Across the Bar

That’s where I saw her; sitting across from me at the bar simply sitting there staring in my direction. She had the most amazing almost boyish charm: short spiked hair, a baby face and a body to die for. Not quite the typical woman with curves here and there more of a sleek smooth look that just begged to be licked and nibbled upon. You could tell from the faint sheen of sweat upon her face that she was getting hot and heavy under the collar of her red checked shirt.

I myself am not too bad looking: big and muscular with electric blue hair piercings and small perky tits. All of this coupled with a baby face making me look younger than my 22 years. Slowly she rose to her feet and beckoned me to dance. Of course I obliged.

We twisted and turned as the beat ran throughout her body and every brush of our skin sent electric pulses down to our cores. Every beat had the effect of pulling us closer and closer together, She leaned in close. Her big brown eyes level with mine stared as she whispered “your mine tonight.”.

Her mouth captured mine in a heated kiss, pushing hard against my own soft lips willing them to open and that they did.

Her tongue darted into my mouth intertwining with mine in a battle of strength as my teeth grazed along her bottom lip pulling it into my mouth. The moment left me; forgetting I was in a crowded bar as I broke the kiss and nipped my way down to her collar bone.

Pulling away she scolded me and showed me exactly where we were, in the crowded club and suggested somewhere slightly more private. I hardly could contain myself, I wanted her NOW, I could feel the juices dripping in my underwear as she dragged me off to the toilets of all places.

She tried to explain that this was the best she could do with both out needs so great however she did not get a chance to fully get this statement out and I wrapped my arms around her tightly and backed her into the one remaining cubicle. We resumed our kissing and rough touching. Now her hand travelled down my touch her fingers ripping the buttons as she went exposing myself to her eyes. She gazed at my white satin bra, at the nipples hardened to a point and licked her lips. Fingers grazed across my left nipple while her hand palmed the other breast as I moaned into her open mouthed kiss.

To return the favour my hands did not go to her chest but straight down to her belt that was denying me access to the unbridled pleasure beneath. I unhooked and slung it off her noticing the wet patch forming at her crotch. Scooting away from her freeing her back from the wall she groaned in frustration mumbling something about needing me. She soon stopped that however when I knelt on the floor my face level with her trousered pussy and I bent in to take a long sniff. Doing this clearly turned her on more as the wetness began to spread before my very eyes.

I could not take it any longer; I guided the pants down her thin hips her knickers along to and there revealing to me was her delicious cunt open and swollen with arousal. She was not shaven with a thick hairy bush that I could bury my face into. Inching closer ever still I stuck out my tongue and licked my way up and down her wet, wet slit parting her inner lips with agile muscle on the way.

Any ideas of pleasuring me clearly went out of the window as she leaned back as far as she could in the tiny cramped stall and gasped in ecstasy. To add to her growing delight one of my fingers went to her soft opening. My finger ever so slowly dipped into her cunt; just a little way in and drew out. I could see the wetness clinging to my finger and she began to beg me to go faster, harder. I had intended to torture her senses , go ever so slowly but arousal on both sides decided otherwise.

In and out in and out. One finger, then two finally three pumped her tight cunt. With every pass I could feel her pussy contracting squeezing my fingers grabbing any pleasure they had to offer. She was mounting up higher and higher and yet I still not touched her clit. I could see it jutting out there erect with need and throbbing as if it had a life of its own. I could not resist moving in again and swiping my tongue over it. First however I wanted to bring my need to the same level. I wanted us to cum in unison and I willed that to happen.

My remaining hand went straight to my slick folds what with my jeans discarded a long time ago. Furiously I rubbed at my clit, my need was so bad I wanted to scream and I needed to be there to cum in a matter of seconds or I felt my whole body would implode. Stuffing two fingers in my cunt and one running circles round my little button rose the pressure up and up until I was on the point of climax.

Not forgetting my partner all the way through my ministrations I could feel each clench of her cunt around my fingers tighter, each new leak of wetness more musky and thicker until she practically screamed that she was going to cum.

We both reached the point together, me frigging myself as my mouth worked wonder on her pussy. As she spurted a long stream of sweet liquid into my mouth her legs buckled as her pussy in rhythmic contractions forced my finger out her hole. I moaned her name as I too reached my point of no return. I felt the heat within me rise to an amazing level felt my pussy clench harder in harder till I broke that barrier and came all over my hand moaning and crying as I did.

Slowly as we both came down from our highs I drew my hand away from our respective pussies and lay my head against her bare chest. Clearly not tired she bent down and breathed into my ear “ready for round two”.

June 2018
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