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(Part One) Seductive Arrest

Gabrielle Garrison was a woman on a mission and neither the cold, fog, or the wetness of this early spring night was going to deter her from its swift completion. Reaching in through her police uniform’s foul-weather coat’s unbuttoned lapel, Gabby felt the reassuring comfort of the unyielding, metallic weapon holstered there. Pulling the gleaming revolver out, she studied its polished form glinting in the muted midnight moon. One by one, she counted the six chambers each loaded with a deadly .38 caliber hollow-point lead projectile.

Right on cue, raindrops fell with their pitter-pattering rhythm sounding strangely unfamiliar to ears which had spent the last three years in arid desert environs. After another shiver, Gabby pulled her hat over her head full of hastily-combed, flaming red curls. Holstering the pistol, the determined twenty eight year old woman steeled her nerves, stepped away from her police cruiser, and decisively strode up the blue slate walk towards the kitchen door.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the towering structure known as Garrison Manor cowered Gabby to the point of making her quake in fright. The three-story, multi-winged Victorian mansion towered over the surrounding estate like some feudal castle would loom over its fiefdom. If this were indeed a feudal dominion then Richard and Elisabeth Garrison were its monarchs and their only son, Bradford, was its prince.

Coming to this place as the twenty year old bride of Brad Garrison, Gabby soon found herself facing a future full of uncertainty and trepidation. The new Mrs. Garrison was made to feel unwelcome as an inferior specimen for a daughter-in-law because of her station in life as the penniless orphan granddaughter of the local police chief.

Brad loved her in the beginning, Gabby had no doubts about that. But, this was back when he still had balls! As this young woman’s college lover, he filled her cock-hungry cunt with his hard, horny penile meat every chance he could get. Gallons of seminal fluids flowed out of him and filled her vaginal void. The man’s proposition of marriage was eagerly accepted with a spur-of-the-moment elopement quickly following.

Two years was all it took before the Lord and Lady of the manor had their pampered son browbeaten into submission. In effect, they emasculated him with the same surgical precision a surgeon would use if castrating a man’s testicles. Dehorned and, for all intents and purposes de-balled, he stood by offering no resistance as his mother and father drove his young wife from ‘their’ house and ‘their’ home. Never once did it cross their minds that this was also ‘her’ home!

The month Gabby left this house was filled with notable events. Not only did she loose her marital family, but her elderly grandfather’s life was lost in the call of duty. She picked up her university diploma alone and without a single guest in attendance. Instead of bemoaning her fate, this resolute woman took her eight years of high school and college ROTC training and her Criminal Science degree and enlisted in the United States Army as a shavetail Second Lieutenant. Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, she became an officer in the Military Police. Within months she was policing war torn streets in locales stretched around the world. With stubborn determination and devotion to duty came swift advancement in rank. Decorated and cited for leadership and bravery, Gabrielle Garrison passed through the ranks from First Lieutenant into Captain then Major before enemy gunfire put a sudden halt to her career.

A gust of wind tried to brush Gabby off the slate sidewalk where she stubbornly strode. A twitch in her side reminded her of the jagged wound which had nearly taken her life only a few short months ago. With that third tour in Iraq, she knew she was probably pushing her luck, but hell she didn’t have to answer to any man, so push it, she did! Okay, so she lost her army family, home, and career, but after recovering from her wounds, she received a job offer from a most unexpected place. Being most- eminently qualified for the position, she took the job in her hometown.

Stopping at the kitchen door, Gabby trembled. Unconsciously, she leaned over and rested her forehead against the glass-paned door. Six years was a long time. In point of fact, it was a whole world and a lifetime of pain gone by! Damn the waste and loss! Damn you Bradford Garrison for the lost joy, the lost love, and the lost dreams for a bright, happy future!

A movement from inside the kitchen caught Gabby’s ever observant eye. A man clad only in an oversized bathtowel was stirring embers in an enormous stone fireplace. Recognition came instantly along with remembrances of times past. Indeed it was Brad and the man was performing a ritual which he and his young bride had used to do together. If unable to sleep, the loving couple would have a hot shower together, wrap themselves in soft bathtowels, and then have hot chocolate in front of the kitchen fire. The final step of their ritualistic sleep remedy was to throw down their towels for a bed, lie down with their loins conjoined, and then make sweet passionate love together.

Without her mind’s permission, Gabby’s eyes furtively searched the kitchen for sign of ‘another’ woman. Was she jealous? God no, impossible! Even though her eyes found no other, this woman’s betraying eyes transferred their attention to the man himself. Yes, he was still the same tall, well-built, ruggedly handsome creature from years ago. Yes, his towel still tented out so far as to give the impression that it might be casually thrown over a fence post!

Wetness formed between Gabby’s legs. After all these years her body still reacted as if she was the eighteen year old virginal freshman he had deflowered at his off campus apartment. She knew there was no fence post under the man’s towel, but the magnificent hunk of meat he had there was plenty big enough to fill up even the stretchiest of elastic pussies to the bursting point. God, he had filled her pussy with it enough times that she ought to be just the woman to know! Oh glory, what she wouldn’t give to have it inside her vaginal wetness right now!

Shaking her head to break the bedeviling spell which had been cast over her, Gabby stepped away from the door and allowed a cool mist to blow directly into her flushed face. As she often did when confronted with a challenge, she spoke aloud to herself. “Police Chief Garrison, get hold of yourself!” she commanded. “You are not here to play pattycake, tiddlywinks, or roll-in-the-hay with Bradford Garrison! You are here to arrest him!”

Having steeled her nerves, Gabby stepped back to the door and without looking in through the window glass she rapped the doorknocker several times. Her heart leapt as a shadowy walking figure dimmed the kitchen light. The door opened on creaking hinges and a melodious, familiar voice spoke, “Yes, who is it?”

Gabby stood spotlighted in the overhead backporch light. This courageous woman’s determined resolve was shaken. The spirited speech she had prepared for this occasion escaped her lips unspoken and fled from this battlefield with the haste of a coward fleeing from a fight! Her betraying female eyes lingered too long on the swollen terrycloth mound between the standing man’s legs. Using great effort, she forced her eyes away, but still they continued to study a firm abdomen and a chiseled chest. At last they stopped and gazed in awestruck fascination at the ruggedly handsome features of her former lover’s face.

“Gabrielle?” Brad’s startled voice quizzically exclaimed. Other than speaking her name the man could speak no more words. Instead of speaking, he moved. Flinging the heavy door open, he rushed out into the night, scooped the woman up into his muscular arms, and danced out into the cool, misty rain.

Stunned, but not really surprised, Gabby grabbed onto the trunk that was her former lover’s neck and hung on for dear life. As she spun her around and around she recalled that some of this man’s most endearing qualities were his unexpected impulsiveness, his outlandish behavior, and his unbridled passions. With her world revolving as a blur, she at last heard a few more words, “My love, my heart, you’ve come back home!”

With those words came a crush of impassioned lips. Why she allowed them to kiss her, Gabby had no earthly answer! Why she kissed them back, only God in heaven knew! Whether it was earthly mischief or heavenly magic at work here it seemed to matter little to these aroused kissers. Lip-bruising kisses were exchanged in a frenzied battle for dominion over hearts and souls. Saliva-wet tongues dueled and teased then poked and prodded inside oral cavities in a well-remembered, much-rehearsed contest of mouth copulation.

Finally, Brad Garrison sat the woman in his arms back down on her feet on the cold, hard stone porch floor. Inadvertently, his impetuous rain dance had loosened his bathtowel covering and his entire loin-covering outfit fell from his waist and landed at his feet. Although not embarrassed, this man knew the gentlemanly thing to do would be to pick the wayward garment up and return it to its proper place. Following propriety’s dictates, he grabbed the towel from the floor and began wrapping it back around himself.

This man’s impetuous behavior this night must have found favorable weather conditions to become a contagious agent. Chilled from the fog and misty rain, Gabrielle Garrison’s immunity was compromised to the point where she became a vulnerable victim. Infected with this rash and reckless impulsiveness, she did the unimaginable! Reaching out a war toughened arm, her hand snatched the terrycloth garment being wrapped around her man’s loins! Yanking forcefully, she jerked the cloth out of the man’s hands!

Having lost her hat during the impromptu passion dance, Gabby’s head was dampened. Using her confiscated booty, she began drying the wavy red locks hanging limp over her shoulders. The porchlight’s glaring beams were captured within her luminous curls where they were magnified then reflected out in a rainbow shower of multicolored hues. The naked man’s watchful eyes missed none of this display of feminine splendor.

“Brad, let’s go into the house,” Gabby suddenly announced. “I’m cold and I want to get warmed by the fire. Okay? I bet you’re cold, too! You’ve got goose bumps all over the place!”

Just then, a cool gust of blustery wind blew against the man’s back. He shivered involuntarily, yet he made no move to go in. Mother Nature took this moment to once again infect Gabby with another fit of the impetuousness bug. This woman loosened a long, thin, emerald green ribbon from its entanglement place in her hair and pulled it out. Making a quick hangman’s noose knot, this brazen woman wantonly slipped the noose over the shivering man’s stiffened goosebumped erection.

“I said, let’s go in, and I meant it!” Gabby sternly explained. “Damnit, now come!” Paying no attention to her ex-lover’s hearty laughter, this woman tugged on her lead rope and led her rebellious stud back into the comfortable, warm barn from whence he had escaped. Once this wrangler had her charger stabled in front of his fire, she tied her green ribbon reins into the shape of a prizewinning bow and affixed it in a prominent place on his magnificent penile shaft.

Brad’s hands grabbed the lapel of Gabby’s police coat, clinched his fingers into tight handholds, and then pulled the woman towards him. “You mischievous cockteaser you, you sure know how to push my buttons!” he exclaimed. His lips again assaulted hers with even more vigor than he had used before. He found that his ardent aggression was matched passionate kiss for kiss. Following instinctive carnal desires, this man stripped the coat down over the woman’s shoulders, pulled it off her, and then tossed it into a nearby easy chair.

“Leave it up to a policeman’s granddaughter to follow in a lawman’s career,” Brad whispered. “I’m not a bit surprised to see you in the uniform of your hometown’s police department! Ha, I wouldn’t be shocked to find you running it someday just like your granddad did!”

If Bradford Garrison were a more observant man, he would have taken a closer look at this police officer’s badge. The golden shied prominently displayed the words ‘Chief of Police’ across its gleaming front. The badge itself was in fact the very one her granddad had worn! Ha, joke on the misinformed man, she was already running the police department! Okay, so she was only sworn in two hours ago, but she was still ‘Chief’!

Brad’s next move made Gabby question her qualifications to hold the title ‘police officer’. One of the first rules of law enforcement is, ‘never give up your gun’! Yet, here she was allowing this man to unbuckle her Sam Brown belt and remove her holstered pistol from around her waist! Her granddad was probably turning over in his grave because, like the badge, the holster and the pistol were also his!

Gabby’s old lover didn’t stop with the gun. With practiced skill his flying fingers speedily unbuttoned her khaki blouse and, like the coat, his hands stripped it from her. He tossed the garment into the same pile with the coat and gun. This man twisted her around and fumbled with her bra hooks. They sprang undone, the undergarment slipped off, and a pair of fully ripened melons spilled out. After flinging the frilly brassiere into his trophy pile, Brad slipped his arms around his woman’s waist, ran his hands up her belly, and then cupped the well-developed mammary prizes he sought.

Inexcusable and shameless was her behavior, Gabby was thinking as her breasts were unceremoniously juggled and massaged! She did not come here tonight to pick up with old lovemaking habits! She did not come to get ‘laid’ by a man! Goddamnit, then why was she allowing this man to touch her? This question was asked again when he did what he did next. The nude man behind her unbuttoned and unzipped her uniform pants then ran a hand down inside her panties. The man had the audacity to cup a handful of pussy without a word of permission or consent! To add insult to injury, he inserted several fingers into a wet opening and began probing and playing!

Gabby surrendered. She had her answer! She was allowing this man to touch her because no other man in this world turned her on to the extent he did, no other man made her female juices run so freely, and no other man incited such passionate ecstasy to run through her loins! This woman wasn’t even cumming yet, but she was happier than she had been in six years!

This impassioned female stood in a trance of blissful remembrance and renewed carnal awakening. She sat when her man pulled a kitchen chair over beside her. Brad had the intention of removing the remainder of her clothing, but before he could drop to his knees, Gabby captured his beribboned manhood and gave it a vigorous massage. Without disturbing his green ribbon ornamentation, she managed to do a fairly good job of kissing his cockhead and cockshaft. The fact that his pulse-racing erection ended up inside her saliva wet, cocksucking mouth, was not entirely accidental.

Brad was having one hell of a time trying to hold onto his man juices while he was attempting to figure out how to extricate his meaty manhood out of this woman’s vacuuming mouth. Damn, he had nearly forgotten just how much she loved cock! Hell, he loved pussy just as much, so they were a perfect match! He was a spineless, brainless bastard to have ever let her go! Finally, he remembered Gabby’s kryptonite weakness; she was extremely ticklish. Turning into a tickle-monster-fiend, he soon had himself freed and he had his woman stripped down to her bare nude female birthday suit!

At last he had the chance to drop to his knees between his naked woman’s slender, sexy legs. His tit-hungry lips touched nipple-topped breast flesh and began kissing, licking, and chewing ravenously. Doctor Bradford Garrison gave the tit valleys and hills adorning Gabby’s chest a mammary examination more thorough and comprehensive than any other learned practitioner of medicine could have given her! Just to be sure nothing was missed this physician sucked each cherry-sized erect nipple into his mouth, each in its turn, and checked it for proper suckability and flavor.

Gynecology was not Brad’s specialty, but he had the medical training into how to give a vaginal exam. While he was down here in the vicinity, he might as well give Gabby’s pussy at least a cursory oral examination. Running his hands under the woman’s bare ass, he lifted her sitting body up off the chair seat and held it with his muscular arms up to his mouth. This man was thrilled by the fact that his former lover still kept her fiery red bush of thin pubic curls neatly trimmed. Keeping his eyes open, he kissed the swollen vaginal mound’s entire surface area including its near-thigh valleys and its long, cracked outer lips. Satisfied that there were no abnormalities, he then proceeded to examine the inner vaginal flesh. Sucking in a mouthful of clitoral meat, he tested it for moist succulence and arouse-ability.

On the arouse-ability scale, Doc Brad gave Gabby’s clit a ’10′! His cock was for sure as hard as any man’s rigid rod could get! As for moist succulence, well ’10′ seemed like a number to fit well here, too! Speaking of moistness, this man decided he might as well go ahead and run his tongue into this woman’s vaginal cavity a few times and give it a quick assessment. With his tongue-cock cupped to stiffen it, that’s just what he did! A river of feminine moisture drowned this intruder as it plunged in ever deeper and twirled around all over the place. For some reason, this medical inspector seemed to hear a sound of impassioned whining and moaning from some far off place.

Gabby wasn’t just whining and moaning, she was getting read to scream her pussy-eaten head off! She knew if this man sucked her one more minute she would start cumming all over the place! “Damnit, stop eating and put me down, Mister!” she wailed. “Brad, sit me on your cock like you used to! Stop driving me crazy!”

Following orders from his love, Brad stopped his exam. Keeping a firm hold on her ass, he lowered Gabby’s nude body away from his slippery wet face and allowed it to slowly slide down his chest. As her feminine loins neared his erection, drops of moisture rained down and splashed onto the cockshaft sticking up like some rocket ship ready to take off for heaven. The woman dropped lower and the head of the man missile entered in through the delicate butterfly wings of her inner pussylips followed two seconds later by the impalement of the entire vagina onto the cock rocket! Slim female legs wrapped themselves around a man’s hips, settled into the saddle, and held on for a wild ride!

Six years is a long damn time, yet Gabby and Brad remembered their copulation routines like they had last done it yesterday! Her super-slippery, smoking-hot pussy slid up and down on his lubricated penile rod building more frictional fire every second. The man’s hands cupped the woman’s ass and pitched her body up and down in the air like it was a tetherball attached to his loins by an invisible rubber band.

As Gabby body bounced up and down, so too did her breasts. Her hands were holding onto her man’s neck and his were busy tossing her ass. With no hand or undergarment to hold them, her tits were swinging out of control. Brad had a curious thought flicker in his head. He wondered if boobs got the name ‘knockers’ from being so dangerous when bouncing around so violently. One thing was for sure, if a man were to be knocked in the head with one of those gorgeous, free-flying female orbs he might be knocked senseless! At the least, he would be seeing stars for a week, although he would certainly be feeling no pain.

As things were now standing, this woman’s breasts beat themselves harmlessly against her man’s chest, so he was not feeling pain. As a matter of fact, he was feeling quite sensational! Brad walked towards the oaken kitchen table carrying his precious female cargo, sat her ass on the tabletop, then freed his hands so they could tame the terrorizing tits. He had an overwhelming desire to suck them, but his mouth couldn’t reach them as long as his cock was in their owner’s pussy. And, given the choice, he’d rather keep his meat inside the wet, warm hole!

With his cockshaft buried deep inside her, Gabby was at a point where she would have picked this choice for her fella, too. In fact, if he tried to withdraw from her at this moment, this might have turned into a shooting matter! Any man should know the cardinal rule of fornication; you don’t stop screwing your woman after she starts cumming! And, boy o boy was this woman cumming hard! As Brad’s slippery cock pumped into her more frantically, Gabby’s female cum spurted out as a misty spray. Heavenly orgasms robbed her of breath to the point where she couldn’t even scream about her ecstatic pleasure!

Brad had screwed this woman enough times to know when she was being caught up in the throes of carnal delight. Well, it was about damn time she was because he was ready to let loose, too! His horny body sent out a summons for seminal fluids to come speedily and do their duty. Semen and sperm left their prostrate and testicle homes and raced down a urethral tube. Here they were pressurized into a volatile mixture and expelled out into an unknown vaginal void. The man attached to this cock grunted and groaned in animalistic pleasure as he poured his devil-may-care, cummy cream into his woman’s welcoming home.

Gabby dared dream this next part could still happen and when it did she was thrilled with elation. When Brad’s pressurized cum began filling her vaginal cavity, this woman’s body reacted by spasming with round after round of multiple orgasms! Her pussy muscles milked the swollen cock inside her in an attempt to squeeze it dry of every drop it had! Gabby subconsciously thanked God she wasn’t a screamer or else she would have awakened the whole county with her joy!

Former lovers became lost in a netherworld of unimaginable euphoria. Conjugal bliss and rapturous romance sealed two hearts, bodies, and souls into the harmonious essence of one. Unspoken questions abounded about time before this day. Had loved ever lived? Had happiness yet been born? Had hope ever yet been given wing?

Despite fairytale dreams, time does not always stand still. Brad and Gabby’s reverie came to an end and their entwined bodies parted. Some humor was found in the sight of a cock-cum and cunt-cum soaked green ribbon entangled in the middle of a cummy pubic mess.

Bradford Garrison scooped his lover up into his powerful arms and began carrying her towards the stairway leading to his wing of the house. Before they exited the kitchen, Gabby snatched up her shoes, her clothing, and her holstered police weapon. They sped three steps at a time up the stairs, ran a sudsy bath, and then cleansed each others love-stained bodies.

As passion-mellowed words of endearment flowed like strains of a romantic melody, the highlights of lost time were recalled. Brad had finished his internship, had started a private practice, and somewhere in between had served two tours as a field physician in Iraq. Coincidently, his tours overlapped two of Gabby’s three, yet they never met ‘in country’. This man was especially impressed with his beloved’s military history. He was almost certain she was not giving him the whole story. His practiced healer’s eyes did not fail to notice the jagged shrapnel scar which had only recently healed nor did they miss the older blemish which indicated a bullet had cut a path there.

On a lighter note, Brad giggled with mirth when he found the double Tramp Stamp tattoos on Gabby’s ass just above her crack. Also known as a Butt Hat or an Ass Cap, one tat was the insignia of her Army unit and the other was an emblem of the Military Police. Looking closely at the MP tat, Brad made an ominous discovery. His blood chilled when he considered the implications. God, they were notches! He silently counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13! An even baker’s dozen! Damn, were they…kills! If so, this was one Bad Ass dangerous woman he had in his arms!

Gabby’s mind drifted away for a few seconds. She left behind the comfortable bath and returned to the filth and fury of war. Women are not allowed in frontline battle in war. Yet, where are the frontlines in the wars they now fight in? 120 American military service women have so far laid down their lives in these wars with nearly 700 more sacrificing through wounds and lost blood! ‘War Is Hell’ used to be a manly concept. It is gender biased no more!

His lover’s silence gave Brad a chance to ponder a thought pestering his mind. He had asked dozens of questions of this woman in the time she had been in this house, yet she had asked none of him! Information had freely flown from his mouth. Why, he had even told her his side of the story relating to a legal problem he was having with the District Attorney! Yes, Gabby had spoken quite a bit, but in some ways she seemed to be secretive and reserved. Oh well, maybe it was just his imagination! Just to be sure, he planned to watch for signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A sound brought the mind-drifting woman back from her journey. A voice was speaking in a soft tone. “Babydoll, I said, will you come to bed with me?” Brad asked. “We used to make such sweet music together in ‘our’ bed! Oh sweetheart, let’s make some more tonight!”

After all the intimacies they had shared this night, why should this latest request be different? But, different it was, so much so that Gabby splashed out of the tub, hurriedly dried her body off, and then began to redress herself in her police uniform. As she buckled her holstered service revolver around her waist, words spilled from her lips. “Brad, I want to, but I can’t,” she explained. “I didn’t come here tonight for a booty call or a social visit! I’m here on official business. Bradford Garrison, you are under arrest for the murder of Mildred Tillman! You have the right to remain silent…”

Brad climbed from the tub as his former, and now current lover, continued reading him his Miranda Rights. He was not surprised that an arrest warrant had been issued. District Attorney John Dell had been carrying out a vendetta against the Garrison family for years. Brad was most certainly surprised to find that this particular woman was the one to make the arrest! If he hadn’t of just implanted his seminal seeds into her soft, warm vagina, he would have accused this police officer of having ‘a real set of balls’ to come into his house like this!


(Part Two) Imprisoned by Love

Gabby allowed her prisoner to awaken his parents. With swift haste, the devoted, protective mother and father came running downstairs to the kitchen where he waited. Like Brad, they were not surprised by the arrest. Their son’s elderly patient had died of an apparent doctor assisted suicide nearly three months ago. Richard and Elisabeth Garrison were shocked to find out who the arresting officer was.

Brad saw Gabby tense when his parents entered the room. He saw her hand involuntarily move closer to the defensive weapon belted to her waist. A memory of a Tramp Stamp tattoo with 13 menacing notches flashed into his mind. He silently prayed, “Please God, please don’t let there be trouble!”

God must have been in a prayer-answering mood on this night because Richard and Elisabeth walked straight to Gabby and embraced her like they would a long-lost daughter. They each even planted a kiss on a cheek. Brad’s mother touched a gentle hand to the younger woman’s face. Intelligent eyes saw a rat’s nest of mussed up red hair and tender fingertips felt whisker-scratched facial skin. “Oh my lord,” she unintentionally blurted out. “You two have been making love!”

Gabby’s embarrassed, blushing red face confirmed the accusation. Before she could defend herself, her lover’s mother continued. “Oh, that’s so wonderful,” she nearly sang. “Now maybe we can have a grandchild, or two, or a dozen! Gabrielle, are you coming back to us? I can’t tell you how sorry we are to have driven you away! We now know you’re the one true love for our son!”

“I’m not so sure about that last statement, Mother,” Brad disputed. “What kind of woman comes home to a job where she can get vengeance by seducing and arresting a man? Maybe I no longer want her as my true love!”

Gabby bristled. “Mister, I did not come home for that reason!” she retorted. “Mayor Baker and the town council asked me to take over the Chief of Police job. I didn’t know arresting you was the first order of business until after I was sworn in! And Sir, I believe you’re badly mistaken as to who seduced whom here this night!”

The next several hours went by as a whirlwind of activity. Brad Garrison was handcuffed and delivered to the century old stone jailhouse where Gabby had so often played when her grandfather was Chief of Police. Just for stubbornness sake, this Chief stood on her rights to make the prisoner wait until his morning hearing before seeing his attorney. Leaving the jailbird in the capable hands of her grandfather’s old jailer Elmer Johns, Gabby took two deputies and went out to do some criminal detecting.

The charge nurse at Saint Luke’s Hospital was reluctant to cooperate with the new Chief at 3 o’clock in the morning. Gabby could be a hard-headed bitch when thwarted. Obtaining a warrant for obstruction of justice, she promptly threw the obstinate nurse’s ass in jail. The remaining members of the hospital staff were as cooperative as pets. Interviews went smoothly. Without violating HIPAA hospital and patient rights, hospital records were freely opened. At 6:00 AM Gabby found what she sought. By 6:22 she was at the local VA hospital questioning a ninety year old, breakfast-eating WWII veteran. Using a doctor and two nurses as witnesses, she obtained several notarized affidavits.

At 7:00 AM, Chief Garrison was checking on her prisoners. She opened the charge nurse’s cell door and, none too politely, told her to get the hell out of my house! Gabby then stood in front of Brad’s cell door and looked at him with longing passion. His cell door was flung open, too. This policewoman’s voice came out in a monotone whisper, “Last night, you accused me of seducing you. If I’m to be charged, I might as well have guilt. So, if you want a piece of early morning pussy, then follow me into the backroom!”

When Brad entered the backroom, he found a neat and tidy multi-bunked sleeping room. A shower was running from within a small bathroom. After a few more minutes, a naked, redheaded woman emerged from that room and walked over to lock the sleeping room’s door. Without uttering a word, this very same woman began disrobing him. Inquisitive eyes dared him to tell her to stop. Hell, he could no more have told her to stop than he could have told his breath to stop breathing!

After stripping her man naked, Gabby took a firm grip on his hard and horny morning erection then she finally spoke. “We only have a little time,” she seductively whispered. “So, we can only have a quick ’69′ mouth-job followed by a fast and furious ‘hole in one’ fuck-fest! Forgive my crude language, Brad, but you opened up this can of sexual shenanigans last night! Prisoner, assume the position!”

Brad plopped himself down on the nearest mattress and lay flat on his back. A frisky wildcat of a woman sprang atop him and landed on all fours. Within seconds her head was buried between his legs and her hands were guiding his cock into her mouth. Meat-hungry lips began kissing and sucking. Following the cat’s example, this man dug his fingernails into some feminine ass and pulled a mound of wet vaginal meat into his famished, pussy-starved mouth.

A voracious contest for consumption of sexual sustenance ensued. Gabby gloried in the taste of cock! Once she had the rigid rod firmly under control within her mouth, she released her hands and grasped two handfuls of balls. By bobbing her head up and down plus twisting her tongue round and round, she was able to savor every succulent inch of this swollen, elongated treat!

Brad was busy greedily eating, too! His mouth was consuming clitoral cuisine. He licked and swallowed the tangy feminine fluids which poured like gravy. Flavorful vaginal flesh ripened like pink passion fruit as his tongue tasted, tickled, and teased. So fascinated was this man with this woman’s pussy delights, he nearly forgot about the mammary ones. Their weight bouncing upon his abdomen finally captured his attention. His hands were all he was willing to release to play with the ‘girls’. At this time, he refused to relieve his mouth, his lips, or his tongue from their pussyeating chores!

There must have been some kind of instinctive intuition at work here this morning because just as the man and woman were about to reach the ‘point of no return’ they each stopped eating. Brad scrambled out from under his woman, flipped her over onto her back, and then mounted her with all the natural mating lusts of a ‘head over heels in love’ man! Gabby squealed with delight as she felt the man’s beefy penile pole plunge deep into her passion pit.

The original police officer’s request had been for a fast and furious ‘hole in one’ fuck-fest. Well, one might find it difficult to do it any faster and more furiously than this copulating couple were doing it at this moment! As soon as Brad’s ball-shaped cockhead sank into Gabby’s vaginal hole in one powerful shot, they both started cumming. This lust-enraged man drove his cockshaft into his woman with thrusts that were jackhammer hard and jackrabbit quick. With each plunge, his masculine body released another spurt of seminal cum. The hole into which all these thrusts and plunges were directed might be bruised and sore later, but at the present time, it was doing an excellent job of spurting cum itself! In this case, it was Gabby drowning her lover’s manhood with her feminine cum!

Both this man and this woman knew they could not allow themselves to scream out the orgasmic rhapsody they were feeling. Their joyous cheer would have been heard by too many ears and too many mouths would have then started wagging! So, love, lust, and passionate ecstasy were of necessity silenced, but they were nevertheless undeniably felt!


(Part Three) Love Goes on Trial

As it so happens, the old jailer Elmer Johns may have had more common sense than Gabby and Brad combined. It was he who had beaten on the locked sleeping room door and then unlocked with his own key when he could get no answer. He found the exhausted, unclothed couple sound asleep entwined in each others arms. If the twosome thought they had made little noise when lovemaking, this old jailer could have told them different. They had awakened him at the very least.

Before disturbing his boss, Elmer grabbed a blanket from a nearby pile and threw it over her and her lover. “Chief, wake up,” he said gently shaking the woman. “Your prisoner’s lawyer is here demanding to see his client! The hearing is soon and I’m not sure how much longer I can stall the hard-assed barrister.”

Gabby and Brad were startled awake. They’d had no intentions of falling asleep, but both had just gone through a restless, sleepless night! Before they could form an intelligible response, another elderly gentleman burst into the room. “Elmer, I may be hard-assed, but I won’t be stalled for a second longer!” attorney Bill Baxter snapped. “Chief Gabrielle Garrison, you have no rights to keep me from counseling my client!”

Gabby’s face was blushing like a sunstruck crimson red rose. Why did it have to be Elmer and Uncle Bill to be the men to catch her in bed with this man? Of all the people in this town these dear old friends of her grandfather were the ones to give her the most encouragement to get on with her life and make the most of herself after her granddad’s death and the lost of her marital home.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Uncle Bill,” Gabby apologized. “You are absolutely correct about your client’s rights! And, I’m so saddened if I have ‘violated’ him in any way! If you two will step out a minute or two, Brad and I will get bathed and dressed in clean clothes. Uncle Bill, you can have your client all you want after that! Elmer, when the time comes, I’d like for you to help me escort the prisoner over to the courthouse.”

Bill Baxter’s bemused face grinned with merriment. His was the third generation of Baxter attorneys to serve as legal counsel for the Garrison family. Although he wasn’t this young lady’s uncle by blood, she did carry the same place of endearment in his heart as if she were. Taking a step towards the blanket-covered policewoman and her bedmate, he stooped to kiss her forehead. “Okay Chief, but no more ‘hanky panky’,” he teased. “But, Gabby, it sure does my old heart good to see you two back together again…even if you did have to ‘violate’ the young fool to get it done!”

Time began to fly by in a tumultuous whirlwind of chaotic activity. Gabby made two promises. At the jailhouse she promised Brad she would see to it that he went free. At the courthouse she promised Elisabeth Garrison she would take care of her son. Both were outrageously bold pledges for this relatively young and inexperienced Chief of Police to be making.

The courthouse quickly filled with curious spectators. Murder trials were a rarity here and high profile wealthy physicians of the like of Dr. Brad Garrison as defendants were rarer still. Gabby and her deputy officers had their hands full keeping order in the monolithic one hundred year old masonry house of judicial jurisprudence. The Chief of Police called in the building inspector to ascertain the structural safety of the overcrowded balcony floor. Once capacity had been reached, Gabby ordered the doors closed to spectators.

A banging gavel brought immediate silence. No-nonsense, my-law-is-the-only-law, District Judge Henry Lee Jones read the specifics of the charges himself. Gabby had read them so she distilled them in her mind down to a three sentences. Brad was charged with giving ninety year old Mildred Tillman a fatal dose of narcotic medication with the purpose of ending her life with doctor assistance. The intended purpose was successful. Therefore, the charge of murder in the first degree was warranted.

Gabby took her seat behind the accused sitting at the defense table. After all, securing the prisoner was part of her police duties. Mrs. Elisabeth Garrison forced her way from the family seating section and sat herself down next to her son’s incarcerator. Uncharacteristically, right in front of God and the entire courtroom assemblage, the woman hugged the police officer’s shoulders and kissed her cheek.

Although startled by the unexpected outpouring of affection, Gabby listened intently as District Attorney John Dell began his opening arguments. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,” he rancorously alleged. “The evidence today will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the defendant, Bradford Garrison, did willfully and with forethought deliberately end the life of Mrs. Mildred Tillman! The defense will argue that Mrs. Tillman was living a life of unbearable misery with no hope of recovery, but according to the laws of this jurisdiction, this did not grant Doctor Garrison the right to take her life! Physicians are not gods and it’s about damn time they answered for acting like they are!”

Gabby couldn’t stand the self-righteous hypocrite speaking these blasphemous words about the man she loved! Yes, he had helped get her appointed to her dream job as police chief of this town she loved, but it was only because he believed she hated Brad enough to help him make an arrest and conviction. Now she knew that John Dell cared not for guilt or innocence, but he instead cared that a big-profile prosecution was a steppingstone to the Governor’s mansion!

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