She made it to the plane just as they announced the final boarding call. Stephanie still could not believe she was doing this. After six months of conversing back and forth with a man she had met online, she was finally going to meet him. They had met on an erotic website. The attraction was instant and she quickly became helplessly infatuated with him. And now it was finally going to happen. She was finally going to meet him. She sent pictures of herself that showcased her large full breasts, her wide round hips and her smooth flat tummy. Her thick thighs were silky and firm. He adored her earthy green eyes, her long red hair and particularly her ample heart-shaped ass. He was constantly telling her how much he wanted her body and all the ways he would take it. She would spend long sleepless nights thinking of him while she masturbated herself to sleep.

Stephanie was dying to find out what he looked like. She had sent him dozens of pictures, yet he had always refused to send back a picture of himself. One day he finally relented. Stephanie’s hand was trembling when she clicked on the attachment. She was surprised by what she saw. It was a picture of his cock. Long, hard and thin. The bulging lickable ridge on the underside leading up to a purple plum shaped head. She imagined following it from hilt to head with the tip of her tongue.

At first she was skeptical if it was really him. She asked him write her screen name, Aching2Btouched on his stomach with a marker and take a picture of it. Five minutes later, it appeared in her inbox. It was a picture of him jerking off. Her screen name was scrawled across his trim stomach. It was real. That was his beautiful cock. It made her extremely aroused that she had caused this incredible reaction. Stephanie wanted more. She needed more. She kept asking him for a picture of his face, but over and over again he refused. “You will just have to come see me.” He would reply at every request. Every time he asked her, he secretly prayed she would say yes. He tried to keep it light; afraid he might scare her off. He had been around women long enough to know that they are unpredictable, irrational creatures that continually surprise everyone around them.

One day on a out of character impulse, she decided that just looking at his cock wasn’t enough and sent him an email. She waited on pins and needles for a reply.

To: Jefflikes2watch

Subject: Are you actually serious?

Message: I can’t stop thinking of all the things I want you to do with me, and all the things you want to do to me. I have a week of holidays I could use to visit…. What do you think?

Nervously waiting,


She waited at her computer for an hour before convincing herself that the idea was foolish and he was not serious at all. It was only part of the role playing games he liked to play. She went to the fridge and grabbed a tub of yogurt tub along with a spoon. Stephanie was sitting at her computer watching her favourite show, Spartacus, when the email popped up.

To: Aching2Btouched

Subject: WHEN?

Message: What is your real name? I can’t buy you a plane ticket without it. Not when you are crossing borders.


“Jeff really wants me!” she exclaimed. Her fingers furiously typed a reply.

To: Jefflikes2watch

Subject: I can pay for my own ticket THANK YOU!

Message: You’re not paying. My name is Stephanie, nothing special

When would be a good time for you?

Nervously waiting,


The fingers of her left hand were drumming on the desk, as she waited impatiently. The fingers of her right hand had made their way into her damp panties, and were playing with her sex, as she imagined all of the wicked things to come.

To: Aching2Btouched

Subject: WHEN?

Message: I like your name I wouldn’t have guessed someone with such a sweet name like that would want to get tied up and gang banged ;)

I have to set some stuff up with work and such. I’ll get back to you.



Three months later she was on a plane, luggage packed with lingerie and toys. The plane ride into Florida was torturously slow. After she cleared immigration, she picked up her bag and headed for customs.

“Anything to declare?” the overweight customs agent asked before opening her bag.

‘Shit! Fuck! Shit!’ Stephanie thought. ‘He’s going to see my toys! Why did I not think they would look in my bags?’ She looked at the ground looking for a hole to crawl in.

He picked up her small purple plug and examined it. Stephanie was cringing in embarrassment.

“What do you do with this?” he asked her, holding it up to his and taking a sniff. ‘I will never be able to use that again.’ She thought looking at the sweaty man staring at her waiting for an answer.

“Um . . . You know, personal stuff.”

He looked at the rest of the contents of her suitcase. “Looks like you’ve got a lot of personal stuff in here. You’re not selling this stuff are you?”

“No, no I swear.” She frowned at the idea of reselling used toys.

“Alright, you can go,” he said with a creepy grin on his face. “Enjoy your stay in Miami. It sure looks like you will.” She took a deep breath forced herself to walk with her head up and continued to where Jeff said he would meet her.

The driver was waiting just outside of the secured area, behind the metal railing. He was wearing a dark suit and sunglasses, and holding a sign — ‘Aching2BTouched is about to get her wish’ in big bold letters.

She could not believe he made that sign! He saw her hesitate so he waved her to come over. She didn’t move. ‘Was this a bad idea?’ she thought. He pointed to the ground and titled his head. He took one step forward and then she began to walk swiftly toward him. She did it quickly so that she wouldn’t lose her nerve. Standing in front of the man, “I’m Stephanie…. Are you Jeff?” she said timidly trying not to look at the people walking around them as they read his sign.

“I’m just a driver. Jeff is waiting for you in the limo. Let me take your bag.”

Limo? Stephanie knew what that word meant. It meant that as soon as she got in the car, she would have a cock in her mouth. That was part of the deal. Aching2BTouched had agreed that if Jefflikes2watch would spring for a limo, she would suck his cock on the way to the hotel. She hesitated for a minute and was beginning to have second thoughts.

“Is something wrong?” the driver asked.

“No. No it’s okay. I’m ready for this,” she said, and then followed him to the car. It was hot and humid outside. Perspiration was making her green sundress cling to her ample chest. She was unused to the heat it never got this hot in Northern Canada.

The driver smiled politely and said, “We are all Jeff.” Bright red warning bells began to ring in her head. She panicked and did nothing. A deer caught in the headlights. The frightening promise of being hit by this transport truck of crazy, renders her paralyzed and helpless. He opened the door for her as he took her luggage. His hand slowly and intentionally stroked her hand as he took it. She bent over sideways ignoring the touch, to peek into the back seat. Two brown haired men sat in the back seat. They wore the same suit and the same sunglasses. Straightening back up she looked around to see if there was a camera and she was the victim of a prank television show. “Please come in.” The one closest to the open door purred at her. When she didn’t reply he got out and grabbed her hand guiding her into the limo. She stepped in sitting down beside the other man. The hand holder slipped in behind her putting a hand on her knee. The other beside her did the same. As she looked across the limo she said numbly, “We are Jeff?” As she stared into the intense blue eyes of Jeff number four. She counted to 10. Took a deep breath and a needed count of, ’11 this is not happening , 12 oh my god 13 I’m about to die 14, are they all going to fuck me? 15 Oh dear god I hope so.’ She kept it together exhaled and breathed in deeply and calmly said, “One of you had better bloody explain just what in the fuck twilight zone shit is going on here.” She ranted, stunning them all into grins. Jeff 3 the one on her right, gave her knee a squeeze and pulled it to him slowly.

“Yes,” the Jeff that was sitting across from her replied. He was a couple inches taller than her. He as slim, broad shouldered and narrow hips, “Stephanie the entire time you have been talking to Jefflikes2watch you have been talking to one of us. Usually it is two and sometimes all of us.”

“No one man can satisfy all of your sexual needs. It took all of us to gratify you in our messages,” the second Jeff that was sitting on her left said. He was thicker build and at least 4 inches taller than herself at 5’7. She kept moving her head Jeff to Jeff to Jeff waiting for one of them to start laughing and say they are just joking. They were smiling but not a ‘Ha Ha’ way. Jeff 1, the driver moved put the divider down so he could watch how she was reacting.

“No, I can’t. I can’t do this. I never—”

“You said it was your fantasy,” the third Jeff said, “to have sex with a group of guys.” Jeff number three on her right, was an average weight and average build and his voice was kind and sympathetic.

“Yes, but that was just a fantasy, I… this is… I can’t….”

“This is reality,” the last Jeff said. “You know you want to do this. I don’t how many times you talked about. Just go with it.”

“Now about our little arrangement,” he said. “You know what you promised to do.”

“All of you?” Stephanie gulped.

Her pulsed jumped When Jeff 4 growled low in his chest, “Do you think you could satisfy all of us with your body?” Two feet hooked around hers, pulling them wider apart. Jeff 4 began crawling along the floor as Jeff 1 stopped the car. Jeff 2 and 3 grabbed her wrists in their other hand. She began to struggle to get out of their grasp when Jeff 4 grabbed the back of her knees. Jerking her forward with her legs spread wide while her feet and wrists pinned. “Well?” he asked.

She had let them get this far. ‘Oh my god I can’t believe I told him it was a fantasy to get fucked by a bunch of guys that looked the same time!’ She never thought her bluff would be called. The Jeffs had also told her that she was going to get stuffed in a limo if she ever came to meet him. She didn’t say anything. She was lost to her panic and run away thoughts. Jeff 2 grabbed her throat and breathed, “Answer him.” Into her neck sending shivers down her arms. A familiar jitter began in her lower stomach. Jeff 3 held the back her hand thumbing the skin softly. Laying light kisses along her arms. All the while Jeff 4 was running his hands up her dress. 2 and 3 lift her legs up on top of theirs, so that with their thighs they were holding her propped up. Her soft bald pussy was on display as 4 lifted her dress to her chest exposing all the parts they wanted to touch. It was theirs to be taken, she was too paralyzed to stop them. She watched the driver adjust the mirror so that they made eye contact just as 4′s tongue made contact with her inner lips. She struggled again only this time she was struggling to get closer.

“You should answer him” 3 said in a low soft voice. She began to work out personalities quickly ’4 is bold no glasses, went right for my pussy.’ She continued to try and inch forward. ’1 is a watcher or he just a lucky driver? 2 is a dominant without a doubt. Fuck that was hot with the hand on my throat.’ She started bucking up and down as 4 just pressed his tongue against her clit. ’3 is the nice sweet guy’ she stopped moving now that she knew what the game was. She wondered if she could take all of them the exact way they want to be fucked. The men around her stopped what they had been doing and glared at her.

Jeff 2 grabbed her nipple that was protruding. It was the left nipple, the one she had pierced. He squeezed the flesh that enclosed the ring. Jeff 3 was absently stroking the other nipple back and forth then up and down as he frowned at her. He was a little taller than the driver. Jeff 4 gave her center one long lick from her tight aching hole to the tip of her clit. “You will tell me you want to fuck us.” Jeff 2 said startling Stephanie into a weak reply.

“Yes.” Her lower lips were licked again by 4. “Yes!” she cried. This was too much mental stimulation. So many personalities, their bodies somewhat close in similarity, all with the same goal of destination. They just had different routes they wanted to take.

“Beg us to fuck you.” 2 demanded. 2 and 3 put her feet together as they shifted closer to one another so that she was lying on their knees. Jeff 4 pulled out a small flogger from his pocket. He brushed it lovingly across her skin and WHACK, a sharp sting across both her cheeks. Jeff 1 started to rub his throbbing erection.

“Just say please say fuck me.” Coaxed 3. Jeff 2 signaled 3 with a head nod. They got out chained nipple clamps and pinched her rosy little buds in them. They then tied her ankles together with Jeff 4′s tie. They all helped attach the clamps to the tie. They did this so that if she put her ankles down her nipples would be pulled with them. ‘Oh no! She thought’ She was terrified what they were to do to her next. Jeff 4 began lightly spanking the flogger against her against her moistening lips as 2 and 3 started rubbing themselves while watching. The amount of sexual energy bouncing around the limo set her off.

Her hands struggled for Jeff 2 and 3′s cocks, “Fuck me! Whatever you want! Please! Just stuff me now!” Jeff 4 took this rightfully as a green light to her tunnel and slid a finger inside her. She whimpered and moaned as 2 and 3 groaned in each ear as she rubbed their cocks. Stephanie squeezed hard every time 4 crooked his finger upwards to dig an orgasm out of her G spot. He continued the same motion over and over. She tried to undo both zippers at once but her legs were starting to shake and pull her nipples. Her generous chest swayed gently as her legs shook. Taking momentary mercy on her 3 held her legs up for her but 2 reached over and gently tugged on the chain. The sweet feeling of safety as 3 held up her ankles only to have 2 maliciously tug on them while looking at 1 cum as their eyes met through the mirror as 4 continues to dig for creamy gold was too much to take. She squeezed the two hard cocks she had managed to finally get out and dripped cum all over 4′s hand. 2 and 3 took off the nipples clamps when she relaxed from her orgasm. Then 4 took her dress off completely. They held her arms behind her so that her chest jutted out. Jeff 4 decided he didn’t want her cum all over his hand so he wiped his wet hand across both nipples. Jeff 2 and 3 took turns cleaning each nipple off with their tongue. All three Jeffs proceeded to scoop a little bit of her cum off her thighs and her dripping pussy and began stoking their cocks with it while pinning her arms with their other hand. Jeff 1 got out of the car, walked over to the passenger side and climbed in. 4 got out of the way in one fluid motion to his original seat. Jeff 1 had his pants to his knees as he aimed his tip to her opening. He rubbed the tip through her wet folds then forcefully thrust in her. A throaty “Argh!” groan escaped her lips. He worked himself in until in he could move in and out with ease. She was gloriously tight, and deliciously wet. Jeff 2 was fighting back the urge to cum she jerked him off rigorously. They listened to the hypnotic sounds of wet testicles slapping against a woman’s ass as he drilled himself into her long term memory. Jeff 2 finally cums all over her breasts, when 3 shoves his cock down her throat. At first contact with the back of her mouth he shoots his release down her throat. Jeff 1 pulls out and cums for the second time only this time it was one her lower tummy.

Jeff 3 crawls over again as 1 moves his way out of the car and back into the driver’s seat. As he walks he fastens up his pants and belt. 4 Flips Stephanie onto her stomach and slides his cock between her dripping thighs and soaking lips moving back and forth furiously as his hit her clit endlessly until she was screaming curses she didn’t know she knew. 4 blew his built up load all over the black leather seat, along the inside of her thighs. 2 bent down and untied her ankles as 4 put his clothes back on. The car began to move again. The divider backed up the limo as Jeffs 2,3 and 4 put their clothes. The car began forward while she looked around for her napkin. Jeff 2 began to clean off her body with her pale green dress. Her dress was now covered in Jess 1,2 and 4′s cum. Her hair was a mess. She was a mess. Smelling of sex, sweat and her perfume she felt shame and contentment. All three men helped her into her dress. The car stopped suddenly as Jeff 3 zipped up her dress while 4 pulled the hem down past her shaking knees. Jeff 2 got out of the car holding out his hand. They were parked in front of a hotel 5 minutes away from the airport.

Jeff 1 took her luggage out of the trunk as 2 and 3 held onto her arms guiding her charmingly to the entrance. 1 and 4 followed behind. They waited in the lobby as 4 went to the front desk and checked them in. He was handed the room key as the concierge looked over to the woman who had clearly been ravaged. She was looking at the ground to hide her shame from judging eyes walking past her. Jeff 4 shrugged and slipped the ‘Aching2Btouched’ sign under his arm. 4 led the group to the elevator. No one had said a word to her. ‘Oh dear god no.’ She thought as she felt her legs shake again, ‘Please no more!’ She could not bring herself to look any of them.

They stepped into the elevator and waited for the doors to open as it climbed. They walked her down the hall and took her into the room all but dragging her limp body. They placed her sitting on the king-sized bed. Leaving her luggage at the foot of the bed 1 said, “We will come back for you in the morning.”

“We will take you out for breakfast; you should have a bath and go to bed.” 3 sympathized, running his hand along her back.

All four men walked towards the door. 2 peeked around the corner and said, “Don’t go anywhere it’s a dangerous neighborhood.” And shut the door quietly behind them.

Stephanie sat on the edge of the king size bed looking at the door half expecting one or all of the Jeffs to come back and take more. Head reeling as she sat on the bed in a haze of, ‘what in the Hell just happened?’ Never in her life had she ever imagined something so depraved and so erotic could happen to someone as shy as her. This was something that only happened in stories and porn. She reached over to look at the sign 4 had placed on the bed, the back facing up. It said WISH ONE GRANTED. It took a full minute for her to register there were two more wishes going to be granted by four highly sexual genies. She stood up on shaky legs and walked to the bathroom. A basket of soaps and creams sat on the counter. A note in cursive writing stated,

We hope you are ready for what’s to come. Your, Jeffs

Taking out a bottle of bubble bath she went to the soaker tub and ran a bath. She peeled of her soiled dress and slid into the warm water moaning softly as she stretched her limbs. She felt used and filled. She closed her eyes and began replaying the event. Without realizing it her hand slid down her stomach to that tender nub. Drawing circles over her clit as she thought about how incredibly sexy they made her feel with their hard gazes and vast hunger. They were correct in the fact that it was a fantasy of hers. ‘A fantasy that wasn’t supposed to become a memory!’ Her body shuddered a quiet release. She washed her hair and body. She was grateful she had waxed her body the day before. She wanted to be soft and prickle free so that the Jeff she thought she was going to meet could touch her all he wanted any way he wanted. ‘Is it such a bad thing that there are four of them?’ As her brain reeled through every message of wanting she ever sent them she wondered what was to come ‘They’re so vague when they speak! It’s driving me crazy.’ She decided she would get answers tomorrow and would see how things played out. She wished she could call 3 and find out what they had planned.

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


Randy could hear the sound of Tanner’s boots coming up the stairs to their apartment. He knew they had to have the talk he was dreading, and he knew Tanner was well aware something was wrong. He just couldn’t bring himself to actually say the words, ‘I’m gay’. They just wouldn’t come out of his mouth. Even though they had been back at the university for several days now, but he hadn’t worked up the courage. He hadn’t had this much trouble telling his dad. He had never lacked self-confidence before, but if Tanner distanced himself, Randy wasn’t sure how he could deal with it. Still wrapped in the shroud of depression, Randy heard the door open and Tanner drop his books on the table.

Tanner took one look at Randy and said, “Ok, spill it. This has gone on long enough.”

Randy jumped, Tanner’s demand neatly skewering all of his arguments to wait. Randy felt like he was about to vomit. This was going to be the most important 10-second announcement of his life. Gathering his resolve, he decided to stop putting it off. Randy pushed himself off the bed where he had been studying, stood, and turned to face Tanner, his arms shoved dejectedly in his pockets. Tanner saw the sad, almost desperate, look on Randy’s face and became even more concerned.

“I’m gay,” said Randy finally.

Randy watch as Tanner froze in place, his face expressionless. Silence filled the room until Randy thought the stress would tear him apart. Fear and anxiety built and morphed, creating horrible emotional monsters that began consuming Randy as the unfamiliar self-doubt curled around his body. Finally he saw Tanner begin to move, his face becoming mobile, then the entire world twisted for Randy.

Tanner jumped and did a fist pump with a whoop that people heard for blocks. Randy stood in utter shock as his roommate danced around the room cheering at the top of his lungs. Of all the scenarios he’d imagined, a frantically happy Tanner was never one of them. As he stared, and the exhibition continued, his hands fell limply to his sides and his mouth hung open in shock. With a final bounce, Tanner landed in front of Randy and grabbed him in a bear hug that had Randy’s back popping.

“Damnit! Let me go you crazy man! What the hell!”

Tanner released Randy and stopped in front of him with a grin splitting his face from edge to edge. Tanner started flapping his arms again, trying to form words, until he had Randy chuckling in amusement.

“What the hell?” said Randy with a chuckle. “What’s crawled up your ass?”

Tanner grabbed Randy in another tight squeeze and then stepped back, panting.

“I’m gay too! And I was afraid to tell you since I figured you’d want to move out rather than live with a gay guy and I couldn’t stand losing the best friend I’ve ever had,” said Tanner with a huge smile on his face.

“What? Wait a minute! You’re gay too?” said Randy as he tried to comprehend.

“Yeah buddy! I love men. I prefer bulls to heifers, boars to gilts, roosters to –”

Randy put his hand over Tanner’s mouth, ignoring the tingle that ran up his arm. “Enough of the witty hillbilly thing! I get the picture. I just never dreamed you’d be gay. I was worried too, I couldn’t stand the idea of losing you as a friend.”

“And look at my big stud lacrosse-playing roommate! I thought you’d beat me with one of your precious sticks if you found out I was gay,” said Tanner with a chuckle.

The two men fall silent, staring into each other’s eyes, both wondering where this put them, but neither of them willing to push the question right now. Suddenly their relief washed over them and they found themselves in a warm embrace. Stepping back, both men had a slight glisten to their eyes as a multitude of emotions washed over them. Finally they separated and held each other at arms length.

“Come on, let’s get supper fixed,” said Tanner.

Randy nodded in agreement, “That sounds like a great idea, and I won’t even bitch if you make fried potatoes.”

Tanner laughed, reached over and popped Randy on the stomach, “They’ll make you fat!”

“Whatever!” retorted Randy.


Fred had been startled when the loud noise erupted from the apartment over his head. He’d stepped into the garage to put away his gardening tools just before it sounded like a small war broke out above him. He listened to the outburst for a second and then chuckled as he headed to the house. Jenny had been right again. Yes indeed, Jenny was always right. Those two were going to be a cute couple.


The revelation they had shared with each other consumed the weekend as they began talking about a part of their lives they had never been able to share with anyone before. Their friendship served as the foundation for the many long conversations that weekend. The relief of finding someone they could completely relax with was an amazing feeling for both of them.

The subconscious sexual attraction between the two added an unusual spice to the conversation. Inadvertent touches, combined with typical teenage rough housing, had left both men lusting for more, but there was no question of anything happening. Neither was willing to think they had a chance with the other. They both thought the other man was far out of their league. But in spite of their avoidance, eventually the conversation naturally moved to more intimate information.

“So, how many guys have you been with?” asked Randy with a quiet grin.

Tanner blushed slightly, then shook his head, “None, I was always too afraid of getting caught. I was afraid of what my family’d say. They’re pretty conservative.”

“Your parents seemed pretty accepting though, I bet it’d be fine,” said Randy with a serious look on his face.

Tanner quickly diverted the conversation away from the uncomfortable topic. “Who knows you’re gay?”

“Just you and my Dad, I told him over the summer. I was lucky, he was fine with it, said he’d been wondering if I wasn’t,” said Randy.

Tanner nodded, and then grinned, “And how many guys have you been with?”

It was Randy’s turn to redden. His cheeks almost glowed as he thought about the fumbling exchanges he and Blake had experienced. Tanner watched his face darken to crimson and started laughing.

“Just as I thought, a boy in every port. Played the field did you?” teased Tanner.

“No, no. Nothing that exciting. Just one guy, and we only fooled around a little,” said Randy as his face started to cool.

“What have you done?” asked Tanner, enjoying his role as voyeur.

Randy’s face again started to redden, suddenly he felt like an awkward adolescent instead of a 19-year-old man. “You know, just.” Randy made a jacking motion with his hand.

“Ah yes, I’ve done plenty of that myself,” said Tanner with a snicker.

Randy cracked up laughing and threw a pillow at his friend. “You perv!”

Tanner blew a razzberry at Randy and grinned unrepentantly.


Sitting in the stadium, Tanner was freezing his nuts off. He’d got tickets weeks ago for the State game, but he was starting to regret his decision. The October weather had decided to do what Oklahoma weather did constantly; it changed. What was 60 degrees and sunny a few days earlier had become a miserable cold drizzle and Tanner hadn’t dressed for it. Just to make it worse, Randy had been smart enough to bring a sleeping bag, and was toasty warm next to him snuggled in the down filled bag.

“You cold?” said Randy.

“No, I’m fucking great,” muttered Tanner through chattering teeth.

Randy laughed at his roomie and then started unzipping the bag. “Come on, this thing is huge, and we’ll keep each other warm too.”

“We’re in the middle of a crowd! What if . . . ,” said Tanner, looking around.

“Someone thinks we’re gay?” said Randy with a quiet snicker.

Tanner laughed and without another word helped Randy work the stubborn zipper down the side of the bag. With a lithe move, Tanner slipped into the bag beside Randy. After a little struggling, and some laughter from the people around them, they got it zipped back. Randy’s body heat soon had Tanner warm enough that he stop shivering and they both refocused on the game.

Tanner was actually fairly excited about the game itself. State almost always lost, the game was a huge rivalry, and the stats were certainly against them this year. But to everyone’s shock, this time they were winning, and by a substantial margin. As another orange jersey ran a football into the end zone, Tanner couldn’t keep himself from a triumphant leap of joy. But the forgotten sleeping bag stopped him almost immediately, and he fell against Randy. As the two thrashed to extract themselves, Tanner’s hand inadvertently slid across Randy’s crotch, and into his rock hard cock. Tanner jerked back as if he’d touched a live coal.

“Oh fuck, man! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to—” said Tanner.

“Shh, it’s ok. That thing has a mind of its own sometimes, sorry,” said Randy quietly.

Tanner tried to refocus on the game, but he kept remembering the feel of Randy’s hard cock as his hand slid over it. Tanner was soon playing every scene of Randy nude or hard since they had been living together, and had his own cock throbbing and leaking precum. As he uncontrollably dwelt on his feelings about Randy, he couldn’t help but notice each time they touched, and the wonderful scent of man that ran past his nose each time Randy shifted on the hard metal seats.

Soon Tanner was so involved in lusting over Randy that he almost missed the final field goal that won the game for State. When Randy turned and gave him a hug in celebration, Tanner thought he was going to explode in his pants. Fortunately, Randy released him just in time.

“Congratulation! Your team won!” said Randy softly, not wanting any of the disappointed fans to realized they had a traitor in their midst. Randy noticed that Tanner seemed to be gasping for air.

“You ok? You look kinda flushed,” said Randy in concern.

Tanner tried to calm down, willing his rock hard cock to behave, and most importantly trying to keep from exploding in his pants. Finally pulling himself together, at least slightly, he gasped out an answer, “No, just a little over heated. Give me a sec.”

“Oh hell, let me get this thing unzipped so you can cool off,” said Randy with concern.

It took a few seconds for the words to sink in, and he realized he had to move fast or everyone around them was going to see his hard dick and the huge wet spot in his pants. “No! Wait! Just give me a second,” said Tanner.

Randy stopped and watched Tanner, wondering what was going on. This wasn’t like Tanner at all, but he was almost panting and his cheeks were cherry red. He also had a distant glazed look in his eyes that worried Randy.

Tanner pulled the unzipped part of the bag around him and felt the chilled rain fall down the neck of his shirt. The cold water rapidly did what he couldn’t accomplish any other way, and his dick deflated, at least for the most part. He gave himself a few more seconds and then finished unzipping the bag, careful to keep part of it over his crotch to cover the wet spot. His activity caused him to miss Randy’s quick adjustments as he hid where his own cock had been leaking.

With a minimum of additional drama, the two started back to their apartment. The freezing rain didn’t encourage a leisurely stroll, but their conversation was on the safe subject of football by the time they arrived at their door. They huddled in the freezing rain while Randy worked to get his key into the ice-coated lock. Once they’d crossed that hurtle, they were both racing to change out of their wet clothes, and to hide the evidence of their earlier arousal. Tanner grabbed a pair of sweat pants from his bed and almost ran to the bathroom to change, while Randy took advantage of the unexpected privacy to strip off his pants and pull on the nearest pair of shorts. Just as he yanked them on, the bathroom door opened and Tanner walked back through with a wad of clothing that he tossed into the hamper.

“Wow, it was good to get out of those wet clothes! I was freezing my balls off,” said Tanner.

“Yeah, I agree. Next time we’ll just watch the game on TV if the weather is that bad,” said Randy.

“Unless it’s against State,” said Tanner emphatically.

“Unless it’s State,” agreed Randy with a chuckle.

With that, both men began pulling together their books for an afternoon of studying. But as time passed, Tanner studied Randy more than his books. His cock was again hard as a rock and his desire for Randy was going off the charts. Suddenly it dawned on him, how did he know that Randy didn’t want to date him? Jo had said that last summer Randy was checking him out, and it wasn’t like he had to worry about him being straight. A small voice tried to warn him that it might not be good if Randy turned him down, but it was quickly shouted down by masses of testosterone coursing through Tanner’s system. Finally arriving at a decision, Tanner got right to the point.

“Hey, you wanna go out some time?” said Tanner.

Randy turned and put his arm over the back of the chair and studied Tanner for a few seconds, “You mean like a date?”

“Yes . . .” said Tanner as suddenly the little voice became a screaming banshee telling him he had fucked up royally. His face began to redden as the silence stretched on for what seemed like hours.

“Sure,” said Randy with a smile, “I’d like that.”

Tanner thought his world would explode. Those few words had suddenly shifted his entire life path. Tanner had no idea where it was taking him, but he knew this was one of those moments he would remember for the rest of his life. As his elation moved into unbridled joy, he realized that Randy was talking again.

“One thing though . . .” said Randy with a serious look on his face.

“Ok,” said Tanner, as he chewed his lip.

“Just because you’re buying me dinner, doesn’t mean I put out. I’m not easy ya know. And you are buying, ’cause you asked me out,” said Randy with a smile.

A huge smile broke across Tanners face. “Yes, sir. Got it, I will treat you like the lad— gentleman you are.”


As they walked back to their apartment, Randy wanted to take Tanner’s hand and hold it like other couples would. He had been ecstatic when Tanner asked him on a date, because Randy had thought he’d never have a chance with Tanner. He was so incredibly handsome and it had shocked Randy for Tanner to ask him out. He knew he sat still for a long time as he tried to make sure he’d heard correctly. But it was his dream come true. Except this time he was Cinderfella, and he got the prince.

They could have sat on the edge of the sewer treatment plant for the date and Randy wouldn’t have cared. Of course Tanner had picked a nice restaurant; a lot more expensive than their normal hangouts, not even a chain place. After their amazing meal, they had gone to the latest comic book makeover movie. No, the irony that two gay guys on a date would go see an action flick, wasn’t lost on him. But the stereotypes just didn’t fit them. They both preferred action movies to musicals, and Tanner knew that when he picked the movie. It had been a great success so far as Randy was concerned too. They had gotten into watching the movie, cheering the heroes and booing the villains. They had also managed to share a bucket of popcorn, and each time their hands touched Randy had felt a jolt run through his system. By the time the movie ended, what he really wanted to do was straddle Tanner’s lap and make out. But he managed to maintain his decorum and not get arrested for public indecency.

Randy watched with a grin as Tanner tried to open the apartment door. Randy hoped that the slight tremor making the task more difficult was his fault. With an ornery grin he decided to put his theory to the test. He put his hand in the small of Tanner’s back and ran it slowly up the young man’s muscular back. He felt a shiver travel up Tanner’s body, but Randy also underestimated the effect it would have on himself. As he felt the smooth muscular body of his date, his body quickly responded. With his fingers spread between Tanner’s shoulder blades he lost himself in the hard flesh under his hand, almost missing the fact that Tanner had dropped his keys.

“Damnit, Randy! Stop that,” said Tanner with exasperation in his voice.

“Sorry, honey,” replied an unrepentant Randy.

Tanner grabbed his keys from the landing and quickly opened the door before Randy could start anything else. Stopping just inside the door, he turned and looked at Randy, rising slightly on his toes so they were eye to eye.

“In the movies this is where the girl asks the guy in for drinks, but we’re underage, we both live here, and last time I checked neither of us was a girl,” said Tanner with a grin and a bashful glance to the floor. When Randy didn’t respond, Tanner looked back up, to see a smoldering look in his eyes.

As their eyes locked, Randy stepped in close and wrapped his arms around Tanner and pulled them tight against each other. Knowing his dreams were about to become reality, he savored the moment, looking at Tanner. He was surprised to see Tanner’s cheeks flushed red and his lips looking very kissable. Randy surrendered himself to the moment and leaned in, pressing his lips against Tanner’s. The touch of their lips ignited a fire in both of them. Randy’s hands flew over Tanner’s back, touching and feeling the man in his arms. As the desire calmed, Randy slowly pulled back, their lips separating with a soft pop and a gentle hissing sound as they both gasped for air.

“But we can still do the goodnight kiss . . .” said Randy with a rough voice once he had regained some control.

Tanner pulled him into the room, kicking the door shut behind them as he grabbed Randy’s face between his hands. Leaning in, Tanner pressed his lips hard against Randy’s as the passion of the moment overwhelmed him. Randy loved the feel of Tanner’s work roughened hands against his face while their lips slid over each other, moans and gasps filling the tiny apartment. Even in the heat of the moment, Randy remembered that Tanner was a virgin, in all ways. So he didn’t want to press things too far, wanting to leave Tanner with no regrets, but he thought they could go a little further.

Randy clasped Tanner’s hands, pulling them to their sides. Smashing their lips against each other, Randy took Tanner’s bottom lip in his teeth and teased it gently. When that resulted in a chorus of moans, he let his tongue slid along Tanner’s lips. Tanner’s mouth immediately opened, and Randy slipped his tongue deep inside Tanner’s mouth.

The pair was lost in passion, each touch and caress building the lust inside them. Time seemed to stand still as they shared an intimate moment with each other. Their hands drifted over each other’s bodies, muscle and masculinity intermingling with hormones and pheromones as their emotions built. Finally Randy slid his hands lower, grabbed Tanner’s tight ass and squeezed it between his hands.

“Oh god!” moaned Tanner, “I’m so close to coming.”

Randy stopped, and reluctantly moved his hands back to Tanner’s waist. Leaning in he softly kissed the panting Tanner, who was looking very confused.

“Babe. I want your first time to be mind blowing. Let’s cuddle and watch TV. Ok?” said Randy quietly, afraid Tanner might misinterpret his actions.

Tanner stood in a daze as his impending orgasm slowly subsided. The hands holding him, the kisses he had never had, it was all causing a whirlwind of emotions. He knew Randy was right; he didn’t want his first time to end with him shooting in his pants. He looked up and smiled at Randy.

“You’re right, it’s ok. Let’s watch some TV and cuddle,” said Tanner. Grabbing Randy’s hand, Tanner pulled him to sit on the couch, clicked on the TV, then snuggled against him. Randy put his arm around Tanner and pulled him tight against his chest. The warm loving embrace gave Tanner a warm sense of security as they settled in for a great ending to an amazing date.


Randy was suddenly awake, unsure what would have brought him out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night. He and Tanner had enjoyed their evening together, and Tanner seemed ok with Randy stopping them from going too far. Something had happened though, he was awake. Randy sat quietly, trying to work out the reason. As his senses extended into the room, he became aware of more and more. The hum of the fans, the rattle of leaves against the window, but then he heard a wet rhythmic noise.

Moving slowly, he turned his head, looked over, and smiled to see Tanner with his shorts tucked below his balls, his hand slowly jerking his thick cock. Randy watched entranced, enjoying the erotic show. Reaching down, he started squeezing his own rapidly growing cock as he watched his hot roommate slowly masturbate. Tanner’s breathing was becoming rapid and Randy could tell he was close.

Suddenly Randy heard a loud grunt, and even in the dim room he could see the first squirt of cum shoot above Tanner and hit the wall. After the initial volley, his body seemed possessed, with stream after impressive stream coating Tanner with a thick layer of jizz. The scene almost set Randy off too, but as he edged closer and closer to his own fulfillment, he stopped.

Tanner was still panting softly in his bed, and Randy wanted so much to go to him and enjoy the aftermath of his climax. But it was more important to Randy that Tanner still be around tomorrow, and the next day, and the week after that; than for him to get his rocks off. Leaving his aching cock untouched, Randy turned on his stomach, tucked both hands under his pillow and closed his eyes, knowing he wasn’t going to get much sleep tonight.


As Randy walked up the driveway, he heard familiar low voices. Coming around the stairs to their apartment, Randy found Tanner helping their landlord, Fred. He paused for a few minutes and had to smile as he watch his boyfriend cleaning the flowerbeds under the direction of the diminutive old man. Randy also quickly noticed that there was still a lot of fall clean up to do around the older couple’s yard. He tossed his bag down on the stairs and moved to help Tanner.

Without a word Randy got another rake from the garage and moved to one of the large beds in the couple’s yard. Fred bobbed his head in acknowledgment and soon the two young men were heavily involved in getting Fred’s yard back to its pristine condition. As they hauled the leaves to Fred’s compost, the two would wink and flirt whenever they thought he wasn’t watching. The simple act of helping put both of them in a great mood, and the nip in the air marking the arrival of fall made the physical work enjoyable. As they dumped the last of the leaves into the pile, Jenny stepped out onto their patio and called to them.

“Come on boys. I have snacks for my hard working men.”

Tanner motioned for Randy’s rake and trotted to the garage to put them away while Randy followed Fred to the patio. As Tanner trailed behind the other two, Jenny motioned them to a table that she had covered with food and drinks. Smiling she handed Randy a steaming mug of spiced cider, followed quickly with another to Tanner. “Thank you, boys. Fred is getting too old to be doing heavy lifting. I tell him, but he never listens to me.”

“It’s ok, Mizz MacIntosh. We’re happy to help, anytime,” said Tanner with Randy nodding his agreement as he took another drink of the warm flavorful drink. Relaxing in the waning fall sun, the four of them visited and nibbled at the snacks until the sun was only an amber smear along the western horizon.

Tanner glanced at his watch, looking up with a frown, “I’m sorry to be the spoil sport, but I have a meeting in about an hour and I need to get ready.” He turned to acknowledge the hosts, “Thank you, Mizz MacIntosh, Mister MacIntosh. The food was great, it really hit the spot.”

Randy climbed to his feet and then drained the last of his latest mug of cider. Sitting it down he smiled at the couple, “Yeah, me too. I’ve got a test tomorrow and I need to study. But it was very nice of you to feed us.”

At the announcements, Jenny rose to her feet in a spry leap, grabbing each boy in turn, and hugging them against her tiny frame. “You boys are such a blessing, yes indeed, a blessing. Now off with you, schoolwork is important. Scoot! Go on!” said Jenny with a shooing motion from her never still hands.

The boys smiled and returned her hugs and then headed to their apartment. Fred and Jenny watched with smiles as the two entered their apartment.

“Won’t be long now, not long at all. Tanner is gonna show that Easterner how cowboys ride any day now,” said Fred with a smile.

Jenny swatted her husband “Oh, Fred! You’re terrible! Git yourself in the house before those boys hear you”

Fred took his wife’s hand with a smile and nestled it in the crook of his arm, walking arm in arm with her into the house.


Tanner appreciated the time that Randy was giving him to work things out. But after several weeks of almost daily hot make-out sessions, jacking off nightly wasn’t taking the edge off any more. Tanner decided it was time, and he was going to be the one who started the ball rolling. He’d worked out not long before he expected Randy home and his muscles had a nice pump, then he’d put on a pair of white shorts that you could see through, with nothing on underneath. He hoped the combination would be enough to convince Randy that he didn’t need any more time. To help set the mood, he’d splurged and put together a meal of all the foods he could remember Randy mentioning that he enjoyed, like seafood and macaroni salad. It had been somewhat of a challenge, the only seafood that looked appetizing was shrimp, and he had a difficult time finding the macaroni salad, but he’d managed to find it at a deli in town. The rest of the meal was easy in comparison, but Tanner didn’t care how much effort it took. He wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible.

As much as Tanner loved to eat, he was a decent cook too. He’d found a shrimp recipe and thought it looked like something Randy would enjoy. He turned on the music, relenting his typical country for some soft jazz, and was soon so focused on the meal that he didn’t even hear Randy coming until the door opened and he walked in.

Randy looked around the room as he put down his bag, knowing immediately what Tanner was doing. He agreed too, it was time. But he was impressed with all the effort Tanner had put into his seduction, and he planned on enjoying every minute.

Tanner glanced over his shoulder and burst into a smile. “Hey! Welcome home. I thought I’d fix us something special.”

Randy walked over, enjoying the view of Tanner’s ass through the translucent shorts. He wrapped his hands around Tanner’s waist and leaned across to look at the food. He was a little surprised to see shrimp getting their trademark redness as they reached the perfect degree of doneness. Tanner quickly fished them out and laid them on the serving plate. But Randy’s attention was snatched from the food when Tanner walked past him to their small table, rubbing his hard ass against Randy’s crotch. Randy immediately hardened, his breath coming in gasps as Tanner’s silky shorts caressed his crotch.

He watched as Tanner’s bare feet padded across the floor, his hairy calves flexing and releasing with each step, his butt flexing through the sheer white shorts. By the time Tanner had taken the few steps to the table, Randy was hard and leaking precum. Randy’s nipples hardened and began to ache softly as he moved to sit beside his amazingly handsome boyfriend. Randy had been waiting, and had kept his promise to himself that he wouldn’t release any of his built up passion until it was with Tanner. The nightly make-out sessions with his boyfriend and then listening to Tanner afterwards jerking his cock had Randy unbelievably horny.

Finally making it to the table without exploding in his pants, Randy gingerly sat down and for the first time paid attention to the meal. Tanner had cooked one of Randy’s favorite meals, steamed shrimp with macaroni salad and several vegetables, including sautéed kale and mustard greens. He quickly loaded his plate as his hunger won out over his sexual need, at least for the moment. As the first fork of macaroni slipped into Randy’s mouth, he was transported back to summer picnics on the beach when he was little. It even had that touch of something special in the dressing. He looked at Tanner with a smile.

“You remembered.”

“Of course I did, ‘just a pinch of Old Bay’,” said Tanner with a grin.

“Perfect, just perfect!” said Randy with a smile. Randy took another bite and continued, “I can’t believe you found it this time of year.”

Tanner said chuckling, “Well it wasn’t easy. I didn’t know it was a summer thing.”

Randy enjoyed the meal Tanner had put together, and as he was sucking the juice from the last piece of shrimp off his fingers; he felt a set of toes slide up the inside of his leg and between his thighs. Randy smiled at Tanner and spread his legs wider, giving him open access. Soon Randy’s breath was coming in short gasps as each pass of Tanner’s foot made his cock ache and jump. As he watched, Tanner’s face got a look of sheer deviltry. Grabbing the table, Tanner slid low in his chair and Randy tried to figure out what he was up to until he felt Tanner’s toes glide over his nuts and rock hard cock.

“Fuck! Stop, or there’ll be a mess,” moaned Randy.

Tanner’s response was to tease Randy again and again. Soon the athlete’s head was thrown back and his nipples were hard and protruding in his skintight workout jersey. As he was about to release weeks of built up semen, Tanner stopped and slid back into his chair. Randy watched, panting, as Tanner laid both palms flat on the table and slowly started to rise. Randy licked his lips as slowly Tanner’s bare chest appeared; next hard abdominal muscles came into view, along with his deep Adonis belt. Randy distantly noted that in spite of all his bitching, Tanner was definitely more cut as a result of the workout sessions the two of them shared.

Any other thoughts evaporated as Tanner’s navel came into view with its whorl of dark hair that thickened to a dense treasure trail plunging down his stomach. Randy waited with little patience as Tanner teased him. Finally Tanner started to press upward again and Randy could clearly see the base of the hard column of flesh trapped under the table as a grunt escaped from Tanner’s lips. Finally Tanner’s cock escaped its entrapment and swung into view. The white shorts gave most of Tanner’s goods a slightly abstracted look, with tantalizing glimpses of his dark bush and egg-sized balls. Incredibly that was not the most impressive, that honor was easily captured by the head of Tanner’s cock, a deep red flesh mushroom that was clearly visible through the soaking wet fabric.

Once Tanner was standing, he walked closer and put his hand under Randy’s chin. Lifting him so they were looking eye to eye, Tanner kissed him softly and then smiled at the rapidly panting Randy.

“Come on, let’s move this somewhere more comfortable,” said Tanner in a low voice.

Taking Randy’s hand he pulled him to the bed, smiling as he looked back to see the bulge in his workout pants. He pulled Randy the few feet to bed and kissed him again. Running his hands under Randy’s tight shirt, Tanner softly caressed his chest, enjoying the lightly textured fur it was covered with. Tanner had wanted this to be special, and other than a multitude of his own fantasies, and a few gay videos, his experience was non-existent. So he’d done some on-line research and had found a few things he wanted to try with Randy. Starting with the first thing on his mental list, Tanner pushed Randy’s shirt over his head, sliding it off his muscular arms until it puddled in the floor.

Without looking for permission, Tanner started exploring Randy’s body, and Randy was only too happy to accommodate him. Tanner began his sampling by blowing gently into Randy’s ear, which won him a giggle.

“Sorry, cutie. But that just tickles,” said Randy with a smile.

“Good to know,” said Tanner with a chuckle, “How about this?”

Tanner took ear lobe between his teeth and bit down as he tongued the flesh between his teeth.

“Oh god, no, that’s good. No giggling,” said Randy with a moan.

Tanner chucked to himself and moved to the other side to repeat his performance. Soon the young jock had his head thrown back, groaning with pleasure. Tanner’s hands traveled over his hard back as he kissed gently down Randy’s neck and explored his body, careful to keep his hands above Randy’s pants and the straining cock trapped inside. He whispered to Randy, “Let me know if you like this.”

Randy nodded weakly as Tanner moved back, his need to erupt on the precipice as Tanner masterfully kept him at the peak of his arousal. But then Tanner sucked one of Randy’s nipples into his lips, gnawing on it gently as his tongue lashed over the hard tip. Randy let out a shuddering gasp as his body quaked in response. Feeling Tanner move toward his other nipple, Randy grabbed his shoulders, “I’m about to blow. That feels amazing, but I don’t want to just shoot in my pants.”

Tanner grinned broadly as he rubbed his fingers over Randy’s nipples, amazed that he could bring Randy off so easily. But he agreed, he wanted to see Randy shoot, all the play over the past few weeks made Tanner want to fully experience everything about their first time to bring each other to a climax, he especially wanted Randy’s explosion to be unforgettable.

Tanner leaned in to kiss Randy, running his hands over the hard body in front of him and letting his them slide downward until he was cupping Randy’s ass and squeezed it gently. Tanner’s hands shifted, his thumbs slide into Randy’s waistband then slowly pressed the crimson pants over his ass, letting them fall to his ankles. He looked up to see the look of pure lust etched on Randy’s face.

Tanner’s own needs were building too, and he knew neither of them were going to last long. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he pulled Randy closer and then started peeling the compression shorts off his muscular body. Time seemed to stand still as more and more of his boyfriend’s crotch was exposed. The dark blonde bush surrounding Randy’s cock and balls was dense and smelled of fresh sweat and sex. With a final jerk, Randy’s shorts were off his hips and his cock swung in an arch that ended with it tight against Randy’s flat stomach.

Tanner was mesmerized by his first real view of Randy completely nude. He was not disappointed. Randy was just as hot as he’d always known he would be, maybe more so because he was more than just a cock and balls, he was an amazing guy. Tanner leaned in to sniff as his hands explored Randy’s crotch, feeling his hands slide through the dense hair that was wet in places with precum. Leaning back slightly, he took Randy’s cock gently in his hand and pulled it down from his stomach, looking at it as he lightly traced his finger over the large blue vein running down it’s length. As he ran his finger across the crown, he felt Randy’s hands grab him under the armpits and lift him from the bed.

“My turn,” said Randy.

Randy slowly knelt in front of Tanner, running his hands over his lean torso, flicking his thumbs over Tanner’s nipples as he had done. As his knees met the hardwood floor, he let his fingers sink into Tanner’s hips as he leaned in and inhaled. The clean smell of Tanner was mixed with the wet scent of precum from his leaking cock. When his face paused in front of Tanner’s throbbing cock, he couldn’t resist flicking his tongue out for a taste. Tanner let out a loud moan and Randy sighed softly as the tang filled his mouth and exploded through his system. Chiding himself for rushing things, he began slowly revealing his treasure as more and more of Tanner was exposed. Glancing up he saw that Tanner’s eyes were locked on the scene of what Randy was doing. With a smile, he pushed the shorts down to Tanner’s ankles, watching as his cock sprung up and slapped Randy wetly on the cheek. Leaning in, he kissed the side of Tanner’s hip gently, and then felt himself being lifted to his feet.

“Oh no, big boy. You had your chance to run things, tonight is mine. Just hang on,” said Tanner as he kissed Randy gently. Randy felt Tanner’s hands leave his body and he recoiled slightly from the emptiness that resulted. But regaining himself, he watched as Tanner pulled pillows from both beds and piled them in the corner of his. He watched as Tanner crawled across the bed, his bare ass the focus of Randy’s attention.

“Come here,” said Tanner as he sat down.

“What?” said Randy slightly startled.

“Come sit between my legs, I want to have some fun,” said Tanner with a leer.

Randy smiled, not certain what Tanner had in mind, but sure he was going to enjoy it. He crawled between Tanner’s thighs, staring at the stone hard cock that was the object of his desires. As he got closer, Tanner pulled him into a kiss, their bare chests rubbing against each other as they enjoyed a new level of closeness. As their lips separated, Tanner turned Randy gently until his back was pressed against Tanner’s lightly haired chest. Tanner twisted his head and kissed Randy softly on the neck.

His hands began to caress Randy’s chest, focusing on his nipples for several minutes until Randy was crying out with desire. Having succeeded in driving his partner to the edge again, Tanner let his hand slide lower, wrapping his strong fingers around Randy’s hard, wet cock. Tanner slowly started stroking it as he continued his nipple play. Soon Randy was thrashing in his arms, a writhing masculine entity that needed release. Pulling from his newly discovered bundle of tricks, Tanner slid his hand down Randy’s torso until he was fondling the other boys nut sack as he stroked the rampantly leaking cock in his other hand. Smiling slightly, he let his hand slide lower and pressed hard against Randy’s perineum.

“Oh fuck!” screamed Randy, “Here it comes!”

Randy’s body tensed as his climax began, his entire body shuddering in Tanner’s arms. With a guttural cry, the first wad of cum erupted from his cock with a splat on his pelvis. It marked the beginning of a steady eruption of youthful cream that flooded his lower body. Tanner continued to slowly jack his cock as the stream of cum flowed from it. Tanner was amazed at the amount, it was like a biblical flood as it covered his whole midsection. Finally he heard a relieved gasp as Randy finished, his body slumping against Tanner in exhaustion.

“Oh my god, I’ve never come like that before,” said Randy between gasps.

Tanner laughed softly, “Yeah, you pretty much hosed yourself there stud.”

Randy turned slightly pink in embarrassment, but quickly recovered as Tanner grabbed a towel he’d laid close by and started wiping the cum off Randy. Soon he had the majority of it captured in a now soaked towel. But he still had a problem of his own.

Randy turned in Tanners arms and stroked his face. “That was fucking amazing. Damn, I thought my balls were going to be sucked inside me,” said Randy with a smile. Running his hand down Tanner’s chest, he got a soft gasp in reply.

“I think you need some relief. I have an idea. Do you trust me?” said Randy.

Tanner nodded, wondering what the lacrosse player had in mind as he watched him lay on his stomach down the bed. He opened his legs slightly and then looked back at Tanner. Tanner was starting to tremble as he looked at Randy, he wasn’t sure he was ready for this step. Turning he met Randy’s eyes,

“Randy, I’m not sure about—”

Randy took his hand, “Do you trust me?”

“Sure, but . . .”

Randy chuckled and then wiggled his butt in the air in front of Tanner. “Calm down Tanner, you’re not going to fuck me. Now listen . . .”

Tanner breathed a quick sigh of relief and then absorbed the idea Randy was proposing. He looked at Randy’s tight bubble butt, and smiled.

“Yeah, I think that’d be fucking hot!” said Tanner.

Tanner moved quickly and knelt between Randy’s legs. He reached down and opened Randy’s tight ass cheeks and almost shot his load just from the sight of his hot, hairy crack. As his breathing sped up, he moved forward, lodging his hard cock between the firm cheeks. Urgently needing release, he began sliding along Randy’s crack, the hair quickly becoming coated with precum. Soon he was rocketing toward an orgasm as the texture brought Tanner a whole new set of sensations. Soon the hot wet sounds were surrounding them and then Tanner’s body convulsed as his cock exploded, spraying them both. While his body was wracked with pleasure, Tanner wrapped his arms around Randy, sunk his fingers into his pecs, feeling Randy’s body shake as jet after jet of cum shots layered themselves on his back and shoulders, some dripping from his dark blond hair. Tanner slowly drifted back to the present as his cock softened and slid into Randy’s crack, leaving a thick trail of cum lining Randy’s trough. Tanner lost himself in the moment, rubbing his hands over Randy’s cum covered back. After a few minutes, an exhausted Randy turned his head to look at Tanner.

“Tanner, we have a little problem,” said Randy with a slight smile.

“What’s wrong?” asked Tanner with a look of concern on his face.

“You need clean sheets. I lost a second load on your bed as you humped my ass.”

Tanner started laughing as he ran his cum slick hands over Randy’s back. “Let’s go shower and clean up. Then we can change the sheets, it’s a good thing I bought an extra set.”

Tanner climbed off Randy, smacking his ass as he did. Randy tilted his head and then stuck out his tongue at Tanner, rolled on his back and wiggled, wiping cum over most of Tanner’s bedding.

“Asshole!” squealed Tanner, who then started laughing as Randy squirmed across the bed like a dog getting his belly scratched.

“Come on, jerk wad. It’s a good thing Fred installed the new tankless hotwater for us, cause this is going to be a long shower,” said Tanner.

Tanner pulled Randy off his bed and then pushed him toward the bathroom.


Taking advantage of the cool autumn weather, Jenny and Fred were sitting on their patio sipping hot chocolate. With a sigh, Fred moved slightly in his chair, pulled out his wallet, and handed Jenny a twenty-dollar bill.

Jenny smiled broadly and slipped the bill into the pocket of her housecoat. She leaned over and kissed Fred tenderly. Reclining against her chair she smiled at him.

“I told you Tanner would be the one to get the ball rolling.”

Fred chuckled and shook his head, “And I should know better than to doubt you.”

“I also told you that apartment needed better soundproofing,” said Jenny as she kissed Fred’s cheek.

“Yes, dear,” said Fred with a chuckle.


The semester moved forward, and the boys continued to explore each other’s bodies, delighting in the pleasure they were giving and getting, but neither wanting to push the other too fast. Randy felt especially responsible for guiding and supporting Tanner, although he was proving to be an apt student, as well as creative. Their lovemaking was passionate and affectionate, and while both men were ready to take it to the next level, neither was certain how to best bring it up. The situation changed little as time slid closer to the winter break.

With finals looming, the couple was sitting on the bed with their legs intertwined as they read through their textbooks. But after an afternoon of studying, Randy was ready for a study break, and was willing to annoy Tanner to get it. Running his toes over Tanner’s thigh for the third time in ten minutes, he got the same response as Tanner swatted it again and pushed his leg away.

“Study,” said Tanner sternly.

“But my cute boyfriend’s right here, and I wanna play,” said Randy with a smile.

“Study now, play later,” said Tanner with a stern look as he continued, “If . . . you’re good.”

“Oh, I can be very, very good,” said Randy with a snicker.

When his latest innuendo didn’t get a response, Randy crawled across the bed to see what Tanner was working on. Randy looked at the textbook and then at Tanner. “Chemistry?”

“Yeah, organic chemistry. Mostly diagramming structures, but it’s a prerequisite for biochem, which I have to take before I can apply to vet school.”

“Why chemistry? For the drugs or something,” asked Randy, suddenly finding it interesting.

“And nutrition, if I don’t get into vet school I’ll probably go into Animal Science and they have to take biochem before they take their nutrition classes,” explained Tanner.

“So Animal Science is . . . like Pre-vet?”

“They have Pre-vet, but I’d probably go into Ranch Management, then I could go home and work,” said Tanner.

“But you can do that without a degree,” said Randy as he struggled to understand.

“You could, but they teach you all the stuff about breeding system, mixing rations, managing herds, building working facilities that make sense, and the business side of buying and selling livestock; all the stuff to run a successful operation. You could also use it to work for someone else, like to be their ranch manager. It doesn’t have to be working for yourself.”

“Oh,” said Randy as he sat and tried to digest what Tanner had just explained.

Tanner finally closed his book and looked at Randy. Realizing Tanner wanted his attention, he refocused on his man. When Tanner saw that he had Randy’s attention he started, with more than a little hesitation.

“You know what we’ve been doing has been amazing,” said Tanner.

“The sex?” said Randy.

“Well everything, but yeah the sex,” said Tanner.

“Yeah, I’d kind of noticed.”

Tanner chuckled and smiled before he continued, “You also know that I’ve never been with anyone but you.”

“Yesss,” said Randy with trepidation.

Tanner chuckled and reached over and patted Randy’s thigh, “Calm down, I just want to talk about . . . well the next steps. Randy, I don’t want my first time to be with a rubber. Whatever we do I want it to be just you and me. So . . . we haven’t really talked about it, but are we exclusive?”

“Yes! Hell yes!” said Randy almost in a scream.

“Ok, ok, I want to be too, but we hadn’t talked about it. So I thought I would make sure we were both think’n the same thing.” Tanner hesitated.

“Yeah?” asked Randy almost dreading the conversation now that it had taken an unexpected turn.

“Do you think we need to be tested? I mean, I’ve never been with anyone, but . . .” said Tanner hesitantly, dreading Randy’s reaction.

Randy nodded and smiled at Tanner, melting his tension. “Blake and I always used protection, and it was mostly hand jobs anyway, but I should double check. I don’t want to take a chance. Then we’ll know, and we won’t have to worry about condoms.”

Tanner breathed a sigh of relief and leaned over, giving Randy a kiss. Who smiled and returned the kiss.

“That’ll save us a shitload of money too. I mean the super magnum extra large sized condoms to fit my giant cock must be about ten, twenty bucks each!”

Tanner rolled his eyes and chuckled, pushing his boyfriend back to his books.


The pair had gotten through their finals with flying colors, but both of them were unhappy about their impending separation. They’d worked it out so they were both gone only as long as they had to be, but both had to go home to help their families. They had a few more days before they were leaving, and they were planning to spend them together. Fred and Jenny had invited them for dinner, so they were doing that before they left too. They’d both come to really love the older couple, they said the funniest things, but when you thought about them, it would really make sense.

But tonight they were going to have their private Christmas celebration and open gifts from each other, Randy had insisted they do it earlier ‘so they could enjoy the gifts’, which Tanner wondered about. He’d had a difficult time finding a gift for Randy, but he’d finally managed to get something that he thought would be good, and another that would be funny. Tanner was also hoping now that the stress of finals was over, they were going to have time to enjoy being with each other. But he didn’t know if Randy had done the test or not, he didn’t want to ask and be a nagging boyfriend.

They had finished supper a few minutes before and Tanner was lagging behind as he slowly loaded the tiny dishwasher Fred had installed in the apartment. He was starting to question his gift, wondering if Randy would think it was stupid, or even worse, insulting. Tanner knew he was really touchy about his sport, and now he was starting to wonder. But Randy was excited to get to the gifts under their tiny tree, so Tanner had little choice.

Randy grabbed the four gifts and slid beside Tanner. With the two of them firmly wedged into the heavily padded chair, Tanner looked at the smug look on Randy’s face and had to laugh.

“Comfy?” asked Tanner with a laugh.

“Yup!” said Randy, “Now, I want you to go last. Cause you’re probably going to want to use some of your presents right away.”

Tanner twisted his lips with concern, so focused on the potential fallout from his gifts that he didn’t even question why Randy wanted him to go last. So he watch as Randy picked up his smaller gift and shook it, and then repeated the performance with the larger present. Smiling, he started opening the larger gift. He soon had wrapping paper littering the floor as he pulled the gift out of the box. Looking up he grinned at Tanner.

“Lacrosse balls and bag? That’s cool! I can always use them,” Randy got a slightly confused look on his face, “But why dark blue, I mean they’ll work great, but blue?”

“Yeah,” Tanner smiled shyly, “I thought they’d match the balls in your pants by the time you get back from break.”

Randy looked blank for a split second, and then burst out laughing. “That’s great! I’ll crack up every time I pull them out!” Randy grabbed him and gave him a warm kiss, then pulled out the smaller gift, stripping it of paper in the blink of an eye. Soon he was looking down into the small square box. After a few tense seconds for Tanner, Randy looked up and grinned.

“A lacrosse pendant, I love it! And I’ve never seen one this detailed,” said Randy.

“Well there was an art major in my chemistry class, and I helped him pass the class. So in exchange for the tutoring, he made it. It’s suppose to be sterling silver,” explained Tanner.

“It’s great. I’ll get a chain for it while I’m home, but it’s so accurate. The guy did a great job.”

Tanner beamed at Randy, thrilled that his gifts were so well received, completely forgetting the presents on his lap until Randy nudged him.

“Well, stud. Are you gonna open yours?” said Randy.

“Oh! Yeah!” said Tanner. Randy handed him the larger of the two boxes and watched as Tanner pulled out his pocketknife and carefully cut open the wrapping paper. As he methodically opened the package, Randy looked on in disbelief.

“Seriously? You’re going to open them that way?” said Randy finally.

Tanner chuckled and nodded, “Yup, this is how I do it. Now sit still so I don’t cut you.” With a flick of his wrist, the last piece of tape parted and the paper slumped around the box. Tanner looked it over for several seconds and then looked at Randy with a quizzical look on his face.

“A bed doubler?”

“Yup, now we can shove our bed’s together and make one big king that we can share,” said Randy.

Understanding bloomed across Tanner’s face, followed quickly with delight. Turning the box over he turned to Randy, “I wanna put ‘em together tonight. Ok?”

Randy nodded, elated that Tanner was so excited about being able to share a bed. Pushing the second package at Tanner, Randy grinned at him.

“Hurry up, open this one,” said Randy with barely contained enthusiasm.

Tanner turned the small box in his hand and then followed the same routine to open it. He lifted the lid to the small, shallow box and then beamed at Randy as he pulled the braided wrap out. With a couple of quick loops over his wrist Tanner had it on and held it out for Randy to admire.

“It’s fantastic, but you shouldn’t have spent so much money,” said Tanner.

“Didn’t buy it, I made it. A guy back home showed me how to do the braids when I was a kid,” said Randy with a grin.

“Wow, that’s really cool,” said Tanner as he let the bracelet twist on his wrist. Looking up he smiled broadly at Randy, “Thanks, I love everything.”

“Oh wait! I have another for you!” said Randy as he handed Tanner a wide, flat box. “Come on, open this one. You’ll like it best,” chattered Randy excitedly.

Tanner grinned at his boyfriend, wondering what could be in the box that had him so excited. Randy was practically crawling out of his skin as he watched Tanner methodically open the gift. He pulled out a large envelope filled with paperwork, as he slid it out, he looked at Randy with arched eyebrows.

“Read it!” said Randy, about to burst with excitement.

Tanner scanned through the pages, it slowly dawning on him what he was looking at. When he finally looked up at Randy there was a glisten to his eyes.

“You got tested,” said Tanner, thrilled beyond words.

“Yup, tested and clean as a whistle. So we can do whatever we want, no rubbers needed.”

Leaning over he kissed Tanner softly on the lips, then pushed himself out of the chair, took the gifts from Tanner’s hands and set them aside. Tanner watched, his heart pounding in his chest as an almost predatory Randy moved in front of him, bracing his hands on Tanner’s thighs as he knelt between them.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since I first saw you,” said Randy softly.

He let his hands run up Tanner’s denim covered thighs, stroking the muscle straining inside them. When his hands met on Tanner’s crotch, he began rubbing his thickening cock through the jeans. Tanner was letting out soft sounds of pleasure as Randy worked the bulging mound in his pants. With a smile, Randy reached up, took Tanner’s zipper and slowly lowered it. Reaching inside the dark opening, Randy fished out his hard cock.

Looking up, he watched Tanner, not wanting to miss his expression. Randy moved closer and pulled Tanner’s hard cock up and let his tongue slip out, moving it closer, watching as Tanner stared at him with fixed eyes, his tongue moving closer until it touched Tanner’s cock and made a quick swipe around it’s large head.

“Oh Fuck! Oh god yes! More, fuck’n lick it more!” said Tanner through the gasps.

Randy pressed his lips against Tanner’s slit and started tonguing it. His fingers drifted through his dense bush as he tasted the warm, delicious precum that was pouring from Tanner’s cock. He fondled his nuts, letting them slide through his fingers as he pressed his face down, his mouth opening to accommodate Tanner’s thickness. Soon he had Tanner’s mushroom head in his mouth as he ran his tongue over it.

“Oh holy fuck! Oh damn, Randy! Man! I! Oh fuck! Gonna shoot, fuck come off it!” gasped out Tanner.

Randy snickered, completely unwilling to let a drop of Tanner’s cum escape his mouth. He’d never taken a load before, it just hadn’t appealed to him, but this time he wanted to drink down Tanner’s cum more than anything. Pressing his head down, he was amazed when he felt Tanner’s curly pubes rubbing against his lips. Randy quickly pulled back for air, and then shoved his face back onto Tanner’s cock. He pinned Tanner’s trembling body to the chair as he frantically deep throated his boyfriend. As the lust built, Tanner grabbed his head and started thrusting into his face. In spite of a few deep thrusts that caused him to choke, Randy loved it.

Tanner suddenly tensed, his ass clenched off the chair as he screamed out, “Fuck! Yes! Take it!”

Randy grabbed Tanner’s rock hard ass and clamped his hands around it as the first volley of cum filled his mouth. He tried desperately to swallow the torrent of cream that bombarded his throat, but a thin dribble leaked from his mouth. Tanner was bucking hard, much more so than Randy could ever remember before. Time seemed to stand still for Randy as he focused on delicious sex. But eventually he felt the muscles in Tanner’s butt begin to relax as the flow weakened from his dick. With a final sigh, Tanner collapsed back into the chair.

Gasping for air, he watched as Randy licked his cock clean, swallowing every drop of cum that he could find. He was beginning to regain his composure when Randy looked up with a smile, licking the last spot of cum from his lips.

“How was that?” asked Randy.

Tanner leaned forward and pulled Randy on top of him, kissing him hard and plunging his tongue deep inside Randy’s mouth. As they kissed, Tanner could faintly taste the lingering fragments of his orgasm. Pulling away, he looked at Randy with lust filled eyes.

“It was fucking amazing! Let’s get those damn bed’s locked together so I can have my turn.” Randy smiled as Tanner struggled to get out of the chair, without ever tucking his cock back into his pants.

“You gonna put Mister Wiggles there up?” said Randy.

Tanner laughed at Randy and then shook his head, “Nope, he needs air. He’s been trapped in pants for 20 years and you just gave him a whole new place he want to live.”

Randy laughed and then stepped closer, kissing Tanner again and tugging on his flaccid penis. “Ok, just don’t get him injured, I’m kinda fond of the little guy. Grab the shit for the bed and let’s get busy.”

The two of them quickly put their beds together and as they installed the last piece, Tanner turned and started stripping Randy of his clothes. After he peeled off the compression shorts, Tanner pushed him back onto the newly joined bed. Randy propped himself on his elbows as he watched Tanner strip. Soon the cowboy was crawling on the bed beside Randy and kissing him gently.

“You’re fuck’n hot,” said Tanner.

“You are so wrong,” said Randy.

Tanner put his finger over Randy’s lips. “Shhh, no arguments from you.” Tanner paused, and when Randy looked up he thought he looked concerned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve never done this before. What if I don’t . . . What if I don’t want to . . .” stammered Tanner.

“Whatever you want to do will be amazing. Don’t do anything that you don’t feel like do’n. Whatever you do, will be perfect,” said Randy as he caressed Tanner’s torso. Suddenly he chuckled and Tanner looked at him in concern. Randy continued with a grin, “Just watch the teeth, they’re a mood killer.”

Tanner grinned, “I can do that.” Tanner leaned closer and kissed Randy gently; as their lips separated he began kissing down Randy’s neck. Eager as he was to get to his goal, he wanted Randy to enjoy the build up. As his hands splayed across Randy’s lightly haired chest, he flicked his tongue over Randy’s nipple, teasing the hard point with his teeth as he licked over its tip. Tanner wiggled lower on the bed, until he was looking over Randy’s ripped stomach. His tongue traced along each of the muscular ridges, enjoying the texture of hair as it thickened slightly before plunging down his abdomen. Tanner kissed down his stomach, eventually reaching his goal, the thick patch of hair surrounding Randy’s thick dick.

Tanner lifted Randy’s heavy member and looked at it, watching as the clear fluid slowly flowing from its large slit. Looking up at Randy, he saw a smile of anticipation.

“Oh damn, Tanner. You look so sexy, fuck I want you so bad,” said Randy through a moan.

When I woke up he was gone. I listened for water noises coming from the shower, but I heard none. I started to panic I was still confused about what had happened last night. I wasn’t sure if he was overwhelmed from happiness, but maybe he was upset about being a father. Maybe he didn’t want to do this. What was I going to do then? What would I do if he chose his own death? How could I live without him?

{Gunnar……Declan where are you?} I wasn’t sure he could hear my thoughts. I wasn’t sure where he was. How much distance could be between us where we could still hear each other? I waited for his answer for what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t want to get out of bed I don’t know if it was because I was scared that if I got out of bed he wouldn’t be able to find me or if it was because if I got out of bed it might put just enough distance that he wouldn’t be able to answer me or maybe it was just because that was the last place he was with me and I didn’t want to leave his smell. Whatever the reason was, I stayed right where he left me like a scared fawn.

{Don’t fret Lorelei, I’m close. Go and shower. I’ll be there soon.} He said calmly and I finally relaxed.

Since falling from Grace I had all these strange emotions I had never had before. I had never felt guilt, I had never had self doubt until now, and now I felt like a small child alone in the darkness. I had never been scared, even when I had to face God’s wrath for offending him. I still knew that my punishment would be worth what I had done.

I jumped out of bed forgetting how high it was and fell with a loud bang on my hands and knees. During my plummet I had pulled all the covers and pillows off on top of me. I was so glad that Declan wasn’t here to see me. I quickly made our bed feeling a twinge of pain still in my right wrist and hand,but ignored it and ran to the shower.

The warm water felt good. We didn’t have hot water on the island, but it got pretty warm from being circulated around the solar panels. That was good enough. I started to think about the events of what happened last night and what he had said to me. We really didn’t talk much when we got back to the island. I comforted him and he let me.

I realized when we were stressed we forgot to use our new names and resorted back to the ones we had when we met. That was something we really needed to work on. I had to look at it like Abigail was the angel. Since I wasn’t an angel any longer I was no longer Abigail. My name was now Lorelei and Lorelei was fixing to marry Declan and they were going to have a son.

I hope he only has to have one name and we don’t have to change it. I wonder what his name was going to be. Do I get any say in it? Should Declan get to name his first son it was tradition? That kind of implies that we will have more than one child. Suddenly the biggest smile crossed my face I liked that thought a lot.

When I had thoroughly cleaned my body and I smelled like a vanilla bean I stepped out and remembered I didn’t have a towel. I wasn’t for sure where to look for them. I was stuck in this semi lighted room wet, naked, and starting to get cold.

Odd this cold I was feeling. Part of me wished I could speak to another fallen angel to find out what they had gone through if it was similar. The other part of me wanted to stay as far away from other fallen angels as possible. They were evil; when I had fallen I had good intentions. Then for a moment I wondered if any others had good intentions when they had fallen. Was I being too judgmental?

{Declan I don’t have a towel.} I called out to him shivering. There were no shelves, no closet nothing here just a shower head and drain. Suddenly Declan was before me and wrapped me in a large green towel that was soft and warm. I snuggled into it letting it warm me. It felt so wonderful.

“Thank you Declan.” I allowed the fuzzy towel to absorb more of the cold water “Can we talk?” I asked.

“Yes of course. Is this about last night?” He asked sullenly.

“Yes. What happened?”

“Lorelei, I think it just really hit me. I mean really hit me that I am not going to be alone anymore. I have fantasized about having a wife and children, a family like a normal everyday person, but never seriously thought about it because vampires can’t so I just….. kind of wanted to hold you, to be close and give thanks to God. I felt strange about letting you see and be a part of things like last night because you are soon to be the mother of my son. Those things….”

“Declan, my love, WE will be parents, but no matter we should enjoy each other completely and since we can’t make love until the bonding I think this is good for us.” I held his head in my hands and then kissed his mouth. “If you can’t enjoy those things with your wife, then what is the point in getting married? I know where you came from. Those ideas are very old ways when men put their wives on a pedestal and kept mistresses on the side. Is that what you want?”

“It’s hard to refrain when you are standing here touching me and naked. All I can think about is how much I want to enter you.” He kissed me and rubbed his hands up and down my body. “I am the luckiest being on this planet. I have found a beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, amazing, woman who is willing to put herself in danger to provide me with a dream. I love the fact that you are willing to try new things. I love how you make me want to be a better man. I love you. I am a very blessed vampire.” He looked up to the sky and then continued. “You need to get dressed. We’re going to go feed. The club has an excellent burger I’m told.” He smiled at me letting his beautiful white teeth gleam.

“I don’t have anything to wear. My dress from last night is ruined.” I said not wanting to bring up the fact that my cum had stained the back and his tears stained the front.

“I got it. There are a couple dresses and suits on the bed for us. We can thank Gideon: he liked you a lot which is odd. Gideon likes very few people. We must be special.” Declan teased.

“Where’s Magdalena?” I suddenly thought.

“Margaret is getting our home ready for us.” Declan corrected me.

“When do I get to see it?”

“After our honeymoon we will be living there, but the house needs some work and if you’re not opposed to staying here on the island at least until our bonding you’ll be surprised then.” Declan looked into my eyes seeking reassurance. “Dry yourself, get dressed, and get ready.” Declan led me out of the shower room and we started getting dressed on opposite sides of the bed.

“I think I would like to meet another fallen angel.” I sputtered out.

“I think that’s a good idea. I really do.” He said nodding.

“I have feelings that I don’t understand.” I said quickly.

“You can talk to me.”

“I just thought maybe someone else that has been through this.” I said almost ashamed.

“Damn Angel! Suddenly my pants are too tight. I feel like I need to unbutton them.” Declan exclaimed when he looked up at me. The only clothes I had on were a strapless black bra, black stockings, and a black lace garter belt I couldn’t help but to smile. It made me smile knowing that he found me that beautiful.

“You look pretty damn good yourself.” I said looking at my finely dressed man standing in front of me. This time he was wearing a pair of dark jeans, a tight black tee that showed off every muscle, a blazer, and a pair of converse shoes. I loved the way the tight tee showed his gorgeous rippled chest and the large bulge in his pants. He wasn’t lying the tip of his cock was sticking out of his pants. I wanted to ravage him. On instinct I licked my lips.

“No panties.” he noticed quickly.

“Why bother, I have no idea where mine are from last night?” I smiled, trying to look devious not hungry.

Declan walked over to me and through me on the bed. He crawled on top of me and eyed me carefully up and down. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit and ground it into my clit. It felt so good I met his thrust. I looked down and my very hard clit had disappeared into the slit of his cock. I loved the way this felt: like his dick was sucking on my clit. Pre-cum bubbled up soaking my clit he bent down and licked it off while he jacked off onto the floor beside us.

Declan brought me several dresses to choose from but since I knew blue was Declan’s favorite color, I chose the black suede dress that came just below my butt with blue satin cups that held my breast. I picked the blue satin chunky style strap sandals and wore my hair up and huge chandelier earrings with black and blue diamonds. There was even a necklace to match.

We flashed to the club and ended up in the same exact place as the night before. There in the alley were two vampires holding a third one down. They pulled one of his fangs out as he screamed then they punched him repeatedly in the face blood bubbled out of his mouth. The carnage turned my stomach. I looked up at Declan with pleading eyes to help the poor man out who was being ganged up on.

{The punishment for killing a human is to lose your fangs. During the time it takes you to re-grow them you’ll have learned a valuable lesson. If you’re caught doing it again you’ll be silvered and left for the sun.} Declan explained cold and clinical and then banged on the door.

{So you didn’t lose control with the girl from the other night, the drunk one?} I had wondered.

{No I had help.} He didn’t say anything else about it and I didn’t feel I truly had the right to force him.

He called out our names and we were once again greeted by the tiny slave hostess, who this time was wearing a hot pink negligee with black lace and a black lace choker.

“I like your outfit tonight.” I said to her cheerfully.

“Thank you, I picked it out myself. Your dress is very pretty too.” She said smiling at me. “A room was reserved for you tonight and your order is already waiting.” She led us away from the VIP section and into the corridor. “Your brother is entertaining here tonight again. He draws a big crowd. Master is pleased.”

“Thank you and if you see Lance please let him know we’re here.” I said.

“Yes Ms. Garret. Will there be anything else?” She asked.

“Yes Lorelei would like to speak with Aaron, and please give our regards to Gideon.” Declan gave the girl a hundred and fifty dollar tip. She looked up at him with almost a look of confusion. Once she was sure that he wanted nothing else, at least not yet, she opened the door to our room and walked out.

This room was different than our first. This one had a small table set for two, floor to ceiling windows (not real) with the view of the city. There was a cheese burger sitting on one of the plates the other plate was bare. Champagne filled my flute and blood filled Declan’s flute.

The walls were a midnight blue and our table was wrapped in a black tablecloth. It was beautiful and I was excited. The burger looked delicious thick meat, fresh lettuce, tomato, and what looked to be a fresh bakery bun. It smelled divine and I immediately dove in after Declan seated me.

“We are going to have to start feeding you more. I keep forgetting. Lorelei you have to let me know when you’re hungry. You will soon be carrying a child.” He said almost cross.

“That is something we can worry about after we are bonded and once I’m carrying our son. I just want to be a couple right now. I always feel a little strange eating in front of you when you have nothing.”

“Ah, but I do.” He said as he shook his glass at me. “So tell me what would you like to do tonight?”

“Are you picking up your dinner?”

“Yes probably, but if you don’t want me to. I will skip tonight. I had extra last night so it wouldn’t hurt me.”

“I would like to do that again. Bring a guy back here. I’ll finish my dinner while you’re gone.” I smiled.

“Yes dear. Not even bonded yet and you are ordering me around.” He said jokingly and smiled his dazzling smile at me. “Anything in particular?”

“Not that I can think of. Surprise me.” I said enjoying the power he was giving me. Soon after he left there was a knock on the door.

“Aaron as you have requested.” The waitress said with her head peaked in the door way.

“Thank you.” I said putting my food down and wiping my face off.

“You have requested to speak with me.” The man who was introduced said. He was tall about 6′ he had a very thin, but muscular tan body. He had short curly dark hair. He had hair growing onto his jaw line shaped like thin lightning bolts. His eyes were a hauntingly blue color against his medium complexion. Tribal tattoos traveling up and down his arms.

“You are fallen?” I asked.

“Yes sister, it is I Nuriel. You do not recognize me?” He said with melancholy to his voice.

“It has been a very long time. Why did you choose to fall?” I asked before I thought of the question.

“It was not that I chose Morningstar over God. I chose to be with my lover.” He said with his eyes cast to the floor.

“I did not know you had a lover.”

“Ubaviel, but she did not choose me. I was cast out and she was allowed to stay.” There was bitterness to his voice and I completely understood why. It would destroy me if Declan didn’t choose me. “I have heard that you were on the brink of being cast out. I am sorry to see it was true.”

“I fell of my own choice. I too chose love.” I said flatly.

“What do you want from me?” He said almost coldly.

“I am having feelings that I do not understand and I was hoping you could help me.” I was pleading with him.

“For half of that burger I will dispel all my secrets.” He said teasingly sitting in the chair Declan had just vacated with a smile on his face. I tore the burger in half and put half on the empty plate. He had an amazing smile. I did remember my brother. We did not spend much time together I was a watcher and he was the angel of magic and spells. Which was a big reason magic was pretty much lost here on earth.

“Once you fell you were no longer under the protection of God. He kept us from all the doubt. Its mostly what you’re feeling.” He explained to me. I just nodded my head listening to him. He took a bite of the burger we were splitting and nodded with enthusiasm.

“We are more human, but we are still immortal. We now share their fears, doubts, almost all of their feelings.”

“Like jealousy?” I asked.

“Yeah like jealousy, which can be a monster, most humans are accustom to these feelings because they have always had them so they have learned to deal with them. We are at a disadvantage because we have never delt with them so we have to adjust and learn to deal with them.” He said then taking another huge bite of the burger.

“How have you learned to deal with it, with them?” I asked then took a bite of my half.

“Depends on the situation and what feeling we’re talking about.” He said thoughtfully.

“How do you deal with self doubt?”

“I have self doubt about everything. I just have to keep going. I push through it.”

“What about sex?” I asked not knowing how to put it and keep my dignity.

“What about it? I really think the questions you need to ask about that should be to a woman. A mortal will work that’s pretty much what we are now.” He said.

“Are you happy?” I asked hoping his answer would be yes.

“There are good days.” He said finishing off his burger. We both sat there talking. The information he gave me was invaluable and I appreciated it deeply. He explained the more away I was from my own kind the more I would find these feelings bothersome and I would actually start growing old. That’s why so many of our kind congregated together, but they stayed away from those fallen that followed Morningstar. For many reasons, but most of all because of the evil that survives in their hearts can poison us.

I finished as much of my burger as I could it was a very large cheese burger. We talked a bit longer and then he left. It wasn’t too long before Declan reappeared with a very blonde young man wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket. He had long floppy hair that was swooped out of his brown eyes.

“Ky, this is my wife, and she would like to watch us this evening. Do you have a problem with that?” Declan said holding the boy around the waist.

“Is she going to join?” Ky asked arching his eye brows in a provocative way.

“No Ky, she is mine and I do not wish her touched by any other man. Do you understand?” Declan’s eyes became hard and the red glow shimmered for a moment.

“Yeah that’s cool. What are we going to do?”

“Ah very good question Ky. Lorelei what is it that you would like us to do?” Declan asked me eying Ky.

“You know husband, I feel so sorry for last night you received no pleasure. Tonight I think Ky should suck that amazing dick you have in your pants.” I said, honestly not believing that I’d said those words out loud. I couldn’t believe I’d even thought them. Declan gave me a surprised glare that said he was just as shocked as me, but he undid his pants and his cock fell out limp.

“My wife wants to see you suck me Ky.” Ky dropped to his knees and began licking Declan’s cock making sure it was moist enough for it to glide easily in and out. Declan’s gaze stayed on me as Ky began working the heavy dick in and out of his mouth taking more each time he went down the slurping noises filled the room. “You know he will never be able to get all of me in his mouth; I’m far too large.” Declan smiled his cock was still flaccid.

Ky grabbed the base of Declan’s dick jacking him off while sucking his dick. Declan’s cock grew and hardened slowly. Declan’s eyes started hooding over and his body relaxed as his cock was getting pulled he would sway. His breath hitched. “Don’t cum in his mouth. Shoot it on his face.” I commanded. Ky sucked and licked a while longer. Declan suddenly pulled out of Ky’s mouth and stroked his cock till he shot it all over his face. The man was covered in Declan’s cum.

“I would like to see you kiss him now.” I said breathy and starting to ache. Declan reached for Ky and kissed him the sight of Declan’s tongue mingling with Ky’s and the wads of cum between,it drove me wild and my hand slid down to my clit and I started rubbing it. Declan came to me and removed my hand.

“Damn angel I’m about to explode again watching you do that.” Declan kissed me and I could not only taste the wonderful taste of Declan, but also I could taste the woodsy taste of Ky.

Declan walked back over to Ky and wrapped him in what looked like a lovers embrace from behind. He nuzzled his head into Ky’s neck. Declan was kissing his neck and Ky started pushing up against Declan.

Ky dropped his pants onto the floor and was rubbing his ass even harder onto Declan. Declan looked over at me with questioning eyes not knowing for sure how far he should allow this to go, but his dick was already hardening. I smiled and nodded and again started rubbing my slick slit. Declan rubbed a little pre-cum around his cock’s head and entered Ky from behind. Ky screamed out and bucked harder taking Declan deeper.

“Oh my God, I’ve never had anal sex. You’re so big I think I’m gonna rip, I’m gonna…..Oh! Oh!” He moaned and screamed. He leaned his head back on Declan’s shoulder I could actually see the head of his dick swell and suddenly cum shot out of him like a fountain. The first shot straight up high in the air and landed on the floor in front of him in a splat. Declan picked that moment to bite down into Ky’s neck. Ky’s second two shots didn’t go up as high as one hit his pants the other his chest.

Declan stiffened and his eyes rolled back into his head. His movements became almost stiff and then cum and a little blood started bubbling out of the rear-end of Ky. When Declan pulled his fangs and cock out it the fluid poured out of Ky.

Declan licked Ky’s neck to heal the wound. Ky let out a shiver and suddenly looked embarrassed. He looked over his clothes which were cum stained. He hung his head and tried to compose himself. I didn’t know if he was going to start laughing or crying, but I started to feel bad for him and removed my hand from myself.

I awake to the familiar warm wet feeling of Mara’s mouth toying and licking my limp dick as she plays under the covers of our bed. She likes to wake me up like this; it pretty much guarantees that I wake up in a good mood. I pretend that I’m still asleep so she will continue her ministrations a while longer. It’s soon hard to hide anything due to her talented mouth’s technique. I am as hard as a rock now and she knows I’m awake, but she keeps on licking and sucking like there is no tomorrow.

I feel her weight shift and her body start to slide up mine as she emerges from under the crushed velvet comforter. I see her beautiful hazel eyes and her lovely smile that would light up any gloomy room. “Good morning” she says with a shit-eating grin. “Good morning my little alarm clock” I respond back to her. She throws the comforter off exposing her beautiful 110 lbs. frame. “I’m WARM,” she says to no one in particular. I know that this is just a way to get me to look at her body and it’s glossy sheen of sweat. She has the most beautiful A-cup breasts that mach her tiny frame. Now exposed her nipples are crinkling and hardening in the slight breeze of our room.

As soon as I start to move to attack her, she’s out of bed and walking toward the bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower,” she mumbles as she looks over her shoulder at the tent I’m still pitching with our comforter. Oh, I see how it’s going to be. She’s going to play coy today and make me work for it. She must be feeling extra kinky today. Mara knows that the harder she makes me work for it the more forceful I become.

I hear her start the shower and close the bathroom door. I quickly make my way to the bathroom and see her placing her towel on the rack near the shower door. I shoot across the bathroom floor and rap her in my right arm as tight as I can and immediately cup her hot pussy in my left hand. I begin to suck on her nipples and run my finger up and down her warm slit, that I find completely sopping to the touch. A soft moan escapes her lips and she gives in to my tight grasp. I slide one finger into her moist slit and run up and down the front wall of her cunt. Her knees start to buckle and she closes her eyes. Inserting another finger I put more pressure on the front wall of her little cunt. I can now hear her starting to wine and whimper a little bit. I then realize why she is whining instead of her usual moans of bliss. Her bladder is ready to burst from just getting out of bed. I had thought that she had used the toilet before I got into the bathroom, but she must not have had enough time.

Playing dumb I ask what’s wrong. “I have to pee sooooo bad,” she says in a whimpering voice and pouting. “Are you saying that you are going to interrupt this so you can pee,” I ask, looking at her all stern. “I’m sorry, but I really have to go” she says still trying to take the edge off of my stern face with her pouting eyes. “Well, in order to not lose any of my hardness you’ll have to put on a show for me that will keep me aroused and interested” I say wondering what her response will be. “Like what”? She now looks curious. “Get on your hands and knees and piss on all fours, like the little sex-pet you are,” I tell her and immediately her eyes light up.

She gets down on all fours and places a towel under her glistening pussy lips. Kneeling behind her for a good view, I begin to stroke my shaft slowly anticipating what was soon to come. She puts her head to the ground closing her eyes, and reaches back to part her pussy lips. After a minute or so of waiting I ask, “Well, are you going to piss”? “I can’t now” she whines. “For someone who had to pee so bad, you sure don’t seem like you have to pee now” I say in a stern voice. As I say this I slide two fingers into her waiting hole. “NO, Don’t” she cries. “If you’re not going to piss for me, then I’m going to continue playing” I say as I start to put pressure on her front wall. Soon I add a third finger trying to get her to feel as full as possible. No sooner than I have inserted the third finger, she starts to piss all over my and arm. Letting out werewolf-like howls she starts to cum as she pisses all over me and I jam a fourth finger into her sopping fuck hole.

I continue to slam all four of my fingers in and out of her sloppy and stretched cunt, as an orgasm like I have never seen rips it’s way through her body. Her piss just won’t stop and as long as it’s continuing to shoot out of her gaping piss hole I’m going to continue to finger fuck the living hell out of her. I take the index finger of my other hand, lube it up in her slippery slit, and slide it into her tight ass. Her head shoots back to the point that she looks like she is going to snap her neck. She isn’t even moaning or howling anymore. She’s just plain screaming as she rams her hips against my hands.

Soon the flow of her urine is tapering off and she has slowed to just heavy breathing. I remove my hands and look at her used body. “God your sexy” I say as I stare at her gaping pussy. I can hear the air slowly escaping out of her cunt as it narrows a little bit. Her anus closed right away indicating that it didn’t get used enough, but I can change that. Then I notice a pungent smell, but can’t locate the source. I look at her anus, and it looks clean. Then I look down at my hand and realize that the finger I had in her ass has a little bit of shit on the tip of it. I raise my hand over my head and bring it down hard on her ass cheek. CRACK! “OUCH!!! What have I done to displeasure you sir” she says. Wow, she is really playing this up. “I have your shit on the tip of my finger. You know I want your ass ready to be fucked at all times” I tell her. “I’m sorry sir,” she whimpers. “You will be” I comment with a smile on my face.

“Go get some rope and your wrist cuffs” I demand. Like a shot she is scrambling to her feet and is out the bathroom door. While she is gone I clean my finger off in the sink and place her favorite white towel on the floor of the tub/shower. She stole the towel from one of those fancy hotels a while back and fell in love whit it because it reminds her how bad she is. Mara returns to the bathroom with everything I asked for in record time. I guess she is trying to make her punishment as minimal as possible. I attach and lock the wrist cuffs into place and tie one end of the rope to the cuffs. “Get into the shower” I tell her opening the shower door. She sees her towel and shoots me a puzzled look, but continues into the shower. She knows better than to question my commands at this point in the game. I feed the other end of the rope through the eyebolt in the ceiling of the shower that I installed. Letting the rope end fall to the shower floor I tell her to bend over and put her hands on the edge of the tub.

I walk up behind her and insert my rock solid cock into gaping cunt. I barley can tell that I’m in she is so loose from the fingering I gave her. I get my cock nick and lubed up and remove it from her hole. I place the tip at the entrance of her anus and start to apply pressure. Normally I give her more of a warm up, but this time she knows that she is being punished and doesn’t protest. I hold myself steady with one hand and grab her hips with the other. Soon I can feel the outer ring give way and I’m sliding in. I get about a quarter of the way in and withdraw for more lube. I ram it back into her pussy and get it nice and wet again. Once more she is starting to moan. I slip back into her anal ring and go as far as I can into her ass pushing the lube into her stomach. I do a few warm up strokes and then sink balls deep into her tight ass. I’m not one of these giant cock owning self-proclaimed porn stars. I have a comfortable 7″long, 1 1/2″ thick dick. I like it because it works well. I stay balls deep and grind into her ass. I can feel the resistance of her full shitter, but push in anyway. I’m trying to make her a little uncomfortable, and I think it’s working judging from her flinching. Then I start my barrage of pounding and start to slap my balls against her clit. She starts to go wild. This is what she loves and will freely admit it.

I continue to pound her ass and start to slap her ass cheeks, first one, and then the other. “You’re my little anal slave aren’t you” I ask. All I hear are her continued moans. CRACK, I lay a hard hand down on her little ass cheek. “YES!!! I’m you little anal fuck puppet” she responds quickly. She knows I’m close and starts to milk my cock with her ass. I feel my orgasm as if it’s coming from my heels all the way up my legs through my ass and exploding out the tip of me cock as it swells and stretches her even more. “YES!!!! Give me your cum in my ass, fill me up, Oh god it’s so warm” Mara cries. Soon I’m slowing to a minimal pace and then to a stop. I know she thinks that the torture is over, but it is just beginning.

I stay in her ass as I start to get soft. I have yet to have my morning piss and know that that has contributed to my last longer this morning. I tell her for not keeping her ass clean she is going to get an enema. “Tighten you ass,” I tell her. Obeying she tightens her ass thinking that this is just for my pleasure. Then I start to release my urine inside her bowels. “But” she starts to say, but doesn’t finish the objection knowing that her punishment could still get worse. I continue to fill her anus with my piss and can tell that she is getting pretty full. With her own shit, my dick, my cum, and now my urine taking up space in her tight little ass Mara starts to whimper. Soon my stream is starting to subside. “Keep your ass tight” I tell her as I start to withdraw. I slide from her ass with a quick POP and am amazed that my dick is clean. I guess all the urine washing around inside cleaned me.

I step from the shower and pull on the loose end of the rope that’s still hanging from the ceiling. This raises her hands above her head and gets her to stand up straight. “Now, don’t loose control of your enema, or you’ll ruin you favorite towel” I say pointing to the bottom of the tub. She starts so whimper and I can see the urgency on her face as she pleads with me to let her release it. “How are you going to keep you ass for me” I bark at her. “Spotless sir” she whines. “And why are you going to keep it that way” I ask. “For you to fuck any time you want sir. I’m your little anal whore,” she says as she’s almost crying. “Good. As long as we are clear on this. Are we clear on this” I drill at her. “YES sir, we are. I will always stay clean for you” Mare says now on the verge of tears. “Kick the towel out of the tub and you can empty your full little asshole.

Mara can barely move as she tries to kick the towel out of the tub. I can tell she is trying to hold her anus shut and at the same time move the towel. Finally she gets the towel out of the tub, and no sooner has the tower hit the floor than Mare is leaning forward and letting her bowels empty into the tub. “Aaaaaa” is the only sound that escapes her mouth as her anus gapes wide open and the last dribbles of cum and urine come dripping out of her. “Thank you sir for letting me empty my ass for you” she says trying to earn back some brownie points. “No. Thank YOU” is all I respond.

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