Read part 1 first for the story to make sense.

When I got back to the governor’s mansion, I could barely contain myself. My body seemed to be experiencing more emotions then it could handle. I would feel anxious one minute, then disappointed the next. My heart would flutter in my chest with anticipation, then plummet into my stomach with pangs of failure. The only feeling that remained constant was arousal! As a million thoughts raced through my mind, one stayed at the forefront…I couldn’t wait to get fucked by Sarah again. I sent all my staff home early, and poured myself a bourbon on the rocks.

A sense of excitement was building. While I certainly unsure of a lot of things, one thing was beyond doubt…..I was going to call Sarah….I was going to submit to her again, exactly like she planned. My only hope was to figure something out, some flaw in her plan, before it was too late. But that was my long term plan, something to hope for as the situation evolved. My short term plans were much more clear and urgent, I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled out my cell phone and called the number she had given me.

It rang twice before I heard a familiar giggle.

“Well hello, I was wondering how soon I would hear from you.”

“Sarah, I have to have you.”

“Ohhhh baby, I know you do. Are you home?”

“Yes Sarah.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yeah, I sent all my staff home.”

“Mmmmm, sounds perfect. You did very well. Get ready for me baby…I’ll be over soon.”


I drained the last of my bourbon in one gulp and went to the liquor cabinet to pour myself another one. I could still hear her words. “Get ready for me baby” What the hell was that supposed to mean?! My dick was hard as rock, so I didn’t know what else I could do to “get ready” for Sarah. Sipping another drink, I mulled it over.

While my relationship with Sarah was certainly… uhhh let’s say unique, I figured I should get ready the same way I would if any other beautiful woman was coming over. Even though Sarah was far from “any other beautiful woman”, I still wanted to impress her and make her happy, and in some basic part of my brain, it all made sense. Not knowing how long until she arrived, I quickly got to work.

I went into the kitchen and put some water on the stove to boil. In the fridge, I found some fresh vegetables and seafood from the farmer’s market. I started chopping the veggies while I allowed the shellfish and shrimp to thaw in the sink. I worked efficiently, as my skills in the kitchen were well developed from years of living alone in college and law school. I kept rechecking the clock, trying to make sure everything was moving along even though I had no idea of when Sarah might arrive.

While dinner was cooking, I set the table and re-explored the liquor cabinet for a nice bottle of wine. I choose a 1995 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, a personal favorite of mine, to pair with the seafood and pasta. The wine, I knew, was delicious and I hoped the $300 price tag would impress Sarah.

I went up stairs, down the hallway, and stepped into my walk-in closet. I wanted something powerful, but my best Armani Business Suit seemed a little over the top. Time was running out, so I didn’t have too much time to sit and ponder.

When I stepped out of the closet, I was looking sharp. I wore charcoal pinstriped pants with a solid light blue button-up shirt. My outfit was topped off with black designer shoes and a skinny tie. As I headed back downstairs, I stopped in the bathroom to rinse with Listerine and check myself in the mirror. I took the stairs two or three at a time, humming to myself absently. The doorbell rang just as I lit the candles and put dinner on the table.

Standing behind the door, I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves…. I opened the door and tried to prepare for whatever was going to happen.

Sarah looked absolutely gorgeous! She was wearing a long black dress, showing off much less leg than she was in my office, but the low cut top and her amazing body made sure I had plenty to look at. Her breasts looked huge, standing high and firm. She had tons of creamy cleavage showing, which stood in contrast to the black dress. A simple silver belt was clasped around her mid section, and her high silver heels made her a couple inches taller then me. She was carrying a leather overnight bag in one hand, and her other hand was on her hip. Her hair was straightened, and her make-up was subtle, but beautiful. She smiled and giggled wondering if I was going to say anything.

“Sarah, you look absolutely beautiful.” My eyes moved over her ever inch, the smile on my face must have been obvious.

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” She was smiling back, looking genuinely cheerful. “You look pretty yummy yourself.”

I could only blush.

“Are you going to invite me in?” She asked with another one of her now famous cute giggles.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry.” I stepped back, holding open the door to welcome her in. She looked around like she was going to buy the place. I took the opportunity to stare at her mouth-watering ass. The black dress was certain sliming, but there was no hiding the jiggle in that butt! She looked over her shoulder, brushing the hair out of her face. She smiled when she caught me starring. She had the same dominate presence, but her cute smile always disarmed me.

“So…” she said, turning around to face and dropping her overnight bag. She placed her hands on her hips. “You couldn’t resist me, could you?”

“No….I couldn’t.” I muttered back, still starring at her.

“Poor baby. You’re already addicted to my sweet pussy. And you’re done hassling my clients, right?” She looked me straight in the eyes, talking to me like I was a guilty child.

“As long as you keep fucking me, yes. Absolutely.” What else could I say? I knew I would do anything to worship her again.

“Mmmm, then I will keep giving you the fucking you so badly need.” She was slowly walking towards me, putting extra sway in her hips. As had become the norm, I couldn’t keep my eyes of those giant bouncing tits. “I am going to take more and more of your will until you’re my little puppet.” She was speaking slowly and seductively now. “I’m going to fuck you so good you can’t even think straight…..but what are you going to do for me? I’ll tell you, you’re goin–”

“I made you dinner.” I blurted out, sudden remembering and interrupting her.

“—g to.” She stopped abruptly. It looked like mentioning dinner had the same affect on her as her giggle had on me. Her head cocked to the side a little. “Wait….you what?”

“I made you dinner.” I was looking at the floor, blushing again. “I’ve never known a girl as sexy as you and ….and I guess I just wanted…I just wanted it, to be……nice.” I finished lamely. I looked up to see her looking surprised, but smiling.

She seemed to be taken aback. “Well, that’s very sweet.” She brushed her hair out of her face, putting it behind her ear. She exhaled through her nose sharply, almost a mix of a laugh and snort, and seemed to regain her composure, turning again to face me fully with a wide smile on her face. “Well, that’s certainly not what my employers had in mind. However, I don’t know the last time a man cooked dinner for me.” She eyed me up and down, clearly appreciating the outfit, walking closer. She was right in front of me when she leaned forward and kissed me deeply. Our tongues explored each others’ mouths and my hands roamed her body. When I tried to slide my hands up to her tits, she giggled again, pushing my hands away and pulling away from our kiss.

“Oh no, you’re going to have to wait now. My employer’s plans and the orgasm you crave will be postponed until after dinner. Let’s see what you cooked up Romeo.”

I lead her into the dining room, pulling out her seat at the table. She smiled at me and took her set. “This looks absolutely delicious. Where did you learn to cook like this?”

“At law school mostly, my apartment had a really nice kitchen and an organic farmer’s market across the street. I like pizza as much as the next starving student but I like to mix it up every now and again.” I don’t know where I found the confidence to talk to Sarah like that, but I guess talking to the press for years gave me some confidence under pressure. Or maybe the initial awe had worn off and I was starting to feel more comfortable? Either way, she seemed impressed as I took my seat and poured two glasses of wine.

“You know, I went to law school too.” She said.

“Really?” I asked. I thought the “lawyer” act was just a front to get into my office.

“Yeah, but I’m not a lawyer. My clients said you were a hard man to see and they suggested posing as their lawyer might be the only way to meet you. It would also put me in a position of power, which you clearly loved.” She giggled again. “No, I dropped out of law school after only a year.”

“Why?” I asked, genuinely interested, as we both started on the salad I had prepared.

Sarah giggled, slowly shaking her head as if looking for the right answer. “Well, I couldn’t afford it really. After my mom moved to Reno, I…….”

She told me her story. She dropped out of law school and needed to pay off all her student loans. As a pre-law undergraduate with only a year of law school she wasn’t really qualified for any legal position. However, even then she had been a knock out and was able to get in with some big players with lots of money. She used her knowledge of the legal system and her awesome body to steal rich men’s hearts and wallets to payoff her debts. Needless to say, such actions don’t come without consequences. She got in with a bad crew, and soon she was working for the type of scum I tried to rid the city of. I assumed that’s where she met her currently employers.

Sarah and I talked throughout the delicious dinner. The wax from the candles was dripping onto the dark wood table, but neither of us seemed to notice. We finished the bottle of wine and I let her pick the next one out of my substantial cabinet. We told stories from law school and laughed at each other’s jokes. It all seemed very romantic, and we both seemed to forget the pretense we were here under. For most of the conversation I was even able to keep from starring at her tits, instead look her in the eye as we talked. However as we finished dinner, and the second bottle of wine was getting low, my eyes kept getting drawn back to her awesome cleavage. There was now a small pool of hardened wax on the table, but the candles still illuminated her face in soft flickering light, her perfect smile was visible even now as we finished dinner in the dim candle lighting.

“I still can’t believe you cooked me dinner! That was so good….if a little unexpected.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” I said as I stood up and started clearing the table, placing dirty dishes on the kitchen counter by the sink. Sarah looked up at me inquisitively, as if only now seeing me properly for the first time.

“You know, you really are a sweetheart. Maybe if we would have met under other circumstances, this could have been different.” She stood up slowly, drinking the last of her wine and setting the glass back on the table. She smiled “But you know why I’m here.” She rounded the table and walked towards me.

“I know….I’ve been looking forward to it.” I responded, looking right at her swaying figure. She was right in front of me, slightly taller then me because of her heels. Her tits were so close, I could feel myself getting hard.

“But…” She said, placing a hand on my chin to raise my gaze from her tits to her eyes “Thank you very much for dinner.”

We leaned forward and kissed deeply for the second time that night. This one was even more passionate then the last. I tasted the wine on her breath as her tongue glided effortlessly around my mouth. Our bodies pressed together, I could feel her tits pressing against me and I’m sure she felt the hard-on in my pants. Learning from my mistake last time, I didn’t go straight for her breasts this time. I put one hand on the small of her back, lighting pulling her against me while my other hand rested on her cheek, keeping her hair out of the way and holding her face tight to mine. As the kiss intensified, I could tell she was getting just has horny as I was. She was breathing heavier and her kissing techinique was becoming less refined, more wild, the longer we made out. Taking advantage, I let my hands roam her body, lightly grazing her fat ass or squeezing her hips. I felt her hand drop down to my crotch and start stroking my dick through my pants. She pulled away from the kiss to talk, but we stayed pressed together. She whispered in my ear “Look how hard you are for me. You need my pussy don’t you baby?”

While she was talking, I took advantage of my position to lightly kiss her neck and ears. I gave the back of her neck a soft bite and I felt the goose bumps on her body rise. I smiled to myself, happy to have pleased her, and whispered back. “I need it so badly Sarah, please, I need you to fuck me.”

“Then lead me to your master bedroom Mr.Mayor.” She said playful, grabbing my hand and pulling away from our embrace.

I looked at her longingly. “It can be you’re bedroom too if you want…..Mrs.Mayor.” I added with a smile.

The stern seductive look on her face was replaced with wide grin. “We’ll call it our bedroom then.” She reached down and picked up her leather over night bag.

With that, I lead her by the hand up the main staircase and into my spacious mater bedroom. I had a 4-post king size bed with a massive dark wood headboard. The mattress, comforters, and pillows were all goose down with red 800 thread count Egyptian silk sheets covering them.

Sarah set down her bag on the bed and turned away from me, opening it and rummaging through its contents. I couldn’t see what was in there, but I truly didn’t care, her ass looked too good from this angle to think of anything else. I stepped up behind her, pressing my groin against her doughy ass. She stood up straight as a gasp of surprise left her. I placed my hands on her hips and gently pulled her back against me. I kissed the back of her neck, giving it a little bite in between soft kisses. I could feel that she had goose bumps again.

“Mmm, slow down baby.” She said. The wine seemed to have affected her a little, because she certainly didn’t seem like she wanted me to slow down. We were both a little drunk, but it seemed she was a little tipsier. She seemed more vulnerable then the dominating bitch who had been in my office earlier. She was pushing her ass back against my hard cock, grinding her soft flesh into me. She was starting to breath heavily as I continued my gentle assault on the back of her neck. “I…I…have to take contro—oohhhhhh.” She moaned as my hands reached around to take full control of her tits. They felt so good in my hands, I squeezed their plump softness and her body responded immediately.

It wasn’t that I was trying to take control, just the opposite actually- as I craved the domination she gave me earlier. I wanted her to ride me to heaven while I sucked on those fat tits, just like back in my office. However, we were both a little too drunk and my only thought was to please her. Her moans and goose bumps were a sign that I was succeeding. I continued, trying to put Sarah in a good mood.

She turned around abruptly, kissing my deeply and practically melting into me. She suddenly seemed determine to take control of the situation. She pushed me back on the bed, and threw her overnight bag behind her.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know? Some things my clients thought would be helpful in taming you and sapping your will. They wanted me to dominate you like never before… They wanted me to be you’re dominatrix!” She reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress, pulling it straight up and over her. She was wearing matching red lacy underwear and bra. Her body looked so good, I took it all in. My dick almost hurt from straining against my pants all night so I took the opportunity to remove my shoes, tie, shirt and pants while she put her hair back in a pony tail. “I’m supposed to make you beg for it… but lets just skip all that for now, I want that fat cock.” She said while looking straight at the bulge in my shorts. She crawled into bed with me, her hands immediately finding my dick and groping it through my boxer shorts. My hands roamed her soft flesh, occasionally stopping to squeeze when my fingers touched her perfect tits of mouth watering ass. We started kissing again, more passionately then ever but also sloppier from eagerness and the wine. “God I want you to fuck me!” she breathed in between kisses. “I was supposed to make you beg for it! I was told to drive you insane with lust, before I even let you lick my pussy. But god….”

She kept talking but I wasn’t paying attention. At the words “lick my pussy” it was like a light was turned on in my head, leaving only one thought. I briefly flashback to the office earlier that day, remembering the feeling of her thick thighs pressed against either side of my face… the sensation of her hand on the back of my head, pushing my tongue deeper into her pussy. More then anything else, I remembered the taste of her sweet pussy…I knew I had to have it. I stopped kissing her and slide lower down the bed. My hands stopped kneading her soft tit flesh and I slide them down her smooth tummy and hooked my fingers in the sides of her panties. Sarah sat up in the bed a little, leaning back on her elbows. I looked up into her green eyes, softly kissing the front waistline of her panties where they meet skin.. She moaned softly as I pulled down her panties, slowly sliding them all the way down her legs and over her heels. While I was there, I lightly kissed her ankle as I undid the strap of her shoe, letting the heel fall to the floor. I did the same on the other foot, admiring her beautiful painted red toenails.

I started kissing my way up her leg, slightly hurried with anticipation. I felt her repositioning and realized she was removing her bra. I looked up, and watch as those giant flesh bags were released from their confines. I smiled, having the perfect view in front of me. Directly in front of me was her beautiful bald pussy, already wet with arousal. As I raised my sight up, I saw her smooth stomach, her enormous tits heaving with each panting breath, and her pretty face looking down at me. I kissed around the inside of her thigh and on her hips, letting her feel my breath on her vagina. Then, I looked back into her eyes. Our eyes locked as I extended my tongue and licked the lips of her vagina. She moaned again, still not looking away. I maintained eye contact for the next few licks, before I fully buried my face into her snatch, aggressively licking her outer lips and extending my tongue inward to stroke her clit. She tasted heavenly. Sweet and salty…. it was intoxicating. Soon I was back in the lust-filled daze that could only be brought on by Sarah’s beautiful pussy. Her hand found the back of my head, and she lightly pushed my face further into her wet twat.

“I’m gonna….I’m gonnna cum!” She moaned.

I knew she was close. I pushed my lips and tongue into her twat, finding her engorged clitoris and giving it one good suck. It was enough to put her over the edge, she started screaming as the first orgasm pulsed through her body.

Her pussy juiced up, and I was quick to lap up every bit. Wanting her to come again, I slide my index and middle finger into her pussy, pushing lightly upwards against her clit. Slowly and rhythmically I moved my arm, maintaining contact with her clitoris the entire time. I then started quickly lapping the top of her vagina lips, quickening the pace I fingered her with.

“OOHHH GAWD! THAT FEEEELS SOO…SOO GOOD! DON’T STOP BABY!” Her hand pushed my face in further. Glancing up, I noticed her other hand was tweaking her nipple and kneading her tit flesh. Our eyes made contact again, and I gave her clit an extra little tickle. She started coming hard and I quickly put my mouth over her twat and licked up the resulting juices again. My face was slick and my mind had turned to mush.

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