It was my senior year in high school – a great year all around. I had already been accepted to college – not Ivy League, but the next tier down. I had finished up Varsity soccer and was now lettering in track. And I was dating a very hot chick who had the most amazing rack in the school. So how could it get better? Well……

It happened on a Saturday. Trish had called to say her mom was out for the day at the tennis club, so I hopped into my car and shot over there in a flash. We had jumped each others bones and fucked all morning. Man, could that girl ride. She loved to climb on top and just bounce on my cock. Now, I’m not the largest guy out there, but I held my own at about 8 1/2″. I knew Trish had heard about my cock from one of her girlfriends who I’d been seeing in the fall, and I knew that was a major reason we were together. Hey, she loved to fuck. Anyway, we had been going at it, having a blast, when a call came in. It was her mom, asking her to run some things over to the tennis club. She had forgotten her purse. I was being a well fucked stud, and a lazy bum – so I begged off, telling her I’d hang out till she returned. Besides, I told her it would be weird if I were to be in the car when she was supposed to be alone.

So there I was, lying in her bed when my mind started wandering to the sight of her D breasts bouncing as she rode me. Which of course got me hard again; which of course meant I had to stroke it; which I did, in long, slow, leisurely strokes. It was a gorgeous day, a nice breeze was coming in through the open window, and I was well lost in my own world. My head was resting on my arm as I closed my eyes. I let my mind go and fell into the feeling of my hand sliding up and down on my cock. My other hand moved down to my nipples and balls, playing with them as I stroked. I was definitely smiling to myself, thinking of Trish coming back. Smiling a shit eating grin as my entire world was interrupted by a woman’s cough. More the sound of an older woman clearing her throat. Almost the exact sound I could imagine being made by, perhaps Trish’s mom.

At first I didn’t even open my eyes. I just lay there, frozen.

“Oh, don’t stop now Josh.” I heard her say. “Don’t stop on my account, I mean you’re naked in my daughter’s bed, stroking your cock, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been screwing my daughter thinking I was out at tennis.”

“Didn’t you just call?” I asked, opening my eyes. Trish’s mom was standing there, in her short tennis skirt, a racket over her shoulder. I swear she looked like a 70′s playmate. She was busty like her daughter, not overly so, but probably C or D cups. They had fallen slightly, but it only lent an older woman kind of sexiness to her. She was in great shape, a bit of added curves, but still sexy.

“Oh yes, I did. I called to get her out of the house, but I didn’t expect this.”

At this point, I tried to cover up with a pillow. My cock was still hard which made it difficult to hide. She almost laughed as she shook her head.

“Oh no, don’t think you’re hiding that thing now. Hell, I’ve seen it in all it’s glory, and don’t for a minute think you’re putting it away.”

I didn’t know what to say. She walked the three steps to the edge of the bed, sat down, and pulled the pillow away.

“Keep going there Josh. You know it’s not good to stop in the middle of your work.”

I was in shock. I couldn’t move. So she reached over and took my own hand in hers. She started the stroking motion for me.

“You know my husband would cut that thing off if he knew it had been inside Trish.” She grinned an evil grin.

“But we don’t need to tell him anything. Do we?” I shook my head back and forth. Her husband was a total prick. Some wall street guy who was a complete hard ass – especially when it came to his daughter.

“So here’s the deal. You keep this up, and it can remain our little secret.” She smiled again, ducking down and letting her lips wrap around the head of my penis. She took several sucks before rising off. “God but you’re hung.”

I didn’t know what to say. But then again, she wasn’t staring at me because of my verbal skills.

“Now I know what my daughter sees in you.”

I kept stroking.

“So go ahead stud, put on a show for me.” She grabbed my other hand and placed it on my balls. I started to massage them, at which point she slid a hand beneath my own, and started massaging that space between my ass and my balls. She moved her legs over my own and started rubbing her clit against my thigh.

“Mmmmmm, you like that don’t you?”

I nodded. “Oh I think we’re going to have a great semester together, aren’t we?”

“Yes, Mrs. Wellington.” It was all I could think of saying.

She stopped rubbing herself against me.

“Oh Josh, there’s no reason to be formal. Call me Margaret.” She grinned at me, then burst out laughing. “Now be a good boy and keep stroking.”

Her laughter died down to a chuckle as she rose up, pulled down her tennis panties and swung her tennis shoe clad leg over me, positioning herself on my face.

I watched as her pussy lips spread open, releasing a glistening fragrance, and what could only be called a dew drop onto my lips. I could barely hear her, around her thighs.

“I’m sure a big strapping boy like you knows how to eat…”

The rest was muffled, but I could imagine what it was. I could feel her lips brush my cock as she watched and occasionally sucked me. I kept stroking and playing with my balls as she pushed her pussy harder onto my tongue. I could feel her grind into me, wetting my face and lips with her sex. Occasionally she would get carried away and her asshole would slide over my lips, but I just kept at it. I kept at it for fear of her husband, but also because it was downright sexy and all out fun.

I have a feeling I know when she came, because she stopped, shivered, and I could feel her body convulse for a moment. She let out this moan and almost killed me with her pussy, pushing it onto my mouth and nose, preventing me from breathing. I kept licking between gasps for air until she stopped moving. Finally she rose off of me and pulled her skirt down around her ass.

“Oh Josh, now that was fun.” I wasn’t sure what to do, so I kept stroking myself, albeit slower now. “Oh, poor boy, haven’t cum yet?”

“Not yet Mrs…” I stopped myself. “Margaret.” I corrected.

“Well, why don’t you keep it for Trish?” She said, “But don’t lose it all. I’m going to have to ask you back for more.” She stepped into her panties and pulled them up. “Now, I’ve got to get back to the club before my lovely young daughter returns. But she’s going out of town for her class trip tomorrow evening, and I want you over here after she’s gone.”

I only nodded.

“I’ve got plans for you Josh. Plans I just know you’ll adore.”

She turned at the door, before leaving altogether. “Well, plans for that cock of yours at least.”

She paused for just a moment before taking a very serious tone with me. “Don’t disappoint me Josh. This is our little secret and not something either of us want Max or Trish to know about. And one I know you’ll enjoy.”

She took another step and then paused. “Oh, and Josh – don’t’ come too early. I don’t want you playing around with Trish before I get to you.”

She winked at me before walking out and telling me, over her shoulder,

“I want you filled with cum all for myself…”

Then she was gone. And I was left to lie there, wondering what the hell had just happened, and more important, what was in store for me next…..

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