masquerade ball

Dedicated to Andy: thanks for being such an intriguing foe in a world of idiocy and normalcy, and also, a beautiful guy I have an extreme desire to fuck. So this is for you, doll face.

Thanks to my beautiful friends for editing and the great feedback they’ve given me. (Specifically Robbins and Amon, again.) Revised on the advice of H.H.Morant, and re-posted for more feedback. Constructive criticism is always appreciated: if you want better stories, you have to tell me what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it.

Also, don’t worry about the possibility of minors in this story: they’re legal, so please, read on & enjoy their fucking. Thanks.


One more day, that was all she had left in Europe — and she wanted to spend it with him, no one else. Her last minute request was met with rejection. He already had plans, and unfortunately, he couldn’t simply cancel. There was a masquerade gala, a fund-raising event by an organization for mentally handicapped children, and he needed to be there. But in a coy tone, he mentioned that he was, however, able to bring along a guest, and since he hadn’t planned to bring anyone, she could be that lucky lady, if she so chose. It certainly wasn’t what she had imagined, that sweaty, rough, and loud romp between the sheets, on a table top, on the floor, in a public restroom… but she’d also never been to a masquerade ball, and had always been curious, so she agreed, it’d be her pleasure.

Once allowed inside, she was greeted with a sea of masks, and nearly regretted her hasty decision. There were so many people, all faceless, and even if she had been able to see their faces, she wouldn’t have known a single one. She didn’t even know what he’d be wearing. She tried to look for his blonde hair and lanky form, but had no luck. Even with impractical five inch heels on, she was shorter than almost everyone in the room, and couldn’t see above their heads.

When hands grasped my hips, she jumped in surprise, and tensed to fend off a stranger. Turning, she met blue eyes that could only be his, and felt an involuntary smile curl her lips while an embarrassed flush colored her cheeks.

“Hey,” she murmured, in a shy sort of way.

“Well hello, gorgeous,” he responded with a Cheshire cat grin.

And so on went a conversation she barely remembered, except for his intense stare marked by insightful philosophy and quirky anecdotes, and the incredible burn in her cheeks from his constant teasing and quick, witty comebacks. He was too much in person, and she wanted him too badly to concentrate. He laughed when she finally told him that they needed to get alone, a strain in her bubbly voice, and seemed amused, like it was about time she said something. He didn’t hesitate to tug her along, already knowing the place to go, and she carefully teetered along with him, anxious and acutely aware of his fingers laced with hers.

She bit her lip as he led her into an old elevator, the wooden kind, and nervous excitement made her stomach flutter with the wispy wings of butterflies. His grin was mocking when she jumped at the jarring sound of the gate slamming down, and her wane smile in response made him reach back to squeeze her hand. From behind her mask, she looked up at him, his strong profile, as he hit a button and took them up a level, but then another to stop only half-way. At his mischievous grin, her stomach dipped in anticipation.

“This way,” he murmured, taking a step closer to her petite body,”No one will interrupt us.”

To cover her nervousness, her retort was ornery,”And just what, pray tell, would they be interrupting?”

His laugh was befitting to the smirk he had on his handsome face, and instead of answering his sarcastic lolita, he kissed her. It was their first real kiss of the night, different from the teasing brush of lips against the nape of her neck and along her jaw, behind her ear, a sweet spot he was absolutely delighted to find; his lips were soft, but possessive, a combination that she found herself melting under. At first surprised, she hesitated, but then gave in, feeling his hands tangle in her auburn hair, not minding when one of his infamous skull rings caught a strand. She took the chance to run her own fingers through his hair, and then down his neck, to rest on his shoulders.

When he pulled away, her smile was the goofy one he often caused her to have, reminiscent of Julia Roberts in the way that it felt too wide.

“Kinda wild, keeping these masks on, ja? Kinky. I like it.”

Her nervous chatter didn’t bother him, it seemed; in fact, it was as though he didn’t hear her, aside from a slight twitch of his lips in a brief smile. His hand found its way from her hair and her lips parted in a semi-attempt at a complaint, a pout. His fingers brushed against her soft lips, though, hushing her before he pulled off his mask, a flamboyant thing that she quite liked. She took a moment to study his face, and didn’t notice his hand until his knuckles brushed against her cheek, then cupped it. A blush rose to her pale face at the gentle touch, the intimacy that she felt, and she quivered with the butterflies in her belly. He eased the mask off of her face as well, and he took a moment to study hers, too.

“You have the most interesting face,” he told her, an echo of words she read before, but never heard.

Her lips curled in another smile, even as she started to feel nervous with their close proximity, his body against hers, his breath warm and spicy against her face, his blues peering her amber eyes. He intimidated her, but it wasn’t an altogether bad feeling. Or perhaps that was lust talking.

“What, exactly, do you mean by that?” she asked, a half smile playing on her lips still, teasing to keep her composure.

Again, he evaded answering her with a kiss, and again, she was surprised. Her nervousness left as his lips only brushes hers, at first, leaving her hungry for a firm kiss.

“Don’t tease, please,” she whispered, her teeth gently raking against his lower lip as her eyes pleaded with his, her body rubbing against his for emphasis.

“Why?” he murmured with a slow smile against her lips, and added,”You like it. You can’t deny it.”

She blushed once more, and didn’t answer. His smirk showed how satisfied he was at being able to shut her up.

“Aw, cat got your tongue, doll?” he asked, a chuckle low in his throat.

She giggled and pushed his chest with a halfhearted, playful retort,”Do you always talk so fucking much?”

He arched an eyebrow and reminded her,”I never said this would be easy; in fact, I remember saying it’d be just the opposite. You didn’t seem to mind then.”

“You’re impossible,” she told him, and before he could respond, she kissed his lips again.

The kiss was real, a bruising attempt to show him what she wanted, but it ended as her lips started to wander, soft and full against his skin.

His quiet, restrained moan made her smile and she leaned in a little more, whispering in his ear,”Tell me, love, are you hard for me yet?”

“Are you wet?” he asked, unable to ever relinquish his dominant streak, while his lips brushed against her ear, causing her to shiver, tongue caught at his fast comeback.

When he pulled away to look at her, a satisfied smirk bloomed at the sight of her face still tinged a cute pink, and her feisty words,”You could always find out, you know,” only encouraged him.

“Don’t mind if I do, darling,” he murmured.

It certainly wasn’t what she expected him to say, and she wondered if she’d ever be able to outdo his wit. Still, she didn’t mind when his lips found her neck again, skimming down along her throat, teeth leaving marks, little lust bites. Her moan was louder than his, less controlled, and followed by another, slightly softer one. Her hands found their way to his hair, again, and her fingers gently tugged out the unruly tangles while she felt him leave what would surely be an obvious mark on the hollow of her throat.

“You’re so fucking loud,” he teased,”Can’t you control yourself?”

“And you talk too damn much,” she responded, and in a mock reprimanding tone, asked,”Where’s your control?”

“Not around you, sweetheart,” was followed by a coy wink, and she rolled her eyes, tugging on his hair gently.

He laughed and kissed a line leading down between her breasts; his teeth sank into the soft curve, but his lips soothed the pain that caused her whimper. His hands were behind her, undoing the ribbons holding her silky dress together, and instead of waiting for it to fall, he tugged it low enough to her perky breasts.

“Patience is a virtue, you know,” she told him, soft voice breaking the quiet.

“And yet I talk too much,” he mumbled into the soft flesh as he looked up at her, a twinkle in his pretty blue eyes,”Careful, or I just might have to gag you.”

Her laugh turned into another moan as he tweaked her nipple, and then, his lips followed, closing around the soft, pink bud. His tongue flicked against it, teasingly swirling around it until it stiffened, turning a dusky rose. He pulled away, looking up at her with her lip between her teeth as she watched him, eyes darkened with want, not realizing her hands had fallen to his shoulders, a light touch.

He smiled and nuzzled a breast, inhaling softly before asking,”What are your wearing? Your perfume?”

His question caught her off guard and she blinked slightly, tilting her head adorably in vague confusion,”It’s Oscar.”

“It’s very womanly. I like it,” and with that declaration, he kissed the spot she sprayed it on before she came, right between her breasts.

And then he continued on his path to just past her breasts, where the material stopped him from going further; his hands were precise despite his impatience to get her dress off, and soon, the ribbons were completely undone, and the silk was in a puddle around her feet. He stared for what was long enough to make her uncomfortable, desperate to have his touch again.


He tilted his head as he looked up at her, a playful smirk on his face still,”Yes, beautiful?”


“Please, what?”

“Please, Sir…”

“Go on.”

“Please don’t stop. Sir.”

“Don’t stop what?”

Frustrated, she looked at him, a little growl caught in her throat, and he laughed,”Well, sweetheart? Don’t stop what? Don’t stop kissing you? Biting? Tasting? Making you moan? Whimper? Maybe you should tell me what you’d like for me to do, and if you ask really nicely, I might actually consider it.”

“You’re cruel,” she muttered.

“You like it.”


“I can wait all night, babe, but I don’t know if you can,” he said, lightly tapping the moist spot on the black lace of her underwear.

She gasped, softly, only needing that light touch to have her needy again,”God dammit, Andy, I need you. I need your touch, your hands, lips, cock. Stop fucking around and teasing me, and just fucking fuck me already.”

He chuckled,”Tsk, tsk. So demanding and testy. How about this? I’ll go back to what I’m doing, but only if we can play a little game.”

She only gave him a look, unsure of what she had gotten herself into.

“Come on, love. It’ll let you get out some of your frustration, have an orgasm, but only if you don’t touch me.”


“Deal, or no deal? Your choice.”

With a frustrated sigh, she acquiesced,”Fucking deal.”

Reluctantly, she let go of him, staring down into his eyes, pleading with her own, but he didn’t seem to notice, aside from another slight twitch of his lips in a subtle smirk. Finally, though, he kissed her belly, following a trail of need, and teasingly dipped his tongue in her belly button on the way down. He stopped at her hips, though, kissing them, and then, gently biting. His fingertips, slightly rough, grasped the edges of her boy shorts and tugged them down her full thighs, but impatiently, mid-way, she felt the fabric give at his tug, ripping. She almost feared a similar fate to her stockings, but he didn’t touch them, leaving her in her pearls, stockings, and heels.

“No touching,” he reminded, glancing up at her with a stern expression.

She almost giggled, but only managed a nod. He parted her thighs lightly with a hand, and he nuzzled the inside of one. She didn’t know where the hell to put her hands, feeling the need to touch him already, a need to do something with her hands, but instead of giving in, she put them behind herself, linking her fingers. He smirked again, knowing that she was already having trouble complying with his rules. His kisses move upwards, his tongue flicking across a damp spot dangerously close to her cunt.

She closed her eyes, her breathing already faintly off, but he pinched her thigh, making her whimper,”Watch me.”

Again, she nodded, unable to speak, and he bit her, causing her to emit a soft ‘yes, sir’, which seemed to please him. He inhaled her sweet scent, and ran his tongue across her moist labia for a taste. Her moan was more of a squeak and he chuckled, his hot breath causing her to quiver, nearly reaching for him.

“Please…” she began.

“Patience, love, is a virtue. Wasn’t it you who told me that?” he asked.

“Not now,” she groaned quietly.

“You’re right, not right now,” he agreed, before finding her clit with his tongue, causing her to gasp and lightly arch away from the wall as he teased the swollen nub.

He gripped her thighs, and pulled away, only boldly teasing, nuzzling against her mound.

“You kept it,” he said, in reference to the soft trail of light, brunette hair, the landing strip he suggested she try out once.

She nodded,”I like it.”

“So do I,” he mumbled against the soft hair, and pulled her legs further apart, wanting better access.

She reminded herself not to close her eyes even as she blushed at her exposure, at how bold he was. He brushed his thumb against her little love button again, rubbing gentle circles on it, and her hips writhed, her fingers wrapped around the hand rail her back dug into. He laughed and kissed it, again, flicking his tongue and raking his teeth against it. A gasp cut off a moan when his finger slipped into her tight wetness, slowly moving in and out, before he stretched her with another.

“Do you like this?” he asked, a coy grin on damp lips.

She nodded, her own lip having been bitten to the point of tasting blood.

“Answer me, Jamie,” he demanded, curling his fingers against her g-spot.

“Motherfuck. Yes, Andy. Of course I fucking like this.”

He laughed at her gutter mouth reaction and bit her thigh again softly,”That’s my girl.”

Her mistake was made when she nearly lost her balance, teetering in her heels with weak knees, and her hands fell to him for balance. He grabbed her hips to help her balance, but pulled away, getting to his feet with a triumphant look. She felt her eyeliner on her face, a light sweat creating a sheen on her pale, soft skin.


“Fuck, indeed, darling. You fucked up.”

She bit her lip and tasted blood again as she looked up at him,”I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, love. Okay for me, because I’m still going to make love to you as planned. Not so okay for you, because you aren’t allowed to orgasm. Your first time and no orgasm. Should’ve listened to me, sweetheart.”


“Taste yourself,” he demanded, his wet fingers glossing her lips with her own arousal.

She obeyed after a slight hesitation, and kept eye contact as she wrapped her lips around his fingers, licking it up. He pulled away after a moment, and took her hand to place it on his buttons.

“Undress me.”

Silently, still looking up at him, she fumbled with his shirt’s buttons, nervous, but slowly getting the hang of it until they were all undone. She tugged it out of his pants, pushing it off of his shoulders, down his arms. When it was off, she traced the three on his hand lightly, kissing his chest, and gently nipping his nipple.

He started to protest but she pressed a finger against his lips,”Let me, please.”

So he let her kiss a trail as he had, down his chest and stomach, following the line of hair there until she found his pants. With less fumbling, she managed his belt and tugged down his pants, followed by boxers. She found herself staring for a moment, surprised and a little enamored with the sight. She felt him watching her, his hand in her hair. Lightly, she traced his length with a finger, a virgin marveling at her first cock, before her hand finally wrapped around it, unable to reach completely around. Leaning in, she pressed a light, wet kiss against the tip, and flicked her tongue, getting a taste of his pre-cum. She heard his light intake of breath and then felt a tug at a handful of her hair.

“Not tonight,” he told her, pulling her to her feet.

She pouted again, but he leaned in to kiss her, tasting the blood from her bitten lip, his own pre-cum, and a bit of hers left over. Their kiss was no longer a tease, but lusty, filled with need and want, her lips bruised by his.

“Let tonight be about you, doll face.”

With that, he grabbed her hands and pinned them above her, his cock rubbing against her belly, his lips in her ear.

“How do you want it?” he murmured.

“I don’t care, as long as you’re fucking inside of me soon.”

His hand gripped her ass, and squeezed the full curve he found there. He let go of her hands with his other and it joined the hand grasping her ass, hefting her up. Her legs automatically wrapped around his hips, his cock slipping against her wet slit as he pinned her there with his weight.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned up to whisper in his ear,”Fuck me, please.”

“Please what, darling?”

“Sir,” she added, nipping his earlobe lightly.

He smiled and pulled back to kiss her again, guiding his length with an experienced hand, whispering against her lips,”Relax, doll.”

She buried her face in his neck as he began to stretch her, closing her eyes as he gently eased the first couple of inches into her. Whimpering softly when his cock thickened, the pain not altogether unpleasant, but deep. He stopped, and she was about to tell him it was okay when he pulled out a little before plunging back into her, completely. She gasped, first shocked, and then winced at the pain.

“Ah fuck.”

He kissed her face affectionately, shushing her and apologizing tenderly, his lips soft on her eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, chin… easing away the pain until she gently pressed against him again, quietly pleading for him to continue now, that she need him.

Slowly, he moved in and out of her, holding her as he fought the urge to go faster, harder, his lips against her neck, shoulder, collarbone. Her hands traveled down her back, along his spine, nails digging light lines on his skin. Her moans were muffled by his skin, and his groans were low, caught in his throat with holding back. Squeezing his ass as he had squeezed hers, she kissed his cheek, along his jaw, begging in a whisper for him not to hold back anymore, that it was okay now.

But instead, he stopped, pulling out of her and setting her down on her feet again, keeping her steady as she wobbled slightly. With a wicked smile, he turned her around, grasping her love handles and pressed his body against her hard. She gasped at the feel of him against her back, his cock fitting nicely, nestled against the part of her ass. His hands moved forward to touch her stomach, down to her cunt, brushing her clit with a fingertip. She moaned, arching against him again, gripping his arm.

“You’re so fucking tight and wet, Jamie,” he whispered in her ear, a soft growl, causing her to shiver in his arms,”Desperate and eager, too, I like that. Tell me how much you want it from behind, love. Tell me how much you want my cock in you, how much you like it in you. Beg me to fuck you, to not just leave you like this.”

His hand pulled away to hold her around the waist instead, as he teasingly ground into her ass, warm breath hitting the nape of her neck.

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