Antonia couldn’t believe she was held captive. She had made sure she was very careful on her mission. She had scouted the hideout for days before penetrating the base. But alas, she was captured, and now, her wrists were cuffed to a chain stretching up to the dark ceiling, her legs spread and ankles chained to the floor.

She was stripped long before she was chained. Stripped and dumped into a pool of ice cold water, and now, she stood in the dank cellar, a cool wind blowing on her skin. Her long wavy brown hair hung limply around her waist, her brown eyes drooping with fatigue. Antonia didn’t know how long she’d been in there. When you’re naked and alone in a cellar, the essence of time just escapes you. Her toned arms ached, and she often clenched and unclenched her fingers to be sure they were still connected to her hands. Her large, 36DD breasts hung firmly on her chest, her dark nipples slightly erect.

Suddenly, there was a large clank, and the metal doors slid open. Antonia gasped and focused her eyes, squinting at the sudden light. A young girl stumbled in, her arms tied roughly behind her back. Rough ropes dug into the skin beneath her small, supple breasts, pushing them upwards. Her nipples were a bright pink, evidence of earlier abuse. Her knees buckled as she walked in, and Antonia could see slivers of liquid running down her skinny thighs. Around her neck was a collar, which had a long piece of rope attached, leading to a broad, muscular, and naked man a few feet behind her.

“Move it bitch,” the man barked, his voice deep and harsh. He raised his leg and gave the girl a rough push on the bum, sending her flying forwards. However, the rope was gripped tightly in his hands, and when the rope was taut, the girl was jerked around and fell on her face, inches before the man’s feet. Antonia winced. The girl’s bottom was lifted, and she could see semen leaking from her worn pussy and her stretched ass hole. There were faint traces of dried blood, but they’ve been washed away by countless loads of semen.

A horrifying thought suddenly flashed across her mind. Was she to be ravaged and broken like this young girl here? Forever to serve this terrible man? Antonia glared at the man, who had pulled the girl to her knees by her black hair, and forced her mouth down on his erect cock, it’s width stretching her lips wide. Antonia glared at the man, no, monster. He stood a little over six feet, with large bulging muscles on his arms and chest. There was a strange red eye mask on his face, with small yellow thunderbolts at the corners of his eyes. He was grinning lustfully as he forced the girl to deep-throat him, the sounds of her tongue and her gagging turning her on even further. Suddenly, his cock spewed warm, sticky semen into the girl’s mouth, which she swallowed quickly, then licked his member dry.

“That’a girl,” the man chuckled, jerking the girl up to a standing position by her hair. The girl cried out in pain. She was so much smaller than him, standing around five feet. Her reddened cheeks were wet with tears.

“You bastard!” Antonia shouted, glaring furiously at the man. The man looked at her, surprised to see her there. The surprise quickly turned into an evil smirk, as he strode over to her, dragging the girl behind him.

“You’re the new prisoner boss recruited,” he stated. He flicked his tongue out and ran it on the edges of his teeth, snarling flirtatiously. Antonia reeled back in disgust.

“You sick son-of-a-bitch, hurting an innocent girl like that,” she spat, nodding towards the small girl. The girl sniffed and looked at Antonia with her large dark eyes. The man looked back at the girl and laughed.

“You are funny, you know that? This whore here is anything but innocent! She’s fucked at least twenty different men today. Begged them to ram their cocks in all of her holes! Ain’t that right, slut?” he bellowed, yanking the rope. The girl stumbled forward, her head outstretched. The man grasped her hair and pushed her head up and down. “Oh yes, I’m a slutty whore who likes to fuck!” he said in a falsetto, imitating the girl. Then he laughed cruelly at his joke. Antonia watched the girl hang her head in shame, tears rolling down her hot cheeks.

“You shut up right now!” Antonia shouted, struggling against her chains. The movement did nothing except made her breasts bounce, which the man found hilarious. He smacked her large, firm breasts with his hand, making them sway from side to side.

“You stop it right now!” Antonia screeched, struggling. The man chuckled and grasped her breast in his hands, squeezing it like a stress ball. Antonia squealed. “Stop it! Stop! You’re hurting me!” she cried. The man put his mouth on her breast and sucked hard, his thick tongue flicking at her nipples, making them hard and erect. He bit down at them gently, pulling it with his teeth. Antonia threw her head back and cried, getting turned on. The man put his hand roughly on her crotch while gnawing away at her breasts, this thick fingers sloshing away inside her wet cunt.

“Mmm, you’re very wet, whore, very very wet,” the man said, sneering at Antonia’s flushed cheeks, his palm smacking against her crotch as he finger-fucked her. He released his fingers suddenly and held them out to the girl. “Come on whore, you gotta taste this! It’s the nectar of horniness!” The man laughed, shoving his fingers into the girls mouth. The girl sucked and licked his fingers gingerly, tasting Antonia’s juices. The man chuckled and walked off to the side, where he pushed a few buttons and pulled a lever. Antonia gasped as the chains moved, her upper body lowering until her knees were bent at a ninety degrees angle, her pussy exposed.

“I’ll let you two get acquainted,” the man said, walking out the room. As he was about to exit the cellar, he flipped on a light switch. A single light bulb turned on over head, shining a spotlight on Antonia. The doors clanked shut.

Antonia craned her neck uncomfortably to look at the girl over her large breasts. The girl was standing here, staring at her glistening pussy. “Um, it’s alright honey, I’ll get us out of here as soon as these chains come off,” she reassured her. The girl shook her head.

“They won’t let you out of that until you’ve begged,” the girl said quietly. Her voice was deeper than Antonia expected, and nothing like the high falsetto the man did minutes ago.

Antonia frowned. “Well…what’s your name?” she asked. The girl frowned and looked away. After long moments of silence, she spoke.

“I haven’t been called by my real name for a week,” the girl muttered. “All they call me is ‘slut’, and ‘whore’, and ‘bitch’.” There was a long pause again. “But my name was Olivia.”

Was? Antonia felt a pang of sympathy for this girl. “Listen, Olivia-”

“Never mind that,” Olivia said, her voice suddenly strong. “I came here to prepare you for tomorrow,” she said.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Antonia gasped. Olivia walked in front of her, kneeling down. Her face was directly in front of Antonia’s cunt.

“You’re lucky,” she said, breathing lightly on the woman’s labia, inhaling the musky scent of her sex. “They broke into me right away.” Olivia stretched her tongue out, lapping gently at Antonia’s pussy. Her tongue dug underneath her folds, reaching the sweet nectar inside. Olivia pressed her face closer, her nose resting on Antonia’s shaved pubis, her tongue pushing deeper into Antonia’s cunt. Olivia sucked on her clit hungrily, her eyes closed. Antonia struggled as this young girl ate her out expertly, her tongue darting in and out of her pussy, her hot breath ticking her sensitive skin. Antonia felt a similar tingling between her legs as she approached her orgasm. She jerked her body as she released her fluids, which was expertly cleaned up by Olivia. Olivia pulled her mouth away, her tongue hanging out, trailing spit and pussy juice. She walked over to Antonia’s face and threw one leg on the other side, sitting softly on Antonia’s chest. Her legs were spread, her abused pussy resting inches from Antonia’s face.

“Please Miss, lick my pussy,” Olivia begged, slowly moving her hips along Antonia’s lips. Antonia shook her head, panting softly.

“No! Let’s not give in to this madness!” She cried. Olivia shook her head sadly, rubbing Antonia’s breasts gently.

“I gave in long ago,” she said. Olivia bent over and took Antonia’s breast in her mouth, licking her hard nipple slowly and forcefully. Antonia shuddered and opened her mouth. Olivia brought her hips down, mushing against the woman’s face. Antonia had no choice but to give this girl what she wanted.

Antonia had never sucked a woman before. She had sex only once, in the dark and under covers, and that was it. This girl’s pussy, caked with cum from multiple people, turned her on. Antonia lapped at the dried cum, then brought her attention to the girl’s pussy, already dripping with juices. Olivia moaned, slurping wildly at Antonia’s breasts. She grinded her hips against Antonia’s mouth, making her tongue protrude deeper into her vagina.

“Oh Miss, you’re so good,” Olivia moaned, straightening up. She bounced herself on Antonia’s face, riding her tongue like a cock. The thought of a woman’s tongue in her, instead of hard, brutal cocks made her climax, buckling her body over Antonia’s face. Antonia gasped and slurped up her juices as it spewed out from her pussy. She was panting when Olivia removed herself from her face. Both their cheeks were flushed.

“Thank you Miss. I’m sorry, but not I have to call the masters in,” Olivia said in an apologetic voice. She walked over to the door, and nudged a large intercom button with her shoulders.

“Master, I am done,” she said. There was a loud crackling sound, then the man’s rough voice boomed through the speaker.

“Very well, slut! Tell me, how was she?”

Olivia looked back at Antonia, at her dripping pussy and heaving breasts, pink from all her sucking. She turned back to the intercom. “She was delicious,” Olivia said truthfully. The man laughed.

“I bet she came a lot, eh? Now tell me whore, who do you like better? That worthless bitch or your masters’ nice, bulging cocks?”

Olivia frowned. She hated the men. She hated they harsh way the penetrated her, they way they forced themselves onto her during random times of the day. But if she told him the truth, she would be severely punished. Olivia knew. She knew a girl who went against the masters. She never saw her again. “Of course, Master. Your cocks will always be my favorite.”

The man laughed again and the doors creaked open. Antonia craned her neck and watched helplessly as the girl walked out, and the door shut behind her. Her pussy was still twitching slightly from her orgasm, and her juices slowly dripped down to her ass. Antonia let her head fall back, feeling the the dizziness as blood rushed to her head.

Oh when…Oh when will this be over?

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