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Happily I slid my eight-inch strap-on dildo into Saul Jean-Pierre’s tight asshole. The big and tall young Black man groaned as I penetrated him. Lying on his back completely naked on my big bed, he took it like a bitch. Bound legs hanging in the air and eyes filled with lust and shock. His hands are also bound for good effect. I wonder if he knew what he was getting into when he contacted me online for some wicked fun. My name is Lorraine Saint-Francis. A short-haired, light-skinned and freckle-faced, busty and wide-hipped, pleasantly plump Haitian-Canadian woman living in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. I am fifty three years old and I’m continuing with my lifelong passion of sexing up sexy Black men in wicked ways. That’s why I’m a dominatrix specializing in Black on Black pegging. I simply love fucking young Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo.

I reached for Saul and grabbed hold of his balls. I squeezed them tightly as I continued banging his ass with my strap-on dildo. Like a lot of young Black men living in North America, Saul thinks mature Black women are easy. Well, he’s not exactly wrong. However, unlike the majority of mature Black sluts who chase younger Black men, I’m nobody’s bitch. I am a dominant Black woman through and true. If you’re going to play with me, you had better learn to bow down. For I am the Queen and you are my Submissive. No other role for you to play, my sexy Black men. In my bedroom you’re not the Big Bad Black Stud drilling the hapless and eager Black sluts with your big cock. You’re the bitch getting fucked in the ass by me, pure and simple.

When Saul contacted me online, we chatted quite a bit. He’s twenty three, a newcomer to the Confederation of Canada. He’s been living in the City of Montreal for about three months now. He’s straight from the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. I like my Haitian men. Especially the ones straight from the Caribbean. They’re so macho and cocky. I love to dominate them in the bedroom. And that’s exactly what I did to our friend Saul here. I smack his hairy Black man’s ass as I thrust the dildo deeper into his asshole. I want him to really feel it. I want him to know what it’s like to get fucked in the ass by a woman. Especially a dominant mature Black woman like myself.

Personally, I think there’s something decidedly erotic and forbidden, downright politically incorrect about what I do. A strong Black woman dominating and sexually humiliating all too willing Black men. By banging them in the ass with a strap-on dildo. How hot is that? If porn directors had any brains they’d latch onto the idea while it’s hot. I think a website featuring Black women dominating Black men sexually by slamming dildos up their butts would be a hot commodity in the world of online interracial porn today. Decidedly something viewers aren’t used to seeing. Are you with me on this one? It’s a shame if you aren’t because I think it’s a marvellous idea.

I smacked Saul’s face and spat on him while slamming my dildo into his asshole. Saul squealed as I fucked him harder. I laughed at his pain and found other ways to inflict even more torment on him. I squeezed his big Black balls really hard and twisted his big Black dick this way and that. His screams changed in tone. He looked into my eyes and actually looked frightened. I told him I was fucking him in the ass and there was nothing he could do about it. His ass belonged to me. Saul struggled in his bonds but to no avail. I continued smacking him around and berating him while shoving my dildo deep into his asshole. There is nothing I love more than a nice and clean, tight ass for me to fuck. And it’s got to be Black. I don’t fuck men of other races. My love and my disdain are reserved for Black men. They receive both from me in almost equal measures.

I remember the first Black man who let me fuck him in the ass. It was the late 1980s and I was a graduate student at Laval University in the Province of Quebec. One of a handful of Black students at this mostly White school. It’s where I met Joseph Marcellin, a tall and ruggedly handsome young Black man from the Caribbean. We clicked, and began dating. I quickly discovered that while Joseph was macho-looking and acted tough around his male friends, he was a complete pussy behind closed doors. In the bedroom, he did everything I told him. And he never complained about my bossiness. I kept pushing the envelope with him. Sometimes I made him kneel before me and suck my toes. Other times I bent him over my knee and spanked his Black ass with a hairbrush. And you know what? Like the submissive male slut he was, Joseph absolutely loved it. When I fucked him in the ass with my dildo for the first time, he completely surrendered to me. Joseph was the first of my Black male sex slaves, but he was far from the last. Fast forward more than two decades and I am still at it. Finding, seducing and sodomizing sexy Black men. I’m the only Black Mistress out there specializing in that sort of thing. Makes me kind of like a rare bird, eh?

It’s always fun to reminisce but I had to focus on the business at hand. And the business at hand required my absolute concentration. I’m going to fuck Saul’s ass until the little punk begs for mercy. I drilled his ass with my thick, mean dildo and pounded him hard. He squealed like a little bitch, all pretence of machismo gone from him. I made him admit he was my little BITCH before I finally pulled my dildo out of his asshole. I spit in his now widened asshole. He looked stunned. I laughed and told him that’s what I did to all my bitches. No exceptions. I towered over Saul, stroking my strap-on dildo victoriously. Moments later I undid his bonds.

After all was said and done, Saul told me that he thoroughly enjoyed the experience though it was way more intense than he previously thought it would be. I nodded at that. Sometimes I go a little crazy while butt-fucking one of my Black male slaves. It’s not my fault, okay? I’m the kind of Black woman who gets all hot and bothered just thinking about a Black man with a fine ass. I fantasize about banging them with my strap-on all day and every day, practically. Saul left my house, and I noticed he walked a little funny but he had a smile on his face. I think he’ll be back. Cool. I haven’t fisted a guy in a while and I’m dying to know how Saul is going to handle it once we get around to it. Can he take it? Only time will tell. I hope you enjoyed this tale, folks. And for those Black men out there with fantasies similar to Saul, know that turnabout is fair play. You screw us sisters all day, it shouldn’t surprise you that some of us want to screw you right back…literally!

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