I was feeling pretty low that Friday night. My friends had done their best to cheer me up, taking me out for a few drinks and some good company. It was working, too. I was just starting to relax for the first time since my rather surprising break up two weeks before. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong place for us to go that evening. Around 10, my ex girlfriend waltzed in, on the arm of the man she had left me to be with.

I have terrific friends. They tried for the next 30 minutes to cheer me up, but it was soon apparent that it was not to be. My best friend offered to drive me home, but I told him to stay and have fun. Besides, I needed the air to clear my head.

As I walked home, I kept seeing happy couples walking arm in arm down the main street. Just as I thought I must be the only single man in the entire city, I noticed a young woman walking toward me. I noticed her because she was all alone, and was walking like she had a destination in mind. As she drew closer, I recognized her. She was the teenage daughter of my ex. Attending her 19th birthday party had been one of the last things her mom and I did as a couple.

As she came closer, I realized two things. The first was the Christine was obviously a little drunk. As she greeted me with a big hug, I could detect the faint odor of vodka. The second thing I realized was that she was a very beautiful young woman, dressed in a sexy mini-dress and heels. Her perfume assaulted my senses, and as she held me close, I thought I could feel her nipple harden against my chest.

She asked me why I was heading home at such an early hour, and I stammered some excuse. She looked deep into my eyes and said,” Mom is out with her new man, isn’t she?” I nodded, and started to wish her a good night, when Chris leaned close and looked up into my eyes.

I guess I should describe Chris. She stands about 5 foot 9, has a terrific figure, with 36c tits and an ass that just begs for attention. The high heels she was wearing made her legs look even better than I remembered, and I found myself wondering if she was wearing thigh highs, like her mother preferred.

I guess my growing attraction for this beautiful young woman was becoming apparent, because Chris got this mischievous smile on her face and pulled my face to hers, kissing my gently and then whispering to me ” You haven’t seen my New apartment yet have you? Care for a visit?” Needless to say, my now hard cock answered for me, and my mouth said YES before my brain even had a chance to react.

As luck would have it, her new place was only a block or so away, and we made it there quickly. As soon as she had the door closed behind us, I found her in my arms, her tongue dueling with mine. Her hands caressed my cock through my jeans, while my hands reached under her skirt, finding what I had so hoped would be there…a garter belt.

My fingers began to stroke her ass and thighs, and her gentle moans told me they were on the right track. Suddenly, she broke this kiss, headed up the hallway, and was in her bedroom in a flash. I was right on her heels. Her dress fell to the floor, and I feasted my eyes on her luscious form, clad in a black lace panties and bra pair, with black garters and stockings providing the finishing touch. She started to undress me, but urgency (and the fear she might change her mind) made me strip off my clothes quickly. Soon we were lying in bed together, her hands stroking my hard cock, while my fingers slipped under her panties, and found her wet and ready.

I slowly inserted one, then two fingers into her pussy. Moving them slowly, I soon found a rhythm, and her hips quickly started moving in time with my gentle probing. All the while, my lips were kissing her neck, face and ears. I nipped at her lobes, and she sighed, and shuddered with pleasure.

As I continued my manipulations, I started to kiss and lick my way down her body. Moving from one breast to the other, I nibbled and sucked her nipples, bringing her to even greater heights of pleasure. Down, down my mouth moved, trailing kisses and licking past her navel, then slipping down one thigh and slowly up the other, until she was ready to explode with joy.

“Please, taste me…” I heard her start to say, and then my mouth closed on her clit, while my fingers found her G spot. Chris through her head back, screaming my name, and shuddered with uncontrollable pleasure.

After she came down from the terrific high I had been so happy to provide for her, she looked at me and that grin returned to her face. With one sentence, she told me all I wanted to hear…

” Your turn…”

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