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Tenshi awoke to the smell of something cooking. Sitting up he saw Seiji already awake looking through a wardrobe. His fluffy white tail started to wag. Seiji looked at him and smiled, “How are you feeling, pup?” Before he could answer, Tenshi’s stomach gave a loud growl and left him blushing. Seiji chuckled and pulled on a pair of pants that looked snug on him. “Huh, I must have grown some too. But you’re still my little mate.”

He finished pulling on a white t-shirt and walked over to Tenshi with some clothes in hand. “Seiji, I can get dressed on my-” Seiji pulled a green shirt over his head and helped put his arms through the holes. Seiji moved down and slipped Tenshi’s feet through some under ware. “Seiji, I can do it.” He backed off this time and Tenshi pulled on the rest of his clothes. “Let’s get something to eat.” His tail wagged more, I guess I’ll have to get used to that, he thought to himself. As soon as he took a step his knees buckled and he held on to Seiji’s arm.

“Angel, I told you your muscles have not been used in a long time.” He helped Tenshi walk, keeping him close and steady.

They walked down stairs and to the open door on their right. Before them was a large dining room with a circular black table and chairs, cabinets filled with fine china surrounded the rectangular room along with colorful flowers in vases.

Alex and Kat were sitting together, laughing and eating. Tenshi smiled, “Hey guys.” They both looked up and grinned at him. Seiji helped him into the chair across from them and left to find his sister.

“How are you feeling Tenshi?” Asked Kat. Her eyes looked curious yet saddened. “I’m sorry, that you went through that.”

“Its fine.” He said with a little too much enthusiasm. “I am okay now.” His ears perked when he heard a door behind him open. The smell of food hit his senses and his stomach growled in response.

Saki and Seiji brought out big plates of barbeque ribs, pan seared fish, honeyed grilled chicken, salads, corn, and pesto pasta. Tenshi’s mouth watered, he had not been this hungry in a long time.

After dinner everyone was talking and laughing over dessert. Tenshi felt much better with a belly full of food. He rested his head on Seiji’s shoulder and smiled contently. “How long until we get to the town?” Seiji asked, looking at Alex.

“About two more days. One if we don’t stop for breaks.” Alex replied. “But since Tenshi is better we can get there in no time.” Kat slapped Alex’s arm and gave him a look. “It was Seiji’s fault we’re behind”

“It does not matter, Alex.” Saki spoke up. “I’m just glad he’s okay.” She smiled.

“So…” Kat looked at Tenshi and to his scar at the base of his neck. “What happened after you two mated? Did it hurt?”

A groan sounded from Seiji. “She’s been nagging since it happened.”

“No I have not.” She threw daggers at Seiji with her eyes. “I’m just curious.”

Tenshi blushed softly and looked at his hands as he spoke.”Well, Seiji had bitten me during– I felt weak and passed out. All I remember is a burning pain and images I didn’t recognize. Something about black feathers…” his voice faltered.

“Maybe they were images of the memories you lost?” Saki said.

“Maybe.” Seiji leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed over his chest. “Sadly, you’re not out of the woods yet, pup. You have to go through your first transformation, on the night of a full moon.”

Everyone fell silent. Tenshi looked confused, “What if I can’t shift, like Saki?”

“You have my shifter DNA in you, so its really possible. Don’t worry pup, we’ll be there for you and another full moon does not come for two weeks. We’ll settle in the town we’re headed to and relax on the beach.”

Tenshi smiled and nodded his head. It sounds nice but he could not shake the feeling in his gut.

They drove through the small town of Breeze Cove, a popular vacation spot by the eastern sea. Seiji, Tenshi and the girls lounged on the roof of the RV. The sun was bright and warm on their skin. A gentle breeze carried the salty and sweet smells of the tropical ocean and fruit trees. Little houses dotted the land along with forests of tall palm trees. It did not appear to be the vacation-y place they heard about.

The residents seemed off. Most of the people were tall with smooth, translucent skin that came in many colors. No two persons looked alike. Some having fins or barbs hanging from their bodies and others with tentacles. But it was not their appearance that was strange, but the way they stared at the small group.

As a precaution, Alex drove the RV to the edge of town, where the sand gave way to grass and the forest. Alex and Seiji headed out around their makeshift camp to make sure no one was around. Tenshi looked to Kat, “Are they sure this is a safe place? The people seem like they don’t want us here.”

The feline woman responded like she was deep in thought, “The water people have always been peaceful and fun loving kind. What could have happened….” A rustling behind them startled the two, but it was only Seiji and Alex. “Well?” Kat asked them.

“No one has been around here in a long time.” The large male said.

“Which is good for when Tenshi’s first full moon comes. Yet its odd that-”

“No one wants us here” Saki finished Seiji’s sentence, “I was looking around in the market and everyone was silent and avoided me.” She dug a delicate hand into a fabric bag she was carrying and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper. “I found this with the food I got.”

Seiji took the paper and read it. In messy writing it read; GET OUT.

“I take that our questions have been answered.” Alex frowned and crossed his arms.

“But why?” Tenshi voiced everyone’s thoughts.

“No one is to be alone here or in town. I don’t like this.” Seiji’s hair was practically bristling with unease.

A few days passed with out much activity. They lounged around camp, and swam in the ocean. As the full moon drew closer, Tenshi acted strangely, like his insatiable hunger to be touched by his mate. Seiji felt sorry his pup had to go through this. But there was no choice, he gave him no choice.

Just hours after night fall, while the moon rose, Seiji was sitting on a soft blanket holding Tenshi against his bare chest. The small male shook and sweat covered his body. “Why do we have to both be naked?” He asked between shaky breaths.

Seiji could only shrug. “Tradition. We’re all family here, Angel. We have to greet your wolf.” He gave a kiss on his mate’s head. He could feel Tenshi’s body expanding and contracting, and his bones shifting. Each time an audible snap was heard his mate would cry out in agony. Their hearts broke for him.

Saki sat close by, with a medical pack for just in case. Alex and Kat sat side by side watching the site before them, having never seen a wolf’s ceremony before. Seeing the wolf appear slowly, they were in awe.

Flesh gave way to soft white fur, and the cries turned to a whimper. “Open your eyes, my love. You’re so beautiful.” Seiji whispered. Big bright blue eyes looked at him, full of love and worry. Tenshi was now in a full wolf form. He was still skinny and felt light weighted.

Seiji slipped out from under him and shifted to his own wolf form. A voice sounded in Tenshi’s head. “Welcome my love.” It took him a moment to process what was happening, “Seiji? We can hear each other’s thoughts?”

“More or less.” The black wolf gave the white wolf a lick on the ear. “Stand. Get used to walking around like this.”

Tenshi listened and stood on four wobbly legs. Saki, Kat and Alex was smiling and laughing. “Glad you’re OK, Tenshi.” Kat and Saki said as they petted him.

“We should leave the two lovebirds alone.” Alex said, giving Tenshi a wink.

Seiji nipped at Tenshi’s ears lovingly, “Follow me, we’re going for a run.” He barked and trotted deeper into the forest with Tenshi struggling to keep up.

Tenshi came to a small clearing. The sounds of the ocean were not far from here, in the thick forest. The grass was soft under his padded paws and the scents were amazing, but where was Seiji. He searched around the clearing. “I know he was here-” a warm wet tongue slid across his rear, causing him to stop in mid-thought. “Seiji…” Tenshi come barely contain his moan.

“I though so” the larger black wolf licked his muzzle. “You’re in heat, Angel.”

“Huh? Ohh!” Seiji licked him again and instinctively he laid down with his tail to the side. All he could think of was being fuck by Seiji. His mate’s warm, spicy scent was over whelming his senses.

Seiji stood over his snowy white mate. His lust was rising fast and hard. He bit into Tenshi’s neck and immediately his mate’s bottom raised with a whimper, and he mounted his wolf cock into his tight hole. Seiji thrusted hard and fast in Tenshi’s little body.

All night they rutted like this. At some point they both collapsed in exhaustion and turned back into they’re previous forms. Later in the day after a hot meal and shower, Seiji had to tell Tenshi something.

“Every night?” The small male squeaked.

Seiji nodded. “Every night this week you’ll shift whether you want or not. On top of that you’re in heat.” He scratched under Tenshi’s chin and watched his tail wag and his mating scent wafted from him. He growled softly and pulled his pup into a heated kiss.

“Seiji, I need it…” Seiji scooped him up and threw him on the bed. His erection was painfully straining against his clothes. Seiji smiled wickedly and stripped himself and Tenshi but would not touch him. “Seiji?”

The larger male loomed over his mate’s cock. It head was turning a bright red and was begging to be touched. Using his long tongue he teased the shaft, never touching its head. “Seiji!” Tenshi groaned in frustration. He grabbed Seiji’s hair and attempted to make him go where he wanted. He laughed softly and swallowed his Angel’s cock, sucking on it hard. Tenshi thrusted his hips and held onto Seiji’s head, fucking his mouth until he came down his throat.

“Mmm.” Seiji spread Tenshi’s cheeks apart and pressed his lips on his rosebud, forcing the cum in his mouth into his mate’s hole.

“Seiji what are you doing?” He blushed brightly as his cock began to swell again. Seiji forced his swollen dick into the slick hole and rammed home, pulling on Tenshi’s hips to meet his is hard fast thrusts.

Tenshi and Seiji moaned and growled in their fast paced love-making. Everything was perfect. Tenshi was being fucked by the man he loved and he hardly felt that his body was shifting again and so was Seiji. Though he wished Seiji could quench the never ending heat in his body.

A sharp quick pain hit him in the thigh. “What the?” His words felt garbled by a numbing sensation running through his body. He looked up at Seiji confused and groggy. Seiji was no longer on him but fighting someone at the side of the bed. What’s going on? he thought. A person wearing all black grabbed him roughly from the other side of the bed, but he could not summon any strength to resist. This person slung his limp body over his shoulder and ran out the open bedroom door. The last thing he saw was the other shadow-clad person stabbing something into Seiji’s side.

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