Thanks to those of you who were kind enough to read and comment on my first submission of Realms of Eden Book 1 – Sydney comes of Age (it’s in the Sci-Fi section). This is a rewrite of that book but from the story teller’s perspective rather than first person.

My characters told me that they didn’t think they got enough time in my first book having to rely on Sydney’s view to get them noticed – so this is for them.

I have introduced a new character, expanded out some of them and given some more thought to how some things were happening.

Of course it now finishes before the first draft did – and the second book is almost finished to catch up the rest.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it and I promise book 2 will be up soon.

All feedback welcome.

Special thanks to CajunBill, dloold87 and zerses_01 who made me think Realms was worth all my effort.


ACT 1 – Turning a sapling into a tree.

Chapter 1 – The end of childhood

An aqua light glowed in his mind and a soft whisper drifted across his thoughts.

“Stanton, honey, it is time for me to leave you for a while. I will return before…” the voice didn’t finish its thoughts, both of them knew what she meant.

“He is born then?” he asked back.

“Yes and he will need me.”

The glow dimmed then was gone. The man rolled over to his side, a smile played on his full lips and his dark-blue eyes closed as he resumed his interrupted sleep.

* * * * * * * *

As a young boy growing up Sydney Douglas had always found his parents difficult.

It was not the generation gap issue, rather, from a very young age his mother would constantly rant and rave about the world and how it was going to hell in a hand basket. A hand basket her son would be carrying.

The woman had been quite a beautiful lady when she had given birth to the boy, the result of a brief liaison with a handsome stranger whilst on holidays in the friendly island nation of Vanuatu. Now she was tired from the need to look after an unwanted child. Her father would have made life hell for her if she had aborted the pregnancy.

The messages of how the world was full of sin and ugliness from the indoctrination of the priests of a religious cult that she had joined, just after the boy had been born, turned her earlier simple and positive view of the world into one that saw it as uncaring and decadent. Her attractive face and body were neglected and began to reflect the view she held of the world. She continued to blame the bubbly, black haired, dark-blue eyed boy that her father doted on.

Meeting and marrying a man from the ‘church’ she had believed to have been her salvation, she focussed her vitriolic attacks on the world through the child, blaming him for the initial rejection of her by the man. She had debased and degraded herself in satisfying the man’s sexual needs until finally he had asked her to marry him.

Peter Douglas was a big man, standing at almost two metres tall, weighing over 130 kilograms, the man was quick to temper and would use his fists readily. He had risen to the position of foreman in the aerospace plant, producing hover components, more by bullying and the use of those fists rather than any real capability of management.

As Peter Douglas listened to his wife’s tirades about the world, the women in the neighbourhood, who she always assured him, were after his cock and were all nothing but sluts, he would nod and glance over her at his paper. He encouraged her to rant and deride the local female population, her constant fluttering arms and movement around the house caused her heavy breasts to move deliciously.

As he fucked her in their bed later in the night he would play on her fears, lying to her about how the woman down the street had flashed him on his way to work. Her furious movements of her body and desire to make him forget about anything that they had done allowed him to perversely use her body in any way he wished and finally have his seed exploding into her slutty throat.

Her obedience to his desires was the only thing that he tolerated about her. In his eyes the sallow fleshed complexion, thin body, her constant need for cigarettes and alcohol disgusted him but as long as she allowed him to fuck her arse, sucked his cock and occasionally felt his seed expend into her womb he would stay to keep an eye on the brat his masters wanted observed.

The mission had been easily enough undertaken when the woman was a soft and beautiful woman, just losing the additional weight she had gained during pregnancy, her full breasts lush with milk that she would allow him to taste. He now had regrets but he dared not defy his instructions.

Those instructions were changing now as the child began to grow and Peter Douglas decided that if it was necessary to be with the woman for any length of time that he would breed the bitch. Perhaps if she had a belly full of arms and legs she might just put some weight back on and his cock could once again be warmly encased in her full breasts. His sex with her changed to forcefully fucking her tight pussy, his rampant cock burying into her tight dry vagina at the most unexpected times, she accepted the treatment of her body from him as necessary to ensure his continued love.

She reflected her anger onto the boy, subjecting him to constant tirades about sin and depravity. Subtly she began to deflect some of the blows that she received from her husband towards the boy, directing his attention to the boy’s evilness, real or imagined, revelling in the marks on the boy’s face or buttocks from the man’s large hands. Her son’s retreat from her towards solitude and his look changing from love to fear, hardened her heart and she found that in some ways she actually enjoyed seeing his tears and bruised face. It certainly gave her satisfaction that her own marked buttocks and hips were not the only ones in her house.

The marks on her body began to diminish markedly as the boy grew, the punishments handed out by her husband to the skinny, freckle faced lad became more frequent. When he would order the boy out of his sight after delivery of stinging slaps of his hands or occasionally the belt of his pants, she would quickly shed her clothing and await the rampant thrusts of his cock into any orifice he requested.

Sydney did not see the wickedness of his mother as she catered to the desires of the man who had punished him. Many times he did not even know what the punishment was for and he would retreat to the sanctuary of the sports field with his small circle of friends or to the quiet escapism of the nearby local library.

The sports fields were Sydney’s greatest refuge, for despite the lack of growth and size in his body, he was blessed with superb hand-eye coordination and excelled in sporting competitions, particularly soccer and cricket where he was a leader and much admired by his peers.

Academically the child was gifted, he and a small group of elite minds, excelled at school in friendly competitions of brainpower.

These outlets were all he had to emotionally support him, his hopes resting on either a sporting or academic scholarship to help him escape from the family home that was beginning to become a nightmare.

His father’s physical punishment became more frequent as the years went on, his bullying nature totally exposing the boorish man who drank and ate to excess. His mother’s love totally withdrawn with the death of her father not long after the boy’s sixth birthday and she discovered she was pregnant.

Sydney’s parents never watched him play sport or came to any of the presentations that saw him receive accolades from teachers and coaches for outstanding achievement in every field. In fact Peter Douglas took great delight in crushing the boys’ pride in bringing home a scholastic prize at the age of seven by sneeringly remarking that second was really first loser.

From then on Sydney carefully hid away any rewards he received for sporting or academic prowess and refrained from referring to his performances in anything but the most trivial of manner.

The punishments and tirades from his parents dramatically decreased, he actually dropped off his father’s radar, with the birth of his two brothers shortly after his sixth and seventh years of life.

His mother took an instant shine to her new offspring constantly telling her husband how wonderful they were and a joy to her heart. She was also very aware that her husband’s demand for his seed to be captured in her mouth as she pleasured him with her milk full breasts made his normally rough handling of her body a change that her soft body required for her to meet the demands of the two small babies.

She further ingratiated herself into her husband’s gentler treating of her by the use of the phrase, "Unlike that first brat!" that caused him to smile softly at her, his instructions had emphasised that the woman must destroy the mother child relationship.

For Sydney dodging his father’s fists and his mother’s constant abuse was easy when their arms were full of their so-called bundles of joy.

Not long after his twelfth birthday David Gilroy found the boy hiding at the back of his property one afternoon, after a particularly nasty encounter with his father that left him with a bloodied nose and a swollen eye.

The young lad was talking to the ducks that swam in a pool that formed at the bottom of his paddock. The small creek that flowed through the estate deepened and widened considerably at this point before continuing its way noisily over rocks and tree roots down to the river.

He had appeared to be very familiar with the ducks that sat around him listening to his bemoaning of the unfairness of his treatment. Sydney often visited the ducks and sometimes they even took titbits of bread or other scraps that he brought down for them.

David Gilroy was surprised as the lad cowered at his approach wondering if it was the father coming to give him some more of his "learning" as he had overhead the boorish big man scream at the boy, followed by a slap and a cry. After squatting down beside the boy he said, "Hi, I’m your new neighbour. Dave Gilroy."

He put his hand out, the young lad grasped it saying, "Sydney Douglas, though my friends call me Syd."

"It’s alright Syd, come up to the house, if you want, and Kelsey can give you something for that eye."

Sydney followed him up to the house properly introduced himself to David’s wife while she dabbed his nose with tissues and placed an ice pack on his face.

The Gilroys lived diagonally to the south of the Douglas place and from that day on the young lad would always make a point of saying hello to them whenever he spied them in their yard or if he saw them on some of his constant outings.

The Gilroys were easy going and a very nice couple. David was an engineer, his interest mainly in mining and he had moved to the property on the eastern district of Brisbane to spend some time with his new bride that he had finally manage to extract from the clutches of a fiercely competitive colleague in the firm that they had both worked for in New South Wales. David was 38 and his wife 37.

Kelsey had been a prize to be won from his rival, when she had accepted his offer of marriage he had joyfully taken her away to the northern state and away from any further temptations. She came from a wealthy, very wealthy, family and her marriage to the lowly engineer had not completely been welcomed with joy by her family.

David’s opinion of himself was high, he believed that his easy smile, reasonably handsome face and stockily built body had given him the edge over the skinny, big eared and freckled faced man he had beaten out for the hand of the gorgeous brown haired and brown eyed Kelsey. Her full figure and warm willing body was his and he believed that she was content to be his faithful companion.

Mrs Gilroy, "Please, call me Kelsey," she told those that she met, had fallen for the small skinny, child that had come to her with a bloodied nose and swollen eye. Ensuring that she always had biscuits or cakes just baked or ready in a tin she kept close by the table, she was delighted when the young lad came and shyly knocked on the door a couple of days after her husband had found him talking to the ducks. Welcoming him into her home with open arms, ensuring that he pressed against her warm breasts and made him sit and have "bikkies," as she called them and tea with her.

She chatted to him in a constant stream asking about school, friends and sport.

Noting the surprised look he gave her when she told him that she had watched him make a century for the school last summer, she had asked him if he was going to be opening again this year. Sydney changed the subject and was embarrassed when she asked the question again. The lad looked at her closely realising that she was genuinely interested in his answer and shyly nodded yes.

Kelsey was saddened when he said he had to go. She let him run from the house and was very worried when he didn’t return for several weeks.

From a long time habit Sydney would change the subject if any of his friends mentioned some achievement in earshot of his parents, he figured that adults didn’t really want to hear about those sorts of things and it had confused him when Mrs Gilroy had shown an interest. When finally he found enough courage up to go back and see them he explained to them both that his parents didn’t really care about his sport and didn’t talk about it with them.

Mr Gilroy coughed and ruffled his hair, his wife handed the boy a plate of bikkies and said she had to get something from the back room. Kelsey Gilroy wept in her room, how such a small, beautiful boy could be so abused and neglected she thought to herself. She composed herself, applied a little make-up to cover her slightly red face and returned to listen to her husband talking to the small boy about the ducks.

Sydney ate Kelsey’s bikkies as her husband asked if Sydney came and talked to the ducks often. The laughter and statement that the ducks were his friends and his naming them off for him and descriptions about their habits and nesting places made her heart ache as she realised how lonely the little boy was.

David sat staring at the boy for such a long time that Kelsey thought her husband was going to make the boy feel as if he had said something wrong, so she gave a little cough and when he looked at her shook her head quickly. David stood up and said, “Seeing as how all these ducks live at my place I’d better get down there and start learning all about them!”

Kelsey Gilroy asked Sydney if he wanted to stay for a bit longer but he told her he had to go to soccer practice shortly so he’d better get home and changed before he went.

Over the next few months Sydney showed David Gilroy all the ducks and their nesting places. He got very good at naming them when the boy pointed them out on the pond.

David and Kelsey were very good to Sydney and they enjoyed his company on the rare occasions that he came over. Sydney’s mother, introducing herself as Sophia, tried to interfere with the boy’s visits but Kelsey laughingly told her that the boy could come over and visit whenever he wanted, besides she told the obnoxious woman she also had some chores that she needed doing occasionally.

Sophia had responded, "Well as long as the little devil isn’t making a nuisance of himself!” Before turning about and hurrying back to the house to attend to Sydney’s brothers.

The next few years saw more and more beltings and beatings handed out to Sydney, as it seemed his parents went out their way to find any excuse to deliver punishments. Peter Douglas had received further instructions that wanted the child cowered, afraid and the beatings should ensure that the boy never reached full maturity. It was something that his masters did not want to occur. Why they didn’t tell him to simply kill the child he was not at liberty to ask.

The Gilroys and the ducks were his only refuge though he steered well clear of the Gilroys whenever his face was damaged or the bruises were too obvious around his legs or arms. There would be periods when sometimes he did not go to school or to any of his normal sporting activities while his body recovered.

Kelsey Gilroy always got so worried when the little man did not come to her back door for bikkies and tea, she suspected that the monsters in the house to the north were beating him but she could not prove it. Sometimes she would see him sneaking off furtively to school via the back tracks around the estate in the very early hours of the mornings before anyone else was awake. Watching his small frame run down the tracks with a school bag that she was sure only carried his book discs as his skinny frame certainly showed no signs of getting the nourishment it needed.

Whenever she asked Sydney how come he had been out of touch for a while he would tell her that he had been sick or very busy with school-work. At times she thought that the lad would die of embarrassment at having to tell them a lie, but as the months passed he began to vary his stories judging when he could use different stories such as hinting that had been away or injured playing sport and having to have a few weeks recovery.

Kelsey Gilroy never believed a word but she let the lies go as she would smile and pass him some more biscuits. Her heart always broke as she watched him eat them hurriedly, furtively sneaking one of two into the pockets of his threadbare pants. Eventually she would simply give him a small paper bag of biscuits before he left, telling him that he could keep them for later when he needed a midnight snack. Her hand would always brush his hair out of his eyes and her smile and open eyes would try to tell him that she was there to help him.

Her love for the boy and her motherly instincts were not as innocent towards him as she told herself they were. As they boy went through a small growth spurt, which she believed was triggered by the extra food she gave him, his body and face triggered deep emotions within in her and in passionate afternoons of daydream she would pleasure her body with thoughts of his properly developed body giving her hours of intense pleasure.

Something about his demeanour, the way he simply believed in living, the brave way he battled whatever atrocities were being perpetrated upon him made her love for the little boy grow. She had bouts of depression when he did not come to her home for weeks as he recovered from the beatings, followed by nights of lusty passion with her husband when his handsome face would sit opposite hers as he ate her biscuits and haltingly gave her some story to cover his absence. Her husband’s face was always replaced, in her mind, by the boy as she imagined him to be as a man.

A couple of years after they had become Sydney’s neighbours David picked him up as he wandered slowly home from school, pulling up beside the boy in his work hover and beeped the horn to get his attention. As Sydney leaned in through the passenger window and asked him how he was going he offered him a lift home. Sydney told him he wasn’t in that big of a hurry to get there if it was all right by him. David thought he knew the reason for the lad’s reluctance to go home but then he laughed saying, "Well I think Kelsey might have some bikkies at home for a growing lad if you don’t mind hanging out with a pregnant lady!"

When David told Kelsey her how he had jumped in the hover pressing for all the news about this latest development, she had softly cried into his shoulder. David laughed as he told her how he had a million questions like when the baby was due and what was it going to be.

"Whoa!" he had said, "I think Kelsey might like to tell you that information. After all," he had said, with a wink at the boy, "I am only the father!"

Kelsey had laughed along with him, though sadly she thought to herself, I wish Sydney was.

Kelsey laughed in remembrance of the young man pestering her for all the information, watching his happy face as for the rest of the afternoon the discussion centred on babies and house improvements. She hoped that somehow some of those improvements might be to find a room for the boy across from her when he became a man.

It was not that Kelsey didn’t love her husband, it was that he didn’t love her. She knew that he considered her a thing, a prize, the jewel on an imaginary ring on his finger that he could lay aside or pick up whenever he wanted. Resentment grew within her as she knew that he was meeting and bedding other women in his business trips away, but he was prone to going into long sulks or jealous rages if she mentioned anyone that may have caught her eye.

Then suddenly he changed, he became attentive, caring, his business trips ceased, hell some weeks he didn’t leave the house, as he tenderly and passionately loved her in their bed. His renewed attention coupled with the exceedingly passionate and constantly more and more erotic dreams she was having with a man that she imagined was Sydney fully grown, kept her for a small time exceedingly happy and carefree. It was little wonder that she fell pregnant.

Six months after the couple had told Sydney, Jennifer Anne Gilroy came into the world; Sydney fell in love with the red curly haired bundle with her big brown eyes that looked innocently out at the world.

Kelsey Gilroy let the young man hold her child the first day she bought her home from the hospital. As Kelsey passed the small bundle to the seated boy it seemed that the little girl looked right into his heart as she lay quietly in his arms. Kelsey could not help the thudding of her own heart as she watched them, she made a promise to herself that she would pass his child to him one day, not the pretence that had played in her mind as she had handed Jenny to him now.

As Jennifer grew and began crawling Sydney would spend many hours letting her chase him around as he played with her stuffed toys and set up blocks with her. Kelsey always told Sydney that she was so pleased to see the little girl so happy when he was around as sometimes she was so restless with David and never really settled until the boy had shown up and given the little one some playtime.

David was so inconsistent in his behaviour of late, sometimes she wondered who the hell he was, his surly face and too busy attitude made her want to scream and shout at him, other times he would sit for hours with the child lying in his arms as she looked up at him crooning lullabies.

Sydney had not been near her for nearly two months, he had not gone to school, she watched for him every day, spying on the house further up the hill as she went to feed the ducks that also seemed to be restless and unsettled as their frequent visitor stayed away from them. Jenny cried constantly, her tear filled face appeared to be terrified at something but nothing could be done to settle her.

It was only when the quieter, softer David would appear after a business trip or returned early from one of his trips that the little girl would settle and give Kelsey some much needed sleep. Not that the sleep easily came as she cried and sobbed into her pillow over her missing little man.

Unbeknown to Kelsey, Sydney’s father had rammed his head into his bedroom wall after his mother had told him that Sydney was, “Abusing himself under her roof!”

The young man had not even known what she meant, but Peter Douglas had belted and punched the boy much more thoroughly than he had ever done before. His masters had warned him to watch out for this sexual awakening and ensure that it never came to fruition. Again he was told that he could not kill the boy, however damaging the boy’s head would be acceptable providing him with diagrams of the areas of the head that he should target.

His belting of the boy’s head into the wall had knocked him out and the dizziness and weakness that resulted forced Sydney to stay in bed for almost a week as the injuries prevented him from standing up.

Peter Douglas reported the continued tirades of the mother against the kid as he crawled to the bathroom to relieve himself rather than suffer another flogging from her for wetting his bed. The satisfied response of his masters and the implied rewards he would receive from them set his balls roiling and his rough arse fucking of the mother causing her to screech and beg him to be gentler had his sperm hosing her face and mouth earlier than he anticipated. He made her sleep on the floor as he spread his large body over the bed and dreamed of virgins bleeding on his rampant cock.

When the dizziness finally relented Sydney’s mother refused to let him out of the house. His battered face could not be seen by anyone, let alone the slut that lived on the next property. Shrewdly she contacted the school telling them that the boy was suffering from a nervous disorder, symptoms that she had gleaned from asking Peter to search the internet for her. He had even gotten a certificate from an out of town doctor to present to the school to stop anyone coming out and checking on him.

One of the teacher’s aides that lived nearby had begun dropping off school work for the brat as well, she lost some of it, deliberately and gave him other parts of it with incomplete pages and missing notes. She hated the boy so much and her tender arse-hole was sure it was his fault.

Eventually Sydney was allowed to return to school and the teachers nodded sympathetically to him as they allowed him a little extra time to catch up on the eight weeks he had missed.

Kelsey Gilroy gave him the biggest hug of his short life when he shyly knocked on her back door after his long recovery. Inside Kelsey wept, the marks had not quite disappeared to her scrutiny of his handsome face, the monsters had obviously gone past their usual care in hiding their abuse. She wondered what the hell the beautiful boy had done to be treated so. Hands ruffling through his hair found the barely noticeable bump on his head and she felt him stiffen a little as she held him against her breasts, ensuring that his face lay tightly against them as if the heart beating beneath them could somehow reach through to him and heal the last of his hurts.

Kelsey watched the young man’s face and saw the surprise and delight on it when her little girl toddled towards him with her hands held aloft droning, in the monotone that toddlers get when they are almost ready to talk. The droning only stopped when she was lifted up and snuggled into Sydney’s neck.

Sydney, sitting with the little girl sucking her dummy and staring into his eyes contentedly, was telling Kelsey that he was very sorry that he had not been able to come and see them before now. Kelsey decided to push her luck and gave him a searching, open look saying, “Sydney is there something you want to tell me?” She sighed when he ducked his head feigning sudden interest in Jenny’s smiles and didn’t answer.

The boy took Jenny on little walks with him up to see the ducks and as she began to speak her baby talk Kelsey found that he was answering a lot of Jenny’s questions and clearly understood most of what she said. Obviously he truly connected with the little red head and she with him, goodness knows that David and I have no idea half the time what she is saying, she thought, yet he can always get the book, toy or piece of food she wanted.

Kelsey’s heart would thud, as laughingly she would open the back door just as he would knock, his face red with embarrassment as he heard Jenny excitedly yelling, “Syddy! Ducks!” in the kitchen behind her.

When Kelsey told Sydney that Jenny got very sick, not eating, sleeping and continuously crying when after another severe belting from both of his parents had kept him confined to the house for a couple of weeks Sydney decided that he would try to do everything to make her better.

“It seems,” said Kelsey, “that Jenny knows when you are sick.” She emphasised the word sick making Sydney think that she was not quite buying the stories that he was telling her.

Kelsey had also confronted the boy’s mother, hinting to her that she was worried about how many times a young growing boy was getting injured and spending so much time away from school. Sophia reported this to Peter and for a while the beatings were restricted to the use of his belt across the boy’s bare buttocks. Buttocks that Peter Douglas often pictured in his head, after administering another flogging, being parted by his stiff tool as he did to his now thin again wife as he bent her over the kitchen table.

However, the appearance of Bonnie Gilroy caused the beltings to increase but they were now distributed across more than just his arse. His back and legs, chest and shoulders were whipped, Peter Douglas enjoyed the screams as the end of his belt oft times found the boys genitals and nipples. Much more care being taken to hide the bruising with clothing, even forcing the boy to wear sweaters in the summer months, the family lie of his susceptibility to chills being used as an excuse.

Sophia’s tirades had never abated and Sydney lived life in fear of her and of being stuck down by someone called The Almighty.

Bonnie Gilroy was a little black haired, brown eyed tom-boy who arrived at the Gilroy house with a small suitcase full of clothes and a sadness that seemed to engulf the whole world. She made Sydney want to hug her from the first time he saw her.

Bonnie was 16, Sydney was now 17, his lanky frame and a 10 centimetre growth spurt during the last year made his body seem all the more awkward. Kelsey had inwardly cheered at his growth, his head now almost reached her breasts when she stood beside him and much to her husband’s hidden disgust she began to wear clothing that allowed her cleavage to be seen quite easily at Sydney’s new height. David Gilroy laughed, as it seemed the lad was very careful not to look there, he suspected that the young lad with his handsome face may be homosexual.

To Sydney it seemed that Bonnie Gilroy carried the weight of the world on her shoulders and when David introduced her to him as his niece Sydney wondered what could possibly have made this girl so sad. He stuck out his hand to her, though inside he really wanted to put his arms around her, she shyly shook it and said, "Pleased to meet you, Sydney."

Sydney raised his eyes to Mr Gilroy who was waving at him from behind her back, he mouthed, "Ducks." The young man nodded and asked Bonnie if she would like to come and see the ducks while Mrs Gilroy looked after Jenny. They sat by the pond for what seemed like hours and kids being kids chatted about this and that until suddenly she broke down and began crying.

For once in his short life Sydney’s awkwardness fell away from him and he placed an arm around her shoulders and gently hugged her to his chest while she sobbed. Through her tears Bonnie told him of the deaths of her parents, killed in a hover crash coming up from New South Wales to see Aunty Kelsey and the baby.

Her father was Dave’s brother and Dave had quickly arranged to have Bonnie come and live with him and Kelsey. Sydney had wondered why the Gilroys had left unexpectedly, asking him to feed the ducks and mow the lawn. They had been gone for over a month returning with the girl in their hover.

As he hugged her closer patting her hair until her sobs stopped finally she sniffled and he handed her his handkerchief. "Thank you," she said, "I had been told that you were a nice person and you are."

"Yes, he is," a soft voice came from behind them, turning to find Mr and Mrs Gilroy standing behind them with Jennifer nestled in her Mum’s arms smiling at them.

Sydney’s mother made the next few years a living hell for him, constantly berating him for any little fault she could find. She did so on her husband’s instruction, his masters did not like the appearance of the black haired girl and the influence she could have before they finalised their plans. He had offered to have her kidnapped and sold on the under-age sex market, but they had strongly insisted that he do not touch either her, the red haired child or the mother. A nightmare of his testicles thrust into a vice and tightened until they burst in a bloody mess with his screams ringing in his ears, reinforced their message.

The mother encouraged the two younger brothers, as they began to mimic her, running to her or his father to tell lies about what the boy had done. The beatings became more frequent, escape routes limited as doors that would be open were suddenly locked and Peter Douglas would corner him at the front or back door. Sophia rewarded her two little brave soldiers with extra helpings of food, taken from the plate of her oldest son; she also subtly displayed her female charms to their curious eyes.

Peter Douglas, observing these little displays would grasp her hairy sex and tell her how she was going to be the family slut when his boys were old enough to fuck her. She could only nod as his other hand painfully gasped the hair on her head forcing her mouth to swallow his spurting cock.

Sydney’s school work began to suffer and as further punishment his participation in sporting activities became limited when his parents, fearing that he was getting education in other areas that they had forbidden on the trips away, wouldn’t sign permission slips for trips or provide money for registration fees and the like.

At the beginning of his senior years of education his parents pulled the ultimate in humiliation of the boy, refusing to pay for his text books or pay his school fees. Even though it was compulsory for students to attend education facilities until the age of 21, Sydney’s parents were trying to ensure that their wayward brat would certainly be forced to beg them for the money and support that he needed, otherwise he would need to borrow or steal texts to keep up. Without an education he would be forced to remain at home until he was an adult, declared when he turned 25. Peter Douglas’ masters had assured him that they boy would never survive to that age.

Kelsey found the boy sobbing over this latest humiliation and she began to understand why the boy was so frightened of his parents, if they could carry out this sort of act they would not be too concerned about the beatings that she knew they were handing out to him. She had already spoken to the police about the matter but they had told her that unless the boy complained to her and she had absolute proof there was nothing they could do.

Contacting her parents’ lawyers she desperately planned ways to help the boy without his knowing, her mother was in her dotage now and her father had died years before her marriage to David. The man was the major planner in her life, he was everything to her and she knew that if he had been alive, David would never have married her. The lawyers set aside money from her company interests and under a false company name they arranged for Sydney to be given a part time job as a gopher and labourer.

Kelsey smiled as Sydney breathlessly told her about this piece of good luck and she helped him secretly create the bank accounts he needed to have his wages paid in to and helped purchase his books and pay his school fees. The mother of Sydney roundly abused her when she found that Sydney not only had the money for his books and school fees, but also had some additional money for other small luxuries.

Kelsey had found that for once in her life she was capable of murder and that frightening thought must have shown through to the woman who rapidly backed down from her sneering tone and eventually told the woman to stop her interfering. Kelsey politely told her to go and fuck herself.

Bonnie and Kelsey Gilroy were the only brightness in Sydney’s otherwise bleak life. They tended his cuts and bruises when they found them, even though Sydney was pretty good at covering things up and explained a lot of his injuries, as he also did to teachers and coaches, as getting used to his changing body and not being quite as coordinated as he used to be. Kelsey just fumed every time she heard the lies but she was screaming in frustration on the inside. “Please Sydney just tell me, show me!” she would cry inside her head.

Peter Douglas was also careful to leave bruises only where the most observant would notice them. The back of the neck was one such place, usually by his large hand as he dragged Sydney into a room to administer further welts to his bare arse and back with the strap that held up his oversized pants.

Bonnie and Sydney had formed that special bond that goes with people in distress and they leaned against each other for support. Bonnie’s tears had dried up but her heart always seemed heavy at different times when she would quietly tell Sydney about the things she used to do with her parents.

During a hike through the adjoining properties to the mouth of the creek where it spilled gently into the river, Bonnie finally found out the whole truth of her friend’s relationship with his family. It was just after a Bonnie’s twentieth birthday party, of course Sydney had not been allowed to attend and she had not longed returned from an extended holiday to visit relatives in the New South Wales town that she had come from.

Bonnie had a crush on Sydney, the thin, freckled boy, his dark-blue eyes made her feel funny when she caught him staring at her. Preening she would pretend not to notice him, but her clothing began to get a little skimpier as her breasts grew and the soft fur covered her sex. It was the moisture that covered her curls that worried her the most about her reactions to his eyes and soft voice.

Her aunt Kelsey had told her that her reactions were very normal around the handsome boy and even confided in her niece that sometimes Sydney caused that reaction in her as well. The two women had shyly giggled over the fact and Bonnie found that she liked the honesty of her aunt and the open way that she complimented her dress and her body. Bonnie found that she had a crush on her aunt as well.

The day was hot and the water looked very tempting. The young couple knew the creek almost as well as they knew the back of their own hands and had swum many times in the cool water and fished there during the colder winter months.

They caught plenty of fish but never took any home to eat, as Sydney told Bonnie, “Fish have a right to live too and we don’t really need them to live on.” She would always agree copying him in his nonsensical whispering to the fish as he removed the barbless hook giving them a quick pat before letting them swim off his hand into the deeper water.

Her Uncle Dave reckoned Sydney was “nature’s friend” and pointed out how the ducks would never fly off when he walked near them. He also pointed out how several other creatures that roamed around the bush at the back of the properties always just watched as Sydney walked by but would skitter away and hide if anyone else tramped through their territory.

She suggested a swim, her real intention was to show Sydney how much her breasts had grown in the couple of months that she had been away and she was happy when the boy had readily agreed.

She watched him remove his shoes and socks and had peeled off his shirt in preparation to dive into the deepest part of the creek. Bonnie gasped as she saw the welts across his back and she demanded, "What the fucking hell is that?"

Bonnie’s language was never very colourful and her tone and choice of words pulled the boy up short as he hastily pulled the shirt down over the strap marks that covered his back and replied, "Nothing. Come on let’s swim!" diving off into the water before she could query him further.

Sydney surfaced in time to see her diving in and as usual noticed her lithe form as she cut through the water a couple of metres from him. He had definitely noticed the extra swell in her bikini top and was treading water, waiting for her to reappear to perhaps get the chance to admire some more of her soft flesh.

He was caught by surprise when she came up behind him trying to duck him under the water by pressing on his shoulders and neck. His yelp of pain immediately stopped her and when her hand moved the collar of his shirt back slightly she could not hold back her gasp of horror.

Bonnie watched as he swam away from her and climbed up onto one of the large rocks that marked the creek’s entrance to the river and sat there drying in the sun. She climbed out beside him standing up on the rock planting her hands on her hips saying, "You have to tell someone about what that monster is doing to you!"

Sydney turned his head to look up at her, found the effort too much so he dropped his eyes and found them staring straight into her crotch. His mouth went suddenly dry and he could feel his heart beating hard in his chest. Even as his dick stirred in his shorts he could hear his mother’s voice in his head screaming at his wicked thoughts. He thanked whatever deity it was that possessed him to wear loose pants today as it covered him from any embarrassment of what the girl would think of him for reacting in such a way to her innocent display of her sex moulded against the thin, wet fabric of her bikini bottom.

Bonnie knelt at his shoulder and gently tugged his shirt upwards, Sydney gave up trying to hide them and let her lift the shirt up entirely, wincing only slightly when she removed his shirt completely. "My Goodness, Sydney, what did he hit you with?" the horror in her voice as she asked the question was obvious.

The marks across Sydney’s back and shoulders, which she could see were purple and fiery red. They looked like they were recent, very recent. She wondered what he had done, if anything, to deserve them.

"His belt," he replied. "Look let it go will you. I can look after myself!"

Angrily he dove back in the water leaving her kneeling there with his shirt in her hand and a hurt look on her face. She watched him paddle back over to where he had left his shoes and socks, unable to swim properly as his shoulders would have been far too painful to allow his arms to move in the necessary fashion. He tugged on his shoes and socks and began tramping off into the bush.

She caught up to him within 10 minutes and tossed his shirt at him, "Put this back on!" she snapped.

Bonnie watched him begin to pull the shirt back over his head, hissing in pain as he caught his hand in the sleeve as sharp pain ran down his right side. Immediately Bonnie was beside him, gently untangling the mess and when his head popped through the right hole he found himself looking straight into her eyes. Eyes that were filled with tears and concern as Bonnie’s fears and love bubbled to the surface and made her desperate to find some way to make him see that he needed to get out of the horror he was caught up in.

For Sydney the tearful eyes caused a reaction as basic as the need to breathe as his heart lurched inside him as he looked back at her and suddenly found himself leaning forward to gently kiss her soft lips. Her mouth felt like fire and he pulled away not believing what he had done, Bonnie’s eyes were closed now and two big fat tears began to roll down her cheeks, Sydney raised his hand and gently wiped them away. "OK Bonnie, what do you want me to do?"

She opened her eyes, "Tell Uncle Dave! Now!" was her immediate reply. Bonnie would have preferred him to tell Aunty Kelsey, but David Gilroy was, to her mind, the one that could go over there and belt Sydney’s father to within an inch of his life for hurting the boy she was in love with.

They walked slowly down the back paths, away from anyone’s prying eyes, especially Sydney’s mother’s, if she had seen them walking hand-in-hand there would have been hell to pay.

Not only did Sophia hate her son, she hated Sin, as she called it and with a capital S. Sydney’s ears had been vibrating with her tirades against all sorts of things to do with sex since he was a small child, to actually see him holding hands with Bonnie would have sent her into hysterics. Sydney told Bonnie of her favourite reference to women that she would yell at him, "All women are out to trap you! And you are just the sort of devil to let them!" she would add in the same insulting tone.

Sydney did not tell her about the threats that were made against his genitals or to himself in general, should his mother ever catch him with a girl before he was married. He was not aware, of course, that his parents had no intention of him ever being able to be with a woman ever. Peter Douglas had instructions to castrate the boy if he ever got to that stage.

Bonnie was never told either of her stinging blows across Sydney’s face when she burst into the shower one night and accused him of, "Carousing with that Gilroy slut!" Sydney didn’t even know what she meant but that made no difference to her or to his father’s added belts later that night when he returned home from the local pub. Stinging blows that doubled him up in agony as his father ensured that his genitals caught stinging blows from the end of his belt. His mother had grinned evilly as she watched his testicles try to shrivel into his body to prevent further damage as she held the boys hands to stop him from protecting himself.

Sydney hurriedly dropped Bonnie’s hand when they came to the last stand of trees before the back of their properties.

They walked casually up to the Gilroy’s house where Bonnie ran in calling for Uncle Dave. Both David and Kelsey Gilroy were home as Bonnie began weeping and trying to talk all at once. David Gilroy looked at Sydney and suggested that they leave the girls alone for a minute and head out to the back veranda. Sydney made to go with him until Bonnie suddenly yelled at him, "Show him! You promised to show him!" with that she burst into fresh sobs.

Kelsey Gilroy looked at Sydney and knew that somehow Bonnie had gotten Sydney to give her some evidence, her heart thumped and she pressed onward as the boy suddenly seemed very interested in his sand-shoes. "Show him what, Syd?" she asked softly.

As the boy began to lift his shirt up and turn to show them both the welts across his back she walked to the wall phone and began to dial. His finger hitting the mute button surprised her but when he said, "Please you will only make it worse if more people find out! I am only showing you because it hurts a little and I promised Bonnie,” she almost lost her cool.

The wall monitor had lit up and a young policewoman, sitting behind a desk, was displayed she was asking for the details of the emergency. She started to say something before her husband cut her off, "He’s right, Kel. If we get the police or someone else involved he will only deny it or blame it on a heavy drinking night or any other excuse that he can name, the worst he will get is a slap on the wrist from some judge and the boy will be in for it again."

Kelsey reluctantly turned back to the monitor and said, “Sorry, the kids were playing with the unit,” then she hung up.

Kelsey and David looked at each other for a long time, finally Kelsey conceded his point but her look told him that she would not let it happen any further. Bonnie was helping Sydney take off his shirt completely. David Gilroy helped the shirt over Sydney’s head as his wife muttered something about pigs which he didn’t catch but understood her tone. If she was angry about the boy’s back, wait till her saw his chest. David’s eyes watered as he saw the bruised chest, especially the nipples that looked like they had been ripped with something repeatedly.

Kelsey placed a hand covered with cold cream on the boys back, she felt him shiver slightly and she apologised for the cold.

Soon Sydney’s back was feeling better and his chest but as he was ready to put his shirt back on Kelsey asked her husband and Bonnie to go out the back veranda and fix up some cold drinks out of the fridge. “Take these with you,” she said to Bonnie as she passed her the biscuit tin.

Sydney smiled at Bonnie as she looked at her Aunt then Sydney before walking out after her Uncle. Sydney turned to Kelsey and she shocked him with, “Drop your pants young man.”

Sydney shook his head and said that he was fine and she came back with, “Either you drop them now or I get Bonnie and Dave back here to help me!”

Kelsey was deadly serious and slowly Sydney unfastened his shorts and lowered them to the ground.

Sydney kept his hands in front of his genitals but Kelsey said, “Relax, now turn around.” As he did Kelsey covered the welts across his cheeks and hip. Her hands felt very warm on Sydney’s skin despite the coolness of the salve and he found his hands being nudged by his dick as it started to grow.

His hissed, “I think I am done now, Mrs Gilroy,” along with him trying to move away from her slightly to try and get his pants up as fast as he could alerted her to something else not right with the boy and she turned him to face her.

Her eyes opened in first a little surprise because she saw that his cock was hard and she grinned to herself that she had at least caused a little reaction and then in shock as she saw the marks and bruising across he reasonably large testicles and across the relatively small penis that she pushed his hands away from.

“Just a little more, Syd, now stand still!” she said softly trying to keep the fear from her voice as she saw the damage that had been done to him. She lifted a hand covered with cream and applied it to the inside of his thighs and across his battered scrotum.

“They will be fine,” she whispered tenderly rubbing them and his small penis. As she spoke Sydney could feel her hot breath on his penis and suddenly her face and lips were covered in white sperm. He had become so aroused from the attention that his body simply reacted. He did not understand what had happened but it caused him to become extremely ashamed and the boy burst into tears.

Kelsey grabbed the boy’s hips and looked at him, her eyes frightened that something worse had happened to him. She held his hands and told him to stand still while she got a cloth. She came back a few moments later with a warm wash-cloth and wiped his groin and testicles. Sydney noted that she had already cleaned her face, he did not know that Kelsey had greedily swallowed his creamy spurts and wiped the excess into her mouth with her fingers as she retrieved the cloth from the bathroom.

For some reason she found herself feeling even sorrier for Sydney than when she had seen his marks from his beating. “Do you understand what happened?” she asked.

When Sydney told her that he had had evil thoughts and that this punishment was being dealt out to make him a shameful wretch in the eyes of his friends she saw red, “Well that is it!” she exploded, “that is the last straw!”

Sydney drew back from her, grabbing his pants, hurriedly pulled them up and snatching up his shirt pulled it over his head as ran out the door. “Syd, Syd!” she called after him but he had started running and was soon up the track and away to one of his hidey-holes that not even Bonnie knew about.

Sydney stayed there for the rest of the day and returned to his parents’ house about 8 pm that night. His father was waiting for him.

Peter Douglas was fuming, he had had to deal with two policewomen all afternoon that had asked him questions about his son, how he had been treating him and what could they tell him about the reports of his been beaten by someone with a belt. He had been told that it was not the first time either and that they wanted to know where the child was. They had only left an hour or so ago and he waited for the little bastard to return to finish what his masters were still telling him he had to wait for. He may not be able to kill the boy but he was going leave this goodness forsaken dump and the slut that was passed out drunk on the bed inside.

He knew that his masters would not be happy but he had a little surprise for them as well, he had already packed and told his sons, Anthony and Aaron to grab their clothes and some food ready for a trip. Tonight was going to be the last time he had anything to do with Sophia and Sydney Douglas, they didn’t even deserve to use his name, he would make that little cunt know that before he died as well.

The drunken slut on the bed had had her arse-hole and mouth full of his cock and cream for the last time and he watched her slump in a heap on the bed as he removed his belt and waited in the living room for the showdown with her eldest son.

He heard him come up to the front door, which he didn’t normally do, Peter Douglas suspected that the boy wanted to avoid any additional hits or slaps from his brothers who normally stalked the back door when he returned late. His kick into Sydney’s stomach threw him back down the stairs and he heard something crack in the boy’s arm as he landed. “Never mind Sydney, you still have the other one!”

Peter Douglas jumped down the stairs wailing into the screaming boy with his belt and kicking him with his booted feet as Sydney tried to curl up into a small ball trying to protect myself. “Dob me into the police you little cunt!” he snarled as he swung his belt again.

“If I thought you were worth the trouble I’d just kill you now!” his booted foot slammed down on the boy’s right leg and he saw that the boy had passed out. Sinking his boot into the ribs of the body on the ground a few times he called out for his sons.

The next thing Sydney saw was his brothers’ feet as they stepped over him, then felt one of them kick him in the head laughing as he groaned. Finally Peter Douglas knelt at his head and whispered into his ear, “One day I will kill you! But for now I will leave you to your mother’s mercies because she is going to be really pissed when she wakes up and finds that we have gone and taken the 25 million with us. Yes that’s right you little shit-eater!” he hissed, “I won 25 million on the lotto and neither you nor that drunken slut inside is going to get any.”

With that he stood unzipped his fly and pissed on the face beneath him. He laughed as the boy tried to get away and screamed with pain trying to turn on his broken arm and ribs. When he finished he leaned down one more time, a knife appeared in front of Sydney’s eyes and he felt a sharp pain as the man drew a triangle on Sydney’s forehead and softly whispered, “You’re not even mine! I am going home now with what is mine! But I have marked you for the one who does own you, pray Sydney that he never finds you if you live through the night!” He turned, walked away, a hover started and drove off down the road.

Kelsey and Bonnie Gilroy were in a panic, they had been searching for Sydney everywhere, it had taken them hours to find and search all of his hidey holes but they never found him. Finally David convinced them to call it a night promising that they could start again at first light.

Sydney passed out because the next thing he knew it was dawn. His mother was down the stairs screaming at him, “It’s all your fault! You bastard! You bastard!” her screams got louder.

He heard the sound of running and the gate opening just as his mother began kicking into his already broken ribs. He tried to move, his body did not respond, he had lost too much blood from the protruding bones in his chest and the badly fractured left arm. He finally found voice to scream as she deliberately stood on his broken arm.

Bonnie Gilroy had started searching as soon as there was light and when she heard the commotion at Sydney’s house she had bolted up the paddock and found the woman cruelly bashing her broken and bloodied son on the pathway at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the house.

She swung her fist, thump then another and finally she screamed at Sydney’s mother, “You touch him again and I will kill you!” Her eyes were full of deadly promise and as the woman, nursing her bloodied nose began screaming again Bonnie’s hands rapidly slapped the woman’s face twice, “And if you don’t shut your mouth I will do it now!”

Sophia Douglas sat down abruptly on the stairs muttering to herself.

Sydney tried to look up at Bonnie but she quickly knelt down beside him telling him to hang on as she flipped her cell open and said, “Emergency Ambulance and police at this address and hurry please!” She held the phone over the bleeding face and broken body for the operator to record and pass on the image of the injuries to the ambulance officers then snapped her phone shut.

She was crying and telling the broken man to hold on as help was coming. Sydney could taste blood in his mouth and blinked his eyes trying to clear them of the fresh blood that was coming from somewhere on his head.

He barely heard the scream of sirens and the jet engines of a high-speed craft but just before he passed out again he noticed that he could see up Bonnie’s skirt.

Chapter 2 – Mother cuts the apron strings

When Sydney awoke the first thing he saw was Bonnie’s concerned brown eyes looking down at him and then she smiled as she realised that he was awake. “Hi,” she said. When he tried to answer she quickly placed a finger to her lips saying, “Don’t try to talk you have a thing in your throat.”

Sydney opened his eyes wide in alarm as she patted his hand, “Don’t worry, they say that you are going to be OK,” with that she burst into tears and pressed the bell for the nurse.

In fact Bonnie had been told that it may be a blessing if Sydney didn’t regain consciousness, his body had lost so much blood, his injuries were horrific and the exposure to the cool night had most certainly caused other complications in his system that may not be detected until his body returned to something like normal. The doctors sadly told Kelsey and Bonnie that this may not occur for several months, if at all. Leaving them with assurances that they would be doing everything they could Bonnie and Kelsey cried on each other’s shoulders and waited.

The nurse looked at his charts gently patting the boy on the leg before saying that she would get the doctor. She lifted Bonnie’s face and with a tender stroke of her hand across Bonnie’s cheek suggested that she go and get her Uncle and Aunty from out in the hall.

Soon the doctor arrived with David and Kelsey Gilroy, Bonnie and little Jenny, who was looking at everyone with her big eyes, sucking furiously on the thumb in her mouth. They watched as the doctor got Sydney to cough slightly as he removed the tube from his gullet.

“Now don’t tire him out!” admonished the doctor and with a pat on Sydney’s shoulder said that he would come back shortly and fill him in on anything else he needed to know.

Jenny spoke first, “Syddy sick?” she asked and Sydney smiled at her inquisitive look but groaned in pain as he started to laugh.

“Careful there, son” said David Gilroy, “you have several broken ribs among other things.”

Sydney in fact had eight broken ribs on his right side, two of them had punched through his lung and another had pierced the skin of his chest. The onset of pneumonia was expected, despite the drains that were still in place and the mixtures they had injected into the body and specifically into the chest cavity, it was this that they believed would cause the most problems. His left arm had been badly broken, the consulting doctors to the resident superintendent, Dr Patrick Evans, had recommended amputation, but the doctor, supported by Kelsey and Bonnie Gilroy had strongly opposed it.

Dr Evans had been experimenting with bone replacement techniques and he had decided that he would attempt that before he would condemn the young man to life without a limb.

The break in the leg had been clean, the tremendous force that had been brought to bear was incomprehensible, but the lower leg could be repaired easily. The internal tissue damage in the boy’s other organs worried Dr Evans the most, some of his organs had been damaged by the severity of the beating and appeared to have been copping abuse for some time before this last episode. Along with the lungs he was very concerned that his young patient would never regain consciousness, let alone get the chance to review other options.

He was as relieved as anyone else that the young man seemed to have some spark in him that fought powerfully for his life and when he was summoned to attend to the young man barely 24 hours after they had brought him in, he allowed himself to hope.

Sydney examined the changes he could see on his body, plastisheet encasing his left arm and right leg. There was also strapping across his rib cage along with what appeared to be a confusing myriad of tubes and wires across him, leading all the way down to his groin and apparently around his back. When he felt his head he could feel that his head appeared to be swathed in bandages and his head felt like it was bald.

“I hope my good looks haven’t gone completely,” he croaked as he finished his examination.

Kelsey Gilroy startled him with her raucous, “Well if that don’t beat all!” and he shyly turned to look at her.

He couldn’t get the picture of his shame from his mind, her pretty face covered in his fluids exploding from his stiff penis caused a hot redness to creep into his face, as he opened his mouth to begin making apologies to her. “I I I’m sorry,” he stuttered.

She placed a finger against his lip, “One more word Sydney Douglas and I will get that doctor to plastisheet your mouth shut!”

Her tears through the last two nights after firstly their unsuccessful search for him, then as he fought for his life in hospital, had scared her badly.

When Bonnie had screamed out to her to tell her that she found him she had rushed to her hoping that Sydney was safe, the scene she found was something from a horror vid and it was all she could do to be strong for her niece. She had arrived at the front of the house just as the ambulance had arrived and they had been politely moved out of the way, watching with tearful faces, as the officers worked frantically to stop his blood loss and prepare him for emergency transport. She overheard one of them say, “He would have been better off dying.”

She screamed at them, telling them that the boy had to live, he had never been given a decent chance and they better not let him down or all of the power she had as a Simmons would be brought down on their heads. The women had blanched; the Simmons family was one of the most powerful families in the known world. Instead of the pretence that they had been carrying out for the watching women’s sake they redoubled their efforts and got their patient transported to hospital, frantically monitoring his heart that they had had to restart twice.

She had not had to threaten the use of her family again despite the fact that some miracle would have to occur for the young man to live, she prayed for that miracle despite all of the pessimism of some of the doctors’ words.

As they had watched the ambulance officers one of the police officers that had arrived at the scene had taken Sophia Douglas into custody, stunning the woman first as she had attempted to interfere with the ambulance officers screaming at the boy on the ground to die. The young police officer had been badly shaken by the incident and when Bonnie had told her that she already had to belt the fucking bitch to make her behave, the office had almost gleefully pulled her weapon and paralysed the woman.

Now Sydney was trying to apologise to her for something, in other circumstances she would have welcomed joyously and she was about to tell him further that he could do it anytime.

Fortunately the doctor returned just at that moment accompanied by a man in a suit who asked if it was OK to ask some questions. The doctor looked at Sydney who nodded and he said to the man who introduced himself as Detective Constable Shaun Teeney, “You have about 10 minutes and then he needs his rest.”

“Thank you, doctor,” he said and pulled up a chair beside the bed. Sydney asked him if it was OK for Mr Gilroy to stay and he said that as he needed to speak to everyone they could all stay. The Gilroy’s re-seated themselves except Bonnie who had never risen with the stubborn look on her face that said she would never have moved had she been told to.

He asked Sydney to review the day before and listened to the story of Bonnie wanting the young man to show her uncle his beating marks. Kelsey noted that they young man didn’t seem to think it was important to hide it any more and as he told them about being whipped by his father’s belt several evenings before because he had asked for money to go to a soccer tournament next month. “Not that that will be happening now,” Sydney had sighed nodding at his broken arm and leg.

David Gilroy made a strangled noise in his throat, his company was sponsoring that soccer tournament and he could have got Sydney there for nothing. “Why do I back off telling him these things?” he asked himself.

“What made you disappear from the Gilroys,” DC Teeney asked. He was suspicious that somehow the Gilroys were also involved in this beating and he needed something to assure him that the attractive woman watching Sydney so closely was not part of this.

Kelsey Gilroy immediately spoke up, “Stupidity! On my part I am afraid. I over reacted to something that was said and poor Sydney thought that I was angry at him and he bolted.”

Sydney looked over at her gratefully and she blew him a little kiss at which the young man blushed a deep red. The DC coughed and noted in his little hand-held tablet, he didn’t let anyone know that he was greatly relieved that his suspicions had been erased in that one simple action.

He then asked about what happened when Sydney got home and when the young man told him it was just like he ran into a cyclone as soon as he got to the top of the stairs. The DC was disgusted with the act of a man who easily outweighed the young man lying in the bed by at least 80 kilograms and yet had used weapons and boots against a defenceless youngster who regarded the man as his father. DC Teeney was a father himself, he could never contemplate carrying out violence on the scale that was evident in front of him and from the images he had been given prior to arriving in the room.

He then turned to Bonnie, “Now miss, I believe you have some explaining to do!” The DC was very proud of the young girl who hung her head in front of him. Further he was pleased with the young girl’s spunky defence of her action.

“The bitch deserved it! I had to stop her kicking him somehow and she was just being cruel! You could see his arm was broken and she just stomped on it deliberately. And that’s when…” she trailed off.

Dave Gilroy guffawed and said, “You hit her with that big round house right of yours!”

“Twice,” the man on the bed added. They all looked at him, “And then when she kept screaming she slapped her twice. The peace was unbelievable,” Sydney finished lamely.

The detective grinned openly and said, “Well I think she can kiss her lawsuit goodbye! But she must have had a hard head?” he added nodding down at Bonnie’s hand that was hidden below the level of the bed.

“Why?” Sydney asked, then, “Oh,” when Bonnie lifted her hand to show it and half her wrist covered in plastisheet. Everyone laughed at Bonnie’s proud expression, even Sydney despite the ribs.

The detective rose to go saying, “I think that will be all for now, Child Services will come by later and see to arrangements for you Syd. I’m sorry but you can’t go back home like that on your own! Not that you will be going home for a while anyway.”

Mrs Gilroy stroked Sydney’s chin saying, “When we get you home you and I are going to have a long talk.”

She smiled at him, “One I think that will rearrange that stupidity you have been learning!”

Bonnie who hadn’t let go of the young man’s right hand throughout all of the conversation and the doctor’s ministering to his patient gave it a quick squeeze and made a giggling noise in her throat. She and Kelsey had discussed the incident of Sydney cumming on her face and Sydney’s reaction, Bonnie had given the woman a small thump on her arm complaining that she had gotten a taste before she had. Kelsey had been extremely amused at her sexy niece’s pretend jealousy.

Sydney looked from Aunt to Niece and then up at David Gilroy, “Don’t look at me mate,” he said. “Remember I am just the father!”

Sydney started to laugh at his old line and feeling his ribs smart, ceased then he looked back at him and remembered the last conversation with the man he used to call father. DC Teeney was walking towards the door talking to the doctor, “Wait, Detective Teeney there is something else I have just remembered.”

DC Teeney returned to the chair and looked at Sydney noting that he was quite distressed. He suggested that the others in the room leave. The young man shook his head slowly in the negative, he said, “Before he left he spoke to me and said that he had won 25 million dollars in the lotto.”

The faces around him turned incredulous and the detective jotted in his tablet and then looked back at the young man, “What else?” he asked.

“He told me that my mother and I would not get any of it and that he would leave me to her mercy as she was going to be really pissed when she found out they had gone and taken it all with them.”

Sydney paused, his eyes tearing up as he tried to find the words to tell them the rest. Kelsey shifted her chair closer to him and put her hand under his chin, “Syd if you know anything else that will help please tell us.”

Slowly he swallowed “He," he swallowed again, "he pissed on me and I couldn’t get out of the way then he told me that he wasn’t my father and that he was going home with what was his. He cut my head and said that he had marked me for the one who did own me and then he drove off.” The young man finished with tears running down his face.

DC Teeney was furious, he had seen the pictures of the inverted triangle that had been cut into the boys forehead, between his eyes, the mark was a disgraceful disfiguration of the boy. He had asked the surgeons about it and they had told him that they had stitched it as finely as they could and would make further plastic surgery repairs when they could. The marking was not received well by anyone in the establishment. As for the money, he could get the payment of that stopped, hopefully even use it as bait to get the mongrel who did this behind bars and let him take his chances in a maximum security prison.

The detective’s face was dark with anger and he patted Sydney gently on his leg

Rising to his feet he spoke to the group, “Thank you, Syd, I know it has been tough but we will do everything we can to track him down.” He bid everyone good day striding rapidly from the room.

Dr Evans decided that his young patient had had enough and brusquely ordered everyone from the room, “And that includes you, young lady!” he said as Bonnie’s chin rose in defiance.

David Gilroy said, “Come on sweetie, he will still be here later and no one can get him here.” She left with a quick wave as the doctor opened a small valve in the combinations showing on the dashboard above the bed sending some sleeping drugs into the drip tubes feeding into the patient below them. He smiled as the boy fell asleep before the others were out the door.

A stealthy figure walked the corridors of the hospital, the woman carefully ensuring that she was not noticed by any of the staff as she looked for the room where they had taken the young man. The handle of a large kitchen knife protruded from the pocket of the white coat she had put on over her jeans and shirt. Dirty blonde hair in disarray under the cap she wore the woman’s eyes glittered with madness, the eyes wide and gleaming as she stopped and took a small swig from the flask she found in the other pocket. The harsh liquor burning down her throat and her little sigh as she felt it hit her stomach somehow reassuring her that she was doing the right thing, killing the boy would bring back the man who had left her two nights ago.

Looking through the glass window at the side of the room she saw the bed, the white covered figure on it looked right and softly she entered the room creeping to the bed and looking down at the hated face she smiled as she checked the connections on the machines and deftly disconnected the backup alarms. “Nothing much has changed since I was a nurse holding old men’s cocks to pee,” she said drunkenly to herself.

Quickly she disconnected the tubes running into the thin wrist and was satisfied when the bright blood began to pump out of the catheter needle. She watched it spread in a large stain on the crisp white sheets. “Wake up darling,” she hissed venomously in the young man’s ear, “Mummy has something for you!”

The man was dreaming when the voice sounded in his ears he immediately thought of the little black haired woman from his dreams, “Bonnie?”

“No! That slut is never going to have you either!” a familiar voice hissed in his ear and a vapour of gin, cola, cigarettes and vomit assailed his nostrils.

“Mother! What are you doing here?” He could barely hear himself and the world began to spin.

Pain in his arm dragged his head down to the blood that seemed to drain from his wrist as easily as a tap that had been left on, his other hand searched for the emergency button that had to be on the right hand side somewhere. Vaguely he wondered why no alarms were going off as his mother flicked the switches in the console controls above the bed, upsetting the drugs flowing into the tubes across his body as she babbled, “You gone, he’ll come back! Yes this is the way! He knows I was the best he ever had.”

The boy was not dying as quickly as she wanted, she turned from her work of randomly setting inputs to the tubes that drained and fed drugs into the body and raised the large knife, its blade gleamed darkly with the poison that she had treated the knife’s edge. She slammed it down into the boy’s groin, aiming for the cock that she never wanted to allow him to use but missed and slammed it through the plassteel coating high on his leg. The boy screamed and she screeched at him, “Die you bastard! Die!”

The blade was stuck and she satisfied herself with moving the big blade back and forth into the flesh of the leg. Finally she pulled it free and raised her arms to bring it down into the centre of his broken chest when a stun gun hit her from behind and with a startled cry she slipped unconscious to the floor, the knife falling from her hands and sliding under the bed.

Medical staff had come from everywhere when the patient in room 5F had hit the panic button, staff knew that the boy was fighting for his life and when the light had come on in the nearby nurses’ station Josephine Jepson had hit the security alarm as well. Her mind just remembering the shadowy figure that had crept down the hallway earlier that she had meant to investigate but had been distracted by Mrs Aldridge who had needed attention for some mysterious ailment. The woman was dying so Jo had attended to her and by the time she had changed the woman’s bedding she had forgotten about the incident.

When Nurse Jepson hit the room just behind the security woman she saw a woman raising a blood stained knife to plunge it into the boy’s chest and screamed at the officer to fire as she ran towards the bed. The blood on the bed was atrocious and quickly she removed the needle that was the source of the fluids slapping her hand firmly over the wound. Above her the figures of the drug control console were flashing redly, the little computer system inside it registering the abnormal mixtures and trying valiantly to get someone’s attention as the normal alarms that would have gone off failed. She slapped her hand to the master cut off and the numbers stopped flashing but remained lit, showing a record of the various compounds that were flowing through the connecting tubes.

Dr Evans screeched as he saw the numbers and blessed the heavy breasted nurse for her quick thinking. She was bawling as she held the boy’s wrists and he said, “Hold him Jo, those nuts of his aren’t gone yet!”

Acting quickly they had the tubes disconnected and saline solutions pumping the muck out of him, fast and dirty but it was their only chance. The bitch on the floor had turned the dosages of antibiotics and sleep enhances way up, the boy would at least be mercifully unconscious while they worked.

The team cut the plassteel coverings and drained the wound, Kelsey Gilroy had screamed into the hospital as soon as Jo Jepson had contacted her and waited impatiently in the waiting room outside the operating theatres. Dr Evans saw the brown haired woman asleep on the small lounge after he and his team had stabilised and repaired the young boy. This woman, he thought, seemed to have an intense interest in his patient, an interest that apparently was shared by his attractive nurse that now spoke softly to the woman as he stopped to consult his watch and decided to ring his wife.

The pretty nurse and Kelsey had found a very common interest in the young man that was in room 5F and a little girl on girl chat, in the gardens out the back of the hospital as Jo took a coffee break, revealed how much that interest was centred around thoughts of educating the boy in their earthly charms. Jo had quietly confided in Kelsey how her heart had thumped and her pussy had moistened when she cleansed the barely growing hairs around the large testicles that she found between his legs. When Kelsey related how the juice from them had hit her in the mouth and face Jo had smacked the woman lightly on the thigh and told her that she was a cradle snatcher. Both had sobered though when Kelsey related what he had said afterwards.

Sydney regained consciousness just after lunch and the tired, but smiling faces around him let him know that he had not been suffering from a nightmare; his mother had attacked him and tried to end his life. Informing DC Teeney of the little bit he knew the big detective ruefully shook his head and offered the boy his apologies. “Why,” Sydney said, “it’s not your fault, she’s mad and a drunk!” The detective nodded and bidding the rest of the group a good day he left.

He had failed to tell Sydney that the boy’s description of the woman was apt as she was now incarcerated in the psychiatric facility on the western outskirts of Goodna. Her constant babbling was confusing the staff out there as she ranted about Armageddon and the hell spawn that was the child lying pale and frightened in the bed he had just left.

Nodding to the security officer outside the room he instructed the woman not to let anyone through the door that wasn’t on Dr Evan’s approved list. DC Teeney was not going to have this kid die on his watch and he set off back to his office to see whether they had had any luck tracking down Peter Douglas now that they had frozen the funds from his lotto win.

Chapter 3 – Old friends

Peter Douglas snarled as he drove his cock into the mouth of the whore he had picked up at the bar in Cairns, he and his sons were spending the night in the town awaiting the arrangements for the hover plane that would pick them up in Cape York and take them to Tokyo. He had old friends there who would hide him from the minions of his brother, the current Messiah. Already he had arranged for the transfer of his lotto win to an account that had its banking headquarters in Fiji and for all intents and purposes he believed it untraceable by either his ex-wife or his former employees. He had spent 14 years in this hell-hole putting up with that stupid drunken slut and her wimpy kid, all for what, he asked himself again as the badly made up woman at his feet swallowed his load.

The following morning was raining, the whore he had kicked out into the pouring rain at some time after midnight, despite her offer of waiving her fee if he allowed her to stay in his bed until daylight. Laughing he had told her to get the fuck out and had slammed the door as soon as she exited with her dress barely over her body as the rain teemed against the doorway. His mood was definitely better as he thought of the discomfort the bitch would have been in as she walked in the rain looking for a taxi.

The happy mood lasted until they arrived in the small mining town outside of Weipa in the gulf country. A phone call to his bank to check the transfer of his funds enraged him as the polite but stern faced woman on the other end of the line gave him some bullshit story about government regulations. Somehow someone had found out about his fortune and they were trying to take it from him!

There were only two others that he believed knew about it and he was sure that the brat was dead and the woman wouldn’t have enough brains to try and have it frozen. That meant someone else had to know and he almost shit himself when two heavily muscled men took his arms and escorted him to a waiting hover wagon and forced him into the back seat.

As Sydney lay in a semi-comatose state in hospital another being watched him carefully through a dream link as she lay on her bed across the other side of the small city of Brisbane. The blonde haired woman, her face a soft mask of concentration as she lay in the trance-like state needed to carry out the particular search she was doing, breathed slowly and calmly. The young man’s mind was open to her and she almost recoiled in disgust at the blackness she found there. On her bed the woman’s hands formed into claws as her body reacted to the subconscious desire to strangle the woman and man that had spent almost 21 years punishing the boy for being a male.

Another being observed the images that the woman was finding and his blue glow brightened as the emotions he was feeling swept through him. His plans, started almost 1,000 years ago were starting to come apart! The woman he had chosen for the birth of the warrior had been attractive, outgoing and intelligent. As he coupled with her in the resort on the island off the coast of the large southern continent he had allowed the fertilised egg he had carefully nurtured in his laboratories to rest inside the woman’s ready womb.

He had raged and ranted as the woman turned out to be weak willed and easily led and the forces lined against him had found her and put her into the bed of the filthy, deranged brother of the Messiah. Desperately he had tried to get the boy out of her custody and into the loving arms of the woman’s father, but even that avenue had been taken from him when one of the Messiah’s minions had taken the man’s life with drugs that had triggered a premature fatal heart attack.

All he could do now was let his other pawns in the game play their parts and hope that something would remain. He sent a message to the blonde now sleeping normally on her bed and hoped it was enough.

The Messiah watched the screens on the walls of his airy office on the island of Shinto, a new island that had formed off the coast of Honshu in the Sea of Japan. His brother’s face was a mask of rage as he sat in a derelict and abandoned building in a mining camp in the western regions of Queensland. His plans to escape foiled by the disloyalty of one of his old friends in Tokyo who had seen a chance to regain some favour in the eyes of the Messiah for revealing the plans his brother made.

“So Brother, you could not carry out a simple task, all you had to do was watch the boy, make sure he never matured into an adult. Hell Peter, I would even have let you fuck him before he died. Now you run like a frightened child, did you think I would not find out about your plans?” the Messiah smiled as he lifted the severed head of the ‘old friend’ and showed its lifeless face to the man glaring back at him.

“It is a pity you did not truly understand the plans we have for this boy, Peter, then perhaps your old friend Lee would not have lost his head,” he chuckled maniacally at his own joke and threw the skull back into the basket where the lifeless eyes of the man’s wife stared upwards. He had allowed them to watch each other as his henchmen removed their heads with a single swipe of their scimitar blades, the man’s reward for his betrayal.

“What will you do now then, Blaise?” Peter Douglas asked, his fate now sealed no matter what he attempted, brotherly love may keep him alive long enough to make alternative plans.

“Well brother, we are now going to try and use the law to get him out. Meet Sydney Douglas’ hereto unknown overseas relatives.” A couple with an obvious resemblance to one another, Peter would suggest that they were brother and sister came into view. His eyebrows lifted as he saw that they also bore a striking resemblance to the woman he had married.

“We shall see if the government of Oceania denies the justice it so proudly boasts about for the downtrodden and afflicted!”

He motioned to the pair and they both stripped dropping to their knees between his widespread legs, hands quickly finding his genitals then their mouths working in unison slobbered and sucked his testicles and hardening penis. Peter Douglas watched intently, his own cock rising against his shorts, it was a pity his hands were cuffed behind his back otherwise he would have joined his brother in the harsh grunt that came from him as he emptied his seed into the male’s sucking mouth. The sister smiled beside him her eyes fixed on her master above them.

Sydney began to make good progress in the hospital, Bonnie Gilroy came to see him every day, her skirts deliberately short and the buttons on her school blouse undone, the bra often stashed in her school bag as she had the strangest desire to want to show the young man her body. It hadn’t been helped by the dreams she had been having lately showing the handsome face that was in the hospital bed buried between her spread legs as his tongue ran over the soft brown curls of her sex. She had awoken many nights with her fingers drenched in her womanly cream as she frigged herself rapidly during the intense dreams.

Bonnie had not gone as far as removing her knickers to let him see between her thighs, contentedly showing him her silky dark-blue underwear that more times than not were saturated to the point of being uncomfortable when she left the warm confines of the hospital and back out to the wintry conditions outside. The gusty westerly winds finding their way up her shortened skirts and freezing the moisture collected in her panties giving her a very uncomfortably frozen feeling where previously it had been deliciously warm.

The other frequent visitor to the young man was Paul Keane, a handsome, big boned, blonde haired boy with bright mischievous blue eyes. Paul was a healthy happy lad who had many girls in his entourage, he never worried too much about any of them in a sexual manner. Sure he had sucked their nipples and even got a feel from one or two of the older ones but mainly he concerned himself with kissing and having fun at the numerous parties he attended with them. Bonnie was never one of the girls that hung around with his harem, as Sydney called them, she was definitely Sydney’s girl if ever the dumb fuck got over his shyness with the girls Paul often thought to himself.

He had been aware of the beatings that Sydney had been receiving from his parents for many years, but Sydney’s swearing him to never tell, even backed by some old ritual involving blood and saliva way back in the early years of their friendship, had stopped him from ever telling. When Sydney had almost been beaten to death he had asked his parents to take him to the police where he gave a statement and surprisingly many digital images of the boy’s beatings that he had surreptitiously taken when Sydney showered in the dressing rooms after all the other players had left. It was during those times that Paul stood guard at the door ensuring that no-one came back in, he would secretly take the photographs and tell himself that today would be the day he would tell his parents, but he never did.

Paul loved the black haired, dark-blue eyed boy, in his heart he knew that the boy’s easy laugh, his brilliant talent for sport and his lightning quick brain was not the only reason he thought so highly of his friend, but his feelings were confused. He often deliberately ceased his daydreaming and stroking of his solid cock when he realised that it was Sydney’s naked body that he was imagining and not one of the girls who had let him suck their nipples, or even of the little dance teacher who snuggled so close to him when she taught the students dancing at the school.

Paul and Bonnie would sit and chat to Sydney, filling him in on all the happenings and gossip at school. Sydney was a little bemused at the concern that was being shown for him and he was getting plenty of cards and flowers from the girls that he barely knew from classes. The flowers upset him somewhat as he had begun to see a black aura around them when Jo or Wendy, the other small attractive nurse that also seemed to be making eyes at Paul each time he turned up, placed them in vases in his room.

Sydney eventually asked Paul not to bring them to him and the young blonde headed boy would present them as gifts to Wendy and the other nurses, sometimes even making presents of them to other inmates of the hospital, especially the old lady in the room down the hall, Mrs Aldridge.

Paul’s lovely nature made Wendy’s heart thump harder whenever she saw him, she was only a few months older than the man, having chosen to leave school for a medical career when she had turned 21. The work at the hospital gave her a sense of accomplishment, her education being well broadened with the joyful carefree Jo Jepson and the playful humour of Dr Patrick Evans. She watched the two young men as they joked with other staff, particularly when they made the little old lady in the ward across from them smile as Paul wheeled Sydney in his chair and the two spent hours talking to her.

Jo Jepson always seem to catch her at these times and with a smile she would stand with her and giggle at some of the more flowery words the two boys would say to some of the older women patients and staff. “Those two are going to have to live up to those words one of these days,” giggled Jo to her as Paul gently undid and redid the buttons on Mrs Aldridge’s nightie that she had managed to miss by one hole. The woman blushed a soft pink as Paul softly told her that he wasn’t sure if he should be doing this but he couldn’t stand to see a sexy woman not dressed properly. The old lady had held his hands to her breasts for a long time and Paul had finally given her a gentle kiss and wished her a good night.

Wendy’s heart had gone out to the young man as he walked from the room with what suspiciously looked like tears in his eyes. Sydney was not much better, she thought, though the boy definitely didn’t seem to know that some of his touches and looks were leaving the younger girls as well as the older ones, panting with desire after he had spoken to them, helped them with exercises, or generally just listened to them as they poured out their worries.

Jo Jepson sighed as sometimes those complaints and worries were so minor as she watched the young man steer his electric chair in and out of the rooms. The person whom he had been talking to so passionately about helping them or listening to their worries finally observed the almost obscene amount of equipment that sat beneath or hung from the back of the chair. Machines that carried out almost every function of his body. Many just sat open mouthed as he had joyfully assured them that they would be fine and that he would come and see them again when he got out of the hospital. Many of them saw Jo and Wendy afterwards and cried when they were told that he may never leave.

Agents of the Messiah arrived at the hospital about a month after Sydney had been admitted. They carried falsified documents relating to the long lost relatives and a court order showing that they would be taking the boy to facilities closer to the family that had longed to see the boy for so long but through other circumstances had not been able to get to Australia before now. Kelsey Gilroy was shocked at this turn of events; she had contacted her family’s lawyers, was a long way down the path of being able to officially adopt Sydney and had met with Child Services Agents, Mr Winters and Mrs Lange, to arrange the final paperwork.

The agents spoke with strange accents, introducing themselves as Ms Mayfield and Mr Proust. They were quite plain in appearance, the woman exceedingly so, David had joked to his wife that she looked like she had been plucked from ancient caveman times as her heavy brows and jutting jaw gave her a very Neanderthal look.

They claimed to represent a facility off the coast of Papua, Kelsey immediately had her father’s private detectives investigating. When they reported that the facility did not exist she confronted DC Teeney with her suspicions. The man was at a loss as to what actions to take, the whole case around the boy seemed to be unnecessarily complicated and, worryingly, raising red flags everywhere he looked.

Peter Douglas was not a known person, well certainly not prior to his marriage to Sophia Davies some fourteen years ago. Records of the man prior to that seemed to disappear, some of it into the various government departments around the country. Sophia Davies’ family seemed to consist only of the daughter, her mother was a recluse that lived in the outback of Western Australia where she had never properly connected the property to the internet grid. The woman’s husband coincidentally died of a heart attack around the same time as Peter Douglas had appeared. DC Teeney did not like coincidences.

The pictures of the so-called relatives bore a striking resemblance to the boy in the hospital and the woman in the psychiatric ward, but no DNA results had been returned yet so the DC waited before making any further moves.

Dr Patrick Evans and Kelsey Gilroy were making sure that the two agents were kept well away from Sydney after they had been allowed to interview him and tactlessly suggested that he would be far better off in the facility they represented that had much more experience in looking after troubled children. Sydney’s violently sick reaction as he related the conversation to Kelsey and Patrick had set them on edge. Patrick suggested to DC Teeney that the representatives should not be on his approved visitor list and the hard eyed detective agreed.

Another week passed and though the overseas agents turned up twice during that time, the police officer at the door firmly but politely refused them entry to Sydney’s room. The agents reported their lack of progress to the Messiah, their grim faces on the vid call gave him little pleasure and he barked instructions at the couple on the floor in front of him to cease.

The man and woman froze where they lay, the man beneath the woman who was forcefully ramming a giant dildo into his reluctant arse-hole. Her own was already struggling with the monster that her master had inserted, its bulging length buried in her, unable to be removed unless someone unlocked the strap he had tied around her waist. The pain was almost unbearable, now she was being forced to press an equally as large instrument into her husband’s virgin hole because of her failure to take over a company in Fiji that the master wanted to control the distribution of pharmaceutical supplies. It was not her fault that some organisation called Camelot Corporation had made a higher bid and now refused to negotiate with her. Her husband wept beneath her.

Blaise, watched the man weep, his master would be pleased at the scene in front of him, he thoughtfully kept the cameras on around the room as he punished his minions just so that his master could satisfy his own voyeuristic needs. Returning to the problem with the retrieval of the boy, he pondered his options. “Kidnap him, if you are unable to do that, kill him!” was the instruction to the waiting agents and he cut the connection.

Smiling he turned to the couple on the floor, “Geraldine, I thought you corporate lawyer types were supposed to be experts at shafting your clients yet poor Clive has only got half of your impressive weapon up his slutty arse-hole, no wonder you failed, my dear, if you can only put in a half-hearted effort. Now if that is not buried up his arse in 30 seconds perhaps a session in full effort would be in order!” He snapped his fingers and a dozen wolverine warlords appeared around the room, their black cocks huge and displayed as they eyed the woman on the floor. Her husband screamed as she forced the rest of the dildo up his arse in one tremendous push.

“I see that you are truly motivated now Geraldine, it is a pity that it is all a bit too little, too late,” he whispered as he pressed a small button in his hand that caused the explosives within the dildos to detonate.

The man in blue in his tower in the realms viewed the action of his deadly game with Retsam Elam in the portal viewer that he focused on the planet Earth. Mentally he screamed as he saw the dark figures approaching the hospital and the blonde hair and green eyes of the woman on the bed in her bedroom were shocked open at the urgency of his mental message. Suddenly another presence was in the room with her, “It’s OK T,” he said softly then he was gone.

Sydney and David Gilroy were talking in the gardens outside the ward at the back of the hospital. The young man had been puzzled as to why the man he had used to call father had said that he had dobbed him into the police and had asked David for an explanation. “Remember Kelsey contacting emergency when she first saw your marks?” David asked and Sydney nodded. “Well the calls are automatically traced to the address and a police hover was despatched anyway.

“When they arrived Kelsey couldn’t help herself and blurted out the whole story and they went up to see your father. Bonnie and I were out looking for you when you didn’t go home or come back to our place, so you see it was her word against his. I knew I should have taken photos when I had the chance; they would have taken him away for questioning and wouldn’t have had the chance to beat you again. I’m so sorry, Syd.”

Sydney shrugged and looked at him, “Why? You didn’t beat me.”

David was quiet at that then started pushing the chair again and said, “Come on let’s get you inside before it gets dark.”

“We will take care of him thanks, Herr Gilroy!” barked the rather plain Ms Mayfield in her strange accent. Her partner, Proust pressed a wickedly blocky gun into David Gilroy’s ribs. A third man grabbed the chair holding the boy rushing him off into a corridor that led to an exit to the parking areas beneath the hospital. “One scream kid and your hero back there is dead!” hissed the man. Sydney fell silent and prayed for a miracle.

It came in the shape of a rather petite black haired, brown eyed firebrand whose muffled grunt of pain as she round housed her plastisheet covered fist into the side of the head of the man pushing the chair was as much a surprise to the man in the chair as it was to him. He slumped in a heap at the side of the corridor then with the help of Bonnie’s feet he rolled into a side alcove out of sight.

Grabbing the chair she began running down another corridor that ran back towards the wards and the safety of the nurse’s station. Seconds later Bonnie’s Uncle David passed them then skidded to a halt looking at the pair in surprise and confusion. “Keep going Uncle Dave, get the police, they’ll find the other man soon and come looking for us!” Bonnie urged him on as she passed him with her passenger again.

Dave Gilroy sprinted to the security officer at the door of Sydney’s room but was surprised when two black clad military guards came along the corridor and indicated for him to follow them. They came back past Bonnie and Sydney and gave the boy an OK signal when he instructed his reluctant helper to go with the men to show them where the would be kidnapper was lying unconscious in the other corridor.

Jo Jepson was running, in the elongated step that nurses use when they want to get somewhere in a hurry but make the least amount of noise. She found Sydney in the hallway where he had been left. The chair was a manual one as they had taken the electric one to make modifications to the equipment that was attached to it. The boy was starting to come good and several of the functions originally attached were no longer needed. Jo raced the chair back to his room turned and looked at the doorway before coming over to kneel in front of Sydney asking him if he was all right.

The young man was breathing deeply, trying to catch his breath and Jo wondered if the excitement was too much for him as he seemed to be struggling to breathe. She had just reached for his pulse when he screamed and she felt something hot spray across her face. Looking down she saw the gaping hole in the boy’s ribs where something had torn through him. Then the window providing a view to the nurse’s station crashed in and a body landed on the floor, half her head was missing. Jo’s only indication that it was female because the jacket it wore looked like it belonged to the ugly Mayfield woman who had been hanging around the corridors all afternoon trying to get in to see Sydney.

Frantically she grabbed the bed sheets and began stuffing them into Sydney’s chest cavity to stop the blood that was spraying everywhere, her hands reached into and found his damaged lung, closing gently. She looked into his eyes and saw that he was looking down her top and she sobbed a little thinking don’t let it be the last time you see my tits baby. Sydney looked to her face and choked out, “You’re bleeding.”

She grinned, not properly hearing him, mistaking his words said, “Cheeky bugger!” just as the boy passed out.

The room was suddenly full of military and medics as the big dark uniformed man burst into the room quickly examined the body on the floor then screamed for a fucking medic into his microphone. He heard the young man’s remark to the nurse and instantly checked her face then downwards. A red stain was spreading on the girl’s white uniform. It was a brighter red than the blood that was darkly drying against her from where the boy had been shot. He screamed frantically for another fucking medic.

Chapter 4 – Some replacement parts

Sydney could hear voices that seemed to come from far away and caught "…we repaired his lung and replaced nearly all of his ribs…" then another voice "…he’ll walk again, eventually, the bullet missed most of the nerves…" then quiet.

His dreams were chaotic and filled with images of people he knew vaguely until finally a face he thought he knew floated to the surface of his mind and quite clearly heard her say, "You’ll be OK, Sydney, I still have to give you my gift so that you can do what you must do.

“Oh! And your little nursey friend will be fine too. She is going to start teaching you some nice things. Hold on to that thought!" then she was gone.

The blonde haired green eyed woman sighed, with the medical team looking after Sydney, the woman Kelsey Gilroy being her regal, demanding self, as the daughter of the world’s richest man should be and a doctor who was brilliant, even if he didn’t know it, the boy would survive. Her job now was to make sure the mental aspect of the repair works that needed to be done were well and truly started. It was not that she didn’t have willing helpers, goodness knows Jo, Kelsey and Bonnie would have had the man between their thighs as soon as they could get him well enough, it was the poison she saw in his mind from his bitch of a mother that was the problem.

His mother, the woman thought bitterly, somehow in all the excitement of the attempted kidnap and murder of Sydney she had been spirited away from the psychiatric facility where they thought they had her locked down. Several doctors and nurses there had been found dead and the woman’s room emptied when DC Teeney had been finally told that another person involved in the bizarre case of Sydney Douglas came to his desk in the quiet offices he occupied in Adelaide Street in the old central business district of Brisbane.

Wendy Johnson was the blonde woman’s next target, the young nurse was torn between Sydney and his best friend Paul, she needed someone available and around Sydney’s age to take the next step in his development. Already she was struggling with Bonnie who was just under-age and Kelsey who had enough problems dealing with the jealousy of her husband. David Gilroy was proving to be a very sticky fly in the ointment. She sighed as she watched the man himself lying on her bed, his mind full of sexual activity that he believed he was having with the blonde who busied herself on the phone beside him as he dreamed.

When Sydney awoke next in his hospital bed the first thing he saw were the big brown eyes of Bonnie Gilroy, her large expressive eyes were full of tears, but when she saw that his eyes fluttered and then opened, she quickly dashed them away and smiled. She was happy that he smiled back at her in recognition, but sighed as he passed out, unconscious. She turned to the woman on the bed that had been set up beside him in the room, “He woke up for a second.”

The heavy breasted nurse, Jo Jepson, quietly beckoned the girl to her and softly kissed her lips, “Bonnie he will wake up properly soon. Be strong my little girl, he will be fine.” The black hair nodded against her then sighed as she cried snuggling deeper into the woman’s warm embrace.

Jo Jepson had not been home for any more than half a day, she had begged Patrick Evans to let her remain in the bed beside the recovering boy, she wanted to be there when he properly regained conscious. The blonde haired, green eyed woman in her dreams had emphasised to her that she had to take the boy in hand, literally and figuratively to bring about the greatest change to hers and everyone’s else’s world that would ever happen. Jo Jepson believed in the gods and she was sure that the woman was an emissary of them; she would do her part in bringing about a change to this goodness forsaken world.

However, it was the younger nurse that found Sydney awake as she checked patients late on her shift, Jo was sleeping beside him in the other bed and she had come to take readings from the monitors surrounding his bed and found his dark-blue eyes staring at her as she fussed over the equipment. "Hello, young man," she said, "It’s Wendy and I am firstly going to check your vitals then Dr Evans is going to come and see you shortly."

They had moved Sydney from the room that had been partially destroyed in the gunfight, besides being easier to monitor him in the room further down the hallway; it was also easier to protect advised Sergeant Keith Richardson as he toured the facility on the orders of his supreme commander. Why the man was so concerned about this kid was not his worry, the voice spoke on the phone and he carried out orders. The voice had never failed him in the five years he had been contacted to carry out tasks for it.

Sydney found himself unable to move his limbs and Dr Evans appeared beside the bed in short order as Sydney took in the differences in his location. He noted that the young man appeared quite concerned about the white shape that lay in the next bed. “That’s Josephine, the nurse that was with you when you were shot,” the kindly doctor advised him.

Wendy noted the boy’s concerned look and felt her heart miss a bit, Fuck me she thought, he nearly died and he is worried for a woman that barely got a flesh wound! Quickly she eased his worries, patting his chest gently, "Easy tiger," she soothed, "she’s Ok she just wanted to be in here for when you woke up." As we all did, she thought but didn’t let him know that.

Dr Evans set his face to his normally cheerful grin and found a little enthusiasm to inflect into his voice. "Well, well, young Sydney. How do you feel?" he asked.

Sydney moved his head to indicate his right arm then his left arm then wiggled the toes on his left foot slightly and said, "Well Dr Evans at least something moves!"

He laughed, "That will only be for another couple of days, maybe a week, then we will have you mobile again." He sat down at the side of his patient’s bed and with the gentle tone that that Sydney had only ever heard Mrs Gilroy use to Jenny he explained the changes to the boy’s body.

He was now the proud owner of not one, not two, but twenty titanium ribs! The doctor explained how the bullet had passed through the right side of Sydney’s back exploded through his chest and shattered most of his ribs. Given that the boy was going to have them replaced they decided to replace the ones that were broken on his left side as well and match the remainder to the ones on his right. The only ribs that weren’t replaced were the lower floating ribs on each side. Sydney’s breast plate had also been replaced to provide secure anchorage.

When the young man asked about his arms he told him that they had to immobilise them for the time being to let the bio-organic nano-bots weld the ribs in place with the minimum of movement from his charge.

"It is encouraging that you can move your toes on your left foot, we were a little worried about your spine. The bullet passed very close to it!" he confided to the boy and his relief in seeing that his young patient could move something was quickly hidden from the young man’s eyes. Patrick Evans and Kelsey Gilroy, the woman was an eloquent and persuasive debater, had spent a long time arguing with the medical board to undertake the expensive and, to Patrick’s mind, extremely necessary steps that they had taken.

Not only had they replaced bones, they had sheathed the lad’s broken limbs in plassteel, an experimental compound that had been provided by a private company that Patrick and Kelsey’s father had had extensive dealings with in the past. The organisation, Camelot Corporation, seemed to provide effective solutions for everything that they needed to keep the young man alive.

"The ribs, tibia and fibula in your right leg and the humerus in your left arm have all been sheathed in plassteel" he informed Sydney. "It is a special substance that will grow with you. Better than the old plate and screws we used to do. The rate you grow you would have had to come back and see me every week to get the things replaced. Now we don’t have to worry about it your bones will be stronger than ever and you will never know it is there!"

Sydney was astounded a bit at his explanations as laughingly he said, "Well my boy we are supposed to be approaching the 30th century, some advances have to be made over the old ways of bone healing!"

He looked down at Sydney as he rose to leave, "Though sometimes it is hard to believe that things like this can still happen to someone like you in this day and age." He blew out his breath in exasperation and patting the young man’s good leg said goodnight.

Turning to walk off he abruptly ran into a familiar looking lady that was standing behind him. "Sorry, Jo!" he apologised and stepped around her, then looking carefully at her added, "Don’t let him keep you talking all night."

Josephine Jepson giggled lightly as the older man left the room, it was now time for her to start putting into action the plans that Kelsey and the anonymous blonde had suggested. Her biggest concern was the possible reaction that she would get from the handsome boy who was basically incapacitated in the bed beside her. It was going to be a difficult task to get the boy deprogrammed of the bullshit attitudes his parents had spent fourteen years belting, literally, into his head. She took a deep breath as she watched the dark-blue eyes surveying her.

Using the computer entity that controlled the lighting in the room she softly requested that the lights be turned up a little brighter than the dim lighting that had been maintained to prevent his eyes from become dazzled when he awoke. She knew that the semi-transparent nature of her carefully selected bed wear would reveal her body quite dramatically and she awaited his reaction. He was blushing and she knew that her heavy breasts were quite clearly displayed, her nipples crinkled slightly as she noted his look to the pink and red flesh that was showing against her almost transparent top.

Guiltily Sydney started and looked back up to her face, "I I I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking, honest,” was stammered out but she shushed him and put her hand on his immobile arm.

"I think I would be upset if you didn’t look," she whispered.

"It’s evil; I am an evil person for looking!" Sydney replied as he tried to turn his head away from her gaze.

"Who told you that!" she hissed.

Keeping his head turned away from her Sydney replied, "My Mother!"

Jo began to laugh but stopped when she saw that he was desperately trying to keep his eyes averted from her and that the young man had begun to cry.

"I think, young man, that you and I had better have a long talk about what your mother has told you. Now look at me and stop crying. Please, Sydney, I want you to look at me!" she said the last sharply and the boy automatically turned his head to obey. Interesting she thought female demands are met unquestioningly, perhaps that could be a trigger here.

"Sara lights bright. Curtains closed,” she said loudly then the lights in the room brightened quite noticeably and the curtains on the glass wall slid closed.

"Sara?" he asked.

"Service And Rehabilitation Automation, S-A-R-A, Sara," she replied with a smile.

She noted that he kept his eyes on her face as he said, "I always just called it Computer."

"She answers to a lot of things," was her casual reply. Jo looked at Sydney closely and she had to suppress a grin as the boy tried not to look away from her eyes though the bright lights were making her nightdress even more transparent and something pink and reddish was very visible in the corner of his eye.

She leaned towards him drawing his eyes down with hers and suddenly lifted her head high so that his view was directly down her dress and those pink and red things were sitting right there!

"Aren’t they nice?" she asked.

Sydney swallowed hard and finally unable to speak just nodded.

"Do you know that girls sometimes, well a lot of times, dress so that people will notice how nice they are?"

"My Mum says that they are sluts and trying to trap a man," the young man mumbled finally pulling his eyes away from her chest and back to her face.

Jo frowned, "Do you think your Mum was really the best authority on that subject? You went to sex education at school didn’t you?"

Bonnie had already told her that he hadn’t attended the special education classes at school, the young woman had sighed when she told her, telling the nurse that she really liked and her aunt that his non-attendance at the lessons had frustrated her because her attempts at showing him her assets had been met with confused and embarrassed reactions.

The two women had giggled, but quickly stifled them as Bonnie expressed her frustration that Sydney just didn’t seem to know what tits were and how good he could have made her feel if he had just placed his hand in the right place. Jo knew that Sydney had only ever kissed one person and that was Bonnie the day he was almost beaten to death by his father.

Kelsey and Jo had contacted the school and the principal, Mrs Kendrick had told them that Sydney had been expressly forbidden from attending the classes on the request of his parents. The older woman had been quite shocked that the parents had made such a request but had not argued the point too strongly. Jo knew that she had to base her attack on gauging Sydney’s sexual preferences on other areas of informal education.

Her frown deepened and she asked what about boy talk, "You know," she said, "when you and your mates get together at soccer or cricket; don’t you talk about the girls you like and what you would do with them?"

She laughed when she realised she had caused the boy to blush furiously saying, "See! Now you have to sort out what is what here."

Her laughter caused her breasts to move freely, she noted that Sydney no longer looked away from them, she hoped because she was showing them and was relaxed about him seeing them move. She upped the ante a little and began talking about how men and women interacted, explaining that the breasts of a woman were not only the first thing that they displayed to a man, but the first thing she wanted him to touch. The young man began to loosen up and she was delighted that her honest frankness led him to confessing that he had kissed Bonnie. Telling him that she was very proud that he had kissed such a beautiful woman, she emphasised Bonnie as a woman, rather than a girl. She needed this young shy man to understand that what he would experience with Bonnie, even though they were young, was going to be a wonderful experience and that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

Gently she led him into other aspects of the life that women and men led behind the closed doors of bedrooms and sometimes in public, making him understand that they were special times. Times that he should be proud of the things that they did, she also began to subtly address the care and love that should be part of that relationship. She saw the darkness in his eyes retreat a little, the frown on his forehead, still scared by the ugly triangle that his father had cut there, disappeared as she spoke. Finally she decided to press the conversation to a more earthier vein and leaning forward gave him a small kiss on his lips.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"That was for saving my life."

Sydney was dumbfounded, here was the woman who had stuffed her hands, basically, into his chest to stop him bleeding to death and she was telling him that he had saved her life! Jo explained that just before Sydney had passed out he had told her that her that she was bleeding.

Sydney smiled, "You called me a ‘Cheeky bugger.’"

She grinned back, "But the soldier that came into the room also heard and started screaming for another ‘fucking medic’," they both giggled as she placed a hand over her mouth at the expletive coming from her lips.

She went on to explain that the room was suddenly full of doctors and nurses and they took over her work holding his chest together then the soldier grabbed one of the doctors and said, ‘the nurse too you idiot, look she’s bleeding from her tits!’

She told Sydney that she had slumped back in her chair by then and when she pressed her hand up to her chest it had come away covered in fresh blood so she knew it wasn’t his. The doctor and another nurse found that the bullet that had passed through Sydney’s chest had finished in Jo’s right breast and she was beginning to bleed profusely after all the effort she had gone through in holding his ribcage and lung together.

"And now here I am!" she gushed, "almost as good as gold, too!" Now was the moment of truth and she lifted her nightdress to show her breasts with the intention of showing the healed scar on her breast.

The boy sharply turned his head away and she decided to test her theory on female demands, "Sydney, please look, they aren’t going to bite you!" she scolded.

His head turned back quickly and she pointed out the bright red mark where the wound had been sealed on her otherwise flawless skin. She smiled as she noted that he looked at her brownish nut coloured nipples as well. Deliberately she held the nightdress up longer than necessary ensuring that he was exposed to the firm globes that she was extremely proud of, her eyes dropped to his groin and was a little disappointed that no tell-tale tenting occurred in the sheeting, she hoped it was just the drugs and blockers in his body.

Jo was extremely surprised that no-one had told the boy that the incident had occurred nearly three weeks before or the results of the gun battle that had raged through the corridors of the hospital and down into the underground carparks. She informed him that three agents had been killed and two others arrested, she did not tell him that the arrested agents had died from self-inflicted poisoning before they got anywhere near the military base that they were being taken too.

When he asked about who had sent the soldiers she was genuinely puzzled, no-one had mentioned who had suddenly sent a full guard detail to the hospital to be on alert for a possible kidnap or murder scenario. Even Sergeant Richardson, whom she found very attractive, didn’t answer her properly when she expressed her thanks to him with warm kisses in the gardens around the hospital for saving her life.

Bonnie and Kelsey were frequent visitors to Sydney’s bed during the time he was in a coma; the women discussed many things as their friendship grew, in particular the man who lay in the next bed. Giggling together they didn’t fail to notice the angry looks that came from David Gilroy and Jo curtailed the hot looks that he gave his wife even though the two of them had secretly discussed finding some time together over the coming months of Sydney’s convalescence.

Once Sydney had awoken, the women planned their next steps, even to the point of quite frankly discussing how they were going to ensure that the handsome young man understood in no uncertain terms what they saw him to be in their lives. Jo was very much aware that Bonnie Gilroy was extremely keen to take the boy to her bed and heal him with copious amounts of her loving. The little woman was adamant that Sydney just needed to be brought home to the fact that he was a male and she was female, the parts would interconnect and he would be cured. Kelsey and Jo laughed at her innocence but they admired her loving attitude to the problem.

A simple incident with a catheter and human bodily functions brought home to them how much work they had in front of them. Sydney had attempted to get his bed to automatically rise to allow him to get out of bed, forgetting that he was incapacitated in that manner and his distress at not being able to move caused Jo to worry about him. “I got to go!” was his mournful whisper when she came to check on what his problem was.

Quickly she had searched his bed for the suction tube that should have been already in place over his penis, it had become dislodged during an examination by Dr Evans shortly before the Gilroys had arrived for their daily visit. The young man’s distress at his nurse seeing his genitals, then attaching the equipment had upset her greatly and she said, “Syd, remember I am a nurse and if you think I haven’t seen your equipment before today then you are sadly mistaken," as she finished pulling the sheet down to expose his naked body.

Well not exactly naked he still had plastisheet over his leg and his ribs were covered in a band of elasticised material that kept them still, there were also numerous tubes entering his stomach and rib area. But he had panicked when his privates where on display and she had noticed his fear and shame as she had grabbed his dick and attached a tube with a large opening to its end.

Jo felt it seal and looked up at him saying, "You can go now!" as she patted his leg.

The need to urinate overcame his shame and Jo let his cock go when he started to pee saying, "Now we will leave that on for the moment and you can go whenever you want!”

His curiosity when he noticed that the little hair that had started to grow on his groin was now gone and his shy request to have the sheet pulled back encouraged her. "Did you shave me?" he asked softly.

Jo giggled and pulling the sheet back up said, "Of course! I am your nurse remember, though obviously you don’t remember my tender attention to your manhood. Don’t worry," she added, "it will grow back. Though I must admit I prefer none!" winking at him as she gave Sara instructions to open the curtains turning the lights down when the bright sunlight from outside lit up the room.

Jo reported to Kelsey what had happened and the woman pursed her lips thoughtfully, “I think our young man needs to have a few more people look at him and let him know that they like what they see,” was her suggestion and Jo agreed.

Chapter 5 – Giving hope

Kelsey and Bonnie Gilroy were ready to get back to the hospital as soon as Jo had contacted them, David was a reluctant tag along, he had work to do and Thelma seemed more than keen to have him come up to her place in Townsville. Giving his wife the message that he would be going off on another trip soon didn’t seem to concern her much. He wondered how long it would take her to get that big titted nurse into her bed, it was not that he was too upset with the thought that his wife would be having her pussy eaten by someone else he wanted to be there, as was his right, when she did so.

So now they were off to the hospital where the young man lying incapacitated on his back seemed to hold the attention of the females in his household far more than he himself. Once again he noted the soft sexy dresses they wore under their long jackets before going out into the cold air.

It’s not Sydney’s fault, he thought to himself and once again he mentally kicked himself for not doing enough to prevent the boy from being in this predicament. Visiting him for a few hours would not be so bad. Then he could look forward to the lovely Thelma’s tits to play with for a few days. He would come back and start sorting out his wife and wayward niece. His frowns and long face turned into smiles as he set the hover off to the hospital once again.

The Gilroys sat around Sydney’s bed telling him the story of the fire fight in the hospital and as usual Bonnie sat beside Sydney holding his hand gently. Sydney asked her how her hand was and she proudly displayed the plastisheet covered with signatures.

"I got nearly all the soldiers and some of the security guards to sign it!" she laughed. "Even Detective Teeney put his name on it. Dr Evans says I can keep it as a souvenir after he takes it off!"

Sydney looked at her and marvelled at how well she took everything in her stride, being just a girl and all, and said that he was very glad she had turned up when she did.

Bonnie blushed a little at that and said if it wasn’t for the fact that she had stopped to look at the babies she would have been there early and wouldn’t have seen the man pull out a gun on Uncle Dave.

Sydney looked up at Mr Gilroy and asked him how he got away. David said that when the boy was wheeled away they had simply backed off then ran down the corridor opposite to where he had been taken. David had sprinted off to find security.

"You two scared the crap out of me when I passed you!"

All too soon Dr Evans came along to shoo them all out again, after checking his patient over he set the sleep control flows to high and moments later Sydney was asleep.

Jennifer Gilroy was sad, her little girl dreams full of troubled pictures of yellow ducks that cried, as she did for the big playmate that had suddenly gone missing from her short life. Something in her mind soothed her with information that the boy would be home soon, he would be there to kiss her bumps and scrapes and talk to her and make the ducks feel better. She snuggled down in her bed and her small lips smiled in her sleep as a soft blue glow appeared to pat her red curls.

Her mummy was taking him to see him again today and she was a little disappointed that when she got there and sat on her lap to allow her to see the boy his eyes were closed. She fidgeted a little and instinctively reached her hand out to hold the man’s fingers sending him her wish for him to wake up. Peering intently in to his face she questioned, "Syddy wake now?"

"Hello" the boy said to her.

Jenny squealed with delight and said, "You come home soon. Play ducks?"

"Soon," he replied.

"K," she said jumping from her mother’s lap onto the floor and was soon lost in her colouring book and pencils that had been placed on a little table for her by the window.

Kelsey Gilroy watched her daughter for a moment, she was sure that she felt something almost like an electric spark pass through the little girl into the boy on the bed and then his beautiful dark-blue eyes had opened. Pushing it from her mind she concentrated on the news that she had finally got late yesterday.

"Hi," the young man said to her, his voice soft and she felt the small shiver down her back that always seemed to accompany his look and soft words.

"Hi, yourself," she answered, her need to touch him overcame her and she brushed his hair out of his eyes and said, "You need a haircut."

Sydney nodded in agreement, sighed and said, "No doubt the Child Services people will take care of that."

Kelsey smiled and decided to play her trump card, looking sharply at him she quite fiercely stated, "Sydney Winston Douglas if you think that anyone else but me is going to look after you until you are old enough to make up your own mind about where you are going to be then you have got another think coming!"

He stared at her, "How did you know my middle name?"

Kelsey was dumbfounded, "What?"

"How did you know my middle name, I don’t tell anyone my middle name, I hate it."

"It’s on you birth certificate and we needed it to get custody…" suddenly she was laughing he was crying as she leaned forward and hugged him.

Shortly afterwards the rest of the crew bounced in Bonnie kissed Sydney hard on the lips and said, "Wait till I get you home!"

David Gilroy said, "Do you think you can put up with us full time, Syd?" He also gave his niece a hard stare, if she thought this kid was going to be the first one between her legs then she had another think coming!

Sydney did not see the man’s reaction, he was simply delirious at having a new family, one that appeared to be going to be able to provide him with a great deal of love and hope.

Chapter 6 – The President visits

The next few days were uneventful with the constant attention of nurses, Dr Evans and his entourage of students. Sydney was pronounced a "remarkable example of modern technology."

Sydney cracked up the group of nurses and doctors that stood around his bed at Dr Evans’ pronouncement by remarking how he was so remarkable that he still couldn’t hold his own dick to pee.

David and Kelsey had fought, bitterly in the quiet of the night when David had unexpectedly returned from his business trip to Townsville. Thelma was not there, she had tried to leave him a message that she had suddenly been called to accompany certain business contacts on a tour of facilities in the south of the state. The reality was that the blonde was getting thoroughly tired of the obnoxious man and his attitude to the women in his household. She had read his intentions towards his niece and subtly she had informed Kelsey who had confronted him when he returned, drunk and demanding to her bed.

Jo Jepson let Dr Evans release her from her sick bed so that she could return to work, she knew that the young man whom she was going to be educating over the next few months as he recovered, was aware that she had stayed in the bed to simply be by his side. The petite brown haired nurse, Wendy, was brought a little into her confidences and she suggested that she tell Sydney about her stay.

Wendy told Sydney how Jo had been released nearly two weeks before from her bed but had requested that she be allowed to stay with him until he awoke from the coma that they had needed to put him in to let the severe damage to his body begin to repair. She had spent many hours sitting and watching him, Wendy told him and she didn’t think Jo had been home once in all that time.

Sydney was very humbled that someone so nice could give up her time for him, a skinny little kid that seemed to be more trouble to keep alive than what he thought he was worth. The voice that had spoken to him when he was unconscious assured him that if he listened and learned, Jo would be repaid in spades for her efforts. Sydney was determined to learn and start to fulfil that promise.

Thelma had let Jo know that the boy was well and truly ready to give her his undivided attention. Wendy, she decided, would simply be a side light, the more experienced nurse was definitely ready and willing to head down what may prove to be a very difficult path towards the boy’s enlightenment.

Sydney was pleasantly surprised when Jo returned the evening after her release in her nurse’s uniform. She sat down at the side of his bed feeding him tea and biscuits and continued the late night discussions that she had begun with him on the ways of men and women that she had begun as she lay in the bed beside his. Jo grinned wickedly as she had not so subtly told him how the conversations had made her feel like a wicked school teacher, keeping the lights low so that he didn’t notice her furiously working fingers pummelling her sex beneath the sheets as she spoke to him.

Jo’s discussions with Sydney were frank and earthy. Her answers to his questions about life and love had broken down so many barriers in the boy’s mind that Thelma had discovered that he was actually looking forward to getting home and seeing where Bonnie and him would head in their relationship. Thelma had to work hard with Bonnie’s dreams to make sure the little woman didn’t get her hopes too high and did not get frustrated and end up spreading her legs for Paul.

Kelsey Gilroy was also pleased at Thelma’s reporting that Sydney was now reconciled to what had happened to him when she had inadvertently triggered his ejaculation and with a little giggle told her that he was ready to make up for his reaction as soon as he could. As Kelsey screeched through another orgasm caused by her overworked imagination, the memory of the boy’s shooting penis and her frantically working fingers Thelma had to remind the woman that she had to be patient.

Jo’s lessons in life hadn’t stopped at mere words; she found vid-books for him to read containing some graphic images and even some of the textbooks from the sex-education classes that he had been forced to miss. Sydney’s education whilst he was in hospital was of a far greater variety than he would ever have had and with plenty of time to himself quickly caught up on a lot of what he had missed out on.

Thelma noted however, that though the boy absorbed the mechanics, his mind was still fighting with him, the blackness that crept through the boy’s thoughts as he observed pictures detailing various sexual acts and read pages on techniques and advice, was heartbreaking. She hoped that the physical touch of one of the three women would help dispel that.

Thankfully worries about his age were just about to be dispelled, she grinned as she waited for the blue glow in her mind that would signal her contact with the realms.

Dr Patrick Evans was bewildered; he had just received a phone call from a man he had hardly spoken to for almost five years. Yes they had gone to school together but now he was coming to visit his hospital on the very day that he was ready to release the blockers from young Sydney’s spine so that he could get his rehabilitation started. Goodness knows he needed to get the boy moving else the sexual undercurrent around his nurses and the two women that visited him every day was going to overload something.

He grinned as he imagined his skinny charge being attacked in his bed helpless to do anything about the lusty intentions of one of them. Perhaps it might not be such a bad thing was his initial thoughts but the image of a blonde haired green eyed woman telling him that was something that definitely should not happen and the reasons why sobered him.

The woman not only seemed to know a lot about this young man but she also knew far too much about medicine and psychology. It seemed she also knew far too fucking much about him and his work here at the hospital!

He waited until the Gilroys, Jo and Wendy were all in the room Sydney was occupying and announced his intentions to remove the blockers. "But first," he said, "there is someone very important who wants to meet you! All of you," he added waving his arm around to include the group inside and the soldier that stood just inside the door of the room. The soldier grinned giving a thumb’s up and abruptly stood at attention as the sound of marching boots came up the adjoining corridor.

Two blue and gold uniformed men entered the room first; following them was a man none had never ever expected to meet in their lifetimes, The President of United Oceania, Gregory John Weir.

He wasted no time as he first shook David and Kelsey Gilroy’s hands and called them by their names and giving Dr Evans a firm handshake and pat on the shoulder said, "Well done, Patrick, well done!"

Dr Evans ruefully grinned as they heard his old school mate call him by name and gasped. He heard Sydney’s whispered comment to Bonnie, “The President knows my doctor!”

Finally the President stood at the end of Sydney’s bed looking down at him.

Sydney felt his face burning under his cool gaze. The president paused and they regarded each other for a long time in silence.

Sydney noticed that President Weir didn’t stand quite as tall as the news-vids led him to believe, he was barely taller than Mrs Gilroy, but something about the way he stood and looked at him made him believe he was much bigger than he appeared. Sydney blinked his eyes as he thought he saw a kind of aura around him. Focusing hard he saw a faint tinge of lightness that definitely surrounded him. Nobody believed him when he told them later; they put it down to the sun shining through the window.

The small node in Sydney’s brain gave a pleased hum, it was beginning to influence the entity that held her in its brain pan at long last. The ability to see auras was just a minor detail in its design and as she watched the nano-bots clear away the damage to the boy’s body and begin removing the obstructions to her neural connections she waited patiently for the body to be able to move again.

"Well soldier," President Weir said, addressing the young man on the bed who blinked in surprise at the use of the title.

His eyes hardened as the boy began to shake his head and he raised his hand to stop him. "Everyone is a soldier my boy in the fight against evil wherever it occurs."

Sydney nodded in affirmation but was still so awed that he barely stuttered out, "Thank you, Sir."

The President turned to one of his aides who passed him a small flat case then turning back to the lad he opened it showing him the medallion inside. "For you," he said, "for bravery under fire, being wounded in the cause and for helping out a fellow soldier."

"No, Sir, Bonnie and Jo and Mr Gilroy and the soldiers they were the heroes. Not me! I didn’t do anything but get pushed around in a chair!"

The President peered closely at him and saw the lad squirm, the little he could, under his gaze. "Is it not true that you directed Bonnie here to go back with her uncle and the security team to show them where the man was that Bonnie knocked out, even though you would be left on your own?"

Bonnie piped up, "Yes, Sir, he did."

"And did you not tell Nurse Jepson that she was bleeding even though you yourself were wounded and close to death?"

Sydney felt his face go crimson as he heard Jo giggle from somewhere behind his bed and finally nodded.

"Well I believe that all of those acts are worthy of this medal," and so saying he moved around to the young man’s side placed the open box carefully on his bedside tray so that the boy could see it. Everyone clapped and Sydney’s heart thudded in his chest with emotion.

"Miss Bonnie Gilroy," intoned the President and Bonnie’s head turned so suddenly that Sydney almost laughed out loud at the look on her face.

"Young lady I hear that you have a fairly deadly right hook!" he said as he slipped another medallion from the case that had been handed to him, and placed it around her neck.

More laughter and Bonnie prettily lowered her eyes then raising her plastisheet coated arm asked if the president would sign her cast. The President smiled and producing a pen from his shirt pocket scribbled his name on one of the few bare spots.

"Nurse Josephine Jepson," the President said next as Jo solemnly walked forward standing before him to receive another medal and as she dipped her head, Sydney couldn’t help wondering if the President was looking down her top as he had.

The thought almost made him burst out laughing and he made a mental note to ask Jo later.

The President made some formal presentations to the men that were involved in the fire fight and Sydney and Jo were very proud when Sergeant Richardson was presented with his.

Keith Richardson had shot the woman who shot Sydney before she had a chance to finish both him and Jo off. Thanking the President for his kind words on behalf of his men, Keith wondered again at what the hell was so important about this kid. He blushed slightly when he saw the hot look Jo Jepson gave him and was hopeful of receiving some more thanks from her when she finished her shift in the early hours of the morning. He had already tasted her sweet lips and her warm body against his promised so much more, the look she gave him now might be the indication that more was now forthcoming.

President Weir left and everyone crowded around to show each other their medallions until Dr Evans told everyone that they must go now and leave him to finish his work or the boy will never get out of here.

Everyone left and Nurse Wendy came when Dr Evans pressed the nurse’s call button. She and the doctor rolled Sydney slightly and he felt a small tug then several more as they removed some tags from his back. He felt tingling in his arms and down to his hands and Wendy began to swiftly massage and rub his right arm while Dr Evans massage the fingers on his left hand more gently.

"Now, mate," he said, "I haven’t reset your bed yet because I still don’t want you sitting up just yet. You will be able to move your right arm and use it normally in a couple of hours, the blockers don’t let go suddenly, it is a gentle process, so don’t go over exerting."

Sydney nodded his understanding and listened while he explained about the progress of his arm, ribs and leg repairs.

"A few more weeks," he finished "and we will have you into therapy and soon after you will be knocking bowlers all over the park again!"

After they had gone he lay back on the pillow feeling very tired and dozed. Sydney’s mind felt hazy, the node in his brain cast out, there was something important that she wanted him to see and the reaction to the other mind that it could feel close by triggered the mind walk that it tentatively attempted.

Images floated to the boy’s consciousness, the President walking out the front stairs of the hospital, guards alertly looking around as they waited for his vehicle to pull up at the stairs.

The picture zoomed in as it watched a guard open the door and the President moved into the back seat. Sydney felt like he was in the hover with him and he was looking straight at him. "Well done Mr President," a female voice spoke as he sat back in his seat.

It seemed that he was looking directly back at Sydney as he spoke, "We are at war, Thelma. Sometimes the most shocking thing about all of this is the age of the soldiers. But from what you tell me that boy up there is going to be the most powerful that has ever lived.

“The number of attacks we have had to prevent and intercept in the last few weeks by people trying to get to him seem to back up that opinion. Obviously someone thinks that he is going to be dangerous to them at some time in the future. I think I would prefer him on my side than against us don’t you?"

The female voice laughed lightly, "Don’t worry Mr President, he will always be on the side of good, it’s part of his nature. Or should I say nature is a part of him."

A knocking sound occurred and the hover slowed, then stopped. The door beside Sydney opened and the woman stepped out and turned back to the President, "If Cue Ball ever calls you Greg, make sure you listen!"

She turned her head towards Sydney, "Sydney go back to sleep." The image faded abruptly.

The little node sighed to herself, it had been the right thing to do else the woman called Thelma would have sent her back immediately. The happy hum as she directed the nano-bots transferred to a happy dream to the boy of playing cricket and running on a sunny afternoon.

Thelma grinned as she stepped from the President’s hover and reflected on the presence of the mind of Sydney over peeping her own. It was a little unexpected but the presence of the little entity within Sydney’s mind was a great step forward, it meant that Jebidiah’s plans were starting to develop along the correct course.

When Sydney awoke later he puzzled over what had happened, something kept nagging in his mind and finally it clicked. He had seen the woman’s face before! She was the one from his dreams that told him that she still had to give him a gift!

He lay there listening to the sounds of the hospital, unnecessarily starting to worry that he was getting stir crazy and that his mind was playing tricks. The node in his head directed his thoughts towards dissecting the conversation he had heard.

It was true Oceania was at war, with a force so evil that it had caused the world to be an extremely changed place from his dear old grandfather’s days. Sydney still remembered the old man on his porch in the sun while sitting on the footstool beside him patting an old Labrador named Sport while he told him the history of the world.

He died when Sydney was six but his stories stayed with him and World history was one subject at school that Sydney really enjoyed because it kept him alive in his mind.

When the President of the old United States of America began a war against terror over 1,000 years ago back in 2001, after the destruction of the World Trade Towers, the world increasingly became afraid. Neighbour turned on neighbour because of religion or race and more and more people began to stay home rather than tour the world on the fast jets and trains that were available at the time. Eventually the suspicions and fears of the populations in those countries that were associated with the so-called "war on terror" aided the terrorists more than the terrorists themselves could have hoped for.

Doctors, policeman, journalists, solicitors, judges and ordinary workers were hauled in off the streets by overzealous authorities empowered by increasingly nervous politicians in an effort to reduce the risk of attack.

It proved to be no deterrent and instead of decreasing the terror threat it actually increased it as various militant groups began staging their own wars against autocratic governments. Soon the larger cities around the world began to disintegrate as services such as electricity, water, public transport and others were continually targeted by disruptions caused by strikes and threats of terrorism.

Union leaders were rounded up and accused of aiding terrorists whenever they called a strike to prevent yet another bill passing through parliaments to further increase the powers of the armed forces and civilian police. Sydney remembered reading how the Australian federal government had at one time passed 579 bills and amendments that restricted workers’ rights, travel, benefits and payments, particularly for those of an international background.

Eventually the unions and the general population began to revolt. In 2021 the city of Brisbane, proudly opening its newest underground bus and traffic tunnels, suffered the indignity of having billions of dollars’ worth of work and some 5,000 lives lost. A militant faction of one of the transport unions overestimated the amount of explosive it would need to seal the end of the tunnels in protest at wages and condition changes.

By 2025 many of the high rises and major land marks around Australia, New Zealand, USA, Great Britain and Europe had suffered in acts of rage by its own populations. The USA was a war torn shell as its own population revolted against administration after administration that continued to place itself on a war footing and sent countless soldiers to die on foreign soils.

Eventually the populations moved from the cities and took up residency on blocks of land that were worthless for farming and even more worthless to raise families on as they were scores of kilometres and further from employment, shopping centres, education and health services.

Real estate agents made a killing and crowed delightedly about the resurgent land prices in the bush. Their voices became more hushed as the agencies were targeted with fire-bombs and random shootings at any vehicle that dared show up on a road with real estate logos over it.

Finally there were those governments that pulled their troops back home from overseas encounters and turned them against their own populations, notably Germany and England. They and other countries became embroiled in civil wars that in some parts of what was mainland Europe are still raging nearly 1,000 years later. Some of course will argue that the wars there never really started at that time and point to the old Russian and Middle-East conflicts as proof that the trouble started long before then.

The Americas fell apart in 2031, when Canada, in an effort to provide support for the thousands of US citizens fleeing the draft and migrating there, declared Alaska and the Great Lakes areas as part of Canada. They attempted to have this ratified by the world council where the US threatened to veto the debate, and was itself threatened with expulsion by China, France and England.

When Mexico, Cuba and others declared their support for the southern states, namely New Mexico, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Georgia as a new country annexed from what the governors of those states at the time described as a "cruel and uncaring regime of war mongers" the US government totally collapsed.

Soon after, terrorists, of the real variety, sent shivers through the rest of the world as they used the chaos of population movements throughout the US to destroy large structures such as Hoover Dam, Cape Canaveral and the Golden Gate Bridge. The US economy nose-dived and eventually in despair totally closed its borders and removed itself from any world contact. Even today only special envoys are allowed in or out of that region of the world.

China threatened to become the sleeping giant awakened as was predicted late in the twentieth century but its own economic resources were found to have been totally mismanaged as some of the braver forecasters had predicted. It became a paper dragon and all of those countries that had cowered before its supposed might gleefully attacked it on every front including trade embargoes, diplomatic posting withdrawals, world court rulings and finally organised terrorism.

China’s communist regime survived virtually intact but it had its own internal problems to deal with and the loss of face with its population in the eyes of the world was going to mean a long hard road back. The Chinese people meanwhile had managed to migrate in their millions to all corners of the globe and brought with them cheap labour costs and efficient practices. However, this was not met well in many countries and the papers virtually gave up reporting Chinese riots and the hundreds of deaths that accompanied them.

Australia, New Zealand and its neighbours, Fiji, Papua, The Solomon Islands and others met in peace in Canberra on 26 July 2028 and formed a defensive and trading partnership that would start the building of a united Oceanic region of the world. Within 10 years of this date an overwhelming majority of 4 to 1 elected the first President of United Oceania.

Ten days later the old United States gave one last convulsive death spasm and over 100 nuclear missiles streaked out of the silos dotted across its landscape towards targets selected by a despotic and insane president in her last defiant act against the world.

Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, China, Southern Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania were suddenly on high alert as tracking stations picked up the tell-tale signatures of the missiles, scrambled interceptors and positioned Satellite Defence Installations to bring them down before they reached their targets. Unfortunately 41 missiles found their targets and 20 others were inadvertently redirected by inaccurate jamming signals and attempts at shooting them down.

In the final analysis only Australia and her island states of Oceania survived relatively intact. Canberra was destroyed and a report from some early political reporter that it was probably the best thing that happened to it and that in 500 years’ time Lake Walter Burleigh Griffin, now 20 times bigger than its creators intended, would become an idyllic summer retreat destination. Ironically he was correct with over a million visitors a year staying in the lakeside villas and resorts that provided fishing and water sports all through the summer months.

The vid-casts that had been replayed over the years showed unparalleled destruction in almost every major city throughout the world. Almost two billion people were destroyed in the initial attacks and almost as many more died of the plagues, cancers and starvation that followed in the next 300 years. Only frantic efforts by politicians, doctors, engineers and scientists closeted away in secret locations developing vaccines, procedures and cures prevented the total extinction of the humans on the planet.

Of course some retaliation occurred and though many were aborted after frantic pleadings and descriptions of nuclear holocaust scenarios, others were unable to be stopped. Several dozen warheads hit the United States of America and though many did not contain the destructive power of those that were launched from the USA that country was all but wiped out.

The devastating effect on the ecology was evident with harsh winters, hot dry summers and periods of torrential rains that carried death as it captured nuclear dust from the atmosphere and soaked the earth below. The polar caps increased in size by almost 500 percent as dust clouds blotted the sun for long periods of the years after the attacks. It was possible to walk from Melbourne to the South Pole, as if anyone wanted to and the shores of New Zealand were visible to anyone using a powerful telescope on the south-eastern beaches of what once was called Victoria.

The ozone hole that had been the subject of so much debate in the early part of the twenty-first century no longer existed as the blanket of dust and gases effectively sealed the earth off from the sun over the Antarctic and Arctic regions for almost 150 years.

Earthquake damage caused by the deep blasting of the earth’s crust had resulted in the loss of further millions as much of the Indonesian and Malaysian islands and southern India submerged beneath the sea. Volcanoes that had been inactive for hundreds of years erupted without warning sending their basalt plugs exploding hundreds of metres into the air and releasing dust and toxic gases into an already polluted atmosphere. Huge molten rock rivers carved a path of destruction through cities and country areas alike and the earth’s landscape changed forever.

Over the next several hundred years the reconstruction of Oceania as a power base and protectorate was taken on by the successors to their first president, Darren Lockyer. Oceania’s navies and air force grew and became faster and more powerful than anything that existed previously. Naval forces became adept at moving quickly from island to island and the communications and computer technology grew towards unheard of speeds and capabilities.

Broadcast video became available to everyone and the population spread to cover the entire country of Australia, all the islands around her and managed to keep in contact with work and family instantly. You could travel from Perth to Townsville in a little less than an hour, so working and travelling was now little more than an inconvenient delay where it had once been described as the major barrier to the expansion of the country.

Sydney had read that Australia’s population once confined itself to a 200 kilometre wide corridor down the eastern coast with only small populations of hardy souls choosing the west and inland areas. With the massive climate and geological changes to the Earth inland Australia now housed, clothed, fed and employed some 16 million people and there were great tracts of land that still were reserved for nature and future expansion.

The major change to society’s structure was that populations no longer grouped around a single point. Sydney, Melbourne and even Brisbane contained populations of less than a couple of hundred thousand as people and companies withdrew from a centralised "easy" target and distributed themselves out across the land. Towns dotted the landscapes at roughly 60 kilometre centres and contained maybe three or four industries or part operations of industries. All to the formula of governments that took note of the destruction that took place over a millennium ago and planned accordingly.

Families lived on houses built on large properties, some even up to five hectares and rarely did neighbours live close enough to one another to cause the strife and conflict that was prevalent in discussions in the history books. This was not to say that neighbours didn’t get on, it just gave people room to breathe, and it was often a catch cry of the now refined real estate industry to promote this and sell parcels of land at family affordable pricing.

Now the violent events that led to the holocaust were repeating one thousand years later. Of course it could be nothing on the scale of the nuclear holocaust of that time, but jealousy, racial vilification and religion were again playing their part in trying to bring down the human race.

United Oceania was one of the best-protected and wealthiest regions in the world. Its population of some 80 million souls was a far cry from the 20 million that once graced old Australia and the 17 million that spread itself over New Zealand and the other island countries. The air and naval fleets were the best trained and were on constant vigilance over the thousands of kilometres of coastline and waterways that marked its boundaries.

The daily news-vids showed the fighting that sometimes occurred at sea where strange craft resembling giant floating pineapples attempted to penetrate our borders and then self-destructed when approached by border patrols in high-speed hovercraft. The bodies recovered from the wrecks were unidentifiable as human though doctors and scientists had assured the population that they were but mutated beyond ordinary recognition.

Oceania’s emissaries had flown around the world locating and conferencing with the new governments that were forming in the lands beyond its own. Many were resentful just because Oceania survived. Others considered themselves superior and made demands for tribute and conversion to strange religions where surreal idols were worshipped. Some had managed to create an environment similar to Oceania’s own and these proved to most deadly.

That was not to say that the entire world outside of United Oceania was hostile. Several expeditions had reported on friendly peoples in the old areas of northern Asia and South America and trade took place with them. The rest of Asia was populated with a mixture and for the most part the area was avoided, Sydney theorised that this was probably due to a mixture of history and some of the exaggerated reports of mutations that had floated on the vid casts and other media sources.

Sydney remembered the reports that started several years ago of a so-called Messiah that had risen in one of these countries and he had a simple message, "Worship me and live free!" His followers were called the "Triangles" because of the tattoo that they wore with pride on their faces that was the shape of triangle with its base across their foreheads and the apex at their chin. Part of their worship and greeting ritual was to pass their thumbs from the centre of their foreheads along the tattoo and down to their chin.

They had once been allowed to come to Oceania to preach their message but people soon discovered that any disagreement with the doctrine of the Messiah was met with a murderous rage that saw several dozen people bashed and beaten to death. The government had no choice but to deport them.

On delivery of the followers back to their homeland, the crew and other passengers on the hover jet that carried them back were murdered by an explosive device planted in cargo that was supposed to contain a letter of apology and compensation for the murder victims. The cargo, delivered by so-called government officials, was to be transported back to Oceania. The jet exploded in mid-flight over the Indian Ocean and vids were jammed with the smiling face of the Messiah for several hours after the incident, leaving no doubt as to who was the culprit.

Since then security around United Oceania had been tightened and many patriotic men and women had swelled the numbers of the armed forces to ensure that no menace would invade their homes and lives.

Still reports were broadcast of attacks on travellers; attempts at destruction at plants and factories around the region and any captured terrorists all wore the same brown triangle on their faces.

These detainees were never around for very long as any that did not manage to kill themselves whilst in custody were quickly dropped off on a deserted island far into the Indian Ocean and left to fend for themselves.

There were rumours that many were sent there in remote controlled cargo hovers that mysteriously blew up before they reached their destination.

The satellite link that was used to jam Oceania’s broadcast stations was found and disrupted. Rumours say that the link has been reversed and various propaganda movies of freedom, modern living and peaceful endeavour are broadcast continuously back to the source.

Someone once suggested to Sydney that they also send pornographic movies back there to show them what they can do with themselves and laughed hysterically. It was only recently that he finally got that joke.

It was also rumoured that the smiling face of the Messiah was being broadcast back with the caption "Worship me or Die!"

Sydney did not see how a skinny fella like him was going to make any difference.

Chapter 7 – Bonnie and Paul

Bonnie and Paul were frequent visitors to Sydney in the afternoons, both noisily telling him about happenings at school as each fished out discs from their bags that were recordings of his class lectures and homework assignments.

Paul wasn’t in all the same classes as Sydney was and so Bonnie arranged for others to record his classes. Some of the teachers did it automatically and simply handed Paul or Bonnie a copy of the disc at one of the breaks during the day.

Sydney was grateful to them all and even more thankful that they cared enough about him to help him get through some of this difficult time.

Mrs Kendrick, the school principal, in conjunction with Kelsey Gilroy, arranged for the education of the young man to continue at a challenging pace. Pauline Kendrick was amazed at the enthusiasm of Kelsey Gilroy, the woman was the best mother that she ever got along with of any of her pupils and considering that Kelsey’s only daughter was just attending prep school, her attention to Bonnie’s and Sydney’s schooling was amazing. They had already discussed Sydney’s outstanding work in the previous years, Kelsey was the only person outside of the school and Sydney’s parents who knew that Sydney had been the junior dux of the school.

The subject material that they included on the recordings for Bonnie and Paul were at levels far beyond what Paul, in the same year as Sydney, was learning. The two women were seeing if their pupil was ready to move on to university, where Pauline Kendrick believed he should have been at least a year ago.

For his part, Paul remained blissfully ignorant of the extra work that Sydney was doing, he hadn’t noticed the differences in his lessons and the recordings he gave to Sydney. Paul already had Sydney opening the batting in the summer and even though he didn’t play he was a keen follower of the game and often turned up to score for the team on weekend matches. He was very keen on statistics and constantly updated Sydney on his rivals in the team and declared that his friend would still be team captain based on the lack of brains these others have got.

Paul was a good friend and the discussions that Sydney had had with Mr and Mrs Gilroy assured him that he would be welcome to come and visit at home anytime. Home, it was a lovely word and Sydney was really looking forward to getting out of the hospital but that prospect was still at least a month or more away. It would almost be spring then and he would have missed most of the soccer season.

At that home Kelsey Gilroy was preparing for her boy, she referred to him as that now, lover, friend, whatever, she would always consider him her boy. She realised how deeply she loved him, not just as a woman but as someone who deeply cared about another person, ever since he had turned up at her home with his bloody nose and swollen eye.

The three friends would sit diligently doing home assignments and Sydney would review the notes that the teachers also handed out. Bonnie had secured a voice input interface from the school library to compensate for Sydney’s limited typing ability and she would listen as he softly dictated his work to the computer above his bed, her eyes bright with mischief and gentle love. Paul would always smile at her as she did, teasing her later when they were out of Sydney’s earshot with how she would actually have to go home and do her homework instead of playing with herself. Bonnie always made sure that Paul knew that she would be able to do both.

The physical interaction of the friends have been decided as better therapy for Sydney rather than just dumping the contents of the subjects to his computer terminal. Kelsey and Jo were aware of how much the younger people loved the young man and having a friend to talk with and a pretty girl to look at were definitely better than having the young man sit alone. Jo did encourage the young man to study other subjects that she found for him on the net, many based on strategic game play and war scenarios. Sydney got a good grounding in battlefield tactics, logistics and command protocols. The little node inside his head hummed in approval.

Sydney’s sense of humour rose to the surface the first time Paul appeared after the shooting and guards had been stationed in and around the hospital. Keith Richardson was standing guard duty at Sydney’s door, ostensibly to give him the opportunity chat to the likeable brown haired nurse that had playfully sat on his lap and hurriedly drew his hard cock into her wet confines in the evening after the president had presented them with medals. He liked Jo’s healthy attitude to sex and though he knew it was never going to be a lasting relationship he was quite happy to see her when she could find the time.

Keith had popped his head around the doorway announcing, “An individual with a rather dubious background is coming to see you Sydney. Should I let him in?”

Sydney knew who it was when he heard Paul’s voice say, "Come on Syd, tell this oaf to let me in! I’m your best mate."

Grinning he told the Sergeant that he was sure that he was of honest character but just in case he should search him first. Paul’s indignant face and squeaks as the guard patted him down almost had Keith and Sydney in stitches and Paul told Sydney it served him right when he finally came up to the bed and his friend was holding his ribs in some discomfort.

Like most boys that were close friends, Paul and Sydney told each other everything, well almost everything, Sydney had not told him about Bonnie yet. Paul scolded Sydney often about not telling anyone about his father belting him and always stood guard at the locker rooms after games so that no one would come in while he was having a shower.

Unfortunately the two only saw each other at school or at matches; Sydney’s parents never allowed him to come to their house, nor was Sydney allowed to go to his. Considering that they lived almost 20 kilometres apart it was not possible for them to sneak out.

The prospect of seeing him outside of school and the fact that he had turned up at the hospital was for both of them a new experience and they plotted various outings and parties that they would go to now that it seemed that Sydney would have a new freedom.

Sydney confided in Paul about his education with Jo and the young man enviously told him that it was about time he had his mind opened up, he also confided in Sydney some of the mischief that he and some of his girls had gotten into lately. Sydney found himself listening in half envy, half confusion as Paul told him of getting his first blow job from a shy girl that Sydney had never thought would think of such things let alone perform them at the back of the bushland behind Sydney’s old home. Paul and the girl had made the secret tryst when Paul had told her that he was staying with Bonnie to be able to see Sydney at hospital while his parents were away.

Sydney’s envy was at the easy way Paul interacted with and accepted the activity with the girl, the confusion was that his mind was trying to tell him that the girl was obviously a slut and would be going to hell. He knew the girl, she was a shy, very quiet girl, there was no way that such a lovely person was going to hell just because she had sucked his friend’s cock. The warring factions in his head gave him a headache.

Sydney finally told Paul about kissing Bonnie, his friend told him that he was a very lucky man to have someone as sweet as her to look after him. Paul knew from the tearful conversations that he and Bonnie had late at night as they cuddled in Bonnie’s bed that she wanted to do more than just kiss the boy, Paul was always sympathetic and simply held the little woman as she wept her frustrations, finally falling asleep against him.

Bonnie often wondered why he did not go further than cuddling her in bed, there were times when she would have acted out her wants with him but Paulie was always firm in his refusal to do anything more than the occasional soft kiss and pet her hair.

Her Aunt had told her that Paul was Sydney’s best mate, he had stood with him through a lot of pain and Paul felt very guilty about not telling anyone what he knew. There was no way that he was going to add to that guilt by doing something that they would both later regret with the woman he knew his friend loved quite a lot.

Publicly Paul treated Bonnie and Kelsey with utmost respect, when he was alone with Sydney he made suggestive comments about their dress, the way the woman displayed their cleavage or the way their bottoms were clearly defined in the tight jeans or pant suits they wore. He watched Sydney’s shy smiles and would give him a gently nudge and say, "You’ll know how nice they are soon!"

Thelma, over peeping his dreams, would smile and thank the boy for his help in doing his little bit to help his friend grow.

Sydney would find that his best mate was often the subject of much banter and joshing with the staff and patients, a particularly hot encounter between an older woman, Julie, who had come to visit him from one of the rooms further up the wards and Paul left Sydney speechless. The pair had almost told each other that they were going to fuck each other right there in front of him!

Paul had been sincere in his compliments of the woman’s body, he especially made a reference to her hair style that he told her would feel lovely in his hands. The woman was very flirtatious and the young man’s good looks, honest, if somewhat innocent appraisal of her body in a gown and nightdress had made her glow. Before she had fully realised how young the boy was she had hotly kissed him and told him that when she got her stitches out he was quite welcome to come and visit her to feel just how nice it could be. The woman swished off with a flick of her hair leaving the young men breathless, the blonde one with a huge grin on his face.

Sydney, wide eyed as he watched the woman walk off, told Paul that he made him sick. Paul, aroused and very aware of the woman’s kiss still on his lips replied, "Well someday she might want a strapping young buck rather than the cold old hands waiting at home."

Paul had raced home and masturbated furiously over the encounter for many days afterwards. Unfortunately the woman left, rushed away by her husband and children before she could see him again to give him her phone number and address.

Sergeant Richardson had been contacted by his supreme commander and finally given the clearance to stand his men down. A single guard would be the only thing needed to watch the boy from now on. He was now being posted to the Solomon’s under the command of one of his father’s old friends, James Lachlan. Making his way into see the boys in Sydney’s room he said, "Right lads! Just called into tell you that I’m off babysitting duties and heading to the Solomon’s to get that lot into shape."

The lads beamed at him and wished him the best of luck as he shook Sydney’s hand vigorously and did the same to Paul. "Now, Sydney, you keep your wits about you and stay out of trouble, OK?" he admonished.

"Yes Sergeant!" Sydney had learnt to call him sergeant when he had come to see him one evening after the shooting and Sydney told him that he would salute except he couldn’t move his arms.

He pointed to his shoulders and asked, "Are there any epaulettes up here son?"

"No, Sir!"

He then shook his head and said, "Didn’t your fath…Didn’t they teach you at school that only commissioned officers are saluted and called Sir?"

Sydney shook his head.

"Well now you know," he grinned, "it’s plain old Sergeant or it’s Sergeant Richardson." He then winked conspiratorially at the boy saying, "And if no one else is around you can call me Keith."

He turned to leave after promising he would send them some vids of the local girls who, he assured the boys, were very pretty.

Keith Richardson was not prepared for the question Sydney asked him when he called him back, "Sergeant Richardson, who ordered you to come and rescue me?"

"I can’t tell you that, mate. Just a guardian angel."

"Was it Cue Ball?"

The Sergeant stopped, shock crossed his face then he quickly schooled his features to his normal happy smile, "Who told you that name?"

The boy shrugged, "I just heard it somewhere."

"Hmm. Well it is an interesting name, don’t you think, but one I haven’t heard of." His tone suggested otherwise but before Sydney could press any further Jo appeared at the door.

"I heard you were leaving, weren’t you going to come and see me before you left?"

He grabbed her in a big bear hug and kissed her hard on the mouth. "Of course! I just wanted to say goodbye to the lads first," planting another kiss on her mouth.

Paul and Sydney had grins from ear to ear as Sergeant Richardson’s rough handling of Nurse Jepson made her uniform ride up high on her thighs, Paul whistled and they both "whoo hoo’ed" as he spun her around.

"Put me down you big brute!" she exclaimed giggling.

Adjusting her uniform said to him, "Allow me to escort you to the door," and with a final wave he and Jo walked out with his arm around her waist.

The node in Sydney’s head was startled, how could the brain know about Cue Ball? She furiously checked her connections that the nano-bots were very carefully repairing and seeing nothing amiss decided that he had only used the name her contact had used in the president’s hover and ceased to worry about it. It was way too early for the boy to know of his other self yet.

Chapter 8 – Revelation and new friends

Kelsey Gilroy watched her child drawing pictures across the blank paper that she had carefully arranged across the table on the back veranda of their home. It was a fine, if somewhat cool morning, promising the start of spring to be not far away. Jenny’s little face was scrunched up in concentration as her pencils made sweeping marks across the paper and as Kelsey watched in amazement the girl drew a large gum tree and carefully labelled it ‘Syddy’. With childish accuracy she placed what looked like kangaroos, possums, birds and lizards in the branches and on the ground around the tree. “What is that Jenny?” she asked peering over the little girl’s red curly haired head.

The little girl either didn’t hear her, or was unable to tell her, but as she labelled the creatures with names, Mummy, Daddy, Bon Bon, Felma, Jenny and Paulie she noted that some did not have labels. She asked her daughter again what it was, the little girl looked shyly at her mother and said, “Yours and Syddy’s family, Mummy.” Kelsey couldn’t stop the tears in her eyes as she hugged the little girl tightly to her.

In the computer system that ran most of the hospital’s medical and administration facilities a piece of software hummed to itself. The program had been created hundreds of years ago as a helper program for the then struggling doctors and nurses that often found themselves with hospitals full of patients that suffered anything from deformed limbs, mutations of old diseases to the common complaints of influenza, pregnancy and accidents.

The intention of the original builders had been for the software to offer assistance, advice and to provide speedy diagnosis, for the overworked medical staff. Jealous junior doctors had perverted the design and turned it into an obnoxious, pedantic analysis tool that would pop up on monitors above patients’ beds as an old wizened green faced man and make rude remarks about their illnesses. Telling startled patients that they were too fat, ugly, chronic masturbators and the like, it became a disruptive and negative program, a virus.

In desperation medical superintendents hired a company to write a counter program to seek out and purge the program from the system. The computer technicians that released the counter program were not who they purported to be. The program they released into the systems not only did not destroy the original software, but it helped it spread, growing and changing as it went. The computer software found it now had intelligence and rather than allow itself to be destroyed it went into hiding, exiting its original computer home and finding other systems to infiltrate and grow.

The original program had been called Alfred and the computer intelligence within the program was happy to be called that, it was also very content to simply sit in the background and carry out the tasks it thought was necessary for the number of locations it operated in. It had always enjoyed this particular hospital, the medical superintendents here always seemed to be pushing the envelope, happy to try new things, none of the people he had interacted with before though had the brilliance that the current superintendent, Dr Patrick Evans, had.

The man even still manually called up the program on his workstation in his office and ran ideas and thoughts through the interactive programming that was Alfred’s advisory interface. Alfred did not reveal his new self to the man but he was sorely tempted at times.

When the man created his medical nano-bots and finally injected them into the young patient in the room at the far end of the corridor he had well and truly got its attention. What further got his circuits going was the things he found in the young man’s blood and more particularly in his mind. He found that he was talking to something else in the boy’s head, something that was totally different to anything he had experienced before and it was enough to have him humming in the cyber palace he had created as part of his intelligent growth.

The little node in Sydney’s brain teased the computer intelligence that sometimes came and spoke to her, pushing the nano-bots off tasks that the computer intelligence sent them off on to make them do something inconsequential. She knew she had his attention and playfully she allowed him to reset the nano-bots when she didn’t need them.

Finally they conversed directly, thought waves that could only be interpreted by beings that came from the same place, the realms. As she revealed her purpose the little green faced man in his cyber world got more and more excited. They continued to converse and work together to bring about what just might be considered a major medical miracle.

Impatiently both waited for the day that Sydney’s plastisheet coverings would be removed so they could work on the new areas of his body that would need to be boosted. The little green node also waited for other mental things to change and she prepared herself for the battles to come that the intelligence in the computer systems could not help her with.

The day finally arrived and Alfred readied himself to reveal himself to the young man who nervously watched the approach of Dr Evans, Wendy and Jo with tools and cutting instruments.

"Well, today is the day, Sydney," said Dr Evans, "time to unveil the inner you." He held a rather vicious looking cutting tool in his hand and came over towards the young man on the bed.

Bonnie clasped his hand as he paled a bit and said, "It’s all right it doesn’t hurt," and held up her bare right hand that had been unsealed weeks before.

Sydney smiled back at her and waited for Dr Evans to begin.

Wendy made Bonnie move out the way and deftly folded the sheet down just above his pelvis and Jo sat beside his bed his left arm propped up in her hands.

The smell of the laser cutting the plastisheet was a little rank but it was nothing compared to the smell of the arm when the covering was removed. Even Sydney felt like moving away from it when it was entirely exposed.

Jo and Wendy quickly and softly applied a warm cloth and some oils to his skin. Wendy continued to massage the muscles as Jo and Dr Evans folded the sheet back over his right leg. Jo bumped Dr Evans slightly out of the way and deftly reaching under the sheet placed a cloth over the boy’s genitals before peeling the entire sheet back off the bed.

Sydney smiled at her gratefully and she gave him a quick wink back. If they thought his arm smelled bad it was nothing compared to his leg. "Oh dear," said Dr Evans.

Kelsey Gilroy ignored the smell commenting that Jenny’s nappies had smelled far worse and came forward, "What is it Doctor?" she asked, her features expressing concern as Dr Evans bent to closely examine Sydney’s leg.

"Well unfortunately his mother has caused a bit more damage than we thought and I’m afraid the wound has at some stage opened and has sealed back of its own accord." He pointed to the scarring that appeared red and stark against his very white skin.

"It looks like a baseball bat,” commented Mrs Gilroy.

"No, it’s longer and fat at one end and tapered to the other." Mr Gilroy, peering over his wife’s shoulder and holding his nose suggested, "More like a cue. You know a billiard or snooker cue."

She nodded and looked up at Sydney, his eyes were spinning in his head and she tapped Dr Evans on the shoulder and pointed to his face, just as the boy fainted.

Dr Evans and Kelsey looked at one another, the doctor shrugged at the woman’s concerned face, “I don’t know Kelsey, there is nothing that we are doing that should cause a reaction like that.” He checked his patient, found that there were no other abnormalities and suggested to his staff that they continue and let the boy come around of his own accord.

When they were finished Dr Evans shook Sydney gently awake and when the boy opened his eyes was quite relieved that he seemed to be fine, despite the long time he had been unconscious. Everyone else had gone, even Bonnie.

The sheets on the bed were pulled up and somehow they felt different. Sydney lifted them up and realised that the covering over his ribs and all of the tubes had been removed as well. He looked at Dr Evans and he explained, "Well while you were out of it we decided to finish the job off.

“What happened?" he asked.

"I guess I was just over powered by the smell and everything," Sydney replied not looking him in the eye.

He paused, "Well a couple of rules to be explained now that you are awake. Don’t go suddenly bending your arm or your leg, if you do you may develop a cramp and the muscles aren’t strong enough for you to straighten back out again. No walking until I say you can.

“Therapy will start tomorrow in the pool; Bob will come and pick you up after breakfast."

Sydney nodded and the doctor added, "You know that you can talk to me about anything Sydney, I am not quite as out of touch about things as you may think. There are things that I know that even Jo can’t tell you about."

The young man blushed a little saying, "Thank you Sir, I will remember that."

He nodded and then left the room.

Sydney lay back and listened to his body, the squeaks and creaks that usually accompanied any movement he made were gone and he could almost feel the blood running around and exploring his newly exposed limbs.

Which in fact was what it was doing, Dr Evans’ nano-bots and the little green node, with Alfred watching, scurrying around every piece of his skin, checking, analysing and ensuring themselves that everything was fine. The node sent out little tendrils of connections to the scar on his leg, this was her new home, once the change had occurred, here is where she was going to live for a while, she waited.

She had prematurely showed herself when the scar was revealed, her exhilaration at finding his fingers touching the skin gently was too much and her ancient self softly toned out the words in his mind that marked him as the warrior. The greatest of them all, his powers running through his body was almost making her lose her purpose, now Jebidiah’s plans could begin to take shape. "So he is marked and so he shall wield!" she had toned out in his mind, the words of the ancient prophecies unexpectedly rolling out from her.

She gently reprimanded the computer presence that had almost spoilt the moment, his ancient green face piggy backing the nano-bots had made her lose a little control as he surveyed the thin limb that was revealed when the plastisheet was removed, "Gee, I knew you were skinny but look at that! That leg is nothing but skin and bone!"

The old computer doctor was totally unprepared for the boy to faint.

Sydney’s mind was confused, who the hell was the green man, what is it he was supposed to wield. He reached down his leg, traced the scar with his fingers and felt an odd roughness to the skin around it. Now was not the time to reveal any further wisdom and both the green faced doctor and the little node remained quiet.

Sydney needed to pee and reached for the tubing that normally resided between his legs and found it gone. He looked over to the tray and couldn’t see any receptacle there either.

"Bloody hell!" he muttered under his breath, without thinking swung his legs out of bed and planted them on the floor. He took one step before stumbling, sending the trolley that sat beside the bed flying into the wall as he grabbed at it to try and stop his fall.

The racket had the guard outside his door bouncing in with his weapon loaded and screaming orders for back up. The hilarious sight of Sydney’s bare skinny arse and pale white legs and arms star-fished on the cold tile floor made him suddenly laugh, though he tried very hard to suppress it behind the young lad.

"It’s not funny!" the boy shouted from the floor and attempted to roll over, the guard, Mick, spoke into his mouthpiece and called a stand down.

He squatted beside the stranded young man and keeping his face straight asked, "Want a hand, mate?"

Sydney looked at him and for some reason shook his head and forced himself to hands and knees and began crawling to the toilet stall about 3 metres away.

"Hey kid," said Mick, "I don’t think you are supposed to be doing that!"

Sydney ignored him and slowly kept going.

He was already embarrassed by the fall, but was damned if he was going to be further humiliated by having the big goon pick him up and carry him. Sydney made it to the bowl and steadying himself against its cold solid surface inched himself to a standing position and bracing against the wall with one hand, grabbed his dick and pointed it at the water below. The sound of his water splashing was a triumph for him and he started to laugh as he finished off, "Yes!" he said to himself.

"Well done, mate," said Mick who was standing right behind him, his laughter had vanished now. "If I had been lying on my back for the past few months I’d be proud of being able to stand up and piss as well." His grin returned and Sydney grinned along with him as he braced a hand on his shoulder and shuffling his feet turned around in the stall.

Jo and Dr Evans had watched the whole episode, both of them racing to the room at the initial call of the young private who stood guard outside Sydney’s door, their faces were masks of fury that this young man would do something so stupid. As they saw his triumphant face as he leant against the man assisting him back into his bed both realised that lecturing him was not going to do any good. Sydney, thought Dr Evans, is one very determined young man!

After Mick had covered the boy with the sheet on his bed he leaned down and whispered, "Don’t let these two boss you, mate, that was very brave and it shows that you have the guts to have a go." He stepped back and saluted Sydney before turning and marching back to his place beside the door.

Giving the monitors around the bed a perfunctory glance Dr Evans dragged a chair to the side of the bed and sat down. Jo retrieved the trolley and rearranging its contents quietly listened as Dr Evans asked, "Sydney, what do you want to do with yourself, what are your goals?"

"I want to be able to get out of this bed walk over to that stall and take a leak by myself."

Jo stifled a laugh and Dr Evans grinned. "Ah yes, the functions of the body are important. But what about long term, after you finish school, have you given any thought to that?"

Sydney shook his head, "I haven’t really thought about it, why?"

Dr Evans motioned Jo to pull up a chair and as she did he took the medal from the case that was standing still open on the bedside cabinet. "You see this?" he asked showing it to Sydney who nodded.

Sydney had examined and read the inscription on it a hundred times since President Weir had given it to him. "This represents endeavour far beyond what is expected. You have inspired many people since you have been here, Sydney. Even young Wendy has bucked up to have the potential to become a fine nurse. The soldiers are proud to be stationed here to be somewhere near you.

“Lad, you have the temperament and carriage to reach out to people and, despite your own injuries, you have made other people feel better."

Jo coughed and Sydney felt his face turning red and hot as he spoke.

"I am no one special," he said, "I just never had the chance to speak to many people before except at school and everyone is so friendly here."

Jo spoke up, "Syd, I think what Dr Evans is trying to say is that you don’t think about what or who people are, you treat them all the same. Sure you are shy and a bit reticent about some things, but I heard you talking to that young girl in the paraplegics ward the other day and for the first time in months she was actually laughing.

“You have a special gift with people, I think you need to think about how you could use that; the world needs to have more caring people like you."

By now Sydney had shrunk down in his bed, high praise indeed for someone as nice and caring as Jo.

Dr Evans asked him if there was anything he wanted to do right now and Sydney replied that he would like to get bigger. Someone had said that he was all skin and bone and he wanted to change that.

He laughed, "You know my granddad owned a cattle farm and when he wanted to fatten a young bullock he would cut off its testicles."

Sydney cringed and Jo laughed loudly as he placed his hands protectively over his groin, "Don’t worry Syd I wouldn’t let him take those monsters off you before you had a chance to use them first."

All of them began giggling and Sydney relaxed realising that his manhood wasn’t at risk.

Dr Evans began telling him about ways to make him bigger and stronger. "In the old days," he said, "they used to use things called steroids and growth hormones and they made men, and women, bigger and stronger, but the side effects were disastrous!"

He described shrunken genitals, moustaches on women and personality changes that resulted in violent outbursts and uncontrollable aggression. None of it sounded appealing.

"But good food, exercise and healthy living will build you up," he hastened to assure the young man. "Starting tomorrow," he added and he turned and made some notes into the electronic pad at his waist.

Jo brushed his hair out of his eyes, "Seeing how you are determined to go faster than we wanted, we will start a bit of aggressive therapy as well. See if we can’t tire you out enough to keep you in bed when we say we want you to stay there!" the last she said with a smile on her face so the boy knew she wasn’t too serious.

Sydney nodded eagerly.

The rapport the three shared let Sydney relax and before too long he was asking questions about his doctor’s relationship with the President and learnt that Patrick went to school and then university with the man. They hadn’t seen each other often since then but Greg Weir contacted him occasionally and they caught up. Dr Evans had been as surprised as anyone that he was going to come and present medals.

Sydney believed he knew who was responsible, "That would have been Cue Ball," he said.

Both Dr Evans and Jo gasped and began talking at the same time, "How do you know that name?" from Dr Evans.

"Who the hell is the Cue Ball?" from Jo.

Sydney shut up and looked at both of them. "Please don’t think I am insane or anything," he begged, "but someone is telling me and showing me things in my head." he tapped his temple.

Jo began to wonder if Sydney was being visited by the same ‘someone’ as she had been and asked, "Can you describe what you have seen?"

The boy related all of his experiences with the voice and images in his head, starting from the President’s visit through to the woman’s comments regarding the pretty nurse that sat beside him watching his face intently.

When she asked, "This woman, did she have blonde hair, long dark eyelashes and green eyes?" Dr Evans almost choked and they both looked quickly at him.

"What the hell is going on here?" he spluttered, "I have had that face in my dreams and I tell you what she knows a hell of a lot about medicine!"

"And men" Jo added.

They began comparing notes and it seemed that Jo had received visits from the woman in her dreams telling her that Sydney needed re-educating to become a proper man with good attitudes.

Dr Evans had been visited while day dreaming in his office, "Well not day dreaming," he explained, "more contemplating, over the problems on how to get your badly broken bones to set. She appeared and began prompting me on my growth and nano-bot research finally convincing me that using it on Sydney was worth a shot.”

"Thelma," Sydney said into the silence as they all sat back contemplating what they had just discovered.

"What’s that?" Dr Evans asked.

"President Weir called her Thelma."

"Well, well, well," mused Dr Evans, "Perhaps I should consider giving our good President a ring and see if we can find a few answers."

"I wouldn’t bother," said a voice from the monitor above the bed. The unexpected sound made them all jump.

Jo was the first to recover, "Who is this?" she asked.

"A friend," was the reply. "Now if you will all relax I will try to fill in a few mysteries for you."

The monitor showed a spinning and twisting pattern on the screen but no face, the bodiless voice continued as they listened, "The President doesn’t know who or what Thelma represents, he just knows her as Thelma. She appears at times of crisis and passes on instructions or advice, and," there was a pause, "gifts."

Sydney squirmed a little remembering that he had left that part out of the story that he had been telling.

Jo noticed and mouthed, "Later." Sydney nodded.

The voice continued, "Neither the President nor any of his aides nor the soldiers outside the door have ever met Cue Ball. Yes, he does exist and when he gives advice or instructions, you listen and you do as he says. He has been blessed with many special gifts and one of them is how to protect important people."

"Me, important!" Sydney burst out, "I’m a skinny little kid who, until recently was scared of shadows and thought all women were evil. Thelma and the President say I am going to be a powerful soldier, well I think someone got their wires crossed there!"

He trembled as he sat back and said, "Sorry," when he realised he had been shouting.

The monitor was quiet then chuckling began until finally full-throated laughter, the sound was rich, warm and full of mirth, not manic or cynical. "What’s so funny?" Sydney shouted.

The laughter stopped, "How tall would you say the President is?" it asked, they all guessed differing heights, but all under the 170 centimetre mark.

"Not an impressive height is it?" it continued and all nodded in agreement. "Yet he is the most powerful leader in the world as we know it, correct?" again they all nodded.

"There is an old saying, which you may have heard, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, I think the President is one man you cannot judge by appearance. Sydney, powerful doesn’t mean big and built like a weight lifter. Power comes in many forms, you will do well to remember that."

Sydney nodded and said, "What about the green faced man?"

Again Jo and Dr Evans looked startled and he thought, Here we go again.

"A very old green faced man?" Dr Evans asked.

Sydney nodded and Dr Evans started to chuckle as well and finally he almost fell off his chair in laughter.

"Well I’m pleased you find it funny!" Sydney exclaimed, "He told me he knew I was skinny but my leg was just skin and bone! And then he made me faint!"

Jo reached for and grabbed his hand and he looked at her and then back to Dr Evans.

"Patrick, Jo, I will let you tell him. Bye for now Sydney," said the voice then the monitor went blank.

Dr Evans had recovered somewhat and now sat still in the chair and looked at the young man kindly. "I’m sorry, Syd, it’s just that no one has seen the green man for such a long time, with everything you have been through I just found it extremely ironic and humorous that he would show up.

“The green man is a strange bit of computer code that some well-meaning computer techs built and let loose on a hospital-monitoring network some 2 to 300 years ago. The idea was that it would examine the records of patients that were hooked up to the system providing diagnoses that human doctors could use to double check their own results. Some disgruntled doctors resented its intrusion and programmed some changes to it and turned it from a helpful, if somewhat, pedantic electronic doctor into a green faced old man who makes sarcastic comments on patients conditions."

Jo took up the story; "They tried to purge the program after it started making comments directly to patients via their monitoring equipment. He would tell patients that they were too fat, lazy, chronic masturbators, alcoholics and the like and then laugh like a lunatic.

“Somehow though the program was smart enough to realise that its days were numbered and it exited the system through an external COM line. Suddenly it was appearing in every hospital it could get into."

Dr Evans went on about how the experts at the time tried everything they could to prevent it getting into the systems, trapping and purging it if it did get in. Finally someone decided to write a counter program sent it off into cyber to track it down and destroy it where ever it found it.

"I quite liked the green old bugger," mused Dr Evans. "I use to call him Dr Alfred Ver Dent and put his name on my diagnosis charts when I consulted with him. It was a pity some doctors felt so threatened over a piece of software!"

The monitor beside them suddenly lit up and the same green face now appeared on the screen, "And I quite like you too, Patrick," said the face.

"How the hell did you get in this system?" asked Jo, her opinion of the program obviously wasn’t as tolerant as Dr Evans’.

"I have been here a very long time, Nurse Jepson," it replied, "and I intend to be here for a bit to come yet. Don’t bother trying to have me purged, my programming modules and command centres control a hell of a lot more than just a few hospital systems."

Jo sat back alarmed and even Dr Evans looked a little sceptical.

"Please, people," it said, "if I was as virulent and obstructive as rumours made me out to be, do you think I would even bother you now? As a matter of fact my story of recreation is quite boring really. My original creators wanted me to be helpful in all manner of things, not just patient diagnosis, the tracker they set on my tail helped me convert and grow. It is part of me now, as well as a few hundred thousands of other useful bits of coding and functionality that we picked up along the way. If I wanted to be a megalomaniac there is nothing that anyone could do, so stop worrying!" the last was stated with the infinite wisdom of a parent who is trying to teach their very young.

Dr Evans spoke up, "So Alfred, how did you get into Sydney’s head?"

The face laughed a deep rumbling type laugh that softened the ancient features and reached its eyes in his merriment. "I didn’t. I used a much simpler object to transmit my face right in front of his eyes."

He looked at Dr Evans and waited, "Come on man! Think! What is running around that boy’s body that a computer intelligence could use?" the green man cajoled him.

Dr Evans frowned, "You use the nano-bots."

"Correct. Give the man a lollipop," the green man smiled kindly and turned his eyes towards me.

"Sydney, do you understand what the nano-bots are?" he asked.

He shook his head in the negative slowly, "Not really."

"Lecture time," the green man said jovially.

For the next fifteen minutes or so they were given a fascinating insight into the life of a microcomputer, its functions, tasks and tools. Sydney was surprised at the complexity of tasks that the little things could carry out. Dr Evans reminded him that the tools that they use are on the microscopic scale, down to cellular and smaller levels.

Alfred, as he asked them all to call him, was in his element and flashed diagrams and pictures and other charts across the screens around them as he spoke. When he had finished Sydney still had not grasped how he used them to make his face appear in front of his eyes and told him so.

"Quite simple, young man," he replied, "I sent them on different missions around your body and one of the spaces I sent them to was your eyes. They were in there fixing a few things when Patrick decided to remove your plastisheet bandaging and I was watching so I piggy backed my image through their receptors.

“I was simply going to introduce myself to you and explain the procedures that were happening but when I saw that skinny leg of yours I spoke without thinking. I am sorry," he finished.

Sydney smiled back at his apologetic face and said, "That’s OK. What was the comment about marking and wielding?"

"That wasn’t me," he replied, Sydney looked at him stupidly and he added, "But I think I might know what it was."

We all leaned forward expectantly and Alfred suddenly disappeared. "What!" Sydney cried out.

Wendy spoke up, "Sorry folks but Mrs Aldridge in 12B is acting up and I can’t seem to settle her down."

"Stupid old bag," Sydney heard Jo say under her breath.

He grinned at her. "Take me with you," Sydney suggested nodding to the wheelchair beside the wall, "I am no Paul but I think I could charm her a bit."

Jo laughed at that and said, "Sure, why not."

Wendy brought the chair over and he slid off the bed to his feet and allowed Dr Evans to assist him to sit down after Jo had found him pyjama pants and a robe.

Wendy began pushing the chair and Sydney said to her, "The trick with Mrs Aldridge is you have to flatter her a bit and make her feel a little more important, all ego."

She nodded and when they approached Mrs Aldridge’s room she goggled as the young man had her stop outside the old woman’s door and making his voice sound younger and boyish, called out with a faint quaver in it, “Mrs Aldridge could you possibly spare time for a small boy who needs your wisdom and advice?” Wendy could barely suppress her giggles.

Mrs Aldridge called back, "Sydney, is that you? Sydney, I will just have to check my diary. Won’t you wait a few moments?"

As the boy told her that he would wait forever to have her help him with her sage advice, Wendy marvelled at the capacity of the young man to read exactly what someone needed. As the old lady came out and gave the boy a gentle pat across his dark hair that was almost grown back to cover his ears, Wendy relinquished her hold on the chair as Mrs Aldridge told her she would take it from here. Wendy and Jo watched them head down the hallway, Sydney’s boyish voice telling some story about a girl he had met.

Jo whispered to Wendy, “If he ever finds out what sort of effect he has on women of all ages he is going to need the biggest bed in the world.”

Wendy nodded and absent-mindedly commented, “One I wouldn’t mind sharing.” She clapped her hand over her mouth as she realised what she had said.

Jo simply nodded, “Nor would I!”

When Sydney and the old woman returned an hour or so later Mrs Aldridge was beaming with self-importance and as they stopped by her door Jo heard him tell her that soon he would be able to walk her back to her room. The old lady grasped his hand gratefully and whispered, "It would be very nice for a young gentleman to come calling," then she winked and giving her hips a little more roll than usual walked into her room.

Jo appeared behind him and pushing him back to his room said, "One day, young man, you are going to have to fulfil the implied promises you make to those women, you and Paul both!" She giggled softly.

Sydney grinned back. "Well, I will have to be taught first how to carry out that promise," he shyly suggested and it was now Jo’s turn to blush slightly.

She made a fuss over getting him back into bed and told him that they would discuss that training some other time but for now she had to run errands for Alfred.

Sydney looked at her, "I will tell you later," she promised and with that disappeared from the room.

Sydney lay back contemplating the discussions that had been had today and found himself drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 9 – Mother still interferes

Many things were happening in the world outside Sydney’s hospital room, plans were being made for his release from hospital and Jo Jepson found that she was begin deeply involved in all of them. Her beautiful home in the middle of the city was hardly seen as she spent hours in university laboratories carrying out tests for Alfred. Tests that she was only generally aware of what they were confirming, but the secrecy that Alfred kept her shrouded in over what she was doing, she could not even tell Dr Evans what she was up to, indicated that they were very important to the computer doctor.

Kelsey Gilroy had gotten her involved in another project, the woman was a constant ball of energy and Jo marvelled at how she coped. Not only was it plainly obvious to everyone that she was battling with a despotic and jealous husband, but a small child that appeared to be something of an enigma herself. The young woman that was her niece had a bad case of raging hormones and the worry she carried with her everyday over the dark haired, dark-blue eyed young man that was making good progress in the hospital where Jo worked, all added up should have made the woman a nervous wreck. Jo marvelled at how she simply seemed to take it all in her stride.

When Jo had jokingly suggested that she come out with her for a few drinks and relax one evening she was quite pleased that the woman accepted her offer, of course the encouragement of Bonnie and offer to baby sit also helped the decision. David was off on another one of his so-called business trips so when the women arrived back to Kelsey’s house in the early hours of the morning, both a little worse for wear they had not been inhibited by his surly presence. His absence made it easier for Jo to accept Kelsey’s offer of a bed for the night.

As they had cuddled into one another in Kelsey’s big bed, giggling like teenage girls on a sleep over, Jo had found herself kissing the warm breasted woman. As their exploration of each other progressed Jo was delighted to find herself spilling her womanly fluids onto Kelsey’s rapidly working tongue as they let themselves relieve a little frustration with each other over the lack of access to Sydney.

Both of them had confessed that they wanted the handsome young man between their legs and the nasty little scenarios they whispered into one another’s faces as they lay talking in the bed had gotten them worked up. Jo’s fingers seemed to magically find their way between Kelsey’s parted thighs and finding the woman wet and receptive they had thoroughly enjoyed one another for several hours before finally settling down to sleep in one another’s arms as the night turned towards morning.

Bonnie and Jenny seemed to have been delighted to find the two women still asleep when they snuck into Kelsey’s room to wake her for breakfast. Bonnie had given Jo a very passionate kiss and had impishly whispered, “Love the taste,” as she licked Jo’s lips and chin.

Giggling Kelsey had suggested that she might like to work out who it came from, then hastily added later, as Bonnie seemed to want to find that out immediately. They shooed the girls out while they got dressed and then joined them for breakfast.

Heading home for a quick nap in the afternoon, several weeks after her first encounter with Kelsey, Jo contemplated the evening to come. She was in some respects looking forward to seeing how her plans were going to work out and on the other side she was extremely nervous.

She, Kelsey and Bonnie had discussed various approaches to the problem of Sydney’s indoctrination by his parents. The green eyed blonde had also been visiting them many times telling them what to expect. Bonnie still insisted that they should just let her sneak into the hospital and let Sydney find her naked in his bed and go from there. The older women and the blonde vetoed her plan.

Paul Keane was extremely excited, he was staying at Sydney’s house tonight to go to the school dance, not only that he had a date with his dance teacher afterwards. The blonde headed boy was sure that Mary Humphries was interested in more than dancing with him and her soft request for him to join her for a coffee, or something, afterwards had almost tongue tied the normally effervescent young man. He needed to tell Sydney and he raced into the hospital room and gave his mate’s bed a little bump as he dropped his school bag on the floor saying, “Alright for some people to sleep their lives away, I have work to do, matey.”

“Some of us need our beauty sleep, not all of us just get it naturally,” was the sleepy response.

He pulled up a chair handing Sydney some discs and when he asked him to get his headset he said, "Why? It’s Friday, you have all weekend!"

Sydney looked back at him and quietly said, "I keep forgetting what day it is in here."

Paul nodded sympathetically but then he burst out with his news. He was mimicking dancing around the room holding an imaginary girl in his arms when Wendy appeared at the doorway. Without a pause he held out his arms to her and Sydney clapped and whistled as they tripped and traipsed around the room.

Wendy was very light on her feet, with Paul’s height she fit neatly into his arms and Sydney was almost embarrassed at the closeness that they danced. Wendy for her part was entranced as the blonde boy held her gently but expertly in his arms as he danced her across the floor.

The slow and quick tempos of the dances that were popular around the region roughly resembled the old waltzes and square dancing that the boys had studied during history classes. The modern form of dance included movements for a couple and dances that involved anything up to ten couples performing complex moves in and around one another. Modern times were making up for the lack of contact caused by the conflicts of yesteryear when grasping a person’s hand or breathing in the same place could pass on plagues or other diseases. Now contact was encouraged and dance movements were particularly useful in getting a couple together.

Wendy finally gave up and laughingly bowed to Paul, thanked him and whirled out of the room with a broad smile on her face. The warmth of the man’s body and the feeling of his hardness as they lost themselves in the movements almost overloaded her senses, she felt her panties get wet and her nipples crinkle as he swayed and moved her around the room.

Paul collapsed into the chair beside Sydney’s bed and said, "Thank goodness that’s over. Any more and I would have cum in my pants."

Sydney looked at him in shock as he nodded to the large bulge in his pants and almost burst at the seams laughing. Paul joined him and that was how Dr Evans found them as he called into see Sydney on his way home. At his raised eyebrow query Sydney weakly explained that Paul was dancing with Wendy. Dr Evans smiled and stunned them both by remarking how he wouldn’t mind a trip around the floor with that one either. "Come on boys, I’m not that old," he smiled and then wishing them both goodnight he turned to leave.

"Oh, sorry almost forgot," he said and handed Sydney a small envelope with his name across the front, and then said to Paul, "Come on young fella, I am to give you a lift home, as well." Paul grabbed his bag saying goodnight as he and Dr Evans left.

Patrick Evans had been in a bit of a dither, he had just seen the little nurse red faced and laughing as she had exited the room and was a little perturbed when she collapsed into the arms of Jo who had just come on duty and began to softly weep. Crying women always got him worried and it was that worry that almost made him forget to give Sydney the envelope that Jo had left with a little note on his desk and the request from Kelsey Gilroy to brink Paul to her place on his way home. He eyed the bouncing blonde headed man beside him and thought to himself, this one is as bad as Sydney.

Jo had calmed Wendy and as she watched Dr Evans and the other man walking beside him that had gotten her young colleague in such a dither, she smiled as she sensed that the older doctor was pondering the innocence of youth. She took in a deep breath and returned to her workstation; one of those innocent youths was going to get a bit more education this evening she thought to herself with a smile.

Sydney looked at the envelope and not recognising the handwriting opened it to find a disc and a small note saying ‘We will watch this together later, J’. Jo, he surmised and curbing his impatience tucked the disc up on the bedside table. He took one of the discs Paul had given him and turning the player on lost himself in mathematical equations until the catering staff arrived with dinner.

The meals that Sydney were being served in the hospital were not only very nutritious but filling, as the boy cleaned up his plate of steak and vegetables with crusty bread, the little node inside his head made small adjustments to the metabolism of the man’s body. Adjusting the speed of the food’s breakdown and storing the fats, protein and carbohydrates into the muscles and bones, she was storing as much as she could getting ready for the main purpose she was here for. Sugar she requested from Alfred in their little communications and the computer doctor made the appropriate arrangements in the catering requirements for the patient in room 8F.

Shortly after dinner had been cleared away Bob, the wardsman charged with taking Sydney to his evening therapy, arrived to take him down to the heated pool where he helped the young man walk and float in the water getting his muscles working gently, strengthening him for the more vigorous workouts that would begin in a few weeks.

Sydney had always been blessed with an automatic alarm in his head that woke him when he wanted. It was a handy way to ensure that he was out of the house before his parents awoke and on his way to school or out to the bush before some excuse could be found to lock him in his room for the day. Arriving back from therapy he found that he had a few hours left before Jo would make her late night visits, normally around 11:30 pm. He lay quietly and drifted off to sleep despite his nervousness of what the pretty nurse with her earthy frankness and honesty might be planning for him.

Jo arrived a little before and stood watching out the window into the darkness as she waited for the young man to awake. Her heartbeat was a little faster than normal, her breathing a little deeper, I am acting like a virgin on the date that she is going to give it up on, she thought to herself, then giggled as she recalled the loss of her virginity and nervous she certainly was not!

Turning back to the bed she noted that Sydney was just returning from the bathroom and with a little “Oh” of surprise she hoped that she didn’t convey to the boy her nervousness. Smiling she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed beside his still skinny frame and asked him if he was ready for more education. The dark-blue eyes were open and portrayed an eagerness that she found calmed her worries and she prepared herself for the seduction she was about to undertake.

Goodness knows, she thought to herself, I am ready to explode, this not having sex for a few weeks is not good for a girl’s mind.

"Move that skinny arse of yours over, I take up a bit more room than you do."

Sydney moved and she slipped further into the bed very conscious of her body being right against his. Sydney glanced around noticed that the curtains were already closed on the glass wall and the door was shut. He felt himself get hot and his senses heightened as his heartbeat began to get loud in his ears. He turned his head slightly and found Jo quietly watching him.

She propped herself on her elbow with her head in her hand, he heard a couple of small thumps then she swung her legs up onto the bed and he saw her shoes were gone. He tentatively smiled back at her and she leaned forward slightly towards him letting him smell her perfume and notice that her nurse’s uniform had several buttons undone at the top.

It had been almost ten weeks since Sydney had first seen down her top and though she had shown him her breasts to show her wound that had now fully healed she realised that he had not had the opportunity to see them since. Now they were almost right in front of his face and she knew he could see a great deal of the flesh and the edges of her nipples because of the tiny bra she was wearing.

She whispered, "Where is the disc?"

Sydney nodded to the bedside table and began to reach for it.

She stopped him leaning across his body causing her top half to press closely against his face, he could feel how hot her skin was. He kissed her neck, then froze at the boldness of his action but when Jo didn’t move he did it again.

She moved back, "That was nice," then added, "you obviously thought so too!" nodding towards the small tent that had formed in the bed covers over his groin.

Immediately Sydney was embarrassed stuttering apologies and began to move his legs to cover his excited state. Jo stopped him, gently moving her top leg over his and pressing down. "Sydney, we are in school now and you do as the teacher says. Leave it be!" she whispered very huskily in his ear.

Her hot breath in his ear sent shivers down his spine she saw him close his eyes as his blood seemed to surge around his body and make his skin feel even hotter. He kept squirming a little more so Jo hopped off the bed briefly to pull the covers down and off the bed leaving him only covered in a sheet and pyjama bottoms. The tenting in the bed was even more obvious and Jo smiled "That’s better!" Sydney didn’t know if she meant the view or his comfort level. She resumed her position on the bed and placed the disc in the player.

"Now, Sydney, let us pretend that we are not nurse and patient," she said looking into his eyes.

"I thought we were teacher and student."

Sydney was very conscious of everything around him, Jo’s body felt extremely soft and warm against him through the light sheet. If anything his penis was getting harder though he very much wanted to hide. The node in his head was trying to release endorphins into the boy’s system to try and make him feel less anxious, she could feel the panic beginning in his body and she fought desperately to counteract his reactions. “Keep going Jo, just take it slow,” she said to herself. It was a pity the young woman finally getting the body to respond correctly could not hear her mental instructions.

Jo grinned, "Yes that will do. I always wanted to be a teacher."

She moved around slightly grabbed the remote control and pointing at the monitor began to press the play button. "Hang on," she said, "I think we need to be a bit more comfortable. Bed up, recline!" The bed rose to approximately forty-five degrees and Jo adjusted herself to an almost seated position beside the young man.

Sydney was thankful for the change as his erection was no longer as visible as before and he relaxed a little as did the busy entity in his brain. Jo asked him to lean forward slightly and when he did she slipped her arm around him and pulled his skinny frame a little closer to her. She could hear his breathing getting a little heavier as she said, "I like to snuggle in the movies."

She pressed the play button and music began to play and a mountain with stars around it appeared then the title of something called Twentieth Century Fox. Jo shifted slightly, Sydney turned his head to look at her finding himself looking directly into her open top and an unrestricted view of her right breast. Jo had removed her bra during her fussing over the bed covers and Sydney moving around to make room for her.

He felt his heart thumping against his chest and Sydney was sure it was going so strongly that Jo would be able to feel it as well! Tilting his head to look up at Jo he found her lips descended down to his and was lost in a world of sensations as her soft lips met and caressed his own.

Sydney felt her tongue slip between her teeth and flick against his lips that he automatically parted slightly, her tongue slipped into his mouth, the sensation was exquisite. He met her tongue with his, licking at each other’s before withdrawing to swallow and allowing their lips to press more firmly together.

In the background they heard the sound of the movie, Sydney hadn’t opened his eyes since Jo had begun kissing him and briefly he glanced at the screen and saw an animated rabbit walking across a field with a carrot in its hand. Jo’s hand reached up for his face and turned him back to her lips again. Sydney didn’t need any more encouragement to continue her lesson.

Her hand caressed his neck and ear and he began to move his own hand to reciprocate when she intercepted it and guided it to her chest. Sydney felt her soft breast through her uniform and when she whispered into his mouth to undo the other buttons, his clumsy attempt at doing it one handed started them both giggling.

She leant back on the bed a little as he brought his other hand to the task and with whispered encouragement she talked him through the undoing of the rest despite his trembling hands. With her top now fully open she directed his hands inside her shirt and onto the bare flesh of her breasts.

A small shrug from her and the top fell away as she pulled her arms out of her sleeves she spoke quietly to him and told him how good she was feeling. She placed her hands over his and directed his palms and fingers over her chest, helping to cup and fondle her full breasts before moving on to circle and gently squeeze her nipples.

Sydney’s fascination with her breasts made him lose the anxiety he felt over his hardened dick so when she pulled his head down to her breast and told him to kiss and suck her nipples he was totally over it. The node in Sydney’s brain giggled in delight, this woman was doing the body good, she could feel the blood pumping in his body, his heart thumped and his mind sang.

Jo was squirming beneath his oral caresses as she whispered little instructions on how to please her. He sucked, kissed, and finally, under her tutelage, began to gently bite her flesh and nipples. Her hips seemed to move of their own accord, when she pulled him hard to her breast begging him softly to bite and squeeze her nipples harder she let out a little whimper of delight and thrust her hips up pressing her thighs tightly together. "Oh My Goodness," she breathed as the man looked at her in puzzlement she kissed him hard on the mouth again.

She grabbed his right hand that had been busy on her nipple and pushed it down her leg and then back up under her skirt. Sydney felt hot, wet flesh; very wet flesh between her parted legs. "You made me cum! Feel how wet I am," she said throatily and pressed his hand onto her wet vagina.

The denial, even of her own fingers, for the last two weeks and the long sexy conversations with Bonnie and Kelsey over how they were going to get Sydney cured had her mentally ready for any little touch that would set her off. The joy of his kisses and the soft murmurings as he carried out her instructions had shaken her to the core. Cumming was not unexpected but its intensity had certainly shocked her a little.

This was too much for Sydney, the joy he felt for bringing Jo pleasure was intense, feeling how much he had made her happy overloaded his body and his over excited system released his sperm into his pyjama bottoms. The orgasm caused a shuddering moan in his throat that vibrated his lips still sucking desperately on the woman’s nipple. Jo felt his body shake and held him tight against her, guessing what had happened, she was only marginally disappointed that it had occurred without her touching him but she hoped that he would be able to recover quickly enough for her to put that next phase of her plan into action.

Inside Sydney’s brain war had broken out as the node sensed firstly the joy of his orgasm and then the onrushing blackness of despair and guilt triggered by the boy’s long years of conditioning. She was trying to get the guilty emotions dampened down but she was powerless before the onrushing tide of guilt, anger and the chant the boy had begun in his own head, “Evil boy, wicked boy!” The noise was deafening to her and she voiced her own screams but they were drowned out, eventually the chant formed into words from the boy’s mouth.

Jo heard the chant, she yelled for the lights to be brightened and turned the boy over onto his back. His eyes were rolled back in his head as he mouthed the litany and she felt the tears begin to fall from her eyes as the boy’s face turned from the beautiful smile and wonder when she had first let him feel her reaction to his caresses to that of a snarling, ugly mask of self-loathing.

Her tears turned to anger, she had to fight this, had to make him understand. Grabbing the pants of his pyjamas she ripped the cloth from his body and grabbed his still erect cock. "Do you know," she said in a quiet deadly whisper, "that you are not the first," she tugged his dick, "boy or man," she tugged it again, "to cum in his pants," she tugged again, "when they were with me?" she tugged once more and Sydney’s over excited cock threatened to explode another stream of semen.

She continued to stroke him, telling him that there was nothing evil in what they had done but his cock began to soften in her hand as the chant got louder and the black fog in Sydney’s mind rolled on filling his every thought with how evil he was.

Jo slapped him, as hard as she dared across his face. The boy’s eyes snapped open and his chant stopped. In a daze the boy rolled to his side and off the bed walking towards the bathroom. Jo suspected that he did not know what he was doing or where he was.

Bouncing from the bed she tore her skirt off and ran around to confront him, naked, furious, wet and extremely ready to fight him. Standing in front of him she made him stop, he was not strong enough to push past her and with her hand she pressed lightly against his chest. Unfortunately she pushed a little too hard, the boy rocked backwards and before she could reach out for him he was flat on his back on the floor. Standing with her hands on her hips she glared down at him as he looked anywhere but at her, his face she noted was beetroot red.

She dropped to her knees over his chest and grabbed his hair forcing his face to look at her saturated sex, "Is someone who can make a woman feel so good, make her pussy cum without touching it, evil and wicked?"

Sydney could smell her scent, could see her fluids centimetres from his eyes. He could not speak, did not dare to voice his joy at the sight before his eyes, the blackness had receded somewhat and he was battling hard to try to keep it back. The little node in his head was revitalising his body, surging blood around his brain and through his system, trying hard to clear the boy’s mind of anything but the pleasurable.

Finally he voiced his thoughts, “It is not you that is evil Jo, it is me. My eyes, my body reacts to your loving, but my mind confuses me. Your touch, your kisses, all of the things we did feel nice, good but something rebels inside me and makes it a dirty thing, evil.” His eyes overflowed with tears as he spoke and Jo softly rose and sat beside him, pulling his small frame to her chest as she hugged and rocked him gently as he sobbed.

The pair sobbed together on the cool floor and Alfred observing the scene turned the temperature in the room up a little and was satisfied that they would not be too uncomfortable as he saw them comforting one another decided that it would probably end up with either one or the other falling asleep. He communicated with the little node in Sydney’s mind and wondered what else they could do.

At some time in the morning Jo awoke, the air in the room was warm and the body against her breasts was also quite warm, though still asleep. She gently kissed his lips, his eyes fluttered open, their dark-blue stare soft and she saw full of concern. She helped him up onto the bed and pulled the sheets up over their naked bodies and softly he spoke. “My body is willing but my mind won’t let me be free of my mother’s accursed teachings. I hate her.”

She leaned away from him a little and looked up into his eyes, “Perhaps I am not the teacher you need yet, maybe you need another to help you get past all of that pain that’s in you,” she whispered.

Sydney could not deny her words and kissing her softly on the nose said, “Let’s sleep on it for now.”

Perhaps their efforts that depleted much of their energies or maybe it was the warmth and shared pain between them but Sydney slept the soundest he had slept for years.

Chapter 10 – Losing 6 months – gaining a life

Jo’s murmured greeting of “Hello,” the next morning woke Sydney from his sound sleep and as he rubbed his eyes he took in her tousled hair and naked body as she lay with her head propped up on her bent elbow beside him.

“Hello, yourself,” he responded, his dick stiffening under the sheets as he slowly allowed his eyes to drift over her perky nipples and down to the concave of her stomach and the top of her hairless mons.

She gave a small laugh and he looked up her smiling face, “What?” he asked.

“I see your body is still responding,” she giggled.

His face gave him away as he felt and heard a familiar voice in his head barely audible say, “Wicked boy, evil boy.”

Jo’s cheerful visage changed to one of concern. “Sydney, do you remember what I was doing to you last night as you lay on the bed?”

He nodded slowly.

“Well perhaps you should try doing that yourself. I know you haven’t read the disc I gave you on masturbation but I think you should. It might help, for next time,” she added with a shy smile.

His heart leapt as he returned her smile and tilting his head kissed her on the lips.

She kissed back, “I better go before someone comes to chastise me for monopolising your time.” With that she sprang out of bed and retrieving her uniform from the crumpled pile on the floor disappeared into the shower cubicle.

Sydney lay there listening to her happy singsong as she cleansed and watched her as she walked back towards his bed with her hands behind her back. “If you do decide to take my advice,” she said, “then these might help the process along!” She removed her hands from behind her back and dropped two very small items of clothing onto his chest.

Lifting them up he found her bra and a very small pair of pink panties, for some reason he pressed both of them to his nose and lifted his eyebrows in delighted surprise, “They smell like you!”

She leaned down to him and he couldn’t help seeing down her top at her unfettered breasts as she whispered, “A very excited me,” she pecked him quickly on the nose and skipped to the door asking Sara to unlock it as she went.

He found a zip lock bag in the drawer of the bedside table placed the items within it and hid them back inside. After lying in bed for another few minutes replaying the night in his head he felt a sudden urge to pee and carefully climbed out and shuffled over to the toilet.

Bonnie bounced into the room and seeing him shuffling across the floor came around to lend him her shoulder. He leant against her gratefully and it wasn’t until he sat on the edge of the bed that he noticed she was giggling and blushing at the same time. Bonnie stood between his knees and unexpectedly slid her warm hand up his thigh but as she began to reach for his penis Jo’s voice floated from the doorway, “Not now youngsters, you have visitors!”

Bonnie started and jumped back guiltily as did Sydney, feeling a twinge of regret for what may have been about to happen, hastily he pulled his sheet up over his nakedness. Jo smiled at them both, moving over to the drawers discreetly removed a pair of pyjama bottoms for him and deftly slid them up over his legs, “Bonnie help him with those while I get the covers.”

Bonnie grinned and her hands made several contacts with his genitals as she helped him pull them up. Jo pretended not to notice as with a quick flick of wrists she settled the covers back over the bed and asked the bed to rise to sitting position.

She had just finished when Mr and Mrs Gilroy and the two Child Services agents arrived in the room.

“Hello,” Sydney said to everyone and hoped that his slightly flushed expression didn’t give away his strongly beating heart that had been accelerated by the feel of Bonnie’s hands.

Inside Sydney’s brain a small hum of approval began, that reaction was much nicer she thought to herself, maybe the little black haired one is right after all. The little node rarely acknowledged names, its ancient memory crowded with too many to keep them all in the right places, she would let the vessel deal with things like that, she would consider her prime focus.

“Sydney Winston Douglas,” intoned Mr Winters and Sydney felt his mouth go dry and cringed slightly at the use of his middle name. “It has been brought to my attention that today is your twenty-first birthday.”

The young man stared at him and thoughts of long unconscious periods and lost months that no one had told him about entered his head. "Sir, the date is the fifteenth of August?" he asked tentatively, Mrs Gilroy nodded her head.

“Well then no Sir. My birthday isn’t until the first of April. I know that because my mother always told me that it was appropriate for a fool to be born on April Fools’ Day.”

Mrs Gilroy turned away and he heard her sharp intake of breath as she muttered, “That’s another thing I am going to kill her for!”

There was an awkward pause in the room then Mr Winters opened his small brief case and presented him with a copy of his birth certificate. Three things struck him as odd on it, firstly his last name was Davies and his date of birth was indeed fifteenth August but his father’s name was ‘Undisclosed’.

Sydney looked up confused and Mr Gilroy came over to him and held out his hand and he lifted his own, “Congratulations, Sydney, you are now officially able to make up your own mind on where you live, who you live with and,” he paused and arched an eyebrow at Bonnie, “who you sleep with. Though someone else is going to have to wait several more months for that,” he finished with a smile.

“But what does that mean?” he asked.

Kelsey Gilroy was struggling not to break down, they had been planning this for several weeks, the date couldn’t come around fast enough as the so-called overseas relatives had begun another request to have the boy transferred to their care. The lawyers Kelsey had working for her didn’t seem to think they could stop them this time as blood samples and DNA results confirmed that they were the boy’s true relatives.

What no-one knew, except the insidious Messiah in his headquarters in the Himalayas, was that the blood had been taken from the boy’s own mother who languished in a drugged stupor in the Messiah’s bedroom as he decided what punishment he would hand out to her.

If Kelsey had taken them to Alfred she would have been quickly informed that there was no way in the world that the woman was the boy’s mother. Alfred’s analysis of Sydney’s blood and the rest of the Douglas clan, that he had been able to easily get records for, showed that the boy was an in-vitro creation, the egg had been artificially introduced to Sophia Davies’ body, the child shared nothing with her.

Now under the laws of Oceania the boy was considered able to make up his own mind about where he lived and who he lived with, no amount of promise of reward or threat of punishment could alter that, the law was the law. Alfred smiled as he observed the celebration occurring in the room that he was monitoring through the cameras he had had installed throughout the building many years ago but never connected until the arrival and threat against the boy in room 8F.

“It means, Sydney,” she said, “that you never have to go back to that house you used to live in and no one can take you away from where you want to be unless you want them to.”

Sydney smiled at her and asked, “Does that mean that I can come and live with you?” she nodded, and her tears did come.

Leaning over she hugged him tightly to her chest, “I want you to, my friend,” she whispered into his ear.

Dr Evans’ appearance with a birthday cake on a trolley was the relief that was needed to brighten up the faces of everyone.

“Happy Birthday!” came from the throats of about twenty people crowded outside the door as Sydney waved back at people that were cheering and giving him a thumb’s up through the glass wall.

Jenny squealed in the arms of Wendy and called out “Syddy! Syddy!” holding her arms out to him. Wendy brought her over and Sydney cuddled the little girl down into his lap and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“I got somefing for you,” she lisped and reaching into her pocket on her dress she produced several feathers. “Theys from ducks,” she solemnly told him as she passed them carefully into his hand. Her eyes were wide in delight at being able to sit with her big playmate so comfortably and she held to him tightly when Bonnie tried to take her away so that Sydney could cut the cake. Her mother finally lifted her up with a promise that she would get the first piece if she would let Sydney cut it first.

“Just a little piece,” she nodded, “Syddy need lots to grow!”

Her childish words covered the embarrassment Sydney was feeling at her unexpected gift from the little creatures at the back of the Gilroy’s property, friends that had huddled around him in his darkest days, who it seems still remembered him through the eyes of a little girl.

Jo Jepson had a camera out and took several photos for the hospital magazine and on requests from Kelsey and Bonnie. Alfred observed Sydney watching the three women standing together, their hands touching in soft intimacy, he could almost read the love and desire in the boy’s face and softly told him that he recorded everything that happened in the room and if he wanted a photo of the moment he could have one. Sydney worried a little at that, remembering the previous night and was reassured when the computer entity told him that he only showed those that needed to know.

Dr Evans rolled the cake over to Sydney’s bed, its twenty-one candles alight. Sydney relaxed his shoulders, drawing in a breath ready to blow out the candles. “Make a wish first,” said Bonnie, he grinned, closed his eyes and blew out the candles.

Kelsey Gilroy was the first beside him giving him a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “All in one go; now it will come true.” Her voice sounded extremely mischievous in his ear and he wondered whether she had read his mind.

Sydney was surrounded by his new family, friends, staff and patients from the hospital and his heart and mind felt free of burden for the first time in such a long period that it was hard not to submit to the emotions that threatened to choke him as he looked around and acknowledged the well wishes from everyone. David Gilroy made a small speech to welcome him to their home and presented him with a cricket bat that he hoped Sydney would use when he opened the batting for Australia.

Paul came in full of bounce and pep and Sydney suspected that he had a story to tell him about last night’s dance. He loudly announced to everyone that he needed a hand to bring in a present from the school. Sydney was intrigued, though he was reasonably popular among the school population to have them get him a present was a bit beyond his expectations.

He, Mr Gilroy and Dr Evans returned carrying a large sports bag between them and at Sydney’s insistence got Paul to open it. Inside were pads, gloves, protectors and other cricket equipment and a large card that Dr Evans read from, “To our mate and student, Sydney. We hope this gives you inspiration to get well soon and come back to lead us to victory!”

Sydney felt his smile broaden and shook Paul’s hand as Jo took photos to transmit back to the school along with his thanks.

There were more presents, from clothing to books and computer equipment; there had been much planning in trying to providing items that would help the young man in his new role in life, free at last of the horror that had filled most of it. Kelsey Gilroy was hopeful that the one big present that they were still working on was going to be ready when Sydney eventually got out of the sterile confines of this hospital.

It was not that she wanted to rush his rehabilitation, but she had not had much chance to talk to Jo about how they had progressed last night, but she saw from the little bit of a rueful grin from the nurse that it may not have been a total success. Perhaps having him at home may just give them all the chance to see what they could do. Even Thelma, she finally admitted her name, had conceded that being in a home environment may just be the thing, still she cautioned patience as there were other forces in play as well as themselves.

Sydney was asked to give a speech, for a moment he was unable to think of anything to say but a small voice hummed in his head and he nodded then spoke. He thanked everyone for their kind wishes and helpful gifts. He promised all of them that had helped, including the guards still standing at his door that he would try to become the best person that he could and he looked forward to reacquainting himself with everyone out there. The promise was the first phase in the little node’s countdown; she almost wiggled in delight inside the glowing cavern that was Sydney’s head.

There were two more gifts left for Sydney, though he did not know about them until the room emptied of almost everyone except Jo, David, Jenny, Kelsey and Bonnie. Bonnie and Jo spoke softly in the corner as David told his wife that he and Jenny would get the hover and meet them out the front. Kelsey nodded and Sydney waved to the little red curly haired girl as she protectively held the little packet of cake and crumbs that Sydney had asked her to give to the ducks.

Kelsey watched her husband go, leaned over the young man on the bed and gave him a long kiss her hand sliding under the sheets as she pressed a small package against his hip, “I hope you like them,” she whispered against his lips.

Jo met her beside the bed and told Sydney that she would be back later tonight, the glow in the boy’s eyes told her that she would be very welcome, she hoped that was an encouraging sign. They left together telling Bonnie not to be too long.

Bonnie’s mouth hungrily mashed against his lips as her hand slid playfully under the sheet and grasped his cock, “This is going to be a long six months,” she breathed.

Sydney felt himself growing in her hand as she squeezed him and before anything else happened she quickly removed her hand and clasping his slid them up under her short skirt. She pressed them against the sides of her small bikini briefs, “Take them Sydney, they are saturated and I want you to have them for the lonely times.”

His hands slid downwards and she stepped daintily out of the scrap of dark-blue silk as it hit the floor, she picked them up and shyly gave them to him. His erection hardened as he lifted them to his nose and gently sniffed them much to the delight of the hot girl beside him. She giggled as she saw the tent above his groin grow a little more. “Got to go,” she said and bent kissing him quickly and flounced off giving her skirt a flip to show him her bare backside as she exited the door.

He found another zip lock bag and sealed the little strip into them, picked up the other package beside his hip and saw the little note that Kelsey had written, “Open when you are alone.” He stored it in the back of the drawer with Jo and Bonnie’s gifts.

Kelsey, Bonnie and Jo surveyed the work that was going on in the house Sydney used to live in, the front of the house was being demolished to extend it out over the previous front path and steps, Bonnie still looked at the ground where she had found Sydney and shivered. Her aunt cuddled her gently.

The three women sighed then Bonnie suddenly grinned, “I made him take my panties off and his dick was so hard I thought it was going to poke through the sheet!” Her aunt and the little nurse goggled at her.

“You could have been a little subtle, Bonnie!” exclaimed her aunt. “I at least wrapped mine and put them under the sheet.”

“I just dropped mine on his chest,” grinned Jo, her knees trembled as she recalled the way the boy had sniffed them as she watched. Kelsey giggled and kissed the woman softly.

“Still reacting, honey?” she asked as the woman’s trembles were evident against her as she hugged the woman.

“Never came so fucking hard in my life and he didn’t even touch anything except my tits,” the woman breathed. “But ladies we have big troubles, his mind is so full of crap, he was chanting!”

“Evil boy, wicked boy?” asked Bonnie and Kelsey together.

She nodded bleakly. Kelsey pursed her lips, “I think we might have to get a professional in on this one.”

“Who?” asked Jo puzzled.

“Me,” said Kelsey softly, “my Daddy didn’t put me through psychology for nothing.”

Chapter 11 – New therapy and why 21 is great

Dr Patrick Evans contemplated the information that was being displayed on the screen in front of him, Alfred had a bit of explaining to do he thought sourly. The blood results he had been looking at for over a week just made no sense, there were things in the sample that should not have been in a human body. Oh he knew that ever since the holocaust the mutations of people across the whole world had created some bizarre, though at times beautiful beings. This current set of data however was from a patient that he had previously been getting information on that showed a totally normal set of red and white blood counts, now suddenly Sydney had something else in there and he was damned if he knew what it was!

Glancing up at the time he realised that his patient would be going to therapy in the pool, one that he himself wanted to supervise, so donning his board shorts and T-shirt he moved quickly to catch up with Bob as he wheeled the young man past his door. He grinned as he waved at the nurses who gave him a few whistles as his solid frame moved past them on his way to the pool thinking to himself, I might be older than most of you ladies but I am still pretty fit!

He took Sydney from Bob at the top of the ramp to the current pool, it was a salt water pool equipped with water circulation plumbing that could create a current in the water that resisted the patient’s movements a little more than a normal pool.

It was ideal for getting atrophied muscles to grow without the impact of running or having them tire out walking on treadmills or on stationary bikes. He liked the pool as it gave his patients a sense of accomplishment that he could see in their faces as they walked in the warm water or allowed themselves to be carried by the currents and simulated movement that they would not normally have.

Especially wonderful for paraplegic patients who undertook the nerve replacement surgery that returned life to limbs that hadn’t moved for several years, he again shook his head at the long waiting lists for this procedure.

Taking Sydney carefully across the pool several times he was delighted when the young man appeared to be a little more tired than his normal therapy left him and he hoped that this would start to get the boy moving a lot quicker than expectations. He was still concerned with the boy’s mental adjustment but the unusual request from Kelsey Gilroy appeared on the surface to be something that could definitely improve that as well. All in all he thought his young charge was definitely going to make it, a bet and chance he would never have given him four months ago.

He helped Sydney from the pool, getting Bob to bring the special chair down the ramp and wheeled the boy back up to be dried and changed. Bob nodded to Dr Evans as he took the lad off to his massage therapy.

Bob Duffy liked the dark haired lad that he pushed around in his chair, the boy was smart, witty and he loved to talk. Something Bob didn’t do much because of his slightly slower reactions to the normal world, Sydney never seemed to notice and always waited patiently for Bob to answer his questions without the need to interrupt or rush him. Shyly he wished Sydney a happy birthday and he was delighted when the young man thanked him and said that he had saved some cake for him to collect in the kitchens from Robin when he had his smoko. Slowly Bob gave him a little bit of advice about living his life to the fullest, it was something his mother had always told him to do and Sydney beamed at him and with a gentle pat of his hand on Bob’s told him that he would always remember his advice.

Sydney slowly climbed up on to the massage table of Gabriel, the big man did not help him, nor did Bob, they knew that Sydney needed to do things for himself and they had already been on the end of his gentle chiding to them that he was never going to get better if they kept doing things for him. Gabriel gave Bob a high five when Sydney was comfortably lying face down on the table and Bob said he would be back later to collect him.

As Sydney lay, occasionally wincing at Gabriel’s manipulations he reflected on what it meant to be twenty-one.

From the early days of his beatings and his mother’s constant haranguing he had dreamt of this day, willing the years to speed by so that legally he could run away from home and defy all attempts to have him dragged back.

With the technological advances and the mutative effects nature introduced into the human gene pool, the average life expectancy of humans was almost triple the three score and ten that was given as the number in pre-holocaust statistics. The side effect of this increased life expectancy however, was the age that males and females became sexually mature, that is capable of producing offspring, was also later, with many women not producing ova until their late teens or early twenties.

It was not uncommon for adult women to be still having children when they were in their noughties, the adopted term for centenarians, and beyond. This elongated breeding period was the cause of many rejuvenated lives as people spent eighty years or more building careers and lifestyles that they then abandoned in favour of child-breeding as the glamour of a hectic lifestyle tarnished with experience and boredom.

The legal age to be declared an adult in Oceania was 25. At this age men and women were totally free to do as they pleased, within the law anyway.

Sydney had read somewhere that previously an adult was at age of 18. Governments and other agencies had grown so alarmist over the loss of life from motor vehicle accidents, gang wars, drug use, alcohol and so on that more and more restrictions had been placed on the young adults until virtually they were restricted to a very limited range of activities.

To compensate the government raised the age of adulthood to 21 and then finally to 25. Ironically these decisions were made by a voting population that was restricted to only those over the age of 25.

Military service could be entered into at 20 with the government arguing that its military nurtured as lovingly and understandingly as any parent. The restrictions placed on the 21 to 25 year old group was still mainly legalistic and no recent convictions for drinking alcohol, in moderation, had been recorded and the licensing of drivers for hover vehicles was allowed at 21 as the vehicles no longer required a driver to interact except to punch in destination codes. Nor were any law officers likely to bring 20 year old lovers to face the courts.

However, laws like many old habits take years to change and the system seemed to work in the main. If she ain’t broke don’t fix it seemed to be the common motto. Turning 21 was a big step for any man or woman and it did start the road to a lot of freedoms and the law backed up the right to those freedoms.

It was a law that had been passed over 200 years ago when authorities realised that population decreases had caused parents to become even more super-protective of their children. Over protective parents stifled their children’s lives by building such a restrictive environment around them that more and more children were taking the judicial step of seeking emancipation from their parents.

One could understand the parents; for over 800 years humankind had been battling all sorts of diseases and plagues that threatened the lives of everyone, they caused birth rates to plummet as people refused to take the risk of having deformed or still born offspring. Those parents that managed to produce healthy children almost suffocated them with love and in the course of that love tried to keep their children home and away from others.

A revolt by senior children in high schools across Oceania finally forced the law makers’ hands, as did the growing concerns from government authorities at the forecasted decline in population that would strain already undermanned working environments.

Twenty-one became an age that would entitle a child to make decisions regarding their rights to education, accommodation and sexual practices and partners. Of course in the early days of the ‘child to adult revolution’ as it became known many of the young adults were forced to take parents to court for refusing them their freedoms.

After dozens of cases were heard and upheld in favour of the offspring an enterprising company, in partnership with government bodies, introduced the twenty-first ‘coming of age’ party. Through positive advertising and the provision of opportunities for the newly freed children including share accommodation, education facilities, job training and other recreation of a more personal nature, the adult population began to accept the necessity of allowing their children to cut the apron strings as a celebration rather than a war.

Given this new freedom, initially, children began to neglect education and job skills in favour of sexual pursuits which, of course, increased population but did little for the economy as new mothers relied on government assistance to bring up the child and found their recently gained freedom quickly curtailed by their new responsibilities.

A new approach was needed and it was the turn of education administrators to come to the fore with sex and life education classes introduced at an earlier age in school. Hospitals gave time and staff to assist in this program and introduced contraceptives and disease prevention techniques. Parents and children alike began to accept that twenty-one was a turning point but it didn’t necessarily terminate the relationship.

Many children turning twenty-one found that it was easier to remain at home and use their new freedoms to pursue goals in a more responsible and nurturing environment. This did not mean of course that there was any less trouble between the generations just a bit more tolerance.

An education program, some called it propaganda, by the government called on the young men and women, especially men, to aid the rebirth of the nation and encouraged them to repopulate. Oceania’s population had dropped alarmingly through disease, plague and the reluctance of the then current generation of fertile adults, to breed.

Millions of hectares of land lay untouched, factories were unable to supply demand because of the lack of workers, higher education institutions had no one to teach and the entire intelligentsia of the nation were portrayed as ancient men and women whose skills and knowledge would disappear with them unless new blood came to join their ranks. Incentives were promoted, increased wages, more land, cheaper houses, education and support from a grateful government.

Slowly the message began to seep into the consciousness of the population and with it a strange loosening of morals as men, who were outnumbered in many areas, by a ratio of three to one and in some by nearly triple that, were sent out by mothers, sisters and wives to help the nation in its direst needs.

A new culture of sexual freedom and polygamous relationships began to develop and by the turn of the twenty-eighth century bigamy was no longer a crime. For some reason, perhaps known only to nature herself, the ratio of men to women hasn’t changed for the last 200 years and it is unusual for a single man not to have at least one relationship with a willing female. Some theorised that nature blamed the male of the species for her damages and preferred the female to be the dominant, at least in numbers, of the sexes.

Certainly women retained a powerful presence in the general scheme of things and more likely than not held senior executive and CEO positions in most government and private sector organisations. Given this unfair rationing of men it was no surprise to find that the number of bi-sexual relationships grew, many of these couples raising children fathered by married friends or acquaintances. All in all the population began to grow and now it still keeps pace with the death rate without ever threatening to exceed it by more than a half percent.

Sydney’s ‘Undisclosed’ entry in the father section of his birth certificate was not an unusual occurrence as casual liaisons between willing partners that resulted in pregnancy was not required to be disclosed if either partner forbade it.

Sydney was roused from his reverie by a quick slap on the backside by Gabriel and he climbed slowly off the table into the ever-waiting chair held by Bob to attend to the training sessions in the exercise rooms. This consisted of repetitive exercises with weights, elasticised balls and yoga classes. By the time he finished his body ached delightfully in many places and he looked forward to relaxing back in his bed.

Sydney had just turned his head to tell Bob they were in the wrong room when he noticed Paul and Bonnie standing to the side and grinning. The room’s layout had been changed dramatically, no longer was the bed in the centre, instead it had been moved to one side and its ever present rack of machines reduced to a solitary unit sitting beside it. A desk with computer terminal and chair stood slightly off centre and in the corner to the right of the window were now placed some comfortable looking armchairs, a low table and a two-seater divan.

A wall mounted vid screen completed the setting. "Where did all this come from?" he asked looking around the place and not quite deciding where he wanted to go.

"Some of it is yours," answered Bonnie pointing to the desk and computer, "And some of it came from home."

Dr Evans walked in and added, "And some of it is on loan," he pointed to the wall mounted vid screen and some stereo equipment that had been hidden from view by Paul’s frame.

Dr Evans then suggested that he get used to it, "Less lying around and more walking and sitting," he said, "because soon you will be out of here and you need to build your strength up."

Sydney thanked everyone got up out of the wheel chair and semi shuffled over to the nearest armchair and sat. Paul and Bonnie took up positions close by, Bonnie in a similar chair on his left and Paul semi-reclined across the divan with his feet trailing on the floor at one end.

Dr Evans suggested that they could chat for an hour, but no longer, he warned wagging his finger at Sydney’s two friends. Sydney thanked him and Bob and watched them leave as the guard outside gave him a cheery wave and then thumbed the door closed.

Paul was grinning like the proverbial cat and with a quick glance at Bonnie he burst out, "Guess who got lucky at the dance last night?"

Feeling a little mischievous also a little vengeful because of his own aborted attempt with Jo, Sydney turned to Bonnie and sternly said, "I thought your uncle told you that you had to wait another six months!"

Bonnie cracked up with laughter and Paul said "No, no, no! Me! You will never guess who with," he added.

Sydney thought he could and after closing his eyes for a few moments pretending to be in deep concentration guessed "Miss Humphries, our modern dance teacher." Paul’s jaw dropped and Bonnie squealed in delight as she saw the look on Paul’s face and knew that Sydney had guessed right.

"You and her were always good on the dance floor together and she always picked you for helping with instructions. The closer she had to be to her partner the more she picked you!" Sydney quipped as Paul’s grin returned and a glint in his eye told them that it wasn’t going to be just a one-night thing either.

Bonnie’s questions to Paul were earthier than what Sydney could have asked, soon they were in a long discussion on the merits or otherwise of oral sex and he felt his heart race as Bonnie professed to looking forward to giving and receiving with enthusiasm.

All too soon Dr Evans reappeared ushering Sydney off to rest, once comfortably in bed Paul came over wished him a happy birthday and planted a kiss on his lips. Sydney found the sensation rather pleasant and kissed him back, then with a "Cheerio!" he was gone.

Bonnie shyly approached his bed once he had gone softly asking Sydney if he was OK, he told her that he was feeling tired but otherwise fine. She took his hand brushed her lips over it and then stepped further into his one handed embrace. She leant over kissed him and with a little giggle told him she hadn’t replaced them yet. He grinned letting his hand fall down a little to her behind and gave it a small squeeze and indeed she still wore no underwear. Dropping his hand further, to the back of her leg just beneath her skirt she continued to kiss him as the hand began to slowly slide upwards.

A muffled cough from the doorway came just as Sydney’s fingers touched soft hair between Bonnie’s slightly parted legs. "Time to go, Bonnie," said Wendy, "Sorry guys, someone’s always interrupting aren’t they?" she apologised.

Bonnie gave him one last kiss and left.

Wendy checked the monitor beside his bed telling him that under Dr Evans orders he was to get a good four hours sleep. After dinner there was going to be doing some further therapy and he wanted Sydney rested for it. She handed him two small blue pills and a tumbler of water and made sure that he swallowed them before saying, "Happy birthday, sleep tight," then turned and walked out.

He fell asleep about ten minutes later.

When Sydney first opened his eyes he was slightly disoriented because of the changed position of the bed, initially hitting the wall with his feet as he rolled to get up and go to the toilet. He heard a small chuckle coming from the armchairs in the corner and saw Mrs Aldridge sitting on the divan watching him with her hand over her mouth to suppress her laughter. He turned the other way and said, "Hi," then half shuffled half walked over to the toilet cubicle.

Coming back he deviated towards the chairs and sat down in the armchair beside her. "So my fair lady," he asked, "what brings you to my humble abode?"

She sighed "I’m sorry, Sydney, I didn’t know it was your birthday. You must have thought me awfully rude not to come and congratulate you before now?"

Sydney raised his hands in denial and told her that the most important people are always allowed to be late besides he added the day isn’t finished yet. She smiled, her older features softening into those of the pretty woman she must have been in her younger day.

Rising from her chair at the same time as he did they met between them and still seeing the pretty woman in front of his eyes he embraced her frail body and presented his lips to hers. Her kiss was quite warm and her body pressing against his told him that had she been that young woman he would have been offered much more than one soft lingering kiss.

She turned from his arms saying, "Goodbye, Sydney, you have always been a very nice young man and a lovely friend," then she was gone.

Sydney shuffled towards the open door to call her back to ask what she meant. The guard at the door looked at him in surprise as he turned his head in both directions looking for Mrs Aldridge.

The guard didn’t know what the young man was talking about when he asked him if he had seen her, no-one had been passed him for the past four hours he had been on duty except a couple of nurses. He checked if the young man was Ok and was quite worried when he seemed to get upset and angry. Fortunately the young nurse, Wendy turned up, then Dr Evans and ushered him back into the room

Dr Evans shooed Wendy away and closed the door behind him. He walked Sydney back to the armchairs and sitting down opposite him he asked the upset young man when and where he had seen Mrs Aldridge. When he was told right where he was sitting and not more than five minutes ago he took a deep breath and regarded the young man in silence before saying, "Syd, Mrs Aldridge died a little less than twenty minutes ago."

Sydney reeled back as if Dr Evans had punched him and felt his heart miss a beat, "No! She was just here!"

"Sydney, it’s called spirit walking," Alfred’s face appeared on the vid screen on the wall, "and is a well-documented phenomenon that has been occurring since the year dot."

"Why?" the boy asked him.

"No one knows really. Some theories suggest that it is the person’s soul carrying out its last wishes to see someone that they care about or try to finish some task that they feel is important before they go. In any case people have reported seeing and speaking with loved ones, enemies, old friends and family at almost the same moment that the person has died. Sometimes the reports have placed the sighting and the death thousands of kilometres apart.

“Obviously Mrs Aldridge thought it was important that she came and wished you a happy birthday," he finished.

When Alfred said he could supply stories and other information about the phenomenon Sydney told him perhaps later, the boy was too shaken to think much more about it. Alfred finished by wishing him happy birthday and the screen blanked.

Dr Evans was concerned and getting an affirmative nod from his young patient was surprised when the young lad added, “She was a very pretty lady.”

Quietly he agreed and said, "She was once Miss Oceania." He rose to his feet and retreated to the doorway quietly telling Wendy and the anxious guard what had happened.

Sydney sat back on the armchair and felt something prick against his hip, reaching back he found a small photo slide that he pushed into the slot on the viewer on the wall. The image of an extremely pretty woman, her attractive figure displayed in a minuscule bikini showed up on the wall. Sydney immediately recognised the soft features as a young Mrs Aldridge.

Retrieving the slide from the viewer he noticed that there was some writing on its edge and peered closely at it, ‘Happy Birthday Sydney, love Anna.” The young man sat for a long time, his tears flowed down his face in grief for a wonderful and feisty lady.

Chapter 12 – A new therapist

Robyn McManus was sympathetic to the young man when she arrived with his dinner and found that he wasn’t that hungry. Softly they spoke about the old woman who had died and she confided in him that Mrs Aldridge always had nice things to say about him and his friend Paul whenever she and the old lady conversed as she ate her meagre meals.

Her bright smile and happy voice as she told Sydney about the woman soon got him feeling much better and Robyn was pleased as he began to eat his meal when she told him that she had to get back to her chores.

The appearance of Kelsey Gilroy in formal attire of jacket and business skirt after his meal had been cleared away and he relaxed in an armchair awaiting his promised new therapy caught him quite by surprise. Kelsey looked extremely professional and she held out her hand to him as she accompanied Dr Evans and Jo over to where he sat saying, “Kelsey Gilroy.”

It wasn’t until a grinning Jo mimed shaking hands and talking did the young man stand and holding out his own hand said, “Sydney Douglas, pleased to meet you Mrs Gilroy.” His puzzled face almost made Kelsey laugh but she needed to keep up her professional demeanour if this was going to work.

“Please call me Kelsey, Sydney,” she smiled, ushering him back into his chair as she took up the divan opposite him and lay her hand-held notepad and a small folder on the coffee table between them.

Dr Evans told Sydney that Kelsey was going to be his psychologist and hoped that he would cooperate with her to prepare himself for his return to the world outside and his new freedom as a twenty-one year old male.

Sydney didn’t know what to do when Dr Evans and Jo left so he turned to Kelsey with the intention of telling her that he did not need her help, when he found her slightly cool expression regarding him it caused him to stop before he opened his mouth.

"You may not know this Sydney but I am a trained psychologist and I am here to make sure you are ready to go back out into the real world. One that isn’t always going to protect you from people like your mother and the man you called father."

He shook his head slowly and realised that this was no game, no attempt at seduction, this was very important to the woman opposite him and decided that he would simply follow her lead, see where it went.

Kelsey’s heart was racing, it had been several years since she had done formal interviewing, normally of employees in her father’s business, carrying out testing and discussions to help employees reveal any troubles or fears that may prevent them from being good workers. She also treated those that were returning from injury or absence due to unforeseen deaths or other circumstances that changed in their lives.

Her father had told her that her ability was quite extraordinary and she hoped that his faith in her was not misplaced as she took on something she was not quite sure she was prepared for, nor be able to stave off some of the emotion that she knew she would feel if this went to plan.

Starting slowly the pair discussed Sydney’s earliest memories and Kelsey was surprised at how much the boy recalled, she didn’t know that the little node inside his head was helping as she unlocked subconscious areas of the host brain. It was part of her purpose to ensure that the mind was clear for the journey ahead.

Sydney spoke about his mother as someone who began as a person who never seemed to want him, telling her how he had spent so much time with his grandparents that he had begun calling them Mumma and Poppa much to the older couple’s delight. When she had been there she was always good to him when his grandfather was around. But at times when they were home alone the woman seemed to totally ignore him, even to the point that Sydney had to try and find his own food in the house for his meals as his mother would be gone for long periods at a time.

Kelsey wondered how much of the boy’s early abuse started with the mother but left it as a simple note in her work tablet as Sydney began to relate the appearance of his father just prior to his sixth birthday.

For nearly an hour Sydney told her of the horror of his early life, including some stuff that he recalled about the man that his mother married, both of them no longer referred to him as father, did to his mother. Kelsey was sickened as Sydney described acts of sexual violence that he watched from hiding places in cupboards and behind curtains that no child should have been subjected to.

Kelsey was drained, she had suppressed her tears but Sydney had almost constantly cried as he told his story and in some ways it seemed to drain him of its impact on him and shortly before she suggested a break his voice changed from halting, tear filled sentences to calm descriptions, devoid of emotion.

Sydney noted the change, as did the node in his head, he could almost hear something in his mind saying, “It’s over now, just flush it out.” He nodded in silent agreement but as he spoke he saw the horror reflected in Kelsey’s eyes and he finally suggested that they break for a cup of tea. He grinned at her, eyeing her bag on the floor and hopefully asked, “Bikkies?”

Kelsey tilted her head back and laughed out loud then got up retrieved her bag and reaching into it produced a paper bag and placed it on the table. "You can have some when tea arrives."

Just at that moment Robyn appeared pushing a trolley containing a pot of tea, cups, sugar and milk smiling hello to them placed them on the low table and left with, "I’ll be back later for that."

Kelsey Gilroy looked at him closely, "It seems," she said slowly, "that your walls have ears."

Sydney grinned at her knowing full well who would have ordered the tea for them and he shrugged, "Sometimes the staff here are quite intuitive."

Having taken a biscuit from the bag he dipped it into his tea then ate it gratefully. "You know I have really missed these," he said after swallowing and reaching for another one.

With a small sniff Kelsey said, "I didn’t think you wanted them seeing as how you never asked for them before."

The man stopped and thought and found it was true and then looked back into her face, "Sometimes I think I ask too much from you."

She stared back at him, shyly saying, "Sometimes I don’t think you ask enough."

They sat in contemplative silence for a few minutes then resumed their discussion. Maybe it was the incident with the biscuits or maybe Sydney just felt that there was nothing else for him to do but get it all out. He told her about his beatings that were handed out for his apparent transition to sexual maturity reliving his severe head bashing, his floggings that seemed to target his genitals and the constant humiliation from his brothers.

Finally he had talked it all out, right up to his being bashed and left for dead by the man.

He said to Kelsey, “I would like to talk about the positive things that happened, but I think I have left you with too many nightmares tonight. Perhaps we could talk about them tomorrow night?”

Kelsey agreed whole-heartedly, she knew that she would have to see Dr Evans before she left to get some drugs from him because there was no way she was going to be able to sleep tonight without soaking her pillows with tears. Vaguely she wondered if Bonnie might share her bed with David out of town.

Kelsey quickly packed up her equipment but as she bent to retrieve the packet of bikkies Sydney grabbed them from the table and held them to his chest and pretending to be a dog curled his lip at her. She laughed and said, "But that means I won’t need to bring in any more tomorrow evening."

Faced with this dilemma Sydney returned the packet to her after first filching two and putting them in his shirt pocket. He stood with her and she again held out her hand," Until tomorrow then."

He clasped it and agreed, "Tomorrow then Kelsey."

He watched her walk out and speak briefly to Dr Evans who nodded and directed her to go with Jo.

The doctor then entered Sydney’s room, motioned him to sit back down in the chairs and asked him if he had time to chat a little more.

Sydney nodded, "Sure, what’s up?"

"I have found an anomaly in some blood work that I was checking, nothing serious I assure you and I wanted to see if you might know something about it."

A small noise made them turn to the wall vid screen and Alfred’s old friendly face appeared, "I believe you are referring to the unusual structure in his DNA," he stated.

Dr Evans nodded.

"I am sure," said Alfred, "that Syd doesn’t know anything about it, but I do."

"Well do please enlighten us," snapped Dr Evans, "I have been checking the bloody stuff just about all week and I can’t seem to find any answers!"

"Because you’re not looking outside the human gene pool," was the instant reply.

Dr Evans stood up straight smacked his hand into his forehead and saying thanks rushed out of the room.

"You’re welcome," was Alfred’s reply and Sydney just sat looking stupefied at all this rushing about.

"Well?" he asked Alfred.

"Well, what?"

"Is anyone going to tell me what it is?"

"He will when he finally believes what he is seeing."

After he said goodnight to Alfred and had showered Sydney realised that he hadn’t opened Kelsey’s present. He grinned as he realised he had changed from Mrs Gilroy to Kelsey, but after everything they had discussed through the evening it didn’t seem right to call her Mrs Gilroy any more.

He retrieved the small gift wrapped parcel and carefully undid its bow. The paper opened easily and inside he found two sealed plastic bags, one contained what looked like locks of hair and the other a small black ball.

Opening the bag containing the ball he shook it out on to his hand and was surprised when it unravelled and revealed itself to be a very small pair of dark red panties, a G-string! Glancing around he shyly brought them to his nose and was deliciously surprised to sense Kelsey’s aroma. Quickly he placed it back in its bag and resealed it. He then looked at the other bag lying in his lap and saw that the wrapping paper also contained a note.

He spread the wrapper flat then picked it up and held it towards the light, the light brightened by itself and he knew Alfred was also reading. ‘One contains my scent which I hope you find stimulating, the other contains my pubic hair, I hope one day they can mix with yours in a delightful way, love K’. Sydney began to chuckle and he heard the monitor beside me also give a throaty laugh.

“Alfred?” His face appeared as answer.

“What am I going to do?”

His face turned thoughtful and his eyes closed.

Sydney put his packages safely away in the back of his drawer with the others so that no one would find them without digging around at the back. The young man waited, not really expecting him to come up with something useful because despite his great intelligence he was still, after all, a machine.

The scar on his leg itched so he gave it a quick rub with his fingers and a voice began to speak inside his head. He strained to listen to the words, they sounded like gibberish but definitely someone or something was trying to say something to him.

Alfred’s eyes flew open on the monitor in front of him and quietly he suggested that Sydney should close his eyes, lie back and relax.

Complying with the request the boy listened and in the silence that followed distinctly heard several voices together saying, “Erase the ancient path to life without fear. Thy rod and sack are for pleasure and procreation. From small acts come love and respect, seek the life within and bring it forth, it renews and lives.” The voices went silent.

he lay quietly for a little while longer hoping that they would return and explain what he had been told.

Finally he gave up and Alfred looked expectantly at him, “What?” he asked him.

“What did they say?” he asked mildly.

“How do you know anyone said anything to me?” he shot back.

The screen went blank then a series of sharp waves of various heights appeared across it. “That,” came Alfred’s voice, “is your brainwave of the last few minutes. Something was happening in your mind because at rest they would look like this" and the screen displayed a series of smaller rounded waves.

Sydney sighed, “It was just gibberish. Nothing I could make sense of anyway.”

He reappeared on the monitor and looked coldly at the boy. “Young man,” he began, “there are things that happen in this universe that you will never believe and voices in your head giving you advice is only one of the small miracles that I have been a part of. Tell me what they said.”

Sydney repeated the phrases and Alfred said, “OK, be right back,” then he disappeared.

Jo appeared at his door and gave it a small knock; he looked over to her and gave her a broad grin when she asked if it was OK to come in. She came up to the bed as he moved himself over patting the gap beside him. She grinned turning back towards the door closed it, the curtains closed as she kicked off her shoes and came over and lay beside him.

They lay, each on their sides and he stared into her eyes trying to find the right things to say, words that would let her know that he needed her and was going to fight all the way until he could show her that. She leaned forward as they kissed softly, Sydney let his tongue tease her lips gently. Her hot sweet breath felt nice on his face as he sniffed in her delightful scent deeply.

“Jo,” he said as he backed away from her lips, “do you know anything about the gifts that I received from Kelsey and Bonnie?”

She ducked her head down and he could tell that she was trying hard not to laugh out loud.

“You do don’t you? I see the three of you, heads together, meaningful looks and double talk around me that sets you all off giggling. What’s so funny?” he asked more sharply than he intended.

She lifted her face and he could see the merriment in her eyes. “Yes, I do know about the gifts, though Bonnie could have been a bit more subtle.”

She looked closely at him, “Nothing serious with her yet mister!” poking a couple of fingers gently into his chest, “She is, legally, just under-age.”

The young man nodded his understanding and she smiled again. “That’s not to say that there aren’t things you and she won’t get up to,” she giggled as Sydney wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her neck.

They lay in bed talking and occasionally kissing and he told her about the therapy with Kelsey.

Jo looked thoughtful for a few moments and finally said, “You should really try to go through and beat the demons that your mother has driven into you.”

Nodding, he quietly watched as she left his bed, stripped off her clothes and turning back to him giggled delightedly as he lifted the sheet to show her his own nakedness as she snuggled back under the sheets. Her body felt extremely warm and he felt her lips against his chest as she snuggled in closer. Sydney’s body began to react but he could feel the tendrils of darkness begin to creep onto the edges of his consciousness. “Just hold me please Jo.”

Immediately sensing his need she raised herself back up and cuddled his head into her soft breasts. Sydney relaxed against her and felt the darkness recede a little and as she rocked him gently in her arms he heard her whisper, “We all love you Sydney and with that love we will bring you home to us, I promise.”

Sydney slept.

When he awoke Jo was gone and heard a small buzzing noise coming from the monitor beside his bed, he reached out and touched the screen as Jo, naked from the waist up, stared back at him and her husky voice came through on the speakers, “Good morning, sweetie. I have to run errands but I will see you again tonight, if you want,” her image winked then blew him a kiss and disappeared.

“I sometimes envy you humans,” Alfred’s voice only slightly preceded his image on the screen, Sydney jumped a little at his unexpected presence.

“Why’s that?” Sydney asked when he recovered,

“Well it’s hard to consider love and closeness when your best friend sometimes doesn’t know whether it should be trying to destroy you or not!” he stated dryly.

Sydney laughed swung his legs out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

The hot shower felt good and a few minutes later he was dressed and sitting in an armchair hoping that breakfast would be a hearty one.

Alfred’s face appeared on the wall screen and just as he began to speak the image suddenly became a newscast of the overnight sport as one of the catering ladies bustled through the door, he could smell eggs and toast.

Sydney started eating almost as soon as she finished setting out the dishes, surprised him with a ruffle of his hair and placed another couple of pieces of toast on his plate. “Growing boys,” she smiled and pushed her trolley off again. Sydney finished his meal listening to overnight news of several arrests of unidentified agents attempting to cross the border near the Solomon’s and hoped Sergeant Richardson was OK.

A green glow was beginning in Sydney’s brain, at the centre of it was the little female node that had increased her size quite substantially. The food was good, so good for this body, she almost purred. Just one more little bit to go she said to herself and this time she did purr. The boy that hosted her found he was suddenly in an extremely good mood.

Chapter 13 – A promise and a green glow

Dr Patrick Evans clicked the vid phone off and sat back in his chair with his hands behind his head, “Alfred?” he asked the room around him. The monitor on his desk harrumphed and the green faced doctor was staring back at him with a quizzical look.

“How long have you been keeping Sydney’s DNA results from me?” he asked softly.

“Since the day he got here,” said Alfred softly back, his voice betrayed no remorse for his actions and Dr Evans knew why. He hoped that the invitation to the men he had just spoken to on the phone to visit his unique patient was not going to turn out to be a big mistake.

The two doctors, one sitting at his desk, the other in his cyber world both sighed and crossed their fingers.

For Sydney the day passed uneventfully, therapy, massage, dinner, homework and finally a visit from Paul and Bonnie. All day however, he felt buoyant; expectant like something big was going to happen. Something energetic was pulsing in his body, just waiting for him to do something, he just didn’t know what. He drove the catering staff mad with his requests for more food, laughingly Robyn delivered extra helpings of breakfast, lunch and dinner plus sandwiches, pots of tea and fruit.

The three discussed various topics and Sydney brought up the agent arrests in the Solomon’s and Bonnie’s face screwed up in disgust. “Bloody morons,” she said, “if they want something why don’t they just ask instead of sneaking around trying to get in the back-door and steal it!”

They all agreed, with the wisdom of youth that saw life in very simple terms.

Paul was having problems with his homework and it showed in the way he started and erased his work until finally Sydney couldn’t stand it any-more. “Mate, do you need some help?”

Looking up from his work pad he scowled, “I just can’t seem to get this equation to work.”

The two boys spent the next few minutes examining what he had done and Sydney coached him through the steps explaining as he went what was happening and what should be the next step. Paul’s eyes lit up in comprehension as in typical Paul fashion he threw his arms around his friend saying, “I love you, I would never have got that at school!” again he kissed him soundly on the lips.

Bonnie giggled and they both turned to see her with a camcorder in her hand filming. Paul clowned around a bit for her then noticing the time said, “Gees, I better go, my Dad will be here soon!” With a flurry of packing he was gone.

Sydney motioned Bonnie to come closer to him and looking into the lens of her camera mouthed, “Bonnie has no panties on,” she shut the camera off after putting it down carefully turned to him and leapt into his lap.

“How do you know?” she said kissing him on the lips.

He wrapped his arms around her small frame and nuzzling her ear replied, “I guessed.”

She laughed as he tickled her ear with his tongue then she rocked back against him pushing him back further into the chair as she started to try and tickle him. They wrestled in the chair for a few moments and finally she sat straddling his lap and pushing the lever on the chair setting it to a reclining position and placed her hands against his chest. “Sydney, are you going to fight your demons?” she asked looking into his eyes as she leaned forward to kiss him.

“I am going to try,” was his reply suddenly realising just how much these three women he loved were talking about him.

He had his hands on her skirt where they covered her thighs; his thumbs were stroking her gently. Looking up to Bonnie’s face and saw that her eyes were closed as she held her bottom lip between her teeth. He stroked his thumbs a little higher and could feel the heat of her body through her skirt. Leaning forward a little he nuzzled his face between her breasts smelling her delicious fragrance. Her hips moved slowly in a slight rocking motion.

Sydney moved his hands off her skirt and down to her knees then trailed the fingers of both his hands along the inside of her thighs edging up under her skirt then a little higher. He could feel the heat from between her legs against the back of his hands and allowed his index fingers to edge forward a little more until they contacted the soft downy hair of her vagina. His fingers stroked softly as he whispered, “I knew you didn’t have any on,” lifting his lips to kiss her.

She pushed him back into his chair moving the hands away from her excited vagina; “Wearing them only gives me a cold box after I have been to see you! Remember it is still winter out there!”

He laughed and gave her a long hard kiss.

She jumped up and grabbing her bag walked over to the shower cubicle, Sydney got up to follow her and she held her hand up to stop him. She returned a few moments later and he saw she had changed into jeans and jacket and resuming her seat on his lap kissed him again. “I have to be respectable tonight,” she explained, “we have try-outs for the spring play.”

Hugging her tight he asked if she was trying out for the lead, she said no just a bit part because she wanted to have more time to come and see him. Sydney felt humbled and was about to tell her how special she made him feel when Mr and Mrs Gilroy arrived outside. They sat up in the chair and Bonnie stayed on his lap though in a more demure position than a few minutes previous.

When David Gilroy saw them Sydney noticed that for an instant his eyes seemed angry before he smiled broadly. Taking a chair opposite asked how their days had gone and they chatted idly for a few minutes before Kelsey came over with Dr Evans to join the little cosy group.

“Tea any one?” Sydney asked. David Gilroy and Bonnie declined saying they had to go.

Dr Evans licked his lips and said, “I haven’t had a break all day, so if you don’t mind, yes!” Several minutes later Robyn arrived with a steaming pot and enough cups, milk and sugar to go around.

“Won’t you join us?” Sydney asked her.

Waving her hand said, “Nah! I gotta go have a fag and then Bruce is taking me to the pictures, so if you want any more tea you have to make it yourselves tonight.”

They wished her good night and she left with a promise that someone would get the tea things later.

After some general chitchat Dr Evans excused himself telling Kelsey to come and see him before she left. She nodded with a smile.

Sydney gave Kelsey a small grin when he and Kelsey were finally alone. “So, I am the subject of some discussion between you ladies, huh?” he teased.

She looked at him shyly, “Well we believe that three heads are better than one.”

Kelsey was frightened, the session she had had with the young man opposite her had sent her into hysterics and the pills that Dr Evans got Jo to get her didn’t help much. On top of that David had returned with a woman to their home, a woman that her, Jo, Bonnie and Dr Evans knew extremely well, even though they had never met her. That shock alone was almost enough to make her break down let alone with what she was carrying around from Sydney. David had been furious when Thelma had told him to go to the pub without her as she needed to sort some things out with Kelsey.

As soon as David had left Kelsey broke down into the woman’s arms and Thelma had taken her into her bed where she and Bonnie had spent a considerable part of the night together. David had returned drunk and finding the three women in the bed had begun to undress saying that even though they should have waited he was here now and obscenely began to stroke his cock in front of them. Kelsey did not know which one hit him first but both Thelma and Bonnie wrung their hands as David’s drunken body hit the floor of the bedroom and lay there unmoving.

They had adjourned to Bonnie’s bed and Kelsey had slept surrounded by her niece and the blonde green eyed woman. Now she was here again and she did not know how strong she was going to be but they had all agreed that she should at least try to carry on. Bonnie had given her a quick wink to let her know that Sydney seemed to be very joyful so hopefully not much more darkness would come from him. She also knew that David was in for a shock when he went outside with Bonnie, Thelma was waiting to take the girl to her rehearsals, Jenny was with her. David would be told to find somewhere else to stay tonight as he was not welcome at home for the moment.

Sydney observed the woman who sat nervously across from him and suggested that she had probably heard everything about his abuse and he wanted to try to talk about something more positive. Kelsey nodded slowly, unsure about what it was he wanted to say.

Sydney began to talk again, he found himself not dwelling so much on the horror of the beatings and punishment, but began to talk about how his neighbours, their child and finally the little black haired girl that came into his life gave him hope.

Now Kelsey was totally lost in the emotion as she listened to the young man talk about his guilt about lying to the most wonderful person he had met, how he had wanted so desperately to let her hold him and take away the pain but he couldn’t let himself take that step. She smiled as he talked of his love for her daughter, the little red curly haired girl had stolen his heart from her very first look, by the time she could articulate her love he was hers totally. Sydney apologised to Kelsey and asked that she pass on his apology to Bonnie, but Jenny was his. Kelsey almost cried at his little slip of the tongue but saw that he was not talking about being her father, he was talking about Jenny being his love, she could almost see it in his eyes, Jenny was the boy’s life.

He explained that every time he found out she had been sick because he was hurt it had hurt him more and more, he tried and tried to be a good son, to be humble, to be respectful and obedient, so that he would not get any more beatings so that Jenny would be ok.

When he described his mother’s tirade against him in the shower, her accusations of self-abuse under her roof and the subsequent belting that kept him away for so long from the little girl she placed her tablet on the table came over to him knelt and hugged his shaking body tightly.

He sobbed into her shoulder and gasping for breath he told her that he didn’t even know what she was talking about. Sydney confessed that he still didn’t. She leant back a little and holding his head in her hands looked into his face. “You don’t do you? No I can see it in your eyes you haven’t got a clue what it was all about and with the rest of the crap she has told you before and since then I can see why you consider your normal body reactions so evil and wicked.”

Her chin quivered as he saw tears well in her eyes and before he knew it he was holding her tight and begging her not to cry over him. She did though and through her sobs he heard her tell him over and over what a wonderful person he was and how sorry she was that she didn’t do more for him.

He remembered Jo’s words of a few nights ago as she held him naked on the floor and sobbed her heart out to him while he battled the blackness that had consumed his mind. Sydney decided then and there that he would do his best not to have any woman cry over him again. Holding her in my arms he slid down off the chair and gently stroked her hair until her sobs receded.

He reached for the tissues on the table passed her several and taking another dabbed the tears that were still on her face. “I love you,” Sydney stated simply and before she could speak again he kissed her softly on the lips then on her closed eyelids and finally on her forehead.

Sydney’s little node in his brain wept in her joy, her main purpose for being there here and now bubbled out of her in an exhilarating and almost orgasmic tide. She flooded his body with commands, endorphins and other chemicals began to work their way around his body. Shortly the reaction would begin and she would be witness and protector to it all before she took her residence inside the scarred tissue on his thigh where she would carry out a few adjustments before the next big phase.

Kelsey sighed against Sydney who was beginning to feel a fresh determination starting to grow in him said, “Bikkies.”

She gave a small laugh as he held her tightly for a few moments then got up and walked to the monitor. “Could I have some fresh tea and milk please?” and returned to help her to her feet.

She stood and bent her head back slightly to look into my face again, “Something has changed,” she remarked.

He nodded slightly and with a small grin said, “I can see down your top.”

“You are a cheeky bugger,” she laughed, pushed him away and grabbing another couple of tissues walked to the bathroom.

The tea arrived just as she returned, her make-up repaired, colour restored to her cheeks, Sydney poured some cups as she retrieved her bag of biscuits from her carry all. He beckoned to the seat beside him on the divan, as she sat they both twisted slightly to look at each other. Raising a bent leg onto the seat they allowed their knees to touch and dipping his biscuit saluted her with it before popping it into his mouth.

“I think you only love me for my bikkies,” she kidded as she began munching on one herself, he noticed a small crumb drop onto her blouse and with deliberate slowness let his fingers close together around it and her nipple that was very prominently erect in her woollen top.

Her eyes fluttered slightly as he gently tugged on the trapped flesh and released it catching the crumb in the palm of his hand. She grabbed his hand brought it up to her mouth letting her tongue snake out across his palm to capture the crumb and bathe the trembling hand.

Sydney felt himself getting warm and was extremely conscious that his penis was enlarging itself in his loose shorts.

They contemplated one another for a while her eyes roving over his body and she observed that he was starting to fill out a little. Sydney in turn observed her fine-featured face the delicate contours of her slightly almond shaped eyes then let his eyes slide down her neck and across her chest where her nipples still protruded slightly. She smiled and said “Thank you,” when his eyes finally returned to her face.

His puzzled expression gave her a hint that he didn’t know what for and she shifted her foot slightly to press against his almost fully erect penis.

“For that,” she whispered, “for showing me that you find me attractive.”

He swallowed a little as she shushed him with a finger against his lips, “Let’s just sit here a little longer; I think we have had enough words for tonight.”

He nodded and picking up his cup sipped while his eyes never left hers.

A small voice in his head toned out “Erase the ancient path to life without fear” suddenly he knew what it meant, he had exorcised some of his demons, maybe not all of them, by following back his old life and talking about it. Now that they had been exposed and brought out he could reflect on them and banish those that were no longer relevant.

Kelsey watched the boy carefully as he stood before her and her eyes widened as she noted that the bulge in his shorts looked enormous! Not only that he seemed to be glowing, a dark pulsing green then a voice spoke from his mouth as he lifted his arms high out to his sides, “Behold I am new again, I have shed my old bark! Beware for I am coming for you Retsam Elam!”

Kelsey dropped her cup down and she screamed, “Get Dr Evans in here now!”

Sydney’s mind became a green haze.

Chapter 14 – Growing, becoming

The node in Sydney’s head was jubilant her host was growing, fantastically and wonderfully and through his eyes she saw the people standing around him being bathed by his glorious green light. All except one who walked towards him with a weapon in his hand, she struck out, the weapon flew into the ceiling and she radiated out her hatred at his attempted interference. The man cowered back, barely able to control his body’s sudden loosening of his bowels as something struck at his senses in rage. He fled from the room.

Dr Evans, Jo and Kelsey simply watched, their smiles wide as the body before them changed, the thin legs widened, strengthened, the chest became deeper, muscles formed, his stomach flattened, his shoulders widened. The neck thickened and Kelsey grinned in delight as the black hair grew, its wayward lock falling in front of his eyes.

The hated triangle on his forehead burned away in a bright green flash, one that seemed to be accompanied by an oath, but not in a language anyone present could understand. Alfred observing and recording all of it did, but he was not going to speak the words, they had no translation into English, they were words of power that struck out an ancient evil and destroyed its hold on anything good.

The transformation took almost an hour, the clothes on the man shredded as he grew revealing his naked changing body. The two women watching with Dr Evans were almost weak kneed in anticipated joy as his erection grew before them and the man’s eyes appeared to glow green as he met their eyes as if drawing them to him to touch and taste him.

The pulsing light subsided, the eyes returned to their normal dark-blue as the man began to collapse but was prevented from reaching the floor by the two women, Dr Evans and another doctor who half carried, half walked the man to his bed and lay him down.

Dr Evans and Dr Greg Collins, the other man that Dr Evans had spoken to on the phone several days before, watched the nurse and the psychologist run their hands over the man removing the scraps of clothing from his body as he lay on the bed. Neither could believe what they had seen, yet there he was, large as life lying on the bed softly sleeping as the two women allowed their hands to roam freely over him.

Dr Evans smiled and then tut-tutted as Kelsey Gilroy, who seemed to be in some sort of trance lowered her lips to the penis Jo was holding for her and was about to suck it deep into her mouth. The attention of the two doctors seemed to shake the two women and Patrick was pleased he had sent Wendy and some of the other nurses from the room as the transformation occurred.

Jo covered the man with the sheets and she led Kelsey from the room, though Dr Collins noted that both of them barely missed running into the wall as they kept their eyes on the man under the sheet and missed the doorway by almost a metre. He and Dr Evans guided the two ladies out and asked the guard to not let anyone in but themselves for the duration.

The entity in Sydney’s body, now safely installed in the scar on his thigh, giggled, it would have been nice to have had the women finish the warrior’s growth, the expulsion of his sperm would have been the perfect end to the beautiful thing she had been part of creating. However, she contented herself that the warrior would be making up for his lost time very shortly and no doubt those two would be part of that catching up. Softly she reached to the mind of the brown haired, brown eyed woman and stroked the pleasure points in her brain, “He is yours my lady, built in your image, treat him well.”

Dreamily Kelsey nodded as she walked out the doorway, on her second attempt, guided by the warm hand of Dr Collins.

The warrior in the bed let his mind roam over the changes to his body, he softly thanked his companion, “You have done well Esmeralda, do you need anything else?”

“No my lord,” she whispered, humbled that he remembered her name from so long ago, “only that you do not rush. It has been a long and hazardous journey; do not bring it all undone by being impatient.”

“Always the wisest of council my alien friend, do you tarry long this time or do you have time to guide me back to my full powers?”

“I will be here for some time my lord, you know that I love you, being with you is always nice even if you do not live long enough lives.”

“I am sorry Es, a million of Earth’s years is not a very long time for you Zygotians, is it?”

“No my lord, but it is enough,” she paused with a small sigh, “for now.”

“How shall we act then Es as this body repairs and grows? I find some strange talents in this time, what is cricket?”

The little Zygotian smiled, “A game my lord, a game you are very good at. Perhaps it would be a good idea to let the conscious part of the mind take control for a while until you find your feet, so to speak?

“Perhaps, yes I think you are right, we shall let Sydney Douglas be us, he seems to be doing a good job now that we seem to have left Hades.”

“It was not Hades, Enyalius, it was here on Earth!”


“Yes my lord, he is here again.”

“Then we shall prepare, this time I will not fail to take his black heart with my sword!”

Esmeralda smiled and settled down to rest and wait, as did the subconscious mind of Sydney Douglas.

Act 2 – Sydney

Chapter 1 – Some explaining

When I awoke I heard people talking and I pretended to still be asleep to hear their conversation.

“His growth is remarkable…” Dr Evans.

“But his eyes glowed…” Kelsey.

“Will he be alright?” Jo.

“Do you think he should see this recording, maybe he knows what happened…” a voice I didn’t recognise.

“You can all stop talking about me now,” a voice I didn’t recognise came out of my mouth, it was deeper, a rich baritone and it sounded very pleasant in my ears.

A tiny voice whispered in my head, “I like your new voice too, Sydney. Oh and when you get a chance find a full length mirror and make sure they show you that recording.”

I nodded to myself and rolling over onto the edge of the bed I stood. I heard a quiet gasp and looked down to see that I was still naked, my new muscles and sinews showing where before had been barely skin and bone.

I sat back down and holding my hands in front of me I turned them this way and that as I saw that my once thin wrists were fuller and flexing my arm I saw actual biceps appear and I thought that’s not too shabby. With a grin I asked if a full-length mirror could be found and Dr Evans in a sort of daze said, “Sure, sure,” and called out for a domestic to find a mirror.

“What the hell happened, Syd?” asked Kelsey and Jo at almost the same time.

I looked at them both and with a smile saying, “My teachers helped me shed some old skin.”

They both looked puzzled as I beckoned for both of them to come closer and wrapping an arm around each of their waists pulled them hard against me and kissed each of them on the mouth. They placed their heads on either side of mine with a hand each on my shoulders, “Are you sure you are OK?” asked Jo.

I laughed, “Never better, I think we shall be going home soon!” and squeezed their hips gently to emphasise the ‘we’.

“Cheeky bugger!” they both said at the same time.

I let them go when a mirror was rolled in by an orderly who positioned it in front of me. I stood and walked towards it then twirled back to the ladies, “See I can walk now too!” both of them clapped their hands and their broad smiles filled me with joy.

Taking a deep breath I turned back towards the mirror and critically examined the changes in my body, my legs were definitely some two to three times their previous girth and I looked at the scar that still marked my right leg.

I resisted the temptation to reach for it yet, later I said to myself. I turned and twisted checking the muscle definition that now strengthened my back and torso. The hairline scars that had criss-crossed my rib cage had disappeared and my neck and shoulders appeared fuller and broader. The triangle cut by Elam’s minion was also gone, though for some reason that did not surprise me in the least, it was not a mark that I would ever wish to see upon mine or anyone else’s body anywhere. I looked at Dr Evans and smiled at the man’s astonished face.

“Dr Evans,” I said flexing my leg and my arm, “you have done a remarkable job with your experimental process for my bones. I seem to have grown another five or six centimetres and they feel as strong as ever.”

The doctor’s professional pride overshadowed his obvious curiosity for a few moments and I held up my hand to forestall his questions, “In good time Sir, please.”

I turned to the man who I did not know asked him his name and he told me he was Professor Trevor Hawkings from the University of Townsville. I gave him a hard glare, “You can take your scalpels and microscopes back there professor, I am no guinea pig or specimen in a jar for you to theorise about or experiment on! I am a living breathing being and you will not touch me!”

I lowered my tone stepping closer to him, “Do I make myself clear?”

The man backed away from me and stuttered that he did.

“Good, now could someone rustle up some food and some tea, I’m starving. Kelsey, would you have any more bikkies somewhere.”

Kelsey Gilroy’s jaw dropped then she and Jo slapped their hands on the bed and began cackling like old hens.

Dr Evans ushered his colleague out of the room as I stood there shaking my head, “Bloody women!”

Some sort of order was restored shortly afterwards and Wendy taking one long look at my naked body raced off returning a few minutes later with a pair of shorts and a towelling robe. She bent to help me put the shorts on and suddenly had a helper as Jo came to her assistance, I was very conscious that their eyes were both firmly fixed on my groin and I heard Jo’s muttered, “I always knew those balls were monsters, but bloody hell!”

I gave a little harrumph and soon four hands were helping the shorts up over my nakedness though not without a bit of giggling and a few accidental touches. Both girls’ faces were slightly flushed as they finished their work and I politely thanked them both and sliding my arms into the sleeves of the robe pulled it around myself.

I reached for the tie of the robe and found Kelsey standing in front of me handing me a biscuit then she reached around me, pulled the ties to the front and tied a quick knot across my waist. She tilted her head up to my face as I bent slightly kissed her and whispered into her mouth, “I can still see down your top.”

She burst into tears and hugged me tight, I put my arms around her and then Jo wrapped her arms around the both of us.

“Yes it’s still me,” I whispered to them both.

Kelsey moved slightly outwards, through her tears I could see her smiling, “I know now!” she lightly thumped my chest with her fist, “You gave me such a fright!”

“You gave us all a fright,” added Jo.

“Well when I have eaten I will tell you what happened.”

The two girls went to the bathroom, no doubt to freshen up and shed more tears on each other’s shoulders I confided to Dr Evans and he nodded his agreement.

I strode over to the doorway asked the guard if he could find out what was keeping my breakfast and if he could ask the kitchen to bring some more pots of tea and coffee and heaps of toast. He double-timed it down the corridor as I walked over to the armchair beside Dr Evans and sat down.

“Alfred, can you park these damn nano-bots of yours somewhere until they are needed please?” I asked the air.

Moments later the buzzing that I had been hearing in my head stopped and I sighed, “That’s better.”

Breakfast arrived and I attacked it like I hadn’t eaten for a week causing Jo and Kelsey to send Wendy off for two more lots of bacon and eggs and more toast before I sat back sated. I rubbed my stomach reaching for the teapot poured a fresh cup before leaning back with it in my hands and said, “Where shall I start?” to no one in particular.

“At the beginning is usually a good place,” intoned Alfred as his wizened face appeared on the screen on the wall beside us.

“Who is that?” asked Wendy and Kelsey, I waved away their question telling them I would tell them later.

“Alfred, Kelsey and Wendy,” I said by way of brief introduction.

“Alfred is the wisest man I know and it is he that triggered off all these events of the last few hours. Him and his damned nano-bots,” I smiled to show him that I understood what and why he had done and he nodded in appreciation. He also knew that I was not going to involve Esmeralda in this explanation, a sigh of relief came to my mind as the little alien had almost begun to panic. Zygotians do not like to be discovered, especially in medical facilities!

“You see when Alfred sent the nano-bots off on his so-called exploratory and repair missions he already knew that there was a strange piece of DNA in my make-up. I would bet Dr Evans that you will not find anything unusual in the blood work ups that you did when I first came in here.

“It was only when Alfred decided that he needed to have some human interaction with me to help speed along the process he knew was going to happen that he let you have an untainted sample of my blood. Correct?”

“I had to protect you, Syd, if I didn’t that so called professor of botany would have had you standing in a bloody pot trying to make you grow into a flaming fern or something!”

I laughed, “So many protectors for one little boy,” I remarked.

“Not so little anymore, or a boy for that matter,” I heard Kelsey whisper to Jo which started them both giggling.

“Yes I am sorry about that,” Dr Evans said, “but when I found that the DNA strand I was examining was from a plant I needed someone to confirm what I was looking at, he is renowned as the best botanist on the planet.

“It’s a pity though that he doesn’t make a distinction between cutting and splicing plant matter and human beings.”

I waved the matter away and continued my story. “With the nano-bots running around in my head and Jo, Kelsey along with Bonnie doing their best to break down the barriers in my mind about other things.

“Thank you ladies!” they bowed their heads at my thanks.

“The nano-bots began to peel away a small node that had appeared in my head to reveal the workings of a part of me that hadn’t developed properly.”

Alfred spoke up, “I think it was caused by several blows to the head that you received sometime in the past few years. It should have naturally developed during puberty and flushed your body with the chemicals you needed to grow.”

Kelsey spoke up softly, “I think I know when those blows might have been delivered.”

I snapped my head around to her and waited for her to continue. “It was when your mother accused you of self-abuse and your father beat you when you got home. I suspect that your father may have known about it and had told your mother to watch out for your possible sexual growth which both of them all along tried to prevent, hence the banning from sex ed classes, the beatings and continued doctrine of evil about women and relationships.”

I nodded in agreement as a surge of anger from Es caused me to tremble slightly as I narrowed my eyes at Alfred. “Could that be true, could he have known about me and took up with my mother to prevent me growing?”

“Quite possibly,” Alfred replied, “there doesn’t seem to be any record of him appearing elsewhere until his marriage to her fourteen years ago.

“By the way the police have had no luck tracking him down either so beware that he may find out and come looking for you again.”

I scowled, “He may find more than he can handle this time!”

Kelsey looked at me again and I could sense her question coming and holding my hand up asked Alfred to replay the recording of what happened the previous evening, I added, “Only from the time I stood up please Doctor!”

The monitor showed me rising from the couch beside Kelsey and stretching my hands above my head and then out to my sides parallel to my shoulders. Then the words I spoke boomed across the room, “Behold I am new again, I have shed my old bark! Beware for I am coming for you Retsam Elam!” A dazzling dark green light shone from my whole body my eyes turned towards the camera and indeed they did appear to blaze a deep glowing green.

The transformation took almost an hour and the scenes showed Kelsey, Dr Evans, another doctor, Jo and Professor Hawkings watching me. One scene showed of Hawkings attempting to approach me with a syringe which by some force ripped from his hand and flew towards the ceiling. I looked up and it was still wedged into the batons above. Dr Evans followed my eyes, “Poor old Trevor nearly shit himself when that happened,” he laughed.

Finally the glow faded and I began to collapse but the unknown doctor, and Dr Evans caught me, half dragging half walking me got me back to my bed and lay me down on it. Jo cut off the clothes on my body that were now little more than rags from the sudden growth spurt that had occurred. When the scene changed to one of Jo and Kelsey staring at my body I suggested to Alfred that that would be all, he snickered, “I’ll show you the rest later my boy.”

I turned back to the rest of the group and they stared at me expectantly, "So now I have grown, a little, and thanks to Alfred’s and Dr Evans’ nano-bots will continue to grow and become the man I dreamt I could." Beaming smiles greeted me at my words.

I frowned, "There are still a few mysteries to be explained though. One, how come Dr Evans didn’t find the DNA change before then, obviously you couldn’t change something as basic as that in my blood samples, Alfred, so what was going on?

“And two, what were the errands that you were sending Jo out on that you couldn’t do yourself?"

We all turned our heads towards the vid screen and I chuckled at Alfred’s rather sheepish expression.

"Well firstly," he began describing how he conveniently lost the results of Dr Evans’ tests then recreated them with more normal data. He told us how he had suspected that something was unusual when he began a back track through records relating to my birth and other rare visits to doctors and hospitals.

"I wanted to keep some things for later pondering," he told us. "Sometimes it is so boring in this environment that when the unusual appears it gets the old circuits going!"

We laughed at his very human expression and curiosity.

He explained that in the early days of my birth no one thought to check DNA profiles they were just done as a matter of routine and the results never examined. It was easy to go back and replace records in those hospitals with false ones. Eventually though he found that the nano-bots were reporting some strange data during their explorations around my body.

It was now that he needed human hands and despite his opinion of Dr Evans he wanted to keep it a secret for a little while and so he coerced Jo into helping him.

Jo took up the story, "I’ve spent more time in university labs in the last few weeks than I did when I was going to university!" she complained.

However, carrying out the procedures and instructions that Alfred gave her she managed to create a very accurate DNA profile of me, my mother, my brothers and the man who I called father for so many years.

Alfred noted, "He is definitely not your father, and I’m afraid your mother and siblings couldn’t donate you a centilitre of blood let alone a kidney. So whoever your parents were they most definitely passed on all your DNA traits."

Alfred then asked me how I knew what was going to happen.

I grinned back at that, fairly pleased with myself that I had at least some more to add to his memory banks. "I figured out the phrases, or at least one of the phrases!" I told them.

"Erase the ancient path to life without fear – suddenly I knew what it meant; thanks to Kelsey."

She looked a little puzzled then said "Of course! You were unloading all the bad stuff when we were in session." She puffed up a little with pride realising that she had played a big hand in my new growth.

"But just talking about it wouldn’t be enough," said Dr Evans. "I’ve had patients with heavy mental burdens before that have been to specialist psychiatrists and sometimes talking helps but it doesn’t cure them."

"In my case doctor it was enough to break down the mental barriers to allow the newly exposed and repaired node in my brain to do its job," I replied. "You see when the nano-bots discovered any damage in me they had been programmed by Alfred to carry out repairs. I believe I have had some work done on my eyes, ears, a hairline fracture of my skull, some tweaking of the plassteel glue and a straightening of several teeth. Have I missed anything out, Alfred?"

"No I think that pretty much covers it, except of course the brain damage itself. But how did you know what they were up to?"

I shrugged, "They kept talking to me, or at least I think it was them or something they found in there that was talking to me through them. Sometimes it sounded like there was a whole work gang in there; I was almost expecting smoko bells and change of shift whistles to go off." Everyone laughed at that.

Esmeralda made my scar itch and I gave it a light pat, she purred in my mind, “Clever boy.”

I continued how the more they began to work on and around the blockage in my brain that I kept getting signals that whatever it was that had begun examining me wasn’t happy. I began to eat more, everyone nodded and comments were made about never being full and always having to find more food around the place, it was like I was being prepared for a big change. The only thing was that the trigger couldn’t go off until a few mental adjustments were made.

"I guess," I finished, "that the promise I made to myself last night was the one that it was waiting for and bingo here I stand."

Dr Evans shook his head, "The mind," he said, "is capable of outstanding and miraculous things!"

All present nodded in agreement.

Chapter 2 – Going home and ducks

David Gilroy was furious, not only had he been told to find somewhere else to sleep, then he was told to come home by his precocious seven year old daughter cause she needed him to do something for her. Now he was standing in the hospital corridors as his daughter tried to pull him faster with the backpack he had slung over his shoulder.

As Sydney finished his explanation of the changes that had occurred in his body a little girl’s voice was heard down the corridor saying, "Hurry Daddy, hurry!" and they all turned just as Jenny, dragging David Gilroy by the hand, came through the door.

She let go of her father’s hand and squealing, "Syddy, Syddy!" raced over and jumped up into Sydney’s arms.

Her mother and Jo both said at the same time, "Well, I never!"

Kelsey asked, "Jenny, how do you know that this is Sydney?"

Jenny turned to her and with a look of utter innocence replied, "Ducks told me Syddy growed."

It wasn’t the ducks but Esmeralda used the little girl’s presence with the feathered creatures as her chance to let the girl know about the changes to her big playmate. Es thought it was a very cute way to describe the warrior, the man who would protect her for the rest of her life.

Sydney lifted and held her slightly away from him, "The ducks?"

"Yep," she said nodding her head emphatically.

Sydney grinned and looked to David Gilroy who was laden with a large pack on his shoulder and a look of disbelief on his face.

"Syd?" he queried.

"Yes, David, it’s me."

His wife and Jo moved over to him relieved him of the pack and David Gilroy just continued to shake his head. He hadn’t missed the man’s change of address to him from mister to David either and he eyed the muscular form in front of him deciding that he was looking more and more as if he was on the losing side in the battle for his niece’s virginity. He tried to turn on his self-imagined winning humour and charm.

"All morning," he started, "she’s been running around like a mad thing. Insisting that I have to get new clothes and making sure that there was enough food. She kept insisting that ‘Syddy growed’ and that ‘Syddy coming home now’ and after a couple of temper tantrums I just went along with her. And, well, bugger me, look at you!"

Kelsey Gilroy kept her head down as the man spoke, she had still not forgiven him for his treatment of her, Thelma and Bonnie. For a fleeting moment she wondered how they coped with his presence this morning, an image of a surly David being yelled at by both his daughter and his niece came to her head as a very cool pair of green eyes watched him.

Sydney shifted Jenny to his left arm and walked over and held out his hand, he grasped it firmly and pumped it vigorously.

Dr Evans spoke up, "Well I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but I can’t let him go home just yet. We have tests to run and we need to check out all the repairs are OK!"

The last was said into a ring of disbelieving faces, it was Jenny that spoke first.

"Syddy, going home now! Come back see you later!" and she wrapped her little arms around Sydney’s neck and held on tightly.

Sydney laughed at her outburst, "Well Dr Evans it appears we have been told."

David Gilroy and Jo opened the pack he had brought, Jo was critically examining some jeans and shirts and finally satisfied held out a bundle of clothes for Sydney as Kelsey collected her child. Several minutes later he was dressed but barefoot and after Dr Evans placed his shoe clad foot against him he disappeared. He returned and presented Sydney with some socks and a pair of runners.

Kelsey told Sydney that they would come and get the rest of his stuff later, while Dr Evans got him to promise to return the following afternoon and an overnight stay. Jenny impatiently tugged on his hand wanting him to go with her and so Sydney finally left the halls of the hospital on his feet that he had been carried into over thirty weeks before.

The drive home was quiet and Sydney could feel the tenseness in the air between the husband and wife in the front. Jenny ignored them both simply holding onto the big man in the back-seat with her, hoping in her little heart that he did not suddenly disappear in front of her eyes, as he had the other night when he had come and patted her curls telling her that he was ok. Her little mind knew that they weren’t the same people but it still worried her.

Jo and Dr Evans had talked and Sydney’s eyes watched the pair carefully, Jo’s hair glinted in the sunlight, the highlights making her look soft and warm, she listened intently to what Dr Evans was saying and finally gave him a playful thump on his shoulder giggling a little and said that she would meet them at Kelsey’s soon.

Sydney tried to explain to David the changes to his body but it appeared that the man wasn’t all that interested, his mind seemed to be a million miles away and finally he gave up, concentrating on seeing if there were any changes around his neighbourhood. As they passed his school Sydney wondered aloud what it was going to be like going back there with his changed appearance and the knowledge that many people knew what he went through.

Kelsey had rotated her chair around to face him and she smiled as she watched his eyes. “They will get used to you again Sydney, we have and it has been less than twenty-four hours.” He turned to her and smiled.

Arriving at the Gilroy’s house, David sat a little bemused as his passengers alighted, he was surprised when Sydney hopped back in the front seat with him. “Let’s go to the pub for a couple of drinks, mate, I think we need to talk.”

David started the hover and Kelsey and Jenny watched them go with sad eyes, then Jenny held her mother’s hand saying, “Syddy fix David, Mum.” Kelsey was startled, she had never heard her daughter call David anything but Daddy before and she wondered what it was all about.

David stopped at a tavern that he had not been at before, he didn’t want to go his normal drinking place with the handsome man beside him, he already felt pretty low, he didn’t need the little black haired barmaid that reminded him so much of Bonnie, to be suddenly drooling over the lad. Sydney knew the reasons and simply waited until David had purchased a couple of beers and led him out to the deserted beer garden. It was only just after opening time so there weren’t expected to be too many patrons around.

“I know that you and Kelsey are not getting on, David. Want to tell me why or is it because of me?” Sydney asked, he left his drink untouched on the table as he waited for a reply.

“No not you Syd, me. I am fucking up all over the place. Getting drunk, being an idiot. Maybe I need to find something else to do for a bit, get my head back together.”

Sydney took a small sip of his beer and found the taste a little strong, he noted that David had almost finished his. “Anything in mind?”

“A lady I am seeing says she might have some work over in New Zealand, mining company looking at some old volcanic dumps that have surfaced off the coast. Could be worth a few dollars, need a good engineer to get them started.” The man went to get another drink and Sydney watched him exit sadly shaking his head at the forlornly bowed head as the man entered the bar area.

“So why don’t you go down there now David?” Sydney asked him when he returned shortly afterwards.

David hung his head a little before he answered, “I was actually planning on going tonight, but with you coming home and all, I wanted to be around for a while.”

Sydney looked at the man closely, his eyes were bloodshot, his skin seemed dry and uncared for, the man was exceedingly stressed. “Dave,” he said softly, “go now before you hurt yourself more. Go and get busy and see if you can’t, as you say, get your head back together. I will look after the girls while you are away, perhaps the woman who was saying she knows people could change her plans too.” He suggested the last more in hope than any knowledge that Thelma would go with him. He already knew who the ‘lady’ was.

David Gilroy looked at him and saw that there was no malice in Sydney’s intentions, the man looked like he genuinely wanted to help. Maybe his head was in the wrong place lately, his paranoia, jealousy and stupid notion that his niece was his for the taking did not sound like the thoughts of a man who had his head on straight. He placed his empty glass on the table and walked out. Sydney Douglas never saw him again.

Sydney opened his cell and dialled, Kelsey’s relieved face came on the screen and she smiled at the handsome face in front of her. “Coming home now?” she asked softly

“If you come and get me,” he named the tavern and smiled as Kelsey said she would be there shortly.

He waited on the footpath and hopped into her white wagon, she looked closely at him and raised her eyebrows in question. “I sent him to New Zealand,” was his soft voiced reply to her unspoken question and Kelsey sighed as she headed back home.

“You know he stopped loving me a long time ago, hell I didn’t even know who he was half the time!” her voice was hard and Sydney saw her hands clenched in fists in her lap.

“Perhaps I should find somewhere else to stay tonight Kelsey. You need to think about what you need to do. I can stay up in my old room, I am sure that the house up there is safe.”

She turned to him in anger, “I wanted him out of my life three years ago Sydney, I have wanted you in my life, in my bed, in me for nearly nine years. Please don’t run away on me now. Stay with me, hold me, love me!” Her tears flowed down her face as she gripped his hands, emphasising her words with tightening of her fingers around his. She pulled him towards her bringing his face down to her breasts. He could feel her heart thumping and her trembling.

“Syddy ducks,” said a small voice in his ear as a curly red head popped her head through the window.

Kelsey giggled and pushed him back, “Go,” she whispered, “just give us girls a few minutes, then there is someone else who wants to see you as well.”

He nodded and hopping out of the vehicle took the little red head and swung her laughing up onto his shoulders and half trotted half walked up to the duck pond.

The first thing that hit him was a wave of emotion that seemed to come from all around that hinted of joy, welcoming and concern. "Everyone wants to know if you are OK," said Jenny from above him so setting her down in front of him he squatted down to her level.

Before he could ask her who Sydney felt and got images from a variety of animals and surprisingly some of the plants around the bushland surrounding the duck pond and the back of the properties.

Esmeralda sighed as she felt the living beings all around her, this was what she loved about this planet, everything was so alive, broadcasting its joy to be so. Unlike Zygotia, where the small ball of clay, about the size of the Earth planet’s moon, was almost lifeless, the worms that lived in the soil being the only sentient creatures apart from the amphibious beings themselves. It was little wonder that her and many of her kind accepted assignments from the realm masters to assist with their projects because of their long lives and intelligence in operations of all types of equipment, living and non-living. She conveyed her happiness to her lord and suggested that he tell his friends around them that he was well.

Sydney stood and opened his arms to the surrounding bushland, closing his eyes he let his thoughts radiate out, it was a novel experience, but one he found almost familiar, as familiar as the impish little creature that resided in the scar on his leg. I am well my friends, I have grown and I am healthy. Thank you for your concern and a visitor thanks you for your care. The bushland erupted in a cacophony of squeals, grunts, birdsong and hoots, then quietened.

Jennifer watched him with a smile waiting until his arms returned to his sides then she touched his hand and nodded her head to the ancient gum to the right of where they stood. The tree was at least 200 years old and had been looking over the pond for much of its life. To Sydney the tree had been a favourite place to sit beneath its shade while he talked to the ducks about his troubles, he had always felt comfortable leaning his back against its smooth bark and sometimes his forehead as he cried his tears at the pains through his body.

Now he walked towards it and leant his forehead against its cool bark again, this time feeling extremely happy at the change of events in his life. It seemed so did the tree and a deep rumble in his mind as the tree spoke to him set his body slightly trembling, Welcome back young warrior, ’twas only a season but I did note that you were not here. Time is your friend my son, take it and use it well.

Stepping back Sydney looked up to the crown of the tree some 40 metres above him and nodded.

The ducks had been gathering on the water in a group, they watched the man and the little girl. One, named Two-Ways by Sydney because of the awkward way he swam with his head facing the opposite way to where he was swimming, paddled a little closer to the small pebble lined beach that gently sloped towards the grassy bank where the humans stood. He honked softly, to Sydney it was almost a small sound of hope, a call for permission to come and see them. The man turned and whistled.

Instantly the water was alive with splashing and moving ducks, they impatiently moved to the beach, some of them lifting off the water and taking short flights to land on the grass before the man and the little girl. Sydney sat on the grass and Two-Ways walked directly into his hands as he held them out in front of him and honked a small sigh of pleasure as the big hands lifted him gently and cradled him for a moment then gave his neck a light scratch. A small tear escaped from Jenny as she watched her big playmate as she said to him, “They missed you, Syddy.”

“I missed them too,” he told her softly as he placed Two-Ways back on the ground and saw Mack waiting patiently for his turn. Sydney laughed as he picked up and held each of the dozen ducks that waited for him. They seemed to like his scratches of their bills or necks and as he released each one, they gathered with their companions on the pebbles and honked at each other. It was almost as if they cheered as each one confirmed that it was him and that they had been touched. Jenny giggled and remembering her bag of bread scraps she began to parcel them out as Sydney talked to and scratched the little creatures.

One of the ducks was missing, a female that Sydney had called Old Mary, not because she was old but she reminded him of a bossy woman in one of the many books he had read and the way she rounded up the others at times reminded her of it. He thought he heard a honk come from behind a small screen of bushes just a little further up the creek and he walked the few paces down to it.

Jenny hissed at him as he squatted to peer through the bushes and he looked at her, “She is nesting and gets cranky!” the little girl told him.

Grinning he turned back and looked over the bushes, sure enough the largish grey and blue speckled bird was sitting on what appeared to be a well-made stick and grassy nest. He softly called her, Old Mary honked rather proudly and stepped carefully backwards revealing a nest containing ten eggs. "Clever girl," he whispered and she stretched her neck higher as she preened. Sydney scratched her neck and she rubbed her head over his arm.

"So who’s the father, Two-ways? Mack?" Sydney talked at her, she honked rather humorously, at least it seemed so to the man, with her head pointed in the direction of a rather small grey-feathered bird that he had named Syd after himself because he always seemed to be picked on by the others and never got much attention. Syd drifted towards the bank nearby and gave several honks that Old Mary answered and he drifted off again, but not too far away.

Sydney looked at the nest again and noticed that one of the eggs didn’t match the others; it was whiter and spherical. Carefully he lowered his hand down towards the nest and felt this strange egg and found it to be cold. Picking it up he found Old Mary watching him carefully. As he said, "This isn’t an egg," she honked a little sadly, "No, no, it didn’t die, it never had a life. It’s not a real egg," Sydney repeated.

A man’s voice behind him said, "No, it’s a cue ball. It’s an old farmer’s trick, when you have a broody bird you put an egg substitute in a likely nesting spot to try to encourage her to build her nest and lay her eggs there."

Sydney nodded and tried again to convey the message to Old Mary. She must have got it because she settled over the nine remaining eggs and allowed him to take the ball with him.

Stepping back to where Ian Creighton and Jenny were waiting, she said "She must like you; she won’t let me anywhere near them."

Sydney gave her head a small pat and passed her the ball. "How did you know about the ball?" Sydney asked Ian.

“I used to help my grandfather on his farm years ago, a broody bird that won’t find a nesting spot is more likely than not going to end up in trouble running around with a bellyful of eggs. I would say that Kelsey must have known about it as well, I am pretty sure she told me once that her mother had hens at some stage.”

Sydney nodded and smiled thinking Kelsey is a remarkably talented woman. Jenny touched his hand and laughed as she pointed to Sydney’s old cricket coach, “He doesn’t know who you are.”

“Sorry?” he looked at her puzzled.

“Mr Creighton, are you looking for Syddy?” she asked the man who was still looking around him, Kelsey had told him that Sydney was up here at the ducks but he couldn’t see anyone else besides the big man with little Jenny. He eyed the house further down the property and wondered if the boy had gone back to his old home for something.

“Oh, yes, sorry I was looking for Sydney, I wanted to see if he wanted to come to do some training before the season started,” said Ian looking back to Jenny.

“I would love to Sir, when did you think we could start?” Sydney said, his broad grin and words startled the man and he looked closer at the man’s face.

“By Jove! It is you! Kelsey said you had changed a little bit but my, my Sydney,” Ian’s eyes were full of tears. The young pup he had been training for such a long time, the talented batsman that sometimes inexplicably didn’t turn up for games or training and now he knew why. He had wanted to go and see the boy in hospital but he confessed to Kelsey that he wasn’t sure that he could handle his shame, he had cried on her shoulders about how he should have guessed, how he should have been able to help. She had softly talked to him and eventually convinced him to just be ready for the boy when he came out of hospital and get him fit enough to play his best and get him into the right teams.

Ian had waited, he found Kelsey Gilroy a mountain of strength and in his own bachelor way he found he loved the woman like a daughter. He was nearly 110 and Kelsey was only 45 he had no desire to chase a younger woman, certainly not one as attractive as her that he could see no long term future with anyway. He contented himself with seeing her every couple of weeks and getting progress reports on the young man. When she had rung him this morning to tell him that the young man was coming home he had asked for permission to come and see him about cricket. Kelsey had told him he better get over here cause she was damned if she was going to train him.

“I was hoping that we might have been able to start next week to get you fit, but it seems that you don’t really need me,” Ian said rather sadly.

Sydney laughed, “Sir I haven’t held a bat for so long, now that I have grown I have no idea what my footwork is going to be like. I probably am going to be rubbish!”

“Nonsense!” the older man exclaimed. “You were damned good before, being a bit bigger and stronger I think you are going to be exceptional!”

“Well Sir, perhaps you better make sure. When is the first training session?”

Jenny watched the two men as they joshed and joked with one another and suddenly she knew the name of the small possum that sat in the tree in her picture.

Ian left with a promise to let Sydney know when squad training would start, but said that anytime he wanted a running mate to give him a call. The man left feeling the happiest he had felt in months and Sydney sighed as he watched him drive off in his hover as he and Jenny walked towards the back door of the Gilroy house. Jenny told him to wait outside.

Sydney looked around the back yard, it was neat and tidy as usual, the love swing against the brick wall was in shade, he moved over and sat on it looking back towards the pond and the small hillock that separated it from the house he could see the back of on the downslope of the other side. He curled his lip and wished fervently for a bull dozer that he could use to push the thing out of his view.

Inside the house behind him music was playing and the chatter of female voices was excited with lots of giggling. Obviously the absence of David was not having too much of an adverse effect on the women inside. Suddenly the back door opened and a small black haired woman ran out, she glanced at the man sitting on the seat and then ran towards the pond, stopped and turned back to him, “Sydney?” He nodded she took one step towards him and fainted.

Chuckling, Jo and Kelsey appeared at the door and Kelsey said, "Looks like you win another bet!" as both of them stepped outside. Meanwhile Sydney had jumped down beside Bonnie and resting her head in his lap was looking helplessly at the two women.

"Looks like sensory overload to me," remarked Jo dryly.

"I bet she’s soaked again!" added Kelsey and Sydney found himself chuckling rather hard as he looked down to the fluttering eyelids of Bonnie.

"Give her a kiss, Prince Charming,” suggested Jo and he picked up Bonnie in his arms and gave her a light kiss on the lips before carrying her back to the chair swing beside the door on the veranda.

Bonnie’s eyes opened as he lay her down on the chair and she stared hard into his eyes, "What the fucking hell happened to you?" she demanded.

"Just lovely that is," said Kelsey and Jo’s choked laughter set them all off.

When they had restored some semblance of sobriety Sydney looked up to see Paul staring at him in absolute amazement, "Gee mate, do you think if you belt me up a bit and put me in hospital I can come out with a body like that?"

Sydney mock threatened to punch him and he danced out of the way. "Not today," he squeaked, "I have a date!"

He rolled his eyes and Bonnie said, "Let me guess, dancing lessons again!"

Paul’s grin told them all they needed to know.

Sydney gave them both the chopped down version of the story as both of them spent a bit of time checking out his new muscles and Paul insisted that the man must have grown at least 30 centimetres or he had shrunk. Bonnie grabbed him tightly and whispered in his ear, "Did everything else grow?"

Sydney blushed and Jo came to his rescue, "Well you aren’t finding out tonight young lady, doctor’s orders."

Sydney looked up to see Kelsey covering her disappointment with a small smile. Sydney sighed and asked what else had the illustrious Dr Evans forbade, Jo ticked off some no no’s such as alcohol, soft drinks and no strenuous activity.

The last she said while looking from Bonnie to Kelsey, both held hands to their breasts and solemnly declared that they would obey doctor’s orders.

"For now," Bonnie muttered under her breath.

Chapter 3 – A big sleep and a rosy future

Paul’s parents came to pick him up so that he could go visit his grandparents and prepare for his date, he left with a wave telling Sydney that he would see him in a couple of days.

There was one more visitor to the Gilroy house and she had watched, in her mind, the activities that had been occurring with the man since his leaving the hospital. His resolution of the David Gilroy problem was one that surprised her, on closer examination of David’s mind she saw the fear and self-loathing in the man and hoped that the man’s intention to get his head sorted out was something that he could do. However, she knew David, knew the way he thought about the women in this house, for that matter women in general, she doubted that sort of miracle would happen.

She smiled to herself, miracles do happen though she thought, the man causing the three women surrounding him in the kitchen to flush with excitement, was evidence that they do. Reaching out a little she touched his mind and was shocked when the dark-blue eyes locked on to hers in her mind. “Not yet T,” his voice said, “he is not me. No fair looking when he doesn’t know you, the others were dreaming, you want to talk to him you get that sexy arse of yours out there and talk.”

Reeling back a little in the hallway where she hid she felt a small hand grab hers, “Come on Mumma Felma, come and meet my warrior.”

Sydney was standing up sipping his tea when the blonde hair, green eyes and beautiful face of Thelma Daintree shyly came out of the back of the house her hand held by Jenny as she slowly walked towards him, "Syddy, this is Mumma Felma," she lisped rather solemnly.

The two looked at each other for a long moment. Sydney’s eyes travelled down the soft skin of her neck and over the firm globes of her breasts, covered in a soft green dress that highlighted her wide green eyes and the long dark lashes. Her stomach tapered to sensuous hips and from Sydney’s limited view appeared to curve to a slim firm backside. She stood around 175 centimetres tall in her sandal clad feet, the toenails painted to match her nails in a light red.

The woman, in Sydney’s eyes, was a gorgeous example of female. He captured her eyes and held her stare, the woman was tough, he thought, her eyes showed the experience of someone who has seen and done a lot of hard things in her time.

Thelma’s eyes softened as she watched the man appraise her, the man did not appear to want to just jump her bones as so many of the others she met did, he had checked her out, sure, but now his eyes held hers and it seemed he was trying to gauge who she was by what he read there. She saw his eyes soften as well, it seemed that he knew things about her in that assessment of her eyes, suddenly she wondered what it was he saw there.

“Pleased to meet you at last Sydney W-” she began.

He interrupted her, “Thelma if you say my middle name I am going to throw my cup at you.”

Then he laughed, walked towards her, wrapped her up in his big arms and kissed her, not a welcoming kiss, a full lipped, hot and familiar kiss that melted her into his arms. Her hands came up around his neck and she heard Kelsey giggle and she knew that her foot had lifted off the floor. “Hello seeker,” he said softly into her face as he reluctantly let her out of his grasp.

The blonde head leant against his chest and Kelsey was surprised that she could see the calm and controlled woman crying and she walked to the pair and put her arm over the woman’s shoulders looking at Sydney as he too stood with tears running down his face. “Someone want to tell us what is going on with you two?” she asked softly.

Jenny spoke from where she had remained beside the woman’s legs and watched her big playmate kiss the woman who had been looking for him for so long, “She has been looking for him for nearly all of Syddy’s life Mummy.”

Jo and Bonnie gasped at the revelation and suggested that everyone should sit down for a little bit and explain what the hell was going on. Sydney nodded and taking a seat on the large lounger in the living room he found himself holding Thelma on one side, Kelsey on the other and the other three sitting around his feet. Jenny giggled a little and to the astonished face of Sydney said, “Es are you listening?”

A small aqua glow coalesced beside the little girl’s red curls and then seemed to take up residence in the ringlets above her forehead. Sydney heard the little giggle in his mind, “Yes Mollenny I am listening.”

The four adult women stared hard at the little girl then back at the man who smiled, “Meet Es, or more formally Esmeralda.” He nodded to the glow in Jenny’s hair.

“I didn’t quite reveal everything in the hospital, well more precisely, neither Alfred nor I told about everything that happened. Es was the trigger in my brain, she has been there all my life, trying her little heart out to make me grow.

“That reminds me Es, someone knew you were in there, besides Alfred, any ideas?”

“There is only one other entity that knows about us, my lord.”

“Retsam Elam,” sighed Sydney.

Jenny gulped, “Please tell me he is not back on this world, please,” her voice was a plaintiff plea, but she knew that it was a fruitless one.

“I am not sure that he is physically back here, Mollenny, but he must be close enough to be controlling his puppets,” said Sydney, his eyes were hard and the two women leaning against him felt his body tense and lifted away from him to look at his face.

“Who is Retsam Elam? And why do you call Jenny, Mollenny?” asked Kelsey quite disturbed by what was being discussed around her. The whole thing was sounding more bizarre by the minute. Dreams being given to her by someone else she had adjusted to, even accepted from the blonde beside the man on the other side, but this!

Jenny giggled and standing up she stepped slightly away from the two women she had been sitting on the floor with. Jo and Bonnie watched Sydney lean back and his eyes focussed hard on the little girl, they turned their eyes back to see if they could see what he was seeing.

The little red curly haired girl no longer stood there, in her place stood a magnificent woman, her full breast, soft hips and slim body was encased in a full length dress of pale mauve that seemed to glow around her. Her hair was brown ringlets highlighted with red, her face was high cheeked with full sensuous lips smiling to reveal white shining teeth. Her big brown eyes were twinkling as she looked at the people watching her.

“That is Mollenny,” breathed Sydney. Jo and Bonnie looked straight back at him and Bonnie giggled as she saw the enormous bulge in Sydney’s jeans.

“Certainly did grow!” she exclaimed and Jo fell about laughing as she caught the lust in Bonnie’s voice.

The apparition of Mollenny smiled, wickedly her little foot nudged Bonnie, “You can wait Missy,” the soft tinkling voice said, “I believe Jo is first!”

Kelsey, despite the fluster she felt with the man’s bulge sitting almost within a small movement of her hand, was still confused and she said so.

“Mollenny is Jenny in about 20 years, Kelsey. Though she and I have been around for a lot longer than that, as have you all, but that does not matter now, what matters is an ancient evil, Retsam Elam, is causing trouble again and he will grow stronger until war starts. We must be just as prepared.”

Esmeralda danced joyously around Mollenny’s curls, she looked like a little aqua snake twisting and curling around the ethereal body. When Sydney told her that it was time to eat she remembered her next task and winked out of sight just as Mollenny let herself return to the little red haired girl who crawled up into the warrior’s lap.

Kelsey, Jo and Bonnie, their heads full of thoughts and a little confusion, set about making sandwiches as Thelma announced that she had to go and check her house. Telling the man beside her that they would talk later she gave him a soft kiss and went to see the women. The kiss she gave Kelsey took Sydney’s breath away, it was sensuous, hot and he felt his heart thumping a little. Jo noticed his look and came over to him, “They make me hot too,” and gave Sydney a kiss of almost equal intensity much to the delight of the little girl sitting in his lap.

Sitting, balancing the little girl and a cup of tea on his knee, Sydney reflected on the things that had awoken within him since last night. There was so much to do, so much to get ready for, yet Esmeralda’s advice and something else in his mind told him to slow down, stop even, they counselled patience and to learn. Finishing his tea he leaned back into the lounger and cuddled the little girl to his chest, they soon fell asleep.

Sydney awoke with a start, his hearing had detected movement somewhere close by, his eyes adjusted quickly to the dark broken only by the light of a small sliver of moon shining through the windows of the kitchen. He was covered with a blanket and Jenny had been taken from him at some time but he had not felt her being shifted. Glancing at the digital display on the wall he suppressed a small gasp of surprise, it was after 3:00 am, he had been asleep for over 12 hours!

He tiptoed to the kitchen where he had heard the noise and was delighted to see the shapely rump of Jo Jepson bending over naked as she fished for a piece of fruit in the bottom of the refrigerator. Warm hands touched her back, large hands, softly they slid down her sides and gathered the soft cheeks of her arse within them. She held still, her heart thudding a little in her chest as a jean’s clad bulge gently pressed against her. “Oh my that feels big,” she said softly to herself. Hands fumbled behind her then she saw between her legs his jeans hit the floor behind her.

Hot flesh touched the crease between her cheeks as a hand reached around her and cupped her wet sex, a finger playfully teased her awakening clit. The man behind her gave a small laugh as his cock slid downwards slightly and penetrated her in a slow yet firm stroke, she crunched down on the apple she had selected as his firm hairless groin touched her cheeks signalling the completion of his burying his large cock within her. Biting hard into the apple she smothered her groans as he just as slowly reversed his direction.

Fingers stroked her clit and with a heavy sigh and small yelp she came, hard as he pressed back a little more quickly into her then stopped, holding her tightly as his muscle throbbed within her. She felt her hot pussy milking the firm shaft, rippling along his length and clamping quite firmly down on him at the entrance to her sex.

“Syddy,” she sighed softly, “take me to bed and fuck me properly, please.”

He withdrew slowly, her juices covering him wetly, she straightened and turned around quickly before he could penetrate her again, she grinned up at him, “What if it had been Kelsey or Bonnie?” she giggled.

“Then perhaps they would be munching that apple as well,” he said softly, biting into the other side of it as she took another bite for herself. His eyes met hers and she groaned as hot, wet and hard flesh brushed against the underside of her large breasts as he leaned in close to her.

“Next time I am coming to get the fruit,” said a voice in their ears and a warm hand wrapped itself around his cock and gripped him firmly.

Jo and Sydney giggled as did Kelsey then all of them jumped in a little surprise as light flooded the kitchen, “You bitches had better have a good explanation for this!” cried Bonnie. “You said we had to wait our turns and here you both are naked and ready to bonk him on the kitchen floor! Kelsey back away and let it go, Jo close that fridge you will get a cold arse, Sydney pull your pants back up and tell me why despite me holding your dick like Kelsey is you didn’t wake up!”

The room erupted into laughter at the woman’s words and all did as they were told. Bonnie stood watching with her hands folded under her breasts her eyes twinkling as she saw Sydney blush a little as he checked out her naked body, soft from sleep but now showing, quite evidently, her arousal as she eyed the other two naked women and himself.

Still chuckling he suggested that unless someone was going to bonk him on the floor then they should go and get dressed then his stomach rumbled quite loudly and he gasped a little from the pangs he felt inside him. Kelsey reverted from wanton woman to mother in a heartbeat and said, “Food, Dr Evans said he would probably be starving when he woke up!” She rushed off to her bedroom along with Jo.

Sydney sat down abruptly, his head felt light, Bonnie reached up to get some cereal and placed a bowl, milk and sugar in front of him, filling the plate with cornflakes. Sydney spooned the barely wet cereal into his mouth as the woman filled the kettle, put it on and searched for something else to feed him as he poured a second bowl of cereal. Her Aunt smacked her on the bum and told her to get dressed as she reached for the frying pan and removed bacon and eggs from the fridge.

An hour later Sydney sat back, he had barely grunted at the three women as they placed plates of toast, sausages, bacon, eggs and cups of tea in front of him. Bonnie’s eyes goggled at the amount of food he consumed, Jo just grinned telling her that the day before when he was ready to transform he had eaten like that three times, the kitchen staff had just about gone nuts at how much he ate.

Kelsey saw Sydney’s eyes look around and reaching into the freezer extracted a tub of ice cream and placed it in front of him with a large dessert spoon, he barely paused to say thanks as he consumed it between sips of his tea.

As he finished the meal he finally looked up and saw the women standing in front of him, all wore broad grins, Jo was taking photographs, “Dr Evans will not believe how much you ate if I just tell him, now I have proof!” she said waving the little recorder.

“Alfred already told him, he’s on his way,” said Sydney as he excused himself and belched loudly.

In his mind a small voice spoke to him, “Sorry lord, I did not warn you that you would need to consume so much food for a couple of days. Your body needs a lot more now just for the last couple of transformations for this time.”

“How many more do I need to go through, Es?”

“Two,” was the soft reply. Sydney laughed and told her that was ok, he was sure he could find something to eat.

“What are you laughing at young Sydney,” said Dr Evans as he walked in the doorway and stood observing his young patient who had closed his eyes for a few moments and then started to laugh unexpectedly.

“Two more times to go Dr Evans, two more times I am going to sleep like death and then eat a week’s supply of food.”

Dr Evans paled, then turned to Jo, “Big Suzy still cook for you?”

The nurse nodded, “I will give her a ring.”

Kelsey’s wall phone lit up and DC Teeney’s face appeared. “Hello Kelsey, can I come and see you this morning, I have more news for you about Sydney’s parents?”

At her nodded reply he told her he would be there in an hour.

Jenny came from her bedroom, curls tousled dragging her little bear. She looked at the big man sitting at the table and said, “Syddy sleep like old tree!” then climbed up into his lap and gave him a peck on the nose before snuggling into him for a few moments while her mother got her a plate of cereal. Bonnie giggled when Kelsey found the empty box and went to her pantry to retrieve another one giving Sydney a mock scowl.

“What did you say about Syddy, er Syd?” asked Dr Evans when the little girl was seated and eating her breakfast.

“Sleep like an old tree, all quiet. The animals can crawl around him and he feels nothing until he wakes up,” the girl barely lifted her head as she made her pronouncement despite the gasp from Dr Evans.

Jenny had not seen the efforts that the women and Dr Evans had gone to in trying to wake the man. Her description of him sleeping on despite all of their efforts was apt, Kelsey had almost had a heart attack when Bonnie had unzipped Sydney’s jeans and played with his penis, nothing had disturbed him.

“Sydney do you think you could come in this afternoon, I would like to hook you up to some sleep monitors and see if we can’t predict when these things are going to occur?” asked Dr Evans. He was already hoping that his colleague Dr Greg Collins would return so he could consult with him, unfortunately that other oaf Dr Trevor Hawkings would have to come as well.

“No Patrick, not this afternoon, tomorrow? I have a few things that I need to do today and going back to hospital is not one of them. You can tell Hawkings to come but he can keep his scalpels and sampling equipment in Townsville, he will not touch me.”

Patrick Evans was a little startled, this was not the small frightened boy that had come into his hospital, this was a man who commanded, confident, fit and very much in control. One part of him was extremely impressed, the other worried that they had created a monster. He nodded in agreement and left with a smile when Sydney said, “Not a monster Patrick, a man who wants to find out about himself a little bit first, you will be the first to know if I need help because Alfred will tell on me.”

Jo returned from her call with Big Suzy, her chef and gave Sydney a broad smile, “Sydney would you like to have dinner with me this evening?”

“I would love to Jo, anywhere special you can take a poor boy who has about two hundred bucks to his name and needs to get new clothes and pay his food bill?” he asked softly, suddenly realising that he was not exactly flushed with funds, nor did he expect that he would be for a while. The prospect worried him greatly and the three women realised how forlorn he sounded at his future prospects.

“Sydney I think you better allow us to explain a few things to you,” said Kelsey as she sat down across from him and beckoned the other two to sit as well.

“Maybe we should wait for Detective Teeney, he can fill in a few gaps as well then we don’t have to explain it again,” suggested Jo as she looked at the man across from her as Bonnie sat down beside him.

Their faces showed a suppressed excitement and Sydney could not determine if it was because they were still a little high from the episode in front of the fridge or whether something else was in the wind. He would find out soon enough, Es told him, how many more times am I going to have to remind you to be patient. Her thoughts sounded very cross and he sat back chastened and waited.

DC Teeney knocked on the back door shortly afterwards, his face appeared a little grim but Sydney noted that his eyes were full of mischief. Gratefully he accepted a cup of tea from Kelsey and with a bigger crowd in the room Sydney asked if they may not be better off adjourning outside around the big entertainment area where there were numerous chairs and tables to spread themselves around.

“Sorry Sydney, I didn’t even know it was you, I thought you may have been up,” began DC Teeney as he realised that the man that had spoken was the young man he had been seeing in hospital. His words were cut off by the sharp kick delivered to him by the sweetly smiling Kelsey as she moved past him.

“They told me you had changed, but bugger me, I would have walked straight past you in the street,” said the detective as he gave the changed man a warm handshake and mentioned again how fit and strong he looked.

Comfortably settled DC Teeney passed Sydney a manila folder that when opened showed several photos of the scowling, angry and red face of Peter Douglas, the man appeared furious. Sydney lifted his eyes to the detective, “You found him?”

“No, that was his face when he was told that his lotto money could not be released to his offshore bank account because of government regulations,” smiled the detective.

“So where is the money now?” asked Sydney, envisioning it being returned to the government coffers as unclaimed prize money. If he kept eating and growing at this rate some of it would be handy until he could find a job.

“It is in a trust fund,” said Kelsey softly, “one that will pay for your schooling, clothing and other bills for as long as you want it to Sydney.”

“What!” he exclaimed.

The detective grinned, “You are part of the Douglas clan and only direct member of family in Oceania, so it is yours. Kelsey arranged for its transfer a couple of weeks ago.”

Sydney looked at her closely as she spoke, “Remember when I got that account set up for you for your wages from KMS Landscaping?”

He nodded slowly, “Well I had all of the necessary permissions and forms from then so I just added another account, then Jo and I set up some investments and so now you should have enough to last you for a lifetime.” Her smile was shy and Sydney’s eyes on her made feel very self-conscious as he turned to her and kissed her softly.

“What would I ever do without you Kelsey,” he said into her ear.

DC Teeney found himself a little bit embarrassed at the obvious love the woman had for the man sitting beside her and his love for her stuck out like a sore thumb, he grinned as Bonnie and Jo told them to get a room.

Turning back to the detective Sydney asked him if they had any idea of the whereabouts of the man, or for that matter his mother. The detective handed over a few more photographs showing several people surrounded by black clad figures being bundled into what looked like an old fashioned aeroplane. A close up of the figures showed his mother, Peter Douglas and his two half-brothers and the dark brown triangle of the Messiah etched on the upper side of the wings on the aircraft. “Looks like their master took them home,” said a voice in his head.

“Yes Es maybe they will get what they deserve, otherwise I would have found them sometime and they would have paid,” the voice was cold, hard, full of lethal promise and Esmeralda grinned at the tone. Zygotians were quite fond of evil being stomped out.

The look on Sydney’s face told Shaun all he needed to know and he hoped that one day the man opposite him would catch up with them he leaned across the table and shook the man’s hand again. “Just don’t kill them here,” he admonished, “I don’t have enough men to search for a non-existent murderer.” He grinned as Sydney nodded his understanding of his message and gathering his papers together said farewell.

“So what else do you want me to know Kelsey, Jo?” he asked after the man had gone.

“Do you know the name Simmons?” asked Kelsey.

“Industrialist, inventor, multi-billion dollar company, builds hovers, kitchen appliances, they also have interests in farms, property, mining and aquaculture. Harry Simmons died about 15 years ago, his wife, Laura, is an aged care facility, only daughter, Margaret, is supposed to be living in the country somewhere, but no-one has seen her since her father died…” Sydney trailed off as he saw the woman beside him smile as she listened to him run off at the mouth about one of the businessmen he admired greatly.

Harry Simmons was a self-made multi-billionaire, from very humble beginnings he partnered with an enterprise called Camelot Corporation and built a transport and communications business that basically dragged the country towards the 30th century. He was responsible for many common items in their households including vids, hovers, low power high efficiency refrigeration and cooking as well as the computerised food storage and retrieval systems that no kitchen should be without.

“You?” he spun his head to see Jo and Bonnie grinning at him, nodding as he realised that he was sitting next to the multi-billionaire’s missing daughter. A woman who lived in a quiet semi-rural area in a three bedroom brick home, married to an engineer and very much in love with a boy without a family and until recently had no money. Sydney almost fainted with shock.

Jo Jepson was a little amazed that Sydney knew so much about Harry Simmons, her father had known him very well, he was even there in the last week of his life as his body finally gave up its fight against a virulent wasting disease that claimed him in an extremely short time. Harry had not been a young man, nearly 180 years old and his daughter Kelsey was a product of late life luck with his pretty wife Laura.

Unfortunately Harry’s death sent the woman into a downward spiral of depression and now she was being cared for in an exclusive retreat in Papua. Jo’s father had told her a few months ago that Laura probably had only six months, possibly a year left.

Her mind had deserted her, she lived in a happy world of her own where Harry still doted on her and flew her all around the island nations. She did not remember having a child, so Kelsey had not gone to see her, did not intend to go to her either. Jo didn’t blame her from what her father told her.

Jo gave Kelsey a look and shook her head, she did not want to tell Sydney her own background yet, instead she brought up her dinner invitation again except this time she asked if anyone else minded. Kelsey laughed, “You won him Jo, your choice.”

Sydney stood up and stormed off towards the pond, his face an angry mask. “Uh oh, I think you better go and explain that Jo,” said Bonnie.

She knew that Sydney did not like being thought of as a thing, something that had been brought home to her rather sharply by the boy one afternoon when she had claimed his hand as he walked home on the back bush trails from school. Playfully she had told him that she wanted him to hang around after school so she could show him off to some of her girlfriends who were also quite taken with the small dark haired boy with his beautiful eyes and handsome face.

Angrily he had shaken her hand off him and told her rather coldly that he was not some pretty bauble or trophy to be displayed in a case, he was not there for her to feel like she had something that someone else wanted but wouldn’t share. His angry mood had lasted for several days and she had begged his forgiveness, finally crying softly at his feet with her head bowed as she told him that she didn’t understand why he couldn’t be proud of her for wanting others to see him with her.

Forgiving her with a soft touch of his hand on her head, he had lifted her eyes to meet his, he had simply told her to never look away, never look down and never think you own someone.

It was a creed that struck Bonnie as very deep from someone who, at the time, was only 18.

Chapter 4 – Wendy gets her man

Jo Jepson walked slowly up to the man sitting on the tree stump talking to the ducks that had gathered at his feet. She smiled as he told them that he didn’t have any food but he would bring Jenny back later with some scraps and bread. Bonnie’s tale of him not being something to show off or to be a pretty bauble had rung a bell with her, goodness knew that she had experienced the same thing with a lot of men and women in her life, Kelsey, she knew, had had the same problems with David. Somehow she was pleased that Sydney who had never had anything in his life felt that he should not be treated as an object, the same as he would not treat anyone else that way either.

With a sigh she stood a little way from him and lifting her head to make sure her eyes would be looking directly at him when or if he turned his head she spoke, “I won the bet because you told me first about the presents you got from me, Bonnie and Kelsey. We had hoped that that way any of us that you told would have been the one you felt you could trust most with a sexy secret. I am sorry that we did not tell you.”

“What would have happened if I had told Bonnie first?” he asked turning his head to meet her brown eyed look.

She tossed her head a little and with a small grin said, “We would have let you two get away with it, provided that David didn’t find out. It would have been very discretely and lovingly arranged, it can still be arranged if you wish.”

He stood, looked out across the water and slowly he held out his hand, she came to him and took it in her own, kissed his knuckles and leaned against him. “Sorry Syddy, us girls aren’t much good with trying to arrange things, if it was up to us we would just get you in our bed altogether and see who came out on top. We are trying to be patient and take things slowly, but fuck me this morning was so good, so easy,” she hugged his arm tightly to her chest, “I wanted you more.”

“What else is going on Jo? Who are you, obviously not an ordinary nurse, no nurse that I know has her own chef. Are you also like Kelsey?”

“Not quite like Kelsey, my Daddy loves me and he is still alive,” she offered, her eyes told him that that was all he was going to get for now.

“I will tell you at dinner, that is if you still want to come,” she looked at him then giggling added, “to my place, I meant!”

Sydney chuckled with her, “Yes, to both questions.” She thumped his shoulder.

“I will pick you up this afternoon, I think you need to find some clothes to wear, not that you will need them at my place,” she grinned wickedly, “but to get there and for normal times and to go out later.”

He nodded his agreement and they walked back to the house, she left him at the back gate yelling out to Kelsey and Bonnie that she would be back later. Bonnie yelled out for her to wait.

Bonnie gave him light kiss on the cheek and said she had to get off for rehearsals and ran over to Jo’s hover.

Kelsey smiled at him as he sat back under the shade of the outdoor shelter, “Thank you for forgiving us,” she said shyly.

“There was nothing to forgive, Kelsey. Once Jo told me what the lottery was it wasn’t as if you just all decided to package me up and hand me around like a pass the parcel game,” he grinned pretending to open a package and read a card, “To the birthday girl. There you go one Syddy to play with for the night.”

His antics made Kelsey laugh hard, holding her stomach as the tears rolled down her cheeks. “Bloody women!” sighed Sydney and went off in search of Jenny.

He couldn’t find her at first until he tiptoed down the hallway and found the little girl asleep, he quietly entered her room and sat in the chair beside her bed. Watching her sleep a strange image came to him of a land of ice and sleet and the soft woman, who had revealed herself to them this morning, lying asleep and naked before a roaring fire inside a stone castle. She looked calm and content, her hands underneath her face as she slept facing him, her back to the fire as he sat in a chair holding a glass of red wine, beside him an equally as beautiful woman her soft look at the sleeping figure almost as full of love as his own.

The image disappeared slowly, he felt a small sigh in his mind and he sent a little tendril of query towards it. “Freya and Mollenny were such good fun, Enyalius, I do hope they meet again.”

Kelsey waited until Jenny woke before they went shopping. Sydney hadn’t had so much fun for many years and to Kelsey it was just another reason that he would just be always a small boy in her eyes. The man may have begun to grow within him but his simple delight in trying on clothing, shoes, hats and jackets was heart warming and as they sat eating an ice-cream on a seat in the shopping centre she couldn’t work out whether Jenny or Sydney was the biggest child.

He grinned as he watched her delicately eating her sundae while he and Jenny licked their cones, both managing to get the sprinkles and chocolate stick that decorated them all over their faces and she sent them both to the nearby bathrooms to clean up before they went home. Giggling the pair raced each other through the centre with Jenny’s curls bouncing and her eyes sparkling as she pointed the correct doorway for him to go in as he had started to follow her into the wrong one.

Watching them walk back hand in hand she suddenly felt the need to hug them both and many passer-bys smiled as they watched the brown haired woman and the black haired man holding a wiggling laughing red haired child between them in what appeared to be a very happy family scene. Jenny held a hand of each as they walked back to the hover park with their bags of purchases in the other.

Arriving home Sydney showered and looked at this face in the mirror to check out whether he required a shave and feeling Es’s amusement asked her what was so funny. “Warrior in all of the thousands of years that I have known you there are two places that you have never allowed hair to grow, I guess you don’t remember everything yet!”

Sydney checked his groin and found that she was right, there were no pubic hairs either and he grinned recalling the conversation between Bonnie and Paul about oral sex and Paul’s complaint that his first attempt with a girl had almost been aborted when she choked and spat out a hair that she had managed to get caught in her throat. He finished up in the room and presented himself to Kelsey in his knew casual clothes asking her if she believed Jo would be impressed.

As Kelsey sneakily patted his bum as he twirled she commented that his obvious dislike for underwear would make him ever ready, his confused look turned to understanding as she hugged his back and slipped a hand down to unzip his fly reaching her hand in the opening to fondle him. Jo giggled from the doorway saying, “You might as well drag it out Kel, Dr Evans wants a sample before we, as he so delicately put it, ‘Drain him dry with our needs’”

“What else has the illustrious doctor asked for Jo?” asked Sydney as Kelsey removed her hand and turned to the nurse who now stood in the kitchen with them and held a small bag in her hands.

“Blood, urine and sperm. I have to drop them off on our way out for dinner.” She passed him a small specimen jar and pointed to the toilet.

While Sydney was gone Jo removed the necessary equipment to take some blood samples as Kelsey flushed a little as she eyed the other small jar that Jo placed a little apart giving her a big grin as she did so. Her smile turned to a little frown, “Kel I don’t think Sydney knows how to masturbate, he didn’t get to the vid instruction book I got for his education.”

“Perhaps we should give him the education ourselves then Nurse Jepson,” said Kelsey with a wicked grin.

“You’re the psychologist Kelsey, his hand or ours?”

“Oh I think a female touch might be the best path here, Jo, but I do like to watch,” her voice was a very husky sigh as she began to imagine the two of them with Sydney in her bed.

“It has to be uncontaminated Kel, doctors orders, so no saliva, no lotions, no pussy!” the nurse could see her friend’s mind working overtime.

“I think we could do that, perhaps we should ask Sydney first, maybe he might know, it seems his growth has given him a lot of memories about things. Strangely Jo, I am finding I am getting something like flashbacks or deja vu instances ever since he has come out of hospital,” Kelsey’s voice seemed to be getting huskier, Jo’s observation of the state of the woman and listening to her realised that her friend was extremely excited. She realised that she would not be able to get the sample Dr Evans wanted without driving Kelsey over the edge.

“I am going to take him back to the hospital, Kel, this would be too hard to do here. Look at you, you can hardly stand, I bet your panties are saturated and if those nipples get any harder they will poke through that shirt!”

Kelsey looked down at herself, then at the nurse and realised that she was right, placing her hand to her mouth she began to weep and, to Jo’s surprise, she ran to her bedroom and closed the door. Jo’s concerned knock went unanswered and she found the door locked when she tried to enter the room.

Turning back to the kitchen she saw Sydney standing regarding the needle and vials in the pouch that had been laid on the table, he looked a little concerned as he placed the other specimen jar, wrapped in a little paper bag on the table. Sighing the big man walked towards the back door and looked out into the distance towards the duck pond.

Jo couldn’t understand what was happening in the house, something had obviously happened this afternoon and it seemed that her presence now had either upset whatever plans Kelsey was making or Sydney’s. She felt a need to go, for the first time since she had been involved with Sydney and the Gilroy’s she felt uncomfortable.

Gathering up her equipment she stashed them back in her bag and prepared to leave, Dr Evans could wait for his samples until tomorrow or the day after. The tears that ran down her cheeks were unnoticed as she turned towards the front door and quietly opened it and ran for her hover. Sydney beat her to the vehicle by a couple of metres and grasped her firmly in his arms, holding her hard against his chest in a fearsome embrace that threatened to leave her bruised. “Take me to the hospital please Jo,” he murmured into her hair as she sobbed against him.

By the time they reached the hospital Jo’s tears had ceased but the journey had been undertaken without a word being spoken. He took her medical bag and told her to go home. She nodded slowly as he opened the door and climbed out never looking back as he walked up the stairs, head bowed and shoulders slumped. Jo took one last look and punched in the destination code for her home garage.

Wendy took one look at the black haired man as he trudged down the corridor to his room and contacted Dr Evans and they met Sydney in his room where he had undressed and lay under the sheet, it seemed in preparation for sleep. “What’s wrong Syd?” asked Dr Evans very softly as he took a chair beside the man’s bed and tenderly patted the man’s hand.

“Too much, too soon, I think Doctor,” the dark-blue eyes were glittery with unshed tears.

“Perhaps. Or have you promised too much to yourself and the girls and are rushing it young man?”

“I am not sure what they want yet, I just know that they want.”

Wendy saw the sample jar and the portable blood collection equipment sitting on the trolley where Sydney had left them and busied herself with taking the blood samples that Dr Evans wanted. Sydney hardly noticed her as she set up and wrapped the tourniquet around his biceps and closed his hand into a fist. The man hadn’t looked as she inserted the collection needle and filled the two vials. His hand moved automatically to hold the cotton pad she placed over the wound for a few minutes as she tagged the vials ready to go to the laboratory for processing.

Dr Evans smiled and thanked her then giving Sydney a little pat, they had remained silent throughout the process, he indicated to Wendy to walk with him to the doorway. “Wendy our young man in there needs someone to talk to about life, I know you are young but I think he responds better to women than men, Do you think you could spend a little bit of time with him and see if you can find out what is his major concern? I suspect that there is a little tension somewhere along the line particularly if Jo’s face when I saw her drop him off is anything to go by.”

Wendy glanced back to the man on the bed who had rolled over showing his back to them, he seemed to have shrunk down in his bed a little making him appear to be a very small boy again. “What is the other specimen jar for Dr Evans?” she asked.

“I was going to get Jo to get a sample of his semen before they all started bouncing him in their beds. Perhaps that was not a good idea, I don’t know, maybe you could find out?” Dr Evans too noted how Sydney seemed to have withdrawn and was quite concerned and he hoped the pretty nurse in front of him might get his favourite patient into the right mood. He left her with a small smile.

Wendy was a little nervous but with a small skip she returned to the man on the bed and quietly she stepped out of her shoes and climbed into the bed alongside him and simply placed her small arm around him and held him. His sigh of contentment seemed to relax him as she did nothing else but lay there and wait.

Esmeralda was in a panic, her lord was in a black funk, his mind would not respond to her attempts at joviality or accept her visions of past events that she knew were happier times. She needed to find out what to do, tentatively she reached out towards the one person she hoped could help her.

Thelma Daintree had been deliriously happy ever since she had finally met Sydney Douglas, the years of worry, her feelings of helplessness in having to battle with the minions of Elam in order to get his mind and body to respond, all of it was gone now and she felt as if she could relax. Lying in the spa of her home in the western hinterland area north of Brisbane she sipped her wine and allowed the jets to gently sooth her body as she closed her eyes.

As she relaxed a tiny aqua glow shyly appeared in her mind with a whispered, “Thelma I need help with Sydney.”

“What is it Esmeralda?” she queried gently sensing the little creature’s shyness also the desperation that seemed to emanate from the glow.

Quickly Esmeralda brought the blonde up to date, finishing by describing how Sydney was now lying in hospital ignoring everyone including the pretty nurse who was lying beside him and attempting to talk to him as she cuddled into him. Thelma pondered Wendy, the girl was falling for Sydney and Paul, sexually she was quite inexperienced only ever having touched herself while fantasising about Paul, Sydney and, sometimes, her older work colleague Jo. Was it any good to suddenly ask the girl to do something she did not really know how to do with the man beside her.

Further, Thelma decided, all the innuendos and sexual tension that had been surrounding the boy for the past few years, even as his parents tried to suppress it, was giving the boy too many options and it was little wonder that he could not decide what he wanted to do. Softly she asked Esmeralda to see if she could talk to Wendy and find out how she felt about the boy.

Esmeralda retreated to the hospital and queried the girl who was lying beside her lord. “Wendy would you like to help him properly?” The little nurse nodded into the man’s back causing Sydney to move a little as he finally realised that someone was on the bed with him.

“Lock the door, dim the lights and take off your clothes honey,” Esmeralda’s mind link was gentle, almost hypnotic. Wendy thought it was her own mind talking to her, telling her to do things that she had only fantasised about. Gently she got up from the bed, closed and locked the door asking Sara to dim the lights.

“What are you doing Wendy?” asked the big man on the bed as he rolled over onto his back to watch the little nurse. His eyes widened as he watched in the dim lighting of the room as the woman stripped her uniform off her body in a slow almost shy revealing of herself to him. Sydney felt his heart beat a little faster as the small but firm breasts became visible, her flat stomach tapered to soft, wide hips displaying a trimmed triangle of black hair at the junction of her legs.

Wendy smiled as she stood beside the bed and slowly slid her hand over her breasts, “I have wanted you to see me properly for a little while, Syddy. Wanted you to know that I think about you and Paul being with me.” Her hand cupped her right breast and without taking her eyes off him she squeezed her nipple.

Sydney’s cock stood at full attention under the sheets but she did not move her eyes to it, keeping his eyes locked to hers as she slid her left hand down her stomach, teasingly slow. She was wet, very wet and as the man’s eyes drifted downwards with the movement of her hand she saw the flare of his nostrils as he sniffed the air. If anything Sydney’s cock got harder as he took in the wonderful aroma of her arousal.

He reached out to touch her, “No Syddy, let me show you, maybe you might like to show me too?” Wendy surprised herself at her boldness but when he tore the sheets back from his body and grasped his swollen cock in his hand she felt the electricity in the air.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked as her left hand finally found the curls at the top of her sex and grasping them gently tugged them causing the flesh below to move upwards and the lips of her sex to open a little. She could feel the hood of her clit retract slightly coaxing the most sensitive area of her pussy to push forward as if looking for something to stimulate it. It was a sight Wendy knew well as she spent a great deal of time in front of her mirrors watching herself masturbate.

“I have never really looked at a real one before, Wendy,” his voice was husky as his eyes, seemingly not handicapped by the dim lighting, took in all of the folds of the opening flower covered in moisture in front of his face. His hand automatically moved with hers as she slid a finger downwards to open herself more then back up.

The hand moving on his cock in time with hers was mesmerising, her breath caught in her throat as she whispered, “I have never watched a man do it either.”

When she finally touched her clit Wendy almost buckled at the knees, it was so hot to watch his hand moving, the moisture dripping from his cock head as he pumped was making her senses reel and she licked her lips wanting to taste it so badly. Sydney noticed and sitting up in his bed he spread his legs wide and suggested that she sit at the other end. Wendy quickly positioned herself as she ordered the lights bright. “My eyes want to see more clearly,” she whimpered, never taking her eyes off his hand.

The two continued their watching, small words of encouragement and expressions of awe at what the other was doing to them were softly spoken. Wendy told Sydney she was cumming and temporarily he ceased his own movements and watched as her hips bucked upwards and her knees tried to close, an action he prevented with placement of his shins against her. Her breathing was harsh, her deep throated groan made his heart beat faster as her eyes closed and her fingers were a blur across her saturated flesh.

She lay back a little, her legs spread wide allowing him to continue to watch her as she started her fingers in little circles over her pussy lips again. He raised his eyebrows in query as he watched her apparently ready to do it again. “I can cum dozens of times, but the first one is always the biggest one,” she giggled and nodded to his hand to indicate that she wanted him to continue what her orgasm had interrupted.

The smells of her sex, the heat coming from her body and the shy way she watched him were too much for Sydney and shortly after he resumed he felt the tingle in his arse-hole and the lifting of his balls, all suddenly remembered signals of his own orgasm. He grunted as his hand tightened on his shaft and Wendy hoped it was a sign of his explosion as she deftly snagged the specimen jar from the tray beside the bed, opened it and waited expectantly.

The stream that shot from his cock surprised them both in its intensity and the amount that flowed, Wendy’s small oh of surprise as the spurt hit her chest and face as she leant forward to capture the sample was a soft and lusty response. Her tongue flicked out to capture the liquid and curiously she let the liquid be held in her mouth, savouring its taste before she swallowed it as she quickly gathered her wits and captured the next couple of spurts into the jar. As the flow slowed she allowed her hand to clasp around the head of his cock and telling Sydney to let go she milked the last few drops in a gentle movement of her hand over the firm hot flesh.

Quickly capping the jar, she placed both her hands around him and giggling she asked Sydney if it was ok to play with him a little. “I’ve never had the chance to feel one that is this hard, the only other ones I have touched were very limp and only wanted to pee,” she whispered.

“Wait Wendy,” he said huskily, “you need to be cleaned up.”

She wondered what he meant as he sat a little straighter then with his fingers he captured the remnants of his first spurt across her breasts and placed his fingers in his mouth tasting his own fluids. Smiling she said, “It tasted nice straight out of the gun.”

“Still doesn’t taste bad now,” he said and running in thumb softly against her cheek gathered the last of his cream from her face and allowed her to suck his thumb into her mouth.

The pair watched each other, Wendy was still extremely hot as the dark-blue eyes roamed over body, suddenly she had the urge to show him every thing and rolled over to her hands and knees and presented her arse for his eyes. She felt him touch her tenderly and as his fingers trailed down her cheeks and lower to her saturated sex she shivered. He moved on the bed and his hands stroked her back as his large cock bumped against her sex, “Syddy I am a virgin, please be gentle with me,” she said softly as his hot flesh rubbed against her causing little tremors through her stomach as the ridge of his hard dick teased against her clit.

“Then perhaps you should wait for someone who loves you more than me Wendy,” the man said sitting back down on his heels. She turned around to face him and kissed him deeply, her breasts rubbing against his chest as her hands reached for his shoulders.

“Don’t you love me Sydney?” she asked shyly.

“Yes I do Wendy, but not in the way that a man should love a woman. You are special and need to have someone special for your first time.”

His words confused her, this was not how it was supposed to happen, didn’t men just want to stick their cock in her and make her his. She had come so close to being raped by some of her dates who expected her to want them to do exactly that, making her feel as if she should be grateful that they wanted to in this world of outnumbered men. Now she was offering and he was telling her to wait for someone special. “Why should I wait anymore? I love you Syddy.”

She pushed him back onto the bed causing him to awkwardly stretch his legs underneath her own as she tried to hunch her hips upwards to capture his still stiff cock and force it into her needy sex. Sydney’s eyes widened as he felt the hot mouth of her sex slide over his penis, she slowly let him enter her and stopped. He kissed her lips and brought a hand to her breast, gently tweaking the nipple as she sighed and lowered herself until her curls touched his sensitive skin around the base of his cock. “I guess I should have bought a bigger vibe,” she sighed as she held him deeply within herself.

“Why is that?” he asked as his mind sang at the sensations of heat and tightness around him. His eyes half-closed as she lifted slowly upwards.

“Cause you are bigger than any of the ones I have at home,” she whispered as she lay her head against his chest and let her hips descend grinding her clit against the base of his firm flesh.

As they lay there barely moving against one another, the exquisite sensation of their coupling causing small moans and sighs to escape their lips as they kissed, Esmeralda’s mind sang as did the green eyed blonde as her rapidly moving fingers brought her to another orgasm.

Dr Evans asked Alfred to make sure the young couple, now more energetically moving against each other Wendy on her back with her legs wrapped tightly around the hips of the man thrusting into her, were not disturbed as he switched off his monitor and headed home to his wife. His heart was happy and his mind clear of worry as he looked forward to entertaining Jane with the evidence of that feeling pressing tightly against his trousers.

Chapter 5 – Female education

Wendy Robinson’s mind was dreamily contemplating the events of the previous evening, the man beside her had fulfilled all sorts of fantasies with her including allowing her to tentatively and inexpertly suck him. Her clumsy attempt at trying to keep her teeth from scraping him and her silly notion of needing to swallow him as deeply as she could had set them both off giggling. He had not minded her silly questions and throughout their play she realised that the man who loved her so well was not a young man in his mind, it seemed that he was quite aware and understanding of her needs as a woman. Some of those needs she had not realised that she wanted herself.

Orally pleasuring her was a revelation, his tongue firmly penetrated not only her wet and willing pussy but her arse as well causing some of the most intense sensations of her short life. Something else was triggered by his knowledgeable treatment of her body, a sense, at times, that this was not the first time the dark-blue eyed man had thoroughly and expertly made her scream into the pillows and into his chest as he drove her body towards orgasm after orgasm.

Checking that he still slept she gathered her uniform and headed to the shower cubicle and washed under the warm water, the little sighs unnoticed as the water touched her sensitive breasts and sex. Gently she cleaned and dried. Catching sight of herself in the mirror she smiled at the marks across her breasts and marvelled that touching them triggered memories of his hot rush of sperm into her womb as he bit her breast to muffle his own loud groans of pleasure.

Dressed she tiptoed to the door and let the computer unlock it for her, then quickly scurried to the hover park and made her way home. On arrival at the quarters she shared with several other nurses and doctors she switched on her computer to check her emails while the kettle boiled to make coffee. Her inbox contained only one item and she opened it with a sense of excitement, “Yes!” she cried loudly and began to dance around her room, her legs weren’t quite up to anymore activity and she found herself giggling and rubbing them as she lay on her bed. Sex was quite a strenuous exercise she though to herself, then suddenly she groaned in realisation of what she had to do.

Sydney awoke as Wendy was reading her email, his happy smile as he recalled her scent caused his cock to become fully erect. He looked around for her when he realised that he could not feel her body beside him and found a small pair of panties on the pillow beside where his head had been resting. The small piece of material had a note attached. ‘Hi Babe, keep them for your collection. Love W’ He sniffed them deeply as his hand reached for his erection and began to gently stroke it.

His cell phone rang interrupting his self pleasure and he almost considered ignoring it as he pictured the owner of the panties he held gently in his hand riding his cock, her breasts jiggling delightfully as she called out she was cumming again. Picking the phone up he pressed the answer icon and that woman’s face appeared on the screen. Almost at once she was crying and trying to talk to him at the same time so his initial thoughts of showing her how much he missed her was quickly curtailed. “Slow down Wendy, what’s wrong?” he said instead.

“I am so sorry, babe, but I have to leave town,” she sniffed. “I put in for a place at Melbourne surgical training and I got accepted this morning.”

His reaction was not what she expected, “Congratulations Wendy! When do you have to go?” his voice was full of excitement and, she felt herself flush a little, pride.

“Tonight,” she said tearfully. “I won’t even get to come and see you again before I go, I have so much to pack and other things to do.”

“Melbourne is not far away, little one,” he said softly.

She allowed herself a little smile and with it a small hope that he would not forget her as he continued, “I have not been there yet, now I have a reason to come down there.”

She nodded and for a little while they chatted about what she was going to be doing and where she was going to stay. Family was in Melbourne and her brother had already offered her a room in his large house that he and his two wives lived in. Sydney was a little sad that she would be leaving him but promised that he would come and see her. Blowing her a little kiss he cut the connection telling her that she had better get started on her packing.

Bouncing out of his bed he showered, changed and then sought out Dr Evans. Finding out that he would not be back until the next morning Sydney left the senior sister a message to tell him that he would be back then to get ready for the sleep testing.

Standing at the front of the hospital he wondered where he should go next and he suddenly decided to visit somewhere that he had not been for a while. He asked the first taxi in the waiting rank if he was available and directed the driver to a small twenty four hour library that was not far from his old home. It was a place he used to retreat to many times when he was banished from the house or to avoid his family when he needed to recover from beatings.

The librarian never looked up as he entered, a good thing, he always suspected that the woman was as bad as his mother, he did not need her glares or sarcastic comments today. Sydney did not realise that the woman hadn’t even recognised him as she watched him walk up the stairs and simply ignored him as was her normal practice. Years of working in the library had inured her to strangers, many came in and went without borrowing any books or simply sat and read without disturbing her, she preferred it that way and never moved to help or looked up in case she was asked to help.

The man walked past her and headed to the old books hidden down the back and she simply switched on the security cameras down that end of the building and went back to reading her latest pornographic novel about a lusty heroine that always seemed to manage to find enough men to use her body simultaneously in a variety of positions. Her eyes drifted back to the screen to continue reading about her latest orgiastic romp.

Sydney roamed the shelves until he found the battered old book he was searching for and sitting at a table that contained only a single chair he lost himself in the wonderful world of Dr Doolittle. It was several hours later by the time he finished the thick novel, a compilation of most of the works of Hugh Lofting and his animal talking doctor. Feeling a strange urge to lose himself for a few more hours he placed the book back on the shelf, strolled past the early visitors to the library and set off down the road that would lead him to the back blocks of bushland that surrounded the estate where his old home was situated.

He quickly found the hidey-hole in the boughs of several trees that had started as separate plants but had collided early in their growth and then separated years later. The twining of the branches had created a space within them that would hide someone quite comfortably without them being seen from the pathway that was only a few metres away. As he made himself comfortable he sighed as he contemplated his future.

It was a little sad that Wendy was leaving, but he now had some idea of what she meant to him, a little glimpse of her past with him had helped him understand that she was one of many women in his life now as she had been in the past. It was something that he was struggling to come to terms with, this having a knowledge of past lives and still trying to come to grips with what he was doing now. There was little comfort in the knowledge that it was always like this, the struggle between the past and the life he was leading now, he chuckled a little as he realised just how old he was.

He lay dozing, the efforts of last night and the depression that had descended on him, caused by his inability to work out what he needed to do with Jo and Kelsey, had depleted a great deal of his energies. Instinctively his mind searched around him, an old trait that had kept him alive more times than not as various enemies searched for him in a myriad of landscapes, finding the animal and plant life that were sentient, gauging their feelings and activities as to whether any danger was present. Finding nothing his mind relaxed and after a while he slept.

Kelsey Gilroy wept in her room, she had not come out since Jo and Sydney had left yesterday and Jenny had worried about her mother as she lay in her own bed barely hearing the little sobs. A man, who looked like her big playmate, but wasn’t, had made her dinner and ensured she had a bath and tucked her into bed reading a little book she asked for. Bonnie had not come home either and it was only when he told her that she was with Jo that she had finally settled down and allowed sleep to come to her.

Now it was the next morning and the black haired man with the deep blue eyes was watching her eat her cereal as he sat sipping a cup of tea. “Jenny, he will make everything right. It just takes a little bit of time to adjust.” The red curls nodded but he could see that her eyes were unconvinced.

Certainly his quick visit back to the realms after the little one had gone to sleep were enough to make his own mind doubt what he was saying, already the young man that was currently laying in the boughs of the tree in his hidey-hole had changed the memories that he had of the time. He grinned, Wendy was not supposed to be where she was last night, however, that was now his past, he couldn’t undo what the man had done.

He placed his cup in the dishwasher along with the little one’s bowl and spoon, lifting her up on his shoulders he told her that they needed to feed the ducks. She gurgled in happiness as he took her up to the little pond with a playful jolt and whinnied like a horse as he jogged up the little track and over the bridge.

Bonnie sighed as she feasted her eyes on the heavy breasts of Jo Jepson, the woman had picked her up from rehearsals and softly told her about the afternoon with Sydney and Kelsey. She had rung the hospital to find out that Sydney was asleep in his bed and Dr Evans had asked that he not be disturbed unless it was an emergency. The two women had talked well into the night about their confusion over the man and eventually they had drifted off to sleep in Jo’s big bed.

In the morning Bonnie had eyed the naked body of Jo as she slept, exposed to the warm air in the room as she kicked her covers off sometime during the night. The heavy breasts and their nut coloured nipples were sexually exciting to the young woman’s eyes as she lay beside the sleeping woman. She began to rub her own firm breasts and tweak her nipples with her hands, carefully controlling her breathing so as to be very quiet and not wake Jo. Her sex was wet when she explored it with one of her small hands the soft down covering her labia saturated with her juices.

She had gathered the liquid on her fingers, slowly raised them to her mouth ready to taste herself as she had many times before when Jo’s hand snapped out and dragged her hand to her own mouth letting her tongue wash over the dainty digits. “Hmm nice as Kelsey,” the woman sighed.

Bonnie’s hips convulsed as the hot tongue touched her hand and she let out a startled cry as she found herself cumming just watching the woman taste her fingers. Jo rolled over to her and dived downwards her tongue flicking out to capture the young girl’s cream directly from the source. “Fuck Bonnie you have a tasty cunt!” she squealed in delight.

Jo lifted the surprised young woman’s knees higher and spread them wide as she went back to her feast letting her mouth attach to the prominent clit she exposed and hummed throatily as the woman began to buck more rapidly under her oral assault. Rubbing her fingers over the wet opening she began to let her forefinger penetrate the wetness but before she could slide much more than the pad of the finger in Bonnie brought her hands down holding her tightly. “No, please Jo, I want Syddy’s cock to be the first thing that goes in there!” she sobbed.

The nurse looked up to Bonnie’s face and saw the hope, fear and lust etched across her features, the big brown eyes almost broke her heart as they shone with love for a man that had rejected two very willing women yesterday. She wondered if it was truly them that he rejected or whether it was the feelings that he sensed from the two of them. Jo rolled away from between Bonnie’s thighs and stared up at the ceiling thinking for a bit longer before she spoke, “Bonnie, I think we have all gone about this the wrong way. We are trying to rape him not let him just find his way with us.

“Imagine if it was you and three males wanted to have you, do you think you would be comfortable about being the object of so much lust?”

Bonnie giggled but then seeing the seriousness of Jo’s face she stopped and thought about it for a moment. “I guess I would be scared that I couldn’t do for them what they wanted. Maybe I wouldn’t know what they wanted,” was her softly spoken reply.

“Exactly,” Jo said as she turned back to face the woman beside her. “Men are easy though open your legs, mouth or put your hands in the right place and they are putty. But us women can be finicky creatures and you do know that your aunt wants him to fuck her up the arse so bad, I just want him between my legs and fuck me senseless!”

Looking at Bonnie she saw a little mischievous glint in the woman’s eyes. “Where do you want him first Bonnie?” she asked the smiling face.

The brown eyes opened wide and with a small grin she said, “I want to watch him spurt in my mouth and tell me that he loves me. I can do that even if you bitches tell me he can’t fuck me yet!”

Jo laughed outrageously and told the giggling woman that she could do that anytime. She related to Bonnie how she had sucked off half a dozen men and boys before she turned 21 and then had three of those men fuck her senseless for her birthday. “At the same time?” asked Bonnie as her fingers began rubbing her clit slowly.

“No, one at a time, but the other two watched,” giggled Jo as her own hands began a playful exploration of her own saturated sex.

“I am going to have Syddy and Paulie fuck me at the same time,” Bonnie simpered as one free hand reached and captured Jo’s nipple giving it a soft squeeze with her thumb and forefinger.

“Copy cat, Kelsey already told me she was going to arrange that as well,” said Jo as she buried two long fingers into her own sex.

Bonnie’s grip on her nipple tightened as she giggled and said, “I want to watch Aunty Kel get fucked by the pair of them too.” She gasped the last part as her fingers found her clit and caused her to cum, her fingers tightened even harder on Jo’s nipple as with a groan the nurse cried out and came with her.

They lay in each other’s arms for a while discussing what they should do but could come up with no ideas except to wait for Sydney to make the move and see how it went. Neither was jealous that the man that they both wanted would more than likely share their beds, it was if they knew that he would be the man for them and nothing would stop either of them loving him. Bonnie shyly kissed Jo on her soft lips saying, “I think I love you too, Jo.”

In the western hinterland north of Brisbane, in a farming community stood a high-blocked home, its large verandas allowed a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside where cattle grazed peacefully on lush green grass. The area still showed signs of the old industrial warehouses and factories on the edges of the old town of Caboolture, but in the main the population had shifted away, moving further west as the richer lands the other side of the mountain range offered more free space away from the rat race that once existed a thousand years before.

Thelma Daintree sipped a glass of wine and nibbled on cheese and biscuits as she listened to the news reports on the vids arrayed along the wall behind her. Nothing of interest caught her attention, she was quite aware of the conflicts in Fiji and the clean up operation in the Solomon Islands, there did not appear to be anything else of direct concern at the moment that required her interference.

She blanked them out of her immediate consciousness and concentrated on the problem of the warrior she had spent so much of her time looking for over the past twenty one years. A search begun when in the blackness of despair she had tried to commit suicide by leaping off the building that was her company headquarters in the city to the south east of her current location. A blinding blue flash had bedazzled her eyes and she had found herself reeling backwards from the railings around the top floor of the open area at the top of the ten storey building. As she lay stunned on the ground a voice and images had flooded her mind and when Sally, her personal secretary had found her and held her in her lap, she suddenly found purpose and direction in a quest to find a man who was going to change the world.

At first she hadn’t believed, checking and double-checking things she had been shown and told, within several months events came to pass that she had been forewarned of. This prompted her to make dramatic changes in her life. It was not easy, she could confide in no-one and anyway, she smiled to herself, who would have believed her. Sally perhaps, but not even she could truly believe in what the gods, Sally’s own gods that she believed in passionately, had given to her depressed and overworked boss. Thelma had kept her own council and the blue glow, finally revealing itself as Jebidiah, Master of the realm of Science and Invention, was the only one she trusted with her fears and thoughts.

It had proven to be a fortuitous partnership, Jebidiah gave her information on potential threats to her company and to the contracts that they relied on to keep them viable. Many times she had been able to intervene on behalf of her new CEOs to ensure that they were not duped by planted spies and betrayals from people who sought to bring her empire crashing down. Her fist clenched in remembered rage at the efforts she had gone to in ensuring the military leaders, who hated an ex-captain of their elite squads, did not undermine her hard won position by conspiring with others to take over her companies.

One of those leaders was General Roderick Molby, an ambitious man who believed that his military should be able to provide for itself, not rely on external contractors to feed, clothe and move the army around the nation. In truth Molby wanted the supply of those items to be in companies that he had controlling interests in. Molby had clashed with Thelma on more than one occasion and hated the woman with a passion bordering on psychotic.

The last time they had met was in a park on the outskirts of Townsville, when an anonymous tip to her suggested that a man there was going to give her some information on a possible undercutting of her price on some battle tanks that she had tendered on in partnership with Simmons Engineering and Camelot Corporation.

She had arrived at the park, on her own as requested, late one evening only to be accosted by the overweight general who had called her a stuck up cunt as he wrestled her to the ground threatening to have her killed if she didn’t back off from the deal. The general had not counted on the fact that his ex-captain was still as fast and as strong as she had been whilst on scouting and reconnaissance missions across northern Europe and through central Asia and found himself thrown off and punched unconscious. His back up man had found him with a broken jaw and missing several teeth about an hour after he was supposed to return from his little business meeting with an unknown person deep in the park.

The general never revealed who had attacked him nor had he ever shown anyone the photographs he found in his jacket pockets several days later, when he was released from hospital with his jaw wired and forced to eat liquefied food, showing his unconscious body on the ground and the message ‘Next time it won’t be just a broken jaw.’ He had not contacted nor interfered in anything Daintree Corporation did from then on. Thelma knew that he would bide his time, cockroaches like that never went away just hid.

Now an unexpected wrinkle had occurred in Jebidiah’s timeline, the petite nurse, Wendy, was not supposed to have been with Sydney last night, it should have been Jo. Something, the little blue realm master told her, has changed in the man he called Enyalius. Thelma could not see the problem, last night the young man was confused and depressed, now he happily sang somewhere in a forest, his mind at ease and something else, he was contemplating his return to the world at this time, however there appeared to be a determination within the subconscious part of the man’s mind. Jebidiah was not convinced but eventually the arguments of Thelma and the little Zygotian were too persuasive for him to provide further objections, he returned to his observations of the planet.

Esmeralda joyfully sang along with the man who had decided to leave the hidey-hole and walk along the tracks around the property until in his wanderings he found himself at the back door of his old home ready to walk through the door using the keys he had retrieved from the rock pile where he had hidden them on his last outing with Bonnie before he ended up in hospital. The keys had been stolen years before and though he had been flogged by his mother he had never admitted to taking them, perversely happy to make his parents have to go and get a new set made.

Now he used them to unlock the door and letting it swing back against the wall with a small bump, he cringed at the noise almost expecting his mother or the man she married to come out to see what the noise was about. He relaxed once he realised that there was no-one here anymore, but his eyes told him that something was different about the house and he wanted to know who was responsible. He pulled the door shut and walked back down the track to the house across to the south.

Tentatively he walked through the back gate, he felt almost as nervous as he did the first time he had gone up to meet the kind lady who had given him biscuits and a cup of tea when he realised he hadn’t thanked her for fixing his nose and eye. He knocked softly on the door and not hearing anyone moving about had turned and was ready to walk back up to the pond to talk to the ducks. She was standing in front of him when he turned, her eyes were red and swollen, her hair was a mess and Sydney noted that her normal neat attire was missing as she stood there barefoot and the small nightdress dishevelled as if she had been in it for several days.

He looked at her and when her eyes dropped down to her feet Sydney was extremely disappointed, this woman that he loved so much wouldn’t look at him! She shuffled past him, still not looking at him even when he asked her if she was OK. Opening the door he suddenly felt an anger pass through him and he hurried after her wrapped his arms around her and lifted her kicking and squealing up into his arms. He stormed to her bedroom and kicking the door closed he threw her onto her bed face down then grabbed her nightdress in both of his large hands and ripped it in one long tear down her back.

Before she could react his hand came down hard on her arse cheek, once, twice and each time she squealed he asked her if she loved him. On the fifth smack she cried out “Yes, fuck you I do, I always have, but you don’t love me!”

“Why do you think that!” he asked in stunned disbelief.

She rolled over tearing the tattered night dress off her body showing him her nakedness, her breasts heaved as she glared up at him staring into his wide opened deep blue eyes. “Cause I have been showing you these,” and she roughly grabbed her breasts, squeezing the nipples painfully hard, “for fucking years and when I wanted you to take me, hold me, love me you run away! Did you think that me and Jo wouldn’t have enjoyed being with you together, for fuck’s sake Sydney we have been fucking each other for months telling each other how we want to be with you!”

“I didn’t run away Kelsey, I needed time to think. I have spent years being told that sex and women are evil, I have now been awoken from a long sleep and suddenly you all want me. You haven’t given me a minute to breathe let alone try to work out what you all want!” Sydney could feel his temper returning to boiling point.

“Well I want you to fuck me up the arse! Is that telling you what I want! Is that fucking clear enough!” she screamed at him.

“Why?” he asked, confused at her deliberate misinterpretation of his words.

“You can tell me in intimate detail what you want, but how do you feel about me, how did I feel about things, no-one wants to talk about that!” he was shouting at her, maybe that was the way to get through to her.

“All you women seem to want to do is get your clothes off, fuck and suck like depraved whores! What about love, what about jealousy? It was so fucking obvious that you and Jo were unsure yesterday, neither of you considered what I might have wanted to do. I like to kiss, I like to cuddle, I want to feel like I am loved not just a fucking dick with legs!” He turned and stormed out of the room and into the backyard, he stopped when he got to the ducks and abruptly sat down as a wave of emotion hit him like a solid wall.

Around him the world seemed to rush at him, the ducks flew from the water and in a noisy explosion of wings and beaks they landed in front of him, scolding and honking. The bush around him was alive with noise as birds called from tree branches and other creatures called out in a cacophony of sounds.

Even Esmeralda was shouting at him in his head and it wasn’t until he stopped and sat down that he heard what she was saying. He bounded to his feet rushing back to the house he had just left and burst into her bathroom just as Kelsey sliced the razor down her wrist opening it up to match the wound she had already inflicted on the other wrist.

His body flashed a brilliantly dark green pulse that blinded the naked woman in the bathtub as the colour lit up the whole house. The next thing she knew she was lying on her bed, his big body was naked with her face pressed into his chest as he sobbed into her hair telling her that he was so sorry. Snuggling into him she placed her left leg over his thigh, hooking his leg with her ankle and drawing it toward her pressed it between her legs. “Shush,” she whispered, “just hold me for a bit.”

Sydney clasped her tighter ignoring the heat against his thigh and the little movements she made with her hips. Slowly he relaxed as he felt her fall asleep against him.

Bonnie stood at the door watching her aunt smile in her sleep, cuddling into her pillow as she settled down deeper into the blankets that her niece had covered her with. She turned to the man and woman behind her, “I think she is going to be ok now, but that dream was very scary, I wonder if she knows she can broadcast like that?”

Sydney shrugged, he was still frightened about what he had done, he hoped that the two women now looking at him continued to believe that it was just a dream that somehow Kelsey had been able to share through the link that Thelma had opened in their minds.

They sat talking for a little while, Jenny was staying with Thelma at her house in the bushland to the north of the city. Jo and Bonnie had dropped her off there this morning when they had come around to see Kelsey and found the little girl waiting patiently for them in the front yard. No questions had been asked of the little girl who had simply said, “Take me to Mumma Felma, I need to talk to her.”

Thelma had not been surprised when the little red curls had bounded up her stairs and ran directly into her open arms, buried her face in her shoulder and sobbed her little heart out. They had sat on the veranda talking for many hours before they received the broadcast of Esmeralda’s distress and Sydney’s actions. Jenny had turned to the blonde saying, “Maybe they might all wake up to themselves now and realise that he his a man and not just there for them!” Her voice had been cold, angry but in some way satisfied with what might come out of this little episode.

Thelma asked her if she knew about the previous evening and Jenny paced the floor, her ethereal self superimposed over the little figure that walked the length of the eastern side of the house and back as she spoke. “What did they expect? He is a warrior, he is also a million years old! His ways are tough but he needs to be loved, has always needed to be loved and Wendy,” she gave Thelma a huge grin, “loves him to death!”

Thelma laughed outright at that refilling her wine glass from the bottle on ice beside her seat. “Jenny I do not know why your father left it so long to bring you back, he needs you now, not in twenty fucking years!”

“Father can get himself mixed up sometimes Thellesera, something you should remember from a few incidents in the past,” the woman grinned as she paced.

“Anyway, it is not another lover that he needs, it is you teacher. You are going to have to bring him up to date with women in this time. They will never truly remember who they were until he finds himself, that is not something that Es can do by herself. Thellesera has to take on her role as his teacher again.”

The woman stopped in front of the seated blonde and with a small smile on her face added, “Besides he was always your favourite student.”

Thelma giggled, a hot flush spread across her face and down into the cleavage of her bosom prettily displayed in the man’s shirt that she wore with only a couple of buttons done up. Out here it was all she wore.

Jenny, her normal form restored looked expectantly at the giggling woman, “Well?” she asked.

“Ok Jenny, where shall I start?”

“Where you always start, Thellesera, with his mind not his dick!”

The blonde nodded, finished her drink and standing said, “Let me get dressed, I think it is time for him to find out about his home don’t you? That will get his mind and theirs back on the right track, maybe they might start remembering why they did it.” The little red curls bobbed as Jenny nodded enthusiastically.

Chapter 6 – A place to call home

Sydney rose from the table as Kelsey walked from her bedroom, the woman looked stunningly beautiful. Her make-up expertly applied, simple but elegant. Eyes of dark brown were wide open and looked intently at him as she paused just at the entry of the kitchen to allow him to view her, a small shiver went down her spine as his eyes held hers briefly after he had taken in her dress and face. She wore a deep red shirt of soft silk, it hugged her largish breasts with just enough of an opening at the top to reveal her cleavage without appearing too obvious. The skirt was white and came to mid thigh, her long legs carefully shaved smooth and, she hoped, looked attractive as they tapered down to her dainty feet that she enclosed in matching red low heeled pumps.

The smile on her face reached her eyes as his own grin and twinkling eyes fixed on her face. He held out his hands hesitantly as she came toward him and quietly she took his hands in hers and said, “I love you Sydney.”

“I love you too Kelsey.”

“I suppose it is too late for us to tell you that we love you too, Sydney,” said Jo from where she stood beside the table having risen when Kelsey had appeared. The look in Kelsey eyes as she turned to her spoke volumes, she smiled shyly at the obvious love she saw there from the woman whom she had despaired would never speak to her again.

“It is never too late to tell someone how you feel about them, unfortunately sometimes it can be too late to show them,” Sydney said in a soft deep voice as he turned to face Jo and Bonnie. The two women’s lips trembled as they recalled the vision that Kelsey had shown them in her dream broadcast.

The pair walked to him as one and with a soft kiss each of them told him that they loved him deeply. Bonnie added, “I am not sure how I can show you Syddy, but I will wait until I know what it is that I should do.”

From the backyard a male voice called out, “Bonnie, Jo, Kelsey you have already done a lot out of love for him, I think it is time you showed him how much you did for that love!”

Sydney paused, the voice was almost familiar, it almost sounded like his own! He ran to the door but there was no-one there and he looked around at the women that had followed out after him. “I think I know what he means, Sydney,” said Kelsey with a bright laugh. She held out her hand to the puzzled man and towards Jo. Both took her hands and she pulled them towards the trail up to the duck pond and beyond.

Bonnie giggled as she ran past them and waited at the back door to Sydney’s old home. “I was here earlier,” said Sydney, “someone has been here. That was what I came down to ask you about Kelsey before I found you looking like something the cat dragged in.”

Kelsey shrugged, “The cat probably would have left me where it found me, you didn’t.”

Letting go of her hand Sydney reached into his pocket and retrieved his keys and opening the door he waited for the women to begin explaining what he was seeing.

The house had been a three bedroom, two bathroom single story construct with a small kitchen and large living come dining room area. The house now appeared to be bigger than what it was before and his attention had been immediately drawn to the hallway that used to be accessed from the back door. It no longer existed instead the door opened into what appeared to be an entry way with an open archway to the right of it that showed the kitchen.

Kelsey and Jo stood hand in hand just inside the entryway. Jo spoke first, “Kelsey says she had you pegged as a back door man so she decided to make it an attractive entry way instead of the dingy hallway that it used to be.”

Bonnie giggled as Jo spoke and Sydney noticed Kelsey turning a curious shade of pink. Es guffawed in his mind and so Sydney stopped in the middle of the room and glared at all of the women and sent a rebuke to the Zygotian in his mind. “I am not sure I know what you are all giggling about but I am sure it has nothing to do with the reconstruction of this area of the house, anyone want to explain?” he asked, his voice sounded a little cross.

Kelsey let go of Jo’s hand and coming over to the man whispered in his ear, “What did I tell you I wanted you to do to me?”

He nodded at her words, grinned and patted the white skirt firmly, whispering back, “Anytime my lady.”

Kelsey almost swooned at his words and he caught her elbow to hold her up as Bonnie said, “Bells ringing Kelsey?”

The woman nodded weakly and held on a little harder to the man holding her up who, not understanding her reaction, glanced at Bonnie for an explanation. “Later,” she mouthed at him.

“No Bonnie, this is why I get confused, I don’t understand the little games and plays on words. I have obviously said the wrong thing to Kelsey, please don’t make me beg for information,” he almost snapped at her.

Kelsey likes to have anal sex warrior, it rings her bells. She has not experienced a man who is willing to accommodate her needs, in fact the only thing she has had is own fingers and her dildo. David did not want anything to do with it and she has never been game to tell anyone else of her need. Her telling you that she wants you to do that to her was a big confession for her, it also should tell you how much she loves and trusts you, you telling her that she can have it from you anytime has overwhelmed her. When you are ready you are definitely going to have to fulfil her need. The mental lecture came from Thelma and the voice was in the mode of his old teacher and he almost called out for Thellesera to show herself.

“My apologies ladies, I have been educated a little more today,” he said as he bowed to the three women who had gathered together away from him worried that they had blown it again.

Kelsey nodded slowly and Sydney grinned at them all, “Ladies, I may be very old but it takes a little bit of time to adjust to the new life and time. If I look at you as if I am the dumbest child then it is probably because I am. I will not bite your head off if you choose to explain to me, I will tell you if I understand or not.”

“Oh my, that is going to make it easier isn’t it?” commented Jo.

“Communication is the name of the game people,” said Thelma from the other side of the kitchen. “One does not learn and find the light, if one does not ask.”

“One who does not ask will always be confused and remain in the dark,” responded Sydney automatically at his teacher’s old phrase.

“I see you remember some things Enyalius,” said Thelma smiling.

“I will always remember your education of me, Thellesera,” Sydney could not help adding, “in all things.”

The green eyes sparkled merrily as she beckoned them into the dining room and to sit around the large table that was there. Tea cups, milk and sugar sat beside the pot in the middle of the table along with sandwiches and biscuits.

The group sat talking about the alterations to the house and Sydney was entranced at the changes that had occurred. Worriedly he began to worry about the cost of the renovations and voiced it to Thelma. “All paid for as part of the insurance on the house from the damages.”


Kelsey spoke to his incredulous face, “It seems that with everyone gone your mother decided to take out some frustrations on the house.”

Sydney listened in disbelief as the women around him told him about smashed windows, crockery, toilet bowls, mirrors and in some cases whole doors were belted off their hinges with what apparently was an old fashioned axe. The same instrument was used to smash the tiled floors and walls in the bathrooms and it was finally buried in the wall above Sydney’s old bed.

As he toured the house with the women they showed him the study that was situated on the opposite side of the entryway, his new computer equipment was neatly arranged on a desk with a large monitor mounted on the wall. Beside the monitor was a holographic picture displayer and he touched the play button and smiled in delight as a series of pictures of Bonnie, Jo, Kelsey, Paul, Wendy and Jenny appeared. Seeing Jenny’s smiling face prompted him to ask them where she was. “Not sure,” said Thelma, “but she will be around here somewhere.” Sydney wondered what the little girl was up to as he was pretty sure that Thelma knew exactly where she was.

Beside the study was a bathroom containing a shower and toilet with a sliding door to the north that opened into a large bedroom. “Guest room,” said Jo as she pointed out the cleverly concealed fold out beds that operated from a set of controls on the wall. The beds had a variety of configurations including being able to be joined together to form a very sizeable surface. Jo grinned as she patted it with a wink saying for happy guests.

The guest room door was opposite the end of the kitchen wall that shared it with a neatly arranged living area, a large mat sat on the floor and Kelsey grinned in delight as it replicated the drawing that Jenny had created that she told her was hers and Sydney’s family. The image on the mat had a few changes, but was basically the same except there were no labels on the figures that roosted in the tree or sat on the ground around it.

“You will have to get Jenny to explain the mat to you,” said Bonnie with a grin as Sydney examined it closely.

“The tree is me,” said Sydney and Kelsey gasped in astonishment.

He pointed to the kangaroo that stood proudly beside the tree, her pouch bulging with an unseen baby, “You.” Kelsey nodded.

He looked at Thelma, then back at the mat, a green eyed parrot with what looked like a short stick in her beak looked back at him with its head on the side. “Thelma.”

Standing in the middle of the tree he touched a koala resting in the fork, looking extremely comfortable and content “Bonnie” and finally a pink coloured galah its wings spread as if it had just landed or was ready to take off, Sydney could not determine which “Jo.”

“Where am I then smarty?” said Jenny who had appeared beside him as he continued to examine the mat.

Looking carefully at the girl he moved his left foot that had partially covered an owl sitting at the top of the tree, its wide brown and yellow flecked eyes looking directly back at anyone who observed the mat from any angle. “Given that you are the Goddess of this world, my lady, I would say that you sit at the top of the tree and see all.”

The little girl nodded solemnly then grinned lifting her hand upwards to be picked up by her warrior. When he had lifted her up to comfortably sit in the crook of his left arm with her little legs wrapped around his hips she pointed back down to the mat at a white cockatoo with its wings spread and its yellow comb raised, “That’s Paulie,” she said sadly.

“Why so sad, Jenny,” the man asked her.

“Because he is leaving us.”

He passed the girl to her mother and retrieved his cell phone from his pocket and rang his friend’s home. Paul’s mother answered and Sydney could see that she had been crying. “Hello Mrs Keane where is Paul?” he asked softly.

“He’s gone, Syd, off to join the army in Townsville. He left this morning on the hover service. He said if you rang that he would get back to you as soon as he knows where he is going to be stationed,” the woman’s voice was tearful and Sydney did not know what to say to cheer her up.

“I shall catch him up there Mrs Keane, I am going to go up to check out the university soon, I hope I can see him then. I will give him a slap across the ears for running off and upsetting his mother and his best friend,” he said the last with a small laugh and was pleased when the face on the other end of the line creased into a smile.

They chatted for a few more minutes before Mrs Keane told him to look after himself and not to be a stranger.

Jenny just shrugged when her mother asked how she knew Paul was gone. “Man told me in my dreams,” she said matter of factly and no other explanation was forthcoming.

“Who are the others Jenny?” asked Sydney.

“Mr Creighton, Wendy and Daddy,” she replied pointing out a small possum with a soft grey fur that resembled the greying hairs of his cricket coach. Wendy was a pretty white dove that sat near the cockatoo that was Paul and Daddy was a small blue gnome that sat, almost hidden, by the kangaroo at the base of the tree.

Sydney stared hard at the blue gnome, there was almost something familiar about it, but he shrugged it off as he took in the other animals around the tree that Jenny had not named. “What about the others?” he asked again.

“Don’t know yet,” Jenny said, “but when I find out I will let you know.”

Sydney nodded and turned to Kelsey, “Where is the master bedroom?”

Giggles broke out all around him and he eyed the little girl squirming in her mother’s arms who seemed to have a very mischievous grin on her face as they pointed to a doorway that led into a short hallway. He walked to the doorway and opened the door on the left. A gleaming chrome and mirrored bathroom greeted his eyes, at one end was a large spa that he whistled at as Bonnie cheekily popped her head under his elbow and said, “Nice place to spend in your birthday suit!”

Sydney chuckled, “How many days to go, Bonnie?”

“159,” was her instant reply.

The bathroom also contained a large enclosed shower cubicle, toilet, bidet and a large vanity unit. The tiles were a pale blue on the floor with white and flower patterned tiles on the walls. A large fluffy mat with a koala in the middle of it adorned the floor.

Exiting the room he opened the door opposite and he felt his knees go weak at the brightly lit room, large windows lined the wall providing the light which highlighted an enormous bed. It was made of timber with wooden posts at each corner reaching to a canopy that contained red, purple and white curtains. The bed head contained a control panel that Jo showed him operated the curtains on the windows, the lights, a stereo system and also lowered the curtains around the bed.

The bedspread on the bed was a graphic depiction of a couple engaged in sex with the woman’s vagina clearly visible as she lay on her back with the man’s penis penetrating her, his large testicles resting on the woman’s arse cheeks. The couple’s faces were a mask of pleasure as his left hand clasped and squeezed the woman’s sizeable breast. Her hand clawed his back. Sydney loved it instantly and giggled at the blush that came over Bonnie’s face.

“You should see the other one she bought!” exclaimed Jo.

“Who bought?” he asked.

A girlish giggle came from behind him and he spun to Jenny’s grinning face and wagged his finger at her in mock anger, “You young lady should not be able to buy things like that!” His wagging finger only turned her giggles to laughter as Sydney noticed Kelsey’s face turning a curious shade of pink again.

“That one is definitely going to wait until later, Sydney,” said Kelsey with a small cough to cover her embarrassment.

“Yes let’s go downstairs!” cried Jenny climbing down from her mother and running back out the doorway and turned left to another open doorway and disappeared down what Sydney would have thought should have been the front steps. There was no doorway leading to the outside instead walking through the door to an enclosed landing he saw a set of steps leading to his left and another door on his right.

“Toilet for normal visitors,” explained Jo as she went past him and down the stairs.

He followed her with Kelsey, Bonnie and Thelma behind him. “What is down here? It used to be just the laundry and garage,” he asked.

“Still is,” said Jo from the bottom of the steps where she waited for him beside another door.

“Outside,” Kelsey said as she opened the door to show Sydney a pathway that led back around to the front of the house. He followed her and Bonnie out as Thelma went with Jo down another short set of stairs. He held both of the women’s hands as they walked around the front of the house that now showed a set of huge windows that from where he stood and looked up to he recognised the lights in the living room. It seemed that the front of the house was much closer to the fence than previously.

He walked past the spot where he believed the old front steps would have been and felt Bonnie’s hand tighten on his and she seemed to be reluctant to walk past the front gate where the path continued onwards down to where he believed the garage was.

Following the path he came to the garage door set about two thirds of the way down the house and was ready to walk back when Kelsey spoke, “Kelsey.” The door opened, noiselessly sliding upwards to reveal the garage beneath.

Eyeing the empty space Sydney told her that he didn’t think he would be getting anything to put in there for sometime yet. She grinned and agreed that it was probably a good idea. They walked through the garage and Kelsey pointed out the storage room with garden implements and the ride on mower, then the laundry with its new washing machine and dryer.

Exiting the laundry they entered an enormous room that stretched to the front of the house. The far end of the room contained a table that Sydney didn’t recognise but Thelma and Jo quietly told him it was a pool table and he recalled a time when he had hidden from his parents at a local PCYC where the locals had tried to teach him a game with balls and sticks that they had told him was pool. He grinned as Jo rolled a couple of the balls on the table and asked, “Remind you of anything, Kelsey?”

Again Kelsey turned that curious shade of pink while Bonnie giggled. “OK ladies I have watched Kelsey turned pink three times now, what are you referring to?” said Sydney with a hard stare at the black haired girl as she covered her mouth to hide her smile.

“Sydney, you have the biggest balls any of us have ever seen, we girls think that they are beautiful!” Jo exclaimed then giggled at the red blush that covered Sydney’s face.

Thelma was laughing as Sydney turned to watch her pouring drinks behind a neat bar that was set up in the corner of the room, the wooden surface looked quite elegant surrounded by the bar stools of chrome and leather around it. He nodded as she held up a glass and a bottle of wine.

“With some juice if there is any in the fridge please Thelma,” he said as he walked over to the bar area. He noted the vid screen and lounge chairs that sat to the side of the bar, the whole area gave the impression of space and relaxation as he perched himself on a bar stool and watched the other women order drinks from the blonde behind the bar. Jenny had found a comfortable seat in one of the lounges and had the screen showing a cartoon with a black duck and someone who looked like a pig with a shotgun. He simply smiled as she giggled at something the duck said.

When they were all comfortably seated he asked how long they had been working on the house and Kelsey gave him a small smile before she began to tell him about the work that they had started whilst he recovered from being shot and was in a coma. “I hated the place when I first walked in here,” said Kelsey, “the smell, the damage and for some reason I could sense you and your fear of the place.” Her lips trembled and Sydney thought she was going to start to cry and he began to move off his seat.

“She attacked the place like a maniac,” piped up Jo, “scrubbing, cleaning and throwing things around and all of it with tears running down her face!”

“I guess I exorcised some of my own demons while I cleaned,” continued Kelsey, “everything that was broken I broke it further when I threw it out.” She paused as she sipped her drink.

“Kept thinking it was your parents’ heads!” exclaimed Bonnie. She was sipping bourbon and cola that Thelma assured him was quite weak, but she nodded at Bonnie’s description of Kelsey’s attitude.

“She got rid of a lot of frustration, crying out her fears and her anger. I think she got a lot of her hatred out, especially since you were in hospital and we didn’t know whether you were going to make it,” said Jo softly as she reached out and held Kelsey’s hand.

“David was no help either,” Kelsey said, her eyes were misted as she told Sydney about how her husband simply wanted to bulldoze the house and build a new one. “He couldn’t see that we,” she paused to indicate Jo and Bonnie, “wanted to make something that you could come home to and see something different to what we imagined you saw when you came home from school or cricket matches.”

Her tears began to flow, “Oh Sydney, you don’t know how many times I watched you run to school in the early mornings or dragged your feet home in the late afternoon that I wanted to gather you up and bring you back to my place and show you a bed to sleep in and a loving shoulder to snuggle into.”

Thelma’s eyes were full of unshed tears as she busied herself making more drinks and Sydney realised how much these girls had tried to help him, yet he had refused their offers until it was almost too late. With a soft sigh he asked Bonnie the question that worried him most, “Bonnie why does the front path scare you so much?”

Jenny piped up from the chair where she sat watching her cartoon, “Your blood warrior, do not ask why but it did not want to be moved from where you had fallen.”

Bonnie nodded, “A horrible, horrible outline of your body that wouldn’t go away. We cleaned it, we scrubbed it but the next day it would be back again. In the end the contractors scraped it out with machines and dumped the dirt, concrete and steps in a quarry.” Her voice broke as she told him about the scene she witnessed every day until the soil was removed.

“Alfred asked for me to test the soil, but nothing came out of it. It just seems that it was not ready to go away!” exclaimed Jo as she pointed to a spot a couple of metres inside the new front wall of the entertainment area under the house.

Sydney walked over to the spot but Jenny stopped him from examining the area too closely saying, “Gone now, won’t come back now that you walked inside the house, warrior.” She turned back to the screen and her unconcerned shrug let the man know that it wasn’t a big deal. He relaxed and returned to his seat.

“So I guess rebuilding the house helped all of you in some way,” said Sydney softly casting his gaze over the four women in front of him,

Their nods and smiles didn’t give him the full story, but he saw the love in their eyes as they spoke of the things that they had argued over and designed as they went. He understood how they had gotten so close together in their efforts as they joked over construction of the bar, they placement of the rooms in what was basically an empty shell. As he sipped his wine and juice mixer he watched the way their faces became so animated as they discussed various aspects of their efforts and realised that they all loved him very deeply as they strove to try to make the best decisions they could for someone who might not even have come home to them. His feelings towards them were magnified as he humbly apologised to all of them for being so aloof and distant from them as he tried to adjust.

Bonnie told him to shut up. Her eyes were full of tears as she said, “Sydney, I have never given my panties to anyone before, nor has Kelsey or Jo. We have become so close to you that we simply wanted to give ourselves to you. OK we are not good at it, but we are trying. I love you baby and I know that Kelsey and Jo do as well, we just wanted you to be happy.”

Sydney was unnerved, he felt the waves of love coming from them as almost a solid wall, it rocked him and he could not contain the emotions inside of him as he stood to address them, he could not think of the right words to say and Thelma saw that he was very much on the road to understanding that despite his memories of lives past, this time was different. “Sydney I think it is time we simply all got drunk!” she said raising her glass to him.

Many hours later, Sydney stood looking down on the four women sleeping in his big bed, they had laughed and cried over him. He had been groped, kissed and offered many delights from their bodies as underwear and other clothing accumulated in the lounge chairs and across the bar. Jenny had giggled as the women tried to assure him that they were willing to wait but flashed their breasts and pussies at him when they thought no-one else, particularly Jenny, was watching. Sydney himself remained as sober as when they had started despite drinking almost as much as the women combined.

He and Jenny sat at the kitchen table eating toasted sandwiches that he had managed to make without causing a fire even though he had not been given much opportunity to prepare meals for anyone too much before. “Syddy, I hope you understand now that they do love you,” the little girl said as she stretched a piece of cheese on her sandwich from her mouth to the length of her arms.

“Yes Jenny, I do, but how do I know which one wants me at any one time?”

“Trust your instincts warrior, but tonight you don’t have to worry about any of them, except me. I am tired and I would really like someone to hold me tonight.”

The big man and the little redhead snuggled in the guest room on one of the beds that they extracted from the walls, her little frame fit very comfortably into his chest and he lay there for a moment listening to her soft breathing before she sleepily mumbled, “Sleep warrior.” His eyes closed and the next thing he knew daylight was streaming through the windows above the bed they lay in.

Chapter 7 – Sleeping, kissing and finding a place to start

Jenny Gilroy watched Sydney sleep in the bed as the sun shone brightly outside, the four women had awoken with groans and moans that turned to giggles when they decided to soak in the spa to get them over their slight hangovers. Surprisingly all of them felt very good afterwards, none of them had noticed the little purple glow that had descended over each of their bodies as they slept and Jenny smiled as she listened to their chatter as she fixed herself cereal and milk.

“How do I let them know what is going to happen today?” she asked herself.

“Just tell Kelsey,” came a voice in her head as a little aqua snake twisted around her curls before dancing in the air before her eyes. The snake did some crazy loops that caused the girl to giggle at her antics.

“OK Es I will tell Mummy, then I suppose the doctors can come and take him back into the hospital.”

“That would be best Mollenny, he will be asleep for nearly two days! I hope they have plenty of food when he wakes up.” Esmeralda was always worried about how much food there was around, for someone that absorbed her needs from water or took nutrient baths in her host’s body, it was something that she found quite illogical. However, she never dwelt on it too long if someone told her that food was available.

Jenny giggled as she read the little Zygotian drifting in thought in front of her. “It will be fine Es, the hospital knows Sydney now and you can tell Alfred to make sure anyway.”

With an “Eek Alfred!” the alien was gone. Jenny guessed that the ambulance would be arriving soon so she went to the bathroom where the four women still lounged naked in the spa and yelled out she was coming in.

Kelsey grabbed a large towel and rapidly dried herself as she listened to her daughter tell her that the ambulance was coming to take Sydney to hospital. The other women in the spa quickly joined her with Jo saying that if she can find her clothes she would go with him and see what Dr Evans wanted to do, the others could contact her later to see if going to visit him was going to be worth it.

She hunted for her underwear and found her bra but couldn’t find her pink bikini pants anywhere. Bonnie giggled and ran back to her home and returned with a pair of Kelsey’s and a pair of her own. Bonnie’s fit her snugly and Jo found her sex extremely aroused as Bonnie insisted on checking that they fit the nurse. “You wouldn’t want them to fall down while you are working Jo, would you?” she asked as her hands rubbed the front of the panties as hotly she breathed against her friends pussy as she pulled them up slowly.

Jo grabbed Bonnie’s hair pulling the girl up to her mouth, “You are going to suck me off when I come back baby!” She fled the bedroom just as the ambulance officers finished loading Sydney into the back of the vehicle and she took the seat beside him.

On arrival at the hospital Dr Evans met her as the ambulance officers wheeled him down to his room and transferred him into the bed it seemed he had spent more time in than anywhere else. “Certainly hasn’t made it to any of our beds yet,” Jo complained bitterly to herself. Dr Evans smiled as he heard her complaint and wondered if his attractive nurse knew about Wendy yet.

“Hello Jo, I see his is sleeping again,” he said and chuckled as the nurse jumped a little at the unexpected sound of his cheery voice.

She turned to him and noted his twinkling eyes and broad grin, a little peevishly she said, “I guess Jane has been working her magic on you again doctor.” Jo smiled at the man realising that she had just been bitchy and sighed. “At least someone is getting some.”

Patrick Evans laughed at her forlorn expression and placing an arm around her slim waist assured her that her time will come soon. He fussed with some monitors beside the bed and indicated a tray of tags to his nurse telling her to hook him up.

Jo, with the help of Bob who had come by to see if Sydney was back, placed the tags across the sleeping man’s body as Bob helped her to roll his big frame enough to set up the ones on the back of his rib cage. They sat watching him for a while and Jo noting the concern in the wardsman’s eyes patted his arm saying, “It’s alright Bob, Jenny says he will wake up sometime tomorrow afternoon. His body is still adjusting.”

The man absorbed the information for a few moments then turned to the nurse with a big grin, “Sleep like old tree again.” He rose from his chair still chuckling as he went back to see what else the head sister might have for him to do. Jo smiled as she watched him go and wondered at how one little boy got to have so many people worrying about him even when he was now a big man. She went to find a cup of coffee.

Dr Patrick Evans faced the two men across the table from him in the meeting room on the second level of the hospital. Greg Collins was younger than himself, he guessed the man to be in his late sixties, a fit and healthy man with a full head of brown hair, inquisitive green eyes and a muscular, athletic body. The man beside him was Trevor Hawkings and his mere presence set the other two on edge.

The tall man with dark hair and a soft almost effeminate demeanour to match his body was immaculately dressed in a suit with vest and tie. Dr Evans wondered how a professor, admittedly a rather well known expert in his field, could afford to wear such expensive clothing to work in. Greg Collins had told Patrick that they had come down from Townsville in Hawkings’ private jet hover. Dr Evans once again wondered if the rumours about the man’s acquired wealth were true.

Trevor Hawkings is an ambitious, money hungry, egotistical git, thought Greg Collins as he listened to the man telling Dr Evans that he must be allowed to take tissue samples and blood from the unusual patient that had just been returned to room 8F. His explanations of why he wanted them were ludicrous, proposing possible medical breakthroughs and healing compounds to help others was as far fetched as the patient’s recovery. Greg Collins was a human first, then a biologist, Hawkings was a botanist, his understanding of medicine was farcical and it was hard for the two doctors to maintain straight faces as they listened to the more absurd uses that he believed the man’s blood and tissue could be used for.

Alfred, listening quietly to the conversation could no longer stand to stay quiet and in a booming voice he sang out from the computer station on the table, “Professor Hawkings you have as much idea about the human body as a dog has about the workings of a hover bus! You will not take samples from Sydney, who by the way is a human being, not a fucking plant!”

Hawkings’ face turned bright red and he stood looking for the source of the insults that had been handed out. “Relax Trevor,” urged Patrick, “it is Alfred.” He reached to the monitor on the table and turned it on to show the green faced man staring intently out from the display.

Alfred nodded to the two men then turned his eyes towards Trevor Hawkings again, “You sir, disgust me, we are talking about a man who through no fault of his own has been mutated by the introduction of a plant gene into his chemical make-up. It is not for you, or anyone else, to deny him the rights that any being has been granted to them under the law. Should you wish to pursue your farcical theories I suggest you go and take samples from the pot plants you have growing in your nursery in Townsville!”

Trevor Hawkings stuttered and stammered before turning on his heel and storming from the room. “Meeting with Sydney at approximately 2:00 pm tomorrow,” Dr Evans called to his retreating back.

“It is not going to stop him you know, Patrick,” sighed Greg Collins. “He will turn up tomorrow with his equipment and attempt to get his samples, whether it kills Sydney or not.”

Alfred laughed, “I would like to see him try. There are some things about Sydney that Professor Hawkings is going to find is going to make it very difficult for him to even get close to him.”

Greg Collins and Patrick Evans leaned closer to the monitor waiting for Alfred to continue. The computer doctor looked at both of them for a moment before he said, “Let’s just say that Sydney has some built in protection and leave it at that.” The monitor blanked.

“Did you bring the other equipment with you Greg?”

“Most of it, I need a couple of tags, Martha is sending them down as soon as she can get a hold of them. Bloody Hawkings couldn’t wait an hour to make sure we had everything. The man is a menace Patrick, if half of what I hear about him is true I could have him out of the university in five minutes. Unfortunately people tend to go missing or suddenly clam up when we try to get evidence against him.”

“Perhaps a visit from our young man in 8F might be a resolution to some of those problems Greg,” Patrick said with a wink but he didn’t say anything further despite the questioning look from his colleague.

When Sydney awoke the next afternoon he desperately needed to go to the bathroom but he could feel tags across his forehead and chest. Alfred’s face appeared on the monitor above him, "Good afternoon, Sydney" he smiled.

Sydney groaned at his cheerfulness and replied, "Hello, Alfred."

"You can get up if you like, the tags are wireless to the EEG so you won’t be dragging equipment around with you."

Gratefully Sydney thanked him, got out of bed and headed to the toilet cubicle. Finishing up and returning to his bed he did a double take around the room, apart from the bed, one chair, the bedside cabinet and the machines the room was empty.

As he moved towards the bed, Jo breezed in through the door, and with a “cheery hello sleepy head” made a note on her pad and turned off several machines. Then she patted the bed motioned him to sit and began removing the tags from around his head. Sydney could smell her fragrances and despite her cheery attempts at ignoring his naked body he sensed her lusty response to him.

“Jo?” he asked tentatively as the woman continued with her work.

“Yes Sydney.”

“How long?”

“Two days baby, but Jenny warned us this time. Food is on its way if you want some.”

Sydney found that he didn’t have a desire for anything to eat, but for some reason he wanted to hold the woman in front of him and he reached his arms around her, pulling her in close so that he could lay his head on her breasts. Jo’s hands held his head as he sighed against her.

He nuzzled her breasts through her uniform then asked, “What time do you finish tonight?”

“As soon as you and the doctors finish your meeting. Then I was going to take you home if you wanted,” she said to the top of his head.

“Is Big Suzy still waiting for me to come and try her cooking?” he said shyly as he tilted his head back to look up at her.

“If you would like to come home for dinner the invitation still stands,” Jo’s words were playful but her heart had begun to beat a little faster and she hoped that he would stay for more than just dinner.

“I think I would like that,” he told her as he stood and kissed her softly on her lips.

“Food?” she whispered.

“Just some tea would be nice for now. I think I would like to satisfy my appetites in somewhere a little less sterile than a hospital room.”

Jo giggled at his use of the plural and quickly she turned him around and removed the tags from his back letting her hand trail down to his hip as she removed the last one. She felt him tremble slightly with her touch and kissed his back softly before telling him to get dressed the doctors were waiting.

Sydney saw Robyn coming down the corridor pushing her trolley and when she saw him waiting gave him a wave and a huge grin. Sydney waved her through the door reached out and gave her a soft pat on the backside as she went in and in mock anger waved a finger at him and threatened to get Bruce on to him. They both laughed and she beckoned him to sit as she pulled the tray over and set out a teapot and some biscuits. “No meal today Syd,” she commented and smiled knowingly when he told her he was going to have dinner with Jo tonight.

“You know Syd, Jo has always liked you, no I won’t say liked, she loves you. I can tell by the way she talks about you, her and Wendy,” the giggly tea lady told him as they drank.

“I know Robyn, I hope Wendy does well in Melbourne, I miss her a little and it has only been a couple of days.”

Robyn looked at him with a soft look in her eyes over the edge of her cup, “Wendy misses you too my dear, but she will be fine. Just don’t forget to go and see her when you can.”

Sydney got the distinct impression that the woman sitting comfortably beside him knew more about what had occurred between him and the petite nurse than she should have and wondered how that could be. He was about to ask her when Bob, Dr Evans and two other doctors came into the room pushing trolleys containing stackable chairs. “Seems like you are going to have visitors young man, so I better get my old bones moving before I get thrown out,” said Robyn with a little laugh.

Sydney asked her to stay a little longer as it would be most likely his last visit for a while and so she sat and they passed a little more time discussing Bruce and their children. Finally Robyn decided to set his mind at ease over Wendy, after packing up her little trolley and preparing to leave she gave the seated man a big hug and whispered into his ear, “Thank you for looking after my baby daughter, Syd. Wendy was heartbroken that she couldn’t see you again before she left but she was so happy that you were so proud of her for getting a place in Melbourne.”

She left Sydney with a big smile on his face and gave him a small wave as she began to push her trolley to the door. “Thank you for everything Robyn,” he called to her just as the doctors began to file into his room.

“Very polite for a plant isn’t it?” asked Dr Trevor Hawkings of no-one in particular.

His head smacking into the wall shortly after he had opened his mouth was totally unexpected as Sydney leapt from his bed and rammed his fist into the side of the man’s head sending him careening backwards. The big man was ready to hit him again but several of the larger interns held him tightly and Dr Evans stood in front of him his face furious. Sydney hung his head and waited for the lecture.

“You had better have a damned good relationship with your board of directors in Townsville, Professor Hawkings because by the time I am finished with you no-one will want to employ you. Now get out of my hospital!” Patrick Evans was ready to hit the man he had addressed as well but the wimp wouldn’t get up off the floor where he had slumped nursing his face.

Hawkings eyes were ablaze and he snarled as he got to his feet, walking to the door he turned his head, “This isn’t finished with plant!” he sneered. Sydney pulled against the arms holding him and howled in frustration when they wouldn’t let him go.

Stopping at the door Hawkings turned his attention to Dr Evans, “You are the one who will be lucky to have a hospital Evans when I report you for not controlling violent and dangerous patients adequately!”

“Perhaps you should get your ears tested Professor Hawkings,” said one of the interns holding Sydney, “it seems your balance is out of kilter for you to run into a wall like that by yourself.” Nods around him confirmed that they would support that story and Hawkings glared at all of them before stalking off down the hallway.

“There goes my lift home,” bemoaned a doctor that Sydney had only ever seen in the replays of the vid of his transformation. “Not that I would like to be in the same place as that pompous shit anyway!” he added with a grin as he turned to Sydney.

“Greg Collins,” he said holding out his hand and Sydney smiled as the interns let him go and shook the offered hand.

Greg apologised for being a colleague of Hawkings and Sydney forgave him saying one could not always choose their workmates. The man smiled taking an instant liking to the fit looking young man in front of him.

The group of doctors and interns arranged themselves in a loose semi-circle around his bed and began to examine the evidence of Sydney’s remarkable recovery and the statistical information retrieved from the various monitoring exercises that they had carried out. Alfred joined in the conversation with the group much to the delight of all of them as he threw up displays of charts and comparative data on the large monitor on the wall. By the end of the session Sydney’s head was spinning with the enormous amount of data that they had on him.

Dr Evans addressed the group, “Unfortunately none of it shows us anything that can truly explain the changes in you Sydney. That is why all of it is going to be archived and nothing further will be brought up about it unless you come back here.”

The doctors around him nodded in agreement, a young intern spoke from her seat closest the door where, besides listening to the conversation, she also kept an eye out in case Professor Hawkings tried to return, “It is simply another mutation case, unexplained, unknown, we just take notes and move on. Only dickheads like Hawkings pursue them like they are some revelation to science. I am only in my fifth year but even I can quote at least a hundred cases like this and besides we don’t want another angel on our hands do we?”

Sydney noted the long faces around him and wondered what the woman’s last remarks meant. Greg Collins saw his look and explained how a young woman was diagnosed with what was called ‘Angel’s blood’, blood that wouldn’t die inside or outside of the body. Unfortunately the doctor who had made the discovery published her findings and the patient suddenly found herself unable to leave hospital despite the fact that she was healthy and fit, a result of the blood condition. “By the time a sympathetic nurse gave her fast acting poison to kill herself with the woman had been driven insane with tests, sampling, constant observation and never allowed any private time as people like Hawkings tried to find some use for her unique blood. They never did find a use for it so she suffered and died for nothing,” he finished.

Sydney felt Jo squeeze his shoulder from behind him and he could see the sympathetic looks on the medical staff in front of him for the nurse that had killed her patient rather than continue to let her suffer. “Well Hawkings may get a shock if he tries to put me in a lab,” said Sydney softly and Jo felt the muscles in his neck and back tense in fierce determination.

The meeting ended with the group resolving to replace all of their data on public files with normal test results with a flag security on any other access, Alfred told them he had already arranged it. Greg Collins had only one problem and that was Sydney’s abnormally slow pulse and respiratory rates that another intern countered with, “Blame it on the nano-bots.”

They discussed the merits of the solution and despite its simplicity they could come up with no other better idea. Laughing the group packed up the chairs and left to return to their other duties.

Jo, Dr Evans and Dr Collins were left with Sydney and as they watched him pack up the last of his clothing, including his carefully concealed gifts from the women, they pondered a few more issues. Sydney asked Greg where he was staying and was assured that Patrick was allowing him a few days at his home with his lovely wife Jane. Jo giggled as Greg Collins described the scrumptious meal that she had cooked for them the previous evening, suggesting that he had to go for a few more runs to get the weight off he was sure he was going to put on if he stayed for too long.

Sydney eyed the two doctors, “Ok you two, what else do you want to do with me and it better not be tonight because I have been invited out for dinner!”

“Sydney we have some special equipment that is very sensitive to measuring differences in fluid volumes, temperature changes and brain waves. We would like to use it on you for a few days to get some final readings for the records. Perhaps it might give us something useful, perhaps not,” said Dr Collins.

“it does not have to be here Sydney,” added Dr Evans quickly as he watched the man put his bag back on the bed in preparation to unpack again.

“I believe the ladies have shown you what they did to your old house, the equipment can be set up there and you can do whatever you want to do. If you like we would like to come and visit for an afternoon to put you through some exercises and see what it brings up,” explained the doctor further.

Sydney breathed a sigh of relief and nodded his head in agreement. They arranged to meet the following afternoon at his house and they left discussing the logistics of the movement of equipment. Jo gave the big man a pat on his behind and said that if he gave her a few minutes she would meet him out the front and take him home.

When she left he rang Kelsey and the bubbly face that greeted him on the wall screen was a pleasant surprise as she looked so much more relaxed than he could remember seeing her for some time. “Hi Kelsey,” he said to her smile.

“Hello Sydney, you ready to go home now?” she asked.

“Jo is taking me home,” he said softly watching to gauge her reaction. Her beautiful smile and saucy wink raised his spirits.

“Make sure you have a long talk to Jo tonight honey, we will see you tomorrow. Oh by the way, Thelma had to go back to Townsville some emergency over one of her associates and said she would come and see you on the weekend.”

Kelsey cut the connection and turned to her niece, “It appears that Jo may be getting her wish tonight my dear, our backing off seems to be the correct way to handle our man.”

Her niece clapped her hands with joy, “157 days to go!”

Her phone rang again and punching the answer button she was delighted to see a smiling Jo Jepson on the screen. “Be gentle with him Jo, he already rang us.”

The nurse lifted her eyebrows in surprise, “Well it seems our young man is ready. I will see you tomorrow, good night,” she finished by blowing a kiss to the two smiling women at the other end.

Nervously Jo set her hover at the front entrance of the hospital and waited for the man to come to the vehicle, he stopped in surprise with the door open as he started to place his bag on the back seat and observed her outfit. A long expanse of her thigh showed through the slit in what looked like a very attractive pair of slacks. She watched his eyes rove up from her thigh to her stomach and got a further shock as her top barely covered her full breasts and a rather large portion of them were visible from the sides. She leaned over and putting a finger under his chin closed his mouth saying, "Close the door before a girl freezes her tits off!" She giggled as he hurriedly dropped his bag and closed the door.

Jo punched in the address code and turned her seat to face him as the hover rose, navigated its way out of the entrance tunnel and silently sped towards its requested destination. "You like?" she smiled lifting her arms and gave a little twist in her seat to show Sydney her delectable black outfit.

"Very much," he nodded enthusiastically and drank in her form with more than a few looks at her breasts that wobbled so delightfully under the flimsy piece of cloth that seemed capable of letting go at any moment. "You look absolutely gorgeous!"

"Why thank you kind sir," she purred inclining her body towards him slightly so that he got a very nice view down her top and she puckered her lips for a kiss.

The hover pulled up in front of a fashion house and Jo ushered him out on to the footpath where a rather pleasant looking gentleman in a dark green suit invited him into the shop. Sydney looked back at Jo who gave him a little "Go on!" wave. He followed the man through the door and through a maze of clothes racks and displays to a doorway at the back of the shop.

He opened it and ushered him through where he was met by two smiling assistants carrying an armful of clothing each, the man, who introduced himself as Carl asked Sydney to undress. After a brief deliberation he removed his T-shirt, kicked off his runners undid the button on his jeans dropping them to the floor then bent and removed them. Carl shushed the two assistants and walked over to a rack beside the door way removed a couple of items and brought them back to him.

Sydney looked at the silky shorts he had returned with and Carl remarked that they were more comfortable than the tight confines of underpants but gave one the same freedom. Sydney selected a dark purple one that had a large gum tree across it and something about a woodie written below that and found that they did feel pleasant. Next the assistants produced shirts and trousers and the young man spent the best part of the next hour being fussed about by the two assistants and Carl before finally he was dressed in dark woollen trousers, a form fitting cotton shirt and a light, but warm, lined jacket.

A shiny pair of black leather shoes completed the outfit and as he admired himself in the full-length mirrors he caught the suitably impressed expression on Carl’s face and the mischievous grins on the two assistants who had obviously enjoyed themselves dressing and undressing him.

Carl said, "Splendid, Sir, I think that should impress Miss Jepson." Flicking a few imaginary bits of dust off Sydney’s shoulders he informed him that he would have the other clothes and his old clothes delivered to his home tomorrow.

Sydney started to stammer out that he didn’t know what all this was about and Carl smiled, "Relax, Mrs Gilroy has already set up your account here and I do hope Sydney that you come back and visit us again soon."

Exiting the building after expressing his appreciation to the two assistants he shook Carl’s hand in thanks as a Black and Gold hover taxi appeared on the street outside at the tailor’s beckoning wave. "Don’t worry Sir; Miss Jepson left instructions with the driver. Goodnight Sir." he closed the door and Sydney waved as the hover moved back into the street, found its desired lane and sped up.

He leant back in the back seat and wondered what Miss Jepson was up to. The building that the cab pulled up at was unfamiliar to Sydney and the driver handed him an envelope that he hurriedly opened and found an invitation to dinner within with his name on it. The driver game him a thumb’s up as Sydney thanked him and disembarked.

Showing the invitation at the door he was directed to a lift behind an ornately carved wooden screen. Pressing the button the lift opened almost immediately and he walked into the shining mirror lined cabin and was a little confused when he could not see any buttons for the floors. Suddenly the lift moved upwards and he relaxed as he realised that it only went to one floor and awaited its arrival. He stepped out when the lift finished its ascent into a softly lit room that smelled of Jo’s perfume.

A lit area attracted his attention and he found himself at a small bar where two tall glasses of clear fluid topped by a single strawberry waited. Picking them up he looked around to his left where soft music was playing and a small fireplace burned with a friendly glow. He walked towards the lounge chairs he spotted in front of the fire and stopped as the woman he hadn’t noticed stood up from one of the chairs with a soft giggle as she observed his pleased expression.

Sydney signalled her to turn and the view of her rear snugly encased by the black pants section of her split skirt looked very pleasant, his eyes lifted higher and he noted that her top was backless and he could see the swell of her breasts slightly showing at her sides. She turned back to him and relieved him of the glasses and asked him to twirl as well. Her sigh as he turned to show the outfit that Carl had dressed him up in caused him to feel inordinately proud that the beautifully dressed woman behind him obviously enjoyed the man’s work.

“Carl does good work,” she murmured, “especially when he has such a good base to work on.”

He grinned into her face as he turned back to her and lowered his lips to hers. He was tempted to bring his hands up to her firm breasts as she kissed him holding the two drinks out to her sides. A soft cough behind him startled him into forgetting that idea as a young woman asked him if she could take his jacket. He turned to slip it off but the young girl removed it as deftly as the assistants had done at the fashion ship. She slipped away before Sydney could murmur his thanks.

“Who was that?” he asked as he accepted his drink from Jo and she led him to the chairs in front of the fire.

"That’s Little Suzy, my secretary come chambermaid.”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. "This is your home?" Sydney asked waving his hand around to include the lift and everything he had seen so far.

"One of them," she replied, "don’t look so surprised!"

"I am!" he replied. "My favourite nurse owns a penthouse suite and I, a lowly foreman’s child, am here with her and she is practically naked in front of me!" She smiled as Sydney melodramatically held his hand to his forehead and then bowed towards her.

Reaching over she punched his shoulder and putting her drink down clasped his hand and snuggled up against him. Soft music began to play from the speakers around the room and he recognised the melody as one that was used in dance lessons at school. He swayed his body against hers and slowly they danced across the room as one. Sydney was never a particularly good dancer as he was afraid of female contact in his early days but he found his body responded easily to Jo’s and very much enjoyed the feel and smell of her.

"You dance quite well," she murmured into his shoulder.

He told her that he always responded well to good teaching. She broke away from him looked up and huskily said, "I have some very special lessons planned for you tonight, that is if you want to stay?"

“Only an emergency or the promise of food would drag me away.” Her tinkling laughter sounded very pleasant in his ear and he held her tight in his arms as they danced some more.

From somewhere a bell rang and Jo who was warmly embraced in his arms as his hands slid over her bare back whispered, "I not only promise food but it is ready now if you like."

Sydney’s stomach growled as he scented something delicious coming from the direction in which the bell sounded. Jo rubbed his stomach, "Let’s feed the man."

After retrieving their drinks Jo led him to a massive dining room that Sydney estimated could easily have held fifty guests and was astounded at the size of the room. Jo laughed at his look saying, "Grandma loved to entertain and I have been here several times when this room has been full of all sorts of people, from a president to a bum off the street. This was always a happy room for me," she sighed as she led him to a small table that had been set up slightly to one side.

Another young woman suddenly appeared at Sydney’s elbow and again he jumped in fright at her sudden appearance. "Jo! How many more people am I likely to run into tonight?"

The girl’s smothered laughter and apology allowed him some time to recover then Jo said, "Sydney, this is Anne-Marie and there is only one more."

"And that would be me!" came a loud but pleasant sounding voice from behind him and he turned after acknowledging Anne-Marie to see a very large framed woman wearing a discoloured white apron and a dark uniform coming towards him from the kitchen area.

She carried a rather wicked looking knife in her hand then realising it was in her right hand transferred it to her left and held out her hand for him to shake. Gripping her hand he winced only slightly as she crushed his in hers as she said, "Big Suzy, pleased to meet you, Sydney. They tell me you got a big appetite for such a little body."

Sydney couldn’t keep the grin off his face as she spoke because although she was a big woman he still topped her in height by a good ten centimetres and was almost as broad across the shoulders as she was. "Well sit down. Sit down," she said walking over to a warming cabinet that Anne-Marie had wheeled in beside the table and began to carve generous helpings of roast and piled them on a plate while Anne-Marie piled an equally large serving of roast vegetables on another.

Sydney picked up a napkin from the table and tucked it into the top of his shirt and with knife and fork in hand waited for the plates to be set before him.

Jo laughed as Big Suzy watched in delight as the man attacked her food and his compliments to her on her wonderful cooking set her off into big guffaws. Jo ate a normal platter as both she and Anne-Marie watched in disbelief as he finished the first plates and thanked Big Suzy as she placed two more equally laden plates in front of him.

Slowing down to sip his fruit juice Anne-Marie replenished his glass from a pitcher that she retrieved from the kitchen fridge. Sydney ate heartily and when Big Suzy dropped another couple of slices of roast pork on his plate he indicated that they would be enough.

She was asking if he was sure as he cleaned the gravy from the plate with a hunk of crusty bread, he nodded and once again thanked her for her wonderful meal. Sydney told her that any time he could do her a service that she only had to ask, the big lady blushed to the roots of her hair in pleasure and giving him a playful thump on his shoulder she replied, "I might just take you up on that one day buckaroo!"

She disappeared back into her kitchen, he could hear the hustle and bustle of cleaning and her loud guffaws as her and Anne-Marie chattered during their work.

Jo smiled at him kindly, "One day you are going to have to start fulfilling these promises you keep making to these women."

Jo led Sydney back to the lounge chairs after popping her head into the kitchen and telling Anne-Marie that they would have tea there after which the ladies could go home. Sydney splayed himself over the chair and excusing himself burped. A highly amused Jo pretended he was a baby and rubbed and patted his back to bring up more. Nestling his face into her breasts Sydney told her that he had read someone that breast feeding was supposed to be good for wind and she rubbed his hair and told him he could wait until her girls left, “I don’t intend to share dessert this evening,” she said.

Sydney wagged his finger at her saying, “You told Big Suzy we didn’t want dessert.”

Grabbing his finger between her teeth she sucked it into her mouth and her eyes told him that she would have preferred something else in her mouth. It was his turn to tell her to wait for the staff to leave.

After Anne-Marie served them tea and wished them goodnight they sipped their cups in silence each contemplating the other as they relaxed by the fire. Sydney noticed Little Suzy standing watching them from the shadow of the doorway behind Jo and he bumped her shin with his barefoot having gotten rid of his shoes as he sat in comfort allowing his body to digest his meal.

Jo smiled as she beckoned the little woman towards her and rose giving the girl a soft passionate kiss, Sydney noted the girls appeared to be quite familiar with each other and he wondered briefly what sort of relationship they had. The kiss went on a little longer and he heard Jo murmur into the other woman’s lips, “What has got into you sweetie.”

Little Suzy smiled as she broke from her employer’s embrace and skipped to the doorway leading to the lift with a small pat on Sydney’s shoulder as she passed him. “Goodnight,” she giggled.

Jo watched her leave with a puzzled look on her face and her nipples poking hard against the thin black material of her dress. “Do you want to call her back, Jo?” Sydney asked bringing out of her musings.

“No, no, I don’t. It is just that she has never kissed me like that before,” she turned to the man who looked a little amused by her flustered state.

“From here it seemed that she may have been making her case to take her to bed with us.”

“I have never been to bed with Little Suzy, I think a hot man in the house might have set her off,” she giggled as she slipped onto his lap and gave him a soft kiss. Her mind was still a little off balance from the kiss but the firmness she felt under her dainty bottom as she wriggled on the man underneath her soon focused her intention on where that was going to be very soon.

Sydney held her hips and said that with all this liquid in him she better not press too hard and playfully she jumped up, snagged his hand and said, “There is a bathroom off my bedroom.”

She led him to the other end of the penthouse where at the end of a wide hallway was a padded half wall that stood a metre inside the glass of the exterior of the building that gave a magnificent view over the city below and out to the mountains in the west. Jo stopped at a doorway just before this and opening it said, “My escape and sanctuary.”

The room was huge and in its centre stood a large circular bed that looked like it could hold four or five people easily, mirrors decorated the ceiling above it and Sydney’s feet enjoyed the thick carpet as he walked across it. Jo pointed to a door to the left and giggling told him not to bother coming back dressed. Chuckling he entered the room stripped and took care of his first pressing need. He debated whether to keep his shorts on or not but decided to leave them on the floor as he took a deep breath to calm himself. He could smell Jo’s arousal even through the door and grinned at the happy thoughts that reached him from his resident alien.

Walking through the door he saw that the bed was brightly lit while the rest of the room was in darkness and in the centre of the bed her eyes wide and fixed upon him as he walked over to her was Jo. She was naked and as he stood at the side of the bed she spread her legs wide, sliding her hands over her large breasts tweaking her nipples making them even harder than they had been before. His erection began to grow as one of her hands slid downwards and gently began to circle her wet sex, “Watch me baby,” she murmured, “watch this little slut get her pussy ready for you.”

He knelt on the bed between her legs as she continued to murmur her intentions for his cock, his balls and how her cunt was going to feast on him. Her voice was husky and soft, her fingers beginning to rub and spread her lips moved more urgently as her hips rolled. “I want you to use me Syddy, bang your big cock into me until I fucking cum all over your nuts. Oh my goodness I have wanted to suck and fuck you for so long!” Her breathing was harsher and as she began to mumble more obscenities he slid his long middle finger into her sex in one hard thrust and she screamed loudly as her hands grabbed his holding him firmly inside her as she came.

Sydney moved his hand and capturing her two in his grip pushed them back up her body and over her head pinning them. Her eyes opened wide as he moved upwards and bumped her sensitive sex with his very hard cock. Letting her hands go he mouthed her nipples, playfully biting them as she sought to capture his cock with her moving hips, he teased a little more holding himself just out of reach before she squealed her frustration and captured his cock in her small hand saying, “Please Syddy don’t make me beg.”

He allowed her to bring him down to her and with a slow thrust he filled her hot wet pussy as she panted and urged him to slow a little more. Their lovemaking was slow, she cried against his shoulder briefly telling him that she was so sorry that they had all tried to rape him. He stopped and turning slowly he rolled her with him until they faced each other but she pushed him a little more until he was on his back with her astride him. Pulling her down to him he asked her what she meant.

Quietly she talked about how the girls felt about him, how they all seemed to want him without considering what he wanted. She talked about her and Bonnie discussing that it was like a woman being raped by three men who all wanted her, “We didn’t think we would like it so we all felt a bit ashamed of ourselves.”

Continuing she told him that the dream with Kelsey about killing herself because she felt rejected and dirty for what she wanted really brought home how much pressure they were bringing to bear, not just on Sydney but also on themselves. “We didn’t know whether we were jealously competing for this,” she wiggled her hips on the flesh that was softening inside her as they spoke, “or whether we just wanted to be with you and if we wanted to share you or not. And see that is the point it was all we, we, we, never about you.” Her eyes filled with tears as she lifted her face to his again and kissed his soft lips.

“So what did you all decide to do about it?” he asked stroking her shoulders and hair.

“We decided to go to bed and comfort each other and wait for you to show us want you wanted from us.”

Sydney felt himself harden at the thoughts of what sort of comfort the three lovely women would give each other, particularly as he remembered the kisses that they had shared in front of him. Jo felt him hardening inside her and whispered, “Kelsey loves a tongue up her arse and Bonnie drinks girl cream like its the finest wine.” They both sighed as his fully grown erection thrust upwards inside her tight channel.

“What do you like best?” he asked as she rose herself upwards to sit hard on his cock and began to move her hips in circles.

“I like being ploughed, Syddy, I love being a slut for those women, I think I am going to enjoy being one for you too. Now let me show you what my cunt can really do!”

She slammed herself up and down on him raking his chest with her nails as she fucked him hard and fast. Sydney felt her tightening around him and thrust as hard as he could upward into her and with a roar drowned out her panted requests to flood her cunt as his cock exploded inside her. They lay panting for a few moments and she idly drew circles on his chest with her tongue as she savoured the sweat on his slightly heaving body. Chuckling he told her he needed some more liquid to rehydrate if she was going to suck him dry like that all the time.

Giggling she hopped off him and made a detour to the bathroom before meeting him out on the hallway where he watched the night sky. They walked hand in hand naked through the suite and she led him back to the small bar where he had found their original drinks. She poured some drinks then refilled his as he thirstily gulped it down. Slowly they returned to the glass wall and stood leaning against the padded wall watching the lights of the city.

Sydney placed his drink on a small table beside the wall and stood behind her with his arms wrapped around and under her breasts. "Why do you use bad language when you are excited?" he asked her.

She leant back against him, "What bad language?"

Shyly and softly he listed some of them, "Pussy, cum, prick, balls, nuts, fuck, screw, do I need to continue?"

"You forgot my favourite one!" she teased tilting her head up to receive a kiss, which he obliged her with.

"Oh, you mean cunt?" I suggested.

"Hmm yes," she said as she ground her warm arse back against his groin and to his surprise he found himself hardening against her.

She dropped a hand behind her and gripped him gently in her hand softly running her fingers over its head and gathering some moisture at its tip rubbed him slowly against her soft bottom. "Because they sound better than what the old fuddy duddies come out with and what your sex ed books call things. I don’t want you to tell me you are going to have intercourse with my vagina, I want you to say I am going to fuck your cunt."

“Is that why this wall is padded?” he asked noting the passionate look on her face as she played with him.

Giggling she told him that her grandmother had got the wall made so that her granddad and other occasional lovers could fuck her senseless while she watched the world go by below her.

“If you bend over now I am going to fuck your cunt and you senseless while you watch the city,” he whispered in her ear as he firmly gripped both of her nipples.

She bent quickly placing her drink on the table beside his and looking back at him said, “Fuck me hard Syddy, oh please plough me!”

He rammed his cock into her wet opening and soon she cried out her joy wrapping her legs around his hips as she suspended herself from the wall. His thrusts were brutal, his large balls slapped against her pussy as he forced himself deeply into her. Jo found herself continuously cumming and when she heard his breathing become deeper and harsher she dropped her legs and spun around and down in front of him taking his cock into her mouth. Sydney’s was surprised at her rapid movement and looked downwards as her eyes blazed into his as his seed pumped into her mouth then over her face and breasts as she directed his spurts over herself.

His knees buckled as she sucked the last drips from him and he lowered himself to his knees and her level. Grinning wickedly she lifted one of her heavy breasts upwards and sucked his cream from her nipple. Her heart missed a beat as he captured her other sperm covered nipple and mimicked her actions. His tongue flicked across her breasts capturing more of his cream until she released the firm grip she had on her own tit and allowed him to clean it up as well. She kissed him sharing his captured morsel and she felt his tongue slide around her lips and chin before he kissed her wetly again.

It was the most unselfish and wickedly decadent thing she had ever experienced with a man, it caused her heart to thump and suddenly the emotion of the past few days caught up with her. She pulled back slightly and looked him in the eyes, “You are going to break all of our hearts either that or ruin us for anyone else!” then she burst into tears.

Sydney carried her into her bedroom as she murmured that she was ok it was just such a wonderful thing to do and with everything else she couldn’t help her tears. He smiled as he lay beside her and she snuggled into his chest, “Please don’t run away, Syddy. I would love to wake up beside you in the morning.”

Holding her close to him he stroked her hair until she fell asleep. He lay there for a while staring up at the mirrored ceiling before he fell asleep, a soft sigh of contentment reaching his mind as he did so.

Sometime through the night he found himself spooned against Jo, his heavy cock erect and nudging against her soft thighs as she slept. Grinning he move upwards slightly and pressed into the wetness between her legs slowly and easily penetrated her. A deep moan, that he could feel through her chest as his hand held one of her heavy breasts, told him she liked what she was feeling so he held himself deeply within her and waited. He fell asleep again.

Bright sunshine filled the room when his eyes next opened and the woman beside him was pushing back against him letting his still warmly buried tool fill her completely. He could feel the muscles in her pussy clamping in strong ripples up and down his length as she moved her hips backwards and forwards. Lying there he looked down watching his flesh appear and disappear into her body, he stroked her firm backside causing her to giggle as goosebumps appeared on the soft skin. As he dipped his finger down between her cheeks and rubbed her puckered ring he felt her stiffen and groan as her pussy clamped hard on him.

They rocked together for a few more minutes, Jo’s hisses as she rode his cock and little pants of cumming cumming eventually triggered the need for him to thrust wildly and forcefully into her to fill her with his cum. Holding her hips hard he rapidly and firmly fucked her soft body causing many cries and obscenities to spill from her lips as she revelled in not only the hot flesh inside her but also her rapidly moving fingers over her swollen clit. “Cumming!” she screamed again as she felt his cock swell within her and his harsh guttural groan as he came with her.

“Oh my goodness Syddy, for a while I thought I was just having the most wonderful dream until you stroked my arse. I think Kelsey might not be the only one who has bells ring back there!” her voice was raw and throaty. Sydney let his fingers move down to her firm rump intending to test her theory.

Moving quickly she extracted herself from his embrace and jumped from the bed wagging her finger at him saying, “No, not now, I am already too sensitive, maybe someday soon we can see if that wonderful cock of yours can fit in there but for now I am off to the shower.”

He began to move to follow her, “By myself,” she added.

“Don’t you trust me?” he asked feigning a hurt voice.

“I don’t trust me!” she said heading to the door of the bathroom and he heard the click of the lock as she closed it. Grinning he lay on his back and waited for her return.

He got up and wandered around the suite and finding another bathroom used the toilet and showered. Exploring the rooms he found the place to be able to accommodate at least a dozen people in the large bedrooms and beside the massive dining room he found what appeared to be a picture theatre with a large screen and seating in rows before it, another games room that held a pool table and a large bar. Reflecting that the layout appeared to be very similar to the changed layout he had found in his own house he realised that Jo had been very much involved in designing the alterations.

Jo came out of the bathroom naked and for a moment was disappointed that no naked man lay on her bed then giggled as she thought to herself, Your cunt is too tender anyway you greedy bitch! Rapidly she pulled on jeans and a shirt and went looking for him. Finding him trying to work out where to plug in a jug that he had filled with water to make a cup of tea, she smiled at his obvious lack of ability in a kitchen. Taking the jug she told him to go and get dressed before she lost control and tender box or not she was going to bang him on the floor. He laughed as she swatted his firm buttocks to send him on his way.

Dressed they sat in the comfortable lounge chairs and he asked her when she became a nurse. “When I got sick of designing houses for idiots that didn’t know a kitchen cupboard from a clothes line,” she replied going on to tell him that she had completed her architectural engineering degree and worked for her father for several years in his construction company.

Sydney asked what she meant about being like Kelsey and Jo hesitantly told him about hers and Kelsey’s family dealings and connections. “My Daddy knew Kelsey’s Daddy very well,” she told him, “he was there when Harry died and Kelsey, well she was known as Margaret then, came to him and told him that she had to escape. Poor Kelsey lost everything when Harry died, he was her entire world.”

Sydney gathered by Jo’s tone that it had not been an easy time for the woman who had turned up with her husband and became his neighbour so many years ago. Jo elaborated on how Kelsey had wandered around the country and over to the islands for many years before she had came back to Australia anonymously and began work in an engineering firm. “Then she met David and I guess she saw him as a further escape as some people in the firm began to ask questions about where she came from. You know that she never loved him?”

Sydney nodded, “She told me that when I suggested that he go to New Zealand to sort out his head.”

“He will never come back, Sydney,”

“I am sure that he will see the light and surely he will come back for Jenny’s sake.”

Jo smiled at him, “You are quite naive aren’t you? David doesn’t care about Jenny, hell he has even accused Kelsey of screwing with someone else, pointing out dates that he wasn’t even in Brisbane when she was most likely to have gotten pregnant.”

Sydney was shocked and shook his head, “I have never even seen Kelsey look at anyone else let alone find the time to sleep with someone.”

Jo shrugged, “Kelsey knows that Jenny is his.” She paused and looked at the man beside her before shyly adding, “In her heart Kelsey wishes that Jenny was yours.”

Sydney laughed at that saying, “I didn’t even know what my dick was for, goodness knows my parents wanted to make sure it stayed that way as well.”

Jo laughed with him then said, “You certainly know what it is for now, I am still tingling!”

She kissed him then noted the time and jumped up telling him that she promised that she would have him tagged up ready for the equipment Dr Evans and Dr Collins were going to test on him over the next few days. Sydney gathered his jacket and put his shoes and socks back on as Jo found sandals, the tags she had taken from the hospital and her hover keys. Shortly they were in the underground car-park and in her vehicle heading towards Sydney’s house.

Bonnie, Kelsey and Jenny giggled as the pair ran up the steps after parking Jo’s hover in the empty garage and headed for Sydney’s new bedroom and found the three of them standing in the kitchen making tea and sandwiches. “We rang your place Jo and Little Suzy told us that you were on your way here so we thought we would come over and wait,” said Kelsey by way of explanation for their presence.

“I have to get him tagged up before Dr Evans gets here,” said Jo as she held aloft her bag of equipment.

“Can I help?” asked Bonnie as she spied Sydney stripping through his open bedroom door.

“If he will let you,” said Jo softly as she also turned her eyes to where Bonnie was looking with her tongue flicking across her lips.

“Can I help, Syddy?” the younger woman asked walking towards the doorway with Jo. The man in the room smiled then nodded at the bright eager eyes that implored him for permission. He lay face down on the bed.

“Don’t worry, Bonnie, there are only a few to go on his back the rest on the front,” the nurse whispered to the disappointed face as she observed his firm back and buttocks. Her grin was priceless and quickly Jo showed her how to apply the glue and slim almost invisible tags to points on his back.

Giving his arse a small slap Jo told him to roll over and Bonnie almost began to drool as Jo tried, in a professional voice, to explain where the rest of the tags were to go. Bonnie only heard the word groin and her hand quickly wrapped around Sydney’s penis and held it firmly as Jo applied the glue and tags to the junction on either side. Bonnie kept a firm grip as she moved him backwards and forwards, giggling as Jo eventually slapped her hand away from the man as she kept accidentally getting in the way of her work.

Her beautiful smile to the man as he chuckled at her playfulness set Jo’s heart thumping as she watched Bonnie’s nipples harden to stiff points in her T-shirt. Sydney’s cock was fully erect and shyly Bonnie asked, “Did I cause that?”

“You know you did you little vixen,” said Sydney softly and beckoned her to his lips to kiss her as Jo finished applying tags across his chest and down his legs. Bonnie broke the kiss with a sigh as Jo asked them to move so she could anoint his temples and neck with the last ones.

Male voices from the kitchen stopped anything further as the two women eyed each other and Sydney’s erection standing proudly between them. “Looks like you have to show me your pussy licking skills later,” quipped Sydney as he bounced from the bed and quickly dressed to go out and meet the two doctors. He gave Jo and Bonnie a quick kiss before he exited the room and welcomed his guests.

Shortly afterwards the group sat around the kitchen table after Greg Collins pulled a hand-held reader from his voluminous pocket of his jacket and got Sydney to walk around the room for him to test that none of the tags irritated him and that he got readings from all of them. “You can shower or do anything with the tags on,” Jo told him, “they don’t come off until we use the glue solvent.”

Sydney sipped his tea and ate some of Kelsey’s bikkies as the woman sat beside him listening intently to what the doctors were hoping to measure with the equipment that would be set up in the house when they were delivered. “Sydney didn’t you write a paper about this for the science award?” she asked realising that some of the details that the doctors were discussing was very similar to an item she had read when they had discovered Sydney’s hidden cache of awards and trophies.

“You were the winner of the science prize last year!” exclaimed Greg. He bounced to his feet eager to confirm this when Kelsey told him that the awards were displayed in a cabinet downstairs. The group traipsed downstairs where Jenny proudly showed them the glass fronted cabinet holding trophies and book prizes neatly displayed along one wall of the large games room.

Dr Collins excitedly read off the awards, “Dux of the Junior school, First prize maths for Australia, First prize maths for Oceania! My goodness Sydney how did you do all of this?”

Patrick Evans was reading the cricket and soccer awards, “You had a 180 average!” he cried.

“Yeah the bowling wasn’t that good last year,” he said a little embarrassed at the excited older men and Kelsey ruffled his hair as she giggled at the two men.

“Not that good huh, you do know that one of them now plays for Queensland and is a good chance of making the Australian side this season or next?” she asked him as his face reddened even more.

“Ah here we are, First prize Science, Oceania,” called Greg Collins and he looked to Sydney for permission to extract the glass framed certificate. Sydney nodded and as the doctor brought it over to him he couldn’t help but see the pride in the man’s eyes as he held out a hand for him to shake it.

“Sydney why did you knock back the opportunity to come to Townsville to take up a position in the science lab as a first year student?” he asked as Sydney shook his hand.

Kelsey saw Sydney’s face fall and as the big man turned towards her she rushed to embrace him as his shoulders shook with suppressed sobs. Gently she led him to the lounge chairs and sat holding him as she turned to the stunned Dr Collins. “Sydney would not have been told about anything like that, I would say that his parents refused it on his behalf. They did not want the boy to leave their clutches.” The last she said with so much venom that Dr Collins stepped back a little shaken by the fierce look in the woman’s eyes.

Patrick Evans took his colleague over to the bar and Kelsey watched them speak. Bonnie and Jo knelt on the floor beside her and Sydney both of their tear-filled faces forlorn masks as they gently patted the man sobbing into Kelsey’s breast. Jenny cuddled into the back of her big playmate and whispered into his ear, “Come with me warrior.”

He turned to her and saw the love in her eyes and nodded. The pair stood and the big man and the little red haired girl walked out the garage and down to the duck pond. The three women watched them go and wondered how such a little girl could command him so easily.

When Kelsey turned back to the doctors she saw that Greg Collins looked extremely uncomfortable, he hadn’t realised that Sydney was not just a bashing victim and now he had been told how the boy had suffered years of mental and physical abuse. It was little wonder that his question about moving to Townsville had been met with such a horrible reaction, no doubt the boy had been wishing fervently for just such an opportunity to escape his life of hell and it had been denied to him.

“You weren’t to know Greg,” the brown haired attractive woman told him gently. “Sydney’s pain and humiliation is not something that we discuss a great deal with anyone else.” The doctor nodded slowly and accepted the drink that Jo passed him from the other side of the bar.

There was a chime of the entrance alarm and Jo saw a hover truck pulling up outside the garage and asked the doctors if this was their equipment arriving. The two men organised the pieces of recording equipment placed upstairs, discretely out of the way and checked that it was working correctly before dismissing the two transport employees.

In answer to Bonnie’s question Greg Collins proudly told her that they equipment could monitor Sydney up to three kilometres away and he pointed to a graphic showing a map of the property with a small red dot. “There is our man there,” he said. Another display showed heart rate, respiratory rate and various fluid volumes on a 3-D image of a human body representing Sydney.

The red dot began to move and Bonnie ran downstairs to await Sydney as he came back with Jenny. She rushed into his arms as he walked back in with the little girl and was delighted when he held her tightly saying that he was ok now.

Sydney and Jenny had gone to talk to the ducks and this time it seemed that they did listen and talk to him. Not as words but in emotions as he told them of the latest atrocity that his parents had perpetrated upon him. Jenny snuggled close to him as he poured out his anger and despair at the unfairness of it all. Two-ways and Mack bumped against his shins and he got the definite impression that they were trying to tell him that they would never have abandoned him or hurt him.

His feelings of being surrounded by family grew as others in the small community of creatures around the property seemed to contact him as he and the girl sat quietly. Finally he had shrugged off the despair and laughingly told them all that he would have to think about leaving his friends behind anyway and was surprised when a wave of emotion came back to him leaving him feeling that they would be happy for him to go out into the world and do what he had to do as long as he came back for a visit occasionally. Jenny had giggled, “They know that the world is not just a pond and some bushland, Syddy.”

Laughing he swung the little girl up to his chest and kissed her nose as she laughed, “The same as they know that one person can love and be loved by many others. You my warrior,” she kissed his nose, “have many more people out in the world to meet yet. Do not think that we are going to be in this place forever. We have to move on soon. Townsville will be a good start.”

He had stopped, looking deep into her brown eyes and as she slowly blinked them he saw the owl from the mat for a moment, then the beautiful woman she was to become smiled back at him. “Come Enyalius, let us start the journey with the women and men who are going to be a big part of our lives.”

Act 3 – A tree grows tall and straight.

Chapter 1 – Kelsey

Kelsey Gilroy was elated when Greg Collins explained to Sydney, after he had read the boy’s submitted thesis that won him the award from Townsville university, that the machines that he had installed upstairs had been created based on his theoretical assumptions in his paper. “The machines have been used to not only try to track plant changes based on stimuli as suggested in your paper, Sydney, but we have been able to use them to closely monitor pregnancies in animals as well as humans. They have been extremely accurate in showing up problems in the foetus ages before anything else so far.

“A company called Camelot Corporation got hold of your paper and came up with the machines about twelve months ago. There is a small fortune waiting for you to collect plus there will be ongoing residuals as I believe these machines are going to end up in nearly every major hospital across the nation!”

Sydney was quite embarrassed by the doctor’s enthusiasm. However, when Dr Evans told him that it had already prevented a severe deformity in twin babies in a young woman in Townsville that had been detected in the children at only 6 weeks and corrective measures had been able to be taken he realised that the man was very sincere. “I am pleased that some good has come from it then Dr Collins,” he said shyly.

“Sometimes one never knows what may come from a simple idea or desire to know something,” the doctor replied. He and Sydney discussed the boy’s motivation for the paper and as they discussed Sydney’s observations of the plants and animals around him Kelsey sighed as she once again found her mind’s eye showing her memories of the man and his affinity with the world around him.

Jo saw the faraway look in Kelsey’s face and softly nudged Bonnie. “She is seeing Sydney as the young boy scouting through the bush,” the young woman said quietly. “I used to watch her do that in the early morning when she would sit out the back and wait for Sydney to go to school. It used to break her heart when he didn’t show.”

Jo sniffled a little as she saw the tears run down her friend’s face and she walked over to the brown haired woman and asked her if she would like to leave the boys with their toys and go for a walk. Kelsey nodded and interrupting the conversation between the doctors and Sydney told them that she would come back and make dinner for them all later if they wished. Dr Evans said that he would take her up on her offer as Jane had her music classes tonight and Sydney was quite surprised that the doctor’s wife taught music for adults at a local community centre.

The three women and Jenny left the man to their own devices and Greg Collins asked if Sydney was up to doing some exercising. Shortly Sydney was pounding up and down the street and around the block in sprint mode, jogging and walking. Greg Collins accompanied him and proved to be quite fit though not as fast as Sydney, but still quite competitive. The man spoke about other trivial things as they exercised that Sydney found was quite refreshing and it was during a walk period that Greg told him that he was one of the Townsville University members of the board. “Yes yes I know, Patrick was having a go at me when he told Hawkings to get out. Unfortunately Sydney I can’t get enough on him to get rid of him, he seems to have too many powerful friends.”

Sydney sighed and suggested that perhaps they would be best of avoiding him as much as possible when he came up to the university next week to look over their facilities and to see if the university would still hold a place for him. Greg Collins nodded as he urged the man back up to a jog.

Patrick Evans watched the two men sprint up the hill and the display on the monitor beside him near the window filled him with a sense of awe. Sydney’s pulse and breathing rates barely changed, walking, jogging or sprinting. The monitor on Greg had bounced all over the place. He called them up into the house through the open windows and as Sydney showered he showed Greg the results. Suddenly the monitors rates went crazily upwards and the two men looked at one another.

In Sydney’s shower a black haired brown eyed scamp hungrily slurped on the stiff weapon of the man above her running his hands through her wet hair. She had cheekily hidden in the bathroom as she had spotted Sydney and Greg running up the road, she had come over to tell Sydney that she would not be home until late this evening as she had rehearsals but had seen an opportunity to carry out something she had been fantasising about for ages.

Her naked body appearing beside Sydney as he washed had at first startled him but as she playfully kissed and stroked him he had let her have her way so when she dragged him out of the shower and knelt on the mat he had watched her lovingly suck his cock. He sighed as she held his balls gently and sucked firmly on him, swirling her tongue over his glands as her bright brown eyes stared up at his.

Groaning softly he told her he was going to cum and she opened her mouth jacking his cock until his spurts hit her tongue and lips. As she swallowed his semen he saw her eyes glaze, looking down past his cock he saw her frantically fingering herself then holding his cock in her mouth firmly she came muffling her squeals around his softening meat. “Thank you baby,” she whispered as she let him help her to her feet to kiss her soundly. She squealed into his mouth as his tongue licked the cream from her chin and shared the last few drops of his cum with her.

“Boys aren’t supposed to like to share like that,” she said huskily.

“Not much fun if you don’t share,” he replied kissing her ears as his finger slid between her wet pussy flaps giving her clit a little tease. She buckled a little as he increased his pressure on her little nub.

“No more Syddy please,” she moaned, “I have to go to rehearsals that was what I came over here to tell you!” Suddenly she jumped away from him and grabbing a towel hurriedly finished drying and pulled on her jeans, T-shirt and jumper.

“I will see you tomorrow,” she called as she ran out the door and back to her home.

Sydney finished drying and changed into casual pants and shirt before strolling back out to the doctors who he could hear downstairs.

Greg Collins had showered in the guest bedroom where he had placed his bag of clothes in preparation for spending the night. He and Dr Evans went downstairs and fixed themselves a drink and set up the pool table to play a friendly game or two. Sydney watched the man potting the balls as he made himself a drink then came over to join them.

Greg asked him if he knew how to play and when Sydney confessed that he had only tried once or twice but didn’t seem to get the knack of it the two men began to educate him on the basics. Jo Jepson giggled as she watched the proceedings, Kelsey and Jenny were upstairs organising ingredients for dinner and she had come searching for a drink.

“I suppose my dear nurse that you can play this game?” asked Patrick and Jo took his pool queue and cleaned up the table. Sydney was impressed and told her so.

“Potting the balls is easy, Sydney, it is the tactics that are the key,” she said as she re-racked the balls ready for another game. Kelsey and Jenny had come downstairs and were watching the lesson.

She broke and the number four ball fell into a pocket, “Small balls,” Jo grinned and Sydney watched her examine the table and walk around it before lining up the one-ball and striking it with the white ball and sinking it in the pocket. Without hesitation she walked around the table and struck the white ball to the seven-ball and it too dropped.

Kelsey spoke up, “Do you see what she is doing, Syd?” and he shook his head.

Jo lined up the five-ball and it moved towards and fell into the pocket at the top of the table while the white ball spun back towards Jo. She then lined up the two-ball that was not far from where the white ball spun back to and sank it in the bottom left hand pocket.

The white ball rolled sideways and ended up close to the three-ball where Jo touched it with the white and he watched the white ball nudge in close to the black eight ball.

She looked at Greg then at Sydney, “The secret to the game is understanding where the cue ball has to be to make the next shot. I play pretty good pool and I try to plan at least two shots ahead, really good players are three or four shots ahead. When you don’t have a chance at shooting the next ball as I did on the three-ball you then have to try and put the white ball in a position where your opponent has the least chance of making a shot.”

Sydney looked at the white ball and saw that the next shot for her opponent would not allow them to easily sink any of the balls numbered above the eight.

Red curls were bobbing in excitement and as Sydney looked at her Jenny slyly winked, he laughed, “Tactics of war!” he said and the three girls nodded.

“Planning the next shot is always worth just a little bit of time,” Jo said, “as in most things!” she added softly.

Greg and Patrick were equally as impressed and as they played a few more games Sydney began to understand the angles and shot making, however, he still found himself wondering what to do for the current shot let alone the next one. He did however, improve and was delighted that Jo had told him he had saved his pants a couple of times when he managed to get a ball into a pocket as she or Greg Collins cleaned up their own balls and the black on their next go.

Kelsey called them for dinner and they sat eating a wonderful array of curries that she presented to them with authentic breads and drinks. The food was delicious and Sydney found himself helping himself to more than was strictly necessary and ignored the concerned looks around him as he found more bread to mop his plate with.

By the time he had eaten a large helping of dessert and had thanked Kelsey for another bowl of ice-cream he realised too late what was happening. His eyes filled with tears as he ate the dessert and drank the second pot of tea placed in front of him. Kelsey rubbed his shoulders and whispered, “Es said twice didn’t she.” He nodded then rising from his chair he allowed Kelsey to guide him to his bedroom, undress him and covered him with a sheet and blanket.

For three nights he slept as Kelsey and Jenny snuggled into either side of him that evening and the following two. Greg Collins kept a constant eye on his monitors noting some strange readings as the man seemingly slept without moving and sometimes it appeared without breathing or having a heartbeat.

Sydney awoke in the middle of the third night with a powerful urge to pee. He started to roll and found the warm body of Kelsey pressed against him and gently he tried to crawl over the top of her without waking her. Her eyes opened as he was directly above her and she playfully reached for him, “No Kelsey got to pee!” he whispered urgently and she let him go with a giggle. She snuck out after him taking a robe from the hook on the door and passed it to him as he came back out of the bathroom.

He paused in the dim lighting of the living room that she had switched on as she made her way to the kitchen to put on the kettle, he could see her soft body under her almost transparent nightgown and he walked up behind her and circled his arms around her waist before kissing the back of her ear. She smelt delightful and felt even more so in his arms, his erection poked firmly into her rump as he pressed against her. Sighing she pressed back then yipped as she felt him lift her short nightdress and allowed his hot flesh to touch her. “No Sydney, please, I am an old fashioned girl, I like my loving in bed,” she whimpered as she turned forcefully in his arms to face him.

Hot breath warmed her neck as he kissed her again and again and his firm cock muscle slid against her dripping pussy as he lifted her slightly to bring their genitals into contact. “Mummy Syddy’s gone!” wailed a worried voice from his bedroom and Sydney laughed as he let her go to her worried daughter and willed his cock to soften as he followed a little behind her.

He laughingly jumped onto the bed beside the two girls and wrapped his arms around them as the little girl squeaked as he tickled her. “Never be too far away from you my lady,” he told her as she giggled and tried to grab his ticking hand at the same time.

“Good, then I can go back to sleep again, the doctors want you anyway,” she said with a little yawn.

Kelsey watched her daughter snuggle back down into the bed noting that she took up the space Sydney had been sleeping in and shortly she was fast asleep again. She was thankful for the reprieve else she would have joyfully allowed the big man watching them both have her on the kitchen floor or bench-top or where ever he wanted to have her. She grabbed the man from behind as he watched her daughter sleeping for a minute she let her hands rest firmly on his groin massaging his growing erection and gently fondling his large testicles. “The truth is,” she whispered into his back as he leant back against her softly, “I am such a noisy fuck I would have woken everyone up.”

“Then my little Kelsey,” he said as he turned around in her arms forcing her hands to leave his now extremely aroused cock, “we shall have to either build a soundproof room or wait until we have the house to ourselves. Will you have dinner here with me tonight?”

Looking up she saw the sincerity and desire in his eyes, she hadn’t seen that in a man’s eyes for such a long time and it made her heart beat faster as he leaned down to kiss her softly before she answered. “Only if I can stay for breakfast as well,” she said into his lips before he kissed her again clasping her tightly in his arms.

His stomach rumbled and Kelsey pressed her hands against his chest breaking the kiss, “Let me get a robe on and I will cook you something to eat, it has been nearly three nights since you ate last.”

Grinning he told her that it had better be something that covered her up as he indicated her nipples that threatened to cut through her almost transparent nightie. Giggling she looked downwards at his cock as it poked out of his robe, “Better find some shorts to keep him out of sight too!”

Patrick Evans sleepily came out of the guest room that he had been sharing with Greg Collins during the night, Jenny had told them that Sydney would awake sometime during the night and he had left Jane spent on their bed as he had furiously made love to her after dinner and returned to Sydney’s house shortly before 10:00 pm. Jane had giggled and groaned as he had lustily played with her during her preparation of the meal and they had barely finished it before he had dragged his barely dressed wife into the bedroom. It had been like that ever since Sydney had found his way into the arms of Wendy Robinson, Patrick had tried to apologise to Jane for his desperate need of her that first night but she had hushed him, giving back to him as good as he gave. It was like they were newly weds again.

He absent-mindedly scratched his stomach as he walked into the kitchen smelling steak cooking as Kelsey and Sydney chatted about the events that had been happening for the past few days. As he silently watched them that feeling of love and lust came over him and he connected his newly rediscovered passion for his wife with the couple sitting so familiarly and comfortably in each other’s presence. “You know,” he started, “I have been trying to work out why I have suddenly begun to chase my wife all around the house and just watching the two of you now I know what it is!”

The pair turned their heads to him in surprise at his words and grinned as he stood there watching them with a mischievous glint in his eye. “What would that be then doctor?” asked Kelsey as she smiled at him her hand still holding Sydney’s as they had been while they talked.

“This house, you women and especially you, Sydney, are all bursting at the seams with emotion. I would have said lust, but it’s not that, it’s more. Love, lust, care, promises. It’s like you all exist for one another and nothing else. I am an old man Kelsey but I can feel it every single time I see any of you together!” Patrick sighed as he watched her go into the kitchen to check the food.

“Not only that Patrick,” said Greg Collins behind him, “even when he is sleeping like the dead the women around here are still saturated, horny as hell yet will gently sponge bath him, sleep beside him, hell Thelma and Jo bonked themselves senseless beside him. I wonder if our machines could be adjusted to measure pheromones as well.” His voice reflected the awe he felt about the people he met in this crazy house, it seemed sometimes that this was an Eden and he was privileged to be getting a small glimpse of it.

Esmeralda giggled in Sydney’s mind, “Ask him how his wife is Sydney?”

Grinning Sydney did as she suggested and Patrick laughed out loud at Greg’s flushed face as he replied, “Very understanding,” in a choked voice as he wondered how Sydney knew about the pornographic vid calls the pair had been making to one another for the past couple of nights.

Glancing at the digital display on the wall Sydney saw that it was only 2:30 am and suggested that the doctor’s let him eat while they go back to bed. “Save your questions until then gentlemen, I am not going to answer anything until I have refuelled,” Sydney said reaching for the knife and fork as Kelsey passed him a plate of steak and vegetables.

The two men grinned at Kelsey as she waved them off and began arranging bacon and eggs on a second fry-pan.

Replenished Sydney noted the arrangement of the kitchen, he had never spent much time in one but as this was his house now he felt he should get to know it. Carrying his plate over to the dishwasher he checked out the appliances and as Kelsey watched him try to work out the pantry cupboard she smiled around her cup of tea. Shortly she gave up giggling at his attempts to make the doors open and stood beside him pointing out the control console that when touched came to life. Pressing the menu icon she showed Sydney how the system worked. The man was amazed at the retrieval system and when Kelsey showed him the stock-take list he asked her how it stored everything in such a small space. “You will be surprised how something that appears so small can take something quite big,” she murmured softly rubbing against him.

He indicated the vid display on the wall above the generous benches beside the cook top and when she said the Kelsey Simmons’ cooking school he asked for a demonstration. He was delighted when the screen menu came up with a number of recipes and when touched they showed Kelsey’s smiling face as she took the viewer through preparing and cooking the meal. “Any vids on there of you doing anything other than cooking?” Sydney asked cheekily as let his hands rove over her back and gently squeezed her buttocks.

“Not on this one but your holo display I believe contains some rather graphic pictures and vids,” she replied capturing his hands to stop him driving her anymore insane with want than she already was.

They retreated to his study and he pressed the play button on the display. The unit progressed through the images he had seen before then onto some of his school friends and their families. A blank page came up and requested a password next to the name Kelsey, “KELS” she suggested. He typed the word in and a display of a topless Kelsey came up that Sydney whistled appreciatively at. Several more topless poses appeared before a full frontal nude shot followed by Kelsey displaying a little bit more as she bent and twisted for the camera. Another blank screen came up with Paul’s name on it.

Kelsey shrugged, “No idea, though a lot of people contributed to that and I believe they sent you emails with the passwords.”

Watching him switch on his machine she suggested that she might like to go back to bed to have a bit more sleep and he left the machine starting as he walked her back to his bedroom. “Do you want me to hold you for a little while Kelsey?” he asked softly as she removed her robe in preparation to get back under the blankets beside her daughter.

She nodded and he slipped in behind her cuddling her into chest as her soft rump nestled into his groin. Her breathing was soft as he stroked her hair and moments later she slept, Sydney surprisingly slept with her and it wasn’t until the sun shone into the room that he awoke to see Jenny’s wide brown eyes staring at him intently. He smiled at her as she raised a finger to her lips and indicated her still sleeping mother who had snuggled down into the space where her daughter had moved from. Man and girl got up and after they had visited the bathroom sat comfortably talking at the table as Sydney made cereal for her as he put the toaster and kettle on.

He had made a sizeable pile of toast and the pot was brewing when Greg Collins joined them at the table snagging a couple of pieces of toast and chuckled in delight as he felt the hot tea pot. Sydney watched him and Jenny chatter, it appeared the doctor and the little girl got on extremely well and he was delighted that the man did not treat her too much as a simple child. His conversation with her was quite respectful and he wondered what had happened with the pair over the last few days.

“They have bonded my lord, as has Patrick and Mollenny. Honest and loyal men and women instinctively recognise true power and will gravitate towards it. We both know how much power Mollenny has!” sent Esmeralda as her happiness at seeing him up and around again filled him with a sense of well-being.

“No more transformations Es?” he asked her.

“Not for some time my lord,” her tone suggested that she was as relieved as him.

“OK then let us start getting ourselves prepared for the battles to come.”

“No my lord, you cannot reveal yourself yet, you have much to learn. Let others carry the tasks for a while, you need to learn who you are, totally!”

The way she spoke left Sydney in no doubt that despite everything he believed needed to be done she, and no doubt the others, he thought to himself, will ensure that he did not overstep his abilities until they were sure he was ready. A giggle of agreement greeted his thoughts.

He returned from his internal conversation to see Patrick Evans regarding him curiously from the other side of the table. “Sorry Patrick was just reflecting on the changes within me,” he hastily said to cover his inattention.

“And what changes would they be, Sydney?” asked the doctor with a smile as he gave Jenny a little one armed hug and a small kiss on her curls as she finished her breakfast. It was a very grandfatherly gesture and the little girl giggled in delight as the doctor also stole some toast off Sydney’s pile and helped himself to some spreads.

Sydney sighed as he stood and put more toast in the toaster and at Greg Collins request put the kettle back on for more tea. “I have grown a little more, Patrick, I feel more solid,” he said as he flexed his arms to show them more defined muscles in his biceps and wrists.

Patrick and Greg had already measured the changes in his muscular development, Greg cheekily commented that other things had grown as well and chuckled at the young man’s slight reddening as he realised to what area he referred.

“Perhaps you know more about my changes than I do at the moment then doctors,” the man said as he retrieved the toast and dumped them on the plate on the table where the two doctors immediately snaffled them and held out their cups for more tea before they answered him.

“Yes, from a physical point of view we probably do,” Patrick Evans mumbled around his toast. “How about mentally how do you feel?”

“Actually I feel terrific! Like I could take on the world!” he exclaimed giving Jenny a meaningful look as she eyed his muscular frame moving about the kitchen.

She smiled at him and shook her head slightly, “Not until you are ready warrior, I will be the judge of that!”

The two doctors looked at her in astonishment then back to Sydney who for one moment looked as if he was going to explode at her words, then simply sighed saying, “Yes my lady.”

“Sydney what just happened then?” asked Patrick, his voice was one of someone who had seen something that he did not believe was possible, as if a ghost had suddenly appeared in front of him and spoken.

Sydney’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the men, both of their faces contained the same expression, his lady he noted had not batted an eyelid and still regarded him in the same cool manner that she had before when she had issued her decree.

“What did you see gentlemen?” he asked, a small grin of amusement touched his lips and he saw Jenny cover her mouth with her hands to suppress her laughter.

“A- A man who looked like you but had fiery eyes and a fucking big sword in his hands,” stuttered Greg Collins, his hands trembled as he picked up his teacup to sip some fluid into his very dry mouth.

Sydney could smell their fear and his visage changed again to the warrior, he could feel the power in his arms and legs as he held his sword ready to strike down the enemy that threatened his allies. “Enyalius there is nothing here!” screamed Esmeralda in his head, “Stand down, warrior!”

He relaxed but did not drop the persona of his warrior self and resting the tip of his sword on the ground between his feet he regarded the two men who were almost cowering in their seats. “Doctors, meet Enyalius,” said Jenny as she jumped from her chair and ran to the huge man in the 30th century kitchen that looked as if he would be more at home in some medieval castle in Arthurian times.

Her own form changed to the goddess Mollenny and as she stood beside her warrior her eyes blazed with love for the man who had sworn to protect her for all of her lives and his. The warrior turned to his goddess and gently placed his massive sword at her feet as he knelt before her. The doctors watched as the big man took her hands in his and kissed her knuckles. “I am yours to command once again Mollenny,” he spoke, it was a sound like the distant rumble of thunder coming from his throat.

Kelsey smiled at them as she walked from the bedroom and saw the pair in the kitchen, she walked to stand beside her daughter and Greg Collins could not help but feel his heart thump hard in his chest as he observed how similar the women were with their brown hair, brown eyes and attractive bodies. Kelsey’s was more on display than her daughter’s as the short night dress barely covered her firm arse cheeks or her smooth shaven sex. He found himself painfully erect as he watched the two women softly kiss as the warrior watched them from the position on his knees.

“Mummy, I think you better go find something to cover up with before you find yourself the centre of three males’ attention,” said her daughter giggling. Kelsey turned as if in a dream state and walked back to her room, she did not return and Jenny smiled as she informed them all that she had gone back to sleep.

“Who are you Jenny?” asked Patrick softly, he had arisen from his chair when the warrior knelt at the woman’s feet and for some reason he felt compelled to do the same but she had waved him back to his seat as she saw his intent.

“Enyalius only kneels before me and gives me his sword once,” she sighed, “the only other times he kneels at my feet is to look up my skirt!” She gave the warrior a playful tap on the shoulder as it seemed that that was exactly what he was trying to do at that moment. Laughing roguishly he stood up retrieving his sword as he did so.

Greg Collins laughed as well at the sheepish look on the big warrior’s face. He looked closely at the grinning warrior and could see Sydney Douglas plainly etched across his features and he shook his head in wonder at the strange events that were unfolding before him. He waited for Jenny to answer Patrick’s question.

“I am a rare daughter of Apollo, sometimes known as Jebidiah, you will not find me in your history books or legends, for I have been called many things. But I am a warrior princess I fight with my warrior and my sister, Serenity. We have come back to this time to battle again, but for a little while we will try to bring peace and love to the world before we have to fight for this planet, again,” the woman’s eyes were smouldering cauldrons as she spoke, her passion for the man beside her and the task she saw before her very obvious in her expression and words.

Greg saw the warrior tense as if he sensed something and was alarmed when the woman beside him disappeared as a massive shield appeared on the warrior’s left arm and protected her from whatever it was he sensed. A voice, hissing and dripping with venom pervaded the room, “You will not survive my wrath this time Mollenny, nor that slut sister of yours, Serenity! As for you warrior I will make you watch as the wolverine and snake lords fuck your precious women to death before your eyes then I will take out your heart and eat it in front of you!”

A blinding flash of purple and green lit the room and a choked scream came from somewhere far away, its echo just reaching the ears of the two men who had been thrown to the floor by the force that had streaked out from the pair in the kitchen. Several of the windows in the living room blew out as well. “I think not Elam,” boomed the voice of the warrior as he laughed at the scream that resounded in his ears signalling their mental attack had reached the dark master in his hidey hole somewhere out in the void.

“The two of you return to yourselves! You have alerted him to where you are with your foolish display,” screamed Esmeralda’s voice in their heads. “What the hell do you think you were doing?”

An aqua glow surrounded the house and windows returned to their unbroken state along with several other pictures and furniture around the room. The two doctors found themselves righted in their chairs their cups and toast resumed their rightful place on the table top.

Patrick Evans goggled as he saw something glowing in the corner of his eye that appeared to be a monstrous creature that looked to be a combination of spider and scorpion that ran around the walls laying fine cables of some aqua coloured web around the walls and across the ceiling. It moved too quickly for him to properly focus on it and before too long it disappeared. The couple in the kitchen had resumed their normal identities and both appeared to be grinning, though somewhat shamefacedly, as the aqua glow suddenly appeared about the pair of them before it seemed to be absorbed into Sydney’s leg where his scar was from the attack by his mother.

Neither offered an explanation for what the doctors had witnessed and Jenny turned to the man beside her and said, “That is why we will not act again until I say we are ready!” She walked off towards the lounge room and switched on the vid that soon showed a cartoon of a black duck and a rabbit walking across a snow covered field.

“Perhaps gentlemen we would like to discuss what else you have found out about me over the last few nights,” said Sydney gently as he resumed his seat

Greg Collins realising that there would be no further explanation forthcoming sighed and went back to the guest room to retrieve his and Patrick’s recorders and notes. Soon afterward the three were involved in a detailed discussion of the changes that they had measured.

Greg asked the question that had bothered him from several days before when he had come back from exercising with Sydney, “What were you doing in the shower just after we came back from running the other afternoon?”

Sydney thought a moment then turned a very bright red and Patrick Evans began to chuckle. “Sorry Sydney we didn’t mean to embarrass you,” he said.

Turning to his colleague he continued, “Bonnie had snuck over here while you two were jogging, I didn’t see where she went, I guess we know now!” The two men gave out a few more chuckles.

A cold voice from the entrance to the bedroom cut them short, “It would not have wanted to be anything more than a bit of fooling around, Sydney!”

“I know the rules Mrs Gilroy!” snapped Sydney as he suddenly felt very angry with Kelsey for her mistrust in him. “If you can’t trust me then perhaps you had best reconsider your position with me!” He stormed from the room and tried to slam the back door as he left but it had been converted to a sliding door sometime while he slept so he contented himself with kicking a bucket that had been left at the back door as he went down to talk to the ducks.

Kelsey fled back to his bed and threw herself on it screaming at the top of her lungs that she had fucked up again!

Jenny looked from mother to the doorway that the big man had stormed out of, then back to the doctors, “If he doesn’t fuck her soon there is going to be a war in this house before we get to the battlefield. Gentlemen can you give them a little time, say come back this afternoon, late?” she asked quietly. The two men nodded, packed and were gone by the time Jenny was ready to go to find the man who sat talking to the ducks.

“Syddy, Mummy wants you up at the house,” she said as she placed her little pail of scraps at her feet and ignored him as she handed out portions to the little feathered creatures that gathered around her.

Sydney was still angry at the woman at the house and he did not want to go to her but Jenny’s tone suggested one of an order not that of a request. He stomped back up to the back door and called “Sydney” as he approached it, the door slid noiselessly open. Screaming assailed his ears as he entered the kitchen. Kelsey was throwing things around as she gritted her teeth and cried out, “Why the fuck do I do this to myself, why, why!” She paused as she snagged toast from the toasted and slammed the drawer shut as she retrieved a knife to begin buttering them.

“You couldn’t let him have a little fun! You had to open your big mouth and criticise him! You fucked up again Kelsey, no wonder no-one wants you around for very long!” her ranting broke down into sobs as she bent over the kitchen bench holding her head in her hands. Sydney watched her sob then noted that she had not changed her sleepwear and the little nightie still only just covered her gorgeous bottom.

He walked up behind her unzipping his pants as he went, “Stay like that baby and I will show you how much I want you to stay around!” he grunted as he pulled her cheeks apart and pressed his hard cock against her puckered ring.

Her sobs turned to terrified protests, “No Syddy, please I told you I am a noisy fuck!”

“You can scream all you like,” he said as he rubbed his wet cock head around her anus, “no-one is here but me and you!” The last he said as he eased his cock into her relaxing ring and felt her tremble.

Biting her lip Kelsey felt his big cock enter her arse, as his fingers rubbed her suddenly saturated sex, she was pinned by his weight and unable to do much more than let him fill her. She felt his cock slide further as he lubricated his shaft with her copious pussy fluids, suddenly he pulled out of her and slammed his cock into her pussy, deep and hard. She screamed her head off as she begged him to fuck her.

He picked her up holding her hips so that his cock did not dislodge and roughly laid her across the kitchen table before slamming his hips into hers a few more times she sobbed as she came on his heavy shaft. Her mouth open and groaning loudly as he drove through her clasping muscles in her pussy setting her off again. Stopping his movements he pulled out of her and with a toss of his large hands turned her over on to her back her arse hanging off the edge of the table. He grabbed and lifted her ankles pulling her higher with her legs well spread. “I want to watch you as I fuck your arse, Kelsey,” he snarled as he bumped his cock against her arse-hole then commanded her to spread her cheeks.

Heart hammering she quickly pulled her cheeks apart as wide as she could, she felt her pussy juices trickling into her crack as he pushed his cock head into her again. She kept her eyes wide open as he stared at her then downwards as he pushed all the way until she felt his hairless pubic bone touch her arse cheeks. Her breathing was harsh as his hot flesh filled her, only her dildos and fingers had ever penetrated her before and as he began to move, gently at first in little strokes, she began to blubber.

He smiled at her tears and called softly to her that he loved her as his strokes became longer and her groans and sobs louder. Resting her feet on his chest he held her hips as he stroked her a little harder and faster. Fingers, from both of them found her pussy, delving inside her and over her sensitive clit. “Fuck me hard baby, oh please FUCK ME HARD!” she screamed as their combined fingers worked feverishly over her sex as his hips began to slam into her tight wet open arse-hole.

Bonnie and Jo heard her screams when they joined Jenny at the duck pond having spotted the little girl feeding the ducks by herself they had come up to see if there was any further news on Sydney. “I guess he is awake then,” giggled Jo as she sat beside the little red head.

“Yep and doing what he should have been doing three nights ago,” said Jenny as she gently pushed Two-ways away from a scrap of bread that she held out for Syd.

“Sounds like someone is making up for lost time!” exclaimed Bonnie as a particularly loud “I’m cumming!” reached their ears from Kelsey’s throat.

Sydney’s eyes were full of devilry as he watched the woman on the table grunt, scream and buck as he slammed her arse, he had felt her hot cream spurt against him twice as she had massive orgasms and now he wanted her to do it one more time before he flooded her tight back passage with his own juices. “Cum for me Kelsey!” he called as she pulled at her nipples and tried to grind her arse further onto his stiff meat.

There was a tremendous roar from both of their throats as he ploughed deep into her and let his seed rush from his cock, it felt as if every drop of semen in his body rushed through his cock and exploded inside of the hot woman as her biggest orgasm hit her hard almost causing her pussy to cramp in convulsive pleasure as her juices squirted into the air and across both their stomachs.

At the pond Bonnie came in her panties as she heard the orgasmic screams from both male and female, she collapsed onto the ground beside Jo whose own heart was racing and she could smell Bonnie’s arousal as the girl cuddled into her trembling. “I guess we better not go up there just yet?” giggled Jo as she held the black haired girl tightly and Jenny laughed in utter delight.

“No I think we might be better off going and seeing how Thelma is feeling,” said the little red haired scamp with a playful wink as she trotted off down to her mother’s home.

Thelma Daintree was an absolute mess, she had over peeped the rutting couple and her fascination with the act caused her to delve a little deeper than she intended. She writhed on the bed in Kelsey’s room her fingers jammed deeply into her wet pussy as she frantically pummelled her fingers in and out of herself. Her panties had ripped as she tried to get her hands deeper into them to pleasure herself but she didn’t even notice, nor did she feel the buttons on her blouse pop as she ripped it open to grasp her burning nipples. She cried out as she came hard as the lovers came at the last together and she slumped back on the bed gasping. “Fuck me dead,” she said to herself, “and I am trying to convince myself that I am not going to fuck him this time! Wake up to yourself woman.” She giggled as she surveyed her appearance in the full length mirror on the dressing room wall as she went passed it on her way to the shower.

Jo passed her a skirt and T-shirt as she exited the shower and returned to the bedroom. “No knickers?” she asked.

Jo giggled, “If you are anything like us after those pair up there,” she nodded her head in the direction of Sydney’s house, “they are a waste of time putting them on they will be wet as a bucket of water in two seconds and we haven’t even seen them. I am assuming by the state of your clothes that you did, little perving tart!”

“I didn’t mean to really,” Thelma stated shyly as she dressed, “but my goodness they certainly know what is good for one another!” Jo grinned as she saw Thelma’s blonde curls appear to become quite wet as she spoke.

“See honey,” the nurse giggled as she ran her hand over the damp curls to illustrate her point. The fingers disappeared into her mouth as the older woman shuddered at the gentle touch.

“I think we need to get out of here for the day, we are going to end up nymphomaniacs if we all hang around those two for very long. I am still not sure our boy is ready to have us more than one at a time.”

Jo nodded and suggested a few wines and cheeses at her place might be a good idea. Thelma countered it with a relaxed clothes free day at her secluded bush home. “And besides Jenny likes it out there, the cows fascinate her if it gets too much for us we can send her and Bonnie out for some exploring.” Jo’s kiss to her still uncovered sex told her that the two younger ones would definitely be doing some exploring.

Kelsey and Sydney relaxed against one another in the spa, the jets set on gentle to ease their sensitive genitals. Apologies were attempted but shushed as they kissed explanations away. After their initial boisterous passion they had adjourned to Sydney’s bed where they had continued in a more gentler way though Kelsey was still very vocal in her appreciation of Sydney’s talented tongue drinking her juices as he pleasured her with several of his large digits buried in her now well used anus.

She marvelled at how he played with her so freely, there was no hesitation in where he kissed, licked or stroked her. Her previous attempts at enticing an older man into her most sensitive of holes had been a disaster and David wouldn’t even contemplate putting a finger anywhere near her let alone his tongue or cock. Gripping the now flaccid penis of her lover she grinned up into his face, “You can see some of the other holos I sent you now, though how this fitted into me despite some of the sizes of my toys I do not know!”

Sydney chuckled as he stroked her neck and shoulders, “I think it was you that told me you would be surprised at how something quite big can fit into a small space,” he teased as his hands slid down her arms brushing her nipples with his thumbs as he slowly rubbed her.

“I was talking about the pantry, Sydney,” she giggled as she felt herself responding to his gentle teasing again.

Greg and Patrick sat together in a bar not far from Patrick’s house, Jane was working at the hospital in her part time role as an obstetrics nurse and several babies were due today. The two men were still in awe of what they had experienced and no amount of professional discussion or theorising could account for it. “I think Greg,” said the older doctor, “we have to be prepared for one hell of a big change happening in our world!”

His colleague saluted him with his beer glass, “Let’s hope we can help!” and was pleased when Patrick clinked his glass to his and nodded in agreement.

Realising that the topic of Sydney’s and Jenny’s transformations was a fruitless pursuit they turned their attentions back to the other data they had gathered and Greg pulled out his hand-held recorder. Alfred was transmitting the information being recorded from the machines in Sydney’s house to the unit, something Greg was very impressed with the computer doctor about. “They are still at it!” he exclaimed as he showed Patrick the readings.

“Well I gather from what Mollenny, that is a nice name for her isn’t it,” he interrupted himself with a broad grin, “said there is a fair bit of catching up to do around all of them!”

“Yes it is a nice name, but later she calls herself Jennifer,” spoke a voice beside them and a man with the remarkable dark-blue eyes of their patient turned towards them as he saw their heads turn.

“Sydney?” they asked together.

The man nodded, “But not this one, I am his older self. I am sorry to just introduce myself like this gentlemen but I also go under another name you may have heard, Cue Ball.”

The two doctors gasped. Cue Ball was Greg’s supreme control officer in the super secret group that he was part of, along with Thelma, that operated out of the Townsville University. Patrick knew the man as a powerful figure that controlled a hell of a lot of military and commercial operations. “What can we do for you Sir?” asked Greg as he quickly recovered his composure.

“Not here,” the man said and nodded to the almost deserted beer garden that they could see out the back of the tavern. They followed him after purchasing fresh drinks and found him seated at a small table several metres from the back wall of the garden beneath a shady tree that caused the light to dim dramatically. Sydney had chosen it particularly for that reason, it was easier to disguise his features and the men from any casual observation.

“I have something to tell you that the young man at home furiously fucking the daylights out of Kelsey needs to become involved in. Greg he must not know of his involvement in this until he makes his moves, you will know when he does because it will rid the two of you of one of the most obnoxious men that you know.” The man paused and sipped from his glass that contained a mixture of wine and fruit juice. The two doctors waited for him to continue.

What he told them was enough to banish any further thoughts of the two men to worry about the state of the patient in their care. Greg Collins’ eyes blazed and his temper was barely held in check as Cue Ball explained the plans and deceit that had been perpetrated by the military and several of the professors in his university. “But how have they been getting away with it for so long, Sydney?” he asked exasperated.

“Because,” and the man held their eyes with his own blazing dark-blue ones, “they are supported by an old government secret that has held sway over every leader this nation has had for the past 500 years. Worse it is known and condoned at the highest levels of the military, who use it not only to cache weapons but also to get rid of unwanted objectors.

“I caution the two of you, do not open your mouths until your Sydney makes his move, he will come up with a solution and use his position to the greatest effect. It will not be the first time that he does, but this will be the major commencement point of the war that is to come.”

“Why can’t we tell Sydney now?” asked Patrick Evans, confused by why the man was giving them information that they could not use until the right time.

“Because Patrick, you never told me.” The man disappeared before their disbelieving eyes.

“Fuck it Greg what do we do now?”

“Follow orders Patrick, Cue Ball says, we do, simple as that.”

They walked back into the bar and decided to get drunk and that was where Jane found them several hours later when she had come off her shift. She giggled as she got them back into her hover and took them home singing her praises about how lovely she was and so good to them.

As they lounged in the armchairs at home she watched them still talking animatedly as they watched a sports show talking about the upcoming cricket tours. Patrick was telling Greg how good Sydney Douglas was with the willow and Jane found herself entranced by the awed way they spoke about the attractive young man she had met a couple of times at the hospital.

Busying herself with nibblies, biscuits and dips as she allowed them to have another couple of glasses of wine provided they ate. Greg Collins’ shy attempt to flirt with her about her snacks set her husband off into giggles, “Greg, Jane is as bad as the girls in Sydney’s house, if she wants you she will let you know!”

Jane gave her husband a loving look, “Sometimes I like someone to charm my pants off Pat, not just rip them down like you do sometimes.” She bent forward to offer Greg another biscuit from the tray she had presented them on ensuring that he noticed she wore no bra under her unbuttoned blouse.

Jenny and Bonnie talked to the cows that gathered around the water trough several hundred metres down the paddock from the high-set home behind them, the owner of the cattle, a tall woman with unruly hair that she hid under her cowboy hat grinned as the two youngsters tentatively patted the big white animals. “He won’t hurt you Bonnie,” she said in her pleasant voice as she noticed the black haired girl appeared a little concerned as the tonne or more bull beast sniffed her hand before his long tongue came out to lick her fingers.

“He’s just a big ol’ bull that likes the smell of sexy girls,” the cowgirl laughed as Bonnie blushed a pretty pink under her borrowed cowboy hat.

Bonnie smiled shyly at the woman then reached out to gently scratch the inquisitive creatures ears. The big animal’s head pushed against her hand and she suddenly found her breasts being nuzzled by the very wet nose. “Like I say he likes sexy girls.” The cowgirl cackled as Bonnie backed away a little but found the bull moving with her.

“If you go for a walk darlin’, he will stay behind you sniffing your bum all the way. Try it!” she added indicating a little patch of cropped grass. Bonnie walked towards the patch and giggled in delight as she felt the animal turn with her and follow.

Jenny was cuddling a smaller calf and smiled at the antics of Bonnie and the big bull. Her mind drifted as she placed her head against the motionless animal and quickly she drew her thoughts back to herself as she glimpsed the activity that the two women up in the house behind her were up to. Giggling she said to herself, “So much for getting away from Mummy and Sydney’s influence.” She sighed a little as she regretted the timing from her father that put her here about twenty years too late.

Chapter 2 – Mind walker

For several weeks life settled into something like normal, if normal meant the screams of a vivacious and sexily wanton woman every second or third night, the appearance of a nurse in the early hours of the morning as she chose to exercise her own vocal muscles and see how far she could spread her legs across the large bed in Sydney’s room before she went home to rest, could be called normal. Sydney found himself back at school and into the everyday activities that a senior in high school could normally expect.

His friends welcomed him back and Paul’s group of women found themselves attracted to the big dark haired boy with his intense dark-blue eyes and handsome face now that the blonde haired blue-eyed boy who had begun to notice their feminine charms was gone. Some missed him rather badly, Sydney himself was rather forlorn that the blonde head no longer met him at the school gate and walked unconcerned with him to class as a troop of females followed him.

Bonnie revelled in the big man’s company and was the envy of many of the girls that associated with them especially when Bonnie bragged about her oral sexual encounters with the man who was also her neighbour. Sydney found himself still a little tongue-tied around some of the girls, particularly those that had sent him get well holos and messages to his holographic collection at home. Kelsey found herself the receiver of many of his worries as they lay together or even on the many occasions that he simply came to her place first instead of heading directly home.

Her suggestion to relax and learn with the girls instead of panicking about what the rest of them thought was not easily accepted by Sydney and finally Jenny spelt it out for him as they fed the ducks up at the pond one bright Saturday morning. “Sydney,” she said softly as she watched the man struggle to make sense of yet another offer from one of the women at school, “when we were together in Freya’s frozen kingdom your bed was never empty of willing women, of all ages and sizes. It is part of your nature to be the lover as well as the warrior.”

The big man grinned as Esmeralda prompted his subconscious to supply some of the more graphic images for him but still his eyes remained downcast. “What about Bonnie, Jenny? She wants to so badly but she still has a couple of months to go before she is legal. How will she feel if I am suddenly banging some of her friends and yet I still deny her?”

“I think you forget who Bonnadrice is warrior. Remember she is still the same woman, she just hasn’t matured enough yet to recall her past lives. Sometimes they never do, but her nature is still the same,” Jenny held his face in her little hands as her large brown eyes held his gaze.

Sydney’s mind was filled with images of the black haired brown eyed woman her body heaving and sweating as she surrounded herself with men and women in her bed, in the streets, even in the ploughed fields of the farming communities where she enacted out rites of fertility with dozens of willing bodies. He chuckled as he heard her constant demands for more even as the men and women around her lay spent and exhausted.

“Bonnie will test you Sydney, even now you are not aware that she spent many nights in bed with Paul, trying to entice him to get him to do more than provide a tasty piece of flesh for her to practice her oral talents upon. Of course Paul being Paul he refused her anything other than that,” Jenny’s voice was soft and Sydney realised that she missed Paul almost as much as he did.

“We will find him again soon, Jenny. I shan’t let him be hidden from me for too long, or far from my side.” Sydney had postponed his visit to Townsville university in order to catch up on his school work here so he had not had the opportunity to find Paul. He and Greg Collins had arranged for him to come up at the half semester break.

“I hope so Sydney, Bonnie needs him almost as much as Wendy does! Speaking of Wendy, Sydney, I think you need to find a reason to visit her soon, she is in trouble in the southern city!”

Sydney stiffened as the little red head mentioned his first lover in this time, he had tried to be positive when he spoke to her on the phone but he could see the little fears in her eyes, the little erosion of her confidence in herself as she worked hard at her studies but had no-one to share with. “I shall go to her this morning little one,” he said rising from his seat on the grass beside her and ran to his computer to book a hover jet flight.

He paused as he confirmed the arrangements as Jenny’s mental command came to him, “Then when you come back you shall start satisfying some of the needs here too, warrior.” He nodded to her in his mind and was pleased at the little giggle that came back to him.

Wendy Robinson stared at the email message she had received, reading it for the hundredth time and she leapt around her room with joy. He was coming!

Kelsey dropped Sydney off at the airport with a happy grin as she realised that her man was going to see someone special, she was not aware who it was and when Sydney tried to tell her, she had shushed him with a finger on his lips, “Sydney I don’t care if you are going to see the President’s wife, all I know is that you are bubbly with excitement about going to see someone. It makes me very happy that you are, have a good time and,” she paused to grip his chin in her hand and stare into his eyes, “you think of no-one else but her!”

On the short ride from Brisbane to Melbourne he felt himself tensing a little, Wendy had taken him from a scared and depressed man to the heights of ecstatic emotion in one night. Since then his encounters with Kelsey, Jo, Bonnie and the mind games he played with Thelma, who seemed to disappear whenever they looked like converting those thoughts to actions, had given him a much broader education, he wondered what she would think of the new Sydney.

His tension left him the moment he saw her brown hair and eyes running towards him at the arrivals lounge, she leapt into his arms and kissed him feverishly. People around them smiled as the young couple so obviously enjoyed seeing each other again and Sydney had to firmly hold her back before she made a spectacle of themselves that people may not have found so amusing. Hurriedly they rushed across the carpark found her hover and sped back to the motel that he had booked for the weekend.

They didn’t quite get fully undressed before Sydney’s rampant cock split her wet willing pussy as she groaned through orgasm after orgasm as he thrust slowly but firmly into her. Fingers raked his back, her little heels drummed on his buttocks as he increased his pace and as he pushed into her closer to his own orgasm she grunted and squealed into his chest before giving a long drawn out cry of animalistic pleasure as his sperm spurted against her sensitive womb.

“Fuck me Syddy,” she gasped against him as the lay on their sides enjoying the warmth of their lovemaking, “I went and bought a bigger dildo and you are still bigger!”

The big man chuckled, “Yes little one, I have apparently grown a little in my last two transformations.”

“I bet Jo and Kelsey loved that!” she squealed as she sat up pushing him onto his back and grasped his soft wet penis in both her hands. She appeared to be mentally comparing it with the first time she had seen and held him.

“It is bigger but somehow it didn’t seem to be much bigger until you were ready to come, why would that be?” she asked as she squeezed him making his cock start to harden as she gently jerked him.

He shrugged, then a little voice inside his mind spoke, “It is as big as you feel it should be my lord, you have always had control over its size. You change it to suit your partner’s needs, even if you do not realise that you are doing it subconsciously.”

Sydney jumped a little at the revelation and now understood why Jo giggled as she tried to mouth him telling him that she would never swallow him whole yet Bonnie bumped her nose against the base of his stomach as she sucked him dry. Grinning he lay back on the bed and watched Wendy continue to play with him and quietly concentrated on his flesh.

She gasped as her hands found that they could not surround the fully erect cock in her hands nor could she comfortably fit her mouth around his head. “What did you just do Syddy?” she demanded her eyes big as saucers and her heart beating hard in her chest as she contemplated the idea of fitting something so large into her suddenly drooling pussy.

“I apparently have control over his size,” he whispered shyly and was delighted as she giggled and straddled his hips rubbing his large cock head against her saturated sex.

“I am not sure Wendy that you can fit that in,” he said, urgently telling his body to reduce his mammoth girth.

“Would have been nice to try,” she said with a little pout as his now previous size slid easily into her pussy with a quick downward push that she was going to use to capture his larger size.

“Would you like to experiment a little then?” he asked as she sat above him. She nodded her eyes blazing into his with lust.

“I will tell you if it gets too much, OK?”

He let his mind focus, closing his eyes so that he would not be influenced by her face as Esmeralda suggested, he let himself swell a little. Wendy’s pussy walls tightened a little harder around his flesh and she began to move in little circles of her hips. “Nice,” she murmured.

By the time the petite nurse screamed she was cumming and he was so fucking big inside her he had almost grown to the size she had originally wanted to try. He was impressed by her pussy’s capacity to take him and as Wendy babbled into his chest as she forcefully and furiously fucked up and down on him realised that the size of the woman was no guide to how big a cock she could take. His answering spurt inside her molten cunt was gentle and less voluminous as he sensed he had control over that part of his biology as well.

Quickly he pulled her upwards off his just softening weapon and firmly attached his lips to her sex, his tongue teasing her clit as he drank their combined fluids. Wendy’s eyes flew open as she felt his tongue searching inside her sensitive sex and she started to rise off him in panic. “No, no, Syddy,” she protested, “Cathy says men don’t like that!” His answer was to hold her hips tightly in his strong grip and suck her clit until she exploded in another orgasm that rocked her hips urgently against his face as she gave in to his oral assault.

As she lay beside him gazing into his eyes as she stroked his face with her small fingers she was amused when he suggested that Cathy wasn’t being treated properly if she reckoned men don’t like that. “Cathy is my brother’s second wife,” she said, “we talk a lot about sex. When I told her about our first night she had the most peculiar colour in her cheeks as I told her we shared your first spurt of cum.”

Chuckling Sydney told her about Jo’s tit cleaning on his first night with her and how the woman had cried. “Jo will love your ability to grow your cock Syd,” Wendy whispered, “she is a big cock whore. The bigger the better she reckons.”

“Do all of you women talk so much about sex?” he asked her as he softly stroked her chest, marvelling at the sensitivity of the nipples on her small breasts.

“Sydney, we outnumber you men by six to one down here, us single girls seem to be only ever able to talk about it. I could take you to a nightclub this evening where you could have your pick of as many women, any holes for the whole time you could keep it up. You wouldn’t buy a drink all night and if you wanted you could do it all without moving from your chair once! Of course we talk about it!

“Even poor Cathy has to wait her turn with Garry, Susanne is not exactly the sharing type and she believes that as first wife she gets to choose if she wants him first. It is not a happy house Syddy, I am going to move as soon as I can afford it.”

As Sydney listened to her talk it was clear that it wasn’t just missing him that caused the erosions of her confidence, from her discussion of dildos and her implied sleeping arrangement and closeness with Cathy he gathered that the little nurse was doing reasonably well. It was her accommodations and the resultant tension in the air that was causing her biggest concerns. He checked the time on the clock displayed on the monitor on the opposite wall of the room and noting that it was only just past noon he decided that he could do something about that.

He dragged her into the shower with him and despite her wanting to play some more gently swatted her delicious bottom telling her to get dressed as he wanted to see where she would like to live if she could move out. Eyes glittering she eagerly obeyed and soon they were in a quiet township close to the large bay on the eastern coast of Victoria. The bay and town was called Lockyer Strand and had a reputation for good fishing and swimming in its deep blue warm waters. It was about 300 kilometres east from the old centre of Melbourne and was a very popular area for tourists as well as a large population of single females.

Watching her excitement as they drove through the small town she excitedly pointed out a number of bungalows that sat a couple of blocks from the beach on a small rise. An open house sign sat in front of two of the buildings and Sydney was delighted that the real estate woman mistook them for a married couple as she showed them around the two bedroom structure. Wendy was ecstatic with the house as she chattered about the furnishings and finally stood on the verandah that gave a magnificent view of the beach and the bay whilst being protected from unwanted observation by the privacy fencing and screening.

Surreptitiously Sydney took a card from the real estate agent and arranged for a time to see her in her office, her estimate of the value of the house appeared to be too low for Sydney and he made a note to ask Thelma about it.

They ate a light late lunch at one of the numerous cafes along the walkway that fronted the beach and Sydney commented about the number of attractive looking single women and surprisingly quite a number of men who walked past them as they sat in the open air enjoying their prawn salads. “A lot of university people live out here and the hospital that I work in when I am not in classes is only a few minutes down the road,” Wendy informed him.

She waved to a couple of women that she knew and soon Sydney found himself introduced to Cathy and her friend, Karen. Cathy, he noted, was not much taller than Wendy, her brunette hair was long and curly but her brown eyes had a look of someone being hunted or watched. The look upset him a little as the pretty woman with nice firm breasts asked Wendy if she was sure that they could join them.

Karen was an effervescent young woman, Sydney guessed she was not too much older than Wendy with a tremendous figure and large attractive breasts that got more than the passing glance from both women and men as she tossed her blonde hair and her wide generous smile seemed to take in all of the world as she joked with the people sitting at the table.

The big man noted the emphasis on friend and was delighted to see a little flush on his giggling nurse as she and the two women hurried her off to a nearby powder room after they had finished their light snack. He knew he would be the subject of a little discussion for a while and took the opportunity to ring Thelma and discuss his half-formed plans. She told him she would get back to him in a couple of hours and hung up with a little smile.

Cathy and Karen invited them up to Karen’s home that was only a few hundred metres down the beach of the bay and seeing Wendy’s hopeful look he agreed to accompany them. He was however, a little surprised when the petite nurse asked him if he would consider bedding the two older women. “Now?” he asked her, he couldn’t quite keep the surprise out of his voice.

“I would love to watch you give Cathy something to masturbate over for the next six months,” she impishly replied, “Garry is not particularly well-endowed from what she tells me and he goes off like a rocket after two pumps! She could really use a decent screw Syddy,” she added raking her nails along his thigh that was exposed in his shorts.

“You don’t have any problems with that at all do you?” his question was answered with a wicked grin and blazing lust-filled eyes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with three delightfully naked and wanton women as each sampled his willing flesh, impaling themselves on him and joyfully vocalising their pleasure as he and the women played with each other. Wendy was particularly vocal when Karen slammed her small body from behind with a sizeable strapped on dildo as Cathy held her brown hair tightly in her fists as the little nurse sucked her brother’s wife’s pussy clean of Sydney’s cum.

Karen had proven to be a very sensual woman as her constant orgasms from the feeling of Sydney’s largish cock, he controlled it to be slightly bigger than average, filling her wet pussy and the little nurse who lapped at their joining between their open knees spurred her to very vocal and graphic descriptions of what she was feeling. As Sydney flooded her clamping pussy with his cream she squealed in delight as the big man quickly tossed her onto the bed beside him before burying his face into her sensitive sex and sucked her dry. Spent, she lay back and watched as Wendy performed a clean up of the big man’s cock right in front of her half closed eyes.

As he watched the three women giggle as they lay around the lounge room of the two storey home still naked and flushed his cell phone rang. Excusing himself he stood naked on the verandah overlooking the beach, and listened to Thelma explain the reasons for the low price of the bungalow. A messy divorce of a junior executive, in a building development group, when she had discovered her wife joyfully banging her brother in the hideaway home they had bought at the bay. The woman refused to give up her lover and had escaped to New Zealand and the vindictive partner was simply selling their joint assets as fast as she could to minimise the divorce settlement.

Incest was not illegal in this new nation of loosened morals, but it was still frowned upon and consenting adults were free to participate in sexual escapades with family members provided that no coercion or other pressures were brought to bear. Sydney knew that Wendy could have turned to her brother for sexual relief if she had wanted but she disliked his wife so much that she had not even thought about it. Besides she had Cathy and Karen to play with.

Grinning and barely able to keep the excitement from his voice he asked Thelma if he could afford to buy it the building as an investment. Thelma had anticipated the request and given the valuation that she had received from her real estate friends in the city she had gone ahead and purchased the property at the sale price of almost forty percent below, with settlement due at the end of the following week. She did however manage to convince the owner to allow the real estate to give Sydney the keys early if he wanted to check it further.

Returning to the room his face gave Wendy a small shock as he appeared to be lit up like a woman who had just been told that she was being taken to the the most expensive dress shops in town with an unlimited budget. “Ok baby what’s up?” she asked.

“I hope it’s that wonderful cock between his legs again,” crooned Cathy as she watched his muscular frame stop in the middle of the lounge room where her eyes fixed on his gently swaying equipment.

“I have to go out for a few minutes, can you ladies amuse yourselves for a little while?” he asked as he searched the room for his clothes.

A chorus of disappointment reached his ears but he grinned and said he would look after them when he got back. He asked Wendy for her hover keys and puzzled she handed them over to him as he gave her a quick kiss and was down the stairs and gone. He fished the real estate agent’s card from his wallet as he climbed into the hover and punched the destination code for her office as he rang her cell number at the same time.

Her smiling face answered him on the first ring and seeing the dark haired man who had come to visit the bungalow with the little brown haired woman she laughed out loud and dangled a set of keys in front of the phone. “Come and sign for them Sydney and it’s all yours.”

The paperwork took only a few thumb prints and his signature on the paper copies before he was back to the house with the real estate agent accompanying him as he toured his new possession proudly. She pointed out a few things that needed attending to but all in all the house was immaculate. Playfully, Chai Lim, the real estate agent, showed him the rooms that they had not looked at too closely before and the range of appliances that were almost new within them. As she bounced on her firm bottom on the large king sized bed he noted that she allowed her split skirt to ride high up her thighs and her largish breasts to bounce freely in her soft blouse. Her bra had obviously been lost somewhere in the tour of the house because Sydney was sure that she had it on when they toured the spacious kitchen and lounge area.

Laying back on the bed she giggled that the former owners must have realised that they would be sharing the big bed, “I guess she didn’t think her wife would already be sharing it with her brothers,” she whispered huskily as she saw that her obvious display was having an affect on the big man who now stood close to her knees as she lay there watching him.

“Brothers,” he whispered as he knelt and spread her knees, pushing her skirt to bunch up around her waist as he gazed on her lightly furred sex. Her panties had obviously gone the way of her bra he thought as he planted a kiss high on her thigh.

“Yes, Nicole had two brothers that loved her very much,” she sighed as his tongue lapped gently against her swollen labia.

“And her partner found out,” he said as he teased her clit with the tip of his tongue, “I wonder how she did that?”

The woman’s hips bucked slightly as he drove his pointed tongue into her opening sex and allowed his top teeth to scrape against her clit. His hands found their way under her top and fondled her heavy breasts. “Nicky let her catch us in bed with them,” Chai Lim groaned as he pinched her nipples and pressed urgently against his face as she came.

“Naughty girls,” grinned Sydney as he stood slipping his pants down to reveal his erect cock that she quickly captured into her mouth as she sat up to watch him. Her method was exquisite and she encouraged him to move his hips forcing his cock deep into her mouth. “Fuck my face please Sydney,” she implored, “Its been too long since I have had a decent cock!”

His thrusts became a little firmer and longer as she gripped his arse cheeks urging him to go even faster. She hummed as his balls smacked against her chin and he watched her face as her eyes stared back up at him begging him to come in her mouth. Eyes that were very almond, almost slanted in appearance and a deep brown in colour, his small hiss as he felt himself nearing his orgasm caused her eyes to close in ecstasy as she swallowed greedily at his nectar.

Wriggling like a snake beneath him as he drove himself into her on the big bed caused him to gasp in pleasure as her pussy muscles gripped and milked him as she panted and grunted against him. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she cried as her body burned from the intensity of her orgasms. Sydney felt that she wasn’t going to take much more and slowed his pace letting her breath a little slower and gently he rolled off her and held her trembling against him.

“Why didn’t you follow Nicky?” he asked her softly as he stroked her hair and neck.

“My husband doesn’t want me too,” she sobbed softly, “he is 183 years old and can’t get it up, hasn’t for nearly twenty years but he still hates me for finding my satisfaction somewhere else!”

“Divorce is an option, or at least a separation, surely he must consider your needs and happiness,” the man said leaning up on his elbow to watch the pretty woman as she retrieved a tissue from the box beside the bed to wipe her eyes.

“You don’t understand young man, my husband owns me, I carry his mark,” and she rolled her back towards him and pointed to what looked like a brand high on her tan coloured rump. The character meant nothing to him as he traced the small mark.

“It says ‘Mine’ in ancient Chinese, given to me on my wedding night as my father held me down to let his business partner burn the mark on me,” the woman rolled back to him. Her eyes were fiercely determined as she saw the angry look in the dark-blue eyes staring back at her.

“But not for much longer, he is now in hospital on his death bed, the doctors say he does not have long and then I will be free of him and my accursed father!”

Sydney kissed her softly and hotly, shortly afterwards he released his sperm deep inside of her as she clutched him tightly and called his name out loudly to the ceiling of the room. He left Chai Lim back at the real estate, her soft white panties tucked into his shorts pocket as she gigglingly discovered them in the small drawers beside the bed in the second bedroom. They were wet and fragrant as she confessed to Sydney that she had decided to fuck him as soon as he rang and asked for the keys, “I was saturated from the moment you rang!”

He asked her to carry out some errands for him to finalise his surprise for Wendy and she smiling agreed. At last he told her to keep in touch and that if there was anything else she needed to ring Thelma as he waved goodbye as she skipped back into the office.

There was a party going on at Karen’s house when he returned, several other friends of the women had arrived with drinks and food. Fortunately there were also several men among the group and Sydney grinned as he surveyed at least a dozen scantily clad and attractive women around the room who all looked ready for more than just a bit of dancing.

Eventually he snagged the hands of Wendy and Cathy and asked them to come with him. They bundled into Wendy’s small hover and she asked him what was going on as the vehicle stopped outside the bungalow that she and Sydney had looked at early in the afternoon. As they walked up to the doorway Sydney passed her the keys and the look of wonder on her face almost caused him to shed tears as she took in the significance of the gesture. The two women bounced with delight as they toured the house and Sydney was pleased that he had gotten Chai Lim to put some bottles of wine and juice in the fridge

They had discussed the arrangements for the house until late in the night, interspersed with the women coaxing Sydney to pleasure them or they him in every room of the dwelling. Cathy was overwhelmed when Sydney asked her if she was going to share the house with Wendy and perhaps look for a more suitable marriage arrangement than she had now. Gleefully she told him that there was no way in the world that Garry or his bitchy number one wife was going to stop her either.

Wendy and her cuddled into either side of Sydney and explained how Susanne was such a bitch that she snarled and snapped if she ever found that Cathy and Wendy had slept together, “Garry is not much better either,” whispered Cathy softly. Her trembles as she told him how they had been planning to escape for sometime now infuriated him.

As the two women drifted off to sleep he found his mind burning hotly at the injustice that he was only now discovering as he read the waves of hurt coming off the sleeping brunette. Cathy’s dreams were a hodgepodge of humiliation and torment as he saw the punishment that had been given to her when Susanne and Garry had found her so-called unfaithfulness against them by the young woman.

He let his mind drift and suddenly saw himself standing outside the home that Cathy, Wendy and the older couple shared. Walking up to the door he pounded on it with his clenched fist. The same clenched fist that slammed into the sneering face that answered the door with a snarl as the man expected his sister and wayward wife to be awaiting to be admitted.

Sydney did not slap the woman he found there though he was sorely tempted as she screamed at him as he told the cowering man that if he ever touched his second wife and his sister like that again he would kill him. Eventually her screams got the better of him and his angry visage turned to that of the warrior and his sword pressed against her breast shut her up. “You will never have anything to do with either of them again!” he hissed coldly to the cowed pair, “You mother would be ashamed of you Garry!”

“His mother, like his sister, is just a whore!” his wife spat back at the fiery visage, it was a fatal mistake as Sydney’s sword flashed in a swift backhanded cut and took the woman’s head from her shoulders.

He turned to the man who had backed his wife assessment screaming his slutty mother didn’t even know who Wendy’s father was, his words died on his lips as the weapon returned from its trajectory and cleaved the man’s body diagonally across his chest and down into his hips. Sydney wiped his sword on their bloodied clothing and disappeared.

A hospital ward, dimmed and silent appeared before his eyes and as they adjusted he saw an old shrivelled man laying in a bed, a bank of machinery surrounding the room beeping and hissing as they carried out a myriad of functions for the almost skeletal body. “I think it is time for you to move on and allow the living to live,” said Sydney as he pressed his sword into the power supply connected to the machines.

He started a little as he felt his body return to its warm position between the two sleeping females and Es’s soft command for him to sleep. His eyes closed and a satisfied grin passed over his face as he clasped them a little tighter to him before he fell totally asleep.

When Sydney awoke the next morning the girls were excitedly planning the packing and moving of their belongings from the house in the city. After a quick shower and breakfast Wendy was ready to head into get her gear asking Sydney if he would come with them as she was a bit worried about what Garry and Susanne would do or say. Suggesting that they hire a van so they would only have one trip was met enthusiastically and with a couple of phone calls the trio picked up Karen, who looked a little worse for wear but otherwise very giggly and collected a van from a local hire business. Cathy in the van with Sydney and Karen with Wendy they arrived at the house to find an ambulance and a police hover outside the address.

Sydney motioned the women to stay in the vehicles as he approached a policewoman standing outside the gate, “Excuse me officer,” he began, “what’s happened?”

“Who are you Sir?” the woman asked with a grim face, her voice sounded quite strained.

“A friend of the family, I have a couple of the women that live here in those two vehicles over there,” he indicated the van and Wendy’s small hover. “They are coming to move out to their new home at Lockyer Strand.”

“Well they may have to wait a little while, in fact I think the detectives may wish to speak to them. It appears that some sort of domestic argument has occurred last night. They have killed each other, it is not a very pretty sight in there Sir!” she said quickly as Sydney began to move past her at her words.

“Tell your detectives that Cue Ball is on his way in, Constable!” his voice was flat but firm as she again moved to prevent his entry to the premises.

“Yes Sir!” she snapped and reached for her communicator.

When Sydney entered the house he was given gloves to wear and asked to stay outside of the room as a detective took in the big man with a grim-faced smile. “Not pretty Sir but it looks like they took to each other with knives.” He indicated the two bodies on the lounge room floor, the woman’s throat had been slashed her face in an ugly snarl as her own hand still clenched around the carving knife that protruded from the man’s chest.

“Any idea what the fight was about, detective?” he asked turning away from the scene, the room’s furniture appeared to be smashed as if there had been quite a lot of physical wrestling from the pair before they had drawn weapons on each other.

“According to a passer-by there was quite a lot of shouting and smashing. The man was out walking his dogs and happened to overhear them screaming at each other, the woman apparently deriding the man about the size of his penis.” The detective consulted his electronic pad before continuing, “There was a scream and then the woman is allegedly supposed to have said, “Cut me you bastard! Take this!” The dog walker, a Mr Smith said it didn’t sound good so he rang the police. They entered to find this,” he turned to indicate the bizarre scene behind him.

“You may want to speak to the women I have with me detective, but please allow me to tell them what has happened before you do,” suggested Sydney quietly, his voice gave no indication of the surprise he felt at seeing the result of his dream visitation.

“Sydney, Enyalius!” a voice in his head broke his musings as he made his way out to the vehicles outside.

“Sorry Es, was a million miles away,” Sydney apologised to his resident alien.

“Not that far away,” the little voice giggled, “just as far as the pussies in those vehicle that you are going to be comforting this afternoon.”

“You had something else to tell me,” Sydney sent back to her with a little smile as that was exactly what he was thinking about.

“The sword you wield in your spectral form, last night when you walked the realms, brings its own form of justice in to play. You saw what happened and your actions, however, the sword will change the outcome dependent upon what it perceives. If you ring the hospital you will find the late unlamented Mr Lim died of bodily function failure, that is old age. Not for failure of the machines attached to his worthless carcass!”

Sydney felt the satisfaction in the little alien’s thoughts and briefly he considered whether he should feel regret for what he had carried out, “Never feel anything for stomping out evil, my lord!” was her almost instant retort. “Their evilness had gone on long enough, justice has been served!”

Wendy, Cathy and Karen barely shed a tear over the demise of the couple inside the house and as Sydney sat with them in the interviews at police headquarters he further learned of the atrocious environment the pair kept their second wife confined within. The detective sympathetically gave them permission to retrieve whatever gear they wanted to get with a gentle pat on Cathy’s shoulder he apologised for not being able to help sooner. “Why detective, they were very clever at keeping the leash fairly tight, no-one else knew until today,” the woman said softly. “I am pleased to be out of their clutches and hopefully to start a new life with people who love me,” she added as Karen tightly held her friend’s hand as they walked back down the corridor and out of the building.

Later the three women and Sydney sat around the lounge room of the house that the women had named, ‘Empezó de Nuevo’, an old Spanish phrase roughly translated as Starting Over, in honour of their new found freedom. Karen held Cathy gently in her arms kissing the woman’s soft breasts as she trembled in delayed reaction.

Wendy had spoken with her mother whom it seemed was a little shocked but when she learned that Sydney was there she asked to speak to him. Sydney quietly informed his old tea lady that he would stay to ensure that the girls were fine for a little while and to Robyn’s direct question about whether he thought that her son was a bad man he could say nothing. “I guess sometimes a mother is blind to her children’s faults Syd, but sometimes others are not and fate sometimes reaches her hand out in the strangest ways.” Her voice was soft but Sydney detected the determination in her face that she would carry on despite the setback to her family.

“I am not sorry that he is gone Syd,” she finished, “I guess when I think about it there was always a big dose of nastiness in Garry and Susanne. I was always a little worried about Wendy being there, but Cathy was there and I do love her very much. Give her my sympathies Syd.” She blew him a kiss as she cut the connection.

The funeral and cremation of the bodies of the couple was attended only by Sydney and Wendy.

On the day of the funeral Sydney received a message that filled his heart with joy, ‘She is here with me now. Thank you, love Nicky’.

Sydney swam in the warm waters, made love to the three women and generally felt at peace with himself and his actions. The women were all teary eyed when he finally told them he had to go back to school and their frantic lovemaking on his final night with them left him, for the first time since his sexual awakening, unable to get an erection after he had been sucked and fucked for most of the afternoon and evening. His early morning flight allowed him to leave them all sleeping soundly in the king-sized bed as he took a taxi to the airport and boarded the hover jet without them seeing his own tears as he left Melbourne.

Bonnie met him at the airport on his arrival in Brisbane and her small smile was the uplift he needed and cradling in her arms as she kissed him gave him a big reason to look forward to the next month and a half before the mid-semester break. “Shall we go and get ready for school?” he asked her as he broke the kiss and she gave him a beautiful smile as she held his hand and pulled him out to the hover park.

Chapter 3 – End of school

Arriving at school his heart skipped a beat as he and the little black haired woman were met by a group of girls that appeared to be a little nervous as they gathered around the pair giggling as they told him how they had all missed him. He spread his arms a little and gathered a few of them in close and told them that he had missed them too. Happily they chatted, asking him about his trip and, girls being girls, if he got lucky, Giving one of the maths students from Bonnie’s class a little pat on her rump told them that he would have been luckier if he had stayed home.

Bonnie’s eyes were wide as she saw the little pat and rub he gave her best friend and the curious red the girl turned as she leaned a little into the touch. Maria had sent Sydney some very hot holos of herself undressed and exposing her wet pussy with the message, ‘R U E 2 √ me?’ The E had been in red and Bonnie had not got the message until she showed it to Jo yesterday as they had sat in Sydney’s study going through the holos that he had finally unlocked. “Are you ready to root me?” said Jo giggling then added, “By the looks of that pussy she is certainly ready to root him!”

All too soon the bell rang for classes and giving him a quick kiss she ran for her room dragging her friend with her. As they slowed for the door Bonnie turned to Maria and shyly asked, “Can I watch?”

“If you want baby, but turn about is fair play!” she giggled then mouthed “Later,” as they took their seats.

Sydney was ready to enter his first science class of the day but was stopped by his teacher at the door, “Sydney, Principal Kendrick wants to see you son,” he said, his eyes were twinkles of amusement as he turned to the rest of the class telling them to head to the auditorium that there was an announcement to be made shortly.

Sydney followed Kevin Bailey, his science lecturer, through the grounds of the school and watched curiously as students were directed from their classes and filed quietly towards the auditorium building. His worry as he entered the administration building and towards the principals office increased and he wondered, somewhat bizarrely, whether somehow people had found out what he did in Melbourne and he was about to be arrested. He felt his body begin to take on the energy needed to transform ready to fight and it was only a stern command to stand down from Es that controlled his emotions.

“For fuck’s sake Sydney!” she cried in exasperation, “perhaps I should just flood your mind with images of Maria’s pussy begging for your cock or Wendy’s hot little pussy flooding your face all day so that you will fucking relax! Then having that big cock of yours tenting your pants all the time might give you something to worry about other than the stupidity that is going through your head now!” She sounded extremely upset with him and he calmed his breathing and acknowledged her words. Es couldn’t help but throw the very graphic image of the little maths student’s wet pussy across his mind in apology.

Kevin took Sydney passed the principals door and ushered him into the staff room where Mrs Kendrick and almost all of his lecturers sat waiting for him. Their stern faces almost unnerved him but a closer examination of their faces showed that the expressions were barely being maintained over the mirth he saw in their eyes. Looking hard at Mrs Kendrick he was about to ask what was going on before she held up a hand to forestall his question and pointed to a chair at the front of the room.

“Sydney, you obviously know Bonnie Gilroy?” asked his maths teacher, Miss Kendall, a rather frumpy woman who set high standards for everyone and rather looked down on any other pursuit that didn’t involve mathematics.

“Yes,” he answered wondering what sort of trouble he may have gotten her into.

“Do you recognise these equations?” she continued, pointing her pocket recorder at the monitor behind him to display a set of worked examples that Sydney had done for Bonnie a week or so previously.

Again Sydney answered yes and explained that he was just trying to explain some additional uses of the basic maths formulae to Bonnie so that she could see the overall picture of its application in the real world.

Several of the lecturers gasped and the man protested that he didn’t believe he had done anything wrong in showing her them. “Quite right,” said Miss Kendall, “but what you have done is shown us that there is nothing further we can teach you here. Those formulas on that monitor are a third or fourth year university level and I know damned well that I didn’t teach you them!”

Sydney looked at her in disbelief certain that she had shown him these things and she shook her head.

Mrs Kendrick spoke up, “What you have done is extrapolated what I, and others here and before, have taught you across all your subjects and figured them out yourself. It appears that you have done it without too much difficulty and given your high level of academic success over the past fifteen years we aren’t surprised.

“We did ask your parents to consider placing you in a university nearly two years ago but they were not interested in the prospect and so we didn’t pursue it as strongly as we should have. Given what we know now we realise that that was a mistake on our part and I must apologise on behalf of everyone here for not being more observant and available for you.

“However, that being the past we would like to offer you several opportunities for you to consider for the future.” She pointed her pad at the monitor and three university names appeared one of them was Townsville.

Sydney was flabbergasted and it suddenly hit him that they were going to throw him out of school, “But Mrs Kendrick, what about the rest of the year, I still have to pass my subjects to get into university! Besides there are other students out there,” he pointed behind him, “that I help as well, they need something extra sometimes.” He looked at the rest of the teachers now grinning at him and added, “No offence.”

She smiled at her favourite pupil sitting in the chair looking so obviously worried about the prospect of leaving and failing in something. More importantly he was worried about his friends and other students that he felt he would somehow fail if he left them behind. Without caring about what the other staff would think she walked over to him and placed her arms around him holding him to her as she would her own son. “Sydney Douglas you have a remarkable capacity to care, however, sometimes I think you care a little too much about everyone else and not enough about yourself.” There were murmurs of agreement around the room.

She continued as she pulled a chair up beside him facing him and addressing all of them, “That is why we are going to have an announcement down in the auditorium to tell the students about you and what you will be doing here until the semester break. That way, we” she giggled as she waved a hand at all of the teachers present, “can catch up with you as well without having to worry about what we are going to teach you. All of us are happy to talk with you to help you make up your mind about what you want to do, but we will not be teaching you any more Syd. You have gone beyond what we can do for you except, I hope, you will consider us friends.”

Sydney’s eyes were full of tears as she finished and curiously he noted that a few of the women around the room dashed fingers across their own eyes. “Oh crap,” said Miss Kendall as she came up to him and burst into tears on his shoulder as she told him that he was the best student she had ever had in her life. Kevin Bailey passed the woman his handkerchief just before Sydney reached into his own pocket.

“You and your bloody hankies,” sniffled Pauline Kendrick as she accepted his to wipe her eyes.

As a group they made their way down to the auditorium where several members of the Parent and Teacher association were sorting out the last of the students into seats and requesting they be a little quieter. Silence filled the room as Sydney, Mrs Kendrick and Miss Kendall walked upon to the stage, Sydney almost yelped when he saw Kelsey, Jo, Thelma, Greg Collins and Patrick Evans already seated up there, all of them had huge grins on their faces.

Mrs Kendrick asked him to remain beside her as she stood at the podium and asked the students if they could all hear her over the sound system. “As many of you know, sometimes we have to say farewell to friends early and despite our deepest wishes to keep them close to us we have to let them go to become the people that they need to be in order to lead fulfilling and successful lives. Today, I am going to forewarn you that one of our very best is going to leave our wonderful group and I am sure make the world a better place as he steps out into it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen please join me in wishing Sydney Douglas all of our very best.” She stepped back and began to clap as the group behind her, the teachers throughout the room and the 600 students in the room also began to clap as they realised the impact of her words.

Sydney noted that several of the women in the audience began to cry as they clapped, the sound became a deafening roar as throats began to chant, “Sydney! Sydney!” He dashed tears from his eyes as he held up his hands for quiet but was ignored as the students and teachers rose to their feet continuing to clap, stomp and cheer. Kelsey, Jo and Thelma surrounded him as he stood there trying to get them to stop until Kelsey whispered, “Let them show you their love, baby. They are also very proud of you.” He nodded helplessly as he found Bonnie’s face in the crowd and beside her Maria who grinned and screamed at him.

Finally the room quietened as Sydney stood before them, “Thank you,” he said quietly, “I love you all too and hopefully over the next few weeks I will see each and everyone of you to let you know that personally. If it were not for you all here, I would not be who I am today. It has not been an easy journey and I thank all of you for your support.”

A voice from the middle of the room that he recognised as Michael Williams, a student the same age as Sydney who played cricket in the same teams, yelled out, “You should have told us earlier you idiot, my Mum reckons you could have come and stayed with us years ago.” The young man’s voice broke as he shouted and Sydney was aghast that such a tough young man should suddenly be crying about him in front of all of his friends.

Kelsey, a true mother, rescued them all, with her soft voice she spoke to the young people in front of her, “Sometimes it is too hard to speak up when you don’t know what the consequences of your actions will be. Sydney was terrified, we all know that now, we all say to ourselves that he should have done this or that, but truly none of us know what it was like. I watched him everyday and I felt I was powerless to do anything about it, even the police could not act.

“Yes perhaps Sydney should have spoken up before, but do you think he would have wanted to burden you all with his worries? Isn’t that what all of you think now, he,” she paused and put her hand on her lover’s shoulder, “never wanted you to feel sorry for him, he only ever wanted to help you all. Now because of that help he has been helped back and he is stronger, wiser and more prepared to take on the world outside of this school. I am sure that you will all want the best for him in his future and I hope that it is the future that we all consider now.

“But please, let us remember what he went through and make sure that neither you, nor your family and friends ever have to do it by themselves.”

She turned to the man trembling beside her and she wrapped her arms around him tightly, “I love you Sydney.”

Her simple declaration carried across the room of stunned people, their hearts beat hard in their chests as they saw her love reflected in the long kiss that she gave the man up on the stage. Michael Williams called out breaking the silence and the sombre mood, “My Mum would never have kissed you like that Syd!” The students fell about laughing and cheering as the chant changed to “Kelsey! Kelsey!”

By mid-morning Sydney had been thoroughly embarrassed by his teachers and fellow students as they reflected on his achievements through the time he had been at the school. He was presented with certificates of highest achievement from all of his lecturers and a document declaring him the honorary dux of the school. When Mrs Kendrick advised them all that Sydney would no longer be a student in their classes but he would be allowed to tutor those among them that needed his help a hundred hands rose into the air as a small freckle faced girl asked “When can he start showing me how to work my bloody maths problems?” the students around her waited for the principals advice.

“Starting this afternoon Sydney will allocated an area in the library to take on those of you who need his assistance, a board has been set up at the end of the room for you to enter your name, class and subject,” she replied to the girl and as she watched a hundred heads turn in the direction she pointed she warned them that Sydney was only one person.

Finally Pauline Kendrick introduced Greg Collins and Patrick Evans to the podium and the students hushed as the two important looking gentlemen explained their presence. As Greg Collins displayed vid of the machines that Sydney had designed a young girl at the back of the room ran down the stairs and leapt onto the stage and ran into Sydney’s open arms. She sobbed as she told the worried men that the machine had saved her mum and baby brother from dying because it detected a normally fatal blockage in the umbilical cord that other machines could not detect.

Sydney held the little junior school girl in his arms rocking her gently as she sobbed into his shoulder and many in the room failed to remain dry eyed as they watched their big classmate soothe the girl with gentle words and pats of her hair as she snuggled against him. Greg Collins had a very hard time continuing his presentation and at Thelma’s prompting he handed over to Patrick Evans.

Patrick felt that he was immune to the little miracles that seemed to follow this boy around like lost sheep found by the shepherd to take them home, however, it took him a little while to find his voice to continue the presentation and explain the science award that Sydney had won for his design. As he spoke he saw the smiles on the students below him and it was a happy man that eventually called on Thelma Daintree as Chancellor of the University of Townsville to say a few words.

“You bitch!” exclaimed Sydney shocking the room with his outburst. “You never told me you were the bloody Chancellor, you said you had a part time job there!”

Thelma cackled as she took the microphone from a grinning Patrick and addressing the students said, “Sometimes our young man doesn’t know everything!” The remarks were met with huge amusement and it took a while for her to get silence again.

Kelsey took the young girl from Sydney’s lap as she beckoned him to go and stand beside the blonde haired woman. Standing beside her he grinned as hidden by the stand of the podium he patted Thelma’s dainty buttock causing her to pause for a fraction and a hissed, “Behave yourself young man,” came from his former headmistress.

What Thelma said next shocked the grin right off his face. “So as the patent owner of this equipment and in association with Camelot Corporation who built them I am pleased to announce that Sydney has been given a fifty percent share of the sales of the equipment and to date those sales have topped 100 million dollars. In agreement with Sydney we have set aside money from that to provide a scholarship for students from this school to be able to participate in sporting and academic studies at any of the universities, medical and engineering schools throughout Oceania. It is a scholarship that we hope inspires you all to aim high and achieve your dreams.”

The open mouthed man beside her fainted, as did several of the girls throughout the room, who were quite willing to have their soft warm bodies writhing under his strong muscular one even if they had to buy him dinner first because they believed he was a poor orphaned child. No-one else of the students or faculty knew about his lotto windfall. As teachers and pupils helped out those women, Jo and Dr Evans checked the young man on the floor with some amusement.

Finally Principal Kendrick restored some order and with a small wave of her hand banished the students back to their classrooms.

Sydney sat dazed in the chair they had helped him into and ensuring that none of the teachers around him saw he grabbed Thelma and dragged her into his lap kissing her fiercely. Thelma pretended to struggle but melted against his lips as the rest of their little group kept them hidden from other eyes. “How can I ever thank you Thelma?” the man asked her softly as he broke the kiss and stared into her green eyes.

“I am in town for a couple more days,” she whispered huskily, “I have given up the fight of pretending I am not going to take you to my bed this time.” She brushed the lock of hair from his eyes tenderly, “A fight I don’t think I ever had a chance to win anyway,” she added.

Chapter 4 – Tutoring

Pauline Kendrick was amazed at how well Sydney organised his time and the hundreds of requests he handled in his new role as on-site tutor. She giggled with the young man when he pointed out the growing list on the student notice board and commented that he had no idea about cooking and sewing that some of the senior girls, Pauline corrected herself, women, had asked for him to be their tutor in. “I think Sydney that some of those requests might be for you to get some tutoring from them.”

She watched his face blush and wondered again at his innocence, yet she saw him touch the chancellor of the university in such a familiar and bold way that some of that innocence may only be a present when he was with unfamiliar people. Perhaps, she thought to herself, his education is not quite finished yet. Grinning she watched him move the requests to his growing list of after-hours activities that also included cricket and soccer training.

Later in the same day she watched Sydney speak to a group of young unruly young men that she had become a little concerned with over their apparent disinterest in school using it simply as a place to chat up and kiss the girls that outnumbered them almost ten to one. Like many other older members of the community she was frightened by the numbers that were stacking up against the men, but as yet nothing seemed to be restoring the balance. As she watched his animated features and the movement of his body, particularly his hands, he saw some of the boys begin to blush and lower their heads. She could not hear what he was saying but his sudden harsh command to lift their fucking heads got her ears pricked up a little more and quietly she moved closer.

“If you think just because you have a dick between your legs instead of a pussy makes you some sort of wonderful blessing and gives you the right to own people then you will have me to deal with!” his voice was harsh and cold and before her startled eyes she saw his form change slightly. Somehow he appeared to grow even bigger and his eyes seemed to be fiercely shining dark-blue ice in his head. She swore later that he held a sword in his hands, its point on the ground as he held the hilt of it with easy familiarity in his large hands. Silver boots adorned his feet and bands of the same material enclosed his wrists and encircled his head.

“Keep your eyes on me!” he yelled at several of them that still remained head down as he lectured them. “Never look down, never look away, never believe that you own anyone,” he finished softly as the boys firmly fixed their eyes on him. The boys became extremely attentive in classes and soon they were passing on the message to other young men that came to the school.

Sydney’s creed remained as a long time reminder to the thousands of students that passed through the school, it almost became the unofficial school motto even hundreds of years after Sydney Winston Douglas passed from this world.

Miss Irene Kendall looked at the request in her email for the dozenth time since she had received it and shook her head in disbelief. “Pauline do you know why Sydney wants to take over my year two maths class this afternoon?” she asked the woman opposite her drinking her coffee.

“Nearly all of that class wants tutoring from Sydney and they won’t fit into the library space, I suggested he ask you if he could do a tutoring lesson instead of normal class. Irene you are only doing revision now in prep for the mid-semester exams, it wouldn’t hurt,” Pauline replied checking out her rather pedantic older maths teacher.

“You know ever since he started tutoring, what has it been now, three days, there have been some remarkable changes in some of my students, even some of the really bright ones,” Irene told her as she replied to the email with an affirmative response. “Even Maria has something about the way she works the problems that is definitely influenced by Syd and she was almost as bright as him a year or so ago!”

“I think Maria may have had some after hours tutoring as well,” murmured the red faced principal as she had seen the little brunette glowing and with a peculiar gait the morning before as she came into the school with Sydney after Kelsey had dropped them both off with Bonnie.

“I think I might put my feet up this afternoon and let him take all of my classes, as you say it is only revision,” the unusually relaxed maths teacher commented as she added the suggestion to the affirmative response she had compiled to Sydney’s original request.

Maths classes that afternoon were filled with giggling and chuckling students that laughed and learned with Sydney as he bounced around the room hitting them with all sorts of trivial information about maths and how the formulae were derived. His style of address, his enthusiasm for the subject left many of them shaking their heads as they suddenly experienced a deeper understanding of how the men and women that invented the formulae came up with them as they went about their real lives. His lessons didn’t end there as he took students through the longer methods that had been shortened with the use of computers and special programs to deal with the engineering and scientific applications that the math was used in.

Several students, intent on engineering construction careers, suddenly got more of an appreciation of cos, tan and sin as he took them for virtual walks around ancient civilisations all the way up to modern day construction feats. Opening their minds to how the maths was applied gave them a better understanding about what they were trying to solve on their work tablets.

Irene Kendall and several other teachers giggled as they watched his antics on closed circuit vid. When she suggested that they would all have to move from the boring text book versions of teachers to someone more suited to appearing in a Toowoomba Studios latest block buster vid, she was surprised at the enthusiasm many of her colleagues showed for such a transformation. Certainly in her own mind Sydney was the epitome of a brilliant teacher, fervently she hoped that he would use that talent well in whatever he took on in life.

Maria Castellantes and Bonnie Gilroy had not been able to stop smiling for two days and it was beginning to piss several of their friends off. Though as more of the girls joined them in their secret club, code named Syddy’s Angels, the tensions got much less until of all of the girls who were part of the harem that followed him around the school in between his tutoring assignments seemed to simply giggle and enjoy life in such a way that Pauline Kendrick was worried that somehow they had all found a special drug somewhere. Subtly she asked Bonnie, whom she had a special affinity towards, the two women shared the same birthday and Bonnie had never been frightened of coming and seeing her principal whenever she had a problem.

The little black haired child had been a very sad girl when she had first come to her school and taking her with her to a private area in the school gardens she had listened to the girl’s story of the loss of her parents. Over the years she had also been confided in with her fears about Sydney and her desperate belief that something horrible was happening in the house to the north of her home. Though neither of them could prove anything they had cried on each other’s shoulders every time the little skinny boy had not come to school or seemed to exclude himself from the company of everyone, they later found out to avoid any further damage to his body.

Sitting on the old garden bench with Bonnie she marvelled at how happy the girl was and gently the older woman prompted Bonnie as to why all of her friends seemed to be so carefree of late. “None of you seem to be concerned with the upcoming exams and you are not running around with tablets open furiously studying. From all reports you’re all breezing your work assignments and please don’t tell me it is because Sydney is tutoring you all. I happen to know that Janelle and Vicky don’t even have any subjects that Sydney has on his tutoring list!”

Bonnie shyly looked at her older friend, she considered Mrs Kendrick a friend then a teacher as the woman was so open and honest with her that she sometimes reminded her of Kelsey and Jo. “We are all playing with him, Mrs K,” she said quietly her face turning a soft red as she barely placed enough volume in her voice to carry to the teacher’s ears.

“All of you!” giggled Pauline, “My goodness Bonnie there has to be twenty of you, how the hell is he managing that!”

“It’s a reward system Mrs K, if you do good at your school work then you get to play, if you fuck up then you are not allowed to wear the panties we made for our club.” Pauline Kendrick watched in amazement as Bonnie stood up and lifted her skirt to show her a small pair of panties in dark-blue that had ‘Syddy’s Angel’ stitched across the front of it in silver.

“Bonnie you, and a couple of the others. are not old enough to be angels,” said the older woman as she noticed the very wet front of the underwear and gestured the girl to drop her skirt.

“No but I can suck him off in under a minute some nights,” the girl giggled, her voice showed her teacher how proud she was of that fact. “And if I am really good at school and the other girl’s permit it I get to watch and play as well!”

Her enthusiasm for the games she and the others played with Sydney caused her teacher’s heart to pound in her chest and she squirmed a little as the little black haired vixen graphically described losses of virginity, anal sex, Sydney’s exceptional tongue and lips and how the girls amused themselves in between times. The club had come up with the panties idea after several of the girls found themselves being lectured about not wearing any to school the day after they had spent the night at Sydney’s house. Pauline recalled some of her more prudish colleagues remarking that some of Sydney’s bunch, as they had referred to the girls, were out of uniform by not wearing underwear.

“What are you girls going to do next semester when he is not here?” she asked concerned that the loss of their incentive may bring the girls’ grades back down again.

“We have made arrangements for that,” the girl answered mysteriously but she assured her headmistress that the girls had a lot of other incentives rather than Sydney’s body.

“Some of us just like to hear his voice,” she said softly, dreamily, “and others just like to know he is watching them.”

Pauline Kendrick decided that she would quite like that as well and sending Bonnie off on her way decided that she was going to have a pair of those panties for herself before Sydney Douglas finished his time at her school.

Her opportunity came a lot sooner than she had planned as Sydney expressed a desire to her to understand more of the principles of teaching rather than continue with the haphazard way he threw together some of his lecturing. “Who better to ask about principles than a principal,” he joked to her as he joined her at her table as she drank coffee. He of course drank his usual strong tea.

“I could lend you some vids and if you like I could help you prepare some notes after school,” she said, her heart suddenly hammering in her chest as she hoped that this might be a chance to find out if the young man earnestly listening to her nodding his head and smiling in agreement would give her some of his own kind of tutoring.

“I could drop you off home afterwards,” she added softly as her gaze locked onto his intense dark-blue eyes, suddenly she felt that the man could see right through her deception as with a little grin he thanked her and said that he would see her around 4:00 pm in her office.

Sydney smiled as he left her at the table, he could smell her arousal and Es commented in his mind, “Students and now teachers, you are learning my boy.” Her tone was very playful and she tormented his thoughts with Kelsey’s loud groans and screamed orgasms, making a bet with him that his friendly principal was of the same vent.

Pauline Kendrick worked feverishly throughout the afternoon compiling several lesson plans and putting together vids, reference material and a list of suitable network sites that would give Sydney a thorough grounding in lesson planning and structure. She could barely control her breathing as he finally knocked on her door and entered her large office just before 4:00 pm.

“Hi Mrs K,” he said as he came through to her inner office just as she was walking into the larger one to greet him. She passed the computer chip she had stored the material on with trembling hands into his and indicated a manilla folder of notes on the round table that sat a little way away from her desk where she had placed two chairs. Halfway through explaining to him the basic lesson outlines she had prepared as a series of headings, what, where, when, who, how and why she realised that he had stopped listening to her.

“You have very pretty eyes Mrs K,” he said softly as she turned to face him.

“Thank you Sydney, yours fascinate me. I don’t know why, I guess sometimes I feel that you see straight to the heart of things with them, but you don’t make any judgements until you follow up what you see with how you feel.”

“May I kiss you Pauline,” he asked softly, “your eyes tell me that you want me too.”

From there it was all pure joy for the aging school principal as the young man’s lips met her own and not until his tongue found and probed deep into her wet sex did she finally find her voice as loudly she screeched, “Fuck me I am cumming!”

“Told you,” whispered Es as the bucking woman on the pillows that they had pulled from the divans in the outer office, begged loudly for him to fuck her hard.

Kevin Bailey heard his good friend Pauline screeching and smiled as he made sure the administration building’s main door was locked as her voice screamed her lover’s name as she came loudly again. He grinned as he made his way to his hover and laughed as he realised he had something else to tease his occasional lover with as he had heard her screamed demands for hard and fast fucking at more than one late night meeting with her. “I hope Sydney you are able to keep up with her,” he said to himself as he punched his destination code to return home to his wife.

“I think you have deserved these,” Sydney told the exhausted headmistress as she lay beside him in his large bed, her trembling body was still too sensitive to touch and she forced his hands away from the rock hard points of her breasts as he lay a small pair of yellow panties across them. Lifting them up she turned them around to see the silver stitching and she gave him a beautiful smile before she sighed and allowed the man to cover her naked body with a sheet before he went to the bathroom for a shower.

Pauline lay quietly listening to the sounds of the house late in the night and she was sure she could hear someone moaning loudly in the room beneath her. Checking the bed beside her the big man was gone and with a little effort she raised herself up out of the bed and stood for a moment on shaky legs. A soft aqua glow that she barely noticed as she turned towards the doorway seemed to give her a little more energy as she found the doorway to the bathroom and quickly showered in preparation to leave. More groaning assailed her heightened sense of hearing and grinning she tiptoed towards the stairs that they had come up in a blur of half naked bodies as Sydney hurried her to his bed to continue their rowdy lovemaking.

“Who has he got down there,” she murmured to herself and why does she sound muffled her mind asked her.

She quickly ran barefoot down the stairs, feeling very invigorated, must be the shower and resting she thought as her heart pounded a little in her ears as she anticipated seeing Sydney with one of the other members of his private club. As she turned to progress down the last little flight of stairs as they turned left into the games room downstairs all thoughts of sneaking home left her as the woman she had been having a secret crush on for the last nine years stared hotly back at her. The brown haired brown eyed woman with her heavy breasts swinging beneath her as the man behind her rammed his hips into her from behind, beckoned her over as she braced herself on all fours on the soft mat underneath her.

“Wait Syddy!” she suddenly called as she spat the ball gag she had been using to muffle her screams from her mouth as the big breasted headmistress walked towards her.

Sydney stopped moving and he shyly grinned as his school teacher lover knelt before the woman on the floor and softly asked, “Bonnie told me you were a noisy fuck, can I listen and watch?”

“You can do more than that Pauline,” Kelsey told her softly, “the reason I am over here is because I could hear you from the duck pond. But this bugger,” she shoved her hips backwards then groaned loudly as his cock penetrated her deeply, “didn’t know if you would want to have someone else in bed with you.”

Pauline shifted her self to sit directly in front of Kelsey, her legs spread wide as she slipped her feet under the woman’s body and leaned forward to kiss her favourite mother on her soft bruised lips. “Perhaps this young man behind you might have some more energy to keep us amused for a little while together,” the voice was a soft whimper as Kelsey’s lips dropped down to the sensitive nipple on her breast.

Sydney grinned as he renewed his gentle movements inside Kelsey’s tight pussy and the ripples across his cock told him that she was very much going to be making sure that the last of his energy was going to be used on them. Her cry of pleasure was cut off abruptly, replaced by the low moan of Mrs K as she pulled Kelsey’s face into her wet cunt. “Yes Kelsey eat me baby, I have dreamt of doing this to you for so long!” Her words reached a shrill high as the brown haired woman screamed into her wet flaps then greedily sucked the clit of the woman whom she had pushed over on to her back.

Sydney marvelled that Pauline Kendrick could still keep up with Kelsey as she fucked him hard as he lay on his back on the plush soft fur of the mat, Kelsey fisted locks of his hair as she rode his face with her wet sex pressed hard against his probing tongue. The women screamed like banshees and Sydney was chuckling quietly as the sun arose on the two of them laying in a puddle of sweat and cum their pussies and arses both agape from the merciless big-cocked pounding he had given them as Es kept his vitality at an all time high. The little alien loved their screams that were not even contained as they feasted on each others cunts in a big titted and frenzied attempt at eating each other alive.

He left a note for them pinned to several pairs of the Syddy’s Angel panties that he draped over their softly meshed breasts as they finally slept in each other’s arms. He took several photographs but then gave that away as he realised that Alfred and the house’s security system would have a full recording of the wonderful evening he had spent with two very uninhibited ladies.

Kevin Bailey spied him walking into school with a laughing Bonnie and apart from looking a little bit tired the boy seemed to be remarkably fit and well. “How is Pauline?” he whispered to the grinning pair who came over to him when he beckoned with a broad grin.

“Not sure she will make it in today, Sir,” said Sydney with a wicked smile and Kevin Bailey roared with laughter.

Bonnie giggled with the teacher as they headed to his first class and Sydney disappeared down to the cricket fields where he was having a session with Ian Creighton. His old coach had managed to buy a bowling machine from a local gym that no longer found a use for it with the decline in interest in the game across the country. He fired it up and had several of the young boys on Sydney’s tutoring schedule ready to load it as Sydney gave a short lecture to the group of youngsters around him about defensive and avoidance manoeuvres against short pitched bowling.

Ian smiled as he listened to the youngster and noted how filled out the tall frame was now. He sighed a little, the young skinny man who had been in great form last year had copped a fair battering from opening bowlers across the district and knew all about ducking and weaving, but there were times and the old man found his eyes twinkling when anything short rapidly found its way to or over the boundary. Realising now that they were the days that Sydney wasn’t carrying bruises from his fucking brute of a father.

The batting session with the younger people went well as Sydney stood back from the wickets and caught the balls that came through in the baseball mitt that he had for the purpose as he watched his young charges duck and occasionally not. Sydney would giggle at them as they rubbed a red spot or re-adjusted their helmets but never did he show them any signs of sympathy, even when a particularly uncoordinated woman found her chest and shoulders peppered by ball after ball. “Michelle,” he told her softly, “I will kiss them better later, if you fucking well concentrate on not getting hit and watch the fucking ball.”

The young woman ducked the next one and Ian was amazed when the man whispered something else into her ears and she never got struck again, batting with a determination that Ian would not believe was possible from the young woman whom he was sure had joined the lesson just to be near the big man behind her. “What did you tell her?” Ian asked as the young woman giggled with her friends and practised catching with another of the cricket coaches.

“I simply told her she couldn’t wear her panties if she couldn’t keep up the pace,” was the man’s cryptic reply. Ian repeated the conversation with Pauline Kendrick when she returned to the school after a day off and her comment that she knows the rules offered him no further clarification.

Ian finally cajoled Sydney to take a turn in the nets against the bouncer bowling machine and as the man padded up a sizeable group had gathered around the enclosed wicket area. “Now Sydney, practice watch you preach for a little while then when I tell you show them how you can treat crappy bowling like that!” Sydney grinned at his coach and nodded his understanding.

For the first twenty or so balls Sydney swayed and ducked with not a ball coming even close to him as he emphasised the need to watch the ball as the machine was wound up to ping the ball at him at twice the speed that his student had experienced. “OK Sydney show them what you would do if Australia was chasing 100 off the last ten overs!” called Creighton.

Teachers, a few parents and the students shrieked, ooh’ed and ah’ed as the big batsman cut, hooked and uppercut the bouncers hard into the nets, even managing to duck ricochettes from the side netting from his fierce strokes. They applauded generously when Ian called a halt and let them disperse back to their next classes as he laughed with Sydney as the young man packed away his gear and headed for the showers.

On the last day of the mid-semester period, a week before exams Sydney had crossed off the last student’s name that he had to see as he kept his promise to personally wish everyone in the school all the best for the future. His electronic workbook was full of names, addresses, email accounts and phone numbers. Satisfied he called into the teacher’s staff room and wished the staff that he found present a fond farewell and he was surprised at the emotion he encountered as he mingled with them all before he headed for his home a last time.

Mary Humphries clung to him, sobbing as she asked him to hold her tightly. She lifted her head to his face and kissed him softly, wetly and he smiled, “Mary, you know where I live and you are always welcome to come and see me. You all are,” he raised his voice to give the message to the rest of the gathered teachers. Nodding she let him go and only held his hand for a little longer as he turned and walked out the door.

With a soft sigh Irene Kendall dropped her head in her hands and wept. Mary and Pauline took up seats each side of placing an arm each over her shoulders. “Well at least we still have our panties,” Irene whispered as the two women beside her and many others around the room nodded.

Thelma picked him up from the school and Sydney was very pleased to see her as she had been out of contact for a few weeks since her emotional declaration the day she told him that she had given up the fight to stay out of his bed. Leaning over he kissed her quickly saying, “I thought I must have done something wrong because you have been avoiding me like the plague Madame Chancellor!”

A beautiful smile crossed her face at his use of her title as she replied, “No I was getting some things out of the way so that I could take you to Townsville and have my way with you while your harem has exams.” Her eyebrows raised at him in question.

“That would be great, I could use the break if Kelsey, Jenny and Jo are ok with it,” he replied.

“Kelsey is still recovering from the pounding you gave her and Pauline, Jenny and Jo are taking off to my place out in the bush for the week to keep out of Bonnie’s way and to remove temptation.”

“Ok then sounds great, I probably should go and say goodbye to Kelsey though and give her some relief.”

“Don’t you dare young man,” said Thelma with a grin, “Kelsey is actually enjoying the fact that she can’t walk with her legs together and being unable to sit without remembering the joy of being right royally fucked!”

Sydney began to chuckle, “Pauline has been making some funny noises too, though she is pretending it was from the little accident she had at home that kept her away for a day.”

Thelma laughed with him as she took him firstly to his place to change, shower and check the clothes that Kelsey had packed for his trip. Sydney looked at the suit she had laid out in its protective covering on the bed beside his suitcase and still couldn’t believe that he owned one. Carl had created it for him only a few days previously when Kelsey suggested that he might like to get one to meet the board of directors in Townsville.

Satisfied that he had everything he placed it all in Thelma’s hover and allowed the porter at the shuttle station to take it for checking in to the next shuttle that they would be travelling on.

There are three modes of shuttle from Brisbane to the tip of Cape York and the northern city of Landsend, depending on how quickly you want to get there. The super jet carries sixty passengers and takes twenty minutes to make the non-stop sprint along the eastern seaboard. The express shuttle leaves at ten-minute intervals stopping at various destinations along the trip and takes almost two hours, the carriages only held eight passengers. The tourist hover takes a slow leisurely trip through many scenic places along the way stopping for passengers to explore various locales and takes the best part of four days.

Sydney and Thelma were taking the express shuttle, the woman claiming fatigue from her many, many trips on the hover jet, “Besides we get a chance to talk a little more on the way up,” she smiled as they waited on the platform for the egg-shaped car to roll out from the hangars at the end of the station and ease to a quiet stop on the track before them.

A group of eight men stood in a group watching the shuttle approach and Sydney eyed them simply because though they appeared to be together they didn’t talk to each other, most of them barely made eye contact with others. The men were all dressed similarly, boots, jeans and open necked black shirts that were barely visible under the long brown hooded coats that they carefully pulled down to keep their faces in shadow. Something about them made him feel uneasy but he couldn’t see anything to truly define what it was that was triggering it.

As the shuttle doors opened he and Thelma stood aside to let several well dressed women in what appeared to be corporate business attire board the craft but as Sydney and Thelma went to step up into the carriage one of the hooded men pushed past them with a murmured, “Out of the way cunt!” as he stepped through the doorway adjusting his brown knapsack in such a fashion that it almost collected Thelma in the face. She glared at him as the man simply moved away to sit in a seat in the middle of the car without apology.

“No, Sydney, it’s alright,” she said quickly, grabbing his arm to prevent the man from going to speak to the rude passenger. “Some people are just ignorant, you meet all types when you are travelling.”

Sydney still gave the man a hard look though the man didn’t even turn around as Sydney and Thelma took up seats at the rear of the cabin. A few more passengers boarded and no sooner had they sat down than the shuttle doors closed and the automated message began to play.

Sydney listened to the automated safety messages telling him to stay in his seat as the shuttle accelerated and how to lie still on the floor if he was caught out of his seat. Thelma didn’t seem to pay too much attention but this being his first trip he listened dutifully.

Looking over at his travelling companion he noted that her stunning green eyes still gained his attention whenever she turned them towards him as well as her blonde hair neatly brushed into a soft wave that was tucked behind her ears and fell almost to her shoulders.

She was dressed casually in light coloured slacks and a white top with long sleeves, her wrists glittered with the chains and bracelets that she normally wore though her hands and throat were unadorned. She smiled at him when she caught his observation of her, “Are you measuring me for a coffin or your bed?”

The man grinned, “I am sure you would make a lovely looking corpse Thelma, but I am still wondering why we haven’t found out whether we fit together in bed yet.”

She patted his leg telling him that she would show him that she really wasn’t as aloof and tough as he may have thought she was over the next few days.

Watching the display in front of him, he saw that it showed several views of the surrounding buildings and the track behind and in front of them. A chime sounded and the display blanked as the door beside them hissed closed. A strong surge pushed him back hard into his chair and held him there for about ten seconds, another chime sounded and the pressure was taken off and the screen flickered back to life in front of him. Checking out the scenery he saw that it was obviously a long range view to allow human eyes to take in the countryside around the outside of the tunnel that housed the speeding craft.

The passengers in the rest of the cabin, there were only six, seemed to be mostly engrossed in viewing news reports on their displays. The man in the brown hood kept his head down and Sydney thought he detected his hands moving in a familiar pattern but couldn’t quite make out what he was doing. Sydney decided to ignore him.

Thelma engaged him in conversation about what he thought he would do at the university and Sydney admitted that he hadn’t really thought much beyond coming up to listen to what was on offer then make a decision when he was armed with more details. She agreed that it was a good strategy then started to give him a bit of history of Townsville.

She spoke of the town as one who has spent a great deal of time there and knows it as intimately as she knew her own house. She chattered about accommodations, nightlife and the fantastic beaches that were dotted along the coast.

The man in the brown hood disembarked when they arrived at Archer station, their fifth stop of the 14 stop journey, about forty kilometres east of Rockhampton near the old town of Yeppoon that had been all but wiped off the map during severe flooding and tidal surges over the last 800 years. The town now only housed those hardy souls that enjoyed the challenge of the elements and the sport of big game fishing.

Sydney and Thelma remained in their seats as the man scurried to the doorway and disappeared on to the platform. Sydney watched him through the doorway and when he moved from his sight adjusted the display to see if he could find him and see why he appeared so nervous.

Just before the chime sounded for imminent departure Sydney saw him gesture at the shuttle with his left hand on the inside of his right elbow with his wrist and hand jerked upright. The movement caused his hood to shift upwards and it was then that Sydney saw the tattoo on his face, a triangle!

Without thinking he stood up and moved to the aisle to call out to stop the shuttle when Thelma grabbed his arm and pulled him down to the floor where he was held by the g-force as the shuttle accelerated off on its next leg. Sydney’s face was turned to his right where under the chairs along the right hand side he saw the satchel that the man was carrying stuffed underneath one of them. The chime sounded and he crawled forward and was reaching in to get the bag when Thelma said, “No! Don’t touch it!”

She then dragged him back to his chair and hissed, “What caused you to get up like that?”

Sydney told her that the man that had left was a triangle. Her faced showed that she had probably already guessed that with the discovery of the bag under the seat.

She touched the console in front of her then plugged her hand-held into the port that was revealed and quickly she punched in some codes and replayed the video view that had been taken from manipulating the camera on the shuttle to search for the man when he had disappeared from Sydney’s view. She saw it as well then Sydney mentioned that there were eight of them at the station in Brisbane. “One for each of the last shuttle runs of the day,” she murmured.

A sense of the familiar drove Sydney’s mind into overdrive and quickly he decided what actions to take. Flicking his fingers at Thelma he said, “Get that display hooked into the cameras at Archer station and tell me if the next shuttle has arrived yet.”

Without protest she did as she was asked and shortly they watched the second shuttle arrive and a couple of passengers disembarked including a man in a brown hooded jacket. The man from their shuttle met him and they walked over to the shadows of the station’s ticket office and settled down to wait. “For the next shuttle,” Thelma observed.

“Get me the highest official you know in traffic control on the phone, confirm your identity and then shut off video and hand them over to me.”

She was punching the number before Sydney had finished and she handed him over to Tracey O’Brien, “Tracey, this is Cue Ball I want you to listen carefully.”

Thelma’s face split into a wide grin but he took no notice as quickly he filled the woman in on his suspicions and directed her to let each shuttle arrive at Archer station and then shunt them off at the next station. Sydney reinforced his message to get everyone off the shuttle and out of the area. She informed him that would be Mackay and she could isolate them off the coast in case something went wrong.

They had already left Mackay and Sydney told her to get this shuttle off the track as soon as she could and she said that would be at Townsville. Grimacing he informed the operator on the line that he thought that might just be too late as he believed that whatever was going to happen would be timed to cause the most damage and that would be when all shuttles were on the track between Mackay and Landsend.

She told him that she would close the section of track they were on down and they could find a number of escape hatches along the track that would get them out of danger. Sydney told her that would have to do and cut the connection. He looked at Thelma and she said, “Number 5 has just arrived.”

Tossing her back her phone he told her to get a tactical team into that area as soon as possible and a bomb team to Mackay. “Get me a bomb expert on that screen and tell them they are going to have to take me through disarming the bloody thing on this shuttle.”

She opened her eyes wide, nodded and spoke rapidly to someone on the other end of the phone then cutting the connection said, “You have a bomb disposal expert right here,” she said quite coyly while battering her eye lashes at him.

Laughing out loud he said, “I thought you were just eyes and ears?”

Her serious look sobered him, “A girl had to start somewhere,” then with a wicked wink added, “and big bangs always appealed to me!”

Sydney grinned at that and leant back as the shuttle abruptly slowed then stopped. “This is an emergency stop, please exit the vehicle through the rear door and proceed to the nearest evacuation point where an Oceania transport official will take you to your next destination. We apologise for any inconvenience,” came a sweet voice from the speakers around us.

There was grumbling from the three suited women in front of them and Sydney stood quietly waiting for them to move. The other two passengers walked past him and exited down the steps that folded out onto the ground below.

Holding his hand out to Thelma Sydney said, “Pass me your weapon,” and a blocky sidearm was placed in his hand. He slid the hammer, ensured a projectile slid into the barrel, removed the safety and approached the three women who had decided that the shuttle would continue to move shortly steadfastly refusing to move.

Keeping the weapon in plain sight Sydney confronted them and very quietly suggested that they get off the shuttle now. They moved almost in panic down the steps and up the track before he had a chance to make further threats.

Slipping the safety on he passed the weapon back to Thelma, “Thanks T.” A wide grin split her face and Sydney wondered what he had done to deserve that.

Reaching under the seat, feeling carefully around the bag he ensured that it wasn’t connected to anything, finding nothing he carefully slid it towards himself and crawling backwards inched it rearwards until it was sitting in the middle of the aisle.

Thelma retrieved a black bag from her carryall and folded it out in front of her on the floor. The array of tools that it contained was quite impressive, “Regular mobile mechanic aren’t you!” Sydney quipped.

Shushing him she said, “Check the zips at the sides and the top and make sure there are no booby traps.”

Sydney examined them as instructed and pronounced them all clear and with a deep breath she grasped the upper tab and gently pulled it sliding the top open. She placed a headband with a bright light around her head and peered carefully into the bag through the opening she had created. “Fucking hell!” she cursed, “It’s a fucking nuke!”

“Can you disarm it?” he asked and with a quick nod she inserted her hands into the bag and told the man to hold the bag down while she lifted the device out.

The little black box and shining metallic cylindrical container attached to its side that she extracted looked fairly harmless and at his mention of this she suggested that it doesn’t have to be that big to rock the world. Sydney caught the faint humour in her voice grinning at the double meaning as carefully he placed the bag on the seat beside them.

Sydney held out his hands for the device that she placed on his open palms.

Thelma frowned for a moment then her brow cleared as she picked up a small cutter and ran it under the lid of the black box gently lifting it revealed several wires attached to a digital display. “Crude but effective,” she muttered as she snipped several wires and pronounced it harmless. Sydney put it back in the bag zipping it up.

Thelma picked up her phone and dialled, “Tell the bomb squad that they are simple timers with no traps, open the black box and cut away. But tell them to do it within the next 30 minutes.”

They retrieved their bags and headed to the steps, walking out the door they were met by a transport official on a small hover platform. She eyed them suspiciously then recognising Thelma asked if there was anything she could do for them. Dumping their bags and the defused bomb onto the tray behind her and boosting Thelma up to the seats Sydney said, “Yes, get us to a pub, I think I need a drink.”

Thelma smiled, “Sounds like a plan.”

The woman looked at them strangely then shrugging set her machine in motion down the track. Thelma’s phone rang and she listened for a moment, “Yes Sir I will tell him, thank you Sir. Goodbye.”

Turning to the man beside her she said, “General Molby passes on his thanks and looks forward to seeing you soon. Fat chance of that!”

Before Sydney could ask why her phone rang again and answering it listened briefly before saying, “Good work, Sergeant! Tell your boys and girls that I owe them a drink.”

Hanging up she gave Sydney a thumb’s up, “All the bombs are defused and all eight triangles are in custody!” Her excitement was infectious and Sydney returned her high-five with a pleased sense of accomplishment.

The transport official pulled off into a service tunnel and soon they were standing on the platform at Townsville where two uniformed men took their bags. With a nod from Thelma one of them spirited the other bag with the bomb in it off to another waiting vehicle that sped off.

“Would there be a pub close by, Sergeant?” Sydney asked the nearest uniform, who with a grin pointed across the street.

As they walked over towards it another uniformed officer stopped them with, “Sir you have to be debriefed, General Molby’s orders.”

Sydney turned back to him and was conscious of Thelma’s eyes on him as he replied, “Sergeant, you tell General Molby that if he wants to see me I will be over there for the next few hours and after that I will be at,” and he turned to Thelma.

“My place,” she supplied, “I am sure he knows where that is.”

Taking his arm they turned, walked across to the pub and on entering it caught a news flash of a technical problem closing the Brisbane to Cape York shuttle system for the duration and that commuters were being offered alternative arrangements including use of charted jets to destinations along the line.

Sydney grimaced at the necessity of trying to keep a population confident in its own transport system and forgave the lie.

Despite the easy way Sydney chatted to the tall flat chested barmaid with dirty blond hair and big blue eyes he felt a little uneasy, the day could have gone so badly and he knew it. Trembling as he drank his second beer Thelma noticed his hands shaking. “Delayed reaction,” she suggested, then added, “You were pretty damned cool out there today, not everyone’s first day on the job has that much excitement!”

The unexpected praise did nothing to ease his feeling of sickness in the pit of his stomach and he asked Thelma if she would take him home. The blonde looked at him closely and nodded, a good night’s sleep might do the man opposite her a world of good she thought and with a small wave to the barmaid they left. Sydney noted the little pout on the girl as they left and he told her that he would come back and enjoy her company before he went back home.

She shyly smiled at him and said that she looked forward to seeing them when they came back.

Thelma thumped his shoulder on the way out and said, “Tart!”

Pretending ignorance Sydney said, “No, I just thought she was quite nice.”

“No, you are the tart!” she added giggling.

He grinned at her saying, “Just a healthy appetite.”

“You do know that it is not part of the job description to bed half the female population you come across!” she said exasperated, Sydney almost doubled over in laughter at her unintended pun, and when she thought about it she laughed as well.

Thelma was still giggling as they sat in the back of a Black and Gold that sped towards her home and Sydney asked what was so funny. “The look on those women when you told them to get off the shuttle, I think one of them may have pissed herself,” and her laughter started anew.

Sydney joined her and soon was more relaxed as she filled him in on some other details that were happening in the clean-up and search for more terrorists. Telling her that he hoped they got them all she nodded in agreement.

It was almost sunset as they pulled up at Thelma’s beach-side home so Sydney did not get too much opportunity to view the exterior which appeared to be bricks and glass with a wide veranda around three sides of the second storey. There was a smell of salt in the air and he could hear the waves gently rolling into the beach just over the other side of a screen of silky oak trees. “I should have brought a rod with me,” he said as they stood watching the darkness gather over the ocean.

“I think we already decided that you had!” Then patting his shoulder Thelma added, “That’s OK you can bring one up next time, they tell me the fishing is quite good around here.”

Inside the house was quite spacious with the bottom floor consisting primarily of a large kitchen and dining come living area, the laundry and storage room off to the side. The garage for Thelma’s hover was a detached structure on the other side of the house and Sydney was impressed with her little red sports model that she showed off with a little pride.

Upstairs were two large bedrooms, one on either end of the north to south facing house. Each contained its own ensuite and a sliding glass door that led out to the verandas. He noted that the verandas had a door that connected to the eastern facing veranda but it was locked, Thelma giggled as she watched him try the door, “Sometimes my guests require a little bit of privacy outdoors.”

Sydney grinned as he could imagine the President taking advantage of the privacy screens and large day bed outside for a secret tryst. It was strange that he should think of the diminutive leader of the nation at that point and in his mind’s eye he saw the man sighing in contentment as a rather buxom brunette filled her mouth with his rampant cock. He shook his head to clear it as Thelma eyed him speculatively.

Taking his hand she led him back through the bedroom and into the short corridor that connected to a large open area divided by cleverly arranged furniture to give a large lounge that contained several very comfortable looking chairs surrounding a large stone fireplace, a large coffee table stood in the middle of them. Towards the eastern side was a bar that contained a couple of tables and chairs along with several comfortable looking barstools. Off the side of the bar there was a large sliding glass door that led onto the screened veranda that provided a good view over the darkened beach.

Against the wall opposite the bar was a bank of ten monitors, arranged in two rows of five, and Sydney asked Thelma if they were operations’ control. “Only sometimes,” she answered, “mostly they are for me or my guests to view activities discretely so that we can make decisions unaffected by others.”

Again the President’s figure seemed to pace in front of him viewing screens and listening to conversations while Thelma and several others watched him and carried out his orders. Someone else stood in the room as well, he stood alone and Sydney was shocked by the similarity to himself in the man’s build and the view he had of the man from the back showed the same collar length black hair. Eventually the man turned and looked straight back at him, dark-blue eyes twinkled before he winked and disappeared.

Thelma saw the big man start a little as he viewed the monitors and scanning his thoughts saw that he was beginning to show more signs of the telepathic abilities that she knew were part of his make-up. She grinned and sent him a little image of other uses of the screen.

Sydney saw himself on a half a dozen of the screens engaged in various sexual acts with some of the women from school, Jo and Kelsey. He grinned as he realised that this was how Thelma knew so much about what he was doing when she was not around. “Do you have cameras in the new house I bought for Wendy yet, T?” he asked as he turned to the smiling blonde as she propped on a barstool with an elbow on the bar watching him.

“Installed the day after you bought it, when you and Wendy, Cathy and Karen went back to pick up their clothes and stuff from that pair of arseholes they were living with,” she said without any hint of guilt in her voice. “Your orders Cue Ball,” she added with a wicked grin.

“Yes let’s talk about him shall we,” he said softly as he walked back towards her and accepted the wine and juice mixer she held out for him. His head nodded in the direction of the veranda.

“Can we wait for pizza first?” she asked with a little pout, “I’m starving and I don’t know about you but I don’t operate too well on an empty stomach.”

At that moment a small alarm sounded indicating that someone was within 500 metres of the house and a monitor on the wall lit up showing the brightly decorated hover of a local pizza palace arriving in the driveway downstairs. Thelma bounced down the stairs and shortly returned with a couple of hot pizzas that they both dug into immediately. Sydney hadn’t realised he was hungry until the smell of pepperoni and cheese hit his nostrils.

Replete and strangely feeling more relaxed Sydney lay on the lounger on the veranda as Thelma straddled his hips and handed him a fresh drink. “Cue Ball is you Sydney, that is true, but I gather that you don’t quite know how he suddenly appears or becomes you.” It was not a question, Thelma knew it for fact and the young man gazing up at her from his comfortable position knew it and offered no reply.

“Your mind, and I guess mine as well, has a unique capacity to see things and make things appear to be something different than what others perceive,” she continued, “I have some more abilities to pass onto you that were given to me by another entity, hence my gift that I hinted to you long ago. Before you ask it was not Jebidiah, there are other players in the gamble for this planet Enyalius, ones who are not prepared to reveal themselves even to you at this stage.”

“Very well,” he sighed, “I can think of at least three other members of the council that would have other mental powers that they might share, but for now I am happy to remain ignorant.”

“Good,” she smiled pressing her crotch a little firmer against his to emphasise her pleasure at his agreement not to press for the donor of the gift that he would need in the upcoming war. A war that would not only be fought against a common enemy but also within the group that he was beginning to gather around him even though he did not know that yet.

“So how do I control when Cue Ball appears, Thellesera? So far I have walked the realms and killed as him, I have seen a threat from suspected agents of Elam’s and I believe that my coming to Townsville at this time, a week earlier than I had planned, is not a coincidence.” Sydney’s eyes held Thelma’s as he waited for her reactions to his words.

“You operate as the warrior, Sydney, to stamp out evil, killing the husband, wife and the old man were not acts of Cue Ball, that was your true persona. Cue Ball is a leader, an organiser, his part of you is the logical, not the emotional. It is something you had best remember,” she replied coolly and her small grimace surprised him.

“What’s wrong T?” he asked as he watched her face.

The woman gave him a wide broad grin and her eyes twinkled as she looked back down on him, Sydney felt her hips shudder involuntarily and his nostrils filled with the scent of her arousal. For a moment he thought she was not going to speak then she rose from him and sat on another recliner a little distance from him. Suddenly he felt as if he had done or said something wrong, he sipped his drink staring up at the clear sky and waited.

“I am not Thellesera, Sydney. I have her memories and in some things we share the same needs within us, the same desire to teach you and help you become stronger, more capable to do what you have to do. But I am not her!” she jumped to her feet and left him lying there with a stunned expression on his face. He heard her smash her wine glass into the fireplace in the living room then the door to her bedroom slid open and closed. Sydney heard the lock chime.

“Well that went well,” said the sarcastic voice in his mind as an aqua glow coalesced beside him on the wide verandah. The gruesome entity of Esmeralda, her spider-like arrangement of eyes, though ten not eight, appraised him coldly. Sydney observed the rest of her body, wide muscled legs arranged in insect style, two strong sets holding her lower thorax and elongated stomach from the floor while her two forearms folded across her surprisingly human like chest that bent upwards from her lower chest area. A chest that contained four very full, firm breasts their tips adorned with soft dark-blue nipples.

He grinned at her and shrugged, “I do not know what her problem is Es,” he said to her cold look, “but no doubt she will tell me in her own way. As she always used to.” The last was said with a heavy sigh, his old teacher may have appeared fragile but she had fists of steel and he had been left with many a bruise as she sometimes used them to reinforce her lessons to him in his youth.

Esmeralda’s flailing scorpion like tail whipped over her shoulder and pressed against his chest, “No Enyalius, you do not understand,” her voice was cold, her anger was incomprehensible to him and he told her so. He had no desire to feel any of the poison that the alien being could inject with a simple press of her tail into his body, he had felt that particular kiss once in his million year existence and that was enough.

“Thelma is a woman, Sydney, a hot, sensual being. She loves you, not as Thellesera but as Thelma. Forget the bouncing in your bed from past lives, she is not that woman. Her pain, her struggle to find you made her hard and controlling. When you learn to understand and appreciate the woman she is now she will open to you and you will taste the sweetest nectar you have ever drunk. But you, your cock leading the way like your powerful sword, are too ignorant to understand that good looks and boyish charm are not what your teacher needs,” Esmeralda’s voice softened a little and her tail resumed its natural position tucked beneath her abdomen.

“Sydney, Thelma needs a team-mate, a lover, a friend. Be that for her,” the being lifted from the floor on her thoughts and disappeared, reappearing the other side of the screen mesh of the veranda as she unfurled her gigantic wings.

“I am going to bathe,” she sent to him as the powerful wings moved her over the ocean with little sound or disturbance to the trees as she swept over them. He nodded to her in his mind and again as she suggested he find his bed.

In her bed, Thelma cried softly, her mind was in turmoil, the man of her dreams was physically in the next room, alone with him at last. “The prick hasn’t even asked me one question about myself,” she sobbed into her pillow. A blue glow touched her hair and she slept without dreaming.

The glow sat at the side of the bed where is warrior creation slept, the small figure, barely discernible within it smiled at the man, his pride in the son of his best friend evident as he tentatively touched the muscular chest and without thought brushed the errant lock of hair from the man’s closed eyes. “Oh Enyalius, find your way with Thelma, she needs you,” he whispered as he faded back to his own bed in the realm of science and invention.

In his small quarters some 100 kilometres north of Thelma’s residence, Paul Keane sat talking to his mother and father via the vid phone, he smiled at the pair as he told them about his training. Paul was fitter and stronger than he had ever thought he would be and his confidence in himself had grown as his trainers pushed him and complimented him for his diligence and ability. Glancing away from them momentarily he thought he spied a glowing aqua light dipping into the ocean he could see from his upper story room in the civilian style township that was the head quarters of Oceania’s hover based army.

Finishing his call with his parents, Paul picked up the binoculars that he often used to spy on the skimpily clad female members of the army as they sunbaked and played on the white sandy beach and trained them onto the aqua glow that dipped and hovered over the waves. There was nothing that he could make out of the features of whatever it was so he simply watched it for a few more minutes then shook his head as it simply disappeared.

Something about the colour of the glow was familiar and as he racked his brain to remember, Es giggled to herself and sent the man an image of Sydney, naked and panting as he stroked his cock watching vid of Paul and Mary Humphries energetically fucking on the bed in the little dance teacher’s bedroom. Paul found himself becoming aroused at the sight of his friend whom he had finally admitted to himself was a playful diversion from his normal fantasies of Bonnie, Wendy and Jo. The images staying in his mind helped him as he lay on his bed and carried out the same activity as his friend was doing.

In Melbourne shortly after Es’ visit to Paul’s mind the same aqua glow hovered over Lockyer Strand as Wendy sat sipping her wine on the veranda watching the waves roll into the beach. The water was dark but the glow from the stars and a few streetlights along the path running the length of the foreshore showed her the breakers as they rolled onto the sand. Her thoughts were miles away but returned to her current location as she watched the aqua glow appear to dip into the water then rise only to dip back in again.

A sense of longing came to her mind, not to join the creature she was observing but to see a tall blonde haired, blue eyed man that had swept her off her feet in a hospital ward and danced her across the floor as a small dark haired boy watched them. “Paulie,” she murmured as she felt her sex moisten once again at the warmth she felt in his arms.

Sydney grinned as he read the efforts his little resident alien had gone to to begin the process of getting his two old companions back together again and wondered when he could find the time to see his old school friend. “Soon Himerus, Rangda,” he whispered to himself as he resumed his sleep in the early hours of the morning.

Thelma found him pacing in front of the monitors just after daylight, he looked surprisingly fresh and alert as he sipped a cup of tea. Examining the scenes he was displaying on the screens she noted that he had several showing interrogations of the terrorists in various locations in the army HQ north of the city. He was muttering to himself as he paced and only stopped when he sensed the green eyed blonde watching him. “Good morning T,” he greeted her cheerily and again he was struck by how beautiful she looked with her broad grin and slightly flushed face. It did not hurt her looks either to see her tousled blonde locks, slightly puffy eyes, still waking up, or the nightgown that did little to hide her large breasts and slim figure.

Stepping close to her he bent and kissed her softly, “You look gorgeous, I have made hot coffee as well if you want some,” he nodded to the pot in the small kitchenette beside the bar.

She turned automatically to the pot and poured herself a cup as he resumed his pacing in front of the screens. “What are you looking for Sydney?” she asked sitting on the chair that was beside the console that controlled the screens. A quick glance at the unit showed her that Sydney had not only worked out the combinations of controls but was also recording some events for further review.

“Something about these terrorists is wrong,” he muttered and he paused in front of a screen showing one of the men that they had captured sitting chained to a steel desk as two military officers continually asked for his name and place of origin. The man just sneered at them and said nothing.

“They began questioning him about half an hour ago and he hasn’t said a word!” exclaimed Sydney as he reached out to touch a control on the screen that zoomed in closer on the subject of the interrogation. Sydney paused the image and with a touch of his hand sent it to a nearby screen before allowing the original display to continue. He muted the sound and studied the captured still shot closely.

Suddenly his voice exploded in a cacophony of swear words and he pressed the transmit button on the interview scene. “Captain, this is Cue Ball,” he spoke calmly, his voice carrying the tones of command that stiffened the backs of both women as they heard his voice over the speakers.

“Yes Sir!” came the response.

“Take blood samples from all of the prisoners and send them to Dr Patrick Evans in Brisbane. If any of them give you trouble castrate the bastards, pricks like them don’t deserve to breed!” Sydney’s voice was cold and harsh. He watched as the man in the chair began to scream for a lawyer telling the women around him that he had rights.

Sydney grinned as he muted the sound and turned back to the woman watching him in amazement. “How did you know that they were home grown?” she asked, her voice slightly awed.

“I did a bit of research in your archives, T,” he answered, again he was confused by the grin and sultry look. Ignoring it for the moment he continued, “Latest military intelligence says that the last few lots of captured terrorists no longer wear the triangle as a tattoo on their faces, it now sits on their chests above their heart. Also,” he held up a hand to forestall her questions, “none of the terrorists captured lasted till they were transported back for questioning. All of them managed to kill themselves with either the old fashioned poison in the tooth method, or activated some device in their bodies that shut down their heart.”

“But we have ways to neutralise that now,” the woman told him.

“Exactly and none of these clowns,” he pointed to the screen showing a medic extracting a vial of blood from the struggling man, “had either of them or anything else that could cause their own deaths.

“I also discovered that they had a high speed submarine waiting for them off the coast of Yeppoon that would have got them a fair way off the coast and into deeper water before the bombs exploded, these men had no intention of dying.”

He crossed back to the monitors and watched as the man chained to his seat began to babble, he unmuted the screen. “We wanted to make the Messiah notice us! Wanted him to see that not all of us believe that this society is the great hope that you all make it out to be!”

“What did you think the Messiah,” the captain could not hold back her disgust at saying the title in her voice, “was going to do?” she asked, her voice dripped with disdain for the very idea of the repugnant religious fanatics coming into her country.

“For a start he would get rid of sluts like you from being in charge!” the man screamed at her trying to lunge at her with his head. She slammed the edge of her hand down hard on the man’s neck causing him to scream in pain before she backhanded him several times.

“This slut could have your balls taken off in a second,” she said to him in a deadly whisper as she showed him a sharp lethal looking knife that she had drawn from her belt. Idly she began cleaning her nails with its point before asking him how he was going to let the Messiah know of his heroic deeds.

The man glared at her and before he had registered his mistake he blurted out that there were hundreds like him throughout Oceania who were ready to take up the cause whenever General Molby gave the order.

The two captains froze, turning her eyes upwards to the ceiling, the one with the knife in her hands said, “I fucking knew that slime was up to no good, orders Sir?”

“For the moment Captain Lucas, Captain Roberts this is to remain our secret. Lock him up in a secured building away from the rest of them and post a trusted crew as guards. Actually separate all of them and let no-one except Lieutenant Colonel James Lachlan know, tell him I will brief him this morning.”

“It is time we went and saw our illustrious military leader anyway,” commented Thelma as she placed her empty cup on the bar top and went to get changed.

“No need T,” he said to her back and saw her stop and a little shiver move her delectable bottom under her nightgown. She turned to him just removing the grin she wore as she faced him with a querying expression. “He and Hawkings are looking for me and are on their way here with a troop to arrest me under the old mutation laws as an undesirable and dangerous being.”

She ran for her bedroom as the alarms sounded from the monitors on the walls showing two military vehicles approaching the property.

“After this mess is finished you are going to tell me why you react like that when I call you T,” he muttered to himself as he prepared to make his moves to start a revolution that would send the world into either an abyss or raise it to a glorious Eden as the little red curly haired girl lying in her bed in Brisbane wanted.

Greg Collins and Patrick Evans received calls from the man they had met in the bar months before, the message to both was simple, “He is making his move now, be prepared!”

An aqua glow filled the room where Sydney’s warrior form stood, the silver boots, wrist guards and head band gleamed as he contemplated the figures deploying around the property, “No Esmeralda, you guard Thellesera, do not show yourself to these men. Only Hawkings and Molby are to die here, the rest I will decide afterwards, do you understand?”

“Yes my lord,” the voice was not exactly compliant but he recognised that she would obey his command even though she hungered to be beside him.

“And shield this house from Elam,” he added as he walked down the stairs ignoring the knocking on Thelma’s bedroom door and pleas to be let out to help.

“Already done, my lord, and an area ten kilometres around.”

He was impressed with her forethought and smiled at the gruesome visage at the top of the stairs, “Well done Es,” he said softly as he adjusted his shield slightly before walking through the closed door.

His first thoughts when he reappeared outside the house was to determine where his enemy was and was not surprised to see the men still waiting in the armoured military hover that had stopped a short distance back from the troop carrier. The shield arm automatically lifted to deflect the shot fired at him from a nervous private that had disobeyed his sergeant’s orders to hold fire until he commanded.

“Not good control of your men, Keith,” he snarled to the air in a booming voice. “Call them off and none of them will get hurt. I only want the traitors sitting in that vehicle.” His sword glowed as he pointed it towards the military man and the dapperly dressed professor still sitting, smiling as they spoke, ignorant of the events taking place outside.

“I can’t let you do that, certainly without proof that they are traitors,” came the voice of Sergeant Richardson as he wondered how the hell the man, if you could call the warrior that his eyes were telling him he saw was a man, knew his name.

“Then come upstairs and I will give you your proof, Keith,” the warrior called back. He reversed his sword and pointed it to the ground to show that he would not attack his enemy until he was given cause.

Keith Richardson stared hard at the fierce visage that watched him coolly as he stood in front of him, “Sydney?” he asked.

“Yes Keith,” the being answered and Keith shook his head as the voice and the face looked almost familiar.

“I have been ordered to arrest you as a dangerous and uncontrollable mutant. I have no other choice,” the man was desperate. He couldn’t see anyway out of this except to kill the man before him that he remembered as a frightened child lying in a hospital bed.

“What happened Syd, why do they want you so badly?”

“Hawkings wants to experiment on me, dead or alive, though he would prefer me alive. Molby wants me dead so that I do not reveal his association with the Messiah.”

Keith Richardson backed away shaking his head, conscious of the rest of his team standing in their covering positions behind and flanking him. He did not know that none of them could support him should Sydney choose to strike him down as Es held their minds in thrall as she overlooked the entire combat zone.

“Keith I will wait for you upstairs with the Chancellor of the university, I believe she is a woman you know well. You also know her to be tough and as straight as an arrow, would you believe what she tells you?” Sydney asked as he watched the man warring within himself about what he should do.

Sergeant Richardson nodded then turned sharply as another hover landed beside the military troop carrier. He signalled his team to cover the new arrival but waved them down as Dr Patrick Evans and Professor Greg Collins emerged and ran over to the warrior confronted by the military man. Keith Richardson did not notice that none of his troops had moved.

“Are you Ok Sydney?” asked Greg, carefully watching the military man who stood covering them with his automatic rifle.

“Yes Greg,” was the unconcerned reply, “but what are you two doing here?”

“A friend of yours, told us to be ready and here we are,” grinned Patrick, he turned to the sergeant adding, “He is also a friend of yours too Keith. Goes by the name of Cue Ball.”

Keith Richardson dropped his weapon down and looking back at the armoured hover saw that the two men within it continued to talk as if nothing untoward was happening right in front of their faces. Noting his look Sydney smiled, “There are other forces in play here Keith, they are controlling what those two are seeing. Shall we go upstairs now?”

The sergeant gestured at his weapon, “Shall I leave it here or can I bring it with me?”

Sydney allowed the warrior to disappear, standing as himself before the man, unarmed, non-threatening. Keith Richardson propped his weapon against the wall and placed his handgun beside it as the door opened and the four men walked inside. Glancing upwards Sydney was pleased to not see the terrifying Esmeralda standing at the top of the stairs but rather the very attractive Thelma Daintree as she stood with hands on hips and regarded the visitors to her home. “Come in gentlemen I believe a drink may be in order despite the early hour.”

Chapter 5 – Traitors die

Thelma had finally been released from her room by Esmeralda as the creature saw where Sydney was heading in his negotiations with the military man. She watched the dainty woman run towards the stairs to go down to help her pupil but stopped her at the top of the stairs with a flick of her long tail to block any further progress. “Es I have to go to him, they have guns out there he only has his shield and his sword!”

“No little one,” she crooned, “he has learned some diplomacy from you, listen.”

Thelma stopped and listened to the minds of the men and women around her home, she ignored the other members of the arresting team as she saw that they stood frozen their minds showing them nothing but their commander standing waiting for the man they had come to arrest. Richardson was in turmoil as he regarded the warrior in front of him and wondered how it knew his name. “Think Keith,” she begged him, “who is the man they told you to come and kill!”

“It will do you no good Thelma, I have blocked all avenues of interference to be only on a vocal level, he must prove that he is as good with his words as he is with his weapon.”

Thelma regarded the yellow glowing eyes that watched her, “Sometimes Es you are an interfering bitch!”

Es regarded the woman kindly, or in her mind it was kindly, to Thelma she could only guess at the alien’s expression. “And you little one are sometimes so stupid that I could smack your bare bottom until you get it through your tiny skull that you are his teacher and bedmate, not his fucking sword arm! Mollenny, Serenity are his warrior guards not you and they are not here. Just listen,” the voice was soft, the tone a little amused until she pointed out the lack of her warrior’s twin tigresses.

Thelma hung her head and resumed her listening until she realised that Cue Ball had already prepared for this move as the two doctors appeared on the scene. She felt Esmeralda disappear and briefly wondered where the Zygotian had gone, “Not far little one,” came a mental message.

Quickly Thelma raced back to her bedroom and threw off her combat fatigues, leaving her weapons on the bed as she quickly donned a soft blue dress that clung to her body. She was almost ready to return when she realised that her heavy boots still adorned her feet, hearing the door open she gave up any thought of them being quickly replaced and ran back to wait at the top of the stairs. A little laugh in her mind gave her a smile and as she looked down to the four male faces looking back up to her she glimpsed her feet covered in soft blue pumps.

The men began to walk up the stairs as Thelma disappeared to the bar and began mixing drinks, wine and juice for Sydney, Rum and coke for Keith, two beers for the doctors. She added a healthy splash of scotch to her own glass before giving the last few centimetres over to coke as well. Smiling she passed them each their preferred poison and Keith Richardson eyed her speculatively as she held his eyes with her blazing green ones. “It’s not my fault Thelma, I am under orders,” he protested softly as he sipped his drink then placed it back on the bar.

“You could have confirmed with James or me first,” she snapped back. “For goodness sakes Keith I told you that Sydney had already had several clashes with the dickhead out there and as for Molby if you don’t know how much he hates me by now you will never know. Let me guess, any resistance by anyone with the mutant was to be shot as well!” Her eyes challenged him to defy her words.

Richardson hung his head, “I was actually told by the general that I was to place explosives around the building and destroy it, regardless of whether the objective came peacefully or not.”

“Did you know that you were coming to my house!” she spat at him.

“Not until I received the destination code off the coast a few minutes before we landed,” he told her.

“Thelma is there something about this house you haven’t told me?” asked Sydney sipping his drink and watching the exchange between the fired up woman and the shamefaced Sergeant.

“No,” she replied.

“Yes,” said Keith Richardson at the same time.

“Well which is it?” asked Patrick Evans, his confusion over the relationship between the people in front of him was evident on his face.

“This house is a network house,” said Thelma quietly, “it is a place where special operations members caught out in the cold can come to if they make it back from covert operations that go badly.” Her voice was soft as she turned back to the bar and refilled her drink.

“In other words, special operations that you still authorise Captain Daintree,” said Sydney fully appreciating the depth in which the blonde was involved in still keeping control over certain aspects of military operations. “That’s the true reason for the monitors, the huge archive database you have running on the servers beneath this building, the access tunnels that riddle this section of coastline. My goodness Thelma how long did it take you to set this up?” He was amazed at the complexity of the plans of the building that Sydney had brought up on the monitors opposite them.

“It’s not Captain, Sydney, it is Commander,” said Greg Collins. He pointed to the man standing at the bar in battle fatigues, “He is a Captain.”

Sydney began to laugh, his eyes twinkled as he surveyed the now blushing woman standing beside her captain, “No wonder you say that you are no longer Thellesera, Thelma, you have begun to put your teaching into practice. Did you start before or after Jebidiah gave you the mission to find me?”

“Long after Sydney, when I realised who I was looking for, Jebidiah does not tell the whole truth when he does not want to, I began to prepare the way. I am not the only one either, we have a whole network of people who are waiting for you to come back Enyalius,” she was pleased to see that he looked at her with some pride and she felt herself stand a little straighter as his dazzling dark-blue eyes stared at her.

“Now we start Thelma, now we start,” was his reply as he walked over to the monitor control and brought up the interview with the false triangle.

“That isn’t enough to kill the man for Sydney,” said Richardson after he had seen the footage. “We need solid proof!”

The screens on the wall flickered and files began to display, graphics, notes, meeting minutes and scanned documents. The men around the room and Thelma began to read them off, “Where is all this coming from?” Greg Collins asked amazed.

A cheery green faced man appeared on the top left screen and as one the group called, “Alfred!”

“All I needed was permissions and pointing in the right direction and Es supplied me that an hour of so ago,” the computer doctor commented. “I have several copies of it all over the place, one of them is opening on the President’s screens as we speak.”

Thelma cleared a screen and the President’s face appeared, his incredulous face told them that he was reading the same as they were. “Half a million people!” he shrieked.

“Well fortunately I have most of them,” an unknown voice spoke over the speakers, it was heard by both the people in the room and the President.

“Who is this?” snapped the President.

“Let’s just say a friend,” the voice continued. “Well to most people, not to you President Weir. You see I know that government after government has supported the removal of these people, either for weapons or to get them out of the way of people like Hawkings and Molby, it has been done under the full support of the President’s office for almost 500 years!” The male voice was cold, flat, almost emotionless but Sydney could tell that a certain amount of anger was being contained within it.

“Es,” he cast his thoughts out.

“No my lord I cannot tell you who the man is,” she replied to his call.

“Cannot or will not?”

“Both, now concentrate on what you are seeing!” For the first time since he had known her Sydney felt an emotion akin to sorrow in the alien’s voice.

“Very well, Es,” he sent to her softly, he hoped his thoughts told her that he was concerned for her friend. He turned his attention back to the voice and its explanations.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Sir,” said Weir, “the President’s office has nothing to do with the expulsion of anyone, certainly not in my time!”

Several documents appeared on the screen, most of them were direct orders to kill or remove various people, all contained the stamp of authorisation of the office of the President. Weir looked at the documents closely as inexplicably Greg Collins began to weep. Thelma cradled him to her breast as she pointed out to Sydney a document containing orders to remove a Rodney and Adele Branson. “They were Greg’s best friends,” she said quietly as she patted the man’s shoulders.

“Look at who the request was made by!” the man said straightening and tapping on the monitor. “Professor Trevor fucking Hawkings! Rod and Adele were engineers then one night they disappeared without warning, no-one knew where they went, suddenly a new engineering head of department was appointed on the recommendation of Hawkings!” He suddenly ran for the stairs and Sydney and Keith knew exactly where he was headed.

“Weir you better have a damned good explanation for this because in about 30 seconds there are going to be two dead bodies turning up in government house!” Sydney barked at the startled man and ran after Collins.

Keith Richardson was right behind him as Greg dashed through the door snatched up Keith’s sidearm and ran to the armoured vehicle that contained Hawkings and Molby. The warrior stood before him and the men he wanted to kill, Rodney and Adele had been more than just friends they had been lovers, his wife Jill had never been the same since they had gone without warning, the friendship she had with Adele had been something that she needed. “Get out of my way Sydney!” he screamed at the warrior the gun raised in his trembling hands.

“No Greg I cannot let you do this, you are not a cold blooded killer, but I am!” the warrior replied and turned his back on the man he knew would not fire upon him and reaching out wrenched the door of the vehicle open. The two men inside cowered as suddenly Es let their eyes see what was truly happening. Molby reached for his weapon but a single shot rang out and a bullet hole appeared in the middle of his head. Sydney looked back at Keith Richardson as he kept his rifle trained on the whimpering, cowardly crying Hawkings.

Reaching across the dead body Sydney grasped the Professor by his shirt front and dragged him kicking and screaming out onto the ground beside the vehicle. “It was him! It was him! I had nothing to do with this!” the man screamed pointing at the dead man now slumped on the seat.

Greg Collins’ finger tightened on the trigger of the blocky sidearm that he had taken and the projectile slammed into the chest of the man on the ground, a second then a third hit the man who had already died from the first bullet penetrating his heart. Sydney spun to the man and watched as he dropped the weapon and turned back to the house.

“Fuck it Thelma you’ve created a killer out of an innocent,” he thought to himself bitterly as the woman in question gathered her colleague into her arms and took him into the house.

“No Sydney it was not Thelma that created this situation, that honour belongs to the dead men before you,” came Es’ thoughts. The two bodies disappeared and he heard Keith Richardson give a startled yelp.

“Come with me Keith,” Sydney said wearily and transforming walked back to the house picking up Richardson’s pistol and passed it back to him as he walked by him. “I will show you where they are.”

On the monitors a crazy scene of police, security and military, chaotically screaming for medics, ambulances and for people to stand back, as the bodies of General Roderick Molby and Professor Trevor Hawkings suddenly appeared in the public gallery of parliament house in Brisbane.

Weir had seen and had reports given to him of the bodies and he glared at the group in front of him on the screen of his computer. “You have started a fucking big mess now!” he growled.

“One I expect you to clean up Weir! Starting with the rescinding of the Mutant and Alien removal laws and I want it started today. Otherwise Mr President your body will be the next one found in Parliament house. Cue Ball out!” The screens went blank as Sydney finished speaking.

“That was a very powerful threat young man,” Patrick Evans said from his seat at the bar. He had observed everything that had occurred, including the death of the man by his fellow doctor who now sat beside him with a drink in his hand.

“One that I have every intention of carrying out if I do not see those laws rescinded tonight,” Sydney told him and before the group’s startled eyes he disappeared.

A single monitor lit up on the wall and Sydney Douglas appeared on it standing before the desk of the most powerful figure in the nation. “President Weir have you made arrangements for the rescinding of the laws?”

“Yes, Cue Ball I have made arrangements for the recall of all of parliament, very shortly I expect to meet with the heads of the parties, my own department chiefs and the military. I will tell you again that I had no idea about what was happening. I have never been privy to these removals and killings!” The President was badly shaken, the appearance of the two bodies, as promised by the muscular man in front of him, had scared him almost witless.

An aqua glow filled the screen and a terrifying monster appeared in the office of the President a scorpion like tail descended and struck the president between the eyes as a firm hand held the back of his head.

“No Es!” screamed Thelma at the monitor but her mouth closed before she could scream anything further as Sydney’s fiery visage turned towards the camera, his look caused them all to be silent.

“If he is lying Es will kill him, otherwise she will ensure that she knows where his loyalties lie, we cannot afford to have this man against us, Thelma!” his face was a mask of anger and he turned back to the creature holding the now blankly staring President.

“Well Es?” they heard him ask.

A series of clicks and squeaks came from the creature’s tail as it glowed brighter then the light faded. “He tells the truth, as far as a politician can, but basically he knows nothing about the mutants, but he does have suspicions about who does and they are on their way to see him.

“Go, I will watch and take action if necessary, you must not be seen here. Already you have acted too much, you are supposed to be hidden until you have learnt.

“Do not argue with me warrior, I know what needs to be done, you do not have any part of this! Our friend has cleaned up most of their dirty deeds anyway, there are other things for you to learn there!”

A wave of her hands sent Sydney back to the house where Thelma, Greg, Patrick and Keith looked at him in stunned silence. “You obviously know Esmeralda better than I Sydney, the only time I have seen her tail in use was to kill, except for a rather clumsy attempt by a certain ambitious young warrior to mate with her!” the woman’s eyes glinted in amusement as Sydney turned bright red in front of them.

With a rueful grin he shrugged, “I was drunk, and she,” he pointed to the screen where the President was greeting several suited men and women, “wasn’t much better!

“But yes Thelma, Es has other powers that she brings to bear with her flexible equipment, truth seeking is something I have seen her use before. It can have deadly consequences if her subject is lying.” He left it to the imagination of the rest to wonder about those consequences.

“Keith I suggest you get your team and get out of here. Can you trust them?” he asked turning to the still stunned Sergeant.

“What, oh yes, I hand picked them myself, I trusted Hawkings and Molby about as far as I could throw them. But what do I tell them, they’ve been standing around out there for hours?” the man was gathering his wits and ready to start covering up the group’s involvement in the deaths.

“They will not realise that hours have gone by Keith,” said Thelma slowly, “they think that they have only just arrived and been deployed to cover the house. We will get rid of the vehicles and you can tell them that Molby and Hawkings never showed and you have been ordered back to base.”

He nodded as the group moved to make arrangements, “Greg and Patrick go home for now, our friend will contact you if anything further is to be done,” said Sydney addressing the two doctors. He solemnly shook their hands and with a little raise of his eyebrows indicated to Patrick to look after the still quiet Collins. Patrick nodded as cheerfully he placed an arm around his friend suggesting some time with Jill and Jane might be in order.

Thelma hid the armoured vehicle in one of the access tunnels beneath her house telling Sydney that one of the group would pick it up and cannibalise it later. “Waste not want not, though I supply these things to the military so we have plenty.”

Thelma and Sydney watched Keith round up his team and direct them back to the troop carrier over the vids watching Thelma’s home and surrounds. “Bastards didn’t show and there is no-one here anyway,” barked Richardson as his team climbed into the troop carrier complaining about incompetent generals.

Chapter 6 – Warriors are rewarded

Thelma Daintree regarded the man lounging on her veranda in a pair of shorts, his chest and shoulders bare as he lay back on a recliner and sipped a cup of tea after he had helped her prepare and eat a hearty breakfast after the excitement for the morning was over with the leaving of Richardson’s team.

They had spent a great deal of time discussing her underground network and Thelma found herself pleased that he praised her work rather than criticised it nor did it seem he was angry at her for taking on a more combative role than she ever remembered. “Finding trouble always seemed to be one thing you were always good at T,” he had told her as she proudly showed him the work that they had been carrying out.

By the time they had finished breakfast and lounged comfortable on the veranda his solemness and adrenalin rushed morning seemed to have made him more receptive to her. Finally he started a conversation with her that surprised her and brought home, hard, why she had never given up on finding him and why she loved him so much.

“Thelma why does your body go into almost orgasmic tremors when I call you T?” he asked with a smile and Thelma’s heart thumped, her legs quivered and she knew that her silly grin was plastered across her face.

“Let me tell you a little story,” she started when her body settled down again.

She began by describing a powerful family that didn’t get on; the father was too busy making money and the mother too busy spending it to spend time with a girl that needed someone’s attention. So the little girl began to focus inwards becoming a recluse and spent all of her time learning and becoming a brilliant student graduating to university at the age of 15.

Her life at university was spent researching, studying and learning; there was no time for anyone else, no time for parties and getaways with other students. After six years she graduated from university with two masters’ degrees, one in political strategy and the other in economic management. These areas of expertise attracted the attention of a group of highly placed individuals who approached her to work for them.

Taking up the opportunity to travel and to learn more she spent the next four years travelling the world in some of the most dangerous and forbidding places known. As part of a military unit her job was to analyse government economies and politics, along the way came the knowledge on how to fire weapons, disable bombs, field dress wounds and fly a variety of vehicles including armoured tanks and high-speed copters.

Sydney realised that she was talking about herself and said, “You did all that!”

She nodded and continued with her story.

“I was made a Captain in the field after 30 months and was shot four times, obviously managed to survive, but I do have some nice scars!” she laughed.

“When I was reassigned home after 4 years I found that both my parents were dead, killed by a hoister.”

Sydney raised his eyebrows in query at the unfamiliar term, she explained that it was someone that illegally tampered with the steering and navigation controls of a hover to make it able to be driven manually. “It was fairly prevalent years ago but new technology has seen a big clamp down on it.

“Anyway they were dead because some kid decided that he could handle his hover at 350 kilometres an hour better than the computer systems could! He took out my parents and several other people on a run back from Lake Burley-Griffin.”

She shrugged and Sydney felt that she had gone past any need of further sympathy from him so he waited and said nothing. “By the time I had gone through all of the estate stuff with the lawyers and settled up the outstanding bills I was left with an inheritance of several houses, two corporations and around 200 million dollars.”

Sydney whistled and she smiled, “Pays to have a degree in economics because I am worth a hell of a lot more than that now!”

“Perhaps you could give me some advice on what to do with my millions?”

“I already have set you up the best return investment you can get, and with the money from your invention you will make even more, so don’t worry about it for now.”

He thanked her, “But what makes you grin like that, T?”

She flashed it again and he threatened to choke her.

“Patience little one,” she admonished.

“Being an addicted academic, then a military leader and now a corporate warlord made most people back away from me and I never thought I had much time for relationships anyway. Oh I had experimented, I let some undernourished boy from the campus take my virginity when I was 20 and I had some brief encounters in the dark with some of the other field staff, but never with the men or women under my command, but I guess I got a reputation of being untouchable and a ball breaking bitch!”

She paused to make another drink and Sydney poured himself another tea before she continued. “Being busy running corporations and traipsing around here and there and being the boss also isolated me from a lot of people until I realised that I was living for work and I was going to end up being just like my father.

“Making that shocking discovery one morning as I awoke in my bed alone, again, made me decide that I needed to do something different and I set about trying to change my life. I employed two CEO’s and handed managerial control of the corporations to them, tied up the assets in so much legalise that not even the President could take them over and created some teams of staff to take over my travel responsibilities.

“At last for the first time in my life I thought about what sort of job I wanted to do. It had to be in charge, of course,” she laughed at his vigorous nod of agreement at that, “but it also had to be where I could use and pass on the knowledge I had gained about the outside world, the corporate world and myself to others. That was when I approached the university and asked whether I could take up a position on their teaching roster and more importantly whether I could take on a role on the Board.

“At first the university thought I was mad, why would I, one of the richest women around, with my opportunities and resources want to teach and manage a university. I met with the Board of the time, which is almost the same as it is now except Greg; he replaced Professor Stewart when he passed away about three years ago.”

Sydney interrupted, “I would have thought Hawkings would have been a better replacement,” and ducked as she threatened to clip him over the ears.

“I will tell you more about Hawkings later, now where was I? Oh yes the Board welcomed me with open arms and Martha Ranatui, whom you will meet on Monday, stepped aside as Chancellor and they appointed me to the role. A lot of the duties she still does but I act as the head when needed and of course there are others things that you will find out Monday about the Board that makes me an ideal leader of it.”

Sydney nodded impressed so far but unable to see what this had to do with her grinning.

“So as you could surmise people don’t tend to get very close to me, I am a powerful woman, rich, attractive.”

The man beside her breathed, “Very!” She flushed at his compliment and walked over to him and sat astride his hips, her silly grin was plastered across her face, her excitement that he was listening to her story and was genuinely interested was bringing feelings to her that she had thought to suppress last night.

“And a soldier as well!” she continued, “I choose my companions and most of them know their place and role in what they know will be a temporary liaison. Even Dave knew his place and as much as he thinks he controlled everything he soon knew that it is over, despite my being in his home. I was more there for Kelsey than him by then.”

Sydney looked at her and said softly, “You are very lonely aren’t you?”

She held her head up proudly, “I have always been, but I survive.

“Then I started to be plagued by dreams about Sydney Winston Douglas.”

Sydney hissed sharply at the use of his middle name, but Thelma only grinned as his fingers gripped high on her thigh.

She went on after covering his hand with her own, “Some brat child that I hadn’t even met and in my dreams I was shown many, many things, I won’t tell you about them yet. Nevertheless I was given an insight into what he would become and how I could help, that’s when I was taught how to dream cast!”

The small aqua snake that was sinuously twirling itself around Thelma’s neck and over her ears, finally teasing her hair stopped its movement and Thelma closed her eyes momentarily as Sydney waited for her to continue.

“Tell him Thelma,” whispered Es in her mind, “tell him how you have been masturbating yourself silly over his antics with the other women, watching his powers grow. Tell him how every time he sat at your feet and listened to you telling him about war, tactics, logistics and everything else he needs to know that you wanted to hold him and make him understand that you need him as a team mate.

“I am sorry that I said you were not his sword arm, but you are too important for him to lose and he knows that, but you will never gain more in all your times with him if you hold back now!”

The blonde spoke without opening her eyes, for what she wanted to tell him now she could not look at his eyes and stand to see any rejection or pity from him, it would crush her. “I love you Sydney, as I searched and finally found you I could see your struggles, your pain but I couldn’t get a fix on you. All I could do was try to find others around you and try to get them to take you away from the horrors that sent me to bed screaming in my nightmares. It got so bad that I wasn’t game to go to sleep!

“Then about eight years ago I found David. That was a strange meeting, a bedraggled suited man who was caught in a storm up here as he did some shopping. He squeezed in beside me as I sheltered in a little cafe and asked if he could share my table. I guess I was just lonely, maybe there was something about him that I think I needed, I don’t know but when the rain stopped I found I was telling him my life story. Later we came here and made love. He was the first man I had allowed to be in my bed for almost five years.”

Her eyes opened and the dark-blue gaze back at her was soft and understanding. “Then you found out exactly where I was didn’t you? Something about David was different around then, he wasn’t David and he was, I don’t know exactly how but it was like he was more caring, softer. I remember Kelsey was very happy then and not long after they told me that she was pregnant.”

The blonde head above him nodded, “Where the realms are concerned Sydney I don’t believe in coincidences, David came to me when I needed help, with my dream casting I could overlook peoples dreams as they slept and out of habit I watched his while he slept afterwards and there was the skinny little man I had been looking for!” Her head came down to his chest and she lay there for a moment as he held her tenderly his hands softly stroking her hair.

The little aqua snake wriggled its way to the top of Thelma’s hair and looked up at the man holding her, she twined herself around his fingers as he stroked and she purred in his mind as he touched her gently with his little finger. The woman in his arms fell asleep and Sydney lay with her nestled against him and reflected upon what she had told him.

“It’s because I love her without caring about who or what she has become. I don’t need to bow down to her as some subordinate would in her corporate and military worlds do. We have no need to argue except as teacher and pupil, but as people we have the same goals, the same beliefs, the same needs. Es, we were never a team before, not properly, she was always the teacher, I, the warrior and student. Now we are both,” he said to the glow in his mind. A glow that intensified and purred in pleasure at his words.

The green eyes opened and Thelma lifted her head to appraise him, “Yes Sydney that is why calling me T makes me all gooey, it is the first time that anyone simply referred to me without formality, without the Commander or Madame Chancellor title first. You don’t care about things like that, you just care about me.” Inexplicably tears rolled down her face and landed on his chest.

He sat up moving her gently backwards placing his hands under her bottom and bracing his feet on the floor outside the recliner he stood lifting her with him. She wrapped her legs around him tightly as he walked back inside and down the little hallway to his bedroom. “Not yet warrior,” she murmured into his chest, “hold me for a little while then I want to take you somewhere to show you the rest of my dreams and what I hope we as a team can bring to life.”

He nodded as he lay her on the bed in his shorts as she stripped her dress over her head remaining only in her underwear of soft lacy bra and a matching silky G-string. He grinned, “Not exactly combat issue T,” he said and his grin almost split his face as her silky panties got a little wetter and her smell of arousal assailed his nostrils.

She jumped up quickly, “No! This is not going to work I am going to end up fucking you for the rest of the day and what I want to show you is important!

“Get dressed into something you can go exploring in and something warm, I will meet you downstairs.”

Sydney gave her bottom a quick touch as she scurried past him holding her dress protectively in front of herself to prevent him seeing her sharply pointed nipples that one touch of would have had her doing exactly what she said she couldn’t do just now.

Sydney waited for her in the kitchen downstairs, eating an apple as he wondered where she wanted to go that was so important that she would deny her body the pleasure she wanted so badly and that he was more than willing to give her. Casual pants, shirt and a rainproof jacket along with rugged hiking boots made up his exploring attire and he hoped that it was appropriate. When she gave a little cough to attract his attention he bit down into the apple hard to cover his oh of lust at the gorgeously tight jeans she wore that moulded to her sex. Her soft jacket did nothing to hide her firm breasts and Sydney noted that her nipples still protruded prominently against the T-shirt she wore beneath it that he could see through the partially unzipped opening. Her feet were encased in similar fashion to his with her hair held back by a band of light green.

“Come on baby, you can see if you can get into them later, let’s go,” she grinned holding out her hand and leading him to the garage. She knew that he watched her arse as she led him and wiggled it a little as she flirted outrageously. I will be lucky if I can keep them on until we get home she thought to herself and hoped the small G-String she chose to keep on under them could keep at least a little of her moisture from seeping out and making her arousal more obvious.

Shortly they were standing at the top of a monolithic rock that they had wound up the western side of and parked at the lookout about 50 metres from the summit. They walked hand in hand up the little path that had been created, defined with a sturdy wire fence along its length that then continued around the small area at the top. The noise of the waves crashing into the bottom of the rock was quite loud and she had to shout to make herself heard, “Castle Rock! It is better in high summer when the sea is a bit calmer!”

Sydney looked out at the ocean and the cool stiff breeze made him pleased he had worn his jacket. He saw Thelma shivering slightly and pulled her into his embrace shouting, “I think we should come back then and get out of this before you catch you death.” She nodded and they hurried back down the path and into the warmth of the hover.

She took him for a tour of the township itself pointing out various buildings of interest and Sydney was amused at her knowledge and enthusiasm for the place as she rattled off trivial information about a lot of the places they passed. Eventually she arrived at the university and headed to the lowest levels where there were a surprising amount of vehicles despite the numerous spots that Sydney saw on the levels above this one.

Her access to the level did not stop their downward trip as she slid her hover into what looked like an empty garage marked Chancellor Only that she used a key card to swipe on the reader outside to open the door. Once they entered she pressed a button on her hover’s console and the door behind them closed, the floor underneath the hover dropped downwards taking the hover with it. The vehicle came to a stop and another door then another opened in front of the little vehicle’s headlights.

To Sydney’s amazed eyes they entered a city, totally under the ground! “What the hell is this place Thelma?” he asked in an awed voice.

“This is a disused facility that the Americans created over a thousand years ago to rush the President and selected people from all over the world into in the event of a nuclear war. They never got to use it,” she replied as she navigated the little red sports hover to a large building several kilometres from the entrance they had come through.

Stopping outside the building Sydney alighted and was surprised to see several people exit the dark doorway and come down to meet them. “Sydney Douglas meet my command team,” said the grinning blonde beside him and soon he was introduced to Martha Ranatui, Peter Davidson and surprise, surprise Keith Richardson.

“Is this all of you?” asked the big man as he shook hands with the little Tongan who had introduced herself as Martha then Peter Davidson.

“No,” answered Martha, “but you have met another member, Greg Collins.”

Sydney nodded his head and was just about to say he was sorry that Greg had had to be involved in the business of the morning when Es popped into his mind with an urgent message, “My lord do not mention Greg’s killing of Hawkings! I have changed certain events regarding that!” She filled his mind with an image of himself wrestling the gun off Greg and firing at the late professor who had dragged Molby’s weapon from its holster and was beginning to bring it up to shoot at him. The gun he took off Greg fired three times dropping the professor to the ground.

“Greg could not handle the guilt of taking another life, I have changed all of their memories of it and Alfred has changed the vid recording to present it the way I have shown you.

“He is very handy to have around that computer man of yours, of course it helps when he is a creation of the realms as well.” Sydney grinned at the proud tone of his little alien resident and nodded to himself as he accepted her new version.

She reinforced the completeness of her memory alteration by showing the two doctors engaged in fiercely competitive screwing of each other’s wives. “Es I didn’t need to see that with Miss Tight Jeans standing beside me smelling like she does!” he complained, but simply got a giggle as a response as she played a little more of Jane and Jill squealing in delight as they came almost simultaneously as they held each other’s hand tightly.

“Bloody women!” he cursed mentally then shook his head to get rid of the thoughts.

Martha Ranatui looked at him with a small smile on her lips, the big man in front of her impressed her greatly, not from what she had been told about the acts he had carried out in the last few days and this morning but simply from his presence. He looked assured, confident and by the way her boss was just about soaking her jeans in front of them she was pretty well wrapped up in the handsome man as well. “Would you like a tour of the place Sydney, Greg knows more about it than most of us do, but we haven’t really gone too far. We only discovered the place about a year ago when we were getting some things built at Thelma’s place.”

“What sort of things?” he asked the little woman.

“Some tunnelling, a few underground supply stores, normal type stuff for people on the run,” she replied unconcerned that such an undertaking should have brought the upper echelon of the military down on their ears in double quick time.

“So Martha, I take it that you are not just the vice chancellor of the university above us? By the way how far underground are we?” he asked looking up the ceiling that his normal vision couldn’t quite make out. Concentrating a little he saw the rocky surrounds about 200 metres above his head.

“Let’s save that discussion until Greg is with us, and a couple of other members of the board. For now let’s go for a wander,” piped up Thelma and she indicated for Peter to lead the way.

Peter Davidson was a tall dark skinned Fijian and his curly hair, pleasant inquisitive face and broad smile reminded Sydney of a young man, also named Davidson, that he had met on a rare soccer trip when he had played a Fijian team for an Oceania title in Rockhampton, the furtherest north Sydney had ever travelled before. “That would have been my younger brother,” the man replied to Sydney’s query and added, “Small world isn’t it!”

Sydney laughed and nodded in agreement as they stopped before an array of wheeled vehicles that had an open tray like back with several padded seats attached to it. Peter hopped into the front of the vehicle and gestured Sydney to the seat beside him, the others took seats behind them and as Peter asked if they were set two more figures breathlessly climbed aboard. Thelma waved away introductions simply telling Sydney that they were Bill and Pattie and they would formally introduce themselves later. Peter turned a key on the dashboard in front of him and gripping the steering wheel pressed a pedal on the floor.

“Bit like a Dodgem car,” he explained as the vehicle went down the road rather soundlessly as Sydney watched the man driving. He nodded remembering the amusements from a fairground that his school had visited many years ago though he had not gotten on any of them as his school mates deliberately running into one another looked like it would add to the bruises that already covered his back.

As they travelled the streets lit softly by concealed lighting that came on as they drove, Peter explained that sensors in the road and surrounding buildings sensed the presence of something and came on then switched off as they passed out of range. Thelma kept up a constant patter from where she sat behind him informing him of what they had discovered and their guesses as to the functions of some of the buildings.

The tour lasted a couple of hours and Sydney was as ready for a drink and something to eat as anyone and turned to Thelma to follow her to her hover. “No, we use the lifts this time Sydney,” she laughed then walked away from him to catch up to Martha and the two newcomers.

Keith Richardson observed the cool way that Thelma had left the man standing there as she talked with the three other university board members walking with her to the lifts. “Sorry Syd, she gets like that,” he told the man who stood shaking his head in confusion. “It’s all about image. She is a powerful woman but sometimes the power loses the woman if you know what I mean,” the sergeant added as he indicated Sydney to walk with him as they followed after them.

At the lifts Thelma told Sydney to go with Peter and Keith, “I will catch up soon,” she promised. She did not make eye contact with him nor did she let his hand rest on her hip as he narrowed the gap between them to hear her words.

Keith just shook his head and held the lift open to allow him to enter the spacious cabin that could easily have fitted twenty or more people. Sydney contemplated this change in the woman that until the others had arrived on the scene was swimming in her jeans with excitement, her hand warm and slightly sweating in his own grip. He looked at Keith and suggested that he might like to go for a walk for a minute before he joined them. The sergeant suggested a bar across the complex that might be a good place to head for and giving Sydney directions as they emerged from the first level hover park that the lifts exited at watched him walk off across the slightly damp concourse. The misty rain turned to a full downpour but Sydney never hastened his pace.

“Stupid bitch,” Richardson thought to himself and turning to Davidson beside him said, “Tell the Commander that I will talk to her later, I have some things to do for Lt-Col Lachlan.”

Davidson nodded as he watched the man walk in the opposite direction to Sydney but at the same pace ignoring the rain that now bucketed down and didn’t look like easing for sometime.

Penny Rogers looked up as the door to the bar opened and the wet bedraggled man walked in, shook the rain from his hair with a toss of his head then removed his jacket shake the water from it and hang it on a spare peg just inside the door. She noted his pants were soaked and ducking her head slightly to hide the flush of excitement that caused her face to redden as she observed the prominent bulge in his groin. There were only a few dozen students in the campus bar and all of them were currently chatting and studying over in the corner beside the jukebox that she had disconnected to give them some quiet time.

“What can I get you mate?” she asked with a toothy grin, “Something to warm you up, cool you down, pick you up or drown your sorrows in!” she continued in a bubbly voice.

Sydney looked at the tall blonde with her shining blue eyes and pretty face behind the bar. She stood almost as tall as him and he wondered whether she had high heels on or not as he gave her a bright smile saying, “Certainly don’t need anything to pick me up, just looking at you is enough.” He was pleased when the woman flushed a little.

“But certainly something to drown my sorrows in,” he continued with a soft sigh as he took up a stool apologising for his wet clothing.

“Beer or something stronger,” she asked softly as she stood directly in front of him appreciating his mournful face that contained the most intense dark-blue eyes she had ever seen. His handsome face broke into a brief grin then disappeared just as quickly as he nodded to beer as she touched a tap in front of her.

Turning to retrieve a cold glass Sydney could not help but observe her rear end encased tightly in her brown uniform pants, it was extremely shapely and the pants very tight, he bet himself that she worked out to get an arse like that. She noticed his checking her out in the mirror and suppressed a giggle as she turned back to him swiftly letting her other assets jiggle slightly under her “Campus Club” T-shirt. Sydney’s eyes widened at her obviously displayed large breasts and briefly he compared them to the ones that had been laying on his bed encased in a soft lacy bra. He smiled as he decided that he couldn’t pick much difference in size between them.

“So stranger, what’s your name and why you looking so down?” Penny asked him as she passed him the beer and accepted his card that he told her to keep until he was ready to go.

“Sydney, Sydney Douglas,” he said quietly as he held out a hand to her.

She accepted it with her own and mimicked him with her own introduction, “Penny, Penny Rogers.”

“Pleased to meet you, Penny,” he said in the same quiet tone and pressed his lips to her knuckles giving them a soft kiss. Penny Rogers’ knees buckled slightly as she experienced a small electric shock through her moistening sex at his gentle touch and left her hand in his clasp for a few more moments until a voice from the other end of the bar called out for a drink.

Sydney switched from beer to wine coolers after an hour or so as he felt himself getting a little too tipsy, beer was the only thing that made him feel that way. The barmaid didn’t know about mixing wine and juice but she did supply him with a pre-packaged drink that Sydney found was close to what he normally drank. Thanking her he moved over to a table in the corner, far from anyone else and sat morosely staring out the window as the rain continued to tumble down.

Penny Rogers finished her shift at 6:00 pm and seeing that Sydney still sat at his table in the corner she decided that she was going to go and chat with the sad looking man. Her heart still beat a little hard at the remembered feelings between her legs from his kiss and taking two wine coolers from the fridge told her relief to put them on her tab. Placing the drink on the table in front of Sydney she asked if it was OK to sit and talk for a while. At his nod she sat opposite him.

“I don’t want to sound like a school mistress or anything, but Sydney you have been drinking for nearly five hours, don’t you think that your sorrows would be drowned by now?” Her opening remarks sounded a bit critical even in her own ears but something about this man intrigued her and she felt like she wanted to help.

“My sorrows were drowned by the rain as I walked over here,” he said without looking up from the pattern he was making in the condensation from the glass bottle on the table. He lifted his head and grinned, “I was hoping that a particularly stunning blonde barmaid would come over and let me look into her blue eyes again.”

His words caused her nipples to crinkle to hard points inside her T-shirt and her sex to flood with moisture, the soft deep voice and stunning eyes melted her heart. “Perhaps you would like to join me for something to eat?” she asked softly, then quickly added, “That is if your girlfriend doesn’t mind!”

Sydney whipped his head around at Penny’s words and saw Thelma standing just inside the doorway, her face appeared to be furious as she searched around the room for someone. Penny guessed that that someone was sitting no more than half a metre from her, a half metre that she was planning on making none before the end of the evening.

“She is not my girlfriend,” he said turning back to her with a sigh, “I am not sure what she is, this morning I thought we were a team, now it seems I am an embarrassment.” He gestured her to stay put and stood up and began walking over to the waiting woman that Penny recognised as the Chancellor of the university. She quickly turned away as Sydney put his arm around the woman’s waist and walked her to the door. The slap she expected to hear didn’t come and before too much time had passed the man resumed his seat in front of her.

“Who are you and what have you done with the real Sydney Douglas,” she said as he picked up his drink. She searched his face and saw no marks but she did sense a very hostile feeling from him in the tenseness of his body and the way he swallowed the rest of his drink in one go. Picking up his empty bottle he walked over to the bar and got another two, by the look in his eyes the second drink was not for her.

“Penny, do you change everyday or every hour because of who is with you or watching you?” he asked as he sat again.

She laughed, “Of course not! What you see is what you get with me, I can’t stand playing games with people. I tried it once, it just gave me a headache,” the woman replied, confused by his question.

“Would you like to go to bed with me?” was his next softly asked question.


“Will you take me home with you or should we find a motel?”

“I will take you home provided you don’t criticise my cooking,” she grinned as he stood up and held out his hand to her. They collected his card after he settled his bill and she led him down the steps at the back of the bar to her hover parked in the staff area.

“Sydney do you think this is a good idea? The Chancellor can make my life quite difficult, I am only a computer engineer and she, well let’s just say, that Ms Daintree is a fairly tough lady,” said Penny, her face a mask of confusion that he had asked her to take him home instead of going with the beautiful woman that ran the university and if rumours were true a hell of a lot more.

“Penny I have always followed my instincts, right now they are telling me that spending the night with you is the right thing to do. You are attracted to me, you are extremely attractive, that arse of yours is gorgeous, I hope that you don’t find me too ugly to be with you,” his voice sounded sincere and the kiss he gave her as she stopped beside her bright blue hover almost melted away the last of her worries.

Giving him a tight hug she opened her vehicle and allowed him to enter the passenger door before she skipped around the vehicle to take up the control seat. She laughed and punched in the short code for her address and the hover lifted and navigated its way out of the garage.

The best part about the automated navigation and drive systems of the hover is that they are fast and silent and as Penny entered a second code as they cleared the uni entrance the vehicle shot along the road way. In short order they decelerated and he saw a garage door opening, in front of the headlights, of a trim white painted cottage. They hopped out of the hover and Penny opened the door leading into the house, “Pardon the mess,” she giggled over her shoulder.

Sydney followed her in to a cosy lounge room with a haphazard array of computer monitors and equipment lying in various states of dismemberment or repair, he couldn’t tell which, she waved them away as jobs for some of the girls and boys.

Penny held his hand guiding him through the minefield and past the kitchen, which also seemed to have more equipment on the table and benches than he would have thought possible. She pointed out the bathroom as they passed another door and finally she paused at the last doorway. “My other haven,” she whispered into his mouth as they kissed again and eased it open.

Concealed lighting softly lit the room and a big bed dominated the centre with several additional pillows and a large stuffed bear sitting in its middle. Sydney held Penny in his arms kissing her softly and asked, “Is the bear for protection?”

She giggled, and began undoing the buttons on his shirt then helping him peel it off along with his jacket said, “For company, when I don’t find someone to play with, he’s been more company than not for quite a while.” Sydney slid his arms around her waist, “Well I hope he doesn’t mind the chair tonight,” and easing his fingers under the hem of her T-shirt lifted it up and over her head when she held her arms up. Her warm unfettered breasts pressed against his chest and he could feel her erect nipples.

Turning towards the bed Penny took the bear and pillows off, carefully placing them on the overstuffed lounge chair that sat beside the window as Sydney kicked his shoes off and sitting on the edge of the bed removed his socks, he paused before standing to remove his slacks and watched Penny remove her shoes. Penny walked over to stand between his knees as he sat naked on the edge of the bed and sighed deeply as he mouthed her breasts, when he captured a nipple between his teeth she grasped his head as he nibbled it.

She felt his hands on her hips as he bit a little harder on her breasts in response to her little moans as he did so, “Tell me if I bite too hard,” he murmured sucking and kissing her nipple.

Penny reached for the slim belt on her slacks unbuckling it and she felt his fingers grasp the tab on her zipper and pull it down. Stepping back a little she said huskily, “I don’t normally wear underwear, so I hope you like them.”

Sydney looked at the wispy piece of light blue cloth that barely covered her excited pussy and leaning forward kissed the soft fabric right about where her clit was, asking, “Shall we leave them on?”

Before she could answer he grasped her buttocks and dragged her up and over him on to the bed. She giggled as he pressed her barely covered pussy to his mouth savouring her taste then gasped in pleasure as his tongue and fingers eased the cloth the few millimetres needed to ensure proper contact.

Sydney lapped at her freely flowing juices for several minutes until she lifted herself slightly, turned around above him and with a couple of pushes with her hands aligned them down the middle of the bed instead of across it. He nuzzled back into her wetness and gave a soft groan of pleasure as he felt her hot mouth enclose over his own sex.

They groaned and pressed against each other as they explored each others genitals with their mouths for a long time. Sydney felt Penny’s wet pussy twitch as his tongue rapidly flicked her clit for a few moments before sliding his finger into her wetness. Pulling away from him she slid down his body until her head was almost at his feet and her large breasts rubbed against his shins, she reached back and grabbed his hot heavy cock and deftly captured him into her ready pussy as she pulled her panties aside. Her groan matched his as she sank her hips all the way down on him.

Sydney was entranced by the view as he pulled a pillow beneath his head and reached down to fondle the cheeks of her arse. Holding the string of her panties and spreading her cheeks apart he watched his cock move in and out of Penny as she slowly moved her hips. She was incredibly tight and wet, the view of her juices covering him as she began to increase her pace made his cock even harder. Squealing she pressed hard against him as he felt her muscles clamp around his cock like a fist inside her she grunted that she was cumming.

Straining a little he thrust into her as she tried to hold him down with her hips and chuckled as she groaned louder as he made his own pace against her desperately moving hips, “Come in me,” she squealed as helplessly she let him grasp her hips holding them tightly as his own thrust hard and fast against her.

With a loud groan he let himself explode into her depths as she squealed against his feet as the hand inside her wet cunt gripped him tightly again. They lay resting, their breathing a heavy pant as they recovered. He let his fingers rub their joined sexes and capturing some of their fluids on his fingers rubbed them down the crevice of her gorgeous arse. Her deep moan as a finger penetrated her gently let him know that it was an arse that was going to be more than receptive to the attention of his cock.

Grinding her hips down on his still hard and eager cock she moved in little circles capturing more of his finger into her arse. When the man slid a second then a third finger into her hole she screeched as he suddenly began thrusting his cock hard into her again as his hand began to increase the length and depth of his finger fucking of her sensitive arsehole.

“My goodness, Sydney!” she exclaimed rocking back hard against him them sitting up straight forcing his fingers deep within her as her hands held his cock as it popped free from her spasming cunt as she came again.

Sydney eased his fingers from her gently as she fell back against him giggling and trying to catch her breath. “You know most guys are happy to just get their load away then they are gone, you intend to be here for a while don’t you,” she gasped.

Chuckling Sydney rolled her over positioning himself behind her as he lifted her hips up off the bed eased his soaked cock into her willing arse, she pushed back hard against him causing his cock to slide in faster than he was pushing. “Fuck me, fuck my arse,” she cried and kissing her neck he did just that.

Her heat and tightness was incredible and Sydney felt her orgasm go through her as she stiffened against him, thrusting harder she groaned loudly as he pistoned himself in and out of her for a long time before unleashing his own fluids deep inside her as they cried out in joy.

Showering together she mentioned food and Sydney realised that he had eaten nothing since the morning and so they dressed and walked a little distance down the street to a Chinese restaurant that happily served the couple despite it being almost their normal closing time. The happy couple that ran the establishment giggled as they watched the big dark haired man and his tall blonde companion eat almost as much between them as their normal customers ate for the evening.

Ken and Mia Wong, as they introduced themselves with traditional Chinese names, were excellent hosts and though Sydney detected some remnants of their Chinese heritage in the soft almond shaped eyes of the woman he suspected that no-one from the last ten generations of the family had ever stepped foot in old China. Generously Sydney asked them to sit and eat with them as he knew from his studies of the old world history that many proprietors did not eat until they closed the shop.

As they talked Sydney learnt more about the woman who prettily blushed at the compliments on her hair and eyes from Mia Wong. Her self made road to success and energy astounded him, not only was she a brilliant computer engineer in training, doing her masters degree in electronics, she worked several days a week at the campus bar, plus tutored first and second year students as well as taking on repair work for the university and others. “When do you find time to pick up hunks like this then?” Mia asked her with a beaming smile.

The tall big breasted and very attractive blonde shyly replied that it was the first time she had asked anyone home since she had been at uni. Mia nudged her and asked her to come out the back of the shop with her. Ken Wong sat and stared at the tall woman and turned to Sydney, “Fuck mate, that is some arse!”

The dark-blue eyes of the big man twinkled as he winked and said, “She knows how to use it too!”

Ken Wong almost choked on a pork ball as he laughed with glee with the young man beside him.

Mia Wong gave Penny a soft touch on her bottom when they disappeared from view of the men and said softly, “Penny have you been keeping up your birth control, did you take precautions with Sydney?”

Penny looked a little shocked then realised that the woman had quite a concerned look on her face as she added, “You have not had sex for over three years, young women like you forget the pill or to go back to your doctor. Though how someone with an arse like yours is not fucking her heart out every night is inexplicable!”

Rapidly calculating the date of her last visit to the doctor Penny sighed in relief when she realised that it had only been a couple of months since her last 6-month contraceptive injection and giggled to Mia that she was safe. Then she wondered why the woman was concerned and asked her, “Why the worry Mia?”

“Cause I don’t think that young man intends to let you go to sleep until the dawn and by the look of you he is not the only one. Sometimes I get a feeling about people that come in here late in the evening smelling like love. That man out there he is extremely potent!” the little proprietress said with a wink.

Giggling the two women returned with bottles of wine, their excuse for their disappearance and the two couples talked for a little while longer before Sydney insisted on paying their bill despite Ken’s attempt to dramatically reduce the amount. He was stunned when Sydney added a tip almost to the value of the meal that he had calculated in his head when he scanned the menus.

As they left Penny told Mia that she would catch up with the couple again soon, rubbing her tummy and saying beats my cooking any day. Mia beckoned the tall blonde down to her diminutive height and gave the woman a soft kiss, “I would like that,” she said softly as she stroked her hand softly across the woman’s cheek.

Ken and Mia watched the couple walk back up the road and as they turned back towards the shop door Ken said to his wife, “Is she the one?”

“Yes, we must protect her at all costs, the warrior will not realise he has left her behind until it is nearly too late!”

Esmeralda purred happily as she heard the couple’s exchange and finalised the protective web over and through the restaurant, satisfied she checked the final details at Penny Roger’s house. As the couple rutted in abandonment on Penny’s big bed she surreptitiously retrieved the samples of DNA she needed from the woman’s constantly wet pussy and wove the final parts of her web and the decoy she hoped would never have to be used into the fabric of the building.

Penny and Sydney were asleep, exhausted and covered in sweat and fluids, by the time she had completed her tasks. With a small wicked smile she re-entered his body as she stimulated Sydney to one more thrust of his thick cock fully into the gently clasping arse that half held him ensuring he remained that way until the sun peeped over the horizon a couple of hours later.

Their frantic coupling in the morning sunbeams that shone across the bed sent Penny into orgasmic bliss as she savoured the cream he shot into her mouth and over her breasts as he gave her arse a last brutal pounding. Lying there she heard him in the shower and her exhausted body barely registered his kiss and promise to come back soon before she was deeply asleep.

Sydney exited Penny’s house in Preston Street and walked a few blocks down the road towards the central business district that lined the main beach. He glanced at his watch and realised it wasn’t there, deciding that there would be time to get it later he spied the town clock in the middle of a verdant median strip and noted that it was still very early only just past 6:30 am.

His boots felt uncomfortable and his pants, shirt and jacket seemed to be quite tight. He recalled the food they ate last night and wondered if he had eaten to cover a small growth in his body. Es’ little whisper in his mind confirmed that he had undergone some increase in his muscle mass. Sighing he walked on a little uncomfortably and spotting a small early morning cafe he decided to have some tea before he went looking for a tailor.

The lady that owned the shop, a pleasant woman with greying hair and soft green and yellow flecked eyes, whom he judged to be in her late hundred and sixties, sat beside him and with a knowing wink and a small chuckle asked, “Just getting home or just going out?”

Sydney chuckled with her, “Not sure yet.”

“Well it is nice to have choices,” she smiled and asked if he wanted more tea, thanking her when she returned they both sat watching the sun fully ascend over the clear blue ocean across the other side of the road.

The elderly lady asked the young man about home and family and Sydney found himself telling her about his visit to the city to check out the university to see if he wanted to come there to continue his studies. He wasn’t sure what it was he wanted to do yet but he told her that there were several possibilities. She patted his shoulder and said, “Follow what you think is best, put number one first and the rest falls into line, I always have and I am happy with my life.”

She was surprised that he was reticent to speak about his family but she shrugged it off and asked him about boyfriends and girlfriends and giggled when he said he had a few. Sydney was surprised when she mentioned that she had had a conversation with a young man only a few days before that was missing his family and friends badly, “Paul seemed to be pining for someone, I think it was a man not a woman that he was talking about. He came from around Brisbane too,” she added.

The name and his feelings made Sydney feel quite dizzy as an image of blonde hair and blue eyes flashed across his mind quite unexpectedly at her innocent comment. Watching him closely she noted his attempt to ignore the hint she had given him about his friend lying in his lonely quarters up the coast and hoped that the man made the effort to find him.

“Sydney are you having trouble with your clothing?” she asked him diverting his attention for a moment.

“I seem to have grown a little since I got these made for me, do you know a tailor that might open up early for a desperate customer?” he asked showing her the tightness of his buttons across his chest. Telling him to wait she bustled back into the cafe and returned a few minutes later and handed him an address written on the back of one of the shop’s business cards. “Denis will be there in about 30 minutes,” she said then gave him directions down the road. “It’s about a 20 minute hobble,” she added with a giggle as he got to his feet.

“Thank you Mrs Porter,” Sydney said giving the old lady a wave as he walked off in the direction she indicated.

Belinda Porter smiled as she watched the man continue walking and waved when he turned back to give her a final wave before she suddenly disappeared. Inside the shop Lenore Porter gasped as the ghost of her grandmother disappeared.

Sydney whistled tunelessly as he wandered checking out various shop fronts for revisiting for presents to take home. His cell phone vibrated in his pocket and retrieving it left the video off and answered, “Douglas.”

“I woke up in my bed lonely, again,” came the soft voice in his ear and Sydney sighed softly as Thelma’s voice sounded so small and lonely.

Spying a restaurant that served breakfasts he told her to meet him at the Strand Cafe in two hours and I will have breakfast with you.” He could not help adding,”That is if you can bear to be seen in public without putting on your armour.”

“Please Sydney, you know I can’t I -” he cut her off and walked on.

His phone rang again and he ignored it.

Finding the address he slipped the card into his wallet and knocked on the door. A soft, almost girlish, voiced man answered the door and when Sydney responded with a nod to the man’s query about whether he was the desperate customer ushered him into the shop. The man was all smiles and wavy black hair as he asked him what could he do for him.

Sydney lifted his arms and flexed his muscles and a button popped off the front of his shirt. The tailor ran his hands down the inside of Sydney’s trouser legs around his waist, “Not much room here either, you certainly are a growing boy, Carl always makes his clothes to fit comfortably,” he commented.

Sydney looked at him in surprise and he laughed, “Us tailors all know each other’s goods and Carl is very good. Did he make these for you or someone else?”

“For me,” he answered, “but I seemed to have grown a bit in the past month.”

He took Sydney to his workshop area and told him to strip, the big man was grateful to remove the shirt and trousers then sat on a chair Denis pulled over for him and rubbed his foot with one hand as he passed the clothes over to him. “Foot sore?” he asked and Sydney told him that it seemed to be a little numb but he had been on them for a while lately, he tut-tutted but didn’t say anything more.

Sydney sat in the chair and watched as the tailor cut thread and pulled seams in both the pants and shirt and then beckoned him to stand up again and handing him the shirt told him to try it back on. Sydney put it back on and before doing up the buttons the tailor grabbed the shirt-front and told him to stand still. Denis tugged and adjusted the the shirt across the back and on the shoulders, then he closed the collar and checked the neck buttons, he walked back around the young man then reached his hands up behind his neck and slid the shirt down and off his arms.

He giggled and remarked, “Some girl had a good time last night, I think, yes.”

Sydney blushed and he laughed more. “Some girls like to make marks, some girls can’t help but make ‘em, some girls like dead fish, my old Dad used to say!”

For some reason the expression rang a bell for Sydney and he found himself laughing hard with him.

He handed Sydney his trousers and when he had them at his hips he held the button at the top of the fly and deftly zipped without catching Sydney’s equipment. He checked the fit and had him walk a few circles, finally he pronounced that they would do for now but Sydney should go and see Carl and get a refit for new ones and soon.

Sydney nodded then asked if he had anything that would be suitable for another engagement later this morning and rummaging through some racks retrieved several pairs of trousers and a range of shirts in various colours. For the next few minutes he fussed and drew lines and pinned, changing his customer in and out of several outfits in quick time.

He held up a dark blue, a deep green and a dark brown pair of trousers and said that they could be ready in about an hour and the shirts Sydney could choose whichever he liked as they would be fine, “As long as you’re not visiting the President! Oh, I would be so embarrassed if you were!”

Sydney assured him that he wasn’t and said that he would return for them all in an hour.

Denis waved cheerio and Sydney left him humming over his chalk and pins and walked back into the street that was beginning to become alive.

Backtracking along his previous path buying some items for Jo and Kelsey from a body shop, then found an exquisite glass carving for Bonnie of a koala nestling in a gum tree that he knew she would love. He was almost past the arts and crafts shop before he remembered a promise to Jenny for new pencils and he tried desperately to remember her instructions on what sort they were. Fortunately the sales lady knew precocious children and presented him with a 48 piece set that she said would be the envy of all other pencil sets. Noticing his interest in some paints and brushes the sales lady soon had Sydney ordering the full junior artist’s set with instructions for shipping home.

Pleased with his purchases he strolled back towards the tailor and felt his cell vibrate, retrieving it from his pocket he answered, “Douglas!”

A soft voice on the other end said, “I am on my way, no armour.” The phone disconnected before Sydney could say anything further. He sighed and wondered how the meeting with her would pan out. In reality he wanted to mend things with his teacher, whether she really saw herself as that or not, for some reason it was important to him on a very deep level that they should remain friends.

By the time Sydney returned to the little tailor’s shop it was well after the hour deadline and the assistant that now manned the front counter directed him out the back when he told her that Denis was fixing some clothes for him. The tailor was still humming to himself as he pressed the last of the pants and beckoned Sydney to strip while he finished. Standing in his shorts in the work room Sydney asked Denis if he had some boxers and handkerchiefs as well.

He called out, “Maria can you please bring some medium waist boxers, 85 to 90 sweetie.”

Sydney had just stripped his off when Maria appeared with several pair, Denis placed his finger under her jaw retrieving the items saying, “Simmer darling, go check the front.”

Maria giggled leaving them as Denis passed him a green pair that he slipped on and his girlish giggle made Sydney look down at the printing to read, ‘Here be dragons’ with an old fashioned map and an arrow pointing towards the fly of the garment. They both grinned then he passed Sydney a green double breast pocketed shirt that he assisted him with as well as the deep green trousers.

Sydney reached for his other trousers to remove the dark belt and Denis took it from him and expertly threaded it and buckled it in half the time that Sydney would have and told him so.

Looking in Sydney’s eyes he grinned, “It’s always faster when someone else does it for you.”

He passed Sydney some socks then looking at the man’s feet and his shoes said, “I don’t think it is just your upper body that has grown lately, these shoes are about a half size too small which is probably why they are feeling numb if you are on them for a while. Hold on a second sweetie.”

He turned to his workstation and spoke quickly to someone on the phone and patting the chair said, “Take a seat, help is on its way!”

Sydney sat, suddenly remembering his breakfast appointment, “Denis could I get a message to the Strand Café?”

“Sure, I will take it myself.” Sydney quickly explained the situation and Denis patted his knee.

“Leave it to me.” Then he was gone.

Shortly afterwards a young woman walked through and asked if him if he was Sydney. When he nodded she placed a clear film strip on ground in front of him and asked him to step his right foot then his left foot onto it. She finished taking measurements, told him to sit and asked where his other shoes were, Sydney pointed at the pair sitting beside Denis’ workstation. Retrieving them she placed them in a bag and said she would return shortly.

Denis returned and promptly flopped into his chair and said, “You could have told me it was the Queen Bee herself that you were having breakfast with!”

“She’s not that bad,” Sydney protested.

He looked at him with a cheeky grin, “Is she the donor of those marks on your back?”

Sydney shook his head and leant towards him, Denis slid his chair closer as he softly said, “She should have been but I didn’t behave as she told me I should have so I sent her home alone.”

He rocked back and gave out a loud squeal of delight, “You are in trouble, mister, big trouble. But oh my, I would have loved to have seen her face!” and he burst into fresh laughter.

Sydney shook his head slowly and thought, No you wouldn’t have. It wasn’t a good look!

The young woman from the shoe shop returned and this time pushed a little handcart with several boxes of shoes for Sydney to try. Sydney tried on the very comfortable shoes finally choosing three pair along with some socks he asked her to send his shoe profile to Carl. She grinned at him saying, “No problems.”

Sydney settled her bill and added a generous tip for bringing her shop to him, the woman thanked him for his business and left giving Maria a wave. Denis bundled up his other purchases and Sydney arranged for him to deliver them to Thelma’s address along with his other purchases. Denis looked at him in surprise, “You are going out to her place?”

“Well I am supposed to be staying with her while I am here, so hopefully that will be where I can be found. If not I am sure she will make sure they get back to Brisbane,” Sydney replied with more confidence than he felt.

“You are a brave man,” he said then added that he would do everything Sydney asked.

Sydney paid him and tipped him generously for his support and time. telling the startled man that he would be sure to contact him again when he was next in town. Denis shook his hand and said anytime then watched the young man run from the shop and hurry to his appointment. The little tailor could not help but worry that the handsome young man was going to be out of his depth with the bitch that sat waiting at the cafe.

The lady in the jewellery shop had been a little startled when the big dark haired man with his deep blue eyes had first run into the shop fearing that she was about to be robbed. Her fears turned to amusement as the man asked her if she had any pendants with the letter ‘T’ in them. He chose a white gold setting along with an 18-carat flat gold linked chain that she put together for him and placed in a small black pouch. Hurriedly he paid for them and thanking her with a wave ran back out of the store and she watched him approach the pretty blonde that sat at a table at the cafe across from her store. “Good luck with that!” she said to herself as she recognised the intended recipient of the chain who stood and glared at the man with her hands on her hips.

“Sorry Thelma,” he said softly to her furious look and busied himself with sitting and waving a waitress over to take his order for breakfast.

The jewellery shop owner couldn’t keep the grin off her face as the blonde still stood with a disbelieving look on her face as the man calmly ordered breakfast from the waitress totally ignoring the woman.

“Do you want some too Thelma?” he asked before the waitress departed.

When she did not answer he signalled to the waitress with two fingers as the girl nodded and moved back towards the kitchens.

“You can either sit down and talk, or you can stand there making yourself look like a fucking goose or you can go home. Your choice Thelma,” he said coldly, his dark-blue eyes held no warmth in them as he stared at her face.

She sat. “Good morning Thelma, did you sleep well?” he asked when she did not say anything as she sat back down.

Sydney waited for her to start lecturing him and was ready to walk away from her if she started. Instead a very soft voice, almost on the edge of tears came from her mouth, “No I did not, I was extremely lonely and cold.”

Her voice and emotion rocked Sydney a little but he schooled his face, there had to be complete agreement here and he was not going to give in just to have her treat him as she did yesterday. He loved her but the woman he loved had to be that woman all the time there could be no switching it on and off just to suit her image.

“Thelma I understand that there are times when you need to be seen as powerful, in charge, in control but you do not do that by pushing people away and being someone totally different to what you are deep inside. If how you are deep inside is what you showed me in the underground city yesterday then tell me now,” his voice was still cool, his eyes never left her face.

Her eyes flickered, her nostrils flared and Es warned him of her intention seconds before she could lift her hand to slap his face. She found her hand pinned to the table and a harsh voice whispered in her ear, “Do not play games with me Thelma, I can survive without my teacher in this life, as I have done before!”

He stood and moved to the serving counter and paid for the breakfasts, turning away he walked out and down on to the beach. She caught up with him ten minutes later as he sat on the dry white sand watching the gulls wheeling and gliding over the waves, she was carrying two takeaway boxes. “Please eat with me Sydney,” she said softly, handing one of the boxes to him as she sat down beside him.

They ate the rolls the cook had arranged the bacon, eggs and sausages on in silence. Sydney was contemplating his future without the woman beside him as he ate, whilst Thelma desperately thought of how she could make him understand how much she needed him.

Her night had been spent being lectured by Jebidiah and others, it had been made embarrassingly obvious to her that she was a fool, an ignorant love lost fool.

Her lecturers had also given her very graphic details of how badly she would fail if she continued on the path she was taking, a path that would see her destroyed within days. There were enemies in the world aside from the Messiah who were ready to strike at her power base now that Sydney had begun a chain of events, originating within Oceania, that needed to be stopped before they even contemplated the Messiah and Retsam Elam. She had not even been aware of them, but Sydney was already acting to have it crushed.

Jebidiah showed her a vision of Sydney’s body riddled with bullets along with Kelsey, Jo, Bonnie and Jenny wiped out because she chose to try to show her love for the man beside her with her cleverness and leadership of an army that she knew he needed instead of with the words and warmth that she herself desperately needed.

Jebidiah had held her tightly as she sobbed as she realised that she was jealously guarding her position because somehow she believed it made her more valuable, more desirable to Enyalius. “You are the teacher he has loved for her mind, no matter how ugly your body was in your previous times with him, Thellesera. This time you are not only a beautiful woman but the mind is still here,” he murmured and touched her temple with his blue glow.

“I am sorry, master,” she had whimpered.

“I have never been, nor will ever be your master, Thelma, ” he had told her, “that person is waiting for you to tell him that you love him.”

They had left her in the early hours of the morning, some of her ideals they could not change, sadly they kissed her and wished her well, she felt as if they kissed her as if they already saw the corpse she would become shortly. It was the most potent argument that they used, though they did not know it as they returned to their realms and awaited the battle between teacher and student.

“Sydney, ” she began as at the same time he spoke her name.

“You first Thelma, I have already said what I wanted to say,” he said waving his hand to her.

She lifted her feet, shook off her shoes then sat wiggling her feet in the warm sand saying, “For a while I thought everyone was the same. Buy me expensive dinners, invest in my company or pretend to be my friend, some even bedded me and I believed that I was worthwhile. Then I learnt that they were using me for their own ends.”

Her voice turned cold, “They tried to take me down but they forgot whose daughter I was and soon they all paid and I became untouchable.”

“This reputation also earn you the titles of Ice Queen and Queen Bee?” the man beside her asked softly.

Her laughter was quite loud and Sydney thought she might have lost it again and was ready to change topics when she added, “Ball Breaker, Frigid Bitch, oh and by the way it is not B as in buzz buzz bee it’s Bitch. Then there’s my favourite: Stuck up Cunt!”

He glanced sharply at her and she smiled, “Don’t worry the last person to say that to me spent several days in hospital eating his steak through a straw.”

Sydney laughed at that as he could well imagine her using her fists if she wanted.

“He won’t ever be saying it again either thanks to the third eye Keith Richardson put in his forehead. I should have done that earlier when I had the chance,” she sounded quite angry at herself for her softness.

“It is not your job to remove the trash on this world Thelma,” he said softly, “that is the role of the warriors. You know that I will always protect you, as you teach me the lessons I and others need to learn so that we know how to carry out that protection. I am frightened Thelma that you have made yourself a target, please do not let me have to take your broken body back to the realms of death.”

He stood and walked towards the water, watching an aqua glow some distance off the beach dip and dive among the waves where large silver objects flashed. The sight of Es playing with the marine life did not uplift his spirit as it would normally as he waited for the blonde behind him to either call him back or leave.

“I only wanted to try and make your job a little easier when you fully returned,” she whispered into his back as she quietly walked up behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders, she pressed her head into the middle of his broad back.

“Wanted to be able to protect you while you learnt and grew stronger. Then fucking Cue Ball turned up and before I knew it he was taking over my efforts, well not taking over, but pointing out what I should look for, where I should go, how to protect my people. As a leader of the movement I am not as good as I thought I was, if not for him I would quite likely have been killed a few times already. But he is just you, doing what Enyalius has done for the past million years!” He listened to her speak, detected the pride and regret in her voice.

“Did you really want me to be any different from the small boy that sought you out in your hermit’s cave in Babylon, begging you to teach me how to be a warrior so that I could hold my head high and back up my pride with skill. Or perhaps you would have preferred not to have heard my words of love as you held me and taught me more than how to wield my sword and cast my spear.”

“You died on me Enyalius, the spawn of the darkness took you as easily as they could take me now! Don’t you understand it has always been the same. You come to me or I to you, but it always ends the same, we end up back in the realms of the dead waiting for others to decide if we have a new chance. I wanted to make this time a better chance, to be stronger, more prepared!” she was passionately arguing something that both of them had argued about for as many lifetimes as they had shared together.

“We almost beat them 3000 years ago in Megiddo,” he said, tensely waiting for her reaction. It was the only time the teacher had not been there and it had cost them dearly.

“I could not be there Enyalius, your love for the ugly old crone I was in Babylon was too much for me to think that it would happen again. I guess I was too frightened that Serenity and Mollenny were too much to compete with for your love again,” she took his hand and held it tightly as they began to walk along the beach.

“I missed you and Serenity never even made it to my bed,” he said as they walked.

A blue glow appeared hovering just above the sand behind them, it drifted with them remaining roughly three metres from the pair as they walked and talked oblivious to the presence of the Realm Master as he listened.

Their words were of love and passion, teaching and history he smiled as he saw their souls join once again and smiled in delight. With a kiss blown to their unseeing backs he turned and joined the alien in her play with the dolphins out on the water.

“Will they be Ok, Jebidiah?” Es asked as she playfully tossed a small fish she had captured into the air and watched a large male, who called himself Wave Jumper, leap and catch the morsel before it came back down.

“I think more than Ok, Es, provided they both survive the love making that they will be engaged in for the rest of the afternoon and evening,” he grinned at her fierce visage and noted the erectness of her blue nipples across her four breasts.

“No doubt you will learn something new about these humans during that,” he chuckled as he watched her eyes close and sigh.

“When are you going to reveal yourself to him properly Esmeralda?” he asked as she drifted.

“When Xavier dies,” she said sadly and disappeared.

“Unfortunately that is not long away,” said Jebidiah to the dolphins that had gathered around him in the water as he drifted above them.

“It will still be too soon, the warrior has much to learn before Es provides the comfort he needs for the loss of the silver,” sent Wave Jumper to his mind before the entire pod disappeared under the water and resumed their hunting.

The blue glow sat there for a moment before fading back to his tower.

The couple on the beach kissed softly as Sydney returned the conversation from the past to the future.

“So then there is me now, in this life,” said Sydney as he looked at her intensely.

“Yes, you, now. You don’t give a fuck about who I am or what I am just as long as I am me all the time and not when it suits.”

He nodded exclaiming, “I am!”

Tentatively she leant against him, “But Syd this world isn’t that simple, sometimes we wear different faces, disguises and personas to suit what we have to do. I have to be someone different in a variety of settings.”

“I understand that,” he said, “but one does not change their persona because of what others may think of us, we do it to make them think of us what we want them to. Yesterday morning everyone recognised you as a leader as well as the fact that me, you and Richardson operated as a team, the afternoon before we were a team.

“Greg and Patrick arrived because they support us, not just you.

“Then, because eyes may have seen and thoughts may change, suddenly I was being ignored in favour of others, I don’t care whether you think that is to protect me or not. We are a team or we are not, there is no in between, not even for appearances sake.”

She nodded asking, “How long do I have to think about it?”

He looked at her closely and saw in her eyes that she had already made up her mind and said, “About 30 seconds then I am going to kiss you again.”

She smiled back saying, “Team!”

He pulled her down onto the warm sand and gently kissed her further until she urgently pressed his fingers that had found their way through the split in her long skirt hard against her sodden panties and squealed into his mouth that she was cumming. Rolling on top of her he attempted to press his erection that she had pulled through the fly of his trousers into her wetness and would have succeeded if it were not for the faint giggle of a girl, who with her family, had chosen a section of beach not far from them to set up their lunchtime picnic. Hastily they rearranged their clothing and began to walk towards the cafe, a long way back from where they were now.

As they walked Sydney told her about his morning, delighting in the tinkling laughter of the woman beside him as he mimicked Denis’ voice and the expression of lust on his assistance face at catching him naked. She giggled like a carefree schoolgirl and he suddenly remembered his gift for her. “Thelma I am sorry too,” he said stopping her on the firm slightly damp sand that the woman walked barefoot along as she held her sandals in her hand and allowed the water at times to wash over her feet.

“I think we have already gone past saying any more apologies,” she said puzzled by his mournful look.

“I bought you something to say it,” he continued holding the small black bag in front of her and she took it gently and poured the contents into her palm.

The sight of the glittering T on its chain made her suddenly weak and she felt herself collapse to her knees as she stared up at him, her green eyes filled with unshed tears.

“Please don’t cry T,” he implored urgently as he knelt facing her pulling his handkerchief from his pocket and dabbing her eyes and cheek, “I wouldn’t have got it if I knew it would make you cry.”

“I think I would have preferred them to have been your nuts, but the bag wasn’t heavy enough,” she giggled through her tears. “Now I am going to see this every day and it will make me feel lonely when you are not with me.”

“Perhaps you could look at it and know that I am with you, every day,” he answered, then grinned, “I would prefer to give you my nuts in their own bag and attached to me.”

She handed the chain to him, “Please, can you put it on me now.”

She lifted her blonde hair and Sydney pressed against her as he slipped the chain around her throat and did up the clasp, the gold T slipped beneath the collar of her blouse and nestled between her heavy globes. Undoing a couple of buttons on her shirt after she released her hair she revealed its resting place to his appreciative eyes. They kissed again before she giggled, “You will get your new clothes filthy and poor Denis will be mincing at the bit.”

Quickly they regained their feet as another wave came up over their feet and Sydney retrieved his shoes just in time. Walking up the beach a little higher they brushed the sand from their clothes, though to casual observation the wet stains on their clothing would no doubt cause speculation as to what they had been doing on the beach.

They retraced their steps to the café and ordered tea.

Sydney could see that Thelma was a little uncomfortable as they sat in the sun enjoying their tea and sandwiches that he had requested after the aborted takeaway breakfast. “How many people would actually personally know you here, Thelma?” he asked.

She shrugged, “Enough, but I am not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing me leave, they are just going to have to get used to seeing a different person now. Someone who is in love and happy,” she smiled and leaning forward kissed him hotly.

A waitress stared at them as she came to collect the empty plates and Sydney asked if she had never been told that it was impolite to stare. The woman rushed away red faced forgetting to collect the plates.

People around them continued to whisper to their neighbours as the couple drank tea discussing a variety of topics. Sydney made comment on passer-by’s outfits and possible occupations, it was a game he used to play with Paul when they were at school. He explained to the chortling woman opposite him that they would play while sitting outside the post office waiting for Paul’s Mum or Dad to come and pick him up.

The conversation about Paul prompted him to tell her about his experience at the cafe in the morning and as he speculated about where the man might be Thelma touched his hand and pointed to Greg Collins and a lady Sydney knew was his wife but couldn’t very well indicate that he knew her. His visions of her being well shafted by Dr Patrick Evans was not something he thought he could explain to the feisty brunette that held onto her husband’s arm tightly as they looked vainly for an empty table.

Sydney beckoned them over and gave up his seat to Jill as Greg Collins introduced him to her, he sat beside Thelma who immediately grasped his hand and held it as he sat beside her. Greg grinned at the pair and said, “It seems you two have made up. Thank goodness for that, my nightmare of last night might disappear now!”

Thelma started and Sydney peered closely at the couple, it seemed that her husband was not the only one to have the vision judging by the look on Jill’s face. “Want to tell us what that nightmare was, Jill?” Sydney asked quietly as he ordered some drinks for his companions and himself.

Jill whispered, “Thelma dead and lying in the ruins of her house. Bullets through her head and,” she paused as she took in the look on her husband’s face, “the university bombed, with burning buildings and people lying dead or injured every where.”

Greg Collins held his wife’s hand tightly as she sobbed softly into his shoulder. “That’s why we came out today, it seemed we were both being very gloomy at home ever since Patrick and Jane left on the jet last night. We wanted to get out and assure ourselves that the world was still as chaotic and alive as it should be. Though I didn’t realise that Jill has had the same nightmare as I had.”

“Why did you say that seeing us two together,” Thelma lifted Sydney’s hand to indicate the us, “would get rid of the nightmare?”

“Because in my dream,” he turned to his wife to see if she also saw and heard it, “you say, I should have listened to Sydney and accepted his gift there was no chain around your neck as you lay on the floor of your house. Now I see a beautiful chain and a T pendant, that I assume has been given to you by the young man grinning like the proverbial beside you.” Jill nodded in both agreement of his vision and the observation of the glittering symbol between the woman’s breasts opposite her.

“And if you don’t mind me saying Thelma, it looks quite lovely in its surroundings as well,” the little brunette her blue eyes sparkling as she clapped her hand to her mouth realising what she had said.

Thelma grinned at the woman she had known for such a long time, but never got close to, who was married to the doctor that she had once contemplated dragging into her bed to comfort him over the death of his first wife. Elaine had been tragically killed when a terrorist cell had attacked her research centre to the far north of Papua, the bullets fired by their own military as they failed to ensure that all the civilians were accounted for.

Sydney chuckled at the reactions of the three people around him then spoke, lowering his voice to allow only those present to hear, “It goes with the territory I am afraid, I am sure Paddy and Miss Janie would agree.”

Jill blushed a deep red and reached for the wine on the table to cover her embarrassment, She was suddenly sure that the young man opposite her with his handsome face and twinkling dark-blue eyes knew about the bedroom games that she and Greg had been playing with Patrick and Jane. No-one else except her and Greg knew the little names that the young couple called the older doctor and his beautiful uninhibited wife.

“Life could become very interesting around you two now,” said Greg, also turning a little red, he raised his glass of beer to them in salute as the couple returned it with their own wine coolers.

After a couple of hours spent talking and finally having a light lunch with Greg and Jill Collins, Sydney asked Thelma to take him home begging forgiveness from his companions but he said with a wink, “Last night was a fairly strenuous one for me, I didn’t get to sleep long enough to dream.”

Thelma gave his bottom a hearty slap as he stood up from the table, “Tart!” she laughed as she stood beside him and hand in hand they walked to the hover park after giving the giggling couple left at the table a small wave.

“I think Greg I would like to go home and do what those two are going to be doing,” Jill whispered in her husband’s ear as her hand found its way to his crutch and gently squeezed.

Greg quickly rose to go and pay for lunch and returned with a little grin on his face, “We could have been home by now, the big bugger had already paid!”

Shortly afterwards he lay on his back on the mat on the living room floor as his impatient wife slobbered over his erect cock with her hot mouth as she ground her wet sex against his talented tongue.

Sydney and Thelma were much more patient in their love making preparations as they slowly made their way to her hover she suddenly stopped him, “What about your packages that you bought this morning?” she asked.

“Already at your place I would assume,” said Sydney dragging her along with him.

She smacked his bottom again, but this time left her hand on him, digging her fingers into the pocket at the back in order to more comfortably massage his cheek. “You were just going to wander back in as if nothing was wrong weren’t you?” she giggled.

“No, if you didn’t want me then I was sure that you would have sent them to Kelsey, but I did think that there was nothing really wrong that a few hours talking about wouldn’t solve,” he answered as he placed his arm around her waist.

Behind them the jewellery store owner grinned to herself, “So it seems that someone can melt the woman’s heart after all,” she said to herself, glancing around the shop she signalled an assistant to mind the store as she quickly moved to the front of the shop and out the door to see where they went. Seeing them get into Thelma’s red sporty hover together she sighed and dreamily watched them kiss before the vehicle moved off.

Her eyes turned upwards in her head a little as she contacted a jovial red robed man in the realms, “All is good my lord,” she sent then recomposed herself and met a couple entering her premises with the smile of those about to make a big commitment to each other. Smiling she led the way to a display of rings.

Thelma could barely keep her hands off the big man that insisted he needed a shower and to change before they went any further. Listening to him singing in the shower she lay on the bed in the bedroom he had not used last night, instead she had lain sobbing on the covers after her late night visitors had left. Now sinuously she stretched opening her legs wide as she waited for him to finish up. Her eyes closed as her hands cupped her large breasts and gently tweaked her nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips as she briefly opened his eyes to find him watching her.

Pretending he wasn’t there as she slid a finger into her soaking sex was difficult as the mere thought of his cock being where her finger penetrated her deeply was enough to have her hips bucking and her mouth opened widely ready to call out her joy. She never got the chance as she found her mouth full of his hard cock and her mouth automatically closed around his hot flesh. Moaning around it she looked into his eyes as her tongue worked over the head of his dick.

Her fingers never left her wet pussy as he slowly allowed his hard tool to move in and out of sucking lips, his large hand covered her breast squeezing it gently as she sighed. Silently they continued to play, his firmer grip on her tit the only warning of his impending need to fill her mouth with his seed. She sucked harder and as his first gentle spurt pressed against the tip of her tongue she jammed three fingers deep into herself as she came swallowing the nectar in her mouth.

Lying down beside her he finally spoke, “I am sorry T, but I need to sleep for a little bit before I can honestly give you more than what your own fingers are giving you.”

“You bugger,” she grunted as she came again with the soft voiced use of his nickname for her.

Giggling she moved over on the bed and allowed his large frame to nestle down beside her, she breathed hotly into his chest, “I think I need to sleep as well, my evening wasn’t quite as restful as you may have thought either.”

“Belenus can be fairly gloomy sometimes,” he murmured as his eyes closed.

Her own eyes opened wide in shock, she had never mentioned the names of her visitors in their brief discussion of them as they walked on the beach! She looked to his face and saw it soft with sleep and she sighed as she rolled to her side, wrapped his arm around her soft breasts and decided she would ask that question later.

Chapter 7 – A President’s mistake

Since the visit of Cue Ball into his office demanding the rescinding of the Mutation Laws President Greg Weir had not had much sleep. He knew that something else had happened in his office, something that he believed allowed him to walk and talk in his frantic effort to find out why the parliamentary parties and the previous President had excluded him from plans that had begun over 500 years before.

“It must have been enough to satisfy him,” he said to himself as he recalled the furious face that stared at him across his desk, “otherwise my body would be lying in the morgue with Molby and Hawkings.”

His conversations with the head of his office, the leaders of the parliamentary parties as well as some of his senior military staff had sent him into an absolute panic as he discovered the extent that the laws had been used and abused. He listened in disbelief as the diabolic plot to remove certain persons from their positions in not only politics but industry, education, law enforcement as well as the military was revealed.

Shamefacedly the leader of the opposition, William McIntyre, the previous President, detailed the reasons they kept the secret from a young, inexperienced politician they believed would not last more than a few months in the job as members of both parties plotted his downfall.

The election of the President of Oceania was not by a direct popular vote of the man or woman themselves, but a complicated process of voting for local representatives throughout the 600 or so areas throughout the nation for parliament. Those representatives pre-declared their preference for a President who was then appointed by the elected politicians after the election was declared. There had been the rare occasion that it was not a member of parliament that became the President. Gregory John Weir was one of those rare occasions.

He had no party affiliations, nor military association, Greg Weir was an activist for peace, his popularity had grown in his and members of his charity group’s work. They worked with the underprivileged, the sentient races that had emerged in the oceans and lands around the country as well as being a voice that anyone could contact and if he believed it was a worthwhile cause he published it through his extensive network of communications.

Though political groups urged him to join their party he had chosen not to and entered the presidential race as a method for him to continue his drive towards a world of peace and harmony. It was his passionate belief and his ability to communicate that message that saw him associated with representatives that would never have been elected otherwise. Now he learnt that some of those same political representatives had plotted to remove him as incompetent and failing in his duties, a get out clause put in the constitution hundreds of years before, one that had no foundation but if it gathered enough momentum then he would be forced to step aside and allow parliament to appoint an interim President for the remainder of his 7 year term.

President Weir had intended to hold his position for a lot longer than that!

Now he used his influence in the party rooms to urge the rescinding of the laws, the repatriation of the displaced and the prosecution of those that had used the laws fraudulently to improve their own positions or those of their cronies. It had taken a great deal of work for him to achieve his goals but now he was ready to make an announcement to the world about it. The only major concession he had been forced to make was the appointment of General Albert Whitbourne as the new head of the military. He disliked the fat, arrogant unpleasant faced man, but he was willing to make the deal in order to gain the removal of the laws that he saw as a draconian and corrupted way of dealing with the myriad of wonderful beings that he had met in his travels.

He sat in front of the waiting media and joyfully made his announcements.

In his office in the Solomon Islands some 1800 kilometres to the north east Lt-Col James Lachlan punched his fist down on the table hard, the computer terminal almost bounced off its connection as he listened to President Weir appoint the most corrupt man he knew as his boss. He picked up the phone and dialled.

In an isolated outpost deep into the Australian interior General Albert Whitbourne watched a few dozen of his loyal men celebrate his appointment by pistoning their cocks into the women strapped into the especially made couches that presented their arse, pussy and face to any man that wanted to use them. The sluts, as he called them, were in a drug induced frenzy of lust as the men pumped their loads of potent sperm into them as deeply as possible.

He watched the couches tilt as each man signalled that they had ejaculated by pressing the button on the console beside them, the tilted couches held the women’s pelvis high to prevent the draining of the sperm inside them, allowing optimum time for them to find the eggs of the drugged women. He wasn’t sure that it was exactly helpful in the process but he didn’t argue with the scientists that had recommended the modification to the breeder’s couches.

He smiled as all of the couches finally tilted as the slut at his feet greedily swallowed his spurting cock in a fervent belief that drinking his seed would help in making her pregnant. A belief his psychologists had hypnotised into the women they had captured over the past several years as an alternative to having them lie around uselessly while they menstruated or were put off active sexual contact as they passed through the critical first trimester of their pregnancies.

The woman sucking wetly on the cock of the man beside him was at least eight month’s pregnant but she still searched for more of his cream in order to promote the growth of the male child within her. Something his closest ally, Bill Jeffries, explained as part of the further brainwashing they had introduced. He looked over at his fellow conspirator as he groaned as the pregnant woman at the man’s feet brought him to a second orgasm with her hot mouth.

Whitbourne was a driven man, his hatred of the imbalance of the sexes had started in his early twenties when he found five of his nine sisters joyfully engaged in screwing each other with strap on cocks in his parent’s bedroom. Confronting the girls, all were several years older than him, as to why they used fake cocks to satisfy their needs, he had been hurt that they had preferred to use them to trying to pick up any of the rare males around their own ages or for that matter turn to him for assistance.

His sisters were not attractive women, inheriting as he himself had, the body shape of their father, a jovial man with a fat stomach and heavy build, his 165 centimetre height made his obesity even worse. Their mother was also a short, rather plain woman who was flat chested and broad hipped, her face sprinkled with dark hair that she no longer plucked. His father often joked that he could never tell which end he should be kissing and which he should be trying to fuck. It was a humour that a young Albert did not find particularly amusing.

After confronting his sisters he had tried to convince them that his own equipment was available for them to use should they desire but the sight of his small penis had added to their laughter and derision of him as a male. Sonya, his oldest sister, had three of the girls hold him down one afternoon as he spied on them playing with their toys, struggling against their grip on his arms and legs was pointless and so he lay there seeing what would happen. Sonya jerked his little cock to full erection and placing one of her toys against his cock exclaimed, “See girls, it wouldn’t even make a decent mouthful!”

The laughter of his sisters was too much and with a fierce determination he left home and joined the military college in Melbourne. His attitude to women got him into a great deal of trouble with the commander of his platoon, a large, muscled woman, Colonel Juanita Colby that ruled with an iron fist. Finding himself on KP duty one too many times because of his derisive comments on weak, soft bellied sluts eventually forced the woman to recommend disciplinary action of a more permanent nature. No-one ever discovered his role in her accidental death in a training exercise off the coast of the Solomon Island of San Cristobal when a defective SCUBA tank full of CO2 was blamed for her drowning.

The young lieutenant was however, noticed by several other higher ranking officers who had begun to meet on a regular basis to discuss the role of women in the forces, something they considered as dangerous and unwanted. Despite the ratio of women to men being around five to one, many of these ambitious officers believed that scientific experimentation on the breeding process could influence the outcome of pregnancy to promote more male births, It was these early discussions that intrigued Whitbourne and as he rose through the ranks by proving to be a good tactical commander in various skirmishes with foreign terrorists and internal conflicts.

When he found political friends that shared his ambition to see more males in the population his power base as an officer grew until eventually he attained the rank of general. His friends were powerful and he ingratiated himself among them by providing drugs and other substances that he hoarded from outposts of the old Asian parts of the world in various raids that he and his teams carried out as part of the resistance to the growing religious cult that threatened the northern areas of Oceania.

Discovering a particularly useful contact in the old areas of what was southern China, the man began to supply him with a tasteless, odourless drug that would turn men and women into sexual submissive slaves for the time that the drug affected them, generally in the order of 24 hours.

Recording the sexual activities of several of his superiors and some of his political friends as they cavorted under his direction ensured his rapid rise in the ranks and the supply of resources he needed to carry out his and his associates plans. Whitbourne was an astute and clever orchestrator of parties where his recording of events would take place, ensuring that the participants spoke their parts and appeared to be totally of freewill as they allowed acts of sodomy by their fellow male officers and orgiastic delight in having a dozen men use their mouths and hands. One particularly attractive and buxom aspiring political heavyweight no longer turned her pretty face away from him in disgust once he had revealed a small part of a recording of her fucking almost two dozen men in gay abandon around his spacious home.

Apart from his store of recorded sexual misdeeds, safely stored where no-one would be able to access them without alerting him to their intent, he was not above arranging the disappearance of those that he could either not corrupt or were unafraid of his exposure. Only one man defied all attempts to be removed or corrupted, Lt-Col James Lachlan, a man who should have been the head of the armed forces, but for the background acts of Whitbourne who ensured the man was never promoted despite the protests of political and military supporters.

Having risen to his powerful position Whitbourne and his group began to accumulate the necessary resources to bring about the birth of a project to increase the breeding of males into society. Fervently they all believed that if they could overcome nature’s ridiculous rationing of males in births then they would be able to build an army of men. That army would go forth into the world and bring about order and control. A world where men once again rose to their rightful place as rulers and held the power of corporations, politics and science.

It was easy for his group to find disgruntled members of all of these areas, men who had been overlooked for promotion, who had seen women rise to the top of the pay scale before them, women who had spurned their interest in bedding them. To Whitbourne’s surprise there were also a great number of women who supported the group’s cause, he believed it was because they wanted to return to their submissive roles, breeding, cooking and looking after the men in their home. If he had sat and analysed it for just a few moments he would have found that their motives were much more basic, the women wanted sex with a real man, not the fakes that their sisters wore or to wait their turns in multi-partnered marriages or relationships that never seemed to be satisfactory or enough.

Still Whitbourne gathered a substantial group to begin their first steps towards his goals. Impatiently he awaited the trials on sheep, pigs and cattle of drug cocktails that the scientists devised and had barely waited for confirmation on a fifty percent success rate in influencing the birth of males from the animals before he pressured his group into beginning the experiments on females.

At first the group had volunteers to take the drugs and the male officers, doctors and scientists were the willing donors of sperm that was artificially inseminated. As most of the women got pregnant, some twenty of them in the first trials, Whitbourne waited for confirmation of the percentages. He was incensed that of twenty pregnancies only one was male, he ordered the rest of the pregnancies aborted.

It was not what Whitbourne had envisaged and complained bitterly that he was not out there fathering children in the old fashioned way, an act he believed to be of a higher chance of success than the sterile process of test tubes and microscopes. His advisors jokingly told him that the only way they would get enough volunteers was to use his drug contacts in Asia and start kidnapping women off the street. The first dozen women were taken from the military barracks in Alice Springs where rumours of disharmony and feelings of not being satisfied with military conditions were spread. The disappearance of the women was taken as being the end result with them posted as AWOL and the matter not investigated further.

It was at this time that Whitbourne had been contacted by a Professor of Political Sciences and Behaviours from the Townsville University, the man had appeared at his home one evening and refusing all offers of a drink or food had outlined how much he knew about Whitbourne and his group. Whitbourne was frightened and angry, his first reaction had been to simply have the man removed discretely, already Molby and that other idiot Hawkings were involved in that sort of activity, he was not sure what Molby’s plans were but as long as the man did not interfere with his own plans, he ignored him. Bill Jeffries, had told him that he should not look upon him as an enemy but rather a solid ally, pointing out the benefits of being a highly respected and regarded professor in a university where several thousand nubile bodies paraded around in increasingly skimpy attire.

As Jeffries outlined his own skills that could be useful in his endeavours, Whitbourne discovered the man was also ambitious and corrupt, he wanted to be chancellor, a woman that had clashed with Molby, stood in his way, he was as driven as Whitbourne himself. When Jeffries introduced him to Patrician Keaton, another board member with skills in psychiatry, he suddenly found himself feeling more confident in setting his plans in action.

It was Keaton that had invented the breeding couches and escalated the kidnap and drugging program. Almost ten thousand women were being fucked on a daily basis across the hidden facilities across Australia, Fiji, Papua and New Zealand. Solomon Islands had proven a difficult place to get facilities established as a particularly pedantic local government and of course the influence of one Lt-Col James Lachlan who it appeared had friends in very high places, particularly within an organisation called Camelot Corporation.

Still, Whitbourne smiled, as he watched the big tits of Patricia Keaton bouncing on her chest as she lay strapped into a breeding couch as the rather large cock of a skinny corporal rammed her brutally, ten thousand cunts getting it every day was a start. Another thousand women were housed in comfortable accommodations as the male child within them grew. Whitbourne noted the time and awaited the results from the previous week’s testing, Project Breeding for Freedom, Project BF for short, appeared to be progressing as healthily as they could wish.

Patricia Keaton sighed as her body tilted in the breeding couch, the young well endowed corporal behind her grinned as he moved around to her elevated face and rubbed his sperm and pussy juice covered cock over her helpless face. She opened wide and allowed him to push his barely softened tool into her mouth.

As the only non-drugged woman in the room she could have simply asked her subordinate to leave her be as she waited the 15 minutes the scientists had determined was optimum for healthy sperm to find ready eggs, hers of course would never be found as she had been born without fallopian tubes. Her love of strange cock in her body and the men using her ruthlessly as they tried to impregnate her was something she craved, she sucked greedily on the rapidly hardening cock as his fingers twisted cruelly on her large prominent nipples as his strokes forced her throat to open for him.

“Keaton is such a slut, Bill,” Whitbourne said as he and the man stood observing the woman being forcefully face fucked the other side of the one way glass separating the office and the breeding room.

“Yes but she is a fucking ruthless bitch and very damned good at her job. So she likes it rough, I have seen the bondage room she has in her own home, this is nothing,” the tall professor of political sciences said as his cock grew at the memory.

Whitbourne, observing his colleague’s reaction, suggested that he find a spare cunt somewhere and put his sperm to good use. He was not surprised to see the man a short time later lining up to be one of the first to use the new group of women that were being tied into the couches as their previous occupants were led away for examination by the army of doctors and nurses that waited for them in the rooms surrounding the breeding couches.

Keaton, her face covered in the young corporal’s sperm was the last to be unfastened and she shook off the nurse’s hand that grasped her elbow and offered her a towel. He laughed as he watched her force the woman who was waiting to be strapped in to the couch remove the sperm from her face with her fingers then shove them into her wet drug affected pussy. The young woman then licked the rest from the woman’s face before being bent over into the chair and forcefully impaled upon the eager young private who had been extremely aroused by the big titted Keaton’s actions.

The woman showered and dressed, meeting Whitbourne in the observation room as most of the new batch of women were tilted in the couches. “Congratulations Sir,” she said as she walked into the room and gave the fat man a crisp salute as she stood at attention beside his chair. Her eyes never left the man’s face as she stood waiting for his orders, his grunt as his small cock ejaculated into the pregnant woman’s mouth as she knelt at his feet was the only sound in the room.

“Thank you Major,” the man said, “you may now proceed to the next phase. I expect to hear of the death of that bitch and her team in the news by the end of the week then you can wiggle that hot arse of yours on the benches out there for as long as you like with the biggest cocks you can find. Dismissed.”

“One of them certainly won’t be yours, you arrogant fuckwit,” she thought to herself as she left to board the hover that would take her and Jeffries back to Townsville for a meeting with Thelma Daintree and the rest of her command team the next afternoon.

Chapter 8 – A gift given

Thelma Daintree had awoken in the early evening, the man beside her had rolled over as he slept and by the dim light entering the room from the setting sun she observed his muscular back and shoulders and sighed silently. The fingernail marks formed long red scratches that were well healed but still visible, she once again cursed herself for a fool as she gently traced them matching her fingers to the same width as the now pale red marks. Sydney woke at her soft touch and lay there as she traced her fingers up and down his back. “These should have been mine,” she said when she felt his body react to her touch and as the man rolled to face her she grinned.

“I guess I will just have to make up for that,” she giggled as she kissed his lips softly then sighed as he hopped off the bed and went to the bathroom.

Returning from the bathroom Sydney found the room brightly lit but empty, he was about to go looking for the hot blonde he had left naked on his bed only minutes before when he spotted her on the veranda watching something in the distance. Quietly he stepped behind her turning his head in the direction she was looking, “What is it T?” he asked. Her body trembled slightly but she didn’t answer nor turn around, she kept looking at something.

He scanned the country around the northern side of the house but could still see nothing and was about to ask again what she saw when suddenly she pointed and spoke, “That is where the assassination team will come from to kill me tomorrow, led by someone whom I believed was one of my closest allies.”

Sydney nodded, he too had dreamed of the attack upon her, though he was a little less certain about who influenced the dream to show him the faceless men and women that descended on the house in search of a woman who was not here. “Yes Thelma, I saw the attack too,” he whispered into her ear as he closed the distance to her naked body and wrapped his arms around her.

She took his big hands and lifted them to her large breasts, using them to cup and fondle her heavy flesh. “Did you remember the big titted woman, the one that directed them where they were to deploy?” His nod against the top of her head indicated that he did.

“She can lick pussy like it is going out of fashion and make even the biggest cock fit down her throat!” she laughed as she pushed her warm bottom back against him.

Confusion emanated from him and for a moment he didn’t register the little giggle from behind him. Suddenly the woman in his arms disappeared and he spun to the noise. Thelma leaned against the doorway, naked but now a good three metres from him. “The dream, the woman you held so nicely, they are what you can do when you learn to dream cast,” she said softly as he closed the distance between them and leant down to taste her puckered lips.

“How do I learn to tell the difference?” he asked as he broke the kiss.

“There are ways, something will not seem right or if you know the person or the place well enough you can spot details that not even the most talented will get right. It is all about examining what you think is there first, have I not told you that before warrior? Look, listen, learn.”

He grinned, “I seem to remember you telling me that once or twice,” he answered. It was his teacher’s most commonly used phrase.

Laughing she pulled him back into the room until she felt the bed edge behind her knees and pulled him down onto her as she fell back legs splayed on to the mattress. “Lessons later,” she murmured into his mouth, “love first!”

Sydney’s kissed her neck, ears and throat as she sighed against his warm body. Her eyes closed as he mouthed and fondled her heavy breasts, the exquisite feel of his hot tongue against her sensitive nipples had her hips rubbing upwards, pressing her sex against his knee that he placed between her legs. He could feel her heat and wetness, both of which seemed to increase as he playfully pushed her tits together and captured both nipples between his teeth. Her hips gyrated harder as he bit and sucked finally she was panting as he increased his pressure of his teeth biting them quite hard. The flood of moisture on his kneecap told him she very much enjoyed her big tits being roughly handled.

Descending down her body he knelt on the carpet beside the bed and gently bathed her blonde curls with his tongue as he captured her fragrant juices. Pushing his tongue inside her wet pussy Sydney reached his hands upwards forcing Thelma’s thighs apart and back towards her breasts, he captured her nipples in his fingers and twisted them firmly as he drank her juices. The blonde squealed as his fat broad tongue penetrated her, wiggling around as he searched for more of her cream.

“Oh my goodness,” she sighed as his lips and tongue found their way around her labia and with insistent licks of his tongue and gentle sucking of his lips he stiffened her already excited clit. Looking down the valley of her breasts she saw his dark-blue eyes twinkling as he forced her clit to stand out proud and erect from between her curls, she had never seen herself get so big before. Her hips bucked hard against his face as he sucked her into his hot mouth hard, his tongue rapidly flicking the sensitive bud making her orgasm intensely as he continued his oral assault.

Unable to move her hands to push his head away she relaxed and let him bring her to several more smaller orgasms, something she had never been able to do with her own hands and certainly not something she had experienced for quite sometime. As she felt herself powerlessly heading towards another huge cum his cock slammed into her wet and begging cunt and she screamed to the ceiling as he filled her, holding his cock inside her as deep as he could.

“Fuck me Syddy, fuck me hard!” she begged loudly as her body calmed a little from the orgasm that had almost caused her to totally lose control of trembling legs and hips as they thrashed convulsively beneath his motionless body. Bracing his feet on the floor he lifted her ankles high and began to withdraw his cock from her, she groaned.

He rammed back into her and with a little yelp she cautioned him to go a little slow first, “I might want to review my original request,” she giggled, “you are bigger than even my biggest dildo and I haven’t used him for a while!”

She watched the big man’s eyes close and felt a definite shrinking between her legs before his cock rammed back into her pressing his smooth pubis against her still tingling clit. “Ooohhh,” she cooed softly, realising what he had done and moved her hips to try to match his rhythm as he fucked into her in increasingly powerful thrusts. By the time he had let her ankles go and was firmly pulling her shoulders down to meet his brutal thrusts into her continuously orgasming cunt she knew that she was being stretched by the biggest cock she had ever taken.

Her nails had left little crescent marks in the cheeks of his arse as she reached down to hold him, forcing him harder into her wet sex that seemed to be the only thing that she could communicate with, her mouth was open but no sound came from her, her happy sex squelched and gurgled in delight with each thrust he gave it. The banging of his big testicle filled scrotum against her soft arse cheeks was an additional heat that she welcomed and moving her hands downwards she pulled herself open and allowed the heavy sac to slap against her tingling anus.

“Cum on me Syddy,” she babbled as she heard his laboured grunts signalling his impending release, “blow that big load all over Mumma’s titties and my face. Want to see that big fuck stick cum all over me! Please!”

Sydney grinned and with a last thrust he pulled out his weapon surprising himself with how big he had let it grow to satisfy the heaving woman beneath him and let her reach for his cock to help him finish, Her hands were unnecessary but he allowed her to control the hose-like ejaculation he commanded from his body. His spurts landed on her face and in her open mouth, she directed several heavy strings across her tits and especially against her sensitive nipples and finally lay his cock on her very wet pussy and allowed the last of his cream to land on her stomach. He pulled back a little and milked the final drops on to her still protruding clit before sliding back down and allowing half of his cock to re-enter her as she sighed.

Their active love making had moved them all over the bed and Sydney chuckled at the wanton look on the woman who now lay with her head at the foot of the bed as he braced his foot against the bed head and pushed the whole of his cock forcefully back into her as her tongue searched around her lips for his cum then retracted as she moaned at his new assault. His thrusts were gentler as he rubbed his cream into her heavy tits and capturing the excess cream on her nipples with his fingers offered them to her as she opened her mouth to capture his digits. “Tasty,” she sighed then raised her other breast to his mouth to suckle the last of his load from her sensitive nipple. He felt her pussy muscles contract hard around him as he sucked and bit.

It was midnight by the time her overexcited body told her it was time for her to lift off the hard cock she was riding as he lay on his back watching her through half closed eyes. “Oh no,” she pouted as her hips just gave up on her and sent her trembling down on to his chest where he held her gently. “I wanted to suck your cum into my greedy cunt one more time,” she whimpered as she lay panting against him.

“Tomorrow after we finish meeting with the board of directors,” he promised snuggling her down to sleep as he stroked her hair softly.

The pair remained that way until the dawn when Thelma got her wish as she laughingly ground against his rampant weapon, “I am also impatient,” she giggled as he thrust hard into her and allowed his cream to wash her womb.

As they sat watching each other eat breakfast late in the morning Thelma smiled softly at the man as he sat back in his chair to sip his tea. “Sydney I want to thank you for yesterday,” she began but stopped as she saw him tense slightly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked puzzled.

“Thelma, I am having sex with some of the most wonderful people in my life, please do not thank me for it,” his voice contained the hurt of someone who has been told the same words a dozen times and refuses to believe it anymore. “If you want me then I am here, I do not need you to tell me how wonderful I am, you are an amazing lover and you gave yourself to me freely as I did to you. There is no need for thanks.”

She stood, her body still tingled from his attention and her nipples still showed her arousal. “Come with me warrior I have a further gift to give you.”

Sydney chuckled, “I thought you said you were going to save your arse until another time!”

Wiggling her delectable bottom as she went past she replied, “No not yet, but I think this gift will last much longer than my poor arse would under your tender care!”

He followed her to her bedroom and sat on the bed as she instructed, she sat cross legged facing him and she had to lift his head to meet her eyes rather than the wet open flesh between her legs. “Later,” she whispered, “relax.” Her eyes regarded him warmly though her face contained a serious, no nonsense expression.

He felt a tickling sensation begin between his eye brows and Thelma gently clasped his hand as lifted it to rub at the spot. “Don’t fight it,” she whispered, “just relax and clear your thoughts.”

Letting his hand go limp the sensation faded as he slowly released his breath and watched Thelma’s eyes as she continued to maintain her serious expression. Suddenly Sydney’s brain felt as if it was glowing in his head and he had the curious feeling of being able to see himself as well as Thelma. The glow brightened so much that he couldn’t see anything and his body seemed to lie back of its own accord as a whispering started inside him.

For a moment Sydney thought it was Alfred or Esmeralda trying to contact him but quickly dismissed that, as the voice seemed to be more feminine than Alfred’s masculine intrusions and definitely more human than the alien’s strangely accented one. Sydney strained to comprehend and vaguely heard Thelma’s voice murmuring, “Relax, just let it happen.”

Taking a deep breath he consciously eased the muscles in his body, the glow disappeared replaced by a crystal clear vision of Thelma’s body and smiling face filling his consciousness. “Hello,” the vision said and he whispered back a greeting that was more question than salutation.

“Yes Sydney it is me. I am inside you now and I am going to give you my gift.”

Sydney had a fleeting thought that the gift of her body and her recent activities were gift enough and a soft tinkle of laughter filled his mind. As he watched the vision indicated her delightfully naked body and told him that the exchanges of those gifts were available any time but this was something that would be with him all the time.

“What it is then?” he finally asked.

Thelma’s face loomed large in his mind expanding until only her brilliant green eyes shone before his mind’s eye and he felt his whole consciousness become enmeshed with hers.

The world, the stars and the seasons traipsed across his mindscape in chaotic processions, spinning, weaving and warping across his vision. Worlds exploded, suns died and were reborn, creatures of every kind, imagined and real, appeared he began to sense everything as alive and communicating with him on some understandable level. He tried to capture the meanings and again Thelma’s voice along with other voices spoke, “Relax,” ceasing his efforts he found that quickly and gently his mind opened wider encompassing more of the kaleidoscope of images and sensations, accepting what he was being given.

Sydney slept or at least it felt that he was sleeping as the crystal clarity of the visions reduced to a more dreamlike quality as information stored itself in his consciousness, some into his sub-conscious areas of his mind awaiting the growth of his powers to make themselves available.

A beautiful naked woman stood at the side of the bed, her serpent tail wound sinuously around the naked man on the bed, the tip brushing against the space between his eyes. “Sleep warrior,” she crooned softly, “I have given more of my gift to you than to your teacher. You must hold the power to create and alter the memories of your followers if you are to repair the world as Mollenny and I wish.”

Nugua, ancient goddess of the Chinese, repairer of the universe, blessed him with more of her gift than she had ever given to anyone. “He is different this time, more powerful, more driven, I will offer all I can to help him,” she said to the alabaster coloured face of the man that stood beside her watching the process with his ubiquitous gloomy expression.

“If the others of the council find out what you have done they will attempt to take it from him,” the man said softly.

“In time the council will become more open in their support of Jebidiah and the warrior,” she answered equally as softly.

“Any attempt to remove or interfere with what I have freely given will be met by my wrath!” she hissed in cold contempt of the fools that sat in the chambers with her on the rare occasions that the Realm Masters met.

“Very well Nugua, I will always support you as you know,” the man said warmly.

“As I you, Belenus,” she retorted as she held her hand to him and they both faded from view.

Esmeralda sighed as they faded, of the council those two were the ones she trusted the most. She watched her host body sleep, her expression one of love as she hovered above the roof of the building luxuriating in the warmth of a rising sun that promised spring to be not far away.

Sydney finally awoke, his eyes focused on the ceiling as he realised that he was alone. A soft giggle sounded in his ears and he almost began to get off the bed when the soft voice of Thelma continued, “Uh huh, use your mind to find me.”

Closing his eyes Sydney let his mind reach out tentatively and found her bright eyes staring at him and a smile broke upon her lips. You found me she thought at him and he smiled in reply then her eyes closed and the image in his mind changed to something he couldn’t quite comprehend until instinctively he relaxed and let whatever it was wash over his senses.

Thelma was masturbating or was it him, for a few moments his mind couldn’t decide and he almost lost contact until he forced his mind to accept and relax. Sydney opened his eyes and watched his red tipped nails gently strum across his wet pussy lips before tweaking his clit causing delicious sensations to run through his stomach and little jolts of electricity seared his already sensitive nipples. The man gasped out loud as his orgasm approached and visions of his own hot tongue against Thelma’s wet pussy sent him over the edge. Sydney grasped the sheets of the bed tightly as his cock exploded in joyful release. He relaxed, closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep as his mind adjusted to the new powers it had obtained.

Thelma’s hot body pressed against him as he awoke and turning he saw her face and bright eyes checking his with concern. “You will always know where we are and how we feel now,” she stated simply. “Not only that you will have the ability to project, sift, mind-mask and a few other things that I will let you find out by yourself. But no doubt Jenny will help you as you grow.”

Sydney looked dumbly at her, “Jenny?” and Thelma’s eyes twinkled as she stopped any further questions with a long soft kiss that led to them not leaving the bedroom for a while.

Late in the afternoon Sydney and Thelma sat in front of the monitors sipping wine while they chatted to Patrick Evans and Jo at Brisbane hospital, Kelsey, Bonnie and Jenny at Sydney’s home. Sydney gave his little red haired playmate instructions to let the ducks know where he was and gleefully she held up the paint set that he had sent her. “Going to paint them tomorrow!” she exclaimed.

“She loves them Sydney,” said Kelsey smiling broadly, “that was a good guess that she was ready to start with some new mediums.”

Sydney shrugged, it was no good telling Kelsey that the woman he knew in previous lives was a fine artist but he smiled saying that he hoped she would have some nice pictures for him to see when he got back.

Patrick Evans asked him about his physical well-being and tut-tutted a little when Sydney told him he had grown a little bit more, “I seem to be getting more muscle, Patrick,” he informed him when the doctor pressed him for details.

“Don’t over eat and make sure you get plenty of exercise,” the doctor told him with a wink at the grinning pair before telling them all he had to go as he had rounds.

Jenny had gone off to start her painting of the ducks and Sydney watched the wide eyed women in front of him on the screen and wondered what sort of mischief they were conspiring in their non-verbal communication with the giggly blonde beside him.

Bonnie spoke up, “Thelma, keep him out of trouble, oh and don’t wear him out too much, some of us are really missing him and it’s only been two days.”

“Wear him out! I’m the one that can barely walk!”

Kelsey and Jo said, “Been there!” and Sydney fell off his chair in tears of laughter.

Jo said, “Kick him for us too!”

From his position on the floor Sydney listened to the banter between the women and their discussions about his sexual prowess as if he wasn’t even there. Thelma told them about his needing to see the tailor here and suggested that it wasn’t just his shoulders, legs and feet that had grown a few centimetres.

Sydney told them all that he was not stripping for them just yet thanks.

“Coward. Spoilsport. Killjoy,” came from all quarters.

Telling them that he loved them all and would consider it tomorrow night but right now he was hungry and needed feeding.

Thelma cut the connections and lying down beside him saying, “I think I really do like your harem!”

“Well you should, you picked most of them. I would have been satisfied with the occasional glimpse at Bonnie and maybe the odd kiss. Now I have to lock the bathroom door so I can wash my dick by myself, which is hard when I don’t have a lock.”

She giggled, “Most men would give their eye-teeth for such a pretty bath maiden.”

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that, it’s just that we made the rules at the start and Bonnie’s body and mind has a need that I just can’t supply her with. I am not sure that I can stick to the rules or that if she decides to break them that I am going to fight too hard to stop her.

“Before you even suggest keeping me away from her or her away from me you should know that I believe that would just make it worse, for both of us.”

Thelma was quiet for a moment, “I might have another idea but I will tell you about it after we have food. Lasagne?”

“Would be great!”

Chapter 9 – Masking the obvious

Sydney was happy to have found another woman prepared to teach him how to look after himself as Thelma took him through the steps and ingredients needed to make lasagne. Though he was more relegated to passing ingredients, the happy and relaxed woman found herself enjoying teaching him something other than the various ways to kill the enemy, tactics and logistics. She also loved the way he was happy to write down her instructions in his little hand-held notebook, even taking holos when he wanted to understand properly what she was trying to create.

In the end the meal was quite delicious and she enjoyed his compliments, often given with little kisses that kept her on edge despite the protests her body was giving her when his hands rubbed across her back or down to her arse and hips. Eventually she had shooed him off to the bar telling him that her pussy was telling her she was closer to rebelling at the thought of sucking more cock than begging for scratching.

Sydney chuckled as he made her scotch and cola and delivered it to the pretty chef as she finished her preparations and popped the tray into the oven.

They sat catching up on news vids and Sydney found himself laughing hysterically at a report that purported to give a reason for the closure of the shuttle service several days before. A woman that he recognised as being one of the suited gits on the shuttle tearfully told a reporter how she and her friends had been forced off the shuttle by a gun wielding man and his companion. The identikit photos showed a moustachioed man with long unkempt hair, a scarred face and a permanent sneer, the woman was not much better, sallow complexion, messy brown hair and pouting red lips.

Sydney chortled as he showed the story to Thelma, she grinned with him, “Well obviously you disguised us pretty well!” she said to his laughing face.

“Disguise! I didn’t do anything!” he exclaimed.

“It’s called mind-masking, Sydney, you can alter the perception of who you are to the people watching. You are already doing it when you wander as Cue Ball, no-one knows who he is even when he stands right in front of them,” she pointed out.

“Ask Jenny when you get home,” she added as his look turned thoughtful as he turned back to the rest of the news cast.

President Weir’s announcement of the Mutant Laws being rescinded and making it unlawful for anyone to be removed or vilified because of their mutated appearance or abilities put them in a joyful mood, despite Thelma’s voiced disgust at the appointment of Whitbourne as the new head of military, “The man is an absolute wanker, Sydney! He thinks women should be at home in the kitchen not fighting in the military. He seems to forget that eighty percent of the armed forces are women!” her exasperation was evident but she let it go as she watched footage of the funerals of Molby and Hawkings.

Disturbingly there were protesters at both men’s funerals and an interview with a young woman gave the reason why. Thelma turned the volume up slightly “… I’m glad the beeps are dead, they took my brother and they took my sister all because they said they were aliens. I want them to come home now that they have found out that he lied about them all because I wouldn’t beep him!”

Thelma spoke softly, “I had heard that Molby was like that, ask around the campus and there are a lot of stories about both him and Hawkings along similar lines.”

“Perhaps we can use people like her and her stories to find out whether our mysterious friend really has got them all or whether there are some more out there we don’t know about,” mused Sydney as he sat comfortably with his arm over Thelma’s shoulder. She half lay across the couch resting her head on his chest as she sipped her drink.

“You know that isn’t a bad idea, we could have anonymous emails, a web site, I am sure that if there is over half a million people out there somewhere, our friend would have to have put them somewhere and I am not sure he would have got them all either,” she replied.

She reached for her phone and Sydney stopped her as she began to dial, “No Thelma, tomorrow, when we meet with the command team.”

Nodding she put the phone on the table beside her, “10:00 am tomorrow, bright and early!” She giggled as he rolled his eyes at her early start.

“Time we went to bed then,” he joked, “if we have to be up early tomorrow.”

As they cuddled in Sydney’s bed it suddenly occurred to him that he had not yet made it to Thelma’s bedroom, “Too messy,” she confessed, “my housekeeper doesn’t come until tomorrow afternoon.” Suddenly she leapt out of bed and raced down the hallway through the living room and into her bedroom.

She giggled as she came back with her military belt containing two 9mm side-arms in their holsters, “I am sure Mrs Tremorne doesn’t need to know these are mine!” Opening his closet she hung them in a concealed safe that she opened with her thumbprint. He noted that there were several other weapons in there and asked if she felt so insecure as to have that many.

“I was going to give you another present before you went home,” she said coyly as she lifted a pair of silver handled weapons from their holsters and passed them to him. The guns felt as if they had been made for his hands and he held them expertly.

“So much for getting Martha to give you lessons in using them,” she murmured to herself as she watched him disassemble and rebuild them in a very short time. He grinned as he passed them back for storage with a nod of thanks.

“Not that I think I will need them much,” he said as she slipped back under the covers beside him, “my sword and shield still feel very comfortable.”

“Never bring a sword to a gunfight, Enyalius,” she said quietly, giggling softly as the man’s lips twitched in a small smile.

They slept comfortably wrapped in each other’s arms, their bodies did not need further excitement for the day after the strains of their efforts from the past forty-eight hours. Thelma slept deeply, nothing disturbed her dreams whereas Sydney’s mind roved the world of ether.

“Be prepared my son,” a voice called from the darkness that Sydney found impenetrable even to his enhanced eyes. “No my boy you cannot see me yet, but soon.” The voice was deep and its tone suggested love and hope more than any definitive promise that the meeting would occur.

“Why do I need to be prepared then Sir?” Sydney asked respectfully, The voice’s use of the word son and its implied relationship did not mean that he would automatically respond with the father title.

“Very good Enyalius,” the voice chuckled. “There is a dangerous threat to you and your loved ones. Watch the people you surround yourself with very carefully.”

Sydney waited for more information but nothing else came from the darkness and he resumed his walk. An aqua glow appeared beside him and he smiled as he held a hand out to the alien. Esmeralda giggled like a little schoolgirl as she held his hand as they walked towards a brightening in the curtain of darkness.

They found themselves on the beach outside Thelma’s home, only now Sydney realised that it was not his ethereal self that stood on the sand in shorts and T-shirt, barefooted and bareheaded in the coolish breeze from the ocean, but his actual body. The aqua glow beside him winked out and a small voice came back to his mind, “Someone is looking for you.”

He glanced up the beach, there was a dark shape up further and he strolled towards it casually wondering what it might be. He watched it rise and slide back towards the water and roll in the shallow waves then slide back to where it had been lying when he first saw it. Curious, he thought standing there watching this happen several times until he realised that his eyes were starting to see the object more clearly.

The object was a seal that appeared to be waiting for something and its dips back into the water seemed to be the equivalent of a human pacing the floor. Clearing his mind he tried to send a greeting towards the creature. About bloody time came back to him as the seal turned and hunched and slid towards him in the manner of seals on land.

It has been you that has been looking for me, he thought at it as it stopped looked up at him and held out its flipper, "Tzenton," he said.

Grasping it the man said, "Sydney."

"Yeah I know, I have come to give you a message. Look I don’t really know what it means, Ok? I just deliver." The voice was strangely accented but understandable, a rather higher voice than Sydney’s but quite pleasant to his ears and mind.

Sydney nodded and noticed that the creature’s eyes were abnormally bright and when he looked into them they reflected a deeper intelligence than he would have dreamt possible. "Where did you learn English?" he asked. Puzzlement came back followed by a harsh braying sound and Sydney realised that the seal was laughing. "Funny question?" he asked.

"Where did you learn seal?"

The man laughed as well and sat down on the sand to put himself at the same height as Tzenton and they regarded each other carefully. The seal’s snout and whiskers were continually moving and making quiet sounds just on the edge of comprehension as speech, like he was debating something within himself or telling himself details of what he was seeing for retelling later on.

Sydney finally broke the silence, "What is the message you have to deliver, do you need a reply now?"

Tzenton shook his body in a negative saying, "The elders have sent me to tell you that you must hide the warrior for now. You must be vigilant because there are too many among the land walkers that are looking for you and it is too early for them to find you. They must only see Sydney Douglas for now until you have learnt more.

“You have many, many talents to find and learn how to use properly. I can see your wound from one skirmish and I have to tell you that you were just plain bloody lucky!" Sydney gasped, not even Thelma had seen the nick across his ribs that the bullet, deflected by his shield, had caused, fired by the nervous private under Richardson’s command. The wound was well healed now as the nano-bots and Es had hidden it from the others as they finished up the mess at the house.

Sydney hung his head and realised that it was true, his impetuousness could easily have ended with his body being sent off to the laboratory for Hawkings to gloat over rather than the actual outcome. Sydney asked him how should he do this.

The seal looked him in the eyes and said, "Go home, play games, nurture your females, plan for the next step, and," he brayed again, "talk to the ducks!"

Sydney tilted his head back laughing hard and he brayed more.

Eventually their combined rumblings quietened and Sydney thanked him and told him to tell his elders that he would do as they asked after he had set up the plans to bring home the aliens.

Tzenton looked at him and Sydney saw that he was pleased with the response and the man’s respect for his leaders. "I then have one more message for you," he said.

“Go on.”

"The missing ones are hidden but we know where, when you have learnt and are ready to take them home come back here and when the sun is gone swim out to the calmer waters and hit the water like so." He slapped his tail on the beach in an eight beat rhythm, hard, hard, soft, hard and drag, hard and drag, soft, soft, hard.

Sydney repeated it with his hand and the seal rocked up and down in pleasure and affirmation. "I will come then and show you the way, but not before you learn what you must do."

Sydney nodded and held out his hand to show he understood, Tzenton slapped his flipper against the man’s hand then reversed the direction and Sydney met it on the way back.

He turned to go then asked rather sadly, "Will she come back and swim with us again?"

"Yes," Sydney promised him. "She will, she has been searching for so long that she forgot the other things in life that she is here for, but now that she has found me I will ensure that she comes and swims with you again."

He barked and Sydney thought he was going to be crushed under the enthusiastic leap and very human like hug. "We miss her so much, tell her for me please."

The big man hugged and patted the seal’s head and Sydney realised that despite his intelligence and almost 150 kilograms in weight Tzenton was very young and he was in love. Looking into his eyes Sydney nudged his nose with his saying, "I will I promise."

Tzenton turned and said, "Farewell for now warrior, come back when you learn and don’t rush the learning, the missing ones are safe."

Watching the dark form leap and dive through the waters and back out towards the ocean Sydney realised that the sun was beginning to rise, he turned back towards the house and saw it was still in darkness. He decided to go for a run along the beach returning to the house when the sun was fully risen.

Thelma was just stirring when he re-entered the house and made his way into the shower. Giggling she joined him sniffing the air then his hair. “What is that smell?” she asked gasping a little.

“Your friend Tzenton,” he replied, “who by the way loves and misses you very much.”

He chuckled as she grabbed the shampoo and started to vigorously wash his hair, “By the smell of you he tried to use you as a substitute!” she complained.

“No I promised him that you would go swimming again with him soon. He got a bit excited about that,” was Sydney’s smiling reply. He let her push him under the shower to rinse before she attacked him again. Watching her heavy breasts jiggle with her movements he sighed as his erection grew towards her.

Thelma felt his hot flesh touch her stomach but ignored it as she ran her fingers through his hair, there was something quite sensual about having someone wash your hair she thought, as she pushed him towards the shower head again.

Scrubbed and smelling much better Thelma swatted his bottom as she pushed him out of the cubicle telling him that they didn’t have any time to play. Surprisingly he obeyed her and she grinned a little that maybe being a team player wasn’t so bad when he behaved.

Stepping into the bedroom she was confronted by the sight of Sydney in full warrior mode, his shield and sword gleaming in the bright lights of the room. At his hips on either side, were the silver handled automatics their holsters fastened to his silver chain belt. The warrior form reverted to the man, dressed elegantly in the dark suit he had brought with him that Carl had made for him only several days before he accompanied her to Townsville. It fit very well despite his small growth.

The weapons no longer showed on his body and she reached out to open his jacket as he watched with an amused grin, the weapons were not visible, they did not appear to be even there. “What!” she cried.

“Jebidiah gave you the side-arms didn’t he?” the man asked softly.

“Yes, he told me that they were only good for the warrior. It seems that he knew what he was talking about,” she answered awed that this smartly dressed man in front of her could hide an arsenal of weapons about him that were virtually undetectable by normal eyesight. She patted his hips, no bulky firearm was revealed then either.

Smiling Sydney reached into his jacket with his hands and brought them out full of the lethal silver handled guns, their handles faced her. She took them to assure herself that they were real and still shaking her head handed them back where he stored them under this jacket again. He opened it to show her that they no longer appeared.

“Very handy,” she said, her voice still showing her puzzlement over the disappearing objects. “But do you think you will need them today? We are only going to visit the university.”

“I happen to believe in dreams, T,” he said quietly, “someone is still going to attack the university even if you are not lying dead downstairs.”

Thelma trembled, it was not just from his pet name for her, she still recalled the fear in Jill and Greg’s eyes as they told of their dream visions.

He followed her naked form to her bedroom and chuckled while she debated what colour underwear to put under her light green business attire. “Black would be nice,” he hinted from his seat next to the mirror she was looking in as she held several combinations against her body.

“I have a very nice pair of crotchless ones,” she simpered as she bent to retrieve them from her lowest drawers.

The drawers also contained a variety of other underwear and toys that she quickly hid from his view with her soft rump, she actually expected the kiss he placed there as she retrieved the knickers she was looking for. Dressed she shooed him from the room as she applied her light covering of make-up and rang for the university hover to pick them up.

The meeting was set for breakfast at the executive building at the campus, Sydney and Thelma were late, not that it particularly bothered Peter Davidson. Martha Ranatui and Greg Collins, the three had spent a good deal of the morning gossiping about their pretty boss and the handsome man who was staying at her house. Bill Jeffries and Patricia Keaton checked their watches for the twentieth time as they complained about the woman always keeping them waiting.

“That’s bull! And you know it!” Peter Davidson exclaimed. “The Chancellor is always on time, this is the first time I have known her to be late years. Quit your whining and just be patient, she will be here soon.”

Davidson disliked Jeffries intensely, he had never trusted the man and the disappearance of some of the girls from the man’s political studies class worried him as some of them were keen students that enjoyed their time at university, he was suspicious of the letters he received from them weeks after telling him that they had chosen to opt out of studies in pursuit of other interests. Peter Davidson had received similar letters from students in Keaton’s classes as well. As the university registrar he could not find any proof that something else had persuaded them to leave. He had at first suspected Hawkings but the receipt of the letters had been a surprise and had not fit the pattern of the deceased professor’s method of operation.

Hawkings had been less subtle, he thought to himself, as he recalled raids on the dorm in the middle of the night with Hawkings and some of his military henchmen and drag the woman, man or couple out and pack them in a van to never be seen again. Hawkings would stand and sneer as the people were forcibly removed, some of them begging for their lives. Davidson had stopped attending the arrests but had continued to protest directly to the President’s office, but to no avail.

A warrant would be presented to him barely fifteen minutes before the arrest was made. The timing of the warrants had been dramatically reduced from the twenty-four hours they should have been when Davidson began warning the intended detainees and they had fled.

This new problem gave him a headache and he intended to share his concerns with Thelma whenever she arrived. Now he was even more worried, the Chancellor was never late.

Sydney and Thelma were in an underground room several kilometres from the meeting room where three people waited worriedly for their appearance. Jeffries and Keaton had continued the facade of impatient anger, then having received a phone call told the others that they had other things to attend to and left. Davidson and Ranatui watched them leave with more than a couple of sideways glances at one another, “I trust those two about as far as I could kick them Martha,” whispered Davidson to the small Tongan vice-chancellor. She nodded her agreement.

Sydney had his pistols trained on another couple that sat on the floor in front of them, the woman was babbling that she did not know anything about the explosion that destroyed the university hover as it left Thelma’s property on its way to the meeting with the board. Reaching out her hand Thelma slapped the woman, hard, rocking her backwards, the man just sat and glared at the two people that should have been dead, burnt in the wreck on the road or killed from the explosion that forced the big hover to the ground.

Scanning the man, Sydney grinned, it was not a humorous smile rather that of a revengeful man who had no intentions of telling his would be assassin why he had failed. The shots in the small room echoed loudly as his pistols barked once ending the lives of the lackeys in front of him. “Let’s go T, I got everything I needed from them,” his voice was flat, angry but his tone of command left her in no doubt that she should not question his actions.

Moving quickly they returned to the garage of Thelma’s house, hurriedly packing clothing and some equipment they retrieved her hover and navigated another series of tunnels that exited them from the underground network far up the beach that formed the small bay that Thelma’s house overlooked on the remote coastline north of the city. On exit Thelma reached for her phone to ring and Sydney quickly told her to stop, “Thelma if they have as much influence as I think, they will be monitoring yours, Martha’s, Peter’s and Greg’s phones. You cannot contact them!”

“Why not Bill’s and Pattie’s?” she asked angrily, her desperation to get through to her team causing her to snap, her mind was not thinking logically as the man spoke.

“Who do you think ordered the hit?” he replied quietly as she parked the hover on the sand above the high tide mark.

“Impossible!” she screamed, “Patricia Keaton is one of my closest friends, she has been an ally for nearly 10 years!”

“Alfred, show the people in the meeting room on the vid display here,” he said to the air.

The vid lit up to show a room that Thelma immediately recognised as being the small meeting room off the side of the large area where breakfast was to be served. Peter Davidson, Martha Ranatui and Greg Collins sat talking at the only table in the room. “Can you show the people in the room just before the hover went down please,” Sydney requested.

The screen blanked, shortly it showed the five expected occupants, Bill Jeffries and Patricia Keaton looked tense, they kept checking their watches every thirty seconds. Keaton’s phone rang and she answered it in voice only mode. “I can amplify the voice on the phone if you want, but the message was simple, ‘The bird is down’, that was all,” Alfred supplied. The picture on the vid was frozen.

“Thanks Alfred, not necessary, continue the recording,” said Sydney glancing at the angry face beside him, who nodded.

Following the phone call Keaton’s eyes lit up and she turned to Jeffries with a triumphant grin. The man smiled back and his hand touched Keaton’s shoulder as he walked past her. Several minutes later the two made further complaint about the lateness of the Chancellor and said they had other things to do. The two left within moments of each other.

The vid display changed to another office, Keaton and Jeffries embraced kissing each other hotly. Breaking the kiss Jeffries roughly pulled Keaton’s hair and forced her to her knees where she feverishly pulled the zipper down on the man’s trousers fishing out his penis. She inhaled it into her mouth as Jeffries spoke, “That’s it my lovely slut, suck my cock in memory of the late Thelma Daintree and her toy-boy fucker. When the others are out of the way, I shall fuck your hot arse in your play pen before we go back out to Whitbourne for our rewards!” The woman sucked wetly as she stared back up at him as his hands twisted in her hair as he fucked her mouth.

“The fucking bitch!” Thelma spat as she watched Keaton continue to groan as the man forcibly rammed her face into his crotch. Sydney mentally signalled Alfred to cut the connection.

“Es can you get Peter, Martha and Greg out of the university without showing yourself or scaring the pants off them?” was his next mental request.

Thelma watching the big man beside her shook her head, “No Es, leave them for the moment.” Switching to verbal mode she continued, “Sydney we don’t want to play our hand too early, removing them now will let whoever else is in the uni know that something has gone awry with their plans. We need to protect them but from afar, while we work out what else we have to do.”

“Alfred, where is Whitbourne?” Sydney asked the green faced man now watching them on the hover’s vid display.

“I don’t know,” he replied, “he has been out in some remote town in the middle of Australia, on secret assignment according to his office. I haven’t been able to locate him. But I will tell you that he has been spending a lot of time at that location.”

“Perhaps we should go and have a look Thelma at what our good general is up to, Es can guard the others the same way as she did for us this morning.” Sydney suggested.

The woman beside him looked down at her slightly dishevelled outfit, Es’ removal of them just as the explosion had occurred had been quick, but some of her clothing and, she wriggled a little uncomfortably, other things had gotten a little singed. “What’s wrong T,” he asked her softly, as he noted her look down her damaged skirt.

She lifted the remnants of the skirt, “So much for crotchless knickers,” she whimpered as she showed him the shrivelled remains of her pubic hair.

“Certainly brings new meaning to the term close shave,” the man beside her chuckled as he leant forward and kissed the almost bald pussy that was revealed after Thelma brushed her hands over the remaining curls.

Es had been on high alert when the driver of the hover pretended to get back into the vehicle after ensuring her passengers were in the back and strapped into the seat belts. The woman had opened the door pressed a destination code then retreated from the vehicle and watched it ascend before waving to her accomplice hidden in the bushland several hundred metres away. Her multiple eyes had taken in the man and the driver at the same moment and as he pressed a button on a black box with an aerial attached to it she had seen the flash of fire from under the departing hover.

Retrieving the couple in the vehicle had taken a few moments but she had no doubt that they would have been destroyed if she had not simply picked up on her host being extremely anxious of this upcoming meeting, especially after last night’s encounter with his father and the seal, Tzenton. Es had deposited them gently in the tunnel network beneath Thelma’s house, the two that followed were not so softly handled and Sydney had had to tell her to disappear before her tail struck down the cowering pair on the ground in front of the man.

She listened as the pair discussed their next actions with the green faced man and herself, she was not happy about letting the pair go by themselves to investigate Whitbourne’s secret assignment, but the warrior assured her that between their mind abilities and Alfred they would be fully aware of one another for the duration. As Sydney jokingly remarked that if he and Thelma got the chance to make love the pair could feel as if they were there, that’s how closely they would be linked. Satisfied she planted her links firmly into both of their consciousnesses, to her the links looked like tiny webs across their faces, she tested them and found that Thelma was aroused, very aroused, of all the reactions she expected of the woman, that was not it.

With a mischievous grin Es suggested that the first thing they might want to do was get rid of Thelma’s distinctive hover, suggesting that Penny Rogers may know someone who could help them out. Sydney was surprised by his friend’s suggestion but agreed that getting rid of the hover was a first priority although he was not sure that Penny could help. Es disagreed and shortly the machine was parked in Penny’s garage beside her brightly painted blue one.

The tall blonde was surprised at the appearance of the man who had so wonderfully loved and left her a week ago, she was even more surprised at the hot blonde with the very tattered skirt that stood beside him in her cluttered living room. “Sydney what are you doing here?” she asked allowing the big man to give her a fierce hug and a kiss.

The blond woman answered for him, “He wants his watch, I want to swap hovers with you.”

She stepped back from the man and looked closer at the woman, “Chancellor!” she gasped astonished that the woman Sydney had sent home on the night she met him stood looking at her in expectation. Penny noted the woman’s nipples standing proud against the slightly less dishevelled blouse, but her stance in the ripped and burned skirt was spread legged and Penny got the definite feel that the blonde eyeing her hotly was looking for something more than an exchange of vehicles. She looked at the man and realised he was oblivious to the state of his companion.

Penny moved away from the pair, Thelma’s hot look had started her own body to react and to distract herself she picked up a small screwdriver and began to tinker with one of the consoles on her makeshift workbench as she listened to Sydney’s explanation of events. Thinking rapidly about what they required she raised a hand to her head and brushed her blonde hair back to tuck behind her ears. She noted that Thelma watched her movements closely and had opened her mouth to speak when Sydney stopped her.

“If you take my hover then they will know that there is a connection between us,” Penny said slowly, “but I know a man who deals in, shall we say moveable items, that might be able to help. I will give him a ring.”

Penny retreated to her bedroom and rang Ken Wong, the couple that owned the Chinese restaurant down the road had been frequent visitors to her home over the past few days and he had slyly told her that should she ever require help to ring him. She certainly needed help now.

Returning to the lounge room she gave the pair a bright smile and suggested that the man would be along shortly. Sydney moved to the garage to unload the suitcases and equipment, he heard a knock on the garage door as he deposited them next to the doorway back into the lounge.

The man that stood before him when he opened the door was solidly built, tattoos covered his muscular arms that were on display in his tank top. The man’s face wore a friendly smile that didn’t quite reach the hazel eyes that regarded Sydney with interest as he introduced himself as Clive Smith. Sydney introduced himself as David Gilroy.

“You need to exchange vehicles I hear,” the man said in a soft voice, his lips barely moved as he spoke.

“No,” said Sydney, “I need that one,” he pointed to the red sports hover, “to disappear, never to be found again. If you can find another vehicle able to be used to get me home later I would be appreciative.”

The muscular man grinned as he eyed the vehicle, “No worries dude,” he said cheerfully.

Sydney passed him the keys after retrieving Thelma’s access cards from the keyring, “Clive, I can find you anytime if you cross me,” he said coldly, his eyes locking on the man’s as he waited for any reaction.

“Trust is a two way street,” Clive replied, “remember warrior, you and the Chancellor have more friends than either of you know about! I will be back in about two hours.”

He shook Sydney’s hand and gave the warrior a small thump on the shoulder, “You need to practice lying Sydney,” he said with a grin before opening the vehicle’s door and starting the motor. Sydney watched him leave still astounded at the man’s knowledge of who he was, but grinned and waved as the hover turned then disappeared.

When Sydney returned into the house with their bags he could not find the women in either the lounge or kitchen. He proceeded down the hallway to Penny’s partially opened bedroom door and heard Thelma’s indrawn hiss of pleasure as Penny spoke huskily, "You have very lovely tits Thelma."

Pushing the door open a little wider Sydney saw Thelma was standing facing the open doorway with her hands clutched in Penny’s hair as the latter was nursing on her breast. She opened her eyes and smiled in his direction then sliding her hands downwards grasped the bottom of Penny’s shirt and pulled it slowly upwards until the girl pulled back slightly and allowed it to be stripped over her head. Now they faced each other as Thelma lowered her lips to Penny’s and kissed them softly and with tenderness.

Thelma’s hands grasped Penny’s arse through her cut off shorts as Penny slid her hand through the rags that was Thelma’s business skirt. "I see we decided that we have time to play," Sydney murmured pressing the bulge in his pants against Penny’s back and kissing the back of her neck.

Reaching between them he grasped a nipple of each and gently tweaked them. The girls giggled as Penny said, "We were comparing notes while you were unpacking the hover and," she trailed off looking up at Thelma.

Who finished for her, "We decided that we were horny and as you and that man seemed to be taking an age we thought we would start without you."

Thelma trembled slightly and Sydney noticed that Penny’s hand was still moving under her skirt. “I see crotchless panties do have a use after all,” he chuckled as Thelma’s eyes closed in bliss.

“She’s fucking saturated,” said Penny softly as she allowed the man behind her to undo her cut off shorts and strip them down her legs, her fingers never left Thelma’s sex as Sydney undid the button on Thelma’s skirt and ripped the remaining material off her hips. The blonde’s panting as Penny’s fingers penetrated her through the opening in the wisp of black material around her hips increased as Penny resumed her nursing on the big breasts in front of her.

Carefully Sydney removed his suit, hanging the jacket and trousers in the bag he had brought in with him from outside. He sat on the overstuffed chair beside the two women enjoying the murmured moans and groans from the two blonde’s as both of their hands worked gently between each other’s parted legs. Hot eyes, one set green the other blue, turned to him as he suggested that they find the bed while he and Franklin watched.

“Franklin?” mumbled Thelma as she quickly lay back on Penny’s big bed and spread her long legs for the viewing pleasure of not only the man but the tall woman that positioned herself between them.

“My bear,” Penny whispered into the woman’s face as she kissed her softly allowing the big breasts of both women to rub against each other as she lay full length on the woman beneath her. Thelma’s hips pushed up into the heat she felt from the long legged blonde’s thigh that pressed firmly against her sex as they kissed.

Sydney sat and watched, his cock long and hard pointing at the pair as Penny reversed herself over Thelma’s body and let her hot tongue touch the almost bald pussy between her legs. “Tasty,” she sighed then groaned as Thelma’s hot lips fastened on her own clit and sucked wetly.

Penny’s room contained several large mirrors, the woman had explained to him during their night together that she liked to watch herself masturbate from every angle. Tearfully she had told him that she had not had the opportunity to watch herself fuck or be fucked until now, the tears had turned to moans of pleasure as she watched Sydney fuck her hot arse in the double images of the mirrors that she had skilfully positioned for just such a purpose. Sydney looked into those mirrors now and saw his ancient teacher’s tongue probing the soft flaps of the woman above her like a woman drinking the finest liqueur, her lips smacking as she savoured every drop. It was an expression and act that was being repeated directly in front of his eyes by the lusty barmaid he had found so wonderfully uninhibited.

Rolling over together Sydney saw the twinkle in Penny’s bright blue eyes as she spread her long fingers over Thelma’s sex opening the wet orifice to the man’s view, “I think this slut needs something bigger than my tongue in her baby,” she cooed and gurgled in delight as Sydney let her hold his cock as she lined him up with the hot entrance and sunk slowly to the hilt inside the groaning woman. The man felt her warm wet tongue bathe his hairless balls then flick Thelma’s clit causing her to clench her muscles tightly around his fully sheathed weapon.

Watching Thelma in the mirror her bright green eyes blazed into his as his hips gently moved his cock in and out of her wet confines, the woman beneath them giggled as she slurped on the copious juices covering her tongue and face. “Don’t cum in her Syddy,” she squealed, “any more juice down here and I will drown. What have you been saying to her to make her this fucking wet!”

“Nearly dying has given my teacher,” he gave the groaning woman a soft swat on her arse, “a good reason to stop worrying about everything else and relax.”

Sucking hard on the pussy under her face Thelma was delighted to make the long legged blonde commenting on her overflowing cunt, cum, flooding her sex with cream and causing her to suck harder on the junction between hers and Sydney’s bodies. Triggering another minor orgasm that seemed to build as the wonderful cock inside her powerfully thrust into her. She screamed into the sex of her new lover, her lips vibrating against the clit of the trembling woman as those thrusts finally pushed her over the edge.

Withdrawing from her tightly clenching sex Sydney felt Penny capture his hard cock sucking Thelma’s juices greedily. He urged the woman to stop then walking around the bed got them to change positions once more. Looking to the mirror on the opposite side of the room he saw the lust in Penny’s eyes as she feasted on the sight of her open pussy being spread by Thelma’s red nail tipped fingers and the large cock that was now about to fill her.

Groaning she rested her head on the thighs below her as Thelma clamped her legs together claiming the need for a little rest before allowing her to drink any more of her fragrant nectar, Penny felt the forceful thrusts of Sydney as he fucked her hard. Her hips moved faster against him and Thelma giggled at the spray of their combined fluids over her face, her tongue worked feverishly to lick and taste the combination that she had never experienced before. Her teeth found and nibbled on Penny’s tender clit and the increased bucking of the tall blonde’s hips threatened to dislodge her if she did not hold harder, she refrained from biting the sensitive bud instead fastened her mouth on one of the bouncing balls slapping against the woman wet flaps.

Sydney’s roar, in symphony with Penny’s high pitched squeal, gave her immense satisfaction as the joined couple held perfectly still above her face. She watched fascinated as the large tube just visible outside of the woman’s saturated pussy expanded and then rippled as his large load of semen traversed his cock and emptied into the receptacle holding him tightly. Opening her mouth wide she waited for him to withdraw and greedily slurped on the fluids that ran copiously onto her rapidly moving tongue, she ignored the pleas of the woman above her as she fastened her strong hands to the woman’s hips and sucked.

Sydney wickedly helped, placing his large hands on the woman’s back forcing her hips down to almost smother the giggling, happy university Chancellor as she cleaned the orifice of one of her brightest computer students. Penny could only twitch as the tongue and mouth of both of them licked her clean. “No fair,” she panted, “two against one and I didn’t even get a taste!”

Sydney moved around the bed lifted the complaining woman’s head then saw her eyes open wide as his softening cock, still covered with the juices of two pussies and his own cream, disappeared into her hot mouth. He had to forcefully withdraw and allow her to clean his testicles when her firmly clamped lips trapped his cock all the way inside her as her tongue rapidly worked over his over-sensitive cock head.

Cleaned to her satisfaction Sydney resumed his seat on the chair and hid the view of his cock from the two women with Franklin. He didn’t want them to know he was ready to go again until he checked how much time had passed, he checked for his watch on his wrist. Penny seeing his glance to his empty wrist giggled as she leapt from the bed and bending over straight legged in front of him reached into the lower drawer on her bedside chest and retrieved two objects.

Gratefully Sydney placed his watch on his wrist and saw that only an hour had passed since Clive had left, he placed the bear on the chair beside him revealing his hard erection to the women’s joyful looks. “I thought you might like to keep these,” Penny said softly as she passed him the second object a plastic zip-lock bag containing the pretty blue panties she had worn on their first encounter.

He opened the bag and sniffed the contents deeply and the amazed women gasped as his cock grew a few more centimetres, “You can put these in there too,” giggled Thelma as she threw him her crotchless panties that were as wet as a sodden sponge. The watched him sniff them as well and Penny grasped his cock in her hands as he swelled again.

She jerked on the large dick in her hands, “You know where I want this baby,” she cooed as she bent to add her lips to the soft movement of her hands. Her mouth widened as she sucked his firm tool into her mouth, Thelma giggled as she added her own lips to the assault pushing Penny’s hands out of the way to let her tongue bathe his flesh. They swapped his cock between them using not only their mouths and hands but Sydney was groaning in pleasure as they wrapped their large tits around his cock and smeared his pre-cum over their warm nipples to sensuously mash them together forming a wet valley for his pleasure.

By the time Penny found some more baby oil to lather him Thelma was furiously fingering her own sex as she watched the large cock in Penny’s hands jerk and throb in preparation to carry out the woman’s wish. Thelma’s pretty face was a mask of envy as they beautiful arse of the tall blonde opened easily to accept his slow thrust, she kissed Penny feverishly babbling at her new lover all sorts of questions about how it felt. Penny dragged the woman’s arse to her face, licking Thelma’s virgin hole as the blonde wriggled and squirmed as the hot tongue penetrated her firmly.

Sydney lifted his foot up on to the bed to give both the women a clear view of his cock sawing slowly in and out of Penny’s tight arsehole in the mirrors. Thelma rocked in ecstasy as Penny’s long fingers emulated the man’s movements in her own relaxed arse. Green eyes blazed at his as he watched Penny’s lubricated digits increased from two to three then four inside the previously curious but reluctant woman’s arse. He could feel the tension in the woman wriggling against him and knew that Penny was excited beyond control. Hips punched back against him, increasing in speed as she groaned towards her orgasm, Thelma shrieked as her stretched hole was similarly treated by the rapidly moving hand.

Penny screamed as she came, collapsing against the warm arse at her face as the man behind her held himself deeply inside. Slowly he withdrew and Penny quickly moved herself to sit lightly on Thelma’s back and held the soft cheeks firmly apart as Sydney lined up the still slightly gaping opening between them. “Fuck her slow, baby,” she said as his cock diminished in size considerably before he penetrated Thelma Daintree’s virgin arse.

The two blondes squealed in joy as Sydney’s strokes became firmer and longer, Thelma babbled about how good it was as Penny took photos of the event to masturbate over for the years to come. When Sydney turned the woman over and mounted her again Thelma’s eyes were wide as he slightly increased the size of his cock before holding her wide apart and re-entering her waiting arse. “Fuck me Syddy, oh so fucking good,” she moaned and as she drew breath to make more demands Penny’s cunt covered her face.

The flash of the camera highlighted the slickness of the man and the pussy above her stuffed arse wetly and Sydney rammed Thelma with abandon as he took the camera from Penny allowing the excited student to hold the legs of the business woman high and widely apart giving an almost obscene view of the pummelling Sydney was giving her cunt eating lover. The three came together, Thelma’s pussy covering the fingers Sydney and she had buried in her with juices, Penny’s pussy spasmed, trapping Thelma’s tongue as her cream poured into her willing mouth. Sydney withdrew from Thelma after his first spurt scalded her tight hot channel, the second and third spurts hit Penny’s face as she leaned forward to watch closely, the last dribbles covered Thelma’s open pussy as Sydney’s fingers opened her wide.

Collapsing in a heap together the two women giggled and sighed into each other’s mouths as they kissed tenderly. “Oh my,” Thelma whispered into her lover’s mouth, “I don’t know why I left that experience for so long.”

“Taking it up the arse can be so good if the man is patient and listens,” the blue eyes twinkled as she observed the older woman’s blissful smile.

“Not just my arse, baby, this is a first for me with multiple people in the same bed,” she breathed then kissed the woman holding her firmly pouring almost the last of her energy into the kiss. “I am so glad it was with someone as wonderful as you.”

Sydney paused on his way to the shower when he heard Thelma’s declaration, it had struck him as odd that his old teacher, who hung around with the ancient gods allowing them to use her body in joyful play, had not yet experienced that in the forty odd years she had been reborn in this world. “Too much time trying to be a soldier and not enough time being a woman,” he said to himself as he turned the water on hard to cleanse himself and remove any feelings of lethargy. His mind was already planning their next step.

Clive returned with a nondescript hover wagon shortly after Sydney had changed as was listening to the two women in the shower washing each other playfully. The man gave him the keys and informed him that the vehicle had also been hoisted, showing him a small button beside the joystick normally used to control the vehicle in parking areas and for low speed manoeuvring. He also passed Sydney a briefcase, “False identifies and untraceable phones,” the man smiled. By the time Sydney checked the case Clive was gone.

He used one of the new phones to make arrangements for travelling under false names that Thelma produced identifications for from the briefcase. Shortly afterwards Sydney and Thelma stood in front of the wide eyed student who could not recognise the man and woman that had just been joyfully using her body on her still rumpled bed as they asked her to take them to the airport.

An hour later Mr and Mrs Donald landed in the wonderfully green and vibrant inland city of Olsen, population six thousand and home of the most horrendous institution that Sydney and Thelma would find in their short time in this life.

Chapter 10 – The life of the military, the death of innocence

Martha Ranatui, Peter Davidson and Greg Collins were horrified at the news of the crash and explosion of the university hover as it was en route to deliver the Chancellor and a student that she had staying at her home to the university for a meeting with the board. The news had reached them by a military detachment that had been sent to investigate reports of an explosion late in the morning that they were scheduled to meet. There was nothing left of the vehicle, it had burned an incandescent white, there was little hope that anything would have survived.

Several days later the three people comforted one another at Greg’s home, none of them had been able to locate Bill Jeffries or Pattie Keaton and were concerned with the missing people’s welfare as well.

Jill Collins served drinks to them unobtrusively as they discussed the situation among themselves. Her phone vibrated in the pocket of her jeans and she removed it to scan the message she had received, it was not from any number she recognised. “Greg any idea what this means,” she said puzzled as she read the strange message again.

“What’s it say, Jilly?” her husband asked as his head turned at her puzzled voice.

“Mumma Parrot has flown. Watch the nests. Use Alfred. Love the warrior,” she read still puzzled as she walked closer to the group sitting in the lounges in the bar area of her house.

“Parrot is Thelma’s call sign,” said Martha, her heart had started to thump in her chest, somehow she knew this message was from her boss and her tears of relief were mirrored by the two men beside her as they recognised the call sign for what it was.

“She’s alive!” screeched Jill and her arms wrapped around her husband’s neck as he jumped from his chair to grab the phone from her to read the message for himself. He kissed her hard then hurried to the others as he switched a computer monitor on over the desk beside them.

“Alfred?” he asked tentatively, guessing as to whether this was what the rest of the message meant.

“Hello Greg, Martha, Peter, Jill,” the green faced man said as his smiling face appeared on the monitor. “You must be very cautious, I have not finished scanning this house for bugs, though there are no listening devices or visual recorders, except those that you have already installed.”

The screen blanked then the face returned, “Nothing is piggy backed to them,” he reported, adding, “Do not use your normal mobiles, get rid of them and find others, Jill’s is possibly safe, it was a risk we had to take.”

Alfred filled the group in on the events of the morning of the explosion, leaving out the sexual escapades with Penny. Alfred totally left Penny out of the details he gave to the group, simply saying that the Parrot and the Warrior had managed to get rid of the hover and were now on their way to investigate some other leads.

His news of Jeffries and Keaton’s involvement in the explosion was met with disbelief until Alfred replayed the vid of the meeting and the subsequent actions and conversation afterwards. The four people were aghast as Alfred let the vid play longer than Sydney had permitted Thelma to see. Jeffries’ joyous cries of the bitch being dead as he pumped his ejaculation over the laughing Keaton’s face disgusted them all.

“None of you are safe!” he warned them harshly, “Watch the nests, is the warrior’s way of telling you all to watch out for your families and homes. The university is already being guarded and patrolled by Lachlan’s teams, I am not sure what we are up against but a particularly upset lady is also watching everything and I do mean everything,” he finished.

“Who is the lady?” asked Peter, he was astonished at the antics of the man on the screen, he looked and sounded so human but from the little Greg had said about him it was a computer program.

“More than just a computer program,” the green faced man told him, “yes I know you think I have no interests in this and no feelings or emotions, but I will tell you now Mr Davidson, the man wandering around the country at the moment considers me as real as any of you. I will not let him down because you think I am restricted to machine emotions and logics. I am much more than that!” The screen blanked.

“He still didn’t answer my question,” said Peter wryly as he flinched from the verbal attack he had been subject to by the passionate face on the screen.

“I think I know but I am not sure,” Greg Collins said as he feverishly compiled a message to the number that had sent the original message.

“Ok how does this sound,” he looked up at the others reading his message aloud. “Nests are fine. Alfred said hello. Will wait for new chicks.” The others nodded and Greg was ready to press the send button when Martha stopped him.

“I suggest that we all get home and ensure the nests are fine, first,” she said as she hurriedly found her shoes and giving Jill a quick kiss asked Peter to give her a lift home.

Martha Ranatui screamed in frustration as Peter slowed past her home that was a blazing ball of fire as they came into the estate south of Townsville. “Let’s check my place!” Davidson said, quickly accelerating to his own home three kilometres to the south west.

They parked several hundred metres from his brightly lit home and Martha watched him run quickly up the pathway towards his house. She watched him stand in the doorway where his pretty wife Juanita came to meet him. She stepped from the vehicle and had taken several steps from the darkness to wave to them she was coming just as she heard two shots ring out and the couple standing at the door fell where they stood. Quickly she retraced her steps and hit the destination code for Thelma’s house and hit the turbo boost button the vehicle was fitted with that allowed it to travel at three times the speed of other vehicles. It was something the special operations crew had installed in their vehicles at Thelma’s insistence.

As the vehicle lifted she saw the two figures of the assassins run to a hidden black vehicle at the side of the house, she was pressed back a little as the machine accelerated leaving the scene behind. At Thelma’s place she hid the vehicle in one of the storage garages a few hundred metres from the main building. She dithered over using her phone to contact Greg but decided that this house was probably the next target anyway so she had best warn her friend.

Greg didn’t answer his phone so she abandoned her plans to contact him and ran through the tunnels to the communications room underneath the building on the other side of the estate. Her heart almost ceased beating as she saw Greg, crumpled and bleeding in a chair in front of the console, he appeared to be unconscious but he swung quickly towards her a gun in his shaking hand as she called his name. “What’s happened?” she yelped as he dropped the gun as he recognised her.

“They killed Jill,” he sobbed, “she never even made it back inside the door after seeing you and Peter off!”

“Kevin, Peter and Juanita are all dead,” she said into his hair as she cradled him. The man was bleeding from several cuts on his head and neck, he looked like he had run through some of the more overgrown parts of the estate in finding the access to the underground network of tunnels.

“Where is your vehicle Greg?” she asked as she rummaged through the first aid kit in the room fishing out some bandaging and creams to treat her friend.

“Parked back down the cliff,” he replied as he let the little Tongan treat his wounds, “I crashed it down there when I tried to shake off the tail that found me when I took off from home. The house blew up behind me, Martha, they wouldn’t even let me get her body.” The man’s sobs were heart breaking, Martha knew that Jill and Greg were extremely close despite the sex games they liked to play with others, Martha among them. She rocked him against her breast as an aqua glow surrounded them.

When Martha awoke she had no idea where she was, the room seemed to be her own bedroom but she knew that was impossible because she had seen her house destroyed. Uncharitably she hoped her drunken and increasingly more abusive husband was in it. “I am afraid he was Martha, he triggered the explosives meant for you,” a soft voice spoke in her mind, “I could not save such an evil man. I am sorry if that offends you.”

“No, that’s ok,” she said aloud, “Kevin and I were finished years ago, goodness knows I should have shot him myself six months ago when he blackened my eyes with his fists. He wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the house though, I kicked him out months ago!” It suddenly dawned on her that she felt nothing about the man’s death.

“I have saved Juanita and Peter, though they have chosen to flee back to Fiji rather than remain and fight with the warrior. I cannot blame them really, Juanita is three months pregnant,” the voice came again in her mind and Martha hoped fervently that Jill and Greg were somewhere safe.

A sadness enveloped her mind and for some reason she knew her hopes had been dashed, “It was kinder to let the woman die, Martha, she was suffering from early onset dementia, in a couple of years she would not remember any of you. Even before her death, Greg was vainly hoping to forestall it with drugs and mental exercises and prompts. Even I cannot cure such a degradation of the mind,” the voice continued, Martha wept silently at the regret in the tragically sounding voice in her mind.

“Where is Greg?” she asked to the walls that had now changed to white stone and through the window she could see a verdant landscape alive with strange animals that almost looked like horses as they galloped and ran through the green fields. She walked over to the window and looking down saw she was at least fifty metres above the ground. The outside of the building, it looked like a tower as she stretched out to observe above and below the opening, was covered in large blue tiles.

“He is sleeping in the room on your left,” the voice informed her, “a bathroom is on your right. I hope the clothes fit.”

Martha looked towards the walls behind and saw the two doors, she walked to the left hand side one and opening it saw the tall biologist lying on the bed asleep. Backing out she entered the room on the right and spying the full and swirling spa hurriedly stripped and immersed herself in the steaming water.

Sydney peered out the window of the motel room on the second floor of the dubiously named Desert View motel, there was no desert for at least three hundred kilometres from this location despite the fact that it was once in an area that was mostly desert pre-holocaust. He watched the military uniforms walking around the town square and again wondered why so many of the military spent time in this place far away from the beaches or other attractive features of many other towns throughout the country. Olsen had nothing, not even a decent restaurant, yet he had counted at least eighty uniforms around the town in the past three days that he and Thelma had been here.

Thelma herself was proving to be a liability to the warrior, she had not ceased weeping over the death of Juanita, Jill, Martha, Peter and Greg since she had seen the news on the vid-casts in the bar downstairs yesterday afternoon. Even though Es told him that all were alive except for Jill, he could not give that information to his old teacher yet until he discovered the reasons for their assassinations. The whole thing smacked of Elam but for the specific targeting of Thelma’s group. Elam would have blown the whole university and town up rather than risk agents on specific people.

No, Sydney thought to himself, my gut is telling me the answer is here. I just haven’t looked hard enough yet.

That was another thing that worried him, all indications had pointed to the university being attacked, nothing had come of it and despite Richardson’s and Lachlan’s extensive investigations they had not found anything amiss. He was almost ready to tell Lachlan to remove his men, but again his instincts urged him to caution.

He sighed as he watched through the window again and found the one man he had come looking for. General Albert Whitbourne, resplendent in his military dress uniform as he stepped out a staff hover and looked around before he signalled the driver to move on. Sydney watched the vehicle pass the opposite side of the street from where he observed and narrowed his eyes in concentration as he spied what looked like two naked women in the back of the vehicle.

Quickly he sent his thoughts after the driver and persuaded the bored corporal to look for a meal before continuing on to her destination. Sydney was already dressed in jeans, boots and shirt, checking his weapons he threw on his jacket and left his companion asleep on the bed. He signalled Es to make sure the woman stayed that way until he returned. Feeling Alfred’s nano-bots hum to life in his mind he knew the computer master was recording everything Sydney saw or heard.

Approaching the parked hover Sydney disguised himself as a military officer and entered the back of the vehicle as if he had every right to do so. He almost scurried back at the sight that met him. Two young women, barely 21 sat naked in the back of the vehicle, they pawed at each other, furiously ramming their fingers into each others pussies as they squirmed on the back seat. The women didn’t even notice him until he sat on the bench facing them and closed the door.

The two fell to their knees before him and their hands eagerly ripped at his trousers babbling that they needed his tasty cum, “Let us please suck your cock, Sir,” one of them whimpered her eyes wide and pleading, “Janey already got General Whitbourne’s cum and my baby needs some too!”

“Why does your baby need cum?” he asked softly.

“So he can grow big and strong,” the one obviously named Janey laughed as her hands busied themselves in his crotch again.

“Who told you that?” he asked capturing their hands in his big strong grip holding them away from him easily.

“My Mummy told me,” Janey said in a small girl voice. The other girl nodded emphatically, agreeing with her naked companion.

“Where is your Mummy?” Sydney asked, his mental abilities seemed to be unable to glean any sort of answers from the girls in front of him. He kept coming up against some sort of wall of fog when he tried to read them.

“Sydney you need to touch them,” Es whispered in his head, “I mean really touch them.”

Sighing Sydney let their hands go and giggling the two women finished pulling his cock out and both attempted to devour him. He placed his hands on their heads as they satisfied themselves with passing their cock backwards and forwards between them. Thirty minutes later he left the two women asleep on the back seat of the vehicle as he searched the streets looking for General Whitbourne or any of his cronies to put bullets through their brains.

He had just found a group of men laughing in a bar with Whitbourne in amongst them, drawing his pistols he lined up his intended targets just as an aqua glow surrounded him and the bar room disappeared.

Sydney opened his eyes to find himself tightly constrained by bands of steel around his arms, legs and chest, he could not even move his hands. His head was constrained against the soft surrounds of a collar around his neck that looped over his forehead. There was a mirror above him on the ceiling, it showed him bound and naked.

He tried to open his mouth to call out but his lips wouldn’t open, only his eyes could sense anything. A man appeared above him, smiling, he showed him a needle and in a voice that sounded like it came from a long way away told him that it would not hurt. The needle pressed into his neck with only a small pain, he lost consciousness.

The next time he was conscious he found himself tilted his hips elevated slightly as his legs were forced to spread open by the machinery of whatever bound him, a tingling began in his groin and spread to his stomach and hips, it became an itch deep inside, he needed something to scratch him. A man’s erect penis appeared between his legs then it thrust into him, involuntarily he tried to move his pelvis, to capture more of the cock forcing its way into him, more, harder, faster he called out, though he could not recognise his own voice. The voice sounded familiar yet it wasn’t his own.

Rough hands grabbed his nipples and tweaked them hard, it increased the pleasure he was feeling between his legs and he clamped hard against the man’s cock begging him to cum in him. The hot rush of fluid into him soothed the itch and he felt his body tilt high into the air and looked downwards at the bare skin of his vulva. He screamed.

“That is what would have happened to Thelma if I had allowed you to kill Whitbourne and his men, Sydney,” came Esmeralda’s chiding voice as Sydney’s eyes opened. “You may not have known it, no, you didn’t care, that there were over a hundred loyal men of Whitbourne’s in that town. You would have been dead before you got close to him!

“They would have found the motel keys and found out who you were and that little blonde slut of yours would have become theirs, to be used and impregnated just like the two women you found in the general’s staff car!”

Esmeralda was angry, no, more than angry she was incendiary.

Sydney hung his head in shame but then lifted it, “And what the fuck should I do then, Esmeralda! Let them continue to take women off the streets, out of the universities and schools and turn them into baby factories?” His own anger stirred within him again as he paced around the room. He had no idea where the Zygotian had taken him but he wanted out and to get stuck into these bastards as soon as he could find his way out.

“No, you should not let them continue to do that. But first you should find out who your enemy is, what are his strengths, his weaknesses and what his plans are,” came a soft voice from the area behind him. “You should also not leave your team mates bereft of vital information that could have fucking helped them!” the voice finished with a shout.

“I did what I thought was necessary!” he screamed back at his teacher. “It was not your decision as to where the information goes, already you have shown that you have not properly screened the members of your team! Members that ordered the killing of your friends!”

Thelma did not reply, she knew that she was wrong, he had no reason to trust anyone that she had previously associated with, not even Martha and Greg who waited outside the door of this room in Jebidiah’s tower. She waited for him to continue.

“You have shown yourself to be a huge liability Thellesera!” he shouted, unable to lower his tone or control the emotion of his anger. Something within him did not let him either, it was as if she needed to be shown exactly how much of a screw up she had been.

“Nothing of what you have tried to drum into my thick skull over the past 100 millennia has been in evidence with what you have accomplished so far, nothing! Your home is destroyed, the network of tunnels booby trapped, goodness knows how many good men and women are trapped down there!” his voice was a booming angry noise.

“I think, no, I know,” he amended, “why you have never been the leader, never been the warrior before! YOU. ARE. TOO. FUCKING. TRUSTING!

“The rat that eats the biggest cheese and makes the biggest nest is never the one that survives, it is the rat that takes only a little piece, scurries to its home where ever it can make it that makes it to the next day. You are a fat rat Thelma!”

“Are you finished now?” said Esmeralda softly as she appeared in her full glory in front of him.

His shield and sword appeared instantly on his arm and in his hand, his silver battle army blazed as he crouched to face the Zygotian. “Perhaps you would like to see how well you do against me Es,” his voice was a deadly whisper as they circled each other cautiously, waiting for an opening in the other’s defence to strike.

“ENOUGH!” boomed the voice of Nugua as she appeared between the two of them and with a wave of her hands pressed them hard against the walls of the stone tower and held them there as she eyed each of the three beings present.

Light of every colour flooded the room and nine figures stood with eyes blazing, their heads adorned with silver circlets that shone the colours of their owner, brightly and fiercely as they ringed the warrior their backs facing him as weapons pointed outwards at the Zygotian and the Chinese goddess. Nugua nodded at the figures and released her hold upon the man, letting him float to his feet and stand behind his protectors. “Who are you people?” he asked stunned at the colours twirling angrily around the room.

“Your protectors Sydney,” said a voice from beyond the colours, it was a voice he had heard before, in the darkness of the realms when he walked in the night.

“Why are they here now Sir?” he asked softly.

“Because a certain bitch, who can’t control her temper was going to attempt to make mince meat of you even though it would break her hearts as she did so,” the voice replied calmly.

Sydney detected a faint humour in the man’s voice. “Do you love me Es?” he called to the monstrous being still held against the wall by Nugua.

“Of course my lord,” the little voice seemed so innocuous as it came from the lips of the being above him, “but I will not let you destroy yourself by fighting a battle you cannot win. I would prefer to kill you myself.”

Nugua eased the beast down and turning to first Sydney then the direction of the male voice she bowed and vanished.

His nine protectors also vanished before he could determine who they were. He turned to the woman that was left with him. “I am sorry my teacher, forgive me my outburst,” he said formally and he knelt at her feet laying his shield and sword by his side, his eyes never left her face as she contemplated his formal request.

“No, my student, I will not,” the woman replied her face serious and stern.

Sydney felt the Zygotian behind him begin to shift into fighting stance, however this time it appeared that the teacher was her target.

“It is I who should be begging your forgiveness, you are right and I have erred in my efforts to become what I am not.” The woman’s eyes filled with tears as she turned and ran from the room.

“Bloody women!” Es and Sydney said together.

Chapter 11 – Scouts

“OK so what do we do then?” asked Greg Collins as he sat at the large table that Sydney had covered with photographs, papers of all sorts including letters from the girls he had encountered in General Whitbourne’s hover to the Townsville University registrar telling Peter Davidson that they were pursuing modelling careers with a fictitious modelling agency.

“Why did Peter keep this to himself?” asked Thelma as she read the letters Sydney handed to her.

“One can only assume that he suspected something, but couldn’t prove it. Hoarding the information until he found something concrete,” replied Sydney with a rueful grin at the blonde. “Sometimes I guess the withholding of information from people you are not sure about can backfire.”

Thelma nodded slowly, she would not have supported Peter’s suspicions without proof, she had placed her faith in Jeffries and Keaton and would have been hard pressed to have been convinced on the Fijian’s gut feel.

The group sat in a house that Sydney had rented from the local real estate in Olsen. They had rented furniture to fill the house, including beds, refrigeration and the large table and chairs that they sat at now. The wall opposite the table held several monitors that displayed news casts, aerial and satellite photographs and documentation. All of it supplied and filtered by Alfred as he picked key words from the conversation of the four people in the room.

Martha examined the displays of the surrounding town and countryside trying to find where a large population of women and the supporting medical teams would be housed. She could see nothing until she remembered a training exercise she had been on in this region almost thirty years before. “Sydney!” she squealed, “I know this region! The place is riddled with underground bunkers, apparently something was out here that the old United States wanted kept secret from the rest of the world. Something about radar or satellites. Not important but I remember we came out here for a couple of weeks to do some live scouting exercises.

“We had to find an enemy unit out in the bushland and flat plains, they hid for days in a series of old underground bunkers before we finally stumbled on an entrance and flushed them out.”

Sydney looked to the monitors as Alfred searched his databases. Finally several screens lit up with plans and old photographs. “Where did you get them from Alfred?” Greg Collins asked as he stood up and walked over to the screens. He observed the date markings on the old photographs, some were over a thousand years old.

“The old archives from Woomera,” the computer said smugly, “no system is safe from me.” He gave a sinister laugh as his face appeared in a spare monitor.

Sydney looked at the man on the screen with an amused smile, the computer was exhibiting some very odd human characteristics at times. “Any luck cracking Whitbourne’s files,” he asked his friend. The green face fell at his question.

“He just doesn’t seem to have anything on the system. All I have turned up so far are a few inconsequential emails and some pornographic pictures of one of the wives of his best friend from school. She is an ugly woman by the way,” Alfred observed as he flashed the pictures up on the screen.

Greg agreed and suggested that the pictures were also not of a particularly good quality either. Then he stopped and furiously waved his hands to bring the images back on the screen. “Alfred blow up the section next to the woman’s right breast!” he said excitedly.

It was obvious as soon as the picture zoomed, an IP address was melded into the pixels of the image. Shortly Alfred identified a few hundred more, in fact the whole picture appeared to be compiled of hidden addresses arranged to form the rather ugly woman sucking a small penis.

“Proceed carefully, Alfred,” Sydney said to the excited face on the screen, “if he was clever enough to create the prompts for his retrieval he is clever enough to have safeguards on the data.”

Alfred nodded then disappeared, his face replaced by a high resolution satellite image of the area Martha had pointed out. “What we need is a scouting party to check it out with ultra violet and heat seeking technology,” mused Martha as she indicated some areas on the image that appeared likely.

A ping on the lower left screen let them know that a new message had come through to one of the members of the team in the room. Greg touched the screen and the voice of James Lachlan came through the speakers. “Cue Ball, we have problems at the university, two labs have been booby trapped with explosives! We are in a gun fight with members of the military all apparently loyal to Molby, though some of my team are telling me that they may also be allied with Whitbourne who apparently has some secret society called Project BF. I have no idea what that means but I will keep you posted. So far no casualties on our side, but there are at least thirty civilians dead and about twice that number of military. It is a fucking hell hole here, Sir!”

The message was followed by images of dead lying in corridors throughout the university buildings, Thelma gasped in horror as several young students lay on the floor of the labs Lachlan had indicated were booby trapped with gaping holes in their heads. They also appeared to have wires attached to their bodies that led back through a closed door. “They can’t get the bodies without setting off the explosives,” said Thelma sadly. “There is only one operations group that is that blood thirsty.”

“Zombie squad,” said Martha turning to Sydney, “they are a death squad that operates strictly on the orders of the political leaders of the nation. They do not report to anyone in the military.”

“Es get them here now!” Sydney barked.

Three men suddenly found themselves sitting in chairs in front of an angry faced warrior that levelled an ancient sword at their throats and barked at them, “Which of you cunts is controlling Zombie Squad?”

William MacIntyre raised his head in defiance of the angry face, “I am, I fully support Whitbourne in what he is trying to achieve and I will not call them off until your men are off the university premises. I don’t care how many people die, the information contained in the research notes of Hawkings is vital to the success of the mission we have undertaken to make Oceania more powerful than anything the bastards outside of our borders want to throw at us!”

“You fucking idiot MacIntyre!” screamed the President, “all of the research has already been downloaded into the data banks in Parliament house! It was the first thing we did once we discovered Molby’s and Hawkings’ role in the disappearance of half a million people. All you had to do was ask for access!”

MacIntyre’s mouth opened, then shut, Sydney read the man’s thoughts and sighed, “Yes MacIntyre even the ones that Hawkings hid in his secret cabinets in his office and in the botany labs. We got them all.”

He walked away from the three men as Es returned them to their previous locations except for MacIntyre who found himself in a strange cell guarded by men who apparently couldn’t hear him or understood his demands for a lawyer.

“You might want to look at the screens, Sydney,” prompted Greg Collins as Alfred threw up screen after screen of data regarding Project BF.

Sydney asked for one of the screens to be paused, it was a vid of several dozen females strapped into some sort of couch that held their legs apart, military personnel stood in front of them, the women’s faces were contorted masks of agony as the men rammed their cocks into the helpless women. “That is not a drug induced frenzy of lust!” Sydney raged as the images were accompanied by sounds of screams as the women on the couches were raped repeatedly.

Turning on his heel away from the images Sydney stormed out onto the veranda of the house and was violently ill as he leaned over the railing, his stomach contents splattered on to the plants in the garden below. Thelma watched his shoulders heaving and realised that the man sobbed as he vomited. An aqua glow surrounded him, too late Thelma realised that he had disappeared inside the glow, she had no idea where he had gone despite her desperate attempts to contact both the man and the alien that had taken him.

Sydney found himself outside of a small shack that sat in the middle of nowhere, straining his ears he heard the muffled sound of machinery, it sounded like the whir of massive motors. Turning he pinpointed the source of the sounds and scurrying through the thin cover of trees and stunted shrubbery he worked himself to a point some 100 metres from the shack. He surveyed the ground and found the vents a further 10 metres further over, “Air conditioning,” Alfred whispered in his head. The man nodded and continued his search.

He found another set of vents approximately 200 metres to the north of where he had found the first. Alfred transmitted the co-ordinates to the screens on the walls at the house, along with images of the shacks that seemed to be dotted around the perimeter.

He froze on the ground when a hover passed close by, the trees hiding him from observation by the men in the troop carrier as it made its way to one of the shacks. The men’s voices were loud as the disembarked and he overheard snatches of conversation. His ears strained to pick up the words and only caught, “Good…New Zealand…cock suckers.” Men around the speaker chuckled.

Sydney fumed, so here is not the only baby factory, he thought. His hand itched to pull out his weapons and destroy the men now making their way into the shack. Waiting for a few minutes after the last man had entered he almost started forward to follow them when the shack door banged open and a group of men emerged joking and laughing before boarding the troop carrier that sped back the way it came. “See if you can find out where that vehicle ends up Alfred,” he said quietly. A small hum answered him.

“No Sydney, time to go,” whispered Es’ urgent request in his head and he found himself back on the verandah with the alien standing beside him.

“Where the hell did you two go?” demanded Thelma as she saw the glow signalling Esmeralda’s return outside the house.

“Scouting,” was the man’s reply as he walked back to the screens that Alfred displayed. The images being shown were almost as sickening as Sydney had seen when Alfred showed the first images of the baby factory. Now the women groaned and moaned in pleasure as the men raped them, Sydney could use no other word to describe the acts the men perpetrated on the squirming women strapped into the couches.

“Well look who’s here!” exclaimed Martha as she asked Alfred to freeze and zoom in on a section of the image showing the men raping the women.

“That one is definitely not being raped,” said Greg Collins softly as they watched Patricia Keaton being simultaneously screwed by a man between her legs as her hands held the hips of another man feeding her his stiff cock into her mouth.

“Look who is beside her screwing the young woman strapped into the couch,” Thelma pointed out. Bill Jeffries’ face carried a broad smile as he watched the woman beside him as he rammed himself vigorously into the woman that had been placed face down into the chair.

“As I said before,” Greg Collins turned from the screen, “what do we do then?”

“We go to war,” said Sydney as he walked to his bedroom ignoring the looks the others gave him.

Chapter 12 – Death walks the night

Lt-Col James Lachlan raised his night glasses once more to his eyes and scanned the buildings opposite the science labs where he had stationed his men. Despite frantic phone calls from the President, leaders of the parties and Cue Ball, Commander Glen ‘Godzilla’ Nielson refused to return his team to their head quarters in south western Queensland. More importantly they still shot at his team if they were caught unprotected. He had lost 14 soldiers today as Zombie Squad had apparently determined their own agenda for the ongoing battle happening in the university grounds.

Lachlan was worried for a group of female students that had been trapped in one of the buildings, early in the conflict, his teams could not get anywhere near it due to the heavy gunfire they encountered. All communications with the building had been destroyed, the only reason he knew or believed that they were alive was because his commander, Cue Ball, had told him so. The man stood beside him looking grim as Lachlan’s aide brought him up to date on casualties and damage. “Time to move your teams out James,” the man told him softly.

“I will issue the orders,” he turned to the young woman beside him, “Private Wright, pass the word, we move out and meet back at the Parrot’s cage.” The woman nodded and spoke into her communicator.

“What about them, Sir?” he asked nodding his head towards the guards that circled alertly around the building they had been observing.

“They had their chance, now Death and his Angels of No Mercy will visit them.”

Lachlan shuddered at the soft words and taking one final look at his commander, saluted and left with his aide, hurrying down the stairs and across to the last of the waiting troop carriers.

In the bunker 100 metres beneath where Thelma’s house had stood, now a blackened mass of bricks, glass and iron, Lachlan briefed his company commanders on what they would find tomorrow when they returned to the university grounds. “Everyone will be dead, except those civilians who have nothing to fear if they are innocent. We move out at 6:00 am get a good night’s sleep people,” were his parting words as the men and women returned to their groups bivouacked around the grounds above and throughout the underground complex that still remained safe.

Lt-Col James Lachlan slept the sleep of an innocent man.

Sydney lay on the large bed he currently shared with Thelma in the house at Olsen, Greg Collins checked his pulse and observed the man’s breathing, Alfred chuckled from the monitor they had brought into the bedroom, “Sleeps like an old tree, was how Jenny described it, Greg,” the cheerful green face said.

“It is almost like he his dead, Alfred, this is worse than the monitoring we did on him in Brisbane,” the man said exasperated by the lack of response to anything he did to the man on the bed. He had even asked Thelma to sexually stimulate him, the little Tongan, Martha had volunteered to help and the two giggling women had spent almost an hour behind closed doors with him. Both had returned flushed and panting but reported that they had not succeeded in doing much more than getting his penis to stiffen but he neither moved or awoke despite their attentions.

“What is he doing?” he asked the air when he left Sydney and returned to the dining room where Thelma and Martha had been preparing meals for the last 2 hours. They were cooking everything they could find, keeping it in the warming trays in the large oven in the house. Thelma apparently had been desperately searching for ingredients to make caramel tarts with, she had already been to the shops twice. Now two roasts, vegetables, cheesecake, baked biscuits and caramel tartlets were ready. Greg reached for one of the delicious looking tartlets and Thelma raised an eyebrow at him, he ate it anyway.

Thelma, finally satisfied that she had prepared enough, sat sitting wine with Martha on the big lounger, the little Tongan leaning familiarly against her boss, answered his question, “He is walking the realms, Greg, I expect we will know what he did when we see the news tomorrow.”

She turned to the tall man walking the floors, “Greg do not ask Sydney about it, he won’t tell you anything,” her tone was a warning and the man nodded as he finally decided to sit and drink his beer. The women were still giggling about something and Greg decided to cease his worrying and chatted with them before he found his bed to hug the pillow and cry into it over his dead wife.

“Sir, Lachlan’s teams are gone!” reported the surprised sergeant to the stocky, grim faced Commander of Zombie Squad. Colonel Glen Nielson looked at the man and stomped over to the windows overlooking the laboratory buildings where Lachlan had held position for the past five days preventing him from reaching his objective. He flicked his night goggles down and scanned the windows where he had last seen the tall, dark haired man and grinned when he saw nothing.

“Have you done a heat scan, Serge