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I was bouncing the entire way back- the boundless energy imparted on my by the frost didn’t seem to have the same effect on my master. He was energetic, but it was an anxious kind of energy; like he was looking for a fight. He tapped his boots, his fingers, he muttered about Tao and spoke in numbers that I didn’t pretend to understand, stats on his fighters, his idea of how I measured up. We were in our room (we had taken the stairs to burn off some of that energy) when he finally snapped at me.

“Stop fucking twitching!” he commanded.

“I’m sorry, master.” I knelt down as he slammed the door.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He demanded, “Ever since I decided to bring you you’ve been disobedient, impulsive, spoiled- what is it? Should you just not be allowed to leave the house?”

I started crying, and wouldn’t meet his gaze. I knew that there was going to be pain in those eyes, anger seething underneath it. I knelt at his feet with my hands to my sides resisting the urge to wipe away my tears.

“You were going to snap his neck. Don’t give me this, ‘I didn’t mean to’ bullshit- because that’s what you were going to do! You were going to break his neck like you broke his fucking arm.” suddenly, with a fierceness that I hadn’t been expecting, because I hadn’t been looking at him, he backhanded me, and I fell from a kneel to my ass, and stared up at him, crying freely now, “Do NOT ignore me, Xaxac! You were going to kill him.” He stared at me, as if he wanted a response. He hadn’t asked a question.

“Yes?” I tried, and flinched when he moved his hand to ruffle his hair.


“I don’t know. Because then it would have been over?” I ventured a guess.

“Are you telling me or asking me?”

“Um… I don’t know…” I tried to move back, thought better of it, and finally wiped my tears, “I don’t know things! I’ve never had to know things! I don’t think when I do things! I just try to do what I’m told! I didn’t think about it!”

Another blow to the face- more blood. My mouth was bleeding again- but he probably just reopened the first wound- it had started to heal.

“Take those clothes off before you get blood all over them!” he demanded, so I stood, took them off, folded them and sat them on the bench in the room. He watched me, and when I was finished, snapped, “Pour me a glass of that absinth! The crystal glasses in the sitting room- while I figure out what to do with you.”

I sighed, in appreciation that he hadn’t really hurt me, and went to do that. I returned with the glass and the only bottle that had been left in the basket. He- we must’ve left the other one at the arena. I knelt beside the bed and handed it to him. He threw me one of the towels that had been folded and left on our dresser- I wonder why they did that- and snapped at me again.

“Wipe your face!”

It seemed a waste of a white towel, but I did it.

“Did he hit you in the fucking face every time?” He grabbed me by the chin and pulled me up to look at the wounds, “bruising- your lip is cut- why is your mouth bleeding so bad?”

“I… one of my teeth came out when he hit me…” I blushed, “I… it’ll grow back though, remember- like when I was little…”

“Yeah,” he sighed and took a drink, “It might work that way.”


“I told you not to get hurt!” he hissed, but it was much more gentle.

“I didn’t mean to… I’m not a very good fighter, master. I’m sorry.” I sobbed.

“Stop crying Xac!” the anger was back in his voice. I took a deep breath and willed myself to strengthen. “The truth is, you’re an excellent fighter… and I was not expecting that. That is… that is actually kind of freaky. I’m not comfortable with it. But you took down and almost killed one of our most seasoned fighters in… what, about fifteen minutes?” he sighed, “Shit… he’ll be out while we wait on him to heal.” He took another drink and leaned back, in thought.

“You definitely need a bath,” he finally said, and took another slow drought, “And I do not need to make decisions during a blackout. I’m not going to remember this tomorrow,” he suddenly realized something, “Holy shit. You’re sober.”

“Not the frost…” I answered and filched, expecting punishment for my boldness in correcting him.

“I forgot about how fast you heal from shit. You’ve got to keep drinking or you sober up. That must be a bitch.” he looked down with care almost replacing the anger. I nodded. “Xac, you cannot keep acting up.” I nodded. “Do you want to keep fighting?”

“Do I… get more frost every time?” I asked sheepishly, and knelt with my head on the floor between my hands.

He laughed. I looked up, just to feel him tussle my hair.

“What the hell- if we can get it, you can have it before you step into the cage.” He smiled, “I love that look in your eyes.”

What look? Fear? Confusion? Gratitude?

He kissed my forehead, “I’m still going to have to punish you- you’ve been acting up far to much on this trip.” I nodded, “But first, we’re going to go downstairs and take a bath, and you’re going to see how long you can hold your breath.”

I arched an eyebrow in confusion, not really understanding what he meant, but I followed him as he moved to the door.

We took the elevator back down, the servant staring holes through me the entire time- something that normally made me proud, of my body, of my charisma- but everything was getting on my nerves and I leaned against the wall and tried to ignore him instead of flirting back. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm down- opened them, and realized that everyone else was in the bath or in a robe. Weird. Well, a lot of the servants were naked behind their little aprons. Whatever.

We went to the same bath he had used the first time- the same one we had used every time. I think that it was a personal bath for my master since he had bought into the hotel. Nice. I loved how the water came in heated- yet the bottom of the tub didn’t feel boiling like the one we had at home. I climbed in while my master was disrobing, and saw him close the door- he hadn’t done that before and the servants generally took it as a sign that he wanted to be left alone.

He climbed inside and rested near the edges while I cleaned myself- I hadn’t really paid much attention to the room, but I realized that there were little strings hanging from the celing; little cutouts in the tub at floor level holding the various soaps and whatnot, and I suddenly realized how they had dried the entire thing while I was asleep the other day. The water flowed inward like a waterfall from another bamboo shoot high in the celing- and there was a panal that I tripped over, on the other side of the tub, that slid out, letting the water out. It was to small to fit through, but the water would have no problem. I bet when the water got cold, they let it out and pumped in new, hot water.

I lathered myself up and ducked to rinse, thrashed, and came up, arching my back and gasping for air. God, I love baths! It was hot today though- my skin was taking on a red tone beneath the color, and it was making me sleepy- thank Quizlivin, because the frost was burning through my system and I needed to be tired.

I sighed contentedly, and leaned back, letting the heat sooth my tired muscles. It felt amazing.

“Xaxac,” I heard my name and turned to see my master motioning for me. My face was healing and I’m sure the bruises were gone, so I smiled, in the cutest way I could muster, and crawled to him.

“mmm,” he sighed as I crawled into his lap, and gently moved my face to get a better look at it, “Already healed. Perfect.” He pulled me into a deep kiss and I melted. While he explored my mouth- no longer filled with blood, he put his hands on either side of my hips, and moved me higher- I braced my knees against the bench he was sitting on, just under the water, to help him get me positioned over his now erect and towering member. He slammed me down just as he released me, chewing on my bottom lip where the fighter had connected with it.

I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck. I heard him laugh.

“Already healed,” he repeated, but I knew he wasn’t talking about my face.

“mm-hm,” I agreed, and bounced- pushing up with his shoulders and arching my back so that he hit my sweet spot, grinding into him, moaning in pleasure- the warm water caressing my sore muscles, his deep thrusts relaxing me, my mind began to shut down, my eyes rolled back, his grip tightened, thrusting faster and faster- we found a rhythm and I let myself go to the ecstasy, the build-up. I forgot the world outside of myself and gave in to every feeling of pleasure, clutching him for dear life, spreading my legs as far as I could.

“Take a deep breath,” he warned, but I barely heard him, I couldn’t hear him, I was to far gone.

And then, I was underwater! At first, it felt amazing, he had one hand over my nose and mouth in a death grip, the other around my waist, still pumping into me- the hot water surrounding me in a cloud of comfort. Then I realized- I couldn’t breath!

My eyes sprang open and panic settled in. Shit! Um… I need to do something about this! This wasn’t like being choked at all- my lungs burned- then my entire chest- not a peaceful glow, not a comfortable numbness- my entire body fought me- trying to get me to figure out why I was letting myself drown. I couldn’t hear my master- the soap and herbs in the water stung my eyes, but I couldn’t close them. I was trying not to flail, trying not to fight him…

Was he going to kill me? Why? Because of the fight!? I wanted to beg, wanted to plead with him- wanted to start offering stupid bargains that I knew I could never keep, but I couldn’t. I also couldn’t control my urge to move, to strain, to try and get to the surface, so I wrapped my legs around him- he was standing now, I realized, pushing me, holding me down- I held onto the arm that had my face with a death grip! Why was he doing this? What had I done to make him this upset with me?! Tears wouldn’t describe the way I cried- panic and sorrow couldn’t describe the way I felt. I knew that whatever I had done, I deserved this… But a part of me, just didn’t want to die.

And the entire time, the steady pumping continued, mocking me, fighting my mind, fighting my desire for life, reminding me of my real purpose- and I knew that no matter what, I had no choice. I wanted him to kill me, if that’s what he needed to do. I gave up, lost my grip, lost my will- I had been underwater for to long, my vision was fading, my lungs had given up, and my brain was beginning to shut down. I had lost hope.

And he chose the second that I went completely slack to fill me with his hot cum, one last time. At least I could still do that- at least I had one last use, one last moment of… love? Before I was gone forever. I smiled beneath his hand and wondered what would happen next- wondered why I had misbehaved so badly… wondered what I had done to push him to that point. My eyelids were so heavy- my entire body was heavy- I felt like dead weight- nothing would respond even if I had tried to move. So I stopped trying. I just relaxed. And I thought about how much more I could have done for him- how I could have avoided this-

And his arm, still wrapped around my waist, jerked me upward. He moved his hand- why? I slumped against him, still sitting in his lap, my eyes were open, but I couldn’t see.

“Xac?” he asked.

I tried to answer him, but my body wouldn’t let me. It had faded away. I couldn’t access it anymore.

“Xaxac!?” There was panic in his voice.

I can’t, master. I want to, but I really can’t. I can’t even cry over it.

“XAXAC BRIGADDON!” he yelled, and slapped me again-

Wait- that hurt! I opened my eyes and inhaled sharply, then coughed as my confused lungs rejected it. Shit! The world slammed back into me and I tensed, fell back, but he caught me. I couldn’t get any air, I kept coughing it back up! Water? I spit it out. Air- oh fuck, air! I tried to take slow, deep breaths, leaning against my master with his arms wrapped around me! He had changed his mind! He didn’t kill me! He wanted me to stay- here- in the world of the living- with him! As soon as my arms would obey I wrapped them around him, and dug my head into his shoulders, weeping for joy and thanking him so many times that he words began to lose their meaning.

“I thought you were going to kill me!” I sobbed, “I won’t ever disobey you again- I never want you to hate me again- I swear I’ll be good! I swear!” I sobbed into his shoulder, and his grip tightened, “I love you so much! I never want to hurt you again!”

“Oh, Xac,” he sighed, “Stop talking, baby, breath, ok?”

I cuddled deeper into him- I wanted so badly to be able to crawl inside him. I don’t know what made him change his mind, but I was still alive! He hugged me deeper- and we seemed to meld together. I could feel his heartbeat as frantic as mine- wait- he was scared! He had only meant to scare me! When I had stopped breathing it had scared him! Holy shit- he was afraid- afraid that he was going to lose me! He really did care about me!

What follows is a wish list from a lover of mine. I presented her a simple story beginning and she writes the rest- then I choose to interpret it into reality. My beginning..

You are my good girl. You did just as i told you. You undressed, took a long hot shower, dried off and fixed your hair and makeup. Then you entered the room. It’s completely dark. You can’t see an inch in front of your face. You step, carefully, ten steps into the room as I told you. You feel at your bare feet the soft fabric i had mentioned. You pick it up and with a little trouble you tie it over your eyes as best you can. Then you get on your hands and knees and wait. You can hear something moving in the room with you. The hairs on your arms stand on end as you feel my breath on you. Your hands are taken and strapped into leather shackles and your mouth is raised to me. You start to speak and feel a hot swath of pain and pleasure rain across your back in several warm slashes. You are told to open your mouth and you do. Because you are my good girl.

Her reply…

Upon opening my mouth I feel your head just at my lips. I blush and move my tongue out to lick you. I hear how it pleases you and I lick more, moving forward and bringing your head into my mouth sucking gently and moving my tongue over you. You feel slightly extra pressure and pleasure when you feel my tongue ring against you. I bring you further in my mouth, sucking gently on your shaft and then licking it. I start pulling you in and out of my mouth, wanting to hear more of your sounds of approval.

I bring you out slowly and pay a little more attention to your head before I lick down your shaft and start to lick and suck on your balls I don’t get to do so very long as I feel you pull up on my shackles bringing me to my feet. I feel your hands fondle me and I blush, breathing heavily. Your breath is on my neck and your lips brush past my ear and it’s not long before I feel something else at my mouth. You’re gripping something soft and I taste plastic as you begin slipping it into my mouth. You move it in and out of my mouth and I start to recognize what it is. You move me onto the bed and hook my hands to the headboard. I hear your low, rough voice tell me to stay on my knees, arch my back, that’s it, and stick out my ass…. I do as I’m told. I feel one long lick along my slit and I know you taste how wet I am and then I feel your tongue move to my asshole. I bite my lip, moaning softly as you lick gently, slowly pushing in with your tongue. You pull away and I feel the plug slowly, gently push in. I gasp and moan and then I feel a long tail trailing between my legs. Then the sharp bite across my back again and I moan out, almost a scream. Your nails bite my ass and I realize, I’m your good pony and you’re going to ride me. You’ll only break me if needed, but that’s not necessarily what you want

The plug feels good inside me and I stick my ass out more, rubbing against your hard shaft. I feel the sharp pain once again fall along my back and I moan out. I don’t move. You seem to smile and I hear you say, “Good girl,” before I feel your hand on my breast again, your fingers on my nipples making me moan noises of pleasure. Not before long, one of your fingers starts to play with my clitoris and I can feel the want and need radiate from you. It’s becoming hard for you to keep control and do as you intended. You feel me shudder as your fingers move inside my pussy, pumping slowly in and out. “Do you want me?” You pinch my nipple.

“Aaahh.. Yes..”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me.”

“I am inside you.” You move to my other breast.

“Oooohh… God, Please, I want your hard cock! I want you to fuck me! Please~~ aaAH!! I want your dick inside me pumping in and out!”

You reply, in a low, gruff voice, “Good girl.”

You take your fingers out of my pussy and put them in my mouth. I suck on them, licking off my juice and sucking on your fingers hard, my tongue rolling over them all the same. You pull them out of my mouth and position yourself behind me. You’re hard shaft rubbing over my wet pussy before you thrust inside of me hard and deep. I moan out and I hear you groan with pleasure. You start out by taking long slow thrusts, but my moans and my muscles moving around you make it hard for you to keep control and you start going faster and harder.

“Oh GOD! Master! I’m gonna.. Oh FUCK!” I grip the sheets and moan loudly, moans that turn into my screaming your name as you bring me to climax. “Ooh GOD, MAS- MASTER, YES! FUCK! MAASTERRR!!!”

Your hands claw down my back and one of them bites into my ass with your nails and I hear you moan my name as my pussy tightens around your cock and you can’t control yourself any longer and you come with me as I moan and scream your name. You unhook my hands from the headboard and i collapse on the bed still shuddering with pleasure. I feel you behind me, now holding me tenderly and I hear you whisper in my ear, “That’s my good girl.”

It is 1823. Master James is the owner of a large plantation in Virginia. His beloved wife died in childbirth years earlier, so he spends his time fucking his slavegirls. My name is Cecily and I am one of them. He acquired me two years ago to be his personal house slave.

As usual I await Master’s return home for the evening. I have made sure that I am fully bathed and clean. This is a benefit of being a house slave. I never have to work in the fields. I get to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

All I have to do is make sure that his home is clean, his belly is full, and his sexual needs are satisfied. I am the closest thing to being the mistress of the house. I am the prized pet of Master. Master swore that after his wife’s death that he would never marry again. Why deal with the hassles of marriage when he could fuck his slave girls?

I look over and see Miranda. She is a beautiful mulatto girl with creme colored skin and long curly brown hair. Miranda was the product of an elicit affair between a master and his slavegirl. Miranda had grown up privileged and her father had “acknowledged” her.

She grew up in the house. He had her educated and taught her good Christian values. He had even talked about freeing her and sending her to Europe. But one day everything changed when her father died suddenly. After his death her evil stepmother had both the girl and her mother sold to distant plantations. That is how Miranda came to be here.

Miranda had only been here for no longer than a month and was slowly getting used to her role. Becoming her new Master’s cumslut was now her only focus. I remember what it was like to be acquired by Master James. He had been patient yet persistent with my training. I am glad that I am now at the ripe age of 20 and have been living with Master James for two years. Miranda was 18 exactly and the poor girl had actually been a virgin when she was brought to Virginia.

I grimace as I realized I have to get Miranda prepared for Master James. He prefers us to be naked when we were together privately. We are only allowed to wear clothing when guests visit. Then we are to be adorned like a real Southern lady, wearing our “slave” necklaces. We have many fluffy dresses and corsets that accentuate our luscious breasts. Masters prefers us to wear our hair down as he likes our big curly tresses falling to our luscious breasts. We are his exotic sex slaves.

Unfortunately Miranda is still hurting from last night’s anal escapades so I made sure to add some cooling oils to her bath. She gets in and I bathe her, making sure to kiss and finger her periodically. I need to make sure she is aroused when Master comes home from the fields.

I continue fingering her until she is screaming and ready to explode. Then I remove my finger and lick it while smiling at her. Se is puzzled as she is still getting used to my overt sexual behavior.

“I apologize dear girl but I have to make sure you are nice and wet. It will make it feel better and not hurt as much. Trust me on this one.”

She looks reluctant and teary eyed. I lean in and begin feeling her breasts and kissing her passionately. This seemed to calm her down some.

“I promise you he is a good man. He really takes care of his slaves and never beats us that much. Only unless it is really really bad…”

I washed her hair and apply oils to it. When she is done I oil down her body. I quickly put myself together as I can hear your horses coming in the distance. I allow my long hair to cascade down my back. I am exotic looking for a mulatto. My mother was a slave and my father was the plantation master. My skin is the color of honey and I have chestnut,reddish hair that goes down my back. My eyes are green. I am exotic looking for mixed race girl.

Master had been an avid traveller in his youth. He had been to India on a voyage when he was 19 and spent several years there. Master often tells me that I remind him of Indian women. He told me that India was a place full of exotic and beautiful whores. He says that the only reason he really likes mixed race girls is because we remind him of his favorite whores he had fucked in India.

He said there were dark ones that could have been Negro, but their hair was straight and super long. He said that they had fine but exotic features. He also said that many were brown with green and hazel eyes with very long black hair. He had seen a few with reddish hair or bright orange hair. He had seen many who had big curly hair as well, like negros and mulattoes.

Then he told me that there were high class women who were white. He said that were extremely exotic looking as they had pale white skin, exotic features, fine noses, and extremely long black hair. He told me they reminded him of the octoroon women he had slept with in New Orleans. Master is a well-travelled man. I enjoy hearing his stories.

When my master visited my plantation he had immediately wanted me. He tells me that he saw my beautiful green eyes and reddish hair and that his penis hardened. Apparently I really reminded him of his favorite whore from Bombay. He bargained with my father because he had a unsettled debt. He agreed to cancel his debt if he gave me to him. My father never really loved me and saw me as another one of his bastard mulatto children. He gladly accepted the offer.

My mother had died years ago of a snakebite. I was raised by my grandmother in the fields. It was terrible growing up for me as everyone knew I was one of Master’s children. My father never cared about me. His wife treated all of us mulatto children terribly. I had been forced to work in my father’s fields. When I was told that I was leaving to live with Master James as his personal house slave, I was slightly relieved. In my naïveté I did not truly understand what that meant. But, after seeing the way things turned out, I would not have it any other way.

In a twisted way I glad Master acquired me. At least now I don’t have to work in the fields and die like my mother had. I was no stranger to whippings! That was the worst part about being my father’s slave: whippings. He would whip us periodically. We would be spanked and whipped as punishment for his wife’s accusations, unsatisfactory work, and insolent behavior . I never wanted to experience that again!

Master James promised me that he would never whip me from the start. He said he didn’t like to damaged his property in that regard. Nonetheless, I make sure that I am obedient to Master James. Master James found that I came to him as a very submissive girl. I went from toiling in the fields to becoming Master’s nasty cumslut. What a life right?

Miranda and I hurry up and go downstairs to greet Master James. We look voluptuous and beautiful. We await kneeling as we hear him coming in. Master walks in the door. At 6’3″ he is very handsome. He is 32 years old, with blond hair and intense, icy blue eyes. He is quite broad and fit. He comes in from his long day. He is hot, sweaty and ready for his evening.

“How are Master’s little cumsluts tonight? Ready for dinner?” he says as he points to his groin, “Stand and greet your master.”

I stand up and kiss him passionately. Then Miranda sheepishly kisses him. You can tell she is still grossed out as she backs away slowly. Master notices this and remarks,

“Miranda, my sweet kitten, why do you hesitate?”

Miranda turns red and lowers her head. I decide to interject.

“Is Master ready for his bath? I ask.

“Yes I am,” he leans over and caresses Miranda’s face, ” but Miranda I need you bring me something to eat in the meantime. I need nourishment for when I ravish you later.”

Her skin turns from red with embarrassment to pale with horror. She bows with teary eyes and says,

” Yes Master,” and goes off to the kitchen obeying her directive.

With a twisted smile I realize that Miranda is well trained. I passionately kiss him and guide him upstairs where his bath awaits. It is a very sensual scene with candles and a hot steamy tub. I lower his body down making intense eye contact with him. His eyes are so intense. It is as if he can look through your soul. I lean down and kiss his hardening shaft. Master smiles at my adoration for him.

I bath him slowly, cleaning every part of him slowly. I am using fragrant oils that encircles the room. His skin is slightly golden from being outside and his muscles are crisp. I am paying extra attention to his cock as it slowly grows to its full size. I see that he is turned on.

Miranda comes in holding a plate of biscuits, fruits, and cheese. She knows the rules and kneels beside the tub feeding him. Master James leans back. He is in heaven with me cleaning his body and Miranda feeding him.

When he finishes with both his bath and the plate of food I dry him off. He lays on the bed as we oil him nicely. His cock is fully erect at 9 inches thick 2″ wide. He had a thick cock with much girth. His balls were equally sized, as I could see that my dinner would be plentiful. I loved my master’s cock and his balls. I loved sucking on them, pleasing them, watching them engorge. Best of all I loved the sticky fluid that erupts from.

I have not eaten all day per Master’s directions. Master has a dark, twisted side to him. On certain days a week we have to “fast”. Fasting means that we are only allowed to eat his cum. We can drink water, but nothing else.

In keeping with religious tradition we fast on the Sabbath. Coincidently the sabbath is the only day Master doesn’t work. We must fast at least 2 days a week. Although at this point Miranda flat out refuses to eat during her fasts. She only drinks water on those days, unless she is forced to swallow.

I hungrily eye Master’s cock as the smell of his pre-cum is making me hungry. Miranda just stares at the glistening cock wide-eyed. You think after being here this long she would be used to it. And she has not even been cum-trained yet! I shudder at the thought. As much as I have grown to love the taste of cum, being cum-trained had been a very traumatic and nasty experience. It was like Master could read my thoughts by his ensuing remark.

“Miranda come here and show me some love sweet kitten.”

Miranda sucks her breath , makes a face, bows, and kisses the head of his cock quickly. This displeases Master. He runs his hair through her glorious curls and then pulls her to him.

“I have been nice with you little slut. I have not beaten you. I have not even whipped you. I have not even fully enleashed my sexual prowess on you. But you still refuse me. This is simple kitten. Your training has just begun. You have not even been cum-trained yet! Perhaps it’s time to accelerate your training.”

Miranda’s eyes widened. I could tell she was curious as to what cum training was, but at the same time, she did not even want to know.

“Cum-training?” she asked meekly.

“Yes cum-training, you will soon discover what that is, but right now I want you please me. Suck it,” he orders.

She looks at me with pleading eyes slowly starts sucking his large manhood. Poor Miranda is clearly struggling. He pushes himself up and puts his hand behind her head. Master is a very hands on kind of master.

“Good girl. Keep sucking on it. That’s right. Remember go slow so you can savor the taste. Make sure you keep going slowly. That’s right good girl,” Master looks at me, “Cecily please pleasure my balls. “

“Yes master,” I reply.

I lean down and start massaging his balls as poor Miranda is slowly attempting to suck him off. I can see that Master is slowly starting to push her head down. Miranda struggles as she begins to gag. Master is relentless as she keeps gagging. She still needs to work on her gag reflex in my opinion.

“That’s right Miranda, you can do this. Just breath through your nostrils slowly. Good girl just like that!”

Miranda begins crying as he releases her to breath before he stuffs her mouth shut again, going only deeper. Unfortunately for Miranda her gag reflex was too strong and I could tell she was about to puke. Master is intuitive and slowly releases her mouth from him. Miranda is crying as her mouth is drooling with saliva and precum. She keeps grimacing while attempting to hide her disgust.

Thanks to my mouth and hands his balls are nice and full. I can tell Master is ready to blow his load. He grabs Miranda as he forces her to suck his cock again. He keeps one hand behind her head intently gazing at her. His breathing steadies.

I am starting to get a little angry as I realize that he is going to cum in her mouth. I have not eaten all day and now she gets his load when it was supposed to be my day to fast!

Master laughs as he can sense my anxiety. He brings me to his face with his free arm and kisses me. The sight is incredibly erotic with him kissing me in one arm, while keeping Miranda firmly on his cock with the other. He whispers in my ear,

“Don’t worry there is plenty to share.”

I smile and lean back down waiting for him to ejaculate. Moments later he says,

“Almost there. Oohhhh! Ugh! My lord sweet Jesus! Miranda are you ready for my hot cum? Ohhh Miranda you are a nasty whore. I am going to cum

in your mouth until no more liquid comes out of my cock. You will hold it and then deposit it into Cecily’s mouth. She is hungry and has not eaten all day.”

“Oh Master you remembered!” I cried with joy.

Miranda continues to sob. All that could be heard is sucking and sobbing. The moment of truth came when he starts bucking into her mouth ferociously. He begins grunting loudly as he hold her head down. Master James has massive loads to match his massive cock and balls. It is too much and some of it begins running down his cock. I become mad with hunger and lick up the oozing cum. He keeps coming in what just have been 8 or 9 large spurts. Master must have had an intense day in the fields.

Finally when he is done, he pauses. Miranda is still pinned to his cock as he lets the remaining droplets get deposited in her mouth. Her cheeks are puffed out with of his semen. Some accidentally spills out if her mouth. She has the most disgusted look on her face. I do have to admit Master is a little bitter and salty compared to usual. Master is not pleased.

“Cecily’s lick that cum up that she spilled. Miranda don’t you swallow or spill anymore. Hold it in your mouth and savor the taste.”

Miranda is still crying while attempting to hold her mouth shut. I can tell that she is trying to imagine she is not doing this. When I finish licking up the spilled cum off her body and the sheets, Master tells me to lick him clean. Miranda is crying even more. She is trying not to vomit from having hot, bitter goo kept in her mouth. After Master feels he is clean he told me to lay down. Miranda knows what this means and has a look of relief.

Master clicks his fingers and Miranda slowly comes over to me. Master is watching intently and I could see his is stroking his cock that is still hard. I open my mouth in anticipation. Miranda leans over and drops the massive glob into my mouth. The first taste hits my mouth and I feel myself slowly start to come back to life. She deposits and swaps the large load in my mouth. She looks relieved. I grab her face and force her to kiss me. She is reluctant about having to continuously taste our Master, but I continue to kiss her forcefully. When we are done I kneel on the floor and say,

” Thank you master for my dinner.”

Miranda is quiet and looks traumatized still.

“Miranda?” Master replies.

“Thank you Master,” she says tearfully.

“Thank you for what?” as he grabs her hair.

“Thank you for your cum Master,” Miranda spews.

“Good girl,” as he puts our faces together, “Kiss some more!”

We kiss some more. I can still taste the strong flavor of his cum on her lips and tongue. I am satisfied. Master sits up, smiles and says he is ready for his supper. He leads us both downstairs.

I kneel before Master while he eats supper. He calls me over to give him a blowjob. Miranda is quietly eating her dinner, although she doesn’t seem to be eating a lot. Unfortunately, Master did not allow her to clean her mouth so her food has a very potent and salty taste to it. I, on the other hand, am looking for more of that taste. I beg for Master to give me desert.

“Master please! Give me more! I am

so weak. I need you to strengthen me. Please feed me I am still hungry. Please Master.”

“Cumslut needs to fulfill her craving. You just swallowed a rather large load.”

“But Master it takes at least three loads to make my satisfied!”

We both laugh. Miranda looks mortified. She has officially lost her appetite. Her face pales. Master winks at her and says,

” Don’t worry kitten, pretty soon you will beg for it like this one. Your cum-training will change the dynamic of our relationship.”

He rubs his hand through my rusty colored hair smiling at her. He puts his fingers in my mouth and makes me lick them. Then he puts his cock in my mouth. After intense sucking and deepthroating, I can feel his body begin to boil. He has long finished his supper and is enjoying digesting his food. I position myself deeper on his cock. I can feel Miranda’s wide-eyed innocence staring at me.

I keep sucking him intensely making sure his cock is deep in my throat. I want him to deposit his load directly into my stomach. I breathe through my nose and make sure to run my tongue under his cock. I am deepthroat trained nicely.

Miranda is shocked. I can tell she is wondering how I am able to stuff his entire length into my mouth. I can feel that Master is nearing his arrival. He puts my head down until my chin is hitting his balls. He ferociously face fucks me until he slows down, grunts, and bucks his pelvis upward.

“Oh Cecily here it comes,” he moans as he explodes in the back of my throat.

After good amount gets deposited into my stomach, I slightly move up. I start sucking greedily as hot cum is being fed to me. His body shakes with intense pleasure as the cum is being sucked from his balls! After one or two more spurts he stops shaking. Heavy breathing is only thing heard in the room. He finally comes down from cloud nine. I open my mouth to show him the cum and swallow it all.

Miranda looks sick again and very flustered. Her squeamish behavior annoys me. I smile wickedly as I begin to kiss her, sharing any last remains with her. I am a very well trained cumslut. It’s about time Miranda joins the dark side.

Master comes over and kisses both of us. He decides that he wants another slave in the mix. He calls Sally in to go fetch Hilda. As Sally comes in she is a big, black woman. She is older and had been the favorite slut of his father in her youth. Because of this she understood the house rules. She is one of the few slaves allowed to communicate with us. She is like a mother to me as I am motherless. Sally cooked, cleaned, and tended to Master’s personal slavegirls.

“Sally. Thank you for dinner. It was quite delicious.”

Sally smiles and nods.

” Sally will you go fetch me Hilda and prepare her for me. Please have her be washed down. Apply some oils to make sure she smells nice as well. Thanks.”

Sally nodded and went to fulfill her task. Hilda is a slave with the biggest ass you had ever seen. It is like a piece of chocolate. She is the only field slave worthy of Master’s affection.

It is rumored that her grandfather was Indian, which is why her skin was the color of mahogany. She had slightly curly hair, but it was not nearly as long and full as ours. Hilda was exotic and sexy to Master. He told me how he loved watching her work in the fields. He loved watching her bathe in the river too.

We go upstairs and we kneel before Master James. He wants me to pleasure Miranda by licking her pussy which I do. I lick her intensely until she is screaming with pleasure. I massage her breasts as well. I can feel her releasing tension slowly. She eventually comes hard in my mouth. I do not lick her up because I see that Master wants to fuck her.

(c)2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

If you need a list of the cast of Cassidy’s please refer to chapters 1 – 36.

Lacy Alexis – Sister to Valentina

Ellen McGraw – Pregnant stalker and supermodel

The Cassidy Kennedy’s

Derrick Cassidy Kennedy – Suitor to Lacy Alexis

Amber Cassidy Kennedy – Mother to Derrick

Senator Alan Cassidy Kennedy – Father to Derrick

Jackson Cassidy Kennedy – Brother to Derrick married to Pedro

Pedro Cassidy Kennedy – Husband to Jackson, changed his name to Cassidy Kennedy after their marriage

Janice Cassidy Kennedy McGarrett – Sister to Derrick

Bronson McGarrett – Husband to Janice


Margaret Jones – Assistant to Hayley

Brian West – Assistant to Jake

Marvina – New Housekeeper to Hayley and Jake


Mason and Daniela arrived home to a huge celebration. Lord Thomas had flown back to New York. The staff from the restaurant were at his home, as was Lady Catherine, Millie, Portia, Hayley, Jake, Derrick and Lacy as well as Frederick who was holding Marvina’s hand. All of Mason’s siblings had made a video welcoming him home.

The babies were dressed up and Daniela took them into her arms and kissed them as tears fell from her eyes. Mason hugged them and had a tear in his eyes as well. His employees were very happy to see him as he had surprised them all by giving them each a one thousand dollar bonus and Jerry, his chef who had been with him the longest ten thousand dollars.

Jerry prepared all the food for the celebration and everyone ate, laughed and had a good time. Daniela and Mason glanced at each other from across the room. Together they decided at that moment to take the babies up to the nursery, wash them up, undress them and put them to bed. They sat on the loveseat in the nursery watching the babies and holding hands. Mason pulled Daniela to him and kissed the top of her head, “I’m glad to be home” He said as he squeezed her.

Daniela looked up at him and sighed, “Me too.”

“Let’s go to bed, the party can continue without us.” Mason said.

Daniela nodded, but they didn’t move, they sat together in the love seat. Lady Catherine found them an hour later. They were both asleep. She picked up the throw on the rocking chair and put over them. Lady Catherine kissed the two of them and left them to sleep.

At four in the morning Mason woke up. He was stiff. He woke Daniela and taking her hand they both went to the bedroom and still fully dressed lay on top of the covers and fell back asleep.


Stephen and Mary were really enjoying themselves. They might not be having intercourse, but they were both learning to suck and bring each other to climax. Stephen couldn’t get enough of Mary’s pussy. He would find a way to lick and suck her whenever they were together.

“Stephen please” Mary would say as they went to the movie theater and he slid his hand up her skirt.

“Let’s watch the movie and let me feel you” Stephen would say sticking his finger in her pussy and then tasting her juices. He begged her not to wear underwear and most of the time she complied.

Once they were at his house or hers he would kneel at her feet lift up her dress and start feasting. Mary gasped, “Stephen, can I please get undressed?”

“In a minute, baby I just want to eat you up.” He said as he grabbed her bottom and slid his tongue deep inside her.

Mary just laughed and stepped away from him. “Let’s have some dinner and then I’ll be your dessert.”

He chuckled and stood up. “That’s a deal”


Mary was very happy. Her parents were not, they wanted Stephen to propose. Mary went to Jake for help and he spoke to his mother and father, “Stephen will propose when he’s ready. Don’t rush it.” Jake had his own reasons for wanting them to delay; the ritual and he wanted to keep it from happening for as long as possible.

Jake had reconciled himself to the fact that they were eventually going to get married, but the later the better. He shivered as he thought of taking Mary’s virginity, but he nearly threw up at the thought of Dent fucking his sister.

Henry and Susan backed off and Mary reassured them they were both waiting until marriage before having intercourse. Her parents were relieved.


Lacy thought that everything was fine between her and Derrick and that he had forgiven her for getting drunk and dancing close to some random guy. She was wrong. Derrick had enlisted the aid of an old girlfriend who once was Derrick’s slave named Sydney. Sydney was gorgeous with long blonde hair, a killer figure and sensuous lips. She was a former actress who had turned her love of fashion into a billion dollar business.

Sydney was engaged to be married to a fellow billionaire who was a Dom named, Lexington Kensworthy who was born into old money and turned his family’s business into one of the largest brokerage houses in the world. He was ten years older than Sydney.

Derrick had gone to see him to ask his permission to ask Sydney for this favor. Lexington had agreed on the condition that he is included. The men shook hands and it was agreed in two weeks Lacy would learn a lesson she would never forget.


As March rolled in, Valentina was getting anxious and nervous. She was waddling around and peeing every five minutes. The baby was getting in position. Blake came home early every night to have dinner with her. They had arranged for the delivery to be done at NYU Medical in a private wing. Blake had a trip to make two weeks before the birth and he wasn’t happy, but it had to be done. A member of the family seriously needed some legal help and he had to go in person. He would only be gone for a few days and had everyone else including Lacy and Derrick on standby.

Gertie arrived. She was a godsend and did everything to ensure that Valentina was comfortable. Lacy and her mother got along better and she told Gertie what happened. “Listen Lacy, don’t be naive and think that Derrick has forgotten or forgiven. You must prepare yourself. I have a feeling your Sir will give you a lesson so you don’t forget ever again!” Gertie said prophetically.

“Mother do you really think so? He’s been so sweet. I can’t wait for you to meet him.” Lacy said as she, Valentina and Gertie sat down for lunch.

Gertie sighed, Lacy had grown but not enough and soon, very soon she would find out exactly who she was married to.

Blake and his mother-in-law got along swimmingly. He teased her and she blushed. She envied her daughter this man and wanted a master like him. Blake whispered in her ear one night, “I’m going to find someone for you to drop to your knees and suck his cock. I bet you’re really good because your daughter is excellent and I’m sure you taught her well.”

Gertie turned beet red and her pussy grew moist. Blake had a candidate for her, one of his partners. He was ten years younger than Gertie, a tall powerful black man who was a Dom and liked older white women. His name was Shawn Humphrey and all the women who worked at the law firm wanted him.

Shawn had been married twice and both of his wives had died. His first wife died of cancer and his second wife died in a car accident; that had been four years before and now he was ready. Blake told Shawn all about Gertie and he was interested in meeting her, but not until after Valentina had the baby.

Blake nixed the idea of having Gertie become involved with one of the Cassidy’s. First of all because all the eligible bachelors were either too young, too old or too submissive and besides he didn’t want Valentina to feel slighted since Lacy was already engaged to marry into the family.

Derrick phoned Blake and told him his plan. Blake knew Lexington and agreed that this would teach Lacy a lesson. He invited Derrick to the house to meet his soon to be in-law and Derrick agreed.

Gertie was very impressed with her soon to be son-in-law and while he and Blake were chatting she again warned Lacy. “You need to stay on your knees begging his forgiveness, but I have a feeling he has already planned what he’s about to do. You are so very hard headed my daughter and you’ll only learn the hard way, but…” Gertie said patting Lacy’s knee, “You will learn and Derrick will make sure you do.”


Blake went on his trip. Valentina had a false alarm; Braxton hicks. She told Gertie not to tell Blake because she didn’t want him to worry.

He was due home in the wee hours of March 30th. Valentina was sound asleep when her back started hurting. She was dreaming that she was peeing and when she awoke the bed was all wet; her water had broken.

Getting out of bed she went into the bathroom and put on a diaper. She called Doctor Heart and he told her to call him when her contractions started.

Blake had just walked in the door. It was four in the morning. He heard movement upstairs and ran up the stairs to find his wife dressed and completely made up and sitting down panting.

Blake knelt down next to her, “My dear, are you in labor?”

“The contractions have just started. Please call the doctor. I’m so glad you’re here.” She said stroking his face.

Gertie, hearing noise came into the bedroom, “Blake, Valentina?”

Blake looked at her, “Please call the doctor and wake up Henry. Tell him to get the car ready, I think we’re going to have a baby.”

Blake smiled at Valentina who tried to smile back just as another contraction hit her, “Oh God!” She moaned.

“My dear are you all right?” Blake said his face etched with concern.

“I’m fine, remember the class we took. Let’s start the breathing.” She said.

Blake remembered the Lamaze classes. He felt like a grandfather. Everyone there was under thirty, but he had taken every class and received his certificate so he was ready.

He went into action helping Valentina to her feet. Her face had calmed as the contraction faded. Slowly, carefully he led her downstairs. Henry was waiting and Gertie had thrown on a dress and was behind them.

Blake helped her on with her coat and they got into the Rolls to go to the hospital. Henry drove carefully, too carefully and Blake barked at him. Valentina’s contractions were coming every ten minutes and she was squeezing her husband’s hand.

Even getting ready to give birth, Valentina looked beautiful. “I’m so proud of you. We’re almost there, just keep breathing.” Blake said.

He whipped out his cell phone and called Kenneth. Kenneth answered as if he had been awake and waiting for this phone call. In reality Gwyn was sucking his cock. “What’s up Blake?” Kenneth asked.

“Valentina’s in labor. We’re on the way to the hospital.” Blake said.

“Call me when the baby’s born.” Kenneth said as he held Gwyn’s head on his cock.

“I will. Can you cancel my meetings tomorrow and the next day?” Blake asked.

“I’ll take care of everything, don’t worry. Give Valentina our love.” Kenneth said as he shivered and came in Gwyn’s mouth.

Kenneth pulled Gwyn’s head off his cock. “Swallow” He said and she did.

“I want you over my lap now.” He said and Gwyn clambered onto Kenneth’s lap. She was wearing pajama pants and he pulled them down to reveal her pale white ass.

SLAP! His hand came down hard on her cheek, “You will not ever yell at me again.” He said and began to spank her behind. Gwyn lay across his lap biting her lip and trying not to cry.

She could feel her pussy getting wetter. She yelled at Kenneth because he was late and they had a dinner to go to. Kenneth kept spanking her and tears streamed down her eyes. She could feel Kenneth getting hard underneath her and she smiled through her tears.

“Get undressed” He ordered pushing her to the floor. Kenneth got dressed and went to the bathroom. He returned with a vibrator and a condom.

“I know your pussy is very wet and I know you want to cum.” He said and then chuckled, “So you’ll get to cum.”

Gwyn looked at him, she knew exactly what he was about to do. “Please Master, please.” She begged.

“Shut the fuck up and get on your knees.” He said and she followed his order.

Kenneth spanked her ass one more time and then put the condom on his cock. Kenneth opened the door and took out the lube. Gwyn wasn’t fond of anal, but he was and he lubed her ass and his cock. He placed his dick at her opening. Gwyn closed her eyes as he slammed in all the way. Kenneth squeezed Gwyn’s ass tightly as he slammed in and out. “Still tight, just the way I like it. We haven’t done enough of this. By the way Valentina’s getting ready to have her baby. We’ll start soon, but right now I’m going to fuck this ass for a very long time, while I play with that pussy.”

Kenneth fucked into her and reached down to play with her pussy and clit. Soon Gwyn was close to cumming. “That’s right my slut, you may cum.”

She tried to hold on, but she couldn’t and Gwyn let go. Kenneth wasn’t finished; he put the vibrator in her clit and turned it to on to six. The vibrator whirred and she could feel the explosion again.

Kenneth kept fucking her ass as Gwyn came a third time. “Please sir, please.”

She was exhausted. He fucked in her ass and then pulled out. He wasn’t done. He took off the condom and pushed her over to her back. Kenneth went into the bathroom and washed. He came back and shoved his hard cock in her mouth. Kenneth pinched her nipples. Gwyn groaned. He slapped her tits. “You will never yell at me again. You will always treat me with respect.” He said slamming in her mouth.

Kenneth reached over and slapped Gwyn’s pussy. She groaned and tears fell from her eyes. He slapped three more times as she tried to close her legs. “Keep those damn legs open or I’ll tie them open. He said as he slapped her sex hard.

Gwyn was now crying hard. He brought the vibrator to her sex again and ran it up and down her pussy. Gwyn moaned.

Kenneth kept fucking her face as he brought her to three more orgasms and Gwyn nearly passed out. “One more and then I think you’ve learned your lesson.” He said and he turned the vibrator to fifteen and Gwyn screamed.

Kenneth came down her throat. She gagged and sputtered as his cum came out her mouth. He pulled out and slapped her pussy again. “You know better than to waste it. Clean it up, then you can rest. In the morning I expect you to present your ass before I leave for work. I’ll take it so you don’t forget.”

Gwyn said nothing. She turned over and began to lick the sheets.


Valentina was brought straight to her private room. Blake and Gertie were with her. Her labor pains were coming fifteen minutes apart and then they stopped. Blake had wanted her to have a cesarean, but Valentina insisted on a vaginal delivery.

Doctor Heart smiled at Valentina as he came into the room. “Well” he said looking at the monitor, “it seems your baby wants to wait just a little longer. I’ll be here and we’ll give the baby time to decide when he or she wants to come into this world.”

Blake went outside with the doctor. “How long doc and is the baby all right?”

“The baby is fine with a strong heartbeat. This is Valentina’s first, so it could take a while. Sit with her, get something to eat and drink and don’t worry.” Dr. Heart said patting Blake’s shoulder.

When Blake came back into the room, Valentina had fallen asleep. Blake and Gertie sat in lounge chairs in the room and both fell asleep.

Nurses came in and out checking on Valentina. Blake spoke with Lacy who planned to come to the hospital straight after school. Derrick decided her punishment would occur after the baby was born and she spent some time with Valentina, until then Derrick was acting as if nothing ever happened.

Lacy was trying to do everything possible to make sure that Derrick had forgiven her. When they went out she drank water or soda and had no alcohol, she kept her eyes on Derrick. He had taken her dancing one more time and she stayed by his side and only danced with him.

Gertie still warned her that Derrick was waiting until the right moment when she was unaware, but Lacy reassured her that she had been forgiven.

Lacy showed up and sat with her sister until dinner time, then she went home to Derrick.

Valentina’s labor went on throughout the night. At eleven at night active labor began. Doctor Heart arrived with a big smile on his face. “I think it’s time to deliver that baby.

Blake got into position. He was the coach and as intense as he was in his work, he was delicate and caring with Valentina. “My dear, when I say push I want you to push. Right now I need you to give our baby some oxygen, so breathe…Yes, like that.” He said encouragingly.

Valentina felt the contraction and keeping her eyes on Blake she breathed. Gertie watched the two of them and she smiled. Valentina didn’t know how lucky she was to have a man like Blake. He was just the right amount of intensity for her daughter and she was glad to be a part of this day.

The doctor and the nurse were ready, Gertie was ready and Blake stared into his wife’s eyes and whispered in her ear, “My beautiful slave, push and bring our baby in this world. I love you.”

Valentina bore down, her beautiful face contorted in pain and she pushed as if her life depended on it. Out slid the baby as she collapsed onto the pillows. The doctor cleaned out the baby’s mouth and they heard a loud cry as Doctor Heart held up the baby, “It’s a girl.”

Blake kissed his wife’s lips and she whispered in his ear, “Go, meet your daughter.” Blake looked at the clock; it was five minutes after midnight on April 1st.

Kissing Valentina’s forehead Blake walked to the nurse, who had cleaned up the baby, placed a small cap on her head to keep her warm and swaddled her in a blanket. She passed the bundle to Blake who cradled the baby in his arm.

“Hello little Adelaide Gertrude Black” said Blake grinning at Gertie who had tears spring to her eyes.

Valentina smiled at her mother as Blake brought the baby over, “We decided to name the baby after both our mother’s” Valentina said holding her daughter.

Gertie now really crying walked over to Valentina and kissed her as Blake left the room leaving three generations of women together.


In the hallway he took out his cell and called Kenneth to give him the news. Kenneth was just getting ready for bed and congratulated him. He next phoned Lacy and shared the good news that she was now officially an aunt. Lacy wanted to come over right away, but Blake asked her to wait until the next day. Valentina would stay in the hospital for one and a half days.

Blake went back in to see the baby in her bassinet. Gertie came over to him and kissed his cheek. “I am so happy for you both. Thank you for naming the baby after me and I’m sure your mother would be proud. You are a good son.”

Blake blushed; a rarity for him. “I love your daughter and she’s given me the best gift.”

“She’s falling asleep. I’m going to get her a turkey sandwich. She said that’s what she wanted.” Gertie said.

Blake reached into his pocket to take out his wallet. Gertie stopped him, “I’m fine. Go be with your wife and new daughter.” She said as she left.

Blake went over to the bassinet and looked at the sleeping baby. She was as beautiful as her mother, but he noticed a trace of himself in her smile.

Blake slid beside Valentina in the bed, his behind hanging off the edge. He kissed her lips and she kissed him back. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Valentina asked.

“She’s incredible and she’s ours.” Blake said, “Thank you for this gift my dear.”

Reaching into his pocket he took out a square box. Valentina sleepily looked at it as Blake opened it to reveal a diamond bracelet with his birthstone and hers. “The diamonds are for the baby since the birthstone for April is diamonds; the other two are for us; we are a family and I love you more than I can say.”

Valentina kissed his hand and he held her as she fell asleep.


Lacy and Derrick arrived later in the morning and Lacy gushed over her sister and the new baby. Henry called to tell Blake that gifts had started to arrive. Blake left the hospital to come home to shower, shave and check the nursery. When he went into the room it was filled with gifts sent from Matthew and Helen and a few others. Gifts kept arriving throughout the day.

Well I did it… I finally fit it all the way in… yeah. You know that blue plug with the swirls and the incremental bobbles? The one with the really fat base and skinny neck? Never could get it to fit all the way in my ass… I could fuck myself with it but as far as actually being able to make it fit all the way through my tight little hole,,, nah it never fit before.. but now… now I may be able to take Master’s cock in my ass. I bet he will be so pleased with me.. He may even reward me with a taste of his cock. Mmmmm… just thinking about it just gets me so wet.

I want to finger my cunt so bad right now… But mustn’t do that. Master was so displeased last time I pleasured myself without his permission. It was an accident really, just goes to show how much I love sucking his cock. I didn’t even have to touch myself that time.. He had grabbed my face and fucked my throat, and oh… the sensations that took over my body. I gave myself over to them, knowing I would pay the price…

“I’m so sorry Master, I didn’t mean to!”

As my punishment he had strapped me to his whipping cross in the basement. The straps were so tight I wouldn’t have been able to get out of them even if i had wanted to. Which is an interesting thought really… Here he was blistering my ass with the riding crop, and boy did I hate that thing, but it wasn’t reason enough to make me want out of it. I preferred the floggers better, the handmade leather ones with the long leather tails. They covered so much more of an area; ass, breasts, cunt, back, ie… But that damned riding crop… I fucking hated that thing. I’d made the mistake when he brought home the new toy of looking at it with distaste and asking the horrid question… “That’s not for me, right?” I quickly found myself tied to the kitchen chair getting my ass cheeks and thighs reddened. And he doesn’t space them out at all. He picks a particular (generally sensitive area) and smacks it in the same spot everytime. So generally i try to be good for my Master…

I lightly play with the ring attached to the collar around my neck. Master had given it to me so long ago, I couldn’t even remember the occasion clearly. I know it had been one hell of a night… Oh! I remember now… He was selecting my favorite flogger off the wall. It was green… One of my favorite colors. Long green leather tails with an intricately braided handle interwoven with green and black leather. It was made with soft leather but that wasn’t why I liked it. Soft leather or not, it had a delicious bite to it when Master flicked his wrist across my ass, back, and thighs. Master decided long ago that this particular flogger was not to be used on my twat. He’d said bite though it may on my ass it didn’t have enough teeth for my pussy… It had been the first night he played with my ass. Up until that night when in his prescence I had been ordered to wear a black ribbon around my neck, tied with a bow at the back of my neck. It was a special ribbon… long and strong… It had to be folded and doubled many times to even be acceptably wearable around the neck. The purpose of it was to basically have something handy in the sudden event Master wanted me bounded and trussed to his liking. One long length of ribbon, so many bondage possibilties… Once or twice, or … I’m not sure I can remember how many times that kitchen chair has come in handy. More than once I wound up with my hands tied behind the back of the chair, and yet there was still more than enough length left for him to tie around my breasts in such an intricate manner. Every breath I took slowly tightened the knots keeping the ribbon taut around my aching breasts. Master had untied my hands, just to have me turn around on the chair. He told me to kneel on the chair and then proceeded to loop my wrists and my knees together and then to the chair itself… I felt so exposed.

We had talked long ago about my limits. I can withstand a lot but I had told him up front anything anal was a hard limit for me. He knew why too… I had been raped in the past, by someone I had considered a boyfriend at the time. It wasn’t so much that he had raped me that had bothered me, but the fact of he had said after all he had taken from me, “I’ve come this far, why stop now!” He had probed my tight little hole a couple times to no avail, in the duration of his assault on my body. But, after I thought we were done and my humiliation was at its end, he took things so much farther than my worst dreams. He had ripped his cock from my pussy, and without any sort of lubrication jammed it into my little asshole so hard it ripped me open. My screams did nothing to deter him… I had not screamed or made any sounds through the whole time, but his hardcore assault on my asshole was too much. I walked away from that encounter a broken woman. I was too young for one thing for most of what he did to me, and way too inexperienced. For goodness sakes I was a virgin!!! So this I explained to Master all in the beginning. Nonetheless though he told me to always keep myself “clean” and explained to me exactly how . He has me on a strict diet to say the least.. You could say it keeps me healthy, energized, as well as… well… it goes straight through me… I have a strict regimen to adhere to of cleansing myself every night, every morning, and occasionally after lunch depending on what we eat. I never understood it back then, having made my limit clear, but he just smirked and said he wanted his girl to always be “clean”

So that kitchen chair… I wasn’t at all prepared for what came next. With the way he had tied me, my ass was in the air, and if I tried to move then the ribbons would tighten much too painfully around my breasts. He walked up behind me, brushing my hair back while whispering in my ear that I was being such a good girl… A passionate kiss later and he had disappeared from sight, but not from sense. I felt his hand rubbing at my pussy pushing my lips apart. Slowly he inserted one finger into my opening, noting that I was already wet, rubbing my clit to stir up more of an ache than was necessary, at least in my mind. Taking some of what I had produced due to his attentions with my favorite flogger, he spread it over my little rosebud. Naturally I jumped, a bit more than startled. I started to ask him what he thought he was doing. I am obedient to a fault, but my limits were set in stone. Master simply took hold of my hair and assured me cooperation was best, lest I felt like sleeping in this precarious position. Having gad to do as such before I knew it was in my best interests to just go with whatever he was about to do.

Slowly he began rubbing my little hole, every so often daring to slip his finger just slightly into my ass. Not once while doing this did he push even up to his knuckle. When he asked me how it felt I wasn’t sure how to reply. “Master is kind, sir. It does not hurt, though I know not what else to say.”

“Thats all I needed to hear.”

I heard him leave the room, though not gone for long. Upon his reentry to the room, he came straight back to me in the chair, holding a couple items in his hands. He went back to rubbing my ass with both hands squeezing my cheeks, and spreading them apart. Bending down he whispered “such a beautiful ass to behold… won’t you share it with me?”

“yes Master”

“Good girl. Now relax… This won’t hurt a bit if you just let go and relax…”

Not trusting my voice I just nodded my head. I had to blink back the tears that were threatening. It wasn’t that I thought he would hurt me, it was the fact of the flashbacks playing through my head. Yes I had thought about trying it again, thanks all the research I’d done. Many people reported that while their first time with it had royally sucked, once they had tried it with a reasonable and sensitive lover it had been quite different , and from their descriptions extremely enjoyable. But I just couldn’t…

The sound of a bottle of lube being opened interupted my inner battle. This was already different I assured myself. Even if he did hurt me by some sheer fluke, this was Master, and Master would take care of me as long as I was a good girl. Just be a good girl, I told myself. Just go to your happy place. As corny as it seemed, it actually worked on multiple occasions, especially when I had messed up and incurred Master’s displeasure when he demonstrated with that riding crop. As I began to close myself out, I felt a quick slap on my left ass cheek. “No!” He said.

“What Master? What did I do wrong Sir?”

“I know what your doing, don’t close this out. I am not him and I will not hurt you. The only pain you will recieve from me is pain you ask for. Stay focused… I want you to feel what I’m doing. If you feel any pain, its your body telling you something is wrong, and you will need to tell me. Trust me on this.”

Not understanding quite yet I nodded my head. “yes Master” I could not umderstand how in the world it was supposed to not hurt…

I felt the lube as he rubbed it all over my pussy, and I felt it when he rubbed it all over my ass, and especially all around my little hole. I took as deep breaths as I could without my aching breasts hurting much more. Thankfully he untied the ribbon from around my breasts but tied me even tighter to the chair, taking care to spread my knees as far as he could before finishing the intricate knots.

Pressure… There was a lot of pressure pushing at my little hole… he let up, and I let out the deep breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding. He slathered more lube onto my ass, concentrating solely on the little rosebud. He began again with the littl circles around and around until he dipped his index finger inside, except this time he didn’t pull it out. Instead he pushed it farther in, pulled out just a tad bit then pushed a little more. He kept sliding his finger in until I felt his palm meet my ass. Rotating his finger he asked again how it felt… Not sure what he was looking for, and knowing it would be bad to lie, I thought about it. It didn’t hurt for one, and if the sudden wetness I felt was any indication, I was actually getting a bit… Turned on?

“Master… I think it feels good…”

“You sound a bit hesitant, should I stop…”

“No sir… Maybe I need more.. to be sure..?”

‘Good girl….’

Withdrawing his finger, he went back to the circles…. God love him, even though the circles were a little strange, they were actually helping open me up.. When his finger returned it brought a buddy… Opening my mouth for a protest that never came, I was well and fully surprised when they both slid into my ass without a hint of pain.. I couldn’t help it, when I moaned.. He took that as his cue to continue… He began to finger fuck my ass as he also rubbed my clit with his other hand. I was well on my way to an orgasm when suddenly he stopped, removing his attentions from my ass, and clit altogther. He walked around to the front of the chair and lifted my head. “Did you enjoy that, my sweet, sweet, little slut?

“Yes Master I did..”

“Well then maybe you should get a reward… “

Letting loose his marvleous cock, but not my arms or legs, he commanded me “Take your reward then my little fuckdoll… “

Opening my mouth to thank him for being such a gracious Master, I licked my lips eargerly to get a taste of his wonderful dick. Such a nice specimen… Nine inches long, and at least five and a half inches thick… When he fucked my cunt on a regular basis (hourly, nightly, daily, whenever he felt like using my pussy to satisfy him) I kept a pretty sore pussy. Not that he nor I ever complained. The more he fucked me, the more swollen I would get, which meant my already tight pussy would be even tighter when he came back to it.

Anyhow, upon opening my mouth to try to suck his cock, he immediately grabbed my hair with both hands, and proceeded to fuck my mouth. After about twenty thrusts, he withdrew from my mouth leaving me choking and gasping for air… He quickly untied me completely from the chair, and pointed toward the bedroom. From the look in his eyes I knew what he wanted and that he wanted it NOW. Stumbling but moving quickly I made a beeline straight for the bed. I got up on the bed, laid on my back and left my head dangling from the edge. He came in with another item in his hand. Now I recognized what it was… it was a gag… a ring gag. Built to keep your mouth open while enduring hardcore facefucking. He wasted no time at all in getting it strapped to my face and even less time feeding his cock into my mouth through the space now provided by the large metal ring. Taking a deep breath as he withdrew I nodded my head. Ready or not… oh well, its not like I don’t enjoy having my mouth fucked… Using the edge of the bed to steady himself, he began using long strokes to feed me his cock. Slow enough to let me take breaths but not slow enough to let me catch my breath, he marveled, not for the first time, at how I could take him so easily, so deep into my throat. he began to thrust faster and faster, and soon I felt his balls clench as he was nearing his orgasm. Looking up at him with begging eyes, I silently asked him the most important question… Could I come now Master?

“Come for me you little cum’guzzling slut. Come for me while you choke on my cum, but don’t you dare miss a drop..”

Ha,… as if… When he exploded in my mouth, I did indeed choke, but I licked up every last bit from his cock, even as I bucked and shuddered from the force of my own orgasm.

This is Part 2 of my fantasy on what happens when an angel meets a stranger aka the sequel to Naughty Theatrics. Thank you for your sweet comment and feedback on my first story. I never expected more than 1500 views in the first five days. I hope you enjoy this one as much if not more, angel. Any comments and feedback are definitely looked forward to and appreciated. Thanks!


Fear. It is the most primal of instincts that humans can experience. Fear of the unknown. It’s terrifically terrifying.

I understood that as I woke up, my eyes barely adjusting to the morning’s light in the room. It wasn’t the light that scares me. It was the sound and the trapping of my freedom. As I tried to move my right arm, I realized I was bound by my wrist to the bed’s posts. I looked on my other side and sure enough, my left wrist was chained too.

Realization of that drove the grogginess out of my eyes and I was looking all across the room. This bed wasn’t mine but it was still soft and comfortable. The room wasn’t mine either, but beautifully maintained. I tried to scoot up and sit and I felt it once more. I was completely chained to the bed’s posts. Each of the corners was holding the restraints that were cuffed at my wrists and my ankles. They didn’t hurt but were satiny soft and looked delicate and gorgeous. Hats off to my captor for her style quotient.

I was splayed out right at the middle of this soft bed with my wrists and ankles cuffed up and on my back. Oh, I was completely naked. My cock was pointing up, oblivious to the world. It was hard and throbbing. I had to admit it. This was a complete turn on for me at that moment. I could blame it on morning wood. But I didn’t. It was exciting, I admitted to myself as I lay there naked, waiting for my captor. Like a gift, but wrapped with four shackles.

It was also because I knew where I was. I had spent a night with an angel and now I was in her domain. I just sighed and rested on her bed thinking about her. Thinking about you. Thinking about a dream that I had of getting a sloppy, wet blowjob from your gorgeous lips this morning.

Naturally, I was also thinking about last night’s theatrics in the old theater where we fucked each other without caring about anything else but the need to please each other and ourselves. The pure ecstasy I felt when I pushed inside your tight little pussy and when you splashed your juicy cum all over my cock. The pleasure I felt when you smiled and accepted my offer to trust me again after you wobbled out of the theater.

That’s how I ended up here, in your bed. Rushing to your home, I was inside you again just barely after we made our way through the door of your house. Grabbing your beautiful dark hair as I fucked you to another round of ecstatic orgasms…mmm…

My blissful reverie was broken when I caught the hint of a shadow and then in peeked a naughty, seductive angel with a smile on her face. I just watched as I saw you walk in, naked while sipping on a glass filled with juice. My cock was throbbing again, completely hard and thick with desire. My desire to feel your warmth, your heat, your and your touch all over me.

I know you were watching my throbbing cock. It was fascinating, watching you watch my cock. The glint of lust that made your big blue eyes shine brighter. It gave me a sense of power even when I was clearly powerless before you right now. I moved my hips just a tad slightly and my cock was throbbing harder and that broke your focus and you giggled at me, looking at my face again. You had your hand on your right hand on your hips while you sipped the juice and asked me, “Thirsty?”

I was thirsty. Thirsty for you. I tried to speak and felt a tiny hitch in my throat. My throat was parched and I realized I could definitely use a sip of that juice on your hand. I nodded slightly and you came across with a big smile on your lips.

As you walked near me, all of my attention was completely on your beautiful body. The light in the room was glorifying your naked body and its delights. I watched in pure awe as your tits swayed and bounced ever so softly. They were big and round and just so perfect, with your breasts swaying in an invisible rhythm to the one of your hips. Curvy hips, seductively swaying as you walked across and it was all I could do to just breathe. It was breathtaking.

“Do you know why you are chained up?” I heard you whisper into my ears with a nibble on my earlobe. I couldn’t help but moan and whisper, “No”. You giggled at my moan and with that seductive voice, you whispered back “It’s because you are a bad, bad boy.”

Without waiting for my answer, you nibbled my ears again, gently kissing it as you spoke, “I woke up and your cock was throbbing and I’m a good little girl, and I couldn’t have your cock throbbing alone with no relief, so I just slid down and grabbed your cock while you slept and stroked it up and down slowly.”

I just gulped, imagining it in my mind as you continued with your seductive voice. “I moved my hand up and down and then slid my tongue all over your cock. I even licked and sucked both of your balls.” and then you leaned your head back as you looked at me with a slight pout built on your lips, “My bad stranger, didn’t budge from his sleep. You are such a deep sleeper”, you said while shaking your head with that pout.

I couldn’t help feel bad at that. I regretted being knocked out from the world and not waking up to the sexiest blowjob, even if it was from being tired out after a night of the best sex ever. But, I won’t deny it. I was mesmerized by that sexy little pout on your face. The way your lips and all the features on your face changed into this mixture of cuteness and sexiness. I just gulped softly and gave you my best impression of puppy eyes filled with guilt as I realized the dream earlier was actually happening to me. “I’m so sorry. I want to make up for that. Please.”

You just smiled and brought your hand over my hair and ruffled it, softly caressing my hair up and down. “Do you know, bad boys need to be punished for that. Are you willing to be punished?” You giggled as I just looked into your bright blue eyes and nodded softly, as you continued, “Don’t worry. I will teach you to be a good boy made for a good girl like me”.

The way you were being so gentle, smiling sweetly and just playing with my hair as you said that, it was just amazing. But, I am not a fool. Just one look into your eyes and I could see the smoldering features burning in your eyes.

Like a huntress, reassuring her prey that it’s going to be all right before going for the final kill, you were preparing me for your punishment. But, I knew this punishment would be the best punishment anyone can ever get. I was a bad boy and I deserved to be punished. It was making me completely hard and horny, watching you naked with your round tits swaying as subtly as you breathed, with your gentle touch on my hair, your seductive voice ringing in my hair. I was looking forward to being punished.

I watched as you leaned in and gave me a chaste kiss on my lips. I tried to open my mouth to invite you. But, you just stepped back. The punishment had begun already. You turned around and walked away from me. I watched as your sweet firm ass danced gently in the rhythm to match the movement of your curvaceous hips and I was licking my lips, watching that. Etching those set of images into my brain for eternity. You walked up to your table, setting the glass of juice on the table top and bent over and I breathed into a moan as I saw you. Your ass propped up high, your tight little pussy on display as you looked over your shoulders, moving your hair flowing down, away. You smiled naughtily as you asked, “Are you thirsty?”

I couldn’t answer. I was dazzled by you. Watching you bent over, looking at me, teasing me. I tried to move against my restraints but it was a tight fit and I couldn’t break free. I wanted to get up and fuck you right then. To be inside your tight little hole and fuck you while you were bent over and make you moan while you were wrapped all over me as I used you for my pleasure. You fully understood your own power as you just popped your ass back slowly, shaking your hips seductively while you went through a drawer and picked out a vibrator and just giggled as I moaned watching you get up and turn around.

You walked towards my chained form. “If you want some juice, you will have to make me cum first”, saying that, you climbed on top of my chest, and I just watched and enjoyed the feel of your skin on mine. I was trying to peek below as I felt the hint of wetness on my chest and you rose up and sat down again on my chest. I groaned inwardly, wishing you were rising up and down on my hard cock that’s been pointing upward, throbbing on and on for you.

Giggling, you sat up again on my chest and looked at my eyes and I knew you could see it, my need to have you on my cock, written all over my face. You slid the vibrator from your hand, trailing invisible lines from your lips, to your chin, your neck, taking it down over to your nipples. Just running it softly over them and moaning softly and then taking it down to your navel. Circling your vibrator, around your navel as I watched the show in front of me, unable to join in. Trapped as a spectator, a pout on my lips as I sat through your punishment.

My throat, parched from before was dry now. My mouth just lay open as I watched you bring the vibrator down to your clit and ran slow, teasing circles over it. Watched the pleasure on your face as you closed your eyes and gave in to the sensations running over your clit as you rubbed the vibrator on it.

Your hand slid down and you were holding your vibrator right at the entrance of your tight little pussy which was shining with the wetness of your sweet juices. You stared into my eyes with a hunger that I know, was reflecting back at your eyes through mine. And then you pushed it in. Hard!

Your back arched up so seductively, so suddenly as you held onto the vibrator and bucked against it. Your hips were moving with the motion of the vibrator buzzing inside your pussy. Our eyes were locked away at each other. You were watching my dark eyes as I lay back watching your big blue eyes. I kept trying to move my arms even if I knew it was no fucking use.

It amused you so much, I could tell. Knowing that, you were being such a good cocktease. I was completely at your mercy and it was just making you wetter. I felt your sweet juices drip onto my chest as your moans just kept getting louder. You were close to cumming right on my chest. I lay there helpless as I kept feeling your wetness drip onto my skin, watching in excitement as your sexy body moved on its own accord, your big boobs bouncing along, your hips grinding to the motion of the vibrator. Your hand was trying to push it in as you kept trying to increase the pleasure.

I couldn’t help but moan loudly as you leaned forward. I knew you were about to cum now. I coaxed you, encouraged you. I wanted you to cum. I wanted your cum on my skin. I wanted to feel it all over me, angel! “Give me your cum!” I shouted as you looked into my eyes and you just sprung down with your tits hitting me across my face as you moaned out loud and you were cumming as you held onto the back of my ear with your free hand for support. I could feel your nails digging onto my skin as you gripped me tight and just kept moaning. I opened my eyes to watch you humping right on top of my chest, the vibrator buzzing you to a good orgasm as you rode the wave of your orgasm leaning atop my chest.

I remember moaning, “Fuck yeah!” as your body started giving out sexy little shivers, and you moved the hair out of your as you rose up and smiled. You asked me, “Was that as good for you as it was for me?” and giggled softly as you teased me. I groaned slightly and just begged you, “Free me now, please? I’m thirstier now, and its not for that glass of juice. I fucking want you!”

You leaned forward and planted a kiss on my forehead and got up. I moved my arms to make my point across my shackled chains and you just smiled as you walked back with your sexy ass teasing me further. You grabbed the glass of juice and ran the glass across your cute lips. Pouring it all in your mouth, I saw you swallow a bit as you walked to me again. Climbing again on my chest, with both of your legs spread open across my chest as I just stared at your tight little pussy as it made contact with my chest. I couldn’t look anywhere else.

That’s when, I felt both of your hands run across my hair and you yanked it hard and pushed it back. My head instantly was pointing up and you leaned down with your tits swaying near my face. Your lips came close to mine and we kissed. I opened my mouth and I felt my thirst being quenched. I was moaning and then felt the rush of sweet fluids inside my mouth as we shared a sweet juicy kiss. Your fingers kept yanking my hair as we kissed. Our tongues slipping into a wet, sweet riddled duel. Kissing and moaning as we both felt the sensations of drinking juice in a completely new way. I kept trying to move my head up to kiss you deeper, and you always yanked my hair and pushed me down again.

My cock was completely rock hard. I moaned louder as I lapped up on your tongue and you sat upright again. You looked back onto my cock and you couldn’t help giggle at my condition. You turned around on my chest and bent down. I could see your round firm ass popping backwards near my face. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I started feeling your teasing tongue exploring its way down my body. I felt your lips on my navel, teasing at the outline and then kissing it once and then sliding your tongue downwards.

You kept licking and kissing my skin, till you reached the base of my cock. I was waiting so eagerly to feel your tongue on my cock. I felt your tiny hand wrap around my cock tightly as you squeezed it and I moaned loudly. You were watching in fascination as a big glob of my precum was forming at the tip of my cock, ready to break into a trickle and flow down my cock. And then, I was rewarded. I felt your tongue lick up around the slit of my cock’s head as I felt your lips wrap around my hard cock and I sighed loudly, “Oh, yes!” I felt your tongue lapping at my precum forming around the head and I was just beginning to enjoy it. I heard your giggle and I groaned.

I was being punished again. My cock was left throbbing with just a teasing touch of your sweet lips now. You planted an innocent kiss on the tip of my cock, the precum sticking along your closed lips, forming a thin line which connecting us at that moment physically to each other. I couldn’t help but laugh at how good of a tease you were. You turned around with a soft grip on the base of my cock and just looked at me with a naughty grin that showed you were the one controlling this battle.

You slid with your pussy right on my skin slowly, traveling your way from my chest to my neck and then my chin. Then you lifted your pussy as I felt the wetness of your pussy on my chin and then just as sexily, you trailed back to rest your pussy on my chest. “If you can lick my pussy, I will give you another taste of my tongue on your cock. You still haven’t proved to me that you are a good boy! Are you a good boy?”

I nodded eagerly. I desperately needed to taste your sweet pussy!

You flicked yourself back near me in an erotically graceful movement that had your sweet tits right in front of my face again. I watched them as I licked my lips, completely aware of your breathing as I watched them rise and fall in front of my face. Oh dear lord, I wanted to taste them so badly.

I moaned as I felt you wrap your hand around the back of my neck and you were slowly riding my chest, grinding your hips on me, your taut stomach rolling with it in every movement. Your other hand came over to your tits, near my face and you started caressing your tits, right in the middle.

Your delicious breasts moved right in front of face, inches from my mouth as my mouth just dropped open on its own. And then, you swung away, your left hand resting on my forehead. You held my head firmly down as you moved your breasts invitingly over my mouth.

Your body swayed to a tune inside your head as you lifted your hand from the back of my neck and caressed your hard nipples with it, moaning ever so softly. With that, you brought your nipple closer to me and then swung back, taking it away from my reach. You repeated this again, putting me through agony and desire at once. Again, you did it to torture me.

My tongue always darted forward to taste your nipple. I longed to wrap my tongue around it and suck on it and lick it. But, every time, I tried, every time I moved within an inch close to your nipples, you would swing back, denying me the sweet essence of you and your hard aroused nipples. I was just out of reach, every single time and it was pure torture.

I groaned involuntarily and this just made you bring your nipple closer again. My tongue stretched out again, as far as I could let it venture out of the cave of my lips and I strained as you brought your nipple closer to feed me, closer and closer and I was sure, that I would taste a piece of heaven on my tongue. I was so sure, I would be able to lick your nipple.

You released my head, and I immediately moved my head forward, but before I could wrap my lips around your nipple and suck it, you had moved away, standing up, as you swayed your hips softly and looked down on me with your eyes gleaming with the satisfaction of a tease.

You dropped into a crouch again and your tits shook delightfully to tease me ever so much. I sighed as you teased me with your nipples, bringing them close to my mouth again. I tried to resist you. But, I couldn’t help it. My tongue immediately darted forward as if it was alive and wanted to taste you badly.

You moved away out of reach. I groaned. Again.

I shivered as you leaned down and caressed my neck with your probing tongue. You were tracing invisible lines along my neck, traveling higher and higher as you reached my ear and sucked it into your mouth. I closed my eyes as I let the giddy sensation of that wash me over. My entire body was feeling the intensity of these sensations that you were manipulating me under.

My eyes opened as you released my ear from your mouth and you started playing with your right nipple. You were pinching it, right close to my mouth. Squeezing it and then twisting it slightly, your teeth biting down on your lower lips as you looked at me in the sexiest way.

“Fuck”, that was all I could say as I looked at you complete with my desire for you. Looking at me, I saw a finger trailing down over your wet pussy and then going in lower as I saw you lift your body up just a bit. You were running your fingers right between the cheeks of your ass till your finger found your tiny little asshole. I saw in complete fascination as you teased your sexy, tight asshole in front of me now. Moaning on and on as you slipped a finger inside and started fucking yourself right in front of me, completely lost in your own pleasure and oblivious to my presence. That was my punishment for being a bad boy. I moaned as I saw your asshole clench to take your finger. It looked like such a tight little fit and I could see the pleasure on your face as we both moaned.

I whispered a single word in a voice completely lost in lust, “Please”. Smiling then as you inched yourself closer. Bent over, right in front of me as you presented me with the best view that was possible for me to enjoy this sight. A close up of your beautiful little pussy and ass.

But, you are a tease and you slipped your finger out of your little asshole as I groaned my disapproval quite loudly. My groan of disapproval turned into a gasp as you took me by surprise and inched yourself just so close to my face as you had a hand back on my forehead. I could hear my heartbeat thumping in my chest as my eyes were glued to your beautiful wet pussy right in front of my eyes. I could see tiny little goosebumps over your waxed pussy lips. It was just so smolderingly sexy.

Author’s Note: Slowly working off the cobwebs and getting back into writing solo stories again. Bear with me. As with all of my stories, all characters are eighteen years of age or older.

He chose the restaurant specifically for the special occasion she brought up. It was nice, he thought. Not a cheap joint, yet not some place that was too expensive and pretentious for a man trying to impress her parents. As always, he arrived more than a few minutes early than the agreed upon time, wanting to get the lay out and feel for the place on a night she so eagerly wanted to go smoothly. A nice bottle of wine was picked out for the table, a rich, dark red just the way she said her parents liked it.

When he saw her coming through the aisles of tables, leading the way for her parents, he instantly rose to his feet. A smirk floated across his face at the sight of her, taking in the beauty he always found in her. The dress he loved on her, the black dress that, although plain, was elegant in the way he wore it upon her body, hugging every curvature and moving with every step that she took. His eyes did not hesitate to linger upon her neckline as she approached, a fire lingering in his eyes at the sight of the gold chain upon her neck.

Even in public she wore his mark. The gold chain around her neck, plunging ever so deliciously down between the narrow valley of her cleavage, stirred that familiar hunger for her yet again. To others the gold necklace, the gold chain with the triskelion pendant which hung from it, may have been nothing more than another necklace, but to the two of them, it was something much, much more meaningful than that.

She introduced him to her parents. A handshake from her father, a warm and friendly hug from her mother. Both seemed friendly and warm, and seemingly had no idea what their precious daughter is to him. It wasn’t long at all until the four of them took their seats at the table in the middle of the busy dining room, the couples situated together on either side of the table. Small talk was made here and there over drinks, curious questions about him and what he did in his life. Just as he always was when around others, he was charming, ever the polite gentleman, answering their questions with ease and casual calmness. It was part of what attracted her to him before, all those weeks and months ago at some fetish bar in town.

The memory of the night stirred within him. He couldn’t help but to ever so casually reach down and place his hand upon her thigh, skin upon skin as it moved slowly up under her dress. The night they met seems as if it were only the day before in the back of his mind. Even then there was something undeniable between them, some spark that spoke from across the haze of the dark little club. It still brought a smile to his face when he remembered catching her eyeing him from across the room, watching those hungry, greedy eyes taking him in with wanton desire.

Her body stilled under his touch, a tenseness coursing through her muscles as his hand slowly worked it’s way slowly up her thighs. He couldn’t help but to find mild amusement. Purposefully he had waited, to give her the false hope that he wouldn’t try anything, but around her, he simply couldn’t. It was near impossible to hold himself back from her, to restrain his desires, and a part of him knew that was another thing she loved about him.

Ever so slowly his hand moved against her thighs. The thick, masculine digits were gentle as he caressed the smooth flesh, carefully moving up and closer to the warmth. All the while he tortured her, all while he slowly, painfully teased her under the table, never once did he show signs of what was going on to her parents. Instead he continued on, talking and making small talk as if nothing was happening.

He hadn’t planned for it to be a stressful night for her, a night that would test her in ways that hadn’t been done before, but as his hand slowly made contact with fabric, the lacey material that covered what was his, he couldn’t help but to feel a small ounce of surprise and disappointment. Out of the corner of his eye he looked over beside her. Even with the friendly look upon his face from the conversation taking place, his eyes smoldered as they fixated upon hers. For only the briefest second she looked up to his own, and in that brief moment, there was no denying she knew what was going on in his mind.

Politely he turned back to the conversation, keeping it going for only a moment longer before reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket. Feigning interest in his phone, he looked up apologetically to her parents, offering his deepest, most sincerest apologies at having to take an important call from work as he rose to his feet with phone in hand as he proceeded to make it seem as if he were stepping out for a moment.

Yet to the outside he didn’t go. Just outside of the field of vision of her parents, he turned down the hall leading to the bathrooms before stepping into the mens’ room to find an empty stall in the deserted restrooms. He didn’t hesitate to step into the stall with his phone in hand, quick to send a text to her.

“Mens Room, stall furthest from the door. Now.” He wrote, sending it without a second thought.

He did not have to wait long for her to quietly turn up, the tell-tale signs of her heels clicking against the tiled floor instantly alerting him.

“Breaking some rules tonight, are we?” He asked as he slowly swung the door to the stall open, leaning against the dividing wall as he gazed upon her.

Instead of the nervousness he had been expecting, instead of the apologies he had been anticipating, the flirtatious smile upon her face catches him off guard for a moment. He couldn’t help but to watch as she approached him, a certain sense of confidence she carried herself with. “I thought, you know, maybe for tonight we could bend this one.” She began, placing her hands behind her back as she looked up to him with that cute, flirty look that could drive a man insane with desire.

The look she gave him, the look of innocence, as she spoke and gave her weak excuse only amused him. Right away he could see what she was doing, what little act she was putting on with her attempt to charm and flirt to get her way. “Is that so, huh?” He asked, reaching out to place his hand upon the nape of her neck. Carefully he applied pressure, pulling her closer to him into the semi-privacy of the stall.

Once she was in, he closed the door behind her, throwing into place the lock before turning his attention back to her with his arms folded across his chest. Softly he shook his head. “What am I going to do with you?” He commented before extending his hand towards her, palm open and up. “It would make things go much easier if you handed them over to me now instead of making me take them from you?”

When she said nothing, when she made no movement to fulfil his demand, he could see there was more to it than simply wanting to wear underwear out to dinner with her parents. The flirting, the cute, innocent act she tried to put on, only amused him when he thought she was doing this all on purpose, just to get a rise out of him. Softly he sighed, shaking his head again as he stepped closer to her in the confined space.

Without hesitation, with hands steady and firm, he reached down to the waistline of her dress and pulled it up, gathering the material by the fistful until it was bunched up around her waist to expose her nearly nude lower half. He stepped to the side, his hand grasping the waistband of her panties before finally ripping the material down the side. Uncaring for the material, he ripped the side to let it fall to the floor down around her ankles, before moving back to stand before her with his arms planted his sides.

“I should belt your behind until it’s black and blue for disobeying one of my cardinal rules.” He commented, his hands slowly motioning towards the leather of the belt in his slacks. “But we shouldn’t keep your parents waiting too long for us to go back, should we?”

Her eyes watched as his fingers, the fingers that were capable of bringing such pleasure, yet also such pain to her body, began to unfasten the belt upon his pants. She gulped with uncertain nervousness, unsure of what he was going to do to her. “What did you have in mind for me, Sir?”

Softly he smirked as his dark slacks fell to the floor around his ankles. “You know what I have in mind for you.” He stated, his hand reaching down to stroke the slowly awakening member.

He couldn’t help but find pleasure in the sight of her eyes as they traveled down to his member. Not for a second did he doubt that she thought he wouldn’t have done anything to her then and there. The destruction of her underwear was, perhaps, something she had thought would happen, but something more than that? No, he doubted very much that she thought he would have her pleasure him there and then in the bathroom stall.

“Here?” She asked. “Now?”

“I thought I made myself clear.” He stated. “I could bend you over that disgusting little toilet and fuck you here and now, but I wouldn’t want to have my slave embarrassing herself all night by sitting across from Mommy and Daddy with my cum down your thighs and ass.”

The veiled threat had hit it’s mark. With hesitation she slowly lowered herself, sinking carefully down to the floor of the toilet stall to go to eye level with his cock. “What if my Dad walks in and hears us?” She asked quietly, her voice barely a whisper as she took his cock into her soft, warm hands.

“Well then, I guess he’ll find out what a dirty little cockslut he has for a daughter.” He commented, reaching down to brush a stray strand of hair from her upturned face. With care he brushed it behind her ear, tucking the strand in behind her flesh before slowly pressing her head forward by the back of her head. “Do it, Princess… I’m starting to get impatient, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, now would you?”

Her response was almost immediate, the dread of what more he would have her do becoming clear in her mind with the different scenarios. She did not hesitate to take him into her mouth, those soft, luscious lips locking around the hardening tip quickly. Her tongue swirled and caressed the sensitive flesh, teasing with the warm moist pad as her fingers began to touch him. The soft, warm palm of her hand wrapped around his thickening shaft, stroking him into life with each fluid pump of her fist as she aimed to please her Master.

From the moment he felt her lips make contact with his organ, he could not help but to let out a soft, sigh from his lips. Gently his eyes closed, savoring the feel of her wrapped around him so intimately. So many times he had experienced the pleasure her mouth could bring, that moist opening and attentive tongue like heaven to be in with what she could do, yet he couldn’t help but to savor each and every time, to simply enjoy the feeling of her pleasing him, to feel the worship she paid to him and his organ.

The soft slurping sounds slowly began to fill the small, confined space as she strived to take more and more of his hardened member deeper into her throat. Back and forth her head went, bobbing along his fleshy hardness in such a greedy way, gobbling more and more with each forward movement of her head down his thickness. Another groan softly escaped his lips, his hips ever so slowly beginning to thrust deeper into her face.

A chuckle from somewhere in the bathroom startled both of them for a moment. The sound of another person in the restroom striking fear into her as eyes widened in fear. Her heart raced, pounding in her chest, with her mouth full of his cock, not daring to go forward so quickly.

“Having fun over in there, you two?” A stranger’s voice called out from where the urinals were situation.

Her Master could only smirk as he held her head firmly in place and began to slowly pump his member into her throat. “What can I say? She’s a hungry little cock slut.” Her Master remarked, pushing firmly against her face.

The stranger only chuckled as the sound of the urinal flushed. “Lucky bastard.” The man commented as he rinsed his hands.

“Oh you have no idea.” Her Master remarked, his eyes locking in upon her as the customer left them alone in privacy. Firmer than before, he began to push his fleshy hardness deeper into her willing mouth. “I didn’t say stop, now did I slave?”

She was slow to shake off the experience of getting somewhat caught. It was clear the fear was still in the back of her mind as she slowly began to move her head forward, slowly and cautiously resuming the pace from before. He was more than content to wait for her, to allow the panicked hesitation to slowly subside in her mind. Only gently did he try to push her past the hesitation and fear she felt, just as he always had done when testing her limits.

His patience was slowly beginning to pay off. With care and caution she began to push past what doubts lingered in her mind. He could feel her becoming bolder and bolder with every moment that passed between them, the gradually increasing pace as she began to take him deeper and deeper into her wet heaven of a mouth.

Soon that fear of getting caught, that hesitation to continue, was replaced by the greed, the hunger, the desire for her Master’s release. Her tongue aimed to please as it massaged and caressed the underside of his thick shaft, tracing along the thick veins she had come to know many times within her body. She wanted him, wanted to please her Master in ways only she could.

For all of her expertise, for all of the things she did to him, it was something else about her that finally drove him over the edge. Even with the feel of her soft, plush lips swelling up against his cock, the hollowness of her cheeks as she took him in deeper and deeper, and the mind numbing sensation of her hand so deftly working his slickened shaft with her saliva, it was the sight of her eyes that was more than he could withstand. Just seeing those eyes, those wide, captivating orbs looking up to him with her mouth full of his cock, filled with that potent mixture of lust and eagerness, he simply could not hold himself back any longer.

His hands tightened upon the back of her head. Fingers gripped and fisted through her long locks before finally releasing his seed deep into her throat. His body tightened against her, pulling her face in close as she coughed and gagged upon his cock. Uncontrollably his cock spasmed deep within her, convulsing as his thick seed spurted deep into her eager and willing mouth. And through it all she took it all, not daring to let a drop of her Master’s seed fall to the floor.

Finally he released his tight, iron-like grip upon her head. Softly he panted, his heart beating in his chest as if it were threatening to burst free. For a moment he relaxed, easing his back against the door to the stall as she diligently continued to suck and clean his member.

“Such a good girl…” He commented, reaching down to tenderly stroke the top of her head. “My good girl.”

Feeling her lips smile around his cock brought a smile to his own lips. Slowly she removed her lips, a sense of longing, as if a part of her not wanting to end so soon. “Thank you, Sir.” She said quietly, planting a small kiss upon the slowly deflating member before her.

She was careful as she slowly rose from her knees to her feet, pulling up her Master’s pants around his legs as she went. Nothing was said as she began to tend to his clothes, tucking in his shirt before fastening his pants and belt back together again. It wasn’t until she made sure he was ready, that the wrinkles and any stray hair from her head were brushed way from his pants that she began to fix and straighten herself up. It would have been easy to say it was because of her ever dread of the possibility of her parents finding out what they were up to, but he knew different. He knew just how loyal, how dedicated she was to her Master.

A soft kiss was planted upon her forehead, light and tender as she straightened out her dress and heels. “My good girl.” He said again, brushing the pad of his thumb against her lips before taking her by the hand. “Come now. We shouldn’t keep your parents waiting much longer…”

As his webcam image came to life, a wide grin spread across her face. She couldn’t believe she was looking at Ryan. After 29 years, she was looking at the cutie she’d had such a crush on in junior high. Now she was glad she had decided not to put up her picture or let him see her on webcam.

“Nice”, she messaged, “now take off all your clothes so I can see if you are worthy of my time.”

She’d always wanted to try the Dom role but had been nervous to do so, but now as she looked at those sexy blue eyes, sandy brown hair and, as he panned down past those six pack abs to his long, hard cock, she was excited she had made this move.

She texted, “You will meet me tomorrow at the Days Inn on Bevans Road at 6 p.m. Go to the front desk and ask for the package for Ryan.” She did not wait for a response and simply logged off.

The next day, Ryan walked to the desk at Days Inn and asked for his package, as he nervously looked around. The clerk handed him a small box and a room key. On the top of the box read: Go to room and open box; further instructions inside.

Ryan went quickly to the room and opened the box. Inside was a blindfold and collar with a short chain attached to it. He unfolded the paper inside: Remove all your clothes, put on the blindfold (securely so you cannot see anything-if not, you will not hear from me again) and the collar. Get down on all fours facing the door and wait quietly.

Quickly undressing and attaching the collar and securing the blindfold, being sure he could not see the smallest light around the edges. As he lowered himself to the floor, to position, his mind was a whirl of curiosity, excitement and uncertainty. “Am I sure I want to submit to some woman I don’t know”, he thought to himself. But as he began thinking about all they had talked about this past month online, he grew harder, thinking about it and the prospect of bedding this hot and vivacious woman.

It seemed as though the minutes were dragging by, as he waited. Was she coming? Perhaps this was just some stupid joke. Should he get up and leave…no, she had told him to wait quietly but his hard on was beginning to strain on his control to stay on his hands and knees. Then he heard the door open, someone step in and the door close. No words were spoken as he heard someone set something near him on the floor.

“Nora, is that you”, he asked in a low voice.

WHACK…he felt a firm slap on his ass. Though it didn’t entirely hurt, it did sting. “Did I say you could speak, my pet?” She asked sharply.

“No,” he whispered. WHACK, another sharper slap as she pulled his head back, using the chain on his collar. “No, what?”

“No Mistress.” He felt the chain loosen as she leaned forward. As she put her mouth to his hear, he could the material of her shirt over her breasts brushing along his back. “That’s better, my pet. You will learn your place or you will be punished”, she purred into his ear, her hot breath traveling along his hear and down his neck, making his spine tingle.

She walked into the bathroom and closed the door, moments later he heard the door open and felt her sit on the bed next to him.

“Now, let’s see what I have to work with,” she said.

First, she walked to the front of him, pulling the chain on his collar, until he was facing up toward her. Shoving her fingers in his mouth, she opened it, examining his teeth and tongue, probing with her fingers like a buyer purchasing a stallion. Next he felt her hands gliding down his back as she walked to his backside. As she stood squarely behind him she put her hands on his ass cheeks, spreading them for inspection. He could feel her fingernails trailing down until she reached his puckered, tight asshole, where she stopped to place two fingers firmly against it and rub in circular motions for a moment. He could feel himself growing harder…not even aware that his cock could feel so strained against its own skin. He let out a low moan.

WHACK, harder this time across his ass. “Did I say you could enjoy my inspection?”

“No Mistress, I’m sorry”

“Very well, then. Hmmm, seems someone has had something naughty on his mind. I see your cock is hard and moist on its tip.” She observed as she gently grabbed the base and slid her hand to the tip, stopping only for a second to rub the precum gently around the taut tip. “Well, I think you’ll do. Shall we begin your training, my pet?”

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

“Wonderful, I see your manners are already improving. Do you remember our agreement and the rules laid out before you came here to me?” She asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And you agree to abide by all of them without question?”

Again, “Yes, Mistress” he said firmly as she sat on the bed next to him and began rummaging in the bag she had set next to him.

He felt something warm and wet being dripped onto his ass cheeks, its warmth felt good. Her hand came down to his bottom and began rubbing and massaging the oil on its cheeks with firm, soft circular motions. It felt so good and he desperately wanted to let out a moan but stopped himself for fear he’d be punished again.

“Does that feel good”, she murmured in a soft, seductive tone.

“Yes, Mistress, it does.”

With that, she squirted some cold gel on the pucker of his asshole. He almost jumped forward but held himself in place. It began to warm though as she began rubbing it around his asshole with what felt like a rounded object. As she applied more and more pressure on his virgin hole, he began to feel fear in the pit of his stomach. “Why was she pushing so hard…was she really serious about de-virginizing his asshole as she’d said online”, he wondered silently. And as she gently slid the rounded tip into the entrance of his ass, his fears were confirmed. He wanted to say something, to ask how far she was going to stick it in him but knew that each smack of his ass would only get stronger and stronger if he did.

He felt kind of numb in his ass and as she slid the tip in and out, pouring a few drops of massage oil down his crevice into her intercourse with his hole. “This isn’t so bad,” he thought. It actually felt pretty damn good. But even as he was thinking that, she slipped it in further and he realized as it went down it got a bit larger. It still felt so good, he didn’t worry as much as he was in the beginning.

As she pumped the tip of the prostate stimulator in and out of his ass, she continued to rub his cheeks with her other hand, relaxing and making him hornier all at the same time. “Are you relaxed, my pet,” she queried.

“Yes and no mistress”


“I feel relaxed but am so horny, it’s hard to know if I am relaxed or not.”

“Very well, then, my pet” and with that she swiftly slid the prostate stimulator fully into his asshole.

Damn, his mind yelled, that only made matters worse. Though it had hurt going fully in, he also felt part of it against the area between his balls and asshole, giving him a quick rush of pure pleasure into his groin area.

“Now up on your knees, pet, and be certain you don’t allow what I have placed in your ass to fall out or you will be punished.” She quipped.

“Yes Mistress”, he gasped as he rose slowly to his knees. Surely this had to be it. She was going to remove the mask to he could see her.

“Now turn and face the bed, where I am sitting and place your hands on either side of me on the bed ,” she commanded.

He did as he was told and placed his hands on the bed. As he kneeled there, he could feel the bed shift, as she carefully lifted one leg up and placed her feet on the outside of each of his hands, scooting toward him. He could smell her musky pussy and his mind began to swim, a bit, but he caught himself as he was still making sure the item placed in his ass would not come out. It seemed as though all his senses were betraying him and refusing to work together.

“Now, you will lick and suck my pussy and my clit. But mind that you use your mouth and tongue only. You are not yet permitted to touch me,” she instructed. And with that simple instruction he began bowing his head slowly to her waiting pussy, as he wasn’t sure exactly how far he had to go. He felt her hand on the back of his head as she pushed his face into her wet bush and he began shoving his tongue into her soft mound, licking and sucking whatever his mouth could reach.

“Mmmm, that’s a good pet,” she murmured, “but don’t ever make me wait once I give you an instruction again.”

As Ryan shoved at her hot, wet pussy, licking and sucking greedily, she moaned and humped at his face. God, how he wanted to grab her by the ass and shove his face deeper and deeper into her, tongue fucking her. But he had his strict instructions and abided by them, in hopes that he would please her soon and be able to plunge his hardened and straining cock into that hot, wet pussy. It was that thought that kept him going with fervor until she yelled out and orgasmed all over his face.

As his face lay in her soaking muff, she petted and stroked his head, murmuring that he was such a good boy.

As he felt her move on the bed, he thought, surely now he would get his real reward. He heard the bathroom door shut then open a moment later. He heard her pick up the bag and walk toward the door. As she reached the door, she turned and said, “Do not remove the mask, collar or the stimulator in your ass yet. You will masturbate and once you cum, you can remove them, take a shower and dress. Take the items home with you in the box and be sure they are properly cleaned and stored. Decide if you are ready and worthy to be my pet. If you are, come back tomorrow, with your items and there will be another box at the desk for you.”

He sat there stunned and said nothing.

“Have you nothing to say, my pet?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. As long as you are a good boy, you will earn more rewards as we go.” With that, she closed the door behind her. Ryan could wait no longer and began pumping his cock with both hands, attempting to quench the fire she had lit and left.

To be continued?

©2012 angelface195 all rights reserved


The FBI gave Jackie Hayburg the royal treatment. They set her up in the downtown Ritz Carlton hotel in a suite. Two agents were with her, a male and a female. They would take her to the airport in the morning where Agent McDougal would be waiting at the private plane to take her to Washington DC.

Jackie’s cell phone was taken from her. The FBI wanted to make sure that no one knew about where she was going. She made one phone call from their offices to her parents to let them know she was all right and would be returning home from her studies sooner than later. She told them that she would reveal all when she returned home.

Michael Worthington went into the Oval Office. The President was on the phone and looked up puzzled. When he was finished fifteen minutes later, he could tell by the way Michael was pacing up and down that it wasn’t good news.

“Okay Michael, what’s wrong?” The President asked running his hand through his salt and pepper hair.

“Mr. President, Director Louis will be here in the morning to see you.” Michael said cautiously. “Another terrorist plot?” The President asked.

“Not exactly.” Michael sat down. He sighed, “A student by the name of Jackie Hayburg, who until yesterday was a virgin and is also a lesbian, was raped by one of the cousins of the Saudi princes. A Sheik named Abdulla Rahimina. This young woman supposedly bears a striking resemblance to the First Lady. I don’t want to say more. An agent from the New York office is bringing her to see us tomorrow morning. They will explain everything.”

“What the fuck!” The President says a little too loudly. “My wife is some Sheiks’ fucking warped fantasy. He raped a young woman because she looks like Kate. What are we going to do about this?”

Michael shook his head, “I don’t know yet. I think we should wait until the young woman gets here and speak with her. The Sheik paid her off with jewels worth a fortune and a check for five million dollars.”

“Jesus Christ this is a mess. I don’t want Katherine to know anything about this, not yet and double her security.” Grant said and went to the bar hidden behind the wall to pour a drink. “Would you care for one?”

“No, I think if I start drinking now, I’ll get stinking drunk. Everything has been moving forward and now this. I’ve already doubled her security and I agree with you about telling her, she doesn’t need to know anything else. She’s supposed to be the happy bride. I don’t want her to start worrying.” Michael was quiet for a moment then said quietly, “I could never forgive myself if something happened to her again. This time at least we have a heads up.”

Grant nodded, “Go home and kiss Eric. I’ll be with Kate the rest of the evening.” Michael got up. The President hugged him. “You know that Kate’s destiny is to be great, so nothing is going to happen to her.”

“Has the Madam ever been wrong?” asked Michael already knowing the answer. “No never. Get out of here. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Grant said.

Michael drove home that night with thoughts of dread filling his head. When he arrived home, Eric was waiting for him on his knees. As Eric looked up to see Michael, he saw that something was wrong. “Master what’s the matter?” Michael helped him up. “I don’t think I can tonight. I have a great deal on my mind. It’s been a crazy afternoon and evening.”

Eric brought him a beer and together they sat and talked. Later in bed, Eric sucked him and he fucked Eric’s ass, but Michael still had no peace. He was very worried. It took a long time before he fell asleep.

Eric eased out of bed and went into the study. He called Mandy. “Mandy dear, are you coming to the meeting with the President and the Director of the FBI?”

“Yes, how do you know about that?” a sleepy Mandy asked. “I’m sorry but Michael was beside himself with worry and talked to me. What can I do to help?” Eric asked.

“Nothing Eric.” The Secret Service and I will deal with this with the President and your husband. We will take care of Mistress.” Mandy said.

“I just feel as if I need to do something. ” Eric said seriously. “You are. You are taking care of Michael. His job is crazy and he needs you. Soon I’ll be pregnant and you’ll have me to take care of.” Mandy says and Eric says.

“Thank you for doing this for us.” Eric says sincerely, “I’m going to talk to Audrey tomorrow about Kate. She will also be keeping an eye out for this nut job.”

“Thanks Mandy. I’ll talk with you soon.” Eric said. “Don’t worry. All will be well. Remember the Madam said that we all have a destiny beyond the White House. I believe that Mistress will not be hurt again.” Mandy hung up the phone.

Eric returned to bed where Michael was still fast asleep. Eric started kissing Michael’s chest and Michael pushed him down until he was licking his cock, “yes, baby, you know what I need.” Eric sucked and licked his husband’s cock taking him deep in his throat. Michael moved his hips. He was still partially asleep, but starting to wake up. “Baby bring that ass up here. I want to take you hard this morning.”

Eric kissed his way up Michael’s body until he reached Michael’s lips. Michael pulled him tightly against him and thrust his tongue into his mouth. Reaching up he pulled Eric’s hair hard. “Baby boy, I’m going to fuck you hard, really hard while I spank your ass. It’ may hurt, but I promise you after I’ll suck your dick. I need you to take it like this. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I know you need it. I know you need to use my ass. All this stress is no good for you, so please take me.” Eric said.

Michael reached into the drawer and took out his special punishment belt. He used this only when Eric had misbehaved. “You know you are not being punished, I just need to do this.” Michael said, now fully awake.

Eric nodded and turned onto his stomach, then onto his knees. Michael took out two pair of leather restraints and tethered Eric’s arms to the bed. He then reached under the bed for leg restraints that he pulled up and tethered Eric’s legs. Eric couldn’t move.

Standing up, Michael started swinging the belt. “I love you baby. Safe word?”

Eric shook his head, “no, you need this and I know you will know when to stop.”

Michael said, “I don’t know if I will, but just say red and I will stop. Ready baby.”

Eric nodded. Michael kissed his butt cheek and began.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Eric grimaced, tears were in his eyes, but he said nothing, biting his lip.

Michael felt his ass; it was warm and getting warmer. “I love beating this ass. Damn I can’t wait to fuck it. Just a few more baby. You okay.”

“Yes Master.” Eric cried, “Keep going, then fuck me hard.”

Michael licked his butthole, sliding his tongue inside, wetting him. He licked Eric’s butt cheek and slid his finger in side his ass making him moan, “Oh yes, you’re dick is going to feel so good in there”

Michael hit him, catching Eric on the balls and Eric cried out, “oh, Master, it’s all yours, yours.”

“Yes bitch, your ass, your dick and your mouth all belong to me forever baby.” Michael swung again, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! And before the last hit, he lubed his dick and Eric’s ass. Michael swung with all his might and Eric screamed. Michael shoved his cock all the way in with one thrust and dropped the belt as he grabbed Eric’s hips and started fucking him.

Eric was sobbing and Michael was fucking and stroking Eric’s cock. Soon the sobbing turned to moans of pleasure, “Thank you baby for this, thank you baby for letting me get it out. God what a tight ass you have. Thank you so much baby. Yes, I love fucking you hard like this. Your dick is so long and so beautiful. I’m going to make you come with my mouth later. Right now, I will deny you. This fuck is for me.” Michael said and he fucked harder and harder slamming into Eric who loved it and loved him because he knew Michael needed this.

Eric met him thrust for thrust moving back his hips. At last, Michael pulled all the way out then slammed back in and he could feel the come pouring into this ass.

Michael laid his head on Eric’s back, spent. He stayed there for a short time, then loosened the restraints and Eric collapsed onto his back, his dick red and hard. Michael wasted no time; he took Eric’s cock into his mouth and sucked him. He made love to Eric’s cock and Eric took his head and fucked Michael’s face. “Yes master, thank you for taking me so hard. I always want to please you.”

Michael kept licking and sucking. Pushing Eric’s legs up him licked Eric’s ass, licking up his semen. He licked back up to Eric’s balls and sucked on them. Eric was moaning and groaning. Michael went back to Eric’s dick and took him all the way back into his throat.

He kept sucking until Eric grabbed his hair and pushed him all the way down. He squirted into Michael’s mouth and Michael swallowed all of it.

Michael licked up Eric’s dick making sure he got all of it, then he lay his head on Eric stomach. “I love you husband.” Michael said. “I love you too.” Eric said. “Come and let’s go to sleep, you’re going to have a busy day.”

Michael came up to Eric and kissed him deeply. He held Eric close to him and nibbled his ear. Sleep claimed them both.

The President and Kate took a swim after dinner in the White House pool. Kate was wearing a red, white and blue bikini a gift from Barbara. As Grant watched her swim, he felt his dick harden. He loved the way she moved in the water like a sensual fish.

Taking her in his arms, Grant eased down the top of her bathing suit. “Mr. President, here, now?” She asked. “Yes baby, right here and right now.” He sucked her nipple, twirling it in his mouth. Kate threw her head back, “yes Sir that feels so good.”

Grant removed her top and swam putting it on top of the side of the pool so she could retrieve it later. He untied the bottoms and threw them so that they joined the top.

She was naked and soon so was he. Kate swam away from him and he swam after her; laughing he caught her and buried his dick in her pussy. Kate gasped, “Wow, that’s so good.”

He fucked in and out of her in the water and Kate was close to coming when Grant pulled out. He pushed her over to the railings of the steps of the pool. “Hold on.” He ordered and slowly he pushed his cock into her ass and started fucking her ass while his fingers moved on her clit and in her pussy.

The water in the pool was warm while Kate’s ass was hot. The President pulled out of her ass, thrust into her pussy, and came hard. “Baby, my beautiful baby. It’s so good. I love fucking you.”

Grant got out of the pool first and took a large towel to wrap his naked bride. He kissed her as he dried her. Grant went to the locker, took out two robes, and put one on and the other on Kate. Putting on their flip-flops, they walked back to the residence to shower together.

In bed, he held her. “Promise me that you won’t try to ditch the secret service ever!” Grant said nuzzling her neck. Kate turned to gaze at him, her face a question mark, “Why would I do that?” Kate asked. She brushed her hand across his face, “Are you worried about something.”

“No.” He said smiling, “I just want to make sure you’re safe.”

“You aren’t keeping secrets from me?” She asked, “Do you know something I that you’re keeping from me?”

The President smiled, his best winning smile, “No dearest, I wouldn’t do something like that.” Grant squeezed her. “Let’s go to bed, I have an early morning meeting.”

Kate smiled, “Not just yet.” She turned off the lights and went under the covers capturing his cock with her mouth. Kate brought the President swiftly to climax. He gathered her in his arms and they both fell asleep.

Sheik Abdulla Rahimina was furious. His female Kate impersonator had disappeared. He was told that she had escaped and the Sheik wanted those who had helped executed. A man who was dying was brought forth. He had agreed to be the sacrifice for this because a revolution was forming in this region. Many people wanted the Sheik out, so this man agreed that his death would help the cause. In return, his wife and children were spirited out the country, given huge amounts of money to begin life anew in the United States.

The man who had incurable cancer and only weeks to live admitted he allowed the young woman to escape after she pleaded with her. He told the Sheik he felt sorry for her and that she only wanted to go home.

The Sheik said that in his mercy since she was not the real Kate, the man would be beheaded in the morning for allowing her to escape instead of being tortured.

The sentence was carried out, but not before the guards gave the man poison which when his head was placed on the block was already dead a smile on his lips.

Kalif and three of his men went to New York while Marani and the rest stayed in Washington DC. He rented an apartment across the street from the house where Barbara lived and they watched her.

Audrey was very happy. James had proposed, she had a job that fulfilled her needs and she was helping the President with plans for Mistress Katherine’s birthday party. It would be a grand day of celebration and then a private dinner with her family.

On her way, Vivian had phoned. She was running a bit late and asked if she would bring up the tray for breakfast for the First Lady and Mandy who would be eating with her, as the President had an early meeting and would be having breakfast in the dining room.

Audrey agreed. As she entered the White House after parking her car, Michael Worthington asked her to come into his office. He handed her a box that contained Katherine’s new cell phone a limited edition, Pink IPhone 10. She was to lock it in her office until the day of the party it was a gift from the President.

Audrey put the phone away and went downstairs to get the tray. When she went into the residence, Kate was very happy to see her. She brought out Kate’s schedule and went over the day’s events. Mandy joined them and they all ate breakfast and talked.

The director of the FBI arrived at the White House at 8:30. He and the President had breakfast and discussed the meeting they would be having in about two hours. The plane had left New York and was due to arrive in Washington at 9:30. They should be at the White House by 11.

The plane arrived on time, but traffic held them up and Jackie and Agent McDougal did not arrive until 11:20. They were immediately ushered into the Oval Office where Michael Worthington, Director Louis, the head of the Secret Service, Kasey Sullivan, and Mandy were seated. A smiling President Adams entered the Oval office and shook hands with a very beautiful, very close look alike of his wife. She wasn’t perfect; she could be Kate’s sister. Jackie looked more like Kate than Barbara did. If you put the three of them together, you would think they were from the same family. The biggest difference was Jackie’s boobs were a little bigger and she was about an inch shorter than his wife was.

Jackie gushed all over the President who took her hand in his as if they were old friends and shook it. Grant then gathered her in his embrace. “You look so much like my wife.” He said showing her the photo on his desk.

“Is it possible that I could meet the First Lady?” Jackie asked. Michael behind her shook his head.

“I’m sorry but Mrs. Adams is not in the residence today.” Said Michael. He made sure that Kate was out of the White House after breakfast. James was with her, while Mandy was at this meeting since she was head of The First Lady’s security.

They all went into a conference room where a microphone was set up. A young woman who was a rape counselor was in the room. Jackie had been told what would happen by Agent McDougal during the ride from New York. The President said after their discussion that he would be honored to take Miss Hayburg on a personal tour of the White House.

Jackie relaxed. Encouragingly Michael said, “Please tell your story. We know that you went through an ordeal and we have a counselor available after we speak. “Michael introduced Miss Phoebe Wilson, a motherly looking black woman who shook Jackie’s hand.

“You’ve done nothing wrong, so don’t be afraid. We just want to hear the story in your own words. I am also an attorney. You would be unwise to sue. It is a he said/she said case. Also, because the Sheik gave you money and jewels he would say you were a prostitute. I’m sorry, but that’s how it would sound.” Mandy said quietly.

Jackie looked at the President and the other people in the room. She was a very strong, young black woman who had obeyed all the rules in the country where she went to study religion. She had worn a veil, covered herself and kept her sexual orientation secret. She was religious, but not overly so, but she wanted to understand the Muslim religion which was why she went to Saudi Arabia to study.

Despite all of that, a man who stole her virginity had raped her. She was angry, but not bitter. When she returned home, she would talk to her family pastor; her family was Baptist and she would pray to forgive the Sheik.

With a very strong voice, Jackie told her story. When she was done, the counselor squeezed her hand and the President wiped a tear from his eye. All he could think of was Kate and what that maniac had in store for her.

Jackie showed the jewels; there were diamonds, rubies and emeralds in a beautiful gold box with gems. “Shit.” Said Michael. “The box alone is worth a fortune and he gave you a check?” He asked.

Jackie nodded and produced the check. Mandy asked if they could take a photo and Jackie nodded. She left and returned a few minutes later with a copy. She handed the check back to Jackie who put it in her purse.

The Director asked, “What do you intend to do with the jewels?”

Jackie thought for a moment, “I think I’ll keep one and the rest I’ll probably go to an auction house and have them auctioned off.”

The President said to her, “I will give you the name of someone I know. He will take good care of you. Those jewels will fetch a huge price. I know this doesn’t make up for what you’ve been through, but you are now a very wealthy young lady.”

“I plan to give some of the money to my church and then to a gay and lesbian organization. I haven’t had much time to think about it.” Said Jackie.

“Have you been checked out since yesterday?” asked Mandy. Jackie shook her head and the President looked at Agent McDougal who looked very uncomfortable. Director Louis spoke, “We should have had her checked out, but I really wanted to bring her to the White House.”

“I’ll have her taken to the hospital after she leaves here and given a complete physical.” Michael said.

The counselor was watching Jackie carefully. This girl appeared fine, but inside there was a rage just waiting to explode. She was still in shock.

Phoebe who had listened to all of this spoke next, “What are you going to tell your parents?”

Jackie looked at Phoebe as if she had never seen her. She blinked, once, twice, then burst into tears. Phoebe knew at that moment that Jackie would be fine with a little help.

Phoebe looked up and motioned. All the men except for The President and Michael Worthington left the room. Mandy soothed her back. Jackie, after 15 minutes stopped crying, “My father will be so angry. He just accepted that I was gay, now to deal with the fact that I’m not a virgin anymore. I don’t know how…” She started again. Phoebe answered, “I will help you. I will stay with you. If you don’t mind, I think you should stay in Washington for a few days and I will go back to Atlanta with you to help you tell your parents. I have a colleague who has an office near where you live and I’ll introduce you to him.

He’s a rape counselor and he will help you. You will get past this. You will never forget, but you will forgive.”

Dear Readers- I am so sorry for the delay. I’ve been working 60-65 hour weeks, looking for a new job because of it, and have had terrible writer’s block. (This chapter was re-written 3 times!) I hope you forgive and enjoy.

Love, Digibath <3

She was a child of ten again. She was in Rome, where she had been born, to poor Gallic slaves. When they died, she would be sold to the house where she now served.

Her adoptive father, Hector, was teaching her. He was a stooped old man, many of the other slaves made fun of him. But she adored him; he was so kind and intelligent.

They were looking at a bloated heart, and her adoptive father was explaining how it had eventually killed the cow that had previously housed it. She pulled it apart with the implements, and examined the muscle in detail. She could hear Master Lucius speaking to his son.

“Oddly enough, he thought the orphan Gaul girl would make the best new physician for our house.”

The younger master spoke.

“Why did you let him choose a girl, father? I am sure there were plenty of boys who could have done the job.”

She heard Lucius chuckle. “None who were smart as her. He told me she has the mind of a man. Now let’s leave them so she can finish her studies.”

For some reason, she made a huge blunder. She peered out of the corner of her eyes at Master Julian.

Hector grabbed her arm, while Master Lucius shut the door. But she knew Master Julian had seen. And her face started to flush.

Hector softly spoke. “Why in Orcus did you look in his eyes, child?”

“I… I… I don’t know. I just….” She trailed off.

“I cannot stress to you how important it is, that you never show them what you are thinking. Hide your feelings; it will never serve you well to let them see. And never look them in the eyes. It’s disrespectful, as well as giving away how you feel. Now, back to the heart….”

She wanted to cry, she was so embarrassed. Laelia tried her best to make Hector proud.

Seven years later, he would expire. Her adoptive mother would follow shortly after. She would be all alone again, except for Aidin, the younger slave who tended the gardens. He was her “brother,” and her best friend.

She woke from her dream out of her natural rhythm. It was her duty to be awake before Master Lucius, in case he needed anything.

It came back to her as quickly as a nightmare, skin and sex smells she had never experienced before. She had always been interested in the idea, but she had never found a suitable specimen. So she hadn’t had the opportunity to choose for herself. I’m so weak. No wonder this happened to me.

And he had been so cruel to her. He had used her, against her will, for his own needs and then dismissed her coldly. She didn’t care that he had given her pleasure as well. She should write a curse tablet.

Laelia finally sighed and rolled out of bed. It would have been nice if he had, at the very least, not beaten her ass with that hairbrush. It smarted. She looked at her face in the mirror and it was puffed from all the near silent crying she had done upon returning to her cubicula.

Master Lucius was already up when she arrived. Drat.

“How is my favorite beauty this morning?” It hurt her even to look at him. He looked so very like his son, who had caused her so much harm.

She faked her best smile. “I am very well, thank you my Master. Have you taken the tincture I left you for overnight use?”

Master Lucius didn’t acknowledge her speaking, he wobbled over closer. “What were you doing last night, my dear? You look a bit tired. I’ve never seen you look tired in the morning.”

Her childhood stutter was back upon her. “Mast… Master, I could not sleep. I was excited for … our walk in the gardens. Aidin was up late last night working on them.”

“Oh, my dear, you are a horrible liar.” He chuckled.

She thought, Master, you have no idea. Your son agrees as well.

Laelia saw the opened jar of medicine on his dresser, and her chance to change the subject with it.

“Master, you need to finish this. If you don’t- you will have that painful swelling of the organs and feet.”

“You can tell me, girl. Who is he?”

“He?” she asked, faking befuddlement.

“Oh come on, the reason you were up late last night. You were enjoying a walk in the gardens with someone else!” He smiled, and she could see in his eyes he wanted to believe it was true. Master Lucius had always been concerned that she had not chosen another slave to “marry” yet. She was his favorite slave by far, and he wanted to see her settled before he died. Perhaps with a child.

“Well, he’s quite like you.” Laelia said. She held her lips tight.

“I already like him!”

“I had a feeling you would.”

After she had dispensed the tincture, she excused herself to prepare his breakfast. It was something she insisted on doing herself. If he was to be her charge, then she knew that she should control his diet. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. She couldn’t remember who it was attributed to, but Hector had always quoted it. Laelia spun around with a tray and Eryx was right behind her.

“Good tidings, Laelia.”

“Good morning to you as well, dear Eryx. ” She stared down at the floor. Gods, he can’t be bringing good news.

“Master Julian requests your presence in the after dusk tonight, in his office. He will have Aidin take over your… dice playing duties with Master Lucius.”

“He … “requests” it? My “presence?” I’m his slave, as he likes to remind me.”

“Well, the words he used are immaterial for my purposes. I believe he said ‘I don’t care if she has to be dragged out by her ears. Get the boy to fulfill her duties for the remainder of the evening.’ If you want an honest quote, Laelia.”

Laelia did find herself smiling, more out of a sense of the ridiculous, than actual humor. “I believe you now.” Then she sighed. “I suppose I need to do it.”

Eryx nodded solemnly at her. They both knew that there was no option for her. She could run away, something she had considered last night. Unfortunately, out here there was a good chance of being mauled by wild animals or taken by slave traders. Especially if you were alone. She was only partially willing to take the chance.

It was odd having someone else know that she was humiliated last night. And Eryx’s face had seemed sympathetic as he closed the door. Strange altogether.

His tone changed completely, and he whispered. “I don’t know exactly what happened after I left the room. Laelia, I know that… you have had something traumatic happen to you. I need you to promise me something.”

“I might, depends on what it is.”

“Please don’t tell anyone what he told you… about me, last night. The fact that I am a hermaphrodite, and that I … don’t favor women.”

“Of course not. And I’m sorry as well. I had no idea he was going to question whoever I implicated as my fictional ‘first.’ I need you to answer a question for me, however.”


“Do you think I could tell you I had my monthlies, and he would leave me alone?”

Eryx chuckled. “To be quite honest with you, I think he would …. Check. He hates lying, if you can’t tell already.”

Laelia sighed. What a shame. Once she saw Aidin, she was going to have to switch with him and then run down the hall and hide. She wasn’t going to walk into the lion’s den. She wasn’t stupid. Gods, if she could find somewhere to hide every evening, she might be able to keep her honor intact for the remainder of his visit. He would either be too proud to look for her, or find another, more attractive girl. Powerful men don’t hunt down slave girls. Well, I hope.

She saw Aidin. “Aidin- please- I need you to finish my duties for the evening.”

He raised an eyebrow. “I heard. Why would Eryx need you to help Master Julian? Is he sick?”

She gave him a stern look. He was so innocent at 14 and didn’t understand. Or he didn’t want to consider the possibility. “I’m not going to help Master Julian. Just- please. Play dice with Master Lucius; give him the fresh medicine I’ve mixed- 1 dropper in his water. “He nodded. She knew he was very smart; it would be easy for him.

Aidin asked, “Then where are you going?”

“I’m going to hide.”

His mouth hung open. His “sister” was one of the most uptight, proper slaves he had met. She always chided him to do his duty. Why wasn’t she…no. No no no. He looked at her very intensely, his bright blue eyes shining.

“Sister- please be careful.”

She nodded and walked away soundlessly. She would have to pass his office to get to the door.

Julian couldn’t stop thinking about the girl he had last night, but he didn’t want to call her in yet. He was hoping to catch a glimpse of her in the hall. I just need something to fuck. That’s all she is.

He got his wish, as he looked up from his scrolls and the tip of a red braid slipped past the door. She was trying to avoid him. Sneaking around, so unlike the good slave she usually was. Exciting that he had an effect on her.

Rising to his feet quickly, he could feel his pulse going. Strange, this feeling. He slipped into the hall and grabbed the girl by her fragile wrist. She was light, and it was easy to drag her into the office and close the door. She watched him lock the door and it was as if she was walking in a dream. Or, a nightmare.

She tried to be assertive. “Master… I have my duties to attend to.” Then she lied through her teeth. “I will be back later tonight, when you requested me. Please let me go.”

He shook his head. “I have another task for you.” Julian could feel her wrist trembling in his grasp. Something about it excited him.

Despite this she stood and defiantly looked him in the eyes. He could see fear, insecurity, but underneath it, strength. She said, softly, “Master Julian, your father has as much of a say in my duties as you do. With all due respect. I need to go.” She tried to tug her wrist out of his grasp.

He was surprised by her uncharacteristic boldness. Julian whispered in her ear. “Do you like to be punished, girl? You seem to do things that … cause me to question if you have a strange affinity for it.” He twisted her wrist very slightly, watching her cringe.

Laelia bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. It didn’t hurt that badly, it just shocked her. His question confused her. “Why… why would anyone… want to be punished? Master?” She murmured quietly. He was still mesmerized by her lip bite, had to stop himself from nipping her full lip as well.

He put his face near her neck, so close she could feel his breath. “Your constant defiance and struggling alleviates your guilt.”

She whispered. “I’m not guilty. I have no reason to be.” She could feel the butterflies in her stomach. Gods, what did he think she had done? Stolen something?

She could hear the smirk in his voice. “You feel guilt because your delicious little pussy got so wet last night. When I punished you for lying and disobedience. Because of the punishment, you give me more lies and disobedience in the form of sneaking around. It’s a clear message to me, girl. You like it.”

He traced his other hand up her ribcage, and into the fold of her dress. She felt his calloused hand on her breast, squeezing. “I like your little show of a struggle.” She was thrashing about so he could barely keep his hold on her. He hardened his grip on her hips, and tugged at her dress until she was exposed to the waist. “I would fuck you either way. It doesn’t particularly interest me if you want it. But I did enjoy the little game we played last night. More than I expected. Maybe as much as you.”

Something in her snapped. She glared up at him. “I must interest you in some way, or why would you single me out for this torture? A little game, as you call it?!” She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. Laelia put her free hand up to her mouth in horror.

He gripped her slender wrist a little harder. Oh, that hurts her. He saw her wince. “You call this torture. I’ve had men put on the cross.” He smiled at her. “And you seem to forget your place, slave. Remember to call me Master.” It was one of his fantasies, but of course, she didn’t have to know that. She’d still be calling him Master with his cock inside of her. The thought made his already semi hard dick twitch.

She swallowed hard to get rid of the hot tears that seemed desperate to pool down her face. Even a priestess of Venus would have told her that Master Julian was correct. It was her place in the world to be subjugated. It was his place in the world to subjugate. It was the way of things.

He freed her wrist. The start of circulation pained Laelia, but she barely could feel it over her heart pounding and the tear running down her cheek. Julian sat in his ornate wooden chair. She visibly showed her displeasure as he motioned for her to sit.

“Master, please. I’ll do anything… anything else you want,” she said softly.

“What I want is for you to come here.”

He saw her silent sigh, held in the air like a promise. Laelia tried to sit on his lap as gracefully as possible, but she was fully aware of his arousal once she did. Master Julian tilted her pretty chin towards him, forcing her to look back into his eyes. Her heart was beating so fast.

After a moment, he spoke. “Tell me your name, girl.”

He doesn’t know! After last night? “My name is Laelia.”

“Laelia. Pretty and barbaric, just like you. Drink as much as you can.” He held up his goblet. She shook her head, loose red curls coming a bit undone. “You’ll regret if you don’t,” Julian sneered. Well, I suppose he does have a point. I don’t want to remember this at all. He held her fast and she did finally drink, forcing down as much of the bitter liquid as she could stand. If the wine had been watered, she could hardly tell. By the gods, she hoped it also had some sort of poppy in it. She wanted to forget. “You need to relax.” And then my plan can fall neatly into place. She started to feel tipsy almost immediately.

Julian pulled her braid out with ease. He raked his fingers through her silky curls of red hair. He was rock hard, and he could feel his iron control starting to slide. So beautiful and pure, so innocent. He had to have her. There was no reason to pace himself; he could have her anytime he wanted. He wanted her now.

Laelia could feel his breath against her neck, and when his lips started to kiss there, it felt so good, and the unwatered wine had made her heady. She instinctively rubbed against him, one time. Why are you so stupid, you silly girl, she thought to herself. How could this possibly be exciting?

He pulled the rest of her dress down, a puddle of fabric. Laelia jumped up in shock. “I didn’t tell you to stop doing that,” he said huskily, pushing her so she was back on his lap, facing him. The good slave never makes eye contact. His mouth was all over her neck, leaving little bites as he went. His hands were all over her thighs, so close to her cunt but never touching her directly. Making her squirm, some unknown feeling related to the butterflies in her stomach. He felt her buck against him, again. But it wasn’t his toga Laelia made contact with, at some point he had removed his cock from the folds. She felt like wet silk against his cock. It took all his control not to hold her pretty shoulders down and thrust deep inside. Julian had promised himself that he would save that for later. He put his hands on her pussy instead, stroking her creamy folds. Julian watched her beautiful mouth open in near ecstasy as he played with her. It made him feel… selfish. And so hard it was painful.

He took some oil and poured it into the palm of his hand. He started to openly stroke his cock in front of her. She was shocked… and then strangely aroused, at his lewd display. “I want you to do this to me, Laelia. ” She tried her best, but her unsure caresses only fueled his desire more. He watched her little hands stroke him gently and slowly, and that was where his self-control snapped completely. What a little tease.

“Very good, but not good enough,” he breathed. “Get up. Now.” She did as she was told.

“I want you to put your hands on the desk and stand perfectly still.” Even through the effect of the drink, his tone made her nervous. “Master, no, please.” she begged. But she did as he asked.

Julian stared at her sleek cream colored body. He hadn’t seen her in this light yet, while the day was just fading. With his cold, calculating eyes, he could see she was more stunning than any whore he’d had, even more beautiful than his dead wife. Now he was going to have her. He groped her soft ass with both hands. She was mortified and strangely aroused. He watched her white knuckle the desk, putting her weight on her toes and hands. Laelia could hear him stroking his cock, the oily noise was unmistakable.

Laelia felt him stand up next to her. He put a hand around her mouth. “Don’t bite or you’ll lose your tongue. And that would be a pity.” He used his hands to spread her legs from behind. She was spread completely open and frightened. He could hear her struggle to breathe. He took a sip of his wine and looked at her fresh pink insides, framed by only a wisp of red hair. Choice meat.

He could smell her reluctant arousal, and he rubbed between her legs very tenderly. She cried out and tried to clench her legs together from sensitivity and embarrassment. He started to lightly hit her pussy lips with the back of his hand. He didn’t do it hard enough to even hurt that much. But she was burning up from humiliation and lust.

“I know that we share the same….unusual… tastes. I will show you how much that pleases me.” He ran his left hand down her ass, barely touching her. And then his oil coated finger slipped slowly into her asshole, and the realization hit her. She started to thrash again, but it was no use. He started to slowly push his cock inside of her ass, not satisfied until he was fully seated inside of her.

The feeling made him reel with pleasure. Her asshole was the tightest thing he had ever felt. She was squeezing him like an oiled tight fist, even as she cried into his hand. He had to keep himself in check so he did not cum as soon as he forced his way inside. He swore.

She screamed, muffled, into his hand. The pain was unlike anything she had felt before, and the wine barely dulled it. Julian whispered in her ear. “Every time I’ve watched you walk away from me, I’ve thought about filling your pretty ass with cock. I didn’t imagine how tight you’d be.” She was so weak from the sensation, and almost fell back against him. He didn’t mind at all- he used her soft body like a doll, picking her up and pounding her mercilessly against the desk. Laelia didn’t know what was wrong with her. It wasn’t so much the sensation as the situation she was in, her helplessness. She started to relax and let the strange feeling overtake her. He heard a slight groan of pleasure muffled into his hand, and then another. He withdrew, before spreading her legs in the front and spearing her ass anew. The girl moaned out loud as he fucked her hard, holding her pretty face so she looked into his eyes. “And you seem like such a good girl. I knew you wanted this.”

Julian buried his right hand fingers in her now slightly puffy cleft and stroked her there until her clit was throbbing, begging. He started to finger fuck her, making sure to give her little clit adequate attention as well. Her pussy squeezed his fingers very nicely. Her sweet cream was all over his hand. “Poor little thing. Your cunni is begging me. Maybe I’ll pay you another visit tonight.” Julian knew he was supposed to be gentle, but she felt so good. The sensations were too much for him and he buried himself up to the hilt as hard as he could, as fast as he could.

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