Miss Hunter had Abigail stand and she walked them both into the room he had viewed from the outside. She noted that his face had a distinct look of shame, rather than guilt. As Abigail walked eagerly to the chair, looking back to ensure he had not lost his senses completely and fled, Miss Hunter took his arm;

“I know this is all difficult for you to take in, but I intend to make things very comfortable for you here; all the young ladies at this establishment are over 18″ she looked deep into his eyes and smiled wickedly;

“I know just why they appeal to you, and you should not be ashamed of yourself-it is a basic failing in all males. This particular penchant you have goes hand in hand with an opposite attraction for older women does it not?” She stroked his erect cock, which jumped to attention; he could not deny he had just as strong feelings for assertive mature women, and he knew she knew this.

“Please smile for me. I intend to take a personal hand in your guidance now you have agreed to stay; I promise you will not regret your decision.” He knew his ‘decision’ was really hers.

He smiled just the same and Miss Hunter squeezed his cock as she leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. He knew from that moment on that she would have a hold on him that he could never be released from.

Abigail had been tied to the leather chair by the two red-headed attendants who had secured Cindy. They now kneeled out of the way of the cane and eyed expectantly the mature male with erect phallus who was going to punish the captive. Cindy was sprawled over the knees of the naked Miss Proctor, who was gently applying cold cream to the grateful nymphs red cheeks.

He looked down the room and noted there was a bed with white silk sheets at the other end with chairs arranged either side of it. Miss Hunter saw him glance at the bed whispered encouragement to him;

“When you have administered the five strokes we will all go down there; everything will be ok, trust me” he was not sure what she meant but was compelled to do as she asked, and was eased by the enthusiastic atmosphere of those in attendance. Miss Hunter strutted over to Abigail and rubbed her hand on the delightfully exposed cheeks. He noticed the sweet sex of the red-head quiver and protrude as her mistress taunted her;

“Abigail Fisher, you have been a very bad girl indeed. You have been deceitful to a man who is now in my employ. What should we have him do?”

The sweet waif flexed her slender arms and legs against the tension of the silken cords that bound her, her white flesh glowed against the soft black leather, Miss Hunter pulled her soft red hair away from her back and laid it over her shoulder.

“Please may he cane me, Miss Hunter” The two attendants discretely fondled themselves as the spectacle unfolded.

“How many strokes are you owed” Said Miss Hunter.

“I should want five; Miss Proctor has shown me one already” said the captive, flexing her bottom as she eyed the hairy middle-aged man with arms which were a great deal more muscular than either of the women who had both enjoyed caning her before. His cock bobbed as he watched that sweet bottom quiver.

“You shall have six! Our new man was cheated of the first; we cannot have that, can we?”

“Oh yes please”, said Abigail, rubbing her face impatiently on the soft leather chair. She looked at him as he came closer to her; she looked up almost lovingly at him. He could sense she was scared, but this seemed to excite her all the more.

“Oh Miss; I think I may wet myself”, she pleaded with a studied tone of embarrassment.

“You know if you do you shall suffer an extra stroke!” said Miss Hunter, in a studied assertive tone, as she smiled at the waif as if to congratulate her. She stood back.

“Cane her!” She commanded. He faltered as he lifted for the first stroke; he was not sure that he really wanted to do this- the form before him was the epitome of innocence and it wrangled with his conscience. She looked up at him and pushed her little round white bottom as far up as she could manage.

“Can me, I beg you!” she cried out with impatience; he brought the cane down with a whoosh that was delicious to her ears. He struck her just above the line of her thighs at the lowest part of her bottom. She squealed with pain and her bottom flexed for the second time that day, but this time she felt a hidden ecstasy too. He was caning her, and she knew what was to follow.

He brought it down again, this time cutting a perfect line mid buttocks which produced just as excited a squeal as the smart line of impact blushed from pink to bright red. She sobbed with joy and pain as she watched him flex again. The third stroke bit home with the most elegant of deliveries; the two mistresses clapped at his accomplishment as her bottom lifted and splayed as she enjoyed the kiss of the rattan.

Whoosh! The fourth had the tears dripping from the poor waif’s face, and he noticed her sex was almost as equally moist. The fifth had her buck as the tensioners loosened slightly with her punished reactions. She sobbed and never took her eyes from him until the point of Impact. Her bottom glowed.

He was beginning to enjoy tormenting her now, and the ladies clicked away with cameras. He knew they had him now, with all that evidence. He lifted his arm for the sixth and final stroke; he would make her pay for her deceit. She looked away from him and lifted her head and whimpered as the cane cut through the air to meet its soft reward. Whup! She wailed and looked at Miss Hunter; the waif’s sweet little womanhood bulged and she gushed a stream of hot pee which trickled down the black leather. Miss Hunter crossed her arms and smiled at him;

“She has earned a seventh stroke; make her pay dearly for wetting my furniture!”

Whoosh! He delivered a seventh with some venom; the flexible demon bit home once more and her buttocks squirted the pee as she flexed for the final time and cried uncontrollably.

He turned and wanted to throw the cane. Though his aroused state and an inner carnal sense had taken control at the deliciously submissive site before him, he was truly ashamed with himself now. He had indulged a base pleasure to fulfilment and was thoroughly displeased with himself as Abigail sobbed as she was released from her torment. Miss Hunter carried on smiling and took the cane from him. She held him with one hand and toyed with his now flaccid cock with the other.

“Look” she said. Abigail was walking toward him, still snivelling but smiling through her tears which were subsiding already. She knelt down and kissed his feet.

“Thank you for my first caning from you” she said sweetly. His cock roused again as Miss Hunter caressed it and he viewed the submissive ginger girl before him. She stood up again and Miss Hunter turned to allow the soft girl tip-toe and press her sweet body against his hairy torso. He squeezed her; she whimpered again slightly as he squeezed he punished little bottom involuntarily.

“Come” said Miss Hunter and she walked them down to the bed, which he noted was elevated somewhat. Miss Hunter spoke;

“Are you ready to reward Him Abigail?”

“Oh yes please Miss” she said as she eagerly climbed onto the soft cool white silk sheets. Miss Hunter toyed with his cock once more which was now rigid. She stood him at the end of the bed and elevated it a little more with a foot-pedal.

Abigail knelt before him on the bed as the small audience took their places in the chairs next to it; the two mistresses taking one of the attendant waifs each, placing their hands down to pleasure the young ladies during the show. Cindy was allowed to stand naked, side on, and she eyed the large male and her friend expectantly whilst rubbing away between her legs.

Abigail looked sweetly up at him;

“I am yours now, and I shall pleasure you”; she lay face down on the soft sheets, her eyes fixed on his manhood as she lifted her lower legs, put her arms back and held her ankles. Her sweet slender white arms accentuating the red stripes he had left across her bottom.

She looked up at him and opened her mouth. He moved forward and her sweet red lips took him in. He shuddered as her hot little mouth sucked and squeezed over his glans and took the length of his cock in and out. He felt the ecstasy of the movement within her mouth and looked down at her act of complete submission; he thought of the caning and viewed her sweet tormented cheeks; he put his hand behind her head and she looked up with those adorable blue eyes.

Cindy sighed and keeled in upon herself as she could hold back no longer. Nor could he; his knees and lower body trembled as he spurted in absolute ecstasy. He looked down to see her look up with eyes as pleased as punch. He felt her swallowing as he gave her more and more and only a little dribbled from the edge of her mouth.

The two waifs moaned as the two mistresses delighted in watching their pleasure. This had been a good day’s work thought Miss Hunter. She and Miss Proctor both stood and held him either side as he withdrew, with Abigail looking up at him with bright blue eyes, her face beaming with satisfaction.

They knew he was in a state of shock; if he had not it would have been a miracle. He was unsure of foot as he looked down at her half-smiling, half incensed at what he had allowed himself to do.

She moved from the bed and wrapped her arms about his neck and kissed him; a sticky salty remnant from the performance stuck between their lips as she drew away, blushing at her faux pas. He wiped his lips and smiled back at her; now he just wanted to comfort the vulnerable creature.

“Suite Three; we will allow him to come up to you shortly, after we have refreshed him and had a little talk about his appointment in the West lounge” said Miss Hunter. Abigail looked thrilled and then looked longingly at him as she made haste toward the oaken stairway he espied through an inner door; the other young ladies were ushered after her to their respective sleeping quarters.

He was walked slowly along the hall by the two women and into a large lounge with high ceilings and comfortable looking leather seating. Miss Proctor took two silk kimonos from an ornate dresser by the door and slipped her curvaceous body into one. She passed a larger version to him and he gratefully covered his nakedness with it. He was sat in the middle of a huge and comfortable sofa and the two vixens sat either side of him, crossing their legs at an angle to him, making him feel captive and very comfortable at the same time.

Miss Hunter rang a little bell which was down the side of the sofa; from nowhere, yet another nubile red -headed and adorable young woman appeared; about 5’2″ slightly built and dressed in a tight French maid’s uniform. Like all the others, she looked more than pleased to be there.

“Bring a selection of alcoholic drinks please Fiona; our finest Jamaican Demerara for our new friend” she smiled as he looked at her in amazement.

“Oh, I’ve been busy at your little house while you have been busy at The Noke” she placed her hand over his crotch and caressed him gently;

“As well as noting what you like to drink, I’ve had a look at your computer too – I know what else you like- it seems we have a lot in common.” She took a sharp intake of breath as she thought of what she’d found, elevated her head slightly to look down on him wickedly. She teased his cock as she felt it rise with the thought that she had discovered he also had a strong desire for assertive women.

“I often use those sites to look for recruits here; just think, we may have already confessed our desires to each-other” she giggled. His cock went rigid at the thought; he could not quite take in what was happening to him, but he felt as great a desire for her as he had with Abigail; he now knew he was to pleasure them both in their own special ways. He was in danger of messing the kimono when young Fiona returned.

Miss Proctor poured the drinks as Miss Hunter surveyed her prey. Young Abigail had been a good judge and she was warming to him by the minute. She downed her drink and poured another large measure;

“You will return to the Noke tomorrow and perform your duties a double speed, then you will bring your van here and I will show you where I intend to keep you” the word ‘keep’ and the assertive way in which she delivered the sentence made his cock rigid;

“I said I would make you comfortable here and I will add my first personal touch to that promise tomorrow night” she said as she adjusted her shapely thighs to allow him a glance at more than he should see and poured him another large drink; he had consumed the first as if it had been the tiny swig the waif had blessed him with earlier- he felt the need for Dutch Courage in the presence of this formidable woman. As she passed the glass back to him she leaned forward and pressed her cheek against his;

“You drink that one swiftly too, no more for you tonight; someone is waiting eagerly for you upstairs and will not want you falling asleep as soon as you lie down. I will be very jealous tonight; tomorrow I will reveal more about your duties here and you’ll see how a jealous women likes to be repaid” she smiled wickedly into his eyes and squeezed his cock with her free hand, kissed him then pushed the glass up to his stunned lips. He drank the rum down. She stood and pulled him up to his feet as Miss Proctor sat smiling knowingly at the two.

“Fiona, take him to Suite three, and no listening at the door!” the sweet young maid took his hand and happily led him away through the door and away up the stairs. She released his hand and moved a couple of steps ahead of him, mincing her delectable tight little bottom provocatively as she ascended the stairway.

The whole house had a sweet feminine scent to it; the legacy of it being inhabited by the throng of constantly semi-aroused women – their sweet scent having seemingly permeated the very fabric of the building. When she knew she was out of earshot as they cleared the landing, she suddenly stopped, faced him, and stretched up affectionately; arms about his neck –

“You are going to be Abigail’s keeper aren’t you. Please say you’ll let me watch you please her one time; I’ll do anything for you!” Both his mind and his cock boggled; ‘keeper’- What could she mean? Just the same, the sweet smell and feel of a beautiful ginger French maid clinging to him could not be denied;

“Yes, of course, but not tonight” she giggled and planted a warm and wet kiss full on his lips; his erection boomed- he could have had her there and then on the hallway carpet.

She led him on to Suite Three. They stood by the door; Fiona looked forlorn and held his hand tightly she did not want to let go. He looked at her impatiently and a smile crept across her face;

“If I’m disobedient will you spank me?” His head swam. She let go and put her arms behind her back, looking coyly at him;

“I shall come and see you in the grounds tomorrow” she said and walked slowly away, churning her pert bottom as she went.

He opened the door and was hit by an even sweeter smell than the fragrance outside. Soft lighting made it difficult for him to see; the carpet within the room was deep and soft, so soft he almost stumbled in the pile- the day’s events had taken their toll on him but the expectation of what he would find drove him on.

As his eyes became fully accustomed to the light he saw that Suite Three was very darkly decorated and softly furnished; after what had occurred downstairs he perceived that this was some sort of ‘recovery room’. There in the centre was a huge and inviting bed. In the centre of the bed lay Abigail, naked and uncovered; the soft cream coloured silk covered duvet piled behind her. She lay on her side facing him, her knees together and brought up under her chin displaying her sex and anus tantalisingly. As he grew nearer he could see her smiling softly at him; a single tear rolled from each blue eye and trickled down her soft white face into the red hair she lay on.

He knelt by the bed, overcome by the sweet innocence of the girl before him. It pained him to think that he had punished her so severely earlier, he wanted to apologise. She held out her hands to him.

“Oh please, don’t make me wait any longer” she cried impatiently. He could not resist the yearning within him, part affection, part lust, and part pure carnal desire. His cock was fully erect but his first instinct was to comfort the gorgeously delectable waif. He climbed into the bed as she extended her legs and accepted him in a caress. He pulled the duvet over them as she urgently wrapped he arms and legs about him. He was struck by the unbelievable softness of her body, and her sweet musky scent was exhilarating.

She whimpered a little as their lips met and they indulged in a long and loving kiss. His cock bobbed up behind her little round buttocks and the softness of her cheeks made his glans pulse uncontrollably. As their lips parted she smiled contentedly and looked at him impishly;

“I was so close to pleasing myself, I thought you’d never come. I’m so ready for you” she took his hand and pulled it down toward her sex, as she did so she arched her bottom outwards and his ready cock flipped into the dimple of her anus. She took a sharp intake of breath and then giggled before continuing with her task; his hand felt a warm and inviting pussy that was moist and slippery. With his cock tight up against her arse and his hand on her sweet sex, he just wanted to eat her. She was driving him insane.

Now she knew he was there and was ready for her, a playful sense of innocence came across her; she did her best to look bewildered and scared;

“You’re not going to fuck me are you; it won’t hurt will it?” his cock was ready to explode. He pushed her back on the bed and held her wrists. His cock bobbed and slapped her delicate little stomach.

“You can tie me up first if you want” she said. This was all too much; they kissed again and as they did so, he moved himself down and probed until he felt the heavenly entrance to her soft womanhood. She opened her eyes wide and moaned in anticipation. He eased himself into the tight warmth of the sweet ginger nymph. He looked down at the pale red-headed angel below him, pinned to the bed by his bulk.

She looked up at him submissively and whimpered as she enjoyed his rapid and boisterous stokes. In a very short time indeed, she lifted her legs as erectly as she could and moaned in pure ecstasy as the waves of absolute pleasure washed over her. He grunted like an animal as like feelings coursed through his body and he pumped the warmth of his love into her. He had never experienced an emotion such as this before.

They kissed and cuddled and he held her tight against him until she should stay awake no more. Her soft warm breath pulsed against his chest rhythmically as she indulged in a deep and secure sleep. He wanted to keep her forever.

He awoke before her in the bright morning light, and as he wondered what the day would bring, her scent and tender vulnerability soon had his carnal side echoing the arousal of the birds that sang in the fresh morning air outside. The soft white body pressed against his could provide no other reaction than that which presented itself to him now. His erection, partly fuelled by a need to relieve his bladder, had made a comfortable and inviting home between her legs and nestled against the warmth of her sex.

She awoke with a start and squeezed her thighs together involuntarily. She giggled with joy as the realisation of the night before dawned upon her and she quickly turned and faced him, smiling like a child on Christmas morning. He welcomed her lips as they embraced in a deeply affectionate kiss. As she pulled her lips away her face slowly lost the smile and she bore a look of wanton anticipation. He felt his hand being pulled down to her crotch and as he caressed her little mound, it swelled delicately engulfing his fingers in a warm and slippery wetness.

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