Laura’s heart was still beating fast and her mind was a blur of emotions. She felt hesitant, almost scared but at the same time she felt excited and curious. But the feeling that now came to the fore was sadness. She looked over at Kelly who was in the bed on the other side of the small cabin from her. Laura felt bad that she had withdrawn from Kelly’s advances. She had allowed things to get steamy, allowed her lips to touch Kelly’s as the two were about to kiss but she immediately reeled away, unsure if she really wanted it and what Kelly’s intentions were. She hoped that Kelly wasn’t too upset or disappointed.

The two young women were on a university field trip for biology and had signed up to stay together in the cabin while many of the others on the research trip had elected to stay in tents closer to the beach they were investigating. The cabin itself was basically just a wooden hut with two beds on either side of the room and a large window on one wall, which allowed the glow from an external light to illuminate the room quite brightly. A cupboard in one corner near the door was the only other structure in the room. This meant that privacy wasn’t an option but neither Laura nor Kelly minded as they had been friends for a long time and had made use of public showers together at their local gym on numerous occasions in the past so getting changed in front of each other wasn’t a big deal.

But now that Kelly had taken a step beyond their regular friendship, Laura wasn’t sure what to think. She had been laying there still for some time thinking about it and now rolled over to look at Kelly who was lying on her back with just the sheet pulled up to her shoulders. As she looked over, she noticed Kelly’s hands under the sheet seemed to be moving around near her waist. As Laura watched on, she suddenly realised what Kelly was doing, she was obviously masturbating! At first Laura thought about turning away embarrassed, but her curiosity was taking over and her heart fluttered with excitement. At that point, Laura realised that Kelly had obviously been serious when she made advances toward her and she must have been still turned-on by what had almost happened.

Laura could feel herself getting aroused as she watched so she gave into the feeling of curiosity and allowed her apprehension to drop. She slid one of her hands down to her crotch and inside her shorts. She was amazed at how sensitive she was and felt a jolt of pleasure run through her as she gave her clit a few soft, gentle rubs. All the while she never took her gaze off of Kelly who now was biting her bottom lip as her hands moved quicker.

“I can’t believe how turned on I am!” Laura thought. “I can’t just lay here and watch Kelly after I had rejected her. It doesn’t feel right.”

A final feel of her now moist pussy was enough to make up Laura’s mind. She wanted to join Kelly. She wanted to experiment with her, having never been with another girl before, curiosity took over. Silently, she slipped out of her bed and crept closer to Kelly’s. She stood looking down on Kelly trying to think of how she could interrupt her without startling her. Laura was fully illuminated by the light outside and it accentuated her lovely soft curves and the flowing locks of rich brown hair which hung over her shoulders. She was only wearing a white singlet top, her small nipples clearly visible through the thin material, and soft, pink cotton boxer shorts which were slightly crumpled but, combined with the top, she could be unquestionably described as cute and rather girly despite being in her early twenties.

Kelly still hadn’t noticed Laura standing there and was still pleasuring herself when Laura finally made a quite noise, almost a moan. Kelly’s opened her eyes and looked up at Laura who stood there smiling at her with a sheepish, awkward look on her face. Instinctually she stopped touching herself and pretended she wasn’t doing anything when Laura had interrupted her.

“Oh Laura, I was um, do you want something?” Kelly stammered as she tried to gather her thoughts and her breath. She was somewhat annoyed that she had been interrupted at that point as she had been drawing closer to orgasm, the first in weeks for her and one that she felt she desperately needed after the wait since last time.

“Sorry to disturb you Kelly but I wanted to ask you something.” Laura asked shyly.

“What is it?” Kelly replied.

“I feel a bit bad about what happened earlier and had been thinking about it some more. Actually, I was wondering if I could join in your, um, fun?”

“Fun?” Kelly asked with a slightly embarrassed tone.

“Well I had been watching you for a few minutes sorry and it looked like you were, you know, touching yourself. At least that’s what it looked like to me.”

Kelly was about to deny it out of sudden embarrassment, but she stopped herself and thought for a second. Laura hadn’t asked her to stop masturbating but had just asked if she could join her. She had been so horny, so overcome with emotion when she had made advances to Laura earlier in the night and the feeling of disappointment had been strong when Laura didn’t respond as Kelly wanted her to. But now, she was taking the first step towards her and Kelly knew she wanted this more than anything in the world right now.

Kelly had only had one experience with a girl before and while she enjoyed being with guys, she always found herself fantasising about other women when she masturbated. Kelly had always fancied Laura, though she knew Laura was straight. She had such a gorgeous body and always had an innocent playfulness about her which Kelly found intoxicating. As she lay there, one hand still inside her panties, she looked up at Laura and felt her heart begin to race with excitement.

“Um, yeah you caught me. I was have a bit of fun before I went to sleep.” Kelly finally replied to Laura. “And I’d love it if you joined me.”

Laura smiled and nervously got into bed with Kelly, the sheet covering them both as Laura laid on her back looking at Kelly while Kelly rolled over onto her side to face her.

“So do you do it much?” Laura asked, trying to think of what to say.

“Only when I don’t have someone else to take care of me.” Kelly responded cheekily.

Both of them giggled at the comment and lay staring into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Kelly couldn’t hold back any longer, she moved closer and kissed Laura who didn’t hesitate or withdraw this time, she instead kissed Kelly back passionately, their tongues now probing into each other’s mouth. Kelly slipped one hand back down inside her pants and gently rubbed herself while she hugged Laura with her other.

“Oh my god, that was the best kiss ever!” Laura smiled as they broke off their kiss. She laid back and looked down Kelly’s body, noticing that her hand was back at her crotch again.

“Can I watch you do it?” Laura asked.

Kelly simply smiled and threw the sheets off so the two could see their whole bodies. She was wearing a pink singlet top and no bra with light blue, lacy panties. She had a slightly more shapely build than Laura and her bust was much larger but being someone who enjoyed the beach and hence bikinis, she kept her figure well. The light filtering into the room reflected off the pale yellow sheets to accentuate Kelly’s bronzed tan.

She moved her hand slowly over her still highly aroused clit, rubbing it through the fabric of her panties. Her other hand now was under her top and sliding over her breast, each time she brushed her nipple she felt a slight surge of pleasure. She closed her eyes and slipped her hand inside her panties and pushed a finger deep inside her wet pussy, followed by a second finger which slid in easily.

Opening her eyes again, she looked over at Laura who was watching her intently, gently biting her lip in excitement as she watch. One of her hands seemed to idly tease her nipples through her top while the other pressed into her crotch, barely moving aside from a slight circular movement.

“I usually masturbate naked. You don’t mind if I take my pyjamas off do you?” Kelly asked Laura who managed to break her gaze away from Kelly’s hands.

“Yes please! I mean, if you want to that’s ok by me.” Laura stammered in reply, betraying her desperate desire to see Kelly naked and to watch her slip her slender fingers into her pussy.

Kelly smiled and sat upright and looked at Laura as she slowly pulled her top over her head, her tits gave a slight bounce as they popped out from the confines of the fabric. Laura’s mouth opened slightly in awe as she stared at the large breasts now only inches from her. Kelly gave her nipples a quick pinch and smiled at Laura as she laid back once more and lifted her legs towards the ceiling before pulling her panties off.

“Mmm, that feels a lot better.” She moaned as she spread her legs wide apart, resting one on Laura’s legs.

She licked the tip of one of her fingers and used it to rub and tease her nipples which responded immediately by hardening slightly. Her other hand began rubbing her clit rapidly in quick circles as her breathing quickened and soft moans escaped her throat.

“If you want, you can play with yourself also. It would make me super turned-on to see you touching yourself also.” Kelly said.

“Ok, but I also do it naked if you are ok with that.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way!” Kelly answered, still amused by how timid Laura was even though she was now watching her masturbate right in front of her. Her innocent manner only made Kelly more aroused.

Kelly sat up and spun around so she was facing Laura from the other end of the bed and she easily shoved two fingers deep into her soaked pussy, a small gasp escaping her mouth as she now fingered herself deep and fast.

Laura hesitate for a second as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt, not quite sure if she was ready to go the next step, but the sight of Kelly’s fingers sinking straight into her pussy was enough to make the decision for her. She quickly pulled the white singlet up and off leaving her small, round breasts exposed for Kelly’s gaze and her puffy pink nipples hard with arousal.

“Oh wow, you have the cutest boobs Laura!” Kelly remarked while continuing to thrust her fingers into her snatch.

Laura smiled and replied, “Thank you, but your boobs are even more amazing Kelly”. She felt her inhibitions dropping after Kelly’s compliment and she now quickly slipped her panties off, wanting to be fully naked and on display for Kelly as she was already.

Laying back, Laura closed her eyes and spread her legs wide apart for Kelly to see her neatly trimmed pussy, while using one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other to begin circling her clit rapidly. While she considered herself very conservative in her sexuality with others, Laura had always enjoyed masturbation and had been constantly experimenting with different techniques ever since she had first tried it in her late teens. She knew what made her feel good and could get herself off very quickly when she wanted or she could take her time and enjoy the experience. But right now, her heart was racing and she had never been this aroused in her life so she wasn’t going to hold back. She rubbed her clit as fast as she could and slipped two fingers between her wet pussy lips, teasing her sensitive opening with small, quick movements.

Laura opened her eyes and saw that Kelly now had three fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy and her other hand was a blur as she rubbed herself. Both were moaning, their breathing shallow and their body motions spasmodic as the pleasure shot through them. The two young women came at the same time, Kelly gave a small scream of delight while Laura released a deep groan as she felt a stream of moisture leave her pussy and saturate her hands. When Kelly caught her breath and looked over at Laura, there was a rather sizable wet patch in front of Laura testifying to how hard she had orgasmed.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” Kelly sighed as she licked her fingers, tasting herself while watching Laura regain her composure.

“I’ve never had an orgasm like that before! I can’t believe how horny I was watching you!” Laura replied.

“You look so wet down there. Do you mind if I touch you?” Kelly asked.

Laura smiled, lent towards Kelly and kissed her and whispered in her ear, “I want you to do more than just touch it.”

Kelly kissed her once more then gently pushed her back and spread her legs apart. Pausing at her tits, Kelly licked and sucked on her nipples, the attention causing them to harden at her touch and each gentle bite she gave resulted in a soft gasp and moan from Laura. She continued to alternate between each nipple as she ran her hand over Laura’s thighs, occasionally brushing her clit teasingly. After a few minutes of teasing, she was satisfied that her efforts had got Laura well and truly aroused again so she began to kiss her way slowly down her stomach to her warm, wet pussy.

Using just one finger, Kelly ever so slowly rubbed Laura’s clit in tiny circles causing Laura to thrust her hips forward in an attempt to get more pleasure. Keeping it up for a few more minutes, Kelly had wanted the response she was getting, she wanted to see Laura desperate for more, to have her almost beg for her touch to be more purposeful. But she wasn’t going to make her wait any longer.

In a quick motion that caused Laura to gasp and jump slightly, Kelly drove two fingers deep into her warm hole before withdrawing them and slipping in a third. She now placed her mouth over Laura’s clit and began sucking and licking it as fast as she could.

Laura was moaning loudly as Kelly fingered her pussy with long, fast thrusts, exactly as she liked it and after being teased for so long, her pussy ached to be filled and pleasure surged from her crotch to all parts of her body as Kelly continued to lick her clit. She was almost writhing in pleasure now but wanted one more source of stimulation. Normally she would not have said anything about it, but she was too aroused to control her thoughts.

Laura cried out, “Oh yes, please keep fucking my pussy! Please Kelly, can you shove a finger in my arse? I love it when my arse is fingered.”

Kelly was amazed, the timid young woman, who at the start of the night had rejected her advance, now had three fingers buried in her cunt and she was now begging her to finger her arse. She could hear in Laura’s voice how much she wanted it and Kelly wasn’t going to disappoint. She herself didn’t mind some anal stimulation but usually that was only if she could convince the person she was with to give her a quick rimming. So the chance to give rather than receive excited her.

Rolling Laura onto her stomach, Kelly again slid the index finger of her left hand into Laura’s sopping wet pussy to lubricate it before moving it up to rub her arse hole. She then slip two fingers of her right hand deep into Laura’s pussy, before slowly pressing her finger into the tight hole of her arse. She expected to feel resistance but Kelly was amazed when, with just a little firm pressure, her finger sank all the way in. Obviously Laura enjoyed this type of stimulation regularly. She decided to see if she could push it a bit further so she pulled her finger out and instead positioned two fingers at the entrance. She carefully spat some saliva onto her fingers to add extra lube before gently slipping them back into Laura. While a bit slower this time, her fingers once more disappeared deep into Laura’s anus.

“Oh fuck yes, that feels amazing!” Laura groaned as Kelly slowly began to thrust her fingers in and out of both of Laura’s holes.

Increasing the speed, Kelly fingered both holes as fast as she could to which Laura gave out a stifled cry of pleasure. After a few minutes of the double penetration, Laura could feel her orgasm building and began bucking her hips backwards to meet Kelly’s thrusts. She couldn’t stand the feeling any more, she was overwhelmed by how much ecstasy she felt as her friend fingered her in a way no one had done before. Her orgasm hit like a wave through her body and she gave in completely to the sensation, abandoning all other thoughts and emotions crying out loudly in sheer pleasure.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t stop!” Laura called out.

Kelly could feel Laura’s pussy begin to pulse around her fingers and her arse hole clenched tight onto the fingers of her other hand. A sudden gush of moisture flowed over her hand that was fingering Laura’s pussy and as she looked down, Kelly could see the juice dripping off her hand as Laura came so hard that she had practically squirted.

“Oh wow, Laura! You are so fucking amazing! I’ve never seen a girl come like that before.” Kelly remarked to Laura who didn’t really hear it. She was trying to control her breathing as her body continued to spasm involuntarily as a series of smaller orgasms followed her first, each one triggered as Kelly slipped one finger at a time out from each of her holes.

“That was incredible, I haven’t felt anything like that before! Thank you so much Kelly.” Laura stammered.

“I think we’ll need to go get washed up and I also think I’ll be sleeping in your bed for the rest of the night.” Kelly laughed as she looked down at the bed. Her hands were slick with Laura’s juices, both of the girls’ were glisten with moisture and the bed sheet had a large wet spot in the middle of it.

“I think so, and sorry about your bed.” Laura chuckled in reply.

“And I think it is my turn tomorrow” Kelly added with a playful smile and a wink.

Laura moved closer and kissed Kelly before replying, “Absolutely”

A little bit about myself, I am 28 and even though I am currently single, I had my share of girlfriends. I don’t really have a type of females I prefer, blond or brown, blue or black eyes, large to small breasts – I don’t really care as long as I like the person inside (sounds corny, I know…). But, if there is one thing I really notice then it is large breasts. I said before I don’t care when it comes to girlfriends but for some reason, I have a hard time NOT to look (or more precisely, stare) at a cleavage when I see large breasts. I usually manage to not look but it was apparently not successful this time…

I was on my way home from work and decide to stop at the gas station across the street to get some smokes. When I walked through the entrance I almost bumped into a black female that was on her way out. She was carrying two large packs of coke and she was really struggling with it. But what really caught my eye were her gigantic cleavage. I had to concentrate on keeping my jaw from dropping to the floor, not starring and drooling. Too many tasks so I failed preventing the staring part, especially since I also had to say sorry for almost bumping into her. After a few seconds I managed to move my eyes up and look in her face. What I saw was an older but still good looking female a little bit on the heavy side. She looked at me with a smile that had the tone of catching someone doing something…

“Sssorry…” was all I could say

“No problem.”

We were standing there and when she started to walk again I guess my manners came back, I asked her if she needed some help with that.

“Oh thank you, that would be great. If it is not too much to ask. I live right there” she glanced to an apartment complex right next to the gas station.”

“Absolutely no problem!”

I took her things and she led the way. I was wondering what I am doing, a second ago I was on my way to buy cigarettes and now I am schlepping something for a person I had never seen before. But the image of her cleavage popped to mind and I knew why I was so happy to help. Maybe I get to view that a few more times and that was certainly worth it. We walked into the elevator and she pressed the second floor button.

“It’s really nice of you. Thank you again!”

Oh great, we were in the smallest elevator I have ever seen and I was inches away from her breasts and cleavage, I just couldn’t help it, I could have either stared at the ceiling or at her breasts and I chose breasts… We walked out and she led the way to her apartment. She quickly opened the door and again, I just followed her in.

“You can just place it in the kitchen,” pointing to a doorway.

I walked into the kitchen and placed it next to a table.

“Can I offer you something? Water, coffee, anything?”

What I really wanted was to view her breasts and masturbate but a picture would be fine so I can relief myself at home. Of course I didn’t say that. And I tried to not think about it because I felt blood flowing between my legs. I wore slacks so if something would happen, it would show.

“A water would be great,” I said.

She walked to a cupboard and even though there were glasses right in front of her, she decided to try and grab one from the top shelf. Since she was looking up, I stared at her breasts again, they seemed more then gigantic and felt an erection was on the way. She poured water into the glass not looking at me which meant, I was staring again. I sported a huge tent and tried to hide but I guess I was very unsuccessful. She handed me the water and I just wanted to get home, it felt like my erection got harder by the second. I quickly emptied the glass.

“Thanks and have a great day,” I said and started to walk towards the entrance.

“Are you sure you want to leave like that? You will have to cross the street and all…”

Now I was embarrassed… Obviously she was not referring to my hairdo. I looked down and saw a big tent between my legs. Yes, I had a full erection…

“Uhm, I am sorry, I… I… I don’t know why and…”

“Haha, don’t worry. You are a guy and not 90 years old. I guess you do like what you saw,” she said with a smile.

I was now turning red and surprised there was enough blood in me to turn red and have an erection like that.

“Look, if you like you can quickly go to the bathroom. Take your time and I won’t disturb you.”

Wow… she offered me to use her bathroom to masturbate? She didn’t say the word but it was pretty obvious. Under normal circumstance I would thank her and just leave but the thought of masturbating in her bathroom was just to good. And she was right, I had nothing in my hands to hide it and given how it feels, that erection will not disappear in a few seconds. I didn’t want to walk back to my car with people looking at me…

“Uhm… I… I… guess I could. I…” I tried to form sentences…

“Embarrassed, huh? No need to. I only have a daughter but two brothers. Trust me, you would probably sick if you don’t have urges like that. Go ahead! I won’t disturb you and it is ok.”

I thought to myself if I should… Being embarrassed walking back in public or here in the safety of an apartment, I opted for the apartment.

“Uhm… ok, I guess you are right,” I said and she pointed to a door. I walked through the door and was in her bathroom. She closed the door behind me and I locked it. I walked straight to the sink, opened my pants and my dick almost jumped out. It was already wet with pre cum, no need for lube or anything, I grabbed my cock and started to jerk of. From the very first down movement it was like heaven. It felt like I am cumming with every up and down motion… I knew I would not last long, my heartbeat increased, my breathing was heavier and I could not suppress moaning. I looked at my hand racing up and down, I felt myself tensing up, I moaned out loud and felt my balls moving up

“Ohhhhhh.. ohh god… ohhh… yes… yesssss…. ahhhhhh”

My hand raced down and I saw my first squirt shooting out hitting the sink. I didn’t change my speed and it just came shooting out and eventually slowing down… Wow… I just masturbated in some woman’s apartment I don’t even know…. I washed the sink, cleaned up and walked back out.

“All relaxed and happy?” she said with a smile looking between my legs.

“Uhm… yes… I…I guess I am ok now.”

“Great. Sorry for causing it but I was happy to help you out. Listen, would it be ok to ask you again if I need some help? I don’t really know my neighbours…”


“Could you stop by tomorrow? I will be taking my car and do some shopping. Getting it here is no problem, just getting it up to my apartment is the problem.”

We quickly exchange phone numbers and she said she will give me a call around 6 or 7.

When I walked back to my car I still couldn’t believe what just happened. But hey, I had fun, saw great breasts, sort of, just the cleavage but better then nothing! I also felt that thinking about it cause my penis to become active again. But I was almost home so I was looking forward to another orgasm at home…

Next day she did call around 6. I was thinking about it all day constantly fighting with erections…

“Do you have time at 6:30?”


“Great. And if I may ask, is it ok for you? Can we do this every time I have to do shopping? Then I don’t have to buy so much now if I know I can count on you again.”

“Sure, no problem!”

“Great, be in front of my apartment at 6:30.”

So, I walked over at 6:30 and she was already in the parking lot next to her car. Wow… I must have either forgotten how big they were or she gained weight since yesterday. Images of breasts and myself in her bathroom came to mind and sure enough, my penis started to grow before even saying hi. When I said hi she smiled at me and looked between my legs, it wasn’t full grown yet but I guess visible. Damn, she knew she caused something again. She had 7 or 8 bags and I have to run twice. She followed me and even though it was still a tiny escalator, same es the day before, I was basically forced to stare at her breasts and within seconds I had an erection again. I carried the remaining bags and we were back in the kitchen again.

“Seems you have a problem again. Bathroom?” she said with a big smile.

Again I was embarrassed but not as bad as the day before. But I still turned red.

“Uhm… sure, thank you!”

“Wait. I bought something that might help you. I am no expert but I heard Vaseline is good for that?”

Ok, now I was back to full embarrassment. She handed me a new jar of Vaseline she apparently just bought. I grabbed it even though I have never used Vaseline but I didn’t want to talk to her about that.

“Thanks,” I said and walked into the bathroom. Again my dick jumped out, this time I tried to use Vaseline but I didn’t like the consistency so I wiped it off and jerked off like I did the day before. Within seconds I had a mind blowing orgasm. I was still surprised why it went so fast and why so intense. The orgasms I had in her bathroom were stronger than anything I had before… Out of breath but with a smile on my face I walked out.

She was smiling again “It sounded like you are happy now. Was the Vaseline stuff ok?”

“I didn’t use it. Don’t like the consistency and I don’t know why guys apparently use it?”

“Listen, why don’t you bring whatever you use at home over here. You can just keep it here, I don’t mind.”

“But then I don’t have it at home? I can just bring it every time?”

“Well… you don’t live far. If you need to, you can always stop by. I am usually home.”

That blew my mind. Did she just offer me to use her bathroom for masturbation whenever I wanted? I didn’t know what to think of that but even though I just masturbated, I was almost getting horny again.

“Uh… I guess I could do that. If you don’t mind of course!”

“Ah, don’t worry. It doesn’t bother me. Just stop by tomorrow evening.”

So I walked back home and masturbated at home the second I walked in. Wow, what have I gotten myself into?

Next day I walked over with my lube in my hand. Was I really doing this? Setting her apartment as my masturbation place? What was I thinking? She opened her door.

“Hi. How are you? Glad you came by.”. She pointed to her living room and I walked in.

“So, how are you feeling? I guess you don’t want to go to the bathroom right away? We can just talk a bit until you have seen enough. Does that sound ok?”

“Uhm… yes… well, actually, I could go right now because, well, I pictured stuff and uhm… but sure…”

“You have pictured stuff? I see… is that enough? If not, I am wearing a shirt which shows more cleavage to help you out. Given how fast my other shirts worked for you before, this shouldn’t take long,” she said with a smile.

Oddly enough I thanked her. I thanked her for showing cleavage so I can better masturbate? What am I doing here? But I looked and become more excited by the minute. She seemed to notice…

“So, you seem ready, you may go to the bathroom now.”

You may go? What? I didn’t care, the though of jerking off in her bathroom again was to strong. For some reason… I almost raced into her bathroom, opened my pants and applied lube. Within seconds I was jerking off like there is no tomorrow. It was faster and rougher then usual, I was moaning, breathing heavy, moaning louder until I tensed up and grunted, cum was lying into the sink and I almost passed out. Wow… I was still breathing heavy when I walked out.

“So you used your lube? Looks like it worked,” she said with a smile.

“Uhm, yes, it, it worked fine. Thank you.”

“Great. You can leave it in the bathroom. From now on you will come here when you have an urge. If I am not at home for some reason you will have to wait. Is that ok? Only here, ok?”

Wow… The first answer that came to mind was “Are you nuts?!!” but what came out was “Yes, understood”. When I said it I felt my still a bit erect cock to feel like it is about to grow again…

“Good boy. Now, no more fun at home for you. Great that that is understood. And since you are a guy, I am pretty sure you have visual aids. Why don’t you go home, grab ALL of it and bring it over here?”

Again, I was baffled. All my porn? What? But again I said something I wasn’t sure why I said it. “Uh, ok, I guess, I can also store that here”

“Great. Go bring all your stuff over now.”

Ok, she wanted me to bring everything and I agreed. I walked to my apartment… So, here is this older, heavier black woman that I didn’t know until a few weeks ago and now I am carrying all my porn to her house so I can masturbate at her place? This was nuts. At the same time, I was incredibly turned on thinking about it. In fact, since it started, I was pretty much turned on 24/7 no matter how often I masturbated. I opened my apartment and started to collect all dvds, magazines etc and carrier everything back to her apartment. It was almost a full box! My history of masturbation since my teenager time!

“Great. Now, I want to go through them with you. I can’t keep that much at my place. I let you keep a few and I select them.” She grabbed the box and started to go every item. She seemed to not like most if not all of it. She eventually threw one magazine on the table.

“That is ok…”

I looked at it. Oh boy, that was one that was part of three or four pack I bought years ago. I didn’t throw it out because I paid for it, well, all of them without knowing that was part of the pack. It showed a tough looking woman on the cover, title was ‘Mistress Alexandra – Goddess of Humiliation’. No wonder I never looked at it…

“Ok, lots of junk in there. You don’t need that. I have picked one and I will bring two or three more so you have some variety. I guess the one I picked out was bought by accident?”

“Sort of, yes”

“Good. Now that we have an agreement, here are the ground rules. I know you like my bathroom. I can understand that, but every time after you use it to relieve yourself, I had to clean it. I will setup a special place for you where you can do it. I may need to supervise you until I am sure you don’t make a mess and do it properly. I don’t want you to do it too often but I also understand that it is unhealthy if you don’t do it often enough. Very simple. So, we will start with twice a day and see how it goes from there.”

Besides the shock about rules and all that, I also noticed she stopped asking ‘if it’s ok with you’. No more questions, it was more a set of rules that I had to follow without a yay or nay from me. When I realized that I felt my penis growing again. Why was that? I was standing next to the table she used to sort or weed out my porn. She looked at my growing tent and got up.

“Let’s prepare you new milking station.”

Milking station? Where did that come from? She never used a word like masturbate or jerk off or penis and now that? I looked at her. She went to her bedroom and returned a minute later.

“So, this will be your new spot. Since I don’t trust you yet, you will kneel in front of this little table.” She place a tiny table in the middle of the room. “I know aiming is not your thing. This bowl will now be your target. Rules are very simple. You will kneel in front of this table, start your business and when you are about to release, you move your hands to your head and not touch anything. If you do it right, it should just flow out. IF you manage to do that, you may go for a second time and continue your touch VERY slowly again, aiming at the bowl. If you miss the bowl, you will be punished. If your hands are not on your head, you will be punished. Let’s try it. And since it’s day one, we won’t look at the limit.”

I had been going to a local gym to try to get back into shape after letting myself go for a while.

I was 34 and just recovering from yet another bad relationship. There were a few good looking attendants both men and women. All seemed to be younger than me but all were very helpful and made me feel comfortable. I never really went at any regular time so got to know all of them.

I had more than one fantasy about all the women and a couple of the guys. I had been bi curious for some time and was thinking that this might be the time to explore some new territory.

One of the male attendants and I had hit it off better than any of the others and I was trying to set my schedule with his.

His name was Ben. He always stopped by one of my work out stations to say hi and chat for a few. He never made any move that lead me to believe he was interested but I let my fantasies run wild anyway.

I had come in when he was about a half hour from closing and I asked if I was too late? He said no I had time as he was doing some end of week paperwork and would just lock up and secure everything I wasn’t going to use.

After I finished my workout I stuck my head into the office to let him know I was headed to the showers.

I was in the shower when I heard someone enter and turned on the unit next to me. I turned by reflex and saw it was Ben. He was turning on the water when as I was glancing at him I was drawn to his crotch.

He was shaved but that was not it. It was more than that. It was his beautiful cock. It was perfect.

I have never been this close to another mans cock before and was mesmerized by the very sight of it. It was about 6 or 6 ½ inches and only semi-hard. It hung about half mast. He was uncut and I don’t know how long I stared at it but he became visually harder.

Embarrassed I was shaken back to reality. I looked at him to find he was watching me look at him.

He could see my reaction and said: “Relax we are all a little curious aren’t we?”

I had started to get hard myself which he nodded his head at increasing my dilemma.

I stammered something about being sorry and I was mumbling as I turned away. He went about his shower and I tried to turn a little away so he couldn’t see that my hard on had gotten bigger.

We were both quiet for a while until I was trying to get the middle of my back when I felt his hand on my shoulder and said “Here let me help.”

As he started to use his loofah on my back with one hand he reached around me with his free hand and supported my chest.

I think he could feel me tense up in his grip.

He told me that I really needed to relax as we were alone.

His washing my back became more of a massage.

Somehow he switched hands and the hand on my back was supporting me as his hand on my chest drifted down my stomach, to my groin and then to my hardening cock. He took my almost hard cock in his hand softly and started to stroke me to hardness.

He caressed and stroked me as well as I ever have done to myself. He pressed himself to my back. I could feel his hard cock running up and down between my ass cheeks.

I spread my legs allowing him better access to my ass crack. I let out a low guttural moan that surprised even me.

“Is this your first time with another man?” He asked as he pulled his cock down and ran it between my legs rubbing my balls and the bottom of my cock with his.

All I could do was nod to the affirmative. He started by stroking me slowly with a nice soft but firm grip. He would drop his hand to my balls and caress his cock and my balls.

His cock was long enough that he could hold us together and stroke both of us. It didn’t take me long for him to bring me to a knee bending orgasm.

He held me up as I regained my composure. I could feel he wanted to put his cock in my ass but I wasn’t ready for that but sure wanted to suck him off.

I turned around and started to caress his cock and gently pushed him back to the changing bench.

I sat him on the end of the bench with a leg on either side and pulled his crotch so that his cock and balls were over the end.

As he settled in I knelt between his legs and stroked his cock working the skin back and forth his length.

It was like a dream but I knew everything I was doing. I was mesmerized by his foreskin. I would pull it forward to cover the entire head and then back exposing his whole crimson crown. It was almost bright red and I could feel him pulsing in my hand. His shaft was the same color as the rest of him making his cock head seem brighter. His shaft was smooth without the bulging veins I had seen on other men’s cocks in videos.

I took him into my mouth and thrilled at the feel of his cock sliding in and out. I loved everything about it, the feel, the taste, the smell.

It was so different from eating pussy which I have always loved so much. I would suck the foreskin and pull it out as far as it would go and roll it around on my lips.

I would then stroke his shaft back exposing his cock head and run my tongue around it. I would lick the end of his hard cock and roll it around in my mouth.

Then I would try to get as much of his cock into my mouth before it hit the back of my throat.

This was a dream come true and I was having the time of my life. It was similar to the first time I ate pussy but so different. Everything that was happening was like sex for the first time. I had opened another door to a room full of new experiences.

Before I knew it he said he was about to cum and tried to pull away. I shook my head no and would not let go of his cock.

The first shot was a surprise in its intensity and quantity. I have eaten a lot of cream pies I had helped make so had an idea what it would taste like. But his was a little different. His flavor was more like a hot raw oyster if that explains it.

He shot three more times each a little less in quantity and intensity. Then teo more lesser shots.

After he seemed to stop cumming he tried to pull himself from my mouth. Reluctantly I let him.

He said if we want to continue this we could find a better place.

It was then that it hit me, what I had just done and what had been done to me.

He could see my change of attitude and asked me if I was OK?

“Oh yeah, this has been a long time coming and I think you are the right person to open some of these new doors with me.”

It was a short ride to Ben’s’ loft. It was a nice place. He had a bigger than King sized bed in the center of the room. I asked if that was the center ring.

“Oh yeah, I have had many a good time there.”was his reply.

“Any favorites?” I asked.

“Yes there is a couple in their 30′s that I have a lot of fun with. You remind me of the husband. He is new to the bi fun but making up ground fast. Maybe if you like I can introduce you to them as they are kind of private but would trust my judgment.”

I took a seat on his couch along one of the walls opposite the big screen TV.

Ben brought us some juice and settled in next to me and turned the TV on and started a DVD already in the unit. It picked up the action of a threesome with two guys.

“Does that look like fun to you John?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, it is one of my oldest fantasies.” I told him I thought that the first time I was with a man there would be a woman present and we would drift into my first bi experience.

He asked if I had any regrets about out shower fun.

“Not really, I am just surprised how easy it was. I thought I might balk at a one on one with another guy, but it all seemed so natural.” I replied.

He then asked me: “So what does that tell you?”

“I guess that it is natural and I waited way to long for the first time.”

He asked if everything was going OK for me.

I told him that I wasn’t into anything that didn’t express a mutual respect for each other and didn’t get off of any dominant attitude or humiliation.

“I am glad as that is where I am coming from too.” was his reply.

He leaned over and took my face into his hands and kissed me. It was so different from kissing a woman. He was firm but I didn’t feel threatened in any way. He licked my lips and I opened them to let his tongue slip between them.

I always wanted someone to eat my mouth not the other way around. We shifted around so we were facing each other and caressed each other as we opened each others shirt. Our shirts were off easily and we started touching each others chests, arms and back. It was so different from being with all the women I had been with. I didn’t feel that I had to set the mood or direction as we both dropped a hand to each others crotches. We started to caress each others cock through our pants.

Ben said: “lets’ undress and get to the bed and do this right.”

I was right behind him and was naked by the time we went the 10 feet to the bed. He was as naked as I was by that time too and was starting to get hard. As we lay next to each other on the bed I wanted to feel his beautiful cock harden in my mouth. I slid down the bed and took him into my mouth.

I sucked him as far as I could and rocked my head back and forth on him. He was hardening quickly and I started to play with his foreskin again. I hadn’t had enough of that yet. As I was really starting to get into it he said he was going to cum pretty quick and had not sucked me yet. He said lay back and let me show you what I have learned.

Not one to miss a good thing I lay back into the center of the bed as he rolled over me and took my hard cock in his mouth. He was very good at what he did. He was using more saliva that I did and made me feel like his mouth was the best that ever had my cock in it. It felt like he was fucking me with his mouth. He was caressing my ass cheeks as I had lifted my ass off the bed. I felt like he had my cock in a grip that pulled me up off the bed. I felt so good in his mouth I was arching my back to keep as much of my cock in him as possible.

This freed up his hands to caress both my ass cheeks. I was really getting into him paying so much attention to them and he said “you really like that don’t you?’

I replied that no woman really spent any time touching me there.

He said: “well let me take care of that. Roll over on your knees and forearms and just relax and let me make one of your wishes come through.”

I really liked what he was doing to my cock with his mouth but figured now that I had found another side of my sexual self I hopefully could explore more things later.

As I settled in with my ass in the air he renewed his caressing of my ass cheeks. I could feel his warm breath on my ass hole. He was taking his time touching me and I was in heaven. Without stopping his touching my ass I felt him kiss me full on the ass hole. His lips were wet and after making love to my asshole with his mouth he started licking me.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better he does something else. I always got into eating out a ladies ass but really never had anyone reciprocate on me.

He was holding my ass open to his mouth and really putting me over the edge.

I couldn’t believe it but I was coming without either of us touching my cock. I felt like my backbone was coming out through my cock.

He backed off as I slumped into the mattress. I was almost hyperventilating. I may have cum better in my life but at the time I couldn’t think of when.

Ben let me get myself together as I rolled over on my back to pull him down to me so we could hug. I could feel his hard cock on my leg leaking precum. I thought that I would never ask another man what I was about to ask Ben, but it rolled off my tongue so easily.

“Ben will you fuck my ass, please, take my ass cherry.”

He reached into one of the nightstand drawers and took some lubricant out.

As he was spreading some into his cock he said: “after your last orgasm you are no doubt relaxed enough for this but it will be so much better with some of lube.”

I pulled my knees up to my chest and put my hands between them and opened my asshole as wide as I could for him. I felt so exposed and vulnerable, but so hot.

Ben started oiling up his two first fingers and put one of them in my ass. It slid right in with no resistance so as he pulled it out he added another and they both really didn’t hurt and also slid right in.

“Want to try three,” he asked?

“Sure your cock is about that big isn’t it?” was my reply.

He put more lube on my ass hole and his third finger. This took a little more time but soon all three were comfortably in me and he started to stroke them in and out of me. When he had his fingers fully in he would curl them up stroking my prostate, which was getting me very hot.

After fucking me with his fingers for a while he could see I was really into it and said: “are you ready to loose it lover?”

“Oh please take my ass. Be my first fucker Ben.” I moaned.

He aligned his hard cock with my ass and pressed the head to my asshole. His cock was somewhat bigger than his fingers were but I wanted this so bad I told him to put some pressure on me and I would push back and take as much of his cock as I could when I could.

The head popped in and we stopped, letting me adjust.

After a while he started rocking and pressing a little more of his cock in at a time. He had about 5 inches of his 7 inch cock in me when I had him stop and let me relax.

When I told him to start fucking me he started slowly rolling his hips into me. He was more than just driving in and out of me he was rocking into me with a smooth natural rhythm.

He leaned forward and kissed me and was exploring my mouth with his tongue.

I told him “Fuck my ass with your cock and fuck my mouth with your tongue.”

He was ravaging me at both ends for the first time and I loved it. We had a pretty good movement going and I was really getting into it but my cock wasn’t very hard. He was so in tune with my emotions that he must of noticed and said “don’t worry not everyone gets hard during anal. It feels good doesn’t it?”

“Oh Gawd it feels better than anything that I have ever done before.” I said.

I felt how I thought a woman must feel when she gives a man her virginity. It was so erotic but had always been such a forbidden and nasty act that it was so much more to me.

Before long Ben said that he couldn’t take much more and would I mind if he came.

I told him this was my gift to him and to enjoy himself and not worry about me.

He started to shoot his cum in my ass and it was hotter than I expected. I knew about how much force it would come with because I had experienced it in my mouth.

This was just as exciting as my first blow job.

After cumming Ben fell to my side catching his breath.

After a while he said “Lets’ go take a shower.”

I replied: “isn’t that where this all started?”

This was a New Beginning for me and was already wondering how to bring up the subject of the couple he mentioned.

Yep, maybe we missed something; lets’ try to find it.

I was a good Christian, but sinful thoughts tempted me. They said college was a challenging time for women, but I was fine until my summer missions trip sophomore year. We served in South Carolina doing Bible camps for kids. Misty led the songs, Alice did crafts, and I did the lesson. It was hot but easy work.

The three of us girls lived in a house by the church. Our neighbors, the Scotts, were a family involved in the ministry year round. Their son, Travis, was a senior in college. Travis had actually been born in Zimbabwe because his parents had been long term missionaries there. Travis had gone all over the world as an MK–missionaries’ kid. This summer he was home doing an internship at the church, and we often hung out with him and his friends after the Wednesday night service.

One such Wednesday, we went over to watch TV. “Tara,” he said while we were in the kitchen making popcorn. He was a tall guy, with blond hair and green eyes. “Can you look in my room and see if you can find the Action Bible? I wanted to show it to Alice tonight.”

“Sure,” I said.

“It should be on my nightstand.” I walked down to his room. It was a mess, like most of the college boys’ rooms I had seen. I went to a Christian college, and the girls’ and boys’ dorms were across campus from each other. I didn’t see the book on his nightstand, so I opened the drawer to check. Instead of the book, I saw small shiny packets, and with a shock I realized they were condoms. Our church opposes premarital sex, and it was surprising to know someone so religious was even thinking about it.

“Did you find it?” I heard a voice behind me and jumped. I spun around and saw that it was Travis.

“No,” I said, reaching to close the drawer behind my back. I was unsuccessful, and he walked over to look.

“Oh. What did you find?” he asked, but it wasn’t really a question.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t snooping…” I wrung my hands together.

“It’s ok.” He smiled. “I guess I’m not very good at hiding things. If you’re wondering: yes, my girlfriend and I are having sex.”

I bit my lip. “I don’t want to judge you, but I thought…”

“I’m not as conservative as some of you guys are,” he said, shrugging. “We love each other. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”

“Why not?”

“Because I love her and I respect her. And you know it feels good.” I shook my head. “You don’t? Haven’t you ever masturbated?”

“No.” Masturbation was a sin according to my pastor.

“Do you ever think about sexual things?”

“I try not to.” There were plenty of boys–including Travis–that I thought were cute, but I was going to wait for sex until marriage. I had never done more than hold hands with a boy, but I got a little thrill every time I saw a movie or book with kissing. I didn’t like thinking about what to do with those feelings.

“But it’s natural,” he said. “Your body has sexual desires, and if you’re not going to act on them, you have to at least work it out.”

“That’s sin,” I said, with more confidence than I felt.

“Is it?” I nodded. “I don’t think it’s sin to know how your body works. You haven’t ever read a book that got you excited?” I hesitated, and he said, “You’re a woman now. You don’t have to shy away from sex. Oh.” He looked over at the floor and grabbed a book. It was the Action Bible, a Bible written in comic book format. “I left it by my bookbag. Anyway, we should get back.”

I avoided him the rest of the night, but as the girls and I were leaving he handed me a book.

“Hey Tara, this is what I was talking about earlier,” he said with a wink. Mortified, I held the book close to my chest. I murmured my thanks and followed the girls out.

“What did he give you?” Alice asked when we got into the house. She was a thin girl who loved to read. Before I could say anything she pulled it up into the light. “‘Treasure of the Valley,’” she read. “Oh, sounds nice. Must be a romance.” I made myself look. It did look like a novel, a paperback with a lonely looking girl on the cover.

It was several days before I realized why he had given it to me. The story was engaging and romantic, but several chapters in, there was a sex scene. Usually I skipped over those, but this time I read it while glancing over guiltily at the girls sitting with me in the living room. It was terrible to think that I was enjoying it, but I couldn’t deny the tingle I felt between my thighs. No matter how it felt, I was sure that ‘working it out’ was a sin.

The next time I talked to Travis, he was helping us with Bible camp. The lesson that day was about Jesus being tempted in the desert. God was preparing him for his ministry on earth when the devil tempted him three times. Travis and I were cleaning up after the activity, and the other girls were out of earshot.

“Did you like the book I gave you?” he asked, smiling.

“It was a good story,” I tried to say casually.

“Did parts of it get you excited?”

I blushed. “Do you really believe masturbation is not a sin? It’s so…indulgent. How can you focus on God when you’re focusing on yourself?”

“It can take you away from God if you let it. But it’s not like I’m thinking about sex all day everyday. You can still serve God and be sexual.”

“How do you plan on serving in missions if you think that way?”

“Honestly, I’m not going to serve in a Southern Baptist church.” I looked at him, shocked.

“You’re going to leave the church?”

“Just the denomination. My college is American Baptist, and they are more moderate.”

I shook my head. “I can’t believe your college is telling you to have sex.”

“They’re not, but they’re realistic.” He was still smiling, but I felt angry. “Most of the people in the world are not going to wait until they’re married. You have to tell them something that is practical.”

“You don’t have to live it.”

“What I do is between me and God. I think He’s ok with it.”

I was trembling with the news. How could he just reject a teaching from the Bible? Just because one church said it was good didn’t mean it was. I thought about what I knew of American Baptists. They were more liberal, but they still did good work. They even had female pastors. I thought about my own calling to the ministry. I had grown up heavily involved in the church, and I loved to help people. I couldn’t lead a church, but there were many other ways for Southern Baptist women to serve. How could I if I had sin in my heart?

A few days later, I went over to the Scotts to print off flyers for the next camp. Our printer at the house was broken, and the church secretary had yet to buy a new one.

“What kind of picture is that?” Travis asked when the first pages started spitting out of the printer.

“It’s supposed to be a child reading a book,” I explained sheepishly. I had found some free photos online, but it looked better on the screen than enlarged on paper.

“There have to be some better pictures,” he said, leaning over my shoulder. “Here, Mom has a whole folder of pictures she got from Campus Crusade. Use one of those.” He started to take the mouse, but just then his phone rang somewhere out of the room. “Let me get that. It’s in the Pictures folder.”

He left, and I clicked around in the pictures. I didn’t see the folder right away, but I did find one called Travis’ Bible Study. Curious, I opened it to see what chapters he might be reading. Instead I went through multiple folders, like online nesting dolls. Finally there were some files, but they were all numbered.

I clicked on one and felt a rush of shame. It was a photograph of a naked woman touching herself, legs spread and open wide. Her face was contorted in a cross between a smile and a grimace. I quickly closed it, but I couldn’t erase the image from my mind. The joy on the girls face almost reminded me of a worship service, when everyone was lost in a powerful song. It was such a sinful thought to compare masturbation to worship, I told myself.

“Did you find it?” My stomach clenched when I heard Travis behind me. I blushed as I clicked on another folder and shook my head.

“Still looking,” I tried to say nonchalantly. He came over to take the mouse again. I could feel the heat from his body, and it made me warm with guilt. Travis was casual as before. “Hmm, she must have moved them to a CD. I guess you’ll have to use that picture. Or take some of the kids tomorrow.”

“That’s a good idea,” I said as he pulled back. I studied him, but he didn’t seem upset at all. Maybe he hadn’t seen me. Who knows, maybe he thought I should be looking at such things.

“I’ll bring my camera, and you can get some high res ones, so they’ll be good when you blow them up.”

“Thanks.” I smiled, and he smiled back. I couldn’t believe how much sin he was allowing in his life, but my pastor said it was harder for boys. It shouldn’t have been so hard for me.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about the words from the novel and the image from the computer. The three of us girls slept in a room together with bunk beds, and I had the bottom one below Misty. The book of Philippians said to think on whatever was pure and good. Was it sinful to think of sex, even between a married couple?

I had felt my body respond to sexual things before, but I had never explored those sensations. Curious, I put my hand into my panties. I grazed over my pubic bone and felt the hair there. I trimmed it for hygiene, not because I ever expected anyone to see it. I went down to my labia, the outer lips, feeling the warm heat radiating out. I carefully touched the inside lips, wet with natural fluids. They felt slightly puffy, and as I stroked them a warmth traveled up my body.

My heart was beating fast and my breathing was shaky. I felt for my clitoris, feeling a shock as I touched the small bead. My vaginal muscles clenched and I lifted my hips. It was a strange aching pleasure, a rush that made me feel shamefully excited.

I thought I heard one of the other girls stir, so I pulled my hand away. When I brought my hand up, I could smell my own musk, and it was both disgusting and pleasing. I waited until I could hear the girls breathing slowly, then went to the bathroom.

The evidence of my touching was left on the paper when I wiped myself. It was a natural process that left me embarrassed. My family had always avoided talk about sexual subjects, even about the reproductive system. I had educated myself, but I never realized how powerful the mind could be on the body.

I went back to bed and tried to sleep. The faint scent of my body stayed in my nostrils. It wasn’t sin, I tried to tell myself, just exploring.

The next day at Bible camp was hot as usual. That day we did Adam and Eve. For the activity, we made apples and glued them to a large cardboard tree. Travis showed up for the craft and took lots of pictures. He stayed after to help us clean up. “I’ll leave you the camera and you can upload the pictures when you have time,” he said.

“Great idea,” I said.

“Are you girls hungry? Mom was cooking an early dinner because of Bible study. I think she might have made extra to take to church.”

“That would be awesome!” Alice said. “We haven’t gone to the grocery store this week anyway.”

“Why don’t we eat and go afterward?” Misty suggested. We all liked her suggestion and drove over to Travis’ house.

The conversation ended up on the family’s travels. Despite living abroad for most of Travis’ life, Mr. and Mrs. Scott decided to go back home for his high school years. They were surprised that he stayed nearby for college.

“I thought you would get bored here,” his mother said.

“I’ll have plenty of time to travel once I get my ministry degree,” Travis said. Naturally, he was studying international missions. He looked at me and said, “Besides, there’s enough temptation in town.” I blushed and looked away. He had done plenty of tempting.

After dinner I had to prepare for the next day’s lesson, so I stayed at the house while the other girls went shopping. While I was thinking about it, I used the house computer to upload the pictures from Travis’ camera. He didn’t have thumbnails turned on, so it was hard to tell when the shots from today began. Random clicking got me in trouble again.

This picture was of a young woman with a penis in her mouth. It was revolting, but I didn’t close it. Instead I clicked forward, strangely excited but vainly hoping I would get to the Bible camp pictures soon. I found a progression of pictures as the woman touched the man. The pictures were taken from above, and I had to assume it was Travis’ body. The penis left the girl’s mouth, and the last picture was of her face covered in sperm. It looked messy and degrading, but the girl had a expression of pride and lust.

My pastor had said oral sex was OK in marriage, but I couldn’t imagine doing it. It seemed so dirty to touch a man down there, much less let his seed get on your body. Perhaps it was the dirtiness that made me moist in my panties.

I heard the front door unlocking, so I quickly shut off the camera and stood up to help the girls. The company helped keep my mind off the images, but I knew I was sliding into dangerous territory.

I forgot the camera until the next Wednesday night. We were at Travis’ house with the other youth for pizza and a movie. Travis stopped me while I was going into the kitchen to refill my drink.

“Tara, do you still have my camera?” He asked as I set my cup down.

I was about to answer but felt stuck when I remembered those pictures. Blushing, I said, “Yeah, it’s at the house. I can go get it for you,” I said quickly, moving by him back out of the kitchen.

“I’ll come with you,” he said, and I was too embarrassed to say no. He followed me out of the side door. “How do you like the movie?” he asked as we walked.

“It’s great,” I said. It was a Nicholas Sparks romance. They were always sweet and not too graphic.

“It’s a girl movie, but I think it’s ok,” Travis said. “Sometimes I like things with a little more action.”

I nodded as I slid our door open. We hardly ever locked it. It was a country town and everyone knew each other. The camera was where I left it on the computer. “I haven’t uploaded the pictures yet, but that won’t take a minute.”

“I can do it,” he said, shaking the mouse to wake up the computer. He connected the cable and turned the camera on. “I was wondering: you didn’t see any of the pictures I left on here, did you?”

I swallowed. “Pictures? No, I didn’t see anything.” I watched as he turned on the details view, sorted the files by date and quickly started the upload. If only I had thought of that.

“Are you sure?” he said, crossing his arms and leaning against the desk. His gaze made me blush with shame. “I would hate it if you saw something that offended you.”

“Offended? No, there weren’t any offensive pictures that I saw.” I wrung my hands together.

“Really? Maybe they got you excited, then?” I looked away.

“That wasn’t you, was it?” I asked quietly.

“In the pictures you didn’t see? It was. Me and my girlfriend. That was kind of boneheaded to give you the camera without wiping them,” he said, glancing back at the computer. The upload was done. “Wouldn’t want to tempt one of you girls.”

“You didn’t….tempt…” I said, but I was on shaky ground. I couldn’t admit how the pictures made me feel.

He smiled. “They were exciting to look at, weren’t they?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“It didn’t make you think about masturbating?” he asked. He was smiling, teasing me.

“No.” I shook my head.

“Why not? I thought after what you saw the other day you might like some more stimulation.”

I wanted to melt into the floor. “That was an accident.”

“I know,” he said, gathering up his camera. “A good girl you wouldn’t look at things like that on purpose. But you thought about it, don’t you?”

“It’s a sin,” I said.

“Are you sure?” He brushed by me and held up the front door. “I’m sorry I exposed you to temptation. You be a good girl and don’t think about those pictures.”

The next day I called my mentor from my home church. Olivia was a deacon’s wife and young mother, and I always trusted her advice.

“Tara,” she said when she answered. “How’s the ministry going?”

I told her a few things we had done with the kids, and how several Hispanic families were coming to the church now. Finally I got up the courage. “Can I ask you about something?”


“Did you think about sex before you were married?”

“Of course I did. All women do.”

“But is it wrong?”

“Well it depends. We have to be informed, but do we need to try everything? No. Sex is just a part of being intimate with your husband. It’s something you have to be prepared for.”

“So did you masturbate?”

“You know, everyone has probably done that at some point. The concern is, are you obsessing over sex? Masturbation gives you a temporary feeling, but love is much deeper and takes work.” I sighed. “Is there a boy you’re worried about, Tara?”

“Yeah–well, no.” She laughed. “He’s cute, but he’s a senior. And he has a girlfriend. He’s just…” I couldn’t say what he was doing. Tempting me.

“Well, it’s good to make friends, but don’t worry too much about your feelings. That’s biology. It’s your thoughts and your actions that can lead you into sin.”

“Ok,” I said. “Thanks.”

I tried to avoid Travis most of the next week, but his pictures stayed with me, tormenting me. On the next Wednesday night his girlfriend came up, and he made a point to introduce her to me. She was pretty, blond like him, and I could see her in those dirty poses. I’m sure she masturbated. Maybe she looked at pornography as well. Even still, she worshiped with us like a normal Christian, with no sign of guilt. I felt jealous.

She played on Travis’ computer while the rest of us watched TV. It was some crime movie, but I couldn’t get into it. I kept sneaking glances back at the girlfriend.

“Hey, you know that book you were reading?” Alice asked. I turned around to her. “Are you done with it? Can I read it?”

“Sure, but listen,” I said. “It has sex in it.”

Alice looked at me quizzically. “OK?”

Embarrassed, I said, “I just thought you should be on guard.” She shrugged and went back to watching the movie.

That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about Travis’ girlfriend. Would his parents let her sleep in his room? Would they have sex in his bed? It was disgusting, but also arousing. I was ashamed to be thinking about it, but I couldn’t stop.

Almost unconsciously my hand reached for my panties again. I rubbed my hand over my vulva through my clothes. The warmth had already started to spread. I was breathing heavily as I reached inside and found my clitoris. Touching it made me feel hot and nervous. I thought about the girl in the picture, experiencing such pleasure. It was natural, Travis had said.

I went down to my labia and felt the wetness there. I slid a finger inside and trembled as I stroked the vaginal walls. I could squeeze and feel the tightness inside. You have to work it out, he had said.

I went back to my clitoris and circled it. It felt much better lubricated with my own fluids. I rubbed up and down and side to side, testing to see which felt better. They all made me squirm underneath the covers.

You can still serve God and be sexual. I reached my other hand up to touch my breasts. My nipples were stiff and sensitive. Rubbing them added to the tension in my body. I stroked my clitoris faster, raising my hips as if stretching. I felt like there was something I was reaching for. The sensitivity was almost painful, but I didn’t want to stop. Finally I reached the edge, and I gasped as an orgasm made my body pitch underneath me. The warmth flowed from my hips outward and burned away all the thoughts in my mind.

You’re a woman now. I opened my eyes and held still to see if anyone had noticed me. I could hear the other girls breathing quietly, so I rolled out of bed to wash my hands. The warmth of pleasure was replaced with the chill of shame as I realized what I had done. I had never enjoyed sinning so much, but I wanted to rationalize it away. I was just doing what was natural.

At the sound of keys sliding into and moving the lock, Billy quickly pulled his cock out of Noreen’s mouth and tried his best to put it back into his pants while Noreen fumbled around with the buttons on her dress.

The door opened and Xiao appeared at the door but dropped her books and swore softly in Chinese as she bent to pick them up, not noticing as Billy hurried back around to the front of Noreen’s desk, his cock still hard and refusing to go back into his pants. In desperation, Billy simply laid it back against his stomach, buttoned his pants around his balls and lower portion of his shaft while the remaining two thirds of his rod he simply tucked under his white and black polo shirt and put his hands in front of him, fig-leaf style as Xiao entered the office.

“Hello Noreen, oh, William, you’re here.” Xiao said, looking over her small, round, Yoko-Ono style glasses at him disapprovingly. “Give me half a moment and I’ll be ready to speak with you about your poor marks.” She turned away from him to face Noreen.

“Noreen, have there been any calls while I was out?”

Noreen swallowed nervously, but shook her head. Billy noticed her lips were smeared with thick saliva and what was most likely pre-cum as well, and hoped that Xiao wouldn’t notice.

“Noreen, are you feeling ill? You look, out of sorts…” Xiao asked her.

Noreen cleared her throat. “No, no, I’m fine professor Xiao, I just choked on my lunch a bit before you came in.”

“Oh, well try and be more careful.” Xiao said as she walked quickly toward her walled off, inner office. Billy watched her go, noting how the heels of her shiny black leather “fuck-me” boots clicked loudly on the polished floor. Her hair was wrapped tightly up in a bun.

“William, I’ll let Noreen know when to send you in.” She said as she closed the door behind her.

When she closed her door Billy looked down at Noreen, who looked back up at him, her eyes wide open and her face quite shocked looking.

“Noreen, after I meet with Professor Xiao, you and I are going to spend some time together, so stay put while I’m in there, do you understand?”

“Yes.” She said, as he moved back to the outer office door and re-locked it before walking back over around her desk to stand in front of her again.

She reached up with her big, paw like hand and rubbed his cock as it lay against his stomach.

“I don’t understand it, I’ll do anything to feel that cock again…” She said airily.

He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her savagely and forcing his tongue into her mouth while he firmly squeezed her breasts with his hands… In the back of his mind a part of his consciousness asked over and over how he could have just strode into Xiao’s office, unzipped his fly and stuffed his cock into Noreen’s mouth.

He had never done anything like this before, never been an exhibitionist or ever had an inkling to try what could only be called bdsm, but somehow today it just felt… right. He could only presume that Xiao’s latest dressing-down after class combined with Noreen’s unreasonableness as the last straw. It was quite fortuitous considering the considerable talent he’d been given to help him with his penance, or rather penance for the actions of his ancestor. Had he not thought of using this new gift, he might have just told Noreen to “fuck off!”

“We have a lot of things to discuss tonight, Noreen.” He said as he broke off their kiss. The thought of bending her over right here and fucking her for hours just wouldn’t leave his mind. Oh, but he would have fun with her… There was so much “penance” he would perform on Noreen, perform for her behavior toward him and for every other student she’d treated like shit. But first, Xiao was waiting…

Noreen’s phone rang. She noticed which line was flashing and pressed the corresponding button and initiated the speaker phone.

“Yes, Professor?” She asked quietly.

“Noreen, please send William into see me now, and get me the number for the dean of the college of liberal arts.”

“Okay, Professor.” Noreen said, turning off the speaker phone as Billy headed into Professor Xiao’s office.

She looked up from where she sat behind her desk as he entered, turning his back toward her as he closed her office door slowly and quietly before turning to face her again.

She sat sort-of bent over her desk, her eyes peering at him over the tops of her glasses while she finished writing something. Finishing her task, she sat back in her chair and he noticed for the hundredth time just how small she really was, dwarfed by the huge desk in front of her, the wide chair beneath her and the high wall and ceiling behind and above her.

She was good looking in a bookish way, and she was in good shape for a woman in her late 40′s. Her gray jacket and long skirt did little to hide her small, tight ass when she walked, nor to make plain her small breasts and generally flat figure. But that didn’t matter right now. Now, it was Billy’s turn to give Xiao some payback for the way she’d fucked him grade-wise, at least as he saw things.

“Have a seat, William. I’m going to have your dean on the telephone shortly and I want you to be here as I let her know of your deplorable attendance. I don’t think she has any idea just how lightly you take your academic career.” She said, looking back down at her desk, this time opening her desk drawer and taking out several sheets of paper with what looked like attendance information written on them.

“Professor Xiao, can I at least try and explain-” He began.

“No, William, I’m really not interested in any excuses. And I really don’t think there’s any argument you can offer that will change my mind.” She said, looking down in her desk for one sheet apparently far in the back of the drawer.

She looked up and saw that he had refused to sit down and instead now stood in front of her desk, staring at her with a nasty grin on his face. She stopped rummaging for her papers and sat frozen for a moment as she watched his hands unclasp his belt and start to unzip his pants. Shocked by what she saw him start to do, she reached quickly over her desk and grabbed the phone from its cradle, hurriedly dialing the number for campus security. Once she’d entered the number and heard the first sound of the ring on the other end, she looked up at him again.

“William, you nasty-” She stopped in mid-sentence as from four feet away from her, separated by her large desk, his cock hung free and clear from his pants and bobbed up and down, the urethra visible below the head was quite thick and round, as though full of semen. Below the front-on view of his cock hung a large scrotum with two enormous testicles, clearly visible to her as the skin of the scrotum looked to be drawn tightly around them, possibly due to the amount of additional skin his cock demanded to become fully erect.

She could only stare open mouthed as a voice came on the line at the other end of her panicked call.

“Hello, campus security.”

She didn’t answer, instead just focusing on Billy’s cock in front of her as her heart raced, her loins became wet and hot and her small nipples curled into tight buds. She glanced up at his face, and whereas before she had seen contempt, smugness and malevolence, now she saw lust, raw and pure, and she felt overwhelmed by the feeling.

“Hello?! Is this professor Xiao? Professor, are you in danger?” Came the loud, forceful voice on the other end.

“What?! Who is this?!” She demanded angrily as she finally responded to the campus security officer.

“This is campus security, who the hell is this?!” The man retorted petulantly.

“This is Professor Xiao, you ass! How dare you speak to me this way?!” She responded.

“Look, professor, you called us, so what do you want?”

“Piss off!” She shouted, slamming the phone down.

When she looked back up at Billy he had completely disrobed and had walked around the desk on her left hand side so that he was now only a foot and a half away from her as she looked up at his naked, lithe body. Her whole body felt hot and every breath of air she took carried with it enough pheromones to set her pussy on fire. She swallowed once and looking up at his eyes reached a shaking, pale hand up and took hold of his shaft, letting out an audible moan as she held it in her hand.

As soon as her fingers closed around his cock her hands lost all hint of unsteadiness as the energy pent up from her arousal now had an outlet. His cock was very warm to the touch and she could feel his blood pulsing within as she tightened her grip on his shaft, making the smooth, purple head bulge and darken heavily in reaction.

“My god, your prick is magnificent!” She breathed, reaching up with her other hand and placing it above the first so that she now held his 10 inches of rock-hard dick in both her hands. Her grip still left about a third of the length of his cock uncovered. She squeezed the shaft and twisted it with her hands, trying to choke the life out of it.

Billy closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling, never having imagined how good it would feel and letting his own lust build as her hands began to loosen their hold a bit and move back and forth along him.

She began stroking him, at first slowly and gently, letting her hands move along the skin of his shaft, very gently. He shivered as he felt the smooth, soft skin of her fingers and palm ever-so-slightly run along his cock. As the head began to ooze drop after drop of pre-cum, she used her left hand to wipe it onto her fingers while her right hand tightened its grip on his cock and began to pump it, moving the skin on his cock up and down with her motions, coaxing out more and more pre-cum…

She did this until her left hand was covered in his shiny, clear pre-cum, spreading it even on her palm and the skin between her fingers. When her hand was completely covered she switched her grip and began rubbing his pre-cum up and down his cock, slathering it with its own lubrication before returning to masturbating him. The effect was immediate, and Billy grunted with the sudden feeling of the lubrication on his cock, reminding him of how slippery and tight the pussy of that bag lady (or whatever the hell she was) had felt when he’d fucked her.

He began thrusting his hips toward Xiao, dotting her face with pre-cum when his cock made contact with her and he could feel his sperm building to an uncontrollable pressure within him. Moving quickly, he pulled her hands off his cock and grabbing her by the lapels of her jacket, yanked her to her feet and spun her so that her ass was pushed back against her desk.

Her eyes were wide at the suddenness of his movement but also due to her own lust. She had always had some secrets about why she first came to study in the UK, secret desires she never told anyone but were still relevant all the same. One of those secrets had been her visceral desire to hold in her hands a long, thick, white cock, and it was a fantasy she had only been able to experience once while she was in the UK.

It was a fantasy borne of gossip and rumors she’d heard when still a girl in Taiwan about “lao wai” or foreign men, especially European men, and how they were different. It was the same type of gossip and rumors so many white women hear about black men, but for Xiao this rumor had always made her get red hot with desire to see and feel such large, pale dicks.

He tore open her jacket, sending the two buttons holding it closed flying off into the corners of her office. Her white blouse beneath met a similar fate and when he had pulled that from her body he pushed her back onto her desk so that she sat on it in front of him in her bra, skirt, boots and panties.

The first of those he roughly grabbed by the bottom of the cups and lifted it off her, tossing it on the floor as he next grabbed each of her boots in turn, unzipped them and dropped them to the floor of the desk. She put her hands softly on his shoulders as he got down on his knees and flipped her skirt back, grabbed her panties and pulled them off her legs toward him. When he had tossed them aside with the rest of her clothes, she undid the clasp holding her skirt on and this too he dropped onto the floor.

She sat before him naked, save for her glasses and the bindings holding her hair in a bun.

“William-” she began, but he cut her off, putting his right hand on her small breast and squeezing it gently as he grabbed the back of her head with his other hand and kissed her aggressively. He fondled her breast and moved his tongue around in her mouth this way for a bit and then pulled back from her, breaking off his kiss and taking his hand off her breast but keeping his left hand tight around her bun. Taking his cock in his right hand, he pulled her down and toward him while moving his cock into her mouth, as he had done with Noreen earlier.

Xiao had none of the natural talent Noreen had when it came to sucking cock. Her teeth constantly scraped him, she didn’t know how to use her tongue to lick him even when he told her how and to top it off her mouth was so shallow and her throat so narrow that she couldn’t take more than one third of his length in her without gagging and flailing around so much he worried he might actually suffocate her.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and watched as while she was panting and drooling, she hesitated not a bit and took his cock back into her hands and began masturbating him again. This was certainly a talent of hers and now she had even more lubricant from all of her saliva that coated his cock thickly even as pre-cum ran freely from the tip of his head.

He watched and felt as she squeezed and strangled his long, thick cock as she had before but now with the added lubrication it was not long until he felt the first surge of cum boiling up his shaft. He grit his teeth and began to shake as more and more sperm was pumped up from his balls to join the massive load that was already there from an hour and a half of Noreen’s sucking his dick, and he tried with all his will to hold on just a little longer, hoping to prolong the feeling of pleasure he got from her handjob.

Xiao noticed what was happening, and with a rush of lust as she remembered what she had done the only other time she’d found a well-hung white man to give handjobs, she pointed the swollen, purple head of his cock squarely at her lips and opened her mouth, reaching out with her tongue to guide his cum down to her throat, even as she pumped his shaft faster and squeezed harder.

Billy cried out hoarsely as he thrust his hips forward and sperm jetted from this cock in sixteen huge globs, one after another shooting onto Xiao’s face, splattering against her glasses, her nose, her cheeks and her even her forehead. Billy just shook uncontrollably as he experienced an orgasm so long in building up and with so much energy now that it was released he feared he might lose control of all his bodily functions.

Xiao continued to pump his cock, squeezing out the last big glob of cum which was followed by a slow flowing fountain of sperm, this moving with sufficiently less force so that it cooperated with her intent and poured down into her mouth and throat.

She swallowed again and again as her small mouth filled over and over with his sperm. She felt it stick to the roof of her mouth and she felt ropes of it clinging to her teeth but stretching down her throat and sticking against the sides of her esophagus.

It was warm, and sticky and so delicious to her… She felt some of the globs he had shot on her face sliding very slowly down onto her neck and shoulders, but much of what he had put there remained in place, so thick and sticky after having sat in his urethra for so long that it was almost like glue.

His cock had mostly emptied for the moment, the flow of semen was reduced now to only what she could wring out of him, and wring that cock she did, dedicatedly pumping his swollen cock despite only producing a drop or two of semen at a time. She couldn’t see through all the sperm on her glasses, but she could still feel how his cock had never gotten soft and she could feel the veins beneath the skin of his shaft pulsing with blood, keeping his long cock warm and hard.

Finally, he pulled her hands off his cock and grabbed both of her legs under her thighs, pulling her sopping wet, shaved pussy toward his cock.

“Fuck me, William,” she rasped, wrapping her pale, thin legs around his waist, pushing the head of his cock into the very tight and very small opening between her labia. “Fuck me with your big cock.”

“I’m going to cum inside of you, Xiao.” He said, easing his dick into her pussy.

“Do it!” She hissed, arching her back and throwing back her head as his cock slowly invaded her pussy, filling it as full as it could be filled.

Slowly at first, he began pumping his cock into her pussy, coaxing enough sperm from within him to join with her own creamy lubricant to make her cunt slippery enough for him to start moving faster. As he increased his pace, he reached a speed he found to be comfortable, fucking her with enough speed and force to make her whole body jerk back and forth with each thrust of his hips. Her pussy was so slippery and tightly filled that the sound of his cock going into and out of her was like someone pushing a shoe into and pulling it out of a thick, sticky mud-hole, over and over again. His shaft was quickly covered in the thick, creamy lather her pussy produced and after about ten minutes of his steady fucking she screamed her orgasm, her pussy tightening on his cock so much it felt like she had another hand inside her.

He fucked her through her orgasm and felt his own balls swelling with cum once again. The sound of her screams, saying god only knew what in Chinese turned him on until he felt near his own orgasm. As the pressure within him increased he fucked her faster and faster until he too came, and began pumping her pussy so full of sperm it began to leak out of her. When his cock slid back out of her cunt, his sperm poured out but with each thrust of his big cock back inside her pussy it sprayed out, covering her desk, her ass, his balls and his thighs with his cum.

Since he never lost his erection he never stopped fucking her, though he did slow down for a time to recover his energy before beginning to fuck her again, which he did, taking her three more times, each time pumping more sperm into her burning hot vagina than he would have ever thought possible. After the fourth time he came she was moaning and sobbing so much from the pain that he felt some sense of pity toward her and pulled out, his cock pulling with it a small wave of sperm that had been trapped within her.

Still feeling the need to fuck, he grabbed her by her ankles and twisted her over onto her stomach, where she lay, helpless and panting in front of him. He wiped up a large handful of sperm from her ass and rubbed it into and onto her anus, getting her as lubed up as he could. Pulling her toward him so that her feet touched the floor and her hands lay in front of her, he kept her bent over the table and pushed his cock deep within her ass.

Xiao moaned a little but was so spent and overwhelmed from what Billy had done to her should barely even noticed as he fucked her ass. She had been fucked so thoroughly she was barely conscious. She was just relieved to have his huge dick out of her pussy.

Billy felt tremendous pressure from her ass as he fucked her, it was even tighter than her pussy! In little time he came again, filling her ass with his hot cum. He wanted to keep going, but he was exhausted, and he lay down on top of her back, breathing heavily and feeling his heart race so fast he feared it would explode. He lay on her smooth back and slowly opened his eyes, seeing bright shiny spots rotating in his vision as he bordered on losing consciousness. He had no way of knowing for sure if Xiao was now pregnant, but he didn’t care. He was spent, for the moment, and could barely muster the energy required to keep breathing.

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