The green-eyed lovely looked up into Arell’s excited face.

“I am Ker tu, Jaguar Queen,” she said. “I am searching for a mate, and have followed your scent for many miles. You want to mate?” she asked softly, cocking her head to the left. “I will give you the gift of speed and long life that comes from the jaguar.”

Arell’s eyebrows shot up. “Wow, she’s been in the jungle too long. She’s crazy!” he thought to himself. “But then again, who in their right mind would turn this beauty down?”

“Ker tu? Right?” Arell asked. “What are you doing here? Are you all alone?” he asked again, as he gazed into the flashing catlike eyes of the temptress before him.

“I am queen. I have many in my pride. I wish you to join, too!” Ker tu replied, as she crouched over Arell’s extended legs. Her hands touched Arell’s chest as she leaned towards his face. “I wish to mate with you.” Ker tu gently touched her full pink lips to Arell’s, and she moaned at the contact. The tip of her tongue teased his lips, tasting him, causing Arell’s body to respond more. He began to kiss her now, enjoying the feel of her lips on his. His tongue slid between her teeth, into her sweet mouth. Their tongues sparred with each other, deepening the kiss. Both of his hands slid into her hair, pulling her to him. Ker tu moaned. Arell broke the kiss and looked into Ker tu’s eyes. “Are you sure you want me to make love to you?” he asked. “We don’t know each other.”

Ker tu placed a fingertip over Arell’s lips. She smiled as she replied, “Sshh…we know enough.” Again Ker tu bends down to kiss Arell. His arms wrapped around Ker tu, and he turned her over onto her back. He is now on top of her. With deft hands he removed the scraps of hide from her body, exposing her sweet full breasts and hips. Her long shapely legs were muscled and tanned.

Ker tu pulled the white t-shirt over Arell’s head. He stood and removed his boots, jeans, and shorts quickly. The excited couple gazed into each other’s eyes; electric tension filling the small clearing.

Arell reached for Ker tu’s hands, and led her to his bedroll. She sat, looking expectantly up into Arell’s face. Her gaze traveled over Arell’s muscular body, from his long mane of black hair, his brown eyes, his full wide chest, narrow hips, and thickly muscled thighs and calves. “You have fine body. Very strong, will make many babies,” she said. “Your muscles will make you swift and powerful against your prey.” Kneeling beside Ker tu, Arell smiled, “I aim to please.”

Reaching out, he gently caressed Ker tu’s face. His thumb slowly outlined her lips, and then he pulled her to his mouth, and she moaned as his tongue once again took possession of hers. The swift ignition of their passion set Ker tu’s body into motion; she entangled herself around Arell’s body, clutching him in fierce abandon. Never in Arell’s history of sex had a woman been so wild and aggressive!

Deep kisses and exploring hands quickly drove both their needs to a fever pitch. Arell inhaled Ker tu’s sweet earthy scent. Accompanied with her enticing drug-like pheromones, this drove his need into animalistic proportions. Suddenly all he could think of was driving himself deep inside her.

Fire light flickered over their bodies as they kissed and teased each other. Ker tu took his cock into her hand and gently stroked it to the base. Arell’s moans spurred her onward in her need to please him. They writhed together on the makeshift bed til Arell could no longer wait. He had to have her now!

Bracing himself with his hands by her waist, he moved to enter her eager body. He watched her glowing eyes as he entered her slowly. Intense heat surrounded him as he moved deeper into her, feeling the walls of her velvet sheath swallow his cock deeper.

Her desire had made her dripping wet for him, so his entrance was smooth. Ker tu’s eyes closed in sweet rapture at the filling of her body. Arell stopped to look at the lovely creature under him.

Her long fiery mane splayed out across the blanket, framing the face of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His heart jumped at this view, knowing he would never forget that moment. Slowly at first, he moved inside her, feeling the wonderful friction of both bodies. Their tempo quickened as they strove to feel their pleasure. Ker tu’s legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him ever deeper. No longer being gentle, his body slammed hard into hers, making her breasts bounce on her chest. Arell leant down and took one of the moving nipples deep into his mouth, sucking hard. Ker tu’s eyes flew open, reflecting the firelight and her own pure lust. She cried out in ecstasy as the first orgasms shook her slender frame.

Arell’s lust flared deep inside him as he watched her release. He could feel his seed building and rushing to his cock. Groaning loudly, he pumped her womb full of streams of his cum.

Moments later, Arell disengaged himself from Ker tu and lay back on the blanket beside her. Ker tu cuddled into his body and began kissing and licking his torso, down to his groin. Having cleaned his body and cock of their mingled juices, she kneeled then between his splayed thighs and took his cock into her mouth, moaning at their taste. Her nostrils flared, and her eyes were wide and staring at him.

The silvery light of another full moon splashed across length of Sandy’s naked back and the swell of her rounded buttocks. She stared out the window sightlessly at the full moon where it sat in the dark sky, taunting her with its silent perfection and indifference. Her eyes were dry, she had cried out all of her tears several full moons ago. She had dropped all of her classes at the university and had not answered her phone or responded to her mail in months. She waited each full moon for William to return but he never came back to the cabin. Two more nights of the full moon remained though she hardly knew why she bothered waiting, she knew he wasn’t going to come back. Sandy sighed and wrapped her arms around her pillow burying her face deep into the soft cool fabric of the pillow. He wasn’t coming back. Somewhere deep inside her she knew the truth but her stubborn heart would not accept it. She flexed the tendons in her arm, feeling the skin pucker and the muscles tighten around the scar that had been left there. He was not going to get off that easily, Sandy vowed silently, if he wouldn’t return then she would just have to find him.

William sighed and hunkered down against the wall of the cave, pulling the thin flannel blanket he’d stolen tighter around himself. As a wolf the snow and ice didn’t bother him in the least, but as a man the cold bit right through him and left him blue with cold. He stared up again at the unforgiving moon set as in the inky black sky cursing it silently for the torment it brought to his life. The wind whipped through the tops of the fur trees outside of the cave filling the air with the rustling of their bows. His thoughts turned to Sandy as they always did every waking moment and most often in his sleep as well. He couldn’t find a way to forgive himself for the pain he’d caused her and the look in her eyes as she cradled her bleeding arm. He closed his eyes and could still see her face and the damage his fangs had rendered to her skin. He couldn’t bring himself to go back, so he just kept going, further and further from Colorado and the woman he loved.

Alexander Collins sat quietly in the booth at the local diner. The service was slow as usual, and the coffee was stale but it was the only place in town to get a meal at this time of night. He was stirring in his fourth sugar when the bell above the door tinkled as someone entered the diner. Alex let his gaze sweep over the young woman who had entered the diner; petite with golden brown hair and well tanned skin. She was quite arresting in her beauty and was in possession of a body most women would kill for with the most desirable breasts Alex had ever seen. She paused inside the door of the diner and surveyed the room, her eyes raking over each person in the room before they settled…. on him. Alex blinked thinking he must have been mistaken in thinking she was looking at him but she was still looking right at him and beginning to walk down the row of booths straight toward him.

“May I sit?” She indicated the bench across from him in the booth.

“Please do.” He returned her smile.

She slung her book-bag into the bench and slid in, her tight jeans molded to her form as she slid in and her breasts bounced slightly in her t-shirt as she settled in her seat. The waitress wandered down the length of the restaurant to the booth.

“Can I get you something honey?” She smiled at her and cast a glance at Alex.

“Diet Coke or Pepsi if you have it.” She smiled back at the waitress.

The waitress smiled and walked off to get the soda, returning shortly to place her drink on the table and hustle off to help the truckers at the other end of the restaurant.

“So to what do I owe this pleasure?” Alex queried finally.

“I understand,” she smiled at him. “That you are the local wolf expert in this area of the Rockies.”

“Ahh,” Alex smiled finally, always the wolves. “Yes, at the moment I’m currently researching and studying the wolf pack of this area and occasionally I drive further north to do some co-operative work with some of my fellow researchers. Do you study wolves, Ms…?”

“Sandy White.” She took a sip of her soda and look at him again. “I don’t exactly study wolves per say, I have however been researching nomadic single wolves. Wolves without a pack.”

“The bachelors and the fallen.” Alex pursed his lips for a moment. “They’re fairly rare as far as wolves go, I’m sure your aware of that. Most solitary wolves are either old, sick, or ousted from their packs and don’t live long alone. If they can’t form their own packs they often die or become livestock killers and are put down.”

Sandy nodded. “I’ve read quite a bit about that, but I’ve been trying to track and document solitary wolves to see how long they can live on their own and how long they live before they form their own packs.”

“An interesting idea, how can I be of assistance?”

“I wanted to know if you’d seen any solitary wolves lately. Any new wolves to the area that haven’t made any attempt to join any packs or form their own. Particularly a large male with gray/brown fur and yellow eyes, about 215 pounds.”

“That’s huge, even for a wolf, most wolves never reach that size.” Alex paused. “You seem to know this wolf though so I’m assuming you’ve seen this animal?”

“Yes, I’ve been tracking him for awhile. He’s been moving, heading north from what I can tell, and I’m trying to pick up his trail again before I loose him for good.”

“Admirable, you must really be devoted to your research to have come so far.”

“You have no idea.” Sandy gazed at him. “Have you seen my wolf?”

Alex laughed. “Yes, I believe I may have seen your wolf. There has been a large male skulking around the pack’s hunting ground. I’ve only seen him at an extreme distance and never quite clearly but he appears to be huge and of the right color. He’s been hanging out around the outer edges of the pack’s territory which runs along the eastern edge of the ridge and up around the lake.”

Sandy rewarded his information with the biggest brightest smile she could manage. “Thank you!” She reached for her bag and started to slide out of the booth.

“Are you going to leave right now, or would you be able to join me for dinner?” Alex grinned at the absolutely joy and eagerness in her face.

Sandy hesitated a moment then returned to her seat. “Sure.”

William caught the scent of the rabbit on the air. Trotting quickly through the thick icy snow he tracked the scent down to the slope of a hill covered in sparse vegetation that had managed to avoid being buried in snow. Crouching low he paused at the edge of the woods and eyed the rabbit munching quickly in the open. He crouched low on the snow and ice and focused on the rabbit, staying downwind and quiet. The rabbit hopped slowly down the slope of the hill closer to the thicker growth of vegetation near the base of the slope, closer to the forest. William paused then sprung leaping across the space separating him from the rabbit. A scream of pain ended quickly as William snapped through the rabbit’s fur and broke its neck. He trotted off across the field back into the shadows of the forest. William torn the haunches from the rabbit and downed the meat as quickly as he could, gulping it as quickly as he could tear it from the carcass. He was hunting on the pack’s side of the valley and needed to eat and get out as quickly as possible.

A deep low growl rumbled from the bushes to his left. William froze instinctively and dropped what was left of the rabbit. A snout pushed from the undergrowth, followed by a deep black head and forelegs. The bitch curled up her lips and raised her hackles growling again. William leapt to his feet and danced backward away from the female wolf. She ignored the half eaten rabbit at her feet and inched closer to William her teeth bared and her fur bristling. Two more wolves pressed in from her sides and added their own deep growls to hers. William backed up further into the field and checked his sides and rear as the three pack wolves moved in on him. William spun on his heal and ran at top speed, his strides were at least twice the length of the other wolves and he easily pulled away from them. William flew across the field as quickly as his legs would carry him, outdistancing the chasing wolves and escaping into the hills. It had been a long time since William had felt death nipping at his heals and it reminded him why he’d stopped trying to live with real wolves several years ago.

Yawning, Sandy got up the next evening to meet Alex again at the diner, he’d promised to give her some maps of the wolf pack’s territory and mark where he’d sighted the big male wolf. Sandy smiled as she dressed and hoped that this time she had found what she was looking for. It had been 6 months since William had bitten her and she had tracked him across the country and over the border. She hoped that this time she may have actually found the right wolf. It was hard to imagine that William would have come so far and that he’d have turned to the territory of real wolves to hide out, but it was probably a lot safer than trying to pass himself off as a dog.

After quick shower and the necessary pleasantries of making herself presentable again, she donned the new pair of hip hugging jeans and a fresh t-shirt she’d bought last night before she’d turned in for the day. Another full moon hung heavy in the sky as she stepped out of her motel room, day two of the three nights of the month that the moon was at its fullest. It was a rare blue moon month, the moon would cycle again one more time this month to its fullest. Her best chances of catching William would be while the moon was full and he was human, unable to disappear into the night as a wolf. She quickly ran her hands through her hair and tossed it back into a pony tail as she stepped out of her hotel room and headed toward the diner.

She smiled as she slid into the booth across from Alex. He returned her smile and handed her an envelope.

“I’ve marked all the locations where I’ve spotted the wolf in the last month.” He indicated the first map in the manila envelope. “I’ve also included a general outline of the packs territory, that’s the line marked in yellow. He’s stayed on the fringes of the pack’s territory and does most of his hunting on the west side of their range in the valley nearby the lake.”

“Thank you,” she looked over the map at him. “This information will help me more than you will ever know. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I’ll settle for dinner and a walk.” Alex ginned. “As long as you don’t have plans for the evening already.”

“No I don’t, dinner and a walk sounds great.” Sandy smiled and set the envelope inside her pack.

The meal was unremarkable, the diner serving fair best suited to truckers and RV’ers who happened to need a quick hope meal on their way through town. They animatedly discussed wolves over their dinners and compared notes on their fields of study. Alex was quite impressed by her knowledge of wolves and their behaviors and social structures as well as her insight to the wolves private lives and interactions with their mates and pack members. Sandy admired Alex’s strength of vision and belief that research and education could change the way wild wolves were viewed by humans and hopefully end the needless slaughter of wolves by ranchers and farmers who blamed every livestock death on them. After they had paid they left the diner and headed down the street back toward what passed for a town. Like many other places along the road the town consisted of a church, a motel, a school, a few small stores and businesses, and the local diner. But it was still one of those places where people could walk down the street in the night and not worry about getting home safely. Alex and Sandy continued to talk as they walked down the street toward her motel. Finally they arrived at her door.

“Thank you again for the information, you don’t know how much you’ve helped me.” Sandy smiled at him.

“You’re more than welcome and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you need any more information or equipment I’ll be heading back toward by base camp, it’s a small cabin on the east side of the lake. I’m usually there unless I’ve gone into the field to photograph or video.”

“If I need anything else I’ll stop by.” She reached into her bag for her key.

There was a quiet moment as Sandy smiled at him and prepared to wish him good night. She knew Alex wanted to kiss her and she knew he was interested in her more than just as a colleague and she felt bad for giving him hope there could ever be something between them.

“Good night.” She smiled and turned toward the door to unlock it.

“Good night.” He smiled back, though it was not as sincere and turned to leave.

Sandy leaned back against the door as it closed and wished things were simpler. She was a woman, her lover had left her, so she should be free to move on with her life. But it didn’t work like that and it wasn’t that simple, she was connected to William and he to her, they were lovers but more than just that. William mated for life, it was his way, as long as she was alive and he was as well they were bound together by that tie. She loved him and she wouldn’t leave him to waste away his life alone. She felt the warmth of her tears as they spilled down her cheeks and onto her chest. Nothing was simple anymore.

William was more careful as he stalked prey along the fringes of pack territory now. They knew he was out there and they wanted him gone. He skirted their boundaries carefully, only risking coming into it when he needed to get water from the lake or one of its streams. He trotted carefully through the snow and ice and hid in his cave when the moon was full. Life had taken on a dull, monotonous tone without Sandy. He no longer looked forward to the nights when the moon was full, they held no promise or happiness anymore. He spent those nights curled up in his cave, burrowed under the blankets he had stolen to keep off the chill, waiting for daylight and the return to himself as a wolf. Tonight was the last night of the full moon for this cycle, but this month was special, it was a rare blue moon month and the moon would cycle again to full before the calendar month was out. He sighed, his breath blowing out through his snout in a chuffing noise of canine depression. The sun was slowly setting, throwing the snow into a multi-hued sea of reflected sunlight, glowing orange and pink like the sky above. Night was coming fast and William headed for his cave.

Sandy packed the last of her things and checked out of the hotel. The last night of the full moon and she had ground to cover. After turning in her key she walked down the road heading west toward the mountains and the wolf pack’s territorial boundaries. Her back pack was slung over one shoulder and lightly packed with food and a few of the most necessary supplies. Her stride was confident and without hesitation as she entered the forest, covering ground as quickly as she could for she had a long way to go.

Alex watched her walking into the forest, unaware of anything but her destination and seemingly unafraid of what could happen once she reached it. The woman was strong but this was no way to carry out research, she was liable to be killed by the elements. Underdressed and with a pack that couple barely carry the most basic supplies he wondered how she intended to get to the wolves let alone spend weeks watching and studying them. She was brilliant and she was beautiful but she seemed to have a definite death wish.

The full moon came and went without incident. William stood on the ridge overlooking the valley as he pondered where he’d find the best hunting today. He was tired and sore but hungry as he always was after changing and he needed to feed today. Deer would be the best bet, but taking one down on his own would prove difficult. Rabbits were good snacks but it would take several of them to sate his hunger. He turned his head and breathed in the wind scenting it for prey. There was a tantalizing aroma on the air, not deer, and not rabbit, but something much better. Caribou. Not many, five or ten at best, most likely a herd of young or old animals that had been split off from a larger herd. Traveling to meet them most likely. He moved quickly, running down the incline and heading toward the north where the scent was strongest. They were outside of pack territory so he would be safe hunting them. He ran fast and without tiring. They were close, he slowed to a lope and stayed downwind, drinking in the scent of them. He came across them in a clearing feeding off vegetation below the snow, digging down with their hooves to reach it. He slipped around the clearing and laid in the snow downwind of the small herd. Six animals total. Two young does, three older does, and one very old buck. He surveyed the animals slowly, the buck seemed to be the best bet for a kill, he was extremely old and seemed to be lame in one hide leg. He wouldn’t be easy to kill but he was the weakest of the lot.

William knew that surprise wouldn’t be of much use, the easiest way to kill would be to run the buck down, scattering the rest in panic. He raised from the ground and growled loudly, watching as six head snapped up from the ground at lightening speed. Panic ran through the animals light water and then ran, scattering and plunging into the forest in all directions. William leapt behind the old buck and snapped his jaws nipping closely at the animals heels. The buck bawled and cut to the left heading in the opposite direction of the other five caribou. William harried the buck for miles, twisting from one side to the other side of the buck changing his direction and forcing the animal to run himself ragged. The wolf’s jaws clamped down on the sides and haunches of the buck as he cut him from side to side. Within ten minutes the buck’s sides were slick with blood and he floundered through the deep snow, struggling desperately to keep moving. Finally William dove in and grasped the buck by the throat, hanging suspended by his jaws as the caribou thrashed and expended his last bits of energy trying to remove the wolf from his throat. Slowly the buck slid to his knees and finally fell to his side as he suffocated in the jaws of the wolf. William released the bucks throat panting through his jaws as prepared to eat.

Sandy tracked the big male wolf. Tracking the wolf’s footprints was slow and difficult. She had to pause to rest and to eat and she lost ground on William each day. She hadn’t caught sight of him yet, but she had no doubt that the prints belonged to William and that she would find him. She trudged onward.

Alex set up his base camp on the side of a small ridge that overlooked a portion of the meadow and forest on the edge of the lake. He knew that the big male wolf had been staying in this area and that he often slept in one of the caves on the ridge just across the meadow. He hunkered down to wait. If he waited long enough he’d see the wolf, if he waited long enough he’d see Sandy again.

Days and weeks blended for William. Hunt, sleep, move. Hunt, sleep, move again. He avoided the local pack by staying on the move but he remained close enough to the cave in the hills he used for nights of the full moon. He had scented other wolves several times in the last few weeks so he moved quickly: never staying anywhere for very long. The pack knew he was stalking there territory and he could expect them to be keeping a higher guard and looking for him as they traveled their boundaries. He had to be careful not to get caught by the pack, he couldn’t run from all of them.

The night of the blue moon was unseasonably warm, clouds covering the sky and the threat of precipitation on the wind. Alex wrapped his thermal blanket tighter around his shoulders and swept his binoculars over the meadow again. Nothing yet, but full moons usually heralded nighttime hunts for wolves. He spied the wolf as he broke from the woods, trotting quickly across the meadow heading for the caves in the ridge. It was the big male, he was nearly loping to cross the open area quickly. Alex saw the second wolf burst from the forest, running full speed at the big male. The second wolf was much smaller but it appeared fearless as it sped across the clearing.

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