I walk into the massage parlor. The smell of fresh cut flowers hug in the air. That was one reason I had come back over and over again. More like a hundred times. Karen walked out. She had on a light color blue blouse on, Open a little on the top. Tight across the boobs. You could see a nice cleavage. She stood 5’7″ and about 125.

“Hello Andy. Did you miss me? I know that I missed you.” Karen knew the right things to say. She would never ask right out about why I came but she knew. We walked into the back room. A place that you could only go after you have been to her parlor a few times. Once inside the side room I could see the pictures of all the girls she had working at that time. I was looking at each picture thinking of what one I would like to try, or have again. Each girl was no younger then 18. Each one was checked and then had to show Karen what she could do. Each girl and guy had to be Bi. Each one went to see a doctor every other week. That was a must. I also had to bring proof once a month that I was clean. That was why I kept coming back. We both walked to the last room on the left. As I went in Karen looked at me and said. “Would you like a shower and a massage tonight my dear?”

“A shower sounds great and a massage sounds better. How about you starting and someone new comes in?” Karen walked to the wall of new pictures. She always had three new girls a week and a guy or two. They would last about three weeks and some moved on. The good ones stayed. I could see pictures of the 6 new girls I have not been with. I also saw one guy that looked great. No face shots. Just from the neck down. Some nude some topless. I could see one that made me hard but she looked a little to young for me.

“Tell you what my dear you pick. You know what I like!” Yes Karen knew what I liked. Soon we both got out of the shower and I went to the table. I lay face down and Karen started her massage. Her hands worked on my back. Karen never gives the same massage twice. Each one was different. Her soft hands worked down my back and then down my legs. Back up the other one and then back down. Soon I felt her hand on my ass. A finger moved slowly down my crack till I felt it slide down between my cheeks. Then I felt her finger going around and around my ass hole. Soon I felt it touch my hole and push some. Not to hard but just right. Then warm oil felt great. Then down and under more. I felt her touch on my balls and then the tight grip on them. She pulled down and turn some. What a feeling. Karen knew I was into pain. She was great at giving it and taking it.

“I have asked Rose to stop by. She is a small girl 5’5″ 103 brown hair and brown eyes. Her tits are a great, 34b. She is shaved with a small rose on her shaved pussy. She loves anal, both ways giving and getting. I have been told she has great hands and she enjoys putting her fingers in a guys ass. I also have been told that she has a great mouth. I have watched her take a cock of 7.5″ all the way down. She did gag some but she got it in. She will be in, in a few minutes.”

Karen knew that this is what I enjoyed. Soon I felt her finger working into my ass. Then another finger. I felt her finger work in and out my ass as her other hand rubbed my ass. Then I felt two more hands working on my back. I didn’t move. Soon I felt the new girls hands on my back and could smell her standing in front of me. I opened my eyes and could see a shave pussy looking back at me. It had a small rose on the top of it. It even smelled like a rose. I could not see her tits.

“Rose this is Andy. I have told him all about you, now I shall tell you about him. He enjoys anal like you. Both giving and getting. I have fucked him a few times with my strap-on and he has fucked me a few times. I have fingered his ass more then I can count.” When she said that she started to finger my ass faster. I starting to get into this more and more.

“Andy has only one thing wrong with him. His cock!” This was the time I enjoyed the most. The first time a new girl or guy got to see my cock. I started to roll over. I felt Karen’s hand grab my cock. Then I could hear her voice.

“What the fuck?” Rose was looking down at it and I looked up at her face to see the look. Rose was looking down at my almost 10″ of hard cock as I looked up into my granddaughters face. All I could do was look.

“So what do you think of his cock? And by the way he is not all the way hard.” I felt her hand starting to jack me off.

With that Rose looked up towards my face and then with a blank look said.

“Holy fuck!” Her eyes never left my face. What could I do? What could I say? Should I get up and leave or should Mary no Rose leave? What could I do?

“So Rose what do you think? Karen has told me that you enjoy, shall I say cocks, large ones! Do you think you could get this in you?” I watched as her eyes went from my face to my cock once more. Then I could see her smile. Just a little smile.

“I think I would like to try and then try once more. Think you could force it in my ass if I asked you to?” Now that was something that I would love to try to do. Just thinking of it made me hard. “Andy I do enjoy a nice hard cock going in me. And I think that your cock could do a great job on me.” With a smile she looked me right in the eye. “And I do think I could please a man like you, in many ways.”

With that she put her hand on my cock and started to jack me off. I never took my eyes off her face and Mary no Rose kept looking right into my eyes. It was like she knew the taboo feeling I was having and I knew what she must be feeling as well. She was bent so her small hand could grab my cock and that made her pussy close to my face. I knew the rules. I had to ask before I did anything that was not what was in the safe sex rules.

1 No oral sex without a condom or dental dam without asking first.

2 No fucking without a condom. Unless you ask, and have the doctors letter.

3 If a girl or guy says the safe word the other person had to stop. If not you hit the door.

I could see my granddaughters shaved pussy just an inch from my face. I could smell her rose. I could see that she was wet. I looked back up at her sweet face and I could tell that she was telling me to lick her.

“Andy if you would like to lick my pussy please do. I have just given Karen a clean bill of health and she has told me that your clean as well. Would you like me to try to take that cock into my mouth? Without a condom!” Karen looked at Rose. Then back at me.

“Rose is good but I don’t think that she can take it all the way in. I have watched her suck a few cocks but nothing as big as you. Please say yes Andy. It would be nice to see her meet her match!”

“As long as I can lick you without a dental dam. I would love to taste your sweet juices right from you pussy. You do like the word pussy? Or would you like me to use a different word? Cunt, hole, honey pot, cunny, eat at the “Y”. Tell me what you would like.”

“Bo,” Rose almost called me by my real name of Bob. “Andy I would love to feel you tongue on my cunt. Would love to feel you lick my pussy clean. The idea of a man like you sucking my lips into your mouth turns me on. Please lick, suck, tongue or eat my pussy.” With that Rose put a knee along side of my face. Then the other one came up I watched as her pussy got closer and closer. I looked down and watched as her lips got to about an inch from my cock.

“Go for it Rose. Show your.” Now I almost said it, grand dad, but I stopped. “Or should I say show this old man that you can take it. Suck it in. Take my meat and make me beg you to keep going. Make an old man happy. Let me watch you take as much as you can into your mouth. Lick my balls if you can.”

I felt her lips on me. Not just on my cock but on my lips. I felt my granddaughter’s lips kiss the tip of my cock and then lick it. Then I watched as best I could as she opened her mouth and take the head in. Then pull off. I could feel her take about 2 inches in and then back out. I felt her mouth push down and take in 3 then 4. Back up and then back down. 4 and then 5 inches. Rose took 5 inches in and she never backed off. Soon her head was bouncing up and down on my cock. The same cock that fucked her grandmother to make her mother. All I could do was think of how it felt. The taboo feeling of it. Knowing that she was doing this to me. Not just to me but in front of another female. Then I felt her pull off. She pulled back and looked at me. Watching her do that turned me on like never before.

“Now my sweet man I’m going to try to take it all in. Take your cock into my mouth and deep throat you. Has anyone ever taken you all the way into your mouth?”

I looked at her, licked my lips. “Rose only three females, one guy and one TS has ever got this cock all the way in. I would love for you to be number 4.” A wicked look came to her face. A look like I had just put a red flag in front of her.

“My dear sweet man. I would love to be number 4. I shall try my best. But the truth be told I have never had a cock this size before. I shall try to take it. But if I fail I still would like you to try to get it in my ass.” The thought of fucking her ass was now worth anything that I had to do. I watched as she kissed it once more and took in about 5 inches. I do not have it marked off in inches. But I can tell by what is left when someone takes it in. Rose had about 6 inches in and she started to gag. Then 7. I watched as she pushed down on it. Then pull back up. I could see tears on her face as she tried to take more. Then about 8. That was when most girls had to stop. At 7 or 7.5 is it for most girls. A few TS’s got that much in and then I watched as she worked in another half inch. I would say at about 8.5 is when she gagged . I thought she was going to puke. She gagged that much, but she was trying to get it in. I felt her pull back some and try once more. Then I felt her gag once more. I felt it hit the back of her throat and then I could feel it close up on her. Once more back up and then back down some, back up and then down once again. Each time she hit that 8.5 or what ever it was and she would gag. Then I could see Karen reach over and push her head down. But Rose would gag and pull up.

I felt it come out her mouth and her face was all wet. Tears coming out her eyes. She was mad that she could not take it all.

“I’m sorry that I can not please you Sir. I guess I’m not as good as I put on. But I shall try each time harder and harder if you will let me.”

“My dear Rose you can try anytime you like. Night or day. Anytime. Now please my dear I have been dreaming for years of licking your pussy. Sucking you and licking you clean. Bring that pussy to my old lips. Make an old man happy.”

With that Rose pushed her cunt to my mouth. I felt the warm skin push my mouth closed. It was like I was kissing a mouth. But it had no teeth. I felt it open some so I could French kiss it. My tongue went in but found no tongue to dance with. I licked around and pushed in and out like it was a small wet cock. I felt her pussy open some as I kept licking it. I found her clit and licked and sucked that and soon I felt her fucking my face. I could hear her saying things to me.

“Suck it old man, lick it like you have never licked a pussy before. Please me and I shall be yours forever. OH yes do that. Yes suck your little girls clit. Pull it into your mouth like I had a small cock. I’m getting close. So close that I’m going to cum in your mouth.” I felt her fucking my face and my nose was pushing into her ass as she did it. Then I felt a mouth on my cock. It was Karen. Karen was sucking me as I sucked on my granddaughters pussy. I felt the taboo of it but I could not stop.

“I’m going to move some and I want you to lick and tongue my ass. Lick it like a slave. Lick it like the ass sucker you are. Think of all the years you thought of doing that to me. Think of when I sit on your lap and you got a little hard and I would stand up and go to my room. Think of how many times you went to your room and jacked off thinking of this. Think of me pushing my dildo in and out my pussy , thinking of you doing it. Watching me as I fucked my cunt and then my ass with it. Come on I’m close. When I cum your going to fuck me, fuck my ass like you have wanted to for the last few years.”

Soon I was licking and sucking her ass. My face pushed up and my tongue going in and out. I have always loved eating ass. But to do it to your granddaughter. What was I doing. I held her cheeks open and pushed her ass tight to my face. I felt Karen pull off my cock and then I could feel her licking my grand daughters pussy.

“Make it wet old man. Make it wet for your cock to go in. Your going to fuck my ass and make me scream. Make me beg you to fuck me harder. Your tongue feels great in my ass, Karen’s tongue feels great in my pussy. Make me beg for it. Make me call your name. What name would you like? Old man, Daddy, Uncle Bob, Granddad or Father? Now fuck me, fuck me like no other man has fucked me!”

I could feel that she was close. I pushed her off and then told her to lie face down on the table I was going to fuck her.

“Lie down, face down at first and I’m going to start to fuck you. Then your going to scream. Your going to call me what ever you like. First I’m going to stick it in your pussy get it wet and then fuck your ass. Then I’m going to turn you over so you can look me in the face as I fuck your ass. I know that is what you want baby girl!”

I pushed her down hard. This was not going to be a love fuck. I was going to fuck her hard and fast. I wanted her to know that I was the person in charge. I pushed her legs open and put the head of my cock on her pussy lips. I smiled to myself. I placed my cock on her pussy lips. I could feel the wetness of them on my head. I could feel it dripping out onto my cock. I knew what I was going to do. But no one else did!

“Slow and easy or?” By the time I got the word “or” out I had push in about 7 inches. It was hard to get it in but I did get it in. I could hear her scream and try to pull off but I held her in place. I pulled back and in once more. Then after about 5 strokes I pulled it almost all the way out. Then down hard and fast. I push it all the way in and Rose let out a scream.

“Holy Fuck granddad I never thought I would get it from you like that. OH does it feel good but it does hurt some. I have never had a cock that size in my cunt.” I started to fuck her slow and then when I felt her open, just a little I started to fuck her faster and harder. I had all 10 inches in my granddaughters pussy. I could hear he grunt each time I pushed in and felt her tight young pussy grab my cock. I held her in place . If not I might have pushed her off the bed. Karen had gotten up and was standing behind me. Her right hand holding my balls as I fuck this ‘new’ girl. I was thinking if she knew that this young 20 year old was my granddaughter. Or was this just another roll play game. I now felt her finger rubbing my ass hole once more. Karen and I have done this a few times with others.

I pulled out and then placed my cock head by her ass. I could feel her tighten up. Karen new this was going to happen and she had placed a tube of anal lube by the bed. I put on about 6 drops and started to push in. At first it was to tight to get my head in. My cock is not that wide. I would say it was about as wide as an empty toilet paper roll. But it is not that hard it can not bend some. I could hear Rose breathing and she would breath out each time I pushed in. This girl knew how to ass fuck.. Soon I had about half in her. I have fucked a few girls and a few TS’s asses. But none of them felt this tight. I was just pushing in and pulling out and then I heard her say.

“Granddad don’t push it in all the way. Let me turn over so I can watch you as it goes all the way in. See the look on your face and also let you see the look on my face. Please granddad?” I was still going in and out. I felt Karen’s hand on my balls and she pull them back each time I pushed in.

I now rolled her over. Pushed her legs up and bent her legs so her knees were now on her tits. MY cock once more on the edge of her ass hole. I could see her eyes and they told me “YES”. Once more I started to push. I just got the tip on when I heard Karen say.

“I love this roll playing game you two have going on about granddaughter and granddad. Wish I would have thought of it.”

Rose looked at Karen and just let it out. “Who said it was a game! Karen. This is my grand father and I have thought of doing him years back. Never knew he had a cock like this. If I did I would have fucked him when I was 18.”

I just couldn’t take anymore. I pushed in and it went in. Deeper then I thought. It was tight and hot. Words can not tell the way her ass felt around my cock. I went in and bent so it could keep going. Soon I had about 7 inches in and I pulled out. Then right back in. I looked down and could only see about 2 to 3 inches left. I dropped a few drops of anal lube on the rest and pulled it out. Then I watched her face as I pushed back in. Taking 7 inches she smiled and then I pushed in 8. Her eyes open wide and I could see a tear. I pulled back about 2 and then pushed in three. I now had 9 inches in her. Her mouth was closed . And I could feel her tighten up once more. I watched her bite her lower lip and her face looked like she was in pain.

“Please granddad do it, do it fast. Don’t make me wait. Give it all to me. Make me yours. Please!” The look on her face told me all I wanted to know. I pushed down hard and I felt it go in. My balls now touching the bed and her cheeks. I was now balls deep in my granddaughters ass. I did not move for about 5 seconds. Her mouth was open I could hear her breathing and see her tongue touching the inside of her upper teeth. Then I watched as she bite her lip once more.

“Oh my god. I have never felt this full. I have never had anything in my ass that long. Not ever my dildo. Karen has my grandfather fucked you this deep?” Mary open her eyes and looked at Karen. She then swallowed. It looked like she just swallowed a load of cum.

“No I have never had him that deep. Are you guys joking me? This is your real grandfather? Did I hear this right?” Karen looked at me and back at Rose or Mary what ever.

‘Yes he is. But he never knew I was doing this. But I’m glad he comes in.” Mary looked back at me. “Granddad will you now make love to my ass. I do not think I could take a hard fucking. So please go slow at first. Let me open some and get use to that thing. Please?”

I knew from all the others if I pull all the way out it will hurt each time I push all the way in. So what I do is pull out about a littler less then hallf and then back in. A tip from your uncle Bob. Try it that way. It works better. I pull out about 4 inches and then back in about 3, out5 in 4, then out 4 then all the way in. Pull out about 5 and go in about 4 do that for about 5 times and then all the way back in. I have had it done to me like that and it will drive you nuts. It feels better then pulling out most of it and then going in all the way back in. It does hurt that way. And it makes no difference how big you are. An ass will close up if you pull it all the way out and try to go back in. Half way out, for me that is 5 then just over half of that in 2 ½ then out some and in a littler more.

I started to make love to my granddaughters ass. This is something that I never thought of doing. Yes I have thought of her but never thought I would be doing it. In and out I went. It was like a church bell ringing. IN out, in out, in out. With each in and out I watched her get higher and higher. I knew the feeling from being fucked just like this. After the first time I knew why girls like to be fucked. Soon I was getting close to shooting. I started to move faster. I watched her face to see if it was the right time. Soon her legs open and she put them around me. I started to move faster. Soon I was going in and out almost as fast as I could. I could hear Karen talking to us.

Chapter 3 — Slippery Slope.

I didn’t spend my entire college career waking up with strange women, still drunk from the night before and covered in bodily fluids. OK, so I did a lot of that, but I did hold down a steady relationship for two years with a pretty little thing named Gina. It will be a long time before I run out of stories about this girl.

Gina was dark and sexy with a full body of luscious delights. She had this strange ability to be cute as a button no matter what she was doing. Her smile was a weapon; you couldn’t resist it. Her teeth were big and perfect and her lips seemed like they could no longer contain them as she beamed her giant smile at you. She was dark of eye and hair, the latter semi long and flowing, the scent of tea roses never absent. Her figure was on the verge of voluptuous, a term she hated but that fits her perfectly. Perhaps she was an inch or two wide at the hips, but with a thin, high waist and full young breasts her figure was a lovely hourglass.

She was a good girl when I got my hands on her, but she was looking for the flimsiest of excuses to get out of that business. A girl who proclaims she is saving her virginity for marriage while she is rubbing the head of your cock against her clit is lying, my friends. She had a lot of fun being horrified at the things I asked her to do, but she put very little effort into resisting them.

After a while our sexual relationship became a little stale as we reached a point where we were a bit timid in really asking for what we wanted. We decided to try something we called “being in charge,” which was a date where one of us was to follow the other’s requests without fear of hurt feelings or unfulfilled desires. I don’t think it was really a dominance and submission thing, just a more one-way affair where one person got to be the center of attention for the night.

I went first to get the ball rolling, and that night was fairly successful. We didn’t do anything shocking or revolutionary but it gave us both a certain comfort level to be a little bit selfish and really express what we wanted. Gina’s first night involved a set of instructions on cards and contained a not-so-secret message for her final command.

My second night in charge was almost a failure. I think in the end it turned out well, but I sure wouldn’t have predicted it that way. I had some ideas and plans but an unfortunate series of events including tests, forgotten homework, detailed labs, a group project and an emergency trip home (a two hour drive each way on a Tuesday night) to say good bye to my 15 year old dog Lucky pretty well torpedoed my creativity and libido. By Thursday evening, our normal play time, I was a burned out shell of a man. Gina arrived at my door glowing with anticipation and eager to get to it, but I just didn’t have it in me.

She knew many of my reasons for being so wrung out but I hadn’t shared the loss of the family pet. I’m a big tough guy, you know? I was a walk-on to the football team for a season (well, the practice squad anyway) until my knees gave out. I’m a powerful slab of man meat, damn it! I’m not supposed to cry when my dog gets put down, right? Well, I went and lost it.

Crying in my girlfriend’s arms isn’t sexy, I know. Sorry. I’ll skip past half an hour of touchy feely crap, but I will mention that in terms of non-sexual intimacy it was a pretty powerful moment that served to bring us closer together. Eventually she brought the conversation back to our original intent for the evening.

“So what can I do for you? I’ll understand if you just want to walk me home. It’s your night so you get what you want.” Gina had an uncanny ability to shine at nearly anything. She could be the cutest of cute, the raunchiest of raunchy, the coyest of coy — you name it. As I lay in her arms and she looked down at me with her deep brown eyes I felt positively covered in love.

“Oh no, I need you here.” I ran my fingers through the dangling threads of her soft brown hair.

“Then you need to come up with some orders, sir.”

“All right. Tell you what; I want a massage. Full body, slow and relaxing, gentle and calm. Is that OK?”

“Baby it’s your night! Of course that’s OK. Can it be naked?” That twinkle in her eye was irrepressible.

“You better believe it.”

In a flash we were both naked and I went belly down on my enormous throw pillow on the floor. The thing was four feet to an edge and more of a piece of furniture than a pillow. And it was perfect for all kinds of shenanigans. Gina fished the big bottle of massage oil out of my desk and popped it open as she settled down to sit on my butt. She poured a bunch of it out on my back and went to work.

It was nice. I can’t tell you how much that helped my state of mind. Her slippery hands roamed my back, pressing the knots out and shooing the stress away. I was in heaven as she worked my back slow and gentle. And she did a very nice job; she took her time and she was very thorough, rubbing my legs, calves, feet, arms, hands, etc. I was actually enjoying it so much I started to drift away into glorious sleep.

She didn’t take kindly to that.

Had I been a few minutes further on I might not have noticed that she wasn’t using her hands anymore. I perked up when I recognized her heavy breasts sliding over my back. That didn’t last long and in moments she was lying on me and sloshing around, pressing her fun bags into me and whispering into my ear.

“Time for the other side.” Oh hell yes! I flipped over and punched up the pillow to prop me up a little, then settled down for the show.

Gina got back down on top of me, straddling me across my thighs. She dumped another load of slippery oil on my chest and belly and then got to work. That lasted a far shorter time than the backrub, since we weren’t alone for long. Big Jim quickly rose to the occasion, since every time she bent over to reach my upper chest she rubbed into him. That and the view of her lovely, heavy tits dangling over me were quite enough to produce a rigid boner right quick.

I groaned when her slippery hands wrapped around my shaft. This was going to be a good one. I’ve never been a fan of hand jobs but I had a feeling this one would go above and beyond.

She scooted up a bit until her bush was just at the base of my cock so it almost looked like it was hers and she was jacking herself off. I hate to say it but it was pretty hot.

“So this is what I would look like with a penis.” She stroked it absently, examining more than exercising it.

“I don’t think I could date you if you had one of your own.”

“No? You wouldn’t suck my cock, baby?” The lurid sneer on her face was just plain nasty. “I bet you would. If I had a big dick like this you’d beg me to suck it.”

“No way, baby. I love that pussy too much.”

“Well what if I had both? What if I had a big dick and my tight little pussy and they were both yours?”

“Then I guess we’d be having very, very weird sex right now.”

“I think I’d like watching you suck me.” Remember this conversation for later, in case you read further installments of the In Charge series.

She let the hermaphrodite musings behind and got back to work. She started rocking her hips and grinding her clit against the base of my cock in time with her jacking hand. That was nice and sexy. What had started as a slow, relaxing massage had quickly turned much more active. I was glad I hadn’t drifted off.

I grabbed for the bottle of oil and handed it to her.

“Get those big titties all lubed up and jack me off with them. I want to see my dick slide between your tits.”

“Yes, master!” She said it with breathless enthusiasm like she always did, like a lusty Jeannie from that old TV show. Damn, I should have gotten her to wear an outfit like that for Halloween. Ah, well…hindsight is 20/20.

Gina squirted the slippery stuff all over her D-cups and smeared them around in a hell of a show. Her breasts are full and plump, not so big as to be cumbersome or distracting, but damn near perfect for whatever you want. She’s got enough to smother me in an avalanche of boob, enough to keep my hands busy without heavy lifting, and the perfect amount of space in between for some slip and slide. Her areolas are smallish and her nipples dark and hard most of the time. She loves gentle stimulation and languid tongue strokes on them almost as much as she likes a bit of teeth or a hard pinch.

Regrettably, the pillow was the wrong place for a titty fuck. She bent over and tried to obey my commands but the position was troublesome. She got down on her front and sort of mauled my cock a bit, pushing it around with her breasts but not really getting the job done.

“That’s not working. Lets try the chair.” She got off me and I rose, then dropped into the comfy chair. That was much better, though I almost slid right out of it due to all the oil. She sat down on the floor in front of me and lifted her luscious tits to my lap, then wrapped my big dick in soft, slippery flesh.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the only thing better than the feel of that girl is the sight of her. She pushed her plump, heavy breasts together and engulfed me, then started moving them up and down, caressing my dick and sending me to heaven. The whole time her lovely, angelic face smiled up at me. She could always find that perfect balance between cherubic glee and naughty leer.

I will take a moment at this point for a public service announcement: always use edible massage oil. I didn’t have the stuff back then and I wish I did because that tit job would have been even better if she would have used her mouth. Alas, the stuff I had was fairly nasty on the tongue if not downright poisonous. Don’t make my mistake.

Now…Oh yeah, the slippery boob job. She made an event out of it. She would let my cock languish in a delicate, relaxing press of her warm flesh for a while, then change pace for an energetic bouncy titty fuck for a bit, then slip back into the slow and low. It was glorious. After maybe twenty minutes she dropped her breasts and recoated my cock with oil, then gave me a very strong double hand job that brought me right to the edge. There she paused.

“Are you ready to cum for me baby? I need some orders.”

“Get up and turn around. I need that pussy right now.” I was always amazed that her wide, lovely smile could go wider. She hopped up and turned around, pushing her full, soft derriere at me. I took her by the hips and guided her down while she reached between her legs and pointed me straight up. I slid in without a hint of resistance. She was pretty slippery herself, but with all that oil on me I was seriously lubricated.

“Go as fast as you can, baby. I can’t hold back.”

She rocked forward and back, grinding her pussy on me and wrenching my cock around by the base in just the way she knew would get me off fast. I can hold back an orgasm pretty easily with a straight in-and-out or if I am on top, but when I was buried all the way inside her and she started grinding…I was a gonner.

In moments I gripped her hips and held her down, my cum flowing out of me as I convulsed. She had to hold on the chair arms to keep from toppling as my orgasm roared through me. I didn’t think that pussy could get any sloppier, but as I filled it up I discovered it could. I was deliriously happy and I deflated into the chair as the last of it left me. You couldn’t get that smile off my face with a crowbar.

Gina didn’t stop gyrating, though. In fact she sped up, putting a bit more hip into her motions.

“I want another,” she said, throwing a lecherous glance over her shoulder. I desperately wanted to see her hop off me and slurp up the mess she made but the oil wouldn’t allow that. Still, I was happy with another round. My second orgasm is usually tougher to conjure than the first but I was down for the challenge and Gina was a wizard with my cock.

“Then you go get it, baby.” I had very little work to do. I just sat back and watched her work. My body always seems to go slack after I cum and it took a few minutes before it came back online, but before long I was in the groove. I entertained myself with handfuls of her slippery tits while she worked.

After a while I started to tense up with a sequel. She had been paying close attention to my body and she recognized the signs.

“Did you make another one for me?” she asked.

“Special delivery in about one minute,” I announced.

“I’ve got a special place for this one.” Holy shit, I loved that girl.

She pushed herself up off my dick and moved it back just a bit, then slick as a whistle she dropped herself on my cock again. I was balls deep in her back door in a flash, no preamble, no gradual insertion — nothing. Boom! Dick in ass. Gina grunted a little as she landed, then went right back into her gyrations as if nothing had changed.

I moaned like a beached whale as another lightning bolt flew out of me, splattering her insides again. She rode me like she had before, her ass clenched tight around the base of my cock, milking it hard. My eyes rolled back up in my head and I’m surprised I didn’t pass out. My body was twitching and jerking in ecstasy, even after the last drops were out of me.

When again I collapsed, she still didn’t stop. Instead of the grinding she switched to long strokes, letting me slip almost all the way out before dropping back down to engulf me again. She did it several times, slow and gentle on the upstroke and fast and hard on the down. After a few minutes she had to stop because my well-used erection was giving way. She finally let me slither out of her back door when she stood up and turned around. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at me with a glow of triumph and superiority, almost gloatingly pleased with herself. She was naked, gorgeous, shimmering with oil, gleaming with happiness, and dripping semen from both holes.

“I am the best girlfriend ever.”

“You were that half an hour ago. Now you are…legendary.”

“Are you going to write epic poems and stories about me?”

“You know, I just might.”

Lyden must deal with Lisa’s passing, if he’s going to be able to face the challenges before him. A promise to fulfill, friends to keep safe, and a fated meeting with the Pillar of Earth await Lyden in this chapter.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 28

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The Earth Mother

A slight buzzing sound becomes insistent, growing steadily into alternating noises, which in turn become voices speaking insensibly. After a bit, the voices become understandable.

“. . . been asleep for over a day.”

“The Pillar of Earth is expecting us.”

“I tried to see if he’d let me into his mind while sleeping, but instead I just had nightmares about that mountain stronghold.”

“He needs to recover from saving us. It took a lot out of him. I don’t know how he’s going to handle Lisa’s. . . .”

I’m not ready to hear the rest of that yet, and force myself deeper into my own consciousness.

“You need to face it sooner or later,” an unknown, but slightly familiar, voice informs directly in my mind.

“What the—” I sit up, looking around. It takes me a bit to recognize the inside of the Orange Bubble due to a couple changes. A burbling fountain is new, and there is now a large metal cage in one corner, Emmet huddled up in the bottom, hugging his knees, his foot heavily bandaged.

“You’re awake,” Brooke says carefully, leaning over me in the large bed, and placing the back of her hand against my forehead. “How do you feel?”

A piece of something I’d heard floats through my mind, and I answer, “Like I’ve been asleep for over a day.” Gently I brush the assassin’s hand away, and begin rubbing my temples. My whole body aches, and my head throbs, but I force myself to deal with it. I have more important things to do right now.

“Lyden. . . .” Brooke’s voice trails off hesitantly, and she refuses to look at me as I crawl out of bed. Someone had at least seen fit to put me in a pair of boxers.

“I know,” I tell her. “Lisa’s gone.” Walking over to the wardrobe, I’m glad I decided to restock it with some normal clothes, as I get dressed. “Areth, when does Gaia expect me?”

“She told me to come when you were ready,” the pixie states, poking her head out of the pool at the bottom of the fountain. Even she seems to be walking on eggshells around me. Is she worried that I’ll be angry about her changing my car even further after I’d told her not to? Angela abandoned me again. As long as the only changes are necessary, then I can’t find it in myself right now to object. Part of me wonders what the succubus felt when the fountain was created inside a portion of her soul.

“Look everyone—” I start, but Brooke cuts me off.

“Lyden, you need to grieve. Acting like this isn’t healthy.” Brooke’s hand grips my shoulder and she tries to pull me into a hug.

Pulling away, I hold her at arm’s length.

She’s right son. You need to take some time—

“I’ll grieve when I have time,” I tell her firmly, and mentally cut off the voice of my father. “Lisa asked me to be strong. I know I’ve been a bit down and hard to live with, but thanks to Lisa, I realize how selfish I was being.”

“Lyden, no—” Jennifer states, stepping forward.

“Stop, all of you, just stop,” I state, raising my voice, trying to stamp down the emotions that are threatening to overwhelm me. “Inside I’m torn up and empty at losing Lisa. I loved her, just as I love all of you. I’ll deal with that loss when I have the time. Right now, Aldol is trying to destroy both worlds, and I need to meet with Gaia in order to get her help in stopping it. What is it, Areth?” The whole time I’d been speaking, she’d been trying to interrupt.

“Gaia wants all of us to go, not just you,” the golden fairy informs me, taking to the air and dripping water below her.

I glance at those around me, noting that everyone who’d been a part of the ordeal with the Paladonic Knights is here. Jewkes and Jennifer are standing next to the cage with Emmet, guarding him. Brooke is slowly moving her hand through the water in the fountain.

“But the laws against humans going to your world,” Becky states, talking for the first time since I woke up. Her eyes are bloodshot, and it’s obvious she’s been crying a lot. Walking over to the short brunette, I pull her into my arms. Her arms pull me tighter to her, as she presses her face against my chest. Brooke frowns at me, and I realize I’d turned away her hug. I know I’m going to pay for that later. As Becky cries silently, I look to the fairy, waiting for an answer to Becky’s question.

“Gaia said she wants all of us,” she says, surprisingly landing on Becky’s shoulder, getting it wet and patting her head consolingly. What’s gotten into the fairy while I was asleep? When did she begin caring? “The Earth Mother even wants these giant humans for some reason.”

Becky actually laughs slightly at the fairy’s remark, and pulls away from my arms. For a moment the emptiness had been a little less empty while she’d held me, but as she steps away, my emotions threaten to overwhelm me again. I stamp them down, locking them away for later.


“What are we going to do about him?” I ask, looking to Emmet and ignoring Shemhazau.

“You might as well kill me and get it over with,” the man states, lifting his balding head and glaring at me.

“I’m not going to kill you,” I tell him firmly. “You helped me escape and we’re not sadistic monsters, no matter what your order might think.”

“But you’re a monster from the other world. You killed the Grand Meister, and were going to kill my brethren,” he protests weakly.

“They were trying to kill me,” I remind him. “When given another option, I spared them. I might be able to turn into a monster, but that doesn’t make one.”

Emmet turns away from me, ignoring my statement.

“He’s been like that ever since you released him,” Jewkes says. “We can’t leave him behind while we’re gone, and we can’t let him go. He’s too dangerous.”

“Have you been able to go home?” I ask him, and then turn to look at everyone. “Have any of you?”

“No,” Richard answers my question. “They know who we are. We figured it wasn’t safe, and since there’s enough room here, even if it’s a bit cramped, we’ve kept on the move.”

“What about your wife?” I ask him, worried for the older woman that Angela had once mimicked.

The man grimaces, and I notice his eyes dart towards Jennifer before looking back at me. “I told her I was on an extended stakeout. Hopefully that’ll hold off on anyone looking to get to me through her.”

“We’re not evil enough to attack the innocent!” Emmet protests indignantly from his cage.

“Lisa was innocent!” I yell, suddenly enraged, and then have to calm myself as I see the man’s eyes open wide in terror. “She was completely human, but that didn’t stop your Grand Meister from using her as a hostage or slitting her throat.”

The captive man works his jaw for a few moments, trying to come up with something to say, before spinning around, and sitting back down. Apparently he has no argument. The healer can’t even claim it was in self-defense, because he’d been inside me, and knows that my promise to leave without harming anyone had been sincere.

Turning back to Jewkes, I ask, “Ready to go on another adventure, then? Sounds like you’re all invited.” I likely sound happier than I really feel, and hope it doesn’t sound as forced as it is. I hate having anyone else going into danger with me, but I’m beyond trying to fight it anymore.

“Not going to ask me?” Jennifer asks with an edge to her tone. “How sexist of you, Lyden.”

A laugh bubbles up from my chest before I can stop it. “Like you’d pass up the opportunity to grab my monster cock again!”

She stares at me for a moment before laughing, and soon everyone with the exception of our prisoner is smiling.

“It was quite the monster in your other form, too!” Jennifer chortles.

“I assume we need to use the elevator?” I ask Areth, glad to have had an actual reason to smile. It’s not often I can get one past the large-chested woman.

“The elevator?” she repeats, lifting up from Becky’s shoulder and heading back to the fountain. “Do you really think I was able to get a dragon through that thing?” She laughs, splashing herself merrily. “You are a dolt! No, Gaia made me a gateway closer to her home when I first went to go see her.”

Well, at least she’s no longer tip-toeing around me.

“Hey, how did you find me back there, anyway?” I ask, wondering about the fairy’s fortuitous arrival at the Paladonic Knight’s base.

“Well, after I helped make arrangements for your dragon girlfriend, I came back and sensed you up in the mountains.” I wonder if she could sense me, or the portions of her soul that reside within me. “When I realized you were partying with those wicked knights, I knew you’d need a dashing heroine to come save your giant arse!” I can’t help but smile at her attitude, and even have to stifle a laugh when she sticks her tongue out at Emmet.

I notice even Becky breaks a tremulous smile.

“If you’re done saving my massive hind-quarters, then let’s get going,” I tell her with a not-quite-forced smile.

“Sure, we just have one stop to make first,” she tells me, but I turn to face Brooke.

She tries to walk away from me, but I catch her and turn her to face me.

“It’s okay,” she tells me, her green eyes blazing in contradiction with her words. “She needs you more right now. I understand.” She pulls away from me, and I try to turn her back, but Becky grabs me, hugging me tightly.

I know my childhood friend is hurt, but she’s right. Becky does need me more at the moment.

We hold each other for a bit, imparting what comfort we can to each other, until my car comes to a stop.

“So what’s this other stop we need to make?” I ask, finally getting curious.

“Master?” a familiar voice asks, as my car door opens. “Master!” Sheila is suddenly next to Becky and I, prostrating herself on her knees and hugging my legs.

“We needed to get her?” I ask, uncomfortable with my ex-boss’s behavior in front of everyone. I catch Emmet sneering from his cage.

“Have I displeased you, Master?” Sheila suddenly wails. She lets go of my legs, and prostrates herself on the floor. “Punish me, Master! I need to be punished.”

“No,” I quickly tell her, blood rushing to my face in embarrassment. “I would rather you stay safe here, than going back to the Shadow World,” I reassure her, placing my hand under her chin and guiding her to her feet. “No punishment is necessary.” I see her eyes drop in disappointment. “Yet,” I add, with a light tap on her rear to appease her. I try my best to ignore the knowing looks I’m getting.

“Personally, I could use an excuse to get out,” Thomas says as he steps in, Ondine directly on his heels. For some reason, the mermaid doesn’t look too pleased as she stays in the older man’s shadow. “Sheila, your replacement at work is ugly, and I swear he only bathes once a week.”

“Is AnnaBelle coming too?” I ask, wondering if everyone who’s had any part in this adventure will be along for this trip.

“I called her,” Thomas states, giving Emmet an odd stare in his cage, “but apparently her Reverend has disappeared, and she’s had to step up to cover for him in his absence.” The older man turns to me, and gives me a significant look. We both know who Reverend Michael Chilton really is, and I suspect I know why he’s really vanished. AnnaBelle refused to accept that the man is truly the demon Marchosias. I still don’t understand why a demon would pretend to be a man of God.

“Well, if this is everybody, then we’d better get moving,” I state, heading for the driver’s seat. Even though I can’t really drive the Orange Bubble anymore, sometimes I just feel more in command when sitting here. “Where to, Areth?”

The four-inch woman lands lightly on my shoulder, soaking it, and I follow her directions out of town towards the portal. We pull over by a large farmer’s field as the sun begins setting, and the pixie grabs something, zooming out the door.

Through the distortion of my windshield, I can make her out placing a shiny object in front of my headlights, and a moment later, the air in front of my car begins to shimmer and brighten. The Orange Bubble moves forward and the late evening light becomes full daytime as we pass through the portal. Areth re-enters the car, and I see she was carrying a prism. That must have been what caused the shimmering.

“I’m glad we had your lights,” she tells me, landing on my opposite shoulder. Thankfully she’s dry this time. “We would have had to wait for morning, otherwise.”

“Where have you taken me, beast?” Emmet demands from his cage, fear staining his voice.

“Over the rainbow,” I tell him, smiling at my own little joke. He apparently doesn’t like my sense of humor.

“You have a promise to keep,” the pixie states, and I groan as I realize what she’s referring to. Despite the distortion of my windshield, I know what creature is in front of us.

“Aren’t there more important things we need to be about?” I ask, not liking this one bit.

“Do you really want to go face Gaia with a broken promise in your heart?” the golden woman asks me a bit too merrily. She’s receiving too much enjoyment from this. “Besides, your dragon girlfriend is right there waiting for you.”

Looking out, I stare at the massive blue object, and know that it’s the female dragon Areth brought into. . . . Wait a minute. . . .

“Areth, this is all your fault!” I proclaim, glaring at her indignantly.

“Perhaps,” she concedes, not seeming in the least bit apologetic, “but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to go out there and do perverted things with your newest girlfriend.”

While I admit that she’s right, I don’t let up on my glare until I get out of the Orange Bubble.

Blue looks down at me, and somehow I can tell she’s not happy. Considering she stands about twelve feet tall, and has a mouth full of very sharp teeth, I feel a little unsettled. It takes a great deal of effort to change forms—still worn out from yesterday and nothing to fully recharge my system—and I leave a small crater behind me, using the mass of the ground for my current shape. Odd, how I hadn’t noticed that the first time I’d changed. Luckily every time I make the change, it gets easier.

The less said about the next few hours the better. Suffice to say that it was violent, slightly bloody on both ends, but I did my duty and have plenty of energy. As Areth had said, I did a lot of perverted things to Blue. For her part, Blue was surprised to find herself fully healed after the culmination of our mating.

For my part. . . . Naw, nevermind. I’m going to just block out those hours from my memory.

I am however, surprised when Blue follows me back to my car, and sticks with me after changing back into my usual human body with clothing. Thankfully I have plenty of energy for that!

“I did what I needed to,” I state, wondering if there was something I had missed. “Why is she following me now?”

“We know you did,” Jennifer laughs lewdly. “We could hear it from here. I didn’t realize she was a growler . . . or was that you?”

Despite myself, I can feel my cheeks blushing at the bawdy woman’s remarks.

“Dragon’s don’t lay their eggs for at least a couple months after mating,” Ondine states, talking for the first time, her voice subdued for some reason. What’s happened to her over the last few days? She’d been so happy when Thomas agreed to take her in, but she seems withdrawn now. “It looks like you’ve gotten yourself another loyal follower.” Her melancholy tone makes that sound like a bad thing.

Looking back up at Blue, part of me is happy to have her on my side. The more rational part of me wonders what on Earth, or the Shadow World, I’m going to do with a dragon.

Knowing that there is little I can do about it at the moment, I get back into my car. Continuing to follow Areth’s directions, my car jounces as it travels over rough ground. By the time we come upon a large city, a lone mountain peak rising out of its center to tower into the clouds, everyone with the exception of the wounded Paladonic Healer is ready to get out and walk.

“Gaia has promised us safe passage,” Areth states, as we step out, and look at the buildings that make up the city. Every building looks as if it was carved straight from the ground. Solid rock walls with veins of marble, gold, silver, and every other rock and mineral, surround windows and doorways. Grass grows on almost every building.

“What do we do about him?” Jewkes asks, tilting his head towards our prisoner.

“The Earth Mother requests that he come along as well,” a new gravelly voice states, and I spin around, hand on Murasame’s hilt ready to do battle as Blue growls menacingly behind me. I become a little hesitant when I see the speaker. “Relax generator, I am sent to guide you to the Earth Mother.” The thing is made entirely of rocks, with what appears to be mud or clay for joints, and stands an easy ten feet tall.

“Golems are Gaia’s elite force,” Brooke says, placing her hand atop mine, and I have to force myself to let go of my sword’s hilt.

“Awe, I wanted to see who would win,” Areth pouts, but gets over it quickly as she flies up to the thing’s head and sits down. “George here, is Gaia’s head general.”

“George?” I ask. The thing doesn’t look like a George.

“He doesn’t have his own name, no golem does, so I named him George,” the fairy informs me haughtily.

“You couldn’t have come up with something like Rocky?” Jennifer asks, sizing up the golem.

“Hmph,” Areth grumps, before turning and pointing the way into the city. “Onward, George.” She commands, and the golem obeys her. Despite his large size, the being walks silently.

Jewkes quickly unlocks Emmet’s cage—where had he gotten a key?—and pulls out a pair of handcuffs, cuffing the man’s wrists. “No funny business and I can guarantee you won’t have any problems from us,” the officer informs him. Richard has to help the wounded man walk, until Areth notices and commands George to carry Emmet.

The man squeaks in panic as he’s hoisted into the air, and I can see him trying desperately to scramble out of the Golem’s arms, but George implacably keeps a hold of him—holding the man much as an adult carries a small rambunctious baby—until Emmet calms down. The whole scene is rather comical to watch, and I even catch Becky smiling smugly at the wounded man.

Until now, I’d never considered how she must feel, having one of the order that’s responsible for her friend’s death with us, but from the almost malicious glee she’s receiving while watching Emmet struggle, I wonder if I’m going to have to protect him from her, or if I’m even willing to. We all know Emmet wasn’t responsible for Lisa’s death, and we likely wouldn’t have made it away if not for his help, but that doesn’t make him a friend, either. Who knows what dark acts he’d performed in the past against creatures from this world?

“Come on, Blue,” I state, turning to face the dragon. “I’ll feel a lot safer with you at my back.” She lowers her large head, nuzzling my shoulder as we begin walking. When she keeps doing it after a few steps, I realize she wants me to ride her. It takes me a couple minutes to figure out the best way to climb safely onto her back, but once up here, I get a good view of the city. George isn’t the only golem in sight, as they can be seen patrolling many of the streets. As I’ve noticed in other populated places here in the Shadow World, there are more creatures than I know how to describe or recognize, all around us. I spot two large orcs at one point, but they shy away from our group, giving sullen glares to George and Blue.

“Where were you the last time I crossed paths with orcs?” I ask the dragon beneath me sarcastically. Whether she understands me or not, she just continues crawling after the golem.

We receive a number of stares as we pass through the busy streets, and I hear a number of mumblings about humans, and curiosity about what’s going on, but every creature we pass gives George and Blue a wide berth, and we pass through the streets unmolested on our way to the mountain peak. I receive the most stares, and comments; apparently someone riding on the back of a dragon is unheard of or very rare.

“Is that how you mounted her earlier?” Jennifer asks me, arching one eyebrow. “No wonder she was making so much noise. I figured that after your skill at mounting me, you’d know how to mount such a large and magnificent creature.”

Jewkes gives the woman an odd look, a cross between confusion and shock. He probably has no idea how large she used to be.

“You were no easy conquest,” I shoot back at the large breasted woman, “and you bucked a lot more. But I seem to recall your only complaint being how sore you were afterwards.”

She laughs loudly, enjoying our little back and forth. I see Richard approach Thomas and ask him something, and from my coworker’s hand gestures, he’s describing what Jennifer used to look like. The officer gives me an odd look afterwards, and I can only chuckle inside, wondering what he must think of me. I don’t miss that Ondine is directly behind Thomas, head down and sullenly walking. I’m going to have to ask Brooke to find out what’s going on with her.

After about half an hour of walking, the ground noticeably slopes upwards, and the golem leads us towards a doorway in the side of a brown rock building.

George turns to Blue, addressing the dragon directly for the first time. A series of growls comes from the rock creature that Blue seems to understand, and she turns to indicate I should climb down. As soon as my feet touch solid ground, Blue picks up Emmet up with her teeth as George proffers the balding man, and begins to climb the outside of the mountain. The poor healer becomes apoplectic, and hyperventilates before passing out. I’d feel bad for the man, if Lisa’s death weren’t still so fresh in my heart.

“Your girlfriend is taking him up,” Areth announces, “to where we’ll meet Gaia. I know the way from here, George. Thank you!”

We follow the fairy inside, and I can immediately see why Blue had to take a different route. The hallways are just too small for the female dragon. For that matter, even the golem would have a hard time walking down this hallway.

Glowing moss adorns the rock walls, providing an eerie green light—at least, I think it’s green—and we walk in silence. I can’t speak for the others, but I actually start to feel a bit claustrophobic, as though I can feel the weight of the Earth all around us. The floor gently slopes upwards, and at least it’s smooth.

I note that I’m not the only one to breathe a sigh of relief when we enter a large round chamber, numerous doors around the outside, and a balcony with Blue sitting contentedly sunning herself. At her front paws, Emmet lies unconscious.

“Gaia will be with you shortly,” a voice rings out. It takes me a moment to identify the source of the speaker, and I have to shake my head once I finally do. What I had at first taken to be an ugly statue in the center of the room, is in reality a gargoyle. The thing stands so still, that even though I know it was the one that talked, I have a hard time believing it. “Please rest in your rooms, someone will be along shortly to see to any needs you may have. Your rooms are marked with your names, and no one but the owner may enter.” The stone creature stretches its wings and waddles off.

“What now?” Becky asks, coming to my side, and holding my hand.

“We do as the gargoyle suggested,” I state, already seeing a door with my name on it. ‘Lyden’ is written in quartz atop one door, and looking around, I see the names of my other companions on other doors. Everyone except Annabelle’s name that is. I find that peculiar, though. How did she know Annabelle wouldn’t be with us? For that matter, how did she know Emmet would?

“I’ll come with you,” Becky says, following me, but when I step through, she lets go of my arm. I turn to see what’s going on, and notice that her hands and arms are pressed flat against an invisible force, keeping her out.

“What’s going on?” I ask, stepping out and noting that nothing tries to stop me.

“The gargoyle said we can only enter our own rooms,” Brooke states as she comes out of her room, and tries to enter Jennifer’s room next to hers. She is stopped before she can pass the threshold.

“I don’t want to be alone,” Becky wines, and I can feel my heart break for her.

“Gaia wants us split up for a bit,” I say, wondering what the Pillar of Earth’s motives are, but knowing I’m right. “She promised us safe passage. Stay out here if you like, but I could use a shower. I can’t remember the last time I felt clean.” I hug the short brunette to me briefly, enjoying the feeling of her arms tightening around me.

I notice Thomas glaring angrily at his doorframe, as Ondine’s unable to follow him into his room. He’d better be treating her right, I think to myself, pulling Becky tighter to me. I know I could treat the short brunette better right now, but I really want to wash away the day’s events.

“I love you,” I murmur as I pull away, and smile reassuringly as I pull away and enter my room.

Closing the heavy door behind me, I head straight for what I had seen upon entering: a very modern looking standup shower. The walls look to be made of smooth gems, and I wonder how much wealth resides in just this one shower.

Stripping off my clothes, I turn on the water, and then groan in delight as steam begins to fill the open space. A porous rock sits on a shelf, and I guess correctly that it’s there for cleaning. I begin to scrape off what feels like years of dirt and debris from my skin and soul.

“I can see why so many women follow you,” a rich feminine voice states confidently, startling me, and making me drop the cleaning rock. “Hmm, it’s a good thing this isn’t one of your prisons, or you’d be in trouble for dropping that soap.”

“Who are you?” I gasp, trying to cover myself, until I see she’s only gaining more mirth at my attempts, and I finally just stand there, letting her get an eyeful. Looking at her, I can’t deny she’s attractive, with her dark rich skin the color of newly turned earth, and eyes equally as brown. She’s not exactly skinny, but well-proportioned nonetheless, with broad shoulders and wide hips.

“Didn’t the gargoyle inform you that someone would be along to see to any needs you might have?” She has on a slight smile, and I realize that the statue had mentioned this.

“Well, I’m fine,” I state, not missing the fact that she keeps looking at my package. “You can see to the others, if you want.”

“Oh, I can, can I?” she chortles. “They are being seen to already, young generator. I was the one lucky enough to be able to service you.” The way she says that, makes me think the wrong kind of thoughts, and I can’t help but grow a little hard down below. Naturally she doesn’t miss this, either. “I could scrub your . . . back, if you like.” Her hesitation makes me think she was going to offer to scrub something else.

Part of me wants to accept her offer, if only to wash away what transpired between Blue and me earlier, but I feel guilty after having turned Becky away, even if I really didn’t have much choice.

“Thank you,” I try to let her down gently, “but I can manage on my own.”

“Interesting,” the woman states, tapping her lips with one finger. “The fairy said you were quite the pervert, and grew stronger through sexual interactions, yet you turn me down. Am I not pleasing to you?” She emphasizes her question by removing her earth-toned clothing, revealing ample breasts topped by dark nipples that are already hard. Her crotch is clean, except for a small patch of. . . . No way. . . . Looking closer, I have to admit that there is a slight patch of very short grass just above her pussy lips. Is this some kind of Earth nymph?

Realizing I’m staring, I look back up to meet her laughing eyes. There is no hiding the reaction my cock is having to the sight of her luscious body.

“Apparently I am pleasing to you. Could it be, then, that you aren’t just a sex crazed creature of incubus origins?” As she continues to talk, she walks over to the shower, and steps in. “Well, just because you don’t want me to wash your back, doesn’t mean I don’t want you to wash mine.”

There really isn’t enough room for the both of us in here, and as she turns her back towards me. Her soft rear presses against my cock, and I can’t stop from moaning at the touch.

Despite the lack of blood flow to my mind at the moment, I can’t help but wonder at the way she’s acting and her choices in words.

“You’re Gaia,” I state, knowing I’m right. She is too knowledgeable for some simple servant.

“Oh, you guessed it,” she states, turning and winking at me. “Now then, I’m serious about you washing my back.” She wiggles her rump against me, my schlong nestles between her cheeks feeling great, but I don’t yet move to do as she demands.

“But why?” I ask. “Why the act, the subterfuge?”

Sighing heavily, she rests her forehead against one rock wall before answering. “I needed to know that you aren’t someone controlled simply by his cock. Some incubuses are nothing more than sex-crazed creatures, and while you’re not truly an incubus, you share a lot of traits with them, your father having been the king of the succubae. If I’m to help you battle against the creature from outside our dimension, then I needed to know more about you. Thus far, you have satisfied me that you, as a person, are worth helping.” She begins to grind against me in earnest now, and I have to plant my feet and grip the walls to stop myself from tipping over, or ripping into her. “Now I need you to prove to me that you’re strong enough to fight the outsider, as a generator.”

Her knees are bending and straightening, causes the two globes of her glutious maximus to slide up and down the length of my manhood. I understand what she’s after now. Having sex with her will mean she’ll get a portion of my soul, and know my worth, but it also means I’ll get a portion of hers, and her power.

Becky and the others will just have to understand.

Despite how good she feels right now, and how much I undeniably want to just shove my phallus directly into her, I decide to play along with her original ruse. I begin to wash her back. Using the rock soap, I dig my fingers into her supple skin, massaging while I clean.

“Mmm, that feels wonderful,” she tells me, her already deep feminine voice growing deeper with desire, “but wouldn’t you rather clean me in other places?” She wiggles her rump again, making sure I understand her meaning clearly. “Inside me, maybe?”

“I’ll get there,” I try to tell her smoothly, but ruin it with a slight moan at the end. She really does feel good. My hands go to work on her shoulders, and I note with some small surprise that she doesn’t have any knots in her muscles. Regardless, I work my way down her arms until I reach her hands. There is an unmistakable heat growing between us, but I try to ignore it as my hands go to her hips.

“Yes, just shove it in me,” she moans, but it turns to a groan when I push her slightly away from me in order to turn her around. Her eyes meet mine, and there is no mistaking the lust and desire behind the brown orbs, but I do my best to ignore it, while my hands go to work on the tops of her ample breasts. Our eyes remain locked, as her hands go to my groin, and once again I can’t stop the groan that escapes me as her hands grip my hard length, and begin working up and down. One hand rubs the sensitive underside of my cock making my legs twitch in pleasure, while the other works the shaft, and without realizing it, my thumbs are working on her stiff nipples, each of us moaning, each of us wanting more, but somehow I still hold back. I have no idea where I gain the willpower, but I continue on with the massage.

With great effort, I move my hands down to her stomach, and even use my finger to sensuously clean her deep belly-button. She’s not fat by any means, but she does have some nice curves, and I allow my hands to explore them. She ups her game, by removing the hand that’d been working my knob, and moving it to my scrotum, gently massaging the two orbs inside.

I’m the one to finally break eye contact, as I squat down in the small space, and begin washing her legs. My eyes are now level with her crotch, and there is no mistaking the fine grass growing at the top of her swollen lips. More than just water streams down her firm legs, and there is no mistaking how aroused the Pillar of Earth is.

My fingers dig into the strong flesh of her thighs as I continue to wash her. Even though my own thighs are growing stiff while squatting down like this, I take my time, drawing out the tension that is still building within her.

When I can no longer pretend to be washing her, I move my hands to her hot pussy. I start by lightly tickling her grass, and enjoying the throaty moan she lets out. I then move to massage her outer labia, making the Earth Mother moan louder. Using my thumbs to press them together, I quickly pull them apart and press my lips against them, making her gasp, and this time it’s her that has to grip the walls to hold herself up as I suck hard on her inner lips, and run my tongue between them. She tastes like a fresh mountain stream, crisp and clean, though definitely warmer and thicker.

Shoving my tongue deep into her hole brings forth more moans and gasps, before I press firmly against her sex, and lick my way up to her clit. As soon as my tongue touches that magical button, power and strength crash into me as she has her first orgasm. The cramping in my legs vanishes, as I have to fight hard to remember who and what I am. I’d forgotten just how powerful the orgasms of the pillars can be, and I have to wrestle with the new energy in order to keep from being overwhelmed.

Standing back up, I place two fingers of my right hand against her pussy, and vigorously rub her clit, while latching onto her left nipple with my mouth, and my left hand reaches around to grab her delightful rear.

“Oh, you are good, young man,” Gaia croons, her fingers digging into my hair and pulling me tighter to her breast a moment before a second orgasm overtakes her, and once again I’m struggling to stay in control of my sanity. Thankfully it’s a little easier this time, as I have the strength from her first orgasm to buttress myself. “Oh, you aregood!”

As soon as she comes down from this one, she pushes me out of the shower, grabs my wrist, and hauls me out into a sitting room. She leads me over to a low bench, climbs on top on all fours with her ample hind end facing me, giving it a wiggle. “Enough foreplay, I want the whole thing!” she demands with a look at my raging cock, and I’m no longer in any mood to delay.

Stepping forward, I slide my entire length into her in one motion, moaning loudly as my balls slap against her cunt and my pelvis against her cheeks. Her insides writhe around my conforming length, and for just a few seconds I stay motionless, enjoying how good she feels around my shifting member.

“What are you waiting for?” She asks me, pulling forward, and then slamming herself back against me. I take the hint, gripping her hips, and guiding her next movement, slamming even harder into her tight channel. With each powerful thrust, I can feel the tip of my cock hitting her womb and making her grunt.

Lifting my right hand, I can’t help but smile as I realize how tightly I was gripping her, leaving behind light marks in her dark skin where my fingers were. Placing my thumb against her anus, I slowly apply pressure, until I’m in to the knuckle. I can feel my cock separated from my digit by a thin piece of flesh as we continue to screw.

“Oh, that feels good,” she moans, throwing her head back, and slamming against me even harder. A slight sheen of sweat replaces the moisture from the shower on her dark skin, and I can tell she’s getting close to another orgasm.

When it comes, I’m prepared, and don’t even slow down as I drive into her quivering quim. What I don’t expect are the images that begin to flood my mind with this orgasm. I see creatures from all over both worlds, some frightened as earthquakes rock the ground and volcanoes go off, and some rejoicing as previously fallow fields suddenly sprout food, trees blossom, and a farmer walks out to find his corn stalks standing almost twenty feet tall with corncobs to match.

Wondering if what I’m seeing is happening because I’m in the middle of making the Earth Mother scream in ecstasy, or if these are past events, I pull out.

Gaia flips onto her back, and begins to vigorously rub her coochy with abandon. “Oh, you know how to please a woman, but I think it’s time you finish before we affect the world anymore. Shove it in my ass, young generator, and let’s see how long you can last.”

Knowing she’s right, and also knowing that I really want to get off, I place my legs on either side of the bench, and aim my rod for her puckered back hole. It takes me a couple of tries before I get the angle just right, but when my head slips past her sphincter, we both stop, delighting in the sensation. She is incredibly tight, and if she hadn’t been so wet from her orgasms, as well as her fluids dripping down from her pussy, I don’t know if I would have been able to make it inside this orifice.

I know she’s ready for me to continue when she slips two fingers into her cunny, and I slip the rest of my length into her. Perceiving that I need to finish quickly, but wanting to make sure that she gains the most pleasure possible, I use my ability to amplify her enjoyment, placing my hands on her breasts and rubbing her stiff nipples.

Her eyes roll back in her head as I slide my entire length up her colon. Her insides writhe against me, and I moan in delight. Her hand picks up its pace, heatedly frigging herself, and I can feel her insides quiver as she starts to come close once again. Knowing that I’m not far behind, I pick up my own tempo, pulling out, and then slamming back into her rear, twisting her nipples and mauling her breasts. Sweat drips from my brows as I lose myself in the pleasure of her grasping anal cavity and soon find myself shooting deep into her bowels, while she cries out in her own heaven. Our mutual orgasms crash against each other, building and climbing until I can no longer tell where mine ends and hers tries to overwhelm me.

Reality begins to surround me once more, and I find my head resting on something firm but soft. Looking up, I see Gaia’s dark eyes smiling down at me.

“Well, I must say that went better than I expected. If you fuck all your women that well, no wonder they stick with you. No, I know they each love you dearly as well. It’s part of you being a generator,” she tells me as I sit up. She grimaces slightly as I pull out of her, some of my cum following my cock’s exodus and staining the bench. “I don’t know if you’re strong enough to face the outsider, but I think you’re our only hope.”

We get dressed in silence, as I ponder her words. She’d called Aldol an outsider, and I guess that makes sense, seeing as how it’s not from our dimension. Her words about not knowing if I’m strong enough bothers me, but I know I’ll do my best no matter what happens.

“Meet me back in the lobby,” she states as she walks directly for one wall. “We have a lot to discuss.” Without stopping, Gaia walks through the rock wall and vanishes.


Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction, that takes a fair amount of time out of my daily life to write. If you’re enjoying this, then please leave a comment telling me what you like or don’t like about the story. If you’re not enjoying my story, then why are you still reading it up to this chapter?

Sam in Athens.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”

“WE HAVE TO MAKE SWEET, SLOW LOVE and not just fuck.”

Alexia asked as she was dreaming; when Sam was going to make love to her for the first time, or better when he was going to unlock her virginity.

The Three ‘A’s.

Sam dropped the twins at Omonia square so that they could get the feeling of madding Athens—the heat; the smog; the traffic; the chaos and more and more.

‘Call me at about six this evening?’ Sam asked the twins. The taxi drove away towards the Kollonaki area. Just off the centre of the area Sam paid the taxi driver and walked the last few meters to a side door to an exquisite 150 year old apartment which had been restored back to its’ old glory.

It was part of a rather huge building with a dozen or more very spacious apartments, which originally was built in a five story building. The one on the ground floor had its own entrance and it was not attached in any way to the apartment on top. The five floors above the ground floor have their common entrance and stairs; plus, that during recent renovation an elevator was installed.

Next to the block, Sam’s company bought a derelict building that had been in a dangerous state for many years. They cleared the whole area, dug a huge hole in which a four floor car park was build for the residents of both complexes. Parking in Athens was and still is crazy, even though there are many multi floor cars parks, scattered around the city.

Sam entered the ground floor apartment, where he found awaiting him an exquisite scene which looked rather erotic. Candle light bulbs were hanging from different spots, either from the ceiling or fixed on the wall. The light was subdued, rather yellowish and it produced the right romantic feelings. The smell from the few exotic candles, which where fixed to permanently fixed candle holders in well selected places; was not only indispensable but gave that erotic feeling to the atmosphere. It was nothing more than the right place, where one can relax and make love. Sam stood in the middle of what was supposed to be the reception area. He positioned himself in the middle, mesmerized; lost in a dream of being in a place called heaven.

Sam turned around a couple of times on the same spot, lost in thought and in dreams; thinking about that set up which was reproduced in reality from what he had described to Alexia on the telephone.

He could not believe himself as he turned himself again and again, like being on a turntable trying to consume the beauty and that peaceful serene and tranquillity. It felt incredibly heavenly.

He was totally lost for words and shocked, when he heard a door open. The interruption; immediately broke, that heavenly feeling.

‘Do you like it, Sam?’ Sam turned; and coming in from the opened door was this beautiful woman. She walked towards him; shook hands and he gave her a kiss on each cheek. (Not the Dutch way.)

‘I’m Alexia. Please to meet you Sam.’ Sam’s eyes were focused on her beautiful face. He was stunned, trying to absorb her beauty in that heavenly environment.

He became lost for words. He could not utter one word; but he took her in his arms, hugged her and kissed on her lips. Alexia was shocked. Meeting Sam was already a shock. It was their first face to face meeting. She had no idea who Sam was or how he looked like. She was even forewarned; that if she comes face to face with him she should be careful.

She wondered why; as, as he was hugging her, her blood started to boil and the love juices started to flow. She wanted to push him away, but she could not resist doing so. Sam’s potent had already taken over her entire body.

Sam knew that she was lost; she melted in his arms while her sexual feelings became uncontrollable. Therefore, he pulled away from her, just a couple of steps from where he could look at her distressed body.

‘What happened? You are totally … .’ Sam tried to find out some word to justify himself. He knew she was disturbed.

‘I have no idea… sorry… I never been victimized… sorry Sam or using such a bad expression… I mean I had never ever been is such a situation where I let my emotions take over my body; I mean, it was something which I could not control.’ Her face was blushed; her eyes focused on Sam’s face.

Sam was wondering if she had an orgasm, or maybe, it was the decor of the place which she professionally reproduced. Could it be the way she positioned the candles or the way the room looked with the light flowing from different directions; or maybe the exotic smell and the choice of music which made the room so exotic, maybe even too erotic. It was hard to describe; or was it his kiss, which accidently happened to occur lips to lips, rather than lips to cheek. Sam could not get himself an answer as to what had happened to Alexia since the moment his lips touched hers; unless maybe she was still sexually inexperienced.

‘Let’s go to the private part; maybe it’s cooler there.’ Sam suggested as he took her by the arm and together they walked away. They entered the sitting room where she sat on one of the sofas. ‘Like a drink?’ Sam asked.

‘Cold water will do.’ She answered. Sam quickly brought a bottle of fizzy water from the fridge which was in the kitchen, and quickly filled two glasses, one for her and another for him. He did not sit on the sofa facing her but rather at an angle, as he realized what exactly had happened.

‘Sorry about that; I was complimenting you on a fine job well done. I had been totally lost when I found myself surrounded with such an exotic decor. From the moment I entered the reception area, I was hooked; I could only say… what… a genius.’ Sam gave her a look as he finished complimenting her.

‘Sorry Sam… I wasn’t expecting to find you there and so early. It was a shock. As soon as I looked at you… and you grabbed me in your arms I was lost; but the worst happened when you kissed me on my lips…’ She murmured.

‘That kiss on your lips wasn’t deliberate but accidental. I had always been cautious, especially when I meet someone who’s not yet known to me; or on a first time; even if it was a blind date.’ Sam tried to repair the damage that was done with some broken phrases.

‘Sam; lets forget what happened and discuss the project. First, thanks for the confidence you had in me when you trusted me with a project which I really enjoyed doing. We only discussed your ideas on the telephone and you faxed me some drawings. I always loved challenges, but this was the most daring.’

‘You done a fantastic job, especially with the budget you had at your disposal. It’s fantastic. Incredible I must say. The feelings in there are heavenly. I had no words and I had been in only one room. I’m wondering about the others.’ Sam so happy could not stop, but he had to look at Alexia and pass her a sweet smile.

The feelings inside her body started to ignite again, although Sam was careful, as he realized what had already happened.

‘So it means that you are satisfied with my work and how I put all those ideas you came with, into practice…’ Alexia cut him off.

‘…Precisely. Although before I pass my final judgement; I prefer to evaluate the final appearance inside the actual rooms, where the massages will be taking place.’

Alexia was very attentive as to what Sam was saying, although sometimes she felt something which was taking her mind away, especially when they came face to face. ‘Please, we better go… because, although I did not come here only to be complimented; but I want to have your comments as you evaluate the whole project and ask any questions; and above all, anything which you had pictured and which I did not perfectly reproduce.’

Sam was again lost for words after they walked round the massage rooms. The attention to detail, even where and how the massage tables were positioned, the colour scheme of the curtains, the cushioned tops where the recipients will lie while being massaged; the bathrobes, the towels; the hidden loudspeakers with that smooth relaxing music flowing out of them… Wasn’t it heavenly? What about the security cameras; which she explained, that unless something happens, all data will be automatically erased within twenty four hours.

In the second massage area it was synthetic leather which she used to cover the hard type mattress. It looked perfect. Sam just lay down on it and it’s precisely what he pictured. When he communicated his plans to Alexia during their telephone conversation, she perfectly understood what he really wanted.

‘So you were not out of budget, in the end?’ Sam asked.

‘Rather under; there are still some left; and if you are satisfied and don’t need anything else, I will ask my accounts department to return what was left over.’ Alexia informed Sam.

‘Sam wanted to hug her again; but he was scared she thinks that he was about to rape her. She looked very vulnerable and scared. He forgot about the extra money, but he was wondering while they visited the second two rooms, which had the same purpose and the same decor.

There were more compliments and more blushes. ‘Have you ever been complimented?’ Sam asked.

‘Yes I had been, quite a few times; but I never done a job where I worked totally on my own, without ever meeting the owner or the architect; sometimes I even had a complimentary designer helping me.’ She stopped… no more words came out as she was facing Sam.

‘Well, my company had used you before and I had seen and evaluated your work.’ Sam complimented.

‘And your people were always satisfied; but there were more consultation face to face, which on this project there was none.’ Alexia answered as she tried not to come in direct eye to eye with Sam.

‘That’s what I call; a great designer, who quickly understands the client. Alexia Thanks.’

‘I’m very curious Sam, and I like to know why you visualised this environment just to have a massage parlour; and secondly two massage tables, one high and one directly at floor level?’ Alexia asked curiously. She was too innocent to understand.

‘First of all don’t feel uncomfortable with me. I knew what happened to you when we first met. I never did anything to any woman which she did not desire. The rules are; until now, I always told any woman who came my way, first; don’t try to fall in love with me as you will be heart broken, secondly; I am not the marrying type. So if a woman wants to come to bed with me; fair enough, but she knows the rules.

‘Why are you telling me this?’ Alexia asked.

‘Don’t blush, please. I have a long experience with women. I had many who offered themselves and disappointed themselves because they pretended that they can break me. So, I want to make things clear with you. Have you ever been in love? Just say the truth.’

‘No not really; I was more the outgoing type, visit places, countries, studying and broadening my education… I never really ever thought of settling down. I don’t want to say I never thought about marriage; but, maybe I was too independent… I love independence in a way, but I don’t want to say I never thought. It’s nature’s way. No body can deny that; but I don’t think I’m ready for that commitment, not for a few years to come.’


‘Yes, friends I have, but two of them, two professional females are the closest. Mostly we are always together when we go out especially when possible. All of us have our own professions. I am what I am. Aliki is a doctor and Alexandra is a lawyer. In society we are known as the 3A’s.’

‘So if I invite you to my place or go to a restaurant, I have to invite three.’

‘Precisely Sam; and on Saturday we are free, although we already started to make some kind of plans. But I think my friends would love to meet you; especially Alex.’ Alexia became more comfortable talking to Sam, although he was wondering what she had in mind.

‘Why do you think, especially Alexandra?’ Sam asked.

‘She’s hot; she likes men and she loves to enjoy herself and I’m sure she would be delighted to join you in your bed. She will go crazy if you give her that look.’

‘Emmm, this last statement is very interesting. So if you come to my place around four on Saturday and after I welcome you and serve you a drink, I… can politely ask Alex if she would let me escort her to my bedroom, strip her naked and that includes also myself, and then I will spend an hour or so making love, fucking, or sucking. Am I right?’ Sam tried to be a bit vulgar. He wanted to test Alexia!

‘You hit the nail on the head Sam, but beware; because she shouts and can become very aggressive. I told you, she’s hot and wild especially when…’ Sam was not expecting any such answers from Alexia, especially of what happened earlier.

‘Very interesting, I must say. But; before I ask about Aliki, what about your sexual ego? How do you satisfy or better control?’

‘There was a short period when I started to touch myself, you know; but I had even enjoyed those moments with some friends, you know experimenting. Then automatically I gave it up. Believe me, I’m human. I get desires, feelings, probably like everybody else. Sometimes I even get wet. At certain days of the month or when Alex and Aliki decide talk or discuss nothing else; except hot sex I get feelings too, and even sometimes, I will be obliged to say something too. I know that every now and then they touch each other too; but I was never involved, although they had invited me.’ That’s how she described herself in a nutshell.

‘You seems to be a very good manager; how about Aliki?’ Sam asked.

‘Aliki is also a very hot woman but still a virgin. The last couple of months she was trying to find Mr Right with whom she would make it happen, I mean she wanted to loose her virginity. She decided she wants to become a woman but no man had yet fitted to her desires. It may happen next Saturday, if we finally decide to make it to your place.’ It was rather a queer statement. Somebody deciding for somebody else; well, in Sam’s opinion, not were sex was concerned.

‘So you think that I fit that category.’ Sam queried.

‘Well, maybe. Reason is, she don’t want to be with somebody, who later will tell the whole of Athens. Friends usually do. That was reason one. Then she started looking for a foreigner, but she also thought its’ not ideal unless he’s living around, and they can have a few encounters together. So she’s still a virgin. Sam I think you fit all.’

‘Is she the marrying type?’ Sam asked.

‘At least; not for some years to come! At the moment she’s trying to go either to England or Switzerland to continue to specialize in her sector.’

‘Interesting; it could be great! Let’s forget Saturday; what am I going to do with you?’ Sam asked. She looked at him with a rather shocked face, but with a slight smile which never ever had escaped from between her lips.

There was no answer. She was expecting something, but she did not want it to happen as she knew she could become uncontrollable. Sam kept looking at her face and he realized that it was changing colours. He knew what she wanted, but he did not know how he was going to handle the situation.

She looked beautiful; scared and vulnerable. She wanted to run even though she knew that Sam would keep his word and would not fuck her; rip her hymen when she managed to protect it for many years.

‘Let’s go!’

‘Go where?’ Alexia shockingly asked.

Sam grabbed her from her hand and followed him from the inner massage room to first massage room. He stopped close to the massage table. Looking in her eyes first, then turned his eyes towards the fittings hanging; the heavenly ambient, until he was behind her, but not too close.

He knew she was under his spell; but he was rather a bit sceptic. Sam had always tried to be the gentleman and always believed in it. No woman ever came crying back; because they had always been advised.

She worried him, but as he looked at her body from behind, he decided she needed a little exercise so he decided that she needed that special pair of hands to satisfy her new feelings. He made the final step until he was too close. His organ was hard as steel pushing against his trousers, tenting. Light flushed engulfing her body as she felt he was too close behind her.

His lips were close to her ear. His tongue licked her earlobe while his left hand moved slowly under her arm and the palm lightly settled just below her breasts. She became rather uncomfortable as both their bodies pressed against each other. Her heart increased in the beating when she felt something hard pressing exactly where she never wanted to be.

No words escaped from either lip, even when she felt the little zipper on the side of her skirt moving downwards. She wondered what was coming next. Then she heard the click of the hook and her skirt went crawling downward around her legs. Sam’s other hand moved slowly upwards under her sleeveless designer blouse; opening one button after another until the third one was opened.

The upper one was untouched while the same hand cupped her right breast and with the thumb he pressed the bare nipple against the hard lining of her half bra. Alexia pushed her ass backwards and pressed it against Sam’s hard cock which felt like really something huge.

She felt shocked; she wasn’t expecting such a reception, but instead of panicking she pushed her head backwards over Sam’s shoulder while he whispered in her ear and his tongue danced around her earlobe.

‘How do you like it sweetie; eemmm; is it hard enough.’ She moaned as he felt her melting in his arms. She pressed her ass harder, trying to get that feeling which she many times had craved for, although she had never been in such a situation, like that day. His other hand moved also upwards, opening the last button of her blouse followed by the cupping of the other breast. With the two thumbs pressing her hard nipples against the lining of the bra, she moaned again and again while her ass moved up and down, massaging Sam’s steel hard prick.

‘Emmm; it seems you really like what you feel; it seems it feels sooo good; emmmm. I’m happy that you like it. Remember…’ Sam continued whispering as he continued to lick her earlobe and role her nipples. ‘… don’t ask for it. You are not ready; but maybe one day, you will, and under the shade of the olive trees, naked and ready to receive my proud hard cock at your convenience, and which, I will slowly insert it little by little into that hot wet waiting portal of love you have there, between those beautiful sexy legs. Somewhere I’m hopefully sure that I will find that thin layer which you had protected for so long. But not today… today I will check it… I will feel inside … and try to sense, if it’s still secured… If accidently is not still there, you still have to wait until you are ready.’ Sam ended his teasing eulogy.

‘Bastard.’ She thought; whilst she was still lost in her sexual dreams. He pressed and rolled her nipples before the last button popped open. Her blouse was drawn backwards as it flowed out of her hands, followed by her bra, which after unlocking the hook it moved forward and also ended on the carpeted floor.

Sam put a hand against her legs, just above the knees. His other hand, he rested it against her chest, below her breasts. With one push backwards of his lower hand her fully naked body ended on his hands, and slowly he laid her face down on the massage table.

Unethically, he moved the fingers along the inside of her thigh until they glided over her silk panties and slowly along her spine up to her neck.

No words were said. Alexia relaxed but soon was shocked when she felt Sam’s fingers crawl behind the elastic waist band of her panties and which he very slowly peeled, little by little as they were drawn down along her shapely legs.

Alexia although shocked, she made the necessary movements so that her panties can easily flow away down along her legs. Sam with her panties still in his hands, and behind Alexia’s back, he examined the gusset which naturally was not wet but soaking wet.

A look from the back where her feet were, Sam dissolved himself into the beauty of this beautiful young well matured lady. Her olive coloured skin; unblemished by the rays of the sun, she looked as beautiful as the most renowned Greek goddess and as mature as a bottle of excellent wine.

Sam’s hardness was evident and before making any moves he took off his tee-shirt. Then he chose the lavender oil, opened the bottle and amongst the scent of the Sandalwood in the air, he poured a line of oil over her spine, from the neck all the way to the tail bone. Then he started to massage her back from around her neck down to her lower back, doing one side towards the spine and then the other side. He took his time using his hands, professionally. Alexia relaxed and left herself in Sam’s able hands as they flowed over her excited body.

Next, it was time to massage her smooth legs, which were nicely shaped. He started from precisely below her ass cheeks all the way to her feet and with special attention to those critical parts, like toes, ankles, and the joints.

The inner thighs were the most sensitive, especially when his hands got too close to her erogenous zones. He worked on them, being careful not to get too close. In the end Sam poured more oil falling on her beautiful bums. Some of it ran down along her perfectly shaped cheeks and naturally over her rosebud until it continued its journey downwards along her pouty lips. Some of it ended into her pubic hair and along the lips of her leaking pussy.

Before Sam put his hands to continue, he looked down between those shapely cheeks and into the cleft. It was at that moment when she slightly moved her legs at the instant that she felt the oil seeping between the folds. Sam loved that scene, especially those pouty hairy covered lips. Even a second look he took and Alexia knew that he was more than looking. She even wondered of he was as excited as she was.

He moulded those cheeks in his able hands, sending more butterflies flowing into her brains. Love juice which had been trickling from between those hot lips since the moment they met. With what she was expecting the excitement within her own body increased as she felt those ass cheeks being moulded by his smooth hands.

He had massaged some of the ladies and many times he massaged Padme. He corrected his mistakes so many times that in the end he became quite a professional; but this was the first time he was doing so, to a strange woman. He wanted to impress Alexia, and he had to make sure he would do better than the best he ever, had accomplished.

Although in a way Alexia was a little shy; being totally naked infront of a male she had barley knew; she felt impressed. It was not the first time that she went for a massage; but this playboy, seemed to know his stuff. She was enjoying the way his hands were moving, so much so, that all shame of being naked without any decency of even covering her intimate areas, ethically; she did not care. The feeling was heavenly. From between her legs love juice was flowing. It had not even stopped since they came face to face. She wondered how many virgins had he blown and how many women did he fuck.

Illicit dreams of Sam making love to different women was flowing through her dirty world. She wondered what it would feel like, if she will let Sam position what he had between his legs close to her very wet and hot pussy. The more pleasures her body was receiving from Sam’s able hands, the wilder and shameful her dreams were getting.

‘Do you like to turn on your back, please?’ Sam politely asked.

Alexia was shocked. But, did she have an alternative? She wanted to do it more than she ever wondered. She had never been is such a position before, and every time she went for a massage, she was always in the hands of a female, not to mention the decency.

She turned slowly and she made sure that she won’t blush. She fought with herself and she tried to hold on until she was on her back where she tried to keep the gap between her legs as close as possible without given Sam any show, although the inside feelings were to show him all. Being the good boy, Sam had kept his eyes focused on her face. He wanted to have a look at that view but he did not want make things worst. As her body settled on the mattress, she melted into her outrageous dreams. Her insides were fighting a war; a war between a yes to more and a no.

As she was lying down on her back Sam took the same procedures, except that he started from her face, massaging her cheeks, back to around her ears together around the nose and her forehead and then down over her chest towards her pubic area. Without getting too close to her clitories he left her breasts, also untouched.

Her nipples were hard and Sam wondered what was flowing through her brain. His hands roamed on the front of her smooth body as they spread the loose oil. Without and incidents he continued with the treatment until he was doing her legs; loosing the joints from those of her toes up to the thigh joints.

The last touches were given to her breasts and her nipples which made her body shake and tremble. She was already on the brink of exploding into a mind blowing orgasm. From the way her body was shacking, not to mentions the moans flowing out from between her lips, it was evident how hot she became. That was the moment when he poured some oil precisely on her vaginal lips. Her body trembled again; it was strong, just like an earthquake, while he lightly continued to massage the area below her navel down to her inner thighs; very close to those beautiful extended lips of her vagina.

Sam knew precisely were to touch without going too close. He tried to avoid another quick explosion, but he left enough desirable feeling to further enhance those incredible pleasures, which were quickly multiplying within Alexia’s body; into heavenly ones.

Sam looked at the clock hanging on the wall and he noticed that it took him just over an hour, from the moment he poured the first oil on her spine. “It a great achievement; he thought with satisfaction.”

The next phase was about to start. They moved to the other room. The smell in the air was different; it felt more erotic. He opened a large towel which was impeccably folded; with which he covered nearly the whole of the massage mattress.

Sam helped her lay down on her stomach and settled her with her legs partly separated. He looked at her from where her feet were and starred at her beautiful oil covered body, not missing the tuff of brown hair which was just covering her leaking pussy.

Within seconds of Alexia lying down naked on her stomach, Sam was pouring a generous amount of oil all over her back and down over her legs. With his hands he spread an even film; covered her whole back down along her legs and hands. He also covered the front of his body along with his legs and most of all, his crotch. His cock; which as always in such situations, was always as hard as steel, was also given a good rub, leaving a thick film of oil all around it.

Sam lowered himself on the mattress, his knees resting between her legs. Alexia was anxiously waiting; wondering if for the expected body to body massage, Sam was going to be totally naked. She knew that he discarded more clothes than he should have done, although from the position she was in she was just evaluating. She became rather, in a way a little worried as she had never found herself in such a situation. A few times she had seen a few pictures of naked males and noticed how their organs were, both in the retracted position and also in the excited condition. She just relaxed and waited; wondering if she was going to feel the real, and experience the feelings of real phallus in all its glory. Sometimes, she even had wondered; if what she had seen on the net looked rather exaggerated.

Sam lowered his body lightly over hers, while he kept his cock not too close to any of her skin. As he settled on her body, he started to slide forwards and backwards on her back, taking his time, changing directions and angles until at last she felt his hard organ moving along her inner leg, up against her thigh until it was jammed against her pussy.

Alexia was as shocked, as much she was pleased. The feeling of his manhood jammed between her legs had sent new tremors through out her whole entire body. New desires for the male phallus flowed through her dirty mind while she wondered what it would be the price she has to pay; if she decided to beg and ask Sam to take her all the way.

Alexia relaxed and continued to enjoy the feelings of his skin against hers, as his body continued to slide and glide against every centimetre of her back from down against her feet up to her neck. With Sam’s pelvic area around the back of her neck, he massaged the upper back with his hard organ, moving downwards mashing the hard organ along her spine.

When she turned on her back, Sam looked into her eyes. No talk was needed to know, how hot and happy she was. The smile on her lips and the look of her eyes were proof enough of her deep inner feelings. He settled on his knees as he poured oil on her stomach, the same way he had done to her back. He spread more and enough all over, to cover every bit of her skin, including her nipples which he lightly squeezed.

Alexia watched Sam with her half opened eyes, as his hand roamed over her legs until that moment, when his very wet hand covered per pelvic area. Although her legs were slightly open, she was shocked when she felt his hand moving downwards, lightly along her inner thighs with a slight touch against the protruding closed lips. As he was getting close she gave him some more space as the pleasures she felt, made her cry for more. She wanted to be touched. She wanted to feel Sam’s hand there between her legs, opening her hot wet lips. Although, initially she felt being taken advantage off or better, against her will; she quickly regained confidence. The sexual feelings flowing through her body were something she could not control anymore. She started to loose control, and the feelings she had enjoyed during the last few minutes were something, she was not going to forget; very easily.

Again mini orgasms had started roaming through her entire body, and every time his organ moved close and touched the erogenous zones, her body not only vibrated but shuddered. She was waiting to be touched, as many times as she wanted to be. She wanted to feel and enjoy those fresh new things, those new feelings which she always tried to keep away from her life. Partly it was definitely the way she was brought up. They were ideas which she had in a way always despised; not because they were bad, but furthermore, because she always thought she was not ready to accept them.

Alexia had other things on her agenda. First, it was her career. She was hungry to succeed; go forward and become that person who could evolve customer’s ideas, into that something; which was more than what they had envisioned. Those were her dreams, although dirty dreams frequently flowed through that dirty part of her brain; especially after she hears the latest adventures from Alexandra and those hot erotic desires of Aliki.

When Sam was lightly massaging the area around her pussy, a couple of fingers even skid between the folds of her wet pouty lips and even pressed against her clitoris. She lightly moaned and even a cry escaped, as Sam’s hand took more time than it was ethically necessary. Her body trembled again. A few more tremors and the more cries that escaped, the more Sam teased her. He did not stop; he continued to massage her leaking wet pussy; while her heart’s beatings were increasing.

He lowered his body over her’s, keeping his chest just centimetres from touching; settled his organ and pressed it against her pussy, between her legs. Then he started to hit the hard nipples against his, while his hard cock was shaking her clitoris.

Alexia put her hands around his neck, pressed his body against her’s and closed her legs tight, jamming his cock against her clitoris, while she started to shout as her body went into the upper heavens.

‘Fuck me Sam; fuck me… aaaaahhh; aaaaahhh; aaaaahhh. Sam what did you do to me. Fuck me; fuck me.’ She cried as her body became as wild as a ball of fire.

Sam relaxed, even though he nearly blown his load between her legs. He did not move. He thought he had gone too far. He stayed there trying to push his body backwards, moving his manhood a little away from the target. His cock was jammed there against her pussy. Part of it was embedded between her pouty lips, very close to the dangerous zone; which as far as he was concerned, it was still out of bounds. The flow of sexual energy had not declined, but rather increased with every breath they were taking, the pressure of their orgasms pressing against each other, multiplied twofold.

Alexia was still panting and moaning. Her body was still engulfed in those astonishing sexual pleasures; but Sam was struggling to get a break. He was scared to go further than what he had promised. For Alexia it seemed it was all new and he did not want to disappoint her, once she had set the parameters

It took a few long minutes, before Alexia slightly made the wrong move and Sam’s cock escaped from between her legs. It was the moment when Sam started to massage her body, gave her no alternative to prevent him from performing the rest of the body to body massage.

There were moments when she did not want Sam to stop, like when he was massaging her breasts with his hard cock, especially when he lifted himself slightly upwards and started to hit her nipples with the head of his hard truncheon. Her eyes were wide open; she was watching the beauty of that extraordinary organ, with his bag filled with his nuts and which it was too close to her eyes, hanging against his amazing masterpiece.

Abruptly, Sam stopped. His body was still resting over hers. His eyes were centimetres away from hers; focused on each other’s. His hardness was locked again between her legs, pressed against her hot leaking lips.

At last their lips touched, their tongues automatically flowed in each others mouths. They kissed and played with their lips and tongues until the tension started to escalate.

Sam broke his lips away from her’s, while they were still looking at each other. He took a deep breath, whereas his hard cock pressed harder against her pussy. She pushed against it as Sam whispered; ‘Like to get on top?’

‘What do you mean Sam?’

‘I mean, taking my place while I lie down on my back.’

‘Do you think I can do it?’

‘Sure you can; but before we start we have to spread more oil on our bodies.’ Sam did not wait; he turned over on his stomach and stretched himself with his legs separated; his hardness hidden under neat and the sack hanging there for her hungry eyes to devour; not to mention that his asshole was perfectly exposed.

Alexia took the bottle of oil, opened it and settled on her knees. She poured the oil over his back and spread it all over his body, down over the back of his legs before she repositioned herself over his back, with her legs slightly open. Her pussy, leaking hot sticky smelly liquids; she pressed against the back of his thigh; hoping sure that it will arouse enough friction between their bodies.

A hand she located round his neck as a lever to help her, control her body movements. She felt confident and the first move was backwards. She concentrated on her hard nipples which she was slightly pressing them against his back, while her pussy slide lightly along his leg.

Her main aim she achieved as the blood started to boil, and the sexual feelings immediately started to escalate. The more she manoeuvred her body movements the wilder she became. She changed from one leg to another, trying to reach that climax that she many times, had dreamed about.

Before she exploded, Sam made her change her position as he turned on his back. He knew what she wanted. Some oil was needed and in no time her body was sliding again all over Sam’s. As before, she moved her pussy against his legs alternating from one to another. She even turned around in a sixtynine position, to give Sam that view of her hot wet pussy while she pushed her ass too close to his eyes.

‘Nothing more, than a fucking whore!’ Sam thought.

She kept alternating the movements, until at last she pressed her pussy lips against the length of his hard cock, moving forwards and backwards massaging her clitoris until she achieved the ultimate; an incredible orgasm which lasted more than she ever accounted for.

After a short rest enjoying the aftermath of her achievement, they walked into the shower. Cold water and soap, they washed each other and after drying out, Sam took her to one of the bedrooms where they pleasured each other. Everything was on the menu except the act of conjugation.

‘Lie down on your back… yes you look great, now pull your legs towards you; emmm… open them slowly, slowly; I just like to watch. I love to observe those lips opening slowly… yes that fantastic… but I want you to open them further… wider.’

Sam was there standing and studying the process and with great admiration he was analysing the details of the most beautiful part of the female body. “It is beautiful; why not.” It gives joy while it performs the act of love. It relaxes the body. So many interesting things happen because of the beauty of the sexual organs, both male and female.

Sam slowly knelt between her legs and scanned her body, starting from between her legs until he was looking straight into her eyes. He scanned her backwards until his eyes settled on her slit, with the lips slightly separated. They were lovely, incredible. I love nothing more than looking between a women wide open legs and lavish at the beauty of the pelvic area.

‘Please Alexia; separate those wet lips with your fingers and stretch them as wide open as you can. Yes they are beautiful.’ She stretch them further and further until the glossy wet pinkie walls were glistening in the light coming from the light in the room. ‘They look perfect and what about the area between them; its beauty is unbelievable. I could never stop enjoying, adoring nature’s perfection.’

Sam face got closer to her pelvic area. His tongue was ready as his eyes were wide open, full of desire to enjoy the beauty and the feeling of Alexia’s portal to her love nest. He took his time a he remained motionless observing; his eyes focused on that beautiful slit covered with protective liquids, which keeps it moist. The smooth surface of the skin along the insides, together with the entrances and the pleasure hub, were properly and perfectly ready for near perfect performances; when nature calls.

‘Have you never seen the inside area of a female pussy?’ Alexia asked. ‘Aren’t they the same, or for that matter about; the same.’

‘It’s the portal of procreation my dear Alexia. When one thinks what happens when men and women make love, the pleasures they enjoy, especially when they prepare and indulge themselves in foreplay with time to spare, the pleasures are incredible; unbelievable and unforgettable. I could never stop enjoying its’ beauty. WE HAVE TO MAKE SWEET, SLOW LOVE and not just fuck.’

The best fuck I’ve ever had? That’s got to be Ava.

Every time I close my eyes I can feel her fingertips expertly moving across my skin, her voice a soft and sultry whisper in my ear. God, she was beautiful. Even her name was sexy… Ava. Ava with her shoulder length chestnut hair, curling inwards at her shoulders. Standing at 5’7, she was slim yet pearshaped, with small pert tits and gorgeous hips and thighs, thick but toned. She was pale, but it worked for her, her milky skin somehow complementing those dark chocolate eyes I could get lost in.

My skin is peachy, with freckles on my nose and shoulders. My green eyes are a world away from hers. We do have something in common though… I probably should have mentioned… I’m a girl.

* * *

Ava and I were having a quiet night in. She’d had a rough day at work and wasn’t in the best of moods. We’d just cracked open another bottle of wine, the first being a perfect accompaniment to dinner. She was curled up on the sofa, in beige chinos and a navy cashmere sweater, her dark hair framing her face. I myself had my long wavy brown hair tied up, and had thrown on some jersey shorts and an old flannel shirt just before Ava came home.

“I’ll get the popcorn, you whack on the DVD” I shouted from the kitchen.

She seemed distant, not really focusing on the film.

I’d fancied Ava for a long time, ever since we met at university. Now that we were roommates, you’d think there’d be plenty of opportunities for me to tempt her into my bed, but I could never find the right time. Tonight was no different.

“Here, I’ll cheer you up. Let me give you a massage.”

Normally, Ava’s head would have said no, she was kind of a prude. However, tonight she listened to her body: her achy muscles cried out YES!, especially after the two bottles of Chardonnay we had shared.

I told her to meet me in her bedroom; I had to fetch a few things. I watched her walk, her hips swaying – that perfect fucking arse teasing me with every step she took. Hurrying to my own bedroom, I grabbed a few scented candles and my special massage oil, doing a double take for the lighter. Hey, even if I was madly in lust over her, I could at least do this properly.

As I walked through the doorway, I saw her curled up on the silk bedspread, the deep plum colour adding a regal touch to the room.

“Lay on your front,” I told her. “And get those clothes off.”

She mumbled something into the bedsheets, god knows what. I placed candles on various surfaces around the bedroom, lighting them slowly and revelling in the scent that filled the room – vanilla, lavender, rose and apple. I sat down next to her, and slipped a hand under her sweater, lightly tickling her back.

“Ava. Come on. Avs?” I rubbed her back. “It’ll make you feel better, trust me.”

With the wine clouding her judgement, she sat up. She didn’t make eye contact. The cashmere sweater landed on the floor, joined by the pair of beige chinos and a bra. She lay on her front, face buried in a pillow, her delicious pale skin contrasting with the dark bedspread. All she wore was a little black thong, which hugged her hips perfectly.

As I stood there salivating over that perfect arse, I almost forgot why we were there. I gingerly stepped towards her, the small bottle of massage oil still in my hand. Carefully kneeling next to her on the bed, I lightly traced my left hand to the side, up her back and towards her neck, whilst my right hand moved down the small of her back, just brushing her hip and thigh.

You can’t fucking ruin this, Ems, I told myself. The silence filled the room, broken only by Ava’s soft, slow breathing. I poured some oil onto my hands, and reached down towards Ava’s back. Fuck me, her skin was soft. I smoothed my hands from her shoulders down to her thong, eliciting a small gasp from Ava at the coolness of the oil. Mandarin and jasmine, the smell was stunning. It mingled with the scent of the candles, and shrouded us with a sense of serenity as my hands travelled up and down her back, caressing her soft curves with my fingertips, kneading her milky skin and soothing her achy muscles.

I slowly worked her neck and shoulders, paying close attention to her breathing; she seemed relaxed, her eyes closed and her lips hinting at a smile. I moved up to her left arm, smoothing oil slowly from her shoulder to her wrist in one fluid stroke, then rubbing back up in small circles, repeating the process a few times. I did the same to her other arm, and returned to her back. Brushing my hands along her sides, I was surprised she wasn’t ticklish – she didn’t even flinch. I daringly let my fingertips trace along the very sides of her breasts, the act of which made me catch my breath; the touch alone was like electricity. God, I’d waited so long for this.

I massaged the small of her back, which induced more small sighs of pleasure. This was it, now or never… I hooked my fingers on the sides of her tiny black panties and slowly began to pull them down. To my surprise, Ava merely lifted her hips an inch, to help me slip them off. They joined the sweater, bra and chinos on the floor, and my wandering hands soon found Ava’s skin once more.

Don’t push your luck… My fingertips danced along her hips, carefully avoiding her buttocks. Never in my life have I had to exercise such self-restraint.

Her left leg was receiving my attention, my hands rubbing the oil along her thigh. Her legs were pressed together, blocking my access to her inner thighs. I carried along her leg, massaging her calf, and moving towards her feet. This was my chance. I lifted her foot, causing her leg to bend at the knee, and I subtly moved her leg towards me somewhat, whilst still working that silky smooth skin. I laid her leg down, leaving a good three inch gap between them. I repeated this on her other leg, which too now lay on the bedspread, glistening from the massage oil, with a 6 inch gap between her ankles. Sneaky should be my middle name…

I started smoothing her legs from ankle to thigh, going from the sides, and rubbing move towards the middle with each stroke up. I took my time running my hands up her inner thighs, savouring each moment. To this day I don’t remember if it was my imagination, or if Ava really spread her legs half an inch more when I was getting close to her pussy. Not yet, Emily. Not yet. Fuck.

I let my hands rove up past her thighs, resting on her arse. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I had to stop myself as I almost gave those gorgeous buttocks a hard squeeze. Instead, I caressed the smooth skin, alternating between slow and pressured kneading, and a faster pace with just my fingertips. She let out a definite sigh this time as my hands travelled back over her hips.

I worked her back some more, and nudged her side. She knew what I wanted, and she rolled over, eyes still closed, her breathing mostly slow and steady. I gazed at her body, from her long lashes, down past her full lips, her collarbones… I rested at her breasts. They were beautiful. Round and pert, with little pink nipples that I longed to suck on. I continued, looking at her flat stomach, her full hips, and her smooth pussy, shaved of course. Her legs lay spread a good eight inches this time, her inhibitions loosened by the wine and candles.

My fingers trembled as they made their way towards Ava’s neck. I barely touched her, as I traced a path from behind her ears, down her neck, and along her collarbones. I repeated this path, up and down, and could see Ava’s mouth opening and closing a fraction of an inch, displaying her pleasure with small, silent moans. I went from grazing her collarbones, to kneading her arms, to brushing my fingertips along her ribs towards her flat stomach. I massaged her sides and her abdomen, moving up the valley between her breasts. Her chest was rising and falling more prominently now, her breathing sharper. I let my hands run over the curve of her breasts and back towards her navel, before stroking her hips. I massaged her legs, drawing her knees up towards her chest this time, one by one. A musky scent filled the room as her legs were spread, and I realised that she was wet. I accidentally-on-purpose brushed her pussy lips with my finger as I lowered her leg back down, and this time a distinctive gasp left Ava’s mouth. A tense silence followed, but she made no objections. I took this as a sign.

I focused on her inner thighs, varying my touch from little circles traced with my fingertips, to smoothing my oily hands slowly from her groin to her knee and back up. I let my index and middle finger run along her swollen labia, causing her to let out a long soft moan.

Her chest was rising and falling more shakily now, and I felt her unsteady breathing with my hands on her ribs. I dribbled oil along her breasts, and began to massage it in, carefully avoiding her nipples – now hard and dark pink, aching for attention. Her breasts filled my hands as I cupped them, squeezing and kneading them softly.

I flicked my hands over Ava’s nipples. Her eyes flew open.

“Emily, we shouldn’t do thi-” She stopped mid-sentenced and gasped loudly as I pinched her left nipple, which stiffened further under my touch. Our eyes locked, and I smirked as I thumbed her right nipple, causing her eyes to roll and her mouth to fall open. She was enjoying this as much as I was, and when I pinched her nipple hard, she let out a squeal, before matching my grin. “Oh fuck it Ems…” she sighed, watching me intently as I lowered my head towards her pert little tits. My mouth closed on her left nipple, and her low moans were music to my ears, as I sucked happily. I replaced my mouth with nimble fingers, and started to lick and suck her right nipple, lightly nibbling with my teeth, which caused even more moans to escape Ava’s lips.

I moved my mouth up to her neck, leaving a trail of kisses, intermingled with bites. Hesitantly, I kissed along her jawline, and moved towards her mouth. My reservations were unnecessary; before I knew it, her lips were crushing mine, her tongue slipping into my mouth. I don’t know how long we kissed – all I know is we were both breathless, her fingers entwined in my hair, my hand cupping her bosom. We stared at each other, panting, for what seemed like an eternity. I looked straight into her eyes as I moved my hand south; down her ribcage to her knee, before grazing my hand lightly along her inner thigh, stopping an inch from her cunt, dripping with moisture. I could feel the heat radiating off of her throbbing pussy, and longed to bury my face within its fleshy folds, tasting Ava for the first time.

It was Ava who broke the silence first. “Oh fuck, Ems. Do that again.” I repeated my action, trailing my fingers even slower this time, her silky skin damp with perspiration. She gasped as I got close to her cunt, and her breath shuddered as I drew my finger over her lips. I let my index finger delve into her pussy, and god she was wet. I couldn’t resist. I brought my finger to my face, and let my tongue dart over it, tasting her sweet nectar. I had to have her.

I kissed her hungrily, my hand still working her inner thigh, occasionally brushing her labia. Her hips were bucking a little, but I intended to make her wait.

I kissed along her neck and breasts, and let my hand to the work. I dipped my fingers in her wetness, and rubbed them slowly along her outer lips, probing her inner labia every few strokes. Ava kept her hips in rhythm with my hand, in an attempt to grind her clit on me, whimpering when I moved away my hand.

“Beg.” An echo sounded throughout the bedroom, though I did not raise my voice. Ava’s moans and gasps fell silent, and she looked uncertain.

“Emily, what-”

“I said beg.” I resumed rubbing slowly along her labia, purposely avoiding her clitoris, and her eyes widened as the words sank in.

“Emily.” She whispered. “Make me come.”

I flicked a wet index finger over her swollen nub, and she inhaled sharply through gritted teeth.

“Fuck, Emily. Please. I need you to make me come.”

I needed no second invitation. I kissed and licked my way down along her stomach and hip, and let my hands fully take over. My left rested on her mound, my thumb and middle finger spreading her lips. My right hand stroked her dripping pussy, my slick fingers rubbing her clit slowly in circles. Ava’s hips once more moved in time with me, her clit now grinding my thumb.

Her gasps turned to whimpers, as I rubbed her clit with one hand and fingered her hot cunt with the other. Soon she was moaning louder and louder, pendulating her hips voraciously. Her fingers were gripping the bedspread, clenching hard, and her head was thrown back, eyes shut tightly.

My mouth longed to osculate her delicious pussy; I was drawn to her sweet musky scent as if hypnotised. I moved further down the bed, and brought my face close to her slick folds. Her fragrance filled my nose, and I was dizzy with excitement as my tongue darted across her lips. I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb as I lapped at her inner labia, tasting her delicious juices. Her moans were becoming convulsive and shaky as she tensed with arousal. I moved my lips towards her throbbing bud, and my fingers pushed back into her hot pussy. My tongue circled her clit very slowly, avoiding direct contact.

“E-Emily… Fuck…” gasped Ava. I knew she was close; her pussy walls were tensing around my fingers. I suddenly sucked her clit hard, flicking my tongue over the very tip as I sucked, whilst rubbing her g-spot slowly, but with considerable pressure.

Ava tensed one final time, her hips rising a few inches off the bedspread, whilst I continued to pleasure her cunt, sucking harder and licking faster. I felt her cunt contract, then pulse around my digits. She let out a guttural moan, and collapsed back onto the silk sheet, every inch of her skin glistening with sweat. Her gasping slowly began to subside; I gave her clitoris one final lick, before kissing my way up her body, and gently kissing her lips.

“Christ, Emily… Where the fuck did you learn how to do… well, that?”

I laughed, and our lips met once more. Ava broke the kiss, giggling. “I suddenly feel somewhat underdressed” she said, lightly raking her nails along my thigh.

I didn’t even bother undoing my shirt buttons; I simply pulled the goddamn thing over my head, and flung it across the room. She bit her lip as she gazed at my breasts, and reached out to cup one, much larger than her exquisite handfuls. I straddled her, my tits resting on her chest. I toyed her nipple absentmindedly as we kissed; I don’t know how much time we spent like this, it could have been a minute, could have easily been an hour. I stiffened as a familiar sound broke the near-silence; the phone was ringing.

Chapter 23: Corrine

Sam returned back to the Island.

The coordinates were precise. The taxi driver stopped exactly where the main entrance to the complex of high quality apartments and of which, one belonged to Sam’s, whose company originally built the whole complex on five floors with underground parking facilities. Corrine, as she alighted from the taxi she handled the driver the exact fare. When he counted them he swore at her as he was expecting a tip. Corrine gave him a dirty look but she did not swear back; she just ignored him.

She walked a few steps to the door of the huge block of apartments and pressed the bell button. Within seconds she heard a man with a sweet loving welcome voice; ‘Welcome; you look stunning. Fifth floor please.’ A click and the door automatically opened.

Sam left the door of his apartment partly open while he walked half way through the landing where the elevator was. By then the lift had arrived and the sliding doors opened. Sam with open arms and that special smile welcomed her; while he hugged her as she pressed her body against his. Her nipples felt already hard, but Sam avoided looking into her eyes.

As he held her tight with one hand around her back, he whispered. ‘You feel really hot not to mention the beauty; Corrine.’ At that moment Sam moved the other hand and cupped her ass. They felt bare underneath the thin dress she was wearing. With his already hard cock pressing against her pelvis it sent shocking feelings within her body, whilst she pressed her pussy harder against his roaring steel hard member.

Her body shook as their lips lightly met. It was then that they walked those few meters to Sam’s hideaway, with the door closing behind them. As they were safe within his beautifully furnished apartment, Corrine put one hand around his neck and looked into his eyes. Liquids, which had started leaking from the moment Diana phoned Sam and introduced Corrine, continued to leak all the way during her taxi ride. She never stopped dreaming about what she was expecting to find, or better, what she wondered what was going to take place from that moment she arrived.

Who was this Sam who broke into so many virgin pussies, along his years in Thessaloniki? A question a lot of students in her days at Athens University had often asked when it seemed; that the gossip became rumours and the rumours ended as an anecdote.

Too many questions, few answers and soon she thought that she was looking forward to her mystery man of years gone by. Corrine had fantasized so many times while feeling her little clitty in the darkness of her dorm. She could not believe that he had truly existed and that it wasn’t just a dream; a rumour; it seemed that this Sam really was an icon of years gone by.

Stunned with that look into her eyes her body trembled and melted into his arms. Their lips were jammed against each others as she felt the zipper at the back of her light dress, moving downwards.

Without breaking the jammed lips, Sam pushed her body slightly backwards until her sleeveless dress crawled to the floor behind the front door. It was then, that as he massaged her bare ass he noticed that she was wearing nothing more. He held his hands in place and lifted her like a baby on his arms, before he walked the short distance and laid her on her back in the middle of his bed.

With her eyes closed she stretched herself until she relaxed. Then she looked up at Sam, and their eyes met again. With a smile on her lips she quickly scanned his body, looking shocked as she noticed that his hard truncheon was resting against his lower belly.

‘What the hell have you there? It looks incredibly huge!’ She excitedly cried.

‘Until now; it had fitted precisely in every pussy and ass it had the honour to roam in.’ Sam answered rather teasingly.

‘Fuck Sam!’ She shockingly cried as she heard him mentioning the back entrance.

Sam was more a man of action than waylay and within seconds he was crawling on the bed next to her stretched body. Her eyes were watching him coming towards her like a snake. His eyes were focused on those cylindrical breasts which perfectly fitted her perfect structure. The areolas were small, light brown coloured and the nipples were hard and rather long.

A long lick around the areolas which ended with one nipple between his lips, while the other nipple being rolled between two of his fingers. He rolled it and squeezed it while he sucked the one, which he had seized between his lips. Corrine moaned and the heat between her legs started to multiply rather quicker than ever. She started to explode quicker than when Di was massaging her during the previous sexual encounter on the massage table. Sam did not stop. He continued to play with them until… he decided to move backwards, opened her legs as wide as he could opened them until those hot lips separated. His eyes focused and like a connoisseur examined what there was within that wet and saturated valley of love.

He loved what he saw, even though in shape and structure was mostly identical with what every woman was endowed with; but Sam finds it incredibly exiting to stretch, open and spend a few minutes looking into the depths of that valley of love, thinking and concentrating of what nature is capable of producing; perfection.

The first touch of his tongue against her clit produced the next shock of waves. Corrine moaned and cried. She became quite hot when the excitement started. The heat within her body was high, especially when Sam started to lick and suck on her clit, while leisurely he pushed a finger slowly and quietly into her vagina.

Another shock wave arrived as he hit both buttons at the same time. ‘Fuck Sam… What the hell are you doing?’ Corrine shouted.

‘Why did you come here?’ Sam answered.

‘Sure you know why? Just to be pampered, fucked and sexually satisfied!’ She cried.

‘That’s exactly what I have in mind of doing; but, just in my own way.’ Sam answered. ‘Are you not happy?’

‘Can I trust you?’ She asked.

‘Do you have another option?’ Sam asked as he watched her eyes scanning him. Sam focused his eyes on her’s while his lips and tongue were still close to her vagina. Shocks of desires erupted within her body as he hit her sensitive spots and started again to massage both, at the same time. She cried and shouted as her body trembled on the bed.

Sam, while he kept his finger inside her vagina massaging her G-spot, he started to suck her clit between his lips. With the sudden shock of a new eruption, Corrine closed her legs and with her hands pressed his mouth as hard as she could against her clitoris. She cried and shouted while her body was shaking like a seven point earthquake.

A flood of love juice seeped out from within her vagina, some of it straight into Sam’s mouth. Corrine lifted her ass to get more of his tongue within the insides of her vagina while the cries of pleasure never ended.

‘Fuck me Sam… fuck me now… now Sam stick that monster inside my pussy… aaaahhhh Sam how hot I am for you. Fuck meee pleeease… fuck me.’ Corinne cried as she could not control her body any more.

Her anal entrance became so wet with the flowing juices that Sam’s middle finger started to rub against her wet rosebud. Sam started to massage the entrance before he pushed his finger just enough to have it up to his first knuckle, inside her anal tube. It was just enough to send Corrine again into the heavens. The orgasms were flowing one after the other while she continued to beg and cry for more.

Sam with his fingers still active within her anal confines crawled forward until their eyes met once again. With his eyes still focused, he gave her that sexy look while he pulled his fingers away from her most critical zones, lifted one leg and put it on the other side of her torso while his lips were all covered in love juices jammed against her’s.

He felt her tongue sharing what had flowed naturally out of her vagina. It was an opportune moment for Sam to take hold of his wand of light and move the head against the door of her portal of love. Feeling the generated heat she opened herself wider, pulled her legs towards her torso, closed her eyes, and concentrated all her attention on that moment when Sam’s hard manhood started its journey along the walls of her vaginal tube.

As the head got within the opening, she enjoyed the first flavours of the flesh. She felt the stretching from the purple bulbous head until it was all the way within, all the way until it touched her portal of procreation.

‘So big it feels Sam.’ she moaned as he moved his lips away. ‘It stretches me more than the one I received when a friend of mine used his to take my cherry.’

Sam, enjoying the feeling of her tight vagina, he gave her a few short strokes at the entrance which sent Corrine’s body into one orgasm after another. She cried and shouted while asking for more. Sam sent it deep in one stroke hitting the door to her womb again and again.

Her legs flew over his bums while she tightened her muscles to hold Sam as deep as she could with that fucking tool he had all the way, embedded inside her vagina. She tightened her vaginal muscles around it, holding it there while she could not stop cumming. She cried and moaned all the time asking for more. Sam pulled his ass back and started to fuck her slowly at first, increasing the speed and the span.

‘Harder Sam, harder, harder; fuck me harder? Yes, yes, yes, fuck me; fuck me.’ Corrine cried and shouted as she was overtaken by another orgasm which became stronger as Sam’s cock did not stop moving back and forth into her portal of love.

Sam did not stop fucking her, even though at times she wanted a little relieve; just a quick rest from that hard banging. In and out; in and out Sam continued to fuck his Greek queen until she begged him to stop. A few more and she exploded into one real explosion. She begged him to stop which for Sam meant nothing. He was also about to explode and fill her with his sperm; but Sam had other ideas.

He pulled his hard cock out and watched Corrine body vibrating on the bed; her legs still wide open in a vee, resting on the mattress, while her eyes were closed. She felt alone, except for a pair of fingers rolling one of her nipples while her hand was massaging her vagina with a couple of fingers hidden inside, while the outside of her vagina was covered in love juice.

‘What a view Sam thought.’ He had seen many along the years, sometimes remembering those virgins he had taken care off in the good old days, in Thessaloniki and other places. Corrine worked her hand over her drenched vagina massaging the inside while she stood so desirable, that Sam wanted to do more than something.

He got on the bed in the opposite position, crawling slowly until his still hard cock shocked Corrine as it landed on her closed eyes. His mouth went straight down over her vaginal slit after he pulled her fingers away from her vagina. She moaned as she felt her pussy, empty. Then Sam lifted her legs from under her knees, spread them wide until by that moment, more than half his hard cock was inside Corrine’s mouth. With his tongue he was scrapping the sweet juices from between the walls of her burning volcano.

Sam continued moving his tongue back and forth with stops for his tongue to penetrate the entrance of her vagina. A finger entered to get some lubrication with which Sam would start to prepare her back door.

Corrine started to tremble as her orgasms started to duplicate. She wanted to shout but her mouth was too loaded with more than Sam’s hard thick cock. The feelings of a finger crawling through the entrance of her back door sent more fire and so she pulled her body away, as she turned on her stomach with Sam nearly ended stranded on the floor.

Sam pulled himself quickly and stood up examining the situation. He grabbed her from her waist and settled her as quickly as he could on her knees, her ass pointing outwards and her face still pressed against the bed sheets.

Lost in her own thoughts and without a word of complain, Sam knelt down and started to lick the juices from the bottom end of her slit up to her asshole. That rosebud was looking so desirable that Sam wanted nothing more than to stick the tip of his tongue within the folds of her anal entrance.

On the touch Corrine cried. A hand was crawling underneath her body until Sam felt that she was again massaging her own pussy. A finger crawled inside her vagina before another one ended inside her asshole. Another lick and the finger ended totally deep in.

Corrine cried as another orgasm roamed though her blood stream before Sam stood up, found a stick of KY and after lubricating the head of his cock he moved it slowly until it pressed against the opening of her rosebud. A slight hard push and the head entered inside and beyond her sphincter. Corrine cried a big cry as a painful shock within the opening of her ass, was too much for her, to bear.

‘Aaauuchchchch. Fuck Sam fuck you. Aaachchch.’ She cried as Sam pulled it out and pushed it back in again; while Corrine started to swear for the way he intruded and just fucked her virgin ass.

Slowly Sam started to fuck her. Every time he pushed a little more, she cried with the endless pain until by the next few minutes, he had conquered more than half the way through her dark channel.

‘Fuck you Sam. I never thought it hurts so much… fuck auchauch.’ She cried

The pain was evident although she tried to hold her composure. It was something she never tried, even though she had a couple of guys who had showed interest in her dark entrance. Sam had planned the way and he planted it into her ass when the least she was expecting it. The pain continued to be unbearable from the beginning and he could not complain as he was already too far deep.

She tried to compose herself. A few times she took deep breaths which helped ease the pain deep within her stretched sphincter. Sam was also getting easy as the feelings around his embedded cock were becoming more relaxed.

With her head buried into the bed covers Sam continued to move his hard cock back and forth into her ass. It felt easy. The pressure seemed to have eased as her entrance became wider and more flexible. The strokes became longer as the pain was turning into pleasure. Corrine relaxed and soon Sam noticed the different positive atmosphere. He pushed his hard monster further and deeper inside her arse, until he managed to hide his entire long thick prick deep in.

Corrine cried but did neither complain nor swore. Sam waited a few minutes until he felt Corrine’s more relax feelings before he started to fuck her again. The strokes were rather long, feeding his hard cock as deep as it could go and nearly all the way out. The more strokes the more relaxed Corrine became, until she passed through a strong unexpected orgasm.

Sam kept the same tempo, back and forth and every now and then, he popped the head all the way out. He took a good look at that deep red whole Sam had stretched wide open, much like a volcanic crater, but just missing the lava. It was quite a hole; there it was round wide open ready for more. Sam just did that to the surprise of another orgasm.

The action continued. Sam was also getting more excited while she was expecting another orgasm. He rather slowed down the speed of the thrusts, but he was determined that the next load he was going to shoot, it will go straight into the depth of her arse.

A few more thrusts and Corrine shouted a cry of pleasure as her body was overtaken by a latest orgasm. Sam was on verge of shooting. He fed the whole length of his hard thick prick all the way into the depths of her arse, when the first salvo filled her anal tube. The second came close as the rest followed.

Corrine was still lost moaning and crying with the pleasures and the pain of her anal tube. The still light pain was still in a way being felt around the interior. Sam very slowly and unnoticed pulled his hard cock all the way out, already half way down. Then he pushed Corrine on her stomach, her legs still wide open and her anal entrance with that red circular hole on show.

Sam examined the crater’s opening without touching and watched it until it was totally closed. He moved away while Corrine who was still lost in her carnal dreams while enjoying the aftermath. Sam walked away to the kitchen to get a drink for two but on his return Corrine was asleep probably still enjoying the aftermath of her anal fuck. She had that sweet smile on her lips. Sam had only one option, to let sleep quietly until she will wake from her dreams on her own.

There was a lot of time left, before the real night life starts. He just relaxed on a sofa, enjoyed a shower and even passed away for an hour or two. When he woke and checked the bedroom, Corrine was still there, maybe still dreaming. It was already after nine in the evening, so Sam, wearing nothing crawled next to her on the bed, his manhood as hard as steel, ready to please.

Sam thought that the position she was in, resting on her side with her ass pushed a little backwards, the entrance of her vagina was perfectly in position for an easy incursion. He continued to move slowly until he had his hard member in perfect line with her vaginal entrance, but just before the bulbous head was about to touch, Corrine abruptly turned.

‘What the fucking hell are you up to Sam?’ She cried.

‘I thought it’s another virgin, ready to learn about the pleasures of the flesh.’ Sam teasingly answered.

‘You still dream about those virgins in Thessaloniki, do you or not?’ She asked.

‘Let’s fuck off to find a good restaurant and some nightlife; at least we can dance the night and forget about the Thessaloniki virgins.’ Sam shouted.

‘But I like to know; if they were true or a fake?’ Corrine asked.

‘Time is pressing. I love to fuck you again; but maybe when we get back. About the virgins; I think, ideally we will speak about them tomorrow.’

‘Thanks darling. That should satisfy my curiosity.’

After a quick fuck in the bath and a hot shower they took a taxi to an exquisite restaurant where they ordered some fish dishes and a bottle of champagne. After ending dinner just after midnight they proceeded to an upmarket bar where they spent the rest of the night with a drink every now and then while they danced the night.

The heat between them never stopped and many times Corrine checked his manhood, especially in the rather dark areas. They even changed partners until it was time that the bar had to close for the night. When they left it was in the wee hours of the morning, having difficulty in finding a taxi.

The sun was about to start showing when they got into Sam’s bed stark naked. They were so tired that there was no more energy left to even have some fun. Within seconds they were lost in their dreams.

It was just after midday when Sam started to move. He got out of bed about half an hour later as nature was calling. Corrine did not wakeup until two in the afternoon when she became too pressed and had to go to the bathroom. When she came out she found Sam was preparing some food which she had asked for.

Although he was still young, Sam felt still tired after such a long night out. He was still trying to get himself off the ground, when Corrine came out of the bathroom she looked fresh when she entered the combined dining room. The food smelled good and she started to put something inside her mouth. Coffee was also ready. Their energy started to come back as much as the fire between their bodies was also building up.

Both wearing a housecoat which they found hanging behind the door of the bathroom, they felt cosy with the air conditioner blowing cold air. They ate lightly as they were sure that they were going to have an early dinner as much as an early night. Sam had already planned how he was going to spend what was left of the rest of the day.

It was nearly mid afternoon when they retired to the sitting room where Sam asked Corrine to get on all fours on one of the sofas. Both naked Sam positioned himself on his knees behind Corrine and started to lick her pussy, pressing his tongue between the folds and pushing it upwards until he got to her rosebud and changed the action to circulating his tongue against her anal opening.

Corrine moaned as the heat started to duplicate. Her body trembled as he moved his tongue downwards until it searched for her vaginal entrance.

‘Fuck me Sam; fuck me. Ge’ I never had a bastard so fucking good with his tools. Where the fucking hell did you learn how to fuck a woman so good; or was it those whores you had in Thessaloniki?’ She asked while she cried.

‘Fuck you lady; fuck you.’ Sam stood up and pushed his hard member between those swollen lips she had between her perfectly shaped legs; all the way deep in, banging it against her cervix. He fucked her like crazy. Corrine was shouting for Sam to stop, but Sam did not stop, not until Sam he made sure she had more than enough orgasms to last a few hours.

When he stopped she started to pant, lost in her heavenly bliss. She was totally in another world as she lost her balance and rested her body on the long sofa. Sam just pulled away, his cock still as hard as it was when he pushed it between those lips.

‘Who told you about Thessaloniki and the virgins?’ Sam asked.

‘Sam, don’t tell me it was true?’

‘Do you still believe it is not true? Sam asked back while he walked away from the sitting room.

Corrine still naked and on the sofa watched him walk away without an answer, so she was sure that it was all fiction. She stood up not to follow Sam but because she really wanted to empty her bladder which was overfull. By the time she left the bathroom she noticed that Sam was sitting in the dining room with a drink in his hand.

Corrine walked in and Sam asked her what she liked to drink. She preferred water so she just opened the fridge and brought out a bottle from which she filled a glass.

‘What the curiosity about the virgins of Thessaloniki?’ Sam asked more curious than she was.

‘It was the cry of the town. Every female student knew about Thessaloniki. I attended Athens and because I studied some geology I had ‘Madam’ as my lecturer, just one time during a second semester of my first year. The rumour was; that a special student named Sam used to fuck or better, service Madam when her husband was out at sea. It was a loving tale about Sam and Madam; not to forget the many virgins who were queuing to spend an unforgettable night or two in his bed.’ She tried to explain what the big rumour was.

‘Did you believe it?’ Sam asked.

‘Tell you the truth at first I did, not only that, but I started to dramatise the scene before I sleep.’ Corrine actually told Sam, how much that Sam influenced her sexuality.

‘So you fucked yourself with your finger.’ Sam arrogantly asked.

‘Sorry Sam, I was still a virgin and I wasn’t ready; maybe even if there was this Sam in reality; think that, if maybe he was just a fake. But the more I became obsessed with him the more I worked myself down there, dreaming about him on the special day I could decide to give him my cherry.’

‘Unfortunately you were not a virgin when you arrived here?’ Sam asked.

Corrine as shocked but she said nothing. She looked a little away and then turned towards him and lightly smiled.

‘How far did you go with your finger? Have you fingered yourself? Sam asked as he wondered if she made the connection.

‘Well, there were times when I did. I wanted to massage my clit and my G-spot at the same time. Sometimes I became so hot that I moaned and cried. Once I was devastated when my roommate crawled into my bed with me and went down to lick my pussy. It was something which I had never done before. She even forced me to tell her what my dreams were about.’

‘So you were caught dreaming about Sam; what was her reaction?’ Sam asked.

‘She told me a lot of girls dream about Sam making love to them and fucking them hard. I was stunned; I always thought I was the only idiot who wasted my time dreaming about the handsome virgin chopper of Thessaloniki.’ She continued to recount.

‘If during one of those moments you had to meet that handsome Sam, could you have let him chop your virginity, to use the same word you used?’ Sam asked.

‘Probably yes!’ She exclaimed.


‘At times I was going crazy dreaming about him, but it lasted until half way through the third year when I started to go you out with a handsome guy. The only hard feelings I have, I had never let him fuck me; only oral sex. There were times when even Sam came back poking in.’

‘I never thought there were such females so obsessed with a guy that they had never met. What do you think will happen if Sam had to invite you within a day before and ask you; ‘If you want to come to my place I will be very pleased and with genuine pleasure take your virginity. You even have the possibility to back out, but once you take your clothes off there will be no backing out.” What will you do?’ Sam asked.

‘It’s a hard decision. Probably I could have let him do what he liked. I dreamed so much and cum so many times, I don’t have had bothered especially if I was so lost.’

‘Sam probably could have been very proud to fuck such a beauty and take her cherry.’ Sam in a way teased. ‘Let’s go back to the bedroom.’

Once they entered the bedroom, bedclothes were still scattered. Sam looked into Corrine’s eyes and her body trembled. He hugged her, kissed her and then she felt her masturbating him. Sam did not stop her but with his right hand started to massage her pretty tight ass especially snatching them at her half moons.

The more they hugged and kissed the more Corrine was lost into more bliss. The heat between her legs was duplicating as her hard nipples where pressing against his chest.

‘I think it will be better if you lay down on the bed?’ Sam asked.

Corrine obeyed and let herself rest on her back. As she lay down she opened her legs, then pulled them towards herself, her vaginal lips stretched as she separated her pussy lips with her fingers. She looked so hot and beautiful with that beautiful temple, opened wide. Sam crawled down and took a very close look at that marvel, so smooth, so wet and so well ready. It looked set to receive nature’s creation.

Sam took a look all over her body, until at last he again focused his eyes between her legs. Juices were flowing abundantly as he crawled next to her with his knees settled between her legs. His master was ready infront of him, waiting for that moment to penetrate Corrine’s well soaked tight pussy.

He lowered his body over her’s until the head met her counterpart. A little forward and her pouty hot lips were separated. She was looking in Sam’s eyes. Her nipples were hard as steel. He lowered himself a little more until the head touched her vaginal opening. A slight push and Corrine moaned and trembled.

Sam’s lips found her nipples. He nibbled them one at a time, even squeezed them between his teeth. There was a slight cry of pain coming from between her lips at a moment when she was ready to push her ass upwards until she got her pussy aligned against his prick’s head. It slide slightly inside into her vagina and with a little bit more effort coming from Corrine’s side, she got most of it in.

‘Fill my pussy with that monster of yours. So hot I am; so hot, just fuck me Sam; fuck me.’ Corrine cried and moaned while her body started to tremble.

‘Do you know how Sam used to take their cherries?’ Sam asked the wild hot Corrine; teasingly.

‘Fuck Sam. Just fuck me. Just fuck me now.’ She cried again.

‘Like this.’ Sam sent his hard as steal cock in one slam straight into the depths of her vagina, slamming it hard against her womb. ‘Maybe even like this.’ Sam said after he gave her a few shots back and forth, deep all the way within the walls of her drenched vagina.

He pulled his cock and very slowly started to push it in, making the noises of a virgin whose cherry was being broken slowly, tormenting her, until he had it all in, stretching her to what his desire was, at that particular moment.

‘Fuck me Sam and forget about my dreams.’

‘Yes sweetie. Emmm it feels so tight this virgin pussy of yours Corrine, just let me stretch it a little bit for you. Nobody can do it better than Sam; nobody. That’s why more students came to me, begging me like you have done. How was it sweetie; did it hurt or you just loved being fucked by Sam on your first time. You must be a proud young lady to enjoy Sam’s hard cock as it broke through your hymen. Tell me sweetie; tell me.’

‘Fuck you Sam; just fuck me harder… harder Sam, harder.’ Corrine exploded as she cried and moaned like a wild women, while her body was wriggling on the bed with Sam’s hard cock still going back and forth all the way in and out of her vagina. The last orgasms were stronger but Sam continued to fuck her without giving her a chance to escape.

Corrine was still lost under the influence of her latest orgasm, so he pulled his hard cock outwards, turned her over on her stomach and stuck it back into her vagina. No seconds were lost as Sam opened her legs, found her slit and inserted his still hard cock while he started to fuck her again from behind. He fucked her hard as his cock went deeper and deeper with every stroke.

‘Fuck Sam; Fuck… please stop. Stooppp.’ Corrine shouted. I’m totally fucked up. I had never been so fucked up. Pleeesssssee stop! Just Stooooopp!’ Corrine cried.

Sam, who was on the verge of exploding, he just gave her a couple of more hard strokes, pressed his hard cock as deep as he could push it in and unloaded the first shot.

Then he sealed his cock by squeezing it with his fingers, pulled it out of her vagina and walked towards were her mouth was. ‘Common hard fucker; open your mouth?’

‘Fuck you Sam.’ she shouted. Her shacking body turned on its back while she slightly opened her eyes. Looking at Sam’s face she was shocked watching that hard cock moving towards her face; still sealed between his two fingers. She moved somewhat to get closer to his manhood, opened her mouth while Sam fed her its’ head.

With her lips locked around his throbbing head, he released his fingers and what was left, was automatically shot all the way inside her throat. She did not even, lost a single drop. Following the enjoyable natural drink, she cleaned the rest of his hard cock with her hungry tongue.

Sam hoped that he had more than satisfied that hot insatiable female. Then he lowered his lips until they touched her’s. He gave her a kiss and whispered in her ear that he likes her to join him in the shower before they go out for the evening.

Although Corrine had only the one dress she came with, she just the same looked stunning. No bra, nipples pushing the fabric and no panties which kept her pussy rather well ventilated. The only problem was; in what way she was going to collect her hot flowing juices.

Sam fucked her with different strokes until she could not take more. He left her there on the bed, to relax while she continued to enjoy those precious moments of lust which Sam had instilled in her, before he went and to take a shower. By the time Sam was coming out from under the running water Corrine followed suite and with the only dress she had, they went to a famous restaurant where they dined and later they danced until the wee hours of the morning.

When they returned home, like the previous night there was no more energy left for another bout of hot sex. Exhausted as they were, they fell on the bed and slept and dreamed until after mid-day.

It was after two in the afternoon on Sunday when Sam started to wake up. Corrine was still lost in her dreams, so Sam moved very slowly and managed get up without waking her up. Naturally he first walked towards the bathroom; after ending his supposed to be the morning cores he started to cook some type of afternoon breakfast.

It was some one hour later when Corrine crawled out of bed and ran towards the bathroom from where she emerged fresh and ready for another hot day maybe full of hot sex; or better what was left of that day.

It was Sunday so they sat down in the dining room where the smell of the freshly cooked food was readily served. They filled themselves and after they enjoyed a bottle of wine, Sam served the coffee while he looked straight into Corrine’s eyes.

Her body trembled, but Sam kept quiet just watching looking at that smile and her body movements. She felt excited, she was feeling like being on her toes; wanted to do something, trying to visualize that something, back again at Sam who at least he was not totally naked like she was. She was not sure what she really wanted.

Sam continued to watch her. He knew what she was after; but Sam remained cool, waiting for her to make the first move. She stood up, and after she alerted Sam with her look; she started to walk towards the bedroom, moving that beautiful ass to and fro. No doubt she was a teaser; or better, a cock teaser, especially when she wanted a real hard fuck.

Sam started to follow her. Immediately she noticed the he was behind her, she dropped herself on the mattress with her legs wide open. As Sam got closer she stretched the lips of her pussy with her fingers until her vaginal opening was totally exposed for Sam to inspect it. He just crawled next to her as naked as she was, but he slightly disappointed her as his lips, instead of moving towards her pussy they turned the other way towards her lips.

A look into her eyes before he jammed his lips against her’s, shocked the whole her body. She moaned as she felt Sam’s fingers rolling her right nipple, squeezing it hard between the fingers. She cried and moaned as she lifted her ass of the bed and cried a cry of pain into his mouth.

‘Tell me about the French ladies whom you are going to take on a tour around Athens and some of islands? Sam asked as he pulled his lips and squeezed her nipple again.

‘What about the panties and the virgins of Thessaloniki?’ Corrine asked back.

‘I’m ready to tell you all I know about how that story started, but first you have to tell me about the French ladies.’ Sam insisted while he gave her another kiss.

‘Will you fuck me after I tell you?’ she asked.

‘I thought you had enough of that? Sam asked.

‘When I find the right guy, I never say I had enough. Will you fuck me Sam? She asked again.

‘Is there a male out there who will not be ready to fuck a beautiful woman like you? I don’t think there is any male who would refuse to fuck such a beautiful hot sexy woman like you. I won’t refuse if I had to co-incidentally meet you somewhere, wherever that may be. But first I need an answer about this trip you are making to the island, this island in particular?’ Sam continued to insist.

‘Stick that hard cock between my legs as I am still holding my most vulnerable hole open and please fill it. Just fill it and don’t fuck; at least not until I end what you want to know.’ She gave Sam a specific answer.

Sam was quick. He put the head of his cock against her opening as slowly as he could, then he pushed it all the way until he filled her pussy to the brim; then after he banged it against her womb he looked into her eyes. A slight bodyquake took place, as Sam’s lips crashed against her lips. Then he slightly lifted himself off her body so that he will not crash her underneath his body. Corrine seemed very happy and ready, to recount her story.

‘I really don’t understand why you’re so much interested in my business.’ She stopped, but said nothing else except that he kept licking her lips while she waited. Fed up Corrine continued. ‘Well as it happens many times in every business, experts in the field are sent by the mother company to help promote the Company’s products. Therefore, two ladies are arriving next weekend to organise seminars on the use of cosmetics etc. These people help us in the way we promote the products; we invite the owners of beauty boutiques; hair salon owners and others involved in such businesses. The list was long. Therefore we have four days of promotion in Athens; then we visit two islands and then Thessaloniki.’ Corrine explained.

‘So when are you coming my way?’ Sam was not only excited but very anxious to know more about these French visitors. He had already started dreaming about when and what and where.

It should happen between the first week and the middle of October probably we will arrive on a Friday to avoid the hassle of crazy Athens. We probably leave Athens on an early afternoon flight; and don’t dream too much Sam, I will keep you informed.’ Corrine answered.

‘That is very interesting, my dear.’ Sam answered with his cock moving back and forth inside her drenched vaginal tube. Corrine moaned and cried as Sam started to fuck her in earnest. The speed increased and in a very short time she was going wild and crazy. She loved being fucked. Sam felt the way she wanted to be fucked and so that’s how he fucked her. The more he banged her, the more her body trembled while it went through multiple orgasms.

Sam pressed the head of his cock deep in and relaxed; waiting for Corrine to come back. Very long minutes later; she emerged from that wild dream where not even Corrine knew’ where she had been and in which galaxy.

‘Sam, please don’t come with any strange ideas. You may fuck my business. These ladies represent one of the biggest cosmetic companies in France. So watch out if you ever get close to us.’ Corrine was worried.

‘I am intending to wait for you at the airport; then take you and your visitors on a two hour historical trip round the island.’ Sam boosted.

‘Sam, please don’t fuck around. I don’t want to be in the middle of something which I may not control, and loose everything.’ Corrine became really worried.

Sam insisted that at least he can take them round the island and then they have dinner at Sam’s villa. ‘Well maybe if they like the place and like to stay, no problem; but if they don’t like, then there will be a lot of empty hotel rooms available. The holiday season had already started, and more rooms will become available.’

‘Fuck Sam… One way or the other you are going to do everything to fuck these women, you are a fucking fucker Sam.’

‘Just relax Corrine. I’m sure that they are going to like what I will prepare for them.’

‘Sure Sam… What! Nothing more than that big cock of yours; the one you have there, fully hidden in my pussy!’ she cried.

‘You know that I never refused a fresh pussy. I don’t mind varying. Variety makes things more interesting. Different shapes, different colours, sizes. Some are too tight, others are too loose.’

‘Fuck me Sam. Just fuck me. I’m not interested in shapes and sizes. Just fuck me hard again and again.’ Sam fucked her as hard with his hard cock take the toll, moving in and out like a piston in an engine. The quicker the movement of the strokes, the stronger the orgasms became, while her red chakra was working overtime.

Cries of pleasure escaped from between her lips as her body wriggled under Sam’s body. He was fucking her in the missionary position as he moved his body forwards and backwards. The more he fucked her the more she pressed his arse down with her legs which were crossed over his bums, trying to hold the strokes as deep in as she could.

At that point they exploded together. Sam was so lost watching the beautiful sex hungry Corrine enjoying herself lost in a delirium of sexual bliss that even he himself was on the verge of exploding.

‘Fuck Corrine… I,mmm cummmminnngg. Cumming.’ Sam said no more words; he pumped every drop he had in the depths of her vagina and straight into her womb.

Both became silent, hugging each other, kissing and enjoying those most special moments, filled with carnal bliss. The feelings of satisfaction were seen on both faces as they were still sexually connected. The incredible attraction of their sexuality for each other was so strong that Sam’s cock declined to retire, after such a fucking feat; but Sam politely pulled it out of her tight vaginal tube and moved from over her body.

Corrine took more time to come back to normality, even though that sex is a normal thing between consenting adults, the only difference was that it was for the satisfaction of their flesh.

Watching the beautiful Corrine, her body flat on her back; her legs still wide open and Sam’s white cream mixed with her’s was leaking slowly downwards over her rosebud, until finally it was sucked by the bedclothes and the mattress. Not something new for Sam; he shared quite a few hot pussies on that same bed. Stains on the mattress of Sam’s bedrooms were the norm.

Both satisfied with their sexual achievements, Sam walked away towards the dining room while Corrine visited the bathroom before she joined him. On the table he was opening a wooden box from which, to Corrine’s attention and curiosity he brought some of the transparent plastic envelopes and laid them one after the other on the table.

Corrine was all eyes, curious to find out what Sam was doing. He gave her a look which she was not expecting. Her body wanted more of Sam’s hard cock; but now something else caught her eye. Where they the panties that belonged to the virgin ladies of Thessaloniki? Thinking they were so, her brain went into overdrive. Is he the real Sam, who according to the rumours or the legend fucked so many virgins? Was she so fortunate that the Sam she thought about, dreamed about and masturbated while dreaming about him was none other than the one standing there infront of her; or is it his spirit running after her.

‘What a shame?’ she thought her face turning red.

‘This is the panty which I recovered from the first virgin I fucked. She was a blonde, her father or mother came from Scandinavia. The second was from her friend who also had one of the parents coming from the north.’ Sam explained, trying to remember the gritty details.

He opened the first and second envelopes and pulled the panties out. They were still intact, lost nothing except the smell. He put it up to his nose and sniffed, taking a rather strong snuffle.

‘The third, belonged to a rather short lady who was a friend of my sister, but not really known to me. On that particular morning while I was on my way to pick the golden haired girls, she begged me to take her cherry before I was about to leave for Thessaloniki.’

‘So you took her cherry, too?’

‘Yes I also took her cherry after the blonde ladies left my place in early afternoon. She was number three and number four was none other than the niece of the lady who thought me so much on how to pleasure a woman with whom I spent the following day. In two days I fucked six different women out off, four were virgins.’

‘So you also had a sex teacher?’ Corrine asked with more curiosity.

The more they conversed, the more interesting and intriguing the whole story became. Corrine had never believed that such a virgin blower really existed as it was told; although there were moments when she wished to meet this fictional Sam in reality. She wanted to believe that, that Sam who fucked her so many times in the last twenty four hours was the Sam, whom she dreamed so much about and the many times she masturbated so much, that her clitoris became so sore.

Corrine picked the next one, the one which belonged to Elena and the one of the first virgins he deflowered in Thessaloniki… the wild one. She carefully unsealed them and very leisurely pulled the panties out one at a time. She examined them as she felt the quality of the fabric. They lost nothing of the texture and she could also see the residues of the liquids which had been sucked by the fabric itself.

There were no more answers, no more expectations and no more explanations. She been fucked and more than satisfied by the same Sam she dreamed so much about. They even examined some of the few from the last contenders who had been so lucky to share and enjoy the pleasures and the satisfaction of Sam’s way of satisfying the lust with which their own flesh was endowed.

Corrine took her time moving around the table, bringing drinks and some small things to eat. She became restless, ashamed of how much she had exposed from her secret life.

Sam knew exactly what she was thinking, so he took her in his arms and hugged her. ‘Don’t worry about anything. I’m proud that my legacy did not end in Thessaloniki; it continued. So, I’m very proud of you, of what you have done, nothing more than satisfied your own body as also mine.’

Sam pressed her naked body against his, while they kissed. It was a kiss which lasted. Juices continued to flow as she became more anxious to make love again as much as his hardon was on the alert ready to meet his counterpart.

‘Fuck me slowly from behind.’ Corrine instructed as she took her position bending down on the table with her ass popping outwards while she was still fiddling with the panties. Sam quickly obliged as he, very slowly inserted his hard cock into her vagina, making love as he fucked her slowly. His manhood moved back and forth rather too slow but the fire within their bodies was magnetic.

Sam loved every moment and wondered if the time to ever change his status; had arrived. He had been fighting a long war, but still he agreed with his inner self, that he was not ready. But he continued to make love for Corrine; making her cry for more as she continued to beg Sam to stop or empty his load.

The rest of what was left of the day passed quicker than they expected. They went out just before nine, had a rather quick dinner accompanied by a bottle of Italian Barolo wine and returned back home where they made love again, before they slept in each other’s arms.

Morning came and as quick as it could be, before Corrine left, an agreement with Sam was reached that he will pick her up together with the French ladies, sometime after the first week of October, even though Corrine was not much in favour.

Within an hour the expected Dimitra arrived. With no ceremonies she took all her clothes off and lay down naked on the middle of the bed. Sam knew she was not getting enough from her husband and so before he leaves Athens he tried to do his best to send her home satisfied, naturally after she cleared the rubbish and set the apartment back to its glory. There was enough to clear after what Sam and his friend…

Padme, as always was left alone at the villa and so she was there waiting for Sam. She was very anxious to see him back home. Being alone in such a huge garden and a big villa, sometimes she felt frightened. But she felt very safe when Sam was around; therefore as soon as she heard him coming she ran to open the gate so he did not need to stop. After he parked the car she gave him a welcome hug.

The following days passed rather quickly until on Thursday Sam picked Hera, Stella and Elena from the airport. It was late evening and as they arrived at the villa everybody settled around the table by the pool for the evening meal. Hera was the first to get her clothes off until she was totally naked. She was also the first to jump in the pool for a good freshen up followed by Elena. Stella very quickly moved to where the food was. She was hungry and so she joined Padme, helping her get the table in order.

Within a few minutes the whole group were round the table; everybody was naked and some teasing under the table started to happen. Sam was very much in the mood, so when everybody seemed to have filled his or her stomach, Sam took Elena away and they made slow very relaxed love on one of the airbed away from the rest of the group.

Stella had her share and Hera was taken away to his bedroom for the night. They fucked and made love. Hera was always hot for Sam. She never forgot that special day when she seduced that young near virgin lad. The rest of the days, until Sunday night, were nothing more than a wild hot harem of ladies who wanted nothing more than be pleasures; been fucked and enjoy every orgasm.

A boat trip round the island which included some swimming in different beaches was also on the agenda. The best part of the trip was when they stopped at a secluded beach where they even made love and swam naked. It was really a cute small deserted cove, not only above the water level, but also below.


A few days later, after Hera together with Stella and Elena left for home, Lydia called to find out if Sam was still ready to accommodate her for a week or so. She wanted a short holiday before she had to return back for another year of University studies. She really wanted that holiday, first to get away from home and secondly she wanted somebody to pleasure and lessens her sex hungry body.

‘Hi daddy; how are you?’ She excitedly asked as she felt her dad’s breathe on the phone

‘Hi sweetie. What about you?’ Sam asked, once he heard Lydia voice on the other end. He expected that such a call was due, especially that the end of holidays and the start of the first semester were closing in, very fast. Lydia was very much in need of going back to her biological daddy.

‘I feel great, but sure, I will feel much better once I get away from home; and be in your arms.’ Lydia answered.

Sam’s cock jumped in his pants as he thought about those days when he took Lydia’s cherry and the many times they became intimate.

‘Tell you the truth I was expecting your call, so when I will be expecting you?’

‘How about; tomorrow evening?’ Lydia asked back. ‘I’m sure I can get a seat on the evening flight.’ Lydia answered.

‘May I send you a ticket from here?’ Sam offered.

‘No need dad. Mum will pay.’ She answered.

‘Does mum knows you will be coming here to enjoy…?’

‘Sure she knows. Don’t worry about that. She already came and had her share, so why not me.’ Lydia teased.

‘I’ll be waiting.’ Sam answered before he closed the phone.

Making some calculations he thought that she was going to stay about twelve days in all, maybe even an extra day. It was a good time. The olive harvest was at least a month and a half away and not much was happening. So some extra activity will be most welcome.

The next day which was a Wednesday, Padme made sure that they made all the shopping needed, including some more oils needed for massage as she had nearly used all on the last arrivals.

Wednesday evening Sam arrived at the airport a few minutes after the plane had landed. He waited for his beautiful and sexy daughter watching the arrivals door to open. He was already very excited about the days they were going to spend together, not to mention the hot sex they were going to enjoy. Whenever he remembered his sister or their daughter he will feel the anxiety within his groin as it starts to wake up and get hard. The waiting of those next few minutes since the plane had landed, the excitement within his body multiplied twofold. For some reason or other he wanted Lydia to spend time with him; even though she was his own same flesh and blood. .

At last he spotted her coming his way with just a small case which she was pulling behind her. He opened his arms and hugged her and kissed her just on her cheeks. He looked into her eyes and noticed that she was feeling more than very excited; being in his arms.

Sam loaded the bag on the back seat while she settled herself in the front seat as close as she could get next to her dad. They looked at each other with those smiles on their lips while he started the engine. She moved even closer on her seat and as soon as they started to move, she slowly she put a hand around his neck and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. When their eyes met the feeling of intimate attraction was evident in their looks. The heat within their bodies was more than evident. Sam’s manhood was a hard as steel dreaming about the moment when he will be intimately connected to his loving daughter’s pussy.

Lydia was more than drenched. Before she slept the previous night she had to masturbate more than once before she could sleep and so she did after she woke up in the morning when she spent some time cuddling her body under the covers, while fantasising about her dad’s big masterpiece; which she was going to enjoy for the next week and a half; as she had planned.

‘How do you feel about me spending a few days here with you, dad?’ She asked while she pressed per body against his body. Before he even answered and in the darkness of the SUV she put her hand on his crotch. ‘It seems that he’s already feeling happy dad; he already noticed that some very important visitor is around.’

‘There was no need to ask; the excitement started yesterday when you phoned. It immediately started to stir as it realized it was your voice.’ Sam answered.

‘So it means that you were more than expecting me?’ she answered.

‘We had agreed about this trip when you were here, so I made planes to accommodate you, when the agreed time arrives.’ Sam answered. ‘So how is your mum or better my loving naughty sister?’ Sam asked.

‘You probably know better than me. You just spent a couple of days fucking together in Thessaloniki. How many times did you fuck her, dad?’ She asked.

‘Not enough times!’ Sam exclaimed.

‘Is she still a good fuck dad?’ Lydia asked.

‘Haven’t you asked her?’ Sam asked.

‘I think it’s enough that she knows that you fuck not only her but also her daughter; though I also know as much, that she fuck a bit around too. I don’t like to mention the collection of sex toys she have.’ Lydia explained. ‘In the end I don’t blame her; dad is always away, either Dubai or Brussels. Mum is a very hot woman and she tries not to show her frustration, so she has to; one way or another she has to satisfy her hot sexy body.’

‘I think we talked a lot about mum; so what’s about you?’ Sam asked while they were already half way back to his villa.

‘I think I have to find Mr Right. Until now I had not found him; but maybe during the next year; maybe.’ Lydia commented. She knew that Sam was neither happy, fucking her nor her mother.

When they arrived at the villa the gate was already open. Sam drove through and parked in the usual place where Padme was waiting to welcome Lydia. The door was opened as the SUV was safely parked. Lydia really jumped out of the car. Padme reached for her and then took her into her arms and hugged her while welcoming her back to the villa. They kissed and also said a few hot words to each other.

Although the night was still young Lydia looked at Sam. After her welcome hug and kiss from Padme, she followed Sam to his hideaway. As they entered his domain she slipped out of her clothes and stretched herself on the middle of the bed while she watched her dad’s hard member jumping out of his underwear.

Sam crawled towards Lydia’s body, his eyes focused on that precious spot, between her legs. She was watching him with a smile on her lips, while her eyes were shining with the desire to get fucked. She was hot, hotter that she was last night, when she received the confirmation. She even masturbated under her bed covers as her body became wild fire; since dad had confirmed. She made herself cum, more than a couple of times, as with the excitement she could not even sleep.

It was a hell of a night, turning her herself under the covers trying to find the right spot where she could relax and sleep. She could not get out of bed and out of the room as she did not want to alarm her mum about the excitement of the moment. She touched her pussy many times, squeezed her nipples numerous times and fingered her drenched snatch countless times. It was early in the morning when her eyes closed and during the few hours she slept, she dreamed about the many ways her dad was going to fuck her.

Watching her dad’s eyes focused on her engorged lips she opened her legs wider. The lips slightly separated with love juices trickling out of the bottom end where the end of her slit was. She was wet as the liquid was shining in the light which was coming from above. ‘Touch me dad; lick my pussy with your tongue…’ Sam continued looking mesmerised with the beauty he was watching with his own eyes. ‘I want to cum dad; I can’t wait… I had been so hot waiting for this moment… please dad I beg you… touch me, lick me make me cum..’

Sam did not move. He just opened her legs wider while pushing her knees towards her body. His eyes were still focused on her slightly opened slit. In Sam’s eyes the vaginal area was the most beautiful part of all, of the woman’s organs. Slowly he lowered his eyes, his lips were too close and the feeling of his breathe was making Lydia going crazy. A sniff and the smell of her fermented juices filled his nostrils. Another sniff and then his master’s tongue touched her slightly exposed little bud.

Lydia jumped upwards and Sam’s tongue moved up and down. Lydia cried as her body exploded. Sam pushed his tongue between her swollen lips and searched for her vaginal opening while Lydia cried and shouted. Sam continued to dig his tongue into her vagina while suckling on the flowing juices.

‘Fuck me dad… fuck meeee? She cried and shouted as her body was on fire.

Sam said nothing except he kept teasing her. He pushed his hands under her bums and pushed them upwards while he pressed her pussy harder against his mouth. Her anal entrance came into view and so Sam licked per pussy from her clitoris down to her ass hole, where he rolled his tongue around her rose bud.

Another attack down around her most erogenous zone and Lydia could not take more, but Sam had other ideas. A finger was inserted straight into her ass, after he used some of the excessive lubricant which had trickled out from her furnace of love.

She did not feel much pain as it drilled itself into her ass with a slight push. Her body was just one orgasm. Her moans and cries and the movement of her body was enough to realize in which heaven, Lydia found herself.

Sam let himself back on the bed lost in the heavenly atmosphere. He moved slowly away without interrupting the benefits of the pleasures she herself was part of. Minutes passed. Sam settled at a short distance on his knees, watching that beautiful young lady lying on his bed, her legs still wide open; her eyes closed while she was still swimming in her latest orgasm.

More minutes had passed before Sam noticed that her body started to relax. His hard cock was there waiting to join in the pleasures by getting inside Lydia’s pussy as it had done some months earlier when he enjoyed the breaking of her virginity.

Taking his time watching her breathing slowing down; he moved slowly on his knees until his face with his eyes focused on Lydia face, he was watching for her facial movements and the expressions on her lips. Then their lips touched and suddenly her eyes started to open. She was slightly shocked as another tremor flowed through her blood stream.

Her eyes closed again and while the tremor was still flowing, his hard dick touched her pelvic area. Lydia was aware, but she was not expecting that it was going to happen so soon. Knowing Sam so well; after he tormented her while he exercised on her body she was looking for some relaxation. Her body continued to vibrate as the head started to separate her pouty lips. Sam pressed his lips harder against hers. Her tongue sweetly crawled between his lips while the head of his cock found her juicy covered entrance of her pleasurable box; her portal of love in which her dad was inserting, very gently his wand of light which sure it was more than going to light the interior of her hot furnace.

Chapter 30

Irene and George.

The Proposal and the Training.

Antonis was very worried about his girlfriend’s auntie; Irene. She was very strict with Adriana. She never let her go anywhere with Antonis unless they were accompanied. She was very worried that if she trusts her niece alone with Antonis, they would involve themselves in some kind of immoral practises. Such practises could produce adverse results such as, an unwanted pregnancy.

Irene knew that her niece was on the pill but still she was not happy. Adriana had promised Sam that she will not try to go all the way, even if she was partially protected. But her aunt tried not to understand and wanted nothing, except total control.

Except for her morning job, Irene had nothing else to do. Adriana had to keep their house clean, not to forget that she had to go to work too.

Irene herself was still in very good shape. She goes jogging in the evening and even attends a gym, when time was available. She made sure that she kept her body healthy and in shape not to forget that she had a body one can kill for. Her breasts were nothing bigger that a 36C with no sagging and a fantastic ass with an hour glass body. Her legs looked to be rather tall for her 5ft: 5 body. She liked to look sexy, but although there were quite a few suitors along the years she dedicated her life to bring Adriana educated and protected.

Irene took the place of her sister, who together with her husband they had an unfortunate accident and both of them were found dead. A truck which was being driven downhill along one of the roads on the hilly side of the island, when the driver lost control and hit the car in which Irene’s sister and her husband, who was driving the car, were thrown off the road crumbling and crushing between the trunks of two trees. Fortunately the three year Adriana was not there and Irene ended taking the place of a mother. Irene gave the little girl all the attention she could, even though she was only nineteen years old when the accident happened.

Sixteen years later being thirty five years old Irene was still looking very sexy. She missed her golden years when she was supposed to start looking around for an ideal suitor. There were quite a few who tried their luck, but Adriana turned them all away. At thirty five she started to feel the emptiness of not only living on her own, but she was still a virgin.

Missing those golden years she wondered what future she had ready for herself. She was never regretful for giving her life to her niece; she was even proud that she had done something which was fruitful. But the time had come, when her niece had already fallen in love. She was seeing her less and she was becoming jealous.

Sam, with his instinct had noticed that there was more than the excuse of protection that was involved. He knew that there were other conflicts and the arguments about pregnancy etc were just excuses. His brains started to work overtime and even consulted Athina regarding the matter.

Since returning from Greece, Athina never let Sam sleep alone. She was always there and kept her vigil. They made aggressive love but no penetrations. The pleasures were great and both enjoyed fantastic climaxes. Tantric massage and the many other practices she had learned from Padme kept both of them happy together; but Sam had not yet decided if he will ever marry Athina. He was falling deeply in love with her, but it was still hard for him to commit himself, completely.

Athina on the other hand had their future together already planned with a wedding sometime between mid to late November. She was even planning which cities she wanted to visit during their two month honeymoon with Christmas either in London or Paris.

Their present problem was Irene. How are they going to get her away or better, get rid of her? There was no easy way out. She was bright and well educated. She had a good job, working a shorter day of six hours. She was respected by the local society, especially for the sacrifices she made, in looking after and educated Adriana.

Sam at last came out with a fantastic idea or better, how to get Irene out of the way. Saying nothing to Adriana and Antonis, he consulted Athina and Padme; who were going to be the two protagonists who will play the hardest part. Both Padme and Athina where shocked with what Sam had planned, although if they would succeed it should be a grand final for Irene. Antonis and his beautiful Adriana will start enjoying their loving period without any interference.

Sam’s calculations for the whole operation should take two weeks. It should end on a Friday afternoon; two weeks from the day they start preparations. It was a Friday when Sam had given Athina and Padme the final details; therefore he decided that the following day he will approach one of the contenders.

It was Saturday, a very beautiful afternoon, when Sam drove from his villa towards other side of the hilly part of the island, where George had his beautiful four bed rooms villa, which he had inherited from his parents. They had moved to a small apartment close to the capital of the island were most of their family friends lived. It was an early afternoon when he knocked on the door of the quite large villa, situated on a slope and looking over to the sea, which was less than half a mile (app.1km.) away.

George the owner; was a bank manager at the main branch in the capital city of the island. First school he attended was on the island itself. From there when he reached a certain levels, he continued his tertiary education and banking in Athens. There he joined one of the Greek banks and spent the first years working in Athens. There he met a beautiful lady whom he married. Within a few months after his marriage he was transferred back to the island to take a position of assistant bank Manager; at the only branch of the Greek Bank on the island.

But his wife was spending most of her time in Greece rather than with him on the island. Within months, and barley a year from their marriage she asked for a divorce. George loved her but he was not ready to live in the congested, polluted city of Athens. He was an islander; he loved the open areas and the clean air of the very low populated island. After their divorce he even found, that she was having at least one affair with an exboyfriend.

George aged about thirty seven years, lived a great life close to nature. There were some local ladies who started to eye George along the years but he never seemed ready to risk his freedom once again; until there was that specific knock on the door.

‘Sam welcome, what brought you around?’ George asked. ‘Come inside, what do you want, a cup of coffee; wine or something harder.’

‘Relax George. How’s life… good?’ Sam asked back.

‘Well on normal basis it’s great. No problems and what about yours, Sam?’

‘Well I don’t think I have anything to grumble about. When women are around and leave their problems behind them it is fantastic, especially when they are naked and needing nothing more than a hard cock between their legs, or for that matter a pair of lips sucking on their pussies, between their wide open legs.’ Sam answered.

‘What about their problems Sam? How can you solve them?’ George asked.

‘I don’t know; I never had any. They only wanted to be fucked and enjoy their first encounter, while enjoying the pleasures of their first encounter with nature’s most beautiful act. They all knew the rules.’ Sam answered.

‘Well… if it wasn’t this place here with these views and close to the sea… I don’t know. Here is heavenly Sam, much like your place.’ George expressed his feelings. ‘Sometimes, loneliness is somewhat hard, especially at night.’

‘I can understand that, even though I experienced it when I was working on the oil rigs, both on land and even more, at sea. Having your own small cabin and it’s like being marooned. Do you have any friends George?’ Sam asked.

‘Well, I have a housekeeper who mostly comes in the morning three times a week and by the time I am back she had already gone. Otherwise, I visit my parents who still insist either we live together or I get married. Well sometimes I go and do some fishing, directly from over the rocks, just to kill the time.’ George answered.

‘George, I have a proposal. Relax please… and just listen. For now keep your mouth shut. In a way it is a game. There is a beautiful woman, maybe a couple of years younger than you. She’s probably even a virgin. She dedicated herself to a family cause and I like to find her some place where I will change her monotonous life. She got a good job; she dress well and is well respected.’ Sam introduced the subject.

George, after he had opened his ears wide open, he did not answer back or said anything about Sam’s proposal; but he stayed looking at him while analyzing the words which Sam used, to introduce the subject. His eyes were focused on Sam’s, who was wondering what game he was about to play.

‘Sam, you said that this is a game. So it could be a joke?’ George asked.

‘George, it is not a joke. In the end I should end making two people happy.’

‘Ohhh… or you want to get rid of somebody?’ George asked.

‘Not exactly George. I would be happier if I can make two people very happy. I know it is not easy but I’m sure you can get well together.’ Sam emphasised.

‘How much can you tell me Sam?’ George asked.

‘Tell me George, when was the last time you masturbated?’ Sam curiously asked.

‘What kind of question is that? I believe that such things must be personal, the worst could be between man and wife.’ George answered very seriously.

‘George it is very important to know suck details as we have to train you on the art of pleasuring a woman and the same with the opposite.’

‘What do you mean Sam?’ George nearly shouted.

‘I’m not going to teach you how to fuck a woman. We want to teach you how to pleasure a woman and vice versa; which means we have to teach the lady we have in mind on how to play and pleasure her man.’ Sam explained.

George started to wonder what was coming. What he had between his legs had started to wake up slowly, something which he usually notices when he wakes up with, in the morning. Sam knew that he got him, but he stayed quite for a bit; just watching George’s face changing colours and even a smile escaped.

‘George, on Monday I bring that foreign lady I have at my place, Padme, and she will start to teach you how to massage a woman with your hands and much more. She teaches you how you touch her hot spots, you know what I mean… squeeze her nipples, have a look between her legs and much, much more.’ Sam explained.

George stayed quite, thinking about what he had missed. ‘Is it true or is it just a joke?’ He asked himself.

‘George, you could be second time lucky. Monday afternoon… how about around four? I will knock on your door with Padme in tow. It may take about two hours of hard work, full of new tastes which you had never, ever believed you will enjoy.’ Sam explained with a dose of what was expected.

‘Sam, I expected that you would tell me something about this mysterious woman?’ George asked trying to get more information than what Sam wanted to reveal.

‘The less you know at this moment the better for you and for her. On Monday we will start training the chosen lady, too. She will be trained by Athina. George I better be on the road. See you Monday.’

Sam left and George naturally started building stories, dreaming, thinking, wondering; the list was long. It had been a long time since he dreamed about any women. After his unfortunate divorce his sexy part of his brain had shut down. It was too much for him; being abandoned by the same woman who had seduced him, when they were studying in Athens together.

He walked to the dinning room where he poured a tot of UZO in a glass and drank it in one go. It went down burning his tube as it soaked his throat. It was just a relief from what Sam had described. What was going to happen in the next two weeks? What would be the result at the end of the two week and what was going to happen; prepare himself for another marriage?

He ate the dinner he had prepared, watched the local news, which as usual there was nothing new except that the Greek economy was still going downhill. He knew more than enough as a banker. As the foreign news came to an end, he switched off the television and tried to relax. On the coming Monday a beautiful lady from the East was coming to teach him how to massage a woman. A woman he had never met and probably he don’t even know her. A total stranger!

He tried to sleep but it was futile. He could not sleep. He was still dreaming, even up to a few hours after midnight and a few drinks before he lost himself in a long sleep. At least when he woke up it was Sunday.

After Sam arrived at the villa he picked the phone and called Irene. Hearing Sam’s voice she was a little bit shocked. Being so protective of her niece Adriana, Irene wondered why she wasn’t back yet.

‘Sam… What happened?’ Adriana cried on the other end of the line.

‘Nothing sweetie. Only, that Adriana is staying with us. If you like to come over you are more than welcome.’ Sam answered.

‘Sam please, you know I don’t want her to sleep there with Antonis. You know she’s my responsibility.’ She cried again.

‘Just relax Irene. Once she’s under my roof I take full responsibility and I guarantee, that she will not do anything which you, as also I, will later be disappointed; so shut up.’

‘Sam… Sam…’ she shouted again.

‘On Monday I will take her to the doctor and set her on the pill. You played your part, you had done right. You dedicated your life for her, gave her all she needed. It is time that you should play a new part, the part….’

‘What do you mean Sam; you’ll order Adriana to go on the pill?’ Irene cried again.

‘Let Sam handle this and you will respect me for many years to come. Tomorrow afternoon I will come and visit you. Just wait for me at your house…’

‘What time?’ she excitedly asked.

‘Shall we make it, say four in the afternoon?’ Sam asked.

‘Shall I prepare anything?’ Irene asked.

‘A coffee will do. Important is, that we will be just you and me.’ Sam instructed. Sam just put the receiver on the hook. He did not wait for an answer.

Sam and the rest of those staying at his villa were enjoying the evening dinner. The temperature was still rather cool. There was a lot of talk in the dinning room with jokes and laughter. Adriana was worried about her auntie, but Sam told her that he fixed everything with Auntie Irene.

‘From to-night you sleep here with us. You will have time to roam around the place as also with your Antonis. Remember, you do what you like except… you know what I mean. Sometime next week Athina will arrange an appointment with the doctor, so you will start taking the pill.’ Sam told her.

Adriana felt very happy staying at Sam’s place, but she loved her auntie too much. She had sacrificed herself for her wellbeing. She felt indebted to her and later she had a long discussion with Sam about the new arrangements. Sam managed to convince her.

‘It’s time that your auntie should find her own self. Probably she will go on a short holiday; you may understand that I’m trying to get her off your back. If I succeed you will be very happy and so your auntie. I’m trying to organise something for the best for the two of you.’ Sam tried to tell her a little of his plans without revealing more than it was necessary, at that particular moment.

Adriana hugged Sam and started to kiss him while pressing her body against him. When the emotions passed, she looked at his happy face… ‘I had never known my dad or rather slightly. Can I call you dad?’

Sam was proud to have another lady in his family to look after. ‘Remember, if you want me to protect you as if I was really your dad, then you have to abide by my rules, you know what I mean.’

‘Thanks dad.’ She gave him a hug and a kiss. ‘Dad I’m proud of you and I promise, I will be a good daughter. What about Auntie Irene?’

‘Well, Auntie Irene as I already explained, I am trying to keep her mouth shut, but in the end I hope that she should be very happy. I can’t say more; because I have no idea what the outcome will be, my dear.’ Sam explained.

Sunday afternoon arrived and Sam drove over to Irene’s house on the outskirts of town. On the first knock, the door opened and there was Irene with a smile on her face, even though she was worried about Adriana. As Sam entered he took her in his arms hugged her against his body while he kissed her on both cheeks.

‘Woww, you are very beautifully dressed my dear and what about that perfume?’ Sam wanted to lift her morale.

Their eyes locked and Sam starred straight into her eyes. Still holding her tight, he felt tremors within her body. He wanted it to happen as he was a little worried. The last time he tried that trick it did not work. His victim was Athina, but on that occasion Sam had come against a hard wall. He was pleased and after he gave Irene another look at her beautiful face, Sam commented.

‘You look very happy my dear?’ He asked.

‘Well, after what happened yesterday, taking Adriana away from this house, I was both angry and happy. She was trying every move to get out, but in her heart she did not want to break my heart.’ Irene regretfully described.

‘I think it was time for her to start to enjoy her youth and her boyfriend… . You have your job and your place, which I hope in the near future it will belong to Adriana.’

‘What do you mean Sam? What about me?’ She nearly shouted.

‘I hope that in the very near future you will have a better place where you can live a much better life.’ Sam started pushing the doze. ‘Can you show me round your house before…?’

‘Sam, why did you want to come and talk to me? I’m curious, as I seem to have some bad feelings.’ She gave Sam a sort of a dirty look. She knew enough about the women he invited to his garden, like everybody else did on the island.

My specific visit here is that from tomorrow afternoon Athina will be coming here to give you some training, or better teach you how to pamper a man. Athina is very quite good about such practises as she had learned them from Padme.’

‘Sam what the hell do you thing I am; a puppet… you will do what you like with me.’ Irene shouted.

Sam again pressed her body against his as he hugged her again while her eyes were filled of anger. She never stopped watching his eyes for any signs. He continued to hug her but kept some distance from her face.

‘Relax… I’m sure that along the years you craved; or maybe better, you desired a male. Look in my eyes… you are very beautiful; still young and along those years you lived for your niece, you dedicated your life to Adriana. You brought her up as a loving woman; as her loving mother. I know; that she not only loves you a lot, but she adores you. She’s a very loving young lady. You are her adopted mother and never she known a father. As a matter of fact she asked me if I could act like a father to her.’

‘What did you say to her Sam?’ Irene asked.

‘I accepted; if she promised me that she abides by my conditions. She accepted.’

‘Aren’t you also Athina’s daddy?’ She asked.

‘Why you ask?’

‘There are roamers around; you know… that you sleep together.’

‘Irene. I came here to invite you to something which I hope it will make you very happy. As I already said, you are still young and I have some very well educated, good position, respected gentleman. He has a beautiful house in a very relaxing area. I’m sure that he needs the love of a loving woman and as much, as you need his love. I’m not going to tell you much. He deserves a woman like you, and you deserve such a gentleman. Let’s go and have a look at your house first.’ Sam gave a second dose.

‘Sam.’ her eyes were still focused on his face. Her blood pressure started to increase. Sam continued to hold her while trying to avoid eye contact. He knew that she was getting certain feelings that she had rarely felt or never.

‘Tell me; what do you think about my proposal.’ Sam asked.

‘From where did you come up with such an idea?’ She asked back.

‘Let’s go upstairs first.’ Sam said as he moved next to her with one hand holding her as they went up the stairs one after another until he stopped. They had arrived infront of the door of the main bedroom. ‘When was the last time you invited a friend to spend some hours with you?’ Sam asked as he scanned the bedroom from the doorway.

Shocked, Irene looked at Sam with tears in her eyes. ‘What do you expect I am; a whore?’ She cried.

‘Sorry, if I did offend you… so tell me; how did you survive without any… sex. Don’t try to convince me, that you never touched yourself?’ Sam excused himself while he put another question which was slightly less offending.

Irene gave Sam a look but he remained without an answer, even though Sam was standing behind her with his hands around her waist, moving slowly towards the front. Very slowly he started to open one button after another, until he started to pull her silk blouse off her shoulders. She stayed quiet, said nothing and did not even complain.

‘Tell me sweetie; how do you feel. If somebody will ask you to marry him, what do you do? You have a fantastic figure, rather slim, long legs and a nice pair of tits, which are not so big and neither small. They are quite the right size to hold and to play with.’ Sam tried to paint an interesting scenario. He moved his hands under her arm pits until he cupped both of her tities and started to roll them within her bra itself.

Irene did not react; she did not say a world and neither complained. She just pushed her ass backwards. She was shocked. Something hard was settled precisely in the crack between her bums. She felt the same thing long and hard in the crack between her cheeks. She pulled forward, took a deep breath and relaxed. At the same time she felt like enjoying that strange thing while Sam’s hands kept moulding her breast.

Sam had other options ready. He moved slightly forward jamming his cock against her crack while with one hand he took the liberty of opening the hook on her skirt and the zipper, letting it to drop down in a heap around her legs.

It was another shock for Irene. Her body was betraying her. What she had never done, she just melted in Sam’s arms. Sam’s hand roamed downwards until he tried to squeeze two fingers between her tight closed legs. On the touch, he felt that she was wet. He pushed his fingers and slowly managed to penetrate between her thighs. It was then that he pressed it against her soaked gusset. He pressed them hard against the gusset waiting for some type of reaction. There was nothing, she just tried to control herself, even though her body was betraying her. There was, at last a light moan which she tried to control.

‘Irene, have you ever been so wet?’ He asked the shocked lady.

‘Nobody ever did this to me. I feel degraded… dishonoured.’ Her face felt red hot with shame. She wanted to throw Sam out, but she could not resist his approach. She was nearly naked. Her bra was off and the only item was her panties and her shoes.

‘Relax my dear. Tomorrow I will send Athina to come here and spend two hours with you. She will teach you how to massage a body, could be a male as also a female.’ She was just listening, her eyes were closed. Sam was still teasing her with his fingers which by them were as soaked as her panties. With one hand he was still touching and rolling one of her nipples while a moan every now and then escaped from between her lips. With the other hand, he used one finger with which he was continuously rubbing that wet soaked gusset, under which her pussy lips were hidden. ‘You do like what I’m doing, is it? Tell me yes or no.’

‘Sam, do you want to know the truth?’ She said.

‘Yes please, I would be very happy. I’m sure I can help you.’ He answered.

She started to cry. Tears were leaking out of her eyes while she turned to look at him. ‘Sam, I never experienced or practised any kind of sex; never touched myself and never had pleasure out of it. This is the first time I felt such wonderful feelings. It was only you who managed to break me. That look straight in my eyes; you woke up everything I had sleeping for so many years inside me. Can you guide me Sam?’ She hugged Sam while she cried; and she really cried.

Sam helped her lay down on the bed, until she started to get herself together. He lay down very close to where she was laid, watching her while she was still crying. Tears were rolling down against her cheeks. He hugged her, caressed her and kissed her on wherever his lips hit.

‘Relax… you may become very lucky at last. We will know in less than two weeks time.’

‘Know what Sam?’ She shockingly asked.

‘As I told you, Athina will be here tomorrow and she will start teaching you, about how to pleasure a man. At the Sam time we have a very respectful gentleman, a year of so older than you. We are also going to train him on how to pleasure a woman. Padme will be in charge of that part. She is well trained in the way of massage etc.’

‘Sam, I can’t understand anything what you are talking about. Is this a dream? Why does a man wants to be trained?’ Irene sure had more questions to ask. Her brain was going wild, especially with this issue of training. As far as she was concerned there was that woman: who was at the receiving end.

‘Just relax and hear me well, what I’m going to say.’ He started to explain while his hand roamed down until it was between her legs. ‘May I have a permission to take you panties off?’

‘Was this why you came here?’ She asked with a dirty smile. ‘If you really want to compare, I don’t mind. From what people says, you precisely know that the difference won’t be that much. Is it true what they say about Thessaloniki?’ She finally asked.

‘Yes… it is true. Once they asked and wanted me to pleasure them, I done my best. They all loved it, never complained and none of them got pregnant. I was just the one who pleasured them and gave them what they wanted. They knew the rules which were given to them written down, so none of them could complain later. They came back for more; but they knew that not only I had a waiting list of fresh virgins, but I also had to beat my mates in the classroom. I wanted high marks.’ Sam explained.

Irene just watched him and said little. ‘Tell me Sam, saying it straight: do you want me to be your last virgin?’

‘I have no intention of making you the next virgin I will break into: and neither to be the last. It may be; that the last virgin will be Athina. So you will still be a virgin when not this Saturday but the following Friday evening.’ Sam convinced Irene that he will not break her virginity.

‘I told you I’m still untouched. You are the first male that you may be seeing me naked. If you also want to check if I’m still a virgin I will give you my permission; but if ever I meet Mr. Right I want to be untouched. Shall I take my panty off?’ Irene offered herself.

She did not wait. She knew that Sam will not refuse to have a look. He may even have to touch, she thought, otherwise how he will know. She just lifted her arse of the bed and pushed her briefs down along her very well shaped legs.

‘It’s all yours Sam.’ Irene said, as she opened her legs.

She was hot and wanting. She never felt so sex hungry. She never ever expected that she will end up naked in the hands of any man and especially in Sam’s hands. She could not believe this hunger she felt. She was scarred of loosing her virginity.

She noticed that once Sam have you in his arms it was very easy to fail; to melt in his arms; to give the whole of one’s body.

Sam gave her a look and moved slowly backwards until he was comfortably on his knees ready to examine her vaginal area.

‘Never a man or a woman had had this opportunity to look there and examine my secret. Why I offered you this opportunity, I don’t yet know, but whatever. Now I remember “you said that you are sending Athina to train me”. ‘Just the same I may probably have to let her see all what I had protected, or many years.’

‘Can you open wider?’ Irene did so and Sam separated her pouty lips as wide open as he could. ‘This is the most beautiful part of a woman’s body. It gives women the pleasures they deserve and the majority of males could not get enough of.’

Sam moved his finger along her slit, up and down, collecting some of the pussy cream which was flowing in abundance. On the touch of her clit she jumped and cried, as shocks of pleasure ran though her blood veins. Rolling her clitori between two fingers increased the pleasure she had started to enjoy. Sam moved his other hand and slowly while Irene was lost into another orgasm, he pushed a finger lightly through her vaginal entrance. Very slowly he let it slip in until he felt the famous barrier. He was very pleased as he wanted his friend to enjoy the beauty of breaking a virgin.

Irene did not even feel anything when Sam’s finger intruded inside her portal of love. She was moaning as Sam kept his fingers busy working on her nipples while massaging her vaginal engorged lips. Frequently she lifted her ass of the bed as the whole of herself was lost into a huge orgasm, the like of which she had no idea that it was ever possible.

Well, Irene was not an idiot. She knew a lot of things about her anatomy but she never cared to try to break some of the rules. Touching herself was beyond anything she learned when she was young, that such areas are there for the day, when the young bride will be married and not for any pleasures of the flesh.

Sam managed to wake up her sleeping spirit. The way Sam gave her a few intimate hints, made her blood to start flowing faster through her veins. The way he was massaging any of her erogenous spots, her body jumped while she cried and moaned. At last she asked Sam to stop; as she could be sure she can take any more. For a start it was more than enough.

Sam waited until her body calmed down. When it did and she was relaxed enough, Sam asked. ‘Do you like to join us for dinner? Everybody will be there, including Adriana and Antonis.’

‘Why not?’ She answered. ‘Do I have enough time to have a shower? I’m sure I smell like a whore.’

‘Female liquids which seeped out of your most important hole in your body are there for a purpose, my dear Irene. Men love to suck them while making their women go wild and crazy. They are also a source of lubrication, so they are very important. When the male get inside your portal of love it must be well lubricated. Your vagina is not a place of pain but a place of pleasure.’

Irene looked at Sam who with a smile she stood and walked away totally naked, swaying her ass as she walked towards the bathroom. Within minutes she was out, dressed in sexy underwear while walking towards her wardrobe. A pair of blue jeans and a top to match made her look very sexy. The rest of the evening was great. Athina and Padme got inside the kitchen and prepared a fantastic meal for everybody, which naturally included the happy couple, Adriana and Antonis.

Monday afternoon, Sam drove towards George’s villa with Padme on tow. At his Villa the first phase of the new mind blowing adventure was about to start. Sam went away, walking through the picturesque hilly area with great views, birds signing and every now and then he met some of the local folks who were naturally very friendly, while a chat took place, and not forgetting a coffee or an ozu.

Padme and George settled themselves naked on a mattress which was laid purposely on the floor. As they settled she started to explain to George the different ways of massage. George himself developed a hardon which he had forgotten, when he was so sexually excited last. Most mornings George himself wakes up with a hardon, naturally due to the natural pressure on the urethra.

‘George, I want you to feel my hands moving on your back and all over your body. It is very important, as you have to learn how to massage my body in the same way I will be massaging yours. That is what we are going to concentrate on, during this week.’ Padme explained.

She poured some oil of his back between the shoulder plates and started to massage his back with her hands while explaining. George felt like he was in heaven. His manhood had never subsided. It remained hard and he felt uncomfortable to turn over on his back.

Padme gave him a pat on his ass… ‘Come on George; turn over.’ Trying to hide what he had, he turned slowly until his harder than steel manhood was totally on show.

‘Wowww George; quite a bit of meat you have there. I’m sure the prospective lady is going to like what I’m seeing. You should be proud George, of what you have.’

George said nothing except that his face turned red. Padme started her massage with the same mode she had done the back, explaining every detail. When she finished doing the front, massaging all the muscles, both his hands and the same to the front of his feet, she took his manhood into her hand. After enjoying a close look she gave it a couple of strokes. She stopped. She knew that if she gave him a third, he would probably have exploded.

‘George, I’m going to take the rest of my clothes off, which means that I’m leaving only my panties on. You have to start massaging my back first.’ Padme explained.

She stood up, looked at George before she started to take her blouse off which followed by her jeans. The other items left were her bra which ended on the floor and her panty as she had explained. She had a fantastic body, slightly coloured like if it was just suntanned. Her bums were perfectly shaped as she turned around to give George a good view of her sexy body.

George smiled, especially when he watched her lying down on her stomach. He took the bottle of oil and got down straight to business. His hands were as good as if he was a well trained professional. They moved and flowed over her body so professionally that at one point when she was lying on her back, his hand crawled along her wet gusset between her rather quite opened legs.

Ending that massage she made him take deep breaths while practicing on his PC muscle, explaining how to stop the ejaculation. She worked very hard on it, very carefully noticing when it was time to do the pull on the PC muscle and how long he could hold. After the fourth trial George lost it; it was a split second too late. He shot a great shot in the air while Padme was holding his hard cock. It was just an extra massage while she was holding his hard cock.

‘That was great George. I managed to massage your manhood a few times. For a start, you had done very well. We do more tomorrow, but I want you to give me another massage. Tomorrow I teach you about the body to body massage. That will be, when I will take all my clothes off. I will start by teaching you how to touch the female intimate parts.’

George’s cock jumped back to full attention. Half the head was uncovered as it seemed to become extra hard. Padme could not resist grabbing his hard cock and give it a good kiss while she licked the flowing pre-come which was from the little slit.

Padme took her position on her stomach and George with more confidence started working on her shoulders, slowly moving downwards. With his hands he concentrated on massaging the area between her legs, very, very slowly getting closer and closer until he made her jump. He had hit one of her most rather sensitive areas. She moaned, but made no comments. She just let him finish when his fingers were doing her toes.

Turning over was great, exposing her to George’s hungry eyes. She was hot and so was George who started massaging her body from around her neck going down towards her breasts. Spreading his oily hands against her round shapely breasts, moving them all around making sure that he achieves what he had in mind; just squeezing her nipples a couple of times. While Padme moaned every time he hit her most erogenous spots, George was enjoying himself tremendously. The feelings of massaging those soft mounds with his hands after so many years, was an unbelievable dream. He never thought it would be possible. He was amazed with the female beauty especially while enjoyed the way he learned to massage, touch and even squeeze while he rolled her hard nipples between his fingers. The beauty of the female body was amazing, incredible.

His earlier worries were over. If he would not hit it with the mysterious lady; what he was learning it would still be a great asset which he may just the same can change the way he was living. Well, he always tried to get the best of life, but what he became involved in; it should just the same bring him new perspectives to his future years.

George long the years since his unfortunate divorce had a few contenders who tried to lure him into marriage. But due to what had happened to him during his first marriage, Sam had become sceptic. Every time some friend suggested some woman he found it difficult to accept. He was scarred that it would be or could be another mistake, another drama; so he always refused. He disappointed a couple who were really fell in love with him; whom he nearly broke their hearts. Now things seemed to change, and he started to enjoy Sam’s charade.

Athina arrived at Irene house about the same time Sam dropped Padme at George’s home. It was about the same situation that occurred where most of the work was done on the art of how to massage. By the end of the two hours, Irene had learned quite a few things and was looking forward to meet the mysterious guy. She worked very hard, most times dreaming about the day when they should get together.

The following days were concentrated on the actual massage. Thursday and Friday Athina concentrated to the body to body massage when both ladies were both totally naked, especially when their most intimate parts played a larger role, especially the movement of their pussies against their legs and sometimes against each other; pussy against pussy.

The days started to pass and during the first six days one could say that both contenders had learned every detail, how to touch, were to touch and the administered pressure. The return feelings from the movements and the areas touched, set an incredible fire through their bodies.

On the Monday of the second week Athina continued to concentrate on body to body massage. The way they worked together and the intimate movement were sending the two ladies, especially Irene into the heavens.

During the 2nd hour Athina gave Irene a breast massage slowly going down to start to work on her pussy; giving her a slight pussy massage hitting just the inside between her pouty lips.

‘I think that today, your future companion will be taught how to control his ejaculation. Padme was very good in that department and if you will fit together, you should satisfy all your egos.’ Athina explained.

‘And if I don’t like him?’ Irene asked.

‘I’m sure that you are not only going to like him, but also love him. If not, you will enjoy a two week free holiday. Sam will sure find some type of other arrangement.’ Athina answered.

‘Well, I really wish that I not only fall in love with him but I hope that this gentleman will also like me.’ Irene commented.

Irene was getting very sexually excited. She was wondering when she could enjoy that something, which she had abandoned years ago. She never knew what wet pussies or wet panties were, except when her period becomes due. She never cared, but now she was getting very wet. Every day, when Athina enters Irene’s house, she immediately becomes sexually excited; liquid start to flow even without even a touch. Her excitement, which Sam instigated on that Sunday afternoon when he went to visit her; had woken all what had been inhibited, for many years.

It was Amy’s decision to hire the help. Her husband John may have suggested it in passing, but frankly it was more of a joke on his part. He didn’t seriously expect her to take him up on it. In truth they hardly had time to talk seriously about anything these days. Nearing 40 years old, they both had successful, but stressful, careers, he in engineering, she in corporate law. He spent his days trying to keep his motoring parts company afloat, while she spent her time trying to extricate companies from contracts they should on no account have signed. Every morning they rushed out of the house to their cars with barely enough time for a parting peck on the cheek. And every evening they returned exhausted, with barely enough energy to eat supper before collapsing into bed. Sex, of course, had long since ceased to be anything but a distant memory.

To their friends they were the picture of success. They lived in a large house in an acre of land in that ideal area just on the edge of the city with easy access to the countryside. Not that they ever had time to enjoy it. Saturdays were spent entertaining, Sundays were spent recovering or doing jobs around the house or poring over financial reports – in John’s case – and pages of small print – in Amy’s. It was a blessing they didn’t have children. They had few of the worries that beset their less well-off friends. They were busy but they weren’t short of money. If John’s business collapsed, they could still have lived perfectly comfortably on Amy’s income. To them their life was normal. It was only when they had a moment to stop and reflect – and such moments were rare – that they had any suspicion that they were missing anything.

A recent Saturday evening was one such occasion.

“Did you notice how Jim and Mary were all over each other?” asked Amy.

They were stacking the dishwasher after a dinner party with four friends.

“Well, they’re still young,” said John without thinking. He could hardly keep his eyes open from tiredness and alcohol.

“That doesn’t say much for us. We’re not even 40 yet.”

“I didn’t mean that.” He knew where this conversation was headed. “I meant they don’t care how they behave in front of other people.”

Amy sighed. “We used to be like that once. Do you remember that time in the cinema…?”

“We are definitely too old for that.”

“Oh I know. It’s just that we haven’t, I don’t know, misbehaved for ages. We haven’t even had sex in bed since I can’t remember. What’s happened to us, John? Don’t you fancy me any more?”

Yes, thought John, this is exactly where the conversation was headed.

“Of course I do. But you know what it’s like. There’s just no time any more. I don’t know where it goes. We both work long hours. Then there’s shopping, cleaning, cooking, gardening – it takes me two hours just to mow the grass out there. Then we entertain every weekend. I don’t know about you, darling, but every night I go to bed completely exhausted. Sex is the last thing on my mind.”

“I know, darling,” sighed Amy, “I feel the same. Even when I’m in bed all I can think about are the work I have to do the next day and the things I should be doing to the house. I’ve been planning to decorate that third bedroom now for two years.”

“What we need is a maid,” said John.

“We have to get that third bedroom finished this weekend,” announced Amy two weeks later.

“Okay,” said John, “but why now all of a sudden?”

“Because we need it. We have someone coming to stay with us.”

“Oh yes? Who?”

His mind was still working mainly on the problem of how to win the order he’d been chasing for the last three days.

“Our new maid. She starts on Monday.”

“What new maid? When was this decided?”

“I was thinking about your suggestion. And the more I thought about it the more I liked it. You’re right, we do need help. A live-in maid might not be the answer to all our problems, but at least she could do all the chores around here. And it’s not as if we can’t afford one. So I contacted a couple of agencies, interviewed four candidates and she starts on Monday.”


John was used to his wife making decisions, but even so he was a little stunned. A live-in maid might take a little getting used to. He only hoped she could cook.

As it turned out, John’s fears were unfounded. Not only could Carol cook, but she was a pleasure to have around. She didn’t smoke, she didn’t drink – at least no more than a glass or two of wine when it was offered – and she kept her room immaculate. She was pretty and had a good figure, which she was modest enough not to emphasise too much. Her preferred outfit was T-shirt, pressed jeans and a pair of Converse.

Amy, for her part, found it difficult to let go. Often, in the mornings, she would quickly rush round the house tidying things up so that Carol would not think her too slovenly. In the evening she would start chopping vegetables for dinner before Carol had to wrestle the knife away from her.

“Please go and sit down, Mrs Smith. Dinner is already in the oven.”

The truth is, Amy found it difficult to delegate. The main reason why she was so busy was because she took on so much work that could easily have been done by her assistants. It was a characteristic she shared with her husband. It may even have been one of the reasons they were first attracted to each other. He also took on more responsibility for the day-to-day operations of his company than he needed to. The result was that even after Carol had been with them for a week, they fell into bed every night as exhausted as before. Sex was a pleasure as remote as ever and as impossible to talk about. The uninhibited passion of their early years together had long since passed, to be gradually replaced by a physical shyness. Certainly they embraced and kissed regularly, but almost as if they were old friends rather than husband and wife. Most mornings and nights they dressed and undressed separately or with their backs turned. Even in bed, its huge size meant that they rarely touched, even by accident.

Carol soon realised something was wrong. Every morning she watched them rush through breakfast and off to work with nothing but a peck on the cheek as a parting gesture. In the evenings she watched them at dinner discussing nothing more intimate than the problems they had each had at work that day. Then they would work some more – invariably in silence – before trudging exhausted to bed. She was sure they no longer had sex: their expressions could not have told her more plainly. What they need, she thought to herself, is a lot more than a maid.

“Excuse me, Mr Smith, but can I get you a coffee or a drink of something?”

He was sitting at his desk reading a customer’s specification for a new part. It was 10.30.

“No thanks, Carol,” he replied wearily. “I’m fine.”

“I hope you don’t think me impertinent, Mr Smith, but you don’t look fine. You look as if you could do with a drink and an early night.”

He laughed emptily. “You’re probably right. Unfortunately I have to check this spec so that I can give the customer an accurate price.”

“I don’t know a great deal about the engineering business, but don’t you have a head of manufacturing who can do that?”

“I do.” What was he doing talking to this girl about his problems? “But I prefer to check it for myself as well.”

Carol took a breath. “In other words you don’t think he’s capable of doing his job properly – in which case you should replace him. Either that or he really is good at his job, in which case you should trust him to do it, put that specification away and have a drink.”

John stared at his young maid. She looked steadily back at him. There was a silence, then he laughed, this time with genuine humour. “You’re right. He is good at his job, in fact he’s excellent.”

He put the papers in his briefcase and snapped the lid.

“I think I will have that drink.”

Later, warmed by a double Scotch, he slipped into bed beside Amy. He took the contract she was reading and put it on the bedside table. He pulled her to him and kissed her. He was somewhat out of practice so it was a bit clumsy, but heartfelt.

“What’s got into you?” asked his wife.

“We shouldn’t bring work home with us, particularly not into the bedroom.” It came out sounding more peremptory then he’d intended. He knew what he wanted – he wanted for them to be passionate with each other, he wanted to make love – but it had been such a long time he could no longer find the right words.

“Some of us have to,” she responded, in return rather more haughtily than she’d intended. I sound like a schoolteacher, she thought.

“Oh, well, if you have to.”

Desired drained out of him. He could feel the whiskey making him sleepy. He gave her another kiss, only this time no more than a peck. “Good night, darling.” He turned on his side and pulled the duvet over his shoulder.

The next Saturday John had to visit an old college friend who’d fallen sick. For once, Amy didn’t feel like work. She sat in the garden with some papers on her lap, but she couldn’t concentrate on them. She wondered why she and John hadn’t fallen into each other’s arms the other night. He had plainly wanted to. Had she rebuffed him too forcefully? Time was when he would have taken no notice and she would have loved him for it. He would have kissed her and stroked her and soon they would have been fucking. What had happened to them? Where had it all gone?

“Are you all right, Mrs Smith?”

Carol was standing beside her, looking concerned. Amy realised tears were pricking her eyes and quickly wiped them away.

“I must have been looking at the sun. I’m fine.”

Carol looked at her as if she didn’t quite believe her, but decided not to push.

“I’m going to deadhead the roses. Would you like to help?”

Amy picked up the papers in her lap. “I have to finish reading these.”

Carol held out her hand for her to take it. “You shouldn’t be working on a day like this. I’m sure they can wait until Monday. Come on. Then I’ll make a pot of tea.”

Amy wasn’t used to being told what to do, but there was something about Carol that made her resistance crumble. She was always so cheerful, so willing. Maybe an afternoon pottering about in the garden would be fun. More fun than reading contracts anyway.

That evening she came to dinner wearing a low-cut dress without a bra.

“What’s the occasion?” John asked, nodding at her cleavage.

“No occasion,” she said, colouring a little. “I just felt like a change from floppy sweater and leisure pants. Do you mind?”

“Not at all.”

She came to bed in a strappy black silk slip and snuggled up to him, sliding her leg over his. Her hand found his limp cock beneath the duvet. She started to move it up and down. John was unsure if his body would respond. It had been a long day. As a result, he’d drunk too much at dinner. Much as he liked his wife stroking his cock, all he really wanted to do was go to sleep.

Happily, his cock had other ideas. He and Amy may not have had sex for some months, but she still knew how to make him hard. She kicked the duvet off him and without waiting, straddled him. Gripping his cock with one hand she lowered herself slowly. There was a moment’s resistance, then he was inside her.

John thought, whatever happened to foreplay? But he wasn’t complaining. Now he could feel his cock inside her cunt he was surprised at how good it felt – the warmth, the moistness, the gentle rubbing of his crown. Why hadn’t they done this more often?

Keeping himself inside her, he rolled her onto her back and began to fuck her in earnest.

Within only a few minutes she started to come. Supporting himself on his hands he watched her as her face went through the contortions of ecstasy. That and the involuntary twitching of her cunt were enough to set off his own orgasm. Moaning in part pleasure and part exhaustion he emptied himself into her, thrusting hard against her pelvis.

He kept it up for as long as the strength remained in his arms, then collapsed beside her.

“I am so not used to this. I am completely fucked.”

“So am I,” sighed Amy, contentedly resting her head on his shoulder.

From that day on, a weight gradually lifted from her shoulders. She felt that in Carol a kindred spirit had arrived. Even John noticed his wife’s new cheerfulness. Gone were the long, worried silences, or worse, the rants about work. There were even occasional glimpses of the vivacious sexy young girl he had married. Unfortunately they were no more than glimpses. Sex was not quite as rare as it had been, but when it happened it usually took place with the lights out and in almost complete silence. Where had all that easy sexy banter gone? There had been a time when they said the rudest things to each other – and did the rudest things. Now they behaved as if they had just met, as shy and inhibited as 18-year-olds.

Carol felt for them. She saw that they were no longer as consumed by their work as before. They no longer spent their evenings and weekends in a state of exhausted anxiety. With the arrival of summer she would often see them in the garden, John mowing the lawn, Amy weeding flowerbeds. But still they didn’t seem to talk to each other very much.

She had to help them.

One Friday afternoon Amy arrived back from work early. Her firm had just been paid a very large sum by a satisfied client and they had celebrated with a glass or two of champagne. Feeling a little lightheaded, she had decided to finish for the day. It was hot; she would sunbathe in the garden. Imagine her surprise when she stepped into the conservatory and saw Carol lying on a sun lounger on the patio completely naked.

She stood uncertainly. What should she do? Should she turn round and leave her to it? Should she cough loudly, avert her eyes and wait for Carol to cover herself? Or should she simply march out as if having a naked girl in her garden was the most natural thing in the world? Carol really was rather beautiful; such a smooth unblemished body, with no sign of a tan line anywhere. It made Amy envious and excited all at once. An image of herself caressing those perfect breasts came into her mind. She saw that Carol had trimmed her pubic hair to a thin strip and wondered what it would be like to explore what lay below.

Just at that moment Carol stirred and Amy snapped out of her reverie. As quietly as she could, she turned back into the house, opened the front door then closed it loudly.


Giving Carol what she hoped was plenty of time to cover herself, she walked through to the conservatory and out onto the patio. She was relieved to see that Carol was sitting up on the sun lounger with a towel wrapped around her.

“I’m sorry, Mrs Smith, I didn’t expect anyone home so early. Can I get you anything?”

She seemed not at all embarrassed. She behaved as if sunbathing naked were the most natural thing in the world. It quite disarmed Amy. Suddenly she felt rather daring.

“I’ll have a lemonade. Then I think I’ll join you.”

“Of course, I’ll get it right away.”

Amy went upstairs to change into her bikini. She hoped that Carol would take the opportunity of putting something on, but when she returned to the patio the girl was still wearing only her towel. Having no idea what she would do if the towel came loose, Amy lay down on a sun lounger.

“I’ll leave you to it, then.” Carol bent to collect her things.

“Please don’t go on my account,” Amy said quickly. “I’d much rather have company.”

“If you really don’t mind.” Carol lay down with her towel draped over her. “The sun is so lovely.”

They lay side by side for a few minutes. Then Amy heard herself say, “You must be boiling under that towel.” What was she suggesting?

“I am rather,” smiled Carol. “Do you mind…?”

“Not at all.”

The girl dropped the towel to the ground. “I do love the feeling of the sun, don’t you?”

“Mmm…” Amy couldn’t trust herself to say anything more coherent. She could feel her heart beating.

More minutes passed. Despite the warmth of the sun and the two glasses of champagne – which were beginning to wear off now anyway – she could not relax. Though she determined not to look at the naked woman beside her, she found the effort almost too much. Separated by at least a couple of feet she nevertheless felt as if they were almost touching. She could almost feel the warmth coming off the girl’s body.

“I wish I was as uninhibited as you,” she murmured, her eyes closed. “Lying in the sun with nothing on.”

“It’s not so difficult,” laughed Carol. “Just do it. There’s no one here but us girls.”

“You have such a lovely figure. I feel quite jealous.”

“You have no reason to be. You have a beautiful body.”

Amy couldn’t answer. No one had ever said that to her, except John. Was she really beautiful? Did she dare to reveal it to the world? Of course, it would only be to Carol, but it might just as well be the world for all the courage it would take.

“Let me help you.”

She opened her eyes to see Carol standing beside her.

“Sit up and I’ll take your top off.”

Amy couldn’t think of an objection that wouldn’t have sounded either childish or prudish, so did what she was told. Carol reached around her and undid the ties of her top, a movement that brought the girl’s full breasts unnervingly close to Amy’s face. Suddenly her own breasts were open to the air. It felt wonderful and liberating.

“Stand up and I’ll…”

“It’s alright, I can do that for myself,” Amy said quickly.

“Of course. I’m sorry if I’m a bit presumptuous.”

She lay back down on her lounger but, to Amy’s embarrassment, continued to watch the older woman. Amy hesitated with her fingers in the waistband of her bikini bottom. But if she thought that Carol would take the hint and turn away, she was mistaken.

“It’s only a small piece of cotton,” the girl smiled. “A small price to pay for your inhibitions.”

“You’re right,” laughed Amy uncertainly, “but you watching doesn’t make it any easier.”

Carol was immediately apologetic. “I’m so sorry, Mrs Smith. I was too busy admiring your figure.” She turned her head away.

Amy blushed at the repeated compliment. She was 15 years Carol’s senior but she was the one who felt embarrassed. Even so, she couldn’t back out now. She quickly slipped the bikini bottom down her legs and lay face down on the lounger. Her bottom felt huge and exposed in the sunlight, but it was better than having her whole front open to view.

“Isn’t that better?” asked Carol. “Doesn’t it feel amazing to be naked in the sun?”

“I’m not sure. It might take a bit of getting used to.”

“You’ll see,” laughed the girl. “After five minutes you’ll never want to sunbathe any other way.”

In fact, it took less than five minutes. Almost immediately she started to feel deliciously drowsy in the heat. She could feel the tension in her body drain away.

The next thing she knew she felt a hand on her shoulder. She woke with a start.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Carol, still naked, was squatting beside her. “But you ought to turn over or you’ll get burnt.”

“How long have I been here?”

“About half an hour,” smiled Carol. “You looked very peaceful, I hardly dared to wake you. But perhaps we should both get out of the sun.”

She was right. Amy thought of her naked bottom and how unused to the sun it was. She sat up, momentarily forgetting that her body was completely on view to the other woman.

“What a pity. I was having such lovely dreams.”

Carol impulsively took her hand. “Come with me, Mrs Smith. I have an idea.”

Amy bent to grab her towel, but Amy took it away from her. “You won’t need that.”

Meekly the older woman allowed herself to be led back into the house, up the stairs and into Carol’s bedroom. It was a large room – as were all the rooms in the house – and over to one side Carol had set up a massage table. She led Amy straight to it.

“I’ve only just set this up. I was hoping that I might be able to offer you and Mr Smith a massage occasionally. I hope you don’t think me rude, but you work so hard, you often look as if you could do with one.”

Amy was a little nonplussed. It was a service she had never expected to be offered by her maid, but now it was… well, perhaps it was what she needed.

“Have you done this sort of thing before?”

“Oh yes,” Carol assured her. “I’m a fully trained masseuse. It used to be my job before I became a maid. I promise I won’t break anything,” she added with a laugh. “Just lie down with your face through this opening and relax.”

Amy did so. After a moment she felt Carol’s hands on her shoulders, slick with oil.

“Mmm…” Yes, this was definitely what she needed. It had been such a long time since she had had a massage she had forgotten how good it felt.

Carol proved to be thorough. She quickly moved down Amy’s left arm and worked on the fingers of her hand, gently pulling them and kneading her palm until she felt that she would never be able to grip anything again.

Before long she had almost forgotten that a naked woman was roaming freely over her own naked body.

“You have lovely skin,” said Carol admiringly. “It feels so soft and smooth.”

“Stop it,” said Amy. “You’ll make me blush.”

Time passed. Carol finished pummelling the tightness out of Amy’s back.

“That feels so good,” said Amy breathlessly. “I only hope I’ll be able to stand up straight again.”

“I’ll just do your bottom,” said Carol, “then we’ll be done on this side.”

Amy was unsure if she wanted her bum massaged, but before she could object she felt the girl’s hands on her, pressing and gently squeezing.

“Mmm…” The moan of pleasure was out before she had time to stop it.

Carol continued in silence. Amy felt her pelvis being pushed against the table. It was not an unpleasant sensation. The pressure was tantalisingly close to the top of her pussy. Embarrassingly, she began to feel aroused. Oh my God, she thought, I can’t be turned on by this, I can’t. But it was too late. She tried to shift her position so that the pressure would hit the right spot.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” asked Carol, as if reading her thoughts.


She felt a dribble of oil on her, slipping down the crack between her cheeks, then the briefest of touches on her arsehole as Carol quickly scooped it up.


“Sorry,” said Carol, continuing to rhythmically squeeze and press.

“That’s all right,” murmured Amy.

Whether she had intended her response to be a sign of encouragement, that was evidently how Carol took it. The next thing Amy felt were the maid’s hands gently separating her cheeks as they squeezed and stroked. She felt fresh air on her hole.


It felt good. She shut her mind to the fact of what she must have been revealing to Carol and just revelled in the novel sensation. Now she was definitely turned on. So much so that when she felt Carol’s fingers gently circling her hole she found herself lifting her hips to try and make the maid press harder.


“Do you like that?”


Definitely. In fact she hoped it wouldn’t stop, naughty and rude though it was.

Carol, unfortunately, had other ideas. She gently teased Amy’s hole for a few more seconds then withdrew her hands.

“Time to turn over, Mrs Smith.”

Reluctantly, Amy did as she was told. Lying on her back she felt so exposed that she used her hands to cover her breasts and pussy. Carol gently but firmly moved her arms so that they lay at her sides.

“Just relax, Mrs Smith.”

The maid worked as thoroughly on Amy’s front as she had on her back. Arms, shoulders, neck, even gently smoothing her brow and massaging her temples. To Amy’s initial embarrassment she didn’t avoid her breasts, which by now were aching from the desire to be touched. Carol caressed and gently squeezed them, lightly pinching and rubbing their nipples until they were as hard as stones.


“You have lovely firm breasts, Mrs Smith.”

Amy blushed. “Not as firm as yours, I’m sure.”

Carol moved to her legs, lifting each knee so that Amy could put her feet flat on the table. She could feel the strength in the maid’s hands as Carol worked at her thigh muscles. Each downward movement brought the maid’s fingertips tantalisingly close to Amy’s pussy. Amy could hardly breathe.

“Just relax,” murmured Carol.

Amy tried to, with the result that her knees parted and her thighs opened wide. Quickly she tried to bring them together again, but Carol’s strong hands kept them where they were.

“Just relax, Mrs Smith. Just relax.”

Trying to shut her mind to the lewd picture she must have been presenting, Amy stopped resisting. She’s too strong for me anyway, she told herself.

Carol proceeded to massage her inner thighs, one leg at a time. Again, with each stroke her fingertips came tantalisingly close to Amy’s pussy. With a great effort of will Amy stopped herself rising to meet each movement. Carol moved from one leg to the other and back again, each time brushing lightly across Amy’s pussy lips. Amy could feel perspiration breaking out on her brow. Her heart thundered in her temples. She could no longer stop her hips rising in time with every one of Carol’s strokes. She felt abandoned, desperate.

“Would you like me to make you come, Mrs Smith?”

“Yes… No… I don’t know…”

“I think I should. You look as if you need it.” Carol smiled down at her. “And it would be my pleasure.”

She let her hand rest fully on Amy’s cunt, a finger between the moist lips.

“Oh God…”

Then she started moving, up and down, gently squeezing, exploring Amy’s swelling lips relentlessly.

“You have a lovely cunt, Mrs Smith, so smooth and silky.”

“Do I?” Amy could hardly breathe. No one had ever said that to her – only John, and that was years ago. And now she was being finger-fucked by her naked maid and she was loving every minute of it.

Carol kept up her teasing and squeezing, every now and then slipping a finger, two fingers, into Amy’s hole while gently massaging her clitoris with her thumb. Amy was soon completely lost.

“Ah! Oh! Oh…” She could feel her orgasm building.

“That’s right, Mrs Smith,” urged Carol, “just let it come. Let it come…”

She speeded her movements, concentrating on Amy’s clitoris.

“Oh God,” cried Amy, “I’m coming… I’m coming…”

When John arrived home a couple of hours later he found his wife soaking in a steaming hot bubble bath. He kissed her.

“You look very pleased with yourself. What have you been up to?”

“I’ve been sunbathing naked in the garden,” she smiled. “With Carol.”

“Oh yes?” He could feel his cock stir at the thought of two naked women lying side by side.

“Then she gave me a massage.”

“Now that I would like to have seen,” he smiled. “I think I’ll take a shower while I picture it.”

He went into the bedroom and took off his clothes, coming back into the bathroom and stepping into the large walk-through shower. He started lathering himself. The thought of his naked wife being massaged by the maid was beginning to make him hard.

There was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Come in,” Amy called drowsily.

What was she doing? He quickly turned his back to the door, just as Carol came through it carrying two large towels.

“I’ve brought you some fresh towels, Mrs Smith. Good evening, Mr Smith.”

“Good evening, Carol.” He kept his back turned, trying to pretend that he couldn’t be seen through the glass shower partition.

“Put them over there, please,” said Amy.

“Would you like me to scrub your back, Mrs Smith?”

“Why don’t you do John’s? His back hardly ever gets scrubbed.”

John could hardly believe his ears. His mouth opened to utter an objection – but he couldn’t think of one.

“Of course,” smiled the maid. “Just a moment…”

His back turned, he heard her kick off her Converse, pull her T-shirt over her head, undo her jeans and slip them down her legs and off. Naked, she stepped into the shower behind him.

“Tell me if I scrub you too hard, won’t you, Mr Smith?”

“Er… yes, of course…”

He felt the sponge on his back and her surprisingly firm strokes. His mind was spinning, but not so much that he couldn’t tell how good it felt.

“She’s very good, isn’t she?” he heard his wife say.

“Yes… very good.” He and the maid were naked in the shower together while his wife watched. It was too much to take in.

Carol worked on his back thoroughly. By now his cock was fully hard, but he kept it hidden beneath his hands. He only hoped the maid couldn’t see it.

“That’s your back done, Mr Smith. Is there anywhere else you’d like me to scrub?”

“No, no, that’s fine. Thank you.”

“My pleasure. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go and prepare dinner.”

In bed that night John cuddled his wife. Her hand found his hard cock.

“I bet I know what you’re thinking about.”

“Oh yes?”

“Carol, of course. Her being in the shower with you.”

“Wrong,” he smiled. “I wasn’t thinking of that.”

He had been thinking of his wife being massaged.

“How was the massage?”

“Lovely,” said Amy. “She’s very good. I’ll ask her to do you if you like – while I’m there, of course. I wouldn’t want you to get up to anything you shouldn’t.”

“Why, is that what you did, get up to something?”

“I might have done,” she murmured. Why was it still so difficult to be completely uninhibited with each other?

“You mean…” Even he couldn’t bring himself to say it. But he lay there for a long time thinking about it. Did Carol make his wife come? He would love to have seen that.

Amy listened to her husband’s breathing. His cock was still hard in her hand. If one of them didn’t say something soon the moment would pass.

“Fuck me, darling,” she murmured. “I want you to fuck me while you think of Carol.”

The next day, Saturday, Amy spoke to Carol after lunch.

“Would you mind giving John a massage? I’m sure he’d appreciate it.”

“Of course, Mrs Smith. Now?”

Amy went out to the garage where John was tinkering with an old motorbike and led him into Carol’s bedroom.

“You’re sure you’re okay with this?” he asked Amy.

“Of course I’m sure, darling. Just enjoy it.”

He stood uncertainly by the massage table.

“Perhaps you’d like to undress, Mr Smith,” suggested Carol.

He stripped to his boxers.

“Don’t be shy, darling,” his wife laughed. “Take those off too.”

Reluctantly he slipped them off and quickly lay face down on the table. He only hoped all this embarrassment would be worth it.

Sensing his need for modesty, Carol placed a small towel over his bottom.

“The oil will be a bit cold to begin with, Mr Smith, but it will soon warm up.”


She was right. There was a brief sudden chill as the oil dribbled onto his shoulders, then he felt her warm firm hands on his tight muscles. Her fingers and thumbs worked on his flesh, harder than he had expected. She was certainly strong. He felt the tension in him gradually dissipate.

The maid followed the same routine as she had with Amy, starting with hands and arms, then feet and legs, finally shoulders and back.

“How does it feel, darling?”

“Mmm,” he murmured. “Marvellous.”

Carol was massaging his lumbar region. This is going to be over too soon, he thought to himself.

“Would you like me to do his bottom, Mrs Smith?” he heard her ask.

This is where it stops, he thought sadly.

“Oh, I think so. I’d hate him to miss out on that.”

He felt the towel being removed and his bum revealed. He hoped it still retained some youthful tightness.

“It’s a lovely bum,” his wife laughed. “But you can stop clenching it.”

He felt Carol’s hands smoothing oil into his cheeks.

“Just relax, Mr Smith. Just relax.”

Her hands pressed and smoothed and kneaded his flesh. It felt surprisingly good. He had never had his bum massaged before, not even by Amy. The pressure was pushing his cock against the table. It grew hard, despite his wish that it wouldn’t. He lifted his hips slightly to ease the friction.

“Are you enjoying it, darling?” He detected a hint of amusement in her voice.

“Nngh…” was all he could manage in reply.

“Carol, do what you did to me. I’m sure he’d like it.”

“Of course, Mrs Smith.”

Before he could ask what it was that Carol had done to his wife, he felt a dribble of oil between his cheeks and the maid’s fingers chasing after it. There was the lightest of touches on his hole, then she was firmly stroking his cheeks, separating them and running her fingers between them.

“Mmm…” It felt deliciously dirty.

Then a finger was on his hole again, this time deliberately circling it and pressing it rhythmically.


“I think he likes it there, Mrs Smith,” he heard Carol say. “Should I continue?”

Oh, yes, please, he pleaded silently. His cock throbbed beneath him.

“Perhaps you’d better stop now, Carol,” Amy laughed wickedly. “You shouldn’t spoil him.”

He felt her hand stroking his hair.

“Turn over, darling. Carol hasn’t finished with you yet.”

Almost weak with the pummelling he had received and the sexual tension he had built up, he turned over onto his back, not caring that he was displaying a massive erection.

“That’s a lovely cock, Mr Smith,” Carol said admiringly.

“It’s true,” Amy agreed. “I love it when it’s big and hard like that. Especially when he’s fucking me with it.”

“Do you mind if I touch it?” asked the maid.

This is definitely where it stops, thought John.

“Of course not,” he was amazed to hear his wife say. “I was going to suggest it anyway. Poor darling, he obviously needs it.”

He felt Carol’s fingers on his shaft, gently stroking up and down and playing around the crown. Involuntarily it leapt to meet her touch.

“It’s very lively,” smiled Carol.

“Oh, he just loves having his cock played with, don’t you, darling?”

She leant over him and gave him a long passionate kiss on the mouth.

He felt Carol grasp his cock more firmly.


“Do you like having your cock played with by Carol, darling, while you’re being kissed by your wife?”

He thought, to hell with it, now is the time to be honest.

“Yes, darling, very much.”

Carol put more oil on her hands and used both to spread it on his cock and balls. Occasionally she slipped a finger between his legs to press gently against his hole.


“I think Carol is enjoying herself, darling. I think she wants to see you come.”

Carol smiled in agreement. “I’d love to see him come, Mrs Smith, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind,” smiled Amy. “But not too quickly. Go slower. I want him to enjoy it for as long as possible. And I just love watching you give him pleasure.”

John could hardly believe his ears. Carol was stroking his cock and his wife was apparently enjoying it as much as he was. He tried to resist the sensations the maid was generating in him. Like Amy, he wanted it to last as long as possible. He felt Carol slow her movements, just keeping him below the point of no return, an exquisite torture.

“You have a very loving wife,” she said.

“I know,” he breathed.

“Oh, darling.” Amy gave him another long passionate kiss. “I just want us to be like we used to be. I want us to give each other pleasure, in every way possible.”

“You’re an amazing woman, Amy Smith,” he smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They kissed again. She gazed into his face as Carol continued to slowly pump his cock.

“Do you want to come, my darling?”

“Please…,” he murmured. He could feel the pressure building in his balls.

“May I make him come, Mrs Smith?” asked Carol, gradually speeding her movements. The head of his cock appeared and disappeared in her hands.

“Yes, poor darling, I think we’ve made him wait long enough.”

He felt Carol’s hands moving faster. He would come soon, he knew it. It felt so good, so good.

Amy caressed his face. “Tell us when you’re going to come, darling. We want to hear you say it.”

“Soon… Soon… Nearly…” He could hardly speak.

“Just leave it to me to make it happen,” he heard Carol say. “Just let it come.”

Her hands became a blur. He was coming, yes, he was coming.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh God…”

“That’s it, my darling,” Amy urged, kissing him all over his face. “Come for me and Carol. Come for us.”

He felt his come begin to shoot from his cock. Oh God, it felt so good.

“That’s lovely,” he heard Carol say. “Your cock feels so lovely when it comes. It jerks so much.”

His come spattered over his abdomen and down Carol’s hands.

“Oh God…”

His cock jerked in the maid’s hands. He felt as if he might never stop coming.

“Darling,” his wife said, “you look so beautiful when you’re coming. I love you so much.”

His breathing gradually slowed.

“Thank you, darling. That was amazing.”

They kissed lovingly.

Amy took Carol by the hand and stood her by the head of the table.

“Now you must kiss. I want to see you kiss each other.”

Carol bent her head and she and John kissed long and passionately.

“Thank you, Carol,” John said when they finally broke apart. “That was quite some massage.”

That evening John and Amy, pleading sudden sickness, decided to put off their dinner guests and instead invited Carol to join them. They chatted and laughed freely and, as the wine flowed, frequently got up from their chairs to kiss each other.

“I love to see you two kissing,” said Amy happily when Carol and John were locked in an embrace.

As the meal progressed, they rushed to finish it. It was as if both husband and wife knew where the evening was headed and couldn’t wait to get there.

Carol insisted on clearing everything away. “It’s my job. It’s what you pay me for.”

As if by mutual consent, Amy and John went straight upstairs. They spent little time in the bathroom, and slipped naked into bed. They immediately fell into a fierce embrace, their bodies pressed against each other.

“I loved watching Carol make you come today, darling,” murmured Amy.

“I keep thinking of Carol doing the same to you,” he replied. “Did you like her playing with your cunt?”

“Mmm, it was lovely.”

There was a knock on their door.

Amy called out. “Come in, Carol.”

The maid stepped in. “Is there anything I can get you before I go to bed?”

“Yes.” Amy held out her hand. “You can come here and lick my pussy.”

“It would be my pleasure, Mrs Smith.”

The maid slipped out of her clothes as Amy kicked back the duvet and opened her legs wide. John was excited to see his wife behaving so wantonly.

“Hold my pussy lips apart, darling,” she told him, “so that Carol can explore me with her tongue.”

He did so. Their maid lay down between his wife’s legs, her face poised above the open cunt. Her tongue came out and started to lick the waiting lips.

“Mmm…” Amy moaned. “Kiss me, darling,” she said to her husband, “I want you to kiss me while Carol is kissing my cunt.”

His mouth closed on hers, his tongue found her own. He could feel her breathing already becoming rapid.

“Tell me what Carol is doing to you,” he murmured excitedly. “Tell me what she’s making you feel.”

“Ah…ah…” She was already finding it difficult to speak. “She’s licking and sucking my lips, darling. Oh, it feels so good… so good…”

He watched her as her hips started to lift in time with Carol’s licking.

“You look so sexy, my darling. You make me want to fuck you right now.”

“Wait…” She breathed. “I don’t want her to stop. I want her to make me come. Please…”

He kissed her. “Of course I’ll wait. I want to see you come too.”

“Ah…ah… oh, now she’s licking my clit… Oh God…”

Her head was thrown back, her hands clutching at her breasts and nipples. Her breath was coming in gasps.

“Aaah…! That’s so lovely. Now she’s sucking my clit… Please don’t stop, Carol, please… Oh my god…!

The vibrator wasn’t enough. The porn wasn’t enough. Frustrated, Heidi closed her eyes and imagined the perfect man standing over her, his hard cock in position between her legs. He kissed her deeply, begging for entry. Finally, unable to control herself, Heidi wrapped one leg around his hips and she felt his—

The phone rang just then. Heidi groaned, annoyed.

She answered snappily, “Hello?”

“Hi. Is this Heidi?”

“Yeah.” She recognized the deep, sexy baritone, but couldn’t place who it was.

“It’s Tyler. I live down the hall from you…?”

“Oh, hi!” said Heidi in a perkier voice. She regretted her earlier tone. She liked Tyler. Ever since he moved in two months ago, she wanted nothing more than a few minutes alone with him.

“Hey,” Tyler said, sounding relieved. “Am I interrupting you? I know it’s kind of late.”

“No, I’m not really doing anything. Just relaxing.” Heidi turned away from her laptop and vibrator. “What’s up?”

“Well, uh, I have a bottle of wine that I really want to open, but I didn’t want to drink it by myself.”


“You said to drop by anytime, so I was wondering if this is a good enough excuse.”

Heidi’s smile stretched from ear to ear. When Tyler flirted, it was hard to say no.

“I think it’s a great excuse,” she said, already getting off the couch to clean up. “I’ve got wineglasses, so come by whenever you’re ready.”

“Great, I’ll see you in a few.”

Heidi managed to change her underwear, brush her hair, and put on some tinted lip balm just before Tyler knocked. She had hoped she’d get a chance to change into something sexier and classier, so she was almost embarrassed to answer the door wearing her nightgown, which only just about covered most of her lady-parts.

“Hi,” she said with a smile when she opened the door. “Come in. I’m not really dressed for a visitor, so if you can wait for a couple of minutes…”

“No, you look great. I’m not either,” Tyler said as he stepped in.

He wasn’t being modest. Clad in a t-shirt and sweatpants, there was absolutely no hint that he had a rock hard body underneath. But then she gulped when she saw the faint outline of a bulge in his pants. She managed to drag her eyes up to his. There was a look of mischief in them.

“Let me get the glasses,” she said as she closed the door. “Set yourself up on the couch.”

“Sure, after I get the wine open,” he said, showing her a bottle of red and following her to the kitchen.

As Heidi reached into a cupboard, Tyler came up behind her and casually touched her lower back, sending chills up her spine and down to her mound.

“Is there a special occasion?” Heidi asked him as he worked on the bottle.

“Nah,” Tyler answered with a smile and glanced sideways at her. “Do I need one to drink with a beautiful girl?”

Flattered, Heidi bit her lip to keep from grinning. “No, I guess not. Are you much of a wine drinker?”

“Not really, but I’m planning to get into it. There are classes and stuff. How about you?” He took the two glasses and filled them halfway.

“Not really. I’m more into beer and mixed drinks.” Heidi secretly checked out his arms. They were veiny and muscular. She imagined his forearms pinning hers over her head while his other hand worked their way south and hovered just above her privates, teasing her.

“I know my kind of drinks are low brow,” she laughed lightly.

“Then we can be low brow together,” Tyler said, winking at her as he handed her a glass. “A toast. To a memorable night?”

Heidi’s breath caught in her throat. There was only one way to interpret that.

She smiled the sexiest way she knew how and tossed her hair over her shoulder. “To a memorable night.”

They clinked glasses and took their first sip. The wine was sweeter than she expected. It went down smoothly and warmed her stomach right away.

“That’s some good stuff,” Heidi said, swishing her drink.

Tyler agreed. “Let’s sit down?”

“Yeah, we should.” Heidi put a little sway in her walk as she led him to the couch, knowing that he would be looking. Her silk nightgown hugged her curves in the right way. But it was also short. She suspected that a hint of her ass cheeks in her panties might be visible already.

Tyler settled himself on one end of the couch, his package more visible after sitting down. Heidi sat in the middle seat.

“So what music do you like?” Heidi asked him. She grabbed the remote for her docking station as she folded her legs under her.

“Rock. Seventies and eighties era. Like Black Sabbath and Aerosmith. You know those guys?”

“I’ve heard of them,” Heidi said, “but I don’t keep them on my playlist, sorry.” She grinned as she put on slow, sexy R&B. “This is more my type.”

Tyler cocked his ear to listen to the sensual intro and raised an eyebrow to mean he approved. “This is very suggestive, Miss Stream.”

Heidi lifted her up her shoulders and smiled cutely. “If you don’t like it, Mister Harmon, we can put on Broadway musicals. Or classical music, maybe? These are your only choices.”

“I didn’t say suggestive was bad. But you can’t blame me if I get excited.” Tyler gestured towards his lap, where there was now the unmistakeable outline of his hard-on. He was longer and thicker than Heidi had ever imagined.

“I want you to get excited,” Heidi said as she slapped his thigh playfully. She pretended to adjust her position as she arched her back and thrust her breasts out, her large nipples outlined on her nightgown. She sighed almost dramatically while rotating her right shoulder.

“Everything okay?” Tyler asked her.

“I have a crick on my shoulder. Desk jobs,” she lamented.

“Ah.” Tyler took Heidi’s drink from her and put their glasses on the table. “Turn around. I know a thing or two about smoothing out cricks.”

She did as told. “Really? How?”

“I’m a sports therapist,” he said as he moved closer to her.

“So you’re a doctor?”

“My patients do call me that,” he answered as he gathered her long hair and put it over her left shoulder. His touch was electric and gave Heidi goosebumps.

“You nervous?” he teased her as he ran a finger along the back of her neck.

“No,” Heidi lied. She was slightly worried about doing or saying anything to turn him off. But all her concerns went out the door when he started to massage her shoulder.

“That feels really good, doctor,” she said.

“‘Doctor’?” Tyler laughed. “Are we being formal now?”

“You don’t like it, doctor?”

“I really kind of don’t. Feels wrong to be touching a patient like this.” He hooked a finger under one of her nightgown straps and pulled it down.

Heidi’s privates started to throb. She glanced at him over her bared shoulder. “I don’t think doctors are supposed to do that.”

“There’s a long list of things I’m not supposed to do to patients.” Tyler pulled down the other strap. “By the way, this is going to cost you.”

That snapped Heidi out of it. “Is it? How much?”

Tyler’s hands found their way under her nightgown and around her waist. As one moved around to her stomach, the other cupped one of her breasts. “I want the rest of the night,” he whispered in her ear.

Heidi inhaled sharply. “Mm-hmm.”

“And,” Tyler moved his hand lower to her clit, “I want to do anything to you.”

Heidi gasped. Without thinking about it, she grinded against his fingers. Tyler nibbled on her earlobe as he circled her throbbing button.

“You’re really fucking wet,” he said as he pulled away completely.

“No, don’t stop,” Heidi protested. She turned to see him getting up from the couch, trying and failing to look innocent. His wicked smile was too visible.

“I’m going to get water. Do you want some—”

Heidi didn’t wait for him to finish. She grabbed his waistband with one hand and grabbed his dick with the other, loving its turgidity and the way it was lay against his body. Tyler swore under his breath loud enough for Heidi to hear.

“Shirt. Off,” Heidi commanded him.

Wordlessly, Tyler obeyed, revealing a body that looked like it was carved out of marble: wide shoulders and a narrow waist, with arms that could wrestle her onto any position he wanted. He had small areolas, light brown and topped with small, hardened nipples. They looked perfect for licking.

The thought of being pinned under his body sent shivers through Heidi.

“Let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” she said.

She took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom. But before they reached it, Tyler pushed her up against the wall and kissed her deeply, his tongue forcing entry rather than asking for it. Heidi met him thrust for thrust and was so intent on dominating that she didn’t notice her nightgown had been pulled down to a pool around her feet, leaving her full, perky breasts exposed to his hands. He palmed them possessively, running both thumbs across her hardened nipples. Heidi yelped when he pinched one of them, partly from the pain and partly from the pleasure that shot down to her crotch.

His hands wandered down her sides, grasped her tiny waist, and continued down to her hips. He caressed them briefly before moving on towards her butt. After cupping her cheeks, he pulled them apart, making Heidi moan in anticipation. Encouraged, Tyler pulled one of her legs around him and aligned himself with her.

“Bed,” Heidi said, breaking their kiss.

“Why not here?” Tyler asked. He rubbed the sensitive spot just under her ass, at the very top of her thighs. It tickled and aroused Heidi at the same time.

“If you insist.”

Heidi unwrapped herself around him and forced Tyler against the wall in her stead. As she knelt before him, she pulled down his sweatpants and underwear in one go, revealing the thickest cock Heidi had ever seen.

“Fuck,” was all she could say. Although Tyler was of average length, she didn’t think she could fit him in her mouth with that girth. But she would try.

He was already purple at the tip, so Heidi gave him a lick there, tasting the salty precum that had already gathered. Tyler moaned as he watched her through hooded eyes. Heidi could just barely wrap her hand around his cock. She pumped him once to see how he would react. His hand twitched as if to grab her, either by the hair to pull her closer or by the arm to stand up and fuck, but he stopped himself.

Satisfied, Heidi licked and sucked his balls enthusiastically as she jacked him off. She ran the tip of her tongue from the base to the tip before swallowing his head, enjoying the feel of something so warm and hard in her mouth.

“I like it wet,” Tyler said. “I don’t care about being clean.”

Heidi looked at him, eyes crinkled into the best smile she could manage. She hated being clean with blowjobs.

One, two, three times Heidi took him in her mouth, an inch more than before, and she kept at it until his cock reached the back of her throat and made her gag. She barely made it halfway.

“Um,” she said. “I don’t think…”

“I don’t care if I hear you gag,” Tyler said. He grabbed all her hair behind her head. “But use your hands if it’s easier.”

Heidi nodded. She used her saliva on his dick to lube up the rest of him with her hand. Then she sucked him repeatedly until he ended up taking control and fucking her mouth. Her hands tightened around his cock to keep some form of control.

Just when she could feel his entire length pulsating, he pulled out of her hand completely.

“Bed,” Tyler said, pulling Heidi up by her arms.

He followed her into the bedroom, watching the way her heart-shaped ass moved when she walked. Ever since they first met, he wondered how she looked without clothes on. It turned out the real thing was better than his imagination. Her skin was smooth and supple, with a sprinkle of freckles on her shoulders and back where the sun had been on her. Even her legs were longer than he thought. Now he wondered how tightly they would wrap around him when the time came.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, he was on her. He couldn’t resist kissing her lips, now red and plump from working on him so much. His hands were everywhere—her hair, her shoulders, her breasts, her waist, her thighs. He lay her on the bed and pulled off her panties, revealing a shaved mound, her swollen clit peeking out from between her lips. It made him pause.

While he rubbed himself one hand, he parted her slit with the other, which made Heidi squirm and try to close her legs.

“No,” he said, gently prying her open. Heidi bit her lip and spread her legs farther apart. She could feel her warm juices flowing down to her ass.

He bent down over her sex and inhaled deeply, her scent so sweet and primal. He licked her from her pussy to her clit, flicking her twice at the top. She even tasted sweet.

Heidi gasped a little and moved closer to Tyler’s mouth. His tongue felt good—rough, but soft, and it hit just the spot that made all her privates ache in a good way. She wanted him to keep doing that forever.

But Tyler had other things in mind. With both hands, he spread her lips and observed how smooth and pink she was, her wetness making everything glisten by her bedside lamp. To think that the same stuff would soon cover him, too…

He licked her once more, then dove his tongue right into her opening. She was small and tight even now. He tongue-fucked her for a few seconds before pulling out. Then using his index and middle fingers, he went right back in. Involuntarily, Heidi cried out of pleasure and bucked against him.

Tyler watched her face, taken in by how visibly aroused she was. He put his tongue against her clit and started rubbing her very lightly while fucking her with his fingers.

Heidi swore under her breath. His touch was so light, yet it spread heat all over her.

“More,” she said. “Put in three.”

So Tyler did. As Heidi moaned, he could feel more of her wetness surrounding his fingers and dripping down to her bed. He had to have her.

“Harder,” Heidi said.

“No,” Tyler told her, pulling out.


He climbed on top of her then, nudging her legs farther apart with his knees. Heidi was almost quivering, partly from fear of his size and partly from her need to orgasm.

“It’s okay, baby,” he said, aligning himself with her opening. He kissed her just before he entered, hoping to distract her.

Heidi felt herself stretched beyond her limit—and it was only his head. It was enough to make her tear up and groan through Tyler’s kisses. The worst part was that, despite it all, it felt really good.

Tyler lifted up her right leg and wrapped it around him to make it easier for her. He kissed her neck and ears instead, knowing she was more sensitive there. He entered her slowly and only a little at a time, coating himself with her wetness. Each thrust made Heidi cry out, but by the fifth time, she was doing it purely out of pleasure. Soon, he was sliding in and out of her with ease and he had to do everything in his power to keep from finishing.

“Harder,” Heidi begged him.

“I’ll come too soon.” He kissed her.

“I don’t care. We have the rest of the night, don’t we?”

Tyler looked at her then, surprised that she would hold him to it. Not that he was complaining.

“What if I said I want to take my time?”

“Screw that,” Heidi said, and she pushed him away from her. Then she got on her elbows and knees and looked at him from behind. “Do me this way.”

Tyler took in the most sensual sight he’d seen in a long time. It was all soft curves and exposed flesh just waiting for him to take, but there was something about the vulgarity of her legs spread apart and the gaping hole his dick left in her pussy that made his animal instinct stronger than anything else.

Without a second thought, Tyler grabbed her by the hips and plunged in. Heidi clenched around him tighter than she did before, causing Tyler to pause for a second. When he started pumping, his balls slapped her clit and his pubis pounded her asshole. Heidi was in high heaven. All she could do was cry out as he repeatedly impaled her on him. She hardly heard the smacking sounds they made against each other.

Tyler reached for her left shoulder as he cupped her right breast. He pinched and pulled her nipples. Suddenly, he was right on top of her, his left hand supporting himself while a finger on his other hand roughly rubbed her. It wasn’t long before Heidi felt that familiar sucking motion inside her, a kind of wave that began in her clit and moved towards her pussy—insistent, urgent, and unstoppable. Tyler groaned when he felt her tighten around his cock again and pulled out to cum all over her back as he watched her pussy contract, seemingly empty and hungry.

Heidi collapsed onto her bed with a heavy, satisfied sigh. Tyler laughed.

“Sorry about your back,” he said. “Let me get you a towel.”

“No, don’t,” Heidi said. “Shower. You’re coming with me.”

I enter the bedroom a little apprehensively. I’m not sure at all what you have in store for me. I resist the urge to cover myself and glance around the bedroom. There are candles on the nightstand beside a bottle of oil. You are laying naked sprawled across the bed.

You raise your head to look at me. “Come here.”

I walk towards you, my eyes darting up and down your body.

“It’s been a long day. Rub my back.”

“Yes sir,” I say. I grab the oil as you roll over onto your stomach. I climb onto the bed and straddle your hips carefully. I pour some oil into the palm of my hands and start at your shoulders. I rub close to your neck and move outward along your broad and toned shoulders. I love the unrestrained permission to touch you.

I move farther down on your back, rubbing and pushing on the tense muscles in your upper back. My breasts are swaying with my motions and occasionally I lean down close enough that my nipples brush your back, making them instantly hard. I move lower kneading the muscles in your upper back, using my fist to roll through the tense muscles.

I’ve reached the place where your back changes to your ass and I keep rubbing along that line, drifting a little lower, trying to tease you into a response.

“Hmm, someone’s looking for a treat,” you say, “Hop off.”

I move to one side as you roll over. Your cock is already hard and I know I’ve down well.

“Back on Master’s lap.” You say, leaning back.

I crawl on quickly. “Yes sir.

I’m grinning as I feel your cock near my ass but I wait for your instructions.

“Grind your wet little pussy on my cock.” You say. Before I can move, you grab my breasts firmly.

I work back and forth feeling your shaft against my clit. Your hands squeeze my breasts then move to my nipples. You pinch my nipples harder and harder, your eyes never leaving my face.

The pain and pleasure are warring, the rubbing on my clit, the pain shooting down from my nipples, trying to focus on the pleasure the way you taught me to. Suddenly your mouth is on my breast, sucking on my nipple. I close my eyes, loving the feeling of your warm mouth. You bite my nipple then swirl your expert tongue over it. I’m getting wetter and wetter, your dick is slick with my juice. I want to be fucked, want to feel your cock inside of me, want you to stop teasing me and take me hard.

You read my mind or my body, or both. You release my nipple and lay back down. “You want it don’t you?”

“Yes sir, please Master,” I’m begging shamelessly but I don’t care. I keep grinding on your cock, the pressure on my clit relieving some of the tension and bringing me closer to the edge. I move my hands to my breasts, playing with my nipples, trying to mimic the sensations you were creating earlier with your tongue.

“Please Master?” I beg again.

“Turn around and you may,” You say, smacking my ass.

I grin and get up to move. Your cock is standing at attention, ready to fuck my slit. I moan a bit at the sight and quickly turn, positioning myself above your cock. I slowly slide myself down, feeling you stretch me. I push down until I can feel you fully sheathed inside of me. I pause, and rotate my hips slightly, hearing you moan behind me. I start to move up and down, fucking myself on your cock.

“You never arch your back enough,” you say sternly. You grab a handful of my hair and pull it down towards. My back arches, thrusting my breasts up into the air.

“That’s better,” you announce and to reward me, you reach up and rub my clit, causing my hips to buck and I feel the tension on my hair with every movement.

I’m moaning like a slut, bouncing up and down. The sensations are starting to overwhelm me: the feeling of your hard cock pistoning in and out of me, the pull of your hand in my hair, and your fingers on my clit. My breasts are swaying, my nipples hard and aching for attention as I start to move faster up and down on your cock. I try to focus enough to squeeze your cock with my pussy and I hear your sharp intake of breath as I manage to make it happen.

“Like a fucking pro,” you say and I glow with pride. You let go of my hair and move your hand to my hip. “But let’s see how much you can handle.”

You stop the motion on my clit, moving your wet fingers to my ass. You start to push in with one finger.

“Such a tight little ass,” you say under your breath.

I’m panting and moaning, trying to stay quiet so that you don’t stop to gag me. I push down on your finger as I lower myself completely on your cock. I can feel your finger and your cock both moving inside of me.

“Faster sir,” I beg, needing you to move in my ass. I start to raise and lower myself again, picking up the pace again. “Please sir… my ass…”

You start to fuck my ass, keeping pace with my motion on your cock. You mutter again, “So tight.”

I feel you start pushing a second finger in beside the first. I stop moving and hold my breath, trying to decide if I’m enjoying the stretch or wanting the burning to stop.

“I know you can take,” you rub my clit to encourage me, “you’re doing good.”

I let out my breath, “Yes sir.”

I start moving again, slower than before. I feel your fingers stretching my ass, slowly rubbing and making it easy for me. I can feel your fingers filling me, putting pressure on my already filled cunt. I start to move faster, building back up to speed.

You rub my clit harder. “See, I knew you could handle it.”

I can feel the orgasm building, loving feeling you through the walls of my pussy, the amazing motion in both of my holes.

“Do you want to feel my seed in your fucking cunt?” you growl, rubbing and fingering faster.

I’m babbling, “Yes sir, please sir, I’m so close sir. Please?”

I move faster, feeling you fill me everywhere, your hands playing me like an instrument, knowing exactly how to drive me crazy. I clench on your cock, trying to pull you closer to the edge with me. I can feel your cock pulse inside of me.

“Good girl,” you say, pushing me closer to the edge with your fingers. “Is someone ready to cum?”

“Yes sir. Fill me sir?” It’s all I can do to hold off from the edge, especially with your fingers on my clit.

You moan, “Because you asked: cum for me.”

I fall apart on cue. My pussy flexes around you as you pulse inside of me, filling me with your cum. You somehow move me off of you and lay me down in bed beside you.

“Thank you sir,” I say softly, fight the urge to fall asleep. I curl into your side.

“Don’t fight it, angel.” You pat my head. “You were good today.”

You shut my eyes and I fall asleep almost instantly.

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