massive orgasms

Authors Note: I received an e-mail requesting this lesbian story. The e-mail is after this note. I also received a request to write about a mother and daughter lesbian exchange program where the daughters are swapped out to other mothers. To that end I decided to combine the two requests. This will be a series but at this time I do not know how many chapters there will be. Thanks to the requesters for suggesting a hot topic.

The E-mail: I have enjoyed reading your stories for many years. My two favorite series are “Lesbian Soccer Moms” and “And Mother Makes Four.” Have you considered revisiting the lesbian/incest/school theme? A scenario involving the principal and female teachers seducing girls at an all-girls school is hot. This web would expand to include mothers, sisters, aunts, and even grandmothers. These relatives of the girls are politically connected which keeps a scandal away. Just some thoughts roaming through my head. Please don’t let negative comments dissuade you. You are one of the most talented writers on this site. Thanks for all your efforts.


In chapter one, we met some of the characters at the Brooke Cummings Academy. We were introduced to the teenage beauty Rachel who had her first lesbian experience and who is destined to one day run the academy. We also met the sultry Monica, Rachel’s roommate and seductress and we learned that Monica, her mother, her aunt and her grandmother were all lovers.

Chapter two had Rachel and Monica getting closer and Brooke’s marathon sex encounter with Monica. Brooke also began her seduction of Rachel. Stacy and the cute teacher Millie got together and we met Brooke’s lover Nichole. In chapter three Brooke shows Rachel the true meaning of lesbian love. Monica and Stacy spent an erotic day together and Rachel’s mother had an unexpected lesbian experience that opened her eyes to a brand new world. The last chapter covered the first parent’s weekend at the Brooke Cummings Academy with more encounters and discoveries.

Chapter five covers the aftermath from the discoveries on parent’s weekend and Rachel’s new relationship at the academy. Please remember that all characters in the story are at least 18 years of age.


Rachel and Monica had sex a couple of times during the week following the orgy at Brooke’s home but it was uneventful for Rachel. She liked cumming but she was losing interest in Monica. On Friday afternoon Rachel was summoned to Brooke’s office where she received a special request.

“You wanted to see me Ms. Cummings?” Rachel was always formal at the school.

“Yes Rachel, please come in and be seated,” Brooke told her and then closed and locked the door.

“How have you been this week? Have you recovered from the party and all the sex?”

“Yes I have Brooke but I still have a difficult time accepting having had sex with my mother?”

“Well you shouldn’t, you two looked beautiful together and it is something very special between the two of you. Now I have a favor to ask of you,” Brooke stated.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“I would like you to switch dorm rooms with a girl named Annie. You see Annie likes girls and she is as aggressive as Monica. The problem is that Annie rooms with Brittany who is not a lesbian and who is getting frustrated with Annie. Brittany came to me and asked me to switch roommates,” Brooke explained.

“Does she know that I am a lesbian too?”

“No but I know that you can be discreet. If she comes around that is a bonus for you but if not please don’t press the issue.”

“Okay, actually it will allow me more time to study. A break from Monica would be good. When should I move?”

“We will switch you tomorrow. I would like you to come to my house and we will move your items while you are with me.”

“What about Monica?”

“She will be spending the day with Stacy so she will meet Annie when she returns Saturday evening,” Brooke laid out.

“What time should I come to your home?”

“Please come for lunch and that will give us the whole afternoon together.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Yes my dear, one more request. After seeing you again I can not wait until tomorrow to taste you,” Brooke replied as she moved to her knees in front of the beautiful teenager.

Brooke ran her hands over Rachel’s luscious thighs and under the short uniform skirt. Rachel tipped her head back and closed her eyes in submission. Brooke hooked her fingers in the waistband of the cotton panties and slowly pulled them down Rachel’s legs. Brooke didn’t remove the panties but left them around the girl’s ankles. She gently pried Rachel’s legs apart exposing the pretty pussy and then she lowered her mouth to the student’s quim.

“Oh yes,” Rachel whispered as the mature tongue lapped at her vulva.

Brooke parted the vaginal lips and eased two fingers into Rachel’s pussy. She quickly located the g-spot and rubbed it as she fastened her mouth on the girl’s clit. Rachel orgasmed within seconds at the hands of the experienced principal and she moaned loudly signaling her climax. Brooke licked the girl’s pussy dry and then returned to her seat. Rachel pulled her panties up back into place and sighed.

“So I will see you for lunch tomorrow,” Brooke confirmed.

“Yes I will be there,” Rachel replied as she stood to leave the office and then asked, “Are you okay for now.”

“Oh yes but thank you for your concern. I can always call on Stacy if needed,” Brooke acknowledged.

Rachel left the room and went back to her dorm. Things should get interesting over the next several weeks she thought.


Rachel made her way to Brooke’s home and she was already wet in anticipation of another magnificent sexual encounter. At the same time Monica was on her way to Stacy’s place where things would be very different. Monica had no idea that Stacy had invited Nicole and Millie to join them. Both students looked sexy and beautiful in their school uniforms with the exceptionally short skirts. They both knew that the uniforms would not stay on long once they reached their destinations.

Rachel entered Brooke’s home and she was greeted by the principal who was wearing a lightweight smock. Rachel knew instantly that Brooke was naked under it. Brooke smiled and then hugged and kissed the pretty girl. Brooke then took Rachel right to the bedroom and had her stand in front of a full length mirror. Brooke stood behind Rachel and wrapped her arms around Rachel. She kissed Rachel on the neck and ran her tongue around Rachel’s ear. Rachel shivered when the tongue dipped in her ear.

Brooke then removed Rachel’s uniform jacket and placed it on a chair in the bedroom. Brooke returned to Rachel and removed the blouse next which was also placed on the chair. Rachel trembled with anticipation and her pussy was getting moist. Rachel had expected her skirt to come off next but Brooke surprised her and removed the bra. Brooke unhooked it and slowly peeled down Rachel’s arms allowing the cups to slip off and expose the beautiful breasts. Brooke reached around and fondled the lovely breasts and tweaked the rock hard nipples. Rachel was sure that she could cum from the foreplay if Brooke kept it up.

Brooke finally went for Rachel’s skirt and instead of just letting it fall the floor, Brooke guided the skirt down Rachel’s legs. Brooke gasped when she saw Rachel’s magnificent ass clad in the cotton panties. Brooke lifted Rachel’s legs one at a time, removed the skirt and placed it on the chair with the other clothes. Brooke eyed Rachel from head to toe and took in the girl’s beauty. Rachel looked incredibly sexy standing in front of the mirror wearing only her panties, knee high white socks and saddle shoes.

Brooke knelt down and untied Rachel’s shoes and removed them one at a time. Next it was Rachel’s panties and Brooke peeled them down ever so slowly. Rachel’s pussy was dripping wet and both of them could smell her sex. Once again Rachel’s legs were lifted one at a time and the panties were removed from her body. Brooke stared at the teenage beauty for minutes as Rachel looked unbelievably sexy wearing only her white knee high socks. The final act was removing each sock before Brooke knelt in front of the girl and kissed the front of her thighs all around her pubes.

Rachel shivered and trembled as Brooke tortured her with light kisses around and near her vulva. Brooke took a hold of Rachel’s curvy buttocks and pulled the girl closer. Then the tongue darted out and found its mark and Rachel groaned softy. Brooke eased the girl’s thighs apart and licked between them driving Rachel mad. Brooke finally plunged her tongue into Rachel’s pussy and Rachel held Brooke’s head in response. Rachel loosened Brooke’s hair and let it fall from the bun to cover the woman’s shoulder’s Rachel ran her hands through the silky platinum blonde hair as Brooke continued to lap away at the teenager’s quim.

“Oh Brooke, I’m cumming,” Rachel cried out as her hands twisted in Brooke’s hair.

Brook continued her assault on the pussy that she could not get enough of and held tightly to Rachel’s ass in the process. Rachel’s body shook with the tremors of her climax and she held onto Brooke’s head to keep her balance. Rachel gushed into Brooke’s welcome mouth and the principal drank down every drop of Rachel’s love juice. Rachel collapsed and allowed her body to sink to the floor. She spread out and her hands rubbed her tits as she watched Brooke stand up. Brooke unfastened her smock and let it fall to the floor revealing her naked body.

Rachel stared at the beautiful mature woman as Brooke moved over and straddled Rachel’s face. Brooke eased her body down into a kneeling position with a knee on either side of Rachel’s head. With grace and desire Brooke lowered her pussy onto Rachel’s mouth. Rachel reached up and held to Brooke’s thighs as her tongue sought out the object of her desire. Rachel licked Brooke’s clit and then nibbled it ever so gently. Brooke was charged and it did not take her long to orgasm. Rachel welcomed the sweet liquid into her mouth and she continued to lap at Brooke’s pussy until Brooke cried out and collapsed in ecstasy.

Brooke moved down so that she and Rachel could cuddle and kiss. “Oh my darling Rachel, you are so beautiful and such a good lover,” Brooke whispered.

The two of them stayed on the floor kissing and hugging for quite some time before Brooke coached Rachel into bed. There they moved into a 69 position and renewed their desire for each other’s pussy. They were in no hurry and they tired to make their love making last as long as possible.


At Stacy’s place things started out calm but quickly moved to raw sex. The three women, Stacy, Nichole and Millie undressed Monica with the same painstaking slowness that Brooke had done with Rachel. Monica was turned on by the foreplay and she was ready for action. She was so horny in fact that she didn’t give the group sex a second thought.

Nichole got on her back on the bed and beckoned Monica to her. Monica knelt on the bed and lowered her mouth to Nichole’s tasty pussy. Monica then felt Millie slide under her and fasten her mouth to Monica’s pussy. Next Stacy knelt behind Monica and played with her curvy buttocks. Stacy then pushed Monica’s butt cheeks apart and stared at the tight brown aperture. Monica gasped as Stacy probed the anus with her tongue and then stuck the tip in the tight little ring. Monica tried to focus on Nichole’s pussy but the women had her in an erotic state. Monica managed to locate Nichole’s clit and drew it into her mouth. Nichole cried out as Monica took the hard pearl in her teeth and gently rolled it around.

Nichole bucked her hips as she cried out with the intensity of her initial orgasm. Just as she came Monica held Nichole tightly to her mouth and tried to drink in all the woman’s love juices. Monica was struggling with her own climax as Stacy and Millie worked over her pussy and her asshole. Stacy had her tongue in Monica’s ass as deep as it would go and Millie chewed lightly on Monica’s clit. Monica screamed and her body thrashed about as her climax rocked her beautiful young body. Monica collapsed into Nichole’s arms and stayed still as the three women caressed her body.

Once Nichole and Monica recovered sufficiently from their orgasms, Nichole had Stacy and Millie lay next to each other on the bed. Then Monica knelt between Stacy’s legs and lowered her mouth to the tasty pussy. Nichole did the same with Millie and the two lovers knelt side by side as they ate the women’s pussies. The pussy eating skills of Nichole and Monica were just too much for the women and they were soon thrashing and groaning on the bed as Nichole and Monica worked over their energetic pussies. The women pushed their hips up trying to get the tongues even deeper into their cunts. Almost simultaneously Stacy and Millie screamed with the intensity of their orgasms. Nichole and Monica continued to lick their creaming pussies and nibble on their aroused clits as they climaxed wildly. Nichole and Monica kissed and licked around their pussies and inner thighs and the women shivered with delight as the tongues tickled them.

Stacy got off the bed and took two strap-on dildos out of her dresser. She told them that she and Millie would fuck Monica with the fake cocks. Stacy and Millie then put on the strap-on dildo and harness. The two women smiled when they looked at each other as the fake cocks bobbed in front of them. They had done this before but it always looked sexy when they were wearing the strap-ons.

Monica lay on her back side and Stacy moved between Monica’s legs. Stacy eased the thick fake cock into Monica’s receptive pussy and began fucking her. At Millie’s urging Stacy rolled Monica over so that Monica was on top. Millie got behind Monica and slipped a well lubed strap-on cock into Monica’s ass. Monica began moving her hips up and down to meet their experienced thrusts. Stacy and Millie knew what they were doing and they soon had established a rhythm fucking Monica. Stacy and Millie soon felt the nubs on the dildos rubbing against their own clits and they realized that they too would experience yet another orgasm. Nicole couldn’t stand it any longer so she went to Monica and pulled the teenager’s face into her pussy. Monica began lapping away at Nichole’s pussy as she was double fucked. It was so exciting for the women to be fucking each other and then Stacy and leaned forward to suck on the Monica’s tits.

The entire room smelled of sex from the three horny women and teenager. The four of them were racing toward another string of orgasms as they fucked hard and fast. Stacy and Millie were rewarded for their enthusiastic efforts as the dildo nubs rubbed their clits and kept them in a constant state of arousal. The two women worked their hips so that they could receive as much pleasure as they were giving. Nichole and Monica were beyond themselves with lust and they felt their intense orgasms building in their wombs. Nichole and Monica screamed with joy as their orgasms took over their bodies. Nichole collapsed back on the bed as Stacy and Millie plowed Monica with the fake cocks.

Stacy and Millie removed the rubber dicks from Monica and looked at the dildos glistening with Monica’s juices. As if it were the natural thing in the world Stacy and Millie moved into a 69 position and licked the female nectar off the two fake cocks. Monica watched them do this and she marveled at their raunchiness. The two women sucked the artificial cocks into their mouths and made a game out of how deep they could take them. After they licked the dildos dry of Monica’s juices the two lovers sat up and decided what to do next.

“Let me show you what is next,” Stacy told them.

At Stacy’s directive, Nichole and Monica lay on their sides facing one another and worked a double dildo into their pussies as they had their assholes greased up by Stacy and Millie. This time Stacy would take Monica’s ass. The two women got behind Nichole and Monica and tenderly pushed the fake cocks into their assholes. Nichole and Monica reached behind them and guided the dildos into their assholes and encouraged the women to fuck them hard and quick. Millie moved closer to Nichole as the cock slid into her ass and Nichole reached behind her and pulled Millie by her buttocks tightly against her. Millie’s pubes pressed into Nichole’s ass as the fake dick went all the way up her rectum. Millie could once again felt the nub on the dildo work its magic on her clit and she began to thrust her hips into her lover as she fucked her ass. Millie reached around and slid her hand between Monica and Nichole and cupped her tits.

Almost the same scene was repeated between Stacy and Monica and the two women were now fucking their lover’s asses with the same enthusiasm as they had fucked earlier. The dildo nubs were doing their job as Stacy and Millie rapidly fucked the two shapely asses of Nichole and Monica. Millie was the first to cum and she shuddered and held Nichole tightly as she screamed out loud in ecstasy. Stacy was right behind her and she buried her head in Monica’s shoulder to muffle her own screams as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Nichole and Monica went right on fucking each other with the double dildo until they too had mind shattering orgasms. The two women held onto the cute shapely bottoms of their lovers as they thrashed their hips together, shuddered, stiffened and coated the double dildo with their female juices.

“Oh my God that was fantastic,” cried Monica.

“Oh you are so incredibly sexy,” Nichole gasped.

The four of them lay still in the bed for awhile still coupled together with the fake cocks. Nichole told Stacy and Millie to move first and slowly pull out of her and Monica’s ass. Stacy and Millie eased the strap-on cocks out of the asses and looked at them in disbelief. It was still hard to imagine those big rubber cocks were stuffed up Nichole’s and Monica’s asses. Nichole and Monica then moved apart and removed the double dildo from their pussies. Nichole gathered up the fake cocks and took them to be washed thoroughly. They took a well deserved break but the older women were far from done with the pretty teenager.


Brooke and Rachel stroked each other’s tits and fingered each other’s pussy as they shared their experiences with each other. Soon they were both worked up and Brooke revealed a strap-on dildo and told Rachel that she wanted to fuck her. Brooke put on the black harness and snapped the imposing flesh colored dildo in place. Smiling at Rachel, Brooke got between her legs and positioned the fake cock at the entrance to Rachel’s pussy. Rachel groaned when she felt the head nestle at her opening.

“Relax,” Brooke cooed. Rachel nodded her head and took a deep breath, then slowly let it out.

The platinum blonde haired beauty pressed forward slowly with her hips and Rachel felt the head slip into her, but it quickly became too wide and the forward progress stopped. Rachel felt the muscles at the entrance to her pussy clenching, fighting to keep the intruder out. Brooke kept up the slow steady pressure and Rachel felt her muscles begin to give, slowly, inexorably the head of the massive phallus entered, stretching her open. The head slipped past the wall of constricting muscle and her inner lips closed upon the thick shaft.

Rachel felt full to the point of bursting, but her pussy also tingled and itched, sending demanding signals to her brain that she needed more. Brooke as always proved to be a very thoughtful lover; she held her hips still and let Rachel adjust to the big cock before she slowly pressed forward again. The blunt head of the dildo slid deeper into her, forcing aside the tight tissues of her inner channel. Rachel gasped and Brooke instantly stopped. Rachel felt positively stuffed and opened her eyes to gaze down her body. Rachel was shocked to see how much more of the fake cock was left. Brooke began to slowly rock her hips, not thrusting forward as yet, but moving in an even motion that withdrew a few centimeters of the big cock and then pushed it back in. Rachel’s body jerked like a marionette on a string each time the forward progress of the big dick was halted by her inner walls.

With infinite patience and care Brooke worked her big cock into Rachel’s quivering pussy. Brooke’s eyes were glued to Rachel’s sex. It was so erotic to watch the pink lips settle around her shaft, to see the sticky wetness coating the shaft when she withdrew and to feel the inner muscles giving way at last. Finally the big cock came to rest with only an inch still outside Rachel’s pink lips. Brooke just looked down, letting the sight and smell of Rachel’s arousal work on her senses. Rachel was totally lost in sensation and she could feel the huge cock head resting in a place nothing had ever touched before. Her inner muscles spasmed around the big head and Rachel thoroughly believed she could feel each vein and ridge on the big cock.

Brooke slowly withdrew her cock and then stabbed it back in, the motion was slow and gentle, allowing Rachel to get used to it before she really went to town on the lovely teenager. Brooke was a patient lover and kept the slow rhythm until she saw Rachel’s hips begin to thrust back to meet her. The whole length of the big cock was coated in her juices now and it seemed that the friction had abated. With that reassurance Brooke wrapped her arms around Rachel’s thighs and holding her tight she lengthened her strokes and picked up the tempo.

Heaven that was the only word Rachel’s lust clouded brain could find for the myriad of sensations that rocked her. The huge dildo stretched and filled her as never before. Each stroke produced tiny sounds in her throat that escaped as whimpers and little cries of passion mixed in with her ragged breathing. Brooke was still fucking her slowly as her hips seemed to roll upwards with each thrust, not only driving the dildo deeply into her, but also scraping the entire length of the shaft along her clit as it entered. Jagged pleasure ripped through her body, driving her ever upwards into a cloud of pure bliss. She tossed her head from side to side and had a death grip on the bed cover when her orgasm blasted her mind. The contractions were so strong they seemed to squeeze the very breath from her lungs and the pleasure so intense she bit her lip to keep from screaming. Through it all Brooke never slowed, but actually picked up the pace, driving in with more and more force until Rachel felt her breath leave her body with each thrust.

The first orgasm was still rippling though her consciousness when a second even more shattering peak arrived. Rachel cried out and her back arched until only her shoulder blades were touching the mattress.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she chanted in time to the driving dildo’s assaults.

She was totally lost in pleasure, her very being seemed to be tied to the cock that was filling her to the brim. Rachel came down slowly, only to realize she was still being fucked. Brooke increased the tempo, working the big dildo into Rachel’s twitching cunt with clocklike regularity. She was unused to the stimulation continuing and a series of minor orgasms rocked her slight frame. The pleasure became so intense her mind began to misfire, things took on a strange, almost dream like quality. The squishing sounds of the dildo entering and the rhythmic slap of Brooke’s thighs became very loud. She felt another orgasm building this one would be no small affair she could tell.

Without warning her pussy spasmed and her inner muscles clenched the heavy shaft, the raw pleasure that assaulted her brain and nerves was beyond the scope of any orgasm she had ever had and she must have blacked out momentarily for when she became aware again Brooke withdrew the huge cock with an obscene popping sound. The beautiful Brooke crawled up onto the bed and lay down on her side with her head propped up on her hand. She smiled down at Rachel and playfully kissed her nose.

“You’re a wonderful lover Rachel,” Brooke said in a sultry voice.

Rachel shook off a final shiver, smiled and said, “That was incredible,”

” I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Brooke said with a smile.

“Enjoyed it? I wished it would never end,” Rachel sighed.

“What I love so much about these things is that they never go soft and they don’t shoot that nasty stuff into you,” Brooke cooed as she stroked the fake cock.

“Now it is my turn,” Brooke added.

Brooke took off the harness and handed it to Rachel. Rachel slipped on the harness and looked at the big phallus still glistening with her cunt juice. Rachel lay on her back and allowed Brooke to straddle her and lower her pussy onto the fake cock. Brooke grasped the fake cock and brought it to her entrance, feeling it slide into her already well-stretched hole. The head stuck after only a part of it was inside. Brooke didn’t care, just feeling it there again reignited her passion and she wanted only to be impaled on it as quickly as possible. She carefully brought her leg down until she was perched on both of her knees, she could feel her muscles straining as her weight slowly shifted and she began to sink on the big dildo.

Brooke gasped when the head slipped past her entrance. Inch by inch she slowly enveloped the hard latex until she felt her lips rest on the black leather of the harness. Brooke looked down, pleased that she had taken it all. She felt comfortable being so full and also very hot. Rachel’s hands slipped to her hips and rested there lightly. Brooke pressed up with her legs experimentally and felt the big dildo stir within her. Brooke’s hips began to undulate making the big cock slide in and out slightly, but also brushing the top of her bush against Rachel’s harness. As the wonderful friction built she felt a spasm pass through her body, her hands reached out and grasped Rachel’s arms as she began to plunge wildly on the younger woman’s lap. A moan escaped her lips and another shudder tore through her. She had not counted on her body still being sensitized and it seemed she was picking up right were she left off.

Rachel pulled her legs up until her feet were firmly planted on the bed, her grasp on Brooke’s hips became tight and without warning she brutally thrust her hips upward. The wild thrust took Brooke’s breath away, but before she could recover a second and then a third followed it. Rachel seemed unwilling to sit still and let Brooke do all the work and soon the room was filled with the liquid sounds of the dildo juicing into Brooke’s wet hole and the groans, grunts and moans of both women.

She sat straight up and then leaned back, resting her arms on Rachel’s knees and then went wild. Brooke crashed down on Rachel’s lap to meet each up thrust, mewling like a cat and babbling incoherently. Rachel’s eyes were closed and her breath hissed between clenched teeth.

“God, you’re such a sexy girl you’re going to make me cum again,” Brooke cried out.

The words fueled Brooke’s passion to an even greater height if that was possible. Brooke felt another orgasm building quickly, but she wanted Rachel to cum with her. Seeing how Rachel’s eyes never left her chest Brooke decided to add to the woman’s visual stimulation, but she knew she had to hurry because she could not long hold off her own climax.

Brooke’s hands flew to her firm breasts and she cupped them in both hands as if offering them to Rachel. Rachel’s eyes seemed glued to the wildly bouncing globes and with a loud bark her hands clamped deeply onto Brooke’s hips. She tensed and then thrust upward with such force that her back and ass were lifted off the bed. Brooke’s pussy spasmed around the large cock so deeply imbedded in her and the first contractions of an orgasm that dwarfed others hit her. The pleasure was too intense and for a time she rode on an endless sea of bliss, each wave sending her further and further from reality. Rachel’s and Brooke’s voices called out endearments and professions of love for each other.

Brooke had collapsed forward onto Rachel’s chest and the young woman was holding her tightly. The big cock was still buried in her pussy and she could not stop her body from quivering. When Rachel’s hand stroked her ass she groaned softly. Her body was still too sensitive; even such a simple caress sent bright lights flaring into her mind. Rachel seemed to understand and helped Brooke dismount. As soon as she was free of the big dildo she rolled up into a fetal position and closed her eyes.

Rachel curled up behind Brooke and reached around her to caress her firm tits and eraser hard nipples. Brooke felt Rachel’s firm tits press into her back and she also felt the dildo nestle in the crack of her ass. The two beautiful women lay together for several more minutes as they had been making love for over three hours. It would be another 30 minutes before they separated. Rachel and Brooke bathed together and then Rachel dressed and Brooke sent her back to the dorm. Brooke got back in bed and ran her hands all over her naked body as she reminisced about the afternoon with Rachel. Brooke then thought about Nichole and wondered how things went with Stacy. Nichole would be over later and Brooke would hear about her day.

Back at Stacy’s place a weary three women and one student were spread out in bed. Monica barely had enough energy to shower, dress and return to her dorm. As she left Stacy’s bedroom she glanced back at the three naked women lying in the bed. There were sex toys of every kind on the bed and on the floor. Monica shivered when she looked at the toys as she recalled her afternoon with the three horny and insatiable women. Anal beads and butt plugs had been in and out of her ass all day. The double dildos and strap-ons had been in her ass and pussy. Monica had been fucked into oblivion and she had enjoyed every single moment of it but it was time to leave. She knew she would be invited back and she would forward to the next encounter. Monica would have to tell her mother about the day and maybe her family and the faculty could get together again. Right then however, Monica was looking forward to resting in her dorm room and she had no intention of hitting on Rachel that night. Of course Monica had no idea that she would have a new roommate when she got back to the dorm.


Monica arrived at her dorm room and when she saw the new girl Annie she was more than just surprised. “Who are you and what are you doing in my room?”

“I’m Annie and I’m your new roommate.”

“No you’re not. Where the hell is Rachel?”

“Rachel and I have been switched. She is rooming with Brittany now.”

“What the hell is going on? Who did this?”

“The principal did so that I wouldn’t come on to Brittany any more. You see I like girls but Brittany resisted my advances and then she complained to Ms. Cummings.”

“So Ms. Cummings authorized this without even asking me?” Monica questioned.

“I guess so,” Annie agreed.

“I’ll be damned,” Monica murmured.

“Hey Monica I hear that you like girls, want to fuck?”

Monica stared at her new lesbian roommate, “I’m going to bed and I am dead tired. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

“Want a massage?”

“No! Maybe tomorrow now let me sleep.”

Monica got under the covers and within minutes she was sound asleep. Annie however was not close to being tired so she got out her favorite lesbian book and read. She got hot reading the novel and she began to play with herself. Next she took out her favorite dildo and fucked herself until she came. She eventually fell asleep reading the book with the book light on.

In the other dorm room Brooke arrived expecting Brittany to be there. Brittany was reading when Rachel arrived. She looked at Rachel with wary eyes and she seemed a bit nervous. “Hi I’m Rachel,” Rachel said trying to make the girl feel at ease.

“Hello, I’m Brittany; it’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise, I guess we’ll be roomies from now on,” Rachel offered.

“Yes, I guess so.”

“I’m a little tired Brittany so I am going to bed and we can get better acquainted tomorrow,” Rachel stated as she began to undress.

“I heard that you like girls too just like my last roommate. I don’t want to have sex with girls. I hope that you won’t try to seduce me,” Brittany said nervously.

“Relax Brittany, I have a girl friend and I won’t bother you. That’s why the principal put us together,” Rachel replied reassuringly.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Brittany said as she watched Rachel undress.

Brittany had seen Rachel around the school but always dressed in her school uniform. Brittany had always admired Rachel’s beauty and wished that she was as pretty. Now Brittany stared as Rachel got completely undressed and put on a night shirt over her shapely naked body. Brittany had never see anyone she beautiful naked before. Rachel normally slept in the nude but she knew that would have to change with her new roommate. Rachel was asleep in seconds but Brittany was still wide awake and the image of Rachel’s nakedness was still with her. Eventually Brittany fell asleep too.


It is often said that one should never have sex with a neighbor unless you want it all over the neighborhood. However Valerie had become so insatiable that she had lost her sense of reason. That parent’s weekend at the academy was the most erotic event of her life. She still remembered making love with her own daughter something she never thought would ever be possible. Of course Monica’s family and the faculty had worked Valerie over pretty good and it was a weekend she would never forget.

Valerie had taken a liking to her neighbor Gail over the past tow years and they often had coffee together during the week. Valerie had never looked at Gail sexually before as they were just good friends. However after sex with Jody and the parent’s weekend, Valerie looked at all attractive women in a different vain. Gail was a cute woman who looked ten years younger than her age of forty-three. She had short blonde hair worn in a page boy style and light blue eyes. She had a cute 34-24-34 figure and she looked very hot in a bikini.

Valerie had called Gail and invited her over for coffee but Gail insisted that Valerie come to her home. Many times they had talked about their husbands openly and how the fire had gone out of them. Both women were not having sex with their husbands and Gail was frustrated. Valerie had found a new lease on life and she wanted to share it with Gail. They were sitting in Gail’s living room talking over a cup of coffee when Valerie shifted the conversation toward sex once again.

“Gail I know that your lazy husband doesn’t have sex with you anymore Just as mine doesn’t with me,” Valerie began.

“I know it’s frustrating and I have to admit I started using a vibrator,” Gail replied.

“Listen I want to propose something to you. I will have sex with you when ever you desire it. I only have one request and that is that you be discreet,” Valerie offered.

“Valerie I am shocked at your suggestion. I have never had sex with a woman and I don’t plan to start at this point in my life,” Gail replied in shaky voice as she blushed from embarrassment.

“Listen you don’t have to do anything for me. I will pleasure you. Let me show you what I brought along with me today,” Valerie countered.

Valerie opened her bag and took out a dildo and a harness. Gail stared at the fake cock and she was to see how realistic it looked. Gail had never seen such a thing and she was both embarrassed and intrigued.

“I have never seen anything like that,” Gail gasped.

“Well just wait until it is in your neglected pussy. It will feel even better than it looks,” Valerie said with a sarcastic laugh.

“Come on we’re wasting time. Let’s go to your bedroom and I will fuck you with my cock. If you don’t like it I will leave and forget we even tried it. If you do like it, I will come back when you want me to and fuck your brains out,” Valerie offered.

Gail felt her loins stir just from the thought of having the dildo in her. Valerie was right she had been neglected sexually and she often masturbated for her own pleasure. Then Gail struggled with her inner thoughts. What did she have to lose if she didn’t like it? Gail guessed that Valerie new what she was doing and that she probably could bring pleasure to her.

“Well if you promise to stop if I say so,” Gail said softly.

“Girl scouts honor,” Valerie said as she held up two fingers mockingly.

Gail stood up and sheepishly walked toward her bedroom. Valerie closed the gap quickly behind Gail and then she reached out and grabbed Gail’s ass and goosed her.

“Oooooh!” Gail squealed and then she dashed to her bedroom.

Gail stood as still as a statue as she watched Valerie get undressed, snap the dildo in the harness and then put the harness on. Valerie looked obscenely erotic as she stood naked wearing the big fake cock. Gail was mesmerized by the sight and the moment.

“Come on girl, get those clothes off and get in bed,” Valerie snapped showing her impatient with Gail.

Gail shyly removed her clothes and covered her breasts with her hands as crawled in bed. Valerie laughed at Gail’s behavior and then she went over to the bed. Valerie ran her hand along Gail’s leg up toward her pussy. Gail’s pussy was soaking wet as Valerie discovered when she pushed two then three fingers into Gail’s cunt. Gail groaned as a woman touched her for the first time. Then Valerie crawled up on the bed and knelt between Gail’s legs. Gail reached down and wrapped her hand around the fake cock that was touching her inner thighs. She wasn’t exactly sure what to do next but Valerie showed her. Without a word Valerie moved Gail’s legs apart and slid the flexible dong into her soaking wet pussy. There was no resistance at all since Gail was so wet that the head slipped in easily.

As Valerie slid the fake cock inside Gail she lifted her knees and closed her eyes surrendering herself to Valerie. Gail gave into her and whatever was to come next. Then Gail felt something fierce burst inside her as Valerie thrust her hips in one hard fast motion driving into Gail causing her to cry out. Gail grasped the bed sheets and her cries got louder with each thrust of Valerie’s cock into her.

“Harder, harder fuck me harder,” Gail screamed thrusting her hips up to meet Valerie, “Oh God, yes, it’s so good,” she continued.

Valerie hooked her arms under Gail’s knees and held on with her thrusts becoming harder and faster. Gail could feel that tension building again that sweet fire that she so often sought and the pressure was mounting. Without warning Gail screamed out her body suddenly tensing and arching up off the bed. Gail’s cumming pushed Valerie over the edge and they both exploded together. Valerie collapsed on top of Gail their breasts pressing together. They lay quietly with the fake cock still buried in Gail’s pussy until Valerie rolled off her and lay on her back next to her. Gail looked down at her and the saw the menacing dildo pointing in the air. It looked obscene on Valerie’s feminine body. Gail thought to herself, “That she just had one of the best fucks of her life.”

Valerie got out of bed and took off the dildo and harness. Then Gail disappointingly watched as Valerie got dressed. Gail realized that she wanted Valerie to stay and teach her more things. Gail all of a sudden desired to fuck Valerie with the dildo.

“I’m going to leave the dildo with you so that you can have some fun,” Valerie said as she dressed.

“Do you have to go so soon,” Gail asked hoping that Valerie would stay.

“Yes I do but if you want me to come back I will return and fuck you all you want,” Valerie added.

“Oh yes, please come back. I want you to show me things that women do with each other,” Gail replied in a pleading tone.

Valerie dressed and then left in a business like fashion. Gail was left naked in bed with her new toy and she stroked it as she would a man’s cock. Gail wished that she had learned about such toys earlier in her life. Gail then lay back on the bed and teased her pussy with the dildo for several minutes before shoving it back in. Then she closed her eyes as she ran the fake cock in and out of her cunt and fantasized that Valerie was fucking her again.

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