Circumstances compelled me to spend a month at my mother’s house. She lives alone in a small, quiet town on the Florida coast. The neighborhood sits across the street from the beach, but few of the residents actually enjoy the ocean–the average age of the neighbors is closer to my mother’s seventy years than my own forty-five. The shuffling of walkers and the occasional whir of electric scooters are the usual sounds punctuating the gentle background music of waves crashing on the shore.

The first two nights of my visit were unremarkable. I spent the day at the hospital with my mother, and returned in the late evening for a solo dinner followed by solo television and a session of solo sex in front of my computer. The monotony was oppressive, but I was doing my duty as the diligent son.

On the third morning I awoke to a welcome surprise–a cold front had rolled in overnight, dropping the temperature by fifteen degrees. It would provide a welcome relief from the heat in my mother’s fifty year old home that was fitted with air conditioning installed while Jimmy Carter was president.

It was still pleasant when I returned from the hospital that evening. Upon entering the house, I quickly raced through every room and opened every window. In less than one-half hour the house was cool and for the first time I looked forward to sleeping.

I went to bed a little after midnight. I undressed, opened my laptop, pulled up my favorite porn sites, and leaned back against the headboard. Thirty minutes later I closed the computer, wiped the juice off my belly, and laid down to rest.

With the windows open I was exposed to a new universe of sound–in the background I heard the steady rhythm of waves breaking on the beach; from two blocks away I heard a TV blaring the late night Sports Center; and just outside the window, the palm trees were rustling in the wind. I was sound asleep in minutes.

Sometime later I was awakened by the crashing of metal and wood against concrete. Grunting noises–both male and female–rounded out the cacophony. It took me a second to wake up and another second to realize what I was hearing. Someone is fucking right outside my bedroom.

I stood up and peeked through the front window. I saw nothing but an empty street. I looked out the side window. In the dim light I could see the wooden fence that separated my mother’s yard from the neighbors’. I could see the shape of the bedroom window rising a few feet above the fence, but there were no lights on in the house. Nonetheless, I knew that the sexual symphony I was hearing originated from the open window on the other side of the fence.

Cloaked in darkness, I squinted and strained, searching for a glimpse of the couple whose lovemaking had disturbed my sleep. But no matter how hard I stared at the top half of that window, all I saw was darkness.

As the sounds of the bed springs stretching, the headboard banging into the wall, the woman’s moans and the man’s grunts rose to a crescendo, I found my hand wrapped around my fully erect cock, stroking it back and forth. I stood at the window and masturbated for several minutes, driven by the sound of the couple fucking next door.

After a few minutes I realized that no matter how hard I stared, I wasn’t going to see anything; I could hear just as well from the bed as I could from the window. It made much more sense to lie down and make myself comfortable, rather than stand at the window jacking off and hoping I climaxed before I developed cramps in my legs.

Lying down was not only more comfortable, but it also freed my imagination. I could not recall ever having seen the neighbors, so I tried to picture the youngest, sexiest women in the neighborhood. There was a young mom on the corner–a little thin for my taste, but still pretty in a trailer trashy kind of way. There were two fifty-something sisters across the street; they were both heavy, but the younger of the two was a pretty redhead that I would fuck in a minute. There was a thick African-American woman two houses down with big breasts and an enormous ghetto booty; she would be one hell of a ride.

I was having a hard time thinking of anyone else who did not have silver hair and a walker, when I noticed that the two lovers were becoming much more vocal. She was urging him to push it deeper, and his grunts became louder and with every stroke. My rhythm matched theirs; I imagined that it was my cock pushing into the plump redhead from across the street. As her moans grew longer and more intense, my speed increased. When she started panting that she was cumming, I erupted–shooting my second load of the evening all over my belly.

I lay on the bed for a minute, and then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Without turning on any lights I grabbed a few sheets of toilet paper, wiped off the semen, and went back to sleep.

An hour later I was awakened again by the sounds of sex floating through the window. I didn’t masturbate this time; once is healthy, twice is self-indulgent, and three time is just a total lack of self-discipline, I told myself. Instead, I tried very hard to match the woman’s voice to a face. Despite my best efforts, I could not identify the originator of those moans. After a while, I gave up on memory and let my imagination take over. By the time her pussy was filled with her partner’s second load of cum, I was picturing a mid-thirties brunette, with wide hips, heavy breasts, and a shaved pussy. I imagined her the mother of two small children, descended from Eastern Europe, and perhaps a pre-school teacher or secretary. In my mind she was all innocence on the outside, and wanton whore on the inside. No matter how much of my creation turned out to be inaccurate, I knew I got at least one detail right.

The next morning I got up, showered, dressed, and put on some coffee. I opened the front door and walked to the road to pick up the morning paper. I realized that I did not pick up yesterday’s mail, so I turned and started toward the mailbox. My mother’s mailbox shares a post with the neighbors’ box, which is located at the end of their driveway. Just as I stepped toward the post, the front door of the neighbors’ house opened. An older woman in a knee-length pink robe emerged from the house and walked toward the end of the driveway. Most of her brassy blonde hair–with dark brown and grey roots–was piled on top of her head and held in place by a large plastic clip; several locks had escaped confinement and were blowing in the breeze. As she walked toward me I could see that she had a pretty face beneath the smear of last night’s make up. I guessed her age to be around sixty-five, but it could easily have been five years in either direction.

“Beautiful morning,” she called to me.

“I love this weather,” I answered.

The woman stepped over her newspaper, turned to face me, and then bent over and reached for the bundle. The top of her robe opened, revealing almost all of her breasts. They were a nice size–probably a C-cup–but had long ago lost the war with gravity. Her brown nipples stood out in the cool morning air. She reached for the paper, lingering a little longer than necessary in the bent forward position. A second later she grasped the paper and stood up. Her robe closed as she returned to the upright position. Did that just happen?

She extended her right hand in my direction, while clutching the newspaper against her chest with her left hand . I took her palm and gave a gentle shake. Was this the woman I heard getting fucked last night? I felt my cock stirring in my jeans.

“You must be Joanna’s boy. I’m Evelyn–nice to meet you.”

“I’m William. I’m here for a few weeks to help my mom, once she gets out of the hospital.”

“How’s Joanna doing?”

“The doctor said the surgery went well. As soon as she can get up and walk around, they should be sending her home. A couple more days, I imagine.”

“She’s lucky to have you here. If you need anything, just ask. My husband and I will do anything we can.”

“Thank you. I appreciate that.”

“Anything for Joanna’s boy.”

“Is it just the two of you living here?”

“Yes, our children are all grown. We moved into this house two years ago when Roger retired.”

It was her!

Before I knew what was happening, she pulled me toward her and gave me a quick hug. It was over in a second, but in that brief moment I caught a good whiff of her aroma. The scent of stale cum and rank pussy wafted to my nose, overwhelming my senses. No doubt about it–it was definitely her. I inhaled deeply, taking in as much of her funk as the morning breeze would allow, and then released her.

“Take care, honey,” she said. “And give my best to Joanna.”

I watched her walk away, and then I turned and went back into the house.

The rest of the day followed the familiar routine. A half hour drive to the hospital; sitting all day with my mother; flirting with the nurses; half hour return drive; culminating in another solo dinner. I did do one thing differently: Before going to bed I looked up some “over-sixties” porn. I was surprised not only by the sheer number of such videos, but also by how hot some of the women looked to me. I resisted the urge to masturbate; I just browsed the clips for an hour and then went to sleep with a raging erection.

I don’t know how long I slept, but once again I was awakened by the sound of the neighbors fucking just outside my bedroom. Just as I did the night before, I went to the side window and peered over the fence at their house. But unlike the previous night, light was streaming from the master bedroom window and the blinds were fully open. Unfortunately, the privacy fence between the two houses was doing exactly what it was designed to do–keeping my prying eyes from seeing the activity occurring in the bedroom.

Emboldened by the darkness blanketing the house, I raced out of the bedroom and parked myself on the family room sofa. The sofa sat in front of another window facing east and overlooking the neighbor’s house. I parted the curtains and peered in the direction of the illuminated window. The viewing angle was sharper, thereby allowing a peek at a different portion of the bedroom. Despite the altered vantage point, however, the view was still the same. All I saw was the upper portion of a pastel yellow wall. To make matters worse, the family room windows were closed, so I couldn’t hear a thing.

I stumbled to my bed in the dark, made myself comfortable, and started stroking my cock. This time I had no difficulty picturing the woman taking a pounding on the other side of the fence. Evelyn made it even easier for me by talking more and moaning less.

“Mmm,” she cooed. “Give it to me. Give it to me baby. Mmmm. Fuck me hard. Mmmm. Fuck me like a young stud.”

I almost blew my load when I heard that one. Is she thinking about me? Is she imagining that I’m fucking her? She knows I’m listening. She wants me to hear.

I went to the bathroom and found a bottle of baby oil. I returned to bed, poured some oil in my palm, and started a slow stroke. Evelyn’s serenade coaxed my erection to historic degrees of hardness as my hand glided up and down the shaft.

“Fuck me, stud. Fuck me hard. Give me that stiff, hard cock.”

I imagined Evelyn on her back, her legs spread wide, her breasts flattened against her chest, and her nipples sticking straight up. Take it baby, take my cock. I thrust into her as she wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me in deeper. Take it all, baby, take it deep.

“Mmm, that’s it honey, fuck me good. Fuck me hard.”

Honey! She called me “honey” this morning. Oh, I’ll fuck you hard. I’ll fuck you so fucking hard. My hand slid up and down my throbbing shaft, slowly gliding over the glans and making it twitch. I’m going to cum, baby. Get ready for it.

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck me like a strong young stud. That’s it. Fuck me good.”

Oh, I’m fucking you, baby. I’m fucking you. Do you like this cock, baby? Do you like this younger cock?

The bedsprings continued to bounce at a pace with the headboard banging against the cinder block wall.

“Fuck me. Make me cum. I’m almost there. Fuck me, stud, fuck me.”

Take it, baby, take it. Take it all. My hand was a blur on my cock. The baby oil had run down my shaft, past my balls, and was sure to leave a grease spot on the sheet. I didn’t care. This was the best masturbation session of my life.

“Yes! That’s it! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Yes!”

I’m cumming too! Take it baby, take my load! Oh, yes! Yes! A massive load of cum shot out of my balls, up my shaft, and erupted onto my belly. Some of it may have splashed off my face. I wasn’t sure. I lay in bed for several minutes gasping for breath. Once my heart had slowed, I made my way to the bathroom and showered in the dark.

The next morning I sat by the front window, watching for Evelyn to retrieve her newspaper. I waited until it was time to leave for the hospital, but she never appeared. When I was out of time I left, more than a little disappointed. As I was backing out of the driveway, I saw Evelyn emerge from her house in that pink bathrobe. She waved to me as I pulled away.

That night I went to bed at the usual time. I awoke the next morning fully refreshed but disappointed by the fact that there was no repeat performance. I didn’t see Evelyn before I left for the hospital, either. I didn’t know if the game was over, or if I just didn’t know all the rules. Maybe tonight.

Or maybe not. I sat in my room watching videos for nearly an hour before turning off the computer. I resisted the urge to squeeze one out, saving my load for another session with Evelyn. I awoke the next morning thoroughly refreshed, fully erect, and backed up to my eyeballs with cum. I showered, got dressed, and went to the road to pick up the newspaper. Just as I turned to walk back into the house, Evelyn appeared. She waved me over, meeting me at the mailbox. Once again she was naked under her robe, as evidenced by the nipples sticking through the pink cloth.

“How’s Joanna?” she asked.

“Better,” I answered. “Unless something goes wrong, she’s coming home today.”

I stared at her nipples in an attempt to open the front of her robe with my mind. Evelyn shook her head, causing her breasts to dance from side to side beneath the robe. My cock stirred in my pants.

“That’s good to hear. I’ll bet she’s ready to come home.”

“Oh, she is. She can’t get any sleep in the hospital.”

“I know what you mean. When I was hospitalized last year, the nurses were in all night checking on me and doing tests and whatever else they could do to wake me up. It’s impossible to get any rest in there.”

“Yeah, I expect she’s going to come home and just sleep for a few days.”

“What time are you going to get her?”

“In about an hour. I’m going to put on some coffee, maybe have a little breakfast, and then take off.”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you come in and join my husband and I for coffee. I just put on a pot. And I have some muffins I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”

Oh yeah, I definitely want to snack on your muffin. My erection must have been visible. I could feel it twitching.

“I’d love to.”

“Are you sure you have time?’


“Let’s go.”

I followed Evelyn to the front door. While walking behind her I admired her legs, which were toned and tanned. Her hair was as messy as the last time I saw her, but at least she wasn’t wearing last night’s make-up. She didn’t reek of sex, either, so I was sure that I had not slept through another late night performance.

We walked through the front door and entered the living room. That room opened to the back of the house, where her husband was already walking on a treadmill. The room also contained a stationary bicycle and a Nautilus weight machine. These two are certainly into fitness.

“Honey!” Evelyn barked in her husband’s direction, while tapping her ear.

“Yes?” he answered, pulling the earbuds from his head.

“This is William. He’s Joanna’s boy. He’s bringing her home from the hospital today.”

“Oh, pleased to meet you William. I’m Roger.”

He continued walking on the treadmill, not missing a step.

“My pleasure, Roger. The two of you have a very lovely home.”

“That’s all her doing. This is my room.” Roger waved his arm around, indicating the various exercise equipment. “I may be retired, but I intend to keep on living for a good long time.”

You’re doing a hell of a job of that, my friend. That’s some amazing stamina for someone your age. Beneath his tank top and his too small running shorts, it was apparent that Roger kept himself in good shape. He was no Charles Atlas, but–like Evelyn–he was toned, tanned, and in much better shape than most people a decade or two younger.

“This is a nice set up. Do you work out every day?”

“We try to, at least an hour a day. My doctor lectured me for years to take better care of myself, and now that I have the time, I make it a point to do the best I can. I apologize, but I need to pick up the pace a little. Tell your mother we wish her the best.”

“I’ll do that. She’ll appreciate hearing from you.”

Roger put his earbuds back in, adjusted the speed on the treadmill, and went back to work. Evelyn led me to the front room and maneuvered me to a chair facing the back of the house. She went to the kitchen, and returned a second later carrying a tray loaded down with a pot of coffee, two cups, cream, sugar, and a plate of muffins.

“How do you like your coffee?” she asked, taking a seat across from me and with her back to Roger.

“Just cream.”

Evelyn poured a cup, handed it to me, and then poured herself a cup. She picked up the plate of muffins and handed it to me.

“Would you like to try my muffin?”

My heart rate accelerated and my cock throbbed. Oh, hell yes!

“Sure, what kind is it?”

“It’s a special recipe: Oat bran, dried cranberries and acai, nuts, safflower oil, and sweetened with pomegranate juice. It’s a very healthy breakfast. Eating my muffin every morning is what keeps Roger in such good shape.”

I nearly spit up my coffee. My cock strained against my underwear, fully loaded and ready to go off at any second.

“I’ll bet,” I managed to sputter out.

“How do you like it?” she asked.

“It’s delicious,” I lied.

It was awful, like eating sawdust and sour apples. But I’ll say anything you want to hear if you show me another peek of your boobs.

“Roger and I both try to take care of our bodies. He wants to live a good long life, and he wants to enjoy all that it offers.”

“And you?”

“Oh, that’s certainly important.”


“I’m a woman. Women like to be looked at and admired. We like attention. Young women take it for granted, but wrinkled up old ladies miss it before they even know its gone.”

“I never thought of that. I always assumed that women get tired of being ogled all the time.”

“No woman ever gets tired of being admired.”

“I’m sure that Roger gives you plenty of attention.”

I glanced over her shoulder and looked in Roger’s direction. As I did, Evelyn’s thighs parted a few inches, offering a brief glance at her crotch. Was that her bush? It was only there for a second, then her legs closed and it was gone. My erection started to ache.

“Oh he does, but that’s not what I mean. It’s one thing to have your spouse admire you. It’s something completely different to have every eye in the room looking at you–to know that every head is turning in your direction when you enter, and to know that every man desires you. It’s exhilarating. In some ways, its what I live for.”

“I see.”

“That’s why women wear make up, stylish clothes, and fuss with our hair. We want men to pay attention to us. All men, not just our spouses.”

“That urge doesn’t decline with age? Don’t you get over it?”

“Never–at least not for me.”

“Does Roger know this?” I glanced over her shoulder again.

Her thighs parted, a little wider and for a few more seconds than last time. My eyes immediately looked down, where I confirmed my earlier suspicion that I was seeing her bush. Oh god, this is such sweet torture. I looked up to her face, as her thighs closed again.

“He gets it a little bit, but he doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.”

“How so?”

I looked in Roger’s direction again. Once again, she pulled my attention back by opening her thighs and giving me a glimpse of her pussy. My eyes darted to her crotch, where they remained focused until she opened her mouth to speak. I’ve become Pavlov’s dog.

“He understands that I crave his attention. But he would never understand that intimately exposing my need to be desired makes me feel more feminine–and more sexy. All he understands is that the when I am free to express my sexuality, our sex life is better. The mechanism that drives my passion is lost on him. But that’s ok. He knows he’s going to get a good fuck when you leave.”

“How does he know that?” I gasped.

I heard a beeping noise in the back room. I looked past Evelyn and saw Roger turn off the treadmill before taking a seat at the Nautilus. That machine was facing the wall.

Evelyn opened her robe and spread it wide, flashing her entire body at me. My cock strained against my shorts. Her breasts sagged and she was a little thick around the middle, but her skin was smooth and her shape was pleasing. Not bad, for sixty-five. Before I could even breathe she had already closed the robe and re-tied the belt.

“Because every time we have sex it’s a good fuck. Now, don’t you have to be somewhere?”

I stood up to leave. There was no hiding my erection. Evelyn walked me to the door, but stopped before opening it. She opened her robe and gave me a quick hug, pressing her soft naked body against mine. I’m going to cum in my pants.

“Th-thanks for the coffee,” I stammered

“You’re welcome. Stop by anytime.”

While driving to the hospital, I tried to make sense of what had happened. Evelyn was obviously flashing her bush at me, but I couldn’t figure out if Roger knew what she was doing. Is this some game they play? Or is she the only one playing? Is this how she controls him? She sure had me under her control. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the conversation. Only two things stuck out to me: her mention of “intimately” and “exposing.” She gets off knowing that I’m listening to her fuck…and I think she wants me to watch.

I had to wait several hours before the hospital completed my mother’s discharge. By the time we returned to the house she was ready for a nap. The cold front had moved on, and the warm weather was back in full force. As a result, I had to close up the house so that she could sleep comfortably.

My mother awoke just in time for dinner. I prepared a light, healthy dinner for her, but she preferred a cup of chicken broth. I ate dinner alone while she sipped her broth and watched television.

She was ready for bed by nine. It took me nearly a half hour to administer all her medications, dress her for bed, and set up her cushions and bolsters in a comfortable sleeping position. By nine-thirty I once again found myself in front of the television, spending another evening alone.

I turned off the TV at eleven and retreated to my room. I was in middle of perusing my favorite porn sites when it occurred to me that with the windows closed, I would not be able to hear Evelyn and Roger’s next performance. As an alternative, I searched until I found a clip of a mature blonde fucking a young dark-haired man, and used that as the inspiration for my evening wank. It was a poor substitute for Evelyn’s live sex show.

After finishing I cleaned up, put the computer away, and lay on the bed. I tossed and turned for an hour, but sleep eluded me. I was certain that Evelyn was planning a performance for me, and it frustrated me no end that I was going to miss it. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” Those words haunted me. I went to the window and cracked the blinds just enough so that I could see Evelyn’s bedroom window. No luck–it was dark.

I turned on the computer and answered a few e-mails. I pulled up another video, but resisted the urge to masturbate again. I went on Craigslist and browsed the personals. Thirty minutes later I turned off the computer and tried once again to go to sleep.

Five minutes passed, then the light went on in Evelyn’s bedroom. I went to the window and watched for several minutes, but I still couldn’t see anything from that angle. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” I had to do something, but I didn’t know what. I put on a pair of shorts and went to the back of the house. I peeked through the family room window, but I already knew this strategy wouldn’t work. As expected, I couldn’t see a thing. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” I had to think of something else.

I went back to my room and stared at the portion of the window glowing yellow above the fence. They’re probably fucking already. I crept to the family room, and then returned to the bedroom. I have to do something. I was pacing like an agitated lion.

There was only one thing I could think of, but it was too crazy to contemplate. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” I looked at the window one more time, and then I made my decision. I’ll do it.

I slipped out of my bedroom, and stopped to check on my mother. She’s snoring–perfect. I went to the back door and slid open the sliding glass door. Wearing only my shorts, I stepped through and closed the door behind me.

I tip-toed through the backyard until I reached the fence.

“Mmm, honey, just like that,” Evelyn cooed.

I couldn’t see over the fence, but my suspicions were confirmed. Despite the heat, Evelyn and Roger were going at it with the windows open. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” I opened my zipper, pulled out my cock, and started stroking.

“Taste me, honey,” Evelyn urged, “lick me right here.”

Having already cum an hour or so earlier, I knew that it would take me a while to orgasm again. I decided that I needed to make myself more comfortable, so I scanned the backyard for something to sit on. I crept over to the deck and picked up a patio chair, which I then carried to the fence–moving as slowly and silently as possible. Once I was sure that no one had heard me, I pulled out my cock and resumed jacking off.

“That’s it! You’re such a good boy. Lick it up, honey, lick my muffin.”

I recalled the conversation from earlier in the day. She’s performing for me. She wants me to imagine that I’m eating her pussy.

“Mmm, stud, you’re making me cum. Don’t you just love my muffin?”

My cock was as hard as it had ever been at anytime of my life.

“Oh! Oh! Right there! Mmm. Yes! I’m cumming! You’re making me cum!”

I stroked up and down, enjoying every sound coming through that window. I had never before masturbated outdoors, but at that moment the historical significance was lost on me. My sole focus was the woman spread out on the bed with her husband’s face between her thighs, licking her to orgasm.

“That was so good, honey, now it’s my turn. Feed me.”

I heard some rustling of the sheets, and then the next sound was a long groan from Roger. I imagined Evelyn swallowing his entire sword. I was close to cumming.

“Oh, yes, baby, yes,” Roger moaned. “You’re the best cocksucker in the world.”

It occurred to me that Evelyn couldn’t talk with her mouth full of Roger’s cock. Until she finished or moved on, all I was going to hear was Roger, and he was far less vocal than Evelyn. My erection started to wane.

“He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.”

I debated myself for several seconds, and then made up my mind. Before my rational brain could reassert itself, I stood on the chair and looked over the fence.

The view was worth the risk. Roger was laying on his back with his legs spread wide. Evelyn was on her hands and knees between his thighs; her face was bobbing up and down on his cock. I couldn’t see that part so well–my view consisted of her ass and pussy. From this angle I got full confirmation of the bush I had only glimpsed in brief flashes earlier. My erection returned, with a vengeance.

Evelyn continued sucking Roger for several minutes. I stood on the chair and pulled on my cock, imagining that I was on the bed behind her, my erect cock stabbing in and out of her pussy. Roger grunted and groaned as Evelyn increased the intensity of her blow job. Five minutes later, he was on the edge of cumming.

“Suck it! I’m cumming! Suck it, baby! Suck it! Mmmmm! Yes! Here it cums!”

Roger pushed her head down, burying his cock in her throat. Evelyn swallowed his load, and then sat up when Roger released his grip on her skull.

“That was a big load, baby. Have you been saving it for me?”

“That was just the beginning. I’ve got plenty more for you tonight.”

“Good. I’m ready to cum again.”

Evelyn turned around and faced the window. I ducked, hoping that she didn’t see me.

“Mmmm, you’re so hard, honey. Are you going to give me a good fucking with that thing?”

“I’m gonna fuck you all night long. I hope you don’t have any plans for tomorrow morning.”

I heard the bedsprings squeaking. I looked over the fence, and was amazed to see Roger still lying on his back, with Evelyn straddling him in the reverse cowgirl position. He’s already hard again! I would need a half hour of recovery time, at least.

“Mmm, your cock is filling me up. Fuck me baby, fuck my pussy.”

My hand returned to my cock. I’m watching her fuck. I can’t believe I’m watching her fuck. Evelyn was completely naked, and her body was glistening with sweat. Her face was flushed, her hair was spilling over her shoulders, and her breasts were jiggling. She looked beautiful.

Evelyn glanced upward. I ducked, but not in time. Her eyes met mine, and she smiled.

This is crazy. I tried to get off the chair and leave, but my legs refused to move. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” I inched my head upward until my eyes cleared the fence. Evelyn saw me again, and waved.

“Oh, that’s it. Give me that cock. Fuck me stud. Fuck me like a young buck.”

She knows I’m watching, and it turns her on.

“Are you going to cum again for me? Are you going to fill me with your cum, stud?”

Roger groaned. I pulled on my cock, unable to take my eyes away from the action inside the bedroom. Evelyn continued riding.

“Mmmm. Fuck me. It’s so good. So good. Fuck me, stud, fuck me.”

I stood on the chair and jacked off. Evelyn rolled her hips, looked back at Roger, and then waved at me again. This time, however, it wasn’t a greeting. It appeared that she was waving me to come closer.

She doesn’t want…? I continued watching Evelyn and Roger fuck. Every few minutes she would look up at me and wave. Roger was oblivious. He was still laying flat on his back, with his hands behind his head, and looking up at the ceiling–if his eyes were open at all.

“Pound me baby! Get behind me and pound me!”

Evelyn climbed off Roger and resumed the hands and knees position. Roger knelt behind her, placed his cock against her pussy, and entered. He started slowly, but after a minute or two he was slamming into her. The bedsprings were getting a full workout while the headboard slammed against the wall. For a second I was worried that the neighbors would look through their windows and see me, but I quick scan of the other houses revealed that they all appeared closed.

“He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.”

I had to get closer. I put my dick away, picked up the chair, and moved it to the far end of the fence. What am I doing? This is insane! I stood on the chair and listened. All I could hear was the animal sex emanating from the bedroom window. I hoisted myself on top of the fence and then lowered myself to the other side.

I crept to the edge of the house, where I flattened myself against the wall. I slowly eased myself to the window. Once there, I crouched below the ledge and waited for my heart to stop pounding.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I don’t know which was louder, Evelyn or the bed. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” I unzipped my shorts, pulled out my cock, and resumed stroking. I can’t believe I’m doing this!

I inched my head closer to the window and peeked. Both of them were facing away from me. Roger had his hands on Evelyn’s hips and was giving her pussy a thorough doggy style beating. How can that old guy fuck like that? He’s amazing!

I stood at the window and watched for several minutes. I was standing in the neighbors’ yard, jacking off while they gave me a live sex show. I wanted to hold out and cum with Roger and Evelyn, but I was getting too close. Any second now. But then Evelyn surprised me again.

“My backdoor! I want you in the backdoor!”


“Use the backdoor!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! The backdoor!”

“But you never want it in your ass.”

“I want it tonight! Use the backdoor! You won’t be disappointed!”

Does she mean…? She didn’t say to ‘fuck her in the ass’, she said to ‘use the backdoor.’ She wants me to go inside the house.

“Come on, baby, my backdoor’s open tonight.”

“Do you want it in your ass?”

“Yes, dammit! Yes! Go in through the backdoor! Stop wasting time! Just do it!”

“He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.” I edged around to the back of the house. I can’t do this. I reached the door and turned the handle. It’s unlocked! I pulled the door open and looked inside. This is breaking and entering. I stepped through the door. No it’s not. She invited me. I pulled the door shut. Tell that to the cops. She’ll deny it. I released the door handle. No she won’t. I stepped around the Roger’s exercise equipment and tiptoed toward the bedroom. “He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.”

I eased into the hallway. As I turned the corner and approached the bedroom, the light suddenly dimmed. The entire house–and the hallway in which I was standing–became darker. I froze. My heart nearly exploded in my chest.

“Is that better?” Roger asked.

“Much. The overhead light was making my eyes water. This is more relaxing.”

“You’ve never complained about bright lights before.”

“You’ve never tried to shove that fat cock up my ass.”

“So was it the light or my cock that was making your eyes water?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just put some more lube on it and try again.”

I resumed my silent creep toward the bedroom. Five more steps. It was almost completely dark, but the floor plan was simple and there was just enough light coming through the doorway to illuminate my path. Almost there.

“More lube, please!”

“Just relax, you’re the one who wanted this.”

“You’re splitting me in two. Go slower.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t have a lot of experience with this, you know. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, dammit–just go slow and be gentle.”

“Is that better?”

“Ungh. Oh, god!”

“Are you ok?”

“Yes. It’s in. Now just go slow.”

I reached the end of the hall. I peeked around the corner. Evelyn was face down on the bed, with her hips propped up by a stack of pillows. Her face was pressed against the mattress, and she was clutching the sheets with both hands. Roger was straddling her ass, with one hand on his cock and the other on her hip. The only light in the room came from a small table lamp next to the bed. That lamp created a pool light just big enough to include the bed and a little bit of the floor. The table was between me and the bed, so it was impossible to be seen so long as I remained in the hallway.

“Why did you…?

“Because that’s what I want. Now just fuck me.”

“The feeling is incredible.”

“Ungh. My ass is so full. Your cock feels huge.”

“It’s the same size as always. It’s your ass that’s so tight. This feels amazing.”

“Slow down. Easy.”

“Ok–how’s that?”


“Why haven’t we done this before?”

“I’ll tell you what. Let me shove a cock up your ass and then you tell me why we haven’t done it before.”

“I was just asking. Anyway, this was your idea.”

“Don’t make me regret it. Go a little faster.”

“Mmmm. Your ass is amazing.”


“Like this?”

“Yes. Perfect.”

The bed was squeaking, and the headboard was starting to slam against the wall. My cock was aching for release. I slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled it out. I stood in the darkened hallway and masturbated, while Roger was invading Evelyn’s ass a mere six feet away. My heart was pounding so fast I thought it would explode. The tension in my balls was building, and I knew it would be just a few more minutes before I erupted.

“Harder. Fuck me harder!”

“You like it now, don’t you?”

“Just fuck me. I want you to cum for me.”

“He doesn’t understand my need to be watched the way I am sure that you do.”

“I’m about to explode.”

So am I. Just a few more seconds.

“Fill me! Fill my ass with your cum!”

Oh, baby, get ready. I’m going to fill you with so much cum it’s going to be coming out your nose.

“Harder! Deeper! Fill me! Fill me!”

Almost. Get ready.

“Fill me! Give it to me! Fill me! Harder!”

Oh, yes! Just another second.

“Give it to me! All of it! Fill me! Now! Fill me!”

Ohhhhhhhh! Here it cums, baby, here it cums! Three huge jets of cum spurted from my cock. The first struck the wall. The second and third splashed on the floor. I continued stroking as a few more drops of jizz dripped onto the terrazzo. Fuck! That was so hot! When I was done, I leaned against the wall to catch my breath. I hope she has a plan for cleaning this mess up.

“Where are you going?” Evelyn asked.

“To go clean up–take a shower, and wash my dick.”

“Wait a minute. Lay here and hold me for a little while.”

How am I going to get out of here? Fuck!

“Just for a minute. I really need to get cleaned up.”

“Hold on. You’re not ready to go again, are you?’

“I will be as soon as I finish in the bathroom.”

“Those blue pills are absolutely amazing.”

“Another miracle of modern science. Between the healthier diet, daily exercise, and these blue pills, I’m going to enjoy my retirement for good long time. Now let me up. I need to wash.”

“Slow down and let me catch my breath, honey. Hand me the remote. I want to watch some TV.”


Yes! Turn on the TV, and make it loud enough that I can’t be heard sneaking out the back door. I tucked my cock back into my shorts and reached for the zipper. In my haste to get out, I pulled it up a little too quickly.

“What was that?” Roger asked.

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“Shhhhhh. I think there’s someone in the house.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m getting my gun out of the closet.”

“NO!” Evelyn screamed. “Stay here and wait for the police. Let them handle it.”

I took off running for the back door.

At the age of 31 Laura was delighted the way her career at the bank had been going. She had started as a junior immediately after leaving university and was now an important member of the team dealing with loans to large corporations. Her manager called her into her office on Monday morning and told her that she had been chosen to close a deal with a large West African oil exploration company who were about to float on the London Stock Exchange. She was told that due diligence had been successfully completed and it was up to her finalise the last details. She was given information as to what the bank’s final offers would be and it was up to her to try to better them. She was told that the two gentlemen she would be negotiating with had been vetted and checked.

Their names are Kwame Dauda and Emmanuel Marfo and they are both in their mid-50s and married with families back in West Africa.

As a very attractive blonde, Laura had often used her femininity and a tendency to flirt with both male and female clients to close some very lucrative deals and she immediately knew the sort of guiles and clothing she would be using.

Then her manager told her, ‘There is a problem with where the meeting is to take place. The two gentlemen are staying in an old converted stone barn in Derbyshire which is set at the bottom of a large valley. The nearest town is 15 miles away and the nearest neighbour is 6/7 miles away. It’s very remote and the only means of communication with the outside world will be via your mobile phone, so you need to give it a lot of thought as to whether you feel comfortable being with two strangers in such remote surroundings.’

‘One other problem is that it has to be this coming Saturday as they fly back to Africa first thing on Monday morning and you’ll probably have to stay overnight there. A car will take you on Saturday afternoon and collect you the same time on Sunday so you have 24 hours to tie everything up. If you’re in any doubt we’ll appoint one of your male colleagues. However we feel you’re the ideal person to clinch such a lucrative deal.’

Laura said, ‘I’ll think about it and let you know later in the day.’

Her manager said, ‘Fine, but I do need to know today, I must tell you though that I have met these two gentlemen and I found them absolutely charming,’

Laura left her manager’s office and went back to her desk. For the next few hours she gave the proposition a lot of thought. She knew she wouldn’t be able to tell her boyfriend as he would forbid her from going. But she knew she could take care of herself and using her femininity she was convinced she could clinch a good deal for her company. In less than an hour she had decided to accept the job and told her manager.

‘Great, I’ll arrange a car and driver to pick you up at about 11.00 on Saturday, it’s just over an hours drive so you’ll get there just after noon. Apparently they have a housekeeper there during the week and she will have prepared meals for the weekend,’ her manager replied.

At home that evening Laura told her boyfriend Alex that she had to go to Derby for the weekend on business but didn’t give him any further details but he seemed happy about it.

At work the next day Laura started giving the meeting lots of thought. She liked the idea of the remote farmhouse as it reminded of the many weekends she spent with her father there after he had split from her mother. She felt really close to him and even as a teenager she loved sitting on his lap and putting her arms round his neck and cuddling him. And more, but that was not something to remember now. She even wondered whether it could be the same farmhouse.

She decided that she would use her femininity, a word she preferred to sexuality, to get the best deal for the bank. She knew how far she could go, maybe a little flirting and as she is a very tactile person she always felt that some innocent light touching also worked well. Then her mind went on to what clothing she should take. Clearly her business suit was essential and decided on a white blouse where a button or two could be left undone if necessary. She normally wore 3 inch high heels with her suit and decided they would be best, but couldn’t make up her mind whether to wear tights or hold up stockings.

Although she was going to be alone with two complete strangers she felt at ease as she knew that if they tried anything with her the bank would stop all negotiations and they would have to return home without the investment they needed and the bank would soon let the rest of their board know why the loan was refused.

Laura had a final meeting with her manager to go over all the details and she left work early on Friday to go for her regular appointment to get her nails done. As the girl doing them filed her nails down Laura suddenly had a thought. She said, ‘Instead of my usual clear nails could I look at some coloured ones for a change?’

The girl found some samples and Laura knew immediately which ones to have. ‘Ill have these deep red ones please.’ she said.

In Laura’s eyes they were a lovely slutty red. If she was going to charm and persuade the Africans to do business she was going to do whatever she could. She knew that if she succeeded it would be noticed by higher managers in the bank and would do her career nothing but good.

When she arrived home her boyfriend loved the nails and thought they looked wonderfully slutty. Later that evening it was obvious that her boyfriend Alex wanted sex and suggested that Laura wore her stockings and suspenders and ultra-high heels for him. Laura went upstairs and undressed and sat on the bed and pulled up her black seemed stockings and then got her 5 inch high heel shoes and put them on. As soon as she wears them she starts feeling horny, she knows she towers over Alex and makes her feel dominant. She found a deep red lipstick which almost matched her nails and applied it to her lips. As she looked in the mirror she immediately saw that her 36c tits and her nipples were already quite swollen.

She went down to Alex and as soon as he saw her he stood up. They stood together and Laura in her high heels towered above her lover, their mouths locked together. Their lips parted and they felt each other’s tongues darting into each other’s mouth. Alex was very hard now and his hand went down between Laura’s legs and was amazed at how wet she felt. They both quickly took his clothes off and lay on the floor. Laura parted her legs and felt his cock slide effortlessly inside her. Although she loved the feel of his cock inside her wet and welcoming pussy she would have loved some foreplay with a slow build up.

Probably her only disappointment with Alex was his lack of foreplay, preferring to penetrate her straight away. She thought it might be because he is older than her – in his mid-40s. He always made sure that she orgasmed but Laura absolutely adored having her pussy licked and made to orgasm like that but Alex rarely did that to her. She has very sensitive nipples and adores them being sucked and nibbled. And the couple of times that she tried to suck his cock he had told her he didn’t want her too. She found this very strange as she adored the taste of cum and the feel as a cock ejaculated deep inside her mouth.

Her love of the taste of cum started many years ago when at the age of 18 she caught her older brother masturbating. During a college holiday she noticed that as soon as their mother went out her brother Roger would go up to his bedroom and shut the door. One day she followed him up there and realised that the door wasn’t completely closed. She looked inside and saw her brother rubbing his cock. She was amazed at how big it was and loved the look of pleasure on his face. Suddenly she was amazed to see spurt after spurt of while stuff shoot out of the tip. Laura was fascinated by what she saw.

The next day when their mother went out her brother went immediately up to his bedroom but this time made sure the door was closed. Laura waited a few minutes and burst into the room, and as expected he was rubbing his cock again. She said, ‘What are you doing, is it good, let me do it for you.’

His first thought was to tell her to go but suddenly Laura was sitting beside him, his cock was hard and he wanted to cum. He took her hand and put it on his cock. Laura loved the feel of it and amazed how hard it was. He covered her hand and moved her hand up and down on his cock. Laura loved doing it and took his hand away. Suddenly he was cumming and he shot his cum all over her hand. For some reason which she didn’t know she put her hand to her mouth and licked it up and immediately loved the taste and texture of her brother’s cum.

Over the next few days and weeks she progressed from wanking her brother and making sure her hands were covered in his cum to then wanking him so he ejaculated direct into her mouth and finally to sucking him off and getting him to cum in her mouth. Although she adored doing this she was also very ashamed and up to now only her and her brother know about this. So when Alex wasn’t interested in her sucking him off she was very disappointed.

The next morning Laura got up and showered and chose her clothing. She knew it had to be her business suit with a white blouse. In the end she chose stockings but also picked up a pair of her tights too and her 4 inch high heels instead of her usual 3 inch ones she usually wore for work. She took lots of care over her long blonde hair and carefully applied her make up. She admired herself in the mirror. Alex said, ‘Wow, you sure this is a business meeting and not a date?’

‘Of course, it is,’ she replied.

A few minutes later the car arrived and Laura got in the back. It made her feel important having her own chauffeur driven car. The journey took just over an hour and Laura spent the time reading her notes very thoroughly. She knew how important his was for both the bank and her career and she wasn’t going to fail.

The car eventually turned off the main road and as it made its way along a country lane Laura began to think that it might even be the farmhouse that she was thinking of. When it turned down a steep unmade lane Laura was convinced it was the same place she had spent those wonderful weekends with daddy. After about half a mile down the unmade road the car pulled up in front of the converted barn that Laura recognised. As she got out of the car the two businessmen came out to meet her. Laura left the driver to get her overnight case and she went and introduced herself to them.

She said, ‘Hello I’m Laura.’ and held out her hand.

The first one said, ‘Hi Laura, I’m Kwame and this is Emmanuel.’

The second man held out his hand and said, ‘Call me Manny.’

They led Laura inside and the driver followed with her bag and put it on the floor and said, ‘If that’s all I’ll be back here at about 2 pm tomorrow, if you want me before then just call me, you have my number.’

He went out and Kwame closed the door behind him. Laura looked round and realised the place hadn’t changed since she last spent that wonderful weekend there. Kwame said, ‘This is your room,’ and led Laura to room that she was very familiar with. He said, ‘I’ll give you a couple of minutes to settle in.’

Laura closed the door behind her and looked at the big double bed. Her mind went to an occasion several years ago when, as she lay on her bed one morning one hand playing with her nipples and the other frantically fingering her pussy that she opened her eyes to see her daddy standing at the foot of the bed stroking himself as he watched his daughter pleasuring herself. This was the beginning of a sexually satisfying relationship she had for many years with her father.

Laura knew she had to put those thoughts behind her. She was here on business not pleasure. She brushed her hair and went and joined the men. They were busy getting lunch and in a few minutes they were sitting down to a smoked salmon salad. They chatted over lunch about nothing in particular but Laura was warming to them both. They were both in their mid-50s, tall, well-built and with shaved heads, and she had to admit good looking. Their accents indicated that they had both been educated in England and when asked they said they had met at Durham University. They finished lunch with a nice chilled glass of Chablis.

The next 3 or 4 hours were spent discussing terms of the business loan. Laura sat opposite them and often crossed her legs exposing lots of thigh which she noticed they were looking at. Then she would slowly swing a leg back and forward and her high heel shoe would dangle down. A couple of times she went over to them to look at information they had, she made sure she put her hand on their shoulder or touched their arm and leaned in close to them so they could smell her perfume. Whenever either of them was talking she made sure she made eye contact with them, her bright blue eyes looking direct into theirs, and would smile a lot at them. These were sort of feminine guiles that she often used and by about 5 o’clock they had agreed everything. Laura was delighted as she had even exceeded her banks maximum requirements relating to an arrangement fee and the security that they had offered for the loan was excellent.

Kwame said, ‘I think we need a glass of champagne to celebrate.’

Laura was more than happy to accept. She took the glass from him and leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Manny asked, ‘Don’t I get a kiss too?’

‘Of course, you do,’ Laura replied and went to him and kissed him on the cheek too.

Laura said, ‘I just need to fill in the figures we’ve agreed and we can all sign the paperwork, I’ll do it in my room, it should only take a few minutes.’

She went into her room and sat at the table and entered the agreed figures in the appropriate documents. As she picked up the papers she glanced across at the bed and remembered the fun and pleasure she had in there. Of course the image that came across was the one she thought about earlier when her father caught her masturbating. She now recalled what happened next. Her father dropped his trousers and underpants and Laura was amazed at the size of her father’s erect cock. She heard him say, ‘Laura darling, you know this is wrong, don’t you, but you know what you need to say, don’t you. Say the words, darling, say the words.’

She heard herself saying, ‘Fuck me daddy, fuck me.’

Laura was getting quite aroused now and could feel herself getting moist between the legs, she even wondered whether she would get the opportunity to masturbate when everyone had gone to bed later. Laura loved pleasuring herself and although she loved her boyfriend making her cum she also loved making herself cum and had done so since she was in her early teens.

Suddenly she realised she needed to get this business side sorted and took the completed papers out to Manny and Kwame to sign. They were both in the process of preparing dinner, or at least putting it in the oven as their housekeeper had prepared it earlier.

They quickly signed all the papers and Laura put them away in her briefcase. They sat down to dinner and had Chicken Chasseur followed by raspberry cheesecake. They also managed to drink almost 2 bottles of Chablis between them. They cleared the plates and dishes away and sat down and chatted with another glass of wine although Laura had, by now, started thinking she had had enough to drink.

Once again she sat opposite them but this time curled her legs up. She saw both men looking at her legs. Her glass was filled up again as they chatted. They asked her about her boyfriend and she said that he was quite a bit older than her.

Then Kwame said, ‘Why don’t you come and sit on the sofa with us, it’ll be cosier.’

Laura thought for a minute and then got up and walked over to them. They made room for her in between them and as she sat down her skirt rode up exposing a lot of thigh. Immediately she felt their legs pressing against hers and then they both put their hands on her thighs and started rubbing them.

Laura said, ‘I don’t think you should be doing that, gentlemen.’

But it didn’t stop them and then Manny asked, ‘Have you ever had sex with a black man?’

Laura replied rather indignantly, ‘No I have not.’

The Kwame asked, ‘Well have you ever had sex with two black men?’

With that they all burst out laughing and they started rubbing further up Laura’s thighs. She knew she should stop them but was unable to resist. She was getting aroused and liked the feeling. She parted her legs a little wider and put her head back on the sofa and closed her eyes. She loved the feel as their hands moved higher and higher. She wanted to shout, ‘For fuck sake get on with it.’ But she was enjoying it. She finished her drink and handed the glass to Kwame, she put her hands in their laps and asked, ‘So is it true what they say about black men having big . . . . ., you know?’

Kwame laughingly said, ‘Big what, black men have big what?’

‘Cocks,’ she shouted. ‘Is it true all black men have big cocks?’

”Never had any complaints,’ said Manny. ‘Nor me,’ said Kwame.

They had now pulled her skirt up and could see her panties. One of their hands started rubbing the outside of her panties and could feel how wet and hot her pussy was. Laura still had her eyes closed as she enjoyed this gentle rubbing of her pussy. Then Kwame started undoing the buttons of her blouse and then slipped it off. She was now sitting here with just a bra on and her skirt up round her waist. Laura felt slutty and loved it. Kwame lifted her tits out of her bra and started playing with her nipples, gently at first and then rubbing and pinching them. Laura was beginning to breath heavily now as Manny eased her panties aside and slipped a finger inside her soaking wet pussy. She now felt their cocks through their trousers and wanted them.

‘Undress me,’ she said.

Manny pulled her panties down and put them to his nose and sniffed them. ‘Laura you have the most exquisite pussy,’ he said.

Kwame took her bra off and then Manny slipped her skirt off. She was now just sitting here with her nylons and high heel shoes on. Manny stood and took his clothes off. Laura couldn’t take her eyes off him as she saw his huge black cock standing in front of him, and when Kwame was a similar size she was even more aroused. Now Manny was kneeling on the floor between her legs and started slowly licking all the way up and down her wet slit. She loved the feel as his big black tongue eased inside her pussy. Then Kwame stood on the sofa with one leg either side of her. His cock, at least 9 inches long and very thick and had was only inches from her mouth. She opened it and he leant forward and took it in her mouth. She clamped her lipstick coated lips tightly around the head and started sucking. It reminded her so much of when she sucked her daddy although it was a different colour.

She reached up and started squeezing his balls and then rubbing his big black shaft. Laura had trouble concentrating as Manny was getting her closer and closer to cumming. He had now found her clit and was alternately sucking and licking it. She wanted to pull his head tight against her cunt and grind herself against him but she couldn’t reach. Kwame was now fucking Laura’s mouth, although he loved the feel of her sucking him he couldn’t keep still and was soon pushing his his cock in and out of her mouth and getting nearer and nearer to cumming.

Suddenly Laura cried out as Manny bought her to an enormous orgasm but didn’t stop licking and sucking her clit and had her cumming a second and third time. Seconds after finishing, she heard Kwame saying he was going to cum. Laura clamped her lips even tighter round the head of his cock and then spurt after spurt of hot cum hit the back of her throat. Laura loved the taste and texture of her black lover’s cum. Just as Kwame pulled out she felt Manny easing his big cock inside her wet pussy and started pounding away at her.

This story contains elements of gerontophilia, BDSM, incest, blackmail and reluctance. If you are offended by any of these issues, please read no further. Everyone in this story is aged over 18.

I should also like to thank Hatsuda for his support and editorial expertise.

“I really don’t know why we agreed to take this monstrosity from your grandmother, Drew. It’s an eyesore and just clutters up the house.” My mother was voicing an old frustration over a pseudo-antique desk inherited, indirectly from her father, my now deceased grandfather.

I had tended to keep out of this issue, but realised that I might be able to use it. “Mum, if you really don’t want it around, I’ll take it to house my PC and other assorted junk.”

“Done”, said my mother enthusiastically, and after we’d dismantled it as far as possible, we both manoeuvred it into a convenient corner of my room.

I sat looking at the collection of drawers, desk-tops and other paraphernalia and was puzzled by an apparent inconsistency in the sizes. There seemed to be a part of the desk that hadn’t been dismantled but I couldn’t account for its dimensions. So I rolled around on the floor under the desk and saw what appeared to be a hidden drawer. Feeling around its edges, there was a recessed lever which, when pushed, opened the drawer with a click. To start with, this was just an amusement but reaching in, I discovered a large brown envelope addressed to my grandmother. This, in turn contained a packet of papers that looked potentially very interesting indeed. I closed the drawer and opened up the large brown envelope.

As I scanned the documents, to say that I was amazed would be the understatement of the century. There were a dozen or so letters between my grandmother, Olivia Delahunty and Rev John Prendergast. I soon discovered that these were not just ordinary letters but extremely passionate and very graphic love letters in both directions. A quick calculation told me that they would have been written within two years of my grandparents’ marriage. In addition, there were two or three photographs of Olivia in what could only be called slutty poses, hot enough today but unbelievably scandalous thirty years ago.

This was very heavy stuff, the more so when I suddenly remembered that Rev John Prendergast had recently been appointed suffragan bishop of the central province.

“Well, well, well, grandmother,” I mused to myself, “you have been a very naughty girl. The question is, what am I going to do about it?”

A few words about our family might not go amiss here. My maternal grandfather, Alex Delahunty, made a great deal of money in the late 1960s and early 1970s, mainly, I gathered from speculation on the stock exchange. My maternal grandmother, Olivia came from “old money”, based on wool growing. She was a quite remarkable woman, strong but arrogant, certain of her own views and never afraid to voice them. Olivia never suffered fools gladly and could be quite caustic if challenged. Among other things, she hated country life and quickly sank her claws into Alex when he was invited to her parents’ place at Upson Downs for a visit. They were married when she was only nineteen, and I understood later that her parents breathed a sigh of relief when she left.

My mother, Beth, was the oldest child; the oldest daughter, who got herself pregnant by my father when she was only seventeen. I understood that this caused near catastrophic family conflict, with Olivia demanding that the pregnancy be terminated. I was remarkably grateful that that didn’t happen because I was the result.

My father was a hard man. Hard living, demanding of his family and ultimately, hard dying. He ran his car into a tree on a country road, travelling far too fast, with way too much booze in his system. I suspected that it might have been suicide as his business was not travelling too well, but it could never be proved, and substantial insurance policies were paid out to mum. Mum was something of an enigma to me. Very much the obedient little wife and homemaker, I nevertheless wondered how much real love there was between my parents. After my father’s death, mum seemed to be increasingly uncertain about herself and regularly turned to me for advice, sometimes about what I thought were quite insignificant things. Without dad’s forceful direction, she seemed lost.

I am Drew, my parents’ only child, twenty years old, and taking a year out of university after a serious illness earlier in the year. I have been studying IT, and did well in the first year. Now I’m spending a lot of time just bumming around and working on assorted computer projects. As part of my rehabilitation, I keep myself fit in regular gym sessions and cross-country running. I’ve got a pretty good opinion of myself, although in retrospect, I’m not at all sure that it was justified.

After my amazing discovery, I thought for a long time about the implications of the letters, and then a thought struck me like a bolt of lightning. The dates on the letters bracketed a date exactly nine months before my mother’s date of birth. Was it possible, I thought, that I was actually the grandson of the Reverend John Prendergast? It would certainly solve a few family riddles; why the man I had always believed to be my grandfather had been so hard on my mother and generally quite distant from her? Why was my mother so physically unlike her father, and her mother for that matter? I hurriedly sought out a photo of the reverend gentleman, taken at the time of his elevation to the bishopric, and I could detect something of a family likeness to my mother. Not compelling evidence, perhaps, but maybe a place to start.

My thoughts became increasingly salacious and ruthless. It wasn’t that my grandmother was the sort of woman portrayed in the usual slutty magazines, far from it. She was now aged 57, tall with a statuesque bearing, elegant and graceful with quite square shoulders that emphasized well-developed breasts. She had thick silver hair that fell down in waves below her shoulders and brilliant blue eyes, which were usually as hard as stone. She tended to camouflage her generous mouth with limiting lipstick, but she was always immaculately groomed, made up and dressed. A superficially highly attractive package, but with a heart as cold as a witches kiss.

To my amazement, I started growing an erection just thinking about my grandmother in the sorts of positions shown in the photos, and the potential for me to recreate some of these scenarios. I had always tended to avoid her wherever possible as we grated on each other, and I almost always came off worst. Now, though, the tables were turning, and I knew I had the leverage to make her do my bidding. The thought of that bidding kept me hard and gave me opportunities for highly satisfying masturbation.

One problem was that I somehow had to find an excuse to visit grandmother; mum was unlikely to be convinced if I just turned round and said, “Hey, mum, I’m off to visit grandmother.” Her suspicions would be aroused immediately.

Fate intervened a week or so later when mum caught me playing games on my PC, saying, “Drew, if you haven’t got anything better to do, your grandmother needs a hand to move some furniture.”

My heart leapt, but I didn’t want to appear too enthusiastic. “God, mum, do I have to visit the ice maiden? I know she doesn’t like me and we always niggle at each other.”

“Look, Drew, she doesn’t ask too often, and if it keeps her from nagging me, you will be doing me a favour, too.”

“Okay, mum; look, just out of interest, is it my imagination, or is grandmother getting worse; getting more severe, more aloof, more—I don’t know, more bloody difficult?”

Mum sighed. “I don’t think it’s your imagination, Drew. She’s become more withdrawn and more selfish over the last few years; it seems to have been a gradual process.”

“I see. Oh well mum, let her know I can go over on Saturday afternoon around 1.00, and I’ll do whatever needs doing,” I consented, “Plus some,” I thought to myself.

It was now Thursday and I had some arrangements to make. First and foremost, I visited a highly specialised store in one of the seedier parts of the city. It catered to less than conventional physical appetites and I was able to purchase a range of items with very specific purposes. These I packed in a sports bag and kept it in the boot of my car.

At 1.00 precisely on Saturday afternoon, I presented myself at grandmother’s house, a rather gloomy old Victorian place in the inner suburbs, surrounded by trees and probably worth a fortune in the current real estate market. Grandmother opened the door, looking her usual frigid self and reluctantly admitted me.

“Oh, it’s you. Well, come in and let’s get this business finished as soon as possible.” I brought in my sports bag, saying there were one or two things there that might be useful. She sniffed and led me to a room at the back of the house looking out onto the service area. “All the furniture in here needs to go into the large shed on the other side of the area,” she stated and turned to go.

“Some of this stuff is quite heavy, grandmother, I don’t know whether I can move it all by myself,” I queried.

“Well don’t expect me to get myself dirty; that’s why I asked your mother to send you over. I think there are trucks and trolleys and such in one of the sheds,” and so saying, she left.

I swore under my breath, but there was enough moving gear to assist; the job wasn’t as heavy as I originally thought and I was finished in less than two hours.

I went back into the house and cleaned up, then found grandmother in the lounge. She looked up as I entered, then said, “Thank you” rather dismissively.

“Oh, don’t I even get a cup of tea for my efforts?” I enquired, and she sighed and said, ungraciously, “Yes, I suppose so,” and went off to boil the kettle.

I settled myself in an armchair and when she returned, I said, “I’m glad I’ve got this opportunity to have a chat, grandmother.”

“Oh really,” she said, icicles forming round the words, “and just what do we have to talk about?”

“Well, for a start, I’d be interested to hear about your relationship with the Reverend John Prendergast, and how much your husband knew about this.”

“You impudent young puppy,” she screamed. “How dare you make such an insinuation? Get out of this house now and don’t ever show your face here again.”

“Very well, grandmother, if you insist, but before I go, you might be interested in these letters and photos that have come into my possession.” I spread out a complete copy of all the letters and photos on the table in front of her.

Grandmother turned pale and her face became set as she clamped down on a torrent of emotions seething through her. “Where did you get these?” she demanded in a low hoarse growl.

“Hmm—I thought you might have remembered. They were in an envelope addressed to you, presumably from the Reverend John and hidden in a secret drawer in that monstrosity of a desk that you insisted on giving to mum.”

Grandmother gasped and gave a deep groan. “I would have sworn they had been destroyed, burned in the backyard incinerator years ago. Now it seems as if Alex found them and held onto them, keeping his discovery a secret.” Now grandmother almost physically drew herself together to face the threat I had made. “Very well, young man, name your price!”

I smiled. “Just out of interest, grandmother, how much do you think they’re worth?”

“Oh, I suppose $500 might cover your attempt at blackmail,” she said condescendingly.

Now my smile turned to open laughter. “You just don’t get it, do you grandmother? You could offer me a thousand times that amount and I still wouldn’t sell. In fact, I’m not interested in your money.”

“So what do you want, then?” she asked with seemingly genuine curiosity.

“I want what John Prendergast was getting. I want full access to your body, when, where and how I decide.”

Grandmother seemed to go through a series of convulsions, her face first flushing a bright red, then turning deathly pale. She made some very odd noises before predictably asking, “What did you say?”

“You heard, grandmother. You are going to be available for sex at any time of my choosing, doing anything I feel like doing.”

“You must have gone completely insane.” she choked. “Under no circumstances would I contemplate for one moment anything even remotely similar to what you are saying. Now get out of this house before I call the police.”

“Grandmother, you still don’t understand the position you’re in. These documents are dynamite, and I’m quite prepared to use them for my own purposes. Just think for one moment how the Reverend John would react if—or when—I send him a copy. To say nothing of his wife and family. Then there is the archbishop; I’m sure he would find this material quite revealing. Of course, Mrs Potter, your arch-enemy on the state women’s committee would find much to use in these documents, and there are another six or seven people who would use this against you. In addition, the gutter press would have a field day; ‘Society matron in lust affair with church leader’; can’t you just see it? Are you prepared to take that risk?”

My grandmother’s previously steely resolve collapsed. “You wouldn’t,” she sobbed.

“Oh yes I would, grandmother. I’ve always fancied the idea of having a sex slave and you will fill the bill very nicely. Now, let’s start as we mean to continue—get undressed.”

“No, Drew, please, I beg you, don’t do this to me. You know this is incest and we could both be in serious legal trouble. Besides which, it is totally wrong, morally.”

“I don’t give a damn about your phoney morality and as to the law, well, I’m not going to say anything, and if you do, you know the consequences. Besides, I can always claim that you seduced me, an innocent 18 year old when I came to help you move some furniture,” I replied with a meaningful smirk.

My grandmother’s demeanour changed again. “You foul pig,” she spat at me. “Do your worst; see if I care.”

“Easy on the abuse,” I replied, “or I shall be forced to demonstrate just who IS in charge here. On the other hand, if you are really determined to face me down, I’ll leave now, stop off at the nearest post box and drop off this batch of letters. Oh yes, and I’ve got a nice little on-line compilation that I can release onto the ‘net any time. That would spread the message far and wide. Okay, grandmother, see you around.” And I headed for the door.

“Stop,” she croaked. “You can’t do that.”

“I think I can, grandmother—who’s going to stop me? Now if you really don’t want me to post these interesting documents, do what I tell you and strip. Now.”

If looks could kill, I would have dropped dead on the spot. “You rotten, rotten bastard. You foul pig,” she screamed.

I wasn’t going to let this pass and jumping out of my chair I reached across and grabbed her by the shoulder, pulling her back towards the chair. Then she screamed her hate and defiance, cursing me as I pulled her sharply forward so that she fell across my knees. She was wearing a tight tailored skirt in a soft, light blue material, and as she squirmed on my lap, her arse wiggled invitingly. Too good to resist, I started spanking her across the beautiful curves of her bottom, landing hard blows on each cheek. I kept this up for some time, enjoying the sweet sensations of my hand bouncing on her tight, firm arse and her squeals and screams of pain. Eventually her curses changed to sobs and I finished, shoving her roughly to the floor where she sprawled in an uncharacteristically inelegant manner.

She eventually picked herself up, her hair in a mess, her makeup streaked and her face red with evidence of tears. Even so, she faced me with some of her old spirit. “How dare you strike a lady?” she demanded. “What sort of a beast are you to hit your own grandmother?”

“Haven’t you realised yet, Olivia, that I am the sort of beast that gives beasts a bad name? I’ve also decided that I’m going to drop the grandmother crap and call you by your given name. Now get your clothes off or I will cut them off—and it would be such a shame to damage your fashionable clothes.”

She sneered at me but realised that I was serious and undid the buttons on the front of her blouse, shrugging it off and folding it onto a nearby chair. Her high set breasts looked to be perfectly shaped with little evidence of any sagging but were hidden in a pale lilac bra edged with embroidered flowers.

“Very nice, Olivia, you’re already making me drool. Now lose the skirt.”

She again favoured me with a look of pure hate seasoned with a generous helping of disdain, but unzipped the skirt and dropped it and a half-slip to the floor, stepping out of them and turning sideways to minimize the view.

She was wearing pantyhose as well as 3″ patent pumps. “Oh dear, Olivia, I definitely do not approve of pantyhose. In future, you will wear either stockings and a garter belt or possibly stay-ups, but never pantyhose.”

“In future?” she screamed, “What the hell do you mean by that. There is no ‘in future’. As soon as I am finished with this whole degradation, I never want to see you or hear from or of you again, you piece of shit.”

“Dear me, Olivia, your language is starting to get the better of you. It must be clouding your vision of the future, because you are destined to be my sex slave for as long as I want you. The letters and photos are a guarantee that you will be obedient because you can’t face the possibility of exposure and the wholesale public humiliation you will face. Let’s put it this way—you can face exposure and ongoing public humiliation from any number of sources, or you can experience private humiliation at my hands with no exposure. Your choice, only make your decision quickly because my patience is starting to run out.”

“There must be another way out; there must.” By now she was starting to move from enraged to desperate.

“No, Olivia, but I will say this. My interest in you has to do with sex and domination. If you accept the private option, you will submit to me as your master and do everything I demand of you. I have no intention of jeopardising your fashionable status or your business activities. So far as that’s concerned, you can continue to be the queen bee and so long as you satisfy my lusts I shall not interfere in your daily life. On the other hand, if you want to take the public humiliation option, you can have no hope of any future social standing. Your previous life will seem like a dream with your present life a never-ending nightmare.”

“Doesn’t sound as if I have much choice does it?” she asked resignedly.

“Of course you do, but I would’ve thought the choice was obvious. If it is what I think it will be, take off your bra and let me get a good look at your tits.”

Olivia gave me another withering look, and I realised that I was going to have to do something about this. I needed to break her will so that she would do just as I wanted, even to the extent of begging me to spank, whip or flog her; to reveal her truly submissive nature. I was starting to get an erection just thinking about this, and it grew more pronounced when she unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

Her breasts were superb, pale cones of firm flesh with wide pink areolas and long tubular nipples that already appeared to be hard. This interested me; the room was quite warm so there had to be some other source of stimulation.

“Such beautiful tits, Olivia, just waiting for a man to play with them.” So saying, I walked over to her and pinched each nipple hard, pulling them forward so that her tits stood out to almost their full extent.

“Aargh, stop, you brute, you’re hurting me,” she squealed. At the same time, Olivia started to lash out with her hands in a futile attempt to make me stop but I continued to pinch and twist her firm nubs, her screams causing my erection to grow even greater.

“Mmm, too good to let go, Olivia,” I claimed and bent to lick around each breast in turn, spiralling upwards from her chest and flicking across her now swollen nipples.

She moaned and whimpered as I did so, turning to screams as I bit into each hard nubbin.

“I think I’ve given you a lot of latitude, Olivia, but you’re still trying your hardest to piss me off. Beware, slut, my patience isn’t unlimited, but this will obviously take a little time. I produced a set of handcuffs and a ball gag from my bag, then pushed her to the ground and cuffed her to the table leg. I forced the ball gag into her protesting mouth, then made a phone call.

“Hi mum,” I tried to sound deliberately calm and composed. “Look, grandmother has invited me to stay for the night; there was more to do than I thought and, believe it or not, we’ve had quite a pleasant little chat. No, it’s not really convenient to talk to her right now, she’s a bit, how shall I say, ‘tied up’ at the moment. Yes, okay, I’ll see you some time tomorrow.”

I removed the ball gag and was greeted by derision and loathing. “Damn you, you’re not staying here, you can go to hell” she spat out.

I slapped her hard across each tit, bringing tears to her eyes. “I’ll do what I bloody well please, and you’re in no position to stop me.

I un-cuffed her and dragged her to her feet. “Now, where were we, my dear Olivia? Oh yes, take off those stupid pantyhose and let me get a good look at your pussy. Are you going to do what you’re told or am I going to have to cut them off and risk nicking your sweet little kitty?”

Realising that she had no alternative, Olivia slowly slid the pantyhose down her still slim, smooth legs and stood boldly naked in front of me. Her pussy lips were still closed and there was no sign of any moisture, and her love tunnel was guarded by a light covering of blond to gray fur. I stroked my hand over her mound, easing a finger gently through the outer lips, but she was still too dry for any penetration, unless I decided to be completely brutal; “not right now,” I thought.

“Mmm, delicious—mouth watering, in fact, although I think we might move to somewhere more appropriate for what I have in mind. Your bedroom; let’s go.”

“No, you’ll have to carry me, kicking and screaming before I do that,” she yelled.

“I could do that, too,” I countered, “but I don’t think that will be necessary, and I pulled a long riding crop from my bag. Now move,” I shouted, and whipped her across her butt, leaving a bright red line across one alabaster cheek.

Olivia screamed again, this time with pain, but moved towards the stairs, and I followed, watching fascinated as the bright red line swayed with the roll of her hips.

We reached her bedroom, and I was delighted to see an antique brass bed providing lots of useful anchor points for handcuffs.

I moved across to her bed and sat down facing her. “Okay, slut, down on your hands and knees, crawl over to me, open up my jeans, take out my cock and give me a hot, wet blowjob.”

Olivia growled at me in anger and defiance. “Never, you rotten bastard. I don’t do that sort of thing, and you can’t make me. If you try, I’ll bite your goddam cock off!”

“Now you’ve gone too far, Olivia and you need to be taught a lesson.” I grabbed her by the arm, and again jerked her towards me, although this time she knew what was about to happen and struggled to avoid it. I was a good deal stronger than her, and she was soon draped across my knees with her smooth, soft bottom just waiting for the attention of my hand.

I spanked her hard, alternating between each cheek, and varying the time between each strike to prevent her predicting when the next blow would fall. After five strikes on each cheek, she started to gasp, then shriek as the pain increased, my spanking compounding the pain from the stroke of the crop. She struggled to try to escape, but that simply resulted in the spanking getting harder, and she stopped. By ten strikes I could hear her sobbing but I kept up the spanking, although, unexpectedly her cries grew less as I approached twenty, and her struggles took on a different quality.

Her bottom was now cherry red and hot to the touch as I stroked my hand across her radiant bum causing her to whimper gently. My suspicions were soon confirmed as I twisted her body so that she was facing me, and ran a finger across her slit. It was running with her juices.

Olivia gave a cry of pain as I dumped her unceremoniously on the floor. “So, you slut; you’re getting off on being spanked. You’re obviously a pain slut, so we can both enjoy me punishing you in other, more inventive ways.”

“No, no, it’s not like that—my body is betraying me,” she gasped in horror.

“What a very nice body it is too and how sweetly it betrays you,” I replied cheerfully. “Now you know what to do, unless you want more punishment. Down on your hands and knees, open my jeans get hold of my cock and blow me.”

“Please, Drew, please—I’ve never done anything like that,” she cried, with tears running down her face, “I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, now’s your chance to learn, and if you’ve truly never given head before, you’ll need lots and lots of practice. Get to it,” I growled and grabbing her shoulders, twisted her towards me.

Olivia fumbled with my belt and eventually got my jeans open. She worked her soft warm hand into my boxers and, with difficulty, extracted my stiff, throbbing cock.

“Oh god, it’s much too big, I can’t get that thing in my mouth,” Olivia whimpered.

“That is not a ‘thing’, slut, it’s my sacred cock and you will worship it. Start by licking all over and around it and concentrate on the soft part just below the head.”

Olivia tentatively licked around the head of my cock, so unexpectedly gently that it made me gasp and pant. “Ooh yes, very nice, now lick down and stroke your tongue around my balls, using plenty of saliva.”

Olivia’s ministrations were having exactly the desired effect, and I could feel the outliers of a delicious orgasm starting to build. “Okay, slut, now take as much of my cock into your mouth as you can manage and suck on it as if it was an ice block. But I warn you, if I so much as get a hint of you using your teeth inappropriately, I’ll thrash you to within an inch of your life.”

She moaned lightly, but slid my cock into her now sucking mouth and continued to use her tongue around the sensitive underside as she did so.

“Oh yes, you cocksucking bitch, you learn fast. Just keep the pressure up and keep using that talented tongue until I cum in your mouth.”

Olivia started to withdraw saying, “Nngh, no, you can’t …” but I held her head against my crotch and pumped my cock into her mouth.

My orgasm was building quickly and I could feel the electric excitement in my lower abdomen reaching into my balls. With a choked roar, my cum flooded through my cock and into Olivia’s reluctant mouth. “Now swallow, bitch,” I demanded, still holding her head in place as the spasms of my cock continued and gradually lessened.

She swallowed some, but then started to gag and choke, and I allowed her to cough and retch, spitting the surplus cum onto the floor.

“Tut, tut, Olivia, what a waste of good semen. You will need to have more practice at swallowing my seed, but that wasn’t bad for a first effort,” I concluded grudgingly. “Now, clean my cock up with your tongue, then go into your bathroom and clean yourself up.”

She did as I told her, without further objection, although her hatred was obvious from her expression and the way she moved.

Olivia returned, looking tidier, but still with an expression of disgust on her face. “Now, seeing as you were somewhat reluctant to give me a blowjob, we will go in the other direction. Get up on the bed and lean against the bed-head, spread your legs and masturbate to orgasm.”

Olivia looked at me with revulsion, but before she could comment, I continued, “Do it, or your punishment will make the spanking you recently had seem like a tickle. MOVE—NOW.”

My harsh shout caused her to climb onto the bed and move gingerly into the position I specified. She wet her index finger and slid it slowly up her pussy towards her clitoris, with a blank, disconnected expression on her face.

“Good girl,” I condescended, “Now speed it up a bit—oh, and in case I didn’t tell you, you are not allowed to cum unless I tell you that you may. In addition, you must keep your eyes open and not take them away from mine. Do you understand?”

Olivia made no comment, and I roared at her, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

She still looked blank, but nodded in acknowledgement, continuing to stroke her pussy, now with two fingers, and she continued to stare into my eyes. As her orgasm started to grow, she hummed, then drove two fingers deep into her cunt and alternated that with stroking and pinching her clit. The pressure was rising and her hums changed to moans. Her body shook with the tension, writhing and squirming as her sexual excitement increased.

Olivia was losing the battle to keep herself distant from the sexual activity that I was imposing on her. She was right; her body had betrayed her and was continuing to do so, as she gradually slipped under my control. We weren’t there yet, but the advantage was now very much in my court. I seized this opportunity to take some photos of Olivia in this lewd and obscene position but she didn’t seem to notice, being totally obsessed by bringing herself to climax. She continued to look into my eyes, but her gaze was glassy and seemed wholly inward focussed.

Her moans turned to a scream as the ecstasy built and her climax came ever nearer and I warned her, “You do not cum until I allow you to or you suffer unpleasant consequences.”

Olivia gasped and sobbed as her body shuddered—her tits quivered in a most entrancing way and her legs trembled and shook. “Oh god, master, please, please, I need the release—I’ll come apart if I can’t let my orgasm happen.”

“No, slut, the decision is mine, not yours. You do what I want, not what you want, and I want to see you in the throes of self-generated sexual excess.”

She gave an animal howl, her hand still working hard on her soaking and inflamed pussy with her inhibited orgasm seeming to take control of her whole body. The shuddering increased, her head thrashed from side to side, causing her hair to fly in a white cloud. “P…please, ma…mast …master, p… please, I b … beg y … you, please release me. I wi … will d … do any … anything you w … want, just please, l … let me go,” she seemed to pray to me.

I realised that she might be damaged if I held her in stasis for too long, and said, “Very well, slut, when I count to three, you may cum. One …”

Olivia screamed, a harsh, hard noise, cutting through the sex-laden atmosphere of the bedroom.


Her scream rose higher in a crescendo while her body, limbs and head flailed on the brink of a climax as powerful as any volcano.


“Aargh … aieee … aieee …oh god, oh god, oh god, … master!” Olivia went rigid before the tension broke and her orgasm washed from her tortured and now flooding cunt throughout her whole body.

This performance, including her reference to me as “master”, had caused me to generate a record erection and I needed to relieve it—urgently. “Excellent, slut,” I said, “now get onto all fours so that I can fuck you doggy style.”

She moved slowly into position with her arse in the air; I shucked off my clothes and positioned myself behind her. I first ran my right hand over her pussy and saw that it was still dripping with her juices. Then I moved up to her with my rigid cock against the moist entrance to her love tunnel, and without any preliminaries, entered her with one long hard thrust.

Olivia screamed at the sudden intrusion of my cock into her pussy. For a woman of her age, she was remarkably tight, probably from lack of use. That made it all the more enjoyable for me, and I reamed into her sucking cunt, showing her no mercy. Her screams lessened a little as she gradually became accustomed to my thick cock ploughing into her, and, rather to my surprise, she started to move backwards to meet my thrusts and generate some excitement for herself. As she did so, I slapped her arse, causing her to gasp, but not to stop her backward thrusts.

Her breathing became harsh and she panted as another orgasm started to overtake her, and mine was growing more insistent as her cunt muscles gripped my throbbing cock, trying to pull me even further into her heat and not allow me to withdraw. Olivia mewled and whimpered with the force of the sensations building inside her and I moaned with the thrill of an imminent explosion.

By some serendipitous chance, we came together. I howled in triumph as a flood of cum blasted through my cock into the depths of her cunt. Olivia screamed and thrashed as her orgasm broke free, flooding my cock with her juices and causing her body to ripple and shudder in synch with my jerks and spasms.

Olivia collapsed forwards and I rolled onto my back with my sticky cock now starting to droop. “Well done, bitch, now finish the job. Come down here and clean my cock with your tongue.”

She moved slowly and gave a tired sigh, but made no comment before her warm, wet tongue worked its way up and down and over and around my cock, cleaning away the last traces of our mingled spend.

“Oh god, I’m so exhausted,” she whispered, “I just want to fall into bed.”

“Oh no, bitch, you have entirely the wrong idea. You will sleep on a blanket on the floor at the end of the bed, with one wrist cuffed to the leg of the bed to prevent any funny business. I will grant you the benevolence of a pillow, a bowl of water that you can lap like a dog and a bucket in case you need to relieve yourself during the night. Now go and clean yourself up and we will both retire.”

“How can you do this to me, you rotten swine. I’m your grandmother, for god’s sake. You can’t treat me like an animal ….”

I broke in quickly. “I think you will find that I can, Olivia, and if you keep on bad mouthing me, I’ll tan your arse so hard that it will keep you warm all night. You performed well for me, so I’ll cut you some slack, but you’ve gone as far as I’m prepared to tolerate.” With that, she went to the en suite to tidy herself up, and I placed the blanket, pillow etc. on the floor and cuffed her wrist to the bed. “Good night, grandmother,” I called cheerily, but was not surprised when I didn’t get a reply.

I slept well and was up early the following morning. Olivia was sleeping fitfully when I nudged her with my foot. “Wake up, sleeping beauty”, I carolled, “time for breakfast; I’m hungry.”

I bent and unfastened the cuff around her wrist, noticing a quite different expression on her face. It seemed feral, fierce, almost as if she was possessed, and I was immediately on my guard. Just as well that I was; we went downstairs to the kitchen and I seated myself, waiting for coffee and toast at least.

I was barely seated when Olivia rushed at me, swinging a long, serrated kitchen knife and snarling like a wild animal. Fortunately, I was not taken by surprise. I jumped up and threw my heavy coffee mug at her, catching her on the right shoulder with enough force to cause her to drop the knife.

I was immediately on to her, grabbing both arms and twisting them up behind her back so that she screamed in pain. “You stupid, stupid, STUPID bitch. What the fuck do you think you’re playing at?” I shouted at her. She mumbled something that I didn’t catch.

“I’ve got no hesitation in killing you after what you’ve just done, and I would claim self-defence.” By this time I was icy cold and spat out my words with force and with venom.

Olivia screamed, gasped and sobbed, “Oh god, no, you can’t, don’t talk like that, you can’t kill me, you just can’t.”

I let go her arms, then spun her around, ripping off the tie from her dressing gown and binding her wrists firmly with it. “Well, who’s going to stop me?” I demanded. “Give me just one good reason why I shouldn’t butcher you right here and now.” I looked into her eyes; the demonic expression was gone, replaced by one of total abject terror.

She continued to sob. “P…p…please, d…don’t d…do this. Y…you…you’ll…go…to…ga…gaol.”

“Maybe,” I replied callously, “but even if they find me guilty and let’s say I get 20 years, I’ll only be 40 when I get out, and you’ll be just as dead.”

She tried again, “I’m your grandmother; doesn’t that mean anything?”

I gave an evil laugh. “That’s just a biological accident and it also means that this is the second time you’ve tried to kill me.”

“The second time?” her curiosity got the better of her pain and her fear.

“Yeah, the second—after you tried to have me aborted a bit over twenty years ago. Try again, granny, you’re not doing too well at the moment; your prospects don’t look too good,” and I put my hands round her throat, squeezing just hard enough to let her know that I wasn’t joking.

“Oh please, I beg you, please let me live, I don’t want to die,” she gasped, then she again burst into tears, shaking and trembling with fear. Her terror had become palpable as she lost control of her bladder and urine trickled down her legs.

I removed my hands. “Hmm, let’s suppose, purely hypothetically, you understand, that I do decide to let you live. What’s in it for me?” I demanded.

“Oh god, oh god, please, please don’t kill me. I’ll do anything, give you anything just let me stay alive.”

“Anything?” I queried.

“Oh yes, you can have all my money, use my body any way that pleases you, just …” at which words failed her and she shuddered and cried bitterly.

“Very well, you stupid whore. As I’ve already told you, money means nothing to me, but I will use your body in such a way that you may wish you were dead. Now first of all, clean up that mess on the floor.”

Olivia scurried to find cleaning materials and removed most of the evidence of her incontinence.

Then I dragged Olivia back up to her bedroom and flung her onto the bed, face down, cuffing her hands and feet spreadeagled to the head and foot of the bed. Then I pushed a pillow under her midriff, forcing her bottom into the air and picked up the riding crop that I’d used once on her when we first came to her bedroom. I turned her head to show her, slashing it into the pillow beside her head.

“To start the punishment, you will get thirty strokes with the crop over your lily-white arse. You will count each stroke, and then say, ‘thank you, master’ after you receive it. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Very well, let us begin this part of the amusement,” and I struck her upraised bottom hard with the crop. A red welt appeared immediately, she squealed but managed a gasping, “One. Thank you, master.”

We went through two, three, four, five to fifteen. By now she screamed at each stroke but managed to sob out the count and her thanks.

Her bottom was criss-crossed with a network of scarlet welts and she wriggled and thrashed to try to minimise the pain, but without success. “We’ve reached the half way mark, slut,” I confirmed, and we will take a minute’s break before the final stage.”

Olivia moaned, but said nothing.

I soon resumed the punishment and she was now screaming in agony as each blow landed. As if by some programmed response, she managed the count and thanks but it was as if the noise came from a robot.

“Thirty, thank you master,” a hoarse whisper that I could barely hear before she burst into tears. “Oh thank god that’s over,” she whimpered.

“Oh no, Olivia, this is far from over. Now I’m going to fuck you up the arse.

She screamed in anticipated agony. “Oh master, please don’t be so cruel.”

“Cruelty doesn’t come into this, slut. Correct me if I’m wrong, but just now you offered me the use of your body in any way that pleases me. This pleases me! Now, I am going to release you, and I want you on all fours in the middle of the bed with your legs spread. If you try any funny business, I’ll give you a sound thrashing with the crop across your sweet tits. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.” She sobbed, trembling and whimpering.

My cock was now throbbing and steel hard and I removed my clothes in double quick time. I climbed onto the bed behind Olivia and squirted a liberal amount of anal lub onto her puckered arsehole as well as working a generous quantity onto my cock. I lined up my cock and rested the head on her tight pucker then leaned over and whispered to her, “This will hurt a tiny bit less if you consciously relax your anal muscle as I push in.” She nodded but said nothing, then took a deep breath, trying to relax.

I slowly increased the pressure of my cock on her arsehole and she relaxed the sphincter muscle, allowing the head to pop inside. I stopped and waited for her anus to adjust itself to this intrusion, then again pushed slowly forward. Olivia screamed with the pain of this thrust; “Oh god, you’re too big, you’re going to tear me apart.”

“Be quiet or I’ll gag you. This is part of your punishment and I’m going to take my pleasure however I please,” I growled remorselessly. I continued to push in but gently and slowly, allowing her some time to adjust, and although the screams stopped, Olivia moaned and gasped, sobbing as the invasion continued.

I slid my cock steadily into her anus and filled her without hurrying. This allowed me to feel Olivia surrender her arse to me. I greatly enjoyed this sense of domination and let out a pent-up breath as the base of my cock pressed up against her bottom. She whimpered as my curly forest rubbed against her tortured cheeks, but made no attempt to prevent this pain. Once I was all the way inside her, I began by fucking her slowly, with initially gentle thrusts. As her muscles relaxed a little I was able to speed up and thrust harder into her hot, smooth arse.

Olivia responded with squeals of mixed pain and excitement which turned to screams as the pressure from my expanding cock grew. I bent over her back and whispered to her again, “Play with your clit, slut and let me hear you getting closer to your climax.”

I could feel the rhythmic movement of her hand in her pussy and heard the squeals and moans growing louder and more frequent. Her breathing changed to ragged gasps and she bucked under me.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god. I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she shrieked, but I stopped my thrusting and slapped her butt hard, causing her to scream with pain, which stopped the approaching train wreck.

“Aaargh, that is so unfair,” she whined, but I was not going to be drawn into this.

“You will cum when I do and not before, and I’m not there yet,” I snarled. “Now let’s get back to the action; keep playing with yourself and I’ll tell you when to cum.”

Olivia whined again, but continued the action on her clit while I drove into her arse with increased speed and force. Her eager cries started to rise again, and this time, so did mine. I could feel my orgasm gathering pace, bubbling in my balls and demanding release through my cock until I howled my elation and delight as I shot a goodly load of spunk deep into her bowels. At the same time, Olivia screamed in a keening wail as she climaxed with great force—more than I had seen with her and possibly more than she had ever experienced before.

My wilting cock left her arse with a soft “pop” and I rolled onto my back while Olivia slumped forward onto her front. Then she propped onto one elbow and looked at me with pain and tiredness in her eyes. “Master is this all, or do I need to do further penance for my sins?”

“No, slut, there is still more to come, although this will be different.” With that I told her to lie on her back and I again cuffed her arms and legs to the bed, leaving her stretched with her legs wide apart. “I need to go out for a couple of hours, so I am going to leave you here, but I don’t want you to get bored.”

Olivia looked puzzled.

I went to my sports bag and took out a combined vibrator and clit stimulator. “Do you know what this is, slut?” I asked.

“I think so, master,” she gasped, “it’s a vibrator.”

“Yes, indeed,” I replied and worked it carefully into her soaking pussy with the stimulator snugly against her clit. She screamed when I turned it on, and I told her, “You will now have two hours of intense orgasmic stimulation until I return. And to add to your enjoyment, I am going to blindfold you and insert and ear plugs so that the only sensations you will get will be through your cunt.” I matched my actions to my words and taped the vibrator in place. As I left the bedroom, Olivia was already squirming and squealing with the intense sensations playing in and around her pussy.

I picked up Olivia’s house keys and drove home for a brief conversation with mum. “I know this will sound very odd, mum, but grandmother has asked me to stay over with her for a few days. It means I can get out of your hair and I’ve agreed to help her with some of the bigger stuff around the house. Now I’ve really got to know her a lot better, she’s not so formidable as I used to think, and I can help her out a bit.”

“That’s so good of you, Drew,” mum replied, “perhaps I should ring her and thank her?”

“No, probably not right now, mum—grandmother’s taking a nap at the moment, that’s why I left her for a while. I’ll be sure to let her know you asked after her, though.”

“Thank you, honey, you’re such a good son—perhaps I should say such a good grandson,” mum complimented me but I was very aware of the heavy irony.

I packed some clean clothes, had a casual coffee with mum, then left around 1.00 pm and headed back to grandmother’s house, stopping off briefly on the way. I had been away for almost exactly two hours. I went upstairs to Olivia’s bedroom; the vibrator was still humming merrily, but Olivia had passed out in the middle of the bed in a pool of mixed urine and pussy juice. I turned off the vibrator and removed it as gently as possible together with the earplugs, the blindfold and the cuffs. Semi consciously, Olivia rolled into a foetal position while I sat on the bed and waited.

Olivia opened her eyes and gazed at me looking exhausted and totally shattered. “Oh god, master,” she whispered in a voice so low I could hardly hear her, “Please, I beg you, let me sleep. After that last experience, I am totally wiped out.”

“Hmm, well, I suppose I can be merciful this time, although once again, you appear to have had bladder problems. Clean up the bed and yourself, then sleep if you need to.”

Olivia dragged herself out of bed and masked the extensive damp patch, then fell into a dead sleep. I sat in a chair next to the bed and watched my sleeping grandmother with her curtain of silver hair spread across the pillow, and her face surprisingly composed after the turbulence of the morning.

This caused me to reflect on what had happened, and as I did so, I started to feel a storm of guilt drawing in around me. “How could I have been so brutal towards my own flesh and blood?” I thought to myself, and once I allowed my conscience to come into play, the whole ugly scenario played itself out in my mind, and I wept for my own cruelty and viciousness. This had to stop, and I resolved to go no further.

Olivia slept for over four hours, and I was still sitting watching her as she woke, stretching luxuriously like a newly awoken cat.

“Master?” she asked enquiringly.

“First, Olivia, I want you to do something that sounds simple but will be almost impossible for you to do.”

She looked at me enquiringly but said nothing.

“Olivia, I want you to trust me, to trust that I won’t hurt you.”

“Yes, of course I will, master; what would you have me do?”

“Just turn and lie on your stomach,” I ordered, but as gently as I knew how. “I may actually have misled you, as this may sting a bit at first,” and I poured a liberal quantity of soothing lotion onto her butt. She squeaked briefly as it stung, but then began to hum as I rubbed the lotion into her tortured skin, where it had a comforting effect.

“Ooh thank you, master, that helps my poor, sore bottom so much. Now what would you have me do next?”

“No, Olivia, I’m going to put an end to this charade. If it was possible to make anything like an apology to you, I would do so immediately and without hesitation. Nothing I can say can make up for the way I have treated you, and if you want to take legal action against me, I will understand and I won’t fight it. I will return all the letters and photos to you as soon as possible. I’m going to leave now, and you need never see …”

At that point, she looked at me with an expression that, in other circumstances I could only interpret as love, and said, “Master, please, may this unworthy slut beg you to allow me some time to shower and dress because I really do want to have a conversation with you. This is so very important to me, and I beg you not to leave before we’ve had a chance to talk, although it will probably take me a couple of hours to do what I need to do. Will you do that for me, please, and if after that you need to leave, I won’t stand in your way?”

I was absolutely astonished, and could only nod my agreement.

“Thank you so much, master; why don’t you go make yourself some coffee—and why not order some Chinese for us both; I’m starving,” she finished almost inconsequentially.

I disappeared to the lounge, made coffee, ordered a decent sized meal and sat and read the paper in a half-hearted way. After almost two hours, I heard the click of heels approaching the door and Olivia walked in. To be more accurate, she glided in, and I was totally gobsmacked at the sight. I stood as she walked in and stared open mouthed at this stunning vision.

She had obviously washed her hair and brushed it until it gleamed with highlights all through her luxurious silver mane. Her makeup was applied as if by a professional, but with some differences from normal. Her lipstick clearly outlined her generous mouth, rather than trying to hide it, her fingers were tipped with bright red polish and she wore a tight skirt in a soft pink material with a white silk blouse cut in such a way that it emphasized her generous breasts. These were embraced by a clever bra that supported her mouth-watering assets without hiding their obvious attractions. She was wearing 3″ black patent heels, but no stockings.

My stare continued, and Olivia laughed. “Oh master, you’d better close your mouth or you’ll start catching flies.”

As she said that, she came close to me and took both my hands in hers and unexpectedly, lifted them to her lips and kissed them gently, her eyes shining with something I could only describe as devotion.

“Olivia, what has happened?” I gasped. “I expected you to at least throw me out, possibly with a police escort.”

She put her finger to my lips, saying, “Please master, I need to talk with you and explain what has happened from my perspective.”

“Okay, if you say so,” I replied, “but until further notice, perhaps I should call you Olivia and you call me Drew. That way, we can put this master/slave business to one side for a while.”

We sat together on the sofa with our knees at right angles, almost touching, and she started her extraordinary story.

“Drew, you need to understand the sort of person I really am. From at least my late teens, I realised that I was a natural submissive; I needed someone to control me in my personal life, but someone who I could trust. That part was supremely important to me, so that I could feel safe and secure, be able to relax and let myself go and thoroughly enjoy the experience. So I needed someone who would be able to control and regulate my experience of being dominated, but in ways where I knew I would ultimately be safe.”

This was obviously very important to Olivia, but as she talked, she seemingly idly stroked my forearm very gently with her soft, warm hand. This caused goose bumps to rise on my arm, and also a distinct arising of another part of my anatomy. I looked from her hand to her eyes, and Olivia stopped, saying, “Oh, I’m sorry, Drew, I hardly realised what I was doing. I hope it isn’t disturbing you?”

I laughed. “Yes, it is disturbing me very much, but if you stop I shall be even more disturbed!”

Olivia also laughed in response and continued her gentle stroking as well as her story.

“I had so hoped that Alex would be the answer to my needs; he was handsome, positive and with an air of control about him. Unfortunately, I soon found that this didn’t extend to the bedroom. He really had little interest in me sexually; more what you might call today a ‘trophy wife’. I couldn’t get my needs met, and sublimated them into a drive towards my own form of business success, in a sense, competing with Alex. I developed a chain of beauty salons and hairdressers and branched out into jewellery design, where I discovered that I had some talent. I became quite hard nosed in these areas, and that turned me into a hard, driven person, able to completely suppress all my sensual desires under a ruthless drive for success—and, to be perfectly honest, for money.”

“I see—I think,” I commented, “so how does John Prendergast fit into all this?”

“Oh, poor John; he was so sweet. One night after I’d had a little too much to drink at a party we both attended, I confessed some of my feelings to John. He tried to save me, and I seduced him; he wasn’t married at the time. As you know,” Olivia grinned at me, “we exchanged some highly explicit letters, mainly at my instigation. When I discovered I was pregnant, he broke off the relationship and returned all the letters to me. I seem to remember there was one last letter in which I begged him not to leave me, but I think he must have destroyed that. Yes, Drew, your mother is John Prendergast’s daughter, of that I have absolutely no doubt.” Olivia paused for a moment, reflecting on what had happened almost forty years ago.

“I thought I had destroyed the letters, but evidently, Alex found them and kept them hidden for his own purposes. Actually this answers a question I’ve had about Alex’s behaviour about 18 months after your mother was born. One evening, he stormed into our bedroom in a towering rage and raped me. Oddly, it was the most passionate that he’d ever been, he just went right over the top. Your twin aunts were the result, but I regret that I never really bonded well with them, and the result is that we hardly ever have anything to do with each other.”

Now Olivia’s face broke into a broad smile. “Then yesterday, you arrived on the doorstep to move some furniture, and completely turned my world upside down.”

“I’m so sorry, grandmother. I’ve always been in awe of you and when I found the incriminating letters, I decided to take advantage of your apparent weakness and blackmail you into having sex with me. After I managed to bully you into doing as I wished, it didn’t take me long to realise that, underneath that stern exterior you are totally gorgeous and totally sexy. .”

“What I don’t understand,” Olivia continued with a smile in her voice, “is why someone as young and good looking as you should prefer a woman nearly forty years older than you?”

“Just take a good, honest look in the mirror, you beautiful creature,” I laughed.

“Drew, I don’t know whether you realise it or not, but in a sense you have killed someone.”

I was shocked. “What the hell do you mean?” I demanded.

“Well, as a result of my obsessive drive for business success, I sort of developed a second personality and attempted to bury the submissive Olivia. I think it’s called a dissociative personality disorder today, although I think in my case, it’s not a full blown example. What I called the ‘bad’ Olivia, the heartless, driven person attempted to imprison the ‘good’ Olivia, who just wanted to submit sexually to someone she trusted. What you’ve done in the past couple of days is to dominate me to such an extent that the ‘bad’ Olivia has disappeared; you’ve killed her.”

“Okay,” I responded, “and I guess the knife attack was the last attempt by the ‘bad’ Olivia to reassert herself?”

“Spot on, stud,” she grinned.

“Olivia,” I queried, “I’m curious about one other thing. If the driven, hard Olivia is gone, how will the submissive Olivia cope with her business commitments?”

“Even better, I think. If I can allow my submissiveness free rein, it will allow me to focus on my business activities in the knowledge that I can release all the stress through a loving, caring master that I can completely trust, and I so hope that is you. Now the ‘bad’ Olivia is gone and you’re left with a submissive who is longing to be dominated by you, what are you going to do about it?” Olivia grinned again.

“Olivia, that is such a tempting offer, but what on earth makes you think you can trust me?”

“Drew, I think you’ve already proven yourself. You could have killed me, but you didn’t, you didn’t distribute the letters, even after I’d abused you, you soothed my butt when it was still sore, and you offered to return the letters to me. That’s just a few examples.”

“Okay, Olivia,” I replied, “I’ll take your conviction that I am to be trusted at face value, but I should say that I don’t have any experience at being a dom.”

“All evidence to the contrary,” she laughed. “You’ve recently given a pretty good demonstration of dominance, and there’s not much I would change—except, perhaps, go a little bit easier with the crop and don’t try to kill me!”

“Hmm. Well, I guess I can learn. First, I suggest we have something to eat, then I’m going to take you up to your bedroom, you’re going to do a slow, seductive strip for me, then I’m going to fuck you until you scream, either for mercy or for more.”

“Ooh, thank you, master, that sounds really good,” and she stood, moving towards the kitchen.

“First things first, you horny slut, one thing we haven’t done yet.”

Olivia looked at me quizzically.

“Come here and stand in front of me. Now, put your arms round me and kiss me as if the only thing you wanted to do in the world was to get me into bed.”

“Easy,” she growled deep in her throat, then snaked her arms around me, one around my waist and the other holding my head. Then I felt her mouth gently touching mine. Her tongue ran across my lips and as I opened my mouth, she slipped her tongue in playing with mine, then exploring my mouth, under my tongue and along between my teeth and top lip. Our mouths were open now, with our bodies writhing against each other in an urgency and excitement that needed to find release very soon.

We broke, panting and she looked at me with hooded, smoky eyes. “I’m not sure how well I can control myself, master,” she whispered. But if I was going to play the dom role, I had to stamp my authority on her early.

“Yes you will, slut, and if you step out of line, I’ll spank that beautiful bottom until it’s so hot I could fry eggs on it.”

“Yes, master,” she said demurely, but with a hint of excitement in her voice.

First we ate the Chinese food that had been delivered earlier, exchanging obscene and improbable suggestions about what we’d like to do to each other then we moved back to the bedroom. I insisted that she should climb the stairs first so that I could get a good view of her backside as it wiggled and swayed up the stairs.

We reached the bedroom, and while I sat on the bed, she turned to me with an expression of total lust on her face, looking like a tiger that’s about to eat a lamb. “Pity I haven’t got any ‘stripper’ music,” she growled, “but I’ll do the best I can.”

With that, she put on a show that would put any professional stripper to shame. She unbuttoned her blouse and eased it slowly down her arms, making a series of moues at me, her eyes half closed and her breathing fast and eager. She flicked the blouse away and slowly lowered the zip on the side of her skirt, shimmying it down to the ground while wiggling her bra encased tits in a way that could only be called an incitement to riot.

A fantasy about domination, public nudity and sex, asses, love, and other cool fun stuff

I arrived three minutes late to my mistress’ house. I knew she would be displeased. I had stripped at my apartment as she had ordered me to, then walked out to the curb and got in the car empty-handed. I drove to her upscale neighborhood, in the older part of town, with the top down on her cherry red 1967 T-Bird convertible, nude except for my studded black leather collar, in broad daylight.

Not wanting to get arrested, I chose to drive on the back streets where there was less traffic, fewer pedestrians and thankfully, no police. Along the way I did get spotted by at least a dozen people, mostly women, some pushing baby strollers, and a couple joggers. It was a beautiful summer morning, already hot but not unpleasant yet. One older lady hesitated before she crossed the quiet street in front of me, deliberately slowing her pace once she noticed my condition. She put one hand to her chest, squinted, then turned and walked alongside the open car to get a closer look. This turned me on like nothing else, so I stayed idling there as long as I could, stretching out my muscular body so she had a full frontal view. My semi-hard cock inflated under the bright sun and the woman’s stare, its head leaking pre-cum into the dark pit of my navel just below it. I wanted to touch my sex and hold it out from my tan shaven body, giving the lady an even clearer look, and me a much needed release. But I could still hear my mistress’ words in my mind. Somehow she always could tell when I disobeyed, so I reluctantly kept my shaking hands on the steering wheel until I noticed a car approaching from behind mine, smiled at my speechless audience, and slowly drove away. I could see her waving at me in my rear-view mirror as I turned the corner. Not a full block away I noticed a lean young man running in nothing but shoes and a tiny pair of shorts, the same direction as I was heading. I slowed a bit as the gleaming car came abreast of him, and when he noticed me, he smiled, stared and increased his pace. Gradually I accelerated until he could no longer keep up with the car, but before I pulled away I made sure he got as good a view as the lady before him. I really wanted to stop and flirt with him, but I noticed the time.

So here I sit, trying to catch my breath and slow my racing heart, feeling the hot sun on my trembling sweaty body, in her driveway. Checking first to see that there is nobody about in the yards next to or across from her home, and no cars or pedestrians on the street, I quickly walk to the front door and ring the bell, acutely aware of my nudity and my raging erection. While her expansive back yard is secluded behind an iron fence and tall hedges, my mistress’ front yard is rather small and quite visible from the street and the adjacent homes. I hear the intercom crackle to life, her cold voice asking what time it is.

“It’s 10:04, Madame,” I nervously answer.

“You kept me waiting four minutes then. I will keep you waiting the same duration”—

“But,” I interrupt…

“No buts!” she hisses into the microphone, “except for that bubble-butt of yours, it will be nice and red when I am done paddling it. Your outburst has just doubled the time you will wait on my front step!”

“Oh thank you, Madame. You are so fair and wise, I will wait here for you all day if I must!” I practically gush, quickly remembering my position in relation to hers.

“That’s more like it, slut!” she purrs, “Now stand up straight and tall, so anyone passing by can see that you are my slave.”

I stand as ordered on her shady entry, but two minutes later the sun has moved just enough that a bright beam shines down on me like a floodlight, while most of the yard is still shaded by the huge old maples. Hearing a car pull into the driveway across the street, I shift nervously, wanting to conceal myself as much as the shade will allow, finding instead that the whole step is illuminated by the blazing sun.

“Don’t you dare move,” she commands from somewhere inside. I sense that she can see me, so I stand taller and point my erect member toward the ornate mahogany entry.

An older female voice from across the street sharply inquires, “What ARE you doing there, young man?!”

I hear my mistress calmly on the speaker, “Did you say something?”

“No, Madame. It seems to be your neighbor across the way.”

“Well don’t be rude to her, her name is Mrs. Griffith. Turn around and say something nice to her!”

Pivoting to face the well-dressed lady, I greet her cheerfully,” I am waiting for my mistress to let me in so I can serve her, Mrs. Griffith. You look lovely this fine morning… may I be of assistance to you?”

“I think not!” the matron huffs, wiping her glasses with a silk scarf before replacing them on her nose. Then as an afterthought, “Do you always go around like that in public, in broad daylight?”

“That seems to be what my mistress pleases lately, and I must admit I enjoy it immensely!”

“Well, on second thought, get your butt over here and take these groceries inside!”

I hesitate until I hear my mistress’ stern voice on the intercom, ordering me to get moving.

My heart pounds in my ears as I stride across the street, totally nude. In my periphery I catch sight of landscapers and painters working on stately homes a few houses down the block but, hoping they will not notice me, I look straight ahead at Mrs. Griffith. Her gaze travels from my grinning, blushing face down to my bouncing erect cock, where it lingers before returning to my eyes. A wistful look passes like a small cloud, replaced by a bright smile topped by a pair of twinkling, mischievous grey eyes.

“I don’t think we’ve been introduced yet?”

“Oh, my name isn’t important, ma’am. I am just a submissive slut put here to serve my mistress. You know her, I assume?”

“Of course I do. We have been neighbors for over thirty years, and our husbands were just like brothers.” The cloud passes over her face again as she sniffles and looks away.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Griffith,” I offer sincerely.

“No, I’m sorry for getting so damn emotional myself, it’s been over ten years now since he died, and ten years before that since we…,” she blushes and coughs nervously.

“Oh my gosh!” my eyes and mouth open wide, unable to imagine twenty hours without sex, let alone twenty years, “Surely you’ve had some romance since then, I mean you look so young and healthy, I bet you’ll be enjoying yourself for at least another twenty!” The closer I look at her, the more I am impressed with her well-preserved body, faintly perceptible under her modest dress.

Sensing my gaze she explains,”I had a church board meeting earlier, can’t wait to get these nylons off and slip into something more comfortable…”

“We’d better get these groceries inside then,” I volunteer.

“We? No, that’s YOUR job,” she laughs as the trunk of her BMW pops open.

I bend over to see what’s in there, and feel a soft warm hand behind my knee. I freeze as it grazes the back of my thigh, relishing the feather-soft touch as it nears my most sensitive areas. I spread my legs and bend over even farther, unable to silence the moan coming from deep within my gut. Once her palm arrives at my perineum her fingers reach through to fondle my dangling balls. Meanwhile her thumb wriggles into my butt-crack, stopping at the entrance to my anus. I stifle a squeal by inhaling sharply and holding my breath, but my ass betrays my animal desire. My cheeks squeeze the welcome invader in deeper, while my sphincter opens like a flower waiting to be pollinated.

“My, you really ARE a slut, aren’t you?” Mrs. Griffith chides. “Has Elizabeth taken care of this hungry hole for you yet?”

“No, ma’am,” I groan through clenched teeth,” I have begged her to, but so far she has only spanked, paddled and whipped my butt!”

“Well I’m sure you deserved every bit of it, you naughty man. Do you like getting punished so?” Her thumb is delving into my well-oiled ass now.

“Oh, yes, Mrs. Griffith, I do, but…” suddenly unsure how much I should confide in this woman I have just met, I stop.

“But what? Do you want more? Do you LONG to be FILLED with a HOT, THICK SLAB of MEAT?” Her mouth is right next to my ear now, making her whispers sound like shouts, and with each word her thumb drives as deep as it can reach in my bowels.

“God, yes! I love it, I need it!” I cry out shamelessly, my hips bucking back with each thrust, trying to draw her digit in even deeper. Before my eyes I spot a cucumber in one of the shopping bags, and when I reach out to touch it, my hand brushes against hers. We lift it out together, admiring its perfect shape and size. About seven inches long, two inches in diameter, curved slightly, shiny dark green and covered with little bumps.

“Is this what you want, slut?” the older lady teases.

“Please!” I sob, my entire body quivering in anticipation.

“On one condition,” she says, raising her thin dark eyebrows.

“Anything!” I promise.

“You keep this in your ass until I say it can come out. Do you agree?” She must have read my mind; this is one of my favorite fantasies come true.

“Absolutely, Mrs. Griffith, I understand”

“Okay then, you better suck on it first, so it will slide in easier.” I didn’t think it was necessary, but I open my mouth wide, letting her force the thick vegetable past my tonsils and into my throat, swallowing three-quarters of it. When it re-emerges, it is dripping with my saliva, so she is able to push it quickly up my ass-hole. My anal ring contracts immediately, hiding the green invader from sight, but I can feel it in my colon, and it massages my prostate deliciously with every heartbeat, with every breath.

“Remember our deal,” she demands, before giving each of my quivering cheeks a swift swat, then turns toward the front door.”Now get those bags in here, on the double!”

I pick up two heavy sacks, stand up straight, and hesitate momentarily to adjust to the feeling of my butt being stuffed full, before following her inside. I pad across the cool slate in the foyer to her kitchen, placing the groceries on the counter where she is pointing. I hurry back outside, delighting in the cool cucumber, shivering occasionally as it squirms around inside me with each step. I discover that if I walk on my tip-toes it helps hold it in, also heightening the sensation, making me feel as if I am really getting fucked. As I walk back inside with another armload of groceries, I spot my reflection in the picture window, observing how my hips sway sexily, almost femininely. I drop the bags gently beside the others and, before I return outside I pause to stroke my raging cock, then reach back to squeeze my cheeks and feel to be sure the “green giant” is staying in place. It is, so I wiggle my thighs extra slutty-like as I strut back to the car for the last load of purchases. Closing the car trunk and front door behind me, I return to Mrs. Griffith’s kitchen, deposit the bags on the counter, then look around for something else I can do. I pull the perishables out of the bags, placing them in the refrigerator and the freezer, finishing just as my new acquaintance comes back in the room. Now clad in a white tank top, bright blue satin mini-shorts, and high-heeled sandals, it is apparent just how well preserved she is. Without her “granny glasses” she looks more youthful, even with faint wrinkles around her eyes and neck. My eyes can’t help but linger over her freckled tan skin, delighting in her feminine curves. Beyond “MILF” by a few years, but I would still LOVE to fuck this silver-haired beauty, maybe more like a “GILF”? Her eyes capture my gaze, and I sense a hunger inside her that almost matches my own. Our reverie is broken by the shrill ring of her phone, which she picks up immediately.

“Oh, hi Elizabeth! I was just going to call you in a few minutes.

“Yes, he’s still here. Do you want to talk to him? Uhh, I DO have a few more things around here that I could use him for, if you can make it without him for just a little while… Oh? Well, I suppose I could do that, if you think it’s… Okay, sure! Yes, I’ll call you as soon as I am finished with him, and if he misbehaves at all, I will tell you… Alright, thanks Elizabeth. Bye!”

“Hmmm!” Mrs. Griffith muses as she turns back to me, “Elizabeth seems to think that I am too much of a soft touch. She says I need to treat you like the slutty slave that you are, keep your ass red and tender, and to not allow you to cum. What do you think of that?”

“She is my mistress. She knows what is best for me. It is not my place to question her judgment. My purpose is to serve her needs, her wants. In so doing I have found deep fulfillment. She can be harsh and demanding at times, but I need it, I love it. She has also been very generous to me already, so I owe her very much. I am rather new at being a submissive, but my mistress is by far the best I have offered myself to. She is so beautiful, and so creative in coming up with new ways to test me and to expand my commitment to her.”

“She is certainly a lucky bitch, isn’t she?” Mrs. Griffith sighs bitterly, “How did she find you, anyway?”

“I posted an ad on Craigslist personals, seeking an experienced dominatrix, and we hit it off immediately. I think I am the lucky one, as I’ve heard some scary stories about the strange people that one can get mixed up with on there.”

“Well, it looks like Elizabeth finally hit the jackpot this time. I met a couple of her previous ‘slaves’ and they were nothing compared to you. You are so damn cute; you seem smart, so polite and so cheerful! I can’t understand why a young man with so much going for him would put himself in an ‘abusive’ relationship like that, rather than one in which he is treated with respect?”

“I’m no counselor, and I don’t pretend to know the answers to your question. But I AM more comfortable being controlled than being in control. Maybe I just don’t trust myself yet. I’m not sure what my limits are, but I love to take dares and risks; I trust my mistress to keep me safe, alive and out of jail. Plus, she certainly knows how to keep me excited sexually.

“This may be just a phase I am going through, but I want to go as deep as I can in this relationship, to learn as much as I can, to have as much fun in the process. If I can bring her—and you–pleasure, then that is even better.”

“Now that you mention it, I DO need some pleasuring; it has been soooo long…” Mrs. Griffith purrs, “But how to do it without you cumming?”

“No problem!” I enthuse, “I have hands, a tongue, a nose. And I noticed that you have more cucumbers in your fridge, too!”

“Oh, those won’t be necessary,” she laughs, “I have a drawer full of dildos and vibrators in my bedroom. Shall we retire there?”

“Yes, by all means ma’am. Lead the way!”

“No, you go first. I want to watch your hot little butt jiggle with that fat cucumber buried in there; it must be pickled by now!”

I laugh along with her as we climb the sweeping stairs to the second floor, trying to wiggle my hips and ass like the slut that I feel I am becoming. Pausing at the threshold of her bedroom, I admire the frilly white linens and deep cherry wood furniture briefly, before her hand on my rear shoves me to the four-poster bed, where I sprawl spread-eagle on the soft down duvet. I look back over my shoulder as she excitedly kneels between my legs, bringing her face within inches of my ass.

“I don’t see anything. Are you sure it’s still in there?” I feel her breath tickling my sensitive skin as she speaks.

“Oh, I’m sure, I feel it there”

“Does it feel good? Does it hurt? Do you need it to come out now?”

“Yes, it feels great! But it IS getting a bit sore; I do need to let it out soon, thanks.”

“Okay, push it out then if you can,” she allows. And I do. She stares in awe, as my butt cheeks and sphincter work in tandem to force the cucumber out. Now it is warm and soft, still shiny and slick.

“Oh that’s SO hot!” the older lady exhales, puckering her lips and blowing on my stretched hole.

With a rhythm of its own, my anus closes tightly, alternately gaping open, allowing her soft breath to tickle the super-stimulated mucous membranes deep inside my rectum.

“I’ve never been so close to a butt-hole before,” she continues, laying the cucumber aside. “When we were younger my husband used to love playing with mine, but I never understood his fascination. Now I think I see…”

“Mmmm yeah, I just LOVE asses, both men’s and women’s…

“Did you ever play with his? Did he ever lick yours? Did you let him fuck yours?” I venture.

She sighs deeply, “No, I never did get my hands on his… He never came out and asked me to.

“Looking back, I think he wanted me to, but was afraid to say so. He never licked my hole either, but I did let him put his penis in it whenever he wanted. I never enjoyed it as much as he did though.”

“Really?” I prod, “Did it hurt?” I pull myself toward the pillows, leaving Mrs. Griffith kneeling in the center of the king-size bed, twisting around so that I am facing her delectable derriere, soaking in the view for a few long seconds.

“No, it didn’t really hurt, although he did get pretty rough at times. It just made me feel dirty, like an animal, like…”

My hands are on her wide hips now, my fingers sneaking their way into the elastic waistband of her tight, stretchy shorts. “Like a SLUT?”

“Yes, that’s it; like a slut! And in those days that was considered a very BAD thing.” She looks back over her shoulder, watching me as I work her shorts down her thighs to her knees.

I inhale deeply, savoring the feminine musk emanating from her hot cunt. “Unfortunately, attitudes haven’t changed very much over time,” I lament, “Many people still think those who enjoy sex to the fullest are bad people. But I know men, and every man I know wishes his wife, or his partner, was a slut– at least to her partner, and even if only in the privacy of their bedroom.”

She had straightened her knees momentarily, allowing me to slide her soft satin shorts past her knees, and then she helped me get them around her sandaled feet and off.

“I also believe that ALL of us have an ‘inner slut’ just screaming to get out; but our own guilt, our family, church, and society use fear to keep it bottled up.” My hands roam all over her round globes and firm thighs, at times tracing the lines between her tan legs and back, and the creamy white skin of her butt. “Most folks never get in touch with their deep inner selves, instead letting others tell them what is right and wrong, good and bad.” I punctuate my sentences with licks and kisses on her backside, patiently zeroing in on my target. “As far as roughness goes—those of us who enjoy anal sex have a hard time controlling our urges. It just brings out the ‘beast’ in us… I enjoy pounding into a hot butt-hole nearly as much as I love to have my own pounded, the harder the better!”

I have no more words to add, so I let my hands spread Mrs. Griffith’s full cheeks apart, my nose and then my tongue descending on her tiny, tender rose-bud. I moan deeply into her crack, trying to loosen her up, and feel the rumble echo back in my ears, as they are squeezed between two flexing globes of flesh. A deep breath, then I dive in again, this time my tongue pushing past the resistant ring of her sphincter, then worming around inside the dark, funky moistness of her rectum. Her fingers busy stimulating her own pussy and clit, my senior lover shudders violently, her whimpers and shrieks muffled by a large soft pillow. Collapsing prone on her bed, her body periodically wracked by orgasmic aftershocks, she looks back at me through glazed eyes, panting.

“That- was- fan- tas- tic!”

I beam down at her, catching my breath, excited over the prospect of another anal ‘convert’. Helping her pull the damp tank top over her head, I lick my lips at the sight of two cherry-topped sundaes.

“Do you think you could let me feel your penis inside me?” the dear older lady pleads, “I really need one badly…”

“Oh damn! I wish I could, Mrs. Griffith, but I am sure I would cum instantly, and that would incite the wrath of my mistress…” reminding her of our orders.

Her smoldering eyes dart behind me for an instant, before turning their gaze to my throbbing, dripping erection. I sense a presence at the doorway, at the same time registering alarm at the growing puddle of pre-cum I am making on her antique Persian rug.

“What would incite her wrath?” my mistress asks, strutting into the room to stand over me. Even without her six inch heels, she is an intimidating force, clad in a tight leather studded mini-dress, thigh-high black boots, and a mysterious feathered mask. The stunning outfit holds her large breasts up and out, reminding me of Elvira, the dark, lustrous leather in stark contrast with her alabaster skin. Her salt-and-pepper mane, tied back in a pony tail, hangs all the way down to her firm behind. “Again, I ask, what?!” slapping one palm with the crop she holds in her other hand, for emphasis.

“If I was to cum without your permission, Mistress,” I explain, eyes to the floor.

“It looks to me like you already have, slut.”

“Oh no, ma’am; that’s just pre-cum,” I attempt to justify myself.

“It’s the same thing, slave; if it came out of your filthy cock, it is YOUR CUM! Now lick it up!” I quickly obey, assuming the doggy position, my face to the floor. “Every last drop! ” my mistress orders, her heel on my neck, holding me down. I know what is coming, but not exactly when, so I jump and cry out when the crop hits my backside. Almost instantly the pain turns to a warm, cozy spreading pleasure, so I moan lustily into the wool rug as I try to extract every trace of my discharge.

“You’d better not be enjoying this, slave,” she warns menacingly, striking my stinging bare cheeks repeatedly, “this is all about Mrs. Griffith’s pleasure– not yours!”

Then, turning to her surprised neighbor, lying speechless on her bed, “Are you sure you want this dirty dick inside your body? Wouldn’t you rather have one of your nice, clean toys instead? Or how about if I take care of you with one of my strap-ons?”

“Um… No thanks, Elizabeth, but I’ll take a rain check on that, if I can… It’s just been SO long since I felt a real penis inside me, especially one so young, so big.”

“Okay, suit yourself, Amy. But you had better not make him cum; or else you will BOTH get a royal punishment; understand?!”

“Yes, I think so,” she timidly squeaks.

Grabbing me roughly by my collar, my mistress lifts me to a standing position, then shoves me down onto the bed next to the trembling form of her friend. Reaching into her cleavage, she pulls out a thin leather belt, about six inches long, bends over and wraps it around the base of my cock and balls. Deftly fastening it closed, she cinches it tighter until my erection takes on a purple hue.

“That ought to keep you from ejaculating,” she comments. “But the biggest part of self-control is in your mind.” I ponder her words as she stands back, nodding. “Now carry on where you left off. Amy has an ‘inner slut’ desperate to escape its prison, right?”

I wonder how long my mistress has been in her close neighbor’s home, but soon my attention is diverted, as my wanton matron grabs my aching cock and guides it to her hot, wet cunt. Looking into her eyes, I see deep satisfaction replacing a long-denied hunger. Our bodies buck against each other, convulsing through her several orgasms, each one getting more powerful than the last. I look away, trying to think of anything other than the here and now, all the tricks I have taught myself to keep from cumming too soon. After several minutes we both rest, gasping for air, when my mistress’ voice reminds us of her presence.

“So, Amy– is there anything else you wanted from my slave boy today?”

“Well, maybe one other favor, I don’t know…”

“Just say what it is, girl; don’t be shy. I can’t read your mind, you know.”

“I- I- I’m not sure how to say it… ” all of a sudden she is self-conscious.

“Say what?! That you want to feel his big hard cock in your ass? Is that it? Do want to be fucked up your ass, Amy?!”

“Yes! That’s it! I want, no– I NEED to be FUCKED in my ASS! Oh dear, I feel like such a slut…”

“Well that’s WONDERFUL, my friend. Enjoy the feeling; get used to it. Embrace your inner slut! Set her free! Confessing that you are a slut is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself!”

My mistress prods her slightly older friend onto her knees, until her hungry ass winks at me invitingly from its shadowy cleft, knees spread wide. I lick my lips in anticipation, bringing my face closer before I am instructed to, earning myself another swift swat at the hands of my angry mistress.

“Not so fast, slave! You start when I tell you to.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, I just thought—” Smack! And another red stripe.

“Silence!! You know how to get her hole ready for your big nasty prick, so don’t try any short-cuts. If you cause this dear little lady even one SECOND of pain, then YOUR ass is hamburger, boy! Have I made myself clear?”

“Oh, yes mistress!”

“Okay then, you may start.”

Enthusiastically I dive in. I kiss and lick up and down my lover’s hot crack, accumulating more and more saliva around her winking brown-eye. Using this natural lube, I soon have my tongue buried as deep as it will reach. Still impossibly tight, I do sense it yielding just a bit, so I shift gears to the next phase of the operation. Gingerly reaching down I stroke just the head of my engorged cock, smearing the plentiful pre-cum around my index and middle fingers liberally. Slowly removing my tongue from her pit, I replace it with one slick digit, easing it in to the hilt. This causes Mrs. Griffith to tense and whimper, and I feel the riding crop against my right butt cheek.

“Does that hurt, Amy?”

“Oh no, it feels divine! Just surprised, that’s all.”

“Alright then, if you feel ANY pain AT ALL, don’t hesitate to say so, okay?”

And to me she says, “You’d better be EXTRA careful there, slave boy. I want this experience to be pure PLEASURE for my best friend here, you see?”

“I see, most loving mistress, and I agree whole-heartedly.” I slide the tip of my tongue along side of my index finger as I work it in and out of her tight back door, gradually loosening the squeeze her sphincter exerts on both, until I feel she is ready for another digit. Carefully, steadily I slide both slippery fingers in, pausing at the second knuckle, dribbling more saliva into the opening, then pushing on until they are completely buried. I wait for signs of pain or pleasure, but I can barely hear her panting and moaning, as she has her face buried in a pillow. Content that she is not suffering, I boldly begin to thrust my longest digits in deeply, grateful I took time to trim and file my nails this morning. Alternately pulling them out entirely, plunging and withdrawing, over and over, and over again, I feel her ass relaxing its vise grip.

Repositioning myself, I extract more pre-cum from my swollen sensitive head, slathering the liquid velvet generously over all four fingers of my opposite hand. With my face mere inches from her bum, I spot Mrs. Griffith’s hand covering her pubic mound, dancing digits teasing her pussy and clit into a lather. My mistress sees it at the same instant, expressing her displeasure with a sharp slap of her crop on the older lady’s pale left cheek. Crying into the pillow, reaching back to rub the welt with her free hand, she freezes when she feels the crop tracing circles around the opposite cheek.

“Are you a slut, Amy?”

“Um, I think s—” Smack! “Yes, I am a slut; I’m sorry, Elizabeth!”

“That’s right. And sluts do NOT satisfy their own sexual needs; they rely on the kindness of whomever, or whatever, is close at hand. So, if you need someone to tend to your horny little cunt, you need to ask someone!”

“Okay then, will someone PLEASE lick my pussy?” the humiliated woman sobs into her pillow, both hands caressing her red rear.

“Is that all you want?” my mistress demands.

“No, I want some fingers too, and someone to nibble on my clitoris, to help me cum… Ohhh…”

“How many fingers? Be specific!”

“Three, I guess, then four…”

“You guess? You need to be certain if you are going to ask for help. Pay attention to your body; what it needs, what it craves. Do you want my slave to stop playing with your dirty little shit-hole?”

“Oh no, please don’t stop that! It feels so good, so perfect… But my vagina needs to be satisfied at the same time. I think it will help my anus to relax if I can cum again.”

“Spoken like a true slut, and I mean that as a compliment, believe me.”

Afraid of getting caught in the cross-fire of the crop, I had backed off a bit. I feel a sharp heel digging into the back of my ribs, pushing me closer to the bed.

“You heard the lady! She might be a slut, but you are a mere slave. Your job is to take care of her needs, so get with it; jump!”

I dive back to my previous position, immediately placing three fingers at the entrance to her sopping cunt, my thumb on her clit. As I shove those into her molten furnace, my mouth returns to her horny ass-hole. This time I pucker up and force my lips into her shit-pit, sticking out my tongue and spreading my mouth when it can go no deeper. I exhale a puff of air into her dark rectum, setting off a shrieking, spasmodic seizure of an orgasm. Both orifices expel my invading hand and mouth forcefully, but I stay close, my eyes glued to her quivering shiny openings.

“Well, you look like you’re about ready for the next step, slut. What do you want now?” my mistress directs her question at the exhausted body lying before me.

“I want someone to FUCK my ASS, now! I don’t care how hard, just fill me now!” the sweet older lady pleads weakly.

“Now’s your chance, slave boy; don’t blow it.” Leaning close, Elizabeth stares as I line up my missile for the assault. With a hand on my left cheek, she pushes me firmly toward my target; groans in harmony with Amy and me, my rampant rod disappearing into the slick dark passage.

I have to rest for a moment once my balls nestle against the older lady’s sopping pussy, savoring the sensation of being hugged so tightly in a hot, moist velvet glove, though it feels two sizes too small. Before long I feel her bucking her ass back at me, signaling the next phase. My animal instincts take over, and soon I am giving it to her as hard and deep as I have done to anyone.

“That’s it! FUCK that SLUT in her tight ASS, slave boy!” my mistress hisses.

“That’s right! FUCK this SLUT in her tight ASS, you fucking STUD!”

I am hanging on to her hips for dear life, sweat pouring down my face and chest, slowly losing the battle against cumming.

“Elizabeth! I need your fingers in my pussy and on my clit to help me climax, PLEASE!” my older lover begs of her friend.

“Aw, since you ask so nice and direct, how can I refuse?” she giggles.

I feel her fingers through the thin skin separating Amy’s holes, and they send her friend into orbit instantly. With her ass muscles working my poor pecker over, I am lost. I try and warn them, but my orgasm washes over me before I can speak, carrying me into another world. When I return to my senses, I am aware of my mistress’ hard glare, my spent sausage being squeezed out of Amy’s still-clutching bowels, my cum dripping out slowly.

“Don’t you DARE let a DROP of that mess touch her precious Persian rug!” I hear as the riding crop lands on my tender bum. I obediently place my mouth at the gaping rear entrance of my sweet older lover; licking, lapping, and sucking all the semen I had just deposited in her, mixed with the tangy taste of her rectum. I am amazed at how much I came just now.

“And don’t think you are getting away un-punished either, slut!” my mistress hisses at her best friend. “After all, it is YOUR tight horny ass that caused him to spill his seed, so you bear half of the blame!”

Yanking me up to stand next to the rumpled bed, she grabs Amy roughly by the hair, pulling her shocked face in front of my drooping dong. “Now suck this nasty cock until it’s squeaky clean! I don’t care if it tastes like your own shit; you deserve it for being such a wanton wench!”

“But, I didn’t—”

Smack! Smack!

“Sluts don’t make excuses for their slutty behavior!”

Smack! Smack!

I flinch with each stroke, even though it wasn’t my own behind being abused for a change. I gaze imploringly down at the tear-streaked face below, wishing I could do something to ease her pain. She opens her mouth and takes my limp, slimy member gently inside. Closing her eyes, she swirls her tongue around my sore, shrunken sensitive head, before sucking me deep like a vacuum. Now it’s my turn to close my eyes, amazed at how quickly the blood is returning to my weary wand, how hard I am getting so soon. I feel her gag, trying to trap my expanding column in her throat, but it becomes too much for her to handle. Releasing my renewed hard-on, she uses both hands to stroke my shaft, trying to catch her breath.

An impatient tap of the crop on her red behind brings us both back to the present.

“I told you to clean him up; not to give him a blow-job, slut! His pleasure is not your concern now; have you cleaned his balls yet?!”

“No, I haven’t; do they really ne—?”

Smack! Smack!

“Damn right they need to be washed. And since you like to question my judgment so much, I think his dirty ass-hole needs to be cleaned out too! You DID take liberties with my slave, when you put that cucumber up his butt. So it’s only fair that you should pay for your audacity, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mrs. Griffith whimpers, resignedly.

“Well, get to work, then, slut!”

I open my eyes to see my sweet older lover staring up into my face with a look of peaceful bliss. Tenderly taking my testicles into her soft mouth, my revived rod resting on her face, she grasps the tube and milks it slowly. Soon the faint veins and age spots on her forehead are glossed over with a thin layer of fresh pre-cum. Her lips and tongue patiently explore every millimeter of my sack, reluctantly relinquishing them when my mistress pulls me away.

“Turn around and bend over, slave. Grab your ankles.”

I do as she says, glancing back over my shoulder, concerned that she may be pushing her friend too far. Expecting to see disgust in Amy’s wise old eyes, I am pleasantly surprised when I detect a spark of animal lust igniting her facial features.

“Now hold his cheeks apart and get cleaning, slut!” Elizabeth directs.

Her soft hands soothing my bruised buns, Mrs. Griffith begins at my perineum, tracing her tongue up one side of my spread crack to my tailbone, then the other side.

Smack! Smack!

“I said to CLEAN his ass; not to play with it, slut!”

Looking into her eyes again, I see an unmistakable sparkle, and when she winks at me, I realize my older lover is enjoying this game as much as I am! Just before she dives into my butt, I see her licking her smiling lips. So I let myself relax and savor the sensation, content that we are all playing our intended parts, as the drama unfolds. Adding to the forbidden pleasure of being rimmed, is the knowledge that this is the first time for my new friend, in her sixty-plus years. I am not sure if it is her moans or mine, or both, but I feel a delicious rumble inside, right down to my core.

Much sooner than I would prefer, I feel my mistress pushing us apart again. With a firm hand on my collar, she forces me to bend down, so that Mrs. Griffith and I are face to face, inches apart.

“Kiss this dirty slut, slave, and be sure to use plenty of tongue! I want you to taste your nasty ass in her mouth.”

I open wide and devour the older lady’s lips. Gazing deep into my lover’s eyes, I see unbridled passion, wild lust, and extreme pleasure. It’s as if my own inner slut is smiling back at me in a mirror, and I like the way it looks. Tasting my own ass on her lips, tongue and teeth, I let the raw sensuality of the moment sweep me away. Forgetting that my mistress is present, I grab Amy behind the head, my hands roaming through her soft silver hair, around her shoulder blades, down her back, pulling us into an even deeper, more soulful kiss. When at last we come up for air, Elizabeth is scowling at us, arms akimbo.

She must have removed her leather outfit while I had my eyes closed or distracted, so I see my mistress in all her glory for the first time. With nothing but her boots and mask on, sexuality oozing out of her pores, an aura of power surrounds this imposing beauty.

“It looks like you are enjoying yourselves way, WAY too much. I think it’s time for ME to experience MY fair share of pleasure here. Now roll over, slut!”

She guides her friend onto her back, her head at the edge of the soft mattress. “Have you ever licked a pussy before, Amy?”

“No, ma’am; but I’ve wanted to taste yours for years!”

“I thought so,” purrs Elizabeth, “Slave-boy was right, you DO have an inner slut begging for release– a bisexual, anal, submissive slut!”

Deliberately placing her knees on either side of Mrs. Griffith’s ribcage, feet pinning her arms down to the bed, she lowers her bald beaver until it hovers just out of reach of her friend’s tongue.

“Is there something you would like?” teasing her torturously.

“Yes! There is NOTHING I want MORE than to LICK your PUSSY; to have you SQUIRT all over my face!”

“But that sounds ‘kinky’. Why would you want to do that?”

“I AM a kinky slut; that’s why… Your puss is so beautiful; it smells so delicious. And I have wanted to do it since I first saw you naked in your hot tub, almost twenty five years ago!”

“Wow! It’s nice to finally get THAT out in the open,” my mistress moans ruefully, planting her dripping cunt on her older friend’s face, “Just think of the fun we’ve missed out on since then…”

“Oh, I am so sorry, ma’am. I promise to make it up to you if you let me, mistress?…” Amy muffles, barely intelligible since her tongue is buried in her best friend’s snatch.

“Oh? Does this mean you are offering yourself as a slave?”

“Yes, please! If you’ll have me, I’m yours!”

“Well, I suppose my stable can accommodate one more whore, plus you HAVE demonstrated remarkable potential today…”

“Oh thank you, thank you, mistress!” Mrs. Griffith gurgles happily, “You won’t regret this!” returning to the task before her.

“And on the subject of whores, where is my slave-boy?…”

I find that I have drifted into a trance, recalling every detail of the day I first met Mistress Elizabeth and, through her, was introduced to my submissive, slutty true self. What a month it has been, experiencing new adventures every week, reaching heights of ecstasy previously unimaginable. We have come so far in such a short time…

“Hey slave! Are you here?”

“Yes, ma’am. Sorry, I was just—”

“I don’t give a damn WHAT you were doing. I am due for a ‘colon cleansing’ and I believe you have the instruments to perform the procedure?”

“Yes, of course; I am ON it…”

Dropping to my haunches, hands spreading her perfect round orbs, I look down into Amy’s twinkling eyes as I lower my mouth to the little rose-bud not more than an inch from her nose. With our tongues pleasuring both of her juicy holes simultaneously, we have her shouting out with joy.

“Oh, GOD—fucking AMAZING! TWO slaves at once; I’m in Heaven…”

“Mistress?” I tentatively ask.

“What is it, slave boy?”

“I will be in seventh heaven if only you will allow me to put my humble cock in your most beautiful bum…”

“Mmm, it WOULD feel good, and I DO need more than a tongue there. I didn’t bring any of my dildos with me. And after all, you DID help me recruit a fresh slave today, so I guess… Under ONE condition, that is.”

This is the third episode in a multi-part story. Although I hope you would enjoy it by itself, it would be better to start with Chapter 01 first so you can understand the context of the situation and get introduced to the characters. This is a story of a journey and is meant to be read in sequence.

I was awakened by a rumbling and a lurch of the ship to find myself alone in the bed. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8 AM. I walked toward the bathroom and met Kealani coming back. “Oh you’re up. I was hoping to get back before you woke up so I could give you your special wake up treat.”

She had promised to wake me every morning by caressing my cock and balls with her mouth and hands. What would normally be considered a blowjob but when done by her it became an erotic art form that bore little resemblance to that crude label. “I only need to pee. You get back in the bed and I’ll come back in a minute and pretend to be asleep.” When I returned she was sitting on the side of the bed. “Since I’m already awake would you mind if we went out on the balcony to do this?”

“Wherever you prefer Mista Eddy san.”

We walked out to the balcony and I put a cushion on the deck in front of one of the chairs and sat down. “Come here and kneel on the cushion and do me sitting down.” She walked over and kneeled down and sat back on her haunches then scooted forward until her head was just above my groin.

The lurch I had felt earlier that woke me up was the ship docking at the cruise line’s private island that was set up as a beach playground with every water activity you could think of. I had a great view of the long stretch of beachfront from where I was sitting. Kealani took one of my testicles in each of her hands and started to gently massage them. My cock slowly started to stir.

After a couple of minutes she had me about half hard and moved one of her hands from by balls to encircle my shaft. She gently squeezed it and then started kissing the head with little pecking kisses. Her other hand continued to caress my balls. When she had me fully erect she moved her hand off my shaft and returned it to my balls with the other one. She then took the head of my cock into her mouth and started to suck and lick it.

She removed her mouth from my cock and looked up at me and said in an affected Japanese accent, “So mista Eddy, you want missy Kealani give you Japanese blowjob or American?”

“What’s the difference?”

“A Japanese blowjob is what I’m doing now, it’s gently massaging your balls while I suck and lick the head of your cock. An American blowjob is more of a hand job with as much of your cock sliding in and out of my mouth as I can get in there. You can have some of both if you prefer.”

“I think the Japanese style will do nicely.”

“Good choice, the Japanese blowjob usually takes longer for a man to cum but produces a more intense orgasm.”

She returned her mouth to my cock head and resumed her sucking and licking. The way she did it was like a little toothless kitten sucking on its mother’s teat. Barely moving her mouth up and down but licking all around the head in gentle little flicks of her tongue. As her mouth filled with saliva she would open it just enough to allow the spit to escape over her lower lip and slide down my shaft until eventually it reached the base where she gathered it with her fingers and used it to rub my balls. I was beginning to see what she meant by it taking longer to cum this way, the stimulation was not so intense but it was very enjoyable. I leaned back in the chair and watched her perform. Her patience and perseverance were truly admirable. I doubted that most American women would go to this much effort to please a man orally.

After about ten minutes of this extremely pleasurable attention she changed the way she was massaging my balls and started to pull on them and increase the pressure slightly. Not enough to be uncomfortable but this did produce a noticeable effect. She slid her mouth down my shaft a little and increased the suction and the licking. Almost without my being aware of it, I started to cum. Not a powerful spurting kind of ejaculation but more of a constant stream of hot pearly liquid flowing into her mouth as if my body knew it didn’t need to do anything except let her suck my cum like she had inserted a straw into my prostate. She made audible gulping sounds when she swallowed each time her mouth filled with my jizz. She accompanied each swallow with a tug and a squeeze of my balls until she was satisfied that she had drained them completely.

She removed her mouth and looked up at me. “Mista Eddy like?” she asked in the same high-pitched Japanese accent.

“Oh Kealani, my dear precious child is there no end to your talent? Why didn’t I meet you when I was sixteen?”

“Because Missy Kealani not born yet Mista Eddy.”

“Good point but I will thank the universe every day for the rest of my life for allowing me to have you in it even for this brief time. You are remarkable.”

She got up and walked back into the suite and returned shortly with a warm wet washcloth and used it to wipe my cock and balls. “We need to decide on today’s activities now that we’ve reached our first port. Basically where we are now is just a day at the beach, which is something I can do any day in Miami. So I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to go play in the sand or do something a little more exciting here on the ship.”

“More exciting like what?” I asked teasingly.

“Like finding new ways to make each other cum and maybe new places to do it.”

“You make it a very easy choice.” I replied. “Do you want to get dressed and go someplace to eat breakfast or stay naked and order room service?”

“You ought to know by now that I prefer to be naked as often as possible. I’ll go order us something.” She ran back in to the suite as I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes.

“Breakfast is on its way.” She said as she returned to the balcony. “They said it would take 10 minutes so I brought some of my almond massage oil back with me.”

“And what do you plan to do with that?”

“I’m going to pull up this other chair and sit beside you and pour some of this oil in my hand. Then I’m going to leisurely stroke your cock while you relax and look at the beautiful view. You can play with my pussy if you want.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you. Let’s get started before one of us has to get up and answer the door.” She sat down and poured some of the oil into the palm of her hand. I held out my hand and she poured some in mine. Then we sat there and she started slowly stroking me while I reached between her spread legs and rubbed the oil all over her mound and bald beaver.

We played with each other like a couple of kids in the back seat of a car. The point wasn’t to have an orgasm but to just play with each other. I had already learned that having sex is not synonymous with cumming. Sometimes just taking your time and fooling around is all the sex you need. Her hand sliding up and down my cock in long easy strokes was a pleasure to enjoy just because you could. She was just as pleased with my fingers slipping and sliding in the folds of her pussy as I was to do it. I couldn’t help but wonder why Linda and I never did this. Something so simple that feels this good should be a daily occurrence with somebody you love.

Our revelry was interrupted by the knocking on the door announcing the arrival of breakfast. Kealani volunteered to put on her robe and answer it due to the fact that my cock was sticking straight up in the air. In a couple of minutes she stuck her head out the door and told me that breakfast was on the table. We sat at the little table in the sitting room and looked over the carefully arranged items. Croissant, butter, jam, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, papaya, mango and yogurt were displayed enticingly for our consumption. “Let’s take this out on the balcony and eat. We got up and folded the table top down on the cart that room service brought and rolled it out onto the balcony.

Kealani started to pull the table top back up but I stopped her and said, “We won’t need the table.” I pushed the cart over to one of the reclining lounge chairs and folded the back down to make a level surface and told Kealani to lie down on it on her back. She quickly assumed the position as I told her “Eating off of plates with spoons and forks is not what I have an appetite for this morning.” She looked a little puzzled until I picked up the dish of yogurt and scooped some out with my finger and rubbed it on her right breast. I did the same to the other one and then to her navel and all over her smooth, hairless pussy. I then decorated each spot with pieces of the fruit. I knelt beside her and began to suck the pieces of fruit into my mouth and then lick the yogurt off. She told me it tickled when I did it and she squirmed because I kept licking even when the yogurt was gone.

I purposely saved the mango and the papaya for last. I told her to raise her knees and spread her legs. I took a piece of mango and slid it along her slit. When I reached her vagina I pushed it inside her. I bent over and licked the folds of her protruberant labia and then put my mouth over her opening and sucked the fruit out of her. I rose up and moved to her head and bent down and placed my lips on hers and stuck the piece of mango into her mouth. She savored it and when she had chewed it, swallowed it down.

“You can serve my meals to me like this anytime you want. Did you know there are restaurants in Japan where they serve sushi on the bodies of naked women?”

“That’s what I’ll have for lunch.”

I continued with another round and then told her it was her turn and pulled her up and got on the lounge. She had quite a good time arranging her meal on me and an even better time getting it into her mouth. Most of the remaining yogurt she licked off the tip of my cock. “It’s good but not as sweet as your cum.” She mashed the mango and papaya up with a fork then spread it on my balls and proceeded to suck them into her mouth where she did a perfect imitation of a golf ball washer on them.

When the food was gone we had a cup of coffee and then headed off to the bathroom where she gave me one of her all over body baths which included about five minutes of rubbing my hard cock between her fabulous breasts.

We decided that since most people had gone ashore, we would head for a secluded little place reserved for passengers with suites that had a small pool and a hot tub and was for adults only so women were allowed to go topless. Kealani put on what had to be the tiniest thong bikini in the world. There was just enough sheer material to cover her areolas and her pussy lips. Almost invisible strings held the ‘patches’ in place…sort of, as long as she didn’t move.

She did have a floral cover-up skirt and a very realistic Hawaiian lei whose blossoms covered her breasts enough so she could walk to the pool area without causing a panic, or getting arrested. When she finished filling up a large beach bag with sunscreen and other supplies for lying around the pool we left the room and walked to the next deck up and found the area we were looking for. You had to punch in a code that was on the card key to our room to get in.

We walked through a narrow hallway that had dressing rooms and tiled showers on either side and emerged into a walled area about fifty feet long and forty feet wide. There were lounge chairs and tables with umbrellas on the sides that all faced toward a nice size pool. A hot tub big enough for about 8 people sat next to a corner of the pool at the end. At first the area appeared deserted but as we headed toward a place to sit we caught sight of our unfriendly neighbor sitting in the corner under an umbrella reading a book. She had a one piece swim suit on and dark sunglasses. A tropical hat was perched on her head. I’m sure she noticed us but she didn’t acknowledge our presence in any way. Kealani started arranging things on the table between two lounge chairs. After covering the chairs with large beach towels, we sat down.

“I think I’d like something cool to drink Eddy, what about you?”

“Yes I would, but I don’t see a bar anywhere around here.”

“Not a problem Eddy. You can call the concierge desk on a cell phone and they’ll take care of it right away.”

“What a great idea, I’ll have a Pina Colada.” She punched a couple of numbers into her phone and ordered our drinks. “While we’re waiting for the drinks to arrive why don’t we check out the hot tub?” I was already down to my swim trunks so I stood up to walk to the tub and waited for Kealani to remove her cover-up and lei. As soon as she took it off, our sourpuss neighbor slammed her book shut and made a big fuss to pack up her things to leave.

“Eddy you go on to the tub and wait there. I’m going to try to find out why that woman seems to dislike us so much.”

She began to walk across the area to where the woman was now standing gathering up her belongings. I stopped walking toward the tub to watch her. From behind it looked like she was completely naked, since you couldn’t see the tiny strings of her thong. I wished I had the camera in my hands so I could record the sight of her gorgeous backside as she sauntered across the deck. Her light bronze skin and her fabulous ass almost took my breath away.

When she got to the spot where the woman was standing she said, “Have we done something to offend you? If we have, I would really like to know what it is so we don’t keep doing it.”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I just can’t bear to see the two of you. It reminds me too much of something I’ve been going through for the past year.”

Most people would have been offended by her remark but Kealani reached out and picked up the woman’s hand and looked right into her eyes and said, “You need to tell me about this. Where is all this pain coming from? If you’ll let me, I can help you.”

The woman was quiet for a few seconds as she stared back at Kealani then said, “I don’t think anybody can help me, especially you. I just need to be by myself right now.”

“That’s not true.” Kealani replied in a soft caring tone. “You’re putting a lot of energy into making yourself miserable and you’ve even let it spread to us. You didn’t come on this cruise ship to be by yourself. What you really want is to stop the hurting and you don’t know how. Please, sit down and at least tell me your name so you can see that we don’t mean you any harm.”

The woman sat down on a lounge chair and Kealani sat on the one next to it and faced her. “You’re right,” the woman said “I’ve been unfair to both of you but it’s because you remind me of my husband and the young whore he left me for.”

“OK, that explains a lot, now tell me your name.”

“My name is Lauren.”

“So Lauren what makes you think Eddy and I are in a similar situation to the one you’ve been in?”

“Well for one thing, he’s obviously older than you and for another he’s wearing a wedding band and you’re not.”

“That’s because he is older than I am and he is married to someone else but it’s a completely different arrangement than what you think.”

“How can that be? It looks to me like you two are off on a tryst and he’s cheating on his wife.”

“You got the first part right but he’s not cheating on her. In fact, she’s somewhere out there on this same ocean on another ship with a young stud doing the same thing we are.”

Lauren looked incredulous and said, “What are you talking about? Is this some form of wife swapping or swingers group?”

“No it’s nothing like that.” Kealani then proceeded to tell her the whole story.

“That’s either the biggest bunch of bullshit or the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

“Well it’s not bullshit but I admit it might sound a little bit crazy at first. Ask yourself this: would you rather do something like our fantasy trip where you knew what was happening and where you could do it too or would you rather get blindsided by your spouse sneaking around and doing something that’s virtually guaranteed to break up your marriage?”

“Well when you put it that way it does seem a little more reasonable. But what happens if one of them decides they don’t want to stay married? What if they get a taste of this newfound freedom and want to make it permanent?”

“That’s the risk they’re willing to take. If that does happen, at least they’ll be a little more prepared for it and they’ll know that they can have a life without the other one if it comes to that. Could that be any worse than what you’re going through?”

Lauren was silent for a moment then said, “No it couldn’t. My life has been a living hell for the last year.”

Kealani held her hand and told her, “That needs to stop right now. Whatever your husband did is in the past and you need to stop blaming him for it. And you need to stop blaming her too. But most of all you need to stop blaming yourself. You are the only one who can hurt you now and you are the only one that can change that.”

Kealani reached over and took a bottle of water from the table and told Lauren to hold out her hands in front of her and make them into fists. She then poured some of the water over them. “How much water did you get in those fists?” she asked. “Now open your hands and put them together in a little cup.” She poured a little water into them. “Do you see? Water is like life. You can’t hold onto it if your not open and receptive to it. It’s time for you to open up and let yourself live again. You’re dying of thirst and you’re making every effort to avoid the rain.” Tears began to roll down Lauren’s cheeks and she began to cry. Kealani moved closer and held her. “That’s it Lauren, let it go.”

“I want to, I really do but I don’t know how.” She sobbed.

Kealani turned her head and said to me, “Eddy come over here please.” When I got there she told me to sit next to her. “Eddy I know this is your trip and I don’t want to do anything to spoil it for you in any way but we have a lost child here who needs somebody to help her find her way again. Do you think we could spare some time for Lauren without disrupting our adventure?”

“Kealani everything you’ve done so far has been as wonderful as I could possibly hope for. If you think Lauren could benefit from whatever we could do for her then I have every confidence that it is the right thing to do.”

“Thank you Eddy for being so understanding. I’ve seen this kind of thing many times before and I can’t stand by and let somebody do this to themselves when it’s so unnecessary.” Once again Kealani was blowing my mind. Now she was Dr. Phil in a thong. Was there any limit to what she was capable of?

“Lauren, are you ready to change your life? Will you trust me to help you feel better?”

Lauren raised her head and looked at Kealani and said, “You would do that for me? After I’ve acted like such a bitch to you and Eddy.”

“I know you didn’t mean to do that. You were just transferring the hurt because it was too painful. Now stand up and let’s all go over and get in the hot tub so we can get to know each other better.”

We all walked over to the tub and got in. As if Kealani’s thong wasn’t transparent enough it virtually disappeared when it got wet. Lauren asked her, “How do you seem so comfortable being practically naked in front of people like that?”

“I grew up in Hawaii. I lived naked most of the time. So did most of my family. It was no big deal to me. Then I became a model and most of the assignments I had were for lingerie and swimsuits so it’s really my natural state. That’s one of the things I want you to do. It will help you rediscover how pretty and desirable you are. In fact you can start right now. Roll down the top of that suit so we can see your tits.” She looked hesitantly at me and then at Kealani. “Go ahead, Eddy has seen breasts before.” Lauren slowly raised her hands up and began to slide the top of her suit down until it uncovered her breasts. They were surprisingly nice. Bigger than Kealani’s with large areolas and the kind of nipples that lay flat against the skin until aroused but would then transform into good size nubs that begged to be sucked.

“Now Lauren, move over and straddle Eddy’s legs and sit on his lap so he can get a good look at those beautiful knockers.” Lauren sheepishly complied and her face flushed a little when she got into position on my lap. She was only in the water up to her waist and I had an up close view of her breasts just inches away form my face. Kealani moved over and knelt behind Lauren. She reached up and rolled her suit down until it was just above her butt then reached up and started caressing Lauren’s breasts with handfuls of the warm water. “When was the last time a man saw these Lauren?”

Lauren told us how she had been on a date that a friend had set up for her about 3 months ago. She said she drank too much and ended up going home with the man and had sex but she was too scared to enjoy it and she didn’t think he had either. “That’s what you get when you do the right thing for the wrong reason.” Kealani told her. “And just what were you so scared of?”

“I didn’t think he would find me attractive and I hadn’t been with anybody except my husband in 19 years. I was worried he would think I was a lousy lover.”

Kealani said, “it sounds to me like you were. My father is a wonderful man and he was always quoting famous people to make a point. One of his favorite quotes was from Henry Ford: there are two kinds of people. Those who think they can and those who think they can’t. They are both right. Do you see how your fear and too much alcohol made you into the very thing you were afraid of? You are a very pretty woman Lauren. You’re at the peak of your sexuality and you should be a confident and accomplished lover who enjoys sharing her body with others.”

The door at the entrance to the pool area opened and a young black man walked through carrying our drinks. He looked at us and said, “Would you like these put on your table or do you want me to bring them to you in the tub?”

Kealani answered him “Put them on the table there where our towels are.” She then slid back and stood up and very slowly raised her leg up and over the edge of the tub exposing her crotch from the back to deliberately give the waiter a flash and then began to walk slowly toward the table. I thought the waiter was going to drop the tray as he tried to navigate to the table and ogle Kealani’s all but nude body at the same time. Kealani read the name on the badge on the waiter’s shirt and said, “Thank you Jeremy. You be sure and put yourself a 5 dollar tip on the bill when you get back to the bar.” He thanked her and turned to leave.

The drinks were served in two very tall plastic glasses. There were also two smaller plastic cups on the tray with water in them. Kealani poured out the water and poured my Pina Colada into each of the plastic cups filling them both to the brim then brought the tray over to the tub. She handed each of the cups to Lauren and me and said, “These drinks are huge so you and Lauren are going to share. Lauren needs a little something to help her relax and you don’t need any more than half either. The rum in that drink packs quite a punch.”

She climbed back into the tub and sat across from where I was sitting with Lauren still on my lap. We drank our drinks and let the jets of the tub wash over us. “Look up Lauren. See that beautiful Caribbean sky. Feel the warm sun on your body. You will never get to live this day again. You will never be as young as you are now or as healthy. You have nothing else to do except to enjoy this wonderful gift that you have been given. Don’t think about anything else but having fun on this glorious day.”

Kealani sat her half empty glass on the rim of the tub and slid back behind Lauren, pushing her closer to me. “Eddy’s going to suck on those soft pink nipples now and I want you to tilt your head back, close your eyes and just enjoy how good it feels.”

We both did as directed. I began to lick her left breast and run my tongue back and forth across the nipple. Kealani moved her hand under the breast I was licking and gently squeezed it. I opened my mouth wide and took in as much of her nipple and breast as I could and used my tongue to play with it and felt it swell up.

Kealani then moved around Lauren’s right side to get more in front of her and placed her mouth on Lauren’s right breast and began licking and sucking it. “Oooooh that feels fabulous. I’ve never had both my breasts sucked at the same time before. And I never even thought about letting a woman do it.”

“If you want me to stop just tell me so.”

“Don’t you dare stop. It feels heavenly.”

After a few minutes of our attention to her boobs Lauren said, “Eddy is that a gun in your swim trunks or are you just happy to see me?”

“Both actually, I am very happy to see you and I do have a gun in my trunks and it’s fully loaded. I have a license to thrill and I’ve got it pointed straight at your cunt.” She giggled as she squirmed on my lap and felt my erection rub against her crotch.

“Before you two get too carried away we need to get out of this hot tub.” Kealani said. “Let’s gather up our stuff and take this party back to the room.”

When we got back to the door of the suite Lauren asked, “Your place or mine?” It was obvious that the rum in the drink had relaxed her somewhat as she seemed much less tense and uptight.

“Oh please be our guest.” Kealani answered her as she put the card key into the slot on the door. “I’ve got a lot of party favors for us to play with.” Once inside the room Kealani announced, “OK, the first thing to do is take a shower and then Eddy and I are going to give you a very nice full body massage.”

“Oh that sounds delightful, I was thinking of going to the spa to get one later.”

“No need to pay those prices for something we can do better. I guarantee you couldn’t get anything at the spa like what we’re going to give you.”

Kealani went first in the shower. While she was gone, Lauren and I talked. “Wherever did you find her? She’s…. incredible. I’ve only been around her for less than an hour and I feel so different, so much more at ease.”

“She has that effect on everybody Lauren. I’ve been with her two days and my whole life has changed. She is truly amazing.”

“I can tell that from the way you look at her. You have the appearance of a 16-year-old boy in the depths of puppy love. Aren’t you afraid you won’t want to go back to your wife?”

“No I’m not. I may be in love with Kealani, I’m definitely infatuated with her but I’m not naïve enough to think I could make a new life with her. This is fantasyland. We can’t live here. I love my wife and I have a family that I do not want to tear apart. Kealani is barely 3 years older than my oldest daughter Charlotte. Besides, Linda and I might want to make these trips a regular part of our life every so often and who knows who I might be with next time and what new wonders I might discover.”

“It sounds like you do have a realistic perspective on this. I’m glad and a little envious that this seems to be having a very positive effect on you and your marriage.”

“You keep listening to what Kealani tells you and she’ll change your life too and it will definitely be for the better. That much I’m sure of.”

Kealani came walking out of the bathroom naked and told Lauren to go get in the shower. “We’ll go out on the balcony when you’re done and let the wind and the sun dry our hair while Eddy takes his shower.” Lauren went into the bathroom and Kealani asked me, “Are you sure you’re OK with having Lauren around? If you’re not, we can play with her for a while and then send her on her way but she really needs somebody to help her start living again and I hate to see anybody be so miserable.”

“I really don’t mind at all. I’m beginning to like her and I can’t wait to get my hands back on her sexy body. Let’s just see where this goes and as long as we’re all having fun that’s all that matters.”

Lauren emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Kealani walked up to her and said, “Lauren you’re not paying attention here” as she pulled the towel from around her and let it drop to the floor. “You need to be naked as much as you can. How do you expect us to give you a proper massage if you’re all wrapped up in a towel?”

“I’m still shy about being naked in front of somebody I hardly know.”

“You’re soon going to get to know us very well and there is nothing to be shy about. You have a beautiful body and you need to show it off more.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I don’t say things I don’t mean Lauren. Now let’s go out on the balcony while Eddy takes his shower.”

“You mean go outside naked?”

“Nobody can see us out there and even if they could what difference would it make? Do you know anybody else on this ship? Now come on and quit being such a baby.” Lauren stepped tentatively out on the balcony then sat in a chair and crossed her legs and folded her arms over her breasts. “Lauren that’s not quite what I had in mind. Get up and come over here to the railing so the sun can shine on you and the wind can blow your hair dry.” She got up and walked to the railing. “That’s better, what are you so uptight about?”

“It’s just that I’ve never been naked like this with another woman and it makes me nervous.”


“It just doesn’t seem natural to me to let another woman look at my body.”

“That’s one of the things you need to work on. There are a lot of women in the world and many of them enjoy being with other women occasionally. You don’t have to change your life to do that. Having sex with a woman doesn’t automatically make you a lesbian. I enjoy sex with men and women and I don’t give a damn what anybody else thinks. Women have special qualities that make sex different than men.”

“Like what?”

“For one thing they’re usually cleaner and they smell nicer. They’re much more tender and they know what turns a woman on without having to be told. You’ll never know until you try it and if you don’t like it then don’t do it again.”

“You make it sound so easy and uncomplicated.”

“It is Lauren. Quit worrying about it. It’s really all a matter of your attitude.”

I walked out on the balcony and stood there looking at Kealani and Lauren. They had their backs to me and were looking out over the railing. “Did somebody out here order a massage?” I said. They turned around and I got to see Lauren’s nude body for the first time. She was much prettier than I had first thought. She had kept her body in shape. Her stomach was flat and her breasts were really nice. She had honey colored hair and it matched her pubic hair although that was rather thick and unruly so I couldn’t see her pussy in any detail because of the hair covering it.

Kealani took Lauren’s hand and said to her, “Come on, lets go get you loosened up.” They walked toward me and I turned around and headed for the bedroom.

Kealani told me and Lauren to pull the covers off the bed and leave only the bottom sheet while she went to the bathroom to get one of her cases with the oils in it. “Lauren you lie here face down at the edge of the bed so Eddy can reach you.” When Lauren was in position Kealani placed a pillow under her head and asked if she was comfortable. She said she was and thanked us for being so nice to her. Kealani got on the bed on her knees next to her and I knelt on a pillow on the floor on her other side. “You just relax and let us show you a whole new meaning of nice. Let’s start on her shoulders.” She poured some of the oil on Lauren’s back and began rubbing it into Lauren’s right shoulder. I used my hands to spread some of the oil onto her left one.

We spent about 15 minutes on her back working our way down toward her ass. I tried to mirror Kealani’s moves since she obviously knew a lot more about doing this than I did. She poured out some more oil and began to work it down and over Lauren’s right butt cheek. I did the same to her left one. She used both her hands to work her ass like she was kneading bread dough.

Lauren’s breathing was more relaxed, deeper and regular now. When she felt us working on her ass she said, “That feels wonderful. Nobody’s ever done that to me before. Whenever I’ve had a massage at a salon they never rub my butt.”

“Eddy you go down and work on her lower legs and I’ll keep working on her butt and thighs.” I moved down and began the kneading on the back of her left calf. Kealani put her leg over Lauren and straddled her back facing me and began to use her hands on Lauren’s ass. She would press the cheeks together and then put her hands together and run them along her crack. Her fingers would slide between Lauren’s legs and rub against her pussy as she slowly pulled them back up. She paused when she reached her asshole and rubbed it with the tip of her finger.

Lauren began to softly moan and breathe deeper. After a few minutes of this Kealani moved to straddle Lauren’s calves and told me to work on her feet. She began to rub up from Lauren’s knees with both hands first on one leg and then the other. When she reached her butt she would pull her cheeks apart and rub her thumbs along the large outer lips of Lauren’s pussy. Lauren would make little whimpering sounds when she did this. She continued for about ten more minutes and then said, “Lauren I want you to roll over now.” Looking like she was half asleep she turned over and lay on her back.

“Lauren before we continue working on your front side, you really need to let me do something about that jungle of hair between your legs.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we need to get rid of it.”

“All of it? Like yours?”

“Yes, all of it. I have a waxing kit in my other case. It will only take about 20 minutes and you’ll feel like a new woman when you’re all bare down there. I promise you it will feel really sexy.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It will sting a little as the strips are pulled off but it goes away pretty quick and I have some astringent and cream that will make it feel all cool and smooth.”

“Well, OK if you really think I should, go ahead.”

“While I’m getting ready if you need to pee now’s a good time to do it and you need to drink some water while you’re up.”

When Lauren got back to the bedroom Kealani had all of her waxing paraphernalia laid out on the bed and told her to lie back and put her feet on the end of the bed like she was at the gynecologist.

Lauren hesitantly complied and said, “I’m not sure about this Kealani I’m very self conscious about how I’m built down there.”

“What do you mean ‘how you’re built’?”

“I think my clitoris is huge and I have inner lips, piss flaps I think they’re called, that are quite large too. I can practically stretch them out and tie them in a knot. They stick way out even when I have my legs closed. My ex is a cosmetic surgeon and I begged him to do surgery on me but he kept saying he only did boobs not pussies. I guess he meant that professionally since he did plenty of them outside the office.”

“Lauren, Haven’t you noticed that I’m ‘built that way down there’ too. I’m sure more men have seen my twat than have seen yours and never has one of them complained about the way it looked. Most men couldn’t pick their own wife’s pussy out of a line-up if all they could see was a picture of their crotch. Why don’t we get a man’s opinion? Eddy, tell Lauren what you said when you first saw my bare pussy.”

“I told her it should be in the book ’1000 places to see before you die’. It is a true work of art.”

Lauren gasped and put her hand over her mouth.

“Well Lauren what do you think about that?”

“I think you should go ahead and get started.”

“Eddy why don’t you get on the bed next to Lauren and lean her back on some pillows and see what you can do with her breasts. It will keep her distracted while I’m cleaning her up.” I made a little pile of pillows behind her and tilted her back about 45 degrees and lay down beside her with my legs stretched out behind her and started caressing her right breast with my hands. I felt her sharp intake of breath and heard her say OWWW! as Kealani quickly pulled the first strip off of her pubes. Kealani told us how she had become adept at this activity by having to do it to many of the other models she worked with on her assignments. They did it to each other as a favor and to keep from having to pay somebody from a salon when they were on location.

I continued to massage Lauren’s breast and began licking the nipple and gently squeezing her tit to make it stand up. She seemed to enjoy this because she quit wincing when the wax strips were pulled off and started softly humming as I licked and sucked on her nipple. Before I could even get to the other breast Kealani told Lauren she was almost finished and that she needed to turn over, get on her hands and knees and stick her butt up. The last 3 strips would be between her ass cheeks. Lauren seemed hesitant but she did as she was told and Kealani finished the treatment.

“OK Lauren sit up. Now take a good look at what you’ve been hiding. ” She held a hand mirror between Lauren’s open legs so she could see herself.

“You know I’ve never really studied what I look like down there before, it just seemed gross to me.”

“Why does that not surprise me?” Kealani asked.

“Let me see yours.”

Kealani stood up, spread her legs apart and put the mirror between them. “Take a good look Lauren. You’ll get an even better view in a little while.”

Then Lauren said something I didn’t expect. “Kealani, if you’re bare down there and I’m bare down there, why isn’t Eddy bare down there?”

Kealani grinned at me and said, “Care to answer the lady Eddy?”

“I guess because nobody has suggested it until now.”

“Well lay down and I’ll go get some more towels and make you a member of the club.”

When she returned she told Lauren, “I’ll need your help with this because it’s easier to do a man if he has an erection. In addition I’ll need to be very careful when I’m working on his testicles since they’re such delicate little things and the skin is pretty thin there.”

“What would you like me to do?”

“After I remove the hair above his cock, I’ll need you to make sure he stays nice and hard so I can work on the base of his shaft and his balls. Do you think you could figure out how to accomplish that?”

“Would a blowjob work?”

“Lauren, you do know a little something about sex after all. What would be even better though would be if you could straddle his chest while you do it so he can get an up-close view of your naked snatch. He probably wouldn’t mind licking it if you want him to.”

“Ooooh Kealani, could I? You wouldn’t mind?”

“You’d be doing all three of us a big favor Lauren.”

Lauren watched Kealani as she removed the hair from half way between my navel to the base of my cock. Then Kealani told her to go get on top of me. When she was in place Kealani instructed her, “Hold his cock up with just your finger and thumb and put the head in your mouth. Good. Now lick all around the head with your tongue and when you think he’s hard enough take your hand away and just use your mouth. The object here is not to make him cum, just to keep him hard while I’m working on his nut sack.” In less than a minute my cock was rigid and standing straight up with the head in Lauren’s warm wet mouth.

During this time I had been intently studying Lauren’s newly revealed cunt. I thought it was beautiful. Everything she had said about it was true but far from being flaws, all of the features she mentioned were huge turn ons as far as I was concerned. Now that I could see it clearly it was similar to Kealani’s but differed in two respects. One was the color. Lauren’s white skin on her inner thighs contrasted a little more with her outer lips, which were a dusty rose color. And the lips themselves were somehow thicker, more padded. I guess puffy would be a good way to describe them. This gave better definition to the slit between them and kept her inner lips from protruding as much as they would have otherwise but they stuck out enough to be unusual and extremely enticing.

The inner lips were pink, wrinkled and spongy; they begged to be sucked into your mouth and pulled on with your lips and licked. Her entire pussy seemed to be larger as well. The distance from her prominent clitoris to her taint seemed to be longer than Kealani’s which only made for more pink folds between them. Her clitoris was the crowning glory. Large with a well-defined hood the soft pink nub stuck out even without having to pull the hood back. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. I could spend the rest of the day eating and playing with her pussy. “Lauren I want to personally thank your ex for not doing surgery on your pussy. It’s gorgeous honey, really magnificent.”

I told Lauren to slide back a little and when she did I was close enough to reach her with my mouth. “Lauren would it be OK if I gave your beautiful pussy a little lick to see if it tastes as good as it looks?” Without taking her mouth off my cock I heard her moan and felt her nod her head slightly which caused her mouth to slide down and back up my cock, which made it involuntarily twitch and that made Lauren do it again.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them even farther apart than they already were. The large outer lips parted slightly and the soft inner lips seemed to move out a little more. They were still touching each other but I could see more of them now. I let my fingers slowly crawl toward her outer lips from both sides and when they reached their goal I used my middle fingers to pull the lips back ever so slowly. The inner lips parted slightly and I moved my mouth forward and placed my lips on hers and gently kissed them. I felt her tongue increase its licking on my cock head. I stuck my tongue out and licked her lips, then stuck it between them and let it slide from just below her clit upwards toward her asshole. Lauren let out an audible moan around my cock.

“Hey you guys I told you to take it easy. I’ll be finished here in a couple of minutes and we can all get back to the fun.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“You need to get your head out from between her legs and turn over. I’m ready to do your ass.” I did as directed as soon as Lauren reluctantly relinquished my cock from her mouth.

“Eddy, Kealani is right, you have the sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted. I never liked the taste before but I really like yours. And that was only your precum. You will let me taste the real thing won’t you?”

“As much as you want.” Kealani finished removing my hair and told me to go wash myself off with the shower spray and have a good look at myself in the mirror and see what I thought of my new look. She also said to bring back a hand towel wet with hot water and wrung out.

When I got back to the bed Lauren was laying on her back with her legs spread about half way apart. I handed the towel to Kealani and she folded it and placed it on Lauren’s crotch. “Oooooh that feels nice.”

“This will open up your pores so when I put the astringent on you it will help soothe the tenderness.” She removed the towel after a minute and poured a lime green liquid from a plastic bottle into her hand then rubbed it into Lauren’s mound and down over her pussy.

“That tingles.”

Kealani blew on her crotch and wiped her with the towel. “This green liquid is also an exfoliant which should help keep the irritation down.” She then poured a white lotion into her hand and began to spread it all over Lauren’s crotch wherever there used to be hair. “This has aloe, lanolin, tea tree oil and menthol in it. The coolness will take the rest of the sting away.”

“Thank you Kealani. It does feel nice and really sexy. She got up and started to walk around stopping to see herself in a mirror. “I can feel my lips and my upper thighs and my ass cheeks rubbing together. God it feels fabulous. I think if I walk around like this enough I might just get turned on all by myself.”

“I told you you’d like it. Now get back over here and let us finish your massage.”

Lauren walked back to the bed and looked at me. “Wow Eddy your cock looks bigger without all that hair around it.” She then resumed lying on the bed on her back. Kealani told me to get on my knees above Lauren’s head and reach forward and massage her breasts while she parted her legs and got between them. She put a pillow under each of her knees, which raised her thighs a little. Kealani handed me the bottle of oil after she poured a generous amount onto Lauren’s stomach. I poured some in my hand and rubbed it on her left breast then poured a little more and rubbed it on her right breast.

As I leaned forward to reach her chest and upper stomach area I noticed that if I slid my legs apart my balls would hang down enough to touch Lauren’s mouth. I purposely let them stay on her lips until she realized I wanted her to lick them while I massaged her tits. As soon as she started, my cock began to harden. Not having any hair on them made them feel a lot more sensitive and I made another mental note that keeping them and Linda’s pussy bare was to be the new natural state back home.

Meanwhile I watched Kealani use her extraordinary massage talents to seduce Lauren into allowing a woman to caress and fondle her pussy for the first time. She rubbed the tops of her thighs with her hands and slid them forward until they met in the hollow where they joined her hips. She used her thumbs to rub her outer lips strongly up toward her mound then pressed them together to force her clit out of its hood so she could move them down and rub them across the pink nub. Her index fingers joined in the compression of her lips as both her hands slid slowly down with her thumbs pressing into the exposed inner lips. I almost wished I had a pussy so she could do that to me. The effect was to arouse Lauren without satisfying her. Building a sexual hunger that would have her begging for release later. My admiration for Kealani increased yet again. Where had she learned these things?

After several repetitions of these actions her fingers found their way into Lauren’s wet vagina as her thumb pressed against her anus. She gently used her index fingers to stretch the opening to Lauren’s pink passage as her thumb began to gently insinuate its tip into her asshole. Lauren was breathing deeply and still kept up her gentle licking of my balls as I continued to massage her ample breasts. The sexual tension was steadily increasing in all of us.

Finally Lauren released my balls long enough to almost cry out, “Kealani what are you doing to me? I’ve never felt anything so wonderful in my life. Are you going to make me cum Kealani?”

“No Lauren I’m not. I’m going to make you want to cum. Then I’m going to make you do it yourself.”

“Oh God Kealani yes. I feel like I’m melting inside and like I’m on fire at the same time.”

“Tell me what you want to do Lauren.”

“I want to cum Kealani. It’s been so long. I really, really want to.”

“Then get up and tell Eddy to fuck you. Tell him to lie down so you can get on top of him and then you fuck him. Make him give you your orgasm. Demand it. Talk to him and tell him what you’re feeling. Don’t hold back and don’t think about it just do it.”

Lauren came up off her back and turned to me and said, “You heard her. Get on your back so I can put that hard naked prick inside me.”

I was almost afraid to even contemplate refusing her. I lay down with my cock sticking straight up.

“Now Lauren you take command. Straddle him and grab his cock. Rub the head along your slit and all over your clit and when you’re ready stick the head inside you.” Lauren obeyed Kealani’s instructions like an obedient dog. When her vagina engulfed the head of my cock I felt like it had been stuck into a furnace. “Lauren, take your time. Slowly lower yourself onto his cock. Feel everything that is happening and tell him about it. Savor this moment; it will never come again. Nothing else exists except this moment and your energy. Turn it all into passion. Let lust consume you and surrender to pure sexual joy.”

I think Lauren went into some sort of trance. Years of neglect and repressed sexuality combined inside her to form a magma chamber of superheated lust and passion then began its inexorable march toward eruption. She used my cock like a dildo as if I wasn’t even attached to it. She slowly rubbed it back and forth along her slit from her clit to her asshole dipping it into her vagina with each pass. After several repetitions she began to lower herself down on it pausing briefly to gasp for breath and to squeeze my cock with her cunt.

“Oh Eddy I’m going to fuck you now. I’m going to let your cock into me as far as it will go and then I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. My cunt is on fire and I’ve never wanted anything in my life as much as I want your cock inside of me. Feel me. Feel my juices running down your cock.” She continued to slide me into her slippery passage as she cried out, “Oh God you feel so good inside me. Feel it Eddy. Feel it with me.”

She slipped further down until the last inch of me was buried inside her seething pussy. “Oh yes….yessss….yesssss. Eddy you’re so deep inside of me I don’t know where I end and you begin. The head of your cock is pushing into my very womb.”

“Lauren, start fucking him now. Raise up and slam back down and keep doing it.” Kealani told her. She began to raise and lower herself in a steady rhythm, rising until just the head of my cock was in her and then falling back on it to completely engulf it.

After a few minutes of this Kealani told her, “Now bend forward and lower yourself down to kiss him and raise and lower your hips to keep fucking him. Move your ass and pick up the tempo. I want to see your cunt spread open and pumping that hairless cock. Let’s see some serious fucking girl!” Lauren started fucking me by moving her hips like a Brazilian dancer in a Carnival parade sliding her dripping wet twat up and down me as fast as she could go. I knew I couldn’t stand much more of this but I really wanted Lauren to play this out the way she wanted to.

“OK Lauren now straighten back up and tell Eddy it’s time to cum. Keep fucking him and use your hand to rub your clit. Tell him he better keep up and to get ready because you want him to cum with you and fill you up with his sweet cream.”

Lauren was possessed by her own lust and Kealani’s urging. Her fingers maniacally rubbed her clit as her orgasm hurtled toward her like a freight train. Finally she stopped with my cock buried in her cunt and began to wail with an indescribable mixture of sounds. Her vagina was literally vibrating around my cock as the magma chamber exploded into an orgasm that spread through her like molten lava.

“NOW EDDY, CUM WITH ME NOW.” I didn’t need to be told twice. The cum erupted from me like Mount St. Helens spurting a pyroclastic flow of semen into her deepest recesses.

Kealani quickly moved between my legs and pressed her body against Lauren’s back and wrapped her arms around her. “That’s it Lauren, take it baby. Feel each blast of Eddy’s hot goo as it fills that empty twat of yours. Squeeze it out of him.” She reached down and started rubbing Lauren’s clit. “Keep going Lauren. Stay in this orgasm. Reach for more, keep cumming baby, cum, cum, cum. You’ve needed this for so long. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

I don’t know how Lauren could have even heard Kealani. She was so lost in her orgasm that I thought she might actually pass out. I shouldn’t have been concerned. Kealani had everything under control. She held Lauren in her arms and started kissing her neck and squeezing her tits as Lauren rode her climax like a surfer on a fifty-foot wave. “Oh yes Lauren yes baby that’s what you’re capable of. That’s what you can do anytime you want it.” She put her hand on her stomach and rubbed it gently. “Feel that cock inside you. Doesn’t it feel great? Isn’t that what you want more of? Don’t ever let anybody take that away from you again.”

“Oh Kealani you’re wonderful. Oh God how can I ever thank you for what you just did for me. You’ve given my life back to me. You’ve pulled me out of a nightmare and into the light. I will never forget this day as long as I live.”

Kealani released her from her embrace and turned around and lay on her back with her head between my legs pressing against Lauren’s ass. “There is something you can do for me but only if you feel comfortable doing it.”

“Anything, just name it.”

“Slowly lift yourself off of Eddy’s cock and then quickly slide back until your cunt is just above my mouth.” Lauren rose up until the tip of my still rigid cock slipped from the confines of her vagina and slid back until she was directly over Kealani’s wide-open mouth. “Now flex those pussy muscles and push that hot cum out of you.”

“Oh God Kealani you want me to squirt his come in your mouth?”

“I sure do Lauren. Now let it go and tell me how it feels.”

“Oh yes here it comes. I could feel it spurting into me and I can feel it oozing out of me. I’ve never done anything so erotic in my life.” I watched as my copious ejaculation slowly formed long strings of white that made their way from Lauren’s cunt into Kealani’s mouth just an inch or so below it. I saw Lauren’s stomach flex as she forced more of the hot cum from her. Un-fucking-believable!

“Now Lauren lower yourself down so I can suck out what’s left.” Lauren moved the remaining inch lower until her cunt pressed against Kealani’s mouth. Kealani stuck her tongue into Lauren’s vagina and sucked so hard I could see her cheeks form deep dimples in the side of her face.

“Oh yes Kealani eat me, suck all of Eddy’s sweet cream out of me. Suck my pussy, suck it. Take it all.”

When Kealani had done just that she rose up and came around in front of Lauren and kissed her full on the lips and squirted my cum into Lauren’s mouth. “Now swallow that Lauren. Taste Eddy’s cum mixed with your juices and make it part of you forever.” Kealani wrapped her arms around Lauren and held her tight and began to rock gently back and forth. “Oh baby you did so well. I am so proud of you.”

I was speechless. If anybody had told me that I would be witness to anything remotely like what just happened much less participate in it, I would have told them they were crazy. It was emotionally equivalent to watching somebody give birth. I was in awe of both of them. We lay down on the bed and held each other with Lauren in the middle. It would take some time to absorb the full impact of that experience. I thought about how necessary it was to be a part of something to really understand the true meaning of it.

If anybody had been told about what we did or read about it or even seen a movie of it they would probably think it obscene, prurient, pornographic, indecent and unnatural. But having experienced it first hand it was really caring, sharing, life affirmative, celebratory, expansive, intrinsically human and most of all loving. And yet not one of us ever said the word love.

It reminded me of a story about a Zen monk that was sitting under a tree meditating when suddenly all the flowers on the tree began to fall on him. As he watched the blossoms drifting down some angels appeared and told him that the flowers were in appreciation for his discourse on silence. He told the angels that he had not spoken of silence. They answered that they had not heard him speak of silence and that was true silence.

Perhaps the truest love is the love that is unspoken.

We lay there drifting in a state that was somewhere between sleep and utter bliss. I felt Lauren tremble occasionally as though she were having aftershocks from the powerful orgasm she had. I got up to pee and get some water and when I returned Lauren and Kealani were awake but still in each other’s arms. They took turns gently kissing each other on various parts of their faces. I couldn’t begin to tell you which one was happier. Lauren for making such a tremendous breakthrough in her life and discovering she did not have to be a victim of her circumstances or Kealani for making it possible and guiding her through some unique form of sexual psychotherapy to achieve it.

“Do either of you feel like getting something to eat or going someplace?”

“Not particularly.” Kealani answered.

“No me neither.” Lauren added.

I figured they would get around to discovering they were hungry so I called room service and ordered some salads and iced tea. When I returned to the bedroom they had managed to get out of each other’s arms and were sitting up leaning against the headboard of the bed.

“Eddy you were so right. You told me she would change my life if I would just listen to her and she has. And you did too. When you told me my pussy was beautiful you really made me believe it. And no man has ever let me fuck him and helped me to have an orgasm like you did. I can’t thank you enough for restoring my confidence and freeing me from all of this doubt and guilt.”

I lay on the bed next to her and took her in my arms and kissed her. “It’s not just your pussy that’s beautiful Lauren. All of you is beautiful.”

“What am I going to do with you two? I’ve never met anybody like either of you and I’m completely captivated with both of you.”

“Well for one thing you’re not going to spend the rest of this trip hiding in your cabin. You can join our little escapade as a full partner if you’d like and spend as much time as you want with us. As long as you don’t mind being naked a lot and having sex three or four times a day.”

“Really Eddy? You wouldn’t mind? What about you Kealani? Are you OK with that?”

“I’m more than OK with it Lauren. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve only begun to show you things you’ve never imagined before.”

“Eddy thank you so much for wanting to include me in your fantasy trip. I promise not to get in the way. So if you and Kealani want to be alone or go somewhere without me just tell me and I won’t be offended.”

I heard a knock at the door and said, “That would be our lunch. I ordered us some salads and iced tea. If your hungry yet come along, if not I’ll put them in the fridge.” I grabbed my robe and headed to the door to let the room service attendant in.

When the steward left Kealani and Lauren came out and said they had decided they needed to eat something in order to keep their strength up since now that there were three of us we would all probably need it. I had the room service cart put on the balcony and we ate there while we looked at the beautiful view.

“You know, I think I’m starting to get used to being naked. I like seeing your bodies and I really feel comfortable with you seeing mine.” Lauren said.

“I’m glad to hear that.” Kealani told her. “It makes things so much more friendly and sexy when you don’t have clothes to get in the way.”

“After we eat can I ask you a favor Kealani?”

“You can ask me right now. What is it you would like me to do for you?”

“I’ve never enjoyed anything as much as the massage you and Eddy gave me and I would really like it if you could give me another one.”

“It would be our pleasure to massage your beautiful body again Lauren. But we need to wait a little while because the room steward will be wanting to get in here and clean things up so we probably need to get out of here for about an hour and let her do it.”

“Well since we started our friendship at the little pool why don’t we all go back up there and have a swim?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” I said.

Kealani put on another thong bottom not much larger than the one she had on before. This time she didn’t even bother with a top. She wrapped a towel around her waist and put her lei back around her neck. A hat, sunglasses and sandals were the only other things she wore.

Lauren asked her, “Do you have another of those thongs that might fit me? I only brought that one-piece and I want to wear something more sexy since I’ve gotten rid of my bush.”

“Thongs and bikinis are the one item of apparel I have an almost unlimited supply of since I’ve modeled so many of them. They let me keep them after the shoot. I just grabbed a big handful when I packed for the trip so look through this case and see if one of them appeals to you.”

Lauren picked out a metallic gold thong with thin black strings and tried it on. She looked in the mirror and thought it looked good on her. We did too. “I really like how you can see the edge of my pussy lips on the side of the little crotch piece. I’m so glad I let you wax me so I can wear things like this.” She squealed with delight when she turned around and looked over her shoulder to see what she looked like from behind. “Ooooh. You can’t even tell that I have anything on. My whole ass is bare. I can’t believe I’m actually going to wear something like this. I wouldn’t have dared do this before today.” She decided to skip wearing the top since it wasn’t necessary anyway. She put her cover-up on and we were ready to go.

Just as before, we had the pool to ourselves. I set the video camera on the tripod and turned it on. It was warmer now, almost hot so we decided to skip going in the hot tub and just jumped into the pool. Since nobody else was around Kealani and I stood in the shallow end of the pool with water up to our chests and had Lauren float on her back between us. I supported her shoulders and Kealani told her to wrap her legs around her to keep her stomach out of the water. Her breasts seemed to bob around, as the water washed over her chest. I held her head up with one hand and used my other one to caress her breasts. They didn’t seem as large when she was on her back like this. They spread out more, which made her areolas and nipples seem larger. They were remarkably soft and pliant. I liked rubbing them and softly squeezing them. I pinched her nipples and pulled them to make them harden and stand up. She seemed to like the attention I was giving them.

Since Lauren’s legs were wrapped around Kealani’s waist, Kealani had use of both her arms. Her hands were underneath Lauren’s ass and appeared to be rubbing and massaging it. The thong allowed her complete access to it. She moved one of her arms out of the water and brought it down to lie on Lauren’s pussy. Her fingers traced the lips that were outlined by the thin material that clung to her like skin. She slipped them under the thong and I could see her rubbing Lauren’s clit with her fingertips.

“You both can find such marvelous things to do to my body. This feels so good to float while you play with me. I feel truly happy for the first time in over a year.”

“Don’t ever forget how to be happy again.” I told her as I bent my head over and kissed her. We continued to play with her for about 45 minutes.

Kealani finally said, “I think it’s time to move this party back to the room where we can give Lauren an extra special massage and get out of this tropical sun.” We got out of the pool and picked up our things and headed back to the suite.

“Eddy you can get in the shower first and be sure to shampoo your hair. That was a salt water pool we were in.” I headed for the bathroom while Kealani and Lauren went out on the balcony.

“Lauren have you been to the bathroom to shit today?”

Lauren looked a little surprised but answered, “Yes I went this morning before I went up to the pool. Why do you ask?”

“Because this next massage will include your asshole and I want you to be as clean as possible. There are many nerve endings in your lower rectum that can be very pleasurably stimulated if you know how.”

“I’ve never had anybody touch me there in a sexual way before.”

“Don’t worry, I would never ask you to do something that would not feel really good.”

“Now I’m getting excited Kealani. You’ll be gentle won’t you?”

“I’ll have you wishing somebody had introduced you to the pleasures of your ass a long time ago.”

When I finished showering I went out on the balcony and told the girls the bathroom was all theirs. “Lauren and I will shower together. I want to make sure she’s extra clean for her next treatment. Come along Lauren.”

“Kealani this is the first time since I can remember that I’ve taken a bath with another woman. I may have done it in school but it wasn’t anything like this.”

“Stand where the water can get your hair wet and I’ll wash it for you. You have nice hair Lauren. You must take good care of it.”

“That feels really nice to have you wash it for me. I’ll do it for you if you’d like.”

“Now I’m going to wash the rest of you.”

Kealani took a bottle of body wash and poured some in her hand and began to rub it all over Lauren’s shoulders and back. Then used some more to wash her chest and breasts before moving down to her stomach. “Spread your legs a little so I can wash that naked twat of yours. Oooooh you feel so smooth and silky. I really like running my fingers along your slit and touching your lips. Eddy’s right, your pussy is fabulous. Does this feel good to you Lauren?”

“Oh yes Kealani it feels wonderful. You can do it as much as you want.”

“I intend to when I get you back on the bed but right now I want you to turn around so I can wash that cute little puckered asshole.”

Lauren turned around and Kealani poured a little of the body wash on her fingers and slid one of them into Lauren’s anus and moved it in and out and around to get it clean. She reached for the hand shower spray and brought it down and directed the stream on her asshole as she inserted a second slippery finger in and slightly stretched the little aperture apart to get some of the water in to rinse the body wash away. Lauren told her she was sure nobody had ever done that to her before. “I would usually give you an enema for a thorough cleansing but this will do for what we’ll be doing today. Now, do you remember everything I’ve done to you?”


“Good because I want you to do it to me.”

Lauren repeated Kealani’s actions and gave her the same bath she had just received. When they got out of the shower and dried off Kealani put a moisturizing cream all over Lauren and then handed the bottle to her and told her to rub it all over her. Lauren was becoming quite comfortable touching Kealani and being touched by her. That was not by accident.

Kealani was continually seducing Lauren into stretching her limits and trying new things. At first that may seem a little scheming on Kealani’s part but it was not for her benefit it was for Lauren’s. God knows Kealani didn’t need to put effort into finding willing, beautiful women to have sex with. They practically lined up for her. When they returned to the bedroom they walked in holding hands. What a magnificent sight: the goddess Aphrodite and her acolyte. Lauren was completely under Kealani’s spell.

“Strip the bed Eddy while I get the massage oils. Lauren I want to see you face up on the bed when I return. In a couple of minutes Kealani walked back in carrying two of her cases and put them on the floor next to the bed.

“Are you going to work on my shoulders? They still feel a little tight.”

“I’m not concerned with the tightness in your shoulders Lauren, I’m concerned with the tightness in your vagina and your asshole and that’s what I’m going to concentrate on. This will not be a massage to relax you it will be one to arouse you. I’m not getting you ready to go to sleep, I’m getting you ready to be fucked.”

“Oh Kealani that sounds perfect. Please hurry.”

“Hurrying is not the way to arouse a woman Lauren. But don’t worry, I’ll get you there soon enough.”

Oooooh, just the way you say that sends shivers through my whole body.”

“Well get ready because there’s going to be a lot more where they came from.”

“Eddy why don’t you get up behind her head like you did before and do something stimulating to those luscious titties. Lauren if Eddy’s balls get too close to your lips see if you can get both of them into your mouth.” I was more than happy to begin my assignment and I suspected Lauren was up to the challenge of enclosing my scrotum in her mouth. Leaning over her this way also afforded me a great view of what Kealani was doing in Lauren’s crotch. By involving us in the action it would make both of us participants rather than just spectators in getting Lauren ready for the main event.

I spread oil generously over her entire chest then leaned forward and spread my legs to position my testicles in just the right spot so they rested on Lauren’s mouth. Her tongue began to lick them as she had done previously but this time she used her lips to gently suck on each one in between the licks. I massaged her breasts like Kealani had shown me when I was working on her butt. I kneaded them like bread dough and shifted them sideways keeping my palms over her hardening nipples. They felt like warm bags of whipped cream.

“Lauren I want you to concentrate on what you are doing with Eddy. Just feel what is happening. Don’t think about anything.” Kealani began spreading oil on her stomach and used her thumbs to rub in little circles on either side just below her navel. I guessed this was approximately where her ovaries were. She rubbed the oil lower until her hands were rubbing her mound and sliding downward into the hollow her legs made with her hip. Her thumbs pressed into her outer lips and moved slowly upward but with enough lateral pressure to pry them slightly apart revealing more of the inner lips and the bright pink flesh of her opening and the lower part of her clitoris.

She spent about ten minutes doing this and then said, “Now when I spread your lips open I’m going to use my tongue to lick from the bottom all the way up to your clitoris and when I get there I’m going to pull the hood back and suck it into my mouth.” The first time her thumbs pressed firmly against the bottom of her lips and spread them open and her tongue made contact with her slit Lauren moaned and I felt her chest expand as her breathing deepened. When Kealani’s mouth engulfed her clit she gasped and her stomach muscles clenched. After a few minutes of this Lauren was breathing more rapidly and was clearly becoming aroused.

Kealani stopped and raised her head up from Lauren’s pussy and began to rummage around in one of her cases. She held something up and told Lauren to look at it. It was a glass tube similar to the one I had used to examine her vagina but this one was not hollow. It was cone shaped and about as big around as a finger at the tip but widened to about the diameter of a silver dollar at the base where a larger glass ring was joined to it by a smaller stem.

“I want you to look at this Lauren because I’m going to very slowly insert it into your ass. I’ll start with about a half inch, which you should be able to accommodate easily, and once you get used to it I’ll slip it in a little more. I’ll put plenty of oil on it so it will slide in very smoothly. It’s only five inches long so you should be able to get the whole thing inside you without any discomfort although you’ll feel a little pressure at first but the important thing is just to relax and don’t tense up or fight it.” She placed the tip of the glass butt plug against Lauren’s anus and poured some of the oil on it. “Ready?” she said as she gently pushed it forward and the end of the plug slid imperceptibly into her.

After an inch of the plug was inside her ass Kealani placed the base on the bed so it would stay in the same spot and returned her fingers to Lauren’s pussy. She spread her lips apart and inserted one of her index fingers into her vagina and began to move it in and out. “You’re getting nice and wet Lauren. How does this feel?”

“Wonderful Kealani, it feels wonderful. Nobody’s ever taken the time to play with me the way you do. I tingle everywhere you touch me.”

“I’m going to put another finger in your vagina now and see if I can find your g-spot. You tell me when I find it.”

“How will I know when you find it?”

“Oh you’ll know baby, you’ll know.” Kealani’s middle finger joined her index finger inside Lauren’s opening and curled upward as she moved them along the top wall of her vagina.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh, I think you found something.” Lauren gasped.

“Good. Now I’m going to massage this spot for a while so just lay back and enjoy it.” She used her other hand to push the plug another inch deeper into Lauren’s ass. I don’t think Lauren even noticed; she was too busy slowly raising and lowering her hips in response to what Kealani was doing in her cunt.

“You’re doing just fine Lauren. I’m going to keep stroking you like this but while I do it I’m going to put my mouth back on you clit and suck it.” As she bent forward to place her lips on the swollen nub, she eased the plug another inch into her ass. Again Lauren was oblivious to the increased intrusion in her rectum. She stopped massaging her g-spot and removed her middle finger then inserted the index finger of her other hand so she could use both of them to stretch the opening to her vagina horizontally and vertically. Each time she did this she stretched her open a little more in each direction.

After a few minutes of this she would pull her fingers out quickly and Lauren’s hole would close up. She continued stretching and pulling her fingers out until eventually Lauren’s opening began to stay open a little when Kealani’s fingers exited the slippery opening. Kealani placed her mouth close to the opening and this time when she withdrew her fingers she stuck her tongue into the hole. Lauren moaned loudly and clinched her hands. The butt plug slid another inch into her ass. There was only an inch left to the widest part now. I got up and went to the foot of the bed so I could get a better look at the action and saw Kealani using both of her index fingers to push straight into Lauren’s hole and press down against the plug in her ass. She then rubbed them against it for as far as she could reach with her fingers.

“Lauren, are you doing OK?”

“Ooohhhh yes, I feel like I’m floating in the pool again.”

“That’s good baby. Do you think you might like to cum soon?”

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop it Kealani. I feel like I’m falling into a big whirlpool and any minute I’m going to explode.”

“OK baby you just keep falling.” Kealani removed one of her fingers and put the middle finger in with the one remaining and started massaging her g-spot again. She moved her mouth over her clit and sucked it inside and started licking it. Lauren’s hips rose up off the bed and her legs tightened as her head began to rock from side to side. Kealani pushed the plug all the way into her and Lauren began to shudder. Kealani removed her mouth from her clit and said, “That’s right baby cum for me now. Squeeze my fingers inside your cunt and feel the fullness in your ass.” I could see Lauren’s stomach muscles flexing and relaxing as the orgasm reached its peak.

Lauren continued to tremble and kept moaning and yelping while Kealani buried her tongue inside her wet pussy and lapped up the juices that were still flowing. She began to rub Lauren’s stomach and the top of her legs as Lauren slowly returned from the whirlpool. “You’re unbelievable Kealani. What did you do to me?”

“I’ve just helped you have your first anal orgasm. It looks like you enjoyed it.”

“That’s a huge understatement. In eighteen years of marriage I never even came close to feeling anything like that. I didn’t even think it was possible. It felt like my entire intestine was in a spasm that radiated my orgasm throughout my whole body.”

“And you know what Lauren? Anal orgasms get better with each one you have until you can cum without even touching your pussy. So do you want to try for another one? It’s only four o’clock. Dinner’s not til 8.”

“Oh Jesus, you’re serious. If I have another orgasm like that one I may not live til 8.”

“Don’t be silly. The real action isn’t going to start until after dinner. Now you sit up and scoot down here to the foot of the bed and help me get Eddy nice and hard for you.” Lauren slowly moved forward and finally realized that the entire glass plug was still inside her.

“I did it Kealani. I took the whole thing and I didn’t even feel you do it. I really didn’t believe I could.”

“You’d be surprised what you can get up your butt Lauren. Now, you sit on the end of the bed and I’ll sit beside you and we’ll take turns sucking Eddy’s cock until he’s ready to put it inside that sweet hot pussy of yours.” I stood up and walked in front of them and Kealani reached for my cock and closed her mouth over it. She licked and sucked on it for about a minute and then pulled her mouth off and said, “Your turn Lauren. I don’t think this is going to take long at all.” “Lauren placed her mouth over my cock and slid about half of it into her mouth. Her head began to move back and forth as she fucked her mouth with my shaft. Kealani reached out and began to massage my balls. A few seconds later, I was hard as a rock.

“OK Lauren get on your hands and knees close to the end of the bed. Put your shoulders down, spread your legs and stick out your ass. Eddy’s going to stand behind you and put his nice hard cock in your pussy and I’m going to kneel beside you so I can slide this butt plug in and out of you while he’s fucking you.”

I lined myself up with Lauren’s cunt and eased the tip inside. She was still very wet so I pushed forward until I was about half way in. It felt different from the first time. I guess because I was the one doing the fucking now.

“Eddy I want you to take your time and do it the way you want to. This morning I practically made you cum but now you make it feel good for you.”

I was willing to take her advice. I stroked into her with a steady rhythm, going a little deeper with each thrust. Kealani held the end of the butt plug in her hand and was matching my thrusting with her own as the glass plug slid in and out of Lauren’s ass. “You may not have to wait too long Lauren. I’m really getting off watching your cute little asshole expand and contract as Kealani slides the plug in and out of you. It’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.”

“Then it must look as good as it feels because between you and the plug every part of my insides are just rippling and tingling. I would like you to do it so one of you goes in when the other one slides out.” Kealani quickly changed her stroking to alternate our penetrations. “Oooooohhh yessss, that’s just awesome you guys.”

I put my hand on Lauren’s ass so I could get my index and middle fingers on her stretched anus with the plug between them in order to feel the movement of it as the plug slid in and out. I was fascinated by the little wrinkles appearing and smoothing out with each stroke. Kealani would pause as the fattest part of the plug slid into place to stretch her to the maximum and I would push my cock in as far as I could go at the same time to fill her cunt up completely.

“Ohhh Eddy…. Eddy…. Eddy YES, GOD YES you’re filling me up and touching parts of me I didn’t even know I had. I can’t wait for you to cum in me when you’re that deep!”.

“Lauren I’m going to stop stroking you with this plug and leave it in you. I need both hands to give a little attention to Eddy so he can give you about a quarter cup of that hot creamy cum you want.”

“Oh Yes do it. I want it so bad. Please do it now.”

Kealani reached between Lauren and me and started to caress my balls. “That’s my hand you feel on your clit Lauren. I’m rubbing those swollen hairless balls of his to get all that cum stirred up for you.”

“Please hurry Kealani I don’t think I can wait much longer.”

Kealani reached behind me with her other hand and inserted her finger in my ass and began to rub my prostate. In less than 10 seconds my cock was spurting deep inside of Lauren.

“There it is Lauren. Do you feel that baby? Is he filling you up like you wanted?”

This is the sixth episode in a multi-part story. Although I hope you would enjoy it by itself, it would be better to start with Chapter 01 first so you can understand the context of the situation and get introduced to the characters. This is a story of a journey and is meant to be read in sequence.


A slight bump and the revving of the port side thrusters awakened me to the fact that we had docked in Cozumel, a lovely island on the coast of Mexico near Cancun. I opened my eyes and saw Kealani’s beautiful body lying next to me and Cozumel and the rest of the world became completely irrelevant to me. Here was where I wanted to be, next to someone I was deeply in love with.

We had spent the last five days cruising the Caribbean while we indulged my fantasy of wanting to have as much sex with a beautiful Asian woman as I possibly could. It might seem rather naïve to think that we could do that without developing feelings for each other but we thought we could keep this strictly impersonal, like taking golf lessons. Now that I had spent five days with her in an intensive sexual boot camp I realized the impossibility of anybody being able to avoid falling in love with her after being that close and intimate with her for that long.

What I really didn’t expect was her falling in love with me. Despite many opportunities, she had told me that she never really felt like she had been head over heels in love with anybody. Until last night. An announcement at a crowded cocktail party proclaimed us the winner of an unofficial contest for being the couple that appeared to be the most in love with each other on a cruise ship with over 4,000 people on it.

Our lying here together in bed this morning confirmed that this was indeed the case. We had been forced to confront it and we had both surrendered to it. And it felt wonderful. It was the best night’s sleep of the cruise so far although having sex with five other women yesterday may have had a little something to do with it. I rolled on my side to face her and began to softly kiss her forehead and her eyelids. She stirred and stretched.

“Where are we?”

“We’re right where we’re supposed to be. With each other.”

She opened her eyes, smiled and turned to face me then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. “Yes we are aren’t we.”

“Is there anything we should do in Cozumel?”

“Only one thing if you really like excellent Mexican food. Otherwise I’m sure we can find something better to do.”

“Actually I do like Mexican food and it’s very hard to find anything good where I live.”

“In that case we can slip away at lunch and go to a little cantina not far from the dock and have some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever tasted.”

“So you’ve been here before?”

“Once on a shoot for about three days. We spent one day on the other side of the island, which is practically deserted. You would have liked that assignment. I was one of fourteen lovely young women posing mostly naked for a calendar.”

“Don’t calendars have twelve months in them?”

“This one had a January for the next year and December had two young ladies posing in their Christmas thongs. They were twins actually. I’ll bet you would have liked them.”

“Kealani you have the most marvelous propensity for attracting women who are willing to get naked with you. I’m truly envious of that ability.”

“Well Eddy you just hang around me and you’ll get the benefit of that talent.” She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock. “I don’t think all of you is quite fully awake yet. Would you like me to do something about that?”

“Oh yes. I’d like that very much.”

She slid down until her face was in front of my cock then placed her lips on the tip and very slowly sucked the head into her warm wet mouth. Her hands found their way to my scrotum and began to fondle my balls. Her tongue licked the head of my cock while she rolled each testicle with the fingers of one of her hands. She didn’t move her head so as my cock stiffened it pushed further into her mouth. I tried to resist in order to prolong the sensations but in a couple of minutes my cock was fully erect and completely engulfed inside her mouth and throat.

She still did not move her head but continued to massage my balls knowing this was something that I really loved having her do. If I lay there and did nothing she would make me cum simply by doing this so I bowed to the inevitable and began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. A few minutes of gently fucking her mouth was all it took to produce that unmistakable feeling of an impending ejaculation.

She knew it as soon as I did and increased the suction on my cock and the pressure on my balls. I put my hand on the back of her head and said, “Now baby.” She pushed her head forward to take every inch of me down her throat and I began to spurt hot cum into her esophagus. Her ability to reflexively swallow each jet without gagging was truly amazing as she drained every drop of semen out of me.

“When you do that to me the orgasm I have is unlike any other. At first I thought it was just practiced technique along with your innate ability but I realize now that you do it because you love it as much as I do and because you love me, and that transforms the act from being merely sexual into something that is spiritual and transcendental. You make me feel like I’m a mother giving milk to an infant and it fills my heart with so much love I think it might explode.”

“Oh Eddy this is why I love you. You make everything we do together a spiritual experience. I feel your joy in what I do for you and it comes back to me with pure love and gratitude and it takes me to the same place you are. And there, for a moment, we are not two. I never knew anything could be so beautiful.”

We heard the door to the suite open and Lauren yelled, “Yoo-hoo, anybody home?”

“We’re in the bedroom Lauren.” I yelled back.

She walked in and looked at us and said, “Did I interrupt anything? If I did I hope we can all resume whatever it was you were doing.”

“I just finished giving Eddy his morning oral refreshment. How did things go with your boy toy last night?”

“Perfect, for both of us. I really couldn’t tell you who had the most fun. Now I know what you felt like yesterday Eddy. Those young folks really have stamina. We fucked until 3 in the morning.”

“Lauren come over here, take that robe off and get in the bed with us.” Lauren practically stripped in mid-air as she jumped for the bed. “Now spread those legs so I can taste that young cock on your warm pussy.” Lauren lay back in my arms and spread her legs for Kealani to feast on her cunt. I began to caress her tits and pinch her nipples.

“Oh God you two, I’ve just spent half the night in a sexual marathon and you’re starting on me again.”

“In case you haven’t noticed Lauren both of us happen to love you and can’t get enough of you. So you’re just going to have to put up with this until you get off the ship.”

“Oh Eddy I love both of you too. I mean I really do. I love you more than I loved my husband. Do what you will with me. I can’t think of a better way to die if I have to.”

Kealani stopped her oral assault on Lauren’s crotch and told her, “Tell us about Rodney. I want details.”

“Oh Kealani he is the sweetest young man I’ve ever known. He was so patient and attentive to what I told him we were going to do. I started off by telling him to take his tux off and hang it up so it wouldn’t get wrinkled. He was in too much of a hurry so I told him to slow down because I really liked watching him get undressed for me. When he finally pulled his shorts down his cock sprang out in full erection. It was very impressive and I told him so.

Then I told him to come over and sit on the bed. I turned my back to him and told him to undo the hook at the top and pull the zipper down. When he had done that I turned around to face him and lowered the top of the dress so he could see my boobs. I asked him if he liked them and he shook his head and said he thought they were beautiful. Oh Jesus Kealani YES! Keep doing that.

I took my dress off and carefully laid it on a chair then stood back and told him to just take his time and look at me and to tell me what he thought. He told me he had looked at a lot of naked women on the Internet but I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His cock was rock hard and stood straight out in front oh him. He made an attempt to push it down but I told him his cock was beautiful and to be proud of his erection and looking at it was making me very aroused.

He asked me if I would leave my stockings on and I said if he wanted them on they could stay. I walked up to him and told him to feel my breasts and suck on them. He did it so carefully it felt like I was nursing my son again. God it made me so hot. When he had both nipples hard as rocks I told him to kiss his way down to my pussy and to take a deep breath when he got there. Eddy you are so right about what you said. The first time a man smells your pussy is an incredible experience if you take the time to savor the moment. His reaction was priceless. He inhaled it like it was perfume then looked up at me and asked if he could touch me. My knees got weak when he said that. I told him to go ahead but to go very slowly and really feel me. Oh Kealani that feels so fucking good. You’re making my pussy throb.”

“Keep telling me about Rodney Lauren.”

“He used his fingers and gently traced them over every part of my crotch. I spread my legs and guided him by telling him where to touch me. I was shaking with anticipation with every direction I gave him. He had that same look on his face that Eddy gets when he’s looking at you, almost as though he were hypnotized. He rubbed and pulled on my inner lips, stretching them and gently pinching them. When he put his finger on my clit I had to tell him to stop. If he had kept it up for ten more seconds I would have cum.”

“I told him to lie back on the bed. He did and his cock stood straight up in the air. I straddled his hips and stood on my knees with my pussy a few inches above his cock. I told him I was going to put his beautiful hard cock inside me and then I was going to fuck him. His eyes widened and he smiled. I lowered myself down. I was so wet and he was so hard I didn’t even have to use my hand to guide him. I impaled myself on his cock and sank down on it completely. I paused for a few seconds and then began to fuck him. We never took our eyes off each other and in a few minutes I felt him swell up inside me and we both came.”

“Just like you’re making me do right now Kealani! OH, OHH, OHH YES keep sucking my clit. OHHHHWEEEEE YES.” Lauren’s hips bucked up to push her clit harder against Kealani’s mouth as she shuddered in another orgasm. “Jesus Kealani I didn’t believe I could cum again after last night. You’re unbelievable.”

“Quit underestimating your sexual prowess Lauren. The day is young and we’re just getting started. Besides, nobody has ever overdosed on orgasms.”

“I think I could be the first.”

“We’ll be very happy to help you try.” I told her.

“Can we at least get some breakfast first and a shower. I must smell like a street hooker.”

“OK let’s get cleaned up and then I think we should go to the dining room and see what they have for breakfast. We haven’t done that and it will give Maria time to make up the room.”

On the way to the dining room Kealani wanted to stop by the concierge desk. When we got there she asked him, “Would you please be so kind as to notify one of the dancers in the show last night and tell her that I’m on board and would very much like to say hello to her.”

He replied, “Employees of the ship are not encouraged to fraternize with the passengers.”

“Do you consider giving her a message to be fraternizing? I know her quite well because I worked with her for a week in Las Vegas last summer. Employees are allowed to go ashore are they not?”

“Yes they are.”

“Well if you’ll give her my room number and my cell phone number and she arranges to meet me on shore then you haven’t really broken any rules have you?”

“Of course, I will see to it immediately.” Like he could refuse to do anything Kealani asked him.

“So that’s what the little outburst was last night. Let me guess, when you say you know her quite well does that mean…”

“It means I know her very well Eddy and if she gets that message then you will too.” Apparently the concierge did as Kealani asked him to because her cell phone rang as we were finishing breakfast. She reached in her handbag and fished it out and clicked the answer button. “This is Kealani.” “Mandy it is you! I couldn’t believe it last night when I saw the show.” She went on to make arrangements to meet at the cantina on shore at noon. “Eddy I’m sure you noticed the statuesque redhead with the beautiful boobs last night. That was Amanda Prescott from London and I spent a week in Las Vegas doing a modeling assignment for a hotel where she was dancing. Each model got paired with one of the dancers for the photos and to room with. We became very good friends.”

“Kealani is it your intention for us to have sex with everybody on this ship?”

“If you can arrange for us to stay on here long enough I’m sure I could make that happen.”

I didn’t doubt that she probably could. “In the meantime why don’t we go back to the room and see if we can squeeze a few more orgasms out of Lauren. I’m about ready for a couple myself.”

“Kealani you are trying to kill me aren’t you?”

“Not at all Lauren, I’m trying to make every moment we have a moment to remember. We may never have this chance again. By the way Lauren where’s Rodney today?”

“He had to go ashore with his parents to do some sightseeing and shopping but he did ask me to have dinner with him tonight.”

“Oh I see. This is getting serious is it?”

“Rodney is a very nice young man and has the potential to be a very good lover. I wouldn’t mind another session with him and I’m sure he’d be up for it. Besides, now that you and Eddy have admitted you’re in love don’t you want to spend some time with each other without distraction?”

“If Mandy doesn’t have to work tonight Eddy will be plenty distracted.”

“All the more reason you don’t need a third female for him to take care of.”

“You could always bring him over to meet Eddy and me you know.”

“Rodney isn’t ready for an orgy yet. You and Mandy may be too much for him at his tender age.”

We headed back to the room where Kealani announced that we would have enough time for a nice sensual massage, only this time she wanted to be on the receiving end. “Lauren you remember some of the things we did to you the other day don’t you?”

“I sure do and I’d be very happy to do them to you.” We got out the massage oil and pulled the blanket and top sheet off the bed so Kealani could lie down on it. After we all got naked, Lauren and I started her massage. Lauren started on her back and shoulders while I did her feet and legs.

With all that had been happening the last few days I hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time with Kealani and I was glad to have the chance to devote an hour to making her feel good. I poured some oil on my hands and started massaging her feet. “Ummmmh Eddy that feels wonderful. I love to have my feet massaged.”

Lauren was straddling her hips and rubbing her neck and shoulders. “Kealani you’re so right about making every moment memorable. The more I get to have my hands on your beautiful body the more I love you. I’m already getting wet feeling your warm luscious butt rubbing against my pussy. When I think about it, I still find it hard to believe I’m saying that to another woman but it feels so right to me now.”

“Don’t think about it Lauren, just do it. Love isn’t an idea it’s an emotion and ultimately it’s a state of being. You can’t make sense of it you can only let yourself be in it. This is new to me too. I’ve had feelings for women and men before but I’ve never felt so in love with anybody as I do with you and Eddy. I’ll remember what you and I shared the other night on the veranda for the rest of my life. We are all extremely fortunate to have found each other.”

I was about finished with her feet and calves so I told Lauren to get on one side and I would get on the other so we could massage her thighs and butt. That way she could get a double dose of rubbing at the same time. We poured some more oil on her legs and began rubbing her thighs. We took turns moving our hands from her knees up to her butt and kneading her butt cheek and hip before sliding our hands back down. Her deep breathing told us she was really enjoying it. After about 20 minutes I told her to turn over so we could work on her face up.

We stayed on either side of her and started on her neck and shoulders then worked our way down to her arms. When it was time for her breasts we each began to lick and kiss all around them until we fastened our mouths on her nipples. Both of us continued to suck and lick her while our hands caressed her. She was moaning softly and pushing her chest up so our mouths could cover more of the soft mounds.

“Oh my sweet gentle lovers you make me feel so good.”

I slid down and parted her legs and lay between them so I could use my tongue on her pussy. As soon as it touched her she pulled her legs up and opened them wide. I licked her with long broad laps from her anus to her clit. She was hot and already wet. A subtle change was occurring inside me. I was no longer doing this with the intention of turning her on but only as a way to express how much I loved her. Reveling in the way she felt, the way she smelled and tasted. Transferring love to every fold, crease and wrinkle of her. She was receiving it the same way. Every nerve ending transmitting love throughout her nervous system so her whole body became a reservoir for it.

I was kissing the lips of her pussy more than stimulating them. I looked up and saw that Lauren was doing the same to her mouth. Her tongue sliding softly into Kealani’s as she poured passion into her. I pulled back and crawled up the bed and told Kealani to turn on her left side to face Lauren. I raised her right leg up and positioned the tip of my hard cock at the entrance to her vagina and eased it in slowly but firmly until it was fully enfolded in her warm wet embrace. I lowered her leg and felt the top of her thighs press against my balls then gently began to slide in and out of her.

Lauren pressed herself against the front of her body and put her left arm over both of us. Their breasts flattened against each other. Her mouth returning to Kealani’s to continue the sweet loving kissing she had been doing to her. Kealani was now sandwiched between two people who adored her and whose every action had become a form of devotion to her beautiful body and spirit. She was totally passive and receptive to every movement. She had become an empty vessel devoid of desire and expectations, waiting for us to fill her with love. Lauren and I knew that it was now our only reason for being.

I no longer felt like I was having sex. I felt like I was floating, allowing my body to run on autopilot while I simply enjoyed the sensations. I kissed the back of her neck and inhaled the fragrance of her hair and felt warm flushes sweep over my body in waves. I could tell from the almost imperceptible sounds coming from them that they were both feeling the same thing. Kealani’s hand was on Lauren’s ass sliding over it like she was petting a cat.

We continued for sometime in this blissful fog until finally she pulled Lauren tightly to her and I felt her muscles lightly tense as if she were stretching. She let out a long sigh and softly said, “Come with me my darlings.” I felt her vagina squeeze and then throb around my cock. Without even thinking about it I began to release my semen into her in what felt like a long continuous flow rather than spurts.

Lauren’s head tilted back as she said, “Oh Kealani, yes, yes, yessssss.” Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

It took a while for us to come back from wherever we had been. I extricated my cock from the gooey confines of Kealani’s vagina and rolled onto my back. Lauren turned over on her other side and curled up into a fetal position. Kealani lay on her back breathing long peaceful breaths. In a few silent minutes I felt like I had returned to reality. We had been making love for over an hour.

Kealani finally opened her eyes and said, “I’m sure that both of you had expectations of what was going to happen on this cruise before we left a few days ago. I certainly did and yet, most of what we’ve done has been unanticipated. But what we all just experienced together was way beyond my ability to imagine. I couldn’t even conceive that love could be so palpable, so uplifting, and so full of light. I could literally feel you both radiating it toward me while I kept expanding to absorb it. I know you felt it too so that’s all I’m going to try to say about it.”

Lauren admitted, “Well it’s really changed my idea of what love can be but I do have two questions. Why did it take me forty years to meet somebody that I could have this experience with and when are we going to do it again.” She smiled and dove forward onto Kealani and started kissing her all over her face. “You see I was right. You can die from having orgasms but you know what, I don’t care.”

“Lauren you’ve become insatiable. I really admire that trait in a woman but we do have a lunch date and I want you both to meet Mandy. I promise if she’s not going to work tonight we’ll drag her gorgeous ass back here and see if all four of us can make magic for the rest of the night.”

We shower and get dressed then head for the gangway to go into town. Not far from the dock is a small street. Kealani tells us that the cantina is down that street a couple of blocks but we have some time so we keep walking along the road next to the water so we can see a little of the town. It looks nice enough but is full of shops with cheap tourist merchandise interspersed with bars and restaurants. After we walk a while we turn around and head back to the cantina. It’s a nice colorful mustard yellow building with about 30 tables inside but it has an open patio on one side with an equal number of tables and very nice landscaping so you feel like your sitting in a garden. Tall trees provide the cover.

We decide to eat on the patio. There aren’t very many people there and even fewer outside. We choose a table close to the small wall that provides a boundary to the area. I immediately spot two things I really like in a restaurant. Nice tablecloths and linen napkins. The walls of the main building are painted on the outside with scenes of other Mexican towns and countryside. They are very well done. A short waiter comes to the table and presents us with menus. Kealani immediately starts talking to him in impeccable Spanish. The waiter says something that I assume means ‘right away’ and heads off toward the door.

“OK Kealani I get the Japanese fluency but Spanish?”

“Eddy I live in Miami. You do know why Latinos like living in Dade County don’t you?”


“Because it’s so close to the United States.”

“Cute. So what did you order?”

“Just a bottle of Perrier water to get us started. The menu has the items listed in both Spanish and English so you pick out what you want and he’ll be back to take our order.”

I was torn between one of 4 kinds of nachos and chile rellenos, which are my two favorite Mexican foods. I finally decided on the chicken nachos since the chiles might be a little heavy if the rest of the evening was going to be as eventful as I suspected it might be. I was glad I made that choice when I looked up and saw the most exquisite woman I have ever seen, including Kealani, walking toward our table. It was not Mandy. Mandy was walking beside her.

Kealani jumped up and hurried to hug Mandy and start the reunion. She introduced Lauren and me to them and I stood to pull out chairs for them. Now don’t get me wrong, Mandy was delicious, an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. But Nicole was spectacular; a woman you’d leave home and rob a gas station for. She was from Barbados and as soon as she spoke I was enchanted by her lilting island accent. Her flawless skin was the color of a perfectly baked banana nut muffin and her oval face looked angelic. Black hair that didn’t so much shine as glowed hung down to below her shoulders. Her ample breasts bounced naturally and playfully in her cut off t-shirt when she moved.

Kealani and Mandy’s conversation served as a history lesson of how the two of them became close friends while rooming together in Las Vegas and a similar story covered how Mandy and Nicole had become more than acquaintances since they too were rooming together for the duration of their contract as dancers. Nicole told us she had become a professional dancer from being named 2nd runner up in the Miss Barbados contest for the Miss Universe pageant a couple of years ago.

“Nicole if you are the 3rd most beautiful female in Barbados, I’m going home and make plans to move there. Were all of the judges blind or was it something you said that kept you from winning?”

“I believe they didn’t feel I was black enough.”

“Great answer. You have a very refined sense of humor to go with that outrageously beautiful body.” She gave me a look that said she appreciated the compliment and would be happy to let me appreciate her some more. Her teeth were so white and perfect they dazzled me when she smiled.

The waiter came and took our order and we all got to know each other. Kealani told them how she and I came to be on the cruise and I got another of those looks from Nicole that said ‘Now I really want to get to know you better.’

When she told them about Lauren Mandy said, “So you succumbed to her spell too did you? Kealani leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes. I was in love with her a day after I met her in Las Vegas.”

“Mandy quit trying to be such an innocent little virgin. It wasn’t like I had to seduce you.”

“Maybe, but I don’t fall in love with every pretty little thing I go to bed with.”

When I heard that I said, “If I could be so presumptuous to ask, how long did it take you to fall in love with Nicole? If I had to guess I’d say a matter of minutes.”

I got another of those double entendre looks from Nicole and Mandy said, “That’s about right, she is adorable isn’t she?”

“I’ll put that down to your typically English gift for understatement Mandy.”

Kealani continued, “OK it’s really great to see you again and to meet Nicole but now that you know why we’re on this cruise when do you think we can get together in a more intimate setting? I’m sure we would all like to spend some quality time with both of you before the cruise ends.”

“You’re in a suite aren’t you?” Mandy asked. We shook our heads yes. “Well in that case we can come for dinner and make an evening of it since we don’t have a show tonight and our rehearsal tomorrow isn’t until one o’clock. We aren’t supposed to be seen with guests in places like the restaurants and the clubs but what happens in suites stays in suites.”

“Fabulous, we can have dinner sent in and dine on our veranda. I’ll have the steward make it up special for us.” Kealani said.

“I’ve got a date for dinner tonight but I’d be happy to join you all for a late night snack so to speak.” Lauren said.

“Oh that’s right Lauren. You want to play with your toy some more. I do hope you’ll bring him to see us when you’re finished dining. I’m sure he would be ever so grateful to you for introducing him to Mandy and Nicole.”

“As long as they promise not to eat him alive, I might just do that.”

Nicole said, “I can’t promise that Lauren but I do promise to leave him alive.”

Now it was my turn to give her a look that said ‘I can’t wait for you to try that with me.’

As we leisurely finished lunch I wondered if there were a luckier man alive than me. How did I get to share this wonderful day and this delicious food in this exotic setting with four beautiful women? That was a question I felt too good to try and answer. I decided to simply enjoy it as much as I could and be grateful.

The nachos were exceptional. It’s amazing how so many restaurants in the states manage to screw up something so simple and render it into a soggy mess of stale overpriced and over salted corn chips with artificial processed yellow goo that they call cheese poured over it. If you’re lucky you might get some two-day-old iceberg lettuce and 3 small pieces of diced tomato thrown over it in a futile attempt to disguise the disgusting smell. God forbid you should ask for the deluxe version with half a can of cheap chili that looks way too much like dog food thrown on top. Then you get to pay ten dollars for this crap.

Kealani had also ordered some guacamole for all of us and I was blown away when the waiter made it at the table in a large stone molcajete with everything in it as fresh as it could be. It should be against the law to serve that green slime they call guacamole back home. This was chunky and bursting with flavor. I recalled a time when fine restaurants used to make Caesar salads at your table that tasted this good. Now of course they sell them in plastic containers at convenience stores with a packet of chemicals that’s supposed to pass as a dressing.

I told Kealani to ask the waiter for the bill and when it came I was really shocked. Thirty-five dollars for lunch for five people. With real food! I gave the waiter a twenty-dollar tip and had Kealani tell him that if he and the cook would come to where I lived I would open them a restaurant. He smiled and said ‘muchas gracias senor’. I was really impressed by the fact that nice people could live in modest houses and work as waiters and cooks and be so happy. I couldn’t remember the last time I had such good food prepared and served so simply and elegantly by somebody who enjoyed what he was doing. Is it any wonder the American economy is so fucked?

The three of us headed back to the ship while Mandy and Nicole went shopping in town. We made plans for them to come to our suite for dinner at six thirty. Kealani would have a nice light dinner waiting, which we could enjoy as much as lunch and then spend the rest of the night in debauchery. I had told Nicole I was really looking forward to finding out if she tasted as good as she looked. She told me I was going to get to eat as much brown sugar as I wanted. I shivered when she said that.

It was past three when we got back to the room. Lauren called Rodney and confirmed their dinner date for six o’clock. That way they could have a leisurely dinner and come back to the room by eight or so. I told Lauren not to tell Rodney that he was coming to our room but to let him think he would be having another one on one with her. “I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he finds out he has four gorgeous sexpots to play with tonight.”

“Eddy it’s really nice of you to include Rodney in our little party tonight. He’ll remember it for the rest of his life.”

“I hope so, I damn sure will.”

“Eddy where did you learn to be so generous? I don’t know many men who would so willingly share their toys like you. Especially when they’re such beautiful toys. You’re not the least bit stingy or jealous.”

“This trip has really opened my eyes Lauren. Joy is the one thing you can’t keep for yourself. It only happens when you share it. This is no sacrifice for me. I remember how sharing all of us were with the college girls yesterday and I’m glad to have the chance to provide Rodney with a very rare opportunity. Besides, I might need a little help tonight with the four of you. I want you to use a ship’s phone to call the room and alert us when you’re coming back. I’ve got an idea for a surprise for Rodney.”

“That little gesture is exactly why I love you Eddy. And I’m not just saying that. I really, truly, honest to God, deep in my heart love you.”

I put my arms around her and kissed her passionately. “I feel the same way about you Lauren. Regardless of what happens on this trip and after, this will not be the last time we will be together. I promise you that. And sometime tonight or tomorrow I want us to take time to make love. The plain, old-fashioned missionary position way. I want to feel your heart beat and kiss you the way you kissed Kealani this morning. I want to cum deep inside you and feel your orgasm sweep through you so you know just how much I love you.”

“Oh Eddy. I want that too. I want that very much.”

Since we were staying in for dinner there wasn’t much we needed to do to get ready other than let Kealani give me another of her all over body baths on the floor of the bathroom. Lauren headed off to her cabin to shower and dress then returned so Kealani could do her hair and makeup. When she emerged from the bathroom she was a different person. She had on Kealani’s long black wig that she wore with the Chinese princess outfit.

The makeup was sophisticated and just short of being over done. A beautiful combination of pastel eye shadows, blush, subtle iridescent under shadow and jet black mascara made her eyes sparkle seductively. This was not the look of the honey blonde MILF that she was but rather that of a Vogue cover model. A face that would turn heads, male or female.

Her dress was a simple short-sleeved white sweater dress that clung to her body and showed off every curve. Despite the high t-shirt like collar the stretchy material, that must have had cashmere in it because it was very soft, covered her breasts like a second skin and the lack of a visible panty line hinted that she wasn’t wearing any. The hem was just above her knees. Gray self-supporting stockings descended from mid-thigh into black stiletto heels. Kealani’s silver rope belt was around her waist, the ends dangling flirtatiously down one leg. Smoky metal bracelets adorned her left wrist. Long silver earrings hung down almost to her shoulder.

“I don’t know if it’s the sex, the love or Kealani’s wizardry but you look more beautiful every time I see you. The transformation is complete; you really have become a cougar; a sexual huntress on the prowl for fresh young meat. Rodney has no idea what a treat he’s in for tonight. I hope you tease him mercilessly all through dinner. Be sure to rub those fabulous tits on him at every opportunity.”

“Eddy you can compliment a woman better than any man I’ve ever known. You make me feel as beautiful as Kealani has made me look. Thank you.”

I walked over to her and took her hand and raised it up so I could kiss it. “This will have to do until you get back. I wouldn’t dare mess up your lipstick.” I couldn’t resist running my hand over her ass. It was just as I had surmised: no panties.

I turned to Kealani when Lauren left and said, “Alone at last. We haven’t had too much time alone lately have we?

“You haven’t been too disappointed by that have you Eddy?”

“Is there a word in Hawaiian that means both no and yes? I’ve certainly enjoyed myself amidst all this activity but I would have been equally as happy to have just been with you, especially now that I’ve become so comfortable with loving you. You’re still my fantasy girl Kealani and you always will be.”

She rushed toward me and put her arms around me. “Oh Eddy I promise you tomorrow it will just be us. I want to spend the whole day in bed with you just wallowing in all the love I feel for you. I’m not afraid of it anymore. It’s too powerful and wonderful. I want as much of it as I can get before we get off this ship.”

“It’s not going to stop when we do.”

“I know but I don’t want to think about that now. Que sera, sera.”

“We have about 45 minutes before our guests arrive. Is there anything we need to do to get things ready?” I asked.

“Not really. I’ve already ordered dinner to be here at six thirty. Would you mind if we just stood on the veranda and watch the sun begin to set. We’ll be leaving at seven so we can all watch that while we’re eating.”

“Kealani you need never ask me if I mind doing anything with you. As long as I’m with you I’ll be as happy as it is possible for me to be.”

Kealani found some love songs in Spanish and put them on the i-Pod. We stood at the railing like we did the first night. I was behind her and I put my hands on her breasts and began to kiss her neck. A light breeze played with her hair and wafted its scent into my nostrils. I pressed against the soft warm flesh of her back with my cock on her ass crack. She moved her legs to part them and my cock stiffened and snuggled up against her hot pussy. When it was firmly in place she moved her legs back together so she could squeeze me with her thighs and ass cheeks. She did this without even thinking about it while she was looking at the traffic and people on the road along the coast.

The lights in the town were beginning to come on and the daylight was fading. I massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. Each time my cock would twitch she would squeeze it. I could feel the lubricating juices dripping out of her pussy on the top of my cock. I began to slowly slide it in and out to spread it along the entire shaft. As I would pull back, I could feel my precum join with her moisture to make the passage more slippery. “Use your hand and rub your clit.” Her hand moved immediately to her mound and she began to slide her fingers over her clit. “That’s good. Now keep doing it until you cum. I want you to cum all over my cock with that wet Asian twat.”

“Oh yes mista Eddy, missy Kealani cum beaucoup times for you. You likey missy Kealani’s pussy don’t you mista Eddy.”

Her hand moved faster as she fingered her swollen nub. I increased the pressure on her tits and pinched her nipples. Her breathing quickened and she made soft cooing sounds as I continued to slide my cock across her wet slit. Her hand stopped and her thighs squeezed my cock tightly. Her body stiffened and she climaxed without saying a word. Her juices seeped out of her vagina and ran down the back of her thighs in rivulets.

“Oh yes. You’re still my little Asian slut aren’t you?”

She pressed against me and shivered. “Ohhhh mista Eddddy….me love you long time.”

I held her close for a minute then lowered myself down on my knees. “You’re such a naughty little girl making a mess of my cock and your legs with your cum. Now I’m going to have to clean you up before our guests arrive.” I started licking the back of her thighs from her knee to her ass alternating from one leg to the other. When I finished cleaning up her thighs I used my hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and began to lick her slit and her asshole. “You taste delicious.”

“You’re making me feel delicious and if you keep it up I’m going to cum again.”

“Is that a threat?”

“It’s more like a lick and a promise.”

“Well I guess I’d better stop then. Now it’s your turn.”

I stood up and she turned around and dropped to her knees and began to lick my leg and above my cock over to the other side then engulfed the head in her mouth. I was still mostly erect from playing with her and she began to suck more of me into her. When she had me completely in her mouth she used her tongue to lick all over the shaft then slowly slid her lips back until the head popped out. She held my cock in her hands and licked my balls. “Ummmmhh, I do taste delicious don’t I?” She cooed as we heard someone knock on the door to the suite.

She jumped up and headed for the sliding door. “That would be dinner. You need to either put on a robe or head for the bedroom because I’m having the steward put dinner on the veranda.” I followed her into the sitting room and we put our robes on. I sat on the sofa while Kealani let the room service steward in and directed him to the veranda. In a few minutes dinner was all arranged and waiting for Mandy and Nicole to arrive. It didn’t take long. About five minutes later they knocked on the door.

Kealani opened the door and showed them in then put her arms around Mandy and kissed her full on the lips. “I’ve been waiting to do that all day. I’ve missed you girl.”

“Oh Kealani you just don’t know. That week we spent together in Vegas was some of the most fun I had the whole time I was there. I’m so excited to see you again. I really didn’t expect to find you on this ship though.”

Kealani stepped back and turned to Nicole and put her arms around her. “I don’t just greet my old friends that way. Welcome, I’m delighted that you’re here.” Then she kissed her as passionately as she had kissed Mandy.

When Nicole could speak again she said, “I can see everything Mandy has told me about you is true.”

“All that and more Nicole.” She started walking toward the veranda as she shrugged off her robe and said, “Dinner is all prepared and waiting out here. I suggest you get out of those clothes and join us.”

Nicole said, “Oh how lovely. Dinner is both al fresco and au natural.”

I was still sitting on the sofa as Mandy and Nicole began to disrobe. “After seeing your show the other night I’m sure you won’t mind if I watch.”

“We don’t mind if you do a lot more than watch.” They did an impromptu striptease with what little clothing they had on and placed the items on the chair. Then both of them turned their backs to me and bent over at the waist and spread their legs. They slowly stood back up and turned around and put their arms over their heads and posed. I was enraptured at the sight of them. A pale skinned English rose next to a brown skinned exotic island hibiscus and not a pubic hair on either of them.

I applauded their performance and told them, “I see you’re going to make it hard on me right from the start.”

“You can count on it Eddy.” Mandy said as they began to walk to the veranda. “You are going to join us aren’t you?”

“I can’t imagine there’s anything better to eat out there than what I’m looking at.”

“You can have that for dessert. In the meantime you can have a feast with your eyes.”

“I’ll be right out.” I said as I headed for the bathroom. I took a Viagra just in case but I was already hard from the sight of them.

When I got to the veranda everything was all set up. The food was arranged on the room service cart and places were set at the table. Kealani had kept things light with a large pot of tortilla soup and a bowl of salad with shrimp and avocados among a mix of leafy greens. A couple of bottles of sparkling water and a pitcher of iced tea sat beside the food.

We served ourselves buffet style and as we were eating the ship began to move away from the dock and get underway. We watched the lights of the town recede as a gentle breeze kept us cool. I had the same feeling I had at lunch wondering how I could be so lucky as to be dining with three gorgeous women while sailing along under a sky that was just beginning to fill with stars. It was all the more unbelievable that we were all naked. I saw the camera set up at the door to the room and felt that this would be another of the videos I would really enjoy watching again.

“Mandy I’ve got something I’d like you to help me with.”

“I’m sure you do Eddy and I would be delighted to do it.”

“Besides that Mandy. Lauren is at dinner with her young boy toy and I’ve convinced her to bring him back to our room later to join in the fun and games. Speaking as a male I’m sure you can provide him with some memories that will last him the rest of his life. He had his eighteenth birthday last night and Lauren treated him to a night of revelry with her splendid body. I was hoping you and Nicole could add to that experience tonight.”

“It would be our pleasure Eddy. Did you have anything particular in mind?”

“He really enjoyed your show and seemed to be quite taken with the dancers. I was thinking you could do a brief performance here on the veranda when they arrive to surprise him and break the ice for more exciting activities.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea Eddy. Maybe we could convince Kealani to be part of the act as well.”

“She does have a provocative little schoolgirl outfit that caused quite a stir at the pool deck the other day. Do you and Nicole have anything like that?”

“We sure do. We wear them in a number in the adult show sometimes. I could slip back down to our room and get them if Kealani will agree to do it with us.”

Kealani said, “Count me in. In fact if you have an extra outfit for Lauren we’ll get her in on it too.”

“I’m sure we can get one from one of the other girls. This sounds like fun. Give me a few minutes to get dressed and go get our costumes.” She then headed off to the sitting room.

I went into the sitting room as well to turn on the lights that illuminated the veranda to see if they could provide suitable lighting for the show. We hadn’t used them before because there was sufficient light from the ship and the moon for what we were doing. There were three switches and I turned them all on and went back outside. There was a light above the sliding door that shone downwards and two sets of two spotlights on either side of the door that lit up the entire area. I got a chair and stood in it so I could unscrew one of the spots and re-aimed the lit one at the balcony railing. I went back in and turned the other spots and the doorway light off so only the single spot was on. It was perfect for lighting the girls as if they were on a stage.

“Nicole will you go over and stand next to the railing so I can test this light?” She got up from her chair and walked over to stand where I told her. “Looks good from here but you stay there.” I walked back toward the table and picked up a chair and brought it over to where Nicole was standing. I sat down in the chair and moved it a little to the right so I was not blocking the light but was still close to her. “I’ll need to do a thorough close inspection to be sure that all of you can be seen while you’re performing.” She smiled at my obvious ploy.

“Now lean back against the railing and put your elbows on it.” She arched her back and pushed her breasts out as she did so. They were magnificent, a little larger than Lauren’s with large dark areolas and good-sized nipples. I leaned forward and licked her left one slowly a few times then sucked the nipple into my mouth. I felt it swell and lightly bit it. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled it against her so I would take more of her into my mouth. I used my left hand to fondle her other boob and pinch the nipple while I continued to suck on her.

I pulled back and looked at her. “Truly awesome Nicole. That beautiful brown skin and those sexy nipples show off perfectly in this light. OK, turn around and let’s see what you look like from the back.” I moved the chair back a little as she turned. “Spread your legs a little and lean forward against the railing. Stand on your toes and push that gorgeous ass out.” The light revealed her exquisite ass and pussy to my sight.

She was built similarly to Shelley with plump long labia and inner lips that only slightly protruded. Her clitoris was average sized but enclosed in a prominent hood. All of these parts were in various hues of brown and dark pink that made for a very pretty pussy. I moved closer and lightly licked her entire slit. She didn’t make a move to resist so I did it again then opened my mouth and placed it over her vagina and stuck my tongue in as far as it would go. She moved then! Pressing her ass back against my mouth so I could more easily invade her fully with my tongue. Her juices began to flow into my mouth.

I pulled away and said, “Nicole I promise you I will get back to that very soon but we need to get the furniture rearranged so you can rehearse a little when Mandy returns.”

“I’ll hold you to that promise Eddy, believe me.”

Kealani had been inside getting out her outfit and makeup. She walked back onto the veranda and saw me sitting behind Nicole and said, “Eddy I see you’ve got the lighting situation well in hand along with Nicole’s pretty butt.”

“Just making sure all of you could be seen from back there.”

“I can see very well from back here and it looks good to me.”

“I thought I ‘d set up a couple of chairs for Rodney and me just outside the door and the four of you could be over here by the railing. I’ll turn on the music and the lights once Rodney is seated. Then it’s show time.”

“Sounds good to me. It looks like we can each walk up pretty close to you without getting out of the spotlight so you can see us better. I’ll leave the choreography to Mandy when she gets back. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, a couple of songs should be enough for all of us to strip out of these outfits so we end up naked.”

“I’ve got an idea for the songs.” I said.

“Since the setting is appropriate why don’t you start with Van Morrison’s ‘Moon Dance’ then finish with Sting’s ‘Don’t stand so close to me’ for your close-ups?”

“That’s a great idea, it will give us about 8 or 10 minutes. Nicole you’re the professional here. Does that sound right to you?”

“Yes that should be fine. I studied ballet for 12 years. I could do a naked dance to something, maybe Clair de Lune if you want to keep with the moon theme.”

“Oh Nicole I think that would be awesome. We would all enjoy seeing that.”

Mandy returned with the other costumes and then went out on the veranda with Kealani and Nicole to begin putting together a little performance to the songs I suggested. They rehearsed a few minutes then came back inside. If everything was going on time with Lauren and Rodney I should be getting a call in about 20 minutes. I planned for Lauren to take Rodney to her cabin and tell him she needed to come see us for just a minute. When she arrives Kealani will fill her in on the plan and help her get dressed. I’ll go over to her cabin and tell Rodney there’s going to be a little party over in our suite and Lauren is helping to get it ready. Kealani will call Lauren’s room when they’re all set to start and I’ll bring Rodney back.

The girls began getting dressed while I got the songs queued up on the i-Pod and did a sound check. I tested the lighting once more then sat two chairs close to the veranda door. I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt since I didn’t want to spook Rodney by showing up in a robe at Lauren’s room while we were waiting. Once he saw the girls get naked I figured he’d be a little more comfortable with what kind of party it was going to be.

A little before 8 o’clock the girls came out of the bathroom in their costumes. I remembered how sexy Kealani looked when she wore hers on the pool deck a few days ago but seeing 3 girls dressed like that was a living wet dream. They had put on bras so they would have more to take off. Everything else was pretty much the same. Short skirts, white thigh-high stockings, tight white shirts, ‘come fuck me’ Mary Jane shoes and horn rimmed glasses. And of course, white bikini panties. Mandy even had a bow in her hair. Rodney was going to love this.

About ten minutes past 8 Lauren called and said they were on their way back to her room. I filled her in on the plan and a few minutes later she was at the door. I let her in and Kealani led her away to get into her outfit and explained what was going to happen. She told me she’d call when they were all on the veranda and ready to start. I went over to Lauren’s room and sat down in a chair and began to talk with Rodney.

“How was your dinner date tonight Rodney?”

“Really great Eddy. We had a nice time.”

“Were your parents there too?”

“No it was just us.”

“Lauren’s a very pretty woman don’t you think.”

“I sure do. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

“You like Lauren don’t you?”

“Yes sir I do.”

“She likes you too. In fact she’s over at our cabin putting together a very special extra birthday present for you. Did she tell you anything about doing this?”

“She mentioned we were coming here for a little while but she didn’t go into detail about it.”

“Did you enjoy the show in the lounge last night?”

“Yes it was a lot of fun.”

“What did you think of the dancing girls?”

“They were very pretty and great dancers.”

“Well if you liked them I’m sure you’re going to like your present.”

Rodney looked a little quizzical at that comment but before he could say anything the phone rang. I answered it and Kealani said they were ready. I hung up and told Rodney it was time to go over to my cabin and get his surprise gift. We walked in and the lights were turned down very low. I led Rodney to the veranda and told him to shut his eyes and sat him in one of the chairs. “When you hear music you can open your eyes.” I told him and went back inside and started the i-Pod. As soon as I heard the music I turned on the spotlight and went back and sat next to Rodney.

The light was perfect and the moon had risen behind the girls just enough to be above them in the sky. They looked adorable. Lauren had kept her wig and makeup on and looked really hot in her uniform. I was surprised at how well she did with the dancing. Kealani had grown up dancing hula and other dances at her school so she could probably have danced professionally if she wanted to. Their routine was cute with each one trying to get in front of the other ones like little schoolgirls do.

When the second song came on they came up close to us one at a time and began to strip. Lauren went first, I guess to keep Rodney from getting too flustered since he had already seen her naked. The others stayed back at the railing sashaying back and forth and bending over to show their butts. Lauren did a very arousing if somewhat quick striptease. Rodney was spellbound when she bent over and put her ass close to his face and slowly rolled her panties down below her cheeks. She then pulled them quickly off and trotted off to stand with the others. Nicole was next and it was obvious this wasn’t the first time she had ever done this. That girl knew how to tease. I couldn’t believe it when she put her leg up in front of her to take off her stocking. Her knee touched her nose and was perfectly straight. Her bare twat was just inches from our faces.

Mandy was next and when Rodney saw her bald pussy slide into view as she eased her panties down I thought his eyes were going to pop out. Mine too. Kealani was last but hardly least. She did a routine similar to the one she had done the first day of the cruise. With similar effect. Rodney and I both had erections. Once Kealani was naked the others came back close to us and just stood there for a minute so we could admire them. When the music stopped Lauren asked Rodney, “Did you enjoy your present?” He could only shake his head up and down as he continued to stare at their naked bodies.

Lauren walked over and stood beside him. “Rodney that’s the first part of your present. You remember what you and I did after the show last night don’t you?” He shook his head up and down again. “Well we’re going to do some more of that tonight. All of us.”

“You mean we’re all going to have sex? Together?”

“As much as you want Rodney.”

“Wow Lauren, I sure didn’t expect a present like this. This is the greatest present anybody has ever given me.”

I told him, “Rodney, speaking from the experience of fifty years, it will probably be the best present anybody ever gives you. I hope you don’t mind if I share it with you.”

“Uh, not at all Eddy.”

Kealani said, “Rodney before we start with the sex, Nicole has graciously consented to do a ballet dance for all of us. Why don’t you go inside and take that nice suit off and hang it up and use the bathroom if you need to and when you come back Nicole will dance for us.”

He got up a little shakily and headed back into the room. In a few minutes he returned completely naked and resumed his seat. I had taken my shirt and shorts off while he was gone. Kealani knelt beside me and Lauren knelt beside Rodney. Mandy sat on one of the lounge chairs as Nicole walked out to the middle of the veranda. I got up and turned on the i-Pod and the music began.

Nicole’s ballet lessons were not wasted. Dancers tend to have great bodies but Nicole’s was superb. She danced across and around the veranda for about 5 minutes. I had seen ballets before but never someone dancing nude. You really got a much better appreciation of how strenuous the moves are when you saw uncovered muscles doing them. I was really glad to have the cameras for this whole episode on the veranda tonight. I knew this would be something I would watch often.

When she finished we all applauded and she took a bow. Lauren looked at Rodney and asked him, “Which one of your presents would you like to play with first?” He looked around and then at me with a look that was pure uncertainty.

“Rodney if you don’t mind I’d like to finish something I started with Nicole. If I were you I’d get between Mandy’s legs and see if she tastes as good as she looks.” He looked at me with a rather fearful look. “Lauren did you get around to checking out Rodney’s pussy eating skills last night?”

“We spent the entire time fucking and never got to that.”

“In that case Rodney you can learn from an expert. I’m sure Kealani would be delighted to assist you and give you some excellent guidance in the fine art of cunnilingus. You might be more comfortable in the bedroom. Lauren you can stay out here with Nicole and me if you’d like.”

Rodney, Mandy and Kealani headed for the bedroom to teach Rodney how to yodel in the valley. I lay down on one of the lounge chairs. “Nicole I don’t suppose you would have any trouble putting those lovely legs on either side of my head so I can have a little more of that delicious chocolate pie.”

“No trouble at all Eddy.” She put her knees on either side of my chest and faced toward my feet then bent over so her head could reach my cock. “Lauren why don’t you kneel down here and do something with Eddy’s balls while I see how much of this fine cock I can get in my mouth.”

“Nicole I’ve become quite fond of Eddy’s balls in the last few days. I know exactly what to do with them.”

I brought my hands up and put one on each of Nicole’s ass cheeks. She slid her knees forward a little and lowered her hips. I pulled down on her hips until her slit made contact with my mouth then licked her from her clit to her asshole with the flat of my tongue. At the same time I felt her hand wrap around my shaft and her warm mouth engulf the head. Lauren pushed my legs apart and lay between them. I felt her tongue lick my left ball as Nicole began to lick and suck the head of my cock while her hand squeezed the shaft.

It didn’t take long for them to get me to full erection. Nicole was letting her ample saliva drip out of the sides of her mouth to slide down my shaft where she used her hand to coat it. She kept it up until her hand was sliding easily up and down the entire length. Lauren was doing the same thing as she alternated sucking on my balls. My genitals were a warm wet mess and both of them were having a great time playing with them.

Nicole pulled her mouth off my cock and said, “Lauren raise your head up, I want to kiss that sweet mouth of yours.” Lauren complied and I could hear and feel them kissing. Neither of them stopped using their hand to fondle my cock and balls. “Eddy, what you’re doing feels really good but you need to know that I tend to get very wet when I’m aroused.”

I stopped long enough to answer, “I’ve already figured that out Nicole. You just go right ahead and let it flow. You are delicious.” She returned her mouth to my cock and I returned mine to her clit. I sucked and licked her nub with my tongue. She began to rock her hips forward and backward slightly as if she were fucking my mouth with her clit. I felt her breathing get deeper and her ass cheeks tightened.

“Oh yes Eddy that feels so good. I’m getting close. Oooohh so close.” I increased my tongue’s assault on her clit and licked back toward her vagina each time she moved her hips. “OH, OH, OH YES, YES Eddy I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over your face! I moved my mouth to cover her opening as she pressed down on me and started trembling. Her legs tensed and pulled toward my shoulders. She wasn’t kidding about getting very wet when aroused. Her pussy juice flooded into my mouth. I had to swallow three times before her orgasm subsided.

In the bedroom Mandy was lying on her back on a couple of pillows. Her legs were spread slightly and lying flat. “Rodney lie on the bed beside Mandy with your head level with Mandy’s tits.” Kealani laid on her other side. “Pleasuring a woman with your mouth does not begin straight off with licking her between the legs. Get on your side and move Mandy’s arm so you can get your head close to her boob.” He did as he was told. “Now use your hand and massage her breast like this.” Kealani began caressing Mandy’s right tit to show Rodney what she meant.

Rodney copied her movements on her left tit. “How does that feel Rodney?”

“Great Kealani. It feels soft and warm.”

“Since there are two of us you can use both hands. That way you can form a cup around it and gently squeeze it so the nipple stands out.” Rodney tried that and got the desired result. “Now put your lips over her nipple and see how much of her tit you can get in your mouth.” Mandy pushed her chest up to assist them and let out a soft moan. “I think she’s enjoying this Rodney. Keep sucking her nipple and gently draw your teeth across it and feel it swell up.”

Another moan came from Mandy. “You guys are really making my boobs feel wonderful.” They continued playing with her breasts for a few more minutes.

“OK Rodney it’s time to move on. Start kissing her chest and keep kissing her as you move your self down the bed.” Both of them kissed their way across her stomach down to her navel. “Now take your hand and put it on the inside of her thigh and pull her leg toward you. She’ll get the message and spread them for you.” She did but kept them flat. “Move your hand up her thigh and gently touch her lip at the top of her thigh.” Kealani’s hand mirrored Rodney’s. “That’s it Rodney now rub her lip with your finger up and down.” He watched Kealani’s skilled finger and did the same. “Take your time. Look at her. See her beautiful pussy and feel it at the same time. Kiss her mound just above her pussy and smell the delicious fragrance of her.”

He was trembling slightly as he placed his lips on her bare skin just above her clitoris and kissed her. He opened his mouth and licked her with his tongue. “Very good Rodney. How do you feel?”

“Really excited Kealani. She’s so pretty. It’s so cool that she has no hair so I can see all of her.”

“Now use your other hand to pull back that flap of skin where her pussy begins.” Rodney used his thumb to expose Mandy’s shiny pink clitoris. “See that pink nub Rodney that’s her clit. It’s very sensitive so you need to treat it carefully. Put your finger in your mouth and get the tip wet then rub it on her clit.” Mandy breathed in sharply when Rodney’s finger touched her clit then she let out another moan.

“It sounds like she’s ready for the main event Rodney.” Kealani pulled Mandy’s legs apart and got between them with her face inches from her crotch. Mandy pulled her legs up and bent her knees. “I’m going to show you what to do from here since it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. Pay attention and watch what I do so you can try it next.”

Kealani then gave Rodney an up close and personal demonstration of how to eat pussy. She went slow and was deliberate in what she did so he wouldn’t miss anything. It didn’t take long for Mandy to announce, “I’m getting close Kealani. You two have really wound me up.”

“OK Rodney it’s your turn. You take her to the finish line.” Rodney got between her legs and put his face close to Mandy’s slit. “Before you use your tongue you might want to use your fingers to spread her open and take a look at all that pretty plumbing.” Rodney pulled her lips apart and looked at her vulva. “Do you see her pee hole?” He shook his head up and down. “Down below that is the entrance to her vagina. Put you finger in there and check out how wet she is.” He inserted his index finger about an inch. “Put it all the way in Rodney, she won’t mind.”

He pushed it all the way in and said, “She’s very wet and hot.”

“Good. That’s how she’s supposed to be. Put another finger in there. OK now curl your fingers and slide them along the top of her vagina sort of like your scratching her. Reach in deep and pull them toward you.”

“That’s not fair Kealani. I’ll cum if he keeps that up.”

“Go ahead and cum sweetie, it won’t hurt you.” Rodney kept tickling her g-spot causing her hips to lurch up off the bed. “OK Rodney, take your fingers out and start using your tongue. Suck that sweet juice you’ve got running out of her and stick your tongue in where your fingers were. Put your hands on her ass so you can squeeze those cheeks and move her hips.” Rodney started licking her slit and tongue fucking her hole.

“You’re on your own Rodney. I’m going back up here and suck on these magnificent titties while you give her a real big orgasm.” Kealani started playing with Mandy’s tits alternately sucking one then the other. In less than five minutes Mandy was moaning and breathing fast.

“Ohhh God Kealani. He’s making me cum! YES, YES, YES, Aiiiieeeeeowwww YESSSSSS.”

“Stick your tongue in her as far as it will go Rodney and suck hard.” Her climax shook her and she threw her head back on the pillow and rolled it from side to side.

“Oh Jesus Rodney you learn fast. That was fabulous baby.”

Kealani slid down to sit beside Rodney. “How’s that nice cock of yours doing Rodney?” They both looked down at his crotch to see that it was rock hard. She slid down further and rolled him on his back. His hard cock stuck straight up in the air. “You wouldn’t mind if I tasted this beautiful cock would you?”

“N n n no.” He stuttered.

Kealani lowered her head and engulfed his cock until her lips were pressed against his pubes. She drew back and repeated the movement a few times. She pulled off him and said, “Very nice Rodney. Mandy I think you ought to bring that hot wet pussy over here and sit on this wonderful cock to thank Rodney for the lovely orgasm he just gave you. He’d probably like to have one too.”

As soon as Nicole’s orgasm subsided I told her to stand up and had Lauren lie on her back on the lounge. I positioned Nicole on her hands and knees over Lauren so her pussy was just above Lauren’s mouth. I spread my legs and straddled the end of the lounge so my cock was lined up with Nicole’s wet hole and began rubbing the head up and down her slimy slit. “Lauren would you be so kind as to use your mouth on my balls while I’m fucking Nicole’s tight twat?” I felt Lauren’s tongue lick my balls as I continued rubbing my cock along Nicole’s pussy.

I placed the head against her vagina and pushed forward, burying the entire length in her with one stroke. I held it deep inside her and felt her hot tunnel conforming to my shape. Lauren raised her head up a little to suck both my balls into her mouth then pulled on them while keeping them imprisoned with her lips. “Oh Jesus Lauren that feels fantastic. That mouth of yours gets more talented every day.” I felt her tongue licking and poking each testicle as she covered them in her saliva.

I pulled back and eased my cock about half way out of Nicole. Lauren released my balls and placed her mouth on Nicole’s clit. Nicole let out a gasp followed by a low moan. I pushed my cock back into Nicole’s vagina and Lauren’s mouth again engulfed my balls. We kept up this rhythm for a few minutes until I heard Nicole’s breathing get quicker. I placed my hands on her hips and stopped my thrusting then pushed and pulled her to me so I could hold still while Lauren continued sucking my scrotum. Lauren used her thumb to rub Nicole’s clit as she rocked back and forth on my cock.

I felt the unmistakable signs of an impending orgasm and pulled Nicole back to impale her completely. “Oh Nicole, Nicole, baby. I’m going to fill your cunt with cum.” Lauren used her hand to press my balls against Nicole and gently squeezed them with her fingers. My cock twitched and swelled then began to spurt my hot jizz deep inside Nicole. She responded with strong contractions and milked several more jets of cum from my erection.

I pulled my cock out of Nicole’s slippery channel and Lauren immediately licked the shaft to get our combined fluids off it. She then pulled Nicole back so she could cover her vagina with her mouth and suck my cum from her. Nicole hadn’t finished climaxing and Lauren’s oral assault pushed her into another one. Her hips bucked and her head rolled from side to side as my hot cream was vacuumed from her.

Finally Nicole got up from the lounge. “Wow. You two really know how to treat a girl right. That’s the best sex I’ve had since I’ve been on this ship. I’m going to go pee now and then I’ll check out what’s going on inside.”

“Tell Mandy she’s welcome to come play in the moonlight if she’s not too busy.”

Lauren was still on her back on the lounge. “Stay like you are Lauren.” I knelt on the lounge between her legs, which she immediately pulled up and spread. “Lauren that little gesture is one of the things I love most about you and Kealani. When you spread your legs I get the most wonderful feeling of being welcomed and wanted.”

“Eddy only you would see something like that. And it’s because you are welcome and wanted. You changed the way I feel about my pussy. You made me feel that it is beautiful and desirable. I’ll always be grateful to you for that.”

“Well Lauren your pussy is about to be desired once again.” I put a cushion under her ass and lay between her outstretched legs. “Your clit is a masterpiece. Just looking at it turns me on. It’s so prominent and the nub is as large as one of your nipples.” I put my mouth over it and began to lightly suck on it. I pulled back the prodigious hood with my thumb and exposed the round pink bulb so I could lick it and gently nibble on it with my teeth.

“Oh Eddy yes baby keep doing that. You’re sending shivers all through my body.” I continued to suck her and lick her clit until it grew even larger. I let my tongue slide lower and licked between her long inner lips above her vagina returning each time to her swollen clit. She was moving her pelvis up and down. Pressing her mound against my mouth with each lick. Her hands were squeezing her breasts and her fingers pinched and pulled her nipples.

I held my mouth still with my lips pursed as she continued to move her pussy up and down. Each time her clit pressed against me I sucked it inside and licked it. “Ooooooh, Eddy, yessssss, yessssss baby this feels so incredibly good. Nobody’s ever let me fuck his mouth like this before. Oh God Eddy everything I do with you is just so wonderful. Please don’t ever stop loving me Eddy. I feel like I’m right on the edge of cumming but it feels too good to do it.”

“Take your time Lauren. Enjoy every second of it and remember if you do cum we can start all over again.”

She kept rubbing herself against my mouth for another ten minutes, slowing down and speeding up as the sensations spread from her clit through her whole body. Her eyes were closed and she would moan softly and take deep breaths as her sexual energy built up inside her. I used my fingers to pull and stretch her long spongy inner lips and lick them before returning to slurp her marvelous clit back into my mouth. Finally I felt her legs begin to tremble. She pressed her mound hard against my mouth. “Now Eddy suck it! Suck my clit hard and run the tip of your tongue against it. Yesss, Yesssss, Now! Yessss, Nowwww! Suddenly hot liquid burst forth from her as she squirted. I pulled my face back and a long arc of piss streamed across my back. “OOOHHH MY GOD Eddy I’m cumming! I’m cumming so hard!”

I didn’t even wait for her to finish. I raised myself up on my knees and wrapped my hand around my rock hard cock and guided the head to her sopping wet vagina then pushed it in all the way. She threw her head back and pressed her hips hard against me. “Ohhh God yes Eddy fuck me.”

“I’m going to make love to you Lauren. I want to show you how much I truly love you. I want you to feel how beautiful and desirable you really are. Wrap your legs around me baby and hold me in your arms. That’s right just like that. Let me feel those soft full breasts press against me. Put your hands on my ass and pull me into you.”

I put my mouth on hers and kissed her and stuck my tongue inside her so she could taste herself as I began stroking into her vagina with long slow strokes. The cushion elevated her hips so it felt like I was going deep into her with each thrust. I opened my eyes and saw her beautiful face in the moonlight. She seemed transported, totally absorbed in a sexual trance. I don’t know how long we were there. I was lost in the sensations of her hot slippery cunt as I continued to fuck her. I felt my balls slapping against her and as if she sensed my thinking this she reached both her hands down between her legs and wrapped each one around my testicles. She pulled and squeezed them in time with my stroking her. I stopped my thrusting and held myself buried inside her. “Make me cum with your hands baby. Caress my balls and squeeze them until you coax them into giving you their hot pearly gift. Show them how much you love them.”

“OOOOHHHH YESSSS EDDY I do love them. I’ll be very good to them and make them feel so happy that they’ll want to give me all of their sweet cream.” She had become as adept at caressing my balls as Kealani. It was as if they both had a psychic connection to them when we were having sex. They were wet with the copious juices that were flowing out of her pussy and she slid them around in her hands and pressed them against her ass crack as she rubbed her fingers on them from behind. She wrapped her thumbs and index fingers around them and pulled on them like she was milking them alternating the left with the right. The feelings were exquisitely pleasurable.

“I want you to keep doing that but I’m going to take my cock out and I want you to stroke it with one hand while you keep massaging my balls with the other.” I pulled it out and her right hand wrapped around it while her left kept playing with my balls. Her hand slid easily up and down the slippery shaft.

“Ooooh Eddy yes baby let me jerk that beautiful cock off. Show me how much you love me baby. Spurt your hot spunk all over my stomach. Come on now, let me have it.” A few more strokes and we both felt my cock swell and tighten. Her hand moved faster on my shaft as her other one squeezed my balls.

“Oh Yes Lauren here’s my love. Here’s the liquid proof of it.” The first hot jet of cum shot out and stretched from the top of her mound all the way to her tits. She kept on stroking and squeezing me until five more large spurts and several smaller ones joined the first on her stomach and covered it in white cream.

She squealed, “Oh Eddy you do love me. Look at how much you’ve given me!” She began to scrape up my cum with her finger and put it in her mouth.

“I’m covered in your piss and you’re covered in my semen. If that’s not love I don’t know what is.”

She giggled and said, “I guess your right. It sure looks like love to me. And tastes like it too.”

We were still on the lounge basking in the afterglow of our sex. Lauren had almost finished scooping up my goo and sucking it off her fingers while I was lazily rubbing my half hard cock on her magnificent clit to get the last drop of cum that was oozing out of the head. I pulled her large labia and stretched them until I could wrap them around my shaft and rub them along the sides of it.

“That looks like fun. Can anybody play?” Mandy said as she walked out onto the veranda.

“Only if you’re beautiful and naked.” I said without turning around.

“Then I guess that includes me.” She answered.

“We could use a shower, our last little game got a little messy.”

“I could use a wash up myself. Lauren that young stud of yours can make a pretty good mess too. He filled my twat with about a cup of his jizz. He’s in there now doing the same to Nicole.”

We all headed to the bathroom. Lauren walked in the shower and turned on the water but Mandy was delighted to see that there was a bidet in the room. “Wow, I haven’t seen one of these for a while and I sure could use one.” She sat down on it and turned on the water so she could clean up her crotch.

“Would you mind if I watch?”

“You can do more than watch you can help. Get some of that body wash and kneel down in front of me.” This bidet had a hand held spray head on a tube so you could direct the water easily. I adjusted the water temperature and aimed the spray between her spread legs.

When the warm water hit her crotch she said, “That feels nice. Pour a little body wash in you hand and rub it on my pussy.” I did as she requested and started rubbing it on her mound using my fingers to spread it on her clit and lips. I spread her labia apart and slid my middle finger along her slit. When I stuck the tip into her vagina I could feel the sticky cum that Rodney had deposited in her. I pulled my finger out and watched as the white goo oozed out of her into the basin. When it stopped dripping out of her I continued to wash her hole with my finger then put the head of the sprayer on her vagina and pressed the lever. Water splashed out around the head as the spray shot into her. “You’re pretty good with that thing Eddy. Now wash my asshole. Nicole and I gave each other enemas before we came up here but you do such a nice job I’ll let you get it all nice and clean so you can lick it later.” I gave her anus the same treatment then turned off the water.

We headed for the shower just as Lauren was getting out. “You two can play in the shower for a while. I’m going to go see what Rodney’s up to with Nicole and Kealani.”

We got in and Mandy put on a shower cap to keep her pretty shoulder length auburn hair dry. It looked like her natural color but without pubic hair I couldn’t be sure if she was a true redhead. Not that it mattered. The warm water felt good. “You may now continue to wash the rest of me Eddy. In fact, I’ll let you be my personal bathing assistant if you want the job.”

“That’s a tempting offer Mandy but I seem to have a few other items to add to my already full life that I haven’t even sorted out yet. I have no idea how these cruises are going to affect my marriage.”

I took my time rubbing the body wash on her shoulders and back as she faced the wall of the shower. I then carefully washed her fabulous ass. Her dancing had kept her in great shape and given her a taut but still feminine butt. I massaged it with both hands letting my fingers slide up and down her crack.

I put my hands on her upper arms and turned her around to face me, then I pressed against her and kissed her. Her full breasts mashed against my chest as my tongue slid into her mouth. She put her hands on my ass and pulled my hips against her. My hard cock was against her upper thigh. She spread her legs and my cock slipped between them into the tunnel formed by her pussy and upper thighs. She moved her legs back together and squeezed my cock.

I stopped kissing her and grabbed the bottle of body wash so I could pour some on her tits as I leaned back with my upper body but kept my hips pressed against hers and my cock still ensconced in the warm embrace of her pussy pocket. I started to wash her breasts with my hands. “Use your body to wash mine Eddy and kiss me some more. I like kissing and you do it ever so well.” I returned my mouth to hers and resumed kissing her while I rubbed my torso against her as the body wash dripped down our chests to reach our lower stomachs.


I woke up, my face filmed with sweat, and had a drink from the glass of flat, room temperature water on the bedside table. I could hear the sounds of people in the pool, having a morning swim; the rasp of crickets in the grass; the chirp of birds. Through the slats in the shutter I could tell that the sky was clear as ever.

Great, I thought gloomily. Another beautiful day.

Going on holiday by myself had seemed like a great idea. I”d be free and unencumbered and none of my friends would be around to move in on any interesting woman I encountered. And there were plenty of interesting women at the hotel, but most of them seemed to be either married, or partnered, or 18 and looking for horny male 18-year-olds, not a horny male 28-year-old. I was in good shape and not bad-looking and I kept myself fit, but unlike a lot of the men in the hotel I didn’t tan. I had dark hair and pale skin and after the first day, sunburn on my shoulders and back where I hadn’t been able to reach with the sunspray. My face got a good colour but the rest of me remained obstinately pale.

So that first week, I consistently went to bed alone. It wasn’t for want of trying. I managed to chat to some cute women at the bar, a young, single Englishwoman who was on holiday with friends and a rather drunk Dutch girl who actually snogged me and suggested we date, and then went to the toilet and never came back. By the time I’d been in the hotel for a week, I was becoming increasingly frustrated.

I had a routine. I got up, had breakfast, swam for a couple of hours, had lunch, then took a siesta in which I read, or wrote, or napped. Then I went for another swim, groomed myself, ate some dinner and hit the bars. But it seemed like nothing could shake the aura I had of Lonely Single Man.

After a while, however, I became aware that someone was watching me.

There were other single men at the hotel but most of them were fat, or middle-aged, or even more obviously desperate than I. But one of them was different.

He was older, probably sixty, and tall, taller than I am, with short cropped silver hair and a goatee. He had a deep tan and a lean, rangy body, visible whenever he went swimming (which was often, in a pair of tight trunks that couldn’t have been more different from my baggy blue swim shorts) and an air of remote amusement. And I was sure that he was watching me. Whenever I glanced his way, his eyes would be on me. Sometimes he’d return my gaze until I broke away, sometimes he’d go back to his book or stare out to sea or pretend that he hadn’t been looking at me.

I found this slightly unnerving, in that I had no idea why he was staring at me, unless he just found the spectacle of a young man trying to pick up girls very funny. He himself appeared to be alone, although once in a while I saw him dining with friends — always a different set every time. He would be chatting and drinking wine and being charming, and then he would glance over at me and his gaze seemed to contain an element of taunt: don”t you wish you were doing this?

After a couple of days in which his attention seemed to wander off me I decided that he’d lost interest in me. I couldn’t blame him. I’d almost lost interest in myself at that point, and spent my late nights staying up and playing World of Warcraft and drinking the contents of the minibar.

Then, the day I woke up and noticed with gloom that it was a beautiful day, he finally said hello.

I had my customary light breakfast, read for a bit and then went back to my room and put on my trunks and headed down to the beach.

It was blisteringly hot and I was, as usual, coated in sunscreen. After an hour of crawling up and down and basking and watching the wildlife, I had just about accepted that this was going to be a day like any other when all of a sudden, he surfaced next to me, blinking the water out of his eyes. He smiled.

“Hello,” he said.


“Another beautiful day,” he said drily. I smiled.

“Yeah,” I said.

“They can get a bit monotonous, can’t they?” His accent was middle-class south of England, slightly refined; beyond that I couldn’t be sure.

“A little bit.”

“If you’re with company it can be fun.”

“It happens that I’m not,” I said.

“Oh dear,” he said.

“Not for the want of trying, mind you,” I said, feeling that I shouldn”t moan too much on a first acquaintance.

“We can only try,” he agreed.

We floated there for a while in a peaceful silence.

“Are you staying at the hotel?” I asked out of mere politeness.

“Oh no,” he said. “I have a house down the coast.”

“Ah,” I said.

“They let me use the beach because I have shares in the hotel,” he said.

“Nice,” I said.

“It is,” he said. “Very convenient for meeting people.”

There was another pause. Then he said “Well, better crack on. It was nice to meet you.”

“You too,” I said, reflecting that this was the longest conversation I’d had in days. He smiled warmly and struck off in his powerful crawl.

About 20 minutes later I got out and headed for the showers. There was a shower block on the beach, a long, low building. There were sinks, and you could wash up and put your belongings in a crude locker with a key on a chain that you wore round your neck in the shower, and then you retrieved your stuff and dressed and went back to wherever you were staying. I had left it so late that there was nobody else on the beach, although there was a solitary swimmer coming in.

I stood at the sink in my dripping trunks and washed my face with face scrub and cleanser. Then another man came in.

It was the older guy from earlier, the guy with the house down the coast, dripping wet. He nodded and smiled at me, then quickly eased his trunks down his hips and stowed them in his locker and got under a shower. I finished washing my face, slid my swim shorts down my legs and put them in a locker, then I lathered my face with shaving foam and stood in front of the sink, naked, shaving.

I didn’t mind being naked among other men, especially on holiday where everyone was nearly naked most of the time. This time seemed a little different, however. Although I wasn’t looking at him, I had the strangest suspicion that he was subtly checking me out.

I found myself standing a little differently at the sink than I had been doing. I stood up a little straighter and squared my shoulders. If strange men were going to check me out, I didn’t want to look bad. I’m not gay, and I”d never even been tempted to fool around with a guy, but on some level I felt that even a glance across the room from a possibly gay and rather elderly man was attention, and attention was what I’d been craving.

And then he spoke.

“You look fit,” he said, washing his hair. I glanced over at him and smiled briefly in response.

“Thanks,” I said. I couldn’t help darting the briefest of looks at his crotch, and I had to quickly look back at the mirror and continue shaving, because he had the longest penis I had ever seen, not that I’d seen all that many in my adult life — even flaccid, it was at least five inches long, possibly longer, and narrow, but with a bulbous tip. It was as tanned as the rest of him and hung before two brown, hairless, wrinkled testicles. I”d noticed that he shaved his body. His only hair was under his arms and on his head and face. That alone served to back up my suspicion that he was gay.

“Do you work out a lot?” he said politely.

“Not really,” I said. “I just look after myself.”

“You do a good job,” he said. “You have a nice body.”

“Thanks,” I said, genuinely grateful for the compliment but not particularly wanting the conversation to remain on that topic.

“I must admit,” he said, “I’m biased in that I prefer men”s bodies to women”s. Nothing against women as such, of course.”

“I think I’m the other way around,” I said.

“Yes,” he said, smiling, “I thought so. Otherwise I’d have invited you for a drink.”

“Oh,” I said, obscurely disappointed, and then puzzled about why I was disappointed. “Well, that would have been very nice, I’m sure, but I’m not really that way . . . you know. Inclined.”

“Never even been tempted?” he said, twinkling at me.

I looked back at him for a moment, confused.

Dammit, dammit, dammit: something about being alone, in this hot, humid, steamy room, with this man older than my father, the two of us stark naked . . . I did feel tempted. I was curious. I was also shocked at myself, for being so desperate that I’d consider a come-on from a complete stranger twice my age.

I was at a loss for words. I partly wanted to just hang around him, vicariously experience some of his fun, seeing as he appeared to have more of it than I did, but without letting him think of me as someone who I wasn’t. It wouldn’t be fair to lead him on.

“It wouldn’t be fair to lead you on,” I said.

“How would you be leading me on?” he said easily.

“Well,” I fumbled, “I’m not saying I’m not curious…but I don’t think I could, you know…actually do it.”

“Do what exactly?” he said, and then seeing my confusion and embarrassment he laughed, and the tension was broken.

“I’m very sorry,” he said. “It’s me who’s leading you on, I think. I’m sure I’m harassing you when you just want to have a shower.”

“No,” I said. “I don’t feel harassed.”

“Oh,” he said. “I’m glad.”

“You seem very nice,” I said. “I’m sure you’re good company.”

“Thank you,” he said, inclining his head politely. “I like to think I have my moments. Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course,” I said, no longer feeling embarrassed, just relieved that he was so amicable about being turned down.

“If I were younger,” he said, “would you be tempted then?”

“Oh, it’s not about your age,” I said hastily.

“Really?” he said. “Most young fellows I’ve met prefer the company of men their own age.”

“Right,” I said. “No, it’s not that at all. I think you’re a good-looking guy. I think if I were attracted to men, I’d definitely be attracted to you.”

“But you’re not,” he said, smiling and staring at me.

Once again, I found myself fumbling for the words.

“It’s not that I don’t think you’re attractive,” I said. “It’s just that I”ve never . . . done that.”

He shut off the water and walked towards me, slowly, smiling. I rinsed my face and turned to face him.

“I have to admit that I do find you very attractive,” he said with a hint of sheepishness.

“Thank you,” I said, my mouth dry.

“Attractive,” he said, “but also . . . provocative. There’s something about you that just seems to invite attention. I’m sorry but there is. I hope you’re not offended.”

“Not at all,” I said softly.

“It’s not often you meet a younger man who’s attractive, intelligent and friendly,” he said. “I would have kicked myself if I hadn’t at least tried something.”

“What have you tried?” I asked, looking him in the eyes. His eyes were green and clear.

“I’ve tried talking to you,” he said. “I’ve tried sweet-talking you. But I’m still getting mixed signals. You say you don’t think you could do it. But you don’t seem to want the conversation to end.”

“I don’t,” I said.

“Why’s that?” he said.

“I like talking to you,” I admitted.

“My name’s John,” he said quietly. He was standing three feet from me, resting his weight on one leg. I was leaning slightly backwards, my buttocks against the sink. We were both naked.

“Mine’s Alex,” I said.

“Hello, Alex,” he said, smiling.

“Hello, John.” I looked up at him, my lips parted, not thinking of anything except how he was looking at me.

“Alex,” he said, “either you walk out now or I’m going to have to kiss you.”

“Nobody’s ever called me “provocative” before,” I said quietly.

We looked at each other for a moment, then he stepped up to me and took me in his arms and we kissed, our naked male bodies touching, his cock against mine, our chests pressed together, his hands caressing my body, his arms pressing me to him, his tongue pushing into my mouth. I gasped and submitted to it, moaning quietly into his mouth, letting him take me, yielding to the extraordinary new sensation of being so bodily intimate with another man. His hands came up to my head and mine went down to his bare hips and we held each other in place as we kissed.

And then he let go of my face and I stared up at him, feeling myself falling into those clear green eyes.

“Alex,” he said, “can I buy you a drink?”

“Yes please,” I breathed.

John smiled.

“Then have a shower,” he said, “and meet me in the bar this evening for a drink. Say, seven. That’ll give you time to think it all over. Okay?”

“We’re not gonna . . . um . . . now?” I asked. John shook his head firmly.

“I want to be sure you really want it,” he said. “Anyway, someone might come in. See you later.”

He smiled, broke free from me and went to put on his clothes. I got under the shower and washed off, feeling bewildered and happy and alarmed and apprehensive.


I spent the whole of the day in a kind of daze of anticipation, my body remembering the thrill of John taking me in his arms, my lips remembering his kiss, my cock remembering the feel of his . . . and all the while with the dark secret forbidden excitement of knowing what John wanted to do with me.

It wasn’t like any experience I’d had before. Until now, with one or two exceptions, I had always known what sort of basic encounter was in store. Ever since I’d lost my virginity, I had known what intercourse felt like. But now I found myself not knowing what it was going to feel like — always assuming that John liked me enough to want to have intercourse with me. Whatever that meant.

I realised, after a while, that I was in the unprecedented situation, for me, of being the person who was being pursued. Up until now, I had always been the one trying to persuade a girl to go to bed with me. But now, a guy was trying to persuade me to go to bed with him.

I had lunch in a kind of daze, and spent much of siesta time surfing the internet, trying to find out as much information as possible about what exactly gay men did to each other in bed — not that I hadn’t had fantasies about it from time to time, but I had very little idea of the mechanics of it. Then, when I felt I knew enough, I went out to the hotel pharmacy and somewhat shamefacedly bought some heavy-duty condoms and a couple of tubes of lubrication, and one or two other things.

I realised, of course, that to do so was potentially hexing my chances of whatever this evening was going to turn into. But I didn’t want John to think that I was gauche. I went back to my room and stripped off and shaved once again, then I used one of the things I’d bought in the pharmacist to do something so intimate and embarrassing that I don’t really want to go into details. Then, I took a long shower and washed the day’s sweat and accumulated sunblock off myself, then when I was finished I dressed in the smartest, simplest clothes I owned and, feeling clean and cleansed and fresh inside and out, I left my room and headed down to the bar.

He was in there, sitting at a table, with a glass of chilled white wine in front of him. He rose and smiled warmly and said “Hello, Alex. I’m glad you came.”

I blushed and smiled at him somewhat sheepishly.

“So am I,” I said.

“You thought about it, then?”

“I did. I decided that life is short.”

“It is. What can I get you?”

I asked for a beer. It occurred to me after I’d asked for one that he might think beer was vulgar, but he just nodded approvingly and ordered me a Heineken.

“So,” he said after my drink had come, “you were saying that nobody had ever called you ‘provocative’ before.”

“Nope,” I said. “Cute, yes, nice-looking, but not provocative. I’m still not sure what you meant.”

“Maybe it’s just personal to me,” he said. “All my life I’ve preferred men to women. There was just something about you that meant I had to talk to you.”

“It must be nice to want the same thing your whole life,” I said.

“It’s made things simpler in some ways and very complicated in others,” he said. “When I was younger it was much more difficult. You see, Alex, I’m not that much of a fan of, you know, the gay lifestyle. I don’t much like dancing or dressing up and I’m not really into the scene. My trouble has always been that, basically, I’m only attracted to straight men.”

“Ahh,” I said, feeling a pang of sympathy. “I can see how that would be difficult.”

“Yes,” he said. “And when I was younger, people were much more straight than they are — I mean, straight people. One of the best things about growing older is that I’ve lived to see a time when people who are normally straight are willing to be a little bit more, you know. Adventurous.” He smiled.

“That’s why I came,” I admitted. “I’m not totally sure what we’re doing here, but basically, are we having a date?”

“Yes,” he said after the tiniest pause.

“I thought so,” I said. “Just so I know.”

“I don’t want you to be under any illusions,” he said. “I will try to seduce you.” He grinned. I blushed.

“I don’t want you to be under any illusions, either,” I said. “Since it’s a regular date like any other, I’m not promising anything. We’ll just see how the evening goes.”

“That seems fair,” he said. “Shall we get some food?”

We went to a restaurant down the beach. It was twilight, and a heavy pink sun was setting behind the mountains across the bay. We ordered fish and seafood and drank cold beer and talked about ourselves; he wasn’t too forthcoming with details about what he did for a living but I gathered that he was independently wealthy, partly from inheritances and partly from canny investments. He was charming company, witty and interesting and interested in me and my not very exciting job. He asked me about girls and I told about my sexual history, all of which he listened to with fascination. By the end of the meal I was very happy to be in his company but a little puzzled; he hadn’t touched me, or done much to flirt with me beyond looking me in the eyes and smiling a lot, and I was somewhat puzzled as to whether or not it was going well, from his point of view.

When he talked about his own sexual experiences I found it intoxicating and heady to be hearing such details from someone I’d only just met. I also found it arousing to imagine him as a younger man, finding his way, meeting partners, having love affairs and brief one-night stands. By then I had had about three beers and was feeling light-headed and daring.

By ten o’clock we had finished eating and he got the bill. I insisted on paying my share, which he at first resisted and then allowed. Then he suggested a walk down the beach.

We talked about the night and the sea and how beautiful it was, and I told him an anecdote about how I’d once gone skinnydipping with a group of friends and he laughed and told a similar one. Then we stopped and stood gazing out to sea.

“I’m a bit surprised,” I said.

“Why”s that?”

“Well . . . we’re out here and it’s so romantic, and you haven’t touched me.”

“You haven”t touched me either,” he pointed out.

“I don’t know how it works with men,” I said.

“Same as anyone else,” he said, smiling. “But if we were going to kiss, now would be a good time.”

I turned to face him, looking up at him, and he turned to face me, and he took my face in his hands and kissed me.

It was a long, deep kiss and he pulled me to himself and I could feel how his cock was hard. I trembled slightly. I had never been intimate with anyone so apparently physically strong before. He’d told me that he’d taken self-defence classes.

He pulled out of the kiss and looked at me. I could feel myself melting.

“Wow,” I gasped.

“That’s my house,” he said, indicating a large beach house with a balcony. “Would you like to come in for a nightcap?”

“Yes, please,” I said.

He took my hand and led me up the beach to the side of the house, and he opened the door and let us in.

Ten minutes later, we were on the sofa, our drinks untouched on the coffee table, and John was lying back while I sat on his lap, kissing him. His hands were unbuttoning my shirt and he took it off. I had already kicked off my sandals. I was breathless, urgent, unbuttoning his short too. He reached down and opened my shorts and I got off him and stood up and dropped them. Beneath them, I was wearing white briefs.

He guided me onto my back on the sofa and then he looked down at me. I was young, eager, scared, curious, and very horny. I looked up at him, not quite knowing exactly what was coming, but feeling like I was ready for almost anything.

“I want to show you something,” he said. He reached over to a side table and took an envelope. He took from it a piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked at it.

“What’s this?” I said, and immediately felt foolish because only a few seconds” scrutiny made it obvious what it was. It had something about tests and results and there was a column on the right hand side, opposite a list of alarming diseases, and they all were marked with the word “NEGATIVE”. The date was the previous week and the address was a local health centre.

“It”s my latest medical test,” he said. “I just wanted you to see it. I don’t want you to feel that you’ve got anything to worry about.”

“I don’t carry mine around with me,” I said, “sorry.”

“You’re normally heterosexual?” he said.

“Until now, only.”

“Ever shared a needle?”

“Never injected drugs.”

“Ever had a blood transfusion?”


“Good enough for me,” he smiled. “There’s something else you should know.”

“What’s that,” I breathed. He reached down and took the hem of my briefs in his fingers. I was a thin piece of fabric away from losing my modesty.

“Not all gay men like penetrative sex,” he said, staring down at me.

“I know,” I said. “I read about it.”

“Some don’t like it at all. They think it demeaning. There are lots and lots of ways that two men can take pleasure in each other’s body.”

“I know,” I breathed. “I’ve read about some of them.”

He started to peel my briefs down, down my belly, over my hips, ever closer to my genitals . . .

“However,” he said, “it so happens that I do like penetrative sex. Very much.”

“Ohh,” I gasped, realising exactly what he wanted to do, and feeling my stomach fluttering.

“And I prefer,” he said, smiling wickedly as he slowly uncovered my swollen cock and balls and the fabric peeled down over my bare bum, “to be the active partner. You know what that means, Alex?”

“Yes,” I gasped.

“Tell me,” he said, as my cock sprang free, the tip glistening with pre-cum.

“It means that you want to fuck me,” I said.

“It means that I’m going to fuck you,” John said. “Whether you want me to or not.”

“Ohhh god,” I moaned, trembling as I stared up at him, this older, vastly more experienced man who had got me precisely where he wanted me, and who was about to do something to me that nobody had ever done.

“Yes,” he said, and he whipped my briefs off me, stripping me naked, and then produced a tube of lubrication and leaned down to kiss me while his other hand began to massage lube between the cheeks of my bum.

I kissed him back, passionate, opening myself like I’d never done to any previous partner, letting him use me, feeling the forbidden and dark pleasure of submission. I found myself making repeated, soft, high whimpers as he pushed the lube up between my naked buttocks.

“I’m going to loosen you,” he murmured in my ear, and pressed with his finger on my anus. I squirmed and went “Aaahhh!” as he pushed his fingertip into me. “Why are you doing that?!”

“Because if I don’t, it will really hurt when I go in for real,” he gasped, kissing my face as I bucked and squirmed beneath him. I felt him pushing into me, his finger violating me in a way that nobody had ever done, and the feeling that I normally had during sex with a girl, of just wanting to have that lovely tight wetness (or even tighter slipperiness) enclosing my cock, the feeling of wanting to master her and occupy her, was gone; instead there was a mad hunger to be occupied, to be filled, to be mastered. It was delicious and poignant and there was something else there, too, as John prepared me to be the passive partner — a kind of sharp pang of humiliation, of losing my usual male pride, of becoming a sissy; of letting John make me into his bitch. I felt my anus getting a little looser and I pushed my hips down on his hand, and I was glad that I’d given myself an enema on myself earlier in the evening, before my shower, using the kit that I”d bought in the pharmacy.

“God, Alex,” he muttered, “I’ve got to have you, the thing about you that’s provocative . . .”

“Y-yes?” I whimpered.

“It’s your bum,” he said. “Ever since I first saw you on the beach I’ve fantasised what I’m about to do to you. Your bum is the sexiest bum I have ever seen.”

“Oooh!” I moaned, and then to my shock and increasing nervousness he pulled his hand out of me, got off the sofa and quickly peeled his clothes off—all this while, he’d been fully dressed. Then, as I lay spread out and naked beneath him, completely exposed and vulnerable, he rolled me onto my belly and I went “OoooOOHHH!” as I felt him mounting my hips, and the thick bulb of his cock sliding easily between my slippery buttocks, and there were only a few seconds left in which I could say that I still had my anal virginity, and I opened my eyes wide in shock as he pushed, and it hurt, and I shut my eyes and went “UuuuuNNHH! Ohh JoooHHNN! Oh FUCK!” as he went in . . .

And then my breath shot out of me and I went “AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaannnhhhh!” as I felt the head of his cock slip into my anus and the muscle closed around him, and then there was just the thick invading force of the warm pole of muscle thrusting up into me, and I lolled, stunned with the sweet, satisfying force of it, as John began to bugger me.

I sprawled face down on the sofa, an abject male slut, moaning as he took me, my body easing back and forth with his rhythm, pushing my hips back and down on his cock as he pushed in and moving them forwards as he pulled out, the friction of the sofa on my cock and the fullness of his penis in my arse making me rock hard. It was the most animal sex I had ever had. I had never felt so purely flesh. I gave in completely to his desire to master me, to make me his bitch. My blood surged through me and my cock ached beneath me.

He reached under me and pulled on my cock, and reached up and caressed my face. I shut my eyes and deliriously sucked on his fingers as John butt-fucked me, my lithe, sunburned young naked body squirming on the sofa underneath him, moans and whimpers being pumped from my mouth as I gave in to the experience.

It was violent, too; the most violent sex I had ever experienced. To feel his weight pressing me down, his body actually invading mine, was to feel that I’d been overpowered by a stronger, more dominant animal. I heard rhythmic, guttural moans and realised that I was making them myself. I sounded like an animal being brutalised, or a man being methodically and comprehensively beaten up.

His arms were around me, his legs tangled in mine, his strong body pushing and flexing steadily and rhythmically and mine passive, prone, giving with each pump and obediently opening up to let him into me, as far as he could go.

I had a brief moment of insight; I had come on this holiday to have some uncomplicated sex with strange women, and here I was after a week, face down and stark naked on some stranger’s sofa while an older man fucked me up my arse and reduced me to his whimpering toyboy. So much for my heterosexual pride.

Then his cock touched something inside me and a huge orgasm exploded through me with such force that I wept shocked tears and cried “AAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!”, a howl of delirious abandon, and I felt my cock spurting semen in his tight fist, as he came, gasping, deep inside my rectum.

And then it was over, and it was me lying beneath him and hauling in deep breaths and weeping a little, while he sank on top of me, holding me tight, nuzzling me gently, and kissing the back of my neck softly.

I may have dozed off for a moment because I opened my eyes to find my face wet with tears and the sofa beneath me sticky with my own cum. He was still on top of me, his softened cock still inside me, and he lifted his head and said quietly “Are you okay, Alex?”

“That was . . . that was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had,” I whimpered. “Oh my god.”

“I’m so glad,” he said, and he hugged me. I felt him pulling out of me and gave a little whimper of protest as he did so, but then he got off me and sat up, looking down at me still lying prone and naked on the sofa.

“I had a feeling you’d like it like that,” he said. “Hard rather than soft.”

“I can’t believe I let you do that,” I sighed, “but . . . god, it was amazing.”

“I think we’d better get you to bed,” he said.

“I’m sorry about your sofa,” I said, rolling on to one side and blushing with shame as I saw the mess I’d made of the throw.

“It’s okay,” he grinned. “I’ll put it in the wash. Come on, young man. You need bed.”

He stood up and held out his hand. I sat up gingerly and got to my feet. He smiled at me.

Impulsively I put my arms around his neck and kissed him, and he hugged me. Then I let go and rested my head in the crook of his neck, nuzzling him fondly.

“If you liked it that much,” he said, “perhaps…you’d like to do it again?”

“God, yeah,” I said, grinning up at him. “But I don’t think I could do it again right now.”

“I don’t mean that,” he said. “I mean, perhaps you’d like to stay for a couple of days? I could, um…show you some of the other ways to do it.”

“I”d love that,” I said simply.

“Then I’ll be very happy to have you as my guest,” he said. “Come on, I’ll show you the facilities.”

We left our clothes on the living room floor and he showed me around the house. I couldn’t help grinning at the strangeness of it; two naked men, one twice the age of the other, walking around a house as if the one were showing it to the other one as part of a real estate deal. Finally, he directed me to the bathroom for a shower and went to the kitchen to get us water.

The house was air-conditioned and beautifully cool. I had a welcome shower in which I washed off the secretions on my body, then I dried myself and slipped along the corridor to the bedroom.

He wasn’t there. I slipped under the sheet of the kingsize bed and lay back, reflecting on the unexpected turn in my luck; that morning I had been a lonely straight guy trying and failing to score with women, and this evening I was a young man apparently entering on a fling with an older man. It went against most of the things I’d thought about myself.

And yet, I liked him, I found him charming and I couldn’t deny that he had just almost literally fucked my brains out. If he found me attractive, that was enough for now.

He entered the room, carrying a tray with a jug of iced water and two glasses. He poured one for me. He was wearing a towelling bathrobe, which he took off, revealing once more his lean, tanned body; he had no tan lines, suggesting that he knew a place to sunbathe nude. We drank, looking at each other, and then he turned the light out and we lay down. I curled into him and he held me.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“For what?” he said.

“Thank you for having me,” I said with a grin, remembering the old phrase I was taught to say when saying goodbye to someone I’d visited. He obviously knew it too, for he laughed quietly.

“I’ve always liked the old Greek tradition,” he said, “in which an older man would take a younger man for his lover.”

“I think they were both a little younger than we are,” I said. “You should be in your forties and I should be about 16.”

“You know the classics?”

“I did them in college.”

“Clever as well as cute,” he said and his arm around me squeezed slightly.

“You can still be the older one,” I said. “You could teach me a lot.”

“Oh, I intend to,” he said. “The teaching experience is an essentially erotic one.”

“Especially if it involves a lot of sex,” I said.

“Don’t be impertinent,” he said. “Or you’ll be punished.”

“Ooh, really?” I said, grinning in the dark. He was silent for a moment.

“You like punishment?” he said quietly.

“I think we’ve established that I like . . . something like that. You knew exactly what I needed and you gave it to me.”

“Well . . . ” he said, “if you’re really interested in that kind of thing, perhaps we could come to . . . some kind of arrangement.”

“You mean . . . “

“I mean,” he said softly, “if you really want, you could be my slave. I have some experience in that line of thing.”

I thought about this.

“Maybe we could just try me staying here for a while,” I said. “I’m new to this.”

“Of course,” he said. “Get some sleep.”

At some point, I drifted off and I don’t remember my dreams.


I woke up alone and naked in the bed, and for a moment I didn’t remember where I was.

Then it came back. I had been invited on a date by a guy older than my father. I had accepted. We had had a meal, gone for a walk, and kissed. Then he had taken me to his house and stripped me naked and fucked me until I barely knew my own name.

I blushed crimson with the memory of it, and John chose that moment to enter the room with a tray carrying orange juice, coffee and toast. He was wearing his bathrobe.

“Hello,” he said with perfect ease, as if this were the most natural thing in the world, to walk in on a naked younger man in your bed with breakfast for two. He pulled up the fly screen and opened the shutters, and sunlight streamed into the room.

“Hi,” I said.

“Sleep well?”

“Very well, thanks,” I said. He put the tray on a trestle across the bed and got onto the bed, then pulled it up. I sat up, careful to keep myself covered below the waist.

“I hope you like coffee,” he said, “I haven’t got any tea.”

“Great,” I said. I let him pour me some. I felt unaccountably shy. He sipped his coffee and turned to me and his expression was frank and slightly amused.

“Alex,” he said, “I had a wonderful time last night and I think you did too. But I understand if you’re having second thoughts. It’s your first time with a guy. If you just want to go, that’s okay. I won’t be offended.”

“Thank you,” I said softly, surprised at how well he knew what I was thinking.

“But,” he said delicately, “if you do want to go, maybe you should. There’s nothing worse than the awkward breakfast the next day.”

I sat in the bed, aware that there was only a sheet between me and him.

I thought about what he had done to me the night before, and how it had felt, and how there really wasn’t anything he could reduce me to that he hadn’t already. I had let him strip me, roll me over and fuck me senseless. I had wept and cum in front of him — he’d made me do both.

It was warm under the sheet. I kicked it down my legs so that I was sitting naked on the bed next to him, exposed. I smiled at him.

“I’d like to stay,” I said. He beamed.

“Good,” he said.

We ate breakfast and then had a long lie-in, with him next to me in his bathrobe and me naked beside him, listening as he told me more stories. It was another very hot day.

We lay in the heat, and he said “Tell me your sexual fantasies.”

“What kind?”

“The stranger the better,” he said.

I thought for a while. He was lying behind me, dressed in his bathrobe, spooning me; his hand was on my naked hip.

“I used to have this fantasy,” I said. “We had this book about wildlife and it had lots of pictures of animals in and some of them were extinct. One of them was a kind of prehistoric lobster or prawn thing, anyway it was a crustacean, and it was about twelve feet long, I think. Anyway it was huge. And I had this fantasy, I remember,” I said, laughing, “that I wrote it down . . . I had this fantasy that I was walking on the beach with this girl I knew who I fancied, and this lobster thing suddenly crawled out of the sea . . .”

“And it grabbed your girlfriend and ravished her?” he said drily.

“No,” I said. “It grabbed me and stripped my clothes off and ravished me.”

“Goodness,” he said. “Unexpected. Very kinky. Why was that arousing?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “Something to do with idea of being taken by an unstoppable force, something impersonal, that didn’t care what I wanted.”

His hand reached around me and touched my cock.

“You find that arousing?” he said.

“Yes,” I said. And I gave a little gasp, as he took my cock in his hand and began to slowly but rhythmically pull on it.

“So that your girfriend would see you being held down and raped by this huge insect?”

“Y-yes,” I gasped as I began to get hard.

“She’d see you being forcibly aroused by this mindless creature, holding your naked body down and violating you. And you’d be aroused by it even while you were terrified and couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Yes,” I moaned, squirming gently.

“How would it end?” he said. He was opening his bathrobe, and I could feel his naked body behind mine, his cock lodged between my buttocks, his chest against my back.

“I . . . I didn’t really think about the ending,” I said breathlessly.

“I’m sure you did,” he said. “I’m sure there was at least one version with a rather nasty ending.”

“Yes,” I said, my throat tightening.

“I’m sure that you had one version in which the creature . . . did something else to you.”

His cock was between the tops of my thighs, lodged there, and his other hand came around my head and closed over my eyes. I gasped “Aaaahhh! Yes!”

“Tell me what it did,” he said, his hand pumping on my erect cock.

“It’s embarrassing,” I gasped.

“It’s truthful,” he said.

“Ohhh . . . ” I gasped, as he pumped me, his fist expertly pulling on me, his cock lodged so close to my most intimate place — he could even arouse me this much without having full sex with me — and his hand over my eyes forced me back into the humiliating memory of my fantasy. “Oooh god . . . it . . . “

“Yes?” he said quietly but forcefully.

“It . . . first it raped me . . . ” I breathed, feeling my orgasm build.

“Yes?” he said.

“Then it . . . oooh god . . . it ate me,” I moaned, and I couldn’t hold on any longer and I felt myself starting to cum.

He quickly got out from behind me and directed my cock so that my cum spurted in an arc and landed on my chest, and then with a couple of quick strokes he had made himself cum too — right into my eyes. I blinked and gasped as his semen splashed over my face and I moaned with pleasure at how he had broken me once again, reduced me to just meat.

I lay there, cum dripping off my eyes, breathing heavily, remembering the dark pleasure of imagining the insect’s total use of me, astonished that he’d got me to tell him about it.

“While you’re with me,” he said, “I am responsible for your pleasure. You aren’t. The only thing you’re responsible for is my pleasure, and you look after that by letting me do anything I want to you.”

I nodded dumbly, my eyes shut. Then I felt him wiping my eyes with some kind of scented wipe, and I blinked and looked up at him.

“Anything you want?” I said softly.

“Short of harm, of course,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, nodding.

“How about a shower?” he said with a wry smile, and I got off the bed and we headed for the bathroom.

We showered together. I accepted my position as the submissive partner by washing him first. When he was clean, he looked me up and down and said with a wryly cocked eyebrow, “May I suggest something?”

“What?” I said.

“I think you’d get a lot more pleasure if you shaved yourself.”

Feeling confident, I suggested for all of us to go back to their hotel room. During the elevator ride things became aggressive. Our clothes ripped away from our taut bodies. Tom groped my ass forcefully spreading my ass cheeks apart. I could see Nancy’s massive globes full exposed and her top hanging from her neck. She had cornered Echo and the both of them began to wildly kiss and touch one another. Nancy’s arousal must have made her mad with desire by the way she pursued Echo.

While I watched them I felt a sudden pressure on my anus and I allowed toms coarse finger enter my rectum. He fingered my snug ass as he kissed, licked and bit my neck and shoulders. The combination of pain and pleasure made my fledgling cunt gush with wetness. He wasn’t ashamed of his actions as he continued to drive his finger deeper into my ass. I could feel his hard manhood grazing my stomach. He made me ache for it, and did I ever. My mind was reeling with all of the things my eyes were seeing and what my body was feeling.

By the time the elevator doors opened Tom had torn away my bottoms and Echo was topless, and Echo had apparently unclothed Nancy. We fumbled our way down the hallway to their room. As we reached the door I took notice of how Nancy and I were now naked and Echo topless. Tom’s hard cock was protruding from the top of his shorts and our clothes strewn across the length of the hallway.

We walked into the room and as the door shut behind us Echo and I noticed another, older, woman standing in front of us, naked. She handed us, Echo, Nancy, Tom and I drinks.

She smiled at us and said, “Hi, I am Kathy, Nancy’s mom. Drink up now.” Echo and I looked at each other completely perplexed.

Tom said, “Remember your email said anything goes.”

Echo then slammed the drink back and said “Whatever, let’s do this.”

I followed and slammed the drink back. It was pure vodka. It seemed as if it had immediately hit our system. Our stomachs were basically empty since we mostly talked during our dinner with Tom and Nancy.

Kathy, Nancy’s mom, was probably in her fifty’s, about 5’6′, with blonde hair. Her body was that of a mature woman her frame was medium built her eyes blue as ice. She was quite busty for an older woman, a full D cup. Her nipples were a mixture of red and pink and fully erect. My mind was racing as to what her plans could be for both of us. My clit tingled due to the unknown and potential pleasures this mature woman could teach show us.

Nancy grabbed Echo by the arm and the ripped away her bottoms off of her and pulled her to one of the two beds in the room. Kathy, Nancy’s mom, then took me by the shoulder and pulled me towards the other bed. I heard her say how we were both such sweet young things with gorgeous bodies. Kathy had her hand firmly on my ass while she directed me to the bed. I could feel my oily girl cum slowly glide out of me onto my thighs. The anxiety and the excitement overwhelmed my senses and sent my head; I am sure Echo’s as well, spinning.

Kathy grabbed my waist then ran her hand up and down my flat stomach. She mentioned how she loved my skin tone, my dark colored eyes. I felt a little helpless and aroused as she loomed over me. Kathy commented on my nipples as she swirled her fingers around them making them even harder than before.

I could see Nancy and Tom wasted no time as they began to explore Echo’s body. She had hardly made it onto the bed as they began to fondle, bite and pull on her tits. The way she was facing me I could see her wetness running down the inside of her thighs.

Kathy flipped me onto my side and explored my eighteen-year-old body. Kathy seemed fascinated on how taut and smooth my skin felt. She then laid me on my back again and began to kiss my face and neck. I wanted to reach out and grab her massive tits as they swayed over me. But, I wasn’t sure how she would receive this sudden act. I was more curious of what she wanted from me. It made me hotter than hell not knowing what she was thinking of doing to me. I loved being her sex toy and it made my cunt engorged with ache. Kathy’s hands and nails felt amazing as she raked them over my skin teasing me sending chills throughout my body.

Kathy then slapped my inner thighs saying, “Now be a good girl and open up for momma.”

She straddled my leg and I could feel her cunt drip wetness on my thigh. Kathy took her time examining my tits. She kissed my hardened nipples leaving her saliva on them. She then pinched, one at a time, with her nails and pulled on them hard making me shrill with pain. Kathy splayed my juvenile cunt open and rammed two of her fingers aggressively. She stretched me open so quickly I gasped with astonishment and awe. My instinct was crawl away but Kathy held me down by my shoulder.

Kathy said, “I told you to be a good girl.”

I witnessed Echo on her back on the bed next to me. Tom was eating her pussy at a feverish pace. While Nancy had squatted down over Echo’s face and tugged harshly at Echo’s nipples. A mixture of muffled moans, and shrieks escaped her mouth. As I watched all of this Kathy continued to forcefully fuck my fledgling pussy ruthlessly with her three of her fingers. Over and over I saw her fingers appear and then be enveloped by my cock hungry cunt. With every thrust my juices drizzled onto my inner thighs. Kathy then bit my tits and nipples so hard she left red teeth marks across my chest. I bucked, moaned and shrilled at what was happening to me.

Kathy said, “Moan for me baby girl.”

My hips moved up and down in unison with her every thrust of her wrist causing my clit to become engorged. She saw my delight and positive reaction to her aggressiveness.

Kathy said, “Oh, you like this don’t you little lady?”

Then she introduced a fourth finger to my eighteen-year-old cunt. Her thrusts were deep and unrestrained. Kathy would pause and then slap my clit with her sticky fingers and immediately return to force fucking. She repeated this over and over for some time.

I could still hear and see Echo moaning and breathing hard from across the bed. Tom sat up and grabbed her ankles firmly and thrust his hard cock balls deep into Echo’s inexperienced cunt. Suddenly, Nancy began to tremble and cum on Echo’s face and mouth. Echo squirmed as her screams of pain and rapture reverberated across the room. I could hear Tom exclaim how tight Echo felt on his swollen cock as he mercilessly fucked her eager little cunt.

Unexpectedly, Kathy whispered into my ear and explained how she loved how tight and wet my nubile pussy was and how it reminded her of Nancy at eighteen years of age. Hearing that pushed me over the edge and I felt me cunt spasm. My body rocked and my young cunt quivered violently as I began to cum on Kathy’s mature fingers.

Meanwhile, Tom continued to assault Echo’s cunt until I heard her let out a tremendous roar followed by a boisterous moan and yelled out, “I AM CUMMING!”

Kathy looked down at me smiled and said, “He’s going to fuck you two all night long.”

Her words sent chills up and down my spine. Tom pulled out of Echo and I saw a long stream of cum dangle from the head of his cock to her swollen clit.

Tom moved to the bed Kathy and I were on. He then hovered his cum covered cock over my mouth. I desperately desired a cock inside of me. I was like an untamed animal in heat. I wanted nothing more than to please and be used by Tom. I instinctively reached out and took hold of his manhood with my hand. I quickly and zealously licked and kissed his cock clean. Every lick brought a wave of bliss, as I could taste both of Tom and Echo’s juices. I abruptly became aware of how engrossed I was by the way the older couple was objectifying my body.

I barely caught a glimpse of what was happening to Echo. When I heard Nancy say how she wanted to taste Echo’s cunt. Echo moaned and pawed at Nancy’s head while it fell between her wet thighs.

Kathy stood up and walked away from the bed. I continued to swirl my tongue around the head of Tom’s still hard cock. I was amazed how he had remained hard after his terrific cum inside of Echo. I soon realized he must have take Viagra to maintain such and impressive erection.

As Kathy returned to the bed I propped myself on all fours and proceed to take Tom’s cock deep into my mouth. His balls slapped my chin with every eager thrust. I felt Kathy sit on the edge of the bed. Her hands touched my ankles then they made their way to my thighs from behind me. I felt an excruciating pressure on my pussy and then her four fingers forced my cunt open from behind. I gasped and my legs kicked uncontrollably.

As I sucked on Tom’s engorged cock and Kathy finger fucked my cunt my body responded by spilling more of my wetness onto Kathy’s fingers. Both my anus and cunt clenched and pulsed down hard. Kathy commented how she loved to watch my holes pulse. Kathy stated how she never had seen such a beautiful sight in such a young woman.

I was close to cumming, again with her finger driving deeper inside of me. With her free hand Kathy spread my lips open and her fingers continued to stretch my young cunt. My anus was pulsing wildly; my ass was now starving to be fucked. I writhed like an animal in heat as my ass was perched high in the air.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Echo and Nancy. Echo, on all fours, was being ravaged by Nancy mercilessly with a strap-on. Nancy yanked hard on Echo’s hair as if she was riding a horse bareback.

Kathy’s reaction to my anus pulsing was to tell Tom to finger fuck my ass. He leaned down, as I sucked and played with his balls. He rimmed my anus at first and then he inserted one of his rugged fingers into my anus. Kathy then spit onto my anus. I felt her saliva run down onto my already damp cunt. Kathy and Tom took turns finger fucking my little ass. Kathy then began to lick my anus and as soon as she moved away Tom would plunge a finger into my reluctant ass. I was in total arousal and felt overwhelmed by them tag-teaming my ass was receiving from Tom and Kathy. My legs began to wobble and my body to shutter as sweat rolled over my body. I panted a gasped for breath as I began to cum uncontrollably. I squirted my juices onto Kathy’s tits.

Kathy said, “Baby girl likes ass play and she’s a squirter too.”

My head was spinning from the hardest orgasm I had had in my young life.

I felt Kathy pull my legs, by my ankles, and my body dropped belly first onto the mattress. I felt her spread my legs widespread and tie my ankles down. Tom stretched out my arms and began tying my wrists. My body felt weak and heavy as I recovered from my tremendous orgasm. Allowing them do as they pleased. They wedged a few pillows underneath my tummy so that my ass was now perched up in the air. I was soaked in my own oily girl cum and sweat. My clit felt like a little hard cock starving for attention.

Once I was aware of my surroundings I tried to struggle free. But to no avail I had agreed to anything goes. I was gripped with trepidation as to what may happen next.

Kathy said, “Remember anything goes baby girl.”

I was aching badly to be fucked hard and deep. My struggle was only natural, my desires and wickedness made me obey.

I could clearly see now that Echo was still on all fours being callously fucked by Nancy with a large strap-on that could hardly fit inside of her. Her hair being yanked back so hard it made her spine arch as tears roll down her cheeks. As she moaned and screamed her breathing was shallow and wild.

I was brought back to MY reality as Kathy inserted something slender and cold into my ass. I felt cold lube being shot deep into my rectum with a syringe. No sooner had she removed the syringe that I felt two rugged hands on my ass. Abruptly my cheeks were spread apart fast and hard. My anus pulsed and spewed out some of the lube that had been injected seconds ago. I felt pressure on my anus as Tom’s eight-inch cock teased the entry to my rectum. With a tremendous pressure with one swift thrust Tom penetrated my ass and entered me balls deep with his first thrust. He entered me with little to no resistance due to substantial amounts of lube Kathy had injected into me. My strong legs shuddered from the jolt of his cock. I grunted and roared at the top of my lungs in delight.

Tom fucked my fledgling ass hard, deep and violently, as his balls slapped my clit. He thrashed my body repeatedly. He penetrated me so deeply it felt as if he was in my stomach. His cock was the most rigid cock I had ever felt. The veins of his cock rippled across the walls of my rectum. I writhed in extreme pleasure and pain. Kathy would slap my ass or pull my hair hard every time I let out a whimper, shrill, or cry. As Tom relentlessly fucked my ass he would only pause to let Kathy spank my bottom.

Kathy said “Stop whining you little bitch! Tom is going to fuck you like this all night.”

When Tom paused, to let Kathy spank me, she noticed that my anus was pulsing yet again. This allowed her know that I was close to cumming. She told Tom to fuck me even harder and deeper.

When I wouldn’t obey she shoved a black dildo into my mouth. As I gagged on the dildo, now deep in my throat, my body stiffened and wave of white heat rushed crashed over me. My toes curled and every muscle in my young taut body became rigid; my moans muffled by the dildo in my mouth.

Kathy said, “Look at the definition to her body and reaction, Tom!”

I heard Tom say that I had sprayed his balls with my juices. My cunt clenched and pulsed with pleasure as my ass writhed in agony. All I felt was his thrusts as my ass I was torturously fucked over and over.

Tom grunted aloud saying, “FUCK!”

I felt his cock lurch and throb as his seed flooded into my tight ass. Tom pulled out of me and I felt vacant. The pressure on my rectum subsided and Kathy removed the dildo from my mouth.

I was covered in sweat and felt faint. Kathy rubbed my back and then my ass as she rimmed my wet anus and rubbed my ass for a long while.

As my orgasm subsided fear and pain rolled over my nubile body. What had I got myself into? Regardless of the marvelous pain and delight I had received I was now fearful of what was next for us.

When Kathy finished rubbing on me I was still tied down and felt Tom’s cum trickle out of my ass.

Kathy said, “Let’s not spill a drop.”

She inserted a small two-inch butt plug into my sore rectum, filling me up once again. I could see Kathy now jerking off Tom while she continued rimming my anus with her fingers and toying with the butt plug.

Kathy kissed and licked Tom’s cock repeatedly. She seemed to love how rigid he stayed even after cumming so hard inside of me.

Tom moved away from Kathy and over to the bed Echo was on. I focused on Echo and I could see that she had now accepted Tom’s cock in her mouth. I was positive she could taste me in her mouth, as I was able to taste her on his cock when I previously licked him clean.

Nancy was still fucking Echo with the strap on. Tom was in Echo’s mouth while Nancy fucked her cunt with the large strap-on. It was a matter of moments before she would cum. The noises coming out of her tiny frame were a mixture of guttural moans and shrieks. Echo later told me she had cum three to four times by that point and her pussy was swimming in her own oil girl cum.

Kathy then began to kiss and rimmed my anus. Her tongue swirled around the butt plug she had previously inserted. Her tongue then wondered onto my clit, which was so sensitive and engorged. She untied my legs and arms. Then flipped me onto my back and hovered over me kissing and licking the sweat off of my tits. Kathy whispered how she loved my “Baby girl tits and my hard as candy cane nipples.” It rekindled my desire to be fucked by this mature woman and my wetness flooded out of me.

The pressure in my rectum mixed with the wetness of Tom’s cum, still deep inside of me, was intense. She touched her hard pinkish/red nipples against mine. Kathy then ran her hand up and down my flat stomach saying how she envied my youthful body. She then drove her head between my legs and flicked her extremely wide tongue onto my clit. Simultaneously pushing to fingers into me. I couldn’t believe how much torture and pleasure this lady was giving my nubile body. Every nerve in my body seemed to be on fire.

I looked over to see Echo on top of Tom. While Echo sucked and licking Nancy’s cunt while she stood in front of Echo and stood over Tom.

I shouldn’t have taken my eyes off of Kathy. She was now using the syringe again this time on my cunt. I felt the lube squirt into me cold and soothing. I was gushing with lube and my own wetness. She tossed the syringe and wrapped her arm around my leg and used her hand to rub my flat tummy.

The entire time she had continued to fuck my pussy with two fingers. But now she had dumped what seemed like a gallon of lube into me tight cunt. That’s when I felt a third finger stretch me open, then a fourth. I couldn’t even spit out a word as I was in so much agony and bliss.

Several unintelligible words escaped passed my lips. I stammered and my body shuddered from the pressure on my young pussy.

Suddenly she paused her attack on my pussy. Kathy pulled then pushed the butt plug, not enough to make it come out, but just enough to tease and stretch my anus. She refocused her attention on my cunt again starting with two fingers, then a third and a fourth. My toes curled and legs were pointed out as my back arched. My eyes rolled into the back of my skull when I felt it…a fifth finger enter me! Kathy was now fisting my tight and fledgling cunt.

I roared and shrilled! Throngs of agony rolled over my sweaty eighteen-year-old body.

I yelled out, “HOLY FUCK!”

My legs kicked and I squirmed as I backed away from her hand as it intruded into my cunt over and over.

My arms were still tied and Kathy was able to hold me down. She swirled her hand around inside of me twisting and turning her wrists again and again. My body bucked, lurched and became rigid as my cunt pulsed and attempted to clench down on her five fingers. I came so hard not a sound came out of me, speechless. My throat felt parched. Kathy had manipulated my body to cum three times in row while fisting me. I had never experienced this amount of hurt and pleasure in the same instance.

Kathy pulled her hand out of me leaving my little pussy sore and gaping. She then flipped me over onto my tummy and pulled the butt plug from my ass. Tom’s cum instantly gushed as it came out of me and it was still hot as it ran down my thighs and onto my tormented pussy. She drove her face between my ass cheeks, as she spread them open with her hands, and proceeded to suck and lick Tom’s seed out of me. Her warm moist tongue felt so good on my sore anus.

Kathy then moved over to the bed with Echo. Tom and Nancy moved over to me and lay on their sides kissing and caressing my body. Allowing me to catch my breath and recover. It took some time for me to gather my senses and that is when I looked over at Echo. Echo was covered in sweat. Kathy was now tugging on her nipples. I noticed some sort of restraint was now lying on the foot of her bed.

I then realized Nancy was kissing on my neck lightly and Tom was kissing my shoulders and collarbone. I loved the sensuality of being between man and another woman. I felt their hands all over my body exploring its firm feel. Slowly both of them moved there hands down between my legs and spread me open. Nancy seemed to love caressing my smooth tummy and commented on how firm and flat it was.

Then she moved her hands up onto my tits. She would tease my nipples making them hard while she lightly flicked and then pulled on them. The pressure and sensation to my nipples made me wild with lust for the both of them.

A year after we graduated, my and my four ex-classmates decided to go on a vacation. I was in charge of booking the rooms and flights, so it ended up being my problem when at the last minute one guy refused to go. When I was looking for a way to not let the money go to waste, by sheer silly accident my 41 year old mother said that maybe she might go. She promised to stay out of our fun, to not interfere in anything or spy on me ever.

I asked the guys, and they said it was fine. What else could they say? But my mom was a good, clever woman, so I knew she really wouldn’t bother anyone except maybe me, and probably not even that.

On the morning of our departure she was to drive me to the airport, where we’d meet with our friends. Her dyed blond hair was in a ponytail, making her look a bit younger and way more adventurous than she actually was. I didn’t say anything, but when we arrived at the airport, her cheerful disposition made it obvious: while keeping her distance, calling herself an old person and all, she was going to try to fit in, if only a little bit.

So, she was trying to be the “cool” kind of mom. I knew that she wasn’t. But, when we met with my friends, she shook their hands, smiling and making her grey eyes round.

“Haven’t seen you in years, Mrs. Redd,” said Arthur, the weaseliest guy I ever knew.

“Just Helen.”

“Helen,” he said, touching her elbow.

David also said hi. Jimmy came from another school and never met my mother before, so I introduced them. Then, perhaps guessing that I was hoping she’d stop getting familiar, mom said she’ll go forward while we take our time.

On the flight her seat was apart from ours. I’ve only seen her that one time when she couldn’t help but come check on me, as if I was still twelve.

When we were there, we checked in, and for half an hour everyone stayed in their rooms. Very soon mom came to mine and “helped” me unpack my things. She was the one who packed them for me back at home. She arranged things for me, and due to her silly fretting it took us half an hour longer than everyone to get to the beach.

Finally, though, I was ready. Arthur and David were waiting, and Jimmy already went ahead of us. We went without waiting for my mom, who wasn’t supposed to be near us when we started having fun anyway.

After a while mom found a place on the beach not far from me, moved there, took out a book from her handbag and started reading. As promised, she did not interfere with our fun and was almost like a stranger, but she always kept somewhere near – went for a swim about the same time I did, handed me a bottle of sun lotion once, and went back to the hotel barely quarter an hour after we did.

“Mommy’s watching,” said Jimmy, who from the very beginning didn’t really like the idea of a mother following us all that much.

I told him to piss off. When we got together at a bar later on, mom didn’t follow, thankfully, and we were about to have some fun.

I was getting ready to hold mom to her word. She didn’t, but after a little bit David, “the considerate one” and the quiet guys since we were kids, said it wasn’t ok if we left “Helen” out.

“Oh no, my mother’s not participating,” I said .

“I agree with D.,” said Arthur. “Let’s call her? Shut up, Stephen.”

“Let’s,” said Jimmy.

He was being ironic, but David and Arthur really meant it. So the latter sly asshole left – and came back with my mom in tow ten minutes later.

She was wearing denim shorts, a bikini top and a pretty pareo. Mom looked somewhat mature – she wasn’t tall and must have been about 120 lbs or so, her shorts cut into her soft body, bra was squeezing her breasts instead of sitting properly. The pareo was mostly sheer. Meanwhile, the evening went well, if tame. Towards the midnight we went to our rooms. Mom came over and fretted about this and that until I finally coaxed her to leave. I browsed some sites, answered a few emails and got ready to sleep. David wrote “Stephen’s mom is such a nice lady” on his blog. Arthur thumbed it up, Jimmy hasn’t.


The next day mom was on the beach an hour before we arrived. She was not going to bother us, just as promised.

“There’s my mom,” I said, steering the company away from her, but Arthur looked at me, then at my mom, and said,

“Quit walking around, just sit here, for fuck’s sake,” and dropped his bag on the sand.

“Hey, Mrs. Redd,” said David.

“Don’t bother her,” I said.

Mom turned towards us, put her sunglasses on, smiled and sat up with a greeting. She said she was going to go for a swim and walked into the water. I noticed Arthur following my mother’s ass with his stare. I didn’t say anything – there was nothing to say. He was just a horny asshole who couldn’t control himself even if he wanted.

Ten minutes later, when I almost forgot about her and was starting to have some fun, she came back from swimming. Arthur stood up, picked mom’s towel, walked towards her and wrapped it over her shoulders. David and Jimmy were watching. As if that wasn’t enough, Arthur put his hands on mom’s back and started rubbing her dry. She sort of protested, but he cooed something and managed to dry her back, neck and hands before she thanked him and took the towel. He stood there grinning, watching mom crouched and asked if she needed something else.

So now he was courting my mother? Jimmy was watching with his eyebrows raised, giving me the “if I were you, I would have stopped this” look.

That evening we didn’t go anywhere – just minded our own businesses. I went to the pool, which nobody else cared about, then came back to my hotel room. It was so cosy just sitting there, listening to the sea, watching it getting dark through the room’s magnificent windows. I ordered some tea and some snacks and spent the salty evening catching up online.

But something kept bothering me. Some weird omens, so to say, kept stacking around me, as if something ugly was going to happen. The last straw was a simple, easily explainable happening that otherwise wouldn’t have caught my eye: from the five of us, I, David and Jimmy were online, but my mother and Arthur were not, and have not been for more than an hour. The thing that put a thrill through my spine was that some time ago I actually noticed them going offline almost simultaneously. That was stupid.

I remembered my mother in her bikini, the look on Arthur’s face when she walked by. Suddenly, my imagination got filled with all sorts of images. I tried to calm myself, fixed me some drinks, but after ten minutes I was so agitated that my hands started trembling.

I wasn’t thinking straight when I got out of the window and onto the wide, dark terrace. It was past midnight. The lights near the windows were mostly off. Inside, some people were sleeping and some were having fun with their friends. Feeling really stupid, I crept past my friends’ windows and looking into Arthur’s. It was dark and completely empty. For a second I felt elated, but then I crawled further and finally looked into mom’s window.

Arthur was on top of my mother. He was holding her hands. They were kissing. Mom’s pale legs were wrapped around his muscular ass. Through the window I could hear her whimper. His huge, already suntanned frame was covering my mother’s whole body – I could only see her face, her hands and her legs. I could hear their flesh. They were fucking. Then Arthur pushed himself up and told my mom to stand on her knees.

“No,” said my mom.

He said, “Helen.”

I stared as my mother turned over and stood on all fours. Her face was now a pale spot in the dark of the room. Arthur put his hands on mom’s hips and pushed himself in – mom’s mouth opened, she started audibly breathing, and the bed started rumbling again. She grabbed onto the sheets, on all fours like an animal, her mammaries swinging. Arthur slapped her. In an aroused and coquettish tone my mother said “Ouch.” He held onto her and continued fucking – I could see mom grimace when he got too rough, then close her eyes when he hit the spot.

Arthur, the bastard, was very experienced. It was clearly visible how he found weak spots on his woman’s body. After ten minutes or so my mom had an orgasm. Nothing was over, though – she just rolled on her back, and the sexing continued. A handsome young man with a pretty, thick cock was fucking her deeply and thoroughly, he was opening her up, spreading her legs and pussy as far as he wanted. After all the groping I witnessed, I’m sure Arthur knew mom’s body by heart. He got tired for a second, and mom straddled him. Angry and jealous, I looked at her back as she rode him, her soft round ass getting squeezed by his hands. It didn’t last long – after about five minutes he pinned mom back down and gave her another rough fucking. She moaned uncontrollably, her legs dangled up, her ponytail was completely undone and her hair lay spread on the pillow. Then Arthur groaned, forced his cock all the way up my mom and finished with a shudder. She didn’t push him away – rather, reached with her hand and massaged his balls and his ass throughout the ejaculation.

He pulled out and rolled on his back. For a minute my mother was still, her eyes closed – I thought she has fallen asleep.

“I need some fresh air,” she then said, and stood up.

I backed from the window. Mom walked out and stood on the terrace. She was completely nude, her pale form like looking marble in the dark. She was barely five feet away from me, and I was too scared to run. She had the odour of warmed seawater.

Arthur came out and stood beside her. His hand slid down her back and over her ass.

“You were great,” he said. Mom didn’t respond. “Wanna go to the beach?”

“Just some air. It was getting hot in there.”

“You’ll heat any room up,” said the bastard. I really hated him.

“Are you horny again?” said my mother.

She took his cock in her hand without looking and started jerking him off. He pulled mom towards him, fingers sinking into her ass, her sweaty breasts squeezing against his firm chest.

“Too much for a proper lady?”

“It isn’t.”

“Yeah?” said Arthur.

“Take me back there and see.”

He pushed mom towards the room. She walked, smiling at him over her shoulder. Arthur followed, giving mom a slap on her ass.

That was enough. I turned away and ran to my room. There I stumbled into the shower and masturbated three or four times in a row. It was a release, but it didn’t feel good. Helplessness was mind-numbing. What could I even do? He already fucked my mother, this will no change, ever. What do I do and say tomorrow? Should I fight him? Maybe I should say nothing. What if it happens again? Maybe I shouldn’t spy. Well, yeah, it was none of my business. If I got myself a slut and fucked her all night long, would Arthur have cared? Does he even properly realize it’s my mother? Yeah, this isn’t the end of the world. I got into bed tried forcing myself to fall asleep.


In the morning my train of thought was unbroken, as if I did not sleep. I had nightmares and was laughably horny. I washed my face, brushed my teeth – all the while thinking whether Arthur was still in mom’s room. How did they go to sleep? How did they wake up? Did he fuck her first thing in the morning? Did she suck him off? Did their neighbours hear them do it?

When I met with the guys, they were talking. Arthur had a sly grin. Appallingly, when I walked towards them, they immediately stopped. What? Was he bragging? Was he actually telling others about fucking “Helen” all night long? I couldn’t believe it, and I didn’t. What sort of friends would take this lightly? Frustration and jealousy were building up in me, but I couldn’t think of a single word to say. My ex-school friend has violated the deep-seated carnal privacy of my mother, but mom was above my authority.

When we met her, mom was wearing a yellow bikini. She kept to herself. There was no way of telling she fucked Arthur yesterday. Throughout the day, someone would occasionally glance at my mother’s ass, but nothing else happened beside Arthur courting her slightly.

At sunset I went “for a walk” around the terrace to see if something unwholesome was brewing. Nothing was. I felt better. Mom’s room was empty, so was Arthur’s. “Wait, are they at the beach?” I thought to myself – and went there right away. They weren’t. I walked back, once more at relative ease, and stumbled on Jimmy. He was chatting with some tech guy about something.

“Seen Arthur?” I said.

“He and David picked up your mom and went out with her. She felt down, so they had to be the gentlemen,” he said and looked at me. “What?”

“Nothing. That’s cute,” I said, and walked off.

Then immediately I walked back and asked where they took her, but he didn’t know.

I went to my room and locked myself there. It was a bit overboard. But maybe this one wasn’t like yesterday. This could not have turned into a sex tour with my mother in the middle. Even despite what happened yesterday, this was unlikely. They’ll be back by eight or nine and go to their rooms. If Arthur tries to force himself on my mother, I’ll tail and protect her.

They weren’t back by nine. At eleven, their rooms were still empty. I crept through the terrace every hour, offended and desperate. To relax, I went to the shower and masturbated – this horrible ordeal was making me jealous and horny. Finally, at about two in the morning, when the hotel was for the most part asleep, I heard people walk past my door, and jumped out of my bed.

I crept through the terrace once more and watched David’s room. Yes, it was him. And Arthur was back in his own room – I saw him walk towards his bed, pick up his phone that was resting on it, and throw it back down in annoyance. I went to my mother’s window and saw her coming right in. She was wearing a short skirt and a classy white shirt. Stepping out of high heels, mom artlessly stripped – I could see pale tanlines on her slightly pink skin, – threw her clothes in a heap and stumbled into the shower.

I waited for half a minute. Nobody else was coming. Mom started to sing to herself. So I unlocked the door through the window and crept inside.

The room smelt of mild alcohol – she’s been drinking. I looked around and noticed the bunch of her clothes and underwear. Following an impulse, I fished out her panties. They were dirty, plain and simple. Then her cellphone played a jingle, making me startle. It was a “Good-night, Helen” message from David. Fuck you, “friend”. Surprisingly, Jimmy was now the only one of my friends who has’t betrayed me. But, closing the message, I saw that the photo app was still running. I opened the photos and saw thumbnails that hinted at something revolting. I selected the bunch and mailed them to myself.

Then I crept out of the room. Only when I was “home” I noticed that I was still holding mom’s stained underwear. But she was probably drunk. She may think she lost them somewhere in the room. And I didn’t even care.

In my room, I picked up my tablet and downloaded the photos. A whole bunch of dimly lit thumbnails swamped my photo roll. I opened the first one and saw mom with David, at the table, with Arthur apparently shooting. Next one had David with his hand on mom’s shoulder. They were at some sort of bar. Next, mom was drinking, smiling sheepishly. But I saw that she was having fun. Her face was pink, eyes moist, smile across her face as if she’s constantly laughing. Every further picture mom was getting more drunk. Then I saw her dancing with David, and then a few dozens of the same. It was like a slideshow: his hands on her waist, her chin on his shoulder, her face tucked into his neck. They did a spin, and David’s hand slipped a bit down towards her ass. I could see how her breasts were squeezed against him, how her thighs and ass moved under the skirt with her every step. Mom saw Arthur taking photos and drunkenly waved to stop, but he apparently didn’t. They continued to dance – I could see her from every angle. When they were back at the table, there were more drinks waiting for them. Mom sipped something clear. She was getting drunk.

Next photo was outside, her standing under the street lamp. Next – she was standing with her hands cross in front of her, pulling her shirt over her bra-covered breasts. Even through intoxication, though, she thought that was enough, because the next blurry photos were of her fixing her clothes, laughing and pushing the camera away with both hands. The very next photo was of them walking, and Arthur’s tan tattooed hand pulling my mother’s shirt down so the cut would reveal her pink cleavage. A middle-aged passer-by was casually glancing at my mother’s right breast. More blurry photos of her struggling, and then she was standing with David under another street lamp, him facing the camera, her in front, facing him, – like a pair of lovers. My mother – looking smaller, shorter, thinner and younger than ever in those clothes and that sort of twilight, – she stood so close to his body, as if ready to embrace. She was like his girlfriend. Next photo – he’s pulled up her skirt, showing her fat round ass, barely covered with panties, mom’s hands blurry as she was laughing and fighting him.

Full of anxiety, I spread those panties on the bed in front of me. It was red with a black line, smelling of sweat and perfume. Mom, you’re not a teenager. Can’t you control yourself? But at least I hoped they didn’t actually do her. Maybe they just fooled around.

I picked up the tablet. Next photo had mom standing exactly the same – under the street lamp, in front of David, her back to the camera, skirt rolled up, but panties pulled down to the knees. There were marks on her ass from tight underwear cutting into it and some minor sunburn. Next – the photographer was standing behind her, touching her buttocks with his dick. Then: my mother still in David’s embrace, now hanging on his neck, bent forward, the photo from above showing Arthur’s cock sliding far into her. There were several photos like that; then they turned her around her – now David was taking my mom from behind. Arthur has unbuttoned her shirt, so mom’s breasts were now hanging out. Someone’s hand was pinching and twisting a nipple. Next photo was of mom on her knees, somewhere dark, sucking off the photographer, Arthur’s hand in her hair, pearly stain in the corner of her mouth.

Then I thought to myself: suppose I was a 40-year old guy, and two of my daughter’s best friends, both very attractive young women, got me drunk and took me on a sexual adventure. Would I play hard-to-get? Of course mom got fucked, they both fucked her raw, she was washing their semen out of her pussy right now in the shower, dousing with hot water the parts of her body that still held the memory of their groping fingers. At one point today, they spread her legs and plumbed the cunt of my closest relative, my nurse and my mother, brought her to an orgasm, make her drunk pussy ache. My only defence against any of this was now history. What else could I do? How could I possibly lord over the guy who is more experienced than me, and who fucks my mother? For a second, I wanted to go to his room, cry and beg him to not fuck my dear mom anymore, because it hurt, aroused and abused me. I wanted to tell him how jealous it made me that, while I was a virgin, my classmates’ conquests included even my own mother.


Next day on the beach mom was wearing her one-piece again. To my surprise, she soon shooed Arthur away. She didn’t go swimming. Later, at noon, when we went back to our rooms, I wandered around for a bit and ended up walking into my mother’s room. She was taking a shower.

“Who is it?” she said, stopping the water.

“It’s me, mom.”

“Wait a few minutes, ok?” she said and turned the water back on.

I looked around. Her swimsuit was on the chair. I could see a bit of of it’s inside, slightly padded at the crotch, thinner at the part that went between her legs and over her ass. Her travelling bag was on the bed – and I noticed an opened pack of hygienic tampons. One was missing – it’s package lay on the table – and it all clicked together. So that’s what happened! Starting today, my mom was on period. And – my god, it was over. Fucking my mother was over. The vacation was ruined, but the feeling of dread I was having throughout the day was now almost gone. Thank you, dear God. I was scared and offended, I was jealous and powerless, but now it was over.

Original story: Scipio

Chapter 15 C: Gift Wrap

Sharon padded naked through her bedroom, iPhone in hand, reviewing her progress on the list she had made of the things to do. She paused, clicking the ball of her tongue stud against the inside of her upper front teeth as she looked at the stack of packages in her closet. Redirecting her gaze to the fit middle aged woman staring back at her from the mirror, she examined the highlighted blonde hair, still short on the sides, though not the extreme cut she had been given her second trip ‘home’ after school had started. Her eyebrows were darker than they had been, as was the thin ‘vee’ of pubic hair pointed at her clit.

Without thinking about it, she reached down, running her finger over her prominent clit, the pressure generating a subtle but enjoyable pleasure that threatened to grow into a demanding distraction. She lifted her hands, examining the 1″ long nails that had been reapplied at least three times since they had first been glued onto her fingernails that same trip back… These were a deep burgundy, still red, which the BZ liked, but not the garish fire engine shade with which she had started. She eyed her legs, which she had shaved the night before, and wondered if the women at the mall could take care of them as easily as they had her mons and arm pits.

The jewelry was no longer a shock, even the ring with the BZ bead hanging from her left nipple. She liked the high piercing, and admitted that the navel ring– new after the BZ Christmas party– showed off how flat her tummy was. She doubted even Catherine was as close to a six pack, and turned, enjoying the definition of her musculature more than she would have admitted to anyone. She stuck her tongue out, surprised that it no longer hurt where the newest bar had been placed. Dinner Monday night had been a trial, but mostly because she had spent it trying to hide the new piercing, and pizza had not been the best choice for a meal; both she and Kelly had begged off, claiming to have had pizza too much studying for finals, and carefully working through breadsticks, instead. Sharon had difficulty remembering the last time she had eaten so many carbs… it had to have been her last trip home.

She had been relieved to learn Chris had his final urology appointment the next day, which had given her a reprieve from using the new jewelry, although he had noticed it that night at bedtime, and after initial shock, had, to Sharon’s amazement, been delighted at her willingness to ‘try new things,’ insisting that was how they would stay young, and keep their love life ‘fresh.’ She had giggled, admitting when Kelly had suggested she get it as a gift for him she had been puzzled, but adding that the way he had reacted during her last visit home, she had thought that he might like it.

Chris had interrupted any further explanation, assuring her he was confident the doctor would clear him, so they could go ahead, but she had successfully demurred, assuring him they had until after the New Year before she would be headed back to school, and honestly claiming fatigue, since she had barely slept the weekend leading to break.

The girls and Scott had done more shopping the next day, the pleasant banter and casual spending interrupted only by the demand of her buzzing clit, which had pushed Sharon into two separate women’s bathrooms where she could masturbate, wondering as she had done so if she was so totally adapted to having sex that she could somehow need it. That night, she had climbed onto the bed, hands outside of Chris’ thighs as he had watched her in adoring anticipation, his cock waving in the dimly lit bedroom at full erection. She had licked over his length, quickly getting used to the different pressure of the ball moving over his shaft, and delighted at how good a job such a little bauble could do at building a man to climax. She had barely begun to slurp at her husband in earnest, driving her mouth down fully, remembering to fake a gag, when he gasped that he was there, she had moaned, sucking more firmly as he had begun to cum.

When he had been spent, she had sat back, wiping her mouth, looking at him and biting his lip. Part of her wished he had one of the little blue pills he had tried over Thanksgiving break, even though she remembered what had happened to him because of it… And to her. The brush of memory of being taken by the hospital employees had made her clit twitch hard enough she had nearly moaned again. Chris was panting, smiling broadly and shaking his head as he stared down at her.

“Like I said,” she had frowned a bit, “Salty… but not too salty. I hope it doesn’t get in my tongue though…” her shudder had not been feigned, but Donnie had not warned her not to do anything… The way she remembered it, he would have happily had her fellate him immediately after if it had not been for the other customers. And Chris had been asleep by the, or moments later.

Her list still had ‘visit TP’ unchecked, but she was determined not to go back until later in the break… a gift for herself, she could admit with a pang of excitement. Considering her planned present to herself, Sharon reviewed the rest of her Christmas shopping; she had what she had planned to get for the kids, Chris, and Kelly, as well as Flora. Each of them, as well as her girlfriends, were getting sweatshirts or windbreakers or yoga pants with the school’s mascot, and she had picked up DVD’s and CD’s and some other fun things for her family without their finding out, even though they had all been using the Range Rover. No one had violated the others’ shopping bags, although Scott and Kelly had both threatened to peek in jest.

Frowning, Sharon wondered what her friends would say when they saw her new addition. She had been invited to coffee Tuesday morning, but had begged, off, agreeing they would get together during the next week, after Christmas. She had talked to Madolen, who had told her ‘everyone was looking forward to next week,’ which she had not understood, assuming that her friend had meant merely their various holiday plans. She had not pressed, confident they would fill her in the coming Tuesday.

The list also had ‘salve’ unchecked; Sharon had been embarrassed at the thought of calling Mr. Norris, considering how they had met, but she had misplaced the baggie with the ointment he had given her. She thought it was still in her robe at Snake Eyes, and the way her clit was sparking during the day, she had reluctantly decided she might have to contact the big BZ alumnus to ask for more.

The seemingly constant low grade arousal she felt had not been lessened by the sexting she had received starting Tuesday night, lying in bed, still not fully satisfied after cleaning up. Chris had been snoring beside her when the phone sparked up, ‘Oh, yeah,’ in a decidedly suggestive way, startling her.

Grabbing at the phone in case it was a call and the inappropriate tone repeated, she had found the text icon had a small red ’1′ above it. Selecting that, she had gasped aloud, finding a picture showing her riding one of the ‘Santas’ at the party the weekend before. Even as she panicked, deleting the image, her body had nearly begun to shake with her arousal, the sharp ‘Twang’ she was now used to sparking from clit to nipples. Fighting to ignore her rising need, Sharon had set about silencing the phone, when it had almost moaned, ‘Beautiful.’ Belatedly she had realized the first image had been sent from Dave’s cell phone.

Assuring her self Chris was still sound asleep, Sharon had found the message Shaun had sent. She did not wonder at the way the young men changed her ring tones as she realized he had sent a video clip. After silencing the ringer and volume, she had hesitantly pressed play, and had watched the little screen show her standing naked in the bathroom doorway of her apartment, encouraging Shaun to join her. The screen blinked, a different angle, showing the big frat member pounding into her doggie style on the bed. Sharon watched herself, mesmerized. She had her hands spread and thrust forward, bracing against Shaun’s steady thrusts, her body still rocking, but as she pressed her free hand over her wanting sex, the entrapped housewife remembered… she had been pushing back, hungry to feel her big black lover’s cock, deep inside.

On her smart phone’s screen, the video Sharon threw her head back, silently voicing her climax, her body shaking, even as she redoubled the eager way she was hunching back at him. The screen blinked again, showing Shaun looming over her, her ankles crossed behind his waist, kicking ineffectively, but spurring him on as he said something that made video Sharon nod. He went still a moment later, thrust against her fully, and Sharon had begun to masturbate feverishly as she remembered the way he had filled her up, less than an hour before bringing her to the party.

Sharon had managed a satisfactory climax of her own, frigging her clit beside her sleeping husband while watching the clip again. And the married white mother had felt no guilt when she was relieved of the need to cum. She had carefully renamed the file, tucking it into a section of her iPhone that was sequestered from anyone just looking through her phone. She had no idea even at home, in her own bed, her every gyration and moan was being digitally captured, building the library the BZ were profiting by. Chris would have been horrified to learn he had unknowingly signed a release, on a ruse by a ‘carpet cleaning company’ that had offered to do every room in their mansion for the price of 4 rooms. Of course, the images of Sharon’s husband were painstakingly blurred– the last thing anyone wanted was to kill the goose laying them and providing golden eggs, as Dave liked to say.

Sharon blushed, realizing the memory of the night after getting her tongue pierced had her playing with herself, standing in her closet. Her eyes fell to the glossy red nails moving expertly over her clit in the mirror’s reflection. She did not stop, flexing her knees and shivering as she slid her index finger up into her blooming sex. She applied pressure, pinching her clit with her thumb, the nail edge just barely digging into the sensitive flesh, while her curled knuckle pressed from the inside. In seconds she was spasming in a brief but pleasant orgasm.

She licked her fingers clean, still watching herself in the mirror, and wondered how she had ever gone with just the weekly screwing from Chris as her pleasure. Had she really thought masturbation was bad? It was a ridiculous memory. Trying to decide what to wear, she had paused, remembering Chris Wednesday night… He had seemed as eager as a high school boy viewing his first bare breast when he had gotten home from work. He had brought several movies for the kids, along with a bag of various candy bars, cans of soda, and the local shop’s pizza, insisting that they could ‘fend for themselves.’

He had taken Sharon to the Plaza where they had enjoyed a dinner for two in a secluded booth at the Melting Pot. Sharon had eaten voraciously, reminded again how little she had been eating. As the main course had been winding down, she had happily accepted the last glass from the bottle of sweet Moscato wine, and then had teased her husband, asking what the occasion was. He had stammered, again reminding Sharon of the nervous boy, before he had shrugged and admitted that the urologist had given him a ‘clean bill of health.’

Without thinking, Sharon had leaned close, her hand dropping to his thigh, nails tickling expertly as she had asked in a breathy voice if he had missed her. The erection jutting against his trousers had been obvious, and she had giggled, asking if he wanted to skip dessert. He had managed to laugh, pointing out he could not very well walk out like that. Later she would insist she had to have been drunk. Glancing at the curtain, though, she had offered her husband a devilish smile, then ducked under the small table. He had tried for a moment to stop her, but only weakly, a show which had made Sharon giggle as she had deftly opened his pants, freeing his fully erect cock.

Bobbing her head down onto his full length, she had swirled her tongue, pleased that he was the first to enjoy her new bauble. And he had obviously enjoyed it, moaning almost too loudly, his hands clutching the edges of his seat, hips trembling as she had paused every three or four strokes to run the piercing over the underside of his penis. Getting used to the new sensation, herself, she had added suction, and Chris had cum with a grunt less than three minutes after she had ducked under the table.

Sharon had begun to finger herself, as well, and was coaxing the last of his load out while struggling to get herself off when the waitress had put her head through the curtain.

“I was just… Oh, is your wife in the bathroom?” Sharon could only imagine Chris had managed a nod, since he had not answered. The young girl had continued, obviously unaware, “Are you ready for the chocolate fondue?” Sharon had almost giggled at the obvious nodding her husband was using rather than trying to speak. She had been tempted to nip at his softening cock, but knew she could not be so brazen… she was horrified that she had actually dared to blow him in the restaurant, despite the semi-private nature of their room.

She had managed to use the flush of her arousal as a feigned blush, slipping back into her seat when the girl was gone. Chris had zipped up, eyeing her in surprise, but by his smile she had been sure he wasn’t angry.

“That was close,” she had managed, “I can’t believe I just did that.”

“Me either,” Chris had managed.

“Are you complaining?” the pout Sharon used came naturally, and worked perfectly.

“Uhm, no… something Kelly suggested you do?” Chris had answered, and Sharon had enjoyed their teasing banter; she had forgotten how much fun her husband could be. Dessert had been delightful, Chris asking if she was trying to get her to bring her there every time she was back from school, and Sharon asking in response if he wanted to take the chocolate home to drizzle over her body.

At home Wednesday night, Chris had herded her up to bed without checking on the kids. In their bedroom, she had been surprised and delighted to find he was hard again. She had eagerly stripped down, dropping to her knees to yank his trousers to the floor and immediately devouring his shaft. She had been pouting honestly when he had pushed her away after barely a minute, warning if she did not take it easy he would be done before they were started. They had tumbled to the bed, and then he had been over her, inside of her, moving in the familiar rhythm she had come to take for granted during their marriage. Her clit has sparked and she had cried out in climax, wrapping arms and legs around her husband, bucking up to meet him, the once demure, naïve wife long forgotten.

He had joined her in his release, and they had thrashed together through it, then lay panting, tangled, his cock still seated within her until both had calmed.

“Mmm, thank you, baby,” he had said with a smile in his voice, before drifting off to sleep. Sharon had gotten up, married habit leading her to clean up before the sheets became a mess. Balanced on the toilet, she had laughed, recognizing how different it was at school where she usually simply fell asleep in mingled fluids. Maybe because she was balancing her roles as wife and slut without real effort it did not bother her that she was comparing what she did with the frat members with Chris… maybe it was that she had still climaxed, proving to herself she had not been ‘ruined.’ Maybe it had been just the wine she had enjoyed, loosening her already tentative inhibitions.

Thursday had been anticlimactic. She and the kids had slept in, while Chris went to work. Flora had fixed them sandwiches, had thanked Sharon and the kids for the gifts they had prepared, and had headed off to be with her family for Christmas. The fixings for the Christmas Eve mean and dinner Christmas day were in the big fridge with her usual meticulous but brief instructions. The long tenderloins had seemed disturbingly to Sharon like big severed cocks to Sharon when she had eyed them that afternoon.

Catherine had insisted on taking Kelly to visit her friends, and Scott had asked if he could have his friends over, to which Sharon had agreed without thought. After making some calls, he had shrugged, telling her they had asked for a ‘rain check’ and adding that he was going to go to the gym. Aware that she had not been dancing or exercising since the weekend, Sharon had gone along. The local 24 hour gym had expanded since she had last been, before school had started. And maybe because school was out, it was busier than she remembered.

She was wearing only a v neck short sleeved shirt and jogging shorts with an exercise bra and Victoria’s Secret cotton thong underneath… nothing overly sexual, but Sharon had been flattered, since every guy eyed her as she jogged on the treadmill for thirty minutes before working through the circuit on the machines. Noting a couple of the more muscular men grunting through their bench press and squat sets, she had found herself daydreaming about how it would feel to have them working so hard at fucking her. She was not half way through the machines before her crotch was soaked, and not from exertion, although none were the wiser in the humid gym– several women had similar sweat stains, she noted to her relief.

Even so, Sharon paused, masturbating in the women’s sauna and changing to a fresh thong and jogging shorts before she repeated the circuit. Her needs relieved temporarily, she had been impressed that the sheet listing what she had been lifting before leaving for school was no long enough; she was adding two and on some machines three bricks, and lifting them with comparative ease. Finished with two cycles, she left the weight room in search of Scott. Her son was playing pick up basketball on the half court below, and the white wife’s momentarily quiet libido had immediately sparked, watching the lean muscular young black men playing with her son.

TWANG her clit had pulsed so hard she nearly collapsed against the window, a hand going unconsciously between her legs. Sharon’s focus had been so divided she barely remembered to wave when Scott saw her, adding a feeble gesture to her son that she hoped he understood meant she was hitting the shower.

The feeble water from the fixed showerheads was not enough to use to get off, so Sharon chose to climb into the women’s only hot tub. With the bubbles masking her movements, she fingered herself to an orgasm, and a seconds when the need persisted, despite other women coming and going, and a couple even slipping into the tub with her for a time. It was nearly 30 minutes before she came out, her need still acute, to find Scott waiting less than patiently

That need had not lessened during the rest of the day. She found herself day dreaming about the dark skinned clerk at the gas station where they stopped on the way home. And at dinner, the mocha skinned waiter’s smooth baritone seemed to trigger her clit’s spasm whenever he stopped to check on them. Worse, Chris had made no effort at initiating sex, and Sharon had found herself scared to do so, not wanting to be so changed that her husband might suspect she was more than timidly experimenting with him.

Another shower with the handheld showerhead seemed to barely touch her need, and Sharon had eventually fallen asleep only after masturbating again beside her husband, first with the video clip she had gotten earlier in the week, and again after she had unexpectedly received a second clip of her riding ‘Santa’ to his obvious climax. Skin glistening with sweat, she had dreamed of being taken endlessly by BZ members, until the morning, when in a semi-lucid time the dreams shifted, and she was the one dominating big cocked studs, the dream Sharon dressed like Cleopatra, casually enjoying the endless supply of servants and ardent suitors.

‘Beautiful!’ she had sat up, scrabbling blindly for the phone which was lost in the sheet and blanket. Chris had poked his head out of the bathroom.

“That’s your ring tone?” he asked and laughed. Sharon had shrugged noncommittally. “I thought I heard it the other night… That’s from that movie…”

Sharon nodded, “Ferris Buehler. “Kelly or one of the other sisters said ‘it was me.’ I hope she didn’t mean because I was old.” She clutched the sheet to her chest, aware that her nipples were so hard they were tingling. The rush of the dream she had been having was still circulating through her aroused body, and she wondered what she would say if her husband noticed and asked her about it. Chris laughed, and crossed the room, giving her a lingering kiss.

“You’re not old…” he gave her an endearing crooked smile, “Old people don’t do what you did the other night.” Sharon giggled and blushed. “I’ll let you prove you’re not old again tonight once the kids are in bed and we have the gifts arranged… We have all of the gifts, right?” he frowned, as if worried they had forgotten something.

Sharon pouted, “Well, I even have some extra gifts for Kelly and the kids, but you’re impossible to shop for.”

Her husband laughed, “I thought you’d already taken care of my gift.” Sharon was puzzled until he stuck his tongue out. She blushed again.

“So you like it, then?” Sharon bit her lip, pleased that he did, so she would not have to answer awkward questions.

“You,” he bent and kissed her again, “And it are amazing. I can’t wait to enjoy both of you tonight. But work calls…” and he was off, leaving Sharon to get up or go back to sleep.

Probably because she was already excited from the dream falling back asleep had been impossible, so Sharon had gotten up, put a robe on, and had made a pot of coffee before she had begun to wrap the presents. As was her habit, she had used an old Architect’s drafting board Chris had used in college, wrapping the gifts with different paper for each of the people in her family, plus one ‘Santa’ package for each person, all with the same paper. Along the way, the room had gotten stuffy, so she had tossed the robe onto the bed, laughing that she was more comfortable naked then in clothes.

Standing before the mirror, Sharon’s recollections of Winter Break ended. For a moment the woman in the mirror seemed impossibly sexy, on the edge of a glorious climax. Giving a small gasp Sharon yanked her hand away from her hungry sex and dashed out of the closet to the bed, pawing through the covers. She had forgotten the phone. She shuddered, wondering what Chris would have seen if it had been exposed when he had kissed her good bye.

It was just a text message that read ‘You and Kelly are needed at 5. She’ll explain where.’ Sharon read the message, wondering just what it was Dave needed, and wishing it could wait until after Christmas. Christmas eve was supposed to be about family; they always did dinner and went to church together. She glanced at the clock, surprised 3 hours had passed as she had sipped coffee, wrapped gifts… She smiled, and of course as she had played with herself. She could not deny that she hoped whatever it was the BZ needed them for she might have some time to really get off on a cock.

Not considering how differently she had come to think about her having sex, Sharon threw on a thong, shorts, and the school sweat pants before she stopped herself, selecting nice slacks and a matching blouse, instead. The slacks were shockingly loose, as was the lace bra she took from the top drawer of her dresser, and Sharon reluctantly chose to wear a cotton Victoria Secret tank with a shelf bra under the print blouse, instead. She put her hair up, as she had taken to doing whenever she was home, and went down to see if the others were up.

They were, but they were also leaving. Catherine explained she still had some shopping to do, waving the keys to her VW bug. Sharon asked where Kelly was,

:”Dunno” Scott said around a mouthful of the cinnamon rolls someone had made from a tube, “She just said she’d be back and ran out to get into a car that pulled up… I nice lowered tinted G35,” he added, which meant exactly nothing to Sharon. “Do you know when dad’s going to be home?” Scott added, “I wanted him to meet the guys.”

“The guys? We have church tonight, Christopher Scott,” Sharon answered sharply, catching her daughter with a pointed finger, “You, too, young lady. Home before 5 so we can eat and get to church.”

“Aw, mom,” both kids complained, “We always do church.” “Yeah, I’ve been invited to the movies.” “The guys are doing dinner and a movie, too,” Scott echoed his sister. Sharon sighed, the anticipation she had felt for the family night crumbling, but she did not want to make a scene. And she could not just ignore the text message.

She picked up the phone after hugging her kids and telling them to be safe and to touch base frequently. Chris’ secretary took her sweet time, and Sharon was wondering if maybe she needed to cut down on the caffeine she was feeling so testy by the time her husband picked up.

Her mood was not helped when Chris told her he was not going to be home early, adding that he might not be home until after the dinner they had planned for 7 that night.

“It’s Christmas Eve, Chris,” she meant it as a whine, but realized it sounded more like she was angry. Chris apologized, insisting that he would be home to put the presents out– she wrapped, he put them out by tradition– and elaborating about a deadline they could not miss.

“I don’t really care, Chris,” Sharon snapped, “This is our family’s holiday, and now maybe no one will be home.” Part of her hoped he would decide that was reason enough to ignore the deadline and come home, a thought that started her arousal once again.

“Babe, it’s not… I’d love to be home alone with you right now,” Chris insisted, “But I’m off all of next week, remember? We have to get this in or the whole thing could be ruined. I promise I’ll just pencil in the draft and let Gideon finish it up. You could still go to church… hang out with your girlfriends, right?”

“I guess,” Sharon considered what he was saying, “I can just putter around the house, though… I don’t want to impose on their holidays.”

“Trust me,” Chris insisted, “Every time I see one of them they ask about you. They WANT to see you so it’s fine,” he paused, “Hell, if Heather or Linda hear about your new jewelry maybe their husband’s will have to come thank me by New Years!” Sharon gasped.

“I’m not telling them about that!” she almost shouted, “You’re horrible!” And they both laughed, Chris at having gotten a rise out of her, and Sharon at the thought of either of her friends… any of her friends getting a tongue piercing.

“OK,” Chris was still playing the peacekeeper, “I guess I shouldn’t have said anything to Daniel.”

“You didn’t!” Sharon was aghast, some last vestige of the proper wife horrified that their friends would think of her practicing oral sex on her husband.

“I didn’t,” Chris agreed, “We’ll just keep that our little secret… but what will you tell people when they notice and ask?” Sharon answered without thinking, as if she was working the floor at Snake Eyes.

“I’ll tell them you like the way it feels when I suck you off.” She nearly choked, too late, having remember to whom she was talking.

“Well, I guess that’s true enough,” Chris said after a heartbeat, “Damn, but aren’t you just full or surprises.” Sharon giggled.

“I might wish I’d say that,” she admitted, “But I think I’ll die if someone asks.

“Hell, just tell them it’s a sorority rite and they’ll stop asking,” Chris said, obviously forgetting the difference between ‘little sisters’ and sorority sisters. That confusion was a relief to Sharon.

“Ha, OK, that’s what I’ll do. I’m sorry you won’t be home until late, too, baby,” Sharon meant it, even if the tone was the practiced purr she used to coax John’s into the champagne room at Go’s. “I can’t wait for you to get home.”

“After all this talk, I can’t wait to get home,” he assured her, before his secretary interrupted that Chris had a client waiting. Smiling at his saying that he loved her, Sharon hung up.

She sat down at the computer in the den and made sure everything that she had ordered had arrived. She sent out an email Christmas card, including an apology that it was so short, but reminding their friends she was away at school, keeping busy with her studies. She heard the door beep several times in short succession, and frowned at the kids going in and out like that before she remembered Catherine was getting gifts. She wondered for a moment what he oldest had decided to buy for her mother, especially since she had apparently passed some ‘cool’ test by letting her get the piercing.

When neither of the kids came calling, she assumed they were in their rooms wrapping presents, and continued at the computer. She answered emails, surfed Pinterest pinning up various shoes and outfits she thought were sexy. She got on Facebook, something she rarely did as busy as she was at school, and perused her friends’ pages and posts for a bit, before wandering back to the kitchen for a drink, musing that she could not post much of what she was doing at school on her page. While she had purchased the little ‘pop’ servings of champagne that were her staple at school, Sharon chose a glass of orange juice which she carried back to the den, having remembered a few little things she decided she would go ahead and order, to save for New Years or some other time when a little gift for Chris or the kids might be needed.

She paged through the browser’s History, seeing that her husband was still frequently several porn sites, though it did not look like he was paying for anything. Sharon selected a couple of the sites, based on their names, worried that she might be plastered front and center in a way Chris could not fail to miss. While she recognized a couple of the Sisters in some images on one site, she saw none of herself or Kelly and smiled, pleased that Dave and Shaun were keeping their word.

Of course, the images of various women being thoroughly plundered by various cocks had her more than a little aroused again. At the demanding twang of her clit, Sharon leaned back in the chair and opened her slacks, fingering herself to another climax. The pants were tight and made the job more difficult, but the liked the ease of access to her nipples, thanks to the shelf bra under shirt.

Aware that the kids might come down the hall at any moment, she buttoned up, shut the browser– after deleting the sites she had visited that day– and took her empty glass back into the kitchen. It still was not three PM, she saw, from the clock on the range. She decided to grab the towels, in part, subconsciously, she knew to see what her kids were up to, but reasoning that everyone could stand to switch to new towels to get clean for Christmas.

But both kid’s rooms were empty. She grabbed the towels, Scott’s off of the floor, Catherine’s and Kelly’s off of her daughter’s bed, and detoured upstairs to the master bath for she and Chris’ towels before passing through the kitchen to the laundry. On the way down the stairs, she thought she heard the television on in the big family room, so she went in after starting the laundry, but it was empty. Puzzled, she decided they might be in the basement rec room, and went down the stairs, hearing as she did the sound of the television, playing some sporting event.

“You didn’t say you were home,” she started as she turned at the bottom of the stairs, the big flat panel television casting the only light in the dark room, “I’m surprised you didn’t say you wanted something to eat.”

“Oh, we’re hungry all right,” a voice answered, the shadowed figure sitting up from where he had been lounging in the nearest recliner. Sharon’s heart skipped a beat, because she recognized the voice before she saw who was in the seat.

“Zeke!” Sharon breathed in shock. The big black football star smiled.

“See, guys, I told you she’d know who it was.” Sharon blinked, realizing that there were three other shadows– three other young men– in the basement.

“I didn’t know Chris had… you over…” she meant to say friends, but could not make the word come out. She wanted to run back upstairs, but could not move.

“Oh, he’s not back yet,” Zeke waved a hand noncommittally, “But we’re buds… I’ve been over before– did you know that? He said we should make ourselves at home.” Sharon managed a nod.

“Oh, well, that’s fine. I can… would you like something to eat?” Zeke’s teeth glittered in the blue light of the television.

“Definitely, little MILF,” the others laughed. “But if you wanted to get us something to drink before we begin to eat, that would be cool.” There were nods, Sharon could see. She was having a hard time focusing, because her clit has started to pulse at the realization there were virile young black men in front of her; her body was almost screaming to be taken. She wondered if Zeke’s ‘friends’ had already been inside of her, the day of the football game a few weeks before. The memory triggered another ‘TWANG’ so powerful she was sure the others had to have seen her twitch. “What you want, dawg?” He turned to the others, “Her old man don’t have Bud, but he has some good high end beer…”

“We have orange juice, and root beer, and Diet Coke,” Sharon started, “Milk, and water… I think there’s lemonade…”

“Three beers and a diet coke,” Zeke said, as if it was the most natural request. Sharon bobbed her head once and turned, wishing she was up the stairs already. “But c’mere first, girl,” he said. Biting back fear and arousal, Sharon moved into the dark room, approaching the recliner from the side. Zeke looked her up and down, shaking his head. “You look like you’re ready to go to church or something.” Sharon blushed, at the memory of what she had been doing a few minutes earlier in the same clothes. She managed to nod.

“Well, Zeke,” she said, “It’s Christmas eve. We always go to church on Christmas eve. Don’t you?” One of the others snorted.

“We figure we’re gonna be Playing on Sundays, little MILF,” Zeke answered as if that was an adequate explanation. “That’s a nice get up, but it just won’t do, will it, gang?” Sharon saw heads shaking.

She covered her chest, feeling very naked despite the blouse and under layer, “Please…” there was real anxiety in her voice, bordering on desperation, “This is my home…” There were broad smiles all across the room.

Zeke’s head bobbed steadily, as if to an internal soundtrack, “Yeah, that makes it that much better, right?”

The dark skinned young man to Zeke’s right, his eyes feasting unendingly on Sharon’s body, bobbed his head aggressively, “Damn straight.” She shivered, almost certain she could feel his gaze. She knew that her crotch was soaking wet… Soon her pants would be showing her arousal.

Zeke smiled, “But we’re not minding our manners,” he nodded at the young man in the love seat to his left. Sharon took a hesitant step toward him, thinking she was meant to sit beside Zeke’s friend. “This is Franklin… We call him Train.”

“Train?” Sharon frowned. The young man was broad and muscular, but no more so than the others.

“Yeah,” the fourth kid sneered, “His last name’s Atchison, like that old train company.” Sharon nodded as if that made sense.

“You really think you should be drinking beer on the afternoon of Christmas eve?” she asked.

“Shit, bitch,” the fourth laughed harshly, “We can always get beer here, right, Z? Chris give it to us and without a hassle… sort of like he give up his bitch.” Sharon blanched, an image of Chris calmly letting these boys take her into their bedroom for ‘some fun’ simultaneously terrifying and spurring her excitement. There was something about his voice, but she could not place it.

“Hey!” Zeke barked, “Chill, Allison, this is down low, Shaun made that clear. We fuck that up, we won’t play anywhere.” Sharon remembered an Allison the day Zeke and his quarterback had taken her during the Thanksgiving break game. “John’s just teasing you, Sharon,” he patted her ass as if to relax her, “He won’t say anything.” Sharon nodded.

“But I’m gonna get some of that,” Allison insisted, shifting where he was sitting, “Watching had me so hard I couldn’t run most of the third quarter, and you bastards wouldn’t let me take a turn.”

“That why you didn’t have a catch the second half?” Zeke laughed, “Love told you: you have to be BZ.”

“Well I guess that’s taken care of, isn’t it?” the angrier young man growled, then smiled cruelly at the other young man, who was taller and much less muscular, “So does that mean you just get to watch, Marlin.”

“Damn, Allison,” Train, shook his head, “Would you drop the thug routine? You’re gonna get to fuck her already, right Z?” Sharon balled her fists, suddenly irrationally hating the way they were talking about her like she was not even there. Zeke just offered another of his languid, repetitive head bobs.

“Oh yeah,” he assured the others, “And she is FINE.” He leaned over to pat Marlin’s shoulder, “And in addition to being nice to the girls that’ll bust your nut for you, remember that Marlin’s not just the best three point shot in school; he’s the guy who’s gonna help make sure you don’t flunk out before graduation.” Sharon tried to hide her smile at the way the others had put John in his place.

She also realized that Marlin was still watching her intently, with a quiet intensity rather than the bravado and ego of the others. It was intriguing, and she found herself wondering if the young man was a virgin.

“We’re pretty thirsty, Sharon,” Allison growled, and despite her visible start, Sharon lifted her chin rather than hurry to obey.

“We use manners in this home,” she said stiffly, “Trevor,” pointedly ignoring him, she turned to Zeke, choosing his given name over his middle name or nickname, whatever it was, “Are you going to be driving if I agree to bring you some beers?”

“Well, Mrs. Sobel,” Zeke played along, which served to increase Sharon’s anger at the situation, “I believe we’ll find a way to stay busy long enough that we’d be safe.” She nodded and turned toward the stairs, ignoring Allison’s snort of contempt.

“Uh, what about…” Marlin was talking to Zeke, she realized and did not slow or stop.

“Oh yeah,” Zeke held his hand out and Marlin handed over a white paper sack, “I almost forgot. See, John, that’s why we listen to Marlin; he’s smart that way.”

“Wise,” Train agreed with a somber nod.

“Mrs. Sobel,” Zeke stayed in character, making Sharon want to scream, “We brought you a little something.” He handed her the sack, “We hop you’ll like it.”

“I know we will,” Allison said with a leer.

Sharon pulled a clear plastic package with a paper insert out of the sack. It was an ‘adult’ costume from Pins Parkway. She remembered a few of the costumes Dave had had her purchase. Their costumes could not hold up to the demands of stripping, but had served well at several BZ parties, not to mention entertaining the occasional chip holder with a special fetish or perversion.

Turning the package over, she saw that it was their take on ‘Santa’s Elf.’ Glancing in the bag, she saw that the accessories– the booties and hat– were included. She tried not to stare at the picture of the woman on the package, a busty brunette spilling out of the spandex crop top, camel toe barely hidden by the printed ‘tie’ on the front of the high waisted skin tight hot pants.

“Uhm, thank you,” she said, taking a step back, hoping to reach the stairs, even though she knew it was not going to happen.

“Whoa, Sharon,” Zeke was smiling… Damn them, they were all smiling, even Marlin, albeit shyly. “We want to see how it looks on you.”

“Somebody might come home,” Sharon argued, barely managing to keep from unbuttoning her blouse even as she spoke. The heat between her thighs threatened to overwhelm reason. “Can’t I show it to you later?”

“See guys,” Zeke laughed, “She’s so hot she wants us to sleep over.” He looked back at her, “Sorry, Mrs. Sobel, but we can’t risk your family finding out how… helpful you are to the frat.” Sharon wanted to sigh in relief, even as she knew he was lying… well, not lying, but he did not care as much as he wanted her to believe.

“If that was true you would not be here asking me to wear that,” she said flatly.

“Zeke stood so quickly Sharon gasped.

“Mrs. Sobel,” he said, clicking his tongue to mimic the sound of disappointment she expected older teachers still used, “I’m sure you’re not arguing.” Sharon managed to shake her head, hating the way her clit was buzzing as he stepped close. And loving it. “In fact,” he deftly cupped her crotch, and Sharon could not stifle her groan of arousal, “That’s what I though,” his leer was close to Allison’s, “You’re so hot you’re about to set those pants on fire, right?” Sharon blushed, but nodded. “It’s okay, Mrs. Sobel,” Zeke stroked her hair, her cheek, making her tremble, “You don’t have to pretend with us. Just try this on, then get us our beers and we’ll let you get off.” Blinking, moving as if entranced, Sharon stepped away from Zeke and away from the stairs, taking a position between the young men. They watched silently as she unbuttoned her blouse in quick economical movements, shrugging the open blouse and shelf T off as one. Train whistled.

“Damn,” Allison smiled, “no bra that whole time… you are a hottie, aren’t you!” Sharon bit her lip but nodded as she released the button of her slacks, pushing them with her thong to the floor. She was more than a little hopeful they would forget the costume and simply take her. There was a tearing noise and she looked over to see Zeke opening the Velcro closure. He pulled the bright green costume out, tossing it casually to Sharon.

“Hurry, Mrs. Sobel,” he said, “We don’t know when Scott will get back.” Sharon wrinkled her nose at the artificial smell of the fabric; she wished there was time to wash it first. The boys watched in rapt fascination as she struggled into the long sleeved crop top, the bottom edge of which left the bottoms of her breasts bare. Without checking, she knew the outline of her nipple piercing was obvious, but as hard as her nipples were, both were visibly tenting the tight material. Maintaining her balance standing while slipping into the impossibly tight bottoms was an almost easy task after the weeks she had spent doing the opposite on stage. They were obscenely short, stopping above the edge of her ass, and clung to her skin, except that she realized they had an open crotch, as the cooler air of the basement reached her enflamed sex without resistance. Zeke handed her the booties… 4″ bright green plastic heels with a curled front toe ending in a white puff ball attached to a spandex stocking that stopped above her knees. The hat was spandex, too, but was loose, with a matching larger cotton puff at the end.

Turning with practiced ease on heels lower than what she often danced in, Sharon showed the outfit off for the boys, shimmying to make sure that it was covering… well, that it was covering what it could cover. There was a thrill of undeniable power that coursed through her at the way they were staring at her. Ignoring the small voice screaming for her to lift a leg and spread her sex, Sharon sniffed lifted her chin, and sauntered to the stairs, pausing to look at the staring young men, daring them to tell her to stop.

“Better hurry,” Allison said, pointedly grabbing his crotch, “I see I need to get my package early this year.” Sharon worked her hips climbing the stairs, at least until she was out of the boys’ sight. Then she nearly ran the rest, bursting from the door and into the kitchen.

Shaking with fear that Scott or Catherine would have arrived while she was downstairs, Sharon rushed into the kitchen, not caring that the blinds were open. She threw the refrigerator open, scooping several cans of beer and soda into an empty grocery bag that had not been completely tucked into the crease between the fridge and the counter, then rushed back downstairs, telling herself they would never really do anything when Scott might be home anytime.

She was wrong, of course.

“Thanks, slut,” John smirked, grabbing the bag and tossing cans to the others. “Here you go, egghead,” he tossed a diet soda at rather than to Marlin, but Sharon noticed the young man caught it. And he wisely did not open it.

“Not thirsty?” the more athletic aggressive young man taunted.

“Sorry, Allison,” Marlin shrugged, “But I’ll wait so it doesn’t foam and make a mess on the carpet.”

“Well, that’s thoughtful,” Franklin said, standing up, “But I suspect there’s gonna be at least a little bit of a mess when we’re through.” He caught Sharon by the waist, yanking her close, and forcing his lips down onto hers. Sharon nipped at his lip and when he jerked back she laughed harshly.

“Little boy,” she snorted again, “So confident you’re the big strong man…” He licked his lip; she had not broken the skin. “Oh, you don’t like it rough?” she taunted him, confident they would not mark her up in their own home, even as a small voice was screaming at her that she was crazy to behave like that.

“Bitch!” Train spun her around with a backhand that made Sharon gasp.

“Hey!,” Trevor shouted, lunging out of his seat, “Careful, man, can’t be doing that.”

“She bit me!” Franklin argued.

“Little boy can’t take a love bite?” Sharon managed, from where she was sprawled over the ottoman, “You aren’t so tough after all.” It was unfair, she could admit– Allison was the one who had been so angry and confrontational. She got a wicked thrill taunting him, though.

Growling in anger, Train yanked his shorts down and threw himself at Sharon… against Sharon.

“Ahhh!” she cried out as he drove his erection into her, “Yes!” Sharon arched her back, tilting her bottom up, welcoming the driving cock, “Fuck me!” Train slapped her ass, then caught her waist, hips pumping as he drove into her full force.

“You like that, bitch?” he panted, “Does. This. Feel. Like. A. Boy.” Sharon had braced her hands against the forward edges of the ottoman and pushed back, welcoming each thrust.

“Is that… all you’ve got?” she panted, then laughed. Roaring, the young man redoubled his efforts, immediately giving Sharon a shimmering orgasm. She clamped her lips tight, unwilling to admit to him the pleasure he was bringing her. She was glad the only light was from the television, masking her twitching body. As soon as she could manage to speak again, which was barely a handful of seconds, she laughed… giggled really.

“Bitch!” Train nearly screamed, lunging as if he could somehow bury more of himself in Sharon’s sex, “Someone shut her up.” Laughing at the spectacle, Allison rose from his position, smoothly dropping his shorts, as well.

“I don’t know, Train,” he taunted, moving forward, “Sounds like the lady knows there’s a better man available.

“Zeke?” Atchison managed through clenched teeth, “Hell, of course he’s better… But if this,” he had slowed to banter with his friend, and thrust especially violently into Sharon at that, “Isn’t impressing her, your narrow dick won’t do more.”

“Don’t talk,” Sharon growled, pushing back visibly at Franklin, “Fuck, don’t talk.”

“Shut her up!” Franklin nearly howled, gripping Sharon’s waist once more and driving into her madly. Laughing, John moved around, slapping his erection against Sharon’s face.

“You heard him, Mrs. Sobel,” he taunted her now as she had tried to shame Zeke earlier, “Open up like a good MILF.” Sharon did, relieved in truth to begin feeding upon the cocky receiver’s shaft, as refraining from moaning had become difficult. She was not surprised when he immediately drove himself into her throat, and feigned a gag, though he was not so big as to impress the well experienced housewife. “Yeah, slut,” Allison taunted, “That impress you? Ready to take that in your married cunt?” Sharon moaned around his shaft, knowing he would interpret it as agreement. “See, Train?” he taunted the growling hammering running back, “She just needed… reminding who’s boss.”

Sharon spasmed between them, and both young men assumed it was pleasure at their thrusting cocks. Instead, the practiced BZ Bitch was laughing at the thought that either man… or both together, could satisfy her. True, she had climaxed again, and Franklin was quite adequately fucking her, but it paled in comparison to what some of her regular partners could provide.

“OK, nigga,” Franklin huffed, “I need… a break… anyway.” And he pulled out. Without thinking about it, Sharon whined in protest around Allison’s cock.

“Yeah, I know, slut,” the aggressive young man laughed, “You’re ready to really feel this.” He backed out, “Ain’t that right?”

“If you think you’re man enough,” she managed, after wiping her mouth.

“You trick ass bitch,” Allison’s eyes narrowed and he pushed Franklin aside, moving around, “In fact,” he thrust fully into her, and Sharon just laughed again, which she saw made Franklin smile. She wondered if he knew what his friend was about to do; she did. “I think what you really need,” he was thrusting in and out slowly, pausing each time he backed out almost completely, “Is an,” she relaxed as he backed out completely and redirected his cock head before lunging at her again, “ASS fucking.” She hissed as he pushed into her almost fully in one stroke, wondering if he would realize she was taking him too easily. He did not, spanking her ass with his right hand, “Isn’t that right?”

“I don’t know,” she managed, then giggled, “Are you ready to fuck my ass, yet?” Train laughed, and it was Allison’s turn to shout, catching her hips and thrusting at her in blind fury. “Oh!” she gasped, then giggled after he had been driving into her for most of a minute. “You are fucking my ass… Go on, then… Faster… Fuck me harder.” Looking to her left, she saw the tall quiet young man watching them intently. She twitched her ass, “Oh, that does feel good, baby. Thank you for showing me.” She heard Zeke chuckle behind them, and John reacted by pumping at her more fervently.

“Is it as good as you expected, Allison?” Zeke asked.

“She’s great,” the young tough, gasped, “Shit hot… But Train’s right… gotta keep her… from talking… Bitch… doesn’t know… her place.” At that, he backed out, pushing into Sharon’s empty pussy once again. Sharon shimmied her hips, giving a low moan of pleasure instead of protesting, as she knew John expected. “Damn,” he managed, “If she wasn’t so hot… I’d… Damn, but she’s hot.” Sharon giggled, pushing back at him, and gave a showy moan the next time he bottomed out.

“God, baby, that’s so good,” she cooed, “Fuck me baby… Get me off.” She shivered at how delicious it felt, not just being thoroughly fucked, but at having such total control over young men who thought they were the ones calling the shots.

It was no surprise when Allison stiffened, unable to control himself. Sharon turned her tremors into a reasonable facsimile of a climax, letting her head drop onto the ottoman, ass still high as the latest young man to enjoy her body pulled back, flopping bare assed into the seat to her right.

“Zeke?” she asked after her breathing had calmed. She was no longer concerned that she was almost naked in front of these young men… had known the moment she had found them in the basement they would soon enough be using her. “Is it your turn?” She dropped the pretense… teasing and controlling was fun… it was nearly as exciting as sex, just maybe. But Zeke was not as naïve as his friends, she knew. And after enjoying some fun with the others, she wanted a real fucking.

“Mrs. Sobel,” Zeke said, she knew with feigned concern, “I think you are forgetting your manners.” She half turned, ass still in the air, inviting. “You forgot to take care of all of my friends.”

“Hey,” Train interrupted, “I wasn’t done, yet… I just needed a break!”

“Well, wait your turn, now,” Zeke snorted, “It’s time for Marlin to get a taste of what he can enjoy now that he’s joining us as a BZ.” Sharon looked over at the quiet but intense young man. He licked his lips nervously, looked from Zeke to her, and back to Zeke. “No pressure man,” Zeke said, seeming to recognize his friend’s hesitation, “If you aren’t up for it, it’s no problem.” Marlin chuckled.

“Naw, man… I’d be crazy not to want a taste… You sure she clean?”

“They check her, man,” Zeke assured him, and Sharon wondered just how she was ‘checked.’ “So long as we clean, she clean.”

“Guess I shoulda gone before Allison, eh?”

“Hey!” John argued, then fell back and chuckled.

“Oh, Allison’s no worry,” Zeke assured him, “He talks a great game, but…”

“Hey!” John said again, then glowered… or more accurately pouted.

“It’s Train you got to worry about,” Zeke continued, “That boy gets more pussy than any two of us deserve.”

“Bullshit,” Franklin snorted, “I don’t even get as much as I want… usually.” Zeke laughed at that. “And I haven’t finished yet, anyway.” Marlin stood, unbuttoning his jeans.

“Then I’m not gonna just sit and watch… I wondered why you were all wearing basketball shorts.” He stepped out of them, moving up behind the still aroused housewife.

Expecting uncertainty and bluster after the others, Sharon was surprised when the gawky young man caught the base of his cock, rubbing the swollen tip down her seam. He pressed forward, the edge slipping over her clit, stoking Sharon’s need. Biting back a moan, she tilted her pelvis, wanting to feel him inside of her. Instead, the young man teased back up, almost inserting his rock hard tip, spreading her wet, wanting inner lips. He toyed with her ass, then dipped back, pausing as if to enter her, and then pushed lower, teasing her clit again.

Sharon heard Marlin and Zeke chuckle. It made her angry. She almost lunged back as Marlin’s tip slipped back up, shouting in triumph when she managed to take him inside. Marlin’s hand pressed firmly on her ass, though, keeping her from impaling herself like she wanted. Applying pressure, he pulled free, the wetted tip teasing over her backdoor once again. Sharon whimpered, struggling to take him, even if it was in her ass. She wanted to feel him driving into her.

Chuckling again, the young man released her hold on her ass as he dipped back through her hungry channel. He circled her clit several times, somehow sensing that Sharon was ready to once again throw herself back onto him as he completed the teasing swipe. She tried to calm herself, but only for a second, lunging back unsuccessfully as he teased her, backing off expertly, keeping in contact but not moving inside.

“Fuck!” Sharon growled, feeling the next teasing push. She pounded her fists on the edge of the ottoman. “Fucker. Don’t tease.” Marlin ignored that, circling her clit mercilessly at the bottom of his next pass.

“Gotta ask for it, ma’am,” she heard him say softly. She shook her head angrily; he was supposed to want her to badly he could not control himself. She was not about to break down and ask him to fuck her in her own basement. She levered against the ottoman as she felt his wonderful cock slip back up toward her ass; screamed in frustration when he evaded her need once again. She arched her back, offering her ass. He ignored it, other than immediately plowing back through her seam, almost inside, to resume circling her clit.

“Fuck me!” the words escaped her throat before she could stop herself. “Fuck me, you bastard… Don’t tease me, show me whaaaah!” Marlin lanced into her, a steady thrust, not fast, but complete, and he held himself there, chuckling with Zeke as the impaled white housewife shivered and moaned. He waited for the peak of her release, then began to thrust in and out, but without holding her waist or hips as the others had. Sharon’s fists pounded against the rough fabric of the furniture, dropped to clench at the shag carpet on the basement floor, welcoming the steady thrusting of his cock.

“You like that?” she heard his voice, but was barely aware of where she was, it felt so good, as he moved in and out of her, amplifying her still present need. She nodded, not sure she could speak. And then he was out of her. When he did not spear her ass, she whimpered, ass twitching as she rocked back, hungry to have him keep fucking her. “I don’t think she likes me,” Marlin said to Zeke.

“No!” Sharon moaned, “I love it. Don’t stop… Fuck me, please. Fuck me!” He rewarded her with another full steady stroke, somehow triggering her next climax by the motion. But he did not stop as before, thrusting in, pausing a beat, then backing almost completely out of her clenching channel. Sharon whined, moaned, whimpered, begging for more, urging him on at the bottom of each delicious stroke. He was massive, in her mind, filling her, stretching her… How else could she be getting off so strongly?

When she realized there was a cock at her mouth, she leaned forward, gobbling hungrily at it, whoever it was. Train, she knew by the third or fourth stroke, taking him into her throat and holding him so that the her cry of pleasure was transmitted into Train’s shaft. He groaned, hand tangling in her hair, as he began to fuck himself against her face. Neither cared that she could barely breathe, Sharon because her body was already on the precipice of another climax.

It broke, and rebounded into another as Marlin leaned over her, increasing the pace of his thrusting, and reaching around her torso to pinch as her swinging, pierced nipple. Sharon humped back at him, loving every moment, hoping it could go on forever. Her head spun as she went for long periods without a breath, working Train’s swollen cock eagerly.

“Guys?” Sharon stiffened, horrified at the dim recognition that she had just heard Scott speak…. Her son was on the basement stairs. She blushed, realizing that even knowing he was there, she was sucking hungrily on Franklin’s cock, rocking back to meet Marlin’s rapid thrusting. She could not stop herself, wanting to cum, wanting to get Marlin off, even though she knew at that moment that her marriage was over. “Is that? Shit, you’ve got a girl down here?” Zeke snorted,

“She wanted some cock, and we had some cock to offer.” Sharon whimpered around Train’s erection, her concentration split as she tasted his pre-cum. “C’mon,” Zeke continued, “We’ve all had a turn, join in.”

“Dude,” Scott sounded closer, and Sharon was sure any moment he would say ‘mom?’ “My mom’s car is in the garage… She’s home. If she sees you…”

“That’s why Train’s got his cock in her throat,” John said from Sharon’s side, “She was starting to get noisy and Marlin hadn’t had his turn.”

“Uh, thanks, but I’ll pass…” He had not moved away. Sharon guessed her son had no idea she was the girl the others were using. It made sense, considering what she was wearing and with her face buried in Franklin’s crotch, as well as the poor lighting in the room. She wondered what she would do if her son chose to take a turn. “Maybe I’d better… I’ll go up and make sure mom doesn’t come down,” Scott stammered, moving away from the action.

“Cool,” Zeke said, “We won’t be long, will we, M?” Marlin answered by picking up the pace, pounding into the helpless wife. Sharon cried out around Franklin’s cock, stomach clenching spasmodically as she climaxed yet again.

“You a homo or what?” Allison taunted her son at that moment, “Got a fine piece of ass and you won’t hit it?”

“Uh, no,” Scott answered, “She looks shit hot.”

“Oh, she is,” Franklin sighed, and he began to pulse into Sharon’s mouth, making her struggle to swallow his load.

“So you racist?” Allison challenged again, “Too good to share with the niggas?”

“Dude,” Zeke cautioned, “Uncool.”

“It’s OK, Z,” Scott said, “No, John… I figure having y’all here when I’m not home… not freaking when you’re banging a slut while my mom’s in the house… I think you know better.” Sharon tensed, wondering if her son was about to step up and take his turn after all. “If you want to know why,” Scott went on, “I’m sort of hoping to hook up with the freshman who’s here for Christmas break with my mom.”

“What?” Franklin had started to back off, and Sharon caught his ass in her hands, anchoring him in place as she bobbed her head, cleaning his softening prick, desperate to keep her face hidden. “You getting some from that hot brunette?”

“No… I mean not yet,” Scott answered, the guys hooted, “But I think she likes me,” he added defensively.

“It’s cool, Scottie,” Zeke said, “The guys haven’t met Kelly or they’d be impressed.”

“Thanks, Z,” Scott said, “I’ll be back down in a few minutes. Just keep it down, if my mom found you doing this she’d shit.”

“I dunno, Scott,” Allison answered, “Maybe she’d join in.” Scott snorted, and Sharon heard him climb the stairs. Franklin fell away from her laughing.

“Dude,” he nearly choked, “Maybe she’d join in?” Sharon glared at John, then glanced back at Marlin, angry that they were going to have to hurry up.

“Are you close, baby?” she cooed, and Marlin snorted, then shrugged.

“Guess I have to be.” She blinked at that, surprised that he would admit to having such good control, even as he picked the pace up another notch, hammering against her ass.

“Oh, God, yes!” she groaned less than a minute later, forgetting why she was angry, forgetting the need to hurry, aware only of her imminent climax.

“Ahhhh,” Marlin almost shouted, and the almost searing heat of his release buried deep inside of Sharon opened the floodgates on her own orgasm. Whining, head nodding encouragement, she pressed back against the young man until both were spent. When she sagged forward off of Marlin’s still impressive cock, the other three clapped and whistled. Sharon giggled, the rolled up off of the ottoman, cupping a hand over her open, drooling cunt.

“Is there another way out of the basement?” Trevor asked calmly, handing her the thong, which she knew would do nothing to stem the flow of mingled jism from her well used seam. She shook her head.

“Unless I go out through the steps into the garage,” she answered, “The alarm would beep when I go out and again when I come in through the garage.”

“Wanna hide down here?” Zeke asked, “We can take him someplace to get a snack.” Sharon had the sudden image of her hiding behind the couch while the guys ‘forgot’ she was there and sat watching television for a couple hours. Probably something pornographic if Allison had his way. She had donned the thong, too distracted to argue about what Zeke handed her. She tugged the slacks on one handed, releasing her sex only to raise them the last little bit, leaving a smear of semen over the zipper and button. She pulled the shirt and blouse on over the costume, not caring that it was untucked. She dashed up the stairs, fixing buttons as she went, pausing at the top of the stairs.

“Mom?” she heard Scott calling from across the house. She ran down the hall for the stairs, praying Scott was not in her bedroom.

“Scott?” she shouted back, reaching the top step and the safety of her bedroom a moment before her son came up the opposite stairwell.

“Mom?” he said again. Sharon had almost completed shutting the door.

“You were calling for me?” she asked, peeking through the door, keeping her body out of sight.

“Uhm, mom?” Scott was puzzled.

“Your friends went downstairs,” she stammered, wishing she had told them she would admit knowing they were there.”

“You saw them?”

“Well… Z- Trevor knocked, ” Sharon shrugged, “And explained you were on your way home. I suggested they go watch TV in the basement, but I don’t know who all is over,” she paused, “Is there a problem? I was considering going for a run.” Scott relaxed visibly.

“No, mom,” he paused, “I just hoped you weren’t uncomfortable.”

“Because they’re black?” she asked with a laugh, “I hang out with lots of black students at school,” she managed not to blush or giggle at that, “But next time you might let me know first. Aren’t you coming to church?” Scott shrugged.

“I talked to dad, and he said he wasn’t going to be home, so I didn’t think we were going.”

“You should invite your friends,” Sharon suggested without thinking about it, “We could all go, and then have dinner.”

“I don’t think they’d be interested,” Scott said, we’re just going to eat and see that new Accelerated Anger movie.”

“OK,” Sharon said in obvious frustration, “I guess we were bound to get too busy to keep doing a family Christmas Eve.”

“We’ll be home before midnight,” Scott said defensively, and Sharon managed a smile.

“Home by 11,” she said, wondering if she would be home by then. “Go have fun with your friends, but be safe,” she said, then closed the door as Scott went down the staircase she had just come up.

Sighing, Sharon glanced at her disheveled appearance in the mirror. She wiped at her mouth self-consciously, wondering if the smears would clean out of her nice clothes. Glancing at the clock, she gasped, wishing she had time for a shower before she and Kelly went wherever they were headed. Tucking the stained clothes in the hamper, once again cupping a hand over her leaking sex, Sharon hobbled into the bathroom and douched, trying not to get distracted even when her clitoris sparked in response and resurgent need. Satisfied, she was cleaned up, Sharon slipped the tube of KY Jelly that she had bought while gift shopping in case Zeke demanded she come visit him at work again, squeezing a generous amount into her sex before repeating the process at her bottom. Whatever Dave was planning, she did not want to be too tender to sit down when they got home to celebrate Christmas eve.

She selected a thong with a lined, slightly wider crotch and the once tight jeans, pouting that it did not hug her ass like it had when she had bought it. She chose a padded cotton bra and a V-neck blouse, grabbed a North Face fleece, 3″ heels, and her clutch purse. After tucking her cell into it, the recently used white wife hurried down the stairs, pausing in the kitchen. She hoped Kelly was not late getting back, worrying how Dave would react if they were not where they were supposed to be at five.

It was just after 4:30 and Sharon was considering texting Dave when she saw a silver gray car turn into their drive. She hurried out, not bothering to shout a good-bye to Scott, who she could hear laughing in the basement with the boys who had so recently been using her like a common slut. She shivered, admitting that at least part of the time that was exactly what she had been.

Kelly lowered her window, motioning for Sharon to climb in behind her, and Sharon did without ever thinking about the simple truth that she was trustingly climbing into a total stranger’s car. Without so much as a nod, the young man deftly backed out of their drive and pulled away.

“Did you have a good day?” Kelly asked, turning to look back at Sharon, who could only shrug.

“Wait,” Kelly said, looking at Sharon critically, “I know that look… You got fucked.” Sharon blushed but nodded. “How… Who?”

“Zeke brought friends over,” Sharon managed, stopping at that.

“While Scott and Catherine were home?!”

“No,” Sharon shook her head, “Well, not at first.”


“My son was less than ten feet away while I was putting out to two strangers.” Sharon squirmed in her seat, further embarrassed that talking about it was getting her hot. The driver checked her once for a long second in the mirror, then put his attention back on the road. “Thank God he didn’t realize who it was his friends were fucking,” she finished with total sincerity. The thought of being caught doing that… Sharon shuddered. “Uhm, where are we headed,” she asked when Kelly did not ask for the gory details. Kelly opened her mouth as if to answer.

“It’s a surprise,” the young black man said in a fluid baritone.” Kelly shut her mouth and turned back, looking out the windshield and the side window.

“And are introductions out of order?” Sharon was piqued at the boy’s curt manner. His face turned to hers in the rear view mirror once again, “I’m Sharon,” she continued, “Kelly and I are BZ Sisters at State.”

“He knows that, silly,” Kelly laughed, “He took me around to visit some of the alumni today.” Sharon nodded, assuming she knew what that was about. “I think I have an internship arranged for the summer.” She beamed at Sharon, “Can I crash with you if I get it?” Sharon found herself smiling at the idea and she nodded without hesitation. She decided not to ask just what getting the internship required, or what Kelly would be doing at work. She had a pretty good idea on both accounts, and wondered if she should be looking to do something like that when school was out… She would have to ask Dave about it.

Looking at her friend, she could understand why Scott would be trying to get her to notice him. Kelly was beautiful and funny and smart, and she exuded a sexuality that Sharon did not think had been apparent when she had first met her friend. She wondered if other people noticed the same thing in her, which was more than a little worrisome, considering many of her friends would be bold enough to ask. She reminded herself none of the ladies had seemed shocked or puzzled about a ‘new Sharon’ when they had gotten together after Thanksgiving. She was glad they would be having another get together during her break, so she could see if anyone seemed to notice anything.

The car was comfortable and quiet, and the young man at the wheel was confident and smoothly wove through the traffic on the highway, heading into the city instead of looping to the south. Sharon was a little surprised to see they were going almost 90.

“Uhm, isn’t that a little fast?” she asked. The young man shrugged.

“Maybe. But if 5-0 doesn’t complain, it don’t matter.”

“But you could get stopped?”

“I got you two for insurance if that happens,” he answered with a leer, and Sharon twitched, her clit pulsing with a TWANG at the abrupt mental image of her on her knees blowing a state trooper on the side of the highway. Shaking the image away, she scolded herself; the driver was just kidding, police did not behave that way. She pressed the heel of her right hand against her sex, wondering how she could be so impossibly horny; mad at herself for being so insatiable, and angry and embarrassed by the pointed glance the driver gave her that he seemed to know she was considering masturbating there in the back seat of his car. She told herself it was her imagination– Kelly was completely unaware.

The driver pressed a button on the steering wheel and the car was instantly filled with the bass heavy riff of a hip hop number Sharon and Kelly had danced to regularly. Sharon licked her lips, remembering the last time they had been together on stage, and how alive she had felt, making Kelly writhe and scream in pleasure in front of a hundred odd men. TWANG. She bit her lip, forcing herself to pay attention to the monotony of the passing concrete barriers to the right of the sedan, and the empty tracks of the rail yard west of the city. As they came into downtown, the young man deftly slid up the left exit under the convention center, and Sharon momentarily absurdly flashed on her last trip to the nearby Auditorium. Chris had taken the family to see the traveling Wicked show. She giggled, wondering if they were going to see whatever was playing for the holiday.

The driver looked back at her, and she was sure he wondered about her, even though she could not see his eyes through the dark glasses. She almost growled at him, she was suddenly so angry that he had interrupted her memory… or fantasy… or whatever it had been. She smiled, but it was cruel, the blonde housewife imagining riding the young driver as he begged her to stop.

She blinked and looked around as the sedan slowed, turning into a small parking lot south of a five story brick building. She glanced up at the neon sign on the building’s corner: ‘Hot Rockets’ it read, with a cartoon missile being ridden by a busty blonde blowing a huge pink bubble over the bright red letters. There was a spot reserved for the little car, and Sharon did not protest when the driver hurried them inside. Each step between the car and the entrance, she was sure a passing car would be friends who would see her. The persistent willingness to ruin her life fueled her anger, and she glared at the big bouncers riding stools to either side of the club entrance.

“What. The fuck. Are we doing here?” she hissed at Kelly, who seemed totally at ease with the situation. Her young lover shrugged.

“Dave said to be here,” Kelly pointed to the poster over the door into the club. It showed she and Sharon spinning on the pole, with smaller photos at the bottom as men tucked bills into their G-strings, the women jutting their bottoms lewdly over the edge of the stage, of the women intertwined, each with a leg straight up, arms barely covering their bare chests, and a soulful kiss that was more then just the act, closer to the end of the women’s ground work at Go’s. Sharon stared at the poster in horror; it was obviously her in two of the pictures. Someone was going to see. She turned, realizing that the windows above the door meant that people driving north could see…

“That has to come down!” she nearly screamed at the bouncers and Kelly. Everyone stopped, looking at the unhinged blonde who looked like she might climb the wall to reach the big flyer.

“Whoa, whoa whoa,” Dave said, coming out of a hidden door opposite the cashier’s booth. He draped his arms around Sharon and Kelly, maneuvering them back toward the passage he had just exited, “What seems to be the problem, Shar?”

“That poster,” Sharon did not move right away, “That has to come down. Someone will see.”

“That’s the general idea,” Dave rolled his eyes at Kelly, “We wanted your fans to know there was going to be a special show.”

“Chris could see… Or someone who knows us!” Dave snorted.

“A car passing at 30 miles per hour? The worst they would think is that it looks like you, Sharon. You’re a suburban housewife and mother here, not a porn star.” Sharon spun out of Dave’s grasp.

“I’m not a porn star,” she nearly shouted. “Fuck you for saying it! You know I’m not. I just wanted to go to school,” Sharon’s eyes were wide, “I just want to protect my family.”

“And you are,” Dave assured her, herding both women down the hall, “This protects your family.”

“Bullshit!” Sharon was not backing down. “This will ruin everything.”

“No one here knows you,” Dave insisted, “And we all know this is not just about protecting your family, any more.”

“You bastard!” Sharon stopped, eyes wide, and reversed course, “I have to get home.” Dave swatted Kelly’s bottom and the surprised young brunette dutifully stepped through a curtain at the end of the hall. Dave easily caught Sharon’s elbow, halting her retreat. “Let go of me!” Sharon yanked her arm with surprising force, freeing herself momentarily. Dave caught her arm again, though, getting a handful of her hair with his other hand. Sharon responded by kicking at him, and the big frat brother barely managed to lift his knee, blocking her attempt to reach his groin.

“Enough!” he spun the smaller spitfire of a woman against one of the narrow hall’s walls. “Don’t do something you’ll regret.”

“I already regret this!” Sharon almost wailed, “You bastards have ruined my life.”

“Uh-huh,” Dave said, “It’s why you were coming like mad in your basement not an hour ago.” Sharon’s breath caught. How could he know about that. “Face it, you’re hooked on black cock,” he continued, “You may not want to cheat, but if we weren’t providing you with it now, you’d be out looking for some satisfaction where hubby will find out.” Sharon shivered in his grip. She wondered if what he was saying was true. She hated the way her body was responding to what was happening and what he was saying. How had she become such a slut?

He half pulled, half dragged her through the curtain, pushing her unceremoniously into a nearby director’s seat. Sharon realized it was the dressing room. There were more vanities then there were at Go’s, but most were empty. She saw that Kelly was already in costume, a matching outfit neatly folded on the vanity to her left, where Dave had seated Sharon.

“Care to tell me what’s gotten into you of late?” Dave did not let up, and had not let go, his hand still gripping Sharon’s hair. “Better speak up,” he warned, “There are always worse things you could be doing…” Sharon sniffed, and glared straight ahead, refusing to look Dave in the eye.

“We’re dancing too much,” she said, “There’s not enough time to even eat… We’re either dancing or exercising or tanning or fucking TA’s.” She tugged at her loose jeans, then pointed out how loose her bra had become, “I’m wasting away… Some days I think I’m sick.”

“That’s why you’re mad?” Dave asked pointedly. Sniffing angrily, Sharon nodded. “Bullshit,” the big frat brother snorted, “I know what’s happening to you now. You don’t need to lie anymore.” Sharon frowned in puzzlement.

“What are you talking about?” she said, “I wanted a break for Christmas. Go said we could take the time off…”

“Go doesn’t call all the shots,” Dave warned, “And you’ve gotten a break… and you’ve gotten to cum in your own house like you haven’t since I was there with you.” Sharon blushed at that, and her clit sparked hungrily. How could he know about that, she wondered, getting angry at knowing so little that was going on in her own life. She stamped a foot.

“This wasn’t part of the deal,” Sharon changed tack, “You never said I’d be dancing in my home town.”

“Stripping in your home town,” Dave corrected her with a cruel sneer, “You’ll be stripping and you’ve been doing more, so cut the bullshit.” Sharon sucked in a breath, glaring at the younger man angrily. “And that’s still not it,” he let a little anger creep into his voice, “I Hate it when BZ Bitches think they can lie to us.” Sharon blinked, stepping back in surprise.

“I’m not lying!” she retorted angrily, “I didn’t ask to have sex with those boys today.”

“You didn’t stop it from happening, either,” Dave pointed out, aware that the helpless housewife never really had that choice. “You are going to perform tonight,” he warned her, “The sooner you start, the sooner I’ll have you home. Or I can just leave and you two can find your own way back home.” Sharon looked ready to attack him. He pulled her Demoness mask out of the bag he had brought along, “And if you give me any more lip… If you lie when I ask you something, you won’t get to wear this.”

Sharon hated the relief she felt at seeing the mask… at her willingness to give in and dance if he gave her the mask. Damn it, she was actually wet at the prospect, she realized with a fresh sense of outrage. She reached for the mask, but Dave yanked it back.

“I asked you why you’re mad.” Sharon shrugged. Thought about it for a moment, and shrugged again. “That’s not an answer,” Dave warned, and moved to put the mask back in the pack.

“Wait!” Sharon demanded with another useless foot stomp. “I don’t know,” she added plaintively after almost another minute, “I just… I’m just angry more suddenly.” Dave stared at her for a moment.

It was donning on the frat member that quite likely their prize bitch truly did not understand. He shook his head, amazed that anyone could be so foolish, but relieved as well– it was how they harnessed so many young women, after all. He kept hold of the mask, but retrieved a zip lock bag he had brought along, holding it up in front of the married blonde sex toy.

“Does this look familiar?” he asked, even as Sharon grabbed at it. He snatched it back, then curious as to what she would do, he let her get hold of it on her second attempt. Nearly tearing the seal open, Sharon got a bit of the oily material on two fingers, and not caring that Dave and Kelly were watching, she opened her jeans and expertly applied the ointment over her clit, sweeping down along her still aroused labia.

“How long have you been using that,” he asked pointedly. Sharon froze, realizing for the first time since seeing the bag that neither Shawn nor Dave had known about it.

“Where did you find this?” she answered automatically, “Were you going through my things?”

“How long have you been using that, little Bitch,” Dave said pointedly. Sharon twisted her mouth, and he could tell she wanted to argue. Instead, her shoulders dropped.

“Since the night the football team used me.”

“The football party?” Her eyes flashed.

“No. The night you let the other school use me, after we lost the game.” Dave chose not to point out she had not been with him that night.

“Where’d you get it?” He suspected he knew the answer.

“MarKing… after they were… when it was over. I’m about out,” she added unnecessarily, “Can you get me more?”

“You’ve been using it for weeks?” Dave was shocked, but it explained so much. Sharon nodded. “Why in the fuck are you using it?” he was glad he had chosen to include Shaun via his cell phone. His partner would find a way to get back at the asshole who had intentionally put their golden goose in jeopardy.

“It helps after… so I’m not so raw.”

“You dumb bitch,” Dave growled, “It works better when you’re already rubbed raw. Why did you believe a word that envious nigger said?” Sharon was taken aback by the language, even though the frat members used it all the time, usually as if it was a term of endearment.

“He was nice to me,” she suddenly felt like a little girl again, rather than the Amazon woman ready to rip Dave’s throat out… she hated the way her emotions see sawed, but had been dealing with that since they had first ensnared her, “He told me it would help me feel better.” Almost as an afterthought, she insolently added, “It has.”

“That ain’t all it’s done,” Dave rolled his eyes. “You are a pock-marked bitch right now,” he pointed at the acne marring Sharon’s pale chest. Sharon assumed he was changing the subject.

“I know,” she frowned, “It’s awful… I have some lotion that’s supposed to help, but it’s everywhere… I think it’s from sweating in all the make up when we’re dancing.” Dave shook his head.

“Sharon,” he paused, “Kelly dances as much and she’s fine.” Sharon frowned. “You’ve lost some weight we don’t want you to lose,” he added pointedly. Sharon glanced at her chest, and blushed.’

“It’s just that I’m dancing too much and not eating enough. My pants are loose, too,” she pulled at the waistline as proof.

“Kelly says you’ve been more aggressive, too.” Sharon frowned and shook her head.

“I don’t think so,” she pouted, looking to Kelly, “Are you upset with me?” Kelly shook her head, eyes wide, obviously worried about Sharon and what was happening. Sharon looked back at Dave, glaring at him. “What are you saying,” she paused, “That’s not just because I’m using an ointment on my cunt.” She was taken aback at so easily saying that to him.

“Sharon,” Dave shook his head, “Take off your pants.” Blushing, Sharon did as he had ordered. He pointed, and she dutifully dropped her thong as well. He crooked a finger, leading her to one of the rooms many full length mirrors. “Look,” he said, and Sharon eyed the nude blonde in the mirror. The nipple ring seemed to be in the right breast because of the reflection. The new BZ navel ring hung just below her navel, and emphasized the partial definition of six pack that had appeared in her flat abdomen. The thin vee pale blonde pubic hair seemed to direct her attention to her prominent hood and jutting clitoris. Her eyes moved to the defined muscles of her thighs and calves, the latter accentuated by her heels.

Dave held up his camera phone, and after initially thinking he was taking a picture, Sharon realized he was holding up an image of her from some months before. She absently realized she was standing in Shaun and Dave’s bedroom at the frat… it was shortly after they had mad her their own, when she had realized she had no choice but to do what they wanted.

She blinked in surprise at the changes, and not just in the new piercings. She had known the six pack was new– she had never had such definition before, even when she had been exercising almost religiously. To her dismay, her breasts were visibly smaller, and hung lower than in the picture on the phone. She tried to convince herself it was just the angle, but her nipples were now clearly more than an inch lower compared to her clavicles, and the volume of each was obviously decreased.

Sharon gasped, though, seeing not the change in her pubic hair, but below… Her clitoris seemed huge now, compared to the way it had been. She could not believe it, and reached down, touching herself. That triggered the familiar ‘TWANG’ and the openly rubbed herself for several seconds before gaining control, and looking at Dave.

“I didn’t know that could happen from having so much sex,” she said, covering her sex with one hand. Dave seemed to choke at that.

“Kelly,” he barked, “Get over here… Get naked.” The little brunette quickly complied, and Sharon found herself looking at her lover’s tight bodied reflection beside her own. A wave of almost demanding arousal swept through her, and Sharon imagined turning and pulling Kelly close, kissing her despite Dave’s presence. Shaking in new fear at such a demanding, aggressive thought, she looked back at Dave.

“You dumb slut,” Dave shook his head, “That’s not from too much sex… That’s from this,” he held up the bag. “It’s steroids. You’ve been taking testosterone for weeks.” Sharon was horrified. She remembered the various ads on television… it could cause cancer. Women were not supposed to handle it, she did not think.

“Oh my God,” she whispered, even as horror and fear threatened to become rage, “That bastard!” she could picture the seemingly concerned MarKing giving her the bag. “Why!?” Dave shrugged.

“Other chapters of BZ are jealous that we have such a great group of BZ Bitches,” he told both women, motioning for them to get into their costumes. Sharon obeyed without considering it, her head swirling at what she had learned. “No more of this!” Dave said pointedly, throwing the nearly empty bag into a trash can. Sharon nodded, even while part of her wondered if she could get the bag out without his noticing. She was not sure why. “Your skin will clear up, we’ll get your boobs taken care of, you’ll be fine.” Sharon nodded again, her focus on the mask in his hand, rather then what he was saying.

“Thank you,” she managed when her costume was in place, the quick release tabs double checked, “Uhm, can I have my mask?”

“Little bitch,” Dave snickered, “You never give up. Sorry, but no. Besides,” he interrupted her argument, “There’s nobody in there you would know anyway.”

“How can you be so sure?” she asked angrily. Dave snorted.

“How many of your friends are single men who would be lonely and visit a strip club on Christmas eve.” Sharon had no ready answer for that. “You behave yourself, and maybe you can wear it for the next set.” And with that Dave turned and left the women to finish with their make up before performing on a stage they had never seen before.

Safely out of earshot through the hidden doors at the front of the club, Dave fished his phone out and checked. Sure enough, Shaun was still on.

“You heard?” he asked.

“That arrogant motherfucker!” Shaun was still spitting nails. “It’s a good thing Go got suspicious.” Dave chose not to argue about that. “I’ve already got a call in to his office and his chapter President.

“That asshole has to pay,” Dave agreed, “But it may not be so bad after all.”

“What are you talking about?” Shaun was clearly not past being mad.

“Well, her skin will clear up. I know just who can take care of her breasts, and the clit looks good.”

“Did she handle it well?”

“She was spitting nails, but that will go away, too… Before long we’ll have our meek little housewife back, but with a prize winning clit.”

“I guess,” Shaun was taking some convincing.

“And that smoky voice? It won’t go away either.”

“Good point, D,” Shaun conceded, “You’re right, I guess… it’ll be OK But MarKing,”

“MarKing is going to wish he hadn’t fucked with us,” Dave agreed, “Gotta go, man, their set’s starting,” Shaun heard the muffled beat of the music change.

“Dave,” he said, “Don’t push her too hard, I don’t want to read in the paper about the stripper who whacked a room full of horny guys from ‘roid rage.”

“A’ight,” Dave snorted, “Though watching her tear some of these guys up might almost be worth it.” Shaun could barely hear him over the heavy bass. “I’ll talk to you later.” He did not bother responding to Dave, hanging up, and wondering what the footage would be like; he had never seen a ‘gentlemen’s club’ that was not wired like it was a casino… except with the cameras better hidden. Sure they had to share the girls’ take with Go and the owner of the club where they were dancing… he smiled, remembering the guy’s name, Percy Biggens. Every second the girls were there, though, BZ had the rights to the multiple cameras that would catch their act and the holiday festivities.

Dave pushed the heavy black out curtains apart, ducking into the dimly lit club just as his women sauntered onto the main stage. The crowd was thin, not unexpected for Christmas Eve… even single horny guys usually had family or friends to hang with this night. He also knew lots of the girls were off, leaving only the destitute, desperate, and rookies at most clubs. Biggins had jumped at Dave’s suggestion, in part because several of the worn but still usable BZ Bitches had been through his club in the last years. The BZ Bitches had been in service long before Dave or Shaun arrived, a perk of being in the frat. They had merely improved on the system.

Counting, Dave guessed it would be no problem for the girls to handle their duties. As if they had a choice. He considered checking to be sure that they did what had been promised, closing the door once his girls went on stage. The privacy and security fence that screened the impressive downtown parking slab had already been pulled almost closed, and the ‘come hither’ flashing signs that were on when the place was open had been turned off. Percy knew how it worked; he had his hard core regulars here, some probably thanks to a brief ‘guess what’ call they had received during the day, which was fine with Dave. He had warned the savvy club owner they only had 2 hours. saw Percy in a little box at the far side of the club, reminiscent of Go’s perch, right down to the mirrored glass behind and above him.

“And now,” the DJ affected a Michael Buffer tone, “From down the road to help you forget your holiday blues, “Give a Hot Rocket’s welcome to Fallen Angels!” Spotlights hit the masked blonde and brunette as they strutted onto the stage, Sharon in her red and black demoness costume following Kelly in the ‘virginal angel costume. The specially fitted wings on Sharon’s bustier spread out as she lifted her shoulders, throwing her head back to match the scream of the heavy metal track that began to pulse.

Catching Kelly’s hand, Sharon spun the smaller girl around, and Kelly raised her free arm as if in fright, then broke away, leaping to the first pole and climbing it as she spun. Sharon moved in under, acting as a spotter while clawing at the younger woman’s transparent white mini skirt. When Kelly froze, striking a sexy position high up on the pole, the blonde housewife executed her own turn on the pole beneath, grinding against it suggestively, before turning away to bend at the waist, the thick brass centered on the crack in her ass. She flexed her knees, seemingly masturbating against the pole. Shivering, she paused, looking out at the men in front of her and licked her lips suggestively.

Watching, Dave could understand why Go said their captive housewife brought in business like no other three girls. The previously listless crowd was watching the women intently, cheering at Sharon’s change in expression as she resumed humping the pole. Biting her lip, Sharon braced her hands on the floor, doing an angled handstand, keeping her ass, and then her crotch against the metal. When she was high enough, she curled her right leg around, flexing at the waist, lifting her body up away from the floor as she spun beneath Kelly, who was turning the opposite direction, head up. Sharon groped her breasts before catching the pole with one hand and reaching up, snagging Kelly’s skirt with her other.

She released her legs, reversing position before again catching the brass with her calves and ankles, spinning again as she slipped lower until her ass came to rest on the stage. In her hand, she held Kelly’s skirt. The man shouted encouragement.

As the song ended, Sharon prowled the stage edge, offering each man holding up a bill a glimpse of tit as they tucked them into her bustier… Well, at least if the bill was more than a single, Dave noticed with a smile. She had learned how to leave them hungry. By her second pass, it was all 5′s and 10′s being waved. Kelly slipped gracefully down from the pole, moving farther onto the stage, looking about as if she was preparing to flee. The music changed, a heave hip hop number, at which point Sharon snapped her head over, ‘discovering’ the fleeing angel. Kelly leaped for the far pole, but Sharon was faster, catching hold of the brass above the brunette’s hand, and the pair spun together, Sharon smiling wildly, Kelly’s eyes closed in apparent fear. Legs intertwined, they continued the spin, leaning out and waving their arms theatrically as the movement slowed and together they sank once again to the floor.

As Kelly turned away to flee, Sharon caught hold of her wings, which came away to be flung expertly back away from the patrons. And Kelly’s top popped free in the same moment, baring her breasts. The ‘shy’ brunette covered herself ineffectually, as Sharon pulled her close, hands knocking Kelly’s aside as she roughly mauls the brunette’s bare chest. Kissing Kelly’s neck, Sharon threw her head back, smiling cruelly as Kelly’s mouth dropped open in apparent arousal, head lolling back against the blonde.

Sharon turned while rising, pacing around before Kelly, who shook her head as if to banish the impure thoughts she was having, She covered her chest again, and frowning, Sharon pauses, ripping away the front of her own costume, leaving the black wings on , but baring her breasts to Kelly and the crowd. Hips pumping to the music, she squatted, lifting Kelly’s hand to her pierced nipple, then pretending to ‘claw’ Kelly’s. The brunette reacted as if in pain, the movement stripping away the nipple colored pasty she had been wearing over her nipples, making it seem as if Sharon had just magically pierced them. Her head fell back, body undulating, hips finding the rhythm of the song as Sharon rose, hips and ass working as she went around the stage’s edge once more.

The patrons– regulars, Dave was sure– were pressing against the rail, eager to get some attention from the black owned housewife. When she had made a complete circuit, shimmying out of her micro skirt, leaving just the thong, demon wings, a belt, and heels, Sharon came back to Kelly, who had been working her end of the stage, bumping and grinding, seemingly ‘overcome’ by the music and Sharon’s touch. Without preamble the older blonde latched onto one of Kelly’s breasts, suckling hungrily, while her hands roamed over the brunette’s petite body. The men cheered as they were teased with glimpses of what lay under Kelly’s thong.

As the third more upbeat number started, Sharon straddled Kelly, and the women did an impressive tandem bump and grind, further enflaming the crowd. As the chorus started, Sharon bent, and the women kissed passionately, before Sharon did a brief handstand, legs splayed in an inverted split, the crotch of her thong dark with her arousal. She spun her hips a half turn, then came down on all fours, her knees beyond Kelly’s head. Pulling herself over the smaller woman by bracing her hands on Kelly’s knees, Sharon glanced at the crowd, ass twitching her intention. There was a collective roar of encouragement, & then reaching down the blonde ripped her thong away and pivoted her lower body forward, driving her sex against ‘the angel’s’ face.

Both women twitched and writhed in time to the music before Sharon threw her head back, crying out in a feigned (Dave wondered) release before reaching down, ripping Kelly’s thong away. There was a collective pause, as two dozen male eyes were riveted to the young woman’s neatly femiscaped sex. Sharon had held her thong, the only ‘disposable’ part of their costumes, & hurling one each to the left and right, she plunged her face between Kelly’s thighs. Dave knew this was where Go had told him this team beat any other pair he had ever put together to dance. Instead of feigning the attraction and the sex, Kelly and Sharon went at it, spurred on by the surrounding crowd, which subliminally he guessed was very like performing at the frat.

And the testosterone’s effects on Sharon were never more obvious. She was the aggressor, taking what she wanted, driving Kelly to a powerful orgasm, and continuing without pause. The men, used to the usual three song set, cheered when a fourth song started. It seemed that the women were unaware of their admirers, leaning close over the rails lining the stage. Bills were tossed at the women, some bouncing off of Sharon’s back, and one tangling in Kelly’s splayed jet black hair. Sharon’s hands had roamed over her body and Kelly’s, and after feigned fear, hands pressed spread wide against the stage for the first verse after Sharon’s assault, Kelly was reciprocating.

When the first chorus began, the busty brunette lifted head and shoulders. Sharon leaned forward, and their passionate 69 changed to a seated exchange, the married blonde’s ass jutting high in the air. At the end of the chorus, Kelly leaned, and a moment later she was on top, no longer theatrically eating the blonde, but instead riding Sharon’s face, hands roaming her body, pinching her pierced nipples, reveling in the debauchery. She paused only as the second chorus began, looking about as if realizing for the first time there were spectators… and what she was doing. She leapt to her feet, trying to run off stage.

The ‘belt’ Sharon had been wearing had been deftly attached to ‘Kelly’s choker, and it payed out as the brunette reached the edge of the stage and disappeared, triggering several loud protests. Sharon came gracefully to her feet, pausing to ‘finish herself off’ with her fingers before the crowd, before holding up her left hand, and showing the other end of what had become Kelly’s ‘leash.’ Snapping it, the coil she raised raced off stage, and then Sharon gave an exaggerated pull, and Kelly was ‘dragged’ back into the men’s view, clutching at the choker around her neck. When she turned to face the ‘Demoness’, the move activated the wings she had quickly changed out off stage, and her new black fletching spread behind her shoulders as Sharon’s had at the set’s beginning.

Abandoning her half hearted attempt to escape, Kelly paused when Sharon quit pulling, looking about imperiously at the men eyeing them and cheering. Tossing her hair, she strutted across the stage, pausing for a heels high turn on the close pole and leaving the ‘leash’ there as she continued, meting Sharon beyond the far pole at the rounded front of the stage. Sharon lifted her chin when the smaller brunette paused before her. Reaching up, Kelly caught Sharon’s hair, then pulled the older woman down, and they kissed, legs entwined, grinding against each other standing up, wings moving as the final song closed.

They stepped apart, bowed to the front and both sides, Sharon slapping Kelly’s ass when she turned away from the blonde to the left. Each made a full pass of the stage, picking up the various bills and pausing to let the men tuck additional bills into the garter each wore for that specific purpose. Neither was good at keeping the ‘veils’ that had been left by passing wait staff to ‘shield them’ from the men in place– they had never used them at Go’s. Their ease at being nude around strangers just increased their audience’s fervor.

Only when they were safely back stage did one of the new ‘regular’ dancers warn them they could ‘get the place closed down’ if they didn’t keep covered up when interacting with the customers. Percy had come in– like Go, his presence in the girls’ dressing room caused no commotion, it was so common– and he laughed, swatting the pouting dishwater blonde on the ass.

“Get out there and earn your keep, Pink.” Dave, who had followed Percy in realized the young performer had ink matching the singer. He wondered if she had started out with her hair dyed and cut in the too boyish bob. Chastised, the young dancer cast a final jealous glare at Kelly and Sharon before she turned on a 5″ heel and went through the curtain to join the first girl who had started the next set.

Percy looked at the visiting dancers, both of whom were flushed with arousal, standing calmly before him in just the bits of their costumes that were left at the end of their set. Damn, he had a great job. “Great work out there,” he smiled, “Though Pink is right… if this wasn’t a special night you and I could get in trouble getting that close to the guests without being covered up.”

“Who are you kidding?” Dave snorted, “Come the new year they won’t let your girls show anything.” Percy shook his head,

“Don’t remind me.” The city council was happy taking the tens of thousands he paid each year in tax. But when the city had built the new arena north of the highway, even his clean and well kept establishment four blocks south of the highway had been too close. ‘Progressive’ legislators had pushed through a bill banning nudity even in the juice bars. As of the New Year it would be a ‘lingerie club.’ And he expected to lose more than half of his revenue. But he was always looking for ways to spin things his own way, “We’re putting in a gym upstairs. It’s going to offer cheap ‘pole dancing exercise routines.”

“Great way to recruit new talent,” Dave agreed with a knowing smile. They might have to provide Percy with some of the special sauce they used to help ensnare the girls.

“It ain’t lemonade, but it ain’t out of business, either,” Percy allowed. “‘Sides, I got a shop opening up just outside the city limits west… It’ll pull the kids from the university. And we’re opening a shop east of here, too, where the others went the last time the City Council got uppity. How long do you think before they’ll be letting things get a little more lax to help entertain the various conventions they’ll have going through?” Dave nodded his agreement, “So we’ll keep this place as it is downstairs… the girls starting out can learn the ropes and not feel quite like they’ve been thrown to the wolves.” He glanced at Sharon especially, “You sure you’re married, girl? You move like a natural.” Sharon blushed but held up her hand, showing off her ring. Percy shook his head in feigned puzzlement. “So this is home for you?” The blush deepened. After a moment Sharon nodded. “Hell, maybe you can come exercise here,” he smiled, “Maybe even help teach the new girls so they can pull a crowd like you two.” He shook his head, “How much did you get?” Both women shrugged then, and with Dave and Percy they straightened, stacked, then counted the various bills. It came to $283. “That’s about twice what the girls usually pull,” he said, honestly impressed, “And that’s just your first set.”

“We can’t stay all night,” Sharon said haughtily, “We have to be home to go to church.” The club owner just snorted at that.

“Okay, girlie,” he shook his head, “Dave said you were a little spitfire…” whatever else he was thinking he did not share, “Well, you know you got to let these little girls have a turn… Pink may actually make a bit tonight following that rev up. We’ll get you back on stage in an hour, then you can do your finale in two hours.”

“We’ll go on in 45 minutes and do two songs in ninety minutes or you’ll have to settle for two sets,” Sharon said angrily. Percy chewed at his lip for a moment.

“OK,” he bobbed his head, “You do your next set and a shirt set in 45 minutes, and we’ll call it good.” Sharon nodded, pretending she knew what he meant by a shirt set. Only when Percy and Dave had filed out did she look over at Kelly.

“That wasn’t bad at all,” the brunette giggled, “God you can get me off so fast it’s scary.” Sharon smiled, leaning over to kiss Kelly, ignoring the looks of the other dancers in the room.

“That’s funny,” she murmured, “I was thinking the same about you.” She absently began to remove the rest of the costume, something Go had provided when he had chosen their name. “I wonder if they’d have been okay if we’d stopped dancing and just went at it.”

“I thought we WERE just going at it,” Kelly giggled again, pressing a palm against her mons. The raw sensuality of the move made Sharon’s clit pulse, TWANG. She shivered, and wondered when that would stop after she stopped the damn hormone cream. And then was horrified to realize she was wondering if she wanted to stop using it. They collected the bits and pieces of the costumes, carefully packing them in the large ‘Dream Dancer’ duffle Go had provided them, replete with ‘their’ logo on the pockets. Sharon blinked at the silhouette of the women at the point of their first set when they’re standing, intertwined, grinding. Arousal sparked again and she struggled to push the need away, glad that in the photo patch she was wearing her ‘Demoness’ mask… She doubted Chris would recognize her, even if her bare breast and pierced nipple were peeking around Kelly’s raised arm. She tried to remember when they had posed for that photo.

Kelly selected one of the many VS thong panties, still in the cellophane wrapper, and slipped it on, handing another to Sharon. “Shar,” her friend and lover asked, “What should we do next?” Sharon shrugged.

“You choose, I think these guys will love whatever we do.” Kelly giggled, “They were a little starved for real performance.” She looked around, “I don’t think this is the A-team… guess that’s why we’re here.”

“We’re here so Dave and Shaun can remind me there’s no escape,” Sharon pouted, instantly regretting what she had said. She hugged the younger woman, “I’m glad you’re here or I don’t think I could do this.” Kelly looked up, nipping another kiss at Sharon.

“What is a shirt set?” Sharon asked, then looked around at the scattered dancers lounging in the room.

“Anyone want to tell us what your boss meant when he said a shirt set?”…


Sharon reflected when it was done they were spared some of the hassles of the shirt set… Usually, they were told, a dancer would strip down, then hand out tickets as she collected ‘gifts’ from the patrons. The lucky number got to come up on stage and ‘paint’ the girl, front and back, then don a plain white T-shirt and the dancer would press against him one way or another, leaving him a unique souvenir. It seemed the girls could buy the paint and T-shirts from the club for the routine, which was done once or twice a night, took an extra set space, but always brought in more money.

When Sharon and Kelly asked Dave, he had ‘checked’ with Percy and assured them they did not have to buy the paint or the shirts that night. But he had also neglected to tell them EVERYONE was going to get a shirt.

Kelly had selected what Sharon called their ‘dueling pianos’ set, which included just that… pianos playing against one another faster and louder, which the women mirrored by seeming to compete against one another on opposite poles. They switched after circling the edge at the end of the first song, repeating the ‘dares’ and ‘one ups’ through Rocco Delucca’s ‘Colorful,’ which was mercifully short. After collecting once again from the men pressed shoulder to shoulder along the edge, the women started together with another sensual exchange that fired the men up before they separated and moved around the stage, showing themselves off like they did at Snake Eyes, not caring about ‘the law,’ to ‘Porn Star Dancing’ by My Darkest Days. The risk they were taking by exposing themselves never crossed either woman’s mind, and they had collected more money by the end of the set then they had for the more energetic first appearance.

Panting, sweaty from the exertion, the girls waited arm in arm after their set. Percy came up onto the stage at the end, stepping between Kelly and Sharon and lifting their hands, clearly unconcerned that both were topless as he asked if his ‘favorite guests’ hadn’t enjoyed his little Christmas present. The men cheered, a few additional bills tossed onto the stage as Percy continued that it was not often that a potential traveling headline duo visited with the changes in the city’s laws. That comment triggered a spate of hisses and boos, Percy had deftly turned back into cheers by getting the women to spin, assuring them he would always bring quality performers in. A waitress came to the rail, and Percy took the glasses of juice she offered, handing one to each of the women and taking one for himself, toasting the girls, then toasting the crowd, before adding that they had with them a Sexpo award winner and possible AVN award winner performing for them that night. The guys cheered, and Sharon blushed.

Waving his hands where they rested barely above the women’s breasts, Percy explained that to show their appreciation for the men’s support and the support of the other dancers, Kelly and Sharon had arranged for a special shirt set.

Sharon assumed he meant that both she and Kelly would be doing shirts, and laughed as she and Kelly circled the stage edge, still topless, their ‘veils’ tucked under an arm, trading carnival tickets for 5′s and 10′s. It took a minute, because Dave had brought out a box of paper tubes, which he had explained Kelly and Sharon were supposed to hand out with the tickets, but there were only a few dozen men present. Sharon giggled, watching the men jockey for positions at the rail just to get their tickets.

She and Kelly came back and Percy held a bucket out for each to draw a ticket. Then he held the microphone as they read the numbers aloud. The man holding Kelly’s ticket was a distinguished older man, gray at the temples. Sharon giggled, thinking she would never have expected to see him in a strip club. Her ‘working smile’ did not waver as the man with the ticket she had drawn jumped onto the stage, crowing in triumph. He was barely older than Dave or Shaun, wearing what had once been a white wife beater and filthy jeans. He was skinny in an unhealthy way, and seemed consumed by too much energy, with wild brown hair and wilder eyes. She did not have to look twice to think ‘meth,’ enough of the girls at Go’s had pointed them out– usually shortly before one of the bouncers escorted them out– that she did not think twice. The young man hugged her awkwardly, then stood to the side, bouncing from foot to foot.

“Well, now that we have our winners,” Percy went on, and the rest of the crowd quieted, some obviously disappointed, but all watching closely, which puzzled Sharon. She turned, to see the DJ and Pink pushing a cart out onto the stage. It held several wide mouth paint bottles from which wooden handles protruded. “I don’t know if the girls should paint each other or if the winners should get that honor…” The guy who had the ticket Sharon had drawn spun and hurried to the cart, returning with a blue and red brush in his hands. “I guess that settles that,” Percy chuckled, then cautioned, “Shoulders to waist at the front, gentlemen, and of course…”

He stepped back, and the smiling men eagerly went to work. Sharon gasped at the first touch of the cold paint, which amused the young man smearing the blue pigment thickly over her breasts. He switched to red for her abdomen, then caught her arm and turned her around. Sharon hesitated, not wanting this stranger to be so close to her when she was naked, but she saw Dave watching and complied without a word. The man switched from the brushes he had used on her chest to the small rollers, painting three stripes down each globe of her ass. “Wait,” he said, and turned her around, reaching up before Sharon knew what he was doing and wiping the paint away from her nipples with his bare fingers. He leered at Sharon at having gotten away with it, then used the edge of a brush to apply yellow paint to both before stepping back.

Percy came back out onto the stage. “I know we’re supposed to have them put the shirts on inside out,” he began, and the crowd booed, “But it’s Christmas, and we’re all friends here, so what say we do it the way the Rocket girls used to?” The room erupted with cheers, and the men took the oversized white T-shirts Percy provided, slipping them on and laying on the floor, face up. “Girls,” Percy gestured, as if Sharon and Kelly should know what to do, “Go ahead and create your Masterpieces.”

Kelly was the first to act. Giggling, she picked her drink off of the tray of paint, and downing it, she straddled the guy and dropped to her knees. Having followed suit with her drink, Sharon giggled too, thinking how much it looked like her friend was about to screw the guy right on stage. TWANG, her clit pulsed at the thought, even though her potential partner was nothing short of revolting. Kelly waited as Sharon mirrored her position over the disheveled young man. Down close to him on the floor, Sharon could tell that he had not bathed in some time. Percy and the crowd counted down from 3 and the women leaned forward, pressing themselves against the shirts and the men underneath them.

Sharon saw Kelly start to wriggle, but when she moved to follow the other woman’s example, the man’s hands caught her waist.

“Don’t,” he whispered, “I don’t want the print smeared. Sharon nodded, settling for letting her hips dance playfully, which the crowd seemed to enjoy… and which from the swelling in his pants, she knew he appreciated, too. Abruptly Percy was between them, reaching down to help the women up.

“Now usually,” other dancers were there to help the men up as Percy addressed the crowd, “We have the ladies to a little bump to put their fanny print on the shirt…” As he spoke, the other dancers carefully helped the men out of their shirts, turning them around, then putting them back on so that back was to their front. “But I was thinking we can do better for our prize winners.” The crowd was quiet, watching expectantly, “Gentlemen, go ahead and get close.” Sharon and Kelly looked around nervously as the men moved close behind them. Sharon’s prize winner caught hold of her waist, and she found herself wondering if he had unzipped… was he about to spear into her there on stage in front of so many strange men? Her body shivered at the intense arousal the thought triggered, even as she was horrified, too. He was hard, she knew, leaning over, bracing her hands on her knees.

Sharon gasped as the young man drove himself against her bottom as if he was going to pile drive her. Her body rocked, but he kept hold of her waist, and then he was grinding against her, the pressure so close to her engorged, clit she could almost get off… She whined without thinking about it when he backed off, not caring that she had seriously wondered what disease he might have to be so painfully skinny. She stood shakily, then leaned against Kelly, the BZ Bitches watching as the other dancers industriously sprayed a fixative over the paint on the shirts while Percy teased the men that they would have to shower before they got home or their wives might wonder what they had been up to.

Pulling a pair of sharpies from his pocket, he told the men to wait, and then after applying the date and his initials to the back of each shit above the women’s ‘fanny prints,’ he had Sharon and Kelly sign their ‘art’ for the winners. Sharon thought that would be the end of it, until she saw the men lining up at each side of the stage, cash in hand. The other dancers set about collecting money and handing out shirts, as Sharon realized they were going to be busy for quite awhile taking care of the patrons… only a few had returned to their seats to enjoy lap dances or to simply watch what was happening on stage.

Unlike the winners, Percy had Sharon and Kelly ‘paint each other’ for the other guests, which the women turned into a spectacle without thinking about it. And while the men got the same full body front treatment, afterwards they were instructed to squat, bend over, or kneel and the women pressed their butt against the shirt back, leaving what looked like oval angel wings at varying heights. After the third or fourth, Sharon had lost count, Percy called a halt, and the girls ‘cleaned each other up’ with hand towels wetted with cold water. They tossed back another drink, and Sharon was glad for the warmth of the alcohol in her stomach as she and Kelly resumed painting each other, then pressing themselves against one man after another.

They had stopped to clean up again three more times before the last guy in the line on each side stepped onto the stage. The women were thoroughly smeared with paint, but nobody was complaining. Somewhere along the way, the guys had started to kiss Sharon as she was wriggling on top of them, and the ever present erections pushing against her bare sex had kept her aroused and unsatisfied. Sharon saw that the last guy had already been up once– he had paint on his neck above his collar.

“You’ll want to clean that up,” she slurred and giggled, “One wasn’t good enough for you?” She was embarrassed she did not remember him being up before. He smiled, nodding at the other guy, who was also watching as she and Kelly painted each other up.

“Naw, Danny and I decided we wanted one from each of you.” Sharon smiled, pleased that she had not missed being so close to him. “You’re amazing,” the man continued, “You’ve got every guy here wishing he could take you home.”

“Sorry,” she giggled, “I have to go help Santa tonight.” The man just shrugged and Sharon stepped back from Kelly, applying a final curlicue of blue radiating from the brunette’s pierced nipples over her red smeared breasts, “There, I think Danny will have a shirt he can tell stories about.” She giggled, looking at the paint Kelly had applied, to her blue stomach, a yellow arrow pointed straight down, and what looked like letters, but were backwards to either side. “Ready?” The men flopped onto their backs. Sharon paused as she straddled the handsome man. She laughed, “You want it to be unique?” The guy nodded, and instead of straddling his waist, she moved up, throwing her leg over his head, almost pressing her sex against his face before laying down so that her breasts were against his stomach.

The guys around the room cheered as she carefully began to wriggle, not wanting to smear Kelly’s art too much. It wasn’t really a surprise when the guy’s tongue thrust up into her naked sex. She shivered an moaned, pressing her sex against him, pleased he was so adventurous, willing him to get her off. He worked her slit, then focused on her swollen clit, & she threw her head back, climaxing loudly before pushing up and collapsing to the side, still shaking from her release. The guy was smiling, his face liberally smeared with her honey.

“You are such a slut!” Kelly laughed, “Careful or they’ll all want another shirt.” Sharon just bit her lip, then leaned over, kissing the younger woman passionately. Percy told the men he hoped they liked their Christmas presents, ushering the women to the back curtain before pausing to add that he would have to see if they could find some sort of stocking stuffer.

Sharon and Kelly laughed, looking at the smeared paint coating them from neck to knee, with splatters on their face and in Sharon’s hair. Percy pointed out the shower, and the women climbed in together without hesitation, and without real surprise when The other side was open to the club, the guys dividing their time between watching the women clean up and watching the dancers working the stage once again.

“That cost them a fortune,” Kelly giggled, nipples stiffening under Sharon’s skilled touch, “Did you see what those cost?” Sharon shrugged.

“Nope… I thought they were Christmas presents.” Kelly laughed.

“Well, they were, but they had to pay for them… they were shelling out $70 apiece.” Sharon was surprised. She shivered as Kelly’s fingers found her dripping sex, sliding up so that her thumb worked her clit, while inside two fingers skillfully teased.

“Mmmm,” Sharon groaned, kissing the smaller woman, “You are so sexy.”

“You, too…” they were lost in getting one another off under the steam heedless of their audience and unaware of the time until there was a rap on the glass.

“C’mon, ladies,” one of the other employees said through the semi-opaque door, “Percy wants you upstairs.”

“We’re going home,” Sharon called through the door as Kelly shut the water off.

“Take that up with him.” Neither woman thought at all about standing naked and dripping wet before a strange man in the dressing room, taking the plush towels he offered, then leading the women, still drying off, through the dark hallway to a back staircase. The pounding sound of the next dancer’s music made the risers vibrate. They exited into what was going to be the club’s exercise studios, poles affixed at intervals across almost half of the room, with a linoleum floor beneath but not raised from the rest of the room like the stage.

Mirrors lined the walls by the poles, with three big widescreen monitors on the wall, and more even bigger screens on the front wall. There was a cash stand to one side of the customers’ stairway, and plush straight back chairs to the other side, with bins full of boas and other paraphernalia on that wall.

Sharon realized their second dance set was playing on the monitors. Percy and Dave were talking, and when they saw the women, Percy waved them over, their guide going down the opposite stairs as Sharon and Kelly took tall champagne flutes from Percy’s thin fingers.

“That was quite amazing,” he smiled at both women in turn. “And Dave says you hadn’t done a shirt set before?” They shook their heads. “Well you’re both naturals, although you,” he raised an eyebrow at Sharon, “Could get me in trouble if we had not taken special steps tonight.” Sharon shrugged.

“I thought that’s why you wanted us,” she said calmly, “Something a little more special than what your customers usually enjoy.”

“Quite right,” Percy nodded, “Beautiful and smart, too… That’s a dangerous combination, David.” Sharon almost laughed at that, knowing how totally Dave and Shaun had brought her under their will. And at anyone calling Dave ‘David.’ She saw the clock over his shoulder, behind the cash register… It was after 8. She had forgotten all about the time on stage.

“We have to go,” she pointed to the clock, relieved that Kelly was surprised, too.

“In short order,” Percy said, unruffled, and ignoring Sharon’s glare, “You’re under contract to sign autographs, too.” Sharon rolled her eyes, but did not argue. She looked around for a table, like she had seen at bookstore signings. There was only a TV tray set beside one of the plush chairs which itself was up against a pole with a mirror angled in the background.

“OK, but we have to hurry,” Sharon pouted, “We’re both going to just stand here and sign?” she looked down, realizing belatedly, “We should probably go put something on.”

“Nonsense,” Percy snorted, “You’ll have much happier fans this way, I think.” He pointed to the chair, We’ll let them come visit you one at a time. Burton,” the emotionless man who had led them up to the ‘gym’ reappeared, “Will see that you’re treated well.” Kelly nodded, and giggled when Percy put her hand through his arm, leading her back down the stairs where she and Sharon had come up. When Sharon looked back, she saw that Pink had come up, too, and behind her was one of the men, an older heavy balding man, who clutched at his shirt as if it was a prized possession. Sharon downed her champagne, setting it on the counter by the cash register, then moved to sit on the chair, pretending not to notice the man’s lingering stare on her nude body. He paused, when Burton directed him to where Pink was standing.

Dave bustled in through a hidden door behind the counter at that moment, spreading out various boxes and wrapped packages. From her position, Sharon could not see exactly what he had, but the man pored over it for a moment, before selecting what looked like a DVD case. He paid Pink, then turned and approached as another dancer appeared from the top of the stairs, an old Polaroid camera in her hands.

The man paused in front of her, licking his lips as he held out the shirt and a gold sharpie marker. Sharon smiled up at him, feeling sorry at how desperately lonely he seemed.

“Are you enjoying yourself tonight?” she asked, and he nodded, eyes bouncing from her nipples to her eyes and back. She took the shirt from his hand, noticed the slight tremor, and found herself wondering if he was as old as her father would have been if her parents had still been alive. It seemed unfair that he would not have someone to share the holiday with. “I hope the other girls treat you right for Christmas Eve, she said, then smiled at him, “Who should I make it out to?”

“Cozy,” he said, a voice roughened as his fingers by a lifetime smoking. Sharon frowned.

“Koozey, like the drink holder?” He chuckled.

“No… C O Z Y, like the fire.” That took her a moment, and then Sharon laughed. Nodding, she scrawled, ‘To Cozy, Merry Christmas, Love, Sharon,’ across the back shoulder and handed it back. She was surprised when she saw the DVD he handed her, one of the ‘BZ productions’ pieces, showing her in her elf costume on the cover. Trying to hide her horror at the open way he face was printed on the front, she scrawled her name across it, hiding it. Cozy did not seem to mind. She set the marker on the TV tray, puzzled when he stood there. Glad that someone had refilled the flute, she took a swallow of the cold, bubbly liquid.

“How do you want her, Cozy,” the second dancer asked, and Sharon blinked, unsure what was happening. Clearly Cozy was a regular, since the young woman was too far away to have heard their exchange.

“Uhm, I’d like a hug… but I want to be able to… you know, see,” the man blushed. Sharon stood up, not fully understanding.

“Of course I’ll hug you,” she said without thinking, “I mean, so long as you don’t mind that I’m naked and still a little wet.” The man’s eyes bugged, and Sharon realized what she had just said. She giggled, batting her eyes, “Well, you know what I mean.” She curled a leg around the older man’s, putting her arms around him and setting her head against his chest. She blinked, seeing the camera in front of the dancer’s face.

“Raise your right arm,” the younger woman said, and Sharon did without thinking. “Turn your pelvis to the right… open your knee up…” the camera flashed. Cozy inhaled deeply, pulling Sharon close. For a moment Sharon nearly panicked, but Burton cleared his throat and Cozy picked his things off of the TV tray and moved back toward the stairs.

Sharon blinked, seeing another patron turning away from Pink and Dave, his arms heavy with DVDs, when suddenly Cozy was back in front of her.

“I forgot,” he mumbled, holding up the paper tube Kelly and Sharon had passed out while they were giving the men tickets. Sharon’s breath caught, and she remembered the night she had first actually buried her face in Kelly’s sex, eating her out live on stage. The image caught her with her tongue lapping through Kelly’s sex, looking down from over Kelly’s head, her eyes closed, mouth open in pleasure. ‘Fallen Angels’ was printed above and below the picture, along with the Snake Eyes logo.

Numb, Sharon signed the flyer, smiling weakly at Cozy before her new fan once again headed for the stairs. She did not remember any photos being taken while they were dancing… Sure, she had been… focused, but her eyes were open, staring up at Kelly’s reaction, so she should have seen the flash… She shuddered, wondering if their every movement on stage was captured by such high resolution cameras. She knew with sinking certainty it was true, even as she wondered what she would have to give up to protect her family this time. Groping blindly for the glass, she emptied it without a pause, readying herself for the next fan.

Some of the men had not gotten T-shirts from her– Kelly had not realized that Sharon’s were $100, not $70– but everyone had the flyer, and most purchased a DVD or a CD ROM photo set for her to sign. Several chose the ‘Honorary BZ’ T shirt, emblazoned across the back ‘Size Does Matter’ with the fraternity crest. She found herself writing ‘Thanks for getting me off’ on more than one of those.

The posing was the most humiliating. Guys had pictures taken as they pretended to suck her breasts, as she pretended to suck their jeans covered cock, and had her straddle them, leaning back head and hair down as if she was impaled as they sat on the chair. On had her sit on his lap facing away, and told her to lift her legs to each side, keeping them straight. Just before the girl took the picture, he had whispered, ‘reach down and spread those lips.’ Sharon had done it, blushing at how exposed she was. Of course, the next guy in line had seen that, and she had repeated it in variations for the next three. One guy had her bend over at the waist and stood behind her as if he was riding her from behind, telling her ‘to look sexy’ as the photo was snapped. A couple had her stand behind them as they sat in the chair, resting her breasts on their head or shoulder. One had her stand behind and drape a leg over, so that her crotch was against the back of his head. The next guy liked that, but insisted she put her leg over the other shoulder so he could see all of her in the photo.

And of course, they had questions… Are you really married? Do you have kids? Is your daughter this hot? Does Kelly have sex with your husband? Does your husband know what you do? Doesn’t your husband get you off? Are you a nymphomaniac? Does size really matter? Do you have sex with fans? Do you prefer cock or Kelly? And the backhanded How do you stay in such great shape for being as old as you are? She smiled and shrugged and offered pat answers that the men seemed to accept without hesitation or second thought.

Several of the girls came up, too, and Sharon laughed an without a second thought struck lewd and suggestive poses with the other women, going so far with one as lying back on the faux wood linoleum and having the woman straddle her head, her tongue just touching the stranger’s pouting labia while the girl leaned down, opening her sex with one hand for the Polaroid. Sharon was tempted to take it farther, confident the other stripper would reciprocate, and increasingly aware that she needed to cum. But the next dancer was standing there by that time, so Sharon went on with ‘her job.’

Having seen some of the other photos, when her ‘shirt winner’ came up, he was wearing the shirt, and had Sharon sign it again with the gold marker low on the front, ‘loved your cock, Sharon.’ She signed his flyer ‘loved riding you, Sharon’ and managed to obscure her face on his DVD with his requested, ‘I’m not the same after you, Joel.’ line.

Joel had also paid for three Polaroids. First he had her sit on his lap, legs out, knees bent slightly, spreading her labia with her fingers and pinching her pierced nipple with the other hand. “Put your finger in your cunt,” he told her, then, and Sharon did, aware that his hand had moved around to press lightly on her stomach over her pierced navel. She did, absently working her finger in & out, which emphasized how aroused she had been through all of the autograph session, and without any relief. Joel waited, and she could feel him leering as she masturbated on his lap. Dimly she wondered if he had paid for a video, but was too absorbed in her building pleasure to ask or argue. “Put two fingers in deep, and pull them to the side,” Joel’s rank breath at her ear carried his whisper and Sharon obeyed without a second thought as the second photo was snapped. Her body shuddered, she was so close… “Lick your fingers now,” he demanded, and Sharon did without hesitation. “Put your head back on my shoulder.” She did, groaning around her glistening fingers, her hips bucking up as his hand dropped from where she’d let him leave it on her belly, pressing firmly against her swollen clit, two fingers curling up inside of her. The third photo flashed, and Sharon was tempted to remain there, letting him get her off, but the memory that something was wrong spurred a measure of self-preservation and she hopped off of his lap, his fingers dragging over her ass as he tried without seeming to do so to hold her in place.

“All right,” Burton must have noticed the near fear in Sharon’s expression. Joel pouted but with a final leer, he collected his photos from the girl holding the Polaroid and slunk back down the stairs. “You’re almost done,” Burton said to reassure the wide eyed blonde, “Just this last one.” Sharon nodded, and was pleasantly surprised to see it was the same guy who had gotten the last shirt. He held the shirt up as he approached.

“I guess I shouldn’t have let you do that upside down.” he offered a rueful smile. Sharon laughed, because Kelly had managed to write ‘climb on’ on her belly for the last shirt, which mean the arrow she had drawn was pointed up at his face.

“Well,” she blushed slightly, embarrassed at telling a stranger the truth, “It’s not inaccurate.” The guy smiled, handing her the flyer.

“Glad to hear that… I think I’m gonna wear that shirt ever day,” he shook his head, “That was unbelievable.” Sharon laughed.

“I’m the one who should say that…” she paused, waving the marker over the flyer.

“Oh,” he realized what she was waiting for, “Adam,” he smiled, “Pleased to meet you.”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Sharon answered, intentionally seductively– her clit was pulsing almost uncontrollably she was so aroused. She scrawled, ‘Adam, Thanks for helping me lick that pesky itch! Love, Sharon.’ He had purchased the new DVD and a photo CD Rom which she signed as well, before asking if he wanted a Polaroid, too. He nodded.

“I’d be a fool not to.” Sharon stood, looping an arm around Adam’s back and kicking her opposite leg out, knee flexed, to expose her pussy.

“Put your hand on my breast,” she told him, surprised at how husky her voice was. She giggled when he hesitated, “I won’t bite… unless you ask me,” she teased. When he did, she brought her hand back around, dipping it inside of his jeans before he could react. She spread her sex with the other hand, thumb pressing firmly against her hungry clit. The camera flashed, the motor whirred, and the small white square appeared. “Is there another picture left?” Sharon asked the younger woman who had been taking the pictures. The skinny bottle blonde checked and nodded.

Leaving none of the others time to consider what she was doing, Sharon dropped to her knees, opening Adam’s jeans. “It seems unfair I haven’t taken care of you, too,” she murmured, looking up at him as she then ran her tongue up the underside of his erect cock. “But I can’t really let you have sex with me… sorry hon.” Adam nodded, the look of disbelief on his face making Sharon want to laugh… almost as much as she wanted to cum. She stood fluidly, “I’m going to trust you here,” she kept a hand on his cock, “Pick me up.”

Adam did not hesitate, scooping her up like she was a child. Sharon shivered, amazed at how strong he was. “What do you do?” she asked. “I’m a cop,” he said, then laughed, “Don’t worry, this isn’t prostitution, and I’m not in Vice… this is too great to do anything to stop it,” he assured her. Sharon giggled, “Care to get me off again?” Adam raised an eyebrow. She shrugged, “They may not always be real, but that was… you’ve got a talented tongue, Mr. Adam.” She twisted in his arms, “But I thought you might like a memento of the night, too.” She squirmed, “Catch my hips,” and then he was holding her upside down. She braced her knees on his shoulders, bringing his erection into her mouth. “Mmmm,” she hummed, and his body went rigid, but only for a moment. Then he plunged his tongue into her bare sex. Sharon bobbed her head frantically, sucking hard, tongue laving his shaft, as he quickly built her toward a climax.

“Sideways,” she gasped, releasing him for a moment, “Let the camera see.” She caught his bobbing cock in her mouth again as she moaned at how wonderful his tongue felt flickering against her clit. He turned, and Sharon straightened her legs, letting them fall wide, an upside down split she had mastered for performing with Kelly at Snake Eyes. She heard the whir of the camera, which meant she could stop ‘posing,’ but need overwhelmed reason and she did not slow until her fan gasped and began to flood her mouth with his seed. Swallowing was more difficult since her stomach was over her head, but Sharon had managed larger loads too many times to count. When he stopped licking at her still aroused seam, she caught hold of his waist, and then nimbly pirouetted onto her feet, his saliva and jism wet cock brushing through the back of her hair. She stood up from her crouch, giggling as his flagging erection rubbed down her back to the crack of her ass.

“Sorry,” she half turned, kissing Adam’s cheek, “You were wonderful, but I have to save that for celebrating tonight.” She never considered what she was talking about ‘saving’ or for whom. Adam stammered a thanks, blushing when Sharon repeated the she should be thanking him. “That shirt is exactly right, and don’t let any girl ever tell you otherwise.” He collected the photos from the stripper and left. Sharon wondered if his buddy would believe his story.

She wiped her mouth and collected the towel that had been discarded to the side of the room. Only after the fact was she a little embarrassed about what she had just done, and only then because Burton, Pink, and the skinny young brunette were still there, watching her.

“Well?” she put her hand on her hip, holding to towel in the other hand rather than covering up. Burton shook his head, then pointed, and Sharon turned in time to see Kelly come out of the back stairwell, closely followed by the club owner. From the sheen on Kelly’s forehead, Sharon was sure her friend and lover had recently been having sex. She blinked, then giggled that she was envious Kelly having just been fucked by another stranger. Scooping her never emptying glass of champagne up from the small table, she raised an eyebrow as Kelly passed, receiving a wink in return.

Percy’s office was similar to Go’s, Sharon thought, when the club owner led her through the subtle door in the hall near the women’s dressing room. There was the big walnut desk, although Percy had several monitors on his, unlike Go’s single computer screen. Percy’s overstuffed leather couch was dark brown rather than black like Go’s. And instead of art pieces of women and dancers, Percy’s walls had posters and photos.

She was not surprised when he asked her to sign one of their flyers, along with another that Kelly had already signed. She had come around to his side of the desk to do so, and finished, she leaned against it, wishing she had been able to see just what he had, rather than Kelly. The afternoon’s entertainment with Zeke and his friends was a distant memory, and her body was still clamoring for pleasure.