This is my 3rd and final chapter in this series on the lovely Yvonne Strahovski. Hope you enjoy it.


It had been some time, six weeks to be exact, since that night with Yvonne in the hotel room in Hong Kong. I thought about her constantly all that time. One night around about 2:30 in the morning, my phone illuminates and begins to ring. I was still a bit groggy but I composed myself somewhat and answered the call.


“Hi Bill, it’s me Yvonne.”

“Hey Yvonne, it has been some time, how are you keeping?”

“I am great, Bill, how are you?”

“Better now that I am talking to you.”

“Well the reason I called is that I want to see you again, and this time I want to find you.”

“Ï would love to see you again Yvonne”

“Well where you now Bill?”

“I’m in Mauritius, enjoying the island life.”

“That sounds wonderful, how much longer will you be there?”

“Well I have just arrived, I’ll be here for another three weeks.”

“That’s good timing it would seem, I am in your home town.”

“That is good timing, how are you finding it?”

“An interesting place, quite colourful and certainly unique and unlike any other country I have been to. Although the prevailing love of Rugby reminds me of home.”

“South Africans are certainly crazy about that.”

“Well I realise I may have woke you up but, I’ll make it up to you when we see each other again.”

“It’s a wonderful thing to be woken by you Yvonne.”

“Ah Bill you know just how to charm a girl.”

“Well Yvonne, you mean a great deal to me.”

“I am certainly flattered Bill, I suppose we will pick this up when we cross paths once again.”

“We certainly will Yvonne.”

After the call ended I really could not get myself to sleep, knowing Yvonne was coming to me was tantalising. I had sat with my phone in my hand for at least another half hour before setting it down. I felt calm on the phone but afterwards I was a nervous wreck thinking about her. I had been in her company twice now and both times we had amazing sex which sent both of us into lust fuelled frenzies.

I stood up and opened the windows looking up into the sky which was filled with stars as the scarcity of other buildings or land meant that the stars shone brightly on this tiny island. Questions were filling my head even though I had been with her before, knowing now that she was coming started to drive me wild.

I stepped outside to calm my nerves and take in some of that fresh sea air. I looked around and up at the full moon as it dominated the skyline all around.

The secluded part of the island was home to the resort I was staying it, it was quiet and secluded a bit away from the bright lights of Mauritius’ capital Port Louis. I looked around taking in all the stars above thinking, knowing what was to come.

Eventually I headed back to bed and slept away until the morning I awoke to find a message pop up on my phone. I looked at and saw that it was from Yvonne and it was informing me of her imminent arrival.

I decided to scrub up a bit before she arrived. I hit the shower and cleaned up nicely. Showered, shaved and slightly horny I awaited Yvonne’s arrival. She knew where I was and how to find me.

A knock on the door then came and I headed to the door, I looked through the peephole and saw her standing there looking as beautiful as one would expect. I drew in a sharp, deep breath, collected myself and opened the door. Yvonne looked to me and gave me the most beautiful smile a man could get from a woman.

Without a word Yvonne, threw her arms around me and we embraced holding each other tightly, closely and seemingly not wanting to let go.

After we let go Yvonne said to me, “Bill, I’m happy to see you again.”

“Yvonne, I’m over the moon to be seeing you again, holding you in my arms.”

“Well we will be doing more than holding each other,” Yvonne said to me with a sly wink.

Yvonne moved past me as I closed the door she moved sexily toward the pool outside the suite. Yvonne slipped her short yellow sundress off her shoulders and let it slip to the floor revealing her amazing naked body.

She slowly moved into the water and turned to face me revealing her gorgeous breasts down to her beautiful pussy which was clearly visible through the crystal clear blue water.

“Come on in, the water is fine.” Yvonne called out to me whilst gesturing me toward her with a wave of her finger.

I pulled off my shirt and dropped my trousers, my shaft stood at attention ready for action. I moved toward Yvonne, stepping outside and into the sunshine.

I moved toward the pool and began to step inside the water. I then moved toward Yvonne, and she pressed her body against mine I could feel her breasts as tender as one could imagine and her nipples aroused. She was as horny as me and I was not about to deny her what she wanted.

We locked lips and found ourselves snogging, as if our lives depended on it. We ran our hands up and down one another’s bodies as if it was the first or the first time in an eternity. Yvonne’s curves had become familiar to me and my hands were not wondering but returning to places much loved. We had become familiar, lovers with knowledge of each other and what we wanted.

Yvonne floated to the edge of the pool and I followed. I lifted her up onto the ledge of the pool and she spread her legs slowly and revealed to me her slice of heaven. I moved toward her pussy and began to use my mouth and tongue on it. Yvonne responded softly at first but louder as I continued flicking, darting, and swirling my tongue in and out of her amazing pussy.

Yvonne had her head tilted back and moaned loudly for all to hear, even though no one was around to listen. I had my hands placed gently and Yvonne’s body gripping her ever so slightly while she gyrated around my tongue as it continued to pleasure her and fondle her in every way possible.

My movements were quick fluid and so unpredictable. I was bringing her to orgasm, I could just feel it. Her body began to tingle and soon she was cumming, her fluids shot out, dripping and seeping into the pool below. Yvonne cast her gaze back toward me, she was warmed up and yearning for more. She hopped back into the pool and reached down and began to fondle my already rock hard cock

“Hmm, one of the things I love about you,” Yvonne said to me in an irresistible tone of voice.

“What might that be?” I enquired.

“You know just how to pleasure a girl.”

“Thank you, Yvonne.”

Yvonne flashed her amazing smile and led me up the steps and out of the pool. We moved toward a chaise lounge and Yvonne gestured me to lay back and she got onto it as well and began to fondle and slowly stroke my cock. Yvonne then slid her tongue along the length of my shaft coating it and sending a shiver up my spine.

Yvonne put my shaft inside her mouth sucking and still licking with her tongue, her movements were slow, deliberate, and undeniably sexy. As I looked upon Yvonne, pleasuring me, with my cock inside her warm mouth. I felt delirious, even after all that time, at the sight before me. Yvonne continued her sucking and continued to give me amazing pleasure.

Yvonne then lifted herself from my cock and straddled me and lowered herself over my cock and guided it slowly into her gorgeous pussy. Yvonne slid herself ever so slowly down the length of my cock until she got it all inside her. She gasped her little as she reached the end of my shaft we became connected.

Yvonne began to slide slowly up and then down my cock, fucking me like only she knew how, up, down, and side to side. She continued to fuck, with the sun beaming down on us both, however Yvonne, was illuminated as if the brightness came from her body. It was at that point, that I felt love in its truest, rawest, and rarest form. Sex never felt so right until Yvonne came, in more ways than one, into my life and changed it forever.

Our fucking continued, and so did our isolation from all the other residents of this island nation. It felt as though we were the two remaining members of the human race. Yvonne let her approval out, she voiced with all the power of her voice. It gave me great joy, feeling and need to live, for me and for her. Yvonne continued to fuck, to gyrate, and make my cock move like a snake deep inside her soaked pussy.

Yvonne then stood up gesturing me to do so as well. She then lay down on the chaise lounge facing me, and spread her legs and invited me in with a curl of her finger. I moved in slowly over Yvonne, as I positioned my cock in front of her pussy in started to slide it inside. I slid it in slowly at first and then began to move, to fuck Yvonne, with more momentum and she responded with approval, engulfed deep in lust and yearning for more.

I felt her body tingle, which signalled to me that she was to be engulfed with another orgasm. It came, Yvonne tingled and her body trembled at first and then she came, screaming with pleasure with her pussy juices coating my cock and the out of her pussy. Yvonne kept her eyes fixed on mine as she had done since walking through that door. I was over and she and I remained connected still wanting more and Yvonne voice her urges.

“Now it is time for you for pink asshole and you cock to become reacquainted.”

I obliged and removed my cock from Yvonne’s pussy and gestured her to turn around. Yvonne did so and positioned herself on all fours on the chaise lounge and turned to me and gave me that ‘come fuck me’ look and I did not need another hint. I got onto to the chaise lounge behind her and positioned my cock in front of her pink asshole. I then slipped the tip inside and slowly slid more of my cock inside her pussy.

Yvonne let it be known her approval as more of my cock found its way inside her ass. It felt good, like it did the first time, other worldly. I had my cock slipped inside and I began to fuck her, in her amazing ass and slid my hands ever so gently down Yvonne’s back. Yvonne loved it and so did I, fucking like there was no tomorrow and no one else left in the world.

All the while Yvonne, slowly massaged and fingered her pussy as my cock catered to her ass and she was sending herself into delirium. After some time, I felt my balls begin to swell and just before, I came I pulled my cock out until just the tip was inside. I then came and shot my cum inside Yvonne’s asshole and pumped until the last bit had left my cock.

I pulled out and watched as cum slid slowly out of Yvonne’s asshole. It dripped onto the Chaise lounge it, Yvonne then turned around and blew me a kiss. She then looked down admiring the scene and glowing from what we had just done.

“Thank you,” I said to her.

“Thank you, that was amazing,” Yvonne replied. We then took a dip in the pool to cool off and the water was fine, reenergising us for the evening ahead as we noted the sun had dipped somewhat since we began.

Afterwards we had left the pool and dried off and found ourselves inside sipping on something cold.

“Yvonne do you fancy a night out dinner, dancing?” I asked Yvonne.

“Hmm, looks like you have been reading Maxim.” Yvonne replied.

“Guilty as charged,” I replied.

“Well that sounds like a fantastic idea Bill, I would love to have a night out on the town, with you.”

That was an amazing thing to hear, all the pain of the past had disappeared and was wiped out in an instant. We finished our drinks and began to get ourselves ready.

(A little later)

Yvonne stepped out of the bedroom looking absolutely amazing, wearing a white dress, which clung tightly to her amazing body, it was short and showed off just enough, she had on matching white heels, which accentuated her legs even more. Yvonne looked absolutely stunning her hair flowed down her shoulders, her eye seeming sparkled. She was just amazing and there was not enough words to describe just how much.

I had on a shirt dark in colours, along with jeans, dark as well. We left the room and exited the hotel and into an awaiting chauffeured car which whisked us off. Our destination lay within the city, the restaurant was Italian and the night was just about to begin as was our journey that evening.

Whilst sat on the back seat of a BMW 5-series, which was black inside and out. Yvonne sat beside me once more and it brought back memories.

“This certainly brings back memories Yvonne,” I said to her.

“Hmm Buenos Aires, where we first met,” Yvonne, replied.

“The one in the same,” I replied.

“Well, I’m not here, from some strange coincidence, Bill, you have qualities, an appeal that resonates with me, and it is not something a lot of men possess,” Yvonne spoke to me.

“Thank you, Yvonne, I am still in a bit of disbelief as to how all of this happened,” I replied.

“There is no need for that Bill, I am here because I want to be, because you are able to compel me, like you compelled me to come here, it seems we will always find one another.”

Yvonne placed her hand upon my shoulder and looked toward giving me a comforting look, a look that told me that everything was going to be alright. After some time we made to the restaurant and found ourselves a secluded table in the corner of the restaurant. We sat ourselves down and continued to converse, to laugh, to enjoy the night.

“Well it would seem you know how to treat a lady,” Yvonne said to me.

“Well a lady deserves to be treated as such,” I replied.

“I see you’re quite the gentleman Bill.”

“Why thank you, I believe in common courtesy.”

“What we did in that pool was anything but common.”

“Well, I tend to be open to try new things, do things a little different.”

“Then don’t you ever stop.”

“I will keep going, especially for you Yvonne.”

“I know you will Bill, I know you will.”

Our evening continued as did our banter, it was a wonderful evening thus far. However, we had become keen to inject some energy and fire into the night. So after we left the restaurant, we were whisked off a night club of sorts and went inside. We moved through the door, into the thumping sounds and swirling lights. The place was alive with more than just people, bodies writhed around on the dance floor, and the DJ in his booth pushed out the sounds that had the people truly alive.

Lights flashed, swirled, darted and moved in tune to the music. The power of the sounds the speakers put out had people mesmerised, intoxicated, and under a spell. Yvonne and I found ourselves a table first and sat ourselves down. We first enjoyed a couple of drinks and then Yvonne, had the urge to go dancing, and naturally I obliged her, and we hit the dance floor.

Yvonne moved her body so seductively, it was mesmerising. We moved about, feeling the music and letting the beats move through us. The night was still young, and were certainly making the most of it. Time began to pass, and we had no care in the world, as if that dance floor was the only thing in the world. As the night progressed it felt as though the only people present was us. We saw only each other, and no one else. The music continued to flow, as did the drinks and our bodies took it all in, we were certainly having the evening we were unlikely to forget.

When we left the sun was just beginning it ascent into the skies over Mauritius we had danced the night away and still felt energy in abundance. Our car dropped us off the hotel and we found our way back to our room. I opened the door and ushered Yvonne, inside before me. I then followed as she walked inside, all the while I was admiring her amazing form in her tight dress.

It was clear after the previous night’s dinner and dancing, a few things were still clear to us, even in our state at the time. We were sweaty drunk and very horny, so without saying a word we headed straight for the bedroom. I pushed opened the double doors of the bedroom and Yvonne stepped inside once again ahead of me. She kicked off her shoes turned her head to face me.

I moved in behind and placed kisses upon her neck. Yvonne enjoyed that and then proceeded to turn around and we shared a deep, passionate kiss. Our lips and tongues connected and it was an amazing feeling as we snogged one another and rand our hands down, feeling one another’s most intimate parts over the fabric of our clothing.

My hands wondered starting with her hair, her flowing blonde locks which glistened in the early morning sun as it peeked through the slits of the window blinds. Down the back of her neck and to her front around and over her gorgeous and tender breasts. I moved further down, past her flat chest then circling around to her pert and wonderful ass. I grabbed, fondled it and Yvonne voiced her utmost approval of my actions.

I slowly lifted up Yvonne’s dress to find she had on nothing else but that dress. Yvonne smiled at that and then said to me, “Like what you see?”

“Oh absolutely,” was my response.

I slid my index finger over the slit of her pussy and the rosebud of her asshole. Yvonne’s body tingled after I had done that as she stood up on the tips of her toes and slowly set herself firmly back onto the ground

We moved to the bed and Yvonne sat me down and stepped back and began to slowly slide off her dress, it slipped to the floor, and revealed her nude body immediately. Yvonne then moved up to me and proceeded to rip my shirt open and began to tug and unbuckle my belt. Yvonne continued and soon had my erect member standing at attention and ready for action.

I moved back on the bed and Yvonne, moved between two of the four posts on the bed. Yvonne, swiftly turned around and offered up her pussy and gorgeous asshole to me as she began to once again, work her magic on my cock. Yvonne stroked slowly feeling every bit of my cock in her hands. While I began to grab and message Yvonne ass as I moved in with my tongue to enjoy her pussy as she was enjoying my cock.

I licked and swirled my tongue hitting every spot just the way she was liking it. All the while Yvonne had licked and lubricated my cock and by then had inside her mouth and was tending to it, like only she could. It began to blow my mind and simply leave me in awe.

How I was still able continued working her pussy was beyond my understanding. We simply kept going, we literally danced the entire night away and saw the sun when we left the night club and at that point we were fucking each other senseless.

Our activities continued as our connected bodies in our entangled position had us pleasuring one another equally. We continued this way for some time, loving all of what we were doing to one another.

Yvonne soon lifted herself of my cock and began to inch herself forward, which indicated to me she wanted my cock inside her pussy. However, once she turned around and straddled me she then positioned my cock in front of her asshole and slowly slide it inside.

Yvonne began to fuck me, she moved slowly at first and increased her tempo. It simply mesmerised me, she could do the same thing over and over, and still it would feel different each time, with the only constant being the amazing nature of how she would do it.

The bed made no sound as we fucked away on it, and we were certainly not being subtle. Once again it felt as though, all of humanity was gone but us, and the world in its entirety was our domain. Yvonne began to get a little louder and screamed with pleasure and lust as it filled up in both her body and mine. All the while my cock was inside Yvonne’s ass I proceeded to finger fuck her pussy and work every angle that I could. I slide a finger inside, then two, and then three.

Yvonne began to gyrate body around my cock, which simply increased both the sensations we were feeling. We continued for a while longer, with my cock in her ass and my fingers tending to her gorgeous pussy. My handy work soon brought her to orgasm and her juices began to l spray out. She continued fuck me with my cock in her ass all the way through the orgasmic climax.

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