learned your lesson. How about 7 with my hand? I don’t want you to move or make a sound besides thanking me for your punishment.”


“Ahhh, Thank you Sir!” The first one came quick and already started to make my bottom sting. I knew I was in for it and that each smack was going to hurt worse than the last.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

“Thank you Sir!”

With every smack my pussy got more and more wet for him. I could feel ass burning, and could picture Devon’s hand prints on my bare ass. All I wanted now was for him to fuck me, but I knew I’d have to wait.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

“Thank you Sir!”

Finally, I felt him start to rub my ass and I knew that he was ready to fuck me…

But first, he was going to make me beg and work for it.

“Get on your knees.” There was no way I was going to disobey him now, I got on my knees right away. He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He had a gorgeous cock, so big in length (8 inches) and girth, I can feel it filling me now…

I felt the head of his cock gently touch my lips, which was a silent command to open my mouth. I started by just sucking the head of his dick slowly and gently. After a minute or so, he got tired of my teasing and grabbed a fist full of my hair and slowly spread my lips. Soon I felt the tip of his head reach the back of my throat. His strong grip on my hair forced me to keep my head still, and he began to fuck my mouth.

“Do you like sucking my cock you little slut?’

“Yes Sir, I do.” It was hard to talk with his huge cock filling my mouth, but I tried my best to answer him.

“Do you think a little bitch like you even deserves to suck my cock after acting the way you did?”

“No Sir, But I want to please you.”

“Then be a good little girl and put your hands behind your back and take as much as this cock I give you, Understand?”

I shook my head to show I understood.

He fucked my mouth until I thought I would gag, but he always withdrew his cock to let me cat my breath. Once his cock was really wet and to his liking, he told me to get on the bed on all fours with my knees on the edge again. At this point, my pussy is completely dripping for him and I don’t think I can wait any longer for him to be inside me and stretching me. I felt his soft cock head touch the lips of my pussy…

“Beg.” Uh-oh.

“PLEASE SIR! I need you to fuck me, I’m sorry for acting like a little brat at the restaurant but please fuck me, I’ll be a good girl. I promise. I’ll do anything for you to just fuck me with your big cock Master!”

“Are you sure anything?” I was starting to rethink that last statement.

“Yes Sir…”

“I wasn’t going to fuck that ass of mine tonight, but since you insisted, I think I’ll cum inside it.” What did I just get myself into…

Before I could finish my thought I felt his hard dick start to stretch my pussy and I could no longer worry about the thought of his cock stretching my tight ass. He pushed his cock in with one long hard thrust, and cause me to let out a loud moan.

His cock never stops amazing me, always stretching me to my limits, pounding into me untill I’m screaming. Devon had always been such a good lover but tonight, he was filled with passion and desire. It made me feel beautiful and loved, and damn lucky to be his little slut…

He then started fucking me with all his force by pulling my hair and pulling me back on him, causing my orgasm to build instantly… But I knew he wasn’t going to let me cum that easily.

“Do you like it when I fuck you slut?”

“Yes Sir, I love it when you fuck your pussy. Please don’t stop I’m going to cum soon.”

“You’re not going to cum untill I say you can. Sluts like you don’t deserve to cum untill they’ve earned it.”

With that Devon withdrew his cock and got off the bed. Fuck! What was he doing? Before I knew it he was back on the bed and I heard the little “Click” of the lid on what I figured was the lube bottle. Sure enough, I soon felt a solid stream of cold lube drop onto my rosebud and continue to slide down to my pussy.

“Be a good little girl and let Daddy slide his cock in your tight little asshole, and don’t try to squirm or get away because it will only make things worse for you. And I don’t want you to say a word unless I ask you a question. Oh, and rub that little clit and don’t stop until I’ve cum in this hot ass of mine”

“Yes Sir, oh please fuck my ass.” Normally I wouldn’t take Devon’s cock so easily in my ass but I wanted so bad to please him, and to get his cock back inside me, I relaxed my ass and let the tip of Devon’s cock pop right in. It burned a little but I was so horny I couldn’t help but want more of his huge cock fucking my slutty little ass..

Devon slowly eased his unbelievable hard cock into my ass over a coarse of a few minutes (which felt like hours), but soon I heard him faintly say “It’s all the way in baby.”

Devon slowly started to thrust his cock in and out of my ass. I couldn’t help but get even wetter and hornier when Devon fucked my ass like this, I love being his little slut.

With me rubbing my clit and Devon starting to thrust into my ass a little harder, I felt like I was going to explode. I needed to cum so bad but I didn’t want to disappoint Devon by cumming without his permission.

“You want to cum don’t you My little slut?”

“Yes Sir, I do. Please, please, please let me Sir.”

“Since you’ve taken my cock up your ass so nicely I’ll allow you to cum as I do.”

“Ohhh thank you Sir.”

And with that Devon started to fuck my ass without inhibition. Fucking my ass untill I thought I could take no more, but I knew I would have to. I loved him fucking and commanding me this way. I felt his control, his authority, his dominance. I knew I was all his and would always be.

Soon I felt Devon’s thrust start to become even faster and harder and I knew he was close to cumming. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled his cock almost all the way out and slammed into my ass with full force and started to spurt his cum deep inside my ass.

“Cum with me baby.” With his wonderful voice urging me to cum, I had the most intense, and my first, anal orgasm..

Devon then withdrew his softening cock, cleaned himself and I off, and grabbed me to snuggle next to him in our bed.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too Sir.”

We then drifted off into a deep sleep so exhausted from our wonderful love making, and also excited for the next time.

Welcome to Chapter Six of News Story. This is the continuing saga of Jean Meredith and her introduction and training in the BDSM lifestyle. Each chapter tells its own story but you can get a better feel for the prevailing story lines and the characters if you start with the original News Story submission. Thank you for reading. I appreciate the comments and the critiques. Enjoy!


I have just spent my first night in a Mongol harem. Well, actually, my grandparents’ old farm house has been remodeled into a Mongol harem. There are six men here who used six slaves (of whom I am one) in their personal feast and orgy. The music, the food and the domination was all just like a trip to the central Asia of a thousand years ago. This is my second fantasy trip — this time it had been setup by my own brother, Mark. Amongst other unusual happenings, I met my sister-in-law — that is, I learned who my sister-in-law is. We had already met; her name is Jenny Ackerman. She and I were now in bed with our necks connected to a rope tied somewhere under the bed frame. We actually got to know each other a little bit better. Jean might turn out to be alright after all! My own Master, Brent, is somewhere here in the old house; I just do not know where. But he is close and that is good enough for me. It is almost morning and our adventure will continue. Six of us girls, slaves, are at the beckon call of the six men, masters.


Jasmine walks into the room. She had been our ‘guide’ on this adventure into the past. “Day time — get up — we have work to do.” You had to listen to her closely; her English is broken at times.

Jenny rubs her eyes, “Is it morning already?”

Jasmine walks around to the head of the bed and removes the cords from our necks. She orders, “Follow me.”

We walk out into the hallway and to the next room down the hall. She directs us inside. There is a huge tub, or better yet, a huge pool, in here filled with water. There is a bench on the back wall; there are three pitchers underneath the bench. Three bowls with soap, three bowls with shampoo and three plates with razors sit around the edges of the tub. Jasmine tells us, “Get in — get clean — wait.” Okay, I look over to Jenny. We both step down into the water; it is very warm. It feels great. We wash ourselves down. I notice there is an overflow at one end and more water is drizzling in at the other end. The door opens, another girl enters and Jasmine directs her into the tub. She says nothing to us; she cleans herself off. She sits down away from us.

I look at the men’s razors in the bowls, “I bet these aren’t for us!”

Jenny says, “Look at the seats; they are just under the surface of the water. Who do you suppose gets to sit in the seats?” She has a beguiling look on her face.

I tip my head in the new girl’s direction and whisper in Jenny’s ear, “What’s with her?”

Jenny looks at me and whispers, “I don’t know. Say hi to her.”

“What about you? I’m the shy one here.”

The girl then breaks in speaking almost apologetically, “Excuse me, my name is Alexandria Missteski. They call me Allie. This is my first fantasy trip. Have you been out on these fantasies before?”

Jenny says, “Nice to meet you, Allie. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but my husband designed this fantasy!”

I add, “I don’t want to be bragging either, but my brother is her husband.”

We all laugh together.

Allie says, “That’s good. I wanted to meet you two. You both seem so comfortable. How do you do it? They have messed with my mind so much I jump with every little sound I hear.”

I respond, “It’s easy. You have to become a part of the fantasy. These are designed for you. You must be the girl of the fantasy!”

Jenny says, “Yeah. She’s right! As weird as it may sound, these programs are meant for us. You wouldn’t believe the women that have participated in these in the past.”

Allie looks more comfortable. “Thanks, I’ll try better.”

Jenny answers, “No, don’t try. Just go along with the flow. It ends all too soon. Don’t hold back.”

Allie ponders for a moment then asks, “What are we going to do today?”

I respond, “We don’t know yet. It’s better not to speculate!”


Just as Allie was about to speak again, the door opens. Three men walk in followed by Jasmine. One of them is the man who purchased me at yesterday’s slave auction.

Jasmine speaks, “Men here for bath — attend to them.” She drops a stack of towels and wash clothes. She looks at me, “You — attend to Hamid.” She points to my buyer. She looks at Jenny and says, “You — attend to Garedan,” and points to the second man. She looks at Allie and says, “You — attend to Berdham.”

Jenny looks at Allie and whispers, “Here’s your chance. Go for it!” We all pick up wash clothes and towels and attend to our men. All three men are wearing robes. I untie the belt on Hamid’s robe and pull it off his shoulders. He is really quite muscular; I had not really looked him over before. I lay his robe on the bench; I pick up one of the pitchers that are sitting underneath the bench. Jenny and Allie have done likewise. Allie is smiling so big — I am so happy for her. I hope she appreciates this as much as I do!

Hamid is slightly taller than me. I wet and soap up the wash cloth then begin cleansing his back. His shoulders are broad. There are several long scars on the lower left of his back; there is surgical stitching running along a middle rib on his right side. They look like the scars of a fighter! I gently touch the stitching as I dab the wash cloth over it. I re-soap the cloth and wash down his chest. Hamid does not exactly have a weight-lifter’s physique but he is splendid in his own right. He has a skiff of hair circling his chest. His stomach protrudes a bit but you would not consider him to be fat. I kneel and wash his thighs (his knees are under water). His leg muscles are like steel. Hamid has all the appearance of a man who works hard and fights hard. I gently soap his cock and balls, rubbing him ever so lightly. I lay the soap and the cloth down, fill the pitcher and rinse his body. I pour pitcher’s full of water four times to remove all the soap. I make sure I walk mostly in front of him and I try to bend over some so as to ensure my breasts are dangling in front of him. It would be silly to be here bathing a man in this setting without enticing him in the process. There is a bench on the edge of the tub; I point it out to Hamid and motion for him to be seated. I hope I am not presumptuous in directing him in this way.

The water laps about his thighs and hips. The muscles in his thighs bulge; that tantalizes me! His cock is filling; I am tantalizing him too! I fill the pitcher again and pour it over his head. I soap the cloth again and wash his face and neck; I am careful not to shove any soap up his nose! He has two scars on his face — near his right eye and below his chin. I am also careful to continue standing in front of him bent over slightly! Alluring him in this way and in this venue excites me too. Two more pitchers of water and that soap is gone. Next, I wash the hair. I take up a small bowl of shampoo sitting at the side of the tub and drip some into his hair. I softly massage his scalp working the lather. I rub all around his head ensuring I do not miss a spot. Four more pitchers of water are poured over his head and I get all the soap out of his hair.

Next, I take the cloth and soap his face again; then I take the razor and shave him. I gently slide the blade down past his ears and cheeks. I am still standing and bending in front of him. My nipples are sore and I am covered with goose bumps! I pull the razor up under his chin. He is looking at my body while I pamper him. I see his cock is getting stiffer while I work on him. Finally, I trace the razor around his moustache so as not to disturb any of it. Two more pitchers of water rinse that soap from his face. I lay the razor and soap back on the side of the tub.

I look around and see both Jenny and Allie on their knees and sucking their men with great passion. I must have worked more slowly than they! I wanted to take this all in — we have done nothing but an innocuous bath and I am shrouded with desire. I kneel and begin sucking on his man-muscle. The water splashes as I move back and forth. His tool engorges as I slowly stimulate him with my lips and tongue. Too soon his sperm shoots into my mouth. I apply more suction trying to suck him dry. He pulls my head away and gets up. I look up at him; he smiles down at me. I know he liked his bath — that heartens me all the more. He steps out of the tub and dries off with one of the towels. He wraps it around his waist and leaves the room. Garedan and Berdham, who had already completed their baths and personal ‘treatments’, leave with Hamid.

We look back at each other. Jenny asks Allie, “How did you like this?”

Allie responds, “It was fantastic! Thank you so much for helping. I have never had an experience like this.”

I observe, “You know what? I have never bathed a man before. I was more into charming him than I was into getting him clean. Will I get in trouble if I didn’t get him quite clean?”

Jenny says, “The enticement part was probably the idea. We are slaves in an Asian harem. We are being conditioned to pamper our masters with a full degree of servitude.”

Allie sighs and says, “I have never felt so feminine in all my life! This is wonderful! Why do they call this a Mongol harem?”

Jenny explains, “The Mongol influence spread from Mongolia through most of central Russia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, the Ukraine and other countries I can’t remember for a one thousand year period from the 800s up to the 19th century. Although it is commonly related to the Arabs, the idea of the harem is a part of most historical cultures. The historical record of the ‘harem’ is best documented in the central Asian countries. Western history does not spend a lot of time in study of the central Asian cultures. These are not different than any others: slaves bathing their masters are a common thread in most of the historical record. So it is not surprising that we participated in that very activity here!”

I cannot believe what I am hearing. I ask skeptically, “Where did you get this knowledge? You’ve never struck me as being a nerd!”

Jenny smugly replies, “I was a history major in college. I specialized in Asian culture.” She couldn’t hold a straight face; she grins and we both laugh at her. She adds, “Undoubtedly, Mark picked up on some of this at some point while we talked. He used it as part of his fantasy design!”

The door swings open; it is Jasmine.

Jasmine looks around. She barks out, “Get out — dry off — follow me.” We hop out of the tub and dry off quickly.

Allie looks at us beaming; she says, “I think that is interesting, Jenny. Thanks for filling us in. And thanks for the tip. This was extraordinary: bathing a man. I’m going to really enjoy the rest of the day!” She walks out after Jasmine.


Jenny hesitates, looks at me and whispers, “I have a bad feeling that those are words she will soon regret. I just have that feeling. The Mongol harem has many aspects — some of those are not so enjoyable.”

“I don’t know. She is a part of the Mongol harem scenario. I think she will accept her duties no matter how good or bad they may be. I can see it in her eyes; she wants to be here!”

“You may be right,” Jenny responds while shrugging her shoulders.

Jasmine sticks her head back in the door and snaps, “Now – follow!”

We march onto the balcony. Berdham has Allie kneeling with her head protruding through the railing and her wrists spread out right and left tied to upper rail. We stop and stare.

Jasmine punches my arm and orders, “Follow — do not mind her.”

Jenny and I turn to follow Jasmine; I hear that familiar sound: the crack of the whip and the shriek of a girl being whipped. I cannot look back. I tense up and follow Jasmine trying not to hear more. But it does not work. Jasmine leads us down the stairs as Allie’s beating goes on. Crack and shriek! Crack and shriek! It is never easy to hear another girl being beaten.

Jasmine leads us out a side door and back behind the house underneath the archways we had seen yesterday. I cannot hear any more of Allie’s whipping; that does not make me feel any less sorry for her. Garedan and Hamid are waiting for us near the gate.

They grab a wad of our hair and pull us out through the gate. We walk a few yards; there are two trees with a rope stretched between them. The men bind our wrists behind our backs then lift our legs over the rope so that Jenny and I are standing back-to-back with our legs straddling the rope. Hamid pushes us together so that our bound hands are touching. I look back at her. The men affix the same type of wooden ball gag we had adorned the day before. Jenny interlaces her fingers with mine; I feel her shaking. Maybe she is speculating on what is coming next.

Jasmine walks beside us. “Slaves, we will have race. You walk to trees — first to touch tree with tongue wins — do not lose the race.”

I do not like the sound of this race. That was an ominous warning we got from Jasmine. I jump as Jasmine shouts, “Begin!” I immediately feel Jenny loosen her fingers from mine.

I walk forward. In only a couple of steps I feel the rope digging into me between my legs. I try to hop as I step in order to move over the rope. The closer I get to the tree, the higher the rope gets and the more it digs into me. I cannot set my heels on the ground. Just a foot or so ahead of me I notice a knot tied in the rope. I inch forward and work my pussy up and over the knot. Once corralled, the knot kindles the flame inside me. I struggle to get off the knot and move forward. There is another knot another foot away. I now waddle on my toes and the tree is still several feet away. The tightness and lift from the rope makes the sensations inside me surge. I can feel every time Jenny takes a step too. Her steps send vibrations through the rope between my legs that stimulate me even more. It is a peculiar symmetry between spasms of pleasure and pain. I brace up and push myself forward on the rope. I am on the knot and it sends pulsations throughout my body. I pause for just a second — no, Jean, you have got to move on, I think to myself. I drag my pussy off the knot and move again. I am close now. One or maybe two more moves and I can reach the tree. There is one; I am close now. I lean but I cannot reach it. I step once more being careful to steady myself. I tip a bit and push myself back up vertically. I can get it now! I reach for it.

Jasmine shouts, “We have winner.” No, I did not touch it. We cannot have a winner because I did not touch the tree. Jenny beat me. I should not have hesitated on that last knot.

Garedan must have untied the rope from the opposite tree because it falls to the ground. I nearly collapse as the support it had provided quickly dissipates. I turn around. Garedan pushes Jenny and they go back into the house.

Hamid walks toward me. He grabs my hair again and bends me over so that my head is by his hips. He pulls me down the trail away from the house. We walk into the woods. We go about one hundred yards; then Hamid stops. He forces me down onto my knees. He unbinds my wrists then rebinds them in front of me. He pulls me up and to a large, low-hanging limb nearby. Hamid attaches a rope to my wrist bindings and throws the other end up over the limb. He catches it coming down the other side; Hamid pulls it and pulls me up until I can’t quite stand flat-footed. He ties it off on the tree. He has it curled above me around another branch and I cannot move it at all. It is time to give the loser her due.

Hamid walks around me. When he stands in front of me, he pulls a whip that is coiled on his belt. He unravels it. He moves the shank up and pokes my breasts. He walks around behind me and pushes the knob into my asshole. I jump and yelp as it burrows into my opening. He pulls it away from me and slowly walks around me again.

Then it begins. Hamid lays the whip onto my back. I squeal in pain. Again he slashes me and I scream from underneath the gag. Again and again he places the whip on a new spot with each strike. I cannot believe it. It happened so quickly. I am hanging helplessly from a tree limb and a man who bought me at a slave market is striping my back with a whip. I had lost a race with Jenny Ackerman and the consolation prize is being beaten. Smack! He put that one across my butt cheeks. I jumped. Smack, again! This lash struck the back of my legs. I pushed my left leg up as I try to ease the pain with stretching. Hamid continues laying the whip on my back. I am screaming with every strike; I hang my head in anguish.

Hamid stops and walks around looking at my face. I look up in agony; tears stream down my face. He reaches up and brushes my cheeks dry. I do not understand what he was doing. He almost looks sympathetic. Would a Mongol master feel compassion for his slave? I think not. He recoils the whip and reattaches it to his belt. He walks behind me.

I do not know what he is doing. In just a few seconds, Hamid grabs my waist and pulls me back. His right hand moves off my waist and in just a moment I feel his prick pushing into my asshole. I scream again; but I let him enter me. His hand is back on my side and guiding me back toward him. He is huge and I am convulsing as he forces his member into me. Hamid is showing me that I am a slave; I know he is. This is his way to assert his authority over me: a whipping and now his cock forced into my anus. He moves it in and out as I continue to thrash in agony. I feel like I am suspended from his dick; it is solid and stretching my asshole. It is not long before I feel him shooting his juice inside me. He pulls his cock out of me and pats my butt cheek. It is still sore from the whipping and now my bunghole throbs from where he distorted it. He walks back around to face me; his cock is back into his pants now.

I hang there from the tree; my head is bowed. I cannot look up. He has degraded me out here in the forest. I am his to use. And he has used me as he would. I want to kneel before him. This was my first whipping. He did it for me. This is the first time my bunghole ever serviced a man’s cock. He did that for me too. I knew it was coming. Jenny had told me. But I had already known it would happen. I feel completed today.

Hamid reaches up and unlatches the rope from my wrists. I fall down onto him; I hang my arms around his shoulders and try to keep my knees from buckling. He steadies me for a few seconds and strokes my hair with his left hand. He quickly smacks my ass check, and then he grabs hold of my hair and pulls me back toward the harem just as he pulled me here.

As soon as we walk through the gate, Jasmine takes me from Hamid and guides me back into the house. My back and asshole are still sore, so I hardly notice anything around me. I am repeatedly flashing back over the last couple of weeks. The ‘Man’s World’ opened itself to the novice and converted her into a woman. I was chased through the woods, captured, bound and stripped, returned to the woods, tortured and overcome by a powerful man. He brought me back out to this place. I participated in an orgy and received the ultimate humiliation — hanging from a tree limb and whipped. This place has replaced fantasy with reality; I am buried underneath its synergy. Jenny was right — we are being conditioned!


Jasmine walks me up the stairs and directs me back into the bedroom. Jenny is in bed under a sheet; her neck is tied to the bed frame just as before. Jasmine pushes me down into the bed and restrains me too; she covers me with the sheet. She walks out and closes the door.

I look at Jenny, “Are you okay?”

She chuckles, “Yeah, Garedan brought me to another room, tied me to a bed spread-eagled. He brought one of the other slave girls in; she was wearing a blindfold. He had her eat me out laying there prone on the bed. It was delightful and strange all at the same time. Then, when she was done and I was raw with excitement, he took her away. A few minutes later he came back in the room. He re-tied my ankles up behind my head. I was spread wide open with my ass sticking in the air. I thought he was going to screw me; instead, he spanked me with a heavy belt. It was excruciating. It was marvelous.”

“I’m sorry and jealous at the same time.”

“Oh, no, don’t be sorry. It’s all a part of being in the Mongol harem. I wanted to be there. Just ’cause my speculation was incorrect, that doesn’t lessen the fulfillment of that scene. What about you? Where did Hamid take you after the race?”

“Hamid took me deeper into the woods, hung my wrists from a tree. He whipped me until I ached then he shoved his cock into my bunghole. It was fulfilling!”

The door swung open; Jasmine pushed Allie into the room and laid her on the bed on my left. She tied her neck to the bed frame just as the rest of us.

Jenny leans up and looks over at Allie; Jenny’s face looks pained. I know how she feels. Jenny gently says, “Allie, Allie – are you okay?”

Allie does not move. I look back at Jenny. I turn again to Allie and ask, “Allie, talk to us. Are you okay?”

Allie still does not respond. Her eyes are open and she blinks, but she does not react to any of our requests.

Jenny lies back down; I give up too for now. Maybe she will come around.

Then Allie speaks, “He tied me to the guard rail on the balcony. He shoved a plug into my asshole. He beat me with a strap. He burnt me with thick matches. He whipped me some more. He threw me into a room and dropped me onto a couple of pillows and hog-tied me. I stayed there until she brought me back into here.” She pauses and takes a deep breath.

I look back at Jenny; she purses her lips and shushes me.

Allie goes on, “Berdham treated me like his slave. It was okay. He treated me like his property; he owned me. I liked it. I enjoyed it all. I was a true female in the Mongol harem. I became a part of the adventure and it became real. It’s all so real. You told me to become a part of the story and I did. I couldn’t have done this without your help.”

Jenny mumbles to me, “Maybe I was wrong, eh?”

I tell Allie, “You should get some rest. The day is still young; I don’t know what is next on the schedule.”

Allie closes her eyes and says, “Thank you. Thank you both for helping me to experience the full power of my fantasy.”

I lay back; Jenny does likewise. We both smile. Allie is smiling too.

We lay there in silence for another hour or so.


Jasmine comes back into the room carrying our harem outfits. “Here, put these on!” She lays the outfits on the side of the bed, walks around and removes the cords from our necks. We all get up and get dressed.

Allie sighs and comments, “I love wearing this. It feels so natural on me.”

Jenny adds, “This is probably the normal clothing that a harem girl residing in a wealthy man’s harem would wear.”

“That’s fine with me. It is so easy to entice my man dressed like this!”

I jump in, “Would the rich men’s harems be this fancy?”

Jenny responds, “If your master is royalty, you are probably living in a harem that spans an acre or more. There will be several buildings, courtyards and gardens. And you are walled in and will never see the outside world. As you go lower in the hierarchy, the size of the harem gets smaller and the security is not as tight.”

I loudly whisper to Allie, “It’s so nice to have an expert with us.” All three of us giggle.

Allie chimes in, “I feel so stupid.” We three giggle some more.

Jasmine snaps, “Come quickly — we must go.” Jasmine never giggles.

Jasmine leads us out onto the balcony. The six men and the other three girls are down in the main room. It looks like the men are eating some sort of meat at the table; the girls are seated across from them about four feet away from the table. The three girls are seated directly in front of their original escorts. Jasmine takes us down the stairs and has us sit beside the other three girls and in the appropriate position; I am seated across from Hamid.

Jasmine walks behind us and, in turn, binds our wrists behind our backs with cord. When she finishes she takes bowls of water off the table and sets them in front of us. When each girl has her bowl she orders us, “Drink!” We all lean our faces down into the bowls and slurps up some water.

The men continue to eat and act somewhat disinterested in our activities. We look at them and at each other. Jasmine lingers around us but says nothing. There is some green vegetable that the men chew on along with chunks of meat the size of meatballs.

Abruptly, the man on the far end flings a small piece of green vegetable toward his girl. It lands just in front of her. She looks at Jasmine who nods her head downward. The girl leans down and picks the vegetable up with her lips; she eats it. This is going to be gratifying. Again, a situation that is so erotic in its simplicity and so uncomplicated in its mission: the male dominant feeding his female submissive.

The men periodically toss pieces of vegetable or meat our way and we each lean down and eat it off the carpet. The meat tastes like simple sausage. I think about that for a minute — what kind of meat would they eat in central Asia? Possibly this would be ox or yak or camel! The meat is spiced and produces an unfamiliar but pleasant taste on my palette. The vegetable tastes somewhat like celery — it is seasoned in a salty mixture. The meal is delicious. The method of serving is thrilling. We must provide an interesting picture as we girls bob up and down snatching the parcels of food from the floor.

After the men finish all the food, they stand and walk over toward us. My Master stands behind me and sternly says, “Finish your water.” I drop my head down quickly and finish drawing the water from the bowl. He takes hold of my hair and gently pulls it to make me stand up.

I quickly stand and face him; I bow my head slightly and do not look at him directly. Master takes a short leather strap with a large metal ring on it from his belt and wraps it around my neck; it is a collar. He takes another leather strap that is coiled on his belt. I tighten up in fear; is he going to whip me? I breathe easier when he connects the end of the strap to my collar; it is just a leash. I did not want to be whipped again; at least, I did not want to be whipped again this soon. He gives the leash a tug and walks toward the door towing me behind him. When we reach the door leading outside the house he stops and turns toward me. In a few seconds, Mark and Jenny come over and stand beside us. Master and Mark look at each other. They each take hold of our outfits and rip them off us. These costumes are so dainty that it hardly takes any effort for them to rip them off. It is enlivening. I glance at Jenny; she has rolled her eyes back into her eye sockets as she sighs.

Mark pulls Jenny outside and heads toward the trail back to the farm house. Master pulls my leash and we follow them. Just as quickly as that, we are on the path and walking back to civilization. This all transpires much too swiftly. I do not want the fantasy to end. But on we traipse.

The woods are beautiful. The trees are decorated with a multitude of greenery. The brook splashes alongside the trail. Every now and then I see a squirrel or chipmunk scurrying about. The sun is shining brilliantly, warming me as we march along. Master had mentioned before about getting lost in these woods. I was ready to get lost with him now. But this is not the real world. What a shame that is.


We reach the clearing. It was just yesterday that we dropped off my clothes and Master gave me a plain white garment to wear. Master picks up his back pack and pulls me to the edge of the clearing. Mark and Jenny walk to the opposite side of the clearing. Master turns me around so his back is to the forest and my back is to Mark and Jenny. Master drops the back pack to the ground. He releases the leash and drops it by the back pack. He instructs me, “Kneel.”

I swiftly drop to my knees. I look up at Master. I feel compelled to spread my knees and I do so and widely. I am not going to let this fantasy end just yet. He steps closer to me so that I have to arch my back to look up at him. My breasts heave up toward him for his visual delight.

Master speaks, “Slave, you may speak freely. Have you enjoyed your visit to the Mongol harem?”

“Yes, Master, I had an incredible time as a harem girl — from start to finish.”

He pierces me with his look. He asserts, “You were treated like an animal.”

“Please no, Master, not as an animal — I was treated as a woman serving her man.”

“You were beaten.”

“Yes, Master, I lost a race. I was given the appropriate punishment. The harem girl cannot dispute anything her man does to her.”

“You were taken by someone who was not your true Master.”

“Yes, Master, I am a harem girl. I am obliged to serve my man, whoever it may be and whatever he wants.”

“You are now bound, naked and kneeling before your Master. How do you feel about that? Speak!”

“Yes, Master, there is no place I would rather be.” There could not be a more honest answer. Kneeling here, looking up at him, gave me such an erotic sensation — much more so than anything I had done on either of my fantasies. What could be more normal than being here under the dominion of my Master?

“What do you want to do now?”

“Master, I want to suck you cock.” No need to hesitate on the answer here either. It is what I wanted to do.

Master unbuttons his pants and pulls out his member. He lean up and guide it into my mouth. I pull on him and try to take him as far into my mouth as possible. I work him slowly; I did not want to finish any time soon.

I pretend his cock is covered with the oatmeal gruel he had fed me back at the ‘Man’s World’ compound. I roll my tongue around his flesh and keep him wet as I moved back and forth over his muscle. His member is hard and stiff, but I will do whatever I can to handle it like a true harem girl!

Master takes hold of my head with both hands. He thrusts his cock down my throat with quick hard strokes. In a few minutes, his cock pulses and coats my mouth with his cum. I swallow every drop he loads onto my tongue. The sucking goes on. He finally pulls his cock from my mouth and moves my lips to his balls.

I begin licking with the same fervent effort I used on his cock. I roll my wet tongue around each ball back and forth. I lean down lower and run my tongue underneath his scrotum and between his legs. Then back to the balls; swallowing each in succession and massaging it with my tongue. I release them and roll my tongue up the underside of his cock and suck him some more. I have got to keep this going; I do not want the weekend to end.

Finally, sadly, he steps back away from me. I look down; I know what is coming. He picks up the back pack and tells me, “Stand!” He releases my wrists and removes the collar from my neck. He hands me my clothes out of the back pack. Reluctantly, I put them on. I turn around and notice that Jenny is putting her t-shirt back on, too.

Master asks, “Turn around please.” I look into his eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am, Master.”

“No, no, you must call me Brent now. We have left the harem. I’m sorry, we have returned to the real world – you are still mine here!”

I jump up and wrap my arms around his neck. We kiss passionately. He holds me in his arms. The fantasy may be over, but I am still his woman and will continue so. We unlock our lips but I stay close to him.

“Jean, I love you.” He makes me melt.

“I love you too, Brent. I don’t want today to end.”

“I know but we have to. Let’s get back to the house. We have to get ready for an important trip; we can talk about the particulars in the car on the way back to Hemmingsburg.” He turns and looks at Mark and Jenny. He shouts over to them, “Are you ready to head back to the farm house?”

Jenny has her head resting on Mark’s chest and has her arms wrapped around his neck. He holds her close to him. She looks so serene in his arms. They seem like a nice couple; yes, they are a nice couple. Mark answers back, “Yeah, let’s get going.” He reaches down and pinches her ass. She looks up at him with a smile.

Brent picks up the back pack and we start walking. I put my hand around his arm and walk beside him. I ask, “This trip you mentioned — where are we going?”

Brent looks down at me, “We are going to the visit with Senator Melvin Johnson. We are going to Washington D.C. Mr. Billings is sending us on a secret news story assignment!”


I wave at Jenny and Mark from the car. Brent is driving out onto the highway as we head back to Hemmingsburg. Jenny and Mark walk back into the farm house. Brent is taking me back to my apartment so I can get ready for our trip to Washington D.C. I cannot wait to hear all about it.

We are driving on the highway. I am tired; these two days have been so busy! I snuggle up to Brent’s arm. He puts his right hand on my left knee. I point out, “You should keep both hands on the wheel.”

“I’ll take my chances. This highway is not very busy.” He pauses for a second then continues on, “We haven’t had much time to talk about our trip to ‘Man’s World’ a couple of weeks ago. What are your impressions?”

I think for a second, “I only went there for an interview with Hector. Before I knew it, I was running through the woods trying to avoid a pursuer. I had no possible way of knowing what I was to become. Why did you not speak to me during that time?”

“It was the appropriate thing to do. I had to make your mind work out the answers. Any man can tie up and beat a woman. I didn’t want it that way. I wanted you to want to be tied and want to be beaten. If I am going to enjoy my dominant male personality, it was only going to happen if you were really living your submissive female personality. It could only happen that way and work. Playing out roles is just acting. We both want more than that.”

“I really do live it. I love being your slave!”

“Once that was done, it was a simple matter to enter into the Mongol harem fantasy. Mark had been working on this for a long time. To some extent he had you in mind for it.”

“How could that be? Mark had no way of knowing what I was thinking.” I am puzzled. “He couldn’t have known I was interviewing Hector.”

“Why not? He is your brother. He knows you better than you think. And, he was the one who asked Billings to send you on the interview. In fact, he recommended you to Billings in the first place — he knew you were a journalism major and he knew of Hector’s association with the female fantasy industry.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. Why would he recommend me for such a backwater newspaper?”

“Mark has known Billings since your parents died. Billings covered that story. Your brother was still in high school when he became ‘acquainted’ with the ‘Man’s World’ operation.”

“But there was no ‘Man’s World’ operation back then,” I protested.

“The facility was not there. But the operation was already in progress. Hector generally set them up in the basement of a building he rented downtown. It was a small time operation and did not turn a profit. Hector is an entrepreneur. He canvassed rich females who wanted to escape the real world. His sales skills were obviously effective. You have lived the results.”

“So how did Mark get into this?”

“Mark knew he wanted a girl of his own. He had been doing odd-jobs for Hector already — painting, cleaning, shredding paperwork and what-not. He has sales skills of his own. He had Hector training him on how to be an effective dominant. In no time, he targeted an appropriate young lady and worked his magic on her.”

“And that young lady was Jenny Ackerman?”


“But how did he really know that I would be a good client for the ‘Man’s World’?”

“Mostly, it was his intuition. He watched you and listened how you talked. He watched how you responded to certain stimuli. After a while, he figured it out. The fact that the job with Billings popped up was an unexpected opportunity. It was simple to get you started — a simple visit and interview assignment. You got that assignment over a senior reporter who was also a male — he was greatly disappointed. Mark was overjoyed at how this all worked out!”

“He’s a brigand.”

“Really? Why that term – brigand?”

“Just a brother-sister thing! Nothing really. Anyway, it all worked out for the better. I’m not complaining, even if it was my pesky brother!”

“Well, Mark will be glad to hear that!”

“So, tell me, what about this trip to Washington. What are we going to be doing there?”

Mark took a deep breath. “Jean, this is a significant assignment for the both of us. Senator Melvin Johnson is an important person and a very powerful Washington politician. He is starting his second term as senator and does not have to worry about re-election for five more years. He has built a significant array of allies both inside and outside Washington. He is also an occasional dominant at ‘Man’s World’. Hector McDougall is one of his old-time business partners. The Senator got Hector out of some trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission back in their younger days. In exchange, Hector has made very tightly secure accommodations so that the Senator can relieve some of his own anxieties. The Senator is known as the ‘Whip Meister’ among the submissives who know him.”

“What is it about the Senator that Mr. Billings wants us to investigate?”

“There are subtle rumors going around that the Senator may be involved in some indirect way funneling grant money to bogus manufacturing operations. The money props up the phony business for a short period of time drawing in ignorant investors. Then the phony business somehow goes belly up. The initial investors are protected, the ignorant investors lose big, and the taxpayers pick up the tab. Coincidentally, the initial investors are all close friends of some lobbyist who bends the Senator’s ear. We are going to make our acquaintance with the Senator as representatives of ‘Man’s World’ — not as reporters.”

“We are going to be undercover?”

“Much more than you might think.”

Suspiciously I ask, “What do you mean by that?” I probably already know the answer.

“We just want to nose around and ask innocent questions. Inadvertently the Senator may say something important. The Senator may also ask for an indulgence of some sort.”

I raise an eyebrow on that comment. “Indeed! Are we looking to bring the Senator down?”

“Maybe. It is still innocent until proven guilty. For us to get on the inside, we will have to appeal with our only card to play.”

“I suppose that would be the ‘Man’s World’ fantasy land.”

“That’s one of the reasons I love you — your deductive capabilities are beyond compare!”

I sarcastically reply, “You are too kind.”

“Our task is simple. We will talk with the Senator and some of his personal staff people — we will glean what we can. Mixed in with that will be an invitation to the Mongol harem fantasy and, perhaps, a teaser commercial to further advertise what we have to offer.”

“Are you planning on me being the main object of the teaser?”

“No, not just you. The Senator’s Chief of Staff is a woman. I will also be providing my services as required. She has been a participant at ‘Man’s World also.”

I am not sure how to take that. “Oh?”

“Jean, we have got to be convincing. This is our line of work. We are investigative reporters. We have a chance to do something big here. You really want to do this, don’t you?”

There are three kinds of secrets in Hollywood: the kind that the tabloids and the media know about, the kind that directors, producers, and agents know about, and the kind that only the celebrities themselves know about. Dirty Movies is one of the third kind. Spreading only through word of mouth from actress to actress, starlet to starlet, Dirty Movies is a production company founded solely for one reason: so that the gorgeous young ladies who graced screens and made hit singles could act out their nastiest, raunchiest sexual fantasies on film for their own private collections, to be shared only on the drunkest of nights with others also “in the know”. No one quite knows the full story of how Dirty Movies came into being, nor how their logistics works in terms of fulfilling every one of their client’s personal fantasies, but they manage to provide for everyone, and no one has ever been disappointed by their service.

At this moment, Dirty Movies is about to serve a new client with her depraved fantasies…


“Who do we have here?”

The camera pans over to a red couch on which the star of the scene was currently reclining on. Dressed in only a simple cotton bra and panties, the gorgeous Olivia Wilde is laying on her side, showing off her slender body, her head propped up on one arm as she regards the camera (and thus the viewers) a playful smile, which only grows wider as the camera did a nice long sweep of her body.

“Hey,” she says by way of greeting.

“Hey, Olivia Wilde.”

She chuckles, her blue-green eyes sparkling.

“It’s great to have you here.”

“It’s great to be here. I’m so excited,” she replies, tucking a lock of brown hair behind one ear.

“Now most people know you from being on the TV show House M.D. and a couple of big-name movies like TRON: Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens.” She nods. “And you’ve done a bunch of other projects that, while not quite as big, were still pretty diverse–you’ve done horror, comedy, drama…”

“All true,” Olivia agrees.

“So what brings you here to our little, humble studio?”

Olivia flashes a wicked grin. “I’m working on my new project: my first piss porn feature!” she says with a laugh. One slim hand slides down into her panties and begins rubbing her clit.

“Now, being a mainstream actress, you’ve never done any sort of porn before.”

“Never,” she replies.

“So why jump into it now–and why with something like a watersports theme feature? Usually that’s too extreme for most normal porn stars.”

“Well, I’ve always been a big fan of the 666 Bukkake and SexBox movies, those German piss orgy films,” Olivia says plainly, the hand in her panties moving faster as she speaks. “I’ve always wanted to do something like that, so when I heard that this “indie” company was doing these kinds of movies, I had to jump on board.”

“And you heard about us from your former co-star Jennifer Morrison, who has also shot for us.”

“Yeah, we had a girl’s night once and after about two bottles of wine she showed me the movie she shot, with the train she pulled in that bar bathroom. It was hot.”

The scene cuts to a quick clip of the aforementioned scene. The bathroom is dingy and uncleaned, with grime and obscene graffiti all over the walls and floor, and a toilet in one corner. The television star is bent over it, naked as the day she was born, her legs spread wide as she gripped the porcelain seat for balance. She is in the midst of a hard assfuck, grunting with animalistic fashion as the guy behind her sodomizes her tight butt with his cock, her sizable B-cup tits bouncing with each thrust. A second guy stands next to Jennifer’s head, urinating directly into her face. He hoses her with his piss as she opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out to lap at the stream. Her body is soaked, with cum visibly running down her legs, and her brunette hair is wet and dripping–clearly this was not the first load of cum and piss she was taking in the scene. The line of men standing behind the two engaged with Jennifer shows that it wouldn’t be the last either.

The man buttfucking Jennifer suddenly forces her soaked head into the toilet and flushes. There is a cheer from the other men as the actress’ body shudders in orgasm, her ecstatic wails muffled and echoing inside the bowl.

The scene cuts back to Olivia, who now has a look of lust on her face. Her hand is busy inside her panties.

“Looks like you’re ready.”

“I am,” she purrs, biting her lower lip.

“You had a specific idea to start off your scene, if I recall.”

Olivia nodded. “One of the SexBox films had the setup where the girl was a doctor who was treating half a dozen prison inmates. One things leads to another, and they’re tearing off her clothes and fucking and pissing all over her and in all her holes.”

“And you wanted to recreate that scene?”

“Definitely. Only with more cocks and more cum and piss!” Olivia says eagerly.

“Well we have a couple of surprises for you. Through some wrangling we managed to get two dozen newly ex-cons from a minimum security prison.” Olivia’s eyes widen at this statement. “Don’t worry, we had them all checked and re-checked. None of these guys are violent or dangerous or anything like that. They might be a bit rough, but they know the rules, and we’ll have some security guys just in case. Sound good?”

Olivia hesitates for a moment, then nods.

“These guys haven’t been with a woman in quite a while, so they should have a lot of cum built up in them. Plus we’ve been giving them beer and liquor for the past couple of hours, so they should be raring to piss soon.” The excitement is back on the actress’ pretty face. “Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah. Let’s do this!” Olivia declares.


The scene changes to a large concrete room where the two dozen ex-cons are lined up in two rows. All of them are still wearing their orange prison outfits. A few of the guys are shifting from feet to feet, their urge to urinate quite apparent.

Olivia Wilde comes in, dressed in a gray blouse with black pants with a white lab coat over them–in other words, looking exactly like she did in her Thirteen role. She even has her brown hair parted in the middle.

“I’m Dr. Hadley, and I’ll be giving all of you your physicals today,” she says in a businesslike tone. There is a noticeable shift in the room as the ex-cons focus all of their attention on the pretty actress. They know she is about to be their fucktoy, but they also know that this is her scene–and that they’ll jump only when she says “go.”

“Since the private rooms are being redone, I’m going to have to do all of the exams here.” Olivia continues playing the role, secretly enjoying the looks of lust and longing being sent her way. “Who’s first?”

Seeing his cue one of the ex-cons, a tall strapping black man, speaks up. “Yo, right here, Doc. I’ll get physical wit’choo.” He grabs his crotch as he speaks. This prompts raucous laughs and catcalls from the others.

Olivia puts an annoyed look on her face. “Guys, c’mon. That’s uncalled for. I know you don’t want me to be here, but I need to do these exams, so let’s get this over with. Who’s going first.”

“I tol’ you, I’mma go first!” With that the black ex-con drops his pants. His 8.5 inch dick is rock hard and sticking out like an ebony spear. “C’mon, examine me!”

“Or me!” Another ex-con has pulled his pants down, his own 7 inch erection sticking out.

More “volunteers” come from all sides

“Or me!”

“Me first!”

“I’m goin’ first!”

“Right here!”

Acting overwhelmed by the sight of two dozen hard cocks waving in her direction, Olivia backs up–straight into the arms of another ex-con, who has taken off his jumpsuit entirely and is standing nude. He is a powerfully built black man, the light gleaming off his dark skin. He grabs the actress by the shoulders and holds her against him, and she gasps as his cock, looking to be close to 11 inches long, presses into her hip. An erotic thrill runs through her body, though she does her best to look nervous. The thrill increases as she hears the ex-con speak.

“Fellas,” he rumbles. “I think we should give the doctor a physical ‘fore she gives us one.”

There is a loud chorus of agreement as a few of the others move towards Olivia, who is struggling in the ex-con’s grasp, her eyes wide. The man holding her tears her lab coat off and throws it in a corner. Gripping her waist, her arms and legs flail uselessly for a moment before they are caught by the others. Her shoes are pulled off, followed by her blouse and pants, and left discarded with her lab coat. Hands paw at her body, groping her bra-covered tits and panty-covered pussy, and Olivia arches her back as they squeeze and fondle her sex organs.

Her underwear is practically shredded as they are torn off and she is made to lie down on her back, the concrete floor feeling cold on her hot skin. Her arms are still being held over her head, and her legs are spread wide. The rest of the ex-cons strip off their jumpsuits and Olivia finds herself surrounded by naked, horny men. Fingers are being jammed into her bald cunt, which is soaking. More hands are squeezing her B-cup tits, twisting her quarter-sized pink nipples. Olivia reacts to the sensation, her body writhing and arching as she groans. The men are standing around, jerking their cocks at the sight.

One of them, who apparently has had to piss badly, pushes his way to the front. “Hey Doc, I got my urine sample all ready for ya!” He aimed his hard cock down towards her face. A jet of yellow piss erupts from his glans, shooting through the air to splatter full-force in her face. The sound of the liquid waste splashing on skin is audible over the noises of the men and Olivia, whose face is soaked instantly. Someone holds her mouth open so the pisser can shoot directly into it, and her mouth overflows, urine bubbling and running out past her lips. “Swallow it, bitch!” someone orders. She closes her mouth and does so, her throat muscles working as she downs the bitter piss.

The pisser shifts his aim, now drenching her neck and tits. Another ex-con joins him in pissing over the perverted actress, covering her flat stomach before pissing right on her clit and making Olivia shudder. The hands on her body are getting wet from the piss also as they rub it into her skin, but the men don’t mind; soon enough they’ll get their own chance to piss on the slut.

The first ex-con to speak, the strapping black man, kneels by Olivia’s head. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he guides her head towards his cock. “Open up and suck on it!” Olivia does so, opening her mouth as the ex-con pushes the first few inches of dickmeat past her lips. He begins fucking her mouth in a steady rhythm, relishing the sensation of a warm, wet tongue slathering spit all over his cock.

Another man, a white man with a slim build that makes his 6.5 incher look huge, gets between her spread legs. He wastes no time in penetrating her soaking wet twat and fucks her easily, working his whole length into her body in a matter of minutes.

Soon the guy fucking her mouth can’t hold it anymore. He grunts “I’m ’bout to fuckin’ nut!” and immediately does, shooting his thick load of cum into Olivia’s mouth, his cock throbbing and twitching. To her credit Olivia doesn’t pull away; in fact, she tries to get more of his shooting cock in her mouth. The man hasn’t cum in a long time, and it shows as some of his creamy semen escapes her mouth to leak down her chin. Nearly the same time, the guy shafting her cunt reaches his climax also, speeding up his last few thrusts before giving it one final push, arching his back as he ejaculates deep inside Olivia’s cunt. His head is spinning at the first pussy he’s gotten in a long time, and a famous celebrity one to boot.

Two other ex-cons take the place of the cummers, with the man in her mouth actively trying to get his 7 inch cock down her throat while the other rams his veiny 6 inches into her cunt with hard, fast strokes. Two more guys have started pissing over her, soaking her face and hair once more as well as creating a filthy river that runs down her body. Olivia’s arms are no longer being held above her head; she’s instead being “made” to jerk off two other cocks on either side of her.

Men are crowding around the horny Hollywood star, rubbing and slapping their cocks on any part of her body they can reach. One man with an apparent foot fetish is stroking his cock and balls all over her left foot, rubbing it over the bottom of her foot and getting it in the spaces between her toes. Olivia responds by using her toes to stroke his cock in kind, and even spreads her big and second toe so the guy can fuck it a bit. This drives the guy wild, and in no time at all he explodes his cum all over her foot and leg.

The two men Olivia are jerking off approach climax and pull her hands off, moving quickly to either side of her head while jacking their pricks. Seeing this, Olivia pops her mouth off the cock she’s sucking and looks up at them, her mouth open and her tongue sticking out. Grunting and groaning, the two men cum, their cocks spraying white streamers of jism across the pretty actress’ forehead, nose, and cheeks, with a couple of thick strands landing in her wet hair. The men drip the last of their jizz onto her outstretched tongue before using handfuls of her hair to clean off their cocks. Before Olivia has time to close her mouth and swallow, the man she was blowing grabs her head and shoves his cock back in, thrusting roughly a few times before groaning loudly as he blows his load down her throat. Below her the guy fucking her cunt reaches his own climax and ejects sperm in her twat before pulling out and milking the last few drops on her clit.

“Turn her over!” someone calls out, and Olivia is made to turn over onto her hands and knees, her toned ass exposed to everyone. The men closest to her begin squeezing and spanking it, turning the white cheeks red, and she squeals with each swat. They pull her asscheeks apart, showing off her tiny bunghole, and a few of the men begin spitting on it while the others rub the saliva into the orifice. This is in preparation for Olivia’s first assfuck of the scene, to be delivered (though unbeknownst to the actress) by the black ex-con with the near-foot-long cock.

Now he moves forward, his ebony fuckpole jutting out like a lance in front of him. With one hand on Olivia’s hip, he uses his other hand to place his throbbing dong at the entrance to her spit-shined asshole and starts pushing forward. Feeling the bulbous glans pressing into her tight shithole, Olivia looks over her shoulder. Her pretty eyes nearly pop out of her head and her mouth drops open as she sees she is about to receive the giant cock into her bowels. “Oh, fuck me,” she says in breathless disbelief.

This elicits laughter from the men, and the large ex-con grins as he pushes forward. Olivia feels the pressure of the invading organ as the swollen head forces its way through her anal ring, followed by the first inch of black cock. The sensations are overwhelming for the Hollywood star; the discomfort from her ass as it starts stretching to accommodate the large dickmeat mixed with the feeling of wet piss on her skin and warm cum leaking out of her aroused cunt causes Olivia to have her first orgasm, and she lets out a guttural moan, her body quaking.

The large ex-con begin fucking her ass with slow, steady strokes, letting her butt get adjusted to the thick penetrating meat as he works in inch after inch. The throaty noises Olivia makes haven’t stopped; her climaxes are coming one after the other as she is being sodomized by the biggest cock she’s ever taken in her life.

Three of the men can’t hold back their cum anymore, and quickly move to kneel around Olivia’s head. Grabbing her damp locks, they hold her head up so that she is eye-level with their dicks, her face a perfect target just as they erupt. Silvery-white ball juice sprays across her face, scoring every inch, while more streaks her hair. One thick strand of man seed hits her in the eye, and she squeals in surprise. This leads to a few shots being aimed into her open mouth. Olivia nearly chokes, caught unprepared as another climax crashes through her body.

After the three men finish cumming they make Olivia suck them clean before moving aside for another man to replace them. He has to piss badly, and he wants the whorish actress to swallow every drop. Sticking his hard shaft into her mouth, he briefly enjoys the sensation as Olivia instinctively begins sucking him before relaxing and letting loose with his torrent of urine. “Drink down all my piss, and don’t lose a fuckin’ drop, clear?” he growls, and Olivia makes a gurgling sound, her throat muscles working overtime as she tries to keep her mouth from overflowing with the man’s bladder juice.

By now her large sodomizer has just over 3/4th of his man meat burrowing in and out of Olivia’s ass, and sensing that he can’t go in any further without tearing her up inside, he instead picks up the pace of his thrusts, going faster and harder as he reams the actress’ shithole. The sight is truly obscene: Olivia’s anus clasps onto the thrusting cock, puckering and stretching with every push and pull. The ex-con even pulls himself all the way out a few times, letting everyone see that the formerly tiny asshole is now wide open and gaping. Some of them men spit into it and laugh as the saliva slides into Olivia’s stretched ass.

The man pissing down her throat has finished, and is now fucking her mouth eagerly, trying to get her to deep throat him. Though his cock is quite thick, Olivia tries gamely, and gags loudly as he pushes his way into her throat. The two men spit-roasting her continue pummeling her at either end while the others cheer them on.

The man fucking her ass starts getting a familiar feeling; a tightening in his balls and in the muscles around his groin. His orgasm is coming in fast like a freight train, and he urges it on, slamming in and out of Olivia’s ravaged ass. He lets out a rumbling growl that starts somewhere in his diaphragm and increases in volume until he is practically roaring like a savage, his large body covered in sweat as he nears the finish line. Olivia is squealing and moaning around the cock in her mouth, her body rocking back and forth like a tree in a hurricane.

Just as her sodomizer reaches his long-awaited release, he grips her hips and pushes himself forward once more while at the same time pulling her back towards him. Incredibly, this drives another inch and a half of dickmeat into Olivia’s ass, spearing her fully on 10 thick inches. Having been pulled off the cock she was throating, the Hollywood star lets out a long shriek at the new depths her shithole has been plundered to. Another climax, this one much bigger than the others, overtakes her senses completely, and her body thrashes on the cock impaling her, her screams matched only by the howl of the man now cumming hard inside her ass, filling her bowels deep with hot cum as both of them climax together. Olivia loses control and began pissing herself, urine spraying out of her cunt and getting all her legs and the floor beneath her.

The man reaches the end of his cum and pulls himself out, leaving Olivia to collapse limply from her hands and knees onto the floor, still reeling from her own climax. Her asshole is still wide and gaping, and a few of the men starting pissing on it, trying to get their streams inside her butt. The hot liquid feels strangely soothing on her ruined shit chute, and she quakes at the feeling.

A couple of the men get her to turn over onto her back, and more piss is rained down onto her body. The hot golden showers reinvigorate Olivia, and she opens her mouth to drink down some of the liquid waste. More of it falls on her cum-covered face, and she mixes them both into her skin with her hands before scooping up the wet globules of cum into her mouth and swallowing them.

Author’s Note: I’ve included the kinks at the start of each chapter so if you don’t like it, don’t read it. You should however be able to skip to any chapter you want without the need to follow the entire plot. If you happen to be an artist and want to contribute any illustrations based on my stories, PM me! (I’d love to see that…)

Disclaimer: The following story is fiction and not based on any actual events. I’m just fulfilling my own twisted fantasies. *grins*

Tags: MMMF, mdom, interracial, group, blowjob, anal, dirty talk, prostitution


Police sirens wailed in the distance. The row of brownstone houses were dilapidated. Boarded up windows. Trash cans spilling onto the pavement. Graffiti everywhere. The limousine didn’t belong in this neighborhood and so it pulled away quickly, leaving Stephanie standing alone outside the rundown address. Sunken eyes glared at her from across the street, wondering who she was and where she got that expensive looking fur coat. Stephanie didn’t stick around to tell them.

The inside of the building was just as neglected but the door was open and so Stephanie entered. The sound of her heels on the rotting floorboards reverberated along the corridors as she took the stairs up to reach apartment 6B. Nervously, she knocked on the door.

A large black man answered it, taking one look at her and then standing aside to let her through. The man followed behind her, his body blocking the route back, until they reached the living room. Marijuana smoke wafted about her and empty malt liquor bottles were scattered on the floor. Two other men were waiting inside, splayed on a sofa in basketball jerseys and baggy jeans.

“Who the fuck are you?” said one of the men, his deep voice dripping with menace. Stephanie was uneasy but cleared her throat, remembering what she was meant to say.

“Did you boys order a half-price whore?” she said, forcing a smile.

To her horror, he reached into his pants and pulled out a revolver. He leaned forward and without a word placed it on the coffee table in front of him, the end of the barrel pointing directly at her.

Oh god. Please don’t kill me.

“You damn right we did,” the man replied.

Just do what he says and it’ll be ok…

Taking a deep breath, she pulled her coat open and let it drop to the floor. Other than her pumps, she had come with nothing else and the men gazed at the stark naked white woman standing before them, offering herself like a prime steak to a pack of wolves. Slowly, their scowls turned to smiles.

“Not bad,” observed the man with the gun, apparently the leader among them. “Jamal, you got everything you need, dog?”

“Sure, Tyrone,” said the large man who had opened the door, picking up a handheld camcorder from a card table and flipping open the display screen. All three men closed in around her, hungrily staring at her soft pale flesh. The man in charge was the first to touch her, pinching one of the nipples between his thumb and forefinger, tugging it gently and letting it snap back. Stephanie gulped.

“You wanna be here, honkey ass bitch, you gotta prove you got game,” he said, undoing his belt. The other men grinned and followed his lead, while their boss put his hand on the top of Stephanie’s head and pushed her onto her knees. In seconds, three large black cocks flopped out around her, inches from her face. She had never even seen one before and she hesitated, astounded by their size.

“You ever suck a black dick before?” he said, as if reading her mind. Then he lifted his up and let it fall onto her face. He turned his hips from side to side, making it slap against her cheeks.

“No, sir,” she replied, meekly.

“Sir?…I like that!” he said with a chuckle. “Now get to work.”

She didn’t need to be told what to do. Instead, she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it gently. It felt like she was holding a python, its muscular body growing in her palm and its head rising slowly. The more she stroked, the harder it became. By the time the humungous thing was pointing at her as if ready to strike, she kissed it on the tip and looked up at its owner with terrified eyes. The dark faces glowered down threateningly. She raised the cock up and flattened her tongue on its base, licking it from bottom to top.

After wetting it as much as she could, she gripped the firm shaft and opened her mouth as wide as possible, blowing him hard. Tyrone grunted, happy with the feel of her moves and he pushed forward, making the head of his cock press against the back of her throat as she moved up and down its entire length. His short curly pubes tickled her nose, letting her know when to pull back again. Soon, her head was bobbing back and forth in long quick movements.

Knowing she couldn’t disappoint, she then used her free hands to seek out the other two cocks, stroking them into full arousal as she continued to suck, at one point gagging a little and having to catch her breath before sliding it back deep in her mouth. Then she switched, moving to pleasure one of the other men with her mouth and jerk off the other two like a trained professional. Each man felt her soft lips around his manhood and each felt her thin fingers rubbing against them.

“Don’t forget the balls,” one of the men snarled, though she was too preoccupied to tell who. Immediately, she stopped sucking and sank further down, consuming the gang member’s nuts and rolling them around in her mouth hungrily. Her pretty blue eyes looked up innocently at him from either side of his engorged black member while she gobbled his sweet hanging fruit.

“Let’s move this to the other room,” Tyrone said, grasping Stephanie by the hair and making her scramble on her hands and knees to keep up. The room next door was sparse and just as dirty looking. A large unmade bed sat against the wall and a dry erase marker board stood in one corner, marked with several female names and numbers.

Tyrone pulled Stephanie up onto the bed and pulled his shirt off, revealing a rippling muscular torso. One of the other men followed suit, stripping his clothes off and leaving them in a pile on the floor, while the man with the camera hung back, capturing the scene. The girl sat watching them, their powerful bodies promising to have their way with her.

After kicking off his pants, Tyrone fumbled in the pocket and retrieved his gun. Stephanie eyed it warily.

“Let’s get a look at that little white pussy,” he growled at her. “Open your legs.”

Stephanie leaned back on the mattress and spread her legs out wide, inviting them to gaze at her shaven pink hole. The men seemed pleased with it, nodding to each other, reviewing her on her appearance.

“Yeah, that’s nice and tight. Keep it open like that.” Tyrone edged closer, reaching out to touch it. He wasn’t surprised to find that it was trembling. Fear? Anticipation? Maybe both. He was surprised however to find that it was wet. His fingers prodded and massaged her opening and he was impressed with how willing she seemed. Then he raised the gun and pointed it directly between her legs.


Stephanie shut her eyes and felt the cold tip of the barrel push her labia apart. The smooth metal inched inside her, sliding past her walls.


Stephanie’s heart hammered in her chest and a bead of sweat broke out on her forehead as the gun sank deeper into her. Tyrone began to work it in and out, watching her features contort and her body tense up as he fucked her with the weapon.

Why is he doing this? I’m doing whatever he wants!!

“Listen good, bitch. You do whatever I say and you won’t get hurt. But you ever try to cross me and I’ll stick this gun up your prissy white cunt and that’s the last thing you’ll ever see. You understand?”

Stephanie’s eyes were wide open and her voice had gone up an octave. “Yes, sir! Of course! I’ll do anything you want!”

Pleased, Tyrone slid the barrel out and placed the gun down on the nightstand, much to the young woman’s relief. Then he climbed onto the bed next to her and pulled her on top of him. Her legs straddled his waist and she could feel his enormous cock press against her pussy.

“Tell me what you want,” he sneered.

“I want to be fucked, sir.”

“Then get on it, bitch. And show me how much you want it!”

She sprang to action, raising herself up and guiding him towards her entrance. Despite being wet, she felt tight as he entered and his snake-like appendage began to stretch her walls out as she lowered herself onto him. She moved slowly and carefully, trying to accommodate him without pain but Tyrone was impatient and he grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her down. His dick squeezed inside her, filling her to the hilt and she cried out in alarm.


The other men watched with delight as their friend stuffed this pretty white girl in front of them. She moved her hips against him, grinding his cock, making him loosen her up so that it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.

I can’t believe I’m actually having sex with a black man. This is so disgusting! Stephanie thought to herself, momentarily forgetting her other recent experiences.

“Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Tyrone grabbed her waist and helped her bounce on his balls, working up to a steady rhythm that filled the room with the sound of constant slapping. Stephanie had never fitted a cock this big inside her and despite her fear and revulsion, her pussy continued to respond in pleasure, slicking the shaft with her juices.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard with your big black cock!”

Jamal zoomed in with the camera, getting the finer detail of the interracial performance. Tyrone’s hands moved to Stephanie’s ass and spread her cheeks apart, exposing her holes lewdly while he pounded into the nearest one, grunting and groaning as the soft friction raised him to the heights of excitement.

“Yo, Darryl! You want in on this?” Tyrone called out.

The third man was already rubbing himself to full mast and edging closer to the bed. Stephanie looked over her shoulder, seeing his beefy form hovering near.

“I’ve left the back door open for you, baby,” she said as seductively as she could.

Darryl got on the bed, standing behind her and grabbing her ass to line himself up. Stephanie was still grappling with Tyrone’s cock when she felt Darryl’s pressing hard against her asshole. She gritted her teeth, wondering how she was going to fit two of them in her when she was only just managing one. Darryl seemed to think brute force was the best solution, slowly pushing his way inside centimeter by centimeter. Her ass eventually opened for him, allowing him to squeeze into her like he was fitting himself into an undersized glove.

“OHHHH FUUUUCCCKKK!” Stephanie cried out, “Yes! Stuff my holes! Use me like the whore I am!”

They intended to. Jamal’s camera roamed around, recording the white girl getting double stuffed and begging for more. She was bucking wildly against both men, her delicate milky frame contrasting with their big dark bodies sandwiching her from both sides. Together, they fucked at the same fast and relentless pace.

“UHN! UHN! UHN! UHN! YES! YES! YES!” Stephanie was screaming. “That feels so good!”

Inside, Stephanie felt like she was being broken open, as if she’d never been fucked before until that moment. The two massive lengths of meat sawing her holes in unison were sending chemicals racing from her brain to her toes, raising her desires with every heavy thrust. Their cocks were practically touching each other through the thin walls of her insides and she could feel her pussy dribbling juice like it had sprung a leak.

Jamal was clearly excited by the action and decided it was time to get involved. He picked up one of the dry markers and moved to the other side of the bed, where the viewfinder of his camera captured the woman’s face, moaning loudly, as well as Tyrone’s, concentrating hard as he kept the momentum going from his position on the mattress. She saw him approaching, his lens waving directly at her and for a moment, he thought he saw a flash of deep shame in her crystal blue eyes.

“We like to tag new hos so they know what they are,” Jamal grinned, clamping the pen lid in his teeth, popping it off and spitting it on the floor. “Look at the camera so the folks at home can see.”

Stephanie held her head as still as she could as the gang member began to press the pen to her forehead. When he was done, he told her to look down and show Tyrone. The leader of the gang let out a deep, unpleasant laugh and nodded in approval.

“She sure is!” said Tyrone.

“Hey, let me have that,” Darryl said, still squatting behind Stephanie and building up a sweat. Jamal passed him the marker and he began to trace it over her buttocks, chuckling to himself.

“Yo, man, be careful with that,” Tyrone said, looking up to see Jamal stepping in closer, his hard cock sticking out above his field of vision.

Stephanie instinctively opened her mouth, accepting the third penis in the only hole she had left. Jamal gently rocked back and forth. Her tongue felt amazing. So soft, wet and willing. She let it protrude out and tickle the underside of his dick while she drew her cheeks in, making him groan loudly.

“Look at the camera,” Jamal said. He filmed her eyelids fluttering up at him, as his cock stretched the side of her cheek. Tyrone grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, making her body rock with an unbelievable mix of pleasure, pain and humiliation. Her nerve endings buzzed with electric desire. The gangbang made her feel like an animal, a wild deer being taken down by starving predators. And the darkness in her wanted it. She wanted their claws and their teeth. She wanted to be stripped and used.

Stephanie shook, letting the cock leave her mouth. “OHHHH MYYYY GODDDD!! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME!”

“Yeah,” Tyrone said, “Say hi to your daddy! Tell him his daughter’s a black man’s fucktoy now!”

She looked into the lens. “Hi daddy…Your daughter’s a black man’s fucktoy…” She swallowed the dick again, resuming her exaggerated sucking, desperately impaling herself on the three invading organs.

Jamal was having his mind blown as well as his cock. The camera shook and he realized he needed to finish before the others. He relaxed, letting the sensation overwhelm him and grabbing the back of the girl’s head to speed her up. Soon, he was ready to blow and he pulled her off him, switching his grip so he could continue jerking himself off.

“Yeah, baby! Cum in my mouth! Make me taste that black jizz!” Stephanie’s tongue lolled out of her mouth and she waited for him to finish himself. Jamal growled and directed the head of his prick to her open jaw. The first stream missed completely, spurting a long stream of hot cum across her face, but then he realigned, coating her tastebuds with more bursts of his seed. She let it pool on the tip of her tongue and then she swallowed it back, showing the camera it had disappeared like a filthy magic trick.

His legs were weak, but Jamal recovered himself in time to stumble back and catch the intense look on Darryl’s face.

“Oh shit! I’m gonna…I’m gonna…”

“Do it! Shoot that nigger cum up my ass!”

Stephanie suddenly panicked, wondering if her unexpected use of the racial epithet was a bad move, but in the next second, she felt the throbbing cock in her rectum explode. Hot cum hosed her bowels and Darryl moaned loudly, his fingers gripping her ass cheeks hard as he finished inside her. Then he too pulled out, leaving Tyrone the last survivor.

Tyrone looked around, seeing his buddies had moved away. He bounded his hips even harder, giving the young woman the final hammer blows left in his body. She responded, launching herself up and down as hard as her exhausted legs could manage and grinding herself against him, feeling the intensity in her twat spiraling off the meter.

“Ffffuuuuckkk!” he cried.

With a roar that rattled the windows, Tyrone finally came, adding his fluids to the inner walls of Stephanie’s body. Her pussy flooded with his ball slime, warming her belly and the shame of it made her cum with him. She writhed and trembled, every orifice in her body now leaking black cum.

Tyrone let himself enjoy every second of it and then, pleased with the fact that he’d lasted longest and had made the bitch cream, pushed her off him and let her fall on her ass onto the floor, coated in sweat and gasping for breath.

“Dayyum! They weren’t kidding. This ho’s a pro.” Tyrone got to his feet, his softening cock still hanging from him like a spent horse. He snatched the pen up and moved to the marker board. “What’s yo’ name, bitch?”

“Stephanie, sir. Stephanie Coy.”

“That’s a real pretty little white girl name,” he smiled, his white teeth sparkling in the light spilling in through the blinds. Then he wrote ‘Stephanie’ on the board along with the other names.

Jamal nodded, happy with the session and turned the camera off. “So whaddya think, T? How much you wanna charge?”

Tyrone turned back to the board and wrote a number next to her name. Jamal’s face dropped.

“What? Is that a joke? Two dollars? Two fuckin’ dollars a pop?”

“Have to,” Tyrone muttered, “that was the deal. White bitch I spoke with made it clear.”

“But T!” Darryl said, wiping his brow with his t-shirt. “A piece of ass like that could make us money, nigga. I’m talking big stack! You felt it yourself. She’s prime shit!”

“No!” Tyrone yelled, making them freeze and remember the gun in his pocket. “The deal stands. If we do this right, there’s a chance we get business later. Serious shit. Besides…we own her ass for a month. Between tricks, she’ll be ours to use on tap, you get me? You think paper’s better than pussy?”

The men thought for a moment. They had to admit, she was the best they’d had in a long time. Women like her didn’t fall into their lap every day, not like that. Jamal shrugged.

“Maybe…you’re right. I guess that would sorta make up for it. Yeah…that maybe wouldn’t be so bad.”

Darryl agreed, breaking out in a smile and looking at the girl on the floor, staring up at them anxiously. Even after being destroyed by the three of them, she was still fine as hell.

“Then it’s settled. Let’s get a 40, I need to call LaQuisha,” Tyrone muttered, buckling his pants and nudging Stephanie with his foot. “Bitch, get yo ass up and get us somethin’ to cool off.”

The men wandered back into the living room and found a seat, stretching out to relax as Stephanie scrambled to her feet and headed for the kitchen. Tyrone punched in a text on his cell phone but looked up when he heard Jamal laughing. His friend was pointing at the woman, who was walking to the fridge, still naked, her gloriously sexy curves on full display. Then he saw the words scribbled in big letters on the top of her ass: ‘BLACK COCK HOLE’. An arrow was drawn down to her crack, pointing to the opening Darryl had just defiled. Stephanie heard them chuckling and tried not to think about what they’d written on her, but when she got to the kitchen, a mirrored cabinet showed her face, still smeared with cum, and the ink emblazoned on her forehead that she reinterpreted the right way round to read…’CUM DUMP’.

Stephanie watched herself turn red. She took three bottles of malt liquor from the fridge and returned to the living room, handing each man their drink like a grateful servant. Tyrone snapped the cap off and took a refreshing swig.

“Please may I clean my face, sir?” Stephanie asked softly, hoping he would be only happy to have her looking her best.

“Shut up, bitch. Get on your hands and knees down here.” Tyrone pointed to the carpet in front of his chair. She dropped down and he pulled her hair to reposition her to face sideways. Then he leaned back in his armchair and put his feet across her back, using her as a piece of human furniture. “Now you stay there while we chill. The sooner you know your place, the better.”

The men chuckled and Tyrone took another sip on his bottle, feeling pretty happy with his deal.


LaQuisha, a short woman sporting a weave and knock-off Gucci threads, arrived thirty minutes later. When she barreled into the apartment, talking animatedly more to herself than to the big man who opened the door, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks and pulled back her sunglasses.

“What the hell?” she shrieked, seeing Tyrone with his feet up on the naked white girl. “…Oh ma lord!”

“Hey, LaQuisha,” Tyrone said pulling out his wallet. “Meet Stephanie, my new ho. As you can see, she needs a new outfit so I can put her to work tonight. Take her and take this and get her into somethin’ nice, understan’?”

LaQuisha hurried over and snatched up the roll of twenties. “Yes, T,” she said sweetly, giggling at the sight of the pretty girl on the floor. “You so bad.”

“Don’t disappoint me and maybe I’ll give you some a that when you get back.”

LaQuisha stuffed the roll in her pocket and looked Stephanie up and down as Tyrone finally let the disgraced woman up off the carpet, seeing the nearly dried cum stuck to her face and the crude words scrawled above her brow. Jamal roughly threw the fur coat at her and LaQuisha grabbed the girl by the wrist, hurrying her out and making her scramble to conceal herself. They went out to the parking lot where LaQuisha bundled her into her car.

The ride through the neighborhood only helped to confirm Stephanie’s misgivings. The streets were neglected and crime-ridden, with not a single white face in sight. Throughout the journey, LaQuisha talked incessantly in her annoying high-pitched tone, telling her what she should expect, where to go and where to avoid and why she shouldn’t dare to disobey Tyrone. Stephanie couldn’t get a word out the entire way and instead decided to sit tight until they got to wherever it was they were going. They soon parked up on a corner, outside a clothing store and LaQuisha practically pulled Stephanie out of her seat and into the building, almost as if she was afraid to be seen with her. Then again, maybe she was just eager to get back to the apartment and claim her expenses.

The store was empty except for rack upon rack of colorful and cheap clothing. One woman at the counter waved LaQuisha through and Stephanie found herself being led down a stairway into a darker basement floor. Unlike the relatively normal clothing upstairs, the designs tucked away downstairs were notably wilder and trashier. Miniskirts and bodices hung next to boxes of fake jewelry, fake nails, weaves and plastic handbags. Marijuana pipes and bongs filled the shelves next to tacky ornaments and novelty lighters. Then there were the other items that reminded Stephanie worryingly of her mistress’s ‘special’ closets. Dildos, PVC outfits, lingerie and other cheap sex aids lined one of the walls, giving the place a seedy atmosphere of forbidden temptation.

Another woman at the counter saw LaQuisha descend the steps and called out to her. “Hey, girl! What brings you over these parts?…And who that with you?” The store owner heard the second set of footsteps and watched with curiosity as her friend was followed inside by the beautiful red-haired white woman, clutching a thick fur coat around herself for protection.

“Denise! I’m on an errand. For Tyrone.” LaQuisha didn’t need to say anymore than that. She shoved Stephanie forward for her friend to inspect. Denise peered at the girl as she stumbled closer and immediately noticed the writing on her forehead. Stephanie looked down at the floor.

Great. Yet another person to see me like this.

“Oh shit!” Denise suddenly burst into laughter. “No wonder you in a hurry. Don’t worry, I think we can find something that’ll work.”

LaQuisha steered Stephanie into a small changing room and told her to wait in there while they picked her out something to wear. Stephanie could hear them from inside the stall, joking and tittering among themselves as they walked the aisles, grabbing items off the hooks and debating whether they would suit her.

“Ok, bitch,” LaQuisha’s voice sang out as she pulled the curtain back. “Gimme your coat. Hurry it up!” Stephanie reluctantly shrugged off the garment and handed it over, only to have a number of items shoved into her hand. “Put these on and come out to show us when you ready. We just guessed your size so if anything’s not right…well…tough shit, pretty girl. Now like I said, hurry the fuck up.”

Stephanie’s heart sank as she looked at the coat-hangers in her hand but despite the garish and sleazy selections, she at least now had something to cover her nudity. Unstrapping her shoes, she began to sort through the items.

Denise and LaQuisha were waiting outside impatiently and as Stephanie emerged, they stopped chatting and turned to admire their special sense of fashion. She had replaced her black pumps with a pair of black ankle boots. Her ivory legs were encased in fishnet stockings that traveled up to a pair of skintight leopard print booty shorts, so snug they left her displaying a very noticeable camel toe. Meanwhile, her upper body was adorned with a slinky top, complete with a plunging neckline that more than hinted at her lacey push-up bra underneath. Completing the look, she wore a pair of large gold hoop earrings. All in all, she looked like stereotypical white trash. The girls slapped a high-five.

As it turned out, Tyrone was also happy with the result and skimmed off two of the twenty dollar bills for LaQuisha to spend on her usual diet of soda, weed and bling. He had already picked out a street corner for Stephanie to work her first night and she was allowed to shower and primp herself with heavy makeup before she began her first shift. All she was given was a small clutch bag to store her earnings and a few essential items.

“Now remember the rules, bitch,” he snarled at her as they drove over to the spot. “Use the cell phone to message me after every job. Use the rubbers. And don’t show your white ass back at the crib until at least 3AM and you got at least thirty bucks with you.”

“Yes, sir.”

He dropped her off just as the sun was going down. Stephanie did the math. Fifteen jobs within the next five hours. The car pulled away and she was alone under the glow of the streetlamp.


The neighborhood was even more unwelcoming in the darkness. She felt like eyes were watching her from the alleyways and car windows wherever she walked. Memories of stories she had heard of hookers going missing off the streets or found bloodied and beaten at the hands of some psychopathic curb crawler cycled through her head. Other prostitutes caked in makeup hung out nearby, giving her evil looks as she wobbled along the sidewalk in her high heeled boots.

“Yeah, you better keep walking, Miss Thang!” one of the sleazily dressed women yelled from across the street. “This is OUR patch!”

She didn’t look at them. Instead, she took a deep breath and forced herself to put the dangers to the back of her mind.

Just treat it like a game. Like a movie. You’re the lead actress in the remake of Pretty Woman. Yeah, that’s it…One of these guys may even be a rich banker who’ll save you from all this. Yeah, it’s just a movie…show ‘em what you can do.

It didn’t take long for a car to roll up alongside her and slow to a halt. The window wound down and the young man behind the wheel caught her eye. Evidently, he liked what he saw. “Hey, baby. Lookin’ good. You havin’ a good night?”

“Sure am,” Stephanie replied, approaching the vehicle and leaning seductively inside. “How about you, sweetie?”

At least he’s ok looking, she thought, peering at his youthful features emerging from the shadows.

“Not bad. How much?”

“Two bucks, honey.”

The crawler frowned for a moment. Then he laughed. “Right! Sure! Hey I may look young and I may be from outta town but I ain’t no dummy.”

“No, really…it’s two bucks. That’s it.”

“What is? Are we talking about the same thing?”

“Two bucks for whatever your pleasure. Two bucks a pop.”

He stared at her, confused, massaging the stubble on his jaw. He looked at her cleavage and at her stunning facial features. “You a cop? Is that it?”

“No, I’m not a cop. I just…I need the money, ok?”

The man nodded slowly and Stephanie realized that he was assuming she was a drug addict down on her luck.

Whatever. If it gets this over with more quickly, they can think whatever they want.

The door locks sprang up. “Get in.”

They drove down a side street and parked up behind a tattoo parlor, all the while the guy glanced at her legs and shifted nervously in his seat. She was fairly sure he wasn’t going to be her Richard Gere. Sitting in the dark, he pulled out two crumpled dollar bills and placed them on the dashboard, waiting for her to make the first move. Stephanie took them and dropped them in her purse.

“Ok…so what do you want?”

“I want you to sit on my lap and fuck me,” he responded matter-of-factly.

“That’s it?” she asked, surprised, but then quickly wondered why she’d said that out loud. The man just nodded and she could tell he seemed anxious to hurry things up. The low price had unnerved him and he probably still thought this was some sort of sting. To put an end to his fears, she tugged her shorts down, pulling her knees up to wriggle them off in the cramped confines of the passenger seat. He watched her take them off and calmly unzipped his pants, lowering them to his thighs. Stephanie could see that he was already at half mast and reached down, stroking him gently. “It’s ok. I’m gonna fuck you hard like a good little whore and make sure I earn every cent of those two measly dollars.”

Let’s get this over with. I just know Tyrone will make me work all night if I don’t meet his target.

Her words perked the man up and his shoulders relaxed. Soon, he was standing to attention enough for her to roll a condom onto him. A small mercy, not just because she wouldn’t have to risk catching something from sordid strangers but because she wouldn’t have to provide her own lubrication. She quickly straddled him and sat on his cock, wasting no time on foreplay. This had to happen quickly.

Well jeez, for two bucks, what does he expect?

He sighed as his prick slid inside her and she bounced on it as hard as she could to keep things moving. The front of the car began to squeak and rock but there was no one else in the alley to witness the scene.

Just a role in a movie…he’s just an actor…I’m going to win an Oscar for this…

“Oh yeah, baby! Stuff my fucking cunt! That feels so good!” Stephanie kept the dirty talk going as she humped him wildly, hoping she could see her first john off quickly and not have to think about it for long. The touch of his hands gripping her ass as she fucked him was a good sign, his fingers digging into her soft flesh. She pulled her top open, shoving her breasts in his face. Another smart tactic.

It seemed to work. The man’s face went from grin to grimace in a couple of minutes and he pulled her closer into him. She felt his cock twitch and his gasps suggested he was shooting his load into the rubber.

Thank fuck for that.

As soon as the man lay back in his seat, Stephanie hopped off and grabbed her shorts, opening the door so she could kick her legs out and give her more room to put them back on.

“Thanks!” the man said, pulling the condom off carefully. “That was nuts. You really know how to get a guy off.”

“Yeah, don’t mention it.”

“What, no small talk?”

“Look, you got what you wanted. Can I go now?”

He paused for a second, pulling his pants up and checking the rearview to make sure they were alone. “Sure, bitch. Enjoy your coke habit.” Stephanie suddenly felt a hand on her back and saw the ground coming towards her. She fell to the concrete paving, her shorts still tangled around her knees as the door slammed behind her and the car squealed off onto the street. Her purse flew out of the window before the vehicle disappeared forever, leaving her belongings strewn across the alley.

She was relieved to find she wasn’t hurt. The only damage was to her pride as she quickly pulled the booty shorts up before having to scramble around in the gutter to retrieve her belongings. She found the sad dollar bills and opened them out.

All that just for this…

Stephanie sighed, put the money back in her purse and dusted herself off. One down, fourteen to go. She sent a text to Tyrone, the only number in the cell phone, to tell him just that.

She had barely been back on the main street when another car’s headlights washed over her and the wheels slowed to a stop a few paces ahead. She decided it was better if she just smiled and kept her attitude in check this time. The last guy had been an average creep but in a place like this, he was probably one of the nicer ones. She sauntered to the window and leaned in, bending at the waist to show off her toned legs in case they needed a little more encouragement.

“Hey, sugar. Feeling lonely?”

The man behind the wheel was Hispanic, with a moustache and thinning hair. His eyes widened as he saw how unexpectedly pretty the girl was and immediately reached over to open the door. Stephanie climbed in and they began to drive, her heart racing even more than the last time. She had no idea who he was or where she was going and she knew she’d feel this same anxiety every time she got into a car.

“So, where are we going?”

“Motel a few blocks down,” he replied in a heavy accent.

“Ok, sure. What do you wanna do?”

“Depends. How much?”

“Two dollars a time.”

The car almost skidded to a halt and the man looked at her with the same stunned and wary look that the last guy had shown. This was never going to be easy to explain.

“Are you fucking with me?!”

“No, sir,” Stephanie instantly jumped on the defensive, realizing she would need to be as polite and friendly as possible in case the guy thought she was mocking him. “Honestly, it’s just two bucks. Any hole you like, any kink you have. I’m…I’m on discount.”

He drove a while longer without saying anything and Stephanie hoped he wouldn’t push her out of the car while it was moving. The neon lights of the motel blinked up ahead and a rundown sign announced there were vacancies available. She waited in the lot while he spoke with the receptionist and he came back not long after with a key to one of the dank rooms. Inside, the peeling walls and aged furniture were worse than she had expected.

The man put the latch on the door and then pulled out his wallet. Carefully, he pulled out six crisp dollar notes and waved them in the air with a smile. By the pleasure on his face, she knew what he was after without even having to ask. She watched him feed the slot by the rickety bed a handful of quarters, making the bed begin to vibrate, before sitting down on it and winking at her. The greedy pervert then stuffed two of the bills down the front of his pants.

“First two dollars. You want it, bitch? Come get it.”


She earned her money that night. Sucking and riding him hard and letting him take her in all three of her holes, even letting him discard the condom when he was close so he could finish himself off over her face. The man enjoyed his time immensely and he promised to come back to see her again soon. He just couldn’t believe he had been given the best sex of his life for next to nothing.

And he wasn’t the last. Stephanie’s first night on the job saw her go through no less than a dozen men. Some of the men who scouted her fled when they heard the low price, thinking they were being stung. But the ones that took the risk had their dreams fulfilled. She went down on them in their cars, in alleyways, in dilapidated bedrooms and in the same squalid motel. She fucked them like a true professional, moaning in all the right places as they railed her in backseats, against walls and on rusty beds. She let them use all of her holes without complaint until each one was sore and swollen and reeking of rubber and lubrication. Her skin was clammy with sweat and the remnants of their seed. Worst of all was the feeling on the inside. The ever present and powerful feeling of degradation. She wondered, even if she were to one day escape her enslavement, how she would ever be able to move on. To live a normal life again. To ever think of herself as anything other than a whore.

By 3AM, her orifices felt loose and tender. She was exhausted but she had made the required amount and sent a message to request a pick up. When Tyrone came by, he snatched the money off her without a word. On the way back to the apartment, he told she would be allowed to shower and sleep as a reward for a job well done. First though, he said they had to eat. Stopping by a drive-thru restaurant, he ordered a large meal for them both, telling the intercom to serve up cheeseburgers, wings, fries and diet cokes. To Stephanie’s horror, almost her entire earnings for the night landed in the hands of the cashier, replaced with greasy fast food. She told herself it was better than nothing. In fact, a warm meal, a shower and a rest would feel like heaven at that point.

As it turned out, Tyrone had a system. Stephanie was to spend alternating nights on the street and in his apartment, putting her talents to use as he saw fit. Compared to the draining ritual of having to pleasure a multitude of men, she preferred being at the ‘crib’, even though Tyrone was a bully and always seemed to be on the verge of violence, keeping his gun nearby at all times. When she stayed with him, she would be used as a plaything and a maid, not unlike her regular life with Madame Snyde. Yet Tyrone inspired a different sort of fear, one that was brutal and masculine. He enjoyed ordering her to debase herself for him and his friends and she wondered if even Snyde had bitten off more than she could chew by dealing with him. If they wanted to keep her as their own, what was to stop them?

Meanwhile, the relative freedom of the streets was still just as dangerous as it was the first night and the more time she spent on them, the more her soul seemed to disappear. Her valuable Caucasian body and beautiful features were gold dust in this neighborhood and finding men to pay her for sex was never difficult. Stephanie became an expert in giving back alley blowjobs, squatting in filthy passages and working her mouth on customer after lucky customer. She amused them with her willingness to please and they found they could make her do anything to see to that end. Private strip shows. Spit roasts. Foot jobs. Rimjobs. Stephanie was their go-to girl, whatever the kink. And all for just two George Washingtons. Unless of course they wanted to pay with nickels and dimes. That was fine too.

As word spread of her discount rates, more people showed up looking for her and several customers became regulars. All of them got to indulge in the delights of her own dark alleyways until the small hours of the morning when she would walk with a limp back to the corner and wait for Tyrone to swing by in his Cadillac. The other hookers hated her even more as she started eating into their business and she soon became a pariah within the working-girl community. While she didn’t experience any real trouble with the men, more than once she was threatened with a knife by another prostitute, sending her running back to the safety of her own patch.

It was one of those very nights when she was halfway through her shift that things took a different turn. A car pulled up on the curb and Stephanie sensed an easy catch. Strutting up to the window as usual, she peered inside and batted her heavy eyelids. “What’s happening, tonight, babe? Looking for some fun?”

“Maybe,” the stranger replied. “What sort of fun can I get around here?”

“Well, stick with me and I can help. How about I get in?”

“How much?” he asked, casual but obviously keeping his cards to his chest.

“Two bucks, whatever hole you want.”

“Is that so?” he said, strangely unfazed by the price.

“Uh-huh. You can fuck me ’til your dick bursts and you choose where it ends up. In me or on me. Let’s hurry it up though, ok? Can I get in?” She was worried the chick with the knife would be looking for her, still angry that Stephanie’s last john had supposedly been snatched out of her hands.

The man took a long look at her and reached into his glove box.

Bingo. Another one down. At this rate, I should be wrapped up here in maybe an hour or two…

Only the man hadn’t reached for his cash. Glinting in his outstretched hand was a gold police shield. Vice Squad. Stephanie’s heart skipped.

“Sure you can get in, but let me give you a hand.” He stepped out of the car and before she knew it, he had his hands on her arms, pulling them back behind her and slapping on the cuffs. The cold metal was a familiar feeling but the person putting her in them this time was much more officious and professional. “You must be new around here. I’m Detective Horowitz and I’ll be your designated driver to jail this evening.”

The officer informed her of her rights but Stephanie barely took any of it in, thinking instead about the reality of her situation. She was being arrested. A criminal record. And not just for anything. For prostitution. Wondering how she was ever going to live the disgrace down, it suddenly dawned on her as she rode in the back of the cop’s car that she was safer in that moment than she had been in months. In fact it only just dawned on her that she wasn’t really responsible for her crime. That she was still under the influence of whatever Prunella Snyde had done to her mind.

I’m the victim. I’m the victim! I’ve been kidnapped! I’m being made to do this!

Her panic turned into relief. For the first time she could remember, a glint of hope had appeared. She just needed to let them know what had happened and they would save her. They were the police, for christ’s sake.

Except Stephanie was still bound to her instructions not to ask for help from anyone, not to try to escape and not to tell anyone about Snyde or the house…or anything. If she couldn’t tell them what was happening, could she find a loophole in her orders to let them in on the secret? Could she drop enough hints to let them know she needed to be checked out for mind altering substances? Maybe even enough to let them know where to look for her? Surely the police would be able to figure out that something was wrong.

At the county lockup, Stephanie went through the uncomfortable process of being booked. Her fingerprints were taken and then her purse, cell phone, condoms and money, sealed in an envelope and stowed away. She was ordered into a holding room where a female officer waved a metal detector over her and found nothing. However word had travelled that she had been charging ridiculously low prices for her trade and Horowitz suspected she was holding drugs.

“Ma’am, I’m going to need you to strip down to search you,” the inspecting officer said, jotting notes on her clipboard. Stephanie sighed and began to peel her tawdry outfit off, dropping each item into a plastic container until she stood buck naked, holding herself in a thin effort to protect her modesty. “Now hands up against the wall, please. Feet wide apart.”

She turned and positioned herself as instructed, leaving herself open to examination. The snap of rubber gloves made her flinch. Soon the policewoman’s hands were on her, running up and down her body from outside to in. As the woman cupped her breasts, lifting them to feel the underside, Stephanie could feel the officer’s crotch grazing her ass and an involuntary shudder of excitement trickled through her in response.

Now is NOT the time!

The inspection continued and the hands patted the inside of her thighs. “Relax for me,” the officer said flatly. Then two fingers parted her trembling labia and slowly worked their way inside her tunnel, prodding at her walls and pushing as deep as they could. Stephanie breathed out heavily, feeling the arousal stir in her. The fingers stopped moving for a second as the officer hesitated, noticing the unusual reaction. The combination of embarrassment and intrusion was making Stephanie wet and she tried to take her mind off it, staring ahead into the wall.

When the fingers found nothing, they slid out, now glazed with a slight coating of juice. Stephanie’s cunt contracted, not wanting them to leave. Then she felt the cool wetness on her other exposed orifice as the officer began to probe her ass, firm but gentle at the same time. Her sphincter relaxed and one finger slipped inside more easily than it should have, burrowing in past the knuckle. She could feel it rotating inside her like someone trying to get the last few scoops of ice cream from a tub without a spoon, but the finger found no contraband.

When she was deemed ready, she was allowed to put her clothes back on. She was lined up against a blank wall and her mugshot was taken, her image looking decidedly self-conscious. There would be no doubt it was her for anyone who wanted to access her file. With that over with, she was led down a corridor and into the holding cell area. A buzzer sounded as the gate drew back and she was shoved inside a cell that already held five other women. All of them looked at her with amusement or contempt. Three of them were prostitutes she had already had the displeasure of coming across and the other two were obviously repeat offenders, both half drunk or high on god knows what. This wasn’t a good place to be but the metallic clang of the bars closing behind her promised to keep her there for the night. Nervous, Stephanie crept to a corner and turned to face the bars, not making eye contact with anyone and hoping they would just ignore her.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?” said a husky voice behind her. Stephanie sighed.

Here we go. Why talk to me? What could I possibly have that you’d want?

She ignored the voice, pretending that she didn’t know the question was meant for her. But the other woman came nearer. “White bitch, I’m talking to you.”

Stephanie turned to see a tall black hooker looming angrily over her and she pressed herself closer to the bars like a cornered rabbit. “I…I don’t want any trouble. I’m just in the same position as you.”

The other women laughed, beginning to wonder just how much fun they could have with her. Stephanie could hear them moving closer, one of them drumming her nails along the bars menacingly. She looked out at the corridor and decided it was time to try to strike a plea. “Officers! Officers! Please, I need to speak with someone. This is all a misunderstanding!”

The black hooker placed a hand on her hair, dragging her fingers through it and clasping onto the burgundy locks. “You scared, cunt? Well you should be. The ladies and I don’t take kindly to new whores on the block looking down their noses at the rest of us.”

“I…I wasn’t looking down my nose…OFFICERS!! I need to speak with you!!”

“Well you won’t have to worry about that much longer. Not if we break your nose.”

A wicked laughter broke out and Stephanie felt a hand grab her from behind by the neck, squeezing just enough to prevent her from yelling.”

“Hey! What’s the racket?!” grumbled a barrel-chested cop, wading down to the cell. The women broke away, returning to their benches and leaving Stephanie white as a sheet.

“Officer! Thank god! I need you to listen to me. I need to get out of here and speak with you. Please. It’s really, REALLY important.”

The cop shook his head, exasperated. “Look, if you can’t do the time…”

“PLEASE! Really, you’re going to want to hear what I have to say. But I need to go somewhere private first!”

He looked into her twinkling blue eyes, seemingly on the verge of tears. Then his gaze drifted down her body and he let out a sigh. “I’m not an impatient man but as you’re not going anywhere anyway, I may as well hear you out just this once.”

The buzzer sounded again and to the annoyance of the rest of the women, Stephanie stepped out of the cell. The freedom felt incredible. She felt like she had escaped the clutches of hell, if only for a while. And best of all, her nose was still in its perfectly positioned place.

This is it! They’re going to listen to you! Now you just have to figure out how to get them to help…


Stephanie sat in the cold interview room on a steel chair, on the other side of a steel table from two steely-eyed officers. The guard who had let her out had “O’Donnell” on his name badge. The other, a no-nonsense looking guy, had one that read “Stevens”.

“So what is it you wanted to tell us that’s so important?” asked O’Donnell with barely veiled sarcasm.

Stephanie looked at the table for a moment, trying to work out a strategy. She couldn’t tell them what had happened to her. That was against the clear instructions of Prunella Snyde. Likewise, she couldn’t mention Snyde or anyone else involved, including Tyrone and his gang.

What can I allow myself to say? What can I hint at that won’t violate the rules?

“Well?” Stevens snapped, folding his arms.

“I need…I want you to know that…I need to leave the jail. I have to make money…”

No! Don’t say that! Stay focused, dammit!

“Yeah, tell us something we don’t know,” O’Donnell rolled his eyes.

“I…need you to assist me. In getting out. So that…that…”

That’s it? That’s all you can do…?

The officers stared at her for a while waiting for more but none came. She had reached the limit of her ability to communicate her inner desire and something else…a darkness…a creeping shadow…was emerging from the back of her brain and pulling her attempts to free herself back into the well of hopelessness along with it. It knew what she was trying to do and it was resisting. Her own mind was smothering the last vestiges of her will power. The cops then looked at each other, questioningly. Stevens was the first to smile and O’Donnell followed suit, nodding his head.

“Ok, hun,” Stevens said, sliding off his perch on the table. “We get it. You want out. Bad. And we can help you, right?”

Stephanie nodded. YEAH! That’s it! You can do this!

“Alright, maybe we can. But before we do, are you going to help us?”

She nodded again, slowly this time. What does he mean? Tell him more? I would if I could…

O’Donnell got up and walked to the door, rattling his keys as he locked it shut. The sound made Stephanie feel like she back in the holding cell all of a sudden. Tiny distant warning bells began to go off in her head.

“Tell me,” Stevens continued. “Just what exactly will you do to help us before we help you?” He cocked his head, gazing overtly at her legs.

“Anything you want,” she replied. “I’ll…oh…”

Shit…SHIT! OH NO! she thought as it dawned on her just what the lawman was getting at. He raised an eyebrow, waiting for the penny to drop all the way.

They were bent cops and they didn’t care about breaking the rules if they got something out of it. She was trapped in the room just like anywhere else. Stephanie began to wrestle with her thoughts again. This was a problem…but it didn’t have to be the end.

Ok…They want me to ‘help’ them. If I do, they’ll help me in return. They’ll hear me out. Give me time to get to grips with how to escape. What if…could I? Could I go through with this? Could this be the way to do it?

O’Donnell cleared his throat, sidling next to Stephanie and waiting for a response.

What choice do I have? Maybe this is the key…

The irony wasn’t lost on her. Using her recently developed skills learned in slavery to break out of the very bonds of slavery. Fucking to escape a life of being fucked.

“Anything,” she said quietly. “Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it.”

“And no telling tales?” O’Donnell asked, hands on hips.

“I won’t tell anyone about it.”

Stevens shrugged. Who would believe a strung out whore like her anyway. He unbuckled his holster and belt and slung it over another chair. O’Donnell did the same, telling her to stand up. The officers leaned back on the table as she instinctively removed her top for the second time since her arrest and the eighth or ninth since her shift had begun. At this rate, she wondered why she even bothered to dress at all. As her bra came off, her small pink nipples pointed out, responding to both the cool air and the anticipation of being used again. This time by two men. Two men who in that moment had all the power in the world. The cops whistled and gawked as she cupped her boobs, pressing and squeezing them, showing the men just how hot and ready she was.

Don’t forget…if you can do this right, you can be home free.

She moved closer and let their hands replace hers. Together, they massaged her breasts greedily, tweaking her nipples and watching her for her reaction. If they expected her to back down, they were in for a surprise, even when Stevens leaned in and licked at the small soft globe in his palm, running his tongue up her neck and along her cheek.

Then she dropped down on her haunches, eye-level with the waistbands of their uniform blue pants. Her fingers unzipped them both at the same time and soon she had them wrapped around a pair of growing dicks. The men left her to demonstrate her skills on them, watching her from above as she first licked and sucked on O’Donnell’s meat, then switching to Stevens to make him as hard as he could possibly be. Back and forth. Back and forth. Her lips delighted them as her tongue danced up and down their shafts with expert precision. Soon, she was squatting between two very stiff cocks owned by two very firm policemen.

They picked her up under her arms and bent her over the table, the cold surface pressing against her nipples. Her butt provided an interesting view, the bottom of her cheeks on show beneath the sleazy pair of shorts. Not that they stayed on for long. She felt them being tugged down, leaving the chilled air to tickle her exposed private areas as they groped the goods on offer, pinging her stockings playfully and pinching her moist cunt lips.

“Don’t forget to strap up, buddy,” she heard O’Donnell mumble. “Who knows what a loose whore like this is carrying.” O’Donnell then pulled her arms out to each corner of the table as his colleague shoved his knee between her thighs, telling her to spread them. Stevens was getting first dibs. She could hear him tearing a wrapper open and rolling on a skin.

“Damn, you’re a fine piece of ass,” he muttered. “Horowitz said you were pushing this out for two dollars a ride…you must really be gagging for it.” The length of his cock slapped against her crack and slid down until the tip was level with her pussy. He burrowed it in inch by inch, noticing her dampness. “I was right! She’s wetter than a slip ‘n’ slide!”

To prove it, he sank all the way in, making Stephanie moan loudly, her body now just as eager to have them inside her. Her fingers gripped the edges of the table as he rocked in and out, while O’Donnell observed, keeping a grip on her wrists. Not wanting to miss out on the action, he released her for a few moments, fumbling around out of view. As she grunted with each rough thrust, she felt more cold metal on her wrists. O’Donnell slapped a handcuff on each one, fastening her arms to the table legs and leaving her utterly defensive to the assault.

“Uh…uh…uh…uh…uh…” Stephanie’s moans couldn’t be heard beyond the thick breezeblock walls but O’Donnell still wanted to make sure she didn’t make too much noise. With a fistful of her hair in his hand, he waved his dick in her face and let her take the initiative, trapping it in her mouth like a fish to bait. Spit-roasted between them, her grunts of pleasure and surprise grew louder still, but muffled by the mouthful of cock, there was no opportunity to protest now. “NNGG…NNGG…NNGG…NNGG…NNGG…”

This had better work.

The soft pink lips at both ends of her body opened wide for the police officer’s dicks, both ends leaving trails of slick fluids dripping onto the floor. The men didn’t seem to care which end they had, they were both fucking their respective warm wet hole with the same abandon, using her like she was just a piece of meat with a useful orifice at each end. After all, there was no reason to think she was anything more than that. She was a prostitute now, plain and simple. A low-rate harlot who gave it up for the price of a cheese sandwich.

“NNGGG…fffuu….nnnnggg….mmmm…mmmm….” Stephanie’s slobbering whines continued as they see-sawed into her. When one pulled out, the other pushed in. Her clit rubbed against the metal surface of the table and her pussy yearned for more.

The men swapped ends with O’Donnell slipping on a fresh rubber, not wanting to take the risk of picking up some sort of infection. Stevens yanked his off, happy to continue the rest of the way without the same concern now that he was inside her drooling mouth. The officers were even rougher with her now, physically pulling her head and hips both ways to increase their pleasure. Stevens pushed as far as he could until he heard her gag and slid out again, chuckling at her willingness to be used. “Fuck, lady,” he laughed, “You just can’t get enough, can you?”

His colleague was working hard too, leaning heavily into her as he slammed her twat, making her hips buck and her ass ripple with each shockwave. Now that he was all in for the ride, his beefy hands slapped and squeezed at her buttocks. It wasn’t long before Stephanie felt a cool object squashing against her asshole, something wide and rounded, pressing heavier with every second. She relaxed and let it enter, grimacing as the double intrusion pinned her to the table.

“Take it, bitch, you know you want it!”

O’Donnell rammed six or seven inches of his nightstick up her ass without much resistance and was surprised at how loose she was. Her butt swallowed the fiberglass baton as eagerly as her mouth and pussy were for their rigid dicks. As they speared her in every hole, Stevens raised his palm and the two officers high-fived each other. Sometimes being a cop had its perks.


Just as she was reaching her limits, O’Donnell grunted, pushing his weight hard against her. His pace sped up and she felt his cock jerk as he mumbled incoherently. Stevens saw his partner was busting his load and looked at his watch. Pulling out of her, he dangled the tip of his rod over her nose and began to rapidly pump his cock in his hand.

“Yes!” Stephanie yelled. “Give it to me, officer!” The first stream hit her in the eye, obscuring her vision of the rest of his baby batter firing aimlessly over her face. It trickled down her cheeks, as she gasped for breath.

Finally! It’s over!

The officers both made sure they cleaned up properly. They disposed of the condoms and wiped her down with an alcohol rub as she remained stretched out across the table, even making her gargle and spit from a hip flask of vodka to wash out their remnants. You could never be too careful.

Stephanie was finally released from the handcuffs and given her clothes back. O’Donnell wiped his brow and pushed the chair towards her. “Sit tight, we’ll be back in just a while.”

“Are you going to help me?”

“Yeah, yeah…” he muttered, shutting the door behind them and leaving her alone in the interview room. Her hopes lifted the tiniest bit more. When they returned a few minutes later, they were all smiles and professionalism.

This story is dedicated to J.C., a dear, valued friend. Thank you for helping me out of my own void and giving me the courage to never slide back into it. The gift of your time and your words will always be cherished. You helped me define a much brighter, fuller future and guided me out of that dark, lonely place I thought I’d have to live in. Thank you for the humor and patience in teaching me what you can from a distance and as a friend. Your Beloved is truly a lucky woman to be owned by a rare individual such as you.


There was no other word for it. He controlled her with a look, a whisper, sometimes a strong word or two. But he revered her too much to control her with violence.


There was no other word for it. She willingly, achingly submitted to his control, to his desires and his whims. Her greatest joy was in bringing him pleasure.

As he sat on the couch in the library, he snapped his fingers. It was a sharp sound in the otherwise quiet room. She at once hastened to him, standing with her ankles as far apart as her tight, black skirt would allow.

With a casual flick of his wrist, he commanded her to slowly unbutton her blouse. Her hands trembled with a mixture of fear and desire. What would he make her do tonight? Would he allow her to have the sweet release she was more often denied? She left the blouse, unbuttoned, on her shoulders. Her lacy bra was visible, but just so.

She felt his eyes on her while hers remained downcast. She did not look away out of fear or shame but out of desire; she felt the need to not let him see how much she wanted him to take her. While her eyes did not look upon his face, she still kept her eyes upon his body, trying to discern exactly what he wanted.

He raised one finger on his right hand. She slowly moved her blouse down her shoulders. The sweet sound of silk rubbing silk whisked by until it dropped like a liquid pool at her feet. She took a small step to the left so that her three inch heels with the tiniest ankle straps were clearly visible to him, not hidden in the cloud of silk at her feet.

He made no motion and she simply stood there on display for a few moments, hands resting motionless at her sides. Her breathing quickened for surely his waiting was a sign that she would just be on display this evening and nothing more. He smiled inwardly at the sight of her breasts heaving with each deep breath she took. A small recess of her mind screamed out in frustrated desire; but she was flooded with the hope that she would meet his every expectation if all he chose to do was gaze upon her.

He issued his next wish with a casual flick of the wrist. She began to unhook the clasp of her skirt and slowly unzipped it. He had instructed her, early on in this relationship, to always move with care, with quiet contemplation. When he tapped a finger on his right hand, the skirt, too, fell to the floor and she stepped out of it, adjusting her resting stance so her legs were parted farther than the skirt had allowed. Her black lace panties and stockings with matching trim were offset by her creamy skin. Again, he simply stared, lovingly, longingly, at her body. Had she allowed herself to look at his eyes, she would have seen the hunger there.

The minutes passed. She could hear the ticking clock on the mantel but was too consumed with pleasing him to track the time. She continually fought the desire to hug her arms to her body, to hide from his gaze. He knew she struggled with such impulses and delighted in seeing her broach a tipping point of disobedience, only to pull back from the cliff and again stand motionless before him. He watched her control herself, watched her submit herself to him and was pleased. He loved seeing a tiny shiver ripple across her body as she released the tension.

She was surprised to hear him shift in his seat, for as motionless as she was often forced to be, he, too, could hold himself still. She saw him tap the toe of his right foot, which caused her to turn around. She again planted her feet apart, praying that he would reach between her legs and roughly grab her sex. Her mind focused on figuring out what that would feel like because he had never done so before; he rarely used any force upon her these days. She had willingly become his obedient display object these last few months but the prayers that he would just take her had become more fervent. He sometimes did; that made it all the more sweet when he made her wait for it. But she missed some of the force he had to exert their first few times together. She wished he would just take her hard and surrender his reserve. And at the same time, she, time and time again, was brought to the brink of orgasm just knowing that she was answering his needs by being displayed.

He snapped, twice. Responding to his unspoken direction, she bent at the waist, keeping her knees straight, hands circling her ankles. This was one pose she feared; the blood in her body was pulled in multiple directions, some rushing to her head, the rest flooding the space between her legs that was on display to him, wrapped in the delicate black lace of her panties. She was always afraid she would displease him by losing her balance; the desire to meet his every need made her wet. Knowing that she was willingly spreading her legs for his benefit only added to the growing wetness. She soon feared she would feel a bead trickle down her thigh.

He left her there, seemingly not caring how long her head was down. But he was practiced at this and did not want her passing out. It seemed an eternity to her, lost in thoughts of balance, controlling her motions, her emotions, praying he was finding her beautiful. Soon, though, he knew it was time to let her up and she saw, between her legs, his foot tap again, thudding softly against the plush carpet. She rose slowly, as he instructed her during their first sessions, being sure to keep her knees straight, arching her back as she did so.

She heard another snap, the crack breaking the stillness of the room. She turned to face him. She again cast her eyes away from his face, keeping them toward the floor but in line with his hands and feet, knowing from where his cues would come. She saw him tap a single finger on his left hand and momentarily lost herself wondering what it would feel like to have him slide the finger in her.

But she understood his command and reached behind to unclasp her bra. She let it drop to the floor, tossing it slightly aside. She raised her hands and clasped them behind her back, resting her wrists in the small of her back, fully aware of his unspoken command that when her breasts were uncovered, her arms were to be bound by her own volition. He allowed her the freedom of choosing the method; tonight she interpreted his signals that she would be on display for a long while and so bound her arms in such a way that she would be successful in maintaining her stillness.

He made a slight twirl with one upraised finger and she slowly circled around, knowing that he could see all of her, the slope of her breast, the curve of her hip, the way her breasts rose as she started to breathe more quickly, the roundness of her derrière, the arc of her back, the shape of her calf still shrouded in her stockings. She stopped suddenly upon hearing his snap, her back once again to him.

He slowly reached out and with the lightest of touches, traced the curve of the small of her back, just below her bound arms. The sharp intake of her breath broke the quiet of the room, for he never before touched her while she was undressing for him. She felt his finger ease into the fabric of her panties and she silently pleaded for him to just rip them off of her. He smiled when he heard the sharp intake of her breath. Slowly letting his finger slide around the curve of her hips, he reached toward her belly button, trailing so gently around. She bit her lip, hoping, praying his hand would inch downward. She was left frustrated with desire when he swiftly removed it.

He snapped again, and she turned to face him, her arms still tightly clasped behind her back. She did not see him lick his lips in anticipation, did not know his fervent wish to slide into her was clashing with his desire to admire all of her attributes from a small distance. He raised a finger on his right hand and she reached for the waist band of her lace panties. She took care to slide them slowly down her legs. With the deliberateness for which she was trained, she began to push them over her thighs, careful to not catch the lace trim of the stockings. As she passed her knees, inching the panties ever slowly downward, the lace rubbed lightly on the stockings, the soft rustle interrupting the silence of the room. Lifting one foot, then the other, she stepped out of them, tossing them aside as she freed herself. She returned to a standing position, her arms once again bound by her own accord in the small of her back.

She was startled to see and hear him stand. Their nights together usually resulted in her poised, ever so prettily near him while he went about his work. Sometimes he would reach out and stroke her leg while he read his reports. Other times, he would lean in, gently kissing her nipple or nibbling at her ear as he passed her while walking about the room. On gloriously rare occasions, he would concede to both their needs, the feel of him inside her raising her to climax all too quickly. These memories flooded through her mind as he walked toward her.

She took a sharp breath when his fingers danced across her skin. She had cast her eyes further to the ground as he grew closer, but now she hazarded a glance at his face. She saw the hunger in his eyes and felt relieved that he desired her just as much, if not more, than she him. His hand reached toward her breast, his finger tips gently following the curve, lightly trailing down her cleavage, stopping momentarily at her belly button.

He placed his hands upon her hips, guiding her to take a few steps backwards. She felt her thighs brush into the desk behind her as he slightly lifted her to sit upon it. Instinctively she raised one foot to rest upon the top of the desk, the other dangling. She again looked into his eyes and caught him looking between her legs at the place newly exposed. He went to his knees and pulled her toward the edge of the desk so that she was barely resting upon it. A moan escaped her, breaking the silence of the room, at the moment his tongue touched her.

She lost herself in time and space as her skin continued to feel electrified by his actions. She did not want to break the magic of the moment but too soon felt the need to be released. He knew her body, felt the tensing of her legs, and grew more fervent, but not letting her fall down the precipice. He smiled inwardly knowing he brought her the same, if not more pleasure than she brought him.

He moved to stand before her and briskly unzipped his pants. In his haste he did not feel it necessary to undress with the care she had used. He plunged into her, shocked at the heat emanating off of her. Their bodies thrust against each other in unison, skin upon skin, cracking through the room much like his earlier snaps. He held her hips, her raised leg wrapped around his. His mouth went to her breasts and the moment his lips touched her, she arched her back into him, tensing around his strength inside her, and he felt her release. The feel of her inner muscles clinging to him, wrapped tightly around him, mingled with the smell of her juices tipped him over the edge and he filled her.

The remained entwined for a few moments, panting together. He held her, arms wrapped around her tightly, her head drawn to his shoulder. As he ran his fingers through her hair and caressed her cheek, he said with all the pride of a man who cherished the gift of her: “Mine.”

© 2011 Chiara_searches

This is an audio recording of my story ‘A Good and Beautiful Bitch’. It’s my first audio submission.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (7.5 min/mp3)

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I was in a vanilla marriage. I know that now although looking back on it, at the time I never even knew what that term meant. I do now but luckily, things have changed so much in that respect over the 12 months since. The following series of stories is my recollection of how I have been transformed in to a typically tame of often dull suburban wife, into a whore and a slut for my husband (and anyone else as he sees fit!)

My name is Natalie. I am 35, I have long straight, jet black hair, 5′ 7, slim figure and full 36C breasts. Men usually find me highly attractive and I’ve certainly never had problems catching their attention. Men compliment me on my looks, my pale blue eyes and my strikingly clear complexion. I hold a senior managerial job at my work and I dress accordingly, skirt suits, high heels, fairly straight laced but feminine, professional and well presented.

When not in work I am what you would call a girly girl, I wear feminine clothes and try my best to be elegant and neat at all times. My husband regarded me I think, as something of a catch when we met at a house party all those years ago and we ‘enjoyed’ a typically suburban lifestyle of too much work and too little time for any meaningful relationship. We were both career minded, worked long hours and would get in of an evening barely having the energy to talk to each other over our TV dinners.

My husband’s name is Paul. He’s 36, slightly greying, short black hair. He has a very pale complexion, but a warm and friendly face, pale blue eyes just like mine. He is quite well built although with the onset of the coming middle age, had lost a little of his rugged manliness that so attracted me to him all those years ago. He works for a construction company, having worked through the ranks over the 10 years he’d been with them, starting out as a qualified builder but now in a more managerial office role and physically suffering from being chained to a desk when his body was more used to manual work and rugged labour.

Marriage wise, as I said, we were truly vanilla back then. We’d met 10 years ago, still in the flush of youth. We’d never been a mad, adventurous couple but we started out enthusiastically and happily. Sex wise, like most other couples, we’d had plenty of it in during our engagement and then marriage but as in most cases, the spark fades somewhat as you settle into a routine. Whereas in the first two or three years it would not be uncommon for us to have spontaneous sex, or for me to blow him in the kitchen just because I felt like it, now, over time, it ended up routine and regimented and barely non-existent for us to enjoy any genuine intimacy together.

I will describe our sex life as it had become by this point in one single paragraph, via a typical sexual encounter of ours. I would be reading in bed, he would, usually on a Friday, slide his hand up my nightie. I would let him some of the times as I knew this was our code for ‘let’s have sex’. He would give me a quick five minutes or so sliding his finger in my pussy, whilst kissing me. He would undress, I would briefly grab his cock and hold it, until he would get on top of me and slide inside me. He would give me about three or four minutes of slow fucking until he was ready to come. He deposited his come inside me, I would get up, get cleaned up and get back into bed.

Occasionally, very occasionally, I could come from the fingering or I would continue to play with my clit while he was inside me. Mainly though, I would pretend, or barely bother to come but rationalising that it was keeping him happy and it wasn’t un-pleasurable, just not amazing!

I don’t want to get too depressing here, I don’t mean to say that there wasn’t any warmth between us anymore, there kind of was, but we had very much forgotten how to be passionate. In fact, passion in front of each other would seem kind of embarrassing and out of place, it was no longer what we did together. I had always loved Paul and he me, we had just forgotten how to be sexy with each other I think. Little did I know that just over a year gone, my forthcoming works Christmas party would leave to a chain of events that would see this vanilla life being smashed to pieces, thank God!

I remember the night in question like it was yesterday. Both Paul and I were on separate Christmas works parties. His was a few miles out of town and he and a few of his friends were going to stay overnight in the hotel that was part of the complex where the do was happening. It was one of those conference centre things were lots of different companies go to, a full bar, casino, games and entertainment. Paul had asked me if I wanted to go but by coincidence, my own do was on the same night. A more modest affair, we were going to town for a meal and a few drinks and maybe a club if we could last the pace!

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on how or why it happened as that’s not why I’m sharing this but after far too many drinks, I made a mistake of sharing a taxi with one of the guys from the office, Grant. He was a well-known Jack the lad and had made it known to all of us girls in the office that he was always up for a shag with anyone. A male slapper really and the office was always full of talk of his latest (usually failed) attempts at pulling one of us girls or chatting us up.

Thinking about him now, I did certainly find him attractive. He was well built and definitely loved himself. Deep brown eyes, thick set masculine complexion and a cheeky grin, always ready to flirt and ‘look for skirt’ and he had some of the characteristics in men I quite like, cocky, confident and brash. He wasn’t however someone I’d ever looked at as anything other than a ‘Jack the lad’ and there were plenty of those around.

I wasn’t thinking about any of this as I was speculating as to how to get home after the party. I was simply thinking that he could save me half of an expensive taxi fare home. He only lived about three streets from me and his offer of sharing a cab back didn’t seem unreasonable and was in fact, convenient for me so I accepted routinely.

He may have been less drunk than me, or at least more aware of the potential of what could happen but to this day, I can’t quite remember how he managed to end up sitting on my couch chatting to me, enjoying a glass of whisky. I must have succumbed temporarily to his ‘gift of the gab’ and considered that a little drink couldn’t do any harm and that perhaps, I wanted a few more minutes of company before calling it a night and it was just a little Christmas drink.

I’m not going to go into detail about what happened with Grant, mainly because I can’t actually remember in much detail but needless to say, he quickly had his hand up my skirt and reaching for my knickers. A little voice in my head told me to stop this but thus far in life, I hadn’t done anything ‘dangerous’ like this before. In what mental faculties I had remaining I rationalised it, just the once, he’ll never find out, it won’t do any harm, sex has been so dull recently, it’s nearly Christmas, it might be amazing, how long is it since I had amazing sex….!?

Grant was a fast worker. As these thoughts swirled around my head, I collected my senses to reveal he had already pulled my skirt over my hips and my knickers were quickly being pulled down my legs. Any doubt I had was swept away by his urgency and speed. He hardly paused, he pushed my legs wide apart and his fingers were already sliding inside my slit, quickly followed by his tongue as he buried his head between my legs.

I lay back and let it happen, I grabbed his head between my fingers as he lapped at my pussy with his tongue. I was starting to really enjoy it and getting lost in the moment but he seemed to lose interest in my pleasure as he just wanted his own. He stood up between my legs, looking down at me with a lewd grin on his face, as if to say, “this was easy”, while he rapidly dropped his pants to the floor. I broke eye contact with him as I wanted to look at his dick before I would feel it penetrating me. It was nice and thick, not especially long but bent and curled upwards erotically. He was hard already and raring to go.

I saw him grab his cock, give himself a couple of preparatory strokes with his hand before kneeling between my legs and guiding it inside me. The sex wasn’t great, far from it. He had a basic technique of sliding it deep inside me and then sliding almost all of the way out.

A minute or so in, I’d almost lost interest and just wanted him to finish. I avoided kissing him as I started to be more aware of the fact that I was already feeling guilty about my infidelity. Sadly, I thought that sex with this guy, whilst feeling a little daring at first, had quickly descended into being no less routine and dull than the formulaic sex that I have with Paul every once in a while, maybe every guy was like this I thought as I lay back and felt him fucking me almost disinterestedly.

Luckily, his lack of technique was matched equally by his lack of stamina. On his latest thrust into my pussy, he let out a low groan and I vaguely felt his cock twitch inside him as he groaned and held his cock inside me. The only thing I could think of was that I’m glad I’m on the pill and hopefully he’s clean as the reality of what had just happened had dawned on me; cheating on my husband just for more unsatisfactory and unfulfilling sex. I almost felt cheated myself, if I’m going to risk my marriage, I’d at least expect a quick trip to heaven and back – it would have been nice I reasoned!

I considered that the scenario couldn’t get much worse but it really did, considerably so. As Grant stood up with a satisfied smile on his face and his cock glistening from both our juices, savouring his all too easy conquest of my pussy, he wasted no time in starting to get his clothes back on. As he was just about to pull his boxers back on to my horror, the door opened and Paul strode in!

I froze in shock, my head in a whirl, there was no way whatsoever to even pretend anything other than sex had just happened. I was still sitting on the sofa, legs apart with my dress bunched around my waist, already starting to feel Grant’s come leaking out of me and down my legs. He was in the process of getting dressed but his stiff prick was still on full display. My thoughts whirled, mainly to why the hell Paul was here, and to how he was going to react to catching his wife red handed just having been fucked by another man.

I had no idea what Paul would do. He surprised me. The only thing he said was, “What the fuck….?” as he quickly came to terms with the scene in front of him. He lurched at Grant but not to hit him as I thought he would, he simply grabbed his arm forcibly and pulled him out of the room, frog-marching him out of the house, Grant quickly trying to grab his clothes on his rapid way out but as far as I recollect, still having a smug grin on his face.

He’d gotten what he wanted courtesy of my open legs and now he was leaving me to face the music while he had lots of bragging material to discuss with his mates, not to mention work colleagues, OUR work colleagues! I heard the door slam behind him, the locks jangling with the force of the slam and I heard Paul angrily lock and bolt it before returning to me.

I wanted to cry and sob at that point, but I couldn’t because I was too afraid of Paul’s reaction. Was he about to throw me out into the street and start divorce proceedings, was our marriage over? I couldn’t even really begin to process what had just happened to be honest but the night still had some even more amazing shocks in store.

Paul strode over to me defiantly and angrily. I had at least managed to pull the hem of my dress over my legs and adjusted my top so I was sort of decent before him. He stood in front of me imposingly and looked sternly into my eyes:

“Drunken Christmas fling?” he enquired sharply and loudly.

“Yes….I mean…..sorry…I don’t know how…..” my head was spinning, I didn’t know what I was saying, or what to say, I didn’t even know if he was asking me a question or just stating a fact. I spoke with my eyes to the floor, too ashamed to look at him.

He was behaving strangely, looking into my eyes once I had looked up, as if searching for something. He stood between my legs and lifted my dress up before I could even finish what I was saying. A strange act that shut me up instantly in puzzlement. He wasn’t listening to what I had to say. I made no attempt to stop him as he seemed to survey my exposed pussy in detail.

I had no idea what he was looking for and I didn’t know what was happening at all, everything had already gotten so out of hand and weird.

Suddenly he stood rigidly in front of me and started to undress, looking into my eyes the whole time as he practically ripped some of his clothes off. I watched him in disbelief for a few seconds as he pulled his shirt off, kicked his shoes off, his whole body rigid with tension, or something.

Before going any further I shouted out:

“What are you doing? What’s going on…?”

Paul looked at me but didn’t say a word. I sat there and watched as he completed his urgent strip, quickly pulling his pants down so he was down to his boxers. I noticed immediately how aroused he was, the boxers were tented almost comically, straining to keep his hard-on in. They didn’t strain for very long, he pulled them off and kicked them dismissively across the floor.

I was breathless at the sight now before me; my husband of many years, who hadn’t shown all that much interest in sex of late, was naked and standing in front of me, his wife, grabbing his engorged cock and stroking it even as I could still feel the sperm of another man seeping out of my pussy. I felt like prey in the hunter’s sight as he stroked his cock, looked me in the eye and moved in.

My head was in a total mess but I can’t deny how completely aroused I was. Paul seemed so much more masculine and strong than I’d seen him recently, or at least, had thought about him. In addition, his cock – my God, his cock just looked so much thicker, bigger and angrier than I’d ever seen it before. Even from a few inches away, I could see the thick veins wrapped around the shaft of his cock pulsating in his hand as he looked at me, still on the sofa, his recently fucked-by-a-strange-guy-wife.

I had never seen him so turned on, so hard and so erotic. As daft as it sounds (as I know you know what’s about to happen!) it still hadn’t occurred to me at that point that Paul was going to have sex with me. As he stroked his cock, I thought (for some reason) he was just tossing himself off or that he’d gone a bit mental at having had to endure the sight of another man putting his cock back in his pants covered in my pussy juice but I was shocked even further by what he did next. He said:

“I never knew you were such a cheap whore letting some guy from work fuck you. This changes a lot, starting with now, I’m going to give you what every slut deserves.”

I’d never heard Paul say things like that to me ever before and in anything approaching a normal scenario, I would have taken great offence. Now though, his talk, his demeanour and his taking charge of the situation made me lost and dizzy with total lust.

I realised then for the first time that he was going to fuck me. I didn’t understand why he would want to, after what he had just seen but as I realised what was about to happen, my pussy stirred and throbbed in lust. I wanted him to take me hard. In fact, I wanted him to fuck me angrily. I was a slut wasn’t it? Of course I was, Grant’s come was dripping down my leg as I thought about it – I was a slut. Shit, Paul….fuck me…like a slut…I want you to…..punish me by fucking me hard and taking what you want from me….

My mental urgings to him were wholly unnecessary as his mind was already set on fucking me. He didn’t see the need seemingly to gain my approval. He knelt down between my legs and in the briefest of seconds and without any form of subtlety or care, he slammed me full of cock immediately. As he sank his thick pole all the way inside me, I arched my back sharply and screamed out! I’d never screamed out before like that, but this time I screamed almost animalistically in lust as I felt my pussy throb around his pulsing shaft as I was suddenly and totally taken.

He was surprisingly silent but determined. He ground his crotch into me forcefully as every square centimetre of his shaft was buried deep inside me, I could feel his ball sack press against the outside of my pussy and he gripped my hips with his hands firmly, pulling my whole body down onto his cock as if determined to get as much dick inside me as humanely possible. I heard the erotic ‘squelch’ as his cock slid in and out of my already used hole.

“Ah yes, you dirty slut, take my cock, take it….” He said as he began to thrust sharply in and out of me. I was lost in the feeling of his cock spearing into me, I lifted my legs across his hips, digging my feet into his bum to try to get him even further inside me. I just wanted fucking, hard, and he was giving it to me, roughly, urgently and completely. Yes, make me a slut, take me hard you fucking stud I thought as I felt my boobs, and every else for that matter, rock sharply back and forth in time with his urgent thrusts.

In the last fragments of conscious thought I had, I knew I was so turned on that just a few strokes of my clit would bring me to a shattering orgasm. I’m a girl who always needs at least a little clitoral stimulation to come. I reached between my legs and slammed my fingers between them. On each lusty outward thrust of Paul’s cock, I rubbed my clit.

My mental fog of excitement had me delirious as I pictured what was going on in my pussy, my fingers rubbing, his thrusting cock pistoning in and out of me, my whole body being forced back onto the couch with the force of his guttural rutting. I was right, it only took a few seconds before I was screaming in ecstasy, my whole body almost shutting down as my head swam in bliss as I was wracked by the most powerful orgasm of my life, so powerful it made me cry tears of pleasure.

Paul hadn’t finished but he wasn’t far behind. He thrust through my orgasm as if not interested. I looked up at him between my legs, he wasn’t even looking at me now, he was just concentrating on rutting me. I loved his masculinity and power as I saw his head rise back sharply and I felt his thick pipe spasm between my well-used pussy as he filled me full of his come. His mouth open in his own bliss, he let out only a low moan as he pumped me full of what felt like a gallon of sperm, so much that I’m sure I felt some trickle out immediately and run down into my bum.

As I felt he was finishing, I was surprised again as he withdrew his cock and took hold of my hand. At first I thought it was a sign of affection and he wanted a post coital cuddle but I was very much mistaken. He only grabbed my hand to push me onto the floor so I was kneeling in front of him, only inches away from his still throbbing penis.

“Now you’re going to suck my dick clean since you’ve shown how much of a slut whore you’ve been. Suck it clean, seen as there’s two loads of cum coating my cock, you dirty tramp!”

My breath was almost taken away by this little speech. I couldn’t believe how wound-up and aggressive my husband was being. Again, normally I would be disgusted by what he had just said but I barely had time to think. Paul grabbed the back of my head firmly and pushed my face sharply towards his cock. I decided not to think, and not to resist as I knew I wanted to do this.

Something that had been dormant inside me for many years was re-awakening. I always knew I was submissive, always knew I loved a masculine man who could dominate me and treat me like a slut. I wanted to be the simpering, weak female who would do the bidding of her man without question and with all those thoughts swirling around my head, I opened my mouth wide and slid my lips lovingly over his glistening dick.

I looked him deep in the eyes as I slid my mouth all the way down his shaft. Due to our lack of intimacy over the last few years, as embarrassingly comic as it sounds now, I only ever gave Paul a blow job on special occasions, the last time being his birthday, over six months prior. Even then, it was a regulation blow job – almost like I didn’t want to do it, and running the loo to spit out the foul contents as soon as he had come. This time it was all so different.

From my kneeling position, I grabbed his still thick cock by the root and slid slowly and inexorably down his pole. I felt the head of his cock go deeper and closer to my throat than ever before. My instinct screamed at me to stop and pull back but the rough fucking I’d just taken, and the crazy events just gone before had flicked a switch inside me. I was going to take this cock down my throat and I was going to look him clean in the eyes as I did it.

I felt I wanted to gag but I’d read about deep throating somewhere once upon a time. I trusted to fate as I relaxed my throat as best as I could. I still gagged as his cock head nudged and then penetrated my throat but I had managed it. I felt a big lump in my throat as he looked down on me with a look that I interpreted as admired fascination.

We had neither of us even begun to process the madness of the last hour and now it seemed like something like an erotic arms race to see who could out do the other. I felt quite proud right at that second as he looked at me, my eyes watering at having my throat opened up by his thick dick, some spittle and god only knows what else leaking down his shaft and out of my mouth, onto the floor.

As I looked him in the eyes I locked his gaze on me as I had his cock deep in my mouth. Hundreds of emotions raced across my mind but the gist was that this was how I wanted it to be all of the time! Obviously without it starting by me being inexplicably fucked by some uninteresting guy from work, but this, this sort of dominant/submissive sex was something I realised right there and then, was how I wanted it to be.

I kept my hands down by my sides and calmly and deliberately forced my mouth slowly over his shaft, all the way over so his cock slid across my tongue, the back of my mouth, my throat, before I would pull away slowly again. I think I was trying to demonstrate that I was savouring the feel of his dick in my mouth, I wanted to do this, on my knees in front of him.

I remembered fantasies that I had long since buried, of me as a weak, submissive woman, being dominated by a powerful, imposing, rough guy. I knew Paul could be that guy, he just had been that guy in fact, and with his cock embedded in my mouth, he was currently being that sort of guy but this was how I wanted to love Paul and this was how I wanted my marriage to be – one of inequality!

I wanted him to set the rules, to take me when he wanted, to tell me when to suck his dick and when to make him his tea, I wanted him to come home from work and take me, there and then, on the kitchen table. In my heightened state of arousal and shock at the night’s events, I probably went far too far with these fantasies but as the next months and year passed, little did I know I would live them all and that these were actually quite tame compared to what my life with Paul has now become. I would come to see these events as quite ‘vanilla’ compared to future adventures.

Right there and then however, Paul didn’t want a full blow job. He was still recovering himself from the most powerful orgasm I’d ever seen him have. He loosened his grip on my head and plopped his cock out of my mouth. It glistened now with my saliva, not with sex juices which were all now coating my inner mouth somewhere. His cock had returned to a familiar look, semi erect and no longer coursing with angry and urgent veins. He looked down at me one more time and picked his boxers up from the floor, put them back and went into the kitchen to get himself a glass of water before taking himself off to bed, all without a single word to me.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I got cleaned up, got myself a glass of water and waited half an hour in silence in the living room. My mind was a mess and I couldn’t process where Paul and I ‘were’. Our marriage could either be over or just about to enter a whole new exciting phase, or it could of course, all be conveniently forgotten as if it had never happened to allow us to go back to dull suburbia life that we had enjoyed, or perhaps endured, for the last few years.

I tentatively crept into the bedroom. I was relieved to hear Paul’s familiar gentle snoring and I could see his heavy breathing against the dim light of a street lamp shining in from outside. I slid quietly into bed and tried to sleep, awaiting what tomorrow would bring.

I had a fitful sleep. I was actually a little angry with Paul for even being able to sleep after what had happened – I’d fucked another guy for fuck’s sake! His response was not to storm out or throw me out, it was to fuck me, hard, like I’d never been fucked before! How could he sleep, why didn’t he want to talk? I mean, what happened last night exactly!?

About 7am in the morning, I woke from a little light sleep I’d just managed to have. As my vision cleared from my sleepy fog, I noticed Paul was sitting up in bed next to me, looking at me. I bolted upright straight away, still not sure of his feelings, not sure if our marriage was over.

“Paul, about last night, I’m sorry….I don’t know how or why….”

I started to say. I was stopped quickly, he raised his hands up in the air to indicate he didn’t want to hear it.

“Spare me the details. I’m not sure we can move on from this. I was thinking of moving out, staying with a mate for a while,” he said, looking crestfallen and staring low into the mattress as he said it.

“..But do you have to? I love you. It was a stupid drunken mistake….” I was interrupted again by him shaking his head resignedly and rolling his eyes. He really didn’t want to hear the excuses, I didn’t really have any.

I thought he was going to get up off the bed there and then and walk out but he stood up and seemed to have second thoughts, or at least, wanted to hear something from me:

“Just tell me why,” he said pointedly.

“Why what?” I said, confused.

“Why did you feel the need to fuck some guy? Am I not enough for you if you still love me as you say you do?”

“I don’t know why!” I said exasperatedly. This was the one thing I wish I knew myself!

The answer got his back up, he let out a frustrated groan and motioned to leave, brushing his hand to seemingly indicate he had had enough. I panicked as I didn’t want him to leave:

“I did it because we are boring!” I shouted.

This stopped him in his tracks and he turned around and walked back towards me.

“Boring how?” he said, his face full of a deep set frown and puzzlement.

“I mean…our lives, sex! We’ve become dull, repetitive. We have sex once a fortnight, we almost do it via appointment! I want more, I know you want more!”

“Oh, so it’s my fault!?” he said, throwing his head back in indignation.

“No. That’s not what I’m saying at all. We’re both at fault. I love you, I want to be with you, I want sex with you but….” My voice trailed off, I could feel myself getting into dangerous territory.

Paul shrugged, confused, “But what…..?”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt uncomfortable going further but my marriage was on the line:

“I want sex with you but not…..not how we’ve been having it. I want it like it was….last night…” I said, my face reddening a little by my admission.

I could see his face cloud over a little as he thought about what I had said:

“Like last night? I was angry and I had just come in after seeing you shag some tosser of a bloke! I was drunk, Christ, I feel guilty about what I did to you. I shouldn’t have done that…” he said, his face now reflecting confusion.

“No. I didn’t mind what you did. In fact, it was the best sex I’ve ever had. It was the best sex you’ve ever had to, you know it was!?”

I could tell by his expression that he agreed with this. For whatever reason, his anger and his forcefulness had led us to both experience something amazing. I decided for once in my life, at this point, to be completely honest and seize the initiative…

“Paul, last night was amazing because that’s how I’ve always wanted it. I don’t know how to explain it really, other than to say I’m a woman and you’re a man. I want you to be a man, a strong man who will take me, strongly and decisively. I want….I want you to fuck me hard like that all the time!”

I blushed again at that last statement, I didn’t usually talk like this but I wanted to emphasise how I wanted things to change. Paul raised an eyebrow at this, his face full of puzzled thoughts.

He shook his head in confusion, “I called you a slut and a whore and god knows what else, and treated you like one. That’s how you want to be treated?” he said, still trying to come to terms with my admission. In truth, this was just the tip of the iceberg of my fantasies, but I didn’t want to go too extreme and put him off.

“Yes, I have to admit it, I loved it. I want….I want to be your slut!”

I said this in a rush, my eyes wide eyed looking up at him trying to work out how he would react to that. It was a shocking admission to make, for a woman who had always prided herself on sexual equality and equal rights. I wasn’t against any of that all of a sudden, but in the bedroom and sex wise, I couldn’t deny the truth any longer, I wanted to be submissive at all times to Paul.

Last night had made me realise something that really I’d always known but had been too afraid to discuss. Perhaps not afraid, but just unwilling to face it as I was a proud business woman used to holding her own in a male world, very far from wanting to be submissive to a man.

“You want to be my slut?” Paul said, now incredulous, “So, what does that mean, a slut as far as I know the term, will do whatever she is told all the time. Is that what you want to be? Someone I can fuck whenever I want? Someone who will suck me off whenever I want? Someone who will do whatever I tell her, whenever I tell her to?” He said this, I thought, with a growing sense of interest.

I realised then that not all of this would be such a surprise to him. He had of course been present last night when he took me hard and then had his cock down my throat. He had looked into my eyes and seen it there probably, my desire to be his slut, his possession.

I thought about what he said and mentally checked myself. Was this what I wanted? Am I really sure what I am getting into here? I don’t think I was sure at all at that point but just his questions alone had my heart racing and my forehead sweating in excitement.

“Yes, it’s what I want. Please.” I said, giving him the green light to make me his slut, without either of us yet knowing exactly what that meant.

“Well I’m not sure….perhaps I need a demonstration?” he said, his face now more focussed. He had seemingly decided to accept my offer and was now curious as to where we were going with this.

“A demonstration…..of what?” I said, intrigued myself.

“Of your obedience as a slut,” he said decisively, “I’ll give you a trial run and then decide if I like it or not.”

“Err, OK. What do you want me to do?” I said tentatively, intrigued and immediately excited by where the conversation had gone. The answer he gave shocked me with its boldness and its detail:

“I’m going to go into the kitchen to make myself some tea and toast. While I’m gone, I want you to dress in just a pair of black seamed stockings and black heels, nothing else. You will not speak when I return to the room, but you will kneel on the floor just there (he pointed at the floor, just by the door) and wait for me to stick my dick in your mouth. Is that clear, SLUT?”

I didn’t answer straight away. I just stared at him, open-mouthed (as he wanted me later!) because I didn’t know how to react. I was shocked, but in a good way, erotically shocked and dizzy with lust. It was very clear and I would do just exactly what I was told, I couldn’t wait to dress up for him and for him to stuff my slut mouth full of cock.

“Yes…yes, that’s fine,” I answered weakly and nervously.

“Speak to me like a slut should!” He said.

“Yes…Sir…” I said, hoping this was what he wanted. It clearly was, as he smiled, turned and walked out of the room. He was still dressed in boxers and as he walked, I saw that lovely tent in his pants again, I would be getting a much closer look in a few minutes.

I scrambled off the bed and jumped over to my bedside cabinet. I tore my night dress off and pulled my knickers down all in one movement. I didn’t even know if I had any black seamed stockings to wear. I wore stockings only occasionally and, due to our dull sex life, had gotten out of the habit of buying any. To my delight, I had some stuffed in my bottom drawer. I pulled them out and slipped them over my legs in front of the mirror, sliding them over my calves and knees, ensuring the seam at the back was straight and pinching them a little to adjust them.

I got distracted looking at my legs in the mirror, my pussy throbbing a little between my legs as I was already turned on by my ready compliance with my husband’s orders and already looking like a good slut wife. I almost forgot the heels! They were only under the chair so I slipped my feet inside them, quickly fastened them and walked over to my required position.

How quickly my husband had conquered me I thought, as I knelt on the floor in silence, wearing only stockings and heels, already having been informed that I will be required to suck his dick when he returns. I found myself licking my lips in anticipation of his taste, my pussy throbbing, my nipples stiff exposed as they were to the air.

I didn’t have long to wait. He came back in whistling nonchalantly and finishing off a slice of toast. He teased me by walking right past me and over to the bedside cabinet where he pulled his boxers off and I inhaled deeply as I saw his rigid cock bounce out. He strode towards me and I felt hypnotised by the sway of his cock and the bounce of his balls as he walked the few paces towards me. The cheeky sod teased me further. Just as I’d readied myself to suck, he just walked right past me and out of the room again, returning a few seconds later with a mug of tea in his hand.

This time, he wanted serving and I was ready to do just that. He stood directly in front of me so his cock was almost poking me in my eye. I motioned to move my right hand towards the shaft to hold it and then suck it but with a sound of “Ah ah,” he stopped me from doing so. He slid the shaft of his cock over my cheeks and my closed lips. I breathed deeply in lust as I felt the warmth of his dick throbbing against my skin. He lunged over to the bedroom table and tossed something to me. It was a hair band.

“Put your hair up, ” was the simple command.

As I did so, another command, “Keep your hands were they are now and open your mouth.” My hands were behind my head, having just tied my hair up. I opened my mouth wide and watched in erotic fascination as he gripped his thick shaft and aimed it into my willing mouth. Just like last night, he filled my mouth fully with his cock quickly and without any fuss. He pressed his cock into me slowly, allowing my throat to adjust as I began to feel his cock nudging against the head of my throat.

There was no pause as continued his descent into my throat. I gagged slightly but did my best to take his full length. He withdrew slightly and didn’t go that deep again, he just starting to slowly and rhythmically fill my mouth as he slid his cock shaft in and out of my lips.

As I was just beginning to get used to this rhythm, he surprised me again by grabbing my wrist and pulling me up onto my feet. Looking deeply into my eyes, I felt his hand move between my legs and I gasped as I felt one of his fingers slide inside me. I was a little embarrassed by just how wet I was, I was such a mess down there and already so turned on.

He moved in closer and kissed me deeply on the lips, my mouth opening quickly to allow his tongue to dart urgently all over the inside of my mouth. I groaned into his mouth as two, then three fingers slid inside me. My legs were almost clean off the ground as he finger fucked me urgently. My arms were draped around his neck and I was gone, my legs turned to jelly and mulch as I clung on to him. The whole room seemed to rotate and swirl around me as I let out another of my guttural moans as an intense orgasm ripped across me. It was the first time I could ever remember coming before he did and was a reflection of just how turned on I was by all of this.

He allowed me a few seconds to return back down to somewhere approaching calm before pulling his fingers out. He moved them up to my lips and I opened my mouth quickly and sucked each one clean, tasting the intoxicating taste and scent of my exploded pussy on him, maintaining my eye contact with him throughout, mentally telling him I was desperate to suck his dick again and he could have me whenever he wanted.

“Rught, I’m going to get onto the bed and watch some TV and you’re going to suck my dick until I fill your mouth with come. I want you to swallow what I give you and keep sucking until I’m clean. After you’ve done that, you can then go and freshen up until I decide what else to do with you today. Is that clear?” he said, a satisfied smirk on his face.

He’d taken to this dom/sub thing very quickly I thought as I readied myself for more cock sucking. Another little voice replied to that thought by remarking that I too had taken to this very quickly as I readied myself to choke on some more dick.

“Yes Sir!” I shouted, a mock smile on my face as I shouted the ‘Sir’ out like a soldier responding to an order.

True to his word, Paul lay flat on the bed, puffing up the pillows on the headboard, remote control in his hand as he flicked on the bedroom TV above us. Whether he genuinely wanted to watch TV or not I didn’t know, I just wanted his cock in my mouth and fast.

As soon as he seemed settled and he had his mug of tea in his hand, I lay on his left hand side, my head initially flat on his stomach. I wanted to savour this. I stroked my hand slowly all over his cock and his balls, feeling his shaft respond by twitching and lurching in pleasure to my touch.

I slid down to get in a better position to perform my duties and had a dirty idea. I slid right down between his legs and opened his arse cheeks, sliding my tongue across his bum hole before he knew what was happening. It was something I had never done before. This was to be a day for breaking taboos!

I smiled in pride as I heard him groan a little and say out loud, “Oh fuckin hell, you filthy little tramp!” I lapped my tongue all around his arse for a while and then traced It all along his ball sack. I popped each of his nuts in my mouth in turn, sucking gently on them before continuing my mission upwards.

I reached the root of his cock, swirling my lips and tongue right up his heavy shaft until I reached the top. I didn’t pause at all, I just opened my mouth wide and slid my lips down his pole, taking him greedily in. I could feel his enjoyment of this as he lifted his bum off the bed slightly to try and drive his cock in my mouth a little further but I was happy to help out in that regard.

I stepped up the pace, I felt an overwhelming urge to pleasure him by giving him the best blow job I could manage. I wanted to reward him for using me like a slut, for fulfilling me like never before. If you like, for putting me in the position of subservience that I had always wanted and was no so ready to explore.

As I sit waiting for you to arrive I scan your office. Imagine all the wonderful times we are about to have and get hard at the thought of having you completely to myself. Having you completely at my disposal. Your body, your mind, your orgasms. Everything about you spins in my mind.

The door opens and you see me sitting at your desk. My smile cannot be concealed. You are more than a little surprised to see me. You pause at the door, not sure what is really happening.

“Close the door Katherine and come in,” I say as I rise extending my hand so that you know you should take a seat on the other side of your desk. You walk quickly and sit down. Your body is already tense. I can sense you taking this all in. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

I walk painfully slow around the desk. You are watching me. My eyes never leave you. I watch your breathing. The muscles in your arms tense as I approach.

“We’re going to do this a little different today Kath. You are going to enjoy this beyond your dreams, but you must do as I say,” I pause for dramatic effect, “If not you will be punished.”

I eye your beauty. My hand slowly caresses up your arm with a light touch. From your wrist to all the way to your neck, I then grab a fistful of hair and pull your head back. Quickly my lips are on yours. It is a deep passionate kiss. My tongue darts to touch and taste yours. Your lips are so wet, so soft, so wanton.

The kiss ends slowly, my breath still on your face as I am holding your head so you cannot move. “Do you trust me?”

“Uh huh.”

“I’m sorry?”


I continue looking into your eyes. Your head held steady. Not painful but forceful.

“Yes …. Um ….Sir.”

I smile slightly and subtly shake my head no.

“Yes Sir, I trust you,” you reply sweetly.

I let go of your hair and rub your head. Your head snaps back and you are looking at the floor between your feet. I cannot help but wonder if you are wet. Wet from seeing me initially or turned on from how I am preparing to take you.

I walk back to the chair behind the desk and sit. “Come here my pet and stand in front of me.”

You rise slowly and walk around the desk. My eyes are on you the entire time. I like watching you move slowly, a bit unsure.

You are a bit fidgety as you stand in front of me.

“Strip for me.”

As if you are processing what I said, you hesitate but quickly start to remove your clothes. I am in awe watching you as your body is slowly revealed to me. Somehow you know exactly how to make me lust for you. The speed you are removing your clothes is perfect. Not too fast, not too slow. It’s not a striptease but I can tell you are being seductive and it’s working.

You pause as you are now in your bra and panties. Unsure how far I want you to do. I am drinking you in. Your eyes are locked on me as I lick every inch of your body in my mind.

Your hands are in front of you. Not covering you up but you are fidgeting a bit.

“Do you see what you are doing to me?” I ask as my hand slowly reaches for my trousers. My erection is clearly visible. You nod unconsciously as your eyes drift to my groin.

My hand slowly rubs up and down my shaft. You watch me. Lick your lips. I know you want my cock in your mouth.

I reach forward and pull your bra cups down so your breasts are exposed and I lean back in my chair to admire your body some more.

“Hands at your sides Katherine. Stand still so I can admire you,” I compliment.

You feel exposed. Your breasts heave. There is an ache in your pussy. Your want and desire. Your breathing changes again. Short breaths. I know you are excited standing in front of me. Screaming in your mind to drop to your knees and start sucking. I’m not sure your eyes have left my cock since I asked do you see what you are doing to me.

I let you linger a while, lost in your feelings.

“Katherine, clasp your hands behind your head and keep them there.”

You comply. I heard a very soft gasp as you do this for me.

“Spread your legs. And keep your eyes forward.”

This almost jolts you as you suddenly realize you’ve been staring for quite some time. But you shift your eyes and spread your legs for me.

I lightly kick the inside of your bare foot and you instinctively know I want you even wider. Perfect!

You are spread nicely now. Feel a bit vulnerable but are excited. Your eyes focused on something across the room.

You look delectable. Exposed, vulnerable. So fucking hot! It takes all my willpower not to simply fuck you here and now. But I stand and am very close to you. You feel my shirt lightly graze your nipples sending a bolt of electricity through your entire body.

I haven’t really touched you and your entire body is completely on edge.

My fingers gently trace from your ear down your jaw. You can feel my breath on your lips as I say, “Katherine, you are mine. You will be my little fuck toy. I am going to take you right here in your office. You are not to cum unless I give you permission. If you do, you will be punished. Today I make you my slut. My possession. My complete fuck toy.”

I know you sense the excitement in my voice as I utter those words. I sense you holding your breath as I am speaking. I feel your body tense, even in your jaw, as my fingers are still touching you. I even think your body temperature rises instantly when I said, “Make you my slut”.

After looking into your eyes and telling you exactly what I plan I break from you and walk behind you. Your hands clasped behind your head. Your exposed breasts ever so briefly touched by my soft cotton button down. Your legs spread wide making you feel excited and vulnerable all at the same time.

I cannot help but smile to myself wondering how I got so lucky to be here. I reach in my bag and you hear the rustling. You have been good and don’t look back.

It’s not too long before I’ve returned close to you. You can feel the heat from my body just in back off your right side. I lean in and whisper, “Does this excite you slut?”

You nod.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes Sir,” you pause but then continue, “It excites me Sir.”

I quickly reach around the front of you and my fingers find the waist of your panties. My fingers slip in and you feel a cold smooth metal object against your skin. It is between my palm and your skin. Your body shifts a bit at the initial cold. My fingers slip down and feel your wetness. Wow!

“You are very wet, my Pet!”

“Yes Sir.”

“It makes me hard when you are wet for me.”

“I like making you hard!” you exclaim with sheer giddiness.

Before you know it my fingers are removed but the smooth metal ball is left. Trapped between your panties and your soaking wet pussy. My fingers trace up your soft skin. Reaching your mouth I whisper, “Open.”

Your mouth shoots open and I slip two fingers into your mouth. You know what to do and you start sucking. You are craving any contact with me and will suck my fingers to please me. Just to touch me and to be touched by me.

Your entire body is tense and excited. The weight of the object in your panties is noticeable because the pressure against your clit is making you a bit crazy.

I watch my fingers disappear in your mouth. Your eyes glance over to look at me. Our eyes meet as you are sucking. Are you trying to tell me something? Are you trying to get me to replace my fingers with your mouth?

Before you get too lost in what you are doing I break free. Again I’m behind you where you cannot easily. You strain to see what I’m doing as I bend over and display handcuffs connected to straps. Suddenly you realize your desk is completely empty. How could you not have noticed before now?

As I come to the end of the desk more in front of you, you see me smile a wicked smile as I look up at you. For affect, I slowly bring another strap to rest upon the desk.

“Katherine, walk to the front of your desk and bend over with your body on the desk.”

You are suddenly grateful as you realize how tired your arms are from being behind your head.

I watch you intently as your beautiful body turns and moves in between the chairs in front of your desk.

You slowly lean forward but your eye contact with me shows lust and desire. I smile as you continue to look up at me as your body touches the cold desk. Your exposed nipples and breasts feel it the most.

“Good girl. Now spread your arms and rest your head on the desk.”

You do not hesitate. I can tell your body, your mind, so wants me to run around the desk and fill you up. Fuck you hard. You want this so bad. I know you do.

I gently touch you at your shoulder and trail my fingertips down your right arm. When I get to your wrist I stop. It doesn’t take me long to connect you to the soft cuff and tighten the strap, then the other arm

You are tightly tied to your desk arms spread. Your naked torso lay across the desk. You anticipate me fucking you even more. You are almost wiggling your ass to entice me to come around and fuck you.

You don’t expect what happens next. I trail my entire palm down the inside of your right leg and lift up your leg to spread it wide. You are made aware of the metal object still in your panties. Why am I doing this to you, you ask? Why am I teasing you so bad? Please just fuck me you say in your mind.

As I am kneeling and fastening your right ankle to the desk I hear you.

“Please,” you plead, “Please fuck me!”

I then trail my palm down your left leg and fasten the cuff.

I stand and admire my handiwork. You are still wearing your panties and bra. Your arms and legs bound dutifully to the desk. You are so exposed and so beautiful.

The silence is deafening. Your breathing is short and exhilarating. As if you’ve been running or something. I watch your back rise and fall off the desk as you are almost panting.

I come around and sit in your chair. You strain your head to look at me as I do.

“Are you enjoying this Katherine?”

“Yes Sir, but please. Please fuck me. I need you inside me now.”

You are straining to look at me and beg me to fuck you.

I stand and slowly unbuckle my belt. Your eyes lower to watch. Your neck is still straining.

You anticipate the button but I simply remove my belt from the loops of my pants and then rub my erection while you strain to keep your head up.

I move out of view and around the desk. I gently run my leather belt up the inside of your right leg, and then again on the left.

“Your panties are soaked through. I can tell you are enjoying this Katherine. You like being my slut don’t you?”

“Yes I do, Sir. Very much.”

“Please Sir, I’m sorry. It’s just that I want you so bad. Please fuck me.”

My hand inside your panties for the first time I trace my hand down your ass crack and continue lower. You are so exposed to me even with your panties still on. I find the metal object and delicately apply pressure. It doesn’t take much effort and the egg is slipped inside your wet pussy. My finger touches your clit and you almost explode.

I linger just a bit and bring you much needed stimulation but all too quickly my hand begins tracking slowly away. I cannot help but stop at your ass and tease you with my wet finger. From your wet clit to your nether hold I am driving you insane.

The pressure of the egg is one thing but when the small vibrations start you cannot control yourself. Your body convulses almost immediately. You are cumming hard. My finger slips inside your ass. You are overtaken with the sensations and you start gasping for air.

“I’m cumming, Oh. I’m cumming Sir. Oh Yes. I’m cumming, Ungh..”

After this unexpected orgasm, I remove my finger but leave the egg vibrating on low. I walk around the desk unzip my pants. Grab your chin and hair and I slip my cock into your mouth. I begin fucking your face while I grab your hair. Your neck strains in this position and I’m fucking in and out of your mouth quickly. Your wet lips and tongue relish the hardness of my cock and the softness of my head all at the same time. You are in ecstasy, finally tasting me.

I quickly pull out and keep my cock just inches from your face. I know you want more but you cannot reach it.

“You came without my permission,” is all I say.

I walk around the desk again and I quickly spank you with my belt. It is painful and takes you by surprise but it is more the shock of the situation startling you. After 5 slaps of my belt I stop, which is also disarming. Your panties helped take the sting out a bit, but my hand caresses your pink ass. You cannot believe all the senses, being spanked, the egg vibrating, my cock in your mouth and the memory of my finger in your ass.

The spanking starts again. Your body tenses in anticipation. Surprisingly you remain quiet. Again, it’s the shock of the situation not the pain that rakes through your mind. You are so turned on. Did the vibration in the egg increase or is that your imagination?

After 10 or so slaps you sense the punishment is over. Your body is still so sensitive. You could cum at almost any moment. You look so vulnerable being bound to the desk.

Your panties are ripped from your body in one unexpected move. My hands again caress your pink skin. It is warm. I can see the belt marks but I know they haven’t hurt you.

The egg vibration is increased again, this time for certain. Your body starts to writhe as much as it can while being bound to the desk. My fingers find your clit and begin to rub.

Doesn’t take long and my fingers are soaked. I rub your clit in gentle circles. My other finger, now lubed, finds your ass again. I cannot resist the temptation to tease your ass and your clit while having the vibrating egg tease your insides.

You start moaning and I increase my movements. I can tell you are getting close so I back off. The egg vibrations decrease as well.

Again, quickly I am back around the desk and my cock is in your mouth again. This time, slowly, a bit deeper. These are deliberate, caring strokes. I know you love my cock. Love taking me in your mouth. I enjoy this.

“Do you want to cum again Katherine?”

You nod your head as best you can with my dick shoved as deep as you can take it.

“Who controls your orgasms today Katherine?”

You try and look up at me as best you can.

“That’s right. You cannot cum without my permission. I so want you to cum for me. Will you do that?

You shake up and down on my cock.

“Good girl.”

You feel my weight shift a bit as I reach over you. My finger trails down your ass crack. I begin teasing your ass. My cock slides in and out of your mouth slowly. The egg vibration is turned up slightly.

You begin to build. My cock fucks your face. My finger is in your ass. The egg sends wonderful sensations throughout your body. It builds and builds.

“That’s right Katherine, cum for me. Let yourself go! I want you to cum with my cock in your mouth. Cum now!”

And your body shudders. Your arms pull against the cuffs. Your mouth takes me deep and you explode. It’s all so fulfilling, so erotic. So fucking hot.

I almost forget to remove my cock. I’m relieved you didn’t chomp down on me, as you were cumming. It takes you forever to cum and to regain consciousness. You go limp on the desk.

Before you know it I am behind you removing the egg from your exposed pussy and I slide my cock straight into you. Deep, hard, urgent. Your body reacts even after just cumming. Your suddenly aware of my cock filling you up and you want me to take you.

“You are so wet my slut. Your pussy is so open for me to fuck this way,” I tease as I am slamming into you.

I grab your hair and pull. Your body tenses. Even after just cumming you feel yourself begin to build again. It is only because I slow my pace that you are not screaming again.

“Long and slow my sweet Katherine. That’s right, deep and slow. I want you to feel me filling you up.”

“Oh fuck Sir. I feel every inch of you.”

You are so incredible. Your body is limp and tense all at the same time. It’s a wonder to make you cum so hard and then have you react to my cock filling you up.

I quicken my pace again. My thumb finds your ass crack and comes teasingly close.

“I’m watching my cock disappear inside you Katherine. Sliding in and out of your open pussy. You are so fucking wet for me.”

“You make me wet.”

Your body reacts again. My pace quickens even more. Your body is in overdrive. My thumb finally stops teasing and drops onto your button. You feel a bit of pressure. You are overwhelmed and your breathing becomes pants.

Every thrust, “Oh Yes! Please. Fuck. Me. Hard.”

“Cum for me.” …. “Slut,” I command as I grab your hair again and pull your head back.

And you cannot hold back. You are my slut. You love being my slut and being fucked by me is a dream. Your body tenses, you hold your breath, grit your teeth and you are cumming again.

My erection is so hard. I’m slamming into you as you begin to cum. I continue slamming into you while you are cumming and I only slow after waves of pleasure have over taken your body.

You are a limp rag doll but I’m still not done with you.

I pull out of you and unclasp your ankles. Unclasp your wrists. I help you kneel in front of your desk. Your hands are then re-clasped to the ankle cuffs.

You look up at me after I have rebound your limp body. I am now standing in front of you stroking my erection. You watch my hand.

“Stick out your tongue.”

You do. Not taking your eyes off my cock.

I continue to stroke but move so your tongue can just reach my tip. You begin to lick. This doesn’t last long. My cock wants your mouth.

“I’m going to properly fuck your mouth,” I say.

And you look up at me inquisitively.

You are bound, arms spread. Your body exposed and all you want is for me to cum.

I begin with no hands and let your mouth bob up and down on my cock. In this position you cannot move too much but have enough play to be able to service me nicely. I grab the back of your head to steady you and instinctively you know I’m going to control the motion.

“That’s a girl. Take my cock in your mouth,” I demand.

I’m so fucking hard it’s unbelievable. I’ve fucked you so hard. I’ve made you cum and now I’m using your mouth for my pleasure.

With long deep strokes I remove my hand but continue fucking you. The sounds coming from your mouth are almost porn movie-like. You appear lost in your own little world. I sense you want nothing more than to make me cum.

Doesn’t take long, my orgasm is building. You look up at me and I lose it completely.

The first shot shoots into your open mouth. Then my hand grabs my dick and I start pumping furiously. I shoot into your mouth and then jerk. Cum on your face and in your mouth. You are so fucking hot. Taking my cock and my cum. I love it. I’m grunting and pumping and you are watching my eyes as I shot load after load.

Then I uncuff you and hug your limp body.

I never even got undressed.

I punched her in the stomach, hard. She’d asked me to beat her, “make it hurt” she’d said. “Make it hurt and you can do anything you want to me, just hit me.”

She was the picture of hotness. And beauty. Brown hair, long athletic legs, trim and firm all over, almost impossibly huge breasts, that actually grew that way and weren’t a surgeon’s work, and an ass you’d kill to fuck. She was built the way the women in beer commercials are, the kind of hot that makes you want to go home to your wife with this woman’s stink on your cock and make your wife suck you off. Except I didn’t have a wife, yet, and this woman was kinkier and hotter than any beer ad.

She had said the more violent the better. All I had to do was rough her up, and she’d beg me to do anything I asked. I’d asked “So if I rough you up, I can do anything else I want?”

“Yes,” she’d purred “just hurt me, and I’ll do anything, you can do anything else with me. Anything at all.” And she flashed the smile that would capture any room’s attention. This was just me and her. She had my attention, more than anything or anyone ever had before. I started getting hard.

“Smack you around?”

“Yes, please.”

“You want pain?”

“The more the better,” she’d practically moaned.

“Ok.” and I’d slugged her in the gut. She groaned at the hit, then lit up like a Christmas tree, and screamed “Yes!”

Masochist hottie who wants me to do anything I want, so long as she got pain, I can do everything I want. Yes please.

I grabbed her hair, wonderfully soft, and yanked her head back up. The gut punch had doubled her over. Her eyes, wide and adoring, connected with mine. I said “I like you,” she giggled happily, and I slapped her across the face hard enough to knock her off her feet. Her sexy frame positively bounced on the floor, and she begged “Yes, more.”

I undid my belt, and then with one hand continued undoing my jeans as I started to whip her arms and legs with my belt. “God, yes!”

“Pull your pants and panties down to your knees.”

Smiling like a kid with candy, she almost instantly had her jeans open and was pulling them down over her womanly hips, that sexy ass and those tanned legs. She wore no panties and without realizing I whispered “no panties…”

Coyly she replied “I was hoping you’d touch me tonight.”

I smacked her ass, and it was firm enough it didn’t even ripple. Tight, hot, such the woman you always want to meet, slender and alluring, eager and open. On her instantly, I lost control, popped my cock head into her asshole, and grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled her back toward me as I drilled deep into her guts. She came from the penetration, and I realized, before I was balls deep, that no woman would ever satisfy me again. None except her. Her willing, wonderful body had instantly spoiled me, made me hers as I spindled her on my cock. Freezing, hilted in her ass, hands pulling her head back by her hair, she spoke as her orgasm subsided, “I’ve wanted you inside me like this since the moment we met, and pretending my fingers were you wasn’t nearly this good.”

All I could manage was an inarticulate grunting groan. I’d lost my mind a bit, or something. I’d never be the same. I’ve fucked other women, at one point even had a rotation of them I’d work though, one almost every night, replacing ones I grew bored with, taking weekend trips with ones I liked sometimes. The only thing they’d had in common was they attracted me, but I never really cared. I cared as a friend, maybe as a lover and generally as a good-ish person, but never really minded whether they fell for me or not. It was nice, flattering and fed my ego to have a woman proclaim her love, or call at all hours distracted with her need for me, but I never had my heart involved. Not really. A couple times I’d thought this one might make a nice wife, maybe we should get married, or that one could be a steady girlfriend, but in the end I realized they were all sort of friends with benefits. I realized that right now. They’d all been rehearsal. Now, with my shaft buried in this gorgeous creature, orgasms rolling though her athletic frame as I plunged in and out of her backside, I knew: they had all been preparation to be with her. Training, somehow making me into the man who would belong to the woman I was vigorously sodomizing on my hardwood floor.

As her bowels clenched and quaked around my cock I knew it wasn’t just the exquisite sensation, the lusty satisfaction of pulling her hair hard while I pounded her seductive ass. It was her. It would always be her. Not only was I hers and would only ever want to fuck her from now on, but her moans, and squeals as she took it anally gave me a peace I’d never known, knowing she was mine at least as much as I was hers.

Pulling her hair to put her face near mine, I said “my asshole’s so good.” And with one hand holding her by the hair, my cock deep in her ass, I started slapping her face again and again. Like she’d been hit by lightening her whole body shook, she screamed so loud I expect the police were being called and her butthole clenched so tight I wondered if I could move my shaft in her at all.

Only one way to find out. Still slapping again and again, I started to yank my cock in and out of her asshole. It held so tight her insides seemed to go almost inside out on the outstroke. My woman being fucked by her man. Her face was turning red, only going pink for a couple slaps. My girl liked it rough, and I was more than happy giving it to her.

Shifting position, pinning her head on the floor, putting my foot on her head, I was starting to slap her perfect ass cheeks. I pile-drove her impossibly tight ass. After ten minutes of this her ass cheeks redness was moving toward bruising, or breaking the skin. I pause the spanking, still pounding her ass, and ask “your asscheeks are gonna start bleeding if I keep spanking you.”

Her voice, hoarse from screaming, ekes out “spank me bloody, fuck my ass bloody, you hurt me so good, fuck me so well.” I smile, give her face a slap, and spank on, pounding her ass. Her other two holes will be fun to explore while I give her ass a chance to heal, but right now I’m fucking the woman who’s perfect for me in the ass, and rejoicing that I’ve finally found the woman I belong to who belongs to me.

Thanks for your feedback. This is the last planned part for now.


On Saturday night I got to the club early. Part of me again didn’t want to see Adam do this, but I had to be there, because I knew Grace would force Tina to go further, and not stop it as soon as I would, if Tina objected. Tina still had the option to back out, but I could tell she was hooked on the club, and all the things which went on in it. It was Molly who really brought this home to me, when she said she saw in Tina, something just like she had.

I watched Tina come in on Grace’s arm. They settled at the bar and I just watched for a moment. Grace looked around and saw me sat at a table on the far side wall. She flicked her fingers at Tina and whispered in her ear. Tina wore a tight white knee length dress, white stockings and white high heels. Grace would have told Tina what to dress in, and it was obvious she was going for the virgin look. The white wedding veil which Tina pulled down over her face was a strange touch, but it brought back memories of Stacey. I once had her walking through town dressed as a bride.

Tina started walking towards me. I watched her glide across the floor, behind her Grace was staring at me. It was a cruel vision for me, one moment my head was wondering if this wonderful woman was coming down the aisle to marry me, the next my head was telling me Adam was going to take her virgin ass, and it was all for him. Grace liked tormenting other masters, and just because we had been friends for a few years it didn’t stop with me. I had got my own back on her a few times, I remember leaving her in a room tied to a bed with a fucking machine buried deep in her pussy, while I went to the bar to have a drink. I guess you could say we experimented with the new toys we bought for the club with each other. But as Tina neared the table I thought that Grace couldn’t possibly sink any lower, than to send Tina to Adam dressed as a bride right in front of me.

“Good evening sir. My mistress wonders if you would like a drink.”

I wanted to grab her and run to the nearest church. I made a mental note to kick myself in the bollocks for thinking that.

“No, tell your mistress I have a drink.”

I watched her mouth open slightly under the veil. She wanted to say something to me, but she knew she couldn’t unless she was allowed to talk out of mode. She twitched and fidgeted for a few moments, and then nodded.

“I will tell my Mistress you….you are not in need of a drink at the moment….is there anything else, I can get you?”

Call me stubborn or a fool, but I ignored Tina’s hint at trying to get me to ask her to talk out of mode. Finally she cracked and asked me herself, which was permitted.

“No Tina, you may not speak to me out of mode. Go back to the bar, and I suggest for your own good, you keep walking out of the club and never come back.”

She turned and started to walk away, when she reached the bar she stopped, and looked back at me, and stood with her mistress.

Some of my girls only wanted to go to certain levels. I don’t have a problem with that as long as they get their thrill from doing similar things time after time. Tina I thought would have stopped pushing herself by now, but she hadn’t. If ever she did I would have asked her to stick with me, to a level she was comfortable with, or until we got fed up with each other. Purposely I hadn’t told her of this before. It usually depended on the girl, and how inventive I could be at basically repeating the same sort of ideas.

Grace was striding towards me now; I didn’t think it would take long. She sat opposite me and took a breath.

“What’s up with you, you knew why I sent Tina over here.”

“Yes, I like the dress too, a nice touch that, sending her to Adam as a virgin.”

“So, you are not going to guide her?”

“Grace, she is your slut. I told her what I think she should do….get the fuck out of here.”

“You think she has gone beyond what she really wants don’t you? She’s good at the game, she’ll push herself, while still feeling frightened. It’s you she wants and she’s playing the game to become your slut again.”

“Yes but only for two months, and then you can rent her out again. Grace, Tina has shocked me by coming here.”

“Yes, and you are hoping she pulls out at the last minute now, aren’t you? You know why I agreed to her becoming my slut don’t you?”

“I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure, money?”

“Money, god no you fool. I jumped in before anyone else did, before she turned to Adam or someone who wanted to push her to their limits and not hers. I should have told her to wait for you to come back.”

“Then why didn’t you?”

“Because I thought you had fucked off for months again, like after Stacey.”

“So why the auction, why not sell her to me?”

“Because you and I both know the members would have smelled a rat. She will go through with this for you. Unless you talk to her and convince her to back out.”

“Oh fucking hell, send her over before the club opens. But she’s hooked on this place, and I think we are both surprised by just how much.”

Grace smiled at me, “its ironic isn’t it, we spend hours with each other dreaming up ways of getting people to come here, and we should be patting ourselves on the back that a woman like Tina would ever set foot inside the door. Instead we are both wondering and worrying perhaps, if she’ll go the whole way now.”

“Do you think if she does let this happen, she’ll be able to cope?”

“I’ve been trying with her. I’ve started with the smallest size and she screams like a fucking pig. Talk to her, tell her she won’t be able to cope when Adam starts on her.”

“Send her over with a drink.”

I watched Tina approaching again. She stood there having placed my drink on the table.

“Tina, sit down I want to talk to you out of mode.”

She sat there with the veil over her eyes. It gave her features a soft sexy glow, which had already started putting me off.

“Will you lift the veil please?”

She lifted it and it just made things worse. Now I could see that face which appeared in my dreams most nights. It was even prettier than any dream could imagine.

“Tina, I have concerns about you. I don’t think you should carry on with this.”

“Grace told you then,” she said and lowered her head, “about me not being able to take the thing in my, backside.”

She couldn’t even say ass, so how the hell she was expecting to go through with having a cock fucking her there, this was becoming even more worrying to me.

“Tina, just go, Grace will drop you and after a year you’ll be allowed back here. You can come back as my slut after that time.”

Her head came up and she stared at me with those captivating green eyes.

“If I do that people will still remember what happened. We will be spotted together around town too. I have to do this, and I will do this….for us.”

The words for us had my head spinning. Why the fuck couldn’t I just accept she meant it as master and slut? Why did I think she meant anything more?

“Please let me try. I’m sure I can do it, and Adam will be gentle, at first, won’t he?”

“Tina, Adam isn’t as patient as you think. I will have a word with him, but it might have the opposite affect.”

“You gave me this freedom, this experience, and I haven’t regretted a single moment. Even what I did with Evelyn, was well amazing. What I’m willing to do to go through, isn’t that telling you how much more alive I feel? This maybe right on my limit, but let me decide, and if means you being in control of me for even just two months again, then I’ve got to do this.”

Again the passion was in her voice, and try as I did to ignore it, I couldn’t.

“Just remember the safe word, and scream it out over and over until he stops.”

“You will be proud of me,” she stood up and looked down at me, “you know, I nearly never made it to the supermarket that first time. I pushed myself to go, and I’m glad I did. Thank you.”

I sat stunned for quite a time, and the drink had long slipped down my throat before I could remember a single thought. The punters had started trickling in the club at a steady pace earlier than usual. I watched the odd one pointing out Tina to others. They had all come to see if she could cope. The veil was in place again, but now and then I saw her head turn to me. I still hoped she would pull out, but as time went on I found myself praying that she could do it. I should have felt honoured that Tina was going to this new and I thought, to extreme limit, for me, and now I had to back her up. I couldn’t go on telling her to pull out; when it was becoming increasingly obvious she was going to at least try.

I picked up the long time empty glass I had been nursing and walked to the bar. Tina had her back to me, and I noted how perfectly straight the seams on her stockings looked. Her ass looked tight in the dress and a perfect size. Her slim naked arms at her side just begged to be held, and from her hips to her waist I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect shape. I stayed behind her a few feet and pointed to her when Phil caught my eye. He poured her a glass of wine and placed it on the bar. Phil pointed to me when Tina noticed the drink and her head turned. I saw her lips turn up at the ends, even under the veil I knew she was smiling.

“She’s not yours yet,” Grace snapped and then she turned to Tina, “Have you forgotten who your mistress is slut?”

I watched Tina drop to her knees, and she kissed Grace’s hand through her veil.

Grace snapped her fingers and I watched Paula approach. Paula has been Grace’s slut for a good few years. Grace gave Paula the wine and told her to drink it all. Paula did and then returned the empty glass to the bar.

“Now kiss Tina,” Grace snapped.

A few watched as Tina was told to lift her veil. Tina did as she was told, and both Paula and Tina kissed until Grace told them to stop, which didn’t happen for over minute.

Paula by the way is a transvestite, in his or her mid 30′s, and she is quite attractive if you go for that sort of thing. While Paula was a submissive she liked to wear stylish clothes, some of which I know Grace handed to her. Grace had Paula help Tina with her instruction. She said Tina was shocked when she first saw Paula, and realised she was a he. Tina would have been made to watch Grace fuck Paula with a strap on a few times, and then Tina would have sucked off Paula, if Grace had kept to her usual routine.

As I said a lot of weird and wonderful things go on in the club, and I made a mental note that perhaps we should consider a transvestite night during the week when it wasn’t busy. We usually had a few in now and then, some just came to have a drink and chat and watch what else was going on. I guess this is one place where men dressed as women, and visa versa wouldn’t appear as strange as some of the sights going on around them.

Adam came in flanked by Molly on one side and Ron on the other. Ron was now making friends with Adam. Molly was dressed in a plain blue knee length dress. This was totally out of character for her, and I could see by the look on her face she wasn’t too impressed by it. There was something else which Grace noticed about Molly, and as the trio made their way round various acquaintances, Grace pulled me to one side.

“So it is true. Adam is lining up Molly for Ron?”

“What the fuck is going on Grace?”

“Look I didn’t want to tell you this, in fact I never thought it would get this far.”

“Grace, what the fucking hell have you done?”

“I’ve done nothing, but in two months Tina will be up for auction again. Adam will no doubt bid for her, and with you unable to, well I guess he’s got a free path, unless someone else offers a higher price.”

“Then she’s going through this for nothing?”

“No, she’s going through this for you, and of course not getting barred from the club.”

“Grace, will he go off the idea of renting Tina before then?”

“How long would you wait for a girl like Tina?”

Adam I think was ignoring me on purpose. Ron moved to the bar and I pushed in next to him.

“I know what you want, there’s nothing you can say to stop things happening, in two months I’ll own Molly. I’ve already started training her my way. Do you like the dress I picked for her?”

“Remember our deal?”

“Don’t worry old chap. I’m just playing up to whoever might be listening.”

“Can you assure me we are the only two who know about this?”

“Yes of course, don’t worry. When Tina’s next auction comes around I’ll drop out of the Molly deal at the eleventh hour, and with your money, I’ll offer to buy Tina outright. But I want her for a while before I drop her.”

“Yes we agreed that.”

“Obviously she is going through with tonight like you feared?”

“Yes, I think she will.”

“Does she or Grace know of our little deal?”

“No, I can’t take the risk. Ron, you had better not be fucking with me about this.”

“I have a wife, which you so generously reminded me. While I like this part of my life, I don’t want anyone knowing about her, or her knowing about this. How did you find out about her by the way, we live 100 miles way?”

“It was quite difficult, don’t worry. I think you are safe, as long as you keep to your part of the deal. I did wonder when I saw you come out of the estate agent’s, I thought you worked there.”

“Good god no, I just rent from them. My wife thinks I’m working away when I’m down here.”

Later on Molly stood by me at the bar getting drinks for her master and Ron.

“Thanks for finding about Ron,” I whispered.

“You were right, Master Adam does intend selling me, and to Ron.”

“Are you sure Ron didn’t see you looking through his wallet?”

“No, I’m sure.”

“Thanks for doing this for me.”

“Its not you I’ve done it for, it is for me,” She announced, and turn and carried the drinks off.

Phil put a drink down for me, “Grace doesn’t know you’re doing this right?”

“For fucks sake Phil, is there nothing you don’t hear?”

“No, but go careful, you don’t want to end up with another Stacey situation, do you?” Phil said and walked off to serve someone else.

I watched as Tina was led away by the grinning Adam.

“Well, fingers crossed she can come through this,” Grace said.

“My Master will have the stuck up bitch screaming her head off.”

“Like I did with you last night slut, when your master offered me your ass.”

I watched Ron’s hand going up the back of Molly’s dress. She winced a little but let him do whatever he was doing.

We watched as the screen came to life. Tina was tied to the bed on all fours. Her dress had been removed but she still had on the veil, corset, stockings and shoes, all in white. Adam walked around her, occasionally trailing his fingers over Tina’s body. I watched her wince and jerk a little. He pulled the veil from her face and stood looking donw on her.

“Well, slut, let’s show the members those tits of yours.”

I watched Adam push his hands down into the top of Tina’s corset. His fingers rolled and twisted for a few moments. Tina whimpered and cowered a little. She started moaning a little louder as Adam’s fingers tormented her nipples. He grabbed both her tits and pulled them up out of her top. We watched him attach a nipple clamp to each nipple. He tugged them gently, and then let them drop.

He walked round behind her and has hand touched the insde of her thigh. His thumb wriggled around between the cheeks of her tight ass, tickling and lightly touching the entrance of her asshole.

Tina wiggled a little, but she didn’t cry out. Not that I was expecting her to, after all she knew things were going to get a lot worse.

Adam chuckled as he moved round in front of her. His cock was now standing to attention inches from her face.

“Suck it you dumb slut. This will soon be deep in that ass of your’s, and you can like it or loath it, it doesn’t bother me either way.”

Tina sucked, as Adam grinned down at her. He pulled out after a few minutes and drool hung between Tina’s precious lips and the purple head of Adam’s angry looking cock.

“Well, slut, are you ready?” he asked picking up the tube of gel.

“Please Master Adam you will be gentle with me, won’t you?”

Adam didn’t answer, he bent forward and took both of the nipple clamps in his hands and pulled them. Tina winced and then cried out, he let go and movd behind Tina.

Adam rolled a condom on his cock, and smeared gel over it, and then we saw him press a finger against her ass. She made a gasping sound as his finger made the entry. She moved forward slightly. Adam brought his free hand down on her ass. Tina cried out, as the slap echoed round the room.

I looked at the faces watching the screen. Everyone was silent, even Phil was leaning on the bar watching. I looked at the safe word which Adam had put at the bottom of the screen, hoping to hear that word coming from Tina’s mouth….it didn’t.

“Ready whore, are you ready to get fucked in your tight little ass?” Adam snarled.

“Yes Master, but please have mercy on me, please be gentle with your big cock.”

I took a step forward. Grace knew I was going to try and stop it, “Wait, just wait,” she hissed quietly.

Adam peeled her ass cheeks apart, and then started pushing. Grace tightened her grip on my arm.

Tina cried out, but the safe word didn’t come. Adam moved his hand from guiding his cock into her entrance, and then slowly started to work back and forth, gently.

Tina gasped and whimpered, her eyes screwed shut, and her mouth dropped open. Beads of sweat appeared on her brow, and she began panting. Adam took a few minutes to get himself right in, until finally he was fully inbedded in Tina’s tight hole.

Slowly he started to fuck her, she cried out now and then, but never uttered the safe word. Grace relaxed her grip on my arm. My eyes turned away from the business end of what was going on. I was now staring at Tina’s face. The pain she showed at the beginning was now giving way to something else, which even the tear rolling down her cheek couldn’t mask.

“You lied to me Grace,” I whispered.

“Yes, but it took a while to get her comfortable with it, and like I said a few days ago, you put the future of the club in jeopardy, I hope you had a few restless nights thinking about this moment.”

Adam fucked her slowly, but something Molly had told me earlier was Adam couldn’t hold on very long whenever he fucked her ass. I knew if it had got to this stage, although I never thought it would, Tina’s pain would soon be over.

Adam grunted and spat as he upped the pace. His hand pulled Tina’s hair and her head came up. From the side view camera, her back was arched, her tits jutted out, and her upturned face pointed up to where the wall joined the ceiling. Adam finally let go of his orgasm. He hissed and cursed through gritted teeth, until finally the rocking ceased. As he pulled out I made a move to go and untie Tina. Grace again held me back.

“Paula, go and untie the slut. I’ll be down in a minute. You don’t have control over her until midnight.”

The bar quickly returned to normal, as I turned round I saw Evelyn and Pam behind me. Evelyn nudged Pam and she walked over to Grace. Pam knelt and kissed the back of Grace’s hand and then stood up, “My mistress Evelyn would like to bid for your slut, the next time you auction her. She would like her as our plaything.”

“Very well, tell your mistress if she is a memember she can bid the next time.”

“Thank you mistress Grace, my mistress Evelyn has joined this very night.”

I watched Pam curtsey and then return to Evelyn. After a breif exchange of words Evelyn smiled at me, and then kissed her slut passionatly.

At just gone midnight Tina walked towards me. She showed no sign of what had happened just an hour or two ago. Her beauty was still something which took my breath away, and as she reached me we just stared at each other.

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